DateAdded Artist Title Format Price Label Description
12/2/2008 P.A.R.A. Mermalien LP $19.99 Olde English Spelling Bee "P. A. R. A. represents Pre-Atlantean Ritual Artifacts. It was channeled in deep sea space by Labanna Bly, in the celestial summer of 2008. Dedicated to my knight, James Ferraro. Mermalien is a three-part suite for Three Deaths to Supreme Consciousness: 'mercury overdose,' 'abyss retreat,' & 'seaspace chrysalis.' Limited edition of 200 copies. Paste-on covers."

P.G. Six Parlor Tricks and Porch Favorites CD $12.99 Amish "This record mixes late 60's / early 70's pastoral English folk influences, rural American blues, and Appalachian mountain music. Parlor Tricks and Porch Favorites recalls the finer moments of the Incredible String Band's The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter and the beautiful weirdness of Kevin Ayers' Shooting At the Moon. The record also contains a cover of 60's English folkie Anne Briggs' 'Go Your Way.' PG Six is Pat Gubler, founding member of New York's enigmatic musical collective Tower Recordings. Tim Barnes (Quakebasket Records, Tower Recordings, Jim O'Rourke) plays percussion and engineers the record."
2/23/2007 P.G. Six Slightly Sorry CD $14.99 Drag City "Pat Gubler (aka P.G. Six) came on the scene in 1994, as a member of Memphis Luxure, a noise/rock band from Port Chester, NY. That band morphed into Tower Recordings, a musically omnivorous ensemble that released several albums on the Siltbreeze and Communion labels over the past decade. Pat's first solo album, Parlor Tricks and Porch Favorites saw the light of day in 2001, followed by The Well of Memory in 2004. Music from the Sherman Box Series, a collection of instrumentals, arrived in late 2006. His music fuses an unlikely range of influences including '60s British folk, country rock, & experimental music. On Slightly Sorry, in addition to the Anglo-Irish quasi-folk influences, you get some Garth Hudson attempts, some Roger McGuinn-izations, the odd Crazy Horse-ism and a pretty nifty cover of a song by Youngbloods pal Jeffrey Cain (note there is a near-approximation of some Dave Schramm-ittude on that Cain number - not really but kinda. Okay, maybe not). After all influences have been calculated, the roots-informed, detail-obsessed, defiantly handspun sound - and the transcendently glossy results of such alchemy, make the truth about P.G. Six."
4/1/2004 P.G. Six The Well of Memory CD $12.99 Amish Records “Amish Records is pleased to announce the release of PG Six’s second full-length album, The Well of Memory. Continuing many of the themes introduced on Parlor Tricks and Porch Favorites, PG Six’s well-received first record, The Well Of Memory makes nods towards 60’s folk artists like Bert Jansch, Pentangle, Incredible String Band, and John Fahey, while also fitting in with contemporary musicians like New York psych folk poster-boy Devendra Banhardt, Anglo-folk traditionalist Alasdair Roberts, and West Coast psych guitarist Ben Chasny of Six Organs of Admittance. Pat’s lyrics draw on narrative force, spinning mythology in abstract patterns that stretch moments of clarity between dreamlike sequences. His music, composed away from the bustle of the city in upstate New York, breathes as solemn spirituals. With The Well of Memory, P.G. Six transcends mere revival carving a permanent spot amongst contemporary singer/songwriters.”
4/12/2012 Paanpa & Bearly Queen H.O.E.M. CDR $7.99 267 Lattajjaa Experimental pop opera, released 12.12.2011. Songs by Paanpa (2008-2009) and hopelessly oversaturated experimental music by BQ (2010-2011). Rearranged, mixed and sculpted by BQ in 2011.
6/5/2005 Paavi Paavi LP $17.99 Lal Lal Lal "Lal Lal Lal presents Paavi, a LP of piano ecstasy recorded on the roof of Luola Studios in Tampere. In the featured three original compositions Paavi explores the movement in static sound – stasis in moving sound duality. This onetime Puke Eater and
Munuaissymposium 1960 member's frankfurters dance on the ivories and the piano sings a song of a very long and free fall. Complete with song titles like 'Healthy Body, Healthy Cosmos' and a beautiful color print insert with a nude picture of Paavi's sister. Edition of 525."
12/24/2005 Paavoharju Yhä Hämärää CD $18.99 Fonal Records "Paavoharju is a new band and this their first full length release. Amazing in the way it sounds as well in it's beauty. "We created this record during 2001-2005. Also many other things happened. Mostly Yhä hämärää is trying to reflect inner landscapes. Of course concrete places are forming and partly creating those inner views. Some highly inspiring places: Durde, densis, my home, Pöllänlahti, toilet, graveyard, sewers, disco, the beach at redpoint, rooftops at night, alcoholic's home, churches, Uukuniemi, foggy fields, sauna, my bed. Everything the light touches (and doesn't touch) is our kingdom. We like Yhä hämärää very much." - Lauri Ainala / Paavoharju.
8/20/2011 Pacchu, Fricara Faces Faces Everywhere c40 cassette $7.99 Ikuisuus "Faces Faces Everywhere was recorded while Mr Fricara Pacchu was in a coma which he fell into after hearing 'Car Ride' by american hardcore band Drunks With Guns. This incident ended a 16-month-long worldwide tour celebrating the success of his previous releases 'Midnight Pyre' and 'Lucy'. The sounds on this cassette were created with the help of swiss engineer Ms Apita Pipiti and her computer, which Pacchu was connected to with brain sensors. The doctors did various stimulations in order to crack his mental shell. The response from his brain was driven through Pipiti's machine and the results were analyzed by norwegian conductor Mr Blorsen. On 21.5.2010 the patient woke up after a nurse accidentally threw a metal vase at his head. The raw material was given to him as a compensation for the wrong treatment. So now, buy this tape and give Mr Pacchu a reason for another party marathon." - DPM Rafael Finningston Bologna, 16.5.2011
1/17/2010 Pacchu, Fricara Lucy 7" EP $7.99 Vauva "Fricara Pacchu is a man whose quest is the 'real'. The same quest that made him quit his profession as a photographer and become a welder. This Maniacs Dream member's sixth solo release 'Lucy' contains five tracks recorded on his four tracker, using electronic keyboards, presets, guitar, stylophone and effects. Hard driving psychedelic synthesizer music." "Finnish four-track madness from Maniacs Dream member Fricara Pacchu, all the way from Finland (and on a label, run by members of Kemialliset Ystävät, that hasn't released anything in six years). Miles away from what we commonly dismiss as low fidelity here, Pacchu revels in crunchy, martial, lo-res beatwork, synth basslines, electronic squigglery, galvanized klang, and folk twiddling on stylophone, dark and monolithic but driven and determined to make you break a sweat. It has that warbling, overclocked quality of that SID synth comp from some years back called Input 64, a collection of songs cribbed from Commodore 64 games. All instrumental, and better for it - these are b-boy anthems from a parallel 1983, pulled inside out and soaked in battery acid for extra crunch. I really missed receiving genuinely oddball records like this that run on their own logic, instead of trying to play someone else's game, and hope that things of similar quality keep coming in. Really cool." - Doug Mosurock / Still Single
1/1/2008 Pacchu, Fricara Stories of the Old 7" + Book $14.99 Fonal "Fricara Pacchu started out his musical career as a rapper (Imukoira Koiruli) in The Backdoor Funkers. The BF managed to get one album ready just before they never saw each other again, causing changes in all members. This might be the reason why Pacchu has only been able to work with instrumental sounds ever since. A chain of collabo-rationalizing was to follow in groups such as The Anaksimandros, Slow Convulsion, Rorererot, Avarus, Multi-Spatial Love BandŠ but not until the birth of techno-rock-trio Maniacs Dream was Pacchu able to find all the fundamental particles of his shattered inner plectrum. Hence, the music on this 7" is the consequence of using a plectrum. It is pretty good for doing parkour but it can also help you forgive and respect (if you want to). The second track was recorded after having a conversation with a man and a girl. "Stories of the Old" also contains 42 pages packed with Pacchu's visual scribblings that might make you fall asleep after every page (because it's soo beautiful). Pacchu has previously released three cassettes. A cd titled "Snow and Wind" will follow soon on Finnish label Lal Lal Lal along with a near 80-minute demolition of sound from Maniacs Dream. Here is a glimpse of what has been said about Pacchu's second cassette: "Where do you go after you've single-handedly destroyed the entire canon of recorded psychedelic musics? Into techno, apparently."
1/22/2011 Padang Food Tigers Born Music LP $18.99 Blackest Rainbow "Originally released on Blackest Rainbow in Autumn 2010 in an edition of only 100 copies, the vinyl edition of Padang Food Tiger's debut full length LP sold out instantly. This second edition will be pressed on 140g virgin vinyl with pro-printed sleeves in an edition of only 250 copies... Memories playing tricks: oh, the gauzy hallucinogens of nostalgia are sloughing off fresh fictions throughout this deeply passionate instrumental collection. Padang Food Tigers attempt to resurrect half-remembered dreams on their debut long player, Born Music, by hybridising improvisational tactics with the trappings of traditional tropes. Influenced by artists such as Scott Tuma, Taku Sugimoto, Loren Connors, Bruce Langhorne Boxhead Ensemble and Tetuzi Akiyama, the group's two members (Stephen Lewis and Spencer Grady) seek to capture the potency of moment, free from all artifice and studied consciousness, enveloped in the player's close fraternal bond. The duration and form of tracks - brimming with banjo, guitar, piano, music boxes and fragments of history - are dictated by emotional weight, by intuition, not expectation. Born Music (a gesture to the dried river that flows at the back of Lewis' home in South London and to the instinctive nature of the sounds contained within) is the duo's follow-up to their Go Down, Moses EP, which was released on Under The Spire in the summer of this year."
11/21/2009 Padna Metal Hurlant / Farmer’s Hearth CDR $7.99 Stunned "Nat Hawks from Padna reports: “Last winter I went home with no music equipment and when I arrived was invited to play a show the next week. So I went into my closet at my folks' house and found all manner of old, broken sound toys. This is an elaborate recreation of the set I did for that show. Also, at the time, my father was getting heart surgery, which resulted in the conflicting emotions of holiday brightness (Metal Hurlant) and dark contemplations (Farmer's Hearth).” Limited edition of 111 stamped cdrs with color cover and double-sided insert in vinyl jacket."
8/4/2007 Paekong Mae Paekong Mae LP $15.99 Giardia Live recording from Minneapolis, 1997 featuring Neil Campbell, John Olson of Wolf Eyes, Gretchen Gonzales of Universal Indians, Emil Hagstrom of Cock ESP and another three of four players. It's the original vinyl in a new sleeve. Last copies.
10/30/2002 Paik Corridors CD $13.99 Beyonder Records “Paik is a Michigan space rock band if I've ever heard one! This once great mecca of the drone was home to such luminaries as Mahogany, Transient Waves, Grimble Grumble, and Star Phase 23 to name a few. Nowadays most of these bands are either dead or relocated, and the fort is held down by the always excellent Windy & Carl and the formerly great Füxa. Corridors is the type of album that any fan of space rock should be dying over. The guitars are fuzzy and loud, the drums are repetitive, and the bass lines are trance inducing. Listening to Paik is akin to listening to Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine, Kinski, Yume Bitsu, and Tristeza duke it out in a battle royale. None of these bands wins out. Instead, they are thrown into a giant blender and mixed together, forming a wonderful ambient rock opus. In all seriousness, Paik has gotten the formula right. Everything sounds so huge and resounding (I think the song ‘Strange Familiar’ sets a new benchmark for hugeness). The only thing that could keep any fan of the genre from totally loving these guys is the fact that they don't have a vocalist. I must admit that at first I was thrown off by the lack of vocals because in every other band that sounds anything like this, there are wispy vocals leading me out into the ether. Eventually I came around to the realization that the lack of vocals make the songs more interesting because everything takes on an added weight when there is no singing to subconsciously latch onto. This album is exciting and vibrant and would be a worthy addition to anyone's record collection. In a sea of space rock/shoegaze wannabes, Paik is the real thing."
9/16/2004 Paik Hugo Strange CD $13.99 Beyonder "A ten-song collection of orchestral shoegaze from Detroit's sound and space expanders Paik. These are instrumental gems delivered lush, swirling, layered and textured. Recent Satin Black album (Strange Attractors Audio House) is wowing worldwide. Recorded at Ghetto Studio by Jim Diamond."
6/11/2006 Paik Monster of the Absolute CD $12.99 Strange Attractors Audio House "The abandonment and subsequent plight of America's many major urban centers is well documented, but nowhere else is this manifest to its extremity as in Detroit, Michigan. Although there have been hints of a resurgence, downtown Detroit exists in an advanced state of decay and has for many years, its blue-collar past and collection of pre-Depression skyscrapers often referred to as an American Acropolis. For Paik, the very epicenter of this deterioration is precisely where they call home. From the erosion of concrete and steel comes a certain inspiration, a parable that has fueled Paik's ongoing quest for beauty amongst ugliness and chaos. Since their inception in 1997 and across four full-length albums and a smattering of singles and compilations, Paik have studiously advanced and mutated their sound. Evolving from their embryonic shoegaze-inspired melee into sprawling, heavy stoner/psych/drone hybrids as evidenced on 2003's epic Satin Black, Paik have an uncanny ability to completely shred the atmosphere while coaxing out blissfully sonorous melodies from their thunderous caterwaul. Pulling back the reins just a bit, Paik funnel their supersonic cyclones into a tightly focused box of thunder with Monster of the Absolute, their greatest balancing act of melody and dissonance to date."
6/11/2006 Paik Monster of the Absolute LP $13.99 Strange Attractors Audio House "The abandonment and subsequent plight of America's many major urban centers is well documented, but nowhere else is this manifest to its extremity as in Detroit, Michigan. Although there have been hints of a resurgence, downtown Detroit exists in an advanced state of decay and has for many years, its blue-collar past and collection of pre-Depression skyscrapers often referred to as an American Acropolis. For Paik, the very epicenter of this deterioration is precisely where they call home. From the erosion of concrete and steel comes a certain inspiration, a parable that has fueled Paik's ongoing quest for beauty amongst ugliness and chaos. Since their inception in 1997 and across four full-length albums and a smattering of singles and compilations, Paik have studiously advanced and mutated their sound. Evolving from their embryonic shoegaze-inspired melee into sprawling, heavy stoner/psych/drone hybrids as evidenced on 2003's epic Satin Black, Paik have an uncanny ability to completely shred the atmosphere while coaxing out blissfully sonorous melodies from their thunderous caterwaul. Pulling back the reins just a bit, Paik funnel their supersonic cyclones into a tightly focused box of thunder with Monster of the Absolute, their greatest balancing act of melody and dissonance to date."
7/1/2004 Paik Satin Black CD $12.99 Strange Attractors Audio House "Paik are wicked conjurers of a seriously delirious thunder, unleashing a maelstrom of sound that is as lilting as it is crushing. A power trio of guitar/bass/drums, the band first streaked across the Michigan space-gaze scene in 1997, seeking to chart out new aural frontiers within a rock format. Evoking the roaring resonance of Kevin Sheilds' levitating guitar innovations and the minimalist weight of a band like Earth, Paik are a heady force on the avant rock map. Satin Black is truly a beautiful noise."
3/21/2007 Paine, Andrew After Solstice Days CDR $11.99 Sonic Oyster Records "New limited edition self-released electric guitar album from long-term Richard Youngs collaborator and Ilk member, Andrew Paine, packaged in art card paper with hand-drawn art. Some very heavy proto-Japanese string fluxing here, from stinging acid-peak leads through watery, sub-aqueous tones and full-on amp humping, this is a thrilling ride from start to finish. Highly recommended." - Volcanic Tongue
2/20/2010 Paine, Andrew Functions of Hedgerow CDR $10.99 Sonic Oyster Records "Limited edition of 50 copies solo CD-R from frequent Richard Youngs collaborator Andrew Paine. Functions Of Hedgerow is intended as the third installment in the trilogy that includes Five Perspectives and Weekend World. Here Paine uses spoken word and drone to conjure the kind of pastoral violence of early Flying Saucer Attack while modulating and distorting vocals to macabre effect." (Volcanic Tongue)
5/17/2011 Paine, Andrew Lift Into My Hands cassette $9.99 Sonic Oyster Cassettes Three pieces for piano. Strictly limited (numbered) edition of 50. Andrew Paine builds on last year's 'The Haunts of Ancient Peace'; his farewell to a fallen traveller, with this new solo work. Three pieces explore the themes of emergence and resurrection: 'Lift Into My Hands' serving as the perfect counterpoint between 'The Seeds of Intention' and 'Of Rabbits & Horses': slow, unfolding, sparse, low-volume music.
7/24/2010 Paine, Andrew The Haunts of Ancient Peace CDR $10.99 Sonic Oyster Records "'The Haunts of Ancient Peace' (SOR40) is the result of a one hour session at my piano, recorded directly onto an iphone mic. Free and indeterminate in nature, these simple compositions chart loss and friendship through quiet, slowly evolving patterns. The album is dedicated to AKN 1963 - 2010. The piano needs tuning :-) Limited edition of 50 copies."
3/21/2007 Paine, Andrew & Alistair Crosbie Phosphorous CDR $11.99 Sonic Oyster Records "Extended drone omnitones from the new duo of Andrew Paine (regular Richard Youngs collaborator) and Alistair Crosbie (with connections to Kylie Minoise et al), with Crosbie re-working Paine's original Farfisa organs with overdubbed computerised organ. Sounds most like the early, luminous drone opening to Nurse With Wound's Spiral Insana extended to oblivion. With paste-on sleeves in hard plastic sleeves ala the usual Sonic Oyster set-up." - Volcanic Tongue
9/24/2009 Paine, Andrew / Andrew Paine (AP / AP) Each to Each... Exclaims CDR $11.99 Sonic Oyster Records "Collaboration album between two different guys with the same name, one an artist based in the USA and the other the CEO of Sonic Oyster and frequent Richard Youngs collaborator. One 31 minute track, recorded in a series of back-and-forth mail shots. The guitar has some of the Japanese amp worshipping form of Paine's Mekonium Reaktor, albeit processed through the bedroom fuzz-monster style of UK units like Spacemen 3 and Flying Saucer Attack. Electric guitar, bass, keyboard, radios and subliminal vocals." - Volcanic Tongue
2/21/2009 Painting Petals On Planet Ghost Fallen Camellias CD $12.99 A Silent Place "Second full-lenght album from Italy's Painting Petals On Planet Ghost, aka brothers Maurizio & Roberto Opalio (My Cat Is An Alien) and vocalist Ramona Ponzini (also involved in the duo Praxinoscope, as well as a new project with Z'EV). 'Fallen Camellias' is a tribute to one of the greatest poetess ever, Japanese Yosano Akiko, whose work in literature in the early 1900's is considered as manifesto of the Japanese Romanticism. Imagine a Vashti Bunyan or a early Marianne Faithful singing sweet melodies in Japanese language, and you can have an idea of the musical and poetical universe of Painting Petals On Planet Ghost. Here Ramona Ponzini's singing comes from the use of Akiko's selected original poems in Japanese along with Ponzini's own typical soft and enchanting wordless vocals style, a out of time muse-like chant hypnotizing the ears and the minds of the listeners. The songs of 'Fallen Camellias' are built on acoustic guitar melodies composed by Maurizio Opalio,and are made of the same pure, melancholic essentiality of the legendary Nick Drake; while, after contributing arrangements of the most ecstatic nature, the other brother Roberto Opalio has played the role of producer of the whole album, searching for not only an aesthetic, but especially an emotional ideal of perfection. In the heart of winter covered by snow, let 'Fallen Camellias' be your warm blanket, as well as the promise of a new future spring. Here's a special Painting Petals On Planet Ghost's dedication: 'For those who drink the wine of love springtime is forever'. Comes in a deluxe 3 panels digipak."
11/3/2012 Painting Petals On Planet Ghost Transparent Winter CD $11.99 Seven Solar Metals "After the enthusiastically acclaimed release on Tokyo's legendary P.S.F. label, hailed as a return to the ancient spirit of Japanese national poetry, PAINTING PETALS ON PLANET GHOST simply demonstrate there's anything else like their music around the world right now. The trio of Ramona Ponzini (Praxinoscope, Z'ev, Black Magic Disco) with Roberto & Maurizio Opalio (aka My Cat Is An Alien) returns on planet Earth for a new full length release of extended songs. PPOPG create some wonderfully fragile and unusual experiments that fall somewhere between folk, psychedelia and drone. Ramona Ponzini sings in Japanese as well as contributing furin, metal and wooden Japanese wind chimes. These are combined with Maurizio Opalio on acoustic guitar, and Roberto Opalio on mini keyboard, bodhran, alientronics, and wordless vocalizations. The trio's eclectic setup helps them create some truly luscious and mysterious music that is perfectly fragile, strange, distant and delicate.
You already had a little taste of the work in October 2011, when Blackest Rainbow Records released a limited and now sold-out LP edition featuring 2 tracks of the album ('Mars Appears' and 'The Mountain'), presented here in an alternate mix version. This CD contains the whole recording session of the work entitled 'Transparent Winter', including 33 minutes of previously unreleased material ('Notes From A Telephone Conversation', 'Winter Is Coming', 'Ochitsubaki'), plus a bonus ghost track, for a total of 80 minutes of entranced music! While the short, final track 'Ochitsubaki' is still inspired by Yosano Akiko's poetic work, the entire rest of the work features lyrics excerpts from Takamura Kotaro's poems carefully selected by Ramona Ponzini. "Otherworldly is maybe the most apt description for their fragile, distanced songcraft, compositions which transport us to liminal fantasy spaces of gently suspenseful psychedelia, strangely inviting and comforting trance-like states". (Boomkat)
5/1/2009 Painting Petals On Planet Ghost / Mykel Boyd split 7" $13.99 Somnimage "The Opalio Brothers (My Cat Is An Alien) with Ramona Ponzini bring the mellow on the Painting Petals On Planet Ghost side with ambient noise and bells. Mykel Boyd's sweet ride consists of processed field recordings. White vinyl in opaque wrap-over sleeve. Limited to 200 copies." - Revolver
12/27/2005 Painting Petals on the Planet Ghost Painting Petals on the Planet Ghost LP $29.99 Time-Lag Records "Debut recording from italy's Opalio brothers (my cat is an alien) and Ramona Ponzini. An esoteric and mesmerizing trip through space, minimalism, and emotion. Each track recorded at a different mystical location in the western alps, and centered around ramona's beautiful vocals, all of which are sung in traditional japanese. Maurizio & Roberto add sparse accompaniment by means of toy piano, alien keyboard tones, antique accordion, percussion, tape effects, and some particularly evocative acoustic guitar. the whole thing comes off alternately as deeply meditative or chillingly haunted, depending on your attention & mood. Silence, space & ritual are hugely important here, with notes & words hovering frozen in time... while the my cat is alien moniker might leave some folks scratching their heads, here the painting petals on plant ghost name nails it : fragile, beautiful, cosmically isolationist, and totally spooked... pressed on 180 gram virgin vinyl, and lushly packaged with letterpress printed cover & insert. Printed with copper ink on exquisite & massively thick handmade ivory art paper, each sheet cast one at a time & air dried. Hand numbered edition of 560 copies."
4/27/2011 Paintings for Animals Kristeater CDR $7.49 Debacle Records "Pearson Wallace-Hoyt has already carved out his place in the PNW experimental scene, whether it is working with all manner of artists, dancers, and musicians or co-directing the Seattle Occultural Music Festival. Recently, Pearson has begun taking over the rest of the world, dropping a 3" CDR on Kim Dawn and now releasing his doom opus Kristeater.'
9/9/2013 Paintings of Windows Pororari River Mouth lathe cut LP + DVD + download $33.99 Pseudo Arcana "Ostensibly an electroacoustic project Antony Milton's Paintings of Windows has always been explicitly about place, manipulating recordings of particular spaces - occasionally with instruments being played in the background but just as frequently using 'pure' field recordings- and manipulating these in order to draw out the remembered subjective emotional essence of those locations. Whilst this essential modus operandi is retained 'Pororari River Mouth' represents a radical departure in terms of sonics and is far more explicitly musical than previous PoW releases. There has always been a meditative ethereal psychedelic character to PoW pieces but with this record one finds oneself in danger of drooling into their beard.. The location this time is Punakaiki, a small settlement on the wild West Coast of the South Island of Aotearoa/New Zealand, a place where crystalline limestone rivers drop from the mountains through rainforest to a ferocious rocky ocean. Milton spent a week here in April 2013 recording improvised chants and instrumental passages using battery operated synthesiser and sampler, these recordings were typically made at dusk as this seemed the time when the inspiration of the land/sea-scapes were at their most intense. The rush and whisper of ocean waves is perhaps the most dominant of voices here. The record comes with a 30 minute DVD featuring a film Milton made to go along with the music. Check samples here:
It won't be to everybody’s taste but for those with a secret desire to bliss out in their armchair for 40 minutes you really couldn't go wrong. Edition of 35 copies."
3/11/2015 Paintings of Windows Whangaimoana CDR + DVD $19.99 Pseudo Arcana "Paintings of Windows is Antony Milton's site specific ambient project. Until recently releases under this name were primarily based on field recordings with only very subtle manipulations. In recent times the project has involved more use of instruments- typically recorded 'in' the field, but also with more 'obvious' post production. 'Whangaimoana' is a of collection 3 pieces in which Milton has attempted to create a sustained mood whilst explicitly avoiding any change in dynamics. It is essentially drone music, something he has done a lot of over the years but with this record he was coming at the drone from a different angle and with a different intent. The drones here are not a bed for musical
improvising, they do not start in one place and finish in another, they are an attempt at stasis, warm saturated snapshots of moments in particular places at particular and never to be repeated times.
Track 1, 'Whangaimoana', was recorded on a stormy day in a shack by the sea when the weather was too wild to go fishing.
Track 2, 'Pines', was recorded in a small house in the middle of a pine plantation on a windy afternoon.
Track 3, 'Aether', was recorded at Milton's home in Wellington staring out the window into the depths of a blue sky.
Video footage was also collected at each location and a film made to accompany each piece.
Here is one of the pieces: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=53IGSozPTz0
CDR and DVD presented in full colour gatefold sleeve.
11/8/2013 Pairdown Aesthetic Guitar CDR $8.99 Deep Water "Raymond Morin and David Leicht are Pairdown, a Pittsburgh-based acoustic guitar duo much respected by their peers but criminally underrepresented in recorded form. Aesthetic Guitar began life as a self-released CDR EP in 2012, but this new version finds the disc expanded to double its original length, a diverse set of studio and live recordings that showcase the full range of the pair's considerable skills in both song and instrumental formats. Stylistically, Pairdown sidesteps the post-Fahey/American Primitive raga-isms common in fingerstyle guitar these days, instead drawing on sources both within the six-string tradition (Kottke, Grossman, Renbourn, Dave Evans) and well beyond it (Ellington, Satie), folding those influences into a rich set of baroque miniatures and distinctive compositions that stand shoulder-to-shoulder with anyone working in the field today. 16 tracks, 44 minutes."
8/13/2004 Päivänsäde Puhalluspelto LP $15.99 Eclipse Following their impressive cdr release on the Dutch label Whistle Along, comes the debut vinyl release from Finland's avant folk group Päivänsäde. Members of this group also perform with Rauhan Orkesteri, Lauhkeat Lampat, and Kiila which some of you may be familiar with. The sound? Well, you hear strings plucked and scraped, hand percussion and drums, woodwinds, vocals (sometime wailing), and other instruments I cannot identify. If you dig the Anaksimandros, Kemialliset Ystävät, Avarus, Pylon, etc., you'll want to hear this. I was not familiar with Päivänsäde when they, without any previous contact with me, sent me a cdr of this album back in January. I listened to it and was immediately stunned from start to finish so I listened to it again to be sure I heard what I did. After that I sent an e-mail to the address provided with the cdr and asked if I could issue this on vinyl. Finally, this is now available and it is one of the best Eclipse releases to date - one I am very proud to release. Edition of 500 copies with beautiful full color printed sleeves.
6/25/2013 Pak Habibi c40 cassette $8.49 Scumbag Relations "Lauren Pakradooni’s interdisciplinary work incorporates drawing, printmaking, painting, sculpture, installation, performance and sound. She gravitates towards exploring space, making use of the graphic qualities of print, enveloping character of sound and the literal space of sculpture and performance. Lauren spent 2011 teaching printmaking in Doha, Qatar and in 2013 will be an artist in residence at the Wassaic Project in Wassaic, NY. She received her MFA from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2011. "This tape began as a collection of found tape from the streets of Doha, Qatar. These whole cassette fragments of mostly unlabeled material were edited into handmade loop tapes. The first stage of this project was in an abandoned girls academy in downtown Doha, where the tapes were played through a relic of a PA system. This recording is a compiling of these found sounds with some additions of other cassette loops. It was recorded in Doha, Qatar and briefly in USA." - Pak. Cover artwork realised by Lauren Pakradooni.
Sound mastering and text layout by Eric Frye.
Arabic translation by Hissa Al-Mohannadi.
Professionally duplicated and imprinted cro2 cassettes.
Edition of 100 (silver ink on black shells).
3/20/2010 Pale Blue Sky Shades Of Grey 12" EP $10.99 Arbor "Pale Blue Sky is the new project from Mike Pollard (formerly Treetops). Shades Of Grey is the project's genesis; a long considered transition uniting the organic drone-work of the former project with compositional structures. The recordings embody a delicate sense of distance; staring out at the moving landscape obscured by the mediation of the window. Through blurred fidelity the origin of melody is placed under microscopic inquiry; an exploration into the moment of tonal interaction. Pale Blue Sky utilizes repetition and non-linear movements, attempting to reconcile simplicity, form, and sentiment through modes of difference. Placing focus on spatial concerns, as well as emotive potential, the five songs contained within are each different embodiments of the possibility of the transformative decay of remembrance. An ephemeral glimpse; the moment has already passed. For quiet, distanced listening. In an edition of 400 copies with full color glossy jackets, printed inner sleeves, and printed labels."
4/1/2015 Palestine, Charlemagne Bells Studies LP $21.99 Alga Marghen "High up in a tower, accessible only by a spiral staircase that led to a concrete platform above the whole city, for seven years Charlemagne Palestine's HellsBells became the sonic mainstay of NYC 53rd and 5th. This LP collects some of the most relevant recordings from those early days. Side A presents "Bells Studies", the complete reel-tape that gives the title to the whole LP, an intense pulsating work built in five movements starting with slow hypnotic large sonorities and accelerating into more dense and maximal explosions. Side B collects some shorter Studies: "Bells", the two parts of "Confiscated Bell Tape" and an excerpt from "Dumb Bell Tape". each track recorded by the composer in one single take around 1965 and never heard again for the last 50 years! In 1963 while attending the highschool of music and art in NYC, 15 years old Charlemagne Palestine was asked if he’d be interested in playing a carillon with 26 bells at Saint Thomas Episcopal Church down the street from the Museum Of Modern Art everyday of the week at 5pm to 5:30pm. Charlemagne decided that he loved these voluptuous Taylor bells that clanged all over 53rd Street and 5th Avenue… everyday from 1963 to 1970 when he left NYC to study and teach at CAL Arts. Charlemagne soon became known as the “Quasimodo” of Midtown NYC, and his dissonant and “”klanggdedangggebannggg”” style of playing attracted a diverse group of fans from Moondog to John Cage to Tony Conrad among others. Charlemagne Palestine was able to continue to play his clanging bell soap operas for seven years dinggdonggingggg every late afternoon and sunday mornings! Published in an edition of 350 copies only with original photos from the recording sessions."
4/1/2015 Palestine, Charlemagne CharleBelllzzz at Saint Thomas CD $18.99 Alga Marghen "HelllszzzBelllszzz! alga marghen proudly presents "CharleBelllzzz at Saint Thomas", a CD in tri-folded digipak sleeve including the original Bells Studies by Charlemagne Palestine. "sixSIXsix"th chapter of the "Golden Research" series, these previously unreleased tracks are both some of the earliest recordings by Charlemagne and some of his darkest and most accomplished works ever. "Bells Carillon" and "St Thomas Bells", both recorded at unidentified dates between 1966 and 1968, are maximal bells pure resonating frontal attacks, building up in a structure that is already anticipating the later Strumming campaigns. Unique and clashing dissonances created like a spontaneous outburst, "instinctively" and "right away". Charlemagne played the bells right next to his body. The sounds became physical, visceral, each crack of the clapper was like a small earthquake. In 1963 while attending the high-school of music and art in NYC, 15 years old Charlemagne Palestine was asked if he’d be interested in playing a carillon with 26 bells at Saint Thomas Episcopal Church down the street from the Museum Of Modern Art. Charlemagne decided that he loved these voluptuous Taylor bells, high up in a tower and accessible only by a spiral staircase, that clanged all over 53rd Street and 5th Avenue… every day of the week from 1963 to 1970 when he left NYC to study and teach at CAL Arts. Charlemagne soon became known as the “Quasimodo” of Midtown NYC, and his dissonant and “”klanggdedangggebannggg”” style of playing attracted a diverse group of fans from Moondog to John Cage to Tony Conrad among others. Charlemagne Palestine was able to continue to play his clanging bell soap operas for seven years dinggdonggingggg every late afternoon and sunday mornings! World Premier edition of these legendary seminal works!"
4/1/2015 Palestine, Charlemagne Four Manifestations On Six Elements CD $18.99 Alga Marghen "Four Manifestations On Six Elements", one of Charlemagne Palestine most well-known works, is included in the alga marghen "Golden Research" series of CD editions presenting the composer's relevant historical recordings. In 1973 Charlemagne Palestine was commissioned to make "Four Manifestations On Six Elements" by the Sonnabend Gallery in New York. As the gallery was well known for its presentation of conceptual art Palestine decided to create a record similar to an exhibition space with four walls to expose on, each wall corresponding to a side on a double LP record. "Two Perfect Fifths, A?Major Third Apart, Reinforced Twice" (1973) is an electronic piece that deals with the search for the essence of timbre, sound color, through exploration of the inert chemical activity in the overtone series of tone fundamentals. In this genre of his work Palestine feels akin to a kind of sound alchemy - blending elements over and over again through the years searching for the Golden Sound - the essence of the chord or harmonic structure itself. In "One + Two + Three Perfect Fifths, In The Rhythm 3 Against 2, for Piano" (1973) the elements introduced are now elaborated upon on the piano. The resonant Bösendorfer allows Palestine to create a more lively and complex variation of tones, intervals, overtones and rhythms. "One Fifth" evolves by reinforcing the fundamentals of a fifth with their higher octave. Each performance of this work is different as Palestine reinterprets these simple elements listening within them for variations of amplitude, mixture and inertia at the moment of the performance. "One + Two Fifths" deals with the way a rhythmic sonority sounds when the sustain pedal of the piano in not used, thus focusing on its rhythmic aspect. Gradually by adding the sustain pedal the external rhythmic pattern begins to internalize becoming an inert part of the whole tymbral fabric - a piece expressing the battle of rhythm versus timbre for dominance. In "One + Two + Three" a third fifth is added - variations of melody and sonority reinforcements culminating in a rhythmic deceleration process ending the work. "Sliding Fifths for Piano" (1972) is an impressionistic version of the three fifths used in the entire work. The continuous liquid waterfall of pure romantic piano sound and color is a homage to Debussy, Ravel and Monet. "Three Perfect Fifhts, A?Major Second Apart, Reinforced Twice" (1973) is the complexification and continuation of wall one. A pure and sonorous phenomenon. Digipack sleeve, with a full color 12 page booklet including two essays, originals score and visual materials relating to this composition."
2/21/2015 Palestine, Charlemagne Four Manifestations On Six Elements double LP $89.99 Alga Marghen New edition limited to 120 numbered copies in silkscreened gatefold sleeve! "One of Charlemagne Palestine most well-known works, "Four Manifestations On Six Elements" is presented here as 2LP record edition limited to 120 numbered copies pressed into white vinyl. The gatefold sleeve is silkscreened in one color and presents the original score from 1970. In 1973 Charlemagne Palestine was commissioned to make "Four Manifestations On Six Elements" by the Sonnabend Gallery in New York. As the gallery was well known for its presentation of conceptual art Palestine decided to create a record similar to an exhibition space with four walls to expose on, each wall corresponding to a side on a double LP record. "Two Perfect Fifths, A Major Third Apart, Reinforced Twice" (1973) is an electronic piece that deals with the search for the essence of timbre, sound color, through exploration of the inert chemical activity in the overtone series of tone fundamentals. In this genre of his work Palestine feels akin to a kind of sound alchemy - blending elements over and over again through the years searching for the Golden Sound - the essence of the chord or harmonic structure itself. In "One + Two + Three Perfect Fifths, In The Rhythm 3 Against 2, for Piano" (1973) the elements introduced are now elaborated upon on the piano. The resonant Bösendorfer allows Palestine to create a more lively and complex variation of tones, intervals, overtones and rhythms. "One Fifth" evolves by reinforcing the fundamentals of a fifth with their higher octave. Each performance of this work is different as Palestine reinterprets these simple elements listening within them for variations of amplitude, mixture and inertia at the moment of the performance. "One + Two Fifths" deals with the way a rhythmic sonority sounds when the sustain pedal of the piano in not used, thus focusing on its rhythmic aspect. Gradually by adding the sustain pedal the external rhythmic pattern begins to internalize becoming an inert part of the whole timbral fabric - a piece expressing the battle of rhythm versus timbre for dominance. In "One + Two + Three" a third fifth is added - variations of melody and sonority reinforcements culminating in a rhythmic deceleration process ending the work. "Sliding Fifths for Piano" (1972) is an impressionistic version of the three fifths used in the entire work. The continuous liquid waterfall of pure romantic piano sound and color is a homage to Debussy, Ravel and Monet. "Three Perfect Fifhts, A Major Second Apart, Reinforced Twice" (1973) is the continuation of wall one. A pure and sonorous phenomenon.
6/30/2010 Palestine, Charlemagne Relationship Studies LP $24.99 Alga Marghen "Relationship Studies LP includes 2 seminal electronic music radical realizations by Charlemagne Palestine, or 'Relationship Study No. 1' (1967) and the generally titled 'Electronic' from the same year. Sounds in motion like race cars, motor cycles, war planes, rocket ships excited Charlemagne sonic imagination when we was still a young teenager. Then came the experience of listening to the electronic music of Tod Dockstader, Alwyn Nikolais, Pierre Henry and Pierre Schaffer, Xenakis and Poème Electronique by Edgar Varese. Immediately fascinated, Charlemagne Palestine bought primitive electronic equipment and started to experiment, creating his original electronic-esque language. The two previously unreleased 18 minute masterpieces presented here directly come from this early period of intense experimentations in a fluid, ever-changing mix of adding and filtering white noise and simple sine tone generators. Both pieces are late night compositions created at the electronic music studio of the New York N.Y.U. Intermedia Center using Buchla 100 and Buchla 200 systems. Even if dating back from the mid-1960s, these intense sonorities might very much recall the best early power electronic scene from the late 1970s, in particular to the first brut music works created by Maurizio Bianchi. For sure they represent a very unique and inspiring approach to electronic creation, sounding more and more actual and surprising nowadays. Edition limited to 350 copies."
5/16/2012 Palestine, Charlemagne Two Electronic Sonorities LP $20.99 Alga Marghen "alga marghen proudly presents two seminal electronic music radical realizations by Charlemagne Palestine. These previously unpublished pieces confirm once more how advanced was his Golden Research already in the 1960s, a very personal approach to sound which would have later become so influential for future generations. Continuous Sound, built by an ever-changing mix of adding and filtering white noise and simple sine tone generators, is the most solid sound construction that Charlemagne created in preparation of his lost electronic masterpiece L'Avventura, inspired by the Michelangelo Antonioni movie with the same title. Continuous Sound pre-dates L'Avventura of just a few months and with its suspended atmospheres and its deep sense of mystery represent one of the most fascinating sonic works by Charlemagne Palestine. Crown Chan is an electronic music piece created for a dance by Gus Solomon in 1970. Conceiving music for dancers gave Charlemagne the possibility to experiment and manipulate the reel tapes of some of his electronic sonorities. In a previous collaboration with Gus Salomon, Charlemagne created a new sound by simply superimposing two already existing and accomplished electronic drones. Holy1 and Holy2 thus became a completely new sonority titled Holy1+2 (these works were included in the CD titled Alloy, also issued by alga marghen). In the case of Crown Chan Charlemagne worked in a more structural way, shaping his electronic sound materials into two stereo reel tapes (titled Crown Chan 1&2 and Crown Chan 3&4) which also integrated silent parts and were meant to be played back simultaneously, thus providing a powerful live music for the dancers. Edition limited to 380 copies, with an institutional portrait of the composer on front and back sleeve for you consumers to enjoy."
3/20/2015 Palestine, Charlemagne & Rhys Chatham Youuu + Mee = Weee (First) LP $16.99 Sub Rosa "Sub Rosa presents Youuu + Mee = Weee (First), a vinyl edition of the first disc of the three CD set Youuu + Mee = Weee (SR 367CD, 2014). Youuu + Mee = Weee is the first recorded collaboration between Charlemagne Palestine and Rhys Chatham. And it's precious. Following the musical meetings with Z'ev (Rubhitbangklanghear Rubhitbangklangear, SR340CD/LP), and with Tony Conrad, these new Sub Rosa sessions create a sort of trilogy. Rhys Chatham began his musical career as a piano tuner for avant-garde pioneer La Monte Young, also working as a harpsichord tuner for Gustav Leonhardt, Rosalyn Tureck, and Glenn Gould. He soon studied under electronic music pioneer Morton Subotnick became a member of Young's group, The Theater of Eternal Music, during the early '70s. Chatham also played with Tony Conrad in an early version of Conrad's group, The Dream Syndicate. In 1971, while still in his teens, Chatham became the first music director at the experimental art space The Kitchen in lower Manhattan. His early works, such as Two Gongs (1971), owed a significant debt to Young and other minimalists. His concert productions included experimenters Maryanne Amacher, Robert Ashley, Philip Glass, Meredith Monk, Pauline Oliveros, Steve Reich, and early alternative rockers such as Fred Frith, Robert Fripp, Arto Lindsay, and John Lurie. He has worked closely with visual artist and musician Robert Longo, particularly in the 1980s, and with visual artist Joseph Nechvatal on an experimental opera called XS: The Opera Opus (1984-6). By 1977, Chatham's music had become heavily influenced by punk rock after an experience at an early Ramones concert. He was particularly influential upon the group of artists music critics would label "no wave" in 1978. Members of the New York City noise rock group Band of Susans began their careers in Chatham's ensembles; they later performed a cover of Chatham's "Guitar Trio" on their 1991 album, The Word and the Flesh. Chatham began playing trumpet in 1983, and his more recent works explore improvisatory trumpet solos employing amplification and effects. Youuu + Mee = Weee (First) features Charlemagne Palestine on BÃsendorfer piano, Yamaha organ, and voice and Rhys Chatham on trumpet, loop pedal, and electric guitar. This first edition is pressed on clear red vinyl and limited to 500 copies."
9/25/2010 Palestine, Charlemagne & Simone Forti Illuminations LP $22.99 Alga Marghen "alga marghen proudly presents the first ever release of Illuminatios, or Charlemagne Palestine and Simone Forti duo interactions, illuminated with dim red lights. In early 1970 Mort Subotnick asked Charlemagne Palestine to join his soon to be created Media Department at the new 'Dream School of the Future' endowed by the Disneys to be called the California Institute of the Arts. Charlemagne and Simone Forti met there in 1970, when La Monte Young asked them to arrange a California concert for Pandit Pran Nath. They decided to try an improvisation session together and Charlemagne invited Simone the first time to the electronic music studio where he worked regularly. Their medium blended as a play of interacting sound waves and solid matter in motion as Charlemagne and Simone shared energy and focus. The three previously unreleased recordings on this LP were made between October and December 1971. The first take, titled 'Illumination,' is for two voices moving in the space with small bells and crystal glasses while Simone Forti plays the molimo, a corrugated tube meant for connecting the gas stove. The second take titled, 'Wed Oct 13th 1971,' has Simone and Charlemagne in a song dialogue as animals do. It was also at Cal Arts that Charlemagne Palestine first encountered a Bosendorfer Imperial Piano of Vienna. He played it often as Simone danced during their 'Illuminations'. Take three is a song sang in falsetto while playing the Bosendorfer Imperial in an arpeggiated style that predates the 'strummings'. Listening to these 'three takes' 40 years later, they ooze a timeless, carefree mystical, magical, dreamy atmosphere that evoked the times of the late 60s to early 70s in Charlemagne and Simone part of the California Art Scene. 'Illuminations' were a unique open spontaneous form of performance, ritual and prayer. Edition limited to 365 copies with an essay by both Charlemagne Palestine and Simone Forti, as well photos of the performances reproduced on the LP front sleeve."
4/10/2009 Pan to Scratch The Sourcerer cassette $5.99 Earjerk "Daily, solitary, outdoor rituals documented over two months time in the Fall of 2008. Field recordings and multi-layer melodica musings crumble and decay over the 15 meditative minutes comprising side A of the latest Object Tapes release. Side B is a version on this number, with the drifting melodica drone having a bit more presence this time and taking on a pensive contemplative mood, punctuated with bells and minimal instrumentation. As with the release on Cabin Floor Esoterica, this is dedicated to the great Olivier Messiaen."
12/10/2004 Pan Y Regaliz / Evolution / Cerebrum untitled double CD $29.99 RamaLama "Reissue of not one, but three of the rarest psych/prog albums released in Spain in the early seventies. Pan Y Regaliz is a world class item featuring spaced vocals, effects, astonishing guitar work, and flute; Evolution were a German band residing in Spain, who mixed soul music with progressive and jazz, the result being this album full of Hammond grooves and psychedelic fuzz guitars; Cerebrum is a heavy psych EP of epic proportions, that is only available on CD on this collection. Buy this collection now, as it is out of print!" - Lion Productions
3/23/2007 Panda Bear Person Pitch CD $15.99 Paw Tracks "ANIMAL COLLECTIVE member PANDA BEAR (aka NOAH LENNOX) boldly returns with his long-awaited third solo album Person Pitch. Years in the making, the album marks a dramatic departure from Panda Bear's previous work. The acoustic instruments have been replaced with samplers and electronics, and his toe-tappin pop sounds have more of a techno feel. Eight tracks."
7/23/2004 Panicsville Perverse CD (Enhanced) $10.99 Liquid Death / Hello Pussy Records "Panicsville are certainly one of the most notorious noise groups of late, demanding your full attention or none at all. Forging even deeper into the uncharted territories of underground music, Panicsville (headed by Andy Ortmannn) create a world entirely their own, utilizing a range of electronic devices and their usual level of unparalled experimentalism. On 'Perverse' (the groups 24th official release), Panicsville expand their unique style of music into the realms of battle hymns and and rock n' roll. This already sonically destructive duo is aided by the talents of Weasel Walter (the Flying Luttenbachers), Thymme Jones (Cheer Accident), Kevin Drumm, and M.V. Carbon (Metalux) on this album. Keeping in line with their uncanny discography which includes anti-records, 8 track cassettes, 5", 7", 8", 12" records, cd's, reel to reels, etc., Panicsville present an enhanced cd featuring a new film by controversial Chicago underground filmmaker Usama Alsahibi. The soundtrack was composed by Ortmann; this film is both beautiful and grotesque. Absolutely their finest work to date!"
2/26/2006 Panicsville / Inflatable Alterboys split LP $12.99 Nihilist "New Panicsville, a thought that always gets my panties in a bunch. I never know what to expect. Sometimes the sounds are utterly abstract, sometimes they're more ambient and sometimes there's even a melody. On its side of the slab, Panicsville dishes out three songs. And each of these of the concepts is represented. The first piece is utterly ambient, an understated noise soundscape. Simply entrancing. The second song has almost a traditional construction, complete with melody and all. The third song, while still playing around with a keyboard, is much less structured. Most intriguing. Inflatable Alterboys fills its side with one song, Superior Twelve Inch Finger" (One of the greatest titles I've ever seen). It kinda sounds like the Panicsville, except instead of separating the three distinct approaches to electronic noise, everything gets thrown into a single pot. Not like a mishmash, but more of a bouillabaisse. The pieces are distinct within the whole. There is a consistent rhythmic idea that travels throughout most of the piece, and everything else kinda hangs off those beats at odd angles. Truly wonderful. This piece of vinyl is everything I expected (I did have high hopes) and much more. Big smiles." 2001 release.
9/29/2005 Panicsville / Lovely Little Girls split 7" $5.99 Nihilist Panicsville spew witch doctor vibrations with cauldrons bubbling over full of baby parts & psychedelic mayhem. Lovely Little Girls are the nasty gnarly creatures chanting & banging hits of the helplessly retarded; somewhere betwixt NERVOUS GENDER & the SCREAMERS. Housed in a multi-colored silk screened sleeve, all artwork by Gregory Jacobsen (see www.gregoryjacobsen.com for more amazing examples of his work). Limited edition of 400 copies pressed on marbled vinyl.
2/26/2006 Panicsville / Rubber-O-Cement split LP $12.99 Nihilist "One can't help but embrace Rubber-O-Cement's love affair with the two-dimensional on their split LP with Panicsville (Nihilist). Deciphering the duo's cardboard computer and ramshackle Witchypoo costuming is hardly a vexing conundrum, although it would be nice if such grammar school thetrics were genuine attempts to deceive the audience into believing that a pair of six-foot-tall third-graders might actually be creating electronic noise at the Clitstop on a school night after 11:30. Playing Peabody to Rubber-O's Sherman, Panicsville set the Wayback Machine for the Columbia University of Electronic Music Center, 1953. Among the bachelor pad birdcalls, space jingles, random blips and bleeps (when the computer's thinking), certain anachronisms are noticeable, such as Andy Ortmann's familiarity with deep noise (the bifocals and necktie idea of noise being flat, hissy static with no presence). One welcome absence is the insecurity that unless all these gizmos can be trained to blip and bleep "Bicycle Built For Two", no one's going to accept electronics as a viable method of commodity production (excuse me, music making)."
2/21/2007 Panther Skull Slothwave CD $7.99 SNSE "Spoiled gunk tape roll with the organ heave and moan. The howl. This is bleak and this is zoned. Might as well plug and blow out your nose as hard as you can for 25 minutes straight. Panther Skull is Justin C Meyers (Devillock, Tone Filth label). Slothwave is Panther Skull's debut CD." Edition of 446 copies, pro-printed on textured cardstock, in clear jewel case. "Panther Skull is the invention of Justin C. Meyers, whose other activites include involvement with Tone Filth, Devillock and others. Under this new pseudonym, however, Meyers comes up with a more foreboding approach. Here he uses tapes, organ and electronics to produce a quartet of sinister sounding moanings that echo and reverberate in some dark, dripping sonic cave of his own design. Sloth Wave has distinct elements of Mirror drifting through it, as supernatural gusts of electronic fog roll in and out of the mix and traces of feedback suddenly rise up like tiny voices trying to be heard through the ensuing gloom of Meyer's bleak blanket of electronic murk." - The Wire, Dec. 2005
3/20/2015 Papir Papir III LP $22.99 El Paraiso Papir is an instrumental trio from Copenhagen, Denmark. They've created their own unique type of semi-improvised psychedelic rock by mixing together new and old, heaviness and atmosphere, freedom and power. By now, they have become masters of their craft, and this, their third album, earns them a spot in the absolute elite of the current European psychedelic rock scene. Everyone who has been lucky enough to catch the band live know what a reverence-inducing experience their energetic, adventurous explorations can be. Papir don't just reach back to the bygone golden era of psychedelic rock and electric jazz like so many others do -- they transcend it. Their music sounds vital and fresh. These guys are certainly on their own path and Papir III is their most fully-realized album to date, it encompasses everything the band represents in a single piece of heavy vinyl -- from explosive, guitar-solo-driven peaks through motorik Krautrock grooves to peaceful and atmospheric soundscapes. Like its predecessor, the album was recorded during a single intense week and produced by Jonas Munk (Causa Sui), capturing the band in the midst of their creative prime.
12/29/2002 Paradise Camp 23 Solitaire CD $8.99 Mandragora Records "Single epic length track of HEAVY neutron star spacedoom, ear-splitting electronics, nauseating noise, and subliminal hypnosis. Essential preparation for the next full-length installment. Puts a firecracker in your licorice, straight gangsta mack." One 46 minute track.
12/19/2002 Paradise Camp 23 Teonanacatl CD $8.99 Mandragora Records "The Live Sound of Paradise Camp 23. Four improvised performances captured on stereo cassette, then merged into a single work with a minimum of edits or cuts. The unexpected results of this random process blend into an intense psychedelic ceremony, with spontaneously created tones and sounds reacting and harmonizing across Time. Listening through speakers in a darkened room suggested for best effect and comfort in travelling." Recorded on July 10, August 5, September 13 and October 9, 2002. Reconstructed at Studio Weird October 2002 by Erik Amlee.
11/3/2004 Parallels, The The Parallels CDR $15.99
“First official release by this new free/improvisation unit spearheaded by Mauro Pawlowksi with assistance of Cassini Division mainman Miguel Sosa. Totally out there jam sessions that sacrifice mummified heads and razorsharp sounds to the weather gods, highly energetic almost restless intensity that demands concentrated listening. A wide range of instruments gets tweaked and tormented so abstract carpets can be smoked. Packaged in handsilkscreened fold-out cover featuring artwork by Antwerp artist Romeo. Limited edition of only 150 copies are moving fast... Highly recommended!”
6/9/2003 Paraquat Earth Band If You Ain't With Us You're Against Us CD $9.99 Flipped Out Records "Re-mastered compact disc reissue of the out of print vinyl LP originally released in 1996...full on twin guitar wrangling meets collapsing cracked kit for fuzz busting forty five minutes...relentless riff stomping draped through a weave of blaktinson."
4/4/2011 Parashi Troika c54 cassette $5.99 Stunned "Using guitar, synthesizers, metal objects, pieces of wood, kalimba and contact mics, Parashi summons eerie shadows and drops anchor in the underworld. Here, crumbling circuitry hums alongside lone wolf cries and whispers from subterranean ruins. With masterful focus and deliberation, 'Troika' finds New York's Parashi in top form after an impressive three album run-up on his home label Skell LLC. Few are willing to align their ship straight into the gritty unknown, but Parashi does just that with an array of entropic frequencies as his travel companions. When the hammer comes down during Side B's 18-minute long apex, watch for the white-hot sparks emitting from your electronics. Limited edition of 111 pro-dubbed & imprinted c54 tapes w/ double-sided jcard and insert."
10/1/2011 Parasites Of The Western World, The Politico / Zytol Automation 7" $5.99 De Stijl "De Stijl's excavation of The Parasites Of The Western World turns up the lead single for their second album in the form of an exact reissue. Originally released circa 1980-81, 'Politico' opened the B-side to Substrata with a rippin' New Wave roller full of glam stomp, proggy arrangement and punky attitude. The synth-fuelled instrumental B-side was exclusive to the single, and as tradition dictates, far more interesting, featuring Terry Censky and Patrick Burke in an ebullient symphony of synths, drums and guitar."
8/31/2010 Parasites Of The Western World, The The Parasites Of The Western World LP $15.99 De Stijl "The Parasites Of The Western World are a band from Portland OR who released their recorded debut in 1978. It's a fascinating spin, a galactic ramble across the otherworldly themes of alienation and paranoia, seemingly inspired by LSD and Philip Dick. Primarily the creation of Patrick Burke and Terry Censky, the Parasites were limitless with invention and completely DIY. This is a record that was recorded in an apartment, by a crew thoughtful enough to curtail its loud excursions for the daylight hours. Its rockist moves are surprisingly informed by the typical institutions of this era : Pink Floyd, the Beatles and Hawkwind and it's many electronic flourishes are an above ground sound that would presage the likes of Vertical Slit, F/I and Vertigo. The Parasites remain to be light years ahead of a time that has yet to come. This swank, one time vinyl pressing of 1000 copies will contain a digital download coupon so you'll be pleased if that's yr thing."
7/23/2003 Pardons Charlie’s Pardons CD $16.99 Acid Mothers Temple February 2003 recordings from Pardon Uno (aka Higashi Hiroshi on synthesizer and guitar) and Pardon Dos (aka Cotton Casino on voice and synthesizer) featuring 6 tracks with a running time of about 56 minutes. This is a limited edition of 500 copies. "Finally the 2nd album of Pardons (by Cotton Casino and Higashi Hiroshi, the synth-playing frontline dance brigade of AMT) has come out!!"
10/14/2004 Parkins, Zeena Nightmare Alley CD $18.99 Table of the Elements "Step right up and meet the astounding Zeena Parkins, the world's greatest electric harpist. Forget about angelic choirs; Zeena cites Jimi Hendrix as a major inspiration, and her harp work is similarly explosive, often blurring into fuzz-distorted terrain. Parkins is a lightning bolt of a performer, and a much sought after collaborator; she works frequently with Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore, Lee Ranaldo and Jim O'Rourke, and has recorded and toured with Courtney Love and Hole, Yoko Ono and Bjork. Recorded in 1992, Nightmare Alley was Zeena's first solo release and the first CD on Table of the Elements. An hypnotic classic, it lures the listener into a parallel world of sensations, one that is disorienting and surreal, strangely pleasurable and more than a little dangerous. Step inside if you dare - you won't believe your ears! Lavishly packaged in a wood box, with new artwork and liner-notes by journalist Steve Dollar."
6/25/2011 Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides Sixth Samovar CD $14.99 Rayon "This duo of drums and flute played starkly in a cinema in Bristol. Unaided by electricity due to a dramatic power-cut that swept across Bristol on 12th June 2010. Determined to play in a darkened porch hole, Nichols and Jones performed a deluge rite with carbonised instinct and with particular attention paid to the poetry of footsteps, words and interruptions. This recording engraves an experience of unadorned heed and progresses. Pro-pressed CD in riso-printed fold-out paper sleeve."
9/15/2012 Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides + Human Combustion Engine Human Horses CD $14.99 Memoirs Of An Aesthete "First collaboration between PART WILD HORSES MANE ON BOTH SIDES and HUMAN COMBUSTION ENGINE, recorded live before a select audience in Manchester, England. You know, that famous place. An exquisite interlacing of acoustic and electronic tones with spaces for high flying solo excursions. This is the first meeting of an ongoing collaboration project. PART WILD HORSES MANE are Pascal Nichols (percussion) and Kelly Jayne Jones (flute, electronics and piano). They have many acclaimed albums of splendid duo improv calligraphy on a variety of labels worldwide. "a master class in holding tension through its flute and percussion-led aural experiments, a sense of the medieval in the pair’s jazz-informed explorations." - Drowned in Sound. "Part Wild Horses Mane on Both Sides occupy the same liminal zone between free jazz and abstract sound as Flaherty/Corsano. The duo of drummer Pascal Nichols and flautist Kelly Jones play a form of improvised music that refernces many totemic fire music sources - John Coltrane's LSD-inspired masterpiece Om, the classic Don Cherry/ Ed Blackwell Mu sessions or, more specifically, Cherry's soundtrack to Alejandro Jodorowsky's Holy Mountain - while subverting them with a punk primitive attack that owes as much to Leeds's drone pioneers Vibracathedral Orchestra as it does to the Fluxus-inspired ritual of Japan's Taj Mahal Travellers" - The Wire magazine. HUMAN COMBUSTION ENGINE are Melanie O'Dubhslaine (evolver synth) and Phil Todd (moog synth). They are probably best known for their involvement in the long running ASHTRAY NAVIGATIONS project. Human Combustion Engine is their analogue synthdrift improv duo. "The battle of synthetic other worldly noises had the audience captured and the lack of visual stimulus was irrelevant. The noises that resulted from their knob twizzling made me visualise alien birds landing around the room perching on the window sills calling out to each other before taking off flying around our heads." - Manchester Mule
to listen, please go to - http://memoirsofanaesthete.bandcamp.com/album/part-wild-horses-mane-on-both-sides-human-combustion-engine-human-horses
Digipak CD limited to 250 copies
6/11/2006 Passing Star Solar Filament untitled CDR $10.99
"Two demented 'rock' tracks, recorded live in the Astral Social Club, April 2006, presumably by the usual suspects. Bozo riffs, wayward drums/machines, robot vox, dunderhead fx - like a timeslipped Hawkwind on a bum trip? Yeah, right. Nineteen minutes, that's enough." - Astral Social Club.
8/28/2004 Patchen, Kenneth Reads with Jazz in Canada CD $12.99 Locust "This modern-day minstrel is as fascinating and interesting as any swing or blues singer - phrases and thoughts so beautifully woven into the jazz background, and so expertly phrased and timed, that it is a revelation to the ear and mind." - Los Angeles Examiner. "On a single October evening in 1959, fabled people's poet Kenneth Patchen and Vancouver's Alan Neil Quartet made a little bit of history. Together, they cut one of the first jazz-and poetry recordings to disc -- fiery, spontaneous and free of pretensions, where hard bop playing wailed neck-and-neck with Patchen's scathing, slurred, rabid vocalizations. Today, many see Jazz In Canada as among the very first truly beat documents on record - preceding efforts by Kerouac, Ferlinghetti & Ginsberg. This new edition features original notes by Alan Neil & new retrospective notes by rock'n'roll poet of the San Francisco renaissance David Meltzer."
9/17/2006 Path Of Destruction Path Of Destruction CDR $6.99 Lost Treasures Of The Underworld/No Coast Records "This is the follow up to Greenhouse. McAuley and Derwent bring you more craziness and this time it sounds even more fucked up than ever. Path Of Destruction takes you to a brand new place that your ears have never been to."
8/1/2011 Pathways Above the Floodplain CDR $6.99 Seagrass "Oak Creek flows south from the narrow channel it has carved through the red sandstone cliffs at the edge of the Kaibab Plateau, and empties into the Verde Valley of central Arizona. This second album by Pathways was inspired by the views from a hillside overlooking the green pastures and cottonwood trees that line the river's banks as it winds its way across the dusty desert. The flowers sparkling "In the Summer Garden" might have grown from seeds planted on a sunny day by Virgina Astley, while the murky hums and dragonfly buzzes "By the Pond" drift through still, hot air, and hint at what might lie hidden among the reeds. And then a wind rises, dark clouds drift overhead, thunder echoes against the red rock cliffs, and a cool rain falls "Under Monsoon Skies." These melodic electric guitar improvisations evoke the calm beauty of the rural Southwest with no trace of twangy regionalism or new age cliche; the music glows and shimmers with multitracked harmonies, deep reverberation and ringing distortion."
8/1/2011 Pathways To the Sea CDR $6.99 Seagrass "Michael Scholtz has lived by the ocean since he was a child. As Pathways, he has created an album inspired by its capricious beauty and vast force. These eight melodic solo electric guitar improvisations flow from calm and fragile delicacy to a dense, cataclysmic roar, from airy sparkles to ominous rumbling, on their way "To the Sea." Four variant covers feature verses from Byron, Coleridge, Keats and Christina Rossetti."
12/12/2009 Patriotic Window Klings Double Tiger c31 cassette $7.99 Bumtapes "Second release from the North Carolina duo. Nine tracks of loose but incised guitar meandering and vivacious electronic clamor punctuated by the occasional vocal flourish. Hammering their stake into the same ground as Blues Control, Aaron Dilloway and even late 80s Buttholes. Limited to 25 copies."
2/7/2009 Patriotic Window Klings Patriotic Window Klings CDR $5.99 Abandon Ship Records "Ankle deep in effluent and reverb, these southern hermits keep it realer than real, (unrealer than unreal?). The Patriotic Window Klings are definitely plotting their own course through the yellow pine dust, dragging an ostentatious tail through the whole shebang, and spitting out some pretty brutal shards. Is that the sound of a broken Casio being dragged by a 1987 mustang cougar down 2 miles of gravel road, or are my ears hallucinating? Did TS Mc Phee break a couple of his fingers,get together with Graham Lambkin, and record some blasted out soundscapes on a Vicodin jag? If you're hip to Blues Control, Sun Araw and some of the other more hazy, dirt encrusted psych explorers currently practicing the Art - you will definitely get something out of the Klings." Edition of 50
7/14/2007 Patron Saints, The Fohhohh Bohob CD $17.99 Time-Lag Records "The full original lp plus the two extra tracks from the 7inch, as well and 4 previously unreleased bonus tracks from private demos and live recordings, as well as an alternate version of the lp's closing track. heavy miniature lp style gatefold cover with all original lp art, plus notes inside from founding member eric bergman. cd sized version of the original booklet insert complete with metallic printed covers. woven japanese inner sleeves."
7/14/2007 Patron Saints, The Fohhohh Bohob LP + 7" $27.99 Time-Lag Records "Deluxe and exact official reissue of one of the rarest & most unique gems of the 60s private press psychedelic underground. home recorded in a suburban new york living room over just a couple weeks in 1969 by three enthused teenagers, and then self released by the band in an edition of only 100 copies complete with hand assembled covers and booklet insert. dreams of rock stardom may have faded quickly, but from such humble beginnings these kids totally transcended their limited resources... an album overflowing with naive creativity, huge ideas, deep bedroom mysticism, and more then a hint of stoned teenage humor, not to mention a rather unusual assortment of instruments and some very unconventional but brilliant "studio" maneuvering. two singers/songwriters both with wonderfully deep, poetic & introspective lyrics and unique voices, chiming 12 string & electric guitars, unusually cool use of piano, crude drum kit, autoharp, banjo, tambourine, subtle bursts of fuzz bass, off kilter unison vocals, washes of reverb modulation, weird tape edits, and a seriously one-of-a-kind vibration. there's truly been nothing like it before or since... highest quality production throughout with better then ever master tape sounds and warm analog mastering, audiophile 180gm vinyl, exact reproduction of the original heavy weight cover with front & back mind-blowingly cool crude black & white art just like the original, exact reproduction of the thick insert booklet with gold printed covers on multiple colors of construction paper. plus a bonus 7inch of two essential tracks intended for the original lp but left off due to time restrictions, complete with colored construction paper picture sleeve and lyric insert. without a doubt, the definitive reissue of this lost masterpiece. released in full cooperation with founding member eric bergman. strictly limited to 1000 copies."
9/17/2006 Patterson, Ben A Fluxus Elegy one-sided LP $21.99 Alga Marghen "The new Ben Patterson piece, issued as a one-sided LP on alga marghen's VocSon series, is based on the basic principles of the polyphonic music of the Bantu tribes of West and Central Africa: First principle: the practice of interlocking individual pitchs or tones performed by one person into spaces between other pitches or tones performed by another person, thus alternating pitches or tones of one part with those of another part to create a whole. Second principle: use of cyclical and open-ended forms involving one or more ostinato melodic/rhythmic patterns as a foundation. Third principle: community particiption...non specialists are encouraged to join in long performances with much repetition. Fourth principle: rhythmic complexity with the juxtaposition of duple and triple patterns, multiple layering of different patterns, and interaction between a core foundation and improvised parts. And, most important, the family "ownership" of a specific tone: in the musical culture of these tribes, each ancestral family "Owns" and is reposible for one or more specific tones, which must be sounded at specific points, sequencing with the many other specific tones "owned" by other families, to create a seamless melody. Ben Patterson made a music based on this information by taking the initials of astists listed in "Fluxus: the most radical and experimental art movement of the sixties" and encoding them in basic International Morse Code. These "dots and dashes" were then performed on a Yamaha DJX keyboard (voice pattern setting), connected to a Digitech JamMan Looper (over-dub setting), connected to an Eurorack MX 602A mixer. Front cover reproducing the original score. Edition limited to 345 copies."
2/2/2011 Patterson, Ben Born In The State Of FLUX/us double CD $42.99 Alga Marghen "Published for the opening of Ben Patterson first large retrospective exhibition at the Contemporary Art Museum in Houston, this double CD anthology includes both historical recordings taken from the Early Works (issued some years ago by alga marghen), from 370 Flies CDs (an art multiple also issued by alga marghen and long sold out) as well as the first digital version of the no longer available LP titled A Fluxus Elegy and a previously unpublished track. The first CD starts with the first ever recording of 'Ants' (1960), one of Ben Patterson first graphic scores, pre-dating the Fluxus group. Also included in this CD are two essential 1961 documents: 'Duo For Voice And A String Instrument' and 'Variations for Double-bass', both recorded in concert at the Galerie Parnass in 1962; this event has special historic significance in that it included the first public presentation by George Maciunas of his Fluxus manifesto and plans for the Wiesbaden Fluxus Festival. Two more tracks titled 'Paper Piece'(1960), the work that cut the umbilical cord to all of the author's previous classical and contemporary musical training and experience, and 'Pond' (1962), a piece that reminds of Richard Maxfield's electronic music with voice collage, see the collaboration of Philip Corner, Walter Marchetti and Davide Mosconi. The second CD includes more recent works as 'A Simple Opera' (1995), a repetitive hommage to Emmett Willons on his 70th birthday, also recorded in collaboration with Philip Corner, Walter Marchetti and Davide Mosconi; '370 Flies' (2003) for electronic loops and voice; as well as 'A Fluxus Elegy' (2006), previously issued on Alga Marghen's VocSon LP series and based on the basic principles of the polyphonic music of the Bantu tribes of West and Central Africa, applied to the initials of artists listed in Fluxus: The Most Radical and Experimental Art Movement of the Sixties, through encoding them in basic International Morse Code. Starting as a virtuoso double-bass performer of classical music, Ben Patterson was one of the very first founders of the Fluxus Group in Wiesban. This digipak CD will introduce you to some American neo-avantgarde music classics, a crossover between John Cage exploding influences and the experimental art atmosphere of the early 1960s in Europe. Edition limited to 200 copies in silkscreened digipack sleeve, including a 4 page folded insert with liner notes, original score as well as performance photos and program from the 1962 concert at Galerie Parnass, Wuppertal."
12/26/2005 Patterson, Ben Liverpool Soundworks - Volume One CD $18.99 Alga Marghen "The Liverpool Song Lines (22'57"): for many year Ben Patterson have been fascinated by the so-called "song lines" of the Australian Aborigine. Musically, theses songs for solo voice, sometimes accompanied by "beating-sticks", are not especially stirring for Western ears. Rather, for the artist, it is the concept underlying the text which is remarkable. These songs describe flora, fauna and places which are sacred in the mythology of the Aborigine. But these birds and trees and rivers and rocks are not imaginary or mythological inventions. Thus, if the set of songs is sung in the correct sequence, they link a series of landmarks in such a way as to provide an aural map, guiding the traveller from here to there in a trackless Australian "out-back". "The River Mersey" (23'14"): from Ellesmere Port to Bootle; or, from Bootle to Ellesmere Port; or, in both directions in the same time. The graphic score of this piece is a site-inspired, adaptation of Ben Patterson erly work, "Duo-1961, for Voice and String Player" (issued by Alga Marghen in Ben Patteron "Early Works" CD) for the performance with the Frakture Big Band at the Bluecoat Arts Centre, Liverpool, Tuesday 29 October 2002. Compact disc packaged in mini-LP style card sleeve and full colour inner wallet."
12/26/2005 Patterson, Ben Liverpool Soundworks - Volume Two CD $18.99 Alga Marghen "Surveying Western Philosophy using China Tools" (33'45"): Western philosophy is thought to have begun along the Ionian coast of Asia Minor in the sixth century BC. Chinese astrology is thought to have begun in China in the thirtieth century BC. Would a survey using the tools of an ancient Chinese imperial science give us new and fresh reading of Western philosophy? The year in which a person was born is of singular importance in Chinese astrology as each year is governed by an animal sign. In total there are twelve such animal signs, beginning with the Rat and ending with the Pig. "Art as Thinking - Thinking as Art" (37'26"): a lecture by Ben Patterson at Liverpool School of Art and Design, 25 November 2003. Compact disc packaged in mini-LP style card sleeve and full colour inner wallet."
7/28/2011 Paul, Ashley Hidden Face / Leave Mine (Alone Together #2) 7" $7.99 Emerald Cocoon "Ashley Paul's music is the intersection of so many different facets of late 20th century art music that sometimes I'm surprised that the vinyl can still spin under the weight of all the ideas contained within. Modern composition, euro free clatter and textural psychedelia converge as stilted song forms on the verge of careering off the very face of form on thin lines of carefully controlled reed-skree. Amazing that a music so loaded with ideas could feel so hand crafted and warm. Guitar, vocals, crotales and saxophone stitched together and moving in a constant slow peristalsis, never quite coalescing, never quite drifting apart. Equal parts alien unease and folkish charm, these slowly tangled tones drift prismatic and high in the late afternoon light. Ashley is also one half of Aster (with artist of equal genius and partner in life/crime Eli Keszler) and Paul & Maurey (with Sakiko Mori). Mastered by Pete Swanson. Edition of 300."
3/28/2010 Paul, Ashley To Much Togethers CD $12.99 REL "Over 2 years in the making, To Much Togethers is the follow up album to Ashley’s 2008 ‘D.O.L’ release. Patiently crafted and paced To Much Togethers continues on Ashley’s unique path of ‘song’ style. Combining clattering strings, (her custom green-box string set up), psycho acoustic sustain and decay, bowed metal, expressive saxophone, subtle and ear grabbing sense of color and distant voice all slowly creating mood and thought provoking miniatures, that succeed in fitting into no known forms. Lyrically focusing on surreal and repetitive images contrasted by both harsh aggressive textures with quite moving and spacious moments. Conflicting and deep energies and spaces seem to co-exist in Ashley’ world. To Much Togethers is a unique creation as Ashley moves deeper into her own individual realm, where she is truly on her own. As much as an audible experience as a visual. To Much Togethers is remarkably packaged featuring drawings by Gayle Paul (Ashley’s mother), whose intuitive creations compliment the feeling of the music. Custom assembled, and printed by Ashley Paul the striking ‘LP style’ red cover features multi layers of screening with a screen-printed black obi wrapped around the spine of the fold out cover. The inside features another screened drawing by Gayle Paul with a green w/ black over-layed CD hub. The left side features a glued black folder containing 2 more inserts with screen printed drawings w/ liner notes, a metallic paper insert in addition to a oval ‘wagtail’ sticker, with full color on CD printing. To Much Togethers is a limited edition of 300 copies and marks the 2nd full length album in REL’s limited CD series."

Paul, Atton Approaching Stars / Run Away CDEP $5.99 Dying Bird "These two eerie space reveries feature vintage keyboards, tape effects, and barely audible, muffled vocals. Approaching Stars has a hard-to-explain, but definite Brian Wilson flavor to it (think Smile meets 2001: A Space Odyssey. The longer and moodier Run Away brings the misted-over spooky vocals to the fore." Beautifully packaged, too.

Paul, Atton Soundtracks For Animated Super-8 Films Vol. 1 7" $4.99 dying bird Lo-fi ambient drones. Superior packaging from this new label's debut release.
8/1/2014 Pausal Along the Mantic Spring LP $22.99 Infraction "This is the new full-length LP from Pausal. Layer upon layer of guitar-based ambient with a bit of modern classical worked into the mix. Pausal is a duo from the U.K. consisting of Alex Smalley (Olan Mill) and Simon Bainton. This is their 4th full-length album (there are also 2 eps to their credit) and is the follow-up to the 'Sky Margin' LP (Own Records) from last year. Pausal exists in a sub-genre of ambient lead by guitar-based drone ambience as well as layer upon gentle layer of more guitar, bells, piano and environmental
recordings. It invites deeper listening into the composition itself. A composition built in restraint, a discernable set of hazy layers, and careful construction revealing a recording of rare beauty. "Modern classical ambient", a slight-return to the denser and more reverb-drenched places of their earlier work but with the benefit of hindsight. Artwork by Charmagne Coe. Mastered by James Plotkin. Edition of 300 copies - 180 gram pressing. The sleeves were made by a bookbinder and the result is a very heavy
tip-on style gatefold sleeve and then finished with an OBI strip."
1/13/2004 Pawlowski, Mauro Antonio Secret Guitar LP $17.99 Robo Records "Refusing the comfortable pillars of notation and structure, as much as swimming against the stream, will take a little while to wrestle to the ground. Deeply rooted in honesty and rubber gloves touching the inner most soul experience, the seven non-amplified semi-acoustic guitar improvisations may be difficult to wrap your head around. Almost pastoral in their ethereal beauty and brimming with spontaneous energy. Never in search for lost chords you will hear the strings squeak, detailing the darker sides of life. His definite choice for independence offers ample proof that self reliance can be made to work in your favour, as this is by far his most intricately personal and spiritual work yet. Strongly focused excorsism, the kind that seeks surrealist heaven in armpits. Secret Guitar toughens into a diamond resonating pool of choking enchantments, no bedtime lullabies or sandman campfire songs but discordant exhausted emotion exploring similar mindsets, not unlike Derek Bailey or the late great John Fahey. Infusing those weirdly unhinged strings with ethnic lightning excursions and tuning structures in the vein of Seattle’s mystic torch carriers Sun City Girls. Punches in the face are hard to resist for anyone wondering along the shores of fire music. Painstaking underground hocus pocus from the alien giant of belgique pop culture. God help us."

Payne, David Feedback #20: For Good CDR $12.99 Middle James Co. Edition of 12 copies - this is #2
4/13/2011 Payne, David Nirvana Unplugged CDR $8.99 Bug Incision "There's an album called Futuro, a trio date which features Tetuzi Akiyama on what sounds like an amplified acoustic or resonator guitar. The music is extremely taut, with long silences and subtle gestures. A short blow of breath is released through a trumpet, a drumhead is rubbed, that kind of thing. Akiyama's playing is the most deliciously tense of the trio, sounding like he's moving a slide underneath the strings every couple minutes; very controlled, very focused work. David Payne's (Hamilton, Ontario's main man behind Fossils, Slut Mouth, and the mighty Middle James Co.) latest solo slab offers a rowdy, wasted take on this approach, minus the silences and the playing partners. His acoustic guitar is mangled and scraped, rubbed, fingered, and bent, and is subjected to a variety of preparations. The results are unlike his work in Fossils, whose lightly abrasive approach is much more inscrutable. It's possibly more akin to an unplugged and halved version of Slut Mouth, or if you've ever heard some of his solo tapes, you might be on the right track. But, as with all of Payne's work, there's an air of unpretentious seriousness to the proceedings, no fat, all business. Recorded late 2010 in Hamilton." Edition of 75, color covers in plastic sleeves
3/2/2007 PBK & BMG (Brent Gutzeit) 1 CDR $8.99 Gameboy "The guy who's been holding down Michigan longer than anyone and TV Pow's Kranky man vixen team up for a diverse collaboration. Perfect example of how to go all over the map without ever losing focus."
9/23/2004 PD Inweglos CD $12.99 Absurd “Little by little, the musical career of Ralf Wehowsky is unfolded on CD, either his work with P16.D4 or it's predecessor PD. Some of these works were released as 'EaRLyW', simple because Wehowsky (aka RLW) was the main man behind P16.D4 and PD, but here as PD. The band included members such as RLW, Jochen Pense, Joachim Stender and Achim Szepanski. PD recorded 'Inweglos' LP, but also a 7" and a flexidisc - the latter are not included in this release, for reasons I don't know. In some of these tracks PD is shown as a typical Neue Deutsche Welle band: finding their own form within rock music based on punk
and new wave but in a more alternative form and as always with German lyrics. PD use to quite an extensive part synthesizers and rhythmboxes, along with bass guitars, guitars and vocals. At times they sound like a very free form improv band and at other times a more rock version of the early Der Plan, but without so much of humour involved in Der Plan. PD is much more political (see 'Ayatollah Carter') and also more dark in their lyrics - save for some hints towards disco in 'Progressive Disco'. Some of the material forecasts the later P16.D4 work, such as in the semi cut-up of 'Kurzzug Nach Frankfurt', but in general fits the 1980 sound very well: distorted, free form music, taking punk and new wave in a much wider field of music. Maybe I didn't play the LP in many years, but the renewed appearance is for sure a good one. It was indeed one of those more obscure classics waiting to be re-issued.” - FdW
3/11/2012 Peace Frog Issue #3 zine with CD $12.99
"At 80 pages in A5 format contains interviews: Serpentina Satelite, The Movements, Nick Riff, Aqua Nebula Oscillator, Electroshock records, Baby Woodrose, Sula Bassana, Stone Breath, The magnificent Brotherhood, 31 pages with reviews etc. The cd in this issue contains the following groups: Greeks Drug Free Youth, with two songs, one is a cover of the legendary teenage lima bean of Laughing Soup Dish, and the other one is a Greek-speaking song that brings to mind the Usa from the 60s, and the United States Of Existence by the 80s!, a psych-pop song by Australian Love Parade, a great space rock track from the British Evel Gazebow, a guitar psychedelic instrumental by Germans Sula Bassana, the Greeks also group Penny Dreadful (with members from Into The Abyss , Lenin's Modem) and The Basements (acid-garage). Bob Urh from the legendary Ultra 5 participate with a schizophrenic song ala Kim Fowley, the Ayahuasca Dark Trip with members from Peru, Brazil and the Netherlands offer a splendid acid blues with only guitar and bass, and finally, Vibravoid participate in a live version of your mind is at ease/mother sky, a nearly 37minutes track live at Argos, Greece 16-10-09 which in the end the spirit of Sky Saxon levitated for a few minutes into the mind of Christian.... A thrilling performance, a documentary with not the best sound, because the song came in the cd from a camera, but who cares?"
7/8/2010 Pearl Drills untitled c30 cassette $8.99 Wagon "New set of nightmares from Pearl Drills, with a mystery lineup of tape and synth explorers recorded in 2008. alarming bursts of metallic energy carefully crafted into what sounds like the last seconds of life on earth, a dying shriek out of the sinking tarpit which has already swallowed everything else. pro-dubbed, color artwork. edition of 100."
12/12/2009 Pearl Harbor Something About The Chaparrals 12" EP $17.99 Mexican Summer "Piper and Skylar (and live member Cody) make up the dreamy, peace-loving Los Angeles fuzz-pop band Pearl Harbor. They have a four-song 12" forthcoming on Mexican Summer, the label that also recently brought you releases by the similarly sandy Washed Out, Real Estate, etc. That's actually a nice place to start: Think about Washed Out's hazier ambiance combined with Real Estate's margarita-sipping Galaxie 500-isms. Or, take a listen to the collection's second track "Luv Goon." It opens with warm arpeggios and a tinny drum machine: When the vocals and a slippery guitar enter the picture, the bedroom's transformed into a wave pool." Edition of 500 copies.
11/2/2008 Pearson, A.S. 9 Lives, 9 Ghosts cassette $7.99 Archivo de Sangre de Dios "Second solo modular synth release from D/A A/D, Snapped in Half kingpin. Heavy,mimimal and claustophic almost sub-bass motion, like wrapping your head in black cotton wool, similar sound world too Hive Mind, astounding."
6/11/2006 Peasandpopoff Palimpsest 3" CDR $6.99 Firstperson "PUFF splinters into PEASANDPOPOFF (+ soon PALLIATIVES, PALIMPSEST, PUPPYJUMPUP ad infnt.) Beaming from the brain of Joincey (COITS / INCA EYEBALL / WAGSTAFF / TARGET SHOPPERS ETC ETC) = SLOW GLOOP ELECTRONICS / MUFFLED MURK, MOANING GHOST VOX, BRASSY TRANCE/l oop vortex, Pop Music/ PINK WATCH."
12/12/2009 Peat Raamur Arkose Screes c20 cassette $5.99 Housecraft "Fresh project out of Gainesville (Rotifer, Antigua Ibis), loop-motion emanation/radiation of the disintigrated order. Edition of 48." Out of print.
4/27/2011 Peat Raamur Currants c33 cassette $5.99 Rotifer Join Peat on his hunt for elated energy renewal. ~for optimal listening, use dolby B~ " Edition of 100, duplicated on type II, chrome cassettes
9/30/2008 Pederson, db Live in Madison cassette $6.99 Earjerk "One of Madisons most skilled improvisers lays it all on the table. Captured in a live setting, db really gets to shine. This guy feeds off of his audience, be they attentive or not, and the spontaneous energies flowing forth from these three live shows will astonish. The vocal range of some mutant offspring of a blue whale and a field cricket. Live @ Mofos Aug (?) 2005, Live @ Glass Nickel Aug 9th 2004 and Live @ Mofos May 5th 2007. Pro dubbed, red, c40 cassette with matching case and artwork. Limited series of 45."
4/24/2006 Pedestrian Deposit Fatale CD $11.99 Hanson Records / Hospital Productions "Man... this kid is a force to rekon with. Jon Borges made his live debut at age 14 at Canada's 1999 NO MUSIC festival curated by the NIHILIST SPASM BAND. He has a control and focus that most in the underground noise comminuty lack. Can sooth and destroy you with washes of white noise, intensly edited cut up abrasive electronics and junk sound and completeley depress you with passages of truly dismal piano, tape manipulations and drones. This is his second mass produced full length cd and it's about FUCKING TIME!! Finally this stellar work from Jon Borges' PEDESTRIAN DEPOSIT is released! passages of truly dismal piano, tape manipulations and drones. I am proud to have co-released this w/ Prurient's HOSPITAL PRODUCTIONS."
2/4/2007 Pedestrian Deposit Vestige LP $15.99 Hospital Productions "The first full length vinyl effort from this infamous california abrasive electronics unit. following the cult 'volatile' and 'fatale' albums 'vestige' trolls deeper into the looping, tonal, drone whirlpool of parking garages, vacant lots, and highway. one side heavy and abusive nail noise bursts with hammering loops left for scraps. one side urban noir wrought with nostalgic melancholy. limited to 300 copies with the traditional silk screened 2 sided fold out cover."
9/17/2009 Pedromonkeyfinger Eye Day Rabbit CDR $9.99 Bug Incision "Surreal slabs of processed sound float by each other in brilliant high fidelity from the man behind much of the documentation of Bug Incision's live activites (hear his recording prowess on the forthcoming Bent Spoon Trio +3 album). First solo recording.
Edition of 50 copies, color covers in plastic sleeves." - label.
9/17/2006 Pee In My Face With Surgery Damnation Road CDR $9.99 Chocolate Monk "The hi-brows reckon PIMFWS is a "live performance duo that explores the liberation of the definitions of emptiness and the clogged distribution of aural quantity.", while us garbage-brow types just reckon this is a joyous ear rot riot. New York based hoodlums Jaime Fennelly & Fritz Welch emit some brain blackness via vocals and electronic crack. Recommended for those who enjoy a 'swissotic' type of tickle.
9/17/2006 Peeesseye Commuting Between the Surface & the Underworld CD $11.99 Evolving Ear "Commuting Between the Surface & the Underworld continues Peeesseye's pattern of ignoring virtually all patterns but those that spring forth from the swarm of earthquakes in their collective brain. Recorded following an unamplified tour of US noise venues with groups including Nautical Almanac, Life Partners, and Sharks With Wings, this record brings vocals, a more pronounced rhythmic pulse and piles of acoustic instruments to the foreground alongside the waves of electronic density that have characterized past releases. Guests on Commuting Between the Surface & the Underworld include three frequent collaborators of Peeesseye: Clare Cooper, the Australian harpist who adds pedal harp and guzheng (Chinese harp) to two tracks; trumpeter Nate Wooley, who adds brass on "Distant Mud;" and the reclusive conceptualist Shawn Edward Hansen, who provides additional percussion and vocals to two tracks. The resulting record is a perverse twist on spaced rock and post-noise ritual - mayhem in the mansion, shivers in the shack." Aspects of Sun City Girls at their most spirit-devouring and venemous, with vocal trolls, folks curses and hypnotic acoustic spells blown apart by rude bursts of fuzz, almost NWW-style clank and some ear-clotting sine wave minimalism. - Volcanic Tongue
6/5/2009 Peeesseye I Woke Up and Drank a Bottle of Cheap Kojak CDR $9.99 Golden Lab Records "Peeesseye made the scene at Dylan Nyoukis's Colour Out of Space festival last summer and hopped over to Manchester to play a show at the Town Hall Tavern, the recording of which forms the content of this incredible slab of dense droning harmonium, scraping, buzzing, subtly soloing guitar and pulse-free, scatter-drumming. We can't recommend this enough. Ltd to 80 copies, sleeves printed on recycled card w/soya based ink, no less."
3/26/2006 Pefkin Pingle Pangle CDR $12.99 Pseudo Arcana "Pefkin is the Scotland based solo project of Gayle Brogan (ex Electroscope member and owner/operator of the amazing Boa Melody Bar mailorder). Pingle Pangle is the 2nd album for this project and picks up where the similarly astonishing "Asa Nisi Masa" (Foxglove CDR) left off. Pefkins music flows easily between swirling melodic psychedelic 'almost-pop'
songs, tonal electronic experimentation through to eerie whispered ancient forest folk. Melodica, violin, percussion, guitar and voice are built up with a crystal clear use of delay and other effects to produce a fragile beautiful whole. Pefkin has been compared favouably with Nico and Alastair Galbraith. These comparisons are well deserved."
5/1/2015 Pelt A Stone For Angus MacLise LP $18.99
"Recorded during the same home blasts that produced Dauphin Elegies (VHF Records, 2008), this 2007 trio session for harmonium, singing bowl, gong and esraj is one of the most ecstatic recordings in Pelt's vast oeuvre. Like the legendary poet/musician for whom this album is named, Pelt have never gotten hung up on the epistemology of drones. The generation of meditative trance states is as valid when produced by Roscoe Holcomb's banjo as by La Monte Young's well-tuned piano. Hints of both lurk deep in the wells of sound Pelt produces. Two side-long slabs of aural bliss. Best heard behind a few bowls of your very best kif. Edition of 500 with stickered cover and insert."
7/16/2006 Pelt Heraldic Beast double LP $19.99 Eclipse "Intense 2 LP survey of Pelt geography around the turn of the century, compiling live recordings the band issued on cdrs in tiny editions or on comps plus some unreleased material. Combines the most all-out electric attacks Pelt's ever deigned to release, plus some of the growling drone float that preceded/coincided with the band's jump into acoustic material. Off the hook gatefold packaging that maybe offers hints of sources, etc. Full list of recording dates/locations/prior releases is supposed to be posted on www.klang.org soon." This dbl lp set is sure to blow some minds - especially those who have come to know Pelt in the past 2-3 years. These early recordings (1998-2003) are heavy and sure to please those who have been waiting patiently for this. The packaging is incredible, too - with beautiful artwork and a very sturdy gatefold sleeve. Dig it.
8/21/2002 Pelt Houston 2001 CDR $29.99 Klang Available only at the two recent August shows in Cleveland and Chicago, this recording was made May 16, 2001 at the Sound Exchange. Highly recommended!
6/11/2006 Pelt Skullfuck / Bestio Tergum Degero CD $15.99 vhf "Limited edition live CD released for the band to sell on their 2006 European tour. Contrary to the Grateful Dead reference in the title, "Skullfuck" is a tight recording of a single, intense November 2005 performance from NYC's Knitting Factory. The set begins with an epic group arrangement of Jack Rose's "Calais To Dover," (from his Kensington Blues LP) with Jack's 12 string shadowed by Mike Gangloff's fiddle, and the thick drone of Mikel Dimmick and Pat Best's Harmonium and Sruti's. The three part "Bestio" suite follows, with the group moving to Tibetan bowls and gongs, building up a huge sheet of sound which peaks in a brief "encore" of wild gong smashing. In gatefold "eco-wallet."

Pelt / Keenan Lawler / Eric Clark Keyhole 12 July 2000 LP $49.99 Eclipse This album is drawn from a pre-dawn session in a stone silo at Mount Saint Francis, a Franciscan friary just north of the Kentucky-Indiana state line. Four of the musicians, Keenan Lawler and Pelt members Patrick Best, Mike Gangloff, and Jack Rose, had played earlier that night at Rudyard Kipling's Caf‚ in Louisville. They were joined by Eric Clark, a multi-instrumentalist and metal worker who makes musical instruments, such as singing bowls and bronze didgeridus. Mikal Dimmick used a stereo microphone to capture events as they unfolded in the early morning hours of 12 July 2000. Only acoustic instruments were played and no electronic effects or processing were used. Edition of 325 copies with pasted on artwork on black jackets.
3/6/2003 Pelt / Keenan Lawler / Eric Clark Keyhole II double LP $39.99 Eclipse On May 13, 2001, at the Louisville (KY) Visual Arts Association’s gallery at the Water Tower was host to the Keyhole ensemble. Ensemble members include Eric Clark, a metal worker who made some of the singing bowls and the bronze didgeridus played here, Patrick Best, Mike Gangloff, and Jack Rose, who also play as the trio Pelt, and Keenan Lawler, who is known for electronically modifying the sounds of a cello and National steel guitar. This performance was completely acoustic, however, with the only sonic treatment being the reverb lent by the gallery’s high ceiling. “My memories of this show are of the incredible resonance of the Water Tower gallery, just an amazing alive quality to the air that let each note linger on and on and that filled the quieter moments with breath and inevitability. At one point I remember being lifted, compelled to climb to a balcony over the room and lean out to play a singing bowl. If this drops, I recall thinking as I stirred the heavy brass, we may lose an audience member...but this sound is necessary. Awhile later, a man fell out of his seat and a woman who had been lying on the floor sat up suddenly and cracked her head on a glass table.” – Mike Gangloff. This is a beautiful recording pressed in an edition of 514 copies with printed color sleeve.
12/26/2005 Pengo Alchemy and Bullshit double CDR $12.99 Carbon Records "A double CDR document of Pengo's migration from a 3-piece out-spazz-noise group to 4-piece drone-psych-noise-rock group. recordings ranging from the 2001 Phi-Tour series, 2002 live and "studio" pieces (including a show with guests Dave Cross of Coffee, Ed Wilcox of Temple Bon Matin and Charles Leport of Hinkley/Finkbeiner/etc), thru pounding live 2003/2004 sets, much in the vein of current configuration. 2 black-bottom cdrs, glossy print insert, sealed in a 6"x8" silkscreened and spray painted chipboard mailer."
2/19/2007 Pengo Toadstools Amongst the Tombstones LP $21.99 QBICO "Pengo is: John Schoen, Jason Finkbeiner, R. Nuuja. Pengo comes from Rochester, NY and are simply a dark-bright beacon of madness in the subterranean swamp of psychedelic junk collectors. They're kind of elusive, having issued only an LP prior to this release (it had been a year since we're working on this album) + a few CD-Rs and tapes. Got affiliations with Coffee & the Doyle EAE... wild stuff/weird vibes!"
6/4/2010 Pens Love Rules 7" $4.99 De Stijl "Pens are three girls that take an old-school approach to a hum and riff and add their own who-gives-a-fuck homemade panache. Tuck yrself into bed with some warm milk and cookies and throw this new single on the platter in repeat mode. Nighty night! What more is there to say? It's better than most of the shit that gets the rave up."
10/25/2008 Peonies Infinity Has No Exits cassette $9.99 Sloow Tapes "Continuous fascinating and mysterious vocal harmonies unfolding into raw infinity. This acid-soaked haunting psychedelia truly has no exits. 100 copies."
4/10/2015 People of the North Era of Manifestations LP + download $18.99 Thrill Jockey "As People of the North, Oneida vets Bobby Matador (organ) and Kid Millions (drums) create cosmic improvised music performed with the intensity of a rock band. Their music is loud and distorted, anarchic to its core and imbued with a devotional spirit. The band’s new album, Era of Manifestations, is its most intense statement of purpose, and documents their impressive tonal and rhythmic interplay. The music oscillates between passages of extreme discord and stretches of seemingly spontaneous cohesion, the latter an indication of how intuitive their communication has become after 25 years of playing together. The album features Shahin Motia of Oneida on guitar and significant low-end contributions from Richard Hoffman of Sightings. Era of Manifestations is improvised music with bite, uncompromising and euphoric. Several song titles on Era of Manifestations come from the Shakers, named thusly by Kid Millions, and the album’s title comes from a period in Shaker history in the mid 1800s when Shakerism underwent a period of spiritual reawakening. This period was marked by a preponderance of “revelations,” in which young members of the church were divinely given incredible bursts of spontaneous creative energy. The duality of those revelatory moments and the Shakers’ principles of simplicity and utility are alive and well in People of the North’s music. The album was created from a five-hour session of improvisations recorded at Seizures Palace in Brooklyn. Despite the at times overwhelming energy and sound produced by the group, it is imbued with simplicity produced by a laser-like focus, four minds working towards one ecstatic goal. The musicianship on display, the devotion to their craft, is stunning. Their range as musicians continues to amaze, as does their seemingly limitless capacity for innovation and individuality." Era of Manifestations is released on LP only, pressed on virgin vinyl with a postcard insert and free download.
12/24/2005 Per & Öystein Evil Noise II cassette $6.99 Skullfucking Tapes "Reissue of cdr. Follow up to the horrible 'Evil Noise' cassette on Funeral Folk. More shrill atrocities by the ultimate blood drenched Belgian troubadour duo from hell."
2/18/2015 Perera, Nilan & Bent Spoon Duo Nilan Perera & Bent Spoon Duo CDR $9.99 Bug Incision "There are two schools of thought when it comes to groups and improvisation. For some, the notion of a free improvising group with a fixed personnel is a direction contradiction to the idea that this type of playing should be fresh, untethered by group consensus and evolutionary tendencies. This approach is well-represented by the restless, ad hoc-oriented list of playing partners of someone like Derek Bailey or Jack Wright, the latter of whom liberally promotes the practice alongside his group activities. The other school posits that the more a group plays over a longer period of time, the deeper their ability to convincingly create music from "nothing" will become, and the sense of sympatico between them will be thusly reinforced. Such an approach can be found in groups like AMM (as dilated as it is) or the Parker/Guy/Lytton trio. In this particular instance, we find a group that achieves the comparatively rare feat of being, in fact, a first time grouping, but somehow managing to exit the starting gates with a streamlined vision of their own. Of course, in this case it doesn't hurt that two thirds of the group are known as the Bent Spoon Duo, a Calgary-based unit comprised of Chris Dadge and Scott Munro who have amassed over a decade's worth of genre-jumping work. Toronto guitarist Nilan Perera, who first made waves in that city's early '80s take on the no wave/'punk-funk' movement. While his latter day playing is often characterized by a deft use of preparations and electronics, this set finds him mostly au naturel as far as the electric guitar is concerned, and he meshes effortlessly with Dadge and Munro's heap of strings, percussion, live lo-fi samples, and ratty amplification. The music finds its moments of unhinged weirdness tucked into moments that could be described by such words as 'quite lovely' or even 'toe-tapping', but never how one would expect them to be. Recorded live by Brad Hawkins at Weeds Cafe in Calgary." Edition of 120 copies, color covers in plastic sleeves. Listen: https://soundcloud.com/bugincision3/nilan-perera-bent-spoon-duo
2/26/2006 Pererin Teithgan LP $24.99 Guerssen "Awesome second longplayer by Welsh psychedelic folk-rockers Pererin. Traditional Welsh folk meets rock with psychedelic guitar leads, flute, male/female vocals... This was originally released in 1981 on the Gwerin label and for many it is their best work, and it's definitely its rarest one. Exact repro of the original, including the insert. Definitely one of the best albums of the genre, another superb rarity brought to you with a legit reissue by Guerssen."
7/16/2006 Perhacs, Linda Parallelograms LP $25.99 Guerssen "Linda's sole album, originally released on Kapp in 1970, has gained its deserved fame and reputation in the folk-psych scene in the last years after the NY label Wild Places released it on CD format some few years ago. We could talk about Joni Mitchell and the likes if we had to compare with anything, but fans of folk music in all its variety must be delighted with this amazing album, a truly hippie psychedelic folk masterpiece and without any doubt one of the top albums of the genre." Recommended!

Perry, Mojo Bookmaker CD $15.99
Not a typical item I carry. This is blues rock with some psychedelic leanings (think Hendrix and Cream) from Mojo Perry (guitar), Dove Dewey (bass) and Shawn Badanjek (drums) hailing from Appleton, Wisconsin. The lyrics are personal but it does not detract from the release in my opinion. Anyhow, if you are into blues-based rock with some guitar psych on occasion, I would recommend this to you.
2/21/2009 Pestrepeller / My Cat Is An Alien As Wolf / Solar Anarchy LP $12.99 A Silent Place "My Cat Is An Alien are the brothers Roberto and Maurizio Opalio, who have been spreading their unique brand of mysterious guitarnoise improv across the globe for ten years. Pestrepeller are a barely-existing band of part-time musicians from the UK. The core trio is Harley Richardson, Ed Pinsent and Savage Pencil, occasionally joined by guest musicians. The band started life as Ultrasonic Attack Wave Pestrepeller around 1995 or 1996, and made Rodent and Insect Eliminator for Sympathy For The Record Industry. Sonic Boom, the genius behind Spaceman 3, remade this early record by processing it through his VCS3. Apparently he liked its complete lack of musicianship. A second LP Nug Yar was a limited press LP for Gary Ramon's Prescription label and sold out instantly, because only 99 copies of it existed and the print run was pre-sold to Coil fans. The trio played live in London precisely three times. Soon the band split up in acrimonious circumstances due to artistic disagreements, but reformed about two years later, met in the studio and recorded what became Isle of Dark Magick with Peter Hope-Evans, the blues harmonica player who used to be in Medicine Head in the 1970s. This session was released on CD by Important Records in 2006. Pestrepeller meet, play and record very infrequently, because they don't have enough time outside of their other pursuits in work, life, and art."

Petersen, Jesse I Just Collided With a Tricky Shade of Dark LP $13.99 Freedom From "This LP is coreleased with SunShip and Asymmetry by local guitarist Jesse Petersen, (who you may know from either the Entrance CDR on Last Visible Dog with Matthew St. Germain, J Wodarz, and Eric Wivinus (of Salamander + Skye Klad) and/or the Barlow(of Pins)/Petersen/Wivinus disc on Stick It To The Man/Asymmetry). As with these two prior excursions by Petersen, you'll get droned out guitars/feedback (not too piercing though!), however JP fancies himself somewhat of a guitarist who does more than twiddle knobs (his tunings prior to performance sometimes go for 45 minutes to 2-3 hours) and here presents beautifully tamed percussive sonics via string massaging. This is a limited edition of 200 (RTI pressed), silkscreened silver on thick black Italian stock."
6/24/2012 Petit, Philippe Una Symphonia Della Paura CD $13.99 Utech "Una Symphonia Della Paura began as a collaboration with Justin Broadrick. The result of "Murmurs" led French composer Philippe Petit to continue with the record, building an impenetrable wall of black fog and ash. Rasping layers of distortion, percussion and guitar noise combat one another in the harshest work from Petit to date."
9/30/2008 Pewtr Always Heavy cassette $8.99 Yodtapes "Pewtr is Sunburned's Ron Schneiderman taking a solo electric guitar and spoken word trip to parts unknown. on the mazzacane tip."
5/31/2009 Pewtr Whichever Was cassette $10.99 Blackest Rainbow "Pretty psyched to be releasing this beauty from long time friend of mine Ron Schneiderman, I think Ron was the first person I ever bought stuff from for the Blackest Rainbow distro years back in Nottingham... Ron is the man behind Spirit of Orr, as well as being a member of Sunburned Hand of the Man... busy guy to say the least! Here you have some awesome solo outing of post Loren Connors / Sandy Bull styling, with a blend of pure outsider blues, americana and psychedelia. Limited to 100 copies."
8/22/2008 Phantom Buffalo Take To the Trees CD $12.99 Time-Lag "digital version of red records #3... same music and art as the lp, but packaged in a mini lp style gatefold cover, with folded insert & woven japanese inner sleeve. edition of 1000..."
8/22/2008 Phantom Buffalo Take To the Trees LP $29.99 Time-Lag "red records #3... well, its been a damn long time since we released their debut album, "shishimumu", back when they were called THE PONYS, but we sure are happy there's finally a proper follow-up, even if it took six years to happen. if anything, the long wait says something to the greatness & humility of the band; never bending to commercial concerns, ego, hype, or changing trends & changing times. in fact, "take to the trees" picks up just about right where "shishimumu" left off all those years back, another little nugget of timeless psychedelic pop perfection. of course, there is a new level of maturity and depth to the songwriting here, but there's still plenty of slightly naive & youthful charm... and to be certain, the world these guys create is just as surreal now as its always been... musically, things come together just right, with thick, swirling, chiming triple electric guitar textures, spot-on drumming, liquid but powerful bass, gurgling moog, acoustic strumming, accordion, and sweet soaring fuzz-tones. vocals hover as high & sweet as ever, harmonizing, doubling, and layering heavenly. the mood of the album floats through drifting fragile melancholy, quirky pop, crunchy psychedelic rockers and anthemic rave-ups, often all within the same track. beautifully recorded, but never over polished... just the way a great pop record should be. so forget all pretense, folks, maybe not freak folk enough for kill rock stars ain't such a bad thing at all... packaged in a lovely heavy weight 60s style gatefold cover with elaborate full color art by the band, plus an insert. pressed on 180gm bright red vinyl. hand numbered limited edition of 300 copies..."
2/26/2011 Phantom Family Halo Music From Italian T.V. LP $13.99 Sophomore Lounge "In spite of its minimalistic appearance, is a most intricate light work which, in its scope and originality, defines its own aesthetic. The number of persons involved may vary. Although thirteen has been suggested as the optimum number, two would usually be referred to as a working couple (in any combination of sexes.) Within the community, many believe that a number larger than thirteen is unwieldy, citing unwieldy group dynamics and an unfair burden on the leadership. When this has grown too large to be manageable, it may split, or "hive". Most often utilizing electronic instruments or electronic processing of acoustic instruments, they typically create dense, unmoving harmonies and a stilled or "hovering" sense of time." Edition of 250 copies.
9/25/2010 Phantom Payn Days Phantom Payn Days LP $15.99 De Stijl "Since the late 70s, while in the widely neglected 39 Clocks, he made records that never sold and played gigs that few ever saw, Juergen Gleue has arguably been the most important exponent of electrified German sound. Phantom Payn Days was made in the mid to late 90s and has never been released. It's his final LP and is overflowing with all the elements that romanticized, loner / stoner music claims, an encoded expression of highly private feelings, an ambiguous, emotional quotient, and a dark, murkily melodic vibe. It's a record that first and foremost lives and breathes with an endless stream of great songs. But perhaps it's most curious component is it's amazingly prescient sound, a precursor to so many of today's lo fi acts, all wrapped up in their San Francisco hair." Highly recommended!
12/22/2014 Pharaoh Overlord 6000 km/h LP $20.99 Ektro / Full Contact Records "Ektro Records' vision for the future is to offer "outstanding solutions of subversive sound art". Key paths to realizing the vision are "harmonizing production lines" and "maximizing synergy advantages". As part of this strategy, the company launches a new, innovative concept: The "6000 km/h" brand. 6000 km/h is a product line of high quality, multi-channel "live" recordings. The brand name strives to communicate "speed, dynamism and goal-orientedness". The honour of opening the new product line has been given to Ektro records' flagship merchandise CIRCLE, jointly with its sister band oriented to the developing markets, PHARAOH OVERLORD. The pair of albums comprises a mutually complementing conceptual gesamtkunstwerk, the parts of which can, however, also be enjoyed as independent works.
PHARAOH OVERLORD's album 6000 km/h is a recording of the band's show at Turku's H2Ö festival, where they gave the festival audience the most unforgettable summer experience of the year 2014, taking them on a ride through time and space into a dialectical tailspin where the laws of music, theatre and society, among other things, turn into their opposites. All the songs on the album are world premieres, including titles such as "Hei Se Kassi Tänne", "No Ota Sitten Kolmekymppiä", and "Onkohan Tää Riisiä"
Jussi Lehtisalo, the Executive Director of Ektro Records, is excited about the "6000 km/h" concept: "6000 km/h is our bravest product launch since the company started in 1996. This is going to be something totally whacked out!"

Phéromone Disparlure CD $16.99 Corpus Hermeticum “Disparlure is the first release by French trio Phéromone. Comprised of Pascal Battus, Eric Cordier and Jean-Luc Guionnet, the trio have been together for some three years performing improvised music using guitar, hurdy gurdy, electronics and various electro-acoustic devices involving sundry objects with contact mics. Cordier and Guionnet have played together since the mid-80s in various settings, most recently in Schams and Synapses and also as a duo (discs on Shambala and Selektion). Battus is a new collaborator for them, a guitar player with an extended technique, recently praised in the Wire by no less an authority than Keith Rowe as one of the younger guitarists worth watching out for. This disc consists of a continuous piece (indexed as two tracks) edited from home recordings of the group by long-time collaborators Eric La Casa and Pierre-Henri Thiebaut. Their favoured concert set up is to occupy three corners of the performance space and seat the audience in the middle. The analogy is with the functioning of the eponymous insect hormones, which transmit messages to other insects at a distance. The audible messages of the three musicians transmit signals from one player to the next, with the audience hearing the interaction of the signals in 'surround sound'. This is particularly apt as the overall effect of the music on this disc is of a darkened environment full of animal calls, as unseen predators stalk small mechanical prey and flocks of metal birds perch in the tinfoil trees. Actual sound sources are impossible to identify with certainty as the various stringed and amplified instruments surge and recede in a dazzling display of alternating synchronicity and conflict. The variety of sounds, the virtuosity of the interplay and the obvious mix of both seriousness and humour in their approach mark Phéromone out as a trio to keep an eye on in the future.”

Philosopher's Stone Preparation LP $8.99 Kranky Solo recordings from Gareth Mitchell
2/21/2007 Phoenix Cube, The Walking the Shore CDR $11.99 Barl Fire "With the enviable role as the reviews editor for The Ptolemaic Terrascope online, it's not surprising that Simon Lewis aka The Phoenix Cube has spent the last few years soaking up a multitude of influences from the cream of the current psychedelic underground. His passion for electronica, space rock and psychedelia from the likes of Gong and the Aphex Twin, that were notable on his previous albums as The Phoenix Cube and as part of his band Phorum, although evident on "Walking The Shore", this time round place the emphasis on bedroom recorded psych-folk and dronescapes. The album features cover art by Lewis himself, is housed in vinyl slip cases, contains an insert and is limited to 100 copies."
11/3/2012 PHORK Discrepancies c50 cassette $6.99 NNA Tapes "NNA is proud to present “Discrepancies”, the latest full-length from the People’s Higher Order of Royal Kinship. Neal Reinalda has created a highly unique strain of surrealist techno collage using a high brow palette of sound that borrows not only from traditional electronic dance music, but also from another place entirely… sounds that are perplexing as they are refreshing, familiar as they are understated. Field recordings and other naturally-occurring sonics find their place comfortably amongst delicate, watery rhythms and painterly percussion, all wrapped up in a pop art sensibility."

Phosphene Long Meadow Felt Company CD $14.99 Oggum "The album starts with a soft pinging, like sonar. A high, delicate melody swirls through washes of gurgling space sounds and deep humming drones. The first track, Luminous Spots, reminded me a little of some of the works of the German space explorers like Klaus Schulze, or early Tangerine Dream. I sat back, ready for more of the same cosmic explorations, but Long Meadow Felt Company surprises with a far wider canvas than that. Phosphene is John Cavanaugh, one half of the Scottish space rock duo Electroscope. His mostly instrumental debut solo effort is painted with an abundance of electronic colors, augmented occasionally by acoustic sounds. From the pastoral, impressionistic melodies of Chouchou (named after Claude Debussy's daughter) to the harsher, ringing drones and clicking glitches of Curve the Turbulence, there is a broad diversity of fascinating sonic textures to hear. One of the album's real surprises is the brilliantly psychedelic At the End of the Day, with Cavanaugh's subtle vocals almost whispering over gently hammering bass notes, echoing, early Dave Gilmour style guitar, droning organ, and space sounds. Phosphenes are those multi-colored splotches and patterns of lines that appear when you close your eyes tightly. It's the brain, deprived suddenly of light, trying to make sense of the darkness by creating its own light. And that's a perfect description of Long Meadow Felt Company." - Aural Innovations
6/4/2010 Physical Demon Hyperdrift CDR $5.99 Debacle Records "A long lost industrial/noise document circa 1983 finally reissued! This synthesizer trio toiled in obscurity in their day but Debacle Records has unearthed their masterpiece "Hyperdrift" for those who missed it the first time around. This is pure cyberpunk-noise-horror, influenced by Throbbing Gristle, Whitehouse, Cabaret Voltaire, Klaus Schulze and early Cluster. If it were released today you would probably call it an unholy union of Wolf Eyes and Oneohtrix Point Never. 125 CDRs in eco-wallets."
7/31/2006 Picadilly Line Huge World of Emily Small LP $24.99 Lightning Tree Records "This is one of those albums that seems to have slipped under the radar of UK pop psych collectors. The result-it has never been re-issued before now in any form! the band was essentially a duo, led by Rod Edwards (later of Jade) and Roger Hand (who would later record as Edwards Hand) that flourished briefly in the late 60's, resulting in the release of this one album. The cream of UK session men assist on this album, including Danny Thompson (bass), Alan Hawkshaw (keys), Herbie Flowers (bass) and Harold McNair (flute). Classic English '60's pop psych comparable to the World Of Oz, early Bee Gees, Kaleidoscope (UK), and Tinkerbell's Fairydust. An album filled with dreamy vocal harmonies and elaborate electric and acoustic arrangements that make this a real flower-power pop-art trip. This limited edition 180 gram vinyl pressing is housed in the beautiful original, flower power pop-art sleeve; released with full consent of the producer and band, and as such, is taken from the original master tapes." - Lion Productions
3/27/2004 Pickle Factory, The Our Pledge CD $7.99 Swill Radio "The CD package is a manila envelope with stickers on the front and back, and a printed card insert. Some (in the U.S.) have suggested that the package is crap, although people overseas don't seem to think so. The truth is the I just hate jewel boxes."

Pickle Factory, The Our Pledge LP $10.99 Swill Radio "The Pickle Factory is Karla Borecky and Scott Foust from IFCO plus long-time collaborator Mike Popovich. The sound is somewhat similar to the Idea Fire Company, although within at least sort of a song structure. Many think this is our finest work yet. The LP comes with a photograph on the cover and a booklet. Edition of 500."
3/20/2015 Pierced Arrows Straight To The Heart LP $15.99 Tombstone "After the demise of underground legends DEAD MOON in fall 2007, nobody was surprised to hear that founders Fred and Toody Cole had lost little time in starting a new band. They recruited drummer Kelly Halliburton in April 2007, and soon the PIERCED ARROWS were up and running. PIERCED ARROWS picks up, musically, where DEAD MOON left off - a lo-fi assault on the senses played with the sincerity and feeling that made DM such a special band for all of their fans around the world. 13 great garage punktrashing tracks. ALL IN 360 DEGREES MONO OF COURSE!!"

Pieters / Russell / Stapleton Last Glass CD $16.99 Corpus Hermeticum Kim Pieters (bass, organ, synthesizer), Bruce Russell (guitar, percussion, synth) and Peter Stapleton (drums, synth, guitar) performing six instrumental improvisations.

Pieters / Russell / Stapleton Sex/Machine CD $15.99 Metonymic "Only the second release in four years by this meeting of New Zealand free-noise like minds. Sex/Machine was recorded at Purakaunui through 1996-8 and is more sonically diverse than their 1995 Corpus Hermeticum debut; it features Bruce Russell's saturating guitar in layered interaction with Kim Pieters's articulate bass and Peter Stapleton's percussion and radio sorties."
10/13/2010 Pigeons Hearts 7" $5.99 Olde English Spelling Bee "Second single from Pigeons following a debut 7" on Soft Abuse and LP's on Black Dirt and OESB. Features two songs -- 'The Paradise' and 'Radio Souvenir' both recorded 2009 in The Bronx. Produced by Tooth at Reggaetown Deluxe Studios."
11/25/2010 Pigeons Liasons CD $10.99 Soft Abuse "Bronx, NY sweetheart duo Pigeons wade closer to the edge of ambitious pop provocations with their third LP, Liasons. Liasons finds the band in the midst of an enormous creative leap; the psychedelic chanson moves of previous releases now cohabit with spacious westcoast art-blues & wistful cosmic folk tunes, casually invoking Catherine Ribeiro, Brigitte Fontaine, Grim and Opal, and at times reminiscent of a crude take on Rock in Opposition. Pigeons' singular approach to structure, arrangements & production techniques - mirrored by the disruptive spelling of Liasons - culminate with Wednesday Knudsen and Clark Griffin lacing their songs with flute, saxophone, echo, drum machines and languid guitar lines. Liasons also includes two songs in French, one of which is a brilliant a take on Laisse Tomber les Filles by Serge Gainsbourg. Artwork from Mary Nicholson appears throughout. Liasons arrives on the heels of two acclaimed releases for Olde English Spelling Bee."
11/25/2010 Pigeons Liasons LP + download $13.99 Soft Abuse "Bronx, NY sweetheart duo Pigeons wade closer to the edge of ambitious pop provocations with their third LP, Liasons. Liasons finds the band in the midst of an enormous creative leap; the psychedelic chanson moves of previous releases now cohabit with spacious westcoast art-blues & wistful cosmic folk tunes, casually invoking Catherine Ribeiro, Brigitte Fontaine, Grim and Opal, and at times reminiscent of a crude take on Rock in Opposition. Pigeons' singular approach to structure, arrangements & production techniques - mirrored by the disruptive spelling of Liasons - culminate with Wednesday Knudsen and Clark Griffin lacing their songs with flute, saxophone, echo, drum machines and languid guitar lines. Liasons also includes two songs in French, one of which is a brilliant a take on Laisse Tomber les Filles by Serge Gainsbourg. Artwork from Mary Nicholson appears throughout. Liasons arrives on the heels of two acclaimed releases for Olde English Spelling Bee."
9/17/2009 Pigeons Lunettes 7" $4.99 Soft Abuse "Pigeons make sublimely blasted / incredibly hallucinogenic songs from their base up in Bronx, NY. The trio of Wednesday Knudsen (in disguise on the sleeve), Clark Griffin and Carter Thornton have been active for a few years, releasing miniture-run cassettes and lathe cuts for Griffin's sub-underground Moran Tape Label that dealt in skronk, warp & mystery. Their wayward song-based creations are just as ambitious, melding dissonance, crude electronics & chanson pop . The pop element in their tunes, fully introduced on their brilliant Virgin Spectacle LP, firmly rests as the oddest element in the mix. Connections to the No Neck / Sound @ 1 crew & The Sea Donkeys exist, but Pigeons are wholly on their own plane. Lunettes, their first release since Virgin Spectacle, features four new song creations, arrives in lieu of their forthcoming LP Si Faustine (to be released by Olde English Spelling Bee), and provides a notion of what they're moving towards." - label.
7/15/2010 Pigeons Si Faustine LP $16.99 Olde English Spelling Bee "Pigeons is the psychedelic pop project of married couple Wednesday Knudsen and Clark Griffin. They met in Seattle and, while living there, were part of The Sea Donkeys -- a shambling anti-folk collective of freaks which also featured Hisham Mayet of the Sublime Frequencies label. The Sea Donkeys released an LP on the Sun City Girl's Abduction label in 2005. Pigeons formed later that same year when Wednesday and Clark relocated to New York. After releasing a string of micro-run cassettes and lathe-cut vinyls that explored noise and free jazz modes they turned their energies towards writing structured songs. The first widely available release of their song-oriented material was the 'Virgin Spectacle' lp that came out on Black Dirt in 2008. That was followed by a 7" single on Soft Abuse in 2009. Si Faustine is their second album and, like Virgin Spectacle, was recorded at Jason Meagher's Black Dirt Studio. Also featured on the album are contributions from Carter Thornton (Enos Slaughter, Gnaw, Zashiki-Warashi, Izititiz), Jason Meagher (NNCK, D. Charles Speer, Coach Fingers), and Rene Blume-Meagher. Pigeons are currently living in Paris, France. Housed in full-color 'tip-on' style jackets featuring artwork by Melodie Provenzano and also includes an mp3 download coupon."
11/30/2011 Pigeons They Sweetheartstammers LP + download $13.99 Soft Abuse "Pigeons is Wednesday Knudsen and Clark Griffin, from Bronx, NY. After flirting with lo-fi psychedelic-leaning Francophile pop on their two previous full-lengths, Liasons and Si Faustine (both from 2010), the pair have shifted into more dense, heady modes for their new record, They Sweetheartstammers. Heavy doses of melody & dissonance carry free-form songs like "Lauren" and "Behind the Reeds" into Broadcast and Meddle-era Floyd territory. The more-straightforward "Red Friend" and "Tournoi" offer differing ends of the pop spectrum, with (unconscious) nods to Opal's Happy Nightmare Baby, Galaxie 500 and Brigitte Fontaine. The sole constant throughout the twists & turns of They Sweetheartstammers is Wednesday Knudsen's stunning guitar work and distant, plaintive voice. With the new record comes a new line-up: Pigeons have expanded to a four-piece for performances, anchored by Jason Meagher on bass and Nathan Bowles on drums. You'll know Meagher as the bass player with No Neck Blues Band and owner of Black Dirt Studios (where Knudsen and Clark have recorded much of their material), and Bowles as part of the Black Twig Pickers and latterday Pelt. Features artwork from filmmaker / archivist Yuji Agematsu and lettering by Keith Connolly."
2/21/2008 Pigeons Virgin Spectacle LP $18.99 Black Dirt Records "Pigeons and doves are so closely related, they are practically interchangeable in the minds of the people who classify such fowl. But in the eyes of the general public, the dove is a beautiful bird symbolizing freedom and peace while the pigeon is a dirty rat with wings that eats our city's garbage and craps on our cars. But maybe the pigeon is a crafty bird, content with its own beauty and happy to obscure it to avoid the glare of our ever intrusive public eye. Virgin Spectacle is a distorted, hungover, and elusive statement. And it's in French. Except one word at the end. Or more, if you are to believe those responsible. Regardless, amongst all the fog and feathers is a collection of comely pop and sonic excursions guaranteed to lodge itself in your waking subconscious. Hell, you might even dream of a few of these songs. The fine people who constitute the band named Pigeons would like you to believe that they have stumbled incidentally upon such charm, like a diamond in the mine. Don't believe it. Take yourself out of your particular urban situation. Look toward the skies, and see the besmirched bird for what it really is. They have laid out a sonic journey meant to disorient on the surface, but if you follow their flight you'll find yourself cruising along and singing in a language you may not understand." Recorded at Black Dirt Studio in Westtown, NY. Pressed on to 180 gram vinyl by RTI in Camarillo, CA. The covers were screened by VGKids in Ypsilanti, MI. Edition of 500 copies.
11/6/2010 Pigeons Visions of the Valley 7" $7.99 Soft Abuse "The two songs on Visions of the Valley find Pigeons pushing further into tripped-out pop songwriting, narrowly clinging to their inner art-rock / Majora leanings. Both were recorded by Clark and Wednesday at home in Bronx, NY and in Paris (during their brief relocation), and both are exclusive to this release. Visions of the Valley arrives in conjunction with their 2010 US tour (with Fabulous Diamonds), in an edition of 200 with hand-printed sleeves."
8/17/2009 Pilcher, John & Martin McKelvey A Bun Dance CD $15.99 Dungeon Taxis "The Eagle Has Strayed in this 48-minute opus of lunar musique concrete right out of the late 60's in Hastings, NZ. These squiggly, prescient jams emerge on the very 40th anniversary of Apollo 11's inaugural moonlanding, having originally sampled and plunged that stuttering, televized transmission into another sea of tranquility and magnificent desolation right out here in an even more remote solar system. Pilcher's periperal figure hangs ghostlike out on the edge of the front cover next to a poster of The Beatles' HELP! semaphore (they're not even spelling HELP by the way), It's a revealing allusion to the radically warped jams that were already taking place Out Here, a preamble for the winding genealogy of the country's later musical lab tests. Stellar tapezones joyously light years ahead of time."
12/3/2010 Pilia, Stefano Last Days III - Atlantic City one sided LP $24.99 8mm "Following volume I (8mm, 2008) and II (Presto?!. 2009), and previously released in a super small cassette edition on Tulip, Stefano Pilia's Last Days III is finally available in a new remastered one sided LP edition. The intuitions of the first two chapters of this series of 'Last days' shine in 'Atlantic City' in all their beauty. Stefano's touch is so warm and gentle, always unique in creating that feeling of soft, warm nostalgia, loud, and passionate as he's strumming his strings with exceptional fervor like a howl to the sky. Pilia can create emotions out of a guitar riff like no one else around and this beautiful piece, directly inspired by the same titled Springsteen song, will make you feel shivers up your spine. Limited edition of 250 copies, with only 100 available for mail order, the other half will only be available at performances directly from the artist. Professionally printed covers with original photo artwork by Canedicoda."
3/31/2008 Pillars and Tongues Sacred Architecture CDR $11.99 The Lotus Sound "The Lotus Sound, based out of Albuquerque, NM, will be releasing a new and as of right now exclusive version of the previously self-released record "Sacred Architecture". It should be noted that the version of the record which is being released by the Lotus Sound varies from the version which Pillars and Tongues has been selling at performances over the past year, although the two releases share a title and have several tracks in common. This exclusive version of "Sacred Architecture" is part of the Lotus Sounds’ handmade series, limited to 100 copies." - www.myspace.com/pillarsandtongues
7/11/2008 Pillars of Heaven Breeding Moths cassette $5.99 905 Tapes "Light bending, guitar gush from philadelphia peasant magician salvatore giorgi. side a, "the old ways", plays like newton's law of reciprocal actions laid onto magnetic tape. like levitating above overgrown fields until the skies fill with ash and everything is laid baron. side b, "gallows weed", is a (impressively recorded) live track from a house show in 2007. this should prove for once and all that even socially awkward, home-schooled hermits can emit feeling."
11/21/2009 Pimmon Steered In Smash Ascent c46 cassette $7.99 Stunned "It is our great honor to work with a musician whose reputation stretches out far before him — Australia’s Paul Gough and his dazzling work as Pimmon, a name now over ten years in operation. It’s also a name that has been trusted to consistently trace an arc far outside of any conventional tastes & trends as they vacillate (and evaporate) over the years. Since early releases on seminal labels like Staalplaat, Freedom From, Tigerbeat6 and FatCat, Pimmon’s priority has been not only to push buttons, but to push precisely the right ones that activate zones of minimal & maximal electronic ecstasy. From cosmic backstrokes of bass tone to the atomic intensity of the high register, each level exemplifies a foundational gesture from the start. ‘Steered In Smash Ascent’ carries through this crackling range of delirium with the bold intent of an artist who is steering ship far beyond the imagination’s current capacity. Our hope is that Pimmon sails on like this yet another decade, returning with aural booty us landlubbers can only dream about. Hand-numbered limited edition of 111 pro-dubbed & imprinted c46 tapes with double-sided color jcard."
11/30/2011 Pimmon / Yclept Dinmakers Live @ Sound No Sound 2005 / Frootz Masheen (Parched Again) cassette $5.99 Spanish Magic "Side A of this here tape is a perfect example of Pimmon at his best in a live format. Including unreleased gems melded with a couple of old favourites from his Tigerbeat6 days. The madman set this one up perfect for strange coupling with Pure Evil Trio at the Lansdowne Hotel on a Sunday afternoon. A weird one, but he made it work! And on the FLIP (Side B) you step back to 1983 when some were boys no older than 18. That includes Mr Saxton and Masters. Founded in New South Wales, the early 1980s in the climate of Australian post-punk and industrial (influenced particularly by Severed Heads); they released a few tapes on their Stripling Bog label, such as 'Vanished Thumbs' (1981), 'Klinger the Blowies' (1981), 'Eeleemon Machine' (1982) and 'Yclept Truth' (1982?). After a period of almost thirty years of inactivity, this split with Pimmon is finally ready to hit the ears of the public! Using what they called 'the Loopola', live loops feeding back on themselves and slowly decaying. Turntable and Cassette of even younger gentleman of 8; totally mind-bending!"
10/8/2010 Pine Smoke Lodge Deep Magic c64 cassette $6.99 Sacred Phrases "Pine Smoke Lodge takes the listener deep in the woodlands, where moon light peaks, abated, through the old-growth trees while glistening sounds of bells, chimes and percussion lead the way. the whispers help keep the listener on the path, where he quickly slips into reverie. Deep Magic keeps the ears at ease with subtle, layered hums and sounds of nature. A constant underlying whir, comes in and out of focus, providing continuity while more layers build up. ltd. 65, art by adam."
5/6/2011 Pine Smoke Lodge Season Above Lakes c33 cassette $5.99 //cae-sur-a// "With the sonorous bray of the hunting horn Pine Smoke Lodge transport their audience back in time to ancient primeval forests and mist-enshrouded landscapes. Season above Lakes is an earthy pagan byway where semi-identifiable sounds shimmer around the periphery creating a sense of unease and wonder. Recorded live at Sugar City in Buffalo New York, 30th of May 2010. Hand numbered edition of 100."
10/8/2010 Pine Smoke Lodge The Final Clear Water Nightsky c47 cassette $4.99 905 Tapes "Recorded at the same time as the duo's (currently forthcoming) lp, pine smoke lodge deliver two ambient/ambien goose eggs of atmospheric and foggy drone-beauty. a blend of distant chants, soft bells, and vaporous tremors of sound transport your being straight into a thick mist. seriously, it's like field recordings from the amazon."
6/27/2009 Pink Buffalo Meridian c45 cassette $5.99 Scumbag Relations "Two sides of relaxing haze." "It is an explainable "unexplainable". Inflatable knowledge from a world that was presumed far beyond our 3-D structure. A page of mystery...." - Cetacean Nation Communications. Assorted full color covers featuring a water color collab by both members of Pink Buffalo."
4/6/2015 Pink Floyd Eclipsed I: In Celebration of the Comet Kahoutek LP $19.99 Coercive Recorded live for radio broadcast in Feb. 1972 at the Rainbow Theatre in London, this has versions of "Breathe," "On the Run," "Time," "Money," "Us and Them," "Any Color You Like," "Brain Damage," and "Eclipse." Beautiful full color psychedelic artwork! Now returning after a 7 year absence. Euro import.
4/6/2015 Pink Floyd Eclipsed II: Floyd's of London LP $19.99 Coercive Recorded live for BBC radio broadcast in 1971, this has very unusual, extended versions of "Fat Old Sun," "One of These Days," and "Echoes." Beautiful full color psychedelic artwork! Now returning after a 5 year absence. Euro import.
4/6/2015 Pink Floyd Let There Be More Light LP $19.99
"From various BBC Radio sessions for the Top Gear show in 1968 and 1969, this collects excellent versions of "Careful with That Axe, Eugene" (here in transition from the earlier "Murderotic Woman"), "A Saucerful of Secrets" (another one in transition, this from the earlier "The Massed Gadgets of Hercules"), "Let There Be More Light," "Julia Dream," "Point Me to the Sky," "The Embryo," "Baby Blue Shuffle in D-Major" (an early acoustic version of "The Narrow Way"), "Grantchester Meadows," "Cymbaline," "Green is the Colour," and "The Narrow Way." All with fine sound quality and production, this comes in a great looking full color glossy sleeve. German import."
4/13/2011 Pink Luminous Invocation Pink Luminous Invocation LP $32.99 Sagittarius A-Star Tanja V. Jessen- absence
Marie A. Jensen- vocals, synth, music box
Marc Kellaway- bells, vocals, violin, toy keyboard, guitar, tin flute, music box
Magnus O. Majmon- bells, vocals, kalimba, zurna, clarinet
rec. 19/3 2006 live @ Litteraturhause, Copenhagen, Denmark
cover artwork Marie
180gr. black vinyl, with insert; ltd ed 200 copies only
"previously released as a CD-R on Foxglove label in 100 copies only: pink luminous invocation is a new quartet hailing from the nordic confines of denmark. this, their debut release, sees two guys and and one girl battling it out in a thicket of organic drones and ethereal harmonies. with hints of the irish deserted village collected, pink luminous invocation's sound is shrouded in mist. using everything from bells and toy keyboards to clarinets and zurnas, it floats around the edges of the forests, unsure of whether or not its safe to enter the magick wood. it is improvisation on a massive scale. while bowed strings lift their arms skyward, the woodwinds flicker underneath a blanket of stars, and we all listen to these three voices sing us toward the dawn" foxglove
"a deep, fascinating and mysterious journey into..." ep
5/31/2008 Pink Luminous Invocation The Pink Sea cassette $10.99 Sloow Tapes "Riding high on the lazy waves of pink twilight, this journey sets off with an illuminated chorus of exotic northern sounds before inhaling a nasty smoke of dark feedback. 100 copies."
4/3/2010 Pink Priest Honeysuckle LP $19.99 La Station Radar "We are particularly amazed by Pink Priest, who slip effortlessly between deconstructed drone, and industrial pounding and tearing. Some of the former in 'Those Paws', which could have soundtracked Valerie's first menstruation and subsequent hallucinations, if she had been born in the post-apocalyptic landscapes that Cormac McCarthy described in The Road." - 20 jazz funk greats
1/22/2011 Pink Priest / Horders split c20 cassette $6.99 Prairie Fire "About a week after we released the Gremlynz/Ajilvsga split tape (PF 020), the Pink Priest (William Cody Watson) contacted us with plans for another release. This time he brought with him Horders, the musical project of Houston visual artist Give Up. Pink Priest offers up a rapturous side of dark creeping menacing psychedelic drones while Horders takes on a loner folk via black metal trip. It all makes up for an awesomely dark ambient release that won't disappoint." Edition of 100 copies.
8/31/2008 Pink Reason Winona 7" $4.99 Woodsist "During a show with hardcore punks Hatefuck, DeBroux and company traveled to Winona, Minnesota. After a five-hour drive to the town, wasted locals, angry punks and gnarled three-legged dogs greeted them by leading them into a commandeered park. Inside the park, DeBroux found "the ultimate punk rock experience" with townies huffing rubber glue and mohawk-brandishing kids starting fights with crusties. The show ended and the locals gave the band three dollars for their troubles. A few kids asked DeBroux and company to chip in the three dollars on a keg. Soon, the crowd dispersed and left the band with no money or place to stay. The band wound up sleeping on an island between Minnesota and Wisconsin and breaking up soon thereafter. He wrote the first Pink Reason song, "Winona," about this experience." - Steve Kobak from Blastitude #25. Edition of 500 copies on red vinyl.

Pins, The All The Night Sky CD $9.99 Stick It To The Man Records Latest release - nice psychedelic pop

Pins, The Five Song EP CD $8.99 Stick It To The Man Records “At long last, a new release by the Pins! The five songs on this new ep were recorded by the band in their warehouse sudio space during 2001, and feature new member Nate Cutlan on drums. The tracks range from the freakbeat pop of ‘Near’ to the grooving and sunny psychedelia of ‘Hope (the bastard)’ to the delicate instrumental ‘Morning’, the Eno-esque ‘Coming Undone’ and the epic closing track ‘Hear Me’. With its extended krautrock ending. This ep is a limited edition of 100 copies and features a hand silk-screened cover by keyboardist Steve Shaskan.”

Pins, The Radar CD $8.99 Stick It To The Man Records From 1997 - psychedelic pop that drones a bit
12/22/2014 Pip Proud Adreneline & Richard LP $22.99 Superior Viaduct In the late '60s, Pip Proud recorded two of the oddest records ever to come out of Australia-Adreneline & Richard and A Bird in the Engine-before vanishing into obscurity for the better part of three decades. Often called the "Australian Syd Barrett," Proud actually released his second album in 1969, a year prior to The Madcap Laughs, and developed his indigenous psychedelia in virtual isolation. To quote Byron Coley, who like a handful of underground luminaries discovered Proud in the '80s via collector mail-order lists, Adreneline & Richard features "weirdly strummed barre-chord guitar, monotone vocals that occasionally [try] to pass way beyond their known range, oddball lyrics that [combine] nursery rhymes with druggy imagery. It [is] a hell of a cool record." While other compilations of Proud's music have been released in recent years, this is the first time that Adreneline & Richard has been reissued in its original format (including inner sleeve with lyrics). Recommended for fans of outsider and lo-fi pop from the US, UK, New Zealand and beyond.
12/2/2008 Pipeline Alpha Darking Lights of Mazil cassette $5.99 DNT "Dark chills from Germany's Marcel Seeck aka Pipeline Alpha. Who has been under the radar for a few years now, with past releases on the Ruralfaune label and his own label Amid the Waves and here is his American debut. A forgotten dream of an archaic astral bardo. Boggy whisperings like an unfurled book of spells embeds you. Edition of 55 pro-dubbed cassettes with spraypainted/stenciled cases."
8/28/2004 Pirate Tom Gribbins, The The Pirate Tom Gribbins 3" CDR $6.99 Deserted Village “The latest Deserted Village release is the debut CDR from The Pirate Tom Gribbins. Its a 3" CDR of abstract (i.e. no beats, not much melody) electronic instrumentals about school and almost forgotten summer holidays. Every copy comes with a different picture.”
3/2/2005 Piss Superstition, The / Culver There Is Space in the Clinch 3" CDR $7.99 Firstperson "The Piss Superstition is none other than Julian Bradley, more commonly known for his solo work as "A Companion as Glamourous as Sleeping on Wheels, duo recordings with Neil Campbell & group compositions with The Negative Kite & more recently The Vibracathedral Orchestra. The piece offered here - There Is Space in the Clinch - is a study of differing pitches, seemingly appearing & disappearing at will, all cloaked in a warm analogue blanket. the careful listener will be aware of the appearance of some wonderful melancholic phrases, revealing a humanistic & fragile undercurrent. Culver is the prolific recording project of Lee Stokoe, horror movie aficionado & head honcho of the long-running (over 100 releases & counting) tape/cd label Matching Head. 'Glass Doll' contains the characteristics to be found in the best Culver material - an attention to microscopic internal deviations within a single pitch, a relentless devotion to "sound" as object & the ability to leave an indelible & unique fingerprint on all his work." 3" cdr housed in hand-made clear acetate covers with information printed on one side and an image on the other.
1/24/2009 Pistil Cosmos, The The Praying Eyes CDR $8.99 267 Lattajjaa "Two long psychedelic drone rituals from this talented french artist who also records as "V". "Long tracks. The Red Hand Ritual, is about hands and rituals, and screams, and broken violin. If you watch very carefully in the deepest dark side of your hand, you will be able to distinguish what the Red Hand Ritual is supposed to be. The Silver Moon Ritual is about Sea Lions. And a guitar. And maybe a piano keyboard. Those tracks were recorded before the snow and when the 12th moon was on the east of the hill."

Pit Viper Wheku/Weku 8" $12.99 Crawlspace "Two live tracks one from a performance at the "Fiat Lux " gallery & the other is their legendary support of Sonic Youth at the Auckland Town Hall in September 1998 (its has been brutally remixed just to make your ears bleed).Members are from Thela, Celine, Empercial, Paramentier, Garbage and the Flowers etc. Features awesome 2 sided cover artwork beautifully reproduced from their "fourth member" Daniel Malone."
1/1/2014 Pitre, Duane Feel Free: Live at Cafe OTO LP $22.99 Important "Beautiful ensemble performance of Duane Pitre's Feel Free, including James Blackshaw on hammered dulcimer. LP pressed in an audiophile grade edition of 1000 copies. Shortly after the release of Pitre's Feel Free, the composer set out for a 2012 solo tour in select European cities. To start off this tour he staged an ensemble performance of Feel Free, at London's renowned Cafe OTO. For his ensemble, Pitre chose to utilize only one veteran of a Feel Free performance (Jesse Sparhawk) and for the remainder of the group he used English musicians who'd not played the composition prior. The resulting performance sees Feel Free taking new shapes and producing different energies than the studio recording."
12/25/2005 Plagne, Francis Idle Bones CD $14.99 Synaesthesia "These 16 bedroom recordings by 17-year-old local wunderkind Francis Plagne constitute an amazing debut. Plagne has the sensibility of a middle-aged musicologist and the free-form enthusiasm of a teenage music nerd. Recalling such 1960s odd bods as Syd Barrett, Ray Davies and Roky Erickson, he has assembled a strange, dreamlike mixture of gorgeous pop fragments interspersed with found sounds and clunky mechanical interludes. Lush, playful singalongs are interrupted by mad Toy Story episodes in which Plagne makes a racket with various clattering play things and bicycle bells, then lets the chaos subside as another miniature pop masterpiece takes shape. The album is divided into a three-part narrative with mythic song chapters such as Idle Bones and Sinking Ships and The Ballad of the Boars. Reaching deep into a grab bag of field recordings, lush experimental vistas and untrammelled imagination, Plagne has reassembled them to create something that is considerably more than the sum of its parts. Idle Bones is a marvellous flight of fancy." - Sophie Best, theage.com.au
6/11/2006 Plains Into Tone CD $7.99 Scarcelight "NZ group quietly paint a beautiful, yet desolate landscape. As lonely as a night in the desert, as peaceful as falling through space........you decide. Recorded live 8/12/04 at Version Festival, Kenneth Myers Centre, University of Auckland, New Zealand. Plains is: Tim Coster: field recordings Richard Francis: computer Rosy Parlane: guitar, computer Mark Sadgrove: feedback, linuxCsound Clinton Watkins: guitar Paul Winstanley: electric bass, digital feedback + housed in a letterpressed sleeve by Star Shaped Press"
3/21/2007 Plains Underground 3" CDR $8.99 Claudia Plains live at the Underground Bar, Auckland, New Zealand, 5th June 2006. Recorded opening a show for Birchville Cat Motel and Sam Hamilton. This was Plains last performance before Mark moved to Tokyo, and it turns out quite a bit more energetic than the first album "Into Tone" on Scarcelight. Here the improvised soundscapes are a bit more fragmented, with melodic rumbles through the background, and a surface bubbling of psychedelic noise. Plains is: Tim Coster (Field recordings, Computer), Richard Francis (Computer), Rosy Parlane (Computer), Mark Sadgrove (Feedback, Linux Csound), Clinton Watkins (Samples), and Paul Winstanley (Feedback). First edition of 150 with thick cardboard sleeve.
7/16/2009 Plankton Wat Dawn of the Golden Eternity LP $12.99 DNT "Debut solo LP by Dewey Mahood of Portland psych-jammers Eternal Tapestry. Ten songs recorded at the Owl House basement last winter on cassette 4-track. The LP encompasses a vast array of sounds and moods, from blissed-out drone punk rippers to super chill deep space folk. Total late night stoney textures, and radiant sun anthems. Acoustic and electric guitar, drums, banjo, mbira, and some singing, all mega tripped with syrupy analogy delay. Really beautiful heavy zoners. Hand drawn covers and insert by Dewmah. Edition of 500 on marbled red vinyl."
6/24/2012 Plankton Wat Spirits LP + download $15.99 Thrill Jockey "Plankton Wat is the solo guise of Dewey Mahood, known for his work in Eternal Tapestry, Gärden Söund (w/Barn Owl), Edibles, Blood- biker, and Jackie-O Motherfucker. Spirits is Plankton Wat's debut multi-format release, following an LP release on DNT and many sold out cassettes and CDrs on imprints such as Sloow Tapes, Digitalis, Blackest Rainbow, Sweat Lodge Guru and Stunned. Plankton Wat brings together Mahood's many influences - kosmische drones, spiri- tual improvisation, burnt out psych, and sun baked folk. Raised in rural Northern California, and calling Portland, OR home since the early 90s, Mahood has spent his life dedicated to the outsider fringe of experimental music. Early bands like Ungutta, and Kino-Eye explored DIY punk and free improv, while Elephant Factory (with Larry Crane of Tape-Op magazine fame) took on avant guitar rock in the tradition of Mission of Burma. Mahood's music has gradually moved into the dark realm of psychedelia first traced in early 2000's bands The Cosmos Group, and Scuffle & Dustcough, both of which borrowed from late 60's San Francisco acid rock. Upon meeting Nick Bindeman and forming Eternal Tapestry in 2005 there has been no looking back. In recent years Mahood has also worked with Barn Owl in the project Gärden Söund, drenched his music in dub with Edibles, blasted hardcore punk with Bloodbiker, and laid down the bass groove with Jackie-O Motherfucker. Spirits, the Plankton Wat debut for Thrill Jockey, takes these diverse experiences and creates a record of soaring exploration and raw beauty. The album is intended as a meditation on the Pacific Northwest environment - the dramatic landscape of the Cascades, high desert, rugged coastline, and ever changing sky. Recorded throughout 2011 on 4-track cassette in Mahood's basement, Spirits traces a year of changing seasons, feelings, and emotions. Inspired by the "universal music" of Don Cherry and Alice Coltrane, the album uses a variety of instruments including electric and acoustic guitar, bass, hand drums (played by Dusty Dybvig (Edibles, Horse Feathers) on the title track), synthesizer, harmonium, banjo, cymbals, drum machine, and voice in a layered approach reminiscent of Sandy Bull and Brian Eno. Both a celebration of the magical possibilities of life, and a contemplative look into the darkness, Spirits creates a warm blanket of sound perfect for watching the sunset from a high coastal sand dune. Exotic and esoteric as the ancient city of Angkor Wat which Plankton Wat takes its name, this is future primitive music for mental escapism. LP version includes free download coupon
6/30/2010 Plante Temples On High c40 cassette $5.99 Sweat Lodge Guru "Andrew Plante lays down a thick set of amplified guitar drones with support from Breathing Flowers' McKinley Jones on synth. A 40 minute slow-motion drift that ends in a field of white light - it's amazing what you can find in Kansas City these days. Limited to 100 pro-dubbed cassettes."
4/24/2006 Plants 12/15/93 CDR $8.99 Killertree Records "Not much to remember about 1993 – other than discovering Dead C and several seasons of meeting up with Jeff Dunn and John Olson at 1610 Kalamazoo St in Lansing MI – in the rocket room (upstairs, middle room) and the attempt to fill every floating atom with solid sound. We firstly prepared with weed – from the pipe to the 2 liter gravity bong to the milk jug gravity bong then graduating to the road cone gravity bong. Jeff would play guitar, Olson would play drums, sax, or perhaps guitar, Ramirez usually played guitar but on this session, keyboards and tapes. It would always be a solid blowout, no escape from the sound with everything always colliding and creating languages, stories or whatever. It was pointless to play live (we did once – in a pitch black basement days after Cobain tapped out, with only one person in attendance who was tripping hard). It was a good self-indulgence figuring that no one would get it or give a shit so Plants was a Gents Club for weirdos and destructos. This particular splot happened on 12/15/93 at around 6am in the morning (I had a morning flight to catch). The session creeped out of the shingles and into the ears of passerby schoolchildren who looked at the house as if it were levitating. This session was messed up and bent as usual, full on vintage scree manipulation of our instruments the only unordinary thing was that it was in daylight. No songs, just attempting fill every corner and crack with sonic abuse and then when the session ends – we just stare at each other with creeper grins like we just built an orb and sent it out in to space in hopes of other life forces intercepting it instead of whatever NASA sends into space to reach out to other worlds. Our orb holds truer – reflecting chaos in our world. Plants reflects some messed up shit, but it’s good shit. Note* This is not the same two-piece current band "Plants" from Portland, OR" - Bryan Ramirez
11/25/2007 Plants Dunn / Olson / Ramirez - 12/15/93 LP $15.99 Killertree "1993 - we got our cherries busted with youth noise and desperate freedom. It was a call for musical separation from everything that plugged in and we fuckin’ got it. We (Jeff Dunn, John Olson & Bryan Ramirez) met many evenings per week for over a year solid, most likely cranked around 200 sessions all recorded on 90 minute tapes - roughly 9000 minutes - all ground into dust, gone. Shit was molded in the walls of 1610 Kzoo St. Lansing, MI, or ransacked by noise bums, or recorded over. But, there was one that got away from the doomhole - a second generation cassette. The recording was at 6am before Ramirez was to catch a flight to Florida - road cone gravity bongs sent this fucker into sleepy-eyed wee-mugs that filed along towards school - periodically glancing at the house to hear this horrendous alien arguement thundering from sax / drums / guitar / keys all aligned in the rocket room. The recording is shattering. Minced analog skreedom recklessly curing informal ills and breaking windows from pure soundwave pressure. Free sound from the early years all innocent-like. Pure and demented is pure demented freedom. Screened covers - killer liners/history lesson by John Olson - limited run." Recommended!
5/14/2007 Plants Photosynthesis CD $12.99 Strange Attractors Audio House "Reaching deep within, Plants unfurl Photosynthesis, a haunting foray into gently rippling netherworlds. Aptly named, Photosynthesis illustrates the subtle skill in which Plants extract and blend a variety of sounds to concoct a heady elixir of minimalist psychedelia. A rotating cast of support for the husband and wife core offers a diverse array of instrumentation, including acoustic/electric guitars, cello, singing saw, organ, electric tones, and a guest appearance from Jason Buehler of the band Nice Nice on banjo and 'piano box.' Gently swirled together, Plants invoke images of a quiet solstice ritual involving early Popol Vuh, the fusion-folk of C.O.B., and a flower-powered, V.U.-era John Cale. Haunting and ethereal, Photosynthesis is a fresh new perspective from the West Coast folk-psych scene."
11/1/2014 Plastic Cloud Plastic Cloud LP $19.99 Lion Productions "Plastic Cloud recorded, quite simply, one of the greatest underground psychedelic albums ever made: a swirl of gossamer vocals and Tolkien references, swathed in the some of the most relentless fuzz guitar you will ever hear. There is no point singling out a specific track, they are all excellent-one is equally as good as the next. Take for example the album centerpiece, the ten-and-a-half-minute 'You Don't Care,' an insane piece of social commentary that features terrific back-of-the-mix fuzz guitar as an elusive focal point to its extended pounding-drum laden instrumental breaks; a ten-minute swath of lysergic fuzz guitar that closes out the first side, it doesn't overstay its welcome, winding its way to a final freak out. A record with few equals, full of foreboding melodies and lovely hippie harmonies, as well as some of the trippiest fuzz guitar ever recorded. Essential psychedelia! "What remains so remarkable about the band's album is that... the performances retain an energy, but also a naivety, that somehow evokes both the Jefferson Airplane and the Velvet Underground - often within the same song." -Shindig! Magazine One of the top underground psychedelic albums ever released. Allied Records first pressings (1968) sell for nearly $1,000. LP pressed in a 180 gram edition of 500 copies. Comes with lyric insert and replica vintage press release."
8/31/2010 Plastic Crime Wave, Sir Into The Depths c48 cassette $7.99 Sloow Tapes "Solo recordings by Steve Krakow aka Sir Plastic Crime Wave. Loose smoke rings of heavy psychedelic guitar streams under rabbit's moon on route to the mellow side of nowhere descending into whispering raagini drone and banjo dream-mirror. 80 copies"
6/7/2005 Plastic Crimewave Black Rust Loops CDR $7.99 Galactic Zoo Disk "Dark analog meditations from the solo Crimewave vaults-1995-2005...calls to higher consciousness from handheld cassette to your boxed ears. occult drippings and kraut dirges smeared in red and gold fuzz and zoned through armies of effects pedals. Burn something for this one."
2/11/2006 Plastic Crimewave Burning Phoenix Rise! CDR $7.99 Galactic Zoo Disk "A well recorded show at the Trunk Space in Phoenix, AZ, featuring PCW taking on some PCWSound rockers solo, as well as some folkier pieces stretched into freaked out loops and drones. Pure experimentation, krautdirges and some rural ragas all thrown in for good measure...limited in a snazzy sleeve designed by PCW."
2/11/2006 Plastic Crimewave Collapserations II CDR $7.99 Galactic Zoo Disk "Lo-fi blasts of sound and crackly blisses, with collaborators like members of Comets on Fire, Michael Yonkers, Oneida, Fursaxa and Bunnybrains. Blazing guitar jamz, rippling electronics, and Silver Apples covered into warping oblivion...not for the faint of heart or anal audiophiles. also limited in a PCW designed sleeve."
4/16/2003 Plastic Crimewave Crescent Forms A Horned Mountain CDR $6.99
"Experimental guitar workouts not for the faint of heart! EP of two long tracks. Think Keiji Haino, Dead C, Masonna…"
12/12/2009 Plastic Crimewave Fire In The Whole CDR $11.99 Apollolaan "If you have been following carefully then you will already know the name Plastic Crimewave (aka Steve Krakow). Plastic Crimewave Expanse was the very first release on apollolaan recordings, and Steve has since appeared on apollolaan as part of DRMWPN and Folk and Violence. This latest 13 track album is Plastic Crimewave in solo song mode, and this is pure Plastic Crimewave at its very best. The album is called Fire In The Whole and comes in an edition of 100 copies on cdr. Each and every cover is individually hand painted and unique. Each copy is hand numbered and the package is completed with an insert with the cover art from the original tape from PCW's private collection. "Recorded on a 4 track in thee bedroom (of course) of one Plastic Crimewave over a decade ago, these tracks were intended as a demo for a PCW solo album that only ever sort-of materialized. The cuts here ended up having a charm and distinct sound of their own, as PCW played all instruments and tweaked all knobs and sounds. Backwards guitars, broke-ass sitar, and even a crude human beatbox all were employed to convey these songs, which were largely transcribed from dreams or written on the creaking steel streets of Chicago, Illinois. Inspired by all from Syd, Eno, Ayers, Simon Finn, Alastair Galbraith, Daniel Johnston and the gooiest of shoegazes, this document captures a certain dystopian bliss not present in the later sanistized studio versions of these tracks with a full band--which would in fact lead to Plastic Crimewave Sound being formed. Some of these songs were not even attempted again, so what materialized was in fact a nice lil album of lo-fi snapshots of the moods of 1999..." - Steve Krakow. Steve is probably best known for the band Plastic Crimewave Sound, the Chicago spacepunk unit in operation since 2001, which has been lauded in Mojo, Wire, Julian Cope's Head Heritage, etc. PCWS delivers blasts of motor-city acid-rock, Japanese-style psychedelic scree, yet touching on cosmic krautrock and eastern folk-blues at times. Plastic Crimewave also does the Galactic Zoo Dossier mag, Secret History of Chicago Music newspaper strip and radio show, Million Tongues Festivals, and plays with DRMWPN and Moonrises.....and did we mention he is also known in some circles as Pythagoras, after being inducted into the Source family. "Hand-numbered edition of 100 copies CD-R that bundles a bunch of demos cut solo by Steve Krakow aka Plastic Crimewave of Plastic Crimewave Sound. The sound is primitive straight-to-tape nada fidelity psych, with Krakow's vocals barely decipherable outside of tonal mumps and uh-huh yeahs. The backing ranges from fuzz guitar through pirouetting acoustic and doomy synth. The feel is a mile away from the lurid comic book psych appeal of his big band records and closer to a damaged real people/loner psych broadcast from out of nowhere. Hand-painted sleeves, every one unique." - David Keenan, Volcanic Tongue.

Plastic Crimewave Gradually Darkens CDR $6.99
“Lo-fi drugged meditations ala Skip Spence, Alastair Galbraith, Syd Barrett, etc. From quiet to loud. Full length + single tracks."
3/26/2006 Plastic Crimewave The Howling Light / I'll Be Back in Your Days Again 7" $4.99 Loud Device Killer new slab of vinyl from Steve Krakow! Features Crimewave on acoustic guitar, sitar, vocals, and of course the stellar art work on the picture sleeve. Recommended!
12/29/2001 Plastic Crimewave & The Fake Live At The Hideout CDR $6.99
“Blown-out post-punk / psych rock live n’ raw from 1st band lineup. Tour cd from Acid Mothers Temple 2002 tour. 40 minutes of soaring!”
4/16/2003 Plastic Crimewave & The Fake Rising Anger EP CDR $6.99
"One 30+ minute track of satanic psychedelia performed live to Kenneth Anger’s ‘Lucifer Rising’. Blown out Syd-Floyd attacked by Rudolph Grey & ‘White Light / White Heat’ scuzz…"
12/13/2008 Plastic Crimewave Sound Dark Debris double CDR $13.99 Galactic Zoo Disk "A disc of live recordings / demos of unreleased songs, and a disc of studio stuff -- compilation appearances and other rarities (some unreleased)." 25 tracks. Nice!
2/12/2008 Plastic Crimewave Sound No Wonderland CD $13.99 Prophase "The more I dig into this newest Plastic Crimewave Sound double LP, Steve Krakow's second proper album in this guise, the more I hesitate to describe it using that popular appellation with the silent P. Oh yeah, it can be pretty loud, much of the music submerged in shockwaves of feedback and delay, but how organized and lucid it all is. Levels of timbral, even orchestral, detail emerge in ways only glimpsed in earlier releases. The brutally chilling "Into the Future" deposits layers of the most transparent guitar mud, twangy and fuzzed out, over some sort of punchy post-punk bass groove, soaked with the clear-and-present danger of distantly shrill synth jittering. Vocoded mantras, most contoured to end on the same droning pitch, add to the tune's cliché but effective gestalt of mechanized fear. It works similarly to Gary Numan's "Down in the Park" until the end, where a brilliantly obscure flash of vaguely Latin percussion infringes, ala Santana's "Soul Sacrifice." (Or was it really always there?) It's a strangely iconic historical vision; PCS doesn't go for pure studio experimentation in a pop frame; you won't find anything here like Tomorrow's "My White Bicycle," with its tape flips and ahead-of-their-time manufactured beats. The drums are usually wet but hot, almost early 1980s in presentation. There's plenty of scree on tracks like "Far In/Out," but the album is equally full of beautiful Eastern waftiness - acoustic guitars, miasmic stretches of tabla and sitar, even orchestral strings! It's as if Krakow has constructed a loosely defined musical in honor of the '60s and what followed, each side of the album prefaced by some spoken poetry courtesy of high-powered guests like Tara Burke and Devendra Banhart. The effect is enhanced by bits of musique concrete, like the hugely disproportionate and industrial door-slamming and footsteps, manipulated almost out of recognition, that usher in the first instrumental track. The whole thing is really fantastic, best absorbed in one sitting, as PCS fosters his uniquely inclusive take on rock's recent history." - Marc Medwin, Dusted Magazine - review of vinyl issue. This is a newly issued cd version.
12/25/2005 Plastic Crimewave Sound No Wonderland double LP $17.99 Eclipse Recorded under harsh conditions with a dark-cloud backdrop of freezing tempatures, car wrecks, personal strife, illness and even bulletcrossfire, at last this 2LP paranoid song cycle from Plastic Crimewave Sound is upon us. A space-punk epic of formation and devastation, it travels from the devotional light of 'the beginning' to the virus of technology and even darker future urban hells. This is PCWS's second long-awaited LP, a limited edition dbl lp housed in a beautiful, sturdy gatefold sleeve, and it features the last recordings by the line-up with Andrew Ortmann (Panicsville) and Cat Chow, (just wait til you hear the new line-up..) with the core of Plastic Crimewave (Galactic Zoo dossier, Million Tongues, many japanese collaborations, etc), Mark Lux (Temple of Bon Matin) and Lawrence "Skog Device" Peters (of countless No wave and country ensembles). All but the cosmic kitchen sink were thrown into this one; harp, bells, sitar, washboard, shrieking harpies, oodles of fuzz, an entire string section, doomed spoken passages, and cameo appearances by Michael Yonkers, Devendra Banhart, Josephine Foster, Fur Saxa, Spires that in the Sunset Rise, Chris Connelly, and more. Sure, PCWS can't hide influences like Pink Fairies, Can, German Oak, the Monks, Silver Apples, Simply Saucer, Hawkwind, Loop, Factory records, Trad Gras Och Stenar and even a splash of blissed folk strains, but who'd want to? Features art (and handy colorful gatefold) by PCW.
3/17/2014 Plastic Crimewave Sound Oblivion Programme cassette $7.99 Galactic Zoo Disk "I've always taken a liking to this kind of slow druggy psych rock. Plastic Crimewave Sound sits somewhere in between the darkness and the light, though if you stare too long into either, you'll get sucked down, so it's all the same really. Up is down man! The Oblivion Programme itself is rumored to be the last release from the group, and it features contributions from the legendary Michael Yonkers, but there is no telling what's what when you're dealing with infinity." - Nick Williams
2/21/2009 Plastic Crimewave Sound Painted Shadows CD $12.99 A Silent Place "The latest Plastic Crimewave Sound album 'Painted Shadows' (the title inspired by a practice used in german expressionist films) has a more cosmically devotional vibe than past LPs, touching on eastern folk-blues and elongated kraut-like soundscapes, with new elements of banjo, violin and female voice added to the stew. However, there is still some trademark PCWS rocking, as they still deliver blasts of motor city-type acid-punk, japanese-style skree, and waves of tension and release. This is the last PCWS album to feature ace leadsman Nick D'vyne, with the always-solid backbone of PCW(guitars, chants/howls) Mark Lux (bass, electronix) and Lawrence 'Skog Device' Peters (drums). Features rarely seen fully painted artwork by Plastic Crimewave."
12/13/2008 Plastic Crimewave Sound Plastic Crimewave Sound CD $12.99 Prophase "New release on CD from the masters of American psych punk. This one finds Chicago's Plastic Crimewave Sound taking a more song oriented take on psychedelia after their double album adventure, No Wonderland. Mind burning guitars mix with throbbing bass and a propulsive drummer. A very 21st century mix of psych, krautrock, acid folk and prog rock that pushes all of those genres forward in technicolor." Originally issued on vinyl by Eclipse Records.
8/2/2008 Plastic Crimewave Sound Plastic Crimewave Sound LP $15.99 Eclipse At last, a new LP from Chicago's spacepunk purveyors--! Following 06's sprawling double concept LP, 'No Wonderland," this is perhaps their most consistent and paint peeling statement yet. These tracks were captured with little studio trickery, in a live-type fashion--a set of bellowing free-fest scuzzrock, biker boogie, kraut-style dirges, cosmic communal jams, and fist pumping no-anthems. This is easily the most seriously rocking Plastic Crimewave Sound line-up yet, with hot new leads courtesy of Nick D'vyne, and the solid backbone of PCW (guitarscrawl, yelps) Mark Lux (bass rumblage, electronix) and Lawrence (Skog Device) Peters-(drum). Folks have actually been clamoring for this line-up to lay it down to wax (especially the aforementioned anthemic cut "Shockwave Rider") for some time, so get ready to explode into space. Limited edition - one time pressing.
11/21/2009 Plastic Crimewave Sound Shockwave Rider 7" $5.99 Horizontal Action "For years, this Chicago scuzz-punk psychedelic prog machine has been turning heads as the Midwest's answer to Hawkwind, Can and other mind-expanding primordial brain-fryers. At long last, and after years of preparation, HoZac is proud to unleash the quintessential 7-inch single from PLASTIC CRIMEWAVE SOUND as they obliterate the blistering biker-psych formula, blasting the shrapnel deep into the innerspace of your mind. Presented here is their epic "Shockwave Rider," edited down from its 6-plus-minute format for maximum loudness and divinity. Featuring a lead guitar line from VEE DEE's NICK D'VYNE that will turn your hair white and stir up your endorphins before it even hits the first chorus, all while displaying the gnarly heaviness that PCWS have made all their own."
8/20/2004 Plastic Crimewave Sound / Michael Yonkers Hibiscus Blue / Where Flowers Bloom 7" $4.99 Captain Spazz Records “Side A is two overdriven guitar attacks from Yonkers, a legendary survivor whose pre-punk genius has only recently become available in the last couple years. Both of these tracks are exclusive to vinyl and this release features an interview with Yonkers conducted by the Plastic Crimewave Sound. Side B is one massive psychedelic punk tidal wave from PCS. The overamped guitars, pained howls and rippling electronics frantically chug along like Chrome and Hawkwind. This track is completely exclusive as well. This release is also hand-numbered and limited to 500.”
11/1/2014 Plastic Crimewave Syndicate The Golden Cage cassette $5.99
This is a pro-dubbed tape in limited edition release. Vinyl version due out on Prophase in 2015. This one features Bobbie and Jon of Comus, and Kathy of Spires That In The Sunset Rise. You can listen here: http://pcwsyndicate.bandcamp.com/album/the-golden-cage
11/1/2014 Plastic Crimewave Syndicate / Werewheels Live N' Hairy cassette $5.99
This is a split release and Werewheels is another side-project duo including Plastic Crimewave. Edition of only 50 copies.
9/17/2006 Plateau Plateau CDR $8.99 Jyrk "Uncle JYRK aka Rocket aka Robert Horton has been one of the busiest jammers in the freak scene in the last few years.. no small fact especially since the dude just had his 50th birthday! A great, ripe age to drop in on the experimental music world.. Actually.. Robert's been up to tons of trouble for FOREVER.. He's the best.. always stoked and always adventureous.. Since Robert's been more active, he's been going thru his old vaults of recordings and reissuing various things... Plateau is possibly the most important of all his archival releases. Robert had been involved in the whole Subterranean post-punk anarchy mess in this group, The Appliances... This was back when Flipper was just getting going well.. long story short... the appliances broke up, some other things happened and Rocket started working on these compositions with some buddies that were inspired by folks like Lamonte Young and Tony Conrad... So.. these post-punk instrument inventor minimalist freaks got down to some SERIOUS drones in 1985.. this stuff touches on all the classic minimalist recordings and predicts future freak-folkist zone outs.. It's totally mind-blowing that these actions were happening when I was 6.. he's to the UNC! CHEERS! Edition of 150"
8/1/2014 Plomp, Hans & Eddie Woods Poëzie Als Wapen c60 cassette $8.99 Sloow Tapes "In September 1978, Amsterdam hosted a major international literary gathering at three of the city's hippest venues for an entire week, bringing together some 40 shamanic and visionary poets from Europe, North America, and Asia. Known as P78, it was the first of the late Benn Posset's several One World Poetry festivals and numerous other events. Later that year the poets Hans Plomp and Eddie Woods compiled and presented a one-hour program featuring recorded highlights from that momentous happening that was aired on Dutch national radio. It includes on-scene recitations by the likes of Brion Gysin, Patti Smith, Michael Brownstein, Lewis MacAdams, Harry Hoogstraten, Simon Vinkenoog, Ira Cohen, Mignon van Ingen, Magic Mike Taylor, the rock & roller Herman Brood, and many others. Both the program and the festival might best be summed up in Eddie Woods' words: "A world/of imprisoned minds/needs anarchy now." Bilingual edition of 100 copies."
4/24/2006 Plotkin / Wysida 8 Improvs CD $13.99 Archive "70+min recording of 8 wandering improvisations for guitar and drums tracked over the course of two days. Content ranges from ambient soundscapes to almost electric jazz. Probably differs a bit from others releases of this nature as both players have backgrounds in the fine art of heavy music. All packed up in a 2.5 panel full color 120lb sleeve with locking disc hub on the inside comes in 500 in blue and 500 in red cover version one time pressing of you guessed it a1000 copies!!"
5/16/2010 Pocahaunted Make It Real LP $17.99 Not Not Fun "After a six-month hiatus, a complete line-up overhaul, a trip to SXSW, a UK/EURO tour, and a full year-plus of only playing shows and writing songs and amassing totemic objects, finally Pocahaunted return to the recorded realm with their first album since 2008. Time flies when yr having not not fun and all that. Make It Real collects seven of the band's 2009 live staples for a 40-minute-ish collage of basement body music, garage dub damage, outsider funkadelic sprawl, voodoo rhythm workouts, duo femme soul vocal dynamics, dripping gold sweat, and dream fulfillment. Recorded barefoot and shirtless and direct to tape at Green Machine Studio in summer '09 by M. Geddes Gengras and featuring guest bamboo sax by jazzmaster Alex Gray (of Dreamcolour/Deep Magic) and mastered by James Plotkin. Black vinyl LPs in jackets with warped LA post-Parliament utopia artwork by vision wizard Spencer Longo. Edition of 500."
4/16/2007 POG Mitote CDR $8.99 Flipped Out Records "69 hallucinatory, ghostly and otherworldly minutes of solo freak from this burnt hills member, recorded with bongos, floor drum, triola, acoustic guitar, kiddie accordion, broken kiddie electric guitar, cello, piano, electric guitar, kick drum, electric mandolin, wah wah, giant metal tweezers, pocket rocket and little big muff on a variety of boom boxes, tape decks and dictaphones with hand decorated mini lp gatefold jackets and "vinyl" cdrs in an edition of 99 copies."
8/28/2007 Polka Dot Sunflower Bed Orchestra, The / Body Odour split CDR $7.99 Foxglove "Two finnish groups that on the surface are very different, but in the end actually find themselves to be distant cousins connected through the mighty cahier. the polka dot clan's half of this split is a sprawling piece of magic. it's the blood running through your veins, bringing life to everything it touches. mountainous drones and pulsating walls of guitars fill your arteries and pour out through open sores. but in some odd and unexplained way, this track is showered in ultraviolet warmth. body odour, on the other hand, is salt in the wounds. thick rivers of sludge doom and riot-worthy drums. this tepid cocktail is steeped in metal and it's heavy-handedness will stuck all the air out of the room. you're going to wanna die. 100 copies"
2/21/2005 Polly Shang Kuan Band Eye Of Horus CDR $9.99 Chocolate Monk "The second PSKB release, and the first to feature the three piece line-up of the last year. Really full on screamer of crunked up live recordings, non-fidelity satanic ear blister.”
2/23/2004 Polly Shang Kuan Band Polly Shang Kuan Band CDR $9.99 Chocolate Monk "Karen Lollypop's ever changing female outsider puff. Two live pieces here by the first line up from 2001, a 5 piece which featured Japanese writer Akira Kuroda. This release gave Aaron Dilloway flame in his teeth."
3/26/2006 Polly Shang Kuan Band, The For The Blood CDR $9.99 Chocolate Monk "Latest hookum from the outsider aural ugsters. Joyous, hysterical, broken, fucked up primitive, drunken speaker invasion. PSKB laugh in Deaths face and spit into the eye sockets of skulls."
2/11/2006 Polytoxicomane Philharmonie Plays Psycho Erectus LP $24.99 Nasoni "Very remarkable first sign of life by this German underground psychedelic tribe, living and rehearsing in a secret hideout deep in the woods near Frankfurt. Polyphonic spaced-out soundscapes build of mushroom-fed psychedelia and space rock (not so far away from Pink Floyd, Hawkwind, Tangerine Dream or Gong) fused with jazzrock, Zappa-esque fragments and some oriental vibes. Eccentric here, Curious and wayward there, and a whole dump of clever ideas in all - psycho brainfood, indeed." Edition of 500 copies housed in a gatefold sleeve - copies here are on black vinyl.
5/1/2009 Pomerance, Erica You Used To Think CD $10.99 ESP-DISK "Erica Pomerance is a Canadian documentary film maker, poet and singer songwriter. In December, 1968, she assembled a diverse group of musicians to record her debut album, with engineering by Onno Scholtze. The late Trevor Koehler played alto sax. Gail Pollard, now also deceased, played flute. Dion Grody, Lanny Brooks and Craig Justen, of Octopus fame, assisted. Billy Mitchel, the legendary guitar virtuoso, Don Coopersmith, Ron Price on lead guitar, Richie Heissler on rhythm guitar, and Tom Moore on flute, an eclectic mix of classical, improvisational, folk and rock musicians." "You Used To Think is one of those rarities of pure inspiration that rates up there with first platters by the MC5, Stooges, Fugs, Velvet Underground, Silver Apples, Godz, Pearls Before Swine, etc... a classic '68 underground album: a collage of fucked-up eastern ragas, jazz, and atonal folk rock, delivered in a beautiful, raspy, feverish, drug-induced howl, featuring the poetry and singular voice of Erica Pomerance. ESP produced more than its share of outsider visions and here was an album more like a situation, that peeked inside and outside the bullcrap of the music world and the various genres it endlessly pumps out." - DIMMU BORGHILD.
9/6/2002 Pomerance, Erica You Used To Think LP $18.99 Get Back "Recorded at the tail end of 1968, this densely packed album, rooted in blues-laden acid folk, is gradually dominated by a more free-form, jazz-influenced style of vocal innovation which brings the album to its frantic climax. While remaining firmly linked to a lyrical base, Pomerance's primitive wails and shrieks shatter the traditional acid folk mold. Singing in French on 'The Slippery Morning', the versatile vocalist is also responsible for the rhythm guitar and hand drumming heard on the eastern influenced 'We Came Via'. Original artwork. Digitally remastered from the original tapes."
3/14/2014 Ponzi Scheme / Vulcan Steel split 7" lathe $16.99 Heavy Space "Ponzi Scheme is a collection of visual and audio artists based in Whangarei formed by Porter, Squire mid 2008. Ponzi is a non annotated free jazz/noise trio from Taitokerau. Rosie does some guest vocals. Vulcan Steel are Clayton & Beth from The Futurians & Stefan from Pumice, with ISO & Racula (Murderbike) guesting on this live recording. Both bands have a similar aesthetic, just pick up & play, in a droney rock kinda way. Cover image by Ducklingmonster! 7" lathe ltd 20 copies."
7/16/2009 Pool Water Live at Warm & Covering CDR $9.99 American Tapes "The new power trio of Connelly, Ol' Zone One, and Massive Mike Collino. Recorded snug in the shadowed corner of the sacred Cove, three twisting and grossly vacant narratives to the torrid ambient static between your ears! Violin, cardboard percussion, flute, tapes: a smorgasbord of wicked ingredients/instruments to force your day into a magic-fueled vessel!! Captured in high inzane-fidelty with the new portable Inzane Zone Traveling Four Trick (IZTF). Good vibes inside means seriously jam business within the Jason/Freddy adorned walls of the Conn Artist's COMFORT ZONE. We would met up at the cove, bust some "launcher" recs., drink, get loose and head to the studio for SERIOUS concentration into the void. Hours later Collino would bounce and me and the Conner would play chess in total silence until the wee hours. Goodtimes.com. Beyond stokered on this new troupe, more lurking sounds down the pipeline, below the streets, creeping/movin inward!!! The lone Michigan unit with two Mikes in it? No whoops, The Underwear Heads had THREE "zany" Mikes involved, sorry. Color Covers, numbered edition of 60."
5/14/2007 Poor School Voor niets in zijn CDR $13.99 Cut Hands "Brand new improvised trash from Killertree label boss/guitarist Bryan Ramirez (also known as one half of Ex-Cocaine) with his peers Nathan Hoyme on sax and John Niekrasz on drums. Poor School got that mean mug fistfight thing going on. With Hoyme's sax skronking deeply and uncomforting throughout the trio unleash a uncompromising wave of freerock/freejazz/no wave/impro sludge. Last Exit style. Comes in a square dvd box with black and white cover art and glossy insert, all by Jason Rohm. 62 made."
12/31/2003 Pop Work Hard Play Harder CDR $9.99 Absurd "Documentation of the superb live set the amazing duo of Zbigniew Karkowski & Pita did at Athens's Electrograph 02 festival in November 02. Plus a remix of the show by Karkowski & its remix by Pita. Limited edition of 199 copies."
11/1/2014 Popol Vuh Affenstunde LP $33.99 Wah Wah "Issued on Liberty in 1970, the debut LP by Popol Vuh features Florian Fricke's Moog synthesizer experiments at it's most spirited wild. One of the earliest experimental Moog Lps, with Fricke's electronic explorations supported at times by Holger Trülszch's percussion, flying free at others, the result has been labeled as a dark, unmelodic, unprecedented sound and it settled the path for many kraut adventurers to follow. Reissued from the master tapes in quality vinyl pressing, full glory laminated gatefold cover and featuring bonus track "Bettina" from the rare various artists compilation 2LP "Electric Rock" plus an insert with liners and photos. Liner notes by Popol Vuh expert Dolf Mulder Limited to 500 copies worldwide."
11/1/2014 Popol Vuh Einsjaeger & Siebenjaeger LP $33.99 Wah Wah "Einsjäger & Siebenjäger, originally released on Kosmische Musik in 1974. Settling down the partnership of Florian Fricke with Daniel Fischelscher that was started in the previous outing and, again, featuring Korean soprano Djong Yun on vocals, the fifth Popol Vuh LP also counted on sporadic contributions by Olaf Kübler on flute to follow the path set on Hosianna Mantra and Seligpreisung. Reissued from the master tapes in quality vinyl pressing, full glory laminated gatefold cover and featuring poster and an insert with liners and photos.Limited to 500 copies worldwide."
8/8/2002 Popol Vuh Fitzcarraldo CD $14.99 Spalax "First CD issue of the original soundtrack to the Hertzog masterpiece (not to be confused with soundtrack compilation also issued under this name). Cosmic Popol Vuh tracks, mixed in with opera, classical and traditional musics." - FE
11/1/2014 Popol Vuh Hosianna Mantra LP + 7" $33.99 Wah Wah "With its religious theme it shouldn't be heretic to consider Hosianna Mantra as a small miracle. Suddenly the dark, unmelodic Popol Vuh offer us an incredibly beautiful work of amazing gothic folk that, this time, fit perfectly in the Pilz catalogue - yet managing to sound as something completely unique. It was originally released in 1972 and featured a host of musicians that included Conny Veit on guitars, Robert Eliscu on oboe, Djong Yun on vocals and Klaus Wiesse on tamboura, led of course by Florian Fricke who played piano and cembalo.The Wah Wah edition features a bonus 7" w/PS that reproduces the original, rare 45 by Korean soprano Djong Yun featuring "Du Sollst Lieben" and "Ave Maria", written by Bettina Fricke and backed by Popol Vuh. Reissued from the master tapes in quality vinyl pressing, full glory laminated gatefold cover and featuring the bonus 7" plus a poster and an insert with liners and photos. Her only solo output known is this obscure single, which we've not encountered an original of in over 20 years (the Freeman brothers' Crack in the Cosmic Egg. Limited to 500 copies worldwide."
11/1/2014 Popol Vuh In den Garten Pharaos LP $33.99 Wah Wah In Den Gärten Pharaos" was originally issued in 1971, this time by Pilz, yet it wasn't precisely on the folk vein that Herr Rolf-Ulrich Kaiser was trying to keep the label into by those days. It's sound drinks directly from the same waters that brought Affenstunde, although there is a clear move towards some less dark passages, and the use of church organ as the main instrument, plus a first introduction into the ethnic music elements that Popol Vuh would soon mix into their cauldron bring new light to the sound. Reissued from the master tapes in quality vinyl pressing, full glory laminated gatefold cover and featuring poster and an insert with liners and photos. Limited to 500 copies worldwide."
11/16/2004 Popol Vuh Nosferatu - Original Soundtrack CD $17.99 SPV "This album contains more than 20 min. more compared to the further release of the legendary Nosferatu soundtrack. For the first time you get the complete soundtrack and the songs of the album Brüder des Schattens - Söhne des Lichts which have been used of the film together on one album, and this for the first time." 1978 release.
11/1/2014 Popol Vuh Seligpreisung LP $33.99 Wah Wah "The fourth LP by Popol Vuh was originally released on Kosmische Musik in 1973. It follows the religious theme of its predecessor and features the line up of Florian Fricke with Conny Veit on guitars, Daniel Fischelscher on guitars and drums (he was the drummer of Düül II), Robert Eliscu on oboe, Djong Yun on vocals and Klaus Wiesse on tamboura. Reissued from the master tapes in quality vinyl pressing, full glory laminated gatefold cover and featuring an insert with liners and photos. Limited to 500 copies worldwide."
4/18/2012 Porras, Jon Black Mesa LP $14.99 Thrill Jockey "Barn Owl's Jon Porras presents his Thrill Jockey debut with Black Mesa. Recorded by Jon Porras at home and in his practice space, Black Mesa is intended as a reflection on desolation and the search for light in a barren land. Featuring seven composed tracks of meditative electric guitar embellished with improvised atmospherics and white light feedback, the album follows an outlaw wanderer who ventures deep into the desert only to discover the Black Mesa, a bridge between worlds (as related to string theory or multiverse theory). It's the desert counterpart to David Lynch's Black Lodge, an entrance into cavernous mystery. Musically inspired by Sandy Bull, Popol Vuh, and Neil Young, Black Mesa explores the depths and expands the boundaries of ambient and drone music."
2/2/2013 Porras, Jon Orilla Oscura LP + download $19.99 Immune "Orilla Oscura is the new album from Barn Owl's Jon Porras. The album's eight tracks focus on devotional solo guitar accompanied by manipulated tapes. Post-production was kept to a minimum so the tones, textures, and colors could remain as they appeared. Orilla Oscura appears less Americana influenced than previous works and focuses more on despondent melodies and textures derived from cassette abstractions. At the time of recording, Porras was inspired by a book on the San Francisco Tape Music Center and wanted to incorporate cassettes as a foundation for the album's eight tracks. Slowing down and manipulating the tape with analog effects, Porras would improvise and write parts to compliment the abstractions. His goal was to revive and reinvigorate these taped sounds like ghosts or resonances from the past; interacting and engaging with these reawakened tones." Comes in a gatefold jacket with download card.
4/10/2005 Porter, Patrick Lisha Kill CD $13.99 Camera Obscura "Denver, Colorado singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Patrick Porter (Phineas Gage, solo CD 'Reverb Saved My Life') recorded 'Lisha Kill' while on sabbatical in New York State. Having set up with girlfriend in part of one of those East Coast industrial town two-family houses made into flats, he discovered that the downstairs neighbors didn't mind if he made a ruckus. So, prompted by the loan of some rudimentary recording equipment, he started messing around with guitars after a long period of abstinence. The new 'Porter Studio' was down the street from a Salvation Army depot and every Sunday folks would illegally dump their junk in the parking lot. Picking through the wreckage with a stick proved fruitful: all sorts of instruments surfaced - Casios, mandolins, toy pianos, an accordion and the Queen Mama of all finds, a working two-tiered Kimball organ. A new arsenal of instruments was thus was incorporated into the new recordings, and as Porter says: 'I started getting interested in the idea of creating something beautiful out of a bunch of stuff that people had thrown into the bin'. Once the aesthetic was established, Porter went to work, writing and recording songs on the fly, piling take after take into an amorphous, organically spreading quilt of sound elements which would eventually form into songs like 'Window Seat' and the title track. Despite technical limitations, some complex pieces were attempted, like 'Hospital', 'Good People with Bad Credit' and the remarkable 'Slow Torpedo'. These 'took a lot of time and killed three computers' says Patrick. 'These sessions were like a womb, I just sat in a tiny corner crammed with instruments and made my fun', explains Porter. Real world sounds - sirens, grocery checkout squawks, someone doing the dishes - would occasionally intrude and get included. A hit and run death outside the house informed the mood of the song 'Hospital'. 'End Badly' was recorded on the porch, first thing in the morning with the birds still chirping and morning traffic going by. 'Lisha Kill' is a ghetto of stories like that; ghost whispers of AM, broken stuff, hidden junk drawers. The sounds of an old man bumbling around in the barn, enjoying loneliness but knowing he can't stay there. It's a loner's loose-woven fabric of deconstructed space folk, taking Porter beyond the footwear introspection of earlier recordings into a more experimental territory, both lyrically and sonically. Porter says: 'These are my favorite recordings. I feel like 'Lisha Kill' is my first album - like the other ones were pre-season football games or soccer friendlies. It's not perfect, but it's the first one that I feel came from the genuine, where I wasn't trying to pull the wool at all. So I have a soft spot for her. Now she finally gets tattooed with a bar code and sent out into the world to sit in the bins with the rest of 'em. Be kind to her, she's a fragile one'".

Porter, Patrick Reverb Saved My Life CD $14.99 Camera Obscura "Patrick Porter was one half of space-pop duo Phineas Gage, now renamed Raining on Vivian St. ‘Reverb Saved My Life’ takes a series of home recordings made by the 18 year old Porter in 1996-97 (prior to the Phineas Gage's ‘Reconsidered’ CD) as raw material, and adds, thickens, ferments, remixes and remasters them into hypnotic stream of interstellar pop that transcends all limitations of the original recordings. Awakened with layers of guitar bliss and new drum tracks replacing electronic percussion, this is a treat for lovers of both psychedelic folk rock and dream-pop."
2/7/2009 Portland Bike Ensemble Live In Japan LP $15.99 Olde English Spelling Bee "In late November & early December of 2006 the Portland Bike Ensemble played a series of concerts in Japan -- ten shows in seven different cities. This record features highlights from that tour. Side A is the complete performance from a Buddhist temple in Tokyo, and on the flip are excerpts from shows in Fukuoka, Kitakyushu, and Kyoto. Limited edition of 200 copies, spraymounted covers."
12/26/2005 Postage Mail-hook 3" CDR $5.99 Object Tapes "Postage rumble through a dense environmental fog with gentle hands-on musings...this is a scrapyard scramble with slide guitar/locomotive...
2/15/2011 Potage Collective, Michel Occupé LP $28.99 Alga Marghen "alga marghen presents one of the treasures of the French avant scene of the 1970s, published now for the first time. An ideal parallel to Jac Berrocal cult LP Paralleles, the realization of these pieces recorded by Daniel Deshays and produced by d'Avantage in 1977 that also conceived a very elaborated sleeve design, was mysteriously discontinued making this record one of the lost jewels of the French underground. Together with Michel Potage (voice and various instruments) and Jac Berrocal (trumpet, valve trombone, tibetal oboe, percussions), the same ensemble that recorded Berrocal's Paralleles, or Pierre Bastien of Nu Creative Methods fame (bass, Tibetan reed instruments, trumpet, voice), the father of French free jazz Bernard Vitet (bugle, trumpet, reed instruments, violin, voice), Roger Ferlet (trumpet, slide trombone, voice), Claude Parle (accordion, reed instruments, voice), Françoise Achard (voice, chant, lao mouth organ, balano, rainstick), the legendary produced and sound engineer Daniel Deshays (voice), poet Jean-Marie Gibbal (voice) and a Ford Break (engine, speed, brakes, light, etc.), everyone is here following Michel Potage vision and enters into a magic sound territory. Michel Potage was co-founder with Berrocal of the d'Avantage label in 1976, he played in the first Catalogue band (with Jac Berrocal and Jean-François Pauvros), a performer close to Julian Beck's Living Theatre on one side and to James Change no-wave Contortions on the other, musique concrete avant-gardist and poet of destroyed lyrism. After 3 years of elaboration in close connection with the author, alga marghen conceived a new layout with original photos of the recording sessions and proudly co-released this production with d'Avantage. The sound was restored from the original masters by Daniel Deshays. Edition limited to 385 copies, including an LP-size 8-page booklet with complete lyrics and photos from the recording session."
1/1/2014 Potter, Colin Two Nights LP $17.99 Deep Distance "Next up on Deep Distance following the quick fire sell out of the recent Karen Novotny X and Samantha Glass releases, comes what some might term something of an underground classic. The first in a series of vinyl reissues to Colin Potter's revered body of home recorded, cassette only releases between 1980 and 1982, presented by Deep Distance and Sacred Summits over the coming months. Colin has worked within the fields of electronic and experimental music for over 30 years, collaborating with the likes of Current 93, Ora, Organum, Andrew Chalk and most notably as a key part to Nurse With Wound alongside Steven Stapleton. He started the esteemed ICR (Integrated Circuit Recordings) label in 1981 releasing the incredibly rare minimal synth comp "We Couldn't Agree on a Title" LP before releasing a clutch of wonderful home recordings of his own over half a dozen small run cassette only releases. The vinyl reissue project kicks off here with the incredible "Two Nights". Recorded as the title would hint at, over 2 evenings at home in Sutton-On-The-Forest, North Yorkshire. Two epic side long pieces recorded as a first time, live experiment, albeit in the studio, which as Colin describes in the sleeve notes, consisted of; "some synths, a sequencer, a drum machine and some basic effects then, with a vague plan in mind, I picked up a guitar and pressed 'record'. I did this on 2 consecutive nights (hence the clever title) and what you hear is exactly what happened, no editing, which explains the bum notes here and there". Bum notes or not, the results sound remarkably fresh and relevant today. A fabulous album finally seeing a vinyl release after 30 odd years. Packaged with the usual Deep Distance / Great Pop Supplement eye for detail, in this case a diecut sleeve revealing a half red / half green LP beneath! Looks just stunning…."
8/31/2010 Pottinger, Chris Moist Membrane LP $14.99 Tasty Soil "Plague ridden corpses are scavenged in the forest by a starving beast. The bodies are hidden amongst the rotting bark thats shed from the termite infested trees. Their skulls are destroyed, cracked open like freshly laid eggs exposing their throbbing brain membranes for the rancid feast. Moist Membrane is a new 12" LP from Chris Pottinger (Cotton Museum / Slither) This album is a complete cellar-dweller horror soundtrack to a film that should have been made in 1974. Not quite harsh, not quite mellow, this LP could only be recorded in a depressing, moldy Michigan basement. Saxophone, analog synth, zither, and who knows what else are used to create this album. Deluxe full color LP jackets, full color center labels with a B & W poster of a mutant autopsy gone wrong. This LP plays at 45 rpm and is limited to 400 hand numbered copies."
6/24/2012 Power, Ryan I Don't Want To Die LP $16.99 NNA Tapes "After self-releasing four previous full-length albums, it's finally time for the long-overdue debut vinyl offering from Burlington, VT songwriter and producer Ryan Power. "I Don't Want To Die" is a collection of constantly shifting, well-constructed and unique pop songs, teeming with existentialism and groove. Content-wise, this is perhaps not your average pop record. Ryan's candidly personal lyrics meditate on the fear of death, hypochondria, soul descrepancies, depression, and the lustful mind, while still remaining remarkably emotional, accessible, and catchy. His silvery vocals meld fluidly with imaginative electronic production, evoking elements of late-70's soft pop, disco, prog and art rock, synth pop, and smooth r&b funk. Power's talent for songwriting works perfectly in conjunction with the depth of his knowledge of music - "I Don't Want To Die" is complex and technical, yet so charming that you only notice it almost as an afterthought, when you're trying to wrap your head around the song that's been bouncing around inside it all day. These songs are strange and personal, but they're also universal. They sound sexy and lonesome, like a dying light bulb flick."
4/10/2015 Pran Nath, Pandit Ragas CD $20.99 Far Eastern Sunshine "At last!! A real masterpiece finally reissued, the holy grail by La Monte Young’s teacher and guru Pandit Pran Nath originally published on Shandar in 1971. Ragas are the spiritual folkloristic way in India of playing music originating from the depths of your soul. Some of you may have heard albums by Ravi Shankar, the grand master of Indian raga, with long hypnotical tracks which do not really tell you if they are entirely improvised or strictly composed tunes when the swirling and tingling tanpura and madly spinning tabla drums get played like a maelstrom of sound. This kind of music is mostly instrumental to generate the ultimate experience of transcending flesh to spirit but in case of Pandit Pran Nath (1918 – 1996), classical Indian singer and musical teacher, you will get an ongoing captivating chanting on a base of droning tanpura and rather relaxed percussion patterns. The instruments underline the spiritual statement given by the mid ranged, slightly darker voice of Pandit Pran Nath. The tonal quality of Nath's voice is uniquely compelling, and his repetition of certain intervals over the basic drone produces a trance-like state among his listeners, or, as one put it, 'a natural high'. Featuring La Monte Young and Shyam Bhatnagar on tambouras, and tabla player Fayyaz Khan, with cover calligraphy by Marian Zazeela, the full impact of 'India's Master Musician' was set loose on Western ears through two beautifully rendered traditional ragas."
Pandit Pran Nath, voice; Fayyaz Khan, tabla; Shyam Bhatnagar, La Monte Young, tamburas.

Pran Nath, Pandit Ragas Of Morning & Night LP $149.99 Gramavision Released in 1986. A historic recording from the Kirana Archive of Indian Classical Music. Original studio session recorded in New Delhi, February 1968 by Alan Douglas. Insert with lyrics text and Pandit Pran Nath biography. Sealed copy
4/27/2011 Pratt, Fletcher Dub Sessions Vol. 1 c40 cassette + download $6.99 Dub Ditch Picnic "Winnipegger Fletcher Pratt plays many roles in the local scene: musician (KkrakK, Sigmund), builder (Midori Electronics), and label head (Midori Records). A few months ago he was posting some slowed and manipulated dub tracks on Soundcloud which got us at Dub Ditch all excited. We made Fletcher an offer: put together 40 minutes of yr. brand of weirdub and we will release it. Here it is - weird and raw... kinda dirty round the edges - they way it should be." Pro-dubbed w/ Download code. Art/Design by Cole Peters. Edition of 45 copies.
3/21/2007 Praxinoscope Epocsonixarp CDR $16.99 Opax Records "'Epocsonixarp' is the second full-lenght album of the Praxinoscope duo formed by Roberto Opalio (My Cat Is An Alien) and Ramona Ponzini (Painting Petals On Planet Ghost). This work is even more lyrical and ecstatic than the debut; here Roberto's use of a mini-keyboard and astral effects collides with Ramona's hypnotic use of several handmade wood percussions and her Japanese wind chimes and bells, creating such an infinite and intimate 'space' so that you cannot but loose yourself inside. A whirlpool of Roberto's whispered wordless vocals will live till the evening dies, and the black of the night will come to surround everything. As the duo asks, 'Play it in the dark!'." "Praxinoscope are proof that you don't need any instruments to make amazing sounds. This is wonderful, wonderful music. [Brad Rose, Foxy Digitalis, editor]" Special private press edition of only 130 copies, with heavy textured cardboard sleeve + sticked art on cover, individually numbered.
9/24/2009 Praxinoscope For the Tears of the Land_Prayers From the Outer Space - Vol.2 CD $7.99 Elliptical Noise Elliptical Noise is proud to present this ambitious two-volume concept album; Vol.1 by cosmic brothers Maurizio and Roberto Opalio aka My Cat Is An Alien, and Vol.2 by Praxinoscope, Roberto's side project with long-time collaborator Ramona Ponzini (Painting Petals On Planet Ghost, Black Magic Disco, Z'ev). Here the introduction to both CDs by Roberto himself: "This work shows an apparently new side of My Cat Is An Alien, but be careful not to be deceived. I just believe that what was already inborn appeared more vivid and explicit at a certain point. One day we realized it was no more possible to discern archaic art and post-modern art in our palette; it was clear that they were both reflected in the same hall of mirrors, which our whole aesthetics has always been inclined to, continuosly escaping from and returning to it, everytime re-confirming its own essence. In other words, alien art and archaic art are the same thing. Volume 1 starts with an acoustic blues performed by myself, dedicated to the pioneers of the American primitive music and in particular to the spirit of Charley Patton, which was psychically obsessing me at the moment of creation - Charley, this is for you! - And Volume 2 ends with a Praxinoscope's piece of total cosmic blast... and of archaic transcendence. In fact all archaic art deals with death, sex, transcendence and Eternity. Anyone who does not look from this perspective cannot understand and appreciate contemporary art, even less pretend to use the term 'avant-garde' without exposing oneself to ridicule. We're all living days suspended in the Void. The difference is in consciousness: this is real artists' duty. Beyond and other than this, only oblivion." (Roberto Opalio - May 18th, 2007, Torino - Italy). Cardboard jacket with paste-on artwork.
3/25/2012 Praxinoscope Inward Eye LP $20.99 Lost Treasures of the Underworld "'INWARD EYE' is the fourth album by PRAXINOSCOPE, recorded by Roberto Opalio at My Cat Is An Alien's private studio in Western Alps, during the long cold winter 2008. The work, investigated by Ken Hollings while writing MCIAA's cover article for the Wire, was therein presented: "As if powered by primordial forces, MCIAA's homemade universe continues to expand. You get the impression they really do dedicate all their time to their art. More ambitious still are their collaborations with Ramona Ponzini, who was for many years MCIAA's manager before she took up a full-time study of Japanese language and poetry at the university in Turin. Either working with both brothers as Painting Petals On Planet Ghost or with Roberto alone as PRAXINOSCOPE, Ramona brings a refined physicality to MCIAA's alien cosmology. Her study of Japanese literature from the Heian Period, which corresponds roughly to the European Middle Ages, relates closely to their preoccupations with change and disappearance. 'INWARD EYE' brings this connection closer still." (Ken Hollings, The Wire).
Here's an excerpt conversation from the interview:
RAMONA: "Concerning Praxinoscope, I think Roberto and I interact in a very violent and savage way."
ROBERTO: "This is very funny, I was just explaining that you and I recorded it when we were alone in the mountains during the winter, when there were walls of snow around the studio. I described our session as very quiet, like a sort of meditation, and now you use the word 'violent'."
RAMONA: "Because I'm describing what I'm feeling inside of me. Maybe something that sublimates violence can appear quiet."
ROBERTO: "I agree"
Ramona Ponzini (Japanese bells & wind chimes, shion, vocals); Roberto Opalio (vocalizations, all effects, mini-keyboard, bodhran drum).
Edition of 287 copies, hand-numbered and hand-stamped, reporting the exact date of printing . Vinyl comes in three different colors: marble orange, marble white, and black. The record is housed in a 12" canvas bag (??), with front, back and inner fully screen printed with artwork reproducing a painting by Roberto Opalio. Secret messages are written between the grooves and both sides' center labels, that feature mysterious, full-color portraits of Ramona and Roberto respectively on each side. Each copy includes two extra alternate center labels.
12/24/2005 Praxinoscope Praxinoscope CDR $16.99 Opax Records "Praxinoscope is a new project which sees the duo Roberto Opalio (one-half of My Cat Is An Alien) and Ramona Ponzini (close collaborator of the Italian space-brothers). While in the debut album as Painting Petals On Planet Ghost (out in 2005 on Time-Lag Records) Ramona will focus on her Japanese vocals alongside both brothers' acoustic tunes, here she plays little Japanese percussions and wind chimes, creating a resonant texture over Roberto's alien wordless vocals and space electronics. The material comes from a whole session recorded in a mysterious location of the Western Alps, directly transferred to cd using neither overdubs nor outtakes, practice which the Opalio bros have made us addicted to. For the entire lenght of its 40 minutes, the piece will stifle you the breath because of its so pure essence and intimate mood; a mystic, suffocated chant reminding the silence of ancient rituals, the ultimate exorcism to avert the Infinite Pain. Limited edition of 125 hand-numbered copies; look-like-vinyl black-bottom cd-r in special heavy paper folder sleeve."
7/30/2006 Praxinoscope Praxinoscope LP $12.99 A Silent Place "Praxinoscope is a new project which sees the duo Roberto Opalio (one-half of My Cat Is An Alien) and Ramona Ponzini (close collaborator of the Italian space-brothers). While in the debut album as Painting Petals On Planet Ghost (out in early September 2005 on Time-Lag Records) Ramona will focus on her Japanese vocals alongside both brothers' acoustic tunes, here she plays little Japanese percussions and wind chimes, creating a resonant texture over Roberto's alien wordless vocals and space electronics. The material comes from a whole session recorded in a mysterious location of the Western Alps, directly transferred to cd using neither overdubs nor outtakes, practice which the Opalio bros have made us addicted to. For the entire lenght of its 40 minutes, the piece will stifle you the breath because of its so pure essence and intimate mood; a mystic, suffocated chant reminding the silence of ancient rituals, the ultimate exorcism to avert the Infinite Pain. Limited edition of 500 copies only as vinyl picture disc 12" LP with psychedelic artwork!"
10/25/2008 Pregnant Spirit Of Being 3" CDR $9.99 Reverb Worship "This is my first release on a 3" cdr. It is by Sacremento,California based musician and artist Daniel Trudeau aka Pregnant.The 3" Cdr is called "Spirit Of Being". Daniel has recorded a sweet and lovely four track ep of electronica which is superb. As part of the experience Daniel wanted to provide artwork for the project as well with a contribution from myself. It's available now in an edition of 50 copies with various different coloured inserts."
8/8/2009 Prehistoric Blackout Stone Reaper c20 cassette $8.99 Pizza Night "Taylor Richardson of Infinity Window shares his love for twisted pop thru channeling what sounds like mostly bizzare keyboard, vocal and guitar zones ... weeird pop vibe sorta, it's hyper slow and disgusting , all with some strange element of drunken melodies that tie it nicely into a cohesive batch of psych loner zones."
7/17/2010 Prehistoric Fuckin' Moron They look Alike / Mainly Around The Head cassette $7.99 Spanish Magic "Giza before there was GZA, the moron has been creating a stir since '92 with his music (constantly evolving but always jumping the fence instead of walking around it) and his attitude towards others who have an attitude. This new document here is PFM playing the Arkestra (late 50's), playing Henri Chopin, playing Prince Paul if that makes sense. He'd tell me i am a wanker...and he wouldn't be far off. Whatever. That's why he makes the music and i get stuck with writing this shit. Tape manipulation, vinyl, synth, woodwind & vocal spats and bursts of mania behind the drum-kit? Nah. Modern jazz for techno kids? Maybe. "you can't have me" says Alex Chilton..."what?" replies the moron. Yup."

Prick Decay & Thurston Moore Electricity vs Insects 7" $5.99 Chocolate Monk "The ooze of PD is sweet as the fresh mucoid pilque which descends from the mist-bound cactus fields of Atlanta in plastic bags with dead-fruit-fly-float. Thurston blesses the grit upon which he met them, on the 3 mile crawl of the bi-annual padrotes pilgrimage to the old glue yards of Nezahualcoyolt."
11/4/2006 Prime, Michael / Max Eastley Hydrophony for Dagon CD $10.99 Absurd Recorded live at "The Four Elements", Skraep Copenhagen 1996. Michael Prime (hydroarc, bubble machine, motors, tapes, objects) - Max Eastley (hydroarc, tubing, fans, tapes, objects).
1/1/2014 Primitive Calculators I Can't Stop It/Do That Dance 7" $11.99 Desire Records "Cult Melbourne band Primitive Calculators cut a single in 1979 before splitting in the true punk fashion. A posthumous eponymous live album was released in 1981 and that was it. These two tracks are as fresh now as they were more than 30 years ago: in a style not dissimilar to the Screamers or Cabaret Voltaire (circa Nag Nag Nag), Primitive Calculators used raw monophonic synth lines with scratchy guitars and screaming vocals, but the songs stood on their own (as the unplugged version of "Do That Dance" that appears on the Primitive Calculators and Friends 1979-82 could testify). The original 7" is now incredibly rare and hard to find and this reissue is its exact replica. First pressing limited to 500 copies."
1/28/2005 Primitive Calculators Primitive Calculators CD $16.99 Chapter Music "Melbournes Primitive Calculators met as teenagers in the early 70s, growing up in the grim outer suburb of Springvale. An older friend who lived in a bungalow behind his parents house provided an oasis of culture, and there they were introduced to music of a kind rarely heard in their neighbourhood. The Velvet Underground and The MC5 were obvious heroes, but they were also inspired by lesser known bands like The Fugs, The 13th Floor Elevators, and The Godz (they went on to dedicate their album to Godz singer Jim McCarthy) as well as the writing of obsessive rock journalist Lester Bangs. By 1977, they had deserted Springvale for the more musically liberated environs of St. Kilda, sharing a house in Park St and forming a band called The Moths. But they were a couple of years older than most of the punk bands starting up around them, and their uncultured accents clashed with the inner city, private school values of their so-called peers. Well-known figures like Nick Cave (The Boys Next Door, The Birthday Party) and Ollie Olsen (Whirlywirld) would often come by to listen to borrow records, but the Primitive Calculators were always outsiders in Melbournes punk scene. A move to Fitzroy in 1978 helped Primitive Calculators cement their own identity and develop a network of likeminded friends. The band set up a series of gigs called Little Band nights, where up to ten hastily-formed bands, with names like Too Fat To Fit Through The Door and Thrush & The Cunts, would play sets of fifteen minutes each. Their own debut single was also released that year, featuring the songs 'I Cant Stop It' and 'Do That Dance'. Pressed with plain black labels and stark monochrome sleeve, the single introduced many to the impassioned, atonal, electronic chaos that was the Primitive Calculators trademark, and it has gone on to become a highly collectable classic of Australian post-punk. The following year the band attempted to relocate to London, but seeing how difficult life was for fellow expats the Birthday Party and Whirlywirld, hey decided instead to take an indefinite break. A 1979 live recording of a gig supporting The Boys Next Door turned out to be the Primitive Calculators swansong. Released by friend and supporter Alan Bamford in the early 1980s, Primitive Calculators is a crucial document of a band whose originality, power and humorously belligerent Australian mindset has never since been duplicated. But the story didnt end there, as the Primitive Calculators had an unexpected renaissance in 1986, when filmmaker Richard Lowenstein included them in his feature Dogs In Space (starring a young Michael Hutchence). The Primitive Calculators reformed to appear in the movie and recorded their song 'Pumping Ugly Muscle' for the soundtrack (the song was also released as a 12" with some original late 70s recordings on the B-side). The Primitive Calculators revival continued a good fifteen years later when Chapter Music released the pioneering Cant Stop It! compilation CD of Australian late 70s/early 80s post-punk. The CD took its name from the Primitive Calculators track 'I Cant Stop It!' and included an original 1979 recording of 'Pumping Ugly Muscle'. Chapter Musics reissue of the Primitive Calculators album, twenty-five years after its original release, includes six bonus tracks (four by the Primitive Calculators, one by the Moths and one by a nameless Primitive Calculators / Whirlywirld hybrid band, recorded in the UK) plus a rarely seen video made for the 'I Cant Stop It' single by band friend Janis Lesinskis." - Chapter Music.
1/1/2014 Primitive Calculators The World Is Fucked LP $18.99 Chapter Music "Thirty-five years after they first crawled out of dark, suburban Springvale to spew their synth-punk filth over Melbourne and beyond, Primitive Calculators have made their first-ever studio album, aptly entitled The World Is Fucked. Stuart Grant, Denise Hilton, Dave Light, and Frank Lovece formed Primitive Calculators in 1978. They existed in bitter antipathy and vile hedonism in St. Kilda and Fitzroy until 1980, reformed briefly to appear in the 1986 film Dogs in Space (starring INXS' Michael Hutchence), and then reconvened more permanently in 2009, at the invitation of the Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds-curated All Tomorrow's Parties festival at Mount Buller. Their original releases, classic synth-punk single I Can't Stop It/Do That Dance in 1979 and a posthumous live album from 1982, are now Holy Grails for collector scum around the world. French label Desire Records reissued both records in limited vinyl editions. Despite their vicious reputation, Primitive Calculators actually nurtured a thriving community of impromptu bands around them, now renowned worldwide as the "Little Bands" scene, including groups like Thrush And The C**ts, Too Fat To Fit Through The Door, and the incredible Take. Recorded with Neil Thomason (My Disco, The Slits) and mastered by David Walker (Lost Animal, Pikelet, Twerps, etc.), The World Is Fucked pulls no punches across its nine one-word songs. The sound is a kind of shimmering ball of white noise and malice, a floating miasma filled with all the bile most people never let emerge from their subconscious. The album also includes their version of a song they have been playing since the late '70s, "Nothing" by New York outsiders The Fugs. Thirty-five years later, bleaker, harsher and more desperately hilarious than ever, Primitive Calculators present The World Is Fucked -- the ultimate aural statement of aging, despair, and futility. Surprisingly, it's really fun to listen to."
2/4/2007 Primordial Undermind Loss of Affect CD $12.99 Strange Attractors Audio House "Eric Arn and his Primordial Undermind have tirelessly mined the nether regions of avant psych-rock for the past 15 years, resulting in a sonically fertile body of work. Arn cut his teeth in the legendary Crystallized Movements throughout the 1980's, the Twisted Village flagship band which, in its wake, also spawned Magic Hour and Major Stars (Wayne Rogers & Kate Village). With a wealth of 7" singles and a number of compilation appearances throughout the 1990's, plus albums for September Gurls, Camera Obscura and Emperor Jones, the Primordial Undermind trajectory has grown and evolved with each outing. A rotating membership came to typify the band, and a restlessness to stay put in one sound form denotes a steady progression from distorted, psychedelic Nuggets-esque overload as found on You and Me and The Continuum (Camera Obscura, 1997) to full blown free instrumental rock exemplified on Beings of Game P-U (starring Tom Carter of Charalambides; Camera Obscura, 2001), and everything in between (Thin Shells of Revolution, Emperor Jones, 2003). Just before relocating from Austin, Texas to Vienna, Austria in late 2004, Arn engaged in a furious series of studio sessions with his Austin crew. The results have been honed down to a fantastic new album entitled Loss of Affect, the most outré document of the Primordial Undermind sound to date. Even with a history of taking left turns, it is evident from the get-go that Loss of Affect is a departure for Primordial Undermind. Oozing into consciousness with "Intercessor", the band bellows forth a full collective cosmic ethno-drone mantra, utilizing space and interplay to coax ritualistic swirls of sound, reminiscent of what Ghost achieved on Temple Stone. Flowing into "Breathe Deep", a solo avant acoustic excursion exploring odd tunings and tonal colors, shifting and heaving as it winds ever forward. From here, the band unleashes the volume and Loss of Affect continues further out, as full-blown, free acid-rock magma surges in molten explosions, intertwined with an expanded palate of instrumentation that includes bass clarinet and various other woodwinds, shakers, electronics and who knows what else. All disparate sounds are tethered to a common point, synthesized with stunning results. Loss of Affect is a deliriously colorful feather in the Primordial Undermind cap, ushering rock music outside for some truly deep meditations in sound."

Primordial Undermind Universe I've Got CD $14.99 Camera Obscura "'Universe I've Got' paints giant riffs and multiple intertwining guitars and violin explorations on a huge psychedelic art rock canvas. Lots of long involving tracks, with a cumulative impact on yer skull akin to the splash you might expect from an angry god hurling a burning asteroid into a boiling ocean."
6/18/2002 Primordial Undermind You and Me and the Continuum CD $12.99 Camera Obscura "Primordial Undermind's second full-length blast of psychedelic freakout guitar bliss evolves the sonics found on their critically-acclaimed September Gurls debut into freer, more expansive territory, while retaining plenty of the finely-honed song craft familiar to those lucky enough to have grabbed any of their unfailingly excellent singles. Long modal excursions into the heart of free guitar darkness like ‘Device’, ‘Turning of the Worm’ and ‘Persistence of Trinity’, are counterbalanced by definitive versions of single a- sides ‘Ache’ and ‘Anaesthetic Revelations’ as well as great newer songs like ‘Fall and Break’ and ‘All Night Movie’. Essential 90s US psych! Primordial Undermind is headed up by Eric Arn (ex-Crystallized Movements), and is presently located in Austin."
6/15/2003 Project Grimm Huge Beings CD $14.99 Camera Obscura "If ever a band is going to make a sign-off record, it should have the comprehensive sweep and confidence of ‘Huge Beings’. As John Cramer puts it ‘this is a record created the way we wanted to create one, in a comfortable environment, with a talented engineer who understood what we had in mind, and with the time to do it right. Sure I would change things but generally I would say I am fairly proud of it’. The band has clear influences - vintage heavy metal, the legacy of Texas psychedelia and the feel of desert expanses provide a cohesive framework that is filtered through Cramer's vision in the same way that imbues it with the feel of a personal journey for him and his compadres. There are extraordinary slabs of spine-tingling rock throughout, from slavering beasts that would be at home on ‘Houses of the Holy’ to ballads that recall the best of The Mike Gunn circa ‘Almaron’. Again from John Cramer ‘we never really cared what anyone else thought and stayed true to our own skewed ethic. Huge Beings is the last gasp of a uniquely idiosyncratic rock band with qualities similar to but also quite unlike those that surrounded us in this great western wasteland’. Huge Beings is Project Grimm as they should be remembered - intensely personal, melodic, dynamic, subtle and bloody-minded all at the same time."
1/24/2009 Pronounced "Sex" XXX CD $14.99 Interregnum "Once again I find myself reviewing a dark ambient CD emanating from Scandinavia, this time a Finnish duo (Zweizz & Kim Sølve) on a Norwegian label. And if the theme is sex, which, judging from some of the song titles, seems to be the case, then it's not a species of sex that I (or anybody else for that matter) would find in the least appealing. But, then, quite honestly, we all know that sex does have a degrading and seamier side to it, one that tends to be swept under rather large societal carpets and kept behind closed doors. We all know it goes on, from the shy couple experimenting with a little light bondage, to the organised gangs trafficking sex slaves around the world. Whatever inspirations shaped this particular work, the darker side has flavoured its musings to a very large degree. If either William Burroughs or HP Lovecraft hadn't turned their hands to the written word and had taken up music instead, this is how their strange missives from inhuman dimensions most probably would have sounded. Darkly shimmering rumblings, deeply reminiscent of equally dark passages, nasty bodily fluids the constitution of which one can't be entirely sure of, surreal shapes melting and spilling in disturbing parodies of human coital union, along with a large dose of the unnatural and alien mixed in as well; here you have a disturbing exploration of the outer reaches of inhuman sexual possibilities, probably going further than even the most adventurous soul has ever gone. I would venture to state that even the Marquis de Sade would have baulked at what it hints at. Having said that, it isn't a parade of smut and vaguely disgusting sounds, rather it's a haunting, icy-cold, hellish journey through the filthy underbelly, an appraisal of how things are and not the luridly sordid media-sensationalised portrayal of 'dirty' sex. Everything here is glossed with a varnish of palpable menace, a dismissive sneer and fierce glint from a monocled eye. 'Necrodisiac', far from arousing, instead blows a coldly dark wind and invites cold chilly, sweat to garland the forehead. Punctuated by the croaking of some infernal amphibious hybrid à la Lovecraft's Deep Ones, the aura of twisted sexualities and desires takes on a solid form. 'Blizzard Beach' physically takes us to those dark shores of the diseased mind, those purgatorial regions where thought becomes awful actuality, where flesh, scale and fur mingle, where bodies hungrily absorb, secrete slimily, reform and disintegrate in unholy union. Here desires are self-destructive and simultaneously carnivorous, devouring like cankers and cancers, despoiling the flesh and ravaging the mind. 'Taog eht fo remmus lanrefni' (or for those of you who haven't quite clocked it yet - it's 'Infernal Summer of the Goat' reversed), drags us like unwitting and unwilling witnesses into some subterranean rite, where anonymous worshippers sanctify the forbidden and occult in hideous ritual, the aphrodisiac of the commingling of menstrual blood and semen urging on the celebrants to new depths. Finally, 'No Such Symphony' is the outer darkness, perhaps the ultimate destination for those who have 'sinned' so completely, an emptiness where even the darkest of souls freeze and recoil in unalloyed terror. This is the ultimate price for a lifetime of untamed and unrestrained pleasure, the blood-price that must be exacted for those who would indulge unashamedly and sin against nature herself. There's no redemption here, just oblivion. Make no mistake, this is a deeply disturbing and terrifying album, one which plumbs Stygian depths that very few other dark ambient albums get down to. One is reminded in parts of Tenhornedbeast and Kerovnian, especially in the evocation of black atmospheres and spine-shiveringly malicious menace and darkness. Admittedly it's not the best dark ambient offering I have ever heard, but it's one that can withstand many repeated visitations and ranks a great deal higher than a lot of entries in the field. As such, it comes endorsed with the SMJ63 seal of approval and recommendation." - Heathen Harvest
4/3/2011 Providien Followed By A Wraith LP $15.99 Amethyst Sunset "The Midwest is a real Shangri-la for bohemia basement bleakness so it's not real surprising that loner tape grime duo PROVIDIEN hail from the snow-blasted state of Ohio, and have a grim grassroots aura that just feels RIGHT. Led by Sword Heaven electrician Mark Van Fleet and partner-in-crime/childhood friend Nathan Reynolds (also of weirdo goths American Jobs), PROVIDIEN's debut, "Followed By A Wraith", sprawls from disembodied horror atmospherics to no-fi sludge death marches to pure weirdo home-taper acoustic guitar meltdowns, each new zone more unsettling and brainwashed than the last. Has elements of Mammal (especially the recent drone-suicide ballads), The Shadow Ring (just replace all the British stuff with raw American sloth), and various other esoteric cassette miserablists, but that's just a roundabout way of saying this shit rules." - Britt Brown. The LP is limited to 200 copies on black vinyl with color center labels and a paste on cover
1/24/2009 Prurient And Still Wanting LP $22.99 No Fun "This is the picture disc LP version of the now classic and out of print Prurient release. Limited to 500 copies. Original description: A tale of lost love and desperation, this is Prurient's full length follow up to the acclaimed Pleasure Ground. And Still,Wanting takes the recent new direction of combining layered synth's and electronic loops with his usual poignant vocals to a whole new level of intensity. A new chapter in obsession with all that is mundane in our human life."
8/4/2007 Prurient Outside The World 8" lathe $25.99 Alt.Vinyl "Brand new release from Dominik Fernow's infernal power electronics project. Part of Alt Vinyl's limited lathe cut series. Manufactured in New Zealand by Peter King and issued in a limited hand-numbered edition of only 150 copies. Features two emotionally explosive tracks, "Forever" and "Orange Flames Ravage The Apartment". Recorded winter 2006, NYC." - Volcanic Tongue
9/29/2005 Prurient The Baron's Chamber CD $11.99 Nihilist "Dominick Fernow commands waves of heavy sick death by way of destructive measures. The one who makes babes ears bleed is here to send a clear message; AIDS. This disc is that message. As far as the presentation, There are no glossy ambiguous photographs waiting to be interpreted. Just hard-core graphic images, simply a glimpse into 'The Baron's Chamber'.
3/6/2010 Prurient The History Of Aids LP $17.99 Hospital "Massive, textural, throbbing, destructive, electronic, feedback-drenched power electronics and industrial noise with heavily processed vocals and field recordings dealing with vulnerability. Uses some of the thirteenth century love poems of the Persian poet Rumi as lyrics. Originally created in 2000 on CD with the Armageddon label, this was the first widely distributed prurient full length and appears on vinyl for the first time now."
2/11/2006 Prurient / Akitsa split CD $10.99 Hospital "Long awaited split release going on almost 3 years. AKITSA is masterful, desperate, and relentless raw mid-paced canadian black metal in the vein of early burzum, ildjarn, and
perhaps a slower bone awl. atmospheric yet shredded minimal and monolithic guitar and drum mantras with inhumane, spiritual vocal abandon. complete with bombed out morbid
organ and noise intro wrought with anxious anticipation of the primitive natural vortex that follows. PRURIENT presents a massively decayed, fetid sound collage titled 'fossil' recorded live on the radio with 3 man line up of kris lapke and jvibg of viodre, a day after the recording of the 'fossil' full length. patient, miserable, synth wails and howls under churning field
recordings, tapes, electronic distortion and the inevitable vocal fallout. roughly 30 min from each band creating a long and drizzly haze for isolated depressives."
9/30/2005 psi Artificially Retarded Soul Care Operators CD $12.99 Evolving Ear "Captured live and in the studio over the past two years, Artificially Retarded Soul Care Operators is the definitive pee-ess-eye blast of true and pure sacrificial brain-rot. A fifty-minute collection of densely cultivated mitherings from the unforeseen masters of complete silence. Featuring beautiful full color gatefold cover art and poster by Fritz Welch and Stephen O'Malley." "(psi) use any kind of noise to show their fangs to a common acceptance of the role of "musicians": one understands their capabilities from lots of elements, mastery of dynamics and sound placement on top of everything, but the whole package brims with repressed rage on the verge of explosion - the definitive farewell to that "beauty" that Jaime, Chris and Fritz consider as enemy but is actually redefined, in raw clothing, by themselves." - Touching Extremes
9/30/2005 psi Black American Flag CD $11.99 Evolving Ear "Two long form pieces of cathartic, hermetic, meditative noise that slowly evolve into nothing while exploring delicate interplay and a coarse, uneven stasis. Fire through a needle eye. And great cover artwork by Fritz Welch." "psi have that rare gift of a keen capability of holding their horses at the right moment, using their instruments just like nail-files: a unique touch here, an overlap there, and the majority of this genre's habituals gets outmoded all at once. Follow them." - Massimo Ricci, www.touchingextremes.org. "This is the sort of stuff that could sterilize cockroaches from 50 yards." - Aiding and Abetting
3/26/2006 psi oo-ee-oo (burnt offering) CDR $8.99 Evolving Ear "This live recording was made while the group was locked blindfolded and incapable of compassionate intolerance in a dank and noise-damaged basement in central New Jersey, USA. Harmonium, unamplified guitar, percussion and voice amass into a nekrocoustic forcefield of reiterated intensions. This ceremonial music demonstrates the simultaneous collision of utter apathy and the assertion of infernal humanity. Each copy is packaged in a black Digipak with hand-glued and hand-stamped artwork by the band."
9/30/2005 Psychatrone Rhonedakk Disturbs The Air CD $9.99 Black Plastic Sound "This is the fifth album by PSYCHATRONE RHONEDAKK coming just one year after his collaboration with Cotton Casino(of the AMT) this Cd finds Psychatrone experimenting more in sound! Here you will find a totally acappella ,multi-tracked song,one track totally played with children's toys,and a few MOOG synth excursions. The whole album is a bit 'darker' in feeling than his last release,while Mr.Rhonedakk certainly hopes that hope is evident in the mix here too. After setting the controls for the crystal sun in 2004 with Cotton Casino on 'Baron Von Rhonedakk...' where else but into the blackness of the void could Psychatrone go? So off he went....into the darkness. This album takes the listener on a journey through that darkness, inner and outer! The original pieces here are instrumental drone-psych, guitar themes, and 'weird-spaces' while the album also features three cover songs... 'Can You Travel In The Dark Alone' was by single-album psychsters GANDALF who wrote one beautiful set of lyrics that are here stripped of their original arrangement so that they might make more of an impact on your mind. 'They Moved The Moon' originally written by Warren Zevon is here given a claustrophobic/space arrangement reflecting some of the feelings Mr. Rhonedakk had while hearing this song for the first time. Ahhh yes, some 'glissiando' guitar adds some shimmer to the song's dark aspect. Finally ,'Earth Anthem' signs-off this CD with a deep-space 'broadcast' version of a song most famous for being on the TURTLES' "Battle of The Bands" LP. Not a 'stoner-rock' album,but a collection of soundwaves to disturb the air in your personal space! You might consider this to be the closing of the album trillogy that started with Psychatrone Rhonedakk's 'Keep On Psychedelic Mind' CD. This is a dark journey of an album,full of twists and passage-ways,...come on along with Psychatrone,if you please...or dare. Besides ,'don't you ever wonder,...could you travel in the dark alone?'"
2/14/2008 Psychatrone Rhonedakk Early Free-Form Waveforms LP $21.99 QBICO Deep blue sea 180gr. vinyl, cover by QBICO. "One side is a synth/guitar duo with WFMU's boss Brian Turner, while side side B is a solo synth. Both tracks recorded in the mid 90's. Psychedelic waveforms with a free-form sound that grows on you... subtle and mesmerizing."
4/29/2004 Psychatrone Rhonedakk The Sub-Underground Tapes LP + CDR $49.99 Black Plastic Sound "Psychatrone Rhonedakk is back, well sort of... He's back via his own past and has dug deep into his vaults to offer up something very special for fans of homemade synth freakouts! Tape manipulations, spced out jams, and avant-garde loops and bloops await you!! Something very special indeed was brewing in his secret laboratory and now you can get a whiff! Black Plastic Sound is proud to present a limited number of translucent handcut vinyl LPs via New Zealand's own Peter King. The LP is a document of the best of Rhonedakk's early cassette only releases that were the breeding ground for the greatness that would be his 'Keep On Psychedelic Mind' CD. Side One of this LP is from the first ever Black Plastic Sound release, the 'In Red German Tea' cassette EP, while side two of the LP is the 'Space' suite from 'Soundtracks from Psychatrone...' cdr from 1999. These early pieces were inspired by early electronic experimenters, sci-fi soundtracks, the Berlin sound, and Brian Eno's works." Limited edition of 50 copies - each comes with a cdr featuring the same music as the lathe cut LP.
7/16/2004 Psychatrone Rhonedakk with Cotton Casino Baron Von Rhonedakk and The Crystal Sun CD $12.99 Black Plastic Sound "Three years ago prolific home taper, international Tall Dwarf, and psych-enthusiast Mr. Psychatrone Rhonedakk released his first CD on Summersteps / Black Plastic Sound Records titled ‘Keep On Psychedelic Mind!!!’ The cd was a blast of private pressed synapse-frying wonderment which caught the ear of Acid Mothers Temple’s Cotton Casino. She was struck by Mr. Rhonedakk’s vocal interpretations of classics by Hawkwind, The Godz, & Roky Erickson. She was also equally blown away by his ability to drone, pulse, and rock out on his own originals. So it came to pass, that they decided to collaborate on some new material together. Despite language and distance barriers, the duo succeeded in creating a new cd of music. ‘Baron Von Rhonedakk and The Crystal Sun’ is the sound of deeply spaced out originals and interpretations of songs by Pink Floyd (‘Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun’), Nazareth (‘Night Woman’), and Neu (‘Lilac Angel’). Cotton’s influence on Psychatrone’s work is profound as we can hear Psychatrone getting deeper into the groove. Even on the tracks on which Cotton does not appear, Psychatrone seems to be deeply under her spell. For those who are fans of Acid Mothers Temple, Psychatrone Rhonedakk or neo-psych, this one is a can’t miss!"
7/10/2008 Psychic Fare The Slow Drag CDR $9.99 Damaged Restrooms "Blazing living room budget psych from this mysterious mid-90s Humboldt County trio, with ties to the Plague Lounge, who released one LP, The Wicker Image on Holy Mountain in 1996. This release is steeped in 'old weird America' monsters like Vertical Slit and Half Machine Lip Moves, as well as great NZ jams like Wreck Small Speakers on Expensive Stereos, Dead C's Runway cassette and other "we've smoked as much as we possibly can" basement classics. It was easy, it was cheap, so they went and did it."
6/11/2011 Psychic Frost Psychic Frost CDR $8.99 Deep Water "Psychic Frost is the new duo project from Pittsburgh-based sonic insurrectionists Mike Tamburo and Matt McDowell; while both are better known for their solo work, they've also played together in various forms for over a decade. This is their first recorded outing under the PF banner, and it's a doozy - a pair of lengthy (side-long, they used to call 'em) pieces of form-extension and -destruction, the first an epic composition for two guitars and effects, with modular sections shifting from dual fingerpicking to walls of looping noise and beyond; the second a live recording for amplified hammered dulcimer and electric oud, exorcising the demons via intense improvisational interplay on a modal theme of indeterminate Eastness. Best experienced via full-body immersion, so check your short attention span at the door and get ready to, as they say, "taste the Frost". Two tracks, 43 minutes."
11/8/2013 Psychic Frost Taking Lizard Mountain (by Frequency) CDR $8.99 Deep Water "Psychic Frost - the duo of Mike Tamburo and Matt McDowell - returns to Deep Water for a second disc of (mostly) instrumental explorations, both more diverse and more concise than their 2011 debut. Taking Lizard Mountain (by Frequency) opens in familiar sonic territory - hypnotic compositions for electrified hammer dulcimer and guitar - but the Psychic sonic expedition soon moves into terra incognita, climbing through fields of free-jazz drumming and into high valleys of effected drones and thunderous percussion, finally reaching the sage at the summit by going "Under Your Skin," a surprising vocal number that echoes both early Eno and early Woods. Psychedelic excursions that span classic progressions and contemporary lo-fi experimentation like nobody's business, and a mandatory trip for all interested parties. Five tracks, 34 minutes."
4/5/2010 Psychotic Quartet Gilomas 3" CDR $4.99 Majmua Music "With backgrounds in improvised music, jazz, klezmer, Greek, Turkish, modernist classical, punk, jazz, outsider pop, noise, industrial and other musics, the Psychotic Quartet brings many varied approaches to their collaboration, creating a sound that is uniquely psychotic. Conjuring up a sound that serves as a type of commentary on their varied musical pursuits, Psychotic Quartet ivites you to listen in on their sonic séance." Edition of 75 copies.
9/29/2003 Public Works Numbers 9" $10.99 Elevator Bath "Numbers was released four years after Ralph Johnson and Lloyd Dunn's debut CD as Public Works (Matter, on Staalplaat). This is a 9" EP pressed on clear vinyl with a color sleeve, limited to 800 copies. The project takes the music of Tape Beatles (of which both members take part) to more ethereal domains. Not that the two suites are ambient in any way, but they tend to be less referential (with explicit quotes) and techno-driven, more subtle and textural. Some of the rhythms conjure up images of primitive civilizations, especially on side B. That and the use of samples of speaking voices attract comparisons to Z'eV's works like Face the Wound, but bearing a lighter program closer to Realistic or Negativland. Recommended, plus the odd size and nice sleeve make it an interesting collector's item." - François Couture
5/20/2009 Puddle Parade, The Origami CD $12.99 Morc "One-girl band, bringing frail lullabies with vague melodies and distorted, fading voices a minimalistic crackling toy orchestra in slow motion. member: ellen evers. tools: guitar, voice, melodica alto, melodica soprano, music boxes, children's accordion, tooth brush, analog 4-track recorder, distortion pedals, loop station, xylophon, zither, dictaphone, and many more stuff. worked with: annelies monseré, tara jane o'neil and machinefabriek... in one way or another. born and raised in: eastern germany, and with good childhood memories in mind. moved to: utrecht, the netherlands about 6 years ago. This is the debut album of The Puddle Parade. 35 minutes of very minimal, hissy and adventurous popsongs. Influences ranging from experimental analog electronics to mid-nineties lofi. Melodic sound-sketches put together as an audio-notebook. the sounds of birds whistling translated via instruments and vocals. pressed on cd, housed in a brown cardboard packaging, with lovely two- colour silkscreened print. recommended if you like: Colleen, Lau Nau, Mt Eerie, Vollmar, Iditarod, Machinefabriek, Tara Jane O'Neil, new school lofi, analog sounds, toys, anything on morc records really."
4/24/2006 Puff Plain 3" CDR $9.99 Memoirs of an Aesthete "New astral mystique from Witchfynder Joincey (ex- WAGSTAFF, INCA EYEBALL, COITS, SCULPTRESS et al). Primitive psych-folk clonk and voices treated so heavily they sound like huge sheets of tinfoil cracking. 'Research suggests that Puff is the current working nomenclature of Joincey, one of the most unfairly unheralded artists of the English Underground (the greatest visionary-outsider slabs since Jandek)...confusing.'" Jon Dale (The Wire)
2/23/2004 Puke Eaters, The God is Free CDR $9.99 Chocolate Monk "The sound of Finnish caveman finding musical soul through fungi eating. Includes the tracks ‘castle rising from the sea of sour milk’, ‘baptism of shit’, and ‘juice of satan’. Superbly bent and damaged, featuring rogue elements of KEMIALLISET YSTAVAT."
1/24/2009 Puke Eaters, The Hello Valhalla LP $15.99 Skulls of Heaven / Lalalal "Does anyone remember a remarkable piece of psych-styled rubbish called "God is Free", released on Chocolate Monk back in 2004? Of all the odd wonders and incestuous secrets to emerge from Finland in the last 20 years, the Puke Eaters could be thee greatest. "Hello Walhalla" is the first long playing record by this anti-prolific group. The applied methods range from accidental to free and from psycho-motorik to ritual. For any points of reference think of the swamp into which Fille qui mousse, Cromagnon and 'Jesus Christ' era Smell & Quim were dumped. After years of tireless experimentation in the cynical utopian ruinscape of their collective butterfly mind, The Puke Eaters have loosened their belts and finally unleashed their deadliest recordings for thee future caveman. Endless volcano-brain spewing on the ur-limits of limitless psycho-dynamic sound clash, totally high on Scandinavian pussy juice." Limited edition of 500 pressed 140g black vinyl.
1/17/2010 Puke Eaters, The Y.M.I.Dead? / Flesh Descending 7" $7.99 Vauva "Two tracks by the Puke Eaters, the A side was originally conceived as a theme for an album dealing with Deihoma, the man who wandered inside "the Worm that ate the world" in order to slay it. Strictly Steen & Rusty, as inept as ever. B side has Rusty involved in the act of synthesizer desecration with some nameless slave. Steen Guru vocals were added later via the method of overdubbing." - Ralf Normaali
8/31/2010 Pulse Emitter Cosmic Images CD $12.99 Expansive "Cosmic Images is Pulse Emitter's deepest and most personal work to date. Combining his growling modular synthesizer patterns with sweeping keyboard motifs, the beauty and vastness of the universe is evoked in five movements, each based on nebulas, galaxies, etc. The sections morph into one another for one epic prog synth journey. CD in jewel case, mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk, art by Daniel Lopatin. The first release on Daryl Groetsch's private press label, Expansive." I've heard samples of some tracks and this is really great stuff!
6/29/2012 Pulse Emitter / Date Palms / Expo 70 / Faceplant split double LP + download $22.99 Immune "For Record Store Day 2012 Immune presents four artists from the American experimental/psychedelic scene that have truly bent our ears for quite some time. Each artist has recorded a complete side of material specifically for this release. Pulse Emitter is the work of Portland, OR based cosmic synth master Daryl Groetsch. Since 2003 Groetsch has been creating his own synthesizer pads and patterns which drift through cosmic and nature settings. A veteran of the noise scene of the mid 2000s, the music has returned to something more melodic and layered in recent years. David Keenan has said "no one is making synth music that feels so organic, so rapturous and so 'in tune' with the contours of outer and inner space as Groetsch." These are the first recordings from Pulse Emitter on Immune. A new full length album will follow on Immune later this year. Date Palms is Gregg Kowalsky & Marielle Jakobsons from Oakland, CA. The duo began with a mutual interest in Carnatic and Hindustani LPs. Their debut album Of Psalms (Root Strata, 2010) was a statement in psychedelic minimalism driven by distorted, repetitive bass patterns. Their second album Honey Devash (Mexican Summer, 2011) was described by Aquarius Records as "a heady hybrid of spiritual Eastern jazz and rockish psych extrapolation". Their first recording for Immune - "Night RIding The Skyline" is the soundtrack to a slow burning, low riding nighttime drive down the Pacific Coast Highway. Violin, bass, tanpura, Fender Rhodes and analog synths lead the way. Follow us. Justin Wright's Expo 70 project has been pushing experimental, drone and Kosmiche Musik to new realms for nearly a decade now. Constant touring and two critically acclaimed albums released on Immune have helped bring his name to the forefront of modern drone and Kosmiche Musik. The recording presented on this Record Store Day release was laid down in January of this year and features Wright on guitar joined by Mike Vera on percussion and Aaron Osborne on bass, showcasing a much fuller, heavier, and doomy sound for Expo 70. The music was prepared for a local vintage fashion show this past November, presented now here to showcase the trio line-up that has been performing out so far this year. Faceplant is the solo work of Aaron Coyes (Peaking Lights, Rahdunes), described as his "solo modular hessian noise trance project". Using his massive arsenal of home-made electronics and modular synths Coyes creates propulsive psych beats with a fractured dub/techno vibe. As Norman Records put it : "a total monged out electro vibe like Herbie Hancock on downers, with dubby swooshes and a repetitive melody." The material was mastered and cut to vinyl by Andreas [LUPO] Lubich at D&M in Berlin and pressed to high quality virgin vinyl at RTI. The 2xLP is packaged in a beautiful uncoated stock jacket featuring visual artwork by Will Hutchinson and is limited to only 1,000 copies worldwide with a free download coupon
5/5/2012 Pumice PUNY LP $13.99 Soft Abuse "Pumice's PUNY rides the existential rails, frothing forth into a fog laden with static heaps & acerbic musings. Pumice's lone heart/voice is Stefan Neville (operating solo quorum), and PUNY is the first album he's distilled in four years following an-album-a-year pace & touring life in prior years. Aside from few singles and EPs, Pumice has been mainly dormant during this time, with Neville instead making music with others (as a member of Olympus, The Coolies, The Renderers, Sunken, and The Spunks & probably more). These new songs stem from the best & worst moments of a life-changing relationship for Neville; the breakdowns and crack-ups are equally represented. PUNY serves as a trophy of these toils. PUNY is as downcast as it is transformative, slowly burrowing under your skin with insidious (yet mostly buried) melodies, malaise and raw beauty. PUNY marks another step beyond the usual NZ underground comparisons for Neville's songs; Scottish organ dirges are balanced with voice-driven doo wop haka experiments, stumbling twang, and minor-key pop strumming delivered as only Pumice can. Another wistful & unique - yet familiar - offering from this modern pakeha noise-pop auteur."
7/10/2008 Pumice Quo CD $11.99 Soft Abuse "As the title self-effacingly implies, Quo proffers a triumphant, primo slice of past Pumice-isms: uncertain progressions, anomalous structure, inimitable guitar buzz, sublime melancholy and distorted vocals (crooned, spoken and moaned). Quo once more finds Pumice cruising the convergence of pop, folk and noise strains with bona fide inner mystique. Sputtering sub-underground skiffle aims for outer zones, diamond cuts of nervous guitar with pesky hooks that sting and tickle tread rough hewn punk turf, pop tangents charm with echoes of the Kilgours or Chris Knox, and woozy synth blurts and drones thread the patchwork patterns with Hulk-like grace.
9/17/2006 Pumice / Ghosting / Bonus / GMS tour CDR $8.99 Onomato "Stefan/Pumice, from New Zealand, contributes four tracks of disassembled noise-pop. Ghosting contributes a drum/dub drone piece. Bonus minimal drones that slowly de-tune over time. And GMS, Gabe solo - of yellow Swans, two tracks of guitar noise/bliss. This is to document the week we will all be spending together while doing a short batch of shows together from Portland to the Bay Area. Edition of 150 - screen printed covers - inserts - heavy vinyl sleeves."
11/21/2009 Pummeler Jungle Olympics c32 cassette $4.99 Anathema Sound "After a string of releases on Small Doses, Digitalis Ltd., and Stunned, Denmark’s Mikkel Valentin Dunkerley adds another dead soldier to his arsenal of scorchers. Dunkerley considers Jungle Olympics to be his harshest work to date and he’s not kidding. Layer upon layer of heavily distorted guitar, electronics, field recordings, and effected vocals collide, compete, and ultimately envelop one another in a wild, frenzied fashion perfectly befitting the release title. Yet, through all the racket and clamor, a subtle, droning melody permeates and anchors each piece—leaving you hypnotized and begging for more. With full color artwork, inserts, and labels by Matt Yacoub. Edition of 60."
5/23/2009 Pummeler Pummeler c22 cassette $7.99 Digitalis Limited "I don't know if there's a more aptly named project around than denmark's pummeler. mikkel dunkerley is bounding around down in the murkiest depths. this stuff feels like it's been stripped bare by vultures, the bones left to freeze in the scandinavian air. distant metallic pings call you to your grave. these are heavy, black masses you can't avoid without being swalloed whole. dunkerley's use of varying textures is exceptional. his work is minimal yet enthralling. each piece, no matter how long or short, feels like an expansive wasteland of sound. listen once, you hear one thing, listen again and it's something else entirely. it's time you rolled it all downhill. 60 copies, pro-dubbed & erupted." Out of print.
9/17/2006 Pump Kinn Aunte Donne 3" CD $8.99 Weird Forest "Pump Kinn is Michelle. Whether gliding on the diamond lakes on a porcelan swan or herding the wild equestrian hordes on top the tenebrous mountains she molds the loveliest concoctions of throat plumage confection and the most crepuscular cacophonous caterwauling of a thousand shrill stallions. Admirers of Diamanda and Fursaxa rejoice. Limited to 500 copies housed in a custom, full-color, 6-panel fold-out cover."
9/14/2011 Pupil Wah Pupil Wah c40 cassette $7.99 267 Lattajjaa "The myth of Pupil Wah is not yet well known, and that's not a big surprise, because now it's the first time when we hear anything about it. This album is a document of the genesis of this cosmic unit. Galactic pulses and noises in a burning cloudy stardust, leading into another parallel awareness of time and space. Heavily effected psychic Jamboree! Recorded in Bretagne, May 2011." Pupil Wah is Jani Hirvonen of Uton."
4/8/2010 Purple Haze Perpetual Shopping cassette $7.99 Heavy Blossom "Duo of Marcia Bassett (Double Leopards, Zaimph) and Taylor Richardson (Infinity Window, Prehistoric Blackout). Side a features dark rhythmic spaces filled in with tortured female vox and industrial synth stylings; while side b lightens the mood up a bit but is no less damaged in spirit. bright tones float like chem-trails only to submerge into jmz train-esque gunk.Recorded August/September 2009. Edition of 70 copies."
1/17/2010 PussyGutt Gathering Strengths LP $16.99 Olde English Spelling Bee "Third full-length release from this Boise, Idaho duo following two critically acclaimed efforts - the Sea Of Sand double-LP on OESB and She Hid Behind Her Veil CD on 20 Buck Spin. PussyGutt continue to develop their unique brand of doom soundtrack heaviness on Gathering Strengths, which features two side-long compositions titled 'Silence Within' & 'Spirit Walker'. Clarinets, violin, and cello are all prominent - lending this album even more of an avant-classical feel than previous efforts. The band calls this album 'an esoteric meditation on soul and nature' and they cite Alvin Lucier, Henry Gorecki, and Arvo Part as primary influences for these recordings - along with the funeral doom of groups like Nortt, Catacombs, and Celestiial. Aquarius Records sums it up best in their review of the CD: 'This is some seriously sinister shit, sweeping and darkly cinematic, the soundtrack to the eventual collapse of the universe, the sound of dying stars, or of some long slumbering beast awakening after millennia... infused with a deep otherworldly beauty.' Packaged in heavy duty covers silkscreened by Monoroid, limited and numbered edition of 550 copies." With glossy insert.
1/22/2011 Pyrrhic Thanatology Monger Totaliterrier c20 cassette $5.99 Gods of Tundra "PTM's brain waves only operate on the frequency of noise. Noise as a life. Noise as a way to communicate. Noise as a way to figure it all out. Noise as a way to tear it all down. C-20 (repeats on both sides of a c-60)."