DateAdded Artist Title Format Price Label Description
3/1/2007 x.o.4 Cataracts LP $11.99 Ecstatic Peace "Debut vinyl release by the Western Massachusetts drone/scrape trio of Bill Nace, John Truscinski and Jake Meginsky. These guys have developed into one of the most soul-glowing sound/improv units out there today. And we mean out there – sparkling shards of guitar/amp/file machinations dance and intercede with rolling thundercloud dreamdrum dramatics. Nace you know from his killer duo throwdowns with Chris Corsano as Vampire Belt as well as the more recent weirdness with Dylan Nyoukis and Karen Lollypop as Ceylon Mange and in duo with Thurston Moore as Northampton Wools. Truscinski and Meginsky are the fine gentleman who’ve recorded as Slaughterhouse Percussion, Meginsky a student of, and fellow professor with Milford Graves at Bennington College." Edition of 500 copies.
3/28/2012 Xander Harris I Want More Than Just Blood 12" $10.99 100% Silk 2011 release. "A brand new 12-inch from classically trained austin synth/drum-pad whiz Xander Harris. Harris' jams rip like an '80s horror-stalker VHS take on Umberto's '70s giallo/Goblin-isms. Creepy neo-Carpenter action in the best possible vein."
6/25/2013 Xander Harris Snow Crash LP $28.99 Desire First pressing - limited edition of 300 copies - purple vinyl. "Celebrating the 20th anniversary of Neil Stephenson’s cyberpunk classic Snow Crash, we present to you a new Xander Harris' album inspired by the book. Snow Crash was a prescient novel of the early 90s that predicted a lot of stuff to come (a high functioning internet, avatar representation, global connectivity) and also imagined a bunch of stuff that hopefully never comes to fruition (anarchism, widespread violent gangs, and language viruses). If you thought the ideas in movies like The Matrix and Avatar were "big", you might want to check Snow Crash for even bigger ones. Think of this album as a soundtrack to be played while you read Stephenson's story of swordplay, virtual reality, hacking, and cybernetic nuclear powered attack dogs. Snow Crash the album makes musical allusions to the work of artists like Vangelis, Cevin Key, and the early 90s Third Mind Records. Harris' album is mood music, that moves between being contemplative and chilled out and driving. Tracks like "CosaNostra Pizza Delivery" will have you feel like you're running through the back alleys of a futuristic metropolis, while "Eridu" evokes the feeling of injecting your consciousness into the the Metaverse—a feeling I'm sure we all can relate to. Even if the most hacking you've ever done is trying to break into your girl's/dude's Twitter account, Harris' Snow Crash creates a mindspace, a mental state, that's very powerful and helpful for meditating on the idea that we will all exist eternally in the internet. We will all achieve immortality through Youtube comments and flame wars. The future is now."
6/4/2010 Xela The Divine LP $15.99 Dekorder "The Divine" marks the second phase in the trilogy proposed by John Twells aka Xela. Crawling out of a castle dungeon in pursuit of its predecessor, "The Illuminated", this LP finds itself trapped in an abandoned church somewhere in a damp Southern wilderness. Church bells chime and rattle through the record's first piece, echoing and distorting through a fog of chattering voices and prayers. Tape loops stumble over tape loops and the solemn, ecclesiastical drone slowly decomposes into thick, crackling noise. Through the mists choirs sing, heralding the introduction of the second side of "The Divine" which takes the human voice into cavernous and smudged, yet strangely alluring territories. There is almost a Basinski-like charm to this work as the choirs effortlessly degrade into an unrecognisable mud of harmony and abrasiveness. This is music informed by a religious world; Xela has edged from the scriptures of cults and secret societies to the spires of organisation and power. God is in the detail." Limited edition of 500 copies!
11/15/2008 Xela / The North Sea Electronic Music Vol. 1 LP $19.99 Rite "Limited hand-stamped vinyl-only edition of 300 copies for the world. Much in the same vein as the 12th Chapel LP that introduced Type-offshoot Rite, this collector's vinyl finds label boss John Twells as Xela in collaborative mode, this time splitting a record with Digitalis founder Brad Rose (aka The North Sea). Each artist contributes a side's worth of new material inspired by the electronic music of the mid-20th century. Far from being a foray into fusty academic experimentation, this album brings together primordial oscillator drones and ancient-sounding effects, the sort of thing that ties together the soundscapes of Aaron Dilloway with Radiophonic Workshop-inspired sonic resourcefulness. From the introductory drones of Xela's opening piece, you're instantly transported to the timeline-blurring recesses of Sub Rosa's Anthology Of Noise compilations, or the mighty OHM boxset, slowly morphing from fogged-over, ambiguous tonalities to a more corrosive, distorted sound, thanks to some subtle use of prepared electric guitar. Next up, "Masculine Guilt" takes the formula a couple of steps further, encroaching upon a more timbrally-sophisticated blend of auditory decay. In keeping with the album's theme, the music sounds aged and somehow smeared, as if the various sound sources had seeped into one another over time, leaving only sporadic oscillations to cut through the air of obfuscation. That account might make it sound a little harsh on the ears, but it must be radio-friendly to some degree: BBC Radio One's Mary Anne Hobbs has already given this a spin on air. On the flipside, The North Sea takes over, unleashing a single, side-long composition held in place by a bedrock of undulating synthesis and Forbidden Planet-style stray signals, vaguely resembling Theremins. By its end, the piece only seems to accumulate greater density, becoming a solid, humming sound mass before dissipating reluctantly into nothing. The cover art features the artist name and tracklisting in Romanian." - FE
6/11/2006 Xenis Emputae Travelling Band Heard Gripe Hrusan CDR $9.99 23 Productions "Heard Gripe Hrusan collects together archival recordings made in Yorkshire between June 2004 and October 2005. Locales for the recordings include Little Almscliffe Crag, Ilkley Moor, the ruined church of Wharram Percy and the Thornborough Henges. XETB makes beautiful droning 'British primitive music' played with accordion, dulcimer, flutes, guitar, violin and banjo. XETB was formed in Summer 2001 at the prehistoric site of Men-an-Tol in Cornwall. Heard Gripe Hrusan will be the twelfth CDr release." Edition of 129 copies.
1/22/2011 Xiphiidae Equal Phesance c36 cassette $5.99 Stunned "When 'Equal Phesance' was first issued in 2008 as a Housecraft CDr limited to 60 copies, it's maker had this to say: "Seemingly hidden in a sedimentary layer of the collective subconscious, is the ever-more-detectable hum of an arriving world, calling for receptive ears and accessible memory banks upon which to unfurl its banner." Stunned Records has always found 'Equal Phesance' to be one of the more challenging and unique slices from the sturdy Xiphiidae back catalog. Now re-issued on cassette for the first time in an expanded edition size with all new artwork, it's high time to give this jewel a closer listen. In the few years since this deep-ambient dream was shared with us, the hum of the arriving world has nearly become a roar. As mere observers to an annihilative Mystery, we joyously invite its unfurling here at the threshold of a new year. Limited edition of 111 pro-dubbed & imprinted c36 tapes w/ double-sided color card."
4/27/2011 Xiphiidae Honeyguise c21 cassette $5.99 Rotifer "Entranced visions take you through each step of creation. A first appearance that's hard to believe, this project started it all for Rotifer." ~special fakir trading card inserts~" Edition of 150, pro-duplicated on type II, chrome cassettes.
3/21/2009 Xiphiidae Milk from a Feather 3" CDR $8.99 Ruralfaune "Overwhelmed tape loops created in a room of radiant plasma. Sinking further into heavy trances and then remembering again the 'milk from a feather" metaphor. Sound source/manipulation, faint whispers/vocal noise and quiet tape recordings through heavy manipulation." Limited edition of 77 copies.
7/16/2006 XNOBBQX Blues CDR $10.99 Seedy R! "What can I say... I seriously believe this album takes urban blues to a whole new level. Featuring seriously damaged autistic slo-mo riffage, comatose drumming and line hum the Sydney-side duo of Mat Earle and Nick Dan will have fans of Armpit/CJA lost for hours, their faces lit up in big shit-eating grins as they swim through the glorious murk. The sheer mind numbing deliberation and persistency of these vaguely blues-inflected untuned guitar lines lull one into an hypnotic trance whilst at the same time the seeming randomness of the drummers interjections keep one anxiously on the edge of ones seat...Overall it makes Jandek sound like Joe Satriani!"
4/27/2011 xNoBBQx Live at Louie's c30 cassette + download $6.99 Dub Ditch Picnic "Free music. Anarchic noise. Live. Love it/Hate it. Pinched from a live set at Louie's in Sydney Nick Dan (percussion) & Matt Earle (guitar) make a biiiiig thuda thuda caveman noise of massive feeeeedbackin' guitarded proportions. More to the point, they make a big fucking racket that is call to arms - to rise up and destroy all mediocrity. If it ain't that then it's an open invitation to live free and smash shit. Thank You. Fuck You." Pro-dubbed w/ Download code. Art/Design by Cole Peters. Edition of 50 copies.
8/31/2010 xNoBBQx Live In Palermo CDR $10.99 Black Petal "It's a great release of theirs, an entire live show that works well as an album release.. one of their best performances." - Anthony Guerra. Released to coincide with Japanese tour.
6/5/2009 xNoBBQx Skewer 10" $13.99 Golden Lab Records "We first came across Australian two-piece xNoBBQx in Piccadilly Records last year when the Siltbreeze vinyl reissue of their first CD-r appeared on its shelves. The Siltbreeze label being a bastion of all that is great in terms of dirgy, lo-fi, transcendental unmusicality, we were thus intrigued to hear this slab. And, we have to say, it was one of the greatest shop-listening experiences of all time. Here was a duo, probably of fully grown men, bashing away at their instruments in a manner that suggested they had never really learned any 'proper' technique and it was all the more mind-bendingly good for it. We later read a review, in fact, that put it thus: "So what exactly is the difference between an xNoBBQx recording and a couple of 14 year olds bashing instruments in the garage with record pressed down on one of their mum's old tape recorders? Probably not a whole lot, actually, but I get the feeling that's precisely the point." (Cyclic Defrost). Well, it's a helluva point. The duo, in spite of or, perhaps, due to their unabashed simplicity, manage to create sounds that are warm as an old-fashioned blanket, each piece having the ability to induce a state of complete, dribbling mental stasis. It's disjointed, scratchy and 'difficult', yes. But it also manages to be completely absorbing. If you like your rock deconstructed to the nth degree, we highly recommend you dig this stellar new 23 minute masterpiece right here." Edition of 300 copies.
3/21/2009 Xochipilli Xochipilli 3" CDR $8.99 Ruralfaune "Recorded at the "Centre de découverte du Son" (Center of sound discovery), north Britain France. A magic path to listen to and make noise between magic world populated of mysterious beings, calm of nature and discovered sound phenomena. The musical path is a place where small and large are invited to include/understand, listen, produce and play with the sounds. 21 minutes, 15 shortcuts, - play random mode - build your own path and go on it." Limited edition of 62 copies.
12/24/2005 Xombie Deathdrip 3" CDR $8.99 Chondritic Sound "this time the rotbrain shows a more aggressive style than shown on the split 3" w/ hive mind with heavy mind-melting electronic moans. vintage xombie culled from an unreleased double cassette! green & black artwork on disgusting green paper, painted cdrs." Edition of 132 copies.
12/24/2005 Xombie / Hive Mind Last Blood Into Soil 3" CDR $8.99 Chondritic Sound "slow-motion loop mutation and synth swells from redrot alter-ego xombie while hive mind brings classic synth shudder and uncomfortable tones. a nightmare in stereo. brown & black artwork on dark red paper, painted cdrs." Edition of 133 copies.