DateAdded Artist Title Format Price Label Description
12/24/2005 6majik9 In Mara's Glove CDR $10.99 musicyourmindwillloveyou reissue of first 6majik9 disc , previously available on foxglove.
12/24/2005 6majik9 The Human Hand CDR $10.99 musicyourmindwillloveyou "the companion release to 'majik - in mara's glove' to be released on foxglove in may. the collective madness unleashed in various forms , sparked by awareness of the infinite , sunburned minds ornamental disasters trapped on magnetic fiber.....or ink"
8/6/2014 M.B. Technometrio CDR $12.99 Musik Atlach "Musik Atlach is proud to announce the release with M.B. -Technometrio. These rare long tracks was recorded in 1981. It was drawn the beautiful world very simply in the serene silence like the primitive solitude. When you shut eyes, to breathe slowly, you will listen to the pulse of supernova. https://soundcloud.com/musikatlach/sets/m-b-maurizio-bianchi
4/10/2009 M.C. Carpet This is an MC Carpet Sample cassette $5.99
"Mankato, Minnesota's first rapper. A local legend whom had made maybe 10 tapes in the mid 90's & tried to sell them at high school football games. This may be the only MC Carpet tape not thrown in a trash. Incrediblly bizarre LONER BASEMENT RAP. side B is instrumental. KICKIN A STYLE FOR 96!!! Somewhat comparable to the "Sheriff Jake Fields" cs"
4/22/2015 Maailma Speculum CD $15.99 Rotor Records "Maailma are Laura Naukkarinen, alias Lau Nau, with three brilliant full length albums to her name, and one of the brightest shining stars in the Finnish free folk scene, Matti Bye - film composer and silent film performer, and Kristian Holmgren - producer, musician and silent film performer. Maailma are now returning with their second full length album 'Speculum'. Apart from augmenting their sound with instruments like the Hammond Organ, the Harpsichord and the Celesta, for the followup to 2008's NOITALAULUJA, Maailma have been collaborating with a small orchestra of string and woodwind players. Monumental and microscopic at turns, rarely has music moved so effortlessly between folk music, psychedelia, electronics, and the classical orchestra. Also appearing is percussionist Henrik Olsson - playing drums, marimba and home-made electronic percussion. Additionally, the album features guest spots from Helena Espvall, Antti Tolvi, and Mattia Olsson."
12/22/2014 Maailma Speculum LP $31.99 Rotor Records "Maailma are Laura Naukkarinen, alias Lau Nau, with three brilliant full length albums to her name, and one of the brightest shining stars in the Finnish free folk scene, Matti Bye - film composer and silent film performer, and Kristian Holmgren - producer, musician and silent film performer. Maailma are now returning with their second full length album 'Speculum'. Apart from augmenting their sound with instruments like the Hammond Organ, the Harpsichord and the Celesta, for the followup to 2008's NOITALAULUJA, Maailma have been collaborating with a small orchestra of string and woodwind players. Monumental and microscopic at turns, rarely has music moved so effortlessly between folk music, psychedelia, electronics, and the classical orchestra. Also appearing is percussionist Henrik Olsson - playing drums, marimba and home-made electronic percussion. Additionally, the album features guest spots from Helena Espvall, Antti Tolvi, and Mattia Olsson. Limited edition of 300 copies, with a deluxe heavy tip-on gatefold sleeve featuring photography by Gustav Broms. Also available on CD."
2/4/2007 Machine Gun TV, The Go CDR $8.99 Public Eyesore "First there is The Machine Gun TV, a trio from Japan. They are Jun Masumizo, Hidekazu Miyano and TV - let's safely assume that the latter is a real TV as this six pack (although the cover lists only five tracks) of madness contains many samples sounds from the (idiot) box. Regular, but Japanese pop-music, and on top the other two members play their brand of heavy guitar sounds, rhythms and other madness. Crazy wild high adrenaline music is what the Machine Gun TV is all about. Play this after a hard day's work and you feel reborn - at least I felt like that." - Franz de Waard (Vital Weekly No. 520)
10/22/2011 Machinefabriek & Gareth Davis Ghost Lanes LP $18.99 Dekorder "Ghost Lanes (the A side) was recorded during the first ever duo session that Gareth and Rutger had, at STEIM, Amsterdam, June 2009. The two hadn't met before, but immediately there was a strange chemistry between them, and without much discussion, it was plug-in and play, and two albums and an EP were recorded. Ghost Lanes was then released as a very limited 3-inch CDr. A year and a half later, they settled at STEIM again, for another fruitful session. That's when Mackerel Sky was recorded. A perfect match with the A-side of this vinyl and a cumulation of their shared progress. Gareth and Rutger's music is all improvised. The slow paced pieces combine the rough loopings of Rutger's guitar with the low-end rumblings of Gareth's contrabass clarinet. A perfect soundtrack for some weird underwater world. As Norman Records put it: "Gareth's clarinet interjects Rutger's loop pedals and guitar and if you stick through the track from start to end you'll be treated to a magical 23 minute journey."
1/17/2010 Machinefabriek / Nils Frahm Dauw 7" $11.99 Dekorder "To celebrate the video release of "Dauw" (see YouTube) we are putting out a small edition vinyl 7" with one of the most popular tracks we have released on Dekorder so far (originally appearing on a CD with the same title). For the B-Side Nils Frahm has recorded a gorgeous piano version in a church in his current hometown Berlin. Frahm has released a highly accclaimed solo album on Kning Disk this year. Mastered by Guiseppe Ielasi. Metallic print on grey cardboard stock. Limited edition of 300 copies!"
7/16/2009 Mackenzie / Yeh Duo Mackenzie / Yeh Duo CDR $10.99 High Spirits "Killer live colaboration = 2 tracks + remix by Spencer and a remix by Dead Wafer .....4 tracks in all."
11/30/2011 Maclise, Angus Dreamweapon I LP $27.99 Boo Hooray "Boo-Hooray has re-pressed Dreamweapon I & III to commemorate the opening of the Angus MacLise - Dreamweapon exhibit at CIAP-Hasselt, Belgium. Live recordings of Angus MacLise, Tony Conrad, and Jack Smith from the MacLise tape archive. In a silkscreened sleeve. The second pressing includes a risograph-printed 8 page booklet of the text to "Les Evening Gowns Damnées" illustrated with a reproduction of one side of an original Theatre of Jack Smith promotional brochure.
First edition of 500 (black cover) - SOLD OUT
Second edition of 500 (blue and pink cover) now available!
Side A: Les Evening Gowns Damnées (December 20 1964) 16'48"
Side B: S.O.S. (Ca. 1968) 13'28"
11/30/2011 Maclise, Angus Dreamweapon II LP $27.99 Boo Hooray "Previously available an extremely limited run as a giveaway CD-R available exclusively at the opening of the DREAMWEAPON exhibit in May, this new LP release is issued to commemorate the opening of the Angus MacLise - Dreamweapon exhibit at CIAP-Hasselt, Belgium. DREAMWEAPON II features previously-unreleased material by Angus and Hetty MacLise from the Angus MacLise audio archive. This LP release features significantly extended and remastered versions of four of the tracks from the giveaway CD-R. Also includes a risograph-printed facsimile of YEAR, a broadside poster by Angus MacLise originally issued in 1965. In a screen-printed sleeve, limited to 500 unnumbered copies."
Side A:
Bash Bish (Berkshires Group, ca. 1968-1969) 1'42"
November 1965 (Angus MacLise (Bell) and Hetty MacLise (organ)) 16'26"
Untitled (Angus MacLise, cymbal & drum; no date) 2'40"
Side B:
Organ Expo 1969 18'58"
4/16/2003 Maclise, Angus The Cloud Doctrine double CD $24.99 Sub Rosa "Sub Rosa presents a real sensation: 159 minutes of minimal electronic music, readings, soundtracks from the archives of Velvet Undergroud founding member Angus Maclise from 1963-1976, featuring Tony Conrad, John Cale, Piero Heliczer, Berverly Grant Conrad And Hetty Maclise. This deluxe double CD set features rare music, performance, soundtracks, spoken words by a seminal poet and musician who was active in the New York avant-garde of the '60s (he was the first drummer of the Velvet Underground). The tracks on this 2xCD are released for the first time ever. Included is a historical text by Gerard Malanga and many unpublished photographs."
5/14/2007 Macrodot untitled CDR $12.99 Manhand New solo recordings from Sunburned's John Moloney. Fucked up sounds - intense shit. Recommended!
5/14/2007 Madame P Spellbound CDR $8.99 Curor "Incredible vocal layering and magical glossolalia from Italian Patrizia Oliva, like a fabulously eccentric mix of Diamanda Galas and an unaccompanied Larkin Grimm. Soon to release an LP on Qbico ... I, for one, can't wait." - Gayle Boa Melody Bar
2/16/2003 Madder / Stylianos Tziritas Rabbitspeech CD $9.99 Absurd "Rabbitspeech is the name of the s/t theatrical performance that Stylianos Tziritas (member of the Greek avant rock group ‘Kopsokephaloi’) handled in small music theatre in Athens last April. Being though a performance that wasn't lasting for long he wanted a group to play a live set afterwards. For the occasion Madder jumped on the idea and did 2 live sets within the 2 days that the performance took place. On this cdr is the documentation of these 2 live improvised electronics (utilizing electronics, an amplified toy
typewriter, objects, turntable) sets plus as bonus the little experimental miniatures Stylianos Tziritas did for his theatrical piece." Edition of 155 copies.
11/15/2008 Magen, Anthony Pourquoi 3" CDR $10.99 Black Petal "A guy from melbourne doing some very nice loner blues stuff; then versioning it 4 times in a very obscure take on dub tactics."
7/30/2006 Maggoted Maggoted CDR $8.99 Jyrk "Aside from Gabe and Liz, I've probably spent as much time with Robert Mayson from Grey Daturas in the last year as I have with anyone. I feel totally honored to have had time with the dude.... I can't think of a better dude to be trapped in a sweaty van with or out exploring odd aussie beach towns... No matter where you're at with the dude, he's always down for whatever trouble needs to happen. So.. when he and I were both camping at the old Huffin House in Oakland, where I was at the end of one tour, and he was at the beginning of his, we decided that we would form a band... Now.. there ARE plans for us to record in the future, I'm not sure if it'll be later this year or in ten years, I don't really care... that's all besides the point.. what does matter is that we slammed our skulls together for just about 30 minutes and dropped this egg out of the cracks... This is the entire recording history of the group thus far. the music is totally dense, repetitive and dark.. I think we were both listening to mirror a lot around then, but I can also hear heaps of early MAIN in there too.. Anyway, I felt great during this sesh and I'm always stoked to listen to this thing.. I hope ya'll are too. edition of 150." - label
7/8/2003 Magic Band Back To The Front CD $14.99 All Tomorrow's Parties "After twenty years of dormancy, Captain Beefheart's legendary group the Magic Band have reunited to play some shows and bend some minds. Key members John ‘Drumbo’ French, Gary ‘Mantis’ Lucas, Denny ‘Feelers Reebo’ Walley, and Mark ‘Rockette Morton’ Boston deliver seventeen classic Beefheart tracks, originally recorded for such albums as Safe As Milk, Trout Mask Replica, Lick My Decals Off Baby, and Clearspot, and get 'em sounding as fresh as ever."
12/23/2003 Magic Carpathians Euscorpius Carpathicus LP $29.99 Obuh "Grand psychedelia from one of the most interesting Eastern projects. From dreamy, visionary ‘Fat Moon’, through climbing the walls of acoustic-electric noise at ‘Amp Ass’, till energetic, pulsing from cosmic electronics bubbles ‘Fishyfish’. Recorded at our new vintage studio with old electronics weirdo Wojcek from ZSG . Fresh as milk and a must. Analog version in a completely different super solid cover reminiscent of classic vinyl LP’s of the 50's and early 60's. Sounding deeper and warmer. Limited to 350
copies." Limited stock.

Magic Carpathians / Nimbus 2000 split 7" $5.99 Oggum Numbered edition of 500 copies on red vinyl. Magic Carpathians recorded live in 1998.
6/5/2005 Magic Carpathians Project Sonic Suicide Ethnoise Vol. 1 CD $17.99 Vivo Magic Carpathians Project's new release, Sonic Suicide, is as surprising and as challenging as every one of their previous albums. The figure of suicide designates the moment of closure and transformation, not far from orgasmic density and bodily pleasures of sounds on the album. The music here creates intense, vibrating, rhizomatic field of electric pulsations, drones and irregularities. This time Magic Carpathians Project's line up has been scaled down to just two of core members who have been establishing the name since 1998: Anna Nacher (mistreated electric guitars, voice, lyrics, media manipulation and bastardization, loops, field recordings) and Marek Styczynski (homemade analog sound modulator, field recordings, saxophone, clarinet, flutes, gongs, percussions). A prototype version of analog sound modulator-called badoog-which emits soundwaves of sinusoidal amplitude and frequencies reaching out beyond the standard range audible to human ear has been designed and built especially for this session. Anna Nacher sings, screams and soars both in English and Polish, occasionally inhabiting the space between languages or mixing up the dialects, idioms and pronunciations. Field recordings taken by the duo during their travels across Himalaya, Carpathians and Balkans are employed as signs of hybridic soundscape of cultural nomads, far from overproduced and colonized idioms of 'world music'. Only for the bravest of the bravest!"
3/15/2012 Magic Carpathians, The Tea Events CDR $11.99 Reverb Worship "Its always a great pleasure to work with The Magic Carpathians.Over the years they have created some truly wonderful psychedelic tinged music.This time they present "Tea Events" which is the bands third release for Reverb Worship.Recorded live at The Tea Festival on 11th June 2011.The album contains four superb improvised tracks based on various themes.This time the band features Anna Nacher, Marek Styczynski and Andrej Widota.They have never sounded better and indeed Anna's voice is stunning.This is such a cool recording that it's not until the end of the album that you realise its recorded live.Available now in a hand numbered edition of 60 copies."
5/1/2009 Magik Markers Balf Quarry CD $13.99 Drag City "Oh, Magik Markers -- you dirty fuckers! You look like a reasonably intelligent young woman and man -- perhaps a bit intense, but who isn't in these end times? Then the needle drops and you're amok, dusting us from the git-go, wild-eyed in a china shop where stop keeps meaning more. Ah, if it were only music -- but it would appear you've rethought that too. And would it kill you to crack a smile? When an album begins with a song called 'Risperdal,' one should assume a mind-and-body-slamming forty-five minutes or so are underway. And 'one' wouldn't be wrong, dickhead. Sure, Balf Quarry has moody space in its soul, melodies whether stretched over rock, ululating rhythm, chimes 'n piano and/or wah-wah. Regardless of the configuration, Elisa Ambrogio and Pete Nolan are locked together, beating it out, listening to feeling the sound of their earth quake. And slicing through all the atmosphere, Elisa's voice is a spear of light, splashes of mud, an acid purple flashback. The Balf Quarry libretto reads like an inner monologue of some poor bastard from The Stand: desperate and vengeful musings from the head of a witness to and survivor of an apocalypse, in a world they never made, dreaming helplessly of the demons out west. 'Safe before their life sets in' might mean hope in this landscape. The world's not broken -- people ruin it every time. Working with engineer Scott Colburn (Sun City Girls, Animal Collective, Sir Richard Bishop), Magik Markers have captured a lot of different moods and twitches on Balf Quarry. Tremoring mid-rhythms form the body, with a couple showers of hardcore, high flying free-duo style and several clinking music boxes of woe as well. On slower tunes, the mass of brooding guitar tone generated is Elisa's signature, a carving all of her own. Fills, licks and other touches move the songs a broken arm's length away from a fundament of chaos and horror. When colors actually match and you have grey music for grey days, it's great -- but what about grey music for cherry red lava days, or rainbow sounds goes -- and just your luck, Magik Markers have brought anything with them on Balf Quarry -- a multicolored projectile of vomit you can sing along to! If psychosis is your thing, Balf Quarry is like a jukebox just for you. The only thing it's missing is a brick attached to the LP/CD to facilitate throwing it through your window! No, we're not talking about you, asshole. This is the royal 'you' -- the 'you' of all Magik Markers fandom, the 'you' of anyone with ears and the guts for this shit. Wot fun! Prepare for the birth of the second sun, y'all."
11/25/2007 Magik Markers Boss LP $15.99 Arbitrary Signs Repress - 2nd edition. "A formality and restraint the Markers have never exerted on their previously recorded material is present on Boss. Now the Markers are Jainists, with their mouths masked so as to not inhale even one tiny insect, here pursuing the killer gentle with a vengeance. Recorded in the cavernous dark of Echo Canyon West, with producer Lee Ranaldo working the boards like a diviner, Boss documents the Markers with a previously unheard fidelity and orchestration. Idiosyncratic song structure and melodies interspersed with a destructive drum stomp are reminiscent of the early electrified blues of Junior Kimbrough, or the black hole rhythms of Kousokuya. Mixing a gentle vulnerability with a winded egomania, the Markers have always had a musical tunnel vision; Boss is that vision made manifest."
11/4/2006 Magik Markers For Sada Jane CD $16.99 Textile This is another monument to the Markers ability to evade any kind of long-term definition by busting out two serene and dark, trickling lullabies alongside two more “recognizable” blasts of live guitar/drum anarchy. The whole thing, recorded in different places, sounds awesome and this is basically some of the best-captured Markers yet…again. There’s whole slabs of weirdness throughout - bits of old records slip in with the static, the disparity of all the different line-ups and locations, and the record is tinged with that beautifully understated awkwardness, that shy and shifting broken fumbling that make this band one of the most truly human groups to listen to on record (or see in the full sweaty flesh for that matter)…“Blind White Alligators”, a duet piece by Elisa and Pete, begins tremendously nervously with plucked, hollow notes bouncing off the indifferent air, until Nolan’s roaring patterns finally get a chance to cling onto something and the guitar is carried off on the train ride. Total blitz drums man…and they’re recorded brilliantly, all the drive and rip captured underneath the flailing, berated guitar. “Dance Upon the Steam”, the first of two “curveballs” that aren’t really curveballs because every aspect of the Magik Markers’ approach to music is a fucking “curveball”, lingers on the edge of sinister and is numbing…easily accepted but almost impossible to grasp fully, and there’s a ghostly vocal line that shimmers in the background and barely makes its own presence felt. The only track on the LP featuring the original line-up, Elisa, Pete and Leah, “Infinite Regress” is not only representative of the wall of clawing luminosity that the band portrays live, it also contains some of the most killer lyrics they’ve put out on record yet…“what do you wanna be?!”, begs Elisa, “the creator? or WHAT HE CREATES?!”, diving into the crowd to forcibly ransack someone’s devotion. I love watching videos of the crowds at Magik Markers shows, there’s always one dude in the front row who’s about to let himself go at any moment, he’s just waiting for the jam to REALLY kick in, and then he’s promised himself he’s gonna go nuts, shaking his head and arms every now and then to convince himself, and then the band just keep up the unbreakable tension for ever, keeping themselves caught in the middle of confusion and catharsis. The wonderfully delicate drawing of the eponymous baby by Pete Nolan echoes the final track, “Shabbetai Tzevi/1666”, an obscurely beautiful poem and the best song on the album by a million miles. The vocals are trapped behind this thin wall of static that twists and breaks with the vocal inflection, humming over Joshua Burkett and John Shaw’s innocent, rambling and resigned acoustic and bass. It’s the frailest, most naked song I’ve heard by the band on record, the false glory and the bitter road…“the city steals your body baby” bemoans the character who’s possessed Elisa…her lyricism is desperately truthful and possesses a weary, sickly empathy, and her lyrics, whether they’re a panic-stricken wail or an almost silent drone seem to totally overwhelm her to the point of physical possession. This song alone is worth getting the album for, and the lyrics/poem is re-produced on the back of the dust sleeve of the LP. Totally great."- Joe Luna, Foxy Digitalis.
4/24/2006 Magik Markers Inverted Belgium LP $17.99 Hospital "one sided lp of the infamous bloody face cutting show in beligium.. instrumental noise assult edited and remastered to slow motion shit attack"
7/31/2006 Magik Markers Road Pussey CDR $11.99 Arbitrary Signs July 2006 release featuring 7 tracks clocking in around 43 minutes. Includes a killer 10+ minute track titled Brooklyn Sweat which is the highlight on the album for me.
3/21/2007 Magik Markers The Volodor Dance CD $13.99 Latitudes "The Volodor Dance contains four frantic pieces of primitive expressionism, and was recorded live to tape, with no overdubs, and no re-takes. Three of the songs are deeply instinctive and rattle and holler along the free rock tradition, the fourth is an energetic assault on a three chord punk song. All in all the session was a total success, with the engineer bottling the explosive spirit of the band's phenomenal live performance with skill. Words don't do justice to a band as important as this one and this session is the closest thing you'll hear to actually witnessing their frantic live show."
2/11/2006 Magik Markers, The A Panegyric to the Things I do not Understand CD $10.99 Gulcher Records "So, you know, I was listenin' to the radio back in '76--surprised to hear the title track from Patti Smith's RADIO ETHIOPIA, when the LP was brand new and I hadn't got my copy yet. "Radio Ethiopia" (the track) was this amazing surge of pure sonic madness--total free blow-out--and it left my head reeling. Then I heard the full album, otherwise devoid of the free thing--and I was bummed. Well, 30 years later, here's the Magik Markers. This trio sounds like its ABCs of R&R begin with "Radio Ethiopia" + the breathless free-rock orgasm of the Stooges' "L.A. Blues" + the most open moments of the first Godz LP on ESP-Disk. Of course, a zillion other things've come along in the meanwhile. The Magik Markers were bathed in hardcore as young'uns, and they came of age in the wake of the Dead C, Harry Pussy, and a worldwide noise scene that touches any and every other alleged genre. But at the heart of the Magik Markers is something much older: rock and roll. You know, R+R as envisioned down at the pub by Mark Smith & The Fall--except you can't remember the chord changes. Let's twist again like we did the first time we heard Suicide's "Rocket USA." Drummer Pete Nolan can scatter and merge in a way that you could say references Sunny Murray's free breakthroughs with Albert Ayler, but just as often sounds like he could be playing "Louie Louie" in a '65 garage band. Somewhere behind and beneath the clang and dissonance of guitarists Elisa Ambrogio (also vocals) and Leah Quimby (bass axe), I still hear the distorted blurry notes of Paul Burlinson with the Johnny Burnette Trio--the murderous licks of Pat Hare with Howlin' Wolf. And in between: everything from West Coast Quicksilver / Dead / Love to dark heavy Velvets / Zep / Sabbath / PiL. But remember, these young studs take out all the "fancy" stuff: no songs, no scales, nothin' but room--lots of rhythms, tons of sounds and noises (although don't mistake the MMs for a power-electronics assault squad), even a few recognizable English words. Yeah, the words. They seem spontaneous, but offer tantalizing hints at the magik behind the musicians: "You're my American woman. You're my American thighs. It's a dark night in Vegas. It's a dark night in Vegas" . . . "I am not compassionate. I don't like mercy. I will take your life" . . . "It's a shy, arthritic sky" . . . ?! In spite of their punk roots, the Markers' form tends toward extended breakdowns: this disc is divided into two "sides"--two long tracks--the first running to 19:41, and the other is 19:38. No rules is the rule here. For instance, dig the near-acapella section on the first "side"--whistlin', odd voices, clappin', just an occasional rattle or beep--very casual and simple but mesmerizing. Then there's the part on the second "side" where it sounds like everything is moving in outta-focus slow-mo, like after you've drank waytoomuch cough syrup (DXM)--'n yr legs 've turned t' melted, oooozing plastic. But my favorite part (swoon!) is when Elisa begins an erotic gutter-cat rant: "I'm your ramblin' rose . . . I'm your Sister Anne," obvious references to the MC5. Imagine THAT band jammin' with Yoko Ono--and yer about halfway to here. Elisa raves against the torrent of Quimby's roaring feedback and Nolan's exploding skins in an intuitive way that recalls Patti Smith's lost-in-the-whirlpool moments and/or Damo Suzuki's most tongue-driven gestures with Can. Whew. Formed in 2000, the Magik Markers have moved from New England to Kentucky to NYC--who knows where next? They've played around the U.S. and western Europe, including gigs with alt-rock heavies like Sonic Youth and Dinosaur Jr. The trio has released various CDRs and cassettes on their own Arbitrary Signs label, as well as an LP of "early" material for T. Moore's Ecstatic Peace, and CDR releases for Slippy Town, Imvated, and Apostasy. For their first manufactured CD release, the Markers have landed on the Gulcher imprint--it somehow makes sense that this group of out-crowders would end up with the same label that spewed MX-80, the Gizmos, and other weirdos onto an unsuspecting world. The strange thing is this time the world might be paying attention! Ssshhhhhh--pass the peace pipe--turn up the amplifiers." Eddie Flowers, Slippy Town
6/30/2010 Magill, Rob Compositions That Go Left Right Away c92 cassette $5.99 Roll Over Rover "Rob's baritone voice and dissolving sanity lure the listener into an aural mental hospital, with the occasional padded-cell freakout on tenor saxophone. Spazzes between Calvin Johnston, Jandek, and Syd Barrett? Dragging you through 27 songs of black widows, jellybeans, and swinging trees. The A-Side features the album, while the B-Side holds an extended interview with the well-mannered giant, Rob Magill. Meet the man behind the jellybeans, with gentle discussions of cereal, Mountain Dew, and assesŠ. limited to 55 copies, with insert."
2/26/2011 Magina, Pedro Nineteen Hundred And Eighty Five cassette $5.99 Not Not Fun "Musically speaking, the 80's mean more to more people these days than they maybe ever have, which is weird but cool because revisionist history is the best kind, and panoramic Lisbon synth harmonia-ist Pedro Magina's textured, retro-futurist luxury elegy, Nineteen Hundred And Eighty Five, raids the heart of the decade for everything it should have been. The album's eight pieces sweep in wide aerial arcs, flying low over empty glittering midnight seaside estates, synthesizers shimmering like swimming pools. Richly gauzy keyboard lines sparkle minor key moods of Mediterranean melancholia, splashed with whiplash thunder, grey rainfall, the sound of distant birds lost in the wind. The money means nothing; the crash is coming. Pro-dubbed tapes in double-sided full-color J-cards with faded credit card art/design by Andre Abel of Tropa Macaca. Edition of 150."
11/23/2004 Magnetize Biome CD $12.99 Rimbaud Records "Biome has been vaguely described as 'ambient-oriented noise music' and was inspired by the work of among others - John Balance, Robert Hampson, Martin Rev, Laurie Anderson and Conny Plank. It is made up of a layered tapestry of textures, ranging from drones and soundscapes to looped guitar sounds and
radio-wave static." From Ireland.

Magnog More Weather double CD $15.99 kranky Awesome collection of home recordings recorded from 9/94-10/96
12/10/2003 Maher Shalal Hash Baz Open Field CD EP $8.99 Geographic "Taken from Maher Shalal Hash Baz's forthcoming album, Blues du Jour, Open Field E.P features some beautiful new compositions from Tori Kudo with Maher creating some of their warmest, most accessible music to date. The title track is a true avant-pop masterpiece with its reflective and melancholy tone conjuring up images of a long car journey through Tori Kudo's homeland and an immediate, simple and soulful refrain. Appearing on 'Open Field' are Bill Wells and The Pastels - whose piano part led to Tori's idea of the conceptual 'Next Field Mix', also included."
12/24/2005 Mahogany Brain Some Cocktail Suggestions LP $27.99 Fractal "Brand new and third album by the '70s French underground free-rock cult band Mahogany Brain. Some Cocktail Suggestions (March 2005) is the logical and inevitable prolongation of the first two albums, With (Junk-Saucepan) When (Spoon-Trigger) (December 1970 - released in 1971) and Smooth Sick Lights (June 1972 - released in 1977), all in all the third shutter of a trilogy and which could be entitled: 'Mahogany Brain or how to play Russian roulette in the artificial paradises.' Thirty-five years for an unexplainable trilogy. However, if one symbolically looks at the first album on Futura as 'the injection of drugs' (the true original record cover was a photograph showing an arm with a syringe and following the stop to publish the famous stereotype for reason of censure of the time, the group chose an entirely black cover as a mourning). The second on Pôle (with the title wink in 'Sister Ray') would be rather 'the action' as if the track headlight suggests which opens the album Green Winter of Revolvers which is the soundtrack of the crazy short film of Michel Bulteau 'Main Line.' Mahogany Brain always developed a music radical, unforeseeable, hard, voluntarily unfinished, and with this album, they continue the adventure even further: decomposition of the music, recomposition of the juxtaposed voices, artistic blur, collages, mad guitars, all very amalgamated in a magma broken rock'n'roll. Mahogany Brain was created during the summer 1970, and was composed by two central personalities, the alter ego Michel Bulteau (leader and founder of the group) and Patrick Geoffrois (the man without whom Mahogany Brain could never have existed). Writer, film maker, Bulteau also carried out five albums in solo (whose Rinçures on Fractal in 1999) he's the last of the electric poets and his meeting with Geoffrois was also electric - Bulteau created a rock band but it is Geoffrois which created the dynamics of the group. Geoffrois was a sharp sectional view, and he recall a little the revolted and destroying spirit of a certain Peter Laughner (Rocket From The Tombs), he will join later the group of James Chance & the Contortions in New York at the end of the '70s or he will sow the discord besides! Two complementary strong energies and spontaneousness, the process was engaged. Mahogany Brain is an atypical group in the Parisian underground, they play with their tripes and as with their veins, it is an experience out of the limit, not-conventional, with only one concert in all their history, and probably the most subversive formation as there was to see in France! Some Cocktail Suggestions is incontestably matter dangerous? To taste with great whiskeys."
1/20/2015 Mahogany Brain With (Junk-Saucepan) When (Spoon-Trigger) LP $22.99 Souffle Continu Records "Souffle Continu Records presents the first official vinyl reissue of With (Junk-Saucepan) When (Spoon-Trigger), Mahogany Brain's 1971 debut album. This LP is the second in Souffle Continu's series of ten reissues from the catalog of the cult French label Futura Records, fully licensed by Futura founder Gérard Terronè. Mahogany Brain was led by street poet and underground filmmaker Michel Bulteau and Patrick Geoffrois, and shared a raw aesthetic with The Velvet Underground fully realized on this album's savage and unhinged songs, built upon distorted guitars and crude lyrics. Presented in a gatefold sleeve with obi strip and matte finish. Limited to 1000 copies: 700 on black vinyl; 300 on clear purple vinyl." Black vinyl.
8/1/2014 Mai Mai Mai Delta LP + download $19.99 Yerevan Tapes "Mai Mai Mai is a solo project by Toni C., member of the noise-rock outfit Hiroshima Rocks Around and the spasticpop duo Trouble vs. Glue. He also runs the NO=FI Recordings label and co-runs the Dal Verme Club in Rome. Mai Mai Mai is the materialization of a travel in time and space, a mix of drone and ambient, steamy and phat techno beats, field recordings and soundscapes on the border between East and West. After the debut Theta LP (Boring Machines, 2013), Delta is his second release and second part of his journey across the Mediterranean Sea, through hidden memories, old unconscious and sounds of past experiences, put together and mixed today using tapes, synths and sequencers. We land on a stormy night and the tale of this new adventure begins. This time our man is not alone either as he shares his trip with new fellows who are gonna leave a mark on Delta: Gianni Giublena Rosacroce and his clarinet, Cannibal Movie's Donato Epiro's organs, and Piovs and his Moog. Out on 24 May (the very same day of the Thargelia party in old Athens), Delta comes on manila-colored die-cut discobags, with full-color labels and insert on tracing paper, all housed in strong, picture-disc-like PVC sleeve. One-time pressing limited to 500 with artwork by S. Anhayt. Includes immediate download of 4-track album in the high-quality format of your choice (MP3, FLAC, and more)."
5/8/2003 Mainliner Mellow Out CD $17.99 Riot Season Reissue of this album originally released 1996 on Charnel Records. "Mainliner was started in 1995 by Asahito Nanjo from High Rise and Acid Mothers Temple leader Kawabata Makoto, in order 'to explore new possibilities' which would create 'a completely new type of heavy psychedelic group.' Labeling themselves 'Japan's Rising Sounds Vol. 1', Mainliner introduced the world to the free-jazz drummer, Hajime Koizumi, and Kawabata Makoto's 'Motor Psycho' electric guitar. Asahito Nanjo had commented before that Munehiro Narita, his guitarist in High Rise, was into the MC5 'for good or bad'. But he felt that the restrictions caused by such an influence prevented Nanjo from exploring fully the sheer dervish whirl possible by a power trio (as seen occasionally by such as early Guru Guru and Ash Ra Tempel). So Mainliner was seen as a chance to break out even further, and this first LP was certainly beyond rock'n'roll." - Julian Cope
6/19/2002 Major Stars Distant Effects LP $15.99 Squealer "Distant Effects is the third full length release from Cambridge, MA-based Major Stars. Combining an interest in mid-60's folk rock, free jazz and Hendrix-oid guitar riffage, the Major Stars create tuneful compositions that rapidly lift into the stratosphere on the waves of guitar amperage supplied by Wayne Rogers and Kate Biggar. Wayne and Kate have been purveyors of obscure musics for over a decade, first off in the bands Crystalized Movements and Magic Hour, then as operators of the Twisted Village label and store."
1/31/2011 Majutsu no Niwa Ecstatic Crystallization CD $15.99 Musik Atlach "Metempsychosis of FUKUOKA Rinji, Overhang Party~Majutsu no Niwa which began by unexpected 'La Fièvre' passed through 'Serchin' for my Layline' 'La Vena'and reached 'Ecstatic Crystallization'. The rearguard Rock having neither the progress nor the step backward, or aesthetics of reactionary conservatism. The heavy peals of 'Die Welt als Wille und Vorstellung' or 'Ewige Wiederkunft des Gleichen'. Continuo which continues drifting in the depths of the pop pieces to hear in past issue. Experience eternal rock'n roll theater 'now come out'. This is CD version limited 250.
12/12/2009 Majutsu No Niwa Frontera CD $15.99 Music Atlach "2nd album from Majutsu no Niwa (ex Overhang Party). This is their first studio album. Heavy hard pychedelic."
3/11/2012 Majutsu no Niwa Sylvania 7027 Live LP $24.99 8mm "Debut vinyl release for Majutsu No Niwa, band led by guitarist and songwriter Rinji Fukuoka, already funding member of Tokyo's legends Overhang Party. Making their own the formula that If a band rocks, then it rocks live, Majutsu No Niwa (litterally 'magical garden') recorded this new album live in concert, in order to recreate on LP the astonishing experience that their live set is. Four tracks of pure sonic catharsis, epic songs, cosmic rock, psychic delirium, including a classic tokyo-style ballad, for one of the loudest bands in the planet. Already a cult! 250 copies, pro printed photo artwork."
5/18/2015 Majutsu no Niwa The Night Before CD + DVD $22.99 Pataphysique Records "Their 6th and so far the best work of MAJUTSU NO NIWA that warns the perishing modern civilization. With their usual hard psychedelic tunes to silent improvisation, this album has the various and wide range of their music, including a NY flavored homage to Tom Verlaine & Richard Hell's "Memories of Fire", covers such as Iggy & The Stooges' "Search & Destroy" and more." Sample: https://youtu.be/-6rNMGCzs5E Co-released with Captain Trip Records.
1/5/2013 Majutsu No Niwa Vol. V Part 1 - The Visionaries' Sand Zone CD $17.99 Music Atlach "Two years in the making, the second of two simultaneously released CDs, inspired by stillness and movement, lightness and darkness, the chaos of a city flickering with lights and the tranquility of a desolate seashore, rendered full of acid folk color, helped in no small part by legendary accordionist a qui avec Gabriel."
1/5/2013 Majutsu No Niwa Vol. V Part 2 - With a qui avec Gabriel CD $17.99 Music Atlach "Two years in the making, the second of two simultaneously released CDs, inspired by stillness and movement, lightness and darkness, the chaos of a city flickering with lights and the tranquility of a desolate seashore, rendered full of acid folk color, helped in no small part by legendary accordionist a qui avec Gabriel."
6/11/2006 Malcolm, Greg Hung CD $14.99 Celebrate / Psi / Phenomenon "Hooray! Boy am I happy to be putting this cracker out. Recorded live, without the cumbersome weight of newfangled techniques such as 'overdubs' (gee-whiz!) which may seem a little commonplace for you hip-to-be-square cats until you realise that the good Mr Malcolm plays two guitars and percussion with his feet. His third guitar, the guitar he actually holds in his hands, has about half a million strings and a number of contact mics imbedded where the sun-don't-shine to amplify a host of springs, triangles, and other junkyard ephemera. This is a second-to-none ride through a world of sunshine, as viewed through net curtains from a darkened room in suburban New Zealand. Charming, stupifying, and profoundly accomplished. The noise of music."
3/26/2006 Malcolm, Greg Swimming In It LP $15.99 k-raa-k "Swimming In It is Greg Malcolms first solo vinyl releases and he continues walking the same path were The Homesick For Nowhere ended. Again he reaches the borders of what one can do with a guitar and shows the multiple ways of how one can play his favorite instrument. Everything was recorded in one take without overdubs. And again the result is pure Greg Malcolm. The melodies utilise a variety of tones and sounds created by his unusually amplified acoustic guitar. Other than the e-bow and fuzz box all sounds are created live and organically by string manipulation techniques. Influences of primitive folksongs can be heard, but Malcolms songconstructions are more complex then first meets the ear. He's a model for all the experimental guitarists out there and a perfect example of a travelling troubadour who stands with one foot in the past and one foot in the present."
3/21/2009 Maleficia Maleficia LP $14.99 Isounderscore "Well in the works for over a year is the debut LP of Oakland experimental/noise duo Maleficia with Ilysea Viles Sunderman on vocals/viola and Andy Way (also of French Radio, NF Orchest, Carrion) on electronics. Two side-long tracks, "Making" and "Remaking" produce an exquisite and carefully balanced binary system of torrential noise along with beautiful vocals/viola; ultimately the result is an impressive record from one of the most original and interesting noise groups to come out of Oakland over the last couple of years. Recorded at Earhammer Studios in Fall 2007 by Greg Wilkinson (Chronicles of Lemur Mutation, Carrion, Laudanum), and mastered in Winter 2008 by Thomas Dimuzio at Gench Studios in San Francisco. Limited to 400 copies."

Mali Rain ...We Shall Return To the Sea CD $17.99 Third Stone Ambient/Trance

Mali Rain Forecast For Storms CD $10.99 Third Stone Full length release from 1996
5/7/2015 Malina, Judith We Are All Holy c60 cassette $7.99 Sloow Tapes "A rare, historical recording by Judith Malina, who started The Living Theatre together with Julian Beck back in 1947. Their plays were free from commercial considerations and limiting conventions, they taught how to be free from the state, to oppose the war in every form. One of their most famous pieces was Paradise Now, a psychedelic masterpiece play based on the Kabbala and the I Ching. This tape documents Malina’s poetry. In the words of Ira Cohen: “These are poems of a war-horse, who eschews every form of war except the battle of the soul to do better or someone who never doubted clouds would break, who never dreamed that wrong would triumph. Accompanied by Julian Beck, her presiding eagle-angel of anarchism… even in death he lights her way, still the muezzin sings, calling our hearts to prayer and to action, always to action. These are poems of the Star Tribe, and as the lady says, “Come swiftly, o sweet reconciliation!” These are poems of light and darkness and I cannot help but be reminded, “The light shines in the darkness, but the darkness comprehendeth it not.” These lines in the Bible have never been far from my thoughts from the first time I read them, and now Judith takes me to that place in myself which restores the hope that the darkness will and does indeed comprehend it, that we in our own struggle to know and to do, will also be comprehended.” Recorded by Brad Burgess and Louise Landes Levi. Cover by Christopher Felver. Edition of 100 copies."
9/15/2012 Mama Baer Exorcismes from All My Fingers double LP + CDR $30.99 Inyrdisk "Edition of 298 straight copies with pro covers and inserts. It's a doozy... Most serious Mama Baer stuff I've heard yet... In the words of her husband and collaborator Kommissar Hjuler, this is the Mama Bär double album release of the century. A ritualistic culmination of all the Flensburg, German woman's latest cathartic, emancipated sonic soul awakenings. Eight epic spiritual evocations and alien dream soundtracks spread over four packed sides. A modern freak out unlike any other. Deluxe full colour artwork inside and out."
2/21/2007 Mammal Double Nature CD $7.99 SNSE "Really, this is an intensely unpleasurable record. When the beats do emerge in these four long tracks, they are sick, withered, fried, dead. I don't mean all of these adjectives in a negative sense." - Blastitude 16
3/11/2012 Mammal Going Back 7" $9.99 A Dear Girl Called Wendy "Two new tracks for Mammal. Two ballats for the the perfect single. If you loved Lonesome Drifter, you love this one too. Silk screen cover, 45 rpm.Bellissimo. Edition of 100."
3/21/2007 Mammal No Hope / In the Mood 7" $5.99 Chondritic Sound "One hateful, hopeless music from Detroit's least favorite artist (next to white devil). The a-side is a machined bass churner reminding of Thrones, while the b-side is a venomous cover of Bloodyminded's classic song "In the Mood". i hope you're not!" Edition of 333 copies, silkscreened covers.
5/19/2011 Mamuthones Mamuthones CD $12.99 Boring Machines "The first release which anticipated spring on March 13th has been the new eponymous album from Mamuthones, the solo project of Alessio Gastaldello formerly of Jennifer Gentle. This eponymous album is a definite step beyond previous Mamuthones' releases: it still retains the droney, foreboding darkness of its older siblings, but this time the sound is the one of a raw, aggressive rock trio. Shrouded in a haze of psychedelic noise and firmly rooted to Boldrin's inventive and powerful drumming, the album gathers a series of crushing performances interspersed with shorter, more reflective interludes. At times hypnotically thundering (The first born), monstrously rhythmic (like on the real tour-de-force that is Ota Benga, all pounding percussion, Sun Ra-styled keyboard solos and fractured guitars) or simply unnerving (check ghostly closer Ave Maria), the album's heaviness is balanced by tracks like the pulsing Kash-O-Kashak that, with its buzzing bouzouki-like guitars, manages to sound at the same time menacing and melancholic, or the airy, subdued MJ 74 (actually recorded by Maurizio Boldrin back in 1974!)." "Plugging into the dark tradition of Italian psych and Prog Rock that includes Goblin and Antonius Rex - Mamuthones [is] the perfect blend of brute force and immaculate timing. A work of formidable intensity." (Joseph Stannard, The Wire). "A massive ritual piece of startling originality. A hefty percussion top-heavy project somewhat reminiscent of Faust, Magical Power Mako, the Boredoms and even Choukoko No Niwa. This is a superb record." - (Julian Cope, Headheritage.co.uk). "Compellingly unsettling music that seems to pre-date history, yet also sounds thrillingly futuristic. Mayhem and Sunn O))) share Mamuthones' interest in blurring the boundaries between the beautiful and the baleful, but the urgent, bouzouki-like guitar on Kash-O-Kashak marks them out as very much their own men." - (Sharon O' Connell, Uncut)
7/5/2011 Man Made Hill Neck Test cassette $9.99 Beniffer Editions 4 color silkscreen J-Card CS - Proper issue of tape released in an edition of 30 in 07 - Edition of 100. "Silver Era, Tower of Randy. The time before the bangers, but still very funky for outsider tape music."
4/24/2006 Manaia Faith CDR $14.99
"Beautiful self-released cdr by Jen Strickland (previous outings limited to reviewing music for popwatch or promoting shows in portland, maine, in the mid-90's; terrible stage fright kept her from pursuing her true passion, until _inspired_ by nemo's work to overcome). overall the sound comes off something like early pj harvey or sandra bell... emotionally taught female vocals accompanied by often chugging/chrunchy electric guitars, as well as occasional optigan, drums, synth, slide guitar & electronics. a power dose of soul... features 2 way-out cover versions of buffy sainte-marie's "he's a keeper of the fire" and a creepy a capella translation of townes van zandt's "if i needed you". amazing hand-assembled packaging ó screenprinted silver ink on deep blue metallic-infused paper. limited edition of 100 copies."
6/25/2013 Manco, Baris 2023 LP $22.99
"A reissue of this psychedelic-progressive-spacerock concept album by one of the greatest- ever figures in Turkish rock. First out in 1975 on the Yavuz Plak label, this has been compared to the work of ELOY or JEAN MICHEL JARRE, with a full, keyboard-heavy symphonic rock sound. The theme (and title) refers to a futuristic look at the 100th anniversary of the founding of the modern Turkish Republic in 1923. This limited LP reissue comes in a full color gatefold sleeve with all the original artwork. Euro import."
11/9/2004 Mandrake Memorial Mandrake Memorial LP $12.99 Poppy Records “US pressing. Exact repro of their self-titled debut from 1968. Formed in 1967 in Philadelphia, Mandrake Memorial was a progressive-rock quartet which helped pioneer the use of electronics in rock music. The group consisted of guitarist Craig Anderton, keyboardist/vocalist Michael Katz, bassist Randy Monaco and drummer Kevin Lally. Using such psychedelic music techniques as feedback, sitars, orchestras and backwards tape loops, the group added the sound of synthesizers, one of the first bands to do so on a regular basis.”
2/21/2009 Mania / Bloomer Ready To Do Damage LP $13.99 SNSE "Ready To Do Damage is an album that seethes with malevolence. Sustained piercing feedback. Crashing and ripping metal. Distortion flaking off every corner. Dank. Violent. The A side contains a live collaboration (first ever for Mania) between these two artists, while side B holds a solo track from each. Mania has terrorized the noise/PE world since 2002 with releases on his own imprint, Bitewerks, as well as Freak Animal, Harsh Head Rituals, Abisko, Vemod, and others. He resides in Texas in near total isolation and is certainly armed. Ryan Bloomer is currently a member of industrial scuzz unit Piss Horn. He lives in Canada, surrounded by amplifiers, and heads up the Traumatone organization, makers of noise devices most vile." Pressed on black vinyl; pasted-on matte white LP jackets; pro-printed 11x17 glossy full color poster; edition of 300.
1/15/2005 Maniacs Dream Die, Learn, No Way LP $16.99 HP Cycle “While sharing the zoned-out sensibility of their brethren (Avarus, The Anaksimandros, Pylon, etc.), Maniacs Dream distinguish themselves with a more eclectic, electric and raucous sound. Their musical vision is archaic and demented, providing the listener with a sonic interpretation of the group's namesake. It is something that can only be experienced, not learned. The tracks on Die, Learn, No Way are driven by ramshackle drumming, repetitive guitar riffs and gurgling/floating electronics - with the occasional mumbled vocal and scraped string thrown in for good measure. The LP is pressed in an edition of 420 and housed in a full colour printed sleeve with incredibly surreal and playful artwork.” Highly recommended!
10/16/2003 Maniacs Dream Maniacs Dream cassette $6.99 LalLalLal "This wild group is a distant relative of Avarus. Maniacs Dream think they are playing punk rock but all they can catch on tape is dizzying, swirling and tumbling lunacy. They don't know how some of the sounds ended up on tape, the sounds have just somehow emerged from somewhere. But still there is a logic deep in all this. Relentless energy and a constant flow of ideas, some of them good, some of them something else. And these are hi-fi 4-track recordings. This is the fresh and exciting sound of the 21st century!"
2/12/2008 Maniacs Dream Turku Hold 'em CD $16.99 Lal Lal Lal "A 66 minute excerpt from a 2 hour session from 2005. Recorded in the middle of the night after christmas - the result being the most detailed mess this trio has ever made. Bella is banging the drums naked, releasing lots of skin power. Fricara is giving the bass some feedback and Hesedelic is playing guitar very, very fast."
11/4/2006 Maniacs Dream Zanzibar cassette $7.99 LalLalLal "New album by the most relentless free-rockers in the solar system. Recorded after Maniacs Dream's trip to Zanzibar, where they succeeded to find the beauty of antiquity. How beautiful! Like in the Homeric times! Bella Blossa said of the harem that inspired him to write the last song on side A. The song is a speed of light free fall into the orange hole, like the whole album! In time! Comes with beautiful psychedelic covers by Bema Bergman!"
8/31/2008 Maniacs Dream Zanzibar LP $14.99 Arbor "Finland is the epicenter of collective music making. Under the name Maniacs Dream, members of Finnish bands such as Avarus, Fricara Pacchu, Kemialliset Ystävät, and more come together to create blown out free rock. Their unique/bizarre approach to music making, constantly questioning the construction/deconstruction of sound creates songs at times recalling the electro acoustic clatter drone of Avarus crossed with tribal rhythms and intergalactic kraut rock guitar zones. Total sonic freedom with a punk ethos directly influenced by a trip to Zanzibar prior to recording this record (which is a reissue of the long sold out tape originally released on Lal Lal Lal in 2006). In an edition of 450 records on light blue vinyl with printed labels and full color proprinted foldover sleeves with art by Benjamin Bergman and an insert."
3/6/2010 Manic Shooter Dog Master Teleportation CDR $7.99 Upstairs "Manic Shooter's DMT is sonic weird hieroglyphs from combination Taos, New Mexico and Long Island; the hybrid of which mirrors the effect... bent clues will set you on a path while others are meant to deceive you. Powerlines whisper instructions in a non gendered voice. Mystical Hasid rapper vaporizedendlessly in interlocking dimensional mechanism. Remember this was during the initial Bush era, pre-dating 911 and thus Junior's eyeballs hadn't yet been upgraded to format terrestrial. Mirror plates in the eye cavity is how they found terrorists. Shooter was the first to command green missle control, similar to a Tartan warrior he refracted the beams himself and thus took the problem into his own hands. DMT is an in and out enhancement of this frightening time, as if the lingering confusion of a post-Inside Edition childhood had naturally spawned the devastated political mis-en-scene, building up to the 911 simulation telecast we witnessed while en route to Yusef Lateef's class when we got word of the attacks. This is also a historic document containing some of the first ever KGB MAN overdubs, as well as marking the first time in RIAA history that anyone has ever exclusively fucked with Prince of Darkness and Alphaville on a sampling level, but beyond recognition, musique concret style, plus a touch of cartoon Skinny Puppy meets Mike Patton isolated in a hotel room with a portastudio while on tour with Bungle in '97 vibes. I have recommended Trujillo to be committed to the Material Eye Institute for dog master evaluation. Enjoy it while you can and as Lou said, "watch out for worlds behind you."
5/16/2011 Mannion, John Slice Through or/in Glassmetal LP $16.99 Hanson "John Mannion is a member of the Red Light Collective operating out of Rockaway, NY and breeding intense electronic music acts like Yellow Tears, Halflings, Cowards, Teeny Bopper, and John's Cathode Terror Secretion. "Slice Through or/in Glassmetal" is his debut LP and is a three years in the making document of extreme electronic composition. A ultra dynamic mix of modern classical, electronic, noise, and power electronics techniques. Kind of makes me think of what it may have been like if Penderecki made a power electronics record. Whirling electric box fan, piercing electronics, junk metal clang, screeching violins, harsh and whispered vocals, and haunting vocals by opera singer Caitlin Haughney." Cut by Rashad Becker at Dubplates and Mastering, Berlin. Limited to 500 copies. 3 color silkscreen sleeves with the "Hanson Droll Flaps" and featuring cover art by the artist plus 11" x 11" lyric sheet. Recommended for fans of CON-DOM, Krzysztof Penderecki, John Wiese, Iannis Xenakis, Kevin Drumm, Yellow Tears, Aaron Dilloway, Genocide Organ.
11/17/2007 Manpack Variant Sticky Wickets CD $12.99 Digitalis "Manpack Variant is the persistently intermittent commingling of electronicists Jaime Fennelly (Peeesseye, peeinmyfacewithsurgery, Phantom Limb & Bison) and Chris Peck, resulting in transcendent sound rituals and unexplainable detritus such as the recent "Flash Vault" 7" split with Gerritt on Misanthropic Agenda and now "Sticky Wickets," the bands first full-length CD. "Sticky Wickets" will take the paint off your walls. Bone-crunching noises fly in an analog heaven, short on altitude but high on fire? Insanity? Asylums? Try it all on for size. Manpack Variant are bringing barrels of concrete to the show, ready to build a scuzzed-out monument complete with skeleton electronics and bags of fuzz. And to add even more sparkle, "Sticky Wickets" features original artwork by Jason McLean. Entranced by latent characteristics of military-industrial sound hardware, Manpack Variant has laid audiences from Vienna to Vancouver (to waste) with there own special bland of ecstatic nose drool. Ambient ambient ambient!"
6/18/2002 Maquiladora Ritual Of Hearts CD $12.99 Better Looking "The second album from mutant-country, Americana roots twisters Maquiladora. A dirgey blend of droning and wheezing countrified rock tunes, rusted-in-the-yard with dying accordian, distorted piano, and Ribot-nucleic guitar acid drenching." Previous release on Acid Mothers Temple label and they played several shows with AMT back in March of 2002.
3/6/2010 Marble In Heavy Syrup Marble In Heavy Syrup c32 cassette $6.99 Scumbag Relations Recorded using a homemade contact mic fabricated by K.Vonk. Originally crafted for a performance piece entitled "Infallible Metronome". Here the instrument was utilized to create...
"A little ball made of a hard substance (as glass) and used in various games"
"A thick sticky solution of sugar and water often flavored or medicated"
On the flip side is a multi-layered rhythm meditation realized using an early nineties Yamaha keyboard.

Marchetti, Lionel / Voice Crack / Noetinger Double_Wash CD $14.99 Grob "In the last few years, the Swiss duo Andi Guhl and Norbert Moslang, a.k.a. Voice Crack, a.k.a. 'The Godfathers of Glitch' (Phil Durrant) have searched out cooperation with other artists: there have been recordings with Gunter Muller, Jim O'Rourke, Eric M and Otomo Yoshihide. The cooperation with Lionel Marchetti and Jerome Noetinger is doubly different on Double _Wash. On the one hand, both Frenchmen work, musically, in a similar field; to a large degree, they also use found objects in their electro-acoustic improvisations. On the other hand, the recordings made in the Winter of 1998 are not a pure documentation-they were re-mixed in the Summer by Marchetti above all, but also by Moslang. What's being released is a CD that is committed to improvisation as well as to electro-acoustic music. This can naturally be traced back to the participation of the French. Marchetti and Noetinger see themselves in the tradition of the now classic musique concrete, and as owner of the label and distribution Metamkine, Noetinger has released, for example, compositions from Jim O'Rourke or Luc Ferrari, and Marchetti has cooperated, as a composer, with Ralf Wehowsky, among others. Both see musique concrete, however, not as sacred territory to be preserved at all costs-they have developed an open, punk-like attitude to this sound aesthetic; they infiltrate the music with improvisation and a D.I.Y. attitude. Little need be said about Voice Crack and their cracked everyday electronics. For over 25 years, they have been developing, beginning in Free Jazz, then becoming a harsh noise group par excellence in the 80's and extending our listening habits with breath taking sound layers: just as brute as subtle and always resourceful. Double_Wash brings this dialectic of formal variety and monochromatism, of willingness to exchange and of unmistakable handwriting to its conclusion."
7/29/2004 Marchetti, Walter De Musicorum Infelicitate double LP $37.99 Alga Marghen "After the edition of Walter Marchetti 'De Musicorum Infelicitate' book + 2LP quickly sold out (there is a copy still availbable here), Alga Marghen decided to make the double LP itself available as an official edition. Three years ago Alga Marghen issued the third compact disc by Walter Marchetti, the mysterious and inaccessible 'De Musicorum Infelicitate'. The edition included a folded poster with the presentation written by Gabriele Bonomo, a series of aphorisms to introduce the listeners to this work. The composer had then decided to let this edition circulate with no extra information looking at it as a perfect final statement! Music! Deadly dust for the mind. The world as music: a cosmic catastrophe! At this point, music remains in possession of only a single sound; all the others have been discarted. The last sound is recorded on the double-LP, as well as the complete painful variations of musical unhappiness. Edition limited to 90 numbered copies."
6/25/2013 Marchetti, Walter De musicorum infelicitate double LP $44.99 Alga Marghen "Walter Marchetti “De musicorum infelicitate" is now presented in a new 2LP edition limited to only 70 copies, issued to celebrate the sound installation created for the Oeuvres sonores 6 event conceived in collaboration with the New Media Department of Centre Pompidou in Paris. This new edition also includes the Centre Pompidou 16-page program as well as a copy of the now sold out Bullshit Detector magazine published by Fondazione Mudima in 2001 on the occasion of the Walter Marchetti installation in their art space. “De Musicorum infelicitate” (i.e., “The Unhappiness of Music”), or “Ten Pieces in the Form of Painful Variations” dispose in their unceasing and implacable sequence the landing at an anaphorical finis terrae, the extreme and impassable threshold, beyond which music can but sink in the abyss of its own loss of consciousness, in front of the horizon of the definitive loss of its exhausted tradition. “De musicorum infelicitate”, anamnesis of the condition of music, a barren aesthetic code ineluctably suspended between self-mystification and expression of the inauthentic, having reached the limit of its own fertility and every faculty of the imagination. “De musicorum infelicitate”, longing for a magniloquent destructio musicae, the destruction of an administrated practice, of a tautological exercise devoid of inner necessity. As Gabriele Bonomo, the project coordinator of the complete Walter Marchetti editions for Alga Marghen, remarks in the liner notes, music has been reduced to leading a ghostly existence, haunting the cemetery of history and frustrated by the impossibility to adhere to itself; if only music were able to recognize its own superfluity it could fulfill its destiny. While listening to these “Ten Pieces in the Form of Painful Variations”, each one with the precise duration of six minutes, you will realize that music, this extremely dense sonority close to the pulverization limit, is talking about itself."
2/2/2011 Marchetti, Walter In Terram Utopicam CD $18.99 Alga Marghen "Walter Marchetti is one of the most original and controversial pre-Fluxus authors. In this work he frees all of his sophisticated poeticism. In Terram Utopican, includes 'J'aimerais Jouer Avec Un Piano Qui Aurait Une Grosse Queue' (1974/75) and 'Per La Sete Dell'orecchio' (1981). The 16-page booklet presents the original score of 'J'aimerais Jouer', photos of the performances in Milano and at the Venice Biennale, and the reproduction of the original In Terram Utopicam LP layout. All texts are published both in English and Italian."
7/16/2009 Margolis, Al & Dan Burke Live April 5, 2008 - Le Bonheur, Brussels, Belgium CDR $10.99 Absurd "Guess i owe it to mecha/orga who upon landing in athens after a mini european tour phoned and asked for a usual meeting at varsos in kifissia to combine our recent news with our beloved sweets and coffee.... it was a pleasant shock to find a raw live cdr recording of the margolis / burke set waiting for me as a surprise from al & dan. and no matter that i might long some 15 more or less years to see (mostly out of my stupidity of not asking earlier) an if,bwana (al margolis) / illusion of safety (dan burke) release on absurd but the result is a documentation of an enchanting evening in a space that was full of those soundscapes that landmark & explore the sounds of al & dan's universe as we know it so far... why don't you go in search of it?" "I guess Dan Burke and Al Margolis don't need much introduction, because if they do I'd be asking: where have you been? Or perhaps you know them from their 'band' names, Illusion Of Safety and If, Bwana. If not, I'd say go back in time and read the preceding 674 issues of Vital Weekly and discover their long history in real underground music. Both have shifted a bit towards music that might be less industrial by some standards these days, and tending towards serious musique concrete, but what they recorded on April 5 in 2008 in Belgium, seems to these ears harking back to the older days of crude looped material, processed clarinet and field recordings. Maybe it has to do with the fact that this is a microphone recording, in stead of a line recording (the popping of beer bottles is a present feature), but it gives the music a very nice sort of retro feeling to it. Modern classical music, meets industrial, meets musique concrete. Maybe a bit more editing could have been in place, but its nice as its crude." - FdW, Vital Weekly
1/24/2009 Marhaug / Feiler No More Drama LP $15.99 No Fun "Edited live recordings, sometimes sounds like a borbetomagus storm, sometimes sounds like being in the middle of a bombing in Palestine. A Picture of this record should be next to every definition of Noise music. Lasse Marhaug plays in Jazkamer and has at least 300 other great projects solo and with other people. Dror Feiler served as a paratrooper in the Israel Defense Forces, and refused to serve in the occupied territories in the early 70's. He is now a Swedish-Israeli musician and artist and has been living in Stockholm, Sweden since 1973. He is active as a composer of modern music and enjoys giving ear problems and headaches to classically trained musicians. The most brutal vinyl record you will hear this year. Limited to 300 copies."
8/8/2008 Marhaug, Lasse If The Revolution Could Start Right Now 7" $5.99 Ketchup Cavern One-sided 7" features 'If The Revolution Could Start Right Now' 5:05. Recorded June 2007. Edition of 248 hand-numbered copies. Artwork by Marhaug based on splatterwork by Tom Løberg.
3/2/2013 Marhaug, Lasse / Bruce Russell Virginia Plane LP $22.99 The Spring Press "A new collaboration between these two heavy-weights, and the first in what will hopefully be an ongoing project. Composed remotely across oceans and hemispheres over the last five years, the album draws on the languages of musique concréte, dub, power electronics, free noise and at times even early Italian avant-garde composition (believe it or not). This entire work highlights the startling power of their individual approaches and the true potential only occasionally realized in collaborations of this nature." Edition of 300 copies. Bruce Russell lives and works in Lyttleton, New Zealand. He is a member of The Dead C, A Handful of Dust and founder of Corpus Hermeticum and Xpressway record labels. Lasse Marhaug lives and works in Oslo, Norway. Working mostly within the fields of noise he is also a member of Jazkamer, Nash Kontroll, DEL and founder of Jazzassin and Picadisk record labels.
9/13/2012 Marineville Face 7" $14.99 Epic Sweep Records "This release follows their third album ‘Fowl Swoop’, and sees Mark Williams (Cookie Brooklyn, A Bad Suburb and Bad Statistics) leading a stellar Marineville line-up featuring members from legendary (and soon to be legendary) acts like The Verlaines, The 3D’s and Tlaotlon." "What a cluttered, stressful song. Starts with a shrill keyboard riff and piles on tinny percussion, clunky guitar and jarring vocals until it’s just full-tilt aural mess. It was over in two and a half minutes, and then I had peace again." - Maddie Collier. Edition of 100 copies.
2/28/2006 Mark, The History of Dance Music 3 x 3" CDR $11.99 Curor Recordings "He's a master at coaxing small, unexpected sounds from his array of cheap electronics and toy instruments and organizing them into fragmented compositions, this time with the addition of various bits of percussion. there's a nice track with guitar on it as well, though they don't credit it. deluxe packaging!"
4/24/2006 Markku Lahtelan Sirkus Vol. 1 CD $13.99 Kevyt Nostalgia "Markku Lahtelan Sirkus is the product of a long-time collaboration between two visionary minds, namely Mikko Nenonen and Tomi Pekkola. Taking their name from a Finnish postmodernist writer, and his main work from the 1970's, their aim is to attain equilibrium between experimentation and discipline. They want to avoid the dead ends of gratuitous improvisation as well as virtuoso showmanship. They really succeed in this: Their music dances the thin line between chaos and control, sound and noise, construction and destruction. It constantly moves to unseen directions, though never losing sight of the whole. The music is almost impossible to categorize, but some comparisons to progressive/kraut rock, free jazz and even experimental electronic music in style of Pan Sonic may be done. The musicians themselves have used terms like "punk-progressive rock", referring to their Do-It-Yourself attitude. The debut album Vol. 1 contains seven fairly different pieces, which nevertheless form a coherent whole. The music moves through different landscapes and moods. It offers a unique and rewarding experience for a music lover with open ears and mind. This is music that follows the logic of poetry. - Matti Rautaniemi
10/23/2003 Markley A Group CD $15.99 Acid Symposium Reissue of 1970 release. "Final recordings by The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band (WCPAEB) are a showcase for the various dementias of vocalist Bob Markley (paranoia and a very keen interest in young ‹emphasis on young‹ women), and the electric shock treatment of guitarist/vocalist Dan Harris; the album's rich harmonies and full, delicate arrangements show the abundant influence of Michael Lloyd, who co-produced the album with Markley; tracks such as 'Elegant Ellen', 'Sweet Lady Eleven' and 'Magic Cat' are nearly as good as some of the highlights from the WCPAEB catalog; a surprisingly consistent and accomplished album for a band about to collapse under the collective weight of it's own insanity."
2/21/2009 Married in Berdichev Married in Berdichev 7" $5.99 Gilgongo "Married in Berdichev is Brittany Gould, and is a vocal-based sound / noise project that spans the terrain between soft and soothing and jagged and abrasive. Voices and organic sounds are looped and layered over each other, sometimes providing the back bone of a GROUPER or INCA ORE type piece, but at other times, ricocheting into scathing movements that tear through speakers and pierce ear drums, simultaneously beautiful and powerful. This two song 7" is Married in Berdichev's first release outside of several self-released CDrs and an appearance on the 2008 DEATHBOMB ARC TAPE CLUB (w/ Lucky Dragons, 16 Bitch Pile-Up, Hawnay Troof and more), and features art created by and hand-screened by Brittany herself, is released alongside an October 2008 European tour with Kevin Shields, and is limited to 300 copies. Brittany is a former member of TRANSISTOR RADIO SOUND and has played a huge role in the Denver collective venue / space RHINOCEROPOLIS and as Married in Berdichev, she has collaborated with other artists such as JANDEK (live), KEVIN SHEILDS (as a duo called CALDERA LAKES), GLOCHIDS (live) and JAMES FELLA (of TENT/CITY, SOFT SHOULDER). She has done various album and poster art for artists such as FRENCH QUARTER and FOOT VILLAGE." - label
2/12/2008 Marsh, Bob Viovox CD $9.99 Public Eyesore "Bob Marsh who has appeared a few times on the label with a solo album. And another where liner notes can be a distraction. Marsh calls these 'rantings, ravings, sermons, scenes, little operas and whatever they might be' which leads you to expect a spoken word album. Reading on you see he plays (and processes) his violin and cello, messes around with sampled loops and some electropercussion and processes his voice. The result is a series of weird radio transmissions from another dimension - the voice shifts in and out of meaningfullness, instruments call and deconstruct and repeat, percussion weaves in and out, and the mind tries to build something from the words, grasping at interpretation as actual statements fly pass. The musical looping playfulness scraping and scattering around in the background echoes into darkness. Some titles are metonymic - the Amerindian feel to Indian summer, the tumbling Ready to roll, watery Oh bouy as waves drift and whispers whistle. Others reflect their 'text' I'm a sucka or Bring out the dead. Forest for the trees voice keens wordlessly over a twittering of birds and insects. Most tracks are relatively Short, but the final Calm down is extended and provides an opportunity for some lovely extended violin loops. This is haunting as its phantasmal verbal tangets tantalise your desire to find meaning. The music fractures dissolving melodic meaning as well - creating an album of drama and fascination." - Jeremy Keens, Ampersand Etcetera
6/30/2010 Marshmallow Staircase, The Terror De Lune LP $14.99 Summersteps Records "Thanks to Summersteps Records for sending us this mind-bending piece of fucked-up psychedelia for our listening pleasure, whew, this one is a strange transmission. After a number of CD-R releases, The Marshmallow Staircase bring their patented form of hard-driving psychedelic rock and weirdo vocals to the vinyl fanatics with “Terror De Lune”. Some of it sounds spacey like Hawkwind, other parts sound like a haunted house soundtrack, but it’s all top notch, red-blooded PSYCH. Oh, and yes, it’s really good." - OMG vinyl
5/29/2008 Martens, Jef Dronevolk (A Film By Jef Martens) DVD-R $12.99
"Between March and October 2007 Jef Mertens hung out with some of Belgiums finest weirdo folk and drone artists IGNATZ, SILVESTER ANFANG, BEAR BONES LAY LOW and KISS THE ANUS OF A BLACK CAT. The quality of the material on the footage on this is awesome... you got interviews, live footage, random conversations and anecdotes... including a pretty funny one from Ernesto of Bear Bones about his sisters meeting with Haino, a killer street jam from funeral folk crew Silvester Anfang who are consistenly one of my favourite straight out jam bands in some time, a sweet bit of footage of Igantz and some interesting interviews.. All in all, this is one fine piece of work! I have copies of both NTSC and PAL...sweet slimline dvd case with full colour artwork. Plus, stick it in your computer and there's an MP3 from each band... total killer and highly recommended. NTSC come with english subtitles and PAL version with both English and Danish subtitles. You turn the subtitles on using your dvd player remote or menu on your computer, there isn't a menu on the screen, just in case you wondering. Initial pressing of 100 copies." - Blackest Rainbow. Both NTSC and PAL versions available.
11/25/2010 Martin, Jason Adirondack Power and Light LP $15.99 Signify "Brooklyn-based musician and visual artist Jason Martin records on 4 track near his upstate NY hometown in a haunted cabin by a lake that used to be a valley of towns and Indian settlements. Some of them were his ancestors. This album crashes through deconstructed folk, gospel-tinged noise, a Nick Lowe-esque pop song about women turning men into horses to whip and ride through the woods (actual legend from the region), while soundscapes string it all together. Well-researched liner notes explain the history, while the LP puts it into sound. With a nearly 20 year-long discography, Jason made music throughout the 90's with Schenectady's expansive cable-access tele-audio-visual collective BROWN CUTS NEIGHBORS, and has been in dozens of groups including ATLANTIC DRONE, EVOLUTION REVOLUTION, CORCRAFT (w/ J.Mascis of Dinosaur Jr + Suzanne Thorpe of Mercury Rev), THE BUNNYBRAINS, DENIM AND DIAMONDS. His love of glamorous, paganistic animism surfaces in his music as well as videos, drawings, and performances. This LP is no exception as it creaks, moans and shimmies with voices of the undead in catchy little ditties such as "Witch", "White Horse", "Body in the Water" and other hits. 99 copies available. High quality screen-printed sleeves, hand stamped labels, hand-numbered."
9/12/2010 Masaru Imagined Rooms CDR $6.99 Nada "float through sketches, ideas, textures, loops, and themes of dream like space zones...room...by...room. free ambient. 37 minutes. Includes color booklet." Edition of 20 copies.
7/16/2006 Mason, K. kmason1 CDR $11.99 Spanish Magic "First out is a limited reissue of Tasmanian Keith Masons debut album K Mason 1 on the amazing Spanish Magic imprint. We get five rough outsider folk-blues mysteries all delivered with some sort of immediacy and raw tone that make them difficult to escape. The skeletal sonic qualities and loner/oddball characteristics that overflows this disc has me thinking about equal parts Pumice and Jandek, and that is indeed high praise folks." - Mats Gustafson (Broken Face)
6/4/2010 Mass Ornament Fyxe c39 cassette $7.99 Digitalis Limited "it's been a while, but it's finally time for the latest feather in eden hemming's cap to be plucked. "fyxe" follows-up 2008's "bewilderness" on her own teosinte label. but forget what you know because this is the next level and where it goes from here, i can only guess. "fyxe" is heavy. it's deep. from the opening, bass-heavy electronics and wordless vocal loops of "polygon angel" you know you're in for a treat. the rise of altar eagle has led to more vocal-heavy compositions in hemming's solo wares, but for my money that's no bad thing. discordant, almost-lost guitar structures provide the bass for more soaring. there's a harsher side, too, with found objects fed through a continous circuit of reverbs and delays to create aural moonscapes devoid of tonality. metallic drones pierce the dust while she suffers through, dropping vocals from a perch above. at any minute everything could fall apart. it's a beautiful thing. edition of 75."
3/27/2008 Master Musicians of Hop-Frog, The / San Kazakgascar split 7" $4.99 Lather Records / URCK Records Side A: San Kazakgascar "Planet Dog" / Side B: The Master Musicians of Hop-Frog: "Song of the South" "It is of the highest honor that the Master Musicians’ get to share wax with the amazing San Kazakgascar!!! Song of the South, finds its roots as a ’Song for the East’ yet the ironic wordplay shines a dark light on what is seen as a new generation of American racism. Song of the South features the Hop-Frog Kollectiv’s E.loi, Hermit the Flog and Carl F. Off and was recorded by Stane Hubert at IL Corral for URCK Records. Following up the recently released Greetings From Beautiful..., San Kazakgascar offers up "Planet Dog." Like a giant science-fiction movie cobra weaving slowly across the sands, this song is the soundtrack to the desperate and final dogfight over Mideast oil." Edition of 300 copies.

Master Slave Death Prayer CDR $9.99 Blackest Rainbow "First truly revelatory release from this North East of England duo, Mike Vest of Bong/Basillica and Pete Ryde of Byrthen, which sees Master Slave find their feet. Opening with "OD", a gravel peppered grease slick that's a great wreck of a riff, Master Slave keep it super heavy and super humble. The unassuming drag spreads and swallows on a drape of guitar buzz and layers without being explicitly melodic. Part of this CD-R's magic is the layers which are secreted between deposits of guitar and feedback fug - without hassling the band with a two page Q&A it's impossible to tell if a sound is an accident of the mix, woodwind or the scrape of notched kirpan on string. Whoever it was that first summoned up the spectre of The Skaters on this was heading in the right direction. There's definitely something hazily weeded and 'one step removed' about the layering, sampling and looping on the disc - but he duo are no pop culture humpers. Master Slave are as close to low end psychedelic doom as they are experimental architects. Their handling of Indian tracks and raga styling gets ragged on the edges of their out-of-it cave jams, Vest and Ryde have expertly carved out a smart chemistry on "Death Prayer". Think Aaron Dilloway's Nepal tapes warped by the minds of Bong. 8/10" - Foxy Digitalis
4/15/2011 Mateen, Sabir / Mathew Heyner / David Nuss Light Comes From The Front LP $49.99 Sound @ One Recorded 1995/1997 at 195 Chrystie St. Individually hand-rendered front art by Rita Ackermann, back by Mateen. Comes with an A4-sized insert. Limited edition of 500 copies. Drums, Percussion, Voice - David Nuss. Saxophone [Tenor, Alto], Piano, Flute, Clarinet, Voice, Percussion - Sabir Mateen. Voice, Double Bass, Bass Guitar, Percussion - Matthew Heyner
6/25/2013 Mater Suspiria Vision Atem LP + download $22.99 Phantasma Disques An experimental creepy ambient ghost album by Mater Suspiria Vision. Pressed on colored vinyl, 24 bit master, housed in a deluxe laminated sleeve with a Japanese obi. Numbered edition of only 150 copies. Sample here: https://soundcloud.com/ppppd/mater-suspiria-vision-atem-box
2/9/2013 Mater Suspiria Vision Crack Witch 2 cassette $7.49 Living Tapes "The work of Mater Suspiria Vision is known to be a surreal and abstracted experience and Crack Witch 2 is no exception, but there’s a new dimension. Throughout, sung and spoken word vocals weave in and out of the dreamscape sounds. Vocals that add a more human presence amidst the sounds of encroaching terror and vocals that are part of this terror... This is a very full-bodied form of musical minimalism and delicious kind of dread." - Miranda Yardley of Terrorizer.com Edition of 100 copies.
9/9/2013 Mater Suspiria Vision Hollywood Necronomicon cassette box $24.99 Phantasma Disques Edition of 25 copies - out of print. "The music of an audio-visual mass recorded at the souls of Hollywood's Mulholland Drive, The Sharon Tate House and an ancient area of Germany where Kenneth Anger once filmed Lucifer Rising. Turn on the Hollywood Sacrifice Teleportation Machine, enter the world of the lost souls. Mater Suspiria Vision's first album recorded in the USA with guest vocals by How I Quit Crack. A harsh production that recalls early albums such as Second Coming or Crack Witch, containing rituals and requiems in memoriam of hollywood's sacrifices." Check out video here: https://vimeo.com/70040643. Housed in a mini-VHS box and comes with 6 artworks to interchange cover.
9/9/2013 Mater Suspiria Vision Hollywood Necronomicon CDR $12.99 Phantasma Disques Edition of 75 copies. "The music of an audio-visual mass recorded at the souls of Hollywood's Mulholland Drive, The Sharon Tate House and an ancient area of Germany where Kenneth Anger once filmed Lucifer Rising. Turn on the Hollywood Sacrifice Teleportation Machine, enter the world of the lost souls. Mater Suspiria Vision's first album recorded in the USA with guest vocals by How I Quit Crack. A harsh production that recalls early albums such as Second Coming or Crack Witch, containing rituals and requiems in memoriam of hollywood's sacrifices." Check out video here: https://vimeo.com/70040643
9/9/2013 Mater Suspiria Vision Hollywood Necronomicon DVD-R $20.99 Phantasma Disques "The music of an audio-visual mass recorded at the souls of Hollywood's Mulholland Drive, The Sharon Tate House and an ancient area of Germany where Kenneth Anger once filmed Lucifer Rising. Turn on the Hollywood Sacrifice Teleportation Machine, enter the world of the lost souls. Mater Suspiria Vision's first album recorded in the USA with guest vocals by How I Quit Crack. A harsh production that recalls early albums such as Second Coming or Crack Witch, containing rituals and requiems in memoriam of hollywood's sacrifices." Check out video here: https://vimeo.com/69743304
Edition of 25 copies (Design A) - out of print.
9/9/2013 Mater Suspiria Vision Hollywood Necronomicon LP + CDR + download $39.99 Phantasma Disques Limited edition of 66 copies pressed on Red Vinyl. 1st Edition in Laminated Deluxe Gatefold Sleeve, numbered 66 Japan OBI + Original used color slide "Aura door control"+ newspaper + Bonus CDr (exclusive remixes) + Free poster (59x42cm) + download code . "The music of an audio-visual mass recorded at the souls of Hollywood's Mulholland Drive, The Sharon Tate House and an ancient area of Germany where Kenneth Anger once filmed Lucifer Rising. Turn on the Hollywood Sacrifice Teleportation Machine, enter the world of the lost souls. Mater Suspiria Vision's first album recorded in the USA with guest vocals by How I Quit Crack. A harsh production that recalls early albums such as Second Coming or Crack Witch, containing rituals and requiems in memoriam of hollywood's sacrifices." Check out video here: https://vimeo.com/70040643
9/9/201 Mater Suspiria Vision Hollywood Necronomicon LP + download $29.99 Phantasma Disques Edition of 150 copies with obi strip and gatefold sleeve and poster. "The music of an audio-visual mass recorded at the souls of Hollywood's Mulholland Drive, The Sharon Tate House and an ancient area of Germany where Kenneth Anger once filmed Lucifer Rising. Turn on the Hollywood Sacrifice Teleportation Machine, enter the world of the lost souls. Mater Suspiria Vision's first album recorded in the USA with guest vocals by How I Quit Crack. A harsh production that recalls early albums such as Second Coming or Crack Witch, containing rituals and requiems in memoriam of hollywood's sacrifices." Check out video here: https://vimeo.com/70040643
3/14/2014 Mater Suspiria Vision Malacreanza LP + download $49.99 Phantasma Disques Malacreanza Movie Props / Mania Edition. Limited to 50 copies with original props from the movie. "Malacreanza is the new album by Mater Suspiria Vision taking you into a coil of sadness and weirdness. A Vertigo of the broken doll. Religious and controlled by a dark force. Creeping behind skulls and caves. Screaming behind Desperation and madness. Co-release with italian Studio V. special DELUXE MANIA EDITION with original film props (part of the ORIGINAL black control rope) + acid destroyed photos (each one unique / ORIGINAL) that were used for animation sequence (you can see this in the trailer) + ORIGINAL numbered/50 press photo and numbered JAPAN OBI Limited 50 Laminated gatefold sleeve BLACK VIRGIN VINYL"
3/22/2013 Mater Suspiria Vision Serenity CDR $11.99 Phantasma Disques Edition of 75 copies. Check out 1st video from the new album here: https://vimeo.com/57756694
3/22/2013 Mater Suspiria Vision Serenity LP $17.99 Phantasma Disques February 2013 release features: coloured transparent virgin vinyl LP, deluxe laminated outer sleeve, Serenity Poster
Side A
1. Der Gedankengartenkomplex feat. How I Quit Crack 2. Freud 3. Trauma Macabre
Side B
4. Serenity 5. Spiral Chamber 6. Welcome to New H 7. ?
Total Running time approx 47 min
Check out 1st video from the new album here: https://vimeo.com/57756694
8/17/2013 Mater Suspiria Vision featuring Carmen Incarnadine Discoteca Droga CDR $12.99 Phantasma Disques Edition of 75 copies.
7/22/2013 Mater Suspiria Vision featuring Carmen Incarnadine Discoteca Droga LP + download $28.99 Phantasma Disques Picture disc LP limited to 200 copies with download code, all housed in PVC sleeve. Vinyl includes endless groove, that can be played at both 33 RPM and 45 RPM. First Mater Suspiria Vision picture disc ever. Running time approx 46 min + endless groove. Super limited picture disc with a movie on it - watchable with progressive shot cameras at 25-30 fps - or simply put some cardboard with slides above to see the effect. Coolest looking / spinning picture disc I have seen: https://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=569514993072460
3/21/2009 Mathieu, Stephan The Key To The Kingdom 10" $12.99 Dekorder "The Key to the Kingdom" is Stephan Mathieu's tribute to the great gospel preacher Washington Phillips and the world of raw, early gospel on 78rpm platters. The 2-part suite, presented in the classic 10" vinyl format that comes in an authentic, individually stamped and numbered 78rpm archive sleeve, has been performed on a historic Phonoharp No.2 zither from the 1890s utilizing five E-Bows and entropic and convolution processes. "The Key to the Kingdom" is a spin-off of Mathieu's "Virginals" project, a solo recital of contemporary classics performed on historic instruments. Stephan Mathieu is a musician and sound artist based in Saarbrücken, Germany. During the last decade his music has been released on 16 critical acclaimed CDs, both solo and in collaboration with Douglas Benford, Ekkehard Ehlers, John Hudak, Janek Schaefer and Akira Rabelais on some of the finest electronic music labels worldwide (Die Schachtel, Häpna, Ritornell, Lucky Kitchen, HeadzŠ). His sound is largely based on early instruments, environmental sound and obsolete media which are recorded and transformed by means of experimental microphony, re-editing techniques and software processes involving spectral analysis and convolution and has been compared to the landscape paintings of Caspar David Friedrich and the work of Colorfield artists Mark Rothko, Barnett Newman and Ellsworth Kelly. Stephan is a collector of 78rpm records from the 1910s and 20s, the era of acoustic and early electronic audio recording. His most recent album "Radioland" made it into "Best of 2008" lists in The Wire, Dusted, Boomkat, Milkfactory and many others. Limited numbered edition of 400 copies!"
4/16/2007 Maths Balance Volumes Hospital Dubs From 128 Satanical Square CDR $9.99 Chocolate Monk "More complex ear debris from these Minnesota heathens. Out in the woods weirdness with dirty hands put to all types of eerie jobs. Narcotic basement yammerin', viloin & guitar stutterin', reed wailin' and general tape damage. Very fucking 'out'."
12/21/2004 Maths Balance Volumes I Tried To Make Heaven My Home CDR $12.99
About Maths Balance Volumes: Conceived during the summer of 2002 by Clay Kolbinger and Jameson Sweiger in a cold, smelly basement, amid a pile of malfunctioning speakers, broken guitars, and Rubbermaid containers. The initial idea was to make some shit feed back, and, just maybe, swing a passable cover of ‘Frankie Teardrop’. However, following a few shows of roll-on-the-ground, trash-the-kitchenware madness, ambitions grew and other minds were opened. New members were welcomed into the fold through a series of initiation rituals (sorry about the snakebites, Stewart, but the Lord's will is funny sometimes), and before long, MBV swelled to form a full-on congregation intent on slathering up the Earth (or just the southern tip of the Minnesota River valley) with a thick layer of sound. – Clay. This cdr is self-released in an edition of 15 copies.
4/10/2009 Maths Balance Volumes Information is Pain cassette $5.99
"a truly weird blend of smoked out psychedelic rumble played by a guitar player and a tapeplayer, my mind tripped out so heavily on their live / life information that i couldn't resist to hassle them into a tape release asap. and this is it. this is mississippi blues played in the local arcade. this is a collage of synchronicity. these are the workings of Babalon... and when i was playing the mastertape for J C Scanner, his individual scannercells collectively popped out as well, so this album is co-released with the Zeikzak" -tapedsounds
11/15/2008 Maths Balance Volumes Lower Forms LP $13.99
"Couple of guys from shithole Minnesota catch lurking & hulking things on spools of tape. Back of the brain singing from their recently acquired girl collaborator, and some growls too." - Weirdo records. Edition of 300 copies - self-released.
12/21/2004 Maths Balance Volumes Prophecy of Flood CDR $12.99
About Maths Balance Volumes: Conceived during the summer of 2002 by Clay Kolbinger and Jameson Sweiger in a cold, smelly basement, amid a pile of malfunctioning speakers, broken guitars, and Rubbermaid containers. The initial idea was to make some shit feed back, and, just maybe, swing a passable cover of ‘Frankie Teardrop’. However, following a few shows of roll-on-the-ground, trash-the-kitchenware madness, ambitions grew and other minds were opened. New members were welcomed into the fold through a series of initiation rituals (sorry about the snakebites, Stewart, but the Lord's will is funny sometimes), and before long, MBV swelled to form a full-on congregation intent on slathering up the Earth (or just the southern tip of the Minnesota River valley) with a thick layer of sound. – Clay. This cdr is self-released in an edition of 42 copies.
2/21/2009 Maths Balance Volumes Tried To Make A Call cassette $5.99 Bumtapes "Fractured vocal vignettes, broken organ melodies, squelchy stunted phrases and echoey grunted rhythms.an entropic and mathsy meltdown. edition of 50."
9/30/2008 Maths Balance Volumes + Endless Sad Blues cassette $6.99 Earjerk "Endless and the boys from Maths Balance Volumes lay down some slanky, off center grooves. Eternal. Hand packaged in nice stickered envelope. Labeled, green, pro-dubbed c40 cassette. Limited to 45 hand numbered copies."
12/24/2005 Maths Balance Volumes / Davenport split cassette $6.99 Skullfucking Tapes "Reissue of cdr. Maths Balance Volumes are a black-clad congregation scattered around Minnesota. Their track is incredible noise monster destroyed by wailing passion dances and teenage evangelists. Davenport contributes a hypnotic mumble and then falls asleep."
4/10/2009 Maths Balance Volumes / Sejayno split cassette $5.99
"Following the tradition of great basement recordings on 8mm, Minnesota's Maths Balance Volumes and Baltimore's Sejayno share the tape for this nicely packaged split cassette. Six shots full of mysterious vibes and smoked abstract atmospheres are provided by MBV, while side B is one long suite for handmade instruments, percussions, voices and god-only-knows-what-else, from the fenomenal project of Peter/Ciat Lonbarde, Severiano Martinez and C Garhart. Both bands are incredibiley inspiring on this album. Very good for the spirit as well. A great surprise." -8MM
11/15/2008 Maths Balance Volumes / Sejayno split cassette $8.99 8mm "Following the tradition of great basement recordings on 8mm, Minnesota's Maths Balance Volumes and Baltimore's Sejayno share the tape for this nicely packaged split cassette. Six shots full of mysterious vibes and smoked abstract atmospheres are provided by MBV, while side B is one long suite for handmade instruments, percussions, voices and god-only-knows-what-else, from the fenomenal project of Peter/Ciat Lonbarde, Severiano Martinez and C Garhart. Both bands are incredibiley inspiring on this album. Very good for the spirit as well. A great surprise. 120 copies. Numbered."
12/24/2005 Maths Balance Volumes and friends 1.1.2005 cassette $6.99 Skullfucking Tapes "The Maths Balance Volumes cult planned and executed an explosive musical happening at the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve. This cassette is a document of roughly what occurred there."
1/24/2009 Matomeri I'm Spitting on My Grave cassette $6.99 Oms-b "Finland's avant-garde never seems to disappoint. swirling feedback, drones, faint tribe beats, and all kinds of drugged out madness echo from the beginning to the end of the cassette. A great example of free music. Hand painted art work and block print by Megan Diddie." Edition of 60 copies.
1/17/2010 Matrix Metals Flamingo Breeze LP $14.99 Olde English Spelling Bee "Remastered issue of the out-of-print tape released over the summer by Not Not Fun. Limited to 500 copies. Full color pro-printed covers and includes coupon for free digital download." "The Matrix vision is to grow a long term, copper bi-product based on the fitness workouts and dance moves of Frank B. Harnsaul & Marianne Weisner MD. Located in the world class Mt. Isa base dance studios, this routine will be achieved by elevating the cities existing frozen yoghurt resource and reserve inventory through the special achievements of ongoing exploration success on the largely unexplored, unexpected Jackson portfolio. The various phases of the dance will be implemented with ongoing due respect to all participating parties particularly homeless natives, native title claimants and landholders in the extended families of both Mr. Harnsaul & Ms. Weisner. Applications: High Pressure Gas Cylinders, Scuba Tanks, Medical Gases, Fire Extinguishers, Fire Suppression Systems, Over The Road Trailers, Refrigerant Gas Cylinders, Specialty Gas Cylinders." -- Outer Limits Incorporated. Project from Sam Meringue, featured on Explorer's Bermuda Telepaths LP on Not Not Fun.
2/4/2007 Matta Llama Matta Llama LP $15.99 Mad Monk "This group has been called Mountains of Matallama, Mountains of Matalama, Mountains of Mata Llama, Mountains of Mattallama, Mountains of Mata Lama, Mountains of Mattalama, Mountains of Mattalamma, and on down the line. For the record, this record, and the rest to come this is Matta Llama. Residing in NY Matta Llama have been playing together longer than they would like to admit. What do they play? Blood music. The music works like that of the circulatory system chugging and pounding. At other times it can turn out a wispy, crispy tune of flickering light. All of this delivered via drums, keys, guitar, and bass with the occasional seasoning of vocalizations and in/organic dripping. With this, their first record, they offer 5 cuts culled from years of rehearsals at the Hint House. These impromptu rock excursions gleam with but a taste of their musical existence, and with that expect more to come. Matta Llama. With deluxe foldout poster and fancy matte cover art! 500 copies."
6/11/2006 Mattin Songbook Vol. 3 CDR $12.99 Black Petal "improvised-on-the-spot guitar, cello and vocals songs by London-based Basque artist Mattin (also a member of Sakada, along with Eddie Prevost)." - Boa Melody Bar
11/4/2006 Mattin / Alex Dörner Berlin CD $10.99 Absurd The three pieces on Axel Dörner and Mattin's Berlin are less easy to fathom. The CD comes with a liner note consisting of the first tow verses of the tilte song from Lou Reed's Berlin, and the sleeve and on-body artwork are a degraded, monochrome version of Reed's album sleeve. Whatever significance this my have, it doesn't seem to be reflected in the music. Amidst the electroacoustic clamour, a ringtone comprising a phrase from Beethoven's Fifth Symphony keeps popping up in the first tracks infrequently quiet moments. Dörner's trumpet, which eirther he or Mattin seems to have subjected to digital treatments and edits in post-production, can be heard throughout all three tracks and provides a strong dialogue with Mattin's computer feedback. The pieces consist of snippets of material butted together to provide jumpcut contrasts and unexpected continuities, and as such they work well, constantly surprisingly the listener, thought some of the surprises are more pleasant than others." - Brian Marley, The Wire
5/1/2003 Matz, Dan Carry Me Over CD $12.99 Amish Records "Dan Matz's (Windsor from the Derby / The Birdwatcher) solo album titled Carry Me Over is now available. Dan presents a much more intimate and bit more subdued look at his songwriting skills. The new album was written and then recorded in an upstate New York farmhouse during a winter storm with Anna Neighbor and unlike previous work with The Birdwatcher, Windsor for the Derby, and Michael Gira which have taken on average of two years to record and mix, Carry Me Over was tracked and mixed during a two week period in Dan Matz's Hope Union Studio. From the spark and jangle of the title track to the folk-pop of ‘Possessions in a Nest’ Matz captures a spontaneity and energy that can be so hard to find in the sterility of the typical studio setting. Matz continues the more traditional songwriting approach he first began with the aforementioned Birdwatcher project from the Germanic waltz ‘To Know My Song’ which depicts Matz's recent move from New York City to the pastoral hills of Boston Township, New York to ‘Bearcat Blues’ and ‘Matthew’ that are stripped down cathartic odes to love lost and longed for. A beautifully spare and personal album, Carry Me Over promises to appeal both old supporters and new fans of this gentle pop music."
12/29/2001 mausim mausim CD $9.99 hp cycle "Blistering CD of fuzz/wah guitar intertwining from Canada, a bit like Vermonster without the songs or the rhythm section. Dense, psychedelic and incredibly beautiful. In elaborate wooden package too. Can't recommend this highly enough." Betley Welcomes Careful Drivers catalog
7/14/2010 Mayson, Robert Hross CDR $10.99 Black Petal "Solo album from Robert Mayson (grey daturas, whitehorse, it's is, breathing shrine, ultra waste, etc). a black dunlop volley kick up yr fucken bum. cdr with sandpaper and wire cover."
5/8/2005 MC Trachiotomy / Occasional Detroit split 12" $10.99 Ignivomous "A mess-up-your-mind new LP split between two outside-the-norm screwballers. New Orleans' MC Trachiotomy scores with some more of his patented, deep-in-the-game experimental hip hop stylings (including some Drum Buddy work from fellow Marginy mate Quintron), while Michigan freak sound motherhumpers Occasional Detroit just get fucked. Packaged with cover art by Devin Flynn." - Revolver
12/24/2005 MC5 1965-1968 double LP $16.99 Get Back "This compilation of MC5's outtakes on Get Back presents 18 tracks from their early period, long before the release of their breakthrough manifesto, 1969's famed Kick Out The Jams. 1965-1968 includes basement rehearsals and early studio sessions that already witnessed the power of Wayne Kramer and Fred 'Sonic' Smith's guitars in a furious attack to the sound establishment."
9/17/2006 MC5 Kick Out the Jams DVD $14.99 MVD "To be sure, Detroit's MC5 were some bad mofos. With their hard-edged take on psychedelia, radical politics and personal liberation, the Five's cultural vibrations were so profound they're still being felt today. Conceptual artist and Destroy All Monsters co-founder Cary Loren has assembled rare late-1960s footage of the band shot by Leni Sinclair into a swirling psychedelic art piece. This film features much never-before-seen footage of the MC5 during the peak of the band's creativity, with audio performances selected to compliment the visuals. The result is an exploding kaleidoscopic mind-trip filled with sparkling surrealism that cuts to the heart of the musical-mystical-political-chemical nexus of the MC5 experience (which Norman Mailer referred to as the 'electro-mechanical climax of the age')."
12/24/2005 MC5 Rehearsals double LP $16.99 Get Back 1969-1972. "From the archives of one of the most politically involved rock'n'roll bands (ever heard of John Sinclair's White Panthers?), here's the first of two double albums of rarities and outtakes that will amaze all the band's fans and encourage new adepts to review the torrid years of repression in America through the original cries of freedom from Detroit's working class homes and garages. This collection presents 22 tracks as they were conceived before they ended up on the three MC5 classic official releases."
4/12/2012 McCann, Sean Open Resolve LP $14.99 Orange Milk Records "Here we have a seminal recording of sound collage and experimental synthesizer noise from one of the brightest musicians in underground America. 'Open Resolve' is all about tension and texture, crystallized on Side One's 'Broken Replicator', a gut wrenching explosion of contrast that appears alien and familiar at once. Like a giant womb of noise. Most of the record feels like that, merging familiar synthesizer tones with an often obscured but always immaculate instrumental palette. Who would have thought one of the most exciting experimental records of the early century would find highlights through violin and free drum interplay? Side Two opens with a dense, 17-minute masterpiece of fuzziness which drifts between languid beauty and surreal discordance. Originally released as a short run cassette on Stunned, the vinyl edition comes on clear purple wax with new masters by the artist." A highly respected name in the US underground, Sean's prolific catalog has graced such labels as Peasant Magik, Roll Over Rover, Stunned, DNT, Cylindrical Habitat Modules, Avant Archive, and Aguirre with forthcoming release on Amethyst Sunset and Experimedia. Edition of 300 copies on purple vinyl.
10/21/2011 McCann, Sean Sean McCann c30 cassette $6.99 Ekhein "Orchestral miniatures by the always forward Sean McCann. Layering countless 4-track recordings of strings at varying fidelity. Huge swells of pure music rising out of unexpected places on these six tracks. Flowing very much like an album, every sound in it's right place."
11/30/2011 McCann, Sean Sincere World LP $14.99 Amethyst Sunset "Listening to new work from Sean McCann is always an exciting prospect. Go far back into this young pioneer's catalog and you'll without a doubt uncover a collection of music as diverse as it is long. What you may also notice is the consistency with which Sean portrays himself. His music is always fearless, frank and personal. Sincere World is another turn toward Sean's signature earnestness. Open Resolve and The Capital, both cleverly laced with swirling filter manipulation and confounding superimposition of manic and sloth-like compositions, exposed us to a more playful side of McCann's persona. These works are on the surface a bit zany, but deeper down they still maintain a charming character-something that draws the listener in magically. Sincere World is the somber younger brother to these two. Sincere World is adrift on Badalamenti-like lethargy, skeptical of the world around and unsure of what to do about it. But despite his bashfulness, he is every bit as charming and perhaps even more so, for there are no rough edges on him. In six movements, Sean takes us from under the bed to behind the bleachers and finally, to the bottom of the sea. Recorded mostly in 2009, Sincere World has after two years in hiding, finally mustered the audacity to come out into the open. This is the world Sean McCann lives in, and I want to do everything I can to live there too." - Michael Jantz. Edition of 380 copies.
LP tracklisting
1. i've seen your face before
2. academy hall
3. transplanted heart
4. over the stars (there is rest)
5. deep sea divers
6. removed
4/3/2011 McCann, Sean The Capital LP $20.99 Aguirre Records "Second vinyl release "The Capital" by rising drone-star Sean McCann. These all new recordings prove - once again - his ability to keep his stretched out & richly textured ambient drones right on track. The A side opens with synth spirals and exstatic sounds, there's no going back now. B Side is full of violin explorations and lo-fi fieldrecordings. This is an amazing effort by one of Earth's most promising musicians. Sean McCann really sets the bar for how far a one-man project can really go, and gives the feeling of a complete orchestra with his music. With cassette releases on just about every backyard label imaginable, Sean McCann has received recognition almost to the extent of masters such as Yellow Swans or Merzbow, and rightfully so. Cover painting by Lorien Stern. Mastering by Anders Peterson. Limited to 300 copies."
1/17/2010 McClure, Bruce Vouchsafe Me More Soundpicture - Fain Make Glories LP $15.99 Olde English Spelling Bee "Bruce McClure is well known on the international experimental film circuit for his unique projector performances that utilize film loops & modified 16mm projectors. But there is also an equally innovative sound element to his work and he has been embraced by the experimental music community as well. Bruce performed at the Chocolate Monk curated 'Colour Out of Space' festival in 2008 and was chosen as an opening act for Throbbing Gristle's reunion tour in the spring of 2009. During McClure's performances the optical sound signals from each projector are fed through banks of guitar pedals, manipulated live, and played at extremely high volumes through the p.a. system. The different loops phase in and out of each other resulting in what could be described as a power electronics version of the early tape experiments of Steve Reich and Terry Riley, while sparser sections have an off-kilter minimal techno feel reminiscent of Plastikman and the early works of Thomas Brinkmann. This album features four excerpts from a professionally recorded performance in early 2009 at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, MN. Edition of 375 copies in heavy duty covers silkscreened by Monoroid."
9/23/2003 McCord, Kirsten Kirsten McCord LP $12.99 Ecstatic Peace "A very difficult to peg mix of vocal-less sounds, textures and gestures, with equal debts to the original Philip Glass Ensemble, early OMD, and the glass harmonica compositions of Benjamin Franklin. We couldn't have been more surprised if you stuck some turkey bones up our collective ass. With the visions of a better (stricter) tomorrow, Kirsten McCord herewith allows us the opportunity to advance our own causes into the softness of the future's folds. Where a rumble was, it is no longer. Not that kind of rumble anyway. Enjoy yrself. Be patient. Life is short. Art is long." - Byron Coley
2/15/2005 McGee, Hal / Albert Casias New Forms For Piano and Prepared Guitar CDR $7.99 Shadow Puppet Recording Co. “Albert plays in a free-improv style that concentrates on the sounds and percussives that result from various string manipulation techniques. With Hal handling the melody and ‘musical’ aspect of the recording, Albert adds the avant-garde sonics to produce an interesting and enjoyable combination. I’d be very interested in playing this album for a traditional orchestra fan and see their reaction. On the one hand, there’s a high degree of accessibility to the music. On the other you have Albert’s jagged sound creations that are sometimes quietly but busily working away and other times wrenching and intense. But it’s the combination of piano and guitar, which are occupying such radically different worlds, yet seeming to travel so comfortably in the same space, that really held my interest and attention for an hour. Much to enjoy here for avant-garde free-improv fans, and definitely recommended to seasoned Hal fans who are open to hearing him doing something different.” - excerpt of review by Jerry Kranitz or Aural Innovations.
5/6/2011 McGuire, Mark A Young Person's Guide To Mark McGuire double CD $21.99 Editions Mego "A Young Person's Guide To Mark McGuire collects together some of this Emeralds member's best works, previously-released on a number of limited edition CD-Rs and tape releases over the last 4 years. Although only 24 years of age, McGuire has racked up an impressive canon which most artists twice his age would have problems delivering. With his expert use of loops and layers, as well a superb ear for killer melody hooks, makes AYPGTMM simply an essential collection. Electric and acoustic guitar, vocals, tapes, and guitar-synthesizer performed and recorded by Mark McGuire 2007-2010."
2/15/2011 McGuire, Mark Off In The Distance LP $21.99 Cylindrical Habitat Modules "Off In The Distance is a true testament to the brilliance currently seeping out of Cleveland's smog-filled pores... One of Mcguire's earlier releases, originally presented as a cassette on Chondritic Sound in 2008 and mastered for vinyl by James Plotkin to emphasize and bring out every single nuance and stroke this colossal recording holds. Gorgeous sprays of vast, melancholic guitar build in the classic Mcguire style. Dense, angular drones weave in and out and pull your brain along with them. Thunderous electronics crackle and warp over the lush, subtle melodies that are reverberating and bouncing off each other below. And when the clean guitar comes in on side A, nothing else matters. A perfect album. And really, what else could matter? Edition of 500."
10/3/2009 McGuire, Mark Solo Acoustic Volume Two LP $15.99 Vin Du Select Qualitite "Melodic ballads and new songs from Emeralds guitarist spark new innovations and memories thought to be lost. One third of the drone masters Emeralds." 2nd edition from 2011.
8/31/2010 McKay, Stuart Dripwatch c20 cassette $8.99 Dungeon Taxis "Astonishing programme of unreal folk music and pyre mantra from Elsewhere. McKay's delicate but inflammatory monument to cross-rhythmic acoustic guitar radiance, ligneous ragas and ruling tunes made from hardly anything is the lesson. The works are drumlike in their tolling and reiterative minimalism. Syncopated and layered interplay is strikingly cathartic but really really disquieting. Eloquent and angelic but kind of irate as well!? Shamanic voices evaporate from a sophomore song that becomes a Gamelan of aquatic and bitcrushy chimes. The harp-like contours of another one slowly crumble into a plucky microscopic breakdown before re-erupting as a luminous, tintinnabulating helix. Really good and not as obfuscate as my description!?"
8/31/2010 Mclaughlin, Nathan Echolocation #2 c30 cassette $7.99 Digitalis Limited "Alright friends, this one goes deep. REAL deep. nathan mclaughlin (half of the excellent loud & sad, who you will hear more about later this year) offers up the second volume of his "echolocation" trilogy (vol. 3 coming on gift tapes this fall while vol. 1 remains up-in-the-air) and we are all the better for it. deftly composed electronics bind together effortlessly with ghost drones of the highest order. this is music that is simultaneously beautiful and disjointed. mclaughlin is an expert at knowing the perfect placement for each movement and each fluid note. "echolocation" is split into six separate pieces, but they all form together to form a much greater whole. this isn't a single continous composition, but the pieces fit together expertly. fuzzy tones generator from decaying radio waves and field recordings sit alongside delicate drones without interfering with each other. at times i'm reminded of some eloy's "shanti" record or dick raajimakers longer tape pieces, but "echolocation" is something that is wholly mclaughlin's own. exquisite. edition of 75, pro-dubbed."
4/3/2011 McPhee, Joe & Chris Corsano Under A Double Moon LP + download $14.99 Roaratorio "With a career now spanning over 40 years and more than 100 recordings, Joe McPhee has shown that emotional content and theoretical underpinnings are thoroughly compatible - and in fact, a critically important pairing - in the world of creative improvised music. Since recording The Hated Music with Paul Flaherty in 2000, Chris Corsano has been hyper-active in far-reaching corners of the free improvised world. Under A Double Moon, recorded live in Paris during their spring 2010 tour of Europe, is their first album together (and, given how phenomenally simpatico a partnership they've forged, we hope it's not the last). With cover artwork by Judith Lindbloom and liner notes by John Szwed. Download coupon included."
4/10/2009 Me Con Me Con CDR $6.99 Oms-B "Amazing noise punk group with Megan Remy from U.S. Girls and Dan who does Bird customs."
3/21/2007 Mecha / Orga 56.24 CD $8.99 Absurd "As if a garden being planted and you are watching all the process from the bare earth to the colourful result, comes 56:24... generating a drone layer which slowly starts the cultivation process where layers upon layers slowly build a delicate atmosphere and the way they expand and grow draws an even more colourful result, as if a swarm of insects spreads the pollen in our garden, helping it grow even more beautiful and even more colourful, lasting in a flabbergasting droning result... or at least, such was the atmosphere last march in halandri where yiorgis sakellariou (aka mecha/orga) premiered this piece for us. and it was john pallas, who by the time the set ended proposed absurd the cd release and didn't leave until we 3 shook hands... such also was our life in our 2006, like a fertile garden, with lots of releases and trips here and there, always ending with our occasional meetings at cafe amarrylis in kifissia for coffee (mecha/orga) & shitloads of alcohol (absurd) or at 'varsos kifissia' to enjoy our sweets & cofee (mecha/orga), hot/cold chocolate (absurd). and as a friend wondered of how the future will look like, we thought nice to picture mecha/orga on the cd's front cover sleeve, as a middle aged man, thinking of how he'll create his next piece/live set and a grey haired absurd on the cd label, probably in a meeting w/ someone to discuss an upcoming release or project in one of editions_zero's side/ghost labels, book publishing houses, etc etc etc... comes highly recommended if you fancy instant trips to colourful droning soundgardens!!!"
4/24/2006 Mecha / Orga Holder CDR $12.99 Absurd 'it was the evening of sunday the 22nd of january, when tziritas called... a couple of days ago i know that komnas had phoned and asked him for a special cdr project for 'a question of re_entry' but didn't know myself much 'bout what the fuck they talked 'bout. instead of that he sounded as if he was reading me a telegram, 'mecha/orga's in the hospital, faded 2 days ago at while being at the dentist's'... that was all. i called yiorgis immediately thinking it was a joke, though unfortunately it wasn't. being late at night and no visitors were allowed anymore we postponed it for next evening in order to get'im some bananafishes to read and kill time... however a severe snowstorm changed plans, while he was already connected on the 'holder' machine to check his hear's biorhythms... out of blue striked us the idea of stealing the tape of it (being nothing but a simple tdk d60 recording in ultra slow speed) as happened actually less than 24 hours later... and that's what you get, the original 'holder' mecha/orga's recordings plus his impressions in a short piece around the what for fun we call his 'near death experience'."
3/5/2009 Mechanical Children Blue Mouth CDR $12.99 Blackest Rainbow "Mechanical Children is Sarah Sullivan and Ben "The Touch" Jones ( two thirds of the legendary Jazzfinger ) and this is their debut album. Utilizing two knackered old drum machines ( though you'd never know it ) the duo take the listener on a molten ramble through a scrapyard of silver ghosts. The pacing and unspoken rythms of the thing are, not surprisingly, in keeping with much of the 'Finger back-catalogue, but this is a bolder, starker affair, more straight lines, black light, none of that fog, that rusting mist, no, no, no, this is more akin to the drawn-out sex-moan of a dilapidated robot-king. It's bloody awesome, and quite bonkers. Comes in an LP-sized, hand-made card sleeve, and it's of course hideously limited' - Richard Dawson aka Eyeballs. First edition of 85 copies in 12" sleeve - out of print from label.
5/31/2009 Mechanical Children I Rise To Cover All LP $17.99 Blackest Rainbow "Debut vinyl release from this new duo that makes up two thirds of Jazzfinger (Ben Jones and Sarah Sullivan). Based around the idea of used broken keyboards, Ben and Sarah make some totally fucked and pretty heavy noise jams, there's some searing moments in this beast, particularly across the two part 'Burning of the Light Fields' which spans all side A, and most of side B... the closer is 'Planatary Wasp', which pretty much would be what Jeff Goldblum would have sounded like if he'd turned into some kind of rancid badass wasp instead of that pussy fly! Turn it up and get ready for your neighbors to come knocking with an ASBO for ya. Limited to 300."
6/4/2010 Media Dreams untitled cassette $7.99 Arbitrary Signs "New full length tape from the deep zone trio of Samara Lubelski, Pete Nolan, and Brian Sullivan.. This band exists for the sole purpose of penetrating the vast unknown and their using the most up to date fire power. Jammage of the highest order.. Recorded live at the legendary Tarpit.
8/20/2011 Medicine Rocks Medicine Rocks c32 cassette $7.99 Wagon "the medicine rocks new cassette offers 7 or 8 (??) tracks of head spinning electronic percussion, vocals and busted synthesizer. Quite different than the contributions made with Colored Mushroom, these tracks see the unit in much more raw form. Sloppy guitar, destroyed electronic drum kit, and unintelligible vocals make this a rough rider. ltd to 150 copies, professionally duplicated with killer art by Jessica."
3/21/2009 Medroxy Progesterone Acetate Mar'ah CDR $8.99 Ruralfaune "Mar'ah is a warm coat that you've had for years with notes in the pockets from friends you don't know anymore, it's a rainy day at the airport watching people waiting for their lives to resume, it's Hebrew for mirror and for vision (as in to have a), it's a pillow heavy with old dreams, it's Joe Hicks singing if it feels good it's alright, it's sunlight through the window across a slow afternoon, it's Arabic for the woman, it's threadbare tape hiss florescent hum and jackdaws in leafless trees, it's a half-remembered song bound to something she once whispered, it's a sullen Sunday morning with your headphones on and your quilt around your shoulders, it's frost on the window and the blood like black syrup in the chest and it feels so good inside yourself don't wanna move." Limited edition of 79 copies.
3/21/2007 Medroxy Progesterone Acetate Supplications cassette $7.99 Black Horizons "A reissue of a tape that was initially an edition of only 5 copies. Blending homemade synths, field recordings, and vocals, an epic recording that requires a closer listen. Buried under the tape hiss and piercing highs there is many details that could easily be overlooked, minimal beats, cryptic vocals, radio interference and insect song. Isolationist psychedelic noise. Color cover on black shimmer cardstock, with an insert containing texts / collage, on silver paper, clear labels. Hi-bias chrome tapes in an edition of 56."
3/31/2008 Medroxy Prrogesterone Acetate Blearyeared cassette $7.99 Tipped Bowler Tapes "A sixty-five minute soundtrack to MPA’s Satanic babysitter cult film. I pray to God no one has to see that thing. This tape alone will produce night sweats. MPA is up to his usual business, making absolutely uncomprising and unclassifiable sound, composed of horribly mutated mystery samples, tape mutilations, and malevolent synthesizer. DB summons a depth unmatched by most of the drone and community. You don’t want to live here, and you probably shouldn’t visit for long. Full-color glossy foldover prints with insert and hand-painted tapes." Edition of 93 copies.
3/11/2015 Meek, Noel Onho 8" lathe cut $20.99 PseudoArcana "I was very surprised when Noel Meek (FANZ) told me that his submission to PseudoArcana would be his debut physical solo release. For the last couple of years I've watched in awe at the man's energy as he organises gigs and festivals, establishes his own awesome record label (End Of The Alphabet) and most significantly tours and gigs around New Zealand and the globe playing his eviscerating dronescapes. (You may have caught him and his partner video artist Olivia Webb at a venue or gallery near you). The tracks on 'Onho' were composed at Meek's home in Balaena Bay in Wellington. The title track is a sharp clear piercing drone played on a Tanpura, an instrument that he learnt to play during his studies of Indian classical music. (Meek has toured extensively throughout India with a Calcutta based theatre troop). The second track, 'Death to Kali', is a huge roaring piece pieced together from recordings of a pipe organ from St Josephs Church in Wellington. It approaches 'noise wall' levels of intensity and is in utter contrast to Side A."

Meelkop, Roel 6 Mailcop Rules CD $12.99 Intransitive "With his first ever US release, Dutch composer Roel Meelkop presents a ten year retrospective of music beginning way back in 1985. Meelkop is known for his work with the ensemble THU20 (Staalplaat) as well as the rhythm-based trio Goem (Noton/Rastermusic/Mego/Microwave) and the live version of Kapotte Muziek along with Frans de Waard and Peter Duimelinks. With "6", he collects six tracks representing his diverse musical interests, from minimal manipulation of ticking clocks and somber drone to furious noise and austere concrete tape work. The result demonstrates a unity of vision which belies the broad range of material, a strong album from one of contemporary electro-acoustic music's most exciting new voices."
6/25/2013 Meichel, Dan & Chris Dadge Mannington CDR $7.99 Bug Incision Dan Meichel: tenor & soprano sax, bass clarinet
Chris Dadge: drumset, trumpet, violin, sk-1
"The Calgary creative music scene hasn't been the same without Dan Meichel. My life, and that of many others, was richer in a way that only Danny could have made it and after his sudden passing in Japan in 2009, it took a few years before I could start going through these older recordings we'd made. But it's been a joy to revisit them, and this will be the first in a number of archival recordings featuring Dan. I lived for two years in a house in Mount Pleasant, in mid-north Calgary, which had an unbelievably great-sounding basement. While I lived there, Dan would often come by in the evening for playing, usually followed by hours of record listening, hilarious banter, and insane wordplay. This is one of those evenings' music from June of 2008. Dan was the sort of musician that had the ability to make whoever he was playing with sound better. He had great ideas, but was always willing to punctuate them with a very real sense of sponteneity, always willing to give himself fully to the moment at hand, and he had fantastic ears, picking up on the most passing of phrases and turning them into a dramatic moment. At the time of this session, I was in a period of developing limited, yet expressive vocabularies on a number of instruments besides the drums, and it wouldn't have been possible to get where I did without Dan's respect for what I was attempting and his uninhibited attitude towards simply playing. As much as we never planned or discussed it, I feel there was some sort of channeling of the Brotzmann/Bennink duos from the 70s (and their stuff with Mengelberg and Van Hove, too). The strange, episodic nature of some of the complete pieces, and the general combination of comfort with each other and irreverence toward what we were doing (in some ways, a kind of serious goofiness) make me think so. He was a full-on player, reading charts, drawing on time spent in r&b bands, and this polystylistic tendency allowed us to stray into many different zones, speaking tongues on our respective horns or approaching fairly straight jazz modes. I remember once I transferred this cassette to disc and gave it to Dan, he would drive around (delivering repaired horns to high school band programs) listening to it, relishing it entirely, repeatedly finding new favourite sections to point out to me at our next session or ride to a show. I think he'd be happy to know this was going out." - Notes by Chris Dadge. Edition of 99, cdr, color covers in plastic sleeves
9/25/2013 Meifert, Franziska & Arnulf Absolute Relative Music LP - Record 2 of 2 $47.99 for both $47.99 Die Taubnessel "Silence and deliberateness are luxury today. Most relevant music now is speedy and noisy, fuel and gas for the rot-machine called modern civilization. All has become a style and is designed for a special audience. Recording our musical pieces was just "fun", we had no intention, we will not repeat it. We had and have no ambition to be avant or post or what else. In fact I can't play violin or piano, I cannot read any notes. As a drummer, I'm an old-fashioned self-taught person and have no intention to change that at age 69. Same thing with my wife Franziska, playing guitar and flute quite a little... Our music has no concept, no plan, no composition, it's all improvised and a form of communication and, as far as that, "primitivistic". Music is communication, with others or oneself: You whistle in the woods or in a street at night when you're afraid, you shout with joy or squeak in your orgasm. Of course my few months with "Faust" 1971 were a good apprenticeship after my drumming 60ies with all kinds of jazz and soul music. Then for 35 years I had other things to do, with the exception of "Panisches Liederbuch" 1988 for the 50th birthday of Günter Brus. On that afternoon in spring 2008, some years after we did “incredible familiar music”, we had only a few hours before going to the movies. We put a very old recording machine on the table of our living-room, a tape-recorder so technically simple that you had to press the trigger all the time for moving "fast forward" or "rewind"... We began to play our first piece, then I had the idea to counterpoint it with a machine piece on Tilo Ettls apparatus and just went on with the a/b alternation of mechanical sound and unplugged music on several instruments, toys etc. till it was time to go”." Arnulf Meifert, Hohengebraching, 2012. Edition of 150 copies. The two Meifert & Family record LPs (Taubnessel 7&8) come as a 2LP set, also including a book by Klaus Holzmann, edited by Arnulf Meifert and including an essay by Franziska Meifert. The first anthology ever issued of drawings by this controversial artist, published by Comme des filles in collaboration with Das Hohe Gebrechen.
9/25/2013 Meifert, Marion, Franziska & Arnulf Incredible Familiar Music LP - Record 1 of 2 $47.99 Die Taubnessel “Our daughter Marion Myra is 13 now and in full puberty. Looking, no, listening back she can’t identify with herself as a little child doing these recordings. But I can: A childlike joy in all that is moving and sounding inspired me since many years. So from time to time we took several objects, which are not used as instruments normally like lids of pots or toys, together with regular instruments like guitar and violin, flute and drums, african balafon and indonesian metalophon, not to forget the Yamaha Porta Sound PSS-190 from the garbage pail, in short: all what was suitable for several musical family encounters. The beginning of our selection (with the tiny top on battery basis which was done after that performance) and the end of it (me playing the violin the first time in my life) already lead to “absolute relative music” (Die Taubnessel 8). Doing these recordings it really was “a child’s play” for two grown-ups and a three to nine year old kid, definitely marvelous, a work of fancy. Following our subtle intuition, we just needed flair and empathy. So, I guess, equalizing the levels of sound intensity, your own noises like washing dishes or whatever, may just fit in while listening to our music. Try it…” - Arnulf Meifert, Hohengebraching, 2012. Edition of 150 copies. The two Meifert & Family record LPs (Taubnessel 7&8) come as a 2LP set, also including a book by Klaus Holzmann, edited by Arnulf Meifert and including an essay by Franziska Meifert. The first anthology ever issued of drawings by this controversial artist, published by Comme des filles in collaboration with Das Hohe Gebrechen.
2/9/2013 Melchior, Dan Curator Culture Death Epoch Music LP $13.99 Little Big Chief "Dan Melchior's first release of 2013 (I say that with optimism) is bound to confound 's much as impress. Haters gwan hate ad infinitum, but even still. The din of annoyance at Dan's output by many-a critic is really just the pinched wheezing of prudes, straightenin' their periwigs in a last ditch to cover up nervous bald spots. And don't you go joining 'em; ask me, the good times are just gettin' underway. In the hazy afterburn of The Backward Path, wherein we glimpsed Dan at his most lyrically candid, comes C.C.D.E, where words are half-smothered in the molting earth and linearity is just some other jaunt. Best I can tell, it's a backyard wedding of Assemblage Blues and Excerpts & Halfspeeds, with Lard Free and Yuzo Iwata on the bride's flank. As you might imagine, the voyage into the sunset of these two involves a roaring mutant chassis and plenty of muddy vistas off the backroads of songform. Is that the Texas outland in the distance? Either way, the geography ahead can only get woolier. But with Dan's thoroughly Scotch-taped map at the ready, there's no need to clench yer cheeks. The next turn's just up the road a piece, I swear. There's an insert of a lengthy rant from Dan that is quite a fun ribbin'! Full color / pro pressed sleeves as well. Pressed 300 of these."
3/16/2015 Melchior, Dan Happiness Is Over Rated LP $23.99 Ultra Eczema "Originally from the land of throwing sausages, eggs, beans AND tomatoes on one plate for BREAKFAST, though residing in the land of the freaks, Dan Melchior travelled many roads, between wreckless R&R bands or duo's with Wild Billy Childish, to solo collages on Chocolate Monk or Kye records, to the beautiful collaborative works he created with Letha Diane Rodman Melchior, Dan's partner who sadly passed away in November 2014, and who this record is dedicated to.Knowing this makes it uneasy to write something about these incredible recordings, whether happiness is over rated or overrated, on a personal note: these beautiful recordings sink as deep as some of Robert Wyatt's recordings do, possessed by a natural melancholia, the horror of saying goodbye translated in a incredible psychedelic sea of field recordings, guitar, synth and recordings of Letha Diane Rodman Melchior's voice. limited to 200 hand numbered and stamped copies, comes in a full color pro sleeve and with a insert and a sticker!"
9/6/2012 Melchior, Dan The Backward Path LP + download $15.99 Northern Spy "The Backward Path marks a departure for Dan Melchior in a number of ways. It is his first album to feature other musicians since his time with the Broke Revue, and it also marks a change in his songwriting methods, with more heartfelt sentiments being expressed rather than the usual flood of snide non sequiturs. It is also a quieter album, without much of the "did he mean it to sound like that?" sonic onslaught of Catbirds and Cardinals. Dan's wife Letha Rodman Melchior was diagnosed with cancer in late 2010, and since then the couple has been on something of an emotional roller coaster. This comes through in the lyrics of the songs on The Backward Path and is augmented beautifully by the contributions of C. Spencer Yeh (violin), Haley L. Fohr (vocals), Anthony Allman (keyboards), Ela Orleans (vocals, keyboards and guitar), and Sam Hillmer (Saxophone). The vocal pieces are broken up with instrumentals that are nearest in tone to the "songs" on Dan's acclaimed LP on Kye, Excerpts and Half Speeds, giving some room for the vocal pieces to sink in. The final result has more in common with Sister Lovers than Guitar Wolf, and we hope you will find this decidedly adventurous, but emotionally engaging music as satisfying as Dan found it to make." Pressed on 150 gram vinyl and includes download code.
11/2/2011 Melchior, Dan und das Menace Catbirds & Cardinals LP $14.99 Northern Spy "Catbirds and Cardinals is the latest psychedelic album lobbed in to New World shores from Dan Melchior und das Menace. Coming down slow with a clear vision, it's a sure hit. Since the late 90s, Shepperton, England native Dan Melchior has consistently delivered an avant-pop that is off-kilter and literate, with a sense of menace and a stronger sense of play. He's a new Jesus of Cool, riding just about the underground like the antipodean Chris Knox. The sound of Catbirds and Cardinals is clean, lo-fi, deeply-engaging, and guaranteed to pull in new legions of fans. It's a clever garage pop set that will lick your pate clean. On Catbirds and Cardinals, Dan Melchior und das Menace successfully meld a hodge podge of disparate elements into a cohesive whole, bringing to mind veteran UK and US underground bands like The Swell Maps, Andrew Klimek, Chrome and Alternative Television more than they do old blues men or the tweedy garage rock conservatives of Dan's past. Catbirds and Cardinals is probably the most overtly 'poppy' Das Menace release, with songs like 'Poison Pete's Holiday' and 'English Shame' lodging in the cranium like carpet warehouse jingles. The recordings retain the overdriven quality Melchior is known for but push the envelope sonically into some unexpected places, with the dream like synths of 'Crow Radio number 1? showing a marked departure from the overall guitar grime."
7/16/2004 Mellow Candle Swaddling Songs LP $29.99 Acme "From Dublin, Ireland, Mellow Candle specialised in imaginative psychedelic folk rock and early progressive rock, with the singing talents of two ladies (Alison Williams and Clodagh Simonds), in addition to bassist Frank Boylan, drummer William Murray and guitarist Dave Williams. They covered both ballad and rock domains equally well. The music displayed a prodigious degree of natural talent for songwriting, harmonizing, and arrangement. A folk-rock in the vein of Fairport Convention or Fotheringay. 'Swaddling Songs' debut album is rich in varied and a true sonic marvel of beauty and simple melodies, and, most of all, a blending of two of the most beautiful voices in all of music. This is a fantastic album that deserves new discovery. A second album, 'The Virgin Prophet', featuring unreleased and different versions of songs found on 'Swaddling Songs', was released in the mid nineties. In some respects, I think this ranks with the best Fairport Convention, Pentangle, and Renaissance albums at the top of the folk rock genre."
12/21/2004 Mellow Candle The Virgin Prophet CD $24.99 Kissing Spell Unreleased tracks from 1969-1970. "Virgin Prophet adds up to a collection of Mellow Candle gems that keep up the incredible standard of the material on 'Swaddling Song's'. Their more rough and ready state only add to the uniqueness of the band, their talent and inventiveness. Mellow Candle couldn't ask for a better way to be remembered."
2/9/2013 Mellow Grave Smoke Filled The Room, We Slept cassette $5.99 Living Tapes "Aucklanders, Jordan Puryer and Adrian Bird formed Mellow Grave in early 2010 as an off-shoot of their band, 1995. They appear to have taken 1995’s more conventional Interpol / Joy Division rock and gone far underground. Well, six feet, at least. The vocals and guitars have slid into the ether and been hijacked by the ‘ghosts in the machine’, the glacial synths and hip-hop beats of what critics have dubbed Witch-House or Drag. But it would be unfair to tar Mellow Grave with the same brush as such Drag flag-bearers as SALEM. Nonetheless, album openers, ‘Oxygen’ and ‘Melatonin’ suggest that Puryer and Bird are receiving less of either than is healthy. The industrial clatter of ‘Melatonin’ is especially crushing, but halfway through third track, ‘Amphibian’, the pace picks up - the beast literally drags itself out of the murk. An impression of Cold Cave, or a grim New Order fronted by Ian Curtis singing from the…er… grave… continues through ‘Burn One’, and there are even flashes of M83’s light in ‘Wood Grain’. ’Merk That’ is almost club-friendly, not a particularly friendly club perhaps, but I can imagine zombies throwing shapes in a dark, airless basement. Mellow Grave show us that they are capable of several shades of grey." - Justin Paul
5/16/2010 Men Diamler Live c44 cassette $7.99 Bumtapes "Bumtapes is more than pleased to present the first ever record of the incredible men diamler live experience. the permatouring south west tornado has electrified audiences up and down the country with a mix of hushed spirituals and blood flecked blues stomp holler, With lyrics that mix quiet wisdom with surreal black humour delivered by a unique and vibrant voice you owe it to yourself to see him in the flesh. This is the next best thing. two full sides of the cream of his recent tour... highly recommended . limited 65 copies."
4/8/2010 Menard, Tanner The Oceans of Your Aura CDR $8.99 Slow Flow Rec "The Oceans of Your Aura was composed in June of 2008 and was the culmination of musical breakthroughs, personal transcendence through dark times and a whole range of esoteric information that had guided me to that point in my life. Each 'song' in the album was created using two instances of pianoteq, a physical modeling software that here replicates two pianos each 10 meters in length, each having a unique tuning system always tuned one hertz from the other with A being 444 and 445 respectively. Both pianos also allow their strings to vibrate freely through the use of a constantly activated damper pedal. Loops of midi data drive these pianos through an improvisation that I carefully crafted into slow motion portraits of quasi-song structures. Unlike much of my work which I arrive at in a very nonlinear way, The Oceans of Your Aura was through composed. Each track followed the other as a sort of vector towards personal growth. The track titles explore the emotional or psychic states under which each was created. Often, like many of my titles, they refer both to personal anecdotes and esoteric information that is often a source of creativity and inspiration for me. Here, we see an alchemical progression from the circumambulating golden flower in the first movement the final state of meditative contemplation of the final movement. On another level, The Oceans of Your Aura are a collection of ambient love songs. They take the listener through a progression of emotions that describe the stages of moving away from and letting go of love and replacing it with spiritual love."
1/1/2014 Mendocino Ray's Chapel c60 cassette $5.99 Old Man Tapes "first one, all in. fried acid boogie, fuzz holler, good times. recorded live to handheld, smokers choice edit. members of aswara, von himmel and tabernacle."
8/22/2008 Menstruation Sisters MA LP $15.99 No Fun Productions "Reissue of their legendary first LP, released originally in an edition of 100 in Australia only. Best band ever? limited to 500 copies."
11/15/2008 Merda, Rosso / Cheap Machines Next to Nothing cassette $7.99 Fag Tapes "collaborative cassette. real real sick synth. or so it seems, until audio hallucinations cause horrific unmoving thought patterns. lines of violence are blurred. Old World style! European import! hand-numbered edition 77."
11/17/2007 Merrell / Baker / Jordan Nagual CD $13.99 Archive "Long playing ambient dronescape focusing the combined efforts of Todd Merrell on shortwave radio and electronics, Patrick Jordan on shortwave radio and processing and Aidan Baker (Nadja) on guitar. Recorded live in 04 in Hartford. Comes packed in heavy stock center open sleeve with environmental mirror image landscape artwork courtesy of Seldon Hunt. Pressing of 600 copies."
5/14/2007 Merzbow / Carlos Giffoni / Jim O'Rourke Electric Dress CD $11.99 No Fun "Electric Dress covers the full spectrum of sound color possibility, from totally brutal walls of destructive noise to beautiful minimal synthetic interplay, analog drone and shifting alien electronics. A total face melting collaboration recorded live in Tokyo using an array of analog synths and a variety of custom analog equipment,including Merzbows classic home made spring/junk metal instrument. Warm, varied, and obsessive this is what industrial music should have been, the sound of infinite machines demolishing a planet and creating a new structure where live organisms have been eradicated. Edited and mastered by Jim for maximum sonic annihilation. comes in our deluxe mini-gatefold package." - No Fun.

Mesmer s/t 7" $3.99
No idea what this San Francisco band is like. Each sleeve is unique in that is in spray painted and has a picture glued to it.
3/29/2010 Messenger Girls Trio Excelsior Salon Trio LP $21.99 Uzu Audio "Messenger Girls Trio, The Excelsior Salon Trio... comprised of Sir Richard Bishop (by appointment to her majesty-what the old broad did to deserve that, we'll never know) and David Knott (improvisationally board certified music therapist), in congress with Robert Millis and Jeffery Taylor (often known for their recreational duties in both Climax Golden Twins and AFCGT). The quartet last released a trio album in 2002 for the Anomalous Record label. Or perhaps the trio released a quartet album. After that Richard Bishop toured. Dave Knott put people's minds back together or took them apart--it just depends on your point of view. Climax Golden Twins devoured 78rpm records and other Victrola favorites. Meanwhile the quartet trio tape kept rolling-cassette players, digital devices, dictaphones, micro cassette, wire recorders, phonautographs, notes on paper. Edited from hours of material recorded between 2002 and 2008. Mostly improvised in living rooms and on front porches. Mostly in Seattle: on Goat Hill, at the Shabby Greenwood Grotto Studio and at the Sun City Girls' cavernous Blue West headquarters, may it rest in pieces. Mostly with acoustic guitars and percussion. Occasional insects were wrangled into the proceedings. Layered. Sliced. Stretched. Messed, tweaked, poked, prodded, beaten and slipped luxuriously onto a vinyl platter for our listing enjoyment and listening pleasure by the epicureans at Uzu Audio. 545 copies of 180 gram vinyl, packaged in a custom made gatefold jacket, silkscreened, stamped, numbered."
3/6/2011 Metabolismus Mauser O.K. 7" EP $7.99 Amish Records "Seven inch EP from the German group Metabolismus. Includes covers of Brian Brain's "Asthma Game" and Crass' "Do They Owe Us A Living" plus two originals. Limited to 300 copies. Vinyl only-- no digital release."
5/1/2003 Metabolismus Sprießwärtsdrall CD $12.99 Amish "This full length is firmly rooted in the rich German experimental music tradition of such bands as Can, Amon Duul and Popol Vuh. The album begins with subtle tones that shift and eventually build into a Silver Apples psychedelic groove. Things move back and forth through layers of analog synthesizer orchestration, electronics and droning violin, eventually accentuated by ambient recordings of wind chimes, cow bells, birds, crickets, barking dogs and the sounds of Stuttgart. An absolutely stunning record, which Bananafish claims, has '24-7 potential.' Vivid full color artwork by German animation artist Petra Kolitsch. Edition of 600."

Metabolismus Terra Incognita LP $19.99 Blackjack "While knowledgeable humbugs 'round the world crawl over each other to find, buy, bootleg and hype on the internet the 'latest' lost krautrock private pressing, this German collective enters its seventeenth year having hardly dented the collective consciousness of the avant music intelligentsia. While this may be unfortunate, it can hardly be considered unusual, considering that Metabolismus' six singles, pair of ten-inches, handful of LPs, appearances on numerous compilations and over 30 cassettes have all been released in microscopic quantities on hard-to- find German labels. Anyone fortunate enough to have heard any of Metabolismus' previous offerings can attest to the band's varied approach to musical construction. It is difficult to name two of their releases that, on the surface, sound alike. In addition to a wide range of influences - Faust, Can, Popul Vuh, 60's beat psych and jazz, weirdo American rockers like Kim Fowley (with whom the band has recorded) this is attributable to a healthy policy of incorporating any and all voices that might push the group's sound experiments to the outer limits. With an aggregate membership whose size is believed to approach the low 30s, Metabolismus has both reached a peak in their evolution and released their most cohesive album to date."
1/30/2010 Metacomet Depression Ceremony c21 cassette $7.99 Pizza Night "Metacomet exemplify the beauty of the dark. Their songs emit a glowing melancholy bleakness that rings with euphoria. Mesmerising vocals from Christina Boyd weave beautiful melodies through tunnels of illuminating guitar. Their sound melts with an evocative resonant reverb that creates a space of heavenly haze. Within the haze, guitarists Max Gardner and Ian Staub pair up in a precise aural unity that seems like they've been playing together for many years. Their chiming compositions are spacious and the guitars' controlled playfulness at moments are reminiscent of the guitar teasing styles of Ennio Morricone or Wilburn Burchette. Haunting and warm, this trio is bound for big things as this is only their debut release from this new project. Pro dubbed. Edition of 80."
4/27/2011 Metal Mountains Golden Trees CD $11.99 Amish Records "...out of the ancient ruins of The Tower Recordings has now finally risen a stealth Metal Mountains! It features Helen Rush, Pat Gubler (Mr. PG Six) and Samara Lubelski, all former Tower soldiers, and some may say the very key ones. There's a sort of haunted architecture to Metal Mountains, they morph 1960s electric and psychedelic folk rock, the right VU influence, spatial excursions, and whispery dreams into a unique whole. It is a carefully crafted album that is real and intimate, yet has the air of ease and playfulness about it. It is confident in its frailty, if that makes any sense to you. Did I say it is perfectly sequenced? Y'know, that's the kind of thing a reviewer needs to mention if he wants to be taken at all seriously." -- Jesper Eklow / November 2010. On vinyl also.
4/3/2010 Metal Rouge Trails LP $15.99 Emerald Cocoon "After a period of semi-hibernation and technological downgrading Metal Rouge are back with the first full length missive by their new trio formation. On Trails lifers Helga Fassonaki (lapsteel/vocals) and Andrew Scott (guitar) are joined by true-crime aficionado Caitlin Mitchell (drums) for a free floating investigation into Lew Welch's mist-ridden disappearance into the norcal wilderness on one side and a raging fit of white magic against urban-planning hell on the other. Mumbling low-fidelity chord flares, dual slide attacks and reverb-drenched vocal confusion underwritten by stuttering free cymbal play and outright rockist brutalism combine to make this perversely their most approachable release yet. Come get lost. Recorded at Green Machines 09, Mastered by Pete Swanson, Photo Art by Lemule Barbour. Edition of 300."
9/14/2004 Metal Tech Sounds Through Fishing Lines 3" CDR $5.99 Foxglove “An appropriate title if there ever was one. These loose, noisy improvisations from head Unread records honcho, Chris Fischer (also of Naturaliste) dangle in the air, communicating in the way of the old world. Telegraph lines hang in the balance, hoping not to snap under the pressure. Claustrophobic whirs and buzzes sit next to fuzzy drones, all hoping that their imminent death isn't just around the corner. There's a subtle, fragile beauty here, too. But I find that in all things chaotic.” Edition of 95 copies.
6/17/2004 Metalux Waiting for Armadillo CD $10.99 Load "Clipped and chopped radio beamings from a Middle American bunker, METALUX bring a rodeo of galactic proportions home to your speakers. M.V. CÄRBON and J. GRAF play a dual synth/tape soundtrack to an uneasy nation. The vibe is dark and alien and the recording on this record is top-notch. Crazy voices and spectacle mounting live action! Ballpark reference points include CHROME and the RESIDENTS in the same thought as Chicago form shapers from the early 90's MILK OF BURGUNDY scene like DUOTRON, SCISSOR GIRLS et al. Both members were in the now defunct BRIDE OF NO NO, a fixture of Chicago uneasy culture. TWIG HARPER of NAUTICAL ALMANAC, occasionally records with METALUX and contributed 4 tracks to this record."
9/29/2005 Metalux / Evil Moisture split LP $17.99 Veglia "Long-awaited spilt LP from two free noise cells with flesh to burn. Metalux are all-femme duo who cross Wolf Eyes-gristle with rhythmic blats of electro-punk, zaps of analog what-the-fuck and weirdly modulated vocals that sound like vacant robot children. Side one collects six shots of gloop with a guest appearance from Twig Harper of buddies Nautical Almanac on 'Gummy Grinder'. Evil Moisture side is a little more degraded, a side-long soup that sounds like a stumpier, more primitive take on Masami Akita's flesh/metal sound. Comes in a silkscreened sleeve (every one unique) with colour insert. Recommended." - Volcanic Tongue
12/12/2009 Metalux / K.K. Rampage split 12" $11.99 Rampage Recordings "METALUX continues their refinement of creepily serene noise arrangements and free-floating modern psychedelia. Voices are treated as another instrument in an amorphous wash of sound among atmospheric keys and harsh electronics. KK RAMPAGE-Chicago's confrontational, rabble-rousing, NO(w) wave misfits-replace their piercingly, de-tuned Arab-on-Rabar-esque guitars and "pop" beats with sinister, mechanical chaos and throbbing spastic drumming. A truly fascinating album that improves with repeated listening. Limited to 400 copies."
7/10/2008 Methadrone Final Skull double cassette $7.99 905 Tapes "Methadrone was an early moniker of joe brietenbach, who now grows organic drones under the name of gallows. before he unplugged the laptop, a small amount of output made it's way into the public realm in the form a few splits (w/ yes collapse, dance wounds, and wether) a c20 ("the sun cocaine" on lovers tapes) and a collab 12" w/ wether (forthcoming in snakefork/blue sky writing). these are the remaining tracks that have been collecting virtual dust in some moldy folder. four sides, five shots. oscillating, slightly processed, chloroformed doses that blend mechanical rhythms and natural elements with each other. packaged in clamshell cases."

Metropolitan Down For You Is Up CD $10.99 Crank Automotive "Hurtling forward from the rough-but-beautiful streets of the Washington DC metropolia are the equally raw-but-harmonious sounds of Metropolitan, wrestled to perfection on their second full-length recording, Down For You Is Up. The follow-up to 1999’s Side Effects finds the band in revitalized trio mode, connecting the dots between the fiery, T.Moore-esque guitar work of John Masters, the fluidly unpredictable bass tones of Shyam Telikicherla, and the bounding drum-slaps of kit-master Saadat Awan. Hypnotically mixing curving hooks, sliding chords, untamed basement-jam energy, and tightrope-walking precision, Down For You Is Up is a mesmerizing mind-trip through tunnels previously carved by master- diggers like the Velvet Underground, Sonic Youth, Spacemen 3, Pavement, and Yo La Tengo."

Metropolitan Side Effects CD $9.99 Crank Automotive 2 guys, 2 guitars, vocals, bass, and drums. Influences: Velvet Underground, Spacemen 3, Dead C. Very good!
4/24/2006 Metsämorfeus Draco CDR $9.99 Outa "Metsämorfeus turned in one of the most promising performances on the Out001 compilation CD-R that Outa put out last year. Their contributions there had me quite curious to see what they'd do on a longer release. "Draco" is their first full-length and it is promising. While it goes on too long for my tastes (it's just a hair over 60 minutes), there are some great elements here. Mostly made up of ambient electronics with various loops, this is well put together synth-based music. The additional instrumentation is also good. This is a very subtle release that works as perfect background music (I mean that as a compliment). It's non-intrusive, but has a soothing quality to it that will help your brain focus. "Draco" is a good debut and has me looking forward to where this Finnish outfit will head next." - Brad Rose.
4/10/2015 Metzergenstein Albero Specchio LP $20.99 Harsh "Metzergenstein’s music is some kind of shamanic black mass, with krautrock influences and a general opiate-flavored atmosphere. In this vinyl debut, firstly available on cassette, you can hear sounds ranging from space rock to Popol Vuh, but the overall sensation is one of a music that is really difficult to define. From the label press release "strong ritual characterization and with a fascination for a kind of ancestral magnetism that draws from a mythological alphabet, older than the human civilization. ?The Metzengerstein's music is hallucinated, since it borrows the tools of classic psychedelia, turning over its premises. The other-world might be stranger than the more acidic of the trip can ever imagine. Albero Specchio is its relentless soundtrack." / the album sees Donato Epiro of Cannibal Movie fame as a guest on flute, responsible of another captivating expedition to psychedelic, ecstatic tribal realms with the blinding 'Fiume Nero' for Black Moss the last year." Sample this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qi7BS2L9Qoo
7/11/2008 Metzger, Paul Canticle of Ignat / All Glass CD $14.99 Archive "One track played on modified acoustic guitar and one track played on modified Banjo. For those unfamiliar with Saint Paul's Mr. Metzger his works offer and amazing mix of Indian ragas crossed with a junk yard band feel, highly evolved and incredible unique. Recorded by myself in 2007 at BigJar in Philly a fantastic piece of documentation offered in unaltered form. The CD edition comes housed in a slightly taller sleeve with two color silk screen work by Alan Sherry of SIWA on a heavyweight 140lb paper. The front cover is die cut with and inserted picture from the performance printed on vellum, all hand glued and assembled by myself. Graphic work by Demian Johnston." Edition of 500 copies.
4/11/2008 Metzger, Paul Gedanken Splitter LP $12.99 Roaratorio "Paul Metzger continues to pile up the plaudits from critics and peers alike for his virtuosic string-slinging, gaining notice through his CD on Chairkickers and his split LP with Ben Chasny and Chris Corsano on Roaratorio. Metzger's modified banjo is tricked out with additional sympathetic raga strings, although the compositions on Gedanken Splitter are informed by much more than Eastern drone music alone. Recorded in the same period as 2007's Deliverance on Locust Music, this is a more jagged and aggressive (although no less accessible) affair. Metzger winds these improvisations around thornier threads than on his previous releases, and while never turning completely abstract, Gedanken Splitter moves even further away from anything resembling typical banjo fare. This is mesmerizing and singular playing."
2/7/2009 Meyers, Justin Permanent Pressure cassette $8.99 Tone Filth "A study in pressure; the effects, affects, & practice of. Sounds sources both acoustic & electronic. Issued on cassette tape to specifically dull certain frequencies. Edition of 100 with 2 color screen printed inserts and professional printed chrome cassettes."
2/20/2010 Meyers, Justin The Amplitude of Neighbors c20 cassette $5.99 Arbor "Minneapolis' Justin Meyers has been producing extremely discreet musique concrete for the past few years. Through field recordings Meyers achieves a double sided voyeurism; his capturing of another's space, and the listeners glimpse into his space. His care and precision demands attention with an unconscious magnetism; on Both Sides the recording of an outdoor summer's evening is paired with subtle beating frequencies symbiotically shifting in and out of the other, producing a deeply compelling command over space. This same phenomena is explored on A Visitor. Composed solely of sine waves, infinite variations of listening interaction are possible, imposing the piece directly within the space of the listener. In an edition of 125 copies with full color cardstock covers and labeled tapes."
2/21/2009 MFHS A House Painter's Manual CDR $10.99 Black Petal "Although MHFS (Mark Sadgrove) is mainly solo he gets help from various people (Andrew Scott, Ben Spiers and Sam Hamilton) in seven of the ten short pieces. Lyrics were written while driving a car through rural New Zealand, and then record the songs on battery powered electric guitar on a dictaphone. How lo(fi) can you go? Sadgrove strums his guitar and sings songs which I don't really understand, but there is an attractive low, outsider character with these recordings that I like very much. At just under thirty minutes this is very fine music. Was this released on a limited LP twenty years ago, it would now go as a lost classic of weirdness. Great cover on this release, as usual with Black Petal." - FdW, Vital Weekly
6/11/2006 MHFS Driving to Rawene 3" CDR $7.99 Pseudo Arcana "Along with Tim Coster (see below) Mark Sadgrove is a key member of a recently very dynamic and productive experimental electronic scene in Auckland. (Indeed he is a member of the brilliant 'Plains' amongst other ensembles). MHFS is Sadgroves solo project. Using home-made electronics, self-authored software, field recordings, guitar and voice MHFS produces austere and abstract soundscapes that through a peculiar personal magic are rendered intimate and human. 'Driving to Rawene' was recorded in Sydney, Dresden and Vienna during 2005, and mixed at home in Auckland. I am deeply concerned that it may in fact be a work of genius..."
3/21/2007 Mi, Kim Jung Kim Jung Mi CD $24.99 Jigu "Groovy Korean psychedelic pop with slight English folk flavors from Kim Jung Mi - known throughout as the the "Francois Hardy of Korean pop." "This 1974 album shows a different side of the delectable Korean singer's personality, as she is called upon to front slinky mid-tempo rockers instead of the folk-inflected tracks of both the Nowand Wind records; this makes for some interesting music, including a cover version of Janis Joplin's 'Move Over'; the tracks all sound more than a year removed from Now and Wind, in part because of drastically better production values (this album was made for Jigu, unlike Kim Jung Mi's other releases), plus the addition of horns, organ, and even a string section; Shin Jung Hyun is still backing his protégé with characteristic guitar lines, so no loss of musical quality is evident." World Psychedelia label has reissued this but this is the original cd pressing from Korea on Jigu. Recommended!
3/29/2012 Mi, Kim Jung Now CD $14.99 Lion Productions "At the dawn of the 1970's, South Korea's rock music scene was at its zenith. Much of the reason for this was the god-like musical touch of guitar wizard, songwriter, producer, and arranger Shin Joong Hyun. For this album, he took a young girl named Kim Jung Mi, and transformed her from a wallflower student into a folk-psych chanteuse in record time (if Francoise Hardy is the Marianne Faithful of France, then Kim Jung Mi is, I suppose, the Francoise Hardy of Korea). The ten songs on Now were written and recorded during 1973 with a firm mandate to create a truly psychedelic sound experience. On each number, Shin Joong Hyun and his backing group laid down pure emotion on tape. Mr. Shin's fuzz guitar weaves in and out of the tracks, interlaced with his own poetic musings on nature (spring, sun, flowers, rain, and wind), all else in the world apart from Kim Jung Mi's soothing voice and insistent bass that crouches and creeps, depending on its mood, displaced. This raw feeling, combined with Kim Jung Mi's seductive, expressive vocals and empathetic string orchestration, resulted in an album that is nothing short of awe-inspiring. Mr. Shin's ethereal cover photo-the blue graininess of the sky dripping into fading clouds, with Kim Jung Mi surrounded on her sky-high isolated mountaintop by flowers-is the perfect image to represent what is, without a doubt, one of the best psychedelic albums ever created. Our version of this quintessence of psychedelia features Korean/English lyric translations, rare photos, re-mastered audio, and comprehensive liner notes by Kevin "Sipreano" Howes and Shin Joong Hyun expert Jae-Myeong Ro (director of the Korean Classical Music Record Museum, and author of the book Shin Joong Hyun and Beautiful Country. The 180 gram vinyl version of "Now" comes in a deluxe old-style jacket, with OBI, and has a full color insert with liner notes and rare photos; the deluxe mini-LP sleeve CD version has a 20-page booklet with rare photos, and great stories about Shin Joong Hyun and Kim Jung Mi's continuing place of prominence in the Korean music scene. Track List: 1. Haenim (6:50); 2. Wind (3:16); 3. Spring (5:00); 4. Unknowingly (2:25); 5. Blow Spring Breeze (1:50); 6. Your Dream (5:22); 7. Beautiful Rivers and Mountains (4:04); 8. Lonely Heart (3:36); 9. It's Raining (4:08); 10. Ganadaramabasa (3:02)."
3/29/2012 Mi, Kim Jung Now LP $20.99 Lion Productions "At the dawn of the 1970's, South Korea's rock music scene was at its zenith. Much of the reason for this was the god-like musical touch of guitar wizard, songwriter, producer, and arranger Shin Joong Hyun. For this album, he took a young girl named Kim Jung Mi, and transformed her from a wallflower student into a folk-psych chanteuse in record time (if Francoise Hardy is the Marianne Faithful of France, then Kim Jung Mi is, I suppose, the Francoise Hardy of Korea). The ten songs on Now were written and recorded during 1973 with a firm mandate to create a truly psychedelic sound experience. On each number, Shin Joong Hyun and his backing group laid down pure emotion on tape. Mr. Shin's fuzz guitar weaves in and out of the tracks, interlaced with his own poetic musings on nature (spring, sun, flowers, rain, and wind), all else in the world apart from Kim Jung Mi's soothing voice and insistent bass that crouches and creeps, depending on its mood, displaced. This raw feeling, combined with Kim Jung Mi's seductive, expressive vocals and empathetic string orchestration, resulted in an album that is nothing short of awe-inspiring. Mr. Shin's ethereal cover photo-the blue graininess of the sky dripping into fading clouds, with Kim Jung Mi surrounded on her sky-high isolated mountaintop by flowers-is the perfect image to represent what is, without a doubt, one of the best psychedelic albums ever created. Our version of this quintessence of psychedelia features Korean/English lyric translations, rare photos, re-mastered audio, and comprehensive liner notes by Kevin "Sipreano" Howes and Shin Joong Hyun expert Jae-Myeong Ro (director of the Korean Classical Music Record Museum, and author of the book Shin Joong Hyun and Beautiful Country. The 180 gram vinyl version of "Now" comes in a deluxe old-style jacket, with OBI, and has a full color insert with liner notes and rare photos; the deluxe mini-LP sleeve CD version has a 20-page booklet with rare photos, and great stories about Shin Joong Hyun and Kim Jung Mi's continuing place of prominence in the Korean music scene. Track List: 1. Haenim (6:50); 2. Wind (3:16); 3. Spring (5:00); 4. Unknowingly (2:25); 5. Blow Spring Breeze (1:50); 6. Your Dream (5:22); 7. Beautiful Rivers and Mountains (4:04); 8. Lonely Heart (3:36); 9. It's Raining (4:08); 10. Ganadaramabasa (3:02)."
5/2/2015 Mi, Kim Jung Wind (Baram) CD $9.99 World Psychedelia "This album appears to have been released within the same year (1973) as the terrific “Now” LP already issued by World Psychedelia; after one listen to it, it’s difficult not be permanently hooked; the same basic formula is in place as on “Now”: cool but impassioned vocals from Kim Jung Mi, tasty call-and-response guitar licks from Shin Jung Hyun, and a steady pounding pulse from the rest of the band—the only change here is that there’s little evidence of acoustic guitars; it’s the slower tracks, with their faintly Korean folk flavor (like tracks two and three, for example), that steal the show, and settle in one’s memory as familiar and unforgettable melodies from a life in Korea that we never had; the only criticism here is that half these tracks are also on “Now”... so really, you’re only getting a handful of new material. A strange choice. However, those few songs are only available here, and they’re quite good." - Lion Productions
8/1/2014 Miaux Dive LP $28.99 Ultra Eczema "To those who swam in a lake filled with the bitter tears of Petra Von Kant, drip with salt when Twin Peaks´ heroic theme song comes out of a TV or simply burst out in tears whenever a tune sends you back to the darker corners of your childhood, we got bad news: The first full lenght lp by Sarajevo born Belgian Mia Prce (aka Miaux, say "MIO", not the sound cats produce) is stripped from anything that sounds rhythmic, happy or remotely like "hope" and will not stop you from sobbing! "Sehnsucht" is a german word that one could probably translate, though that never fully holds the feeling it owns in German. (kraut) monsters like Michael Rother, Klaus Schultze and so on, translated it best with melancholic sound fields that formed the soundtrack of Miaux´s upbringing, a open sounding uptightness, sad but (really) true (to herself). These 6 new pieces are a relief for a lot of body parts: tears finally leave the bags underneath your glasses, drool finally leaves your mouth and that yellow crust runs out of your ears as those two flappers want to enjoy this lp to the fullest. comes in a pro mat duo color printed sleeve with artwork by DT, with an insert and a ue sticker, limited to 300 copies. listen to a track here: <https://soundcloud.com/ultra-eczema/miaux-revolver
8/1/2014 Mich, Ludo & Blue Yodel & Roman Nose & Ross Parfitt & Jennifer Iker The Clurichaun's Naked Cheat With Sour Wine / The Leprechaun's Coins Numismatist c28 cassette $17.99 No Basement Is Deep Enough "Bacchus basement boys? When shallot wanted a game you wake up in their bath, drink France instead of Chile, whistled water in mathematics. And when the moon is behind the cellar door you have the bottle salted greens? Sheffield walked to a small number of Roman road, with some room for Courtin 'nose and evening blush just followed. And go where the leprechaun was seen down in the basement and yodeling, drinking of Spain, France, and the dream of bottled peepin'. Well, the nuns of Münster and mixed with vegetable options. A Vinum came rushing down, as the sweet flood Colleen. Well Antwerp in the day it has never seen, and your slate and rule mixed wrong and lost their queen works. And cream and greens uncorked the moon and spilled the junction thin spleen. Fuck! the clurichaun wanders still right in your photo boreen wrong." -- Jon Marshall. Not much imperialist blather necessary to advocate this chemical passport to cork-popping nirvana when Posset already chewed and spitted out his fourth world version of Monte Verità : http://radiofreemidwich.wordpress.com/2014/02/27/bellowing-becomes-bronze-joe-murray-trips-on-ludo-mich-and-associates/
Ltd. to 80 copies and comes in a hand-crafted halfling that can store your coffin varnish in his pot of gold, or just be a worthy peeping tom at your next petting party.
1/24/2009 Mich, Ludo and Blood Stereo From Tapes & Throats LP $19.99 Giant Tank "A couple years back, Glasgow was consumed by the collective throats of Antwerpian weirdo Ludo Mich and Brightonian/Lothian noise-family farmhands Blood Stereo (Karen Constance and Dylan Nyoukis of Prick Decay, etc.). Hear their night-terror-inducing Nosferatu yap melt the minds attending the Instal '06 festival on side A, and neck the swallie of post-everything sound poetry and tape-dirt manipulation on Side B. A real out odyssey. 250 copies." - Revolver
10/31/2009 Michael And The Mumbles Michael And The Mumbles LP $13.99 De Stijl "Before Michael Yonkers would revise the history of recorded music with the clarion chords of Microminature Love he was in a band called Michael and the Mumbles and they made this self-titled LP in 1966. Upon immediate spins, their would-be debut comes off as a naive, teenage trip thru the typified garage band moves of this era. But repeated spins reveal a darkness beneath what some dullard might be deceived by as it's crisp, winsome visage. It's only to a slightly less visible degree that the Mumbles LP has the same characteristics that would make Micro the singularly original piece that is; it's emotionally bleak themes, dissonant undercurrents, and recklessly wild performance. So, once again we have a Michael Yonkers LP that is going to turn the world upside down, make the college girls scream, and leave you wondering how many more times this can happen. Seriously, Pigeon Falls up here looks like a Riot on the Sunset Strip. Indulge yrself. PS. Michael and the Mumbles is on the king of all known formats (with a digital download coupon, natch). The mastertapes used herein are 45 yrs old and aside from the glitch on "Cold Town" they sound amazing."
3/3/2005 Micht Ysms 3" CDR $6.99 Imvated "Perfect for lying flat on the ground when your lungs are about to collapse. Micht never blossoms into giant garden bliss yet strangely strips noise down to it's bare necessities. Tape hiss maggots crawl. Sticky covers buried in Imvated's rotten backyard, dodgy stuff. They've been sent to our medical research laboratories to check how toxic they truely are. No wonder nobody can keep track of Imvated's continuous stream of quality dirt style!"
8/23/2009 Microblind Harvestmen I CDR $10.99 Ruralfaune "Two long live improvisations by Robert Horton and his longtime collaborator Hal Hugues. One based on fiddle, the other on banjo, and both with Robert Horton's usual crazy mix of sounds. Planned to be released eponymously as their first CDR, Microblind Harvestmen's 'I' was recorded before the 'Death Bottom Slide' CD released on Digitalis in 2007." Edition of 70 copies.
7/14/2007 Microblind Harvestmen Songs & Instruments From Death Bottom Slide CD $12.99 Digitalis "After 2 1/2 years of a seemingly endless stream of releases, Robert Horton shows no signs of slowing down. The inevitable question of "What next?" may crop up from time to time, but with the launch of Microblind Harvestmen's debut album, "Songs & Instruments From Death Bottom Slide," Horton punches back with resounding fury. Joining up with long-time collaborator and fiddler-extraordinaire, Hal Huges, this duo is plowing through fresh, new ground on their way to a mud-soaked heaven. "Songs & Instruments From Death Bottom Slide" has been in the works for over 20 years now, with the first remnants begun as far back as 1983. This is music that is lost in time, however, spanning countless eras and cultures, and melting them all together into a giant, boiling mess. As with most things Robert Horton does, his hand is the guiding force that keeps the album flowing. But Hughes' contributions are just as vital: stunning fiddle work that is a perfect slice of Americana along with drops of mandolin and banjo to light the leaf-covered path. Horton and Hughes mix a range of originals with a number of traditional tunes turned completely on their heads. "Hellblazer" may have its root in the Old West, but Microblind's version is a spastic exorcism of wailing horns and screeching violins, flowing like a river of sound underneath the duo's parched vocals. This raucous romp through burning crops and the backwoods blows up into the harmonica-tinged, banjo tune "Innermost Friend." It sounds like an unearthed document from 75 years ago, left to rot in a bourbon cellar in Tennessee. Music like this doesn't just appear, it takes time to properly age. Microblind Harvestmen are the rare creature, like those only found in a few places in nature, that manages to avoid simple classification. This is drone. This is raga. This is bluegrass. This is folk. This is free-jazz. This is pure, covered-in-dirt, dancing-in-the-rain psychedelia. The death bottom slide is a riveting world, finally unleashed after years in the barren wilderness."
2/16/2002 Middleton, Ian 5 Pieces 1998-1999 LP $12.99 Eclipse Psychedelic drone. "5 pieces is quite a varied assortment of tracks all recorded with the same instrument. I'd describe them as 2 expressions of hope and wonder, an eerie layered drone, an 11 minute improvised solo and a study in late night aural hypnosis. I use a Korg MS10 - a pretty basic monophonic one oscillator synth augmented by a small array of effects which are 'played' real time as well as the many versatile dials of the MS10 itself. I'm based in semi-rural Scotland and also draw pictures, some of which are shown on the jacket." The LP is in an edition of 293 copies with black and white artwork (12 x 12) spray mounted on the front and back sleeves. The artwork is really great and the jackets look very nice.
6/9/2011 Middleton, Ian Aural Spaces LP $21.99 Swill Radio "I've been in touch with Ian Middleton for over 13 years now, lured into contact by a Remora lathe-cut LP, I believe, which sounded similar in intent to IFCO material that Karla and I were working on at the time. Ian was a somewhat prolific figure of the 90's UK underground scene, both with his music and his visual art. There was an LP for Swill Radio 'in the can', which ended up on Eclipse as there wasn't any money here to release it. Ian's music has always had both organic and artificial elements combined with the vague melancholy of distant beauty. With Aural Spaces, Ian has refined and distilled his processes into a gorgeous electronic diamond. To quote my good friend Oskar Spee, "Aural Spaces is an exotic, scientific, and beautiful perfume that slows down time and allows one to live, however briefly, in a better possible world". I couldn't agree more. There is not a wasted moment. Ian has kept a low profile the last few years, preferring to concentrate on his work and make it better, an approach of which I heartily approve. The sequencing of this LP is immaculate, a skill that is becoming a lost art in this shuffle-play world. Aural Spaces is totally removed from the confines of today's backwards looking fads and instead points its bow directly towards The Future. Fighting the good fight." -Scott Foust
5/29/2014 Middleton, Ian Well of Sorrows LP $25.99 Skire Music "Well of Sorrows is Ian Middleton's first LP release since 2009's Aural Spaces and Time Building (Swill Radio and Entr'acte respectively). Employing his signature MS10 analogue synthesizer, Middleton's sound takes on a more plaintive tone, weaving quietly lyrical melodic patterns into an ever-shifting stasis. Precise and elemental, Middleton's music reflects years of exploration into the possibilities of his chosen instrument, sidestepping the transience of current trend and carving his own path towards a cerebral and heartfelt form. Well of Sorrows has been cut direct to metal (DMM) and comes in a printed inner sleeve and offset printed outer sleeve designed by Ian Middleton, Andrew Chalk, and Tom James Scott." Recommended!
11/29/2002 Middleton, Ian With and Without Late LP $19.99 Eclipse "This is some more music I made, some with LATE, to make myself feel good. I played an obsolete late 1970's analogue synth and LATE played various instruments on one track. Side one takes a quasi-psych drone form while side two veers off into stranger waters, playing off some unexpected juxtapositions and combinations of sounds." This is a one time pressing of 110 copies from the Czech Republic featuring paste on artwork on both the front and back covers. The artwork is very cool and detailed made by Ian who is a wonderfully talented artist.
1/22/2011 Midnighties Midnighties CDR $8.99 Bug Incision "This is the debut recordings, and first recorded document of the duo of Cody Oliver and Chris Dadge. Oliver's involvement in Calgary's creative music scene dates back to the 90s, and his involvement with Nach Hause, Space For Space, and his labels Noise Miniatures and House Leek Audio. He worked extensively with Darren Williams, Dan Meichel, and Thom Golub, and more recently shared a ferocious trio with Lyle Pisio and Peter Moller. The duo with Dadge finally convened in 2009, and produced a number of recordings, mostly live. This crisply-recorded set documents the duo at CJSW studios in Calgary, performing what was a live broadcast. Olivers plays a resonator guitar, with contact mics, into a small amp; he uses a variety of objects on the guitar. Dadge plays a half-drumset, with pedal-controlled amplification. Both players share an affinity for the more propulsive, hyperactive end of playing, and the amplification adds an odd, extended touch, allowing for effective use of space, longer tones. Thanks to Paula, Mike, Myke. Edition of 63, cdr, color covers in plastic sleeves."
2/18/2015 Midnighties With Monty CDR $9.99 Bug Incision "The duo of Cody Oliver and Chris Dadge has in some minds represented nicely a bridging of the current Bug Incision-centric improv activities in Calgary, and those of the clear-precedent-setting work by Oliver and his past co-conspirators. Dadge is the main force behind the current trajectory of Bug Incision, which includes a regular-as-possible release schedule from artists the world over, as well as a monthly concert series in Calgary, which functions as a steady outlet for Alberta's purveyors of marginal musical activities and also a reliable stop for those adventurous enough to tour through mid-western Canada. Oliver was heavily involved in Darren Williams' nach Hause concert series, which was making available this type of content back when Dadge and his peers were still in high school; Oliver was also the proprietor of House Leek Audio, a small-run, boutique label which documented much of his and his cohorts' music. A few years ago, Dadge and Oliver began playing as a duo, both finding great pools of potential in the amplification of their normally acoustic instruments, percussion and resonator guitar, respectively. Their self-titled debut was released on Bug Incision Records, and this, their follow-up offering, recorded live at Weeds Cafe in Calgary, Alberta, finds them joined by multi-instrumentalist Scott Munro. For more information on the illustrious path on which he has trodden thus far, see the description for his solo album Monty, also now available at this time. The Midnighties' music as a duo is a slashing, metallic affair, with their crude, overly-sensitive amplification systems bringing sonic provenance to even passing gestures and actual spatial rearrangements. Oliver in particular exhibits a impressively stoic non-technique on the amplified resonator, an ultimately useful and distinguishing trait that often taken for granted in light of his extreme sensitivity, or what can arguably be referred to as a wholly appropriate intuition for the music. Munro, as a member of the Bent Spoon Duo with Dadge, has over the years adopted a modus operandi that involves relegating a distinct instrumental voice within an ensemble to a more egalitarian tangle of shared languages, often difficult to discern from the whole. This approach is no simple feat of homophony or minimalism; rather it is an complimentary triumvirate of voices which contains a multitude of personal, yet somewhat interchangeable sentence fragments. Analogous to a conversation full of half-realized non-sequiters, with no one in particular concerned about who finishes whose." Edition of 87 copies, color covers in plastic sleeves. Listen: https://soundcloud.com/bugincision3/midnighties-with-monty-excerpt
9/15/2012 Midwich Cut Flowers CDR $11.99 Memoirs Of An Aesthete "The return of Mr Rob Hayler to music making after several years temporary retirement has been one of the sweeter delights of the last few months (it certainly hasn't been the weather). Never mind, a taste of belated summer can be experienced through the four gritty and spacious analogue drones collected here. Rob Hayler was the man behind the excellent Fencing Flatworm label in a previous decade and is still a long time flag-waver for the No Audience Underground. It's mighty fine to have him back in service. to listen, please go to - http://memoirsofanaesthete.bandcamp.com/album/cut-flowers CDR limited to 60 copies.
1/23/2003 Migrantes Monsoon Moods LP $10.99 Eclipse This is the 2nd LP by Migrantes (Jason Bill {guitar, air organ, Hammond organ, cymbal} & Caroline Vickers {Hammond organ & vocals}) of Tucson, AZ. Pressed in an edition of 536 copies and housed in a lovely printed full color jacket, this is a sublime record! "For those that have never been there, the desert signifies space, sand, and nothing. When I (who live nowhere near any deserts) first visited Jason & Caroline (who live smack in the middle of one), that was what I had thought too. I was a bit surprised that the desert in fact looks nothing like its platonic counterpart - it is in fact interlaced with ropy thorned plants, crawls with life of every species, and is inevitably circumscribed by distant mountains. For some, Monsoon Moods may capture the real desert, the one where home fires burn under looming stone, where love and life flourish in austerity. For me though this LP somehow encompasses sweaty nights in 100 degree summer warehouses, ghostly drives through Norfolk shipyards, the slow crack of datura pods drying in the sun, and all the other things that have grown inside j&c to buoy them up into this warmly inviting space illuminated by their big hearts. A stunning record that camouflages the simplicity of its ingredients with songs of glowing precision and vox-laced Hammond drones of vertical majesty." – Tom Carter
3/20/2007 Mikel Dimmick Spiral Joy Band Floating Seer CDR $10.99
"From Pelt-associated Spiral Joy Band. Featuring Mikel Dimmick, Mike Gangloff, Amy Shea and Nathan Bowles joined by John Fail on one track. There are some home-recorded solo and duo tracks on here and a couple of live outings. The wheezy buzz of the opening drone piece is sure to burn a hole straight through your head. Elsewhere there's a cacophony of string-sawing, hypnotic drum-beating and a beautiful piece of organ / bowed string drone with the subdued weight of winter fog. Lovely." Recommended!
12/26/2005 Mikel Dimmick Spiral Joy Band Searing Float CDR $10.99 Klang "A mix of duo, trio and quartet recordings from a variety of lineups that include Amy Shea, Karl Precoda, Jack Sutherland and Isak of the Black Twigs (along with, of course, the main duo from Pelt - Mikel Dimmick and Mike Gangloff), and is wrapped in the usual snazzy Mikel Dimmick cover. It doesn't have the horn and piano of the vhf disc (but does have gongs, Tibetan singing bowls, sruti and esraj), though it does have night recordings from our back porch, some singing and a half-hour thing called "Osmanthus" that's pretty mammoth." 9 tracks - 77 minutes. This was sold on tour recently and all the remaining copies are now here at Eclipse HQ. Killer disc - highly recommended!

Mikroknytes Mikroknytes CD $9.99 Crank Automotive "Cross-breeding minimalist droning, abstract electronic channeling, concrete machine-shop sampling and meditative improvisation, Mikroknytes are a brain-rearranging Washington, D.C. duo whose patient radar waves and aggressive sound blitzes are the results of years of sonic architectural research. Firing thought-lasers into the gaps between analog and digital, programming and spontaneity, and computers and instruments, Derek Morton (electronics, effects, mind control) and John Coursey (violin, electronics, idea manufacturing) sift massive mono-tones through a barbed-wire filter of cracked electronics and random codes, without ever breaking apart their eternal drone. Imagine Hrvatski if his dad was Tony Conrad, or Phill Niblock if he was quarterback of a football team made of Microstoria 12-inches."
6/11/2006 Milan, Jerzy Milianalia- Free Conversations With Myself LP $24.99 Obuh "New album from outstanding jazzy composer and vibraphonist presenting intimate face of the artist - on the one hand incorrect lyrist, on the other indefatigable joker and improvising experimentalist. You may hear here 60's modern and free jazz spirit, Middle and Far East influences, avant experiments, lots of airy vibes. Recorded in our studio on classic tube equipment from the golden analog era. Limited to 350 numbered copies in black and white, laminated covers."
2/26/2011 Miles of Birth Free Day Vol. 1 CDR $4.99 American Tapes "OMG! New Years was a hoot hoot at DJ Lonely hearts'. Partied ALL NIGHT in the cove. Was a blast. Woke up the next morn, hit up the Stony Creek for bfast, came home. Set up again and jammed ALL AFTERNOON. Evening Miles, The Conn Artist, and Ziljohn in Comfort zone style. Had Steve Perry napping and watching the brothers focus down on some OUTER LIMIT SOUNDS. Took a break, hit up Circle K for some chips and Tall Boys and when black into the VOID. Killer. Packed up again and went to the Magic Stick for Moon Pool & Dead Machines Randy jammer. Was a killer day of SOUND. More volumes coming of the PILZ styled sound unit. B & W covers. Numbered edition of 40."
7/8/2010 Miller, Evan Spool/Thread c12 cassette $6.99 Ehkein "Two ambient miniatures from former Iowa City/current Portland, Oregon resident Evan Miller. Never one to be pigeonholed, Millers displays his talent for bright, romantic guitar and organ work on this release while maintaining that same personality that comes through on all of his work over the years. A shot of color."
5/24/2014 Miller, Jenks / James Toth Roads To Ruin LP + download $20.99 Three Lobed Recordings "Jenks "Horseback, Mount Moriah" Miller and James "Wooden Wand" Toth share a lot of the same musical influences in addition to being two of the most unique voices in underground music over the past decade. Every release from these gentlemen individually shares DNA with what came before but always takes the listener on an exciting new twist. Both Miller and Toth greatly admire the work of the other and ecstatically wanted to share a record where they could combine their own material into a cohesive whole. Each of the men have contributed their own full side to this 36 minute LP consisting of new material recorded in 2013 specifically for this release. Housed within a gatefold jacket and from a one-time pressing, this split LP is essential for fans of the Horseback, Mount Moriah, Wooden Wand, heavy/dark tunes and outsider rock. Limited edition of 700 copies in gatefold jacket with free download card."
7/30/2010 Millett, James 'Opie' & The Weekend Reformers Heavy Claims CDR $6.99 Blueberry Honey "OPIE was the lead singer in the short-lived, brattleboro dude powerhouse PHAZED OUT. He has also spent some time rambling and ranting with the brothers and sisters of SOIL SING THROUGH ME. In both cases his voice was strugggling to get out ahead of the sonic onslaught of both those bands. Not an easy task. Taking a new approach, he teamed up with his own small combo, The Weekend Reformers (RUTH GARBUS, RON SCHNEIDERMAN, CHRIS WEISMAN), and dropped a string of thoughts and short pieces 'EN SALON' recorded 'LOFT STYLE'. A rare and beautiful celebration of his home-turf."
5/1/2009 Millions Static & Distance 3" CDR $4.99 Obsolete Units "David Suss is the sole party behind Millions, and his monstrously dense and overpoweringly gorgeous take on the peaks and valleys of drone is remarkable for a solo project. Overseeing a complex set-up of guitar, synths, and electronics, Suss uses this mini-CD-R as the platform for a 20-minute composition that puts emphasis on the brighter tonalities and absorbing euphoria that inhibits his oeuvre. Layers of unending haze and blissful noise hold power for the whole of this piece; followers of Matthew Bower and the VHF imprint need keep close watch."
2/16/2005 Milton, Antony Fleeting CDR $12.99 Wire Bridge Productions "The 1st off the block in the Wire Bridge reissue series is Fleeting, originally released in a scant edition of about 10 in 1998 (on the eve of my departure from Australia for India). Fleeting collects together a series of songs, graphic score works, and improvy noise pieces recorded to 4 trk on Stradbroke Island during 1997-1998. I had forgotten the extent to which I was ensconced in a kind of feral mysticism during this period… Wild flutes are played amongst the waves and there are songs dedicated to weird subjective Gods (and their impossibility…)."
2/16/2005 Milton, Antony Queenslandbrisbane CDR $12.99 Wire Bridge Productions "Queenslandbrisbane 1st appeared (packaged rather extravagantly...) as a book/cassette in 1997. The 1st 3 trks were recorded the day before leaving NZ for Australia and are (I feel...) amongst the best of the songs I recorded during this period. The rest of the album, a collection of songs, field recordings, concreté pieces and abstract electric guitar collages was recorded over the next few months in Brisbane and on Nth Stradbroke Island. I wound up in a fairly negative working environment when in Brisbane, and this is reflected in the intensity and aural violence of some of the pieces here. The overall feel of the album is more kinda 'psyche-folk' though and overall I'm really pretty proud of this one."
11/8/2013 Milton, Antony Southerly Front lathe cut 7" $17.99 Heavy Space Records "Cloudbursting and naturalistic acoustic guitar, gray rumbles, string and suburban/long-for-the-outdoors twang. Ant Milton, you know its going to be good and worth your while, a lover of the sounds of nature. Music for all seasons, lenticular afternoon glory. 7" lathe ltd 40 copies"
7/15/2012 Milton, Antony / Anla Courtis Bronze Age Subway LP $27.99 Gold Soundz "Fruitful meeting of two of very consistent mainstays in the drone hemispheres... edition of 270 copies in lush silkscreened printed jackets, white on black." Collaborative recording.
3/16/2012 Milton, Antony / GMC split 7" lathe cut record $15.99 Pseudo Arcana Split label, split 7" of South American origin with one side by Argentinean psychedelic noise guy GMC and the flip a song recorded by Antony Milton whilst in Bolivia. GMC's side is all weird melodies and drones- Pumice guitar meeting several small furry animals playing with a pict, avant jazz horns and shamanic rattles. Antony Milton presents a beautiful melancholy folksong played with genuine heartfelt sincerity on a crappy toy guitar. It lifts off at the end. Here a promo vid (with a short snippet of a live version of Antony's song videoed in Buenos Aires): www.pseudoarcana.com/current.htm Limited edition of 30 x 7" lathe cut records with download code.
8/1/2014 Mimaki, Toshiro Januari 22 2000 LP + 7" $27.99 Sloow Tapes "Duo recordings by the late Toshiro Mimaki (percussion) and Kiyohiro Takada (bass and electronics). Both were part of the legendary Les Rallizes Dénudés and the abstract electronics, hypnotic percussion and two-note bass riffs remind one of their earlier band, though the overall atmosphere is far more abstract and echoes weird dark vibes in the depths of space. The lp comes with a bonus 7" documenting the only known recordings by Oz Band, the duo's band prior to Les Rallizes Denudés. Two jams recorded in 1974 with a fantastic basement guitar psych feel that recall Baby Grandmothers et al. Silkscreened covers. 300 copies."
7/23/2010 Miminokoto Chofu-Ekoda Koenji CD $15.99 Plunk's Plan As some part of the Acid Mothers Temple nexus of forward thinking rock musicians in Japan, Junzo Suzuki's Miminokoto keeps the psychedelic freakout tendencies in check, but the trio isn't afraid to push their folksy sound into rawer, less conventional territory. Compared to his recent Pieces for Hidden Circles, the full band setting helps to create a more diverse and rich tapestry of sound that bears his mark. Recorded live at three different locations in Tokyo between late 2008 and early 2009, it sounds far more like a coherent album rather than live recordings in various settings. The opening traditional of "Ame To Yuki" starts mostly as rudimentary rock: basic guitar strums, sparse percussion and vocals, with melodic bass appearing later on. For the most part, it keeps mellow until the ending segments, which turns on the effects and throws a bit of chaos into the mix. "That Spiral Orbit" treads similar ground, but with some fuzzy, wah-wah'd bass that turns the funk up some, but not too much. The dynamics shift from relaxed and minimal to tenser, loud moments, but not dramatically so. "Teiji Romen" sets sail for jazzier territories, focusing on the rhythmic pulse of Takuya Nishimura's bass and Koji Shimura's drums, with Suzuki's guitar acting more as a subtle punctuation, before all three of them launch into some great harsher moments later on. Both "1-3-5" and "Remember" go back into a more conventional rock framework, the former mixing electric guitar playing and rhythms, and even allowing for some jazz-based guitar soloing towards the end. The more somber "Remember" immediately called to mind "Another Day" from the first Cure album as a possible influence, in both its sound and emotions conveyed, later building in complexity from the interplay of instruments. The closer "A Whirlpool of Light" takes its influence more from Tago Mago era Can than anything else. Opening slow with delicate guitar and tom-tom drum flourishes, it later morphs to a more dramatic sound, with impassioned vocals and clattering percussion leading the charge into rapid fire, but complex and dense rhythmic structures. It is perhaps the most "different" of the tracks here, and I personally think it's a brilliant closer to a great album. Sonically this is perhaps one of the most "normal" things I've had come across my desk in recent months, but it's far from boring or overly conventional. Instead, it's a warm and inviting disc that isn't an exercise in unnecessary complexity, nor is it overly esoteric, but is just the right vibe of familiar and innovation." - Brainwashed.
12/2/2008 Miminokoto Live Performance 2007 CDR $11.99 Plunk's Plan Features: Suzuki Junzo:Vocal,Guitar -- Takuya Nishimura:Bass [on tracks 1,2] -- Tabata Mitsuru:Bass [on track 3] -- Shimura Koji:Drums. Three tracks recorded live in Tokyo over three dates from September - December 2007.
11/4/2006 Minamo A Herdsman's Life CD $14.99 Esquillo "New album from the japanese electroacustic quartet featuring Keiichi Sugimoto, Tetsuro Yasunaga, Namiko Sasmoto and Yuichiro Iwashita. This is probably minamo's most direct album including electronic manipulation, guitar workouts, piano lines and a distant saxophone in a true sound narrative. This is a work of great simplicity and staggering beauty evoking in the listener a feeling of serenity and nostalgia. It's Minamo's seventh album following releases in Line, Quakebasket, Cubic, Apestaarje and other labels. Limited to 250 copies"
11/3/2012 Minamo + Lawrence English A Path Less Travelled LP $16.99 Immune "A collection of rich texture, pulsing vibration and reflective melody. A compelling union of Minamo's restrained instrumentalism and Lawrence English's considered sense of space and harmony. Recorded and produced in Tokyo and Brisbane, this edition is an exchange of mutual curiosity and open ended possibility. Rather than setting out with prescriptive or didactic ideals for their meeting, the musicians looked further afield for influences to shape their interactions. Field recordings, for example, played an important role in contouring the albums qualities and atmospheres. Locations removed and refocused, moments captured and redeployed."
5/29/2014 Mind Over Mirrors Near Your Dwelling 7" $5.99 Dirty Knobby Industries "Following releases on Digitalis and Gift Tapes, Jaime Fennelly’s solo project, Mind Over Mirrors, makes its seven-inch debut on Dirty Knobby. Also a member of bands PeeEssEye and Acid Birds, Jaime started his new solo project after living and working in the forests of the San Juan Islands. Using processed Indian pedal harmonium / pipe organ, Mind Over Mirrors create two spare and lovely new tracks. Side one starts with a rippling amber 70’s vibration … and then lies back to watch the stars wheeling beyond the trees through a towering dark blue night. Side two also builds an atmosphere from just a few repeated notes, but this one is joyfully weaving ribbons around a maypole, a more earthbound beauty. 500 pressed."
4/10/2015 Mind Over Mirrors The Voice Calling cassette + download $8.99 Immune "Mind Over Mirrors, the evolving project of Jaime Fennelly and more recently, Haley Fohr of Circuit des Yeux, deploys modest acoustic constituent materials-an Indian pedal harmonium and the human voice-to produce roiling, meditative music that both simulates the swells and troughs of synthesized electronics and conjures the ceaseless rhythms of tidal surges. On The Voice Calling, Fennelly's lexicon expands in striking ways with the welcome but unexpected addition of Haley Fohr. With her incantatory vocals, Fohr supplements the gorgeous, woozy speechlessness of Fennelly's Indian pedal harmonium, augmented by oscillators, tape delays, and synthesizing processors. Channeling Catherine Ribeiro and latter-day Scott Walker's declamatory, dramatic deliveries, Fohr contributes a new textual dimension with her occasional, elliptical lyrics, edging the music further into corporeality and away from abstraction." The Voice Calling is released on cassette, pro-dubbed on chrome plus tape and packaged with a full color J Card and free download coupon." "Over nine minutes, Fennelly and Fohr clang bells, make oscillators hum, plunk muffled piano keys and pan a somber harmonium melody left to right to center to left... Fohr's voice is a bewildering force, felt in the desperate phrasing of "Forgot, forgot, forgot, forgot, forgot what I didn't know" and out-of-body lines that drift out of desperate, Loren Connors-style guitar feedback" - NPR
9/11/2013 Mind Over Mirrors When The Rest Are Up At Four LP + download $15.99 Immune "Mind Over Mirrors is the solitary reeling of American harmoniumist/electronicist Jaime Fennelly. Utilizing an Indian pedal harmonium, oscillators, tape delays, and an assortment of synthesizing processors, Fennelly bends slowly- building, repetitive melodies into massive sonic mountains. When the Rest Are Up at Four is the fourth Mind Over Mirrors album following releases on Digitalis, Hands In the Dark, & Aguirre/Gift Tapes. LP version is pressed on virgin vinyl and packaged in a black paper inner sleeve housed in a full color jacket printed on uncoated stock. A free download card is included."
8/17/2013 Mind Slums Calm Oceans CDR $12.99 Phantasma Disques Edition of 75 copies…side project of Eyedress. Excellent! Sample here: http://mindslums.bandcamp.com/
3/17/2015 Mingus, Charles Mingus Plays Piano LP $22.99 Superior Viaduct "Mingus Plays Piano, released just a few months after his masterpiece The Black Saint and The Sinner Lady, is the only record to feature Mingus performing on his instrument of choice for composing. From the opening track, appropriately titled “Myself When I Am Real,” Mingus shrugs off any virtuosic pretensions of solo albums and stakes out more introspective territory. These trance-like, poetic musings reveal a tenderness rarely associated with Mingus, reminiscent of Erik Satie’s piano works and Art Tatum’s free rhythmic style. This long out-of-print vinyl release has been carefully remastered from the original master tapes."
3/17/2015 Mingus, Charles The Black Saint and The Sinner Lady LP $22.99 Superior Viaduct "The Black Saint and The Sinner Lady is without question Charles Mingus’ magnum opus. Originally released on Impulse! in 1963, the album broke new ground in both genre-defying composition and innovative recording techniques. A six-part suite with dramatic shifts in mood and tempo, The Black Saint and The Sinner Lady features the three-way brass dialogue of trumpets, trombone and tuba, swooping reeds and awe-inspiring rhythm section. Balancing delicate Spanish modes and Ellingtonian themes, the ensemble breaks into a divine cacophony of group improvisation on par with free jazz giants like Ornette Coleman or Cecil Taylor. In his best- known essay, “Psychotic Reactions and Carburetor Dung,” Lester Bangs praises, “the experience of the first few listenings to a record so total, so mind-twisting, that you authentically can say you’ll never be quite the same again. Black Saint and The Sinner Lady did that, and a very few others. They’re events you remember all your life, like your first real orgasm.” This long out-of-print vinyl release has been carefully remastered from the original master tapes."

Mirror Visiting Star LP $149.99 Three Poplars Limited to 251 numbered copies, each with a different piece of artwork. Sealed copy. Year 2000 release.
6/27/2009 Mirrors Something That Would Never Do LP $18.99 Vilolet Times Records "Finally! The classic Cleveland, OH sounds from the 70's all on one handy full length- 15 trax, including both sides of the Hearthan 7" single, all but one of the "Those Were Different Times" Scat 10" cuts, and others from "Hands In My Pockets" cd on Overground. It's solid, some might say a "best of" even. All trax recorded '74 and '75. Officially licensed from the band and remastered for the ear by John Golden, includes those cool old school, tip-on jacket covers that most of the record nerds i know love, but don't seem to know what they are. 800 copies, worldwide."
7/16/2006 Miscarriage Miscarriage one-sided LP $10.99 Gods of Tundra / American Tapes / Hanson / Chondritic Sound "THIS ONE-SIDER JUST REPRESSED...AVAILABLE AGAIN....ORIGINALLY A 4-LABEL SPLIT edition of 200 copies...now 400 more copies have been pressed...100 more for each label!! Grab it BEFORE IT HAS TO BE REPRESSED AGAIN!!!!The band that shouldn't have happened.. and kind of didn't. Olson / Dilloway / Connelly / Holger. co-released in a SECOND edition of 400 by HANSON / GODS OF TUNDRA / AMERICAN TAPES / CHONDRITIC SOUND." - Hanson
5/8/2005 Miss High Heel Split Wax Cylinder, Inscribed: Beast 661 CD $13.99 No Sides "One-time-only no wave / grindcore SUPERBAND featuring Tom Smith (TO LIVE & SHAVE IN L.A.) and Marlon Magas (LAKE OF DRACULA) on dual vocals, AZ (SCISSOR GIRLS, BRIDE OF NO NO) on synth, and the metal-era FLYING LUTTENBACHERS as the rhythim section! Recorded live on WZRD FM in Chicago, 1/4/96."
3/22/2010 Mist Glowing Net cassette $7.99 Pizza Wagon Edition of 150 copies.
11/20/2010 Mist Glowing Net LP $15.99 Amethyst Sunset "Vinyl issue of the 2010 cassette release from john elliott (outer space, emeralds) and sam goldberg (radio people, docile dawn). further exploring the zones on the previously released "mist" lp, the duo take it one step further with their electronics unleashing a record which sounds like it could be the soundtrack to an amazing 70's / 80's sci fi movie. the tracks have been remastered for vinyl by james plotkin, and the vinyl lacquer was cut for 45rpm at d+m in berlin." Edition of 750 copies. All copies here are on black vinyl.
8/2/2008 Mixers by the River Born With This CDR $12.99 musicyourmindwillloveyou "Another beautiful dose of sonic abstraction from some of finlands finest. Sami Virtanen and Keijo Virtanen lay down 6 tracks of gentle spacefolk tinged improv and dense cosmic drones to create an ever-changing image of comfortable lossŠminds adrift without fearŠblissed."
6/11/2006 Mlehst A Puritan Am I LP $21.99 Belief Recordings "Another new LP, this one has a bit more out-stretched, almost droney sounds, still mixed with sudden bursts of screech noise. Edition of 150 copies. MLEHST (All Brentnall) is a project started in the early 90s with the handmade, defunct, art label Bandaged Hand Produce back with a brand-new CD-R vehicle, Belief Recordings to both re-release former recordings and lost gems as well as new work."
6/11/2006 Mlehst As A Man Thinketh, So He is In His Heart LP $21.99 Belief Recordings "New recordings from this seminal classic UK act. Cut up and looped concrete sounds mixed with some calmer parts. Edition of 150 copies. MLEHST (All Brentnall) is a project started in the early 90s with the handmade, defunct, art label Bandaged Hand Produce back with a brand-new CD-R vehicle, Belief Recordings to both re-release former recordings and lost gems as well as new work."
8/20/2011 Mo Kolours EP1: Drum Talking cassette $5.49 Sweat Lodge Guru "Some records seem to come out of nowhere. Witness this debut EP by the half-Mauritian percussionist & singer Mo Kolours, which unites an array of more familiar influences with the Sega music of his island roots. The rhythms lead the way here, whether the straight percussive workout of Drum Talking or the crafty vocal manipulation that drives the low-slung bump of Biddies, a song that traces an imaginary line between Theo Parrish and Gonjasufi. Dead of Night mines the symbolism of The Beatles' outwardly chirpy Blackbird while his own Bakiraq (like Burt, the songwriter) resembles a soul classic pieced together from fragments around the flickering light of a fire." Vinyl version out of print - edition of 170 tapes.
11/9/2004 Moby Grape Moby Grape LP $17.99 Columbia “Moby Grape's career was a long, sad series of minor disasters, in which nearly anything that could have gone wrong did (poor handling by their record company, a variety of legal problems, a truly regrettable deal with their manager, creative and personal differences among the band members, and the tragic breakdown of guitarist and songwriter Skip Spence), but their self-titled debut album was their one moment of unqualified triumph. Moby Grape is one of the finest (perhaps the finest) album to come out of the San Francisco psychedelic scene, brimming with great songs and fresh ideas while blessedly avoiding the pitfalls that pock marked the work of their contemporaries — no long, unfocused jams, no self-indulgent philosophy, and no attempts to sonically recreate the sound of an acid trip. Instead, Moby Grape built their sound around the brilliantly interwoven guitar work of Jerry Miller, Peter Lewis, and Skip Spence, and the clear, bright harmonies of all five members (drummer Don Stevenson and bassist Bob Mosely sang just as well as they held down the backbeat). As songwriters, the group blended straight-ahead rock & roll, smart pop, blues, country, and folk accents into a flavorful brew that was all their own, with a clever melodic sense that reflected the lysergic energy surrounding them without drowning in it. And producer David Rubinson got it all on tape in a manner which captured the band's infectious energy and soaring melodies with uncluttered clarity, while subtly exploring the possibilities of the stereo mixing process. ‘Omaha,’ ‘Fall on You,’ ‘Hey Grandma,’ and ‘8:05’ sound like obvious hits (and might have been if Columbia hadn't released them as singles all at once), but the truth is there isn't a dud track to be found here, and time has been extremely kind to this record. Moby Grape is as refreshing today as it was upon first release, and if fate prevented the group from making a follow-up that was as consistently strong, for one brief shining moment Moby Grape proved to the world they were one of America's great bands. While history remembers the Grateful Dead and Jefferson Airplane as being more important, the truth is neither group ever made an album quite this good.” – Mark Deming, All Music Guide. This is a 180 gram exact reproduction reissue.
12/24/2005 Mocassins Mocassins cassette $6.99 Skullfucking Tapes "Headstrong living music collective lead by Clay Ruby and Brad Dixon (white mountains, oxblood reincarnations) Thick forest fog drenched in analog pipe dreams. This is Mocassins' debut co released by SFTrees."
4/23/2003 Modern Art, The All Aboard The Mind Train CD $12.99 Gallium Arsenide Gary Ramon’s pre-Sun Dial band recorded in 1988. “The reissue of All Aboard The Mind Train in 1994 allowed for a reappraisal of The Modern Art's music. Surprisingly, it stands up very well and compares favourably with most of Sun Dial’s output. The characteristic sound of the album is intricate and wild electric guitar set against an acoustic background as exemplified by the opening track One Way Ticket. A heavy sixties influence is apparent in much of the music. Forcefield Blues has a punky surf sound and superb twanging guitar with fx aplenty. Beautiful Place one of the album's highlights, also features surf guitar and garagey vocals while some sneaky oriental sounding passages give the piece a feel of The Thirteenth Floor Elevators. Pictures Rewind and White Sports Car are both heavier pieces, the latter featuring superb fretwork. Stand out track, inevitably, is Mind Train A trippy phased intro with a barrage of fx heralds in the familiar riff, soon joined by pounding bass guitar while the fuzz gets turned up to maximum. This is as good a version as has been committed to vinyl. Not all tracks are this good, a number of them featuring vocals set too far back in the mix, but overall the standard is excellent.” – Chris Williams

Modern Whigs Raped By The Cops CD $12.99 Lost Records "Their music uses multi-guitars, bass, drums, organ, and synths to produce sounds intentionally confusing. Growling vocals, found sounds, samples, whittles, odd percussion, banjo and spoken parts also found here"
1/17/2010 Moerland, Keith Distorted Mirror Vol. 2 cassette $6.99 Fag Tapes "It gets more and more fucked up and better and better. it depends on your perspective. looking into the sounds of this shit is reflective and objective. pretend, when you spin this tape, that you are the one creating the sounds you are listening to. hand-painted / numbered sealed edition 25."
9/17/2006 Moglass, The Sparrow Juice CD $14.99 Nexsound "The group under the Moglass came into being in 1997, in Kharkiv / Ukraine. New records of the Moglass are spontaneous improvisations, mostly live records, which by no means always can be called free-noise because sometimes they are very gentle and melodic. Up to date they released 6 full-lengths and various compilation appearances, have collaborations and recordings with Tom Carter (Charalambides), Vanessa Arn (Primordial Undermind), Anla Courtis (Reynols), Andrey Kiritchenko, Kotra. Toured with Jackie O' Motherfucker, My Cat Is An Alien." Melodic passages, improv acoustic and electric guitars, ambient drones and field recordings by Ukrainian trio.
3/26/2006 Moglass, The The Moglass CDR $12.99 U-Sound Records "Barely heard of stateside, these gents have worked before with Tom Carter, now unleashing their terrific, original, drone/improv mastery in a full length record of
deep, simmering telepathy...."
2/9/2002 Moglass, The / Nihil Est Excellence split 3" CD $6.99 NexSound Records "This split release of improv experimental post-rock band the Moglass and droning sound collages of musique concrete Nihil Est eXcellence." Here are some more words about this release: "'Guitar' is a tiny noisy intro. 'Agitur' is a droning thing made with layered guitars and basses and it sounds warm and mellow. Third track is 'The Transposition of Letters'. It's a solo guitar and sounds more close to what we do now. Two Nihil Est Excellence tracks are collages made of processed field recordings and they are beautiful." More...I have no idea who The Moglass are, but they have three tracks on this split 3" CDR with Nihil Est Excellence, so each eats about 10 minutes. It seems to me that The Moglass are into sampling. The first piece is called 'Guitar', but I don't think I heard one through the sampled choirs. 'Agitur' may use guitars, but maybe also a violin, plus maybe some sort of computer processing. Or is that the high end distorts. The third track is darkly toned and densely. The prize winning piece of the entire release... Nihil Est Excellence is a guy from Russia who presents us two ambient like recordings, with some dark synths and what could be environmental sounds."
3/21/2007 MoHa! Rock / OFF! 7" $6.99 Humbug "Young and infamous duo consisting of guitarist Anders Hana (Ultralyd and Noxagt) and drummer Morten A. Olsen (Ultralyd, etc)."
1/22/2011 Mohanna, Nickolas Optics CDR $10.99 Slow Flow "Aha, now this is the second thing I've reviewed by this New York multimedia artist, the former being 'Transmission Hue' on Low-Point which I recall enjoying at the time. This gets going nicely with stuttering tones while gradually warmer, thicker layers are introduced. I particularly like the sustained notes which have a most cerebral effect. This really is one to enjoy in a darkened room or with eyes shut as all sorts of colourful visuals can be imagined within the spacious sonic landscape. There are also starker moments, such as 'Hayashi' which recalls folks like Peter Wright etc. Comes in slimline DVD case in an edition of 100 individual copies on Japan's Slow Flow." - Norman Records
6/4/2010 Mohave Triangles Astral Holograms c30 cassette $7.99 Digitalis Limited "it's always exciting when somebody you've never heard of comes along and blows your mind. such is the case with the fantastically-named mohave triangles. hailing from the depths of north carolina, MT cuts to the chase with thick, crunchy synthesizer drones. side a is over-the-top, always at 11, always in the red. he covers the full spectrum, lighting up carolina all the way. perfect listening with your morning coffee - it'll wake up your senses and start the day off right. the flip-side reverses that approach, descending into midnight without a map and ending up lost in the backwoods with nothing but a full-moon and a thousand mosquitoes for a guide. drink the sludge and swallow it down and at the end you're rewarded with a short cosmic journey on lsd-wings. edition of 70."
1/24/2009 Mohel Babylon Bypass LP $19.99 Tyfus "TAKE YOUR DISSONANCE LIKE A MAN. From time to time, I suddenly realise just how differently it is possible to hear exactly same sounds using the exactly same, god-given hearing devices - your ears, that is. Of course, it's never about JUST hearing, it's always linked to what/where/when & why, plus everybody's own personal life experiences & time spent on this planet. But that's another story, although closely related. I'd bet a hefty sum of down-beaten dollars that if you'd play this record to, let's say, one hundred random streetwalkers, maybe 90 of them would call this just some mindless noise, a butt-ugly mess, aural manure - and definitely NOT music at all. And it's very understandable: there are no hooks, no pretty melodies (well there're not even UGLY melodies!), nothing to really hang on to. Oh pity the poor common man. This music thrives on energy and energy alone. Only a very distant cousin to Grandfather Jazz nowadays, I've said this before: this is primal music. (just now, writing this, that image from Kubrick's 2001 w/ those forefathers of today's man banging those bones against each other's skulls came to my mind - and also the towering picture of the monolith, turned into an adjective - MONOLITHIC, that's what this here is.) At the same time this music (and yes, this is very much MUSIC to my ears.) has the sense of something very simple and child-like in its enthusiasm ('Hey Mom, listen to this!') but also something very determinate as a whole, like there's nothing that could stop it once it gets going on all four (or, in this case, FIVE) cylinders. And still, among all the rough edges and spikyness, I can hear the peace and calm, you know the feeling that comes when you know you're doing something completely RIGHT, doing something the only way it can be done. This is not music that can be re-done if something goes 'wrong' (and how can you define 'wrong' in a situation like this? There are no stones to throw.), at least not in the same exact way. Like that old saying about rivers - you can never step into the same one twice. Here, gone, like a passing train. I think I could go on forever about trains & rivers (don't get me started!) but I'll just say: don't take this at face value, there's more than meets the ear here. Give peace a chance, motherfucker." - Tyrone D.C. Washington, Helsinki 17.11.2008
4/5/2008 Moisturizer, The 3 Headed Howl 2 cassette $7.99 Together Tapes "Second in the Moisturizer's Three Headed Howl series. Heavily blown out tape delay and cassette loops with an ominous underlying beauty present. The whole thing sounds like whaaawhooo and bell tones. Grey zone feedback drone loner visions. Edition of 100 with heavy printed 4C art and mag scrap all over labels."
3/21/2009 Mokele Mbembe Mokele Mbembe CDR $9.99 Cut Hands "Cut Hands headquarters is proud to release the debut album by this Oakland, Cali, band. Lost in a dense fog between Heavy Winged and The Skaters, this outfit jumps from deformed rock moves, acoustic acid and blurry soundscapes to truly fucked up guitarjams and slowjazz voodoo piano. It's an understatement to say that Mokele Mbembe offer a wide array of sounds on this self-titled album, the opener brings up images of tropical sunsets suffering under heavy monsoons while another track feels like a no holds barred, Japrock jamsession, psych guitars meandering into an unknown, mushroom polluted void. And more." 40 copies, housed in plastic sleeves with artwerk by the band.
2/21/2005 Mokinox I'm Your Chair CDR $9.99 Chocolate Monk “Sonic Youth cabin boy Chris Habib gushing out audio tourettes with electronics and voice garble. Word on the street has it that he wheezed this baby out while wearing a full adult sized frog costume, no shit.”
9/17/2011 Mold Omen Soil cassette $6.99 House of Alchemy "This Baltimore duo make sounds without category. Power surges, melting audio tape, frayed strings. Uneasy squalls, mad tinkering, tweaking and heavy petting. And that's just the half of it. Late night sounds for the unhealthy."
4/10/2015 Molino, Mario Gli Angeli del 2000 LP $27.99 Wah Wah "Wow! We are very happy to bring back to light this fantastic soundtrack by one of the most underrated Italian musicians. It is well known the rich musical heritage that the Italian film industry has left us, and all those who enjoy the likes of Ennio Morricone, Alessandro Alessandroni, Piero Piccioni, Piero Umiliani, Riz Ortolani, Armando Trovajoli et al. will welcome Gli Angeli del 2000 to their collections. If you are into soundtracks or library music you probably already think that even if not as prolific as some of the aforementioned classics, Mario Molino's name deserves to be also on the list since he was behind a number of albums that contain little gems such as 'Operazione Beat', 'I sogni del mare', 'Lamento Beat' or 'Bossa Jaguar' and also thanks to his guitar playing in works by other masters like Marcelo Giombini or even Mikis Theodorakis.?Gli Angeli del 2000 is a 1969 flick directed by Honil Ranieri that has all the drug, sex and counter culture ingredients of the era but which had very small distribution when first released - it was probably better distributed its photonovel version rather than the film itself! Bits of its soundtrack, though, have surfaced on different compilations in the past years, especially the famous 'Psyché ?We have had access to the original tapes containing the complete sessions, including the tracks that built the 1969 soundtrack LP on CAM, plus six bonus tracks—five alternate takes from the same sessions plus an experimental electronic curiosity. The music is amazing. Top class Italian sounds for psych beat club dancers, cocktail easy goers and experimental groovers featuring the fabulous vocal talents of Edda dell'Orso—famous for her work in Alessandro Alessandroni's Cantori Moderni or in many Morricone soundtracks ('Meti una sera a cena' or 'C'erà una volta il west', for instance!)— and also featuring violinist, pianist, singer Nora Orlandi—herself also a composer of many soundtracks from the sixties and the seventies, here providing the backing vocals with her own famous I 2+2 di Nora Orlandi group. A top class reissue, mastered from the original tapes with bonus alternate tracks added in a limited edition of only 500 copies that will sell like hot bread—order now before they are gone!"
6/15/2003 Molls Mushroom Live 3" CD $10.99 Hello Good-bye Studio In 2002 Hiroshi Nar (Les Rallizes Denudes) founded Molls and this cd “catches the quartet at a peak. Nar’s vocals are now gravelled and boozy, his keyboard playing creating a weird nexus between Sun Ra and Ray Manzarek.” - David Keenan, Wire May 2003
2/11/2004 Monaghan, Kieran History Wringing CDR $12.99 Pseudo Arcana "Kieran Monaghan is one of the key figures in the Wellingtons - if not NZs - ‘adventurous music’ scene. A driving force behind NZ punk during the 90s, he currently plays cabaret ‘chamber-punk' as mr sterile, drums for Sunship and various ‘improv’ ensembles, edits the local indymedia zine, and writes voluminous quantities of witty and politically astute poetry. This cdr and booklet document his 1st solo ‘performance’ work. Dedicated to the memory of Alan Brunton (of Red Mole Theatre, with whom Monaghan worked) History Wringing is an intense juxtaposition of percussion, tape noise, and spoken word investigating the issue of colonialisation."

Moncur III, Grachan New Africa LP $16.99 Get Back / BYG "In this adventurous 1969 recording, released as #21 in the BYG Actuel series, trombonist Moncur matches ideas with altoist Roscoe Mitchell, pianist Dave Burrell, bassist Alan Silva, drummer Andrew Cyrille and (on one of the four pieces) his former boss, tenor saxophonist Archie Shepp. Three of the selections are a bit reminiscent of the John Coltrane Quartet in their modality, but it is during the four movements of the continuous ‘New Africa’ that Moncur can be heard at his dynamic best. Original artwork, deluxe gatefold sleeve, and pressed on 180 gram vinyl."
3/26/2006 Mongoloid Men From The Void CDR $9.99 Chocolate Monk "For one night only the Mongoloid Men (connelly, olson, young and nyoukis) came lurching into a brighton basement. Cheap beer and indian food in their stomachs, beards and hair full of hash smoke. A swarm of metallic insects shitting debris into ears of those who attended. Horrible, horrible noise."
3/29/2005 Monks Black Monk Time CD $17.99 Repertoire "The Monks' only album is packed with angst anthems on the order of 'Shut Up,' 'I Hate You,' 'Complication,' and 'Drunken Maria'. One of the strangest recordings of all time. The repackage is made all the more appealing with the inclusion of their two later non-LP singles, the live 1966 'Monk Chant,' and a couple of 1965 demos, making it the definitive document of the Monks' recorded legacy." - Richie Unterberger
2/7/2009 Monks of The Balhill Ten Ways To Get Out Of The Water cassette $5.99 Peasant Magik "Vocal mantras, decaying guitars, and found sounds combined in totally refreshing way. Both sides constructed from similar pieces, but distinctive enough to show the endless stream of ideas pouring from these two Vincents. Made with love, guitars, wind instruments, field recordings, and tigers. Art by Adriane Dalton." Edition of 100
2/20/2010 Monofonicorchestra musicdesign CD $19.99 Alga Marghen "Monofonicorchestra is not a disc recorded in mono / is not ambient music / is not funky / is not experimental music / is not funny / Monofonicorchestra is not avant-garde / is not pop / is not op / is not dada / Monofonicorchestra is not fashion / is not hard-core / is not horror / is not Frigidaire was writing Maurizio Marsico at 10h20 on wednesday, december 23rd, 1981. A country: Italy. Several countries: Italies. Late seventies, early eighties. The ether of punk is in everyone's nose and disco virus invades even the most reticent legs. New-wave for sure rules the underground. Neo dandyism attitude applied to the italian post-rock era; Dolce Vita with a dreamed revolution in the background. United Countries of Italy! Bologna and the Confusional Quartet, Gaznevada, The Stupid Set. Not to forget the Naif Orchestra from Florence and all trans-borders adventurous navigators such as Piermario Ciani, Vittore Baroni (Lieutenant Murnau, Trax), the members of the musical theatre Magazzini Criminali. The vivid eclecticism of the above mentioned is to be compared to the aesthetic manifesto of the AtaTak crew from Düsseldorf (Der Plan, DAF, Tödliche Doris, Pyrolator). or the Vanity label japanese explorers (Tolerance, Aunt Sally, Normal Brain, BGM, RNA Organism). These bands were not leading the italo disco movement neither were they really punk or industrial nor waving cold-wave banners. They went off the industrial darkness adolescent like romanticism to assert humor, may it be black, as a revolutionary weapon throbbing over the ruins of radicalism. It's getting cold in here. The dreams have moved toward conscious needs: the desperate hope of having fun. And so is the Monofonicorchestra. The music of Maurizio Marsico is repetitive music. Mi. La. Short pieces 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,... Every record Marsico makes is a conceptual sequence of drawings. Casual Casio-jazz cartoon soundtrack like. There is nothing to decipher here, it's all given already, all referenced. The appearances are pleasant and you get trapped into the depth of some cynical easy listening rhizome where ZNR merges with Steve Reich and Blue Gene Tiranny. Indeed, it has something of the Lovely Music elegance. First pressing limited to 500 copies with full color digipack sleeve. Also including a 12 page full color booklet with original graphics, photos as well as liner notes by Samon Takahashi."

Monolab CDR 1 CDR $8.99 Droning-on Records Limited edition of 50 numbered copies.
12/24/2003 Monolab Signals From Space CDR $11.99 Droning On Records “Monolab’s love of space travel, alien lifeforms, robots and 50’s/60’s B-movie sci-fi soundtracks… still fills the air. With this release, on his own cdr label, this three track cosmic mini-album, it would be very easy to imagine you were hearing long lost messages and signals from far off galaxies. Minimal synth bleeps, sweeping electronic sounds, and far away sonic tones. Edition of 100 copies.”

Monolab The Monophonic Workshop CDR $8.99 Droning-on Records Limited edition of 50 numbered copies.
1/1/2008 Monopoly Child Star Searchers Mandala Levitations cassette $12.99 Pacific City New (late 2007) recordings from Spencer Clark of The Skaters (Vodka Soap, too). "The presentation and actualization of patterned symbols for integration within the communities temple (MIND). Cyclical meditations as informed by the temples organ pipes 5665, 3773, 275572, 14633641, goodbye. For the forms of the symbolic mind and that of the physical to act in togetherness and to hallucinate this phenomenon amongst the stars. To be experienced under the influence of MSG." Recommended!
4/11/2008 Monopoly Child Star Searchers Mandala Levitations CDR $9.99 Pacific City Late 2007 recordings from Spencer Clark of The Skaters (Vodka Soap, too). "The presentation and actualization of patterned symbols for integration within the communities temple (MIND). Cyclical meditations as informed by the temples organ pipes 5665, 3773, 275572, 14633641, goodbye. For the forms of the symbolic mind and that of the physical to act in togetherness and to hallucinate this phenomenon amongst the stars. To be experienced under the influence of MSG." Originally issued on cassette, these are now available in a very limited edition on cdr.
1/24/2009 Monopoly Child Star Searchers Prince Of Parrot Shooters CDR $11.99 Pacific City "Solo project of Spencer Clark of The Skaters/Vodka Soap/Black Joker et al. It follows the heavily rhythm-based arc of the last few Monopoly Child sides, but there's more of a squealing fourth world modal quality to the brain-levitating sonics, with what could almost be field recordings of Eurasian folk-trance rituals pitch-shifted into drone-grade lo-fi exotica and accompanied by tweaked repeating melodies and minimalist codes. Comes with liners from Charles Berlitz." - Volcanic Tongue. Recommended!
4/11/2008 Monopoly Child Star Searchers Start Levitating Now! CDR $9.99 Pacific City "New limited self-released set of ritual soundtracks from Spencer Clark of The Skater et al. This one is heavier on the percussive figures, with almost Moroccan-style intersecting drum circles and dunting melodies illuminated with shadowy melodic forms, the warp of primitively cranked cassette and a smear of pipes, F/X and helium inflections." - Volcanic Tongue. "Levitation for reconfiguration of star charts as limboed vertical paralleld light beams bevelled for vocalizers meditation mediation towards levitation facilitated new star charts for the development of life cycled community spiritualization...within a parroted starred nightlife as levitation provokes the fourth planed mind of symbol meditations to your coconuts content, pacific city..." Originally issued on cassette, these are now available in a very limited edition on cdr.
3/29/2005 Monosov, Ilya Architectures on Air and Other Works CD (enhanced) $15.99 Elevator Bath “Elevator Bath proudly presents the first full-length CD from Ilya Monosov. Architectures on Air and Other Works is a challenging collection of recordings, perfectly summarizing the various interests of this inventive sound artist. The range of these works is tremendous: From harsh intensity to gorgeous drone to virtual silence, concluding with the deeply affecting title track. Monosov recorded three of the six pieces presented here as solo works, while the other half are collaborations. Two of these collaborative tracks feature conceptual sound artist Civyiu Kkliu (Banned Productions) and the third includes the work of veteran electronic composer Larry Polansky (Frog Peak). Architectures on Air and Other Works displays the fruits of several years' worth of activity, and though each piece is distinct in concept and execution, the album offers a solid block of organic sound, compelling from beginning to end. In addition to the stunning audio work, this enhanced CD also features two QuickTime movie files of Monosov's sound performances (about 18 minutes of material). Ilya Monosov's sound works have been released by Bremsstrahlung, Eclipse, & Elevator Bath. Packaged inside two elegant printed sleeves of 100% recycled paper, this compact disc has been issued in an edition of 330 copies.”
11/4/2006 Monosov, Ilya Solo Cello #1 For Charles Curtis CD $12.99
"For the 40th anniversary of Fluxus exhibit, my friend Marc Schulz was working with Ben Patterson on an installation piece, to which he asked me to make a contribution. I created a photographic sheet music score presented as ‘Music Everyday’, which comprising of different elements, recorded by me, created a sounding picture / sheet music that was to be used for ‘Solo Cello #1 For Charles Curtis’. When I asked Charles Curtis to perform this piece, he asked me to compose a text explaining my relationship to the pictures, which I include herein. “Photographs allow my ideas to lay flat - The beauty with which things happen around us is missed by those attempting to search for it with ridiculous vigor; to look up at a thin wire resembling ‘notation’ is an experience if one relaxes enough to understand the irrational precision with which nature creates unpredictable and random events – the beauty of endings, beginnings, love and violence, of irrational thinking, and of birds sitting on an electrical wire – the feeding source for our various pursuits, a balance for the bird’s view of the ground, the motion of decay…The blue color of the sky and the shape and texture of the sky - Blue is the color of the sea and the color of the sky – largeness, irrationality, borderless-ness, and perceived repetition which is cut into shape by the shadow lines of the electrical wires which smoothly transmit the cloud shapes towards the end of each photograph. After looking at various patterns for a prolonged time, the mind forms meanings,& shapes while searching for context. Music, like photographs of the sky, practices the mind and feeds our primordial passion, which to some degree is the passion for order and decay." - Ilya Monosov. We decided to cut the score into 5 separate sheets, which were then interpreted by Charles Curtis resulting in the recorded work herein. "When Ilya Monosov handed me the score which he wished me to realize, i was relieved that it revealed a complete absence of composerly attributes; it struck me as an honest, an entirely sincere parallel reconfiguring in pictorial, or spatial form, of the disposition of sounds and sound states, and the feelings that inhere in sounds...in response to the photographs and their airy, sky-directed orientation, i created a group of airy, diffuse, diaphanous, unfocused cello sounds, using the extended corpus of the cello as a unified vibrational field, and expressing the point at which cello sound production breaks up into unspecific matter, or diffuses, freeing itself of singular pitch or any other characteristics lending specificity... i organized these sound states into a continuum from extremely diffuse to not so diffuse, the least diffuse being a high artificial harmonic played sul ponticello (and this the only sound actually played conventionally on a string)... we agreed the most diffuse was to be silence... therefore, including silence, i had at my disposal an incremental set or pallette of eleven sound states...applied to the score, we agreed that, read from bottom to top, the most widely spaced sky-strips, as figuratively admitting the largest volume of air, be assigned the most diffuse sounds; and the narrowest the least diffuse... durations were determined by taking a visual average of the faintness of the two wires delineating a sky strip, with the most faintly delineated strips the longest durations, the most boldly the shortest... to this end ilya monosov provided a scale of five durations, in seconds 20, 30, 45, 80, 100... thus with five durations and eleven sound states i identified seventy-one separate events and played them accordingly...of course even diffuse sounds yield pitch content, and the (faint) pitch relationships are relational... only one though is the result of choice: the high artificial harmonic i selected to duplicate as nearly as possible the (unstable) high d-sharp of the tailpiece wire...in the case where two consecutive sky-strips are, equally, the most widely spaced in a series, and are additionally both framed by the faintest lines, as indeed once occurs, the result will be two consecutive long silences, with no audible separation...the sounds are neither processed nor manipulated in any way, and the recording is a single take played to a close condenser microphone onto analog tape..." - Charles Curtis (2004). Some notes about the tracks on the cd: 1. ‘Solo Cello #1 For Charles Curtis’ - Interpreted and Performed by Charles Curtis in the year of 2004. Composed By Ilya Monosov For the Fluxus 40th Anniversary Exhibit. Recorded and Mixed by Preston Swirnoff at The Habitat in San Diego, CA with assistance from Roy Silverstein. All sound recorded live in one take with no multitracking or layering of any kind. Limited one time edition of 500 copies.
11/4/2006 Monosov, Ilya / Preston Swirnoff Recorded Works Vol. 3 LP $11.99 Eclipse "California sound artists Ilya Monosov and Preston Swirnoff return with two more sonic labyrinths stretched over disparate terrain. As on their previous albums, Monosov and Swirnoff cast boundaries to the wind. Disillusioned and wise to the ways of the world, the duo not only succeeds in propping up the shambolic planet they created on Recorded Works Vol. 1 & Vol. 2, but also in soaring toward the furthest reaches of distant suns. Blurring the line between composition and improvisation, these new installments are rare, unearthed gems.
Volume 3 begins with dancing shadows and acoustic myopia. Monosov's minimal vocals lead Swirnoff's piano ramblings deeper into the cerebral maze, inadvertently finding the best route out. Setting off the shaky delicacy of the opener and Side A closer, "Repeat Again" (with enchanting vocals from Naomi) are the raucous, industrial rhythms of "Snake Lust" and "Fly Away." The Indian-inspired drones of "With Charles Curtis" top the whole thing off with cinematic splendor. Monosov and Swirnoff manage to seamlessly mesh these ideas into a cohesive whole." - Brad Rose. Edition of 500 copies.
11/4/2006 Monosov, Ilya / Preston Swirnoff Recorded Works Vol. 4 LP $11.99 Eclipse "California sound artists Ilya Monosov and Preston Swirnoff return with two more sonic labyrinths stretched over disparate terrain. As on their previous albums, Monosov and Swirnoff cast boundaries to the wind. Disillusioned and wise to the ways of the world, the duo not only succeeds in propping up the shambolic planet they created on Recorded Works Vol. 1 & Vol. 2, but also in soaring toward the furthest reaches of distant suns. Where Volume 3 is steeped in elegiac drones and tones, Volume 4 turns off the main road and heads toward a fuzzed-out oblivion. This record is actually a split between the Monosov/Swirnoff duo and their band Habitat Sound System. Opener "Needle's Eye" throws back to Side B of Volume 2 and another Monosov/Swirnoff band, The Shining Path. With spaced-out hints of Les Rallizes Denudes, this is a cosmic transport into the stratosphere. The other duo track, "Desire Sings Just One True Song," is the antithesis of "Needle's Eye." Unplugged and methodic, it unfolds like an impulsive narrative where the ending seems as unlikely as the storyline. Organic drones of hurdy gurdy, harmonic, and bowed banjo meander over streams of abstract percussion. It pours perfectly into a dub-infused rhythm that closes out the side. Habitat Sound System pick up this theme with impressive ease with four tracks straight from the Kingston underground. Smoke-filled jams sound as though they've been hibernating all winter complete with horns, synthesizers, organs, and more. In the Habitat Sound System, it never rains, only shines." - Brad Rose. Edition of 500 copies.
3/29/2005 Monosov, Ilya / Preston Swirnoff Seven Recorded Works (Volume 1) LP $11.99 Eclipse "The sound of two souls, all alone in claustrophobically infinite space. These two volumes see disenchanted Californians Ilya Monosov and Preston Swirnoff whittling out their own autonomous spaces far from the surf and sun, then climbing in and nailing the door firmly shut behind them. Seven Recorded Works comes over like someone has leached the spirits of Ennio Morricone, Eric Satie and Pauline Oliveros, stuffed them in a leaky wooden barrel, and set them rolling out to sea on a spring riptide. Uncertain, hesitant piano and melodica miniatures undercut with the evil drone of harmonica and hurdy-gurdy. It's a creaking and queasy trip, guaranteed to heave underwater, piratical nightmares out of some long suppressed substream of your subconscious." - Alan Cummings. "Our collaborative effort is our search for new models for what people call 'song', 'improvisation', 'dub', and 'composition'. The first volume documents a difficult pairing, I play Hurdy Gurdy and Harmonica, Preston Swirnoff plays piano and organ. I used a harmonica on the last day of our Blues sessions, and with that we ended the recording of Volume 1. We would like to thank Ed Hardy for offering us creative freedom over a span of four vinyl records, the last of which we plan to record in 2005." - Ilya Monosov (2005). Edition of 500 copies.
3/29/2005 Monosov, Ilya / Preston Swirnoff Two Recorded Works (Volume 2) LP $11.99 Eclipse "Two Recorded Works opens in equally brooding, cinematic fashion with Swirnoff's 'air organ' slow gasping its weighted way through magenta dust-clouds of bowed guitar. Later, sea-shanty bellows underscore the spectral traces of whistles and ghosted vocals and whistles to particularly melancholic effect. But the final side, credited to Monosov and Swirnoff's rock unit The Shining Path, is a whole other kettle of herring. It rockets upwards into the fuzzed out expansive zones of the Rallizes sound, but is tethered to an on-edge, speedfreak shake of a Suicide rhythm, just too fast for comfort. Bliss handily circumvented, higher mind tied to delerium tremens. I think they're trying to tell us something…" - Alan Cummings. "Time passed, and we began recording Volume 2 which contains our experiments with song form and our rock band, The Shining Path. We would like to thank Ed Hardy for offering us creative freedom over a span of four vinyl records, the last of which we plan to record in 2005." Ilya Monosov (2005). Edition of 500 copies.
3/20/2008 Monosov, Ilya E. Seven Lucky Plays, Or How To Fix Songs For A Broken Heart CD $14.99 Language of Stone "Ilya E. Monosov’s Seven Lucky Plays, Or How To Fix Songs For A Broken Heart is Monosov’s private celebration of the human experience and are based on his poems and stories written from 1996-2007. His early exposure to Russian dissident culture greatly affected his life and art. Influenced from a young age by his parents’ passion for literature, art, and poetry; as well as by the music of Vladimir Vysotsky, Alexander Galich, Leonard Cohen, Coltrane, Miles Davis, and African American folk music traditions (blues and gospel), Monosov’s picked acoustic guitar and voice arrangements were recorded at Hexham Head by Greg Weeks (of Espers), and feature strings by Margaret Weink (Fern Knight), mandolin and harp by Jesse Sparhawk, and electric guitar by Weeks."

Monotract / Gang Wizard split 7" $9.99 Blackbean & Placenta Recordings from 1998 - one copy in stock.
6/24/2012 Monseré, Annelies Nest 10" $16.99 Morc Records "Annelies Monseré is a multi-instrumentalist from Gent, Belgium. She toured Europe and the US, collaborated with diverse artists as Jessica Bailiff, dREKKa and Birch Book., and did more releases on labels like auetic, three four and morc. The loud, built up start of the record gives a glimpse on what to expect on her yet unreleased third record, but is still heavily relying on the melodies that made her second album Marit so remarkable. The b-side of the ep Is a lot starker, and very reminiscent of the style she used on her debut album helder. on nest, Steve Marreyt of Edgar Wappenhalter and Sylvester Anfang plays along as a guest musician. This ep is ltd to 150 copies."
11/21/2008 Monseré, Annelies Somewhere Someone 7" $6.99 Morc "Her first 'official' solo-output since 2005 -after collabs with jessica bailiff and birch book. pretty much focussing on organ sounds and harmonics, in her unique style: scarce, minimal and haunting tracks. Somewehere Someone is probably more dark and droning than previous works. ltd to 185 copies, comes in handwritten and handstamped sleeves."
6/1/2002 Monster Island Dream Tiger CD $12.99 The End Is Here “Dream Tiger is a 13 song CD album by the Detroit area group Monster Island. This is their first album since the 1996 LP recording From the Michigan Floor on Ecstatic/Yod. Principal artists are Cary Loren (Destroy All Monsters) Warn Defever (His Name is Alive) Erika Hoffman (x-Godzuki) and Matt Smith (Outrageous Cherry, Volebeats). Monster Island is an acid/folk project that began in 1995. Their new album features a mixture of ethnic folk instruments: (Oud, Sitar, Tanpura, Harmonium, Shakuhachi, Djembe, Gamelon Gendèr and African percussion) mixed with traditional (Guitars, Bass, Violin, Flute, Drums) and novelty sounds: (Chinese organ, Water harp, Mini-moog, Toy piano, gongs).”

Monster Island with John Sinclair Peyotemind CD $12.99 The End Is Here "Inside a found 1963 student notebook written by John Sinclair was poetry and an essay written while under the influence of peyote. This work became the main 33 minute title track for the Peyotemind CD, an improvisation recorded by Monster Island with vocals added later by the author John Sinclair. An early and important contribution to psychedelic literature Peyotemind was recorded in one take in the fall of 2000. Included are two other Monster Island improvisations Ganges Dawn and Eternal Now - an homage to Alice Coltrane with Otto Kontrol on Rebab."
4/6/2015 Monster Magnet Spine of God LP $18.99
"The French release on the Go Get Organized label of this 1991 weighty chunk of extra-heavy stoner psych-metal. Never released in the US on LP, this will come with the original 1991 artwork. French import."
12/24/2005 Monteiro, Alfredo Costa Stylt CDR $12.99 Absurd "created using pick ups on turntables, alfredo costa monteiro, surprises us once more with the powerful drone/harsh improvised nature of this recording offering us 4 stunning explorations. those familiar with his unique solo work or the bizarre universe of cremaster will certainly love this release, those unfamiliar will find a sonic world to discover..." Edition of 99 copies.

Montgomery, Roy Particle/Wave 7" $4.99 Varispeed Summer 1998 release of 2 tracks recorded from January to March 1996

Montgomery, Roy / Chris Heaphy True CD $12.99 kranky Two members of Dissolve using guitars to create beautiful sounds
4/22/2015 Mooch Mrs Silbury's Delicious Mushroom Flavoured Biscuits LP $23.99 Cosmic Eye "Anyone remembers the Free Festival years? Club Dog or Alice in Wonderland? Reading Freakbeat or Crohinga Well? Buying your cassettes & vinyls from the Freak Emporium or at the back of bands' vans? Well, personally I haven't forgotten, and with excitement I am announcing the collaboration of Cosmic Eye with one of my very treasured band of the era. Steven Palmer's MOOCH! We welcome this wonderful artist on the mothership, for another sequel from the Silbury family. Entitled "Mrs Silbury’s Delicious Mushroom Flavoured Biscuits" and featuring collaborations from Garry Moonboot Masters (Magic Mushroom Band, Astralasia, Moonboot Oz), Cyndee Lee Rule (legendary space violin), Alex Pym (Dream Machine, Damidge), Bridget Wishart (Hawkwind, Demented Stoats, Hippy Slags, Spirits Burning), Damien Redmond (longtime Mooch member) and Jez Creek (Mooch, Modulator, Astrogator, Cerberus, Quadra). A return to space rock on both coloured and black vinyl, guaranteed to blow heads-off! Who should have told me back in 1994, when I had my "Postvorta" CD on repeated rotation and wished it was a vinyl…" Edition of 200 on black vinyl.
1/24/2009 Moon Tales of Long Dead Ladies CD $14.99 Interregnum "Don't be deterred by the cryptic Tales of Long Dead Ladies title, and don't think Moon's album is a merciless blast of punishing noise either. Instead, it's a thirty-four-minute collection is moodscaping of a particularly strong vintage. The group's the brainchild of DDN who, on this recording, is ably assisted by singer Chandra Murray (words for three songs derive from poems by Emily Dickinson, Letitia E Landon, and Jennifer Jacobs-the first two filling the "long dead ladies" bill while the third is "still alive and dreaming"); born in 2000, Moon lists eight albums (on CDR and net labels) in its discography. DDN regards Moon as his adult tribute to the soundtracks of his childhood nightmares, one he characterizes as "Mahavishnu Orchestra remixed by Merzbow," and his attempt at re-imagining what "the music of the future would sound like back in 1976," when DDN was seven. In a distinctive move, bass guitar often assumes the lead instrumental role with Murray's vocals and rippling sheets of electronic and synthetic waves swelling alongside it (guitars, organ, and theremin also figure into Moon's music-making). The seductive opener "My Life in Ruins," a celestial cloud where bass guitar meditations drift through windswept atmospherics of electronics, synths, and the breathy sweep of Murray 's angelic voice, pulls the listener in immediately. In the folk traditional-styled meditation, "Shall I Ever Fall," Murray 's intonation of Dickinson 's words ("Good-bye to the life I used to live / and the world I used to know") echoes through a mass of guitar stratospherics until they eventually drown within it. Roasted guitars burn through the funereal "Dreams Dreaming" and nightmarish "Dream Monsters" (Sleep little gargoyle / Dreaming of worlds / Sleep 'til the stars all make sense") while phantom whispers murmur and electronic noises seethe. There's a somnambulant quality to Moon's music, as if the tracks are audio transcriptions made when DDN's asleep. The music drifts hazily in and out of focus, with voices and electronics ebbing and flowing throughout. Though Moon's sound is disorienting and mildly turbulent too, Tales of Long Dead Ladies nevertheless impresses for the subtle and nuanced handling of its material." - textura.org, November 2008
5/16/2010 Moon Duo Catch As Catch Can b/w Set It On Fire 7" $8.99 Agitated "San Francisco's Moon Duo feature the combined forces of Wooden Shjips' Erik Johnson and Sanae Yamada. Led by, 'Catch As Catch Can', a blistering sonic stew and b/w the a cover of the Scientists' classic speaker burner "Set It On Fire". Taking threads from the fabric of Loop, Neu, Silver Apples, the PSF canon and the Red Eye /Black Eye label oeuvre the band weave a tapestry of droning motorik rock noise." Edition of 1000 copies from UK label.
10/31/2009 Moon Duo Killing Time 12" $14.99 Sacred Bones "Moon Duo is a project of Wooden Shjips guitarist and singer Ripley Johnson. Under the Moon Duo moniker, Johnson and collaborator Sanae Yamada create expansive Krautrock influenced tapestries of warm cascading fuzz and controlled feedback, organ, and accenting keyboard. This four song 12-inch is the second release and incorporates a much more concise, composed and driving sound than before. The Duo expand on ideas only hinted at on the Sick Thirst 12-inch (which is already long gone) adding a driving drum machine beat behind the thick walls of layered sound. Don’t sleep on this one."
4/27/2011 Moon Duo Mazes CD $12.99 Sacred Bones "We are thrilled to present the newest long-player from psych prodigies Moon Duo. For just over two years now Ripley Johnson (Wooden Shjips) and Sanae Yamada have been burning up the scene with their propulsive beats and compelling acid washed shows. Formed in San Francisco, the duo recently relocated to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. This record, however, was cut in Berlin. Certainly the most pop-oriented batch of songs the band has ever delivered, Mazes, reveals a more accessible vocal delivery and song structure that is sure to appeal to a wide audience not necessarily well-versed in the psych underground. The concepts of minimalism, expansion through repetition and sensory distortion are all still here and the dynamic interplay between Ripley's guitar and Sanae's keyboard continue to push this band and genre into uncharted territory. An unexpected and deadly follow-up to their critically acclaimed EP, Killing Time and prior release for Woodsist."
5/16/2010 Moon Unit New Sky Dragon LP $21.99 Krayon Recordings "Top flight three man cosmic research team further investigations on galactic flux and refraction with two transmissions of synesthetic mind-fold. Lift off with skyward string stasis cutting through buffeted drum-clouds and synthesiser atmosphere, cosmic forever vision peaks at warp-speed rocket drone, anti-gravity percussion accents and star scraping rainbow universes. Saturating feedback zones spread webs of dimension amidst asteroid belt orbits, where two-way trips initiate zero g shimmer into the outer limit of the space ritual via ancient totems to the three moon cycles and the internal black hole smoke sacrifice. Beautifully self recorded future psych formally known as the Nackt Insecten Trio. Featuring members of Lanterns, Eye Shaking Kingdom and the Sick Head Tapes decision maker. Art by Zeloot, 180g vinyl."
4/24/2006 Moonlanding untitled 7" $25.99 AA Records One-sided square lathe cut 7" from Nate Young's (Wolf Eyes) AA label.
6/19/2007 Moonmilk Hidden Speech cassette $6.99 DNT "Lia Tsamoglou and Kell Derrig-Hall make up this Australian drone duo. Umm..tape effects and dronescapes. partial field recordings? If I were good at writing descriptions I'd write like 10 pages on how good this tape is..but uh, yeah.. Anyway, crazy swirly intricate black and white cover art design by Zachary Fleming (who also comprises 100% of the project Nomen Dubium) in a DIY shrinkwrapped case with label-maker labels and red cassettes. Hand-numbered and limited to 100 copies. 'Poof!"
5/14/2007 Moonmilk The World Creaks CDR $9.99 Spanish Magic "A concoction of weird distorted sounds made up by various keyboards, tapes and microphones all collide to create tension in the form of extended circular drone/noise pieces. Haunting!"
3/22/2013 Moonrises Frozen Altars LP $17.99 Captcha Records "Moonrises is the brainchild of Plastic Crimewave (a.k.a Steve Krakow), Libby Ramer and Ben Billington. Their tremendous sophomore album Frozen Altars absolutely destroys the competition in the ring of avant-psychedelic bands. Wrap your bad-trip damaged brain around an album that continues to reinvent and expand with every rotation. Experience intense flashbacks of 1960’s British pysch and 70’s krautrock. Envision the sounds of the Soft Machine, the Dead C. and This Heat trapped in a droned-out noise chamber. Tiny Mix Tapes calls them “the newest addition to Chicago’s vibrant psych scene, and they take you way beyond your average wanna-be psych band…some of the best psych music you will hear, yep (Moonrises) will pretty much amaze you.” Don’t hesitate, you will want to be the one telling your friends to take this trip."
5/9/2012 Moore, Daniel Abdal-Hayy The Ecstatic Exchange c50 cassette $8.99 Sloow Tapes "A rare chance to hear Daniel Abdal-Hayy Moore reading (and accompanying himself on zither) from his classic collection of shamanic poetry 'Dawn Visions', originally published by City Lights back in 1964, when the author was in his early twenties. The poems were written during explorations of mind and space in Mexico and California. As Moore describes it, a period of "immersion on the ocean of poetic inspiration, my near drowning in a sudden flood of imagery and pushing further and further, almost under water in it, surfacing to sing." From a similar well sprung The Floating Lotus Magic Opera Company, which Moore founded in 1966, blending Zen Buddhism, music and dance of eastern folk theatre and Antonin Artaud into higher dimensions, performing their plays at night, in an amphitheater in North Berkeley, by torchlight. In 1970 he renounced written poetry and became a sufi, traveling widely in Morocco, Spain, Algeria and Nigeria. Moore broke his silence in the early eighties and has since published numerous spiritually informed books, from which a couple recent poems are here included as well. 100 copies."
4/1/2003 Moore, George Plastic Flowers LP $12.99 Ecstatic Peace "George Moore lives in Connecticut. He is the 20 year old son of Ecstatic Peace recording artist Gene Moore (we released his far-out Twisting Wires CD last summer 2001 - Gene Moore is the older brother of Thurston Moore who runs Ecstatic Peace.) Regardless of these obvious bloodline connections George Moore's musical world should, would and could easily creep into the living underground on its own mystic merits. He recorded these instrumental pieces at some point in early 2001 and issued them privately in an edition smaller than Albini's dick. The music therein is an amalgamation of spurious signals wholly independent though readings and mis-readings of John Fahey, Whitehouse and Jackie-O Motherfucker are in probable detection. The basement aura of this session will appeal to anyone even slightly aroused by the aforementioned troika. Ecstatic Peace will continue to release artifacts from the Moore boys and their Connecticut ‘Nutmeg State of Mind’ environmental joob. Forthcoming will be another session by Gene Moore ­ this time LP only. And an LP by Daniel Moore on one side and Daniel and Gene on the flip.
ltd. edition: 400 copies for sale."
5/29/2008 Moore, Steve Demo 2003 LP $26.99 Hlava "You may have already heard Steve Moore's work as one-half of the unbelievably awesome prog-rock instrumental duo Zombi, or through his phenomenal first solo-album called "The Henge" (Relapse/Static Caravan, 2007). Now Moore gives us "Demo 2003," a re-issue of his first solo recordings from the turn of the millenium. In contrast to Zombi's tightly structured progressive epics, "Demo 2003" is an exploratory, psychedelic meditation. Over the course of its 10 tracks, including the previously unreleased "Fever Dream", "Demo 2003" explores psychedelic paths through dark atmospheres and drifting harmonies. Smaller in scale than "The Henge," these tracks document Moore's initial fascination with analog synthesizers, focusing more on experimental timbres and droning ambience than on composition or form. This is why this long-player becomes the soundtrack of the mind. It is paranoid, monumental music that hypnotizes the listener with an unholy mix of gloomy, nightmarish, electronic ambiences and the neverending and almighty cosmic beauty." Limited edition of 500 copies. Recommended!
3/21/2009 Moore, Steve Outer Bounds Of Sound: Vaalbara LP $17.99 Noiseville "Outer Bounds Of Sound is an experimental LP series in an edition of 300 copies with a hand-made cover. Steve is half of the duo known as Zombi. This is a solo project, very ambient electronic passages."
2/6/2015 Moore, Thurston & John Moloney : Caught on Tape Full Bleed CD $13.99 Northern Spy "Thurston Moore, chief guitarrorist and pioneering deconstructionist of planetary soundage, has reigned over three radical art-rock and experimental-defining decades during his self-proclaimed 'Sonic Life' quest. As co-founder of the monumentally crucial Amerindie and New York City institution Sonic Youth, along with solo ventures under his own name and up to his recent jaunt as leader of Chelsea Light Moving, to his forthcoming slab, The Best Day (via Matador), Moore‚s revolutionizing of both the DIY underground spectrum and the major label pantheon has posited itself as a life-changer of the highest order. It was by way of Moore's former band did the organic pairing and nascent rapport with drummer colossus John Moloney manifest. Sonic Youth, ever the tastemaker godheads and champions of the obscurists, requested the presence of its then-Massachusetts brethren, alien avant-psych collective Sunburned Hand of the Man for whom Moloney mans the drum kit as tour mates. Thus the Moore/Moloney behemoth was birthed. While their holy union has spanned rock-oriented efforts like 2007's Trees Outside The Academy (Ecstatic Peace!) and last year's Chelsea Light Moving (Matador), it‚s their free-minded improvisational freakouts' stellar regions regularly navigated by Moore, as evidenced by myriad experimental collaborations with Mats Gustafson, Nels Cline, John Zorn and Tom Surgal, just to name a smattering that have transcended minds and melted faces. Since 2012, the unhinged combo of Moore/Moloney (under the moniker Caught on Tape, the name swiped from a Raymond Pettibon drawing) have pounded out a firebreathing trifecta of free-improv crime scenes in the form of super-limited LP's, Caught on Tape, Acting The Maggot and Banjaxed Blues, via Feeding Tube Records. For their latest spiritual odyssey, Moloney and Moore in his triumphant return to the Northern Spy imprint after 2013's Record Store Day exclusive The Only Way To Go Is Straight Through with fellow guitar luminary, Loren Connors deliver the volcanic and violent maelstrom, Full Bleed. But unlike the helter-skelter out-jazz of Caught on Tape ('Full bore savage highway stuff, the mind exploding with wall melting emotion,' says Moore/Moloney about that platter), a set captured during a European junket and split into two untitled marathons, Full Bleed collects nine Herculean sludgefeasts dripping of gnarly metal-damaged heaviosity and punk-jazz skronk-splattered fury, transmitted in an alien language only this duo can convey. 'They became songs as they were played,' Moore/Moloney explain about their writing process. 'Composed on the fiery tongue, like how all real cool improv needs to be experienced.' And as far as assigning actual names to the songs? 'We titled them to identify them as distinct 'songs' because that is what they need to be to survive in this fucked landscape of politician dung patrol. They became snakes.' Snakes, infuckingdeed. With the pulverizing thumps Œn‚ thwacks and cymbal-crashing annihilation Moloney inflicts on the skins melted to Moore‚s hefty metallic wasteoid licks and jazzmongering fuckery heard on opening salvo 'Age Limit,' the title track and 'Dispute,' it's apparent Full Bleed is a distinct beast thick with black metal riffer vibes, sans corpsepaint. Full Bleed penetrates a stratosphere of brutal heaviness and spazzcore jazz traversed by Moore and his fellow figureheads in yesteryear downtown NYC at defunct experimental/jazz hubs, The Knitting Factory, Tonic and The Cooler. Pedal-hopping, apocalyptic doom metal torture ('Full Bleed'), mangled avant-jazz noise noodlage ('Self-Rule') and tasty SY-like space rock jammage ('Arguing with a Balloon') portends two dudes on a mission of absolute devastation. Recorded at Sonelab in Easthampton, Massachusetts with oft-engineering cohort Justin Pizzoferatto and cover art courtesy of Moloney, Full Bleed is the heaviest of spasmodic bliss from two kindred bohemian noise spirits. A tour in support of Full Bleed may transpire. Or not. 'John and I, whether in Caught on Tape, or in any of our other side projects ALWAYS tour,' says Moore. 'We are soldiers of the road, warriors of the wing ˆ buses, vans, cars, trains, bicycles ˜ we get to gigs and we plug in whether we are expected to or not. We just may play again in support of this LP if we can find the minutes where the universe allows us to be in the same room at the same time.'
2/6/2015 Moore, Thurston & John Moloney : Caught on Tape Full Bleed LP $19.99 Northern Spy "Thurston Moore, chief guitarrorist and pioneering deconstructionist of planetary soundage, has reigned over three radical art-rock and experimental-defining decades during his self-proclaimed 'Sonic Life' quest. As co-founder of the monumentally crucial Amerindie and New York City institution Sonic Youth, along with solo ventures under his own name and up to his recent jaunt as leader of Chelsea Light Moving, to his forthcoming slab, The Best Day (via Matador), Moore‚s revolutionizing of both the DIY underground spectrum and the major label pantheon has posited itself as a life-changer of the highest order. It was by way of Moore's former band did the organic pairing and nascent rapport with drummer colossus John Moloney manifest. Sonic Youth, ever the tastemaker godheads and champions of the obscurists, requested the presence of its then-Massachusetts brethren, alien avant-psych collective Sunburned Hand of the Man for whom Moloney mans the drum kit as tour mates. Thus the Moore/Moloney behemoth was birthed. While their holy union has spanned rock-oriented efforts like 2007's Trees Outside The Academy (Ecstatic Peace!) and last year's Chelsea Light Moving (Matador), it‚s their free-minded improvisational freakouts' stellar regions regularly navigated by Moore, as evidenced by myriad experimental collaborations with Mats Gustafson, Nels Cline, John Zorn and Tom Surgal, just to name a smattering that have transcended minds and melted faces. Since 2012, the unhinged combo of Moore/Moloney (under the moniker Caught on Tape, the name swiped from a Raymond Pettibon drawing) have pounded out a firebreathing trifecta of free-improv crime scenes in the form of super-limited LP's, Caught on Tape, Acting The Maggot and Banjaxed Blues, via Feeding Tube Records. For their latest spiritual odyssey, Moloney and Moore in his triumphant return to the Northern Spy imprint after 2013's Record Store Day exclusive The Only Way To Go Is Straight Through with fellow guitar luminary, Loren Connors deliver the volcanic and violent maelstrom, Full Bleed. But unlike the helter-skelter out-jazz of Caught on Tape ('Full bore savage highway stuff, the mind exploding with wall melting emotion,' says Moore/Moloney about that platter), a set captured during a European junket and split into two untitled marathons, Full Bleed collects nine Herculean sludgefeasts dripping of gnarly metal-damaged heaviosity and punk-jazz skronk-splattered fury, transmitted in an alien language only this duo can convey. 'They became songs as they were played,' Moore/Moloney explain about their writing process. 'Composed on the fiery tongue, like how all real cool improv needs to be experienced.' And as far as assigning actual names to the songs? 'We titled them to identify them as distinct 'songs' because that is what they need to be to survive in this fucked landscape of politician dung patrol. They became snakes.' Snakes, infuckingdeed. With the pulverizing thumps Œn‚ thwacks and cymbal-crashing annihilation Moloney inflicts on the skins melted to Moore‚s hefty metallic wasteoid licks and jazzmongering fuckery heard on opening salvo 'Age Limit,' the title track and 'Dispute,' it's apparent Full Bleed is a distinct beast thick with black metal riffer vibes, sans corpsepaint. Full Bleed penetrates a stratosphere of brutal heaviness and spazzcore jazz traversed by Moore and his fellow figureheads in yesteryear downtown NYC at defunct experimental/jazz hubs, The Knitting Factory, Tonic and The Cooler. Pedal-hopping, apocalyptic doom metal torture ('Full Bleed'), mangled avant-jazz noise noodlage ('Self-Rule') and tasty SY-like space rock jammage ('Arguing with a Balloon') portends two dudes on a mission of absolute devastation. Recorded at Sonelab in Easthampton, Massachusetts with oft-engineering cohort Justin Pizzoferatto and cover art courtesy of Moloney, Full Bleed is the heaviest of spasmodic bliss from two kindred bohemian noise spirits. A tour in support of Full Bleed may transpire. Or not. 'John and I, whether in Caught on Tape, or in any of our other side projects ALWAYS tour,' says Moore. 'We are soldiers of the road, warriors of the wing ˆ buses, vans, cars, trains, bicycles ˜ we get to gigs and we plug in whether we are expected to or not. We just may play again in support of this LP if we can find the minutes where the universe allows us to be in the same room at the same time.'
4/3/2011 Moore, Thurston / Gravitons split c60 cassette $11.99 Wintage Records "Continuing the Wintage tape subscription series comes volume #5 featuring noise celebrity A sider Thurston Moore(of Sonic Youth) w/ Toronto's own mixed gender free-noise duo Gravitons on the flip. Thurston lights a fire with his wobbly-pop, string-zing induced ho-down on the A side featuring two tracks of total shred and scrape; 12 String Acoustik Regret and 12 String Acoustik Suicide Pact with God. Like a zest bar on acid waiting for the devil at the crossroads, the smoke off these two tracks will surely appease the ones who watch the watcher's, watcher! On the B side Gravitons lay down a sweat dripping count-out full of feedback and fury. Total heavvvy hitters, all thrash & bash These cats play to no one's time but their own, depending on which space-time continuum they happen to be in. Strictly Irie, 100% proof shot of rye on the rocks served with a hot rimmer of "Preferred Stock" Check the screen printed deluxe box and two posters that come with the hand-sprayed cassette. Limited edition of 100."
7/16/2004 Moore, Thurston / My Cat Is An Alien From the earth to the Spheres vol.1 LP $199.99 Opax Records "When in late ’97 Maurizio and Roberto Opalio from Torino, Italy, started their musical project My Cat Is An Alien, their need for an easy and direct way of releasing stuff which could fit their creative urgency led the two brothers to set up a label on their own. So, Opax Records started up releasing the first MCIAA’s recording, a cd-r special edition of 30 copies wrapped in electric wires, which was sent to Sonic Youth in NYC and immediately thrilled the most influential avant-rock band since The Velvet Underground. During the past years SY helpfully invited MCIAA several times to perform live at their European shows; then in 2002, Thurston Moore released on his own Ecstatic Peace label the 3-sided lp ‘Landscapes of an electric city/Hypnotic Spaces’, MCIAA’s international debut, followed by a couple of only-vinyl releases on the US labels Starlight Furniture Co. and Eclipse Records. Now, after 6 years of handmade cd-r editions, Opax Rec. has entered a new era with its first proper official format: a new series of split vinyl-lps entitled ‘From the earth to the Spheres’. So, who could have opened the series better than Thurston Moore himself? Surely, T.Moore is one of the fewest musicians in the world who needs no introduction at all… But also the most fixed fan & collector of the so many solo-records which came out massively since the mid ’90’s, this 21min. piece called ‘American Coffin’ will save a bounce of exciting surprises; from the beginning, with Moore engaged in a free-piano action that recalls both Dave Burrell’s genius of the legendary ‘Echo’ lp on Jazz Actuel and Stockhausen’s textures of his wildest masterpieces, the track is interpoled and fragmented by splinters of sonic feedbacks, howling guitar and every sort of musical collage inserts, all permeated by a cloud of dust and debris, because of its raw analogical recording in the act of producing lots of tape hiss, so close to Moore’s aesthetics. On the other side of the vinyl, MCIAA will project you in the realm of the Cosmos. Their music is made of space sounds flowing freely in both inner and outer dimensions; sound sculptors and audiovisual artists MCIAA base most of their work and research on purely improvised compositions, erecting minimal textures created essentially by guitar space-drones influenced by early American minimalism and the conceptual and philosophical modus operandi of avant-pioneers such as John Cage and Sun Ra. Here, in the track entitled ‘Brilliance in the outer space’, MCIAA will make you lose your sense of gravitational perception completely, with a fully emotional vertical take-off that will dash you beyond the limits of hyperspace. As the cover abstract shapes of concrete acrylic painting mixed with crystals on wood suggest a free gestural approach, the music represents a real impressive intro to the spirit that moves the whole series: art as uncompromising expression of liberty. In setting what looks like a space crusade in the name of the ‘alien word’, MCIAA chose some of the most creative and famous outsider artists of the international avant-music scene: the next volumes of the series will indeed feature Jackie-O Motherfucker, Jim O’Rourke, Christina Carter, Thuja, Double Leopards, Christian Marclay, Glands of External Secretion with Nels Cline. Each volume comes as a special SPACE ART ltd. only-vinyl edition of 100 copies, whose ‘sleeves’ are Roberto Opalio’s original paintings on 31x31cm. wood support." Very beautiful to hold and hear! Limited stock as you can imagine.
11/9/2004 Moore, Thurston / My Cat Is An Alien From the Earth to the Spheres vol.6 CD $15.99 Very Friendly A cd version of the ridiculously limited Opax vinyl LP split (edition of 100). Thurston Moore delivers a 21-minute piece called ‘American Coffin,’ engaging in some improv piano work that recalls both Dave Burrell's genius on the legendary Echo LP and the textures found on Stockhausen's wildest masterpieces, and rounded out with sonic feedback fragments howling guitar, and musical collage My Cat Is An Alien brings a track made of space sounds flowing in both inner and outer dimensions.”
2/21/2015 Moorman, Charlotte Cello Anthology 4xCD with Book $119.99 Alga Marghen 4cd with book and inserts in splicase - new edition of 250 copies!
"It is certainly surprising that until now an exhaustive recognition of the work of Charlotte Moorman has not been undertaken. The cellist can be numbered among the most charismatic and influential protagonists to have appeared on the avant-garde or experimental music scenes since the early '60s. A documentation of her activities as a performer is generally available only in various catalogues which document the crucial intersection with the work of Nam June Paik, or the association with manifestations and events connected with the so exquisitely realistic gestures of the Fluxus movement. To have accepted the transformation of herself into a 'living icon' through the works realised in collaboration with Paik, has perhaps contributed to obscure a part of her individuality. As Giuseppe Chiari correctly noted, in a text which is authoritatively integrated into the documentation provided by the present publication, Charlotte Moorman's œuvre can in fact be sympathetically felt only in the absolutely 'unique' character of her interpretative gesture, a character which justly identifies her originality, her capacity of an authentic 'author'. The presence of Charlotte Moorman as catalyst must be realised in such an evaluation. "Cello Anthology" is a collection of documents-sonic and photographic-as well as original texts and testimonials, made available for the first time in a unitary form, which permits a complete recognition of Charlotte Moorman's work. The biography and chronology faithfully reproduce the materials that the artist herself had ordered in booklet form. The range of her activity not only as an interpreter, but also as a promoter of the avant-garde artistic research progressively open to intersecting with the most varied disciplines-from music to sound and concrete poetry, form visual and plastic art to cinema and to video art-is moreover reconstructed through an unpublished text with which Charlotte Moorman meant to review the history of the fifteen editions of the New York Avant Garde Festival she organised between 1963 and 1980. At the core of her uninterrupted performative activity, here documented across a rich iconographic apparatus ordered chronologically, the works realised in collaboration with Nam June Paik doubtless represent a culminating moment in her striking career. It therefore seemed appropriate to also integrate the transcription of the primary texts and documents pertaining to them, to better perceive to what extent the aesthetic project of the Korean artist was indissolubly bound to the peculiar 'corporeality' of the cellist's performance 'gesture' and to her absolutely unique capacity of translating the musical experience within the limits of her own non-exchangeable physical presence. Giuseppe Chiari's affectionate testimony dedicated to the faithful interpreter of some of his most important works of the early '60s-works which affirmed the Florentine artist on the international scene-and the reprint of Gisela Gronemeyer's poignant essay dedicated toCharlotte Moorman, likewise offer a useful explanatory setting for the introduction of these copious texts and documents. Indeed, for the first time, the work of Charlotte Moorman can be appreciated by means of a significant selection of vintage recordings. The first two CDs highlight a pair of exceptional documents-a performance recorded by radio station WBAI in New York on 12 September 1964, and a concert from 25 July 1966 in the Theatersaal in Aachen, Germany. These events superbly represent the type of repertoire that Moorman and Paik cultivated and proposed in the US and Europe, in the years following their meeting, in their memorable 'duo' exhibitions. The programs of the two concerts present several homogeneous choices and others more clearly divergent. The Aachen event, in fact, is testimony to the progressive and always more pronounced emergence of meta-musical elements deliberately turned toward the demystification of 'ritualistic' meanings of a concert, even while consciously accepting it as an exhibition frame. It is for this reason that the Aachen recording can document, with respect to the comprehensive programme, only those works in which the sound matrix constitutes the prominent factor. This is particularly evident, beyond several tried and true war-horses of their exhibitions which recur or are distributed equally in both concerts (26'1.1499" for a String Player by John Cage, Duet II by Toshi Ichiyanagi and two works by Giuseppe Chiari: Per arco and Ave Maria di Schubert, both of which were written for the cellist and dedicated to her), in the premiere of Earle Brown's Synergy, a rare and delightful duet with Terry Jennings on saxophone, an almost systematic version of Plus Minus by Karlheinz Stockhausen aided by Paik's Robot in the WBAI concert, as well as, in the Aachen concert Sonata No. 1 for Adults Only and especially the first performance of Opera Sextronique, both by Paik, in addition to other pieces by Earle Brown and Sylvano Bussotti. The second disc includes another unspecified rendering of Ichiyanagi's Duet II and an abbreviated version of Cage's 2'1.1499" for a String Player. Of the famous TV Cello-conceived by Paik for Moorman as a 'living sculpture'-the third CD offers an in situ recording realised on one of the three days inaugurating the Paik retrospective at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, on 11, 12 and 14 September 1982. This version contains respectively the TV Cello Duets with Paul Garrin and the Concerto for TV Cello and Videotapes, largely improvised, "including a tape collage by Ornette Coleman prepared for Charlotte, also talking with audience". The fourth CD restores three other documents, collateral but definitely not secondary. One happy example is a choral work performed on 3 September 1964, during the second New York Avant Garde Festival, a performance of Jackson Mac Low's composition The Long Hot Summer, sees in an exceptional reunion the names of Charlotte Moorman, Nam June Paik, Benjamin Patterson, Philip Corner, and Malcolm Goldstein, as well as Mac Low himself. On the relevance of this performance, distinguished by a marked ethico-political intonation and valence, Philip Corner dwells extensively in an unpublished text printed here as an attachment to the sonic documentation. The voice of Charlotte Moorman, characterised by her unmistakable vital charge, is brought back to us through a long and meaningful interview conducted by Harvey Matusow in October of 1969 in the BBC New York Studios. The soundtrack of the video Waiting for Commercials, realised by Paik in 1972 in collaboration with Russel Connor, whose sound collage integrates musical insertions by Charlotte Moorman and David Behrman, completes the anthology put together and offered here. Luxury edition including a 154 page book with original documents, full colour photos and scores; a set of 16 full colour inserts reproducing the original posters and programs of the Annual Avant Garde Festival of New York; 4 compact discs. Slipcase edition limited to 250 copies.

Mooseheart Faith Stellar Groove Band / Nimbus 2000 split 7" $5.99 Oggum Numbered edition of 500 copies on orange vinyl.
4/10/2009 Mopar Mountain Daredevils Mopar Bloody Mopar CDR $7.99 El Suprimo An early documentation of Mopar Mountain Daredevils. Recorded and mixed Feb. 26-27, 2009 featuring: Cotton Casino (vocals, synth), Bill Turney (guitar), Jack Moore (synth), Bob Sweeney (bass), and Derrick Hans (drums). These guys just played shows on the US East Coast with Ya How Wha 13. Good stuff!
4/14/2011 Mopar Mountain Daredevils Mopar Bloody Mopar LP $13.99 El Suprimo "Features Cotton Casino from Acid Mothers Temple. Mopar Mountain Daredevils create a swirling thicket of heavy psychedelia that has more to do with stoner metal than any current psychedelic rock trends. But where loud bands with less songwriting talent or imagination settle down with the almighty riff, Mopar Bloody Mopar remains unhinged throughout, careening from one passage to the next, never looking back. The first thing that hits you on Mopar Bloody Mopar is how crisply the guitar effects pan out of the speakers, almost glistening, and in sharp contrast to the acid bath of rhythm lurking underneath. It is almost as though someone took rhythm tracks from a long lost '70s heavy metal band, and grafted beautiful spiraling fractals of guitar wank onto them in a thick-knit fabric woven of modern technology and 40 year old psych aesthetics. Like the best Sabbath albums, Mopar Mountain Daredevils' heaviness always comes caked in an irresistible sludge. Bits and pieces peek through like glimpses of some half-witnessed swamp thing. The whole EP sounds like it might have been recorded on top of a Himalayan peak, with space and wind being the dominant elements of the effects board. Excess has been the norm with psych bands, but the effect is for the album to fade out, strangely becoming more minimalistic as the songs get longer, and the beast settles back into the murk. An engaging debut from a promising band." Record Store Day 2011 release; limited to 500 copies on red & black splatter-colored wax.
6/11/2006 More Experience From Acid Dreams CD $12.99 Obuh "From flowery psychedelic songs to long hallucinating, heavy trips and acid guitar fireworks sounding like a lost diamond of 67' Autumn of Love. Old analog sound and cover. Blows your hippy mind!"
3/2/2005 Morganstewart Trappiste Protest 3" CDR $7.99 Firstperson "Recently re-located to Scotland, Stewart Morgan is a veteran of countless Leeds-based improv & rock collectives including To Suckle the Pups (with Phil Todd), Backdrummer & Codex not to mention his work as organiser of 'special events' including 'Sound Light Vision' of February 2003 which placed the free-form music of The Vibracathedral Orchestra, Sculptress, & Midwich within the confines of the Leeds Metropolitan University gallery alongside the work of prominent local artists & large scale film projections. For this recording - Trappiste Protest - we find our subject alone armed only with his acoustic gtr & a clutch of songs to break yr heart. The recording has a particular quality due in no small part to the high ceiling and bare walls of a deserted leeds metropolitan university gallery. This really is an outstanding collection of solo acoustic material, which tips a wink to the lineage of Renbourn / Jansch et al but manages to stand clearly & proudly on its own through dexterity & sheer ingenuity." 3" cdr housed in hand-made clear acetate covers with information printed on one side and an image on the other.
10/17/2009 Morris, Joe Colorfield CD $12.99 ESP-Disk "Joe Morris returns both to the guitar and to ESP-Disk' with the long form improvisation album 'Colorfield'. Much as the Colorfield painters simplified their compositions to evoke emotion with color, this trio emphasizes harmony, phrase, tempo and rhythm to electrifying results. Morris has been called the preeminent American jazz guitarist of our time, and, on 'Colorfield', his playing is characteristically intense, eloquent and melodic. The ranks of the trio are filled out by two of the most talented and skillful improvisors on the scene today, Steve Lantner and Luther Gray. Lantner's soloing on this recording has a state-of-the-art fluidity, energy, shape and dynamic variety while Gray, a master of the school of Free Music drumming, provides a constantly shifting but still driving groove that punctuates each moment with precision and invention. To see musicians of this caliber fuse their talents to create an original, dense and deeply contemplative work such as 'Colorfield' is extraordinary. As a result, the album gets better with every listen."
1/30/2014 Morris, Joe / Fausto Sierakowski / Nigel Taylor Part and Parcel CDR $7.99 Bug Incision "A barbarous, tangled offering from this acoustic wind/strings trio. This group shares ties in New England, specifically the Conservatory: Morris is a faculty member of the program that Taylor and Sierakowski recently graduated from. Joe Morris is a name that will not be unfamiliar to those who pay attention to goings on in the worlds of free jazz and improvisation. His work as both a guitarist and a bassist, with a veritable who's who of the international improvising community, has been widely documented on recordings for labels such as Aum Fidelity, Clean Feed, and ESP Disk. Taylor is currently located in Montreal, and has offered some compelling recordings thus far with the Nigel Taylor/Nick Neuberg duo, playing amplified trumpet and percussion, respectively, and Joint Raker, another duo where Taylor's trumpet is pitted against a wealth of guitar onslaughts. The music on Part and Parcel is of the breathlessly galloping, sprinting, and careening variety. Morris, Sierakowski, and Taylor share an inclination (here, at least) towards tight, knotty and sentence-finishing styles of playing. The intense forward motion they manifest on this record is the result of impressive levels of technique and virtuoso listening. This is a fine outing: another notch in a long & fine career of quality output, and a gushing introduction to two welcome new names." edition of 123 copies, color covers in plastic sleeves. https://soundcloud.com/bugincision3/joe-morris-fausto-sierakowski
5/16/2010 Mortuus Auris & The Black Hand Freiheit ist immer Freiheit der Andersdenkenden c60 cassette $6.99 Stunned "The last time we heard from Mortuus Auris & The Black Hand, the London cipher-weaver spun a most quixotic tapestry alluding to a nearby Other (Stunned no. 46). This next chapter raises the tension ever higher, thoroughly exploring ancillary avenues of nocturnal field recording & alien found sound. 'Freiheit ist immer Freiheit der Andersdenkenden' is an amalgamation of organic and inorganic energies fused into a beautiful, breathing contradiction. Special recording & editing techniques employed over its hour align the sacred geometries uncovered in spider webs, fishing nets, and tantric sex positions. The luminous sub-dimension revealed by such transgressive use of tech might take some getting used to; its' presence suggestive of a Contact experience right under our own skins. Hand-numbered edition of 111 pro-dubbed & imprinted c60 tapes with double-sided color jcard and insert."
11/6/2010 Mortuus Auris & The Black Hand Sleep c33 cassette $6.99 Stunned "The journey to fatherhood took a turn I never expected. Upon the birth of my daughter I felt compelled to communicate in the early stages of her life. A newborn has a whole world of sound and shapes to contend with. I used this as a point of reference to begin a sonic trip into nebula static, white noise and otherworldly tones. I built a pallet from a hundred culled cassettes tapes, eroded vinyl and electronic tones. 'Sleep' is conceived for ultimate spatial displacement, allowing the listener to absorb, focus and drift. Each tone is focused on a particular emotion and state of slumber. The drift, the doze and the deep sleep." - Peter Taylor of Mortuus Auris & The Black Hand
6/9/2011 Mortuus Auris & The Black Hand The White Paper double c40 cassette $8.99 Stunned "We welcome back our favorite audio raconteur for a fourth round on Stunned in the form of a special double-c40 set. "The White Paper" is Mortuus Auris & The Black Hand's most thematically-focused work to date, spending four ambitious tape sides in sonic dialog with recent literature published on anthropoeia, or "people-making." Each of his complex chapters raise up their own ear-catching specter: genetic code gematria, petri dish pranksters, odd effigies crafted & burned, and glimpses into futuristic hive mind hatcheries. It's clear "The White Paper" is an unmistakable hybrid of the MABH laboratory - fertile with unexpected turns and undeniably scintillating to the core. Limited edition set of 111 pro-dubbed & imprinted x2 c40 tapes in butterfly case with double-sided cards."
5/16/2012 Mosconi / Klok / Bonora Archi LP $20.99 Alga Marghen "Issued for an art event recently presented at the Galleria Milano in the first week of April 2012, the recordings on this LP edition represent a very specific and intimate moment in the creative sound production of Davide Mosconi with NADMA associates Inez Klok and Gustavo Bonora. For Davide Mosconi and for all the artists and musicians involved in the groups he founded (the legendary NADMA, Organic Archestra, Il Quartetto, Alea), improvising sessions were a daily practice that founded their very idea of music: a constant flux, a spontaneous research as important as life itself, mainly carried out in their private spaces and homes. Sometimes, like in the case of "Archi", these sessions were recorded giving us the chance to appreciate their unique sound approach coming from avant-garde experiences liberated by post-free jazz currents, as well as from classical studies or from experiences in the visual arts. "Archi" (i.e. "Strings") features cellist and violinist Gustavo Bonora (a founding member of Il Quartetto, the core of what would become the larger improvising ensemble NADMA), harpist Inez Klok (also member of the NADMA as well as involved in Aktuala) and Davide Mosconi. This improvisation was recorded on September 24th, 1974, one year after the publication of the only NADMA LP by RCA. The continuous, fluid music of "Archi" perfectly succeeds in expressing the parallel influences of ecstatic Afro-American ethnic music and of the contemporary neo-avant-gardes. This trio, as well as NADMA and the other entities organized around the key figure of Davide Mosconi, was surely one of the most innovative among the collectives of improvisers active in those years in Europe (Incus, FMP and ICP) and USA (especially Sun Ra Arkestra and post-ESP derivative free spiritual artists on Strata East), creating a sound which was then unparalleled in the Italian improvised music scene. One time pressing limited to 330 copies."
7/30/2006 Moskiitto, Ville Kaikki Mitäunohdin Sanoa CDR $7.99 Foxglove "Finnish troubadour ville moskiitto returns with his second full-length for foxglove. "kaikki" is quite different than his previous efforts, though, focusing more on acoustic and organic sounds to get through the long winter nights. from soil-soaked whimisical folk roots to angular forest squawk, moskiitto's alter-ego is pure magic. whispered vocals and accordians create sonic depth and push "kaikki mitäunohdin sanoa" further out toward the midnight sun. 100 copies." - label
2/21/2007 Moskiitto, Ville Retkikertomuksia CDR $11.99 Barl Fire Ville Forss' Moskiitto alter-ego returns with his most acoustic based opus to date. Out go the prepared electric-guitar and cavernous organ drones, to be replaced by creaking bowed and scraped strings, taking the listener out of the caves and into dark snow-clad forests, with a sawing and clattering free-folk sound closer in spirit to his fellow countrymen Anaksimandros and Vapaa. The album features cover art by Forss himself, is housed in vinyl slip cases and is limited to 100 copies.
3/11/2005 Moskiitto, Ville Ylistyksiä CDR $9.99 267 Lattajjaa "Crackling mumbling free-association drone recorded in the deep and dark caves of Turku: drawing inspiration from the dim and snowless winter, sleep deprivation, sickness and alcohol. Try and catch the wind."
3/2/2013 Moskos, Alexander VA- A Month In the Mind of Moskos 4xCDR set $18.99 American Tapes "My favorite sci-fi sound inzanity artist of 2022 goes WAAAY beyond with this sprawling set of super-outsider sound pieces and challenging audio supreme. Weirdo central= four cds in color cover, edition of 60 numbered. AMAZING." AM 948
11/20/2014 Mossenek Mothen one-sided 7" $7.99 American Tapes "MASSIVE KILOWATT INZANITY: nearly sui generis mega abstracted duo of guitar MONSTER MICK "SHREDDER" BARR & CHUCK "THROAT" BETTIS - live in 2013 amazing electronic chaos sounds like no other. If you need further pushes peep chuck's sponsor me skate vid:
B & W covers edition of 100, numbered. WARNING: WEIRD, WILL NOT FIT COMFORTABLY IN YOUR BONE BOX"
1/24/2009 Mossy Throats Electric Marsh cassette $8.99 Pizza Night "Electric Marsh is a hot slab of disgustingly likeable psychedelic mess. Clattery Squelches of electronics and sax. Dan D's current jams (in acts like Uneven Universe, Body Morph, Cardboard Sax) are some of the sickest in the midwest. The rising sun of ferndale, some say. Anything that he touches turns to absolute gold, showing incredible control on the most bizzzzare zones. Couldn't be more stoked to drop this one." Edition of 100 copies.
12/25/2005 Moth 1997-2003 CDR $9.99 Rhizome "After requests, here's the pick of the earlier Moth CDRs. Note: No Extra Tracks. This is only for newbies - unlimited."
11/21/2009 Moth Cock Cock at Croc's c20 cassette $7.99 Pizza Night "moth cock dudes seems to have a certain style..killer vibes always and the moth cock grab bag is always filled with many a ????? now, i know i do not have as much moth cock cred as ryan keuhn or say wyatt but i can vouch for that sick endless bag of schwag that they always seem to have and i can say when i saw them at this years VOV i was glad that the great lakes posse had a new staple. long run on there. the recordings are always as fucked and unpredictable as the live gig..just listened to this new "cock at crocs" and i cant even remember it cause it was so weird. its got that mind eraser quality..go back and listen again and it will sound like a different tape..it probably will be. moth cock rules" - john elliott. Edition of 60.
6/25/2013 Moth Cock Moth Cock LP $15.99 Tusco Embassy "Oh Moth Cock... is there a more awesome band name out there? I don't think so. Anyway, this new self-titled record on the ever-reliable Tusco Embassy is a serious trip. Mutant strings are mangled and looped through caustic sonic debris, filtering it's way into your skull like some kind of poisonous gas. Everything here is a creeper, moving like electrified molasses down winding corridors that never end. Considering that I've been dealing with the effects of a gnarly ear infection, this works to amplify the wooziness considerably. I almost feel sea sick (and that's a compliment). On the flipside we get to time travel. Melted horns sputter to life under a bed of electronic synapses. It's one hell of a dichotomy, like a cybernetic future that's covered in dust. Gravity eventually sets in and blackens your entire aura so there's no choice but to give up and settle in for the rest of the ride. It speeds up a bit, but even as these quasi-squelched tones try to build mountains from nothing it becomes pretty clear that this is music that exists to continually fall apart." - Brad Rose, Experimedia
7/1/2004 Moth Masque Moth Masque CDR $8.99 Hand/Eye "Timothy, Revelator and Alicia have worked together in the past (Mourning Cloak, Breathe Stone), but never so extensively. Moth Masque finds them with room to stretch out, explore, and experiment over the course of an entire album. Moth Masque was conceived from the beginning as an experiment. After completing work on Stone Breath’s ‘The Silver Skein Unwound’ CD, on which Timothy plays a large variety of Eastern, western and home-made instruments, Timothy decided to focus and create something using only one instrument and vocals. This was, however, the only rule. All of the music on Moth Masque is played on a Joseph Rickett banjo from 1880. It was played in the clawhammer, 2-finger, and 3-finger styles. It was played with a slide; a bow; it was beat like a drum; strummed; and sung through. Alicia and Timothy added vocals to this musical bed, and the entire album was then processed via aetheric engineering creating a true mix of sounds culled from the 1800s through today. Moth Masque is an album of love songs through the eyes of moths. Or, perhaps, moth songs through the eyes of love. It features 11 all new compositions by Alicia and Timothy as well as a new version of ‘Wisdom on the Moth’s Wing,’ which originally appeared on Stone Breath’s first CD, ‘Songs of Moonlight and Rain’ (out of print)." Limited edition – housed in a hand-stenciled digipack.
12/12/2009 Motherfucking Danke Liebe 3" CDR $6.99 Zero Jardins Review from vital weekly: "All I could find out was this is a label from Lyon France which is into Folk, Free Improvisation, New Wave, Noise and some details of live performances. We have four tracks of improvised abstract sounds using real as opposed to electronic objects. It could be made using kitchen equipment - pots and pans with the string sound made with an egg slice but I suspect it's a guitar and drums.. and so these sounds rumble on like a slow goods train, I'm sure whoever made this was having fun and its quite fun to listen to. Oh - and the last track uses a wah wah so strike egg slice and replace guitar. And some electronics - but that's OK - it's as they once said 'groovy'" - (jliat). 4 tracks, 19min. Julien dupont: Guitar, vocals, effects ~ Gael moissonnier: keyboards, electronics, vocals ~ Pascal nichols; drums.
12/12/2009 Motherfucking UK Tour CDR $7.99 Zero Jardins "Motherfucking is the duo of Julien Dupont & Gael Moissonnier. With sometimes guests Pascal Nichols (Part wild horses mane on both sides, neon temple, stuckometer..) & Ben Morris (Chora). Julien dupont: Guitar, vocals, effects. Gael Moissonnier: Electronics, vocals, effects, contact mics, cymbal. Review from vital weekly 702: Motherfucking went to the UK in August to play eleven concerts and I believe this CDR is their tour CD. They play one piece, almost twenty-nine minutes, which is very much along the lines of the Faux Amis LP, but better recorded. Here too improvisation plays a big part (I have no idea about the band line up, but there are drums, bass and guitars for sure), but things are stretched out a bit more. Motherfucking takes more time to develop their piece and sound also less chaotic than Faux Amis. Everything is almost pushing the loudest peak in sound, making this (also) to quite a noisy affair. The quality is, as said, much better, with more attention to the low end of the music. Quite a dense recording, and musically better than Faux Amis, but they share both the raw energy of improvised noise rock." (FdW)
12/12/2009 Mountainhood Death Pod one-sided LP $16.99 Blackest Rainbow "Our very first one sided LP, which is a bizarre trip from Michael Curtis Hilde's Mountainhood project. This one follows on from the two LPs on Time Lag's Red Records label a few months back which vanished super fast, as well as other releases on Reverb Worships and Yod. Total outsider midnight missions into weirdness... strange strings twang and rattle into the darkness, a very strange experience spread across one side of black wax. Limited to 300 copies in pro-printed wrap around sleeve featuring art by Michael."
9/24/2013 Mountainhood Spagyric cassette + download $6.99 Gnome Life Records "Mountainhood is the musical labor of Michael Curtis Hilde. Calling Michael prolific doesn't quite cover it, between 2005 and 2011 Michael has written, recorded and released over thirteen hours of music – Spagyric comprises one hour of music culled from that massive storm of song. Tracks range between dark woodland psychedelics, tender folk ballads, new age synth instrumentals, musique concrete, and more all channeled through the truly powerful imagination and mystical perspective that is Mountainhood. This tape contains tone-portals, poetic-gateways, song-ships that can transport you far-out to the furthest reaches of a science fiction landscape, or far-in to your own mysterious psycho-spiritual depths. As fans of all of Michael's work we at Gnome Life are proud and excited to present this seventeen track, curated album. We think of it as a distillation of his unique vision, and also a chance to make an inroad for the uninitiated into his vast and beautiful back-catalog."
3/5/2009 Mountainhood White Banquet : Live at The Story Chapter I CDR $9.99 Reverb Worship "This is Mountainhood's third release for Reverb Worship. Mountainhood is Michael Curtis Hilde. This cd is a complete live recording of the first of a series of gigs from The Story Club.The cd contains eight dark and introspective songs played solo. Michael are two future releases planned on Time Lag Records and a recent released cdr on Yod Tapes.The cd comes in a limited edition of 50 hand numbered copies in A red card cover with paste on artwork,insert and hand sprayed cd."
8/31/2010 Mountainhood Year of the Mountain CDR $8.99 Reverb Worship Reissue - edition of 50 copies with new artwork. "Doing this reissue of "Year Of The Mountain" has brought back many memories for me.Its great to hear these six tracks again.You may recall the original issue of this cd having a gatefold spray painted recycled card sleeve (which at the time to take ages to do)Š.and not forgetting the pipe cleaner that held it all together. For this reissue Michael has made new artwork for me.The original issue of this is now extremely hard to track down.During the time it took to create all the covers for the first issue, I recall Michael informing me he was changing his name from Almaden to Mountainhood.Then the title of the cd went from "Prince Fish" to "Year Of The Mountain".Finally, right at the last minute we went from five tracks up to six tracks with the addition of the final song "Grassy".It all worked out rather well in the end.This reissue is in a limited hand numbered edition of 50 copies." - Roger Linney
9/27/2002 Mourning Cloak Beyond CD $11.99 Ichor Recordings "Guitars, sitar, and Celtic harp are melded with analog synthesizers, hand-drums augment electric guitars...the result is a variously pulsing and droning, dreamlike, otherworld music."
9/30/2008 Mouths 3V1/3V2 CDR $9.99 Absurd "Mouths is another of Mueller's projects, here collaborating with Jim Schoenecker and Carol Genetti. Genetti's vocal work at the beginning of "3v1" sets the tone – a sung note that cracks, wavers, wobbles, and shivers for an extended time, it's slowly swarmed by percussive noise, before an unceasing rattle, ghosted by the lone foghorn peal of voice swimming in the background, pitches the composition into claustrophobic territory. This actually feels closer to the emotional tenor of metal than Mueller's Metals, to be honest. When Genetti's voice reappears it's a real blast from outside, though I'm less impressed by the wag who walked in while I was listening to this and said it sounded like Yoko Ono. Recordings of Genetti's voice also appear on "3v2", though for this live-to-air recording, Mueller is paired in the performance space with Schoenecker. The gracefulness in the pacing actually reminds me more of the patient enfolding of texture and drone by figures like Mirror, Andrew Chalk, or Mimir; "3v2" skirts the perimeters of various Industrial music tropes without falling into the mire of Industrial Lite, and Mouths' interest in the laminal gives these pieces a great sense of space/scope. Further proof, if it were needed, that Jon Mueller's ear is a finely tuned instrument indeed." - JD
2/7/2009 Mouthus Days Through the Combine CDR $9.99 Our Mouth "Confused rock scramblings."
8/8/2009 Mouthus Divisionals LP $14.99 Ecstatic Peace "After releasing the first Mouthus LP years back Ecstatic Peace returns to unleash another beast by this always amazing duo. Brian Sullivan (gtr/vox) and Nate Nelson (perc) connect here with a focused, thematic hayride through long tone static and fried mind amp terror. Anyone following the arc and molten flow of Mouthus' last few LPs and CDs (on Our Mouth, Troubleman Unlimited, Olde English Spelling Bee, Music Fellowship, Important, Three Lobed, Weird Forest and the exemplary Saw A Halo on Load) will be surely intrigued by Divisionals as it is Mouthus at their sweetest. Almost. Just when you're drifting through the electric skies you find the Earth reaching into your soul pulling you back to a primordial foreverness. A charming action." iiiiIII
12/24/2005 Mouthus no title LP $17.99 Olde English Spelling Bee "An early recording from this Brooklyn duo. Two side-long tracks. Dense, slow but fast blasts of whirlpool sound created with guitars, keyboards and other electronics. #'d edition of 350 - covers individually silk-screened & stickered."
1/1/2008 Mouthus untitled double LP $22.99 No Fun "Industrial Psych Rock from Brooklyn troglodytes of heavyness. Twice the volume, twice the destruction, twice the machinery, twice the head ache of psychedelic industrial joy! Play it at whatever speed you want. Limited to 350 copies." Recommended.
12/24/2005 Mouthus & Axolotl 12-15-04 LP $17.99 Olde English Spelling Bee "X-mas 2004, Brooklyn. Brian Sullivan and Nate Nelson of Mouthus meet up with Karl Bauer of Axolotl for some sonic celebration and let the tape machine roll. Two side-long psilocybe-inspired scoops of shimmering and stumbling drone/zone/sludge ragas. Better dust off yr bib."
2/14/2008 Mouthus & Yellow Swans Conan Island LP $15.99 Weird Forest * - LP $15.99 (Weird Forest)
"An inevitable match made in Hades. Four titans workin' it out in the primordial mulch and all the gods are cowering in their presence. The dual intertwining guitar-attack impacts and fragments into the dense concrete
percussion forest surrounded by a shroud of pulsing caterwauling skree. A harum-scarum locomotive ride of thick, bombastic & heavy proportions..just like you want it to be. Play loud for optimum effect! Cover art by Brian Sullivan." Limited edition of 500 copies.
4/25/2008 Mouthus & Yellow Swans Live On Conan Island LP $19.99 No-Fi "The ultimate East coast/West coast soundclash as Oregon's Yellow Swans and Brooklyn's Mouthus present a smouldering document from their onstage interactions on their Fall 2006 US tour. The sound of Mouthus's splat&clatter percussion and sheets of severely altered guitar and voice noise paired with Yellow Swans' raucous axe-mangling and sublime noise processing make for a gargantuan oil tanker of sound that can't avoid enveloping the listener. 'Live On Conan Island' is a range of monstrous caverns of free electro skronk, alt-percussion and wailing guitars from live collaboration between two of Load's hottest noisemongers. Gigantic!"
7/30/2006 Mouthus / Cousins of Reggae split LP $15.99 Olde English Spelling Bee "A side each of fertile noise-rot from Montreals Cousins of Reggae and Brooklyns Mouthus. Soundly rejected by Discovery Channel - the Cousins five-track suite about the Hudson Bay follows up their limited & hard-to-find debut l.p. (on Ohnonoise) & a recent cd-r on Mouthuss Our Mouth imprint. They set sail with some hyperactive stompers and narcoleptic stumblers intent on capsizing all vessels in their path before coming under attack by a squadron of pissed off jet-skiiers. On flip are two massive Mouthus jams - "New Drugz" & "Better Than Facemask" which perfectly capture a day spent peaking on mescaline at the Daytona 500. Limited edition of 500 with unique handpainted covers and full-color inserts.." - label
12/24/2005 Mouthus / Ground Monkeys / Dosdedos/ Tan As Fuck split 7" $7.99 Heat Retention Records "Great bite-sized gob of free noise on this limited four-way split. Mouthus deliver with some barrelling strings / knuckles assault that's as formless as electricity, while Tan As Fuck hit make with some dissolving cacophonous testimony. Love these explosive noise 7", a helluva lot of fun to flip. Edition of 500." - Volcanic Tongue
6/11/2006 Mouthus and Valerie Allen Mouthus and Valerie Allen CDR $11.99 Our Mouth "Mouthus continue their slew of momentous releases with this latest CD-R on their own Our Mouth Records. Ecliptic (sch)locked grooves cartwheel through a cascade of howling voices and punk primitive guitar like Denis Charles, Marian Zazeela and Sumner Crane spilling out of a frozen moment with pure lunatic abandon. Some of this is heavily redolent of Cornelius Cardew's The Great Learning, as Nate Nelson's slovenly percussion wades through a thick heave of trembling, wordless vocals arching into the darkest regions of the rolling golden everlasting. Track 3 meshes the mesmeric call of struck metal objects with Allen's dilated oesophagus and the sibilant gush of the tide rolling in and out. For fans of VCO, DNA and MEV. Featuring distinctive artwork from resident Our Mouth illustrator. Limited to 100 and highly recommended." - Alex, Volcanic Tongue

Moviola All By Myself 7" $3.99 Ratfish From 1994 - comes in cardboard fold-out sleeve
4/27/2011 Mr Sterile / Biff Bangle split 8" lathe record $19.99 Root Don Lonie For Cash "Big & cool split 8" record out on Root Don Lonie! Biffs music like pirate surf drenched in cool 70s cop program action. Mr Sterile, more old school punk, sitting at the back with all the naughty kids. Three songs each side. I'm real happy to be releasing this one coz both of these guys are undervalued (in my opinion) in the 'nz underground/noise/whatthefuckever' music scene, they are super people too."
6/27/2009 Mrtyu Ornate Shroud LP $15.99 Tipped Bowler / Faunasabbatha "Hopefully Mrtyu requires little introduction, because the project evades easy description. An odd compound of Vedic imagery, metal misanthropy, and violin agony, this music moves away from any particular fan base in pursuit of its distant, darkened idols. Ornate Shroud is Mrtyu's most potent spawn to date. Hewing closer to song form than previous releases, the album conceals Antony Milton's violent guitar and violin work behind Mrtyu's characteristic murk. Its pieces transition from jagged riffs to eerie ambient scrapes through wooly feedback, approaching the uncanny. Although the year is yet young, 2009 will likely not produce a bleaker aggraga record. Edition of 350 180 gm. LPs in heavy-stock linen-paper sleeves hand-screened, -cut, and -glued by Reuben Little of 43rd Parallel Press."
6/19/2007 Mrtyu Ritual Terra Continuii cassette $7.99 Tipped Bowler "The second stateside release from the murky Mrtyu following the double-disc goliath on 20 Buck Spin. Ritual Terra Continuii retains the morbid intensity, hard-edged rumble, and gruesome death-knells of the debut, packing the visceral shudders into a dense but digestible c30. For those in the dark, Mrtyu is New Zealand's Antony Milton, of Nether Dawn, The Stumps, and nearly half the projects of note from the Pacific outpost. Tantric doom of the highest order. Cardstock covers with two inserts and blood-sprayed tapes." Edition of 120.

Ms. Bliss / Naming Mary split 7" $3.99 Wintermute Split single on blue marbled vinyl
4/24/2006 MSBR / Spykes / Gov Alpha Tano Forever one sided LP $24.99 American Tapes "Man...where to start..... in 98 MSBR and Alpha did a short Midwest Canada tour and was a total blast...mind-blowing experience.... way black when it was done RAW and human....
so after three amazing MSBR/UI/Princess Dragonmom/ Alpha etc. gigs in Detroit the duo red'ed up to Grand Rapids on a Monday night to bust one at a huge indie club. I intercepted a call by Davin from PDM in the late afternoon claiming dem boyz wanted to jam together. Within minutes I was in enroute from Detroit for the action. Got there / and busted this at 1:30 AM in GR. to a crowd of empty bottles...... fucking ruled...hard. Total schizo lofi audio weirdo live session with the only known recordings of the raw Koji vocal scream/mutterings.
Feedback reeds and zoned electronics galore, recorded by a Walkman on a lonely table at the back of the club. For some reason this sounds Droll Yankee ish and calm/ harsh loverz will be bummed...weird man.... Stoked to have done it. Everyone needs more Koji legends in they lyfe....dude is an icon homeboy.... A strange document from free-ER times. "See you on the Other Side Warrior Brother" indeed...man...kinda choked up..... Edition of 200 in weird handmade "wave sleeve" and color mounted artwork. Scratch friendly packaging. RIP"
1/22/2011 MSSNG / Greenhouse split c20 cassette $6.99 Prairie Fire "We've been scheming on this on for a long time. We're from Winnipeg & because few people give a shit about this prairie burg, we seek out and showcase the most talented underground sounds this frozen hole has to offer. MSSNG is Lee Breyfogle , a Montreal (via Wpg) based bedroom recorder relatively unknown to most drone/drift folks - we here a PF HQ are seeking to rectify that... we think he's brilliant - so will you - expect big things. Curran Farris however has seen his Greenhouse project expand to greater heights with each successive release. His Golden City cassette (PF 016) didn't hang around long and we expect neither will this. A 20 minute record of what listening to Taj Mahal Travellers, Sunn 0))), and Growing does to the minds of Canadian youth." Edition of 50.

Muckraker #6 zine with 7" $4.99
Features on Shaking Ray Levis, Milo Fine, Ladonna Smith & Davey Williams, Ecstatic Peace Discography (part 1), a lot of reviews plus a 7" featuring Shaking Ray Levis & Ladonna Smith & Davey Williams.
3/5/2009 Mudboy Eno Trouble / Midiwards / Happy Birthday Song cassette $7.99 Goaty Tapes "Blocky critters jam up in the webs in my ma's bakelite every once in a while. She tell me I ought to investigate so I brung my earphones and muffled the two-step gothgroove. Check it out!" - Valhalla. Edition of 100 on purple shells with full-color artwork.
1/1/2008 Mudboy Hungry Ghosts! These Songs are Doors enhanced CD $12.99 Digitalis "Mudboy dares you to find a suitable label for his warped sonic missives. But find one way to trap him and he changes direction and weasels out under the cracks in the wall. This is music for those who like to skit the line between light and dark, because believe Mudboy himself when he says that this record is all about the dark arts. His spells and incantations are the perfect guide through this analog labyrinth. "Hungry Ghosts" is at times hypnotic, dabbling in psychedelia, but is also disorientating like a house of mirrors. The circuit bent organ and arsenal of pedals does Mudboy well and will keep you guessing for as long as you're willing to give it a go. This album is a grower, but after a few listens you'll find yourself completely hooked. On "Hungry Ghosts," the listener is given glimpses into a whole host of new worlds. Each song is like a diorama; intricate, detailed, and totally 3-D. You'll find yourself wandering aimlessly through this mess of devilish sonic missives only to realize that once it ends, not only are you lost, but completely entranced and calm. This is meditative music for the agitated soul. Like poltergeists that haunt belfries and spires, Mudboy is never in one place for too long. This is the CD version of the recent LP on Not Not Fun. This enhanced CD contains the same music as well as a short video by Mudboy, "Othern Lights." The disc is packaged in lasercut & slightly burned cardstock sleeves with matching insert. It's similar to the LP, only more intricate."
1/22/2011 Mudboy Live cassette $5.99 Utmarken "A hidden treasure from the Utmarken live archives finally available on the cassette format. Recorded on the 21st of January 2009, this 42 minute set truly captures the dark and twisted essence of Mudboy. Program repeated on both sides. 50 copies."
6/19/2007 Mudboy Livish 2007 CDR $7.99 DNT "Beware of Mudboy, it creeps and leaps and glides and slides across the floor..right through the door and all around the wall a splotch, a blotch. Be careful of Mudboy! Crazy full-color artwork by Matt Lock (puffandmagic.com) plus a giant green cardstock monster insert! Limited to 50 copies! 7" coming in July!!"
7/5/2011 Mudboy This Is Folk Music LP + download $14.99 Weird Forest "Raphael Lyon is the enigma known as Mudboy. From the incredibly detailed art/packaging to bizarre mp3 releases attached to scrap metal or plant matter to Freddy Krueger-inspired art installations, Lyon has always been one of the strangest cats on the scene. This unique perspective also infects his music. Whereas many of today's kosmiche-influenced artists bubble up from the noise scene (with knob-twiddling pedal pusher seemingly a prequisite to sequencing synth jammer these days), Mudboy's work hints more toward the avant-garde as well as a touch of the classical. Originally released on CD in 2005, This Is Folk Music finds Lyon placing each sound with purpose and carefully sequencing the songs to create a dark, slightly twisted yet strangely beautiful soundscape. Listen to the gunshot crack that kicks the album into high gear on "Solitron Wave", the seamless transition from the sparkling melody of "Running" into the jungle rhythms of "Beirut Dance Party", even commonplace field recordings of waves and night sounds take on a different dimension in Lyon's hands. This Is Folk Music may have been his first major release but already, all the trademark elements are present: the skewed aesthetic, the attention to detail and especially, the strong compositional sense. This is Mudboy. Art/layout by Raphael Lyon. Vinyl reissue specially re-sequenced by the artist. Limited edition of 500 includes 22" x 22" insert with mp3 download of the album in its original form."
2/19/2004 Mukai Chie (Enkidou) Hasselt CD $16.99 Turtles' Dream "Live recording from the European tour of the trio in October / November 2002, to the invitation of Densité festival (France) . Meeting between two Japanese improvisators : Chie Mukai (kokyu, drums, voice) and Sei ichi Yamamoto (guitar, flute, voice) with Éric Cordier (hurdy-gurdy & electronics). " At the risk of officiously imputing to it a conceptual patness it neither implies nor desires, _Enkidu_ - a 67-minute live recording from a 2002 visit to France, Mukai's regular duo with Yamamoto enlarged to accommodate kindred spirit Cordier - could be said to form a trilogy with _Live At Showboat_ [Last Visible Dog] and _L'Energie De L'Existence_ [Turtles Dream]: each offers its own interpretation of Mukai's trademark long-form noise-drone-dream psych-folk improvisations. Basing itself around two momentously elongated, deliriously swirling and head-spinningly noisy slow-burn deep-sound drone-ragas, _Enkidu_ drifts nebulously and looms menacingly, exerting a subtle yet irresistible undertow, always on the brink of falling apart and cohering into something ‘else’ altogether, sucking in signifiers and referents, spinning them out into an endless psychedelic fug.” - liner notes (extract) by Nick Cain

Mukai, Chie Kokyu Improvisations CD $15.99 PSF Chie recorded live "playing an ancient Chinese violin (Kokyu), with bits of voice, pieces of metal, bronze rings, cymbals, tape-soundscapes added in. Much appeal for anyone interested in a Fluxal/Theater of Eternal Music-influenced hour of subtle screech; the sound of 'floating atmosphere'".
3/21/2007 Mukai, Chie Solo Improvisations CD $12.99 Siwa Records "Chie Mukai is best known in the West, if at all, as the leader of Japan's most otherworldly dream psych-pop unit Ché-SHIZU. In that group, her gorgeous work on er-hu (a traditional two-stringed bowed Chinese instrument), sliding up and down through the cracks in conventional tonality, melds perfectly with the trembling naiveté of her vocals. It's a unique sound, immensely personal, and immediately identifiable. However, Mukai also has a lengthy complementary, though much less well-known, career as a solo performer and improviser dating back to her time in the East Bionic Symphonia in the late 70's (trainspotters might also want to note her peripheral involvement with the LAFMS scene). On any given week in Tokyo, you're likely to find her collaborating in a basement somewhere with like-minded multimedia creators, butoh dancers, musicians, performance and visual artists, installationists... Each December she organizes Perspective Emotion, a full-on festival of multi and mixed media performance. In recent years, Ché-SHIZU has fallen into inactivity and Mukai's adventures in the improvised mode have come to take on a far greater importance to her. These previously shadowy activities have finally attained some proper sunlit documentation - most notably, the love-hate dynamics of her showdown with Masayoshi Urabe (Dual Anarchism, on Siwa); her collaborations with Ramones Young, the obviously alcohol-inspired attempt to meld Ramones covers with a Lamonte Young methodology; and the Enkidu unit with Eric Cordier and Sei'ichi Yamamoto. But while all of these are just fine and dandy, for the full unadulterated Mukai experience, you really have to hear her playing solo, expanding soul and sense and touch to fill space. Which is why it is such an unadulterated pleasure to have this SIWA album, her first release outside of Japan, back in print. Three longish pieces, all recorded live in the late nineties. There's a far fuller drone sound to her er-hu here, compared to that on her previous solo release (Kokyu Improvisation, on PSF), a wavering intensity that pulls your brain straight into a sensation-dulled trance. And with none of the evil wince often associated with solo violin improvs, you're free to fully appreciate the fractional control and deep humming resonance of the instrument. It's a beguiling sound, seeming to combine both earth and air in one eternal thrumming, shimmering pull of gut on steel string. Mukai augments the sound with an occasional percussion crash, and a verse or two of wordless higher-mind vocalization. What more could a human ask for? This is sumptuous late-night improv, a fine goose-feather pillow for addled minds everywhere." - Alan Cummings. CD reissue of Siwa #6 in screenprinted gatefold sleeve. First released on LP in 2000 in an edition of 300 which sold out pretty much overnight. Three tracks recorded at Kid Ailack Art Hall in Tokyo in the late 90's. Just over 40 minutes of solo improvisations for er-hu, voice, kengali, rings, cymbals. The recording has been remastered for the digital format but contains the same material as the original LP.
6/16/2003 Mukai, Chie / Rinji Fukuoka L énergie de l existence CD $16.99 Turtles' Dream Chie Mukaï : voice, kokyu and drums, Rinji Fukuoka : cello, piano and drums. "Two concerts recorded in Tokyo at Ogikubo Communauty Center, the 7 and 8 September 2002. A drone music moving to free music, unfold to infinity, sonic caravan lost in the opiate meanders of the cortex (lost as they were in this map of Cosmos). Free drumming tearing apart the psychedelic melodies born from the strings, kokyu and cello played until exhaustion and loss (a primary key to a psychedelic journey.) An electric raga played endlessly. Chie Mukaï - Moonlit figure of the Japanese improvisation scene and of the P.S.F label, Chie Mukaï has played with Masayoshi Urabe, Tori Kudo, Fumio Kosakaï, Seiichi Yamamoto, Keiji Haino, Kengo Iuchi... She studied under Takehisa Kosugi (founding member of the Taj Mahal Travellers), created the psyche-folk band Ché-SHIZU and more recently curated the festival Perspective Emotion, where performers, dancers and musicians all join, illustrating the omnipresence of the body in her art.
Rinji Fukuoka is among the musicians fascinated by the instruments: cellist, viola player, guitar player, striking and hitting the strings, a technique he developed in some psychedelic bands like Overhang Party, Magical Garden, Tangerine Dream Syndicate, trying to enforce the doors of perception. On the cello on the sharp string of emotion and sensuality, sticky melancholy even when playing again and again Detroit and San Francisco. He has created the label Pataphysique." Highly recommended!
11/4/2006 Mullen, Geoff A Rip in the Fabric 7" $5.99 Rare Youth "First release on geoff’s own rare youth label. late night improv electric guitar drone-sonics. dark & sweet space-out music. beautiful packaging with screenprinted art on fancy imported, textured, art paper. limited to 300." - Time-Lag
5/3/2012 Mullen, Geoff Accidental Guitars LP $15.99 REL "geoff mullen presents a new side of his ever-changing and open language, dealing here with his rawest material to date, and in many ways finding himself in a homecoming to the guitar. on 'accidental guitars' geoff expands his instrumental language with his unique variety of invented, accident-prone technique. re-contextualized live performances are filtered through an intuitive sense of form and pretexts, leaving us with an intense, jarring, pointed, and textural compositional language.with little more than an electric guitar, he conjures abstract formations and clattering percussive tones that are starkly contrasted with tape hiss and sudden echoplex'd delay. sustains calm the mood throughout and create a beautiful and oddly soothing atmosphere that seems to move in all directions at once. the music on 'accidental guitars' has an ability of creating form out of being lost, and achieves a lucidity through this sense. this record is a unique document, finding geoff between forms and excepted styles, and seeing him off, once again, in another new and exciting direction in his music. rel018 is pressed on heavy 180 gram vinyl, housed in a matte black inner sleeve, produced in a deluxe edition with multi screened designs on archival heavy stock with a insert and notes by the composer." Edition of 350 copies.
12/1/2004 Mummi Kutoo Mummi Kutoo CD $16.99 Ektro "Don't know much about this Ektro release - all the info we can find is in Finnish and of friend Jussi of Ektro/Circle has a cryptic way about him - but we do know that it's a reissue of a '70s Finnish folk/prog LP by a band with the pleasant sounding name of Mummi Kutoo. They play a weird (and you may think wonderful) concoction of rustic folk, psychedelic rock, New Orleans jazz, honkytonk, and bluegrass...one track might be all flutes and Floyd, the next a brass band number! Quite diverse in mood and musical style. In parts, it's a bit like a countrifed Dungen, if you're familiar with that current-yet-retro Swedish band. And it's certainly the soft seventies mellow pop psych cuts, the dreamiest stuff on here, that we like the best. With 23 songs on here (14 from the band's self-titled album released on Love Records in 1975 plus another 9 bonus tracks from the era) there's plenty to enjoy." - Aquarius Records catalog
2/18/2015 Munro, Scott Monty CDR $9.99 Bug Incision "Scott Munro is a well-known name in Calgary, and will be equally well-known to perusers of liner notes and album personnel listings worldwide. Munro is a founding member of the Bent Spoon Ensemble/Trio/Duo continuum, and the Trio version (along with Chris Dadge and David Laing) of that group was also responsible for the conception of and first few releases on Bug Incision Records. He has appeared on nearly every Bent Spoon-related release to date, with releases on House of Alchemy, Total Vermin, Middle James Co, and of course many on Bug Incision, including collaborations with Eric Chenaux, Allison Cameron, Eric Normand, and Darren Williams. He's been a member of free metal trio Lord Something (with Dadge and Mark Fleischhaker), pan-improv group the Musk Cup, with the late Dan Meichel, and a touring member of songwriter Chad vanGaalen's band. More recently, Monty (as he's known to friends and admirers the world over) has been gaining notoriety for his new group Viet Cong, a Talking-Heads-by-way-of-This-Heat-and-the-Velvet-Underground post-punk combo whose ripper of a debut album is due out next year on Jagjaguwar Records. Monty presents two live sets, recorded at Weeds Cafe in Calgary, Alberta, performed on his six-string Fender Bass VI quasi-replica, before it was rudely stolen from his studio in Mount Pleasant. Munro's solo sets don't have any clear touchstones for reference, which is fitting, as even though he's played countless hours of improvised music, occasionally in the company of some true stars of the form, he is by no means a "nerd" for the genre. The guitar/bass is at times heavily processed and bears little resemblance to its six-string essence, a disfigurement that is compounded by preparations and consumer-electronics enhancements. After many years of witnessing and documenting his supple collaborative abilities, Bug Incision is proud to present his debut solo album." Edition of 75 copies, color covers in plastic sleeves. Listen: https://soundcloud.com/bugincision3/scott-munro-monty-excerpt
3/21/2007 Muntjac Imaginary Conservation Sounds CDR $7.99 Azriel Records "Intensely psychedelic wolf funk and float. sweet technicolor earth dream blast. member of death chants. printed art with aural embellishment + insert by paul grimes. hand numbered ed. of 88."
6/19/2007 Muntjac Woodswatcher cassette $6.99
"a wordless wilderness story. weird woods slowly unfolding to the very heart, opening into a hazy blues and effervescent cascade before closing in once more. featuring synthasonic sounds, acoustic guitar, numinous flute and mystery scruffle. full 30min green cassette with verdant color artwork. edition of 95." This is Paul Grimes - member of Death Chants.
2/21/2009 Murayama, Seijiro / Michael Northam Moriendo Renascor CD $16.99 Xing Wu "Between 2003 and 2004 - Michael Northam and Seijiro Murayama met a few times in Switzerland and France. One artifact of their meetings, 'They Stood Around and Watched' a 20 min CDr was published by Universe International. A more comprehensive and extended document of these meetings has finally made its way in the form of 'Moriendo Renascor.' Seeded from composted recordings taken in Lisbon, Portugal and Astoria, Oregon. Northam offered heavily mixed sources during these meetings. Selections were made by trying to find segments of activated sonic 'matter' then finally to be passed through the ears and hands of Murayama. An awkward meeting perhaps - tangential - yet something else. A shared desire to find some shared experience through the medium of sound. During the process of creation the two took drives out to the Jura in Switzerland and through rural France and passed some terse moments arguing the finer points of the unlikely meeting between a densely planned acousmatic 'composter' and a highly disciplined improvisor. A discussion that ended up producing four enigmatic tracks. 'Moriendo Renascor' - a term taken from a southern French dialect - meaning 'in death, rebirth'" Malaysian import.
11/8/2013 Murdabike Murda4live 7" lathe cut $15.99 Heavy Space Records "In a room of broken disco balls, ISO12 and Racula smash neon coloured shards of beats and quiet whispered vocals. They are motor-cross space cyclists, their sound metalic, robotic, like spray painted scatter patterns of analog synths. Moroder rhythms live in a decaying ex-Victorian town, the music is modern, the music is primitive, the music is murda!"
1/13/2004 Murdered Housewives, The Last Dance With the Golden Dove LP $8.99 Nauscopy Records "Manic off-the-wall thrash stuff with keyboards and humor, from Seattle (USA). Yellow vinyl and yellow silkscreened design on black jackets. Snazzy!" Edition of 200 copies.
8/20/2004 Murmansk CraterScrape CDR $8.99 Imvated "Hailing from the mysterious Deserted Village, this band breathes more improvised and blissful tones than you can imagine. Tons of instruments and objects are played and detuned. When the storm stops, a subtle piano kicks in. This is the third Murmansk album, after a cdr on their own label, and one on the superb Humbug Records, up in the North."
8/28/2004 Murmansk Murmansk CDR $9.99 Deserted Village Debut album from the Dublin-based free improv explorers. The members of Murmansk met at an improv workshop hosted by Eddie Prevost, percussionist with the legendary AMM in late 2001. Ever since, Murmansk have met semi-regularly to record their improvisations and play in churches, theatres, galleries and even pubs around Ireland. The members of Murmansk coalesced into the expanding Deserted Village collective and label. The First Deserted Village CD-R was the debut Murmansk album. The members of Murmansk are multi-instrumentalists continuously refining their approach to making music. Acoustic and electric, analogue and digital, found objects prepared and home made instruments and good old fashioned extended technique are all employed in a Murmansk performance. Particular techniques and sound sources are unimportant in themselves, the goal is always to create a cohesive and moving piece. While free improv often alienates listeners because it sounds emotionless or experimental for it’s own sake. a successful Murmansk performance affects the listener in a visceral way and creates its own atmosphere. The six members of Murmansk are all involved in a diverse range of other projects and come from different backgrounds; some have studied modern composition, jazz and others are self-taught. This enriches the music and creates tensions in the performances, which can be resolved in unexpected ways or not at all.” “Free Improv, kinda in the tradition of AMM. Prepared piano thrashing is exhilarating but there are also calmer, murkier moments.”
2/20/2010 Murray, Heather Leigh Jailhouse Rock LP $11.99 Not Not Fun "It's been a while since Scorces sorceress, Jandek collaborator, and Volcanic Tongue branch manager Heather Leigh has ventured out on vinyl under her own name. And it may be a while longer, as Jailhouse Rock is in fact a wax reissue of a long OOP 2006 cassette classic on Michigan crud factory Fag Tapes. It was a fave of ours that year (and every year), so it feels extra celebratory to be able to offer up a freshly remastered (by Pete Swanson) LP edition of the album for global re-appreciation. Sprawling, long-form descent/ascents into mythic electric disorientation, powered by her trademark recipe of FX-soaked pedal steel and voice. Jailhouse feels loosely more aligned with a mid-aughts drone/noise aesthetic than the outsider dirt road Americana of her Devil If You Can Hear Me LP (also on NNF), but the distinction is a slight one. Side A swims in swooping sheets of vox and tempestuous wind tunnel dynamics before slowly dying away to wheezing disembodied harmonica. The B piece begins in a more overtly beautiful mode, a trinity of crystalline notes picked and stretched until they're transformed into a rapturous sky of textural distortion. Sensual and vertigo-inducing in equal measure. Black vinyl LPs in jackets with brand new paint/collage artwork by Heath Moerland (of Sick Llama, Slither, Odd Clouds, etc). Edition of 400."
2/2/2002 Music Ensemble, The s/t CD $12.99 Roaratorio "The first documentation of this important free improvising group, featuring Roger Baird, Billy Bang, Malik Baraka, Daniel Carter, William Parker, and Herb Kahn. Existing during the heyday of NYC's Loft Scene, their name has often been cited as a crucial stage in the development of its members - the seeds of such current ensembles as Other Dimensions In Music and Test can be found here - but their singular music has gone largely unheard, save by those who were present at their concerts. This CD has been compiled from archival tapes recorded by Roger Baird; one complete performance from Brooklyn's Kingsborough College, on 24 April 1974, and excerpts from a concert at the Holy Name School Auditorium, on 15 February 1975. Packaged in a mini-LP gatefold sleeve, with liner notes by Parker, Bang, Baird, and Carter, paintings by Marilyn Sontag, and a reproduction of the poster for one of the shows, this is the recording debut of one of jazz's greatest 'lost' groups."
11/3/2012 Music For Phantoms I-II-III triple CD Box Set $31.99 Elliptical Noise "This is the official debut of the Opalio brothers' new project called MUSIC FOR PHANTOMS. It is a totally acoustic and a very ambitious project dedicated to "total quietness", recorded in the mountains and ONLY during the night. This is the most haunted music you can ever imagine, created playing exclusively wooden instruments: a classical guitar, and an acoustic guitar; all instrumental. This music makes you taste the distant echoes coming from the other side. Nothing can be more true. In November 2007 Maurizio and Roberto Opalio released the first album of this collection (entitled 'I') as a private press art edition cd-r of only 99 copies. On April 28 and July 20, 2010, they recorded the following two albums ('II' and 'III'), presented for the first time in this triple box set. "music for phantoms is the thin curtain which permeates your neurons_music for phantoms is the numbness of the fog that holds you with its silver fluxus_music for phantoms is the whisper of the promised first snow_music for phantoms is the atonal sing-song of the branches soaked with memory reverbered by the wind_music for phantoms is the view through the praxinoscope of the Great Void_music for phantoms is the murmur of the golden leaves stripped by the agony of the autumn sun_music for phantoms is the pure vivid white light as itself that does not mind to show its necessity to the world_music for phantoms is everything shining beyond space and time_music for phantoms is the shadow of the instant just sacrified in its becoming_music for phantoms is the consciousness of the senselessness of what comes afterwards_music for phantoms is the limbo between this and the other dimension_music for phantoms is the blinding darkness coming from a dying flame while a new light is yet to be found over a less and less definite horizon". - Roberto Opalio. "Another rewarding sonic step into new territory from the Opalio brothers. Superb and atmospheric, a pagan ceremony to welcome winter in a forest, dancing between the unknown strange states of mind, haunted and compelling through out" (Musique Machine)
12/1/2007 Music For Phantoms Music For Phantoms CDR + DVD-R set $44.99 Opax Records "New project by Italian space-brothers improv duo My Cat Is An Alien, recorded in remote Western Alps in fall 2007. Forget all the space psychedelic textures... forget all sort of space toys... this is a totally different affair: this is haunted music created with wooden primitive instruments, distant echoes from the other dimension. A pagan ceremony to welcome winter. Stunning film by Roberto Opalio to introduce you to the reign of the phantoms." Private edition of 99 handnumbered copies; in heavy cardboard with pasted artwork + insert
9/30/2003 Music Machine Turn On LP $17.99
"With their 1966 hit ‘Talk Talk,’ extra-nasty fuzz guitar and creepy, minor-key Farfisa, here's an album (the only one recorded by the original group) that's essential to raw '60s garage punk. This re-issue has all the original artwork and liner notes. Euro import."
8/2/2008 Musica Elettronica Viva Friday CD $18.99 Alga Marghen "For the realization of Friday, recorded in London in May 1969, MEV were Frederic Rzewski (piano, electronics, etc.), Alvin Curran (flugelhorn, etc.), Richard Teitelbaum (Moog synthesizer), Franco Cataldi (trombone, etc.), Gunther Carius (saxophone, etc.). The main theme around this MEV piece is communication. Communication by means of music can be a very efficient means of reaching quick agreement among large numbers of people, because when you call something music, you have tacitly accepted a convention by which it is understood that the sounds that you make have no particular meaning, they are just sounds and therefore free to serve the general purpose of pure communication. Music can bring people together where language divides them. When this happens, the 'concert' will come to resemble other other liberated forms such as the party or the day-off, themselves secular remnants or earlier ceremonies. MEV music is not meant to impress people, but to liberate them. This CD is included in a beautiful digipack full-color sleeve with photos and liner notes. Also included is an 8-page booklet with an essay on Friday by Frederic Rzewski as well as 'MEV Then and Now' by Richard Teitelbaum."
8/2/2008 Musica Elettronica Viva (M.E.V.) Spacecraft/Unified Patchwork Theory CD $18.99 Alga Marghen "In the fall of 1966 a group of composers that included Frederic Rzewski, Alvin Curran, Allen Bryant, Jon Phetteplace, Giuseppe Chiari and Richard Teitelbaum organized 'Avanguardia Musicale I', a festival of several consecutive nights at the Accademia Filarmonica Romana. The program included tape music, Fluxus performance art pieces and live electronic works. It was also the beginning of the group MEV."
7/9/2004 Musique Concret Bringing Up Baby CD $17.99 Fractal "Reissue of a rare UK album from 1981. Musique Concret were an obscur London duo composed by Jim Friedman & Michael Mullen with a short lived musical history : their sole album Bringing Up Baby was originally released on Steven Stapleton's label United Dairies and there is also one short track on compilation. This is a great experimental power electronics works with the use of delay and echo, tape recorder manipulations, collages, rhythms box, noise, and others studio trickery, naturally close to Nurse With Wound's first period, Faust or others German 70's innovative bands. Completely forgotten nowadays, Bringing Up Baby is really much more than just an interesting curiosity, it's a true highly original recordings from the early 80's. A lost jewel!"
6/24/2012 Musra Group, Phill At Huseyin's one-sided LP $29.99 Sagittarius A-Star Phill Musra- reeds, chimes, perc, zurna
Michael Cosmic- reeds, organs, perc, flute, piccolo, zurna
Huseyn Ertunc- drums, perc
rec. August 1991, Los Angeles
"This is the ONLY other available rec. of this incredible trio who released back in the 70's two legendary records on the Intex label. totally unique and timeless music/vision." ep fluorescent blue vinyl; paste-on cover.
side A
I love you God
4/16/2007 Mutumbajoy, Santiago Yage Pinta! Psychedelic Shaman Songs of Santiago Mutumbajoy CD $12.99 Lattitude "Weaving in and out of the shaman's body, which is the same as the body of the song, these songs are the medium by which spirits are conjured, witchcraft laid to rest, and the universe put on edge. Treat them accordingly. They might change your life. They did, mine. They are sung by Santiago Mutumbajoy whom I taped with a cheap old tape-recorder at different times, mostly in 1976, when I was living with him and his wife Ambrosia. Their two room wooden house sat on a hill in the cloud forest near the town of Mocoa where the Andes drop into the Putumayo River Basin in southwest Colombia. Today their son, Luciano, carries on the practice there, while their daughter, Natividad, sustains it in neighbouring Caqueta province. For the whole night, under the influence of a hallucinogen called yagé, the healer sings his song the power of which is due not to words, lyrics, or poetry. Instead it lies in the quality of the sound and the way that sound creates pictures in your mind while dissolving your body. The singing is the key to the magical power. It is that power. It is what brings the healer and the patient into the realms of the spirits that lie within and behind every visible thing." Michael Taussig. Nearly 80 minutes of hypnotic, droning wild microphone field recordings of shamanic ceremonies recorded by celebrated anthropologist Michael Taussig.
11/1/2014 MV & EE Alpha Lyrae LP $22.99 Child of Microtones "Child of Microtones proudly announces the release of its first LP! MV & EE's Alpha Lyrae is a heartfelt paean to cosmic children and beasts everywhere.
Beautiful deluxe silkscreened cover, heavyweight vinyl, offset insert, real love
First ever Child Of Microtones MV & EE private press LP!
Incredible "SPECTRASOUND" production
Special guests Tim Barnes, Mick Flower, M. Geddes Gengras, The Doozer, Rafi Bookstaber, Paul Grimes, Spanish Wolfman, Muskox, Doc Dunn, Jeremy Earl...
Limited edition LP of 600 copies made in the USA
"i was feeling rockets all the time when we were creating and listening to this record. sometimes they were bottle rockets, imaginary rockets, estes, space crafts and gimongous star machines that haven't been built yet. more importantly i was feeling stages, secondary...tertiary...beyond growth. definitely alotta triangulation with the "eye" and geometric eye in the sky -> always liftoff/ground, fruit/roots. 8 philosophies. those kinda sounds often bless our head to remind us heads, they peak and peek out of the spectra as explosions. hopefully that translates for you, it will if you are that kind. dig it in headphones." - matt valentine maximum arousal farm (vermont 2014)
"Some people have a hard time picking sides, not me, not here: I'll take the flip. It starts high on the crazy horse, all gallop and fuzz, and begins to fray in the most glorious way. When the tambourine starts to shake, the jam goes to shambles - they coulda let it in, coulda made some rock hero- ism out of it, but they let it soak, standing outside, staring through the window as the storm rages on. It's one of those moments that makes it real clear why MV&EE end up on bills with boundary pushers as often as mellow jammers. Of course, matt and erika being who they are and doing what they do, bring it back home, nice and comfortable like a loaned drug rug on a cold night, with some song stylings that showcase finger picking and ghostly harmonies and that inimitable siren's wail of EE's slide. I've got plenty of shelf space given over to the road ramblings of the various incarnations of their band, but the studio outings are always something special, and this one gets better with every spin." - peter meehan/lucky peach (NYC 2014)
"brother...u've outdone yrself on the 'alpha'...this is one of the best sounding records i've heard in forever...y've taken it all to another plane...wow... spectra-4-life..." - matthew "doc" dunn (the wolfking of TO)
2/7/2013 MV & EE Custard Tone CDR $6.99 Heroine Live from Bristol, UK at Polish Club - September 23, 2012 - 7 tracks, 79:22 running time
2/13/2013 MV & EE Fuzzweed LP + download and bonus CD $21.99 Three Lobed Recordings “Fuzzweed. I don’t know that strain. Maybe it’s a secret within Vermont state borders. I have a nice image in my mind suggested by the name where lurid purple flecks forming a halo around the sticky, sticky good stuff - one look, one sniff assures you of a fine trip ahead. That generous promise of a grand journey flows from the conceptual strain to this album sharing that same name. With each successive release, MV & EE strive to map new territory and to travel more distant orbits. It makes sense that this mission is their furthest reaching yet. While they’ve long been comfortable navigating the same planes as such cosmic explorers as Sun Ra and Alan Silva, Fuzzweed sees them planting their freak flag in the sorts of different galaxies where the atmospheres counterpoint the music of the spheres with the more earthbound plaints of the blues. Please remember that The Golden Record that NASA sent up with Voyager back in more optimistic times included “Dark Was The Night.” That concept – listening to Blind Willie Johnson in space – strikes me as an apt analogy for what this Fuzzweed accomplishes on every spin. “Environs” is the airlock into the album, a layering of instruments (including contributions from my fellow Brits Andy Ramsay [tabla, synth and percussion] and Mick Flower [shahi baaja]) which sounds like it could riff on these patterns forever and at the same time has a rising momentum that betrays an urgency to get going and travel further. Following that spaced introduction, “Turbine” brings on the fuzz righteously. That very fuzz and the drumming of Carson “Smokehound” Arnold provide the solid ground above which Matt & Erika’s vocals narcotically float. “Trailer Trash” is a languid, eyes half shut beauty augmented by the harmonies of Jeremy “Woods” Earl, Coot Moon and Matt “Herbcraft” Lajoie. The most benign of trash, it’s one of those songs you wish would be piped through shopping malls, just to see the effect. It’s all a-ha vocals, gentle strumming, and an electric guitar line chasing the beat like an excited puppy. Wrapping up the album’s first side is “Jacked Up,” a deeply zoned blur, languorous and horny, featuring the pedal steel of Doc Dunn and the “moon clavinet” of Coot Moon providing all of the necessary sunburst moments. The words “you’re the sweetest thing I’ve seen” drift away and we’re totally in righteous Barbarella territory. The second album side is an epic trilogy of sorts. “Poor Boy,” sung ghostlike by Erika against piercing finger-picking by Matt, sounds lost at some faraway crossroad; that rootless blues standard has never sounded so drifting. As the suite continues it moves effortlessly into “A Long Way From Home.” It is a beautifully disorientating tumble of staccato drumming, arhythmic bass and Chewbacca-guttural vocal sounds, freefalling through the guitar dimensions and amp realms of Matt and Erika. The freedoms present turn into the fear of distance/infinite possibilities. It’s a vertiginous re-entry, cushioned by the album’s closing Environments. The listener is returned to an expansive “Environs,” again featuring the beautiful warm blush of Andy Ramsay and Mick Flower. All of the collective players welcome us back, jet-lagged and subtly changed by the experience, like any voyage worth embarking on. MV and EE sound more than ever like no one else around. While they’d be the first to provide a long, reverent, and revenant list of ancestors whose sounds echo in their music, the course they set is truly previously unexplored, and on Fuzzweed it is a thrill to travel in their wake.” - Pete Coward, noted MVEE head. Fuzzweed is from an edition of approximately 900 copies and is pressed on 140 gram Dutch vinyl by Record Industry. The album is housed within a handsome multi-color silkscreened jacket bearing new artwork from John Moloney. (As an added bonus, be sure to pop your LP cover under a blacklight to see some super-reactive HOT pink ink.) The album is accompanied by a download coupon for DRM-free digital files. Fuzzweed was tenderly mastered by Patrick Klem. Initial orders include an exclusive bonus CD. This bonus disc is titled Fantasy Set (TLR- 098) and is a new full-length MV&EE release assembled from live recordings made during the duo’s January 2012 month-long residency at Brooklyn’s Zebulon. Fantasy Set presents a sort of “dream set” and features guest turns from Pat “PG Six” Gubler, Jeremy Earl, Willie Lane, Jarvis Taveniere, Matt “Herbcraft” Lajoie, Carson “Smokehound” Arnold and Ron Schneiderman. Similar to prior Three Lobed bonus discs, this one will be a glass mastered CD (not CDR) and feature artwork. It is only available in pre-order/initial retail copies and then only while supplies last. Don’t miss out!"
7/14/2011 MV & EE Gene Pool CDR $6.99 Heroine "this is one of those dream gigs where the jams are aired, people are shootin' the shiza and playin' pool all under the one roof where our duo exchange provides the soundtrack. granted we get a little bit help from the percussion station known as cue ball and sports bar, and our sensitive mic's pick it up while while we're pickin'...but none of that real people "audience" tape scene detracts from the throw down on this wild ride of a gemmer from the "drone trails" tour back in january 2009. i live for these kind of gigs, sorta alt hardcore defined in a way, tho' this one is more petri dish where the specimen divide. what really ices it for me is one of the punters requesting "the uranian ray" during one of the breaks! gotta love it again and again, for that lets all take a dip and get stonewashed like burt lancaster in "the swimmer". - mv. Recorded January 26, 2009
9/6/2012 MV & EE Godchaux Free Brattleboro 4 x cassette box set + download $29.99 Blackest Rainbow "Four live excursions from MV & EE, this time keepin' it strictly local to their dwellings. Four sets spanning 2011 - 2012, three Golden Road sets and a set backed up by The Toasted Clam. These high quality cuts feature the fine musicians Rongoose, Smokehound and Herbcraft. Continuing on from the previous box set collabs with MV & EE you get the usual white custom made box with a full colour cover, pro-dubbed and printed cassettes with a small 8 page black and white booklet. Over 4 hours of sounds across four cassettes: 'Jettison Awareness', 'Townie Tumbleweeds', 'Vegas Booyah' and 'Mesos Pot Amia'. All four sets are multitrack recorded/soundboard matrix mixes, so the sound is fantastic! Comes with a download code for the whole set. Edition of only 180."
4/16/2007 MV & EE Goodbye Moonface CDR $14.99 Wabana "Here's the most recent volume in Wabana's skull and cross bones CDR series. On this outing we have MV & EE (Matt Valentine and Erika Elder) performing live in Cambridge, England from 11/14/06. The show was a follow up to their performance at the All Tomorrow's Parties "Nightmare Before Christmas" festival. There are elements on this recording that evoke a sense of spiritual awakening...a channel yet traveled by these two...until this point. Six tracks clocking in at over 66 minutes. Limited to 300 copies." Highly recommended!
1/30/2010 MV & EE Home Comfort LP $15.99 Woodsist "Here is the first ever all live LP of MV & EE material and it is the perfect example of the scene in the tapers pit. The familiar tunes which have become staples in their set shine with an unheard intensity with killer solos and sonic excursions into the unknown, and then there is the deep of their singular 'environments', their space which manages to showcase the pastoral freakouts and cosmic raga forms so singular to this unique band. Home Comfort distills the gems of their live shows onto sweet wax. For those familiar with MATT and ERIKA's cottage label Heroine Celestial Agriculture, known to the heads as 'Heroine,' this LP reads like a best of curated by the 'you are there' Swingin' Pig and the results are a stunning cross section of their duo exchange, funky trio with WOODS' JEREMY EARL and big band exploratory stomp with DOC DUNN, MUSKOX, and WILLIE LANE of the GOLDEN ROAD. Here is the true sound of MV & EE with the songs, the extended jams and the feeling. This seminal duo and all they sail with need to be heard live and need to be heard live often, what a glorious document from the tapers pit. That's tapers pit twice in a paragraph, class. Peace."- Woodsist. Limited to 550 copies.
8/1/2014 MV & EE Home Comfort Sound System 9 x CDR set $77.99 Child Of Microtones "here you shall find what one of the deepest COMMIES calls "a truly unbelievable set of music"...and they were THERE, but don't take take their word, take it easy and go deeper yrself while supplies last. 9 discs, duo exchanges and trio formation with mick flower. 20 page book with interview/rare photos/track notes/etc...hand assembled with love and quality. limited to 99 copies." In September 2012 sweet new MV & EE (along with crew/multiple tape machines/mick flower/beyond) were blazin' on a UK/european tour to support their "Space Homestead" LP (Woodsist). This was sound with 3D spiral eyes for the unit was travelling with what they lovingly called their very own DIY wall of sound. A hand-built PA and analog visual environment was installed into your local club to beautifully tweeked effect by contemporary American space blues visionaries MV & EE for this one-off tour, and it's time to welcome them in (special guests and kitchen sink included) into yr very own home with this box set. The Home Comfort Sound System was built to Matt and Erika's spec by sound engineer Tall James and combines with 16mm projections, slides, oils, and customized lighting devised by Hogge of Bristol's infamous Cube Cinema. Playing time of the shows is EXTENDOID and loaded with good time front porch vibes, heavy acoustics and zero gravity jams blending with moving image, moonshine, local ales, cork and smoke in this untethered and other-worldly A/V show."
9/11/2012 MV & EE Lazy Light / Lead Me To Vibration 7" $19.99 Medusa Restock - last copies. Featuring Doc Dunn and Mike Smith. Housed in a quad fold-out box (7.25x 7.25x0.25), 3 color silkscreen. Each record is packaged in a mylar sleeve. Designed by MV & Horwood and packaged by Jacob Horwood. (Medusa 88)
2 Songs, Side A 'Lazy Light' - Side B "Lead Me To Vibration'
trailer here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vQtyD2dX_rc&list=UUS0DN_f68-PN_U_5BWNf8nA&index=1&feature=plcp
Edition of 125 copies.
2/7/2013 MV & EE Leave It On CDR $6.99 Heroine Live from Zebulon - Brooklyn, NY - October 20, 2011 - 5 tracks, 43:38 running time
1/30/2010 MV & EE Live Road LP $22.99 Blackest Rainbow "Collection of very recent live excursions with MV & EE, all high quality recordings from shows in November 2009. The A side opens with a MV/EE duo perfromance of 'Mine All Troubled Blues' from Art Damage Lodge, Cinncinnatti, OH on 20/11/09. This heads straight into two interprations of 'Environments', one from Project Lodge, Madison, WI which again is just raw MV/EE action, but the second features an enhanced line up with Muskox and Doc Dunn. The two versions are blurred together into one log blazing 11 minute space jam. The flip side opens with the classic blues soaked 'Tea Devil' with Erika's laid back vocals backed with MV's rippling guitar shreds, Rongoose's (Ron Schneidermann of Sunburned/Spirit of Orr/Pewt'r) heavy bass bliss outs, and Chris Corsano's showcasing a slow moving stoned out drum kit. Straight from hear we head into a completely trance inducing psychedelic haze of wild jamming with a totally different version of 'Environments'. The whole of the Bside was recorded with Chris and Ron at Bank Row, Greenfield, MA. Edition of 400 pressed on heavyweight vinyl with hand stamped labels in black and white pro printed wrap around jackets with cover art by Jeremy Earl of Woods/Woodsist Records."
7/11/2008 MV & EE Meet Snake Pass & Other Human Conditions LP $27.99 Singing Knives "This limited edition, heavyweight vinyl document captures an improbable but precious moment in time. Matt Valentine and Erika Elder are prolific mainstays of the psychedelic underground -their releases as MV & EE and with The Bummer Road fuse noise, raga and Americana to trace out misty ley lines and forgotten pathways with languid intensity. Although this live set is far more stripped down than recent Ecstatic Peace records like Green Blues and Getting' Gone, its wonderfully hushed quality only enhances the otherworldly resonance of their songs. Meet Snake Pass was recorded at the Heeley Institute in Sheffield in 2007, towards the end of a lengthy European tour. Elder and Valentine had given blood, drank deeply of British hospitality and snatched sleep on the strange floors in the days leading up to the show, which accounts for the dazed and fragile mood. But the sound quality -thanks to the recording engineer Ben Nash -is impeccable, and as Elder's wah-wah intertwines Valentine's quixotic acoustic arpeggios, the air between the duo is populated by slowly shimmering colours. These spare, drawn-out songs leave plenty of space for such serendipities. Each one stretches mournful folk blues shapes out in the unhurried movement of incantation. Even the familiar lines of Elizabeth Cotten's "Freight Train" have a revelatory quality when curled into MV & EE's tentative, baroque shapes. And the best of their own compositions, like the halting, haunting "Tea Devil" -a fragile latticework of serpentine steel-string patterns and lethargic, shamanic percussion -have an almost visionary impact." - Chris Sharp, The Wire. Edition of 500 copies pressed on 180 gram vinyl.
11/25/2010 MV & EE Muy Alto CDR $7.99 Heroine Recorded 10/20/10 in Northampton, Massachusetts @ Feeding Tube. Pristine sounding duo show with some sweet sonics, really intimate set with a rare appearance of "Death Don't"...transmissions for Marion Brown. Up close and personal vibe. Set list: 1. Home Comfort (07:41) 2. Death Don't Have No Mercy > Twitchin' (26:03) 3. Environments > Cold Rain (11:12) Total Running Time 44:56.
2/20/2008 MV & EE Old Black Joe 7" $12.99 Great Pop Supplement "2 specially recorded, smoked out blues with wondrous erika elder vocal and refrained geetar genius from mv. the b side blazes the stoned out mv+ee sound further. late night fireside / porch epics with byron coley sleevenotes, 500 only. one of 2 GPS mv+ee 45s this year and incredibly, a first outright uk release..."
2/7/2013 MV & EE Pay Yer Rates CDR $6.99 Heroine Live from The Elevens - Northampton, MA - October 26, 2009 - 6 tracks, 45:57 running time
8/1/2014 MV & EE Shade Grown CDR $17.99 Child Of Microtones "Shade Grown is the new studio LP from Vermont psych folk rulers, Matt Valentine and Erika Elder. Their first studio jam for Blackest Rainbow, something we've been keen to do for a while now after our previous live release for the duo. Shade Grown drops just in time for their November/December EU/UK tour, which judging by this LP, you won't want to miss out on. The record features MV & EE channelling some spaced out tones with various incarnations of The Bummer Road, the more free cosmic jamming back up unit they venture out with from time to time. This personnel this time round reads as a who's who of talent in the current psych/folk underworld... Jeremy Earl (Woods/Woodsist), Herbcraft, Rongoose, Carson 'Smokehound' Arnold, Doc Dunn, Mick Flower (Vibracathedral Orchestra/Flower Corsano Duo) and Muskox. You're in for a treat of lunar blues, psych folk, and free form outer limit jammin'." - description from Blackest Rainbow vinyl version. "deluxe single disc C.O.M., old style packaging, with mini color book and download code includes 2 bonus "versions" not on the LP. hand printed/assembled, stamping...etc...a beauty…edition of 99"
5/9/2012 MV & EE Space Homestead LP $14.99 Woodsist "MV & EE" is slang for zero gravity, and even though they've been doing it consistently better since forever, they still want to give you more of their best. The DIY wall of sound of Space Homestead was recorded over the course of a year in nine different studios, presenting as clearly as circumstances permit a living idea right here and now of what it is all about. These are sonics in motion, the satiate plural perfect supply of the hunger unusual, the picturesque in sound. Grab a shuttle for your spectra-sound furniture any time in any aeon and dig the volume of their trip."
7/14/2011 MV & EE Toasted Cookie CDR $6.99 Heroine "this set has a similar moodbox and spirit to the "toasted clam" heroine from the "L.A. turnaround" tour back in the autumn of '09. same quartet and we stretch out far and wide. dig the "toasted cookie" room ambience that kicks off the show and you'll know what kind of sweet ride this jam is gonna be." "a great sounding stretched out set with ron and moloney. sweet qtet jams and tunes."
6/11/2006 MV & EE & The Bummer Road Mother of Thousands double CD $14.99 Time-Lag "After piles of privately released CDRs and long gone vinyl-only releases, here's the MV/EE (MATT VALENTINE and ERIKA ELDER) album for the masses. Don't be fooled though, this is neither the MEDICINE SHOW zone of recent years, nor a mere echo of the TOWER RECORDINGS flame, but a new beast stirring awake in the beaming sun of now. Aided by the bummer road and Elder, MV has pushed his cosmic sounds beyond the apex of high. No doubt there's plenty of lifted rural raga vibrations, and big woozy doses of haunted folk-blues as well, but the mix of flat-out killer 'songs' and extended electric psych-outs is something of a revelation. Throughout the album both MV & EE's vocals are more present & stronger then ever, and the harmonies have a real sweet lonesome glow. Includes contributions from MO' JIGGS, SPARROW WILDCHILD, NEMO BIDSTRUP, TIM BARNS, and SAMARA LUBELSKI. CD is packaged with nice inserts, and woven japanese inner sleeves. First edition of 1000 copies."
2/7/2013 MV & EE with Smokehound Pilot Wash (Herod The Great) CDR $6.99 Heroine Live from PJ's Lager House - Detroit, MI - August 6, 2012 - 10 tracks, 53:49 running time
8/2/2008 MV & EE with The Golden Road Astral Bleachers Big Moment CDR $17.99 COM/Ecstatic Peace "Limited to 199, live in the UK, recorded by the king of the tapers pit Pete Coward. Pete's pix volume one...raw, cooked and righteous." Deluxe limited edition CD-R in pro-printed gatefold sleeves featuring the first instalment from legendary king of the tapers' pit Pete Coward and his pick of recent live blats from Matthew Valentine, Erika Elder and their Golden Road. Further boosting the over all Dead vibe of the package, the tracks seem focussed on the kinda motion that would highlight moments of weird pan-cultural/methodological osmosis, with live takes that run from some of the most beautiful group-mind mass flux orchestrations through classic barn-stomping big band hoedowns. Three tracks from Brighton Feb 2008, one from Brighton 2006, an undated Environments take and one of the highlights from Instal 2008 in Glasgow with MV, EE and Doc Dunn joined by Mick Flower (Vibracathedral Orchestra), Phil Todd (Ashtray Navigations), Peggy Snow, Chris Davis and the rest of The Cherry Blossoms. A killer set, bring on volume two." - Volcanic Tongue
11/17/2007 MV & EE with The Golden Road Gettin' Gone CD $11.99 Ecstatic Peace "Still riding high on the glorious steed that was Green Blues (heads are still processing its smoked grooves and wild-at-heart paeans to love and kosmiche carnality), Matt Valentine and Erika Elder entered a Western Mass studio armed with enough fresh material to choke a whole team of horses. You may ask, 'how can this be?' Well, since recording their Ecstatic Peace! debut, the duo has toured extensively, all the while writing tunes, scavenging esoteric guitar equipment & revamping their backing band to suit the environment of Gettin' Gone. A new sound has organically evolved that will most certainly astonish listeners new & old, but still find a special place on the formidable shelf of their back catalog. So rejoice in this disc, which boasts some of MV & EE's most finely-crafted songs to date and along with The Golden Road present a feast of tones & riffs that will stick to your ribs for a long time. Like its predecessor, Gettin' Gone is a family affair of like-minded freak and friendly hair waves. Most fascinating is the Ecstatic Peace! soundboard premier of Zuma, one of the coolest dog minds north of New York City. Also the one part golden addition of Doc Dunn and the harmonium magic of Luisa, she of Mascis child. Oh and J his self blams some mountain heavy drumming on a few of these tracks. Matt and Erika's devotional dharma is open to all true vibes of rock n' roll and folk n' roots ramble both tender and tuff."
7/10/2008 MV & EE with The Golden Road Moment Spacing / Bong Judge 7" $7.99 Golden Lab Records "Yes, you heard us right. We just got the master CD through for this summer loving bliss festival of a record to melt those Januarian ice hearts and it is everything we hoped it could be and more. Side A, "Moment Spacing" is a two-and-a-half-minute blast of "ooh-la-la-la-la-la" joy that wraps a posi+ aura around the world. B-side, "Bong Judge" is the stoned, slowed down, phaser-drenched, stretched-out basement tapes version of (almost unrecognisably) the same song running at six+ minutes. The most beautiful record we think we'll hear all year. Featuring: "Moment Spacing" mv * guitars/vox ~ ee * vox ~ willie lane * guitar ~ sparrow wildchild * vox ~ janane tripp * vox ~ chris livingood * vox on the A side and on the B Side we have "Bong Judge" mv * guitars/vox ~ ee * lap steel ~ willie lane * guitar ~ samara lubelski * bass ~ john moloney * drums. Killer!
8/31/2010 MV & EE With The Golden Road No Floor Tour 8 x cassette Box Set $52.99 Blackest Rainbow Brand new deluxe box set from MV & EE featuring 8 shows from their No Floor Tour in USA & Canada in April 2010. The line up for this tour was MV & EE with Mick Flower (Vibracathedral Orchestra / Flower-Corsano Duo) and John Moloney (Sunburned Hand of the Man). There's also guest appearance from J. Mascis (Dinosaur Jr), Eric Chenaux and Doc Dunn. The 8 shows were from Hadley (MA), Ridgewood (NY), Oberlin (OH), Detroit (MI), Toronto (ON), Montreal (QC), Saratoga Springs (NY), and Boston (MA). Housed in an old style tape pack box (keepin' it in the Road Trips family), pro dubbed tapes with printed shells, full colour cover artwork by Jake Blanchard, and a full colour pro-printed 16 page A6 size booklet. Edition of only 150 copies."
2/2/2013 MV & EE with The Golden Road Zebulon Residency 7xCDR set + book $77.99 Child of Microtones 7 discs impeccably presented with 16 page book
limited edition of 99 copies
handmade/old skool analog hand printed/handbound with love in vermont
"COM enthusiasts are treated to "you are there" intimate acoustic performances, full blown electric sets and beyond like you've never heard -> including some rarely performed and debut live tunes! the sound and vibe is paramount, featuring no less than 3 matrices and soundboard/multitrack sources when applicable. i mean, who else would do all that for you but C.O.M.! players in the "golden road" include rongoose/smokehound/herbcraft/jeremy earl/jarvis taveniere/andre vida/steve gunn/p.g. six/willie lane
7/10/2008 MV & EE with Willie Lane Pray For Less cassette $12.99 Blackest Rainbow "Second in this ongoing series of live cassettes from Matt Valentine and Erika Elder, this time joined by Willie Lane of The Golden Road in Oklahoma. This is post Ecstatic Peace releasing last year's awesome Gettin' Gone... pro dubbed tapes with printed green shells. Limited to 200, in full colour sleeves with the same art as Catalytic Dung but with different info and a new MV tale... Here's some words from Willie Lane: 'Some of Austin's brightest cognoscenti told us of the "coin" that resides in OK City. So we spent most of our bread on hot dog kings and Mexican coffee at scenic turnouts, thinking we'd make it all back two-fold at the gig. OK City and its lost lake were sobering to our power-ball minds. The Golden Road harvested tonal riches instead - and in spades - to the rejoicing of both common folk and high-rollers alike. Hospitality flowed after the gig & a kind soul rolled a bone on a Lord Buckley sleeve as our minds turned back to the road for what lay ahead. But maybe we shoulda stayed..."
11/21/2009 MV & EE with Willie Lane Ready for Another House CDR $6.99 Child of Microtones Live in Houston, TX 5/3/09 (48:24). Part of Heroine Celestial Agriculture Series.
11/10/2011 MV / EE / Flower
8 x CDR set $79.99 Child of Microtones "i was lookin' for myself in this celestial agriculture and came upon this country store. i was informed. i was told by certain sources that this was the place. you can hear why. i mean from the outside it looked like any other joint. tho' you don't need to cut the cord to know that a C.O.M. is not like anything else. this sounds and feels analog - because it IS and was created with warm technology in every possible stage. you don't need to jettison awareness to realize that this is handmade. would be "good" by the woodstove, in yr ear, for yr pipe - stuff like that. so i went inside and asked if they'd heard us and thought about DIY, keepin' it sustainable. i just asked straight out like that. you can wait right there and look or you can "hear" it while supplies last." limited to 99 copies...
8 discs packaged in a handmade/handbound wallet offset printed with silver and black ink, stamping and a 16 page book with a color cover repro of the tour poster. "you are there" vibe of the tapers pit recorded live, up close and personal, and lovingly assembled/mastered/restored in spectrasound."
6/5/2005 MWM / Mary Fist split cassette $6.99 Lal Lal Lal "First side is a bit embarrassing and the other is scary. Here's a tape that can be way too much for you. MWM is a teenage industrial punk band including two dudes from Avarus. They serve six songs full of angst, passion and Nine Inch Nails influences. Maryfist side is a psychedelic solo EP by the singer of MWM. It was first released as a limited edition CD-R in 1998. Tomi presents here an epical journey in strange and dark trip-hop with lots of whispers, rattling, breathing and heavily dosed sounds. At the time Tomi had his cat's skull as a necklace. He also had a pet rat which also died. He put it in freezer planning to make a charm of it too. Accidentally he moved away and forgot the rat for the next people living in the apartment. Edition of 200."
2/2/2014 My Bloody Valentine mbv LP $39.99
Killer 2013 release - you won't be disappointed. Very expensive, however.
10/25/2008 My Cat is an Alien Alien Blood LP $24.99 Opax Records "Original soundtrack from Roberto Opalio's film 'Alien Blood' (2005-2008), currently shown at SONIC YOUTH etc.: SENSATIONAL FIX museum exhibition, opened at LiFE museum (France) in June 2008, and already scheduled around the globe for the next couple of years. The improvised score by My Cat Is An Alien follows the minimal and surrealistic beginning of the film with sparse echoes of eerie sounds, growing in dark timbres and pathos. Maurizio Opalio's heavily effected 'blood percussions' compress the air, while Roberto's wordless vocals, along with his space toys, alientronics & mini-keyboard are on the razor-edge of another dimension. The finale comes as one of the most epic crescendos ever performed by the Italian duo. One of the most impressive and innovative MCIAA's recordings to date. Special only-vinyl edition limited to 220 on the mighty Opax Records imprint." Pressed on audiophile black vinyl LP in nice-textured cardboard handmade folder sleeve, with full-color paste-on artwork showing still images from the film.
8/2/2013 My Cat Is An Alien Alien, All Too Alien LP $19.99 Trensmat "Their cat may well be all too alien but there's quite an earthly feel to this epic voyage of a record from the brothers Maurizio and Roberto Opalio. It feels like you are slowly drifting through different continents perched on a floating glass-domed steel barge, observing the strangely contrasting cultures go about their business, seemingly unaware they are being watched. Though there are certain sounds contained herein that are quite familiar to many 21st century homosapiens, much of the content is wildly skewed and disorientating. Maybe this is a (heavily medicated) alien's impression of earth? See? This place isn't so bad - call off the invasion guys, MCIAA will take you to their dealer. And their dealer, it would seem, is a muse that still fires up the siblings enough to produce an enthralling LP such as this despite umpteen scores of releases and side-projects since the late 90s. Multi-layered hums and whirrs are punctuated and punctured with all manner of exotic percussion, twanging strings, quaintly retro synthetic bloops, lonesome harmonica, and human babble. Your focus will no doubt shift between the different levels of activity, often leaving you wondering when a particular sonic strand you had previously been following actually ceased - and just how long exactly has that guitar strumming been going on!? These hyper-prolific brothers from Turin shroud each transition with unearthly skill. There are two side-long trips you can take - preferably in the order they were intended - though guaranteed there will be several hundred details you will have missed, ensuring a prolonged stint on the turntable. So, give a knock on the dome and pull up a captain's chair beside your green-hued travel companion and see your world through different (bug-)eyes.."
9/3/2010 My Cat Is An Alien Black Shadows from Jupiter, Vol. I & II double CD $10.99 Elliptical Noise "Double CD featuring the previously unreleased 'stereo version' of Volume One, plus an entire second disc of new material presented here as Volume Two. 'Black Shadows from Jupiter, Volume I' was indeed issued in 2005 as one of the legendary and ultra-rare, private vinyl editions by Opalio brothers' own Opax Records imprint, pressed in 120 copies in 'Monalien Fidelity' - a clear reference/tribute to ESP's incredible 'monaural' sound recordings. Volume One consists of two long tracks, the very first music recorded by MCIAA after they moved to the new recording space located in the Western Alps, as well as the first experiments in Roberto Opalio's personal technique in the use of wordless vocals as a powerful musical instrument, which has since become one of the most original and distinctive elements of MCIAA's music, and that here can't but recall Tim Buckley's 'Starsailor' mood. Five years later, in October 2009, MCIAA decide to record almost one hour of completely new material to represent the follow-up, 'Black Shadows from Jupiter, Volume II', here all featured in Disc 2. The whole set represents the opportunity of a unique journey in the darkest secrets of the S-System. Professionally pressed compact disc recordables. Gatefold cardboard jacket with tape binding and paste-on artwork, with insert."
9/3/2010 My Cat Is An Alien Black Shadows from Jupiter, Vol. I & II ART EDITION double CD $29.99 Opax Records Special limited art edition of 20 copies of the double cd set issued by Elliptical Noise. Same discs in heavy cardboard box with similar leather crafted by Maurizio Opalio, with 12"x12" poster artwork by Roberto Opalio; numbered and signed by the artist. With insert. "Double CD featuring the previously unreleased 'stereo version' of Volume One, plus an entire second disc of new material presented here as Volume Two. 'Black Shadows from Jupiter, Volume I' was indeed issued in 2005 as one of the legendary and ultra-rare, private vinyl editions by Opalio brothers' own Opax Records imprint, pressed in 120 copies in 'Monalien Fidelity' - a clear reference/tribute to ESP's incredible 'monaural' sound recordings. Volume One consists of two long tracks, the very first music recorded by MCIAA after they moved to the new recording space located in the Western Alps, as well as the first experiments in Roberto Opalio's personal technique in the use of wordless vocals as a powerful musical instrument, which has since become one of the most original and distinctive elements of MCIAA's music, and that here can't but recall Tim Buckley's 'Starsailor' mood. Five years later, in October 2009, MCIAA decide to record almost one hour of completely new material to represent the follow-up, 'Black Shadows from Jupiter, Volume II', here all featured in Disc 2. The whole set represents the opportunity of a unique journey in the darkest secrets of the S-System. Professionally pressed compact disc recordables. Gatefold cardboard jacket with tape binding and paste-on artwork, with insert."
9/17/2006 My Cat Is An Alien Cosmic Debris t-shirt $12.99 Opax Records COSMIC DEBRIS split ART-LPs series - special ltd.ed. promotional T-shirt. Black t-shirts with 7" white-ink printing of the series' logo as on the LPs' labels/ sizes XL, L, M Check out the design here: www.mycatisanalien.com/stuff.htm
5/8/2005 My Cat Is An Alien Different Shades of Blue CDR $12.99 U-Sound "My Cat Is An Alien is the improv duo formed by the brothers Maurizio and Roberto Opalio from Torino, Italy, in late 1997. They both primarily play electric and acoustic guitars, various toy-instruments and voice toy-microphones, percussions. This recording was made in their 'Space Room' on February 12, 2004. The first 50 copies of all U-SOUND titles are in special handmade packaging, the remainder in the now familiar generic styling of the label." I have plenty of the special edition copies here.
4/24/2006 My Cat Is An Alien Different Shades of Blue LP $19.99 A Silent Place "[Different shades of Blue] is another bout of glittering jewels, sputtering star systems and piercing high drones courtesy of your favourite astral-obsessed Italian duo. [...] As ever, their sonic output is at once reassuringly recognisable but still disconcertingly bizarre, forever reaching upwards and outwards, seeking to escape the confines of gravity and atmosphere in favour of celestial salvation." - Dave Stockwell, Foxy Digitalis
4/24/2006 My Cat Is An Alien Different Shades of Blue LP + 7" $25.99 A Silent Place "This release is the reissue of the cd-r edition on Tom Greenwood's U-Sound Archive (Vol. 19). Improvisation recorded on February 12th, 2004 at MCIAA's Space Room, Torino, Italy (no overdubs/ no outtakes). This new vinyl edition is a different version, remastered and re-edited of "Different shades of Blue"; the 7" single, included in the first 131 copies, contains the original final of the complete work. Furthermore, this special edition will include also the un-edited artwork originally made by Roberto Opalio and completely inspired to the homonymous painting of him. Space-ambient soundscapes with minimal textures from the heart of the cosmos. Dream Music. Packaged in an elegant cover. With 1 insert and 1 large postcard (21cm x 15cm)." (A Silent Place)
3/26/2006 My Cat Is An Alien Folclore Alieno CDR $15.99 Opax Records "Special handmade limited edition of 150 copies; look-like-vinyl black-bottom cd-r in nice-textured
heavy-cardboard tri-fold sleeve, handnumbered and painted by Roberto Opalio. This is the first MCIAA's completely acoustic release. Its six tracks aren't but a unique entire session which has been recorded on January the 1st, 2006, at the Opalio brothers' new mysterious "Alien Zone" headquarters, located in a remote region of the Western Alps, Piemonte, Italy. The whole recording came as a sort of propitiatory ritual to welcome the new alien year, intended as a new cycle in the duo's imagery of the cosmic universe, here approached in enchanted trance-like minimal pieces; Roberto's vocals emerge like primitive human hymns from the two brothers' acoustic guitars textures. This is entranced, mystic
alien music." (Opax)
9/17/2006 My Cat Is An Alien Greetings From the Great Void double LP $15.99 Eclipse "To approach the concept of The Great Void from an aural point-of-view is daunting. Being lost in an infinite state of flux brings simultaneous states of pure madness and tranquility. It is within this duality that the Opalio brothers, Roberto & Maurizio, wave their magic wand, creating an astral blessing of the highest order. 'Greetings From the Great Void,' the third installment in a trilogy that began with MCIAA's 'The Rest is Silence,' is the sound of The White Light; the movement from the physical to the psychic; one last breath before being consumed by the cosmic ether. 'Greetings From the Great Void' shows its real strength in how it was constructed. Recorded over a two-day period in April 2005, there were no overdubs or outtakes. This is music straight from the spheres. Where there is nothing, there is everything. My Cat is an Alien emerge from these extreme conditions reborn. These recordings traverse light years of space, leaving stellar soundwaves flickering in the dust. The Opalios perform a cathartic psychedelic exorcism with each note searching for new harmonies amongst the wreckage of the cosmos. Once they pierce the heavens, they control galaxies like puppets on strings. If this is the music of The Great Void, it is a place I want to get lost in forever." - Brad Rose, Foxy Digitalis. Housed in a deluxe, beautiful gatefold sleeve with the Opalio brothers artwork.
6/11/2006 My Cat Is An Alien Introducing the Cosmic Blues 7" $11.99 Important Records "Introducing The Cosmic Blues" is My Cat Is An Alien's introduction to their full length release on Important Records. This 7" is limited to only 300 copies and each comes in deluxe screen printed packaging with an individual Polaroid photograph taken, altered and signed by Roberto Opalio. But what does it sound like? Just as the Cosmic Blues should: like MCIAA invented their own instruments and discovered an unknown universe to play them in. This is the fifth release in Important's ongoing Arts And Crafts series with each release containing handmade artwork by the artist on the recordings." (Important)
2/23/2007 My Cat is an Alien Leave Me In the Black No-Thing CD $14.99 Important Records "New full-length album recorded April 10th, 2006, at MCIAA's Alien Zone, located in a remote region of the Western Alps, Piemonte, Italy. After having been irradiated by the Cosmic Light Of A New Millenium, you find yourself facing a black and white cover, where the only view of the universe is foreshortened, and represents a lighted shape showing branches of pine trees under a white sky, within the darkest black. Element which represents the aesthetic detaching and, at the same time, a further step in the duo's artistic process, which determines their willingness to go beyond any goal already achieved. For MCIAA to make art means to risk daring the unknown, daring the listener himself to excel his own limits of perception of the work of art in music, without losing anything of their unique and unmistakable style. If, as many of the international critics have been remarking, MCIAA's works live on the boundary between light and darkness, it's also true that Cosmic Light of the Third Millennium celebrated the light of the outer spaces as well as Leave Me In The Black No-Thing represents a jump into the No-Thing of the empty inner spaces."
6/11/2006 My Cat Is An Alien Listen Before Black Falls LP $16.99 Root Strata "A third eye laser beam shot from the catacombs of Torino. An Acoustic guitar lullaby leads down a long dark tunnel of alpha wave feedback. Killer. Black chipboard covers with silk-screened fronts and hand drawn text/numbers on the back." -Root Strata. It's housed in a black sleeve with a lovely white silkscreend cover in a numberd edition of 300.
11/30/2011 My Cat is An Alien Living on the Invisible Line LP $15.99 Divorce "Since 1997 Italian brother duo My Cat Is An Alien has been documenting an ever deepening musical dreamscape, their massive body of work representing some of the most emotive and soulful improvised experimentalism in underground music. Recorded in a remote region of the Western Alps, this latest LP navigates especially tranquil territory as it builds blissed-out pastoral mirages, dappled just slightly with glimmers of an outer darkness. Like much of the duo's best work, Living On the Invisible Line aims for transcendence, leaving behind only spinning heads and zoned souls. Art by MCIAA. Edition of 500 copies."
9/3/2010 My Cat Is An Alien Photoelectric Season double CD $10.99 Elliptical Noise "After a period of mystic retreat in a remote region of the Westrn Alps, MCIAA return with a brand new double album, one of their most innovative and mysterious to date. During six months of physical and psychic isolation, the Opalio brothers's unique plays have been Giacinto Scelsi, Erik Satie and Maki Asakawa, while they have chosen as their sole mates writers August Strindberg and Isidore Ducasse compte de Lautréamont. Few words can describe this new milestone in MCIAA's whole discography: archaic, arcane, psychically alienated, heartfelt. These are their new 'cosmic tones for mental therapy'. Professionally pressed compact disc recordables. Gatefold cardboard jacket with tape binding and paste-on artwork, with insert."
Roberto Opalio: vocals, mini-keyboard, alientronix. Maurizio Opalio: electric & acoustic guitars, ancient zither.
9/3/2010 My Cat Is An Alien Photoelectric Season ART EDITION double CD $29.99 Opax Records Special limited art edition of 20 copies of the double cd set issued by Elliptical Noise. Same discs in heavy textured cardboard with original ink drawing by Roberto Opalio (30x14 cm gatefold: 60 cm of continuos art work); numbered and signed by the artist. With insert. "After a period of mystic retreat in a remote region of the Westrn Alps, MCIAA return with a brand new double album, one of their most innovative and mysterious to date. During six months of physical and psychic isolation, the Opalio brothers's unique plays have been Giacinto Scelsi, Erik Satie and Maki Asakawa, while they have chosen as their sole mates writers August Strindberg and Isidore Ducasse compte de Lautréamont. Few words can describe this new milestone in MCIAA's whole discography: archaic, arcane, psychically alienated, heartfelt. These are their new 'cosmic tones for mental therapy'. Professionally pressed compact disc recordables. Gatefold cardboard jacket with tape binding and paste-on artwork, with insert."
Roberto Opalio: vocals, mini-keyboard, alientronix.
Maurizio Opalio: electric & acoustic guitars, ancient zither.
2/7/2009 My Cat Is An Alien Roberto Opalio / Maurizio Opalio LP $27.99 Important "Limited edition of 300 copies packaged in heavy duty screenprinted jackets done by Neil Burke at Monoroid. Each side features a 20-minute solo track from both brotherly halves of the acclaimed My Cat Is An Alien. Both brothers were quiet about the inspiration for their tracks. Dig in and find your own meaning in the comfortable alien world of the Opalio space brothers."
2/12/2008 My Cat is an Alien Sotto le Stelle etched LP $49.99 Lost Treasures of the Underworld "In summer 2007 MCIAA were invited by Sonic Youth to tour with them in Northern Italy; "Sotto le Stelle" is a long excerpt from the recording of their shocking live performance at the Ferrara Sotto Le Stelle festival, which takes place every year in the main square of the historical city centre, right in front of the wonderful medieval Estense Castle. On the flipside Roberto Opalio's first ever vinyl etching, as well as his exclusive cover artwork, made in three color screen-printing by Jared Phillips (from the band T/N/V) and the Self Esteem studios in Columbus, Ohio, hometown of the newly-born label Lost Treasures of the Underworld. Ltd. edition of 100 copies; purple vinyl with etching by Roberto Opalio on one side; 3 color screen-printed covers."
1/1/2008 My Cat is an Alien speak, alien, SPEAK! triple cassette set $33.99 Opax Records "Entire session of one of the latest MCIAA's live killer performances, recorded at Feedback Festival in Dijon on September 29th, 2007. Split over 6 sides of C20 analog tape cassettes, the duo's performance couldn't but draw inspiration by the name of the event, launching a massive attack of feedbacks from the highest spheres." Private edition of 60 handnumbered copies; in heavy cardboard with pasted artwork.
9/30/2005 My Cat Is An Alien T-Shirt T-Shirt $12.99
You can see the design here: http://www.mycatisanalien.com/stuff.htm. I have these colors/sizes available: Clear grey w/ blue logo, Dark blue w/ cyan logo, and Dark green w/ orange logo - all in sizes XL, L, and M.
10/21/2011 My Cat Is An Alien The Analog Statement 5xLP $79.99 Opax "Five seminal analog pearls from 2005 to 2010 re-issued and collected. MY CAT IS AN ALIEN 'On Air at Sound Projecting' (2005), live improvised performance recorded at Ed Pinsent's "Sound Projecting" radio show, Resonance 104.4 fm, London on December 10th, 2004; PRAXINOSCOPE 'Epocsonixarp' (2006), second album of the duo formed by Roberto Opalio and Ramona Ponzini (Painting Petals On Planet Ghost, Black Magic Disco, Z'ev, Lee Ranaldo); MY CAT IS AN ALIEN 'Alien Blood' (2008), original soundtrack to Roberto Opalio's film 'Alien Blood', presented at 'Sonic Youth etc.: Sensational Fix' touring museum exhibition; MY CAT IS AN ALIEN 'Fragments Suspended In Time' (2010), one of their finest antigravitational-sweet-mood recordings, captured on April 29th, 2010 at MCIAA's Alien Zone, Western Alps, Italy; BBNU & MCIAA 'Gramofonu = Voice of the Universe' (2010), the great collaborative work between My Cat Is An Alien and Prague's duo Birds Build Nests Underground.
All records re-pressed in the original form; original label artworks; 4 black and 1 multi-color vinyls. Limited handnumbered edition of 100 in cardboard tri-fold cover, paste-on exclusive artwork by Roberto Opalio. Includes full-download coupon.
LP1 - MY CAT IS AN ALIEN - On Air at Sound Projecting
LP2 - PRAXINOSCOPE - Epocsonixarp
LP3 - MY CAT IS AN ALIEN - Alien Blood
LP4 - MY CAT IS AN ALIEN - Fragments Suspended In Time
LP5 - BBNU & MCIAA - GRAMOFONU = Voice of the Universe
12/31/2003 My Cat Is An Alien The Rest Is Silence double LP $17.99 Eclipse “The rest is silence” is ‘till now the most complete and varied work of My Cat Is An Alien. After some totally improvised works, such as “Landscapes of an electric city” on Ecstatic Peace and “Il Segno” on Starlight Furniture Co., with this debut release on Eclipse Records MCIAA start a more complex and oblique studio-modus operandi, in which the instantaneous composition is now a basement open to stratified extraterrestrial fluxus of sounds, often permeated by melancholic vocal inserts. The title of this new double album is taken from the last words spoken by Hamlet before his dying in the homonymous Shakespearian’s tragedy. The whole corpus of the work is an ectoplasm of sounds flowing from the earth surface towards the sky; with their electric and acoustic guitars, some pedal effects and a series of weird space-toys, MCIAA light a candle as a bright beacon in the darkness of the Great Void. From the “Infinite Spaces” incipit, a sad whispered voice delayed through a toy-megaphone, moving on isolated guitar strokes going downhill, defines “The rest is silence” vocabulary: a new intimate alien folky-blues mood expanded on the avant-space sounds that have marked MCIAA since their beginning. Self-recorded and produced in Torino at their own “Space Room” headquarters during the cold winter time, “The rest is silence” speaks the same intimate and desolated language of Tim Buckley’s “Lorca” and reflects the same suffering of some primitive folk-blues masters such as Blind Lemon Jefferson, projected in the deepest outer space.
Each track is dedicated to the mystery of the 4 elements (air, earth, fire, water), as surrealist metaphors involving the mystery of life and death. When all is over, things vanish in the quiet brilliance of the Cosmos; MCIAA will stay ‘till “Silence will come to stay forever”… “Italy's MY CAT IS AN ALIEN is the finest two-brother band from Italy since the end of the Great War. Their sounds move through the air the way that a tub of fine Roman butter moves through a circus ape..." - Byron Coley and Thurston Moore
This double lp is presented in beautiful fashion with a lovely, heavy duty gatefold sleeve with full color artwork by the band. My Cat Is An Alien plan on touring the West Coast of America in February / March of 2004.
6/11/2006 My Cat is an Alien The Secret of the Dancing Snow CD $17.99 Ikuisuus "Another voyage into the inky blackness with the cosmos-loving Italians and another gem. MCIAA have gone from making dronescapes that were merely beautiful to listen to (merely!) to vast vistas of sound that seem to exert an almost gravitational pull into their depths. This opens with Roberto Opalio's parched vocal trances and the calming ching of Oriental bells and builds into a soporific sea of echoing guitar notes with bells rippling through it like a warm wind. For some reason, the line from "Astronomy Domine" about "the blue you once knew" comes to mind. The sound then appears to collapse in on itself before ebbing into freefall. Divinely beautiful." - Boa Melody Bar
2/11/2006 My Cat is an Alien There's A Flame...Sometimes LP $16.99 Rococo "MY CAT IS AN ALIEN is the improv duo formed by the brothers MAURIZIO and ROBERTO OPALIO from Torino, Italy, in late 1997. They both primarily play electric and acoustic guitars, various toy-instruments and voice toy-microphones, percussions." Limited edition of 500 copies.
4/15/2011 My Cat Is An Alien What Space Is Made For 3xCD Boxset $32.99 Elliptical Noise Instantaneous composers, performers and audiovisual artists, Italian brothers Maurizio and Roberto Opalio, aka My Cat Is An Alien (MCIAA), introduce humans to their new creation: 'What Space Is Made For' is the first step in the new parallel universe they call 'multi-layered instantaneous composition'. Their highly original music has been brilliantly celebrated as staggering sound sculptures, mesmerizing trance-state minimalism, impressionistic noise, pure hallucination of dislocated inputs and outputs, a haunting ambient mantra, cathartic tribalism, a visionary voyage through three millennia of cosmic music. The truth is that MCIAA sound like nothing else in music now and ever. The monumental set 'What Space Is Made For' has been recorded in their secret base on the Western Alps, and unlike MCIAA's previous works, it's mostly made of short pieces and songs. In addition to their (un)usual instrumentation (electric and acoustic guitars, space toys, percussion), MCIAA have self-made, modified, and assembled / disassembled primitive electronic equipment. So the result may sound their most 'experimental' as well as their most 'accessible' work to date. An alternate edit of the song 'The Antigravitational Sense Of Nothingness' is featured on the WIRE TAPPER 25 CD compilation, that comes attached to April 2011 issue of The Wire magazine. The Box includes booklet with full liner notes, credits and an appositely written introduction to the work by Roberto Opalio, plus 6 full-color art cards. "This triple box set is their latest magnum opus" - The Wire

1. Love Is Like A Hiss From Outer Space
2. Floating Between Two Realities
3. Echoes In The Dark Room
4. Specular And Parallel Dimensions
5. Interlude For Space Piano
6. Show Me The Universe
7. Air Around The Strings
8. The Antigravitational Sense Of Nothingness
9. The Promise

1. Praying For The Light To Last Forever
2. Calls From The Endless Horizon
3. Circles All Around Our Minds
4. Still Image Of A Shadow

1. Prelude For Space Piano
2. Dissonant Forms From Different Places
3. Shaping The Dark Matter
4. Echoes In The Dark Room (Reprise)
5. Fragments Suspended In Time (Oh Sunrise)
6. What Space Is Made For
3/11/2005 My Cat Is An Alien When the Windmill's Whirl Dies LP $12.99 Eclipse "…Here we are/ Dancing with the dark shadows/ Here we are/ Dancing with the dark shadows…" This is the incipit of the first side of "When the windmill's whirl dies", the new work by the space-brothers Maurizio and Roberto Opalio, alias My Cat Is An Alien; and here we are indeed, ready to dance with the shadows which surround the Light, as the intimate and vividly estranged mood originated by the floating guitar tunes will enter the furthest meanders of your mind. Both the words, recited and shaped by Roberto from his own homonymous poem that suggested the title of the album, and the oblique minimalism of the complex musical texture made of flowing space sounds, represent the abstract neo-expressionistic substratum of the whole corpus of the work. Moving throughout a nebula of space dust and debris, the starting spoken-word vocals alongside the percussive section sound as powerfully impressive as the violent imagery of trees beaten down by the storm, while the whispered silence of "Perspective of time" and "Fallin'", on side two, discloses the emotional and existential universe of an isolated broken soul, lost in a world of inanity. This is the center of the No-thing Universe, where each single word or sound assumes the aspect of a sort of pagan prayer that speaks the language of astral folk-blues. In this context, MCIAA's outer space becomes a re-found uterus, meant to be the form of a new self-biogenesis. At the same time, space is conceived as symbol of the eternal theatre surrounding the mysterious cycle of life & death; such infinite space, despite such limited time. This cosmic-chant of the new millennium may heat our nights like a flame left to enlighten the shadows of the coldest darkness. At the end of it all, some words will still be ringing in our minds: "…So, we'll never forget the light". After 2004's key-work "The rest is silence", MCIAA's "When the windmill's whirl dies" comes as the second act of a trilogy dedicated to the Great Void. A beautiful recording housed in a thick, heavy duty gatefold sleeve. Edition of 600 copies.
12/22/2014 My Cat Is An Alien & Cédric Stevens Abstract Expressionism For The Ears 3xLP + download $37.99 Opax "Housed in heavy duty full color laminated jacket. Includes Digital Download card of entire album. Limited to only 300 copies. Artwork and all titles curated by visual artist Roberto Opalio. Debut release of the new collaborative project of outsider duo of musicians and visual artists MY CAT IS AN ALIEN and Belgian electronic composer CÉDRIC STEVENS. Over 2 hours of new music as human ears have never heard before and will never do if you miss this unique chance! --
In February 2014 brothers Maurizio and Roberto Opalio aka My Cat Is An Alien spent a residency in Brussels for a long studio session in trio with Cédric Stevens (aka Acid Kirk), who recently collaborated in Fennesz's new album. With the support of La Communauté Française De Belgique the entire session is now available in its entirety on MCIAA's legendary Opax Records, in the form of this colossal triple LP set entitled 'Abstract Expressionism For The Ears'. The session is made of long-form pieces instantaneously composed, recorded and mixed by the trio during those incredibly intense days and nights of recordings.
Dreamy architectures of sounds, floating sculptures of abstract drones and cannibal noise, modal piano, ancestral strings and electronic futurism, celestial music of the Spheres, imbued with impressive textures of vocal exorcisms by Roberto Opalio. Again your ears won't find any point of reference when listening to this transcendent and essential work!
Instantaneously composed, performed and produced by My Cat Is An Alien & Cédric Stevens. Roberto Opalio: wordless vocalizations, alientronics, pedal effects, electronic devices, vertical piano; Maurizio Opalio: self-made string instrument, pedal effects, cymbal, piano strings, Roberto's piano real-time loops; Cédric Stevens: electric guitar, analogue modular system, minimoog, various analogue pedals.
Listen to free album sampler here:
11/4/2006 My Cat is an Alien & Fabio Orsi For Alan Lomax CD $11.99 A Silent Place "Tribute album to ALAN LOMAX, the man who, more than any other, have worked to "bring the music to light", in the widest and most absolute meaning of the word. A record that the space brothers Maurizio and Roberto Opalio, aka MY CAT IS AN ALIEN, share with FABIO ORSI, considered by the impro duo as the most interesting emerging Italian musician, from the "bloody heart of Naples". In his track, Orsi inserts lots of voices "stolen" from the infinite recordings made by Lomax along decades of meticulous and continuous work, and makes them hinge and nucleus of "Spring no more and love come in the wind", giving them new shape in order to make them his own; like for example a Sicilian fisherman's chant from the middle of the Twentieth century, which Orsi stretches into a low and hearthbreaking prayer, submitted to the personal and sensitive logic of his own elettroacoustic aesthetics. Though so different from each other, Orsi's and MCIAA's tracks sound complementary, and build up an original, complex and really unitary work. MCIAA's "Heart of the eartH" starts with an harmonica floating throughout cosmic sounds, while alien cosmic blues guitar chords slowly increase until an explosion of tumultuous space-noise, enhanced by Roberto Opalio's estranged vocal tune, which rises on the Great Void to celebrate the spirit of the artists which hav e always represented MCIAA's heroes, from Leadbelly to Blind Lemon Jefferson and Charlie Patton. The listener won't find difficult to see the great Alan Lomax materializing from the deepest Cosmos, as undiscussed discoverer of the American Primitive Music."
2/21/2009 My Cat Is An Alien / Mats Gustafsson Cosmic Debris vol. IV CD $12.99 A Silent Place "CD re-issue of the fourth volume in the ongoing "Cosmic Debris" series of split ART-LP releases set up by the Opalio brothers, aka My Cat Is An Alien (MCIAA), on their own Opax Records. This time the space improv duo from Torino, Italy, shares one side of the vinyl with Swedish radical saxophonist Mats Gustafsson, whose twenty-year career boasts collaborations that range widely over the contemporary improvised music world, from masters of the free jazz such as Peter Brotzmann, Derek Bailey, Joe McPhee, to famous members of the noise scene such as Thurston Moore, Jim O'Rourke, Yoshimi & Yamataka Eye among others. In every personal message exchange between MCIAA and Gustafsson, their own respective 'ALIEN FAITH!' & 'PEACE & FIRE!' mottos always occur, often combined by the artists themselves into new formulae & meanings: 'ALIEN FIRE!' / 'PEACE & FAITH!' / 'ALIEN PEACE!' / 'FAITH & FIRE!'. Needless to say dear gents, this is not a joke, yet each of these words' combination assumes a deep rule in describing this new exciting adventure in the 'Cosmic Debris' saga. In fact both artists' tracks represent an exemplary encounter between open-minded artists, resolute in creating something to go beyond limits and their own goals too, looking for something truly alive and free: 'Peace & Fire!' and 'Alien Faith!' indeed. In his track 'I Have Not Set Any Time Limits For The Attempt' Mats Gustafsson plays tenor and slide sax, weevil sax, and electronics. In MCIAA's 'Everything Burns Like Cosmic Debris' the space brothers play astral and cosmic guitars, vocals, mouth harmonica, space toys and burning percussions. The five-volumes series "Cosmic Debris" features My Cat Is An Alien alongside Text Of Light, Steve Roden, Keiji Haino, Mats Gustafsson, Loren Connors & his Haunted House band."
6/25/2013 My Cat Is An Alien / Painting Petals On Planet Ghost untitled double CDR $59.99 Opax Editions 2 disc EP art edition of 30 copies with original drawings by Roberto Opaliio - numbered and signed. This was available for two nights in November 2011 in London's Cafe Oto where My Cat Is An Alien played one night - and Painting Petals On Planet Ghost the next. The tracks on the cdr's are previously unreleased. The last 3 copies are available here.
1/1/2014 My Cat Is An Alien / Praxinoscope For the tears of the Land / Prayers from the outer space double CD $15.99 Elliptical Noise "Double CD set collecting the two previous single CDs now out of print. Cardboard jacket with paste-on artwork. Includes liner notes, full introduction and cover artwork by Roberto Opalio. Elliptical Noise is proud to present this ambitious two-disc concept album; disc 1 by cosmic brothers Maurizio and Roberto Opalio aka My Cat Is An Alien, and disc 2 by Praxinoscope, Roberto's side project with long-time collaborator Ramona Ponzini (Painting Petals On Planet Ghost, Black Magic Disco, Ankoku). Here the introduction to both CDs by Roberto himself: "This work shows an apparently new side of My Cat Is An Alien, but be careful not to be deceived. I just believe that what was already inborn appeared more vivid and explicit at a certain point. One day we realized it was no more possible to discern archaic art and post-modern art in our palette; it was clear that they were both reflected in the same hall of mirrors, which our whole aesthetics has always been inclined to, continuosly escaping from and returning to it, everytime re-confirming its own essence. In other words, alien art and archaic art are the same thing. Volume 1 starts with an acoustic blues performed by myself, dedicated to the pioneers of the American primitive music and in particular to the spirit of Charley Patton, which was psychically obsessing me at the moment of creation - Charley, this is for you! - And Volume 2 ends with a Praxinoscope's piece of total cosmic blast... and of archaic transcendence. In fact all archaic art deals with death, sex, transcendence and Eternity. Anyone who does not look from this perspective cannot understand and appreciate contemporary art, even less pretend to use the term 'avant-garde' without exposing oneself to ridicule. We're all living days suspended in the Void. The difference is in consciousness: this is real artists' duty. Beyond and other than this, only oblivion." (Roberto Opalio - May 18th, 2007).
2/21/2009 My Cat Is An Alien / Steve Roden Cosmic Debris vol. II CD $12.99 A Silent Place "CD re-issue of the second installment in the "Cosmic Debris" split ART-LP series set up by Maurizio and Roberto Opalio, aka My Cat Is An Alien, on their own Opax Records. The Vol.II sees the two space brothers from Torino, Italy, alongside Californian visual and sound artist Steve Roden. What makes this collaborative release so peculiar is the natural interactive exchange occurred between the artists, and that came out from the concept behind the experience itself. Roden's contribution thus represents the unique experience of hearing him literally 'playing' guitar chords. His first track, "E-bows and Rainbows", developes through the minimal and reiterated sound architecture of Roden's so-called 'possible landscapes', where singular source materials such as objects and field recordings are abstracted through electronic processes to generate new audio spaces, characterizing the artist's aesthetic in sound works; the following "My dog is a Yufo" is so far a pretty unheard aspect of Roden's ability to shape a fascinating intimate piece only with an old electric guitar and his own fingers, and it also demonstrates how a true artist can re-create his own personal universe, no matter what kind of source utilized. On their side, MCIAA deliver another piece of 'cosmic debris', centered on multilayered echoes of voice, toy piano, space drones raising from a distant horizon, and their own physical gestures performed during the recording, which reproduce themselves through the air, re-play and give birth to echoes of real time that overcomes its own essence, becoming field recording itself, mirror and spectre of its immutability. Their track entitled "Everything waves like cosmic debris" also features Ramona Ponzini's Japanese bells contribution."
5/14/2007 My Cat Is An Alien / Steve Roden Cosmic Debris, Vol.II split ART-LP $115.99 Opax Records This is a private edition of 100; each record comes with an original acrylic painting by Roberto Opalio on 30x30cm proper canvas, with a unique Polaroid instant film installed on each piece, representing 100 different perspectives of a same subject related to My Cat Is An Alien's own cosmic imaginary. "Second installment in the "Cosmic Debris" split ART-LP series set up by Maurizio and Roberto Opalio, aka My Cat Is An Alien, on their own Opax Records. The Vol.II sees the two space brothers from Torino, Italy, alongside Californian visual and sound artist Steve Roden. What makes this collaborative release so peculiar is the natural interactive exchange occurred between the artists, and that came out from the concept behind the experience itself. Roden's contribution thus represents the unique experience of hearing him literally 'playing' guitar chords. His first track, "E-bows and Rainbows", developes through the minimal and reiterated sound architecture of Roden's so-called 'possible landscapes', where singular source materials such as objects and field recordings are abstracted through electronic processes to generate new audio spaces, characterizing the artist's aesthetic in sound works; the following "My dog is a Yufo" is so far a pretty unheard aspect of Roden's ability to shape a fascinating intimate piece only with an old electric guitar and his own fingers, and it also demonstrates how a true artist can re-create his own personal universe, no matter what kind of source utilized. On their side, MCIAA deliver another piece of 'cosmic debris', centered on multilayered echoes of voice, toy piano, space drones raising from a distant horizon, and their own physical gestures performed during the recording, which reproduce themselves through the air, re-play and give birth to echoes of real time that overcomes its own essence, becoming field recording itself, mirror and spectre of its immutability. Their track entitled "Everything waves like cosmic debris" also features Ramona Ponzini's Japanese bells contribution."
1/1/2008 My Cat Is An Alien / Valerio Cosi Stories From The Vacuum split 7" $5.99 Black Horizons "A truly ethereal pairing from Italy. While MCIAA has already established a massive offering in all formats, this 7"is Valerio's first vinyl appearance proper. His side is dominated by free jazz sax loops and trance vocals, with moments of twinkling percussion and electronic euphoria. An amalgamation of improv styles pulled off in a way only Valerio can. On the flip is a beautiful example of the lush guitar ambiance, wordless vocals, and alien space toy sound effects that the Opalio brothers are known for. Gold ink offset printing on metallic vellum, clear vinyl with gold ink on white pro-printed labels. Edition of 500."
9/11/2012 Myrrh Untitled 1 LP + download $14.99 Soft Abuse "Sub-underground duo Myrrh have been dealing their own sort of scuzzed doom for a few years; calmly inducing heavy feedback & thud beatitudes armed only with drums and viola. Their heavy, stoned & repetitive / tranced instrumentals summon the corpses of Pärson Sound and Skullflower (and of course Sabbath and Earth) with nary a puff of derivative smoke. Comprised of Jackie Beckey (Brute Heart) and Andie Mazorol (Mother of Fire), Myrrh construct paeans around pummeling riffs and great attention to blasted atmospheres. The eight untitled dirges that constitute their debut were recorded in haste, and privately issued on cassette by the band. Dubs were made to order & sold at shows, long after the initial master was lost. Soft Abuse facilitated a necessary re-master and vinyl edition that peels back a layer of murk without comprising the din. Lovingly presented with an art print, poster and a gratis DL, the first book of Myrrh is among us."
6/25/2004 Mysterious Blue Soups of the South Mysterious Blue Soups of the South CDR $11.99 Audiobot "Some soups are best eaten boiling hot. This soup comes close to being stripped naked, smeared with goose fat and feathers in a far off southern bar. Someone vomits down your neck and swings your nutsack across the room. Its just like trading braincells for amphetamine, a joyous almost cheerful adventure into the bowl prepared by Dylan Nyoukis and friends. Eerie sounds from forgotten times, starring the radioactive behemoth and the voluptuary nobbler to drink you under the table. Burying bears with melting feedback cheese. Its a downward spiral of flammable gas under pressure that sets your hips straight against the wall. No cowboy dramas or desert road plasma, but a dismembered spirit shuffling among the autumn leafs. As with the teeth of lions you know the time has come to testify. Halfway through youre one step away of leaving for vacation without your slippers. Anybody. A dizzy maelstrom of home recorded freenoise blatter. Chants crawl into the mix accompanied by childlike instruments for an en-garde slaughter fest with the four horsemen. The implied honor-like atmosphere is swept aside in favor of party time on a sunken submarine. A sinister force holds the soup in its power, evoking spirits too intense for average living rooms. Now suppose what could have happened when the Arthurian Knights would have exchanged their magical potions for a sip of the mysterious blue soups of the south ? Be a slug in a saloon and join the acid bikers cult. Fold out covers with obi-strip designed and screenprinted by Janus Prutpuss (covers for Quetzal, Trumans Water, Starfish Pool, Sickboy, Stifled Cries and lets not forget the tons of sweat for Prutpuss and Rotkop) with the kind help of Knust – Nijmegen." Edition of 180 copies.
2/1/2005 Mysterious Water Saloon Boys, The Shall We Be Ruled By One Peeled Scurvy Priest – We Will Ring! CDR $9.99 Memoirs Of An Aesthete “The two man one man band ring out - Phil Todd and Chris Hladowski (Scatter, The One Ensemble od Daniel Padden) duets for bazouki, guitar, droners and cheap beatbox.”
8/2/2008 Mystified Baseline CDR $8.99 Amp Tower Mystified is extremely prolific, constantly releasing quality experimental ambient, drone and noise. These hand-numbered CDRs contain 10 tracks of pure dark shimmering drone, including a remix by Amp Tower's Coldstream.
5/1/2009 Mythical Beast Scales LP $14.99 Not Not Fun "Vinyl edition of this nomadic psych-soul trio's beloved 2008 studio debut, released on CD on Greg Weeks' (of Espers) Language of Stone label. This edition has swank glossy jackets, plus an 11x11 pro-printed insert, on colored vinyl. One time pressing of 500."