DateAdded Artist Title Format Price Label Description
9/17/2006 R.O.T. L'écurie LP $13.99 K-raa-k R.O.T. has gained a quality reputation in the underground scene during their six years of existence. This led to a splendid cdr- and tape discography. "L'écurie" is their first long player. Each side contains two jams that sound like calm and fluently movements through sound at one time, then like a somewhat more brutal treatment at another point. The album shows nicely how R.O.T. works as a (live) band. It's not about well-thought sound poetry here, but about spontaneous improvisation where random incidents are considered as an extra band member. A slow bass that wanders gently through the acoustic droning, when suddenly an alarm clock starts to ring, followed by new almost-quietness and laidback noise. R.O.T. stands for an original approach of sound sources and a continuously seeking for the "moment". Side A was recorded in an abandoned administration building in Jette, a small town near Brussels. The space was run by young students for six months and renamed the place "l'écurie", the French for stable. R.O.T. improvised in the dusty kitchen during three long days, mostly during the nights as well. The tracks on the B side are takes from improvisations in an horse stable. There again the album's title refers to L'écurie. This time at an old farm which is called Ferme du Biereau (Louvain La Neuve). The farm is also known as a nice venue and spot for artists en musicians."
1/5/2013 Raajmahal Tishna c40 cassette $7.99 Sloow Tapes "Two spaced-out tracks by Pat Murano (Decimus/NNCK) and Carla Backer (Baba Yaga/Flower Orgy), a trip beyond Cartesian dualism into dark waters of other-consciousness scented with Eastern spiritualism and quiet contemplation. Floating bodies of restrained guitar and ethereal vocal chants summon Apsaras bearing cups of psychedelic nectar. 100 copies."
6/11/2006 Raccoo-oo-oon Cave of Spirits Forever CD $15.99 Time-Lag "A hot new real CD reissue of the CDR version that went instantly out of print last year. RACCOO-OO-OON are one of those bands that can somehow shift between seemingly divergent genres, while the whole time keeping a sound very much their own. The disc launches with a speed blasted, noise fueled, psych/punk rocker, slides into nearly grooving free-jazz territory, then into a gorgeous, buzzing/floating/tinkling bliss mantra, and that's just the first three tracks. Things continue unfolding from there, but the overall sound constantly slips back to the sort of mantric, damaged rock thud these guys are clearly fond of. A rather thrilling and quite great ride. Remastered by PETE SWANSON (YELLOW SWANS) for extra punch. Packaged in a full color offset printed tri-fold art paper cover, reproducing SHAWN REED's original eyeball frying art. Limited edition of 1000 copies."
12/13/2008 Raccoo-oo-oon Raccoo-oo-oon double LP $25.99 Not Not Fun "Everything's coming to an end with the swan song from Iowa City's Raccoo-oo-oon. Following up last years critically acclaimed Behold Secret Kingdom, the final album takes everything up a notch and shows a band taking their last breath and laying down the last bricks in their fairly short history. More reminiscent of the freeform punk madness of The Cave Of Spirits Forever (Time Lag) than the heavy outbursts from Behold Secret Kingdom, this album reeks of desperation and a feeling of going down with nothing to loose at all. A fucked upfuture-prog mayhem that is all over the place and at no known place at the same time. Minds are melting, new grounds are covered and things will never be the same. When the last track fades out and everything is over, the silence has never been so quiet. Genuinely uncomfortable, desperate and just beautiful, this album will surely be remembered as the most important recording that Racco-oo-oonever put to tape. Limited edition of 500 vinyl copies!"
12/29/2004 Råd Kjetil and The Loving Eye Of God Råd Kjetil and The Loving Eye Of God CD $19.99 Goddamn I'm A Countryman "Here's the deal - there is no deal. Wilmot says it all in his liner notes & here's my take on it, but obviously in other words. After all, words don't count. The heartbeat is what's important, the flow of the other side to which we may connect if we care enough. Råd Kjetil is a ghost of the past and the life to come, The Loving Eye Of God is equal parts gentle tides and raging seas. I don't know much else on this subject, but I can tell you about dark nights in the woods where no evil dwells for long. The music heard there is not the same as on this disc, but that doesn't mean the music of Råd Kjetil and The Loving Eye Of God is not as good. It's just different, and difference can be a thing to hold dear as well. There is certainly something happening here, but you don't know what it is - do you, Mr Jones?" - B.C. Wolff
2/15/2011 Radigue, Eliane Jouet Electronique/Elemental I LP $26.99 Alga Marghen "Alga Marghen proudly presents two sublime pieces by Eliane Radigue, 'Jouet Electronique' (1967) for feedback on magnetic tape and 'Elemental I' (1968) for feedback of natural sounds on magnetic tape. Both works, recorded at Pierre Henry's Studio Apsome in Paris, have not been published before. Between 1967 and 1968, Eliane Radigue was the assistant of Pierre Henry in his studio, mainly for the editing of 'L'Apocalypse de Jean.' He also put her in charge of organizing his sound archive according to different criteria. It was endless work -- there were incredible sounds, a true sound library! Eliane Radigue really enjoyed doing this work, even if it took a long time. So, sometimes she decided to set the machines of the studio to do some little work on her own. 'Jouet Electronique' and 'Elemental I' were born this way as a kind of recreation during her time as a studio assistant. Working with feedback is something that Eliane Radigue learned through Pierre Henry. Do you remember 'Voyage'? There's that fluid part which is made of feedback constructed with a microphone. Everything had to be set at a precise distance from the loudspeakers because that is the specific problem with feedback -- you have to be at the right distance. Afterwards, these high tone recordings were slowed down in order to discover the deeper character of their color. This work with feedback was in the end quite limited and the composer preferred working with two reel tape machines to produce sounds. The first was set on the recording mode while the other was playing and it was the accidents happening in this phase that made the feedback richer. With some fine-tuning you could reach very beautiful results: low pulsations, very high-pitched sounds -- sometimes both at the same time -- or long sounds. All of these sounds could be slowed down or accelerated, which gave her a beautiful material to work with. With 'Jouet Electronique' Eliane Radigue had a lot of fun, hence the title. As far as 'Elemental I' is concerned, it was the first attempt at something which was very important to her based on the theme of the basic elements: water, fire, air and earth. Eliane had the chance to record in open air thanks to a small Stella Vox that Arman gave her in the beginning of the 1960's. At the time she was still living in Nice and every now and then she went for a walk to do some recordings of the sea, the wind, the rain, the fire?Eliane Radigue continued this way to build her very minimal sound library, consisting of not more than ten reel tapes. This was the starting point and in 1968 she used these recordings for her work with two reel tape machines. First pressing limited to 300 copies, with a text by Emmanuel Holterbach and a photo portrait by Arman."
1/30/2014 Radigue, Eliane Opus 17 double LP $39.99 Alga Marghen "alga marghen very proudly presents "Opus 17", a major turning-point in the sonic oeuvre of Eliane Radigue. Finished in 1970 it was the last work composed with feedback materials. From that experimental period "Opus 17" preserves the plastic character: a music made of rough sonic phenomena, at once harsh and granular, possessing a quality of materiality and tactility. Its vibrations structure the air surrounding the listener with densities, thicknesses, indeed with palpable movement. Her compositions are frames which let us hear these phenomena, open frameworks from the sonic installations of her Endless Musics (cf. "Feedback Works 1969-70" LP issued on alga marghen) and here reinserted in the five scenes making up "Opus 17". In 1970, in her studio of very rudimentary means, she developed a completely unique body of work centered on sounds produced by feedback. "Opus 17" has the quality of showing off the sum of the achieved techniques and methods. Eliane Radigue's music has never been rooted in ideas but in practice, the intimate experience of things in the wild which she has known how to tame. This dialog both intense and poetic which she keeps up with the solid matter of sound finds a remarkable concretization in "Opus 17". It is to be underlined that with "Opus 17" Eliane Radigue inaugurates a technique of composition which will be her footprint, her trademark: imperceptible transformations. For that she has developed a technique of meticulous mixings, based on the slow passage from one section to the next. Imperceptible, all during the piece, we pass, ceaselessly and without noticing the changes, from one frequency flux to another. Time is suspended, smoothed out, stretched. It is this technique which Eliane Radigue will be essentially using for all the electronic works to come and which she will never cease to refine and render always more subtile. "Opus 17" is the great panoramic voyage through material sound, its electronic phenomena detailed as if in a microscope. Could feedback really contain such a universe? "Yes", the work of Eliane Radigue answers, but that exploration was not that easy: one had to learn to listen. It required Eliane Radigue's great demands on listening which led her to the discovery of such treasures. Unknown wealth in a material often rejected as trivial. As Rhys Chatham recalls: "Eliane Radigue (...) had just moved to New York and had the idea of acquiring an analog modular synthesizer, which is why she worked at NYU in order to try out the possibilities of the Buchla 100 series which we had there. One day, while gossiping, she invited me to her loft, which was just on the corner. She had me listen to a piece composed in France; the piece called 'Opus 17'. (...) What I heard changed to course of my life as a composer. (...) That piece, impressive source of inspiration, gave the impression of being in a grand cathedral, both for the sensation of immensity of being in such a large cathedral, as for the effect of being so close to God". This anecdote has its importance because it is evident when listening to the feedback works that Eliane Radigue had already put in place the essential part of her musical æsthetic. "Opus 17" was created at the artistic center of Verderonne on May 23, 1970, for the Fête en blanc (i.e. White Festival) organized by the visual artists Antoni Miralda, Joan Rabascall, Dorothée Selz and Jaume Xifra.
Previously unreleased, "Opus 17" is now issued on alga marghen in a first edition of 400 copies in gatefold sleeve.
11/2/2011 Radio People Hazel LP $14.99 Mexican Summer "Slowly drifting over the horizon, into the realms of Mexican Summer, comes Radio People. The return of Cleveland, Ohio man Sam Goldberg's cosmic synthesizer project is cause for fanfare of the most blissful kind - his music is, after all, a beautiful, hovering behemoth worthy of celebration. Since 2007 Goldberg has become renowned for his slew of highly collectable cassettes, CDRs and VHS on such labels as the Emeralds-curated Wagon and Gneiss Things, Weird Forest, 905 Tapes, Catholic Tapes and Tusco/Embassy, while also finding the time to found his own prolific imprint Pizza Night. Radio People appeared in 2009, producing a similar cascade of material, with Digitalis Records carefully gathering a selection and committing them to vinyl a year later. Mexican Summer is proud to contribute to this legacy with his new album Hazel, a collection of dream-like soundscapes, billowing clouds of synthesizers cut with poignant razor drones, expansive sweeping melodies and suspended harmonies. When brought out of reverie, Radio People pushes ever onward with Italo and Kosmische pulses, concise percussion and sombre vocals, but when left for a while it is always happy to melt back into music for drooping eyelids and swollen hearts. Intergalactic drama at its best and most essential."
11/6/2010 Radio People Leapt c22 cassette $7.99 Deception Island "Dear reader, you've probably never considered the notion that there might be beaches in Cleveland (full disclosure, my erstwhile hometown actually features one of the ten worst in the nation), but Pizza Nite impressario Sam Goldberg probably isn't letting your parochial mentality get him down. With Leapt, Goldberg, who works as a lone entity on this latest offering from his still fresh/exploratory Radio People project has delivered a suite of miniatures that go to the beach without going to the beach, if you take my meaning. Here, as in all of Sam's myriad endeavors, including Mist (with John Elliott), Free Time (with Mark McGuire), Docile Dawn (with Zach Troxell of Fragments), Pages, and his eponymous output, the animating concept is his own idiosyncratic take on the varied/storied traditions of bedroom recording, from the mossy, rainstreaked, and heartstring-tugging microcomposer-era futurism of "Korg" to the classic four-track aesthetic of the title track. "Finding One's Self" is made up of endlessly tumbling/unfurling synth riffs bisected by a gracefully hissing, atomized spray of pseudo-guitar, like a carnival swaddled in a heat-sick shimmer that rises from the pavement, or like the idea of amusement itself as a gas that someone, somewhere, who may or may not be you, is inhaling. "Leisure," on the other hand, proceeds with the sort of spare, courtly, and slightly menacing melodic poise that recalls Jarre's Les Granges Brulees, late La Dusseldorf, and Wendy Carlos circa A Clockwork Orange, while "The U.S," ironically enough, is more like a weird, stretched sort of italo, replete with bleary hustle, egg-frying pwm leads, and a self-aware sort of desire left in the backyard to evaporate in the late afternoon sun. It's a fitting conclusion to a summer that left your brain and mine too cooked for anything less lovely. Hand-numbered edition of 250."
8/1/2014 Ragab, Salah and The Cairo Jazz Band A Tribute to Sun Ra/Latino in Cairo 7" $16.99 Art Yard Limited edition heavyweight vinyl pressing. 45 rpm. Recorded in Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt in the early '70s. On side A: "A Tribute to Sun Ra" -- Salah Ragab (conducting, piano, drums, congas); Zaky Osman (trumpet, flute); Mohammad Abdou (trumpet); Ibrahim Wagdy (trumpet); Khalifa El Samman (trumpet); Mahmoud Ayoub (trombone); Sadeek Basyouny (trombone); El Saied El Aydy (alto sax); Farouk El Sayed (alto sax); Saied Salama (tenor sax); Fathy Abdel Salam (tenor sax); Reckardo Kready (piano); Sayed Sharkawy (drums); Moohy El Din Osman (bass); Sayed Ramadan (bongos). On side B: "Latino in Cairo" - Salah Ragab (conducting, piano, drums, congas); Zaky Osman (flute); El Saied El Aydy (alto sax); Sayed Sharkawy (drums); Moohy El Din Osman (bass); Sayed Ramadan (bongos).
9/29/2005 Raglani Blood Piece 2 / For A.O. CDR $12.99 Pegasus Farms "Muscular, emotional, and richly layered electroacoustic works from America's middle west. With a more diverse range of sound sources than the earlier 'Inner Piece,' Raglani points in the direction of a new music that would consolidate the methodological innovations of the improv-electronic underground while broadening its expressive resources. Musique concrete for aggressive children, noise determined to make you cry, any lingering distinctions between composition and improvisation are here happily erased."
9/29/2005 Raglani Inner Piece 1 / Inner Piece 2 CDR $12.99 Pegasus Farms "Tonal fetishism. Raglani's most ascetic pieces tend towards a resistant materialism; high frequencies are marshalled to serve contemplative, rather than assaultive, ends. Falling neither on the side of noise nor that of the dryer strains of contemporary European electronics, Raglani improvises into being the layered space he would later fill with more direct allusions to melody and memory.
9/29/2005 Raglani / Scenic Railroads split CDR $14.99 Gameboy / Pegasus Farms Raglani's contribution to this split comes in the form of three tracks motivated by a more focused attention to narrative elements and the microrelations between layers of sound. Musical and nonmusical sources dissolve into one another, filling the air with solid memories. Structurally, these pieces are Raglani's most fully realized, and they contain his most explicit nods in the direction of melody. Another chapter in the ongoing negotiation for an affectively deeper form of electroacoustic music. Along with Scenic Railroad's (Mike Shiflet and Joe Panzer) 4 digital improvisations, this disc plays excellently off each other creating a disc with a consistent, organic flow. An edition of 500. co-released with Shiflet's Gameboy records and printed at the infamous thumbprint press."
2/14/2008 Rahdunes Rahdunes LP $24.99 QBICO Picture disk, cover by QBICO. Recorded 2007, two tracks on side A and one on side B. "Originally from Sacramento, CA this is a rude boy duo. The record begins with some of the most crude and rough guitar/drums duo ever! Then you'll drift toward a far away place... to be finally hypnotized for 25 minutes by a side long track... derailing!"
7/28/2011 Rail Band Orchestre Rail-Band de Bamako LP $15.99 Mississippi Records "Reissued for the first time, the legendary Malian Rail Band's classic '70 debut LP. Based out of the Buffet Bar of the Station Hotel in Bamako, the band was sponsored by the Ministry of Information. Swirling afro-latin guitars & horns. Malian folk songs modernized & played by some of the country's finest musicians including Tidani Kone & Salif Keita."
7/30/2006 Rainey, Bhob Two Bites of a Bitter Sweet 7" $5.99 Evolving Ear "Bhob Rainey is an established bigwig of the global improv / noise / experimental underground as a result of his work alongside trumpeter Greg Kelley in the influential duo, nmperign, his direction of the improvising juggernaut, The BSC, and his numerous solo works and collaborations with the likes of Jason Lescalleet, Gunter Muller, Ralf Wehowsky, Le Quan Ninh, Alessandro Bosetti, and Michel Doneda, among others. Two Bites of a Bitter Sweet is his first release of purely electronic music, and Evolving Ear is tickled to be the messenger on this one. The material on the two side-long, 33rpm pieces ranges from homemade synth textures to field recordings from Lisbon, Venice, Huelva, and other, unremembered locations. There's some singing by Naomi Yang (Damon and Naomi) and Bhob himself, and some words of wisdom from Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Overall, a woozy alternate reality is offered for repeated dream pool swims. Beautiful, hallucinatory artwork by Elaine Kaufmann." - label.
6/27/2009 Raionbashi In Teufel's Kuche 10" $14.99 Absurd / Ignivomous "To say there is a lot of information on the cover of Raionbashi's 'In Teufel's Kuche'... well, no. I came across the name Raionbashi before, on two compilations, but I have no idea who or what it is. The label says 'All Voices, Noises, Instruments, Body-Functions & Apostrophes by DL' and that this is a follow up to 'Kollekte', a LP for Hanson Records in 2006. The music is great, yet hard to define. Is it musique concrete? Perhaps one could say it is. There is the use of piano sounds, various objects picked up with contact microphones and perhaps some voice material. But what Raionbashi does with this material is not drown it in electronic processing, but built in various layers of unprocessed nature. Lots of layers it seems, but with various moments of silence built in. I perhaps wrongly expected some noise, but this is far from it. This is some great obscured music (as opposed to obscure music), with some intense moments. Not easy listening, but one that grows every time you play it." (FdW) - Vital Weekly
7/16/2006 Raised by Wolves Tipping the Grinning Monkey CDR $8.99 Curor Recordings "Raised by Wolves remind us that real power comes from knowing when to hold back, and Tipping the Grinning Monkey is an exercise in endlessly delayed gratification. The power duo of Andy Pyne on drums and Matt Colegate on electric guitar consistently refuse to give us the avalanche of feedback and clattering drums that we think we want. Instead, playing with considerable restraint, they tantalise the listener with brief moments that only suggest the geological forces swelling beneath, and it's this that keeps us wanting more. Over the course of eight psyched-out improvisations, they lay to waste every tedious genre-description, leaving them flattened and smoking like peasant villages after ethnic cleansing. Tipping the Grinning Monkey sounds like nothing so much as Sonny Sharrock playing the songs of Glenn Branca to a Jaki Liebezeit drum track. Their fourth album, it marks the close of one chapter and the beginning of another in Raised by Wolves' development; it is both their first away from their own Foolproof Projects label, and the last that will feature the duo lineup."
11/8/2013 Raising Holy Sparks A Mendicant Hymnal double CDR $11.99 Deep Water "Raising Holy Sparks is the new musical project of Dave Colohan (United Bible Studies mainstay, ex-Agitated Radio Pilot), and it finds our peripatetic Irish monk journeying even further into long-form instrumental devotions of undeniably sublime effect, epic slow-motion electro-acoustic soundscapes deeply permeated by a sense of awe and wonder at the natural glories of the American continent. In the artist's words: "Inspired by 7000 miles of travel across 30 states, A Mendicant Hymnal draws on the vast & ever-changing American landscape, from the mountains & deserts of the West through the empty plains & onto the endless forests of the East. The first in a continuing series, trying to get, in the words of Edward Abbey, 'close to the West of my deepest imaginings, the place where the tangible & the mythical became the same.'" Thirteen tracks, two discs, 135 minutes.
6/24/2012 Rale The Moon Regarded, and the Bright One Sought c26 cassette $7.99 NNA Tapes "NNA is honored to release the latest work by Southern California sound artist William Hutson. A collection of undulating swells of tone span across both sides of "The Moon Regarded, and the Bright One Sought," each one expertly crafted and layered using a combination of modern and traditional instrumentation. While sitting comfortably in the minimalist tradition, each ebb and flow is brimming with color, emotion, and evocative melody. The listener is rewarded with a pause of silence after each swell, leaving the opportunity to reflect and contemplate on the sound's vastness and beauty."

ralph haxton A Thing Or Two About Etiquette 7" $4.99 Gyttja 1997 release.
2/15/2005 Ram Umbus Swing Low LP $14.99 Ecstatic Yod "Sole known recording by this harshly proletarian improv unit from Brooklyn. They supposedly have been around for a long time, but they exist in the shadows of the hip world on downtown NYC & choose (as Chain Gang did before them) to create and man their own scene. High powered at times, resolutely unfocussed at others, this is their music." - Byron Coley. Volume 5 in the COTAR (Center Of The Ass Run) series.
11/1/2014 Rambling Boys True To Blue c50 cassette $8.99 Sloow Tapes "Psychedelic blues jams by Finnish legend Keijo & co. Lost Mississippi vibes from the mysterious Finish woods. Guess there's still some dwarfs high on reindeer piss hiding somewhere in here. Edition of 80 copies."
1/25/2011 Rambutan Dislocated Time c30 cassette $9.99 D'artagnan Records "Time warp sanctuary - four-dimensional faces." Edition of 40 copies.
8/31/2010 Rambutan Dream of a Future Desert c60 cassette $5.99 Stunned "It's no accident that this is Rambutan's third entry in Stunned's catalog, and hopefully it won't be his last. Appearing to have slowed the prolific pace of his 2009 solo offerings, we were starting to wonder what's been brewing in Eric Hardiman's cauldron for 2010. Then this luminous hour was slipped our way, and we instantly realized what the wait was about. 'Dream of a Future Desert' is Rambutan's personal zeitgeist of ethereal texture-craft and his definitive statement of the year. With an evolved ear for deep sonorous spaces, Hardiman maneuvers his glistening guitar & honeydripping synth lines into an overall manifestation of desert mirage and articulation of oasis air. Epic in scope and mesmerizing in its holographic nature, 'Dream of a Future Desert' presents itself as an absolutely essential chapter in Rambutan's inimitable discography. Limited edition of 111 pro-dubbed & imprinted c60 tapes w/ double-sided jcard and insert."
2/7/2009 Rambutan I Saw You Running Out cassette $5.99 905 Tapes "Eric Hardiman of Century Plants solo effort. lost in the woods gutterjazz/creepdrone, just melting trees and discovering new paths for the creatures. jams will slow down time and have a staring contest with anything that has eyes on it's head, or wherever on the body. as long as it can look, it will feel."
1/24/2009 Rambutan Rusted Prayers Converge CDR $7.99 Tape Drift "CDR Debut solo release from Eric Hardiman of Century Plants and Burnt Hills. From ghostly noisescapes to swirling organic drone plateaus to pure guitar improvisations, Hardiman floats in and out of various sound worlds on this one, yet always ties things together with a thoughtful and compelling sonic thread. Four tracks recorded basement style deep in the night, and it shows. Dig in, yet another surprise from the Century Plants camp."
11/3/2012 Rambutan Surrounded cassette $7.49 Obsolete Units "Eric Hardiman is an upstate NY musician who in addition to operating the superb label Tape Drift Records and performing as a long-time member of both psych-rock ensemble Burnt Hills and as one-half of the prolific Century Plants also records prodigious and multifarious drone compositions under the alias Rambutan. Surrounded has been on the table for a long while, and its engrossing, captivating constitution manifests as an audacious rearrangement of guitar-focused experimentation. Hardiman constructs these four pieces around intense manipulations of his guitar and various unidentified electronics using a hand and mind that works both patiently and fearlessly. Pieces like 'Unfamiliar Moments' and Trace' inhabit a state of contemplative obscurity, carefully avoiding the easy pay-off of cheap bombast while the title track, along with 'Perimeter', confidently explores the heavy, hazy psychedelia of British experimental legends like Ashtray Navigations and Matthew Bowers' various projects. A pronounced and striking work of a consistently gifted voice in the American underground. Pro-dubbed/pro-printed edition of 100."
2/18/2015 Ramones Live At German Television: Musikladen Recordings 1978 LP + DVD $35.99 Sireena Records The very first TV performance of the Ramones in Europe from 1978 for the first time in a Vinyl / DVD set. "On September 13th, 1978, the RAMONES were guests in the tv-studios of Radio Bremen. It was the first tv-appearance of the band in Europe at all. For the at that time successful tv-series MUSIKLADEN they played 25 titles in about 50 minutes and left an ecstatic audience. Here is this unbelievable appearance - unabridged with all encores for the first time on vinyl & DVD. For the band it must have been quite a shock when they entered the stage at the tv-studio of Radio Bremen. Although the slightly ragged backdrop of MUSIKLADEN was okay to Joey, Dee Dee, Johnny and Marky Ramone, this was not valid to the main group of the audience. Joerg Sonntag, today director and editor, former assistant of Mike Leckebusch, remembers in an interview (bonus-title on the dvd) that the night before the concert he strolled around the bars and pubs of Bremen and gave away free tickets. The RAMONES performed songs mostly compounded out of their first two studio albums. Finally they succeeded to leave an overwhelmed audience. For the american punk legends this first tv-appearance not only meant hardest work but also the final breakthrough in Europe.
9/17/2012 Rangda Formerly Extinct LP $15.99 Drag City "All they needed was love. But you turned away, now they've broken the bonds of their cage and are back on the street, formerly extinct. Bishop, Chasny and Corsano turn in three-handed riffs galore in a more regimented sequel to their take-no-prisoners-or-corpses-either! debut jammer. This time the saddle shoes are scooting across the tiles - sure, they're spattered with blood and excrement, but it's the thought that counts. Our vote for Instrumental Album of the Year, are you kidding? Look at those teeth!"
5/16/2010 Range Rats Range Rats LP $14.99 Mississippi Records "Recorded in 1986 & completely unreleased until now - this is Fred & Toody Cole's (Weeds, Lollipop Shoppe, Zipper, Torpedoes, Rats, Western Front, Desperate Edge, Dead Moon, Pierced Arrows, & so on) great lost country LP! All original compositions...some sad lilting ballads & some punk as hell. Two songs feature Fred & Toddy playing with 'Rollie', a janky Roland drum machine that didn't keep a consistent meter very well. The rest of the songs were recorded with a lean mean band. We are very proud to bring this LP into the world for the first time - another facet of the genius of Fred & Toody Cole & low-fi as can be. Housed in an oldschool tip-on sleeve."
11/6/2010 Ranil y su Conjunto Tropical Ranil's Jungle Party LP $16.99 Masstropicas "With this release, Masstropicas begins its fascinating journey through time into 1970's Peru. Peruvian cumbia, the heartbeat of the nation that was and is loved by millions, has been rescued and is now being lovingly introduced to North American audiences. There's no better way to start than with the hypnotic electric guitars of the jungle, fabulously played by Ranil & his Tropical Band. The band originally hails from the Belen district of Iquitos, nestled within the heart of the Amazonian rainforest. The town is famous for being flooded for several months, transforming it into a steamy South American Venice, which undoubtedly influences its people and their music. During our journey, you'll enjoy the different sounds of jungle music we bring to your stereo. Mix a bit of lush greenery, cool waters, surging heat, sweat, joy, and psychedelia -- Ranil & his Tropical Band are the final product."
9/17/2003 Ras and The Music Now Unit Into the Openess CD $14.99
"Featuring Ras on tenor & alto saxes, Matt Lavelle on trumpet & bass clarinet, Tor Snyder on guitar, Matt Heyner & Todd Nicholson on acoustic basses and Jackson Krall on drums. Ras is one our closest pals and a kindred soul who shares our DMG's love and knowledge of the spiritual side of modern jazz, no matter where it comes from or how obscure its background might be. A number of his different units have played here at DMG from time to time and always blow away the devoted who attend DMG's weekly Sunday sets. ‘Straight Up Out There’ launches off with ‘Love Supreme’ like throbbing doubled basses while both horns, bass clarinet and tenor sax, swirl together furiously. Strong solos from the bass clarinet and bowed bass erupt with Jackson (from Cecil Taylor' current trio) pushing the soloists skywards. Ras and co. do a great job a capturing that fire music with the basses and drums recorded up front and in your face, the horns also riding the waves of energy and exploding bigtime! Lavelle's trumpet flies high on ‘Kuntu’ soaring as Ras' tenor squeals intensely underneath. Another alien-sounding arco bass solo buzzes like a like an angry
hummingbird, but finally breaks down to a more tentative bass and drums duo, tightly wound and flowing together just right, before erupting intensely near the end. The explosive two bass and drum team also burn together on ‘Celestial Suite’ as the bass clarinet and bowed bass connect and explore the darker, denser regions. The two bass thing was made popular by Trane some forty years ago and still sounds fresh when done right, one bassist (Todd I believe) keeps that pulse flowing as the bowed bass bends notes around the horns in a connected frenzy of activity. The final piece is an epic suite called ‘Cosmic Blue Night Forest Parts 1-5’ and begins with the horns stating the dark theme in the distance as this piece is live. The eerie arco bass hovers in the center like a sinister ghost, as the other plucked bass and drums spin freely with some pumping tenor dancing like a flame. This piece features Tor Snyder's growling, bluesy guitar weaving with suspense-filled horn cries and the cosmic bowed bass buzzing with tension and release. At nearly 75 minutes, this cd is a bit long, but no less engaging throughout. Get ready for the long and winding journey and leap ‘into the openess.’" – Downtown Music Gallery
3/28/2012 Rashomon Ashcan Copy (Film Music Vol.3) LP $32.99 Hlava 2011 release. "Rashomon is the brainchild of London-based Matt Thompson. A founding member of Guapo, he has been developing the Film Music series under the Rashomon name since 2004. Previous instalments have been inspired by the bizarre narrative discontinuities of directors such as Hiroshi Teshigahara and Albert Zugsmith (The Ruined Map : Film Music Vol. 1) and highly disturbing 1970s public information films (The Finishing Line : Film Music Vol. 2). Over a year in the making, Ashcan Copy (Film Music Vol.3) contains interpretations of music from unreleased films from Italy, Japan and the USA (among others), dating from the 1950s to 1970s and sourced from film archives across Europe. These eight tracks expand on the source material to include elements of noise, folk, psychedelia, prog and jazz noir, while still remaining faithful to their origins. Unavailable in any other format and largely unknown until now, this music can at last be heard. For fans of Ennio Morricone, Goblin, Popol Vuh and Bohren und der Club of Gore." Edition of only 150 copies.
3/21/2009 Rat Owl / AC/DP split cassette $7.99 Middle James Co. "TERROR TAPES vol 33. RAT OWL / AC/DP c60. side a=RAT OWL shit noise trio of Smith, Payne & Coltrane from recordings of two sessions in the Hermitage Tapes basement studio. 1st piece August 2 2008=3am freak haze on Hermitage homemade instruments and toasted electronics. creeped minimal outersiderspaced orchestra pit scrape and save.;;; 2nd piece from freedom scat sessions recorded on the 4th of July- mangled murk mess of murders burst sax blurts + tape squirts even some skin smacking fireworks with AC behind the kit. side b=AC/DP tho the duo is rather prolific, this bit of tape captures the first movements of the Coltrane/Payne beast together in one space at an early morning session in the Hermitage den. alien breakfast looped like soup. limited to 33."
2/19/2007 Rats With Wings Aide-Memoire double LP $27.99 Heard Worse "Absolutely killer vinyl release from Sydney based sound human, ebay enthusiast and explorer of all things noisy esoteric and damaged. Material taken from various CD-R releases of recent years. This is SUPREME analogue grief, haunted clatter, half-demon metallics, and good ol timey feedback. Really this rat has been spewing forth golden wares for a long time now and it's nice to see a vinyl release which may give him much warranted recognition. Shit hot! Material taken from CD-R releases: The Fish Rots From The Head (unreleased), Southern Oscillation Index (HoLR) CDR-RWW (MIR), Ratified Loopholes (AEN), Ashtray Cabbage (Fiend), Get And Put (Deadline), Out Vile Jelly! (Gold Soundz), Night Science and Underground Australia compilations (Cipher Productions). Package has a damaged CD glued to the cover." - synaesthesia
11/21/2002 Rats With Wings CDR-RWW CDR $10.99 MIR "Awesome electro-acoustic/ambient sound collages, ranging from nice and soothing to noisy and disturbing. 5 tracks and almost 70 minutes of top quality sound art."
9/30/2005 Rats With Wings Out Vile Jelly! CDR $10.99 Gold Soundz "All new 75 minute electronic hot soup from mr Burston!!"
10/26/2004 Rauhan Orkesteri Hyppy Tunti 7" $7.99 Pohjoisten Kukkaiten Äänet October 2004 release from free jazz quartet of Antti Tolvi, Ville Jolanki, Tero Kemppainen, and Jaako Tolvi who reside in Turku, Finland. This 3 track ep is another fine release to follow up their now repressed self-titled lp and the still available 3” cdr ‘Feliz’.
10/16/2003 Rauhan Orkesteri Rauhan Orkesteri LP $17.99 Pohjoisten Kukkaiten äänet / LalLalLal “Call it free music, call it jazz, even free jazz, improvised music... You can use whatever names you wish to describe the sound of RAUHAN ORKESTERI (= Orchestra Of Peace). But one thing's sure: few words can describe the FIRE AND PASSION these cats put in their music!!! It's so boiling and joyful, that it makes you wonder: ‘What are they thinking??!!’ I tell you, this is the sound of awareness! When they play, you just get nailed to the floor... there's so many things going on, that your mind will feel no need for ‘normal’ music in a while. Totally insane and at the same time the only sane thing around. You should catch these guys live. If you are in Finland be sure to find out about club TULIPESÄ in Turku, for evenings of improvisation that feature one or many of these guys, but also other surprising people performing...
This album is recorded in the outdoors for the most part, and it is in MONO!!!!!! How cool is that???!!!”
7/16/2006 Rauhan Orkesteri & Laukheat Lampaat Sylissain Oot CD $15.99 Ache "We are proud to announce the release of Rauhan Orkesteri (Peace Orchestra)/ Lauhkeat Lampaat (Meek Sheep) CD originally released on LP in 2005 on Italian label, Qbico; ten pieces of free-improv-folk-jazz from Finland, with a distinctive foundation of playful vigor and heartening spirit. It's an organic improv session that breathes countryside air, sensing the grass between its toes. Deeply routed in the incestuous Finnish psych-folk-experimental scene, the family tree of this four-piece has many branches, including the duo, Lauhkeat Lampaat who are peppered throughout this release. These pieces are differentiated by higher timbres and a slightly more tongue-in-cheek air (they are also distinguished by the asterisk in the song listing). Rauhan Orkesteri has to be one of Europe's most exciting new free jazz outfits, filled with a rarely encountered joyful energy floating on a fantastic search into the free realms of the outer possibilities of sound. No cause for intellectual drama here, Antti Tolvi, Ville Jolanki (reeds), Jaakko Tolvi (percussion) and Tero Kemppainen (bass) need no more then the direct physical contact between body and instrument for their sonic onslaughts that in no time go from hectic outbursts to warm and mellow soft blows." LP version in stock, too.
2/26/2006 Raven Strain Trisagion cassette $6.99 Hanson "Ever heard of the NORTHVILLE TUNNELS?? It's these underground tunnels in Northville, MI that lead to an old abandoned Mental Hosptial. A teenaged RAVEN STRAIN aka MATT BILLINGS used to hang out in those tunnels... ALOT! This is totally the sound of creeping thru there high on paint, seeing only by the light of a shitty BIC mini lighter... runnin around the hospital and reading the forgotten files of the inmates that once lived there. I remember him telling me a story of snakin some old filing cabinet from there and draggin em home thru the tunnels. I think he recorded that and put it on this tape. Total abandonment, illness, and drugs."
4/24/2006 Raven Strain untitled 7" $25.99 AA Records One-sided square lathe cut 7" from Nate Young's (Wolf Eyes) AA label.
2/4/2007 Raven Strain / Sick Llama Before Juice and Bondo cassette $8.99 Fag Tapes "colab. you might have got the first cuts from this session on the WE tour. we took a break to go score some weEed, came back to HAM studios and this is whut happened..... electronics,garbage tapes. edition 50."
4/10/2009 Raw Kites I Can See the Light, I Just Can't Feel It CDR $9.99 Bug Incision "Dadge and Krause met in 2006 and began playing together the following year in a trio called Hidden Fortress, with Thom Golub. In August of 2007, they toured with trumpet-whiz Peter Evans for his first Canadian jaunt and recorded these sides while they were at it. This collection features the choicest chunks of what went on in a living room and in a dance studio in Edmonton. Released in Vancouver (Krause's home) in February 2009. limited edition of 75, with 2 color photos." chris dadge / percussion, violin, amplified objects, shane krause / baritone saxophone, clarinet
2/5/2004 Raw Thug Raw Thug CDR $12.99 U-Sound "Very little known about Aurther Kalow / Raw Thug. We crossed paths with him in Louisville and again, randomly in Hudson NY, where he gave us this cd. Simple, but diverse...Raw Thug presents his tunes with the immediacy of Arthur Doyle. This document is all over the place, percussion with vocals, haunting keyboards, cut up electronics...rocked in a minimal, unique, voice." First 50 come with a limited poster sleeve - these are available now.
5/18/2011 Raw Thug Sugar Pills cassette $5.99 Bezoar Formations "Bold as it might seem, we feel that it's safe to proclaim Alan aka Raw Thug (aka Arsenio Zignoto aka Arthur Kalow aka The Brothers San Angeliquez akaŠ) to be Louisville, Kentucky's very own Magical Power Mako (from the earlier end of that spectrum, of course). Yes, we all know that in this post-Pessoa musical landscape the usage of shifting pseudonyms and heteronyms are quite the fashion. Who doesn't like sporting a new mask every once in a while, right? Raw Thug, however, is just one of many distinct and self-contained musical cosmologies blooming from this good gentleman's noggin. Having done time in many of Louisville's finer subterranean outfits, most notably as a mainstay in Sapat (whose "Mortise and Tenon" LP on Siltbreeze from a while back was a real gem of head-spinning, free-spirit group-think), it's safe to say that Alan is fully comfortable occupying his own musical territory. We initially met Alan on his first-ever visit to San Francisco, through a mutual friend's whole-hearted recommendation. Before we knew it, he was sitting on our floor playing computer music that he had made during his multi-day train ride out west that sounded a lot like Conlon Nancarrow's player piano inside of a deserted Bell Labs basement. After that, we knew it was all sunshine. Eventually, Alan started to send us regular cd-r packages, each being a new window into his creative universe. It didn't take long before we insisted on dispersing something into the world for a wider discerning audience. "Sugar Pills" indeed has that Mako blueprint of morphing genres within the arc of a song or two (pieces of outer-realm reed playing, laid-back porch-sitter psych, electro-acoustic composition, some near-Parliament funk-modes, etc.), trailing bursts of inspiration and genius modes of keen imitation, though now transported from Shibuya to Butchertown. Though we've spent only a couple of days in Louisville in our time, "Sugar Pills" seems to sound the way the town felt to us as outsiders: relaxed and leisurely, distinctive and idiosyncratic, and inexplicably strange in all the very best ways."
11/21/2009 Ray Off Douitashimasite CDR $10.99 Black Petal "It is the long-awaited return of Ray Off (Jim Currin of United Fairy Moons, with Tim Cornelius of Sandoz Lab Technicians and other peoples). This one is a really great Ray Off release.. there has been some lineup changes and there are some new vocalists in the band.. some of it is in the dreamy tone float vein of their previous album, but they are also rocking out a bit more.."
2/26/2006 Ray Pacino Ensemble, The Be my Lonely Night cassette $6.99 LalLalLal "Album full of recordings from the late 90's by this wonderful Swedish trio closely connected to Johannes Nilsson. Packed with folkish wibes and hypnotic hi&lo-fi grooves they sound like the summer sun shining through the smoke of tar production. At the same time it gives you a feeling of eating well and starting to get drunk after a long day in the tar fields. Every song is great like every dance you dance on the dancefloor on a cruiser on the same night. The tape stops just before the police takes you to prison because of otherworldly dancing and wrestling with your beloved ones."
5/5/2015 Razen Rare Undressed Mare c50 cassette $7.99 House of Alchemy After releases on K-RAA-K, Deep Distance and Sloow Tapes, Razen give us Rare Undressed Mare, a document of two striking live performances of long form acoustic drones. Subtle at times, engrossing and intense. Art by Beyt al Tapes. c50 edition of 100.
1/1/2008 Razoul Uzlu Lost and Found Adventures LP $22.99 Monalisa "The six pieces, now released by Monolisa Records, are part of a private tape released in 1992 by Razoul Uzlu (aka Raymond Dijkstra). The music on this album, created through automic writing, is a kind of imaginary animation music with a nice blend of collage and harmony, from sober sweetness to neurotic alienation. Multitracked synthesizer with voices and noises are the basic ingredients of these adventurous mono recordings. The cover of the record, also made by Razoul Uzlu, is a collage of selected prints of old engravings and texts. This is the first Monolisa release in an edition of 500 copies with stamped and numbered innersleeve." - Monolisa. Out of print.
7/5/2011 Red Electric Rainbow Fluorescent Landscapes c46 cassette $6.99 Rocket Machine Tapes "Originally released as a free download, Rocket Machine is pleased to give these two tracks from synth wizard Dan Smith a cassette release. Recorded in real time using an Akai GXC-730D and a Denon DR-M33HX onto Chrome Type II cassette. Edition of 50."
10/25/2008 Red Favorite Red Favorite LP $16.99 Streamline "Red Favorite, a cycle of compositions for guitars, electronics and voices created by Jeremy Pisani was first released as a limited edition CD on Spirit of Orr and is now offered, as it was originally conceived to appear, on an LP. He moved closer and looked through the peephole. And he saw: the world stretched out before him, a quiet and gentle space with a broad expanse of grass that practically glistened in its greenness. A sparkling brook ran through the meadow in the middle distance, and now he saw that the grass was dotted with the pale blue and soft yellow of many blooming flowers, which, half hidden in the grass, stared out at him like so many frightened eyes. On a distant hilltop stood a grove of small pink trees, covered and obscured by the astonishing pinkness of their blossoms. The world had a sense of freshness, as if it might only be minutes old -- washed clean by a careful springtime rain, dried and scrubbed by a solicitous breeze, burnished to its brightness by the rays of a gentle sun. It was an uncomplicated place, a very simple place. But what it had was quite enough; it had all it needed."
10/14/2010 Redemption Inc. Live in Amesbury and Dundee CDR $9.99 Music Mundane "Two complete live shows from late 1986/early 1987 from this
short-lived post-ESP Kinetic project, featuring Neil Campbell,
Stewart Walden, MS Turner, Andrew Watson and Caroline Gormley. Both sets have the band set up temporary camp in resolutely hostile outposts, riding roughshod over a series of primitive songs and out into more freeform territory, and both are charged with the
barely-suppressed mania and folly of youth. Amesbury is a
super-saturated desk tape, playing to a half-full cinema of bemused pop-rock fans, with the set terminated by a power-cut (or possibly the venue's owners pulling the plug). Dundee is a gritty audience tape, with a full-capacity angry punk crowd who don't hesitate to voice their feelings - once the songs give way to the freakouts, several punters invade the stage and set up an impromtu anarcho
chorus-rant over the din. The dementia is channelled and driven
forward throughout the disk by the relentlessly forward energy of the
MS Turner's drumming, a true force of nature. 11 tracks, 56 minutes."
5/1/2015 Redolfi, Michel Pacific Tubular Waves/ Immersion LP $25.99 Recollection GRM "Packaged with 3D cover art; includes Anaglyphic 3D glasses. "Pacific Tubular Waves" (1979): Electronic music for Synclavier digital synthesizer. "The first four movements frame different visions of the energy delivered by the rolling waves as a kind of auditory surfing on the crest and into the trough of the wave (movements 1-3), followed by a high speed crossing within the tubular cyclone (4). The piece ends with easing waves at dusk... In terms of the making, 'Pacific Tubular Waves' is a purely electronic music, a solo performance on the first digital Synclavier synthesizer. The flexibility of its touch keys enabled me to intuitively program a sonic organic life quality with a concrete quality. Here the computer was used to magnify the texture and behavior of the oceanic material though never mimicking it." "Immersion" (1980): Electroacoustic music for Synclavier synthesizer and underwater recordings. "Composing 'Immersion' started with underwater recordings using a hydrophone. After recording the shifting sands and the rolling pebbles under the breakers, I came up with the idea of dipping a sonar loudspeaker underwater to diffuse my 'Pacific Tubular Waves' piece (made the previous year) below the surface. The music was thus shuffled by the waves and unexpected filtering effects resulted from its passing through clouds of foam. Its dispersion at sea by currents would send back incredibly smooth harmonic echoes... The recording of this natural remixing process is the guiding thread of the piece. It is interspersed with sequences composed in the studio with the Synclavier. Alternating dry/wet, for a gradual immersion through increasingly calm and dense increments... Three-dimensional Visible Images through the glasses attached hereto. Analogous to stereo, the anaglyph graphic process consists of two left and right points view of the same object... The feeling of space is expanding proportionally to the distance of observation, from 80 cm to several meters" --Michel Redolfi. A singular figure of the electroacoustic landscape, Redolfi debuted in 1980 with Pacific Tubular Waves/Immersion on INA-GRM. Recollection GRM presents the first reissue of this record."

Reed, Loud Metal Machine Music CD $16.99 RCA Germany Reissue of 1975 double LP of pure noise.
6/19/2007 Reggae, The Balthar cassette $7.99 Tipped Bowler "Fifteen-plus minutes of astral debris from the Reggaee, aka Florian Tositti of Angers, France. With previous releases on Ruralfaune and his own Vilaaaviivivi imprint, Tosittiti has mapped a space of eternal-drone now sound channeled through a roomful of instruments and old tape decks. Balthar's two side-long tracks of blissful whirring and buried, distant percussion catch the Reggaee at his best. The A-side is lodged inside a dream of vocal clouds and scattered bells, with the nocturnal kicking of the dreamer audible in the fog. The B-side ebbs to nightmare, ending in bleak tonal decay. Full-color cardstock covers with two inserts and sprayed tapes." Edition of 68.
5/24/2014 Regler Regler LP $22.99 8mm "Welcome to the ground zero of music. Regler is the new, unbelievable project from Mattin (Billy Bao, Josetxo Grieta) and Anders "Drajan" Bryngelsson (Brainbombs, No Balls). Dancing on the ashes of a whole cultural breakdown, they bring us to a non returning point, where the dead body of rock first explodes, then implodes upon itself. There is no joke, people: this is the punkest record ever made! Mastered by Rashad Becker. Edition of 200 copies." soundcloud > http://soundcloud.com/8mmrecs/8mm-059
2/4/2007 Reid, James Like A Buzzard Chased By Crows CDR $12.99 Barl Fire "Like A Buzzard Chased By Crows is the debut album from the Fife based singer-songwriter James Reid. With a love for the Autumnal pastoralia of Nick Drake, forays into the woods, homemade wine, and the legendary Wickerman soundtrack, Reid combines these passions to deliver his own lo-fi folk sketches of the beautiful, and sometimes strange, rural landscapes and hedgerow habitats of his native Scotland. Armed with acoustic guitar, mandolin, a broken-down dictaphone, some demijohns and blessed with a golden larynx, Reid weaves melodies and atmospheres that draw favourable comparison to contempories like Greg Weeks and classics such as Drake's "Pink Moon" and David Crosby's "If I Could Only Remember My Name". "Like A Buzzard Chased By Crows" features cover-art by Reid himself, is packaged in jewel cases and limited to 200 copies."
11/2/2011 Reinhardt, Jonas The Prime Revealer / Only Pharaoh 12" $13.99 Great Pop Supplement "New up on The GPS is a beautiful new Jonas Reinhardt 12" EP, a debut UK release arriving hot on the heels of their acclaimed Not Not Fun LP "Music For The Tactile Dome" earlier this year, (following essential earlier outings on Kranky and KRAAK.) Initially a project launched by San Francisco based Jesse Reiner, who began writing and creating analog synthesiser music over 10 years ago whilst studying music synthesis at the Harvard Electronic Music Centre. (Recently extended to a 4 piece for the road and future recording, by one time and current members of Trans Am, Mi Ami, Citay and 3 Leafs amongst others). 2 deep trip kosmische pieces, heavy on rich 'Cyborg'-esque swells and pulsing drones, expansive ebb and flow, simmer and swell kraut soundscapes aimed at the stars! Hypnotic, warm and melodic with a celestial eeriness. Shades of Froese and Schulze figure for sure, with the odd passing nod to some of the later Sky oeuvre; "Sonnenlicht", "Synthesist", later Cluster etcŠ Cut and mastered at Abbey Road, this one looks just beautiful too. Side A of this 12 is cut as a 7" played at 45 and Side B cut as a 10" at 33. 11+ mins of music overall. Both sides featuring on disc etching from GPS head, Dom, also at Abbey Road. An incredible record in top opening pro-printed sleeves in a numbered edition of 500 on vinyl only."
9/17/2009 Relentless Corpse Post-Industrial Nightmare cassette $7.99 Fag Tapes "Wyatt Howland, Andrew Kirschner, David Russell and Zach Trozell super group nightmare. harsh and fierce. some guy in the beginning is trying to tell you something important but it is heard and recorded thru the ears of the un-listening masses. can't decide to kill some brews and skate a mini or shoot guns at rocks! hand-numbered / painted edition 35."
6/19/2007 Religious Knives In Brooklyn After Dark 12" $29.99 Troubleman Unlimited "Another new 12-inch from Brooklyn's RELIGIOUS KNIVES-members of DOUBLE LEOPARDS and MOUTHUS. Two new songs- "In Brooklyn After Dark" and "The Hand"-pressed in a limited edition of 1,000 copies."
6/19/2007 Religious Knives Lock 12" $29.99 Heavy Tapes "A brand new limited edition 12-inch from Brooklyn's RELIGIOUS KNIVES-members of DOUBLE LEOPARDS / MOUTHUS. Two new songs- "Luck" is played on melodica, synth, bass, and drums, and is a slow and raw picture, a downer song literally recorded less than an hour after the band got in a car accident. "In the Back" is a loud and distant blast, with blaring synths, overdriven dual male / female vocals, written with the noise stage in mind. Packaged in silk-screened white sleeves with photocopied inserts and stamped labels. Edition of 500, 33 1/3rd RPM."
2/11/2006 Religious Knives RK3 double cassette $29.99 Heavy Tapes "Mono and direct to tape recordings from the Heavy Tapes bosses. Organ, percussion, and indian bells in a slow motion chorus at the feet of the wheat grass catbed-shrine in the room with all the windows. Recorded as close to the pulse as possible, trying to remember the conversations we've had, and channeling the flea market in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico: Orchid Fingers, miniature ducks, saintly dogs and salted fish. Close your eyes and just like that, you're there.
4/27/2011 Religious Knives Smokescreen LP $14.99 Sacred Bones "The core duo of Michael Bernstein (gtr, synth, vox) and Maya Miller (organ, vox) began their careers together as the extreme noise act, Double Leopards. By 2005, they had left the industrial noise realm for the somewhat mellower pastures of Kraut explorations. Their last album on Ecstatic Peace was highly acclaimed and co-produced by label owner Thurston Moore. This new long-player is in a similar vein--long, drawn out and sprawling--the shortest song is just shy of the five minute mark. Pulse-like repetition and reed-organ oscillations are the main framework as the duo are joined here by Todd Cavallo on bass and Ryan Nadieau on drums. Like SB label-mates Moon Duo, or the recent Chilean signings of Follakzoid and The Holydrug Couple, Religious Knives draw from a well of pounding rhythmic drums and psychedelic drones with heavy organ and synth landscapes which envelope the listener fully. The Knives also have previous releases on No Fun and Troubleman Unlimited.
4/24/2006 Religious Knives untitled 7" $25.99 AA Records One-sided square lathe cut 7" from Nate Young's (Wolf Eyes) AA label.
4/16/2007 Religious Knives & The Haunting Live in the Cove cassette $8.99 Heavy Tapes "When you're "a couple," there's nothing better than finding another couple that you connect with. Here, husband and Wife teams Religious Knives and The Haunting (Mike and Tara Connelly) hook up for a late night pyjama jam after a full evening of eating, drinking, and relaxing. We knew we were friends, but would the jams work out? I think we found out that we have as much in common in terms of sound and approach as we do in taste for food and wine. Creaking, reverb, a jar full of marbles, and a lot of atmosphere. You don't need to be full and sitting by candlelight to enjoy this, but it helps."
7/16/2006 Religious Knives / Zodiac Mountain The Train / I Know You Rider CDR $15.99 Heavy Tapes Summer 2006 Tour CDR. Religious Knives is Mike and Maya of Double Leopards and Nate from Mouthus. Zodiac Mountain is Wooden Wand and Clay Ruby from Davenport.
4/16/2007 Reminguez Stupid With Brains CDR $9.99 Chocolate Monk "Universal Indian Bryan Ramirez's solo damage from 1996. Over 45 minutes of one mans screwed up wrestling with broken gear. Tapes, turntable, electronics, feedback, percussion, sweat and grease. Total no-fidelity dementia, like a lone flickering lightbulb in some damp, sodden Michigan basement."
11/2/2011 Remörk Symphonie Monotrone one-sided c20 cassette $10.99 No Basement Is Deep Enough "A 20 minutes improv n' paste composition in 5 movements. A surprisingly simple feedback-and-forward experiment for acoustic guitar and Korg Monotron, each in it's own self-sustaining stew. Distorted, resonant drones and strategic interruptions. Off course it's 'just noise', as the neighbours would say." -- Kris Delacourt. Part of the batch of non-smoker stoner skronk this Antwerp synth/electronics builder & Ultra Eczema masterer, merciless guitar slayer and all-round tech wunderkind brought back after a pseudo-isolation at Count Grishnack's former playground. Hunt down this ouchhhsssome Rotcobain and harras him until he sells you some beautiful 'post-Cagean sound sculptures versus grandpa accordion' elpees by the Building Transmissions troupe he was involved with for almost 10 years. And while you're there, pick up a copy of the best Kempische black metal 7" in a darn while, Knotmees's Pro Patria Taxandria- all thru & beyond. Ltd. to 51 hand-made and numbered copies -- comes in a swank wooden construction by Henri 'bompa' Van Beersel & with a gorgeous photo by Babs Decruyenaere, both neat visual representations of the two interlocking closed systems you'll hear on the cassette."
6/9/2011 Remote Islands Days of Heaven c46 cassette $6.99 Stunned "Remote Islands ringleader Colin Pate joined up with fifteen of his other talented Philadelphian friends and over the course of a year crafted 'Days of Heaven,' the leftfield pop masterpiece proudly presented on this c46 cassette. Whether it was unpredictable fate, good karma, or sheer serendipity we don't know - somehow this crew connected with Stunned Records and shared with us the best unsolicited demo the label has received in three years of operation. Colin's nimble songwriting turns a dozen numbers into absolute gemstones in the hands of his ensemble who represent themselves on 24 different instruments. Take everything that's been effective, uncompromised, and lasting about rock & pop music of the past and present. It'll be found in spades here, and with its own distinctly unique Remote Islands twist. Special edition of 222 pro-dubbed & imprinted c46 tapes w/ double-sided jcard and insert."
1/1/2014 Renderers, The Measured Strychnine Invitations LP $19.99 Exiled Exiled Records is excited to release this compilation of some of our favorite songs by New Zealand cult legends, The Renderers. Formed in 1989 by Brian and Maryrose Crook of such esteemed bands as The Terminals, Max Block, Scorched Earth Policy, Flies Inside The Sun, etc. Rooted in a kind of cosmic country music, the songs regularly journey (lyrically and musically) into the heart of darkness while being taken outside the cosmos via Brian's raw and visceral guitar playing. Long a cult favorite with the few who have been lucky enough to hear / see them (Will Oldham covered their music and took them on the road with him as his backing band), they have operated in relative obscurity for decades. With nearly their entire discography only released on cd (and long unavailable), this is your first chance to have most of these classic tunes on vinyl. Starting with the classic 'Dream of the Sea' and ending with the heartbreaking 'A Million Lights'. Mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk who declared this one of his all time favorite releases. Edition of 500 copies. Don't sleep!
5/9/2009 Reports Bill Wyman Metal Detector b/w Attleboro Trailers 7" $4.99 Ride The Snake "A new single from REPORTS, the newest offering from the Cambridge, MA group since 2007's Mosquito Nets LP on the Paper Cities label. This is the third release from Boston's RIDE THE SNAKE RECORDS. "Bill Wyman Metal Detector" hits the ground running with its driving, noisy melodies, cutting left and right through the magnetic particles and hum. The b-side, "Attleboro Trailers", a gnarly but minimal chug down the tracks, blinks in and out with an unflinching beat and wilting leads. REPORTS new single is charged with static electricity, recorded on various Tascam 488's at their space during spare time between the occasional practice, the constant shows and general squaring out the freaks, an indie/psych/garage mess that has a hard time settling in comfortably but comes from someplace we've all been."
4/9/2003 Residents, The Demons Dance Alone double CD $38.99 EuroRalph "The new album of The Residents. But this is not the regular release, this is the deluxe edition. Just to celebrate the 30th anniversary of The Residents Euro Ralph put together their last pennies to produce this stunning edition. A full color 16 page booklet in a CD-sized book like cover. It contains two CDs: One with the regular album and another one with additional songs and alternate version. The whole thing is protected by a spectacular suede packaging. Strictly limited to 3000." Two copies available.
12/24/2005 Residents, The The King & Eye: RMX LP $16.99 Euroralph Newly recorded, first release of this remix project. "In 1989 The Residents recorded an album of Elvis hits called The King & Eye. Anyone familiar with the group's work would not be surprised to hear no attempt at recreating the original arrangements. In fact a great deal of thought went into re-interpreting the songs and digging into their freudian undertones, usually overlooked in the lyrics. Aware that pain inevitably swirls around these feelings of lost love and obsession, The Residents decided to return this emotional marrow to the material. Within that context, the album was unified by a children's story -- one about a baby, who compensated for the profound emptiness in his life by turning himself into a king. For The Residents, Elvis's life became a cautionary tale: a story of lost innocence, misplaced while stumbling through the shadows of substance. But even more amazing for the group was how, in death, Elvis became the ultimate Americana icon, inspiring legions of aping imposters, zealously imitating the caricature he so willing and sadly became. Ironically, aping the apes, The Residents chose to make their statements on The King & Eye through the voice of an aging Elvis imitator. Fifteen years later, in 2003, The Residents asked German remix whiz, Paralyzer, to listen to the original 24 track master recording and see what he would do to re-interpret their album, not unlike what they had done to Elvis's original material, and make it more relevant to the 21st century. Paralyzer accepted the challenge but asked the group to give him free rein in reconstructing the pieces. Excitedly, The Residents agreed." Gatefold sleeve - nice.
3/21/2007 Ressu Sirpaleet tuottavat ropinaa CDR $8.99 267 Lattajjaa "naïve paralysing melodies" from a new finnish talent

Restgeraeusch One hour/One minute CD $19.99 Mille Plateaux Brain crunching sonic blips
12/24/2005 Retroactive Interference Retroactive Interference cassette $6.99 Skullfucking Tapes "Highlights from the debut cdr by this duo of twisted basement tweakers recorded in 2000-2002. Youngster sanity workouts, cavemen electronics and psychedelic cowboy explosions galore."
7/14/2007 Reverse Mouth Gay Control Icon 3" CDR $7.99 Phase "Three of the most intense tracks (Little Bodie, Fashion Blog Whatevah, Go Out w/ Crap In Your Pants) Reverse Mouth ever jammed gathered in this *fancy* 3", if you panzies can call that. Gross vocal vomitings and hi-end feedback dance along w/ garbage percussion and lo-fi fx. It's so much black trance, as Stalone never was gay in "Lock Up" or any other tender movie. Stenciled grass pattern + rubber stamp on 10cm x 20cm color heavy paper, spraypainted label and xerox insert, numbered to 50."
7/14/2007 Reverse Mouth / Slasher Risk split cassette $7.99 Phase "An Athens-Brooklyn conjoined junk! Reverse Mouth side is a 20-minute track, "Negative Cutter", a cut-up pastichio full of soundtrackish sounds and noise wounds. On the other side, Slasher Risk offers two tracks, "Amrican Football Fux" and "???", two tracks of healthy free rock sickness and way destructive mood. Limited to 80 w/ collaborative full color artwork by the two groups."
1/5/2015 Revert, Matthew Not You LP $15.99 Kye "Kye is proud to present the first fully authorized collection of sound work by esteemed Australian novelist Matthew Revert. 'Not You' takes Revert's diaristic/voyeuristic narrations and casts them against a loose-footing of home-recorded 4-track scrabble, iPhone overload, and migratory acoustic dreamsong. These constituent parts combine and flourish in a creative rite of passage that affirms 'Not You' as both hermetic tour-de-force, and masterpiece of primitive self-expression. Mastered by Jason Lescalleet at Glistening Labs, 'Not You' arrives in a high-gloss Matthew Revert designed sleeve, with accompanying insert, in an edition of 400 copies."
10/17/2009 Revolutionary Ensemble Vietnam CD $12.99 ESP-Disk "Debut recording by one of the classic avant-garde groups: the Revolutionary Ensemble. Featuring violinist Leroy Jenkins (formerly a member of the AACM), bassist Sirone and percussionist Jerome Cooper, the group was an early example of chamber music within the avant-garde format, one that emphasized subtlety within its instrumentation (string instruments instead of saxophones) and compositions. The band existed primarily from 1971-1977, building a worldwide reputation as one of the premier avant-garde groups. "Vietnam" was the group's first recording."
1/20/2015 Rew, Adrian Slot Machine Music picture disc picture disc LP + download $18.99 Hanson "Picture Disc LP edition of Adrian Rew's field recordings from middle American casinos: originally released in a small edition of CD-R's on his own ERGOT RECORDS label, this picture disc is a limited edition of 500 copies. Includes digital download card. Mastered for vinyl by Jason Lescalleet. "one of the rare [field] recordings with a precise polemical thrust, an eloquent constellation of supporting ideas, and ... a laser beam focus on the strangest corners of the modern world" -The Wire. Adrian Rew's original notes:
"Video gambling addicts, academic researchers, and industry professionals alike describe the trancelike state into which problem gamblers suspend themselves with remarkable consistency: they unanimously call it the machine "zone", a kind of inner experience during which the rhythmic flow of human-machine collusion borders on mysticism. Time is abolished in the act of contemporary video gambling?simulated slot reels roll, virtual poker decks deal, and all worldly concerns are lost?leaving only the aura of total zone immersion in its wake. Sometimes characterized as the crack cocaine of gambling, the intensity of the machine zone is a symptom of casino ergonomics: oxygen-saturated pleasure air, subtly controlling walkways, mesmerizing lights, and, as captured here, meticulously engineered sonic environments all play a role in evoking the timeless void of the zone. Although I was not yet aware of the extent to which casinos tailor their environments for maximum comfort (and, correspondingly, profit), I did know as I crossed the threshold of my first casino floor earlier this year that it would not be my last visit. Hit by a cornucopia of slot machine tones, triggering aleatorically and coalescing into shimmering masses, I was struck by the need to return and record the sounds that so entranced me. It wouldn't prove to be easy?casino security is intense (you can hear me get warned of the consequences of taking photos at the beginning of the disc's second track)?and due to the clandestine nature of the operation, my recording techniques were by no means sophisticated. Equipped with nothing but an Olympus LS-11 recorder's internal microphone stashed in a sweaty coat pocket, I allowed the lure of the zone to guide me through a series of ambling recording sessions over a period of four months, the best of which are included here. I learned a lot about casino sonics in the process: game designers, for example, tune their machines to the key of C in order to optimize harmonic cohesion; one team of designers, the story goes, even spent a month perfecting a single 'ding' sound on one machine. In the interest of preserving the true ambient sounds of the casino these recordings are completely untreated, but lost in the sea of chance I did exert some affirmative control by means of meandering intent and my actual playing of the machines. And by participating in the games myself I got a taste of the financially debilitating consequences that accompany the enchantment of video gambling. The disc in your hands represents my endeavor to bring you the zone experience without the harsh comedown of its unfortunate reality." - Adrian Rew
2/4/2007 Reynolds, Ben Basic Consciousness cassette $8.99 Cauliflower Dreams "Ben from ASHTRAY NAVIGATIONS, UNCABINETED DUO, etc... a real circular psych dreamer. 4 songs of muddy water."
7/30/2006 Reynolds, Ben Book of Beyond CD $12.99 Last Visible Dog "Ben Reynolds is one of the newer voices from the same UK scene that includes Ashtray Navigations and many of the VHF celebrities (Sunroof!, Vibracathedral Orchestra, Richard Youngs, etc.) It should be of little surprise then that Book of Beyond fits very nicely among the recordings of those other artists--noise/junk drone. As in his previous recordings, this at times dissolves into more acoustic offerings, but the Fahey influence appears to be mostly gone, and what remains in the quieter moments is far more bewildering. Time-stretched bells and weird short-wave transmissions, one helluva lot of well used ring-modulator (nice to hear it done well for a change), fumblings on more traditional instrumentation (flute, guitar, etc.) but never coming together to form anything you might call a song. Book of Beyond may truly be well titled, since this is music stretching out beyond his two other recent releases, taking what he's learned from his participation in Ashtray Navigations and focusing more on texture and aural disorientation. This is definitely the kind of uncomfortable music we are proud to release!" - label
9/30/2005 Reynolds, Ben More Tongue Meditations 3" CDR $8.99 Memoirs Of An Aesthete "Like 'Rocket Fuel' coffee (anyone remember that stuff?), this is exactly what it says on the packet. A sequel to the prolific Mr R's previous Memoirs volume 'Great Tongue Meditations'. Dream tones, psychedelic wavering and the haunting voices of the Stoke On Trent power grid will keep you smiling through this half of the cake. Will he make us a Tongue Trilogy? Time will tell. This will sure be sufficient for now."
4/24/2006 Reynolds, Ben Music is the Music Language CD $14.99 Ikuisuus "It's no secret that Ben Reynolds has put out a heap of records within a very short time. Pretty much every review of his work begins by exclaiming how prolific he has been recently. Luckily, his work ethic (he has also recently begun collaborating with Ashtray Navigations and he plays bass with The Wow) is matched by a desire to push boundaries and stretch musical ideas. Many of Reynolds' past CD-R releases have been beautiful marriages of acoustic guitar flurries with amorphous electronic drones. On "Music is the Music Language," his first 'legit' CD and the first release for the Finnish Ikuisuus label, Ben has tangled up his previous musical ideas and created what is perhaps his most abstract and phantasmagoric release yet. It's immediately apparent from the first ten seconds or so into the record that something unearthly is going on. "Swing + Maths" begins with a subtle electronic trill with what sounds like haphazardly manipulated hand drums overtop. One instantly gets the feeling of being trapped somewhere on the wrong side of the solar system. Suddenly we're transported to the bottom of an ocean, seemingly inside a pedal-powered submarine, as "Mother Legato" begins and shifts the musical mood. It can be quite exciting when someone can evoke two such disparate images in two succeeding songs. On "Spacious Yowl," we're treated to some of that delicious acoustic guitar resting atop the diluted remains of a synthetic beast's mating call. Echoey chirps wrapped up in a gooey amorphous hum are prevalent on the perfectly titled "Overcome Your Infinity (Fornever)." One of the longer pieces, "Bird to Flame" is also one of the more abstract, being composed exclusively with densely layered electronics. "Quester" brings back the acoustic guitar, however Ben's playing is freer and farther out in the realms of improvisation. Subtly manipulated tribal percussion - undoubtedly produced electronically - on "Curiosity" leads into a final acoustic guitar number, the lush "Serial Hoper." There's no shortage of whirrs, chirps, hiccups and burps in the forty-odd minutes contained in "Music is the Music Language." But then again, did we really expect Ben Reynolds to rest on his laurels? This is truly engaging, envelope-pushing music, and however far "Music is the Music Language" veers to the left in comparison to Reynolds' other records, fans of abstract electronic composition should seek this out straightaway.- Bryon Hayes / Foxy Digitalis
9/30/2005 Reynolds, Ben Other World Sermons 3" CDR $7.99 Firstperson "Is this the 6th, 7th, 8th cd in less than 6 months? not sure, what i can say is that the quality hasn't dropped one inch. The acoustic gtr has been usurped by a determination to document a burbling, bubbling netherword of ominous tones and subtle percussive perambulations. Really fucking good in other words. Other fine produce stuff on 267 Lattajjaa, PseudoArcana, FoxyDigitalis etc etc..."
6/11/2006 Reynolds, Ben Outmospheric Arts of the Outmosphere CD $12.99 Digitalis "Ben Reynolds has emerged as one of the most prolific contributors to the UK ecstatic-drone scene over the past year. He has released numerous solo CD-Rs and last year saw his first CD on the Finnish Ikuisuus imprint. "Outmosphere" was originally intended to add to the list of CD-R releases, but once we heard it, we knew it deserved something bigger. Many moons later, this is Ben Reynolds first stateside widely-available CD release. As his music has developed, Reynolds has given nods to raga-infused acoustic folk all the way to dense, monolithic drones. "Outmosphere" finds all these elements smashed together in perfect harmony. Each song is carefully constructed, keeping in mind its place in the larger whole. Througout "Outmosphere," he turns this holy racket into something mystical and beautiful. On every track we are treated to cosmics webs of earth and space magic woven in only the way Ben Reynolds can. "Outmospheric Arts of the Outmosphere" is an excellent introduction to Reynolds work for those unfamiliar, and a perfect continuation of previous efforts for those who are fans already. It is a sublime and rich listening experience all around."
3/2/2005 Reynolds, Ben / Andy Jarvis s/t 3" CDR $7.99 Firstperson "Second cd of improvised acoustic gtr musik from Reynolds / Jarvis following the recent release on Phil Todd's 'Memoir of an Aesthete' label. The jumping off point for this duo is the investigation into the resultant effects of two acoustic gtrs played in out of sync with force, accuracy and a single minded ideal to ultimately create a unified sound which belies its origin. presented here are 3 tracks ranging from the opener of 'Princess Metal Mountain' a concise example of the area & capabilities of this unit - fast finger-picking over a constant drone resulting in a stream of gorgeous overtones & resonating strings. 'Bronze Tower' takes it down a notch with the introduction of slide gtr, a beautiful & concise piece. 'The Immortal Yip' was recorded at 'the Packhorse' in Leeds in May 2004 in support of Jack Rose. Clocking in at approx 12 mins, the track gives those unacquainted with the duo's live work a fine example of the sheer volume, attention to detail & varied approaches utilised in the creation of their singular long form acoustic drone musik." 3" cdr housed in hand-made clear acetate covers with information printed on one side and an image on the other.
7/16/2006 Reynolds, Ben / John W. Fail Uncabineted CDR $8.99 Sharks & Pfennigs "Ben Reynolds and John W. Fail collated several recordings to compile Uncabineted, covering the period between September 2005 (when they met) and March 2006. Reynolds work is well-documented on labels such as Ikuisuss, Memoirs of an Aesthete, Time-Lag and 267 Lattajjaa while Fail has dabbled in myriad projects including Lied Music, Intro to Pterodactyl and Land. Ranging from screaming acoustics to dirgy fuzzfests, the real document is that of experience, joy and camaraderie."

Reynols "-------" CD $12.99 Betley/Blackbean 1999 recordings. "Argentina’s greatest export in free rock maelstrom with Tomasin’s unearthly howl."
4/19/2004 Reynols Deportation Symphony 7" $6.99 Riot Season "The sounds on this record were made entirely from sounds samples of the bands deportation papers hung in an Argentinean warehouse. No instruments. It creates a weird and eerie ambience as the band make their 'art' statement at the UK's immigration service."
10/16/2003 Reynols Live in Stavanger CDR $9.99 Gold Soundz / Humbug Recorded February 7, 2003 in Stavanger, Norway featuring Miguel Tomasin (astral voice & drums), Moncho Conlazo (electric guitar, fembot & dry mulosa), Anla Courtis (electric guitar, tapes & marmonio), and Pacu (astral mappuche percussion).
2/18/2015 Rhododendron Paris Rendezvous / Le Grind 10" $12.99 Deep Distance "The second of February’s trio of killer new Deep Distance 10” features Ollie Cherer’s “Rhododendron” project. Having debuted on the label’s “Grasshopper Mind” Record Store Day comp from 2013 and played to bits by the likes of Andrew Weatherall and 6Music, the band return with their debut release proper. To quote the band themselves: “Tired of the tango, Fed up with fandango? Try magnetic tape, dirty amps, modular synthesizers, improvisation and wild, wild noise. Fuzzed up south coast motorik minimalism with synths, guitars and space echooooooes…..Paris Rendezvous is an improvised soundtrack to Claude Lelouch’s “C'était un rendez-vous”, performed once at a now infamous warehouse/studio party in St Leonards in 2014. Written, recoded and produced by Darren Morris and Oliver Cherer. Killer 10” destined to sell out rapid style. To dwell is to miss… ace embossed Deep Distance sleeve inserts over tasty new 10” label bags, in an edition of 300 only."
12/22/2014 Rhyton Kykeon LP + download $18.99 Thrill Jockey "Rhyton is a group of experienced sonic voyagers, well versed in music both ancient and futuristic and wise enough to know that the distinction between the two is more subjective than one might initially be taught. They take ancestral forms, instrumentation and scales, primarily sourced from Middle Eastern and Greek traditions, and incorporate them into the context of scorching improvised rock. Their music is defined by divine mixture: electric and acoustic sources meld to form one sound, and when Rhyton plays, they play as one mind. The trio on Kykeon, their third album, is David Shuford (aka D. Charles Speer and of No Neck Blues Band), Jimy SeiTang (Stygian Stride), and Rob Smith (Pigeons), each member providing essential building blocks for the interplanetary vibrations they conjure as a whole. Kykeon literally means “to stir, to mix” in Greek, but was also a drink created by the ancients that had psychoactive properties, an apt name for the radical concoctions contained herein. While previous Rhyton albums were recorded generally in improvised first takes, preserving the freshness and exploiting their generous talents of spontaneous composition, Kykeon was carefully arranged while still retaining the unfettered vibe that has made their music so potent. Shuford’s melodic turns on the bouzouki, electro-saz, and guitar burst forth in the mix with a commanding intensity, while SeiTang’s bass and organ and Smith’s drums drive the pieces into unknown territory. There is an undeniable groove to many of the songs, showing the distant relation between Greek traditions, psychedelia, and the progressive boogie of Shuford’s work with The Helix. Rhyton exists on its own plane in the Brooklyn underground, forging its own more worldly path to psychedelic transcendence." LP version pressed on virgin vinyl with free download card.
7/19/2011 Rice, Larry 'Sunshine' Here's Sunshine LP $23.99 Time-Lag Records "Top quality official reissue of this wonderful album. This project is a bit different from other Time-Lag reissues, as the original isn't exactly a mega-rarity. That's not to say that they're easy to find, but our motives for the reissue have more to do with the fact that this great LP has been seriously overlooked by so many, and feels very ripe to reach some new ears. This one's got a pretty wild backstory too, being a rather undiscussed piece of 60s Texas underground history: in 1966 Larry 'Sunshine' Rice was feeling burnt by the increasingly superficial hippy scene in San Francisco, so headed to Dallas, Texas, the 'center of darkness' and the place he was raised, with a vision to transform minds. A random gig doing psychedelic light shows at a local bar led to a job managing a new 'hip' church. And so the 'Satori House' was founded. Through this outlet Sunshine held experimental light & sound worship sessions, began hosting underground rock concerts, launched a free press, and just about any & all other activities towards the goal of turning on Dallas. It was, of course, a great success while it lasted, which was not long once a federal drug bust (total set-up) went down, and the higher-ups in the parent church organization got wind of just exactly what their cash had been backing. During the extended trial that followed Sunshine split the city for tiny Justin, Texas and founded 'The Church Of Changes' Texas' first marijuana church, claiming grass as their sacrament and legal right. It was at this point that a series of truly unlikely synchronicities led to a record deal & recording session, but by the time Here's Sunshine was released in the summer of 1969, Sunshine was back in California living as a fugitive. He never showed up at his meeting with the bigwigs at blue thumb records who were planning to release his follow up album, thus quickly and purposely ending his connection to the music industry. If that's got your head turned, you'll almost certainly dig the music. It's a mystical and convoluted folk trip, executed with the lonesome single-mindedness of a true searcher. Warm intense vocals are delivered in a magically loose, flowing style. Tim Buckley comparisons pop up, and that's not totally off the mark if you replaced any avant/jazz leanings with more of a tripping-in-the-desert vibe. Lyrically things get truly bent, venturing into some deeply surreal & glassy-eyed zones. There are a few grasps towards religious ponderance, but it's very far from a 'xian' album. Stream of consciousness broodings on nature, work, love, god, Satan, sex, hallucinations, and so forth. It's a totally solo recording centered on understated but effective acoustic guitar, and fleshed out via overdub with rather unusual use of electric bass, organ, banjo, mandolin, and harmonica. Things get especially psychedelic when the bass comes in, either as an ultra-minimal echo-drenched pulse or a flowing tonal improvisation. The hyper compressed and reverb saturated production somehow suites the material perfectly, and the combination of elements creates quite an immersive, mirage-like and exploratory space. This one is far stronger, more hallucinogenic, and has gobs more personally then most of the over-hyped, mega-bucks coffee house folk strummers passed off as loner/downer/acidfolk these days. This record's got a real spirit of its own, that with repeated listens will sneak right into your mind before you even know it. And I'm sure that's the way Sunshine intended it. Beautiful exact reproduction art packaged in a lovely heavy 60s style cover and pressed on 180gm audiophile vinyl. Includes an insert with new notes from the artist, as well as a short except from his book 'Morning Glory,' which was written in 1968 and tells the story behind the album, but has yet to be published. One time vinyl only edition of 500 copies."
8/1/2014 Riel Riel LP $24.99 Alt.Vinyl "This record, comprising all this cult Argentinian band's debut recordings, shows their minimalism and strength at the same time. The dissonant chords and the low sound of Mora's guitar, almost like a bass, fuses with the frenetic setbacks of Germán's drums. This creates a tuneful chaos. Songs that hit hard and leave you wanting more. It was recorded live on 8-track by the band over two separate sessions between September 2011 and November 2012. Mixed by Germán Loretti at Pronoise and riel's own studio in Buenos Aires, Argentina." 180gm lp on clear & black viny - ltd edition of 250 copies.
10/31/2009 Riggs, Chris Achievement Is It's Own Reward CDR $9.99 Brokenresearch "Riggs is definitely fucking with the idea of what the Michigan scene can be. His tape label Holy Cheever Church has some of the best and most thoughtful cassettes coming out and being from Michigan he’s a producer. His Draco re-release on Hanson got a few more mugs to know what he was up to but that’s a small piece of the puzzle for someone who still actually play’s the guitar like a guitar, can play the guitar but chooses to find out the way it can sound like and extremely fucked up 78’ Honda Civic with asthma. His recordings are damaged and this is no exception. Achievement is the first in a series of recordings that explore the restriction of individual movements to fixed time lengths." Edition of 100 copies.
1/22/2011 Riggs, Christopher '5:00, 3:00' cassette $5.99 Rotifer Cassettes "Part of a series of eight c30s where each fifteen minute side is evenly divided in a different way. side a contains 3 five minute pieces while side b contains 5 three minute pieces. a single tape limits every piece to the same set of 3-4 sounds. 8 tapes = 8 sets of sounds. piping creaks sway back and forth, tearing through distinct conversation. other parts out now on midori and rigg's label, holy cheever church."
12/12/2009 Riggs, Christopher Buried With Bricks In Months c30 cassette $5.99 Housecraft "A textural marvel, these vibrations reflect unimaginable cellular magnifications. Edition of 49." Out of print.
1/22/2011 Riggs, Christopher Cash Recycling Machine CDR $8.99 Bug Incision "The new album from Chris Riggs (on the heels of a killer LP with Liz Allbee and an 8-part series of very formalist cassettes) is part of a series that began with the Gold Danny (on Holy Cheever Church) and Achievement Is Its Own Reward (on Brokenresearch) CDRs from the last couple years. If one takes a look at the Holy Cheever Church website, around the -40s, Riggs starts in with some heavy conceptual shoelaces in his solo pieces, and, to this end, he writes: "Third installment in my series of cdr releases made up of tracks of equal length with a different track length for each cdr (gold danny = 3 minutes, achievement is its own reward = 5). This recording is pieced together from the tracks that make up HCC - 051. I assigned each of the 14 1-hour long tracks a number and used a random number generator to produce the "score". Different distributions were used for the five different tracks that effected the incorporation of silence, how many sounds were used within the 6 minute limit, and how often those sounds changed. The distribution of the 14 tracks always remained the same (i.e. i never "weighted" one sound more than another on any track. Each one always has an equal chance of coming up). I also used a random number generator to determine where along the time line of each 1-hour long sound I would use for a chunk of sound in the "score". For example: the score for number 1 says that sound number 9 (also known as track 9) needs to be played from 1:10 - 2:24 on the right channel and it needs to come from 17:21." Got it? Conversely, this is more top-notch guitar-disguising, care of Riggs' home-built guitars and quardophonic amp setup. The sounds are right up front, and resemble, among other things: close-mic'd dogs breathing heavily, the back of a refrigerator, cars idling, and motorcycles revving. Edition of 57, cdr, color covers in plastic sleeves."
5/23/2009 Riggs, Christopher I Feel So Strong. I Feel I Could Punch A Hole In A Fucking Wall. CDR $10.99 Bug Incision "This new slab from Chris Riggs (Traum/Trauma, Holy Cheever Church, etc) features assemblages of highly abstracted guitar improvisations and silence. The most challenging Bug Incision release yet. limited edition of 50."
3/5/2009 Riggs, Christopher Live in Michigan cassette $7.99 Digitalis Limited "Christopher Riggs is 1/2 of the soulcrushing duo, trauma (w/ graveyards' ben hall), but has been cranking out mounds of cryptic debris in his own right for years. "live in michigan" documents one of his rare live performances, recorded in december of 2008. riggs turns his guitar into a sonic chainsaw, dismembering strings and notes with the precision of a blind surgeon. this is not a safe environment and soon you'll feel your bones cracking under the pressure. good stuff. limited to 60 copies, smeared & beered."

Riley, Terry Persian Surgery Dervishes double CD $44.99 New Tone Reissue of Shandar double LP. Features two performances: Los Angeles 1971 and Paris 1972 with Terry Riley on electric organ.
6/26/2002 Ring Lunetic As You Are CDEP $7.99 krank "Ring shows no signs of losing speed as he's already a few months after the release of the much heralded 'Popsongs From the Place Where the Woods Turn to Love' back again. 'Lunetic As You Are' is sound-wise a bit straighter (i.e. less loops and samples in favor of more use of traditional instruments) and perhaps more accessible than the recent LP but it's by no means less intriguing. On this EP Filip presents a particularly pleasing blend of slightly experimental folk / country and his love for the gentle and the pondering. All tracks are top stuff but especially the irresistable country pop nugget 'Dogs Barking for Peace' where trumpet mesh with Spanish guitars to stunning effect. And the closing 'Quarrel Country Tune' is like watching your own life in slow motion, feeling sad and happy at the same time."
12/26/2005 Rise of the City Cat Cult Rise Up City Cats CDR $12.99 Seedy R! "Dunedin all-girl synth and casio rock band featuring member of The Futurians and Dick the Phone. Squally, lurchy, poundy and howly..."
7/28/2011 Rishaug, Alexander Shadow Of Events LP $17.99 Dekorder "Shadow Of Events is the third album by Oslo, Norway sound artist, producer and musician Alexander Rishaug, following his Asphodel CD Possible Landscape (2004) and 2001's Panorama on the Smalltown Supersound label. The album was recorded over a five year period and mixed in Berlin last year. Not unlike his previous albums but apparently more refined Shadow Of Events combines a warm and organic haunting quality blended with both abstract and concrete tones and subtle digital noises. "Most of the tracks are developed from field recordings, instrument improvisation or live sampling. Then processed and edited with the computer as the main tool. I've used sounds hailing from a dusty rhodes, a lovely guitar, a nervous radio and a lonely piano." Rishaug's music is informed by classic minimal composers such as Steve Reich and Terry Riley as well as 90's electronica acts such as the Oval/Microstoria axis and like-minded but more obscure artists associated with the Mille Plateaux label (remember Neina?) but surely wouldn't be out of place on a contemporary label like Kranky or Type. Repetitive and seemingly simple melodic patterns are combined with (and sometimes obscured by) decaying monlithic drone layers creating a hazy melancholic landscape slowly unfolding its beauty. Granular shoegazy tones are building up in slow-motion recalling the patient yet precise and complex drone works of Stephan Mathieu, William Basinski and Machinefabriek's Dauw album. Alexander Rishaug was part of the improv collective ARM (1996-2006) with Arne Borgan and Are Mokkelbost (Killl) as well as collaborating with Lasse Marhaug on a Lucky Kitchen release. He has remixed metal bands Ulver and She Said Destroy as well as noise duo Jazkamer and Bjorn Hatterud and Conrad Schnitzler's recent collaboration."
3/20/2015 Risset, Jean-Claude Music From Computer LP $23.99 Recollection GRM "Recollection GRM presents computer works from French composer Jean-Claude Risset. "Sud" (1985): This work was commissioned by the French Ministry of Culture, from a project initiated by the GRM, where it was produced circa 1984-1985. The piece mainly uses sounds recorded in the Massif des Calanques, south of Marseille, as well as sounds synthesized via a computer (again in Marseille). These sounds were then treated via another computer at the GRM. The natural and synthetic sounds are first presented separately. Along the piece, they increasingly merge, through mixing and processing. Thus real bird songs, as well as synthetic bird-like or insect-like sounds, have been spatialized. In the third movement, the filtering of birds' caws first appears as a colored echo, later as a genuine bird's "raga" using the defective scale. The origin of the many sounds deduced from the germinal material can be ascribed to a "family tree" displaying the sonic proliferation and resembling a rhizome. (J-C. R.) "Mutations" (1977): Piece for a two-track tape, computer-synthesized in 1968 at the Bell Laboratories. Commissioned by the GRM and premiered at the Moderna Museet in Stockholm in 1970. This work attempts to explore (particularly within the harmonic order) some of the possibilities offered by the computer to compose at the very level of sound -- to compose sound itself, so to speak. The title refers to the gradual changes that occur throughout the piece, including the shift from a range of discontinuous heights to continuous frequency variations. (J-C. R.) "Computer Suite from Little Boy" (1968): This piece, composed in 1968, is one of the first significant works entirely produced via a computer: all sounds were synthesized using the MUSIC V program. The piece features several experiments on Sounds Synthesis I produced between 1964 and 1968, while working with Max Mathews at the Bell Laboratories. (J-C. R.) Cut by Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin, November 2013."
3/2/2005 Robbins, Andy s/t 3" CDR $7.99 Firstperson "Regular at the Stoke-on-Trent based Musicrooom events, appearing variously as solo singer/songwriter & member of
Sculptress. Andy Robbins presents 5 finely crafted tracks including 'Come Down' which features Mikarla & Andy Jarvis on violin & gtr respectively. Bowed banjo, zither & autoharp all combine on these recordings to produce a wonderful collection of shimmering, mind-altering drone folk classics." 3" cdr housed in hand-made clear acetate covers with information printed on one side and an image on the other.
7/10/2008 Robe. Star Form CDR $7.99 Peasant Magik "Horror movie / soundtrackish guitar and trombone workouts. Releases on Black Horizons etc. Limited to 100 copies, hand numbered / stamped. Black cdrs, packaged with printed vellum and full color wrap around art."
4/10/2009 Robe. Time Dilation CDR $7.99 Blackest Rainbow "Massively epic new release from this American duo of stark echoing multi-instrumental drone, layers of charcoal to black emptiness that has gathered pretty solid sound throughout the releases they've unleashed last year, this is bleak, not harsh, just dark, and unrelenting for it's immense near 80 minute duration... Fans of Sunn O))), Robedoor, and occult ritual nightmares will zone into this. Limited to 150."
1/24/2009 Robedoor Closer to the Cliff CD $14.99 Interregnum "Amplifier ritualizing taken to its illogical extreme. Since forming in early 2004, the LA drone duo has evolved its minimal caveman exorcisms into a wasted zone between slow-motion black prayers and raw war rage, playing constant shows (including a stint in the UK) amidst a steady stream of limited vinyl, tapes, and CDRs."
2/19/2007 Robedoor Greater Heresy CDR $13.99 Tanzprocesz "CDR reissue of the great heresy cassette + 2 bonus tracks. live witchcraft noise. electric voodoo delirium. only live material. included a collaboration with haunted castle. totem hole heretic packaging style + 5 random inserts. limited to 100 copies."
8/2/2008 Robedoor Pained Transformation CDR $8.99 House of Alchemy "This disc is both new and old. It features tracks from two long gone cassette releases and one massive new track to burn yr skull. If you missed the Pained Seer or Hopeless Transformation cassettes, now is yr chance to grab those jams plus something new! Heavy yeah." Edition of 200 copies.
5/16/2010 Robedoor / Leslie Keffer Silver Bridge / Hooded Communion LP $11.99 Lost Treasures of the Underworld "Like drinking 12 cups of coffee in a row and listening to Ramones "Loco Live" over and over and over......that's ALMOST how excited we were to get to release this record for the 2nd time around!!! This has always been one of our favorites . Everything from the absolutely killer and totally stoned out cuts on the wax to the incredibly sweet artwork on the cover has always totally blown our minds! And this time around the covers have been pro-printed (with metallic gold ink) giving the artwork the justice that it deserves.... totally looks AMAZING!!!! ....And if you've ever heard Leslie Keffer or Robedoor then you already know that they don't disappoint. " 500 copies - 2nd edition.
3/29/2005 Roberts, Alasdair No Earthly Man LP $13.99 Drag City "Over the course of three albums of original music with the band Appendix Out and a pair of albums under his own name, Scotsman Alasdair Roberts has been moving toward a purer understanding, exploration and interpretation of the traditional song of the British Isles. No Earthly Man shouldn't be regarded as a culmination of this exploration: this is Roberts' music, something he'll be fiddling with for the rest of his days. However, this new album comes with some sense of finality, part of which may have to do with its focus - a set comprised entirely of death ballads. Recorded near the whisky distilleries of rural Aberdeenshire and mixed amid the tobacco fields of Kentucky, No Earthly Man benefits from the playing and perspective of a diversity of musicians, and from the production talents of honorary Scot Will Oldham."
11/9/2004 Roberts, Dean And the Black Moths Play the Grand Cinema LP $13.99 Staubgold "A re-release of the long deleted Ritornell CD from 2000, many fans and critics regard New Zealander Dean Roberts' second solo album And the Black Moths Play the Grand Cinema as his best so far. This re-issue comes with complete new artwork and is available on vinyl for the first time. Guest musicians include Tim Barnes, Charles Curtis and Matt Valentine." "And the Black Moths Play the Grand Cinema is a tremendous achievement. Everything fits. It's less of an attempt to blend genres - post-rock, prepared-guitar improv, glitchadelica - than a demonstration of how; for the truly imaginative, genres remain utterly meaningless. Roberts has always had a fine ear for sonic exploration, but Moths sees him on peak form. Even when he leaves the instruments to drone, their individual character and juxtaposition as interesting as the appealing density of their combined harmonics. On this album, the overall essence is truly far more than the sum of its parts." - Brian Duguid, The Wire
3/10/2011 Robertson's Ludd Quest, Ali Don't Turn Your Hog Out CDR $8.99 Blackest Rainbow "Brand new slab of avant weirdo sounds from Ali of Usurper. Slurping, sucking and squeaking insanity opens up this five track disc. As it progresses it may well just get more and more weird, pouring water (?), some sorta mic-ed up pipe actions, weird tinkerings of househeld objects, layered talking (at times saying that talking is a terrible idea - 'why are you talking'?). Ali's work with Usurper and his solo work retains a great sense of humour, with the pure weirdness of what is going and lack or knowing what the hell is making half the bizarre sounds. Limited to 50."
9/27/2002 Robot vs. Rabbit Trading The Witch For The Devil CD $10.99 Mandragora Records "So some people think that Robot vs. Rabbit isn't the greatest name for an atonal drone/noise rock band. Maybe I wasn't that impressed with the philosophical possibilities when I first heard it myself, but after some time with their official debut on the Mandragora label, not to mention the handful of self-released cd-r's that've preceded it, I'm starting to think no other name would quite do the trick. The music this ensemble makes is disturbing in the true sense of the word. If any recurring theme can be traced throughout TWFD, it's the utter annihilation of innocence in any form. Song titles like "Hiroshima." I Have Been an Axe in the Hand," and "Waltzing Towards the Ovens" pretty much tell you everything you need to know. Detuned guitars squelch and shriek against low-end bass waves, tapes and synth noise with fireballs of distortion and grungy feedback bouncing around inside the mix like a cat trapped in a cage. Sure it's harsh and cruel to say the least, but interspersed throughout are occasional and unexpected forays into more transcendental realms, offering slight slight shelter from the mostly raging black seas that dominate this pulsating mélange. The final results fall somewhere between Throbbing Gristle, HNAS and Skullflower, or The Dead C, Chrome and Merzbow, or ... you get the idea. This inspired piece of work is easily the finest these lads have delivered to date. A necessary listening experience to any fans of creeping crawling noise terror." - Lee Jackson, Broken Face #15
8/17/2013 Rocchetti, Claudio Pointless Vanishing Point 12" EP $19.99 Holidays "Back on wax after a four-year hiatus, Claudio Rocchetti gives us a one-sider vinyl assembled at home - in Auerstr. 7, Berlin - with the inspiration of the work by Robert Smithson.
Including a sample from Trilogie de la Mort by Eliane Radigue and some sounds provided on purpose by Al Doum, Von Tesla and Stefano Pilia, "Pointless Vanishing Point" is a three-parted journey into the recurring environment of awkward sounds and slow frequencies interrupted by a distant sounding psychedelic interlude." Edition of 200 on black vinyl.
8/31/2008 Rodgers, Michael Curtained Moon CDR $11.99 Black Petal "Long awaited solo guitar release from Mr Michael Rodgers of Broken Hands. Pure nightime ritual music.. the street enters the house.. and the guitar weaves around the sounds of London which intrude from every window and every door.."
2/6/2013 Rodriguez Coming From Reality LP + 7" $24.99 Light In The Attic 2012 repress on 180 gram vinyl. Just 2 copies coming with the bonus 7". "Back in 1971, Coming From Reality was Rodriguez's last gasp, the follow-up to Cold Fact and the final album he was allowed to record for the Sussex label. Unearthed once again by Light In The Attic Records, it's another treat for fans new and old, designed -- at the time -- as Rodriguez's vision of a perfect pop album. Coming From Reality found Rodriguez decamping from Detroit to London's Lansdowne Studios, where the album was recorded with some of the UK's top talent including Chris Spedding (Sex Pistols, Dusty Springfield, Harry Nilsson) and producer Steve Rowland (The Pretty Things, PJ Proby, and the man who discovered The Cure), who recalls Coming From Reality as his favorite ever recording project. Highlights include the super poppy 'To Whom It May Concern,' the 'Rocky Raccoon'-inspired 'A Most Disgusting Song' and period piece 'Heikki's Suburbia Bus Tour.'"
8/17/2013 Rogers, Derek A Crack In Everything c40 cassette $7.99 Prairie Fire Records "After consuming a handful of DR releases over the last year and a bit round the PF HQ, we were pretty sure we knew what we’d be presented with – but to be honest, nothing prepared us for how awesome this tape is. Melody meets sound exploration and harmony sides up against discord, the mood effortlessly shifts from beautiful and enveloping to flat out cranky over the course of 40 minutes. The title track and end exit track “Ghosts of Melancholy” have a dystopian sci-fi soundtrack feel (I was leaning toward Escape From New York) while other likes “The Ones Who Love Us Least Are The Ones We’ll Die To Please” have the potential to bring on a profound emotional response from the listener. Last year was a pretty big for Derek – what with his name was all over Best Of.. lists and all. We’re pretty sure this tape will have 2012 pick up where 2011 left off. Spin these tracks for yourself and get your head around what a monster this is." Edition of 100.
11/20/2010 Rogers, Derek Slowmovers CDR $6.99 House of Alchemy "Mangled guitar-drenched canvases, slathered then shredded. Full-on Texas style six-string pip. Wipe the cream from your faces and plug your ears in. This is dynamite improv of the highest order, no slack-jawed boogie noodling allowed on premises. Right-fine sounds, no joke. Edition of 80."
1/25/2011 Rogers, Derek Triagonals CDR $9.99 Synth / Ruralfaune "Geometric games to reach a mesmerizing state of mind. Can you hear the signal?" Edition of 70 copies.
2/26/2011 Rogers, Derek / A.C. Fuck the Dead C CDR $7.99 Hermitage Tapes "2 tracks dedicated to the finest band in NZ"
1/22/2011 Rogue Cop You're About as Romantic as a Pair of Handcuffs c58 cassette $5.99 Stunned "This debut cassette from Seattle's Rogue Cop rips it up from a hundred different directions with electric guitar being the sole cause of all the excitement. Fusing semi-calculated loops of red hot plink-plonk with agitated riffs dipped in booze, an entirely original stance to the six-string is fleshed out in under an hour. It may blindside you as it did us - totally unprepared for its wild methods and funny way of getting us to root for yet another cop gone rogue. Limited edition of 111 pro-dubbed & imprinted c58 tapes w/ double-sided jcard and insert."
11/2/2008 Rohm, Jason Suicide artbook + CDR $13.99 Cut Hands "Originally intended to celebrate the first anniversary of Cut Hands waaay back in Januscary but since it's never too late to celebrate in the oh 8 here it is and goddamn if it wasn't worth the goddamning wait. In this book Jason Rohm paints a grim picture that's both realistically nerving yet bizarrely funny. The tale of a desperate soul in a world that's tied by rules and akward questions, almost comic like in subtle detail. Suicide has 32 pages of black and white drawings, with text in English and awkward Dutch. The compilation provides a harrowing soundtrack with tunes by Andrew Coltrane, Sick Llama, Warmth, Droughter, Bottom Feeder, Raperies (Like Draperies), Ex-Cocaine, Robedoor and Josh Lay." Edition of 125 copies.
3/21/2007 Rokkiryhmä Maailmanvoitto 3" CDR $7.99 267 Lattajjaa "lo-fi pop-folk. Musically challenged teenagers dreaming of world domination. Faux-naive pop songs and formless folk recorded with a microphone."
2/3/2005 Romero & The Incapacitants Wreck 7" $7.99 P Tapes "Sort of a tribute/parody of the Organum & The New Blockaders 'Wrack' 12". Clear vinyl in a clear vinyl sleeve..." Edition of 450 copies.
5/14/2007 Romero, Damion Missing Link cassette $6.99 Hanson "30 minutes of Burl from the mysetrious boxes. Heavy thick piles of drone upon drone of heavy electronic buzz, creating an intense wall of multi-layered sound attack. INTENSITY."
2/7/2009 Romero, Damion Twins double LP $21.99 Tone Filth "For over a decade Damion Romero has been crafting minimal sub frequencies to create some of the most interesting and unique experimental music. Twins is Damion's most impressive document to date; it contains four sides of intense and focused pure sound, recorded live with no overdubbing, effects, tapes, or feedback. Twins utilizes many varying textures and layers of sound offering many rewarding engaging listens. Edition of 500 copies in professionally printed INA/GRM "Serie Gramme" style gatefold sleeves. Co-released with P-Tapes."
4/24/2006 Romero, Damion untitled 7" $25.99 AA Records One-sided square lathe cut 7" from Nate Young's (Wolf Eyes) AA label.
7/11/2008 Rose, Jack & The Black Twigs Shooting Creek / Rappahannock River Rag 7" $15.99 Great Pop Supplement "Total killer new Jack Rrose 45 on The Great Pop Supplement featuring 2 tracks originally recorded by Jack (solo) for the "Dr. Ragtime" full length. Given radical reworkings with the help of the Black Twig Pickers, uniquely for this release. Full on lap steel, banjo, harmonica hoedown- Jack himself rates this his best 45 so far! Totally essential, double A side 45 in cool booklet style sleeves. Pressing of 500." Only a handful available...
6/30/2010 Rose, Jack with D. Charles Speer & The Helix Ragged and Right 12" $20.99 Thrill Jockey "This slab of gripping sound was brought about by Jack Rose's exuberant love of lowdown music. Inspired by the Mordecai Jones/Link Wray 3 Track Shack sessions, the idea for this collaboration was germinated while Rose was traveling through the heartland on a tour with D. Charles Speer & the Helix in spring 2008. Musicians used to the road are familiar with the phenomenon wherein a certain tape or recording becomes the thematic soundtrack to the tour at hand. In this case, daily doses of "Scorpio Woman" and "In the Pines" as performed by Link Wray became the touchstones for their travels together. Jack got so excited by the vibes emanating from these songs that he thought to break with his usual acoustic approach and get some electricity in his life again. So he enlisted the Speer band to join in some unhinged and unrepentant fun in the studio. Recorded using an all live, no overdub approach, the resultant session was deemed an all time favorite experience by everyone lucky enough to partake in it. A gleaming bottle of Buffalo Trace helped shepherd us through the dark hours of the night, and in turn that spirit animal adorns the front cover of the record. As producer, Jason Meagher was able to capture the visceral rough and tumble feel that invigorated his Black Dirt Studio in the dog days of August 2008. Featuring the original lineup of D. Charles Speer & the Helix in peak form and rare lap steel and Telecaster stylings from Rose, Ragged and Right displays a vibrancy and depth of feeling that is striking and unforgettable.
D. Charles Speer & the Helix came together through the common hearing of a certain inflection. Born from the heart and mind of David Charles Shuford, strains of glassine cruelty, broken glasses and ruptured knees mixed with memories of Chet Atkins lullabies and ZZ Top vids to generate a songcraft steeped in tradition but themed for the burned. An early century compulsion to stalk the David Freeman mail order record lists led to a group of home recordings in which D. Charles Speer emerged. A tribute to the ever loving and giving Louise Speer, here the shadows of history are both enjoyed for their shade and cursed for their reach. A band coalesced to perform the songs live, first manned by Robert Gregory on drums and then populated by more old friends. Setting stages alight since 2006, D. Charles Speer & the Helix are a force to be reckoned with where ever the nightlife reigns supreme. All having followed a coursing path chasing quicksilver forms, each member of the Helix feels the weight of the sky well. Years of soaking in the spirit of improvisation have come to rest in a deep grooved vessel bourne by 12 legs. A kind of reflecting chamber wherein the sonic heritage of Georgia, California, Texas, Louisiana, Tennessee and Piraeus are blended into a fine barrel for the discerning boozer. Two albums were tracked at Jason Meagher's nascent Black Dirt Studios: After Hours and the most recent LP Distillation, released on Three Lobed Recordings in November 2009. Since this alchemical roots operation occurs in New York, the listener realizes quickly the band's edge remains sharp: the resonating geographic ghosts feel far from distant - instead their presence is made palpable. San Francisco and Bakersfield are collocated and felt close. One can imagine a scene wherein Moby Grape gets smashed against the windshield, but the Wipers make sure that Gary Stewart can find his way to San-Hozay; of course this is a musical sequence that should be seen to be experienced fully. The Speer gang feel right at home on the road and love to get heels kicking in clubs, house parties, bars, basements and VFW halls across the land. A native of Virginia and resident of Philadelphia since 1998, Jack Rose first rose to prominence in the drone/noise/folk unit, Pelt. Pelt can be counted among the early influential new music underground bands such as UN, No Neck Blues Band, Charalambides, Tower Recordings and Six Organs of Admittance. Jack recorded and toured with the band up until 2006 but released his first solo LP, Red Horse, White Mule, of post-Takoma, American primitive guitar, in 2002. Along with the influences of John Fahey and Robbie Basho, Jack also incorporated North Indian classical, early American blues, minimalism and bluegrass into his singular style. 2005 saw the release of his fourth LP, Kensington Blues, which incorporated all of the aforementioned influences and his playing/composing fully flowered. That LP is now considered a classic of contemporary guitar music. His tenth LP Luck In The Valley was released on Thrill Jockey in February 2010 to wide spread critical acclaim. Sadly, Jack unexpectedly passed away in December 2009 at the age of 38. He is greatly missed by all those who knew him but his influence and legacy will persist forever." D. Charles Speer and the Helix on this recording is
Dave Shuford (No Neck Blues Band, Suntanama), Marc Orleans (Sunburned Hand of the Man), Hans Chew, Jason Meagher (Black Dirt Studios, No Neck Blues Band), and Rob "Moose" Gregory. LP version comes in a full color jacket with spot UV gloss printing and is limited to a first pressing of 1,000 copies with download coupon.
6/27/2012 Rose, Simon & Pascal Nichols Sombrero CDR $8.99 Bug Incision Simon Rose / saxophones; Pascal Nichols / drums
"Bit of a Bug Incision shared history with both of these two, in different ways. Back in 2004, the Bent Spoon Duo (at the time being comprised of David Laing & Chris Dadge) toured the UK and had the pleasure of sharing a bill with Simon Rose, who played a ferocious solo set, both us sharing the bill a trio of Neil Davidson, Raymond MacDonald, Tatsuya Nakatani. The folks at the Bug Incision camp had already been introduced to Rose's work as a member of Badland, with Steve Noble and Simon Fell. Nichols has been featured on the label from what might've been the quickest selling disc the label's ever done, Memoirs of a Secret Metal Cave, from Part Wild Horses Mane on Both Sides. The BI camp had been on the Part Wild... trip for a while leading up that release, as well, and the previous album from this duo, on Nichols' Krayon Recordings imprint, made a good number of spins in the CD deck. On Sombrero Galaxy, Nichols' playing is wonderfully unhinged. That is to say, he's speaking in a language, a well-worn one in the drums & sax tradition, but underneath this first layer is a thrust to the playing that suggests a very pure and honest desire/need to be doing this stuff. He sounds utterly unable to contain himself, and this is a real nice counterpoint to all the 'improv' records that simply reinforce the criticisms often levelled at this form of playing. His work in Part Wild Horses..., Le Drapeau Noir, and with other Manchester acolytes places him within a fairly specfic, and at this point, more firmly-established context, but to hear him with someone outside of that circle is a nice breath of fresh air, and italicizes his work very nicely indeed. Rose is in fine form, as ever, with his plethora of worthy musical propositions, along with his understated way of exhibiting his very own sense of mastery and control. Notes by Jonathan Ronler." edition of 75, cdr, color covers in plastic sleeves
7/16/2006 Rosenblum, Aaron Among the Jackdaws CDR $8.99 Hank "Very sweet solo releases from son of earth's hairiest member, and somehow that should give to an idea of the sounds here. alternating between vibratory ultra-minimal tones and acoustic folk minitures. a real fine listen for the micro-minded. beautifully packaged in a oversized screenprinted envelope, with classy letterpressed innersleeve & stamped cdr. self released & limited to 200. recommended." - Time-Lag
9/27/2002 Rosenblum, Aaron The Hills Are Really Homes CDR EP $8.99 Hank the Herald Angel Recordings "In contrast to his participation in noise and drone outfits Son of Earth-Flesh on Bone and Shackamaxon, Aaron Rosenblum here demonstrates a hint of organization and forethought in five short multi-track pieces that incorporate acoustic and electric guitar, bowed dulcimer and field recordings. Originally
manufactured for the Hills Are Really Homes US tour, the disc is evocative of various primitive and damaged folk musics from around the hemisphere. More attention is paid here to overall tone and ambience than specific virtuosity. Hand-screened, hand-built packaging; limited edition of 125."
8/1/2014 Rosenboom, David Roundup Two double CD $29.99 Art Into Life Selected music with electro-acoustic landscapes (1968-1984). "For over four decades, composer-performer David Rosenboom has developed unique circuitry and software for making musical models of the wondrous natural world come alive. Traversing the raucous and the sublime, ROUNDUP TWO presents live performances with vacuum tube analog computers, solid-state manifestations of chaos and harmony, musical interventions on political tunes, virtuoso performers interlinked with hybrid processing, and more. ROUNDUP TWO is an essential, historical document containing important examples from a sixteen-year period in this innovative artist's extraordinary, pioneering work. Several of these pieces appeared in an audio, cassette package released in 1987 by Slowscan editions, 's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands, titled Roundup, A Live electro-acoustic retrospective (1968-1984). For Roundup Two, all those pieces have been re-mastered from tapes in audio archives that were in various states of preservation. Several that were originally presented only in excerpts are now presented in complete, unedited versions, and other works not on the original Roundup have been added."
Listen - http://www.art-into-life.com/product/2251
2/4/2015 Rosenboom, David Zones of Influence double CD $21.99 Pogus "Zones of Influence is a five-part cycle of works for in which the percussionist's performance is processed and transformed in a special way. This way involves not just transforming the percussion instruments' sounds on an acoustic level, but processing based on information contained in complex patternings manifested in the percussionist's performance. This constitutes real-time algorithmic processing or algorithmic composition driven by the musical structure of what the percussionist plays. For its time, Zones of Influence introduced historically innovative approaches to how real-time compositional algorithms may be considered as key components of a score. It also introduced a technique for making sequences of continuously evolving variations on musical materials, called morphological transformations. These transformations, in turn, outlined musical trajectories in what qualities; and from a system of multi-part counterpoint made with these trajectories, the musical materials of Zones of Influence emerged. Indeed, all the musical materials for Zones of Influence were generated with these tools, starting with the musical features contained in two long, 60-note melodies, which were freely composed in advance. Each of the five works in this set involves entirely different percussion setups, written scores and computer algorithms. Since the piece was composed before the proliferation of MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface), special interface electronics were constructed to connect the percussion instruments to a computer assisted digital instrument known as the Touche. This innovative, computer instrument was collaboratively designed by Donald Buchla and David Rosenboom in Berkeley, CA, in 1979-1980. Zones of Influence was written for percussionist William Winant and the Touche."
11/1/2014 Rossetto, Vanessa Whole Stories LP $15.99 Kye "Kye is proud to present 'Whole Stories', the brand new LP by Vanessa Rossetto, and her third for the label following 'Mineral Orange' (2010) and 'Exotic Exit' (2012). Like its predecessors 'Whole Stories' takes as its clay the sounds gathered from commonly found habitual environments, reshaping them into two extraordinary new long form compositions. 'This Is A Recorder' enumerates the colorful events of a drunken birthday weekend lost to Mardi Gras, New Orleans between Feb 8th-13th 2013. Localized field recordings and conversational excerpts are combined with violin/electronics and processed into a detail-rich diaristic plateau that perfectly captures the heady climate of the source. 'Whole Stories' by contrast, examines the dichotomy of luck verses agency, employing as its basic material the roseate whirl of a casino hall as backdrop to a slowly unfolding narrative that reflects on a life ravaged by disappointment and woe. Mastered by Graham Lambkin at Empty Stage Studios, 'Whole Stories' arrives in a full color Matthew Revert-designed sleeve, with complimentary innerbags/labels in an edition of 400."
7/14/2013 Rotifer Puls Rotifer Puls c60 cassette $7.99 Sloow Tapes "Rotifer Puls is a project by krautrock veteran Lothar Stahl, who in the late seventies was part of the politico-prog-rock/proto-punk band Checkpoint Charlie and has been playing with Embryo for the last few decades. This tape collects several live recordings featuring various free spirited musicians opening the horizons from jazzrock over weird krautrock rhythms to psychedelic world music vibes. Edition of 70 copies."
9/13/2012 Rotomagus The Sky Turns Red: Complete Anthology CD $14.99 Lion Productions "There’s no way to know why CBS Records unceremoniously dumped Rotomagus and the Chico Magnetic Band after one single apiece; suffice to say that decision was a poor one, as both bands have (quite rightly) developed a cult-like following over the years. All in all, the artistic trajectory of Rotomagus was peculiar: they started out as a harmony pop-psych band, shifted through a brief Jimi Hendrix-ian interlude (‘The Sky Turns Red’), straight into a Vanilla Fudge groove; they then went down in flames as a hair-raising monolithic heavy rock power trio. On Julian Cope’s excellent Head Heritage web-site, the Seth Man raves about Rotomagus thus: “The first time I heard this track (‘Fighting Cock’), I did not freak out. I merely walked into a nearby closet and screamed my head off for a minute solid, beat the floor and ripped my t-shirt... then I cowered when it hit me: this thing came out in 1971? Before “Raw Power”?! I just lost my mind... The only thing that predates this monster in terms of being a full-on amassing of all things heavy are all the many key points on Sir Lord Baltimore’s “Kingdom Come” LP and THAT’S it, brother.” French magazine Rock & Folk was succinct: “Rotomagus create an emotional music, violent, even aggressive.” Violent. Aggressive. Intense. On this disc we bring you the entire output of Rotomagus, including an album-length demo from 1971, the band’s tumultuous, thunderous swansong, recorded as a super jam (live with no overdubs). Our Lion Productions and Martyrs of Pop edition of Rotomagus comes in a heavy duty gatefold jacket, which has the entirety of the Seth Man’s article on the band, plus the band’s history in both English and French. Hard to believe this is all pre-1971, as much of the demo is not just proto punk but proto hardcore — with enough fiery attitude to make you want to scream along. The vocals are wild, while the guitar riffs and grinds and approaches a Stooges via Motorhead apocalyptic grandeur. Amazing!
9/13/2012 Rotomagus The Sky Turns Red: Complete Anthology double LP $19.99 Lion Productions "There’s no way to know why CBS Records unceremoniously dumped Rotomagus and the Chico Magnetic Band after one single apiece; suffice to say that decision was a poor one, as both bands have (quite rightly) developed a cult-like following over the years. All in all, the artistic trajectory of Rotomagus was peculiar: they started out as a harmony pop-psych band, shifted through a brief Jimi Hendrix-ian interlude (‘The Sky Turns Red’), straight into a Vanilla Fudge groove; they then went down in flames as a hair-raising monolithic heavy rock power trio. On Julian Cope’s excellent Head Heritage web-site, the Seth Man raves about Rotomagus thus: “The first time I heard this track (‘Fighting Cock’), I did not freak out. I merely walked into a nearby closet and screamed my head off for a minute solid, beat the floor and ripped my t-shirt... then I cowered when it hit me: this thing came out in 1971? Before “Raw Power”?! I just lost my mind... The only thing that predates this monster in terms of being a full-on amassing of all things heavy are all the many key points on Sir Lord Baltimore’s “Kingdom Come” LP and THAT’S it, brother.” French magazine Rock & Folk was succinct: “Rotomagus create an emotional music, violent, even aggressive.” Violent. Aggressive. Intense. On this disc we bring you the entire output of Rotomagus, including an album-length demo from 1971, the band’s tumultuous, thunderous swansong, recorded as a super jam (live with no overdubs). Our Lion Productions and Martyrs of Pop edition of Rotomagus comes in a heavy duty gatefold jacket, which has the entirety of the Seth Man’s article on the band, plus the band’s history in both English and French. Hard to believe this is all pre-1971, as much of the demo is not just proto punk but proto hardcore — with enough fiery attitude to make you want to scream along. The vocals are wild, while the guitar riffs and grinds and approaches a Stooges via Motorhead apocalyptic grandeur. Amazing!"

Rotten Piece Caged Meat CD $11.99 Fleece "22 tracks of haunting lysergica with effective use of electronics, loops, alien percussion and the occasional outburst of white noise"
8/6/2003 Rotten Piece Within the Apparatus are Pockets of Quiet CD $10.99 Fleece "CD recorded live and in the studio 2001. Shifting atmospherics, guitars speaking in tongues, space drones, tiny electronic caterpillars, burly mantras, the birth cry of the stick violin and a bit of the old skitter and flump."
5/14/2007 Roxanne Jean Polise Pine Apparition cassette $6.99 rundownsun "Primitive, minimal, and brutal. 'pine apparition' is what can only be described as an electrified pre-historic soundscape. shimmering crystalline beauty collides head on with thick organic muck. crisp tones, and pristine electric crackle are obliterated by pulsating ooze and monstrous crunchy burl! it's like listening to geological birthing pains. the legendary RJP, a master at the top of his game. artwork by RJP printed in black on heavy grey paper. hand numbered 2-panel insert. spray painted high-bias cassette. edition of 100."
2/4/2007 Roxanne Jean Polise We're All Right 3" CD $6.99 Apop Records "1 long rumbling industrial creep drone. Each cd is sealed in petri dishes with artwork / dye / polyethylene glycol mixture."
4/27/2011 Royallen / Llanten split c26 cassette $5.99 Rotifer "Blessed recoveries from the minister himself. This track may or may not count as a cultural anthropology credit. Deep tribal lucidities with an impenetrable flow. Premier release from Llanten (a.k.a. Fill Spectrum)." Edition of 100, pro-duplicated on type II, chrome cassettes
5/16/2012 Rrreverberationsss, The Music For Psychedelic People cassette $7.99 267 Lattajjaa limited edition of 50 copies, special hand-painted sleeves. 60 minutes of dark psych from the heart of texas! first side is the new album 'music for psychedelic people' and the b-side is the sold-out first ep (ltj-96). Julian Cope said about the new one: "Okay, this next record described should really best suit those rock'n'roll fans who require the jammy fingers of the artist all over their releases. And boy do the Rrreverberationsss permeate the very essence of their debut self-produced album MUSIC FOR PSYCHEDELIC PEOPLE, even the Dark Side Of Jackson Pollock-style hand splattered record sleeve itself clinging to my counter top and leaving skid marks across my iBook. Nice. Even better, the music contained herein is half-an-hour of truly exhilarating space-rock somewhat in that rented ranch style achieved by Simply Saucer. But as the Rrreverberationsss have no real drummer, they achieve their fabulous epic quality not through their unique riffery, but because the absence of any real rhythm section means no fucker's backing up the cliché. Sweet. And it's that which always keeps these gentlemen so fascinating and so very far from being a Rock Band. Check them out at www.roeshad.com, it's a singularly delightful sound."
4/10/2009 RST Tomorrow's Void CD $12.99 Utech "New Zealand's Andrew Moon has spent the past decade plus as RST, finding the one thing the electric guitar was truly meant to do -- make a holy noise. Somewhere between the hum of the amplifier and the vibration of untouched strings lies electricity's nervous system. Sound reduced to its cold essentials. Unsettled waves sluiced through luxuriant effects and delays. The gristle of the electrical grid harnessed and reconfigured as exquisite ostinato."
3/17/2015 Rubble Farewell Drugs LP + download $15.99 Latino Bugger Veil "Rubble's debut album is a modern Texas psych project seven years in the making. And no, we don't mean tepid jangle psychedelia from kids whose roots go all the way back to buying a Pebbles box-set in 2006-this is the hard stuff made by grown men who know better and can't help themselves. The Austin band was formed in 2003 by King Coffey (Butthole Surfers) and Bobby Baker (ST-37, Baby Robots). Tom Carter (Charalambides) played guitar for a while before handing the keys over to Shawn David McMillen (Ash Castles on the Ghost Coast, Warmer Milks, plus his solo albums on Tompkins Square). Rounding out the fivesome is Matt Turner (Quttinirpaaq) and Craig Stewart (Sex Organs of Emittance). Rubble makes music where Texan icons Josefus and Stick Men with Ray Guns hold equal reverence; where covering Joe Byrd & the Field Hippies and songs from the Cruising soundtrack makes perfect sense. Over the past seven years they have toured Texas with Trad Gras och Stenar and Comets on Fire and shared the stage with Sun City Girls, Acid Mothers Temple, Rusted Shut, Sic Alps and many more. The Farewell Drugs is a diverse album of high-speed squalls, slow stomps that go from the lower mantle to the inner core, and anthems to the stratosphere. The MVP moments come from Ralph White (of solo and Bad Livers fame) on kalimba and violin. Will appeal to fans of fellow travelers like High Rise, Monoshock, Puffy Areolas, Red Krayola, Hawkwind & psychedelic speed freaks everywhere. Includes download coupon."
9/30/2005 Rubble Rubble CDR $8.99
Rubble is Shawn McMillen (Friday Group, Iron Kite, Ash Castles on the Ghost Coast) + Bobby Baker (Baby Robots) _ King Coffey (Butthole Surfers). Early songs when Tom Carter (Charalambides / Zaika / Friday Group) was a member are included on these recordings of rough practice tapes, radio show song and a live song.
8/2/2004 Rubby Boys Rubby Boys CDR $9.99 Spirit of Orr “There is a carelessly guarded story regarding the freaked out underground of the Boston, Massachusetts environs. It goes back years and years. In this story you can plug a spout into almost any line and fine some of the dankiest damaged psychedelic forms imaginable. On the vinyl only imprint 'records' we have tried to shed some light on just a few instances of this story (Subskin Cables, El-Ron, Shrin, Deluxx). Mainly focussed on the 1988 - 1993 area, this project saw it's greatest exposure coming from Sunburned Hand of the Man’s debut LP 'Headdress' (out of print). The Rubby Boys were a band that in 1991 (or thereabouts) operated (and lived) in the very same loft-space handed down to SUNBURNED that you may have read about in many recent articles on the band. More than a location, it is a place that is as much a member of the band as anyone involved. The Rubby Boys were current NY State resident Phil Franklin (Sunburned, Franklin’s Mint, Caroliner, Faxed Head - many others) and Greg Petrovado (currently of Feathers... but also 'slept around' through the years). This surfaced collection of acid drenched home four track recordings displays a heads up to noise New Zealand, as much as a call to 70s Texas lo-fi psych channeled through two mid-20s minds who would go on to influence many independent sounds to come. Limited to 100 copies.” Already sold out at source, this comes recommended to you!
1/24/2009 Ruby, Clay Pluto in Capricorn CDR $9.99 Skulls of Heaven "After 13 years in Sagittarius, the dark planet Pluto has finally begun his phase through the potent house of Capricorn. This journey will take 15 long and volatile years to complete. As a tribute to the beginning of what will no doubt be an epic period of destruction and deconstruction hopefully followed by intensive reevaluation and renewal, this album takes the listener through a similarly dynamic journey of celestial electronic meditations. Two months of depression medicated by serious drug and keyboard abuse yielded over 8 hours of introspective new age star symphonies, reaching through the darkness, towards some idea of future lightness. These recordings were then sifted through using modern astrological technologies to select the most thematically appropriate material for this song cycle. All atmospheres are thoroughly mutated through the chronic sicknesses of crude analog processing, only glimpses
of the intended therapeutic cherubs make themselves known to the listener. Vast future darkness haunts the proceedings as scales climb to sublime pitches only to be shifted back into the murk of spiritual death and the first flickers of rebirth. Analog mirror music, mandatory long distance mental travel is woven into either alternative."
8/20/2004 Ruchalski, Edward Dark Night CDR $8.99 Foxglove “Pastoral drones and babbling brooks typify Dark Night, the soundtrack to the warm summer after the lights go out. Ed rRuchalski's past work on the Humbug and Pseudoarcana imprints has been nothing short of stunning, and these eight new tracks will suck all the air out of the room. Never look behind you, because that's where the monsters lurk. Just face east and the sun will rise again. It's time you bathed in its shimmering, metallic light. Ltd to 90 in handmade covers.”
4/29/2004 Ruchalski, Edward Having it Out 3" CDR $7.99 Pseudo Arcana "Originally released as Side 1 of a limited edition LP of the same title on Humbug (who have already released the trks on side 2 on a previous disk), the 3 trks on this disk are a set inspired by Ruchalski's reading of Jane Kenyon's poem ‘Having It Out With Melancholy’. With stunningly beautiful slow sad instrumentals (zither, guitar, voice) bearing witness to an evolving 'concrete' core, the music generates (as the title of the poem would suggest) that most poignant of 'art' inspired states; the static and dream like (imagined...) 'channeling' of the dark shrouded memories of another."
9/30/2005 Ruchalski, Edward Refined Localities 2,3,4 3" CDR $7.99 Firstperson "Ruchalski continues the series begun on Humbug last year, 3 tracks of singing tones and drones like onkly he knows how. Excellent cd's on PseudoArcana and Digitalis also worth tracking down."
9/17/2006 Ruinzhatova Liveinsomewhere CD $15.99 Vivo "Well known for fans of Japanese experimental music virtuosos: Yamamoto Seiichi (Boredoms, Omoide Hatoba, Rovo), Tatsuya Yoshida (Ruins, Korekyojin, Zubi Zuva, AMT) and Tsuyama Atsushi (Akaten, Haco, Omoide Hatoba, AMT) have joined forces to present live their visions of jazz-infuenced progressive free-rock. Classic!"
6/25/2013 Rumination Weight 7" + c30 cassette $20.99 Second Sleep "Nolan Throop is well known for his solo project Kakerlak and several brilliant collaborations. Parallel to this has always cultivated a passion for industrial and the more obscure noise, in constant progression through its project vergraben before and rumination now. Short tracks, monotonous and percussive, sounding like a degraded version of the SPK. Old drum machines, junk metal loops and radio voices that create industrial marches covered with a thick dose of negativity." Edition of 100 copies.
6/19/2007 Run-J.M.C. Earp Flagon CDR $7.99 Hoopty "2nd in the ongoing series of releases by three unruly scuzz-rock degenerates. Experimental dust flakes adorn sprawling testicular garage epics. Includes destruction of Led Zeppelin's 'No Quarter' and Ramones' 'Gonna Kill That Girl Tonite'.
6/19/2007 Run-J.M.C. Gefilta Red Cosmos CDR $7.99 Hoopty "Three tri-polar waste cases get together to smoke toxic telecaster scuzz rock and in the meantime do some home recording of the resultant epic misadventures. Several opossums 'beached' themselves on the grill of my car due to the garbled neurosis of these recordings - and to top it off, the ill-advised attempt at Judas Priest, which certainly displays a profound mental deficiency!" Edition of 50 copies.
11/20/2010 Running Running LP $16.99 Permanent "Running is one of America's best psych/punk bands. Running sounds to us like Clockcleaner, if they played twice as fast and half as long. The vocals are reverbed beyond recognition, the drums are pummeling, and the bass and guitar are abrasive feedback-laden. After pumping out a couple of incredible cassette tape-only releases, Running went into the studio and recorded some of their material (semi) professionally. Those recordings have now been preserved to wax as Running's debut 12" EP. This eponymous EP comes housed in a jacket with really interestingly created artwork and contains exactly 13 totally brutal weird punk songs. If these guys were jockier, they'd be a hardcore band. Thankfully, they're too arty for that ish. This record fucking rips! The first pressing is limited to 500 copies!"
2/5/2011 Running / Loose Dudes split 7" $6.99 Catholic Male "Your boys over here at Priority Male have teamed up with Thurston Moore's pal Brett Naucke of Catholic Tapes fame to put out this unsettling split 7" release. Running delivers a noisy, droney track titled "Right Lane Leaning" which somehow sonically captures the physical sensation of a crippling case of motion sickness. It kind of sounds like their self-titled LP on purple drank. The bass and drums are sludgy, the vocals are mere guttural moans. Pure musical discomfort. Loose Dudes drop two jams on their side: loud, hyperactive, obnoxious. Black Flag meets Circle Jerks meet Suicidal Tendencies. The type of songs that make you want to throw a stool across the bar or give your mom the finger. Beautiful cover art by San Fran weirdo William Keihn, sleeve screenage by Ryan Duggan, and yes, the tattoos on the back cover are real. There are only 300 of these so GRIP RIGHT QUICK because at least one of these bands is going to wind up famous for the wrong reasons and holy shit, can you imagine how much this will go for on eBay?"

Runzelstirn / Gurglestock & Decaer Pinga Omitting The Troll CDR $9.99 Chocolate Monk "Smell the sweat of Thai boxing music".
1/28/2015 Rupenus, Richard & Nobuo Yamada 81/44 LP $29.99 Art Into Life "Side A: 20% heavily armed with random discharges of radio-wave theatre and metal noise. Multiple blows with a heavy hatchet along the time axis, but no blood flows. From the speakers, the right and left wing exchange blows but reconciliation remains eternally unreachable. Steeped in idle repetition in a comfortably heated secret chamber. With several random passers-by, sounds like those made by slapping a wet towel alternate between life and death but in a continual state of existence. However, it was all meaningless.
Side B: Misshapen metal objects roll around randomly, 100% liberated in their movement. Junk noise flies about in every direction, howling at distant objects, wildly spasming, rolling around on the floor, having sudden heart failures, and constantly apologizing for its own violent impulses. Yes, finally the expression of those capricious modulations begins to show its charm, and losing none of its freshness rusted fragments fly up into the air in Japan and the UK.
The New Blockaders and Nobuo Yamada released a collaborative album, “Prickle/Crevice” in 2005. They sent sound materials back and forth over the past nine years to create these latest collaborations.
Two titles will be released simultaneously. The “81/44” LP is credited to Richard Rupenus & Nobuo Yamada; while the 2CD set “Haikagura” uses their group names, The New Blockaders & Artbreakhotel.
Handmade jacket consisting of a decorated transparent acrylic sheet (each one is different). The background color changes according to the light conditions. Limited edition of 150.
11/3/2012 Ruppert, Freddy Wait c20 cassette $6.99 NNA Tapes "Deviating stylistically from his previous work with Former Ghosts and This Song Is A Mess And So Am I, Los Angeles-based musician Freddy Ruppert has constructed a forboding collage of churning industrial soundscapes. “Wait” is a highly personal collection of deliberately anti-climactic processed acoustics, from glassy piano fragments to deep, rumbling bells. While remaining bestial and dark, the sounds on “Wait” retain an emotionally complex and organic energy; a calculated exercise in tension and restraint, existing intimately in a place of no resolution."
4/24/2006 Rura' Pente Hindu Division CDR $12.99 musicyourmindwillloveyou deconstructed gitarock skronk laid in irregular rows like garage bandits made to seek the pummel of the sun
7/14/2011 Ruryk, Brian Guitar Weakling 7" $19.99 Beniffer Editions "Screenprinted rubber stretched and warped, mounted on modified board. Edition of 100."
9/30/2005 Ruryk, Brian smeared gravity and guitars lipping off CDR $12.99 Beniffer Editions "Ex-folley editor taking risks with his neighborhood recycling! 23 Fanta bottles, 14 ravioli & artichoke cans and 156 pieces of shelving & office discard succumb to natural forces (ie. gravity, deflection and acoustic genocide) at the hands of the most notoriously anti-musical trash wanker. All of this set somewhere between freddy vs. jason slow-mo and harlequin diamond fuck-brace hi-fi to "bluegrass" guitar playing. Acoustic! Comes in a screenprinted, tri-marbled cardboard diskette envelope, sealed as all sticky fuck. edition of 98."
2/15/2013 Rushford, James & Joe Talia Manhunter LP $14.99 Kye "Manhunter is the brand new LP by Australia's James Rushford and Joe Talia. The duo's previous work, Palisades (2009) and Paper Fault Line (2011), showcased a gestural and timbrally rich music, bristling with keen detail and sharp edits. Manhunter stands in stark contrast - an ebbing two-part suite for waning greyscale electronics, dehumanized drum machine, amorphous vocal fragments, and sundry devices, woven together in a fabric of despair. The exquisite bleakness of Manhunter ties it to La Mutazione, Abandoned Cities, Theme From Hunger, and other great downer classics of yore. Manhunter arrives in a full-color high gloss Michael Salerno designed sleeve, with complimentary labels, in an edition of 400 copies."
2/11/2004 Russell Street These Cigarettes Will Kill Me CDR $12.99 Pseudo Arcana "Russell Street is the solo project of Greg Larking, one half of the ‘noise’ duo (called confusingly?) Street… A million miles away from the overdriven excess of that band, Russell St. is a much more subtle and introspective affair. ‘These Cigarettes…’ gathers together quiet electronic loops and a series of discreet piano and organ improvisations recorded (quite audibly) in the sunroom at his home on Russell St. This is the sort of music I started the label in order to release."
4/16/2007 Russell, Bruce Gilded Splinters CD $14.99 Spirit of Orr "After countless false starts and production problems, we are finally able to offer a specially packaged edition of this long awaited release by BRUCE RUSSELL. For our store accounts and mail order customers we present a hand assembled digipak version of this CD (not a CDR). In the coming months it will be issued in a jewel cased edition. About the Project: I have been interested in the use of sound recordings to make 'music' for a long time. In the early 1980's one of the things that drew me to the work of groups such as Cabaret Voltaire, The Fall and This Heat was their use of recordings as an element in their work, and as a way of restructuring played pieces once they had been recorded. In my own work, I started making tape works from day one, buying my first open reel tape machine in 1983, the same year I bought my first electric guitar. The first Dead C. album included 'The Wheel' and 'Mutterline', both of which I constructed from tapes [1987]. Later about half of the third Handful of Dust album; 'From a Soundtrack to the Anabase of St.John Perse', was constructed in the 'studio' [1995]. When I began to record under my own name, one of the things I wanted to focus on was tape work, as opposed to documentation recordings of live improvisations, which most of my other work has been. My first solosingle was produced by the simple expedient of halving the tape speed, thereby doubling the beauty of the original ultra-lo-fi recording. A great boost to my resolve in this area was given by Ralf Wehowsky's invitation in 1996 to participate in what became the 'Tulpas' project. His faith in me gave me confidence to consider my work as a form of composition, and has led directly to this album. In this regard the support of Matthew Leonard has also been very helpful. My plan was to compile examples of my tape work over the last few years, as a way of showing the different approaches and developing methodologies that I have employed. Originally I envisaged a double CD, but this has proven to be both too expensive and ultimately too hubristic. Making these recordings has been a learning process, but a very satisfying one. My working practices have often been deliberately primitive and brutal, and I make no apology for that. It is the ideas and their expression that should be of interest, not merely questions of technique. It remains only to note the inspiring example of many more illustrious names in this genuinely Twentieth Century art form. I will not compile a list of names, as these lists have a way of becoming almost too famous, but national pride compels me to mention the late Douglas Lilburn. He founded, in 1966 at Victoria University of Wellington, the Southern Hemisphere's first Electronic Music Studio. Recently his magnificent analogue electronic works have entered the digital domain in a long overdue re-edition. Hurrah!" - Bruce Russell, Lyttelton 2004

Russell, Bruce Project For A Revolution In New York LP $19.99 Siltbreeze "The first Bruce Russell solo release Project for a Revolution in New York sees our man truly alone on the first side, messing with a guitar over a looped drone accompaniment. Remarkably subdued and dare I say, relaxing. Side two has Tom Lax (Siltbreeze mainman) and Paul Toohey (Surface of the Earth) helping out with percussion and electronics in a very free collaboration where what doesn't happen defines the tension of the piece as much as what does. There's always been a tension between noise and minimalism in Russell's music as evidenced on Project For a Revolution." - Paul Collett, noise.as. Edition of 500 copies.

Russell, Bruce Toy Walkie Talkie 7" $5.99 Chocolate Monk 1997 single Vol. 2 of the Cadenza Freedom series.
9/29/2005 Russell, Bruce & Ralf Wehowsky Midnight Crossroads Tape Recorder Blues CD $16.99 A Bruit Secret Bruce Russell : acoustic guitar, vocal, analogue tape treatments, mixing and composition and Ralf Wehowsky : sitar, digital sound processing. Recorded 2003-05, Lyttelton, New Zealand and Eggenstein, Germany. "It is midnight during the summer of 1951, the scene is a rural crossroads somewhere outside Paris. A man called Pierre Schaeffer is sitting in the grass by the side of the road. As the village clock strikes the hour he invokes Eleggua, the Yoruba god of crossroads and tricksters, and throws a reel of analogue recording tape over his shoulder. The rest, as we say,is history. Well, no doubt it did not happen that way, but the relationship between the blues and old school‚ electro-acoustic music is not as distant as it might at first appear. Both the blues and sound recording are children of the twentieth century. In fact, the blues are the first musical genre to owe their ongoing historical existence ˆ their tradition‚ ˆ almost entirely to the technology of sound recording. This album took form as a purely conceptual project, several years in advance of its actual realisation in sound. Part of my intention was to evoke the sound world‚ of the old blues, by using analogue recording technology; the hiss and grainy analogue texture of the sound is integral to the concept. Ideally I should have mastered it to acetate before making the digital transfer. I also aimed to make use of the limited technical palette of old school‚ tape music to create an homage‚ to the blues heroes. Equalisation; speed changes; tape splicing, looping and reversal; reverb; and ring modulation; these were my colours. I recruited Ralf Wehowsky to throw in some wild cards of computer sound processing, which I then returned to analogue tape and put under my razor."

Russell, Bruce / Andreas Brandal split 7" $5.99 Smalltown Supersound "The BR side consists of chance-directed tape-splice operations on recordings of self and others."
10/21/2009 Russell, David Artistic Suicide c10 + c20 double cassette $12.99 Pizza Night "On point recordings from David Russell showcase his fine tuned approach to merging unpredictably frantic sounds and focused controlled sound experiments. Very hypnotic tracks juxtaposed against screeching noise blasts. A wide array of all the things David does so well. The dynamics of his more percussive pieces extends his repertoire widely on this one."
6/24/2012 Russian Tsarlag Liquid Nails LP $15.99 Seedstock Records "Russian Tsarlag is more easily explained as the musical counterpart to the psyche of Carlos Gonzalez rather than trying to attach it to genre or make other musical comparisons. If you've seen Carlos perform or look over one his records you can see that he very much tries to create a new world where he truly belongs. There is humor, although bleak, and there is a certain comic book/ americana feel, although diseased. He has been around for a while now, and has essentially been doing the same thing throughout his time in Providence, Ri as well as now in his home of Tampa, Florida. Maybe this world of music has become a bit unfashionable into the era of post-2010 music, but Carlos' sincerity and singularity keep a devout group of followers and his status as a cult artist both growing steadily like a happy David Cronenberg sculpted bonus organ. Liquid Nails is his 3rd full length LP in a long list of cassette releases and other format releases which might also be considered full-lengths. Needless to say, Carlos is a very productive artist making comic books (either Slime Freak or Steam Walkway) and creating memorable live performances which sometimes more resemble a stand up routine than a punk show. If anything he has now honed the sound of RT into something that focuses more on song and lyric: there is less noise on these recordings and much more atmosphere. The songs are simple, haunting, and have a level of pop sensibility that is cracked and sickly. Essentially you should take some time to enter into the world of Russian Tsarlag and almost of his releases are a fine starting point, Liquid Nails being a most certainly qualified portal." Limited to 200 copies with fold over xerox covers and green obi.
11/4/2006 Rusted Shut Bring Out Your Dead 7" $25.99 AA Records One-sided square lathe cut 7" from Nate Young's (Wolf Eyes) AA label.
7/14/2007 RV Paintings Trinity Rivers CD $12.99 Root Strata "New nature jams from the Northern California peace crew. Brian Pyle (one half of the core Starving Weirdos duo) his brother Jon, and their bro Spencer traverse the twilight moon as RV Paintings. 'Trinity Rivers' is a suite of three nocturnal jams, way heavy on the hypnotic vibe. Wine glasses, holographic guitar circles and skittery drum lines unite to form a fantasy world- but not in color - all black and white with smears of metallic sliver. Eno circa 'On Land' with Ellen Fullman's Long String Instrument after a midnight swim in the ocean. This is by far one of the most beautiful and totally dark audio documents out of the Weirdos camp." Edition of 500
3/21/2009 Ryan, Collie Hour Is Now LP $12.99 Sebastian Speaks "Collie Ryan privately pressed three albums in the early '70s-Taking Your Turn Round The Corner of Day, Indian Harvest, and The Giving Tree. The records were funded in part by Collie's friends at the New Age Farms carrot and fresh juice company in Lompoc, California and her mesmerizing music remained largely a secret until "Cricket," one of the tracks from Indian Harvest surfaced on the Numero Group's stellar compilation Ladies From the Canyon in 2006. Collie's music is almost solely based around her cosmic and birdlike voice and nylon guitar picking, and her lyrics reflect her lifelong study of theosophy and naturalist living. The Hour Is Now collects tracks from her first three LPs and is packaged with Collie's own artwork. For fans of Buffy Sainte-Marie, Joni Mitchell, Sibelle Baier and Ruthann Friedman." One copy available now - more later.
2/11/2006 Rylan, Jessica Flight to the Ivory Tower / Total Confusion Recreation cassette $12.99 Heavy Tapes "Second in the "solo synth" series on Heavy Tapes is Jessican Rylan who also performs and releases music under the name Can't. The past few years has seen Jessica performing constantly all over the world, carrying her synthesizer and microphone with her, singing songs and letting the electricity flow. If you're curious about the connection between electricity and sound, this tape is for you. A steady yet energetic tour of every frequency imaginable, committed lovingly to magnetic tape for your pleasurable consumption. Tuck in."