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DateAdded Artist Title Format Price Label Description
Details8/30/2009 A Band April Twelfth Nineteen Ninety-Two CDR $10.99
Details5/17/2011 A Band, The Abstruse 3" CDR $9.99 Sonic Oyster Records
Details3/14/2014 A Handful of Dust From A Soundtrack To The Anabase Of St-John Perse c42 cassette $6.99 Imminent Frequencies
Details9/23/2004 A Mercury Ensemble Keep Children Out of School CDR $9.99 23 Productions
Details11/3/2012 A Story Of Rats / Hellvete split c44 cassette $6.99 Eiderdown
A Warm Palindrome / Feverdreams / Badgerlore Three Owls Six Ears CD $7.99 Betley Welcomes Careful Drivers
Details9/30/2005 A Way / Jazzfinger The Sun Is Your Enemy, The Wind Is Your Friend CDR $9.99 Mallard Lake
Details11/6/2010 A.C. / Skin Graft Dirty Pussy LP $13.99 Hermitage Tapes
Details3/14/2014 A.M. Dragonfly LP + download $19.99 Trensmat
Details11/16/2004 A.M. Small Engine Funk Tantra CDR $11.99 Transient Recordings
Details3/5/2009 A.M. Tour Disk 2006 CDR $8.99 Pseudo Arcana
Details3/26/2006 A.M. Yet Marvellous Stasis / Strata double CDR $15.99 Pseudo Arcana
Details9/4/2004 A.M. / Uton 'NTH nth STH sth' CDR $14.99 Celebrate / Psi / Phenomenon
Details1/28/2005 A.M. Salad Lo-Fi For Hi-Fi CD $10.99 Sloth Jinni
Details8/1/2014 Abate, Maurizio Take Care Of Your Own Beast c40 cassette $8.99 Sloow Tapes
Details12/22/2014 Abbott, Jim Jackson C. Frank: The Clear Hard Light of Genius Book $14.99 Ba Da Bing
Details6/25/2013 Abbott, Simeon & Mike Gennaro Meditations on First CDR $7.99 Bug Incision
Details3/22/2010 Abbott, Simeon with Bent Spoon Duo untitled 3" CDR $5.99 Bug Incision
Details3/21/2009 AC/DP Hells Bells cassette $7.99 Middle James Co.
Details3/24/2008 Acetate Zero Civilize the Satanists CD $13.99 Arbouse
Details10/6/2007 Acetate Zero We Deny This CDR $8.99 Arbouse
Details8/23/2011 Acid Birds Acid Birds III LP $21.99 Blackest Rainbow
Details1/1/2008 Acid Mothers Temple Acid Mothers Temple Festival Volume 5 DVD $14.99 Acid Mothers Temple
Details7/14/2007 Acid Mothers Temple & The Cosmic Inferno Hardcore Uncle Meat - Live in Croatia 2005 DVD $16.99 Acid Mothers Temple
Details8/22/2008 Acid Mothers Temple & The Cosmic Inferno Hotter Than Inferno / Live in Sapporo 2008 CD $15.99 Vivo Records
Details8/2/2008 Acid Mothers Temple & The Cosmic Inferno Hotter Than Inferno ~ Live in Osaka 2007 DVD $15.99 Acid Mothers Temple
Details10/20/2011 Acid Mothers Temple & The Cosmic Inferno Shakespeare From The Cosmic Inferno 2008 double LP $32.99 Blackest Bootleg
Details2/26/2006 Acid Mothers Temple & The Cosmic Inferno Starless and Bible Black Sabbath CD $14.99 Alien8
Details11/17/2007 Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. Acid Motherly Love CD $19.99 Riot Season
Details3/25/2008 Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. Acid Mothership Live CD $14.99 Acid Mothers Temple
Details7/16/2009 Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. Are We Experimental? CD $15.99 Prophase
Details5/24/2014 Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. Astrorgasm from the Inner Space double LP $30.99 Important
Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. Born To Be Wild In The USA 2000 LP $18.99
Details3/2/2013 Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. Cometary Orbital Drive to 2199 double LP $29.99 Nod & Smile
Details6/19/2007 Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. Crystal Rainbow Pyramid Under the Stars CD $13.99 Important Records
Details6/3/2009 Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. Dark Side of the Black Moon: What Planet Are We On? CD $12.99 Important
Details10/21/2002 Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. Electric Heavyland CD $14.99 Alien8 Recordings
Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. Grateful Head 7" $19.99 Wabana
Details1/15/2015 Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. Have You Seen The Other Side Of The Sky? double LP $33.99 Nod and Smile
Details1/5/2013 Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. IAO Chant from the Melting Paraiso Underground Freak Out LP $24.99 Riot Season
Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. In C CD $24.99 Squealer
Details2/16/2002 Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. In C / In E LP $24.99 Eclipse
Details6/25/2013 Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. In Search of the Lost Divine Arc double LP $25.99 Important
Details12/23/2003 Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. Last Concert in Tokyo CD $14.99 Acid Mothers Temple
Details11/2/2002 Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. Live In Japan CD $14.99 Acid Mothers Temple
Details2/4/2007 Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. Myth Of The Love Electrique CD $19.99 Riot Season
Details6/11/2006 Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. Power House of Holy CD $14.99 Acid Mothers Temple
Details4/30/2008 Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. Recurring Dream and Apocalypse Of Darkness CD $14.99 Important
Details7/16/2006 Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. The Day Before the Sky Fell In CD $12.99 Galactic Zoo Disk / Eclipse
Details1/1/2009 Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. / Nishinihon We Are Here - UK Tour Single October 2001 7" $19.99 Resonant / Static Caravan
Details11/10/2003 Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso UFO The Day Before the Sky Fell In America 9/10/01 LP $17.99 Galactic Zoo Disk / Eclipse
Details4/24/2006 Acid Mothers Temple & The Pink Ladies Blues featuring the Sun Love and the Heavy Metal Thunder untitled CD $17.99 Fractal
Details3/26/2006 Acid Mothers Temple & The Pink Ladies Blues featuring the Sun Love and the Heavy Metal Thunder untitled double LP $38.99 Fractal
Details12/2/2008 Acid Mothers Temple & Yamamoto Seiichi Giant Psychedelia double CD $18.99 Acid Mothers Temple
Details1/31/2015 Acid Mothers Temple et Rosina de Peira Live in Tolosa double LP $28.99 Bam Balam
Details11/21/2009 Acid Mothers Temple with Ichiraku Yoshimitsu Acid Mothers Temple Festival Vol.7 CD $14.99 Acid Mothers Temple
Details6/4/2010 Acoustic Family Creeps Acoustic Family Creeps one-sided LP $15.99 Acoustic Family Creeps
Details7/30/2010 Acre A Shield Of Air / Born Of Light 7" $5.99 Eolian Records
Details10/21/2009 Acre Isolationist CD $11.99 Isounderscore
Details4/3/2010 Acre Selected Demos cassette $5.99 Wiseblood Media
Aesthetics, The Off CD $11.99 Mental Telemetry
Details9/16/2007 Aethr Myth'd The Eight CDR $12.99 Spirit of Orr
Details5/16/2011 Af Ursin Aika LP $24.99 La Scie Dorée
Details9/30/2005 Afrirampo Kore Ga Mayaku Da CD $16.99 Tzadik
Details6/24/2012 Afterlife Celestial Habitat LP $14.99 Hooker Vision
Details4/4/2011 Afterlife Hypnautic Rinse c30 cassette $5.99 Stunned
Details4/21/2008 Afternoon Penis I Want You to Write cassette $8.99 Bread and Animals
Details2/11/2006 Afternoon Penis In The Evening cassette $9.99 Heavy Tapes
Details10/16/2003 Agape Gospel Hard Rock CD $15.99 Agape Communications
Details10/16/2003 Agape Gospel Hard Rock LP $29.99
Details10/16/2003 Agape The Problem Is Sin: Live & Unreleased CD $13.99 Hidden Vision
Details10/16/2003 Agape Victims of Tradition CD $15.99 Agape Communications
Details11/21/2009 Age of Wire and String Música de ir ao o cu c23 cassette $4.99 Anathema Sound
Details8/1/2014 Agencement Viosphere + selected works 1984-1991 CD $25.99 Art Into Life
Details7/16/2006 Agents At Midnight Agents At Midnight CD $9.99 Fargone Records
Details1/14/2014 Agents Of Misfortune Agents Of Misfortune one-sided LP $16.99
Agnosia 20.09.02 3" CDR $6.99 267 Lattajjaa
Details6/17/2004 Agnosia The Six Plus One Cardinals (Live From the Lost Continent) CDR $8.99 Hammasratas
Details10/17/2009 Agnus Dei Paternostertitle CD $14.99 Musik Atlach
Details4/24/2006 Aineettomaksi Temperamentin Narsk CDR $9.99 267 Lattajjaa
Details4/4/2011 Air Sign Our Galactic Covered Wagons to the Stars c38 cassette $5.99 Stunned
Airport Crest95 CD $12.99 Celebrate/Psi/Phenomenon
Details1/24/2009 Ajilvsga Last of the White Buffalo cassette $5.99 Abandon Ship Records
Details4/22/2009 Ajilvsga Little Earth cassette $7.99 Peyote Tapes
Details2/7/2009 Ajilvsga Three Heaps of Skulls cassette $5.99 Peasant Magik
Details4/10/2009 Ajilvsga White Crow cassette $7.99 Blackest Rainbow
Details7/10/2008 Ajilvsga White Path / Red Path cassette $7.99 Peasant Magik
Details4/6/2015 Akbayam, Edip Edip Akbayam LP $18.99
Details3/11/2012 Akke Phallus Duo Terroir / Pissoir CDR $11.99 Apollolaan
Details5/16/2010 Al Qaeda Hundreds of Wives Only a Few are Dead c38 cassette $7.99 Bumtapes
Details8/20/2011 Albino Groupie and The North Sea Albino Groupie and The North Sea c30 cassette $8.99 D'Artagnan
Details2/24/2002 Algarnas Tradgard Delayed CD $18.99 Silence
Details12/29/2001 Algarnas Tradgard Framtiden är ett Svåavande Skepp, Förankrat i Forntiden CD $18.99 Silence
Details3/2/2015 Älgarnas Trädgård Framtiden Är Ett Svävande Skepp, Förankrat I Forntiden double LP $45.99 Subliminal Sounds
Details8/1/2014 Alien City Cathode Rays are on OVERLOAD LP $18.99
Details9/4/2004 Allen, Daevid Gentle Genie CD $14.99 Mister E
Details9/30/2008 Allen, Jamie circuitMusic cassette $5.99 Anathema Sound
Details5/4/2011 Allett, Jack The Collapsing Middle CD $15.99 Blackest Rainbow
Details10/6/2007 Almaden The Dream Continues in 1,000,000 Roads CDR $8.99 267 Lattajjaa
Alphane Moon The Echoing Groove CD $11.99 Camera Obscura
Alphonse de Montfroyd + Nihil Est eXcellence Defect Analysts 3" CD $6.99 Nexsound Records
Details7/30/2006 Altar of Flies As The Years Went On, That Dream Ended... CDR $11.99 Hästen & Korset
Details7/30/2006 Altar of Flies How Many Times Can We Be Born Again? CDR $11.99 Hästen & Korset
Details1/17/2010 Alter Dusk-Dawn LP $16.99 Wolverserpent
Details5/10/2004 Althoff, Kai Fanal LP $20.99 Neu
Details5/6/2011 Alvarius B Baroque Primitiva CD/BOOK $17.99 Abduction
Details10/16/2003 Alvarius B & Dylan Nyoukis Sugar: The Other White Meat LP $49.99 Catsup Plate
Details9/11/2012 Alvarius B. Alvarius B. double LP $32.99 Abduction
Details5/24/2014 Alvarius B. What One Man Can Do with an Acoustic Guitar, Surely Another Can Do with His Hands Around the Neck of God LP $29.99 Abduction
Details8/20/2011 Amazing Births, The Younger Moon LP $16.99 Cylindrical Habitat Modules
Details1/17/2010 Amazing, The Code 2 / To Ska and Back 10" $17.99 Mexican Summer
Details8/31/2010 Ambarchi / Fennesz / Pimmon / Rehberg / Rowe Afternoon Tea double LP $23.99 Weird Forest
Details2/25/2015 Ambarchi, Oren Quixotism LP $21.99 Editions Mego
Ambarchi, Oren / Robbie Avenaim Alter Rebbe's Nigun CD $14.99 Tzadik
Details9/16/2007 Amber Lions Pink Panther Blood 3" CDR $5.99 House of Alchemy
Details1/30/2010 America Reads Towers Open Fire c30 cassette $7.99 Digitalis Limited
Details7/11/2008 Amigo Result Vid Baljan CDR $8.99 267 Lattajjaa
Details4/10/2009 Aminome Blue Fishes cassette $8.99 Sloow Tapes
Details12/25/2005 Amlee, Erik Sitar 2 CDR $10.99 Mandragora Records
Details8/2/2008 Ammonites 33.3 CDR $13.99 Reverb Worship
Details10/17/2009 Amolvacy A La Lu La LP $14.99 Ultramarine
Details1/30/2010 Amon Dude / Nuslux split 7" $5.99 no label
Amon Düül Experimente CD $17.99 Captain Trip
Details2/24/2002 Amon Düül II Phallus Dei CD $15.99 Repertiore
Details1/16/2003 Amon Düül II Wolf City CD $15.99 Repertoire
Details5/28/2011 Among The Bones / Henryspencer split EP CDR $12.99 Bookmaker Records
Details8/28/2004 Amygdala Amygdala CDR $9.99 Deserted Village
Details1/22/2011 Anahita (Helena Espvall and Tara Burke) Arcana en Cantos LP $18.99 Alt Vinyl
Details5/20/2009 Anakrid Ceaselessly out of a Cloudless Sky c31 cassette $6.99 Black Horizons
Details3/29/2005 Anderegg, Brendon Falling Air CD $12.99 Psych-o-Path Records
Details3/25/2012 Anderson, Ron / Robert L. Pepper / David Tamura / Philippe Petit Closed Encounters of the 4 Minds (live @ BC Studio) CD $9.99 Public Eyesore
Details6/6/2009 Andromelos Andromelos CD $14.99 Ektro Records
Details5/18/2011 Anemone Lodge II cassette $5.99 Bezoar Formations
Details8/1/2011 Anemone Pool Afternoon Long Ago CDR $6.99 Seagrass
Details2/19/2004 Angelblood Labia Minora CD $15.99 Printed Matter
Details2/21/2009 Angell, Theo First Recordings cassette $5.99 Really Coastal
Details5/8/2005 Angkor Wat When Obscenity Becomes the Norm LP $13.99 Death Records
Details6/30/2010 Angkor What? Popul Huh? c90 cassette $7.99 Feathered Spirit of Mother
Details3/26/2006 Animal Collective Grass CD + DVD $9.99 Fat Cat
Details4/1/2004 Animal Collective Here Comes the Indian CD $13.99 Paw Tracks
Details10/28/2003 Animal Collective Spirit They’re Gone, Spirit They’ve Vanished / Danse Manatee double CD $15.99 Fat Cat
Details3/21/2009 Animals & Men Never Bought Never Sold LP $11.99 Mississippi Records
Details4/22/2015 Anthroprophh U.F.O. LP + download $24.99 Cardinal Fuzz
Details8/2/2008 Antique Brothers Beneath the Dead Castle CDR $8.99 House of Alchemy
Details2/21/2009 Antique Brothers Hot Shit cassette $5.99 Really Coastal
Details6/11/2006 Antler Juice Live at Relay 03 CD $13.99 Postmoderncore
Details11/29/2007 Anvil Salute This is the Voice of Doom Calling CDR $8.99 Deep Water
Details5/31/2009 Aosuke / Uton split cassette $6.99 Ikuisuus
Details2/13/2013 Apache Dropout Magnetic Heads LP + download $14.99 Family Vineyard
Details5/30/2003 Apostasy Peace Squad Apostasy Peace Squad CDR $8.99 Apostasy
Details5/8/2005 Apothecary Hymns Trowel & Era CD $12.99 Locust
Details1/1/2008 Apples & Milk Master of Disguise CD $18.99 Interregnum
Details10/20/2011 Aquarelle Sung in Broken Symmetry LP $15.99 Students of Decay
Details8/22/2008 Arabian Blade Arabian Blade cassette $5.99 905 Tapes
Details1/24/2009 Arabian Blade Horned Moon cassette $6.99 Morbid Tapes
Details4/27/2011 Aranos In Snow On Ice Cabbage Dances c63 cassette $8.99 Sangoplasmo Records
Details7/14/2007 Arborea Wayfaring Summer CD $11.99 Summer Street
Details2/21/2009 Arc Glassine I CD $12.99 A Silent Place
Details7/8/2010 Arc of Ascent Circle of the Sun CD $13.99 Astral Projection
Details2/20/2010 Archers By The Sea Eagle Kiss cassette $9.99 Blackest Rainbow
Details5/28/2011 Archers By The Sea Paper Light c43 cassette $7.49 Bumtapes
Details6/4/2010 Archers by the Sea Sometimes We Should Dance c48 cassette $6.99 Stunned
Arco Flute Foundation Everything After Everything After The Bomb Is Sci-Fi CD $11.99 Music Fellowship
Details7/10/2008 Area C Darkens The Mind cassette $10.99 Sloow Tapes
Details5/16/2010 Arfeux, Marc-Henri Blossom CDR $8.99 Synth / Ruralfaune
Details11/8/2013 Arica Music In The Nine Rings LP $28.99 Poodle
Details8/1/2014 Armand Frigico L'Après-Midi Chaud LP $44.99 Fractal
Details5/24/2014 Armpit As Drunk As I Can Be CDR $7.99 Inyrdisk
Details9/30/2005 Armpit Gallows CDR $12.99 Root Don Lonie For Cash
Details9/14/2004 Armpit Mano O Mano CDR $10.99 Rhizome
Details9/17/2006 Armpit / Cock E.S.P. His Cocks Too Big For His Pants / After Everything Now Shit lathe cut 7" $12.99 Root Don Lonie For Cash
Details8/28/2007 Arn, Eric & Vanessa y/y Live In Vienna 1/18/07 CDR $11.99 The Lotus Sound
Details6/17/2004 Arnoux Cardinal Ballades CDR $8.99 Foxglove / Digitalis
Details2/18/2015 Arrias / Munthe Torso And Legs CDR $9.99 Bug Incision
Details2/11/2006 Arsenio '00 iii cassette $5.99 Black Velvet Fuckere
Art Ensemble Of Chicago A Jackson in Your House / Message to Our Folks CD $15.99 Charly
Details11/15/2002 Art Ensemble of Chicago Live In Paris double LP $21.99 Get Back
Details12/31/2003 Artanker Convy Ocean Parkway 12" EP $7.99 The Social Registry
Details2/14/2008 Arts and Crafts Building Vol. II cassette $7.99 Fag Tapes
Details4/1/2015 Ashley, Robert The Wolfman CD $18.99 Alga Marghen
Details9/30/2005 Ashtray Navigations Aurora Grease Sweetrocket 3" CDR $8.99 Memoirs Of An Aesthete
Details6/27/2009 Ashtray Navigations Caeduceus And Black Sal LP $18.99 Memoirs Of An Aesthete
Details6/11/2006 Ashtray Navigations Cante Jodido Lookalike Contest 3" CDR $6.99 Firstperson
Details9/16/2011 Ashtray Navigations Cinderella Stamps CDR $11.99 Memoirs Of An Aesthete
Details2/16/2005 Ashtray Navigations Electric Cointelpro 3" CDR $6.99 Firstperson
Details3/19/2015 Ashtray Navigations Fluctuants CDR $10.99 Memoirs Of An Aesthete
Details6/19/2007 Ashtray Navigations Four Raga Moods CDR $12.99 Revival Records
Details8/22/2008 Ashtray Navigations Fuzzbottle Phenomena CDR $13.99 Memoirs Of An Aesthete
Details4/20/2008 Ashtray Navigations Hands Under Water Reaching For Nothing 1995-1997 CDR $12.99 Revival
Details5/31/2008 Ashtray Navigations In Liquid Bravado CDR $12.99
Details6/27/2009 Ashtray Navigations Johnny Fuckoff Minotaur (Easter Exit 2) CDR $12.99 Memoirs Of An Aesthete
Details12/12/2009 Ashtray Navigations Six Imaginary Scenes From The Life Of Muhammad Al Aqil LP $29.99 Nashazphone
Details11/15/2008 Ashtray Navigations Skewered By Clouds CDR $11.99 Memoirs of an Aesthete
Details2/11/2006 Ashtray Navigations Sky Whine CDR $12.99 Memoirs of an Aesthete
Details2/1/2005 Ashtray Navigations Some Cat Lost In His Own Picture 7" $8.99 Memoirs Of An Aesthete
Details9/17/2006 Ashtray Navigations Sweet Iron Feet CDR $9.99 Chocolate Monk
Details2/21/2009 Ashtray Navigations Ten Layer Terror CDR $9.99 Memoirs of an Aesthete
Details4/20/2008 Ashtray Navigations The Beast Series / Ssssnares CDR $12.99 Memoirs of an Aesthete
Details8/23/2011 Ashtray Navigations Three Rockets Thicken 7" + download $6.49 Trensmat
Details9/11/2012 Ashtray Navigations Three Spots Two Circles double 3" CDR & Poster $16.99 Medusa
Details9/16/2004 Ashtray Navigations To Your Fucking Feather'd Wings CD $12.99 Gold Soundz / Absurd
Details4/29/2004 Ashtray Navigations Yesterdays Teeth Cast in Gold CDR $13.99 Pseudo Arcana
Details6/25/2011 Askew, Ed / Black Swans split 7" $5.99 Scioto
Details11/8/2013 Aster Things That Just Happen LP + download $17.99 REL
Details1/30/2010 Astin, Jeffry Stray Dreams Zodiac c20 cassette $5.99 Housecraft
Details3/20/2007 Astral Social Club #1-7 MP3 CDR $10.99
Details9/17/2006 Astral Social Club #10 CDR $10.99
Details3/20/2007 Astral Social Club #11 CDR $10.99
Details3/20/2007 Astral Social Club #12 CDR $10.99
Details7/16/2009 Astral Social Club #19 CDR $10.99
Details3/6/2010 Astral Social Club #21 CDR $9.99
Details2/11/2006 Astral Social Club #6 CDR $12.99
Details2/11/2006 Astral Social Club #7 CDR $12.99
Details6/11/2006 Astral Social Club #8 CDR $10.99
Details11/1/2014 Astral Social Club Fountain Transmitter Medications LP + CD $16.99 Vhf
Details2/4/2007 Astral Social Club MCR Blast square lathe cut 8" $25.99 Alt.Vinyl
Details2/25/2008 Astral Social Club Model Town In a Field of Mudd LP $19.99 Textile
Details7/10/2008 Astral Social Club Monster Mittens 7" $4.99 Dirty Knobby Industries
Details1/24/2009 Astral Social Club Plug Music Ramoon LP $20.99 Dancing Wayang
Details1/17/2010 Astral Social Club / Glockensiel split 7" $9.99 Krayon Recordings
Details8/31/2010 ASTRO / Hiroshi Hasegawa Fracture Composition CD $16.99 Rape Art Productions
Details9/30/2008 Astro / Hiroshi Hasegawa Strata CDR $13.99 Cut Hands
Details11/17/2007 Astro Jazkamer Hairstylistics Motorcycle Fuck with the Ghostrider CD $13.99 Archive
Details8/8/2009 Astromero Live In San Francisco LP $15.99 No Fun
Details3/27/2004 Astronauts Issue #4 zine $6.99
Details5/31/2009 Aswara Aswara CDR $9.99 Azriel
Details8/4/2007 At Waugh With Gieles Cautious Movements CDR $7.99 Brothers
Details6/27/2009 Atavist II: Ruined double LP $17.99 Aurora Borealis
Details4/10/2005 Attack Complete Recordings 1967-1969 CD $15.99 Acme / Lion
Details8/22/2008 Attar Cups untitled LP $21.99 Blackest Rainbow
Details12/12/2009 Ättestupa 1867 12" $10.99 DNT
Details12/24/2005 AU (aux) CDR $7.99 Foxglove
Details2/27/2003 AU Non-Existing Input CD $12.99 Grond Records
Aube Timemind CD $21.99 Alchemy
Aube / Nagisa Ni Te / Naoki Zushi Orbital Confluence-Benefit 200 CD $17.99 Neurec
Details3/6/2010 Audial Weavings Vol. 1 CDR $8.99 Scumbag Relations
Details3/6/2010 Audial Weavings Vol. 2 CDR $8.99 Scumbag Relations
Details10/5/2004 Aufgehoben Anno Fauve CD $19.99 Riot Season
Details3/20/2007 Aufgehoben Axiologue / Thermidor One Five picture disc 7" $6.99 White Denim
Details5/16/2015 Augenmusik Augenmusik c40 cassette + download $8.99 Eiderdown
Details12/24/2005 August Born August Born CD $14.99 Drag City
Details12/24/2005 August Born August Born LP $15.99 Drag City
Details4/21/2008 Auk Theatre / The Collection of the Late Howell Bend Auk Theatre / The Collection of the Late Howell Bend cassette $8.99 Bread and Animals
Details5/20/2009 Aural Fit II CD $15.99 PSF
Details9/6/2002 Aurora Plastics Company Low Noise CD $10.99 Bobby J Records / Crunchy Food Organization
Details3/20/2007 Auto Da Fe The Spectre CD $12.99 Secret Eye
Autodidact Welcome to the Dissonance Engine CD $14.99 Monotremata
Details9/16/2007 Autumn Galaxy An Emperor's Garden CDR $7.99 House of Alchemy
Details3/1/2007 Autumn Shade Ezra Moon CD $12.99 Strange Attractors Audio House
Details2/6/2003 Avarus A-V-P CDR $19.99 267 lattajjaa
Details9/9/2013 Avarus Emsalo c40 cassette $11.99 Troglosound
Details7/30/2006 Avarus II LP $15.99 HP Cycle
Details2/24/2003 Avarus III LP $27.99 HP Cycle
Details5/1/2009 Avarus IV LP $21.99 Secret Eye
Details12/1/2004 Avarus Jättiläisrotta CD $12.99 Secret Eye
Details2/20/2008 Avarus Kirppujen Saari LP $24.99 Arbor
Details7/19/2009 Avarus Toosassa LP $28.99 Ultra Eczema
Details4/24/2006 Avarus Vesikansi CD $12.99 Secret Eye
Details4/10/2010 Awesome Color Mass Hypnos CD $10.99 Ecstatic Peace
Details9/23/2004 Axolotl Axolotl CD $12.99 Psych-O-Path
Details6/11/2006 Axolotl Chemical Theatre 12" $16.99 Gipsy Sphinx
Details2/7/2009 Axolotl + Eskimo King untitled CDR $9.99 Our Mouth
Details11/17/2007 Axolotl / D Yellow Swans / Gerritt split LP $15.99 Root Strata
Details11/17/2007 Axolotl / Inca Ore split 7" $6.99 Arbor
Details4/10/2015 Aye Aye Aye Aye LP + download $19.99 Richie
Details4/3/2011 Aygeetee Native Music c40 cassette $4.99 Sweat Lodge Guru
Details2/20/2010 Ayler Trio, Albert Spiritual Unity CD $11.99 ESP-Disk
Azusa Plane The Highway's Jammed With Broken Heroes CD $16.99 Kraak
DateAdded Artist Title Format Price Label Description
Details5/24/2014 B.P. Kerstmis 1980 LP $28.99 Ultra Eczema
Details4/17/2003 Baby Woodrose Blows Your Mind! CD $18.99 Bad Afro
Details1/13/2004 Baby Woodrose Disconnected 7" $6.99 Bad Afro
Details1/13/2004 Baby Woodrose Money For Soul CD $18.99 Bad Afro
Details1/13/2004 Baby Woodrose Money For Soul LP $18.99 Bad Afro
Details11/4/2006 Bad Brains Live At CBGB 1982 DVD $16.99 MVD
Details9/30/2005 Bad Drumlin Grass Bad Drumlin Grass CDR $8.99 Milvia Son Records
Details10/6/2007 Bad Drumlin Grass The Invigorating Scent of… LP $9.99 Milvia Son Records
Details1/29/2003 Bad Girls Unauthorized Recordings CD $8.99 Public Eyesore
Details8/22/2008 Bad Statistics, The Lucky Town Gone CD $12.99 Pseudo Arcana
Details9/17/2011 Bad Trip Beat Is Murder cassette $6.99 House of Alchemy
Details12/24/2005 Badgerlore Stories for Owls LP $12.99 Yik Yak
Details11/23/2004 Bahrain Bahrain CDR $12.99 Blue Circle
Details5/6/2011 Balduin Schatten & Lichter c31 cassette $5.99 //cae-sur-a//
Details8/1/2014 Baldwin, Matt Golden Twins c60 cassette $8.99 Sloow Tapes
Details1/30/2010 BambiKill / Joey Chainshaw split c51 cassette $7.99 Bumtapes
Details11/18/2004 Bananafish Issue #18 Magazine + CD $10.99 Tedium House
Details12/24/2005 Banhart, Devendra / Xiu Xiu split 7" $6.99 5 Rue Christine
Details3/14/2014 Banning, Mark Journey to the Light LP $16.99 Students of Decay
Details9/29/2003 Barbed Pocket Reminders 7" $4.99 Elevator Bath
Details7/8/2003 Bardo Pond On The Ellipse CD $15.99 All Tomorrow's Parties
Details3/14/2014 Bardo Pond Yntra LP $33.99 Latitudes
Details9/17/2006 Barf Thoth Dark Speech cassette $8.99 Fag Tapes
Details7/16/2006 Barf Thoth Peep Roky cassette $8.99 Fag Tapes
Details3/20/2007 Barf Thoth / The Cases split cassette $8.99 Fag Tapes
Details10/25/2008 Bark Haze / Traum Monolith: Jupiter LP + CD $19.99 Music Fellowship
Details6/4/2004 Barlow, Rich Black Diamond Baby CD $9.99 Stick It To the Man Records
Barlow, Rich Inventory CD $8.99 Stick It To The Man Records
Details6/25/2013 Barn Owl V LP + download $19.99 Thrill Jockey
Barnes, Tim All Acoustics CD $12.99 Quakebasket
Details11/6/2010 Barnett, Alex Section: 4 c20 cassette $6.99 Pizza Night
Details12/24/2005 Baroque Bordello Abnormal Songs LP $22.99 QBICO
Details1/15/2005 Barrett, Syd Barrett CD $13.99 Harvest
Details1/1/2014 Barrett, Syd Barrett LP $20.99
Details1/1/2014 Barrett, Syd The Madcap Laughs LP $20.99
Details1/15/2005 Barrett, Syd Wouldn’t You Miss Me?: The Best of Syd Barrett CD $15.99 Harvest
Details5/29/2015 Basho, Robbie The Falconer's Arm, Vol. 1 LP $19.99
Details5/29/2015 Basho, Robbie The Falconer's Arm, Vol. 2 LP $19.99
Details3/27/2004 Basho-Junghans, Steffen 7 Books double CD $16.99 Strange Attractors Audio House
Basho-Junghans, Steffen Inside CD $12.99 Strange Attractors Audio House
Details11/4/2006 Basho-Junghans, Steffen Late Summer Morning CD $12.99 Strange Attractors Audio House
Details4/10/2005 Basho-Junghans, Steffen Unknown Music 1: Alien Letter CD $14.99 Sillyboy
Details9/30/2005 Basho-Junghans, Steffen Unknown Music II CD $14.99 Preservation
Details11/6/2010 Bassett, Marcia & Helena Espvall Lapidary LP $18.99 Alt Vinyl
Details5/8/2015 Bassett, Marcia & Samara Lubelski 110 Livingston LP $25.99 Golden Lab Records
Details3/6/2010 Basshaters Harsh Lovers Sick Zoo c40 cassette $4.99 Yik Yak
Details3/22/2013 Bathaus / Drug Machine / Mater Suspiria Vision / Cyndies Bizarre Club Hits Vol 1 LP $15.99 Phantasma Disques
Details10/25/2008 Baumann, Matt An Island CDR $12.99 Reverb Worship
Details12/13/2008 Baxendale, Tom Her Ghost 7" $6.99 Great Pop Supplement
Details5/23/2009 Bayal with Arnaud Riviere First Contact CDR $10.99 Bug Incision
Details1/13/2004 Baz / Edith Bunker's Demonized Vomit Insurance split LP $8.99 Nauscopy Records
Details1/1/2008 Beach Boys Smile LP $20.99
Details11/5/2002 Bead Game Baptism LP $27.99
Details11/17/2007 Beak Full of Rubies Beak Full of Rubies one sided LP $12.99 Ypsilanti Records
Details3/9/2013 Bear Bones, Lay Low El Telonero CD $15.99 Kraak
Details3/9/2013 Bear Bones, Lay Low El Telonero LP $15.99 Kraak
Details12/25/2005 Beast People, The Special Edition DVD-R $12.99 Hanson
Details2/26/2006 Beast People, The The Beast People 10" $8.99 Hanson
Details8/31/2010 Beastianity Root LP $17.99 Dais
Details11/7/2014 BeauSoleil, Bobby with The Freedom Orchestra and The Magick Powerhouse of Oz Lucifer Rising Suite 4xCD $33.99 Ajna Offensive
Details3/27/2004 Beequeen A Touch of Brimstone CD $14.99 Staalplaat
Details12/24/2003 Beequeen Natursymphonie LP $24.99 Beta-Lactam Ring Records
Details3/27/2004 Beequeen Sugarbush CD $14.99 Raum 312
Details8/22/2008 Beequeen Time Waits For No One CD $13.99 Herbal
Details1/22/2011 Beger Electroacoustic Band, Albert Peacemaker CD $13.99 Anova Music
Details1/24/2009 Begushkin King's Curse LP $15.99 Locust
Details6/26/2002 Behrens, M. Architectural Commentaries CD $10.99 CMR
Details4/1/2015 Behrman, David with Sonic Arts Union Wave Train CD $18.99 Alga Marghen
Details7/16/2006 Believers, The Forgotten Tracks CDR $9.99 Blueberry Honey
Details5/20/2009 Bellerue, Bob & Jarrett Silberman Amplified Piano Duets one-sided 12" + CDR $10.99 Anarchymoon Recordings
Details8/31/2010 Bellows Handcut LP $22.99 PLANAM
Details5/19/2011 BeMyDelay ToTheOtherSide CD $12.99 Boring Machines
Bensen, Nick No Resistance CD $12.99 Free City Media
Bensen, Nick Psychedelic Juggernaut CD $12.99 Free City Media
Details6/25/2013 Bent Spoon Duo With & Without Allison Cameron CDR $7.99 Bug Incision
Details5/23/2009 Bent Spoon Trio More Experienced Filthier CDR $10.99 Bug Incision
Details5/23/2009 Bent Spoon Trio + 3 Dead Salems Danced In Their Ashtrays CDR $10.99 Bug Incision
Details4/10/2005 Bent Wind Sussex CD $17.99 World Psychedelia
Details11/27/2010 Berber Ox Minor Tranquiliser c56 cassette $6.99 Stunned
Details3/2/2007 Bernstein, Michael R. & Mike Shiftlet Live, New York CDR $8.99 Gameboy
Bertoia, Harry Space Voyage / Echoes Of Other Times LP $69.99 Sonambient
Details4/10/2015 Bertucci, Lea Light Silence, Dark Speech 7" $10.99 I Dischi Del Barone
Details7/31/2006 Besombes, Philippe Libra CD $13.99 Mio Records
Details3/20/2010 Best Coast She Was High (So Was I) 7" $7.99 Art Fag
Details5/16/2010 Best Coast Where The Boys Are CDEP $8.99 Blackest Rainbow
Details1/25/2011 Best Hits Fantastic lands and Other Songs CDR $9.99 Synth / Ruralfaune
Details6/27/2009 Bestia Ferida Live Wounded cassette $5.99 Scumbag Relations
Details9/10/2011 Bestial Mouths Hissing Veil LP $16.99 Dais
Details1/21/2005 Bevis Frond Through The Looking Glass CD $14.99 Rubric
Details11/20/2010 Bfffth Two Phases of Emanation of Light LP $16.99 Heard Worse
Details2/12/2008 Bianchi, Maurizio / Fhievel / Hue Erimos CD $12.99 Digitalis
Details1/17/2010 Bianchi, Maurizio / M.B. Das Platinzeitalter double LP $17.99 Weird Forest
Details4/24/2006 Big Huge, The A Woven Page of Silver Light CD $10.99 Secret Eye
Details12/1/2004 Big Huge, The Crown Your Head With Flowers, Crown Your Heart With Joy CD $12.99 Secret Eye
Details5/16/2012 Big Muff Hold My Hand flexi disc $8.99 Key Lime High
Details12/26/2005 Big Nurse American Waste LP $11.99 High Density Headache Records
Details4/24/2006 Big Nurse Back To Basics CDR $8.99 High Density Headache Records
Details4/10/2009 Big Nurse Temporarily Unavailable LP $14.99 High Density Headache
Details4/10/2009 Big Nurse Time Trip CDR $6.99 High Density Headache
Details2/26/2006 Big Nurse Very Professional cassette $5.99 High Density Records / Dementoid Tapes
Details2/26/2006 Big Nurse Who Wants to Kill the President? / Electrocute Your Cock 7" $5.99 High Density Records
Details7/15/2010 Big Troubles Drastic & Difficult 7" $5.99 Olde English Spelling Bee
Details10/13/2010 Big Troubles Worry LP $15.99 Olde English Spelling Bee
Details12/12/2009 Bigger Insides Hunters Gathering c27 cassette $7.99 Digitalis Limited
Details8/23/2011 Bile and Horseman Starved Farm cassette $7.99 Fag Tapes
Details6/30/2010 Binning, Ravi In the City of Mimes cassette $7.99 Future Sound Index
Details7/14/2007 Birchville Cat Motel Birds Sister Blasphemy CD $13.99 Battlecruiser
Details12/24/2005 Birchville Cat Motel with Lee Ranaldo 30th December 2004 CD $15.99 Celebrate/Psi/Phenomenon
Details2/4/2007 Bird By Snow Industrial Collapse 7" $4.99 Gnome Life Records
Details9/25/2013 Bird By Snow Offering LP + download $17.99 Gnome Life
Details3/21/2009 Bird By Snow Songbread/Another Ocean LP $14.99 Gnome Life
Details6/27/2011 Bird Names Metabolism: A Salute to the Energy of the Sun LP $15.99 Northern Spy
Details3/2/2005 Birdbrain I Fly CD $10.99 Persian Cardinal
Details4/15/2011 Birds Build Nests Underground & My Cat Is An Alien GRAMOFONU = Voice of the Universe ART EDITION LP $79.99 Opax Records / Love Nest
Details4/15/2011 Birds Build Nests Underground & My Cat Is An Alien GRAMOFONU = Voice of the Universe LP $17.99 Opax Records / Love Nest
Details6/11/2006 Birds of Delay / Goldblood split CDR $9.99 267 Lattajjaa
Details4/24/2006 Birds of Delay, The / Neon Death Slittes` The Slack Angel's Death Bong CDR $12.99 Memoirs of an Aesthete
Details4/16/2007 Birth Refusal Cove Core one sided 7" & CD $12.99 American Tapes
Details3/20/2007 Birth Refusal Phantom of the Sewer cassette $8.99 Fag Tapes
Details2/6/2007 Birth Refusal / Cassis Cornuta Collaboration one-sided LP $26.99 Ultra Eczema
Details5/24/2014 Bishop, Sir Richard Road to Siam 10" $24.99 Unrock
Details5/24/2014 Bishop, Sir Richard Solo Acoustic Volume Eight LP $16.99 Vin Du Select Qualitite
Details5/21/2009 Bishop, Sir Richard The Freak Of Araby CD $14.99 Drag City
Details1/5/2015 Bishop, Sir Richard / Bill Orcutt Road Stories (Kali) LP $27.99 Unrock
Details11/19/2003 Bisio, Michael / Eyvind Kang MBEK CD $14.99 Meniscus
Details8/20/2011 Bitches / Yuppies split 12" $13.99 Palmist / Fat Cat
Details5/16/2010 Bitters, The East General cassette $8.99 Release The Bats
Details11/2/2008 Bixobal #5 zine $1.99
Details11/21/2009 Bjerga / Iversen Amplified Crystal Rust CDR $11.99 Striate Cortex
Details12/24/2005 Bjerga / Iversen Play the Oslo Groove Machine CDR $12.99 Absurd
Details9/30/2005 Bjerga / Iversen The Lighthouse Tapes Vol 2 3" CDR $7.99 Firstperson
Details11/4/2006 Bjerga / Iversen There's a Ghost in the Dream Machine CDR $11.99 Time-Lag
Details1/31/2011 Bjerga, Sinde nowhereandnowhereelse CDR $10.99 Sonic Oyster Records
Details6/25/2004 Bjerga, Sindre Broken Hearted and Cardiac Arrested CDR $10.99 Audiobot
Details8/22/2008 Bjerga, Sindre Crystal Cranium, Diamond Head cassette $12.99 Blackest Rainbow
Details9/23/2004 Bjerga, Sindre Getting Jiggy with It CDR $9.99 Absurd
Details10/17/2009 Bjerga, Sindre UK Tour CDR $9.99 Blackest Rainbow
Details7/12/2003 Bjerga, Sindre / Anders Gjerde Stavanger CD $9.99 Absurd
Details6/25/2011 Blaastaal t is de pel alleen die rot / de beer gaat uitschachten c42 cassette $9.99 Cetacean Nation Communications
Details5/14/2007 Black Air Plague Ritual one-sided LP $11.99 rundownsun
Details6/30/2010 Black Clouds Black Clouds 7" $4.99 Ride The Snake
Details3/21/2009 Black Deer, The (Fallen) Requiem LP $13.99 Latitudes
Details12/11/2002 Black Dice Beaches & Canyons CD $14.99 DFA
Details10/30/2002 Black Dice Cold Hands CD $11.99 Troubleman Unlimited
Details11/21/2002 Black Dice Lost Valley 3" CD $9.99 Tigerbeat 6
Details11/20/2010 Black Eagle Child / Donato Eprio split LP $19.99 Blackest Rainbow
Details3/2/2007 Black Forest / Black Sea Black Forest / Black Sea CD $12.99 Music Fellowship
Details4/20/2008 Black Forest / Black Sea Black Forest / Black Sea LP $16.99 Music Fellowship
Details4/1/2004 Black Forest / Black Sea Forcefields and Constellations CD $12.99 Blue Sanct
Details2/12/2008 Black Forest / Black Sea Portmanteau 10" $9.99 Secret Eye
Details3/5/2009 Black Guys Some Of My Best Friends Are.. cassette $7.99 Digitalis Limited
Details6/11/2006 Black Hands, The The Perfect Beauty of Venus 3" CDR $6.99 Firstperson
Details5/24/2014 Black Hat Thought Of Two CD $10.99 Hausu Mountain
Details1/24/2009 Black Joker Watch Out! CDR $11.99 Pacific City
Details2/12/2008 Black Magic Disco Black Magic Disco double LP $19.99 A Silent Place
Details5/9/2009 Black Moth Super Rainbow Don't You Want To Be In A Cult b/w Feel the Drip picture disc LP $15.99 Mexican Summer
Details9/6/2012 Black Past Pitch Black LP $13.99 Dangerous Age
Details10/25/2008 Black Pus / Foot Village split LP $12.99 DNT / Deathbomb Arc
Details2/11/2006 Black Quarter Sodomy ESP cassette $14.99 Heavy Tapes
Details2/7/2009 Black River Error Band Cosmic Battles cassette $5.99 905 Tapes
Details3/5/2009 Black Serama Rough Wood CDR $9.99 Reverb Worship
Details1/1/2008 Black Sparrow Black Sparrow CDR $9.99 Peippo
Details7/30/2003 Black Sun Ensemble Starlight CD $14.99 Camera Obscura
Details2/13/2013 Black Sun Roof 4 Black Suns & A Sinister Rainbow double CD $14.99 Handmade Birds
Details7/16/2009 Black To Comm Charlemagne & Pippin CD $11.99 Digitalis Arts & Crafts
Details5/5/2012 Black To Comm Earth LP $15.99 De Stijl
Details8/4/2007 Black To Comm / Aosuke split LP $18.99 Dekorder
Details4/18/2012 Black Twig Pickers Yellow Cat 7" + download $6.99 Thrill Jockey
Details7/5/2012 Black Unicorn Rediscovering Infinity LP $15.99 Deep Distance
Details4/22/2009 Black Vial Noise Frequency PWM CDR $17.99 Impulsy Stetoskopu
Details7/10/2008 Black Window Gunwales CDR $14.99 Transient Recordings
Details6/24/2012 Blackblack Blackblack LP $22.99 Alt Vinyl
Details7/16/2004 Blackout Beach Light Flows The Putrid Dawn CD $10.99 Soft Abuse Records
Details5/21/2009 Blackshaw, James Glass Bead Game CD $13.99 Young God
Details8/8/2009 Blackshaw, James Glass Bead Game LP + CD $15.99 Young God
Details4/5/2008 Blackshaw, James Sunshrine CD $12.99 Tompkins Square
Details7/14/2007 Blackshaw, James The Cloud of Unknowing CD $12.99 Tompkins Square
Details3/3/2011 Blanche Blanche Blanche Talk Out Loud b/w Water To Wine 7" $6.49 Feeding Tube Records
Details5/21/2009 Blank Dogs Seconds 12" $14.99 Captured Tracks
Details12/13/2008 Blank Dogs The Fields LP $14.99 Woodsist
Details7/16/2009 Blank Dogs Under and Under double LP $15.99 In The Red
Blanking Machine A Flock Of Fish 7" $4.99
Details6/11/2006 Blaster Al Ackerman I Am Drunk LP $13.99 Ehse
Details7/14/2007 Blastocyst True Tales For A New American Century CDR $8.99 Phase
Details10/3/2009 Blatchley, Joshua Emery Solo Acoustic Volume One LP $15.99 Vin Du Select Qualitite
Details3/6/2010 Blessure Grave Judged By 12, Carried By 6 LP $18.99 Release The Bats
Details3/20/2003 Bley, Paul Quintet Closer LP $15.99 Get Back
Details8/1/2014 Blind Dead Demo 7" $7.99 Imposter Complex
Details2/9/2013 Blissed Out I cassette $5.99 Living Tapes
Details11/2/2008 Blithe Sons, The The Great Orthochromatic Wheel LP $14.99 Family Vineyard
Blodeudd / Gang Wizard split 7" $9.99 Oggum
Details11/21/2009 Blood on Tape / Pet Coffins split c38 cassette $4.99 Anathema Sound
Details4/16/2007 Blood Stereo Enfold The Hiss CDR $9.99 Chocolate Monk
Details12/10/2004 Blood Stereo Hymn for the Crippled Mulato CDR $8.99 Carbon Records
Details5/16/2011 Blood Stereo Into Aquatic Maze cassette $5.99 Hanson
Details2/21/2005 Blood Stereo Live at Sonic Protest CDR $9.99 Chocolate Monk
Details4/16/2011 Blood Stereo Tape Hiss For Brainwash c30 cassette $7.99 Feeding Tube Records
Details2/21/2005 Blood Stereo The Trunk Is Flexed CDR $9.99 Chocolate Monk
Details3/26/2006 Blood Stereo / Moysk en Chimyser split CDR $9.99 Chocolate Monk
Details6/5/2005 Bloodyminded Gift Givers CD $10.99 BloodLust!
Details4/24/2006 Bloodyminded untitled 7" $25.99 AA Records
Details11/16/2004 Blossom Toes If Only For a Moment CD $17.99 Polydor
Details11/16/2004 Blossom Toes We Are Ever So Clean CD $17.99 Polydor
Details3/21/2009 Blown Doors Crystal Myths / Crystal Paths cassette $4.99 905 Tapes
Details9/30/2008 Blown Doors Drug Punishment cassette $5.99 905 Tapes
Details4/15/2011 Blue Cheer Outside Inside LP $29.99 Akarma
Details4/15/2011 Blue Cheer Vincebus Eruptum LP $29.99 Akarma
Details4/24/2006 Blue Collar Lovely Hazel CD $12.99 Public Eyesore
Details8/24/2009 Blue Sabbath Black Cheer Dead Death, Death Dead LP $15.99 Gnarled Forest / Troubleman
Details6/3/2009 Blue Sabbath Black Cheer / Dried Up Corpse split 10" $11.99 Gnarled Forest
Details7/10/2008 Blue Sabbath Black Fiji Lazer Saber CDR $5.99 Abandon Ship Records
Details3/3/2002 Blue, Jerry Flowers of Urban Decay CD $10.99
Details6/27/2012 Blues Control Valley Tangents LP $15.99 Drag City
Details1/1/2014 BLVCK CEILING Forever Dawn LP $24.99 Phantasma Disques
Details4/10/2009 Bo Knows / Katchmare split cassette $5.99 Scissor Death
Details7/28/2011 Bob & Lou Five Tracks 1991 - 1993 LP $27.99 Ultra Eczema
Details5/19/2004 Boca Raton Mansdoof CDR $9.99 absurd
Details6/25/2013 Boduf Songs / Jessica Bailiff Decapitation Blues / Lakeside Blues 7" + download $11.99 Morc
Details5/9/2009 Body Morph Negative Face c30 cassette $6.99 Arbor
Details6/11/2006 Bodyvehicle Amplified Voices of Crystals cassette $7.99 Tone Filth
Details5/14/2007 Bogan Dust Tonight I Present My Back To The Future cassette $7.99 Spanish Magic
Details12/22/2014 Bolder Damn Mourning LP $27.99 Guerssen
Details10/8/2010 Boldie The Mighty Hand CDR $10.99 Sonic Oyster Records
Details1/7/2015 Bone & Joint Center Star Super one-sided LP $16.99 Flipped Out
Details5/20/2009 Bones of Seabirds Sacrament CDR $6.99 Small Doses
Details5/20/2009 Bones of Seabirds Subterranean Lightsource CDR $6.99 Small Doses
Details1/30/2010 Bong Gilgamesh Lives CD $14.99 Blackest Rainbow
Bonus Double Odyssey CDR $8.99 Father CDR
Details11/4/2006 Bonus On Earth CD $12.99 Root Strata
Details4/10/2009 Bonus Beast #1 cassette $4.99 High Density Headache
Details11/27/2010 Bonus Beast Just Because You're Paranoid... Doesn't Mean They're Not Out To Get You c24 cassette $6.99 Ratskin
Details4/10/2009 Bonus Beast Set Your Hair On Fire cassette $5.99 Serious Hype
Details10/30/2002 Boogie Witch Boogie Witch CDR EP $19.99 Tequila Sunrise
Details9/17/2006 Boots / C.C. / Snake & Remus Box 3xLP $35.99 HP Cycle
Details3/9/2013 Borbetomagus 1st CD $11.99 Agaric
Details3/9/2013 Borbetomagus Barbed Wire Maggots CD $12.99 Agaric
Details3/9/2013 Borbetomagus Borbetomagus CD $12.99 Agaric
Details3/9/2013 Borbetomagus Borbetomagus a Go Go CD $12.99 Agaric
Details12/1/2004 Borbetomagus Coelacanth 7" $6.99 Butt Rag
Details3/9/2013 Borbetomagus Experience the Magic CD $12.99 Agaric
Details1/27/2004 Borbetomagus Live In Tokyo CD $21.99 Alchemy
Details3/9/2013 Borbetomagus Live in Allentown CD $12.99 Agaric
Details3/9/2013 Borbetomagus Seven Reasons For Tears CD $12.99 Agaric
Details3/9/2013 Borbetomagus Snuff Jazz CD $12.99 Agaric
Details3/9/2013 Borbetomagus Trente belles annees CD $12.99 Agaric
Details3/9/2013 Borbetomagus Zurich CD $12.99 Agaric
Details11/5/2003 Borbetomagus / Voice Crack Fish That Sparkling Bubble CD $15.99 Agaric
Details1/26/2011 Borgmann, Thomas / Wilber Morris / Denis "Jazz" Charles Live In Poland double LP $49.99 Sagittarius A-Star
Details2/14/2008 Boris Morgana Liquid Child LP $24.99 QBICO
Details10/25/2008 Boris Morgana Rotti Frutti CDR $8.99 Ikuisuus
Details6/11/2006 Boris Morgana / Hetero Skeleton split cassette $9.99 Sloow Tapes
Details6/25/2011 Boris Morgana / Htanec Hrac split c40 cassette $7.99 267 Lattajjaa
Details4/19/2004 Born Heller Born Heller CD $12.99 Locust
Details2/18/2015 Bosques Eomaia Recuerda 10" $12.99 Deep Distance
Details6/27/2012 Bourgeois, Andre & Chris Dadge Spaces Are The Place CDR $8.99 Bug Incision
Details9/11/2013 Bowles, Nathan & Scott Verrastro Polar Satellites LP $24.99 MIE Music
Details7/5/2011 Boyzone Boyzone / Solstice double CDR $4.99 Pool Party
Details1/13/2004 Bradley, Julian Ditch Us In The Doorway CDR $15.99 Audiobot
Details2/23/2004 Bradley, Julian Heel Intercom CDR $9.99 Chocolate Monk
Details6/4/2010 Braida, Alberto & Giancarlo Locatelli The Big Margotta LP $17.99 Brokenresearch
Details12/15/2001 Brainticket Cottonwood Hill CD $21.99 Phonag
Brandal, Andreas Better Than Casters 7" $4.99 Polytone
Details8/31/2010 Brandal, Andreas Into Thin Air c37 cassette $4.99 Sweat Lodge Guru
Details11/21/2009 Brandal, Andreas Jernvognen CDR $7.99 Tape Drift
Details11/21/2009 Brandal, Andreas Liber Null c29 cassette $4.99 Anathema Sound
Brandsdal, Kjetil D. / Fibo-Trespo split 7" EP $8.99 MykeDroner
Details7/30/2006 Brasil and the Gallowbrothers Band Legionowo CD $12.99 Monotype
Details11/16/2004 Bread, Love + Dreams Bread, Love + Dreams CD $17.99 Hugo-Montes Productions
Details12/14/2003 Breathe Stone / The Does Sleep Deprivation Blues split CD EP $6.99 Hand / Eye
Details4/24/2006 Brekekekexkoaxkoax We Used To Be Such Good Friends CDR $9.99 Hushroom Records
Details3/2/2013 Bren’t Lewiis Ensemble / Silvia Kastel / Ninni Morgia Fix It Again, Tony LP $17.99 BUFMS
Details3/11/2012 Brenders, Kyle / Brandon Valdivia
CDR $7.99 Bug Incision
Details6/25/2013 Brian Jonestown Massacre Fist Full of Bees / Food For Clouds 12" $14.99 A Records
Brian Jonestown Massacre Give It Back CD $11.99 Bomp
Details11/18/2004 Brian Jonestown Massacre Tepid Peppermint Wonderland double CD $19.99 Tee Pee
Details12/24/2005 Bright Bells Break Their Towers CD $12.99 Strange Attractors Audio House
Details5/8/2005 Brigitte & the Hansen Experience Frau Hansen Am Bass CD $15.99 Psychedelic Pig
Details9/4/2004 Broder, Andrew & George Cartwright Andrew Broder & George Cartwright LP $13.99 Roaratorio
Details1/30/2010 Brokaw, Chris Solo Acoustic Volume Three LP $15.99 Vin Du Select Qualitite
Details2/26/2006 Broken Penis Orchestra, The Testicle Difficulties LP $15.99 Nihilist
Details5/1/2009 Bromp Treb Twins 7" $5.99 Apostasy Recordings
Details2/15/2005 Bronson Comet Lighter Gin, the Imperial Vodka 7" $4.99 Bronson Recordings
Details2/15/2005 Bronson Comet Lighter Wipes the Pipes 7" $4.99 Bronson Recordings
Brother JT Vibrolux LP $34.99 Bedlam
Brother JT & Vibrolux Dosed & Confused CD $19.99 Bedlam
Details1/26/2002 Brother JT & Vibrolux Music For The Other Head LP $29.99 Siltbreeze
Details11/11/2003 Brother JT3 Hang In There, Baby CD $14.99 Drag City
Brother JT3 Spirituals CD $13.99 Drag City
Details2/2/2013 Brother Ong Deep Water Vibration CDR $8.99 Deep Water
Details4/24/2006 Brothers of the Occult Sisterhood Goodbye CD $12.99 Digitalis
Details2/12/2008 Brothers of the Occult Sisterhood Odalisque at Secret Vortex CDR $13.99 Akoustic Disease
Details1/5/2013 Brothers Unconnected Unrock the House double LP $38.99 Unrock
Details5/29/2014 Brotzmann Trio, Peter For Adolphe Sax LP $31.99 Cien Fuegos
Details3/2/2015 Brötzmann, Peter / Keiji Haino / Jim O'Rourke Two City Blues 2 CD $17.99 Trost
Details1/30/2010 Brouk, Joanna Healing Music cassette $9.99 Hummingbird Productions
Details2/4/2007 Brown Brown CDR $12.99 Usound
Details6/1/2002 Brown, Dan Inner Boroughs CD $12.99 Amish Records
Details8/1/2014 Bruhin, Anton 11 Heldengesange und 3 Gedichte LP $29.99 Alga Marghen
Details4/25/2008 Bruhin, Anton Vom Goldabfischercd CD $18.99 Alga Marghen
Details6/19/2002 Brume Zona Ventille CD $12.99 elsieandjack
Details12/24/2003 Brunnen The Honey Button 8" EP $29.99 Plinkity Plonk
Details10/25/2008 Bruno, Bobb Clown's Castle cassette $8.99 DNT
Details4/13/2011 CDR $8.99 Bug Incision
Details4/10/2009 BubbleWrap Holocaust BubbleWrap Holocaust CD $12.99 Textile
Details4/23/2003 Buchanan, Steve Tiny Grimes CD $10.99 Hanan
Details3/9/2015 Buck Gooter The Spider's Eyes LP $15.99 Sophomore Lounge
Details6/1/2002 Buckingham, Bob & Friends My Friend is a Mule in the Mines CD $9.99 Dark Holler
Details1/1/2008 Buffalo Suicide Prevention Unit Alive CD $17.99 Ruby Red
Details2/26/2006 Buffle Constrictor cassette $6.99 LalLalLal
Details2/4/2007 Buffle / Bengeorge7 split cassette $8.99 Dutch Beer
Details7/21/2010 Bugaj, Adam Telegraphed CDR $8.99 Deep Water
Details6/11/2006 Bugaj, Adam Waves of Tears CDR $8.99 Deep Water
Details10/21/2009 Bugskull Communication LP $17.99 Digitalis
Details11/16/2004 Bulent Benimle Oynar Misin CD $17.99 World Psychedelia
Details12/19/2002 Bull Anus Anus Comes Alive CD $8.99 Mandragora Records
Details8/7/2002 Bull Anus Enter The Anus CD $9.99 Mandragora Records
Details4/10/2015 Bull Tongue Review No. 2 zine $7.50
Details12/24/2005 Bull's Blood Mondyeth CDR $7.99 Foxglove
Details6/11/2006 Bunny Brains, The A Sense of Tokyo CD $13.99 Lost Frog
Details5/10/2004 Bunyan, Vashti Just Another Diamond Day CD $19.99 Spinney
Details11/17/2007 Bunyan, Vashti Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind double CD $14.99 DiCristina
Details3/11/2012 Burial Hex Blood Between Her Lakes LP $21.99 Holidays Records
Details5/13/2011 Burial Hex Hunger one-sided 12" $18.99 Holidays Records
Details4/28/2012 Burial Hex In Psychic Defense one-sided 12" $16.99 Sound of Cobra
Details12/22/2014 Burial Hex The Hierophant LP $23.99 Handmade Birds
Details8/22/2008 Burke, Dan / Thomas Dimuzio Upcoming Events CD $10.99 No Fun Productions
Details8/20/2011 Burke, Josh Envision c30 cassette $8.99 D'Artagnan
Details6/9/2010 Burke, Josh Prana LP $18.99 Aguirre Records
Details8/20/2011 Burke, Patrick A Black Balloon LP $17.99
Details3/11/2015 Burkett, Joshua New 'Lost Cat City' Ramblings Vol 1 CDR $7.99 Mystra
Details4/6/2015 Burkett, Joshua New 'Lost Cat City' Ramblings Vol 2 CDR $7.99 Feather One's Nest
Details3/11/2015 Burkett, Joshua World's Most Scary Monsters Battle The Worst Songs Of All Time Book $13.99 Mystra
Details7/16/2006 Burning Star Core 3 Sisters That Share An Eye LP $16.99 No Fun
Details8/23/2009 Burning Star Core Brighter Summer Day LP $15.99 Thin Wrist
Details7/10/2008 Burning Star Core Challenger LP $15.99 Plastic Records
Details9/30/2005 Burning Star Core Let's Play Wild Like Wildcats Do CD $12.99 Hospital Productions
Details12/24/2005 Burning Star Core See You in 2004 CDR $12.99 U-Sound Records
Details8/23/2009 Burning Star Core The Very Heart of the World CD $11.99 Thin Wrist
Details8/23/2009 Burning Star Core The Very Heart of the World LP $15.99 Thin Wrist
Details4/24/2006 Burning Star Core Two in the KY & One in the OH double cassette $13.99 Dronedisco
Details4/24/2006 Burning Star Core untitled 7"