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9/30/2005 Ya Ho Wha Penetration, An Aquarian Symphony CD $18.99 Swordfish "Official reissue of this album from 1974 - one of the heaviest albums from Father Yod and crew. Along with I'm Gonna Take You Home, it's just the best - one of the finest sacred space cadet acid-mantra psychedelic death trips of all time, for sure. Captain Father Yod moans & groans a perfect vocal chime over the top of the searing guitar rip of "Djin" and a massive cloak of tribal percussion and general peaked whatsis. Touched & tipped by higher forces you can only dream of - this contain the most intense passages created by the band Ya Ho Wa 13. One of the best album covers of all time, too. 'This was called an 'Aquarian Symphony' back in 1974 to herald through music, the coming of the Aquarian Age, September 17th, 2003. It was ahead of it's time. Now it's time has come!'" - Djin Aquarian, (guitarist), May, 2003.
5/7/2004 Ya Ho Wha 13 I'm Gonna Take You Home CD $18.99 Swordfish "New reissue of this all-time classic from 1974, licensed directly from Father Yod's Source Foundation in Hawaii. Previously only available as a long gone bootleg or as part of the 13CD Capt. Trip box, now readily available. This is one of deepest Ya Ho Wha albums, right up there with Penetration. 'The ultimate acid album ever! These seminal west coast weirdsters are rumoured to have had members of the 13th Floor Elevators and Sky Saxon involved and perform with them. True or not, this album is extremely rare and musically very, very weird! This mystical and drug-influenced collection of lysergic acid heads created some of the scariest sounds ever, definitely NOT for the faint hearted. After you light the blue touch paper, stand well back, because this toxic concoction will liquidize any cerebral matter within a 10 metre radius! Manic, screamed vocals are accompanied by relentless 100% twisted guitar on this mega rare platter. Presented in its original and totally authentic gatefold sleeve with the 'lovers and the chariot' tarot card cover and the proclamation 'divine communion time is here, little kitties -- YA HO WA 009 --Licensed to give life!' 'I could write a book on the cover. It is an absolute masterpiece of design, and probably the greatest cover in music history. Suffice it to say if you were to fully grasp the meaning and symbology of it, you would have the keys to magically transform your person and environment into your hearts desire and ride the chariot of god into the future of your own will, one with god.' -- Djin Aquarian (Guitar) on I'm Gonna Take You Home.'" – FE
9/30/2005 Ya Ho Wha 13 Re-Visiting Father and the Source Family DVD $27.99 Swordfish "This 2 1/2 hour documentary traces the history of the Source Family, Father Yod/Ya Ho Wha/the man formally known as Jim Baker. Going back to the Beatnik era of the late '50s when Baker ran a sandal shop in Hollywood it goes through the origins of the Family in Los Angeles in 1967 to the dispersal in the mid '70s. Many of the original members of the Family are interviewed and the new and extensive footage from the '70s is featured throughout. For anyone who has been fascinated by this mysterious cult/commune, this documentary should provide the answers to most questions and allow you to make up your own mind as to who Father Yod / Ya Ho Wha / Jim Baker was. 'A story that not even Hollywood could have scripted to be more entertaining.'" NTSC format DVD, Region 0.
11/15/2008 Ya Ho Wha 13 Sonic Portation CD $15.99 Prophase "Back in the early '70s a curious group owned and operated a health food restaurant in Los Angles. The Source Family was a religious group of young people centered around the father figure of Father Yod, a WWII flying ace and spiritual searcher. This group of young people also performed improvisational music backing Father Yod under the name Yahowa 13. When Father Yod died in a hang gliding accident in 1975, the group dispersed. In 2007, with the publishing of a book about the Source Family, the original Yahowa 13 reunited for some shows and did some studio recordings. These are the long awaited results, the first studio recordings in over 30 years by Yahowa 13! Original members Djin, Octavius and Sunflower jam out like the ensuing years never happened. Incredible improv pieces with mind melting guitar and the psychedelic low end throb that all Yod fans will immediately recognize. Literally, the best reunion album of all time!"
4/3/2010 Ya Ho Wha 13 Sonic Portation LP $24.99 Prophase "If Oliver Stone decided to make another movie featuring the psychedelic period of the late sixties, Sonic Portation would be the perfect soundtrack" - Marc Roy, Proggnosis. "...say turn it up loud, close your eyes, and feel the divinity of sound itself." - Todd Zacharitz, Goatsden. "Seldom has 'religious' music sounded so simultaneously earthy, spacy, guttural and evil. This sure ain't the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.' " - LA Weekly. Gatefold LP version, edition 500 copies.
4/25/2008 Ya Ho Wha 13 The Feather of Wisdom LP $20.99 Phoenix "Sound at One is pleased to present the first Yahowa 13 album in 33 years on a new subsidiary, "Phoenix Records," releasing music specifically oriented towards the elevation of consciousness. This is a recording of the Yahowa 13 reunion show in San Francisco, November 2007. This live document reveals that the band's music remains completely burnt. Hand silk-screened, edition of 500, full color fold-out poster insert designed by Arik Moonhawk Roper."
10/26/2004 Ya Ho Wha 13 The Operetta CD $18.99 Swordfish "The psychedelic find of the decade-their long-lost final magnum opus. Rumoured to exist for years-often put down as just rumour though. Here it is, unearthed from tapes thought lost forever but now found after nearly 30 years. The first thing to be released from Ya Ho Wha 13 since 1975. In the spring of 1975 the Family was homeless and was travelling on the West Coast after having been driven out of Hawaii by local laws (they would return later that year for what would be the final time with Father). Ya Ho Wha had taken a spontaneous journey to the East which had culminated in his initiation in the Great Pyramid of Egypt on Easter Sunday. Upon his return to the San Francisco area a warehouse in Corte Madeira was rented for the Family to gather for their Aquarian style morning meditations and meetings to greet the dawn. This is where The Operetta came down. It represents the first musical channelling from the time after Ya Ho Wha's Easter Ressurrection in the Great Pyramid (returning transformed) and the last total musical recording he would make with the band. The 6 pieces which make up The Operetta form the culmination of all the YaHoWhan recordings -- thunderous percussion, massive psychedelic guitar swirlings are all vying for space with Ya Ho Wha's spontaneous chanting in this intense journey into inner self. The final and most awesome of all their creations." 1975 recordings that was issued (and still available) as a double vinyl lp earlier in 2004.
8/13/2004 Ya Ho Wha 13 The Operetta double LP $44.99 Swordfish "The psychedelic find of the decade-their long-lost final magnum opus. Rumoured to exist for years-often put down as just rumour though. Here it is, unearthed from tapes thought lost forever but now found after nearly 30 years. The first thing to be released from Ya Ho Wha 13 since 1975. In the spring of 1975 the Family was homeless and was travelling on the West Coast after having been driven out of Hawaii by local laws (they would return later that year for what would be the final time with Father). Ya Ho Wha had taken a spontaneous journey to the East which had culminated in his initiation in the Great Pyramid of Egypt on Easter Sunday. Upon his return to the San Francisco area a warehouse in Corte Madeira was rented for the Family to gather for their Aquarian style morning meditations and meetings to greet the dawn. This is where The Operetta came down. It represents the first musical channeling from the time after Ya Ho Wha's Easter Ressurrection in the Great Pyramid (returning transformed) and the last total musical recording he would make with the band. The 6 pieces which make up The Operetta form the culmination of all the YaHoWha recordings - thunderous percussion, massive psychedelic guitar swirlings are all vying for space with Ya Ho Wha's spontaneous chanting in this intense journey into inner self. The final and most awesome of all their creations. A strictly limited edition 2 LP set presented in a gatefold cover featuring previously unseen photographs from the Family's personal archives, it comes with an insert featuring a transcription of Ya Ho Wha's thoughts and comments on the piece when he heard the tapes played back to him shortly after they were recorded. One off pressing - this is destined to become as rare as the Higherkey originals."
6/19/2007 Ya Ho Wha 13 To The Principles For The Children LP $29.99 Swordfish "This was the legendary cult/commune's penultimate album-thunderous native American Indian drums mixed with acid drenched feedback guitar, twisted vocals and a childrens song make for one of the most mind-altering albums ever. Comes with an insert of reflections on the record from the family. "At the end of 1974 The Source sold their restaurant and moved to Hawaii. There they went looking for paradise only to encounter hostile locals, who were reluctant to rent out a pad for Yahowa and his 13 wives, forcing them to temporarily retreat to Northern California. But they eventually reconfigured themselves and returned to Hawaii for a final fractious stand. "To the Principles, for the children" dates from this period and the tension shows. Its two long tracks are broken into untitled fragments, one of them an ode to "woman power" worthy of Helen Reddy. More frequently Yahowa locks into heaven chant mode, surrounded by instrumental rings that recall The Magic Band of "Abba Zabba". Very possibly, this album explains a great deal of the Father's philosophy-that is, if you can make out the words, of which there are many. By way of compensation the ensemble seamlessly blends effects and percussion, and when the kids' chorus of "Yahowa" starts up at the end you'll know you've already been somewhere." - Byron Coley A more personalized painfully vulnerable album style of songs. Odd.
12/2/2008 Yamamoto Seiichi & Acid Mothers Temple Giant Psychedelia double CD $18.99 Acid Mothers Temple Live recording from AMT Festival vol. 6 on December 8, 2007. This is dbl CD set with 6 panel card board jacket limited to 1000 copies. Recorded on digital 16 track multi recording system. Features: Yamamoto Seiichi : guitar, voice (Boredoms, Omoide Hatoba, Rovo, etc) -- Tsuyama Atsushi : bass, voice (Omoide Hatoba, AMT & TMP U.F.O., AMT SWR, etc) -- Shimura Koji : drums (AMT & TMP U.F.O., AMT & TCI, Miminokoto, ex.High Rise, ex.Mainliner, ex.Nagisa Nite, ex.White Heaven, etc) -- Higashi Hiroshi : synthesizer (AMT & TMP U.F.O., AMT & TCI, Galax, Cosmic Dew) -- Tabata Mitsuru : freak out, voice (AMT & TCI, Zeni Geva, ex,Boredoms, Leningrad Blues Machine, etc) -- Kawabata Makoto : guitar (AMT & TMP U.F.O., AMT & TCI, AMT SWR, Gong, ex.Mainliner, etc) with Kuriyama Jun : voice (Jiyujigen, ex.Ox)
11/6/2010 Yeh, C Spencer / Jon Wesseltoft Northern Resonance III-II LP $25.99 8mm "Yeh and Wesseltoft met in Oslo, Norway, in the cold winter of 2008. Within the combination between the highly dynamic peaks of Spencer's violin and the warm, eternal continuum produced by Jon's harmonium, they found the key to deliver a flux of epic, organic drones that sound like nothing they have recorded before. Two years later (february 2010), they did it again, same room, same set-up, same magic. The best takes from those sessions are on the two sides of this Lp. This is the sound of the Norwegian fjords, so powerful and bright like a 'northern resonance', as perfectly defined by its title. The cover artwork by Lasse Marhaug give the final touch to this gem. Ageless. Full colour pro-printed cover, edition of 300 copies."
3/6/2010 Yeh, C. Spencer Bergen CDR $7.99 Dronedisco "Live set of violin and voice from Landmark at the Kunsthall Bergen, Norway, early 2010. "Landmark is foremost a space for new medias and cross-genre art. In addition to the artistic activity, it also serves the function of being a restaurant and bar. The space itself is designed and adapted for screening of videos, electronic art, concerts, DJs, movies and lectures." -- Last.fm. With glued covers and insert.
3/6/2010 Yeh, C. Spencer Helsinki FI / Berlin DE / 09-10 double c34 cassette $11.99 Dronedisco "Two complete live sets of violin and voice spread out over four sides, from Helsinki Finland and Berlin Germany, in 2010 and 2009, respectively. Amplified hands, bow, mouth, throat, air, etc. In chunky vinyl case with insert. Edition of 75."
3/6/2010 Yeh, C. Spencer Trondheim CDR $7.99 Dronedisco "Live set of violin and voice from Dokkhuset Jazz Club in Trondheim, Norway, early 2010. "In an artistically converted former pumping station (look through the glass beneath your feet at the old engines), the Dock House is at once an auditorium - where if it's the right night you'll hear experimental jazz or chamber music - restaurant and café-bar. Sip a drink on the jetty or survey the Trondheim scene from its roof terrace." - Lonely Planet. With glued covers and insert.
1/24/2009 Yeh, C. Spencer + Lasse Marhaug The Elementary Particles 7" $6.99 Arbor "This collaborative work between US improviser C. Spencer Yeh (Burning Star Core) and European sound artist Lasse Marhaug is one of the most diverse and rewarding efforts by either artist. It is the result of hours of recording, cut up and spliced together, giving the listener a glimpse into various short snippets of the sessions. Harsh quick sonic blasts, violin scrapes and drones, field recordings, vocal exercises, room clatter and more are used in the process, but the way that they are assembled and woven together provides a nonstop experience that goes best with highly concentrated listening. Still the result is so varied that something new can be heard on every listen; a recording so intense you can never truly grasp what is actually happening; most definitely a highlight in both artists' discographies. In an edition of 400 7"s in proprinted foldover sleeves with art Jose DeDiego and an insert."
11/2/2008 Yeh, C. Spencer / Sick Llama split 7" $6.99 Arbor "The malformed compositions of C. Spencer Yeh and Sick Llama come from opposing spectrums of noise music, though their similarities are undeniable. Whether it be Yeh's solo piece for violin or Sick Llama's gunked tape work, the spirit of improvisation shines through. On Yeh's track, the churning sounds of metal scrapes and light tinges, like crossed electric static and growing, buzzing drones are the result of one violin. His unique approach to the instrument marks him as one of the most exciting improvisers today whether it be with his solo work or through his work in Burning Star Core. Sick Llama's untitled piece is one of his most concise and interesting tracks; crushing and dirty with the hiss of tape static. Coming from the stoned mind of Heath Moreland of Fag Tapes, the expected tape aesthetic is transferred to vinyl with a compilation of cut up compositions, evoking a series of mystery sound sources. In an edition of 500 7"s in proprinited fold over sleeves with art by Maya Miller of Heavy Tapes/Religious Knives."
5/1/2009 Yeh, C.S. Songs 2002 one-sided LP $11.99 What The..? "Songs 2002" are recorded from 2001-2002, having no home and no direction, just being one big question it was decided to pass along and eventually have released, so that the matter is settled and we can all move along to the next. Guitars and words. Another language to learn breathing and another see what dreams to come! Artist Paul Coors designs and silkscreens ghostphoto symmetry cover, 135 copies total at last count."
1/1/2014 Yek Koo Desolation Peak LP $13.99 Emerald Cocoon "Yek koo returns with primal minimal maximalism - vocal deconstructions rapping inside raw distortions of emotive gut. All of us are beacons in the void called Desolation Peak, where Kerouac once sat listening to "laconic crackling voices" coming through the radio as the only human sound, bouncing back and forth against the peak of negative space, like the human form with its layers of noise stark against the silence of nature. Intimately confrontational, Desolation Peak owes more to east African ritual chants than it does contemporary guitar modes. Illuminated by the same electricity as A Handful Of Dust or Heather Leigh Murray and like Jandek's best work or Gate's 'Metric' it is a moment of humanity clawed back from an inhuman world by sheer indomitable outsider will. Vocals multiply & fall back into themselves, guitars bloom like flowers of grit, spells are chanted, the guitar wielded like a weapon, worn like a medallion, until the whole record collapses on itself into a slab of groaning gleaming feedback. Expertly harnessed by Justin Pizzoferrato at Sonelab, MA. Mastered by Mark Alan Miller. Cover Art by Helga Fassonaki. Edition of 259 on 45rpm quality Czech vinyl."
5/10/2012 Yek Koo Love Song For The Dead C LP $11.99 Emerald Cocoon "Released to coincide with her installation at Human Resources Gallery in Los Angeles as the first part of her musical hagiographies series (http://helgafassonaki.net) 'Love Song For The Dead C' is a procession of drunkenly stumbling conceptual experiments from Metal Rouge's Helga Fassonaki. Between its humble paste-on sleeves swarms a double LPs worth of ideas crammed into a single LP, tumbling over each other in strange shapes. Bookended by two renditions of a Persian love song (one sung in Farsi, one in English) that trade in the same echoing confusion as her recent Alone Together 7", 'Love Song For The Dead C' belongs to the tradition of the great outsider sides of the early 90's (Twin Infinitives, Market Square, Harsh 70's Reality) more than it does to anything of this desperately conformist epoch. Like those records it has a purity of form resulting from an individual working to tie the knots of the past into the shape of a personal present, outside of scene or market concerns. In 'Bye Bye Blackbird' dissonant chiming slowly unfurls into a vast chasm of sound over a mesmeric nine minutes. A disorienting or disoriented guitar wafts through a wah-ed swirl of delay and distant Dead C samples in 'Rose The Provider'. 'The Top Is The Bottom' is a harrowing slow-motion crawl through alleys and sewers of room tone as captured by the tunnel-vision fidelity of the trademark yek koo dictaphone. This is living, breathing, human music - no ringtones, no product placement - just heart, tears and breath, easy and free. Edition of 288, with handmade bootleg style paste-on covers. Mastered by Sean McCann."
7/5/2011 Yek Koo Oh Woman / Flame Creation (Alone Together #3) 7" $5.99 Emerald Cocoon "Helga Fassonaki (of Metal Rouge) returns as Yek Koo with her first new release since last years 'I Saw Myself' on Stunned Records. Gone are the horizontal string-sprawl epics of past, replaced by a new density and compositional focus. Dictaphone guitar-swirl and declamatory vocal preaching atop loping nod-out rhythm samples, you could almost say Yek Koo has gone popŠ.until the b-side hits: a sheet of live industrial slamming recorded at LA's now defunct spiritual hub, the Echo Curio, that sounds like a realtime channelling of Kali. As hard to pin down as ever, the closest point of comparison would be the Morley/Russell spit 7" lathe on Corpus Hermeticum left to percolate in the merciless Californian sun And even that sounds nothing like it. Confusing, enticing, nuanced and brutal. Part 3 of the 'Alone Together' series. Mastered by Pete Swanson. Edition of 300."
10/25/2008 Yek Koo Psychic Atonement for Land Deaths CDR $9.99 Digitalis Limited "Metal Rouge has emerged as los angeles' best kept secret in 2008, but they're luckily getting some air underneath those silver wings. yek koo is another side of that same coin, though. this solo project from helga fassonaki, who is half of metal rouge, shimmers under the weight of leaded gold. "psychic atonement for land deaths" is an excursion through the shadowhills, built on a foundation of lapsteel and head-swirling vocals. it is boundless. on this album, fassonaki pushes new boundaries. with hints of the trails traveled by the likes of heather leigh-murray and fursaxa creeping in from the peripheral, yek koo deconstructs these flowing drones into flecks of silver and gold. these are serious times and this is serious stuff for all that ails you. limited to 81 copies."
1/22/2011 Yellow Crystal Star Rainbow Bridge To Nonlocality LP $14.99 Oms-b "Whoa this is super chilled and mega mellow with tranquil almost new age vibes emanating from the grooves. There's even some sounds of little birds tweeting. Then things switch up a little with fluctuating tones and euphoric drones giving a transcendental mood to proceedings. I mean you could probably have guessed where this was going from the title really... Get some incense and get on the road to Nirvana. There's even some brief vocal chants smattered here and there to assist you on your journey. The artwork reflects the spiritual / religious possibilities. Edition of 200 copies in silkscreened covers." - Norman Records
4/24/2006 Yellow Swans Psychic Sessions CD $13.99 Load "Beaming down from the sky like a ray of white-hot light intent on saving us from ourselves, the Yellow Swans come up with their second studio record. Psychic Secession is a work of uncompromising vision, weaving together all sides of this duo's 20-sided die. Moments of quiet hum but up against crunchy speaker burners to make this record essential listening. The last few years have seen the Yellow Swans coat the planet with live dates in the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, and Europe. Songs on this record were road tested in front of this planet's hungry eyes... you might have heard 'True Union,' which has been a staple of many of these live sets. This record was originally released in Australia by the Numerical Thief label, and comes to you on Load in a remastered format."
1/23/2003 Yellow6 / Rothko / Landing New Found Land CD $11.99 Music Fellowship "The Music Fellowship is excited to announce a series of Tryyptychs - three-way split CDs containing three 20+ minute ‘tryyps’ by three individual but complementary artists. The first in the series, New Found Land, is where Yellow6, the ambient journey of Leicestershire guitarist Jon Attwood, Rothko, the impressionistic bass odyssey charted by London’s Mark Beazley, and the many musical byways traveled by Connecticut-based Landing finally meet. Constructed in a digital studio, Yellow6’s looped, cut, and pasted compositions are layered and elegant, uniting bliss-out drone, airy rhythms, and melodic inflections. Attwood’s contribution to New Found Land is on the more structured side of his sonic spectrum, revealing facets perhaps not seen on his previous releases (for such labels as Ochre, Rocket Racer, Jonathon Whiskey, and Enraptured). His music has also been featured in several BBC projects. Rothko began in 1997 with a unique three-bass lineup. Founding member Beazley has since expanded Rothko’s sound with additional instrumentation. Recorded solo during the project’s early years, the intensely atmospheric ‘Halftones and Metatones’ continues Beazley’s patient exploration of the infinite possibilities of four strings. While it’s classic Rothko, as heard on Lo Recordings, (K-RAA-K) 3 and Bella Union, ‘Halftones’ anticipates the new directions Beazley is pursing on Too Pure. Over the past three years, Landing has retained a lush, hypnotic aura while spanning pure improvisation and gentle songcraft. The band’s contribution to New Found Land presents a new chapter of the quartet’s ongoing adventures in sound and texture. This is Landing’s fourth release on the Music Fellowship, and other recent releases are available on BaDaBing! and Strange Attractor’s Audio House. Their forthcoming 2003 album is being released on Olympia’s K Records."

Yermo Yermo CDR $10.99 Last Visible Dog "This release from Yermo is a 50 minute soundscape-cycle, focusing mostly on loops of bowed guitar with some subtle electronics. This is not an improv album, but lies closer to drone and minimalism with bows to 20th century orchestral dissonace as well as more modern voices such as Bernard Gunter and Francisco Lopez. 'Yermo' is the most actualized release by Yermo so far, bringing together the embryonic elements that made up 'Moth to the Sun' and crafting a wholly realized aural state of consciousness."
6/25/2013 Yeti Issue #13 magazine + 7" $13.99
"Yeti returns with a new issue featuring great stuff like groovy posters from Christchurch, New Zealand in the '60s, designed by STUART PAGE of AXEMEN; a lengthy oral history of CODEINE, recent paintings by DAVID MORENO, surrealist writer GISELE PRASSINOS, a FURSAXA interview, collages by ILYAS AHMED, comics, fiction, and a tone more. Includes a bonus 7-inch with tracks from GREAT UNWASHED, MOON DUO, TRYPES, and KAREN DALTON-none of which have been released on vinyl before. 8-inch square format, full-color wrap-around cover. 192 pages."
2/21/2005 Ykeo Clot Too Brown CDR $9.99 Chocolate Monk “Pretty boy Daniel Mitha serves up a diamond noise goiter. Arcade game cut-up hookum meets candle lit face drill romance. Dedicated to his future ex-wives 16 Bitch Pile-Up.”
12/25/2005 Yonkers, Michael Australian Tour 7" $7.99 Art School Drop Out Records "To accompany his one-off Australian appearance, the legendary Michael Yonkers put together "The Big Balloon" (1986)/ "It's You Again" (2005) for a tour 7". The Big Balloon comes from the same Michael Yonkers Band - Microminiature Love sessions of 1968 that earned him cult status. Strangely this track has never before been released and didn't even appear on the expanded Sub Pop reissue of a few years back. "When we recorded Microminiature Love, we only had enough money for one-hour of studio time. We didn't need the entire hour for Microminiature Love, so, in the time remaining we, just for the hell of it, recorded another song - The Big Balloon. This was a song that, although it was a different style than the Microminiature Love material, we did live as a big inflatable sculpture I had made was blowing up on stage..."Michael Yonkers, 2005. It's you Again is a sheer-attack buzzing psyche-noise monster which Yonkers recorded solo in the recent months. The 7" is packaged in a silk screened covers with artwork by local Melbourne artist Nathan Gray. The release is limited to 500 copies."
7/29/2004 Yonkers, Michael It's Only Yonkers LP $15.99 Galactic Zoo Disk / Eclipse So what does a NEW Michael Yonkers record sound like? I was as skeptical as anyone might be, having heard a lot of bad 30 year gap ‘comeback' and 'reunion’ lps ....but my jaw dropped on the first 2 bars of this baby! The good news is that not much has changed, Yonkers is still defiantly kicking out monster-distorto-blooz-addled ROCK. Gutsy howls with melodies underneath that stick to your ribs, and of course the trademark guitar buzz n scrape! This is savage yet stripped down pure Yonkers-recorded straight to 4-track with no overdubbing or trickery! The past 30 years are a mere blur, as this is fresh vital music that blows away the current trendy 'garage band' in an instant!!! If you enjoyed the 'Microminiature Love' record or are even the most casual fan of R n R, punk, post-punk, rockabilly, power blues, etc. you will go as nuts for this as I did. Eye-poppin cover art by Plastic Crimewave.
7/30/2003 Yonkers, Michael Microminiature Love CD $13.99 Sub Pop "Originally recorded in 1968 and slated for release on Sire Records, Microminiature Love languished unreleased until last year, when it was finally unearthed by Destijl Records (who put out a limited, vinyl-only pressing of the original album). Its creator, Michael Yonkers, is a legendary figure in Minneapolis music-lore, who, through his own modifications, created his own guitars and effects. However, Microminiature Love is no mere curiosity or feat of gadgetry. Raised on a steady diet of Link Wray and the Trashmen, Yonkers pushed the boundaries of distortion and truly transformed it into a powerful voice. The songs on Microminiature Love defy immediate categorization, but in them are shades of Pere Ubu, the howl of Iggy, the blunt primitivism of the Godz, and the seeds of countless other underground heroes. Upon its release last year, Microminiature Love immediately became a record-head favorite and Yonkers' later albums began trading for not-insignificant sums. The original seven-song album is accompanied on this CD edition by six bonus tracks recorded circa 1968."
3/11/2015 Yonkers, Michael Never-Ending Light Beam From Planet 00's LP $15.99 Mystra "SOO super psyched about this...Recent solo home-recordings by our hero here...!! from the mid-00's onward he has been quietly recording....and we're so glad he has! This is a compilation he put together for us...& this is when he really returns to form(did he ever leave??)with amazing psych-guitar drenched songs ...& with his unique singing style...still so great! YES! here he is...as 'real' and 'with it' as ever...!!! Yonks taps into his early amazing private press releases and into a zone like the still amazing 'Microminiature Love' album BUT these recordings also move into the future...as he has more to say and show us mere 'youngins'... for sure! with deep liner notes and hand-painted/silk-screened covers."
10/17/2009 Yonkers, Michael & Plastic Crimewave Sound Bleed Out LP $12.99 Spiral Staircase "After some 5 years in the making, at last the first official collaboration between Chicago acid-punks Plastic Crimewave Sound and Minneapolis noise/folk guitar legend Michael Yonkers has come to fruition! Sir Yonkers should need no introduction, as his godly unreleased-in-the-day album, "Microminiature Love" blew the doors off anyone who was lucky enough to pick up the DeStijl LP or Sub Pop CD reissue. This seriously ahead-of-it's-time, pre/post-punk, jittery noise-rock sounds as fresh today as when it was recorded back in 1968. Yonkers 70s folk LPs also continue to impress (and to be reissued) with their mix of homemade electronics and poignant melodies. More recently, Michael has returned to and refined his buzzing fuzz guitar sound to new heights, with
his tuneful-yet-bellowing voice often adorning the skree. Numerous releases, from LPs to CDRs, over the past decade have re-established Yonkers as one of the world's most distinct and uncompromising underground voices. Plastic Crimewave Sound have been bringing it since 2001, with their scuzzed out brand of free-fest psychedelia, putting the "rock" back into spacerock on some 4 Lps, split releases, and too many other appearances to mention. Collaborations/tours with Oneida, Comets on Fire, Ya Ho Wha 13, Simply Saucer, and countless others have spread their bad trip gospel. Leader Plastic Crimewave also is the brainchild of the acclaimed Galactic Zoo Dossier Magazine published by Drag City. The sessions for this unearthly collaboration began back in 2004, and a seemingly perfect one it is--driving guitars, reverbed static, rippling electronics, and Yonkers' urgent vocals meld into a freaked-out stew that truly bleeds out of one's speakers. Side 2 of the LP is perhaps even more fierce, as it captures PCWS and Yonkers' first live appearance together at the first Million Tongues festival at the Empty Bottle in Chicago, also in 04. Clocking in at nearly the 20 minute mark, this shredding bit of synapse-frying abandon is simply titled "No Urge," and was recorded by the late Malachai Ritscher. Don't miss out on this limited LP in an edition of 500, sure to go as fast as Yonkers and PCWS's other now out-of- print releases."
8/20/2004 Yonkers, Michael / Plastic Crimewave Sound Where Flowers Bloom / Hibiscus Blue 7" $4.99 Captain Spazz Records “Side A is two overdriven guitar attacks from Yonkers, a legendary survivor whose pre-punk genius has only recently become available in the last couple years. Both of these tracks are exclusive to vinyl and this release features an interview with Yonkers conducted by the Plastic Crimewave Sound. Side B is one massive psychedelic punk tidal wave from PCS. The overamped guitars, pained howls and rippling electronics frantically chug along like Chrome and Hawkwind. This track is completely exclusive as well. This release is also hand-numbered and limited to 500.”
1/22/2011 York Factory Complaint Remorse of Conscience c26 cassette $5.99 House of Alchemy "Depraved sounds, dear jesus what is happening here? The sound of a concussion looped out indefinitely. Thug music, junkyard thugs. Squealing feedback loops, squalls of medicated clang. It's all here. It's going to be an all-night kind of thing. You are in the wrong neighborhood." Edition of 150 copies.
5/6/2011 York Factory Complaint We Call it Prayer c30 cassette $5.99 //cae-sur-a// "We Call it Prayer is violence and a transcendent meditation on brutality. Homeward Bound (at last) transmits pure darkness from the Mariana Trench, while its b-side cohort thunders along like a runaway freight train. This is an early incarnation of York Factory Complaint featuring Michael Berdan (Veins, Drunkdriver) and Ryan Martin (Dais Records). Hand Numbered edition of 100."
12/29/2001 Yoshizawa, Motoharu / Takehisa Kosugi / Haruna Miyake Angels Have Passed CD $15.99 PSF Recorded live in 1991 with Yoshizawa on home made 5 string bass, Kosugi (of Taj Mahal Travellers) on violin, and Miyake on piano.
1/27/2015 Yost, Phil Touchwood's Dream LP $20.99
"Known for occupying the fringe of the Takoma roster alongside Craig Leon and Charlie Nothing, multi-instrumentalist Phil Yost recorded two classic albums, Bent City & Fog-Hat Ramble, for the label before releasing his third, Touchwood's Dream, on his own. Using Soprano Sax, Flute, Bass, Guitar and Percussion, Yost creates a unique form of Psychedelic Folk-Jazz that reflects the natural beauty of the San Francisco Bay Area he called home. Euro Import with Paste-on covers."
4/22/2015 You’re Smiling Now But We’ll All Turn Into Demons Population IV LP + download $24.99 Cardinal Fuzz "After years in the wilderness Portsmouth's biker/psych/drone shamen You're Smiling Now But We'll All Turn Into Demons are back with their first new material in over 5 years. Population IV (named in homage to Randy Holden's seminal amplifier worship LP) is the sound of a band that knows exactly who they are and what they want to do and that's to grind our teeth to powder. From the fuzzed out broadside of the revved up opener ‘The Sorcerers’, through to the desert rock of ‘Seya’ and the tombstone blues of Throne Control’, Population IV is the Demons’ thundering comeback we all knew that they would return with. Massive slabs of sun baked dirges, dark and mesmerizing laced with some serious shredding guitar freakouts rub up against middle eastern jams that make the Demons soar and the heart of Population IV heavy. Recorded direct to analogue tape, Population IV is a potent swirl of Sabbath strength Hammer House riffs, fuzz rama-lama and apocalyptic blues. 500 Pressing on a 2 Colour swirl vinyl with a locked groove bonus on side A, insert and download of not only the LP but of a specially put together edit of live jams and rehearsal for this release called "Psychic Driving"."
7/16/2009 Young Boys / FM.Face split c28 cassette $7.99 Digitalis Limited "Oh this little gem of mine, spit & shine spit & shine. young boys and fm.face are two newborn projects hailing from opposite coasts, but when they join forces on this tape it's to melt your face off. young boys kick it on first with thick reverb post-punk spirit and stonewalled vocals belting it out, these five songs are covered in new york slime. these songs are bleak but laced with something sweet that keeps you coming back for more and more. fm.face is like the rascally younger brother who is out to show how he can really fuck shit up in a royally awesome way. these songs are punked-out wastelands. angular guitar lines repeat to infinity on top of overblown drum machines while fm.face just absolutely fucking belts it out. look out below. edition of 100, half on black, half on white, pro-dubbed pounds."
1/1/2014 Young Flowers Blomsterpistolen LP $22.99
"First out in 1968 on the Sonet label, this was the very stoned Copenhagen blues-acid-psych band's debut album. Th ough with some obvious CREA M, HEND RIX and psych-era BEATLES influences, their sound could range from BLUES PROJECT-influenced free-form, Eastern-influenced jams to CANNED HEAT-like boogie. Original full color artwork, limited pressing, Euro import."
6/25/2013 Young, Nate Regression Between Worlds one-sided LP $19.99 Black Moss "Absolutely mind-blowing!! Between Worlds – the new "Regression" chapter from Nate Young, gives room to synthesizers and organ in the moulding of an eerie and unprecedented “ambient” soundscape somewhat distant from the brute assault of his past works, though the suspence and creepy atmosphere of his “Regression(s)” remains the same. This is the ultimate proof that Nate Young actually found his Sound: imagine something between European deviated concrete music tradition of the seventies, like Michel Chion in “Requiem”, and the most disturbing and weird Italian library recordings. Cover artwork by Nate Young himself." Edition of 300 copies.
11/30/2011 Young, Nate Stay Asleep: Regression Vol. 2 LP $16.99 NNA Tapes "It's an honor for us to present the latest solo recording from Nate Young, founding member of Michigan noise legends Wolf Eyes. This record represents a new direction for Young, as he deviates from trademark aggressive murk-and-misery sounds of his previous works, and instead opts for a queasy, subdued zombie lullaby consisting of bizarre rhythms, synthetic melodies, and almost gamelan-sounding ritual sleepwalking. Featuring an epic closer with contributions from past & present Wolf Eyes members Aaron Dilloway and John Olson. This is a record to sit and get absorbed in, a non-linear travel through a different place altogether. Mastered by Lupo at Dubplates & Mastering in Berlin."
3/17/2014 Youngs, Richard A Stolen Ringbuoy 7" $5.99 Dirty Knobby "Constantly challenging and fearlessly original, Richard Youngs has been prolific in the underground scene since 1990 and has released records on his own label No Fans, as well as VHF, Dekorder, Fourth Dimension, Jagjaguwar, Ba Da Bing and countless others. These two solo songs feature Richard in classic full-on experimental mode with abstract guitar lines, electronics, and double-tracked vocals. 300 pressed."
8/2/2013 Youngs, Richard Barbed Wire Explosion In The Kingdom Of Atlantis LP $22.99 Sonic Oyster "Barbed Wire Explosion in the Kingdom of Atlantis is the sound of Richard Youngs attempting to recreate the sound of a band at the peak of its powers. Homemade in Glasgow to the backdrop of everyday life, nothing is hidden on this record. It is raw, direct, unpretentious, loud, fast, brief. Richard Youngs' 38th solo album finds him revisiting a key influence on his adolescent self. He has had 30+ years to forget and now rediscover the joy of d-beat." The album comes with full lyric sheet and is limited to an edition of 250. It will not be available in any other format.
1/22/2011 Youngs, Richard Beyond The Valley Of Ultrahits LP $15.99 Jagjaguwar "'Make a proper pop album.' Thus was the simple dare handed to Richard Youngs from his friend Andrew 'Paz' Paine during their weekly Sunday meet-up. Ever the modest master, Youngs said in accepting this friendly challenge that he merely endeavored to capture the 'beats and hooks' of contemporary pop. We present the results here as Beyond the Valley of Ultrahits. Among bright, hypnotic loops, Youngs' voice finds its inner Bowie. But let it be known: this collection of house-inspired gems displays much more than a capacity for pop emulation. It's a confirmation of Youngs' craft and prowess, no matter the terrain. With enviable grace, experimental minimalist Youngs sets his sights on the pop world and claims it as his own. Youngs' heretofore unknown love of Pet Shop Boys and the Madchester sound is reimagined via his unique avant sensibility and atmospheric wand strokes. Originally released in 2009 as a very-limited CD-R on Paine's Sonic Oyster label, Jagjaguwar is honored to present Beyond the Valley of Ultrahits, remastered and on vinyl for the first time."

Youngs, Richard Festival CD $14.99 Table of the Elements "In this, his first solo CD, he fuses disparate instrumentation (homemade electronics, plaintive vocals, clock chimes and found objects) into a lengthy series of pealing, minimal compositions that owe more to the slowly evolving drones and repetitive themes of Advent than any of his subsequent works. Dense electronic squalls are juxtaposed against shimmering percussion, culminating in the marvelously hypnotic 20 minute finale, 'The Sea Is Madness.' "
7/19/2011 Youngs, Richard I Dream of Mezzanine/Cloudplanes LP $21.99 The Spring Press Pressing #01 in an edition of 300 copies on 200 gram virgin black vinyl, featuring artwork by photographer Tierney Gearon. "The Spring Press is very pleased to announce the release of a new masterpiece by the one and only Richard Youngs. A commanding new exploration of his interest in the composition of voice and electronics. Utilising motif and repititon each work is rich, detailed and slowly developing, both tracks spanning over sixteen minutes each." Beautifully packaged. Volcanic Tongue has a real nice review - I may not reprint it here.
10/31/2009 Youngs, Richard Like A Neuron LP $18.99 Dekorder "Richard Youngs is a prolific British musician (located in Glasgow) with an extremely diverse output. Dusted Magazine once wrote he is "defying strict genre classifications since the early nineties, swapping labels, styles, partners, motifs, and recording techniques as the desire has struck him". So his new album for Dekorder might not be a surprise to anyone following his career. Still, a self-proclaimed all-electronic "ecstatic House record" comes somewhat unexpected. With a line of distinctive synthesizers often used for Techno/House Music Youngs recreates the energy, euphoria and frenzy of these styles without ever trying to recreate the music note by note. The final outcome sounds like recordings made by aliens who have received transmissions about House Music but never listened to the music itself. The album reminds of the sound of hallways/corridors inbetween large House parties where you can hear the music from several floors collide. While it's an emulation, interpretation or replica of House Music, it's still managing to evoke similar feelings even though some might find it difficult to dance to the music. In the past, Youngs has released several albums on a dozen labels such as VHF, Jagjaguwar, Table Of The Elements, Gipsy Sphinx, Majora, Chocolate Monk, Celebrate Psi Phenomena, Fusetron and his own No Fans outlet. He has collaborated with Neil Campbell (aka Astral Social Club), Matthew Bower, Simon Wickham-Smith and many others and was a member of the A-Band and has performed live and in the studio with Sunroof! And Skullflower. Additionally, Youngs played bass for Jandek, appearing on three of his live records/DVD's. Limited edition of 500 copies!"
11/1/2014 Youngs, Richard Primary Concrete Attack CD $18.99 Fourth Dimension "Another solo album by the highly-prolific yet always captivating Richard Youngs, whose music can waver healthily between new forms of singer-songwriter material, lo-fi drones and all manner of avant-garde forms/non-forms. On this album, Primary Concrete Attack, he utilizes a borrowed spring reverb generator from his friend, Luke Fowler, to rise to the challenge Richo at FD set him of creating a dub record. While not liking reggae or dub himself, Richard Youngs professes a huge passion for tape echo and spring reverb, plus loves a hearty and perhaps provocative challenge. The eight tracks that make up Primary Concrete Attack, as perhaps expected, bear little in common with a dub record and fall far closer to the idiosyncratic worlds Richard Youngs generally appears to feel happiest in. Combining electronic splurge with all manner of loops and various sound sources, this album focuses very much on their effects and how to play around with them as much as the original sounds."
12/22/2014 Youngs, Richard Red Alphabet in the Snow LP $24.99 Preserved Sound "Red Alphabet in the Snow is a solo album by the extremely prolific but highly talented Richard Youngs. Two 17-minute pieces, in which Youngs layers acoustic guitars, banjo, cifteli, bass guitar, electric lead guitars, electric violin, epinette des vosges, shakers, sitar, swanee whistle, tambourine, triangle, 12-string guitar, ukulele, and his own voice, build up a meandering instrumental, acoustic, and even psychedelic mix. Each side of the album is made up of various compositions woven together with instrumentation, but which seem to flow seamlessly into a rich and resonant whole. Recorded in Krakow, Poland, and at home in Glasgow, the release comes as a 180g vinyl, in a handmade, recycled card sleeve and insert, hand stamped and numbered on the back, and limited to 250 copies."
3/11/2004 Youngs, Richard River Through Howling Sky CD $12.99 Jagjaguwar "If the 'musical' real number line is infinitely dense, then the most recent work of Richard Youngs endeavors to fill in all of the holes on it. River Through Howling Sky is Youngs¹ latest full-length. It returns to the more meditative and drone-y side of his songcraft (circa Sapphie (1998) and Making Paper (2001)), although this is no true devolution: all of his recordings to date have some measure of these qualities. So what is it that sets River Through Howling Sky apart from its predecessors? It is the density on the recording, both intra-spatial and otherworldly. The howling guitar that points unerringly to some imagined horizon line. Throughout, Youngs is the calm and steady wolf, chanting odes to infinity. Expose the ancient Brotherhood of Pythagoras to River Through Howling Sky, and you would find knowing nods, pursed lips, and secret incantations in caves. An unwitting acceptance that not everything is rational or conceptually circumnavigable. Our western tonal system relies on ratios, i.e. strings whacked at particular intervals. Young’s howling guitar and circular chants‹with the help of a spartan amount of percussion and electronics‹ may just encompass all the possible ratios and, mystically, more."
11/17/2007 Youngs, Richard Summer Wanderer LP $17.99 Gipsy Sphinx "An acapella record, written, sung and recorded by Richard Youngs in Scotland, September 2004. First only available from Richard as a gift for friends, the album was later released on his No Fans imprint in a micro edition of a couple dozens of cdr's. Now, three years after being recorded, this stunning album sees the light of day on thick, heavyweight vinyl. Think of the ambiance Richard evokes consistently throughout his solo output. Cut off the strings, the drones and all other skillfully arranged overweight and trickle that feeling down to its core essence. The name of Richard's gift is Summer Wanderer, its beauty timeless. One-time limited edition of 525 copies pressed on heavy 180g vinyl, housed in thick handnumbered paste-on sleeves."
5/19/2015 Youngs, Richard Unicorns Everywhere LP $18.99 Sonic Oyster Released in time for the UK General Election: Sonic Oyster is delighted to announce Richard Youngs statement of intent: Unicorns Everywhere. "The political climate is both frustrating and exciting. ‘Unicorns Everywhere’ is a protest album that grapples with this dichotomy. Chance procedures as much as traditional song craft were used as a way through the confusion. Keywords: referendum, Faslane, Trident, foreign policy (war), social justice, NHS, accountability, representation, the 1%." - Richard Youngs. This is a provocative and diverse analysis of austerity. Limited run of 250 copies on Sonic Oyster Vinyl. Hear ‘Unicorns Everywhere’ https://soundcloud.com/sonic-oyster-records/richard-youngs-unicorns
2/12/2008 Youngs, Richard & Andrew Paine Collodion Positives: Volume 2 CDR $12.99 Sonic Oyster Records "This one picks up on the more abstract fourth world free jazz and improvisation style of volume one, with Paine on acoustic guitar, electric bass, piano and keyboards and Youngs on shakuhachi, percussion, harmonica and glockenspiel. There’s still a touch of The Sea Ensemble to the way breath and small single tones are combined in subtly psychedelic patterns and some of Youngs’ shakuhachi work touches on the exploratory moves of Sabu Orimo but it’s all pretty singular, with stately, slow moving pieces that have a nicely stoned/hallucinatory Gamelan feel." - Volcanic Tongue
2/12/2008 Youngs, Richard & Andrew Paine Collodion Positives: Volume 3 CDR $12.99 Sonic Oyster Records "New 2008 third volume of this on-going collaboration series between Youngs and fellow Ilk member Andrew Paine, released in a limited run on Paine’s own Sonic Oyster Records. The sound here seems focussed more towards late-60s/early-70s electric jazz, with keyboards pushed to the fore and basslines rendered with the kind of squonk quotient that sounds most like On The Corner-era Miles Davis or some of the wiggier, plugged in Sun Ra material. Richard plays shakuhachi, electric bass guitar, percussion and keyboards. Andrew plays electric guitar, electric bass guitar and keyboards." - Volcanic Tongue
10/25/2008 Youngs, Richard & Andrew Paine Collodion Positives: Volume 4 CDR $12.99 Sonic Oyster Records "New limited CD-R on Sonic Oyster from Youngs and Paine, the fourth instalment in their on-going Collodion Positives series. This one forsakes the whole electrified 70s Miles feel of the earlier instalments for a tougher, heavier more overtly 'progressive' stance. Each track is named after one of the players' 'favourite' prog/rock groups while attempting to tie the particular vibration to the mode of the dedicatee's music. That the dedications run through Utopia, Journey, UFO, Dire Straits, REO Speedwagon, Mountain, Focus and Heart is as terrifying as it is confusing. Features a guest appearance by synth wunderkind Sorley Youngs." - Volcanic Tongue
8/8/2009 Youngs, Richard & Andrew Paine Earth Rod CDR $9.99 Sonic Oyster Records "Limited new collaboration from Richard Youngs and fellow Ilk member Andrew Paine. Going by the titles alone - "Back To Santos", "Collodion Neptune" - this one feels like an overview of alla the various moods that the duo's previous collaborations have investigated and the sonics certainly bear that out. There are weird prog-styled monologues that reflect on the more portentous Ilk work ("Tokyo Garden"), searing acid rock guitar ("Gabriel"), weird songs with bastardised world music rhythms ("Mariachi Woman)Š. but the overall feel is dark and claustrophobic, with the more self-consciously experimental nature of early Youngs sides like LAKE given a progressive update and at points an atmosphere that almost sounds like The Fall circa Bend Sinister. An oddly affecting release from these too, though I'm still trying to get my head around it. Guest appearance from Sorley Youngs on percussion and vocals is the gravy." - Volcanic Tongue.
8/22/2008 Youngs, Richard & Andrew Paine English Channel CDR $12.99 Sonic Oyster Records "Brand new pitch-black live séance style from the duo of Richard Youngs and Andrew Paine. Recorded with an armoury of unknown instrumentation sprawled around a room in the dark and then overdubbed with vocals without reference to the first recordings, this one combines the logic of the classic Durian Durian side with a much creepier, low-level ritualistic atmosphere featuring Paine and Youngs gargling wordless chants like electrified monks while bells, small instruments and thick, hovering silence builds to a crescendo of black-on-black. Very psychedelic." - Volcanic Tongue
2/20/2010 Youngs, Richard & Andrew Paine Guide to Music CDR $10.99 Sonic Oyster Records "Strictly Limited Edition (Numbered) 100 Copies. A range of oblique and idiosyncratic references from the musical spectrum. The whole thing represents a collision of popular styles, providing an energetic, exciting tour of undiscovered musical hinterlands."
3/14/2014 Youngs, Richard & Andrew Paine Highwaymen E.P. 7" $12.99 Sonic Oyster "It's a five-tracked opus, electronic in feel (Richard refers to it as Prince meets Cabaret Voltaire) and comes in a limited edition of 250." "Make no mistake... Andrew Paine & Richard Youngs are Highwaymen. In these five sonic snapshots, they capture perfectly the existential state that is the life of a Road Pirate. Whether it's '1796' or today or possibly... the future. Make no mistake... Andrew Paine & Richard Youngs are Highwaymen"
5/29/2008 Youngs, Richard & Andrew Paine Hot Canyon Butter CDR $12.99 Sonic Oyster Records "New limited collaboration CD on Paine‚s own imprint from Richard Youngs and Andrew Paine. Nothing like anything these two have done before, this one crosses drum machines, wah-bass, stylophone, harmonica, percussion, guitar and keyboards to birth an odd electro-punk upstart, with aspects of UK DIY outfits like Storm Bugs et al alongside punk takes on 70s Miles, skewed auto-destructive keyboard shuffles and insistent minimalist motifs." - Volcanic Tongue
12/24/2005 Youngs, Richard & Andrew Paine Mauve Dawn LP $14.99 Fusetron "For the past eight years Andrew Paine and Richard Youngs have met on almost every Sunday and recorded music. Mauve Dawn is the result of ten meetings during 2004. Its nine tracks feature processed epinette des vosges, glockenspiel, vintage keyboards and guitars alongside granularly synthesised household objects hacked together with resonated voices and filtered bells in a stereo field heavy on ring modulation. One part of the Mauve trilogy, this is an instrumental album of classic length." - Richard Youngs & Andrew Paine.
5/16/2010 Youngs, Richard & Andrew Paine Robot CDR $9.99 Sonic Oyster Records "Sonic Oyster Records presents 'Robot', a new release from Andrew Paine & Richard Youngs. 'Robot' is the result of adhering to every 'oblique strategy' card randomly chosen from the deck. No compromise; no quarter... no matter how painful, no matter how against the moment, we worked with it and the music flowed through us... a strange new sound, at times liberating... at other times totally ridiculous. Ultimately, it was a very enjoyable album to make... riddled with surprises... taking the construct and process we first started on ' The Horizon Project' and moving forward to a new experimentation. A progression, if you will." Edition of 50 copies.
8/28/2007 Youngs, Richard & Andrew Paine Rock Traveller CDR $12.99 Sonic Oyster Records "Brand new limited duo exchange from long-term collaborators Richard Youngs and Andrew Paine on Paine's own Sonic Oyster imprint. Described as their "heaviest outing yet" this one features electrocuting bass/guitar psych monoliths that are as fuzz-fixated as Sound Of Confusion-era Spacemen 3, Skullflower-esque hurricane rhythms and extended trance-inducing feedback/electronic hoverings. Features a guest appearance by Richard's son Sorley Youngs on electric guitar." - Volcanic Tongue
7/11/2008 Youngs, Richard & Andrew Paine Snapshots of Rural England CDR $12.99 Sonic Oyster Records "Bizarre new limited release from the duo of Richard Youngs and Andrew Paine: Snapshots· has little to do with English traditional music, as the title might suggest, but rather follows on from the weird dystopian/Industrial sci-fi environs of the previous Roman Concrete, with vocals like numbers stations, Nurse With Wound-style barren drone environs, submerged environmental recordings and concrete sine wave hypnosis. Features voice, electric guitar, harmonica, ring modulator, sine and square waves. One of the most disturbed and disturbing releases in the Youngs catalogue for sure." - Volcanic Tongue
11/21/2009 Youngs, Richard & Andrew Paine Tokyo Garden Suite CDR $11.99 Sonic Oyster Records "Tokyo Garden Suite is one of the most beautiful, stately and oddly melancholic releases in the Sonic Oyster catalogue. As well as Paine and Youngs, the disc sees the return to the fold of Steve Todd, who the No Fans hardcore will immediately recognise as the duo partner Youngs cut the great Georgians CD with for VHF back in 1996. Todd opens the 30 minute piece with a sombre, atmospheric reading of a text which introduces a slow, single note piano motif behind which Paine and Youngs' spoken vocals create a feeling of a post-apocalyptic Albion, with lyrics that reference the buzz of Geiger counters double by overblown shakuhachi. In many ways Tokyo Garden Suite is an extension - or perhaps more accurately a dilation - of the minimal logic of earlier Youngs pieces like Advent while factoring in the later more Prog-tinged aspects of the best Ilk recordings. Outside of Ultrahits, this has probably been the most played Sonic Oyster disc in the office. Highly recommended." - Volcanic Tongue.

Your Team Ring Homelife CD $9.99 Perhaps Transparent "Homelife is an apologetically conceptual yet unabashedly fractured psych-pop album. The recording group Your Team Ring narrates a circa-era 1928, science fiction story featuring a flying brownstone apartment, homemade clones, mechanical ants and the living dead. Musically, Homelife is a rapid-fire series of densely layered garage-rock songs tinged with droning exotic instrumentation, faux tin-pan alley buffoonery and bizarre, otherworldly production tactics. This album sounds like zanier side of ‘Magical Mystery Tour’ era Beatles, the studio-centricity of Sagittarius, and the darker elements of the Elephant Six Collective with allusions to early Eno, Joe Meek and, dare it be said, New Vaudeville Band."
5/28/2011 Youth Champioships / The Goat Wax Hearts Melt On / Super Dreamer Infinite Being c42 cassette $7.49 Bumtapes "A new cassette from the Bumtapes international split series, joining together Youth Championships (UK) (Theo from 'Lasers from Atlantis' new solo project) and The Goat (US). Theo's dreamtime organ chords float through both tracks, accompanied by hushed drones, singing symbols and small pockets of freeform drumming his skillful compositions make for a blissful musical journey. On the split side The Goat takes things to a more up-tempo level, creative beats and breaks drive a series of new-age synth work-outs, short otherworldly voice samples and field recordings drop into the mix at times creating a collage of up-lifting transmissions.."
10/25/2008 YS TRYS untitled cassette $8.99 Rayon Recs "Gritty basement jams from two of stuckometer's finest stir up a foggy blend of mutant riffs/midnight moods/free splutter. cover photos by legendary Joincey. edition of 50."
5/16/2010 Yuganaut Sharks CD $12.99 ESP-Disk "Calling the three members of Yuganaut "multi-instrumentalists" is a little too easy. What is needed is some kind of word that would connote being multiple bands. Between them they could be a small brass group, an electric chamber ensemble or a straight-ahead jazz trio. But such formal confines may not leave room for the moments of playfulness or the passages of spacey psychedelia that sneak in between their evocative and highly original sounds. Between them, band members Stephen Rush, Tom Abbs and Geoff Mann play Fender Rhodes and Moog synthesizer; trumpet, trombone and tuba; bass, cello and violin; and drums, toys and didgeridoo. Does that sound streamlined? Their previous release also included mandolin, euphonium and vibes. More important than the listing of implements is the fact that the three gentlemen of Yuganaut are more than conscientious about leaving room in the music, not just for each other but to let the music grow. Between them they can boast of Reggie Workman's tutelage, performance with the Warsaw National Symphony and membership in the Fela-inspired Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra. Which is to say there is tradition, formalism, groove and a sense of fun at play. They are at core, perhaps, a jazz band; but being a jazz band means (or should mean) that anything is possible. There's ritual, there's storytelling, they're contemplative, extrapolative, expressive, even impressive. Yuganaut is not here to be pigeon-holed. They're just here to play for you. Yuganaut's first album, This Musicianship (ESP 4044), was released on ESP-Disk in 2008. Personnel: Stephen Rush (rhodes, moog, trombone, toys) Tom Abbs (bass, cello, violin, tuba, didj) Geoff Mann (drums, percussion, trumpet)."
5/16/2010 Yuganaut Sharks LP $19.99 ESP-Disk "Calling the three members of Yuganaut "multi-instrumentalists" is a little too easy. What is needed is some kind of word that would connote being multiple bands. Between them they could be a small brass group, an electric chamber ensemble or a straight-ahead jazz trio. But such formal confines may not leave room for the moments of playfulness or the passages of spacey psychedelia that sneak in between their evocative and highly original sounds. Between them, band members Stephen Rush, Tom Abbs and Geoff Mann play Fender Rhodes and Moog synthesizer; trumpet, trombone and tuba; bass, cello and violin; and drums, toys and didgeridoo. Does that sound streamlined? Their previous release also included mandolin, euphonium and vibes. More important than the listing of implements is the fact that the three gentlemen of Yuganaut are more than conscientious about leaving room in the music, not just for each other but to let the music grow. Between them they can boast of Reggie Workman's tutelage, performance with the Warsaw National Symphony and membership in the Fela-inspired Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra. Which is to say there is tradition, formalism, groove and a sense of fun at play. They are at core, perhaps, a jazz band; but being a jazz band means (or should mean) that anything is possible. There's ritual, there's storytelling, they're contemplative, extrapolative, expressive, even impressive. Yuganaut is not here to be pigeon-holed. They're just here to play for you. Yuganaut's first album, This Musicianship (ESP 4044), was released on ESP-Disk in 2008. Personnel: Stephen Rush (rhodes, moog, trombone, toys) Tom Abbs (bass, cello, violin, tuba, didj) Geoff Mann (drums, percussion, trumpet)." Limited edition of 100 copies with hand silk-screened cover - includes digital download.
1/17/2010 Yuko & Chino Sensory Deprivation Techniques CDR $10.99 Ruralfaune "New album for the Sasqrotch member Danny No/Fi. Sticky guitarz, distorted vocals and heavy pounded beats." Edition of 64 copies.
4/3/2011 Yves/Son/Ace Unsung c52 cassette $5.99 Night People "New tape from long time Night-People contributor Yves Son Ace. Truly ambiguous and mysterious loner zones continue with this project of woozy synths, vintage rhythm machines, and syrupy singing. A good continuation and further exploration of the sounds and aesthetic presented by the Parade of Thoughts LP. This long playing cassette keeps things creepy and obscure while adding plenty of experimentation and catchiness to keep you coming back for more."