1994 JOMF was formed in by T. Greenwood and Nester Bucket layering guitars and sax over hand cut analog tape loops and collage. Collections of found sound, field recordings, cut-up classic rock, hip-hop beats and 4-tracked drones. Assembled and processed. The band rehearsed often in the basement of an abandoned drug store on Mississippi st. in North Portland.

1995-'96 Alchemy... recorded with Mike Lastra (Smegma) and issued in edition of 500 on pdx indie lable, Imp records. First live performances featured an amplified reel to reel tape machine, electric guitar, and additions of live percussion, 8-track tapes, alto sax, and turntable filled out the sound. Many of the performances of this time were done to provide a live musical score for shadow puppet theatre. Second lp Cross Pollinate issued in an edition of 300 by Imp records.

1997-'98 Joined by Baltimore musicians Jef Brown (guitar, sax) and Jack Denning (bass guitar, electronics) both accomplished musicians and ex-members of Baltimore funk/jam bands "the almighty senators" & "q" they helped to build out the compositional elements of the group, and brought the sounds of the Roland 808 drum machine, Arp and Juno synths, and other second hand electronics, which created a new framework for the extended jams. Cross country tours in '97+'98 helped to distribute the hand-made lps while residencies in New Orleans and New York City introduced the exploratory group to a wider audience, and allowed the musicians to experiment with site-specific installation, performing in theatres, lofts, cafes, and art galleries, as well as traditional rock n roll dives. Third record, flat fixed 2xlp issued in edition of 300 on Imp records, recorded in both Portland and Baltimore. Introduced to Baltimore recording engineer Craig Bowen, the side long track ìCrazymakerî, and others were recorded at his ACR studio. He would continue recording the band, both Wow and Magick Fire Music were done ACR.

1999-'00 JOMF curated U-Sound installation in NYC, which resulted in the 2x cd compilation, U Sound vol. 1 on Gerard Cosloys Parallelism imprint, included a wide variety of psych, drone, folk, no wave, and free jazz performers, and served as the first release for Tom Greenwoods U Sound label, which continues to issue recordings by JOMF and others. East and West Coast performances with the Tower Recordings, the No Neck Blues Band, Sonic Youth. Wow lp recorded and issued by UK label Fisheye. The group was now working with over twenty musicians spread out in Baltimore, New York, Portland. This widened perspective and inspired growth created the collective style effort of Fig. 5 the first recording for Roadcone records, and the first time the band had issued a cd with Wordwide distribution. The record received glowing reviews, and a full page article in UK Modern Music magazine the Wire this was followed by the bands first trip to the UK where they performed 5 concerts. Ironically, the bands arrival was timed perfectly with a petrol crisis, brought on by a strike at refineries. The entire mass transit system was shut down by the time they gave their London concert.

2001-'02 Liberation, the bands 2nd cd release with Roadcone is issued in October the record received rave reviews, including best avant rock record of 2001 by Wire magazine. The Magick Fire Music 2xlp issued in an edition of 500 on Thurston Mooreís Ecstatic Peace! records. Live recordings issued by the bands Unity Sound Archive (U-Sound) label. Performance supporting Big Star and Wilco at the Sonic Youth curated All Tomorrows Parties festival in Los Angeles. Performed with John Fahey at his last concert in this world, Viscount Ballroom, Portland Oregon, John Flaming (core JOMF member, and alto sax player) is honored by being asked by Mr. Fahey to join him on stage for a heart-wrenching, melancholy jam. Weeks later, Fahey steps quietly out of this world....split lp with Vibracathedral Orchestra issued on Textile records (Paris). Change lp/cd recorded in Portland, and issued on Textile. First extensive tour of Europe, performances with Finnish psych group, Avarus, as well as, Alan Silva, Acid Mothers Temple, Circle, Vibracathedral Orchestra. Cover photo, and feature article in Wire magazine.

2003-'04 JOMF is temporarily relocated to Hudson, NY, supports Godspeed You! Black Emperor on the East Coast leg of their tour, Ecstatic Peace issues lp only tour edition of change the tour is highlighted by a performance in Portland, Maine, where both groups played together, members of Godspeed, one by one joined JOMF on stage, until all 15 musicians were creating a gigantic, roof raising, organic swirl of joyous sound. Late summer of 2003, 12 musicians from Montreal, including members of Godspeed, the Hanged Up, Set Fire to Flames, and Fly Pan Am, arrive in Hudson, NY with a van load of instruments and recording gear. JOMF have rented an abandoned barn for a week long, intensive, commune-style recording session. The event was idealic, and yeilded incredibly inspired (yet unreleased) recordings. Some of the group assembled for the session, re-grouped for the JOMF US/European tour supporting the re-issue of the Magick Fire Music/Wow, released by ATP recordings performances with the fall, Terry Reiley, Cat Power, Lightning Bolt, Sonic Youth, Trad Gras Och Stiener, No Neck Blues Band, Sunn0))), James Chance. The East Coast configuration of JOMF temporarily dissolves, with members returning to Brooklyn and Montreal, and the group re-assembles in Portland, OR. Recording sessions begin for Flags of the Sacred Harp. JOMF member Honey Owens is back working with the group again, since de-parting after Fig. 5 to work with her other group Nudge (Kranky). The new configuration also includes guitarist Adam Forkner (Yumi Bitsu, White Rainbow, Surface of Eceyon, Devendra Banhart). ATP recordings re-issues out of print cds Liberation, and Fig. 5. JOMF/My Cat is an Alien split lp/cd, from the Earth to the Spheres series, issued by Opax/Cargo UK. Spring tour of Europe is a collaboration with My Cat is an Alien (Torino, Italy) and the Moglass (Ukraine), concluding with four concerts in Italy where members of JOMF/MCIAA/Moglass performed together as one large ensemble, with mind-bending results. Sounds reminescent of AMM, Taj Mahal Travelers, Faust, and Skip Spence. Flags of the Sacred Harp, The first full length JOMF studio release in three years, will be issued in October 2005 on ATP recordings. America Mystica 2xlp, edition of 500, will be issued by Italian free music label, Qbico, also this fall. The two releases work as companion pieces, flags... is a more composed and arranged studio recording, over a year in the making, and displays the groups patient, and evolved songwriting style. With historic references to American blues and hymns, three lush, beautiful vocal arrangements on each side of a 17 minute long soaring instrumental, for a total of 7 songs unfolding over 70+ minutes. An epic recording, documenting the groups maturing skills in writing, arranging and production. A timeless de-construction of American music, and a groundbreaking achievement...America Mystica, consisting of 4 side-long compositions recorded from 2003-2005 documents the group during two years of extensive touring. Breathtaking minimalist compositions, slowly unfolding and releasing themselves into the cosmos. Recorded in Paris, France; Barcelona, Spain; Hobboken, NJ; and Portland, OR, both live, and studio recordings. Includes 4 different constellations of musicians, and represents the persistent, cross continental drift of these remarkable sound artists.

1995- alchemy... lp imp records edition/ 500
1996- cross pollinate lp imp records edition/ 300
1998- flat fixed 2x lp imp records edition/ 300
1999- wow lp fisheye records, united kingdom
1999- fig. 5 cd roadcone
2000- the magick fire music 2x lp ecstatic peace! edition/ 500
2001- liberation cd roadcone
2001- jomf cdr freedom from
2001- jomf/vibracathedral orchestra split lp textile, france
2001- various artists (jomf curated) u sound vol 1 2xcd parallelism, united kingdom
2002- various artists green groceries no. 2 cd, netherlands
2002- jomf live cdr u sound vol 2
2002- jomf live cdr u sound vol 3
2002- jomf live cdr u sound vol 4
2002- change lp/cd textile, france
2003- change lp tour edition ecstatic peace!
2003- various artists, new york soundtracks cd/lp human highway/arrco
2003- jomf live 2xcdr u sound vol 7
2003- europe 2002 live 2xcd cast exotic/u sound
2005- jomf/my cat is an alien split lp/cd opax(italy)/very friendly (united kingdom)
2005- flags of the sacred harp cd atp recordings
2005- america mystica 2x lp qbico, italyİedition 500

2003- wow/the magick fire music 2x cd atp recordings
2005- fig. 5 cd İatp recordings
2005- liberation cd atp recordings