DateAdded Artist Title Format Price Label Description
2/15/2005 13 Gauge / Klatzker Corsano Duo 3. . .2. . .1. . .Zero LP $8.99 Hot Cars Warp Records "Three-way split LP w/ 13 Gauge, Klatzker/Corsano Duo, Dieter Henkel. Three separate, but very related, musical entities share 40 minutes of yr time, which has been proportioned according to number of band members (3. . .2. . .1). Packaged in very special hand-made, individually designed covers, no less. 13 Gauge dedicate a side of the LP to alto legend Marion Brown and give their rendition of a post-core, Chick Corea-less Afternoon of a Georgia Faun. Their third and final piece is 'Montana Fix', a very loose tribute to mushroom legend John Cage. The Klatzker-Corsano duo (cello and drums, respectively) follow w/ a slightly more melodic, but no less frazzled approach to that which makes 'Free' Willy Montgomery's teeth rot: 'uncritical reverence for pure energy and the thrill factor of dissonance.' Sounds great. Where do I sign up? 13 Gauge-ist Dieter Henkel abandons his main instrument (drums) to jam guitar, trumpet, and twiddled knobs into the works, bringing things to a screeching halt." - Byron Coley. 1997 release.
1/28/2004 13th Floor Elevators Bull of the Woods CD $16.99 Spalax "Digipak edition of 3rd and final studio album for the original Elevators, from 1969. More dominated by Stacy Sutherland's songs than ever before, this is a subtly-tranced masterpiece of lo-key psychedelics, and cruelly neglected in today's 'private-pressing = god = $ = my ass' universe." - FE Totally underrated classic!

13th Floor Elevators Bull of the Woods LP $17.99
3rd release. Sometimes overlooked, this is an excellent LP!
7/30/2002 13th Floor Elevators Bull of the Woods LP $15.99 Get Back "Originally released in 1968 by the International Artists label. An incomplete album tentatively titled The Beauty And The Beast that was released with a changed title after the band's demise. Its finest moments are 'Never Another' (one of the best and most demented tracks ever recorded and the only one on the album written by the usual songwriting duo of Roky Erickson and Tommy Hall) and 'May The Circle Remain
Unbroken' (a haunting Roky's composition that may be the strangest thing this great band ever cut). Original artwork. 180 gram HQ vinyl."
5/7/2004 13th Floor Elevators The Psychedelic Sounds of CD $16.99 Spalax "Their magnificent and visionary debut album is their best. Originally released in 1966 by International Artists, this is the album that contains most of the classics of Roky Erickson's band: their hit 'You're Gonna Miss Me', plus 'Fire Engine', 'Reverberation' and 'Roller Coaster'."
9/12/2010 2 Asian Dudes Yan Cha CDR $6.99 Nada "tranced out loop meditations crumble into feedback drenched glacial melt. 28 minutes of tea induced improvised jamming. live from the space hut, 2009. Comes in paper bag with xeroxed art and tea!" Edition of 20 copies.
2/21/2007 2% Majesty Color / Ice Lights 7" $5.99 2% Records "This is the first vinyl release from the much travelled duo 2% Majesty. The music is sparse, simple and above all beautiful. It is not the run-of-the-mill new folk record. 2% Majesty has as much in common with Mi and Lau as they do with the older duos such as Fraser and Debolt. The 7-inch shows a very promising group with much to do in the future, however, both songs are strong on their own leaving nothing more to be desired. They both split lead vocal duties and the songs come across as if they were created with mutual care and love. The songs suggest that they were created in an environment outside of a musical climate (be it new folk or anything else)." Formed in Portland, OR in 2004 - now residing in Chicago, 2% Majesty's music is (psych)-folk-rock with boy/girl harmony.
12/2/2008 20 Guilders 20 Guilders CDR $11.99 Plunk's Plan "20 Guilders is psychedelic duet by Tabata Mitsuru (ZENI GAVA/AMT&TCI etc) and Suzuki Junzo. Two electric guitars are as sometimes quiet as ice, and as sometimes loud as rising flames. Vocals like men who love somebody madly. 6 tracks included. This item is limited edition CDR."
1/1/2014 20 Guilders / We Have Heaven split LP $19.99 Nod and Smile "Two psych bands, two countries, one split album. Japan's 20 Guilders meet USA's We Have Heaven on this limited edition vinyl. 20 Guilders (members of Acid Mothers Temple, Zeni Geva, Overhang Party, Miminokoto) turn in a side of psych folk, while We Have Heaven's half is a swirl of rural raga psychedelia. Limited to 500 copies, packaged in sleeve that pays homage the Faith/Void split LP. Real deal acid tinged folk for heads."
10/23/2003 3 Hur-El 3 Hur-El CD $17.99 World Psychedelia "Their first LP, another masterpiece of Turkish psychedelic delight, culled from singles by the three very talented Hur El brothers, and released in 1972 in small quantities on Diskotur (originals sell for $1000 and up nowdays); some of the very best Turkish psych songs‹less Western in some ways than their great ‘Arsivi’ LP, but still with the same excellent guitar, empassioned vocals and Eastern percussion that makes for memorable listening and a long-term connection with the music; a triumph that belongs in every record collection."
8/17/2013 3 Leafs Technical Death Metal Parking Lot c60 cassette $8.49 Dub Ditch Picnic "Death metal it ain't, but you still won't know what hit you after spinning this. 3 Leafs jam more sounds, textures, influences and genres into this tape than all the music on your hard drive, only they do it seamlessly. Running the gamut from white-hot This Heat-esque Krautrock, spaced-out dub, drone and psych to bizarre micro-tonal melodies and tropical flourishes, this album travels some serious distance. Genrehopping isn't even relevant here — maybe genre isn't either. 3 Leafs are on their own deserted tropical island hurtling through the cosmos, receiving jettisoned radio transmissions from Earth and firing them right back at us. A true collision of sonic worlds. Highly recommended listening for our 21st century attention-deficient listening habits. Listen here: http://soundcloud.com/crizwell/sets/3-leafs-technical-death-metal
2/26/2006 3i(s) 3i(s) CDR $10.99
Features Marc Orleans (Sunburned Hand of the Man), Pete Nolan (Magik Markers), and Ela Orleans - nice! Limited stock.
9/29/2004 Tadpoles Whirlaway CD $10.99 Camera Obscura "After releasing three studio albums, one EP, and a live album on their own Bakery Records label, Hoboken, NJ psych-rock group, Tadpoles have teamed up with Camera Obscura Records, to release their fourth studio album. The epic Whirlaway is possibly the finest achievement by the enigmatic Tadpoles, who eschew live performance for prolonged rehearsal followed by periods of creativity in the studio. Ironically, for a group that rarely performs live, Whirlaway is closer to the band's heavier live sound than any of their previous studio efforts. Whirlaway is typical of the cross section of the sound that Tadpoles have developed throughout their career: from the Butthole Surfers-ish heavy rock of 'Lyman Bostock', and the punchy Flaming Lips style psych-pop of both 'Dusty Baker' and 'Crash of The Bug' to the hypnotic New Order bass grooves of the title track and the Spacemen 3-influenced 'Jimmy Colored Glasses'. The album also contains two instrumental excursions: the trippy, tape-loop filled 'Smile If You've Crossed Over', and 'Horse And Buggy' - the first real psychedelic jam song that the band has ever committed to tape. A laid back, psych rock take on Dylan's 1967 Basement Tapes, traditionally country-tinged, classic, 'You Ain't Goin' Nowhere', offers variety and a glimpse at another side of the band. This is the band's first album without their long time producer Kramer (Shimmy Disc/Bongwater); although, he did record 'Horse And Buggy' at the new Knit Noise studios in New York for the group. Although the album was self-produced, the band enlisted the help of Hobokenite producer Gene Holder (the dBs) to assist with overdubs and mixing on a few of the tracks. The bulk of the record was recorded in the heart of downtown Youngstown, Ohio, in an out of the way, warehouse studio called Ampreon Recorder where engineer Pete Drivere (the Infidels) gave the recording the warm, analog sound the group was looking for." 1999 release.
4/16/2007 Taiga Remains Crushed Radiant Deities CD $12.99 Students of Decay "Luminescent, wrecked shards of overtone drones merged with zoned and disembodied choral whispers and ribbons of pure white electricity. "Crushed Radiant Deities" is the first widely available Taiga Remains release, bundling remastered versions of the two tracks from the long out-of-print "Paper Lanterns" EP with two new longform works to form a dense, polyphonic fugue of dynamic collisions and endless collapses. Artwork by Justin Meyers."
5/29/2008 Taiga Remains Ribbons Of Dust CD $12.99 Root Strata "Already released as a series of 3" CD-R's, we're proud to finally drop Taiga Remains' blazing white-out guitar suite "Ribbons Of Dust". Although originally conceived as stand-alone pieces, the four tracks that make up this hour long disc can easily be seen as one continuous meditation on total delay emptiness as channeled through the electric six-string drone worship of Flying Saucer Attack and Andrew Chalk. Not at all the overtone distortion that Mr. Cobb usually trips in, these verses seem to have been written during heavy snowed in nights that lapsed into early morning. Vibrating, soothing, disturbing, and completely built for headphone trips to the stratosphere. Comes in a chipboard pack with black ink letterpressed artwork." Edition of 300 copies.
11/4/2006 Taiga Remains Ribbons of Dust Pt. 2 3" CDR $7.99 Students of Decay "angel thin tones crushing ink black nights" Edition of 100 copies.
8/30/2009 Taiga Remains Wax Canopy CD + 3" CDR $16.99 Digitalis Arts & Crafts "Taiga Remains is the brainchild of Cincinnati's Alex Cobb. Over the past few years he has developed a signature sound that blurs the line between blissed-out guitar work and atonal, blown-out dirges. Cobb never sits still; Taiga Remains is always moving forward, searching out new ideas and sounds. His label, Students of Decay, is clearing house for all things drone. This year he's been spotted on Root Strata, Callow God, Arbor and more. In the world of vinification, it's been a damn good year. On "Wax Canopy," Cobb pushes the line he's scratched in the pavement further than before. His soothing, six-string sorcery still dot the horizon on this album, but there's also a more angular, blown-out monster at work here. It's like he's channeling the angry spirits of the world into a fuzzed elegiac strains. This is powerful music built to shake the foundation and rattle your crystal bones. These diamonds are forever. Limited to 500 copies. Cover art by Jefre Cantu-Ledesma." This special edition with the bonus 3" CDR is sold out at source.
5/31/2009 Taiga Remains / RV Paintings split LP $17.99 Blackest Rainbow "Two of America's finest drone acts come together for this split LP. Taiga Remains is Student of Decay's master mind Alex Cobb project, if you ain't picked up his new disc on Digitalis 'Wax Canopy' yet, go get it, it is one of the best drone releases I have heard in a long time! The 15 minute track on this is new split LP is entitled 'Mengku From Mengsa'. Opening with far off chimes upon chimes, this leads to pure bliss dream zones, rather than the more intense material on the aforementioned Wax Canopy. This is a fantastic piece of drone work, layered to create some beautiful zoning out in the mind. RV Paintings is the project of Brian Pyle of the almighty psychedelia legends Starving Weirdos, along with his brother Jon Pyle, and Spencer Doran, who also plays under the name of Cloaks. This is an amazing track, kinda darker and bleaker than the Weirdos vibe, with some totally awesome free percussion playing central to the piece, this is hard to top in the drone game. A totally solid slab of sound from both acts. Limited to 400 copies."
4/9/2003 Taj Mahal Travellers August 1974 double LP $189.99 P-Vine Year 2000 reissue with obi-strip. Mint - never played - still in sleeve
11/1/2014 Takamaki, Jone Trio Universal Mind LP $25.99 Arc Light Editions "Arc Light Editions follows up two successful vinyl-only releases (Arthur Russell, Ingram Marshall) with Jone Takamaki Trio's Universal Mind, a forgotten Finnish spiritual improv record from 1982, fully authorized by Jone himself. The tracks on Universal Mind are based on traditional Indian arrangements, with Japanese influence, leaning towards Alice Coltrane's spirituality and pace. In addition to traditional improv instrumentation (saxophone, bass, drums), the record also includes synthesizers, gongs, finger pianos, a vibraphone and washbasins. Jone says, recalling making the record: "We played a lot together, daily, at our rehearsal space before recording. We went through the melodies and talked about how to handle them with a kind of different angle, improvised a lot with different sounds. We talked about tempos, especially we were diving deep into special moods, how each of those melodies talked to us. They are mostly old love songs from India, more folk songs than classical music." After the recording, they left immediately on a European tour. "I told the people at the record company not to do anything to the record before we came back, but it was released while we were away. We saw the record on the windows of different record shops when we drove into town from the tour!" The record has never appeared on CD, and the 1982 vinyl release has rarely been heard outside Finland. The only place the release has re-emerged in recent memory is with the track "Bhupala I" selected on Son of Arctic Hysteria, a CD compilation of Finnish
avant-garde and experimental music."
10/31/2009 Takis Pendules magnétiques / Le siècle de Kafka LP $22.99 Alga Marghen "Alga Marghen proudly presents one of the highlights of his catalogue, an exclusive LP edition with the recordings of Takis electro-magnetic sculptures. Takis is the originator of this new approach to the musicality of sound, which consists in laying bare the repetitious structure of musical form and its functional derivation, thus rejecting the symbolism of representation.Takis was born in 1925 in Athens. Preferring, as a matter of principle, to teach himself rather study in a institution, he left Greece in 1954 and lived as a citizen of the world, traveling through Europe and the USA. Some of his earliest manifestations in the 1940s consisted of explosions carried out in open places. His first "Signals" date from 1954: they were rods consisting of piano wires which created musical vibrations as they stuck against each other in the wind. In fact they constituted the first appearance in his work and in contemporary art history of a form of musical expression in which sounds are called forth in an un-programmed way, owing to the action of natural forces. In 1961 Takis meets Marcel Duchamp in New York. Duchamp's perpetual moving bicycle wheels inspired Takis' hydromagnetic sculptures.In the period between 1964 and 1965 Takis conceives his "Pendules magnètiques" and constructs his first Sound Sculptures. After the exhibition of Takis titled "Electro-musical relief" at Indica Gallery in London in 1966, the New Scientist magazine in an article entitled "The sounds of tomorrow" commented that Takis, Iannis Xenakis and John Cage are the most promising musicians of the century. Takis' "Pendules magnétiques" are based on the simple concept of using magnetic waves caused by electricity as a means to activate repeated musical sounds: the latter are to be heard every time a needle strikes a string, when attracted by a magnet. The sounds reproduced in this edition were recorded in 1993 by Samon Takahashi at Takis' retrospective at Jeu de Paume in Paris. Takis participates in 1984 at the exhibition titled "The Century of Kafka" at Centre Pompidou in Paris and sound work with the same title is also reproduced on this LP edition. As an artist he seeks a natural origin for the construction of sound, and in particular that origin which is furthest removed from the artist's arbitrary decision. For about forty years now, it has been Takis's purpose to investigate language as a natural function, conceiving function as a form of work. Furthermore, he has broken down the frontiers between sculpture and music in a number of pieces which can only be read by identifying their functionalism as structured units, with their morphological, visual and acoustic aspects. Edition limited to 380 copies with full-color sleeve, printed inner-sleeve reproducing a testimony by Marcel Duchamp and insert with photos of the "Pendules magnètiques" and a testimony by William Burroughs."
12/25/2005 Talibam! Talibam! CDR $10.99 Evolving Ear "Evolving Ear presents the first 'official' release by New York City’s Talibam! Think Media Dream-vintage Sun Ra organ blow-outs locking in with saxophone feedback and a single Plunderphonic-ed Keith Moon drum fill for 40 minutes. Or, imagine Andy Kaufman sitting in on keyboards with Borbetomagus at next year’s ABC No Rio benefit. Whoa. Each of the 200 copies of Talibam! is packaged in a cut up recycled LP cover with a vinyl insert and a photo of a lone Silver Apples fan taken in Union Square in 1969." "Agro-improv troupe Talibam! will surely harsh your mellow. A cross between noise-rock, free-jazz and unabashad fuckeduppedness, Talibam! is audio terrorism at its most playful...drummer Kevin Shea and the hideous gurgles of what might be Speak & Spells (Matt Mottel, synth) suffocating under distortion pedals (Ed Bear, feedbacksaphone)." - Chris Weingarten, Village Voice
4/22/2009 Talibam! with Daniel Carter The New Nixon Tapes LP $13.99 Roaratorio "Since 2003, NYC's Talibam! have been charting a course through the improv waters in a way that few other groups can pull off. Rock, jazz, noise and all stops in between collide in an aggressive mix that defines free music in the best sense of the term: nothing is deemed out of bounds. Too much fun to be a po-faced postmodern exercise, and too expertly played to be sunk in a morass of good intentions, The New Nixon Tapes hurtles through two side-long pieces in an agile cascade of rhythmic and melodic ideas. Kevin Shea (drums) and Matt Mottel (synthesizer) have worked with Cooper-Moore and Rhys Chatham, among others; here they're joined by master saxophonist/trumpeter/flautist Daniel Carter. Recorded live in the WFMU studios. MP3 download coupon included."
2/21/2007 Taliban / Paranoid Time Air Lice split 10" $9.99 SNSE / Tapeworm Tapes "TALIBAN is the free noise duo of Miles Haney and Joel Rakowski. Miles also runs the label Tapeworm Tapes and has a recording project called Evenings. Taliban has prior releases on: American Tapes, Gods Of Tundra, Fag Tapes, and Tapeworm Tapes, among others. PARANOID TIME is the harsh noise project of Pat Yankee, operator of the SNSE record label. Paranoid Time has past releases on: Animal Disguise Recordings, PacRec/Troniks, Militant Walls, Harsh Head Rituals, Tapeworm Tapes, and Gaping Hole, among others. Air Lice is co-released by Tapeworm Tapes and SNSE and is the vinyl debut for both bands." Edition of 300 copies.
5/16/2010 Talisman Initiate Into the Mysteries c43 cassette $6.99 Stunned "Early in 2007, Mark Ledoux and M. Geddes Gengras stepped into a Philadelphia recording space for a week and simply tore it up together, performing a multi-instrumental alchemy with guitar, bouzouki, mandolin, glockenspiel, dulcimer, bells and drums. The result of this dive into free-shredding folk and alternate-scale acoustics was 'Initiate Into the Mysteries' - the Talisman duo's one & only album first issued as a highly limited CDr on Night Goat Records. Stunned was fortunate to score one of these rare early editions, and ever since it has been a favorite jam no matter what time of day or what mood we're in. Now on its third birthday, this tragically-overlooked masterwork has been dusted off, re-edited, and re-mastered with care by the band. We've additionally transferred it to high bias chrome tape along with all new art design. Let's just say it's about time. Talisman's skill in fusing cloaked twilight dirge with sun-blinded modal reverie is totally compelling, and displays some of the more technically-accomplished passages heard from either members' inimitable output. Let the mysteries resonate strong as ever with our renewed attention and this special second issuing. Limited edition of 111 pro-dubbed & imprinted c43 tapes with double-sided color jcard and insert."
1/30/2010 Talugung Adelosa Glare c30 cassette $5.99 Housecraft "Ryan Waldron has a keen sense for the ethereal. The sounds he conjures from household glasses to rickety old strung things reflect a fair and balanced illustration of the nature of our reality. Minors and majors gently twist and curl in organic harmonics. No attempt is made to beautify or perfect the output for the objects resound in their own subtle inherited vibration, harmonious even in dissonance."
11/15/2008 Talugung Distant Flying-apart cassette $8.99 Sloow Tapes "Mystical trip from Canada, heading for deep exotic zone and ethnic space. Acoustic improvisations and clouded forest rhytms on various instruments, including homemade ones. Ideal companion to your morning meditation. 70 copies."
9/30/2005 Tamburo, Mike Beating of the Rewound Son CD $12.99 Music Fellowship "Mike Tamburo (6 string acoustic guitar, organ, keyboard, electronics, tibetan bowl, alarm clock, accordion, piano, ebow, bowed guitar, mandolin, percussive guitar, electric piano, effects, engineering) has created a pristine document of new american ethnic guitar music channeling years of influence and energies similar to the likes of Fahey, Windy and Carl, Six Organs of Admittance, Gastr del Sol, Charlemagne Palesestine, Loren Connors, and Tower Recordings. Tamburo approaches music with the constant joy of discovering new sounds and techniques for himself. As one of the main players behind Meisha and Arco Flute Foundation, Tamburo has dedicated himself to exploring the nuances of his instruments in a group setting. Beating of the Rewound Son at last allows us a glimpse into the sole vision of his exploratory, trance inducing ideas and sounds."
4/5/2008 Tamburo, Mike & Matt McDowell At Bohemian Grove CDR $11.99 Ruralfaune "A long dark, bleak ode to Moloch, the God of the SSupreme Power. Heavy and noisy, more than everything else - Pro printed cover & insert – exclusive artwork." Limited edition of 66 copies.
1/25/2004 Tan As Fuck Tan As Fuck CDR $12.99 U-Sound “Springwaters in Nashville TN Fall '03- JOMF/Dave Cloud/Tiawan Deth/Laundryroom Squelchers, in a dive where Townes van Zant used to play...an evening of glitter and toast. boy/girl duo tiawan deth, +(1)
more...is, Tan As Fuck. Scorch and rip guitar ala Chrome with drums and damaged electronics/ voice. Tracks 1-2 recorded live- 3-6 recorded at Viva La Fuzz in Nashville. Studio tracks rock the beat/sequencer. dat potitics cop suey. Golden! Glorious!”
2/4/2007 Tanakh Saunders Hollow CD $13.99 Camera Obscura "Recorded the week before Ardent Fevers (already being hailed by critics as one of the best releases of 2006), in the same studio, with the same engineer (Bryan Hoffa), and with the same cast of musicians, Saunders Hollow, is not a collection of out-takes from those sessions, but a fully realised sister record to Ardent Fevers. Growing out of the song-writing explorations of Michele Poulos and Jesse Poe, Saunders Hollow is a record focusing on the songs of Poulos, who gave them to Poe in the form of thumb-strummed singer/songwriter demos. The results form a female Yin to the male Yang of recent Tanakh work. From the opening seconds of Poe's tortured guitar squalling to the final seconds of fading footsteps, bowed bass and saw that seal the record, the listener is treated to a million sounds all gently gelling into the world of sonic beauty we have come to expect from Tanakh, except for one thing…Tanakh in their ever changing exploration of sound have placed the lead vocals and songwriting in the ladybird hands of bassist and erstwhile backing vocalist Michele Poulos, leaving Poe in the musician/producer seat, dividing Poulos' previous backing vocal duties between himself and Isobel Campbell. What results is warm bouquet of songs that range from poppy-jazz, through renaissance remembrances, sweet folk, to dark drones and dreamy electronics and even straight up raunchy blues. Saunders Hollow is a place full of inviting mystery and rich texture, with musical twists and turns of every type, leaving the listener in a state of remembrance of all things past, like a stroll amongst Proustian Gardens. Gentle bass, scorching electric guitars, lilting tablas, Asian-strummed ukuleles, swirling electronics, lamenting violins, pulsing vibes, regal harpsichords, gospel organs and juke-joint pianos, sex-driven saxophones, folky acoustic guitars, sound-scaped lap steels, pulsing drums, and honeyed vocals grow together in an immense garden of sound and color that populates the dream landscape of Saunders Hollow."

Tanakh Villa Claustrophobia CD $13.99 Alien8 Recordings “Tanakh is a layering of sound and structure that combines songwriting sensibility and improvisational abstractions that are as thick and rich as they are minimalist. These two seemingly opposed forms fluidly combine to forge dark sweet lulling gypsy melodies dug from middle-eastern sands that have been knuckled across Appalachian washboards that shadow the city in which they live. Villa Claustrophobia marks the debut of this new project and features an all-star ensemble including Mic Turner (Dirty Three), Jessica Billey (Lofty Pillars), David Lowery (Cracker), Ned Oldham (Palace) and Nirmal Bajekal (Ravi Shankar's band) amongst others. Between them they bring vocals, violin, viola, cello, bass percussion, electric and acoustic guitars, flugel horn, trumpet, clarinet, and various ethnic and home made instruments to the recording.”
2/20/2010 Tape & Bill Wells Fugue LP $13.99 Immune "A brand new mini-album from Tape & Bill Wells. Tape and Bill Wells first met in Stockholm while Bill was performing his music with The Concretes and Jens Lekman. Both artists were aware of each other's work and upon this first meeting they spoke of collaborating together on a recording. A year later Bill invited Tape to perform three concerts together at Triptych Festival in Scotland. During their visit a day was spent recording at Ca Va Sound in Glasgow. Those recordings were the start of something truly special. In 2008, Bill traveled to Stockholm to again perform some concerts with Tape and it was during this visit that a week was spent recording at Tape's own Summa Studio. It was the recordings from this session that became Fugue. The four tracks selected were the ones where the music sounded like something completely of its own, something other than Bill Wells or Tape. With the use of piano, organ, Fender Rhodes, guitar, bass, electronics, drums and synthesizer Fugue is truly a unique and timeless recording from these legendary and prolific artists. Simplistic, searching and fragile."
3/26/2006 Tape Salad Each Banana Is Unique CDR $9.99 Chocolate Monk "Anders Artentoft (Bohman Family/Bimbo Sons) squats and lays a super Copenhagen retard style egg. Full on special needs anti-music with tiny face melt."
11/4/2006 Tapio, Jorma & Terje Isungset Aihki CD $14.99 Ektro Records "Duo's music is thoroughly improvised and its spirit rises from the untameable virgin wilderness of the North. The performance works like an authentic soul trip to the heart of nature. Isungset's unusual and primitive drumset consists of natural materials, like wood and stones. He also plays jaw harp and uses his voice as an instrument. Tapio's repertoire goes from a variety of flutes and clarinets to kantele and all sorts of little instruments...After many years of collaboration, they eventually publish a common album. When listening to this "Aihki" (Ektro-records -released September 2006) you feel that there are no boundaries to their music shamanism, and their deep humanity. Terje Isungset (b. 1964) is one of Europe's most accomplished and innovative percussionists. With over two decades of experience in jazz and ethnic scandinavian music, he is taking these types of music far beyond their traditional boundaries. He has crafted his own instruments from Norwegian natural elements, arctic birch, granite, slate, sheep bells, and even ice. "Yes, Terje Isungset is a drummer; in fact he is one of Norway's most creative percussionists, but this solo set presents him more like a cross between a sound artist and a shaman." François Couture / www.allmusic.com Jorma Tapio tenor saxophone, bass clarinet, flute, bass flute, etc. Jorma Tapio (b.1957) is one of the most emotionally powerful, inventive and original woodwind players in Finland. He is really going his own way to fully express himself and expand his personality through music."
4/3/2011 Tapscott, Michael James Challenger c27 cassette $7.99 Digitalis Limited "last time we left odawas' michael james tapscott he was soundtracking indepedent californian films. this time out he joins forces with poet andrew kenower who provides field recordings from holland, adding organic textures to tapscott's melancholic tunes. a little bit about the inspiration from tapscott himself: "The tape was made out of the thoughts and visions from The Challenger disaster in 1986 and the human error that caused it. Much of this vision was provided by chapter 2 from Edward Tufte's Visual Explanations. High art man."the synth styles present on odawas exquisite "blue depths" show their face on "challenger" as well, albeit stripped down and reduced to a simmer. acoustic elements and orchestral collages add to the emotion and rawness. tapscott's voice is, again, the star. another impressive entry in his ever-expanding discography. edition of 100, chrome."
6/4/2010 Tapscott, Michael James Sunny California OST c26 cassette $7.99 Digitalis Limited "if i could only be serenaded by one person for the rest of my days, i'd choose michael tapscott in a heartbeat. the odawas vocalist's talent is something to die for. that voice... cannot be beat. but what tapscott brings on his debut solo release under his own name is far more than just that voice. this is the soundtrack to the short film of the same name by neil blakemore and follows in the ocean-drift steps of the last odawas record, "the blue depths." melodic synthesizer passages float lightly on simple, seductive drum machine beats and acoustic guitar lines. erratic, almost-harsh electronica even makes an appearance as tapscott uses all his tricks to crystalize the theme of the film. every turn finds a new path, all of which lead back to the central precipice. "sunny california" is a place rife with beauty and sadness and as tapscott as our guide, we're bound to find something to treasure. edition of 100."
3/29/2005 Tar Pet The Artist Revealed is Tarlie Dawn LP $15.99 Galactic Zoo Disk / Eclipse In dark times, brave figures raise their weary heads to speak the utterances no one else can--scrambled, multi-dimensional, and even 'fried' might describe these prophets--Skip Spence, Jandek, Skip James, Syd Barrett, Patty Waters.....Who knew this voice would arise from a rather thin, wild-eyed young lady, one Tar Pet (or is Taralie Dawn- even I'm not sure). Stretching out into the dusty wasteland and untapped parts of the psyche, these are the bedroom meditations of magnificent fractured beauty. Broken hearts, souls, and landscapes fill these uniquely-voiced tales. This is truly where strong, expressive songwriting should be at. Taralie is also a member of Spires That in the Sunset Rise, who have an Lp on GZDisk/Eclipse, and a new Cd due on Secret Eye, and have played with Faun Fables, Pelt, Charalmabides, etc. Edition of 500 copies.
8/8/2009 Tarentel & Paul Clipson Over Water DVD-R $11.99 Root Strata "Latest installment of the ongoing collaboration between San Francisco based band Tarentel & filmmaker Paul Clipson. Three shorts of Super8 film and music mostly culled form live performances in Italy & Switzerland in 2005. Filled up & painted out to the edges. Edition of 100."
1/22/2011 Tarr / Cornelius F. Van Stafrin III split LP $14.99 Oms-b "Chicago's TARR (AKA PHILIP KRUSE) teams up with CA'S CORNELIUS F. VAN STAFRIN III. On one side, Trr brings a dense piece of music using only a modular synthesizer. Shimmers, texture, and slow changes. On the other, reel to reel tape machines, harmonium, tibetan singing bowls & an arraw of other handmade instruments are used to create deep orchestral groans & organic drones. Limited to 200 copies."

Taurpis Tula 1976 CDR $24.99
Self released CDR in slimline jewel case. Hand written titles in silver ink on black card inlay with number "76" cut out of card. Numbered edition of 76 copies. 2004 release.
8/28/2004 Taurpis Tula Sparrows LP $17.99 Eclipse “Taurpis Tula from Glasgow, Scotland is the duo of Heather Leigh x (Charalambides and Scorces) on pedal steel / vocals and David Leigh x on guitar, navigating rivers of steel string with their fists and throats. Their all-improvised music works loops of spectral sound into beautifully fucked tonal hymns.” “Examining drones and loops from the epic cragginess of The Dream Academy and Terry Riley to its currency amongst laptop popsters and free-guitar types has long been a passion. To create improvised, trance-driven music with subtlety, emotionalism, hymn-like melody and physicality is rare. Glasgow, Scotland's Taurpis Tula is that precious find. Guitarist/shortwave radio operator David Keenan (also the editor of the British mag The Wire) and vocalist/pedal steel guitarist Heather Leigh Murray make a highly charged, soul-soothing music, borrowed and blue. Atop wave-generated ambience an opera of muffled tones influenced by Holger Czukay's experiments in church music and oblique sampling and haunted vocal reveries, they scratch, scrape and caress their guitars. This technique, adapted from the pounded-meat playing of Fred Frith, has become sensuous in their capable hands, resulting in the crying sounds of steel strings that any country cowpoke would envy.” - A.D. Amorosi, Philadelphia City Paper.net. “Taurpis Tula's new disc, Sparrows (Eclipse), sometimes sounds like futuristic gamelan-folk music for 250 years down the road.” This is such a beautiful and haunting record from a lovely duo. Pressed in an edition of 700 copies and housed in a stunning silkscreened black on black jacket with insert (also screened black on black) by the unparalleled Alan Sherry of Siwa Records.
8/22/2008 Taussig, Harry Fate Is Only Once LP $13.99 Tompkins Square "Harry Taussig's Fate Is Only Once was originally self-released in 1965. Taussig's only other recordings appear on a deleted 1967 Takoma Records sampler LP entitled Contemporary Guitar Spring '67, which also featured John Fahey, Bukka White, Max Ochs and Robbie Basho. Fate Is Only Once has long been a coveted collectible among American Primitive guitar enthusiasts."
9/11/2003 Taylor, Terry Earl Another Time CD $10.99 Dark Holler "Terry Earl Taylor plays a Fender Allegro five-string banjo in the two-finger picking style. He draws from the folksong traditions of the UK and Appalachia , and like all the great banjo songsters, he adds much of his own style to the music. A comparison might be Clive Palmer (though Terry has never heard Clive’s music!), or perhaps Dock Boggs if he was from Edwardian England. But really, Terry is his own man, playing his own music, timeless and original. Another Time is a collection of songs that range from originals, to the partly traditional (with additional lyrics by Terry), to the wholly traditional. This music resides in the lonely back roads, haunted dark hollers, and graveyards of the rural traditions that bore it. One listen to the spine-chilling ‘Go Make another Grave’ will make it apparent why we felt this Dark Holler was the right home for Terry Earl Taylor."
2/21/2015 Tazartès, Ghédalia Diasporas CD $20.99 Alga Marghen "Remastered CD edition of Diasporas, Ghédalia Tazartès' 1979 debut LP. Now available as an expanded individual CD, this edition was previously only available as part of a CD containing both Diasporas and Tazartès' 1987 self-titled fourth album, which is also now available in an expanded CD edition (TES 089CD). In addition to the entire original release of Diasporas, this CD includes the first CD release of "Ferme ta gueule, Zarathustra," a composition largely based on materials pre-dating Diasporas, originally issued as side A of Granny Awards (ALGA 036LP). In "Ferme ta gueule, Zarathustra," Tazartès freely connects Raphaël Glucksmann's garbled voix d'enfant with intoxicating, slow-moving, and sustained synth chords, before jump-cutting into bird calls, dissonant arabesque strings, and eccentric vocalizations with a blinding sense of freedom. Ghédalia Tazartès is a nomad. He wanders through music from chant to rhythm, from one voice to another. He paves the way for the electric and the vocal paths, between the muezzin psalmody and the screaming of a rocker. Tazartès is an orchestra and a pop group all in one person: the self is multitude and others. The author and his doubles work without a net, freely connecting the sounds, the rhythms, his voice, his voices. The permanent metamorphosis is a principle of composition. To hell with the technocrats of noise and the purists of synthetic culture; this music refuses classification and escapes control."
11/1/2014 Tazartès, Ghédalia Hystérie Off Music LP $23.99 Holidays "At the beginning, Hystérie off Music was conceived as a catalogue record, an open field where the author could play with all musical genres and their stereotypes, but then evolved rapidly into an uncompromising clash of field recordings, sampled instruments and Tazartès' incomparable vocal eclecticism, made of emotional psalms and shamanic hymns. TheEncyclopédie of genres turns into a childish - and sometimes scary - play and the song titles mislead the listener introducing him to a completely new classification. Recorded in early 2000s and released on CD in 2007 by the French label Jardin au Fou, it's now available in a remastered vinyl version - with an excellent cut made by SST in Frankfurt - for the best listening experience of this cinematic electronic collage. A true movie for the ear." Edition of 350 copies pressed on black vinyl.
2/21/2015 Tazartès, Ghédalia Tazartès CD $20.99 Alga Marghen "Remastered CD edition of Tazartès, Ghédalia Tazartès' 1987 fourth LP. Now available as an expanded individual CD, this edition was previously only available as part of a CD containing both Tazartès and Diasporas, Tazartès' 1979 debut album, which is also now available in an expanded CD edition (TES 088CD). Immersive, transporting, and deeply arresting music from the revered autodidact and audio oddity. If you've never encountered Tazartès before, this is an excellent place to start, welcoming you to a unique world of exotic, electro, and acoustic sounds, composed according to a genuinely far-reaching and individual agenda. In addition to the entire original release of Tazartès, this CD also includes the first CD release of "Whatever Works Singing Wild My Rock Ghédalia," recorded in Paris in the early '80s and originally issued as side B of Granny Awards (ALGA 036LP). Spread over five tracks, the piece features a comedic, exuberant vocal set to crackly 78 backing on "Whatever," turns blind corners into ethno-noise trance-outs on "Singing," delivers hyper-rhythmic experiments on "Wild," and closes with a jarring hardcore punk-out in "My Rock Ghédalia." The freedom of expression and taste for exotic, arabesque tonalities is a mighty revelation."
2/21/2015 Tazartès, Ghédalia Tazartès' Transports CD $20.99 Alga Marghen "Remastered CD edition of Tazartès' Transports, autodidact and outsider composer Ghédalia Tazartès' 1980 second LP. This album probably represents the most original example of the artist's poetical and personal approach to sound organization. The tracks for Tazartès' Transports, recorded in 1977 at Tazartès' own studio in Paris, are blends of stream-of-consciousness rippling electro rhythms, outer-national singing styles, collaged field recordings, tape loops, and chants. The musique concrète soundscapes and exotic atmospheres take on a perpetual sense of drift and magical imagination. The listener is spellbound from the start to finish, through the deeply evocative peal of church bells and swirling synthetic textures in track 2, via humid sci-fi scenes and alien avian chatter on track 5, and the lost zones of the closing stages. This edition also includes four "Assassins" tracks, originally released on the 2006 mini-CD Les danseurs de la pluie (TES 063CD). The first two of these bonus tracks were recorded in 1977, around the time of the recording of Une éclipse totale de soleil (TES 005CD), and consist of banking guitar feedback, unhinged hollers, and an unsettling piece of children's screams looped against droning synth tones and electronic pulses. The second two "Assassins" tracks were recorded in 2005; "Assassin 3" is a mystical piece of ecstatic ululations and plangent electric guitar riffs, while "Assassin 4" feels more opulent, with plush synth pads set against strange, strafing distortion, rhythmic exhortations, and surreal, cinematic percussion. This edition concludes with a final bonus track, "Elie," a charming piano piece performed as a duet with Tazartès' young daughter. Once again, Tazartès provides some of the most compelling, weirdly life-affirming music out there." 2015 repress.
2/21/2015 Tazartès, Ghédalia Une éclipse totale de soleil CD $20.99 Alga Marghen Remastered CD edition of Une éclipse totale de soleil, Ghédalia Tazartès' third LP, originally released in 1984. Far away from contemporary music intellectualisms and the works of synthetic noise purists, this album features a new form of musical expression and is certainly one of the most original and creative records of the '80s. The value of this work was at the time underestimated and only a few people had a chance to listen to this beautiful music. The record utilizes collage, Tazartès' unique vocals, trance-ethno backing splices, droning organ, and childish naiveté, in a spirit all its own. Originally conceived in two parts, Une éclipse totale de soleil is here supplemented with a 25-minute piece titled "Il regalo della befana" or "Une éclipse totale de soleil (Part III)," composed expressly for the original 1996 release of this CD edition. The original two parts are constructed from sung passages of Middle Eastern musics, drum machine noises, distorted signals, and the voices of small children. The newer third part takes some of the same sorts of cues but is more in keeping with turntablism or sampling culture, dipping into recordings recycled from pop culture. Tazartès' music compiles fragments from a wide variety of sources in a stunning, idiomatic fashion, still undiminished by the passage of time." 2015 repress.
2/11/2004 Team Discovery Channel Nocturnes 3" CDR $7.99 Pseudo Arcana "Yet another wondrous offshoot of the Deserted Village 'Collective' out of Ireland (see Murmansk, The Cosmic Nanou, United Bible Studies etc), T.D.C present a collection of improvisations as evocative of trad melancholy folk as discreet contemporary 'noise'. Acoustic guitars and harmonium (?) brush up against controlled feedback and electric guitars. Loud, quiet, warm, cold. Makes sense to my 'N.Z' ears - even though its somewhat better recorded...!"
1/1/2008 Tecumseh Crossing Divides LP $12.99 Black Horizons / Anarchymoon Recordings "Co-released between Black Horizons and Anarchymoon Recordings, this is the first release from this Portland (OR) group that creates drone metal of the heaviest variety, although with more forward movement than some of their peers, and the addition of cold space electronic hiss. Using 2 basses and electronics, the recording captures them in fine form in their less-abusive sonic range with all the power that their carefully crafted sound conveys live. Limited to 384 on black vinyl, with amazing fold-out covers printed in metallic blue ink on charcoal linen paper by the inimitable Seizure Palace, with resealable polyclear outer sleeves and poly-lined-paper inner sleeves."
10/8/2010 Tecumseh Sea(s) 12" EP $14.99 Black Horizons "Tecumseh presents here their second vinyl release for Black Horizons, two concise and highly listenable tracks clocking in at 11:00 and 10:00 minutes for the A and B sides, respectively. The first track starts with singular sub bass, plodding forward in the trademark meditative manner the band has gained a reputation for, fading into the dual guitar attack with a riff that sounds locked into place like a freight train and electronics that are as always subtle and tasteful. On the other side the band moves into some weirder territory, with faint mumbled, almost mechanical and somehow processed vocals, this time giving way to pure minimal drone, accentuated by more window shaking low end. Then suddenly, the riff kicks in, and it is possibly the thickest, most expansive example they have put forth yet, drowning out any sound within it's vicinity, a black hole for anything positive. The rift fades out, and we are left with acid rain electronics, making muddy the charred Earth that remains. Limited to 333 copies in 3-color screen printed sleeves courtesy of Seizure Palace."
3/11/2012 Teenage Panzerkorps Kauf Nicht Von TPK collection LP $18.99 Holidays Records "One step back on the timeline of half German, half American postmodern punks Teenage Panzerkorps. A collection of released, unreleased and compilation tracks recorded between 2003 and 2006, including some songs featured on the long out-of-print Nations Are Insane CD-R. Der TPK recall the kraut-rock of Can and Neu! with a cuttin-edge lo-fi allure influenced by Savage Republic and The Ex. The result is an exclusive blend of obscure sounds and confused German vocals buried under layers of guitars, organ drone and tape hiss." Edition of 300 copies on black vinyl and housed in a thick black cardboard sleeve.
12/12/2009 Teepee Morals LP $13.99 Senzei Records "Edition of 500 copies self-released private press LP from a Miami area weirdo who also plays in Electric Bunnies and Melted Sunglasses. The sound is psychedelic basement synth/guitar pop but with none of the austerity of the more cold-wave focussed groups. The drum machines are kind of ginchy and the guitars are straight out of the early Clean sound, specifically "Getting Older". Indeed, there's such a great art-pop/edge of the world feel to this that in my brain it somehow slots in alongside Richard Youngs & Simon Wickham-Smith's Ceausescu and The Clean's Oddities comp as a perfectly realised blend of avant smarts and beautifully odd songs. There's also a magical acoustic guitar and vocals cover of the mysterious "Japan", a track that both Pharaoh Sanders (on Tauhid w/Sonny Sharrock) and Albert Ayler (on some of the Euro '66 dates) recorded gorgeous versions of. I dunno, this is such an ambitious record, devouring aspects of lucid free jazz, basement weirdo synth and motorik avant rock. We've been playing it pretty much non-stop at VT. An immaculate private press side. Highly recommended." - Volcanic Tongue
11/2/2008 Teeth Collection Ojo 3" CDR $7.99 Cut Hands "Matt Reis is one of the few guys able to create a piece that's both dynamic and dense while being haunting and flat out nightmarish at the same time. Just think of the soundtrack to your teenage years, this is the one that will haunt you when you're gone. Negatives of cruel nightmares raging through long forgotten parts of wasted brain. Minimal blurts of metal clatter, reverb, echo chambers, face down in junkyards, cheeks rubbing metal while your ears fill up with rust. The definite final countdown." Edition of 40 copies, black and white artwork and insert.
5/20/2009 Teeth Collection Purtridity and Liquescence c60 cassette $6.99 Black Horizons "Three extended tracks of cosmic feedback, haunting percussion and dense oscillation, bathed in glorious analogue reverb, Teeth Collection's trademark sound. Presented in a raw manner to compliment the sound, hi-quality digital printing on metallic paper in random silver or black, contains an envelope with insert and paste-on, silver foil labels with the Black Horizons touch. Edition of 90, hi-bias chrome forever."
8/22/2008 Teeth Collection The Herdsman CDR $13.99 Reverb Worship "Teeth Collection deliver two excellent untitled creepy tracks of drone inspired noise clocking in at over thirty minutes.The first track is a real monster which slowly pulses along from quietly menacing background noises to gradually increasing reverb soaked swaying washes of noise which stop abruptly at the end.The second track is a less intense gentle affair with what sounds like processed gurgling animal cries calling through an ambient industrial humming backdrop of eeriness. Available in an edition of 50 numbered copies with a very odd looking cover showing four weapon laiden tribesmen."
5/29/2008 Teeth Collection & Plasmic Formations Collaboration cassette $5.99 905 Tapes "Former yes, collapsers and current dayton house mates serve up two helpings of zoned-out, reverb packed activity. these are the sounds that come out of the basements you don't go into, or the small town graveyards that are half paved over. organic and unearthly with freights of gelatinous tones and vocal black magic."
5/20/2009 Teeth Mountain Live On LP $14.99 Not Not Fun "One our current favorite bands, on tour right now w/Dan Deacon all over the planet. 7-piece drum/drone army with an amazing whirlwind approach to rhythmic teleportation. saw them live recently and was floored. this is the follow-up to their sick LP that came out on SHDWPLY last year." "Follow-up to last year's well-received full-length of collaged live performances released on SHDWPLY. This is another half hour-plus of the Baltimore drum/drone collective at their most zoned and loose-limbed."
1/20/2002 Tele Tele LP $12.99 Womb Tunes "The fantastic debut by this Texas based band. Moves from warm, mostly acoustic folk psych songs to relaxed space rock to relaxed space rock soundscapes into some improv electronica beauty."
4/10/2009 Telecult Powers A Beginners Guide to Hoodotronix cassette $7.99 Pizza Night "Two spectacular zones of homemade synth exploration from the best new act in NYC. Although, they have been performing for years and years (much of which spent in Cleveland,OH), they are just now entering a full realization of the sonic partnership between Matt and Stephen of TP. The well deserved acclaim they are currently receiving on the east coast comes as no surprise to the Cleveland crew. Sit close to the speakers and let your wildest imaginations come to life. Art by the one and only, Witchbeam."
4/28/2012 Telescopes, The Black Eyed Dog 7" + download $6.49 Trensmat "Has it really been nearly five years since our last Telescopes release! High time for a fourth excursion in their inimitable hands then. So, here we have on the A side a unique version of one of the last songs Nick Drake recorded - 'Black Eyed Dog'. The raw resignation of the original is retained and married to a slow smoldering drift of muted drones and entrancing shimmering patina of glitch and crackle. Flip for two tracks - 'Their Lying Backs' features the legend thats is John Sinclair reciting a poem about musicians creating a storm while all around him effects swirl, jugs hover, shards of squiggly banjo streak past sheets of blurred psychedelic supernovas. 'Mind Hold' is a muted whirring dronescape of overheard conversations with static charged sheets of crumbling high end, wrapped in tendrils of skree and softened crunch. Escape your earthly bonds and get lost in the Telescopes world of bleary eyed fuzz, hushed minimal mystery, greyed out guitar grime, and looped outer space shimmer. The 7" comes with additional extras for immediate download - digital copies of the three tracks on the record + "Losing Substance Chasing Shadow", live at The Fishpond, Matlock with Lorin Halsall and Jo Doran and an alternative instrumental mix of "Black Eyed Dog" featuring Bridget Hayden. VERY limited edition coloured vinyl 7" in silk-screened sleeve (+ 5 downloads)."
8/2/2008 Telescopes, The Infinite Suns LP $24.99 Textile "Infinite Suns begins a new era of change in the Telescopes music field. This LP is very much number one, the introduction to a series of releases (2 new albums and one live recording) out on the french label Textile. This new LP is a selection of analogue tape recordings taken between 2006 and 2007, using a multi-directional mic to capture environmental response. Recording levels were set close to saturation, allowing for interaction with the tape machine itself. Side one closes with a piece centered around a lock-groove from the run-out of The Telescopes first album and is lock-grooved again to play endlessly. The recording took place in a room used by a deep trance medium to hold investigative seances. The album ends with The Telescopes channelling out on each others instruments. The sound of earthquakes dreaming, where black holes reveal infinite suns. The Telescopes have been mining a unique anti-myopian seam of drone/dream psych for 20 years. Expertly bolting gritty blocks of noise, rich with fossil and sediment, onto minimal songs and melodies which are miles apart and miles beyond the reams of drone/ambience out there. In 2006 The Telescopes became a collaboration between Bridget Hayden and founder member Stephen Lawrie. Bridget was an original member of Vibracathedral Orchestra. The two met briefly when The Telescopes and VCO shared the bill at Audioscope festival in 2004, where The Telescopes finished their set by drilling through gtr pickups. Following a narrow escape from a burning wreck on their UK tour in 2005, The Telescopes 5th line up disintegrated. And In 2006 Bridget left VCO to explore new ventures. Bridget had already been working with Stephen on the Dream Frequencies artwork for The Telescopes Antenna label. Both were shocked by the intensity of their first session together. As a volcanic two piece scythe spent 2006 spreading free noise around England, Scotland, Ireland, The Canary Islands, West Coast of America, Italy and Austria, recording all the time. Their first release for the Trensmat label sold out within an hour. Their second release for the label sold out a month in advance. Copies of the releases have been known to exchange hands for over 25 pounds. Together they harness a primeval drone, rich in texture, and build it beautifully in unison with soaring feedback, guitar manipulation & viola which forever spiral outward, fractal and hypnotic - a bed of noise percolating at the edges of audition."
4/15/2011 Telescopes, The Third Wave LP $24.99 Isota Records "I hold in my hands the plans for a device so powerful, so diabolically destructive that soon the world will bend to my every whim. That is, as soon I can manage to figure out what the electrical diagrams in the plan mean. And then I suppose I'd need several million dollars worth of equipment and raw materials. And I suppose The MacArthur Foundation denies genius grants for this type of thing. Bastards. Well, at any rate, I'd like to thank Stephen Lawrie and Jo Doran of The Telescopes for providing me with the plans for this death ray in the artwork of their latest album. Never hurts to dream. I'll wager a chocolate-frosted Krispy Kreme that Kim Jong Il is poring over this shit right now looking for the key to controlling the whole Korean Peninsula. There's something sort of apt about The Telescopes including such a diagram in their artwork, though-- it fits the futurist theme of the music, for one thing, and with a record like this, they sound like they might be poised to take over the world. Everyone's favorite band from Burton-upon-Trent, England has a lengthy history, dating back to the glory days of gazing at shoes whilst coaxing feedback from six-strings. Back then, there were five Telescopes, and they distinguished themselves by experimenting with instrumental textures outside of the guitars and effects that the other shoegazers were using. They split in 1995, with Doran and Lawrie moving on to establish Unisex, whose debut album, Stratosfear, impressed me a few years ago with its deep-space lounge and day-glo exotica. It's a bit puzzling, actually, as to why the two chose to go back to the Telescopes name for Third Wave, as this serves pretty well as a follow-up to Stratosfear. Lawrie keeps his hands on the helm at all times, and guides you through a series of inventive, oddball tracks that hold together remarkably well for such a wide-ranging collection. There's the spy-on-Mars jazz noir of "A Good Place to Hide" and the drifting, soupy electro of "You & I Are the Foxboy Noises", and in between everything from clarinets and violins to Atari samples and home-made grooveboxes. Anyone who ever played "Space Invaders" will recognize the core rhythm of "Tesla Death Ray", which centers on a sample of the descending alien ships, in addition to Black & Decker drills, toy car, stylophone and some deeply vocodered vocals. Opener "A Cabin in the Sky" features the close harmonies of Doran and Lawrie moving cautiously through a Terminator-bleak futureworld of cold piano, processed laughter, ectoplasmic strings, and Theremin. Horns hang in a loosely organized cloud over the tabla-inflected beats of "3D Jesus Ashtray", but note: those tablas are employed for their specific sonic qualities, and not to give the track an Eastern feel. Lawrie and co-producer Angus Wallace give the whole thing a deep, bass-rich treatment that makes every last electronic flourish and fuzzed-out blast go down easy. It's humorous, unique, laid-back, beautiful and chaotic by equal measures, and for music that was so obviously a serious labor to put together, it all sounds amazingly fluid and natural. Third Wave may not put you any closer to ruling the world, but hey, that just gives you more time to listen to it. Call me I think I'm willing to trade just a little bit of global domination for that." - Joe Tangari, November 12, 2002, Pitchfork. Edition of 500 copies.
11/1/2014 Teletopa Tokyo 1972 3xLP $72.99 Split Records "A COLOSSUS!!!!!! Some of the best recordings from Sydney's vibrant exploratory/spontaneous music scene ever released. Heads up, this groudbreaking triple Lp reissue is limited to 300 copies only. Teletopa was "one of the earliest recorded examples of improvisation in Australia". The trio was formed in Sidney in 1970 by Peter Evans, David Ahern and Roger Frampton, with various guests for each performance. Using conventional instruments like flute, saxophone, piano and percussion, Teletopa explored extended technique, unusual ways of playing, dissonances and silences, in a similar way as contemporary European groups Amm, Mev and Scratch Orchestra, of which David Ahern was a founding member during his stay in UK in 1969. This document is not just important for Australian music - it should establish them posthumously as one of the most interesting developments in experimental music anywhere in the world at this time.
7/30/2010 Teller, Jørgen & The Empty Stairs w/ Pewtr Live At Daemons Port CDR $6.99 Blueberry Honey "MR TELLER's main operation is this combo also featuring double bassist SØREN GORM (http://www.skraep.dk/index.php?id=94) and drummer TOBIAS KIRSTEIN (http://www.camp-festival.de/07/de/artists_kirstein.html) and they are a band of highly charged experimental musicians who can dodge between solid rock and out-jazz, often without warning. Each of the three is worth your time individually, Together they are quite a storm of life and power. There are studio sessions recorded from the time we spent together, this is a recording of our set at DAEMONS PORT."
9/14/2004 Telstar Ponies Hares on the Mountain 10" $9.99 Static Caravan / Obelisk "The new (2003) self-titled ep from Scotland's Telstar Ponies opens with radiant interpretations of two timeless pieces of music. The first, a supple reworking of the traditional Scottish song, 'Hares on the Mountain', has a beautiful split vocal structure with singer Rachel Devine's devilishly sweet voice set against guitarist (and Wire contributor) David Keenan's deep, steady counterpart. 'One Hand, One Heart', taken from Leonard Bernstein and Steven Sondheim's score for 'West Side Story', is reduced to an undressed simplicity on piano, but is no less effective.'Terrible Night' and 'Athanasius K', meanwhile, display the ponies at their neo-psych-folk best, as scream-pitch feedback plays around a fierce, shattered valley of erratic trumpet and crashing drums." – The Wire.
8/1/2014 Temiz, Okay & Huseyin Ertunc Etnik Orkestra Live in Istanbul LP $25.99 Sagittarius A-Star "Collective improvisation based on a Turkish folk tune. One of the most ecstatic piece of music i ever heard (simple as it is) ! suddenly i found myself dancing madly, like a Whirling Dervish... unfortunatly i didn't get Enlightment BUT, it was fun !" ep
side A
part I
side B
part II
Okay Temiz- kalimba, perc, fl, soprano sax, horn
Huseyin Ertunc- kustufons, fl
Dogan Dogusel- kustufons, fl
Musa Dede- perc, whistles, hand-drum
Sarp Keskiner- hand-drum, perc, fl
Ozun Usta- cura, hand-drum, overtone fl
Korhan Futaci- fl, alto sax
Umut Caglar- violin, fl, bendir
Murat Taner- zurna
Barlas Tan Ozemek- acoustic gt
Selim Saracoglu- acoustic gt
Daniel Spicer- bamboo sax, tp, bendir
Berke Can Ozcan- drums, perc
rec. by Ozan Murat, on May 6th, 2013 at Babylon
mixed by Korhan Futaci
photo by Eylem Caglar
Pressed on black vinyl with insert
8/1/2014 Temiz, Okay / Huseyin Ertunc / Dogan Dogusei The Trio LP $25.99 Sagittarius A-Star "1st time ever that two of the most legendary figures from the Turkish jazz scene (Okay & Ertunc) play/rec. together, so really an historic event ! classic pn trio + some more ethnic/otherworldly moments. special front cover artwork by Huseyin, who's an acclaimed painter (he designed also the old Intex front covers...), especially in his own country." ep
side A
Studio part I + Studio part II
side B
Concert part I + Concert part II
Okay Temiz- drums, fl, triangle, harp, kalimba, waterphone
Huseyin Ertunc- piano, kustufons, flutes, kalimba
Dogan Dogusei- double bass, kustufons, flutes
special guests on Studio part II: Daniel Spicer- perc & Umut Caglar- kalimba
side A rec. at Okay Temiz Atolyesi, Istanbul by Daniel Spicer (May 2nd, 2013)
side B rec. live at Babylon, Istanbul by Ozan Murat (May 6th, 2013)
cover art: Huseyn Ertunc
Pressed on black vinyl.
1/22/2011 Tempera / Endless Caverns Estranged Mane c40 cassette $4.99 L'Animaux Tryst Recordings "Two improvisational Portland acts pay tribute to a favorite spot in the local underground scene: Strange Maine. this used record/tape/book/curio shop by day takes on the occasional transformation into the most freewheeling venue in town, and is the site of some of the greatest live sets we at the l'animaux camp have ever witnessed. on this tape, tempera drops their first new release since 2009's stellar self-titled 12"; this 19-minute session was recorded live in may 2010 and was performed using just two microphones and more delay/echo/loop pedals than band members. the result is of an enviable subtlety, the source whispers and whistles bent to unimaginable angles and lengths until only specters remain. endless caverns' contribution finds whisps of crackly electric guitar leads mingling with dub-inspired bass, vocals, and percussion, all stretched out in a hallucinatory time-zone where each tweak in the chain adds a new layer of haze to your already-cloudy vision. hand-labeled opaque blood-red tapes in norelco case, with pro-printed full-color "windham hill-themed" j-cards hand-numbered to 45."
1/17/2010 Temperatures Eksra LP $14.99 Ultramarine "Temperatures are a London-based duo formed by Peter Blundell (bass, voice) and James Dunn (drums, synth). Blundell's rumbling delayed bass runs against Dunn's bursting drums that simultaneously trigger an unruly ARP 2600. Vocals are both muffled and shouting at times and eventually end up getting buried under a (controlled) landslide of sounds. Thanks to their instinctive but thoughtful approach to noise, Temperatures can express a suffocating sense of alienation and mal de vivre, as well as today's over-communication resulting in a helpless lack of communication; but "Eksra" strikes most for its original and refreshing sound, far from the stale cliche that noise so often falls into. They can be compared to other bands like: early Throbbing Gristle, Lighting Bolt and the Dead C." “One of London’s most spasmodically captivating outfits” (Byron Coley - Thurston Moore, Arthur Magazine)
3/6/2008 Temple Defectors, The / Claypipe split 10" $37.99 Humbug "The Temple Defectors is James Ferraro & Spencer Clark, presenting here a fine slab of vintage violence (from around the time they did "Dark Rye Bread" and "Gambling in Ohpa's Shadow" (as the Skaters)) - essential. On the flip is some fine itinerant heavy lidded psych by Claypipe - that's Antony Milton and Clayton Noone from New Zealand. Limited lathe cut 10" to 120 copies in proper hand assembled covers, with a poster insert and resealable sleeve." Killer - recommended!
2/13/2011 Temple Lunaire Temple Lunaire c30 cassette $6.99 Bumtapes "Tempel Lunaire consists of Stefan Kushima (Cruise Family / Tempel Solaire) Artem Bezukladnikov (Kema / Himroshima Bird Market) Eric Arn (Tempel Solaire / Jandeks european tour bassist) and his wife Vanessa Arn. This alliance transmits some radical omissions of cosmic ritualistic drones and mantra's, buried spirit's groaning from beneath this cakey sweet goo with whisking percussion palpitating in a slowed down grey area rhythm, kinda like a SPK spliced with old skool Skaters. Some sweet subtle breakdowns, with bows and further ascending groans breaking down furthermore into bare room snare pounding before the ecstasy of the Bside. It strays into luscious pulsations that break into your intoxicated state of mind! This sweet sweet 30 minute cassette exudes an other! 40 copies."
1/1/2008 Temple of Bon Matin Flower Footed Ghost CD $17.99 Ruby Red "New set of "deep south psychedelia" from one of the loudest/freest band in America, led by powerhouse drummer Ed Wilcox and featuring saxophonist Vinnie Paternostro, bassist Eric Bayles, violinist Jim Flagg, and percussion/synth/guitar from Jay Reeve. Alongside a bunch of guests the group conjure up the kinda apocalyptic free-form jam logic that would reconcile
oracular F/X soaked vox, dunting percussive grooves ala Wilcox's work with Arthur Doyle in the Electro-Acoustic Ensemble and some almost Hawkwind-esque electrified urban guerrilla
mainlining." - David Keenan
3/11/2005 Temple of Bon Matin Infidel CD $12.99 Spirit of Orr "Ed Wilcox is constantly refining his art, his message. As a painter, he describes what you will find in his work with, 'my love of circus, the unrepentant whim of the Cobra Group, the recycled resurrections of Eduardo Paolozzi, and most important to me, Persian and Mongul miniatures.' Ed Wilcox approaches his musical efforts with the same level of thoughtfulness and joy in exploration. A self-declared space metal band, there is much influence of Sun Ra (Philadelphia for crissakes!) as there is Judas Priest. Together with a crop of accomplished and loyal fellow travelers, the Temple of Bon Matin has ventured in and out of sight, but has continually remained true to Ed's single vision of pushing clattering jazz through the heaviness of hard rock. The result is always explosive and primal, always Bon Matin. Infidel, Temple's sixth full length, is the record made when the pedal hits the metal. A full on blow out featuring Ed's powerful shouts and revving drum attack, amidst psychedelic-punk guitar blasts and blaring horns."
9/17/2006 Temple of Bon Matin Monkeys Straw Raincoat CDR $12.99 Spirit of Orr "How can it be that every time we turn around, ED WILCOX, and his Temple of Bon Matin have squeezed out a new record, and each record takes us (by that I mean the 'world') closer to the nexus. Okay, this record is simply the most psychedelically mannered BON MATIN yet, and it is also the most soulful, and the most vocal, and most pre-cussive, and most acoustic. MONKEYS STRAW RAINCOAT takes the direction of the CABIN IN THE SKY release and turns it back into itself, it propels like BULLET INTO MESMER'S BRAIN, but it is a space capsule without any fuselage. What the hell am I talking about? Limited to 300 hand assembled copies."
6/25/2013 Temple Of The Smoke The Lost Art Of Twilight LP $32.99 Cosmic Eye Records "Second album from Serbian space/post rock band TEMPLE OF THE SMOKE. An eclectic collection of cohesive tracks, where heavy space rock meets post rock intensity, prog rock mellowness and beyond. "The Lost Art Of Twilight" is a maze of moody atmospheres, varying levels of tension, metallic dark and doomy guitar riffs, multi-layered electronics, spacey prog jams, some trip hop and electronica and even spaced out dub. A kaleidoscopic journey through various genres that work as some kind of instrumental space rock opera for the XXI century…" Edition of 300 copies. Check sample here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dX3DgKRvh9I
5/29/2008 Temples Murk CDR $12.99 Pseudo Arcana "With the advent of September 11, 2001 the musical underground found itself ripe once more for a rejuvenation of beards and acoustic guitars. And who am I to complain- I have a beard and like a bit of a finger pick myself.. Temples is Kevin Richards . He hails from Denver, Colorado, in the good old USA. 'Murk' is an acoustic guitar album. I'm not sure if Kevin has a beard. What is refreshing to these ears about this record is that its an acoustic guitar album wherein the guitar itself is subsumed within the glorious phenomena of the recording media itself, and in this case one of my personal favourites- TAPE! Building up layer after layer of distant and hissy strummed and picked guitars Temples creates a kaleidoscopic miasma which shifts and drifts through vast caverns and tiny rooms, the various rhythms in and out of phase as patterns collide and repel. There's a deceptive ease and simplicity to the way Murk breathes. I know for a fact that Richards spent many months shaping these pieces into the ramshackle atmospheric drone works they have become. If you were after a comparison I would suggest that Temples does for the guitar what Dialing In does for keyboards and shruti boxes. I'm often worn down by long pieces, and especially long albums. Just because one can fit 70 minutes on a cdr doesn't mean one should. 'Murk' however is an album that benefits from the extended room that the individual tracks are given to roam an evolve. This is a murk I'm more than happy to lose myself in for an hour."
12/1/2007 Ten Thousand Things, The The Ten Thousand Things CDR $10.99 The Lotus Sound "Following two self-released CD-Rs which scraped the underbelly of the avant-garde, The Ten Thousand Things return with their third blast of blackened folk. Released as part of The Lotus Sound's Handmade Series, The Ten Thousand Things continues along the band's path across the tangled terrain of the droneworld. Recently relocated to Athens, Georgia, multi-instrumentalist Wes Covey is this time joined by Savannah, Georgia's psychedelic dreamstress Jessica Calleiro (uncle owen aunt beru), who blesses 'The Song' with vocals, drums and weather. Ben Peck, a native of Covey's birthplace deep in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom adds scorching vocals to a retelling of the traditional 'Who's Gonna Be Your Man?' On the remaining six songs, Covey utilizes his palate of guitars, bass, samples and various percussive instruments to create a series of compositions that face the light more than previous releases, while still holding the darkness at their backs. Those who've had their ears perked by the sounds of Six Organs of Admittance, Pelt, Hala Strana and likeminded folk destroyers will want to set aside some time to give this slab a spin. Mostly, though, anyone interested in blending folk forms with drone experimentalism and the shivering blackness of doom will find want to free their minds to the sound of The Ten Thousand Things."
12/12/2009 Terminal Lovers As Eyes Burn Clean LP $18.99 Public Guilt "We've been big fans of the Terminal Lovers for years and are super excited to finally be working with them. "As Eyes Burn Clean" is pure Cleveland; heavy, rocking and straight out of left field. Terminal Lovers fuse kraut, dub, improv, drone, and pop influences to create a sound that is dense, diverse, and difficult to pin down, yet it all feels fluid and effortless. "As Eyes Burn Clean" is a visceral, guitar-heavy trek filled with pop hooks, spaced out psychedelia, and surreal, Jodorowsky-esque lyrics. Limited to 500 copies on yellow/black "a-side, b-side" vinyl." "As Eyes Burn Clean is the band's latest and greatest... It has an air of immediacy in its delivery, causing one to remember parts of the songs after the very first listen, but there's plenty of depth for further, more rewarding spins down the line. A sign of a truly gripping psych record! By far, this album is the psychedelic mindfuck of the year, beaconing both as a glorious nod to the old guard and a raised fist to the new breed of noiseants." -Hellride Music
1/19/2004 Terminal Lovers Drama Pit and Loan CD $11.99 Biological Records Currently this is Julian Cope’s Album of the Month. He wrote: “Immediately this motherfucker dropped on to the stereo, I knew I was in the presence of True Heads with One Eye fixed on the lunations of the heavens. That the album etched its way directly into my brain on first hearing is startling, for I listen to shitloads of new stuff and mainly wait for their turgid meandering self-obsessions to struggle to locate any dignified conclusion. And after the deep art-rock invention of Terminal Lovers, most of the so-called stoner rock gathering in their masses is just so much novelty compost.” “.......guitar genius Dave Cintron’s mini-supergroup acid rocks squarely in the chaotic Cuyahoga axe-drone tradition, though now and then you might hear Funhouse filtered through the Birthday Party and/or Get Your Wings.....” - Chuck Eddy, Village Voice.
4/24/2006 Terracid Abraxas CDR $12.99 musicyourmindwillloveyou soil then fatness of thinking although the top of the skull is better letting the light out. "Michael Donnelly sure has a knack for harnessing the throbbing, magickal energy that flows beneath the surface of objective reality. Listening to any of his work - either solo as Terracid, or in any of his many collaborations under the Musicyourmindwillloveyou umbrella - you can almost imagine him communing with entities long-forgotten by today's accelerated civilization. On "Abraxas" we find Donnelly exploring the duality associated with the Gnostic deity with which this album shares a name. Scholars are divided as to whether the aforementioned entity is a god, or actually a demon. On this particular release, Donnelly has harnessed both the benevolent bliss associated with the former and the dissonant mayhem often attributed to the latter. Opener "Her Shadow Ate the Ground" treads deeply, if slowly, through acid-laced waters. A plodding bass and drum framework is dutifully decorated with gurgling analog synth sounds and otherworldly howling. Donnelly builds intricate textures of sound, only to destroy them once they've served their dark purposes. "Ur" continues down the same path, but is considerably more unsettling. We've entered a cavern peopled with creatures that are unseen but have otherwise made their ghastly presence known - do we make our escape slowly or do we immediately flee the scene?? Donnelly doesn't give us time to choose, as we're immediately attacked on all sides by the amazing drum inferno that is "Ra." With pummelling drums and overdriven synth and guitar building into an intense blanket of fuzzy static, our minds are veritably melted then and there. Just when it seems like we're done for, the wall of sound topples and a chiming guitar is all that remains. This is what I love best about Donnelly's work - his ability to suddenly shift gears, often in mid-song. Soothing analog melodies introduce "Sunrim" before we once again delve into darker territory as a deep bass line and some light percussive clatter carry us onward. The album ends with the relatively short drum assault "Hoof," which indeed gives the impression of being trampled by a stampede of wild horses. The briskness of this final song almost makes the album seem to end to soon. Thankfully, there doesn't seem to be an end to the amazing stream of releases sprouting forth from the Musicyourmindwillloveyou camp, so it won't be long before Donnelly's back to claim our souls again.- Bryon Hayes
4/24/2006 Terracid Fortress of Eternal Smells CDR $12.99 musicyourmindwillloveyou more scifi lofi mind fry. "Michael Donnelly of the Brothers of the Occult Sisterhood: the zoned tribal folk of Botos in a head-on collision with lo-fi electronics. This is a sort-of reissue of a cdr that was supposed to come out on Hiulcity but didn't and comes in a hand-painted sleeve." - Boa Melody Bar
6/19/2007 Terraplane Into the Unknown double LP $42.99 Nasoni "Remastered and enhanced edition of last year's self-released album by psychedelic heavy rock riff-meisters from Wernigerode, Germany. Very cool down'n'dirty heavy acid rock with lots of stoner friendly vibes, but also some very nice mellow and moody psychedelic pieces under the hood. Everything centers around the eponymous 15 minutes 'Into The Unknown', a slowly unfolding psychedelic epos with laid-back guitars, arabesque sitar passages and spacey organ along the way before cranking up the gain and fuzzing its way into the unknown. Dig it!" Gatefold sleeve, edition of 500 copies - 100 on colored vinyl - all copies in stock are colored vinyl.
3/29/2005 Terrestrial Tones Blasted CD $12.99 Psych-o-Path Records "Terrestrial Tones is the home recorded project of roommates Dave Portner (Avey Tare of Animal Collective) and Eric Copeland of Black Dice, published by an emerging label in the underground noise scene, Psych-o-Path records."
9/23/2004 Terrestrial Tones Blasted LP $15.99 Psych-O-Path "Terrestrial Tones is the home recorded project of roommates Dave Portner (Avey Tare of Animal Collective) and Eric Copeland of Black Dice, published by an emerging label in the underground noise scene, Psych-o-Path records. Blasted, their debut record combines a creepy parade of burlesque musicalia with the underwater travels of a submarine 20,000 leagues under the sea. Deep almost unrecognizable vocals hidden in layers of sub-bass warbles are reminiscent of work on the Charhizma Label, particularly Christof Kurzmann and his collaborations with Dafeldecker and dieb13. Likewise there are nods to the diverse almost pop-twitch of Dat Politics and the polyrhythmic patterns of the Basic Channel/Chain Reaction projects. It's a dance music record (microtonal future extremely abstract dance) for people who like to wiggle to shoes tumbling in washing machines with monkey cymbals and puppet shows. It is serious yet unpretentious, even whimsical, and will appeal to fans of experimental electronics, IDM, Throbbing Gristle and related, the drones and squeals of Black Dice and the nouveau pop psychedelia of Animal Collective."
4/24/2006 Terrestrial Tones Dead Drunk CD $13.99 Paw Tracks "Brooklyn's Terrestrial Tones is the roommate duo of Eric Copeland (Black Dice) and Dave Portner (The Animal Collective). Over the years the two have been quietly making music in between Animal Collective and Black Dice commitments. Recorded in their apartment while living in Paris last summer, Terrestrial Tones' third record Dead Drunk sounds like the duo spent a bit too much time in the Parisian flea markets. African food stands, forgotten European pop records, discarded American analog pedals and junk, old Soviet electronics, they all come together into something highly disconcerting, curiously pleasurable, and beyond new."
4/24/2006 Terrestrial Tones Dead Drunk LP $12.99 Paw Tracks "Brooklyn's Terrestrial Tones is the roommate duo of Eric Copeland (Black Dice) and Dave Portner (The Animal Collective). Over the years the two have been quietly making music in between Animal Collective and Black Dice commitments. Recorded in their apartment while living in Paris last summer, Terrestrial Tones' third record Dead Drunk sounds like the duo spent a bit too much time in the Parisian flea markets. African food stands, forgotten European pop records, discarded American analog pedals and junk, old Soviet electronics, they all come together into something highly disconcerting, curiously pleasurable, and beyond new."
4/2/2004 Terrifying Experience, The Magnetic Breakthrough CD $9.99 Mental Telemetry "Mitch Mitchell and his Terrifying Experience tear apart the rock paradigm, bringing all of its raw eccentricities into full view: garage, psychedelia, punk and the cosmic spaces in between. Mitch Mitchell played guitar in the 'classic line-up' of Guided By Voices, while other TEX members have played in semi-legendary Ohio underground bands such as: The Method, Pica Huss, Vibralux and Monster Truck 005. Psych damaged, full-on, rock 'n roll - make no mistake."
11/2/2008 Terrill, John Frowny Frown CD $12.99 Family Vineyard "Between 1988 and 1998, John Terrill (co-founder of the late '70s new/no wave Dancing Cigarettes) recorded this album and made a few copies for close friends and for mailing to musical heroes. In another era it could have stood next to Scott Walker or Michael Hurley's early albums or even Randy Burns' LPs on ESP Disk. It's an out-of-time classic that mixes honey baked orchestration, acoustic soul, and pop-psychedelia into cracked and spellbinding songs. Now reissued for all and remastered with a bonus track from 1984. "I feel this album is a little gem. Lyrically--a man up against it (Frowny Frown) as opposed to (Smiley Smile), but still leaning towards humor, kindheartedness, and no bitterness within the adversity. A very feeling album and all kinds of sonically interesting things. The kind of direction Brian Wilson might even have taken himself if his own circumstances had been different. Beach Boys meet Mothers of Invention. It has, then, the simplicity, innocence, and at the same time the musical innovation of the Beach Boys, plus the other side of the coin, the innovation of the Mothers of Invention. Sometimes almost like The Shadows or The Tornadoes performing at a 1960 wedding reception, and then sonic blasts and great instrumentation and arrangements peppered throughout. A musician who seems to have absorbed all kinds of previous things, and then created his own very original and absorbing album." - Bill Fay, March 2008. The transparent velum packaging mirrors the handful of homemade copies John originally issued.
11/2/2002 Terroade, Kenneth Love Rejoice LP $15.99 BYG / Actuel / Get Back "Recorded on June 10, 1969 at BYG's Studio Saravah in Paris. Jamaican born tenor saxophonist Kenneth Terroade appears here with Ronnie Beer, Evan Chandley, Francois Tusques, Bob Guerin, Earl Freeman and Claude Delcloo."
4/3/2011 Terror Bird Human Culture LP $13.99 Night People "This is the long awaited debut LP from Vancouver's Terror Bird, comprised of wife and husband duo Nikki Never and Jeremiah Haywood. Night-People teamed up with German label Adagio 830 to present this master piece of heartfelt, haunted, ethereal pop music. Nikki's piano and synth arrangements guide her voice full of feeling and beauty through layers of dark ambiance that constantly break away into shinny spaces of hopeful abandon. We are very excited to present this focused and finely crafted album. UK and Euro orders look to Adagio 830 for the Euro pressing of this record. Artwork by Shawn Reed."
7/5/2011 Terrors Lagan Qord CD $10.99 Weird Forest "Perhaps the true test of an artist is taking common elements and fashioning a unique sound all their own. Elijah Forrest, as Terrors, is one artist who passes the test. A bi-coastal vagabond dropping tapes from southern California to Baltimore, Forrest has traveled many miles, seen a lot and judging from his music, not all of these experiences have been pleasant. Terrors is relatively unprolific by underground tape culture standards, putting out a handful of well-received cassettes over the last few years. Each release is filled with simple songs built around his voice, guitar and at times, a healthy wallop of tape hiss ambiance and feedback. With these simple ingredients, Forrest injects a sense of weariness and sadness into his songs -- even the instrumentals which loop, layer and wrap back around themselves seem imbued with a touch of grey. The chords, melodies and progressions may sound familiar but in Forrest's hands, a freshness and timelessness breathes within these songs. Weird Forest is excited to present Lagan Qord, a compilation of Terrors tracks culled from the last few years. Wonderfully remastered by Sean McCann, these songs have never sounded better." Packaged in jewel case.
7/5/2011 Terrors Lagan Qord LP $15.99 Weird Forest "Perhaps the true test of an artist is taking common elements and fashioning a unique sound all their own. Elijah Forrest, as Terrors, is one artist who passes the test. A bi-coastal vagabond dropping tapes from southern California to Baltimore, Forrest has traveled many miles, seen a lot and judging from his music, not all of these experiences have been pleasant. Terrors is relatively unprolific by underground tape culture standards, putting out a handful of well-received cassettes over the last few years. Each release is filled with simple songs built around his voice, guitar and at times, a healthy wallop of tape hiss ambiance and feedback. With these simple ingredients, Forrest injects a sense of weariness and sadness into his songs -- even the instrumentals which loop, layer and wrap back around themselves seem imbued with a touch of grey. The chords, melodies and progressions may sound familiar but in Forrest's hands, a freshness and timelessness breathes within these songs. Weird Forest is excited to present Lagan Qord, a compilation of Terrors tracks culled from the last few years. Wonderfully remastered by Sean McCann, these songs have never sounded better." Edition of 300 copies with insert.
2/20/2010 TexlaHoma Driebergen Zeist CDR $10.99 Sonic Oyster Records "Limited Edition Edition 50 copies. Tex La Homa is the songwriting and recording project of Matthew Shaw who also makes music with 230 Divisadero with Nick Grey, The Blue Tree with Andrew Paine, Fougou with Brian Lavelle, Cat Lady with Michael Tanner and Grand Feast of the Dead with Mark Fry. Matthew also runs the label Apollolaan Recordings, releasing music by Kawabata Makoto, White Hills, The A Band, Andrew Paine, Plastic Crimewave, Plinth, Brian Lavelle, Directorsound & many others."
8/20/2011 Thames The Gift Of Money b/w The Night She Became Me 7" $6.99 American Tapes "Oh funky boy. I love my weirdo friends. Esp when they record SCRAMBLED non music to the soundtrack of they weirdo lives. Remember when you used to get a record, play it, stare at it for an hour, put it black on, repeat, and be blank brained cause it JUST DONT MAKE NO SENSE. Well, you inzaniacs, here's another one. I mean Blake Hargreaves & Alex Moskos are some pretty strange dudes. I heard Alex got caught using actual live cats as stencils for graffiti in the catacomb walls of Montreal and Blake PRETENDED to work for the Canadian Senate for years to get access to a secret room in the capital of Ottawa that is used only to make a vile stew of illegal insect repellents & found river garage that they gave to the Canada postal workers to keep them from striking. As the story goes, in the darkest hours of the winter of 2009, the duo was sick with the flu from a long bout of STREAKING around the business district of Montreal, Alex & Blake took microwaved antifreeze and poured it over they primitive oscillators and filters, left them in a snow bank for two hours, stood facing separate corners in silence in the bright lights of their studio for another three hours, and then at 6:30 am: slammed a gallon of that sickly liquid inside those old wax lips from the 80's (alex found a case in alley when stenciling cats for a mural biased on the Packers Super Bowl Loss from last year) and RUSHED to hold the Guinness world record for the most CUBIST song 7" ever recorded. Sheesh. No joke. I think they won but the judge thought the songs on this single were from a SEND IN YOUR LYRICS song contest they made for the failed robot boxers in the new Hugh Jackman boxing movie. Between you and me, they won. They didn't necessarily PRESS this record as they did unwillingly from a vision induced by YOGURT overdose at Bill Smith records from post dated expired DANNON marathon sessions at the plant. NOTHING IS RIGHT on this single. SOOO WEIRD. File under = Goofy Tombstone Pizza Dirt. The only record at played at the Olzone crib where tovah thought it was on CHOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE records. So abstracted stoked on this i will spell it STO PKOKED. This here, are my weird friends and they PEAK MY LANGUAGE. B & W covers, edition of 200, numbered and hand stamped." AM 901
6/3/2009 The Jaguar Primal Dimension cassette $5.99 Ski-Fi "The Jaguar", aka Troy Hanson, gives us 10 tracks of damaged trash blues. Comparisons are difficult. Think Jandek / Legendary Stardust Cowboy / Wild Man Fisher / Roky stoned out of their minds playing Gate covers. For a more learned review see what tom lax says about his last record: "One more dude what deserves some spoutin off is a gent what goes by the moniker of The Jaguar. Hailin from Wisconsin his ouvre come to my attention by way of Mr. Pink Reason who embellished the Jaguar's plight by claimin he had "zero fans". Hey, what about me? I can't says I know a whole lot about Jaguar, meaning, outside of this cdr called 'Trash Blues Bucket' I have no idea how many other releases he has packed away. Pink Reason says he's been doin "this" since the 80's so I would imagine there's a hefty back catalog lyin in wait. That said, on the surface he reminds me of another upper midwestern loner, Skidd Freeman. But Skidd relishes & shines in garage Punk rock idiom while Jaguar seems-literally-conjured out of a trash Blues bucket. At times his edifice recalls structures similar to Jandek, then you come across a high lonesome hamonica 'n yelp that sounds like the Legendary Stardust Cowboy has invited himself over, when suddendly-wham!- your buried in an electric murk of post, post, post Dead C (okay, Ashtray Navigations. ding!) detuned distemper. So he's never in one place for long. It's hard not to appreciate the guy's dedication & intent. If this was a cassette on Fuck It, Drone Disco or some label of that ilk, Jaguar might be more well known among the ecstatically erudite, but as it is, he is an island not yet chartered among the cognesceti. But fortune's change all the time. And don't I know it!" - label
1/5/2013 Thelightshines Soul To Skin 7" $7.99 Great Pop Supplement "Thelightshines is the expanded full band project for mainman Sam Ferman, whose previous incarnation as a solo artist saw him amass a number of rave reviews for mind expanding, killer live shows. Stunning layered, looped guitar workouts recalling the genius of Manuel Gottsching with passing nods to Spacemen 3 (2 all time heroes here at GPS HQ). The full band came into being midway through 2011 and the first fruits here point to a progression towards a more song based direction. A fabulous collision of 60s Garage, Sunshine pop, experimental Indie / Folk and even Indian classical music in places. Where heavy walls of sound clash with lush harmonies and showcase a fine ear for a vocal hook and a melody. B side "Love, The Amnesiac" is equally strong- a fabulous 45 released as an edition of 400 on The Great Pop Supplement."
5/1/2009 These Wonderful Evils Parade Room LP $14.99 Sparrow & Wires "Home cooked post-PSF TKOP FSA X/Way solo joint. Mixed geography in orange. Close mic-ed and creaking chair. Magazine Love. Song for Bobby Neuwirth. Exquisite Fucking
Happy Televised Thompson Trails. Sola Sound Mk 5. Sunn and Silvertone. Still the Spirit of '66. For Ron Asheton. For John Martyn." Numbered edition of 500 copies. 2nd release by band - The Wire magazine had this to say about their debut lp/cd Regine Flory (still available here at Eclipse): Taking their name from a compilation of Swedish garage and psych groups, These Wonderful Evils are actually based in Minneapolis and provide cover for the solo experiments of one Zak Boerger. Boerger's combination of fuzz, acoustic guitar and extended downer ballads most immediately aligns him with the New Zealand scene centered around Peter Jefferies and Alastair Galbraith as well as associated international satellites like Flying Saucer Attack and the Twisted Village roster, but there's a lonesome edge to the music that would situate it outside of any particular historical tradition and closer to the mystery school of regional private press obscurities. The acoustic tracks skirt the fringes of American primitive without particularly sounding like anyone else, but it's the elegiac fuzz settings that really make the album stand out." - The Wire, Oct. 2008.
7/10/2008 These Wonderful Evils Regine Flory CD $11.99 Sparrows & Wires "The debut album from Chicago's These Wonderful Evils is a dark, psychedelic meditation, echoing Richard Youngs & Nico, as well as the more experimental side of the Velvet Underground. Voices & guitars buried deep in the forest are both familiar and chilling at the same time, from the drowning drone of the opener "North Atlantic" through the drifting, forlorn closer "St.Jo." This is one of the strongest releases of 2008 thus far. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!" - Reckless Records
7/10/2008 This Is My Condition Cut Loose LP $13.99
"This Is My Condition is a one man band in which Craig Comstock plays guitar, drums and sings all at the same time. In the tradition of noise rock this music is heavy, tough and intense, while at other times very free and unstructured. This Is My Condition deals in power, spontaneity and passionate lyrics. Coming from a background of experimentation, repetition and angst in Many Series and Black Calvin, Craig takes things in a new direction by going solo and performing on-the-spot improvisations of the same ilk." 13 songs. Around 35 minutes total. Recorded live with David Moore at Merriam Shoals Studio in Merriam, KS.
11/2/2008 Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments / Fat Day split 7" $3.99 Wabana "Yeah, both bands on this split and it makes sense if you consider they both fuck with the preconceived punk form. One tuneful ditty and a noisier freak-out from the Slave Apartments that conjures up the na- scent 70s Cleveland onslaught. Fat Day mangle their way through short, thorny creative compositions. Rough-hewn minimalism." -
9/6/2002 Thomas, Carei Feel Free Ensemble Mining Our Bid'ness CD $12.99 Roaratorio "A revelatory debut album by a 64 year old pianist/composer may beg the question: where has Carei Thomas been all this time? Born in a culturally diverse neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Thomas cut his musical teeth in Chicago during a particularly fertile period for that city: gigging with Sun Ra as an improvising vocalist in 1959-60, joining up with the AACM for one hot minute in 1966, co-founding a group called The Light with Kalaparusha Maurice McIntyre (which also included Jerome Cooper and Wadada Leo Smith), and forming the compositional concepts that would provide a springboard for tireless exploration in the ensuing decades. Thomas moved to Minneapolis in 1972, where, in the mode of Horace Tapscott, he eschewed the industry-driven career path, choosing instead to work within the Twin Cities' community. Recorded live with a group that features, most notably, the unfettered talents of Curlew saxophonist George Cartwright, Mining Our Bid'ness represents the range of Thomas' no-boundaries Feel Free Ensemble, running the gamut from gorgeous Ellingtonian ballads to combustible free jazz testifying."
8/17/2013 Thomas, Jo Mermaids LP $21.99 Holidays "Mermaids includes four tracks composed and recorded in early 2013. The concepts of the work are built around freedom - expressed by the use of the audio ‘glitch’ - and unity framed in metaphors of water and transformation. All sound sources are mostly from the human voice. Jo Thomas is a London-based composer teaching sound design, composition and music technology at the University of East London. Her compositional work is primarily focused on the use of human voice, microsound and technological artefacts. She has written electronic works in the studios of INA-GRM in Paris and EMS in Stockholm. She won the Golden Nica for Digital Music at Prix Ars Electronica 2012 for her work Crystal Sounds of a Synchrotron, and her album Alpha (Entr'acte) was nominated for a Qwartz 7 Award in 2011." Edition of 200 on black vinyl.
2/21/2008 Thornton, Carter Ten Fingers for Forefathers LP $14.99 Black Dirt Records "If you are a fan of the archaic format of music storage and delivery known as vinyl then you are also probably experienced in the art of search and rescue when faced with a pre-auction era, dusty, moldy shop filled to the rafters with such blasts from the past. Every now and then one comes upon a platter in one of these fading outposts, marked at about $3.99. Cover seams split, maybe some radio call letters scrawled in marker, maybe a booze-coffee-bongwater spill splayed like a Rorschach on the back. Perhaps it is the cover art itself that draws your attentionŠ black and white photos seemingly from another time in content and message. Or perhaps it is the title of the albumŠthe way it rolls off the tongue, its playfulness marked by a seemingly obscure reference. The fact that there are no song titles may pique your interestŠ why is this? Are there even songs on there? You can see the gaps in the grooves so there is some sound being broken up with seconds of silence. You wipe the grime off the grooves with your shirtsleeve and take the disc over to the crappy player up by the register. You pop it on, slip the needle in the groove, and immediately you have the thoughtŠ "What the hell is this?!?!?" You're hearing one of those rare recordings of a singular and personal vision. A solo guitar performance that not only operates outside any current or previous fashions, but one that seems to render the idea of recorded music as commerce a nonreality. Although you are carried away with delight by the sounds you are hearing, you can't help but wonder why this person recorded this music. His intent is as elusive as the music he is presenting. It seems as though you are there with the player, this audio mirage helped by sounds of his chair creaking, his arm brushing against the side of his instrument, his fingers scraping across the strings. You purchase the item straightaway, as determined to figure out the history of the recording as you are to wear out its grooves with repeated listenings. With Ten Fingers for Forefathers the proverbial chase has been cut right to. Take a listen and see if you can crack the sonic code contained therein." Recorded at Black Dirt Studio in Westtown, NY. Pressed on to 180 gram vinyl by RTI in Camarillo, CA. The covers were screened by VGKids in Ypsilanti, MI. Edition of 500 copies.
4/27/2011 Thoughts on Air / Trailing split cassette $6.99 Fadeaway Tapes "A side-long piece from Scott Johnson's Thoughts on Air comprised of field recordings, a stream of swaying tones and floating guitar lines suggests a mesmerizing form of slowed motion. Trailing (Ryan from Sundrips) presents a short series of quiet guitar and effects cycles, which moves from a mode of reflective echoes to a static standstill. recorded to tape mid-2010. edition of 60, pro-printed and pro-dubbed cassettes."
8/28/2007 Thousands Overflow'd & Gush'd Out CDR $7.99 Foxglove "When the curtain opens on the lone figure at the head of the stage as he blows his harmonica, hoping to conjure spirits from the layers of dust on the floor. wailing vocals light the balconies and waft their way toward the smoky heavens of the lushly decorated ceiling. thousands is the sister of the mighty (VxPxC), but this extended family vision is a much larger beast. on "overflow'd & gush'd out," thousands are six. disjointed melodies reclaim the horizon from fractured guitar lines and sporadic drum blasts. thousands move like a machine across the landscape, sucking up everything in their path, inviting it all in to join in their revolt. rebelling against what? that's not all that important when it sounds so damn good. 100 copies"
3/5/2009 Thrash, Jr All Throttle, No Bottle CDR $12.99 Mad Monk Annex "Thrash, Jr, named after Houston Mazda (RX-7) Cup driver Thomas Thrash Jr, is yet another guise of James Jackson Toth, and released on Toth's new MAD MONK ANNEX CDR imprint. This racing-themed album comprises three extended pieces of bleak and visceral solo guitar cacophony / catharsis. If Hassara was "boogie," Thrash, Jr is "bombardment." From the artist: "Like most American kids my age, my life was changed irrevocably by the music of bands like Courtesy Flush, Army Nightmares, Lil Johnny Eightball & the Secret Society Dildos, and The Canker Sores. This premeditated and unprovoked attack on my electric guitar is in tribute to those bands and their myriad imitators." "Lux Interior" is a duet for raging rainstorm and goat hoof-guitar, "Victory Is Hers" is a naughty little respite of delay blast and Toth's patented "animal-tapping" fuckitude, and "Militant Walls (Is Poser Noise For Pussy Emo Fags)" finds Toth turning up the gain on his solid state amplifier and proceeding to audibly pull his Stratocaster apart - you can literally hear the entire tremolo system being slowly removed. Ouch! "Makes Rudolph Grey sound like Steve Vai" - William Blake Cobblestone, local television personality. "The best guitar noise album of the year" - The Other Dude in Claudio Two, Claudio Two. Improvised and recorded entirely live over two stormy Nashville nights, with nothing added post production. For fans of guitar disembowlment pioneers like Stefan Jaworzyn, Donald Miller, et al. Proper jewel cases, no more slim case bullshit."
2/2/2013 Threads Tall Building 7" lathe $17.99 Soft Abuse "Debut from this orbiting entity of The Deadnotes/Kindling Records/Primitive Motion universe. Minimal, mournful and profound DIY vapor-pop a la Young Marble Giants or The Gist, Julee Cruise, Tenniscoats, etc.. Edition of 20 copies."
12/25/2005 Three Forks Seven Layer Ape CD $12.99 United Fairy Moons "This collection of 2002-04 recordings by the recently deceased Dunedin trio Three Forks is the first widely available disc to feature guitarist Donald McPherson since 2001's solo effort 'Bramble' (metonymic), praised for it's originality and McPherson's obvious mastery of guitar picking, His longstanding weekend duo with Sandoz Lab Technician Tim Cornelius was expanded early in 2002 to include James Currin, and although they didn't play out for over a year they setttled down to regular jamming and recording, initially concentrating on shortish improv power-trio jams, on guitar, drums and cello respectively. This first phase is represented here by two tracks, 'Ums and Ahs' and 'Peru', with McPherson way out front on electric guitar, his extraordinary improvising imagination leading the group down a line somewhere between rock and a giddy free-jazz cuckoo-fest. By the time of their first shows in 2003, the balance had spread out with Currin and Cornelius contributing on a wide variety of instuments, and McPherson mainly on acoustic. In this year they recorded 'Baby Ives', released as one half (with Eye) of a lathe-cut 10", which veered wildly in mood between the hideous and the gorgeous, with vocals, radio and drum machine used in addition to the acoustic arsenal - it was a pointer towards the strange, rickety beast that is represented on the '03/'04 recordings here. The opener 'Dust Tea' is a quiet beauty, simple violin and cello framing McPherson's entrancing home-made-guitar plucks. 'Otaru Vision' and 'Trimming The Verge' drone and saw, playing elevation against irritation with strong noise elements, while 'Page 99' and 'Drunken Traffic' achieve a level of melodic layering that is extraordinary for a purely improvising group. The last in particular, a complete 15-minute jam recorded live at Dunedin's Community Gallery, points out where this group's head was at when they were at their best - a near-wallowing in melodic intensities that never caramelizes, and never, ever heads in the direction you expect it to. Indeed like this track, almost every track on 'Seven Layer Ape' is a complete, unedited, un-fucked-with performance (only 'Otaru Vision' is an excerpt) with just their fronts and ends tidied up; and while the Community Gallery recording is a little cavernous, replete with the sounds of car alarms, engines, and passing late-night-shoppers, the rest of the disc features exceptionally clear and present sound, unusual in a band mining this area of the improv universe. James Robinson, who drew the cover art, is known NZ-wide for his massive, completely insane graphomaniac canvases, and each cover is handscreened and partially hand-painted by Currin and Cornelius. We're very happy to be able to present this band's work and in particular to present another side of Donald McPherson's world-class guitar playing. This label got its' start with his 'Liquified' lathe LP (a recording of a 2001 gig), and both Cornelius and Currin contributed to that record; and so it is that our first real CD release should be this impressive and singular album."
2/11/2006 Three Legged Race Living Order cassette $8.99 Tone Filth "Sick deeply layered tones from solo Robo of Hair Police. Layers and layers of hearing test tones and subtle drones. Edition of 121 with hand screened covers and tapes."
2/7/2009 Three Legged Race Living Order / Mourning Order LP $15.99 Tone Filth "Robert Beatty, who may be better known as a member of Hair Police, Eyes & Arms of Smoke & a contributor to Burning Star Core, has been creating some of his most interesting material under the name Three Legged Race. Living Order / Mourning Order is a reissue of a pair of releases from 2006, Living Order primarily focusing on micro-tonal shifts and movement & Mourning Order setting aside most (but not all) of the tones for composition. A lesson in the beauty of modern electronics. Edition of 335 with 3 color screen print and artwork by Robert Beatty."
6/5/2005 Three Outpourings, The Organic Evacuation CDR $10.99 Manhand "The death of the animal will be typified by pouring back the water from the glass into the bucket, when the coloring matter will at once spread through the whole of the water, tinting it faintly. In exactly the same way, whatever qualities have been developed during the life of the separated animal will be distri<caron>buted through the whole group-soul after his death." Limited edition of 225 copies from Sunburned's Chad Cooper & Mike K with Donald Harney. Recommended!
1/15/2005 Throbbing Gristle Final Muzak CD $12.99 Dressed to Kill Re-packaged version of First Annual Report - Throbbing Gristles first album originally recorded in 1979. Housed in a slipcase with 8 page booklet including pictures and sleeve notes. A review of First Annual Report: "Rock and roll is supposed to be all about rebellion. Elvis' pelvis, the Who's guitar-smashing excess, Twisted Sister's hideous makeup and perms - it's all about distancing yourself from the generation that came before you and doing something daring and new. The old adage goes that if your parents hate it, it must be good. Suffice to say your parents will hate Throbbing Gristle. The only problem is, you might not be that into it, either. Consider that First Annual Report begins with the 18-minute 'Very Friendly,' a sustained blast of pulsing static and grating noise that seems designed to flatten your eardrums. As if this sonic caning weren't enough, vocalist Genesis P-Orridge rambles for the first 14 or so minutes about a would-be sexual encounter that degenerates into a brutal axe murder. P-Orridge's intonation of, 'Ian Brady, very friendly,' is creepy as all hell, especially when tape manipulator Peter 'Sleazy' Christopherson loops it for three minutes at the end, alternating it with P-Orridge's demented cry: 'there's been a murder.'
Now consider that First Annual Report was recorded in 1975, with little precedent for this kind of recording. The Velvet Underground had toyed with twisted narratives on 'The Gift,' but they'd never taken their music this far outside the pop realm. The other great noise opus of 1975, Lou Reed's Metal Machine Music, though more abstract, never went so far as Throbbing Gristle did toward open confrontation with the listener. And yet, the band, known for being highly confrontational, held back the release of this album until now, opting instead to release Second Annual Report as their debut full-length in 1977. This record is essentially the birth of industrial music, packed with samples, abrasive, irregular beats, manipulated loops, and Cosey Fanni Tutti's often unrecognizable guitar. Nurse with Wound, Cabaret Voltaire, Einstürzende Neubauten, Skinny Puppy, Controlled Bleeding, and Acid Bath are just a few of the outfits that owe a huge debt to Throbbing Gristle's unrelenting assault. First Annual Report sonically chronicles the decay of Industrial Revolution Britain. Chris Carter's programmed beats are the rhythms of broken machinery - glitch before it was cool. The music is gray and sooty, and revels in crime and horrifying imagery. So 'Final Muzak' is hardly the kind of thing you'd want playing in elevators or fine eating establishments. You'd be hard pressed even to call it a song - or anything else here, for that matter - as it has no form, melody or even a discernable rhythm. Throbbing Gristle's later albums are definitely better places to start if you want to get to the roots of industrial music (20 Jazz Funk Greats is a personal favorite), featuring more variety, and a more penetrable sound, but their first effort is nearly unparalleled in terms of shear visceral content. If pummeling noise for its own sake and direct confrontation between band and listener is your bag, then the gristle throbs for thee. But if you're anyone else, you're quite likely to despise this, and it's debatable whether or not you'll be able to sit through the whole thing even once." - Joe Tangari, Pitchfork
1/15/2005 Throbbing Gristle Grief CD $12.99 Yeahh "One of the more strange entries in the Throbbing Gristle catalog, though not one of their best, Grief offers two LP-side-long collages of various rumblings and tweakings and other electronic noises, even half a minute of ‘Subhuman,’ with several interviews with Throbbing Gristle's leader, Genesis P-Orridge, and occasional interjections from other bandmembers. Most of the interviews are put though various effects boxes, lots of echoing, and other distortions that make them quite difficult to follow, and other times two different dialogues are going on at once. It's too bad, because at times what P-Orridge has to say is quite fascinating, like when he talks about censorship and his troubles of mailing pornographic postcards or going through William S. Burroughs' archives of old tape experiments. A bit less on the effects and sounds would have been an improvement. Everything is piled on top of each other haphazardly for one chaotic soup of noise that is really too confusing to be effective. This comes off too much like the work of stoned college sophomores with a multi-track and too much time on their hands.” - Rolf Semprebon, All Music Guide. Maybe so, but I still like it!
12/1/2011 Throbbing Gristle Heathen Earth: The Live Sound Of Throbbing Gristle LP $23.99 Industrial Records LP version. The newly cut 180-gram vinyl editions include painstakingly restored cover artworks, using original source material from the Industrial Records visual archive. In addition, each of the vinyl releases includes an exclusive large format 8-page color booklet featuring an abundance of Throbbing Gristle archival material, including some previously-unpublished photos of the band. Each vinyl release is limited to 2,000 copies.
12/5/2011 Throbbing Gristle Throbbing Gristle's Greatest Hits double CD $20.99 Industrial Records "Part of the re-release of Throbbing Gristle's first five albums on vinyl and CD. Each album has been restored and remastered specifically for each format by Chris Carter from 24bit "baked tape" digital transfers of the original first generation analogue master tapes. Each of the CD special-editions are presented in a gatefold sleeve featuring restored and remastered cover artwork and an integrated 8-page booklet (the booklets feature different artwork and content than the vinyl editions). Each CD special-edition also includes an exclusive bonus CD containing content from the year of the album's original release, including live tracks and remastered singles. It's impossible to deny Throbbing Gristle's working methods and innovation are so deeply ingrained in the collective consciousness of... everything. TG's subversive dismantling of the apparatus of social control casts such a long shadow, and as impossible as it may seem, this collection actually provides an exceptional summation of their best work. The first real industrial group, the founders of Industrial Records and one of the most important electronic music innovators of all time, TG redefined music and laid a large part of the groundwork for all electronic music that followed. The CD version includes a bonus CD of live recordings, plus two previously unreleased mixes from the 1980s: "The Old Man Smiled (Alternative Mix)" and "AB7A (AB7B Mix)." The 8-page full-color book includes visual ephemera and previously-unpublished photographs. Cover artwork has been painstakingly restored from the original source material."
11/15/2002 Thuja Hills CDR $15.99 Jewelled Antler "You might expect to find a recording like this buried in a Mayan temple, all mossy with time, but somehow intact. Each track a glimpse into a lost world. Fractured ambiance, spatial displacement, spastic dancing and the sound of an orchestra of bad plumbing in a 300 year old hotel. A drunken party of ghosts file by mumbling down the hallway, the refrigerator hums in a warm code. Mice shiver on icy foil thin awnings, a tribal dance is overheard. The floor falls away to a vast expanse of yawning open space, but luckily everyone seems weightless. Hafler Trio with a folk band tuning up in the background. A puppet show made of glass tinkles and glitters, and at last a long humming highway opens up and aims itself at the far horizon." - George Parsons, Dream Magazine #3
9/30/2005 Thuja Pine Cone Temples double CD $16.99 Strange Attractors Audio House "Much has been said about The Jewelled Antler Collective, the fertile womb from which Thuja emits its primordial ooze, and of Thuja itself. A loose-knit assembly of like-minded sound ecologists who study the connections between their immediate environment and the music created by its players, Jewelled Antler claims a multitude of music makers in its orbit - Blithe Sons, Skygreen Leopards, Franciscan Hobbies being just a mere cross-section. Thuja, however, remains one of the earliest and best-known incarnations. Steven R. Smith, Glenn Donaldson, Loren Chase, and Rob Reger coalesce interests in field recordings, found sound, experimentalism, folk and psychedelic rock (among others) to weave seriously detailed and immense journeys into pure sound. By incorporating real-time recordings of natural sounds from their particular surroundings, the four members of Thuja play off each other and the space they inhabit with impeccable instinct, succeeding in creating eerie yet strikingly melodic compositions. The end result is a total immersion of the senses, for both the player and the listener. Across the grand expanse of Pine Cone Temple's two discs, implements such as piano, guitars, percussion, and well-placed contact mics are blended like pigments to conjure the subtlest of sonics, pulling every lost drop of their immediate universe into floating and buzzing cinematics. Minimalist hues are brush-stroked into being and slowly unfurl into the atmosphere. Improvised clouds of sound softly erupt to form compositions of such immense and precise detail, it would seem the music was written out rather than spontaneously developed. Such is the magic of Thuja and their uncanny ability to sculpt microscopic psychedelia from their immediate environment and collective consciousness."
9/26/2013 Tiefhuys, Dennis leest voor uit "Snoepert" van Ruud Beemsters (of was het omgekeerd?) 7" + book $15.99 Ultra Eczema "Warning: BOTH AUDIO AND WRITTEN TEXT IS IN FLEMISH and most probably not understandable for most people that live on planet earth!! if u do understand this confusing waste of vinyl and paper you will find poems (both written and audio) about a garage, a bra, a beach, a dad, a musical interferance, a mild irritation, a caesarsalad, and a duck..
this record and book was made in conjunction with the annual Bruismelk Festival at Scheldapen in Antwerp which happened on 26/07/2013 and was limited to 200 copies."
2/20/2010 Tiger Hatchery Lemon Crystal Sunshine c40 cassette $9.99 Deception Island "Lemon Crystal Sunshine" is both the first release by Chicago's Tiger Hatchery outside the orbit of their in-house imprints and their most coherent, lovingly realized, and hi-fidelity statement to date, with all the makings of a proper public debut. It's no small thing to say that, in a world of massively hyped ad hoc collabs, Mike Forbes (tenor sax), Andrew Scott Young (double bass), and Ben Billington (drums) are a genuine, dedicated, and hard-touring ensemble, and a stunningly matched one at that; while all three players have turned in head-spinning cult sessions in the past few years (Forbes with J. Guy Laughlin, Forbes and Young as a duo and with Weasel Walter on 2009's skullsplitting "American Free" lp, and Billington solo and in duos with Jason Soliday and Brett Naucke), I knew from the first seconds of their set at Champagne of Fests III last year that this was something special, and the performances of theirs that I've caught since then, at Voice of the Valley, Philly's Danger Danger, and Cleveland's The Cool Ranch have only reinforced that notion. At once too formalist, too perversely ludic, and too explicitly conscious of all the resonant objects they're wrangling to tolerate an easy lumping-in with the neo-fire music camp and too focused on actual asskicking and immersive sheets of lusciously corroded timbral wonder to permit their reduction to ego-fodder for the plausibly bed-wetting highbrow improv set, Tiger Hatchery got those legs underneath 'em amid a grueling mise en abime of basement fistpumpers, and it shows. Refreshingly indifferent to any/all tired, eyeball-glazing handwringing over the moral hazards of idiom, as only a band too adept and committed to bother with such rhetorical crutches can afford to be, they are, quite simply, one of the best free jazz outfits operating today. Forbes' bloody, eviscerating tone and Evan Parker-level circular breathing chops are already the talk of the proverbial town, but what's most impressive is the integration of these traits into a complete and highly personal style characterized by flinty reserve, strikingly antihuman phrasing, obsessively Slonimskyian cellular/permutational construction, and the occasional, tantalizing glimpse of a bent, neomodern lyrical sensibility, evidenced at the start of side two as he comes on like Ornette Coleman disintegrating in a hail of cough syrup. What glues this all together is Young and Billington's strikingly congruent rhythmic vocabularies, the sum of which is often rich in loose-limbed, muppety thwack, though "Lemon Crystal Sunshine" offers each of them ample opportunity to stretch out into more nuanced territory as well. Midway through side one, Billington takes his finest recorded solo to date, a nearly whisper-quiet manifesto of gradually ratcheted-up tension that deftly sidesteps the cliches of contemporary free drumming, drawing to a close as Young picks up the bow for a spiraling, kaleidoscopic duet with Forbes, showing off a gently weathered approach to the higher partials that's both commendably focused and almost shockingly lovely. I promised myself that I'd never end a writeup with the phrase "must grip," but seriously." Hand-numbered edition of 150.
11/6/2010 Tiger Hatchery Tiger Hatchery one-sided LP $14.99 Pizza Night "The first pizza night vinyl, amazing hi-fi live session recorded with a mobile studio in my own living room this past winter, a beautifully derranged free jazz jam in which time means nothing, rhythmically challenging tonal barrage heavy screen printed sleeves and carefully screen printed side of the record, limited to 150 - ultra rare."
8/4/2007 Tight Meat Duo Creaming The Gutterpunk 8" lathe $25.99 Alt.Vinyl "Brand new release from the punk primitive free jazz duo of David Keenan (Taurpis Tula) on alto sax and Alex Neilson (Directing Hand/Motor Ghost/Jandek et al) on drums. Part of Alt Vinyl's limited lathe cut series. Manufactured in New Zealand by Peter King and issued in a limited hand-numbered edition of only 150 copies. Features three tracks that explode the post-Blue Humans/Sonny Simmons action jazz style with vocalised horn work, time-killing drums and a ton of bloodied flesh. Features three dense tracks: "Creaming The Gutterpunk", "Dedicated To Smell & Quim But They Weren't Listening" and "Nobody Loves The Hulk". Recorded live in the studio, Govan, Glasgow." - Volcanic Tongue
2/2/2013 Tilth Angular Music LP $17.99 Soft Abuse "A swirling stillness, liquified nightmares and desolate incantations: these elements entwine within the debut from Tilth, titled Angular Music. Through seven meditative pieces, the duo of Nathan McLaughlin (tapes, etc) and Cody Yantis (guitar, etc) take a trip into fatigue, informed first-hand by the conditions from the which this music springs. Edition of 100 copies with hand-printed sleeves by Casey Deming."
4/16/2007 Time Life / Lil Dusty split cassette $7.99 Vanishing Voice "Limited edition of 100 (with handmade cloth covered cases) split cassette between the new duo of Lucas Crane and Heidi Dahl of Vanishing Voice aka Time Life and the Bushwick-based Lil Dusty. Time Life play beautiful childlike trance chants, phased F/X and stunted/plunked acoustic strings fed through massive bone megaphones and loops of entropy that would transport you straight to the kind of desolate alien landscapes previously peopled by solitary souls like Angus MacLise, Harry Partch and Graham Lambkin. Lil Dusty plays damaged casio hymns to some kind of Kosmiche toytown utopia." - Volcanic Tongue
11/20/2014 Timmy Vulgar Genetic Armageddon LP $17.99 American Tapes "TIMMY VULGAR: solo basement uber weirdness from this HUMAN EYE mad man -staple of michigan outsider realness. Seven trax from the atmospheres of a VULGAR brain: a journey to claustrophobic world of primitive GENETIC ARMAGEDDON. As the catalogue states: the FINAL AT #: Edition of 300, paste on covers, numbered, hand sprayed: the works :colored wax AMAZING"
4/24/2006 Timothy, Revelator with Shane Speal and Sarada Hoofbeat, Caw, & Thunder CDR $10.99 Hand / Eye "On Old Christmas Eve and Old Christmas Day, January 2006, Timothy, Revelator, having had on his mind thoughts of the death of Time; and in his ears and eyes, great gatherings of crows wherever he went; and in his heart his twin children; sat down, put pen to paper, and wrote "Hoofbeat, Caw, & Thunder." In two days' and two nights' time, thoughts and hopes and fears began to spin together like a spider's web, and he produced what is perhaps his most personal work to date. Biblical and personal revelation blend as animist apocrypha is reconciled to Catholic Apocalypse, disappointment to hope, past to future. All these thoughts of ENDING blending with the demise of Stone Breath (Timothy's now defunct band), and the fact that he has not released an album in well over eighteen months' time, lent this material a sense of urgency and he began to put it to music immediately (perhaps, in his mind, before The End). With a host of instruments at hand (guitars, banjos, dulcimers, harmonium, lute, and something Timothy calls the motheart), he began to compose songs and drones to marry to his text. Besides bowed strings and blown harmonium reeds, Timothy created drones from field recordings he made of steam engines and whistles from various antique engine shows (another anachronistic interest of Timothy's); as well as recordings of the loudest instrument in the world, the factory steam whistle in York, PA, which is played every Christmas at midnight and heard for many miles around. He recruited friends Sarada, whose silvery vocals have graced many of Timothy's previous albums, and Shane Speal, the King of the Cigar Box Guitar, to help. Sarada sang with Timothy while Shane played a double-necked bass/guitar cigar box and a fretless electric bass. "Hoofbeat, Caw, & Thunder" was meant to be taken as one piece (though divided into tracks for the convenience of the listener) and the sound weaves elements of Timothy's past with hints at his future musical direction. Not steampunk, but steamdrone and folk (wyrd or otherwise), sometimes with distorted dissonance, and other times in quieter, acoustic lead settings. In this, Time has turned in on itself; where sounds of medieval lutes meet 1970's tube-driven recording equipment, and 1880's steam whistles are sampled, reconstructed, and looped by modern devices. "Hoofbeat, Caw, & Thunder," with sonic leaps back and forth through Time, becomes a meditation on the end of all things, or perhaps of just one man, and on love, and family, and what we leave behind. 9 tracks, 58 minutes."

Tinsel The Lead Shoes CD $13.99 Keyhole/The Broken Face "The first full-length album from Wisconsin-based Michael Hopkins' solo project Tinsel finds him improving and honing his fractured folk arrangements, diversifying instrumentation (i.e. less guitar, more samples), resulting in a whispering, submerged sound totally unlike your regular one man sonic experience. The songs were in large part recorded in an old abandoned stone building located in a former lead mining town, and the isolation and sadness within its walls seeps right into the music. Tinsel has formulated the musical equivalent of this dark deserted town. Old signs hang loosely from their creaky hinges. Most of the windows have been smashed out, and the wind seems to blow more harshly than normal. That this ugly reality and the withering honesty hangs in the air like distant echoes in the clear night of a hidden valley all through the record's 51 minutes of droning melancholia is nothing less than stunning."
9/17/2006 Tirath Singh Nirmala Bluster, Cragg, & Awe CD $12.99 Digitalis "Not too long ago, John Clyde-Evans made a huge splash with his phenomenal solo LP on England's Fisheye imprint. He also performed as an collaborator with the seminal UK group, Hood. After taking a seven year hiatus and committing to the path of Sikhism, he returned as Tirath Singh Nirmala. His continually unfolding backstory is interesting enough, but it's his music where the real magic and mystery stretch their silver wings. Nirmala returned to making music after his close friend and collaborator, Vibracathedral Orchestra's Neil Campbell, gave him some free software and set him on his way. Nirmala responded with nearly a dozen self-released, highly limited CDRs. The releases were filled to the brim with Eastern-influenced, transcendental drones and uplifting spiritual sound explorations. His manipulation of sine waves and use of obscure Asian instruments creates a wholly original and unique
sound. As on his solo LP as John Clyde-Evans, Nirmala's ability to concoct sprawling, majestic drones using such simple terms is unmatched. "Bluster, Cragg, & Awe," Nirmala's first non-CDR release, is the perfect beginning. It collects the best tracks from those now impossible-to-find releases and adds one new song and one collaborative piece with Scottish guitar guru, Richard Youngs. It is a journey that lasts less than an hour, but contains a lifetime of aural experience, wrapped into one, shimmering golden package. Oh yes, Tirath Singh Nirmala has returned."
8/2/2008 Tirath Singh Nirmala Growing Into the Wind CDR $12.99 Rhizome "From elevated drones to gut-spit vocal edits, blown woodwinds and heavy electronics, this is one of the finest summations of music made in 'the Tirath era' - English artist John Clyde-Evans has retired his Tirath Singh Nirmala name and now flies under the JCE banner. Tirath/John has also recently worked with Neil Campbell in Astral Social Club, released a collaborative LP with Richard Youngs, and was previously a member of the Hood crew."
9/17/2006 Tirath Singh Nirmala Slimp Tench Depth CDR $10.99
"Brand new limited private press CD-R from Tirath Singh-Nirmala, ex-John Clyde-Evans, and reputedly his last full-length for a while due to his temporary re-location to the Indian sub-continent. Heavier, fuller sound to this one, with drums, tons of bells, shivers of breath and tone and a feel that is somewhere between Vibracathedral Orchestra's more widescreen work, Tibetan liturgy, Sun City Girls and the more percussive, long-distance Steve Reich compositions. Already sold-out at source." - Volcanic Tongue
10/25/2008 Titan Pilzmarmelade LP $19.99 Wakusei Records "The Titan - Pilzmarmelade LP is finally out, almost two years in the making! Re-press of the early cdr only release, remixed by Jesse Cannon (Bad Wizard, Dalek, Dillinger Escape Plan, Oneida) and remastered by Steve Moore of Zombi. 500 copies all on clear/orange vinyl." Beautiful album to hold with killer artwork on both front & back sleeve as well as nice artwork on inner sleeve.
1/13/2004 Tivol Cyclobean Ways CDR $13.99 Time-Lag Records "Time-Lag's loudest release yet! Featuring two extended eruptions of chugging guitar repetition, destroyed vocal wails, wasted heavy drumming, and mangled, buzzing, electronics. Building repeatedly from points of near collapse to headspining kraut grooves. Totally stoned psychedelic punk, burning strait for the cosmos... from Finland with love. Hand made silver embossed foldout covers, with printed inner sleeves and black cdrs. Think Comets on Fire deep into a krautrock trance, or Circle playing wasted garage rock, and you'll be getting close... especially worth investigating if you've had yr ears cocked towards Finland lately... numbered edition of 90.”
2/15/2005 Tivol Teema: Läskipää CDR $9.99 Tibprod Very limited cdr release from Norwegian label.
6/25/2011 TMPLS tmpls CDR $14.99 Don't Fuck With Magic "Annihilating Harsh Noise Walls (TM) that find their inspirational core in traditional Chinese waterfall paintings. Sorry kids, no prostitute-murdering, throat-slitting, rape-porn to be found here... TMPLS would rather pretend it doesn't happen. Tones so chunky and micro-detailed you can drive monstertrucks through the pockets of air between the godalmighty cRRRRRunch. Speaker destroying blankness of asteroid-like heaviosity that tunes me in to a plain so high I only have Sherpas and goats for company. "
12/26/2005 Tobari, Daisuke Till the End of the Dream CD $12.99 Poon Village "First offered to earth on cassette available only in Japan circa 1995, these recordings prove Tobari as an eloquent ambassador from the hidden planet of the imagination. With a unique hybrid of bedroom ambiance and uni-versal atmospherics, singer-songwriter Daisuki Tobari weaves his folk stylings into a tapestry of oblique lullabies, introverted expansionism & timeless cosmic plunder. Obscure & sublime ruminations on the essence of endlessness draw parallels with the maverick visions of Magical Power Mako, Sun City Girls, Jandek & The Holy Modal Rounders. Fold-out sleeve (packed in CD jewelbox) screenprinted by the legendary original C.O.N. artists serigraph company. File Under: Turgid Clarity & Lucid Murk." - FE
4/27/2011 Tobin's Spirit Guide Homesick cassette $6.99 Fadeaway Tapes "Nick from Sundrips resurrects his Tobin's Spirit Guide project with a collection of short pieces for processed guitar, combining simple melodies with heavy doses of reverb. music to sleepwalk to. edition of 60, pro-printed and pro-dubbed cassettes."

Toemass The Hydro-Triad LP $12.99 Violet Glass Oracle Very limited LP of strange electronics
2/23/2004 Toft, Sten Ove Landmark CDR $9.99 Humbug “Sten Ove Toft cut his teeth operating heavy machinery with prizewinning duo Waffelpung and is also playing in several other frightful noise duos (non-prizewinning ones as far as I know) like Ryfylke (look out for their debut CD, out before you can say ‘bevaremegvel’), Röyskatt, Devold and Nuvel, and probably a few I'm forgetting too. Under his own name he goes for a massive & bad-tempered thrust of full-on roarage and heavy throbbing electronics. This is at 29 minutes a quite focussed live recording (from Bergen's superb Landmark venue), if not in terms of fidelity (a one mic room recording) then certainly in the way it sees Toft haul cracked dynamics as well as big clustering swells of hollowness out of his set-up (being a laptop, dictaphone and thrashed cutlery & plates). Great flowery artwork and unmistakable niceness all around. Edition of 80 copies.”
12/26/2005 Toitu Séance Toitu Séance CDR $12.99 Seedy R! "Featuring Tim Cornelius, Nathan Thompson, James Kirk, Peter Stapleton, Campbell Kneale, Richard Francis, Zoe Drayton, Antony Milton and Clinton Williams. In October of 2004 during the biannual Lines of Flight festival in Dunedin the band Sandoz Lab Technicians organised the usage of a recording studio so as to work toward their new album. Unfortunately for them they had innocently told other participants in the festival of their plan and whats more had invited them up to sit and listen as they played... In hindsight it was of course inevitable that said musicians would not be able to resist the temptation to join in the fun and Toitu Seance is the recording that resulted from this NZ noise 'all-star' event. Restrained and controlled feedback hovers and shifts, organs groan, spontaneous drum circles erupt... Great stuff that will appeal to fans of the Metonymic label."
12/22/2014 Tolvi, Antti Urkupilvi CDR $9.99 Om Ha Sva Ha Ksha Ma La Va Ra Yam Second edition of 40 copies available now. "Transcendental drone improvisations, recorded in Kemiö island, Finland in 2014. No overdubs. Instant meditative action and transmutation of the brainwaves. Celestial atmosphere with shining crystals of a pure light, and the Angels of the Sun dancing with the heartbeat of the Mother Earth. Clear your thoughts and let your aura swim a high realms!" Antti Tolvi is also known from bands Lauhkeat Lampaat, Lau Nau, Rauhanorkesteri, Kemialliset Ystävät etc.
8/22/2008 Tom Tom Lamas Rohayhu CDR $13.99 Reverb Worship "Tom Tom Lamas are a trio from Buenos Aires,Argentina.There are four tracks here dating from between 2004 & 2006.All recorded live direct to channel using one microphone.The music can be described as instrumental hypnotically played psychedelic tinged post rock.The cd is available now in an edition of 50 numbered copies in a printed and flourescent orange sprayed cover."
5/14/2007 Tombi Black Humid Mist CDR $8.99 Students of Decay "Tombi is the solo moniker of Ry Wharton (who runs the great Twonicorn tape label). Over the course of several limited edition cassettes, including the simply fantastic "Forest of Three Trees" released on Tone Filth midway through 2006, Wharton has sculpted subterranean synth and electronics into obsessive basement hymns. "Black Humid Mist" begins with a calming tide pool of ringing bell tones, which open up into the hypnotic riptide static of the title track - an enchanting live feed from some bleak and beautiful valley far beneath earth's surface."
6/11/2006 Tombi Forest of Three Trees cassette $7.99 Tone Filth "Ry from the Twonicorn tape label delivers some synth murk from a distant basement down the block. Beautiful and engulfing, sometimes almost seems like too much, but it's perfect really. Edition of 103 with hand screened inserts and tapes."
8/8/2009 Tomutonttu Tomutonttu CD $16.99 Fonal Records "Fonal Recods re-releases this long sold-out debut by Tomutonttu, originally released in 2007 by Beta-lactam Ring and previously only available in a 400 copies-only 220 gram vinyl format. Tomutonttu ("Dust Gnome") is a human called Jan Anderzén, a visual artist and the leader of respected avant-garde sound group Kemialliset Ystävät. Toy reed streams, mutilated vocals and groovy loops of animal noise are some of the colors used to create the whirling mess that is the lonely song of Tomutonttu. It is like a confused and confusing detail of the Kemialliset Ystävät freedom-flow -- a microcosmos of strange sound creatures and dirt flying around in the stereo space, interacting with a logic all of their own. Harkening early electronic experimenters and avant composers of the past such as early Die Tödliche Doris and Meredith Monk, this album is like listening to 500 library records all at once, or walking through a labyrinth of motherboards, or laying on a scientist's table with electrodes attached to your body while you are exposed to every noise, light, and color in their various range of spectrums. Tomutonttu has collaborated live with Mike Bernstein (Double Leopards, Religious Knives), Joshua Burkett, Tara Burke (Fursaxa), The Skaters, Glenn Donaldson (Jewelled Antler), Sami Sänpäkkilä (Es) and Clay Ruby (Davenport), and has recently played a series of concerts for school kids at the planetarium in his home town of Tampere, Finland." - FE
3/23/2007 Tomutonttu Tomutonttu LP $29.99
"Ed. of 300 copies on 220 gm vinyl. Kemialliset Ystävät member Tomutonttu (Jan Anderzén) plays a bit like Dome to KY's Wire. The Ystävät-ness is there, but stripped down to the frame with a minimal synth breeze blowing through it. Beautifully lyrical in its layered abstractions, there is a sort of finely hewn composite of experimental dada electronics (ala early, early, early Die Todliche Doris or early, early, early P16.D4) and composerly elements (ala Rimarimba, Andrew Poppy or Meredith Monk). A few little Kraut-isms top off the tonic at no extra charge. Oh, and there's a bit that gets all spacey and chirpy like when the Virgin Prunes go completely bonkers (that's sure a helpful reference point... well, we like it). Basically, this is the music that the mothership had in the tape deck just before dropping Kemialliset Ystävät off in the 12th century."
7/5/2011 Tomutonttu Tomuuntuu one-sided picture disc LP $21.99 Beniffer Editions "Jan Anderzen's sound work for Finish National TV - Very different, has some beats like KY mixed with Hype Williams coolness. Edition of 300 pressed on white vinyl."
7/10/2010 Tomutonttu / Oneohtrix Point Never split 7" $8.99 Alter "To mark the occasion of their uk tour, alter is proud to present this vinyl pairing of finland's tomutonttu (kemialliset ystavat's jan anderzen), and new york's oneohtrix point never (daniel lopatin). both artists contribute two new tracks that, whilst being sonically different from each another, create a unique synthesis formed from a diy approach to electronic music, which makes this pairing both logical and inevitable. tomutonttu's "likaiset pilvet" sees anderzen diving deep into his archives, and re-emerging with something new after a heavy editing session. the track kicks off with some fragmented electronics, bringing to mind an image of a dozen bernard parmegiani records all melting in unison. the second half sees a shift in pace and a more playful atmosphere, introducing elements such as rhythmic loops and other scattered sounds that, as a whole, bear similarities to eric copeland's recent output. opn's "wayland lincoln border" is a continuation of lopatin's synth work, which is already well recognized in his young career. building deep layers of warm sound from trance-like synth melodies, lopatin's music is evocative of motion as it never feels stuck - always evolving, constructing and deconstructing new worlds from sound, and here he provides the perfect counterpoint to anderzen's chaos. released in an edition of 500 copies with cover art by jan anderzen."
7/30/2006 Tonalamotl Tonalamotl LP $15.99 Bobby J "San Antonio mystery improv troupe. Early recordings of living-room blast-offs and AMM/ESP inspired wanderings..." - label
4/4/2011 Toning Pitch the Drone c31 cassette $5.99 Stunned "Cody Brant is a man of many talents, known best for his involvement with renowned Portland groups Flaspar and Smegma as well as helming the Meandering Recordings label. Most recently, he's honed his solo game and has apparently pitched the drone in favor of sounds with a decidedly strange bounce. Cody resumes the unpredictable Toning program here on the heels of his Eggy Records debut. With the help of a handful of buds along the way, nine numbers are stacked end-to-end which forms a chain of wheezing analog electronics and disembodied chant. Acetate patterns are diced and dried in the sun, then spliced and reconstituted from their dehydrated state back into gelatinous electro-tribal tape goo. Sound weird? It is. Limited edition of 111 pro-dubbed & imprinted c31 tapes w/ double sided jcard and insert."
7/11/2011 Tonton Macoute Mureedil LP $22.99 Les Productions Fluorescentes "Tonton Macoute is a French band formed in 2006. With a stock of cheap instruments, the trio wanted to find a dense, subtle and massive sound, in order to create motorik soundscapes, psychedelic drones, electric hypnosis and timeless storms. Rehearsals and recordings took place in a basement. Using the studio as an instrument, all the tapes were re-worked to produce this LP record titled "Mureedil". Early listeners mentioned experimental rock and compared the music of Tonton Macoute to F/i, This Heat, Harmonia or Sonic Arts Union.
Etienne Coussirat : guitar, keyboards, drums, percussions, etc.
Emmanuel Holterbach : guitar, tapes, analog synth, etc.
Jacques Masson : guitar, bass, organ, etc.
Recorded from February to June 2006. Edited, mixed and mastered at Studio Fluorescent, Lyon, France from August to November 2007
Etienne Coussirat (born in 1980) is a musician who builds impossible musical instruments and practices electro-acoustic improvisation. His work focuses on auditory perception and on the exploration of acoustic phenomena.
Emmanuel Holterbach (born in 1971) plays enharmonic glasses with Orbes, offers acousmagic experiences with eH¦Co, rocks with Tonton Macoute and presents his kaleidoscopic sound environments in Europe, Canada and China since 1992. He's also in charge of Eliane Radigue's archives.
Jacques Masson (born in 1974) is a music fan and a music journalist. He writes poems, draws and composes electronic miniatures.
Their first LP titled "Mureedil" is also the first record released by Les Productions Fluorescentes, available now in an edition limited to 300 copies.
12/12/2009 Topaz Rags Capricorn Born Again LP $12.99 Not Not Fun "Debut full-length by this sour times lurker trio. Recorded across four months in a time consuming 4-track/boombox assemblage style, this one leaks shadows and rainy piano riffs and faded heartbreak. Edition of 400."

Toral, Rafael Violence Of Discovery And Calm Of Acceptance CD $8.00 Touch Limited Edition, Card Wallet, Oversized - edition of 1000. The cardboard packaging has partially bent so I have discounted price. "The background noise on track 10 is a recording of silence during a Space Shuttle mission real time webcast. All other sounds were released by electric guitars. The album was recorded between 1993 and 2000 and mastered at Noise Precision, Lisbon. 2001 release.
5/16/2010 Torture Corpse Stop the Mind c40 cassette $6.99 Stunned "After Torture Corpse debuted the gritty 'Particular Sufferings' on Stunned last year, we followed closely as his statement of devastation continued unfolding with an excellent EP on Italy's Radical Matters. Now with a renewed ferocity and focus, this Act II casts an unflinching gaze at the brutal state of the world through Netherlands-zen/apocalyptic-Buddhist lenses. With the schemes of the globes' shadow elite being exposed daily and the emperors of the world appearing quite unclothed to all who care to notice, Torture Corpse urges on toward the next necessary stage: 'Stop the Mind'. Bracketed between black noise apparitions are vast stretches of radioactive chant and meditation bowl strikes, cerebral activity cooling to zilch. Circuits open and fully offline, there comes a bracing visit from none other than Manjushri - inevitability we can believe in. Limited edition of 111 pro-dubbed & imprinted c40 tapes with double-sided color jcard and insert."
2/26/2011 Torture Corpse / Architeuthis Rex split c44 cassette $5.99 Stunned "Back for a third time on Stunned, Torture Corpse delivers a fierce and fire-licked side appropriately titled 'Ignorance'. Like being herded through a geoengineered tweak of the weather, or standing under a sky checkered with persistent trails of aerosol spray, the consequences of exposure to TC's guitar-crush has been verified to generate psychic mutation. Our hero from Rotterdam thankfully holds nothing back, and signals with his arsenal of pitch-black electronics the final malfunctioning of all civic and political institutions. Pestilence spills through cracks in the merciless wall of noise erected in Torture Corpse's anarchic defiance, trickling over to the second side of this split. One can practically hear the vermin scampering underfoot in Architeuthis Rex's haunted churchyard exploration. What begins as a desolate wind-whipped scene of terrestrial tension ends with something akin to encountering the first of four apocalyptic horsemen, turned loose and swinging low its scythe. Hold on tight." Limited edition of 111 pro-dubbed & imprinted c44 tapes w/ double-sided jcard and insert.

Total To Fall Like Cherry Blossoms LP $29.99 American Tapes 1997 release on clear vinyl in a silkscreened sleeve. Features Matthew Bower (guitar, piano), John Godbert (reeds), and Neil Ireland (guitar).Copies here have no covers. Just clear vinyl in paper sleeves.
3/2/2007 Total Life Total Life LP $11.99 Animal Disguise "Total Life is the solo project of Kevin Doria who is also a member of the atmospheric/noise/drone group, Growing. This is his debut release that we originally released as a limited edition cassette in 2005. This album displays an obsessive sense of composition and an absolute mastery of harnessing chaos to create a solid masterpiece. Heavy electronic washes, multiple layers of feedback and shifting harmonics create a powerful wall of sound that at first seems overtly harsh, but repeated listenings reveal a hidden beauty and natural soothing effect. Fans of Growing shouldn't be disappointed, but to make the comparisons to them would be much too easy. Total Life stands on its own, and walks its own path."
9/30/2008 Total System Failure One of Many Eyes CDR $10.99 Chironex "Total System Failure is the solo/collaborative project of Vinnie Paternostro. Total System Failure explores sonic landscape / improvisations with saxophone, effects and synths. The recording features Sam Lohman on Space drum. Vinnie used to play in numerous bands/projects (Temple Of Bon Matin, Arthur Doyle Electro Acoustic Ensemble, Sonic Suicide Squad, Blue Prostitutes, Go Gun...) 6 tracks, 120 copies."
3/2/2007 Totally Dad Dad's Fucked CDR $7.99 Obsolete Units "Skronk-prov trio Totally Dad welcome you with Obsolete Units' inaugural release! Ultra lo-fi, free-form rock that recalls perhaps Harry Pussy and The Dead C airing out their grievances in an alternate-universe duel to the death. Blown-speaker scuzz rock for all! From the desk of T.D.: Totally Dad is the sound of grown men trying, of baited strings and the poison drum. Totally Dad is the cry of brass usb and solar pipes, of having and holding, of letting you know why all the love that pulsates through this world can be taken in one measure. Totally Dad is an instant message to god from a keyboard of electric bubble wrap. "Totally Dad's "Dad's Fucked" is actually really fucken good; like a head-on collision between Grand Funk Railroad on acid and the Nihilist Spasm Band on speedballs. You can't imagine what that sounds like, can you? Ok then, out-of-control spazzy improv noise-rock jams, like three super-charged robot orangutans in a small room with large amps and a drumkit and recording everything direct to two-track cassette on a pink "Cindy" cassette-recorder that someone's little sister left behind once and got run over in the street outside when she came back to pick it up...7/10" - Foxy Digitalis. Edition of 50.
9/18/2006 Touch Touch LP $21.99 Eclectic "A reissue of this obscure Los Angeles psychedelic band's 1969 sole album, supposedly intended to break down walls in the mind; to cause the listener to achieve an altered state of consciousness "through music." Well, whatever, the band didn't last too long (too many drugs, hmm?) despite all the hype and druggy partying. The packaging on this includes a full reproduction of one of their original posters, and the jacket is die cut to open from the front into 3 panels. 180 gram virgin vinyl in vintage '60s slick-over-board style heavy jackets. Italian import.. 180 gram vinyl in gatefold vintage '60s slick-over-board style jackets."
5/20/2009 Toukaseibunshi Meta-Inorganic Matter Meta-Newlon CD $15.99 PSF "Volume 2 in the ongoing Japanese Avant-Garde Cassette Reissue Series. The 80s and early 90s saw a great deal of fascinating material released on cassette in the Tokyo underground. While some of the more noise-orientated stuff enjoyed a modicum of international distribution, the avant-garde material generally did not. This series, whose first release was Iro / Tamafuri (PSFD-180), aims to rescue the best of this music from historical oblivion. Toukaseibunshi (Permeable Molecule) was an ultra-mysterious solo unit created by Hironari Iwata. Iwata was a footnote figure in the world of Japanese avant-garde/noise from the mid to late eighties. As well as Toukaseibunshi, he also recorded under the name Haiginsha, ran the Angakok cassette label and wrote for various magazines. There's an unshowy stoicism to Iwata's investigation of drone, clank and crackling sustain, a deep seriousness of purpose that beguiles as much as it confounds. Six tracks, fifty-eight minutes. Gatefold papersleeve." - Alan Cummings
1/28/2015 Toukaseibunshi Stratosphere Sound LP $24.99 Art Into Life "Hironari Iwata began his solo project Toukaseibunshi (Transparent Molecules) in 1985. In the same year he formed a second unit called Haiginsha, and began collaborating with Merzbow and Agencement. Iwata also ran the independent label Angakok, releasing several albums on cassette and curating a compilation that featured some the most radical musicians of the period including H.N.A.S., Asmus Tietchens, P16.D4, DDAA, etc. But in 1988 he suddenly ceased all musical activities. He returned to public attention twenty-one years later in 2009, when PSF Records released an edited reissue of his early album, “Meta-Inorganicmatter Meta-Newlon”. “Stratosphere Sound” is Iwata’s latest work, underpinned by his feelings of poignancy and deep passion towards his own music.
The release is designed to emphasize the concept of transparency: it is pressed on clear vinyl and comes with a photographic print by Aqua (Iwata’s photography alias) on special transparent film. Limited edition of 200."
2/9/2002 Tower Recordings Folk Scene one-sided LP $79.99 Shrat Field Recordings "A one-sided LP affair of the heart from the all-star collective of Matt Valentine, Helen Rush, Tim Barnes, S. Freyer, Steve Gubler, Robert Henry Jones III, Samara Lubelski, PG Six, Dean Roberts, Andre Vida, and Barry Weisblat. Exploring more of an Eastern sound and structure than previous efforts, but still maintaining a wonderous avant-folkish feel. Of course, it's otherworldly and gorgeous." Highly recommended! Edition of 300 copies.
11/16/2004 Tower Recordings, The Galaxies' Incredible Sensual Transmission Field Of The Tower Recordings CD $13.99 Communion "The Galaxies' Incredibly Sensual Transmission Field of the Tower Recordings comprises a full band expedition to an upstate New York church session around the time that songs used for the Folk Scene album were recorded. After reviewing the tapes with fellow tapenaut and Tower Recordings member Tim Barnes, Matt Valentine (MV) said 'The music is some of the finest Tower Recordings has ever produced, encompassing all our nodes and distilled toward a universal sound like no other that the band ever touched on.' We believe you will agree. These recordings find Tower Recordings in their penultimate moment, as a full ensemble breathing alternately spicy and sweet and hazy and then twinkling. There are a lot of reference points, but we'll leave those up to you to discern. You're an adult now. We trust you." Lineup for these recordings: MV, PG Six, Helen Rush, Tim Barnes, Samara Lubelski, S. Freyer, Esq., Andre Vida, Dean Roberts.
2/1/2005 Tower Recordings, The Message From The Celestial Explosions LP $29.99 Holoscanner Consciousness “Here you have the kingdom of free choice, an enclosure of life, a world of love in which the consciousness wished to be, the other side of the galaxies’. The personification in sound of ‘the tower tapes’ an unselfish alchemy of cosmic feeling strengthened by years of spectral oxide existence. The elements bring unity in weight and superterrestrial tone of the tower cycle. A glimpse into the rare electric holoscanner explosion and the return of the pastoral eternal outflow made from hemispherical mind folk and their moodclouds. One for the 5th gate, the gate 5, as he has given so much to us, one for the saturnine night, one for simply ‘the sound’ at the source. There is a message within the raw energy and true detail of this spirittone, a mystery released by the ‘consciousness’, the heavy elements of the unit of truth, whichever spirit it makes its own, to that spirit it belongs. The ones that did not turn their face away...” Edition of 400 copies housed in a beautiful screen printed gold cover with a nice gold insert, too. Highly recommended!
6/25/2004 Tower Recordings, The The Futuristic Folk of The Tower Recordings double LP $79.99 Time-Lag Records “Massive double vinyl version of the two out of print COM cdrs. Featuring Matt Valentine, P.G. Six, Helen Rush, S. Freyer, esq., Samara Lubelski, Tim Barnes, Erika Elder, Joshua Burkett, Andre Vida & Noah Wall. The most distilled and completely out-there slab from the mighty tower camp yet, and that's nothing to take lightly... pure inner-cosmic one-mind... the futuristic folk. Heavy weight fully screenprinted gatefold covers. 180 gram audiophile vinyl. Limited to 400 copies.” Out of print already.

Tower Recordings, The The Futuristic Folk Of The Tower Recordings, Vol 1 LP $99.99 Time-Lag Records Originally released as a cdr in 2003 in an edition of 99 copies on the Child of Microtones label. This special reissue, from 2004, is a numbered edition of only 100 copies - housed in a gatefold sleeve. Super rare - and a beauty to hold and listen to. Features Matt Valentine, P.G. Six, Samara Lubelski, Tim Barnes, Andre Vida, Joshua Burkett, S. Freyer Esq., and Noah Wall.

Tower Recordings, The The Futuristic Folk Of The Tower Recordings, Vol 2 LP $99.99 Time-Lag Records Originally released as a cdr in 2003 in an edition of 99 copies on the Child of Microtones label. This special reissue, from 2004, is a numbered edition of only 100 copies - housed in a gatefold sleeve. Super rare - and a beauty to hold and listen to. Features Matt Valentine, P.G. Six, Samara Lubelski, Tim Barnes, Erika Elder, Helen Rush, and S. Freyer Esq.
7/31/2011 Trailblazer Successor c32 cassette $5.99 Night People "Trailblazer is the solo project of Lexington KY resident Coleman Guyon who did a prior 7inch on Chicago label Moniker Records. Trailblazer creates blasted anthem drum machine driven walls of dreamy sound from voice, synth and guitar that pour out melodic repetition that would fit right at home with late Spacemen early Spectrum, Kraut punks La Dusseldorf, and the best of the Creation records jams. The motorik back beat present in these tracks makes these tunes perfect for long drives, summer nights, and general getting blissed out."
6/24/2012 Trans/Human The Wider CDR $11.99 Blackest Rainbow "CDR made for Trans/Human's euro tour in May. Trans/Human are the duo of Adam Denton (frequent collaborator with Cam Deas) and Luke Twyman who runs the Audacious Art Experiment label and space in Sheffield. The Wider is a 33 minute blast of weirdo outsider noise rock, pummelling drums, slabs of effects and feedback, horror movie screams and hypnotic rhythmic freak outs. Limited to 70 hand numbered copies featuring cover photograph by Joe Blanchard."
4/24/2006 Transkaakko Uuni CD $13.99 Zerga "Transkaakko's "Uuni" shows the nonet on one of the fold-out panels looking for all the world like factory staff lined up during fire drill. Yet this innocuous snap (along with a snow scene, a barn, baker's oven and err, another snow scene), surrounds a great example of ethnic Esperanto. A synthesized language where initial Finnish origins are blurred by all manner of non-native instrumentation. 3rd Ear-ish oboes, recorders, ouds, bouzoukis and darboukas to create an eddying, mysterious soundscape with a sepia-tinted melancholy never too far away. If the girls from Mellow Candle could be invited to be guest vocalists for a second Orient Express album, (or even Mogollar?) - that would come 'fairly' close stylistically to the "Uuni" oeuvre."
8/22/2008 Translogic Seven Souls CDR $13.99 Reverb Worship "The second release is by Translogic and called "Seven Souls". Translogic is one of the varied projects of Antwerp based musician and artist Kasja Noova.The cd features a cast of many superb players.Its music ranges from free form improv tinged themes to atmospheric spoken pieces and rhythmical percussive based songs.Some of Kasja's other projects and collaborations include South 33,Caprisco,Diego Mazzoleni and Jason Tacker from Baba Yaga. The cd comes in an edition of 50 numbered copies in black paint splattered white card covers with paste on artwork using a still taken from another one of Kasja's projects called "Katakuma".
3/21/2009 Trash Dog Live In Brazil one-sided LP $10.99 YNG "unauthorized serivicing the ATM take me back to the post office. handstands at the chud opening. live show in sao paulo at el cavra chupa that felipe set up. a few drums and broken guitars mostly cable buzz and then the bus of british exchange students, wasted after liverpool beats mexico in the semifinals, storm in the gig and start taking the mic some weird void shit goin on. trash dog plays mostly just the kids taking over trash dog just a vehicle at this point for collision. recorded to walkman in dungles back pocket though the chaos getting turned on and off and somehow makes it back to the states and on wax. similiar to the environmental records popular in the 70's this is a recording of basements sounds and maybe a band plays. the crowd is loudest of all. something is happening. is this a record or just gateway drug like some dirty grass near the riverbed? the lawnmower man creeps with WD40 to grease the chain. stevie nix took the right moves."
3/21/2009 Trash Dog Namaste cassette $5.99 Night People "Another blast of scummy low fi thrash/hardcore sludge from Iowa City's Trash Dog, definitely there best release to date. The quality on this one is an all around step up, short and brutal, with some drifting riff driven annihilation feedback purge finding its way onto the B side. Rolling with a deep lineup of Gretchen, Witscher, Garbes, and Miller, this ultra limited release from fall of 08 needed to find its way around again. Lost mind, fucked life, void gang, shit and failure anthems. Artwork by RGarbes."
5/31/2008 Traum Slab one-sided LP $19.99 Brokenresearch "Zac Davis who has had his Michigan rights revoked for theft finds himself on the very last brokenresearch release to ever have his sorry ass name associated with said label. Heads up with percussion hater Hell Hall this is some Billy Cobham vs. Coryell under dirt filled microscope for the mass of listeners who post up as both noise and fusion fans. A one sider with brutal force, this is an excellent companion to "Built for Nothing" and really that is the most fitting title for a group that had action for about ten minutes until our guitarist decided that friends are for using. No description like this has ever been posted to the HnAm board but very few have been more honest about what they were peddling-- a document of two people who used to be cool and now..." Edition of 200 copies.
6/5/2005 Traveling Bell Scatter Ways CD $12.99 Secret Eye Traveling Bell is the solo project of Kathleen Baird, member of Chicago folk group, Spires that in the Sunset Rise. "Scatter Ways is a dark, rewarding and surprisingly structured listen that comes recommended both to fans of traditional folk music and followers of the so-called 'free folk' scene." - Mats Gustafsson for the Ptolemaic Terrascope
9/23/2004 TravelingBell Lullaby for Strangers CDR $15.99
"First self-released cdr of Kathleen Baird from Chicago based band Spires That in the Sunset Rise. 'Lullaby' is a beautifully eery sleep world of bells and chimes over layered guitars, piano, farfisa, harmonium, harps, cello, ragged percussion. Accompanied by the low and melodic incantations of Kathleen's voice, the record flows perfectly between the playful and serious, a drifting in and out of neurosis and spiritual calm." Recommended!
9/23/2004 TravelingBell Scatter Ways CDR $15.99
"Second self-released cdr of Kathleen Baird from Chicago based band Spires That in the Sunset Rise. Guitars, Hammond organ, flute, rattlers, and bells/xylophone float beside Kathleen's melodic vocal strains, conjuring an intimacy of sound alongside her obsessive musings on impermanence. A must-have for sure!" Recommended!
10/21/2011 Travels Bearded by Birth c20 cassette $6.99 Rocket Machine "Unrelenting and overdriven wall of sound from Mike Haley (905 tapes) and Andrew Kirshner with a little help from a few friends. Recorded in real time using an Akai GXC-730D and a Nakamichi LX3 onto Cobalt Type II cassette. Edition of 50."
11/21/2008 Travis, Mick There's Nothing To Smile About cassette $6.99 Hanson "The Nevari Butchers nomadic member delivers 2 sides of humming, flickering, and pummelling minimalism. A side sounds like a copy machine for 15 min (it's not) ...B-side sounds like one of the MAD MEN fell asleep with his head on a synth and Christina Hendricks is walking around cleaning up the office...then the entire room gets sucked down the staircase very slowly step by step (it might even be that)."
12/11/2002 Tree, Christopher At The Cathedral Of St. John The Divine CD $15.99 Quakebasket "Multi-Instrumentalist and Ancient Child Christopher Tree came out of the Primordial art goop that was pre-Beat Los Angeles. Untrained as a musician but innately skilled in the creation of things Forcible, Spontaneous, and Beautiful, he garnered his first audiences performing with the earliest Light Show Happenings of the 1950's. He went on to share stage bills with such divergent forces as Captain Beefheart, The Who, Incredible String Band, John Cage, Jefferson Airplane and even Mr. Lenny Bruce. With infatuated supporters such as Angus MacLise, Jack Cassidy, and Harry Bertoia, Tree's evocation of improvised sound soon became one of the best kept secrets of the American Avant-Garde. Opting for his grass roots aesthetics over Major Label record offers, and a self-imposed exile in France for 25 years, Christopher Tree has remained a secret. The recording of At the Cathedral of St. John the Divine took place in NYC sometime during 1970. Tree's majestic vibrations of boundless music collapses air as it moves from eruption to a whisper in this grand construct. As an improvising dervish, he weaves around an arsenal of gongs, cymbals, chimes, timpani drums, bass drums, woodwinds, as well as instruments Bertoia designed for him, and blends them into a nameless hymnal -- a field of sound where only a few such as Morton Feldman, Don Cherry, Earle Brown and Black Myth era Sun Ra had been given passage. These recordings were originally planned as a release for the legendary Aspen magazine, but the tapes vanished with the wayward editor. Thirty odd years later the diamond is back in its setting. All you need to do is lean down and listen."
6/27/2009 Treetops As I Gaze c25 cassette $6.99 Arbor "Throughout the past four years, Treetops has been a personal experience. The project has seen many forms in terms of growth and approach. "As I Gaze" documents the final Treetops recordings. This is the point where the exploration reaches it's end; the final bridge between the past recordings and future directions. Slow tone floats and melancholic progression under a low, reflective grey sky. Ambient textures dissipate within the environment; a search for stasis, a clear head. In an edition of 100 tapes with full color cardstock covers and labeled tapes."
1/24/2009 Treetops Eternal Sky cassette $5.99 Monorail "Big Mike makes an important step forward; his deepest, most focused and personally regarded effort yet, first of many. slowly building tracks, with clear keyboard tones resting beneath distant background chords and textures. submerging. edition of 125, full color covers and glossy labels."
1/24/2009 Treetops Shine With Youth cassette $8.99 Pizza Night "Pollard is the crowned prince of fuzzed ambients. Recorded before departure to his now chillstead NYC, Shine With Youth is a mellow fragile experience that offers a heavy relentless psychedelic headtrip at the same time. Like following the north star via walking on eggshells. Safe and scared, shaky and certain. This tape represents just one of the many sick drops from Mike P in 08. Laying it down, like he does best, durastic use of reverb, absolute tunnel zone. Reverb shifts time to a slow lul and catches what fingerwork he does into an intricate weaving of riffage and steady drawn out bliss absolutely soaked." Edition of 100 copies.
3/5/2009 Treetops / Dan Marino split cassette $7.99 Goaty Tapes "Subterranean Midwest boys sure got some reputation, but Treetops and Dan Marino represent a novel and downright invigoratin' duality. Treetops rips through effects with overwhelmin' honesty. Scrapin' up amplifier discharge and molding passages of raw sentiment and ageless boon. Dan Marino pairs truth in field recording with a burbly gurgle and solid crystal synth. Less destructo, more dazer. Something for everybody, straight from the jabbers of our young future!" - Valhalla. Edition of 100 on imprinted shells with hand-cut inserts and inside folds.
11/21/2009 Trevor, Ryan Introducing LP $15.99 Drag City "Wow...we can't seem to figure out the true story of RYAN TREVOR—we're not sure he even knows it! Is he an industry guy who pitched songs to Barry Manilow, wrote songs for Sesame Street, and roadied for infamous germaphobe Robin Trower? Is he a sensitive loner-folker who lived in England and all over the globe? Is he an ex-’60s Indiana garage band kid who rocked in "The Blue Glue?" Or did he simply replace his friend Paul McCartney when he "died" in 1968? It just might be all of the above, though working closely with Trevor has shed remarkably little light on the man—even his exhaustive autobiography ends in the early ‘70s, just before he started recording music! The usually in-depth Acid Archives has a mere one sentence listed about the man. Is this a conspiracy? What we do know is that he produced one incredibly rare and homespun pop LP in 1977, Introducing: Ryan Trevor. It may have been merely a demo for a never-materialized Warner Brothers album, or a definitive concept album statement. A privately-pressed bit of psych-pop perfection, Introducing: Ryan Trevor at last answers the question on ALL of our minds: "What if R. Stevie Moore and Emitt Rhodes recorded an album with Joe Meek's ghost in the late ‘70s?" Whatever the case, what you have in your hands is a near-exact repro of an insanely catchy song cycle of Macca-melodies, subverted by copious amounts of phase, fuzz, and a bedroom production ambience that would certainly make Bob Pollard, Ariel Pink or The Godz jealous."
10/25/2008 Tropa Macaca Fiteiras Suadas LP $24.99 QBICO "Clear azul vinyl, artwork by Joana Da Conceicao. For sure one of the weirdest and most unique records on Qbico, thanks to this young couple from Porto; hard to explain, no easy listening... but once you get attuned, it grows on you... deeply. Some vague similarities with the Astral Social Club LP."

Truant Zellaby's beautiful sacrifice CD $8.99 fencing flatworm recordings "Long awaited first recordings from the ffr/termite live stars. Rob Midwich and Clough Klunk provide the electronics, Phil Todd provides guitar. Together what is produced could be described as an ear-popping, sensawunda inducing, drone-prog epic. Could be."
7/14/2007 True Primes We Have Won LP $16.99 Locust "The Brooklyn duo of Che Chen (founder of the cool O Sirhan O Sirhan magazine) and Rolyn Hu (operatrix of the fine Glasslands performance space) disinfect disaffection with their brand of elemental buzzing unrock. Guitar, girl voice, off drum & unidentifiable noisemakers & homemade gadgets are the foundation for a sound that grafts a smiley face on the body of no wave's penchant for alienation. The unified duo are out on a mission to reverse the flow of negative energy through anthemic fractured ecstatic noise pop and feedback wash. Inspired by DNA, Henry Flynt, Sigmar Polke, Ramnad Krishnan, P.I.L., Yoko Ono, Arthur Russell, Friendship, French folding bicycles and those Eskimo girls who sing into each other's mouths to create harmonic overtones."
5/29/2008 True Primes / Black Vatican split LP $15.99 Locust "In this arranged marriage of sorts, Brooklyn's True Primes & Iowa's Black Vatican each turn in a side of kindred primal now wave on this untitled split LP. True Primes, our beloved Shaggs of noise pop, keep it in the red, turn on the damage and deliver a side of wiggy aggro vocal moans, broken beats & confounding electro grit. It's all so very dystopian & punk but we know Che & Rolyn will get over it. Not so with Black Vatican — the duo of Andy Roche & Owen Gardner — who make their Locust debut here after a sweet cassette on the Night-People label. Over their six cuts, they take a few cues from classic Suicide & Pere Ubu sides, make utopia, mercy & perversion a playground for Roche's crooning vocalese."
4/13/2011 Trulofa Trio Trulofa Trio double LP $48.99 Sagittarius A-Star Nikolai Brix Vartenberg- tenor sax, flutes, recorders
Jon Draby Nielsen- ney, flutes, recorders, percussion, chant
Magnus Olsen Majmon- drums, daf, percussion
rec. 2010 @ MoM Studios and Blavandshuk Fyrtarn, Denmark
artwork nikolai brix
2LP, 180gr. black vinyl, with insert; ltd ed 200 copies only
"Jon organized the qbico u-nite IV in Aarhus, Denmark back in 2006... when i met him, i immeditaly sensed being in presence of a sensational xhol/a very young nature boy with his own voice... so we made the 1st Truelove LP on qbico... this is the new Trulofa Trio with Magnus (Elektronavn/Pink Luminous Invocation) and Nikolai (Shiggajon/Elektronavn) = probably my favourite group around these days (not too many unfortunately)... that's why i invited them to the 1st Sagittarius A-Star night @ ISSUE in NYC, next April 22... can't wait to catch them live ! if you dig esoteric free folk jazz with ritual drumming, this is for you. such a natural and ritualistic sound/vibe... can't ask for a better cover artwork (which was choosen among the ltd ed ones made by the musicians themselves) ! yes, with grey hair i start to appreciate more simple things... and apart from being effective, it perfectly mirror the music: for the dancing/flying shaman..." ep
3/11/2013 Trwbador Mountain / Once I Had a Love 7" $7.99 Great Pop Supplement "To use the age old expression "stunning debut single" doesn't begin to cover this 1st 45 by ace new Welsh duo TRWBADOR. An incredible double 'A' side which acts a perfect taster to the bands' imminent full length (vinyl on The GPS) in April. Having already attained plays on Radio 1 and 6music and been added to 'The Green Man' festival line up prior to any releases, and with "Red Handkerchiefs" (from the LP) providing ample backdrop to the current 'Visit Wales' TV ad- (the album version of which features longterm fans Cornershop), momentum is building nicely, aided by some incredible live shows just now. A delicate blend of campfire tinged folk with subtle use of electronics and digital rhythms; overlaid with Angharad Van Rijswijk's expressive, fragile vocals, it's one heady combination. 'A' side "Mountain" is a wonderful stop / start, gorgeously fragile psychedelic trip woven around a killer, beguiling sampled xylophone passage, beautifully overlaid with layers of Angaharad's vocal lines. An amazing piece, supplemented with the more stripped down, almost eerie ode to lost love, "Once I Had a Love" on the reverse. Just a great record, in an edition of 300 copies on white wax. As ever with GPS releases, not expected to hang around long."
6/25/2013 Trwbador Trwbador LP $17.99 Great Pop Supplement "Up next on The Great Pop Supplement is the fabulous debut full length from Welsh duo 'Trwbador', following the rapid fire sell out of the bands' first vinyl outing- the magnificent "Mountain"/"Once I Had a Love" double A sided 45 (also on The GPS), in March. Long since championed by the likes of Radcliffe, Maconie, Laverne and Stephens on 6music not to mention thumbs up (and collaborations with) the likes of Cornershop - the bands' star is on the rise, having recently accepted offers from the Welsh tourist Board to use their music in the current TV ads not to mention a trip out to Mumbai's Kala Ghoda festival in February, and a Green Man slot prior to a release of any kind…Their intricately woven, uniquely fragile, electronic folk is totally captivating - merging the campfire folk of the 60s with subtle use of present day electronics and digital rhythms, over which vocalist Angharad's wonderfully expressive, almost naive vocal passages knit the tunes together in killer fashion. A beautiful record released on white vinyl in an edition of 300 - expected to follow the recent 45's path and sell out quick style… LP on The GPS, CD on their own "Owlet" imprint."
"The best new band in Wales. I love what they do" Huw Stephens
"They're original and beautiful" Adam Walton BBC Radio Wales
"A sound that is otherworldly, yet real. Mechanical yet tender" Joe Sparrow, 'a new band a day'
"Trwbador are amazing. For us they show the echoes of genius of Young Marble Giants or Trixie's Big Red Motorbike, and that's no bad thing at all" Cornershop
1/17/2010 Tsembla Tuplafiesta 7" EP $7.99 Vauva "Decay and copulation rites flourish around a trash raft that fish take for a coral reef. The sun blinds your eyes, but you can see a figure there... And in the desert, wind, erosion and echoes work the surroundings of Poly Styrene's ex-hang-out, an oasis filled with lively people and empty beer cans. Ornamental carpets and fresh water, too. There it is again! It's Tsembla playing her modified samples, strings, reeds, percussion and the whole range of modern psych instruments to create fiestas with strong twists of pop music. Sounds old and new and like nothing you've ever heard before. - N-M
2/20/2010 Tsigoti Private Poverty Speaks To The People Of The Party CD $11.99 ESP-Disk "Tsigoti (previously known as Waristerror Terroriswar) is an experimental improvising quazi-punk band dedicated to expressing their opposition for war, authoritarian regimes,and violent religious extremes. The band is made up of members from two different continents, each with much experience in a wide variety of musical/life situations. Their first album The Brutal Reality Of Modern Brutality (Edgetone Records) was written and recorded in 3 days. It was birthed spontaneously through a collective urgency. They met again this past year to record a second album, play their first shows to wildly enthusiastic audiences, and reconfirm their collective skeptical optimism. Private Poverty Speaks To The People Of The Party was created with more involvement and time to craft songs, though the raw spirit and spontaneity is still embraced as the fundamental elements of the overall experience. This time war is seen from the inside: from people who suffer being attacked, imprisoned, terrorized, tortured, brainwashed, and tricked. A collaborative and explorational approach to protest music brings Tsigoti's sound to your ears exploding with all its controversial spikes. Recommended if you like ESP 4055, Talibam!, Boogie In The Breeze Blocks."
6/9/2003 Tsurubami Tsukuyomi Ni CD $18.99 Riot Season "Third album proper from this Japanese trio consisting of Emi Nobuko (Drums) and Acid Mothers Temple duo Higashi Hiroshi (Bass) and Kawabata Makoto (Guitar). All the music on this four song / 66 minute album was completely improvised, and not over-dubbed. The sounds fall through different styles of head splitting walls of sonic noise, quiet introspective lulls and freeform freakouts. Comes in clear jewel case with beautiful full colour artwork."
7/31/2003 Tuck Tuck Tuck Tuck Tuck Tuck LP $12.99 Skul “Out of Brooklyn, a steaming hotbead of potential sqwooge, comes the first release from the Skul Record Label. It's a shrouded affair titled Tuck Tuck Tuck and on first spin you may want to scream and bolt as you're confronted with a loner boy with barely touched acoustic guitar and what may be just a cassette recorder. The attempt here is something shot with Palace Bro alien-stream and pre-Palace Nick Drakeanism, neither of which can withstand too much more investigation by contempo ears, but no one says you can't at least try. In distress we flip the sucker over and a whole nother slew of gush rips forward.
And it's nice: improvised scrape and amp shudder with a bitching deftness. More of this shit would be extremely welcome.” – Byron Coley / Thurston Moore in November 2003 issue of Arthur magazine.
12/24/2005 Tucker, Alexander Old Fog CD $15.99 ATP Recordings "Alexander Tucker is a new signing to ATP Recordings and his new full-length album Old Fog illustrates his use of field recordings and tape loops. Tucker began as vocalist in post-rock hardcore five piece Unhome. In late 1999, Tucker went on to tour with Detroit space rockers Fuxa, developing a shambolic approach to acoustic and free-noise electric guitar while beginning to play solo shows using tape loops, detuned guitar, Dictaphones and field recordings processed through FX pedals. In early 2000 Tucker recorded a solo album of acoustic finger-plucking, spooked vocals and psych-electronics, which was picked up by Tom Greenwood of Jackie-O-Motherfucker and released under his U-sound archives label. Old Fog is a delicate and beautiful record that feels like a soundtrack to a winter evening, evoking an eerie feeling that haunts listeners to seek more. His commanding performance as a musician has led to invitations to play guest guitar slots with the likes of Jackie-O Motherfucker, Sunn0))) and Bardo Pond. His solo live shows are also a powerful document - Tucker shows that playing alone with a 4-track can sometimes be more effective than many live bands offer."
5/29/2008 Tunnels Astral Collage CDR $5.99 Abandon Ship Records "While Tunnels has traditionally explored more meditative and atmospheric realms, on Astral Collage he penetrates a different sphere of consciousness, one of primitive song craft and musics that evolve out of momentary trance. Paying homage to Angus MacLise and Alister Crowley, with influences ranging from kalimba player Francis Bebey to the Velvet Underground, he attempts to evoke his schizophrenic musicality into a cohesive yet semi-improvised sound form." Edition of 100 copies.
6/5/2009 Tunnels In Between Dreams cassette $5.99 Peasant Magik "It's hard to believe that there is only one man behind Tunnels. When I first heard these recordings I thought that Nicholas, as a joke, had sent me some super rare desert psych-folk record he found. Maybe he did? I imagine him walking around one lazy afternoon, getting some coffee, and tripping over a box of moldy records someone tossed in the gutter. He looks through and finds this one stuck to the back of some mid-80s Fleetwood Mac record. The cover is a pasted on, hand drawn picture of a naked lady throwing up rainbows and laying in a field of exploding mushrooms. The band name is lost forever, half stuck to the back of the FM record. He goes home and spends the rest of the afternoon carefully scrapping off the black mold. Finally he gets enough of it off to actually play the record, and transfers it to tape, so as not to further damage his record player. The tape makes its way to his car and gets lost under his seat. Months later, he rediscovers the tape, only now it's covered in Dr. Pepper and melted Jolly Ranchers. Nick tranfers it to cdr and sends it over to me with the name In Between Dreams on it, which seems very fitting in this context. Pro-dubbed and imprinted cassettes. Full color three panel, double sided j-card with artwork by Morgan Alexandra Ritter."
12/1/2004 Tuomi, Janne Approaching CD $16.99 Ektro "Another new release brought to us by Finland's Ektro, the label run by our pal Jussi of Circle. Ektro's releases are always graphically quite nice and musically quite adventurous and unpredictable, although Jussi's interest in prog and psych usually is evident. In this case, we have a percussion extravaganza from one Janne Tuomi (currently, a member of Circle and various underground Finnish improv ensembles). It's mostly percussion, anyway - the list of instruments in the cd booklet reads thusly: 'drumset, cymbals, percussion, tam-tams, opera gongs, changgo, pandiero, raagini-pro, pocket trumpet, voice'. With these implements, and 'no overdubs, no editing', Tuomi has created five instrumental pieces (not conventional songs, we mean), bridging free jazz and Finnish free-folk. Carefully constructed, rising and falling, with hazy drone and dramatic clatter, soothing bells and rattling sticks...not a noisy racket at all, but a personal sound-world quite listenable for something that falls into the 'solo percussion' category." - Aquarius Records catalog
10/17/2009 Turman, Robert & Aaron Dilloway Blizzard CD $9.99 Hanson "Collaboration between myself and ROBERT TURMAN (ex-NON, Z.O. Voider). Recorded in January 2009 during a horrible Ohio snowstorm which delayed one of my more recent moves...I was stuck in a freezing house with everything I owned in boxes..Night before I'm about to move...INSANE SNOWSTORM HITS....(If I remember correctly it was the same one that TOTALED AND STRANDED THE HAIR POLICE!)...drunk and missing my wife and kid who had left for Michigan a week earlier, I decided to camp out over at Turman's for a few days...On my insane drive a whopping 3 blocks away... my truck breaks down... TOTAL MISERY... Once I got there I settled in for a few days of late night recording. Myself on synthesizer and tape delays and Turman on tapes and effects. Very minimal, very slow, very cold. Frozen and stuck in the snow. Jewel Case CD w/ white tray. Edition of 500 copies in jewel case w/ white tray." - Aaron Dilloway.
11/4/2006 Turner, Nik Space Ritual DVD $25.99 Cherry Red Recorded at the Great American Music Hall, San Francisco during the band's tour of America in 1994, this film truly captures the psychedelic madness of the 'Space Ritual.' NIK TURNER (HAWKWIND) is on his best and craziest form, as he fronts his most powerful line up in years including HELIOS CREED, DEL DETTMAR, GENESIS P.ORRIDGE, ALAN POWELL and members of PRESSUREHEAD. Featuring many out-there classics from his back catalogue, this DVD demonstrates exactly why the man is heralded as a major influence on psychedelic rock even today. The DVD also features a selection of previously unseen footage from Nik's private archive of material filmed on the American tour.
7/14/2007 Turnstone Turnstone CD $12.99 Three Lobed Recordings "Turnstone represents a meeting of musical minds. On August 11, 2005, Tom Carter, Robert Horton and Michael Shannon recorded a series of intense and unified improvisations. Featuring a wide range of instrumentation (guitar, lap steel, bodhran, saxophone, metal gamelans and other assorted miscellaneous items), the five tracks contained on this disc represent the true form of joyous creative freedom. Please join their exploration. This CD is from a one-time pressing of 650 hand-numbered copies. It comes packaged in a photo-adorned arigato! pak."
4/29/2008 Tusco Terror Mapping a Burial CDR $13.99 Cut Hands "Much needed new slab of blunt stabs in the ear by these Midwest dirt junkies. The Terror squad bring the post-New Blockaders junknoise with the swagger of a couple of kids at their first coked up punkshow. They mean no harm, yet they bolster fear. If you take the most frantic parts of Wolf Eyes circa Dog Jaw, the intensity of Metgumbernone and a load of heavy machinery falling apart at the same you're getting somewhere. Mapping a Burial brims with metallic clang, anxious screams, the throbbing of broken effects and a load of shit you can't even begin to dissect. Brutal. 75 handnumbered copies in slimline dvd cases with black and white coverart and awesome b&w insert drawn by the band's own Nathan Bowers."
5/29/2008 Tusco Terror Seventysecond Eternal cassette $7.99 Chondritic Sound "8 tracks span the two sides of this tape, from short and to the slowly, sweetly crumbled point to more solid friction wrapped in a nasty haze of thick smoke seen through dilated pupils. this ohio wrecking crew continues to tear it up and burn it down." Edition of 99 copies.
3/27/2008 Tusco Terror Tusco Terror cassette $6.99 Hanson "The crudest project in the midwest... layers and layers of hiss and crackle piled at random thru broken EVERYTHING. Volume increases about 200% 3/4 thru the recording... Weird, harsh , CRUDE as FUCK."
7/11/2008 Tusco Terror + Wether Giver cassette $5.99 905 Tapes "On new years day i made a 400+ mile trek to cleveland, oh in which moods were low, weather was shitty, and i only had one pair of socks and some canvas shoes, which don't do shit to protect your feet in mounds of snow. in a couple of hours snot was pouring out of my face and I felt like dying right where i stood. by midnight or so tusco terror was ripping it and i thought "yeah, this is exactly what should be happening right now". dudes were spilling themselves over a mess of cables and semi-functional equipment. just pure blown out destruction. not sure how long it was before i asked them to do this split, but here it is. kind of like a documentation of falling down, getting up, and stumbling through the haze. disgruntled material from both parties."
1/13/2004 Twegen Tu Twegen Tu CDR $7.99 Disposable Thumb "Twegen Tu is a mysterious duo from the southeastern part of the United States, and whatever that equivocates in your mind is at least partially so on this release, only trumped up having restlessly scaled pine bark to the rafters of art. What you'll get here are watery recordings of guitars cranked up, guitars trying to crank up, tapes and manipulations, found sounds and vocals, vocals found inside the vocalist that don't belong to him, scarce piano talk and a vast expanse of other idioms heretofore only grunted out at the pyre. As Mats Gustafsson of Broken Face adeptly pens, it's somewhere between a Celebrate Psi Phenomenon noise outfit and the inspired organic movements of Steven R. Smith."
9/11/2013 Twilight Of The Century Hibernation c62 cassette $5.99 Tape Drift "First available recordings of this long-running (yet rarely playing) improvisational unit, consisting of Ray Hare, Mike Bullock, Linda Aubry Bullock, and Eric Hardiman. Coming together in 2008 as a one-off merger between Century Plants and Rise Set Twilight, TOC quickly took on a life of its own, with each of the four members providing a unique voice and set of experience. This tape showcases a single session, with the group creating 4 epic tracks that range from hauntingly atmospheric to menacing and ominous, with countless stopping points in between. Mysterious synth textures, Linda's treated voice, Ray's guitar and inimitable vox, and dueling doom-laden yet contemplative bass riffs from Mike and Eric are the core ingredients, and together they form a whole that defies description. Features cover art by Stunned Records' Myste French. Dig in!"
1/25/2011 Twins The Other Side Of LP $18.99 Synth / Ruralfaune "Twins is the solo project of Matt Weiner. he offers a hybrid proposal of new new wave, retro futuristic synthpop and experimental pop (file under : sacred bones, japan, gary war, omd, exceptedŠ). "An unknown future lies on the Other Side of time. Action is your power, the vehicle through which you can arrive there. If the present seems hopeless you must explore this other way, the only way out. No one else can help you, you will find it yourself. The out of time way is the way of peace of mind. Pave the present with a pass-way to a better future, the different future, the future that is out of time. In this zone you are another side of yourself. This is not to be feared. Engage all sides of yourself to succeed on the other side: the future is the only " time to move on." Matt Weiner. Edition of 300 copies.
1/5/2013 Twinsistermoon Bogyrealm Vessels CD $11.99 Handmade Birds "Twinsistermoon is the solo project of Natural Snow Buildings cofounder Mehdi Ameziane, and is subsequently the benefactor of the massive cult following that NSB has accrued since forming in 1997. With a string of limited releases on a variety of credible labels such as Blackest Rainbow and Digitalis, both Medhi and his counterpart Solange Gularte (who plays as Isengrind and did the full color original art for this Twinsistermoon release), have created an underground phenomenon that continues to craft some of the most forward thinking music in decades. Though impossible to categorize, "Bogyrealm Vessels" alternates between drone vignettes and Nico-esque psychedelic folk, whilst being threaded together by sci-fi motifs. The result is a landmark work from Twinsistermoon that is sure to be a contender for year end lists." Edition of 500 copies.
8/31/2010 Twinsistermoon Then Fell The Ashes LP $21.99 Blackest Rainbow SIDE A
1. Black Nebulae
2. 1976
3. Ghost that was your life
4. The Big Sand
5. Desert prophecy
6. Trailer
1.Then Fell the Ashes...
"Brand new full length vinyl LP from Natural Snow Buildings' Mehdi Ameziane's solo project. This is the third vinyl release from Twinsistermoon since last summer's The Hollow Mountain LP and Bride of Spirits 7" which were both released on the excellent Dull Knife label. Following on from these two gems, as well as various obscure self released discs and CDs on Digitalis and Students of Decay, Ameziane's sound has grown somewhat darker at times with this brand new LP featuring nearly 50 minutes of new material. The A side features 6 tracks, where as the B side is a huge almost 25 minute track. The opening track 'Black Nebulae' is a gorgeously textured psychedelic drone based piece, followed by a short, quieter, guitar plucked piece with vocals, but no words entitled '1976'. 'Ghost That Was Your Life' is a stunning beautiful layered guitar piece with Ameziane's astounding beautiful vocals shining through. 'Big Sand' opens as one of the darker pieces, with an occult feeling to its sound, swirling vocal drones, almost like a choir at times, and in come those stunning warm and distinctive gutar sounds with layered ghostly sound scapes, that haunt much of Ameziane's solo and NSB recordings. Half way through this track it fades into layered field recordings, drones, and distant chimes, the sound of this track at this point just has a real melancholy vintage sound, the last two minutes are again a change of sound with a slow plucking of guitar strings. 'Desert Prophecy' returns of the sound of just Ameziane and his guitar, with some lo-fi electric riffing distrotion in the background. Its pretty incredible to hear this and think that its from 2010, and not from the 60s or 70s. The sixth and final track on the first side is 'Trailer', another beautiful somewhat lighter folk sound, which is interesting considering the following is the albums title track 'Then The Ashes Fell', a side long track which is a considerably darker and heavier than much of the rest of the LP, but it weaves in some beautiful lighter more reflective moments. Pro Printed sleeves and labels. Heavyweight vinyl."
2/4/2007 Twisted Tunnels Twisted Tunnels CDR $9.99 Maim & Disfigure "local columbus shredder tunnel tom takes his amp and axe to an abandoned tunnel, sounding like a bunch of accidents on toy race car track or a machine slowyly losing steam and choking itself slowly to death over an extended amount of time..... ltd to 40"

Two Dollar Guitar Erl King 7" $2.99 Kim Will Kill Me "mid 1990s evidence of somber strength in song form. from the period when tim foljahn and steve shelley were the CAT POWER rhythm section. released on the way too short lived KWKM imprint." - Spirit Of Orr
3/26/2006 Two Limited La Mano de Dios CDR $10.99 Seedy R! "Recorded on a recent tour of Argentina La Mano De Dios captures a series of disturbing and claustrophobic improvised drone and noise pieces by the violin duo of Lasse Marhaug and Tom Løberg (also joined for one long track by Anla Courtis). The tracks range from the ritualistic sounding (low droning violin with deep reverb body knocking bass-drum like accompaniment) through to the sublime submarine drone piece that closes the disk. As seems usual with Marhaug's live recordings the recording device itself (old crusty taperecorder?) perhaps deserves a credit in itself as it adds a whole new layer of meaning to the documented events. With the raw amplified violins for the most part right up close in the mix, and with the demonically furious and powerful playing overall this is by far the most intense thing on the label so far..."
3/11/2013 Two Sunsets Venetian Skies / Sandunes 7" $7.99 Great Pop Supplement "Wirral based duo TWO SUNSETS comprise Phil Bridges and Sean Butler. Their music is rich in kaleidoscopic soft psych hues with cyclical drones with hazy lo-fi summery vocals and both tunes here hint at a gorgeously understated brand of dream pop. Comparisons with the Super Furries and Flaming Lips have been thrown around yet to these ears, they have a sound distinctly their own. Personally, I prefer the line I read recently, "like mercury melting downstream to canyons of colour" that kinda sums it up nicely! The bands' description of their music being "almost overly exposed and out of focus" also hits pretty close. "Venetian skies" is dreamily perfect pop with it's double 'A' side "Sandunes" featuring the over exposure the band refer to- in this case a hugely skew-whiff keyboard riff holding the piece together with it's off kilter production techniques, like Joe Meek at his most whacked out perhaps...A fine debut 45 in die cut sleeve on the ever dependable Great Pop Supplement in a pressing of 300. Get on it!"
10/17/2009 Tyler, Charles The Charles Tyler Ensemble CD $12.99 ESP-Disk "Charles Tyler, from Albert Ayler's band, makes a startling statement on his debut solo record. His group, featuring an unusual instrumentation of cello, bass, drums, orchestra vibes, and saxophone, plays through his original compositions and showcases some heated solos. Although primarily known as a baritone sax player, Charles Tyler is featured on alto sax, yet his sound and concept are fully evident on this record. The session is rich with imagination, and added to the dimension of musicians who would become the roster of ESP-Disk."
1/17/2010 Tyvek Blunt Instrumental EP 12" $15.99 Night People "Tyvek don't need much introduction, Detroit area art punk garage rockers, who have a bunch of killer prior material on labels like Siltbreeze, Subpop, M'Ladys, X, Whats Your Rupture etc. Absolutely killer stuff here on this deluxe arted-out vinyl reissue of a limited tour cassette. Blunt Instrumental isn't all instrumental, but there is a focus on letting the rhythms and noise play out a bit. What's interesting is that while the sound and instrumentation jam out a bit more, it feels even more raw and stripped down then the recent full-length LP. A sort of step forward into a more groove-oriented, noisy jammy territory while simultaneously returning to the sound of the early singles. A real raw art punk feel like early Swell Maps or The Fall etc. One of the great bands of these times."