DateAdded Artist Title Format Price Label Description
5/5/2015 L$D Fundraiser Yeah! The Horse 7" lathe + 3" CDR $18.99 Heavy Space "Heavy dark drone, long haired improvisations, warehouse constructed experiments with feedback & loops & trash percussion. Comes with a 3" cdr & a special poster of propaganda. Don't get caught by the cops postering them up!!!"
7/10/2008 La Banda's La Banda's LP $23.99 Pastabase "In 1996 in Santiago de Chile some friends started jamming at Diego's - one of the members of the group - workshop as a way of doing music by non musicians, absolutely free with any goals in mind like releasing music and even forming a band. They just recorded these jams a pile of cassettes in an old four tracks tape recorder. In the early 2000's La Banda's were reduced to members Diego, Salmón and JM. They did their first concert at an independent festival hosted by Hoffmans's House Art Gallery. In 2006 Álvaro joined the group that met the duo The Cindy Sisters with whom they played several sessions and now also belong to La Banda's, a seven piece band nowadays. But I would say that there is an occasional member who is soul support for the group, Mr Hugo Chávez, a well known music fan and promoter of underground Chilean bands. This Chilean psychedelic improv collective just released their first self titled album on the Pastabase label based in Santiago and New York. 'La Banda's' album consists in seven tracks that combine psychedelia, noise and folk. The sound is dirty and with the hiss of a cassette and taken just as it came out of the tape recorder. The first song which is recorded in backwards recalls the sound of Sonic Boom, deep and hypnothic. It is the only track of the album that has a more electronic sound On 'La Banda's' there is a permanent clatter percussion, melodic keyboards, guitar and analogue synthesizer alongside some voices in the background as well, a real improv session with no direction of what's coming next. The tracks are unpredictable and evolves to a fresh sound that this band unfolds." - Guillermo Escudero, April 2008 - www.loop.cl
3/6/2010 La Danse Du Sperme La Danse Du Sperme cassette $6.99 Goaty Tapes "Trio of Hellvete, Edgar Wappenhalter, and Bart Sloow (Sloow Tapes) noodling acoustic-status across seven tracks of guitar warble/strum, which keeps pretty constant while muffled vocals, electric guitar, keyboard and drum fluctuate. Late-night incantations like we've come to expect, but the occult/paranormal energy of their other collaborations is replaced with more youthful romance and sexual charm/tease. Edition of 100."

La Gloria Jeremiad CD $12.99 Furry Bear/Freedom From "Eleven tracks of Marcel Bear (Empirical, ex-Thela) and David Coventry (ex-Clay, ex-Cattle) playing a variety of experimental instruments and guitar respectively. Very 'nice' clean recording, and similar to Coventry's engineering of the Thela debut makes it more easy to access the music without betraying its intent."
5/16/2010 La Grieta Decision CDR $10.99 Black Petal "dense, dark, claustrophobic, repetitive and the smell of shit as if you were inside King Kong`s rectum but then you wake up, and is actually your life and the stereo is playing quite a confused mix of music: Dead C meets Sturm meets ESG meets Swans meets Pink Reason meets Merzbow sounds too good to be true? Well find out for yourself "
7/14/2010 LA Lungs Cryptic Snuggling CDR $7.99 Debacle Records "Epic new dark drone and new-new-age workouts from my favorite married couple Afterthought and Leeward Lung. Cryptic Snuggling is a leap forward into the deep waters of melancholy. The five initial tracks are a trip down the back roads of a torn psyche. Synths hover and dematerialize while strings circle and menace. Fog rolls in and pulls you closer to the sleeping dirt. You think "this would be fine place to die." Yet, just as you let go, "Ruffled Rivers" picks you up and cradles you downstream. "Ruffled Rivers" may just be the most beautiful thing I have every released and a towering 25 minute opus that shows just how amazing these wonderful artists have become. For fans of Popol Vuh, Curstallistas, Loren Chasse, Anduin, XelaŠetc.." - label.
2/12/2008 La Otracina Crystal Wizards of the Cosmic Weird (Live in Bologna) CDR $11.99 Ski-Fi "It all began with some kind of lunar roadhouse kosmische showdown scene on some rickety bar on the moon, with all kinds of fucked up looking creatures, with scales or tails and multiple eyes and all that, all lookin grimey, just making a stop on their way to proxima centauri, coming down off a fistful of Benzedrine, tired and disgruntled, chainsmoking and drinking neon green booze, spurs on their space boots and all that. You know, cacophony and then some jiving band of lizards was taking the stage and laying down a sick cosmic sludge, from a skronk ruckus, into the depths of some eerie zero gravity subconscious neu transmutations, to some sonification of sun ra nightmares. la otracina live in Bologna, Italy November 10.2007. absolutely drunk and stoned to an absolutely oblivious and nearly empty room, save the fellow who walked into the microphone during the recording. First release from Sky-Fi". Edition of 100 copies.
11/15/2008 La Otracina Gardens of Blackness cassette $8.99 Digitalis Limited "Pretty stoked to finally be dropping a bomb from la otracina, one of my absolute faves from the past few years. these brooklynites know how to bring in it in all forms from all directions. "gardens of blackness" is everything you'd hope it was: heady dark drones that flirt with the world of metal more than ever. drummer/vocalist adam kriney let's go on the a-side, hollering and wailing like tomorrow's nothing but a distant dream. other times you end up dredging up some serious murk from the bottom of the pool. hints of tape collage come out of nowhere and eventually it mellows out for a pretty even high. it's cohesive and all over the map all at the same time, definitely showcasing their new direction since their last record on holy mountain. limited to 55 blackest black copies."
4/28/2012 La Otracina The Aquarian Wind one-sided LP $19.99 Sound of Cobra / Who Can You Trust? "This beast has many faces! Thinking about psychedelics, krautrock and all things considered as "proto metal" there's no doubt that it's all present here. Vague jazzed out instrumental jams cryptically collide with hard-hitting progressive rock while a thick fuzzy guitar is drifting across as the trip expands into the obscure.In a limited edition of 300 copies this one-sided 12" vinyl is now available to commemorate LA OTRACINA's upcoming european tour."
8/1/2014 La Piramide di Sangue Sette LP $22.99 Sound Of Cobra "La Piramide di Sangue - "The bloody pyramid" - is a seven musician ensemble from Torino, Italy. The sound of the band is built on two guitars, two basses, one clarinet, one synth, several effects, drums and percussions. There's a rich history in psychedelic music, and we all know it. The best trip is always the one yet to be embarked upon. And each trip is different from the one before. You can't jump into the same lysergic river twice. Don't even try. Instead, prepare to be washed away by the sonic waves of „Sette" - a sunbaked stoner trip for both the funky freshman and the psychedelic veteran. The latter may find traces of Santana's „Caravanserai" or Embryo's „Reise" when listening - as well as some strong Spiritual Jazz vibes, resembling the Phill Musra Group and the likes. It's all there and much more.
Torino is a city crammed with dark apartment buildings. Layers of smog is hovering above and below the skyline, and people's life stories accumulate like filth along the sidewalk edges. Misery and a sense of abandonment is the feel of Torino. But from the ashes, there is also rebirth. It comes in waves. From aged peeling buildings, laundry and more lives are hung. Fumes rise up from basements. Everywhere people are smoking, Living in Torino is like being in a film that makes the lungs impermeable. People smoke and drink. Less often, they eat. Always hanging out. "Sette" seems to sound like that. Dirty and volatile. Like a gas. The album possesses the nobility of dilapidated buildings and their toothless allure. It shares with Torino the subversive power of a family-like union among musicians, semi-musicians and friends that have contributed in so many different ways to this project. It's not immobile. It throbs by day and coughs at night. LA PIRAMIDE DI SANGUE returns to Porta Palazzo, the square in Torino, and the black centre of a city whose grip, as if in a torture scene, they cannot break free from. Torino's mixed-blood parents have all traveled the road that stretches from North Africa up through Reggio Calabria in the south of Italy. Those guys at Porta Palazzo market know it all too well, they're the proof of what really happened. Layer upon layer, generations of refugees and exiles accumulated. They are the true spirit of this nurturing city that did not refuse them. Every hole, every attic, every space was taken up. LA PIRAMIDE DI SANGUE has mixed blood too. And the seven instruments combined serves as,a symbol of alchemical transmutation. In much the same way, this record becomes a nocturnal road movie through neighbourhoods redrawn by time, dragging the listener further and further south of heaven. It speaks no language and may even be a hallucination: After all, "Sette" does not only mean the number"seven" in Italian, but also "cults". The album come out on a limited edition of 600 copies. Pressed on heavy 180 gr black vinyl and housed in a thick cardstock cover. Coproduction with Boring Machines."
5/24/2014 La Poupée Vivante La Poupée Vivante LP $26.99 La Scie Dorée Four mouvements of electro?acoustic and vocal poetry projecting luminous shadows of a decadent fin de siècle.
Performed by Timo van Luijk, Frédérique Bruyas, Arlette Aubin
Edition of 300 copies with printed inner sleeve
12/24/2005 La Revolucion de Emiliano Zapata Hoy LP $29.99 Hoy "Exact repro of the legendary 2nd album by this Mexican crew. Fuzzy psychedelia, one of the most desired South American albums, originally released in 1971. Gatefold cover like the original, 500 copies."

Labradford A Stable Reference CD $12.99 Kranky 2nd release featuring bass guitar. Recommended
7/16/2006 LaBrecque, Paul & Valerie Webb Trees, Chants and Hollers LP $12.99 Eclipse "Duo weaves a cautious, dreamy folk spell, reminiscent of the vocal impressionism and effected acoustic sonics of Charalambides, beautiful stuff charged with a sense of desperation and love lingering on the edge of loss. Ties to Sunburned Hand of the Man and other Boston area ensembles, like Bright." - Lee Jackson. "Cold nights roll in during the early parts of spring, reminding us that we're not quite out of the woods yet; there is still work to be done. The contrast of warm, sun-filled days and nights where you can still see your breath is a microcosm for what we all consistently feel in our lives. It's the temporary gratification and beauty that keeps us hopeful, but the desolate darkness that keeps us honest. Valerie Webb and Paul LaBrecque offer up ten meditations on this consciousness divided. 'Trees, Chants, & Hollers' is a magical ride through thick and thin. It's the culmination of knowing that in order to reach the place you long for, you have to do the dirty work first. Webb's angelic voice lifts the spirits of the record, offering a delicate balance to some of the more workmanlike music. These two forces work as a brilliant partnership as a banjo that finds itself high in the leaves of majestic oaks, searching for the haunted flute squeals that float overhead. This is embodied perfectly in 'High Country Jig,' where Webb's voice seems just out of reach, but always present. It reminds me of the days when I was a kid and I would spend the entire day, dawn until dusk, outside in the warmth of Mother Nature's arms. But these moments don't last forever. This much we should have learned by now. On 'The Valley,' the warmhearted kindness is replaced with fear and despair. LaBrecque joins Webb on vocal duties, and in conjunction with his great banjo playing, I am reminded of the mighty Timothy, Revelator. There is a distinct connection between Timothy, Revelator's music and Paul and Valerie's. 'The Valley' is like the journey down; down to where exactly, remains to be seen. But with recorder notes changing from pleasant to disdainful, and the pace of the song seemingly getting more rapid, it is like an aural snowball effect. By the time you realize the downward velocity, it's too late to stop. As you continue picking up speed, the skies darken and you fall directly into the 7 1/2 minute rumination, 'An Acre of Stone (for Rachel Corrie).' 'An Acre of Stone' is the highlight of 'Trees, Chants, & Hollers.' Dense, low-end drones for the basic foundation of the track, while a solemn drum keeps a slow, steady beat. Spiritual graces flicker in the distance, but this night will be spent fending off your own personal demons. This track is the full embrace of the above prescribed scenario: hope trying to abstain from being done in by darkness. LaBrecque and Webb are in full-flight on 'An Acre of Stone,' and it segues into 'Amish Nights' wonderfully. That is a reoccurring theme on 'Trees, Chants, & Hollers': all of these songs melt perfectly into each other. 'Trees, Chants, & Hollers' has cohesion that most albums only dream of. By the time you reach the lost edges of 'Swift River Blues,' you are spent. You've been on a long journey, searching for yourself within the confines of light and dark. 'Trees, Chants, & Hollers' offers up a spiritual journey intended to explore differences within a strict set of confines. Like Timothy, Revelator, this album uses banjo as its main instrument of choice. That gives it an organic feeling that pervades each rift and crevice. This is a beautiful, dense album in so many ways; it offers up something new with every listen.- Brad Rose, Foxy Digitalis. Originally self-released in a deluxe edition of 100 copies.
10/13/2010 Lace Bows Singe Qui Voit, Singe Qui Fait c27 cassette $7.99 Digitalis Limited "It's time for portugal to stand up and be recognized. "singe qui voit, singe qui fait" is the second offering from the enigmatic j. francisco after a tape on cubic pyramid. "singe" picks up where that one left off and pushes off into another realm leaving a spacewake in her dust. this is the kind of drug you get hooked on at first bite, but it's the deeper experiences on repeated outings that really get you in deep. revolving chord progression and repetitive sound waves pound themselves into the air. brass-infused flourishes and synthetic loops drip into parts unknown. it always give me this random feeling of being totally blitzed in some smoke-filled downtown jazz joint circa 1974. don't ask, just go with it. heavy blasts are in store if you can pull yourself off the floor for the flip. early moments of chaos dissolve into blissful loops and jangles before devolving into something far more calm & collected in the manner of processed field recordings of birds. it's quite the strong statement from an artist just finding her way. edition of 75, chrome tapes."

Laconic Chamber A History Of Epidemics CD $14.99 Camera Obscura "Camera Obscura is proud to announce the second new act on the label this year, Laconic Chamber, who hail from Washington, DC and specialise in a particularly compelling brand of haunted, post-everything chamber rock. Aside from a single track ('Ink-Blots') on a 7" compilation via local DC indie label Nightshade, this is their first release. Throughout the twelve tracks there is plenty to captivate lovers of The Raincoats, Mazzy Star, Godspeed You Black Emperor!, and the whole Drag City post-rock contingent."
11/26/2003 Lacy, Steve Plays Monk LP $16.99 Get Back "Recorded on September 23, 1969 and originally released on BYG as Epistrophy, this classic Lacy LP - featuring Jean Francois Jenny-Clark (bass), Aldo Romano (drums) and Michel Graillier (piano) - was Lacy's first recording in Paris (his newly adopted city). Here Lacy, a longtime Monk disciple, takes listeners on a journey through some of Monk's most complex compositions, leaving his own inspired and instantly recognizable thumbprint on these timeless originals."
4/6/2010 Lady Spyke (Dog Lady + Spykes) Transfused By Pool Water CDR $5.99 American Tapes "It was a normal Saturday, got up at 8 a.m., tooled around, popped on me sweat pants and Deathbag workout shirt, czeched the Fitness USA website to make sure it wasnâ•?t shut down again for another maniac attack of some old freaker geezer leaving deer intestines in a gym locker for three days on some uber-vile payback scheme... Headed out the door at 11 a.m., stopped by the coin car wash for a quick vac-thru on the blueshawk and got an URGENT text message from homebox collino;
What??? What day is this? Shit: The Lady Dog was up in this for the afternoon. So, hurriedly: finished vac. job. Busted home to only find a paler Collino gasping in the driveway, shaking. ....Turns out him and the maniac youth crew (Khrust, Haunted Dan, and some dude who is always trying to prove how weird he is) went to a monster truck show in Redford the prior night, and Collino, already tanked from a heavy karaoke session, got into a MASSIVE ashtray eating contest with some goons from Port Huron and, from the mouth of Collino.
"Dunno Man....I asked some rotten chicken meat that was festering in a ashtray that I didnâ•?t see and I feel like my stomach is made of sweet & sour lake oil...lets jam quick so I can go home and die in peace.... ugghhhh...."
So we rolled in, had a super queasy sweat pants and hand-over-mouth-to-stop-puke violin & tapes session live in the Inzane Studios. Was super slow and gross, like watching the unedited birth cut from Rosemary's Baby, the part where the devil baby comes out in what looks like a mane of Hardees garage. Killer session, poor Collino. Dude bounced ASAP. Canâ•?t blame him. Color covers. Edition of 50."
9/14/2004 Laiton, Musti Survival Horror CDR $7.99 Foxglove "Finland has become the center of a musical movement that thwarts definition at every turn. Ambience, improvisation, and dream patterns spoiled with silver traces dot the i's and cross the t's on Musti Laiton's latest offering. This is extracted directly from the depths of the sky. Cast in iron and turned into chrome, you will follow musti laiton on a transcendental journey through these 50 minutes. It's in the water." Edition of 97 copies.
7/30/2006 Lambs Gamble Memory Collapse CDR $8.99 Evolving Ear "Dub impov? Lowercase doom? Total garbage? Lambs Gamble is peeesseye founder and scraper and pounder of objects Fritz Welch and veteran Bay Area double bassist George Cremaschi. This is what happens when people aim beyond the horizon of free improvisation, both as a practice and as a style, in order to take a hacksaw to serious music with their sounds." - label
7/16/2009 Lambsbread Conquering Lions CDR $10.99 High Spirits
6/11/2006 Lambsbread Coptic Crusade CDR $8.99 Main & Disfigure "Coptic Crusade = live show and a few home recordings.... has a bit more balance between total blown out blue humans style shredding to really scratchy clean guitar but still wasted sounding improv"
2/4/2007 Lambsbread Drowned at the Harbor CDR $9.99 Maim & Disfigure "2 live shows and one home recording all from handheld tapedeck..... ltd to 60"
6/11/2006 Lambsbread Greasy Channel CDR $8.99 Maim & Disfigure "Greasy Channel = first release from us, 6 songs, 20 minutes.... a bit more straightforward / "hardcore" then the rest of the stuff, but not really.... real blown out recording, lots of free guitars and drums.... someone said it sounds like 3 people running as fast as they can in totally different directions." Limited to 60 copies.
2/24/2007 Lambsbread Live From Yard CDR $9.99 Maim & Disfigure "Some live shows and a bunch of home shit recorded in the early weeks of december.... ... recorded straight to handheld, sounds totally raw.... edition of 75."

Lambsbread Puzzled Panther cassette $7.99 Maim & Disfigure Edition of 75 copies. "New Lambsbread tape features one side of droned out clean guitar dirge ala Dead C's "Helen Said This", flip is a speaker blowing No Wave torrent. Both are necessary for a full understanding of the raggedy contours of contemporary rock narcotics." - Volcanic Tongue
2/24/2007 Lambsbread Rodney King Was on PCP That Night CDR $9.99 Maim & Disfigure "CD of newest lambsbread recordings, going deeper into sub-sab repeition territory, holding off for a long time before the blast..... willie d says "fuck rodney king", and while i dont agree, its cool he was dusted.... edition of 100."
2/24/2007 Lambsbread Sugar Tits CDR $9.99 Maim & Disfigure "When mel gibson got arrested this summer, it all started with him saying to a female cop staring at him "what are you looking at sugar tits?"..... through all the controversy mel is still a hero..... best movie star ever.... classics include: lethal weapon 4, what women want, bird on a wire, ransom, payback etc...... the cover of this has real sugar on it.... that fun dip crap..... edition of 60."
7/16/2009 Lambsbread + C. Spencer Yeh Lambsbread + C. Spencer Yeh CDR $10.99 High Spirits "Was supposed to come out as an lp but it never happened. the recordings are killer and it shows how well spencer worked w/ our mangled style. runs gamut from mellow to uh... freak out style."
1/24/2009 Lambsbread / Sword Heaven split CDR $7.99 Lost Treasures of the Underworld CDR reissue of LP that's now out of print. Edition of 75 copies housed in mini LP cardboard jackets with paste on covers.
6/19/2002 Lamp of the Universe Echo In Light CD $13.99 Cranium Music "Echo In Light continues, and builds, on the eastern flavoured psych/folk that won The Cosmic Union Psychedelic Album Of The Year in the UK . The new album opens with an acoustic guitar driven number (Freedom to Godliness) that has tabla's laying down the beat moves into keyboard spacyness on ‘Resonance’ and into ‘Our Celestial Flow’ which brings forth some of the most laid back exquisite wah wah guitar playing your ears are ever likely to hear. The track ‘Love’ introduces flute like keyboards and could be the theme tune for the elves at the bottom of your garden. ‘Pyramids Of Sun’ reintroduces the spacy keyboards but this time with sitar added while the last track (‘Dream Sequence’) at just on 17 minutes is a blissed out instrumental keyboard and guitar jam that will take your mind to a place of tranquil peace. In a time of turmoil, greed, violence and fear Echo In Light is just what your mind needs to take time out from all the stresses of today's world."
2/4/2007 Lamp of the Universe From the Mystic Rays of Astrological Light CD $13.99 Astral Projection "Great follow up to the 'Earth, Spirit & Sky' album. A more 70's cosmic psychedelic jam. Lamp Of the Universe is the solo project from Datura Bassist and vocalist Craig Williamson. It is a formidable modern mix of pysch "raga" folk with spacey rock elements. In its great variety the music offers astonishing acoustic guitar parts, exotic sitar "raga" scales, "tabla" percussions and "acid" heavy, bluesy rock guitars. Minimal "drone" bass lines alternate with fuzzy, sometimes aggressive psychedelic waves. This rather "cosmic" musical ensemble is without moderation a nice discover. It is a must for fans of Amon Duul II, Pink Floyd and classical raga style. The combination between the genres is well defined, providing a freak out journey throw eastern vibes." "Following on from previous release 'Heru' on the UK Barl Fire Records, "From the Mystic Rays of Astrological Light" is another instrumental drone-acid-jam from Craig Williamsons' Lamp of the Universe. Improvisations using bowed guitars, Sarangi, electronics, hand percussion, recorder, singing bowl & the usual acid rock styled jamming that was present on earlier albums. Released on the new Astral projection label from New Zealand."
6/25/2013 Land of Marigold Land of Marigold CDR $7.99 Bug Incision Ellwood Epps: trumpet
Joshua Zubot: violin, low octave violin
"The debut recording from this Montreal-based duo is one of the most pleasurable listening experiences we've had in some time. Epps and Zubot have worked together in a huge variety of settings, both as musical collaborators/bandmates and as presenters of one of Montreal's longest-running weekly nights of improvisation, Mardi Spaghetti, which takes place in the back room of a place called Le Cagibi. This disc, which has been in the vault since being recorded a few years ago in Montreal, covers a staggering amount of musical territory, and does so with grace and panache. There is some very high-level mind-melding going on here; theirs is a type of freedom that is derived not so much from the fact that they're "free improvising", but from the vast array of choices available to players with such refined musicianship. Also a not-so-oft seen instrumentation, put to wonderful effect. Top-shelf stuff." Edition of 200, cdrs, color covers in plastic sleeves
12/24/2005 Landing Brocade CD $12.99 Strange Attractors Audio House "Dreamcore vets Landing have come back to roost at Strange Attractors after a couple of amazing space-gaze albums on K Records. Since the release of 2004's somnolent pop masterpiece Sphere, a shift in personnel occurred when founding member Dick Baldwin moved on. Recruiting longtime friend and frequent tour mate Peter Baumann to fill the gap on synthesizer, the shift in chemistry incited a turn in the band's overall perspective and approach to their music. Eschewing their time-tested songwriting method, Landing allowed a confluence of textures and influences to flow outward from each member, and after many rehearsals, a common interplay previously forged in the studio was left to blossom organically on its own accord. Compositionally, the end result is elaborately textured, patient, and hypnotic music of profound intimacy. Their seventh full length album in seven years, Brocade is a turning point for Landing, one that simultaneously harkens back to their roots as hushed drone rockers while journeying onwards into starkly minimalist, utterly cosmic terrain. Reverting inward after some of their sunny travels into headspace, Brocade touches on early Krautrock rhythms while delving into traditional psychedelic ambient music. Barring a few instrumental overdubs, Brocade was performed live in the studio, resulting in an airy sort of freedom not felt since the gauzy bliss-out improvisation captured on Fade In/Fade Out or moments from their second album Oceanless. In every manifestation, it is a tour-de-force of minimalism, utilizing repeating patters that slowly and steadily develop shape as they float in and out of a barbiturate fog. In the early moments of the album, as fireballs of feedback and effects unfurl into the exquisitely Faust-like drum and bass repetitions of opener "Loft", it would seem that rock and roll would prevail even as the tune winds through increasingly lush terrain, swelling in size as more instrumental streams enter the flow. Placid waters emerge, however, as the drums drop out and Brocade turns into a study in atmospherics with the swelling pulse-and-drone of "Yon" and the shimmering, wispy ripples of "Spiral Arms". After the hazy overdrive of "How to Be Clear", Landing immerse themselves in sparse ambience as conjured by Eno's On Land or Harold Budd's glistening works, floating away with the aptly-named closer "Music For Three Synthesizer". With five compositions stretching out to form 54 minutes of music, Brocade is an elegiac lament for Landing's past, and an introspective yearning towards a glistening new phase in their career."
10/1/2002 Landing Fade In / Fade Out CDEP $9.99 Strange Attractors Audio House "Stretching 5 songs over 37 minutes, Fade In/Fade Out encapsulates all points possible along Landing's glistening trajectory of beauty. Bridging their droned-immaculate works (Oceanless) and concise tunesmith shimmer (Seasons, Circuit) with mystifying exactitude, the scope of the EP is immense, complex and composed... astonishing, when you learn that the music on Fade In/Fade Out was completely improvised on the spot!"

Landing Oceanless CD $12.99 Strange Attractors Audio House "Landing is a truly vibrant, celestial-minded quartet of sound painters from Connecticut (via-Utah!). Oceanless, their simply amazing second full length CD, is a dense canvas capturing graceful instrumental brushstrokes, lush audio pigments, and vivid surrealist portraits. Featuring six compositions and clocking in at over 63 minutes, Oceanless is absolutely the most dazzling prism of sound Landing has produced thus far. Inebriating and intricately textured, the plodding mallet driven rhythms, keyboard oscillations, wavering guitar afterburn and distant reverb-drenched vocals could be likened to a Prazison LP-era Labradford that has melted all over the easel."

Landing Seasons CD $12.99 Ba Da Bing “While Landing is one of the country's top drone groups, creating long ambient instrumentals with sudden eruptions of intensity, Seasons shows off their previously unexplored songwriting flair. The record conceives of movement through four seasons with a breathtaking beauty and sincerity (Vivaldi would no doubt smile, then say something incoherent but pleasing in his archaic native tongue). For the first time, the band sings, and the soft fluidity of their voices perfectly matches their trademark delicate playing. The drama unfolds with a gentle minimalism, striking at beauty through impressionism, and reaching their goal with a whisper.”
9/4/2004 Landing Sphere CD $12.99 K Records “Cycling past the deep trips of previous Landing outings, Sphere settles into a gently rock-y world. Landing are known for dishing up a mildly psychedelic mindscape; with their new album they have reconfigured their oeuvre to include the traditional tools of psychedelic rock: more drums, more rhythm, more ‘songs’. Recorded at their own Hi Mid studio, Landing have crafted a softly vacillating sound, a rippling set of tones, a feeling that is akin to their Vessyl brethren Yume Bitsu, Version and Surface of Eceon. The Vessyl is a loose collection of abstract collaborations between like-minded psychedelic legionnaires. Landing has been the flagship combo of the Vessyl, a champion launching uncounted voyages through light.”
9/4/2004 Landing Sphere LP $11.99 K Records “Cycling past the deep trips of previous Landing outings, Sphere settles into a gently rock-y world. Landing are known for dishing up a mildly psychedelic mindscape; with their new album they have reconfigured their oeuvre to include the traditional tools of psychedelic rock: more drums, more rhythm, more ‘songs’. Recorded at their own Hi Mid studio, Landing have crafted a softly vacillating sound, a rippling set of tones, a feeling that is akin to their Vessyl brethren Yume Bitsu, Version and Surface of Eceon. The Vessyl is a loose collection of abstract collaborations between like-minded psychedelic legionnaires. Landing has been the flagship combo of the Vessyl, a champion launching uncounted voyages through light.”
4/22/2009 Landon, Brent Transition into a Phantom State CDR $5.99 Debacle Records "I have been following Brent Landon's musical career for 8 years now, and this new CD is his most unexpected turn thus far. "Transition into a Phantom State" is a white-metal psychnoise record about loss and terror. Musically it's somewhere between Mouthus and Pig Destroyer. Thematically it could be filed right next to Poe and PK Dick. CD-R's in pro-press mini-jackets with inserts."
3/23/2013 Lane, Willie Recliner Ragas LP $18.99 Humito "vinyl edition of Lane's first recordings, originally released in 2006 on Child of Microtones. an unbelievably potent and unique brew, this record is one of the finest specimens of modern day guitar soli. "Recliner Ragas" is, as the liner notes so aptly put it, the fruits of a winter spent "exploring the possibilities of nature/total sound as religion, independent study, low wage exploitive manual labor and general isolation while cultivating giant modal blues ragas in his one room studio flophouse." the vibe here is just dripping with this sense of deeply personal inquiry, a man-guitar-cosmos triad wherein all are one. utilizing intricate, yet simple, environmental refraction to create a tactile sense of 'space', Willie plays rings around yr skull, completely circumventing rational cortices in favor of direct mainline transmission. the effect on the listener is spellbinding, truly psychedelic in a way few modern records can touch. indeed, this one can easily be filed alongside any classic higher-minded string sounds, from Fahey or Bull to Popol Vuh or Heldon, without any sense of retread or nostalgia. effortless runs and flows, this is timeless music, universal in nature. in another time, Willie would be a lauded court musician; in 21st century America, he works in a library, and employs a deft wit to navigate the cruder aspects of earthbound life, while continuing to charm his scrabbly blues muse in recent recordings on his Cord-Art imprint. and while his recent records have seen him drawing out more layered arrangements and varied tones, "Recliner Ragas" displays a singular vision, the kind of window into a private universe we dig here at humito."
7/16/2004 Langtry As Upon The Road Thereto CD $10.99 Soft Abuse "Patrick McKinney has chosen the moniker Langtry for his solo work, based in part on his fascination with the folklore and legend surrounding the Texas town of the same name. On his solo debut, Patrick is alone with his guitar, cranking out loose, yet mind bogglingly technical instrumentals that are equally rooted in American musics of the past (folk blues & jazz, mainly) and avant sounds of the present (Sun City Girls, Pelt). In this fashion he's sure to garner comparisons to the Takoma Records heydey; Robbie Basho, Leo Kottke and especially John Fahey are all valid points of reference. Aside from his solo work, Patrick can also be seen and heard as a member of Iron & Wine (to which he contributes guitar and banjo)."
7/31/2011 Lantern Stranger I Come/Stranger I Leave c26 cassette $5.99 Night People "Lantern is Zachary Fairbrother Philly by way of Montreal resident backed up in the full band mode by Emily Robb and Sophie White. Lantern's bluesy infused earlier efforts in loner rock built up a bit of buzz in the internet media zone but this full on noisy blast of full on Stooges/Denudes/Bo Didley heavy proto punk garage psych will surely turn even more ears to this new talent with serious rock n' roll moves."
5/31/2009 Lanterns and Divine Coils Easy Hours c40 cassette $8.99 Lotus Birth "A sonic mind uniting collabortion between Leeds and Glasgow astral drone duo Lanterns and Oxford laminal improvising duo Divine Coils. Side A: A side long jam uniting threads of mirco tonal speaker feedback, ebowed snare, glimmers of submerged guitar vibrations, & metalaphone reverberations. Side B: One track of gentle bells, found percussion, & shimmering single note guitar, and a second of fog shrouded ambient tones and metallic whir. Limited to 80 boxed sprayed blue tapes w/ found photo negitive colour printed on card."
5/16/2011 Lanze, Urpf / Edgar Wappenhalter / Hellvete split CD $11.99 Morc Records "Just before embarking a joint european tour in april 2011, Urpf Lanze, Edgar Wappenhalter and Hellvete each contributed one track for this compilation, clocking off just under half an hour. These three quite different artists contribute some of their best material thusfar, so you can expect a great mix of primitive outsiderfolk, dreamy shoegaze and brainmelting drones. For Urpf Lanze, this is a prelude to his debut lp that will be released by Jozef Van Wissem's Incunabulum imprint. Edgar Wappenhalter scored last year
with his first slab of wax on Morc, and Hellvete got raving reviews for his lp on kraak in 2009. The latter two of these artists were also founding members of Sylvester Anfang. This ep is limited to 200 copies. comes in a 3-panel foldout sleeve, accompanied by a tourposter."
"The Urpf Lanze is the alter ego of Wouter Vanhaelemeesch, who is known as one of the people behind the audioMER and Smeraldina-Rima labels, and as a visual artist with a very distinctive style, also shown on this cd. The Urpf Lanze brings primitive outsider folk from a lonely space cottage that consists of indecipherable moaning and hollering accompanied by a detuned guitar played on the lap. Influences range from Portal to Bill Orcutt, Peg Leg Howell to Paul Metzger... The track on this ep is Wouter's first release - a full length record is scheduled for release on Jozef Van Wissem's Incunabulum imprint. http://www.vimeo.com/15735806
When Edgar Wappenhalter released his debut LP 'On the beach', reactions were quite overwhelming. The first pressing of the album was gone in a week, and the second pressing didn't last too long either. Steve Marreyt's mix of reverb-drenched folksongs and dreamy shoegaze obviously hit a soft spot. The track he contributes here mixes both: the first part 'Unknown men' is one of those more pop-oriented song and often served as the core of his live-shows. The second part shows his unique ability to make ecstatic tapeloop-experiments. http://www.myspace.com/edgarwappenhalter
Hellvete is a member of psych outfit Sylvester Anfang II and and one of the 3 founders of the Funeral Folk label. For his solo work he draws influences from old folk music, minimalism and drones to make hypnotic ballads that guide you to the outskirts of your mind. After a string of tapes and cd-r's he released his first solo album "De Gek" on the Belgian Kraak label in 2009. If you want your brain fried, he's your man! http://www.myspace.com/hellvete666
2/4/2007 Larkin Grimm The Last Tree CD $12.99 Secret Eye "Larkin Grimm abducts you into her dreamscape/homeland, hidden behind veils of kudzu and falling water, populated by old friends and deadly monsters. Urgently direct, she is offering us a New World couched in old Georgia sounds: thunderstorms, dulcimers, footstomps, handclaps, and pleading soul-blues. This is not precious forest-pixie music; this is the beautifully flawed sound of the force of Nature, a Siren call to bind all souls and draw them into the deep Woods."

Last Days Of May Radiant Black Mind CD $11.99 Squealer "This is the second album from Last Days of May, the augmented 'power trio' led by legendary guitarist Karl Precoda. An instrumental combo of stately depth, LDOM react to each other with astounding musical telepathy: the 'ghost' notes and splintered synaptic abstractions slowly develop into musical storm systems, frosted with peaks of intensity. Theirs is a soulful and menacing monolith of sound; a seismic wave of low-end rumble and high-end concentration. The band rides the crests like high desert surfers, channeling the currents atop a ten foot Dick Brewer. Brand new music soon to become timeless."
2/21/2009 Lateral Hyetography Some Girlzzz cassette $5.99 Really Coastal "Many positive reviews have littered the web of this cassingle. Bruno from Ruralfaune calls this his "song of the year." Recorded in early 2006, the first side sounds eerily contemporary. Dense, layered experimental pop music from the stratigraphic future. Second edition of 95 copies."
6/5/2005 Lau Nau Kuutarha LP $29.99 Locust "Last year saw an explosion & all too welcome interest in a vital, tightly knit scene of artists from Finland. Out of the communal circle of prodigious Finnish musicians comes this lovely 10 song debut solo outing of abstract folk, stray kiss lullaby & plucked blues by Laura Naukkarinen (vocalist in Kiila, Päivänsäde, The Anaksimandros). Sung in her native tongue, Kuutarha intimates a secret language outside traditional word speak into something utterly beautiful & unrestrained. Melody is suggested through the contours of voice, guitar & violin and arrangement has less to do with the placement of things than with Lau’s comfort in letting sounds fall where they may." Laura plays acoustic bass, bass recorder, five-stringed kantele, acoustic guitar, tenor recorder, violin, bamboo flute, colorful juice glasses, mortar, mandolin, witch laugh megaphone, baby’s rattle, bike bells, banjo, cowbells, electric guitar, organ, willow whistle, tablas, percussion, cymbals, comb, beer cans and is accompanied by Pekko Käppi on tamboura and jouhikko. This is an incredibly awesome debut lp and comes highly recommended! Limited edition of 300 copies.
5/29/2008 Lau Nau Nukkuu CD $12.99 Locust "Naukkarinen manages to take a million-and-one risks while keeping things subtle, understated, aesthetically intriguing, and emotionally resonant." —Pitchfork (8.0). "Nukkuu (Finnish for 'Sleeps') is the long-awaited sophomore album by celebrated Finnish femme folk fave, Lau Nau. Nukkuu is psychedelic, abstract and emotionally captivating. Nukkuu is an album of changes. In the years since her debut album Kuutarha, Laura became a mother, moved to the Finnish countryside and took valuable time to carve out a space for her enchanted art in the new-found tranquility of her remote surroundings. Conceived in tight attics and vacant dens on off-hours when her young son Nuutti was fast asleep, this is an intimately-crafted nine-song collection that unfolds like dreamlike musical ribbons for the senses and delivers the listener to a place of unhurried contentedness."
11/6/2010 Laughlin, J Guy Apnoea c30 cassette $7.99 Deception Island "If you're outside the Great Lakes-centric orbit in which he helms the proverbial tubs in pursuit of aesthetic agendas including the affably solvent-damaged sludge of the Puffy Areolas, the void-gazing post-no wave scree of DPI, the prickly, bloodshot pointillism of Heat Death, and his stellar ongoing duos with Mike Forbes, Nate Scheible, and Bbob Drake, you might be forgiven for not having checked J Guy Laughlin to date, but of course that would mean your having slept on his recent and long-overdue forays into solo sesh territory, documented on a split c20 with Forbes/Young Duet (A Sounddesign, 2009) and the recent Solo Percussion, vol. 1 c30 on Wagon. Both of these joints find Laughlin using his newfound isolation to stretch out and lay down a sprawling, muscular, and occasionally zany grammar of his full-kit style, amounting to a rosetta stone for heads looking to parse his singular approach to ensemble improvisation. Apnoea, however, is an utterly and wonderfully different animal, and for my two cents, the first solo work of Laughlin's that attains the status of fully realized record-as-statement. There is next to no reliance on the percussive tropes of any going species of out drumming; instead, captured in luscious, bonkers close-mic'd splash zone fidelity by John Delzoppo, one finds an endless, subtly elaborated, and appropriately firey chasm in the floor of time, filled with amplified floor toms, deftly wielded microphones, a burlap sack full of carriage bolts, and a thousand jeweled snuffboxes of rosin, with an aggregate listening payload something like stuffing a Calder mobile into your shirt and staring at a refrigerator-sized block of obsidian all night. Sure to please appreciators of La Monte Young's Black Album and the hi-res percussive sensibilities of Stapleton, Jackman, and Bayle alike. Hand-numbered edition of 150."
6/30/2010 Laughlin, J Guy Solo Percussion Vol 1 c36 cassette $7.99 Wagon From Cleveland. Not familiar with him but his free drumming is excellent!
3/2/2004 Lauhkeat Lampaat Lauhkeat Lampaat 7" $7.99 Pohjoisten Kukkaiten Äänet It's a duo of bass recorder and tablas plus small percussion.. Music is like very mystic and quite free. You can feel the mother earth, and smell the fog of deep, green forest......yes. The brothers Tolvi, Antti and Jaako, from Rauhan Orkesteri, weave a meditative tapestry that blends their passions: free jazz and Eastern musics. On the B-side Jaako first lays down a bubbling tabla groove while Antti uses the deep tones of his bass recorder as both rhythm and melody, until they culminate in a free, cluttered dialogue of vocal spasms, shakers and tiny tabla bursts. They stay reflective on the A-side, Anti blowing long, vocalized tones over bells, slides on the tabla?s bass drum and rapid comments from the treble. LL refracts world music through the brothers? own ecstatic, idiosyncratic communication. - Matthew Wuethrich. Recommended!
9/16/2007 Lauhkeat Lampaat Taikaa takataskussa CD $16.99 Peippo "Once upon a time there was a world famous free jazz band Rauhan Orkesteri. All their instruments and half of the players were taken away, leaving only two peasant brothers and a pile of garbage. They abandoned melody, rhythm and the shine of chrome and started to build from the garbage the Stormy Temple of All Miniatures, which they open for You right now. This is the top peak of Lauhkeat Lampaat's work."
6/11/2006 Lauhkeat Lampaat The Most Pollo LP $21.99 QBICO black vinyl, cover by Jaakko Tolvi. Features Antti Tolvi, Jaakko Tolvi + special guest Lau Nau on side A. Recorded March 2006 in Kiila, Finland. "focus on sound, very delicate and alien improvisations... see you in the weird forest with never heards before little birds/little creatures..."
3/28/2010 Lavelle, Brian Lambent CDR $10.99 Sonic Oyster Records "SOR is delighted to announce the release of 'Lambent' by Brian Lavelle: a haunting, minimalistic and mystical dream-narrative inspired, very loosely, by Viscount Samuel's book 'An Unknown Land' (London, George Allen & Unwin, 1942). Guitar, electronics, field recordings: recorded in Edinburgh, Autumn 2009. The album is limited to 50 copies."
3/2/2007 Lawler, Keenan A Ghost of A Plane of Air CD $12.99 Music Fellowship "R.Keenan Lawler has spent the last 25 years developing his own personal sound world, constantly pushing himself in new directions and developing new techniques, while remaining completely focused on his vision. His experiments on 1930 National Resonator guitar are the stuff of legend you sometimes hear from town to town by someone who may have had the good fortune to witness one of his performances. In 1999 he self released The Ghost of a Plane of Air, it quickly went out of print and has since been heralded by many as a minimalist masterpiece. It is now available for a larger audience. Lawler here pushes the bounds and very definition of the resonator guitar: bowing, picking, scraping, knocking and combining it with electro-acoustic manipulations and on site recordings. The sound that pours from the speakers is dense, affecting, cavernous and like no other, often delving from delicate picking into a flurry of notes and ecstatic drones. A Ghost of a Plane of Air is the sound of a man looking deep into his soul and coming out the other side changed, scarred and poetic. This reissue has been remastered, and includes one new additional track recorded during the same time period. Co-Released with New American Folk Hero."
10/25/2008 Lay, Josh Asphyxiation Worship 7" $6.99 Black Horizons "Half of Candaver in Drag gets his first shot at vinyl by way of a single. Two tracks, rather different from each other, and much of the artist's other releases. Overall a cleaner, and more realized sound. Vocals come to the front, with lyrical structure on the first track, the b-side is a journey into the darkest of swamps, yet it still retains the feeling of being a beautiful yet frightening collage of sound with a higher degree of fidelity than what is usually associated with similar efforts. Black vinyl with an offset printed 3-panel sleeve, copper ink on either black or cream stock, printed in roughly a 50/50 ratio, pick which color you like more! Edition of 350 copies."

Lazerboy A Scan For Life 7" $3.99 Vespertine Sort of Flaming Lips/Mercury Rev hybrid
2/20/2010 Lazy Magnet / Social Junk split c60 cassette $5.99 Arbor "Jeremy Harris' Lazy Magnet project has been active for well over a decade though the work has remained relatively shrouded in mystery. A true nomad; shifting location and inspiration, following whatever path may prevent itself. Under the Lazy Magnet guise, Harris has explored an innumerable amount of musical styles, adapting each to his uses. On "Yet From The Highest Crown No Blossom Fell" Harris (along with Sakiko Mori of Daily Life) explores the Sci-Fi textures of digital synthesizers. A drifting score from the Providence Futuristic District where man and machine meet to look inside each other. Philadelphia's Social Junk present four tracks operating from a similarly paired Industrial Sci-Fi stance. Some of the groups strongest work, recorded in December 2008 while still living in Oakland, CA. Feedback is tamed into a smooth element, as pliable as the human voice. The union of these organic/inorganic elements create a unique sense of melody from within the warehouse; clearing away the trash, polishing the concrete. In an edition of 125 copies with full color cardstock covers and labeled tapes."
5/16/2010 Lazy Smoke Corridor Of Faces LP $19.99 Jackpot Records "In a genre built on obscured and unsung genius, Corridor Of Faces transcends and stands out as a true psyche masterpiece. Rising above any number of recently unearthed late-60s anglo-pop platters, the sole offering from small town Massachusetts phenomenon Lazy Smoke is a cohesive, solid, classic album in every sense. Ten songs that weave into one-another, painting some beautifully drifty sonic picture as they go. The first remarkable trait of Lazy Smoke's sound is the lead vocals' uncanny similarity to John Lennon. If that likeness was the whole story, we would have a Beatles sound-alike on our hands, and that would be that. Upon digging just a little deeper below the surface, we instead find a darker tone and a patient, eerie and almost shut-in feeling resonating through the songs. While bands like The Beatles and The Left Banke were singing about love, lament and hallucinated travel experiences, the songs on Corridor Of Faces get sincerely dark right away. Even the seemingly-light teenage love-themed 'Sarah Saturday' shares an undercurrent of on-the-edge uncertainty and dread. It's this undercurrent that calls to mind comparisons to Forever Changes-era Love and the more damaged end of the pop spectrum. Originally privately pressed in MA in an edition of only 500 copies in 1968."

Le Forte Four Boris The Spider/Priceless CD+7" $33.99 Cortical Foundation "This edit of Le-Forte Four is wedged between their former incarnation as The Patients and their debut LP that was put together in the electronic music studio at Cal Arts in 1974. Edited by Rick Potts in 1973. All the references made in their debut Bikini Tennis Shoes LP, from Speed Racer to Zappa to Looneytoons to the Moog, is very clearly foretold in the 'Boris The Spider/Priceless' edit. Includes Extended Grunge and Arguments From The Patients reworking of The Who's 'Boris The Spider' that was later submitted to the Norwegian Electronic Music Festival and rejected. First time available. The release includes: a 7" repro of the very rare Slimey Adenoid and the Pablums 'The Residents' b/w Joe Potts 'Mother Daughter', CD of Le Forte Four Boris The Spider/Priceless. Hand numbered edition of 700 copies." This is a reissue of extremely rare and unreleased material from original LAFMS (Los Angeles Free Music Society). Comes in a heavy duty full color gatefold 7" jacket, with inserts, etc.
11/3/2012 Le Révélateur Horizon Fears c22 cassette $6.99 NNA Tapes "Following up stellar releases on the Root Strata and Gneiss Things labels, Montréal, Quebec music veteran Roger Tellier-Craig offers us his latest collection of crystalline electronics as Le Révélateur. “Horizon Fears” explores virtual settings through highly evocative and sparkling hi-fi electronics, spanning a wide array of moods and themes. Always a dedicated purist, Tellier-Craig specializes in assembling pulsing electronics and inventive melodies as interlocking parts, creating a colorful and highly visual grid of fine-tuned pieces that operate flawlessly as a whole."
12/21/2004 Le Ton Mité We Need to Grow to Giant Size CD $9.99 Yik Yak / Zicmuse "Baptized in the flames of the music world as openers for the likes of Deerhoof, Maher Shalal Hash Baz, and Calvin Johnson, Le Ton Mite’s ‘off hand influences simmer amid a mire of Morse-code tones resulting in the spirit of the guitar being thrown to the ground if not the actual instrument itself’ (LA Weekly). Based in Olympia, Washington, Le Ton Mité takes its cues from broken folk to reinvent the wheels of rock. The trio of vocalists, duo of guitars and solo keyboard play songs based on group improvisation and the boiled down compositions of ringleader McCloud Zicmuse. ‘We Need to Grow to Giant Size’ documents the seed from which the band has indeed grown. This recording is a limited edition of 500 numbered copies in handmade letterpressed packaging designed and printed by Zicmuse."
3/21/2007 Leafy Green Songs CDR $8.99 267 Lattajjaa "Ten songs from an American summer, stripped down and slowed down to the bare bones. Ten pieces about lost friends, angels, ghosts, and mountain gods. Recorded in a cool room during a hot week in a southern town."
4/13/2011 Leaney, Aaron & Chris Dadge Continuity Continuity CDR $8.99 Bug Incision "The Leaney-Dadge duo has been operating intermittently since 2006, when they began working together as a two-some, and their recordings first appeared on a CJSW compilation. Their first album, Duo, was an early release on this label, a compilation of two live recordings from their early performances. Since, then, Leaney finished his degree in Toronto, enjoying the wealth of serious players in that town, and has come back to Calgary, where he currently resides, operating the Aaron Leaney Three, and a handful of duos and one-off projects. This recording, made in a wonderful-sounding Calgary basement during the summer of 2008, presents a clear extension of the heads-down, ultra-focused playing on the first record, adding numerous extra instuments (trumpet, percussion, zither, recorder, piano), and a looser, more exploratory approach to the improvisations. There are still moments of serious sax & drums action, but the duo's sound benefits from the widened scope, becoming, to put it simply, a little weirder. The session was culled from a series of weekly sessions the two were carrying out in Mount Pleasant that summer, and was hotly recorded by Dadge to a cassette tape. The raw recording was lovingly mastered by Leaney during the course of 2010." Edition of 100, color covers in plastic sleeves
6/27/2009 Leary, Timothy Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out CD $11.99 ESP-DISK' "This CD release of Dr. Leary's "Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out" is the first ever reissue of the ESP-Disk' vinyl edition originally released in1966. This unadorned spoken word recording of the 60's icon, Timothy Leary ("the most dangerous man alive"), was recorded at the famous Millbrook, New York estate just before his famous residency was ended by repeated raids and arrests by G. Gordon Liddy. Though the album title, Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out, became a clichéd rallying cry for a whole generation, it was presented to the public here for the first time. In this document he presents his ideas on drugs, current events and cultural phenomena, with recollections of earlier experiences and experiments; all delivered in a straight ahead, quiet manner even though the content is downright subversive and confrontational. An absolute must for anyone interested in the 1960's or countercultural thinking of any era." Housed in digipak with liner notes.
7/10/2008 Leavenworth Retention, Reunion cassette $5.99 905 Tapes "Leavenworth, one of the most under-worshiped noize headz around, has been laying tracks of poison for a couple of years now in virtual secret. hailing from fly over country usa, this dude hovers blankets of paint stripping, bong ripping clamor on top of you until a rush of warmth and awkwardness flows through your veins. utilizing a blend of mixer feedback, pedal tickling, and radio transmissions, leavenworth blazes the room thoroughly."
6/25/2013 Led Zeppelin Riverside Blues LP $20.99
"Here's one of best Led Zeppelin collections to come along for a while! Recorded early on in the band's career for the BBC's "Top Gear" show in March and June of 1969, this has fine versions of "Whole Lotta Love," "Traveling Riverside Blues," "What is and What Should Never Be," "Communication Breakdown," and "You Shook Me." Two live tracks, both from March 1969, round this out: "Dazed and Confused" (from a Staines, England gig), and "Gotta Move" (recorded at Stockholm's Konserthuset). Rather limited, this will not be around long! Great looking full color gloss sleeve, orange vinyl pressing, Euro import.
6/25/2013 Led Zeppelin White Summer LP $20.99
"Recorded for the BBC's fine "In Concert" series at the Playhouse Theatre in London in June 1969, this includes versions of "Communication Breakdown," "I Can't Quit You," "Dazed and Confused," "White Summer," "You Shook Me," and "How Many More Times." The "In Concert" series has invariably great sound and production, so we aren't expecting this to be any different. More details to come! Euro import."
5/29/2008 Ledergerber, Alan George The Young Invincibles CDR $11.99 The Lotus Sound "Alan George Ledergerber (www.myspace.com/alangeorgeledergerber) just recently celebrated the release of his first full-length CD, The Young Invincibles, on The Lotus Sound. He works almost exclusively with effects pedals and other electronic gadgets strung together, though he's been incorporating guitar back into the mix lately. Hunched over this gear with his back to the crowd like some mad scientist, Alan produces a series of "spacey" and "trippy" sounds interspersed with disorienting noise. "The AGL", as he is also known, is definitely part of a new wave of modern electronic psychedelia." Limited edition of 100 copies.
9/29/2005 Lee Miller The Futility of Language CD $14.99 Musically Incorrect Records Late November 2004: After working on assignment in Helsinki, New York-based journalist Jordan Mamone traveled to the village of Inari, Lapland, to clear his head and to write some song lyrics. During his time in the Arctic, he hiked for 14 km. in ˆ30 degree weather, slept in a roadhouse full of wasted truckers and reindeer herders, fraternized with mysterious women and criminals, and tore apart a tendon in his left hand. Nice vacation. Armed with a notebook full of strange riffs and words, he returned to southern Finland and recovered in the musically fertile city of Pori. This was the backdrop for The Futility of Language, the first proper CD release from Turku's Musically Incorrect Records and the remarkable debut by the Finnish-American power trio Lee Miller. Named for one of the Twentieth Century‚s sexiest photographers, Lee Miller formed several years after Mamone first met Jyrki Laiho and Janne Peltomäki, both of whom played in the acclaimed hypno-rock group Circle before founding the harder, even more explosive Stalwart. Produced by local legend Aki Peltonen, the Futility of Language sessions were even stronger than anyone expected: repetitive Pori-style riffs crash into untamed New York noise rock with enough sideways metal swagger and angst-ridden melody to keep the cute, fashionable girls interested. Peltomäki's crisp, steady drumbeats immaculately anchor grinding, atonal chords topped by Laiho's berserk, psychedelic solos. As a comment on the limits of verbal communication, Mamone keeps his vocals to a minimum, occasionally muttering or screaming cryptic abstractions inspired by his experiences in Lapland. Equal parts brutal cock rock and cerebral avant-garde, this music speaks for itself. You‚ve been warned."
6/9/2011 Lee, Okkyung & Phil Minton Anicca LP $24.99 Dancing Wayang "The result of a first time meeting between boundary pushing cellist Okkyung Lee and legendary vocalist Phil Minton, ANICCA presents a set of four explorations of timbre and of minds. Recorded in studio in London and presented in hand screenprinted sleeves designed by Okkyung especially for this release, ANICCA is a very limited, heavyweight pressing of 350 copies on 180 gram vinyl. Liner notes have been provided courtesy of artist Christian Marclay, a frequent collaborator of both Okkyung and Phil, who rightly declares: "Beware, this is scary stuff!" Recorded acoustically and with the aim to capturing the rawest, smallest, biggest and most beautiful sounds of their respective instruments, Okkyung's cello and Phil's voice sound nothing like they should. At their most powerful the resonance of both strings and vocal cords trade places, merge and tangle to create a storm, a wave and a crackling fire. But each gust of the wind is preceded and followed by the hush tones of two strangers meeting for the first time. The Korean track titles allude to a stillness encountered in such a meeting, a void ready to be filled with willing stabs at forming friendship. Soon this nothingness is filled with "chanting and banging, hooting and hacking". Numbers are exchanged and songs are sung together in exuberance and quiet beauty. The track "Mu-Byun" ends on such a delicate note, a moment of mutual understanding. But true to the album title ANICCA's true meaning of "impermanence", this fleeting moment is torn apart by the following "Mu-Jin" which begins with a guttural growl by one instrument only, the voice. Following ANICCA is witnessing a constant state of flux. Just as the strings meet in celebration, turmoil pulls them apart and therein lies the thrill of this music. Okkyung Lee is a Korean-born cellist based in New York and Berlin. She has played with Evan Parker, John Zorn, Thurston Moore and Laurie Anderson and has released several solo as well as collaborative albums. She tirelessly explores the cello's boundaries often rendering the instrument's sounds unrecognizable. - www.okkyunglee.com Phil Minton was originally trained on the trumpet playing in brass bands until the 1970s when he started to perform as an improvising singer. As such he has collaborated with many of the world's leading improvisers as well as formed lasting collaborations with Veryan Weston and Roger Turner. He travels the world with his Feral Choir project, a workshop and concert for anyone who wants to sing. - www.philminton.co.uk
9/16/2004 Legendary Pink Dots All The King's Men CD $15.99 Roir "The first of two new albums inspired and affected by the events of September 11th from these long-running whimsical psych madcaps led by Edward Ka-Spel. Ten tracks done in classic LPD form, using a nursery rhyme to evoke both the apocalyptic events of a year ago, and the hope that has arisen from them. Paradoxical and provocative."

Legendary Pink Dots Live '85-'88 CD $21.99 Beta-lactam Ring/Terminal Kaleidoscope Track listing: Regression / True Love / A Strychnine Kiss / Neon Mariners / A Lust For Powder / MMMMMMMMMMMMM / The Gallery / Curious Guy / I Am The Way, The Truth, The Light / Neon Gladiators / Mezhanyne (extract

Legendary Pink Dots Live '89 CD $21.99 Beta-lactam Ring/Terminal Kaleidoscope Track listing: Intro / Casting the Runes / Maniac / Black Zone / The Talent Contest / 8 Minutes to Live / Blacklist / Princess Coldheart / Pleasure Palace / Der Schrei / I Dream of Jeannie

Legendary Pink Dots with friends and relations Kollabris CD $21.99 Beta-lactam Ring/TeKa Unreleased tracks from LPD and related bands. Track listing: 1.Artwork (LPD plus Jochen Schoberth on acoustic guitar -Bring the rain 2.Karolinek (Edward Ka-spel plus Karolina Rozycka)- A small swan song 3. The Tear Garden - Bump (version 2) 4. The Tear Garden Georgie (version 2) 5. The Tear Garden - Extract from the Empathy session 6. The Legendary Pink Dots - Super 7. Lydia Tomkiw (Lydia w/ LPD) Pretty Something 8. Mimir Catchy tune 9. The Tear Garden Message 3 10. The Legendary Pink Dots - The Bomb bomb Loopapa tribe go to Swansea (and eat it
6/24/2012 Lehtisalo, Jussi Interludes for Prepared Beast cassette $12.99 Sige "Brand new album from Jussi Lethisalo of Circle! "Interludes for Prepared Beast, takes yet another abrupt left turn. With a title that references (and perhaps parodies) John Cage's piano molestations, Lehtisalo's latest effort scans like a transcription of his own central nervous system. Each side of vinyl comprises an unpredictable 17-minute suite that fidgets and sprawls in a neon procession of stabbing fuzz guitars and clacking, rattlesnake percussion. Noise, prog, metal, punk, ambient, and electronic fragments stutter, shift, and melt beneath an abstract sun. During key moments, a benevolent ogre chants random absurdities before glassine synths and psychedelic sound effects drag him out to sea. Aggression yields to serenity, restlessness cedes to calm, and destruction gives birth to bliss. Hallelujah." Cassette edition limited to 100 in oversized box.
4/20/2008 Lemieux, Thomas James Wake Up, Dead Man CDR $8.99 Elyk "An album of unrelenting sorrow and beauty, "Wake Up, Dead Man" is a eulogy for the living. Thomas James Lemieux's bold, smooth voice compliments his folk/country guitar picking skills which delivers an album that both taunts and seduces you down the dark, dusty alley of the soul. Produced by Samuel Banuelos and Thomas James Lemieux. Mixed by Tom Biller (Jon Brion, Elliott Smith, Yeah Yeah Yeahs). Vertically oriented, gatefold packaging made from 100% recycled material. Limited to 100 hand numbered/assembled copies."
1/17/2010 Lens Chant Down Babylon / Chant Up Babylon cassette $6.99 Dark Age Kassettes "No. 4!!! Two medieval devotionals from the solo project of Drunjus's Dan Woodman. Lens throws an enigma in the dungeon to wait out the dark age. First 27 copies come with an actual lens. Purple Tapes. Limited to 45 copies."
5/8/2005 Leprechaun Catering Kumquats and Lychees LP $12.99 Heresee "'Kumquats and Lychees' by Baltimore, Maryland's Leprechaun Catering, a.k.a. Tom Boram and Jason Willett, is a much-welcomed blast of trout-masked madness. This shameless and unrestrained duo whip up an improvisational whirlwind of ramshackle rhythms, chunky be-bopped chops, and wild electronic spasms. Their music convokes a kind of chaos that always sounds as if it's about to reel out of control. The two abuse their electronic gadgets and stab at their instruments the way hyenas tear into a fresh-killed fawn. If Leon Theremin knew how Boram defiled his electromagnetic invention he'd breakdance and backspin in his grave. In a live setting, the duo is a tornado of flailing limbs and twisting torsos, projectile drumsticks and flying fingers. 'Lychees' - a vinyl-only release - is the sound of band struggling to stay one step ahead of its craft. In this time of tight-lipped talk and repressed dissent, Leprechaun Catering's debut release of untangled tension and slippery slobber is sure to unleash a primal scream from even the most rigid of hipsters." - John Rickman
3/21/2007 Leprechaun Catering Male Plummage LP $12.99 White Denim "Limited to 326 copies with pasted-on sleeves of the full color cover art. Orange splattered vinyl, recommended for fans of Mammal, Mark Mothersbaugh, Nautical Almanac, Harry Partsch, etc."
9/30/2008 Les Beyond Privacy Act CDR $13.99 Reverb Worship "Les Beyond is the solo guise of Erin Ward from the US band Shearing Pinx.Her latest solo recording is entitled "Privacy Act" and recorded specially for Reverb Worship. Erin has created six lovely instrumental solo pieces for electric guitar. Her technique involves looped repetative guitar passages which evoke the solitary thought provoking feel of drifting. This feel is continued in the cover design which depicts sand dunes from high above. This cd is available in an edition of 50 hand numbered copies with an insert."
1/9/2003 Les Rallizes Denudes Fucked Up And Naked, Vol 2 double LP $69.99 Fucked Up And Naked "More scorched live sessions from these Japanese legends. This double LP is culled from various live soundboard tapes spanning 1969 to 1991 (different material than the 'Live '77' which was the first Fucked Up And Naked release)- not much more info than that. Very worthwhile." Looks real nice with a 12x12 full color insert unattached to the front cover. Good pressing, too.
7/5/2011 Lessard, Ron DIY Practitioner 8x8" 48 page screen printed book $29.99 Beniffer Editions "Comes with individually collaged covers. Our planets first ever release by Ron Lessard (yes he has never released anything under his own name!) 48 curated handmade record covers recreated for silkscreen. edition of 120."
6/24/2012 Lettera 22 Dieter Tapes c34 cassette $7.99 NNA Tapes "Lettera 22 is the duo of Matteo Castro and Riccardo Mazza, two men on the forefront of the flourishing Italian noise & experimental scene. "Dieter Tapes" is a sordid collage of desolate audio, repurposed and destroyed in the struggle of man versus machine. Lettera 22 use extreme textures and dynamics to build up high levels of abusive tension, only to send them crashing down in a cacophony of broken beer bottles and urban scrap, leaving behind a skeleton of seething silence and tape hiss. A seedy and voyeuristic recording, akin to witnessing a beating in a dark alley."
8/17/2013 Lettera 22 Physical Point 12" EP $19.99 Holidays "Lettera 22 is the duo of Matteo Castro and Riccardo Mazza, two main characters in the Italian noise and experimental scene, building incredible collages of field recordings and abused dynamics. The lucky few who attended their live set at the Dome in London for the Broken Flag 30th Anniversary - where they caused a speaker stack to fall over, almost setting fire to it - saw their potential unleashed and knows what we mean by saying that they have an incredible control of the multi-layered texture they produce. "Physical Point" is a perfect demonstration of this skill, where the pair builds up a simmering tension made of captured sounds and hissing tapes, keeping a grip on it with the cold blood of a snake charmer." Edition of 200 on black vinyl.
7/10/2008 Leukers, Antonia Hasenlove picture disc LP $24.99 Dekorder "Hasenlove" is the debut musical release of Hamburg visual artist Antonia Leukers. She's a founding member of "Institut Hasenbart", a 10-piece artist collective dedicated to a meta-scientific research of hares and related social, zoological and aesthetical phenomena in reference to the art world and pop culture. Leukers has previously created stitched, sewed and animated sculptures while casually growing cucumbers, working for a local in-vitro fertilization hospital and advising young people on erotic issues as a German Dr. Ruth for a popular Online magazine. Inspired by a journey to Island, hearing local travel guides spontaneously interweaving their narrations with sudden outbursts of folklore chanting and an encounter with Wolfgang Müller's (Die Tödliche Doris) strategy of transforming and combining his (pseudo-)scientific, documentary and social research into a musical and artistic performance she started to elaborate her fellow artist's lectures with musical renditions. As a passionate DIY home-recording artist she has soldered her own microphones, used cheap toy instruments, gameboys and minidisc recordings of kitchen sounds to create her very own bricolage comic universe. By recycling corny AOR mainstream Rock/Pop songs into some oddly disturbing and wonderfully weird rabbit love songs with newly-made German lyrics and combining these with some truly strange original compositions (ranging from freeform collage to distorted techno to deranged singer/songwriter stuff), she has created a musical love story in 7 parts. Spiritually influenced by (though not really sounding alike) German "Neue Deutsche Welle" artists such as Der Plan and theatrical and surreal performance bands like The Residents her versions of popular love songs sound like a teenage/female Andrew Lloyd Webber on bad acid. This 1-sided vinyl-only picture-disc LP is a strictly limited edtion of 300 copies. Both the gorgeous design and ornamental etching on the b-side have been done by fellow Hasenbart founding member Renate Nikolaus."
1/26/2015 Levi, Louise Landes From The Ming Oracle LP $22.99 Sloow Tapes "Recording by Louise Landes Levi on traditional bowed harp or sarangi and Hilary Jeffery (who also plays with Catherine Christer Hennix) on trombone drone. Levi studied sarangi under the guidance of Annapurna Devi and Ali Akbar Khan. Levi & Jeffery interpret the perennial tradition of Indian raga - informed by the deep dream of the 20th century & the visionary ensembles of the mid century: The Floating Lotus Magic Opera Company (Daniel Moore) & The Theatre of Eternal Music (La Monte Young & Marian Zazeela). Also an accomplished poet, the LP comes with a booklet with a selection of poems from ‘Tower 2/TARA or dc-x’, which was originally printed for the funeral rites of Simon Vinkenoog. Edition of 300 copies."
2/3/2005 LHD Hotel Fire 7" $7.99 P Tapes "One sided single (John Wiese & Phil Blankenship harsh noise project)." Edition of 110 copies.
4/22/2009 Libellula (2) CDR $6.99 Majmua Music "Individually, some of the members of Libellula have been active in the world of electro-environmental music for over 15 years. Collectively, the Libellula collaboration is a fascinating document which immerses the listener into an welcoming mélange of sound. The dragonflies of the night ended up once in a little shack on an Etruscan hill top - where did they come from - could it have been Japan, or some place in southern Utah, maybe they were gnomes lost south from their home an edge of an alpine lake, or perhaps they just appeared from nowhere. It isn't certain and probably doesn't matter. This album entitled (2) was just what happened when the master was out of the workshop and the mice came out to play... now what exactly is it? Four years ago Sebastian Clinger, Hitoshi Kojo and Michael Northam did this single take 66min improvisation in the studio of Johannes Dimpflmeier. Libellula was what they called this spontaneous gathering in 2004. Numbers (1) & (3) exist as well - but that is best left kept for another day."
5/29/2008 Licht, Alan & Aki Onda Everydays CD $12.99 Family Vineyard "Debut collaboration of New York artists and long-time duo partners Alan Licht and Aki Onda, whose combined history connects artists straddling the pop and experimental worlds, including Fennesz, Loren Connors, Takemura Nobukazu, Lee Ranaldo, and Toriko Nujiko. In the past decade their montage-inspired solo work—Licht's permutational guitar and tape pieces on Rabbi Sky and A New York Minute, Onda's field recording recontextualizations on Bon Voyage! and Ancient & Modern—has co-existed with their experimental sound/visual projects Text of Light (Licht) and Cinemage (Onda). Everydays is five grandly formed soundscapes that mix Onda's poetic/textural cassette sounds and the rhythmic/lyrical pull of Licht's guitar. Morphing from recognizable structures to dissonant hammered chunks and rapid cut-ups, the album perfectly weaves their signature applications of sound diaries, minimalism, grainy fidelity, looping and free blues into a dynamic and ambitious statement."
2/20/2010 Licht, Alan & Loren Connors Into the Night Sky CD $12.99 Family Vineyard "Into the Night Sky is the sixth album from avant guitarists Alan Licht and Loren Connors, the first after 2003's In France (FBWL). Since 1993 these New York City artists have evolved an instrumental dialogue merging shades of electric blues and minimalism. These two epic pieces -- one from 1996, the other 2006 -- recorded live in concert clearly show far their desolate sound world grew over a decade of collaboration while the core of layered guitar complexities and alien melodies remain. The atmosphere conjured by the Licht-Connors duo is unmistakable -- the ebb of eloquently shaped feedback -- while the harmonic patterns recall 20th century classical music. Active since the early 1990s, Licht has worked with a veritable who's who of the experimental world, from free jazz legends to iconic composers while performing in Text of Light and an ongoing duo with Aki Onda. Since 1978 Connors has released dozens of acclaimed and sought after LPs documenting his singular adaption of the blues and forging his place as one of America's most iconoclastic artists."
5/1/2009 Lieberman, Justin & C. Spencer Yeh Object Lessons picture disc LP $24.99 What The..? "Object Lessons" and what of this ten-song collaboration between artist Lieberman and Yeh ? Perhaps the influenced musically discussed is somewhere starting between mutual love of various artistic and musical genres certainly -- sound poetry, psychedelic rock, Japanese scum noise, Japanese psychedelic rock, listy lists, but certainly embodies more the present-time sensibilities and whims of both between the two artists to combine for something perhaps neither strictly adhering to any imitation. Perhaps to this record appropriately let's step back to New York artist Justin Lieberman's 2009 sculptural and multimedea work "The Corrector's Custom Pre-Fab House" -- a description from the debuting gallery follows -- "The Corrector's Custom Pre-Fab House is inspired by Robert Venturi and Denise Scott-Brown's 1972 book, Learning From Las Vegas, which provides an in depth examination of what they call 'the decorated shed,' a simple structure with elaborate signage. Using the urban sprawl of Las Vegas as an example, they posit this architectural style as a means to enrich the symbolic content of post-modern architecture. The Corrector's Custom Pre-Fab House is a steel dwelling covered with a multitude of objects including a 1970s snowmobile, a life sized Jolly Green Giant, foam filled inflatable toys, an illuminated Fedex sign, and a 7 foot shark. Accompanying the house is a sculpture of the 'Corrector,' a character inspired by the fictional figure, Nobusuke Tagomi, from Philip K Dick's novel, The Man in the High Castle. The novel follows Tagomi in a fictional future fifty years after Germany and Japan defeat the Allied forces in World War II. Lieberman's interpretation of Taogmi is that of an avid collector of all things pop culture, whose collecting habits extend to the exterior of his home. Within the house, there is a computer equipped with a program that enables the 'Corrector' to archive each object with an informational text about the object's history, which is then projected onto the adjacent wall of the gallery. Created in the style of a Katamari video game, the program features texts on each object taking various forms such as objective accounts, plagiarized product descriptions, aesthetic meditations, poetry, short fiction, satire, and prose. The program is available to play at www.thecorrector.org. These texts were then transformed into the record, Object Lessons, a musical collaboration between Justin Lieberman and C Spencer Yeh. The record is a spoken rendition of select object descriptions that were reworked into an ... musical format." Full-color gatefold jacket, depicting abovementioned objects piled up in a grassy field, and the empty dome waiting for occupancy, and inside special ullistrations for
both ten tracks -- with fullcolor picture disc LP showing the Corrector statue's head in both sketch and final form. Manufacture stopped around 250 copies."
3/26/2006 Lied Music vs Boy-Band Tax Returns Lied Music vs Boy-Band Tax Returns LP $22.99 Ultra Eczema "Lied Music is the strange musique concrète improv project of the us neurotic sound artist JOHN FAIL and the glasgow based trash film maker LUKE FOWLER, they had a tape on trevor tremaine's RAMPART label, but i actually found out about them through the great 4x tape box that SPENCER YEH did on his DRONE DISCO imprint, i was immediately blown away by the beauty of this electro acoustic clean noise styled turbulence, the dudes also build up a long time colab scene of glasgow inprov colaborations with people like daniel padden of volcano the bear and ben reynolds! this lp is a colab with BOY-BAND TAX RETURNS from glasgow, who did a great lp as VERNON AND BURNS on FELIX KUBINS GAGARIN records, pfff, what a strange name dropping round is this actually.. this music is fucking beautiful, strangest combination of musique concrète and sampled field recordings. crude use of the indian string instrument esraj and violin, a lot of tascam tape machine cuttings, keyboards, home built instruments, samples etc.. very weird rhythmic stuff (spazz dancing is possible, straight dancing will be hard..), brutal drunk english hooligans, ambiental soundscapes, heavy frequencies.. as with a lot of ultra eczema releases i feel this music tastes very much like early nurse with wound, the new blockaders and other collage related soundart. the cover design is a drawing of a puking linx and a drawing of a dog on a shaved pukish body form by dennis tyfus."
9/29/2005 Liettterschpich Quasi 3" CDR $7.99 Fact Records (Israel) "There's nothing more subhuman than taking things out of their original context. Lietterschpich manage to turn this natural weakness into a visionary and breathtaking framework of noisy doom ? dub ? drone. On Quasi,they confront noise reductions with a handful of buzz and frantic fury,giving Pixies' classic Monkey Gone to Heaven the fanatic boost it never had,deliver a sound that brings to mind the sinister power electronics of Whitehouse, the apocalyptic delusions of Khanate and the viscid anxiety of Wolf Eyes. Quasi will saturate savage ears and leave them puzzled and confused. Released in collaboration with Woolwung Records."
4/18/2012 Lieven Moana Um Tratado Sobre A Água Quente - A Treatise On Hot Water c42 cassette $9.99 Cetacean Nation Cassettes "A new composition (same programme on both sides), using only fieldrecordings. This composition is a poem. A poema of symbolical sounds. Sounds, which are made by various invisible residents. Representing signals, which haul a mysterious language. A flux of information, pattered by the grand Dorsal Meso-Atlântica. That magical, giant blowhole. Which releases minute sprouts. Which produces the notes, rhythms and timbres of an orchestrated piece.... The hot water, as being its conductor. Sounds recorded on location at Ilha Do São Miguel and Ilha Das Flores. Composed, mixed and recorded at Cetacean Nation Studios, Antwerp, Belgium. (edition of 40 copies)"
10/6/2007 Life Pardoner / Sick Llama split cassette $7.99 Fag Tapes "Side A. = prov. RI Life Pardoner ??? bunch of trax. def. not ham studios style recording. this actually sounds mastered. a fag tapes first! strings, vocals, reeds who knows??? soundtrack style, not boring, hands-on drone, percussion. tonz of sounds, mug just handed me this tape at a gig, then sent th artwork. side B. = Sick Llama. sick llama style. mess of trax. black hole speakers. die-cut, printed, stickered sleeves. cool as a dawg edition 47."
11/15/2008 Life Partners Aids of Spades / Teenager In Trouble 7" $4.99 Ride The Snake "Simultaneously vulgar and compelling. Naughty yet persuasive. Catchy! Etc! At its core, this record contains various takes on CLASSIC ROCK as performed by four freaks with an affinity for punk, metal riffs and 60s soul /R&B.To be more specific, Aids of Spades and Teenager In Trouble are two patently offensive, back to back bangers that defy genre while also undeniably expressing the best facets of noisy Rock N' Roll. This is music spawned from the mind of a questionably-heterosexual Jew from New Jersey, as refined through the company of a Flying V-wielding platonic life mate, an internationally acclaimed avant-garde trumpeter, and a polyester-clad stoner pounding his drums in good time to keep it all together. If it helps, you can think of this as a tribute to Gordon Lightfoot played by disgruntled, bi-curious aliens. On the right day, it could also be a cross between The Electric Eels and Eddie Money dished out as fun propaganda to an eager crowd of closeted maniacs looking to be saved from Bostons nightlife.Whatever works. Offered here is a truly unique experience: the opportunity to live through a beautifully tragic and serendipitous series of events over and over again without having to get too personally involved. Based out of Somerville, MA,The Life Partners have existed in various forms since the dawn of the new millennium. Dave and Mike first began to take themselves seriously as both a novelty punk act and a musical couple after making a post-collegiate Thelma and Louise style journey to Americas Southwest in 2002.Though line-ups and likenesses have come and gone out the window over the years, the band solidified itself as the current quartet after adding Greg Kelley and Paul Guercio in 2006. Its casual! Their official releases include Partners Forever (CD,Twisted Village, 2003) and Back 2 Life(LP, Partnership Records, 2005).This new single (Ride The Snake, 2008) marks the recorded debut of the ensemble listed below. A full length LP is scheduled to drop in the spring of 2009." Features: Dave Dougan (Major Stars) - Vocals, Keyboards, Cowbell, Bass -- Mike Pedals Dupuy (XTHESWEATERX) - Flying V Guitars, Keyboards -- Greg Kelley (nmperign, Heathen Shame) - Trumpet -- Paul Guercio (ex-Ganja, ex-LA Drugs) - Drums

Light Turning LP $14.99 Wurlitzer Jukebox Much confusion about this - is Dave (FSA) on this or not?
8/28/2004 Lightbox Orchestra, The Two Lightboxes LP $49.99 Locust "Finally, after an extended delay, we're happy to announce an ultra limited Vinyl only release of two fiery performances led by Fred Lonberg-Holm and his Lightbox Orchestra. Side A is the Brotzmann Lightbox recorded in maximum fidelity at the Old Town School of folk music here in Chicago . Features the entire Brotzmann Tentet lineup - Peter Brotzmann, Joe McPhee, Hamid Drake plus a rare guest appearances by William Parker & Roy Campbell .Side B is the Munich Lightbox . The gang is all here Jeb Bishop, Mats Gustafsson, Jim Bakker, Ken Vandermark , etc. and in a particularly chaplinesque jazz mood, no less. Two Sides, Two Lightboxes, Two fine Jazz performances wrapped up in lovely hand screened & assembled package. Numbered edition of 500."
2/11/2006 Lightning Bolt Hypermagic Mountain CD $11.99 Load Records "All killer-no filler follow-up to 2003's Wonderful Rainbow, Hypermagic Mountain slams into hyperdrive for a full 60-minute ride. The songs are dense and constructed from an intense three week recording session in a psychic sweatbox. The band has blurred differences to any other sound pirates with a primal base and new musical vocabulary fueled by chemistry altering volume and SONGS! Throbbing low end played on a 300-foot long bass and kick drums the size of Exxon supertankers, all stretched into a triumphant war stomp all walks can love. With just bass and drums (a two piece band you see) they have constructed the densest sound imaginable..."
6/25/2013 Liles, Andrew Murgatroyd The Monster (A Northern Noir) LP $22.99 Blackest Rainbow "Andrew Liles is one of the UK's finest experimental/avant garde artists, not only performing in Nurse With Wound and Current 93, but releasing a huge catalogue of solo material on some of the worlds finest experimental labels. So it's with great honour that Blackest Rainbow releases Andrew's latest LP, 'Murgatroyd The Monster (A Nothern Noir)', a new instalment in his MONSTER series of releases. As with all the recordings in the MONSTER series Liles takes us off on another wild and unpredictable tangent. 'Murgatroyd The Monster (A Nothern Noir)' is primarily a narrative piece, arguably a recording much in the vein of a 'radio play' mixed with 'cool' jazz which has all been blended together with an intoxicating cocktail of surrealism and avant garde scrapes, groans and studio wizardry. The story narrated by two Americans (artist Alex Jako and Nurse With Wound member M.S. Waldron) talk us through a bizarre tale of a young lady who has stolen a huge sum of cash from Murgatroyd, a local mobster. She is trying to escape but Murgatroyd and his gang are hunting her down. This all sounds fairly standard fodder for a film noir tale but the twist is the language. The words used are entirely Yorkshire and Lancashire slang and dialect. Most people south of Nottingham will struggle to understand the words used and the wider world will be more than slightly dumbfounded. 'Murgatroyd The Monster (A Nothern Noir)' is a very unusual recording, both ridiculous and intelligent, unpredictable yet clichéd. It is another valuable addition to the Liles canon that is testament to his indomitable desire to create new and very different music. Limited to 300 copies released for Record Store Day 2013. Pressed on 180 gram clear vinyl with full colour sleeves."
11/1/2014 Liles, Andrew The Maleficent Monster and Other Macabre Stories LP $25.99 Blackest Rainbow "Massively prolific UK artist, and Nurse With Wound and Current 93 member, Andrew Liles returns to Blackest Rainbow. This new full length LP consists of themes, incidental music, bridging songs, interludes, creaks and groans created as imaginary soundtracks for imaginary horror films. 40 minutes of musical interpretations on a 'horrific' theme influenced by such maestros as Donald Rubinstein, John Carpenter, Fabio Frizzi and Ennio Morricone. The tracks cover a vast amount of ground including austere orchestral pieces, voodoo drums, torture porn, possession, cheesy 80?s soundtracks, Giallo, 70?s synths, mellotrons, flutes, piano and much much more. Andrew also commissioned legendary UK artist and graphic designer Graham Humphreys, the man behind the incredible original UK quad posters for Evil Dead II and the Nightmare On Elm Street series. Graham has recently worked with Death Waltz for their Zombie Flesh Eaters and their impending City Of The Living Dead reissue. The LP is released strictly old school style, no digital download, 350 copies pressed on green slime with blood splatter vinyl!"
2/11/2006 Limburger 64 Ergot Fetus CDR $7.99 Nauscopy "Maybe if the Residents and the Screamers got ahold of some really really bad drugs. Like some PCP with a "best used by" date of 1907. More of a fucking illness than a band. Pat Yankee of SNSE said "reminiscent of 'Machine Cuisine'-era Six Finger Satellite".
11/17/2007 Liquid Turtle Ocean Phenomena CDR $13.99 Alcoholic Narcolepsy "New jams from Steve Warwick of Birds Of Delay's newly-minted 'fake psychedelic group' Liquid Turtle. Limited pressing on his own label." - Volcanic Tongue. "Composed of three meditations of water /dream refraction. water being akin to dreaming states of floating. deep sea trickles, swirling current and fear of the deep. influenced by summer dipping and not being able to see your feet. Joined by Bram "Miles" Devens, Amy Backler and Rowan."
11/17/2007 Liquid Turtle Plays "Cool Breeze" CDR $13.99 Alcoholic Narcolepsy "Second installment of hallucinated psychedelic ritual from Steve Warwick of Birds Of Delay's imaginary rock group. Limited pressing on his own label." - Volcanic Tongue. "Is composed of five meditations influenced by sinotey (sic) programmes of passing through different deep sea waters passing through different gaseous exchanges and a hallucination from a forest viewing tower of magic eye forest. the silver birches played with my senses. based on a dream of 'Ocean Phenomena'"
1/30/2010 Litter, The Emerge LP $22.99 Lilith "Released in 1969, two years after the garage rock oriented debut LP by this Minneapolis band, this album combines influences from many late-'60s bands with a more psych-rock and hard rock sound, especially THE AMBOY DUKES, BLUE CHEER, CREAM, and IRON BUTTERFLY. Original BLUE CHEER-inspired artwork, 180 gram vinyl LP pressing, Russian/Italian import."
9/17/2009 Little Claw Human Taste LP $13.99 Not Not Fun "Portland, OR-by-way-of-Michigan garage gang Little Claw first tripped our radar with their self-released Why Not 7 inch, which was/is raw and physical and swingin' in all the ways you want a 7" to be. Their LA live shows proved even more ripping and charged; we were sold. So we sprung at the offer to enshrine their latest (and best) album, Human Taste, on vinyl for the world's turntables to adore. Packed with classic, cracked anthems ('Frozen In The Future,' 'Colors You Drown'), basement weirdo stompers ('Modern Vampire,' 'Breathing Tape,') and naked art-punk riddles ('Lay To Waste,' 'Summerphile'), the LP's two sides are slyly sequenced to seduce, blind, and devour, demonstrating a rad range of attacks, escapes, claws, tongues. It's a great late summer record: between styles, beyond genres, and aggressively alive. Taste theTaste. Black vinyl LPs in jackets with art designed by the band, plus a pro-printed, double-sided 11x17 poster/insert. Edition of 600. CD edition available on Ecstatic Peace."
4/10/2005 Living Breathing Music Happiness Is Fabulous CDR $8.99 Weird Forest "What would the soil say? A fair speculation from the land's oldest apostle...'God made the Earth and the Earth was round and the Earth stood still in it's roundness... thus gave rise to 'the color green'...the amorphic quality of this color sprang life ... the
first sounds involved gurggling 'Cro-magnon' hemorages ... the rest is adequate history ... hamburgers hotdogs hermaphrodites haunted house huge hard hair ... this is my recollection, I am soil!' A true testament of Northern Californian 4:20-vibe/freak-out
unfurled for the rest of the world ... a live non-stop excavation of classic Impulse! ether fused a la' Cro-Magnon(artists alone decide ...) with a utilitarian nod to 'New Weird-ness' and Finnish-psych-spooge... recorded in Davis, CA 'Live in Studio A' Sept. 2004 ... 4 colors, 500 copies, collaborative artwork... why does acid cost so much? Features members of Klondike & York, Antennas Erupt, My Whole Hand Was Wet, Tally Band, and Black Bottles."
8/31/2010 Lö Jengi Dans Les Toilettes Du Paradis/Eläköön Mummo 10" $15.99 Fonal Records "The French trio Reines D'Angleterre performed in Finland in 2009 at Mental Alaska's 10 year anniversary. At some point during this visit, someone had an idea of recording music, which led to a random group of people playing in a small basement room. The album was Recorded at Katajanokan Pommisuoja, Helsinki, by Asko Kananen on March 30, 2009 and edited by él-g and mixed by Mim in Brussels. Lö Jengi is Reines D'Angleterre, Islaja, Amon Düde and The Hoopo. On clear vinyl."
9/23/2004 Lobdell, Steven Wray Live At Club Donut LP $14.99 Holy Mountain “Steven Wray Lobdell's second full-length solo album for Holy Mountain was recorded live in December in a small Portland, Oregon, donut shop (actually on a loft above the toilet), Live at Club Donut unleashes some of Lobdell's most over-the-top torrents of Echoplexed guitar frenzy. Elliptical, psychedelic rhythms merge with his trademark fat guitar signal to produce intense leads that demand comparison to an ocean on fire or planet-sized sunspots. John McLaughlin meets Wolf Eyes. Amazing stuff.”
5/16/2010 Lobster Priest Cat Food cassette $9.99 Blackest Rainbow "Super lo-fi psychedelic stoner jams from this Newcastle crew that features members of BONG, Masterslave, Basillica and many more... they have had a bunch of releases on the Fuckin' Amateurs label, as well as a mind melting self released cassette entitled 'Turkish Wedding' which I luckily managed to score back in 2008, the title track features on this brand new limited cassette. This is as raw as they come and pro dubbed from the cassette master..."
11/1/2014 Lockbox Prince Soul Grenade CD $9.99 Hausu Mountain "Bump the music of Lockbox from your tape deck and dive into the mind of Jesse Briata. Prince Soul Grenade, his fourth cassette release under the moniker, finds the 19-year-old producer pushing his hyper-kinetic beats into maniacal glee and rhythmic complexity deeper than we've ever heard from him on record. Briata liquifies common tropes of pop, hip-hop, and techno into high-fructose breakbeat confections, and crams the jams with effects manipulation and electronic noise as mind-warping as an avant-garde basement freakout. Armed with a skewed sense of melody (scope the ecstatic fanfares of album opener "Human Makeout") and a fracturing approach to song structure (dig the screeching noise climax sandwiched between music box synth passages on "Biomech Lullabi"), Briata deconstructs contemporary beat music into a heap of junk parts and builds it back into a towering Voltron mechawarrior modeled after his own image. Briata developed his union of popular and underground sensibilities in Denver's vibrant DIY scene, spearheaded by the venue Rhinoceropolis, where he currently lives. But the "real world" informs only one chunk of Lockbox's musical DNA. Like any member of his generation, he curated omnivorous tastes and traced a path of self-education through the infinite cultural repositories of the internet. Prince Soul Grenade's bewildering melange of pop signifiers and frenetic rhythms evokes an alternate reality in which Richard D. James or the men of Mouse On Mars came of age in the late 00s: gorging on video game and anime soundtracks, rap mixtapes, and Skaters CDrs alongside their jungle singles and acid house compilations. Briata distills these and untold other influences into 42 minutes of ballistic beat shrapnel more than capable of sending us pathetic olds reeling into a state of stimulus overload. "Brainhead" smears drum 'n' bass patterns across an intensifying web of synth bleeps and surging low-end. "Haha Boost" leads the listener through a series of chromatic build-ups and drops, each more bonkers than the last. Both the beats and vocal passages of "Pridenjoy" stutter and trip over themselves on the way to a droned-out coda. Each of Prince Soul Grenade's seventeen tracks showcases a mind experimenting with samples, rhythms, and melodies at a remarkable level of sonic detail; taken as a whole, the album sketches a complex portrait of Jesse B and the art that has shaped the first two decades of his life."
6/27/2009 Locrian Greyfield Shrines LP $13.99 Diophantine Discs "Chicago's Locrian have, for the past four years, been recording their unique and haunting brand of experimental music. "Greyfield Shrines", their first LP, was recorded live on WHPK in late 2007. The music is dense and enveloping, with mysterious drones and arcane melodies flowing throughout the ominous work. The piece climaxes on the B side as the modulated feedback surges. This release will surely appeal to a wide range of listeners, from industrial, drone, and experimental, to adventurous fans of drone & doom metal. Locrian's past output includes a number of limited cassette and cdr releases, plus a 7". In addition to frequent live shows, their two members also record solo, and perform in the experimental folk project Unlucky Atlas. Pressed on grey marbled vinyl with silver & black letterpressed covers. Limited to 300 copies."
9/18/2012 Locrian & Christoph Heemann Locrian & Christoph Heemann LP $22.99 Handmade Birds "Locrian & Christoph Heemann, two of the most powerful forces in sound manipulation and experimental everything, (not in the pretentious sense, but in the honest to goodness there-will-be-textbooks-written-about-this pioneering of music), come together in what is one of the most landmark collections of musical composition ever put on record. A record created at a foreboding time, a time of record heat waves, severe storms, and flash droughts that have turned farms to dust in a matter of seasons. Upon writing this press release, recent news reports detail events such as the Petermann Glacier in the Arctic calving an ice island twice the size of Manhattan; the worst drought in over fifty years destroying American crops; and, in Japan, flooding so drastic that many areas have received a year’s worth of rain in a weekend. We live in uncertain, uncomfortable times. Still, for many, the symptoms of our age are as out-of-sight, out-of-mind as the Pacific Ocean Trash Vortex, a mass of floating plastic debris larger than Texas. This divinatory release harkens of worlds to come. More than an album, Locrian & Christoph Heemann have created a hymn of our civilization." Edition of 500 copies on180 gram vinyl (250 black and 250 color-in-color: classic black in transparent ocean trash vortex microplastic blue)
11/19/2010 Locrian / Century Plants Dissolvers LP $14.99 Tape Drift "Tape Drift's first excursion into vinyl presents this massive split LP from two duos, one from Chicago, one upstate New York. These groups have been honing their unique and personal brands of sound for years, and both approach the task in similar ways, drawing equally from noise, drone, psych, kraut, minimalism, and metal influences. Each band offers up their best recorded work yet here, raising the stakes another huge notch. The Locrian side demonstrates their phenomenal range, and beautifully adds to their well established oeuvre with new and complex elements. Century Plants make their first appearance on wax, and show how far they've progressed in a few short years, bringing two subtly dark tracks that build in intensity. A slow burner, this LP is the rare split that sounds like a unified whole, and the pairing makes perfect sense. Intense building waves of sound, dense drones, feedback, power electronics, noise, psychedelic guitars, swirling synths and vox are all in the mix in ways only these two bands could pull off. A dark, dense, and ominous record, Dissolvers is also deeply cloaked in mystery and spaciousness. Mastered by James Plotkin for maximum heavy spectral sound, this is a must own record for noise, drone, psych, and metal heads alike. With design by Terence Hannum of Locrian, and art by Scott Treleaven, the LP is packaged in a black jacket with silkscreened silver leaf ink, and a special double-sided color insert. As Locrian, once a duo of André Foisy and Terence Hannum-on this LP joined by Jeremy Lemos (White/Light) on an armory of electronics-and currently a trio with the recent addition of Steven Hess (Pan American, On, Ural Umbo) on drums have been prolific for about five years, releasing a deluge of proper albums, CD-Rs, 7" records, cassettes and even an 8-track. But Locrian's two 2010 LPs-Territories, a split collaborative release by four different labels, and The Crystal World, due in November on Utech Records-have pushed the band from the upstart experimental fringes into the domain of must-hears. Since April 2007, Eric Hardiman and Ray Hare have combined forces to create sounds and music as Century Plants. They have released over a dozen limited edition cdrs and cassettes on a variety of labels around the world. Their most recent work, "Copper Visions" (Carbon Records) explored a post-Suicide electronics+vocals vein. Both also play together in the large psych rock band Burnt Hills, as well as improvisational doom unit Twilight of the Century (w/ Mike Bullock, and Linda Aubry Bullock) and Transcendental Manship Highway (w/ Joe Tunis and Cory Card). They've shared bills with Sunburned Hand of the Man, Thurston Moore, Tom Carter, Dead Machines, and Faust. Hardiman also performs and records solo as Rambutan, and Hare does the same as Fossils From the Sun. Hare was previously the lead singer of Deadline, one of the signature DC hardcore bands in '81-82 (appearing on the seminal Dischord Records compilation LP "Flex Your Head"). Century Plants' music encompasses a broad sonic vision ranging from sparse abstract electronics to dense and heavy noise, with healthy doses of psych guitar improvisation adding to the mix."
7/14/2013 Lohaus, Bernd El nacimiento del huevo LP $24.99 Ultra Eczema "Bernd Lohaus (1940 in Düsseldorf; † 5. November 2010 in Antwerpen) was a German artist (living in Antwerp/Belgium) mainly known for his sculptures, usually made of heavy found wood which he minimally changed (by carving in one word poems for example). He was a student of Joseph Beuys and together with Hugo Heyrman, Panamarenko and Wout Vercammen one of the first "Happeners" during the 1960's in Belgium, organising street performances in the centre of Antwerp. They published "Happening news" and together with Anny De Decker, Bernd Lohaus started one of the first Belgian avant garde galleries "Wide White Space", where they showed work by James Lee Byars, Joseph Beuys, Marcel Broodthaers and other knallers! This one-sided record carries a recording of an early performance by Bernd Lohaus, recorded during a happening in his exhibition "El nacimiento del huevo" at "Sala de exposiciones de la asociacion cultural iberoamericana de Madrid" between 30/01/1965 and 04/02/1965. Absurd poetry meets Spanish lessons, meets dead silence meets sound poetry meets surrealism. While in Spain in this period Bernd rang the doorbell of Salvator Dali, this visit must have had a big inpact on him. The photo's of a young Bernd that come with this lp will show you why. Comes in a fold open silkscreened cover with photos from the Bernd Lohaus stichting, + comes with a extra risographed insert. Limited to 200 copies, and made in conjunction with the beautiful exhibition of Bernd Lohaus at Mac's in Grand-Hornu (23/06/2013 till 06/10/2013)."
6/5/2005 Long Live Death Bound to the Wheel CD $12.99 Secret Eye This is the follow-up to Long Live Death's 2003 Secret Eye debut, 'To do more than god... To die.' "Mesmerising and psychedelic throughout, this is an album for full-moon nights, which has immense power and a fragile beauty in equal measures and will transport you into the timeless realms of the imagination." - Simon Lewis for the Ptolemaic Terrascope
9/23/2003 Long Live Death To Do More Than God...To Die CD $12.99 Secret Eye "Psych, folk and twisted dark spirituals from this communal Baltimore outfit who recently toured as the opening band for Will Oldham in 2003 (Mr. Oldham says ‘thank you to the incantation factory that is LONG LIVE DEATH’). Gong, musical saw and cello figure prominently in these spooky, gospel flavored hymns. Let your freak flag fly! Two of the members of LLD are also in the popular Baltimore band OXES. ‘Whether it's the kitchen-sink surrealism inspired by the Fernando Arrabal movie from which it stole its name or the ebb-and-flow psych of Father Yod and the Yahowa 13 that it seems poised to become, Baltimore's Long Live Death is an obtuse band that seamlessly intertwines its own bizarro-world ideas with folk-rock's crusty musk. Onstage the band unrolls a long and winding goad that isn't going to be every longhair's bag, but anybody who ever held even the slightest of thangs for love beads and nudie pics shouldn't miss.’" Bret McCabe, Baltimore City Paper
6/5/2005 Loop Retard Mom Say I Make Special Music + Dad Says Keep the Bass Turned Down double CDR + mini comic book $12.99 23 Productions "After two incredible and dynamic 3" cdrs and a slew of highly limited cassette, Loop Retard finally throws down his first full length, readily availabe to the masses. This is noise loop pool of filth. Broken hip beats, snot nosed electronics and ackward delirium make up each disc, one dedicated to Mom and the other to Dad. Each disc has it's own special message and reward. Includes and screwed up comic by the master retard himself. Limited edition of 106."
11/3/2004 Looper Squarehorse CD $9.99 Absurd / Utan Titel “When Nikos Veliotis (cello) forwarded the mail around the first Looper Scandinavian tour back in 2003 w/ Ingar Zach (percussion) & Martin Kuechen (sax) I was expecting them to sound more like a 'classic' free improv combo... however things worked completely different this time, ... this trio turned to a very minimal (& dense) drone like one and 'squarehorse' is the point where their sonic dialogues are crafted into soundscapes of sheer beauty where each of the trio adds his own colours (in a trully superb way!) in order to make a picturesque sonic canvas that will appeal to all the lovers of minimal improvised musics but also to all those who seek soundscapes in the vein of obscure dense musics projects as well, as is a record hard to be scored under any label... co-produced w/ the Swedish 'utan titel' project which is run by members of the Greek collective 'editions_zero' and work under the flag of 'research center for the definition of happiness's Scandinavian branch...”
9/17/2006 Loopool Useless Unless CDR $8.99 Arbor "jean-paul garnier does it again. this ever changing artists comes at us with a lagrely vocal oriented album. free rock guitar jams and synth explorations. sewer pipe drones with beutifully placed vocals. this is another album that has been in the works for far too long, but it is finally here for you to hear. every song sounds differents as this urban chamelon of an artist approaches new terrain. some of these songs totally rock(in the rock and roll type of way), some of these songsrock(in the garage punk type of way), and some of these songs rock(in the noise drone type of way). these lyrics are there to make you think. think about your friends and think about the world. the lyrics are collected in a scrawled out sheet which folded up fits like a nice book in the purple clam shell case. the clam shell case is then put in a full color sike-out drawn custom envelope. in a numbered edition of 50 copies."
10/25/2008 Loosers Natives Are Restless double LP $36.99 QBICO "Recorded in 2005/2006 in Portugal and Europe... and they like to dance to the sound of tribal music!"
9/30/2008 Loosers / Owl Xounds split 7" $6.99 Release the Bats "Loosers from Portugal continues with their psychedelic free noise jams after releases on labels such as Qbico, Ruby Red, Meudiademorte and Woodsist. A quiet and subtle guitar-driven piece, feels like a slooow and hot Sunday afternoon. The flipside has more crude and dirty out there jazz madness from Brooklyn's Owl Xounds Exploding Galaxy, featuring Adam from Holy Mountains La Otracina." Edition of 420 copies on black vinyl.
8/2/2008 Lord, Harvey & Dave George Static CDR $13.99 Reverb Worship "You will know Harvey Lord from his excellent debut "Weighted Down" cdr on Reverb Worship.This time Harvey has recorded a superb ambient style piece of music with Dave George as a duo entitled "Static". Harvey and Dave are members of the band Electric Free Time Machine."Static" is one long sixty minute track recorded in a caravan on a hot day in May 2008, and is an improvisation based loosely on the process of dreaming.The track contains some lovely acoustic guitar playing which morphs in an and out of ethereal ambient drones and looped found sounds. The covers are all hand made and are printed in four different sparkly colours in red, blue,silver and gold on white card." Edition of 60 copies.
3/22/2013 Lorelle Meets The Obsolete Corruptible Faces LP $15.99 Captcha Records 2011 unleashed a hidden gem in the form of Lorelle Meets the Obsolete’s On Welfare. Maybe its that people couldn’t wrap their heads around the name but the record went sadly unsung into the ether, though it spent a lot of time on the RSTB speakers that year. Hopefully Guadalajara’s finest don’t suffer the same fates and fools on their follow-up, Corruptible Faces. Still brewing a hot pot of shoegaze and Krautrock bubbled through a psych filter, the band knows how to ride the edge of groove and gently cut back to spacey atmospherics to superb effect. The record explodes their sound in all directions; its spacier, poppier, heavier, headier and far more expansive. Though no matter how close they fly to a pop sun, the band still know how to bring down the veil of ethereal psych like a welcome shroud and for that, we love them. Shimmering vocals bump piano plunks, bass grooves throb and wobble into organ swells and just when it seems like your headphones might not be able to contain the cacophony, it cools out into a welcomed smolder. - Andy French, Raven Sings the Blues. Edition of 500 copies. For fans of Spacemen 3, My Bloody Valentine, Velvet Underground, Cave
1/24/2009 Lorenz, Jon Solo Renegades #10 3" CDR $3.99 Lost Treasures of the Underworld "Thunder, earthquakes, tsunamis, police sirens as Jon Lorenz's space ship crash lands. Three tracks on sax / wasteoid electronics from Lorenz (Wasteland Jazz Unit) recorded in the abandoned subway tunnels of Cincinnati. Edition of 50 in clear plastic sleeves with photocopied artwork by French artist renegade dude Nicolas Murer."

Los Brincos Mundo Demiono Y Carne CD $19.99 Si-Wan Records “Highly regarded Spanish psych reissue of 1970 LP. They started as a beat group then graduated to
this album which is their most accomplished. Includes mellotron, organ, and flute to the strange brew.
This LP was clearly indebted to the Pretty Things ‘S.F. Sorrow’ LP.”
1/1/2014 Los Doroncos Los Doroncos LP $26.99 8mm "A monument to Japanese rock! Los Doroncos are a Tokyo supergroup formed by Kiyohiro Takada (Les Rallizes Denudes), Kawaguchi Masami (Dustbreeders, New Rock Syndicate), Mako Hsegawa (Maher Shalal Hash Baz). This is their debut Lp and it is just amazing. 4 long pieces that evolve into beautiful electric jams: past, present and future of the Tokyo underground sound are all in here! EDITION OF 150 COPIES, HANDMADE COVERS"
6/19/2007 Los Natas El Hombre Montana LP $24.99 Nasoni "El Hombre Montaña (Mountain Man) comes from ashes to change again the sound and life of Los Natas: With a rawer, more compact and harder sound, writing songs with a traditional shape and much more lyrics and vocals, this new album is stunning and completely different to the previous works without losing Los Natas charateristic feel. The change is not only for new productor Billy Anderson (Melvins, among many more) who has been responsible and author of Corsario Negro sound, but also because Los Natas deal deeply inside men's nature, feelings, deficiencys, identity as human being. That's the reason why as we listen to the songs, thrills and feelings vary constantly, although the sound in each and every one of the songs is hard & mighty. No rest for the wicked!" Edition of 500 copies - 400 on black vinyl - all copies in stock are black vinyl.
1/1/2008 Los Natas El Universo Perdido de Los Natas Vol. I + II double LP $38.99 Nasoni "This double album's mission is to rescue many old songs cut by the trio, which didn't make it onto any of the band's official discography. Also included are cover versions of classic tracks by Pescado Rabioso, Black Sabbath, and other long lost gems and rarities." Edition of 500 copies - black vinyl in stock.
4/1/2003 Los Natas Toba-Trance CD $16.99 Ektro "Lovely new album of peace pipe trance drone by these normally Sabbathian Argentineans. Previous releases on Man's Ruin, Beard of Stars, Small Stone, etc have brought thunder to the hordes, now it's time to chill. ‘Three songs, 60 minutes of non-gained continuous experience thru Indian music, meditation, flutes, charango, bombo leguero and rock.’"
6/19/2002 Lost Aaraaff Lost Aaraaff CD $15.99 PSF Keiji Haino’s first group from 1971! Features vocals, percussion and piano.
1/24/2009 Lost Anchor A Process Group CDR $9.99 American Tapes - AM-795 "New mysterious lurk un drag sound collage group, already with a couple of compilation tracks milling about. Klanging electronic strangeness, completely lost anchor jam style. Music for a soundtrack of a void First Responder. Opposition WITH flow..Full color art in new mega color assault cardboard sleeve style."
7/30/2006 Lost Domain, The An Unnatural Act CDR $7.99 Foxglove "This is where it all began. way back in 1990, the lost domain was the invisible empire. the early days showed true signs of greatness, and this is finally the definitive version of this lost masterpiece. underneath the scorching australian sun, these sonic explorers use any means necessary to extract gold from the rocky cliffs. with the smell of the ocean at their backs, the lost domain unleash an absolute typhoon. thick guitar masses break the waves with all the dust and dirt they can muster. "an unnatural act" creates more questions than answers, but weaves more magic than mystery." - label
2/6/2013 Lost Domain, The An Unnatural Act LP $21.99 Negative Guest List "Brisbane's improviser extraordinaires, THE LOST DOMAIN, have been launching sonic missives into the stratosphere for over 20 years now. "An Unnatural Act. What you do.... You take what you have....a resonator guitar, a mandolin, 3 fuzz boxes, a 5 watt valve amplifier, a 44 gallon drum, some old records....and you acquire a 3-in-1 home stereo with dual tape decks with record and overdub functions....and you tap into what you've been listening to, what you've been living your whole life, a stream running free through pre-war blues, songsters and saints....and you feel it when you're sober even, and you do it when you're fall down drunk....and somehow, over a couple of tumbledown, turnaround months in 1990 you commit An Unnatural Act. And it contains both kind of breakdowns, it has stolen voices, a cover (sort of), a love song, a piece by Samuel Beckett, sensitive feedback, a back beat, insensitive jokes, the sound of losing it, a tribute, a debt being paid in part, a groove found, an entirety." Edition of 500 copies. Imported from Australia.
8/31/2010 Lost Domain, The Northwest Passage CDR $9.99 Cook An Egg "Third release by The Lost Domain on Cook An Egg (after various releases on Digitalis and PseudoArcana), this one's being somewhat heavier in its approach than the last 2 releases. It consists of 5 tracks from three different sessions, recorded between 2000 and 2005, which display the definitely "wilder" side of their unique blend of abstract rhythm & blues and free music - one that is closer to their early 1990's output which can be heard on the previous Foxglove release "An Unnatural Act". The opening track gives the tone, sounding like a long-lost jam between the Sun Ra Arkestra and the Velvets as if they both had been playing music for the very first time (as children would). Then, the next three tracks open the doors to three different types of trance-like states: "The Ice is Coming" with its propulsive rhythmic groove and unstoppable surge of guitar loops & clatter seems to create some alternative soundtrack to the 2001 final trip; "Sundown In Space" with its suspended ballet of theremin fury, somber guitar chords and wide array of percussive elegance, achieves to blur the distinction between bliss and nightmare; while "Drift/Crack" manages to bring the trip back to earth as it transforms into some sort of dub parade walking through the ghost streets of nowhere land. As for the last track of the album, it is just as wild as the rest, with its troubled concerto of disembodied voices & muffled (trumpet & guitar) sounds. First edition of 100 copies with full color artwork and insert."
7/16/2006 Lost Domain, The Palace CD $13.99 Pseudo Arcana "Brisbane avant-blues practitioners The Lost Domain have been stalwarts of the Australian underground for nearly 20 years. Formed around the core duo of guitarist David MacKinnon and organist/vocalist Simon Ellaby they have released a consistently inspiring but all too rare trickle of cdr's and have only recently begun to get the attention that they deserve (via the "Sailor Home From the Sea" CD (Broken Face/Digitalis 2004 (who incidentally promise a follow up "White Man at the Door" later this year)), and some choice compilation slots and magazine interviews). One of the most intense and engaging live bands I have ever seen their sound is something like a gritty cross between the spacious psychedelic ambient
improv noise of New Zealand's Sandoz Lab Technicians, and the weirder swampier blues-stomp of Captain Beefheart. 'Palace' presents a remarkably restrained series of subtle movements and moods that were recorded over a few weekends in the ballroom of 'The Pink Palace', an old and virtually abandoned hall in Brisbane. This is The Lost Domain in full band mode with a line up that includes Leighton Craig, Eugene Carchesio and Rick Neville. Organs and plaintive feedbacking guitars call to each other through the reverberant emptiness. There are dream like peaks and lulls as the dynamic slowly intensifies into a deep deep blues howl before the whole band once more drifts away into the ether."
12/4/2003 Lost Domain, The Something Is… CDR $10.99 Rhizome "Long awaited first non-self-released (& therefore slightly 'available') title from legendary yet mysterious Brisbane outfit. Forming as the Invisible Empire in the late 1980s, this band -circling around the figures of David McKinnon and Simon Ellaby- has slowly refined their muse over the following 15 years until recently reaching a peak form of non-linear, startlingly original folk-drone templature. While existing parallel to spirits like Jackie-O Motherfucker and the No Neck Blues Band, The Lost Domain both predate and supercede those outfits. The slow ring of guitars drenched in blues and rock form, little toy instruments as sidereal presences, organ hum and splutter, Kraut propulsed percussion, and wasted mumble vocals - the new sound of Australia, defined and redefined. Collects together two titles previously micro-released: ‘Alain-Fournier's Dream’ and ‘Malcolm Mooney For President.’"
7/11/2008 Lost Domain, The The Mystery of the Lost Domain CDR $13.99 Cook an Egg "Three long muddy blues from the other side. Howlin' wolves in the dead of night, subterranean homesick wails, ballroom dancing ghosts shaking out the dust from their long-gone sleeves...Or as Mats Gustfasson wrote (about their "Something Is..." cdr on Rhizome and which could very well be applied here), it all sounds '[as if] the muted wailing of the desolate wind over some abandoned cabin in the forest would turn into a haunted piece of music'. For the already initiated, the music is situated at the crossroads (ah, ah!) between the more minimal soundscapes of 'Palace' (PseudoArcana) and the more abstract/ sparser blues reveries featured on 'Sailor, Home From The Sea' (Broken Face/ Digitalis). Featuring special artwork/ insert by Eugene Carchesio. First series of 100 copies."
9/17/2006 Lost Domain, The White Man at the Door CD $12.99 Digitalis Brisbane's improvisor extraordinaires, The Lost Domain, have been launching sonic missives into the stratosphere for almost 20 years now. These guys were blitzing the path well-travelled by Jackie-O Motherfucker and No Neck Blues Band, before either group even existed. In Australia, they know how to play the blues. Maybe it's in the water, or maybe it blows in from the ocean, but one listen to The Lost Domain's "White Man at the Door," and there's no denying it: these motherfuckers can play the blues. "White Man at the Door" follows the legendary Shytone "Dead Set," a compendium of pre-war inspired clssics compiled by Lost Domain mainman, John Henry Calvinist (aka David Mac Kinnon), and much beloved by none other than John Fahey. These six tracks are like nothing else the group has released. Ragtime Frank (aka Simon Ellaby) puts in the vocal performance of a lifetime as he extracts songs like "In My Time of Dying" and "Frankie & Albert" from deep inside his bones. Over an archaic bed of acoustic instrumentation and junkyard percussion, Ellaby belts out gut-wrenching line after gut-wrenching line. It will bring listeners to their knees. The pre-war inspirations behind these tracks are obvious, but the execution and emotion is 100% authentic. "White Man at the Door" is a lost relic. It's like something found in a dusty corner of the Library of Congress, begging to be rediscovered. This is the kind of album that most bands only dream of making. It is pure, whiskey-addled perfection."
9/11/2012 Lost Harbours Hyms & Ghosts CD $13.99 Liminal Noise "I’ve lately been entranced by the stately folk and ambient imbalance of HYMNS & GHOSTS by Southend-on-Sea duo Lost Harbours, who alternately set up vast hillsides of heathen chorales and natural rushing wind followed by dextrous flute and guitar pieces, or Matt Baldwin-style instrumentals backed only by short wave radio and Peter Hammill-alike vocals. Alienating but compelling, HYMNS & GHOSTS takes place in a large glass-roofed museum during rainy hot weather, and projects such an insular worldview that listeners feel ejected from its cocoon at disc’s end. Released on Liminal Noise Tapes, Lost Harbours might even yield a larger listening audience were they to separate the overblown experiments from the pert guitar achievements. Their real charm, however, is precisely this highly unlikely and surprisingly necessary combination." - Julian Cope, Head Heritage

Lost In Translation Consume EP double 7" $5.99 Burnt Hair "tripped out, fucked up noise" from Minneapolis.
1/1/2008 Lotus Group, The The Lotus Group CDR $9.99 Om Ha Sva Ha Ksha Ma La Va Ra Yam Recordings "European hippies jamming their minds to the walls in hotel room, in the holy city of Pushkar early 2007, using violin, frame drum, maracas, mouth organ, flute and sounds from the throat and lungs. Noisy rattle racket free imrov." First edition of 40 copies on Jani's/Uton label.
12/3/2010 Loud & Sad Whale Fall Vol. 1? c41 cassette $7.99 Digitalis Limited "Loud & Sad is the duo of nathan mclaughlin (the person behind those great "echolocation" tapes) and joe houpert. "whale fall vol. 1? is heavy. not sludge/doom heavy, but in the sense that this music bears out a lot of emotion. subdued, minimal guitar drones that want to break to pieces under their own weight languish away while various electronics spit fire. it's like swimming in black water unable to see anything around you but knowing that danger lurks at every turn. these are the kind of tonal memories i want to keep. edition of 75, chrome tapes."
12/21/2004 Loudest Whisper 2 CD $24.99 Kissing Spell "The second album from the band consist of some of the singles from the mid seventies. This album was released in the early eighties. More rocked out, west coast sounding than their first, got a killer version of 'She moved through the Fair'." - Malesch Records
12/21/2004 Loudest Whisper Maiden of Sorrow CD $24.99 Kissing Spell "Hailing from Fermoy, Co Cork, Loudest Whisper proved their originality with their first folk rock musical, 'The Children of Lir'. That was back in 1973. Today after two more successful musicals, 'Perseus' and 'Maiden of Sorrow' and some of the hit singles on this album, Loudest Whisper have established their own recording studio in Fermoy, Studio Fiona. Brain O'Reilly, founder of the group and his brother Paul write all their own material, drawing on influences from both American and European sources."
1/19/2004 Love Forever Changes Concert DVD $19.99
"A longtime favorite of psychedelic, punk and ‘pure pop’ fanatics, the ’60s band Love is the stuff of legend. The original lineup made only three albums, they never toured and drug troubles caused them to break up just as their labelmates, the Doors, soared to superstardom. Music critics have dubbed Love the greatest lost rock group of its era and proclaimed its third album, Forever Changes, to be the band’s greatest legacy. In 2002, Lee made a triumphant return to performing with the ‘Forever Changes’ tour, in which he performed the classic LP in its entirety, backed by a talented young band and an ensemble of horns and strings. A performance of the show at the Royal Festival Hall in London is documented in detail on this DVD, which contains five extra Love classics, including the aggressive, pre-punk nugget ‘7 and 7 Is.’ Lee is seen relaxing and reminiscing in an interview supplement, but on stage, he’s all business, clearly taking the task of reproducing the studio-crafted album quite seriously. As for the music, it’s every bit as magical, eclectic and lyrically strange as it was back in 1967. Flamenco guitars, Tijuana Brass-style horns, lush ‘orchestral pop’ strings, raunchy guitar riffs and seriously catchy hooks demonstrate how Lee and his bandmates wedded the elegance of Bacharach bubblegum pop (Love’s first hit was a cover of Burt’s ‘Little Red Book’) with the harder-edged sound and subject matter of the psychedelic scene. The musicians do an excellent job of bringing the album to life, but no one is more impressive than Lee himself. Now 58 and past a run of personal problems, he still possesses a remarkably melodic and emotional singing voice. Shelve next to titles featuring established such ’60s icons as Jim Morrison and Hendrix, and introduce viewers to the great ‘lost’ genius of Love." – Ed Grant.
12/17/2003 Love Third Coming of Love LP $29.99 Gazebo "Euro release. 500 Copies. Collection of 13 alternate/early mixes/demos, and studio rarities '66-'68. Comes with great sound and fantastic sleeve artwork. Tracks include 'My Little Red Book', 'Wonder People', 'Hummingbirds', 'Robert Montgomery', 'Singing Cowboy', etc."
9/29/2004 Love and Death Can-Opened Mind CD $10.99 Camera Obscura "Nic Dalton of The Plunderers, Godstar, The Lemonheads and Half-a-Cow records has recorded an experimental psych album for us under the name Love and Death, the title of the experimental fourth side of the vinyl version of Godstar's 'Coastal' album. It is a along the same lines, fairground keyboards, backwards guitars, tape effects, acoustic balladry, et al, but the concepts introduced on the 'Love and Death' side of 'Coastal' are now explored over the course of a mighty 50 minute sonic collage. As on that previous outing, Nic's partner in oddness is keyboardist John Encarnacao. pressed for a reference point, I guess we could tell you that it is like the Black Swan Network alter ego to Nic Dalton's rock stuff, but that really doesn't do it justice, as it is entirely its own creature." 1998 release.
5/24/2014 Love Cult Take Druss Yr Problems LP + download $19.99 Trensmat "The multi-tentacled beast that is Gnod reveals here another, er, tentacle in the writhing and sucking meeting of Druss (aka Paddy from Gnod) and Russian creepo electronics merchants, the duo Love Cult. Tracks are credited to either Druss, Love Cult or Love Cult Takes Druss but to be honest the joins are seamless - these geographically disparate freq-freaks are clearly on the same wavelength. Placed against the grubby tech fury of the recent Dwellings and Druss Gnod-offshoot releases, this LP at first appears more restrained, though an unsettling and mostly downtempo atmosphere pervades. The overall feeling of unease proves quite difficult to pin down, especially when the component parts are examined in isolation. Whether you focus on the pleasing deep deep bass rumblings, the pulsing mids, the primitive staccato drum machine, the occasional half-buried vocals, the dreamlike corroded loops, or the obnoxious insistence of the upfront disembodied vocal sample-triggering, there's seemingly something familiar to hang on to at every turn - but taken together in the slightly 'off' way these ingredients coagulate, there is in truth very little comfort to be had. To break it down, for what it's worth, side A is weighted in favour of Love Cult (2 collabs, 2 solo tracks) and on the B Druss do the heavy-lifting (again 2 collab, 2 solo). Take for example the unbearable claustrophobia of split composition Yr Problems - it has all the previously-mentioned elements, none of which are overly sinister in isolation but put the listener right off their lunch when served on the same tray. Death Forever on the B could be (and should be!) the closing credits soundtrack to J. Carpenter's Prince Of Darkness. It isn't - though freely-available contemporary tools and a little cunning can make that cyber-satanic dream a reality for anyone willing to get their kicks in such a fashion, inevitably losing their shit to the frantic stuttering electro groove, corrosive B-movie bleeps, and Crowley-esque 'FOREVER' chants on infinite repeat. Two extra digital-only tracks, somewhat lighter in mood, serve as a fine apertif and as good a prompt as any to pull open the curtains and reflect on the preceding 45-minute offbeat excursion, back safe in reasssuring daylight normality...though it doesn't look quite the same any more... The LP comes with digital copies of the eight tracks on the vinyl + two additional exclusive digital only tracks. VERY limited edition coloured vinyl LP" in full colour card sleeve."
5/1/2009 Love Live Life + One Love Will Make A Better You CD $17.99 Drone Syndicate "Number six on the Japrocksampler Top 50, available again for the first time in over a decade!" "Commencing with singer Akira Fuse's goggle-eyed one-day-old-baby innocence, Love Live Life + 1's album opener 'The Question Mark' escorts us through an eighteen-minute free-rock R&B adventure like nothing before or since. Clanking harsher than even the title track of Funkadelic's Free Your Mind & Your Ass Will Follow, and twice as long; cosmic as the Cosmic Joker's Galactic Supermarket, and gnarly as John McLaughlin's out-there-a-minute axe excursions on Miles's 'Right Off'' or his own Devotion solo LP, do these guys fight for their right to party! The mellower second side includes the insanely brilliant eight-minute epic 'Shadows Of My Mind,' in which Akira Fuse sings like some drunken Italian baritone, while atonal swooping strings and crazy brass support/undermine him; then it's off into a juggernaut bass-heavy clatterthon with duel-axe outrage of the highest level. And how about that title track whose catchy bastard licks unashamedly rip Sly's 'I Want To Take You Higher,' but still have you singing along with Fuse? The record closes brilliantly with the demented 'Facts About It All,' which opens like Fuse laying a grunting 6/8 James Brown/Eric Burdon ballad on us. But no, this miniature R&B opera says in 2 minutes and 56 seconds what prog bands took a whole side to say. All hail visionary genius Ikuzo Orita for uniting his fave guitarist Kimio Mizutani with the errant free-jazz Gibson 335 of Takao Naoi, whose brittle spittle pops permanent wheelies around these slippery rhythm tracks. Also hail Orita for recognizing the genius of these songs of sax player Kei Ichihara, for trusting Akira Fuse's professionalism and open-mindedness, and for seeing this 33-minute-long classic to its unlikely conclusion." -- Japrocksampler
5/8/2003 Low End Lars Crystal Arcade Supertsar 7" $3.99 Bobby J Records / Crunchy Food Records "I spent the whole chicken songs of flight of day... about the arcades make me the guitar solo... I then synthesize... certifies to me!!!" What?!
9/30/2005 Lowdown Y Is a Crooked Letter CD $9.99 Zum "The Lowdown from Santa Cruz, CA, follow up their much beloved Revolver II with the sandblast sounds of "Y is a crooked letter." Recorded by the band and slightly tinkered with by Jamie Stewart (xiu xiu), this sophomore album is chock full of the unstable psychedelic sounds and dance punk that have become the calling card of the Bay Area family, a dysfunctional unit that counts amongst its familiars Erase Errata, Numbers, Total Shutdown, and Deerhoof. Kindred spirits these, the Lowdown has the distinction of being in existence since 1997, combining woodland magic and busted electronics. Other band affiliations include St. Joseph and the Abandoned Food, Whysp, Leprachaun, and Comets on Fire. "

Lowdown, The Revolver II CD $12.99 Strange Attractors Audio House "Revolver II regurgitates raw sound through a complete deconstruction of the musical process. By utilizing whatever instrument that happens to be available, no matter how rudimentary, a necessary window into The Lowdown's decidedly tongue-in-cheek creative genius is opened wide. The band is propelled by the relatively standard dueling guitars-and-drums punk rock blueprint; but The Lowdown's equipment happens to be tainted, handicapped, pummeled, weathered. Pushed to the limit, a typically rock format now treads in a wholly other realm of primitive sound. The musical mess The Lowdown creates becomes further perverted through a smattering of drum machines, saxophones, casio keyboards, samples, and a feedbacking tuner. Each song stumbles ahead with frayed volume, sewn together by intermittent bursts of noise, studio tweaks, and general tomfoolery. Kindered spirits like Deerhoof or Half Japanese would seemingly gyrate freely with undaunted respect to their unbridled cacophony."
4/20/2008 Lryeas Lryeas CDR $8.99 267 Lattajjaa "Slow and grinding black ambient metal ... with added trumpet!" Boa Melody Bar
8/28/2007 LSD March Bigjar Solo Sets DVD $18.99 Archive "As the title would suggest represents footage James filmed of all three members of LSD March (Shinsuke Michishita, Ikuro Takahashi, Masami Kawaguchi) performing solo sets at Philly's best book store, BigJar, while on a short US tour in the fall of 2006. Shinsuke and Masami's renderings represent a Japanese working of psychy folk for guitar and vocals. Ikuro offers a contrasted short piece of oscillator assemble that is firmly rooted in the avant-garde, with overtones of conceptualist art, found sound, and experimentalism. The release comes packaged in a fold heavy stock cover with a pressing size of 550 copies design and silkscreen by Jason Killinger from Birds of Maya."
4/24/2006 LSD March Empty Rubious Red CD $13.99 Archive "A re-issue of the microscopic self released CD. a mix of studio tracks that range from really sweet electric folk almost solo tunes mixed with some of the psych freakout you'd expect, but overall a much different sounding release then the live disc and some of the other material out there. Re-issue contains an extra take of the title trax dropped on the front of the disc, some light mastering work by James Plotkin, and a new package and layout which has a minimal acetate overlay and more of hair graphic work from Joe Denardo of Growing. A one time pressing of 600 copies."
8/23/2009 LSD March Live At The AMS LP $49.99 Psych.KG "A four track special LP. 2 versions, one on black vinyl and one on coloured vinyl. The running time is 40 minutes and contains live material from their last European Tour in 2008." Color vinyl copies - numbered edition of 200 copies with photoprint and insert housed in a plastic clear sleeve.
1/1/2008 LSD March Nikutai No Tubomi double CD $18.99 BLR "A double-CD edition of 500 numbered copies in a full-color book bound case. "It gets so lonely in the belly of a whale. But the acoustics are fantastic. The pitch and yaw of its cavernous gut lowing with a long, guttural song burst. This is met by a loud, wailing which drone swells up as millions of gallons pass through tons of ambergris. These massive internal sound collisions resonate into a monstrous feedback of even greater proportion than the beast itself. And Jonah smiles. This is the sound of LSD MARCH. Be the body of Christ and let the whale take of YOU. LSD March is a Japanese psychedelic rock group, based in the city of Himeji. It is led by singer and guitarist SHINSUKE MICHISHITA. The group is named after a track by krautrock group Guru Guru. Michishita has also played with Magura Mozart and Doodles."
11/2/2008 LSD March Uretakumo Nakunarutorika CD $18.99 BLR "The LSD March hare hops its winding way through another Wonderland of its own making with a brand new kraut influenced album Uretakumo Nakunarutorika. These ever indefinable Japanese psych monsters have coughed up a syrup-soaked album of broken tribal psychedelia. Their distended view of plunderphonic percussion gurgles like a drum 'n' base-jump into a vat of psilocybin wine. And then things get weird."
7/14/2010 Lubelski, Samara 19.11.2009 CDR $16.99 Unsound "Full band set from Samara Lubelski (Tower Recordings, Hall Of Fame, MV&EE et al) with Moritz Finkenbeiner on keyboards, Werner Noetzel on bass and Josh Stevenson on drums. Gentle Velvets/French pop readings of songs from her studio albums with a little more keyboard drone and gone vocals. Numbered edition of 120 copies packaged in full colour gatefold sleeves." - Volcanic Tongue. Highly recommended!
9/24/2009 Lubelski, Samara Future Slip CD $10.99 Ecstatic Peace "Samara Lubelski's 5th solo LP Future Slip serves up a gorgeous and friendly collection of bittersweet melodies, sinister basslines, gestural Polaroid lyrics, and spot-on drumming- garnished with sprigs of fuzz, paired with a guitar Riesling. It is a record of knowledge and innocence, of truth and fairytale, of wonder and clarity. Envision France Gall performing the songs of Sterling Morrison and Mo Tucker with Ralph Molina on drums. The show is at a loft across Bowery from CBGB's and the only person in the audience at soundcheck is Jandek, cross-legged in the middle of the floor. Produced by Thurston Moore. Our story is already in progress as of the late '90s. NYC native Lubelski's howling, droning/pizzicato/Psycho violin rides atop Neu! inspired beats and alongside budget guitar arpegiations in the group Hall of Fame -- a band excellently obsessed with the second Red Krayola LP, Gamelan orchestras, and amassing bewildering piles of equipment and cables onstage. Occasionally she picks up the guitar and sings a 'proper' song, though it is only partly discernable among the rumble and flicker. Like some sort of two-way prism, all of the components of what would eventually be called the New Weird America passed through the Hall of Fame/Tower Recordings bottleneck in New York. The beardo folk, the freeform improvisation, the Krautrock, heavy psych, 20th century avant-garde, ethnographic field recordings, the Godz, the Fugs. This rainbow of influences was all turned into a single blistering white light on free Monday nights at the Cooler and gallery parties. The scattered releases made by Hall of Fame/Tower (the latter of which Samara joined) were glued to turntables from Atlanta to Brattleboro, and their influence passed outward into a variegation of likeminded fellow-travellers. After those bands ended, Samara made the crucial In the Valley album (with M.V. producing) and then announced she was going to make a pop record. Samara found a working method that she continues with to this day: Cutting basics in her second home of Stuttgart, Germany with members of psych-freakers Metabolismus and bringing the tracks back to New York to collaborate with her U.S. cronies, which this time includes PG Six, Helen Rush, Steve Shelley, Willie Lane, Nicolas Vernhes, Werner Notzel, Moritz Finkebiner, and Thilio Kuhn. In 2007 longtime fan Thurston Moore recruited Samara and her violin skillz for his Trees Outside the Academy album and tour. Familiar with the solo work, Thurston wanted to hear a new type of record from her: more confident, bolder. He offered an Ecstatic Peace! release if he was allowed to produce. Samara poached drummer Steve Shelley for her band, adding the missing backbeat to a swarm of overdubs. Thurston produced the mix sessions; lying sick on the couch calling out for more and more elements to be louder until a wonderfully aerodynamic version of the songs flew forth. And here is the result: Future Slip is a worldly record, a record which offers 'a taste of the new dimension' but warns of 'guru bummers'. To a sunny day it adds the shadows which allow the perception of depth. On a rainy day it offers a selection of cakes. Anyone who does not dig this record deserves our pity, as they know nothing about the joy or sadness of life." - label.
10/6/2007 Lubelski, Samara Parallel Suns CD $14.99 The Social Registry "With 'Parallel Suns' Samara Lubelski has flown to a higher orbit with her merger of the fuels of folk, psychedelia and pop. They combine into a potent mixture that gives her compositions a vibrancy that shimmers in the reflection of their power. The music streams down and ends up in your ear through dappled arrangements that are warm and bright while still having them shaded with darkness from both the lyrics and sound."
1/1/2008 Lubelski, Samara Parallel Suns LP $13.99 The Social Registry "With 'Parallel Suns' Samara Lubelski has flown to a higher orbit with her merger of the fuels of folk, psychedelia and pop. They combine into a potent mixture that gives her compositions a vibrancy that shimmers in the reflection of their power. The music streams down and ends up in your ear through dappled arrangements that are warm and bright while still having them shaded with darkness from both the lyrics and sound."
2/11/2006 Lubelski, Samara Spectacular of Passages LP $16.99 De Stijl "There is certainly nothing wrong with chanteuses - we are quite lucky to now have a fair few in our aural midst as some of the young'uns seem to take off - but neu-folk composer Samara Lubelski is absolutely not a chanteuse by nature. In truth to her pedigree in Metabolismus, Tower Recordings, Hall of Fame, the Sonora Pine, Pacer, Matt Valentine et al., she's a master of atmospheric textures at both juggernaut tempi and languorous sonic canvasses, her part as one of whole. Samara, with dew-flecked voice and slippery strung chords, makes that languor a tour of both honeyed breakfast plate and the midday crackle of dried grass. Third as bandleader, ten new classics of deliciously effusive songcraft, Passages joins Lubelski with The Clean's Hamish Kilgour and otherworldly luminaries Matt Heyner (NNCK), Christian Frederickson (Rachel's), and Cynthia Nelson."
1/5/2013 Lubelski, Samara Wavelength LP $13.99 De Stijl "First Lady of Winds and Stars Samara Lubelski returns to her once and future label home for her sixth album, Wavelength, and the spheres harmonize at the news. Wavelength comprises a dozen new arrowed whispers, Samara's feathery touch on guitar and microphone now so at balance with the elements that the whole, her music and the air it enters, become inseparable. Don't be fooled by the persistent "psych-folk" labels she gets -- oh, they may be accurate as far as modern usage goes, and that scene is now as it was then, but Wavelength is an electric record through and through: Everything comes to life in light, the guitar speaking in radiant strums and felt-tip leads, her violin calling up everything that glows and grows in the dark. Funny how Nature always seemed to work everything out fine on Her own before we showed up, huh? Wavelength was engineered and recorded by Samara herself at Sumsilobatem in Germany, aside from the drums being set down by Aaron Mullan at Echo Canyon; Nicolas Vernhes mixed at Rare Book Room. While Wavelength arrives three years after her previous studio LP, Future Slip (Ecstatic Peace), trust that Samara's been busy in the since, playing violin all over the map (and a fair ways off it) with Thurston Moore's band; sharing stages and an album, Sunday Night, Sunday Afternoon (on Graham Lambkin's Kye label), with Marcia Bassett; adding to Unrock's series of live CD-R's in 2010; and having hand and wand in countless engineering projects. Samara has been a quietly reliable presence in New York's underground realm for a good many years; if you're in music in NYC and haven't crossed paths with her, we think you might be doing it wrong. But a Wavelength is always there for you, all you need do is get on it."
8/20/2011 Lucchesi, Riccardo When they are dying, people singŠ c30 cassette + download $6.99 Los Discos Enfantasmes "Two modular extrapolations on the theme of the inescapable solitudes and molecular magnificence brought on by the final inescapability of the end of life. at once a personal plea for salvation and a testament on the rigid fear that humanity dances with." Edition of 75. Includes a download code. c-30 premium BASF - Emtec Chrome tape, clear shell with red metallic liners. Home-dubbed, one at a time, on Nad tape decks, in real time. Professionally printed j-card with front die-cut.
4/10/2015 Lucid Dream, The The Lucid Dream LP $15.99 Great Pop Supplement "Carlisle’s mighty LUCID DREAM follow up 2013’s debut full length “Songs of Lies and Deceit” with a killer second LP for The Great Pop Supplement (vinyl version) and Holy are You? (CD & Digital). Last year was the most rewarding so far for the band, a slew of sold out 45s, critically acclaimed live shows (including Liverpool’s Festival of Psychedelia) and huge airtime including two sessions on and for 6music. The band tour the UK and Europe in promotion for this, their self titled, utterly wonderful full length. Harnessing the trance like drone and feedback drenched psychedelia of the first album- the second set here adds a tip of their cap to the kraut groove of Neu! or Can, for a sumptuous head rush of fx pedal, motorik chaos. Where the second LP succeeds especially is that amongst the beautifully repetitious groove, the bands’ keen ear for melody and hints at west coast inspired sunshine pop displayed on recent 45s still break through like beams of sunlight- and the element of surprise is keenly felt throughout. A beautiful set of tunes aired first at live shows throughout the past year, before the recording process began in earnest, the songs were then allowed to grow naturally and it makes for a free flowing listen. timed just right. with no filler….As ever, The Great Pop Supplements’ keen eye for the tasty package rises to the surface; this time round we’re treated to a tasty half aqua marine / half green wax in super gloss sleeve. A pressing of 750 destined to follow band and label’s previous output and sell out super quick…"
9/17/2006 Lucky Bishops, The Unexpect the Expected CD $13.99 Camera Obscura "It's been a long time between drinks for fans of the eclectic UK psychedelic/power-pop band The Lucky Bishops, but the lads' self-produced third album 'Unexpect the Expected' is now ready to storm the planet after a lengthy gestation period in the Dorset countryside. Inspired by the experience of living together in a haunted, rat infested, coastal cottage for four years, the band have written a collection of songs drawing on power-pop ("London Lounge", "Out of the Hole"), psych-pop ("The Cake and the Crumbs", "Old Women Laugh", "The Witches"), folk-rock ("K2", "No Worries") and even Tropicalia ("Guia de Conversacion") to create the unique blend found on this album.
Recording on 8-, 16- and 24-track, the band have deployed their usual psych-pop/harmony foundations but added extra dimensions to the sonic weave to create deeper, more visceral structures. Typical of past releases, the Lucky Bishops split the song writing and lead vocals four ways over an instrumental palette of Hammond organ, piano, chiming valve driven guitars, glutinous bass and flowing and tumbling drums. It's unlikely a finer psych-pop record will be released this year."
6/26/2002 Ludwig The House of Nowhere/Norway 7" $4.99 krank "33rpm black vinyl with b/w cardboard cover. Lo-fi psych-folk-pop from Norway. Recorded on 4-track. Very intense and real. A typical dirty Krank release. Very good songwriting also."
2/16/2005 Lugosi Dawn CD $12.99 CMR "Lugosi existed in Wellington, New Zealand from the mid to late 1990's and consisted of players Campbell Kneale (Birchville Cat Motel, With Throats As Fine As Needles, Celebrate Psi Phenomenon label boss etc), Andrew Savage (Sunship) and Leon Schutz, with a guest appearance on track two by Clayton Noone (Armpit, CJA, The Strange Girls, Root Don Lonie for Cash label boss etc). Dawn is the groups only CD release to date, following a trickle of fantastic and long out of print miniature edition lathe records and cassette tapes mostly published on Kneales Celebrate Psi Phenomenon label. The six improvisations on the album were recorded in the Lower Hutt Baptist Church in 1998. With electric guitars and keyboards the group creates multiple layers of swooning feedback loops, drifting guitar notes and riffs that interweave - sculpting rich harmonic drones that fall in and out of rhythm with sprinklings of intermittent percussion. CMR is delighted to bring this set of crisp recordings out of the vaults to a wider audience of wanting ears."
11/21/2008 Luminous Whatever The Truth Is CDR $8.99 267 Lattajjaa "Luminous is Tim Chaplin's more experimental project. Excellent, slightly psychedelic one-man jams."
11/4/2006 Lussu Ja Magneetti Lussu Ja Magneetti CDR $11.99
"Lussu and Magneetti are a Finnish-American duo from Helsinki They joined forces in early summer of 2006 and began recording in Lussu's appartment shortly thereafter. Their debut release is noisy, droney music: vignettes of drum beats laced with ethereal voices and reverbed guitar. At times, it unleashes harsh episodes of distorted rhythms and noise, other times, a dark universe of "spooked-out" earthy tones coming from either the Finnish forest or the "spin-cycle" of your washing machine. This limited editon of 150 copies is beautifully decorated with pressed leaves handpicked near the road of a main Norwegian highway. Delicate and unique, this CD-R release greets its audience with both visual and aural delights." "Edition of 150 copies with pressed leaves and art paper sleeve, released by Jonna of Kuupuu/Avarus et al on her own imprint. This documents the psychedelic nowhere moves of the duo of Lussu Ja Magneetti, who use overloaded vocals that sound like owls hovering in searchlights, repeat clawhammer fuzz guitar (some of it pretty noisy too) that pitches a tent in the same field as Paul LaBrecque and Valerie Webb's great Trees, Chants and Hollers LP, incongruous rhythmic drum machine bursts, bubbling hazy keyboard parts and drones that feel as if they're spun from nothing but crooked branches, cobwebs and spirit-drops of dew." - Volcanic Tongue. Recommended!
1/29/2003 Luv Rokambo Do The Glimpse CD $8.99 Public Eyesore "Morioka avant-guru Toru Yoneyama and Tokyo's Osam Kato together again with their most refined effort yet. A continuation of the themes expressed in earlier albums, Luv Rokambo continues to be one of the few truly off-beat, yet imaginative groups around. Yoneyama's possessed wails and chanting over jagged nowave slide guitar and irregular percussion. Difficult to say the least, Luv Rokambo is like no other."

Luv Rokambo Luv Rokambo CD $7.99 Public Eyesore Recorded 1-4-2001 at studio Jive, Morioka. Toru Yoneyama (guitar, toys, mobile, percussion, vocals) & Osamu Kato (guitar, keyboard, vocals).

Luv Rokambo Maze CD $8.99 Public Eyesore “Recorded seven month after Luv Rokambo¹s debut album, Maze rights some wrongs. Toru Yoneyama and Osamu Kato didn¹t alter their course into freak-out free improv pastures, but they gained listening skills and some edge too. Whenever they add vocals to their dual electric guitars, it doesn¹t sound as cheesy - their primal screams and drug-induced ramblings bring an extra dimension to the music instead of bringing it down. The use of toys is also better integrated. But what strikes the most is the duo's foray into noisier domains. ‘Delay=Head’ and most of all Maze feature intense feedback guitar, building up noise like a more sedated version of Sonic Youth or Keiji Haino. ‘The Waste Land’ has a post-rock feel to it, while the three pieces titled ‘Only Shadow/Without Human’ are understated guitar duets of the lo-fi kind (think of the label Kranky’s entire roaster). Home studio production values still mar the album, but this time Luv Rokambo manages to convince us of the relevance of its own existence. This CD-R is a big step ahead for the duo and is recommendable material for fans of freeform alt-rock.” - François Couture
2/7/2009 Lydsod Ancient Age LP $17.99 Nest "Debut record from Brooklyn-based group LYDSOD on the Nest Recordings label. Devoted to an ideology of non-stop recording, Ancient Age is a psychedelic petri dish displaying the reassembled highlights of a year and a half's worth of group improvisations. For each session a reel of tape is loaded onto the machine and the members embark on a journey led by the core unit of JZ Barrell on drums and Patrick Hambrecht on sampling keyboard. Guest players Alice Cohen, Zach Layton and Nick Anderson reflect the resulting axis of sound back at them, only to have it sampled again into a sonic hall of mirrors. Ancient Age contains the distilled essence of these 18 months of recordings, in one potent dose. Additional guest players include Hamish Kilgour (The Clean / Mad Scene), Linda Hagood (Double U / Smack Dab), Danny Tunick and Chris Talsness. One-time limited and numbered pressing of only 115 copies with full-color spray-mounted covers. "
9/16/2011 Lynch, Julian Music from How Mata Hari Lost Her Head and Found Her Body 7" + download $5.99 Soft Abuse "New single from Julian Lynch, featuring four songs written for Amy Ruhl's debut film, How Mata Hari Lost Her Head and Found Her Body. Complimentary download includes the bonus song, Bow to Shiva."
12/24/2005 Lysergic Scum PCP Atrocities 3" CDR $8.99 Memoirs of an Aesthete "Filthy dirty dictophone noise workout from these acid-scarred Vet vets as interpreted by Filthy Eeyow (FILTHY TURD, VOLTAGESTRESS et al) with Traumatized Baz (REEKING MUCUS, DRIED SEMEN et al) on grindcore vocals and Hanoi Phil (who he?) on alto sax. Only for the fearless."