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9/17/2006 N.A.D.M.A. Paura CD $18.99 Alga Marghen "N.A.D.M.A. was officially born between August and the beginning of September 1972 during the time spent in a little village in the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines. The identity and musical orientation of the collective centered on the convergence of heterogeneous interests and sensibilities coming from avant-garde jazz experiences liberated by post-free currents, from classical studies, or from musicians also active as visual artists, who had cultivated an instrumental practice utilising spontaneous expression. All the group members assimilated and creatively incorporated the most progressive influences of Afro-American music and the contemporary neo-avant-garde, but shifted noticeably in the direction of the contemplative and ecstatic vitality of non-European, especially African, musical cultures. The Natural Arkestra Da Maya Alta was, and still is, known to a limited group of devoted listeners on the merits of the only record released by RCA in 1973. The group, which represented one of the most innovative entities among the collectives of improvisers active in those years, perfectly expressed its musical virtues in a limited number of periodic live events. The concerts took place mostly in Milan during 1973-74. The CD starting this series, Paura, is named after the first track of the N.A.D.M.A. concert at Circolo Lepetit in Milan in March 1973, presented here in its entirety. In this concert, the very first live concert preserved on tape, N.A.D.M.A. already performs a well-established repertoire, integrating and expanding upon the material of the RCA LP. Davide Mosconi himself documents the aesthetic and existential horizons of N.A.D.M.A. in a typed text and handwritten notes presented here, which also include biographical data about all members of the group. The 16-page booklet also includes an essay by Gabriele Bonomo as well as original documents and photos."
6/25/2013 Naadyn Galaxy LP + download $22.99 Phantasma Disques "If you are into The Knife, Röyksopp and Grimes you should give this a try…" Limited edition color vinyl LP includes Free Download Code, interchangable Day/Night record sleeve and Japan OBI Strip. Numbered edition of 300 copies. Check out video from album here: https://vimeo.com/59697109
12/4/2010 Nace, Bill / Steve Baczkowski Live In Buffalo LP $26.99 8mm "Aka: the shape of (free) jazz to come. Bill Nace on electric guitar and Steve Baczowski on bass saxophone bless us with two sides of furious, raw improvised music. Their motto is easy to recognize from the beginning: total freedom, with instruments on fire moving along as if in the middle of a power electronics assault. Just a few seconds of silence, and then a small, delicate whistle starts, soon accompanied by a sinister percussive sound that introduces a sax / guitar dialogue which is the core of the album and absolutely fantastic. The sound keeps growing as the tone of the saxophone gets deeper and there is just enough time for another sonic wash before the piece ends. Wow. The second side begins with Baczkowski's saxophone lines sounding almost like a metallic didgeridoo, while Nace treats his strings through a really accurate work of sliding and scraping that eventually creates a spectral blues mood before collapsing into a wall of feedback. The two musicians can now explore the wide range of frequencies offered by their tools and there you have it: through saxophone solos, guitar explosions, and some moments of stasis, the intensity of Bill and Steve's interplay can reach the sublime effect of two instruments mingling together into one unique sound. Their extraordinary ability in creating abstractions is blessed here by the sacred fire of alchemy. Mastered by Bhob Rainey. Paste on colour artwork. 150 copies, hand numbered."
5/8/2015 Nace, Bill / Steve Baczkowski / Chris Corsano Stolen Car LP $25.99 Golden Lab Stolen Car, recorded in January 2013, performed by saxophonist Steve Baczkowski, drummer Chris Corsano, and guitarist Bill Nace, and featuring Paul Flaherty napkin art on the front and back covers, does something completely different again. The sprawling title jam that covers the entirety of side A scratches and crackles before exploding into a full-on roar of expressionism that stretches the boundaries of non-idiomatic improv. Side B collects three shorter, similarly rabid pieces, which each elevate Baczkowski's playing to mind-boggling levels as he proves his mettle against two of the most outstanding proponents of their respective instruments in the world. Absolutely unmissable and in a run of just 300 copies. 140-gram vinyl.
3/10/2011 Nackt Insecten Reality Bridge LP $21.99 Blackest Rainbow "Second full length LP from Scotland / New York weirdo Ruaraidh Sanachan who also is the guitar shredder in Moon Unit and runs on of the best tape labels in the UK, Sick Head. Reality Bridge's four tracks of psyche-out futuristic electric haze are a step up from Sanachan's previous full length LP, 'Quantum Odyssey' we released almost two years ago. 'Reality Bridge' is one hell of a record, pulling together kosmische synth, guitar wailing, sci-fi insanity and b-movie bliss outs. The record is housed in a pro-printed sleeve featuring new insane artwork by Ruaraidh featuring a super degraded repeated self portrait with synth in space. The artwork is definitely up there with the now classic 'Quantum Odyssey' cover. Pressed on virgin vinyl."
2/16/2005 Nada Yadaki Mind Tree CDR $12.99 musicyourmindwillloveyou "Nada combines the ancient tones of the didgeridoo with spoken word and sparse percussion to create a meditative atmosphere soaked in natural ambiance."
12/24/2005 Nada Baba Ambient Time Arm CDR $10.99 musicyourmindwillloveyou "Centered around the ancient Didgeridoo this second CD from NaDa BaBa features more than 14 instruments, field recordings, spoken word, effects and samples over a dizzy 60 minutes. Forget about New Age, this is speed didge as inner fractal flight portal. Trance ON!!!"
4/30/2008 Nadja Long Dark Twenties 7" $6.99 Anthem "An unusual turn for Nadja, which culminated via a chance meeting of AIDAN BAKER and JON AD of Anthem in NYC, This recording (on a single sided 7-inch) demonstrates Nadja's ability to fuse their sound to the construct of the pop cover, with the cover in question being "Long Dark Twenties," which was written by PAUL BELLINI of THE KIDS IN THE HALL, and was first widely heard in their film Brain Candy! In doing so, Nadja displays traits rarely exhibited in their music, like full vocals, drumming, even the good old classic pop chorus, all in such a remarkable way this it shows all that the possibilities for reinvention with this group are far from exhausted. One sided single with hand letterpressed covers (both inside and out)."
9/30/2008 Nadja Trembled CD $13.99 Utech Records "Trembled has returned, triumphantly. Released by Utech Records [046] in the summer of 2006 on limited cdr. The principal live recordings from Toronto have been remixed/remastered and include a rare performance of Swans "No Cure for the Lonely." The core of the release, though, is "Tremble", a cascading improvisation of drift and atmospherics revealed to audiences on an occasional basis. The track is telling of the fluidity with which Nadja create and why the band has become so highly regarded. "Breakpoint" and "Corrasion" complete the set. Exclusive material has been added in "Stays Demons" and a second version of "Tremble" recorded by Scott Slimm in Philadelphia. Illustration by Justin Bartlett. The ultimate document of Nadja at their most electric and empyreal. Edition of 900."
5/13/2011 Nadja & Black Boned Angel Christ Send Light one-sided LP $19.99 Sound Devastation "As Satan was chucked outta heaven his horn scraped a gash in the clouds and the resulting torrent of divine cloud/satanic blood is exactly the kinda goo that Nadja and Black Boned Angel wash themselves in on a regular basis. The first bites of a particularly bloody collaboration of soul-befuddling heaviness and sickening vistas viewed through rose tinted gas-mask lenses... Nadjas inherent sense of melodic-crushpop pushed RIGHT to the front and smothered in Black Boned Angels hideous, sugar-free toffee. Pure and unsoiled by the tiniest shred of hope, this is the sound of total defeat." Edition of 750 copies with etching on b-side.
8/1/2014 Nadler, Marissa July LP $15.99 Sacred Bones "Marissa Nadler wastes no time in cutting close to the bone on July, her latest album and first for her new North American label, Sacred Bones. "Drive" opens the record with one of her most devastating lines, addressing a quandary we have all grappled with at some point: "If you ain't made it now/ You're never gonna make it." July is the kind of release that reminds you why NPR counts Nadler's songwriting as so "revered among an assortment of tastemakers." This is a singular achievement for the artist, a record she couldn't have made earlier in her career because, as every songwriter knows, she didn't just write these songs: She lived them."
5/9/2009 Nadler, Marissa Little Hells CD $12.99 Kemado Records "We are proud to announce the latest release from renowned Boston singer/songwriter Marissa Nadler: Little Hells. On her fourth solo album, Marissa Nadler finds multiple ways to envelop the listener in splendid gauzy moods without becoming monochromatic. "The songs take on different personalities at different points in time," says Nadler. "If a song is good, you should be able to do it in any style and transform it, take a risk and have some fun." A master of creating rich dreamscape atmospheres, Nadler's voice shines and glides even more with a full band accompanying her. Produced by Chris Coady, the starry musical guests include longtime collaborator Myles Baer, Simone Pace (Blonde Redhead), and Dave Scher (Farmer Dave). Few contemporary artists can match the stunning ride of Marissa's reverb vocals that are a journey into themselves on every rose tinged track. Little Hells displays a brighter leap in musical maturity and attention to detail, as the fantasmagoric sounds delve into melancholy nuggets, sometimes erotic, sometimes gutting, but filled with a gorgeous sense of serene hope more so than previous album, Songs III: Bird on the Water." - Kemado.
5/9/2009 Nadler, Marissa Little Hells LP $13.99 Kemado Records "The core of Little Hells-- Marissa Nadler's elegiac and elegant fourth album-- is appropriately wedged in the middle: After moving alongside dual Wurlitzers and a theremin throughout opener "Heart Paper Lover", slowly waltzing above a country quartet on "Rosary", and augmenting a dark conversation between a man and his tired wife with industrial-iike programming and synths for "Mary Come Alive", Nadler settles back into her minimal roots for the next four tunes. During those 14 perfect minutes, it's just her voice and finger-picked acoustic guitar, augmented cautiously by piano, organ, and ripples of electronics. Surrounded by little else but her own melancholy, Nadler sums up her career's existential despair: "Ghosts and lovers/ They will haunt you for a while," she sings. And while they do, Little Hells suggests through 10 of Nadler's best songs yet, the sadness will either kill you or keep you going. Nadler's earlier albums delivered this somberness almost exclusively through songs for acoustic guitar. On those records, her backing musicians seemed intent upon emphasizing the spectral, lost-love tendencies of her words, adding ominous cello shrieks, sinister electric leads, or raggedy lo-fi touches, which found her tagged from the start as a freak-folk artist. As late as her most recent album-- the exquisite breakthrough Songs III: Bird on the Water-- she did little to dispel that categorization, filling the record with archaic language and outsider accompaniment by New England experimentalists like multi-instrumentalist Greg Weeks and cellist Helena Espvall. At last, Little Hells moves Nadler well beyond easy categories, thanks to a newfound clarity in her words, a compelling link between her songs, and production that sharpens her old strengths wheile brightly exposing new ones. Sonically, her reach is wider and more assured. On "Mary Come Alive", circular drumming, gauzed vocals, and synthetic harmonium suggest the unlikely union of Cocteau Twins and Swans. Meanwhile, "Loner" stacks organ sustains and submerges them beneath Nadler's strum and half-hummed coo. It's like Grouper coming back down the Hill or Valet emerging from the Acid, but more memorable and accessible than both. But the LP's highlight is still the four-song core that recalls vintage Nadler-- now played, captured, edited, and arranged better than in the past. Her only solo turn here, "Brittle, Crushed & Torn", is crisp and concise, the presentation revealing the strength of the melodies in her bass-heavy picking and the wispy vocals above. "The Whole Is Wide" uses only that voice and Dave Scher's staccato piano march; the simplicity helps the album's most lyrically complex song translate off the page as Nadler intertwines the stories of two women, Sylvia and Laila, who waste their life away in the absence of a man. Nadler swaps first- and third-person pronouns and twists verb tenses, building tension by suggesting that they're both dead or at least headed that way. That time-and-person slipstream is what binds the 10 tracks of Little Hells so well. Nadler mixes images of individuals in various stages of love and loss, often pairing them with imagery of death, decay, and rebirth. What Nadler's done on Little Hells suggests Antony and the Johnson's work on one of the year's other accomplishments, The Crying Light. Hegarty too alternated between thoughts of giving up, getting out, or fighting back. To do that, he eschewed the guests of I Am a Bird Now, choosing to sing with himself through fascinating harmonies, vocal lines intersecting with one another in unexpected patterns. He also expanded his sound in unexpected directions while refining what he'd always done well-- luxuriously layered arrangements-- through subtlety and tension. Nadler does all of that on Little Hells, and-- like Antony-- she's transcended freak folk as a result." - Grayson Currin, March 10, 2009, Pitchfork. 8.3 rating! Limited edition of 1000 copies.
6/10/2011 Nadler, Marissa Marissa Nadler CD $14.99 Box of Cedar "Marissa Nadler's Kickstarter funded self-titled self-release. Brian McTear produced the album, which Nadler says is the 'most honest, natural record' of her career." "You'll want this music to never end...best severe and complex emotions that we've possibly never recognized in this or previous lives." - LA Weekly.
6/10/2011 Nadler, Marissa Marissa Nadler LP $15.99 Box of Cedar "Vinyl version of Marissa Nadler's first self-released album. Brian McTear produced the album, which Nadler says is the 'most honest, natural record' of her career."
8/4/2007 Nadler, Marissa Songs III: Bird on the Water CD $13.99 Kemado Records "At first, Marissa Nadler's Songs III: Bird on the Water doesn't seem especially notable. It's a 12-track breakup album detailing Nadler's pervasive loneliness, her gentle finger-style guitar augmented with cello, percussion, mandolin, synthesizers, and electric guitars. Her voice is remarkable from the outset -- a sad, husky air that climbs to perfect grace notes with ease -- but by the time Nadler sings, "Oh my lonely diamond heart/ It misses you so well," 100 seconds into opener "Diamond Heart", you're pretty sure you've heard this one before. Not so fast: As Nadler and her gorgeous, incredibly isolated Songs III would have it, there's plenty worth waiting for. Nadler doesn't want empathy for the hurt that caused her to write "Diamond Heart" in a hotel room bathtub in New Jersey or "Bird on Your Grave" for a friend who died mysteriously; she's just trying to ease some of that monumental pain into the next space. And-- though its micro-payoffs may come in the form of a solitary harmony here, a hushed mandolin chord there, or the eerie bells lending a richer atmosphere to the beautiful "Dying Breed"-- such a feeling makes Songs III one of the most focused and engaging singer-songwriter releases so far this year. Of course, that can be a tough sell for folks accustomed to concentrated emotional whomp. Aside from its presiding atmosphere of pain, little about Songs III feels direct. It peels free in slow, steady layers, Nadler's sorrow ensconced in impressionistic phrases and careful musicianship. As a songwriter, she's still painting relationship trauma in grayscale sadness, occasionally calling on stunning images-- "eyes as deep as brandy wine," "red-painted lips and a jezebel crown," "breaking on the daylight"-- to better realize sullen torment. But that latter layer makes Songs III much more effective than Nadler's 2005 debut, The Saga of Mayflower May (wrong - Ballads of Living and Dying from 2004 was Marissa's debut - Ed). Nadler's a bandleader now: With acoustic wonderment still in place, she brings most of Philadelphia's Espers to bear here. They augment without distracting, building on her gravitas with quietly breathtaking nuance: A cymbal-scrape pallor from Otto Hauser, or Jesse Sparhawk's weeping mandolin; like Helena Espvall's doubled cello parts smeared over Nadler's "rose-colored dreams" on "Thinking of You", these sounds highlight the words. Even the album's loudest moment, Greg Weeks' piercing electric lead on "Bird on Your Grave", won't wow you from afar, but it will pull you close enough to identify with Nadler's pain. As a vocalist, Nadler stretches this environment towards infinity: By doubling and tripling her vocals and lacing several distinct interpretations of one melody, she implies that her despair is now as it was then as it always will be. During a splendid, organ-and-guitar take on Leonard Cohen's "Famous Blue Raincoat", for instance, the narrator's desolation comes doubled in verses, tripled in the chorus, and chased consistently by the organ. Doom follows her like a rain cloud, it seems, soaking her feelings but powering this, her best set of songs yet. Sure, that's a mundane thing to say about an artist, but on Songs III, it's notable after all." - Grayson Currin, March 07, 200. Pitchfork rated the album 8.1 - high praise indeed. Also, the CD includes a download card to get four previously unreleased bonus tracks. The 4 tracks are: Conjuring Spirit Worlds, Daisy and Violet, Honey Bear, Cortez the Killer (yes, a Neil Young cover). It's a great album - I wish I could have released this. Highly recommended!
11/15/2002 Nagisa Ni te On The Love Beach CD $12.99 Jagjaguwar "Shinji Shibayama recorded and released On The Love Beach, a beautiful, slow and entrancing work pulling equally from American and British rock traditions. Thus was born Nagisa Ni te, which means 'on the beach' in Japanese, an homage of sorts to Neil Young's 1975 masterpiece. Their psych folk tendencies notwithstanding, Nagisa Ni te also did well to take cues from the avant rock world around them at the time, comfortably implementing the minimalist credo 'less is more' throughout this record. Though On the Love Beach was Nagisa Ni te's debut, it is the second Nagisa Ni te record brought to the United States and Europe by Jagjaguwar. And like Feel, it does bring to mind the very best of sixties' and seventies' psychedelic, progressive and folk rock (i.e. early to middle-era Pink Floyd, George Harrison, Crazy Horse, and Roxy Music). Maher Shalal Hash Baz's Tori Kudo may describe Nagisa Ni te best when he says: 'Nagisa Ni te's naked Progressive rock-based worldly songs, which are sung not so much deliberately as seriously, on their love beach, now fill a blank somewhere between underground hi-fi and overground lo-fi.'"
11/20/2003 Nagoski, Ian Effortless Battle CD $11.99 Recorded "In an interview I recently read, Baltimore musician Ian Nagoski cites electrical transformers and cicadas as strong musical influences on his work, two sound making entities that people come in contact with almost daily during some periods of life, but objects that most people wouldn't be willing to concentrate on for anything more than a few minutes. This information in indispensable when examining Nagoski's music, as its ambient, slowly developing nature makes works like this disc's second track, 'Ripped Steam Hinterland' a similar listening experience. One might say it's too quiet, too static, or just not worth the focus with which one must approach it, but, to a listener who's willing to dedicate their ears to the sound, the track, and the album as a whole, is a rewarding and transporting listen. Effortless Battle begins with the disc's thirty-one minute title track, the soundtrack to a Catherine Pancake film of the same name. It begins with a very subdued, but dense fluttering, but nearly five minutes in, Nagoski utilizes a buzz which pans from left to right so vigorously that its circular motion seems almost baroque (by Nagoski's standards, of course). Slowly, though, a more constant tone takes control, a sound that makes up the majority of the rest of the track. Vaporous sounds slowly emerge from below, and the music swells in intensity. What follows is a gelatinous ebb and flow of tones, a woven ribbon of sound in constant, but subtle, movement. For upwards of twenty minutes, "Effortless Battle" twists and turns ever so slightly, shifting the focus smoothly from one thread of sound to another. As the end of the track nears, the music becomes a cloudy haze that only relents as the end of the track nears and a more placid tone returns, one with the hidden vestiges of a melody of which only hints can be heard through the rest of the viscous mass. 'Ripped Steam Hinterland,' the CD's second track, is a product of Daniel Conrad's Wild Wave. Conrad, usually known as a purveyor of light-based visual art, created the Wild Wave by building tone generators which, when activated, set the instruments' metal plates to vibrating. Fifteen minutes long, the track slowly swells from near silence to an insistent but unobtrusive, thickly layered, hum. Almost completely static at first listen, it's easily comparable to the surprisingly ornate ambient sounds created by appliances or the aforementioned transformers. What sounds like a constant hum contains, like an anthill, a great deal of unseen activity, and close listening reveals undulations and ghostly vibrations that might otherwise go unnoticed. There's a whole world of organic warmth, buzzing activity, and ethereal beauty in Effortless Battle, one must simply be willing to immerse themselves deep enough into the music to experience it fully. Those who do will be well rewarded." - Adam Strohm, fakejazz.com
7/9/2004 Nanjo, Asahito Group Musica Contemporary Kagura-Metaphysics CD $17.99 Fractal "A work of contemporary music performed in the rock idiom by Japanese underground rock legend, Asahito Nanjo. Nanjo is active in a wide variety of rock groups, but Group Musica exits in order to pursue a more universal musical vibration. Group Musica is an ensemble that pursues the free use of every type of Western and Eastern musical instrument, is propelled by the vibrations of very subtle rhythms, and that has internalized the methodology of minimalism. The concept behind this album is transform KAGURA, an ancient form of Japanese music and dance that was performed for the gods, and is to convert the ideas of Secret teachings and ancient Chinese methods of divination (the I-Ching) into a metaphysics of musical vibrations. The concept of KAGURA allows Group Musica to create a unique work that is an experimental symphonic composition, which nonetheless has many rich improvisatory elements. In this unique work, the symbolic/philosophical nature of ancient esotericism is incorporated as improvisation, while the I-Ching is related to avant-garde symphonics. These are then fused into a total concept. Many different musicians from various genres participate in Group Musica, but their contributions are filtered through Nanjo's musical sense and thus altered, fused and structured. It is for this reason they remain anonymous - Group Musica exists as a total entity. Recorded in 1993 & 1994, this album is a colossal long studio work which has necessitated more than 400 overdubbings. An extraordinary adventure in sounds and the most astonishing musical project by High Rise's leader!"
5/24/2003 Nar, Hiroshi Wanted Dead or Alive $5000 3" CD $10.99 Hello Good-bye Studio “Wanted Dead or Alive $5000 gathers more home recordings, this time from 1974, cut during his tenure with Toshiaki Ishizuka’s proto-punk Zuno Keisatsu. This is one of his wildest discs, especially the last two tracks: pop songs assembled with a concréte-punk sensibility that splices snatches of electric guitar, Beefheart-styled horn abuseand a hilarious fast rapping baby with doo-wopping rock ‘n’ roll and frayed folk guitar.” – David Keenan, Wire May 2003
11/15/2008 Nash, Ben Alcatraz Dialect CDR $9.99 Recollections of Knulp "New 25 minute, 2 track cd-r. Guitar, Ukelele, Cymbal, Bells, Shakers, Synthesizer, Recorder & Voice. Edition of 96 hand-numbered copies."
8/23/2009 Nash, Ben & Sophie Cooper Alchemy CD $13.99 Blackest Rainbow / Recollections of Knulp "Recorded over a weekend back in the early months of 2009, here are 2 tracks of multi instrumental composition from Ben Nash and Sophie Cooper (CooperJones). The music here is truly beautiful, personally I think this is some of the best work to come from both Ben and Sophie so far. Total late night guitar meanderings blurred with a haze of deep churning scrapes from various instruments and layered drone bliss, creating 2 totally immersive and beautiful psychedelic drone. Some of the guitar playing here has a beautiful Loren Connors mets Ry Cooder Paris Texas era sound, and then when both Ben and Sophie reach for the gee-tars you have the beautiful mix of Ben's reflective electric blues and Sophie's purely relaxed acoustic musings, totally fantastic. This really has it down for me as something truly different, lets hope that they continue to record as this duo. I certainly cannot wait for more... Glass mastered pro pressed CD (not cdr) in pro printed full colour card wallet, one time pressing of 1000. Co-released with Ben's own Recollections of Knulp label."
4/24/2006 Nath Family Sounds of the Indian Snake Charmer Vol. 2 cassette $6.99 Hanson Records "Outtakes from the SOUNDS OF THE INDIAN SNAKE CHARMER lp/cd. Full band tracks as heard on the LP, but also a couple DUO tracks from the 2 brothers. More Volumes to come."
6/30/2010 Native Cats Always On LP $11.99 Ride The Snake "Hobart, Tasmania, 2007. True: Julian Teakle, guitarist, singer, library technician, man of note, once of theFrustrations, once of the Bad Luck Charms has plans for a new band. This time, though, he'll put away the guitar and limit himself to playing some rib shuddering bass, and leave the singing to Peter Escott, typist, one-time Bad Luck Charms collaborator and self described "Mayor Mike Haggar of piano music". Julian has already decided that they are to be named the Native Cats. Peter does not argue with this. The pair get straight to work, although very rarely together. When they do meet, they typically write and demo two or three new songs in the space of an hour. Why don't they meet more often, then? Well: why doesn't the bank just print more money? They played their first show on Australia Day 2008, enabling them to strike down both colonial imperialism and the Triple J Hottest100 results in one fell swoop. Their early shows were all played with backing tracks running on a Discman, but the bass vibrations kept making the CD skip. Nowadays they've got a real live drum machine and a Nintendo DS running a Korg emulator thatmakes everything sound like Contra1occurs to me now: if so, were they really those Melbourne kids? No matter. They have also supported, among others, . In 2009 they played the Flip Out festival and made those Melbourne kids dance. Although it Batrider, Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Baseball, Dave Graney and the Lurid Yellow Mist, Naked on the Vague, Clockcleaner, El Guincho, My Disco, and an art exhibition that, as far as they could tell, consisted entirely of photographs of a televisionset displaying various different sets of breasts. No wonder; the Native Cats are a deeply sexual band. Their first album is called Always On. It runs ragged and rampant through the rapid-fire rave of Be Your Healer, the steel-toedtip-toe of 1000 A.D., the haunted, heavenly scrap-yard of Shovel on Shovel, and the sunny-day Out Run 2 apocalypse drive ofThe Image of Annie & Ivan. There's a melodica, some piano strings being hit with coins, some Chinese worry balls, some gardeningtools, but call it avant-garde and it'll either sulk or slit your throat; front and centre are Julian's primal bass chants and Peter'scornered, last-ditch croon, with a little help from an old Casiotone drum beat sped up and set to, let's say, "Bossanova". Hot onthe heels of Always On came Catspaw, a 7" single on White Denim; hot on the heels of Catspaw comes Always On again, brought toyou by Ride the Snake, this time as a crunchin', thumpin' LP! Hot on its own heels! Hot damn!" Dave's Review: "One of the most creative bands currently breaking through has to be Tasmania's own The Native Cats. Julian Teakle and Peter Escottshowed their musical skills in one of my favorite bands, The Bad Luck Charms, now they enhance those skills in the new and very different sounding, The Native Cats. Their first album 'Always On' has man aged to blow me away after just one listen. There is just so much to love about this album whether it be the deep, intense sound of 'Water Down' or the addictive back beat that gets stuck in your head after you hear '1000ad'. There is no easy way to describe the sound that The Native Cats produce. Some would say electro music mixed with great lyrics, but I choose to say that tracks like 'Be Your Healer' use the electro sounds of VAST and mixes them with great Nick Cave-esque vocals on tracks like 'No Demons' and 'Survival House'. 'Always On' also has to be one of the most schizophrenic albums I've heard so far this year. It's mood drifts from the mellow 'Shovel On Shovel' to the happy feel good 'Once And Never Again' and then onto the confronting 'The Image Of Annie 7 Ivan'. But the one thing you can't deny is the talent of these musicians. That is there for all to hear on the beautifully written 'Game Of Numbers'. 'Always On' has to be one of the surprise packets of the year, I just know that this is going to be an album that I will listen to for years to come. RATING:- ***** (out of 5)"
3/3/2005 Naturaliste Gold CDR $8.99 Imvated "Omaha's noise pioneers and avant hope deliver 45 minutes of faboulous live recordings. 4 years (1999-2003) ranging from tearing junknoise, rough edits, lonely drones, lonesome stories and intense improv."
3/20/2010 Naucke, Brett Southern California c30 cassette $5.99 Arbor "The debut release under his own name, Brett Naucke's Southern California is an aptly titled seven track suite. In the nature of his other projects, Face Worker and Exercise, Naucke continues his exploration of upward advancement through a contemporary approach to ambient, classically new age music; here he wholly embraces discrete structures allowing the tracks to carry a natural progression, transparently simple though deeply considered. Recalling the work of early 80's West Coast composers such as Ray Lynch, Naucke's command of smooth synthesis is both meditative and active; drifting washes of light, organized tones. Translucent, linear growth; following the clouds across the sky. In an edition of 125 copies with full color cardstock covers and labeled tapes."
3/26/2006 Nautical Almanac Cover The Earth LP $16.99 Heresee "CARLY PTAK, TWIG JOHNSON and MAX EISENBURG marshal in the era of The New Electronics, which, get this, works without electricity. For reals, man. Eight tracks, maybe nine-c'mon, you don't still believe in numbers-that swizzle the Baltimore trio's unfathomable home-made chaos into uneven blasts of ravaging ping-pong "beats," distorted, rack-stretched taunts and/or pleas for mercy, and rapidly exfoliating cries of outrage. Whether aiming for that rising blister on your psyche or just stumbling like dazed Muppets in a frequency-and-perspective-gone-haywire blizzard, Cover the Earth removes NAUTICAL ALMANAC from the fascinating curios section and files them under "noise force to be reckoned with." - Revolver
2/7/2009 Nautical Almanac Melding Linearality LP $17.99 Tusco Embassy "First 12" vinyl release on TE. lacquers cut at home by twig harper spring 2008. 'THIS RECORD PLAYS DIFFERENTLY EVERY INSTANCE IT IS PLAYED. You must give back.' Limited to 300 copies."
5/8/2005 Nautical Almanac Rejerks 4 CDR $12.99 Heresee "First release of newest sounds styles of nautikilyal almindtik... Continuing in the theme of REJERKS: A smokey rusty fried vibe with inert soundmanship scattered thjru yer speakerst, a total brain spliced tape technique with bunk electronics, bass, vox, drums. Large on the Confusing + Awesome content, this document reaaches as back far to first LP! Edition of 200 copies."
1/21/2005 Nautical Almanac Rejerks Vol 3 CDR $12.99 Heresee "3rd installment of this series. Rejerks=rejerks. 3 rejerks/ Max, Ptak and Harper. Triple mixing board chain line share/feedback with inputs of room mics, tape loops, goatickens throat boxes, junk and tape loops, processed and then reprocessed.chained and direct. Blown out, sloppy, nasty shit.... inaudible transcriptions of a contact miked cat in heat, tossed in water of course. 5 tracks. 48:09 minutes . cdr. limited 100 . photocopied . damaged."
2/12/2008 Nazi Knife Issue #4 graphic zine $24.99
Nazi Knife is a graphic zine edited in France by Hendrik Hegray and Jonas Delaborde. "The fourth issue was released in late 2007 and limited to 1000 copies - features artwork from Jonas Delaborde, Hendrik Hegray, Julien Carreyn, Heath Moerland, John Olson, Pat Maherr, Ryan Riehle, Sebastien Joly, Anthony Prouteau, Christopher Forgues, Antoine Marquis, Romain Perrot, Dominick Fernow, Jeanne Kiesgen, Mat Brinkman, Andrew Zukerman, Stumead, Andy Bolus, Laurent Plessiet, Stephane Prigent, Sylvie P, Benjamin Bergman, Andres Ramirez, Pauliina Mäkelä, Carlos Gonzales, Jacques Noël. Check it out at http://nkzine.free.fr/
2/24/2015 Nebulae Nebulae c48 cassette $7.99 Psi Lab "killer eponymous debut from this oklahoma city by way of the virgo supercluster jam band, a four headed space hydra that feeds on entire galaxies & leaves these heady moody jams in its wake, fusing soaring space rock with a zoned in shoegaze mentality and an impressive arsenal of fuzzed out stoner metal flavored riffs, this is a cosmic post rock opera of sorts, the main engines rock n roll then burn out to deep space lonerism jettisoned for heavy psych blasters and blissed out cruisers with a finale like hawkwind's master of the universe comin in hot, guns blazin, fans of bardo pond, eternal tapestry, carlton melton and yuri gagarin will wanna grip this real quick." Sample here: https://soundcloud.com/psilabtapes/pl06-nebulae-sample
9/30/2003 Need New Body UFO CD $12.99 File 13 "Featuring ex-members of BENT LEG FATIMA, this Philly collective are not afraid to mix folk, electronic, free jazz, skronk, overdriven keyboards, banjos, bicycle wheels, new wave, punk and bluegrass into a hybrid reminiscent of acts like CAN, SUN CITY GIRLS, FAUST, Tom Waits, and BEEFHEART. But the individuality is there between the layers of this brain-bending cake."
3/21/2007 Neg-Fi -1 and Other Big Numbers CDR $11.99
"CDR release of material culled from their early cassettes, etc. Highlights include the 2006 La Superette theme song... "In the '50s, a time of postwar optimism and faith in science, there was Hi-Fi. In the '90s, an era of slackers and diminished expectations, there was Lo-Fi. In the '00s, a time of neanderthal government and outright contempt for the arts, there is Neg-Fi. A watershed moment in the history of art and music--some might say sub-nadir..." - Tom Moody
3/21/2007 Neg-Fi Listen-OK CDR $11.99
"First LP release from this punishingly adorable Brooklyn duo of sometimes Branca ensemblists. Minimalist post no-wave noise bursts mix with walkie talkie feedback and sparse melodies.
3/21/2007 Neg-Fi Listen-OK LP $12.99
"First LP release from this punishingly adorable Brooklyn duo of sometimes Branca ensemblists. Minimalist post no-wave noise bursts mix with walkie talkie feedback and sparse melodies. Hand-numbered LP - limited edition of 200.
12/24/2005 Negative Entropy MS Stubnitz Stockholm 9.7.98 CD $12.99 Absurd "recorded back in 98, edited by michael prime this is the 2nd release of negative entropy (hence the extract featured on michael's flabbergasting "requiem" lp on die stadt), the brainchild of michael prime (morphogenesis)& geert feytons (noise maker's fifes) who offers us some of their finest obscure and adventurous live & raw dronescapes through this amazing delirium! the recording/offer that actually started the what absurd calls its 'mark II' era and also the idea that gave birth to editions_zero's scandinavian branch under the 'utan titel' moniker." Edition of 488 copies.
2/12/2008 Nemoi Untitled EP 3" CDR $6.99 Something on the Road "This EP comprises of one long track that was picked from a few improvised sessions recorded between May - August 2007. The music was played to an old tape recorder with only an unplugged electric guitar at hand. The sessions took place mostly at the end of the day, around sunset time, at a city center apartment in Jerusalem. The creation process of this EP - bare guitar playing combined with random "field-recordings"/ noises captured from the street outside the room - aimed to birth authentic 'Jerusalem folk.'" Limited edition / 40 numbered copies in a special postcard sleeve.
8/2/2008 Neon Death Slittes Grim War of Chaos Magick 3" CDR $6.99 First Person "Incredible new set from Phil Legard (Xenis Emputae Travelling Band, Ashtray Navigations, Larkfall label) dredged and presented in accordance with his peerless and undisputed knowledge of subterranean rock of the last 30 years. Track one lets you know what to expect kicking off with an unholy marriage of Cosi Fanni Tutti guitar scrabble and Bob Calvert sci fi paranoia before the dam breaks and the whole mess is filtered through a broken Watkins Copicat manhandled by Joe Meek on a bad hair day. 60's garage scuzz crashes head on with overheated and badly wired analogue synths all combined with an innate knowledge and respect for today's current noise practitioners. A breathtaking release made all the more incredible by Legard's accompanying artwork."
7/23/2004 Neon Hunk / My Name Is Rar Rar split 7" $4.99 Liquid Death / Hello Pussy Records "Milwaukee's dynamic duo Neon Hunk are back with their brand of cartoon voiced lazer keyboard n' beats oddity! Fresh from the mutation tanks, the Hunks remain untouched with this follow up to their 11 song 'Abra Cadaver' 7" on LDR/HPR and bring you 5 more tracks of all out 'Puke-e-mon' styled no wave fun. To make things even crazier, we've paired them up with Chicago's no wave synth-freak band, My Name Is Rar Rar!! Consisting of ex-members of such notorious acts as Xerobot, The Hex, and The Flying Luttenbachers, this act serves up a herky jerky ride to the mental ward via a no wave all star line-up of sorts! This is the first of many things to come for this amazing band of sideshow freaks, but for now we tease you with 2 tracks of musical genius! Weird man, weird..." Edition of 500 copies on clear vinyl.
4/20/2004 Neon Pearl 1967 CD $13.99 Acme / Lion "First time on CD for these incredible sessions from the year of psychedelia’s apex. Top notch floating underground psych with organ and harmonium, featuring members of PLEASE and THE FLIES who were later in legendary band T2 (the notes in the eight-page booklet try to make the convoluted band history clear). This edition is taken from the master tapes, and comes complete with two bonus tracks not on the limited LP edition!"
12/4/2003 Neon Pearl 1967 Recordings LP $25.99 Acme "First time issue for the earliest of the Peter Dunton (Please, Gun, T2, Infinity) bands, here with Bernard Jinks and Nick Spenser, the same line-up as the second version of Please from 1969; the band had been playing these tracks in German clubs from June to November of 1967, providing the first psychedelic experience for the Berlin audiences they blew away night after night; upon their return to the UK, they were given studio time to record as many tracks as they could - this LP includes two acoustic demos, and six tracks from these recording sessions; since the peripatetic Dunton moved on to four other projects in the next two years after these recordings were made, it is no surprise that they have been completely overlooked (especially as no one had heard them!); but it is a happy day for fans of British psychedelia that this tasty platter has been unearthed at last- all trippy originals, with no filler. A significant event.”
2/11/2006 Nervoid How to Pull the Wool Over Your Own Eyes cassette $5.99 Black Velvet Fuckere Originally listed here with the title of 'Helpful Hints when Travelling Down the Path Your Parents Warned Against'. "One of the very first Black Velvet Fuckere releases (1997) is now again available. Imagine your favorite Very Good Recordings artists covering Twin Infinitives armed with only two microcassettes and a tape deck. Recorded 1995-97."
4/16/2015 Nether Dawn, The A Warm Dark Glow CD $14.99 Yogoh Record "Antony Milton's side project The Nether Dawn (Antony says 'midnight drone blues' project). Antony Milton is New Zealand experimental scene's important person. A Warm Dark Glow was recorded in an old abandoned military bunker and his home studio with violinist Chris Prosser evoking John Cale. He expresses an eternal psychedelic folk music By a mixture inherited Spirit from Bruce Russell and folk music had affected him." Sample here: https://soundcloud.com/y-goh-record/a-warm-dark-glow Wow!
12/24/2005 Neung Phak Fucking USA 7" $8.99 Abduction "Oakland, CA-based Neung Phak are hit-playing Southeast Asian psych-pop fusion artpranksters. Their exotic alter ego Mono Pause shares members with absurdist cut-and-paste legends Negativland. When Pyongyang Airlines flight 009 from North Korea landed at San Francisco International Airport, the members of Neung Phak stepped defiantly onto the tarmac - clutching the master tapes of their compelling new single Fucking USA, which were rushed to Abduction records for immediate release. This is the first recording ever made by "Americans" in Pyongyang's Kim Studios - and it shows! The extended play B-side features a new version of the Thai classic "Tui Tui Tui" and a journey into experimental pop balladry that is second to none - a radio friendly "Far King USA." This vibrant explosion of color and hatred comes dressed to kill in a beautiful package on the thickest vinyl there is. Neung Phak backsides the forefront once again! Edition of 300 copies, thick vinyl, and full-color picture sleeve!"
2/21/2007 Neuntöter Der Plage Last Wish / Acid Reign LP $11.99 SNSE "Extremely cold and minimalistic terror drones accompanied by ghastly, inimitable vocalizations. NEUNTÖTER DER PLAGE is the long-running project of Ryan Opperman, aka Redrot / Xombie / Post Mortem Junkie, and operator of the Skeletone label. After many cdr and cassette releases on labels such as Truculent Recordings and Slaughter Productions, among others, this is the vinyl debut of the project." Edition of 306 copies.
9/16/2007 Nevari Butchers, The The Herbst Silo one-sided 7" $5.99 Hanson "New recordings from myself (Aaron Dilloway) & Michael Travis, recorded in the Herbst Silo, resulting in 2 horrible cases of poison ivy. Abstract junk percussion and cassette taped organ drones recorded on my father's killer pump organ. Limited editon of 150 copies on Red vinyl w/ red inner sleeves."
1/28/2015 New Blockaders, The & Artbreakhotel Haikagura double CD $26.99 Art Into Life This album has been designed to be played as loudly as possible.
"Rusting metal junk, discarded as trash by a world that saw no value in it, but when filled with blood, flesh and bone it can be transformed into potent sources of energy. Those chunks of energy are designed to rouse once more our savage souls, to drag us out of our comfortable everyday reality into an imaginary world. TNB present us with a choking, vacuum-like, hermetically sealed space where you utterly lose touch with your senses, whereas ABH dwell with our senses then push them towards freedom.
The cover art is a classical, elegant portrait photo by Rupenus which has then been walked over and spat on by Yamada.
Package consists of a long box, containing a handmade ‘objet’ card made of scrap metal (each one is different in shape and design) and a twelve-page booklet of artwork by the two musicians. Limited edition of 250."
11/4/2006 New Blockaders, The / Thurston Moore / Jim O'Rourke The Voloptulist CD $12.99 Hospital Productions "Dream-team hook-up between a trio of the most important free-noise theorists of the modern age, the UK's New Blockaders and Thurston and Jim of Sonic Youth et al. Hard to work out who is doing exactly what here - though the presence of drummer Chris Corsano on the second track is pretty unmistakable - but the overall feel is of one of TNB's early Symphonie X works populated by thin strings of feedback, the crackle of electronic jack-to-jack friction and a subtle ring of bone. Beautifully eerie and a little more pro-drone than the bulk of TNB's work. Second track is just unbelievable, with a slow hiss of feedback torn apart by Corsano's triumphal, spirit/energy scattershots, marching a legion of ghosts all the way over the horizon. Highly recommended." - Volcanic Tongue
2/21/2005 New Blockaders, The with The Haters Zero Is The Journey CD $15.99 PsychForm Records "The 1st ever collaboration between these 2 noise legends...this one has a surprise, a new dimension in nihilism, the sound of chaos imploding in on itself. Limited edition of 500, CD only."
4/24/2006 New Fairfield Parks & Recreation Aftermath Victoria Analysis CDR $7.99 Foxglove "Hailing from Hong Kong comes New Fairfield Parks & Recreation (nfpnr). Soaking themselves in the austere rays of the blackened sun, this duo transforms the sounds of an urban park into something simultaneously sublime and dissonant. these recordings are finely sculpted from the mirth of the dirt and trees, serenading the heavens as dusk approaches from the east. thick walls of electric guitar howl weave between the cicada screams and wailing branches. nfpnr are brilliant at mixing these field recordings with the spectral mass of their instruments. "aftermath victoria analysis" is only the beginning." Edition of 100 copies.
4/27/2015 New Jooklo Age Magneticus c40 cassette $6.99 Lal Lal Lal "Incredible autumnal recordings from the mighty Jooklos. Here the duo of Virginia Genta and David Vanzan play curved soprano saxophone, bike horn, electric organ and reel-ro-reel machine through modified tape echo. Although the musicianship is superb as always, the echo unit (borrowed from Sumsilobatem Studio) is the key element here. It gives the music very special surreal cut and paste sound with distortions that can only happen on magnetic tape. The result is seriously magical and unique. For one thing this tape is quite easy to compare though - it's vibes are close to the more experimental 60's Sun Ra recordings. C40 comes inside silk screened covers, in edition of 70."
2/15/2005 Newman, Harris Accidents with Nature and Each Other CD $12.99 Strange Attractors Audio House "Experiments with the raw sounds of the naked steel string and a wider palette of instrumentation augment beautifully his particular brand of guitar soli. The result is a rather diverse array of sounds and structures, all centered on the acoustic guitar. Languid, gorgeous melodies and hefty fingerpicking workouts bump up against ghostly harmonics and acoustic drones. A trio of solo workouts mark the beginning of the album, harkening both the aggressive trajectory of Leo Kottke and pastoral terrain of Robbie Basho."
10/6/2007 Newman, Harris Decorated CD $12.99 Strange Attractors Audio House "Of the players involved in the recent resurgence of fingerstyle guitar, Harris Newman has established himself as a primary envoy on the modern day steel-stringer shortlist. As with the case of his brothers-in-arms Jack Rose, Glenn Jones and Steffen Basho-Junghans, each of whom borrow from the past traditions of mavericks Fahey, Basho et al but have re-invented the sound and style with fresh perspectives, Newman distinguishes his music even further with a very idiosyncratic sound. In contrast to the name of the album, Harris Newman opts for a somewhat stripped-down, almost minimalist approach to Decorated."
10/6/2007 Newman, Harris Decorated LP $12.99 Strange Attractors Audio House "A new album from one of the leading players in the finger-style guitar playing movement. In contrast to the name of the album, Harris Newman opts for a somewhat stripped-down, almost minimalist approach to Decorated. Subtle and introspective, the first half of the album showcase's Newman's brand of solo acoustic guitar, while the second half showcases his electric guitar work with Eric Craven accompanying on drums.
10/19/2003 Newman, Harris Non-Sequiturs CD $12.99 Strange Attractors Audio House "Newman is a finger-style steel-string acoustic guitarist possessing a remarkably detailed and lush sound, and he is creating some of the most lyrical compositions for the instrument to be heard anywhere. Non-Sequiturs his debut release, a fabulous album of alternately effervescent and deeply mysterious acoustic guitar grandeur. Newman's acoustic finger-picking dances and swaggers, creating a sunny expanse of tunes that are augmented by stark, introspective passages. Much like Faheys classic 1967 album The Yellow Princess, Non-Sequiturs juxtaposes giddy, pastoral songs against heady, experimental sound excursions."
5/24/2014 Newman, Tim A Truce Between The Cerebral and The Brutish CDR $8.99 267 Lattajjaa Psychedelic drone ambient, to be released in january 2014. "In the past, the music I made had two distinct qualities running through it. One was melody, the other was the sounds used to carry the melody. The sound was arrived at by choice of instrument and effects / processing / filtering etc. A cd I recorded as The Dovetail Consort represented a departure from this process. The sounds used were restricted to acoustic instruments with no processing other than reverb. This allowed me to concentrate on melody as the only variable. This cd looks at the other side of the equation, focusing purely on sound and dispensing with melody. The tracks are made up of single continuous notes played on guitar and heavily processed and looped sections of Indian classical music, The album title comes from a description underneath a photo of King Crimson in The Wire magazine, "a truce between the cerebral and the brutish" just seemed to sum the album up.." - Tim Newman
2/4/2007 Niagara Falls / The Clear Spots Plays Spiral Isles / Smokehouse Debris CDR $8.99 Deep Water "Our first split CD, two complementary mini-albums merged into one mind-altering whole. Philadelphia-based Niagara Falls follow up two fine CDs on their own Honeymoon Music label with perhaps their most evocative electro-acoustic drones to date, an aural tour of a misty archipelago located just off the coast of dreamland; 3 tracks, 30 minutes. Meanwhile, the Clear Spots roll up one of their most fried rural noise fatties yet, assembling various wreckage from last year's successful orbital barn launch into an imposing edifice that towers over the scree on the far side of the ridge; 1 25-minute track in 4 parts."

Nick Riff Cloak Of Immortality CD $15.99 Delerium Psychedelic guitar mayhem
10/5/2004 Nico Walpurgisnacht (Raritaten und Konzerte – Teil II) CD $24.99 Faust 12 tracks – 76+ minutes featuring 8 live tracks from 1985-1986 and one live track with John Cale from 1970. Also features studio tracks with Kevin Ayers (1974), studio collaboration with Neuronium (1978) plus one other track.
9/16/2007 Night Movie $40 Oz. cassette $7.99 Fag Tapes "from the heat bent mind melt of San Marcos, Texas the mad brain of Glen Morren (Cygnus, Odd Clouds) brings you morose, stoned soundtrack of the night. the Sun is pure evil. can only function at night. guitar and organ solo debut! amazing moody stuff! edition 50."
1/24/2009 Night Shift Night Shift CDR $8.99 267 Lattajjaa "Self-proclaimed punk-ambient from Russia, recorded as trio in 2006-2007. Moscow-Yaroslavl"
2/4/2007 Night Wounds Allergic to Heat LP $10.99 Fuck It Tapes "Night Wounds has existed in Maine, New Hampshire and Los Angeles before deciding on the Pacific Northwest (Portland). Constantly changing and falling part, pulling itself together to tour and release a EP, several limited cassettes and a split 7" with Coughs on labels like Gilgongo, Fuck It Tapes, Not Not Fun, etc. Too many ex-members to list, so why try? Compared to New York circa '81 and early 90's Chicago, but louder. Self-described as "Art Gunk". Touring constantly. "Allergic to Heat" was recorded in early 2006 in a downtown LA practice space by the band. 8 songs just shy of 30 minutes, mostly recorded live. Everything from angular post punk to primitive no wave and free experimentation, rarely covering the same ground twice." - label. "..the sound of some infernal machine harvesting the souls of the wicked" - The Boston Phoenix.
1/1/2008 Nightstalker Use double LP $35.99 Nasoni "Band form Greece, Use is a Vinyl Release of an Album that was orginally released of in CD in 1996. Double Vinyl with 3 live bonus Tracks. We are pretty sure this fits the bill of 'forgotten gem'." Edition of 500 copies.
3/28/2010 Nihilist Assault Group & Blue Sabbath Black Cheer Planned Obsolescence LP $12.99 Gnarled Forest "All out noise war collaboration LP between BSBC & NAG. Nihilist
Assault Group = Richard Rupenus, Mark Durgan & Michael Gillham. Blue Sabbath Black Cheer = wm.Rage, Stan Reed & Sean Dow. Mixed By Stan
Reed and wm.Rage. Mastered by Scott Colburn. Cover art by Dominic Black. Pro-printed LP jackets / 11x11" insert. Edition of 400 copies.
9/18/2013 Nihilist Spasm Band Breaking Wind LP $24.99 Rekem Records "As nicolas was heading for his roaring forties birthday, we were wondering whether we should issue a release to celebrate the occasion or should we throw a party or whatever. On the one hand lots of radical changes had taken place in the rekem HQ during the last year and found the four of us in a state of flux. On the other, a release idea to which you can always return and use as a sound diary, was bringing shivers from the absurd heyday and ultimately we couldn't resist the idea of doing one. Whom to invite for it? Without any second thought, the name of the Nihilist Spasm Band stuck to our minds. A band of friends who -for nearly half a century- hold regular Monday-night meetings/improvisations, their music has been a companion to our explorations in the world of obscure music, ever since our first encounter with it almost 23 years ago. And the recording and title the NSB suggested to us couldn't have fit any better, marking a crossroads in our lives with their free-as-the-wind sound that will now accompany new journeys."

Nihilist Spasm Band No Record LP $38.99 Cortical Foundation "With printed insert circa 1968 (Arts Canada) A companion release to the Intersystems Number OneLP; both originally on Allied records, and both of these groups representing extremes in art bands in Canada 1960's. A proto-dada assault, No Record heralds a do it yourself punk aesthetic with unrestrained humor and noise performed on largely home-made instruments. Electric charged and indispensable to anyone interested in Sonic Youth, the LAFMS, Japanese Noise, and anarchistic music in general. 220 Gram Vinyl. DMM Quality Pressing. Limited Edition 700 copies."
4/12/2012 Nihilist Spasm Band Nothing is Forever LP $17.99 Wintage "The legendary and near mythical first warriors of noise, bring forth their new LP. Four new head hitting masterpieces of no music laid down at London, ON. Forest City Gallery. Titles include No Solution, You Can Do It If You Try; with Nothing is Forever and Music Is Fun on the B side. Album comes on full color professionally printed album jacket on candy apple red vinyl." Ltd. Ed. to 500 Watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vSZu2EG8PKI
5/7/2004 Nilssen-Love, Paal & Hakon Kornstaed Schlinger CD $15.99 Smalltown Supersound "More spontaneous and free music from Smalltown Supersound, this time from Norway's very own Paal Nilssen-Love and Hakon Kornstaed. Schlinger is an exercise in acoustic free styling that boosts with pure and raw energy, as Kornstad and Nilssen-Love lean not only to the great American free-jazz tradition, but also to the sounds of '60s garage rock, modern electronica, funk and soul. Schlinger is cutting edge jazz, Scandinavian style. Wild, beautiful and obsessive."
7/16/2004 Nimbus 2000 Kettle of Fish Walking: Complete Recordings 1999-2003 CD $6.99 Octane Grammophon "Nimbus 2000 is another of Daf Roberts' (Alphane Moon, Our Glassie Azoth, Blodeuedd) projects and again his musical offerings give us something that is really worthy of investigation. ‘Kettle of fish walking - compete recordings 1999-2003’ contains every Nimbus 2000 track Daf Roberts has recorded and released on his own Oggum label. Some of these recordings originally came out on a series of split 7" eps. Further Nimbus 2000 tracks were released (two to be precise) on a charity compilation CD Oggum released featuring Magic Carpathians, Electroscope and Flying Saucer Attack, to name a few. ‘Kettle of Fish Walking’ includes all of these tracks with two brand new songs exclusive to this compilation. And the music...? Deep-space exlporing. picture yourself voyaging somewhere between a time and an unknown. from somewhere you hear a softly spoken voice reading children's fairytales. All this is realised within a totally rich, colorful, unique and warm soundscape which recalls the sound of 70's german synth-wizards Schulze and Tangerine Dream. Magical. Have a flow and go. Note that this is a MiniCD of 20 minutes."
11/20/2014 Nin, Anais Bells of Atlantis LP $17.99
"Hugh Parker Guiler (1898-1985) was Anaïs Nin's husband from 1923 until her death in 1977. He was a successful banker who used the name "Ian Hugo," to keep his art and experimental filmmaking career separate from the disapproving financial world In 1954, "Hugo" made a short film called Bells of Atlantis, featuring Nin, who appears as a mythical queen of Atlantis, reading from her 1936 surrealist novella House of Incest and an electronic music soundtrack courtesy of Louis and Bebe Barron (who made a similar score for Forbidden Planet two years later)." Check this out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HE-7qEftad8
10/8/2010 Ninni Morgia & William Parker Prism double LP $21.99 Ultramarine "Prism" is the result of the collaboration between upright bassist William Parker and Italian guitarist Ninni Morgia. William Parker needs no introduction; a master player of his instrument, Derek Bailey described him as "one of the few ones left who play pure Free Jazz". Ninni Morgia, after proving his versatility on his previous works (Control Unit with Daniel Carter, The Right Moves, Quivers...) here reaches the top-level of avant guitar, his sounds ranging from Stockhausen's tape experiments, to the saxophones of Anthony Braxton and Evan Parker. Such an alien guitar sound has rarely been heard, and still stays pure in its essence. Parker also plays the slide whistle and a strange Spanish reed instrument called Gralle. During the making of this recording, Parker asserted: "This is the music I have always had in my mind, the music I had been dreaming about. Music that inspires me with visions of colours, like the light reflecting through a prism".
11/21/2009 Ninni Morgia Control Unit Ninni Morgia Control Unit double LP $14.99 Ultramarine Ninni Morgia: guitar, bass, el.autoharp, el.sitar, keyboard, percussion, kalimba ~ Daniel Carter: saxophones, trumpet, clarinet, flute, voice ~ Jeff Arnal: drums, percussion, thumb piano. "Brooklyn-based guitarist Ninni Morgia (Quivers, The Right Moves), in this occasion with multi-instrumentalist Daniel Carter, one of the most active and talented musicians of New York's free jazz community, who has played, among others, with: Sun Ra, Sunny Murray, Test, Matthew Shipp, Other Dimensions In Music, Plastic Ono Band... and drummer/percussionist Jeff Arnal, create a beautiful mix of psychedelic free jazz and Indian raga with a wide range of instruments like thumb piano, kalimba, bells, gongs, all centered around Morgia's versatile guitar work, previously compared to great masters like Keiji Haino, Sonny Sharrock and Hendrix. On the various tracks of this 2LP, Morgia's guitar goes from Miles-electric style funky-wah and the acid trips of Jerry Garcia, to the fury of Haino and Sharrock, and finally reaches the ecstatic visions of the great kosmische bands Popol Vuh and Ash Ra Tempel. The record has been mastered by audio wizard Scott Colburn (Sun City Girls, Magik Markers, Animal Collective)." Recommended!

Niplets Dorobo Gokko CD $15.99 Horen "2nd album from Hiroshi (ex-Les Rallizes Denudes) & his company. Lyrically psychedelic love letter with fragrance of flower to you."
5/7/2004 Niplets The Lecture Hall Boogie CD $15.99 Horen 3rd album from Hiroshi Nar. "It's all so indelibly stamped with Hiroshi Nar's slightly damaged personality that it transcends its flimsy, flung together feel and even the huffiest breakdown feels weirdly revealing." - David Keenan,The Wire.

Nishibori, Yu & Landon Thorpe Muno Radiation CD $8.99 Public Eyesore "We will sum it up all in a big lump. sparse sound collages ala the tightening of acoustic guitar strings, and washboard stomachs. strange computer jibberish that is not rubbish, but ruffed. the beatings of drain pipes and the like, oh, and a life source, of course. - Chris Fischer
7/4/2013 Nivritti Marga Nivritti Marga LP $24.99 Le Souffleur "Apart from these reservations placed upon the kind of relationship more or less intimate that I should maintain with you, my mouth is ready at no matter what hour of the day to exhale like an artificial gale the flood of lies exacted strictly from each human by your vainglory from the moment that the bluish dawn arises seeking light in the satin folds of the twilight, even as I, excited by the love of virtue, seek the good." Numbered Edition of 200
Innersleeve with French and English textsheet
Raymond Dijkstra
Frédérique Bruyas
Timo van Luijk
5/19/2004 nixilx.nijilx nixilx.nijilx CDR $9.99 absurd “When I received an e-mail a couple of months ago from the guy behind nixilx.nijilx project I couldn't imagine I was to come across some of the most impressive soundscapes I've heard from the Greek underground for a long time. Initially proposed a beautiful 20min track which just before adding it
to absurd's expanded audio diary, was reconstructed/transformed to a completely new piece that could barely bring in mind something of the one I had heard. with the addition of 2 more tracks (1 of which was used as soundscape to a recent installation which took place during the events of chondros / katsiani's 'hyperdwthe' events in thessaloniki (north greece) the 19 year old person behind the nixilx.nijilx disguise crafts a delicate universe of intense electroacoustic sounds & lowercase drones that speaking of Greece particularly I doubt if lots of the 'composers' of the local Greek electroacoustic intelligentsia can ever achieve. Comes in a very beautiful 'infant' like artwork of nixilx.nijilx and stands as one of my beloved
absurds as it reflects some truly intense moments of the last months' audio diary.” – absurd. Edition of 137 copies.
3/5/2009 Nmeperign / Skeletons Out Marvin / Live 1978 7" $5.99 Absurd Nmperign: greg kelley, bhob rainey - Skeletons Out: howard stelzer, jay sullivan "A rather nicely lo-fi packed 7" of two of the more intelligent noise projects around. On side Greg Kelley and Bhob Rainey, otherwise known as Nmperign team up for one of their great pieces of improvised wind instrument mayhems. Mayhem as in silence meeting noise, but not the usual noise you may expect from someone like Merzbow. The controlled blowing of the two make a great fine interplay. The instruments as instrument and as objects. A fine piece. Skeletons Out are more a noise rock piece band, or so it seems. Howard Stelzer on cassettes and Jay Sullivan on turntable create a more straight forward piece of noise music that rocks the house. It sound like a rock band with dark rumbling noise underneath and cracklings on top, all in true fierce noise mood. Much more heavy and linear than the other side, but great noise altogether." - Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly.
10/22/2003 Nmperign We Devote Every Effort To Offer You The Best That You Deserve To Have for Your Enjoyment double LP $20.99 Siwa "Nmperign is Greg Kelley and Bhob Rainey. The first LP of this 2LP set consists of the title track which was recorded in Mhere, France. The music on the second LP is from a performance at Wesleyan University and is entitled 'I Am Sitting In A Fucking Room'. Instrument credits are given as 'marantz pmd 130, sony micro20002, horns'. In the past Nmperign has collaborated with Le Quan Ninh, Günter Müller, Jason Lescalleet, Jerome Noetinger, Lionel Marchetti, Axel Dörner and many others. Their previous recordings have appeared on labels such as Selektion, Rossbin, Twisted Village and Intransitive. Limited vinyl only edition with 5 color screenprinted cover." As usual, Alan Sherry of SIWA has created a document just that is beautiful to hold and listen to.
5/16/2010 No Balls Come Clean LP $16.99 Permanent Records "The debut LP by Brainbombs side-project, No Balls, sold out immediately upon its first release on the Swedish Release the Bats label. Here's the much more affordable, domestic pressing of 500 copies on Permanent. The only difference is the artwork. If you like Brainbombs, but you don't particularly care for the vocals, then you'll love this. If you like the Brainbombs, and the vocals, you'll still love this. "Come Clean" is brutal, pummeling, repetitive, noise rock at it's finest. Some folks are already calling it the RECORD OF THE YEAR. Read onŠReview of the "No Balls" LP: From aQuarius Records: "FINALLY! It's here, the first full length from NO BALLS. The new project from TWO of the Brainbombs, and it's just like the 7" (which is sadly now out of print): a noisier, more metal, more stripped down, more mesmerizingly hypnotic, even more fucked up and fractured and RAW, nearly instrumental Brainbombs which means this is fucking AMAZING!!!
If you love the Brainbombs, and how could you NOT, then you'll love this. Looped, motorik rhythms pound away relentlessly, through thick clouds of crumbling distortion, the recording super fucked up and in the red, with a super freaked out spatial thing going on, some of the drums seem to be blasting away right up front, while other drums sound off to the side, while the distorted guitars seem to seep into EVERYTHING, the result is head nodding (banging?) and totally dizzying. It's like these guys took unreleased Brainbombs jams and stripped them down to their bare essentials, then dipped them in a boiling cauldron of blown out distortion, hurling them into the void, picking out just a single riff from each track, and looping it, over and over and over, pounding away at that same riff FOREVER, total maximalist minimalism, like some impossible hybrid of Brainbombs, Gore, Black Flag and Lubricated Goat, hypnotic and mesmerizing, filthy and raw, metal AND punk, post everything noise rock, this shit is so fucked up and fierce. Angular slashing riffage, buried super distorted vocals, but only here and there, some of that old dented BB trumpet bleat pops up every once in a while too, but those elements are practically swallowed whole by the churning black mass of sound that is No Balls, a gloriously sludgey and psychedelic kraut punk doom, mantra like, but also totally rocking, and simultaneously the best and the worst thing that's ever happened to your stereo. And your ears. Totally ruling, utter sonic destruction, total musical bliss, filthy and fantastically and utterly recommended. Some of us are thinking... RECORD OF THE YEAR. Oh yeah...The bad news is these are limited to only 300 copies, and once the batch we have is gone, we probably won't be able to get more. Super simple packaging, black on brown jackets, with that bunny image from the 7", plain white inner sleeve, pressed on nice thick vinyl... grab one before they're gone..."
9/16/2004 No Doctors ERP Saints CD $8.99 No Sides “A new EP from no-everything noise rock combo No Doctors. A tribute to Chicago's East Rogers Park neighborhood, where the band recently performed two years of active service, ERP Saints finds the Doctors in peak form, launching their anti-rock deep into the cosmos.”
3/27/2004 No Doctors Hunting Season CD $12.99 Go Johnny Go NO DOCTORS was founded by three in 1999; highschool, Minneapolis, MN USA. Before releasing their first proper LP, the teens released approx 100 recordings of 'avant-garde sounds' by a diverse cavalcade of international artists through their FREEDOM FROM label, then spent a month touring and studying beneath Argentine visionaries REYNOLS. Relocating to Chicago, new members were added to the band during the lengthy sessions that came to comprise their debut self-titled LP; upon close scrutiny, this record has revealed itself to be two distinct LPs. Solidifying into a 5/6 man lineup, NO DOCTORS traveled to Baltimore and recorded HUNTING SEASON with the help of NAUTICAL ALMANAC's Twig Harper. This recording is now available on CD from GO JOHNNY GO. Fellow music lover: as we find ourselves but the faintest fluttering beyond the great temporal breach, our dizzying locale of vanguard scampering slyly, feigning negligience (a solar nipple flare; a relaxed tension) any number of scented oilwheels solicit our auspices, bird in hand, rifle cocked. NO DOCTORS second full-length effort HUNTING SEASON emerges above and beyond the din with sight locked on target. We recommend imbibing with or without adult super-vision, as needed. Press 'play' and lavishly simulate sensation ‘hair trigger’.”
12/24/2005 No Doctors T-Bone Parts 1 & 2 7" $4.99 Yik Yak "Another well-smoked slab of glorious 'what the fuck?' by visionary caterwaulers of chaos and ex-Chicago blues cruisers, No Doctors. Equal parts backwards boogie and straight skullfucking confusion, 'T-Bone Pt. 1' stomps one through hard and thick, slinging broken barn-boned riffs that collide head on with sputtering cross-eyed measures of brilliance and back again. 'T-Bone Pt. 2' ensues after a quick flip to side B as you and your square-minded notions are slapped straight in the face with a wet hose spewing talkin' box (!) snarl and ultimately delivers your blown mind on a broken piece of hobo-stew stained porcelain." - Noel Von Harmonson (Comets On Fire)
5/16/2010 No Fun Acid This is No Fun Acid 03 CD $10.99 No Fun "Tour only cd for the no fun acid project, see no fun acid 02 12" for description, this was recorded in an intense studio session with less than a week to go for the tour. Limited to 500. This is 2010. This is no fun acid 03."
5/16/2010 No Fun Acid This is No Fun Acid 2 (with Re-mix By Gavin Russom) 12" $13.99 No Fun "IN THE BEGINNING there was Roland's founder Ikutaro Kakehashi and an arsenal of "computer controlled" analog jock boxes designed specifically to outmode the trad rock (read: HUMAN) rhythm section... the circuitry was so tightly wound however, so rooted in synthesis that it failed to meet its promise. It wasn't until the mid-80s that the TB/TR system took novel form as acid house; a simple but novel attitude shift that saw an embrace of extra-terrestrial machine funk aesthetics converging with the all-too-human need to make austere, robotic dance music. ENTER NO FUN ACID ::: Carlos Giffoni's reinvention and reanimation of the noise cadaver vis a vis German minimal synth rewired to memories of seedy Venezuelan raves circa 199X. A nebulous drone gives way to 606 delirum, followed by an array of sequenced modular synth, infinitely spiraling like a borehole through Kakehashi's 3rd eye. This is acid: the primordial years. On the flip is an elegiac space hymnal take on NFA from techno alchemist Gavin Russom. Art submitted by an anonymous fan. Mastered by Rashad Becker in Berlin, Pressed in Detroit at Archer. Limited to 500 copies."
1/30/2014 No Neck Blues Band Furamingo Josei LP $22.99 Holidays "This hidden gem - likely recorded sometime in the mid 2000's around the time they made "Qvaris", according to what NNCK's Pat Murano remembers - is another astonishing output of Harlem's seven-member free-form improvisational collective. A luminous string sprung from their collectively trepanned third eyes that will put the listener in an altered state of consciousness as erratically respirating freeform freakouts and lumbering ragas disintegrate and spontaneously re-assemble amidst dense thickets of percussive clatter. This session, previously revealed in an archival post by the always-missed Mutant Sounds blog and later recovered in a forgotten folder, has finally been mastered and put on wax for this one-time pressing vinyl edition." Edition of 300 copies on black vinyl.
11/8/2013 No Neck Blues Band Gitanjali 10" $17.99 Ri Be Xibalba "Long delayed, this 10" is one of two vinyl releases from recording sessions at the Chummery late in 2006. The Chummery was the Seattle home to Sun City Girls, Sublime Frequencies, Abduction, and The Sea Donkeys. In fact it was the last residence of Charles Gocher who passed away in there only a few months after this session. Making full use of the Girls' diverse collection of instruments, including an upright piano and Alan Bishop's gamelan, NNCK improvised throughout one day and night, with all proceedings being documented by a custom 16 channel mobile unit assembled by Ri Bi Xibalba. Together with live concerts in Vancouver, BC and Seattle the previous evenings, the recordings total over five hours. Distilled from this are the best of the Chummery recordings split onto two separate releases. The first is this 10", mastered at 45 RPM for the best fidelity, and pressed on 110 gram of vinyl. Using sundry stringed instruments from SCG's world travels as well as their own traveling set of instruments, the music has an air of delicate yet mysterious Javanese court music - a contrast to what SCG did with many of those same instruments. Of particular prominence on this record are the plaintive sounds of the erhu gliding through. Made up of seven members, NNCK's sound is never crowded and comes off like a well oiled machine moving with one group mind. When they put aside their individual selves and enter the music, the result switches over into organic creation. This record will be followed by an LP called "Gitanjali + The Nascent Stigma". Despite the similarity in title, the two records contain completely different material from the same session. It is a record in two parts, much like their "A Tabu Two" released as two separate LPs on the New World of Sound label back in 1997." Edition of 300 copies. Due out in September
3/13/2003 No Neck Blues Band Intonomancy CD $11.99 Sound @ One "Yes, by God, here's another one. Rock root punch left in bloody piles of nutmeg dirt circus. Fuck the bleat. Fuck the beat. Fuck the entire fucking fleet. A return to the magnificence of spell-over-form. An end to spiel-necessity. Destructive formatting vanishes in a pfff of steam. Welcome to one future. For information on NNCK conult yr local oracle." - Byron Coley New recordings from June 2002.
10/31/2009 No Neck Blues Band Languid Red Marchetti LP $22.99 PLANAM "Recorded close to the group's inception in 1994, "Languid Red Marchetti" is the NNCK sound in its empirical form, rhythmically a-linear and fundamentally abstract. While NNCK would go on to become a seven piece performing group, recording and touring extensively, this recording documents a smaller group of four original members engaged in the hermetically sealed sonic exploration which best locates their aesthetic origins. From the group's statement on "Languid Red Marchetti": "A proto-intuitive Latihan of feedback + pre-scaffold juxtaposition of layers which would come to constitute edifice, and eventually dwelling. Where we would soon occupy this sound, it here was a force in and of itself, its directionless propulsion compounding into substance and landscape".
This deluxe edition PLANAM LP comes with a NNCK generated essay on sound imaging through improvisation and is packaged in a full color jacket depicting "The hypothetical dissolve / corruption + subsequent inevitable repetition of Suprematism". Edition limited to 340 copies, with full-color cover, infra-Suprematist inner sleeve and ultra-liner notes insert by Keith Connolly.
4/24/2006 No Neck Blues Band Letters From the Earth double CD $20.99 Very Friendly "UK reissue of this 1996 release, originally on Sound @ One/Ser. This double CD outputs 111 or so minutes worth of this group's dizzying array of sonic blattage, cable disruption, tribal tranceadelics and trip or drone aesthetic. I heard that this was largely recorded on a NYC rooftop, but you certainly can't hear any breeze -- there is, however, some serious driftage going on all over the place. Out-of-nowhere double album magnum opuses tend to go on to have genre defining significance, and it's easy to see this one having research visibility for decades to come, as the pinnacle of its contemporary scene. Packaged in a slimline jewel case (to assure those worried this thing would come wrapped in tree bark or something), with an intriguing multi-page booklet of almost Gysin-esque hieroglyphics."
4/1/2003 No Neck Blues Band Letters From The Earth double CD $22.99 Sound @ One "Repress of this 1996 release, this double CD outputs 111 or so minutes worth of this group's dizzying array of sonic blattage, cable disruption, tribal tranceadelics and trip or drone aesthetic. I heard that this was largely recorded on a NYC rooftop, but you certainly can't hear any breeze - there is, however, some serious driftage going on all over the place. Out of nowhere double album magnum opuses tend to go to have genre defining significance, and it's easy to see this one having research visibility for decades to come, as the pinnacle of its contemporary scene."
12/24/2005 No Neck Blues Band Qvaris CD $15.99 5 Rue Christine "The Harlem-based No-Neck Blues Band have been a well-loved if obscure fixture in the avant-folk and neo-psychedelic scenes for over a decade now, but unfortunately, the accolades thrust on the group (late folk legend John Fahey once named them as his favorite band) have been matched only by the unavailability of the vast majority of their albums. With 'Qvaris,' however, that's all about to change. The band's first release on the venerable 5RC label, 'Qvaris' finds the band's exploratory improvisation at its most lucid, combining tense and diseased grooves with primal guitar squalls and a palpable sense of modern dread. Uncompromisingly dedicated to their own fevered vision, No-Neck Blues Band both demand a close listen and reward it. Fans of Excepter (who feature ex-NNCKer John Fell Ryan), Sightings, and Wooden Wand and the Vanishing Voice take notice." "Improvisation, over time, yields access to substratum vistas of altogether unseen colouration. This is characteristic of a place in which our music occurs. It may be heard simultaneously here on earth, it may be heard now in the future in surround-sound, DVD audio, via light pipe, etc. But due to its place of origin, it reaches us here without translation, solely as echoes sounding from an immaterial world. Not unlike the radio dish tuned into Space, hoping to catch some intergalactic communique, we've assumed responsibility for broadcasting the atmosphere surrounding the other intelligences combined among us. There is a psychic constituency from which any hierarchy taking responsibility for the conveyance of the unseen is drawn. And much has been done to co-opt and commodify such conveyance as to deliberately mingle its allure with intentions and agendas of this world. What results is a powerful controlling current. One which, if harnessed with precision, can create personality, replace consciousness, become existence at its receiving end. This pull, this energizing current has permeated much of the imagination, establishing ever increasing common ground betwixt folksexperiencing--and beginning to recognize-unreality. NNCK follows suit. So here, undiluted and without an accompanying agenda, is Qvaris for it's own sake. A slice of life, though not necessarily human life. It is finding your mind as we speak. When a moment is hanging on the edge you must be listening. Listen now for the Difference and the Sameness. They are near."
12/24/2005 No Neck Blues Band Qvaris double LP $29.99 5 Rue Christine "The Harlem-based No-Neck Blues Band have been a well-loved if obscure fixture in the avant-folk and neo-psychedelic scenes for over a decade now, but unfortunately, the accolades thrust on the group (late folk legend John Fahey once named them as his favorite band) have been matched only by the unavailability of the vast majority of their albums. With 'Qvaris,' however, that's all about to change. The band's first release on the venerable 5RC label, 'Qvaris' finds the band's exploratory improvisation at its most lucid, combining tense and diseased grooves with primal guitar squalls and a palpable sense of modern dread. Uncompromisingly dedicated to their own fevered vision, No-Neck Blues Band both demand a close listen and reward it. Fans of Excepter (who feature ex-NNCKer John Fell Ryan), Sightings, and Wooden Wand and the Vanishing Voice take notice." "Improvisation, over time, yields access to substratum vistas of altogether unseen colouration. This is characteristic of a place in which our music occurs. It may be heard simultaneously here on earth, it may be heard now in the future in surround-sound, DVD audio, via light pipe, etc. But due to its place of origin, it reaches us here without translation, solely as echoes sounding from an immaterial world. Not unlike the radio dish tuned into Space, hoping to catch some intergalactic communique, we've assumed responsibility for broadcasting the atmosphere surrounding the other intelligences combined among us. There is a psychic constituency from which any hierarchy taking responsibility for the conveyance of the unseen is drawn. And much has been done to co-opt and commodify such conveyance as to deliberately mingle its allure with intentions and agendas of this world. What results is a powerful controlling current. One which, if harnessed with precision, can create personality, replace consciousness, become existence at its receiving end. This pull, this energizing current has permeated much of the imagination, establishing ever increasing common ground betwixt folksexperiencing--and beginning to recognize-unreality. NNCK follows suit. So here, undiluted and without an accompanying agenda, is Qvaris for it's own sake. A slice of life, though not necessarily human life. It is finding your mind as we speak. When a moment is hanging on the edge you must be listening. Listen now for the Difference and the Sameness. They are near."

No Neck Blues Band Sapphire LP $89.99 Sound at One "Crazy rare and weird early LP by the No Neck Blues Band crew simply called "Sapphire." This is S@1 #38 and was released in an edition of 500 copies back in the mid-to-late 90s. All the covers are individually rendered and feature a drawing pasted on to a spray-painted LP jacket so they look very hand-made. Word is famed artist Rita Ackermann worked on some of these, too."
7/16/2006 No Neck Blues Band and Embryo EmbryoNNCK CD $15.99 Staubgold "New York mavericks No Neck Blues Band and Munich-based Krautrock band Embryo explore the indigenous urban music phenomenon on this, their debut collaborative release. The No Neck Blues Band are one of the most enigmatic, mysterious, and defiantly anti-commercial groups to emerge from the New York loft scene during the '90s. The collective was formed in 1992 around a core of multi-instrumentalists who have stubbornly and admirably insisted on individual anonymity. Incorporating elements of folk, drone, psychedelia, free jazz, noise, and just about everything else, NNCK have nevertheless carved out a distinctive sound from complementary and disparate component elements. One of the most original and innovative Krautrock bands, Embryo fused traditional ethnic music with their own jazzy space rock style. Over their 35+-year existence, during which Christian Burchard has been the only consistent member, the group has traveled the world, playing with hundreds of different musicians and releasing countless records. Melding their wildly diverse forays into experimental, blues, Middle Eastern, Turkish and African music, these two groups have since become brothers in unparalleled improvisatory spirit, and EmbryoNNCK is the fruit of that merge. To quote Christian Burchard, "The NNCK players were flying... Little melodies we never had heard, different moods, rhythmic interplays, and in between the musicmaking it was like we had been together all the time." This should be one of the most transcendent releases of the year. The CD version includes a 24-pages booklet with photos and linernotes." - FE
1/22/2011 No UFO's Mind Control c25 cassette $6.99 Dub Ditch Picnic "Earlier this year K. Jandavs sent me the raw form of what would eventually become his Soft Coast cassette (Nice Up Int'l 001). I was completely floored by his amazing cut and paste technique of sewing together elements of Kraut Rock, Techno, and Post Punk Kosmiche Musik. Apparently I wasn't the only one who figured out the key to the dude's godhead sounds - the internets and tape buyers went apeshit and bought up the entire run in a microsecond. We here at Dub Ditch Picnic are EXTREMELY lucky and proud to be able to release the next in what is looking to be a grand string of No UFO's releases. This one continues in relatively the same cut-up kosmik vein, but with more focus and (at times) an even more chill vibe that what was unleashed on Soft Coast." Edition of 125 copies.
10/1/2011 Nobody's Children Half-life cassette $7.99 Fag Tapes "Recorded at Hermitage, MI - is it duo a done right played electronics tapes tables are turned over bass locations. Window glass ring the alarm treble location sound. Andrew Coltrane & Sick Llama done. Plaque infected tape documents. Crawling away from your unfulfilling job. Blow your shit boss's head off with a shotgun, make it all worse and now you don't get a paycheck since your resignation. Running from the law you almost got away with it in jail now tape is this only have to listen to. A more intuitive characteristic of exponential decay for many people is the time required for the decaying quantity to fall to one half of its initial value. This time is called the half-life. Hand-numbered edition 30."
6/6/2009 Nobody's Children No One's Child double cassette $14.99 Fag Tapes "From the basement minds of Andrew Coltrane and Sick Llama. asking questions like "what does love feel like". nothing to rely on. housed in a 5 x 5 TDK plastic for who knows what lid-clip-shut box, with inserts, hand-painted DELUXE! edition 27."
9/18/2006 Noggin Noggin 3" CDR $7.99 Jyrk "As a wee lad.. I would make these treks up to Portland from my smaller home-town down south... I'd hit these spots like The X-RAY and THEE O HELL CAFE.. and SUBURBIA.. and catch all these weirdos doing their thing.. I saw Jacike O Motherfucker, Smegma, Daniel Menche.. All the OG motherfuckers here in puddletown..... AND I SAW NOGGIN.. who were probably the LEAST forgiving, MOST PUNISHING slab of skree my virgin ears had heard... SERIOUSLY ROUGH guitar/violin scrapes and feedback.. I still don't have any idea HOW they made all of the sounds they pulled out of those little twigs.... Fast Forward ten plus years, and I'm a bit older and making a small racket of my own.. we're on tour with Gang Wiz and playing up in bellingham, WA with Noggin.. ALL ARE STOKED. The Noggin bros rock up with no amps and TWO violin cases.. so.. now noggin's AS ABRASIVE as ever, but totally acoustic.. Now.. a few years further down the road.. and JYRK is releasing their RETURN to electric playing, which is a great amalgam of their INTENSE electric skree and their acoustic athletics. all smashed up into this lil CDR... edition of 150
12/24/2005 Noggin Shae+2 CDR $12.99 U-Sound Records 6 tracks - 46 minutes from the duo of Michael Griffin (violin) and Eric Ostrowski (guitar, violin).
5/1/2009 Noise Nomads Noise Nomads CDR $7.99 Apostasy Recordings "From thunderous percussion to shrieking electronics, Noise Nomads bulldozes a wide path through the modern noise society. Recorded in an intimate setting, yet inside a cavernous warehouse, this album overtly reveals and delights in the restless dichotomies that permeate Noise Nomads' existence. Explosive on all sides, this could be music of the Olympian Gods: might and power (and brains and trickery) ooze from every pore. One is left haggard, but enlightened, after surviving the titanic waves of pure sound experience. Fans of Robert Ashley's Wolfman have found a home. Packaged in a long, heavy stock envelope. Screenprinted cover art by Noise Nomads. Insert art by PAK."
4/10/2010 Noise Nomads Noise Nomads LP $29.99 Ultra Eczema "The first time I've met Jeff Hartford aka Moose Jaw aka Noise Nomads was around 4 years ago in providence, a tense looking bear putting a mic in front of a amp, leaving the audience alone with a whale of feedback, pretty pretty pretty confused!! He walks out after kranking open the amp, a minute later a giant REAL Christmas tree walks thru the audience trying to find the way back to the amp, kicking people over, I guess this show was right after Christmas time and Jeff fount it somewhere or he stared at a young kid that was about to decorate it.. I was very impressed by his show, both sound and performance wise, there was a seriously intense vibe there, felt like he could snap at any given moment and squeeze you to death with a Christmas tree.. Noise Nomads' live sets are always strange, confusing and amazing, an amp iiiiiiiiiiiiiii-ing while the man goes running around the block, a mountain of amps that start talking after he picked a fight with them, a sludgier drummer does not exist. It was definitely not the last time the man amazed me, his duo set with PAUL FLAHERTY (which is released on American tapes), the loner car rides I shared with him to his area in the valleys of Northampton, his amazing monthly zines and tapes, his drumming with Grey Skull, his drawings etc.. It's a total psycho package; everything is there; visuals, sounds and a great dude! The first side of this record was recorded a bunch of years ago and is just voice and Tascam! A amazing swollen beast of sound poetry, gargling waanzin, and muffled barking! The b side is the same dude a few years later on his knees in my living room screaming thru a bass drum and a contact mic attached to a bunch of pedals, harsher than a prison full of parrots to be released! There should be more paintings like Kim Gordon's Noise Nomads!!! Limited to 300 copies."
3/21/2009 Noise Nomads Tone Deaf double cassette + zine $11.99 Arbor "Total Western Mass scum. Jeff Hartford (Grey Skull, Bonescraper) destroys all sonic barriers; forty minutes of harsh, sweating electronics and acoustic rampage straight from the gutter. Hartford always leaves the audience guessing, whether it is his cut up garbage sources, contact mic'd gurgles or hairwhips, the end result is guaranteed to be something physical. The truth lies somewhere within the mess of cables and the stack of amps; they must be destroyed to uncover it. In an edition of 100 double tape sets with printed labels and a zine housed in a 7" reel to reel box with full color paste on by NN."
6/11/2006 Noisepussy Catterina CDR $10.99 Imvated "CJA / Rahmane / Matt Middleton supergroup. N-Z distorted scuzz. dark ridms and blues. the armpit, the crude and the horror magnet. roommates improv. probably the best stupid bandname ever.... members of Crude, The Aesthetics, Armpit, Futurians, Horror Magnet, etc..."
11/25/2007 Nolan / Ramirez untitled CDR $10.99 Killertree "Crusty and dusted. Pete Nolan and Bryan Ramirez bust movements for the cement licker prone to waking on cold concrete in iced darkness - the blurred vision barely notices a red orb/eye slowly blinking. Analog groans, grunts and shambles. Lights off, below zero weather when the air shatters. Fuckin’ bag pipes on the first tune w/ Nolan’s drum attack sets a weird tone. The rest is just weird and gone. Limited."
6/19/2007 Nomen Dubium The Bering Sea cassette $5.99 DNT "Nomen Dubium (aka Zachary Fleming) and I have been sharing music for quite some time now. And although I've always enjoyed his music, it's never quite fit in to the DNT-framework, but I've always been waiting for something that did. So when he sent me this song, I was excited and eagerly awaiting more. Well, now this tape is complete and ready for the world! He did the artwork too! (what you see right now might be the temporary image though. problems with the camera). Black cassettes with labels also designed by him. Limited to 100 "
7/16/2006 Nonhorse Cursedart CDR $8.99 Sharks & Pfennings "Vanishing Voice searsucker psychopomp Nonhorse spins a tape vortex of curse tales and religious corruption. The salt hangs in the air as a Yemeni sheikh breaks the last taboo. Plans go awry and the pastor can't connect with his flock. An entire era of history is lost."
6/19/2007 Nonhorse Mandible Front CDR $11.99
"its a few collected nyc shows i played inside a maze. spooky tape manipulation compositions. color artwork."
6/4/2010 Nonhorse Slow Child 7" $5.99 Young Tapes 2008 release. A. Red Seve Macaw "The Jaguar Has Been Eating" B. Razor House "Noble Sweatbath, In The Fifth Generation Of Lords
8/22/2008 Nonhorse The Rare Tape Zero cassette $9.99 Taped Sounds "g lucas crane. the breakdancer. g lucas crane. the tapemanipulator. g lucas crane. the new york city guide. g lucas crane brings us a 60 minutes roundtrip of weird fidelities and strange sounds. i enclose what the mind of lucas communicated me through resonating electric wires. i wrote down this given information using the technique of automatic writing: "its tape one in the goblin universe series. the rare zero tape is the only tape to survive the arson of rozwell labs 2029. it was one of 6, the rare one through rare 6 were all holding sound patterns corresponding to analysis levels, the audio detritus left over from mental examinations. the exposure to these tapes responds to latent interdimentional experiances, womb style, aeomeba style. the silver disk is the symbol of the gobiln universe and altered opened mind in general. its yer "classic" unidentified flying object. a smooth, silver disk that turns pink red orange hues when its about to punch through off into the multiverse. apparently, it also turns blueish purpleish when landing. awesome mode! anyway. the rare zero tape survived and was taken to the quarentine site in los alamos NV, approching the rare zero tape causes an audiable "swarm of bees" sound to increase in anger and intensity the closer one gets. touching the rare zero tape with skin causes negative aura proxisms and results in instant death. listening to the rare zero tape does not kill, just touching the original. a military robot was charged with dubing the master and sending it to you. it is the sound of perliminary examination. the further 6 levels have been lost. good god."
5/14/2007 Nonloc Between Hemispheres CD $12.99 Strange Attractors Audio House "Nonloc is the solo guise of Mark Dwinell, the guitar-slinging ringleader of East Coast spontaneous trance rockers Bright. When composing on the spot with Bright, Dwinell directs the minimalist, Krautrock-inspired jams into melodic and sonically layered songs, draping over it impromptu vocals in a manner loosely akin to any number mid-'70s Kraut legends, or the philosophies of Damo Suzuki and his instant compositions. Nonloc takes direction from the Bright model, but springboards away with a more refined perspective. Between Hemispheres, the second solo album for Dwinell as Nonloc, is a heady excursion into repetition and the unyielding strength of unrepentant melody. Fascinated by minimalist composers such as Steve Reich and Terry Riley, Nonloc seeks to focus on the microtonal universes and hypnotic netherworlds: minimalism awakens from repetition, while constructing ivory towers of melody enveloped top to bottom with softly barbed hooks. Acoustic and electric guitars provide focus instrumentation, but the elaborate color accumulation of Between Hemispheres is dominated by alternate layering of acoustic instruments such as piano, accordion, mandolin, and cello. Whereas Bright will use vocals sparingly as instrumental color, Nonloc spices up the instrumental forays by peppering tunes with lyrics that are direct and at times strikingly personal. Impeccably recorded, Between Hemispheres is a long-playing lullaby for intimate, contemplative twilight stares into candlelight."
4/10/2009 Noone / Hellén C.J.A.N.I. CDR $7.99 267 Lattajjaa "mellow strumming behind the wall of hiss", a great collaboration with NZ legend Clayton Noone (Futurians!, CJA, Armpit etc.) and Jani Hellén (Sonic Temple Assassins).
2/23/2004 Nordic Miracle, The We Shall Provide CD $10.99 Humbug The Nordic Miracle is Lasse Marhaug and Tore H. Bøe. "With the new anti-dogma dogma in place, Norwegian noise is ready to recall exiled shudders, stutters, storm cutters and vacuum increments from ya-ya outposts. The Nordic Miracle opens the acid clot spigot on We Shall Provide CD (Humbug) with 'Bright Bright Lights'. Millions of cement drillbits grind and burn holes into everything, psychotic blood falcons rage, whammy bar tensile fluctuations dent the hiss storms, and eroded caillaries behind your eyes burst. Zippers running the length of your backbone zoom up and down during 'Bach: Die Johannes-Passion BWV 245,' as flaming knots of Sam Kinison's ear hair pour out in a frothing stew of spinal fluid and smoking bacon grease. Predatory pollen balls infiltrate neural drainage conduits and detonate stainless steel pies. 'While My Guitar gently Weeps' is a high-altitude hallucination of fermented calliope wheeze, sticky with decayed seaweed, and crapping internet-green halos that transubstantiate into burmese neck extenders. Gick. Gick!" - Seymour Glass, Bananafish 17
1/22/2011 Normand, Eric & Bent Spoon Duo Circuitry CDR $8.99 Bug Incision "This trio came together for one brief evening, in the hours between Normand's arrival to and swift departure from Calgary, on his recent cross-Canada tour. Normand, a fixture in Quebec's fertile creative music scene (he lives in Rimouski, where he runs a space/series, and also spends good chunks of time in Montreal rubbing elbows with the Ambiance Magnetique scene). The choice of electric bass in an 'improv' context can be a strange one, but Normand does an admirable job of renedering his instrument mostly unrecognizable. Multiple outputs, contact mics, and a bank of homemade effects assist in this. The Bent Spoon Duo, as usual represented by Chris Dadge and Scott Munro, cover a variety of sonic locales. Munro plays strings, electronics, trombone, SK-1, and voice. Dadge plays percussion, strings, amplified objects, and SK-1. For the most part, this is ragged electro-acoustic improvising, but more than once the set becomes heavily reminiscent of Philip Jeck and his gritty, swirling textures. Though not a usual reference point for Bug Incision music, we're happy to see the similarities. Edition of 60, cdr, color covers in plastic sleeves"
1/1/2014 Norse, Harold Take a Chance In The Void: Harold Norse at the Beat Hotel c60 cassette $7.99 Sloow Tapes "Historical recordings made by Harold Norse when he was living with William Burroughs, Brion Gysin and Gregory Corso at the notorious Beat Hotel in Paris during the early sixties. By the time Norse arrived in Paris he had traveled extensively in Morocco and Europe and his poetry was already championed by people like W. H. Auden, William Carlos Williams and Tennessee Williams. Together with Burroughs and Gysin, Norse was one of the first to apply the cut-up method. He made the technique totally his own creating a hallucinogenic, irrational world of bizarre characters. His surreal stories were collected in 'Beat Hotel' and is one of the important novels of cut-up fiction. At some point Harold bought a tape recorder and recorded himself reading his delirious cut-ups and his translations of satirical, erotic and obscene sonnets by the 19th century Roman poet G.G. Belli. Also included are a few soundexperiments and 'field recordings'. An essential document of a true visionary! Edition of 100 copies."
7/16/2009 North Gambier Amateur Bowers Society Come All Ye 3" CDR $7.99 Black Petal "It is this really great ecstatic string drone kinda thing. The main guy, Cameron Woods, has also had some releases out before on Rhizome."
11/15/2008 North Sea, The Almost Perfect Illusion cassette $9.99 Blackest Rainbow "Brad Rose of Digitalis has been busting the North Sea jams for quite sometime, and in the last year or so its developed from being a luscious garden, to a complete metallic desert of industrial waste land, Christian Bale and his co-stars would probably feel at home with this being the soundtrack to the next Terminator flick, and who knows, maybe it will be? The A side, Cyclones, is a pure doom soaked 11 minute beast. Side B's Milk Money is a fuzz layered nightmare of scolding blowtorches burning at your face and mind... Intense and bleak. Bleak forestry cover art, pro dubbed cassettes, limited to 100 copies."
1/24/2009 North Sea, The Elixir cassette $5.99 Abandon Ship Records "Brand new solo offering from Brad Rose finds him at his absolute heaviest, drawing inspiration from recent studies of African history: "The House of Kinlaza was formed from the dynasty started by King Alvaro VI. The Kinlaza came to power by overthrowing the House of Kimpanzu, which had occupied the throne from Garcia I's overthrow until Alvaro's ascension. The Kinlaza continued to rule Kongo until its civil war, when Kimpanzu and Kinlaza kings occupied or claimed the throne." Edition of 100 copies.
2/7/2009 North Sea, The Hundred Flowers cassette $5.99 Peasant Magik "Brad Rose as been channeling some seriously heavy vibes lately. Picking up where Ajilvsga left off, Rose spews forth even more thick unholy shimmer. Hints of past pursuits loom just beneath the surface, lush forest drones are completely overpowered by caustic metallic doom." Edition of 100
4/20/2008 North Sea, The In The Time Of The Sugar Pines CD $12.99 Music Fellowship "In the burgeoning underground psych, folk, and noise movement, The North Seaís Brad Rose serves as both one of its biggest champions and contributors. His Digitalis Industries imprint, 160+ release strong Foxglove CDR series, and Foxy Digitalis online magazine have not just pushed forward but unearthed many unknown, remote artists in the genre and helped create and extend the community. Brad has been making his own music since the mid 90s and has been a member of such bands as the Juniper Meadows, the Golden Oaks, and the Cone Bearers. The North Sea is his solo experimental / ambient / improvisational folk music project and, like much of the folk music in the movement, looks to bring together the style of folk music with the feeling, sound, and aura of nature. In this project, Rose mixes nature field recordings - birds, air and leaves - with a wide variety of stringed instruments. In the Times of the Sugar Pines stands as Brad's last predominantly folk recording under The North Sea name as he continues to search and expand his sound into more abstract realms. This exploration can be heard on the album as the sound carries a more ethnic European feel on several tracks, bringing out darker tones and more impassioned playing, creating a wonderful bridge between his old sound and new."
7/16/2004 North Sea, The Passporte 3" CDR $12.99 Foxglove "A very a-typical release from the North Sea. Six tracks condensed to twenty minutes. Every track is constructed from solo, piano improvisations recording during the month of May. Tracking the international flight to the old world, this is minimalism for those looking for some sense of melody. Sometimes, it's important to listen to the French. See you there." Edition of 50 copies
5/27/2004 North Sea, The The Oscelot Chronicles vol. 1 CDR $9.99 Foxglove “The debut of the north sea. the first of three odes to the oscelot, the most underappreciated of big cats, in some way? not sure, but running the gambit between improvised ambient guitar drones to acoustic meanderings mixed with field recordings to noisy assaults, there's something for everyone here. this cd-r has the distinction of being the only album i've ever mixed mere hours before nearly getting killed in a tornado. ah, how the birds were singing that afternoon.” Edition of 105 copies.
1/24/2009 North Sea, The & Fabio Orsi Demix 'Far & Wide' cassette $7.99 Digitalis Limited "This unearthed excursion was found behind a bucket of dust in the hallowed cellar of the north sea past. tanpuras explode under beds of drones and field recordings. junkyard rhythms resonate inside the blacked-out hole in a dead oak tree. couples travel hand-in-hand through the streets of berlin, looking for the last taxi to take them straight to moscow square. fabio orsi and your fearless leader take each others tracks apart, piece by piece, and reassmble them into something shiny & new. "far & wide" is certainly a ghost from the past, waving goodbye and never to be seen again. killer cover art by dream magazine's george parsons. limited to 79 copies." Out of print - last copies available here.
5/23/2009 North Sea, The / Current Amnesia split c60 cassette $7.99 Digitalis Limited "Car Commercials' David Sutton takes it to the streets on his side of this megawatt splithour. "delusions of the triangle" is a journey through the underbelly, seedy & poignant, like a lost prayer to magic mountain. hypnodrones galore. sutton bends and twists aural shards into glasslike works of art. i want to keep on livin' in his world. The North Sea is shimmering like a sunken stone, drowning in a torrent of silver piss. voices and chimes blown apart in an epic battle to be king of nothing at all. underwritten with a wall of synth dreams and other churns. edition of 80, pro-dubbed with the four horsemen of the apocalypse." Out of print.
11/1/2014 Northwoods Improvisers Vol. II 4xLP Box $95.99 Sagittarius A-Star 4LP box set with printed inner sleeves, black vinyls/black labels, ltd ed 75 copies only numbered (NO re-press)
Mike Gilmore- vibes, cheng, log drum
Mike Johnston- bass, bass recorder, bells, zither
Nick Ashton- drums, percussion
rec. January 8, 1994 at Northwoods Studios, Michigan
More info and sound samples here: http://www.sensationalxhols.org/sagittarius_a/page_three.htm
11/4/2006 Notaro, Marconi No Sub Reino Dos Metazoarios CD $18.99 Time-Lag "first ever reissue of this totally brilliant post-satwa 1973 brazilian private press featuring the core trio lula côrtes, marconi notaro & zé ramalho. recorded just months after lula & lailson had released satwa, lula was back in the same recife studio with poet and friend marconi notaro to lay down another equally magical album. zé ramalho, who would go on to record the paéberu 2lp with lula two years later, makes his recording debut here as well... somehow amidst the harsh government restrictions of 70s brazil, lula côrtes and his group of artist friends had managed to bypass the authorities and create a hugely creative micro-world of their own, recording, producing, and releasing this album with complete independence. no small feat in and of itself, no doubt, but the music is what makes this slab a true lost masterpiece... the whole album gushes forth with a sun baked spirit of the highest level, mixing tropicalia tinged folk-beat groovers, satwa style bliss trance ragas, paébiru favored lysergic jungle psych, and even a raging fuzz/wah soaked garage psych rocker. extremely mind melting from start to finish, with huge washes of rippling tape delay, electric & acoustic guitars, 12 string, tranced folk percussion, passionate yet mellow vocals, liquid electric bass, acid effects everywhere, and of course lula’s mercurial & heart melting tricórdio (an instrument he made himself, something like a sitar/dulcimer hybrid). beautiful, melancholy and joyous all at the same moment, this is an album that after 33 years still sounds completely fresh & unique... sadly marconi passed away in 2000 having lived a life of obscurity even in his own town, yet leaving behind 7 published books of poetry and this stunning, lone album. this reissue has been authorized by maconi’s daughter and lula córtes to insure they receive the credit and funds they deserve, even if it comes 3 decades late... fully reproduced original art, featuring beautiful drawings by lula & layout by katia. heavy weight, old style, laminated gatefold covers. pressed on 180gm virgin vinyl. original label art. plus a huge full color 4 page insert featuring fully translated original notes, rare photos and book covers, marconi’s last poem written the day before his death, and extensive new notes & biography by lula córtes. digital version... same deluxe lp style packaging as the vinyl version, only smaller, with the same insert."
2/20/2010 Nothing People Soft Crash LP + Download $14.99 S-S Records "Lots of bands, lots of records and usually by record two most bands crap out. Not the Nothing People. Since their first EP was released on S.S some four years ago, every subsequent Nothing People/S.S. release has gotten better and better. Soft Crash is no exception. And like the jump between their first album (Anonymous) and their second (Late Night), Soft Crash both expands and secures the Nothing People's sound. A proto-punk pulse mixes with a dark synth throb for something that sounds both of yesterday and tomorrow or in the words of Z Gun's Ryan Wells, 'These guys are science fiction!' Sci fi? As in Chrome, Von Lmo, and Simply Saucer? 'Natch.' And the man is right. However, unlike the ton of bands who get rifled in with classic underground names and cannot deliver, the Nothing People do their comrades justice. Last year's Late Night LP made a ton of year end 'Best Of' lists. The year before Anonymous hit a bunch of 'Best Ofs.' While it is only February, might as well add Soft Crash to your "Best of 2010" list. Soft Crash is a great record." -S.S. Includes download code.
7/28/2011 Nova Scotia / Eye A Million Corpses of Dead Bees b/w High Road LP $15.99 Tipped Bowler "Tipped Bowler returns to the fertile soil of New Zealand to cull two choice improvisations. On the A-side, Wellington's Nova Scotia delivers "A Million Corpses of Dead Bees," an eighteen minute free-rock burner. Growing from violin sine-squeak and distant shortwave, the piece gains momentum with its patient drumming and resolves into a saxophone swarm shot through with synthetic scrabble. On the reverse, Dunedin's Eye comes off colder and more aggressive. "High Road" throttles the listener with Schnitzler-ian electronics, militant percussion, and guitar strangulation before collapsing into coda of cymbal taps and glassy string-work. Rigorous yet unbound, these pieces shine a light on a musical community few of us can witness firsthand. Issued in an edition of 250 150-gram black LPs in elegant black-and-white matte sleeves screened with consummate skill by Alan Sherry of Siwa."
4/18/2012 Nova Scotian Arms / Motion Sickness Of Time Travel Crystal Anniversary LP $22.99 Aguirre Records "This split lp sees the man/wife duo of Grant and Rachel Evans performing under their own solo projects. In the past two years they have released a bunch of awesome tapes and cd-rs on their label "Hooker Vision". They also record and perform as droneduo Quiet Evenings. This record was created to celebrate the crystal anniversary of the couple. And indeed, on both sides Grant and Rachel create sounds which sound like the perfect marriage. With stunningly beautiful collage artwork by Grant Evans."
* Mastered by Lawrence English
* Limited to 300 copies
* Artwork by Grant Evans
7/5/2011 Noveller Desert Fires LP $14.99 Weird Forest "The solo project of Brooklyn-based guitarist and filmmaker SARAH LIPSTATE (Rhys Chatham's Guitar Army, Glenn Branca's 100 guitar ensemble, Parts & Labor, Carla Bozulich / Evangelista, Cold Cave), follows up her Red Rainbows CD (No Fun 2009) with this compositional evolutionary step from layered, loop-based drones to more expansive formal arrangements of swells, throbs, tones and shimmer. "Almost Alright" explores territory charted by Fripp & Eno or synth-heavy contemporaries Emeralds. "Kites Calm Desert Fires" is a sandstorm of rich, percussive guitar, warm humming bass and swirling rhapsodic chimes. "Toothnest (for Chris Habib)" arrives at an idyllic sonic plateau of windswept fuzz and tremolo, then charges blindly with a soaring guitar solo evocative of bagpipes triumphantly marking a return from battle. Art by Sarah Lipstate. Originally released on CD by Saffron Recordings. Limited edition vinyl comes with 11"x11" insert."
8/17/2009 Noveller Red Rainbows CD $10.99 No Fun "Debut CD from Brooklyn musician and film maker Sarah Lipstate. Red Rainbows is full of growing tonal drones that evoke visions of menacing multicolored skies alongside tracks full of beautiful minimalistic structures that shoot straight for the heart. Sarah uses double-neck guitar and various electronics to create breathtaking atmospheres with an intensity that works on both a cognitive and emotional level. These tracks are either really beautiful or really dirty when the time is right, which is the key here. Sarah knows what she is doing and when to do it. This is an essential initial document from one of the new artists bending abstract sound into meaningful structures. Includes a collaboration with Carlos Giffoni. This is an enhanced CD and includes the short film 'Interior Variations'. Artwork by Caroline Contillo."
12/12/2009 Noveller / Aidan Baker Colourful Disturbances LP $16.99 Divorce "Guitars warped so hard they dissolve into pure consciousness! Seriously, this record had to happen because these two are the NOW of transcendental guitar weirdness. In families like ours where deformed music of one kind or another pours out of the speakers all day long, Toronto's Aidan Baker is a household name. He is no doubt one of the most imaginative experimental musicians of the new generation, quickly creating a universe of limitless sound with his bursting discography. He offers this record an extensive piece which mixes drone, texture, and an ever-bowing foundation -- imagine the sound of falling backwards... forever. The new blood on this split is guitarist Sarah Lipstate from Brooklyn, New York (aka Noveller). Sarah's prepared twin guitar works up a slow hypnotic force, gently pulling way out to the furthest deep end of pulses and patterns. Beautiful repetitions effortlessly skirt over a dark undercurrent. A+++ listen. Edition of 600 copies."
6/9/2010 Nowottny, Marianne Divine Cantos c32 cassette $7.99 Sloow Tapes "Hypnotic and bizarre interpretations of Dante's Divina Commedia. Unsettling keyboards, harmonium and dulcimer with Nowottny's narration guiding you through Hell, Purgatory and Paradise. Somewhere between Kali Bahlu's "Lonely Teardrops" and Alice Coltrane "Sings". 70 copies."
1/9/2003 Nowottny, Marianne Illusions of the Sun CD $14.99 Camera Obscura "Marianne Nowottny has been performing at New York City gallery and avant-garde performance venues since the age of 15. An autodidact and child prodigy, Nowottny captured the attention of playwright Lauri Bortz in 1998 with a hand full of homemade cassette tapes and high-school notebooks filled with prose. This material surfaced in 1999 as the CD ‘Afraid of Me’ on the Abaton Book Company imprint. This debut CD was warmly received in publications such as The New York Times, New York Press, Wire Magazine and Magnet. Since then Marianne has released other recordings, including the 2001 double CD ‘Manmade Girl’. A constantly evolving songwriter and performer, her compositions exist in a state of flux, which allows her to articulate musical ideas and phrasing in an improvisational manner. Her individualistic keyboard work on radio shack keyboards, harmonium, and piano is unique with its moments of surprising harmonic complexity. Her haunting and unsettling vocals maneuver into bizarre uncharted areas producing deep, evocative textures, and revealing complex internal narratives. Marianne Nowottny is now 20 years old and a sophomore at William Paterson University in the United States where she is studying art and politics. She continues to explore and develop her visionary mode of songwriting and performance independent of anything else going on in music right now. ‘Illusions of the Sun’ is Camera Obscura's first multimedia CD, containing seven audio tracks and a twelve minute three song video. The audio portion of the CD contains five new, more developed recordings of some of Marianne's favorite songs from the ‘Afraid of Me’ and ‘Manmade Girl’ releases, as well as two new and previously unrecorded songs. The video portion of the release contains an August 2000 performance of the songs ‘Panopticon’, ‘Sapphire’ and ‘Barely Nearly’ recorded at Signal 66, a performance space in Washington D.C. The release also contains an eight page lyric booklet and a self-portrait by the artist, which is featured on its cover." "Marianne Nowottny redefines the medium, with melodies that swoop and dip like butterflies to underscore her enigmatic reflections." - Bernard Stollman of ESP-DISK, New York City, 2002
4/22/2009 Nowottny, Marianne Strange Weather From The Basement CDR $10.99 Barl Fire "New York folk princess Marianne Nowottny puts on a different face on this CD-R from the great new Barl Fire imprint. This short album shows Nowottny taking a seat behind the ivory keys, putting forth eight instrumental pieces that evoke an endless string of imagery. I've long been a fan of Nowottny's fractured folk meanderings, but "Strange Weather" is such a departure that it's hard to believe it's made by the same person. And I mean this as a huge compliment. Her range as an artist is quite impressive. These evocative pieces dangle like feathers in the air, gently floating toward the ground. As you finally begin to wrap your head around these tracks, Nowottny throws a wrench into the proceedings by filtering the hopeful piano notes through a backwards loop at the end of "Untitled #4." It's dizzying and wonderful. To further knock you on your ass, "Untitled #5" sounds like the lost soundtrack to a silent movie. Her playing on the optigon here is hypnotic. The entire feel of this track just keeps me coming back for more. We're back to the booming keys on "Divinity," a track with a distinctly Victorian feeling. I am reminded of listening to my grandma play piano for my sister and I when we we're wee ones. It thrives in its simplicity, giving us a real insight into Nowottny's creative spirit. "Strange Weather From the Basement" is an intriguing document not only for those who are already fans of Nowottny, but for those looking for something different. Housed in lovely full-color sleeves, this is definitely something to seek out. 8/10" - Brad Rose (28 June, 2006). Edition of 100 copies - released in 2005. Found a stack of these here - I guess I never listed them way back when...

Noxagt Noxagt 7" EP $5.99
22 track EP from Kjetil D Brandsdal's new project. Electronic rock!
3/27/2004 Noxagt Turning It Down Since 2001 CD $13.99 Safe As Milk "Hailing from Norway, Noxagt have come to burn your dirty soul. Three piece in the bass, viola, and drums format. This record is heavier than all the weight Richard Simmons lost before becoming the annoying skinny man he is. Produced by Billy Andersson (Sleep, High On Fire, Neurosis), this record is a pummeling masterpiece. Songs that breathe through their mouth very loudly. Noxagt is at the forefront of the Nor-Wave movement that takes cues from the American wrecking units like Lightning Bolt and Pink and Brown and adds a distinctly Norwegian heavy slant. Liner Notes by Stefan Jaworzyn."
12/10/2004 Nuevos Horizontes & Jose y Manuel Todas Sus Grabaciones 1970-1976 double CD $27.99 RamaLama "Unknown Spanish psychedelic pop group, which can surely remind you on groups like Sagittarius or Millenium. The girls of Vainica Doble wrote some songs for them, like the amazing 'Mi mosca favorita' and 'El afinador de cítaras', all of them performed stunningly with great vocal harmonies. Jose y Manuel were a folk-pop duo, who also released some records together with Nuevos Horizontes. Very recommended, with remastered sound and a 16-page booklet with info (in Spanish) and photos." - Lion Productions
9/6/2002 Null, K.K. / Bill Horist Interstellar Chemistry CD $8.99 Beta-Lactam Ring Records "Ah, the flowers of romance. In this instance, as it turns out, Bill is Horistaculturalist to Null's garden of unearthly delights. Boom Shankar: Null plants the seed, Bill grows the seed, and we EAT the seed. What in Hell's name am I going on about? Well, it's like this: Null provided sonic source material which Horist then organised, manipulated and added on to. So what happened? Scrumptious musical confectionaries with surprise flavour centers! Much of it is like IDM with the boring removed. More deep and less bleep. The drum machinations pound out strains reminiscent of Ikue More (ala Death Praxis) or latter day Bruce Gilbert with a bit of controlled early Nurse With Wound wail thrown in as if this amalgamation were the soundtrack to an old Atari video game (see also Haruomi Hosono). And then comes the second track! Horists' guitar techniques are exciting, weird, rhythmic, Harry Partch-like (track 4 'Luminous Lullaby'), indescribable, explosive, ugly and beautiful. And just when it gets nuts, a melancholy paean to Boards Of Canada cuts through the noisy silt to round the experience out. Tietchensian insect jitters skitter throughout the tracks, no two of which can be said to be quite the same. And this is the wonder of the whole thing; Bill has crafted a cohesive statement out of all these musical explorations which, in many ways, smells of the tectonics of ‘OG’ electro-experimental records of the early 80's and late 70's. There is both a bold adventurousness and a wonderful simplicity to the compositions that is like re-embracing that pivotal moment when noise first made sense and all the Zeppelin records went into the bin. And then you needed a pack of cigarettes and had to fish through the bin to sell the Zeppelin records. It's like that! A vinyl version of 100 copies on 220 gram vinyl is forthcoming."
9/4/2004 Number None Apartment Thunder CD $8.99 Rebis “Number None's second annual retort. Synthetic sounds, organic sounds. Improvisations and collages. Beauty and terror. Recorded between April 2002 and April 2003.”
9/17/2006 Number None Lichfields cassette $8.99 Gold Soundz Great, causal yet commanding drones from this Chicago duo. Extremely well done twilight ghost drones. There's something really unnerving about these subterranean transmissions... Like landing on a newly discovered planet, and realising it's all quicksand.... Edition of 50.
12/24/2005 Number None Nervous Climates 3" CDR $6.99 New American Folk Hero "The lush drone-age of this Chicago seems at odds with the 3" format, on Nervous Climates, they work within an eighteen-minute time limit that seems appropriate for one of their tracks, not four. These short-form improvisations, however, don't feel too conspicuously brief. Number None work with thick ribbons of feedback and dark drones, constructing resonant hymns that arouse equally relaxing calm and portentous unease. This is shadowy music, make no mistake, though it doesn't resonant with a decidedly sinister feel. Though they've not crossed to the dark side, Number None understand the advantages it can bring, and aim instead to harness its transcendental qualities. Number None recently released their third long-player, Urmerica, and I have a sneaking suspicion that the extra room allotted to the duo by the longer format might allow for a more enthralling experience. Still, "Nephophobia" and "Polar Kraken" provide pleasing listens, and even if this descent into Number None's world is a short one, Nervous Climates proves to be a worthwhile trip." - fakejazz.com
3/14/2014 Numinous Eye Clockwork Moon LP + download $17.99 Nod and Smile "Coming on like "Saucerful of Secrets" era Pink Floyd mixed with Yahowha 13, Numinous Eye's new album ebbs and flows with psychedelic explorations of inner and outer space. Echoed vocals, mysterious trance-inducing guitars, drums that dance over the grooves as much as supply them. 180 grams of limited edition head swirl. Includes digital download card (with one bonus track). Limited to 500 copies."
4/16/2007 Numinous Eye With a Little Help CD $13.99 Archive "A splendid disc of freeform droney psych jams from guitarist Mason Jones (Subarachnoid Space, Charnel Records) performing duets with three different drummers (Yoshida of Ruins, Shirahata Uptight, and Komatsu) while on tour in Japan in 2005. Pressing of 500."
12/15/2003 Nurse With Wound Drunk With the Old Man of the Mountains LP $49.99 United Dairies "180g vinyl luxury facsimile edition housed in a heavyweight 350gsm sleeve, full colour, embossed and spot varnished, with 12" full colour insert printed on matte art paper. When it was first released, each copy of this incredibly rare and expensive album came with an original piece of Steven Stapleton artwork. Over the years a lot of these have faded, but Stapleton recently came across some that he had tucked away out of sight and mind from which he has selected four of the best. Two of these are reproduced on the insert, and one each on the front and back of the sleeve; these latter have been embossed and spot varnished to give an excellent finish." Really cool looking jacket! Limited edition of 550 copies.
9/30/2005 Nurse With Wound Echo Poeme: Sequence No. 2 CD $14.99 United Jnana "Echo Poeme: Sequence No. 2 is quite a surprise, even for an artist like Steven Stapleton, who has spent the past 25 years confounding expectations. It is the second part of a series begun with a limited, Vienna show-only CD-R entitled The Little Dipper Minus Two: Echo Poeme Sequence No. 1. Those who are lucky enough to have heard the CD-R will know that it is a hypnotic combination of eerie, layered female vocals floating delicately around seething, sexual inhalations, barking dogs and psychedelic, vibratory shudders of mysterious origin. It's a thrilling and magical 20 minutes, climaxing with the eardrum-piercing squall of a WWII air raid siren and the dive-bombing blitzkrieg of warplanes. Sequence No. 2 uses some the same elements, but subtracts the overt sexuality, the canine outbursts and the Nazi attack, leaving only 50 minutes of overlapping, interwoven vocals from Amantine Dahan Steiner and Isabelle Gaborit, all of which are exclusively en francais. Steven Stapleton and Colin Potter utilize the various utterances, hums, whispers, recitations, laughs, breathy coos, and vibrational oms of the two women to create a suggestive ambient tangle of ghostly, gossamer thread. The vocals create soothing undulations, tantalizingly linguistic but staying just out of reach of full comprehension, improbably panning around the stereo channels with a logic that would only make sense in a dream. Indeed, the album is ideal for headphone listening, provided you don't mind two disembodied voices spookily reciting French words in your ears for almost an hour. The title of this album and its predecessor seem to be consciously retrograde allusions to classic musique concrete pieces (i.e. Edgar Varese's "Poeme Electronique"), even though it's much more likely that Potter and Stapleton have used digital means, rather than analog, to create these highly-constructed, multilayered compositions." - Jonathan Dean
9/4/2003 Nurse With Wound Live At Bar Maldoror CD $24.99 United Dairies "Repress of this 1994 CD release. Features live recordings from various Bar Maldoror locations 1984-86. NWW were on these occasions made up from: Steven Stapleton, Annie Anxiety, Chris Wallis, David Tibet, Diana Rogerson, John Balance, etc. ‘In our very short spell as a 'live band' Nurse With Wound performed 8 times, 5 in public, between the years 1984-86. These events were shambolic, chaotic and uneven affairs, sometimes as boring for the performers as the non-plussed audiences but at other times reaching an amazing intensity. This CD contains the high points of our Bal Maldoror happenings (sic)." - Steven Stapleton.
6/19/2002 Nurse With Wound Man With The Woman Face LP $39.99 United Dairies "Extremely Limited Edition Clear vinyl 12" version of Man With Woman LP. The LP comes in a clear plastic sleeve with 2 full colour inserts by Steven Stapleton. The whole album is then housed in a reseal-able clear polypropylene bag. After 2 years the eagerly awaited follow up to Nurse With Wound's acclaimed album 'An Awkward Pause' is here, 'Man With The Woman Face'. Nurse With Wound, now stripped down to just Steven Stapleton and Colin Potter offer a return to the mad sonic sound sculptures that have made Nurse With Wound such a cult."
1/30/2010 Nurse With Wound Space Music CD $15.99 BLR "Tears for spheres. Be warned: the sounds you are hearing are NOT marmots eating your tweeters, though you are best advised to apply volume lightly at first. STEVEN STAPLETON's astral weeks have been spent distilling sounds into sipping moonshine. LITERAL moonshine. After a viscerally present launch cycle, the Voyager Nurse Module is designed to be piloted by the out-of-body listener. With Lilith-like subtlety, the concrete powered craft makes its way ever closer to the edge of the galaxy. Which one? Who knows? Whichever it is, Vaclav Helhybel (Outer Space: Music) and Frank Perry (Deep Peace) are there, waiting to celebrate the space escapade with chilled cocktails and green friends. Packaged in deluxe custom designed book bound gatefold sleeves"

Nurse With Wound The Musty Odour of Pierced Rectums CD $79.99 Beta-Lacktam Ring "In the terpsichorean tradition of traumatizing and titillating treacalese collector geeks the world over, Beta-lactam presents a very limited CDR release by Nurse With Wound, to be available only in conjunction with the record release party for 'She And Me Fall Like Free Death'. This is a full fledged, full length, full bodied album of previously unreleased material, and just when you thought it couldn't get any weirder... It would seem that the musty odour exuded by pierced rectums is exhilarating; even scintillating. With rounds of disembodied voices, arias of crackle and rumble, jets of ascendant and descendant sound, bursts of silent, nurse wounding flak worthy of The Great Cage, well, if my thermometer reads correctly, "Rectums" is not unlike "Gyllensköld" in its sonic attacks and rectal decays. I find it especially enlightening with Ann-Margaret singing in the background on the television, but you will realise hours of listening pleasure even without the random Ann-Margaret caveat. Honestly though, Volks, if'n I heard this record and did not know who it was, I would buy it on the spot because it just happens to be AWESOME, dude. You'll see. Or not, I don't know...will you be quick enough on the draw? Are you the Clint Eastwood of collecting? Do ya like good stuff? All I'm saying is that thy ear drum is worth piercing with the "Musty Odour Of Pierced Rectums," possibly whilst driving around in a Pierce-Arrow reading Pears Anthony with, of course, a butt plug firmly and resolutely installed." Edition of 300 copies - long out of print. 2003 release.
1/28/2005 Nurse With Wound / Cyclob Angry Eelectric Finger 2 CD $12.99 Beta-Lactam Ring "On the other hand, NWW + Cyclobe = free form freakout! Cyclobe chose to mince the NWW provisions into a deeply psychedelic electro attack. An ocean of circuits swell and ebb and crash against your woofers in a noisy, electro-acoustic mist. More of an angry electric fingering. And don't you deserve it?"
1/28/2005 Nurse With Wound / Jim O'Rourke Angry Eelectric Finger 1 CD $12.99 Beta-Lactam Ring "Thou had best be ready when the angry electric finger points to YOU and the ear fisting begins. Thus Spake Nurse (and Xhol): The recipe began with our fearless leader, Steve Stapleton, cooking up some recordings and mixing in a few tablespoons of Xhol Caravan. He then sent this delicious sound casserole, one each, to Jim O'Rourke, Cyclobe and Irr.App.(Ext.) and asked that they bake said casseroles in their own sonic ovens. The 3 separate sound casseroles were then returned to the NWW kitchen where Chef Steve added just a dash of this and a pinch of that. BlRR now serves up these 3 piping hot dishes to you, the hungriest of hungry, hungry hippos. The NWW/Jim O'Rourke duumvirate finger points to a brilliant and long overdue marriage. Their consummation has produced an ambient masterpiece; something of a hermaphroditic hybrid between Soliloquy For Lilith/Spiral Insana and Jim's previous Disengage/Tamper. Haunting, weird, dark and beautiful...just like you!"
9/30/2005 Nurse With Wound / John Contreras / Rose McDowall Afraid 1 & 2 / Geometric Horsehair Cavalclade CD $14.99 Durtro / Jnana "This CDEP contains three tracks, all featuring the skillful playing of John Contreras, the handsome young cellist and recent Current 93 and Cyclobe collaborator. The first and third tracks on the disc are adaptations of Nico's beautiful song "Afraid" (from her classic 1970 album Desertshore, one of several collaborations with John Cale), with the singular Rose McDowall lending her sweet, lilting vocals to the song. We haven't heard from Rose McDowall in quite a while, that inimitable chanteuse from Strawberry Switchblade, Sorrow and countless collaborations with Current 93, Death in June, Coil and Michael Cashmore, so it was very nice indeed to hear her lovely vocals again. Even though both versions of "Afraid" are brief, insubstantial and slight, they are still very pretty, and a good showcase for McDowall's voice and Contreras' elegiac, vibratory swells of cello. Sandwiched unceremoniously between these two tracks is an unexpected collaboration between Nurse With Wound and John Contreras, surreally entitled "Geometric Horsehair Cavalcade." The horsehair refers perhaps to the rosined fibers of Contreras' bow, and the geometry perhaps to the angularly edited, resculptured strings of Contreras' cello and Steven Stapleton's prepared piano. There's no telling where the cavalcade comes in. The track, not surprisingly, bears a passing resemblance to Stapleton's collaborations with another master of the stringed instrument on Acts of Senseless Beauty and Santoor Lena Bicycle. In fact, Aranos AKA Petr Vastl is listed as the engineer for all three of these tracks, so there's your connection." - Jonathan Dean
3/14/2014 Nuslux Archives C c50 cassette $9.99 Lal Lal Lal Sample here: https://soundcloud.com/lal-lal-lal/nuslux-archives-c-excerpts
4/27/2015 Nuslux Archives D - Used Tracks c40 cassette $6.99 Lal Lal Lal "The tape contains tracks from Roope Eronen's comic video blog "Christmas Surprise" on side A, and previously released tracks from some compilations on side B. C40 in edition of 50."
4/27/2015 Nuslux Archives E - Rejected Albums c50 cassette $6.99 Lal Lal Lal "The tape contains two unreleased albums that were rejected by the labels who were supposed to release them. Parts of the unreleased LP (recorded about 2008) on side A were released on Lasernus tape and Ede Merco digital release. But here's presented the version the sounds were originally intended to be released. The music is recorded with the water synthesizer Nuslux used to play live on that time. On side B there's an album called Dubbel, from around 2007. It was supposed to be Nuslux's second release and is played on WSG oscillator, Casio keyboard and a special D.I.Y. stereo tremolo. C60 in edition of 50."
7/14/2007 Nuslux Nuslux CDR $8.99 Lal Lal Lal "The debut by Roope from Avarus, Pylon and Maniacs Dream. Nuslux plays good-humoured and chilled out electronic minimalism by mostly self-built analogue instruments. On this CD-R you can also hear some violin and the last sounds of a now passed out old Yamaha sampler. The result is a celebration of sound waves, dry pulses, and harsh harmonies. The Main Mission is to try to get (back) near the listeners ear. This CD-R contains the very best 14 short songs of the enthusiastic and productive first sessions in the spring 2007. Edition of 200."
10/31/2009 Nuslux Saison cassette $9.99 Tanzprocesz "Cracked keyboards from Finland. Acid Disney trip melodies. Abstract funfair looped jingles. Pro-duplicated tapes 50 copies."
11/25/2007 Nuslux Triple CDR $8.99
"The latest recordings by Roope from Avarus, Maniacs Dream and Pylon. This one includes 100% minimalistic short circuit grooves! The pots of two D.I.Y. oscillators are placed in three glasses of water to create parallel and random pulses and beats. The result is brutal, cheesy, funny and minimalistic dance party. Propably the best Nuslux item so far!" Single cdr.
4/16/2007 Nuss, Dave Wood on Wood DVD $17.99 Dornbracht Culture Projects, Berlin/ S@1 "Premiere solo performance of Nuss of the NNCK from Fall 2006, this gallery edition DVD includes a 40-page color photo journal of the event and essay by the Bernadette Corporation. 'A drummer at the centre of the sportshall in the former Postfuhramt building, Berlin Mitte, closely encrcled by tracks to transport the slowly and relentlessly moving camera, capturing his every movement, his every emotion. The audience postiions itself a safe distance from the increasingly loud, ecstatic acoustic attacks. The ground is vibrating. The pressure waves tranform the room into a single force field. Dave Nuss continues until the final beat of his inner being had been sounded.' The DVD presents two versions of the entire performance, one from above, and one from a camera rotating constantly around him in a 360 degree circle, as well as a 10-minute "short version" edit of the two." You'll need an all region dvd player to see this.
5/14/2007 NVH / Chasny Plays the Book of Revelations LP $22.99 Yik Yak "Vinyl debut of the long anticipated LP by Noel Von Harmonson (Comets on Fire, NVH) and Ben Chasny (Six Organs of Admittance, Comets On Fire). Guitar and electronics are deposited in a sacrificial heap at the gates of hell, sickly intertwined and indistinguishable. Bathed in the blood of apocalyptic alchemy, this caterwauling creature rears two heads and screams one wrathful scream. Recorded to two-track tape in San Francisco over the winter of 2005 and mastered by Hans Gruesel at the Krankenkabinet; features deluxe, hand screened black-on-black multipanel packaging. Limited to 666 copies."
1/24/2009 Nyoukis, Dylan Inside Wino Lodge LP $15.99 No Fun "New solo LP of strange sounds, vocal improvisations,strings, tape manipulations and hiss drones from Dylan Nyoukis (Decaer Pinga,Blood Stereo) inside his wino lodge. Sounds like it was recorded in a 4 track in 1972 in an insane asylum, then puke over and thrown into the sea, then discovered recently and transfer directly to Vinyl via marine analog tape communication device.Good one to buy as well if you are wondering what a naked Scottish man and his daughter look and sound like. Limited to 300 copies."
2/21/2005 Nyoukis, Dylan Norse Fungi Festivus CDR $9.99 Chocolate Monk “Recorded in preperation for the No Fun Fest, ‘Norse Fungi Festivus’ is a manky live piece for voice and prepared tape,, heavily delayed & lubed tonsils sending out throat claw signals... crivens!!!”
9/17/2006 Nyoukis, Dylan Owl Tapes CDR $9.99 Chocolate Monk "Two solo pieces for voice and reel to reels (well one also has oscillator), plus one interlude. Includes the first ever solo live joint. Like if Terry Riley had down syndrome when he hooked up his time-lag accumulator. "Like he was being eaten alive by goblins." - audience member
2/24/2002 Nyoukis, Dylan Shield That Pierces The Earth LP $49.99 Catsup Plate "The debut solo album from this Scottish raconteur best known for his prolific and somewhat controversial work in Prick Decay (aka Decaer Pinga). Described by Dylan as his 'folk' record -he's using a lot more plucked guitar, and a lot less tape collage. Shield blends guitar picking with keyboard tones, alien clicks and squeaks, vocals, and other abstract sounds to create a record that jumps from Gamelan- esue percussion frenzy to mournful vocal dirges to sputtering guitar gak workouts. Limited edition of 300 copies pressed on pink vinyl."