DateAdded Artist Title Format Price Label Description
8/28/2007 W!77iN6 Brotherhood of the Backwards Handshake CD $10.99 Evolving Ear "Brotherhood of the Backwards Handshake, the new CD release from the visionary and sorely under-documented late 90's duo W!77iN6 (that's "Willing," kids), is out now in an edition of 300 on Evolving Ear. W!77iN6 are now dormant as a performing entity, having ceased to exist seven years ago after a few cassette releases, a U.S. West Coast tour with kindred spirits Harry Pussy, and scattered shows with Deerhoof, Gavin + Delia, and some long-haired guy with a SunnO))) amp who used to design Burzum album covers. Since then, members Fritz Welch and Ian Christe have gone on to such illustrious and profitable endeavors as (respectively) forming The Peeesseye and writing Sound of the Beast, that "definitive" history of heavy metal that you got for Christmas a couple of years ago. Recorded and shelved in Bushwick, Brooklyn back in 2000 when any number of Bushwick denizens of today's (or was it yesterday's?) New No Fun America were still taking driving lessons, Brotherhood of the Backwards Handshake is like a time capsule of detuned, metal-tinged guitar, guileless synth blurts, splattering faux gamelan percussion, and disembodied voices. At the very least, it certainly points the way to Welch's more layered work with Peeesseye. But it's really just about the best record Evolving Ear has ever put out, and it's contemporary relevance is ever more apparent as the days of our lives pass like the sands of the proverbial hourglass."
3/21/2007 W-S Burn Peek-A-Boo CDR $6.99 Abaton Book Company "This release is a one track - fifteen minute musical journey with absolutely gorgeous and heartbreaking vocals which float on an instrumental architecture of guitar and harmonium. W-S Burn suspend time, allowing the listener to be transported to that rarefied space (called by writer Donald Keller as the "still point") where pure musical vibration envelopes the listener in deep bliss. W-S Burn have released 5 collections of songs so far and have shared stages with Xiu Xiu, Faun Fables, Wooden Wand, Jana Hunter, Marissa Nadler, The Weird Weeds and many others. Their music has been described as "simultaneously stark, intense, warm, and involving" (WNYC), "hauntingly beautiful" (Metro Pulse), and "...simply the most appropriate and honest sound to capture a feeling of exile, desolation, and repeated heartbreak" (Stylus Magazine).
5/5/2012 Wada, Tashi Gradient 7" $5.99 De Stijl "Tashi Wada is a San Francisco-based composer and performer whose recent work focuses on sound perception as a basis for direct modes of listening. His work has been performed throughout the United States and Europe, and for several years now he has performed alongside his father, Yoshi Wada. Gradient is two sustained tones, a fourth apart, positioned along a wall, one at each end. The string player produces a very slow glissando from one pitch to the other while physically moving from one pitch to the other - in other words, the string player moves so that pitch distance coincides with spatial distance. The two possible directions form a sculpture-like presence shifting through all of the blue notes. Harry Partch often worked with this type of harmony, so Tashi and Marc Sabat used one of his adapted violas for the recording."
12/17/2003 Walking Owl Fa-Sol LP $24.99 Orpheus "Modern psych folk, but happy. A singer, an acoustic guitar, tablas, fender rhodes and sounds of nature combined with complex songstructures. Jefferson Airplane, John Fahey and Bob Trimble are lurking in the corners. Spiritual fairytale music from a world reaching from the deepest roots beyond the stars. The lyrics, the singing and the overall beauty of the 17 songs on his first official release take your breath away."
5/1/2009 Wallace, Zach Glass Armonica CD $12.99 Root Strata "Glass Armonica is the first solo CD by musician Zach Wallace. When not counting fauna in the Montana wilderness, Zach can be seen performing across the incense sticks from Greg Davis in their stoic long form drone duo Sun Circle. Zach's Armonica, Based loosely on Benjamin Franklin's 1761 design, is built entirely from thrift store bought wine glasses and has been modified to handle multiple players. The performances captured here were recorded in Ann Arbor, Michigan, in the Spring of 2007. The results are not too far off from what you might imagine if you've ever coxed sound waves from the rim of a wine glass with your finger. Now just imagine multiplying that sound a few times over until you arrive at a dense fog of resonant tones that hover in mid air while concurrently penetrating your pituitary glad. That's getting close. Edition of 500 in an offset white case with silver ink."
6/27/2009 Wand Born Bad LP $13.99 Mad Monk / People In A Position To Know "Brand new VINYL ONLY LP by WAND aka James Jackson Toth, documenting an unraveling of psyche and soul. A psychedelic and almost comically intimate ode to abandonment and bad choices. Contains an insert with full lyric sheet, and pressed on swirly psychedelic vinyl (no two alike!). Second edition of 500 copies and going very fast." Comes with a download code so you can have a digital version, too. Killer lp - highest recommendation!
7/30/2006 Wander Wander CD $12.99 Small Voices "Wander are Freek Kinkelaar and Frans de Waard, aka Beequeen. In Wander they explore drone music in its widest possible form, with each new release exploring a specific concept. Wander release their music on various formats, but every format only once. Each release is called Wander, and there is a total absence of any information on the cover. The material was recorded in the analogue studio Geluidswerkplaats Extrapool in late 2004 and early 2005, using a wide variety of vintage synthesizers and a Philicordia organ. The four long pieces breath an atmospheric, pastoral sound of slow and deep evolving drones. Released in a special cardboard wallet with spot varnishing. Strictly limited edition of 600 copies only."
9/23/2004 Warburton, Dan / Reynols I Am Not Sitting in A Room With Reynols CDR $9.99 Absurd “When in March '03 Dan was interviewing Reynols and was wondering of how to use the recorded tape, Alan suggested he put the tape recorder in the washing machine & tape the result. No matter that finally he didn't he managed however to surface w/ a new idea & under the great influence of Alvin Lucier's 'I Am Sitting in A Room' contemporary classic he started scratching, taping, editing, pasting the interview into a completely different and new thing, adding also in the mix Reynols's live from lile the result turned to be a thrilling broken psych electroacoustic recording that stands for me one Absurd's 'out' weirdos!!! You can can get more infos on it at www.paristransatlantic.com/warburton/reynols.html. Comes in a limited edition of 166 copies.”
8/4/2007 Warhammer48k An Ethereal Oracle LP $17.99 Permanent Records "The record starts off with a long scary radio broadcast track, you know, like one of those Emergency Broadcast System things warning you about "the big storm approaching", and
just when you start feeling REALLY nervous, you start to get dizzy, everything becomes blurry, your head is spinning, your ears are ringing, you feel flush, you start to sweat, goosebumps, the hairs on the back of your neck standing on end, you try to resist, fight it off, but it's too much, you are completely under its spell.You let the jagged guitar lines, birds chirping in the distance, strange what-the-fuck acoustic folk fuckery, drugged out laid-back droned-out blissful warmness and full on red-line space jam experi-mental shredding pummelry drag you into the dark-ness. Before you know it, you're bruised and bloody, naked and tied up with broken guitar strings, ears ringing and bleeding, you have strange WH48K images burned into your flesh, laying atop a pile of blood- stained broken drumsticks, surrounded by a Stonehenge like circle of towering totem like amps, in front of which stand the mysterious members of Warhammer, smiling wickedly as they prepare to do it all over again.And that's only the first half of the cd!" - Southern Records. LImited 180g vinyl gatefold with 6 panel insert.
12/24/2005 Warheads Return! Warheads Return! CDR $9.99 Spirit of Orr "WARHEADS RETURNS is a noise duo whose members were both born on May 15 in Northern Maine (in the upper right corner of these United States.) That the two birthdays happened exactly 20 years apart, one in 1962, the other in 1982, may or may not have any relevance to the creation of these recordings perhaps as much relevance as any other coincidence. Regardless of these questions, there is no doubt that this effort is a blistering, harsh, multi-generational-yet common purposed, all out attack on the crippling effects of paternalism in our culture. Cover art by Ruth Garbus of the hippe clan known as FEATHERS. Limited to 100 hand assembled CDRs."
11/4/2006 Warmer Milks Radish on Light CD $11.99 Troubleman "A brand new release from this Lexington, Kentucky group who take no prisoners. “There is an economy of perfect guitars, breezes of synth, and minimalist, emphatic drumming. This is a symphony of delicate, harmonious impressionism. And kudos to these guys for sculpting such a compelling arrangement.” - Travis Johnson
9/30/2008 Warmer Milks Slave To Suicide cassette $6.99 Animal Disguise "Solo Michael Turner recordings made right after the Soft Walks sessions find him in a psychedelic haze of scraping soundscapes and buried rock. For fans of the weird shit. Limited edition."
8/23/2009 Warmer Milks The Figure 3" CDR $9.99 Ruralfaune "New 3" cdr from Lexington, Kentucky's Warmer Milks after releases on Fuck It Tapes, Release The Bats, and Animal Disguise. A new ode to freak wyrd noise folk coming down from the Mountain Dew of Christianity. Explicit." Edition of 55 copies.
4/8/2010 Warmth Privacy From God c51 cassette $7.99 Black Horizons "After a long silence we are all treated to a new Warmth release. Steev took his time on this release, as is it intended to be a proper full length. Packed full of subtly and barely there sounds, static and mechanical in nature. This work is dynamic, beautiful, and haunting, emotional yet showing complete restraint, and hopefully not the last we will hear from this project. A near perfect expression of minimalism through sound. Packaged in a clear plastic clam shell, with silver offset printing on black vellum paper for layered effect. Edition of 100 copies on hi-bias chrome tapes with silver labels."
11/17/2007 Warmth Warmth LP $12.99 Arbor "Even though Warmth main man Steev Thompson still appears to be incommunicado totally epic recordings continue to surface. Before Roxanne Jean Police was officially over and Steev still lived in Chicago, he joined up with another then Chicago resident Branden Diven of Quilts/American Grizzly Records. The jams that were created filled a couple of cdrs and the Warmth side of the split with Quintana Roo on Not Not Fun. This LP consists of a remixed and edited version of the original cdr running at just under 45 minutes. Forgotten smog floats through a Northside basement. Sounds emanate but their source is totally unrecognizable. Quiet growing tonal blobs erupt into washes of aural color. A complete union of samplers, synths, vocals, guitar, organs, percussion, and electronics merge to create the sounds contained within; a loss of individual existence. Completely serene. In an edition of 300 LPs on creamy yellow vinyl with hand stamped labels in pro-printed and screened fold over sleeves with art by Roy Tatum and an insert by Steev."
12/1/2004 Wascovich, Matthew Apartment 36E Book $5.99 Slow Toe 8.5” x 11” page ‘book’ – it’s stapled not binded – featuring cover art by Dylan Nyoukis.
11/21/2009 Washed Out Life Of Leisure LP $17.99 Mexican Summer "This is the debut six song 12" from Ernest Greene aka Washed Out. Bent synth-pop gems that are equal parts psychedelia and anthemic club banger. All recorded in his parent's home in the rural Georgia town where he grew up. Essential and addictive. 1,000 pressing - first press 800 black vinyl/200 purple haze. The main single got 9/10 Best new Track review on Pitchfork and has spearheaded a massive buzz among the blog world (Stereogum, Gorilla Vs. Bear, Earfarm, Popmatters, and more). Read the Pitchfork review here: <http://pitchfork.com/reviews/tracks/11455-feel-it-all-around/>http://pitchfork.com/reviews/tracks/11455-feel-it-all-around/ "Both Ernest Greene's real name and artistic moniker sound like tired-out Pynchonian punchlines, especially given the guy's tendency so far for making sly robo-pop. The few (self-) released contributions from this South Carolinian have a homespun synthesizer arrangements and multi-tracked, faraway vocals that sound something like, say, the theme music to an instructional video from 1987. "Feel It All Around" serves as the natural progression from "You'll See It", the ravey little slab of diffident lo-fi pop <http://pitchfork.com/reviews/tracks/11399-youll-see-it/>reviewed by Pitchfork earlier this year, by bringing the curtain down on the little party suggested by "You'll See It". In fact, Greene seems to operate in a nexus of clubby little referents. Brief stabs of dub drums cheat into the mix. The synthesizers that drive the arrangement sound cheap and liquored-up, but are impeccably paced like a pour of great molasses. Somewhere, echoes of 10cc's breathy "I'm Not In Love" enter the picture, as does YMO's churning bass exploration "Naughty Boys". Greene seems dedicated to mapping a musical history that never actually existed but seems meticulously seen: a historical fiction re-imagining a lifetime of easy listening. Although Greene makes primarily keyboard-based music, his vision is stuck somewhere in an imagined euphoria set after the art rock of the late 70s, with a dotted line drawn directly through the swath of synth pop and all the way to the psychedelic, guitar driven Brit-pop of the Stone Roses. But leave the slippery musicology behind. "Feel It All Around" is a deliciously unbalanced track, starting into the groove right off the bat and unexpectedly fading out at the end. The unusual compositional style is tailor-made to entice you to spin it again, and Greene's little gem does little to convince you otherwise."
1/24/2009 Washing, The Red Tape cassette $4.99 Celebrity Sex Tapes "The Washing is Kevin Nebula of Out There Dudes / Eagle Nebula. 60 minute piece featuring new age power ambient drones, crackling dissipation, and strobe light shit blasts. Minimal passive aggressive tourture. Edition of 25." "The best noise tape I have right now" - Nicolas Murur (France)
3/6/2010 Wasteland Jazz Unit Shivering Reflections CDR $8.99 House of Alchemy "Mind-fry right from the get-go. Saxophone and clarinet so blasted and slathered you'll likely need a HAZMAT suit just to handle the disc. Subtle like a piano on yr chest. These are NOW sounds. RIGHT NOW. 100 copies."
1/24/2009 Wasteland Jazz Unit / Eagle Nebula Nebula Wasteland cassette $4.99 Celebrity Sex Tapes "Eagle Nebula: Johnny, Tommy and Kevin Nebula of Columbus, OH holding down Skylab and terrorizing locals with cosmic freak outs. A ghostly guitar/reverb unit/guitar drone trash monstrosity reaching the dark realms. Wasteland Jazz Unit: Jon Lorenz and John Rich of Cincinnati, holding down Art Damage Lodge and bringing the chaos with a dual sax and clarinet overblown shit storm. High-Fi Trash at it's best.40 Minutes, Ed. of 75, Hand numbered/labeled, Photocopied cover"
1/22/2011 Wasteland Jazz Unit / Tiger Hatchery split 7" $4.99 Gilgongo Records "Split 7" from two mid-west units with a slew of releases on American Tapes, 905 Tapes, 5nakefork, Nashazphone, Fag Tapes, etc. Wasteland Jazz Unit bring on an onslaught of overblown reeds / electronics, a wall of scathing noise, while Tiger Hatchery offer a more traditional serving of dynamic and abrasive free jazz. Art work by Andy Bunkholder."
4/27/2011 Watersports Natural History c62+c52 double cassette + download $8.99 Dog Daze Tapes "Watersports is the long running new age duo of Lea Cho and Russ Waterhouse, who also play together in the band Blues Control. "Natural History" collects tracks from their out of print releases on Not Not Fun, Arbor, White Tapes, Breaking World Records, Hank Recordings, and Ore Records plus a live performance on WFMU. You can think of this as their greatest hits album. Featuring double j card art of Lea and Russ playing for a bunch of dogs and ladies practicing yoga. Pro dubbed and imprinted chrome tapes with mp3 dogload code."
5/4/2011 Watt, Mike Spiels Of A Minuteman Book $29.99 L'Oie de Craven Original 2003 printing - not 2nd printing. "Spiels of a Minuteman is a bilingual (English/French) book that includes all lyrics written by Mike Watt for the Minutemen from 1980 to 1985. The book also includes the 1983 Minutemen/Black Flag tour's diary of Watt's first visit to europe. Presentation and foreword texts are by Joe Carducci, Richard Meltzer, Thurston Moore and, naturally, Mike Watt. Raymond Pettibon's drawings for the Minutemen covers are included. The book cover was drawn by Mr. Simon Bossé, and silkscreened by Leyla Majeri." 140 pages - 6.5 x 6.5 size book.
2/23/2004 Watts, Alan Haiku CD $12.99 Locust "During his lifetime, Alan Watts (1915-1973) became, and remains, one of the most beloved interpreters of Eastern thought. For more than forty years, Alan Watts introduced the Western world to the full range of eastern philosophies and arts all filtered through his buoyant personality and charm. His life and work reflect an astonishing adventure. There remain few treats as wonderful and lively as this, one of three records originally put out on the Sausalito based MEA label. Haiku and its companion release, Zen and Senryu, hold the truly unique position of documenting a poetic form (Haiku) or philosophy (Zen) and Satire (Senryu) through both lecture and stunning performance. Both discs feature the instantaneous Japanese translations by Sumire Hasegawa Jacobs to the spare musical accompaniment of Vince Delgado, Robert Garfias and Henry Jacobs. This brilliant tension between Alan Watts' self assured delivery and Sumire's urgent cries, makes both Haiku and Zen and Senryu two of the most essential documents for admirerers of Watts' rich personality, eastern thought, and the heavy ways of 1960s counterculture."
2/23/2004 Watts, Alan and Friends This is IT CD $12.99 Locust "A psychedelic holy grail re-issued. This is it!¸originally cut in 1962, is regarded by many of the who’s who of psych fanatics as the first aural document of psychedelia. It is a plundering, blistering, free form freakout of totally unselfconscious group sonic exploration. What’s more: it’s a great, great album that stands the test of time. Legendary Zen guru Alan Watts led a cadre of musicians and non-musicians alike through communal chant, primitive choogle and raw American tribalism that features many of the same Bay Area Heads that appeared earlier on Locust’s Electronic Kabuki Mambo – the inimitable satirist and collage whiz Henry Jacobs, genius percussionist William Loughborough (early performer with Chet Baker/Harry Partch) among many others. This is where the so-called ‘Weird America’ begins and if you don’t find yourself with that rare facial twitch of awe, befuddlement and unbridled glee, then surely you need your head checked."
4/16/2007 Waves 12 CDR $12.99 American Tapes "Newest installment of Terror Tones Unit. Hated by many, even some noise dudes aint down. High pitch, let the tone do the work style. Unlistenable tone work, no jamming involved, sound system diseaserz. Best Mediation Headphones jamz around. Look out of the West Coast Romero/Wiese version!! Color Cover, edition of 100."
9/17/2006 Waves Eight CDR $12.99 American Tapes "First really available recordings from this totally unlistenable granite rock unmoving slice - toner project. The highest, most horrible clean tones stacked together and un-messed with for a frozen ear-clearing mediation experience. Killer on the headphones, terrible all around. Color Cover features mangled pic of Irma Glenn in all her peaceful beauty. Three static pieces, around 60 minutes of needle thru the ear drum non-action."
8/22/2008 Wax Ghost Adze CDR $13.99 Cook An Egg "Following her first two solo releases on Foxglove, here is the brand new cdr by Eden Hemming Rose who, in addition to co-running the Digitalis label & webzine with her husband Brad Rose, is also a member of Corsican Paintbrush and Eastern Fox Squirrels (with CD/ cdr releases on Digitalis, Last Visible Dog and Rural Faune amongst others). Using a great variety of acoustic instruments (auto-harp, piano, bells, flute, guitars, violin, etc.), Eden conjures up a very delicate and intimate atmosphere that is constantly changing shapes from one track to the other. Overall, the music is very introspective, demanding a special attention from the listener.Using every tool available (including her own voice) in a painter-like manner, she carves out a series of very fragile songs, blending them with more abstract sound sculptures. With each gesture, it's as if all the instrument were to come alive... for the fist time. Those who have been enjoying the music of Lau Nau, Kuupuu, Pefkin or Painting Petals On Planet Ghost will love this. Enchanting and mysterious. First series of 100 copies."
10/25/2008 Way of the Cross Mind of the Dolphin LP $13.99 Phoenix "In the Spring of 2007 a tour commenced from Latvia to Holland called "Way Of The Cross: On The Path Of The Ninefold Muse", titled from Robert Graves' book The White Goddess. The tour spanned Polish clubs, Dutch radio, Berlin galleries, and the Latvian beach; "Mind of the Dolphin" documents the music spawned at these stops. WOTC members include Dave Nuss (NNCK), Stellar OM Source, The Skaters, Jan Anderzen (Kemialliset Ystavat), Kuupuu, Mik Quantius (Embryo), and Tiitus Petajaniemi and Jari Koho (Uton, Keijo). "The White Goddess is far more than a long-discredited pagan deity. She is still alive, and her worship takes many strange forms both inside an outside the conventions of Western morality. In particular, she continues as the Ninefold Muse, patroness of the white magic of poetry." Recommended!
5/8/2012 We Acediasts We Acediasts LP $15.99 Mesh-Key "An acediast is guilty of that capital sin of sloth-that is to say, spiritual apathy and inactivity. But sloth isn't the first thing that comes to mind when playing We Acediasts' long-delayed debut LP. It's too harrowing for that, with scrabbly guitars; unhinged, off- the-cuff vocals; and bass and drums that waver from dubby taut to jazzy loose in moments. The Tokyo-based band existed from 2000 to 2002, and their influences ranged from Can and the Japanese vocalist Phew to the more frenetic, experimental end of postpunk-groups like This Heat and Public Image, Ltd. The album follows a clear progression, beginning quietly before erupting into chaotic catchiness with opener "Densha no Zone" and the anthemic "Mondai wa Iwayuru Mood," the songs shifting and turning, frenzied one minute and anxiously still the next. Side A ends with "Kato san," which acts as a fulcrum between the aggressive looseness of the preceding tracks and the more controlled focus of Side B. That song and "Saramawashi" teem with unidentifiable noises-static and drones, loops and synth burbles that fill in the spaces around the instruments. Finally, the album culminates with the epic "Hana," which, over its nearly 13 minutes, slinks out of a field of repetitive tremolo tones and shuddering guitar, gaining mass as it continues to acquire layers of harmonics and melody; an insistent bass line; martial rhythms; and a memorable lead- guitar motif that keeps returning and returning until, in the end, as the song fades at last and the needle skims the run-out groove, you're left wondering why the hell this record was never released before. Wish I had an answer to that one, but I still don't know for sure. Think of this, however, as the reissue of an album that never came out the first time. Or, better yet, the decrypting of an urgent message that we're just now receiving, beamed clear across the ether from the last moments of the twentieth century-though it could easily have been sent tomorrow." Diego Hadis New York City February 2012
9/17/2006 We Have Heaven 2 CDR $12.99 Easy Subculture "Opening with some delicate eastern sounding violin, the second album from We Have Heaven is an intriguing blend of sounds and speech that is experimental and surreal in equal measure. Definitely improvised and defiantly lo-fi, the tunes have a Phillip Glass meets the Velvets feel to them with the violin adding a droning undertow as the guitars gently weave between, sometimes harmonising, occasionally becoming harsher, creating an album that could be defined as uneasy listening, the background noises and sound of the band talking to each other only adding to the homespun charm." - Terrascope Rumbles, August 2006.
7/30/2006 We Have Heaven Demo #1 CDR $10.99 Easy Subculture "A lot of the time, I get tired of menace and pretense. I mean, there's only so much doom metal or harsh noise you can listen to. Sometimes, I get parking tickets, and I don't hate anyone for it. When I just want good dreams, I turn to posi-trippers like Yume Bitsu, Howard Hello, and some lighter Boredoms, but especially Landing, Windy & Carl, and, now, We Have Heaven. I tested it, and the strummy, loopy psych on this simply adorned CDr fits comfortably and perfectly alongside tracks by any of the aforementioned bands. Featuring members of xplanetandbethx and the Photon Band, and former classmates of Fursaxa's, We Have Heaven, for lack of a better phrase, totally takes me there. It doesn't matter where. Maybe the rain is just stopping or the ice is beginning to melt. Maybe things are All Right. I don't know, wherever you like to go when you imagine a nice place. Don't let the new age-y description or the fact that this is a demo scare you off, though. Granted I'm a sucker for tape hiss and ambient buzz, and these tracks seem to have been recorded on room mics, but the mid-fidelity only adds to the overall atmosphere. Tracks cut-off abruptly, bandmates whisper to each other, you can hear equipment being moved around- it's almost as if these are field recordings documenting the environmental sounds of the place I like to go to. I can't wait to hear more." - Nadav Carmel, Foxy Digitalis.
4/20/2008 We Have Heaven We Have Heaven cassette $10.99 Sloow Tapes "Dreamy music for lazy hot summer afternoons flowing down weaving paths through the forest while laughing hyenas take a shortcut through the valley. 70 copies"
11/6/2010 We Love You / Duck That! split LP $13.99 Feeding Tube Records "Western Mass (via Feeding Tube Records) gives a big old hearty handshake to the Boston "reductionalist" jazz scene (read: very quiet, detail oriented, non-traditional stylings) with this great ensemble record featuring two exciting bands. We Love You (represented here by Dave Gross on sax and Polly Hanson on percussion) makes spitting into your axe and scrapping on your skins both fun and palatable. Duck That! is made up of Angela Sawyer (Weirdo Records, Preggy Peggy, Exusamwa, etc...) on duck calls and two ace hornsmen - Josh Jefferson and Steve Norton. Their side of the disc is a wonderfully textured excursion into the limits of acoustic sound. There you have it, you'd swear you were in a loft somewhere in Chinatown." Edition of 250
7/16/2006 Weaver, Wes untitled CDR $9.99 Fag Tapes "Mysterious solo project from Wes Weaver (half of Really Depressing FT-033, a duo with Heath of Sick Llama, also plays in Full Meat Jacket and Human Loop). Totally wired cut-up destructo-dunt guitar and pinned feedback that sounds like Rudolph Grey stepping up to the plate in the wake of the Fag Tapes/Maim & Disfigure assault on form. Comes in sprayed slim-line jewel case with art and minimal info. Hand-numbered edition of 77 copies." - Volcanic Tongue
10/30/2002 Weeks, Greg Awake Like Sleep CD $12.99 BaDaBing "Though Awake Like Sleep is a conceptual work, it is threaded together by the emotional state I was in while writing seven of its nine pieces. ‘Made’ and ‘Ash Rising’ excepted, these cuts were born out of the depression and frustration that resulted from continual, chronic hand and arm pain (amongst other ailments) which made it all but impossible to write or play music on the guitar. A low period all around, I had moved into a microscopic apartment in the East Village, where I battled hallway-shitting pets, sloping floors, breezeless heat, and the putrid stench of the decaying tenant below, all the while reeling from the gnawing fear that my primary means of catharsis was no longer accessible. One fall evening I slunk past an upscale junk shop specializing in 50s kitsch, only to find a child's toy organ out front and listed for sale. I tried it out, fell in love with the harmonium-like wheeze of the thing, and absconded with it into my room. From that point on I wrote almost entirely on the shit-brown instrument, adorning it with Warriors cut-outs and random scraps of sentiment. The resulting songs were unsurprisingly grim; droney little screeds on death and hopelessness - the emotional terrain I mostly succeeded in hiding from friends and co-workers. Pretentious-sounding or not, I was writing straight from my heart, and wasn't in any way interested in sugar-coating or demystifying the material. I desperately wanted to move away from self-absorption in my lyrics, yet found myself unable to do so. My music is me, and there is no escaping that fact. After a while I headed into the studio to begin tracking, but the sessions were unsuccessful. The chord organ just wasn't workable as the basis for an entire album. So, at the end of my rope, I scrapped the project and left it for dead, all the while wondering if I'd release another album at all. Some time later, it occurred to me that I could take a different approach; that, by enlisting friends to play the main parts, I could enlarge the original idea and rework the songs for larger forces. To shorten this tale, that's exactly what happened. Though I ended up playing a large number of instruments on record, it was thanks to the talents of three or four of my musicianly friends that the project came to fruition. Chief among those friends, I should mention, is Jesse Sparhawk, the single most important contributor to the record. And so you have it, the story in the shell of a nut. One word about the cover art. I froze my nuts off lying in that snow! But it was worth it. Steve Rose did an amazing job, don't you think?" - Greg Weeks
6/5/2003 Weeks, Greg / [[[VVRSSNN]]] split 7" $4.99 Spirit of Orr New release from Greg Weeks and Adam Forkner is the latest installment of the quiet weather singles series.
1/22/2011 Weeny Man The Weeny Man LP $17.99 Feeding Tube Records "Here we have a collection of recordings culled from multiple tapes, all displaying the antics of little girls and what they do with tape recorders. Featuring creepy religious songs, surrealist commercials about giant feet, radio shows about committing sex acts with stuffed animals, and on and on. Compiled by Skot Spear (Id M Theft Able/ Mang Disc). Comes in a deluxe gatefold sleeve with artwork by Michael Connor (of "Coelacanthous" fame). 500 copies"
1/24/2009 Weird Weeds Hold Me LP $13.99 Zum "The Weird Weeds debut album from 2004 only existed in CDR form on Edition Manifold and Digitalis recordings. For the past five years the Austin, TX band has toured extensively and released three albums. Lovingly reissued by Zum, "Hold Me" is now available in a limited pressing on black vinyl, packaged in a screened chipboard cover with all new artwork by Lauren Pakradooni. "Hold Me" is also unique in that it's the only recorded document of The Weird Weeds' original 4-piece lineup that included Kurt Newman on lead guitar. The album is evidence that very early in their existence The Weird Weeds had developed a unique approach to songwriting that they've been honing and refining ever since. The core trio is Aaron Russell (Nitre Pit), Sandy Ewen (collaborator with Tom Carter in Spiderwebs), and Nick Hennies (percussionist who has performed with Jandek and Arnold Dreyblatt). Recently featured as a cover story in the Austin Chronicle, Weird Weeds have garnered much love from sources such as Drowned In Sound and Stereogum." Edition of 300 copies.
12/22/2014 Weisman, Chris Monet In The 90s LP $15.99 OSR "part of an incredible run of 12+ platinum records NH-born Brattleboroite guitar teacher Chris Weisman recorded to his blue Tascam 4-track from 2008 to 2012 , Monet In The 90s is maybe the most concise proof of his Lennon- McCartney / Bacharach-David / NH-VT quality internal songwriting team [see below on this page for evidence of his impact : OSR is concurrently releasing a compilation of 50+ musicians from all over the world covering Chris's songs] . I feel a little guilty making statements about art so good it can only buck them . Chris is the kind of musician who generates new theoretical paradigms on the regular , experimenting extensively with the implementation of fully novel concepts , and then leaves all that behind when it's time to make a song . rewardingly , this level of experience creeps into the recordings , but palpably as an intuitive impulse rather than as a pedantic , self-conscious affectation . it's only a matter of time before the spin-cycle that is the contemporary music market politics turns its rotating eye from the reissue of "lost genius works" from past decades to the activities of today's spiritual masters of music . why wait until then to hear Chris's songs ? I know music isn't supposed to be fair , but if 100,000 people aren't spinning Monet by 2020 , hindsight is an outrage ... 31 minutes , art by Sarah Smith. mastered for vinyl by KRAMER at Noise Miami."
2/11/2006 Werren, Phillip Electronic Music (1968-1971) double CD $17.99 Cast Exotic Archives "Brand new reissue of a impossible to find early Canadian electronic 4 Lp box by composer Phillip Werren. Only 100 copies where ever pressed of his early electronic work. It was recorded at Simon Fraser University (Vancouver), McGill University (Montreal) & Radio Warzawa (Poland). It was recorded between 1967 and 1971. The LP has heavy elements of tape collage, Modular Synthesis, voice, and experimental thought. Some of the pieces where conceived by psychedelic and occult influences. Much of the record was done with a Buchla System 100, the first of their modular synthesizers. Original cover artwork was created by local Vancouver Artist JAS Felter. The Album was created for the most part at the height of the late 60's at Simon Fraser University. "1968 was a year of great upheaval: at SFU, Canada's Berkeley, 114 people were arrested for their part in the protest over the firing of the entire faculty of the Political Science and Anthropology department. Marcuse, Baba Ram Dass and others came to speak to us at peril to themselves; acid and mescaline abounded and apocalypse seemed to fairly shout out at us in the rarified atmosphere of Burnaby Mountain. The neo-fascist architecture of the university seemed to beg for anarchy and chaos and linear thought itself seemed doomed to extinction." "The electronic music studio at SFU was at that time probably the most sophisticated studio in Canada. After working in studios at Columbia and Radio Warsaw, both of which were small and somewhat limiting, I found it impossible to continue composing with the Princetonian precision in which I had been schooled. The SFU studio contained the most recent synthesizer designed by Don Buchla. I only vaguely understood what "it" did and realized that I would have to put aside my rigid preconceptions of how one sound should follow another. The sequencer, a device which can generate a sequence of sound events in a more-or-less random pattern and at times seemed to have a life of its own, became for me a sort-of window through which I could see/hear a universe of sound I had never imagined possible. It was necessary for me to "step back" from these sequences of sound-events, to control them in some other way: through the mix of one sequence with another in time and space." This album is a nugget of Canadian Psychedelic Avant-Garde history, up there with the early works of Bill Bissett, The Nihilist Spasm Band, and Intersystems. Also in line with early America works by Robert Ashley, Tod Dockstader, and Gordon Mumma. More currently, this would site nicely with a oddball release by Wolf Eyes, Double Leopards or Excepter."
8/1/2014 Wesseltoft, John / Okkyung Lee Piper one-sided 12" $22.99 Holidays "A single nineteen minute track captured live in Oslo, 2010 in the same period of the astonishing Cold Burn LP (Feeding Tube Records, 2012) recorded by the duo together with Anla Courtis and C. Spencer Yeh. Another stringed drone ritual here - but less choral than the quartet session - where the cello and the harmonium (or the accordion organ) are endlessly chasing each other aiming to the perfect sinergy around the same tune, resulting in a deep and intense meditation practice. Exquisitely mixed and mastered by Jon Wesseltoft in Oslo, 2013. 200 copies on black vinyl.

West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band Part One LP $19.99
Reissue (legit?) of 2nd LP from 1967. Features Shifting Sands, I Won't Hurt You, 1906, Help, I'm A Rock, Will You Walk With Me, Transparent Day, Leiyla, Here's Where You Belong, If You Want This Love, 'Scuse Me, Miss Rose & High Coin. Recommended.
9/17/2009 Wet Hair Glass Fountain LP $13.99 Not Not Fun "Welcome back. One of NNF's total favorite active bands return with a second full-length (most of which was recorded during the same sessions that birthed their debut LP, Dream) and we are pleased as spiked fruit punch. The Reed/Garbes duo mainly sticks to their guns, mining the same post-Suicide art-trance vein they perfected on Dream, but with Glass Fountain there's an added emphasis on the disembodied, oscillator pop mode that Wet Hair often toy with. Fountain's five tracks include some of the band's simplest but catchiest songs ('Crucifix In The Waves,' 'When The Right Time Comes,' etc), mesmerizing organ melodies over plink-plonky vintage drum machines with weirdo soulful singing and outer space electronics, like an outsider-punk Silver Apples or something. Hard to say exactly what universe Wet Hair are operating in and that's probably part of why we love it so much. A killer record that gets better each spin. In jackets with art drawn and designed by the band, plus a pro-printed 11x11 insert." Colored vinyl.
7/4/2012 Wet Hair Spill Into Atmosphere CD $10.99 De Stijl "Hey kid, need a lift? Like, right up off the ground? Spill into Atmosphere is the freshest whitecap in the crashing-upward wave known as Wet Hair, the Midwestern duo-cum-trio that's been holding it down for years as a multi-stop repeat-shop-'n-hop psych-pop pin-drop right there in the dead center of everything and/or nothing, Iowa City. The Wet Hair discography having spired itself to a respectable vantage - shared releases with such powers as Rene Hell, Naked on the Vague and Peaking Lights, both via frontmensch Shawn Reed's Night People imprint and others - Spill into Atmosphere becomes the band's second full-length with De Stijl. There is motion here, oh yeah - circling swirls of lighter-than-air energy, born aloft on propellers of foam yet anchored to earth with thunder-clap rhythms and Reed's heady bellow. Spill into Atmosphere gives you that feeling you had when you finally mastered the controls on your hovercraft: You're both in it and above it. Augmenting the core of singist-synther Reed and drummer Ryan Garbes is Justin Tye (replacing Matt Fenner, from previous album In Vogue Spirit-era), no mere third wheel but Wet Hair's very own sort of Peter Hook (not counting all the Judas stuff), his unique melodic signature flying in formation with the band's but also peeling off into flights that relate to the silk wheels of the synths but compliment them, guide them, support and distort and report to them. No longer is the only way up - the only way is every way. And from this altitude, Wet Hair can hear for miles."
7/4/2012 Wet Hair Spill Into Atmosphere LP $14.99 De Stijl "Hey kid, need a lift? Like, right up off the ground? Spill into Atmosphere is the freshest whitecap in the crashing-upward wave known as Wet Hair, the Midwestern duo-cum-trio that's been holding it down for years as a multi-stop repeat-shop-'n-hop psych-pop pin-drop right there in the dead center of everything and/or nothing, Iowa City. The Wet Hair discography having spired itself to a respectable vantage - shared releases with such powers as Rene Hell, Naked on the Vague and Peaking Lights, both via frontmensch Shawn Reed's Night People imprint and others - Spill into Atmosphere becomes the band's second full-length with De Stijl. There is motion here, oh yeah - circling swirls of lighter-than-air energy, born aloft on propellers of foam yet anchored to earth with thunder-clap rhythms and Reed's heady bellow. Spill into Atmosphere gives you that feeling you had when you finally mastered the controls on your hovercraft: You're both in it and above it. Augmenting the core of singist-synther Reed and drummer Ryan Garbes is Justin Tye (replacing Matt Fenner, from previous album In Vogue Spirit-era), no mere third wheel but Wet Hair's very own sort of Peter Hook (not counting all the Judas stuff), his unique melodic signature flying in formation with the band's but also peeling off into flights that relate to the silk wheels of the synths but compliment them, guide them, support and distort and report to them. No longer is the only way up - the only way is every way. And from this altitude, Wet Hair can hear for miles."
4/3/2011 Wet Hair / Naked on the Vague split LP $13.99 Night People "Prime split LP from Iowa City's Wet Hair and Naked on the Vague from Sydney Australia. Both bands have a slew of releases on a host of good labels but this might be the best offering from both yet. The release feels cohesive despite being a split long player with the similarities in aesthetic ideas and sounds of the two groups being taken into consideration. Despite both bands recently taking on new members beyond there duo origins both stick to the duo lineup for this release. Wet Hair is at there most composed taking on more pop sensibilities then prior recordings, focusing on the melodies both vocally and musically but retaining the psychedelic pulse of older material. Naked on the Vague follow with the focus on melody but draw things out as well into instrumental addition and subtraction, letting the effected variety of sound sources battle it out only to decay together in the end."
11/15/2008 Wether Complete Loss cassette $7.99 Fag Tapes "Bent. your allergic to the sun and the moon is the only one you can talk to. *dub-style Ham Studios Production. straight outa the 905 TAPES represent ! hand-numbered edition 50."
1/24/2009 Wether Options cassette $5.99 905 Tapes "Neon black vibes from the 905 house band. you could call these stowaways, because they are always stowing away. but when the world is a race to the finish, all the muck will eventually find it's way out. even if it has to seep through the cracks and slide down the walls. what are the other options?"
8/22/2008 Wether + A Snake In The Garden split cassette $5.99 905 Tapes "Head to head harshness from two solo east coasters. this split is kind of like a replay of a show in hartford, ct many moons ago. snake killed the dining room, then wether immediatly brawled the living quarters. if i could remember anything from that night, i would share it here, but it's all pretty much a brain musher. one burner a piece, both 10 minutes of steady pedal pummeling. three different covers."
1/22/2011 Wether / Cruudeuces split c32 cassette $4.99 Ghetto Naturalist Series "side a. - so psyched when mike haley dropped this slice for a split- synths and beats- talkin low ridin top notch caddy hydraulic beats w/ a strange hazed out clarity- dope! side b. - reassures the supplied haze and gaze don't run out- this tape is a mission start to finish- edition of 50"
4/10/2009 Wetterling, Jacob Shit Fuck Bleed & Feed cassette $5.99
"horror film sound clips, Swans like pounding, and childhood abduction. Motivated by anger! Made by "sometimes" mbv contributor."
7/14/2007 Wexler, Mike Sun Wheel CD $12.99 Amish Records "The next big name on the new-folk scene is a deeply engaging singer-songwriter free of affectations... with the most gorgeously sandy-textured voice we've heard in ages" -Time Out NY. "Sun Wheel is Mike Wexler's debut full-length and marks the arrival of an important new voice poised to be one of stars of tomorrow's underground. Crafted slowly over more than a year, this recording evidences Wexler's careful attention to detail and his affinities for progressive rock and the Canterbury scene of the late sixties and early seventies. Wexler is joined on Sun Wheel by Jordi Wheeler and Charles Burst of The Occasion and Brian Tamborello of Psychic Ills, all of whom also contribute to the arrangement and instrumentation throughout this recording. Though there are hints of the Soft Machine (Robert Wyatt is a professed and revered influence), Quiet Sun, and Meddle-ear Pink Floyd, Wexler's voice is completely contemporary and completely his own."
2/11/2006 Where The Moon Came From Twin of Pangaea LP $22.99 Nasoni "Superb debut album by this quartet from Cleveland, OH. In a very clever way they know how to fuse late 60's and early 70's prog and art rock, middle eastern vibes and celtic moods, as well as indie rock influences from the 80's and 90's to develop their unique and mystic sound. The album includes rock songs of epic proportions based on a formidable rhythm section switching from martial attacks to swinging calypso beats anchored by hypnotic guitar riffs swirling between sitar-like hooks to hard hitting heavy riffs complimented by intense and powerful vocals." Limited edition of 500 copies - 100 pressed on blue vinyl which is what is available here.
5/16/2010 Whines, The Hell To Play LP $13.99 Meds "The Whines transcend the lo-fi tag with real, honest songs that are not hipster genre exercises or an act of desperate trend hopping. Hell To Play is a major leap forward in fidelity and songwriting from their 7". Anchored by Karianne's hypnotic voice and basslines and colored by Jesse's raw guitar and Bobby's primitive drumming. Tracks were recorded alternately by Rob & Rod from Eat Skull with 1 track recorded by Kyle from Meth Teeth / Meercaz & 2 tracks recorded by the band. This lp brings to mind things like Neil Young, Thirteenth Floor Elevators, Dead Moon and Cheater Slicks filtered through contemporary ears/minds. Sequenced like a classic album with moody rock songs, melted psych garage tunes & strange, haunting heartbreakers. Play this over and over. You will be rewarded."
6/25/2013 Whirling Hall of Knives Devisions LP $16.99 Trensmat "We're very proud to host the 5th LP by the inimitable Whirling Hall Of Knives. On 'Devisions' their unique blend of psyche electronics has been wildly expanded to encompass elements of kraut, doom, alt-techno, shoegaze & all things noisey, greasy and grime-flecked. Things really start kicking off with 'Wraith / Donn Amok' which walks the tightrope of Neu/Suicide via Sunn O))) and makes it to the other side. 'Alternate Devil' keeps it up (the full unedited version) - droned out blackened krautmetal with a thick/corrosive buzz, churning and roiling and being pulled along in the wake of pounding hypnotic drums for its first half before blissing out and dropping into the woozy and slowcore dreaminess of 'Myrekrig'. Flip for the blast of '9xReal' and its dramatic waterfall of cascading drums and guitars washing into shards of overblown bass distortion and vox. 'Tapheslip' flows out next, a shimmering swirling sonic lava - three chords good, two chords better, one chord best! Onwards to 'Immureme', a vortex of flanged guitars, a slowly unfurling melody, the notes crumbling and blown out.....thick peals of smoldering psychdrone give way to some smokey Morricone-ish drift, haunting and abstract. The LP wraps in style with the epic 'Lonclusion' - a fractured melodybox buried under an avalanche of ghostly techno allusions, angular glitch and twisted noise."
12/24/2005 White / Light White / Light CD $9.99 Rebis "Debut recording from Chicago-area duo. Punishing highs, earth-shaking lows: a must for lovers of transcendental drone guitar." "From time to time a friend of mine confronts me with what he calls the limitations of the drone scene and the fact that everything sounds the same. It goes without saying that he's way off base on this one but as to illustrate this I think I'll play him White/Light the next time he's around, because I don't think I've heard as many drone styles present on a single recording in quite some time. The opening '05:57' displays darkly contemplative drone webs while '01:43' is almost inaudible if you don't turn it up loud. '28:43' is a minimal tone excursion that kicks off with high-end frequencies and sustained drones that slowly shift and eventually build into a storm of sound whistling through a narrow tunnel of claustrophobic beauty. Other tracks maintain the magically resonating damaged soundscapery but at the same time pirouettes into something a whole lot more minimal and surprisingly organic. The last track even has a distant folk feel to it, which comes as a big surprise given the rest of the album. Despite the fact that White/Light covers such a wide range of drone terrain the duo manages to nicely hold things together. It's a challenging but also very rewarding listening excursion these Chicago residents invite us to attend."-Mats Gustafson, Broken Face, July 2005
6/30/2010 White Dog Harvestman CDR $8.99 Prairie Fire Tapes This is is a re-issue of a self released disc from 2009. "The new White Dog album, bleak electronics from Canada. This is some creepy shit. Seriously. I got creeped out in my chair with my lights on. The aural equivelent of the apocalypse. No shit, no hope.
Unidentifiable sounds getting hurled at you. Cold and alone. Air raid sirens are going off, unknown origins. Pained wails come from somewhere you know you don't want to be and they're getting closer. Randomly assembled low-end clatter sounds like the footfalls of some treacherous, sexless behemoth searching for nourishment in the flat and dead area around what was your house. Smelling of sulfer. As night descends you hear screams in the distance, faint and almost inaudible above the roar of the unimpeded wind on the treeless landscape. The footfalls of the behemoth are getting louder, more frantic in its search for something, and you know it's only a matter of time until it finds you. It's colder, you huddle in the dark trying to get warmth. Soundless in your attempt to not be found. It is wailing, the footfalls are getting closer. There is nowhere to run. The sounds of confusion dissipate as the footfalls are the only thing you can hear. It is getting closer. No hope." - Jellyfish Altar
5/16/2010 White Dog Holodomor c20 cassette $5.99 Prairie Fire Tapes "White Dog (Chris Jacques) was raised in a heavy nationalist Ukrainian home. Stories and pictures of the Holodomor or Terror-Famine of the Ukraine were common during his formative years. Themes of genocide began recurring as he worked on tracks for his last PF release Retribution (PF-005). In usual White Dog style sounds are plunged into a dark psychedelic/psychological pool of murk and echo. Side A offers "Terror" - a 10 minute excerpt of a longer piece "8 Million Dead" - a drone workout with tape manipulation of temple bell recordings. B- Side, "Famine pts. 1 & 2" exist as the first White Dog track (w/o D. Layman) to feature guitar. Holodomor presents the contemplative aspects of the White Dog sound without compromising on the jagged tone zoner harshness." Edition of 20 copies.
4/27/2011 White Dog Resistance c20 cassette + download $6.99 Prairie Fire "One of the last White Dog releases for a while. Academia has a stranglehold on our dog and making creepy crawl death drones is the last thing on this dude's mind. Sad but true, there is but one last recording to be released after this and then the midnight howls will cease. Resistance is the second part of the Resistance, Revolution, Retribution series. On Resistance, White Dog explores the history of Quebec via the FLQ and October Crisis of 1970. Side A combines Whitey's usual dronage with some squealing feedback and source recording of the FLQ manifesto. Side B offers a sound companion to the psychological and social unrest of the October Crisis with "1970". Art & Sleeve design by Cole Peters. Pro-dubbed w/ download code. Edition of 60 copies."
3/23/2012 White Hills Heads On Fire LP + download $14.99 Thrill Jockey "As part of our 20th Anniversary vinyl reissue campaign White Hills' 2009 debut Thrill Jockey release Heads on Fire is finally back on vinyl. Sold out since it's release in 2009 we now have a second pressing of only 1,000 copies. This edition is pressed on translucent red vinyl and includes a double sided insert and free download coupon."
11/10/2011 White Hills The Process cassette $6.99 Sonic Meditations "The Process" is a series that looks at what went into the making of the WHITE HILLS album H-p1. Other releases in the process series include the "Measured Engery" 45 on the Irish label Trensmat, a split LP with Farflung on Cobraside Records, and a series of nine abstract paintings by Dave W. that were created during the mixing of the album. If you've managed to catch White Hills lately you know they're capable of some epic splrawling jams and this tape collects 2 of those solid work-outs. I have yet to hear the new album, but if this is any indication of the solid performing that will be on it, it'll be top- notch! Limited to 200 cassettes."
3/6/2010 White Hills White Hills CD $13.99 Thrill Jockey "Formed by Dave W. on guitar and Ego Sensation on bass, White Hills are an ever changing entity and always striving to push the envelope. "Heads On Fire", out of print on vinyl and CD, was Thrill Jockey's first White Hills release in partnership with London's Rocket Recordings. The album winds through a sonic maze a la Hawkwind, with a nod to the more gritty fuzzed out playing of Mudhoney. The out of print "Dead" EP that followed, explored more drone heavy territory and textured soundscapes. "White Hills" finds the band at a break through point musically. It is still heavy and would certainly be labeled "Space Rock" but it finds the band employing a more open and free flowing style of playing. Recorded over the course of three days in the summer of 2009, basic tracks for the album were laid down at The Ocropolis, Oneida's studio located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. All drums on the album were played by Kid Millions of Oneida. Later some overdubbing, vocal tracking and mixing were done at 60B in Manhattan. In contrast to previous recordings that were very rigid and adhering to the rehearsed versions, the self-titled album is loose and open. Dave W. wanted to "let things fly" in the studio. The focus was not so much on precision but on capturing the emotion in the playing. At one point while recording the track "Dead", Kid dropped one of his sticks but kept on barreling through the track. What was a mess up ended up adding an new dimension to the song. Everyone thought it was amazing so it was kept in. Dave W. is a very guttural guitar player and whether it's live or in the studio, his goal is to create an emotive experience for the listener. "White Hills" stands apart from previous albums in that there's a certain intimacy to it, a toughness and brutality. In the mind of the band, it is a rebirth, a new beginning, and the eponymous title reflects this. The LP and CD versions are not only different in artwork, they are sequenced differently with the respective formats in mind. The CD will have three exclusive tracks and is in a deluxe mini-gatefold LP jacket with a full-color booklet. The LP will have two exclusive tracks, come with a download that includes the CD tracks, and have a silver foil embossed sleeve."
6/4/2010 White Leopards White Leopards c33 cassette $7.99 Digitalis Limited "this white leopards tape has been a long-time coming but will prove worth the wait in the end. win chavez exists on his own plane out in the city of angels, a wizard with analog prowess. on this tape chavez blurs the line between composition and improvisation, never allowing the listener to be sure where this music is coming from but always sure of its ability to lodge itself deep inside his or her psyche. this isn't just your standard-fair schulze/schnitzler worship session. chavez ignites his own scree, spewing out concise synthetic concoctions that skirt the line between the darkness & light. sinewaves flow underneath, creating smooth rivers to build oscillating sawtooth masses on. hints of bliss shine through and warped voices try to speak-out from the lurch as the whole thing becomes a spectral, whirring idol. edition of 75."
3/29/2005 White Magic Through the Sun Door LP $10.99 Drag City “White Magic is influenced by Nina Simone, Billie Holiday, Karen Dalton, Love, Great Society, Sun Ra, Eric Satie, The Fugs, The Zombies and all good music of the world."
10/3/2009 White Out (with Spencer Yeh and Carlos Giffoni) Live at No Fun LP $15.99 No Fun "Recorded live at No Fun Fest 2008. White Out(Tom Surgal and Lin Culbertson) are true pursuers of the mythical everlasting improvisational fire. With a style thats both oblique and right to the point Tom's dynamic poly-rhythmic percussion and Lin's dynamic electronics and voice are augmented in this scorching live recording by C. Spencer Yeh (Burning Star Core) on violin and Carlos Giffoni on analog synth. This was their first collaboration and is full of amazing interplay that covers a wide spectrum of sound, From other-world evolving sounds to furious free improvisation to thick layers of dense drones, this is a totally bombastic and essential document of ageless modern improvisation. Limited to 350."
8/20/2011 White Prism Silicium 64 c20 cassette $8.99 D'Artagnan "josh burke (sky limo) and ben billington (quicksails) have formed an amazing duo in which their singular individual styles of their solo outfits are allowed their autonomy while blending beautifully with each other. the result is an excellently executed mix of burkes sparkling synth mode and billingtons amazing percussive style. fans of past burke/billington related releases should not miss out on this one. white tapes w/ two-sided full-color j-card. edition of 40."
9/30/2005 White Rock Tarpit LP $11.99 Troubleman Unlimited "Collaboration between members of Double Leopards and Mouthus. These songs are perplexing to say the least. Deep down, below the harsh sounds lies a subtle beauty- a hint of melody perhaps? If you close your eyes you can hear it trying to escape. This is sounds only these 4 people could make. Very odd mixture. The insanity of the more insane Mouthus stuff and the beauty of the more mellow Double Leopards stuff makes for one of the more intense listening experiences of recent memory. Limited edition of 700 copies." One-time pressing.
6/11/2006 White Rock The Exploder CDR $11.99 Our Mouth "Brand new album from this Mouthus/Double Leopards supergroup featuring botha Mouthus and Mike and Maya from Leopards. Sound is as beautifully Euro-fixated as the recent Religious Knives stuff, with soft oceans of glazed 1970s synth patterns washing across the backs of yr eyelids like the Cosmic Couriers play the brain scores of Terry Riley and Klaus Schulze. A beautifully pink stone and highly recommended for fans of soft soft muzz." - Volcanic Tongue
11/6/2010 White, Ralph Atavistic Pillow c60 cassette $8.99 Sloow Tapes "Ralph White calls blues, country, folk and other influences to new psychedelic depths. Recorded under cold starry Texas midnight skies, these kalimba/ banjo/accordion/fiddle arrangements are sure to bring you 'out there'. 'Atavistic Pillow' compiles the best tracks of the privately issued cd-r's 'The Atavistic Waltz' (2008) and 'A Kalimba Pillow' (2009). Featuring Amy Annelle on a great rendition of 'The Cuckoo'.100 copies."
10/25/2008 White, Ralph Narasota River Devil Squirrel LP $15.99 Mystra / Spirit of Orr "Ralph White of Austin TX has been a part of the more forward moving country-blues activities of this planet for quite some time. From his work & endless touring with BAD LIVERS to his duets with Amy Annelle in the outfit PRECIOUS BLOOD, Mr White has shown that he is of the intuitive and insightful ilk that can 'pick n' shred' beyond the earthly. As you may suspect few documents have appeared that demonstrate his powers and poetries as a soloist, where he is only peered with the most revered. Armed with fiddle, fretless banjo, kalimba, & button accordion, and his subtle and magnificent 'new high lonesome' croon, we are brought to a rare mirror. Yet another place where borders are erased and music is the only language. An intense & visionary outsider for sure. This record is a reissue of his first cd-r. It should surprise and win over even the most cynical record-hording ogre. A co-operative effort by MYSTRA & SPIRIT OF ORR, 600 copies total, hand glued cover art."
7/28/2011 Whitman, Keith Fullerton / Alien Radio split LP $18.99 Dekorder "We are stoked and honoured to release this Deutsch-Amerikanische meeting of two Meisters of the Modular Electronic Music System (originally invented by Don Buchla in 1963 for the likes of Morton Subotnick, Ramon Sender, Terry Riley et al at the San Francisco Tape Music Center). Both are presenting very distinct approaches displaying the vast possibilities of the machine yet maintaining similar Klang aesthetics (and maximum quality). KFW is a renowned master of the Modular, especially in live situations. "101105" is Whitman captured at his most symphonic. Recorded last year at one of the semi-monthly "The Bunker" parties in Brooklyn opening for members of Ectomorph he sent the audience (all high on LSD) straight into sawtooth arpeggio heaven. "101105" is a condensed edit of these recordings, cut on 45rpm for maximum fidelity. KFW has released records on a myriad of labels, most notably on Kranky and Planet µ (under his Hrvatski pseudonym). Last year's (vinyl-only) album "Disingenuity b/w Disingenuousness" on Pan made it into many year-end Top 10 lists, including The Wire and Boomkat. This year Whitman has been commissioned a residency at GRM studios to work on a piece for François Bayle's original 80-channel acousmonium! Alien Radio is one of many aliases of Northern Germany's Ulf Schütte, a (part-time) member of Datashock, Black To Comm, Aosuke, Phantom Horse, etc. and founder of the Tape Tektoniks cassette label. His recent Modular System explorations showcase a more basic, sketchy and song-based approach, reminding of Jan Jelinek's Ursula Bogner recordings and having been compared to the likes of Conny Planck, Delia Derbyshire and Dick Raaijmakers. His debut release was a split 7" on the Belgian Kraak label with Köhn, Ducktails and Peaking Lights."
6/30/2010 Whitman, Keith Fullerton / Mike Shiflet 070325 b/w 080409 LP $15.99 Amethyst Sunset "One live track a piece from Keith and Mike both performing without their laptops. Keith presents a noisy modular synth recording from the spring of 2007. Mike's side is an excellent guitar/drone piece recorded during the summer heat of 2009. Pressed on 180 gram vinyl."
3/21/2009 Wicked King Wicker Wicked King Wicker LP $12.99 Noiseville "The debut album from New York's WKW quickly jumped on the radar of noise, experimental, drone, and doom metal fans around the world. Brutal drone noise that as Nick Cave said is "blacker then the chambers of a dead nun's heart". Fans of Skullflower, Sunn, Whitehouse, Boris, Nortt and Wolf Eyes love WKW, and for good reason. The LP is a numbered edition of 490 copies."
5/23/2009 Wickham-Smith, Simon A Seventh Persimmon CDR $7.99 Tape Drift "Words are tough when it comes to describing music this astoundingly beautiful. A leading figure in the worldwide experimental music community since the early 90s, Simon Wickham-Smith adds to his sizable body of work with this masterpiece. Three tracks clocking in at almost 60 minutes, Simon's new work is the result of years spent honing his craft. His influences are drawn from sources far and wide, but the music that results is uniquely his own. Transcending genre altogether but most clearly informed by minimalism, this release is hypnotic, mysterious, and gorgeous. If you've followed the arc of his career, you'll be pleased to see how mature and powerfully focused his musical vision has become. If you're new to his world, it's an excellent introduction. To say that it's an honor for us to be releasing his music would be a massive understatement. A true classic."
3/27/2004 Wickham-Smith, Simon Rapt CD $11.99 Disposable Thumb "On his latest release, with beautiful hand-printed foldover jackets of his own design, Simon continues to explore his obsessions and fascinations with reverence, wry wit and a skillful ear. Aesthetically similar to 2002's dyrø (PseudoArcana), the CD is an exercise in ‘wonderment and rapture’ via the friendly conduits of electronic drone, cut and paste minimalism and mischievous white noise. Oftentimes a confluence of contrasting disciplines and perspectives, the document is a rich work of intricate spells merging tension and release. Says Simon of Meiji13: ‘It's a very uncharacteristic foray into program music: the fuzz over the top is like a patina of age, like hearing Caruso singing I Pagliacci.’”
3/29/2005 Wiese, John Magical Crystal Blah Volume 2 CD $8.99 Helicopter / Kitty Play “Volume two of a recycling music project. All tracks created in 2004 using John Wiese's original
Magical Crystal Blah as source material." Limited edition of 500 copies.
11/4/2006 Wiese, John Tumbler LP $24.99 No Fun "Total Head Crush Destruction from Mr Wiese (also of Sissy Spacek and LHD, works with Sunn 0)), etc,etc), if your head was made out of a boulder the sounds here enclosed are still designed to leave behind nothing but blood stain dust. Side A is the eternal acid rain that we all fear slowly melting your skin away and reminding of your insignificant humanity, Side B is a metallic behemoth continously punching you from all directions leaving you with just enough unbroken bones so that you can breath. Another No Fun Classic. Limited to 300 no re-press ever."
2/7/2009 Wiese, John & C. Spencer Yeh Cincinnati CD $13.99 Dronedisco "The cooperative of composer/improvisers John Wiese (Sissy Spacek) and C. Spencer Yeh (Burning Star Core) reveals itself again, presenting a collection of new works titled "Cincinnati." So far Wiese & Yeh's previous full-length documents have been culled from live performance situations and one could site "Cincinnati" as the duo's first studio album.
Recorded face-to-face in late 2007 at Ashworth Tap Room in Cincinnati OH, "Cincinnati" reveals further unexpected developments and strategies of this ongoing partnership. Familiar machineries were primed, but an increasingly alien attitude was fed through and processed into churning and bewildering shapes. The results of these sessions were catalogued and surgically isolated into specimens by Yeh; a little editing employed to carve the forms somewhat presentable, but no "studio trickery" to mask the organic nature. Mastered by Saff Mastering to sharpen the bulbs and polish the blades, the whole of the fourteen tracks form a monumentally intimate body touched by indeterminate intuition, instant composition, and interior logic. Wiese and Yeh first joined together on a stage in Columbus OH, and since then have participated in the No-FI/CMN "Free Noise" 2007 tour in the UK, as well as fireworks-laden travels through coastal, midwest, and southern USA. With many finished missives yet to be issued, and many ideas discussed but not yet realized, the combined restlessness and curiousity of the team insures that "Cincinnati" gestures not only towards the past and present, but the future as well. "Cincinnati" is available in an edition of 500 copies in the increasingly alienated compact disc format. The included 8-page booklet contains a pictoral documenting the typical meeting between the two players."
1/1/2008 Wiese, John / Andy Ortmann Grux One LP $24.99 Rococo Records "Collaboration with Panicsville's Ortmann & Wiese who has been a member of both Sunn0))) & Merzbow. Limited to 200 copies. Blue Vinyl. Screened Silver on Blue Card stock 2-sided inner sleeve with 12"x12" Metal Laser cut covers."
9/30/2008 Wiggwaum / Poor School split LP + CDR $15.99 Killertree Records "There's no reason for Jazz not to attack - a split for all seasonz - SF's Wiggwaum terrorize the fuck outta sensibility and give no ga-damned reason for the scars - free sound IS supposed to make it feel not so right and this particular declaration is just the shit bomb hurled from many stories from above. Sometimes it's a Manson orgy audio buried in Death Valley, other times it's blissful fuckin' peaches falling from a Krishna tree. SF/Stereomother's Randy Lee Sutherland heads this one into the back alleys w/ some pals and lose sense of time and practicality in the best way possible. Poor School on the other hand are just trying to make money by "righting" hit records, but they fuck up every time they pick up an instrument - but y'know, when you hear drummer Niekrasz pound out this morse code in "mean method" and the sax/gtr combo add to the arguement - just back off and let 'em justify their "ambitions". Jazz wreckage and difficulties throughout. 300 lps - screened covers by Randy Lee - bonus CDR of lp w/ 2 xtra tracks."
8/2/2008 Wild Gunmen End Ov The World CDR $12.99 Mad Monk "We're pretty thrilled to offer up the third volume in this series of CDRs by Wild Gunmen. End Ov the World is our favorite of the bunch, because it offers the expected - chaotic wastoid jams, cacaphonous raging, and crude acoustic punk ditties - along with the entirely unexpected - essentially, the album's untitled 12 minute closer, which is by far the best thing the band has ever done. "12" is a monstrous piece of low bass tones, disembodied vocal samples, ominous cascading noise, spooky backward effects, and singer Kristy's deadpan voice (sample lyric: "I hate being raped every day / every day that I live I am raped / Everybody rapes me every day / do you know what it's like to be raped every day?"). Scary shit. This track is unlike anything else in the WG discography, sounding like a cross between Consumer Electronics' Teenage Nuremberg and "Revolution 9" for a post-Mullholland Drive world. There are other highlights as well, like the Godz-style punk of "Up Your Ass" (featuring rare lead vocals by either Ron or Witt), and a nearly lucid cover of "Folsom Prison Blues," complete with train whistle sound effects. Elsewhere, banjos collide with saxophones, guitars feed back mercilessly against found audio, chaos reigns. If you're new to Wild Gunmen, this is the place to start."
5/29/2008 Wild Gunmen Volume Two: Cocain Spyders CDR $12.99 Mad Monk "The second volume in this exciting series by this wastoid troupe from the buckeye state is even better than the first. While the highly popular Volume One introduced the band as the parole board's answer to the Cherry Blossoms, Volume Two: Cocain Spyders (the misspelling is the band's) finds the group more stoned, introspective and deliberate, with oscillators, delay drones, horns, and high pitched feedback squeals taking the place of more 'traditional' instruments. Singer Kristy is, as ever, center stage, singing beautifully harrowing misfit tales of lonely strangers, train wrecks and dreams fading away. Volume Two also features what is perhaps, in our opinion, the quintessential Wild Gunmen track thus far - an untitled jam near the middle of the disc begins like any other paranormal WG track, until Kristy nonchalantly takes a break from singing to audibly converse with her captive party guests about sex and cocain(e), while Witt and Ron, undaunted, lock into a supremely fucked clarinet / guitar duet that sounds like a moonlight meeting between Rafael Toral and Little Howlin' Wolf. When Kristy decides to begin singing again, the track only gets weirder, stretching out over several parts and nearly fifteen minutes like a lost ESP side or perhaps the music the guy who left the desperate answering machine message at the beginning of Charalambides Market Square might have made. As if all of this weren't enough, Volume Two also includes the soon-to-be-punk-classic "(I've Got A) Washboard (For A Stomach)." This is the second in what we hope will be a long running series of releases by Wild Gunmen on Mad Monk, but each one could be the last - word has it a few of the band members are dead set against these releases - so treasure and cherish every minute while it lasts!"
3/28/2010 Wild Safari / Cough Cool split cassette $4.99 Leftist Nautical Antiques "Couldn’t be more proud of LNA’s first split. Two awesome projects of the highest calibre makes this c21 a doozy. This is Wild Safari’s first official release after a number of awesome tracks surfacing on the internerd. Been a fan of the Cough Cool project for a while now and I have to say his side of the split is my favorite stuff of his thus far. Weekend warrior tropic treks on the Wild Safari side and and a super chill, head nodding, enlightenment meditation pop songs on behalf of Cough Cool. You know you need it and your eyes may roll into the back of your head on first listen. Edition of 100."
10/1/2002 William Switzer The Illusion Of Technique CD $10.99 Fleece Records "Improv shenanigans from the duo of Mike Switzer (Slight Surface Noise/Avijit) and Jason Bill (ex-Charalambides / currently Migrantes). Think Incus meets Portsmouth Sinfonia. Kind of like the music that seeps from the moonshine-addled brain of my Uncle Stumpy as he steps in a fire ant mound on the way to the bayou to check the muskrat traps. Ltd. edition of 500 copies."
1/30/2014 Williams, Darren Reed CDR $7.99 Bug Incision "Bug Incision started as a record label in 2005, and began presenting concerts under the same name in 2006, as a response to a lack of sympathetic performance space possibilities. In Calgary, the predecessor to the Bug Incision concert series was nach Hause, which was run by Darren Williams. He curated a rich program of international, national, and local talent, bringing important, different voices to the city. And very much in line with the precedent that he set for the series, a trio with Williams, Cody Oliver, and Ron de Jong was one of the first sets of free improvisation I'd ever seen. Suffice it to say, it is with great pleasure that we issue Williams' debut solo album on the label. (A previous Bug Incision release featured Williams with myself and Scott Munro on a 3" cdr.) Reed is a bit of a departure from the fire-breathing, paint-peeling Williams we'd gotten to know through his collaborations with Mats Gustafsson, Cody Oliver, Eugene Chadbourne, and Han Bennink. These are, for the most part, composed pieces, performed live, recorded beautifully, and vividly rendered using circular breathing and a very supple technique. There are passing technical similarities to other circular breathers like Evan Parker or Peter Evans, but Williams' melodic and harmonic content is something of his own. The presence of free-r, Joe McPhee-like moments likewise add a unique dimension to the disc. Williams released this is disc while on a cross-country solo tour this past summer." edition of 200 copies, color covers in plastic sleeves. https://soundcloud.com/bugincision3/darren-williams-borrowed
12/11/2002 Williams, Julian leaf rain: 1995-2000 CD $12.99 Rhizome "A compilation of solo studies from Mr. Williams - leader of Solids, Above Ground Pool, Bamboo Sel, and the mighty, mighty Hi-God People. Whereas in band format Williams goes for all-in group-mind, solo sees the great JW expanding singular vision, with a series of oracular noise and drone masterpieces which
touch on Suicide, Gate, outsider rock hermeticism, and so forth. Drawn from self-released titles including 'Makara Dhwaja', 'Effecting Pylons and Medallions' and 'Invisible Soundtracks for Kinetic LSA Lands', this is the premiere document of JW's post-song solo sprawl - guts and all." Edition of 60 copies.

Windy & Carl / Hopewell Green/Jim Laffin 7" $5.99 Burnt Hair Out of print record from 1996
12/3/2010 Winter Drones Blood In The Coffin LP $15.99 Weird Forest "Leon Dufficy is primarily known as guitarist in the hippie-jam outfit, Hush Arbors but now, he steps into his own as the driving force behind Winter Drones. Sounding like the perfect combination of fuzzed-out ambient drift, shoegaze swirl and propulsive pop sensibilities, Winter Drones have slowly gained attention in their native UK with a handful of obscure CD-R/cassette releases and compilation appearances. Earlier this year, the band's debut album, BLOOD IN THE COFFIN, came out as a limited-edition tape on UK micro-label, Sexbeat Records. While legions of artists are mining the ambient style, Dufficy stands out because of his ability to develop his soundscapes, infusing them with a touch of melody to impart a sense of emotion. Songs like the lead-off track, "Watch Your Eyes", set the mood perfectly while "Bongs Dream" shows Dufficy's intuitive understanding that the perfectly weighted note/chord can add tremendous emotional resonance to an atmospheric piece. But Dufficy isn't some common Nu-Age denizen and the album really shines when the drums come in and the band rocks out. "Winnie Coopers Bones" and "Two Long Weeks Part 2" find Dufficy perfectly capable of crafting memorable songs that stick with the listener. The album's centerpiece, "Stiff Wizard", serves as a thesis statement for the entire album. Over 10+ minutes, the track starts with flanged/fuzzed guitars swishing about and sounding like jet engines on a runway. As the piece builds towards take-off, a simple radar-like melody begins pinging and the song takes flight when the drums and driving guitar chords launch in -- a perfect microcosm of the whole record. Originally released as limited edition cassette on Sexbeat Records. Re-mastered by Pete Swanson and limited to vinyl edition of 250."
7/14/2011 Winter Family Red Sugar LP $22.99 Alt.Vinyl "A rare and unique audio worldview expressed by the singular approach of brooklyn based duo ruth rosenthal (spoken words) and xavier klaine (harmonium, organ etc..). from the first bares of searching donkeys this double album creates a glowering and intense atmospheric...part nightmare, part uplifting dreamscape it permeates and builds into a compelling whole. a reference point might be some of the output of constellation records - indeed GYBEs norsola johnson plays on this record..however it is doubtful whether any of those artists ever produced anything to match the taut tension of the title track red sugar..a spoken hymn to absence. the ambition of winter family is evident on the expansive, orchestral epic dancing in the sun..crank your speakers, sit back and open your mind..it WILL blow you away. as an entirety this album builds on previous releases on marienbad and sub rosa and demonstrates that rarest of things..a unique voice..once heard never forgotten. essential." Pressed on 180 gram vinyl in an edition of 300 copies.
1/28/2004 Winter, The Parataxes CDR $12.99 Pseudo Arcana "The Winter are a Wellington based improvising trio, and Parataxes is their 1st release. It documents both acoustic and electric live sets that drift from eastern sounding cello led pieces to fairly extreme feed-backy noise. A key member of the group is Wellingtons master of pseudo-autistic intensity, Dave Edwards, whose guitar and harmonica work definitely moves the whole into a fairly edgy sphere. Over such a duration this can make pretty harrowing listening, but sometimes such immersions are worth it."
5/14/2007 Wire Thicket Dust, Static 3'' CDR $7.99 Students of Decay "In describing the debut Wire Thicket album, released on Pseudoarcana in 2006, Antony Milton applied to the duo the term "power-drone." On their second outing, the pair have fully embraced this label and taken it to new, delirious peaks. The title track is a fifteen minute blast of singing, celestial metal; an impassioned, deeply meditative flight into the starry night conjured from guitar, electronics and field recordings. Characteristic of the duo's prior work together, the piece is an excercise in accretion -- with layers and layers of meticulously detailed sound arranged into a furious, beautiful blanket of howling drone. Emerging from the tonal rubble is a second, shorter piece: a reworking of Taiga Remains' "Brilliant Dead Highways" (a piece featured previously on a split 7'' with CJA) - akin to a delicate, drifting calm at the end of an immense storm."
7/16/2006 Wire Thicket, The The Wire Thicket CDR $12.99 Pseudo Arcana "The Wire Thicket is the swirling shimmering US power-drone duo of Alex Cobb (Taiga Remains/ Students of Decay label) and David Kirby. Processed acoustic(!) guitars and voice etc are layered and sculpted to construct dense spine-tinglingly intense edifices that soar ecstatically high above the plebeian mire. The best of this disk is reminiscent of Simon Wickham Smiths great tearing epic 'Katotohanan' (from Dyro), and the more God-fearing of Birchvilles bliss explosions."
5/7/2004 Wire, The April 2004 Issue magazine $7.99
On the cover: Ghost; Features: Rammellzee, Jack Rose; The Primer: Cecil Taylor; Invisible Jukebox: Luc Ferrari; Dean Roberts, Cocorosie, Pelican.
12/26/2005 Wire, The December 2005 Issue magazine with CD $8.99
"On the cover: Lightning Bolt (Alan Licht visits the Rhode Island duo who are reconfiguring US Hardcore with their breakneck drum and bass thrash). Features: Tujiko Noriko (The Japanese electronic musician and film maker's naive charm belies a touch of steel); Kang Tae Hwan (The pioneering Korean sax improvisor recalls the tribulations of blowing free under martial law); Susanne Brokesch (Since moving to Brooklyn, the Austrian artist matches her electronica to the paintings of Paula Brook); Invisible Jukebox: Ray Russell; Vashti Bunyan (Rob Young meets the forgotten 60s pop star turned singer-songwriter now championed by the free folk generation); Ken Hyder (Will Montgomery follows the Scottish percussionist's quest for the link between Improv and shamanic trance); The Primer: Jamaican deejays (Brian Marley toasts the titans of talkover, including I-Roy, U-Roy, Big Youth, Dr Alimantado, Dillinger, Trinity and more. All copies of the December issue will come complete with an exclusive free 16 track CD, The Wire Tapper 14. The Wire Tapper 14 is the latest volume in The Wire's ongoing series of exclusive new music compilations. The CD will be given away free with every copy of the December issue worldwide and will contain a range of new, rare or exclusive tracks that together will span the spectrum of the kind of new, underground music that gets featured in the magazine each month, from electronic music, avant rock and new jazz, to dub, hiphop, traditional musics and beyond."
7/23/2004 Wire, The July 2004 Issue Magazine $7.99
On the Cover: Alvin Lucier. Features: Damo Suzuki, Devendra Banhart, Ellen Fullman, Bark Psychosis, Dylan Nyoukis, Dengue Fever. Invisible Jukebox: Sunn O))).
3/27/2004 Wire, The March 2004 Issue magazine $7.50
On the cover: Clouddead. Features: Double Leopards, Mars, Gyorgy Ligeti, Art Bears, Bernhard Gal, Olga Neuwirth. Invisible Jukebox: Four Tet. Epiphany: David Stubbs on Faust.
5/10/2004 Wire, The May 2004 Issue magazine $7.99
Cover story: The state of song: a major survey of alternative, underground and outsider music that offers an idiosyncratic take on the songwriting tradition in rock, pop, jazz and beyond, from David Sylvian writing songs that incorporate the tone and character of collaborators like Jon Hassell, Derek Bailey and Fennesz to Jamie Liddell deconstructing soul to Patti Smith's wordscrees on the legendary Horses album to Diamanda Galas's dirges, elegies and covers, and on. Features: The Hafler Trio; Takehisa Kosugi; Buck 65's invisible jukebox; Nautical Almanac; Steve Hubback; Laurie Spiegel.
5/8/2005 Wire, The May 2005 Issue Magazine $7.99
On the cover: Electrelane (How Steve Albini, The Ex and a passing US military train helped shape their formidable rock noise). Features: Foetus (With a new album and a bunch of orchestral side projects, Jim Thirwell's career just changed gear); Kali Z Fasteau, Alex von Schlippenbach, Josephine Foster, Boris (Japan's heaviest power outfit); Annie Gosfield (the star-mapping soundworld of this innovative New York composer), Wojt3k Kucharczyk (the founder of Poland's Mik.Musik!. electronica label); Steve Beresford's Invisible Jukebox.
12/24/2005 Wire, The October 2005 Issue magazine $8.99
"On the cover: Boards of Canada (In a rare interview on home turf, the Scottish gnarly electronica duo share campfire stories with Rob Young). Features: Jarboe (The prolific ex-Swans singer tells Marc Masters about The Men Album in her life); Alexander Tucker (The UK guitarist and comic book artist clears up some foggy notions about his dark avant folk); Birchville Cat Motel (New Zealand feedback guitarist Campbell Neale discusses his Metal project Black Boned Angel); Invisible Jukebox: Warren Ellis (The Dirty Three/Bad Seeds); Elaine Radigue (The Parisian electronic composer discovers an appetite for collaboration with The Lappetites); New London silence (Clive Bell remaps the city with third generation improvisers Mark Wastell, Phil Durrant, Rhodri and Angharad Davies)."
4/16/2007 Witch Local Band Nitemare DVD-R $9.99 Blueberry Honey "A genuine 'fan club' style look into the phenomenon that is WITCH. Though the band's gene pool gathers from a variety of places, there is a feeling from their most basic inspiration that reveal them to be much like any other small town band. And from there they present their message of ROCK. This short film (just over 20 minutes) captures these most honest and inside moments of a band just getting it's feet on the ground, only to find the ground moving at unimaginable speed. Live footage, practice room insights, hotel rooms, vansŠ packaged in a folded sleeve like all BLUEBERRY HONEY releases thus far. Also has bonus presentation of the first song from WITCH's first ever live performance!"
3/26/2006 Witch Witch CD $14.99 Tee-Pee "The debut album from this new band featuring DINOSAUR JR.'s J MASCIS on drums, along with longtime friend DAVE SWEETAPPLE, and FEATHERS members KYLE THOMAS and ASA IRONS. A mighty sonic tumult that harkens back to the classic heavy metal sound of the early 1970s, while maintaining a modern feel." - Revolver
4/24/2006 Witch Witch LP $15.99 Tee-Pee "The debut album from this new band featuring DINOSAUR JR.'s J MASCIS on drums, along with longtime friend DAVE SWEETAPPLE, and FEATHERS members KYLE THOMAS and ASA IRONS. A mighty sonic tumult that harkens back to the classic heavy metal sound of the early 1970s, while maintaining a modern feel." - Revolver

Witch Hazel Sound It's All True CD $10.99 Camera Obscura "The departure from Flydaddy has signalled a move away from guitars to a bigger, more orchestrated sound, as the band continue their examination of the codes of vintage west-coast psychedelic pop at the symphonic end of the Beach Boys and Love continuum."
9/30/2005 Witcyst did an eggburger CDR $12.99 Beniffer Editions "I heard recently that New Zealand is home to a glut of overzealous noise-boys, striking preposterous stances on main intersections with their personal-sized stereos trumpeting polished Anita Baker/ power-electronic remixes. They strike those kinds of poses like they're fitting their digits into the belt-loops in their dungeries, but they're just kind of fitting them into they elastic waist-bands of their boxer-briefs/ horking up all kinds of rewired heart moniters and black shit. If this is the case, you'll find our good man Michael on all fours in the cracked-out part of town, barking at a ventilation duct with all sorts of malfunction taped to himself. I haven't heard much Witcyst, but I know what i like! So does Michael. And what we have here is an assured mix of radio autism, clunk n' slop geetar and dismantled tape-fuckery, all somewhat down-played by looming smog cover, low fidelity as all shit! Think of a three-way bastard son of Le Forte Four, Ryoji Ikeda and Inca Eyeball. Or y'know, Witcyst. Comes in a handmarbled foldover and some New Zealand weather trivia."
9/30/2005 Witcyst Epino CDR $12.99 Root Don Lonie For Cash No idea what this one is - not even sure the title is right. I ordered these in March 2004 - got them in July 2005!

Witcyst Roslyn CD $13.99 Insample "Witcyst is a collagist of discarded rubbish as much as creator of more of the same. Muffled lullabies, creepy atmospheres, low-fi skree, tape manipulation, found sounds and snippets of all sorts of crap are attached to one another like a big, sick worm-dog. Packed in a full-color 7" booklet." "Roslyn" was originally planned as a 7" release several years ago After much delay (on our part), it will finally emerge, expanded, on the digital format. And provides opportunities far beyond those offered through the dozens of acetate 7"'s, hundreds of tapes available in very limited quantities on his Extemporization imprint - to hear Whangarei's Witcyst. What is offered here is a 44 track take on over 10 years worth of sound creation that runs the gamut of expression; be it lost in the woods alien folk mumble to blinding, planet colliding psyche excess to primitive 'noise' mayhem. Witcyst fleshes out an unheralded dimension of the contemporary NZ scene. The project is now completed with the printing of the 8 page, full colour 7" sized booklet of Witcyst's unparalleled collage art." 1999 release.
5/8/2005 With Throats As Fine As Needles Czechoslovakia CDR $14.99 Celebrate/Psi/Phenomenon "Recorded in abandoned artillery bunkers and tunnels in the hills around Wellington, 'Czechoslovakia' represents the unleashing of a beautiful new duo featuring Mr Pseudoarcana and Mr Psi Phenomenon. Damp concrete cellars resonate ever so gently with the breeze of voices raised to a whisper. Grimy soul-expansion from the inert mouths of AA batteries and rolls of sellotape. Filthy psyche of a most minimal variety. Cough... cough..."
4/16/2007 Withdrawal Method Live Letting cassette $8.99 Heavy Tapes "We first met Drew from Withdrawal Method / Since 1972 at the first No Fun festival -- he was selling tapes and hanging with the Nyoukis/Brighton crew, and his tapes were killer. After finding about his music project Withdrawal Method by a few bootleg live shows and officially released cassettes, we asked Drew for a master, and he gave us two live performances -- an optimal way to enjoy his sounds. Rough, live, purely electronic, these two pieces defy description -- just bury your head in the sand and trust us on this one."
3/2/2005 Witthüser & Westrupp Der Jesuspilz LP $18.99 Think Progressive “This 1971 release by the German acid-folk duo takes on the Bible with this wacky, experimental interpretation played out with mellotron, electric guitar freakouts, flute, accordion, wind chimes, acoustic guitar, vocal drones and more. Gatefold sleeve, original artwork, 180 gram vinyl, German import.”
3/2/2005 Witthüser, Bernd Lieder von Vampiren, Nonnen und Toten LP $18.99 Think Progressive “Actually the first album by progressive acid-folk duo Witthüser & Westrupp, this 1970 release on the Ohr label is much more minimal than their later releases, concentrating on what they call ‘pop cabaret’: purely acoustic, emphasizing their vocal harmonies and spare, though sometimes odd instrumentation, and ranging from very dark to downright sweet to very traditional-sounding cabaret tunes. And yes, it's all in German. Gatefold sleeve, original artwork, 180 gram vinyl, German import.”
3/2/2005 Wlight, Johann All Thee Starres Laugh Softly Like Five Hundred Million Little Bells 3" CDR $7.99 Firstperson "All Thee Starres Laugh Softly Like Five Hundred Million Little Bells new release of wonderfully understated, melancholic hiss, drone & stutter from former Nidnod head honcho". 3" cdr housed in hand-made clear acetate covers with information printed on one side and an image on the other.
7/14/2007 Wolf Eyes Black Wing Over The Sand CD $17.99 Kning Disk "Since Wolf Eyes formation during the end of the 90s up until today, their musical output has grown into an impressive oeuvre and gained them successes granted only a few bands. Their style places them somewhere in the border area between experimental music, freeform, noise and harsh industrial. Black Wing Over The Sand is one long session (on vinyl divided on side A and B) that from the very first beginning lays bare the roots of Wolf Eyes: here is an evident presence of the industrial music of the early 1980s with bands such as Throbbing Gristle, Maurizio Bianchi (MB) and Gary Mundy's cassette label Broken Flag. Instead of the harsh dissonances and compact walls of noise Wolf Eyes are well known for, the wholly instrumental piece moves slowly forward over a basis of silence. In that way Black Wing Over The Sand belongs to one of the band's more accessible pieces of music, and is an excellent introduction to the dark cosmos of Wolf Eyes. With oscillating movements, Wolf Eyes conjure up short bursts of noise with screaming high pitched tones where a rhythmic deep and slow bass soon sets in, disappears, returns, increases pace, disappears and returns again. Electric guitar, echo effects and sweeping sounds creates powerfully nerved effects over the slow rhythm. Black Wing Over The Sand is yet another proof of how Wolf Eyes, simultaneously looking backwards and distinctly lets themselves be influenced by the hidden musical undercurrents that lies most close to their heart, with little means and creative craftsmanship succeeds in creating something altogether new, exciting and always unexpected."
5/8/2005 Wolf Eyes Burned Mind LP $39.99 American Tapes/Hanson “A rich tapestry of wires and pedals inextricably link Wolf Eyes? Young, Dilloway and Olson, and their respective towers of homemade electronics, guitars, horns, gongs, etc. It all has fused into a single, monolithic machine-entity. Wires even slither up into their mouths for sonic purposes. It is an over-amplification of the humming spinal cord and the chatter of a billion cells sharing information. This machine-entity that Young, Dilloway and Olson have brought to life sprouts limbs and runs roughshod across America. This is the vinyl release of their new full-length CD for Sub Pop, Burned Mind. Wolf Eyes? trademark boil-bursting thud has evolved into the roar of a lithe panther with rattling jackhammers for claws. Agility and quickness are now this beasts most lethal attributes. Placed on the evolutionary charts, Burned Mind appears as the progeny of Throbbing Gristle’s Heathen Earth sound model. The complexity of muscularity and emotional range found in this Wolf Eyes release has rendered its apparent ancestry slow, clumsy and rather limited in comparison. Fuck, man, cite all the top-shelf noise and power electronics bands until you’re blue in the face - Whitehouse, New Blockaders, Nurse with Wound, whatever - but none possess the internal being of Wolf Eyes. The former were performance artists flirting with the dire circumstances of the human condition in the abstract. Wolf Eyes just ARE the dire circumstances of the modern human condition. Ever watch a movie about the future and the future is so oppressively grim, violent, foreign and insipid, that even a romance with nihilism seems way too quaint and inappropriate of a response? And then you realize we live in drastic fucking times, and Burned Mind is drastic fucking music.” - Justin F. Farrar Burned Mind was recorded from October 2003 through June 2004 primarily by the band themselves. Bill Skibbe and Jessica Ruffins recorded parts at Key Club in Benton Harbor, MI. Mixing help came from Brendan M. Gillen.
11/25/2004 Wolf Eyes Fuck Pete Larsen CD $12.99 Wabana “As a follow up to their second release 'Dread' on Bulb Records, Ann Arbor's cassette culture noise therapists hit back hard with an unofficial LP release on Bad Glue Records. Even though the band
won't take credit for the album's pointed title, they later agreed that it was very fitting. The LP was limited to 600 copies and sold out immediately. That was in the summer of 2002. This is a CD re-release of that LP which is part of Wabana's ‘Re-issue the LP’ campaign. Wolf Eyes utilize old school analog electronic equipment to lay the basic tones of their music which is then highlighted and ripped apart by electric guitar, horns, homemade noise contraptions and intense vocals. For those unfamiliar with these guys, comparisons are often drawn to Throbbing Gristle or Whitehouse. Since the release of the original LP version, Wolf Eyes have released material on Hanson Records, Troubleman, as well as turbo limited cdrs and lps on a
plethora of small underground labels.”
3/2/2005 Wolf Eyes Fuck the Old Miami 12" $13.99 Important Records "12" vinyl featuring the entire live performance on the A side and a B side etching hand carved into the original laquers by Wolf Eyes. On their home lathe Wolf Eyes cut playable grooves into and around the etching, playable at your own risk. We're not aware of any record ever released to contain a playable etching on the B side."
2/4/2007 Wolf Eyes Live Lawrence, Kansas / Chicago cassette $8.99 Fag Tapes "....live to tape recorded by juice. this tour was so fucking amazing !!! SIXES in the sound booth bitch !!! edition 77."
5/31/2009 Wolf Eyes Moods In Free Time CDR $5.99 Gods of Tundra "New tests from the Comfort Zone. Minimal distortions and disturbances..gearing up to remain always wrong."
4/19/2004 Wolf Eyes Stabbed In the Face 12" $15.99 Sub Pop “Here’s what Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore has to say about the forthcoming Wolf Eyes record: ‘The best record Sub Pop's released since ‘Touch Me I’m Sick,’ no shit. Ultra ass blasting fuck noise for a generation spooked shitless. Like mixing The Stooges and The New Blockaders in a heart full of gore. Total fucking sickboy!’ We’re not totally sure what that means either, but we’re also very excited about Wolf Eyes.” – Sub Pop. Ha!!
7/30/2006 Wolf Eyes The Driller 12" $6.99 Sub Pop "There's a new Wolf Eyes single on the horizon! "The Driller" is from the upcoming Wolf Eyes album Human Animal out Sept 26. Mixed By Aaron Dilloway and BMG." Fucked up.
4/24/2006 Wolf Eyes untitled 7" $25.99 AA Records One-sided square lathe cut 7" from Nate Young's (Wolf Eyes) AA label.
5/7/2004 Wolf Eyes & Black Dice Wolf Eyes & Black Dice CD $12.99 Fusetron "The first young shorty that ever made my preteen heart sweat at night was Brandy Salem. So fine. The stage was set for some serious 8-year-old dating action but I got snaked by this lame dude named Shawn Murphy who won Brandys eye by shuffling baseball cards faster & being a little crazier on his four-wheel green machine. It killed me ... all summer I tried to get faster on the cards & upstage everyone on the street big wheel scene, but alas, no Salem. She moved to Iowa, still think of her when that "Im in love with the sea" song comes on. Fucking Shawn.... Fast forward 21 years ... in the game of pure electronic hard-core insanity, Wolf Eyes hear rumors of this RI band of PCP chair-throwing HC yahoos who hold the crown on violence & sonic terror. Fuck that. We thought we were the end of the well in electronic napalm. This Black Dice band wanted to play in Detroit ... no one will do it. Fear of violence/death threats/general horror left them with no gig. "Why would I wanna book a band who is gonna beat up my friends?" was the local consensus. So BD get a Monday gig at Club Olson/my basement in quiet Ferndale, home to a handful of whacked out electronic misfit gigs. Neighbors of the crib being left side= young couple / right side = quiet lesbian couple with child. My cell rings nonstop days before the gig with crazed young HC fiends asking if the gig is true. I start to get nervous, then I hear they need like 30,000 watts for their gig. What the? Gig day/come home from my office job & the Dice dudes are waiting for me. These are the horrible terror junkies who stab people when they play? All I see is smiles, loafers, Bjorn playing with a kid, and starry-eyed-vacant-brain Danny. Weird. Then they load in; mounds of amplifiers, mounds. The whole basement looking like Iron Maiden was gonna play. Wolf Eyes jams, we think it is intense, whatever. Then they play ... starting with solo recorder and then / WHOA /the most violent, insane, Hiroshima tidal roar of basement sonic terror EVER. EVER. We never heard or witnessed anything so massive. We have seen the Merzbows, the Skin Crimes, the Gravitars, Youth In Asia, whatever.. This was in a totally different sound universe where the air is filled with concrete. It was louder in the street than it was in the basement black hole of sound. Imagine Black Dice playing in your fucking basement on a Monday night! Jesus. No neighbor complaints. Changed our view on sound/terror/attack. This was our challenge; meet this Dice volume unholiness on the same sonic field before Shawn Murphy & his Outlaw band does it better. Dudes were so cool two of them even slept in the basement. Awesome. So we became best friends. Nate called me at work the next morning & said "we are gonna do a record together" I laughed ... that would rule... So fast forward another two years. Here is it is. Recorded at a subterranean Chinatown studio in two days. Tons of jacked EQ, no space, cases of brew, clouds of smoke, Guinness record for most times 'Dude' was said. We met on equal ground here. Total respect/the record really sounds like the shadow of each band. It was a blast. Play it on 16 rpm in a closet and jam along with the bones of an enemy. Me, it would be playing the remains of that rat fucker Shawn Murphy, dude couldnt shake shit at this horrible eerie black pond sound." - John Olson, Wolf Eyes, October 2003. Different recordings than the American Tapes CDRs. Recorded Oct 2001. CD features 2 extra tracks.
11/20/2003 Wolf Eyes & Black Dice Wolf Eyes & Black Dice LP $19.99 Fusetron "Here is it is. Recorded at a subterranean Chinatown studio in two days. Tons of jacked EQ, no space, cases of brew, clouds of smoke, Guinness record for most times 'Dude' was said. We met on equal ground here. Total respect. The record really sounds like the shadow of each band. It was a blast. Play it on 16 rpm in a closet and jam along with the bones of an enemy. Me, it would be playing the remains of that rat fucker Shawn Murphy, dude couldn't shake shit at this horrible eerie black pond sound." - John Olson, Wolf Eyes, October 2003. Recorded Oct 2001 - different material than the limited cdr's on American Tapes.
11/4/2006 Wolf Eyes & John Wiese Equinox CD $9.99 Troniks "Equinox is the fourth collaboration between WOLF EYES and JOHN WIESE. Following several JOHN OLSON-produced releases on his American Tapes label, Equinox is the first collaborative album produced by Wiese and features the lineup of AARON DILLOWAY, John Olson, NATE YOUNG, and John Wiese. "After jamming onstage early in this period at the Casbah in San Diego and using the material to put out the "Live" 7-inch, this CD further pushes the electronic confusion hurricane into truly brain fungus clawing vine sound territory. Wieses horror/librarian approach to noise sculpture and his surgical skillz at scattering sound is fully matched and paired with the lurking, sweating Anti-Intelligence live Wolf Bombast. Including totally strange piece with the crew watching fireworks in Echo Park and chuckling it up with brews in hand after a three hour drive from homeland Michigan. Hopefully your CD player in car will spit this disgusting sound platter back at you to stuff inside a lacquered decay piece of road killed raspberry splatter babies."
12/4/2003 Wolf Eyes & John Wiese Live San Diego 2003 7" $24.99 American Tapes "Finally out, Two sides of live death -ray hollowness captured raw in the horrible city of San Diego at the Casbah. Side one is stow away tone skull drift, thick & eerie. Side two is a crunching version of ‘Reign of Terror,’ & ends with a violent clip from the notorious MPLS Church riot gig. The amazing & death serious ex-Youth of Today Wiese plays all handmade tone generators on both tracks. Split release with the killer Helicopter label, was gonna be screened but due to the gnarly cover & tough back photo of the jam boyz, had to go with the Copy Max Xerox, but still hand-painted & primitive. Edition of 400, numbered. Third Wolf collab, Smegma one out in a week or so on Destijl."
5/14/2007 Wolf Eyes / Failing Lights / Spykes / Nate Young untitled double LP picture disc $24.99 Troubleman Unlimited Also known as the 'solo' record. This is a reissue of a double cassette that came out a while ago on Gods Of Tundra. Each member of Wolf Eyes does a side solo, and then the band does a tune together. Failing Lights = Mike, Spykes = John, Nate Young = Nate, Wolf Eyes = Wolf Eyes. Intense double picture disk LP housed in plain black gatefold cover. Ltd to 1000 copies."
9/17/2006 Wolf Eyes / Grey Daturas The Black Plague CD $16.99 Heathen Skulls "To coincide with their Australian Tour together, Industrial Noise pioneers Wolf Eyes (Detroit, USA) & Art Noise Rockers Grey Daturas (Melbourne, Australia) have recorded a number of exclusive tracks each for a Limited Edition (1000 copies only) Split Tour CD entitled The Black Plague. Released by Melbourne label Heathen Skulls, the Australian CD version of the Split Tour EP is packaged in a dark black deluxe Digi Pack. All 8 tracks presented by Wolf Eyes and Grey Daturas on this EP give you a taste of things to come, as both artists have new Albums out later in the year."

Wolf Eyes / Nautical Almanac split LP $49.99 Hanson Edition of 300. Side A recorded and mixed Winter 1998. Side B recorded December 1998 by Jeffery Fisher and Carbon at Saloon Inviblee, Chicago, also Jan 1999 in Studio Jeffery, Chicago. Super rare!
12/26/2005 Wolf Eyes / Prurient The Warriors CD $12.99 Hospital Productions 2005 release (already out of print) featuring the current Wolf Eyes lineup of Young, Olson and Connelly and the brutal noise from Prurient's Dominick Fernow. Nice!
4/25/2008 Wolf Eyes / Sickness There Is A Part Of Me That You Will Never Know LP $15.99 Hospital Productions "Hospital Productions is proud to release the first ever collaboration between these two legends, Wolf Eyes and Sickness. This is not haphazard but a symbiotic collaboration bridging distant roads. This full length LP is a dark casket of scorched earth sounds, the remains of the cracks at the after shock of discovery. Reminding us of the peaks in either artists catalog There Is A Part Of Me That You Will Never Know processes the deepest sounds of these four masters in a haze of lone atmosphere and true noise. This is not not a terror shock, this is the end."
11/23/2004 Wolf Eyes / Smegma The Beast CD $12.99 De Stijl "Smegma man, fucking Smegma. They started the whole damn thing. Sure there was Lee Rocky & some soundeffects 78s that set the crew in motion but screw it.. you wouldn't be blasting The Beast or any Weird Handdrawn LP with rotten ears if it wasn't for this truly motley crew. In high school my sweet momma would give me ten bones a week for lunch, come Monday by noon that shit was blown at the local rec shop. When I only had a couple of raggedy bux left from gripping Zorlac stickers, the only option was the dollar bin at the store. It was there that John Bender, Haystacks Balboa, Nik Reicnek, & Peter Catham LPs blew open my teen mind to the netherworlds. Among the giants was this homemade wreckord by Ju Suk Reet Meat. Looked amazing.. had no idea. Threw it on for nearly every day since. Mutant loops, improv from alien swamp prom & deviant horrible ideas. Changed my life. Just what a young mind needed to replace the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Found out later it was from the Smegma camp, a strange unknown mystery troupe from Portland. No photos ever... just a numbling clip on a RRR comp video Lessard gave me & Dilloway, a tunnel view into the spiritual mecca that would the Smegma klan. Before the first Wolf jaunt out west we dropped them a postcard saying it would be good to meet. Soon it mangled into a recording session. We would be so honored. The day came. The Smegma house, totally pink, queued us in to rainy green Portland. We knocked. A femme voice said through the door, 'use the bell'. Nate pushed it and out came a gargled electronic siren. The door opened, Rock 'n Roll Jackie, 5 foot tall, grinning & long beautiful grey hair. We all fell in love. Soon after we meet Ju Suk & one by one slowly met all the Smegmas in one of the strangest nights ever. Burned Mind, Meltzer, Stan, Amazon Bambi, others. All weird as hell, checking us as much as us checking them. Yep, this is who we wanted to be with the rest of our lives... the Michigan crew had never been so inspired & moved but by this unholy blending of mutant minds... So we jammed. It was fucking amazing. Here are the results. Every year we are going to see them & hang like the best friend weirdo family. A total pilgrimage. Nate & I once got so blasted from Portland cloud that we projected that Smegma has always existed, ever since the beginning of time. Someone will always carry it on... might be this dude in Ypsi who has no face. Really. No nose, barely a mouth, always has a broken arm or something.. smells like shit. Dude is totally in Smegma. Fucking life rules." - John Olson
7/16/2006 Wolf Eyes / The Skull Defekts Yes, I Am Your Angel LP $17.99 Fang Bomb "A dark split LP battle featuring noise gigants Wolf Eyes and experienced Swedish newcomers The Skull Defekts. Wolf Eyes needs no further introduction, and neither would The Skull Defekts, had you already known the musical history of these men, ranging from Union Carbide Productions and Kid Commando to Alvars Orkester, as well as Anticimex, Cortex, and Lucky People Center. Hear feedback and rhythm merge and/or collide, slowly." A recorded by Wolf Eyes. B recorded by Henrik Rylander & Joachim Nordwall in Studio Dental,
Göteborg, Sweden on January 11, 2006. Pressed on white vinyl.
12/24/2005 Wolf in the Breast Wolf in the Breast cassette $6.99 Skullfucking Tapes "Rural Wisconsin mystery gang appeared near the center of the city to stage outdoor ritual here captured on cassette."
5/5/2015 Wolfman Stuey & Big Fat Raro / Hologram Heart Comet Lovejoy / Sandman lathe cut 7" $16.99 Root Don Lonie For Cash "From the crazy hot southern summer city of Otepoti/Dunedin techno pyramid freeks electronically subvert & overgrow & bounce & lull. We are family, sharing gear & beeps & beats, lovingly crafted onto lathe record, rood on lonie is stoked to be releasing this for the Dunedin Fringe Festival where Wolfman Stuey & Big Fat Raro are doing a release gig at the Community Gallery on Princess St. Copies will be for sale, ltd to 20 or so. Now you know, levitate & prosper!"
10/25/2008 Wolfmangler Cooking With Wolves LP $17.99 Black Horizons "This is the vinyl edition of Wolfmangler's CD release on Digitalis Industries, minus the bonus tracks. The core tracks of the release make for a perfect LP. This has been extensively written up all over the place, so I won't go into detail, expect avant folk by way of doom metal depression. All acoustic. Packaged in a silkscreened glue pocket sleeve, red and silver on black stock, same as the CD version, but with expanded art. Includes 3 inserts, screened in the same colors with printed labels. Edition of 500, 250 on black and 250 on red."
11/4/2006 Wolfmangler Dwelling in a Dead Raven for the Glory of Crucified Wolves CD $13.99 Aurora Borealis "Smolken of DEAD RAVEN CHOIR returns with 6 forest dirges. Perhaps even more lumbering and grim than the acclaimed split with MOSS? 'Dwelling in a Dead Raven for the Glory of Crucified Wolves' "follows the chamber doom quartet lineage of their previous releases, the bass/bass/double bass here being augmented by what sounds like a flute and maybe a French horn. And a big drum. The drum and flute give songs...an almost Korean court music feel, but the French horn pulls the soupy bass throb closer to Noggin The Nog territory. There's also a kind of Ray Harryhausen feel, something reminescent of the awakening of a plasticine dragon or the approach of clunkily animated skeletons holding swords, maybe one skelly has one of those spiky ball and chain thingies. If you could sonically render the effect of heavy rags being hypnotically stirred into a cauldron of molten pitch with a severed antler this is the sound you would get. " - PLAN B magazine. Cover art by ALEXANDER TUCKER.
5/16/2010 Wolfmangler They Call Us Naughty Wolves CD $13.99 God Is Myth "D. Smolken returns to the God is Myth stable in the form of his slow, grim & noisy chamber doom outfit Wolfmangler. With the spirit of past Wolfmangler releases where covers of folk songs, classical music pieces and jazz standards are the main lifeblood, this latest work entitled "They Call Us Naughty Wolves" is the bands unique take on pop music from yesteryear. The results are very much remniscent of a blackened burlesque chamber ensemble funneled through a broken radio in a post-apocalyptic wasteland picking up distorted pieces of hits from the 1930s."
8/17/2013 Wolfskull Stink Void c90 cassette + download $8.49 Dub Ditch Picnic "This is some heavy, heavy shit. Not heavy in stacks-of-amps, doom sort of way — though you will feel doomed while listening to this best-of collection. New Zealand's Wolfskull are heavy in the sense that if you heard this oozing out of your cousin's basement bedroom you'd immediately hold an intervention. Muttered vocals, wandering guitar lines and plenty of bad vibes, Wolfskull are audio equivalent to that small town that you just keep driving through, even though you're already running fumes. This is what they do. This is what they sound like. This anthology culls together the band's best tracks, chosen by Wolfskull (and Root Don Lonie for Cash) member Clayton Noone is a harrowing listen that evokes strange forest rituals and small-town inhabitants gone mad from the heat." Edition of 100 copies. Sample here: http://soundcloud.com/crizwell/sets/wolfskull-stink-void
11/21/2009 Woman's Skin "...Is Seen Thru..." CDR $9.99 American Tapes "Ugggh.....just a creepin creepy image there. This new anti-tone unit is, sadly to say anti BLACKHAWK. If you have seen a mug in the last half a year, chances are: you've either seen or chilled in the zone whip supreme THE BLACK HAWK. The Hawk is down, it
wants to work with you, take your crew there, be along for the good times, road style. BUT: It HATES Woman's Skin: Everytime I bump it, the audio system shuts down. Dead. Has to restart. TERRIBLE TONES. Sharp cuts. NOISE. LOUD. Woman's Skin: Cant be Played in the BLACK HAWK. Its like Waves cousin from up north, with OCD and Restless Leg Syndrome, speaking at an engagement w/o a PA and screaming loud. Nasty! Seen Thru but not seen in the HAWK!! Maybe your ride is more accommodating. Could only be on CD b/cause of shriek factor. Color covers, edition of 30, numbered."
7/16/2004 Womb Womb LP $17.99 Eclipse Improvised free jazz from San Diego featuring Josh Quon (satellite member of Upsilon Acrux and member of Children of Gauhd), Christopher Williams (just released duo CD with Derek Bailey on Incus / Compatible), Ray Raposa (the creative impetus of the Castanets, with an album out on Asthmatic Kitty in the fall), Dan Bryant (member of the Skaters), Ilya Monosov (various solo and collaborative releases - plays guitar and vibes on this LP), as well as Connor Kirkwood and Gabe Sundy. Limited edition of 200 copies with full color front and back 12" x 12" inserts not attached to a plain white jacket inside a resealable plastic sleeve.
5/14/2007 Women in Tragedy Constellations CDR $13.99 Cut Hands "Twilight drone damage to rock out to from one of the most promising dudes to come out of Canada. Some of these pieces stretch from ecstatic Mouthus junk to drugged out Skaters vibes. Beautiful slowmo build ups with Klaus Schulze like organ tones, drifting vocal bliss and even some textured harshness to highlight this guy's versatility. Limited to 40 numbered copies in plastic vinyl sleeves with paint splattered covers."
10/25/2008 Women In Tragedy Total Fucking Romance LP $16.99 Music Fellowship "Coming out of the dank dark testosterone-fueled underbelly of noise, Bob McCully's Women In Tragedy project offers a skewed perspective in that he is kind of a softy. His music sits nicely beside the post-Wolf Eyes noise/industrial/drone genre that focuses on depravity and doom which includes acts like Robedoor, Prurient, Hive Mind, etc. However, McCully takes his name from a series of Lars von Trier movies: Breaking the Waves, The Idiots, and Dancer in the Dark, and this sort of sensitive and woeful take on people in extreme agony is just as evident in his music as the horror film torturer's glee that is common to the genre. Kneeling over a vast array of distortion pedals and processors, he pipes in synthesizers, guitars, and screams to create thick, harsh sounding loops and walls of sound. The emotional warmth evident despite the deafening buzz and crumble gives the project a Jesu or Nadja-like intamcy and immediacy. Limited to 300 LPs, Total Fucking Romance is Women In Tragedy's first mass produced album after dozens of earlier long gone limited edition releases on a wide array of both important and unknown microlabels, including Ruralfaune, Cut Hands, Turgid Animal, Long Long Chaney, Middle James Co., Brise Cul, and others, including a split cassette with Mouthus on the Wintage label. Being his first major release, Total Fucking Romance is Women In Tragedy's most thoughtfully planned and executed work yet. Half of the album delves into more structured "pop" terrain, using rigid drum patterns and heavy rock melodies, while the other half swims in his usual free drone psychedelia. Both styles still sound uniquely Women In Tragedy - a big, multilayered sound of bells and buzzsaws perfect for headphone-based sensory overload."
2/23/2004 Wood, Bill / Fredrik Ness Sevendal Song of Degrees LP $19.99 Humbug "Collaboration between New Zealand's Bill Wood (1/3 Octave Band)and Norway's Fredrik Ness Sevendal (Slowburn, sometime DEL member,etc). Both have pursued impressive anti-careers, dabbling with homespun guitar abstraction which they've taken to new ends here...."Song of Degrees" is an out-in-the-open navigation through alien swamp-blues, shimmering drones, churning, slow-burning feedback, gritty textures....we're pretty excited about this one, our first LP release! Ends with a solo track from each. 200 copies made - numbered."
12/25/2005 Wood, Cameron Cameron Wood 3" CDR $7.99 Rhizome "Modern fog banks from reclusive guitar king. Think Ashtray Navigations, Total etc.. The real mist. Ltd to 50, no repress."
3/3/2005 Wooden Cupboard, The Animals Speak The Spirit Tongue CDR $9.99 267 Lattajjaa "Ritualistic psychedelia, includes an insert. This recording dries the blood off the dark forest with candles, then unearths the lead goblet where animals speak to spirits and trees." "The moral to Animals Speak the Spirit Tongue is that you have to do a lot of mediation before you can achieve Zen. The album's first three songs and 18 minutes are relatively confrontational and atonal, but once you break through those songs, the last six minutes are beauty and bliss. The album starts with 'Crystal Agony' where sustained tones from feedback create an Eastern European folk vibe. The clarinet creates a slide-whistle type sound as tribal hand-drumming and distorted chants and ohhms create tension. This tension gives way to 'Eternities Diamond Prison Syst,' where muted screams, scratches, and banging haunt the space. 'Enternity Has a Landlord' begins the transcendence, as chimes and meditative guitar create pleasant tones underneath a hailstorm of clatter. The last two songs, 'Spirits and Retribution' and 'Walkin' Gilded Coals,' are the blissful end to the album. In the first, a fluttery flute floats on top of a bellowing cloud of keyboards. The soft sounds melt into each other, creating a gentle, free glide. In the latter, a clutter of clanging keyboards, chimes, and metal percussion creates a dense but pleasant bed of texture. The wyrd folk version of 'Acknowledgement'/'Resolution'/'Pursuance'/'Psalm'? 10/12' - Jim Steed, Fakejazz
9/15/2004 Wooden Cupboard, The Boiling the Animal in the Sky 3" CDR $9.99 Pseudo Arcana "One of the most exciting listens I've had this year was the Skaters and Wooden Cupboard releases that have come out on Nature Tape Limb. I'm still unsure exactly how many people are involved in these particular projects but they sure manage to make a hell of a joyous and utterly insane ecstatic racket on their disks. The overall sound they capture is reminiscent of the recordings by Angus MacLise of tripping screaming hippies involved in dodgy rituals in Nepal in the early 70s, with crazy drumming and loops of lo-fi noise, except that rather than hippies it sounds more the ritual is being conducted by a cult of hyperactive and demonic elves... But its GOOD! Extraordinarily energising music and one of my all time faves for the label so far."
7/16/2006 Wooden Wand From the road Vol 4 Goat General and other Delusions CDR $9.99 23 Productions "The best moments from two killer solo performances by Wooden Wand. Here we have just the man alone (acoustic guitar and voice) performing many new songs including a few of his best unreleased tracks, songs from the upcoming "Second Attention" and beyond, a rare cover and even a few old standbys. A mellow and intimate encounter with one of the finest of
modern American songwriters."
9/30/2005 Wooden Wand Harem Of The Sundrum & The Witness Figg CD $11.99 Soft Abuse "Wooden Wand's first album as a solo artist (he regularly records and tours with bongtastic loft-psych champions The Vanishing Voice) is influenced in equal parts by legendary hedonists Fleetwood Mac and West Coast sad sac Judee Sill. The intention to create something timeless and ageless informs each note of the music, for better or worse. For those of you subscribing to the 'art as immortality' school of thought, consider this Wooden Wand's first mark, his initial score against the reaper." Recommended!
10/20/2011 Wooden Wand My Week Beats Your Year LP $18.99 Great Pop Supplement "The latest in a very long line of essential releases from James Jackson Toth, sees this brand new collection for The GPS. Following 2 treasures from the mighty Wand canon previously released on the label over the last 3 years. "My Week Beats Your Year" acts as a follow up to fans favourite "Born Bad" released 2 years ago on Mad Monk / People In A Position To Know. A collection of home recordings and demos from various points since 2002 to the present. An intimate, up close, occasionally stark collection of late night blues, and darkside musings that somehow manage to yet again raise the songwriting bar within the Wand catalogue- (check out "Tribulation Fear" and "Pale Fire"). Includes one of his most in yr face, confessional tracks ever put to wax- an ace take on Jimmy Rogers' "Sloppy Drunk". An utterly fabulous collection in a sleeve to match- beautiful inside and out pro printed jackets, and brown 70s French lined inners- a killer LP in an edition of 400 numbered copies."
6/5/2005 Wooden Wand & Satya Sai Baba Play Moray Elk Themes CDR $12.99 Gold Soundz "A new trippy wooze from the masters of fake ESP-folk snooze. 4 slices of warped psychedelics that transforms yr skull vibes to jelly. Edition of 100 copies."
11/10/2011 Wooden Wand & The Briarwood Virgins Briarwood LP $14.99 Mad Monk / People In A Position To Know "Limited to only 500 copies, this LP version of the new album by WOODEN WAND is being released by Fire Records in the UK on CD (and eventually, a vinyl reissue), but this version is the 'homegrown' DIY style, with Office Max printed inserts and marble-y swirl purple vinyl. Further alienating those who would just as soon attend a Renaissance Fair as they would a gig, this album is WW at his most 'rock and roll' - a valentine to trad rock (only one track of acoustic guitar on the whole record) - no honey straws here. Features a cover of Jim Ford's "Big Mouth USA" and longtime crowd favorite "The DNR Waltz." Tube sizzlin' good times. Bottom's up!"
2/23/2004 Wooden Wand & The Vanishing Voice Angel Hair CDR $9.99 Chocolate Monk "Face tripping you since the Golden Calves went up in a puff of rink-smoke? Then worry not as many of the players from that stinkship are back with Wooden Wand & The Vanishing Voice. The spirit is there but the skulls are way more warped, like ESP-folkies pulling on the hate chain."
9/30/2005 Wooden Wand & the Vanishing Voice Earth and Turf CDR $15.99 Polyamory "Earth and Turf consists of brand new studio and live recordings by the unstoppable force known as WWVV. Included is live favorite 'Don't Love The Liar' among others. Exclusive tracks, none of which will appear on any of the band's seven hundred upcoming 'legit' releases. Features the core group of H Reality, The Harvester, Glucas Crane, Satya Sky, Wand Jehovah, and Pete Nolan, as well as special guests. Split label release with the band's own WWVV imprint. Hand painted covers by the band."
12/25/2005 Wooden Wand & The Vanishing Voice The Flood CD $11.99 Troubleman Unlimited "A brand new album from enigmatic psychedelic-folk do-gooders Wooden Wand & The Vanishing Voice, and the group’s most collaborative release in their prolific and ever-evolving career. On The Flood, the group continues their twisted and droning take on proto-spiritual, cryptic, folkisms, maintaining the ideals of goodness and decency they’re known for." Recommended!
12/26/2005 Wooden Wand & The Vanishing Voice The Flood LP $11.99 Troubleman Unlimited "A brand new album from enigmatic psychedelic-folk do-gooders Wooden Wand & The Vanishing Voice, and the group's most collaborative release in their prolific and ever-evolving career. On The Flood, the group continues their twisted and droning take on proto-spiritual, cryptic, folkisms, maintaining the ideals of goodness and decency they're known for." Highly recommended!
9/30/2005 Wooden Wand & The Vanishing Voice Xiao CD $11.99 Troubleman Unlimited "Wooden Wand & The Vanishing Voice is a geographically scattered band of individuals seeking to undermine the grotesque banality of group-based music by utilizing sacred tools (country, folk, blues) and applying to all an 'anything goes' ethos. But to call them 'improvisers' is redundant - the group feels that everyone improvises at least once. Better, they are a close knit group of fantasy camp survivalists. Together they solicit sympathetic bodies and minds to assist in The Great Lift Up, wringing new and spectacular bounties from the omnifaceted modern collective spirit. Plainly, this is soul music. Those who know don?t say - those who say don't know." First time available on cd.
9/30/2005 Wooden Wand & The Vanishing Voice Xiao LP $11.99 Troubleman Unlimited "Wooden Wand & The Vanishing Voice is a geographically scattered band of individuals seeking to undermine the grotesque banality of group-based music by utilizing sacred tools (country, folk, blues) and applying to all an 'anything goes' ethos. But to call them 'improvisers' is redundant - the group feels that everyone improvises at least once. Better, they are a close knit group of fantasy camp survivalists. Together they solicit sympathetic bodies and minds to assist in The Great Lift Up, wringing new and spectacular bounties from the omnifaceted modern collective spirit. Plainly, this is soul music. Those who know don?t say - those who say don't know." Reissue of vinyl pressing DeStijl released in 2004.

Wooden Wand / Catherine Irwin Sing The Songs of Hazel Dickens 7" $6.49 PIAPTK "Title says it all. WW and C.I play their fave Hazel Dickens songs. Wild packaging."
4/24/2006 Wooden Wand / Hush Arbors / Satya Sai Tour Spring 2006 CDR $15.99
"Totally homegrown song-based split release by this group of Knoxville pals and collaborators, featuring Wooden Wand, Satya Sai (Vanishing Voice, Totem, Oath), and Keith Wood (Hush Arbors, Sunburned Hand of the Man, Six Organs of Admittance) to raise funds and to commemorate the trio's upcoming spring tour with John Vanderslice. Cover songs, group jams, and exclusive tracks. Edition of 200 copies - no repress, no reissues. I'd hurry." Recommended!
9/17/2006 Wooden Wand and the Sky High Band Second Attention CD $14.99 Kill Rock Stars "Possessed with the heart and soul of Neils both Hagerty and Young, Wooden Wand leads the band - featuring members of Skygreen Leopards, The Vanishing Voice and Davenport - through ten rollicking tunes that recall such cracked masterpieces as Tonight's The Night and Mendocino. Wand has become somewhat well known in certain circles for his surreal lyrical imagery, an uppity blend as informed by Robyn Hitchcock as by the Zimmer Man himself, and on Second Attention, he spares no detail, whether discussing the pitfalls of the American idealist, sneakily tossing in references to Alexander Jodorowsky films, or weighing in on Stanley Burroughs' controversial guide to fasting, The Master Cleanser. But to what do we owe this newfound barbarism, this unhinged performance that has no precedent on any of Wand's previous sides? Is it the rubber-legged and starry eyed band that's to blame for leading our fearless narrator into the dark rock and roll abyss? Or perhaps it was the surroundings themselves that caused the mostly urbane Wand to rebel against the distinctly beauteous and pastoral? Maybe the whole godforsaken gang just spent too much time listening to - and possible misinterpreting - Songs of Love and Hate? No matter. There is beauty in the periphery but more in the small details. Second Attention is where East truly meets West. Where the shimmer suddenly gets grimmer. Sunshine meets grease. It will likely be remembered as the album that remains after any and all 'movements' inevitably move on. Or, perhaps more to the point - to paraphrase the late, great Townes Van Zandt - don't let the sunshine fool ya, motherfucker."
9/17/2006 Wooden Wand and the Sky High Band Second Attention LP $13.99 Kill Rock Stars "Possessed with the heart and soul of Neils both Hagerty and Young, Wooden Wand leads the band - featuring members of Skygreen Leopards, The Vanishing Voice and Davenport - through ten rollicking tunes that recall such cracked masterpieces as Tonight's The Night and Mendocino. Wand has become somewhat well known in certain circles for his surreal lyrical imagery, an uppity blend as informed by Robyn Hitchcock as by the Zimmer Man himself, and on Second Attention, he spares no detail, whether discussing the pitfalls of the American idealist, sneakily tossing in references to Alexander Jodorowsky films, or weighing in on Stanley Burroughs' controversial guide to fasting, The Master Cleanser. But to what do we owe this newfound barbarism, this unhinged performance that has no precedent on any of Wand's previous sides? Is it the rubber-legged and starry eyed band that's to blame for leading our fearless narrator into the dark rock and roll abyss? Or perhaps it was the surroundings themselves that caused the mostly urbane Wand to rebel against the distinctly beauteous and pastoral? Maybe the whole godforsaken gang just spent too much time listening to - and possible misinterpreting - Songs of Love and Hate? No matter. There is beauty in the periphery but more in the small details. Second Attention is where East truly meets West. Where the shimmer suddenly gets grimmer. Sunshine meets grease. It will likely be remembered as the album that remains after any and all 'movements' inevitably move on. Or, perhaps more to the point - to paraphrase the late, great Townes Van Zandt - don't let the sunshine fool ya, motherfucker."
12/24/2005 Wooden Wand and the Vanishing Voice Buck Dharma CD $15.99 5 Rue Christine "The latest from mysterious New York-based collective WOODEN WAND AND THE VANISHING VOICE. Nine tracks of cryptic, proto-spiritual, emotionally bare, brashly exuberant, and completely entrancing cosmic/karmic folk/psych magic." Killer! Superior vinyl version also available on Time-Lag Records.
6/11/2006 Wooden Wand and the Vanishing Voice From the Road, Vol 2: The Philosophy of Fuck It CDR $10.99 23 Productions "Very thrilling and energetic set from WWVV, 45 minutes of blasting psychedelic madness. Raging rhythms, long fuzzed out guitar solos, spirit voices, poetry rants, crippled boogie, lost groups chants, blissed blues journeys, feedback trances, hootin and hollerin, and a fuck all version of "The Flood" tacked on at the end. This WWVV jam really gets us moving, reminding us of every reason why we fell in love with this band; easily one of their most compelling and intense workouts of 2005."
6/11/2006 Wooden Wand and the Vanishing Voice From The Road, Vol. 3: Dead Lecturing 7.20.2005 CDR $10.99 23 Productions "We've really been soaking up these mid to late 2005 era jams. The band started this ridiculously long tour, hoping to play many of Wooden Wands songs mixed with the occasional jam. After many long nights on the road, some of WWVVs most cerebral and far out moments started to surface. As we are going through the tapes from this tour, it has become apparent that these kids may have come damn close to losing their minds on this tour. Well, this disc is from one hot night in NYC, it is the first day of the last week of a two month long tour and WWVV take to the stage at Tonic and drop this dead lecture. Starting out with a stunning version of "Genesis Joplin", featuring Satya Sais beautiful voice soaring above the din. Then they all flow out into a deep zone jam made up of some of the most sparse and meandering stuff weve ever heard them do. Then, right about the time you become convinced that WWVV have forgotten they are on a stage, in front of a packed house, Wooden Wand grabs the mic and just looses it. I cant spoil it further, but we could not avoid including this unique moment in the series. 36 minutes of straight heavy tension. Enjoy!" - 23 Productions.
2/26/2006 Wooden Wand and the Vanishing Voice Gipsy Freedom CD $15.99 5 Rue Christine "Gipsy Freedom is the sound of the band combining their influences more fluently than ever before. While past releases saw the band's avant folk dosed somewhat conservatively with the blues, free jazz, heavy psych and metal, Gipsy Freedom brings these other, non-folk elements to the fore and generally turns the volume up. You may hear the faint echoes of "Island Harvest" era Albert Ayler on one track, Iommi-derived riffage on the next, torch songs that sound torn straight from the Gershwin songbook on the next, and Can-style epic grooves on the next. Radically different, yet sustaining the band's high level of musical and thematic consistency, Gipsy Freedom is the sound of a band breaking out of the box and using the discarded shapes to construct strange new universes."
2/26/2006 Wooden Wand and the Vanishing Voice Gipsy Freedom double LP $15.99 5 Rue Christine "Gipsy Freedom is the sound of the band combining their influences more fluently than ever before. While past releases saw the band's avant folk dosed somewhat conservatively with the blues, free jazz, heavy psych and metal, Gipsy Freedom brings these other, non-folk elements to the fore and generally turns the volume up. You may hear the faint echoes of "Island Harvest" era Albert Ayler on one track, Iommi-derived riffage on the next, torch songs that sound torn straight from the Gershwin songbook on the next, and Can-style epic grooves on the next. Radically different, yet sustaining the band's high level of musical and thematic consistency, Gipsy Freedom is the sound of a band breaking out of the box and using the discarded shapes to construct strange new universes."
5/8/2005 Wooden Wand and the Vanishing Voice L'un Marquer Contre la Moissonneuse CD $13.99 Three Lobed Recordings "Over the course of their recording career, Wooden Wand And The Vanishing Voice have proven to be a multi-faceted and difficult to define. They have successfully allowed the body of their work to be cryptic, proto-spiritual, emotionally bare, brashly exuberant and, throughout it all, completely entrancing. L'un Marquer Contre la Moissonneuse is an exploration of the goodness inherent in the human heart and how that decency can help transform the world into a better place. Sound grandiose? Well, revolutions do begin with ambition. Long-held beliefs state that every morning that one rises from bed they have cheated Death once more through the grace of God. Through the extension of this theme, every good deed a person performs during those waking hours may very likely stand as a mark against the Reaper on the great cosmic score sheet."
3/26/2006 Wooden Wand and the Vanishing Voice Live From the Road: Born Free (6.12.05 Columbia, MO) CDR $10.99 23 Productions "40 minutes of psychedelic musings and mystic rambling by the band just after recording their amazing new "Gipsy Freedom " 2xLP. this first edition is a cdr limited to 277 copies." Recommended!
5/9/2009 Woods Dark 7" $6.99 Captured "Two great songs from one great band." Very limited stock.
6/19/2007 Woods Ram 7" $5.99 Gilgongo Records "Half of the beyond rad NYC band MENEGUAR (though everyone helps out on this recording)! Precise songwriting meets mind-expanding experimental folk. Beautifully recorded follow up to their double cassette on Fuck It Tapes and much more "song" oriented than their material on the already out of print split LP with Raccoo-oo-oon. Beyond intense full color art with a ram emerging from the dark, shady woods! For fans of everything from Amps for Christ to Little Wings to Wooden Wand."
5/4/2011 Woods Smoker's Choice Live Vol. 1 Blue-Bootleg c40 cassette $9.99 Medusa "33 minutes. Recorded by Ayal Senior on 5.21.09, The Casbah, Hamilton, 8.8.09, Sneaky Dee's, Toronto, ON and 3.14.10, The Horseshoe, Toronto. A surprising, psych'd out, undocumented side of Woods that will draw you closer to the mysterious center of this most beloved of bands. 5 tracks of extended jammerz featuring the songs you know and love. Comes with three silk-screen photo trading cards of the band. Collect 'em all! ultra-ridiculous 25 copies only!"
4/21/2008 Woods Family Creeps Woods Family Creeps CD $13.99 Time-Lag Records "Digital version Red Records 2. Newest incarnation of NYC's wondrous Woods, as the trio of Jeremy Earl, Jarvis Taveniere, and G Lucas Crane. For sure the finest yet from these folks. Lysergic and infectiously bent acid-folk mashed into Faust IV style electronically dosed pop grooving, all awash in odd studio effects, motorik percussion, cracked fuzz, unique vocal gush, twisted lyrics, and burning psych jams. Plus enough sweet hooks to get yr next freak-out party moving right. Hell yes, it's a wicked one. Sweet glossy mini LP style gatefold covers. Woven Japanese inner sleeves. Edition of 1000."
12/2/2008 Woods Family Creeps Woods Family Creeps LP $15.99 Time-Lag Records / Woodsist "New vinyl edition of the instantly sold-out Red Record first edition, co-released with the Woodsist label. Newest incarnation of NYC's wondrous Woods, as the trio of Jeremy Earl, Jarvis Taveniere, and G Lucas Crane. For sure, the finest yet from these folks. Lysergic and infectiously bent acid-folk mashed into Faust IV-style electronically dosed pop grooving, all awash in odd studio effects, motorik percussion, cracked fuzz, unique vocal gush, twisted lyrics, and burning psych jams. Plus enough sweet hooks to get yr next freak-out party moving right. Hell yes, it's a wicked one. 140 gram black vinyl packaged in a heavy '60s style cover with insert. Edition of 1000 copies."
4/11/2008 Woods Family Creeps Woods Family Creeps LP $39.99 Time-Lag Records "Red Records 2... newest incarnation of nyc's wondrous woods, as the trio of jeremy earl, jarvis taveniere, and g lucas crane. for sure the finest yet from these folks... lysergic & infectiously bent acidfolk mashed into faust IV style electronically dosed pop grooving, all awash in odd studio effects, motorik percussion, cracked fuzz, unique vocal gush, twisted lyrics, and burning psych jams... plus enough sweet hooks to get yr next freakout party moving right. hell yes, its a wicked one... lusciously hand packaged in a custom black art paper heavy 60s style gatefold cover with full size, full color paste-on front photo artwork, black on black screen printed back cover & interior, printed labels, hand stamped spine, and pressed on 180gm bright red vinyl. hand numbered limited edition of 300 copies."
3/11/2012 Woods, Eddie The Faerie Princess & Other Poems cassette $8.99 Sloow Tapes "Eddie Woods (aka 'the Gangster Poet') was born and raised in New York City. In 1960 he joined the US Air Force for a four-year stint in order to see Europe and experience an earthier way of life than was possible in America. Throughout the 1960s and 70s he lived and traveled in various parts of the world, East and West. Since 1978 he has resided mainly in Amsterdam. That same year, together with Jane Harvey, he started the literary magazine Ins & Outs and later founded Ins & Outs Press. Among the many writers and artists they published were Allen Ginsberg, William Levy, Ira Cohen, Rachel Pollack, Jack Micheline, Diana Blok & Marlo Broekmans, Mel Clay, Jan Kerouac, Harold Norse, Heathcote Williams, Hans Plomp and Simon Vinkenoog. Inspired by both Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings and the Shakti power of the Hindu goddess Maha Kali, in 1977 (in London) Eddie wrote "The Faerie Princess," an erotic fairy tale in verse depicting the fantastical adventures of a lovely wood nymph in a future primeval setting. By contrast, his "The Second Coming of Kali" is a quasi-surrealistic sexual autobiography until age 37. Begun in Kathmandu in early 1976, worked on in San Francisco later that year, it was completed in London in 1977. Wholly dedicated to Divine Mother, it also portrays an intense spiritual journey and awakening. This is its first-ever public recitation. The other 11 poems are equally sensual. Edition of 100 copies."
7/16/2009 Work / Death Contained In Proper Place Names c24 cassette $6.99 Monorail Trespassing "Reber can do no wrong. synthesizer processes that reach a near-orchestral level; a rich and multi-dimensional work of pure and emotional noise rarely seen now -- or ever. still the most unique project out there. 100 copies, full color covers and glossy labels."
7/30/2010 Work/Death Tender Comrades CD $10.99 Semata Productions "Providence, Rhode Island based Work/Death, operated by Scott Reber, is an intersection of musique concrete, electro-acoustic improv and composition, field recording, drone, harsh noise, physical performance, and the pop song. As the name suggests it is a labor of determination, focus, and quality accumulating over a lifetime. For the past 10 years he has synthesized sounds of the 20th century. His multimodal composition process navigates effortlessly between the intellectualist Avant Garde and the noise underground with its violent removal of musical structures. Paraphrasing Reber himself, "David Tudor or Alvin Lucier as prototype wall noise via early mapping of crunch, crumble, cracks, crackle, ruptures, space, and moving air that would later be central to The Rita, Macronympha." Each Work/Death release, previously on labels such as Hospital, Monorail Trespassing, Ekhein, ect. gives the listener an entry point to his exploration of a time, location, frequency or state of anxiety. 'Tender Comrades' his first official full length is his strongest statement yet. Unapologetic harmonic/melodic moves surfacing through and being submerged by waves of white noise. 'Tender Comrades' is drenched in sweat, performed with piano, upright bass, guitar, machine, midi programming, cassette manipulation, synthesizer, his body, hiss, crackle, melody, hope and possibility. This is harsh noise composition, conceptual high volume, the aurality of negative space, the physicality of sound - filling rooms, bodies. Work/Death exemplifies the subtlety of pain and the intensity of tenderness. Garbage in. Garbage out. Edition of 500: pro replicated compact discs housed in a deluxe full color digipak, shrink-wrapped."
3/27/2004 Workbench 20:00 CDR $12.99 Heavy Conversation Mike Bernstein from Double Leopards home recording project, headphones and four track style, straight live and no overdubs. Broken records, feedback, and of course, tons of delay. Noisey, droney, dubbed out. Artwork by Bernstein and Leopard Maya Miller on the outside, and a booklet of Bernstein's drawing/collage/photocopy artwork on the inside. Hundreds more to follow.
4/24/2006 Workbench Hod 1 one sided LP $15.99 Heavy Tapes "A new kind of stasis, focusing on discernable layers buried in the sound mist, flavored with organs, bubbles, and metal. Two tracks, sixteen minutes. In custom die-cut chipboard sleeves, with Heavy Tapes 12" design screened on the A-side, printed logo labels, and screened workbench logo on cover B-side. Conceived and recorded in the Black Lodge, Flatbush, Brooklyn, New York." Edition of 150 copies.
2/21/2005 Workbench Live From The American Snake Machine CDR $9.99 Chocolate Monk “Mike Bernstein (Double Leopards) serves up some black electric goo. A humming attack on ghosts, full on primitive ear confusion from NYCs king of bearded wha?”
12/25/2005 Workbench Seeking Stasis Volumes 14&15 double cassette $14.99 Heavy Tapes "The 14th and 15th volumes of the Seeking Stasis series which was initiated in January 2005 to explore the ability of frozen time to effect your perception and listening abilities. This double tape set comes in a vinyl box with sticker insert of the "Seeking Stasis" discography. Material for this set was stolen from various Hive Mind recordings, as a sign of ultimate respect and brotherhood. Edition of 100 copies."
3/21/2007 Workbench Synapse Transit 3" CDR $7.99 Chondritic Sound "Reissue of the criminally limited double cassette released for our tour together last summer, released here in unedited / unbroken purity. synthesized tones and vocal moans fill this disc with erratic spacial rhythms. the sound of conjuring. oh yeah, this dude is in double leopards, white rock and religious knives. xerox art, quality paper and painted CDr."
3/27/2004 Workbench Volumes 5 & 6 CDR $12.99 Heavy Conversation Mike Bernstein from Double Leopards home recording project, headphones and four track style, straight live and no overdubs. Broken records, feedback, and of course, tons of delay. Noisey, droney, dubbed out. Artwork by Bernstein and Leopard Maya Miller on the outside, and a booklet of Bernstein's drawing/collage/photocopy artwork on the inside. Hundreds more to follow.
4/14/2006 Workbench & Black Quarter / Cornucopia Live in San Juan cassette $8.99 Heavy Tapes "The trip from the Western part of the Island to San Juan is smooth and dramatic -- the trees melt away and a metropolitan bulb protrudes. Right in the shadow of the bulb is Santurce, where the Cubo space is a jagged realm of concrete and hyper productive thought and action. Workbench and Black Quarter were lucky enough to be invited to play in the San Juan Noise Fest and this is a partial document of the evening -- our live set on one side, and Puerto Rican noise mainstay Cornucopia on the other. A small slice of a magical evening in Puerto Rico."
6/27/2009 Workbench + Magneticring Live In A Room With All The Windows double c36 cassette $11.99 Rundownsun "Michael Bernstein (Double Leopards, Heavy Tapes, Religious Knives, etc) and Joshua Stevenson (ex-Jackie-O-Motherfucker, Cast Exotic, Staked Plain, far too many projects to name here, etc.) captured live, direct-to-tape, in march of 2006 somewhere in Brooklyn NY. a collection of musical fragments and motifs ranging from sparse, abstract electronics to pulsating synth chill-out(think KLF?), to cluster & eno-esque ambient, oozing drone, and even some moments of abrasive rhythmic/synth driven industrial. all material culled, edited, and mastered from the original tapes by Joshua Stevenson. limited edition. hand-numbered. high-bias 2xc36. black offset-printing on textured paper. side-by-side style double cassette box."

World World CD $13.99 Marriage 1. won't you let your hair down? (16:39)
2. now is forever (21:58)
3. come together (live) (24:36)
cd in full color one pocket with poster

World World CDR $15.99 Jyrk "Very deep world-psych music featuring ex-members of ((vvrssnn)), Yume Bitsu, Nudge, Valet, Jackie-O Motherfucker, and Nirvana. Edition of 100 copies."
11/4/2006 Wovoka II CDR $15.99 Holy Room "heavy atmospheric vibrations thicken the air on this mindmelting followup to wovoka's self-titled debut from a few months back.....wovoka has amassed a cast of heads and freaks to help him beam up and out of this dimension....ripped silver finger acoustic sparkles undercut with shreddy electric axe waves to the top, supreme basement humidity and humility soaking the memory of a dearly departed soul, chants from the bottom of the heart, sawing stringed saturations and salutations, blotter acid insert, paste on covers, "vinyl" cdrs, edition of 100, shimmering and sweet....sold-out at source & flying away!"
6/19/2007 Wovoka Paiste De CDR $15.99 Holy Room Records "Another glorious instalment in the on-going Wovoka saga, this one comes in a numbered edition of 199 copies and features some of the most beautiful, elegiac acid rock/folk trance moves this side of Gila's classic 1973 side Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee, cut with a similar feel for peyote ritual, American Indian psycho-spiritual topography and the combination of acoustic raga forms with wiped 60s/70s psychedelic drug-bust modes. The degree of surging six string power on here is pretty jaw-dropping and should appeal to fans of Billy TK's Powerhouse, Jessie Harper et al while the hand percussion and mesmeric acoustic guitar sorcery sounds like Jack Rose plays the Tyrannosaurs Rex back catalogue during an all-night foo flight. Hard to believe that folk/rock this deliriously focussed is actually being made circa now but this is another perfectly rendered pro-drug bomb from this ensemble and is highly recommended." - Volcanic Tongue

Wreathes The Reigns 7" $5.99 Bathetic "Wreathes unveil magical, trance-inducing folk that slides in and around you like a white plume of smoke on a coal black night. Elegant, hypnotic, spellbinding arrangements to pull the soul from the enchanted forest and lay it right on your head.
''So we may take the reigns,
transform our anguish,
transform our ordeal.....''
Edition of 300.
8/28/2004 Wrecking Ball Grunt Work CDR $9.99 Deserted Village “Wrecking Ball is Steve Fanagan. A collection of improvisations for voice, microphone, effects, amplifier and a bell. It is 35 short bursts of sound, performed and recorded at home, straight to mini disc.” http://www.stevefanagan.com
5/16/2010 Wretched Worst Wretched Worst 7" $5.99 Gods of Tundra "The rats run free. The streets choke with filth. Who can we turn to? Certainly not WRETCHED WORST. They are the ones responsible. You will find no relief in this, their first piece of vinyl. In these seven inches you will find only that which is vile. Three odes to insanity. Scum of the earth. It can't be undone. Edition of 200."
6/16/2003 Wright, Jack & Bob Marsh Birds in the Hand CD $11.99 Public Eyesore "Nothing more, nothing less: ‘Birds in the hand’ is a stern - but at the same time pretty humorous - example of absolute freedom in improvising; through saxes, clarinet, cello, violin and processed vocals, the two friends always find a way to entertain and going for the listener's throat, all the while keeping a wry smile on their face. They don't care about being all the rage, Marsh and Wright just take out their instruments and ride you around, looking for that spot in your stomach that will be promptly occupied by their funny lines, raucous dissonances, crazy dialogues. Jack and Bob mop the floor with a lot of so-called ‘names’ but they keep you unaware of that, their only apparent goal having a lot of fun with themselves and the world. Nevertheless, the music is damn difficult - and quite amazing." - Massimo Ricci

Wright, Nigel untitled CDR $9.99 CMR "Fuck, first there was Celebrate Psi Phenemona, and then Pseudoarcana jumped into the fray, and now CMR is the latest label to start releasing super limited edition cd-r's from the New Zealand underground of improv free-noise, lo-fi drone scraping, and damaged sound art. Not to be confused with the Andrew Lloyd Webber associate of the same name, the Auckland based Nigel Wright focuses on loop-based systems which he transforms into miasmic drones. It's hard to say if those looping systems refer to feedbacking loops (which is possible as there is a cyclical sine-wave feel to many of Wright's sounds) or to a Terry Riley time-lag accumulation (which is also possible with all of the crystaline percolations that ripple through the dronescaping); regardless of the process, Wright's eponymous debut recording alternates between deadened electrical atmospherics and beautifully blissed out driftscapes. Fans of BJ Nilsen, Oren Ambarchi, and Jonathan Coleclough should take note!" - AQ
8/31/2008 Wright, Nigel & Tim Coster Cathedrals CDR $10.99 Claudia "From the islands down under hail Tim Coster and Nigel Wright, both of whom have been active in the areas of field recordings and computer processing. The two pieces on 'Cathedrals' were recorded between July 2007 and May 2008 and showcase what these boys can do best: lengthy exercises of drone sounds, slow developments, minimal changes, all based on field recordings (perhaps in cathedrals?) which are processed to an extent that they are no longer recognizable. They do a very fine job, be it that there is hardly a surprise in this music. In that respect the music is stuck firmly in a well-fenced territory, which hardly allows anything odd or surprising to happen. Besides that, which is mere nagging on my part I guess, this is some wonderful dark atmospheric drone music." (FdW) - Vital Weekly
2/12/2008 Wright, Peter Pretty Mushroom Cloud CD $13.99 Archive "Five track droner from this New Zealander via London. A mix of ambient guitar work, field recordings, and soundscapes recorded between 2005-2006. Housed in a double sleeve with outer sleeve being semi transparent vellum, all graphic work by Mr. Wright. Single pressing of 500 copies."
6/11/2006 Wright, Peter Red Lion CD $12.99 Digitalis "You can remove a Kiwi from New Zealand but you sure as hell can't remove New Zealand from a Kiwi. Such is the case with Christchurch transplant, Peter Wright. Over the course of a decade, Wright has etched his name in glass in the annals of drone-world superstardom. And while I'm not sure what that really means, the point is that when it comes to soaring dronescapes, few do it better than Peter Wright. He has helped pave the way with contemporaries such as Birchville Cat Motel and Double Leopards, but clearly has his own distinct voice. With his past few albums, Wright seems the logical successor to native Kiwi, sound manipulator extraordinaire, Roy Montgomery. "Red Lion" is Wright's latest incarnation and, once again, pushes the boundaries of what he can do with his trademark 12 string Danelectro to the absolute outer limits. He pushes the limits of simplicity without ever breaking. Wright's albums are a thing of sheer, pure beauty, existing in a vacuum where nothing on the outside can tamper with their grace. Even with his lofty intentions, "Red Lion" is
immediately approachable and grabs the listener from the opening notes. As always, Peter Wright offers up something wholly infectious and undebatably magnificent."
5/28/2011 WYZ WYZ c43 cassette $7.49 Bumtapes "This epic Jam comes from some of the major key players in Europe's Free-Folk/Improv units, touching on the collective hoedowns of Sunburned Hand of the Man, NNCK and Fuzzed out 70's Psych Rock communes, this jam session from Finland a few years ago is a one time project called WYZ consisting of Jani (Uton), Jari (Kulkija,Vapaa), Jukka (Rambling Boys), Erno (Garden of Worm) and Veli (Tulasi, Kutomo).These guys channel out a deep, slow building flow of percussion, that grows in size, speed and instruments, steering all member into tranced out submissionŠ"