DateAdded Artist Title Format Price Label Description
8/4/2007 16 Bitch Pile Up / Mike Shiftlet split LP $12.99 Ecstatic Peace "Ohio has been rampant on the Ecstatic Peace play lists lately with the release of a long player earlier this year by Leslie Keffer and a forthcoming split LP by Emeralds and Tusco Terror. Like Keffer, who's moved to Nashville (to be closer to Be Your Own Pet), 16 Bitch Pile Up and Mike Shiftlet are both ex-pats of Ohio. 16 Bitch to California and Shiflet to some weird small town in Japan. Shiflet we've known for years as he has produced some of the more interesting tapes and whatnot of Midwestern out-ness from his Gameboy label and from his legendary duo tour with Burning Star Core/C. Spencer Yeh of a few years back. Like the amazing beard he has sported since childhood his music is a free-fall of acoustic wonder. He is also the cat responsible for turning on most of the world to the radical charms of three girls from Ohio wickedly named 16 Bitch Pile-Up. With a name like that you may have expected something just kinda funny but what made itself imminently obvious was that 16 Bitch was really and extremely into producing a wholly personal thrombosis of noise improvisation. Crystallized to the trio of Sarah Bernat, Sarah Cathers, and Shannon Walter, this trio has become one of the most consistently exciting live experiences of the last five years. These recordings by both artists were done when both were still residents of Ohio and reflect that time and space right before each other's exodus. They are raw and righteous and ready for you to take a bite." Edition of 500.
7/16/2006 16 Bitch Pile-Up Hairless Whisperer one-sided LP $19.99 American Tapes Limited edition of 200 copies.
3/5/2009 78 Grave & The Rocket 88s I Love The Life At The Door CDR $12.99 Mad Monk Annex "Brand new on James Toth's MAD MONK ANNEX CDR imprint. Title taken from a poem by Poetry Out Loud guru Klyd Watkins. From the artist: "On hold with the Tennessee Department of Human Services for over 36 minutes, the initially innocuous 'hold music' - which resembled two bars of "The Way We Were" repeated ad infinitum - began to mesmerize / hypnotize, as my impatience slowly melted to peace, lulled as I was by this 16 second loop of muzak, which would cut off and repeat at random intervals. After finally getting through and dealing with my business, I decided to call back and record the music, which I was now obsessed with (possessed by?). This time I was only on hold for 21 minutes. I took what I had, doubled it, and did some very basic edits / treatments." Imagine a punk rock Distintegration Loops or a drug withdrawal-plagued take on some of The Caretaker's recent ballroom music. An unusually provocative and mysterious tablet of high audio doggerel. Fans of narcosynthesis, rejoice!"
6/4/2010 S K L S S K L S 7" $7.99 Quasi Pop "S K L S are Joachim Nordwall & Henrik Rylander, the key members of Swedish noise-rock band The Skull Defekts. That's their debut release under the name S K L S, which seems to be a kind of side-project for darker, electronic minimalistic sounds. As opposed to the full guitars & drums line-up of The Skull Defekts follows the traditions of motoric Kraut-style (Can or Neu! - like), S K L S is defenitely oriented mostly on spacey-psychedelic-electronic-meditation of Cluster or Popol Vuh. It's completely based on analogue synths, fxs and feedback.
8/20/2011 S.W.M.C.C.C Demo tape cassette $5.99 American Tapes "Aka SOUTHWEST MICHIGAN CULTURAL CLASH CENTER. Last seen live debut's at Miles bday secret apartment party with Stoning, Raven Strain, and Evenings & DJ BOMBAT. Was a killer night. This new band is solo woodwinds (indian flute & quad reed, & bagpipe chanter) with composed live tape sounds. Classical avant style. Recorded in slow and low in the soft light of the Dribbling Gold studios with rich sound. Like a wind from a calm but unsettled land. Color slip case. Edition of 40." AM 908
6/11/2006 Saaboteuse Saaboteuse 3" CDR $6.99 Firstperson "A diminution / distillation / destruction of SCULPTRESS wilful and playfully secreting dynamite, oil/grease and TINY SPIKES in the heart/running engine of SCULPTRESS, bringing themselves down from within without ... magic cards reverberating through the CONFESSIONAL grill via an echo chamber painted poison-lead red ... multitracked espionage and chicanery / vital, virtually un-honed precision device mismanagement ... coherent reams and streams / dubious intent / copious intensity ... old pianist throttled throat wire ... JOINCEY//JARVIS"
6/30/2010 Sabbath Assembly Restored To One LP $14.99 AJNA "Restored to One is a modern response to the musical activities of a cult known as The Process Church of the Final Judgment, who used music to spread their visions of Gnostic reconciliation in a time of cataclysmic change. Sabbath Assembly has re-charged the original hymns of The Process Church and worked them into moving renditions that unite the trinity of rock, psychedelic and gospel into one triumphant re-awakening. The Process Church was an intensely creative, apocalyptic shadow side to the flower-powered '60s and New Age '70s. The influential group opened Chapters in London, Europe and across the United States. Dressing in black cloaks and walking the streets with German Shepherds, they created their own intricately designed magazines, and promoted a controversial, quasi-Gnostic theology that reconciled Christ and Satan through deeper awareness and love. Funkadelic reproduced Process writings in two of its albums. The Process Church was accused of being part of a Satanic underground conspiracy by true crime pulps, most notably Ed Sanders' The Family, which linked the Church to the Manson murders. The insider's perspective of this secretive group and its true leadership recently emerged with Feral House's LOVE SEX FEAR DEATH: The Inside Story of The Process Church of the Final Judgment, written by former members including Timothy Wyllie, and edited by Adam Parfrey. Restored To One features the following: JEX - Jex Thoth (I Hate Records); Wooden Wand and the Vanishing Voice (5RC, Destijl); and James Jackson Toth (Rykodisc, Ecstatic Peace). XTIAN a.k.a. Dave Nuss - No-Neck Blues Band (Sound at One Records); Curator of SOURCE Family's Magnificence in the Memory archival release (Drag City); Boredoms drum leader for Boadrum 777, 888, 999 concerts. RANDALL DUNN - Producer (Sunn0))), Earth, Boris, etc.) The recording follows on the heels of a highly successful, strategically planned series of live shows across the US in the Fall of 2009, which presented a ceremony featuring Sabbath Assembly performing the original hymns of the Church - all previously unrecorded. More live events shall follow along with a documentary on the Process Church made by William Morris of Skinny Puppy, a video for a song from the coming release, standard CD and LP releases and an archival LP box set (including readings of Process sacred literature by Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, Adam Parfrey, and Lydia Lunch, as well as LOVE SEX FEAR DEATH author Timothy Wyllie), and an off-Broadway theatre extravaganza entitled "Gaming the Gods" based on the rise and fall of the Church." LP jackets thicker than standard jacket, 180 gram gold vinyl, printed inner sleeve and metallic ink. Recommended!
3/21/2009 Sabbath Pink Sabbath Pink CDR $8.99 Ruralfaune "Muffled mayhem and disturbing intensity of a sabbath, a maelstrom of dirty & filthy guitar lines coupled with distorted melodies. Intense psychopathic trio from Roanoke, Virginia. Special limited edition of 12 including 3"cdr, not featuring Prince Rogers Nelson." Limited edition of 61 copies.
4/29/2008 Sachiko Hverfanda Hvél CDR $13.99 Cut Hands "Hverfanda Hvél is Sachiko's (Overhang Party, ex-Kousukoya) third solo album, after the purple vocal haze of You Never Atone For and the equally breathtaking Kunado, released last year on Utech. This one contains two, gutwrenching live performances at Tokyo's Loopline. First track features Reiko.A of former Merzbow fame and travels through a thick, hazy fog of shimmering wordless vocals before collapsing face down in a pool of electronic voodoo damage. On the second, shorter piece Sachiko breathes out her zoned out mantra's and washes of cosmic vocal beauty as if she's honouring Yoshi Wada's monumental spirit. A mesmerizing mayhem for real. 100 copies in the usual square dvd cases."
6/25/2013 Sachiko Loka In The Black Ship CD $14.99 Kubitsuri Tapes "It is released from the Japanese noise label, Kubitsuri Tapes. This work is based on the solitary boat making an ominous trip to Pluto, where organic and inorganic matters are mixed and carbonized to be dust, due to the invasion of the mirage of the universe. The sound, where the metallic drone and noise are woven together while the previous ritualistic aspects are suppressed, is reminiscent of an inner space of a dried black and white film."
6/25/2013 Sachiko & Fukuoka Rinji ?TOMO… CD $14.99 Musik Atlach "The Duo of Sachiko and FUKUOKA Rinji (from Majutsu no Niwa) which were active together in OVERHANG PARTY performed sporadically in the past, in late years they increases the places. This is the album that gained live in Paris and Japan on 2011. Cello, violin and electronics to play of Fukuoka are on Sachiko's voice drone, and his voice is even more intertwined. The sound takes in neighboring atmosphere, and filled with passion, It reaches the radio wave that Fukuoka uses and appeared on us whom there is there now. The first piece offered a glimpse of unbearable reality from beginning to end in threatening intension. on the other hand, The second piece recorded a performance in church Église Saint-Merri of Paris is sound of the prayer was dedicated in a solemn drone loops using representative song 'Prayer of a Fool' of late OVERHANG PARTY."
8/6/2014 Sachiko & FUKUOKA Rinji Void CDR $14.99 Music Atlach "The Second release of the live recording of FUKUOKA Rinji duo Sachiko that has continued intermittently. Drone that centers on voices and strings. The voice of the prayer that comes in succession like restless waves makes delayed psychedelia." Sample here: https://soundcloud.com/musikatlach/void
1/1/2009 Sad Horse North Portland Music Series, Volume #2 7" $5.99 Mississippi Records "Current local well-loved punk duo. Six songs on a 45 RPM. Comes with an incomplete Mississippi Records catalog. Limited edition of 500. Somewhat spazzy low-fi & a good time."
8/31/2008 Sadgrove, Mark & Tim Coster untitled CDR $10.99 Claudia "It was only two weeks ago that I reviewed an 'Untitled' disc by Mark Sadgrove and Tim Coster and here they return with a release for Coster's own CLaudia label. The three pieces were captured on april 9th 2008 at the Wine Cellar in Auckland, and Mark plays guitar and dictaphone and Tim plays oscillator, sampling keyboard, walkman and loop pedals. Their playing is not unlike the previous released of a fortnight ago, but its less conceptually inclined and their playing is a bit more free here, even when a small chord is played it gets musical. The previous was more or less an exercise in sine wave like experiments, this is more improvisation, let's see what happens. Not at bad at all, but not as great as the previous release either. It's more a case of recognition - the path already explored." (FdW) - Vital Weekly
9/11/2012 Safiyya Safiyya LP $15.99 Kelippah “Let's get one thing straight... this lp does not need you to like it.
It doesn't invite you to seek out influences, slap a decade's logo on the matrix, search for its creators in fashion catalogue styled covers of glossy magazines... nor will it spawn a host of celebrated side projects culminating in a curatorial seat on a summer festival (tho' maybe it should, that last one...)
Like a true psychedelic experience, one that if you've ever had, you'll know what we mean, it presents you with a fixed length window that opens into another possible perspective of our lumbering existence. Imagine 500 milligrams administered via an eye dropper filled with mercury and you're on your way...
Born of a correspondence between two fellows entrenched in parallel explorations of the unknowable and imagined, there's a mystery to the source of the sounds contained in these grooves; a mystery that reaches the top of chain, as the players involved have never met, did not discuss individual process, nor the direction of their collaborative endeavors. There is not even a record of the machines used to create this shadowy sci-fi landscape. What the listener is presented with is music that reverberates like synthetic sound made into organic instruments imitating synthetic sound. It is a fantasy world that feels a little bit too much like a version of reality with dark bags under its eyes and strange stains on its clothing. It's the music you hear after the anesthesia drip gets turned on, right before you succumb to that infernal waking sleep. There's a clarity to the recording, a depth of field that seems normal, but with a bit more scrutiny, is unsettling and disorienting. There's a narrative, almost cinematic or like a soundtrack to an Evanson story, but like any pinnacle of modern horror, once you catch ahold of that thread, your brain begs you to let go. The music is devoid of terroir, a fantastic blend of east and west, modern and classical, lending once again to the creeping sensation that the rabbit hole is way up there, far, far from where you've landed.
The name translates as “one to whom secrets are intrusted”. You should believe us on that one. Also, your hair is on fire. And it always has been…” - Jason Meagher
Edition of 300 in jackets silk screened by Phil Franklin and Christine Shields at Bright Spot Ink.
Safiyya is Brad Rose(Charlatan/The North Sea) and Pat Murano(NNCK/Decimus)
11/8/2013 Safiyya Shareek Hayaat LP + download $18.99 Umor Rex Recordings "Shareek Hayaat is the second album by Safiyya, the duo formed by Brad Rose and Pat Murano. Brad Rose is the head of the Digitalis label, and also he is well known for his work as The North Sea, Charlatan and Altar Eagle. Pat Murano, head of Kelippah Records, has also worked under the name Decimus, and as a member of the venerable No Neck Blues Band. Let's say Music is a walled country and Noise is the barbarous wasteland where cartographers fear to tread. In between, there's a wild and dark forest, a forest of terror and wonder: that's Safiyya, that's Shareek Hayaat. You can picture it as a shape-shifting image of the forest as a supernatural bug, doodled on a drawing board with the alchemy of musical and non-musical instruments. If you like brilliance with your weirdness, and you'd like to take a trip down to the land between music and noise, this one's for you. Vinyl LP limited edition of 300 copies packaged in an uncoated stock jacket with double sided insert, black inner sleeve, and free download coupon."
3/1/2007 Saiko Sketches of Several Southwestern Felons on the Eve of Their Just Demise CDR $7.99 Foxglove "Saiko is one of multiple monikers used by berlin-by-way-of-texas resident jeff gburek. as a friend and collaborator of such luminaries as tetuzi akiyama and charalambides' tom carter, gburek extends his guitar into a world of otherness. mixing in elements of obscured and manipulated vocals and minimal synthesizers, saiko is an cosmos-bound vessel appropriating the sea. this is the blues cut-up, pieced back together, and then drowned in the bathtub before ascending to the heavens." Edition of 100 copies.
8/1/2014 Sakaki, Nanao Wind For Mind c60 cassette $8.99 Sloow Tapes "Nanao Sakaki (1923-2008) was one of the important counterculture poets/activists in Japan from the fifties onward. He has been described as "a walking collective call of the wild man, commune cofounder, scholar of languages and aboriginal culture and tribal traditions, troubadour to hang out with, lover of 'shrooms and the herbs, movement maker, The Tribes, homeless (except for the cabin in Shizuoka), green guru guy, activist, translator of haiku, mantra sutra rapper using the 5/7/5 syllabic meter...." After serving in the army during WWII, Nanao developed a deep distrust for Japanese militarism and dropped out of society, living under bridges and wandering around the country. He gathered a group of like minded young people around him, who called themselves the 'Bum Academy' and whose philosophy had much in common with the hippie movement. His poetry concerns a love of nature, a distrust of industrial culture and technological optimism and environmental issues. Like Basho meets Thoreau. This tape collects two readings from the nineties and an interview with James McCarthy. 100 copies"
7/16/2006 Sala-Arhimo Sala-Arhimo CD $12.99 Last Visible Dog "Islaja (Fonal) side-man and frequent tour-mate with Larkin Grimm (Secret Eye), Sala-Arhimo's debut oozes a slow psychedelic radiance from a half-frozen world of hibernation. A bit of ancient Pink Floyd as reference point, perhaps some of the jazz-like moments of Faust's more gentle side, but here all comparisons end. This is another one of those 'you need to hear it, but there's no way to get it' Finnish geniuses whose music shares much affinity with the Lal lal lal crowd (Kemialliset Ystavat, Avarus, etc.), but focuses less on the purely experimental, and more on rich, melodic drones and voice." Very nice!
2/15/2005 Salamander Bent Hemlock CD $13.99 Camera Obscura "Past Salamander releases have shown the band to be a skilled improvisational space rock unit with a minor emphasis placed on occasional forays into psych/folk song structures and lyrical territory. 'Bent Hemlock' offers up a stark contrast by focusing instead on an approach that shows off the band's skill in acoustic territory as well as their abilities as lyricists and songwriters. The improvisational component is still present (especially in the album's eerie and cinematic closing track, 'An Open Transom'), but for the most part it is employed economically, played out in concentrated doses as short instrumental interludes between tighter vocal numbers. Timing and happenstance play a significant role on this album; during the time of its recording, the band found themselves between studios and set up shop instead in the living room of bassist Dave Onnen (who engineered the proceedings) and percussionist Matt Zaun. The environment was ideal for trying out the acoustic format, and pushed the participants in new directions in other ways as well. Sean Connaughty's vocal style has mutated into something unique, and his prowess as a lyricist is only emphasized as his mind and voice play a variety of characters varying in age and mental/emotional stability. 'Hail' finds him full of vitriol, while 'Diagram' shows its protagonist to be a much more fragile and vulnerable figure. The '90-year-old-man' style vocal delivery evidenced in 'The Visionary Kind' is perfectly at home with the song's humidity and steaming-swamp vibe, replete with a languid fuzz-guitar lead from fellow guitarist and vocalist Erik Wivinus. When Erik takes the helm in the songwriting department, things shift to a somewhat different but still complementary style, varying from a frantic, intricate urgency with a strong progressive-folk influence (the 7-minute epic 'Portal' being a prime example, with a strong middle break that not only features a ripping space-acid lead from Connaughty, but showcases the insane precision inherent in the rhythm section of Onnen and Zaun) to imagery from lifelong recurring dreams (the fast-paced 'Ascension') and on into the album's opener; the chilling, Lovecraftian seafarer's warning entitled 'Galleon,' which features a bracing vocal performance by 11-year-old chanteuse Madeline Westby. Other guests feature on the album as well, playing cello, electric violin and percussion. Original drummer Bryce Kastning contributes to two of the albums tracks, both as a percussionist and by recording the initial parts of those tracks at his home studio. Guest strings are beautifully played by Margaret Hegg and Jane Anfinson. This is certainly a departure of sorts for the band, but it should not be seen as a turning point; just a shift of emphasis and an insight into another side of these musicians. Space rock and psychedelic improvisation still figure prominently in the band's live sets, and doubtless the electricity will come back to recorded efforts in the future. For now, enjoy the respite and explore the new terrain. Inhabiting areas lush and stark, disturbing and revelatory, totally freeform and thoughtfully considered in near-equal measure, these recordings show a versatile band using all the tools in their arsenal in pursuit of new expression, and coming out the better for it. Change staves off stagnation, and doubtless this fresh approach will inform and invigorate future efforts, whatever those efforts may be."

Salamander Red Ampersand CD $11.99 Camera Obscura "Spewing deep and chunky psychedelic rock of the 'smoke 'em at home' variety…an impressive, drug-drenched stab at Ash Ra Tempels' patented cosmic floats." - David Keenan in The Wire 168

Salvatore Head Spinning Freely (Slowly) CD $16.99 Sound @ One “The same ensemble as on the ‘Zahir’ LP, albeit with a sparser, more organic, and sometimes downright meditative sound that uses flutes, temple bells, drones, drums and more. These sound experiments use silence and space as much as actual sound for their entrancing effects. Limited edition of 1000, packed and sealed in a white cardboard envelope.”
8/31/2010 Sam Gas Can Dog Dance c22 cassette $7.99 Digitalis Limited "sam gas can is one to leave you wondering endlessly and wandering aimlessly. it all starts with a low-key dance party for your favorite haunted asylum. manic voices and near-tribal beats plummet like a meteor through the clouds. you walk into this mental ward with no fucken clue how you got there. luckily there's clarity on the horizon in the form of uber-melodic synth passages that will guide you like a drunken sailor back to the shore. the morning brings pump organ catharsis that's bathed in warm white light. hypnotic vocals fill the air while the melodies grind along underneath. it's blindingly emotive - you can't help but be drawn in by the familiar comforts of each note that gently takes you home. beautiful stuff from one of the most underappreciated artists in massachussetts. edition of 75, pro-dubbed."
2/26/2011 Sam Gas Can / Justin Rhody split 7" $5.99 Feeding Tube Records "Co-release with Breaking World Records, DIY Bandits, Faux Pas Industries, Friends and Relatives Records and Lost Sound. A great mash of twee-punk instrumentals and lo-fi acoustic oddities and spoken word. Edition of 300 copies."
1/15/2005 Sam Gopal Escalator CD $12.99 Edsel 1968 recordings featuring Lemmy Kilmeister (pre-Hawkwind). Eastern-flavored psych! Adds two bonus tracks, as well.
1/1/2014 Samantha Glass Midnight Arrival LP $16.99 Deep Distance "Next up on Deep Distance comes the second full length from Wisconsin based Beau Devereaux and his Samantha Glass project. Previous releases on Digitalis, Golden Cloud and the initial cassette release to "Midnight Arrival" here (on Not Not Fun) caught our attention and the wax version to "MA" is extended by 2 bonus cuts- creating Samantha Glass' first UK release in the process….10 primarily synth based pieces backed by looped drum machine, waves of distorted guitar / bass drone / atmospherics and hazy lo-fi vocal washes- create a wonderful brew which in equal measure tips it's cap towards Schulze / Tangerine Dream territory yet equally brings to mind that feeling of discovering some discarded, hidden stack of small run, private press, post punk / DIY minimal synth 45s- where one unmistakeable guiding hand experiments over a number of styles. Either way it works and the sensation of "could be Sheffield circa '78/'79 or Cologne '72/'73" makes for more than a satisfying listen over the course of a full length. Released Mid November as a pressing of 300 on transparent blue wax expected not to hang around long…."
3/26/2006 Samavayo Death March Melodies LP $24.99 Nasoni "Berlin based heavy rock combo Samavayo is phat heavy rock with striking psychedelic parts and a voice, the power and versatility of which has no peer. Their first real longplayer "death march melodies" tells stories of self-temptation, emotional fears, struggles of relationship, drugs, love and death. It is 50 minutes of driving kick ass power rock with spicy groove attacks but also catchy melodies and fine hooks, too." Edition of 500 copies - these are on black vinyl.
12/22/2014 Samin Son Orira 8" lathe cut + download $23.99 Pseudo Arcana "If you live in Wellington, or indeed any other city in New Zealand that has art galleries or music venues then it is a virtual certainty that you will have met Samin Son. 'Orira' is the first 'official' hard format solo release by Son. Originally from South Korea Samin has, besides a 23 month period of compulsory military service in Korea, been based in New Zealand since he was a teenager attending high school and then art school. Samin is a true force of nature, channelling all his energies into art that seems intended to raise the dreams and hopes of the rest of us to some kind of heightened fever pitch. Typically joyous his intensity swings both ways and he is not afraid of traversing the dark in his quest toward the light. And thus we come to 'Orira'. Based on a traditional Korean folk form 'Orira' is an unaccompanied and improvised chant/song that Samin first performed at the Yogiga Expression Gallery in Seoul, South Korea in January of 2013. The recording we have here is a recording of this performance. 'Orira' is both intense and beautiful featuring sections of throat singing, howls, whispers and ecstatic chant. With everything run through a series of delays and echoes the end result is truly otherworldly. This work recently featured as the soundtrack for Alexa Wilson's work, "Status of Being" through Footnote Dance Company.
Audio samples: https://pseudoarcana.bandcamp.com/album/orira
Limited numbered edition of 50 Lathe Cut 8 inch bilingual lyric sheet insert and download
3/20/2010 Samsara Vista Miner in a Pit of Fire c42 cassette $6.99 Housecraft "Evan has been a creative member of Housecraft for years but with his contributions focusing mainly on the visual side of things, rarely do we hear from him. This journey sets sail down a corridor lined with archaic tape loops, subtle creaks and texture, brief guitar meanderings, ambiguous acoustic swells, and a few spontaneous moments with Kane; fused with a gulp of electric ooze that brings the listener into an inviting underworld cluttered with dust and stacks of gently eroded books, fabrics, negatives, and running film projectors. These dense, incensed surroundings reflect a spirit of playful exploration and uncertainty as each overturned artifact glimmers briefly and then vanishes. Edition of 64."
2/25/2015 San Ul Lim Fuzz, Acid & Flowers in South Korea, 1977-79 LP $24.99 Asian Delights "The Sanullim (also spelt as Sanulrim) band is rightly considered to be one of the most influential figures on the South Korean rock scene. Composed of three brothers born into a well-off family, Kim Chang-wan, Kim Chang-hoon and Kim Chang-ik, the band's first name, when they were still university students, was A Mu-Lee (or Mui), but was to be changed to San Ul Lim ("Echo from the mountains") at the record company's request. Released in 1977, their debut album was a great commercial success selling over a million copies. Inspired by both the garage rock of the 1960s and the jittery punk music of the time, San Ul Lim delivered a sound that was still new in South Korea. It is a surprising sound indeed that contrasts with the apparently casual lyrics, as the censorship imposed by Park Chung-hee's regime forced the members of the band to compose songs that did not actually call for any relevant changes. The band released over ten albums, then parted ways after drummer Kim Chang-ik's sudden death in 2008. This collection gathers for the first time the band's best pieces from 1977 to 1979, thus covering the psychedelic period of the first five albums. This is a rare opportunity to listen to and enjoy the music of the fuzziest band in South-East Asia." Recommended!
12/17/2003 San Ul Lim San Ul Lim double LP $59.99 Dragon "Special double album release containing the best tracks from the 4 albums by this Korean monster psych band. Progressive psych rock with great fuzz guitars. Has some unreleased material as well."
5/1/2015 San Ul Lim Second LP $25.99 Granadilla "South Korean garage/psych rockers San Ul Lim's second album, originally released in 1978, is more related to American music from the second half of the '60s than anything else. In a year in which disco, punk, and early heavy metal ruled, this flowery and trippy pop sound with fuzzed-out guitars on flashing rhythms might have been outdated already despite the fact that the original US garage sound had a renaissance among collectors not long before the album's release, and compilations like Pebbles were in high demand among new fans of this genre. One may doubt that these hunters for vinyl treasures even made the slightest effort to take a look toward Eastern Asia, where San Ul Lim came up with exactly that type of music. They had a sense for pop melodies and, beyond that, for soulful ballads with heartwarming melodies. Nice and sleazy organ sounds (Farfisa, not Hammond) add more color to the simply structured, yet effectively striking tracks, and when the fuzz sets in even slower tunes start to turn into simmering maelstroms of utterly checkered harmonies. This is for sure not the only direction San Ul Lim take on their second album. Some folky singer-songwriter elements slip into their song selection and definitely remind the listener of a warm summer weekend in August 1969 when 500,000 gathered for the most important music event ever at Yasgur's farm. San Ul Lim consisted of skilled musicians who executed their compositions with an obsessive feel and an iron discipline. The band had matured ever since the release of their debut album the previous year and this is apparent in the more excessive and obsessive playing, the increased rawness of the guitar fuzz, and the slightly deeper, more thought-provoking and sometimes even more aggressive melodies that diverge from pure feel good-pop music. What you get here is a delightful mixture of what was awesome in the west in 1966 and '67, and despite being a bit late, San Ul Lim still had the fire of passion in a way The Seeds, The Doors, Strawberry Alarm Clock, The Animals, The Shadows of Knight, and even Nick Drake, Roy Harper, and Bert Jansch, did. Retro garage sound with style and soul -- who could resist that?"

Sand Pebbles Noah's Ark 7" EP $5.99 Camera Obscura "Melbourne's Sand Pebbles are virtually unique in the Australian musical landscape in playing historically-aware, distinctly West Coast flavoured psychedelic pop and rock, influenced not only by the psych touchstones of the 60s and 70s but also classically cool Aussie stuff like Died Pretty and the Moodists, perhaps opening a door for some more interesting sounds to come out of Oz. "Noah's Ark" is a three minute flower punk track featuring frantic rhythm guitar (think the Velvet Underground's "What Goes On' from the 1969 Live Album), overdriven organ and a Gibson SG solo courtesy of the Casanovas' Tommy Love. "Hey Let Me In" is a Stooges inspired one-chord instrumental frenzy that could've been lifted from the soundtrack to The Wild Angels. It's set to feature in an American BMX video. "The Sundowner" is an expansive, mellotron soaked journey that's a perfect example of the Sand Pebbles psych-cinematica."
5/16/2010 Sandalen, Kian All Tracks Are Protest Songs c40 cassette $8.99 Taped Sounds "Solo, (and debut!) album by this member of the Antwerp free-music troupe Sheldon Siegel. in Sheldon Siegel, Gerard explores the outer limits of improvisation and free jazz. as a Solo Unit though, he creates a stripped down radioplay / collage / musique concrete vision of the creative, remarkably funny / tongue in cheeck at some point, and remarkably singular young mind. the man embarks on the path of a combination of free soundsearching mouths a la Jos Steen, Blaastaal and maybe even Al Hansen."
9/29/2005 Sanderson, Philip Seal Pool Sounds CD $13.99 Seal Pool "Seal Pool Sounds is the first cd release of new material from snatch tapes founder, organum collaborator, and british installation artist, philip sanderson. seal pool sounds picks up where sanderson's storm bugs project left off sometime in 1981. sanderson's diy software electronics conjure whimsical, plaintive electronic tones and rhythms: sounds that recollect the light-hearted, yet melancholy nature of 20th century zoos. seal pool sounds at once evokes lafms, raymond scott, marcel duchamp, and french new wave film music."

Sandoz Lab Technicians The Tale of Pixielamb CD $12.99 The Lotus Sound Restocked - best release from SLT in my opinion
7/10/2008 Sanguine Piss No Horse Shit cassette $5.99 905 Tapes "Saw these dudes for the first time as a cohesive unit at a recent wiese / wether gig in philadelphia. i've been seeing mat perform as newton for a minute, and known jared for what seems like a decade. in recent years i've been floored by some one-off collabs he has done with matt franco and skeleton warrior, so i was way interested in finding out what those two dudes plus cohort marc zajack (deep fried tapes) had in store. their setup was fairly minimum... some mixers, pedals, and a couple of guitars tuned to untuned. from second one though the most enormous sounds ruptured through the room. i mean, shit was gigantic. every once in a blue moon you could think to yourself "oh, i think that sound is coming from that", but usually it was just a vulgar mess. asked to do a tape while smoking weed out of an apple in the back of the store, even though i remember there being a pipe earlier. i guess that just fit."
8/1/2014 Sanhedrin Sukino Godaburyu Ichieichi CD $29.99 Trailights Sanhedrin is: Keiji Haino (vocals, guitar), Tatsuya Yoshida (drums) and Mitsuru Nasuno (bass). This is the first Sanhedrin release since Sun Head Ring CD back in 2008 (still in stock here) - housed in a slimline DVD case and has an insert / flyer included. It's a great sounding album (sample here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IqBXsaaQFDI) with Haino, Yoshida (Musica Transonic) and Nasuno as a super heavy trio.
10/25/2008 Sanhedrin Sun Head Ring CD $18.99 Breathing Bass Records "SANHEDRIN is the Trio with Keiji Haino (Fushitsusya, etc.) Tatsuya Yoshida (RUINS, Koenji Hyakkei) Mitsuru Nasuno (Altered States, Korekyojinn, etc.). 2nd album of the Real Rock Monster SANHEDRIN includes 2 live performance that were recorded in 2007 on multitrack recorder. This is the masterpiece live album Is equal to of the whole body which passion gushes from." 8 tracks - 68 minutes.
6/30/2010 Santoro, Vittorio Man Leaving Harbor On A Ship (In A Room) LP $45.99 Vittorio Santoro "Man Leaving Harbor On A Ship (In A Room)" is the title of a sound installation (for record player, vinyl record, speakers, found photograph, steel wires) by Vittorio Santoro to be presented in June 2010 at La BF15 Contemporary Art Space in Lyon. For the art installation of this sound piece, side A of the LP record (titled "Commencement") is played over and over for a whole day. The organizers will take care that the side B (titled "Conclusion") is played back only the next day. In "Commencement" the French sound poet, artist and composer Franck Leibovici reads a fragment from the article "Das Narrenschiff als Aufklaerer" by Gerhard Stadelmaier, published on January 18th, 2009 on the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. "Conclusion" features a reading by the well-known French artist Pierre Leguillon. Recorded in Paris in March and April 2010, conceived and edited by Vittorio Santoro. The silences at the beginning and at the end of each side are integral parts of the sound work. The silence had been recorded in Paris in the night between April 8th and 9th, 2010. Edition limited to 125 numbered copies. The first 5 copies (numbered 1/125 to 5/125) are reserved for the 5 installation pieces, while the remaining 120 copies have been produced for the private use of the artists. Only a handful of copies available for private distribution through the alga marghen newtork."
3/9/2015 Sapat A Posthuman Guide to the Advent Calendar Origins of the Peep Show LP $15.99 Sophomore Lounge "The second helping on our autumnal platter comes from Louisville, KY's very own free-folk/kraut/kult rock ensemble SAPAT. Also going on ten years now, if not longer, Sapat has shared membership with the likes of Virgin Eye Blood Brothers, Valley of Ashes, Kark, Tropical Trash, Son of Earth, The Phantom Family Halo, and countless other sonic side-notes over the course of its evolution. And as much as their sound has evolved over the years, from its earliest transmissions of mysterious, ritualistic Beefheartian howls to timeless, psychedelic, subterranean cave-jazz, the LP before us finds the band at their most undeniably ambitious, born anew and bigger a force than before, with horns in hand and the incalculable talent of Dane Waters (Kentucky Opera Chorus, Softcheque) assisting with songs and sending shivered signals down microphone cord. Following their most excellent debut full-length Mortise and Tenon (Siltbreeze, 2007) and a more recent 7" (of Mortise-era "train song" recordings) for Hank The Herald Angel, A Posthuman Guide to the Advent Calendar Origins of the Peep Show is Sapat's long-awaited second LP and their first for the Sophomore Lounge label."
"Owing more to krautrock than punk or noise, Sapat veers between extremes in unpredictable and often gorgeous ways, using instruments from country to classical as they quietly shift the face of rural America like a rust-belt expansion pack for Populous." - Jason Crock, Pitchfork
9/17/2006 Sarah's Charity Atonic Feedback Consumerism CDR $12.99 Reverse "Edition of 70 in spray painted covers and heavy PVC sleeves presenting this solo project from Christian Stadsgaard's most brain-lolling application of heavily modulated space to date. Twin oscillators squoze through flat-lining filters and ring modulators with a tar of rainbow harmonics. Intensely psychedelic. Previous release on Heavy Blossom."
5/14/2007 Sarah's Charity Code Of Red Twin CDR $9.99 Arbor "Among the metal forests of Denmark, there is Sarah's Charity. A maelstrom of expert tone work and free electricity; sounds so electric, yet still reminiscent of the flowing natural growth of fellow Danes Family Underground (it should be noted that Nicolas of FU helps out on track 2). This naturalism plus the actual sterility create a feeling nothing short of psychedelic. A wall of intense oscillation and soothing vacuous space ala Marcia Bassett's various projects. Speaking of Marcia, SC is also famed for being the only non Bassett/Bower related project to be released on the esteemed Heavy Blossom label. In a numbered edition of 150 copies in absolutely beautiful mind tripping deluxe screened sleeves by Dylan Martorell, with screened discs and an insert."
9/17/2012 Sarry Sou en CDR $11.99 Reverb Worship "I am very pleased to announce the release of the new album from japanese duo Sarry. "Sou en" is a "live" album recorded in japan at Namba Bears, on the 8th april 2012. Beautifully recorded, the album contains two tracks, "Kulichiah" and "Ash And Holy River".Sarry are Fujiyuki (voice) and 821 (bass). These two make the most amazing, unique and atmospheric music together. Although this is a live recording, you don't actually realise until the very end when we get polite applause. The cd is available now and comes in a hand numbered edition of 100 copies with stunning artwork designed by Sarry themselves. Highly recommended." - Roger Linney
3/5/2009 Sasqrotch Slipping The Reaper Tongue CDR $9.99 Blackest Rainbow "This one has been on the cards for a long time, and after over a year of waiting the master dropped through my mail box. These dudes have had releases on BR label buddies Not Not Fun and DNT, and this is a steady paced doom tinged rock out beast, there's no joy found here. Two tracks, one studio, and a nasty live piece recorded at LA's Echo Curio, lined with sax blurts, guitar shreds, psychedelic swirls, and smouldering drums."
4/10/2015 Satan Is My Brother They made us climb up here LP $16.99 Boring Machines “They made us climb up here” is the third album from Satan is my Brother. Five tracks of noisy jazz, or jazzy noise or none of the two. Melodies built on sax and trombone, struggle to surface from layers of electronics, groovy bass lines and free form drumming."

Sato, Yoko Searching For My Recording Engineer CD $8.99 Public Eyesore Four guitar and voice improvisation pieces recorded at Studio Jive, Autumn 2001.
8/20/2004 Satyrswitch The High Lonesome Sound of... CD $14.99 Camera Obscura "To those who know the work of Jason Kesselring (mostly via his efforts as leader of the space rock group Skye Klad and his newest band, Blitzen), the music of The Satyrswitch may come as something of a shock. However, anyone who has ever taken a plunge into a clear northern lake on a hot summer's day knows that after the initial icy shock of the water comes a singular and beautiful refreshing feeling unlike no other. Kesselring's Satyrswitch project offers this kind of striking contrast in its crystalline acoustics, engaging original compositions and unique interpretations of traditional folk songs that pay strong homage to their roots while giving them a new twist. Shedding the layers of distortion and epic, ear-splitting space voyages he has been known to use in the past has not only brought into light Kesselring's versatility and variable virtuosity, it also provides the bracing refreshment that only a drastic change can bring. Kesselring is joined by a few guests on some tracks (notably his wife Christine and fellow Skye Klad/Salamander members Dave Onnen and Erik Wivinus), but on most of the album we find him on his own. Many modes and styles are explored (including intriguing takes on such tried-and-true trad numbers as 'Tom Of Bedlam' and 'Nottamun Town,' Barrettesque, chord-organ laden psych-folk originals and an impressive and nimble guitar raga that will certainly give his contemporaries in the new acoustic underground a run for their money), but throughout there is a consistent and singular cohesive musical strain to bind together these seemingly disparate elements. Though this is a quieter musical form, it maintains all the power of his earlier efforts while pushing his vision forward to new vistas. Kesselring's eardrums doubtless thank him for the cool respite, and doubtless will the eardrums of those lucky enough to find this release in their hands."
9/17/2006 Saul, Danny Balance CDR EP $5.99 Filthy Home Recordings "Following a succession of acclaimed live performances, this is the debut release from Danny Saul. Intricate guitar playing, subtly and skilfully applied arrangements and a perfectionist's attention to detail form the backdrop of songs that cast a razor sharp gaze over the ways people fuck each other, and themselves, over. At times intimate and warm, at others chillingly expansive Danny draws on influences ranging from the most esoteric US alt. noisemakers to the pioneers of British folk in order to create a sound that raises the bar for the bustling hordes of singer-songwriters employing inferior weapons in the battle to touch the hearts and minds."
9/17/2006 Saul, Danny History + 3 CDR EP $5.99 Filthy Home Recordings "Emerging from the Albini-endorsed Tsuji Giri, Saul's approach to his craft is all consuming. On this, his second solo EP, he fleshes out his absorbing avant garde folk with layers of electric guitar, vocals and drums. If 'Signs 1' has a haunting claustrophobia and 'Cuts' aches with frustration, that's because Saul feels comfortable building up his songs alone, surrounded by a variety of instruments, in his dusky Manchester flat."
10/20/2003 Savio, Dominic ...while his little grandson was sleeping… CDR $10.99 Cat Sun "This album consists largely of words and of voice, but it is after all a solo project by the vocalist of One Inch Of Shadow. We get recitations of mysterious texts, often half-whispered or half-sung (all in English) over a background of music often made up of a few layers (whether voices, acoustic instruments or electronics) undergoing slow, gradual changes. Sometimes, a constant rhythm appears, but even then the music melts and smears like watercolors. One of the least muscular and least clear albums I've ever heard, but it is very mysterious. A calm melancholy mood flows from the speakers, but I can't say what it's all about. It reminds me a bit of certain records by guitarists such as Jandek or Loren MazzaCane Connors - a
few slow notes or chords and a voice telling us something we won't understand - but in a non-guitarist, non-blues version." - Smolken
9/18/2003 Sawdust Caesars LSD Art 7" $5.99 Rocket Recordings "Second release by these Acid Punksters from Coventry, four tracks of wah frenzied mayhem. Includes covers of Bob Calvert¹s 'Ejection', and The Attack's 'Anymore Than I Do'. Turn On, Freak Out, Piss Off........Edition of 300 copies."
9/18/2003 Sawdust Caesars You Pigs 7" $5.99 Rocket Recordings "The Sawdust Caesars unleash two slices of glorious psychotic and psychedelic punk with overloaded wah wah guitar action to blow your mind. The Acid Punk Revival starts here!"
7/31/2006 Sawyer, Phil Childhood's End LP $22.99 Guerssen "A magical discovery from the down under '70s psychedelic scene. Phil Sawyer's 1971 album Childhood's End, originally released in Australia on the Sweet Peach label, remains pretty unknown yet to most of collectors around. No justice. This is a wonderful album that will please anyone into psychedelia, rock and folk. Totally electric, great production, great songwriting, warm uneducated voice by Phil himself that gives a slight looser feel to it at times... the album contains some fantastic mid-tempo psychedelic folk-rock ballads, and the song that gives name to the album is an incredible slice of pure psychedelia with lots of tasty psychedelic sound effects. This is a very rare and collectable item in original (Hans Pokora gives 5 discs to it in his books). This first ever reissue is licensed from the original label and the sound is taken from the mastertapes."
2/9/2013 Sayona Terreur Blanche cassette $5.99 Living Tapes "Bleeping around burnt-out, candle-lit rooms like synthy expletive swear boxes, be guaranteed that trance induced states await. As a puerile being I was turning microwave dials to this shiit even before I knew I loved music. On another level – kooky, quirky, darkened, kosmische led psychedelia sounds like the best 60's sci-fi soundtrack to the best sci-fi film you never saw? It all sounds vaguely familiar, as if recalled from the fading memories of a dream, yet it’s mature and well of its age – and well beyond. It’s alive – breathing new life into old sounds and becoming the future. Right before your very ears. There’s a whole galaxy of sound at play. Like a gathering of like-minded, new age disciples of the Pauline Oliveros school of analog electronics, encased here in the modern age, all retro-like within the cavernous depths of a crypt or a witching hour altar? The analog and digital sounds, fusing organically with the warm absorbing texture of its ancient, medieval timber vessel. A huge, living, breathing music machine. The auditory space has claimed all that dwells inside of it, listeners alike and all 6 spacey offerings waver on undertones of whirring beats – tumbling and spiralling out of control and into an hypnotic vortex of the minds eye; sometimes near, sometimes far - the depth of which CAN be manipulated by the use of controlled, meditative breathing… 4th dimension riffs in the truest sense. Let these ripples of deep-space-drone wash over you. Shazzula (Aqua Nebula Oscillator / Black Mass Rising Society) & Ernesto Gonzalez (Sylvester Anfang II / Bear Bones, Lay Low) be these drone pilots. Covert mission complete." - Marc Roberts, Foxy Digitalis
2/19/2007 SB, The Who Will Feed Them LP $21.99 QBICO "Performed by: Mark Bajuk, Tony Fasce, Silvia Feriozzi, Eric Mauer, Brent Peich, Russ Waterhouse. The next evolutionary step from Double Leopards and Family Underground, very subtle and psychedelic music."
2/2/2013 Scarcity Of Tanks Fear Is Not Conscience CD $12.99 Total Life Society One of two albums released simultaneously, recorded at Phantom Center, Brooklyn, during the summer of 2011 with DON GODWIN. Heavies from NECKING, ONEIDA, THE ELECTRIC EELS, BORBETOMAGUS and THE FLYING LUTTENBACHERS abound: NICK LESLEY (guitar), KID MILLIONS (drums), JOHN MORTON (guitar, theremin), JIM SAUTER (saxophone), WEASEL WALTER (bass), MATTHEW WASCOVICH (vocals), Don Godwin (keyboards, backing vocals). "The only constant for morphing outfit Scarcity Of Tanks is singer-lyricist Matthew Wascovich ... [who is] steeped ... in the rich post-punk history of his home city. Each of his songs bears Cleveland's meld of working-class punk and dada-inflected art - the same twisted strand that connect[s] the Mirrors and the Styrenes, Electric Eels and Pere Ubu, and Death of Samantha and Guided by Voices.... [Scarcity of Tanks'] strident, noise-leaning rock ... swirls around Wascovich's skewed cadence. His voice bears the influence of speak-yell singers like [Saccharine Trust's Jack] Brewer and Slovenly's Steve Anderson, urgent and pointed despite his words' abstraction.... There's something harder and heavier about these albums; where previous songs could loosen to the point of collapse, here everything tends toward taut and rigid.... [W]hen they detonate guitar fireworks during "Slut's Rut," or slip distortion in between beats on "Another Chance," the brute slam is more moving than the outward-bound discordance. This effect climaxes on "Tread on You," which trades woozy noise and muscular rhythm like Fun House-era Stooges."—Marc Masters
3/21/2009 Scarcity Of Tanks No Endowments LP $12.99 Total Life Society Records "Scarcity Of Tanks, this Cleveland combo, led by Matthew Wascovich, has sounded a little random to my ears previously. But this effort, NO ENDOWMENTS, featuring Clevelanders Dave Cintron (Terminal Lovers, Downside Special), Ted Flynn (Theodore Vril), Andrew Klimek (X-Blank-X, Johnny & The Dicks, Death On A Stick, Ugly Beauty), Scott Pickering (Pufftube, Prisonshake, My Dad Is Dead, Spike In Vein, Happy Flowers), Nate Scheible (Self Destruct Button), Dan Wenninger (Oblique Orchestra) and Oakland, California's Weasel Walter (Flying Luttenbachers, XBXRX, Lake Of Dracula) is freeform skronk, but other parts are great rolling-CLE-word-spews in the Laughner/Kryss tradition, with instrumental moves jacked from Death of Samantha and Rocket From The Tombs, then updated like crazy. Crazy." - Byron Coley
2/2/2013 Scarcity Of Tanks Ohio Captives CD $12.99 Total Life Society Album number six by MATTHEW WACOVICH’s group of lifers fueled by pollution, violence, driving around a bleak city, unemployment, liars, and scumbags with hearts of gold and malice. Challenging yet absurdly accessible out-there rock music recorded in Cleveland with TODD TOBIAS (Guided By Voices, Robert Pollard, Circus Devils). SCARCITY OF TANKS’ working class ethos shows that though we may all still be bummed out by the daily grind, there are pockets of great music still being made all the time.
2/2/2013 Scarcity Of Tanks Sensational Grade CD $12.99 Total Life Society The third album from MATTHEW WASCOVICH, DAVE CINTRON, JEFF DEASY, BRENT GEMMILL, THEODORE WIGGS NULL FLYNN THE YOUNGER, ANDREW KLIMEYK, JOHN PETKOVIC, SCOTT "PUFF TUBE" PICKERING recorded in Cleveland, Ohio, during the summer of 2010 and early 2011. Recorded by Brent Gemmill, mixed by DON GODWIN and mastered by WEASEL WALTER. Cover by ALEKSANDRA WALISZEWSKA.
2/2/2013 Scarcity Of Tanks Vulgar Defender CD $12.99 Total Life Society One of two albums released simultaneously, recorded at Phantom Center, Brooklyn, during the summer of 2011 with DON GODWIN. Heavies from NECKING, ONEIDA, THE ELECTRIC EELS, BORBETOMAGUS and THE FLYING LUTTENBACHERS abound: NICK LESLEY (guitar), KID MILLIONS (drums), JOHN MORTON (guitar, theremin), JIM SAUTER (saxophone), WEASEL WALTER (bass), MATTHEW WASCOVICH (vocals), Don Godwin (keyboards, backing vocals). "The only constant for morphing outfit Scarcity Of Tanks is singer-lyricist Matthew Wascovich ... [who is] steeped ... in the rich post-punk history of his home city. Each of his songs bears Cleveland's meld of working-class punk and dada-inflected art - the same twisted strand that connect[s] the Mirrors and the Styrenes, Electric Eels and Pere Ubu, and Death of Samantha and Guided by Voices.... [Scarcity of Tanks'] strident, noise-leaning rock ... swirls around Wascovich's skewed cadence. His voice bears the influence of speak-yell singers like [Saccharine Trust's Jack] Brewer and Slovenly's Steve Anderson, urgent and pointed despite his words' abstraction.... There's something harder and heavier about these albums; where previous songs could loosen to the point of collapse, here everything tends toward taut and rigid.... [W]hen they detonate guitar fireworks during "Slut's Rut," or slip distortion in between beats on "Another Chance," the brute slam is more moving than the outward-bound discordance. This effect climaxes on "Tread on You," which trades woozy noise and muscular rhythm like Fun House-era Stooges."—Marc Masters
4/3/2010 Scarduff Sixpäck C20 CDR $6.99 267 Lattajjaa "20-minute-mix of "Lamatronik'n'Roll" from this amazing new band, it's like bits of lo-fi indie rock, avantgarde, krautrock and all kinds of experimental but cool things put in a blender, recommended!"
5/20/2009 Schitosoma Japonica Kankei UFO From Zanryu-Shinen CD $15.99 PSF "Volume 3 in the ongoing Japanese Avant-Garde Cassette Reissue Series. The '80s and early '90s saw a great deal of fascinating and exciting material released on cassette in the Tokyo underground. While some of the more noise-oriented stuff enjoyed a modicum of international distribution, the avant-garde material generally did not. This series, whose first release was Iro / Tamafuri (PSFD-180), aims to rescue the best of this material from historical oblivion. Schitosoma Japonica (AKA Nihon Juketsu Kyuchu) were a cracked avant-garde, recording-only offshoot of the freeform rock band Amanita. Formed around 1990, the group lived a communal existence in Saitama, on the northern borders of Tokyo, experimenting with music, magic and psychological experiments. 'Our basic performance style was completely freeform, utilizing prepared instruments and rejecting regular rhythms and melodic development. Our abiding themes were communication with the afterlife/cosmos and the manifestation of paranormal accidents. We would jam endlessly until our performance space was filled with the 'signs of blood and feverish becomings'. For us, performance was a kind of ritual.' The group released a clutch of barely distributed cassettes in tiny editions. This CD compiles the best of them, sifting through the detritus of a technological society to float between noise, drone and ritualized avant-garde gestures. Eight tracks, fifty-four minutes. Liner notes in English and Japanese." - Alan Cummings
11/1/2014 Schizo Le Voyageur 7" $17.99 Souffle Continu Records "This is the debut release of Souffle Continu Records, the newly-founded label by the Parisian record shop. This new imprint will focus on high-quality vinyl reissues and explore avant-rock, early electronics, psychedelic noise and kosmische beats. The first three releases are reissues of three ultra-rare 7"s by France's finest guitarist Richard Pinhas (Heldon, Lard Free, etc.). In 1972, Richard Pinhas and his group Schizo invited Gilles Deleuze to read text by Nietzsche for a recording that would become Le Voyageur. Distributed free of charge, this record quickly became very sought-after by many fans. Available for the first time in 40 years in its original shape. Limited edition of 700 copies, pressed on clear vinyl."
12/24/2005 Schizoide Death Alley 3" CDR $13.99 Audiobot Belgian noise guitar destroyer.
12/1/2004 Schlaf Gesucht Drift 3" CDR $6.99 Fact Records “The third and last episode in Schlaf’s 3”cdr series featuring three untitled compositions . Drift sees the trio migrant to gentler / much soothing regions than their past (two) adventures with drums, small cooking pot, organ, classical guitar, electric guitar & bass packed inside their multi – colored sound bag.”
12/1/2004 Schlaf Gesucht Kishkushim (Scribble) 3" CDR $6.99 Fact Records “The second chapter in Schlaf’s 3”cdr series. This time round the free noise trio is joined by Michael Busidan who circles their chaotic yet expressive sound with warm / progressive synth washes. The cd consists of one long raw & colourful session exhibiting a more spikey & elaborated side of the band. Recorded in a bomb shelter in Maale’ Edumim. Instruments: drums, bass, guitar, keyboard, small can, wooden boards, chairs, keys, drill, electric shaver, scissors, shoes and more.”
12/1/2004 Schlaf Gesucht Put It On the Riz 3" CDR $6.99 Fact Records “Limited edition 3" inch cdr from Jerusalem based trio, Schlaf Gesucht (Boris Livshits - Drums, Shimi Zaken- guitar, Rafi Busidan- bass). EP1 / ‘Put it on the Riz’ is the first chapter in a series of three EP's documenting Schlaf's live sessions (this time round at the Rosa Pub, July 2003). It consists of two powerful tracks that showcase the group's ability to craft beautiful & imaginative free noise soundscapes.”
6/9/2011 Schneiderman, Ron Music for Dance #1 CDR $7.99 Blueberry Honey Recordings from workshop collaborations with Aurora Corsano, Cyndal Ellis, and Sakura Shimada at the LUMINZ STUDIO in the Winter of 2010 - 2011.
3/24/2003 Schnitzler, Conrad Con Repetizione CD $24.99 Art Gallery Two 30 minute tracks recorded in 1990. This is not the ‘typical’ Schnitzler cd release on Art Gallery as this features piano and is not an electronic freakout in any way. This is not to say it’s not challenging nor not worthy of your attention – just another side of Conrad.
3/24/2003 Schnitzler, Conrad Control CD $24.99 Art Gallery "Whimsical jaunts into erratic tempo pulse and bubbling electronics. There are rhythms, but they can hardly be called prominent. Indeed, this music treads ever so closely near the atonal realm. This is not music for dancing (unless you are an air-whale and have a ticket to the Jovian ballroom), it is music for sense-of-wonder contemplations. Digitally remastered from the original tapes, the material on this CD dates from 1980-81. One half of the disc is a reissue of Con's ‘Control’ album, while the remaining music comes from one of Con's numerous cassette releases. This time, though, the 25 short pieces are presented with titles."
3/24/2003 Schnitzler, Conrad Convex CD $24.99 Art Gallery "More quirky tempos cavort like sonic robots through a glistening field of twinkling electronics. Con's music is often like a collection of timepieces ticking and boinking in a mad dance of counterpointing meters. This CD features an exemplary array of strange noises and electronic weirdness. This CD is one of Con's finest moments. It is mainly a reissue of Con's ‘Convex’ album from 1982 with six additional tracks from one of his cassette releases from the same period."
8/21/2003 Schnitzler, Conrad Gold CD $29.99 Marginal Talent "A real sensation for lovers of electronic music. Gold is for insiders a real gem. Although generally known that Conrad had quite a few unreleased recordings from the 1970s, this recording remained a legend for Conrad's many fans, and was never released, until now. Think about it, Conrad, together with Mobius And Roedelius as Kluster, released their Eruption album which influenced many of Germany's most respected artists, like Kraftwerk and Can, an album which today, as an original pressing, fetches 500 Euro or more on the collectors market. Gold is from the same era, recorded 1974 -1978, and considered by many as one of his most important albums, eagerly waited by his many fans. It is one of the first albums he recorded on his own, free from compromise and devoted to his artistic vision, locked up and unheard for almost thirty years."
4/15/2011 Schnitzler, Conrad / Wolfgang Seidel CONSEQUENZ c65 cassette $12.99 Mirror Tapes "A recent 2010 creative meeting of two long-time friends - Conrad Schnitzler and Wolfgang Seidel - in the abandoned cellar of the Tempelhof airport in Berlin for a memorable recording in an unlikely subterranean setting." A professionally duplicated & factory sealed C65 cassette tape with tape inlay professionally offset printed in full-colour. Limited edition of 250 copies.
9/6/2012 Schrag, Ember The Sewing Room CD $10.99 Single Girl Married Girl / Edible Onion "If you must buy only one album this year that has both mandolin and atonal homemade instruments made out of odd pieces of metal on it, make it this one. If you caught the Jephthah's Daughter four-song CD-R on Eh? you knew that Ember was headed in an ever richer, more distinctive direction to embrace her unique qualities as an artist and personality, and The Sewing Room feels like the fully realized arrival of an honest and very real artistic vision from this enigmatic, hard-working folk singer-songwriter playing sultry, bucolic cowgirl-swing-meets-chanteuse songs informed by peculiar life experiences and a unique mystical take on obscure corners of the Bible. Longtime drummer Gary Foster and an all-star cast of friends turn in top-notch, tastefully restrained performances lending color and shading while keeping Ember's enviable vocal and acoustic guitar skills and evocative songs firmly in focus." - Centipede Farm

Schumacher, Michael Room Piece CD $11.99 Studio Five Beekman "'The Room Piece' originated in 1994 as a 16 channel computer-generated sound environment. The form of this is composed in real time by the computer, using a complex set of algorithms that control the random generation of timings for the articulation of the pitches by the various (synthesized) instruments. Everything on this recording except the voice and electric guitar is 'played' by the computer, which makes its decision about rhythm and pitch based on small sets of criteria. This recording should be played at low volume in a room relatively free from extraneous noise. The title has to do with the way the sound comes to find its place in a room. Even without an extensive multi-channel setup, sustained tones and articulated pitches find their place in the room. Like Feldman, I want the sound to 'permeate' the room. The title also refers to a tradition, chamber music, one more intimate that the concert experience."

Schumacher, Michael J. Four Stills CD $13.99 Sedimental "Schumacher has a strong presence on the experimental scene with his refined guitar 'drone' compositions but parallel to this activity he has been working with number system applications of sampled material through electronics, a direct extension of his audio installations. Where as much digitally generated material succumbs to a hermetically closed world of glitches and electronic landscape Schumacher's work opens up this environment, despite the density of the material, into a breathing, organic spaciousness while still maintaining the intimacy inherent in the form. ‘The Four Stills are expressions of the number system that I have used since 1989 in my electronic compositions. These numbers form the basis for dozens of rhythmic processes executed by the computer, from playing a midi grand piano, to deciding a range within a sample buffer to play, to determining larger structural aspects such as the alternation of sound and silence within a particular part. The fact that they are prime numbers prevents predictable patterns from emerging. The limit of six maintains structural coherence. The Four Stills were recorded direct to stereo in real time. Though the sounds used in a given piece are predetermined, their interaction with each other over time is left to chance. These pieces are extensions of my installation pieces, which evolve over long time periods, and are also created in real time by generative algorithms. However, in contrast to the installations, which utilize distance as an important perceptual feature and employ as many as 16 independent channels of sound, allowing for meaningful variations in texture, these recordings, being limited to two channels, are more compact in their presentation of the sonic material. They therefore remind me of certain styles of painting, which present the spectator with a static field of color that is experienced in no particular order. Though the music obviously unfolds over time, the analogy seems appropriate to me, since the dense textures (sometimes as many as 27 simultaneous parts) invite a contemplation of the many layers of sound and their relation, not in time, but in space.’"
9/17/2006 Sci Hi Lab Recordings lathe cut 7" & CDR $18.99 CMR "Sci Hi is the moniker of musician and sound artist Paul Winstanley. Paul has been active for many years in numerous incarnations while in Texas and Auckland, New Zealand including P.H., Lo'Casta, Artificial Subterrane, Speed Cook, Paul Guilford from 'The Dave Dove Paul Duo', and more recently in Auckland groups such as Audible 3 and Plains. The Sci Hi sound is made from digital feedback. Sci Hi is like a school of small fish where each fish is represented by a tiny sine wave rising or falling in pitch. PW jumps in the middle of the school and all the little fishy's go scattering in every direction, creating beautifully complex, multi-layered clouds of sound." Features full length album on cdr and is in an edition of 60 copies with blue textured paper outer sleeve and with brown paper inner sleeve.
7/11/2008 Scorces I Turn Into You double LP $24.99 Not Not Fun "Very few fringe duos of the 2000s have succeeded in so fully utilizing the witchy, wordless, and wondrous bond of the twosome formation as Scorces' twin figureheads Christina Carter (also of Charalambides, Bastard Wing, etc) and Heather Leigh Murray (Taurpis Tula, CEO of Volcanic Tongue, more). Their early incarnation as East Texas fried-folk loners instantly struck a chord in clued-in heads for both its bold formless experimental moods as well its instantly gripping emotional power. Their 2003 masterpiece on Eclipse, Vivre Avec La Bete, captured their magic craft perfectly, and in retrospect has definitely cast a heavy influence over a whole host of today's underground's voice-based lonesome drifters. So it is with amplified honor that we offer up this latest tome of spells unearthed from the Scorces' vaults: I Turn Into You. Nearly 70 minutes of pedal-steel guitar tendrils, basement dust, whispered melodies, enchanted strings thrummed against the quiet, and possibly the planet's single intensest dual free-crooning chemistry (as anyone who caught one of their Fall '07 opening sets on the solo Thurston Moore tour can attest) sprawled across four spectral sides of black vinyl. All tracks were recorded several years ago back at Charalambides HQ in Houston, TX by
psych-guitar journeyman Tom Carter, and they've aged like oil paintings (cracking, majestic, immense). Housed in embossed, metallic ink jackets designed by Marcia Bassett (with a racy poem by the Scorces' ladies on the back), plus an 11x11 insert with info and a live shot. Edition of 500."
4/9/2003 Scorces Vivre Avec La Bete LP $19.99 Eclipse "Scorces is the improvising duo of Heather and Christina (both of Charalambides) utilizing (among other things) whirling guitar and vocal threads in their construction of charged electrical masses for total immersion. Their newest LP departs from the layered pulse of their self titled debut into realms of repeated cyclical gestures, finely drawn with Heather's voice & cuatro (a Peruvian string instrument) and Christina's
densely spiked guitar. All is then spun slightly off axis with gentle fluency for maximum perceptual elevation." - Tom Carter. Numbered edition of 525 copies with beautifully screened jackets by Heather Murray, this is a beautiful LP. Highly recommended!
1/20/2015 Scott, Tom James Teal LP $25.99 Skire Music "Recorded during summer 2013 after returning to his hometown on the North-West coast of England, Teal draws on a wider palette than Scott's previous solo releases, moving between rich, densely treated atmospheres and lucid reflective moments. The tensions and ease of summer spent in a place haunted by distant memories and fading childhood sentiment. Originally issued on cassette in summer 2014, Teal comes packaged in a full colour offset printed sleeve featuring new artwork, and has been expertly cut to lacquer by Noel Summerville." Images and audio can be found here http://skirethree.blogspot.co.uk/
4/23/2003 Screamin' Mee-Mees Nude Invisible Foot Phenomenon CD $10.99 Slippy Town "Reissue of 1996 Bag of Hammers LP from Missouri's premiere poets of basement-rock, low-tech experimentin', and righteous silliness. The eight minutes of ‘3 string classical guitar’ (by drummer Jon Ashline) and tape manipulation called ‘Chinese Handcuffs’ demonstrates wonderfully how much of the ‘serious’ ‘art’ music that got released in the 1990s was nothing but cynical, stillborn crap. Whoever decided you can't have a few laughs while you're lookin' for a little space done got theyselves stuck! On the other hand, if you wanna open a frosty one and reclaim your whiteboy stoopid roots, check ‘Dogfishin',’ ‘The Grand Old Duke of York’ (storytellin' in the tradition of their '77 classic ‘Max Factor’), or ‘Goin' to a Barbeque.’ But I think I'll grab the bong and check out ‘Smarter,’ a druggy bog up the bum of hierarchies everywhere, recorded in England by guitarist Bruce Cole with cover artist Todd Dillingham and friends. Mastered from vinyl by a friend of Bruce. Edition of 96. CDR released May 2002."

Screamin' Mee-Mees Plastic Hong Kong Door Bell Finger CD $7.99 Gulcher "The Screamin' Mee-Mees are back! And it's back to basics, kids. For the Mee-Mees' first proper release in eleven years (after a slew of archival digs more recently), they turn away from the psychodelik tweaks and layering of their 90s recordings. The duo returns to its basic mid-70s form: two adult children bashing away and making it up as they go along. That's Jon Ashline on drums and stoopid ad-lib lyrics, and there's Bruce Cole on the guitar. The guest bass seat this time is filled by Ann Rerun, the first female to enter this brotherhood's inner sanctum in its 35 years of existence. The five "tunes" with Miss Rerun concern a variety of social topics: plentiful gasoline, fried chicken, spillin' stuff on people, special sales, and reality itself. Bruce finds his voice on the brief but brutally effective "Blue Trashcan." The boys get kinda "experimental" with a lengthy double-guitar thing called "Flyin' Skull Fragments," which sounds like what a Captain Beefheart demo might've been like if Mr. Van Vliet plucked at guitar strings instead of playing one-finger piano. The two final "top secret mysterious unknown bonus tracks" find Bruce screwin' around with his audio generator in a fidgety Krautrock-like manner. The end. Now, how 'bout a sip of the Mee-Mees' new hot sody? It's been settin' in the sun for quite awhile now." - Eddie Flowers

Screamin' Mee-Mees & Hot Scott Fischer You're Now In Our World:Warp Sessions 1972 CD $10.99 Slippy Town "Re-discovered in late 2000 by Jon Ashline is this prequel to the Warp Sessions 1973 CDR. Bruce Cole sez he, Ashline, and rock-writer Scott Fischer 'recorded this on Fischer's balcony on a hot-ass summer day, fucked up on who knows what!? The cops only came by two times.' This is an epic exploration (total time 54:55), with seven musical chapters to ponder: 'Just Fine' (10:05), a cover of 'Sister Ray' (7:24), 'Edge of Space' (9:06), 'You're Now in Our World' (11:13), 'Take Cover' (3:31), 'The Attack of the Intergallactic Cement Mixers' (9:44), and 'In the World of Space' (3:48). Need I say more? Edition of 125."
6/17/2004 Screening Low End CD $13.99 Maor Appelbaum Productions “Screening is a one-man project, delving deep into experimental and avant-garde music. The whole project was created using only a bass guitar, manipulated by effects into a unique sonic experience, which tests the boundaries of music as we know it. Maintaining a somber, eclectic atmosphere throughout the album, Screening tests the limits of conventional music, exploring the outer reaches of the sound spectrum. Adventurous souls willing to experience a quest previously unknown are welcomed to test their senses and musical concepts with: Screening." File this under experimental / avant-garde.
3/2/2005 Sculptress How The Kingdom Fell Apart 3" CDR $7.99 Firstperson "A live recording of theStoke-on-Trent based improvising unit, here operating as a trio of Melanie Delaney (Ashtray Navigations), Joincey (Inca Eyeball, Wagstaff, Target Shoppers, etc) & Andy Jarvis (Anna Planeta). Over 20 minutes they slowly weave a trance-inducing web using clarinet, acoustic gtr, electric gtr, percussion & toys. This is the first available document of the group's continued & varied live work over the last 2 years." 3" cdr housed in hand-made clear acetate covers with information printed on one side and an image on the other.
7/11/2008 Sea Donkeys, The Live At The S.S. Marie Antoinette LP $13.99 Assophon Records "The Sea Donkeys 2nd long player is here. asso-001, Live at the S.S. Marie Antoinette LP is the culmination of a sound only dreamt of by today's cognoscenti. This record does not belong to any scene or movement or marketable new buzz word. This record is without geography. It is about electricity! While cries of JUDAS reverberate through the halls, The Sea Donkeys will not look back! Imagine the Godz (ESP-Disk vintage) recording at the Smegma studios, or the Velvets in Brazil. How about Ayler by way of Faust, how about that! This record is a blend of seductive pastoral folk rock tunes, free jazz reveries, shimmering strum drone, ascot pop, and unhinged rock!" Edition of 400 copies.
9/16/2007 Seagull The Conqueror Worm one-sided 7" $5.99 Ketchup Cavern "Debut release on newly formed Ketchup Cavern label, first vinyl release by Vancouver experimental musician Michael Piercey AKA Seagull after numerous self-released cassettes/CDRs. Performed using homemade noise generators and a gang of distortion pedals, The Conqueror Worm features 5 minutes of poorly-recorded static, roaring distortion (and some mysterious crackle added by the pressing plant). Guaranteed to confuse your neighbors. 1-sided 7" record, limited to 180 numbered copies, b&w cover." - label. "Seagull's "The Conqueror Worm" came to me from nowhere looking pretty menacing; I was thinking it was either a noise record, a black metal record, or a Stephen O'Malley side project just from looking at the artwork. Turns out to be the first option, and a quick Googling reveals Seagull to be one Michael Piercey outta Vancouver, who's got an array of tapes and CD-Rs to his name, unbeknownst to yours truly. Ketchup Cavern sez "The Conqueror Worm" consists of "poorly-recorded static, roaring distortion (and some mysterious crackle added by the pressing plant)" and that pretty well sums it up. It's a straight-forward snarling drone, cavernous rattling and tectonic plate-shifting sensibilities abounding, which is nice enough but kinda begs the question why, as Piercey seems to be treading on sure ground here...though I could never say I know a man after listening to five minutes of his music. Plus I think I could get into it more stretched out over full-album length. So as long as it's competently performed (it is), who cares if it doesn't change my life. Slick black and white sleeve designs on this baby though." - Outer Space Gamelan.
1/21/2015 Search Party Montgomery Chapel LP $19.99 Lion Productions "Search Party was the brainchild of (then Reverend) Nicholas Freund. Having left Wisconsin to join a burgeoning West Coast religious scene, Freund made his way to San Francisco in 1968 to lay down this sole effort with some of his students. The result is a spooky trip that’s equal parts acid-soaked mind expansion and God. Laced with haunting vocals and dreamlike passages, sinister farfisa, blasts of fuzz guitar and downer lyrics, Montgomery Chapel is psychedelic music at its most evocative and thanks to its depth and sense of anxiety, most truly spiritual. The ominous nine-minute drifter 'So Many Things Have Got Me Down,' for example, tackles the difficulties of an unfulfilled married life, depression and spiritual apathy, all while riding a stripped down, grooving beat. If you can imagine a lo-fi United States of America/Jefferson Airplane hybrid, you have an idea of how cool this band sounds. Only 600 copies were pressed and issued on the custom Century label; they've become holy grails of collectors. Artists as disparate as Current 93's David Tibet and Sonic Boom have heaped praise on it. We're thrilled to give this lost classic a proper reissue. Audio restoration by Anders Peterson. Insert is packed with info thanks to Nick Freund, who was gracious enough to delve into his memory, scrapbook, and photo albums to help us flesh out the portrait of one of the most potent—and perhaps most unlikely—psychedelic groups to ever record an album. •The only authorized reissue of this psychedelic masterpiece •180 gram vinyl edition comes in an old-style tip-on jacket •A holy grail for collectors of psychedelia •Insert is packed with info and band history by band leader Nick Freund, plus photos from his personal archive."
6/30/2010 Second Family Band Dream Release LP $13.99 Earjerk "Originally released on Bum Tapes in an edition of 40 cassette copies. Now pressed on colorful tie-dye vinyl in an edition of 300 hand numbered copies. All wrapped up in recycled LP covers which have been turned inside out and individually hand stamped with original artwork by the band. Fuzzy with analog warmth, the recording retains it's tapey feel. Probably because it was mastered directly to vinyl from the original cassette recordings. Never leaving the analog realm! All over the freaking map, this record floats from free-form, bucolic ramblings (Secrets of Magic Revealed) to soaring, eternal guitar ripping (Takeover The Rainbow) and even trips through some truly dubbed out terrain (Version). Just the kind of dreamy sounds you've come to expect here at Earjerk. This time, of course, we have been assisted by two other wonderful imprints. Namely, Tree Tapes and Boondock Pissoir. Pick up this wax now and Dream On!"
5/21/2009 Second Family Band East to West c80 cassette $8.99 Earjerk "... Pack some granola. Two long hikes through the haze grace this 80 minute cassette. 'Morning in the East' blazes trails." I'm taking my banjo along through the Himalayas and if you wanna drag that ARP along that'd be cool with me." The flip has a real dirty metropolis groove. Traveling. Lets crescendo awhile. Way out west now...How long we been drivin? ...Any Natives still live around here?"
1/22/2011 Second Family Band Good Blood LP $19.99 Alt.Vinyl "Second Family Band is a musical collective from Madison, Wisconsin which rose from the ashes of legendary free-folk outfit Davenport. They've had releases on Sloow Tapes, Earjerk, Gods Of Tundra, Bumtapes and a whole host of other crucial underground labels. Alt.Vinyl Records is proud to release 'Good Blood', an absolutely necessary slice of bold psychedelic absurdism from a tribe of musician-magicians operating at the very peak of their dark powers. Line-up: Endless, Woodman, Nico Kain, Clay Ruby, Dave 3000, Ivan Mariesse, Tyler Ol'Son, Lliam Lee Zian. Opening scuzz-haiku 'Below The Arch' instantly enthralls with some throbbing maltronics circling a quivering cardboard totem , a sky of sound pinpricked open with some gently rabid Ponca drumming and delicate wafts of fragrant fuzz. In seven minutes we are ascended beyond cloud level onto a crytalline plateau of ringing light and trembling breath. It's a shamanistic free-drone space-jam in miniature, rather like some strange confluence of The Necks, Sunburned Hand Of The Man and Circle at their most obtuse. The next track 'Night Graces of the Morning Temple' slowly balloons us back to earth, the music seemingly deflating the speakers as she goes. A choir of rusty radiators throb, moan, creak and boing along a half-dreamed corridor of mournful wah-wah. It sounds like Morphogenesis playing Berio at the bottom of a sewer, or the soundtrack to some Lynchian nightmare - very cool and grubby, bathed in a sort of undulating aural moonlight. Total deep listening mirage-music. Side 2 is comprised of a single 23-minute track, 'Good Blood', a delightfully pungent slab of relentless exotica blending elements of Les Baxter and Martin Denny with a nice Wooden Shjips-esque vibe, the whole mad soup bled through with some really sensitive electronic splashes and splutters. At about seventeen minutes we emerge from hypnosis into a clearing, bleary-eyed and stomach-cramped, and face a dramatic climax. The boulder-strewn groove threatens to topple at any moment, the air is awash with the flash and hiss of cymbals and feedback, it just rocks harder and harder.... then it's over, and my hand is reaching for the needle to spin it again." 180gm LP ltd to 300 copies in 3 colour screen printed sleeves
11/15/2008 Second Family Band Phasis cassette $8.99 Earjerk "Hot on the heals of the Slooow Tapes release... another killer collision with Peaking Lights and this time with Relentless Corpse! Record live to stereo cassette at the P.L. compound and a flip side with a traditional solstice jam and a small piece performed for Indra and Aarons (P.L.) wedding... Pro-dubbed, yellow tapes with matching case."
5/21/2009 Second Family Band The Eternal Lag / Our Way is the Right Way CDR $6.99 Earjerk "This is part of the new SFB cdr reissue series featuring 2 tape releases reissued on a single CDR. Eternal Lag: "Space. Travel. Time travel. Wanderings through distorted landscapes. Supernova! This cassette can barely contain the music spun on its reels. A cleaner fuzz there never was! The Second Family lays it on THICK with slanted hand drum rhythms and break neck tempo shifts, piano pulse, banjo abuses and epic sci-fi synth." Reissue of Earjerk tape. Our Way is the Right Way: "It's a dirty new age and we are set in our ways. Ingest these two crunchy jams." Reissue of Housecraft tape.
5/21/2009 Second Family Band The Eternal Lag Pt.2 c30 cassette $8.99 Dark Age Murky. The newest Dark Age Kassette! The latest addition in the subscription series.
1/17/2010 Second Family Band The Eternal Lag Pt.3 cassette $6.99 Dark Age Kassettes "The Quest continues! If 'Our Way Is The Right Way' is the prequal. And Eternal Lag Pt.2 is 'The Two Towers'. Then this is 'The Return of the King'. Killer, blown-out, science fantasy, noise epic. Trbal drums, buried synth etc... Standard Dark Age Kassettes packaging. Purple Tapes. Limited to 45 copies."
5/21/2009 Second Family Band Weird Sword / Seers Word c32 cassette $8.99 Earjerk "Truly the darkest SFB excursion to date. Channeling some kinda queer science-fantasy/4AD vibe, The Second Family make up a strange bed o 'spheres... Gradually the vampire vox get laid down, courtesy Max Elliott. Karen Eliot lends a healing chant and some wicked guttar...also crawling around in the dark: Iam Lee Ian, Dave 3000, Ivan Mairesse, Endless and Woodman." Edition of 45 copies.
5/21/2009 Second Family Band When We Are Gone CDR $6.99 Earjerk "Set sail! This is some solid action from the Family, in full force, honoring their ancestors. A Samhain gathering. Sunset and the music begins....it is morning before long. Freeeeeeeee Jams with db Pedersens vocal contortions and a Spontaneous Sabbath Sermon by Father Karen Eliot. What a trip." Part of the new SFB cdr reissue series.
5/21/2009 Second Family Band Whose Wave We Ride c60 cassette $8.99 Earjerk "Had to happen... Let's take things to the Eye-Lands! Tropical breeze bass lines and a sunset vibe definitely rule this release. We know! We know! It's all the rage right. Well... we did what we did and now we gotta let you have it. Would it help if we let you know it just kinda happened? I mean, you can't plan these kinda jams right? Hey! I said Pina Colada not Ayuasca! Come aboard... we're expecting you..."
11/1/2014 Second Family Band Wrong Carnival, Kid LP $14.99 Earjerk "Wrong Carnival, Kid LP - The freakiest and most fabulous. The most frightening and fantastic, merry and motley crew ever to grace the midway. The first side, 'Wrong Carnival, Kid' is a throbbing rager worth the price of admission alone. Thrown down at the barefoot hobo-haven dubbed the faux-op, this one will leave you dizzy. Must be this tall to ride! Please remove any loose items and keep hands and head inside vehicle at all times! The B-side splits it's time between a creepy carny lament; 'Nopus No.23' and a funhouse flashback titled 'House of Mirrors' that will definitely keep you amused. Reissue of a fairly recent cassette release that was issued collaboratively on the Earjerk and No Note labels."
4/10/2009 Second Family Band, The Changing Suns cassette $6.99 Earjerk "5 or 7 tunes out of thin air. Recorded on the shores of windy Lake Mendota. Acoustic strumming, guitar-body drumming, trad sec fam throat singing, courtesy db pedersen and some amazing string action from Jared Annoye. For the most part a daylight affair but the Suns definitely dip behind the cloud more than a few times. First 25 copies on sunny yellow cassettes."
2/21/2009 Second Family Band, the The Eternal Lag cassette $5.99 Earjerk "Space. Travel. Time travel. Wanderings through distorted landscapes. Supernova! This cassette can barely contain the music spun on its reels. A cleaner fuzz there never was! The Second Family lays it on THICK with slanted hand drum rhythms and break neck tempo shifts, piano pulse, banjo abuses and epic sci-fi synth."
6/27/2009 Secret Abuse The Immeasurable Gift LP $14.99 Arbor "The Immeasurable Gift" is a testament to cathartic possibilities and the role of creation/release as a means of understanding. Recorded throughout the past three years in a variety of locations and personal moments; encapsulated by a common, unrelenting concern. Beautifully delicate, elegiac melodies concealed within curtains of dense electronic ambiance reveal themselves like the light at the end of the tunnel; a signifier of the temporary vessel form. Balancing recklessness with care and coming to terms with the inevitable; encountering the man on the shoulder, reminding us that we are all just weary travelers. In an edition of 425 records in full color proprinted cardboard jackets with printed labels and an insert; all design by Jeff Witscher."
11/15/2008 Secret Abuse Violent Narcissus LP $16.99 Not Not Fun "Secret Abuser Jeff Witscher is an enigma wrapped in a riddle rolled in cassette tape and plugged into a battered pair of towering PA speakers. He's lived everywhere, met everyone, and inspired legions through his lifestyle, utopian fashions ('refugee chic'), and spellbindingly intense music. Up from Rainbow Blanket, through to Impregnable, and across the arid plains of Roman Torment and Deep Jew, Witscher's maintained a singularity of vision and total commitment to execution that has wrecked us, personally, to the point of speechlessness at least a dozen times. But, despite his restlessly shapeshifting spirit, the past year plus has seen him settling slightly deeper into his Secret Abuse sinkhole style, and here's hoping he lingers a while longer, cause it's a fucking winner. Brutal, pensive, blown-out tones crossfade into tortured minor key guitar laments before being slowly subsumed in a droning ocean of choked vocals and sulking, selfish electronics. Repressed, burning, and emotional like a young man pushing away everything, Violent Narcissus is as definitive a document as has thus far yet emerged from the SA canon (and lord knows there's been a grip of gems). Look long and hard; the mirror is a bitter mistress. Black LPs, mastered by Bill Hutson, housed in jackets designed by Witscher. Edition of 445."
4/3/2011 Secret Colors Lunar LP + c20 cassette $23.99 Aguirre Records "Secret Colors offers up his latest, a bubbling album called 'Lunar'. Homespun ambient soundscapes taking you on a space trek without any sort of cliche spacey noise. Glitchy without being abrasive, hollowed out yet wholly satisfying. You'll find a new jungle planet with this as the soundtrack. Its about to get humid. (Leftist Nautical Antiques). Limited to 300 copies." 125 copies come with bonus tape.
4/10/2009 Sedayne Naked Season cassette $8.99 Sloow Tapes "Experimental re-imaginations of English traditionals by the man who in a distant past was member of the Masstishaddhu cult. These tracks venture through dark medieval seasons of sheep stealers and John Barleycorn. Instruments played, among others, are hurdy-gurdy, voice, jew's harps, crwth, citera and bones. Artwork by Sedayne, 70 copies."
11/8/2013 See See, The Featherman 7" EP $7.99 Great Pop Supplement "Fresh from their debut Stateside 45 on the mighty Sundazed label, The See See release a storming new 3 track 7" via The Great Pop Supplement, (home to their many sold out 45s and full lengths over the last few years) and on download via Dell'Orso. This one is a stunner, arguably their finest 7" to date; 3 ace tunes dripping in sun drenched jangly, melodic psych… A rejuvenated line up sees guitarist Sam Ferman permanently join the band giving the band a fresh, exciting spark, perfectly expressed here on the EP's title track 'Featherman'. A swift, subtly laidback gem with passing nods to Arthur Lee, Love, The Byrds and the more melodic side to later era Elevators… Second track "Let Me Be The One…" showcases perhaps a new side to the band that brings to mind the comedown motel feel pioneered by Jeffrey Lee Pierce & The Gun Club. The wonderful flipside features a re-working of a recent B side 'Snowdrops' by the harmonic genius that is Jim Noir, (now entitled "Across The Water"). Noir takes the template of the band's song and transforms it into a space age pop song with lyrics that arise from the everyday debris of a Sunday morning market. A true gem. The band embark on a headline 9 date tour of Spain in October and November in support of the EP. A wonderful 45 available as a pressing of 500 only on The GPS last week of September."
11/1/2014 See-See, The Once Forever and Again LP $18.99 Great Pop Supplement "Hot on the heels of the recent 'must have' collection of sold out 45s and rarities on the mighty Sundazed label, The See See return with their third studio full length in October via The GPS on vinyl and on CD and download via Dell'Orso. Another fantastic collection of bittersweet sunshine psych pop nuggets, layered with the bands' killer ear for a vocal harmony and hooks aplenty. Passing nods to Big Star, Later era Byrds / Burritos and the 'Paisley Underground' sounds of the great Rain Parade and Long Ryders amongst others, the set doesn't disappoint and is sure to build on the acclaim and quick sell out status of all of their previous output. Admired by the likes of Sid Griffin, Ric Menck and Norman Blake to name a few, the band have recently collaborated with longterm fans such as Jim Noir and The Coral, from whom Nick Power penned the great "Jenny Said" from the set here. Another wonderful addition to The See See cannon and released as a one time vinyl pressing on white wax in an addition of 750 only. Sure to go real quick…."
1/30/2014 Seeded Plain Provincial Stammer CDR $7.99 Bug Incision "Provincial Stammer is the new album from the duo of Bryan Day (Eloine, Shelf Life) and Jay Kreimer. The former came to the attention of Bug Incision sometime in the last year or so, along with his excellent labels Public Eyesore and Eh? Records, and this is one of the many excellent things we've heard coming out of his world. Kreimer is an instrument builder and sculptor whose work has been shown in galleries across the US and in China. The group describes themselves as "confrontational gamelan theatre", which is as good a description as any, because trying to discern or describe what's going can be a challenging proposition. Amplified metal/object-based improvisation might cover it, but that's still pretty vague. But, it seems that this vagueness is welcomed - and exciting even - and the music is all the better for it." edition of 75 copies, color covers in plastic sleeves.
6/25/2003 Seeds, The The Seeds LP $15.99 Get Back "1966 debut album by Los Angeles garage punk legends, the Seeds, featuring the now classic primitive rocker 'Pushin' Too Hard'. Originally released as a single to promote the album, it went largely unnoticed until the full-length album was released, at which point it began to climb the charts, creeping its way into the Top 40. Featured on numerous compilations and covered extensively, it remains one of the great musical landmarks of the sixties California garage scene."
6/25/2003 Seeds, The Web of Sounds LP $15.99 Get Back "Springing from the underbelly of the Los Angeles garage scene, the Seeds were punk rock before the world had ever heard of a tribe called Ramone. Staying mostly to the 'primitive rock' side of the great hippie divide, they released their debut album in 1966, followed by Web Of Sounds that same year. The band did eventually succumb to the inebriating perfume of flower power, but that ultimately proved to be their demise, unravelling in the face of the dawning of a darker era. Includes their second hit single 'Mr. Farmer' and the raucous 'Rollin' Machine'."
9/11/2012 Sefahat 1st & 3rd gig c90 cassette $6.99 Tuplapesa Archival material from finnish experimental group Sefahat from 2000.A-SIDE1st gig Friday, 2.6.2000 at Ilokivi Restaurant, Jyväskylä, Finland.Tapahtuma: "Live electronics" ... with Dieter Müh, Putrefier. Musicians: Jari Kaukua, Tommi Keränen, Sami Nybacka. B-SIDE 3rd gig Thursday, 14.12.2000 at Gloria, Helsinki, Finland. Tapahtuma: "Äänen Lumo 2000 - Charm Of Sound 2000" ... with Keeril Makan & Co, Maapallon ulkopuolinen sähkötrio, Nu Science, LumoDuo. Musicians: Jussi Karsikas, Jari Kaukua, Tommi Keränen.
12/3/2010 Seguin, Logan ss-vntrx 34000 - original film soundtrack c31 cassette $7.99 Digitalis Limited "It's albums like this that make me think goddamn i'm one lucky fucker. this just fell in my lap and listening to it again, for the 30th time or so, i still can't believe it. amazingly, logan seguin generally plies his trade making folk-based tunes but somehow managed to make this fictional soundtrack on an old yamaha keyboard that rivals most of the electronic explorations i've heard in the past few years. anyway, equal parts john carpenter, the legend of zelda and disjointed sonic mayhem "ss-vntrx 34000? is a journey all on its own. seguin does an incredible job of making music that is wholly cinematic - i can totally imagine what this imaginary film is about, what it looks like, etc. darkened sci-fi synths and blasted outerspace beats collide in delicious harmony, creating a soundworld that is rich in texture, both aural and visual. take this ride. edition of 75, chrome tapes."
5/29/2008 Seht Dead Bees ((the((quiet)earth))suite) CD $13.99 Pseudo Arcana "Campbell Kneale once explained that to describe Wellingtons Seht as drone music is much the same as describing Antarctica as white. Where as many of us utilise the drone as an ingredient, a point of departure, Stephen Clover's Seht project distils drones to craft something very like a fine liquor. 'One Moment', the 35 minute first track on 'Dead Bees' is Clovers
somnambulant ambient drone masterpiece. A famous insomniacs grand fantasy of sleep. Setting sail with the gentle sound of submerged bells one sinks deeper as lush rich tones gradually merge into a swell of dreamscape waves. Deeper still and one finds oneself glowing in a deep warm golden molasses that shimmers and sways until time somehow folds in upon itself and loses all meaning as ones consciousness shifts into angel gear for the lonnnng coast out. But Clover is also agent provocateur- a wry and acerbic wit. To say that there are surprises to follow is an understatement."
6/11/2006 Seht Fedearacy Boots CDR $12.99 Pseudo Arcana "Sublime glitchy processed organ, clicks and more from the irrepressible and suddenly everywhere seht. (For those who don't already know seht is Wellington local Stephen Clover
who besides being incredibly prolific and consistently great under his seht moniker is also member of The Stumps, The Longshoremen and more..). Constructed of ear-bathing loops, drones and electronic renderings 'Federacy Boots' is weird enough to disturb your dreams and gentle enough to beautify your Sunday mornings. Better than berroca!"
4/24/2006 Seht Nova Bonalbo CDR $12.99 musicyourmindwillloveyou "speech of ghost lunar rays ornate from the distance bent into refraction glyphs or i pine for the security of my escape pod , cast upon the endless black seas of the night."
9/17/2006 Seht The Green Morning CD $12.99 Digitalis "New Zealand's seht (AKA Stephen Clover) has spawned a musical monster around one consistent idea: that simplicity can be the most mind-expanding drug around. Over the course of a dozen releases on labels like Last Visible Dog and Celebrate Psi-Phenomenon, Clover has perfected this artform. Using a minimal array of instruments and effects, he sculpts every sound source he can find into soothing walls of aural bliss. Doing more with less is rarely done better than this. "The Green Morning" is seht's third proper CD release, and comes on the heels of a series of limited CD-Rs. Through his ability to synthesize a seemingly endless array of sounds into a single, focused point, seht acts as a modern composer in the same vein as William Basinski. Clover's drones have explored various territory through the past few years, everything from glacial ambience to desconstructed blues. "The Green Morning" is like the early moments of dawn, bathed in warm plumes of sonic sunlight. These songs are the memories trapped beneath the floorboards, and by looking back Clover offers a mere
glimpse into the ambience of a not-so-distant future."
4/24/2006 Seikazoku Live in Japan CD $15.99 Vivo Records "A wonderful mixture of progressive psychedelic rock, improvised structures of jazz and extraordinary world music inspirations! Yoshida Tatsuya ( head of Magaibutsu Records, Ruins, PainKiller, Korekyojin, Zubi Zuva, just the name of few!), Tsuyama Atsushi (Akaten, Haco, Omoide Hatoba, Acid Mothers Temple), Kawabata Makoto (Acid Mothers Temple, Zoffy, Godman, Akaten, Gong, Mainliner, Musica Transonic, countless other projects). Featuring 13 tracks recorded during shows in Tokyo and Nagoya in 2005. Must-have for all fans of new sound of Japan!"
6/10/2004 Sender, Ramon Worldfood CD $12.99 Locust "'In those pre-Buchla Box days, we cobbled together whatever odd bits of equipment we could beg, borrow, steal and occasionally buy to coax whatever squeaks and chirps or sequences of noises we could from their complaining depths.' - Ramon Sender. Worldfood is a wild, psychedelic warble & drone of looped, overlayed tape pieces produced by 'goosing' an ampex tape player with a computer calibration device. The resulting two pieces - 'Worldfood III (To See With my Eyes)' and 'WorldfoodX!!' - both part of a number of variations in a series - make for gorgeous, careening sungazing music. Leave your glasses behind. Ramon Sender is a legendary figure in the Bay Area scene - first paving the way for the San Francisco Tape Center with Mort Subotnick (Silver Apples of the Moon) and Pauline Oliveiros at the dawn of the 1960s where the stunningly out pieces on this disc happened. In subsequent years, he played an active role with the San Francisco Diggers - the anarchist guerilla street theater group that challenged the emerging Counterculture - and co-founded the legendary Morningstar Ranch Commune in Sonoma County. Worldfood is the first in an ongoing series of archival discs to come from Ramon Sender's exceptional vaults."
12/29/2004 Seo, Yoo Suk & Yang Hee Eun A Fairy CD $20.99 MVD “Seo Yoo-Seock - Shin Joong Hyun songs collection. From this record only the side A songs were reissued on CD format together with the Yang Hee Eun records in 2003. Side A songs are Shin Jung Hyun's songs ; Side B are other music writers songs. I think that this record is a good folk rock or psychedelic folk album from Korea. Personally I think that Korea best folk rock album is a Kim Jung-Mi's ‘Now’ as a total album while Korea best folk rock song is a Seo Yu-Seok's ‘Seonnea (Fairy)’. ‘The fairy’ is a more progressive and acid folk song. Especially you can hear great harp, violin, cello session, string session, Shin Jung Hyun's wawa guitar sounds, oboe, Bass guitar at this song. A real Korean acid folk masterpiece song!!” - Folkie Jin. Basically this compiles two lp’s but only includes the songs with Shin Joong Hyun (which was one side of each lp). Great stuff! If you dig the Kim Jung Mi cd and / or any Shin Joong Hyun releases I think you’ll like this, too.
6/19/2007 Sephiroth's Knot (aka Jow Jow) untitled CDR $12.99 Spirit of Orr "The Western MA flagship gathering offers it's first ever release through outside channels, SPIRIT OF ORR could not be more honored with their offering this collection to us. JOW JOW, also known as SEPHIROTH'S KNOT or just SEFIROTH is a Free-Improv, Psych Music Collective drawing influence from a broad pallet ranging from Sun Ra to the Godz "Third Wave" with a penchant for the obscure sound or instrument. Contains members of FEATHERS, RED FAVORITE, BUNWINKIES, & SUPREME DICKS. Born from nightly imbibing of the magic antler. Feel the Wreath. Limited to 300 numbered hand assembled copies."

September Plateau Occasional Light CD $11.99 elsie and jack recordings Solo recordings from Birmingham, Alabama's Chris Jeely (Accelera Deck) made in late 1997. Very nice ambient drones via guitar.
11/15/2008 Sepviva Bells Halloween In The Sea cassette $8.99 Sloow Tapes "Duo recordings by Tara Burke (Fursaxa, Anahita, Tau Emerald) and Grant Acker (Slurp Dogs), smoking one late-period Un/early Fursaxa style. A scorching blend of distorted psychedelia, hypnotic riffing and mellow vocals trapped inside a very trippy atmosphere. Edition of 170 copies with silkscreened fold-out booklet." Highly recommended!
6/5/2009 Sequin Trails Maiden Midst CDR $9.99 Golden Lab Records "Janina Angel Bath's unabashed approach to cranking out sun-drenched, ecstatic drones overlaid by seedy saxophone and deep, almost Nico-esque vocals has us melting into our sofas. We came upon Sequin Trails through this here myspace, which is normally a bit too postmodern for us. But the fact that there was dayglo, facepaint and tonal honking involved really won us over. The recording is blown-out and buzzy and all the better for it. And it traverses muddily pulsating rhythms through to pure note elongation that zaps the senses and focuses the mind's eye, like listening to one's own tinnitus. This is so deep, it may be bottomless." Edition of 80 copies.
2/2/2014 Seven That Spells Future Retro Spasm LP $28.99 Cosmic Eye Records "Our sixth release is a reissue of Croatian space psychedelic mongers SEVEN THAT SPELLS 2010 album "Future Retro Spasm", previously available through Beta-lactam Ring Records on CD format only. A dazzling recording by Croatia’s finest heavy spacerock band, channeling Hawkwind, Igra Staklenih Perli and Acid Mothers Temple in an brain melting labyrinth of disorientating rhythms, exploding guitars, complex sax, bubbling electronics, jazzy calmness and celestial knowledge. Brilliant all the way through! LP version is pressed on high quality vinyl and comes out in a limited edition of 300 copies (150 color & 150 black). The colored copies come in solid orange. Beta-Lactam Ring's description on the 2010 CD release: "Ferocious iron age percussive propulsion into the inner core of existential angst. STS's psych moves sound like road construction in downtown NYC; a pummeling, from which arises a sublime melodic poetry and the sweet smell of asphalt. Seven That Spells has won the spelling bee by correctly spelling Kraut with 3 umlauts, and 2 Gurus. They are not, however, an Ohr label cover band, their recipe IS leaving the strudel in the rain. After several releases STS definitely has a flavour. The unit forms up on track for track with such precision that the completion of each piece seems like a magic trick. Cosmosis floes leaving experimental eddyie glistening in the light from burning attack ships. Mechanic and destructiw, delivered with John Bonham force. Seven That Spells and seven is." Black vinyl.
7/30/2006 Seven That Spells It Came From the Planet of Love CD $19.99 Russian Association of Independent Genres "Formed in 2003, Seven That Spells from Zagreb, Croatia is a brain-child of Niko Potocnjak - homage to instrumental acid rock in its simplest yet most energetic form. Initially, the band was conceived as an ultra psychedelic guitar and bass duo-project backed up with a rhythm machine to create extremely obscured and long linear sound-streams. But very soon, with the addition of a drummer the band drifted to a spicier concept: freak-out guitar, fat dub-bass and impromptu drumming - everything rehashed for a heavy psychedelic sound of the 70's rock-experimental music. Since that time, the band never stopped tripping through the multifaceted cosmos of freak out music, adding new players, shaping the line-up, developing stage-image, improvising, jamming...Rock and Love! It Came From The Planet Of Love - the second official release by Seven That Spells featuring a renewed line-up of Mario Peretic (drums), Turtko Dujmovic (bass), Igor Potocnjak (synthesizer), and a mastermind behind this psychedelic commune Niko Potocnjak (guitar). Turning the volume on, open your mind and think of the following: "Rock music reinvents itself by curving and bending the time - space continuum. Our brains are quantum waves just as the sound is a cosmic wave. Musicians are transmitters not artists. Instruments are receivers not tools. To live is to die is to live on the planet of love." (777) Need more? What you hear is not necessary music - it's a Voice appealing to all brain-damaged pains. That experience could cure your aged nostalgia and depression, or could smash your consciousness deep down. Many unexpected things will happen in the course. There is no point in describing these, as my mind refuses to define property lines of what I've listened to and what I've heard." - label. "There are two long tracks on this CD... The first one, over 30 minutes long track starts in a laid back manner and slowly grows with humming cymbals. At the two and a half minute marker the rhythm joins in and begins a heavy acid rock jam. The space sounds that were introduced already on the previous album are again there to gibe the music an extraterrestrial feel. There plenty of time for all kinds of things to happen in a track this long, of course. Amazing stuff! The other track starts in an easy mood, too, but then it explodes into merciless freak out rocking. In the middle there is some more peaceful ljamming. The track fades out at about 13 minutes, and after that there comes about five minutes of minimal hiss and drone. This is pretty strong album, as well, and worth buying if you're into Acid Mother Temple styled improvised acid rock with some remnants of the 60's and 70's." - by Astro of PSYCHOTROPIC ZONE (Finland) (March 2006). "Just when I've put in this baby the trip started... straight in the brain with fuzzed out guitars, mindblowing solos, great drumming and weird noises. Let's say this CD is a big jam with a lot of nice moments that'll help you to reach a deeper high. Well done and psychedelic fans all over the planet should check out these guys... only god knows on what stuff they're. (Rating +1 = OVER THE TOP!)" - by RB of DAREDEVIL MAGAZINE (Germany) (June 2006)
6/30/2010 Seven Vowels of Nature, The Vol. I and E c20 cassette $6.99 Sacred Phrases "The whole—greater than the sum of the parts. Rooted from buried Earth. Clairvoyance and Clairaudience: these tracks, progressive in their slow pace, elucidate the hums of the past and future. cardstock j-card, labeled cassettes. art by adam. edition of 48." Nice!
3/16/2003 Seven Year Rabbit Cycle Animal People CD $11.99 Free Porcupine Society Records "A crash-and-smash goodtime of brutal improvisation mixed with stark, crushing melodies for a world ruled by giant owls and bitter rabbits from former Deerhoof guitarist Rob Fisk, along with Miya Osaki, Steve Gigante (Tiny Bird Mouths, Theteethe) and Kelly Goodefisk (also ex- Deerhoof). Packaged with hand painted covers."

Seventh Seal, The The Seventh Seal LP $49.99 Acme Absolutely killer lp featuring:
Drums, Percussion - Hajime Koizumi
Guitar, Sitar, Violin, Sarangi, Percussion - Makoto Kawabata
Percussion - Nobuko Emi
Vocals, Bass - Mineko Itakura
Vocals, Guitar, Organ, Lyrics By [Words], Producer - Asahito Nanjo
1997 release.
8/31/2010 Sewer Election Bristning LP $23.99 Release The Bats "Originally released as a tape in 100 copies on Klorofyll Kassetter in 2008 which sold out immediately, Bristning finally gets the vinyl treatment. For this reissue, Dan Johansson revisited the original masters recorded at Utmarken in 2008 and elaborated it into an extended version, now clocking in on 33 minutes. Bristning shows the progression between the loop-based vocal manipulations on Kassettmusik (iDEAL) and the more recent Vidöppna Sår LP (Pan), weaving together elements from both. A RTB favorite in the big Sewer Election discography. Mastered for vinyl by Viktor Ottosson. 275 copies." Klorofyll said: "Sewer Election gives you a twisted world of decay and filth. Putting out records since 2002, on labels like Segerhuva, Release the Bats!, iDEAL and Troniks, you can definately say Sewer Election has been around quite a while delivering his punches of endlessly violent bursts of noise. Earlier this year, on his latest album called Kassettmusik, Sewer Election introduced a new sound to his music, replacing his former well knowned harsh noise to a more subtle and restrained soundscape, although nonetheless still filled with the corrupting and creepy feeling of moral decay and disease. In many ways Bristning is following in this direction, continuing with a tapeloop orientated sound, and in many ways it is not. Using all kinds metal junk to create analogue noise this recording is at times far more harsh than any fx-pedal ever can be. Bristning consits of only analogue sounds, recorded using microphones and a tapedeck, reducing the artificial feeling and creates a gritty and filthy sound of a world falling into pieces."
11/21/2009 Sex Worker The Labor of Love LP $12.99 Not Not Fun "Intense visionary debut by Mi Ami frontman Daniel Martin-McCormick‚s solo alias explores a different realm of pulsing body music. Dancy, grey-wash keyboard rhythms and post-dub echoes pitter-patter under weird vocal smears and shadow melodies. Edition of
2/28/2011 Seziki Tetrasheaf / Perspectives split c60 cassette $6.99 Rotifer "edition of 100 pro-duplicated type II, chrome cassettes. Seziki Tetrasheaf and Perspectives' third appearance on Rotifer."
5/20/2004 Shackamaxon Live 2002 CDR $19.99 Arbitrary Signs If you take Son of Earth band + Double Leopards band + some Pete Nolan, you get Shackamaxon. There ain't a damn thing wrong w/ that. Those who've seen their mighty live gigs know the force of this horse, so to speak.” – Apostasy website. This is a recording from 2002 and probably features Pete Nolan, Marcia Bassett, Chris Gray, Aaron Rosenblum, John Shaw, and Matt Krefting. One 31+ minute piece. Handmade sleeves – recommended!
12/24/2005 Shackamaxon Shackamaxon LP $15.99 HP Cycle "Shackamaxon began back in 2001 when members of Double Leopards, Son of Earth and Magik Markers united to record and create music together. Since that time, the ensemble has quietly unleashed their psychedelic drift through a handful of live performances and a self-released CDr. Their self-titled debut LP presents four pieces of restrained beauty that encapsulates the Shackamaxon sound. The album begins with a side-long excursion where sparse organic textures become enveloped in cavernous layers of sound and perpetually fuzzed drones. It is a steady swell which builds to immense heights before fading into the expanse. Side two starts off with a brief introduction of fluttering tones, then diverges into an intricate passage of controlled feedback chatter and subtle reverberations. The album concludes with what sounds like a field recording from an alien rain forest, capturing strange creatures chirping and gurgling as the humidity drips from the canopy. Beautiful cover art by Amy Borezo." 2nd edition.
3/2/2002 Shale to Shift Dromomania CD $10.99
Taking inspiration from the poetics of ruined spaces, the three players map out a sonic geography using found objects, guitar buzz and rattle, cello, violin, and internal processing feedback. At times spare, simple, neo-minimalistic and then emerging as a cinematic soundtrack with layers of drone, metallic and wooden percussion, or freely interpreted ambient music... For more info, please visit www.jerryblue.org and www.1000pieces.com."
6/27/2009 Sharper Capes Sharper Capes CDR $4.99 Lost Treasures of the Underworld
5/8/2012 Shazzula Black Mass Rising DVD $37.99
Filmed & directed by Shazzula. "The film is neither violent nor hippy, but a kind of point between heavy and light. From the kind of aesthetic that you create with poor materials, it shows beauty in the darkness, like an apocalyptic dream. The music follows a kind of mystic, doomsday vision. There are 22 songs and 22 parts of the film which are unified into one vision by the aesthetics of the imagery in 120 minutes." - Shazzula
120 minutes Movie - MMXII- PART I: THE RISING (60 min.in Colors) PART II: THE BLACK MASS (60 Min.in B&W)
BMR is a personal interpretation of themes like the Apocalypse, Mysticism & religion, Darkness
A Mix between Psychedelia and Obscure Visions, Kind of Ying & Yang. Region 2 PAL dvd
TRAILER: http://vimeo.com/32938470
Ltd 666 copies.
Part I - The Rising (In Colors)
1 Master Musicians of Bukkake - Durga 7:27
2 The Entrance Band - Juicy's Last Dance 4:45
3 Bobby Beausoleil - Hellion Rebellion 6:30
4 Shazzula - Apocalyptic Dream 1:46
5 Makoto Kawabata (Acid Mothers Temple) - Black Lucifer Rising Son Of A Bitch 3:48
6 Sylvester Anfang II - Embryo's Dochter II 5:59
7 In Zaire - Owl's Path 4:38
8 Mourning Ring - Chant Of The Invisible Builders 4:00
9 Rose Croix - Towers Of Deimos 4:21
10 Ga'an - Living Tribunal 8:12
11 Mater Suspiria Vision - Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse 5:52

Part II - The Black Mass (In B&W)
12 Horror Illogium (PORTAL/Australia) - Luxus Magus 4:36
13 L'Acéphale - Passing Into Sleep 6:02
14 Cultus Sabbati - Mouth Of The Beast 8:45
15 Sum Of R - Without Erika 6:06
16 Sayona - First Element 2:40
17 Kinit Her - His Traces In Us 5:58
18 YOGA - Greys 8:12
19 Aluk Todolo - Schwarzesonne 6:00
20 Burial Hex - Backwards Curse 5:30
21 Menace Ruine - Feu Bon 6:00
22 Demonologists - Mistress Of Decay 7:12
9/29/2003 Sheffield, Colin A. In Between 10" $7.99 Elevator Bath "In Between' is just by Sheffield and he announces this record as something to play while in between doing other stuff, like writing or reading. Here it's not clear what exactly it is that he is doing, musicwise. The a-side is mainly one large ambient drone piece that almost moves without moving. The b-side is also droney and ambient, but has more changes to offer. Beautiful dark ambience, that is also really good if you don't want to anything else then just hearing (and why not? why should you always wanna do stuff when hearing music of this kind? just dim the lights and soak up the ambience!)." – Staalplaat.
9/29/2003 Sheffield, Colin A. Side One 7" $4.99 Elevator Bath "This is Colin's debut (as well as the first release for Elevator Bath), released in 1998. The record consists of two short pieces, each of which utilizes highly amplified machine sounds. This is sample-based digital minimalism. On transparent vinyl with fold-out covers, in an edition of 475 copies."
9/29/2003 Sheffield, Colin A. Spring (Time) 7" $4.99 Elevator Bath "This 7” by Colin Andrew Sheffield (pressed on beautiful, clear vinyl), is an intriguing pair of tracks with a minimal, almost ‘microwave’ feel to it. On Side A, the track ‘Sprint (Time)’ is grounded in silence and comprised of clusters of sounds, shifting tones and crackles. Side B, ‘The Bridge’, is more of a mood piece. Its sparse and isolated atmosphere provides the setting for further tonal shifts, clicks and pops. Incidentally, the crackle of the vinyl compliments these tracks wonderfully. Short and sweet, this excellent and very noteworthy single is limited to just 300 copies." - Richard di Santo
9/29/2003 Sheffield, Colin A. / James Eck Rippie Variations LP $13.99 Elevator Bath "Colin A. Sheffield is the owner of the Elevator Bath label and also responsible for this release. This one is a duet with James Eck Rippie who is apparently a turntablist and guitarist (albeit unknown to me) and Sheffield calls him a sampling minimalist. They have played a couple of concerts together in the past few years, but this is their first recorded work. The a-side is entirely filled with 'Variations For Harp', which is an extremely minimal piece of stuttering cracks and the harp (didn't I just write that one of them is a guitarist?) playing softly loose notes. But everything goes into repetition and with small changes in speed the sound gets extracted and later on they are in unison again. Steve Reich's phase shifting technique for analogue instruments and digital processing. The b-side has two pieces, 'Variations of Guitar' and 'Variations For Flute'. The first one is a very soft piece for sustained guitar sounds and softly hoovers by. A very controlled atmosphere. The same goes for the flute piece. The instrument is hard to be recognized there and is soaked up in a deep wash of ambience (and sounds almost like it was recorded out door somewhere). Very minimal music that is simply beautiful. Topped off with a nice full colour cover in a Touch/Ash style.” – Staalplaat. On 180-gram vinyl with lovely full-color jackets, in an edition of 400 copies.
8/4/2007 Shelf Life Ductworks CD $9.99 Public Eyesore "Shelf Life is Brian Day's most important musical venture today, besides of course running Public Eyesore. Shelf Life is a quartet of musicians, besides Day, there is also A. Boardman, J. Jaros and J. Schleidt. The cover doesn't list any instruments, but I believe to hear a saxophone, one or more guitars, a short wave and some sort of percussion. They are played in a true improvised manner: hit it and see what comes out. They pluck, hit, strumm their instruments in what turns out to be an endless stream of sounds. Thirteen pieces in total, although it's hard to say when a piece ends and when a new one begins. This is my main objection against this release: the dynamic level is not very high, so everything happens on more or less the same level, which is a pity, since it makes it a bit too much in a free form mass of sound. Some more mixing could have helped. Unless of course the idea was to have a total democratic sound, and not have one to play the leading part. If that was their goal, they succeeded in that very well." - Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly
10/25/2008 Shemboid A Spaghetti of Wires CDR $12.99 Memoirs of an Aesthete "Now this one was meant to come out last year before Memoirs' cash-strapped hiatus, we are glad to finally dish this sweetie out from one of the unexplored corners of the West Yorkshire Psychedelic Underground. Shemboid is a one-man project which has been dishing out homemade CDR releases (and the very occaisional gig) since 1999 to very little attention, a situation we hope to change. Expect mutilated field recordings, garage electro-punk, freak-out guitar and kaoss pad overload with a heavy atmosphere of half-remembered childhood Radiophonic Workshop encounters. Edition of only 50 copies (still the highest profile Shemboid release!) in full colour covers."

Shepp, Archie Blasé / Live At The Pan-African Festival double CD $22.99 Charly "Shepp stands twenty feet tall on these two monsters recorded in Parisian exile, August 1969. Blas‚ features Jeanne Lee delivering a soliloquy on sexual politics lead by Shepp and assisted by a veritable who's who featuring Lester Bowie, Malachai Favors, Dave Burrell, the amazing Philly Joe Jones on drums and the duel harmonica blowing of Chicago Beau and Julie Finn. Live At Pan-African Fest pulls out all the stops as he's joined by Dave Burrell, Alan Silva, Grachan Moncur III, Clifford Thornton, plus the incomparable Sunny Murray on drums, and a couple of Algerian musicians. Just incredible."
8/17/2013 Sheppard, Aaron Agent c40 cassette $7.99 Dub Ditch Picnic "Agent is multi-instrumentalist Aaron Sheppard's 3rd proper release and first for Dub Ditch Picnic. Using synths, guitar, and sometimes the combination of the two, Sheppard creates a proper minimalist ambient vibe that often conjures up images similar to Manuel Göttsching's mid-70's solo work. There is a complex yet simple beauty at work here. Like the movement of the universe it begins with a dense center and slows moves outward becoming more and more expansive with each beat. "
5/24/2014 Sheppard, Aaron Solo Acoustic Volume Nine LP $16.99 Vin Du Select Qualitite "A dazzling debut from Bay Area guitarist Aaron Sheppard whose virtuoso finger-picked six string attack is stunning in both its precision and melodicism. Sheppard's album is a bold introduction to a remarkable new talent in the world of acoustic guitar."
11/2/2008 Sherriff Jake Fields Original Ugly Man cassette $8.99 Pizza Night "Who is THE SHERRIFF? No one knows really. In fact, after being given his demo cd by a friend some years back, I began my search for him by asking local rappers, promoters and googling the hell out of every name he drops on the e.p. Nonetheless, After all this time I felt like the word needed to be spread about this guy.You gotta hear it to believe it. Certain tracks feature unknown musicians such as DJ White Lightning who creates some of the most INSANE trax on which the Sherrif uses his words to create the bleakest but most brutally honest and dated picture of Cleveland . 2x8 = 216?????"
12/21/2004 Shide & Acorn The Legend of the Dreamstones CD $24.99 Kissing Spell "Fragile early 70's UK folk, a bit like the Incredible String Band with whimsical female/male voices, traditional instruments, mandolins, harpsichord, flute, acoustic guitars etc... Deep Summer wood music for mystic elven folk." - Malesch Records
11/3/2012 Shiftlet, Mike Forgotten Somewhere cassette $7.49 Obsolete Units "It's a daunting task to think of where to begin when it comes to offering up a succinct summation of Mike Shiflet's copious and exquisite body of work. Over the past eleven years or so, the Columbus-based musician has investigated a breadth of approaches to sustained sound, from slow-burning microcosmic tones that gradually shift into distinctly unfamiliar forms to more carefully coordinated layers of melodious treatments of guitar, synth, and field recordings that actively extract unorthodox inflections from such familiar sources. Forgotten Somewhere has Shiflet mastering both of these attitudes, the title piece constructing a nebulous, dusky fuzz of subtly gorgeous vibration while 'Omicron Meditation' is a textural excursion into crackling, jittering snaps, recalling a piece of warped blank vinyl spinning from damaged speakers. This cassette is a transcendent testimonial from one of the underground's most celebrated talents, hinting both at territory investigated on 2010's acclaimed Llanos CD and earlier works such as 2004's Xenakis Youth CDR. Pro-dubbed/pro-printed edition of 100."
3/20/2010 Shiftlet, Mike Omnivores LP $11.99 Lost Treasures of the Underworld "Debut solo LP by Shiflet . Although,this guy has laid down more tracks than Union Pacific in the last 10+ years. Known here by the locals as the gift that keeps on giving. And he brings it home extra hot with this earth-rattler . Omnivores will take root to your record player once it has been played. Edition of 300 copies w/ pro-printed covers."
8/22/2008 Shiftlet, Mike Opening Act cassette $5.99 905 Tapes "Two more doses of shiflet drone, blazing here in the live variety, recorded earlier this year in st louis and cleveland. for those not in attendance, you can acquire mike's sleeperhold synth styleings here and get a second chance to wipe your brain off of your shoulders."
1/24/2009 Shiftlet, Mike Solo Renegades #8 3" CDR $3.99 Lost Treasures of the Underworld "Head-splitting mind-bending circuit damage point of no return visit to the depths of the unknown. Edition of 50 in clear plastic sleeves with photocopied artwork by French artist renegade dude Nicolas Murer."
3/11/2005 Shiftlet, Mike The City Is All In Your Head CDR $14.99 Celebrate / Psi / Phenomenon "Taking the whole concept of 'understatement' to a fundamentalist extreme of near-Texan proportions, off-duty-electrician Mike Shiflet serves up a paralysing collection of recordings made in duet with a 12 hour sound installation by Sven Khans. Not that you'd ever guess he was even in the building from the evidence presented here. Unbearable tension coupled and cataclysmic release. Gigantic nothingness that will prove a fantastic addition to your burgeoning Mike Shiflet collection."
9/14/2012 Shiftlet, Mike / Pete Swanson Bedside/College View LP $18.99 Amish "The fifth installment in the label's Required Wreckers series features side‐long compositions that borrow as much from the worlds of noise and power electronics that Swanson and Shiflet were affiliated with in the early parts of their careers, as from techno and modern composition. Mike Shiflet's 'Bedside' utilizes disparate sources - guitar, field recordings, abstract electronic textures and white noise - to create a composition that's both warmly pastoral and defamiliar. Pete Swanson's 'College View' documents another example of his recent recordings' attempt to blur the lines between techno, noise, and electronic music. 'College View' drags Detroit dance music into a static field of electricity, and then doubles back again."

Shifts Pangaea CD $11.99 elsie and jack recordings "Elsie & Jack have been responsible for releasing some fine drone-based sound explorations, this cd being the finest in my view. The 43 minute long track opens with what sounds like the repetitious beating of Tibetan gongs in a call to meditation; a glance at the sleevenotes tell me that the only instrument in use is a guitar. So full marks for surprises. Just before the swirl of sound induces a mantra-like state, layers of scratchy feedback creates a huge harmonic surge, ever expanding until what feels like the ghostly echo of the 'gongs' reappears & builds into a reverberating drone that buzzes with malicious intent no matter how low you turn the volume down. The track fades with the clang & clatter of strangely tuneless windchimes in a gale... and then I'm reminded that the basis for these sounds lies with the guitar & I smile at how something so basically simple can become so absorbing & fascinating. - from Boa #7
2/23/2004 Shifts Vertonen CDR $8.99 Humbug A note on 'Vertonen' by Frans de Waard a.k.a. Shifts: "'Vertonen' was recorded in 1995 when I lived in Den Haag. It's the first release (and maybe last?) by Shifts that uses samples, here all of the acoustic guitar. It was recorded on four track. These are the first five pieces on the release. I can't remember when I added the sixth and seventh piece, but basically it was still sampler and four track. the eighth version of vertonen will be released on Humbug's Cottage Industrial series and is a computer version of the original source material."
4/27/2011 Shiggajon Asconema LP $19.99 Chironex "Amazing new limited to 250 copies LP from this wild free folk/free jazz commune out of Denmark led by Nikolai Brix Vartenberg and Mikkel Reher-Langberg. Asconema is a recording from a Singing Knives-produced show that took place in Sheffield in October of 2009 with the group swollen to a nine piece and featuring Kelly Jones of Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides on flute alongside guitar, electronics, saxophone, drums and violin. This is dense/primitive polyphony in the style of the early Globe Unity Orchestra/FMP sides married to a contemporary free folk attack. The music moves from great accumulative waves of strings and throats and epic percussion through incredible sustained single note levitations that touch on Coltrane's Ascension ensemble, with the whole group straining upwards while gargling white light. Seriously, a phenomenal free music recording with the presence of Kelly Jones' soaring flute work pushing it to a whole other level. Highly recommended." - Volcanic Tongue. "Shiggajon is a Danish modern free music collective and continuing collaboration revolving around the duo of Nikolai Brix Vartenberg and Mikkel Reher-Langberg. The recordings for Asconema, their first vinyl output, were made at the conclusive show on a UK-tour in 2009 curated by Singing Knives, and sent the band of in a new direction musically. On Asconema, the sound of this 9-man version of shiggajon goes in a more acoustic and dynamic direction, moving from quiet solo-pieces to dense and bacchantic ones in a matter of moments. The music is formally more "traditional" and less psychedelic than most in this tradition, including the band's own, being almost stripped of added effects, and thus letting interplay and melody dominate the flow of it." - label.
4/27/2011 Shiggajon Live III cassette $7.99 Shiggajon "Recorded in December 2009 at Prøvehallen in Copenhagen with a 11-piece line-up. The music moves from repetitive folkish chanting through aggressive full-on celestial communication and on to more abstract, fragmented territory. Limited to 70 tapes."

Shinichiro, Kanda and Norikane Sakura Ongaku-Bigaku (Music Aesthetics) CD $16.99 Bishop Records Features Kanda Shinichiro (piano) and Norikane Sakura (percussion) "The important thing is that my music must be always in progress and keep the identity of myself. I do naturally free improvisation, but also use a motif which affect as limitation of play. Motif is also my insistence as a composer."
8/28/2007 Shining Path, The Take You So Low So You Can Fly So High cassette $8.99 T.B.T.D. "The Shining Path is the 'rock unit' formation of psych-minimalist duo Monosov Swirnoff. Ilya Monosov and Preston Swirnoff have released four highly acclaimed LP's of wide-ranging music on Eclipse Records and have just released The Shining Path debut self-titled full length LP/CD on Holy Mountain. This cassette oozes with damaged rock, disorienting feedback, pulsing unsettling rhythms, through beautiful sheets of white noise. Their sound has been compared to a mix of Les Rallizes Denudes, Suicide, and Mars with the free outbursts of Abe Kaoru or Takayanagi. Ripping. Edition of 100. Cover art by Tetsunori Tawaraya (demonstrations)." Killer.
1/23/2002 Shiraishi, Tamio Live Performances 1992-1994 CD $18.99 Pataphysique Live Recordings from 1992-1994 from alto sax player Tamio Shiraishi.
6/5/2009 Shiraishi, Tamio & MICO Live Duo CD $15.99 PSF Alto saxophone - Tamio Shiraishi; Alto saxophone, piano molanica, etc. - MICO. "A rare live album from one of the major names in the Japanese free noise underground, Tamio Shiraishi. Shiraishi was one of the major movers in the free noise / underground rock/DIY improv Minor scene of the late '70s and early '80s that gave birth to so many of the major names in the Japanese underground. This compilation of live recordings captures Shiraishi live in Europe, the U.S. and Japan between 2001 and 2007, together with NNCK member, MICO. Forceful, intense, chaotic improvisations for saxophone, vocals, percussion, piano etc. Shiraishi's trademark ultra high-pitched dog-whistle sax and guttural vocals are showcased to full and outstanding effect." - Alan Cummings
5/7/2004 Shiraishi, Tamio & Sean Meehan In The City one-sided LP $15.99 Fusetron "Each summer Tamio Shiraishi & Sean Meehan pair up for a series of outdoor concerts in new york city always in a different location, the concerts explore unwatched and unconsidered sites of the city. (this LP) is the first release of this summer tradition. 12" vinyl with a b-sided etching by knickerbocker." - sean meehan. Recorded underneath the West Side Highway at 59th Street, NYC, by Geoff Dugan, 21 july 2001. SEAN MEEHAN - "Current performances generally find Meehan playing only the snare drum in a manner that sheds conventional usage and reconstructs the conception and function of the instrument." Meehan has collaborated with Sachiko M, Mamoru Fujieda, Michihiro Sato, Edwin Torres, Muigel Algarin, Greg Kelley, Ami Yoshida, Taku Sugimoto, Toshimaru Nakamura, Tetzui Akiyama, Kiyoharu Kuwayama and many others. Additionally he has performed throughout North and South America, Asia and Eastern Europe. TAMIO SHIRAISHI - Shiraishi has been performing since the late 1970s, including playing drums and synthesizer in an early incarnation of Fushitsusha. His first released recordings, consisting of solo sax with broken drum machine, were included on the 1981 Aiyoku Jinmin Juji Gekijo compilation on Pinakotheca (who also released the first Keiji Haino LP). Hes currently living in NYC and occasionally collaborates with the No Neck Blues Band. GEOFF DUGAN - "Geoff Dugan has been performing, recording, and producing sonic environments since 1983. Recent projects include a binaural psychogeography recording and performance: "aberto/fechyado parque serralves" at the Serralves Foundation in Oporto and an audio psychogeographical report from New York performed at the 2002 Zeppelin Festival of Sound Art in Barcelona. Geoff runs the recording label GD Stereo that has released a series of compilation compact discs organized around psychogeography and the theory of the dérive among the various (the artists): The Architecture of the Incidental (1999) and Psychogeographical Dip (1997). Solo projects include Play in random or shuffle mode. (GD Stereo, 2001), Surface Tension (Open Circuit, 2000) and the Stomach Ache Records release Technical Comfort Formalistic Style Features (7" vinyl - 1994). Geoff is also an architect and lives in NYC."
8/23/2009 Shitty Listener, The Crying Sweater CD $10.99 Ruralfaune "The first ever CD released by Ruralfaune is the new output from The Shitty Listener aka Jason Honea; multi-faceted moon chaser who wanders through myriad activities that include: his personal label 3rd Acre Floor, being one of the founding members of the Jewelled Anter Collective, whisperings inside of The Child Readers (with Loren Chasse), singing for The Knit Separates (with Glenn Donaldson)...Recorded in Berlin by Michael Northam, The Shitty Listener is a lo-fi, bedroom folk project, deeply connected to Poetry. Incredibly intimate. The music incorporates whatever ambient sound happens to occur in the background, and it all just becomes part of the wound, becoming as much a part of the song as the song itself. Melancholic piano, gentle guitars, plaintive and emotive voices..., a sort of drifty fuzzy dreamy melody crosses each song." Edition of 500 copies.

Shlomo Artzi Orchestra Pizza Little Party CDR $7.99 Public Eyesore "Even for a PE release this is bizarre shit. I know absolutely nothing about this band and the cryptic packaging does not reveal much else, but the band is coming from a lot of different directions using tape loops, samples, and heavily mutated orchestration to create something... something... um, different. The best comparison i can think of, which isn't really true but is sort of in the same neighborhood, is Mauve Sideshow. Lots of groaning tapes in the background and what sound like devolved and processed wind-chimes turning in the wind in the foreground, with plenty of other peculiar bits drifting about in the space between. Much of it sounds like the eerie pipe-organ sound everyone associates with PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, if that helps, only... stranger. Some of the sounds and the overall approach remind me at times of Vox Barbara, although their intentions are different (i think). My favorite of the five tracks on here is 'Pachinko,' which features lots of swell tremelo sounds and drones, sounding like a science-fiction laboratory in which machinery is slowly switching itself on and off. This band would make excellent soundtracks for sci-fi movies and video games, i think. The music here is eerie and evocative without being jarring and unsettling, and thus would also work well as background music. Throw this on at work and see what your co-workers say, ha! RKF (Dead Angel No. 46
8/17/2013 Shooting Guns Spectral Laundromat c50 cassette $7.99 Dub Ditch Picnic "We've been waiting a long time to make this one happen. If there's one thing Saskatoon's Shooting Guns can do well, it's lay out thick slabs of heavy psych. Collecting 5 live tracks records from all over - pulled from a suitcase of recordings, Spectral Laundromat bridges the gap between their Polaris nominated Born to Deal in Magic: 1952-1976 and their upcoming John McBain produced Brotherhood of the Ram LP."
9/16/2007 Shoup, Wally / Chris Corsano / Paul Flaherty Bounced Check LP $14.99 Records "Wally Shoup, Chris Corsano, and Paul Flaherty make up this Screamin' free punk-jazz-liquid-solid-noize trio captured LIVE "in your face"- style in Seattle, WA. Totally improvised double sax and drum explosions that break down into duos and solos and re-ignite as trio howlin' paint splattered maddness gone butt-naked wilder. Recorded at an art gallery with Artwork melting off the walls and frightened fans nervously mopping their furrowed blood-stained brows (they were especially afraid one or both of the sax players would expire...... it did feel like attempted sax suicide), this limited LP, which will be the final volume in the RECORDS label plan, represents one half of the concert that emerged on that unsuspecting evening. The other half is being released at the same time (relatively) on the Tyfus label in Finland as BLANK CHECK. Thus creating another pair of sister releases much like the LAST EYES (RECORDS #8) & STEEL SLEET (TYFUS) LP pair released in 2005. The 'CHECK' pair will serve as the document of the only event this trio has played to date, and it presents another blistering historical document of an underground movement that continues to go un-recognized and even un-noticed in most of the so-called civilized baby starvin' world." Recommended!
6/11/2006 Showers Live in Rats Eyes CDR $9.99 Maim & Disfigure "providence scuzz-addicts make you feel like you're sitting in a sauna pumping out piss mist... goes from blown out heavy rock to stagnant out of order urinal rot... one song is a cover off of flex your head comp... edition of 50"

Shrin Ventilating The Corpse LP $12.99 Records "The material here was recorded in 1991, 1992, and 1995 and is of the bowed cymbal, frenetic drumming, guitar, bozouki, and chant nature. Limited to 500 copies."
4/14/2011 Shrinnirs Early Singles CDR $7.99 Mystra "Contains the first three 45s plus a bunch of unreleased tracks by New England's political punkers influenced by The Ex, Dog-Faced Hermans, and various avant-garde movements. The Bimbo Shrineheads/Shrin/Shrinnirs have been blowing minds at endless venues since the late 80s.... And in true Dead Moon fashion, Dawn Cook (vocalist, songwriter) and Joe Malinowski (drummer & Tulpa Records executive) are still shredding around New England with their unique vision. Try to see them asap!!"
1/1/2009 Shuttah The Image Maker Vol. 1 & 2 double LP $89.99 Shadoks "This is the rarest of unknown, anonymous English prog-psych from 1971, with only one known copy left in existence - a perfect acetate. The Image Maker Vol. 1 & 2 is a real underground concept album with a progressive touch that only needs a few spins to get it right. Well-crafted songs, great vocals, sound-effects, organ and heavy fuzz guitar all combine to make up one of the better albums on the Vertigo label with a good dose of acid in it. Since the original acetates appeared many years ago, this is still a very provocative unsolved mystery of the UK underground." Limited Edition of 500 copies pressed on German 200gm HQ 2LP, Silver Engraved, Heavy-Duty, Embossed Gatefold. One copy available.

Siamese Temple Ball s/t CD $24.99 Siamese Temple Ball "Flight comes to Thailand in the Year of the Rat. Siamese Temple Ball provide the lilting soundtrack for a chemical journey. Secret and silent, its shadows are full of life and joy. Night is the time to indulge in the national passion for fireworks at the illuminated mind festival in November, vast mental constructions are launched teetering dangerously on the water, hot air balloons carry candles into the black sky like giant fireflys. Broad-hatted women sell their wares in the shady corners of the klongs. Schoolgirls dance bashfully for the expectant throng. Life continues at a comparatively slow pace away from the rigours of fierce sun-light. 'Welcome To The Land Of Smile.' In the tradition of Sun City Girls, Ya Ho Wha 13, The Spacious Mind, Taj Mahal Travellers, Mu, Word Of Life, Group 1850, and Ghost, Siamese Temple Ball give maximum pleasure for thirsty brains. Deceptively simple beat-band instrumentation riffs into mantra to assure relaxation complete. A mysterious find from distant lands now out in the world, date and musicians unknown. Please step forward and accept our gratitude!"
9/17/2006 Siberia Live cassette $8.99 Fag Tapes "Recorded two nights in Detroit. members of hzmt, max cloud, tape deck, mini-systems....two dudes, two nights, two venues. edition 77."
8/2/2008 Sic Alps United 7" $6.99 Important "This merch table gem is a one-sided 7" limited to 1000 copies. 500 on blue, 200 on red, 200 on yellow and 100 on green. Contained on this thick piece of love is a rockola version of Throbbing Gristles track, United."
12/12/2009 Sic Alps / Magik Markers Tour 12" $12.99 Yik Yak Repress. Split 12" anticipating their upcoming December 2009 west coast tour together. Sic Alps give up three tracks with help from Lars Finberg (Intelligence) and Ty Segall, the highlight being a great punched-in guitar solo from Matt Hartman that makes one song reminiscent of a Safe As Milk outtake. Markers show up with a 7ft bass player who throws the band into Guru Guru mode. Great all around. 600 copies."
7/30/2006 Sick Feedbag Action Mono 3 cassette $8.99 Fag Tapes "David Payne of Fossils, Offensive Orange, Feedback....in one speaker and Sick Llama in the other. random colab. style w/ option of listening to one band at a time or both (recomended) at once! raw cutting room floor surprise!" - label Edition of 50 copies.
6/11/2006 Sick Llama Alien Facial 3 cassette $9.99 Heavy Tapes
6/11/2006 Sick Llama Blue Syrup Dreams CDR $9.99 Fag Tapes "CDR jam packed w/ new knee deep in syrup soundz. newest sick llama style experiments. you hear children calling for help but yer too stoned."
4/29/2004 Sick Llama Born Again to Die C60 $24.99 American Tapes “Second follow up to amazing plane shifting first. Destroyed sound via wet cardboard & boxes of sticks for this weird sound outsider. Recently just played his first gig at the Dillos. Awesome sound, awesome screen stretcher. Edition of 70.”
6/19/2007 Sick Llama Born Again To Die LP $15.99 Hanson "There are a lot of mugz you don't wanna know,: VD doctors, the Grim Reaper, the inside of a Fed Ex body bag, ex-mates, cops, silence, dentists, republicans, country music stars, ...list goes on and on....THEN= there are mugz you just want to get some sunshine from- you know who they are= just plain rad mugz, stokerz= and i gotta say....the Michigan Crew has Sick Llama'z BACK.....Heath AKA Juice AKA Fag Heath AKA Morellama= is just a ball of huge eyeballing goodness..how can you be mad at him? We used to have heavy skate shred sessions with the goofball and he would destroy the streetz, and still be smiling at the end, never breaking a sweat. You want this dude on your team. And you want the soundtrack to your boiling brain to be his Born Again to Die. Its got this amazing kinda arms-up-in-air-i-give-up-what-is -this-godamnn -sound style beaming through it. Heath man....dude aint really gonna give any clues back....cant count how many timez the crew has cornered the mug and been like: "Yo man....what the hell is going on inside "Live Birth"? Did you just record cars under an overpass and slow it down?" "....ha......that one...that's a weird one right?" "Well,...tell us....the fuck?" ".........." And repeat over the coarse of 120+ Fag Tapes, Heath's label AKA the Pyramids of Michigan. He never has properly answered a sound question, we all have our clues/ideas.. Probably wrong. Sick Llama holds the rotten essence of Midwest Basement Mystery Mind Sound inside the marrow of his weird skull, right behind the strawberry blond tuffs, unblinking bug eyes, and scandi-molded mildew skin. Born Again to Die is his debt, and any signs of progression are tossed out the windows of Ham Studios. I mean its electronics, tape hiss, and ....?????? Heath really doesn't get any better or more refined, just....... stranger AKA more strange. My man Connelly says every Fag Tape has at least a 30% "hands off" factor, meaning, seems like Llama has a nice mutant groove going on and then just jets for 10min, leaving the machine motionless. If you can tell what the hell is going on inside these grooves...bottle it and sell it, it would be ideal to have on tap.......it could be like taking a skinny dip inside the caverns of a black pool filled to the brim with soul-frying electricity waves. Born Again To Die= maybe our kid's rat kids will COMPREHEND. Then maybe they can attempt to decode FUNKY PANDEMONIUM...." -JOHN OLSON (Wolf Eyes, Boy Dept. Boyz), May 2007. Originally released on cassette in 2004 on AMERICAN TAPES. This is the first full length LP and one of the first recordings ever from SICK LLAMA. Limited to 500 copies. Housed in a slick orange and blue silkscreened cardstock jacket featuring the usual HANSON outer 'droll flaps'.

Sick Llama Death Kit cassette $19.99 Fag Tapes Edition of 21 copies from 2005.
7/16/2006 Sick Llama Degrade Yourself cassette $8.99 Fag Tapes "Another kinda chiller. more sick llama style caught on tape. panasonic. edition 65."
2/14/2008 Sick Llama Distance Removal cassette $7.99 Fag Tapes "Sick Llama style. sometimes you just wanna be somewhere else......recorded at HAM Studios. edition 50."
7/30/2006 Sick Llama Earth House double CDR $18.99 Fag Tapes "These 2 play from the outside ~ in. dark pain of gears forcing the earth to spin w/ opposite rotation. sick llama style." - label
2/4/2007 Sick Llama Holiday at the Cove #1 cassette $8.99 Fag Tapes "sick llama on exotic vacation at Shcooner Cove. recorded at The Comfort Zone & Inzane Studios w/ rec. tech. help from Steve Perry and Tex. edition 77."
2/11/2006 Sick Llama Humane Famine cassette $7.99 Gods of Tundra "Available on the road earlier this year, this one is too good remain buried. Tape based dubbed out jams from the wash out room to the streets of the D. Easily some of his best jams."
5/14/2007 Sick Llama Live Birth CDR $9.99 Fag Tapes "live barf syrup gigs from Chicago, Kalamazoo, Columbus. edition 77"
6/11/2006 Sick Llama Once Believed CDR $9.99 Fag Tapes "2 takes live to tape in the studio. bent stereo feedback / tape manipulations / hands-on microphone trash."
2/26/2006 Sick Llama Sickle Cell CDR $9.99 Hidden Feast "Brand new label straight out of shitty Grand Rapids, Michigan. weird city. they don't have a single post office. everything is handled by that Nazi company DHL. and people get arrested all the time for being overheard talking shit about the president. full color covers sick llama style."
11/4/2006 Sick Llama Team Brain Damage cassette $8.99 Fag Tapes "sick llama style. tape eating / speaker confusing / rotting alcohol mess. edition 90."
7/16/2006 Sick Llama untitled lathe cut 7" $25.99 AA Records One-sided square lathe cut 7" from Nate Young's (Wolf Eyes) AA label.
2/2/2009 Sick Llama / Andrew Coltrane untitled c20 cassette $6.99 Hermitage Tapes Sick Llama side contains 1/1 tape material from Andrew Coltrane's personal copy of Nobody's Children - Keep Away tape
4/10/2009 Sick Llama / Treetops Light Infection cassette $6.99 Fag Tapes "Melting wax organ and keys. mixed down in Ham Studios. adrift in the night. edition 50." collab.
9/9/2009 Sick Pledge All Ways Hate cassette $7.99 Fag Tapes From 2009
9/17/2009 Sick Pledge The Darkness of Tomorrow cassette $7.99 Fag Tapes "Sick Llama / New Pledgemaster (Paul Gunsberg) colab. tape sounds like church rape or black metal fuck your bright summer you fucking tourist! hand-numbered / painted edition 25."
10/25/2008 Siddhi Goabdesaijgge CDR $12.99 Reverb Worship "You may recall that Siddhi had a previous release on Reverb Worship entitled "Whispering Wood" which sold out very quickly. Siddhi are the italian duo of Delfo Catania and Elena Mandolfo.This new recording was made at home in July 2008."Goabdesaijgge" is one wonderful long shamanic track which features voices by Mariaelena Catania.The title of the cd is a Saami word meaning "time of ohum" which refers to the pre christian time when ohum was used in shaman rituals. The cd comes in an edition of 53 hand numbered copies."
2/25/2008 Siddhi In The Wind CDR $13.99 Akoustic Desease "From the "space guitarist" of Comet III, a pure gift of sounds joy directly from the pulsating and deadly Mother Heart. 5 songs that go from melanchony and delicates drones thou strings resonance..handmade HARD cardboard limited to 115 copies." Trippy - real nice.
11/23/2004 Sightings Arrived in Gold CD $12.99 Load "Never before has a band managed to erase themselves. New York City's Sightings have risen to the challenge of negation with this 'what the fuck' of a record that rolls the twenty sided dice to dematerialize any trace of guitar, bass and drums into proton dust floating microns on top of the speaker cone. Minimal, yes. Previous records have gone from favorites at magazines as chocolate and peanut butter as the Wire and Terrorizer. Past records have been steaming knee burn befuddled by German technoid impulse and Yoko-damaged Beatles-busting intensity. A new icy coolness is added to the steaming soup this time allowing the sounds of mouth breathing to open up the record into a drug-fueled nightclub beast humping a bass bin as the sun rises."
11/25/2007 Sightings Through the Panama LP $15.99 Ecstatic Peace "Bass, drum and guitars meshed together with a synthetic twine envisioned in future think tanks. Literally the sound of human progress darkened with a profound fidelity so loud the dark matter of the universe quivers in a deadly orgasm. Guitar, bass and drums reconfigured for a new purpose. This is the band's sixth album and takes the notch so much higher than previous efforts in terms of songwriting and production. With Andrew W.K. as a producer, some of the caustic curtains that swathed past albums have been parted to reveal a coldly pulsing artificial heart. And the beat of this heart sounds off in an alien tongue of bass and drums. Guitars descend like unforgiving sheets of napalm from the smoldering skyline. Songs pop out of this miasma that tick off icy coolness with piano and vocal stylings. Indeed, hot and cool. To accentuate the difference this album has versus previous Sighting's records, a Scott Walker cover is included. This is a rock album, but a rock for times coming, a sound of future days. Break the chains from the days of past, listen to Sightings and evolve. Limited edition pressing packaged in high gloss gatefold sleeves."
3/16/2015 Sigmarsson, Sigtryggur Berg & BJ Nilsen Avantgardegasse LP $23.99 Ultra Eczema "It has often been said, and we gladly repeat it again, here at the UE office tower, "Folks drive faster without a drivers license", and that's not a lie, it might be because the popo's are right behind you! Boy or Girl, can those assholes make a real human nervous! Once one enters Avantgardegasse, somewhere In Germany (a country known for its brutality on the road) rules and laws concerning your ride all flush down the toilet like a recycled napkin! No popo's on Avantgardegasse! Forget about the lights of the road, and expect to be surprised or boohoo'd, houses might melt on the side, the lines that divide the lanes might become bigger or smaller, or not present at all, and once you think you get it, it can only get more confusing. Besides many glasses of special liquids, the Swedish sound artist BJ Nilsen and Icelandic confusor Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson have shared a lot of time on stage and on record, in earlier different combinations such as BJ Nilsen & Stilluppsteypa, Evil Madness and so on. This is, strangely, their first duo collab record, an alien workshop of collage class, shaved by Avant Garde tactics previously unknown to human beings! Trainings organised by secret forces between silence and the soft sound of French speech, or something similar. limited to 200 hand numbered copies, comes in a duo tone pro sleeve and with a insert and a sticker!"
11/1/2014 Signer, Roman Kanalgerausche LP $38.99 Tochnit Aleph "First ever sound-edition by famous Swiss sculptor and conceptual artist Roman Signer (b.1938). Recorded 1982 in the River Steinach, St. Gallen, Switzerland. One-sided LP, transparent Vinyl. Edition of 300 copies. Over the past three decades, the Swiss artist Roman Signer has exhibited his work in hundreds of solo and group exhibitions and public performances around the world. For Signer, each work is an event, an experiment in which a force such as wind, water, gravity or fire transforms everyday things like umbrellas and plastic bags. In all of his work, Signer proposes new relationships between ordinary objects and elements brought together in extraordinary ways. Born in Appenzell, Switzerland, Signer started his career as an artist later in life at the age of 28, after working as an architect's draughtsman, a radio engineer apprentice, and a short stint in a pressure cooker factory. His work has grown out of, and has affinities with both land art and performance art, but they are not typically representative of either category."
2/21/2009 Sikhara Anduni CD $7.99 Urck Records "Sikhara exists in a constant state of motion, claiming no land as home.Just before the dawn of 2007, Sikhara released "Bardos State" on the extreme ethnic label, URCK. This was the most comprehensive recorded work of the band to date, including material registered on 3 continents. This included tracks from Seizure's Palace in Brooklyn, NYC, their notorious collaboration set in the ancient Senkoji Temple near Osaka and most importantly, a studio version of the new live set, captured in Portugal and performed on the subsequent tour. The Bardos State tour circled the totality of Europe and the USA and even decended into Asia Minor with mutilple performances in Ankara, Turkey. The duo of Nydegger and Geoffriaud reproduced the content of the Bardos story with a theatrical presentation that still maintained a rigid musicality. The next wave of Sikhara has began with the cd and tour entitled "Anduni". Anduni is heavily themed in the music and culture from the countries of Armenia and Georgia. The name is taken from the title of a tragic Armenian opera, which litteraly means homeless. A host of engineers and collaborators put a hand into the recordings, which took place in France, Belgium, Portugal and Nashville, TN. Sikhara performed the complete Anduni cd on thier tour. The accompanying spectacle is closely linked with the themes behind the music and represents a more refined twist to the savage visual elements of a Sikhara show."

Silcock, Matt s/t CD $7.99 Public Eyesore "It's interesting to hold (the 7" by Naoaki Miyamoto) up to the solo CD-R by Blastitude's own contributing partier Matt Silcock, also on Public Eyesore, which has a similar attack in places, but at 13 tracks and nearly 60 minutes, is maybe a little too much of a good thing. Still, if you're in the mood, a good thing it is, and to Silcock's credit, he breaks up the 'noise guitar' stuff with saxophone, acoustic guitar, and some other field recordings (including a woozy not-quite-prog bass/drums jam). A strangely languorous approach is taken too, which helps spread things out, though some of the noise guitar work can get in your face, especially the album closer, an over-the-top quasi-metal number called 'Akira Takahashi Goes Home.' For the most part, however, the album makes nice background-with-option-for-foreground music in the same way a solo improv record on Incus might."
6/25/2013 Silk Dune Comb c30 cassette $8.49 Scumbag Relations Cover artwork realised and designed by Eric Frye.
Professionally duplicated and imprinted cro2 cassettes.
Edition of 100 (silver ink on black shells).
All sound and image by Eric Frye.
Sketches for modular synthesis.
Recorded 12.2011 - 12.2012 in stereo, no overdubs.
Down goes the right hut and ate a put object beside his horse.
"Generic man as an onto-vectorialized subject is a superimposed flux of vectors or imaginary numbers."
"As humans-in-the-world, we arrive too late to assist in the creation of light, we only assist in its birth, having already withdrawn itself, leaving us with the corpuscular confusion of the flash with a particle, the flash being the veritable immanental appearance where the onto-vectorial process contracts into macroscopic appearance. We live off lost memory. We perceive it as having seen it and lost it. We do this so well that it seems to shoot out of the void where the burst of light has already returned."
11/6/2003 Siloah Sukram Gurk CD $19.99 Garden of Delights "'The second and last one by the Munich underground band, this time with keyboards and more professional. From the master tapes.' New reissue of the 2nd and final Siloah album, originally released in 1972. As with the debut album, this was previously reissued by the now defunct Lost Pipe Dreams label, now in more superior form - from master tapes with 1 bonus track. Very loose, tripped-out feel with Can-like atmospheres at times. The absolute finest in early 70s flowing psychedelics and an essential document of the era." – FE
2/6/2003 Silt Fish Zabaranda CD $8.99 Public Eyesore "The highly prolific Public Eyesore label usually deals in some variety of cracked international improv, but CEO Bryan Day does throw curveballs. Silt Fish qualifies, being a weird British art-folk duo. If that description brings to mind some kind of Betley-style bedroom thing, well no, this is like more produced and art-rockish, while still being pretty lo-fi....like it aspires to some sort of Henry Cow realm but has a setup almost like Suicide's: two guys, one playing an organ and one a guitar, and one of the two singing. I must say that I was immediately a bit taken aback by the twee-ness of Silt Fish. I finally realized what Byron Coley meant when he said of Red Krayola's Black Snakes album that ‘listening to the whole thing in one sitting makes my asshole clench.’ However, Silt Fish really hit their stride on track four, the title track, which is a long artsy spooky dirge. Think Roxy's ‘In Every Dream Home’ only with a more wandering melody and crazier Carnival of Souls organ. And, now that I'm used to the Silt Fish sound, I kind of dig all the other songs too. Once again the question must be asked: where does Bryan Day get these people?" - Matt Silcock, Blastitude #14
2/4/2007 Silvercords Pig Iron CDR $12.99 into the lunar night "New set from this duo off-shoot of Family Underground, featuring Nicolas and Sara in stoned circular drone mode with what sounds like prayer bowls and currents of spectral breath birthing orchestras of tone halo. Edition of 85 copies in printed gatefold sleeves with silver-on-black artwork." - Volcanic Tongue. Edition of 85 copies.
11/29/2007 Silvercords Sapphire Staircase CDR $12.99 into the lunar night "Limited self-released album from the duo of Nicolas and Sara of Family Underground, with two long tracks recorded in October 2007. This expands on the weird Euro avant/Industrial time-stilling moves of their earlier releases with a doomy use of tolling fuzz and some harsh Xpressway styled destroyed rockisms." - Volcanic Tongue. "The follow up to the Time-Lag cdr of heaviness. This one is a bit more harsh and not as drone heavy as earlier efforts."
4/16/2007 Silvester Anfang Echte Vlaamse Geiten LP $29.99 Eclipse "Normally, this pagan mass was going to be the first official Silvester Anfang release, but somehow, fate got in the way. It took us a long time to pick out the best musical pieces from a large amount of recordings we did in 2005 and 2006, but finally, we made it. The result is the usual improvised orgy of crappy instruments, drugged and wailing chants, psychedelic guitars, cosmic droning and unplugged jamborees. You can hear long jams being screwed up by drunken musicians. A spontaneous mongoloid werewolf freak-out to sacrifice your local blonde virgins to that doesn't need backward satanic messages to incite murder and debauchery. Recorded in the misty moors of Maldegem (Belgium), it will summon images of naked soldiers worshipping goats, Flemish knights courting ugly women, satanic snakes destroying the earth and demonic agriculture. It's warm, lo fi, amateur, monotonous and genuine funeral folk. And in the end, this is what we're supposed to sound and look like: true Flemish goats. Comes in authentic Funeral Folk artwork with real propaganda-styled insert!" One of my favorite albums - its a real thrill to issue a record by these Belgians! Edition of 491 copies in full color printed sleeves and black and white insert.
8/4/2007 Silvester Anfang Kosmies Slachtafval CD $16.99 Aurora Borealis "The Flanders-based Funeral Folk collective convene to become occult drone rock band Sylvester Anfang, a self-proclaimed 'Pagan Belgopsych' group featuring a line-up that boasts a member named Ignatius Van Kempenhof. They almost certainly get involved in live role playing games too, but all you really need to know about this record is that it's the group's debut album and it's a rollicking good listen. Across two lengthy pieces the band align themselves with the more far-out tendencies of Acid Mother Temple or perhaps even Sunburned Hand Of The Man unshackled from their more Woodstock-oriented tendencies. In amongst all the shifting textures and sinister wailing sounds you'll hear a jumble of campfire percussion and the kind of organ playing you might last have heard on an Italian horror movie soundtrack. Oddly, there's a bit of a devotional, trance-inducing quality to this music, and you most certainly wouldn't want to accept a glass of grape flavoured Kool-Aid from them, but this album is well worth donning a robe for."
7/30/2006 Simeon Sleepy Eyes LP $12.99 Bobby J "This is a plaintive and personal, yet inexplicably pop record. Stand-outs for me lie in the sprawl of longer songs like The Wind and Sweat Me (both side one) that combine the cryptic whispers and skitters of Skip Spences Grey/Afro with the boop-teet of a drum machine. Simeon is truly doing something very different, very personal, and is already far down that Misunderstood Highway. Pick him up, for his thumb and his record is out." - Luna Kafe.
5/16/2010 Simmons, Sonny Staying on the Watch CD $12.99 ESP-Disk "The noted west coast composer made his ESP debut accompanied by his then wife, Barbara Donald, on trumpet, Teddy Smith on bass, John Hicks on piano and Marvin Pattillo on percussion. Recorded August 1966, Staying on the Watch is an important infusion of straight-ahead and avant jazz. Barbara Donald is a superb trumpeter who has made a strident contribution to the legacy of women performers and has been widely written about. Also, pianist John Hicks, who makes his New York debut on the record, went on to become one of the most prolific pianists in jazz. Personnel: Barbara Donald (trumpet) Sonny Simmons (alto sax) John Hicks (piano) Teddy Smith (bass) Marvin Pattillo (percussion)."
10/8/2010 Simsuns Shyterrapops CDR $7.99 Black Petal "This is a short 3 track single by Mel Simpson (regular collaborator of Matt Earle from xNoBBQx in the band Craft Bandits), with her brother. this is a really beautiful, catchy psychedelic pop recording."
9/9/2013 Sinergia Elettronica Dimensione Parallela c35 cassette $11.99 Troglosound "Sinergia Elettronica group (involving members of Jooklo and Metabolismus) hails from the love for filtering, processing, manipulating, and altering this world's reality through electricity, generating a boundless realm of infinite possibilities' combinations and multi-layered cosmic dimensions. This live concert has been recorded last March in Lido Adriano (Italy), straight on cassette and brought to you without any further adjustment, raw as it was, resonating a progressive, warm and rarefied vibration. It features a real arsenal of weird all analog sounds and old-school psychedelic systems like live saxophones' manipulations with tapes, intergalactic vocoded harmonica, streams of electric organ, waterfalls of spring reverbs, and much more. You'll also hear some innovative instruments you never heard before, such as the Thilotron: an incredible self-built stereo modular beast that needs Light and colors to be played. If you're a fanatic of analog electronic experiments, this is for you. If you love free form, improvisation, and strange dimensions in music, you definitely gotta put your ears on it." Green tape with insert, limited edition of 99 copies
9/9/2013 Sinergia Elettronica Live Blob c52 cassette $11.99 Troglosound "Document release of the complete live set performed on the last gig of the first Sinergia Elettronica tour. Caught on tape, here you can experience the magnetic music from this "new" Italo/Krauto ensemble of electro-acoustic explorations. All analog sounds generating an heavy fusion of abstract synthetic shapes, far-out jazz structures, and visionary improvisations leading to instant compositions. This tape stimulates your brain's distortions while so-called reality gets loose on high lysergic evocations. Dangerous!" Chrome tape with insert, limited edition of 88 copies.
6/25/2011 Sirone Sextet Live in Berlin, Ballhaus 1987 LP $25.99 Sagittarius A-Star "Thomas ! Thomas wrote me one day and said to me to check out some audio called So long ago in Berlin... wow, i immediatly fell in love with that sound, really 60's and melancholic in a way... those were the rec. of a mini Tour that Norris Jones set up with his new sextet (2 gigs in Berlin/2 more in NYC). Sirone was one of the most respected bassist coming out of the New Thing, having played with all the greats: Albert Ayler, Archie Shepp, Marion Brown, Pharoah Sanders, Cecil Taylor, Noah Howard, Sun Ra... to name just a few; co-founder, with Leroy Jenkins, of the Revolutionary Ensemble too. a totally underrated musician and tough guy, who released only one album in the 70's under his name (a 4et date with James Newton), a privatly pressed one. so this is indeed a SPECIAL event and hopefully an LP who do more justice to an unsung artist. all the tracks are composed by him and are full of poignant beauty... particular mention'd deserve also Jason Hwang playing, a young Thomas Borgmann on soprano sax, not to mention great solos on alto sax and trombone by Steinhuis and Nobili respectively. a RARE jewel indeed from the old skool." ep. 180gr. black vinyl, with insert; ltd ed 200 copies only.
5/4/2011 Sissy Spacek Dash LP $11.99 Gilgongo Records "Sissy Spacek is the long running project of JOHN WIESE and CORYDON RONNAU. On DASH, their second release for Gilgongo following the Fortune b/w The Eyes Of Men 7", they are joined by Norway's Lasse Marhaug (JAZKAMER) and Will Stangeland (TEARIST, SILVER DAGGERS). 41 tracks of scathing sound, cautiously partitioned into short bursts of truly obliterated hardcore, redefining "raw punk", and an even more destructive force than the already harsh and damaged tone of recent output. "The same vein" in a sense, but ruptured and bleeding out, heavily."
5/16/2010 Sissy Spacek Fortune 7" $5.99 Gilgongo Records "An on going project of prolific artist John Wiese, SISSY SPACEK has taken many forms: intricate collages of the small, quiet, details that trickle through in between "sound", drums spliced and severed, 18 piece "noise" orchestras, performances that included nothing but the act of shattering glass as source sound to ones that result in broken basses and bleeding throats, etc. You never know how overblown and explosive or incredibly quiet and intricate one specific release might be. On "Fortune", Wiese has assembled a trio with Charlie Mumma (drums) and Corydon Ronnau (vocals): crafting 26 songs of grind-core noise (like a Crossed Out playing with malfunctioning gear). Corresponding singles also released on A Dear Girl Called Wendy (Italy) and Ketchup Cavern (Canada)." Sold out at label.
12/25/2005 Sissy Spacek SISSISSPSSKSSISSRS LP $15.99 Misanthropic Agenda "Limited deluxe gatefold 12" edition. Manic torrentials of multi-multidirectional percussion, guitar, voice, and electronics from the mouse of John Wiese." Edition of 1000 copies.
4/22/2009 Sister Iodine Flame Desastre LP $19.99 Premier Sang "French pionner experimental rock band (trio) founded in the early 90's, Sister Iodine made themselves known with 2 albums recorded on the R.I.P french Label 'Semantic'; ADN 115 (1994) & Pause (1997), collision between the savage energy of No wave, the game of collage tapes and exploration of their instruments inspired by concrete music, their primitive love of Noise, and a primal free rock approach. From 1992 to 97 they did some wicked concerts in company of bands like Sonic Youth, Faust, US Mapple, Circle X, Keiji Haino, Flaming Demonics, Stereolab, The Ex, Bästard, Krackhouse, Melt Banana, Tone Rec, Pluramon amongst others.. Geographically separated since 1997 Sister Iodine began to play sporadically for some scattered events like some dates w/ Sonic Youth french tour 1999, Phonotaktik Festival, Vienna/1998, PS1 Contemporary Art Center NY/1998, each members focused then more on their own new electronic projets (Discom, duos w/ Tujiko Noriko, Evil Moisture) touring around the world. And still running...Back to pure and harsh electricity since early 2000's , Sister Iodine continued their ufo like road, gave brutal concerts here and there around their album came out on Textile records (Jackie O'Motherfucker, Magik Markers, Oren Ambarchi, Volcano The Bear, Chris Corsano & Mike Flower, Sun, and many more) on feb 2007, recorded @ Rare Book Room studio with Nicolas Vernhes. 2008, Sister Iodine recorded his new album home and did a few shows around like the one in Saint Nazaire invited by Sonic Youth to play for the opening of the massive exhibit "Sonic Youth, Sentational Fix". 2009, Sister Iodine is proud to announce their new album "Flame Desastre", out now on the new acid french label Premier Sang." Edition of 500 copies pressed on white transparent vinyl.
3/14/2008 Six Organs of Admittance Days of Blood LP $29.99 Hash Live recording from The Flywheel in Massachusetts from October 9, 2005 featuring Ben Chasny, John Moloney (Sunburned) and Keith Wood (Hush Arbors).
11/24/2003 Six Organs of Admittance Nightly Trembling LP $89.99 Time-Lag "In 1999 Six Organs released Nightly Trembling as an anti-sorcery lathe-cut edition of 30 or so. Every copy was personally sent to its owner in an attempt to create a web of consciousness that would be enhanced by the polycarbonate material that deteriorates at an accelerated rate with each listen. Consciousness was regained and inverted. Time-Lag and Six Organs are pleased to offer the sounds made
for that project so you can cut the metaphysical bullshit, get loaded as fuck and come back down to earth about 40 minutes later... 180 gram vinyl. Packaged in a black on black screenprinted/letterpressed fold-out cover, with letterpressed insert. Numbered edition of 500."
1/21/2005 Six Organs of Admittance School of the Flower CD $13.99 Drag City "This is the first Six Organs of Admittance record to be recorded in a studio. No computers were harmed (or used) during the making of this record. Free-jazz sensation Chris Corsano contributes drums with the greatest sympathy. It's a fantastic new album, as just a fraction of a listen will reveal. The highly prolific Six Organs of Admittance returns with a sixth or seventh album, School of the Flower." Great record from start to finish! Includes a cover of Gary Higgins' 'Thicker Than A Smokey'. Highly recommended!
1/21/2005 Six Organs of Admittance School of the Flower LP $29.99 Drag City "This is the first Six Organs of Admittance record to be recorded in a studio. No computers were harmed (or used) during the making of this record. Free-jazz sensation Chris Corsano contributes drums with the greatest sympathy. It's a fantastic new album, as just a fraction of a listen will reveal. The highly prolific Six Organs of Admittance returns with a sixth or seventh album, School of the Flower." Great record from start to finish! Includes a cover of Gary Higgins' 'Thicker Than A Smokey'. Highly recommended!
11/17/2007 Six Organs of Admittance Shelter From The Ash CD $14.99 Drag City "Ben Chasny returns with a new Six Organs of Admittance album-a most fluid combination of electric and acoustic SOOA styles. For Shelter From The Ash, Chasny went into Louder Studios with the songs both in his mind and also demoed out, a different way of working than in previous sessions. Though their are definite song structures in place, improvisations and heavy drones are still a big part of the sound. Includes playing from NOEL HARMONSON (COMETS ON FIRE), TIM GREEN (FUCKING CHAMPS), ELISA AMBROGIO (MAGIK MARKERS), and MATT SWEENEY (SUPERWOLF)."
6/11/2006 Six Organs of Admittance The Sun Awakens CD $13.99 Drag City "Despite the incredible prolificacy that has seen the release of seven albums since the turn of the millennium, the advent of The Sun Awakens, the new Six Organs Of Admittance record remains an event to cherish. Having finally achieved mainstream recognition with his last album, 2005's sublime School Of The Flower, Ben Chasny - who ostensibly is Six Organs Of Admittance - has decided to push away from the psych-folk blueprint that he conquered with the last Six Organs album and propel himself into the depths of bohemia with a masterclass in dark artistry. bWorking with some of his long-time collaborators (notably Noel Von Harmonson of Comets On Fire and Tim Green of The Fucking Champs) means that some of the hallmarks from earlier releases remain, so fans will recognise For Octavio Paz's melancholic six-strings on 'Torn By Wolves' and fragments of Compathia's sweet lullabies can be found on 'The Desert Is A Circle'. But this is an undeniably darker experience than its predecessor; some of the gentle percussion and the occasional cymbal crash remain, but there's little that isn't immolated by the disruptive fire of Chasny's electric guitar. Chasny even goes so far as to mangle his own words on 'Black Wall', before a volley of feedback blows his falsetto away entirely. At the end of The Sun Awakens lies the twenty-four minute long 'River Of Transformation', a desolate, droning whirlpool and the most oppressive track that Chasny has recorded to date, whether under his Six Organs guise or any other. The fearsome, crunching guitar is heavy enough to recall some of Chasny's psych outings with Comets On Fire, but the weird other-worldly chanting hauls the track back into the avant-garde mire. Dark, taxing and almost overwhelming complex The Sun Awakens may be, but it's an album laced with enough of Chasny's particular brand of mercurial grace to ensure that Six Organs Of Admittance's second album for Drag City is, nonetheless, a work of austere beauty."
6/11/2006 Six Organs of Admittance The Sun Awakens LP $13.99 Drag City "Despite the incredible prolificacy that has seen the release of seven albums since the turn of the millennium, the advent of The Sun Awakens, the new Six Organs Of Admittance record remains an event to cherish. Having finally achieved mainstream recognition with his last album, 2005's sublime School Of The Flower, Ben Chasny - who ostensibly is Six Organs Of Admittance - has decided to push away from the psych-folk blueprint that he conquered with the last Six Organs album and propel himself into the depths of bohemia with a masterclass in dark artistry. bWorking with some of his long-time collaborators (notably Noel Von Harmonson of Comets On Fire and Tim Green of The Fucking Champs) means that some of the hallmarks from earlier releases remain, so fans will recognise For Octavio Paz's melancholic six-strings on 'Torn By Wolves' and fragments of Compathia's sweet lullabies can be found on 'The Desert Is A Circle'. But this is an undeniably darker experience than its predecessor; some of the gentle percussion and the occasional cymbal crash remain, but there's little that isn't immolated by the disruptive fire of Chasny's electric guitar. Chasny even goes so far as to mangle his own words on 'Black Wall', before a volley of feedback blows his falsetto away entirely. At the end of The Sun Awakens lies the twenty-four minute long 'River Of Transformation', a desolate, droning whirlpool and the most oppressive track that Chasny has recorded to date, whether under his Six Organs guise or any other. The fearsome, crunching guitar is heavy enough to recall some of Chasny's psych outings with Comets On Fire, but the weird other-worldly chanting hauls the track back into the avant-garde mire. Dark, taxing and almost overwhelming complex The Sun Awakens may be, but it's an album laced with enough of Chasny's particular brand of mercurial grace to ensure that Six Organs Of Admittance's second album for Drag City is, nonetheless, a work of austere beauty."
6/19/2007 Skaters, The Dispersed Royalty Ornaments LP $17.99 Wabana "As the duo known as the Skaters and as solo artists, Ferraro and Clark, who are flat broke and currently without phone or Internet service, spend most of their days and late nights not working but huddled in their bedrooms jamming, obsessively exploring through the use of nontraditional instrumentation and the creation of abstract sound 'the inside and the outside at the same time,' and in the process experiencing what Ferraro calls 'private imaginations.' The end result is not what you would expect -- i.e., a pretentious, painfully dry avant-garde free-noise. Quite the opposite, it's a totally out there, vocal-dominated psychedelia, based, structurally speaking, on the open-ended drone heard in industrial music, minimalism, experimental electronics, folk, world music, and free jazz. And, like the best free jazz -- the early, fiery stuff: Trane, Ayler, Sanders -- the Skaters' noise-drenched cosmic soul is driven by their need to, in the words of Ferraro, 'grasp something that is beyond what you can verbalize." - Justin Farrar. Killer record - highly recommended!!
2/16/2005 Skaters, The Gambling in Ohpa's Shadow CDR $13.99 Pseudo Arcana "Does anything more need to be said about The Skaters? They exploded into the consciousness in early 2004 with 'Dark Rye Bread' (an album about to get a vinyl reissue courtesy of Norways Humbug imprint) and blew minds everywhere with their exceptionally 'JOYOUS' music. For those who haven't heard them yet The Skaters are the duo of James Ferraro and Spencer Clark. The main instrument used by these 2 genius's is voice, but not voice as we're used to it. Ecstatic chants are looped live through archaic delay units and played at a monstrous volume through old and broken amplifiers. Occasionally a broken-leaded guitar is strummed, or a very bent tribal sounding percussion looms into the mix, but overall its those crazy gnostic-gnomic voices that dominate. As with James Ferraro's solo 'Wooden Cupboard' project the immediate comparison that springs to mind is that of Angus MacLises Kathmandu recordings. Not everything is so chaotic on this disk, there are poignant moments of relative calm, but overall it is a remarkably distorted, energising - and joyous - affair. Note that some of the distortion on this disk is 'digital' in nature, a further manifestation of Ohpa's will sings morsecode clicks from out the void…
8/2/2008 Skaters, The Physicalities of the Sensibilities of Ingrediential Stairways LP $14.99 Eclipse Uncalculated unconscious expectations within an involuntary interception (system) of detached fantasy detached provided the fantasy is born of ingredients outside of the body but determined by the unpenetrated unconsciousness this in combination with the minds ability to sight illusions creates a world in which the consciousness can travel in and out of realisation of the event arising as with the tangible actions of the ceremony ascending and descending within the spectators consciousness manifest exchanged illusions. The unknowing of levels of consciousness as the procession of the ceremony transforms the imagination from inner and outer experience to one a whole motion of physical and mental interaction. Recorded in Universal City, Mexico by Spencer Clark and James Ferraro. Limited edition - one time pressing
6/11/2006 Skaters, The Raising Spheres Of Crossing Angel Minds CDR $17.99 New Age Cassettes "Long awaited new album from The Skaters duo will be so much gravy to anyone still reeling from the galaxy-gobbling weight that James and Spencer brought to their recent Subcurrent performance. Can't think of *anyone* who can squeeze so much depth, history, beauty and skull-juice from cheap keyboards, microphones, vocals and hand-percussion and these guys do more with the implications of Angus MacLise's magical/ecstatic breakthroughs than anyone else who came in the wake of The Velvet Underground. Raising Spheres feels like ancient science fiction, phantom drone beams that conflate blood and electricity in truly occult style. Highest possible recommendation." - Volcanic Tongue
2/16/2005 Skaters, The Rippling Whispers CDR $17.99 23 Productions "Originally released, in a woefully short edition, on Nidnod, 23 Productions is happy to reissue this jewel from the kaleidoscope of psych noise: the Skaters. Featuring four tracks of noise mantra soaked in horse spit and psychic goo."
5/1/2009 Skeleton Warrior Pornographic Hologram c70 cassette $4.99 Obsolete Units "One of the more secretive acts in the strange terrain of Florida-based noise makers, the always enigmatic Skeleton Warrior allow some more presence to take hold with this epic tape of bewildering glee. Pornographic Hologram very literally veers from speaker-damaging scuzz rock to amphetamine-ruined industrial pop to analog synth caterwauling to everything else in between. No spaces left untouched, and yet a distinct linking thread holds it all in place. A diverse and vigorous long-player made perfect for the adventurous."
4/10/2009 Skin Graft Blackout LP $15.99 Tusco Embassy "First skin graft vinyl. 8 tracks of abrasive, negatively charged scum electronics. perfectly disgusting and abusive. three color screened artwork (lots of black ink)." Edition of 100 copies.
7/16/2009 Skin Graft Brick in the Mouth of a Corpse c20 cassette $7.99 Deception Island "As proof that some small amount of justice lingers in the world, Cleveland veteran Wyatt Howland is finally getting his dues, having spent the past several years amassing a discography studded with many of the all-time classics of fucked rust belt electronics ("Soft Police Murder," "Drug Addict," "You Deserve Nothing," and the watershed "Blackout" lp on Tusco Embassy, to name but a handful), collabbing tirelessly with the likes of Ryan Kuehn, David Russell, Emeralds, and Aaron Dilloway, and turning in an endless stream of punishingly focused, concise, and pissed-off performances that simply must be witnessed to be believed. "Brick in the Mouth of a Corpse" is both a fitting introduction to Skin Graft and a bar-raiser for those already initiated, on which Howland continues to wax subtle, detailed, and glowering, as though drawing cross-sections of harsh noise with a drafting pencil, allowing us to view the creaking, dripping, and hissing armature under its skin. This is a strategy that could never be sustained without the patience and technique that are present in spades across the six tracks that make up "Brick," meticulously crafted vignettes that range from the principled scraping of bones and bodyslamming of trashcans to waking up brutally hung over beside a rustily copulating heap of sonar equipment. Essential filth." Hand-numbered edition of 149.
11/21/2009 Skin Graft Caged c30 cassette $8.99 Hermitage Tapes "Wyatt Howland aka skin graft = veteran RULER from Cleveland. and as ALWAYS,he brings you the sickest nastiest FILTHIEST sounds ever!& this tape is yet another example of his mastery of his madness. black tape w/ title craved into it with a knife,wrapped in B&W dbl. sided insert wrapped in metal cage/wire."
11/6/2010 Skin Graft Cancerous double CDR $9.99 Pizza Night "A double cdr version of the 4 c60 box set that sold out instantly. contains two years worth of recording churning harsh noise mud and hatred black coal forced into dark diamonds of audio... color covers housed in thick dvd style cases. limited strictly to 100."
12/12/2009 Skin Graft Dirge 7" $6.99 A Soundesign "An instant classic, two years in the making... "Dirge" showcases what Cleveland's Wyatt Howland does best, pummel and grind. This record is a black assault with a deeply personal feel, like a perpetrator caressing you into eternal sleep with a set of pipe wrenches. Art by David Russell. Co-released with Mistake By The Lake. Black vinyl 33 RPM 7" record, black and white laser print insert in plastic bag."
5/16/2011 Skin Graft Dystrophy CD $7.99 Hanson "Debut CD release for Cleveland's SKIN GRAFT. WYATT HOWLAND aka SKIN GRAFT has been blasting his crude noise in the filthiest Cleveland basements and scum punk bars every two or three nightsŠA WEEK! for the past five or so years. He has a knack for writhing in the filthy underbelly of sound using junk metal, field recordings and primitive electronics. DYSTROPHY is complete audio horror texture…pulverizing harsh sounds of fluttering static, feedback and crushed metalŠ This is the sound you hear when you are stuck upside down in the backseat of a hit and skidding car. Just HORRIBLE SOUNDS! The complete OPPOSITE to the sounds of his past collaborators EMERALDS and BEE MASK. Whereas they have aimed for outer spaceŠ SKIN GRAFT has aimed himself head first into a shitty old Cleveland gutter. Always touring, always playing gigs, and always recording…solo and as a member of long running Cleveland noise punks DEAD PEASANT INSURANCE as well as Power Violence heavyweights APARTMENT 213." Recommended for fans of Wolf Eyes, The New Blockaders, Napalm Death, Taint, Murder Corporatrion, Negative Approach, Prurient, and Controlled Bleeding. 500 copies packaged in black poly jewel cases.
3/5/2009 Skin Graft You Deserve Nothing cassette $7.99 Pizza Night "Psychedelic scum electronics from Wyatt Howland. Intense dark zones and wet cold clutter. A real jaw dropper of pissed noise that at moments sounds as if Wyatt chose to set a modular synth rig on fire. The absolute best of OHIO."
4/3/2010 Skitter untitled 3" CDR $7.99 La Station Radar Part of Fake Tape Series - limited edition of 50 copies. "Sound of one jpg. Here is the last Skitter from Liam Stefani. No title, no details. Black and White. The image is text and sounds are the words."
2/24/2015 Skittish Arm Uneven Compass / Melted Hands c72 cassette $7.99 Psi Lab "two digital only 2014 titles fetched from the ether and manifested in analog amplifying the immersive and transportive qualities of these awe inspiring soundscapes channeling eno and basinski, right alongside those and others comprising top tier ambient music, at least as far as i'm concerned, i featured his most recent tape LOSS as my RECOMMENDATION #1, it is an incredible album and it has a good chance of being the best tape i will hear - and instantly buy - all year, but everything else this guy has done is on the same level, particularly these two albums, which immediately upon hearing i thought "man it would be cool if these were on cassette", well now they are." Sample here: http://skittisharm.bandcamp.com/album/uneven-compass

Skree Fat Mouth Shouts Out CD $16.99 Freek Noisy improvisation with treated sax,trumpet,moogs,tape loops, & guitars
11/6/2010 Skullbong / Zodiac Toys split c81 cassette $6.99 Bum Tapes "Canada's Skullbong lay down a long side of live claustrophobic electronic compositions including a live radio transmission. Zodiac toys are from Bristol, proof that high-grade and low-fi do mix. Limited to 25 copies."
7/28/2011 Skullflower Fucked On A Pile Of Corpses CD $19.99 Cold Spring "The most remorseless, brutal Skullflower ever! Alternating between granular lo-fi primitive rock and granular lo-fi primitive Power Electronics, this taut disc is a chain mail glove of hate to any lazy minds who've tainted the air with describing Skullflower as 'psychedelic'. But that's not to say this is an all out total assault. There are also moments of tender acoustic balladry, its just that they don't exist. The remorseless brutal sound is primitive, but as detailed and rich as a blood soaked medieval canvas, somewhere betwixt The Rita and Clandestine Blaze, but more brutal! Long live the New Flesh! Kether is in Malkuth, Malkuth is in Kether, but in a different wayŠ"
5/20/2009 Skullflower Malediction CD $13.99 Second Layer Records "Brand new Skullflower studio recording featuring the line-up of Matthew Bower, Samantha Davies (Voltigeurs), Lee Stokoe (Culver) and Stuart Dennison (Ramleh, original Skullflower) back on drums. Three long tracks of blackened guitar wall. Comes in 6-panel digipack with artwork by Matthew Bower. Limited to 1000 copies." Recommended!
7/10/2008 Skullflower Pure Imperial Reform CD $13.99 Turgid Animal "New Skullflower CD now available on Turgid Animal Records. Recorded last year live on an Antwerpen radio station comes this new guitar wall "composition" from Matthew Bower and Lee Stokoe. This is a real CD (a first for Turgid Animal) limited to 1000 copies with artwork desinged by MB himself and pro-printed on quality grey paper in standard jewel cases. This is a seriously solid release and is for fans of modern Skullflower recordings and anyone who just loves a good harsh racket!"
8/8/2009 Skullflower / Limepit split LP $22.99 Posh Isolation "Dark, clandestine noise from England and Denmark. Artwork by Rasmus Rosengaard. Silkscreened covers. Mastered at Dubplates and Mastering by FST." Edition of 333 copies.
7/16/2004 Skullpture 4 CDR $8.99 Foxglove "Life in an echo chamber would probably get old after about two days. Turku's Skullpture, though, insist that it's the only way to live. 40 minutes of new sound from these droning, black metal inspired fiends. This is music with more open space than the expanses of Siberia. Bring a coat because Skullpture's landscapes are cold and dark. This music would do the arctic circle proud." Edition of 100 copies.
1/22/2011 Skully Világür c30 cassette $4.99 Ghetto Naturalist Series "Genre is obsolete?? yes indeed- concentrated pop and slashed manipulations- best and weirdest shit to date- really excited about this one- gem!! ed. of 45."
1/17/2010 Sky Dripping Venom In Krasnozem CDR $10.99 Ruralfaune "Post-pyschedelic kraut_jams and moody experimentations by Nick Forté (Christmas Decorations, Felipe and Forté - Schematic & Kranky labels...) Kosmic rocks and musical meteors. Just great." Edition of 75 copies - part of Synth Series.
2/21/2009 Sky Juice Above The Law LP $17.99 Olde English Spelling Bee "Above the Law is a 1988 action film directed by Andrew Zachariah Davis, probably best-known for being the film debut of Steven Seagal. This tribute album features the full Sky Juice rock band lineup of S.J. Jackson, S.J. Jones, Stoney Freeman, & Zac Davis and was recorded between 2004 and 2008 in various Ohio/Michigan/Massachusetts basements. Except for "Electric Engram" which is excerpted from an infamous/aborted live radio broadcast on Chicago's legendary dance station WGCI. Song titles: Asleep For Daze, Fractality, Slimescape (for James Ferraro), Prostration, Pressure Cook, Plan Of Attack (for Elisa Ambroglio), Recent Fog, Pushcart, Empty Grave, Womb Blizzard, Stable Current, Laid Out, Wall Of Mice, Suction Vent, Scrape Grate, Electric Engram, Brain Wash. Limited pressing of 375 copies, spraymounted covers, xeroxed collage insert."
2/4/2007 Sky Juice Electric Mainline CDR $9.99 Maim & Disfigure "new release from these power rock brothers.... like the spacemen without enough drugs in their systems meet holden if he was missing a couple of fingers.... ltd to 50"
3/21/2009 Sky Limousine / David Payne Multiplicity / Feedback #46 cassette $7.99 Middle James Co. "TERRORTAPES vol36. SKY LIMOUSINE / DAVID PAYNE "feedback #46"c60. side a = SKY LIMOUSINE "multiplicity" project from Chicago bro Josh Burke, with releases on Fag Tapes, STD, and his own Avocado Jungle Cassettes; the Sky Limo side is action mix of all sorts o shorty jams exhaling an unhealthy sample of weirdness via synth, tapes, voice and guitar. quicksand stone drones and puffs of huh makes you feel like riding a SKY LIMOUSINE all day. side b = DP "feedback #46" back in the slack, fingers folded back, no turning black, blue from smack. limited to 23."
11/4/2006 Skygreen Leopards, The Disciples of California CD $12.99 Jagjaguwar "THE SKYGREEN LEOPARDS started in 2001 as a duo, just GLENN DONALDSON and DONOVAN QUINN. Working out of the Hobo Victoria district of San Francisco, they've since recorded five full-length albums and one EP in their five year history. Over these recordings the band has been given to metamorphosis but has always managed to sound distinctly "Skygreen". Their newest album, "Disciples of California", continues in the alchemical tradition of change and inward-revolt. On it, the Skygreen Leopards mix pop melodies, minimal country truisms, jingle-jangling Californianism and angular folk with something the band refers to as "our horse called Dire Arrow," which roughly translates into family friendly (sans the "American Censorship" connotations).
11/4/2006 Skygreen Leopards, The Disciples of California LP $11.99 Jagjaguwar *The Skygreen Leopards - LP $11.99 (Jagjaguwar)
"THE SKYGREEN LEOPARDS started in 2001 as a duo, just GLENN DONALDSON and DONOVAN QUINN. Working out of the Hobo Victoria district of San Francisco, they've since recorded five full-length albums and one EP in their five year history. Over these recordings the band has been given to metamorphosis but has always managed to sound distinctly "Skygreen". Their newest album, "Disciples of California", continues in the alchemical tradition of change and inward-revolt. On it, the Skygreen Leopards mix pop melodies, minimal country truisms, jingle-jangling Californianism and angular folk with something the band refers to as "our horse called Dire Arrow," which roughly translates into family friendly (sans the "American Censorship" connotations)."
1/28/2005 Skygreen Leopards, The Life and Love in Sparrow's Meadow CD $12.99 Jagjaguwar "With Life & Love in Sparrow's Meadow, The Skygreen Leopards expand on their strange pastoral folk-pop and enter center stage as one of the most unique voices in the new folk movement. The Skygreen Leopards are Donovan Quinn (Verdure) and Glenn Donaldson (Thuja, Blithe Sons, Franciscan Hobbies, Birdtree, Ivytree, etc.). Formed in 2001, Quinn and Donaldson met while responding to a cryptic ad in the paper looking for Lumberjack players (little wooden dancing men you play on a board for percussion and visual interest). After being bested by an Appalachian man, Donovan and Glenn began studying the stars together where Glenn, while tracing his finger along Orion, said, 'Donovan, we are the Skygreen Leopards,' and so they were. The Skygreen Leopards originate from the Bay Area-based Jewelled Antler forest of bands. Donaldson co-founded the Jewelled Antler label in 1999, which has since released over 25 CD-R's ranging from straight field recordings & outdoor improv-folk to noise & fractured pop music. The Skygreen Leopards are without a doubt the most structured and accessible of these projects. Much of the Jewelled Antler music is recorded live outdoors on mini-discs & boomboxes while the Skygreen Leopards primarily focus on a surreal form of multi-layered folk-pop recorded on an old reel-to-reel housed in a moldy trailer on the back of a horse ranch. 12-string guitars, banjos, dulcimers, Jew's harps, organs, maracas, mandolins, harmonicas, ocarinas & reed flutes harmonize with the field-recorded songs of birds, barnyard animals & insects. This hedge of sounds is the backdrop for Quinn & Donaldson's mythological rants & hazy melodies."
1/28/2005 Skygreen Leopards, The Life and Love in Sparrow's Meadow LP $11.99 Jagjaguwar "With Life & Love in Sparrow's Meadow, The Skygreen Leopards expand on their strange pastoral folk-pop and enter center stage as one of the most unique voices in the new folk movement. The Skygreen Leopards are Donovan Quinn (Verdure) and Glenn Donaldson (Thuja, Blithe Sons, Franciscan Hobbies, Birdtree, Ivytree, etc.). Formed in 2001, Quinn and Donaldson met while responding to a cryptic ad in the paper looking for Lumberjack players (little wooden dancing men you play on a board for percussion and visual interest). After being bested by an Appalachian man, Donovan and Glenn began studying the stars together where Glenn, while tracing his finger along Orion, said, 'Donovan, we are the Skygreen Leopards,' and so they were. The Skygreen Leopards originate from the Bay Area-based Jewelled Antler forest of bands. Donaldson co-founded the Jewelled Antler label in 1999, which has since released over 25 CD-R's ranging from straight field recordings & outdoor improv-folk to noise & fractured pop music. The Skygreen Leopards are without a doubt the most structured and accessible of these projects. Much of the Jewelled Antler music is recorded live outdoors on mini-discs & boomboxes while the Skygreen Leopards primarily focus on a surreal form of multi-layered folk-pop recorded on an old reel-to-reel housed in a moldy trailer on the back of a horse ranch. 12-string guitars, banjos, dulcimers, Jew's harps, organs, maracas, mandolins, harmonicas, ocarinas & reed flutes harmonize with the field-recorded songs of birds, barnyard animals & insects. This hedge of sounds is the backdrop for Quinn & Donaldson's mythological rants & hazy melodies."
3/27/2004 Skygreen Leopards, The One Thousand Bird Ceremony CD $11.99 Soft Abuse "Soft Abuse is pleased to present the perfect soundtrack to a hazy springtime: The Skygreen Leopards' One Thousand Bird Ceremony! After two highly limited CD-R albums, The Skygreen Leopards unveil their most cohesive and fully-realized statement yet, as well as their first widely available CD release. The duo of Glenn Donaldson and Donovan Quinn converged to create The 'Leopards in 2001 in order to explore their mutual obsession with folk, psychedelic and surrealist sounds from the 60s and 70s. The band name, taken from a Kenneth Patchen poem, perfectly represents the duo's whimsical, dreamlike compositions, which reside somewhere between the ESP DISK outer limits (think Holy Modal Rounders and The Godz) and the lush folk-rock and psych-pop of The Byrds and The Monkees (latter circa Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd.). The group has also garnered comparisons to the likes of Tyrannosaurus Rex, Richard Farina, Greg Weeks, early Pink Floyd, and White Album-era Beatles. Recording to ¼" tape on a decaying 8-track machine, the Skygreen sound is easily the most hi-fi of any of the Jewelled Antler manifestations. Layered 12-string guitars, wayward harmonies, 5-string banjo, bouzouki, jew's harp, found sounds, dulcimer, Hammond organ, tambourines and maracas and much more creep into the songs like a light breeze. Though decidedly more 'pop' in structure, the duo retains the Jewelled Antler spirit of spontaneity, improvisation and playful sound exploration, often recording without pre-determined lyrics or chord changes and incorporating various sound sources and field recordings. The first two Skygreen Leopards albums, She Rode on a Pink Gazelle & Other Dreams and The Story of the Green Lamb & the Jerusalem Priestess of Leaves, were released on CD-R by the Jewelled Antler label and received highly favorable mentions in such publications as The Wire, Dream Magazine and The Broken Face. Both are slated for reissue on Soft Abuse later in 2004. Glenn Donaldson is also a member of The Blithe Sons, Thuja, The Franciscan Hobbies, The Birdtree, The Knit Seperates, and most of the other groups in the Jewelled Antler stable. He co-founded the Jewelled Antler label and masterminded the Pink Skulls label, and currently resides in San Francisco. Recently featured in Ptolemaic Terrascope, Donovan Quinn lives on a ranch in Walnut Creek, California and is a celebrated solo artist, releasing music under the Verdure moniker. More Verdure music will soon surface on the Camera Obscura and Lexicon Devil labels."
1/24/2009 Slashdeath Kein Mitleid one-sided LP $25.99 Die Taubnessel "1-sided LP record. After completing the Unrein Bis Zum Abend/Reise Ins Diesseits LP recordings, Arnulf Meifert decided to be available for the Slashdeath project, this time under the direction of Kommissar Hjuler and in collaboration with Mama Baer. What resulted is a kind of death-metal-pastiche or parody, spontaneously realized with nearly no instruments at all. Quite noisy and primitive screams with percussive cymbal ostinato! Black cover with no info at all, except Slashdeath print and hand glued title in plastic scotch lettering. Edition limited to 115 copies."
2/7/2009 Slasher Risk Shoe Mania cassette $5.99 Abandon Ship Records "In true spontaneous/on the spot/spur of the moment fashion, this tape was recorded live on the first night of the first bi-annual Eye and Ear record fair and music festival. We used a hi-fidelity digital recording, which was immediately brought home and put to tape that was packaged and ready to sell at the beginning of the second day of the fair! It was quite the achievement. To ensure we could fit the entire recording on tape, we used c62s, which resulted in some extra empty space at the end of side B. But fear not, there is still approximately 45 minutes of some of the most intense Slasher Risk live recordings to date. They absolutely tore the place apart on this now historical night. Claim your piece of the pie and grab this one before it's gone." Edition of 95.
1/7/2015 Sleep Volume One LP $16.99 Tupelo "Volume One is the debut album. It was the only album recorded with second guitarist Justin Marler, before he became an Orthodox monk. Volume One showcases a darker sound and stronger doom metal influence than Sleep's later work."
1/22/2011 Sleep Bottoms Jamaica 7" $6.99 Feeding Tube Records "Recorded in March 2009 in New York by Jonathan Granoff, Zach Iannazzi & Ted Lee. Imagine dream-scaped drum machines, cleaned up guitars and low end vocal delights to play once, or more, or many more times, only to sleep back into the cave of bottoms. Doing the job right for 30 years! Only 100 copies."
9/16/2007 Sleepwalkers Local 242 Dreamlands CDR $7.99 House of Alchemy "Majesty, one guitar player at a time.... Sleepwalkers Local 242 is the solo vehicle for Grant Capes (VxPxC, Thousands, the circle and the point), a safe haven in which he truly lets loose and allows the furthest reaches of his imagination to come forward and touch the fleshiest spots. Hot on the heels of his 3" cd-r "Things We Put our Friends Through", this is 50+ minutes of narcoleptic fervor. Strap in and relax everything." Edition of 123 copies.
7/14/2007 Sleepwalkers Local 242 Things We Put Our Friends Through 3" CDR $4.99 Phantom Limb Recordings "18 minutes of drugged out bedroom folk strained through cheap computers. Think Low on more painkillers and Newcastles. Comes in a sickly sweet sky blue and clouds spray painted plastic case, with printed insert and spray painted 3 inch cd-r. Words from a Foxy Digitalis review - 'Sleepwalkers Local 242 has been lurking in the shadows for some time now. There have been sporadic gigs but little else for the world to hear. Now, the sounds that have been building for years are starting to spill out into the daylight. 'Things We Put Our Friends Through' is what feels like 12 inches of vinyl album dreaminess distilled down to fifteen minutes on a 3-inch CD-r. The results are sublime. One man laying out a flirty little symphony. Miniature scores, entire films scored in minutes really, presented here.'" Limited edition of 90 copies.
10/1/2002 Slight Surface Noise Slight Surface Noise LP $14.99 Worship Guitars "Excellent debut album from the trio of David Wilcox, Mike Switzer (Avijit, Willaim Switzer) and Vaughn Boone (Dry Nod). In the vein of Mission of Burma, Big Black, and early Sonic Youth. Beautiful silk screened covers."
1/17/2010 Slither Burnt Offerings II cassette $6.99 Fag Tapes "Latest, newest recordings from the basement Slither lair. the first "burnt offerings" cassette came shrink wrapped w/ 1.75 grams of weed. boo! this one doesn't come with weed. the recording on this one is better because we recorded it the same session and were more in the zone and the first tape has young jeezy and shit on it. WAY ZONED REEDS / ELECTRONICS. hand-painted, hand-numbered edition 25."
3/20/2010 Slither Burnt Offerings IV cassette $7.99 Fag Tapes "Fourth installment from reeds / electronics duo C. pottinger / H. moerland. in th' basement of your mind recorded in a basement. amazing free calculating recordings. hand-painted/numbered edition 25.
10/1/2011 Slither Burnt Offerings VI cassette $7.99 Fag Tapes "A long wait for this entry into the Burnt Offerings Series. Studio recordings revealing new set ups and approaches coming across as always two brain thoughts bringing together something at once. Reeds electronics synth duo. Decay delay corpse outside a restaurant. A corpse of sound that just ate. Saynara. Hand-numbered edition 30."
1/24/2009 Slither From a Fading Age cassette $7.99 Fag Tapes "Reeds / electronics duo of c. pottinger / h. moerland. the sound system is underwater or on a barge going further away from you out to sea...clarinet wah and windstorm corrupted electronics / sax. hand-numbered edition 50."
4/10/2009 Slither Room With No Corners cassette $6.99 Fag Tapes "h. moerland / c. pottinger reeds electronics duo tearing this one up ! amazing sounds ! there's no where to hide and you keep running around in a circle trying to escape. edition 50."
11/4/2006 Slither Silver cassette $8.99 Fag Tapes "stoned keath (sick llama) and chris potthead (cotton museum) play underworld reeds duo. broken clarinet, saxxx, in a room that isn't silent. color covers. edition 90."
10/25/2008 Slither Venom Injection / Invertebrate LP $24.99 QBICO "Heath Moerland & Chris Pottinger: horns & electronics. Side A: 'Venom Injection,' 'Invertebrate.' Ghosts horns howling at twisted electronics, sub-humans or invertebrate." Out of print.
1/24/2009 Sloow Road Sloow Road cassette $8.99 Sloow Tapes "Space hymns from deep woods within by Sloow Tapes Bart De Paepe and Golden Roadie Matt Valentine, crawling beyond shredding wah-wah guitars and intoxicating synth, culminating in twisted chouffe raga and porkslap pulse. Reissue of obscure Heroine cd-r, 100 copies."
5/14/2007 Slow Listener Only on my own am I truly loved CDR $14.99 Celebrate / Psi / Phenomenon "Utterly arresting restlessness from this brand new UK slumberpunk. Carnivorous guitars grizzle in shallow, fitful sleep whilst digesting smaller prey. Lonesome and bedragled, post-Skaters howl & whine, aiming for the heart of the sun whilst still not being able to muster the energy required to answer the phone. Like a grey lollipop made from the boiled remains of your neighbours 'free noise' picture disc collection. Like small, battery-powered amps clustering together to build a foot-high pyramid of apathy. Like watching BBC World with the sound down at 3am. Perfect."
2/18/2015 Slows 13’56 & 13’05 10" $12.99 Deep Distance "Deep Distance, the kosmische / kraut flavoured side label to the Great Pop Supplement, open the new year in style with 3 super cool new 10” singles, all dressed up in ace embossed front panel sleeves and tasty new label bags. Kicking off the trio is the stunning debut from “Slows”, (a side project for WIRE guitarist Matthew Simms), 2 beautiful side long pieces created on farfisa matador organ with fx pedals which recall the lush, minimal drones and arrangements of the likes of Terry Riley, JD Emmanuel and “Dreamweapon” era Spacemen 3. Matthew has been a member of Wire since 2010 (playing on 2013’s acclaimed “Change Becomes Us” LP) and It Hugs Back, having released 3 albums with a new one due for 2015. He was recently invited to contribute to the new Bill Fay album, as well as a soundtrack to the film “Suzanne” by Electrelane’s Verity Susman. His individual, self taught approach to the guitar, the focus on unusual sounds and tunings and his way of playing within, rather than ‘on top’ of a song has helped him forge his growing reputation. He is most often to be found in his own Kent countryside studio, ‘The Record Room’ where he has recently mixed the new Chastity Belt record on Hardly Art (Feb 2015) as well as composing and recording music for various Film and TV programmes. A beautiful record on the eye and ear and limited to a pressing of 300 only."
1/22/2011 Slug Acid Freaks Somewhere Between the Cradle and the Lonely Grave CDR $10.99 Threshold Tapes "Fabulously unlikely collection of unreleased original recordings by this previously unknown UK DIY/avant garage group existent between 1984-85 in small town England. Using various domestic appliances, Casio keyboards, Echopet, walkie-talkies etc Slug Acid Freaks - also known as Slug Sisters and Slug Culture - featured 'Sputnik', 'Dr Slime' and 'Septic Sex' playing primitive Industrial pop that existed in a void somewhere between Throbbing Gristle, The Scrotum Poles, the whole Omming For Woks/Strolling Ones/Redemption Inc axis and the early Sheffield sound complete with epic keyboard drones, doomy vocals, cheapo drum machines and instantly memorable pithy pop constructions. This represents the groups first ever official release, with tracks from 84/85 in a hand-numbered edition of only 33 copies. Massively addictive and highly recommended: "Nearly a quarter of a century after they broke up, impossibly obscure UK DIY/minimal wave outfit Slug Acid Freaks have released their first "official" album through the Threshold Tapes label. Formed in 1981in Andover, Hampshire, by Ken Pearce and Ed Pupplet, and ably assisted by regular guest Andy Broome, the band recorded 5 albums worth of material before their demise in 1986, none of which was ever made available beyond the band's immediate circle of friends. Somewhere Between the Cradle and the Lonely Grave collects over an hour of music from the band's most prolific period, 1984-85. Without being overly deterministic, it's possible to regard Slug Acid Freaks, partly, at least, as a product of their environment. In the 1950s and '60s, Andover, an ancient market town, had been designated one of London's official overspills. The capital's allure was keenly felt, but Andover's Slug population retained a strong enough sense of hometown identity that the metropolitan influence was always recycled with a measure of "provincial" strangeness. If even the most ardent archaeologist of DIY is unlikely ever to have heard of the Slugs, they were nonetheless active during the late heyday of the UK's home taping underground. Employing necessarily minimal means - borrowed Casios, sequencer, basic drum machine (or the rhythm programme of a home organ?) - the band recorded at Ken's house on his Dad's music centre and a Wien portable tape recorder. While early Human League and Devo are cited as an influence, the Slugs were also contemporaries of many of the 2nd and 3rd wave electronic/industrial bands who took up the baton offered by pioneers like Throbbing Gristle and Cabaret Voltaire. Despite the relative poverty of its means, Slug music is generally more carefully crafted and song-based than that of its DIY or industrial peers, never lapsing into pointless juvenilia, on the one hand, or metal dunce cliché on the other. Somewhere Between the Cradle and the Lonely Grave has been remastered from the original tapes by Andy Broome and is released in a still barely available edition of 33 copies. Fans of Transparent Illusion, early Portion Control, John Bender, Colin Potter, Legendary Pink Dots, Instant Automatons etc., should act now to avoid disappointment! Slug Acid Freaks - seriously, the best thing to come out of Andover since The Troggs and Twinings tea." - Volcanic Tongue

Smack Music 7 She's A Mystery Radio CDR $9.99 Hell's Half Halo "First ever release from Karen Lollipop's glamtronics vision. Ear twitching sounds like the output of a one-fingered chimp. Now repackaged in a smooth jewelcase just for you!"
7/16/2006 Smaldone, Micah Blue Hither and Thither LP $29.99 Tequila Sunrise "500, 180 gram vinyl, pressed at Record Technology inc. with an 8-page booklet in full color 'old-style/tip-on jacket' printed at Stoughton printing. Micah Blue's got an original voice, reedy and spare, and he's a virtuoso ragtime finger-picker, too. His songs are charming, antique ditties - austere Tin-Pan Alley tunes with lyrics by Soren Kierkegaard. Like a single bright light, his music illuminates much while also casting a lot of sharp shadows, lovely, dark and deep. When he plays live, he tenses up his whole body - tenser than you'd expect for a folk musician, like he might snap the strings, or snap the neck of his guitar, or just snap. But there's not a trace of irony in his music or in his performance, and I guess that's the Yankee in him. See, it gets cold at night up there in Maine, where he's from, and when you got the blank eye of god bearing down on you, and you got the Jukes and the Kallikacks next door getting high on Freon or something, it just makes a man think seriously about where he fits in. Willem de Kooning, gazing up at the star-spangled sky over Black Mountain in the forties, remarked 'the universe gives me the creeps,' and I imagine Micah might agree. Human consciousness may be a makeshift contraption held together with bailing wire and duct tape, but it will have to suffice. And it may well be true that regret and loss are inescapable human conditions (if you marry you will regret it, and if you don't marry you'll regret that too). But it is also true that music is a bulwark against such notions of human frailty, and Micah Blue's music does more than suffice. It offers balm and succor to a weary soul." - John Jacob Niles
6/10/2004 Smallflowers Press #1 zine $4.99
“Debut issue of this Malden-based mag. Features extremely extensive interviews with Dredd Foole (whose classic 1995 album In Quest of Tense has become some kind of cornerstone), Sunburned Hand of the Man, and Chris Corsano. No reviews, almost no ads. Just one piledriving Q and A after another. ‘I spent 2003 interviewing free-folkers (hardy har har) Dredd Foole, Chris Corsano, & especially Sunburned Hand of the Man. The result is issue one of a zine called Smallflowers Press. It is the most in-depth, horse's-mouth document to date on what The Wire called 'new weird america' and features about 200 exclusive photos and 80 pages.’” – Kris Price (man behind Smallflowers Press). This is a great read! Recommended!
5/8/2005 Smarzoch, Raphael Spitrobot 7" $5.99 Tonschacht "Spitrobot is the debut-release of the Cologne-based guitar player and producer Raphael Smarzoch, which contains two intensive attacks of heavily treated guitar madness. Side a contains an ecstatic, but almost minimal piece or pure feedback freakout, while on side b the six strings almost sound like a dark, surreal layers of organ sounds. It might be of no surprise that both the thick, subterranean metal of Sunn O))) and the power electronics of the Wolf Eyes are the most important influences for Smarzoch’s noise pieces. 'Spitrobot' is the work of one of the most talented guitar players and an promising, impressive initial point in the discography of the 23-year old Raphael Smarzoch which you definitely shouldn’t miss if you’re into the solo-works of Kevin Drumm, Agata or Joseph Suchy."
1/24/2009 Smegma Live! 2004 CDR $10.99 Resipiscent "Sound (just like smegma) needs obscurity and ample neglect to really ripen. 30 years along, if Smegma themselves roll down your ol' Pacific rim (as they did in '04 on tour with pop-pantywaists, Wolf Eyes ) prepare for pure dumb joy. Like a rupture of personal sepsis, completely engrossing yet indescribable. Or give up waiting and drop this live specimen in your lap right now. Behold as sebaceous sounds begin to spread, from Seattle to LA you'll hear a sac of garde-avanteers discharged along the way including: Jello Biafra , Steve Mackay (Stooges), Tom Recchion, Ace Ferren Ford, Josh Mong. Once exposed, take some time alone right away; these things only gets worse with waiting."
2/1/2005 Smegma Rumblings CD $12.99 Hanson "Considered by many the kings and queens of American free noise, Smegma have been confusing minds since 1973 when they helped form the Los Angeles Free Music Society. They've recorded with everyone from Wildman Fisher to Merzbow and more recently, with noise goons Wolf Eyes. This disc is their first full length in nearly 10 years and also the first to feature vocalist / punk beatnik / Blue Oyster Cult lyricist Richard Meltzer. Rumblings is a sound collage of turntable manipulations, electronics, horns, bells, junk, toys, marijuana, and surf rock band. Smegma have been around forever and show no signs of slowing down. They just hopped off a killer west-coast tour with Wolf Eyes, Rubber O Cement and Comets On Fire where they ripped the skulls off of everyone."
11/17/2007 Smegma The Smell Remains The Same LP $12.99 Anarchymoon Recordings "Second in a slow series of 7" reissues, The Smell Remains The Same presents 10 tracks originally released in 1990-95 on 7" by various labels, including the impossible to find ? comp on Cavity Search records. (Literally, the title is ?). The tracks display Smegmas pioneering style of audiophile-lo-brow folk-noise-rock, in their early-middle age when they were surviving through the birth of grunge, alternative, and indie rock."
2/19/2007 Smegma / Perry Robinson Live @ No Fun Fest LP $21.99 QBICO "I used to buy and collect Smegma rockets when younger, so I'm really happy to release an LP by this really far out band, especially since they played with my friend Perry, who is one of the most versatile musicians I had ever met! Smegma is a kind of cult mob in the US experimental underground, based in Portland, Oregon, they started back in the early '70s and got connections with the Los Angeles Free Music Society (Tom Recchion, Joe Potts, Le Forte Four, Airways, Doo-Dooettes, Ace Farren Ford and even The Residents); they also got an amazing label called Pigface... here they played some jazz for the year 3018."
5/9/2009 Smiles and Frowns, The Mechanical Songs 7" $6.99 Great Pop Supplement "Beautiful debut 45 from u.s duo who offer up the very lo-fi, cyclical, almost otherworldly sounding "mechanical songs" backed with the fabulous "echoes of time". 2 irritatingly annoying tunes that stay with ya long after each has ended. think elements of galaxie 500, low, young marble giants, merged with the quieter side to the left banke or perhaps the west coast pop art experimental band. "60s psi-fi pop music" as has been recently described?! .... the packaging is something else, amazing die cut op-art sleeve with matching label art finished off on tasty white vinyl......" Edition of 300 copies.
7/14/2010 Smith, Ches 21.01.2010 CDR $16.99 Unsound Limited edition of 120 numbered copies, packed in a deluxe gatefold, LP-look cover.
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7/7/2003 Smith, Gary Forgotten Room With Chairs CD $13.99 FMR "Forgotten Room With Chairs, an album of solo electric guitar improvisations by cult British guitar player Gary Smith comes hot on the heels of Mass, the eponymous debut of his power trio that features bassist Gary Jeff and drummer Lou Ciccotelli (of Ice, Eardrum and Laika). In fact, this album predates the Mass sessions. It was recorded in 1996, under the encouragement of Trevor Taylor, who was inspired to link Smith's improvising with the photographs of Dylan Collard. Hearing Smith's playing in this context is certainly a challenge, as Smith eschews much of the electronic paraphernalia that can make solo guitar palatable. Instead, he plays with a very dry stereo sound, at times making the thing feedback for all it's worth and at others playing lightly shimmering chords that hover on the edge of pretty - but always with a threat. Elsewhere, his trademark flurries of dissonant, flying notes, often performed pianistically with both hands on the fretboard - are as mesemerising as ever. Another fascinating piece of work by one of the most interesting innovators on the world's most played instrument."

Smith, Gary / Joe Gallivan untitled CD $16.99 Paratactile "Moogy electronic percussion/stereo electric guitar duos from London/1998 featuring Gallivan (he of Love Cry Want, mid 80s INA-GRM affiliate, various outsider jazz aggregates), Smith (he of post-Swans ensemble 'Mass', duos with John Stevens, various scenarios declined by Bailey). Quite visceral on occasion, placid the next (like... life). Impressive in spots (Gallivan), flaccid on others (Gary). Questionably necessary." -Hrvatski.
12/15/2001 Smith, Jack Les Evening Gowns Damnées - 56 Ludlow Street 1962-1964, V.1 CD $16.99 Audio Artkive "The first in a series of remarkable vintage recordings which feature the protean film-maker, photographer and performance artists Jack Smith (1932-1989). The material includes readings of short stories and other audio excursions (featuring musical accompaniment from the likes of Conrad, John Cale and Angus MacLise), as well as excerpts from Conrad's soundtrack to Smith's notorious and groundbreaking film Flaming Creatures (1962). Recorded in glistening monaural lo-fidelity at Conrad's 56 Ludlow Street studio between 1962-1964, these pieces reveal an important facet of Smith's artistic legacy, and offer a rare glimpse of one of the most influential milieux of the 1960s."
4/1/2004 Smith, LaDonna Rare Earth LP $14.99 Table of the Elements Latest in Table of the Elements' 10th anniversary 'Lanthanides' series of single-sided, silkscreened LPs. "Violinist and violist LaDonna Smith has been on the international new music scene for well over 25 years. A native of Birmingham, Alabama, she is an active performer, educator, publisher and artist, and has been responsible for keeping improvised music alive in the Southeastern United States. Her unique style of improvisation alternates between classical and extended techniques; she explores her instrument, painting scenarios and sound pictures as she plays. LaDonna has performed at practically every major improvisation festival and many of the New Music Festivals, and has toured Europe, the former USSR, Siberia, and Japan. She has also toured North America and Europe many times as Trans Duo, with guitarist Davey Williams. As musical partners, they maintain their own recording label, TransMuseq, and also co-edit the improvisor, the international journal of free improvisation."
4/20/2008 Smith, Sean Eternal LP $15.99 Gnome Life Records "Sean Smith is a modern composer of ageless guitar folketry [instrumental poetry]. With several masterful solo-guitar albums behind him, Smith has been drawn out of his hermetic recording life by the power and potential of collaboration, presented here on this record! Sean Smith becomes more fully fructified in the company of his friends, one voice becomes many (instruments)… 6-string steel, Weissenborn [slide], & nylon-string guitars, with dulcimer, banjo, violin, organ, drums, & electric wall of sound… his guitar breathes deeply in this new depth of field and altered sonic state, giving bright light and love to his powerfully emotive instrumental songs. Limited to 300, with letter pressed sleeves! This is a pure analog recording, recorded and mixed to 2 inch reel-to-reel tape, mastered directly from tape to vinyl by John Golden!"
8/22/2008 Smith, Sean / Adam Snider / Matt Baldwin Berkeley Guitar LP $13.99 Tompkins Square "Berkeley Guitar is a collection of new recordings by three of the Bay Area's finest young acoustic guitarists: Sean Smith, Adam Snider, and Matt Baldwin. The city of Berkeley and the acoustic guitar share a rich, decades-long history - most notably as the '60s home base of Takoma Records, which released landmark recordings by John Fahey, Robbie Basho, Leo Kottke and many others. This history inspired three young guitarists from the Bay Area to create a document of the present-day guitar scene. The album was produced by Sean Smith and recorded and mastered at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, CA. Larry Kelp of Berkeley public radio station KPFA contributes liner notes, as does Ed Denson, co-founder of Takoma Records." Each artist gets 3-4 separate tracks, not a collaborative album.
12/24/2005 Smith, Steven R Crown of Marches CD $15.99 Catsup Plate "Steven R. Smith is best known for his participation in Thuja and Hala Strana as well as his contribution to many Jewelled Antler projects. Until now, however, his recordings under his own name have remained somewhat under the radar. In Thuja, Smith and his compatriots built up delicate soundscapes by improvising on whatever happened to be nearby-traditional musical instruments, hand-built sound makers, and ordinary objects. In Hala Strana, on the other hand, Smith focused more on existing compositions-usually evoking Eastern European folk melodies-and employed more traditional set of instruments. Crown of Marches-his debut for Catsup Plate-is a single, epic, forty-minute track: Smith balances the composed and the improvisational and the result is as ecstatic, beautiful and compelling as music can get. In the spirit of Keiji Haino, Popol Vuh, Dead C, and Flying Saucer Attack, Crown of Marches takes the possibilities of the basement psychedelic guitar excursion and fashions something very new and inspiring-a piece alternately beautiful and overwhelming. Crown of Marches begins with a low rumble of feedback and speaker hum; a lazy eastern melody pokes through the haze and establishes a strong contrast with the rumbling. This is the basis upon which the piece will expand and contract over the next 40 minutes. At times the feedback rumble drops away and relatively bright guitar lines come to the fore. At other times faint keyboard lines or bowed cymbals add texture and additional gravitas to the proceedings, only to be pushed away with the wail of distant guitars and more distortion-like the heaviest rock with the skeleton removed. The feedback eventually drops away, leaving moments of only bells and the warmth of roomtone. And so the piece goes, rising and falling, until, at the end, we are left with the initial set of rumble and lazy melodies peaking through the haze. In the end, Smith brings us full-circle through chaos, melody and intensity and deposits us back into the world. Edition of 1000 copies in hand assembled, black over white on black silkscreened digipaks. Catsup Plate's most inscrutable packaging scheme yet."
11/8/2013 Smith, Steven R. / Ulaan Khol Ending/Returning double LP + download $24.99 Immune Recordings "The music of Californian multi-instrumentalist Steven R. Smith ranges from sparse solo guitar improvisations that evoke the crumbling American landscape to his re- workings of Eastern European folk tunes under the Hala Strana moniker and dense blown out psychedelic fuzz guitar workouts under the Ulaan Khol, Ulaan Markhor, or Ulaan Passerine monikers. Smith's music can be summed up as a struggle to contain a series of opposites : light and darkness, sorrow and joy, despair and hope. On his new double album Ending/ Returning both ends of the spectrum have been distilled down to their core as Smith has recorded the same set of songs first as Steven R. Smith and then as Ulaan Khol. Ending is a quiet, minimal record as Steven R. Smith while Returning is a blown-out, maximal record as Ulaan Khol. Ending/Returning was recorded in Smith's Worstward Studios on all analog equipment and is one of the last albums he recorded entirely in analog as his 8-track reel-to- reel tape deck broke down at the end of these sessions. The piano featured on Ending (which is rarely heard in Smith's work) was recorded at a rehearsal space in Pasadena. Ending/Returning was mastered by Patrick Klem and cut to vinyl by Paul Gold at Salt Mastering. The double LP is pressed on high quality virgin vinyl and packaged in a lavish gatefold jacket. The front and back panels of the jacket are printed in silver metallic ink on a white background while the inside gatefold is a beautiful full color aerial photograph of lava fields from world-renowned German photographer Bernhard Edmaier. A free download coupon is included."
8/1/2014 Smith, Tom / Michael Muennich In Media Res cassette $9.99 Noise-Below "the idea for a split tape between tom and michael striked out of the blue sometime in autumn 2013. i was fond of tom's voice either as to live and shave in la or solo. the few times i had the chance to listen to him live or on record it always evoked various feelings to me and wanted to find the chance to issue a work of his. same holds for michael muennich. out of an enthusiasm for his work was seeking the chance to issue a piece of his. so 'in medias res' is the result of 2 people who narrate with sound 2 gorgeous experimental works which you either love (as they set noise-below's hq on fire upon first listening) or hate. that simple." Edition of 100 copies.
6/25/2013 Smiths, The Panic! LP $17.99
"This professional-quality soundboard recording from a 1986 concert includes many classics plus some lesser-known songs: "Please Please Please Let Me Get What I W ant," "I Want the One I Can't Have," "There is a Light That Never Goes Out," "How Soon is Now?," ""Frankly, Mr. Shankly," "Panic," "Stretch Out and Wait," "The Boy with the Thorn in His Side," "Is It Really So Strange," "Cemetery Gates," and "Never Had No One Ever." Packed in a two color silkscreened cover."
4/3/2011 Smits, George "TOET" isomopolis. ICC one-sided LP $24.99 Ultra Eczema "For a while i thought i was completely lost in the maze that is the recorded archive of George "TOET" Smits, a few years back i got boxes full of cassettes that i have been sitting thru for a few years, a bunch unlabeled, and a lot of recordings from his ZBOLK NIGHT RADIO. George Toet Smits started out playing mouth organ and guitar in Ferre Grignard's band in the 1960's, he was also a vibrant part of the Ercola collective in Antwerp, where he co-published "Spruit", a comic/fanzine or "mannekesblad" full of psychedelic insanity, has always been connected to Radio Centraal where he did the incredible "zbolk night radio" , a show weekly remixing his own music, both electronic and recordings of his sound sculptures. he silkscreened under the "mafprint" moniker, was losely connected to the "vacuum" artist space, played in the "Cash? Cash!" film by Paul Collet and started building his own string/isomo instruments after finding a surfboard on a beach.. this one sider is a recording of the long string instalations he build for his first exhibtion at ICC in antwerp, it is a archival recording from 1981. metals, strings, feathers and springs amplified by isomo creating a weird psychedelic ball of confusion. this edition includes an insert with photo's from the man's archive, a silkscreen on the b side and a interview that patrick vandenberghe did in early spring 1997, a few months before the illness was diagnosed that sadly took his life. limited to only 200 copies!"
9/29/2005 Smyth, Paul The Anaesthetic CDR $9.99 Deserted Village "'The Anaesthetic' documents a set of improvised piano pieces, performed in an unlit concert in the spring of 2004. Intense and accomplished, they're presented here in the order of performance, and should be considered one complete work. As painterly as any of Smyth's visual work, this is nervous-system music with a long memory and fast heart."
4/1/2015 Snails Talking to Anthony / Winter Hearts 7" $7.99 Great Pop Supplement "First up for March’s trio of spankin’ new Great Pop Supplement is the long awaited follow up to Snails’ debut 45 on The GPS a couple of years ago “She’d Like an Hour”. Selling out it’s run in next to no time after several plays on 6music and lauded by the likes of Stephen Pastel. The new single sees the band reappearing with a stable line up for the first time, and is timed to coincide with a bunch of live shows in support. “Talking to Anthony” recalls the classic uk folk of Pentangle, Clive Palmer / C.O.B and early Fairports and so on. Or, as the band themselves put it: “songs centred on two voices projecting a vision of widescreen heartache as seen through rain streaked semi-detached windows”. A beautiful 2nd 45 dressed up in gorgeous circular diecut sleeves and on lush clear vinyl. Edition of 500 and expected to sell out quickly…."
3/3/2011 Snaps 'n Claps Greatest Hits CDR $5.99 Feeding Tube Records "Girl Group covers by casio and melodica duo featuring lovely and naive harmonies. Get this beaut before they're all gone! Erin "Snaps" Schneider & Andrea "Claps" Love brings the classic hits and some new ones to boot. An amazing and wonderful joy to hold and listen to! "Like falling in love again and again" -Ted Lee of Feeding Tube Records
2/16/2005 Snow Fox The Lost Resort CDR $12.99 musicyourmindwillloveyou "Holyblood was Santa Sangre but has now become Snow Fox. Songs of love and loss, smothered in rich creamery psychedelia and executed like a wounded animal."
3/20/2010 Snyder, Doug & Bob Thompson Daily Dance LP $19.99 Cantor Records "Amazing, unique, celebrated, and genuinely rare artifact from Rural Ohio. After stepping out of a Stooges concert in 1971, Doug Snyder and Bob Thompson set up a studio in their kitchen and attempted to record a record HEAVIER than the Stooges. They were completely successful, and the resulting LP, their only release at the time (put out by themselves, privately, in a very limited number (500)), immediately became an underground legend and favorite amongst the likes of Carla Bley. A frenzy of distorted guitar and improvised drumming. The type of album that quickly achieves mythical status and begs so many questions yet leaves so few answers. Some songs start with a semblance of a groove or rhythm until they quickly deteriorate into a wall of psychedelic noise. Repackaged and remastered with liner notes including an introduction by Dante Carfagna."
12/24/2005 Soarwhole Knows Krystal of Doom CDR $10.99 musicyourmindwillloveyou "two long reasons to waste you mind"
1/22/2011 Sobering Partygoer c60 cassette $5.99 Gods of Tundra "Parties can be fucked. I met Jackson, the man behind this brand new full on noise project Sobering, at a super fucked party. Hair Police and Awesome Color were on the bill along with Sobering. It was a house party in Fayetteville, Arkansas. The gig moved along more or less smooth...it was after the sounds that the weirdness began. Jackson and I were outside on the porch shooting the shit. The rest of the crew went up on the roof of the house to hang out. When we all decided to go back into the house, no one was there. No one. Not the people who lived there, not the people who put on the show,not the people who came to the show. No one. It was around 2am. The house was dark and empty save for HP, AC and Sobering. We decided to put on Index s/t on the stereo and embrace this strange situation. After a bit, we crashed. We were torn out of sleep a few hours later by a strange guy who had wandered into the house. He was beyond wasted. He smoked cigarettes. He tripped over Allison. He passed out on the hardwood floor. Then he began to snore. Violently. The hardwoord floor was shaking. It was light out. I went to the van to try to sleep. Allison tried on the porch. Don't know what the others did. We never found out who the guy was or what the hell happened to everyone. This tape is the soundtrack to a party gone wrong. C-30 (repeats on both sides of a c-60)."
11/21/2008 Soccer Committee and Machinefabriek Drawn LP $17.99 Morc "4th or 5th collab by these two dutch artists whom you should know by now - soccer committee for het elegant minimalistic songwriting, machinefabriek as one of the most profilic drone/improv/electronic artists. this is their first collab on vinyl, pretty much focussed on the newest material by soccer committee. the record comes on white vinyl, is ltd to 200 copies and is housed in a silkscreened jacket. 140 grams of vinyl."
7/16/2009 Social Junk Born Into It CD + cassette $17.99 Digitalis Arts & Crafts "Social Junk have blasted through walls, east & west, over the past few years cranking out some serious sparklers along the way. Now after dropping a megaslice of deliciousness on Not Not Fun last year, this duo follow it up with a journey through the mother earth canal. "Born Into It" stretches across the lands with thudding percussion and hypno synth excursions. Waves of swirling vocals from both Heather Young and Noah Anthony. You may have just been born, but stretch those wings baby because it's time to fucking fly. There's no going back once you take the first plunge on "Born Into It." Immediately, through no fault of your own, you'll be drawn in and tied down. At times it feels like Young & Anthony are scouring the lands, taking in whatever technological progress they can find and chewing it up and spitting it out into a gloriously dissonant pile. This is music for the next wave; music to find your way back to the sun. Social Junk are soaring like never before and "Born Into It" is their latest testament to a new world. Limited to 500 copies. Special Edition limited to 100 copies and includes exclusive cassette, "Champs 09."
8/8/2009 Social Junk On The Corner c40 cassette $7.99 Threshold Tapes "Philly residents Noah and Heather recorded on two trips down south in 2007 and 2008. Don;t know if this is intended as a funk-less tribute Miles Davis' 1972 classic. Instead you get queasy pulsing electronics, vocal hoodoo and some primitive percussion clatter courtesy of guest Jasper Justice. It's got a nicer cover than that Davis record. Edition of 50."
3/20/2010 Socrates Martins Au Seuil De La Liberte 7" $5.99 Absurd "The same person who is working as Nixilx.nijilx, Blanco Estira Nuestro and Helice Peid is working as Socrates Martins and for his 7" he took the title of a painting by Rene Margritte from 1937. On these pieces he plays 'field recordings and objects', but all of this highly obscured through extremely lo-fi transformations. It seems like captured on a cassette (or perhaps a whole bunch of cassettes), which add a low resolution to the material. It moves low over the surface of sound and is truly obscure record, but also a captivating one, I think. Maybe because one doesn't have a clue what's going on here, it leaves lots of space to contemplate about that. A record that poses more questions then the answer it gives. Which I guess if you call yourself Socrates Martins is the whole idea. Beautiful obscurity."
3/23/2007 Softwar Softwar CD $12.99 Digitalis "What could these musicians do after collectively playing on a million records, releasing a million more, and nurturing a scene that is both international and inner-visionary? Why not release a record that is so stunning in its scope and so well executed in its manner that it defies simple comparisons. Such is the story of Softwar and this lushly presented gift to our eyes and ears. Loren Chasse, fresh from his blistering noise work on Kyrgyz, shows us a softer but deeper side with the swirling opium-induced gems on Softwar. Playing with him are the equally talented Christine Boepple (also a key part of the Jewelled Antler sound, as well as Kyrgyz), Kerry McLaughlin and Geoff Koops. Focusing on what could be called more "traditional" rhythm structures, the songs merely lull you into a false security before melting your brain with some heavy layers of tone, provided by multiple organs and keyboards. For fans of Thuja and the Jewelled Antler collective (obviously), but also for those who love the out-there ragas of MV+EE (you'll just crack a tooth from smiling over the opener "Psychic Shake" or the twisted noise-hop of Jackie-O Motherfucker, found buried deep in "Immul (the Children's Crusade)." Conceived in a redwood think tank, born in Golden Gate Park, Prui begins March 2007. Softwar is a thick slab of fractured voices in harmony and almost unidentifiable sounds, slipping slowly through the rabbit hole and back out the other side of the sun."
5/31/2009 Solar Furnace, The Imaginary Invalid c30 cassette $5.99 Gods of Tundra "Bizarre alien tranmissions from a dethroned and forgotten world. Direct from the ether into the cove. Get damaged."
1/22/2011 Soliloquy Sun Soliloquy Sun CDR $9.99 Sonic Oyster Records "Soliloquy Sun is an ambient and experimental outfit comprised of varying members and instruments. It was created out of an idea Will Klingenmeier (Burning Shutter, Still Light) had to gather various musicians to play improvised music based around simple chord progressions and/or spontaneously create music. These recordings drift out into the room: sombre, reflective, nocturnal, deeply personal: this is a highly original work, owing much to the techniques of jazz improvisation and the early pioneering minimalist composers. Recorded in Spring 2010, this is simply one of the most evocative recordings Sonic Oyster has put out to date." STRICTLY limited to 50 copies.
11/17/2007 Solo Joint, The 2 CDR $7.99 Foxglove "this is the second release from spaniard toni ruiz for the foxglove imprint and continues the theme on his self-titled debut. acoustic guitar mazes that lose their victims in a mass of organic greenery. hell, i'm not even sure what that means, but listening to ruiz's meandering compositions that flirt with the line between out-and-out improvisation and something more structured, more resolute. sure, there are vague hints of fahey, but even more apparent is pastoral americana, something from a time since past. ruiz's music is simple and beautiful. and hey, there's gold in them there hills. damnit." Edition of 100 copies
3/1/2007 Solo Joint, The The Solo Joint CDR $7.99 Foxglove "Following on the heels of the cd-r from raro & apenino comes another talented spaniard by the name of toni ruiz aka the solo joint. ruiz crafts bare-bones folk songs using an arsenal of acoustic guitar, various flutes, some meandering vocals, piano, and minimal, ramshackle percussion. these sketches are a canvas dipped in wax, where all the colors chase each other around until finally falling off the page in a glorious suicide plunge. the solo joint's songs float on a magical carpet on an express route to the third eye. viva españa." Edition of 100 copies.
9/29/2005 Solvent People Songs From the Afternoon cassette $8.99 Tone Filth "John Olson (Wolf Eyes, American Tapes,Dead Machines, etc) delivers two pieces of homemade electronic mud. Comes in an edition of 66 with black and gold hand screened covers and hand inked labels."
6/25/2004 Son of Earth Carhole CDR $8.99 Apostasy Recordings Recorded live in the Belchertown Carhole. A journey in three parts. Packaged in handmade elongated cardstock envelopes with a paste-on front and hand-stamped back and insert. Edition of 200.” If you’ve not yet heard this trio from Amherst, MA give this one a listen. Really great stuff in the same vein (at times) as Double Leopards. Recommended!
10/6/2007 Son of Earth Erotic Empire CDR $7.99 Apostasy Recordings "Tantalizing follow-up to the _Carhole_ cdr, _Erotic Empire_ sees the Son of Earth ship steered in a more stressful, almost harsh, direction. Piercing, shuffling, scraping, and lulling all in one breath. And it's Son of Earth's quiet breath at that."
8/8/2009 Son of Earth Improvements LP $17.99 Amish "With equal nods to Throbbing Gristle's retrograde conceptualism and Recommended Records' unwavering musicality, Amish is pleased to announce the Required Wreckers Series. Over the next ten catalogue releases, R/W will explore the work of artists operating at the intersections of sound art, improvisation, drone, outsider experimentation and modern composition. In the spirit of its name, R/W aims to disrupt the boundaries typically used to delimit genre and the sensibilities that help to inform taste. In so doing, R/W slips out from under the simple, reductive classifications so often used to discuss, and even critically engage, contemporary music. Each release is a one-time vinyl pressing and will be housed in a letterpress band (designed by Bryan Christopher Baker) that will vary with each installment. These LPs will also include artwork and assorted ephemera that invoke our deepest respect for the medium and the hand-crafted (and assembled) components we regret have disappeared with the rise of digital media. R/W terminates after ten installments. Beginning a decade ago, in a Pre-Weird America, Son of Earth has traveled a surprisingly linear trajectory through noise and collective improvisation to a simple, quiet, and more considered music. The band's path has led through hundreds of performances and collaborations (including Shackamaxon, which brought together all three members of Son of Earth with Marcia Bassett and Chris Gray of Double Leopards and Pete Nolan of the Magik Markers), but has resulted in only a handful of releases, often handcrafted and released on the group's Apostasy Recordings label. While still being filled with the unease and tension that is their hallmark, Improvements is the first record that also allows the humor and camaraderie between the members of Son of Earth to come to the fore. Most of their previous releases have been culled from live recordings, and the group has always thrived on the tension of live performance. Earlier studio efforts, such as the acclaimed Pet LP, though recorded at home, were composed in an everyone-has-to be- serious approximation of the live performance experience. This time, possibly for the first time, in a sweaty little room, and in a stairwell, and in a back yard tossing horseshoes in Holyoke, Massachusetts, the group finally dropped all pretense -- not of seriousness, but of obligation to some unseen spectator. On Improvements, you can really hear John Shaw, Matt Krefting, and Aaron Rosenblum being themselves, and being Son of Earth and it's weird. Manchester-bred, Rick Myers, who has worked with John Cale, Andy Votel, Dinosaur Jr. and Badly Drawn Boy and has created books with Nieves Zurich & Gladtree Press to name a few, provides the beautiful art / design-work for the LP jackets. LP comes wrapped in letterpressed band and contains a 16-page art book." Recommended!
5/1/2009 Son of Earth Naked Float / Elimination of Present Life lathe cut 7" $19.99 Static Caravan 2004 release - lathe cut edition of 100 copies.
10/6/2007 Son of Earth Pet LP $13.99 Apostasy Recordings "Son of Earth began life in early 2000 as Son of Earth-Flesh on Bone Trio. Aaron Rosenblum, Matt Krefting, and John Shaw, inspired by many spirited late-night experimenting sessions, began to play out using wild arrays of sound-making devices. As the years have gone on, the group has chisled away at the number of instruments used and brought their once maximalist and varied sound creation down to a whisper, a murmer, a sound that hints at and flirts with texture and atmosphere; a music made from almost nothing. Seven full years into their life-span, Son of Earth offer their first full-length LP, Pet. The record represents a culmination of sorts of a certain arc in the Son of Earth sound, one where simple electronics and oddly-played instruments are combined to create a music that walks a tight-rope between easily definable atmospheres and emotions. The results are so delicate that at times the music seems to cease to exist at all."
2/19/2007 Sondheim, Alan Fifty-Six LP $21.99 QBICO "After releasing two unique LPs back in the '60s for the legendary ESP label with his Ritual All 770 and another one for Riverboat, finally Alan Sondheim is back! This is his 1st LP after nearly 35 years and here he plays guitar, alpine zither, electronics, field recordings... as usual he presents us an eclectic mix of fascinating sounds."
12/2/2008 Sondheim, Alan For Boojum CDR $7.99 Majmua Music "Boojum was our cat, who died recently at 18, and is missed terribly. Most tracks are recorded mono directly from a Yamaha keyboard output. This is the 'pure' sounding of the machine; there's no stereo enhancement or graphic equalization. I determine the state of the machine, that's called playing it. The accompaniment is automated but its figuration is not. The keyboard is touch-sensitive, but as you know, touch on an acoustic keyboard translates not only into volume, but also harmonic structures and envelope. Here touch is volume only. Note that all playing is live. Think of the real. Track 8 is recorded live on the same keyboard acoustically; you can hear breathing, key and nail sounds, and so forth. The recording is stereo. Here the machine gives way to the periphery of the human player One might place this configuration in the symbolic. The Cluster track is recorded from a very large Beowulf computer cluster which generates considerable electromagnetic radiation in the radio spectrum. These are recorded acoustically from a Realistic Patrolman SW-60 radio slowly tuned across various SW, VHF, and UHF bands. This is the sound of the machine in air, transformed into audio signals within the range of human hearing. Machine-states and machine exist in the imaginary. Emanents exist within and without the machine.. Think of the true world in all its glory. For Boojum." - Alan Sondheim
2/12/2008 Sonic Boom / Julie's Haircut N-Waves/U-Waves 10" $13.99 A Silent Place "In late September 2005, Sonic Boom (a.k.a. Pete Kember, founding member of Spacemen 3, Spectrum, and Experimental Audio Research) met Julie's Haircut at Studio Alpha in Bologna to cooperate with the final editing of their new album. This was a new starting point for Julie's Haircut in the field of music research-only a small portion of the three days of studio recordings were released on that album. N-Waves/U-Waves contains, for the first time, two takes from that session. "Gemini Pt. 1 & Pt. 2" is here in its first take, while "Scarfo Spanks DC" is a completely unreleased improvisation. Limited edition pressing of 524 copies in deluxe cover with foil stamping."
8/9/2003 Sonic Catering Band, The Live from the Canteens of Atlantis double CD $14.99 Absurd "Spanning their very brief live career from 1998 - 2001, the two CDs convey all that was exciting, frustrating, ridiculous and ultimately nourishing about an S.Catering performance. CD1 begins at the beginning: w/ the first carrot chop at London's 333 nightclub, 27th September 1998 and ends at the end: Geneva's Moloko restaurant, 9th November 2001. In between lies a lean collage mix of culinary overdrive, assembled from every gig the project did capturing the various moods & atmospheres that were created during their live sets. Extracts of their 5 hour shift at The Moloko are manipulated and included between tracks 1,3,5 and capture/present a dense atmosphere at the restaurant. a cd giving you a great example of their sound, showing nearly all of the project's sides, full of various & bizarre moods & atmospheres, sometimes a bit rhythmic or others harsh or obscure. CD2 is the documentation of their last proper performance at Geneva's Forde Gallery. An hour's recording full of meditative, abstract, spacious
soundscapes. This is sonic catering bands definitive live document, minus the food of course. The CDs come in a gatefold package with a reminisce by the band and a list of live dates/venues."
4/19/2004 Sonic Temple Assassins Sonic Temple Assassins 3" CDR $6.99 267 lattajjaa "Hello out there! The label boss, Mr. Haahti, asked me to write something about the Sonic Temple Assassins' EP out on 267 lattajjaa. Let's see... 1. the opening - Irritating droning vapors for your precious eardrums. 2. g.f.r.c.b. - Hi-pitched feedback and distorted vocals. The lyrics are about... umm... go and figure it out by yourself! Grooves like an epileptic stroboscope-washing machine. 3. jack's holiday - Inspired by lounge organist Jack Malmstens' track 'Satan Takes A Holiday'. An acid casualty second cousin of Gershon Kingsley's 'Pop Corn'. 4. clear - Calm before the storm. 5. emperor of dreams (for clark ashton smith) - The irritating vapors are back. Recorded late one night during a heavy snowstorm. Toxic waves of feedback and distortion dashing all over the stereoscape deadening you. You have been forewarned." - Jani Hellén
7/28/2011 Sonic Temple Assassins vs Kompleski Slick Little Girl / Ctne Dub lathe cut 7" $19.99 Root Don Lonie For Cash "techno sleaze groove, northern europe sounds hot! lick my lips, shake your wiggly pink gold tooth"
4/10/2015 Sonic Youth Bad Moon Rising LP $16.99 Goofin "Sonic Youth’s second full-length LP Bad Moon Rising was originally released on Homestead and Blast First in 1985. The album is a fascinating examination of “the junction where hippie idealism [meets] the cold hard world,” says guitarist Lee Ranaldo, “where Woodstock [meets] Altamont—Death Valley, Charles Manson, Brian Wilson, musicians, murderers, heroes and villains.” Its original eight-song tapestry of droning guitar feedback, distant clattering percussion, and sullen vocals, all held together with interstitial noise loops and shadowy haze, ambles through a long, dark night before the feverish “Death Valley ’69,” driven by runaway guitar riffs and a frantic Thurston Moore / Lydia Lunch vocal duet, pounds the capstone into place. Sonic Youth’s big leap forward from Confusion Is Sex and Kill Yr Idols “reflects the spirit of the time,” to quote All Music Guide. Bad Moon Rising views “American gothic through the glassy eyes of willful moonlit paranoia.”
Back in print on Goofin’ Records, this reissue includes bonus tracks “Flower” and “Halloween,” both from a 12- inch single of the same era. The sound collage morsels “Satan Is Boring” and “Echo Canyon” are your cue to begin moving toward the exit and get out while you can."
3/21/2009 Sonny & the Sunsets Love & Death 7" + comic book $5.99 Soft Abuse "Sonny & the Sunsets are a beautiful west coast thing. Birthed from the sand, the surf, and twilight campfires down in Ocean Beach, Sonny & the Sunsets' busted beach-pop songs prompt recollections of doo wop's otherworldly despair, the kitchen sink savoir faire of The Raincoats, and positive possibilities exuded by Jonathan Richman. This, the band's debut, showcases two of their very best tunes. 'Death Cream' is borne of comics culture; it plays out like an apocalyptic zombie sex noir death tale from the EC days of yore, or a mutant b-side from The Who Sell Out. 'Strange Love' is an earnest, reverb drenched ode to 50's pop, loneliness, and prickly fetishes. Love & Death is limited to 300 copies. Chris Johanson illustrations adorn the sleeve. A wonderful comic book, Death of the Self in the Long Tearless Night, penned by Sonny & inked by Raphi, which chronicles Sonny's life and trials during the start of the Sunsets, is included with every copy. Danny Dusk recorded both songs in the Sunsets' HQ within San Francisco's Mission District."
3/21/2007 Soon Clyde Solace CDR $13.99 Cook an Egg "Displaying a wide array of influences ranging from Six Organs of Admittance to the Silver Jews, the music of Greg Pardew (aka Soon Clyde) seems to reside at a series of impossible crossroads. Recorded live and without overdubs, Greg uses his acoustic (and electric) guitars & voice to fully explore the conflicting moods that are carefully hidden from within the fabric of his delicate, yet quietly dissonant songs. Soon Clyde is Greg Pardew from Maryland, USA and this is his debut cdr album."
5/16/2010 Sorc'henn Shadow Is Ov Silver, Phantom Is Ov Gold c56 cassette $7.99 Digitalis Limited "Sorc'henn is the twisted brainchild of laurent boulouard and on "shadow is ov silver, phantom is ov gold" he's determined to invade your dreams and paint them all black. sickly organ drones proliferate every corner in this darkened soundworld. sometimes they're stretched and overrun by diamond-cut guitar riffage other times they're turned into the soundtrack to the worst funhouse imaginable. there are few artists around who can turn their music into something so completely haunted like boulouard. he takes it to a different place. it's the most sinister church music imaginable. dampened chimes over ghostly voices creep into your psyche until you'd rather be dead than posessed. it's so fucking eerie it gets buried uner your skin. but in the end, "shadow/phantom" reminds me why i love sorc'henn so much: he takes you places you'd never go on your own and in that sense it's almost divine. almost. edition of 72, pro-dubbed & imprinted."
4/1/2004 Sorrows, The Take a Heart LP $15.99
"The 1965 UK mod/freakbeat classic originally out on the Pye label, remastered for stereo, with bonus tracks from their 7" releases. Sometimes compared to THE PRETTY THINGS, THE KINKS, or early BEATLES, they never made it in the US, although they were very well known in Britain and the title track here was a hit on the UK charts. Original cover art and liner notes, Euro import."
9/17/2006 Sothear, Srei and Sin Sisamouth Cambodian Psych-Out LP $24.99 Eclipse / El Suprimo / Defective New 14 track Cambodian rock compilation now available! It features the vocal stylings of Srei Sothear and Sin Sisamouth on top of the most groovy, twangy and fuzziest music you will ever hear. Most people will agree than Sin Sisamouth and Srei Sothear are the rulers of Southeast Asian psych. From the mid sixties until 1975, they created music that is in a class by itself. The propulsive beat, otherworldly vocals, organ grooves and screaming wah guitar blaze a path through time and space, giving us a look into the wild music scene coming out of Phnom Pehn, Cambodia. Sin Sisamouth performed ancient traditional music and all styles of modern song, one of which being extreme Asian psych rock. Thousands of songs for many record companies and music for heaps of films were recorded by Sin Sisamouth. Most of these songs include the singing of Srei Sothear. She also stars in films with Sisamouth's music. The two formed a long-lived partnership together in music and became the most famous singers in Cambodia. With the fall of Cambodia to the Khmer Rouge in 1975, Sin Sisamouth and Srei Sothear were killed along with their band and millions of their fans. This album serves as a tribute to their one-of-a-kind musical contributions.
4/24/2006 Sotto Voce Sotto Voce CDR $8.99 Public Eyesore "A quartet of piano, sax, guitar and drums the three tracks were recorded in 99, 00 and 01. Two long tracks - nearly 30 minutes - of shifting improvisation. The piano provides the stable foundation which the rest of the instruments play over/with. There are solos, duos, trios and the whole foursome at various times, squonking and riffing and noising. The guitar gets some electronica and feedback going: these two are fast rides of building tension and release. And through it all the piano keeps offering a tuneful core that the other instruments either accept or ignore. The short final track is more coherent and focussed, but still energetic. An exciting album of edgy stuff." - Jeremy Keens
11/23/2004 Souled American Around The Horn / Sonny (Framed Vol. 2) double CD $15.99 Tumult "The second in the series of Souled American reissue discs brings their third and fourth LPs back to the spotlight. Around the Horn is some powerfully drowsy and drawling, skeletal country with an emphasis on less sound and more space. Sonny is truly the pure distillate of their vision - a tarpit of old creaking country 78s and mosquito-buzzing back porch ballads. A record of mostly covers, that would fit as nicely twixt your Low and Labradford records as it would between your Hank Williams and John Prine." – Revolver. Again - highly recommended! Sonny is a top 10 album ever for me.
12/8/2004 Souled American Frozen CD $13.99 Checkered Past “Souled American, the ahead of its time alt-country rock band which recorded a trio of critically-acclaimed albums for the American branch of Rough Trade Records in the late 1980s, returns to U.S. record stores when Checkered Past Records releases the band's 1994 album, Frozen. Frozen had previously been available only on a small, mail-order focused German label. Souled American retreated from the public eye in 1991, when the American branch of Rough Trade folded, and the band's drummer left to devote more time to his family. At that point, founding members Chris Grigoroff and Joe Adducci (both raised in Charleston, Illinois) returned to their home studio, slowed down the rhythms of their songs, and continued to craft spare, haunting roots music. The results of those efforts were two discs, the beautifully lonely Frozen and 1997's Notes Campfire. Despite the band's low profile in recent years, Souled American has maintained its devoted cult following, which includes fellow iconoclast Richard Buckner, and guerilla music writer Camden Joy, who plastered Manhattan with posters about the band and then turned the project into a book. Frozen, with its molasses rhythms and emphasis on the sounds between the sounds, is true to the band's roots but evolved from the band's jaunty work of a decade ago. As one of Joy's posters describes it - today's Souled American is ‘slow but never lazy.’”
11/8/2013 Souleyman, Omar Dabke 2020: Folk & Pop Sounds of Syria LP $20.99 Sublime Frequencies "Sublime Frequencies is pleased to present the second volume of Northeast Syrian dabke music from legendary vocalist Omar Souleyman and his group. This record was compiled by Mark Gergis to coincide with the Sublime Frequencies UK/European tour in May and June of 2009, featuring live performances by Omar Souleyman himself. Culled from dozens of cassettes recorded in Syria from 1999-2008, the music here is an extension of Omar's Highway to Hassake: Folk & Pop Sounds of Syria (SF 031CD) release, touching on some previously-unheard angles. Their trademark serpentine synthesizers, electrified bouzok (traditional stringed instrument) and driving rhythms forge a severe form of "new wave dabke" with a live energy and integrity that captures the essence of the Syrian Northeast; one-of-a-kind Syrian dabke party tunes, regional atabat-styled crooners, and unbelievable Iraqi party jams. This is the limited edition LP version packaged in a heavy-duty tip-on jacket."
9/14/2011 Souleyman, Omar Haflat Gharbia: The Western Concerts double LP $26.99 Sublime Frequencies "2LP version. Omar Souleyman is a folk-pop singer from rural northeastern Syria. Like many Syrian musicians, he made his name as a singer for wedding parties in the region, with hundreds of cassettes and CDs documenting his performances distributed throughout the country. These, along with several studio albums, earned him legendary status in the Syrian dabke scene throughout the 1990s and early 2000s. After his 2005 breakthrough folk-hit "Khataba," Omar gained wider recognition throughout the Arab world. After collecting his tapes for a decade, Sublime Frequencies released the first compilation of Omar Souleyman tracks to be distributed in the West. The success of Highway To Hassake (SF 031CD, 2007), and the enthusiastic online reaction to the promotional clip for his track "Leh Jani," led to Omar being invited to tour the UK and Europe in the summer of 2009. It would be his first time performing or travelling outside of the Arab world. He and his group, comprised of two longtime collaborators -- Rizan Sa'id on keyboards, and electric saz player Ali Shaker -- set off on a six-week Sublime Frequencies tour with label-mates Group Doueh. By the end of 2009, Omar had proven that his unique and charismatic delivery of Syrian electrified folkloric dabke, Iraqi choubi and Arabic shaabi had the ability to appeal to the most diverse of Western audiences. His success has continued, with further tours throughout Europe, America and Australia drawing rave reviews and leaving a trail of fervor across the globe. The rise of Omar's success has transcended the wedding halls and cassette stalls of Syria and slipped into Western popular consciousness. Despite there being no shortage of musical talent in Syria, dabke and otherwise, Omar Souleyman is the first Syrian musical export to have won the hearts of Westerners and Arabs alike on this scale. His trademark checkered khaffya, sunglasses and elegant jalaba are not uncommon male attire in the Arab world, but for years in the West, it is that exact image which has been excessively demonized. Perhaps one of the most striking achievements of Omar's rise has been watching that iconic image transformed from comic book villainy to something positively regal. The recordings on Haflat Gharbia: The Western Concerts, Omar Souleyman's fourth release on Sublime Frequencies, represent an hour of the best moments from the Western tours between 2009 and 2011, captured in striking fidelity and intensity. Fans will recognize familiar songs, as well as previously-unreleased material presented here for the first time, in what is the biggest sounding Omar record yet. Compiled and recorded by Mark Gergis."
8/2/2008 Soulighters, The Combo's en Strategieen met Bepaalde Charcters CDR $12.99 musicyourmindwillloveyou "Transmitting from france , the soulighters guitars, woodwinds, keys and percussion offer a stumbling , drunken clatter and drone that settles itself upon the listener like a blanket of warm confusion and guides the ear deep into a thick forest of drawn out pulses and reverberations , ultimately manifesting itself in a ritualistic ambience with serpentine flashing and circular hum. Like church music if god were not only real but serious about his head."

Sound Drunk On Confusion CD $12.99 Tekito "Sound is is a new project from VDO member Eric Lumbleau. The album is packed with the same studio zaniness that Electric Company and VDO has, but is far more whimsical in it's mood." Electronics, synths, sitars, and guitars give this a cosmic feel at times, but the sound collages disrupt this often which is not a bad thing at all. Fucked up.
1/29/2003 Sound Collector #8 zine with CD $6.99
"Features: Grandmaster Flash, Rock Camp For Girls, Daniel Johnson, Susan Archie (Revenant designer), Eric Dolphy, Francoiz Breut & Dominique A., Alan Bishop of the Sun City Girls, James Brody, Richard Meltzer (interviewed about his long forgetten 8mm films), Chuck Warner, Zammuto, Sepia-Tone, Steffen Basho-Junghans, much more. And no reviews! Also, 17 track CD with some of these artists and others 164 pages, perfectbound."
6/9/2010 Sound of Pot / Cycles Inside split cassette $4.99 Feeding Tube "Sound of Pot is Conrad Capistran (Sunburned) solo at two live shows. Cycles Inside is Shannon Ketch (Jow Jow, Supreme Dicks) recorded at Feeding Tube. One of our favorite releases! Conrad creates deep and mature work with tricky toys: Casio SK-1 and Kaos Pad. Shannon delivers a dynamic set with spoken word metaphysics, acoustic trance-out and organ drone."
11/30/2011 Sound Projector Issue 20 magazine $13.99
"The 20th issue of The Sound Projector is published 1st September 2011. It's an all-vinyl issue, containing just reviews of albums and singles - plus an interview with Martin Archer. Written by Ed Pinsent, with contributions from Michael Tau, Richard Rees Jones and Jennifer Hor. 128 pages."
6/18/2002 Sound Projector Tenth Issue magazine $10.99
"A quarto of saw delight - 160 pp perfect bound book. Dada - Mecano In The Mechanical Way!! Skinny Hands I Love (The Residents). An Apprenticeship To Robert Fludd. Mega Interviews: Achim Wollscheid / Alejandra & Aeron / Carl Michael Von Hausswolff / Cyclobe / Gen Ken Montgomery / Phill Niblock / Olivia Block / Pal Asle Pettersen / Jon Mueller / Michael Renkel. In addition thereunto over 250 record reviews [Free Jazz, The Residents, Koji Asano, Reynols, Laptop music, Drones, Electronica, Songs, Rock, Improv, In the Art Gallery, Nightmares and Penumbra, No Probable Purpose, Environmental Recordings, Atoms of Pure Noise and plenty more kettles of fish]; disinformation on Gustav Metzger, Crass and Imber Village; John Bagnall on Primitive Methodist Music; Jennifer Hor on Paul McCartney; War Arrow on World Music, Stan Batcow and the Skipload of Tapes; Alasdair Willis on Vinyl Viands; Rik Rawling on Iggy and The Stooges, Boards of Canada, The Damned and Miles Davis; CDs retrieved and rescued from The Bag of Doom; Engaging with Planetary Politics; Art by imagistic magi: Middleton, Rawling, Reynols, Bagnall, Pinsent, Richardson, Willis, Parentela, Sherred, Roberts."
11/3/2012 Soundcarriers, The Boiling Point / Eff.R/ This is Normal 7" $7.99 Great Pop Supplement "Next up on The GPS; and the first of two spankin’ new 45s for September; is the brand new single from the mighty SOUNDCARRIERS. Released as a 500 copy white vinyl 45 and as a download. The vinyl containing both an extra track “EFF.R”, a sealed Soundcarriers turntable strobe pack and sleeve notes from Vic Templar (Shindig!) no less…Recording sessions for the single began with a different approach to the band’s two previous albums, “Harmonium” (2009) and “Celeste” (2010). A vast disused warehouse provided the catalyst for an upfront sound, more akin to the band’s live shows than their studio material. Within these latest sessions, a certain alchemy happened: by using the building as a natural reverb chamber, an expansive and deep sound was produced, and a sound that everyone present knew, could never be recreated. “Boiling Point” was captured in it’s raw, organic form. A quick-fire burst of motorik groove. Through playing the track live and purposely recording hot to tape The Soundcarriers hit us with their spiraling rhythms and the crack and bubble of organically distorted instrumentation. “This is Normal” is born out of a locked-in rhythm section telepathically communicating through four strings and a beaten-up kit. Woven into that is the improvised playing of guest musicians Jesse and Miles rotating through a menagerie of keyboards, percussion and flutes. An instructional narration by Elijah Wood compliments this abstract groove which, quite rightly, requests the listener to relax. Do Not Resist.…This Is Normal." Edition of 500 copies pressed on white vinyl.
12/2/2008 Soundpressings Soundpressings cassette $8.99 Digitalis Limited "Oklahoma turned out to be crimson red this year, but for those of us living here, we know that this place is a fucking hole of an enigma. case-in-point: soundpressings. this newly unearthed oklahoman gem came out of nowhere to blow our brains into piles of swiss cheese. the inimitable danny mitchell comes to us from out west in norman (via nathan young's stomping grounds in tahlequah). soundpressings, though, is all over the map. hearing soundpressings is like wandering into a mountain of lost & found tapes from a million different sources, all playing at once. mitchell crafts these collages together in an original and addictive way, finding sweet, ghosted-out drones in the midst of a sheet of noise or a plodding, electronic rhythm. once you enter his domain, you never know where exactly you'll end up. oklahoma's not dead yet. limited to 80 copies, full color covers by mitchell."
11/15/2008 Soup Horrific Intestinal Chill Out Vol 5 cassette $7.99 Fag Tapes "Abstract sounds origin Spain. what could be guitar feild recordings or what could sound like metal and synth. really cool audio soups you would eat in a mirage of hunger! two course meal! hand-numbered edition 77."
9/17/2006 Southern Man / Pykrete No More Love to Give CD $12.99 Phaserprone "Recorded sometime in 2005. Collaboration between North Carolina/ Berlin duo Southern Man and fellow caroliner Pykrete. Five tracks of unorganized, mangled and unknown electronic devices. Radiators, broken refrigerators, dilapidated architecture, fishing in the dead sea. 125 copies, packaged in a self assembled dye-cut and letterpressed CD Gatefold." - label. "The sound is like Lithops doing 'construction-site' techno or subtle, industrial composition. Simple, insistent rhythmic structures are slowly covered in bulldozer/earthmover textures (see "Distance Player"). There's quieter stuff too; "Vacation Rigonda" has warbly analog voices trading space with rummaged metal and other unknown sound sources that build into a small wall of cacophony. New sounds, in beautifully letter-pressed, hand-cut and folded sleeves with inserts and/or tipped in photos. Painfully limited edition pressings of 125 copies or less, so get 'em while they exist." - Scott Mou / Other Music

Souvenir Satellite Exiting Orbit Now CD $12.99 ETI One copy available
10/12/2004 Space Machine Modular Series, Model-102 (Orbit Vector Generator) 3" CD $18.99 P Tapes This module contains: Maso Yamazaki (synthesizer) & Makoto Kawabata (guitar). Recorded Live BGM session at Cafe Futuro in Osaka, April 30th 2003.

Space Needle Voyager CD $13.99 Zero Hour Does not have Yes artwork
4/24/2003 Space Rocket Bez Kalhotek 10" $9.99 Boing Being "Oh this joy! - a brand new release from our very own Space Rocket, including 12 tracks recorded during one furious weekend on the summer of 2002. Serves the whole family, combining elements from jazz to noise, from kraut to improvisation, and as usually... ending up some distant place out of the map. This is the soundtrack of the year, composed for a movie never filmed. ‘Space Rocket are fucking brilliant! (and I hope they use this bit of the quote.)’ (Robots and Eletronic Brains), ‘...they go way beyond any labeling. ...Recommended!’ (Broken Face). Edition of 300 pcs now on sale."
9/6/2012 Space Victim Decreased Awareness Of inner Processes CDR $11.99 Blackest Rainbow "New CDR of nightmare visions from this relatively unknown Newcastle duo that features Mike Vest of Bong/Basillica etc. Potentially one of the most weird and eerie projects I;ve heard from Mike, fractured strings echo across vast bellowing strange sounds. Probably one of my favourites from all his associated projects so far. Black and white art printed on coloured card."
7/16/2009 Space Weather Space Weather CDR $11.99 Sonic Oyster Records "Space Weather is a new power trio, featuring Alistair Crosbie (electric lead guitar), Andrew Paine (electric bass guitar) and Brian Lavelle (synthesizer). Formed in June 2008, 'Space Weather' is the result of three summit meetings called between July - October of the same year. This is very much a 'band' album, melodic in places with progressive leanings, ranging from the two chord assault of early kosmische rock to 'horse-rotavator' era Coil." Edition of 100 copies.
4/3/2011 SPACEKOM Voyage Deux c30 cassette $7.99 Digitalis Limited "montreal is at it again, this time in the duo of christian richer and jean-francois blanchette aka spacekom. there's a heavy synth bend here (and drum machine backing), obviously, but the crux of what makes spacekom so great is richer & blanchette's perceptible pop sensibilities. throughout each side-long excursion on "voyage deux" (broken into four and three tracks, respectively, but flowing seamlessly together) you are never far from a catchy melody that latches onto your brain. it reminds me of a more stripped down nod to grosskopf or even hoenig's "departure from the northern wasteland" with more bits of drone exploration thrown in for good measure. another winner from the great white north, berlin school be damned. edition of 80, chrome."
11/1/2014 Spacemen 3 Live At The New Morning, Geneva, 5.18.89 LP $22.99 Mental Groove "We all know and love Spacemen 3. Mental Groove have been exchanging this recording for 30 years and thought it was about time to release it properly. So instead of dealing with the impossible task of finding the words to describe how amazing this record is, let's just hear what Sonic Boom has to say about the release: "I seem to remember this show more distinctly than most, and always did. Spacemen 3 was a band not overly loved in their day. It was tough, or at least uneasy. Musically people thought we were some sort of twisted joke. Which in some ways we were. You needed to be bloody-minded to make this music at that time. The set presented here, is as it was .... except the show was twice this length. We tuned and smoked for almost as long as we played. And then our disenfranchise moment, installed to filter the wheat from the chaff in our audiences -- the sprawling 'SUICIDE' wheeled out here in a long, mischievous version. We slipped away mid-song amongst much fog and dry ice. With taped-down keys and feeding-back guitars propped against our speaker cabs, keeping the song pulsating and screaming. Disappearing back down to the already too-familiar dressing room. We rolled large smokes and cracked fresh drinks. And finally after an extended 'break,' re-appeared on stage. Not to wind down as normal at that juncture, but to re-fire up the piece for a further onslaught. Extending the maelstrom as bloody-mindedly as we could. We always 'sensed' when we were unwanted .... which was most the time we left the cozy confines of our white 'sprinter' van. Never get out of the van .... fucking tigers! But then again .... maybe .... just maybe .... and it's only a maybe .... maybe I don't remember a thing." --Sonic Boom, 2014; Recorded from the mixing desk. Includes liner notes by Sonic Boom."
A1 Rollercoaster
A2 Things Will Never Be The Same
A3 Take Me To The Other Side
A4 Starship
A5 Bo Diddley Jam
A6 Revolution
B1 Suicide 29:12
1/17/2010 Spacemen 3 Sound Of Confusion CD $15.99 Fire "Originally released in 1986, Sound Of Confusion was the debut album by Spacemen 3, one of the most influential bands of the '80s British underground. The number of bands with a sonic debt to the Jason Kember/Peter Pierce partnership seems to grow every year. Having forged iconic status, they reinvented noise in music, although they were much more than a noisy guitar band. Spacemen 3's use of noise owed as much to the importance of harmonics, repetition, tone, distortion and some sort of higher aspiration, be it religious or opiate redemption or bliss. The feeling they aimed at with intensity makes it irrelevant if it's about heroin or a slightly pastiche idea of Jesus; it's the focus and intent that can suck you in and take you for a ride; it's music that believes in the primal and heavenly power of sound. Sound Of Confusion is a blistering, overdriven two-chord assault throughout, with a strange bleakness and despair creeping through the hypnotic sprawl. Their covers of The Stooges' "Little Doll" and The 13th Floor Elevators' "Rollercoaster" are absolutely devastating. This reissue comes housed in a gatefold cardboard sleeve, a miniature replica of the original LP." - FE
11/1/2014 Spacious Mind, The Greasy Green & The Stoney Lonesomes Vol 1 LP $27.99 Kommun 2 "So, spring again & I'm dropping new seeds into the old ground, praying to the good spirits to help things along. Think about this while I ramble on about lesser stuff.
It's been seven years, man. The Gentle Path Highway turned out to be bumpy enough to see the bus slide off the tracks into darkness, darkness; the people aboard crawling out in five different directions & last I heard they were still out there crawling in separate voids. Then again, they've been at it for over 20 years & I wouldn't be surprised if they are groovin' still come 2035 either. With luck the garden will be growin' then as well - remember, there's always something more important to worry about.
What about this then? Well, it's as organic as an outhouse & smells like it too, i e not too badly if you're doin' it right. Five tracks that tell of other stuff than what the VIPs would have you believe is the order of the day. Bent notes & images that are about the eternal & the nocturnal in equal doses - once you're through the top soil they'll have you by the heart. Speak of the heavy stuff, bro... it's getting very cold outside."
B.C. Wolff
(B.C. Wolff is the lost song of the continent & the found soul of the pines. He's fire & brimstone & he's parsley & sage - rocks with the fountains, hiding from age.)
Edition of 500 copies. Black vinyl copies.
8/11/2003 Spagirus Ever Now Those Before CD $6.99 Maritime Fist Glee Club "Treated sample compositions. That's all of the information about the 5 tracks on this release. It's difficult to pinpoint what, if anything, actually was the original source material. Greg has slowed down, folded, mangled and otherwise mutilated the sounds so much as to make them something completely foreign, something completely other. And to make this transformation complete, the CDr provides a number of different listening experiences. Played at a normal volume, it is an exercise in new minimalism or lowercase sound where one must intensely listen to the sounds as they unfold and dissipate, but if one turns up the volume.... A new aural situation presents itself. Those sounds that were barely on the edge of hearing come violently to life. The muted burblings and sub-bass harmonics threaten to destroy speakers."
6/30/2010 Sparkling Wide Pressure Nowhere Time / Cruising Reflections c46 cassette $5.99 Sweat Lodge Guru "Sparkling Wide Pressure mines rich tones and melodies from his electric guitar, performing psychedelic slight-of-hand that pulls the colors from your speakers like the proverbial rabbit from the hat. Limited to 100 pro-dubbed cassettes."
2/26/2011 Speacil Speacker Rap Of Ibogaine & Suet c90 cassette $4.99 American Tapes "New weirdo homemade electronics unit. We got a COLONY of squirrels in our black yard. They always creeping and scurrying EVERYWHERE. Freaks our special kitty friends out BIG TIME. Me & Tovinator got a suet square in the big tree for all the birds hanging out, woke up one morn, made coffee and the visual for it was a massive SUET SQUIRREL showdown. Was intense. Imagine them rascals freaking out and mangling some raw homemade oscillators. AND add to that a horrible misspelling of a Church Rap(p) event = Speacil Speacker live between yr. Ears. Color covers, numbered edition."

Spear Of Silence CDR $7.99 Ignis Polish release from 2000. "Why Spear is not that known to most of the world remains a mystery to me as this band has a lot of potential. The guy behind Spear is as well the label owner of Ignis Project and both (of course) are based in Poland. This is as well the first release on the label, issued on a CD-R. It comes in a nice cardboard (special format) sleeve, worth the work of making it. Not sure if it was limited to a certain number, but if you're in it for the music then do check this out."
1/17/2010 Speckled Band Speckled Band CDR $12.99 Into The Lunar Night "This was a collaboration done with the fine Brightonians Dylan Nyoukis, Karen Constance, Ian Murphy, Paul Wilson, Sarah Albury and Family Underground on a short break in Brighton on a tour of the UK. Recorded March 2008 in a rent-by-the-hour rehearsal space. great times."
11/23/2004 Specs One Return of the Artist CD $14.99 Abduction "FINALLY! The Holy Ghost of Northwest underground hip hop becomes visible after two decades of producing an insane number of limited edition cassettes and CDRs from his mysteriously drifting pirate studio. A Seattle native, Painter, graffiti artist, sound manipulator, and local visionary, Specs possesses the uncanny ability to combine simplicity and complexity to create honest, and significant hip hop that is both classical and timeless. Journalist Charles Mudede, who once dubbed Specs as 'Seattle's Baudelaire' says: 'Nothing but beauty streams out of Specs beat machine, and his raps address the listener intimately, as if he were rapping to you alone'. Return Of The Artist marks his first National release since the compilation Fourteen Fathoms Deep on the now defunct Loosegroove Records in 1996. An addictive vibe floats across the entire record. The rhymes are clever, never overstated, with occasional tripped-out choruses if the tracks are longer but if he's made his point, he's under and out. Standout cuts include 'Ode To Mics', 'Attack Of The Clones', 'Who Is He?' and 'Rap Stuff'. Also included here are some of his beautifully cryptic instrumental beats, a favorite side of many of those who've heard Specs earlier work. Return Of The Artist is written and Produced by Specs One."
4/13/2011 Spectral Armies The Vanished People LP $17.99 Alt Vinyl "Nick Mott with Ben Jones and Sarah Sullivan from Jazzfinger. An atmospheric recording captured in a cave in Cornwall with later manipulation and overdubs by Nick Mott. Also featuring weird demonic voices courtesy of 5 year old Gabriel Mott. Disintegrating tape loops, home made pipes, distorted violins and guitars, cheap keyboards, percussion, water and rocks. Influenced by Nick and Ben's shared appreciation of Avant Garde Black Metal and Occult Noise this album is however loose, free and almost fragile in its incorporation of found and sampled sounds. Discordant and disjointed in places, yet occasionally an almosy tribal melody is allowed to evolve before being plunged into a brass sample or sonic blenderŠ.mysterious and intense." 180gm LP ltd to 250 copies.
9/17/2006 Spectral Light & Moonshine Firefly Snakeoil Jamboree Burning Mills CD $16.99 September Gurls Spectral Light & Moonshine Firefly Snakeoil Jamboree is the brainchild of Pennsylvania based folk alchemist Timothy Renner (Stonebreath, Mourning Cloak, Breathe Stone). He is accompanied by Sarada and Prydwyn (Green Crown). Rooted in old-time Appalachian music and often played on19th century instruments, their repertoire is mostly traditional: graveyard blues, murder ballads, ghost songs and old hymns. "Burning Mills", their new album and 2nd full length, finds the band comfortably nestled in the haunted hollers and rundown farmhouses which gave birth to their first album. But something here has changed. The banjo sparkles in the darkness. The voices weave strange harmonies only hinted at
previously. The lap dulcimer and bouzouki dance around each other. The reedy drones of the harmonium hang like mist in the air. Here we find a band so comfortable with the material, so thoroughly at home with their instruments, that with closed eyes the listeners can easily imagine themselves sitting around the campfire as the band plays these songs. Unconcerned with New Weird America", The Spectral Light & Moonshine Firefly Snakeoil Jamboree devote themselves to Old Weird America and the Celtic/European roots from which this tree of songs grew. CD contains two extra tracks not on Acony Bell Dbl LP."
11/4/2006 Spectre Flux Spectre Flux CDR $9.99 Veglia "New solo blast from Mr Pete Nolan of Magik Markers, Virgin Eye Blood Brothers, Vanishing Voice et al that packs all of the eternally-peaking electro/guitar wuzz of Matthew Bower-related projects like Skullflower et al, all rendered in reassuringly primitive/human modes. Edition of 80 copies in ultra-crude packaging." - Volcanic Tongue
9/29/2005 Spectre Flux Spectre Flux CDR $11.99 Arbitrary Signs Heavy violin / guitar / electronics jams - solo recordings from Pete Nolan (Magik Markers).
2/25/2008 Spectre Folk Black Bones CDR $11.99 Arbitrary Signs "Ex-angel - fuzz up - GPRO Blankest Meds." Solo disc from Pete Nolan (Magik Markers)
8/28/2007 Spectre Folk Black Jacks CDR $11.99 Arbitrary Signs "This CDR explores new sonic possibilities of home 16 track technology and early formation of the new band phase of Spectre Folk as Pete is joined by J.T. Sodas on synth. A few songs, new and old, are given the Band treatment. Thers also some very glopy stuff and some extendo blooz stuff, as well as some solo synth action. A long disc full of dripping mind exploration.."
4/7/2011 Spectre Folk Blackest Medicine Vol. 2 12" $13.99 Woodsist "Pete Nolan was Spectre Folk before drumming and strumming in Magik Markers was his main gig, and will be Spectre Folk long after he shuffles off this mortal coil. The main benefit of ghost-folk is: you can play it way after you're dead, and while you're alive the Spectre can haunt any decent willing body with a gift for the unreal. This time around, fellow Michigander Steve Shelley (Sonic Youth) runs drums, Peter Meehan (The Grey Lady) glues guitar and Aaron Mullan (Tall Firs) slithers bass, creating an alchemy the Spectre hasn't floated since the days of basement wig-wearing in the short-lived Norman Bates era. The band entered Echo Canyon West with the intention of recording a 7-inch of the up-tempo version of "The Blackest Medicine," the title cut from the 2007 home-fi Woodsist debut. After several sessions, they emerged with a four-song studio collage monster that won't fit in your locker and smells like smoked banana peels and undies blowing down an alleyway. A vibraphone, piano, and a plate reverb unit the size of a Brooklyn apartment were all employed by the Spectre like Uri Gellar used spoons-inappropriately, desperate and bent. They physically turned the two-inch reel of tape over so Meehan could put subliminal backwards masking under his Erkin-Koray-worthy guitar solo on "Fourth Dimension Refs," and Nolan put the Temple Screamer to good use on tracks one and two, using samples of Shirley Temple Black's "Good Ship Lollipop" as vocoder harmonies on choruses. Oh yeah, it's full of burning psych-pop jammers, too! Earmarking Nolan's longstanding but unspoken obsession with personal hygiene, "Keep Your Teeth Clean!" is a krauty suite that betrays Shelley's and Mullan's recent stint as the rhythm section for Neu! Their teutonic influence has the effect of putting the dreamy psych-fuzz exhibited on last year's Compass LP through a blenderŠ with a frog... that spills out into a wide open Milky Way head zone. You can't snuggle with this record, so strap yourself in and feel the Gs! Fearless as a lemming, Nolan has created a private universe here, a Society of the Spectre-cal, if you will, and his gift is his freedom. Let's have a drift." - Elisa Ambrogio (Magik Markers)
12/12/2009 Spectre Folk Compass, blanket, lantern, mojo LP $15.99 Arbitrary Signs "As anxiety encroaches with the cold air of winter thank the stars for the whiskey/weed warmth of Compass, blanket, lantern, mojo --- it flows through you like a liquid howl of light." Thurston Moore. "For an out-of-it fogie like myself, it's tough to keep up with the many musical hats our boy Peter Nolan sports. There's of course The Magik Markers and then there's Lil Dusty, Spectre Flux, Spectre Folk, Folk Spectre, Cops, etc. I gotta admit I sorta lost the thread on Petes' musical output for awhile there due to the simple fact I couldn't keep up with it all. My chrome dome would literally throb with all the names and phony catalogue numbers that must accompany all these sound whims that must fly off his ginger head like bats from a belfry. Luckily, I put down the Brupenex long enough to catch up with "Compass, Blanket, Lantern, Mojo', Nolans' latest expulsion under his Spectre Folk moniker. As expected, the album reeks of the musty homespun psychedelic scent that would make both Al Simones and Uncle Neil Young red as a beet. The tunes are hazy with hope and bobbing audio to spare. Seagulls or rusty bedsprings sound off in the crackly distance on one track and I get a salty taste in my mouth like I licked the third pier boardwalk in Wildwood circa '79. And check out the track 'Burning Bridge' where Petes' voice soars and wavers like a wounded dove flying to the safety of a clean cage and the awaiting name of 'Walter'. The whole thing is a gorgeous, fully conscious stumble into a self made sunset and it just reminds me of something someone never said to me 'It's not over until you declare everyone a loser and paint yourself in a corner'. - Tony Rettman, Guidoville, New York, November 2009
6/4/2010 Spectre Folk In the Sparkin' Age of the Great White Horse cassette $7.99 Arbitrary Signs "In the Sparkin' Age of the Great White Horse" is the new cassette from Spectre Folk, nearly 50 minutes of psych-ish folk-leaning rock fog that is destined to melt into your dashboard this summer. The tracks are culled and clipped from the sessions that produced
Spectre Folk's most recent LP, Compass, Blanket, Lantern, Mojo. Here in the sparking age, Pete Nolan's mood seems, lighter and brighter - there's less mystic nursery hush and a much more saturated stain of the pink-orange ice cream colors of a Pacific sunset.
True to form, there are forlorn fingerpickers and some quiet, noisy stretches that feel like a walk alone in the woods at night, but the tape also finds Nolan making organic noises with his noisemaking machinery: a tube amp makes thundercloud sounds on a track that's got the hazy warmth of a summer day begging for a rainshower; synths burble, ominously at first, then dissolve into the a sound like passing cars on the highway, before a couple guitars, intertwined, come in at a glacial gallop marching the tape along. And the albums rockers show Nolan's increasing comfort with extended form guitar solos that saunter into and out of wild crescendos and murky valleys like it's the easiest, most natural thing in the world for the music to do.
1. the follow trees
2. we're here forever
3. storm clouds in my fender
4. I dropped a line
5. suitcase
6. last days of the Binson
7. cash machine
1. 8 foot wings (now 6 feet longer!)
2. trailers
3/26/2006 Spectre Folk Requiem for Ming Aralia CD $12.99 Three Lobed Recordings "Leaping forth from a prior discography consisting of CDRs and cassettes, Spectre Folk's Requiem for Ming Aralia is a powerfully assured psychedelic folk statement. Spectre Folk is a one-man operation consisting of Pete Nolan (drums for the Magik Markers, Shackamaxon, GHQ, Virgin Eye Blood Brothers, Wooden Wand & the Vanishing Voice, etc.). Nolan's significant responsibilities elsewhere have made him into a man who rarely has a chance to slow down. Spectre Folk offers the listener the ability to glimpse at one of those rare calm moments and it showcases the delicately twisted calm bubbling underneath the drumming furor Nolan unleashes elsewhere. The beauty present in this uneasy tranquility certainly makes Three Lobed Recordings proud to release Requiem for Ming Aralia as Spectre Folk's first full-length CD."
5/18/2004 Spectre Folk Spectre Folk CD $12.99 Static Caravan Records "Yeah, so it was available in a cardboard and hand crayoned cd from Pete Nolan himself. UK edition in hand sewn and finished sleeve. 100 only."
3/26/2006 Spectre Fone Newsday Long Island for Nipsey Russell CDR $9.99 Chocolate Monk "New solo smooch from Pete Nolan (Magik markers/Virgin eye Blood Brothers) letting out some primitive apartment style electronic/raga strangeness." "...feels like wading through treacle with an alien antenna wedged deep in your skull." - Volanic Tongue
9/17/2006 Spectre Zaimph Spectre Zaimph CDR $11.99 Heavy Blossom Marcia Bassett (Double Leopards, Zaimph, Hototogisu, GHQ, UN, etc..) and Pete Nolan (Magic Markers, GHQ, Spectre Folk, Cops, etc..) recorded May 2006, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Spectrum & Jessamine A Pox On You CDEP $11.99 SpaceAge Recordings 5 track EP (33 minutes) includes excellent Silver Apples cover
6/30/2010 Spectrum & Tim 'Love' Lee b/w Spectrum & Captain Memphis (aka Jim Dickinson) Words May Shatter / The Lonely Death of Johnny Ace 7" picture disc $7.99 Great Pop Supplement "Next up on The Great Pop Supplement is both a musical and visual mindbender of a 45! A total killer 7" pic disc featuring 2 collaborations between Sonic Boom / Spectrum and Tim 'Love' Lee and Captain Memphis aka legendary musician (Stones / Aretha Franklin / Alex Chilton) and Producer (Big Star etcŠ), Jim Dickinson. Both pieces are among the very best things recorded since Sonic Boom's days with Spacemen 3. Total whacked out Silver Apples mash up one side and a wonderful smoked out, moog fuelled blues on the reverse. Hugely acclaimed DJ and Producer Tim 'Love' Lee and Spectrum offer up "Words May Shatter", a stunning The Silver Apples / Suicide freakout on Side A, while the reverse features an unreleased out-take of the mighty "The Lonely Death of Johnny Ace" from a collaborative project between Sonic Boom / Spectrum and Captain Memphis. Recalling the tragic, true story of master bluesman Johnny Ace who shot himself dead on Christmas Day 1954 and featuring an incredible vocal from the late, great Jim Dickinson, this take debuts here. Beautiful, op-art effect picture disc and acetate sleeving, this is a one off pressing of 1000 which is sure to go quickŠ"
5/28/2011 Spectrum / Cheval Sombre split 7" $7.99 Great Pop Supplement "The second of this month's new 45s on The GPS sees a stunning split 45, pairing Sonic Boom's Spectrum with New York's Cheval Sombre. The Spectrum side sees a debut airing for the full length version of live favourite "Mary", previously released as a nagging teaser intro / outro to the great "Indian Giver" CD collaboration with Jim Dickinson a couple of years back. A beautiful 7 minute ode to Kraftwerk and Suicide via a passing nod to Stereolab and Neu! that debuts on wax and as a full length take here, exclusively. Put simply, this is just ridiculously awesomeŠ. The reverse side features an exclusive Sonic Boom remix of the wonderful "Red Moon" from the imminent, glorious Cheval full length. New York based Christopher Porpora has previously released some wonderful singles on Static Caravan and Trensmat, leading in turn to a full length release on Dean Wareham's "Double Feature" label. Whether one scribe's term "delicate, druggy, slow core folk" sits true, remains a matter for debate, but either way this has an air of a Nick Drake tune around it, with added Sonic Boom Elektronik impetusŠReleased on white vinyl in Ivan Liechti op-art sleeve, this one's a cert for a hasty selling outŠ"
7/14/2007 Speculum Fight Live in Tokyo 1995 LP $14.99 What The.. ? "We are proud and excited to present our second effort as the team What The..? Records in finest production and resurrection of artifacts from some of the favorite artists. This time.... -- a lost long live set from California sound unit Speculum Fight (to some now known as Damion Romero), taken place back in a heavy time for sound of such density and heaviness, in one of the heaviest zones on Planet Earth -- Tyoko, Japan circa 1995 !!! These sides are cut striaght in vein from chrome cassette to cutting needle, as if drawing the very energy of analog spirit without the interference of digital approximation, and indeed it is pure anaolog these grooves you hear!!! Romero has stated this live set is in direct influenced by such dark-cloud recordings as "Milky Way" (infamous Keiji Haino live set) and perhaps ritualistic density of C.C.C.C., but we know the sound is also instead pure West Coast motor engine fog monster. Bonus slab of soundcheck included at the beginning, to set the stage for what surely will be known as a prime window into pure eyes-closed eclipsed darkness of highest mental order. Romero does not su much as "play" as he does just line up of cosmic and physical psychic energy to birth a creation of situation for top-notch psychic physical cosmos. Comes in silkscreened cover with heavy-duty resealable polyethylene bag, includes reproduction of original show flyer and numbered photograph from the trip in the eye of Romero himself. Hold inside cover in front of face while listening for best results. Edition of 300."
5/14/2007 Speculum Fight Lost Live 2 cassette $6.99 Hanson "Thats right! From the Live archives of Damion Romero. Cassette contains 2 Speculum Fight gigs recorded in California in 1996. Ruling oldschool BZZZZZZZZZZ!!!"
8/1/2014 Speed Guru vs Plastic Crimewave Psychedelic Showdown Comic Book + 7" $12.99 Prophase Music "In the works for almost 3 years, early '14 will see the release of the ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE vs. PLASTIC CRIMEWAVE comic book/ 7" record set on Prophase music & film! Yes, plotted/written by Makoto Kawabata and Sir Crimewave and drawn by Plastic Crimewave, this cataclysmic tale of aliens, magic, and psychedelia is actually somewhat autobiographical, and packaged just like the 70s 'Power' book/record sets of his youth. The 'soundtrack' on the 33 1/3 7in is collaborative as well!"
7/11/2008 Spider Trio Rendezvous LP $13.99 Assophon Records "Spider Trio are Wally Shoup (alto sax), Jeffery Taylor (guitar) and Dave Abramson (drums). Wally Shoup is a legend in the free jazz/improv scene. He has been well documented over the years, releasing records with Thurston Moore, Chris Corsano, Paul Flathery, Nels Cline, Bill Horist and many others in various combos. Jeffery Taylor and Dave Abramson are key players in the ever incestuous Seattle subunderground musical community. Taylor is one half of Climax Golden Twins and Abramson leads the Diminished Men. This LP is a live document that blew all the minds in attendance. Take your BYG/FMP/ESP/ SUN/ America/AKBA imprints and the sounds they represented and you'll have an idea of the force and power of this amazing trio. This is some of the finest free jazz of the modern era!" Edition of 400 copies.
7/30/2006 Spiderwebs / Mike Tamburo & Matthew McDowell / Keenan Lawler Strands Formerly Braided CD $12.99 Music Fellowship "When you unbraid your hair, the strands remain curled and contorted for some time. The act of braiding the strands together affects the structure and fibers of the hair, taking days or even weeks for the hair to relax back into its natural position. This relationship between strands in a braid is similar to relationships between people. Each interaction, especially ones with close friends, affects and influences the interactions you have later on. Thus, Strands Formerly Braided is a fitting title for this edition of the Music Fellowship's Triptych series because the three featured artists have a long history of improvisation and collaboration. Spiderwebs is the duo of Tom Carter and Sandy Ewen. Cater is best known for his work with the landmark drone group Charalambides, which he formed with longtime creative partner Christina Carter. Since 2002, Carter has begun collaborating with a wide range of other artists, from his work with 60's Australian folk poet and songwriter, Pip Proud, to his improvisations with psychedelic stoner rock band Bardo Pond. For this release, he teams with Sandy Ewen who has a long history of improvisation as well, from her membership in Houston's MECA improvisational ensemble to her performances in the Nameless Sound Collective concert series and Austin's No Idea festival. Mike Tamburo has been a member of the Pittsburgh avant garde music scene as an integral part of crystalline drumless drone rock structures of Meisha and the more-free flowing ethnic apocalypse music of Arco Flute Foundation, as well as countless spontaneous performances and post-gathering improv sessions. For this recording, we present one the best efforts of these spontaneous performances, reteaming Tamburo with Matthew McDowell of Arco Flute Foundation for a minimalist, pacific 23-minute drone. For over a decade, Louisville's R. Keenan Lawler has been quietly evolving a highly personal and exploratory language on the resonator guitar which has been called "cosmic, monolithic and deeply American". His music is informed by sources ranging from Carnatic classical, Charles Ives, Albert Ayler, blues, minimalism and non western trance musics. Although primarily a solo performer he is best known for his collaborative work. The Keyhole II album he recorded with Pelt and metal worker Eric Clark is one of Pelt's most beautiful and memorable recordings, and the recording of his guitar playing in a sewer pipe in Louisville is featured on Matmos' The Civil War. He has also performed or collaborated with a wide range of musicians including Rhys Chatham, John Butcher, Charalambides, My Morning Jacket, Kevin Drumm, and Lukas Ligeti. For this release, we present an exclusive recording from Lawler, featuring his trademark National Steel Resonator guitar and his unique method of playing with sound." - label
11/16/2004 Spiers, Ben Again CDR $11.99 Transient Recordings "2000 solo guitar (and a little violin) recordings. Shimmery, hazy and 'late night'. Mats Gustafsson called it 'a true headswimmer that floats somewhere between the Celebrate Psi Phenomenon gang, Pseudo Arcana and Metonymic'."- The Broken Face #17
7/10/2008 Spiers, Ben And Then CDR $9.99 Transient Recordings "Long-time-coming album initially slated for release on a US label but as it turns out it feels much better having this one close to home. These 2004 recordings run parallel to early Glory Fckn Sun sessions but show a more grounded and intimate approach than that band. Here you’ll find me getting all “man alone” with a guitar, violin (briefly), and an amplifier audibly on its last legs. There’s a melodic warmth in places which has been remarked upon by those who’ve heard it. While still improvised and fairly noisy, the pieces have the feel of lost, damaged or embryonic songs."
7/10/2008 Spiers, Ben Artwork Temporarily Removed 3" CDR $9.99 Transient Recordings "A woozy guitar-and-breath meditation on emptiness. 'Like a time-condensed recording of a guitar being decimated by age, tumbling out of tune, and finally breathing out it's lasts gasps of amplitude on the ground' (Foxy Digitalis). Packaged in individually block-printed manila sleeves. Second edition of 50 copies."
12/1/2004 Spiers, Ben Cinders CDR $12.99 Pseudo Arcana “Ben Spiers (Empty Mirror, Seen Through) presents a new series of (mainly short) solo guitar, violin, saxophone and amplifier improvisations. Like a sheath of letters composed in a series of small rooms, Cinders evokes the solitudes and moods of the netherworld explorer. Subtle and nuanced.”
11/16/2004 Spiers, Ben Spin You CDR $11.99 Transient Recordings "A round thing with round things on the cover. Expect to hear strings being struck, bowed, fanned …. and strummed (!). This one distinguishes itself from previous discs by being 75% electricity-free, including a duet for violin and empty bedroom. All in all? A lot of wood with some concrete & electricity."
5/24/2014 Spies, The The Battle of Bosworth Terrace LP + download $16.99 Siltbreeze "The Spies bear the unique distinction of one of New Zea- land's true missing pieces in the Underground puzzle. With no audio documentation ever seeing the light of day in their time (1978-79, Wellington), the band really did exist in a you-had-to-be-there bubble. Historically (as in, now) known as hatching both George Henderson (later of The Puddle) and Christopher Plummer (who also thumped heads in Shoes This High), The Spies possessed a lithe but keen awareness of both the Canterbury and DIY movements that were taking place back in Old Blighty. The Battle of Bosworth Terrance imagines a bridge connecting Kevin Ayers and The Desperate Bicycles-a much-needed safe passage over a mysterious chasm you never knew was there. The fact that these recordings exist at all is nothing short of miraculous serendipity; the story is beautifully retold by Mr. Henderson in the liner notes. If you're thinking forgery, theft, drugs and distinctive foot- wear (Alpaca boots perhaps?), congrats, the sniffer is work- ing just fine. Besides the heretofore unknown music, also included are photographs, lyrics and text. It's only taken 30+ years, but the larcenous abandon that was The Spies is finally willing and able to be heard, read about and seen for the first time. Pressed in a one-time edition of 500 copies, The Battle of Bosworth Terrace includes a digital download card."
10/3/2009 Spill Where You Aren't CDR $9.99 Blackest Rainbow "New release from this ultra mysterious Welsh born duo... 3 tracks improvised live with guitars, microphones, voice and effects. Swirls of feedback, weirdo pops and glitches, distorted decaying walls of fuzz and barely recognizable voices. Packaged in black/white classic BR style sleeve designed by the band with insane black mental logo and blackened psyche art, and a bizarre loved up photograph insert. Definitely a weird one. Limited to 50 copies."
12/25/2005 Spine Scavenger Spine Scavenger cassette $6.99 Hanson "Heavy on the delay electronic bone rattlers... Total scumbags on horseback clamping your head with a vice and rippin out yer spine while your mind-shock alarm goes off in a 2 seconds=10 hour torture session. In the desert." Edition of 100 copies. Spine Scavenger is Aaron Dilloway.
12/25/2005 Spine Scavenger The Lodge cassette $6.99 Hanson "Second electronic rattle release from SPINE SCAVENGER. Harsher this time, but still heavy on tape delay feedback pulse and slow moving sickness... Total flying insect air raid shit droppings...you are trying to run to saftey, but you keep just getting clobbered by rock hard insect balls. Your adrenalin is keepin you going, but your drug filled head has no idea what direction you are going! GET OUT WHILE YOU STILL CAN!!!" Edition of 100 copies. Spine Scavenger is Aaron Dilloway.
9/17/2006 Spine Scavenger The Raider cassette $6.99 Hanson "Fuckin Winged Scorpian Electronics! Scum synth moving into full on progressive synth territory. Recorded using 19 Tape delays!! So much DELAY that half the sounds ended up on SOME OTHER TAPE!!"
5/14/2012 Spine Scavenger Weighted Ghost LP $14.99 Cylindrical Habitat Modules Reissue of 2007 cassette. Aaron Dilloway on modular synth and tape fx. Edition of 500 in silkscreened covers. "thank the heavens! we have more spine scavenger vinyl! i'll be honest about two things: 1) aaron dilloway's "modern jester" 2lp is probably my favorite thing to come out, so far, in 2012. 2) spine scavenger has, generally, been my favorite stuff that dilloway has done. so with that in mind i am utterly thrilled that spine scavenger's "weighted ghost" album has been given the proper vinyl treatment. it's no secret that dilloway is one of the best around. opening with some seriously demented synth growl, "weighted ghost" gets down to business in no time at all. stoically repetitive sequences build and build until the pressure in your skull reaches the breaking point. dilloway pushes past the point of no return, scowling all the way until each layer is sufficiently soaked in dirt and brine. this isn't pretty and it isn't meant to be. the flipside fakes you out in the beginning, but there is no breather; there is no let up. each successive runthrough gets higher and higher - the saw-waves colliding with each other until there's nothing left but ugly, jagged edges. it's almost too much. almost. and then, when you least expect it, the whole excursion gets buried underground by heavy, static bass filth. this is oppressive nature. the jig is up at the end, though, as the death-spiral sequences return and everything is turned to sonic black. spine scavenger is no laughing matter. this is the stuff of legend ... the best kind of nightmares around." - brad rose

Spiny Anteaters All Is Well CD $12.99 kranky CD version

Spiny Anteaters Current CD $12.99 Kranky New electronic drones from Canada
4/10/2009 Spiral Joy Band Black Earth Hymns cassette $6.99 Earjerk "Two seshins live at the WORT, so good! Black Earth b/w Spiral Joy Dogs. Just moments after making Wisconsin ther new home base, this two/thirds of the Spiral Joy Band (Patrick Best and Mikal Dimmik) were channeling thee scony plains vibe guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh! Actually, that's the sound you make after about three minutes into this shimmering miasma. Beautiful cover art by Emily Keown."
5/9/2009 Spiral Joy Band Little Sparrow CD $12.99 Vhf "Third VHF release for this southwest Virginia ensemble that specializes in transportational sound sheets. Derived from the extended Pelt/Jack Rose/Black Twigs family, Spiral Joy traffics in lengthy microtonal explorations rooted in the expansive tradition of beards like Taj Mahal Travellers, Henry Flynt, Theatre of Eternal Music, etc. The four tracks here are an evolution from the trance-like gong and percussion sounds of recent Joy Band releases, with the quartet putting more of an emphasis on heavily bowed string sounds. Gangloff's fiddle, which plays it relatively straight in the Black Twigs (and occasionally Pelt), cuts loose here with some of the gnarliest string scratching this side of Tony Conrad's "Four Violins," giving the music a searing, visceral edge. The final track finds the band literally standing in the Atlantic Ocean, with their gongs and Tibetan bowls shimmering out a gentle lullaby. "No overdubs, No amplification, No effects." Very limited edition, in elegant heavy card wallet with illustrations by Emily Keown. Fiddles, gongs, bowls, harmonium, srutis, spiral cymbal, crash cymbal, crank whistle, flute, bells, banjosticks played and recorded march-july, 2008, by mikel dimmick, amy shea, nathan bowles, mike gangloff."
2/4/2007 Spiral Joy Band Pores In The Porch And Puddles Beneath CDR $12.99 Soopa "This album is a series of trio recordings, featuring Mike Gangloff, John W. Fail and Mikel Dimmick, culled from the mythic Esraj/Israj battles laid down for live audiences in September 2005. One track is pulled from the show in The Charles Mansion in Lexington, Kentucky, on September 9 2005, and the other two tracks featured on the CD are from some mid-afternoon recordings the next day." Recommended!
6/27/2009 Spiral Joy Band, Mikel Dimmick Tilling the Soil CDR $10.99 Klang "Installment in the two-part opening salvo (along with the "Black Earth Hymns" cassette) from the new Wisconsin-based Spiral Joy lineup. Washes of reeds -- duo harmoniums, an oboe -- turn layer after layer of rich and fertile dirt, preparing it for the seeds to come. Features a couple debuts -- first Spiral Joy release to feature Emily's playing, and Patrick's first outing on fiddle. The third of the cdr's three tracks warrants special mention ------- a 41-minute excursion into harmonium over- and undertones that may go farther and deeper than anything the collective's yet issued in this area." Recommended!
5/2/2012 Spires That In The Sunset Rise Ancient Patience Wills It Again LP $14.99 Hairy Spider Legs "Since 2001, Spires That in the Sunset Rise has released five full length albums, Ancient Patience Wills It Again (2012), Curse The Traced Bird (2008), This Is Fire (2006), Four Winds The Walker (2004), and their first self-titled (2003). Having once been a collaboration of up to five women all hailing from Decatur, Illinois, the music is now the more intimate expression of long time members Kathleen Baird and Taralie Peterson. The instrumentation remains varied and eclectic: harmonium, guitar, slide, banjo, bowed psaltery, cello, flute, autoharp, spike fiddle, mbira, etc. Toying with certain traditions but never fully embracing one, STITSR remains a truly unique vision of the personal and mystical and is not for the casual listener. Since its formation, STITSR have shared bills with John Zorn, Espers, The Incredible String Band, Bert Jansch, Lichens, Paul Metzger, Charlambides, Pelt, MV/EE, Faun Fables, Six Organs of Admittance, Larkin Grimm, Arrington Dionyso, Marissa Nadler, Lucky Dragons, Jack Rose, Kawabata Makoto, Daniel Higgs, Nautical Almanac, Samara Lubelski, P.G. Six, Mayor Daley, Old Time Relijun, Josef Van Wissem, and others."
12/29/2004 Spires That In The Sunset Rise Spires That In The Sunset Rise CD $10.99 Graveface "For two years now, the Spires That In The Sunset Rise have been wowing Chicago audiences playing with everyone from Pelt, Charalambides, Faun Fables to The Strangulated Beatoffs. Their music is truly their own, perhaps spiritually recalling bands like the Raincoats, Angelblood, Current 93, The Ex, Comus, Plastic Ono Band or Erica Pomerance. The group is made up of three Manson-esque young harpies who hail from southern Illinois. They utilize a creaky blend of cello, guitar, pedal steel, bells, banjo, and other generally more organic sounds to create a totally unique environment - a cracked brand of evil / punk / psych / raga / folk that is an uncategorizable as that sounds! Are you ready for the truly new music?" This is a cd reissue of the 2003 vinyl release on Galactic Zoo Disk / Eclipse). Highly recomended!
8/27/2003 Spires That In The Sunset Rise Spires That In The Sunset Rise LP $19.99 Galactic Zoo Disk / Eclipse For two years now, the Spires That In The Sunset Rise have been wowing Chicago audiences playing with everyone from Pelt, Charalambides, Faun Fables to The Strangulated Beatoffs. Their music is truly their own, perhaps spiritually recalling bands like the Raincoats, Angelblood, Current 93, The Ex, Comus, Plastic Ono Band or Erica Pomerance. The group is made up of three Manson-esque young harpies who hail from southern Illinois. They utilize a creaky blend of cello, guitar, pedal steel, bells, banjo, and other generally more organic sounds to create a totally unique environment - a cracked brand of evil / punk / psych / raga / folk that is an uncategorizable as that sounds! Are you ready for the truly new music?
Edition of 500 copies.

Spiritualized Electricity CDS1 $9.99 Dedicated Includes live versions of Take Your Time/All of My Tears/Cool Waves

Spiritualized Electricity CDS2 $9.99 Dedicated Includes live versions of Cop Shoot Cop/Shine A Light/Electric Mainline
2/12/2008 Spit Little King Annual CDR $10.99 Claudia "This album collects a series of tracks as snippets from the year following Ryan Cockburn's relocation from Dunedin, NZ, to Melbourne, Australia. After a couple of releases of mysterious turntable strategies on Dunedin's United Fairy Moons label (one side of a split lathe, and a cdr), and endless praiseworthy activities with the band Eye, "Little King Annual" has been realised through a series of process experiments with dilapidated equipment. There are a variety of surprise moves including detuned rock, backyard nano-tech percussion improvisation, wafting sea-breeze clouds of tones and textures, and even a couple of field-recordings... This is CLaudia's first full-length release from a solo artist (who isn't the guy who runs the label)."
12/25/2005 Spit Trash Music Spitacular CDR $8.99 United Fairy Moons "Some projects take time to mellow, to pick up lint and absorb spilt coffee grounds. 'Trash Music Spitacular' was months and months in the making and was an exhibition (at the Segue Gallery this past April), a master's thesis, a group-participation extravaganza, a public relations bonanza (nice photos of the 'unusual artist' in all the papers) and finally now a CDR. And necessarily, no CDR can give you much beyond basic pointers when dealing with such a whirlwind of activity but lemme tell you a little about what went down. You had, firstly, a room and a corridor strewn - I mean, strewn - with sculptures etched with thought on the nature of recorded sound and the various traceries of musickal hardware. Then, every day for two weeks, performances. You had Kim Pieters painting 'notation' onto graph paper while RC 'played' the piece as the ink dried; a 'street horn' - an absolutely massive length of metal piping with a stylus welded onto one end that was then dragged up and down Burlington St; a pile of wrecked furniture, taller than a man, wound with piano wire and played with anything available by RC and Aliki, with harpist Katrina Thomson (Ray Off) jamming along; a cellist in evening dress alongside a ghetto blaster that was being buried under a four foot high mound of coal; two homies on the 16rpm decks, while a drunken idiot rambled on about the secret punk beginnings of Snoop Dogg... that's a few of 'em. Flux as hell, yes? Well, possibly the best thing I saw was one night in the bellringers chamber of the church next door (the oldest church in Dunedin). Cockburn had the actual bellringers of this place perform a 'chance operation' composition, with each ringer assigned a number and him rollin' the dice. Balls like big fluffy dice, this guy. You'll hear a section of that on this disc - and much else besides. It's really nicely varied, concisely edited - most pieces are fairly short - and gives a good overview of a guy who's a pretty zoned and imaginative cracked-sound thinker. Ryan was initially known to us music-heads around here as the guy who cut records in half, glued 'em back together all wrong, then made a hell of an invigorating racket - there's none of that here (but plenty on Eye's Black Ice CDR, him being a member of that group). He's just, you know, got a lot to offer. Something that Melbourne, to where he's about to relocate, is going to learn very fast."
9/18/2003 Spleen vs Hacker split 7" $5.99 Rocket Recordings "Ltd. 500 Copies with 3 inserts. Spleen, which is the brainchild of PJ Harvey collaborator, Rob Ellis provide the listener with tales from the dark underbelly of Somerset on the A-side with 'Lil Lenny cuts Loose', former Spleen member Hacker gets the flip with the twisted 'Raw Scent of Male' with tales from his world!"
7/30/2003 Splendor Mystic Solis Heavy Acid Blowout Tensions Live! LP $14.99 Galactic Zoo Disk / Eclipse Together for only one US tour, this transcontinental supergroup featured Kawabata Makoto (Acid Mothers Temple, Mainliner, Nishinihon, Musica Transonic, countless other projects), Sasaki Hisashi (Ruins), Shimura Koji (White Heaven, High Rise, Mainliner, Miminokoto), mastermind Nanjo Asahito (High Rise, Mainliner, Red Alert, etc.) and Plastic Crimewave (Utopia Carcrash, The Unshown, Plastic Crimewave Sound) who organized the at times tension-filled tour. These two concerts from Chicago and Detroit feature barnstorming acid rock blowouts that eerily stop on a dime and escalate to dizzying heights just as easily. Some frames of reference might include Ash Ra Tempel, Amon Duul II or Japanese psychsters White Heaven and Fushitsusha. The album features equally excessive lysergic artwork by Plastic Crimewave. Edition of 500 copies.
5/31/2009 Spoils and Relics Alabaster Silk cassette $10.99 Blackest Rainbow "Spoils and Relics 'Alabastor Silk' is a threes up (Kieron Piercy, Gary Myles and Johnny Scarr [occasional Fossil member]) improvisation on found objects, tapes and electronics - recorded in in a red lit Leeds basement, and then pieced together in Mantile studio, Nottingham. This release focuses on a reinvention of found artifacts, applied as tools to further explorations of prehistoric futures present. Limited to 60 copies." 'Alabaster silt - The reinvention of found artifacts are pieced together to form tools which enable a dig to the earth's inner crust to further explorations into prehistoric future. below the cavernous murk dwell bubbling furuncle streams in which manged carniverous matter bathe. Above the swelling, many mechanical wings gather creaking as they swoop in on the feeding, picking off the sores and gliding into the fog leaving only lose screws behind.. evidence is gathered and filtered through the silt parts of the beak are recovered strange resin is collected from the wreckage..'"
8/22/2008 Spoils and Relics with Johnny Scarr Pack Horse Overview cassette $12.99 Blackest Rainbow "New release from these Nottingham based dudes, Scarr is an occasional member of Fossils, and has also collaborated with Luke Younger of Birds of Delay/Helm. This newbie is a minimal electronics weirdo... Like some kinda insane prehistoric midnight insect war... churning bleeps, scratching, fuzzed drenched buzzes.... Sleeve by Patrick Milsom, limited to 60 copies."
8/2/2008 Spoono The Divers Private Revelations Of CDR $12.99 Blackest Rainbow "Solo guitar tunes from Jack of Towering Breaker, which sound has really developed vastly since I heard material back in 2006. Smooth, and very well produced indeed, blew me away when I first sat and listened to it... some serious fast finger picking goes on here. People who dug last months Cam Deas 'Silver Waters' CDR will probably dig this... Black and white sleeves with artwork by Paul Sammut. Limited to 130 copies."
2/26/2011 Sports The Smell Of Rot LP $13.99 Feeding Tube Records "Super dark, synth and drum machine heavy jams from Clare Hubbard, also know as the chilly folk songstress, Caethua, and as a sometime member of free improv unit (D)(B)(H). Sports finds Hubbard in serious Graveyard Territory, but she's boogieing with her shovel and lantern." Edition of 500 copies.
8/4/2007 Spoulos, Panagiotis Loops Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest CDR $7.99 editions_zero "while packin' his crap for a few months trip to ny, panagiotis chanced across nicolas who has also packin' his crap for a couple of weeks trip to the greek hinterland. 'got a problem' he said... 'have this cdr ready for a local cdr label who don't fancy my cover artwork idea and wonder if you can come up w/ something'.... while being in aphissa at the editions_zero central a couple of days later we played the cdr and fancied the obscure play w/ noisy loops, sparse abstract noisy sounds and tape manipulations panagiotis had done.. sound images spewn out of his dellusioned mind served in a kinda 'butthole surfers' cover like thing and makes us proud for adding such another nasty recording to editions_zero's 'cabinet of sound curiousities', or call it whatever..."
1/24/2009 Spyked Stelzer (Howie S & Spyked Coorz) Strangled Pairs Vol. Ten CDR $9.99 American Tapes - AM-768 "This one was long time comingŠwas funna be collab lp but the Troniks Howie lp was unsurpassable audio A++. So here's a long more relaxed effort betwinst the Boston Neu Wave sound scrambler smoker and the no-solution empty set style with Spykes. Super worked thru brain forestry via tapes and lo-tech electronics. Howie edits cookbooks so maybe a recipe would be a better descriptor:
1) One cup lowercase HS tape supply
2) Bake at 400 degrees, then instantly bury in the backyard after a rainstorm in night
3) Soak in chili powder, dig up tape, play on a cat litter tape head urine box tape and record
4) Play for 60 min on slow mo
5) Bake for another 4 hours with a garnish of metal shavings from shredded Microbrewer IPA cans
6) Serve with a silent frozen solid dinner guest, at 5:30 AM
Well, there you goŠŠ.Full color art in new mega color assault cardboard sleeve style."
11/17/2008 Spykes Citizens Dream Of A City LP $17.99 Sergent Massacre "John 100-face man Olson inaugurates SM catalogue in the most terrific way with this postapocalyptic Citizens Dream of a City. Weird and raw. Artwork by Jonas Delaborde."
4/27/2011 Spykes No One Writes To The Colonel one-sided double groove LP $13.99 American Tapes "Double groove, any speed lock groove onesider. The works. One groove drawn out ringing electronics claustrophobia with tape delay built by Nate Young, other groove a stew of outdoor winter scrape and my nephew Miles arguing with a growling dog. To totally diff grooves, separated. Super strange." 100 copies.
2/5/2004 Spykes Silent Locks LP $24.99 American Tapes "Totally wrecked garbage vision. Kind of a concept album but doesn't sound like ‘Adventure,’ the Lansing Yes cover band. All the sounds & title come this undisclosed house on Normal St. during early AM walks to work. The title was found on a scrap of paper as is seen in the 11 X 17 insert. LP done in ruling' fashion at RTI. Metal sculptures, misfired electronic garbage, junk destroyed turntables, subtly placed & organized sound all from the same strange house. LP carefully worked to be played at any speed. Recycled lp sleeves sprayed, pasted on & silk-screened. Edition of 200 not to be repressed.” Highly anticipated LP from John Olson (Dead Machines, Wolf Eyes…)!
2/11/2006 Spykes With the Casket Sinkers LP $25.99 Ultra Eczema "Crawling through quicksand and dirt piles after a gang of 89 hells angels followed you with broken bottles, running through fields of mud covered with red ants, spilling boiling water over a cute little babies' head, or getting raped with an open tabasco bottle, that's exactly the feeling i had while listening to the first side of this black and white 12" skateboard wheel!!! you can smell the horrific fumes from JOHN OLSON's mouth through your speakers, escape is hard but worth the try! side b is even harder to escape horror!!! AARON DILLOWAY and OLSON (aka THE CASKET SINKERS) join forces on a cathedral organ and a filthy synth , this sounds like the dirtiest horror film soundtrack ever!! imagine yourself fingerfucking your grandmom's ass while listening to this side.. seriously (close your eyes) euh.. pure audio filth! limted to 400 copies, this black and white filth picture disc comes in a dirty black printed cardboard cover."
11/17/2007 Spykes Zones Faulted CDR $12.99 American Tapes "Brand new crisp & crazy electronics & alto sax home spun slo damage. 6 Tracks at 45 minutes. Sail to strange lands between your ears/wet cold brain style. In a clear dvd case with color covers."
7/16/2006 Spykes / Sick Llama Waiting for Nothing cassette $8.99 Fag Tapes Collaboration recorded in Hell, Michigan. double trouble. edition 88.
3/2/2013 Spykes, The Boiling Archives = A CDR $7.99 American Tapes "New collection of home records archived style selected and edited for mass sound shallowing. Colored covers, edition of 40 numbered." AM 951
12/10/2004 SQ Round CDR $8.99 Carbon Records “First in the SQ.Archive Series. This recording is from 1996 and is a piece for 6 guitars, positioned in a circle, following in a round. Lo-fi recording with hi-fi texture. Branca-esque. covers are hand-silkscreened, edition of 90. 3 color print job, on heavy watercolor paper (textured). Folded into a plastic sleeve.”
4/1/2015 Squadra Omega Il serpente nel cielo LP $22.99 Holidays "This release marks the beginning of a long year for the members of Squadra Omega, since they decided to break the silence announcing three brand new records to be released in less than six months. And first comes this two-piece jam recorded live at Outside Inside Studio, where we find the always evolving group reduced to three core elements - OmegaFrank (drums, xilophone), OmegaG8 (synth, bass) and OmegaMatt (sax, acoustic and electroacoustic percussion) - hauling their instruments in a free-form impro-ambient session frequently peaking with moments of free jazz, sustained by a skeleton of intense droning electronics, wonderfully rendered by an exquisite cut made by SST in Frankfurt. Cover artwork by Re delle Aringhe." Edition of 250 copies.
4/10/2015 Squadra Omega Lost Coast LP + DVD $21.99 Boring Machines "Shot against the backdrop of California's most remote coastal region Lost Coast is a personal quest for transcendental values in troubled times and a quiet cinematic celebration of the beauty and immensity of the natural world. The film aims to remind us that today's mindless commoditization, cold efficiancy and endless acceleration lead to a streamlined citizenry and to a spiritual vacuum. Equal parts film essay and travelogue Lost Coast questions today's materialistic value system and reminds us that we do not exist outside of nature but that we in fact are nature. Recorded, mixed and mastered at OutsideInside studio in Montebelluna (TV), the entire recording session for the movie soundtrack is now available to widen the experience of this immersive long walk in total solitude. Rumbling guitar drones, musing flutes and thundering piano make up for an intense listening experience which adds a new layer to the film viewing, or just creates an alternative image sequence in your mind while listening. So slow down, reflect, take in the beauty and walk the shores of the Lost Coast with this sounds."

Square 9 Tsunami LP $79.99 Majora "Recorded and mixed live by ?9 at the Grande Theater, Buenos Aires". Rear cover has a map of Argentina, and the labels a nautical chart of the Arctic. "Square Nine is a collaboration with the Residents and David Oliphant from Maybe Mental. There, I said it! (Camera switches to a boarding house full of self-proclaimed Residents 'completists' scrambling for the nearest butcher knife to end it all). Of course it couldn't be true, right? Hell, I never took any oath!" -- Rick Bishop, Popwatch Magazine #10 (reprinted in Perfect Sound Forever)
4/23/2003 Square Root II CD EP $6.99 Hanan 2 track 25 minute EP featuring Steve Buchanan (guitar) and Nicolas Field (battery – electronics). I have not heard much like this before – sounds cool.
11/17/2007 Squim Zephyrus LP $14.99 Olde English Spelling Bee "Squim, a.k.a. Chris Phillips, is an obsessive recordist living in Portland, Oregon. In the 90's he was very active in the underground mail art and tape trading scene - running the "Circle X" label out of Salt Lake City and releasing several well received cassettes on the Bobby J. label. This album will be his debut on the vinyl format and was chosen as being the standout from among a half dozen other unreleased albums of recent recordings. On Zephyrus, Squim blends repeating melodic motifs with his meticulously collaged noise/dronescapes. This is a limited edition release of 350 copies - each cover is a unique color monoprint hand printed by Squim and spraymounted, back covers are a photocopy paste-on. more about the album Zephyrus - in Squim's own words: lets see, recorded most of it in the spring of 2003... it's constructed from a combination of field recordings and 'studio sessions' where i would bounce the tracks, pan them, speed them up, slow them down and add filters and reverb. they were also run through a feedback loop in the mixer with various effects on a first-generation korg kaos pad. for instruments i played an electric guitar, a harmony acoustic guitar, a casio cz-101 and a casio sk1. for the field recordings I used a minidisk (that fell apart during the sessions) with a stereo mic... a fisher price tape recorder, and a hand held tape recorder... while doing the studio sessions i would also record what I was playing on the tape decks then later position them around the room for playback... i would ping pong these sounds back and forth several times. I was also experimenting with the feedback that occurred from layering the same sound over itself multiple times. during the recording i was reading a lot of weird sci-fi, horror and ghost stories. particularly Algernon Blackwood, Clark Ashton Smith, Arthur Machen, M.R. James and William Hope Hodgson. these influenced me to try and capture a sense of cosmic dread contrasted by everyday surroundings. "Trial by Cobra" and "Doppelganger" are references to 'The Blind Owl', a Persian novel by Sadegh Hedayat."
2/7/2009 SS Envenomind untitled cassette $8.99 Tusco Embassy "Triple synth colab between Greh Holger / Aaron Dilloway / David Reed. fluid, scummy and dense. two side long tracks. two color screened wrap around inserts. Limited to 100 copies."
2/24/2007 ST 37 And Then What LP $12.99 Noiseville "One of the coolest things I ever did at Noiseville was expose the world to ST 37. Their cut on the "From Twisted Minds Come" Comp LP was their 1st time on vinyl and their debut to the world. It has been a long time since then and ST 37 are still one of the best bands out there. Very happy to release "And Then What", their latest collection of spaced out diddies for the world to enjoy again. I love this album. It is a perfect blend of psych and catchy tunes that stick in your head for days. I played the test pressing in my store for about a week straight, and I had loads of people asking "Who is this? It is great." Even all of those trendy Neutral Milk Hotel/Arcade Fire kids loved this. You will too. Release on vinyl LP (for now), silk screened front cover, numbered edition of 500 copies."
3/15/2012 ST 37 Awkward Moments CDR $11.99 Reverb Worship "Reverb Worship proudly presents ST 37's "Awkward Moments".This is my second release with the band.Whilst creating this release I considered this to be the bands very own version of The Mothers "Filmore East, June 1971" album....only more sonic and more out there.This time we have a rather splendid "live" album recorded a number of locations with various devices in late 2009 on the bands US tour.I have to say that the whole album has been mastered by Sean Seagler who has done a really wonderful job here.In all you get eleven tracks clocking in at over 70 minutes.Each cd comes with a three page A4 tour pamphlet which has been compiled by the band.This includes drawings together with funny anecdotes and stories.Available now in an edition of 100 copies."
11/23/2004 ST 37 Destiny: A Film Score By ST 37 double CDR $15.99 Blue Circle ST 37 performs to Fritz Lang's classic silent film 'Destiny'. Alternative Press said: Twistedly psychedelic and swirling in a cyclonic stew...one of the most infectiously woven slabs of noise-as-music released since the '60's drug boom."
11/22/2002 ST 37 Down On Us CD $13.99 Emperor Jones "This Austin conglomerate has recorded their masterpiece with Down On Us. Never have they sounded this bullheaded and sonically splendid. Made largely at Sweatbox Studios, a change for these home studio champions, lies an album of subvergent psych pop, ready for the teeming masses to consume. After beginning with three sweeping pop songs, the album briefly descends into the depths of despair with ‘Daniel Said,’ a crushing punk screamer about the job you hate, before bouncing back to spray hot guitar gas in the bosses’ face and say ‘Goddamn I’m glad I’m not dead.’ Also worth note is the Pip Proud song ‘Sweet Thought,’ the Black-Metal-on-helium nugget ‘Caves of Ice’ and the closing ‘Valentine Alibi,’ a 14-minute Space Echo-drenched prog/dub epic."
11/23/2004 ST 37 From Space w/ Love CDR $12.99 Blue Circle "The second album length release from ST 37. 'From Space' was recorded in drippingly swell 16-track sound by Richard Smith and R.A. Bechtol and features a killer kover os 'March of the Chrome Police' recorded live at Liberty Lunch. CMJ called this 1989 release a 'space voodoo melee'. Remixed and remastered summer 2002 at Sweatbox with bonus track for cdr, the duet version of 'Voice in the Closet.'"
12/25/2005 ST 37 Future Memories CD $13.99 Four/Four Records "The latest from ST 37 is a 15 track, 71 minute collection of rarities and unreleased tracks spanning their nearly two decade history, including the band's first two 7" singles, cassette compilation tracks and radio broadcasts. ST 37 have incorporated multiple influences throughout their history - space rock, psychedelia, krautrock, punk, experimental music, and good old ass kickin' rock n roll. Highlights include punked out psycho-delic Hawkwind/Chrome inspired space rock n roll tracks like "Sucking on the Family Tit", "Look at yr Chair", and "Eating Dirt". I love the dark and doomy but ultra cosmic space goth feel of "Egg People" and "Pumpkinface". "Taboo Down Under" and "(I Don't Need No) Hoodoo Woman" are excellent examples of the patented brand of ST 37 space-punk. And "Merlin Olsen's Crippled Mystical Benefactor" features the more experimental side of the band, being a freaked out sound collage glom of space electronics, tape loop madness and sound and voice samples. Particularly tasty are two lengthy radio appearances. "Should I Get My Own Friends… a Whole New Ballgame" is a radio broadcast from 1998. At 9 minutes it's actually 2 tracks. The first is a haunting cosmic jam, punctuated by anguished, screaming metallic space guitars, followed by an equally dark and spaced out, ultra high tension atmospheric piece. And "Nature of Smoke" is an 11 minute unreleased outtake from 2000 that features ST 37 at their harsh and nasty free-improv space rock jamming best. Great stuff! And the set is rounded out by an acid-metal freakout cover of Motorhead's "Orgasmatron", and a bouncy space punk cover of David Bowie's "Speed of Life". Whoever selected the tracks for this set did a great job. Veteran ST 37 fans and anyone into heavy space rock will be delighted with this collection." - Jerry Kranitz, Aural Innovations, Issue #32 www.aural-innovations.com
1/20/2002 ST 37 Glare double LP $24.99 Helter Skelter "Finally, a double LP from ST 37. Packaged in a lavish full color gatefold sleeve with over 80 minutes of music, this little number ought to 'do' your head quite nicely. Plus, you can roll your joints on the inside!!"
11/22/2002 ST 37 I Like To Talk, If There's Anything To Talk About CD $13.99 Emperor Jones "First, being on Emperor Jones, this is the first of their releases to find its way into some larger stores, and accordingly, in terms of production, this is definitely the most polished release of theirs to date. However the rough, indie space-punk sensibility remains to almost the same degree as before, and while not quite as mind-blowing as their ‘Spaceage’ release, contains some of the best tunes/moments of their career thus far. It's apparent the moment the opening track ‘Acetone’ kicks in with its blues-guitar run that there is more of an indiginous Texas twang on this release than before. It proceeds to become a pretty straight-forward rocker, though one which is crafted with such great care so as to become an instant classic, passing through great moments of Carlton Crutcher's laid-back apathetic vocal, the group's patented brand of space-soup (aka ‘blanga’) and culminating in a hysterically fun Spanish-Mexican guitar lick. Following is the monster-improv of the album, ‘Palpable’, moving slowly through 17 minutes of trance-psychedelia, driven by the occasionally-shifting bass-line of Scott Telles, a constantly-recurring sample of a woman's voice pontificating on something-or-other, flanged guitar and grumbling-monster electronics. Perhaps a bit too lengthy, but subtle and multi-layered enough. Next is ‘Discorporate’, not a Zappa cover but a dreamy psychedelic floater whose radio-broadcast even garnered a phone-response from a young lady who said she was listening to my show and gazing out the window when the tune came on to bring her to even greater ecstasy. It also features the sole lead-vocal contribution by Scott Telles, whose distinctive voice may seem to strain a bit during the higher notes, but then that's half the beauty of it anyway. ‘Tentacle Like Fibers’ is a solid mid-paced rocker, with more of Crutcher's low-key cynical vocals, though I get a modern radio-pop vibe whenever the chorus kicks in. Still, the destroying synth/tape and flying-guitar blanga which characterizes the disc remains in the foreground. ‘Heaven Tease’ is an instrumental psyche-jam which tortures and teases the ears with guitar and fading whoop-whoop-whoop synth. The remainder of the album is quite varied. ‘Whistling in Hell’ is serious brain-slaughter featuring more great stream-of-consciousness twangy vocals of slow terror by Carlton (my personal favorite: ‘I like to eat them poison berries because they make me paranoid - I like to be paranoid because it keeps me awake’), Helios Creedisized wah-chainsaw guitar, unrelenting drumming by Dave Cameron and some in-the-pocket whistling; devastating. From here, the energy starts to wane a bit, but we'll give 'em that it's a 75-minute disc. ‘William S. Burroughs Memorial Drum Loops’ is a fairly experimental bit, with several drum loops (hate to be redundant), ‘whang-whang’ guitar sounds and waves of noise. Following is a drastically different side of ST 37: a cute little cover of Eno and Cale's ‘Lay My Love’: it's fun. ‘No Magic Bullets’ is another Carl-tune and has some more cool vocals/’lyrics’ and Helios/synth terror-blanga. The album closes with the creepy ambience of ‘Plate Tectonics’. Perhaps this would be best listened to at twice instead of once. Or however many segments you're most comfortable with. Solid and big as Texas itself. Or at least Austin anyway." - Chuck Rosenberg, Aural Innovations
1/20/2002 ST 37 I Smoked Kevin Costner's Shitty Pot CD $9.99 blue circle "An EP of unreleased material from ST 37 studio sessions dating back from the Glare / Derobe period. Based on a true story! Limited edition of 100 copies." Pretty great cover!
4/1/2004 ST 37 Insect Hospital CD $16.99 Black Widow "This time ST 37 bring you among old Sci-Fi cult classics Solaris and Metropolis with two suite perfectly into the movies feeling; not simply a Space Band, ST 37 have many influences from all the Psychedelic Acid Space Kraut Punk Dark Wave world (Roky Erickson, Hawkwind, Joy Division, Can, Chrome, Brian Eno….) with the personality which make ST 37 one of the most reality of the actual Psych scene…after years and years they maintain an incredible freshness and have now an artistic maturity which take them at top level!! Do not miss it!"
4/1/2004 ST 37 Insect Hospital double LP $24.99 Black Widow "This time ST 37 bring you among old Sci-Fi cult classics Solaris and Metropolis with two suite perfectly into the movies feeling; not simply a Space Band, ST 37 have many influences from all the Psychedelic Acid Space Kraut Punk Dark Wave world (Roky Erickson, Hawkwind, Joy Division, Can, Chrome, Brian Eno….) with the personality which make ST 37 one of the most reality of the actual Psych scene…after years and years they maintain an incredible freshness and have now an artistic maturity which take them at top level!! Do not miss it!" Vinyl version has extra material not on cd version.
11/2/2011 ST 37 KBDP 3" CDR $7.49 Kendra Steiner Editions "Haw, didn't know that this long-lived Texas psychedelic/garage/experimental act was still up and operating but I guess they still are, and would you believe that they actually released a platter for Bill Shute's very own Kendra Steiner imprint? And would you also guess that this act hasn't lost any of that great flyover country exuberance that they had way back when dorks were writing up their psychoscuzz with some of the most absurd descriptors in the pages of YOUR FLESH??? Total eruption high energy hijinx here that I must say comes off like a hotcha buncha jammers playing lost Elevator vibrations in some abandoned farm house while riddled with some of the most scathing stimulants to be found on the planet channeling every forgotten acid casualty from the Lone Star State via their lava lamp. Speaking of lava lamps, if you liked the psychoscronk of Jim Shepard and his Vertical Slit this might make inroads into your own third sphincter. Only 113 pressed and when they're gone you know the restŠ" - black2com.blogspot.com/2011/10/in-week-where-most-kulturally-inclined.html#links
11/23/2004 ST 37 Live 2003 CDR $12.99 Blue Circle "A souveneir of the summer 2003 ST 37 / Primordial Undermind/ Emperor Jones tour. Extracts from well-recorded and played shows in Brattleboro, Baltimore, and Houston. Several previously unheard / unreleased tracks."
10/21/2002 ST 37 Nunavut double CD $15.99 Blue Circle "New double cdr of over 100 minutes of improvisation recorded 1998-2001. The sequel to John Deere Isolation Tank and Frantic Search For Zero. Limited edition of 100 in a lovely digipak-style sleeve designed and photographed by Melissa Johanningsmeier."
1/20/2002 ST 37 Space Age CD $15.99 Black Widow Has bonus tracks not found on vinyl version.
1/20/2002 ST 37 Space Age LP + 7" $19.99 Black Widow Out of print release from 1998 on Italian label. "Space Age is a confirmation that ST 37 is still on maximum warpdrive to unknown cosmic destinies. ST 37 wrote and recorded 7 new pieces of eerie, twisted space adventures and incorporated 5 tasteful covers: 'Vitamin C' (Can), 'No Talk In the 80s' (The Hates), 'Deutsch Nepal' (Amon Düül II), 'Orgone Acccumulator' (Hawkwind), and 'March of the Chrome Police (Chrome) shaping Space Age into one of the ultimate American-made space rock albums of 1997."
11/23/2004 ST 37 The Secret Society CDR $12.99 Blue Circle Reissue of sold out lp released in 1998. Review of lp: "Side 1 opens up with the dark and noisy 'Translunar Junction' - not an unexpected beginning following 1997's Space Age. Next, as the title suggests, 'Always Say the Right Thing' features a series of spoken affirmations, whilst in the background weird carnival music is alternately sped up and slowed down. Nutty. The title track is the album's best moment...the vocals are a bit goofy and mocking, and even tortured at times, but it fits right in with the bouncy bass and swirling trippy effects. 'All the Same' is for Syd-fans... maybe they copied 'Astronomy Domine,' or perhaps not? But it works. As does the swirly 60's thang 'Sunburst Yodel 9,' with duet male and female (unknown guest) vocals and some nifty slide-space guitar. Those two bracket 'Section 37,' a long, winding jam built on a fuzzy, bright rhythm and some fine drumming, forever building and accelerating to the end. Hmmm... now I wonder if the rooster crowing during the intro to 'Ur-punk to the mooooooon!' is supposed to represent one Julian Cope? Well, anyway, this *is* the krautiest of the tunes on TSS, and certainly the band is having a bit of fun with the self- proclaimed kosmische guru."
9/25/2010 ST 37 / Linus Pauling Quartet split 7" + download $6.99 Blue Circle "The new ST 37 split 7" with the Linus Pauling Quartet contains two tracks. Here, let Ramon Medina of Linus say it - he has a flair for words: "Hide your women! Hide your children! Long has it been since its horrendous visage has fouled a stage, yet much like C'thulhu, The LP4 rises again this month! The LP4's return shall be marked by the arrival of small polyvinyl chloride discs containing new musical incantations. Etched into this disc will be Monster, a song that will send aurally induced psychedelic visions of such frightening depths that words are rendered useless. The disc will also include a track by Austin's ST 37 who have created their own interpretation of Helios Creed's Lactating Purple that will cause such psychotropic harm to your cerebral cortex that you may spend the rest of your days as a drooling madman. Limited edition of 300 on swirly (lactating) purple vinyl w/ hand-screened color covers."
4/12/2012 Staalplaat Soundsystem Composed Nature LP $22.99 AM Editions "Procuced by Staalplaat Soundsystem in order to document their recent sonic activities and researches, this LP record is focused on 2 recent projects. Composed Nature by Staalplaat Soundsystem and LOLA landscape architects, is an installation developed for the Centrum voor Beeldende Kunst Dordrecht, consisting of a matrix of 64 trees. Controllable mechanical vibrators are mounted on individual trees and are operated through custom made software. The sound of each tree can vary from a barely audible noise to a heavy 'Green noise', thereby offering different sound textures to be played. To play the trees, many spatial sonic patterns have been programmed, and a musical composition titled 'Shiver Me Timbers' has been written. 'Yokomono pro' by Staalplaat Soundsystem, was originally developed for the Indian Khoj (International Artists Association in New Delhi). This piece questions horn noise as a social sound and communication. The incredible volume and size of Indian traffic and the sounds it produces, was the inspiration for this project. Their communication language seems to be spoken with the horn; signaling with it everything needed, much the way we use indicator lights in Europe. We seek to intercept this phenomenon of car signaling and overlay it within a so-called meaningful structure. 30 auto rickshaws were hired and prepared technically in order to remotely take over control of their horns. This enabled to synchronously play rhythmic patterns as the autos drive along a pre-determined route. Using the taxis with their horns as a choir, it forms a combination of voice patterns and dynamic spatial movements which in turn create an undetermined sound choreography."
7/30/2006 Staked Plain Staked Plain LP $12.99 Bobby J "Alberta, Canadas Staked Plain is what appears to be a toy-instrument ensemble of tiny guitars, potnpan percussion, bells, and a lo-fi dose of feedback... not too far from The Shadow Ring, Captain Beefheart, or fellow Canadian oddballs The Nihilist Spasm Band." "Super outsider stumble rock noise stoned sound transmissions from the mid 90s including Vancouver artist Shayne Ehman & Joshua Stevenson (later of Magnetic Ring, Cast Exotic Archives, & JOMF) as members.. comes with full-color comic / art / w.t.f. zine insert... " - label
8/4/2007 Stamou, Tasos Infant CD $9.99 editions_zero "october 06, while seeking a name who would fancy to join valerio tricoli's thessaloniki live date during his short mini tour in north greece, kostis (absurd site's 'curator') drops the name of tasos stamou... 'a close pal who makes bizarre almost toy like sounds using modified toy instruments, loops, tapes & live electronics'. description sounded cool so the set was done. being in xanthi at the moment we missed the set but we drove back home in amphissa carrying a couple of super limited cdrs of tasos works which we listened totally aficionated w/ his incredible fresh & lovely sounds!!! being back home impressed from the super dark psych electronics set valerio had done w/ little children during amaryllis's 3rd birthday party we found ourselves in a pure exhilarating mood listening to such awesome crafted beautiful childlike toy sounds. from bizarre electronica, to a couple of kinda klimperei tunes and improvised toylike (kinda 'plastic') sounds we thought it would be such a pitty not to share the enthusiasm and those lovely litle sounds w/ the rest of our pals around so here are documented
some of his most awesome sounds culled from obscure super limited cdr releases, archive material, plus new specially recorded for the release material, of one of the most promising names of the obscure greek electronica scene!"
1/5/2013 Stampfel, Peter Live LP $16.99 Mystra "Yes!! It's THAT/THEE legendary 'holy/moly/modal' master from the 60's & ever onward..this recording is an amazing live document from a awesome performance in the mid-90s!...we are beyond psyched about this! Unlike any performer ever, Stampfel has stumped the best and blown minds forever...check back about an album release party in NY in Oct."
8/1/2014 Staple Singers Swing Low LP $14.99 Mississippi "The third Staple Singers LP reproduced exactly as it was originally released in 1962! Some of the Staples finest songs including "I've Been Scorned", "This May Be The Last Time", "The Day Is Passed And Gone" and "Two Wings". Spare arrangements with Pop Staples stunning guitar work at the front, sparse percussion and the angelic voices of the Staple Singers. One of the great masterpieces of gospel music. Old school "tip on" cover. Two inserts - a small press photo and extensive liner notes by Opal Nations with archival photos. A co-release with Yeti Records."
8/1/2014 Staple Singers Uncloudy Day LP $14.99 Mississippi "The first Staple Singers LP reproduced at last - exactly as it originally was released in 1959! Some of the deepest, most intense music ever recorded. Pop Staples tremolo guitar is maybe the purest sound ever to hit air. Mavis Staples voice is maybe the most emotionally pure ever recorded. Every song is arresting and marvelous. The arrangements are spare - just Pops guitar, simple drums and the voices of the Staples. Maybe the most influential gospel group of all time. Includes classics such as "Uncloudy Day", "I Had A Dream" and "Going Away". Old school "tip on" cover. Two inserts - a small frameable press photo and extensive liner notes by Opal Nations with archival photos. A co-release with Yeti Records."
8/1/2014 Staple Singers Will The Circle Be Unbroken? LP $14.99 Mississippi "The second Staple Singers LP reproduced just as it was originally released in 1961. Includes the seminal version of "Will The Circle Be Unbroken", the intense recorded live in church "Too Close", the uplifting "Don't Knock", and the stunning "Downward Road". Spare and perfect arrangements featuring Pops Staples tremelo guitar, minimal percussion and the voices of the Staple Singers. A true masterpiece of Gospel music. Old school "tip on" cover. Two inserts - a small press photo and extensive liner notes by Opal Nations with archival photos. A co-release with Yeti Records."

Star Phase 23 Inside 7" $3.99 Burnt Hair Spaced out good stuff
11/21/2009 Starless & Bible Black The Shape of The Shape CD $12.99 Locust "On their Sophomore release, The Shape of the Shape, Manchester, England's Starless & Bible Black have drawn together the sounds of '70s Topanga Canyon country-rock, '80s Mancunian jangle, and space-age psych tinged drones to make a dynamic, warm and woodsy second album. Gone are the dulcimers and banjos of the first record, replaced by an electrifying wall of Telecaster and Moog, and standing in the center of this bold, widescreen sound resides the earthy and husky voice of Hélène Gautier. Recorded at Bryn Derwen within the wilds of the Snowdonian mountains, and during all night sessions in the relative tranquility of their local village hall, Shape Of The Shape is an album of contrasting styles, themes and approaches that coheres beautifully into a seamless entity. We get guided through verses and choruses of swamp rock, gothic bluesy chanson and smoky acoustic ballads, as well as a jazz-folk tinged instrumental - after all, the band take their name from the classic 1965 Stan Tracey cut - but the apogee of this collection is the driving drone-choral opus, Les Furies - sung in French, this is a very Gallic observation of after hours culture. And while this album traverses all these different styles, the band never deny the importance of a fine tune and a fine song."
11/21/2009 Starless & Bible Black The Shape of The Shape LP $15.99 Locust "On their Sophomore release, The Shape of the Shape, Manchester, England's Starless & Bible Black have drawn together the sounds of '70s Topanga Canyon country-rock, '80s Mancunian jangle, and space-age psych tinged drones to make a dynamic, warm and woodsy second album. Gone are the dulcimers and banjos of the first record, replaced by an electrifying wall of Telecaster and Moog, and standing in the center of this bold, widescreen sound resides the earthy and husky voice of Hélène Gautier. Recorded at Bryn Derwen within the wilds of the Snowdonian mountains, and during all night sessions in the relative tranquility of their local village hall, Shape Of The Shape is an album of contrasting styles, themes and approaches that coheres beautifully into a seamless entity. We get guided through verses and choruses of swamp rock, gothic bluesy chanson and smoky acoustic ballads, as well as a jazz-folk tinged instrumental - after all, the band take their name from the classic 1965 Stan Tracey cut - but the apogee of this collection is the driving drone-choral opus, Les Furies - sung in French, this is a very Gallic observation of after hours culture. And while this album traverses all these different styles, the band never deny the importance of a fine tune and a fine song." Pressed on 180 gram vinyl.

Stars Of The Lid / Jon McCafferty Per Astera Ad Astera CD $13.99 kranky Tonal feedback duo Stars of the Lid and NYC minimalist line painter Jon McCafferty paired together - also on LP

Stars, The Today CD $19.99 PSF "The long awaited return to PSF sound by former White Heaven frontman, You Ishihara. White Heaven were of course one of the label's signature groups, and their blend of West Coast acid-cool and NY drug punkishness soon attracted attention from psych connoisseurs outside of Japan. Since the Heaven (as no one ever called them) imploded in late 1997, Ishihara has managed to keep his hand deep down in the psych cookie jar. A solo album, Passivite for Creativeman was a fine, low-key piece of out-of-time work: introspective folk-punk moves. He's also produced a clutch of Tokyo bands, including the suddenly (and unbelievably) hip Yura Yura Teikoku. His own music has found a recent outlet with new project, The Stars. The group reunites Ishihara with White Heaven compadres Ken Ishihara (drums) and acid-flash guitar genius Michio Kurihara. This is their debut release, and comprises three tracks. Twenty-five minutes (and priced accordingly) of non-cliched, contemporary psychedelia of the highest standard. There is an enticing rough-cut garage feel to the tracks, and Ishihara's patented English drawl is pitched at just the right level of down-ness to alternately caress and trouble your addled synapses. Kurihara's guitar spreads and gleams just where you want it to, and the rhythm section keep it frenetically moving. It's a fine debut that promises much."

Starstreamer / Timonium split 7" $3.99 Burnt Hair/Pehr Druggy spacerock!
7/10/2008 Starving Weirdos Absolute Freedom 7" $7.99 Abandon Ship Records "Here it is, our first 7" and we're PSYCHED!!! These two sides represent some of the earliest of SW material; culled from old 4 track tapes recorded in long lost living rooms, with friends and on the fly. Two kernels given the royal treatment, thanks to our friends at Abandon Ship! One an ontological cry into the abyss, the other a march in dedication to those forgotten souls who call it home." - Starving Weirdos. Edition of 500 copies with insert.
12/12/2009 Starving Weirdos with Tom Carter & Shawn McMillen Live At The Accident LP $21.99 Blackest Rainbow "Crazy 3-way collaboration from some of America's best underground musicians... Charalambides Tom Carter is joined by Shawn McMillen, sometimes member of Warmer Milks and Ash Castles On The Ghost Coast, with he added power of Starving Weirdos. This two tracked collaboration has been around since 2007 and it landed in my mailbox a few months back, and man, its a real beauty. Side A is a total hypnotic slice of ravaged drone, the four musicians seamlessly blend their own styles of underground bliss outs to sheer perfection. Side B opens with a crazy loop of applause, waving back and forth with a growing repetative plug-in to new opening it up to create new levels of total sonic weirdness. Slow shimmering black chasms engulf the positivity until its awash with lo-fi scrapes and buzzing electrical nightmare. The loop eventually drops back in with total far gone chimes, jingling away at acid burnt psychedelic keys and a thundering bass loop. A totally bizarre jam, which just opens more potential ventures up for these artists, hopefully we'll see more from this collaborative team soon... Limited to 400 in pro-printed wraparound sleeves."

Steel Steel CD $18.99 Mille Plateaux Harsh electronics
9/17/2009 Stella, Rodger Nazot CDR $8.99 Chocolate Monk "More voltaic drip from the minefield of a mind of Stella. Two of the tracks here originally appeared on a super limited cassette on the Nazot label (hence the title here), but you probably missed that in your somnolence. Plus we get an extra 25 minute track,, thats over 77 minutes of zonked out sci-fi damage. A nausea inducing ride, seas on saturn style, using the same demented tape technique as on the Foucault Zombie sessions." - label.
7/5/2011 Stellar Om Source Heartland's Suite LP $23.99 Aguirre Records "EP/LP by Christelle Gualdi which compiles little masterpieces from the same time period when "Trilogy Tapes" was released. With influences ranging from new age to experimental electronic music Christelle creates a wonderful and carefully layered album. After the release of the Trilogy Tapes on Olde English Spelling Bee last year and the Rise In Planes from 2009 this is Stellar Om Source's third vinyl release to date. More to come! Recorded in 2009 at Angel Transfer, The Netherlands"
* Limited to 500 copies
* Full color thick carboard sleeve
* 160gr. vinyl
* Cover Artwork by Christelle Gualdi
* Mastered by Anders Peterson
11/25/2004 Stelzer, Howard and the Cherry Point Gross CDR $8.99 Carbon Records "The ninth in the Carbon 10 year anniversary CDR series. 46+ minutes of bi-costal, brutal, tape/electronic fabric. Full, and right on!"
4/19/2004 Stereo Muthafucuz untitled 7" + CDR $9.99 KOS Recordings "Stereo Muthafucuz is an Oakland based noise rock band conceived by Randy Sutherland of Vholtz, Priceless Red Skeleton, the Thin Ensemble and Daron Key of Control R Workshop. This untitled 7" + CDR was recorded in different locations around Oakland on cassette and digital multi track recorders. The 7" is a lathe cut, an edition of 50 copies. The packaging is silk screened and hand cut by the band.
Musically the Stereo Muthafucuz create a blast of drums and guitar that follows with off time riffs and skronky tonk improvisations. ‘The 7-inch, with an elaborate die-cut and silk-screen cover, is pretty killer - a better encapsulation of their whole gestalt, which includes Harry Pussy, Dead C, and, to my ears, even Lightning Bolt.’” (George Chen, SF Bay Guardian)

Stereolab Miss Modular CDEP $11.99 Duophonic Latest EP - get 'em while you still can
11/2/2008 Stern, Joel Objects.Masks.Props CD $14.99 Nature Strip "Brisbane based but often found wandering throughout Australia and regions far further out, Joel Stern, has been restlessly, compulsively, devising, capturing, constructing this album on and off over the past 6 and a bit years (2001-2008). Created from instrumental debris, snatches of environmental sound (Ethiopia, India, Toowoomba, his lounge room), and a poetic sensitivity for incoherence, Objects.Masks.Props, is the clearest and most potent reflection yet of Joel's musical and artistic approach - somewhere between music concrete, art brut, free noise, cinema, abstraction, and the farmyard..Well known as a catalytic figure in the Australian experimental music and film scenes (organiser of Audiopollen, OtherFilm, Glee Club), Joel cut his chops in the concept-heavy nonsense atmosphere of early 00's London, collaborating with many of the Japanese and English artists connected to the 'reductionist' and 'onkyo' movements (let's not name name's) and attending workshops given by AMM legend Eddie Prevost. Since returning to Australia, Joel's has collaborated widely, most notably in electro-acoustic duo form with Anthony Guerra (resulting in numerous cd's on impermanent, absurd, pseudo arcana) and in expanded cinema form with 16mm filmmaker Sally Golding as Abject Leader (resulting in tours of NZ, USA and appearances at major film and art fests around Australia). In recent years, Joel has been a central player in the burgeoning Brisbane underground scene (featured in the Wire, Signal to Noise), in bands such as no guru and sunshine has blown as well as creating large scale chaotic sound sculptures as part of Watthaus for festivals like Brisbane International Arts Festival and Restrung."
1/31/2011 Stern, Marnie Demo c33 cassette + download $6.99 Dog Daze "2006 solo home recordings from the #1 DYI SHREDDER of all time. Different versions of some of these songs ended up on Marnie's 2007 debut In Advance of the Broken Arm. pro-dubbed and imprinted green cassette includes mp3 download. pitchfork ran a news article about the tape last week: http://pitchfork.com/news/41197-marnie-stern-releases-cassette-of-demos/ "
5/31/2009 Steve Llama Outside Heaven cassette $7.99 Fag Tapes "The second colab. between Sick Llama and Steve Kenney (Demons). all synth frightening sleepless dream. you thought you had a dream about drinking a pint of Viper and then you woke up in a pile of your own toxic filth. edition 50."
12/21/2004 Stone Angel Holy Rood Of Bromholm CD $24.99 Kissing Spell "Superb legendary rare UK folkrock from master tapes. Rich & varied instrumentation, beautiful fem vox & some acid electric guitar woven in."
9/16/2007 Stone Baby Black Blossom Blues CDR $7.99 House of Alchemy "Distorted maniac no- blues music for people who live under bridges! Following up on a severely limited self-released cd-r, Black Blossom Blues is the next step towards the ultimate goal of conquering Western Civilization with black-hole, black-eye jams bellowed from the dark alleys of Rochester, NY. Tapes are cruelly manipulated, drones are squashed and guitars are turned inside out. It's finally time for the Stone Baby army to take back the streets!" Edition of 123 copies.
11/17/2007 Stone Baby Used Illusions / Lost Objects CDR $7.99 Foxglove "Stone Baby hail from upstate new york and have seen their broken wares peddled by such fine junk salespeoples as carbon records, house of alchemy, and phantom limb. well this duo has brought their fractured droning blues to foxglove and the results couldn't be better. what's most impressive about stone baby is that even though there's only two people creating all these sounds, these songs are fucken dense. we're talking black holes and white dwarves and shit here. or is red dwarves? pulsars? you'd never know i got an A in astronomy. but stone baby keep throwing new things at you with every listen. it's a wild ride up to rochester, but i hear the food is amazing." Edition of 100 copies

Stone Breath Lanterna Lucis Viriditatis CD $13.99 Hand/Eye "The third CD from Stone Breath, 'Lanterna Lucis Viriditatis,' finds the band journeying further down the darkened paths they first showed us on their other CDs, 'Songs of Moonlight and Rain' and 'A Silver Thread to Weave the Seasons' (both from Australia's Camera Obscura label). The darkened deep woods folk and acoustic experimentalism Stone Breath conjured on their earlier recordings is here refined in a cauldron of sound that may well define 'wyrdfolk'. For 'Lanterna Lucis Viriditatis,' Stone Breath founding member, Timothy Renner, is again partnered with Prydwyn Piper (who appeared on the "? Silver Thread?" CD) and new members Ra Campbell, and Sarada. The diverse instrumentation that Stone Breath has been known for is here continued with acoustic guitars, banjos, flutes, whistles, sitar, oud, dulcimer, harmonium, and others being melded together by the band in their trademark ghostly earth songs."
10/27/2003 Stone Breath The Silver Skein Unwound CD $11.99 Camera Obscura "Camera Obscura is proud to present Stone Breath's fourth full-length release. After an absence of five years from the label, Stone Breath presents the cosmos with ‘The Silver Skein Unwound’ - an obsidian dark spiritual heir to the 1998 Camera Obscura release ‘A Silver Thread to Weave the Seasons’. The band describe this work as rural acid folk, informed by the furrowed fields and green forests, shaded by falling leaves and falling dreams; time-worn, weird, blood-red, rattled and ragged. Sparse in places with thick tangled drones in others, aged in mouldy oak barrels for flavor, hidden from the sun, decayed, withdrawn. Though comparison will inevitably be drawn to every point from The Incredible String Band through Comus to Current 93, the ghost of the post-ISB outfit C.O.B. glides down these dusty corridors most often, and C.O.B.'s ‘Spirit of Love’ is close at elbow always. Place inside a wicker statue, file under bird circling above open graves, under secret Christian iconography, under shapes seen through trees, under the desperate search for the true love knot. It's the sound of cracking concrete as the forest reclaims the city you live in."
9/17/2012 Stone Breath The Snow-White Ghost-White Stag CDR $8.99 Deep Water "On March 31, 2012, Timothy Renner led his band of Dark Holler minstrels up into PA’s central mountains for one of our Deep Water concerts (a double bill with Arborea). While Tim has played here often, this was his first visit with the long-running/lately-revived Stone Breath, which to our minds clearly called for documentation via multi-channel live recording. The show also marked the first significant out-of-town performance by the current edition of the group, and they certainly rose to the occasion, invoking the magick with dynamic versions of a cross-section of favorite songs from recent studio albums. As Stone Breath’s first-ever live release this is a must for any fan, and it also works as a fine (re)introduction to dark, spiritual, and macabre folk music that is the group’s trademark. Ten tracks, 40 minutes."
8/27/2003 Stone Circus Stone Circus LP $17.99
"Going from psychpop to highly complex prog rock, this very diverse album is the vinyl re-issue of the only LP by this California psychedelic-progressive band, first out on Mainstream in 1969. Original artwork, high gloss sleeve, 160 gram vinyl, Euro import."
9/17/2006 Stooges, Iggy & The Live In Detroit DVD $18.99 MVD "Here they are, the original Stooges, the band that never bit the weenie.' 'A particular stiff-necked place and time spawned the undying attitude of refusal to compromise. This was Detroit, Michigan in the late 1960s, when men were men and ears were ears. New, we are here in the 21st century, in a 'music industry' that bores and annoys, persecutes and depresses. This concert, by the Stooges reunited, does not bore me. I love the groove. I love the songs. I love the vibe. I love the audience. I love this band, and I'm very proud of this high quality product by the stooges.' - Iggy Pop. Features Loose, Down on the Street, 1969, I Wanna Be Your Dog, TV Eye, Dirt, Real Cool Time, No Fun, 1970, Funhouse, Not Right, Little Doll, and more.
10/26/2004 Stooges, The Dirty Ass Rock & Roll LP $16.99
“Live in 2003 at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in Southern California, during last year's round of reunion shows. Said to be a very good quality recording.” Tracks are: "Loose," "Down on the Street," "1969," "I Wanna Be Your Dog," "TV Eye," "Dirt," "Real Cool Time," "No Fun," "1970," and "Funhouse." Full color artwork, “Euro import.”
2/28/2006 Stooges, The Down on the Street double LP $21.99
"Recorded live at the Exit Festival Novi Sad, Serbia, in July 2004, this has very good professional sound (made for TV broadcast), and includes their entire set of 15 songs, running over an hour! Songs include "Loose," "1969," "TV Eye," "I Wanna Be Your Dog," "Real Cool Time," "1970," "Funhouse," and many more. Nice full color artwork, limited edition of 500, Euro import."
7/29/2004 Stooges, The Stukas Over Disneyland LP $17.99
“Those that have seen the reformed Stooges swear up and down how great they still are, and here's your chance to check it out! Recorded live in France at the Bol D'or motorcycle race (!) in Sept. 2003, this runs over 50 minutes, with 11 tracks including some of their best-known songs: ‘Down on the Street,’ ‘1969,’ ‘I Wanna be Your Dog,’ ‘TV Eye,’ ‘Dirt,’ ‘1970,’ ‘Funhouse,’ ‘Skull Ring,’ ‘Not Right,’ ‘Little Doll,’ and an encore version of ‘I Wanna be Your Dog’ with sax. Very good sound and an amazing performance. Euro import.”
11/9/2004 Storm Bugs, The Up the Middle Down the Sides LP $15.99 Fusetron "After some twenty years in the wilderness when Storm Bugs were known only to a handful of aficionados, the DIY electronic duo were rediscovered in 2000 when they were included on the deliciously dodgy but possibly seminal bootleg LP I Hate the Pop Group. A CD of the Bugs finer moments followed shortly after on the reactivated Snatch Tapes label. Another review suggested that.. 'they were spiritual forefathers to Oval and today's Clicks & Cuts generation'. Fusetron are pleased to present a further installment of Storm Bugs material from 1978-82 entitled Up the Middle Down the Sides. The LP delves deep into the Snatch Tapes sound banks to produced two continuous collaged sides of often-spontaneous sonic experimentation. The Storm Bugs are Philip Sanderson and Steven Ball (with special guest David Jackman of Organum on the track In The Naked Girls Majesty)."
3/9/2015 Storm Ross The Green Realm LP + download $14.99
"This LP was an out-of-nowhere stunner, although it's actually by an artist who lives in Ann Arbor. The six tracks on here sprawl out with swirling doom guitars, pounding drums, trombones, and electronic processing and noise. Sort of like a more anthemic, abrasive, post-rock take on Fripp-Eno ambiance, especially with the soaring guitar solos on tracks like "Frost's Howl." "Through The Canopy" is the album's shortest and most melodic (and triumphant) track, but the rest of the album stretches out and soars across the stratosphere. "Winterskill" opens side B with 10 minutes of calm drifting, segueing into "The River," which takes a few more minutes to drift into fizzling feedback and crashing free-jazz drums, and more electrifying guitar solos. The album's final track, "Alpenglow," ends with a procession of sad yet lovely guitars, drums and synths." First 100 copies on swirled green vinyl, rest on black, with digital download. Self released by artist.
8/28/2007 Storm, Rory The Sun Always Comes Up On Robot Morning CDR $12.99 Cook an Egg "Cosmic blues for the new millennium. This new album by Rory Storm is full of unexpected twists and turns. Armed with an electric guitar and a handful of effects, Rory is not afraid to explore the particularly intricate pathways that lead us from an edgy kind of songwriting (think Alastair Galbraith or those early Hood records) to the non-stop flow of guitar/ sonic experiments that gives the record its unique cosmic breath. It's like coming across a hitherto hidden cascade of rejuvenating/ sparkling sounds for the soul. And if you listen closely enough, you will even hear a fragile melodic thread uniting the whole thing. Brave, always bursting with subtle, bold ideas, yet refreshingly meditative in its overall impact, one definitely comes out brand new from this walk into the unknown. Enjoy this slice of "New New Zealand" and play it REAL loud!"
3/1/2007 Storm, Rory ZstarshipZ CDR $7.99 Foxglove "Rory Storm makes his stateside debut with an album full of charred drones and moon songs of highest order. "ZstarshipZ" looks on from its celestial perch like a wise wizard, enchanting the world below with the blink of an eye. solar broadcasts that emerge from the earth's core, whirl around in all their electric-field glory before crashing to the ground like a comet-fueled rocket. this is dense like a black hole, but burns as bright as a supernova. rory storm conjures up music that is painfully beautiful. it doesn't get much better than this." Edition of 100 copies.
12/24/2005 Storm, Rory and the Invaders Lone Nines CDR $13.99 Celebrate/Psi/Phenomenon "An introverted revolving door collective of six-stringed misfits and effects pedal junkies, slowly orbiting around the mysterious, and I assume anonymous, Rory Storm, and an ex-Double Leopard now residing in Dunedin, New Zealand. The equally mysterious Invaders peek above colourful, self-generated clouds of bubble'n'blur only for the time required to take a breath before plunging back into their communal thrum. Disenchanted youths wandering in clusters and huddling for protection. Dark and entrancing."
2/9/2013 Strange Forces Spores cassette $5.99 Living Tapes "Their influences range from Spacerock to obscure New-Age Prophecies. It sounds like a black sanded beach below 20 suns. It’s mulitdimensional dark-surf, powered by Peyeote and driven by dark matter induced by their pineal gland. Strange Forces deliver a washed out Lo-Fi Psychedelic experience channeling organic and digital sounds from one swell to another. Edition of 100 copies. “Rattling, monstrous invocations of acid-rock breakdowns both mental and musical… Reverb soaked guitar flutters in the shadows of a tree lined clearing, shadows constantly profaned by the flames of some awful, ancient ritual at the clearing’s centre. Unimaginable colour shooting up into space from a cyclopean obelisk. The Old Ones would be proud.” —20jazzfunkgreats.co.uk
7/10/2008 Strange Girls Skull 3" CDR $5.99 Abandon Ship Records "Another mind-blowing recording from the vaults of Clayton Noone (The Futurians, CJA) and Kaaterama Morehucan (Smokehouse). This one is older than the CJA/Smokehouse tape we released last year, but you would think it's a natural progression from it. Teamed up with Sugar Jon, the three of them jaunt through some rocking numbers, wailing away on their guitars, drums, and vocal chords. It's a short, but epic follow up for sure. This ultra limited release will whet your collective pallets for the upcoming Sundowner LP, which again, features CJA and Smokehouse. Keep an eye out for that late this year/early next. In the meantime, crank the volume on this one while you're sipping some lemonade under the hot summer sun. It's *that* chill." Smokehouse : guitar, vocals, drums -- CJA : guitar, vocals, drums -- Sugar Jon : guitar, vocals, drums. Edition of 50 copies.
3/29/2010 Stranger Son Of WB Other Songs From Lakes cassette $8.99 Sloow Tapes "Raucous set by Manchester’s heroes Stranger Son Of WB. A growling mix of post-punk and no-wave with an ass-tight rhythm section supporting the snarling howls and hollers by front man Gareth Smith. Think of The Fall, The Pop Group and Birthday Party. 70 copies."
1/28/2004 Street Tripartite 3" CDR $7.99 Pseudo Arcana "The masters of small bedroom big harsh amp noise return with a 17 minute journey that starts out like a 'song' from a tape someone’s dropped in the sink, gets kind of 'rocking', but winds up all floaty and ethereal... A strange and murky document."
10/25/2008 Strickmann, Peter / Patrick Farmer split cassette $8.99 Rayon Recs "Percussive brain/sine-waves and missadventures from two solo percussionists/alchemists. Peter Strickmann(Ciao Bird, DE) delivers a microculture of physical tabletop experiments, whislt Patric Farmer(Good Anna/Cars) takes his snare drum to outer space, riding out some cosmic drones. edition of 50 so get your skates on."
10/14/2010 Strolling Ones, The There Was A Terrible Ghastly Noise CDR $9.99 Music Mundane "Super-strange archive recordings by the duo of Martin and Stewart
Walden, recorded at home and abroad in 1984-85. Alternating weirdo casio-driven "songs", surreal "comedy", crude plunderphonics, general
idiot blether and who the hell knows what else, the original cassette was tightly edited and processed further by Matt Kinnison of the Monotony Commission in 1986. Matt's release is bolstered here by the
addition of all the tracks Stewart and Martin recorded for the
Jabberwok label's three compilation tapes, most strikingly the 15 minute suite they recorded in Harpenden, where Omming for Wok's production job shines a light on some apsects of the band that are elsewhere obliterated in a sea of cheap echo FX and hiss.
Ridiculously obscure for way too long, this truly is a portal into
another universe. 18 tracks, 50 minutes."
9/17/2009 Stroud, A.+ Laurie Live At The Pool Party CDR $5.00 Pool Party "Live recording of a killer collaboration between Andrea Stroud (solo tape out on hot releases) and Laurie (of yohimbe, quiokn) from summer 2008. walls of electronic sound collide with effected vocals, beers, kiddie pools. this is volume one, look for number two before next summer."
6/11/2006 Stuckometer M u u n g 3" CDR $6.99 Firstperson "free/spontaneous (igneous) rock dismembered sinewy zombie limbs flailing contact mic microcassette mayhem recorded in a goat/in a pig." - Joincey
11/15/2008 Stumps, The Exigence CDR $10.99 Pseudo Arcana "Previously released on US cassette label Ladygarden this gets a reissue here. Probably my own favourite Stumps release so far Exigence gathers together scorching loud live recordings and weird droney studio pieces to make a devils potion of a dark brew. Think coffee infused with mescalin. Dayglo vista viewed through a tunnel of reverb. The Stumps are Stephen Clover (seht) on bass and synth, James Kirk (Sandoz Lab Techs/Black Boned Angel) on Drums, and Antony Milton on guitar and electronics. With wonderful art by Yunico Uchiyama."
3/5/2009 Stumps, The Live at Happy Bar September 1 2007 CDR $8.99 Pseudo Arcana "There have been questions raised about the Stumps.. Why are our live shows so different from the albums and why haven't we released more stuff that's like our live shows..? Mmm, I guess its because we're generally in 'cruise mode' when we are recording at home and tend to drone as a result... The live shows are definitely a lot more intense. A lot more 'rock'. And so in answer to requests here is a live show from 2007 in its entirety. We were joined by Ben Spiers (Glory Fckn Sun etc) for this gig. He's the one doing all the high end feedback guitar. This is one of my personal favourites from the monster archive of Stumps live recordings." - Antony Milton
6/19/2002 Stylus Mynydd Preseli CD $10.99 mar/ino "Mynydd Preseli (the Preseli Mountains) is a continuation on a theme and is the final part of the Pembrokeshire influenced trilogy. Pembrokeshire is an inspirational place and on admiring and exploring the beautiful landscape, it is not long before the creative juices are flowing. The air is so clean, healthy and invogorating in this part of West Wales in which lush countryside gives way to the coast. A calmness, indeed a slower pace of life is so evident in this part of the world, a land steeped in history going back to the day of Neolithic man and long before. Mynydd Preseli is at times isolated desolate and eerie, this album attempts to portray the feel of the mountains at their highest point, the anicent tracks, the wildlife, igneous rock outcrops, raw material through to the vegetation. The musical influences have been sought not from musicians but from the elements themselves - the wind, rain, sun etc. and I have also attempted to conjure up sounds of Neolithic man at work with his tools. Minimalist and experimental, the music is hopefully as thought-provoking and challenging to ther listener as it was intended. Stewart Lee gave the album ** out of *** in the Sunday Times February 24th 2002 writing ‘To say that Mynydd Preseli is more involving than other concept albums about the geography of the Preseli Mountains offers little purchasing incentive. So here are the facts. Mynydd Preseli arrives in a cardboard sleeve stuffed with blurred photos of mountains and contour lines and titbits of information that direct the listener through Morgan's wordless sonic whorls. The undulating rythym of Preseli approximates journeys along prehistoric trade routes: the scratching sounds of Twrch Trwyth suggest the wild boar of the same name, hunted by King Arthur; the glacial hum of Carn Menyn reflects the blue stones exported to build Stonehenge. But this isn't some Eno-style excercise in ambient moods. Morgan's minimal music demands to be heard’."
8/2/2008 Subs, The Kissing The Fist. On The Dead Arm. Of A Killed Kid 3" CDR $6.99 First Person "Welcome to the world of Marky Loo Loo. Along with Phil Todd (Ashtray Navigations) and Joincey (Stuckometer, PUFF), Loo Loo was an integral element in the majority of the outfits to evolve from the Stoke-On-Trent noise/tape underground of the 90s. His list of projects during this period is exhaustive; with Phil Todd he birthed the all out electronic noise of DOGLIVEROIL and with the addition of Joincey they formed the ultimate noise/ rock power trio - TARGET SHOPPERS (famously sharing a split 7" with MELT BANANA as far back as 1995). Other notable outings included TURPS (with Prince Tun), HOCK (with Joincey), JAUNDICE, BOGBUSH, COSMOS, FRONT DOOR ENEMY, the delightfully named I AM NOT SITTING NEXT TO YOU HE WHO FARTS LIKE LOUD WATER not to mention his inimitable contributions to the live ensembles, TEA CULTURE and BOIT UNIQUE and his ill fated foray into magazine publication with WARM HEART, WET ARSE.. THE SUBS began around the start of the 90s as a project conceived entirely on the Amiga 500 in order to reflect Loo Loo's combined love of electro pop (a la The Army of Lovers) obscure Japanese anime, the film music of John Carpenter, Bootsy Collins and Death Metal. Enlisting the help of Paula Hayes on shared vocals ('The Carpenters for the 90s' as one gig flyer read) they released the 17 song cassette 'Going Like the Clappers' on Phil Todd's Betley Welcomes Careful Drivers label including such instant pop classics as 'QWERTY' and 'I Have A Key'. They also contributed to the infamous 7 x 7" box set released by Stomach Ache, their track 'Snow in my Pocket' depicted a love affair with a snowman that could only end in disaster. Their finest moment however was the release of the legendary (and possibly their finest song) 'Leg In Heart' as a split lathe cut 7" with INCA EYEBALL (who also covered the song on the 'QUATTROS SYMBOLOS' CD for Spirit of Orr) , criminally limited to a mere 25 copies. As part of this latest set of songs, we at FirstPerson are more than a little proud to present the aforementioned 'Leg In Heart' in its original form with vocals by Loo Loo himself. The release of this current slim selection (from a back catalogue totalling around 400 songs) is the result of a personal quest by FirstPerson to see in print (in one form or another) once more the utterly original vision of Marky Loo Loo. You are welcome." First edition of 50 copies.
3/21/2007 Sudden Infant / Bill Kouligas split CDR $8.99 Absurd "Probably one of the frenziest & craziest 'sudden infant' recordings. recorded live at the gluerooms, london, on may the 20th, 2004, stands for me as one of joke lanz most intense and unique sudden infant recordings i came across to this day besides his already classic ones! sharing this disc w/ his recent 'partner in crime' bill kouligas(those who caught up w/ the recent dec 06, uk tour know what am talking about), also member of the bizarre greek duo of family battle snake, who offers us 5 studio tracks recorded between aug/sept 06 of pure lo-fi (ocasionally monolithic) bizarro noise!!! soundscapes to set up absurd's central in flames each time cdr plays on the sterero!!!! comes in a beautiful package w/ artwork/design by bill
kouligas! PLAY IT LOUD!!!"
6/27/2009 Suetta Olympic Stain (1994-1996) LP $12.99 Summersteps Records "Certain records have a kind of intimate feel that makes them immune to any sort of standard critical whatsis. The first records by bands like The Flaming Lips and Guided By Voices are ones we'd lump in this category. Both those bands seemed as though they were content to just do what they did, and they documented the process for their friends, without much thought that there'd be anyone else interested. It's a cool state-of-being, and one which allows more honesty than most bands will manage in a thousand demos. Anyway, there's a new LP out, collecting the long-forgotten practice tapes of a rural Pennsylvania band called Suetta, and it has the same kinda feel. The album is called Olympic Stain. Suetta existed for a couple of years in the mid '90s and wear their influence on their sleeves (post-scum-rock noise and obscurantist indy-ism). Their album has one studio session and one fake live gig, recorded in the abandoned house where they rehearsed. And while it is perhaps a minor pleasure, it's one that has been spinning here a lot lately. C'mon, anyone who would do a mock cover of a Noise Addict song certainly deserved props for something!" - from Thurston Moore's and Byron Coley's Bull Tongue column. Numbered edition of 100 copies.
2/14/2008 Sugimoto, Taku Mienai Tenshi LP $16.99 Weird Forest "This is Taku Sugimoto's very first solo release originally released in 1988 by the artist himself in a small edition of 100 copies. Its a far cry from his current style. Back then Taku was very much influenced by MC5 and the Velvet Underground. This is a firey live in-the-red solo electric guitar improv blowout! Fans of Masayuki Takayanagi and High Rise take heed! Mastered from the original reel-to-reel tapes. Faithful reproduction of the original insert and the debossed handmade covers." - label. Limited edition of 500 copies.
8/1/2011 Suishou no Fune Bonsai No Ie LP $26.99 8mm "The new installment from Pirako Kurenai and Kageo's Suishou no Fune is finally ready, and it's a true gem. Recorded in a Bonsai Shop in Tokyo, summer 2010, 'Bonsai No Ie' is a dream made out of floating guitar textures and vanishing vocal lines. Four spectral, naked pieces that stand as the core of Suishou no Fune's poetry, where delicate folk moments, abstract blues riffs and oniric ballads concur in the realisation of the definitive psych experience. Close your eyes and abandon your senses to a journey through the land of ethereal joy and ecstatic abandon. Comes in a beautiful professionally printed cover, specifically designed by artist Anya Kuts. Edition of 250 copies."
11/17/2007 Suishou No Fune The Light of Dark Night CD $13.99 Archive "A wonderfully dripping in echo single trax live set played during the bands last small batch of shows from their first trip to Philadelphia. A duo drumless performance on this given night finds Suishou no Fune doing what they do best bringing the darkness. PACKAGE comes packed in a double cover center opening sleeves with the outer shell being a vellum overlay all graphics by Chase Middaugh. Single pressing of 600 released in conjunction with current US tour dates."
6/27/2012 Sult Bark CDR $8.99 Bug Incision Håvard Skaset: guitar; Tony Dryer: double bass; Guro Skumsnes Moe: double bass; Jacob Felix Heule: percussion
"Bug Incision is proud to be continuing our relationship with the San Francisco tag team of Jacob Heule (also known for his work with Ettrick and Barn Owl) and Tony Dryer. Earlier on in the Bug Incision game, we had the good fortune of releasing these two in conjunction with Jack Wright (bim-14), and also as part of a larger midwest-based ensemble called Storm of Corpses (bim-13). Heule and Dryer have also maintained their own duo called Basshaters, and have a disc on Creative Sources from their trio with Jacob Lindsay. Over the years, they've managed to get themselves over to Europe a couple times, which is presumably where they hooked up with Håvard and Guro, two musicians who seem to have quite successfully overhauled their instruments' basic sonic identities. It's kind of interesting how, for the most part, the melodic and harmonic activity in these pieces come from the basses (always a good instrument in plural, proven here), while the guitar seems to content to exist as a sounding unit for all manner of physical manglings. The six-stringed playing on this record is in fact quite winning, coming across as a mixture of Christian Munthe's guitar anti-heroics (if you don't know him, do yourself a favour and look him up) and what Roger Smith might've sounded like if he'd forsaken his beloved nylon-string for a steel counterpart. But back to the basses: while a lot of free-improvising double bassists automatically reach for upper end of their instrument's register, these two both share a fairly uncommon inclination towards the lower region of things. The reason that this is remarkable in a group context is that it means that our guitar and percussion overseers are exercising a wonderous amount of control, sensitivity, and a finely honed dynamic undertanding in order to make this work, not only in terms of a listener being able to hear everything, but also in their own abilities to communicate and react in the moment. Jacob's effectiveness as a purveyor of avant-leaning percussive stylings is often evidenced in the frequent moments when it is a) not clear that there is a percussionist present at all, and b) very often it becomes very difficult indeed to make out who's doing what. As far and wide as Bug Incision has happily moved within the realm of improvised music, this is the kind of stuff we started out with, and continue to dig, wholeheartedly." edition of 75, cdr, color covers in plastic sleeves
11/26/2003 Sumac, Yma Inca Taqui 10" $14.99 Universe "These two 10"s, recorded by Yma Sumac in the early fifties, can be considered some of the best recordings of her career. Surrounded by mystery and legend, this mesmerizing vocalist (whose origins still remain unknown) has been blessed with an almost unbelievable vocal range, and her unique style has always attracted attention, particularly after the so-called 'exotica' boom. Arrangements by Moses Vivanco (who would follow Yma through most of her career) and Les Baxter (responsible for almost single-handedly spawning the exotica genre). Yma's suggestive vocal atmospheres evoke the mystery of the unknown. She is an extraordinary talent who has been a source of inspiration for countless artists."
11/26/2003 Sumac, Yma Voice Of The Xtabay 10" $14.99 Universe "These two 10"s, recorded by Yma Sumac in the early fifties, can be considered some of the best recordings of her career. Surrounded by mystery and legend, this mesmerizing vocalist (whose origins still remain unknown) has been blessed with an almost unbelievable vocal range, and her unique style has always attracted attention, particularly after the so-called 'exotica' boom. Arrangements by Moses Vivanco (who would follow Yma through most of her career) and Les Baxter (responsible for almost single-handedly spawning the exotica genre). Yma's suggestive vocal atmospheres evoke the mystery of the unknown. She is an extraordinary talent who has been a source of inspiration for countless artists."
2/26/2011 summerTales / Knit Prism split c56 cassette $5.99 Stunned "Last year a rather strange tape by Sicilian group Armali Lari surfaced on Stunned (later re-issued on A Beard of Snails), and the response to it was a bit surprising considering it was a debut release. Simply, many of you wanted to hear even more of this unabashedly fun eye-tied weirdness. summerTales comes very near to fulfilling that wish, as it shares Armali Lari's primary member Nicola Giunta, whose repertoire of effects will be familiar to fans of 'Ma tu la pasta la vò?'. Here, Nicola is joined by sound artist Guido Broglio, and the two drive summerTales away from the free-electro-spazz of Armali Lari and closer toward head-nodding island dub loops and fractured melodies drifting in on ocean breeze. Not without its own challenging internal logic, it keeps a distinct levity that we've come to appreciate not only from Nicola's work, but from the contemporary Italian improv underground in general. After this engrossing first side, we are greeted by Knit Prism, who needs little introduction for anyone keeping abreast with current cassette culture. The naturescape/ambient dreamchild of Canada's Mike Pouw (proprietor of the House of Sun imprint), Knit Prism is a consistently refreshing project - poignant with its calming way of drawing in the carefree listener. It's the kind of soundtrack we want handy for thawing by a fire after a hard day's work, or for those lazy weekend sunrises we just don't want to forget." Limited edition of 111 pro-dubbed & imprinted c56 tapes w/ double-sided jcard and insert.
9/17/2012 Sun Araw The Inner Treaty LP $17.99 Sun Ark "Sun Araw be drippy! Sun Araw loose man, sliding down slow to the deep an' heavy bottom of the echo well. Sun Araw so hard to see! That's at least some of what they say about Sun Araw. But we're here to tell you a new story. On Patrol is alright, we'll give it that. It still amaze. Ancient Romans do the trick too. But the moon is always rising and falling, the tides they go in and out. Time passes slowly then fast too and now Sun Araw pull up and they're into "The Inner Treaty" man. And that's it. The water is still beading and dripping but the walls close in around them, the sound is getting organized in your ear and the massive grows from within, and builds. The deeper Sun Araw go, the higher and drier they fly. "The Inner Treaty," this is new." - Drag City

Sun City Girls 330,003 Crossdressers From Beyond The Rig Veda 3LP $109.99 Locust "When 330,003 Crossdressers From Beyond The Rig Veda emerged in 1996, there was, to be sure, a wee bit of head scratching, besmirched grinning and, at the end of the day, a little bit of aural indigestion for all those who worshipped at the altar of the SCG. Indeed, 330,003 is partly an ethno-surrealist take on places and forms known (Indonesian gamelan, Hollywood soundtracks, Polynesian folk, surf stylistics, sci-fi thematics) and partly a stupefying surreal ethnography of places yet to be discovered as the collective Bishop Brothers, Mssrs. Gocher and Kang walk that liminal tightrope between Here and There. Stretched over three audiofile LPs, over two hours of mesmerizing sound brings this out of print CD back again for all to enjoy."
11/26/2003 Sun City Girls Bleach Has Feelings Too / To Cover Up Your Right To Live double LP $39.99 Eclipse "Propagandizing 13 tonal music? We all need something....sexy religion? Where were YOU when the blue was BLUE? You'll never check-out OR leave Fog Hotel...'it's like being in the middle and blowing both sides off the map'. You could still smoke on an airplane when these cuts were recorded. Listen to the quiet moments of track D-4 and hear one of the first PZM microphones rattle against the wall as it hung around a nail. What about the limiter on that old boom box as it won't allow the signal to continue recording on track C-6? Good thing they didn't have any money because everything would have sounded like shit! Some people say I should be shot for writing about this music. I met them in Malaysia when I was selling Asmat wood carvings from Irian Jaya. They nicknamed me 'Mikey' which referred to Michael Rockefeller who had his interest in Asmat art cut short by angry tribal leaders. One of them told me years ago that 'we're ALL Sun City Girls'. Was he modest or was he lying? I don't know how many homosexuals ARE in the book of Revelations but I DO KNOW that the bible is always lying. And its fairly well documented that Satanists launder money to cover up your right to live. Just remember: Bleach has feelings, too!" - Harold Wayne. Limited, one-time pressing of 1000 copies housed in a heavy duty gatefold sleeve with amazing photos from the time of these recordings - which was during the time period between October 1982 and November 1985.
1/1/2009 Sun City Girls Cloaven Theater VHS video $39.99 Abduction "A mind control experiment shot and edited at the cable public access studios of Viacom in Seattle (after TCI pulled the rug out from under us). It was supposed to be aired, but Viacom's tech guy screwed up the dub and it never did. So it was released on VHS. Guest appearances by: Eddy Detroit and Adam Burke (percussion on "The Venerable Song"), Eddy Detroit (goat calls on "Sam Manilla" and "Brothers Unconnected"). Includes a "video comic book" by Blaine Thurier, narrated by Charles Gocher. Filmed by: Charles Gocher, Greg Hynes, Javier Gallegos, Keith Parry, Steve Reetz, Erin Lofton, and Bohemia Afterdark." Released in 2004. NTSC
11/2/2002 Sun City Girls Dante's Disneyland Inferno 3LP $109.99 Locust "If you thought our little feverish bout with foolishness would stop with the triple vinyl of 300,003 Crossdressers, you're horribly mistaken. What could we do in our sickly state but quite naturally retread the retired Dante's Disneyland Inferno and give it a new engorged life as yet another triple vinyl expedition through the terrors and horrors of the verbal brain farts of Charlie Gocher in a burroughsesque cum firesign theatre theater (that's right, theatre theater) of absurdity backed by a variety of instrumental moods: bongo bohemia, c & w, lounge swing swong, ooga booga rock, children's melodies and all things in between. Its been 7 years since its first digital transmission and the cloud of confusion only thickens. It only thickens. Just think, these are 35 tracks that you can't just skip through with your remote when things get too very because they do get very very."
5/8/2005 Sun City Girls Folk Songs of the Rich & Evil / Exotica on $5 a Day double LP $39.99 Eclipse The fourth volume in the Cloaven cassette reissue program. This one begins with Folk Songs of the Rich and Evil - recordings from 1985 - "Tragedy is comedy as this diabolical collection of essay-lecture monologue songs will prove. How far this journey takes you from the supposed values of our world depends entirely on when you stop the tape. All tracks recorded whenever, here and there, written, improvised or hijacked by Sun City Girls at will." As usual, some tracks have been edited out from the original tape release but there is also an unreleased track included on this album taken from the recording sessions back in 1985. The second album is Exotica on $5 a Day - "The Terrorism Music is made of. This tape is ethnic eccentricity at its most fragrant, but don't forget that many foreigners despise Americans. Recorded in a kitchen, side rooms, etc. in 1985 – except '9 Sides of Air' and 'Ride Nomad Burn!' recorded 1983 in a hallway. Some instruments on 'It's Ours' courtesy UNICEF." Limited edition of 1000 copies.
8/13/2004 Sun City Girls Fresh Kill of a Cape Hunting Dog / Def In Italy double LP $39.99 Eclipse This is the third release in the ongoing ten volume Cloaven cassette reissue series. All volumes are double vinyl issues pressed in editions of 1000 copies (no represses) featuring photos and artwork from the time of the recordings housed in a thick, sturdy gatefold sleeve. Some notes about Fresh Kill...: "A great sampler of the SCG spectrum from cut-ups to ambient genocide to Wagnerian trash to tropical hallucinations. This 'music' was captured from a moving truck in a Sierra Vista on a cloudy day. Horns by Charlie Parker. Guitar by Moses. Drums by N Rockefeller. Sex by ??." Recordings are from 1983-1985. Def in Italy comprises live recordings from a 1984 US tour and features many cover versions! Liner notes by BonBan.
1/24/2009 Sun City Girls Fruit of the Womb / Polite Deception double LP $39.99 Eclipse Fifth reissue in the Cloaven Cassettes series by Sun City Girls. Both cassettes were released in 1987. About Fruit of the Womb: "Recorded 1984-85 between the first and second Sun City Girls LPs in mono. The performances on this tape are superb. Near Eastern instrumentals, extended improvisation, ostracized jazz plus impossible versions of Sun City Girls standards." Like the other titles in this series, some tracks from the original tape releases have been removed for the lp versions and some unreleased tracks are included, too. About Polite Deception: "Side one is a continuation of the previous tape listed (Fruit of the Womb). And side two was described by and Albanian diplomat as: "An industrial Mesopotamian Environmental piece followed by Egyptian Trance Jazz." Of course, we all know that this description is false." Recordings are from 1984-1985. Limited edition of 950 copies in ultra thick gatefold sleeve with lots of pictures from the mid-80's. Series is back on track - you won't have to wait 3 more years for the next one!
5/13/2003 Sun City Girls God Is My Solar System / Superpower double LP $39.99 Eclipse Reissue of the first two cassettes self-released by the band in the late 1980’s. These are the earliest Sun City Girls recordings from 1982 & 1983. Featuring a heavy duty gatefold sleeve with archived photos from the time period of the recordings, and some liner notes, this is the first in a series of ten double lp’s reissues. Limited, one time pressing of 974 copies.
1/1/2009 Sun City Girls If It Blows Up......PARK IT! VHS video $39.99 Abduction "Nineteen different songs, skits, and strange behavior filmed live. Filmed by Sun City Girls and Javier Gallegos." Released in 2004. NTSC
10/19/2003 Sun City Girls Live From the Land of the Rising CD $39.99 Japan Overseas "This is a document of the Sun City Girls April 1997 tour of Japan. This disc highlights the best performances and improvisations from the four shows (Kyoto, Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka)." – Gravelvoice site.
1/1/2009 Sun City Girls Myths and Legends of the Blue West VHS video $39.99 Abduction "Twenty-five different songs, skits, and strange behavior filmed live. Includes film collages by Bonniebon. Filmed by Hisham Mayet, Sun City Girls, and Javier Gallegos." Released in 2004. NTSC

Sun City Girls Valentines From Matahari CD $19.99 Majora Reissue of 1993 LP is Eastern influenced psych at its best. “Released as an LP-only in 1993 and later reissued on CD, this is technically the eighth album from the Sun City Girls. While their work covers such a vast range of influence, this is one of their most inspired releases of the classic three-piece rock band. The precedent for this sound could only be Captain Beefheart & the Magic Band, all angular and off-kilter with some logic to its illogic sensibilities. In terms of their '90s output, Valentines for Matahari is right up there with Bright Surroundings Dark Beginnings and Torch of the Mystics.” - Martin Walters, All Music Guide
5/8/2003 Sun City Girls / Carl The Barber Carl The Barber / Authentic Field Recording 7" $19.99
"This is the new Sun City Girls 7". A split recording with Carl The Barber from Mesa, Arizona. The Sun City Girls play their international hit ‘Carl The Barber’ and the B-Side is a field recording of Carl The Barber giving one of his famous ‘haircuts.’ This record is limited to 500 copies."
10/23/2003 Sun Dial Live Drug LP $29.99 Acme Out of print live recording from 1995. Pressed on red glitter vinyl.
2/26/2006 Sun Dial Other Way In LP $27.99 Third Eye Studios "Before the legendary 'Other Way Out' album was released, cassettes of many of those songs and others that didn't make it onto the final selection was circulated to a handful of people. These cassettes have recently come to light again, and so we bring you this previously unissued selection of tracks from the Sun Dial vaults! Contains the legendary 13 minute mind blowing full length version of 'Visitation', the original version of 'Plains of Nazca' and other previously unissued and unheard tracks that were rejected from the original album! Comes with colour sleeve artwork and sleevenotes! Amazing limited edition LP of just 300 copies!"
12/21/2004 Sun Dial Other Way Out LP $24.99 Lava 1996 reissue housed in a gatefold sleeve. “Other Way Out opens with ‘Plains of Nazca’, and it does the glam descend in full on epic trippy style. Gary Ramons vocals are more of the kind that are to be blended in rather than a 'lead' vocalist. Sometimes you feel that he's thinking 'Oh get the verse out the way so I can solar surf on the guitar'. As throughout the album, liquid wah solos stream through the song. ‘Plains of Nazca’ bascially sez ‘This is how its gonna go.....get off now if you don't wanna stick around for the ride’ The next two tracks continue the feeling that your warp engine is getting juiced up. ‘Exploding in your Mind’ continues in epic theme...with a wonderfully meandering organ solo taking the wheel for a while. Meandering in a good way...where we going?....I dunno.....fun getting there though. ‘Magic Flight’ is lighter in tone but again the exploratory feel...the doing it and be damned sense of liberation is all apparent. Side two kicks off with ‘She's Looking All Around’ and the opening guitar motif is reminiscent of a kind of Wishbone Ashy 70's folk rock delivery before the Sun Dial layers come looping in. The track has a gorgeous psystream -out of flute and guitar - total heady candy indulgence. ‘World Without Time’ has a nice foundation of acoustic folkesque riffery with bells and percussion adding lovely texture and colour. Decoration makes the song grow beyond its simple riff, but this is not a distracting polish, more a complement of sounds and ideas. The album ends with ‘Lorne Blues’, a simple blues inflected acid-heavy phased slooooow riff , a gelatinous comedown from the rest of the voyagin'. In a way that recalls early Hawkwind, the actual foundations of the tunes are simple, but the warmth of intent and freedom of vision elevates each simple gesture to something beyond song structure. This album is indulgent but not in the occasionally bloated/lard arse excesses of an earlier era; this is lean psychedelia, a budget restricted but multi-hued treatment of Sun Dial's imagination. No excess born of arena tours and stretch limos - but a simle and innocent desire to explore. A great great lost album.” – Julian Cope. Debut release from 1990.
12/17/2003 Sun Dial Zen For Sale LP + 7" $22.99 Headspin "Now also available on vinyl this long awaited new album by Uk no. 1 psychedelic band of today! (See Mojo magazine). This vinyl Lp is housed in nice full colour gatefold sleeve and the first 500 come with a bonus 7" single featuring 2 non-LP exclusive unreleased tracks from the 'Zen For Sale' recording sessions 'Into The Sun'/'657'"
12/24/2005 Sun Milk Maple Heathens CDR $11.99 musicyourmindwillloveyou "mind rattling collaboration of keith wood and brad and eden hemming rose. truly the stuff of psychedelic dreams.....lost in the woods with only wild mushrooms for sustinance. is it any wonder?"
9/16/2007 Sun of the Seventh Sister Farben Raum CD $11.99 Heard Worse Records "Following on from their 2007 New Zealand tour triple lathe cut LP, and 6 cassette boxset on Breakdance The Dawn, comes Farben Raum, the debut CD by Sun of the Seventh Sister. This floating line-up, mushroom fuelled free-psych woolly mammoth often consists of a phalanx of between 10 and 25 players: multiple drummers, multiple electrified chordophones, horns, vocals, oscillators etc. Imagine half a dozen freak-folk ensembles congealing into a psychedelic din of Borbetomag-ian proportions. On this occasion SSS comprised members of xNoBBQx, UnAustralians, Arse Lunch, Cock Up Shitting Whore, Rats With Wings, Stasis Duo and others. The CD consists of 3 immense tracks, taken from a 3 hour straight session, lovingly recorded by the Pulled Out mobile unit, with mastering analysis for Heard Worse Records by DJ Beefcurtains."
5/29/2008 Sun of the Seventh Sister Old Dust of Absent Wars CDR $12.99 Seedy R! "Back in January 2007 New Zealand's shores were invaded by a ramshackle hoard of rowdy Aussies. Laying waste to all behind them they halted briefly in the capital before setting out to scuttle the inter-island ferry enroute to their utter subjugation of the South Island. Whilst in the capital they established positions in an old military complex overlooking the heart of the city from whence they set forth sonic spells upon the masses arrayed below. Mothers wept as their sons fell foul of the sinister melodies and drones that radiated from the hilltop bunkers. Reed instruments, violins, guitars, drums, electronic noises... A long drowning in a reverberant psychedelic flood. Suns of the Seventh Sister features members of XNoBBQX, The Unaustralians, and various other folks from the Breakdance the Dawn/Pulled Out Records axis... On these recordings they were joined by the despicable national traitors Snakes Beings and Antony Milton."
8/1/2014 Sun Ra Church Organ 1948 one-sided LP $21.99
"Sun Ra's first solo homemade recordings eerily recorded onto a reel to reel in the beyond dark ages of 1948. Now that Ra is 100 and floating in the interstellar space, here is the blueprint of his trademark glee-spree sprawl dipped into the cosmic glitter of nothingness, alone in a empty church with nothing but his vivid and endless imagination to co-pilot. If the Carnival of Souls soundtrack by genius Gene Moore is enough to make you want to take it with you forever and drive off a bridge: here's more smiling golems of interplanetary lost-world haunts to pepper your eerie day. LONG LIVE RA. Colored wax, one sided very limited edition."
6/25/2003 Sun Ra Live In Paris at The Gibus LP $17.99 Universe "Recorded live in Paris in 1973, Sun Ra and his Arkestra create a magical atmosphere that is difficultly reproduced in-studio. Improvisation is, in fact, the primary impetus behind the band, therefore making a live setting an essential element. As usual, Sun Ra never forgets the roots of jazz music and among his original pieces, we find Jelly Roll Morton's classic ‘King Porter Stomp’. Another important testimony to one of the greatest innovators in jazz." Pressed on 180 gram vinyl and housed in a gatefold sleeve.
12/24/2005 Sun Ra The Immeasurable Equation Book $129.99 Waitawhile "The second book documenting the work of Sun Ra to be published by Harmut Geerken on this private press, Waitawhile. The last one, Sun Ra: Omniverse was one merely of the most coveted cultural documents of the last decade. This new one features the collected writings of Ra for the first time in one place, in extremely impressive fashion. "The collected poetry and prose compiled and edited by James L. Wolf and Hartmut Geerken. With introductions and essays by James L. Wolf, Hartmut Geerken, Sigrid Hauff, Klaus Detlef Thiel and Brent Edwards. Hardcover. Private print." 530 pages; limited availability."

Sun Ra & Henry Dumas The Ark and the Ankh picture LP $42.99 Ikef Records "In the mid-1960s, the visionary, otherworldly musician Sun Ra formed a brief but tight bond with the late storyteller, activist and poet Henry Dumas. The Ark and the Ankh is a 1966 document of dialogues and meditations between the poet and the musician set to the fervent musical experiments of the Arkestra. The Ark and the Ankh offers an essential insight into the quirkily brilliant, totally controversial and completely inimitable thought of Sun Ra candidly shared with and challenged by one of his most adoring disciples. The Ankh and The Ark features a new introduction by the executor of the Henry Dumas Estate, Eugene B. Redmond and a reprint of a scarce article and interview by Henry Dumas that was originally published in the Hiram Poetry Review. The Ark and The Ankh is available as a one sided picture disc vinyl lp limited to 250 copies worldwide."
11/7/2014 Sun Ra & His Astro Infinity Arkestra Sign Of The Myth LP + download $22.99 Roaratorio "In 1972, Sun Ra inked a high-profile deal with ABC/Impulse, bringing his recorded work to the widest audience he'd had to date. A slew of Saturn back catalog titles and two newly-recorded albums (Astro Black, Pathways to Unknown Worlds) were issued before ABC cancelled the contract, dumped the records into the cut-out bins, and left the unreleased albums to languish. Now, over four decades later, Roaratorio is proud to offer one of the lost Impulse recordings for the first time. Sign of the Myth hails from same studio session as Pathways, and shares its emphasis on guided improvisations. With a constantly shifting palette of Moog textures, Ra tosses off a dazzling array of ideas throughout, supported by the usual Arkestra stalwarts; in particular, bassist Ronnie Boykins and drummer Clifford Jarvis are in shining form here, giving shape and solidity to these pieces. Sign of the Myth is a welcome augmentation to an especially fertile period from Sun Ra's time on Earth." Includes download coupon.

Sun Ra & His Astro Infinity Arkestra Strange Strings LP $29.99 Thoth Bootleg lp from late 90's with paste on front & back artwork. 'Strange Strings is a somewhat legendary album from the mid-'60s. "Worlds Approaching" is a great tune, anchored by a bass ostinato and timpani and featuring several fantastic solos... Off and on throughout the tune, Bugs Hunter applies near-lethal doses of reverb, giving the piece a very odd but interesting sound. "Strange Strings" is one of those songs that is likely to inspire some sort of "you call that music?" comment from your grandmother, or even from open-minded friends. It sounds like they raided the local pawnshop for anything with strings on it, then passed them out to the bandmembers. It's difficult to tell if some of these instruments have been prepared in some way, or if they're simply being played by untutored hands. There are also lots of drums and some viola playing from Ronnie Boykins that is also treated heavily with reverb. Despite the cacophony, there is a definite ebb and flow to the piece and what seem like different movements or themes. Whatever you think of the music contained, there's no denying that it produced some of the most remarkable sounds of the mid-'60s. If you don't like "out," stay clear of this one.' - Sean Westergaard. Highly recommended!

Sun Ra & His Solar-Myth Arkestra The Solar Myth Approach Vol. 1 & 2 double CD $22.99 Charly Both albums recorded at Sun Studios, New York, 1970-71 featuring Sun Ra (piano, Moog synthesizer, space-master, clarinet) with Kwame Hadi (trumpet), Ahk tal Ebah (trumpet, space dimension, mellophone, Ali Haassan & Charles Stevens (trombone), Marshall Allen (alto sax, oboe, flute, piccolo), Danny Davis (alto sax, alto clarinet, flute), John Gilmore (tenor sax, percussion), Danny Thompson & Pat Patrick (baritone sax, flute), James Jacson (oboe, flute, ancient-Egyptian infinity drum), Ronnie Boykins (bass), Clifford Jarvis & Tex Humphries (percussion), Nimrod Hunt (hand drums), June Tyson and Art Jenkins (vocals).

Sun Ra and His Arkestra The Other Side of the Sun LP $12.99
Exact replica of Sweet Earth issue from 1979. "Originally released 1979 on the Sweet Earth label. 5 tracks recorded with the Arkestra at Blue Rock Studios in New York City on November 1, 1978 and January 4, 1979."
5/24/2014 Sun Ra and His Band From Outer Space Space Aura 10" $20.99 Art Yard "Previously unknown and unreleased. Recorded May 1966 at the University of Buffalo. Engineered by David B. Jones. Sun Ra - piano, clavioline; John Gilmore - tenor saxophone, percussion; Marshall Allen - alto saxophone, oboe, flute, piccolo, percussion; Pat Patrick - baritone saxophone, flute, percussion; Robert Cummings - bass clarinet; Teddy Nance - trombone; Ali Hassan - trombone; Clifford Jarvis - drums; Ronnie Boykins - bass; James Jacson - log drums, flute, percussion; Carl Nimrod Malone - sun horn, gong, percussion." - FE
11/1/2014 Sun Ra Arkestra Crystal Spears LP $47.99
a1. crystal spears
a2. the eternal sphynx
a3. the embassy of the living god
b1. sunrise in the western sky
sun ra- irgan, marimba, mini-moog, electronic vibes, gong, rocksichord
akh tal ebah- tp, perc
kwame hadi- tp, perc
marshall allen- oboe, as, fl, piccolo
danny davis- as, fl, perc
john gilmore- ts
eloe omoe- bcl, perc
danny ray thompson- bs, bongos
clifford jarvis- drums
atakatune- congas
odun- congs
eugene brennan- perc
rec. at variety studios, nyc, 1973
"one day i was making space around my flat and i was checking out some old papers/mags... with my great surprise i find a pic of Sun Ra, holding a kind of crystal spear ?! what a magical coincidence ! i accept it as a green light message from Saturn... it was originally to be released on Impulse but that never happened, so this is the 1st time on vinyl (nobody probably had to courage to release it before as it's difficult music to put on wax and even more difficult on clear wax being the hardest material)." punzmann
ltd/numbered edition of 75 copies with paste-on cover (notes on back) and regular white inner sleeve. Pressed on clear vinyl.
11/30/2011 Sun Stabbed
7" lathe $18.99 Root Don Lonie For Cash
11/4/2006 Sun Stabbed Radio CDR $10.99 Seedy R! "French duo (Thierry Monnier and Pierre Faure) specialising in great old school table top guitar feedback improv. I've heard a hell of a lot of this kind of stuff but these guys have a particularly nuanced touch. Although named after a Dead C record the proceedings here have a far more stately and refined air..."
2/7/2009 Sun Stabbed The World Upside-Down cassette $5.99 Peasant Magik "Following up a killer cdr on Pseudo Arcana, the French duo of Pierre Faure and Thierry Monnier return with over 40 minutes of expertly crafted, drifting guitar feedback. Ranging from Sunroof!-esque shimmering skree to glacial amplifier buzz." Edition of 100
3/3/2008 Sunburned Attica Rectangle CDR $11.99 Manhand "First in the mental prison series. new years day recording from the 1277 studio. cross 28 minutes in the 'hole' with a good hit of frog lick juice. 'hole' turns white. attica! - edition of 100."
7/10/2010 Sunburned Do It DVD-R $12.99 Manhand August 2008 release (37:22). "Continuous single-camera footage-stream of sunburned’s haloween 2007 shenanigans (in which, apparently, they played “inside” jodorowsky’s holy mountain while giving a master-class on phrenology) ... confusing, frightening, embarrassing, and kind of amazing." - Mimaroglu. "Documentary film of sunburned's halloween 2007 performance art show at london's nog gallery, filmed by pete coward, edited by sarah o' shea. an inquistion into mystery."
2/21/2009 Sunburned Drifting Mist CDR $9.99 Manhand "September 2007 tour - 4 piece cleveland department - moloney, nodelman, o'shea & richardson on this synth heavy live drift. edit and art by sunburned's sarah." Edition of 100 copies.
1/24/2009 Sunburned Glek CDR $11.99 Manhand "Next in the g-vowel series full on warp circa 2005 from the Loft, Moloney, Thomas, MJK, Phil Franklin and Dave Bohill. edition of 100."
1/24/2009 Sunburned Glok CDR $11.99 Manhand "Final joint in the g-vowel series.loft warp continueum, 5man creep leading into the thomas, bohill, cooper flush. edition of 100."
1/24/2009 Sunburned Haz - Loft vol.3 cassette $8.99 Manhand "3rd dip into the vat. soundtrack for the upcoming manned mars landing. this one is heavy on synth and creppy crawly, same crew more or less as dry triangle." Edition of 50.
2/12/2008 Sunburned High DVD-R $12.99 Manhand "Live Performance Art Piece done at Dennis Tyfus' and Ludo Mich's Antwerp Gallery Exhibition. September 2006. Burnrage piece after a 2 day nightmare of a broken down van / 900 euro train tickets from paris to antwerp. No Instruments. Group telepathic for the Sunday afternoon artsy crowd complete with scenes from the Bible. Filmed by Sarah."
2/21/2009 Sunburned Silence of Colour CDR $9.99 Manhand "Sonic juxtaposition of humboldt county medical on halloween 2008 vs. southern vermont dank - july 2008 - run through the editing and art filter of sunburned's newest member Sarah O' Shea - features franklin, moloney, o'shea, thomas & schneiderman." Edition of 100 copies.
2/21/2009 Sunburned Spraycan in Space CDR $9.99 Manhand "76th (and final) installment in the Sunburned 2008 live series brings us to the new Mystery Train featuring special guests Matt Valentine on shred and Matt Krefting on speeches, christmas music for eddie quasar. edit and layout by sarah." Edition of 100 copies.
4/25/2008 Sunburned Sugar Mongolia / Process of Weeding Out cassette $8.99 Manhand "Numbered edition of 100 - studio session singles from 2004/5 - stinks of California and coke."
1/24/2009 Sunburned The Dry Triangle - Loft vol.2 cassette $8.99 Manhand "Songs from around the indoor campfire. a very early line-up - the borders books crew / liquid andrew days. donnelley, cousin rich, chad, moloney, thomas & who knows. these tapes are so fun for me to go through because i don't remember a shred of it happening but these are very formative pieces which led to the mind of a brother crew - circa 1997, this one has a starsailor tribe vibe." Edition of 50.
7/10/2008 Sunburned Weekend At Burnie's 7" $7.99 No-Fi "Sunburned are the latest artists to have a 7" out on Newcastle's No-Fi label.'Weekend At Burnie's' is the latest installment in the ongoing theme. You really never know what to expect from these guys other than it's not gonna be straightforward. The A-side has a cool repetitive bassline at the forefront with a deranged vocal with weird effects. It's kinda laid back and groovy.... Then on the flipside are 7 tracks of lo-fi improv space jam psyche weirdness that has us all smiling here. 'Jesus' is a particularly entertaining number as is the tune that follows it with what sounds like a possessed squeaky doggy toy. Ltd to 500." - Norman Records
10/25/2008 Sunburned Weekend at Burnie's 2 LP $13.99 Lost Treasures of the Underworld "Vocal splutter weirdness, thrash trash, funk jams, spoken word surreal-ness, you got it all in this LP. Edition of 300 - each hundred pressed on different color of see-through colored vinyl (blue, green ,orange) - new double-sided insert. This is the 2nd edition.
10/6/2007 Sunburned Circle The Blaze Game CD $15.99 Conspiracy "Sunburned Hand of the Man is a band in the loose sense of the word; it's better described as a banner under which a collective of musical freaks have gathered. So when they toured Europe in September 2006, and ended up in the same room as Psych/Kraut/Hard-rockers Circle in Tampere-Finland, they decide to jam together and record all of it. This session was edited down to a total of 40-minutes which wanders ongoing through free folk, psych, improv, spaced out- hippy jamming & noisy-rock bizareness . The collaboration of both America's & Finland's weirdest, is nothing less than sensational."
10/6/2007 Sunburned Circle The Blaze Game LP $15.99 Conspiracy "Sunburned Hand of the Man is a band in the loose sense of the word; it's better described as a banner under which a collective of musical freaks have gathered. So when they toured Europe in September 2006, and ended up in the same room as Psych/Kraut/Hard-rockers Circle in Tampere-Finland, they decide to jam together and record all of it. This session was edited down to a total of 40-minutes which wanders ongoing through free folk, psych, improv, spaced out- hippy jamming & noisy-rock bizareness . The collaboration of both America's & Finland's weirdest, is nothing less than sensational."
3/26/2006 Sunburned Hand of the Man 'Corsano' t-shirt $8.99 Xero Ink Great silkscreened t-shirt made by Sunburned's own Phil Franklin featuring Chris Corsano giving the finger (maybe you've seen this pic already on the 'net). These shirts are black and have Sunburned printed in red at the top of the shirt, then Corsano's image, and below that it says Hand of the Man also printed in red. The shirts are heavyweight Hanes (100% pre-shrunk cotton) and are available in sizes: M, and S - though these are available in small quantities.
3/26/2006 Sunburned Hand of the Man 'Franklin' t-shirt $8.99 Xero Ink Great silkscreened t-shirt made by Sunburned's own Phil Franklin featuring Phil himself looking like the comedian he really is! These shirts are black and have Sunburned printed in red at the top of the shirt, then Franklin's image, and below that it says Hand of the Man also printed in red. The shirts are heavyweight Hanes (100% pre-shrunk cotton) and are available in sizes: XL, L, M, and S - though these are available in small quantities.
3/30/2005 Sunburned Hand of the Man A Manhunt In D CDR $15.99 Manhand March 2005 release – numbered edition of 105 copies. This features the music of Chad Cooper. It was then added to by John Moloney who handles all the crazy vocals and adds some music. Dennis Norton contributed words on tracks 4 and 5. Comes with a cool double-sided insert which is hilarious! Limited stock – grab one now if you want it.
1/1/2008 Sunburned Hand of the Man A Taste of Never LP $29.99 Ecstatic Yod "VPRO session from Sunburneds first European tour in 2003, this features the O.G. line up of Moloney, Thomas, Pontius, Franklin, Orleans, Bohill, K, Val and Corsano. Slick studio recordings. Letterpressed sleeve, insert, clear vinyl and limited to 400 copies." Killer recordings - highly recommended!
1/24/2009 Sunburned Hand of the Man Acid-X cassette $9.99 Tape Drift "Acid-X' captures the mighty Sunburned in transplendent full live show format from a very special night in Saar Louis Germany in August 2008. Killer lineup featuring Moloney, O'Shea, Schneiderman, LaBrecque, and Thomas. This tape displays Sunburned at the height of their collective powers, magically conjuring clouds of spaced out, hypnotic beauty, leading us through cathartic workouts, and finally building to a kraut-inspired jam of epic proportions. Easily one of their best yet, and you know that's saying something."
4/27/2011 Sunburned Hand Of The Man Agony CDR $6.99 Manhand "Alternating music and spoken word piece. Started in 2009 and finished in 2011. A mellow ride. Short CDR with inserts." Limited
12/25/2005 Sunburned Hand of the Man Anatomy Vol. 1 CDR $24.99 Manhand August 2002 and July 2004 recordings mostly make up this compilation of tracks. The remaining cuts are "flashbacks from the archives of insanity". Fucked up and highly recommended!
4/10/2009 Sunburned Hand of the Man Cheap Blood CDR $8.99 Blueberry Honey / Manhand "Culled from sound check and live performance recordings made at the NETMAGE09 FESTIVAL in Bologna Italy this past January. Sunburned was honored to play live soundtrack for a multi-screened video and film aspect of the larger project, VILLAGE OBLIVIA, hosted by the creative force known as INVERNOMUTO (http://www.invernomuto.info). the rooms at the PALAZZO RE ENZO, where the event was held, were enormous, old, and beautiful.... Full color cover."
2/26/2006 Sunburned Hand of the Man Complexion CD $13.99 Very Friendly "Very Friendly (in collaboration/co-operation from Spirit Of Orr) are honored to offer you 2005's "Complexion" for the first time on CD (and their first UK release) originally released on a limited run of 1000 vinyl. 'Another psychic gangbang from New England's finest fever dream peddlers. This record contains futuristic meditations on some proto-gypsy ritual from the distant past & hyper-realistic abstractions tailor made for the absurdity of human interaction as it has come to be recognized in the present day. Complexion, unlike other Sunburned records, promises invisible skin for the faces between your ears and trancendental pulse options for the curiously minded purveyors of a young millenium. Once again the have-nots trump the haves with even deeper proclaimations of emancipation and Complexion penetrates far below the surface, opening the pores, smoothing every wrinkle & gently guiding the crow's feet closer to oblivion. Complexion is beautifully wrapped in the visonary artwork of Mr. John Jagel whos work also includes the album cover to John Coltrane's 'Ole Coltrane' and Ornette Coleman's 'Ornette' LP."
12/24/2005 Sunburned Hand Of The Man Complexion LP $17.99 Records "In 2002, records was privileged to bring SUNBURNED HAND OF THE MAN's debut LP, Headdress (R6) to the listening world. This summer we are again honored to offer you their latest exploration, Complexion (R13). While SUNBURNED HAND has traveled from Europe to Alaska in the past two years, and will be releasing a massive double LP's worth of material recorded entirely outdoors in Wasilla, Alaska on Ed Hardy's Eclipse Records, the urge to feel the home soil led the band to create Complexion. Recorded entirely in a small public garden outside of Union Square in Somerville, Massachusetts. Musically, and visually the album carries a local theme as the artwork is by Somerville artist John Jågel. You can see Mr. Jågel's work on other classic records such as Ornette Coleman's Ornette! and John Coltrane's Ole Coltrane. There will be 1000 copies of this record available." Already out of print. Highly recommended - killer album!
4/16/2007 Sunburned Hand of the Man Feel the Wind CDR $11.99 Manhand "Ultra blown out nitrous oxide ride candy flipped with soliloquy comedowns. recorded in England 2004." - Moloney. "New limited self-released album from Sunburned Hand Of The Man, recorded in various locations (Newcastle, Leeds) across the UK in December 2004. Features some of the nutty Zappa-esque Vincent Price-styled mutant monologues of earlier Manhand/Bastet releases cut up with some classic ethno-electricity that sits somewhere between Maggot Brain-era Funkadelic, Torch Of The Mystics-style Sun City Girls and the kinda damaged-fidelity basement prog of Vertical Slit." - Volcanic Tongue. Highly recommended!
5/1/2009 Sunburned Hand of the Man Fire Escape double LP $24.99 Smalltown Supersound "Produced by Four Tet with artwork by Eye. The relationship between Four Tet & SHOTM began in August 2003 when Kieran Hebden read the cover story of The Wire, which touted SHOTM as leaders of the 'new weird America.' That story sent Hebden on a search for Sunburned records & he's been a fan ever since. In 2004, Hebden asked Sunburned to tour with him. A couple of years later in March 2006, Hebden asked the band if they would like him to record them with the idea that he would take the recordings & construct his vision of a Sunburned record." Limited edition of 1000 copies with killer artwork - recommended!
10/21/2002 Sunburned Hand of the Man Headdress LP $29.99 Records "Here it is! The first, long awaited, limited vinyl release from the Massachusetts based gang, the Sunburned Hand of the Man, a free, social sound outfit. Another loadstone in the Tight Alliance of Celebrators including the No Neck Blues Band, Suntanama, Michael Hurley, Joshua, Franklin's Mint, Six Organs of Admittance, Dredd Foole & The Din, and the Mountains of Matallama. When asked to describe what their gang sounds like, guys vanish, avoid the question, or uncomfortably shrug, 'Oh, I don't know.' Well, forget what they sound like. Headdress lays out the lines, rolls up the bones, puts the scissors to the sheet, steeps the tea, and cracks open a boatload of bottles. Celebratory and spiritual, you will get the message. Your inside eye will come out and look you in the soul. Sit around and break some bread with your brothers and sisters when you try this one on. The 'Headdress' will fit 'cause its one size fits all. The 'Headdress' is a music record. You love records right? Well so does Sunburned Hand of the Man. You need to roll up to the partizzo with some back up? some booze tootin yahoos? The Sunburned Hand of the Man invites you to take some time out to visit their ever-evolving stae-of-mind. This is the 'Headdress'. Limited to 1000 beautiful copies." This is one of the albums of the year! After seeing them perform twice in the past week and listening to this record a few times out East, I recommend this album highly! I should mention that the record is a beauty to hold and look at, too.
10/30/2003 Sunburned Hand of the Man Hoof Trip / Plague Pipe 7" $15.99 Riot Season "Sunburned Hand of the Man were recent cover stars of THE WIRE magazines 'New Weird America' edition (Issue 234) and are currently whipping up a frenzy amongst underground fans / collectors. This wonderful new two track 7" follows three vinyl only albums (and a ruck of CDR's) all of which sold out upon release and is released to coincide with the bands first ever UK / European tour dates in October. This release is a one off limited pressing and once its gone its gone for good!. Advertised in THE WIRE October edition." Limited edition of 600 copies on brown vinyl. Already sold out at Riot Season!
2/13/2003 Sunburned Hand of the Man Jaybird LP $89.99 Qbico "Birds cannot roll stones. They just don't have the muscular strength or bone density to handle the activity. But that's only true in the conscious world. This album draws its title from a collective dream the band had; a dream that roiled the sleep of each and every member during the course of one cold night last January. The dream was of a huge, blue-winged bird rolling a round white stone through the black volcanic soil of a mountain on the island of Kauai. Each Sunburned dreamer awoke strangely excited, visions of blue and white and black flashing somewhere in the indistinct fog of nod. And it was good. This album is the result of that dream. A lot of what Sunburned Hand of the Man does has to do with subconscious unity. When you listen to them it's hard to not think of the story that Charlie Haden tells about his first musical meeting with Don Cherry. Charlie went to Don's house, sometime in the 50s, after hearing that he played trumpet. They went out to Don's garage and got their instruments ready. Don said: ‘Okay, let's play’. Charlie said: ‘Okay. What do you want to play?’. Don said: ‘Let's just play’. And they did. When you hear Sunburned perform, even when they're playing a riff or a tune you've heard them do before, it is tough to repress the feeling that they have come to this specific juncture-of-notes unaware, guileless. That they have crossed into the fulfillment of this particular musical/conceptual promise via a path that was previously unknown. That they have been led to this nexus primarily by the implied universalist tug of osmotic tongue pressure. Naturally, a modus operandi this devoid of artifice, this liberated from the hectoring of the marketplace, has its traps. Anyone who has seen these guys play knows that not all their jams end at the gates of ecstasy. But who would be dull enough to demand (or even want) such a thing? In live performance, operating without roadmaps, failure is as important, as ultimately beneficial, as success. We have all watched great improvisers tie themselves up in semiotic knots. It just happens sometimes. If you need yr music to stay on the path of the known, the safe, that's fine; just do it somewhere else. This here is an album of New England free-est chowder, and it will stone you to the roots of yr hair. Birds cannot roll stones. But perhaps they can roll joints. Alright!" - Byron Coley, Deerfield MA 2003. Edition of only 200 copies with paste-on covers, green vinyl, with insert liner notes by Byron Coley (different from the ones above) and concert poster ‘A night for Naked Eardrums’.
3/5/2009 Sunburned Hand of the Man Loose Bugs CD $12.99 Magnetic Expansion "Contains 9 previously unreleased Sunburned recordings from 1998, recorded at CON-ARTISTS, Charlestown, MA. First up on Chad Coopers new Magnetic Expansion label, limited to 999 copies new in the wrapper - made with tons of love - this is the earliest of Sunburned music and it is quite unique as far as other releases go, very ceremonial sounding fire circus including the whole original line up of faces as well as New Zealand's white winged moth,Dean Roberts. Instrumentation includes didgeridoos, saxophones, drums, voices, bells, guitars, sitars, bass synth, etc." Features Rob Thomas, Chad Cooper, Rich Thomas, Rich Pontius, John Moloney, Phil Franklin, Dennis Norton, Drew Wend, Conrad 'Cap', and Dean Roberts.
2/21/2005 Sunburned Hand of the Man No Magic Man CD $13.99 Bastet "The most prominent element of the CD is the wacky/zany dialogue samples, with much knob twiddling for trippy changes in pace and tone. However, the strength of the album is its wicked funk grooves and trancey drone-outs. Within the album's first five minutes, the band shows off two of its tightest moments yet. After the first bit of dialogue sample fuckupsmanship, organ and flute give flight to 'The 1st Degree.' After that riff disintegrates into a clamoring hell of percussion (complete with some poor soul burning for all eternity), the band outdoes itself with 'Flying Colours,' as the drums and bass drive forward hard with sax and other stuff skronking along the edges. And that's only the first five minutes. The album's title track, 'No Magic Man,' stretches out for a fourteen minute long folk/raga tryp. The keyboard plays a circular melody, keeping the song together, as the guitar intertwines itself around it, playing serpentine riffs that never go the same direction twice. The rest of the players improvise overtop, from clanging on pots and making a bass-drum stomp to chanting/whining and adding countermelody. Considering how freakish and noisy it is, it's oddly soothing. The whine-like chanting becomes a focus of the music at the beginning of 'Yer Own Eyes & the Number None.' However it works very well here (unlike Rare Wood). The vocals are relatively low in the mix and are melded with a really strong bass part, playing a similar melody to the vocals for maximum symbiosis. The song mutates into a free jazz skronk/funk jam with the 70s boogie guitar playing very short, staccato notes as a sax wails around the space, creating a very lively, dense sound. The album closes with very heavy psychedelic rock in the song 'Gather 'Round' which (at first) sounds more like it should be coming from Comets on Fire than Sunburned Hand of the Man. The drumkit is given a workout as a scorching guitar creates a thick wall of sound. As always, the success of this tangent only inspires the band to go off on another, as the guitarist moves to more back-and-forth groove as the band loses energy, slowing down the beat, the sound fading to the crackling of a campfire. With the great grooves the band finds on these recordings (crap, I didn't even mention 'Serpent's Wish' which is probably the best of the lot), No Magic Man is a fitting rival for Jaybird, Wild Animal, and Headdress as best Sunburned Hand of the Man release." - Jim Steed, fakejazz.com
3/27/2004 Sunburned Hand of the Man Rare Wood CD $13.99 Spirit of Orr "After several false starts, the wood is ready. With this stroke the Sunburned Hand of the Man unleash their singular collective spirit into the common marketplace to provide an open door to those who have heard about, but not yet heard, the magic mayhem that is the music. The music on Rare Wood was recorded in the most lively of settings, and then brought together in this composite, and finally encased in a printed rendering of handcrafted woodwork by Phil Franklin, the Rare Wood is a hyperdriven, claustrophobic ride on a swaying line. a smattering of recordings that will separate the talkers from the walkers." Highly recommended!
7/16/2006 Sunburned Hand of the Man San Diego Heroes DVD-R $9.99 Blueberry Honey "Twenty plus minute live experience of what happens when three SUNBURNED members (Bohill, Franklin, Schneiderman) are left with the directions to a resurrected show, after the scheduled location is shut down by the local gendarmes. While the remaining members screw back to headquarters with the equipment, and good sense, intact. What transpires is real-time, above-the-legal- limit, creative mind sweeping. Camera work by ECLIPSE RECORDS honcho ED HARDY. Sleek and economic xerox style packaging. As with all BLUEBERRY HONEY editions, this is imited to current interest in such a document."
6/9/2011 Sunburned Hand of the Man Sensitivity, Without Permission CDR $7.99 Blueberry Honey / Manhand "This record is comprised of segments from recordings made at performances and other band gatherings between 2007 and 2009. locations and times include are : The Maze in Nottingham England in 2007, Blueberry Studio in Brattleboro Vermont mainly in the fall of 2009, London's Corsica in 2008, Roskilde Denmark in 2008, as well as Mick Flower's front room in 2009. Cover art by Ruth Garbus."
2/26/2006 Sunburned Hand of the Man Sopra l'influsso (Over the influence) DVD-R & CDR $34.99 Manhand "Wanna see something really underground and wild ?! catch the Sunburned gang live at their loft: trippy images, doped jams, surreal interludes... crazy fellas!!! wow, what a trip, total blast!!!" - QBICO. Originally a VHS video release on QBICO, this has been reissued as a dvd-r and also comes with a cdr soundtrack recorded in 2002. Limited.
3/3/2003 Sunburned Hand of the Man Sopra l'influsso (Over the influence) VHS Video $49.99 Qbico "Wanna see something really underground and wild ?! catch the Sunburned gang live at their loft: trippy images, doped jams, surreal interludes... crazy fellas !!! wow, what a trip, total blast (mastered on Sony Premium with hardbox)!!!" 60 min. videocassette, 90 copies only, numbered, dubbed one by one, available in VHS NTSC format.
8/2/2004 Sunburned Hand of the Man Sunburned Hand of the Man CD $10.99 Wabana "Sunburned Hand of the Man Self Titled is the third release in Wabana's CD re-issue series of limited live LPs. Recorded entirely at the Sunburned loft in Charlestown, Massachusetts, this musical journey takes the listener into the band's inner sanctum and sets them free. Occasionally a listener of two gets lost while swimming in the their drug induced hypnotic spiral but in most cases they find their way out, only to desire that feeling again. Comes in the standard generic purple digipak sleeve with clear sticker attached featuring the original LP artwork." Great recording – recommended!
9/3/2003 Sunburned Hand of the Man Sunburned Hand of the Man LP $19.99
"We got news from the Agency that someone raided the tape vault while we were pimpin' it live on the west coast Alaska Wedding Procession. A major security breach. The squad was sent out, inquiries were made, and our 'friends' from the old neighborhood were called in to assress the damage. When we uncovered the mole we spent a long couple of days with this puke 'under the lamp' pushing the buttons until he finally spilt the beans and gave up the info. We worked it out with the thief and got what was coming to us. The rest are up for sale to cover the 'damages'. Here on this record you got some new juice, some wafer thin promises and streetside tales. Another Sunburned Hand of the Man adventure. Take it and bake it." - SHOTM, August 2003
4/10/2009 Sunburned Hand of the Man Tailwind CDR $8.99 Blueberry Honey / Manhand "More live recordings find their way to the surface. Edits from the final leg of SUNBURNED's tour this past autumn. After several weeks on the road, this is a snapshot of maximum power blasting through the muddy trail. A shock to the system.... Locales include Chicago, Pontiac, Oberlin, Rochester, and Philadelphia. Moloney, Thomas, Franklin, O'Shea, Schneiderman, and joined by K & Richardson in Philadelphia."
3/11/2012 Sunburned Hand of the Man The One You Forgot To Forget c40 cassette $6.49 Manhand / Lost Treasures of the Underworld Some recordings in from a few years back . NewCastle , Cambridge , Bristol & Edinburgh . Comes in a cloth bag with artwork by John Malta and insert by John Moloney. Personnel :Moloney , Thomas , Orleans , Schneiderman ,Hayden , Wood , Franklin , Corsano , MJK , Flower , Pontius , Richardson , Bridget , Gozzy , O'Shea
4/29/2004 Sunburned Hand of the Man The Secret In Disguise CD $15.99 Manhand 2004 tour cd release now available for those who were unable to pick up a copy at the shows. This is a one time pressing of 1000 copies featuring 5 cuts (cd clocks in at about 77 minutes) recorded in September of 2003. It’s a real brain-melter! Distorted vocals, clattering (at times) percussions, reed squalls, electronics, and bells in addition to the fine guitar and bass work give this release a spirited psychedelic glow. Highly recommended! “A reading from the Book of Weather... the feathered fur man queasily reaches for his eagle. Ever elusive and coy, he's a breather; a Storm Hunter. No commoner's tools have ever crossed his path to the sea, the drooler, the flatmagical end of it All. The tricks of this, and his one, grey trade is the Secret in Disguise... the Hurricane approached and from the the Powderdreamer's perch, the warning bell! The prophecy fufilled! Don't go in the water!” - Sunburned
8/22/2008 Sunburned Hand of the Man The Spacial Crime Symbol double CDR $19.99 Manhand "New album recorded at the Flowerhouse in Leeds and Bank Row Studio in Massachusetts, a buffet of acoustic, spoken word, electronica, drone, hardcore, female front-psycho, rubber room, a one act play, and 70s classic rock, we're very excited about this one. Features Mick Flower, Phil Franklin, Conrad Capistran, Paul Labrecque, John Moloney, Sarah O' Shea, Taylor Richardson, Adam Nodelman, Ron Schneiderman & Rob Thomas. Track titles are embedded on the cdr- MH."
7/1/2004 Sunburned Hand of the Man The Trickle-Down Theory of Lord Knows What CD $10.99 Eclipse This cd release (a first from Eclipse) is a reissue of the LP that surfaced in June 2003 which sold out in a few months time. Recorded in June of 2002, Trickle Down has been praised by many who’ve heard it and now is your chance to get a copy if you missed the vinyl platter (out of print – no repress). Austen Zuege of bluedark.com wrote (of the LP release): “Sunburned Hand of the Man exhibit just right amount of weirdness. They make fluid, lo-fi albums of formless cosmic music for ordinary freaks. At times, the group sounds like an extension of Angus MacLise. On The Trickle-Down Theory of Lord Knows What, indecipherable chants come in dripping with echo; drones pervade almost everything; drums gradually rise through the songs as if the appropriate rhythms were discovered as a latent effect; and after a while, the sounds vanish. All of the music retains a willingness to lash out amidst muted, indistinct waves of sound that wash over the entire album. Battlegrounds materialize, then fade away. It is certain that Sunburned Hand of the Man stand for something a little more old-fashioned than might be expected. The obvious attempt is to find a backdoor to a present situation. Backdoors separate in from out. It becomes a beautiful question of which side you occupy. This group is one that will be happily ‘outside’ when the decrepit structure forming the ‘inside’ collapses with a satisfying crash and whimper. The group is part of a cosmic folk explosion or what some call the ‘New Weird America’. But nothing more specific can be said about the group or their music. There is no track list with the album (so far a vinyl-only pressing of 1,000 records), which breaks down to 2 tracks on Side A (‘Spell It Out’ and ‘Show of Hands’) and 3 tracks on Side B (‘The Easy Ease,’ ‘Always Correct’ and ‘Rivershine’). Whatever this is, it is something else to hear. It makes for good times in a ghetto, on a farm, or at all points between. Highly recommended.” Edition of 1000 copies. Look out for a new Sunburned release on Eclipse later this year – Wedlock – a double vinyl release.
6/24/2003 Sunburned Hand of the Man The Trickle-Down Theory of Lord Knows What LP $29.99 Eclipse Released nearly a year to the day of the recording itself, this full length LP from Massachusetts’ own Sunburned Hand of the Man is truly brilliant! It features 5 cuts recorded at the top of a rickety red staircase on June 20, 2002. One time pressing of 1000 copies featuring full color jackets with artwork done by the band. Also includes insert. “Welcome to the latest chapter in the Book of Hand - an lp documenting a private performance from June of 2002, in which we further explore the art of investing emotional surplus into a trust that yields the fruit of mad, naked passion. Hear the voice of Reason backwards, the drum that dreams are made of, and the tunnel at the end of the light. All pressed into two sides that are guaranteed to keep you happening. Yours truly, Out of Hand”
8/4/2007 Sunburned Hand of the Man Two Whats DVD-R $15.99 Spirit of Orr "An hour long performance by Sunburned Hand of the Man at the Bookmill in Montague, MA handheld recorded by Kyle Thomas in June 2004. Murky rendering ("production") after the fact to give tribute to the empty places of comfort that surround us. Two souls lost from these days, there is no why, and we all have our stories. Here's another drift, another pull, and another hand lightly on your shoulder. Limited to 300 in digipaks with hand glued art." Recommended!
4/27/2011 Sunburned Hand Of The Man Unrock Instore Gig Series Vol. 8 CDR $17.99 Unsound "It was an evening of pure Sunburned magic with all the branches they brought from Michael Flowers garden to Krefeld. The branches are still here and the magic is kept. They managed to evolve a peace of steamy psychedelia, starting off as a woven carpet of Synth-Drones and stumbling into a guitar driven wild heavy-psych kraut session. Limited and handnumbered edition of 150 copies in silkscreened, handprinted digipacks. Unique artpieces from the Sunburned crew were used for the cover."
8/16/2005 Sunburned Hand of the Man Wedlock double LP $19.99 Eclipse "Wedlock captures Sunburned in its 2003 suit when they took it to the west coast to tour their way up to Wasilla, Alaska to attend and perform at Paul & Val's wedding on the longest day of the year, June 21, 2003. Under the bright midnight sun, Sunburned recorded this document, a testament to irony, omnipotence, moisture, pain, and the weight. Come and dine at this one, clear table. Double LP." August 2005 release taken from recordings in Alaska on the Summer Solstice. Features a beautifully designed heavy duty gatefold sleeve with two inserts featuring many photos from the trip to Alaska as well as some pictures from Northern California from the same tour. A truly stunning album!
12/24/2005 Sunburned Hand of the Man Wedlock T-shirt $8.99 Xero Ink Tour shirts left over from the Fall Brawl tour with Magik Markers. Shirts available in various sizes and I have a few different colors. Not many here so let me know your size and you'll get whatever color is available.
8/31/2010 Sunburned with Paul Flaherty Unmuzzled Ox LP $19.99 Manhand Originally issued on cassette by Ecstatic Peace in an edition of 100 copies. "It's by Sunburned with the incredibly ball full Paul Flaherty and it's called 'Unmuzzled Ox.' Nuff said." LP edition of 200 numbered copies with inserts.
9/18/2003 Suncoilsect One Note Obscures Another CD $11.99 Rocket Recordings "Debut LP from Suncoil Sect 'One Note Obscures Another' is the obvious culmination of their development so far. Comprising of material recorded on and off over the last 3 years it tracks their exploration of, modal drones, syncopated kraut rhythms, dub and psychedelia. It draws upon numerous sources including DJ Shadow, Miles Davis, My Bloody Valentine, The Stooges and the Performance Soundtrack. The most recent material was recorded with the Third Eye Foundation`s Matt Elliot twiddling the desk at Swarffinger Studios in Bristol. He has previously been a regular source of acclaimed remixes for the band. Countercultural themes and the lost possibilities of different modes of living, permeate much of this outstanding CD."
4/27/2011 Sundrips Just a Glimpse CDR $8.99 Debacle Records "Nick Maturo and Ryan Connelly exploded out of Montreal last year with no less than 10 tapes of hazy guitar/synth drones. Just a Glimpse finds the duo experimenting with shorter edits and more diverse song-forms than their sidelong tape experiments. Picking a concept out of a jam and distilling it down to its purest part. Making feints and nods towards past heroes like Eno and Shulze but keeping pace with modern masters such as Tim Hecker and Emeralds.
Check out the <http://vimeo.com/21235694>awesome video for the first track "When"
5/13/2011 Sundrips / Sound Out Light split c20 cassette $5.99 Tranquility Tapes "Though this is the shortest tape of the batch, diminished length doesn't detract a bit of the monolithic power contained within. Montreal's Sundrips (Nick Maturo on synths, Ryan Connolly on guitar) set the tone with two slow motion, analog meditations. The duo builds patiently off one another, carefully layering warm melodies while allowing them the space to rise gently and shimmer gracefully. Delaware's Dave Doyen (Vales) utilizes his Sound Out Light project to add an industrial flair to the proceedings. Buzz saw synth drone builds steadily while oscillations twist about and a clanging drum machine shoots sparks in every direction as this massive track pushes forth relentlessly. Pro-dubbed and imprinted chrome cassettes, featuring designs by Caroline Teagle. " Edition of 100 copies.
2/20/2008 Sunken Eye Electric Organ, Brain Electric Nerve CD $15.99 Pseudo Arcana "Deep in the swirling depths of the ocean a terrible yet wondrous beast stirs slow but sure amidst great forests of sea algae. Taking on the form of a pair of conjoined drowned sailors it sets forth upon the currents determined to loose its apocalyptic vision upon the earth via droning sea shanty and great humming hymn. Sunken is the duo of sunken sailors Stefan Neville (Pumice) and Antony Milton (Nether Dawn/A.M etc). Using a range of organs, sonar gear, live tapeloops, vocals and an unhealthy amount of submarine reverb they create a glorious droning pop noise. 'Eye Electric Organ, Brain Electric Nerve' follows on from their acclaimed self titled debut (also on PseudoArcana) and various compilation appearances."
11/25/2010 Sunken New Zealand Eels LP $14.99 Emerald Cocoon "Sunken's previous two albums on Pseudo Arcana were long form chord-organ driven flights into the heart of the ecstatic blaring sun. Despite Antony Milton (The Nether Dawn, Glory Fckn Sun etc.) and Stefan Neville's (Pumice) Lovecraftian attempts to posit Sunken as sea-shanties sung by sailors lost to Cthulhu at the bottom of the deepest darkest ocean, somehow their surging reed driven organs and vocal streams broadcast via cracked electronics seemed to suggest sailors breaking free of the weeds and swimming towards the light, and even, occasionally, breaking the surface. Their first vinyl release New Zealand Eels however, is a tentacle shot from the abyss to drag the sailors back down into the service of the lurker in the deep. Bleak, black and completely drowned, New Zealand Eels beams five submarine tracks from the lost to the lost through the milky darkness. With the vocal melodies pushed to the foreground and the instrumental origins of the music obscured as never before by damaged baby monitors, power starved dictaphones, tape saturation and spring reverb, Sunken are now finally, truly lost to the abyss. Two drowned sailors invite you to breathe in the water, forget about life on the surface and lay down with the kraken amidst the curling weeds. "What has risen may sink, and what has sunk may rise. Loathsomeness waits and dreams in the deep, and decay spreads over the tottering cities of men." - H P Lovecraft. Edition of 300 with free digital download. Thick reverseboard sleeves with art by Stefan Neville.
2/26/2006 Sunlight Creation of Sunlight CD $15.99 Lion Productions "The first licensed CD version - and thus the first from the original master tapes - of an album that is absolutely great from start to finish, loaded with organ and fuzz guitar and just oozing with an acid and sunshine vibe. Formed in Long Beach, California in 1966, the group were originally named the Torques, then the Sunlights Seven, recording a single (an alternate version of album staple 'David,' and a bizarre screaming psychedelic version of 'Judy in Disguise' both included here as bonus tracks) for local label Entra Records. The band signed to the Windi label, changed their name to Sunlight and unleashed their acid masterpiece on the world in a miniscule edition of 500 copies. The Sunlight Creation of Sunlight album is definitive West Coast psychedelic sunshine pop influenced by the jazzy psychedelia of Strawberry Alarm Clock; it's packed with gorgeous harmonies, driving Hammond, minor-keyed melodies and eclectic guitar. In some specialist quarters the album is a now being deservedly championed, and original copies sell for enormous amounts of money."
2/10/2004 Sunlight Creation of Sunlight LP $24.99 Void "Reissue on vinyl of this ultimate elusive late 60's WEST COAST PSYCH rarity in the Strawberry Alarm Clock vein, taken from the master tapes. In fact this band is called Sunlight instead of Creation of Sunlight. Great vocal harmonies, pulsating Hammond and ripping FUZZ-GUITAR leads. Sleeve comes as very nice glossy orange as original. Insert has full story on the band." Limited edition of 500 - out of print.
1/21/2005 Sunn 0))) Grimm Robe Demos 1998 CD $15.99 Southern Lord "A return to the destructive birth of über-doom thunder-bearers SUNN O))) - Stephen O'Malley, Greg Anderson, and G. Stuart Dahlquist. Originally released by Hydra Head in 2000 (in an edition of 700 copies) and on picture disc by Outlaw (edition of 220), you get four massive tracks of bestial riffing and unholy drone. Seventy-two minutes of the rawest, most brutal Sunn O))) recordings known to man." Super heavy! Recommended!
10/6/2007 Sunn 0))) Oracle LP $15.99 Southern Lord "Two brand new exclusive Sunn O))) tracks available officially on vinyl only! Orakulum was originally composed for a live performance collaboration with the New York sculptor Banks Violette at the Maureen Paley Gallery in London, June of '06. Violette created sculptural representation of Sunn O)))'s entire backline in cast resin and salt, including amplifier stacks instruments, effects and accompaniments. In addition, black lacquered stage platforms and sound panels were created as a basis for the groups actual backline setup, and a selection of drawings were presented within the context. The result of this performance and collaboration, which was conducted in a sealed gallery space, was intended to generate a feeling of absence, loss and a phantom of what once was. Two tracks featuring Sunn 0))) collaborating with guests Atsuo (Boris), Attila Csihar (Mayhem), and Joe Preston (Thrones). Beautiful gatefold jackets with design by SOMA."
7/29/2004 Sunn 0))) White 1 CD $15.99 Southern Lord "The fourth album from hella-doom sludge-throwers Steve O'Malley (ex-Burning Witch, current Lotus Eaters & Khanate) and Greg Anderson (Goatsnake). Conceived during August 2002 with comrades Joe Preston (Thrones, The Whip, ex-Melvins) and Runhild Gammelsaeter (Thorr's Hammer) at the Magnetic Park studios (curated by the heroic Rex Ritter of Fontanelle/ex-Jessamine), and aided by the band's English supporter and Wodanic underground cult figure Julian Cope through his composition and oratorial performance on the incredible 'My Wall' ode. Witness the expansion of doom fission."
1/30/2014 Sunroof! Rock Power LP $26.99 Nashazphone "Reissue of an extremely rare and essential Sunroof! CDr released during a European Tour in 2003 on Matthew Bower's own imprint; Rural Electrification Program (REP). On this LP, Bower is joined on guitar by Mick Flower (Vibracathedral Orchestra and Flower-Corsano Duo) and the result was once qualified as Sunroof's Rock record and its tribute to Neil Young and AC/DC (hence the title). Rock Power is a very singular record because it documents a very short time period in the M. Bower / Sunroof! Evolution; between the dreamlike psychedelia of releases such as Cloudz or early Hototogisu, and the brutal sonic assault of later records such as Panzer Division Lou Reed, Spitting Gold Zebras or the more recent Skullflower outings." Edition of 500 copies.

Super Lo Fi Transmitting Koot Hoomi Installation #1 CD $6.99 Outer Orbit "This cd combines two seperate sound pieces made independently from one another. This is the first form a series of mobile sound enviroments made by Koot Hoomi and Lo Fi. This recording utilizes the latest in suburban home appliances and garage utensils, such as sears dryer and automatic garage doors. First in an on going series of duo recordings. Created October 2000 for a public park preformance. Enjoy."
3/16/2012 Superbugger Kitty Fear 5" lathe cut record + CDR $15.99 Pseudo Arcana Limited edition of 35 copies includes 25 minute CDR
2/21/2005 Supreme Reality Universal Rundle CDR $9.99 Chocolate Monk “Anne Eickelberg (TFUL282) and her two man bitches Rich Wells and Scott Simmons perform north west conjure music, too much coffee and lack of direction lead the listener into a non-nonsensical chase scene, featuring bad leather jackets.”
5/29/2003 Surface of Eceyon Dragyyn CD $12.99 Strange Attractors Audio House "Comprised of members from somnolent drift-rock bands Landing and Yume Bitsu, plus the neo-Kraut percussive invention of drummer Phil Jenkins, Surface of Eceyon immerse themselves in a point of blurred time/space in which their collective subconscious mind yawns open and just lets those synaptic floodgates go, emitting a primordial ooze of delicately raw, improvised psychedelia. Surface of Eceyon hone their craft further with Dragyyn, a fantastic new batch of spontaneous sonics set to reinterpret the ambient rock scene yet again. Outside of rare live performances, Dragyyn marks the purest, untainted offering of the Surface of Eceyon experience to date. The King Beneath the Mountain was created from improvised sessions that were recorded and later sculpted via editing and overdubs; the music on Dragyyn was completely improvised as well but left unadorned, using no overdubs whatsoever. The music stands completely naked, exposing an astonishing degree of texture, depth and balance. Whittling miles of
improvised recordings down to six varied pieces which stretch just over the one hour mark, Surface of Eceyon dress up their three-guitar flurry to the nines in a colorful wardrobe of effects, directed by motorik rhythms alternating between propulsive pulses and impressionist décor. Dragyyn is brimming with tonal explosions and color washes, where introspective passages explore cinematic lullabies and overdriven psyche-rockers spiral like fireballs. This is minimalist improvised psychedelic rock of vast and subtle complexity."
4/20/2008 Surface of Eceyon Revenge of Dragon LP $16.99 Music Fellowship "Beyond the outer reaches of Dryystn lies the surface of Eceon, a space where time and energy are blurred into a beautiful landscape of sound and action. Hello Moth: Please enter into the vessyl of sound." Surface of Eceyon continue their Dohym saga with Revenge of Dragon. Featuring the dense and swirling psychedelic sounds of Adam Forkner (White Rainbow/ Jackie-O Motherfucker/ VVRSSNN/ Yume Bitsu), Dick Baldwin (Towering Giant/ Landing/ Dragon), Daron Gardner (Towering Giant/ Landing), Phil Jenkins and Aaron Snow (Paper/ Landing). This LP is limited to 500.
5/1/2009 Surrounded By Gold and Dead Sick Llama Remixxx cassette $7.99 Fag Tapes "corrected version cassette. more chamber coffin sounds from the richest and deadest non-musician ever! like a bat outa Hell from a broken smashed cask. hand-stamped / painted covers. edition 25."
5/14/2007 Sus & Jakob The Last Vocalions LP $20.99
"Last year saw the Danish/Swedish duo heading over the pond. They rented a car and got a not very detailed road atlas. Learned that public payphones are some quarter eating pieces of shit. And That cheap $7 chinatown voltage converter turned out to be a total rip off. They fried their power strip during soundcheck at the first gig in Nashville. An overwhelmed Klyd Watkins (Poetry Out Loud) was in the audience, and the poet was later reported being "lost for words" when taking off into the night. So what about the music?? People who've seen them play have mentioned Patty Waters, Linda Sharrock, Brother Ahh, Strange Strings etc as reference points for the drooling gawkers. It sure is recalling the homeburned jazz sounds of the past. They play French horn, Flutes and saxophonic vocals over soothing harplike tidal waves. Where The Last Vocalions is the perfect late night/early morning nod out spin, the next album will be the wake up call. We for long thought this was the record that wasn't supposed to happen. The stampers broke a handfull of times, then later the pressing plant sufferd from a power blackout after a storm etc. It was planned for their US tour September 06. Now it's a new year and here we finally have it." -Jacques S'moi, Lyon France.
5/29/2008 Sutcliffe Jugend & Prurient End of Autumn double LP $14.99 Troubleman Unlimited "A live collaboration from SUTCLIFFE JUGEND (KEVIN TOMKINS and PAUL TAYLOR) and PRURIENT (DOMINCK FERNOW of Hospital Productions) recorded April 19, 2006 in Tunbridge Wells, UK. Features lyrics appropriated from death poems by Japanese monks. Beatuiful gatefold packaging designed by Fernow with photography by LINDSEY WATKINS."
1/1/2008 Sutherland, Chriss Me in a 'Field' CD $12.99 Digitalis "Many people might not be directly familiar with the name Chriss Sutherland, but most know Cerberus Shoal, of which Sutherland is a founding member. "Me in a 'Field'" marks his solo debut and shows why Cerberus Shoal is so revered. He's also a current member of Fire on Fire, who will release their debut on Michael Gira's Young God label. But here, Sutherland presents simple, wonderfully crafted songs in their barest form, but backed by the same heart that has made his previous efforts so great. This collection of songs has been brewing for years, but finally found its way into the light after Sutherland returned from an extended stay in Spain and urging from his friend and compatriant, James Toth AKA Wooden Wand. All of the songs are built around the combination of guitar and voice, though some are enhanced with piano, banjo, etc. Simplicity is often a lost artform in-and-of itself, but this is where Sutherland strives. Listening to him belt out his almost-perfect lyrics reminds me that even though the singer/songwriter realm is overpopulated and generally tired, when it's done right it can be magnificent. "Me in a 'Field'" is such a welcome entry into the genre that it goes down smooth and sweet. Lyrically, Sutherland is a wizard. His songs are universal. When he sings about those close and important to him, they become the listener's friends and family too. It's music that will appeal to many audiences and cuts across boundaries. At its heart it may be folk music, but Sutherland's offering something that's freer and more exciting. Packaged in slimline gatefold cardboard jackets from Stumptown Printers with complete lyric sheet."
1/15/2015 Suzuki Junzo 7 LP $19.99 Nod & Smile "Extremely limited vinyl of Tokyo guitarist Suzuki Junzo's 7th album 7! Tokyo guitarist/songwriter/singer Suzuki Junzo's 7th album, 7, is a masterwork of guitar deconstruction, bleak blues and claustrophobic atmospherics. Known from his work with Miminokoto, 20 Guilders, Overhang Party and more, Junzo unleashes his desolate soul on this new LP. Limited edition of 250 copies."
8/31/2010 Suzuki Junzo Buried Sky, Spider Torn To Pieces CD $13.99 Plunks Plan "Junzo's 2nd Full Length CD 'Buried Sky, Spider Torn to Pieces' out in August 11 2010 !! Nine tracks includes, Over 50 minutes' High Flying! Suzuki plays and sings (two songs) broken minimal/ghost blues joined by Ikuro Takahashi (LSD March/Kosokuya ex. Fushitsusha, High Rise etc). ...Recorded at Richard Horner's Black Snow Flake Sound in Sapporo."
6/24/2012 Suzuki Junzo Ode To A Blue Ghost CD $13.99 Utech "Inspired by Lonnie Johnson's "Blue Ghost Blues," Suzuki Junzo's second album on Utech Records, Ode to a Blue Ghost, channels the bleak side of his playing. While hints of his blues- and folk-inspired work can be heard at times, they're never far from the clutches of phantasmagorical loops and feedback squalls. Resonating guitar and meditative riffs inhabit a world apace with shimmering calm and levigating dissonance."
6/25/2013 Svarte Greiner / Lakes of Grass and Gold Landscape of Open Eyes 7" + download $7.99 Immune "For Record Store Day 2013 Immune is proud to present the Landscape of Open Eyes 7”, a split 7” featuring film music inspired atmospheres and organic lamentations from Swedish musician Erik Enocksson aka Lakes of Grass and Gold and Norwegian musician Erik Skodvin aka Svarte Greiner. Limited to only 700 copies for the world the 7” is packaged in a full color jacket and includes a free download coupon. Lakes of Grass and Gold is Swedish musician Erik Enocksson. Enocksson has released albums on Kning Disk and has scored the soundtracks for the films Farväl Falkenberg, Man tänker sitt, and Apan. He is currently working on the score for Paul Wright’s debut film on Warp Films. It was while working on the music for Apan that Lakes of Grass and Gold was born. The music for Apan was all synthetic sounds and walls of distortion. Enocksson wanted to try and blend his “traditional” instrumentation (reed organ, nylon stringed guitar, voice) with the walls of distortion and see where he ended up. The songs presented on this 7” are the first recordings under the Lakes of Grass and Gold monicker and are a two part lamentation over love and nature. Svarte Greiner is the work of Norwegian musician Erik Skodvin. Skodvin is a member of the long running duo Deaf Center (with Otto A. Totland) as well as the new group B/B/S/ (with Aidan Baker and Andrea Belfi). Svarte Greiner has released albums on Type, Digitalis and SMTG over the past nine years. The song on this 7” is an experiment with stuttering cello and guitar soundscapes."
5/4/2012 Swanson, Pete Alone Together #5: High Time / Trees 7" $7.99 Emerald Cocoon "Pete Swanson's love for the New Zealand underground is no secret (rumour has it that he engineered the entire Yellow Swans New Zealand tour of 2005 just so he could procure a copy of The Pin Group 'Goes To Town' 12"), so we were pleasantly unsurprised when Pete turned in two re-imaginings of classic NZ underground tracks as his contribution to the Alone Together series. What surprised us greatly though was the form that they took: sparkling acoustic guitar, audible vocals, audible room tone - this was a Pete Swanson we'd never heard before. Although his signature degradation systems are still in place (both sides end with a blown-out acoustic guitar emulating dirty-needled distortion), acoustic strings, four walls and a voice dominate, dislocated just enough to give you the sense that the world ends at your bedroom walls. This is a sound that shouldn't be unfamiliar to anyone previously baptised by 4-track channelled lathe transmissions from the bottom of the world. The dusty gems re-interpreted here are 'High Time' by seminal Christchurch kvltists Dadamah (originally released as a 7" on the genius Majora label circa '91) and 'Trees' from Gate's recent downer-techno masterpiece 'A Republic Of Sadness', both are redolent of the darkest, coldest Dunedin winter as imagined from half a world away. Edition of 300."
4/3/2010 Swanson, Pete Mr. Entertainment cassette $7.99
"Mr. Entertainment opens with a super crunchy, cracking loop that lays the rough and porous volcanic foundation for Pete's signature sound: HEAVY & BLOWN-OUT. Monstrous fields of sound roll in like thunder, while fragmented text, seemingly jumbled and masked, works towards subliminal manipulation of the listener. Melodic undertones hint at the emotive spirit buried beneath this nuclear assault of tape and electronics. Self-released in October of 2009, this tape is a fine example of Pete's recent efforts." - Gift Tapes Blog. This is a second edition I believe.

Sweet & Honey Live At Your Cosmic Mind LP $39.99 The Now Sound "Sweet & Honey was active from 1989 to 1993 in Tokyo. In the beginning, they were formed as a trio by Junichi Yamamoto. In 1991, their guitarist left the group. And later on Koji Hagiwara and Masaki Batoh joined together. Then they started to explore their own deep cosmic sound. Ten years later, Live At Your Cosmic Mind is the sonic fossil left behind in their tracks. Cast your satori mind back through the many dawns of time -- a time when even Ghost was in their dawning days. In this time, Ghost's leader Masaki Batoh was many things. One of those things was a guitarist in Sweet & Honey. Channeling the great Les Rallizes Denudes and running in stride with contemporaries like Fushitusha and High Rise, Live At Your Cosmic Mind is the blissed-out Japanese answer to Hawkwind's monstrous 'Space Ritual'." 1997 release - still sealed
3/20/2010 Swept Off Th' Land Sick Pledge cassette $7.99 Fag Tapes "Damaged new duo sounds like something you would hear coming from behind an auto graveyard. hillbilly, primitive outsiders trying to keep warm playing homemade instruments; training their dogs to fetch road kill. electronics and acoustics. hand-painted/numbered edition 30."
3/7/2008 Swirnoff, Preston Maariv CD $11.99 Last Visible Dog "Sweet set of new electroacoustic pieces from California resident Preston Swirnoff. You may recall his name from the massive Monosov / Swirnoff four LP set Eclipse dropped a while back. Or from his out rock duo (also w/ Ilya Monosov) The Shining Path. Or form that crazy Habitat Sound System dub record he made. Jeez. Busy much? Anyway, I walked into AQ last weekend
and picked this up because the first track was playing and I was instantly like “What the fuck is this?” & “Can I please buy it?” The mix of rolling piano thunder and electronic fog had me drooling on my shirt. Dreamy dreamy stuff. The other three tracks hit the whole Mills Collage / SF Tape
Music Center vibe but in a much darker inner space kinda way, and with out any academic pretension. Track 3 is another highlight, Swirnoff using tape speed to turn guitar harmonics into shimmering bell tones that bounce around like little stars. Perfect music for night." - Root Blog Review Feb 2008
2/4/2007 Sword Heaven untitled 3" CD $6.99 Apop Records "Twenty minutes of Industrial sludge dredged up from the bottom of ancient tar pits. Sword Heaven bashes the listener into submission with the haunting sounds of Screeching metal, caveman howls, and the most intense pounding of drums one will ever encounter. This release is part of the apop Pasteur series. Each cd is sealed in petri dishes with artwork/dye/polyethylene glycol mixture."
7/30/2006 Swung Voice and Key 3" CDR $7.99 Pseudo Arcana "Swung is Aucklands Zoe Drayton. Besides her invaluable role as the chief archivist, promoter and all round lynchpin of the New Zealand 'new music' scene, Drayton is an active musician and composer in her own right. 'Voice and Key' is -as the name suggests- a collection of keyboard and voice works from the period 1996-2006. Each track is an entity unto itself. The 1st features a simple melancholy piano figure that is looped and cut up until it utterly fragments into a stacatto drone, the 2nd sounds almost a found recording of private utterances, sommeone sitting at a piano in a cool summer room. Track 3 is a beautiful short and wordless "pop song", track 4 an abstract organ trajectory and track 5 a radically deconstructed lullaby. 'Voice and Key' is a extraordinarily intimate and beautiful work. It feels a privilege to be invited in to listen." - label
5/28/2011 SYCH Lunar Roulette LP + download $14.99 Strange Attractors Audio House SYCH is: Wally Shoup - Alto Saxophone C. Spencer Yeh - Violin, Vocals Chris Corsano - Percussion Bill Horist - Electric Guitar. "Each of these musicians is a brilliant creative force in his own right, and as a quartet they are capable of blistering ecstatic play as well as voyages into novel, subtle textural forms." - Creative Music Guild (Portland, OR) "SYCH is both an acronym for the dream-team avant jazz quartet of Wally Shoup/C. Spencer Yeh/Chris Corsano/Bill Horist, and the heady, buzzing state of mind achieved while immersed in their glorious fire-ringed soundpools. The players' combined resume reads as a borderline hyperbolic who's who of contemporary experimental and improvised music: Shoup is a free jazz veteran from Seattle, WA who leads his Wally Shoup Trio and Project W, and has collaborated with Nels Cline (Wilco etc), Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth etc), and Paul Flaherty; Yeh is most known for leading Burning Star Core and boasts countless live and recorded collaborations in his own right; Corsano is a shining light in avant music, most recently as a member of Rangda (with Sir Richard Bishop and Ben Chasny) and is a tremendously in-demand and diverse percussionist, performing with people that range (literally) from Bjork to Jandek, and on recordings with Six Organs of Admittance, Nels Cline and dozens more; Horist is a West Coast signature guitarist, composer and improviser, with scores of recordings and collaborations alongside such names as Bill Frisell, Eugene Chadbourne, and Steve Fisk. The sum of the individual parts is staggering as displayed on Lunar Roulette, an astonishing album brimming with ecstatic excursions into the outer regions of free music. Lunar Roulette is the direct result of an inspired whim by Shoup, who invited Corsano and Yeh to come play the Seattle Improvised Music Festival in February 2010 with Horist, a friend and frequent hometown collaborator. What occurred was a fountainhead of creative interplay culminating in a set for Sonarchy Radio, an ongoing series for Seattle's KEXP in which artists converge in the studio at Jack Straw Productions for live-in-the-studio performances broadcast over the air. Lunar Roulette is culled from this performance, fine tuned to bring out the absolute best in the individuality of each player and their uncanny cohesion. SYCH billows forth with some of the most unusual and genre-pushing music heard to ooze from both jazz and free rock circles alike. The burly and frenetic combination of Corsano/Shoup/Horist is enriched by the orchestral nature of Yeh's violin...and when Yeh interjects with his Yamtastuka Eye-esque vocal improvisations, the whole aircraft launches into entirely alien terrain. Make no mistake, it's not just solid skronk-freakouts bellowing from the belly of SYCH, but Lunar Roulette is often strikingly subtle, with various passages exploring lilting and ethereal moods, with some outright accessibility within the oddness. SYCH shows exactly why these folks are the world's top players in improvised music and have been for years. Let's hope Lunar Roulette is a harbinger for many more soul-grinding sessions to come."