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Date AddedArtistTitleFormatPriceLabel
Details4/4/2011 Afterlife Hypnautic Rinse c30 cassette $5.99 Stunned
Details4/4/2011 Air Sign Our Galactic Covered Wagons to the Stars c38 cassette $5.99 Stunned
Details6/4/2010 Archers by the Sea Sometimes We Should Dance c48 cassette $6.99 Stunned
Details11/27/2010 Berber Ox Minor Tranquiliser c56 cassette $6.99 Stunned
Details11/20/2010 Black Eagle Child / Donato Eprio split LP $19.99 Blackest Rainbow
Details6/4/2010 Chrome Wings Time Patterns c30 cassette $6.99 Stunned
Details1/17/2010 Connector STEEL/RUST c50 cassette $6.99 Stunned
Details1/25/2011 Duck Dive Inner Projections CDR $9.99 Synth / Ruralfaune
Details5/16/2011 Edibles Other Minds Meet Inner Space LP $12.99 DNT
Details9/24/2009 Enfer Boréal Adn / Dna CDR $10.99 Crier Dans Les Musees
Details11/6/2010 Excavacations Present Heap c40 cassette $6.99 Stunned
Details7/5/2011 Garrincha & The Stolen Elk Void LP $15.99 Weird Forest
Details4/4/2011 Garrincha & The Stolen Elk We Were Wyoming c20 cassette $5.99 Stunned
Details9/24/2009 High Wolf Incapulco CDR $9.99 Winged Sun
Details11/21/2009 Hunting Rituals / Rambutan Spirit Wok CDR $7.99 Tape Drift
Details5/16/2010 Husere Grav Husere Grav c37 cassette $6.99 Stunned
Details4/24/2006 In/Flux Cryptic Cloak CDR $7.99 Jyrk
Details6/9/2011 Inhibitionists / Afterlife split c63 cassette $6.99 Stunned
Details7/30/2006 JRP JRP 3" DVD-R $8.99 Jyrk
Details4/12/2012 McCann, Sean Open Resolve LP $14.99 Orange Milk Records
Details5/16/2010 Mortuus Auris & The Black Hand Freiheit ist immer Freiheit der Andersdenkenden c60 cassette $6.99 Stunned
Details11/6/2010 Mortuus Auris & The Black Hand Sleep c33 cassette $6.99 Stunned
Details6/9/2011 Mortuus Auris & The Black Hand The White Paper double c40 cassette $8.99 Stunned
Details11/21/2009 Padna Metal Hurlant / Farmer’s Hearth CDR $7.99 Stunned
Details8/13/2004 Päivänsäde Puhalluspelto LP $15.99 Eclipse
Details4/4/2011 Parashi Troika c54 cassette $5.99 Stunned
Details11/21/2009 Pimmon Steered In Smash Ascent c46 cassette $7.99 Stunned
Details6/24/2012 Plankton Wat Spirits LP + download $15.99 Thrill Jockey
Details11/21/2009 Pummeler Jungle Olympics c32 cassette $4.99 Anathema Sound
Details6/4/2010 Queen Victoria There Will Come Soft Rains c28 cassette $6.99 Stunned
Details8/31/2010 Rambutan Dream of a Future Desert c60 cassette $5.99 Stunned
Details6/9/2011 Remote Islands Days of Heaven c46 cassette $6.99 Stunned
Details1/22/2011 Rogue Cop You're About as Romantic as a Pair of Handcuffs c58 cassette $5.99 Stunned
Details2/26/2011 summerTales / Knit Prism split c56 cassette $5.99 Stunned
Details5/16/2010 Talisman Initiate Into the Mysteries c43 cassette $6.99 Stunned
Details4/4/2011 Toning Pitch the Drone c31 cassette $5.99 Stunned
Details5/16/2010 Torture Corpse Stop the Mind c40 cassette $6.99 Stunned
Details2/26/2011 Torture Corpse / Architeuthis Rex split c44 cassette $5.99 Stunned
Details9/11/2013 Twilight Of The Century Hibernation c62 cassette $5.99 Tape Drift
Details1/22/2011 Xiphiidae Equal Phesance c36 cassette $5.99 Stunned
Details7/5/2011 Yek Koo Oh Woman / Flame Creation (Alone Together #3) 7" $5.99 Emerald Cocoon
Details7/16/2009 V/A Learning for Insipid Zeal = Pool Water, People Pollution, Imaginary Unit In Electronics one-sided LP $12.99 American Tapes