DateAdded Artist Title Format Price Label Description
7/29/2011 U.S. Girls Early Works c26 cassette $8.99 Medusa It's a C-26, 8 tracks, 4 per side, 21 minutes. Pro-dub, 1st time on cassette re-issue of Megan Remy AKA U.S. Girls first 2 out of print 7"s and a cassingle on Cherry Burger Records (2008), Hardscrabble Amateurs (2008) + Not Not Fun 2009. Hard-stock, silkscreen velcro enclosure. Edition of 100 next week in anticipation of an upcoming European Tour staring June 10.
5/1/2009 U.S. Girls Me & Yoko 7" $7.99 Not Not Fun "Follow-up to Megan Remy's acclaimed Siltbreeze LP. This 45 rpm single features 2 new songs, both of which further venture into her inner universe of reverb-worship shoegaze pop-haze. In photocopied sleeves with art by Remy. Edition of 380."
8/20/2011 U.S. Girls / Slim Twig split 12" $13.99 Palmist / Fat Cat "U.S. GIRLS is the creative force of a lone American woman, Meghan Remy, who pursues minimalism with a militant by-any-means-necessary attitude, merging experimental compositions tracked on borrowed four-track recorders with her distinctive photocopy-art visual aesthetic. While Artform likened U.S. Girls to "blunted Lee 'Scratch' Perry remixes of Cambodian Rocks covers of western pop tunes," more accurately she can be thought of as a modern pop revisionist, treating the artistic honesty of her beloved soul and classic rock with lyrical strains of static and tape hiss. SLIM TWIG is a shape-shifting performer and song-sculptor based in Toronto. His artistic vision is born from a twisted landscape of pop and experimental music, pulp literature and movie magic. Violently colliding a snatch-sampling aesthetic a la RZA with a noirish-drama rockabilly persona, a sort of Elvis lost in the 36 chambers, Slim Twig creates an aggressively innovative pop sound with which he treats dark, fragmented, imagistic lyrics."
8/17/2013 U.S. Steel Cello Ensemble Bitter Suites LP $24.99 Holidays "Deluxe repress edition of this incredible masterpiece made out of two live performances of the U.S. Steel Cello Ensemble recorded in 1979 at The Showing Room in NYC and at Helen Shlien Gallery in Boston. The Ensemble performs playing large sheets of metal and producing amazingly droning sounds. These live recordings are the result of an evolutionary refinement of instrumental design and playing techniques which Robert Rutman explored and develped after a ten year period of practice. He invented the two only instruments played by the Steel Cello Ensemble: the Bow Chime - a six foot sheet of steel formed into a horizontal curve with an iron bar attached to the top corners of the metal sheet - and the Single String Cello - an eight foot sheet suspended vertically from a stand. This limited reissue has been released in occasion of Bob Rutman's 83rd birthday party concert at Cookies, in Berlin." Edition of 300 copies on black vinyl, thick black cardboard sleeve.
4/1/2014 Ubertrager Neben Mir" 7" $7.99 Great Pop Supplement "The third of this month's tasty trio of new GPS 45s features a 7" debut from German 2 man outfit Ubertrager. Having debuted on GPS sister label Deep Distance' Record Store Day "Grasshopper Mind" 10" last year, the wait has been worth it as "Neben Mir" is a beauty. Beautiful electronic pop featuring an icy French, Nico-esque vocal courtesy of Clémence "Faidherbe" Fichard (also to be found guesting on the last Prefuse 73 LP for Warp) ghosting in amongst the electronics and guitar work. A wonderful single and companion piece -sure to build upon the cool word of mouth response- to their track on last year's 10" (which to this day is still played on both 6music and by Andrew Weatherall.) 300 copies on purple vinyl poking through the bubbles in a diecut sleeve! Lovely stuff destined not to hang around long…."
9/14/2004 Ueh & Kawabata Makoto Pataphysical Overdrive To My Cosmos CD $14.99 Acid Mothers Temple To coincide with Ueh's summer 2004 tour of the US (July & August), this cd includes four tracks: two by Ueh, one by Kawabata solo, and one collaboration between Kawabata and Ueh. Limited edition of 500 copies. Limited stock of remaining copies. Recommended!
6/30/2010 Ugly Husbands The Dairy Belle c46 cassette $5.99 Roll Over Rover "Second full-length album from Stewart Adams (Horse Marriage/Soul Manure). A strong evolution from his first tape The Faith Of The Family (ROR 004). Highlights Stewart's ability to bridge the gap between tape-manipulation, drone-work, and rock songs, this tape has little regard for genre. Recorded on 4-track over the past two years. 100 pro-dubbed cassettes, blue shells, with huge fold out double-sided artwork."
1/7/2015 Ulaan Markhor Spiral Horns, Black Onions, et al. LP $15.99 Soft Abuse "Ulaan Markhor is the latest solo moniker for Californian Steven R. Smith's studio explorations. Spiral Horns, Black Onions, et al. fuses recent itinerant work under aliases Ulaan Khol (blistering basement psychedelia) and Ulaan Passerine (moody & meditative zones) and unveils a distinctly American version of kosmische, with heavy Levon Helm or Clyde Stubblefield -indebted rhythm & groove replacing motorik pulses. Fluid synth, bass, organ & searing guitar textures (all played by Smith) augment the beats. The result is something akin to The Meters meets Amon Düül II. An exciting new chapter in the ever-evolving canon of SRS."
6/24/2012 Ulaan Markhor Ulaan Markhor LP $13.99 Soft Abuse "Ulaan Markhor is a new solo vision from Californian Steven R. Smith; as with his former veils (Hala Strana and Ulaan Khol most recently), this new epithet brings about a wholly new origin for creation: rhythmic throb. Smith's heavy percussive clout has rarely surfaced on his records, and has heretofore never served as the focal point. Confined within canyons of mammoth ostinatos, the songs have nowhere to go but up. Smith's singular guitar playing is present throughout, rendering fuzzed and buzzing melodies & subtly interlocking lines that swirl amongst the percussive nexus. Though drawing on many familiar influences, Ulaan Markhor manages a new perspective for Smith's work. Herein, much like Ulaan Khol, Smith explores all corners of kosmische (Gottsching is a touchstone here) with an Eno-like attention to sound. An admiration of Dog Faced Hermans and Long Fin Killie, evident in the wood-block and shaker rhythms, further sets this project apart. The correlations to Roy Montgomery appear well, but this time Montgomery's Dadamah era bears the fruit. Despite its psychedelic and experimental flourishes, Ulaan Markhor possesses a coy accessibility & populist groove that simply doesn't relent."
9/29/2005 Ultralyd Ultralyd CD $14.99 FMP "Kjetil Brandsdal (electric bass), Frode Gjerstad (altosax, clarinet), Anders Hana (electric guitar), Morten Olsen (drums). This Norwegian quartet was brought together by enigmatic saxophone legend Frode Gjerstad. Formed solely with young musicians in mind, this is powerful rock inspired free music of the highest order. Gjerstad should be highly commended for the way he has seemingly guided these fine, talented new musicians into their current direction. These improvisations never get bogged down in the rock tradition and they balance the freshness of the best free music with the well worn jam sensiblity perfectly, creating a surprisingly breezy and hugely enjoyable CD recording."
10/7/2004 Ultrasound Loom LP $18.99 Korm Plastics “Dark droning spacey music with mucho guitars from Texas. Second edition with clear sleeve.”
3/27/2004 Ultraviolet Makes Me Sick No Freeway No Plan No Trees No Ghosts CD $14.99 Camera Obscura "Italian 'post-rock' trio Ultraviolet Makes Me Sick formed in the spring of 1999 in and, after a period of line-up turbulence and a final decision to proceed on an instrumental basis, recorded a pair of CD-R EPs that ended up being officially released by Camera Obscura in 2001 as the 'Soundproof' CD. The band is drummer Davide Impellizzeri, guitarist Gianmaria Aprile, and Alberto Anadone who plays guitarist or bass according to the composition.Starting from the premise of guitar-led rock, the angular and melodic compositions on their debut release created their own cinematic language. In their words: 'We play instrumental music for life, capturing harmonies in film-like tunes, inspired by images and sensations in order to recreate particular feelings we have inside'. They play extensively in Italy, with latest dates to be found on their web site. 2003 saw the band busy recording a new album for Camera Obscura (and Urtovox in Italy): 'No freeway, no plan, no trees, no ghosts'. Post-production, mixing, editing and mastering was entrusted to Fabio Magistrali who added a spatial quality to the record that is quite different to the live directness of 'Soundproof'. The record sees first UVMMS vocal tunes, gauzy skeins of melody and recitation courtesy of Andrea Ferraris, member of the bands Deep End and One by One We're All Becoming Shades. For their second full-length release, Ultraviolet Makes Me Sick go well beyond their original sparse remit and provide the listener with an exquisitely detailed and textured canvas to project their dreams onto. A wider range of instruments has been used to flesh out sonic ideas, and they've moved to a more layered studio sound. Despite this more consciously crafted approach, the predominant mood is airy and spacious, with the dynamic of the recording process giving each instrument full weight. The light and jazzy vibe of the opening 'This is the season for rest, she said' is reversed on itself for the quiet guitar fire and enigmatic vocals of 'Counter-clockwise' and we think that the distance the band has travelled from its debut is evident from these opening tracks alone. Elsewhere, the beautiful structures and nuanced playing match the poetry of titles like 'Intimacy is Jazz, Disturbance is Art', 'Brothers Fallen near Allen' and 'Hearts and Minds Out of Tune and Reversed'. It all adds up to a work of great beauty and resonance."

Ultraviolet Makes Me Sick Soundproof CD $14.99 Camera Obscura "The Ultraviolets express their cinematic rock ideal better than we ever could: 'Davide Impellizzeri, the drummer, is our rhythmic figure. Alberto Anadone, is guitarist or bassist according to the songs, and draws out our structure and melodies. Gianmaria Aprile, is also guitarist and works with the sounds in a highly personal way. We play instrumental music for life, capturing harmonies in film-like tunes, inspired by images and sensations in order to recreate particular feelings we have inside. Film is a definite influence, as in the delicately yearning 'Faye', inspired by the protagonist of Wong Kar Wai's 'Hong Kong Express'. It's a tribute to the band's sense of drama and dynamics that they can program the vertiginously psychedelic 'Black Canvas' next on the disc, surrounded the listener in dense eddies of fragmented guitar that connect firmly with the pit of one's stomach. A track that we suggest you play late a night with the lights out and car headlights playing across your wall. Davide Impellizzeri percussion is the engine room of 'Soundproof', and no more so than in 'On the Way Back', alternately screwing up the tension with metronomic strobe flashes of cymbal and belting out staccato snare patterns at climatic moments. Relative calm is restored during 'She Used to Dress in a Pale Red' which is a lot like trying to ascertain shapes through a rain-streaked windscreen at night. Our favourite is the closer 'Once Again Turtle', working from stillness to hurricanes of guitar bliss."
5/24/2014 Umberto The Child 12" $14.99 Deep Distance "First up of the pair of tasty new Deep Distance 12" for April is the amazing new Umberto 12" "The Child" . A hugely popular cut in it's edited form on Matt Hill's 1st LP "From The Grave…" in 2009, the full length version (clocking in just short of 12 minutes) appears here for the first time. As does the flip, a remix by 'Silvio' which is far more beat driven and aimed at the dance floor; imagine some hybrid Daft Punk / Kraftwerk collision and you get kinda close… The original in it's unedited form is a classic. Heavy on that uniquely chilling atmosphere present over Umberto's back catalogue, and drawing on a more percussive take to the fright night / Carpenter / Giallo / Goblin sounds commonly associated with Matt's previous output. A beautiful record on the eye and ear. Killer Tim Goodwillie sleeve art and a pressing of 500 on white vinyl ready for the latter stages of the current Umberto European tour (Including UK legs in the last week of April, first 2 days of May). Be quick…."
5/7/2012 Umberto Welcome To the Chillzone 12" $11.99 Great Pop Supplement "From Kansas City, "Umberto" is the killer solo project from Matt Hill, following previous releases alongside Justin Wright in Expo 70 and one of two essential new GPS releases for April, "Welcome to the Chillzone" is unleashed as a ltd edition vinyl only press of 500. Previously released as a 150 copy cassette only release on Solid Melts last Summer, The GPS gives it the supersound 45 treatment on 12" wax and dresses it up in a sweet new fright night sleeve, creating a debut full UK release in the processŠ The 12" moves away slightly from Matt's previously lauded full lengths for Not Not Fun and Permanent; "Prophecy of The Black Widow" and "From the GraveŠ" both of which lent heavy on killer Giallo / Goblin-esque soundtrack work, "Chillzone" as it's title would imply, is a more stripped down, eerily ambient, totally icy late night listen. Two equal sides of 10'03" (providing a looped kinda feel for it's initial cassette release) with side 2 ending as side 1 begins. To flip onto Side 2 as 1 ends is a must. Stunningly chilling synth work recalling in equal measure John Carpenter VHS horror, Klaus Schulze and in places, Popol Vuh. An incredible record not expected to hang around longŠ"

Un Un LP $99.99 Siltbreeze "Not since Jennifer Herrema mumbled her way through the first couple of Royal Trux albums has a band extracted such beauty from disjointed chaos. Marcia Bassett's slurred vocals recall Nico after a few too many drinks, yet she sounds absolutely sublime when paired with guitarist Grant Acker's minimal strumming. UN's self-titled debut is a masterwork of bedroom psychedelia. "Sixty Bux" moves in slow motion, as UN attempts to create a soundtrack for your next drugged stupor. "Fast Money Blues" has absolutely nothing formal to do with the blues, but wallows in as much sadness and pain as John Lee Hooker." - Bill Cohen / Ben Goldberg. 1996 release - still sealed.
2/19/2007 Unborn Unicorn Unborn Unicorn LP $17.99 Heard Worse "Great gloomy psych-folk sort of thing made by that guy Aaron Coyes who was out here last year from USA. The one who was constantly setting himself on fire for beer and causing grief to all he encountered. He has also made music with bogan dust (NY), diagnosis don't and the whole inverted crux humans." - synaesthesia
5/31/2009 Uncreated Live At The Human Trials Meeting, South Branch c30 cassette $5.99 Gods of Tundra "You are standing outside the meeting...the sounds begin to ooze out of the cracks....they are sounds you can see. The visions aren't necessarily frightening, but they leave you incredibly uneasy. The visions cease, and you decide to abandon the meeting, never having stepped inside. This is the debut tape from UNCREATED (members of Boiling Seas, the Man Who Ate Himself, Words of the Incryption Convict)."
6/24/2012 Undercarriage Homunculus CDR $11.99 Blackest Rainbow "Debut disc from the new collaborative project between Nathan Bowles (Black Twig Pickers/Spiral Joy Band) and Lisa Cameron (Venison Whirled). A real odd one this, lots of rattling and scraping of percussive objects creating 3 tracks of abstract improvised surreal sonic explorations. The sound is matched by what I can only describe as the weirdest sleeves I have every had the joy of releasing (and we've had some weird ones), but this one is far out, the guy at my local print shop looked baffled when he was printing these for me... Edition of 100 copies in full colour covers with insert.
5/16/2010 Unearthed Death Kiss CDR $7.99 Prairie Fire Tapes "Robert Meldrum, the mind behind Corpse Candle, Ghoul and of course Unearthed, has already proven he is capable of crafting incredibly effective and torturous harsh noise. On his second Unearthed release (following his debut release on Zvukovina), Meldrum lets loose two lengthy walls of decay and squalor. Over the course of 63 minutes, 'Death Kiss' exhumes layer upon layer of deathly-cold walls, draining yr consciousness slowly away until all that remains is the void. One of my favourite HNW releases to date, featuring some very uniquely fucked textures. Must have." Edition of 30 copies.
3/20/2015 Uneven Eleven Live at Cafe OTO LP $16.99 Sub Rosa "Supergroup power trio featuring drummer Charles Hayward (This Heat), guitarist Kawabata Makoto (Acid Mothers Temple), and bassist Guy Segers (Univers Zero) caught in wild act at Cafe OTO, London, on May 24, 2013."
12/2/2008 Uneven Universe Nightcrawler Walls cassette $5.99 DNT "Dan (Haunted Castle/Body Morph) and Holly acquired saxes awhile back and things haven't been the same since. Dank basement sax murk collides with bleak tape howls. Hand-numbered edition of 100 pro-dubbed ivory cassettes with skeleton imprinting. Cover artwork by Macklin Vietor."
12/13/2008 Uneven Universe Wormhole CDR $10.99 Cut Hands "It's still a damn shame Haunted Castle is no more but sometimes something great has to make way for something awesome. And at this point, the unbridled rawness of Uneven Universe is a fair match for the brooding beauty of Haunted Castle. Comfortable in the grimiest parts of Michigan's underground gutters, Dan (Haunted Castle, Cardboard Sax) and Holly (Cardboard Sax, with John Olson too) put a twisted dirge into the world of fucked up freejazz. Raw and uncompromised chunks of saxophone collide with a barrage of molten electronics. Often creating an Industrial vibe but transferred to the freejazz wastelands so many great bands of today roam in. Edition of 50 with art by Matthew Junkin."
4/10/2009 Uneven Universe / Sam Goldberg Beast / Falling Pyramid split tour cassette $7.99 Pizza Night "A split of incredibly contrasting tracks. Uneven Universe's "Beast" is a psychedelic romp of electronics and sax that sounds as if the master had been cut into thousands of pieces then pasted back together. Disjointed yet still cohesively meshed together in a steady current of killer creepy improvisations. A track that adequately represents the best of the michigan youngbloodz. Sam's side pairs up his reverberated guitar styles with his current exploration of minimalist sequencing and analog synthesizer droning."
2/24/2007 Unfortune Teller Untunes CDR $10.99 Manhand Scrap Tape Music & Noise by MjK (Sunburned Hand of the Man) from 1997 - 2003. "If Nature made Noise songs, you'd have 'Untunes' by MjK." - HthrT - "Akashic comrade in the world of euphoric, shamanic tantric excess & transformation." Ira Cohen - "Scorpio Pants!" - TCHIII
4/27/2011 United Waters Your First Ever River LP $14.99 Arbitrary Signs "The new lp by United Waters rises and falls, slowly and organically - if you're half listening, it's a pleasant stream of organic electronics with the occasional acoustic guitar sound cutting through, perfectly lovely stuff, you could put it on anytime for anybody. but when the headphones go on and lights get dimmed, the evidence of the painstaking work that went into the composition and creation of these tracks is apparent, beautiful and stunning. the image that ran through my mind was Sullivan as a kid, late at night, staring at the black and white snow of the television in the dark - but he's seeing the secret patterns embedded in it, digital sparrows flying to nowhere through psychedelic vectors that no one else can see - or maybe listening to the radio long after the broadcast dropped off and the station stopped broadcasting, and he's able to hear the secret songs that the machines sing to one another in the night." - Peter Meehan. "If you know the man behind United Waters (B.K.A Brian Sullivan) from anything, you'll know him as the guitar thudder in Brooklyn's densest duo, Mouthus. And if you were really listening to all those ninety million releases they did in the past few years, you'd notice that Mr. Sullivan is a deconstructionist of the highest order. Molten riffs that would cream the face off of both Nocturno Culto and Dave Murray combined dismantled themselves to reveal rock as a gas and thin air to be nothing but a petrified turd left over in a backstage buffet platter by Michael Angelo Batio. On his debut release under the United Waters moniker entitled 'Your First Ever River', Sullivan continues to expose the contradiction of sound for what it is, but there's not so much discombobulated shrailing this time 'round to drive the point home. Brian's vision on 'Your First Ever River' sucks in the sound and vibe of mid-nineties basement dwellers, early seventies robe donning prog rockers and present day turtle necked Germans to continue his pursuit for the never knowing sound. Let's hope your 'there' enough to bask in the revelatory glow of it's sound." - Tony Rettman. "Solo lp by Brian Sullivan of Mouthus fame under the moniker United Waters. It's a pretty awesomely dense iceberg of homemade loner pop genius... some Fleetwood murk. It sounds like nothing he's ever done before. It's quiet and beautiful psych pop." - Pete Nolan.
12/25/2005 Universal Indians Monster Approach LP $15.99 Killertree Records "Olson: “You Stoned?” Ramirez: “Probably” Possibly the going rate for this unit – Universal Indians had this whole other life that spewed out on the stages and floors, a couple records, a few cassettes, even a video (which will see the light of day on dvd, much later). But more at home and more comfortable slamming out psych blow-outs in the basement of 325 Foster Ave in Lansing, MI. The so-called legacy thing for MK1 Universal Indians which stretched from ’94 to ’97 (not ’93 that all music states) was simple in the philosophy dept and may have a fools’ merit – Drudge up some riffs, words, jack the amps, over-distort the Rat pedals to the point of canceling itself out, throw it together for Jesse Harper executed by The Dead C, praying for a spot in the Twisted Village or Siltbreeze. And get real high. American Tapes was barely in the double digits and we attempted to capture every session, every show on Olson’s handheld recorder – lo fi to the gills but solid and thick sounding like speakers takin’a shit. Green light was at the crossroads for stacks and stacks of tapes to be pillaged throughout last Springtime end and Summer eves until four solid cuts were culled for an LP release. And this is the shit – the first side ranges from over the fucking top heavy driving High Rise wah battle to some serious reps on Olson’s traps accompanying minimal trashed-out skronk chords pushing on the VU meter to pure slimy menacing blues skuzz that dissipates into a fine, loose rubbery mess (like every song does, and yeah, these are actual songs) with the sound is so thick that the grooves are white. Side Two holds two songs meshed together with fine stewardship ala GD’s Ithaca ’77 Scarlet/Fire blowout for a solid side-long mother of all battalion guitar ventures. Nudging Driver UFO & The Holy Sound of the American Pipe in the UI unisound tradition in a 16 minute rant that makes this cut a pinnacle in the annals of low-brow grong for the UI books – 3 or 4 minutes of semi-coherency, the rest a blaze of solid head-fuckery, a good one to get lost in. Our version of hard, loose psych to match head on all the fancy collector jargon hustled for big bills (only to receive some waysted bar band hashing out piss bloooz). Call it pride but it needed to be solid and realer than real. The end result coincides to a cruddy mix tape (levels are screwed considering each song is from a different session) and acclimates to the shitiest of stereos. These four cuts are from ’94-’95, two live cuts, two prax sessions, Olson kills the drums, Ramirez hashes the riffs, the wah & mumblings. And there was another guitar lazily played by someone from somewhere doing something when she wasn’t doing her homework. Limited to 300 copies on vinyl - the demon is finally at rest." All jackets have a damaged corner thanks to the US Postal Service where someone droped the box on edge - fuckers!!

University Punx Cultural Politics CD $14.99 krank 12 tracks - 71 minutes of guitar improv led by Kjetil D Brandsdal

University Punx In Society! 7" $4.99 MykeDroner A new Kjetil D Brandsdal project. Limited to 300 copies on white vinyl
6/25/2013 Unrepeatable Quartet, The Calgary 2012 CDR $7.99 Bug Incision Jack Wright: soprano & alto sax
Ellwood Epps: trumpet
Scott Munro: double bass, trombone, electronics
Chris Dadge: drumset, percussion
"There's a great sense of coming-together in this group. Jack Wright, one of the United States' true titans of free improvising, was featured on a killer disc (Over The Transom, bim-08) in the first batch of non-hometeam releases the label ever produced. From then on, more classic BI titles sprung up from the activities of Wright, who, for those not in the know, has played with just about everybody, the world over, among them William Parker, Axel Dorner, Bhob Rainey, and Nate Wooley. Ellwood Epps has kindly hosted Chris Dadge and Scott Munro (aka the Bent Spoon Duo) at his spaces in Montreal, and has a release on the label (aside from the great new one, Land of Marigold) with Pink Saliva. Dadge and Munro founded the label in 2005, and are featured on many releases. Wright and Epps both found themsevles in Calgary last November, and the four of them recorded a bunch of material, this disc being from their main concert in Calgary. Although they'd never played as a quartet (Dadge and Munro had played trios with each), the sense of chemistry is immediately evident. Each individual's listening is done with close scrutiny, the reactions and proposals are unrolled in a tightly-coiled but unhurried manner, and everyone pays close attention to the music's need to breathe. Sister quartet album forthcoming this spring on Eh? Records." Edition of 111 copies, cdr, color covers in plastic sleeves.

Unshown, The The Golden Curse CD $10.99
This death-noise acid rock power trio is led by the talented Steven Krakow (aka Plastic Crimewave). 11 tracks of incanting, guitarstorm, tamboura, bells, thunderbass, backwards guitar, kitsmash, cello, and saxophone. You may have seen them touring with Acid Mothers Temple on their tour in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Chicago (their hometown) in late 2000.
8/1/2014 Up-Tight The Night Is Yours CD $16.99 Essence Music "Finally out this mighty masterpiece of dark and wild psychedelia from the Japanese three-piece legends! Fuzz and reverb drenched jamming sounds from the basements of Hamamatsu evoking the always welcomed ghosts of Amon Duul and Les Rallizes Denudes. Originally released as an instantly sold-out LP edition on Sloow Tapes in 2011, we decided to do justice and make "The Night Is Yours" available again, this time as a CD edition limited to 200 copies. Housed in our high quality tip-on mini-LP gatefold packaging (plus insert) featuring new sonic treatment by the mastermind Aoki Tomoyuki and expanded triply artwork by Bart De Paepe!" Volcanic Tongue mentioned it as one of the records of the year and recommended it highly!
3/29/2012 Up-Tight & Anla Courtis Hamamatsu Power one sided LP $24.99 8mm "Fantastic meeting between Tokyo's heroes Up-Tight and cosmic traveller Anla Courtis. Recorded February 18th, 2011 at Lucrezia in Hamamatsu, Tokyo, here you have the rare chance to listen to these folks jamming completely free and at monstrous volume, perfectly alternating great explosions of electricity and quiet moments of dream-like psychedelia, for the real deal celestial burn-out! Limited to 200 numbered copies, with handmade covers."
12/24/2005 Up-Tight & Kawabata Makoto Up-Tight & Kawabata Makoto CD $12.99 Galactic Zoo Disk "Flattening new CD from one of the greatest live psych groups in the world. Anyone who witnessed their monolithically powerful set at Instal 2005 needs this incredible disc, one of the most epic and dynamically damaged post-Velvets acid rock re-thinks in recent memory. The addition of Acid Mothers Temple guitarist Makoto Kawabata brings an even darker/more elegantly fucked sensibility, with the result that every track feels like it could explode into narcotic chaos at any moment. Aoki's vocals strike the perfect post-Reed/Verlaine/Hell level of decadent damage and the songs are just beautifully rendered, with the group stretching mantric rock forms into whole new zones of affirmative electric beauty. Fuck. Highest recommendation. Comes with great Velvet Underground rip-off sleeve, too." - Volcanic Tongue. Limited edition of 1000 copies.

Urabe, Masayoshi Solo CD $15.99 PSF Solo alto sax performance from May 22, 1985. Reissue of out of print LP.
9/25/2010 Urban Parable Urban Parable CDR $10.99 Sonic Oyster Records "Where do we even begin with this one? Anyone who thinks they might have finally got their head around the prodigious arc of Richard Young's recent catalogue is gonna have to throw their hands in the air: Urban Parable is a new group project from Richard and Andrew Paine that masquerades as a mysterious unit coming out of the 90s rave scene (?!?) - think Ilk playing the dance tent dressed in white jump suits, sucking on menthol inhalers and waving glo-sticks. Or don't. Richard's soaring vocals are married to euphoric techno, brokedown drum and bass, primitive house and block rocking beats in one of the most unlikely recordings of his entire career. If you thought Ultrahits was a bold step into the pop void then this is really going to confuse you, 90s techno completely misconstrued. Obviously, you need to hear it. Edition of only 50 copies though, so better make it quick. Highest possible confusion." - Volcanic Tongue
6/5/2005 Urdog Eyelid of Moon CD $12.99 Secret Eye "A follow-up to Urdog's 2004 Secret Eye debut, Garden of Bones. On Eyelid of Moon Urdog follow their influences down the rabbit hole to create a pulsating mix of kommische-prog-psych-drone insanity. Jeff Knoch's Farfisa shifts from King Crimson to Alice Coltrane, to Amon Düül II, and back while Dave Lifriri lays down the heavy acid guitar licks. We hear more of drummer Erin Rosenthal's ethereal voice this time out."
8/20/2004 Urdog Garden of Bones CD $12.99 Secret Eye "Tight and textural psych rock by three of Providence's finest. Driving, tribal drumming, fuzzed-out Farfisa, and searing guitar licks. Atmospheric yet rocking, this is music to which you can shake your booty while docking starships... WITH YOUR MIND!!" “Urdog from Providence, RI improvise between throbbing trance-inducing passages of heavy psych-noise and twisted communal chant. The air is thick and pungent. The trio of farfisa organ, tribal drums and demon guitar will easily appeal to fans of This Heat, Circle, Soft Machine, Amon Duul, Faust or Urdog’s art-school classmates Black Dice. 47 minutes of blistering avant-garde psychedelic rock.”
11/25/2010 USAISAMONSTER R.I.P. LP $14.99 Northern Spy "Colin Langenus broke lots of fans' hearts when he and Tom Hohmann, collectively known as USAISAMONSTER, called it quits after 10 years. But the good news is he's N-Spy's first signed artist and their final album, R.I.P., is our first release. Its a swan song at the top of the band's form. Or maybe the correct bird would be a phoenix, as Colin's new project, the Colin L Orchestra, has been packing Brooklyn's Zebulon Café during his residency there. Northern-Spy is opening doors with upcoming tours and releases. Watch here for more info."
2/11/2006 Usaisamonster Wohaw CD $9.99 Load "A brand new album from this brilliantly-fried guitar-and-bass Brooklyn duo who walk a tightrope between melted rock, gentle sounds, campfire drones, and total psych destruction. Wohaw features thirteen tales of lost nations and subjugated races, and uses all means necessary in the rock arsenal to tell them.
2/20/2010 Usurper Let's Just See What Happens LP $16.99 REL "REL is proud to present the debut LP of the scottish duo Usurper (Ali Robertson and Malcy Duff). Creating a sound nearly impossible to describe, Usurper combines obsessive metallic clunk, destroyed voices, broken horns and dropped marbles (?), into dense fields of activity. Working towards an intuitive sound logic all it's own, Usurper creates a surreal, comic structure that is unmatched and an energy that will make you laugh as soon as you shake your head in bafflement. The B side features a trio set with the addition of Sticky Foster (A Band, Prick Decay, Coffee) who blends seamlessly into the group. The LP is a one time, hand numbered edition of 200 copies with bold design featuring Malcy Duff's illustrations silk screened by Ashley Paul. The inside features a liner note pocket Housing the full 16 page comic "2.1.3" by Duff."
3/10/2011 Usurper and Sticky Foster II CDR $8.99 Blackest Rainbow "Brand new one from these Scottish improvisers Ali Robertson and Malcy Duff aka Usurper, here joined by UK underground legend and A Band member, Sticky Foster. Sticky Foster fits in perfectly with Robertson and Duff's bizarre weirdo sound of somehow using a shit load of stuff that you can never quite tell what exactly it is doing what. I remember I saw these two lads down at the Rose Of England in Notthingham, both leaning over what seemed to be some kind of mic-ed up board and they were scrapping all kinds of objects all over it. This disc however opens with a bunch of total whacked out vocal madness that at one point almost sounds like the guys holding in laughter at god knows what insane expressions were across their faces while they're making these bizarre noises. Then even more weirdness kicks in with minimal creaking, popping, screeching, clicking and clunking. The second track is very much the opposite (on the whole) of the opener, which crashing vocal madness, wild clattering objects, strange woodwind type instrumentation, that I guarantee isn't any item you'd find in your local music shop... A fine example of the true underground outsider UK scene. Limited to 50."
11/17/2007 Uton Ameba Illusions CDR $7.99 American Grizzly "organic source sounds layered into digital bliss-scapes."
7/15/2012 Uton Echoes in the Wonderland LP $15.99 DNT "After countless releases on labels such as Housecraft, Digitalis, Dekorder, Sloow, etc. and his own label, Om Ha Sva Ha Ksha Ma La Va Ra Yam, Uton finds a new home with DNT. "Echoes in the Wonderland" is the first full-length LP by Finland's Jani Hirvonen since 2009's "Unexplained Objects" (Dekorder) and is no less weird than his previous excursions from the outer regions of the cosmos to the minds' innerspace. As the album title could say, this is a way to the "wonderland" (also called the "other side" - many names been used during the history of humankind), which shouldn't be mixed for the adventure's of famous Alice - even it might give some idea about what is going to happen, but that's just a start of it all - the start of nothing else but listeners mind. What are the "echoes" then? They are something which are coming from beyond to here where we stay - this album being a link between these worlds; inside & outside; like they are working together. Psychedelic transmissions of consciousness. Bizarro alien communication that's difficult to pinpoint, Uton's "sheer ravishing beauty, elegancy and variegation is stashed behind a wall of grey, inscrutable haze - gorgeous melodies and voices, reeds and alien sounds gleaming through the mist from time to time, shimmering like diamonds through layers of dust." (Dekorder's words) Co-released with Finnish label Ikuisuus in a unrighteously limited pressing of 275 with full-color pro-printed jackets designed by Uton himself. The DNT edition is limited to 110 hand-numbered copies."
8/1/2014 Uton Kähe+ CD+Book $16.99 More Mars 1st edition: Limited edition book +CD of 100. 1st edition: 30 pages hand bounded book of collages by Uton + CD
CD 32 tracks, 68:00 min
"Uton is the musical project of Jani Hirvonen from Finland. Till now Jani has co-operate with many artists that are been active in the experimental music scene, including Tomutonttu, Alan Courtis (Reynols), Ø+yn, etc. His musical works has been published by many independent labels like Dekorder, Digitalis, Ikuisuus etc, most of them released as a limited numbers of copies. Kahe+ is Uton's latest album that is firstly released as a very limited cassette by the Mexican label Dept Tapes in October 2013. This album is including 30 short tracks that was recorded in Chantepie, France in May-June of 2013 and is dedicated to 30 Finnish words which didn't yet exist. This edition is also including two bonus tracks made in the same period of time compiled from the recycled material from previous album sessions."
3/14/2014 Uton Kun Korallit Puhuvat Pilville cassette $6.99 DNT "DNT is proud to announce this new cassette by Finnish ayahuasca-droner Uton. Jani Hirvonen instructs the listener to use stereo headphones. For a stronger effect, listen near midnight in a dark room (or with minimal light). Do not let anything else disturb you. Recorded in Rennes, France to four-track July-August 2010. Originally slated for release as a bonus cassette with "Echoes in the Wonderland" LP (DNT058), it now sees the light of day. Full color deep-sea two-panel artwork on pro-dubbed purple cassettes with brain coral imprinting. Hand numbered out of 100." - label.
9/16/2007 Uton Live in the Center of the World (Jyväskylä) cassette $8.99 Black Horizons "Double A-side tape, played in reverse on the B, this documents an Uton live show. More abrasive than recorded output. Acoustics, vocal mantras, and pulsating drone that leave you confused when it is all over with. Offset printed gold on platinum vellum, clear labels 'touched by the golden hand' in an edition of 100 copies on hi-bias chrome tapes."
2/7/2009 Uton Mental Connections CDR $5.99 Housecraft "Metaprogramming transmissions of concealed order leave only clues of its 'enhancing' work." Edition of 60
11/3/2012 Uton Muista Maisemista CDR $7.99 Om Ha Sva Ha Ksha Ma La Va Ra Yam "Edition of 40 copies. Comes with A4 b&w insert, both sides printed. Total length of CD - 58 minutes. Including songs from UTON / GREY PARK split cassette + live recording from Paris, March 2012 + almost 18 minute mix track of previously unreleased material."
6/11/2006 Uton Mystery Revolution CD $12.99 Digitalis "Tampere, Finland has become quite the musical hotbed over the past few years. Staples like Avarus and Kemialliset Ystävät make there beds in the gnome-infested waters throughout the city. Uton is perhaps the country's best kept secret. "Mystery Revolution" is a sonic excursion through the Finnish forests unlike any other. Massive drones are balanced by the hypnotic dance of flutes, bells, and keyboards. Underneath everything runs a mind-altering stream of fuzzed-out brainwaves. Every corner you turn, there's another smiling nymph, begging you to follow the golden path into the mystic woods. Uton's minimalist rumblings are there to infect and enchant, and Hirvonen never fails to impress. The mask is off with "Mystery Revolution," and Uton will remain shrouded in obscurity no more. This pine-scented excursion may by mysterious on the surface, but overall is a thing of beauty, lying in wait for the perfect time to infect you. "Mystery Revolution" is proof that Uton's dreamy soundscapes are one of Finland's finest exports."
4/21/2008 Uton Pearls and Dust 3xCDR + 28 page booklet $27.99 Bread and Animals "Disc one is a capture of the Uton live speech and riddle. disc two is a reissue of the mysterious Uton tape on the back then still mysterious Sloow Tapes from coded B.D.P. (released in 2005). disc three is the mosaic of different strange Uton sound and content. 28 pages of full color UTON eye candy embraces these 3 discs of freedom. this is a private peek in the memory of JANI HIRVONEN. a dive in the hole in time. these are the books of HIRVONEN, one of the first seekers of truth in the modern take on introspection. a post 2000 view on things, that feeds hapilly into the bucket of post 1965. an imagenery of things to do when nearing a vortex."
8/6/2014 Uton Psychic Archives Vol. 3 4xCDR $18.99 Om Ha Sva Ha Ksha Ma Ma Va Ra Yam 4x CDR / beautiful book-a-like hard cover with black&white abstract drawing. CD's in a black envelopes. including insert with track titles and more information. "4-track recordings from 2002-2005 (only one track is from 2006/2008) - all previously unreleased material. this volume is about deep meditative drones, leading listener into dark and mysterious sacred spheres of our collective subconsciousness, and human soul. ideal for late night dreaming in a dark room"
LISTEN & SEE MORE INFORMATION : http://uton.bandcamp.com/album/psychic-archives-vol-3
11/8/2013 Uton Psychic Archives, Vol.2 double CDR $14.99 Om Ha Sva Ha "Second part of the Psychic Archives series. This volume contains totally 74 tracks (!) - recorded between 2002-2008 in Finland... from acoustic weirdness to electonic experimentations - many things happening. Song previews and digital version available at: http://uton.bandcamp.com/album/psychic-archives-vol-2. Comes in a handmade cardboard sleeves, with individual mini-collage-inner sleeve for each disc + different drawing on each cd + A4 size insert. "There was something wrong with these tracks, it was impossible to add any of them to any other albums, because "these fellows" were mostly too short, or too much away from the main idea/concept. So year after year, there started to be more an more this type of tracks; full of feeling, but no way to really release any of them. But now - in 2012-2013 these recordings are finally edited to be together - in a huge process of Psychic Archives series. 74 short tracks with pure action and non-action as well, sudden changes, passion, moody mutations, emotional... and mentally out there too. It's a big mix to eat, even bigger to hear - but it may give some new vibes to our every day psychic system. It might be a bit disturbing too?" - Uton
4/29/2008 Uton Radio Olio Metaphysica! double CDR $16.99 OM "First disc recorded in july/august 2007, collecting sounds and tunes together with experimental new methods. from small no-fi dada sounds to space-ambient atmospheres to acoustic pseudojazz to psychedelic moonshine to screaming guitar feedback to violin scratches... making a tour to the mind of what is. second disc, The Book of Beginnigs, is mostly recorded early 2006, and shows the another deep-drone-dream-realm of Uton. few tracks with J.Koho (from Kulkija, Free Players, Tulasi etc.), and also some help from Vanessa Rossetto (Mighty Acts of God, Pulga etc.), Brad Rose (the North Sea etc.), Maxime Primault (Enfer Boreal) and Magnus Olsen (Elektronavn). comes in beautiful silkscreened clothe-sleeves and small booklet." Numbered edition of 100 copies.
4/24/2006 Uton Sacred Hiss / Ghost Oracle CDR $8.99 Ikuisuus "Recorded at spring 2005 in Tampere. Strange & dark atmospheric drones & dreams from the other side of mind. Specially for the late night processes - whatever that is, it's your way to use it. Ask something, and the wind will tell you!" 10 tracks - total 36:04 min
7/10/2008 Uton Straight Edge XXS LP $17.99 Dekorder "Straight Edge XXS" is the 2nd vinyl album by Finland's Uton released in a strictly limited edition of 500 copies on the Dekorder label. It comes in a gorgeous full-colour collage sleeve assembled by Hirvonen himself. While Uton's last Dekorder album "Alitaju Ylimina" (and most of his other recorded works respectively) are hazy lo-fi drone masterpieces for the most part, this is a completely diffferent affair. Recorded straight to tape within one month, right after returning from a 6-month trip to India, these songs (if you could call them songs) are completely out-of-this-world; very short and crazed sketch-like pieces sounding like a Nonesuch Explorer LP of long lost field recordings from an as yet unexplored continent. Or is it World Music from an unknown planet recorded by those Sublime Frequencies guys from mysterious short wave transmissions? Well, it is all that and more. It is pure ecstatic expression channelized through Psychedelia, Free Jazz, Noise and rural ancient Folk Music from all over the world in a completely naked, predominantly acoustic setting. One of the purest forms of music you could imagine; while all the familiar Uton elements remain evident in a hazy backcloth. Uton is the one-man project of Jani Hirvonen originally hailing from Tampere. Hirvonen is one of the most active musicians of the Finnish underground scene that has recently presented us the likes of Kuupuu, Kemialliset Ystävät, Islaja, Paavoharju and Lau Nau and a seemingly never-ending stream of beautiful and highly original record releases. Uton has previously released dozens of CD's, CD-R's and Cassettes on a myriad of labels including Jewelled Antler, Pseudo Arcana, Last Visible Dog, Digitalis, Ruralfauna and his own Ikuisuus. He has collaborated with Amon Dude (Avarus), Anla Courtis (Reynols), Antony Milton (Black Boned Angel), Ben Reynolds, Peter Wright, Phil Todd (Ashtray Navigations) and Jan Anderzen (Tomutonttu, Kemialliset Ystävät) among others. The latter collaboration (under the Hevoset moniker) is released on LP by Dekorder simultaneously."
4/24/2006 Uton Suoniin, Luihin, Ytimiin CDR $8.99 Ikuisuus "Live at Mental Alaska / Tampere, 25th september 2005. Ancient drones meets the ground. Performed by Uton & Kulkija, using synth, effects, electric guitar (bowed & without), recorder, tape recorder & radio-noises, violin, voices...." 1 track - total 46:29 mins
2/11/2006 Uton Suoniin, Luihin, Ytimiin CDR $9.99 Ikuisuus "46 minutes of droney mysteries, live at Mental Alaska, Telakka / Tampere, September 25th 2005. Performed by Uton & Kulkija. Ancient drones meets the ground. First edition comes in unique marbled paintings on the cover."
1/17/2010 Uton Unexplained Objects LP $15.99 Dekorder "Unexplained Objects" is the 3rd vinyl-only LP by Finland's Uton for the Dekorder label, like his previous Dekorder albums released in a strictly limited edition of 500 copies in a beautiful full-colour heavy duty sleeve designed by Hirvonen himself. While the last albums explored rural soundworlds from the outer reaches of this planet and hidden places of the inner human (and animal) mind, he has finally left planet earth completely and is now reaching out for outer space and alien communication. Hirvonen seems to have traveled the spaceways, bringing home folk music and field recordings from faraway planets and alien cultures. Erich von Däniken beware! Uton is the one-man project of Jani Hirvonen originally hailing from Tampere. Hirvonen is one of the most active musicians of the Finnish underground scene that has recently presented us the likes of Kuupuu, Kemialliset Ystävät, Islaja, Paavoharju and Lau Nau and a seemingly never-ending stream of beautiful and highly original record releases. Uton has previously released dozens of CD's, CD-R's and Cassettes on a myriad of labels including Jewelled Antler, Pseudo Arcana, Last Visible Dog, Digitalis, Ruralfauna and his own Ikuisuus. He has collaborated with Amon Dude (Avarus), Anla Courtis (Reynols), Antony Milton (Black Boned Angel), Ben Reynolds, Peter Wright, Phil Todd (Ashtray Navigations) and Jan Anderzen (Tomutonttu, Kemialliset Ystävät) among others. The latter collaboration (under the Hevoset moniker) has been released on LP by Dekorder as well. Limited edition of 500 copies!"
4/4/2004 Uton untitled lathe cut 7" $29.99 Gold Soundz Limited edition of 50 copies.
11/1/2014 Uton Valoa Varjon Naamioissa double CDR $12.99 Om Ha Sva Ha Ksha Ma La Va Ra Yam "Limited edition of 40 copies. Comes in a hard cover black sleeves with two sided insert sheet, two photo cards, and even one quartz crystal point included! Four track tape recordings from 2009. Recorded in Helsinki at midwinter time, when the days were shortest, the surface was under snow, and minus degrees were rising."
Listen here: https://uton.bandcamp.com/album/valoa-varjon-naamioissa
1/24/2009 Uton Violin Massage vol. 2 cassette $6.99 Oms-b "Uton's Violin massage series brings you a more stripped down concept of what you would think when you pick up one of their recordings. Nothing is used besides a violin, de-tuned, abused, shrilling sounds of relentless forced meditation." Edition of 60 copies.
5/23/2009 Uton We're Only in it For the Spirit CD $12.99 Digitalis "For the past five plus years, Uton has been one of the most consistent projects to come out of the snowy confines of his native Finland. His output has been constant, but the quality is always great. His drones have always been underscored with a sense of melody and a keen utilization of the space where the music was created. These songs are not icy or glacial, though, like one might think. Uton's uncanny ability to inject an inviting sense of warmth and spirit. "We're Only in it for the Spirit" is ghost music; barely there and out-of-sight in the blink of an eye. The man responsible for these masked-spirit journeys is Tampere native, Jani Hirvonen. He's collaborated with the likes of Jan Anderzén (Kemialliset Ystävät, etc), Bridget Hayden (Vibracathedral Orchestra), & Anla Courtis (Reynols) among others. When it comes to enchanted, sprawling drones, Hirvonent is a true Rennaissance man. He is joined by Vapaa's J.P. Koho on all tracks, who complements Hirvonen's delicacy with subtle hints of chaos. "We're Only in it for the Spirit" continues to trek through new worlds of sound, polishing off the once-rough edges of Uton's sound into something that acts as a beacon in the void. Dark, brooding drones for guitar and electronics flicker and fade like a distant, stellar horizon. Hirvonen is a master craftsman, and Koho is his perfect foil. The two play off each other's every move and produce an end result that rivals anything Uton has released previously. "We're Only in it for the Spirit" is a magickal piece of work. Limited to 500 copies with artwork designed by James Livingston of Black Horizons."
10/17/2009 Uton White Light CDR $12.99 Memoirs of an Aesthete "A 2006 release of violin frenzy by this noted Finnish warlock. Fine stuff, last few copies unearthed and again available." Edition of 100 copies.
5/18/2004 Uton & Clay Figure Escape From the Ugly Spirit - Live CDR $7.99 Haamumaa “Their first live ever! Over 40 minutes of droney & noisy sound. Instruments on this recording: electric guitars, keys, percussions, violin, flutes and effects.”
7/23/2003 Uton / Anti These Rains were Tales Before CDR $7.99 Haamumaa "Acoustic and electric guitars, all sorts of percussions and keyboards make up a spooky sound racket that
walks the tightrope between drone and noise. This cd-r would work eminently as a sci-fi soundtrack but works just as fine as headphone fodder while trying to ignore the strange steps from the attic." – Broken Face
7/23/2003 Uton / Clay Figure split CDR $7.99 Haamumaa 10 tracks – 78 minutes of noisy avant-garde guitar improvisations.
4/24/2006 Uton / Jani H. split CDR $9.99 Outa "Uton's 'Olemuksen muotoinen reika' is a minimalistic composition in a very cosmic atmosphere while Jani H.'s 'Voice of a Thousand Summers Passed By' is a multifaceted ambient journey through the past summer movies." Originally released as a dbl 3" cdr in 2004.
6/25/2013 Uton-Courtis Flokka Kur CD $14.99 Musik Atlach "Flokka Kur is a collaboration work by Finnish Uton and Argentinan Anla Courtis. Started from the noisy mystical drones of Uton and after continued by Anla's manipulations & some extra noise. Described as a "shamanic music in urban context" & "sounds for non-euclidean geometry landscapes". All that under a theme of flowers, mixed with spanish and finnish language." Sample here: https://soundcloud.com/musikatlach/sets/uton-courtis-flokka-kur
12/29/2001 Utopia Carcrash Breakdown Communication E.P. CDR $8.99 Jagged Time Lapse 4 tracks recorded in 1998 featuring Plastic Crimewave! "Dark improvisational tribal noise ala the Dead C., Ramleh or Skullflower. Comes w/limited poster insert- hand made in limited quantities, booted by Nanjo Asahito, and Plastic Crimewave's 1st band from 1995-1998."
11/17/2007 UW OWL New Birth of Old Death cassette $7.99 Phaserprone "First in a four-part series of recordings based on Gene Wolfe's four-part "Book of the New Sun" series. Torture-meditation drones, spatial field recordings, acoustic guitar, gothic synthesizer washes, fragmented spoken-word, and a deeper investigation into the longer format. Hand dubbed C-36 with letterpressed wrap-around cover in metallic gold ink. Edition of 100."