Samara Lubelski - In The Valley LP (Eclipse, 2005)
Reissue of cdr released on the Child of Microtones label in 2004. Samara Lubelski is a member of the groups Hall of Fame and Tower Recordings (to name a few) and In The Valley was her first solo release available in a numbered edition of 99 copies. This vinyl reissue features Samara playing only violin and it is really stunning. Recorded at the Rare Book Room "to record these works that include pre-drone, ballads, and avant spirituals. The two most hyperbolic tracks are her duet with the moon moaner and her darked Suzuki version of the Blind Boy Grunt classic All the Tired Horses, both blues songs and examples of 20th century music played for Delta enthusiasts, major label deletions, and country blues connoisseurs. However, it is her originals and stark unaccompanied playing juxtaposed with gorgeously overdubbed synchronistic timbres that are truly over the moon on this recording. The amorous tonal gush that radiates from I Love Thlowth is a vibrating omnichord of spectral abundance as spooked as Freenys Barn Dance AND as intricate as the dual fiddles of Andrew & George Carter but done on a single viloin. In short these revolutionary compositions recall an iconoclastic frolic where she is wielding a magic bow and waving auroral pizzicato spirit spells over the triangulated eye mind of Kosugi, Henry Sims / Flynt and Clark Kessinger." MV. Comes housed in a eye-catching full color sleeve and includes an insert.

Double Leopards - Out Of One, Through One, And To One LP (Eclipse, 2005)
2004 recordings from Brooklyn's skull-crushing Double Leopards. 3 cuts recorded at the Rare Book Room housed in a beautiful silkscreened jacket. Limited edition of 1000 copies.

Sunburned Hand Of The Man - Wedlock DBL LP (Eclipse, 2005)
"Wedlock captures Sunburned in its 2003 suit when they took it to the west coast to tour their way up to Wasilla, Alaska to attend and perform at Paul & Val's wedding on the longest day of the year, June 21, 2003. Under the bright midnight sun, Sunburned recorded this document, a testament to irony, omnipotence, moisture, pain, and the weight. Come and dine at this one, clear table. Double LP." August 2005 release taken from recordings in Alaska on the Summer Solstice. Features a beautifully designed heavy duty gatefold sleeve with two inserts featuring many photos from the trip to Alaska as well as some pictures from Northern California from the same tour. A truly stunning album!

Marissa Nadler - The Saga Of Mayflower May CD / LP (Eclipse, 2005)
"Marissa Nadler's 2004 album Ballads of Living and Dying was a burnished gem of entrancing, spectral folk, and with her follow-up she not only returns to the luminous musical landscape of her debut but also to her enigmatic character Mayflower May. Though not the cohesive narrative its title implies, The Saga of Mayflower May again finds Nadler skillfully echoing the forms of traditional English balladry as she crafts another captivating collection of songs steeped in the melancholy of distant, half-forgotten passion, doomed love affairs, and various crimes of the heart. As a vocalist Nadler is considerably less idiosyncratic than such peers as Joanna Newsom or Josephine Foster, and here her dusky, lived-in soprano settles diffusely between contemporaries like Hope Sandoval and Chan Marshall, and 60s-era folkies like Vashti Bunyan or Mimi Farina. On these 11 tracks her arrangements are kept simple and powder dry, typically featuring only her 12-string guitar and the occasional flourish of organ, ukelele, or flute as accompaniment. With this spare instrumentation providing an understated backdrop, Nadler sounds increasingly relaxed and confident throughout the album, and each performance sparkles with haunting, rain-swept emotion. Tracks like "The Little Famous Song" and "Horses and Their Kin", are further distinguished by mesmerizing wordless passages where it almost sounds as though she's attempting to use her voice to approximate the lonesome shimmer of a singing saw. The significance of the character Mayflower May to these songs is unclear. Nadler has previously described May-- who also made a couple appearances in the lyrics of Ballads of Living and Dying-- as a lonely old woman of faded beauty. And though May is never mentioned by name on any of these songs, perhaps one is to assume that nostalgia-laden, first-person accounts like the opening "Under an Old Umbrella" or the rapturous "Calico" are intended to feature May as narrator. Also a talented visual artist, Nadler naturally fills her lyrics with color, and these songs abound with azure skies, turquoise eyes, and (especially) ruby red blood. On tracks like "Yellow Lights" and "Mr. John Lee (Velveteen Rose)" Nadler fearlessly enters traditional murder ballad territory, exquisitely depicting a world where love is forever shadowed by loss. Curiously, for the dramatic "Lily, Henry, and the Willow Trees" the album's lyric sheet includes a final, particularly gory verse that leaves little doubt as to the fate of poor Lily. Perhaps finding these lines out of keeping with her music's otherwise deft, subtle touch, Nadler leaves them unsung, one of the few instances on this enthralling album where she pulls any punches whatsoever." - Matthew Murphy, Pitchfork. The cd is housed in a tip-on style gatefold sleeve - sort of a mini-version of the LP gatefold. The lp is housed in a heavy duty gatefold sleeve and is limited to 1000 copies.

Sun City Girls - Folk Songs of the Rich & Evil / Exotica on $5 a Day DBL LP (Eclipse, 2005)
The fourth volume in the Cloaven cassette reissue program. This one begins with Folk Songs of the Rich and Evil - recordings from 1985 - "Tragedy is comedy as this diabolical collection of essay-lecture monologue songs will prove. How far this journey takes you from the supposed values of our world depends entirely on when you stop the tape. All tracks recorded whenever, here and there, written, improvised or hijacked by Sun City Girls at will." As usual, some tracks have been edited out from the original tape release but there is also an unreleased track included on this album taken from the recording sessions back in 1985. The second album is Exotica on $5 a Day - "The Terrorism Music is made of. This tape is ethnic eccentricity at its most fragrant, but don't forget that many foreigners despise Americans. Recorded in a kitchen, side rooms, etc. in 1985 – except '9 Sides of Air' and 'Ride Nomad Burn!' recorded 1983 in a hallway. Some instruments on 'It's Ours' courtesy UNICEF." Limited edition of 1000 copies.

Six Organs Of Admittance / Jack Rose / MV&EE Medicine Show / Dredd Foole / Fursaxa / Joshua Burkett & Kemiallset Ystävät - By The Fruits You Shall Know The Roots 3LP (Eclipse, 2005)
At long last this spilt label, triple lp monster is unleashed... a hexagonal wonderama of otherworldly sides from some of the most brilliant musicians/groups working in the underground psychedelic folk/blues realm, elegantly dressed in a 2 sided 6 panel foldout poster of bacchanalian design. A fabulous document of tone and album art containing some of the best exploratory compositions captured in beautiful fidelity... featuring a full lp side each from: SIX ORGANS OF ADMITTANCE, JACK ROSE, MATT VALENTINE & ERIKA ELDER with CHRIS CORSANO, DREDD FOOLE, FURSAXA, and JOSHUA with KEMIALLSET YSTVT... packaged in a full color, fabric textured, triple gatefold cover, that unfolds to reveal a huge 25" by 37" poster. mind seed planted by ben chasny, cover art and design by Erika Elder, label artwork by Joshua Burkett, poster art by Nemo, fable by Matt Valentine, and printed by Clint Simonson of Destijl. Limited edition of 1000 copies.