DateAdded Artist Title Format Price Label Description
7/10/2008 "V" Standing Still In the Celestial Sphere CDR $7.99 Peasant Magik "From France, members of Monks of The Balhill, releases on Rural Faune, Akoustic Desease, etc... Limited to 100 copies, hand numbered / stamped. Black cdrs with full color labels, packaged with hand marbled paper and full color wrap around art."
8/2/2008 "V" The Chanting Path CDR $12.99 Blackest Rainbow "Whilst chilling on a train I got an email from this guy Vincent who is "V" about maybe doing a release for him and I checked it out and damn it sounded good... like some kinda folk-spectral-ether drone, really nice... after many disasters with masters and file downloads, and months on this is finally coming out... its one helluva hazy starry summer night trip."
9/17/2009 VagusNerve Lo Pan CD $13.99 Utech "The lo pan is an ancient, intricate compass used in the practice of traditional Chinese feng shui and is sometimes referred to as “the universe on a plate.” A lo pan consists of two parts – a square wooden base into which is fitted a freely rotating saucer-shaped disk. In the centre of the disk is a small depression containing a magnetized needle. Between the needle and the edge of the disk are engraved several concentric rings, each divided into sectors containing different sets of Chinese characters. The relationship between this physical object and the music you hear on this album was inspired by a dream that Li Jianhong (guitar) had in June 2006. In his dream he came to a clearing in a dark forest which contained a huge lo pan, as big as a table. Convinced that the device could provide a way to summon UFOs, he lay down on the lo pan and began to rotate around the various symbols on the concentric rings. As he did so, a vast array of UFOs appeared above the forest. For Li Jianhong then, the lo pan represents a form of ancient knowledge that can be used to unlock the secrets of the universe. His collaborator in VagusNerve, VAVABOND (laptop), reads the lo pan in a slightly different way. For her, it is a device which can be used to discover a balance between the individual and the cosmos, by aligning personal energy with the cosmic. This idea of balance runs through the music as it pulses, shifts and resonates freely, seeking to create and then destroy structures of equilibrium." - label. 3 tracks - 58 minutes.
2/7/2009 Vakhchav Hunting Horns CDR $5.99 Abandon Ship Records "Recorded mostly in 2007 when most of my dreams consisted of running into a crystalline water mass. Safe to say, usually awoke with no scratch but with ambitions of translation. Lots of florescent drones, stirred briskly into 1 part acoustic + 1 part synth anaesthetic equaling out a hefty mess of sun dogs." - Nickolas Mohanna." Edition of 50
5/26/2015 Valentine, Matt 'MV' Midden Mound CDR $17.99 Child of Microtones "Massive, expansive new Matt ‘MV’ Valentine double album “Midden Mound”. Featuring a host of guest performers, including P.G. Six, Marc "spanish wolfman" Wolf (old Tower Recordings buds), Erika Elder, Ruth Garbus (Feathers) / Mike "muskox" Smith / Carson Arnold (MV & EE alumnus) / Mick Flower (Vibracathedral Orchestra) / Jeremy Earl (Woods/Woodsist) / Zuma / J Mascis. An 11-track combination of sprawling jams (including the incredible Rudy Rucker inspired “Freeware”) and beautiful songs spread across 70+ minutes. A truly wondrous, sun-blinded, summer stoner record that throws its sandals in the duffel bag, lets the sand slip through its toes and tramps off in the direction of a mirage of a gigantic effigy of Ganesh. DELUXE HANDMADE/HANDBOUND CD in mini gatefold "tip on style" jacket with old skool paste on printed inner sleeve, stamped cd -> all packaged in a hi-fi japanese mini LP polysleeve. limited edition of 99 copies."

Valentine, Matt Aquarian Foundation & Second Family Band Live at ISSUE LP $75.99 Sagittarius A-Star LP 180gr. hand-made vinyl (each one is a unique piece); in a pic disk cover, with flyer of the concert on back, ltd ed numbered 1/33 ONLY*
side A
Matt MV Valentine with The Aquarian Foundation
MV- bantar, electronic tabla
Eirka Elder- lap steel, percussion
Willie Lane- guitar
Rongoose- bass
side B
Second Family Band
Dan Woodman, Iam Lee Ian, db Pedersen, Endless
live at ISSUE Project Room, Brooklyn
April 22, 2011
editing: ep
mastering: mv, spectrasound
special thanks: lawrence kumpf
2/6/2013 Valenza, Roberto Impermanence is Beautiful c60 cassette $7.99 Sloow Tapes "Roberto Valenza (1943 – 2010) was a poet of the crazy wisdom school, influenced by the Tibetan Buddhist tradition of spontaneous realization poetry of Doha songs. He spent most of the seventies living on Swayambhu Hill in Katmandu, where he attended ceremonies and initiations and was part of the international poetry scene which also included Angus MacLise and Ira Cohen, who published two classic books by Valenza under his Bardo Matrix imprint. Upon returning to the States, Roberto went to Seattle where he co-founded Red Sky Poetry Theatre and collaborated with poet margareta waterman on several chapbooks and a full-length volume of poetry, drawings and photographs from his time in Katmandu. ‘Impermanence is Beautiful’ collects home recordings from 2002, plus contains a further five tracks recorded live in San Francisco in 1980 and excerpted (compliments of Eddie Woods) from a forthcoming live-performance album entitled “Ins & Outs at the Grand Piano.” In the liner notes Ralph La Charity writes about the recordings: “Our triple-threat magic man to the max, a Cosmic Giggle sort of wise guy artist/poet ever in motion who most feared standing pat, a whirlybird with glittery eyes all itchy with Else; he painted visions hilarious sacred and profane, his songs likewise rapt bawdy and Grand, & once he sat down on his flute, bent it, & that was that.” 100 copies."
3/2/2008 Valet Naked Acid CD $13.99 Kranky "Naked Acid is the second solo release from Portland artist Valet, aka Honey Owens. She states: 'These songs were Inspired by the Pacific Northwest landscape, semi-conscious dream states and the idea of one's DNA code being accessed as eternal memory. I started off with the idea to make a "songs" record but it really didn't turn out that way. Instead, the record became its own story. Track one is a static beach journey duet with Adrian Orange, and tracks 3, 4 and 5 are collaborations with Mark Evan Burden (Silentist) on drums.' From the gentle narcotic haze of the album opener 'We Went There,' which is dissected by Honey's trademark incendiary guitar work, to the lazy alien country blues of 'Fuck It,' and through the hyperventilating rhythmic distortion of the closer 'Streets,' Naked Acid is a fever dream of ghostly incantation and smudged psychedelia."
4/27/2011 Valet / Richard Youngs Tsuki no Seika Volume 2 7" $6.99 Root Strata valet - touch me im sick (5:50)/ richard youngs - fen flowers (2:25) "march 2010 release ; second in the "tsuki no seika" series of voice-only singles, this time offering a pair of incantations from honey "valet" owens (electro-acoustic spoken word piece that rises into a ruth white-esque electronic shitstorm- i.e. not a cover of the titular mudhoney gem) & richard youngs (laundry-list style acapella performance piece ala his excellent "summer wanderer" lp) Š" - Keith Whitman
2/13/2013 Vallens Lxtvny LP $23.99 Shelter Press Lxtvny is the first release from Jon Porras under his new project name DVVLLXNS (Vallens). Pressed on 180gram vinyl and limited to only 400 copies worldwide. Imported from Belgium. “Shelter press is pleased to introduce the first EP by VALLENS, aka Jon Porras (one of the two kings of the Californian Barn Owl kingdom). Vallens explores the intersection of minimal rhythms, analog processing and grayscale atmospherics. Jon Porras has released solo albums on labels Root Strata, Immune Recordings and Thrill Jockey. His layered, multidimensional methods evoke the opaque serenity of the foggy SF landscape and work to depolarize forces of light and dark. With his new electronical project VALLENS, Jon Porras opens the thresholds of burning galaxies, celestials thoughts and dark planets. Like a twisted elegy to Isabella Rossellini in Blue Velvet, the folded beat of an empty motel room with a distant Tv whisper, like crispy snow falling in july, a car race in the magnolia night, Litany predicts some cosmogonic catalcysm that a muted Cassandra could mime. Feel the hurricane, the speed, the devotional speed of geometries, the language of signs.” - Shelter Press
1/24/2009 Vampire Blues Turkish Petroleum Company cassette $9.99 Blackest Rainbow "Swirling drones smothered in pure electric guitar anthems from two Jon's, one being Jon of The Hunter Gracchus / Singing Knives, and the other being Jon from Serfs. This is their debut release and is a real beauty, psyched out blues for a dark back room in hut out in the woods. Limited 100 hand numbered copies."
1/1/2008 van Luijk, Timo / Kris Vanderstraeten Costa del Luna LP $29.99 La Scie Dorée "Over the many years Timo van Luijk showed his interest in vinyl and nothing else. There is perhaps an odd CDR release by him, but in general he likes vinyl. Wether releasing music as Af Ursin, Asra (with Raymond Dijkstra - see also elsewhere), In Camera (with Christoph Heeman), it's on vinyl. Here he releases two new records, the first being a work with the for me unknown Kris Vanderstraeten. He plays percussion on this record, whereas Van Luijk gets credit for zither, flute, keys and tape. It's a record of improvisation, but certainly a bit of an odd one. They play carefully, but without silence. Things are being hit, strummed, blown in an endless stream, rather than in small blocks, as is perhaps more usual in the field of improvisation. But in the endless stream nothing jumps above it, it stays on the same dynamic level. That I found a bit dull. Certainly this record has some nice moments, but perhaps also a bit too psychedelic for me. Without the right substances it seems to hard to enter the world of Van Luijk/Vanderstraeten. The cover certainly hints at this psychedelic element. Like said, it's surely a nice record, but the mixing could have been more adventurous." - Frans de Waard
1/17/2010 Van Luijk, Timo / Kris Vanderstraeten High Noon LP $26.99 La Scie Doree 2008 release. "2nd issue of 200 copies, olive green silkscreen on white die-cut sleeve." On white vinyl.
6/19/2007 Vanadium The Existance 1 CDR $7.99 Hoopty "Pre-curser to Run-J.M.C., recorded with actual 4 and 8 track machines, features the guitar work of Byl Cote. Monstrous fuzz rock jams - campfire intimacy meets unearthed membranes of the Dinosaur Jr generation."
3/9/2013 Vanhoof, Floris Cycles of Confusion LP $17.99 Kraak "Connecting his many worlds, ideas and influences into highly personal live performances and recordings, Floris Vanhoof keeps on amazing people here and abroad. After his vinyl debut on Ultra Eczema, this is his second outing on wax. Cycles of Confusion unites two different aspects of Vanhoof's work. Side A is a live piece recorded to four tracks and mixed in his home studio. It shows Vanhoof's Riley inspired side, focussing on consciousness outside the mind as evoked by modular synth sounds. Side B is a very unique composition based on various field recordings, ranging from a classical orchestra tuning their instruments to the sound of an old pinball game. A true masterpiece of this young artist."
3/27/2008 Vanishing Voice The Morning After CD $10.99 Three Lobed Recordings "The Morning After is a Wooden Wand-free affair that sticks with the same lineup heard on their strong, kraut-inspired Stone Tablet and Nordic Visions albums. Totally freewheelin’ into the joint, in The Morning After, Vanishing Voice have assembled a wonderfully understated snapshot of the band’s current artistic status. Whether it is through the near-hypnotic groove of "2029," the grace-via-dissonance of "crystal peak" or the gracefully subdued "weapons cache," the entire disc is one completely absorbing experience. after a flurry of potent, expansive releases over the course of 2007, The Morning After demonstrates that the band demands your attention *now*." Originally released as a "bonus" disc to the label’s latest subscription CD series.
3/26/2006 Vanishing Voice, The Nordic Visions LP $17.99 Gipsy Sphinx "While Wooden Wand and Satya Sai jammed with the Sky High Band in beautiful California, the Vanishing Voice dug in deep in the frozen northeast. Snowed in with utopian texts and mounting paranoia, Steven the Harvester, Heidi White Diamond Diehl, and Pete Wolfy Nolan joined Nonhorse in an abandoned textile factory, boiling out these ballads of suspended disbelief and hope for the better world." - Vanishing Voice. Originally released as a limited edition cdr, a new Belgian label has issued this on heavy vinyl with color artwork and a nice insert. The pressing sounds great and is limited to 525 numbered copies. Recommended!
9/14/2004 Vapaa Iluei Antil CDR $9.99 Outa “Vapaa means free in Finnish, and this improvising unit explores some of Sun Ra’s more frenzied territory. Blistering sax, explosive drumming, dark piano clusters and clattering percussion move in fits and starts, tiny storms of dissonance balanced by swathes of silence. The six short improvisations are disquieting and restless, but in their brevity, pointed attacks. Live the group experiments with string textures, electronics and even more silence, promising an intriguing, probing future.”
12/24/2005 Vapaa Koneitten Siritys CDR $12.99 Imvated "Live tracks ranging from heavy Fin-fun to quieter drones. The cdr is attached to a painted cardboard with cover art by the band!"
12/25/2005 Varricchio, Daniel Daniel Varricchio CDR EP $7.99 Rhizome "Live recording from screaming soul master, where elevated Haino-esque electronics give way to super-intricate Steve-Reich-goes-metal guitar filligree. Completely unique. Terry Riley's "In C" fed through Slayer's amps. Ltd to 50, no repress."

Vas Deferens Organization Saturation LP $49.99 Aether "Castille and Lumbleau compose all musics of Saturation (VDO, 1996 - Aether, 1997), credited to Vas Deferens Organization, and Jim Edgerton sound all the guitar parts and sitar. Improvised wildly, now with worthy intensity `free-jazz and important music and `of the Mahavishnu Orchestra (On The Threshold Of Loads Great Discovery, in a driven in one pullulare of noises with a foundation left of sintetizzatore, or Beacon From To Future Nostalgic Past, a phrenetic improvisation chitarristica on a minimalismo of the keyboards to the Terry Riley) and with typical foga now raga-psichedelica (Lazy Eyed Locusts In Defocused Landscapes, between complains funny of electronics and pelts of raga and gusts of guitar distortions). Good part of the disc and ``still more audacious, still more `experiences them. Purple open and closed Aerosol and `from a epico topic of the guitar, but in means c' and `space for a voice orrendamente deturpata dall' electronics and for left bands of keyboards. The sketch irriverente of Amon Doo & Popol Poo lambisce the musique concrete (toilette, crackle of door, tam-tam Africans, cinguettii and cornamuse). The pastiche surrealistic of Transmissions >From The Pineal Bandwidth use only noises, thus `like the indecipherable end of Headlong Plunge. The Vas Deferens is pushed very beyond the rock psichedelico. This and `music d' vanguard, inspired from `the more radical experiences of the free-jazz and the dadaism. L' egg whites defect here and the `of naivete `, but the brace demonstrates an impressive talent." 1996 release.

Vas Deferens Organization Sweat Your Cheeses, But Not In My Salad CD $29.99 Charnel Difficult to find 1996 release

Vas Deferens Organization Zyzzybaloubah double LP $49.99 Aether "Buttressed at the time by both the Wakeman-worthy analogue synth arsenal of Yeti/Ohm keyboard genius Doug Ferguson (R.I.P.) and the high flying acid guitar maneuvers of Jim Edgerton, Zyzzybaloubah is VDO at our most explicitly and unapologetically kosmiche; the spirit of groups like Lard Free, Heldon, Spacecraft and Brainticket looming particularly large over our mental universe around this time. Bon Voyage!" 1997 release.
5/16/2010 Vava Kitora The Spinning Song CD $12.99 There Vava Kitora is Sachiko (voice, electronics, etc.) and Yama-akago (effect voice, natural voice, theremin) female duo. Live recordings at Yokohama Clib 24, 29 July 2005 (track 1 - From The Deep Wood) and Shibuya Aoiheya 15 July 2006 (track 2 - The Spirit Who Knocks At The Door). Japanese female psychedelic & noise duo with voices & electronics.
6/17/2004 Vectorscope Monitoring The Blind CD $13.99 Maor Appelbaum Productions "Vectorscope is a one-man project, showcasing unique musicianship and experimentation . The album was created by experimental artist Maor Appelbaum using eclectic instrumentation and numerous sound techniques. Walking the thin line between space age electro music and old school avant-garde, Vectorscope creates its very own musical cubicle, existing as a unique, independent musical experience. While its roots are deep in experimental music, the album lends its unparalleled creativity from other, multi-disciplined
genres, thus creating a truly magnificent piece of sound and atmosphere. With our world in chaos, and mankind on the brink of destruction, Vectorscope is the obvious musical outcome.” File this under experimental / avant-garde.
3/21/2009 Vee Dee Public Mental Health System double LP $16.99 Criminal IQ "Heavy times call for a heavy soundtrack, and that's what Chicago's VEE DEE has accomplished with their new double album Public Mental Health System. This record blurs the lines between garage, punk and psychedelia; it is the sound of desperate, no-compromise rock 'n' roll of the past being absorbed and then re-interpreted for NOW. The title gives name to a non-existent institution our country could use, and is a statement of intent for the 13 songs on this record. VEE DEE conjures a dark world that exists both in the personal psyche and the society around us. This is not a complete bleakness however- there is a fiery spirit here that is very much alive and joyous. Short fast dark garage punk segues into heavy riffing and guitar freak-outs. Moody folk chords bang up against frantic fuzz turnarounds. Over it all, lyrics of abstract yet direct poetry are hollered and crooned, aided by well-placed backing vocals. Dan Lang's thick fuzz bass powers each song, bringing huge bottom to the moody chord changes and often adding a sublime melodic edge. Nick D'Vyne's guitar playing is both rhythmic and capable of face-ripping leads utilizing fuzz and chaotic wah. Chicago garage heavyweight Matt Williams (Hot Machines, Lover!, LiveFastDie) keeps this whole thing moving with his booming, trashy drumming. Two songs, "Dog's Breath" and "Electric Room" feature VEE DEE's new drummer Ryan Murphy (Ex-M.O.T.O.), who brings a super solid rhythmic dynamic to the band's sound. Their first album was titled "Furthur" and with Public Mental Health System, VEE DEE has indeed moved their sound along." Guitarist Nick D'Vyne also plays in Plastic Crimewave Sound.
9/30/2005 Vegas Martyrs Choking Doberman 7" $5.99 Kitty Play Conceived in the heart of Brooklyn, but born in New Brunswick, NJ, VEGAS MARTYRS recorded this gem straight to walkman to capture their sheer wall of noise being cut by razor sharp guitars along with minimalist drumming and black metal vocals. Vegas Martyrs features DOMINICK FERNOW (PRURIENT) on guitar, RICHARD DUNN (F.F.H.) on electronics and vocals, and JOE POTTS (DRUMS OF MYRRH). In the few months Vegas Martyrs have been together they have already shared the stage with Lightning Bolt, Aaron Dilloway (Wolf Eyes), Mouthus, and Jessica Rylan. This record is limited to 500 copies on white vinyl."
9/16/2007 Vegas Martyrs The Female Mind LP $11.99 Troubleman "Vegas Martyrs is another proper "band" featuring members of FFH and Dominick Furnow of Prurient on drums. Total blown out hardcore destruction. Very ugly. Will not be on tour with the Arcade Fire any time soon. 750 pressed."
12/24/2005 Veliotis, Nikos / Nicolas Malevitsis Murder Melody CDR $12.99 Absurd "Nicolas Malevitsis is probably best known for his Absurd label, releasing CDs and CDRs of all kinds of experimental music, but he has dabbled around himself with experimental music too. Here he releases a recording of himself on turntable and Nikos Veliotis on cello. Veliotis released an excellent solo CD of his drone related cello playing on Confront (see Vital Weekly 405). On this almost eightteen minute recording, Veliotis takes the leading part with some soft and subtle playing of his cello - and maybe a bit of delay on the microphone. Long sustaining sounds occur over which Malevitsis improvises with obscure scratches of vinyl, rather than making long spins. In the second half of the piece both sounds seem to collide together and play unisono. Nice work, but a bit short." - (FdW). Edition of 111 copies.
5/6/2011 Velvet Elvis Favorite Horses c27 cassette $5.99 //cae-sur-a// "Thundering in like a psychedelic unicorn from outer space, Velvet Elvis is the five-headed Hydra of stoner rock. Expanding across the galaxy in their own Ship of the Imagination, the exceptionally crafted songs on Favorite Horses pummel the listener with their heavy riffing and crooning voices. Hand numbered edition of 100."
11/20/2010 Velvet Hour Velvet Hour 3" CDR $6.99 Black Petal "Beautiful quiet sounds from Tim Coster and Shannon O'Brien, who also play together as Silent Spring. Guitar, harmonica and softly breathed vocals from Shannon. Mesmerizing in its stillness." - Boa Melody Bar
5/14/2007 Venison Whirled Deaf Spongue CDR $8.99 Curor "In the vast grey sea of plumber cracks looming over Line-6 pedals that is the meathead noise underground, Venison Whirled stands out like a glorious yellow rose. Easier said than explained perhaps (and harder still to explain why you shouldn't just skip over this and hit play already), but given that 'musicality' and 'noise' are ultimately useless as signposts depending on your vantage point, how to define the parameters of these glorious straight lines? Lisa is an alchemist of no small skill on any instrument, but how she squeezes the mercury from tiny piezo mikes and drum heads is quite beyond little ol' gtr lunkhead me. I can say this is a bit fuzzier and sculpted compared to the unattended processes of her earlier CDR, but ultimately she might as well be dropping mikes deep into the Edwards aquifer for all I can tell. So lets just say this is rippled shimmering drizzle drawn out of a cloudless TX sky (OK)? And what really counts is the lasered focus, the infinite roads to the horizon, the wide-eyed journey to the clear light beyond. As Tommy Hall once said, "Know naught!/ All ways are lawful to innocence" (or was that Merrell Fankhauser)?" - Tom Carter (wholly other/charalmbides etc)
1/13/2004 Venrooy, Esther To Shape Volumes, Repeat CD $15.99 Robo Records "Esther Venrooy resides in a constant snakepit of modular movements and sonic acupuncture. An imaginary, almost filmic world where gameboys morph into howling wherewolves, ravening the shattered bits of saxophone sounds with vague buzzing and popping crackles. Anchored by the subtle use of harmony and dynamism, she opts for processed meditations in maze examples, combining more traditional electro-acoustic composer techniques with frigid, slightly harsher shots of deconstructed digital fuckery. She sure sharps some sonic pencils with swirling layers that are cut up, mangled and dragged into the present. Not your average run of the mill cocktail waitress becomes Hollywood coddle story but pretty goddamn addictive blackened ambience. Bathing in a self-consciously dense atmosphere, loaded with contrasting metallic chunks of noise, she manipulates the rumbles with rich expression and acute arrangements that develop into a desolate electronic landscape. The balancing cord between audio and visual thundering she aspires towards. Her approach never wears out and diving into the realms of film fragments and striking field recordings, she pursues a journey where the source material is anything but traceable. All that megaton sonic alchemy weighs up and shows this is way more than an angry lady that turned her back on academic audio processing, the kind of sweaty dust that belongs in retirement homes. Next thing you know you are fragmented into a non-executable floorplan. The storm has spent itself."
10/17/2009 Vente de feu Hébertisme 3" CDR $6.99 self-released "Formed in 2008, Vente de feu («fire sale», literally) is an economically non-viable pulsation from Québec City. Concerned by chaotic forms and polluted ambiances, the band mainly works with an acoustic instrumentation (guitar, clarinet, double bass, drum), without however completely pushing aside the use of electronic devices. Vente de feu's curious sound blends the liberty of european free improv, the energy of free jazz and the sketchiness of no wave. Composed of 4 tracks (total lenght: 21 minutes), 'Hébertisme', is the debut album of the band."
6/9/2010 Verde Tapes c54 cassette $7.99 Sloow Tapes "Pulsating and buzzing electronics from another dimension by Mika Rintala (see also Circle, Ektroverde), king of homebuilt analogue synthesizers. This tape starts with a heavy krautrock vibe and gradually gives way to more abstract soundscapes with fieldrecordings, recalling Faust, Ilitch, Nurse With Wound etc. Lineup features Jyrki Laiho (Kuusumun Profeetta, Stalwart, Circle), Pekka PT (Gelsomina), Janne Tuomi and Sami Kukka. 70 copies."
2/10/2004 Verdure Cross & Satellite Station CD $14.99 Lexicon Devil "Yes, you may ask yourself this very question - Who in the goddamn heck is Verdure? - but that's why I'm here. Verdure is one man: Donovan Quinn. He resides in Walnut Creek, deep in the East Bay of San Francisco and is a 'member', so to speak, of the mysterious Jewelled Antler Collective (detailed heavily in issue #219 of The Wire from 2002). Verdure is not a JAC artist. Verdure is simply Verdure. Although a fairly prolific recording outlet for Quinn, Verdure has never, until now, released anything beyond CD-Rs for a rather immediate circle of fans and friends. The music of Verdure is a strange beast to pin down. Sure it's got your trappings of what socially-challenged collector types like to term 'acid-folk', though Verdure never succumbs to the gloomy, death-fixated clichés of the genre, with the incredibly strong song-writing and, dare I say, awe-inspiring pop hooks being far too invigorating to be tamed by the death-folk chorus. Of course, that's not to say that there isn't a charmingly ramshackle approach on display here. The lo-fi mix of aching vocals, strummed guitars, tape loops, thundering organ, scattered percussion and the odd sample here and there is a sound for the ages, and I swear that when the electric guitar breaks into that fuzzed-out solo on 'Pope Innocent X', or when Donovan bursts into the chorus on the mesmerising 'Sun's Gonna Come Take Over My Sky', it even made a believer out of an old crank like me. Donovan Quinn is a major goddamn talent, of that I am convinced, and that's why Cross & Satellite Station is here on Lexicon Devil for your general perusal. If you've ever dug the sounds of Marc Bolan's Tyrannosaurus Rex, Skip Spence's Oar , Nikki Sudden/Epic Soundtracks, Syd Barrett at his most eccentric or Jandek at just about any point in his recorded life, then you owe it to yourself to discover the music of Verdure."
5/1/2003 Verical Slit Twisted Steel CD $12.99 Spirit of Orr "Vertical Slit (and some of Jim Shepard's other musical projects, like V3) are what I've come to call sub-lo-fi rock. Recorded through what sounds like broken megaphones and underwater boomboxes, Twisted Steel is a dark, exhilarating journey through Shepard's cluttered and intensely creative mind. Such ‘instruments’ as lawn mowers and aerosol cans are utilized on the crunchy, uneven album. Not that there aren't moments of beautiful focus, mind you. The title track, a simple, gorgeous instrumental that's all too short, makes me wonder if Shepard doesn't belong in an underground version of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. And get a load of the wickedly funny lyrics. They're witty and mindlessly enjoyable enough to mask the fact that they're also eerily accurate criticisms of postmodern decadence. Not an easy album to listen to, but rewarding as hell once you get into it and start bleeding." – John Wenzel
9/29/2005 Vertonen One Telescoping Spine 3" CDR $7.99 Chondritic Sound "you may know vertonen as an ever-changing fixture in the chicago scene.. you might be familiar with him as head of crippled intellect productions, a label that has churned out stuff by wolf eyes, crawl unit and z'ev. this release finds him moving through both harsh and minimal territory with his own brand of noise. blake should have some of these on his current tour, so pick one up from him if you're gonna check out his live show. full-color artwork, full-color insert and painted cdrs." Edition of 133 copies.
9/30/2008 Vesuvan Swamp Doctor cassette $7.99 Open Range Records "After a number of silly set-backs this monster is ready to eat your boombox from the inside out. Melting it with algae too thick to squeeze through the speaker holes and vocal sounds so sludgy they'll get the insides all fried up. You won't even know what you're listening to anymore. The sound of being thrown out of your giant fan-powered boat right into the mouth of a gator. In a good way. Hand painted tapes and Art by SDReed. Limited to 50."
7/16/2004 Veulemans, Dirk The Weasel Is Living On The Lofts Now CD $14.99 Robo Records "Dirk Veulemans focuses on the composition of multichannel tape compositions and measures the inside of the human ear with daunting extremes of electro-acoustic music. As composing is often based on the sound parameters (timbre, pitch, texture, etc.) shifting in function of time, there still remain oceans of difference between experimenting with computer aided composing. The bile and colossal sound manipulations, raining down like napalm, are dished out in monstruous proportions. A grandiose declaration of radical electronic music that flows and ebbs with both power and grace. Dirk Veulemans has unleashed an exhausting vehicle to pollute souls into electro-acoustic sound territories. May his ‘unbegrenzten’ sound spectrum grab you by the throat. His melancholic inspired songcrafting stings like a bee. Flemish folk-tinged clusters hustle on board and harmonic clouds pirate the airwaves – as if mysterious unexplainable forces of nature have emerged from the woods. An almost deliciously summery record, though it’s uniqueness and competence make it work during all seasons. He has more than one true color. An uncompromising gradually dawning epic, that dabbles in behemothic melancholy and flashes of lightning. I make no bones about it. This is pure turbulent intensity. Start digging your grave. This works well six feet deep… This is the first available production of his amazing compositional abilities. His studio consists of a digital part for audio production and an analogue part for monitoring. This monitoring passes trough an 8 channel sound installation with 8 Dynaudio Audience40 speakers and 2 subwoofers. "Driven by my musical interest and my sensitivity for the physical properties of sound, I started controlling sound parameters about 1987 when I came in contact with the electronic features of the analog synthesizers and when I bought my first computer in 1981. This gave rise to my musical experiments." Packaged in a DVD box including booklet with extensive liner-notes and background information for each individual track. For fans of Luc Ferrari, Bernard Parmegiani etc…."
9/23/2003 Vibracathedral Orchestra Hex Hostess CDR $15.99
"Live in Europe March 2002 . Five big big tracks edited down in strict chronological order from each of the five shows we played in Belgium, Germany and France. Covers quite a bit of ground, and all seamlessly edited for the complete simulated Vibracathedral live trip. Whatever you've enjoyed in the band before, it's all here - heavy power surge drones? check. endless metronomic grooves? check. freeform freakout adrenaline rush? check. plaintive comedown glow? check. etc etc etc."
11/24/2003 Vibracathedral Orchestra Live in Manchester / Leeds CDR $17.99 U-Sound "Released for Vibracathedral's Fall 2003 east coast tour we bring you a live document of Vibracathedral live in their cozy home town of Leeds, England & also Manchester. High quality stereo recording from the fall of 2002, 2 pieces / over 60 minutes of their unique style of ecstatic drone to carry you onto the other side."

Vibracathedral Orchestra Long Live The Weeds CDR $17.99
"Three rough-hewn chunks of 1999/2000 music, all recorded in front of actual members of the public, in notable Leeds drinking establishments. Each track sees the Orchestra augmented by additional members, including Sticky Foster, Matthew Bower, John Godbert, John Clyde-Evans and Ross Parfitt.
7/1/2004 Vibracathedral Orchestra Ridin' Free / Captain Labour LP $29.99 Eclipse This is the WFMU recording session from September 11, 2003 featuring Adam Davenport, Bridget Hayden, Julian Bradley and Michael Flower featuring special guests John Godbert (Total), Matthew Bower (Hototogisu, Skullflower), and Tom Greenwood (Jackie-O Motherfucker). Two side long tracks of shimmering drone. Edition of 400 copies with silkscreened jackets by Alan Sherry (SIWA). Hot on the heels of their untitled double vinyl release (of 250 copies – instantly sold out), grab one now before these are gone, too.
6/25/2004 Vibracathedral Orchestra untitled double LP $89.99
“Edition of 250 - 13 tracks spread over 4 sides of vinyl. Hand screened cover. Wild zoned hoedowns from late 2003/early 2004, recorded at the chapel lab and in the barn. Grab it while you can.” For those who pre-ordered this, please let me know if I should send your copy now or hold it. For those who did not pre-order a copy and want one – please do it now as there are less than 10 copies available. Look out for another VCO LP available next week (hopefully) on Eclipse.

Vibracathedral Orchestra Vibracathedral String Quartet CDR $17.99
"37 minute live show, featuring double cello, mandolin and acoustic guitar line-up. Constantly ascending, pretty warm and wild. Originally came out in an edition of 25 or so, all stuck inside huge heavy binders - these are reissues."
2/10/2004 Vibrasonic Instrumental Vibrations CD $13.99 Yep! Records "1997 private press album of whacked out psychedelic instrumentals with an Elevators edge and a surf flavour. Fuzz guitar and keyboards ride through a maze of psychedelic electronic effects. Crazy '60s acid a-go-go music made today. Excellent stuff!"
2/10/2004 Vibrasonic Instrumental Vibrations LP $13.99 Yep! Records "1997 private press album of whacked out psychedelic instrumentals with an Elevators edge and a surf flavour. Fuzz guitar and keyboards ride through a maze of psychedelic electronic effects. Crazy '60s acid a-go-go music made today. Excellent stuff!"
2/10/2004 Vibrasonic Vibrasonic CD $13.99 Yep! Records "Absolutely incredible!!! '66 styled psych influenced by Prunes / Elevators, Ravi Shankar, Ventures etc. Thunderbirds on Acid! As essential as Dukes of Stratosphear / Tyrnaround etc. Psychedelic to the extreme in a kinda plastic bubble kind of way."
6/25/2013 Vida, Ben / Greg Davis Working Models LP $22.99 Los Discos Enfantasmes
3/6/2010 Video Loops Vol. 1 Salad DVD-R $7.99 Scumbag Relations "First in a series of digital video loops. This one clocks in at 1 minute 15 seconds. Great for de-programming. Leave it on all day and night, you'll feel better already. Packaged in clear slim-line cases. Double-sided laser print covers and glossy labels."
1/22/2011 Viking Jews / Smycken split LP $21.99 Release The Bats "Hailing from Gothenburg, Viking Jews is the brainchild of Hannes Norrvide (also a member of bleak rascal duo Lust For Youth), which after a few self-released cassettes here offers up 20 shimmering minutes for his vinyl debut. Melancholic and rhythmic stuff melted through cheap keyboards, distinguished vocals and some serious cassette-flippin', somewhat covered under layers of dust, delay and piles of trashed skateboard decks. Twisted west coast ambience and Scandinavian heat all over. Think of Monopoly Child Star Searchers, early Dolphins Into The Future and Innercity and maybe you are halfways. All new material, except the inclusion of the beautiful ambient-closer from the Boneless cassette which we just couldn't resist to put on vinyl. Smycken resides in Gothenburg/Malmö/Copenhagen and consists of Rasmus Svensson and Hanna Nilsson. Just as with Viking Jews, this is the first vinyl-apperance from Smycken after most notably a cassette on Night People and a CD-R on Psychic Malmö (both released in 2009). 4 tracks of hazy and dreamy music, pushing forward everything towards a more refined pop-sound but without loosing it's initial Fonal-esque psychedelic blurs and almost folky undertones. Current popular culture is being demolished and embraced at the same time. Tracks like Marble Slabz will have you, with a big smile, asking yourself what the fuck just happened and the closer Mysterious Moonlight is the closest thing we have come to a ballad in the RTB discography since... well, ever. Mastered by Viktor Ottosson. 275 copies. Blue vinyl."
4/12/2012 Ville A.E. Kimpoilevat kivet c40 cassette $7.99 267 Lattajjaa Psychedelic folk, same tracks on both sides, released 12.12.2011. "Concrete Folk, Pop, broken guitars and recorders"
5/24/2014 Ville A.E. Samoilla silmillä/Kimpoilevat kivet cassette $8.99 267 Lattajjaa Psychedelic noise folk, Kimpoilevat kivet part 2, includes also the tracks from the previous tape. Limited edition of 50, to be released in january 2014.
4/24/2006 Ville A.E. Suopajärven Puiset Heilat Ville A.E. Suopajärven Puiset Heilat 3" CDR $7.99 267 Lattajjaa "Folky songs about bubblegum girls and soft explosions."
3/22/2013 Vincture Vincture CDR $11.99 Phantasma Disques Edition of 75 copies. Debut album. Check out a sample here: http://phantasmadisques.bigcartel.com/product/pre-order-vincure-same-cdr
3/28/2010 Vinter Vinter II LP $26.99 Tjärnen "Long awaited follow-up to their debut record. From the liner notes: "...these new songs weren't found in one place, they didn't just flow from some horn of plenty, they were slowly plucked like flowers along the road-side, dried in the sun and put next to each other in an album that grew in the months that followed that first session, while winter turned into spring, and spring into summer. ... some turned out to be small gems of a song that belie their impromptu origins, others wear their spontaneous creation proudly like a crown of fallen petals. Some are kalimba and banjo back of the woods folk music, others two chord pop songs with pump organ or plucked cello. ... and Martina's sad, gentle, shimmering vocals fill the room from end to end, every little nook and cranny, with a language of vaguely familiar words, whose sense is obscured like something seen through an old broken and dusty window-pane. This new record is another spell-book of the fey and brittle magic that Vinter cast upon the listener..." Edition of 266 copies, with screenprinted covers and an insert."
3/2/2005 Violence Beyond The Snowline Hollow Shit For Dull Suburb Witches 3" CDR $7.99 Firstperson "Abstract & labour intensive electronic manipulation of the dearly held tool of 'rock' and 'pop' - the electric guitar. Jamie Stephenson continues upon his quest to strip all resemblance from the 'staff' by which so many stars of tomorrow cling to & in the process document the minute sounds he glimpses inside his inner ear & eminating between the cracks of the yellow & peeling fabric of (.....) a fine addition to a growing catalogue of releases on such esteemed labels as evelyn, fencing flatworm, matchinghead, kolorform, euth, traqueto, nid nod and sunny days out." 3" cdr housed in hand-made clear acetate covers with information printed on one side and an image on the other.
1/20/2002 Violence Fog / Jerusalem SWF Sessions Volume 6 CD $17.99 Long Hair "SWF Sessions Vol 6. presents the 2 bands, Violence Fog and Jerusalem - 30 minutes of unreleased music by each band. Jerusalem is Westcoast influenced with 2 guitars (great jams) 3 long tracks. Violence Fog is Heavy Psychedelic Krautrock with trippy flute, 5 tracks. Both Sessions were recorded in 1971."
5/27/2004 Violet Error Mechanics 3" CDR $8.99 Foxglove / Digitalis “From zeromoon recordings comes violet. coming of excellent collaborations with andrey kiritchenko and bertrand denzler, this is his latest 20 minute offering. ‘error mechanics’ sees the project further exploring the realms of organic sound and digital manipulations. these tracks massage the ears like the experienced hands of a russian masseuse. violet seems determined to not only breathe underwater, but turn the phrase ‘sleeps with the fishes’ into something much more positive. what i'm really trying to say here is that even after the morphine wears off, this is still quite the aural experience.” Edition of 60 copies.
1/5/2013 Violet Woods Raw Love 7" $7.99 Great Pop Supplement "Next up on the GPS and 1 of 3 spankin' new 45s for late October is the ace debut single from Violet Woods. The band take their cues from the classic lineage of UK Psych Pop and Freakbeat thru' dusty West Coast / LA jams. Where the 12 string jangle of The Byrds, Love et al is brought stunningly into the present with Stereolab / Broadcast flavoured, retro synth vibes, ghostly vocals, surf basslines and rolling beats. Like some lost lo-fi 45 being played on a dansette, "Raw Love" is a real dancer- a killer groove and a mighty debut 45. A vinyl only pressing of 400 in tasty letterpress sleeves."
6/5/2005 Virgin Eye Blood Brothers Live In The Deepest Hole In Louisville CDR $15.99 Arbitrary Signs "Ultra-limited re-release from the band themselves of their widely-hailed debut album, originally released in an edition of roughly 15 copies in a hand-sewn package and re-released in a cork sleeve by UK label Static. This one comes in a screened red envelope with an insert and was made available for their UK tour with Taurpis Tula. Hailing from Louisville, Kentucky, Virgin Eye Blood Brothers consists of Pete Nolan and Kris Abplanalp, a duo of multi-instrumentalists with connections to subliminal outfits like Double Leopards and Son of Earth-Flesh on Bone Trio. 2003’s Live in the Deepest Hole In Louisville, documents an all-improvised subterranean action that opens with a barrage of clattering metal percussion before giving way to the kind of atonal head-hunting melange of augmented horns and electronics that made Throbbing Gristle's live Heathen Earth recording sound so aggressively feral." - Volcanic Tongue
11/4/2006 Virgin Eye Blood Brothers Tucky Mud CDR $9.99 Veglia "New limited to 80 copies disc from the Virgin Eye duo of Pete Nolan (Magik Markers et al) and Kris Abplanalp (Valley Of Ashes/Sapat et al). First track is a phenomenal short burst of Sauter-esque sax and keening acid guitar waste. Moves into further, profoundly pre-lapsarian sonic environs on a drift of tongue-tone and a muzz of elegantly splatted electronics. Totally crude packaging too." - Volcanic Tongue
4/24/2006 Virgin Insanity Toad Frog & Fish Friends/The Odometer Suite CD $24.99 P-Vine "After releasing Illusion of Maintenance Man in 1971, Virgin Insanity evidently went on to record 2 more albums that never saw the light of day: Toad Frog & Fish Friends, also from 1971, and The Odometer Suite from 1973. This Japanese-only CD conveniently compiles the 2 together and throws on 2 bonus tracks of new 2005 recordings by the currently revitalized group. In a similar style to Illusion, but perhaps more freaked out, this is beautifully shambolic folk-rock from the edge of time, with parts of Toad Frog coming across like Texas' answer to the Godz. The Odometer Suite is a lot more '73 than '71 (guess that "makes sense") - the naivete is a little wobbly for today's sophisticates. But the now easily achievable completeness that P-vine makes possible with these 2 CDs is hard to beat."
1/22/2011 Virgin Spring Excelsior one-sided LP $14.99 Gods of Tundra "Debut vinyl. Wander in the wetlands and get lost. Lines tangle and tighten and then disintegrate. The next step is never certain. Breath in this unclear atmosphere. Ever upward. Edition of 100."
5/16/2010 Virginal Volcanoes / Clouds Without Water Technicians of the Divine Vol. 2 c30 cassette $5.99 Temple of Pei "Virginal Volcanoes - Whiskey on the Rocks: On Tuesday, August 24th, 2009 an obscure fraternity was born between Telecult Powers & John Fell Ryan of Excepter. Transplutonian communication was attempted via liquid instead of the vacuum of space. JFR took the role as the houngan, Mr. Matthews as the host. Witchbeam most likely lost his mind. This recording is the result. Clouds Without Water - Lord of Unbalanced Force: Clouds WIthout Water is Brian Butler, a musician, magician, writer and filmmaker based in Los Angeles. He performs in a duo with the legendary Kenneth Anger called Technicolor Skull. He recently premiered "Night of Pan", a film starring Vincent Gallo in a dark ritual that "symbolizes the stage of ego death in the process of spiritual attainment." I first came across his work when I read the excellent Marjory Cameron article in the Disinfo Book of Lies."
2/20/2008 Vizusa Vizusa LP $15.99 Seres "Caitlin Cook and Calder Martin, formerly vocalist/players in EXCEPTER, resurface as a rock duo with Martin weaving holographic guitar riffs around Cooks wails and gloomy poems. The pair spent two years living in the skylight studio of the historic Matthew Brady Daguerreotype Building at 359 Broadway NYC, recording in the same vaulted rooms where Abe Lincoln, Felicita Vestvali, Edgar Allan Poe, Frederick Douglas, and Sitting Bull voluntarily screwed their heads into iron stabilizers in order to be photographed. The resulting album conveys a falsely two-sided pattern of epic American triumph, contemplative groovyness, and crumbling disaster in the guise of hyperactive fun. Cameo drum appearances blast through at key moments, courtesy of Spencer Herbst (Matta Llama), Nathan Corbin (Excepter), and the inimitable Fiz. Released on SERES, a longstanding label cohort of the NO-NECK BLUES BAND. At the right volume, the crackle of the amps will make your ass ripple."
10/25/2008 Vluba The Green Lion Great Tapes Vol. 4 CDR $8.99 Ikuisuus "New set of hypnotic aural disobedience from Argentina's new kings of confusion Vluba. Two tracks of cartoon sci-fi ritual, moaning electro-drones, analog electronics and a heavy cultic vibe that's somewhere between Acid Mothers Temple, Amon Duul and a helium-powered Can. Comes packaged in a green DVD case with Black Sabbath tribute art." - Volcanic Tongue
7/16/2006 Vlubä ^'¨´^` ´´¨´¨¨¨¨¨' CDR $9.99 23 Productions "Damn near indescribable collection of musics from the Argentinian astral warriors Vlubä. Each song it's own journey, from spin dizzy hallucinations to psychic nightmares. One more piece in the all out sensory assault that Vlubä has recently waged on this world."
12/26/2005 Vlubä CDR $12.99 Seedy R! "We are Vlubä, posted at Buenos Aires at now, but borned in the chrome moon circa (since) 1965...Our music works consist at no music, drone music, freak rock, acid rock, cosmic music, conceptual art music, free improvisation, magical music for the high kings from the high spheres and extreme experimental music or whatever... some from this side of the planet, or the other planet? Crazy lo-fi Argentininian Psychedelia. Fans of Armpit will LOVE this..."
4/12/2012 Vlubä Alive II CDR $7.99 267 Lattajjaa "Psych from Argentina, to be released in September 2011. Two slightly different sleeves.
müriscia: vox, smk system, monotron & sacred metals.
aphra: egtr, unplugged egtr, artworks & hypokalemia.
live @ the "festival multidimensional para los 7 metales" capilla del monte, solstice 2011.
-there is one unique sound that opens this parallel dimension, its like a repetitive icarus, not so fast.
spend more than 10000 years for the happy mutants put on a show so wonderful and then they were devoted only to record clouds.
yes, recorded them on a cloud in what was the alive at the "seven multidimensional metals festival" in capilla del monte or here, in Agartha...-
9/16/2007 Vlubä Inventions For Inflatable Guitar CDR $11.99 Chocolate Monk "Argentina's self proclaimed "Prehistoric Magical Psychic Band" blast off into the inner space void on this one. Electro-Accoustic brain burps ringing out through the cosmic ocean. Oh Mama!"
5/24/2014 Vlubä New Mutations 7" lathe + 3" CDR $18.99 Heavy Space "From the outer reaches of neon space, beyond the rings of the psychedelic universe, multi-coloured synths & Argentinian rainbow vocals, the pyramids & cosmos collide & explode in vivid ufos. 2 songs on the 7", & 3 extra on the 3". Layback, float in strange delay. Edition of 20."
3/1/2007 Vocokesh, The ŠAll This and Hieronymus Bosch CD $12.99 Strange Attractors Audio House The Vocokesh formed in 1991 when guitarist Richard Franecki spun out of orbit from F/i, the legendary Milwaukee psychedelic veterans he co-founded. ŠAll This and Hieronymous Bosch, The Vocokesh's eighth long player, displays some departures from previous formulas, resulting in some of their finest and freshest sonics yet. Synthesizers and electronics, prominent throughout The Vocokesh's catalog, adopt more of a backseat role while the sitar, only sparingly used in the past, bubbles strongly to the surface.Masterful guitar work is still in rich abundance, but many of the dark psych passages The Vocokesh regularly navigate is offset by sunnier trajectories. As implied by the title, ŠAll This and Hieronymus Bosch hosts a surrealistic depth rarely matched in instrumental rock these days-a fantastic entry into The Vocokesh's ongoing psychedelic experiments." - label. "Vocokesh continue with the Pink Floyd swirl, krautrock bleeps, and Tangerine Dream's sense of cinematic dynamics. People digging the joys of Ash Ra Temple and SubArachanoid Space are going to love this-strictly for headphone heads!" - Montreal Mirror
7/10/2008 Vodka Soap Oceansion Island CDR $12.99 New Age Cassettes "Brand new CD-R upgrade for this excellent 2007 solo cassette from Spencer Clarke of The Skaters that teleports straight into the nowhere zone with Native American rhythms and power visions, sudden spurts of percussive tape spool, choirs of alien visitation and what sounds like gamelan works scored for tiny pulses of light. With every jump cut the whole thing just seems to devolve into deeper, more primal alphabets until it sounds like the first music you ever heard, while your auditory canals were still connected to the source. Aspects of Cluster and Harmonia, Sun Ra's wiggiest keyboard visions, Terry Riley, early choral music, Nico and even Fripp and Eno combine in a fog-shrouded paean to black exotica. Profoundly beautiful and another monster from Vodka Soap. Colour covers with insert. Highly recommended." - Volcanic Tongue
6/3/2009 Volcano The Bear Birth of Streissand 7" $7.99 No-Fi Records "First non-archive release for NO-FI. VTB at their most abstract. Released November 2006."
9/30/2005 Volcano the Bear Catonapotato CD $12.99 Digitalis "All in all, it's just a brilliant sonic excursion down a musical path very few are brave enough to follow these days, and along the way the band manages to explain exactly why the true environment for Volcano the Bear is the live setting. If you never have come across this band before I honestly believe that you never have heard anything quite like it. This is meditation music for the drone/noise generation."
3/11/2004 Volcano the Bear The Idea of Wood CD $16.99 Textile "Is it rock? Is it folk? Is it sane??? Textile records is proud to release the new challenging musical adventures from the British improvisational quartet Volcano The Bear. Formed with the constant idea of being a group with uncompromising and boundless ideas, the quartet (Laurence Coleman, Nick Mott, Aaron Moore and Daniel Padden) is utterly beyond classification. This radical and unique music brought VTB to the attention of the more discerning. (Steven Stapleton asked the band to join the United Dairies family.) Drawing on the work of Robert Wyatt, Faust or This Heat, the music of Volcano The Bear is the perfect combination of music and non music, melodies and free expression. The band creates a musical environment crossing composition with improvisation. Filled with crackling electronics, rumbling percussion, unconventionally played guitars, manipulated vocal noises, distorted piano 'The Idea of Wood' is an ideal mix of primitive folk, art rock and filmic sound sculpting. Eccentric, hypnotic, mystic, but most of all truly incredible."
4/10/2009 Vollmar EP Compilation 12" $10.99 Third Uncle "This vinyl record compiles three low-key, handmade releases by Bloomington-based recording artist Vollmar. Each was originally disseminated in a very basic form: a miniature CDR with a handwritten insert and a two-tone black and white cover image. Vollmar launched these short-length do-it-yourself releases as a way to explore musical ideas with somewhat more immediacy than was possible in the context of a proper "album" project. The simplicity of the process allowed for material to be recorded and released in one fell swoop, with a minimum of slaving over mixing boards or waiting on record labels and pressing plants. This record's contents, then, were shaped by a very particular strategy-i.e. conceived of as three discrete, internally cohesive installments in a series meant to be as direct as possible, both in terms of musical creativity and physical delivery. Even several years after the fact, the musical results retain their sense of urgency. Vollmar is audibly liberated by this more intuitive platform, roving at length into sonic territory that had only been hinted at on previous full-length albums. "Monsters / Avery" and "When Love Love Love" feature some of Vollmar's best rock songs, and most inventive arrangements. By the time "The Shower" lets loose its free-noise downpour, we have a sense of just how panoramic Vollmar's vision is becoming.Even though markedly homemade, Vollmar never intended the mini CDR series as a limited edition or collector's item. It's fitting, then, that this music should finally receive wider release as a reissue collection. Please enjoy, and spread the word."
1/5/2013 Voltigeurs Carrion LP $19.99 Second Layer "First LP on Second Layer and also the first full-length LP from Voltigeurs: the duo of Matthew Bower and Samantha Davies. Absolute mastery of anaolg distortion, used to great ritualistic effect. Densely layered walls of guitar, synth and piano. Gold on black print sleeves. Limited to 350 copies." - label.."As soon as I put the needle down on this one my first thought was "sounds like Skullflower". It came as no surprise, therefore, for me to drift over to its press release and disover that - lo and behold - it's Skullflower. Or at least it's a duo of Matthew Bower and Samantha Davies so, like, Skullflower & friend, basically, doling out some horrible oppressive New Blockaders-with-guitars style noise terrorism. What's happening is that a guitar is farting out a load of feedback and distortion and these two aren't even doing anything to stop it. In fact they're encouraging it if anything. There's no real riffs or tunes to speak of, it's very much in the pure noise style. The first song has two guitars churning away horribly alongside one another, and in the second we are introduced to the sound of an irritating piano along with loads of creaking, groaning feedbacky dirge. Flip it and there's one with loads of shrieking feedback that'll really annoy your neighbours, and then more crunching and grumbling on the final track. A dancefloor-emptying, pants-dirtying experience throughout." - Norman Records.
11/21/2009 Vom Grill Overspannen Wordenpraal / Gezwollen Beelden 8" Lathe $20.99 Alt.Vinyl "This bad boy kicks off heavy vocal grind style giving way to eerie synth shrieks which pulse drunkenly toward the centre peg. The flip starts deep inside the throat before swerving through electrified rales and high tension neck, and ending up back in a wet mouth. The full gammut from this lowland hero (Dennis Tyfus)."
9/24/2009 Von Bingen Von Bingen LP $16.99 Amen Absen "Von Bingen began life when husband and wife duo Jenni Pace and Daniel Presnell (Astral Blessing) temporarily suspended Hildegard (their east coast group of clangorous misfits), and relocated to Vancouver, BC where they soon met Josh Stevenson (aka Magneticring, and one-time JOMF member), and Richard Smith. Influenced by histories of conceptual art practices and electronic and outsider music native to the west coast, Von Bingen's sound is at once reminiscent of distant sonics, such as those found in the labs of 60's SF pioneers, or overheard in Berlin's Zodiac Club in the early 70's, while also anticipating the drone of future decades. Folk forms gleefully mutate, reborn as new hybrids, dignified by analog modular and semi-modular synthesizer systems from Serge, Buchla, and EMS. Instruments such as the flute, clarinet, guitar, and the drum are defamiliarized through quixotic treatments, originating from experimentations in the band's studio. By rescuing tones, processes and technology from dusty desuetude, Von Bingen happens upon a unique retrofit for advanced audiences that is sure to confound, if not altogether please. Within the grooves of this lp, you will not find full-fledged allegiance to current fashions, nor will you find some light loop of cheap sensations, hollow-core historical reenactments, or facsimile sentiments. In fact, we are not sure what you will find at all, and that is the beauty of nature, a potentially infinite system of chances, where the opportunity to un-learn is as important as the opportunity to learn; where memories possess the power to eclipse experience; where all history becomes synesthesia. Join Von Bingen in this new Eden, and by all means, have an apple." - F.O.L. Ministries, 2009. Recommended!
3/26/2006 Von Harmonson, Noel Born on the 4th of July CD $10.99 Resipiscent "Bringing horror home to roost, NVH jellies your knees with this stripped down, no-place-to-hide assault. Masterful improvisations and the unadorned appeal of shredding sound viscera, fear will find your heart for you. If ever you've wanted to see the rest of Comets on Fire lying quietly dead in a pile while NVH goes completely off, now's your chance."
2/11/2013 Von Himmel Rock n Roll Animal / Traum Esel LP $17.99 Donkey Disk "Second full-length, follow up to the much-loved "Space Communion". descending hieroglyphics implicated by percussion fluctuations and multiphonic undergrowths of upended guitar hero sound diagrams in a prism of vacuous moon secretions; horizons unfold with tingling sparkles on a phosphorescent mossy riverbed in unseen hinterland tombs as our bodies melt with coursing streaks of sublimity in finite journeys vis-a-vis primordial birthdeath interplay. drawings by bart de paepe of sloow tapes."
8/7/2002 Voodoo Mechanics Chaotika CD $9.99 Mandragora Records "Can Mandragora Records do no wrong? This is the fifth release of their's that I have reviewed, and I have not been let down once as of yet. Voodoo Mechanics is the label owner's solo sampler project, circa 1998-1999. Although some parts can be somewhat abrasive, most of the album is less harsh, favouring a calm, even ambient, sound. I suppose this point can be argued, but I think it is a general concensus that even Voodoo Mechanics at his harshest comes nowhere near the likes of Merzbow and Prurient. This psychedelic ambience, however, is a nice break from the cacophony, and it definitely provides a nice soundtrack for a mind-trip, if that's what you're looking for. In order to help explain how this album fits together, I like to call Voodoo Mechanics the Godspeed You Black Emperor! of noise music. The album fluctuates between so many styles and emotions throughout its entirety that, by the end, you almost feel weary. And that's what noise music is all about. If you're a noise fan, and you're looking for some diversity in your musical diet, you may want to consider getting this album. And while it's by no means another 'Rainbow Electronics', it's an enjoyable noise album anyway." - Matt Shimmer, indieville.com
"Constructed entirely from samples and found sound, Chaotika is an intense meditation on the mysteries of drone and loop. Astral brutality as crippled beats juggle icy strings, alien orchestras wage battle, and freaks come alive. Pagan muzak meets lounge terror in a sonic Rorschach Test."
9/30/2008 Vorg Vessel The Queen of Fish Mountain / Illuminated by Stripes CDR + 3" CDR $14.99 Cut Hands "Another stunning project courtesy of psychfiend Adam Kriney (La Otracina, Dragonfrynd). This man does not sleep, nor shouldn't he. Just like on the Dragonfrynd album there's no drums on this double album. No guitars either this time. Just miles and miles of tripped out organ jams. Straight lines get transformed into a sprawling, blurry ocean of dubby overtones.
Space age slowjams..this must be what shroomheads in love dance to. Sweet. 50 copies in slimline dvd cases with six page booklet and art by Peter Friel."

Vorontsova, Julia Julia CDR $6.99 Abaton Book Company "This young voice from St.Petersburg immediately brought me in mind one of my favourite voices, Ewa Demarczyck from Poland (from which I highly appreciate her "live" album from 1979). I'm one of those people who like a lot deeply melancholic songs, sung with deep feelings and with a poetic approach. Inspired by earlier Russian bards, Julia writes beautiful love & friendship-songs simply accompanied by acoustic guitar, but with a beauty it becomes a must for acid/wyrd folk lovers. Highly recommended !

Vortex Naviagtion Company Things Make Patterns as They Fall CD $14.99 Camera Obscura "This is Salamander singer-guitarist Sean Connaughty's other band, in conjunction with guitarist Wes Morden and a rotating group of instrumentalists on percussion, bass and keyboards. Expansive improvisations and dark folk, not a million miles away from Salamander, but pushing further into the swirling cloud formations of sky-trance improvised drone rock on one axis, and deeper into dark backwoods folk on the other." Recommended.
12/30/2002 Vote Robot Five Score Six Bicycle LP $17.99 Catsup Plate "The third proper album from our favorite antiquated electronics experimentalists. Continues in their particular vein of warm and hazy homemade electronic sounds. Melodies bubble up through the murk and recede, bits of static crackle and flare, and warm tones ooze out through the speakers, enveloping the listener's ears. The music is abstract, but almost melancholic, like the gears of an old rusted-out clock tower slowly decaying or a broken wind-up toy that's been set in motion one last time. There's definitely air of familiarity here, too: these sounds and melodies seem to have existed at some point in the past, now long-buried in the clutter of the subconscious. Edition of 300 copies in 4-color silkscreened jackets."
4/7/2008 VxPxC Dead Right There cassette $5.99 Ski-Fi "90 minute document of two live events culled from the vaults of the early years of VxPxC. From delicate sprawling drone to outright tonal murkitude, this is guaranteed to melt ur brainstem. A lullaby for a nuclear winter. limited to 60 copies."
9/21/2006 VxPxC Drapery Dept. CDR $8.99 House of Alchemy "Recorded in a deserted movie lot office, this ghostly document shows the threesome in full family mode, with a guest in town. The expansive six-member line-up rages distantly at the single microphone and fills the hollow air with a thick sonic fog. "Ballad of the Empty Room" sounds as if you were sitting in the corner of the room and listening to three different bands play in rooms around you. It is the sound of a Titan's lullaby, a massive drift of ice and earth across a sea. CD-R edition of 123."
7/14/2007 VxPxC Porchmass CD $12.99 Digitalis "In the past two years, (VxPxC) has grown from a Golden State oddity to a Los Angeles institution. The trio of Grant Capes, Tim Goodwillie, and Justin McInteer have churned out an entire catalog of blissed-out improvisations that range from the organic and melodic to overblown chaos. There's never a dirth of new ideas flowing out of their collective minds, and on "Porchmass," their first proper CD release after a slew of CDRs and cassettes, they push the envelope into a whole new realm. Recorded entirely on Goodwillie's porch in City Terrace, in East LA, "Porchmass" is a ramshackle choir singing in effigy to the orange polluted sunsets of Southern California. (VxPxC) only use a small arsenal of acoustic and battery-powered instruments, singing bowls, and pots & pans as makeshift-percussion, but it is magic junkyard orchestra. This is also the first appearance of the now-trademark accordian that graces recent (VxPxC) sessions. By using this array, the group traverses new territory somewhere near the islands of Jewelled Antler or The Vanishing Voice. Despite the minimal setup, the songs on "Porchmass" are incredibly rich and diverse. Between the solemn notes of the accordian, washes of droning keyboards, and turbulent acoustic guitars rises a heartbroken voice that acts as a torch. The wordless vocals flicker like volcanic ash falling from a sunkissed sky. There's so many things at odds with each other throughout these pieces that the resulting dichotomies and trichotomies create an entirely new sound. (VxPxC) is Los Angeles through-and-through. But this is not your grandfather's LA of Hollywood glam and cocaine binge weekends. Capes, Goodwillie, and McInteer are blessed by the sun and palm trees, but when you dig deeper you find the warm, inviting underbelly that keeps such an enormous city afloat. "Porchmass" is a quiet hymn for the populations that the outside world has forgotten."
1/24/2009 VxPxC Second Street Tunnel CDR $7.99 House of Alchemy "We basically started -house of alchemy- to be in the (VxPxC) business. And what a business it is. We are proud that our second release with them is Second Street Tunnel. It is every bit the blissed-out, burnt-down, pick-pocketed brain-jewelry you would expect from them. We couldn't be happier. Cd-r edition of 123 housed in hand-made cloth envelopes."
6/19/2007 VxPxC Stoned To Death CDR $11.99 Leaf Trail "(VxPxC) are an LA trio that skillfully and seamlessly blend multiple styles from psych, drone, pop, shoegaze, dislocated rock and the undescribable to create an evolved entity, a beautiful "otherworldly being" presented in the form of a hand crafted cd. They create music projected straight from the heart with the purest of intentions and the simple joy of playing and releasing music they are passionate about. "Stoned To Death" is a new life (in all regards) among the forest of cassettes, CD-rs and countless future LPs and CDs to be released by this trio. Here they are creating worlds within worlds within worlds within worlds......The sounds are from a distant universe, never our own. They are neither reality nor dream but of some deeper primitive expression that flows from the core of your spirit and rattles it about with pinches of hope, melancholy and out of body explorations."