DateAdded Artist Title Format Price Label Description
3/21/2009 Z'ev Outer Bounds Of Sound: Z'ev LP $17.99 Noiseville "Outer Bounds Of Sound is an experimental LP series in an edition of 300 copies with a hand-made cover. Legendary percussion artist Z'ev combines his mystical sounds with recordings of old/odd religious recordings from the '70s."
2/21/2009 Z'ev & Ramona Ponzini Ankoku CD $12.99 A Silent Place "Ramona's personal touch is certainly her own particular Japanese chant, together with the use of traditional percussions, bells and cymbals from Japan. Z'ev has been enchanted by all those elements (listening to Praxinoscope), asking to Ramona for this cooperation. This is the result of this 'long-distance encounter'. Ankoku is a Japanese word which means 'deep darkness'. For this debut Ramona's voice and percussions has been registered by My Cat is an Alien in their mysterious studio, placed somewhere in Western Alps, adding some field recordings. Recordings has then been sent to Z'ev who has processed them with some of his typical percussions. Z'ev deconstruct the sweetness of Ramona's chants, enfolding the pieces with a darker atmosphere. We have an obscure 5 tracks album, structured on charming vocal melodies moving out from a 'haunted house'.
5/11/2009 Za Siodma Gora (Over The 7th Mountain) Rogalow - Piosenki ku pokrzepieniu serc (Songs to Strengthen Your Heart) LP $22.99 Obuh "After 12 years since releasing "Music The World Does Not See" the new album over the 7th mountain is born. As usually Za Siodma Gora balances in its own way on a borderland of folk, psychedelia, minimal and experimental music revealing 10 original songs the world does not see. Generated by mostly acoustic instruments backed up by some vintage electronics with absolutely ANALOG attitude. With no irony or cynism, warm, simple and sincere emission to strengthen your heart among bright darkness of the media world. For all ramblers of imagination, sense researchers and Sunday daydreamers. For all who care. Among invited musicans we got here Remek Hanaj (ex-KSIEZYC) on hurdy-gurdy, Ryszard Latecki (LATERNA) on trumpet, Kuba Suchar on drums (ex-ROBOTOBIBOK), Maciej Rodakowski on saxophone (NACZYNIA), Jacek Wasowski on acoustic guitar and Andrzej Zaleski on drums. Hi-fidelity, analog recordings taken in our vintage, vaccum-tube based gear studio Rogalow Analogowy and transferred to digital world preserving analog inner space and musicality to unheard before degree. 180 gram vinyl pressed in German Pallas (one of the best pressing plants on Earth) is coming in a gatefold cover printed through hi-resolution, full color screenprinting with 12 pages booklet." Very nice!
12/24/2005 Zaat / Mystical Footprints of Asia split LP $15.99 Nauscopy "On one side we've got Canada's ZAAT who are like THE NEOS and LARM plus a fucking organ and a whacked sense of humor. On the other side we've got a compilation of songs taken from 78 rpm records - all Asian and Middle Eastern fare - fucking transcendental! Gorgeous covers, sharp labels, and a full-color insert."
3/23/2007 Zabrodzki, Piotr & Tatsuya Yoshida Karakany CD $15.99 Vivo Records "Young generation of Polish jazz meets Japanese free / jazz / improv / experimental Guru. Psychedelic free jazz for piano, drums, voice and bass guitar effects. Not easy but pretty refreshing sound experience."
5/8/2005 Zaika I-IV LP $19.99 Eclipse Limited edition (500 copies) lp from the duo of Tom Carter (Charalambides / Badgerlore / Friday Group) and Marcia Bassett (Double Leopards / Hototogisu / Shackamaxon). Screen printed jackets from Alan Sherry (Siwa Records).
9/17/2006 Zaika Recording From Il Corral July 2005 CDR $11.99 Heavy Other "Second release on the Heavy Other imprint: brand new, outrageously heavy duo set from Tom Carter of Charalambides and Marcia Bassett of Double Leopards / Hototogisu / GHQ et al recorded in Los Angeles in 2005 that combines the sound of collapsing galaxies with air-raids of E-bow, the sting of acid guitar and a whole vortex of unknown tongue." - Volcanic Tongue. "A long way from the delicacy of the Eclipse LP, more like a barbed wire q-tip..." Tom Carter. Edition of 205 copies in paper sleeves - recommended!
1/1/2008 Zaïmph La Nuit Electrique CD $13.99 Utech Records "Marcia Bassett (Double Leopards, Hototogisu) rears Zaimph's vile head once again on La Nuit Electrique. A raspy, delicate instrumental passage begins like a crippled music box. Elegant and soporose. Blackened guitar and amplification apprise the rest. Acrid feedback hangs in the air and vocal modulations clot inside dark rivers of current. The night electric." Edition of 500 copies.
9/17/2006 Zaïmph Live Hasselt CDR $11.99 Heavy Blossom "A frozen howl of anguish blacks out tevelvision skies and turns water to blood. This is not fashion or distraction. A tumultuous upsurge of lashing spectral form, a doom fug of revenge - a swirl, a swathe - a blistering exhalation, rising bloody. This is not a utopian attempt to build transparent cathedrals and unite mankind. This is war - pure and bloody - implacable - real."
2/4/2007 Zaïmph Mirage of the Other LP $17.99 Gipsy Sphinx "The third release on the Gipsy Sphinx imprint is a full LP (+/-40min) from Marcia Bassett's solo project Zaïmph. Marcia is well known for her leading role in improv groups such as Double Leopards and GHQ, as well as for her groundbreaking work with free guitar/flesh metal duo Hototogisu. With her solo project Zaïmph she starts off from the base these groups laid out and takes things to another level, shredding boundaries between dark noise, drone and psych music. It's deeply meditative yet darkly disturbing and emotionally touching music. The LP, Zaïmph's vinyl debut, is pressed in a one-time edition of 525 copies on 180g vinyl with paste-on artwork on thick black jackets, full color 2-sided art paper insert, resealable plastic sleeve; etc.." Highly recommended!
9/30/2005 Zaïmph Moon's Pool CDR $15.99 Heavy Blossom "Second world-beating solo album from Marcia Bassett (Double Leopards/Hototogisu/GHQ/Shackamaxon) in a beautifully packaged edition of 200 with full-colour printed wraparound sleeve, faux-leather patch and heat-burned disc in a clear plastic slipcase. Starts out with a dinosaur roar of E-bow and electricity before building to a delirious peak of pulse, piano and levitating metal. The final movement sounds closest to the second side of Richard Youngs's epochal Advent recording, with microphones aimed straight for the heart of the sun. Absolutely beautiful, highest recommendation." - Volcanic Tongue
3/21/2009 Zaïmph Serpent's Bite CD $9.99 Heavy Blossom "Zaïmph's first cd release on her own label Heavy Blossom. 'Serpent's Bite' is made up of 8 separate pieces of vapory splendor, pierced metallic sounds, flickering radiance, and exquisite anguish. Culled from the Zaimph archives and recorded between 2005 - 2006; two previously released cdr tracks, now re-edited, rest aside six unreleased tracks. Multiple amplifiers channel dense, 3-dimensional sound played live with no overdubs. This is organic darkness. Grave-vaults of guitar tunnel through distorted clouds of smoke rising from the watery abyss. Vocals of dissolving thoughts recite mysterious incantations. De-tuned piano recordings and infectious drum machine beats dissolve through phantom empires of multiple effects. 'Compleat derangement of the senses'. The entirety was mastered by Christelle Gualdi at Loosduinseweg No. 9." Zaïmph is Marcia Bassett (Double Leopards, Zaika, Hototogisu, etc.) Recommended!
11/4/2006 Zaïmph Sexual Infinity CD $12.99 Hospital Productions "marcia bassett of double leopards, hototogisu, ghq, fame on her first proper solo full length has given us one of our favorites in the history of hospital productions. sexual infinty stands refreshingly organized into six escalating pieces of her signature guitar, voice, and electronic moodscapes entrancing the listener with sinister seduction. comparisons to early 80's power electronics and industrial acts as uncommunity, mauthausen orchestra and ramleh reside in the underbelly of zaïmph's ability to generate ominous, gritty, and doom laden atmosphere cloaked in a thick lush drone. what begins with raw ethereal guitar shadows of longing delight closes with vital gripping electronic tension."
2/6/2015 Zaïmph Two Aspects Divided LP $28.99 Yew "Two side-long pieces all electronics."
4/24/2006 Zaïmph Unfolded Gold CDR $11.99 Heavy Blossom "Latest solo album from Marcia Bassett of Double Leopards/Hototogisu/GHQ et al, released to coincide with the recent Blonde On Blonde UK tour alongside Heather Leigh Murray. Very different from the earlier Zaimph recordings, this one channels silver shots of overloaded synth and blasted vocals into a blur of speed-damaged codes, sounding a little more aerodynamic and glassy than the earlier dirt whorls of e-bowed guitar loops. First track is a pure heavy metal pulse ala Throbbing Gristle's early air-raid form, with tactile metal scree welding the whole thing to the floor while scattershots of thick analogue tone building archways of brain scramble high into the air. Later tracks combine machine sound and feedback with a wide spectrum of tonal bloot and a supremely degraded atmosphere alla Faust's gnarliest Wümme-era plant jams. It feels like Marcia is working to really push the music somewhere beyond even the last few Double Leopards records and the result is a whole bunch of previously-unmapped space to explore. Edition of 100 in full-colour wraparound sleeves with insert. Highly recommended." - Volcanic Tongue
4/1/2015 Zaïmph & Yek Koo L’interieur De La Vue c30 cassette $5.99 Obsolete Units "A studious and strange meeting of two renowned minds of experimental sound, L’interieur De La Vue is a thrillingly unforeseen detour into minimalistic spontaneity from acclaimed and prolific NYC musician Marcia Bassett (Zaimph, Double Leopards, Hototogisu, GHQ) and celebrated Los Angeles cacophonous-psych-explorer Helga Fassonaki (Yek Koo, Metal Rouge). Unlike the constant ethereal burn on Bassett’s guitar/synth drone works or Fassonaki’s overpowering and staggering reinvention of otherworldly experimental rock, the two performances here present a startlingly spacious platform for more patient, contemplative restraints. Bassett’s electronics ebb into harmonious intertwinement with Fassonaki’s deconstructed trumpet inspection, the flow of both these paradoxically serene and scraping tonalities finding a sturdy synergistic ground. Those immersed in the works of Idea Fire Company, Greg Kelley, and AMM should take notice. Edition of 100."
7/11/2008 Zashiki Warashi Fog-Fluid CDR $11.99 Chironex Solo release from Carter Thornton (Enos Slaughter, Izititiz, Pigeons...) - edition of 80 copies.
9/16/2007 Zashiki Warashi Garbage Archive Vol. II - Pulp Bulb cassette $6.99 Conduit Creations "The second cassette release in a small series which covers the last ten years of activity. Volume II includes live cello performances, Texas sounds, harsh gurglings, broken piano in defunct bar hallways, basement duels with Count Hejnowski and much more. C60 limited to 50 copies. Hand painted/cut cloth packaging."
8/9/2003 Zashiki-Warashi Floor Child double CD $11.99 Conduit Creations "Floor Child is a collection of field recordings, home assemblies and live documentations organized and mutated by New York based composer and improviser Carter Thornton. Spanning five years and two CDs, this initial release from the fictional collective of Zashiki-Warashi is sewn together with appearances by members of NNCK, Izititiz, Enos Slaughter, Floriculture and TEST. The music shrieks, drones, floats, superimposes unlikely realities and outlines a subconscious narrative inspired by travels ranging from a
South Carolina swamp to a Moroccan graveyard. A mix of shortwave transmissions, ukuleles, bowed and plucked strings, distant drums and voices, nearby birds and guitars, chanting crowds and not quite discernable sounds recorded in places as diverse as a Texas parking lot, Harlem’s Hinthouse, Roulette
Intermedium and a Virginia old folks home. Presented in hand painted sleeves." Limited to 502 copies.
4/22/2009 Zashiki-Warashi Mail Wars! LP $13.99 Conduit Creations "In 2004 the Zashiki Warashi organization began sending out pieces of music through the mail to various parties in different geographic locations asking them to interact with it in some way and return it, which would then be assembled into a larger whole. This album is the result. Includes battles with: Burning Star Core, Alan Dubin (Khanate, Gnaw, OLD), Marcia Bassett (Double Leopards, Zaimph), David Shuford (NNCK, Enos Slaughter), Pigeons, Kuwayama Kiyoharu, Marshall Avett (Zandosis), Greg Wildes (Gas Tank Orchestra), Carter Thornton, Carl Smith / Derek Phelps, Darwin Smith, Smith Harrison and Dr. Mijin Kim.Vinyl only. Limited to 550 Copies."
5/7/2004 Zashiki-Warashi Meat N 3 C60 $5.99 Conduit Creations "The first cassette release in a small series. Archival material including various home and field recordings, pieces for radio, water, prepared guitar, rooftop performance and voice. C60 limited to 50 copies. Hand painted/cut cloth/scratched plastic covers."
7/21/2010 Zebu! Bloody Lips 7" $5.99 Feeding Tube Records "From the eclectic slop-rock gurus ZEBU! comes the new pop sensation Bloody Lips 7". Vinyl, 45' speed high quality recorded on 2" tape. These four rock songs bring the delight of Steve D'Agostino and Ted Lee to the feeding tube stage once again. No filler, No Nonsense, No Digitizing, All Analog Live Mastery. This album is an perfect example of why ZEBU!, eight years in, has really only just begun their mission to craft records that capture what rock and roll truly should be."
6/30/2010 Zebu! Hagenwerder-C LP $15.99 Feeding Tube Records "This normally bombastic noise-rock-surf duo settles into meditative space with a set of battery powered guitar and percussion recorded in the booming echo of the abandoned East German Factory in the blowup cover Polaroids. Edition of 100 (only 50 US)."
12/22/2014 Zeitkratzer / Whitehouse Whitehouse: Performed Live by Zeitkratzer CD $16.99 Zeitkratzer "William Bennett, the musical mastermind of the band Whitehouse has already worked with Zeitkratzer on several occasions. And he also appears on the first track of this CD. Recorded live at the festival Musique Action in Nancy, France, you can get an impression of how the deep bass frequencies -- produced by the huge orchestra drum, at some points as well by the beaten bass strings of the piano or by subtones of the horns -- would vibrate the floor of the venue. At the same time high piping sounds, amplified violin harmonics, and bitten clarinet tones attack the listener. A music with crystal-clear or even neurosurgical precision. And one can hear voices all over -- distorted from being spoken through a trombone or a French horn -- phantom voices in the density of the sounds, etc. No electronic effects are used -- it's pure acoustic power! Press on the first collaboration with Whitehouse: Vital Weekly: "Excellent work. A total racket." The Wire even became addicted: "You squirm in your seat, unsure of why you're listening, yet still you hang on for more." While Radio France was just blown away: "La fureur et la chaleur! ...hors norme!" Zeitkratzer: directed by Reinhold Friedl: Frank Gratkowski (clarinets); Hild Sofie Tafjord (French horn); Hilary Jeffery (trombone); Reinhold Friedl (piano); Tony Buck (percussion); Lisa Marie Landgraf (violin); Burkhard Schlothauer (violin); Anton Lukoszevieze (violoncello); Uli Phillipp (double bass); William Bennett (voice, [01])."
7/30/2006 Zen Nuns, The The Zen Nuns CDR $12.99 Memoirs of an Aesthete "Reissue of late-90s mail collaboration between Phil Todd (ASHTRAY NAVIGATIONS) and Lasse Marhaug (JAZZKAMMER, DEL etc), originally released in a micro-edition by Ordinance Tape Only. The kids thede days want noise – that’s what they’ll get. Swirling relentless cosmic electro-spasms of it. Packaged in recycled maps, as was the original cassette version, with paste-on gold gocco print. Numbered edition of 100."
12/17/2003 Zendik Farm Band Zendik Farm Band LP $27.99 Nasoni "Heavy vinyl, 3 inserts, hand-numbered 300 copies ltd. A collection of spoken word, psychedelic, progressive, space and industrial orchestrated tunes recorded by the Zendiks during the years of 1989 to 1992."
4/3/2011 Zero Map, The The Process of Sanitation CDR $9.99 Sonic Oyster Records "'The Zero Map' (Chloe Wallace & Karl M V Waugh), take time away from their jobs in 'The A Band', to bring us fearless experimentation with a hybrid dose of murky ambient and sugared soundscapes: imagine the bastard child of Hawkwind and Faust as conducted by Edgard Varese. Mechanical, pastoral and relentlessly progressive, 'The Process of Sanitation', is strictly limited to 50 copies."
7/10/2008 Zodiac Mountain Butte des Morte CDR $9.99 Skulls of Heaven "Joined by the Reverend Karen Eliot, Zodiac Speedcreep and his crew take to the unlikely task of covering songs by Kendra Smith and Brainbombs... Not for the light hearted, the A-side features a white-boy-Soul-fried Acid Rock version of "Ass Fucking Murder". The B-side is a jarring compilation of all the mysterious tapes reels recently found containing outtakes from the infamous "Wheel of the Law" sessions. Love it or hate it, this is a record you will never forget."
7/16/2006 Zodiac Mountain Lake Winnebago CDR $9.99 23 Productions "This is the Zodiac speaking. A collection of early demos from the primal beginnings of the Zodiac Mountain, a grateful underground process of young and ready saints. Lake Winnebago holds beautiful songs colliding with twisted jams, all at the edges of their wits, from gone down too long in the Zone."
9/18/2006 Zodiac Mountain Live in America, Summer 2006 CDR $10.99 23 Productions "Early in the Summer of '06, Clay Ruby's Zodiac Mountain did a short U.S. tour, showering the people with roots rock, heavenly boogie, atmospheric spirituals, cryptic blues and the occasional classic cover tune. This incarnation of Zodiac Mountain was a collaboration between Clay Ruby and Wooden Wand, featuring jams with Nate Nelson (Mouthus, Religious Knives), Robert Beatty (Eyes and Arms of Smoke, Hair Police), and Maya Miller (Religious Knives, Double Leopards). 5 songs, over an hour of red, white and blue BLISS from two of the heaviest, gun toting, bourbon soaked, BBQ breath'd road warriors east of the Mississippi." Edition of 230 copies.
6/11/2006 Zodiacs Come CDR $10.99 23 Productions "Can you smell burning horse hair and flesh? Totally unprecedented and deep 1%er scuzz damage from a group that may or may not be none other than Clay Ruby, Keith Wood, and James Jackson Toth under psuedonymns. Long jams that bring to mind such wild ones as German Oak, Magic Muscle and that foggy dream you had where The Stooges covered "Space Ritual" start to finish. Led by the mysterious Zodiac Speedcreep, whos credited as handling drums, organ and vocals all at the same time, Zodiacs burn a heavy trail back to the days where outlaw biker clubs roasted and consumed whole horses in celebration of the wild life. Come and Gone are two CDRs to be released simultaneously, extremely limited so hurry!"
6/11/2006 Zodiacs Gone CDR $9.99
"1%er inspired scuzz from Zodiac Speedcreep aka Clay Ruby (Davenport Family), Ezekiel Blackouts III aka Keith Wood (Hush Arbors, Sunburned Hand of the Man, Six Organs of Admittance, Wooden Wand & the Vanishing Voice), and Grim Jim Gypsy aka James Toth (Wooden Wand & the Vanishing Voice). Total in-the-red psych blowouts, recorded entirely live, and with secret special guests listed only as "The Others of Invention." The second of two simultaneously released discs ("Come" is the first)."
2/11/2006 Zoffy Zoffy Live! CD $15.99 OM Live recordings spanning from May 1999 - May 2003 from Acid Mothers Temple members Tsuyama Atsushi (vocal, bouzouki, acoustic & electric guitar, alpine trumpet, bass harmonica, bamboo reed, soprano recorder, drums) and Kawabata Makoto (oud, bouzouki, violin, yoruk, algoza, electric guitar, bowed peacock harp, electric organ, electronics, theremin, 6 string bass, chorus). Originally released a limited edition cdr (100 copies) on the Acid Mothers Temple label in 2000, this cd version includes 3 bonus tracks. This comes in a jewel case and is the first release on Tsuyama Atsushi's label. Limited edition of 1000 copies.
4/22/2009 Zola Jesus Tsar Bomba LP $13.99 Troubleman Unlimited "On Zola Jesus' EP Tsar Bomba, the local project's bleak pop sensibility stays afloat on a lake polluted with white noise, dirty industrial rhythms, and hissing synthesizers. The spooky vibrato of Madison vocalist Nika Danilova effectively throws the dreamy hooks of Ronnie Spector down an empty well. In live sets, Dead Luke's sonically haunting synthesizers crawl over the minimalist rhythm section of bassist Lindsay Mikkola and tom-tom player Max Elliot to provide an adequate backdrop for Danilova's heaving vibrato and sinister shrieking." - Madison Decider. Edition of 500 copies on black vinyl.
9/16/2007 Zombi Zombi LP $19.99 Wabana "Producing work that is epic in concept, sound, and artistic approach, Steve Moore and A.E. Paterra, the masterminds and multi-instrumentalists behind Zombi, have re-imagined the architecture of progressive rock and dynamic instrumentals, carving a niche in underground music distinctly their own. The band's signature sound, achieved using only electric bass, drums, and a collection of analog synthesizers, is deceptively lush considering its two man skeleton crew ensemble. Moore's bass playing and meticulous synthesizer programming interacts seamlessly with Paterra's controlled, precision drumming, as if each man is anticipating his counterpart's next move. 'Zombi' and 'Twilight Sentinel' were ZOMBI's first two recordings as a band. This Wabana re-issue of both as individual LPs is the first time either have been available on vinyl. Both titles were self released as CDR only, in super limited numbers. In 2004, ZOMBI were signed to Relapse Records and in a few short months the epic 'Cosmos' was released to much acclaim. In 2005 the band compiled 'Zombi' and 'Twilight Sentinel' onto one CD called 'Anthology', also self released in an edition of 1000 copies. After a short time, this too sold out and these recordings have been unavailable ever since. These vinyl versions sound vibrant and warm, and were remastered. These recordings reveal the early history of Zombi and fans of the band already familiar with their music who haven't heard them will get a better idea of where the duo came from and where they were going as they wrote "Cosmos". Each LP is limited to 1000 copies. "Zombi" contains a semi-bonus track, 'Sequence 9', which appeared on the original release, but they left off of the recent release of "The Anthology"."
2/9/2013 Zombie Rave First Flesh 12" $14.99 Living Tapes "The Zombie Rave mixes started appearing on Youtube a few years ago with instant fandom, hype and mystery attached. Druggy Chopped and Screwed editing of Cult films focusing mostly on European horror, the creator of these videos played with 90's rave music by giving them the self-described ''Zombie Rave'' treatment of slowing them down, enhancing the beats and coating with ominous melodies. The result is a dark dreamlike Rave mix that makes your body move with the weight of a dance floor full of water. But who was making this music? who was the culprit? it remains a mystery to this day. Who Ha Ha…" Mater Suspiria Vision perhaps? Yes!
7/5/2011 Zonal Taste Wand The Beast c34 cassette $6.99 Rocket Machine Tapes "Dark, low-end dirges from Manly's finest, Ben Lynch, who previously recorded as Tonal Wasteland. Recorded in real time using an Akai GXC-730D and a Denon DR-M33HX onto Cobalt Type II cassette. Edition of 50."
4/24/2006 Zoo Frogs Making Love in Glass Rivers CDR $12.99 musicyourmindwillloveyou psych rock electronic and thuggish art
11/17/2007 Zuydervelt, Rutger (Machinefabriek) / Mariska Baars (soccer Committee) / Wouter Van Veldhoven Zeeg CD $12.99 Digitalis "Zeeg" represents the best that the Dutch underground has to offer. Combining the talents of Rutger Zuydervelt, Mariska Baars, and Wouter Van Veldhoven, this album shows off what can happen when the stars align. This is stunning in its scope and breadth. It's a sonic magic trick. Most enchanting is how "Zeeg" manages to slow time to a near stand-still. The sounds and motifs unfold like a snail trapped in tar; each note, each sound seemingly more important than the previous. The depth of sound is considerable, and the impact is immense. While the performers know exactly where they plan to take you, the listener remains shrouded in mystery. It's all about the journey and this is a deliciously delicate place to get lost in. The care with which "Zeeg" was improvised and created is obvious. But how, exactly, these three stalwarts manage to pull the listener down this diamond rabbit hole where stellar time is meaningless is a riddle. Through Van Veldhoven's use of tape recorders and metallophone to Baars' lovely voice that is endlessly manipulated and looped by Zuydervelt, everything clicks. Add in Zuydervelt and Baars guitar work and you have an exquisite combination. "Zeeg" is simple. It is minimal. And it is pure beauty. If you cannot disappear here, then you aren't truly living Packaged in silkscreened cardboard jackets with original art by Mariska."