DateAdded Artist Title Format Price Label Description
2/2/2013 K-Salvatore The Kermes Infestation 6LP BOX $159.99 PLANAM "PLANAM proudly presents K-Salvatore The Kermes Infestation 6LP box masterpiece. This is the first ever available edition as the elusive self published triple tape on Sound@One was originally released in 1996 in an invisible edition of just 10 copies. Pre-dating the glorious Four Impossible Puns double LP on Siwa these recordings represent one of the most solid and extreme accomplishments in a parallel to No Neck Blues Band early era universe. K-Salvatore is the enigmatic entity created by No Neck Blues Band founding members Pat Murano (Decimus, Key Of Shame, Malkuth, Raajmahal, Kelippah Records) and Jason Meagher (Black Dirt Studio and Records). During the summer of 1995, K-Salvatore purchased 10 copies of an instructional audio cassette package on remainder at a local Barnes and Noble. The group then endeavored to replace the originally contained instruction with their own. Over the course of the remainder of that summer, Jason Meagher and Pat Murano met once a week to record six continuous improvisations. One for each side of the Package. Once completed the 10 copies were distributed amongst friends and family for study. Akin to a 5+ hour kidnapping ordeal that culminates, not with freedom restored, but instead disembowlment in a sad man's bathtub. Available now on 6 LPs with individual silkscreened sleeves in a hand colored and silkscreened heavy box, in a numbered edition of 145 copies only."
7/15/2012 K-Salvatore Tsar Ova Elk LP $15.99 Kelippah "Jason Meagher(NNCK, Black Dirt Studio) and Pat Murano (NNCK, Decimus) have sporadically been releasing material as K-Salvatore since 1995. The sparse and disturbing electronics captured on this lp, their first since 2006, reflect the dark and cold of the winter's night on which they were created." Edition of 300 in jackets silk screened by Phil Franklin and Christine Shields at Bright Spot Ink. Recorded at Black Dirt Studio
6/25/2013 K-Salvatore untitled 3x8" lathe box $79.99 Planam K-Salvatore. K-Salvatore is K-Salvatore. K-Salvatore is K-Salvatore and K-Salvatore is K-Salvatore. K-Salvatore is Pat Murano. K-Salvatore is Pat Murano and is K-Salvatore. K-Salvatore is Jason Meagher. K-Salvatore is Jason Meagher and Pat Murano and K-Salvatore. K-Salvatore is K-Salvatore K-Salvatore K-Salvatore K-Salvatore K-Salvatore K-Salvatore K-Salvatore K-Salvatore K-Salvatore K-Salvatore K-Salvatore K-Salvatore K-Salvatore K-Salvatore K-Salvatore K-Salvatore K-Salvatore K-Salvatore K-Salvatore K-Salvatore K-Salvatore K-Salvatore K-Salvatore. K-Salvatore is red. K-Salvatore is silent. K-Salvatore is a red silent entity. K-Salvatore is a red silent entity, a languid textural entity never pulling aside the curtain. K-Salvatore is a red silent languid textural entity never pulling aside the curtain to break down in words, never conceptually revealing. K- Salvatore is what K-Salvatore is. K-Salvatore happens when K-Salvatore happens. K-Salvatore gets released when K-Salvatore gets released and K-Salvatore has now a triple 8” lathe box out on Moran Tapes in collaboration with PLANAM." Edition of 90 copies.
4/24/2006 K.K. Rampage Sides E & F 7" $5.99 Rococo "Limited to 300 copies on various colors of vinyl. Who is KK Rampage? They're the band that crashes your favorite bands' show, throws powdered sugar everywhere, pukes on it and then rolls around in the disgusting puke paste. They're the band that knows what high school girls were made for. They are the holocaust. What is the Side E & F 7inch? Their first true sell-out effort. Recorded by the man they call "The Next Steve Albini", Sides E & F is the heaviest record this side of 1977. It not only continues the amazing growth KK has shown
since replacing the original drummer, but also takes it to a startling new level. Louder than sound and brighter than the sun, this record will blast you through the gates of Valhalla. Imagine Sun Ra crossed with a gasoline fire, imagine The Beatles... actually in a gasoline fire. This record shows you that just becauseit's violent, misogynistic and heavily drugged, that doesn't mean it can't be overwhelmingly beautiful. "They're seriously a bunch of no talent hacks." ---Liz Armstrong (Chicago Reader) "America has run out of ideas. Anyone whose heard KK Rampage will agree with me." ---Tony Herrington (Wire)

Ka-spel, Edward Public Disturbance CD $24.99 Beta-Lactam Ring Records "A complete concert from 1993 in Nantes, France, plus additional tracks from a concert in Toronto in 1998 Second edition of 400 copies on CD with new cover and insert, packaged in DVD box. Very nice live recordings which add further electronic textures to old songs."
4/16/2003 Ka-Spel, Edward Share the Day b/w Dream Stealer 7" $9.99 Brainwashed "Edward Ka-spel’s Share The Day 7" features 2 exclusive tracks. The title track is a somber tale of a loveless life, with a Edward’s beautifully creative music as it’s soundtrack; while the second side features Dream Stealer, an equally melancholy track showing Edward’s more delicate musical side, and his empathy for the Dreamstealer...Translucent gold coloured vinyl packaged with a postcard and sticker."
10/1/2002 Kable Chlorophyll CD $10.99 Fleece Records "This stunning debut is a psychedelic journey written, performed and recorded by Kay Bonya. A unique blend of basement folk / psych haze and fuzzed-out electric romps, housed in some particularly brain-frying artwork by Miss Bonya."

Kadura From The Depths Of The Other Space CD $15.99 Charnel Music "Blissful, Eastern-Influenced Space-Rock"
11/29/2007 Kæzm Loom CDR $12.99 into the lunar night "Limited self-released debut full-length solo album from Nicolas Felix Kauffmann of Family Underground. Hoovering Hototogisu-esque power drones with ritual percussion and dense electricity adding to the overall heavy cultic vibe. - Volcanic Tongue. First full length solo from Nicolas of Family Underground. Two tracks."
12/10/2004 Kaleidoscope Kaleidoscope LP $22.99 La Ciruela "Heavy vinyl reissue comes in a new sleeve that is an exact repro of the original. This monster psych classic from Mexico City c.1968/69 is one of the rarest and most desired psychedelic albums of all time! A great album, with all songs in English—heavy grooves, super fuzzified guitar and a raving, ranting, drooling savage garage sound." - Lion Productions
4/1/2015 Kalma, Ariel Open Like a Flute double LP $32.99 Black Sweat "Originally composed between 1981 and 1984 and initially appeared only on tape in two different editions, the proposed material from Ariel Kalma for this work confirms his pantheistic vision of the ethnic sound that had already emerged in 1978 with the masterpiece Osmose (BS 007LP). The deep consciousness of the compositional techniques of Indian ragas is mixed here with embroidered electronic textures on which flute and sax explore the most secret archetypal elements of nature. In this way Kalma offers to the listener a personal idea of sacred music with luminous and oneiric tones but always dialoguing with a higher cosmic conception of things. With a clever use of effects, harmonium, delays and exotic percussions, Kalma becomes the creator of soundscapes from the endless myriad shades. Such a fusion of Western avant-garde and eastern tradition approaches other big names of the international panorama such as Popol Vuh, Angus MacLise or László Hortobágyi. The master comes from the original 1/4'' analog tape from the '80s. Limited edition of 300 copies in a gatefold cover with info."
4/1/2015 Kalma, Ariel Osmose LP $22.99 Black Sweat "An amazing Krautrock / nature hybrid masterwork. Warm washes of synthesizer, tribal war drums and drones galore all mixed with the sounds of the rainforest, crickets, frogs, even flies - Osmose was originally released in 1978 and found minimalist composer Ariel Kalma using all manner of keyboards, saxophone, harmonium, delays, effects, even circular breathing, to compose gorgeously minimal, softly spacey slow drifting ambient soundscapes, which were then mixed with the sounds of the rainforest (recorded by Richard Tinti)." It's a single LP reissue of the double album of 1978. 2013 issue from Black Sweat. Edition of 400 copies.
Listen here: http://blacksweat.bandcamp.com/album/ariel-kalma-osmose
3/21/2007 Kalorifeur Within the Hermitage CDR $7.99 editions_zero "Bizarre lo-fi and bedroom experimentation from this obscure greek duoŠ" Edition of 199 copies.
1/25/2011 Kam Hassah Le Origini Dell'Idolatria cassette $5.99 Hanson "The first US release from our Italian brother Matteo Castro, operator of the killer Second Sleep label. 40 minutes of dark hums littered with junk clutter, heavy breathing, and harsh crunch. Sounds like someone WAAAAY underground working on something he shouldn't be. First edition covers green print on black paper."
5/16/2015 Kambang Adzana Floating Call To Prayer c50 cassette + download $8.99 Eiderdown "This recording was made while living in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia, around 1997 or 1998. Using a Sony DAT recorder and stereo microphone I had sought out the highest place where I lived to record one of the many thunderstorms that happen during monsoon season. I ended up recording on a rooftop where there were several caged and unhappy house-cats pleading with me (they can be heard on the recording) to let them out. I hit record and a few hours later, returned to collect my equipment. By happy coincidence I had also recorded the many Adzans, or call to prayers, from the nearby mosques." C50 cassette. Program repeats on Side B for easy mental zoning! Black and metallic green ink screen print on light green paper. Limited to 100 copies."
3/2/2007 Kamerman, Richard Open Your Windows And Play These Discs Loudly (You're Exempt Mr. Pinnell) double 3" CDR $7.99 Obsolete Units "Richard Kamerman is a sound artist/composer who manipulates various instruments and devices into constant transmissions of sound that are alternately as minimal and subtle as they are harsh and blusterous. Open Your Windows... is a double mini-CD-R package of three pieces: two for percussion and one for guitar, all of them ranging from abstract ruminations on space and silence to alarming detours into cacophonous uproar. Described by Erstwhile proprietor Jon Abbey as "the Michael J Fox of downtown," Kamerman has also released material with UK-based labels Curor and Ancient Records, David Kirby's netlabel HOMOPHONI, and his own Sub Commander Frequencies. Both CD-R's come packaged in a dual DVD case. Edition of 50."
2/28/2006 Kamerman, Richard Prophethead CDR $8.99 Curor Recordings "Richard Kamerman revels in the liminal, creating music that is acutely aware of the moment of its performance, music which is focused, as he explains, 'on that which has not been before and that which shortly will not be again.' It exists at the threshold of composition and improvisation, neither wholly structured nor wholly organic. Often employing dissonance and feedback, Richard's music can convey the visceral thrill of harsh noise while retaining also a gently meditative quality. This undoing of binary oppositions is demonstrated on Prophethead’s long opening track, 'For Sarah Schwartz', which begins with 10-minutes plus of synaptic machine feedback before underpinning this with a queasy, circulatory, pulsation that left us feeling as sick as the first time we heard Throbbing Gristle's 'Hamburger Lady.' 'Freedback 1 (Waverley Place)' the 19-minute second track, reveals Richard's affection for the small, incidental sounds generated by the equipment itself, or within the environment of the performance, that without meticulous miking and amplification might otherwise have fallen below the threshold of audibility. Edition of 30."
4/18/2012 Kandahar Spel c45 cassette $9.99 Taped Sounds "On demand: another run of 100 copies of this extremely soothing historical recording. two lovely minimal compositions, recorded in 1982 by this Belgian prog / jazz band, for the Samuel Beckett play "Spel". a soft mix of guitars & synth using the memory moog, korg sigma and fender strato. recorded on a fostex tape recorder. originally released on Hara Productions in 1983 as "Kandahar: Spel - Samuel Beckett" on cassette. (first edition of 150 copies. second edition of 100 copies)"
5/24/2003 Kaneko, Jutok / Takahisa Kikukawa Wedged Night LP $17.99 Siwa "October 2002 recording of improvisations and songs by Jutok Kaneko (guitar) and Takahisa Kikukawa (drums). Kaneko should be familiar to some as the man behind the heavy psychedelia of Kousokuya (whose much sought after debut LP from 1989 has finally resurfaced on PSF). Kikukawa's name on the other hand will likely not ring too many bells outside of his home country but he did supply some sublimely spaced drumming to the dreamy Che-Shizu for a while and he plays percussion and piano in UZU. Both in Kousokuya and in Kaneko's solo work the line between composition and improvisation is a very blurry one so it's only in the loosest of terms that we say side one of this album is an ‘improvisation’ and side two consists of a couple of ‘songs’. The LP comes in an appropriately black and black on black silkscreened cover with two screened inserts."
5/12/2004 Kang, Eyvind Virginal Co-Ordinates CD $19.99 Ipecac Recordings "Virginal Co-Ordinates is Kang's fifth record - an excursion into minimalist territory that nods to Steven Reich, Henryk Gorecki, Terry Riley and Tony Conrad. Recorded live in Bologna, Italy in 2000 at the Angelica Festival, the compositions combine a written musical score with subtle improvisation. The glide of Kang's smooth violin presides over a 22-member orchestra (The Playground Ensemble - a loose collection of European musicians who performed a variety of works at the festival), which includes Mike Patton on vocals and electronics. The compositions work as full-bodied excursions, parsed out in minimal doses that glide towards stunning emotional grandiosity."

Kangaroo Note Soundness CD $7.99 Public Eyesore "From remote Sapporo, Japan comes a post-jazz improv trio featuring Aso Takashi on electronics, Ando Kunihiro on contrabass, and Kimura Masaya on tenor saxophone and 'breath controlled synthesizer.' 12 shorter tracks that mix rather traditionally 'smoky' jazz sounds with alien rumblings and frightening wailings."

Kant Non Plus Ultra 7" $4.99 MykeDroner Droney guitars and loops from Norway on transparent vinyl
9/17/2006 Kantopa The Temples of Maharashtra CDR $10.99 Haunted Trail "Manipulated field recordings = organic drone tunnels ravelled in faulty electronics that gently melt into your thoughts and grow and grow and grow and grow......and eventually wither...2 tracks - 57 minutes . Music against form and for headphones in a quiet private space...50 copies....each comes with 1 of a kind handmade art made by the artist constructed using candlewax, wire and paint in addition to the oversized uniform package." Out of print - limited stock.
12/24/2005 Kapotte Muziek Praag / Rotterdam CD $9.99 Chondritic Sound / Troniks "The two live performances on this disc portray the sound of a microphone passing through antimatter - the haunting atmosphere of a slow drone, a glimpse of captured transmissions, the grinding crackle and crunch of a machine eating itself alive only to finally collapse in a sea of manipulated feedback ripe with wooden electronics running low on batteries.. recorded in '95 and '98, these two pieces both feature the line-up of Roel Meelkop, Peter Duimelinks & Frans de Waard. nearly 80 minutes of DEEP SOUND."

Kapotte Muziek The Use of Recycling CD $12.99 Intransitive "Kapotte Muziek (aka Frans De Waard, Beequeen, Goem, Shifts) obsessive reworking of previous pieces means no project is ever trult finished. Here his materials are his own earlier experimental recordings and two reel-to-reel tapes given to him by Yeast Culture. Intense blocks of distorto-noise and worn tape hiss are his favored methods of attack. What comes out the other end sounds like a tiny windworn landscape, gradually overwhelmed by dust and heat."
4/3/2010 Kappi, Pekko Vuonna '86 LP $22.99 Singing Knives Brief intro: "Pekko Kappi is a player of Jouhikko, the ancient Finnish-Karelian bowed lyre, in all-improvised settings and traditional folk songs." NB: Don't be fooled, this is a full-on, fucked-up, inspired, deeply innovative record with its teeth firmly in noise, sound-sculpture, improvisation and great song writing. The most obvious comparison would be Ghédalia Tazartès, as Kappi fuses a vast array of recording techniques with a love of the traditional, in full awareness of the avant garde. He remains, however, separate from pigeon-holing. I have used numerous comparatives through this review to depict the incredibly varied sounds of "Vuonna 86". The LP is comprised of 10 short pieces playing in atypical pop division. Kappi's voice is gravelled and strained, singing deep from the throat. He whistles and growls increasing the breadth of his vocal pallet. The undulating rhythms of his music depict a turbulent landscape, as if fried through the brain of the artist. The fuzz and distortion of the recording adds an unusual harshness that one would expect from lo-fi tape filth artists (Nevari Butchers, The Haters). All is composed with a control that juxtaposes some of the improvised nature of the original recordings. It lends a sculpted feel I find both inspiring and successful. The Jouhikko is allowed room to lead by the forth movement. This is a beautiful little piece of seemingly traditional folk. It maintains the coarseness of previous recordings without veering to readily 'into the red'. It's unbridled honesty and simplicity is quite overwhelming. The use of the Jew's Harp kickstarts a mad journey into a splattered landscape akin to the visions of Ralph Steadman. It's Gonzo lunacy sings with guttural vocals that bring to mind Tom Waits circus madmen. Further bizarre jigs bound with distortion and devilish decay. The short snaps of traditional, versus dirty analogue filth bears comparison to the recent output of Harappian Night Recordings. Mad cocks crow to reveal a pounding agitated punk (Harry Pussy/Rusted Shut) type riff that absolutely knocks you for six. It's alien vocals land as if plucked from a European 80's bedroom Goth band. It makes you wish for a collection of killer 2 minute tracks to dance around to (preferably on your own, or with selected semi-naked friends). All burns away into field recordings that creep into view with an unleashed audacity. Noise splurge and free improv blast in a microcosmic vomit, then things take a deeper journey of heavy repetition that induces hypnotic trances. Wavering tones move the mind in subtle shifts beneath the din. Finally things placate with a truly moving sprawl across arid landscapes and darkened skies, forever bereft of a long absent northern sun. The kin left to ponder the forgotten landscape that fades in recent legend. Desperate attempts to tune an old radio fail to inspire hope. The demons that stole the light taunt from afar, safe beyond the airwaves. Hope and prayer persist and we enthuse at the trials of this loner, this madman against the soil. Eventually all is consumed by the dark, the radio waves become malicious fingers that strangle sound to pitch nothing. This is a great piece of work that is almost there, but simmers beyond complete digestion. It is utterly intriguing, brave and well worth falling into. 8/10" - Foxy Digitalis. 180g vinyl, heavy pro-printed sleeve & inner sleeve. Sounds killer!
11/1/2014 Karen Novotny X 3 Minutes over Brussels 7" x 5" playable postcard disc $7.99 Deep Distance "The second of Augusts' trio of new Deep Distance releases is most definitely a gift from the gods to yr record collecting fraternity. A playable picture postcard from East London's favourite shady, mysterious synth heads' KAREN NOVOTNY X. Arriving a couple of years ago completely outta' the blue with their previously discarded synth experiments recorded in East London between 1978 and '79 (with debts of gratitude to Chris Carter and Suicide amongst others), the vinyl only collection sold out it's run of 500 in the blink of an eye on Deep Distance' parent label The Great Pop Supplement. Airing here also for a first time is the wonderful "3 Minutes over Brussels". A killer instrumental piece displayed to the world via a playable picture postcard featuring more of KN X's acclaimed collage work in a sealed stickered pack with insert in a pressing of 500. Sadly, given the nature of the format, the full audio experience is somewhat flawed but fans of the band are thankfully pointed to the bands' bandcamp page to fully appreciate the piece. Unsurprisingly given the shadowy nature of the group, the band actually embrace the ultra lo-fi aspect and quirkiness of it's playback quality which I guess should come as no surprise to fans…. Looks utterly gorgeous and will no doubt fly, but from a label's point of view, do check out the bandcamp link- the track really is killer and amongst the best things they've done but the sound quality on the card itself isn't the best…."
1/1/2014 Karen Novotny X / Samantha Glass split 7" $7.99 Deep Distance "When the previously thought long lost recordings of East London synth experimentalists, Karen Novotny X emerged two years ago on The Great Pop Supplement, it had minimal synth heads everywhere scratching around for absolutely any info on this murky, mysterious trio led by one Cy Levene circa 1978. Online forums buzzed with puzzled sounding appeals, as next to nothing had been written, let alone heard by this East London trio. The resulting full length "Nothing Here Now But These Recordings…" and preceding 7" EP from '78/'79 both sold out in the blink of an eye- catching the eyes and ears of the likes of Andrew Weatherall, Lawrence and 6 Music's Freakzone in the process, (amongst many others). GPS/DD label head Dom still receives occasional missives from Mr. Levene and cohorts, from unknown locations - sometimes 2 sentence musings, sometimes epic diatribes about current sounds and recording techniques or a thumbs up to a synth album they may have discovered- and on odd occasions these mails contain attached soundbites, abandoned ideas, thoughts and general works in progress, unfinished gems and then very rarely, newly found, finished nuggets like the killer "Join Hands" here. So of course it goes without saying that it airs here for a first time….One of these artists whose work attained admiring glances from the KN X gang and label heads here, was Samantha Glass- led by Wisconsin based Beau Devereaux. His mighty "Midnight Arrival" LP arrives at the same time as the 45, and Beau recorded "Near 86th" for the 7" exclusively. A wonderful synth piece which not only complements the reverse KN X tune but acts a perfect taster to the full length. Strongly recommended by all sides here, but be quick as this single won't hang around long. A numbered, white vinyl 45 in an edition of 400 in Deep Distance label bags, stickers and Ingrid Christie collage art insert."
11/1/2014 Karina ESP A Still From the Film LP $20.99 Morc "A still from the film is a sort of sister release of 2012's 'detachment'. But this album is at the same time more abstract, and more accessible. The a-side is one sidelong melody rising out of a mix of hiss, crackles and guitar sounds. The b-side of the record is more straightforward, with a prominent role for Gowers' vocals, which makes the album stand out far from his contemporaries.
6/24/2012 Karina ESP Detachment CD $12.99 Morc Records "As Karina ESP, Chris Gowers creates warm and dark drones, mostly guitarbased but his vague melodies and select use of other instruments creates a unique environmental atmosphere. Gowers is also founder of the label Trome Records, a member of Signals and Rome Pays Off (both with Mark Beazley of Rothko) and a frequent collaborator with the likes of Isnaj Dui, Circle Bros and Caught in the Wake forever. This album was literally in the works for years, but finally recorded late 2011, in a matter of days. And that’s what Detachment sounds like: thinking and doubting about something for a long time, and then letting it all out at the same time, telling what needs to be told, not holding back any details, but telling it clear enough so the point stays clear. edition of 150 copies in mini lp style jackets."
2/4/2007 Kark The Hermit LP $15.99 HP Cycle "Debut album from this massive free ensemble from Louisville which features a revolving cast of over 50 musicians including members of Sapat, Valley of Ashes, Virgin Eye Blood Brothers, Son of Earth, Taiwan Death and the Belgian Waffles. The Hermit consists of three extended pieces that offer spaciously abstract atmospheres as well as moments of righteous cacophony. Utilizing a multitude of brass, reeds and percussion the album careens through numerous passages where intricate harmonics are created from the densely layered sounds. When the full force of the ensemble is unleashed individual elements appear and quickly recede into the squall. As the music nearly becomes unhinged, the sound disintegrates into a godzilla-like rockist thud propelled by the rhythm section and soaring horns before drifting to a sparse conclusion. The LP comes in a full colour jacket with homespun artifacts gracing the cover."
6/25/2013 Karlsson, Niko Illan Aurinko Aamun Kuu CDR $15.99 Spirit of Orr "It had been a few years since there was a new limited CDR release on the label, and the urge to produce a new series with special packaging became unscratchable. At nearly the same moment, our buddy NIKO KARLSSON from TURKU FINLAND had just started sharing a recent disc of his solo recordings with some friends. We were struck by their quiet balanced beauty, and how they reminded of the our senses during the first listenings of RED FAVORITE or even the TREES, CHANTS, & HOLLERS album by PAUL LABRECQUE and VAL WEBB. Then we found that the material grew and expanded on repeated listenings and listening contexts like these other long standing favorites. Edition of 77 hand numbered. NIKO is the first to permit his record to be encased in this series. About this series of limited CDRs: the CDR is in a black paper sleeve placed between two 6"x6" plywood covers. The covers are held together with a hand-marbled cotton hinge. The covers are spray painted and silk screened with original art. The vibe is rustic, get it?"
8/1/2014 Kastel, Silvia + Ninni Morgia & Ju Suk Reet Meate (Control Unit & Smegma) Le Puss Puss LP $21.99 Alt.Vinyl "When we got to Smegma's pink house in April 2012 during our West Coast tour, it was like entering the deepest US underground culture: old psycho / horror b-movies, sci fi memorabilia that would have made Lux Interior & Poison Ivy proud. Trash rock n roll of fame monuments, giant mutant cats, the three stooges loop-played on a small TV... the perfect vibe to play some exotica from outer space. 50's tweed amps, upstand bass, trumpet, various percussion, all kinds of weird toys were involved in this exciting session we did with Ju Suk & Rock n Roll Jackie, truly an inspiring (and inspired) experience we got to do." 180gm LP Ltd to 250 copies
4/10/2009 Katchmare Groom Lake CDR + zine $6.99 Scissor Death "Guitar and computer compositions recorded in the midst of a bleak Midwestern winter. This edition includes a zine with drawings by Nick Hoffman." Nick Hoffman is an active man. He has three labels under his belt, Pilgrim Talk, Ghost & Son and Scissor Death. I don't know the difference between the three, but its on the latter that he releases the bulk of his own musical work under the name of Katchmare. Last year he received his BA in music, and I can't say I heard that quality in this music, but I would let him graduate too, based on this work. Here he plays guitar and computer in twelve small compositions of what could best be described as 'ambient' music: gliding and sustaining tones which operate mostly, but not always, on the higher end of the musical spectrum, that however never works in terms of flat, worn out ambient music. Hoffman knows how to kick the material around and give it a somewhat more sharp edge, a rough angle. Still on the experimental side of things, but also 'flowing' enough to lull you into a pleasant nightmare. Very nice work, perhaps even his most refined work to date, and again it comes with a booklet with drawings. (FdW)-Vital Weekly www.vitalweekly.net
4/10/2009 Katchmare Sea of Blood CDR $6.99 Scissor Death "Spaaaaaaaccccced OUT! Members of Bumbrella Donkey guest. Nick Hoffman and Mike Hamende discuss the implications of the Multiverse Theory ("In another universe I just pissed on your head.")."
4/10/2009 Katchmare Smelt. CDR $6.99 Scissor Death "Performed by Nick Hoffman. Practical joke that went wrong and turned into a piece of music."
4/10/2009 Katchmare + Antler Piss Automatic Wedding cassette $5.99 Scissor Death "Automatic Wedding is a fully collaborative recording between Katchmare (of Scissor Death Collective) and Antler Piss (of Deep Fried Tapes). Sound materials were exchanged by mail and mixed by Katchmare and Antler Piss. What began as a series of email exchanges resulted in thisŠ"
4/10/2009 Katchmare / Nick Hoffman Gabriel's Mistake CDR + zine $6.99 Scissor Death "Gabriel's Mistake was recorded live summer 2008 at the BBC in Normal, IL. The zine is a special edition (each copy is unique). The horror of "real life" serves as a catalyst in the creation of both of these works. If reality can truly be manipulated by sound, there may be hope for a real revolution."
7/30/2006 Kauffman, Nicolas Felix and Stefan Geoffrey Neville Owl Low CDR $10.99 Carbon Records "46+ minutes of acoustic guitar, bells, woodwinds, primitive percussion, patented Pumice-style buzzing guitar, organ/keyboard, drone-vocals and more from Stefan Neville (aka Pumice) and Nicolas Kauffman (part of Family Underground - Denmark) . recorded 2005 in a giant concrete room, this release is a fine companion to Stefan and Nicolas' other recordings on various other labels such as Last Visible Dog, Soft Abuse, Audiobot, Chocolate Monk, QBICO, Into the Lunar Night). [packaged in hand-silkscreened cardboard cover in various colors]" - label. Highly recommended!

Kawabata Makoto Inui LP $49.99 Siwa Edition of 300 copies in silkscreened jackets. "First LP from Kawabata Makoto's Inui released in 1999. Kawabata (violin, sarangi, oud, bowed sitar, bouzouki, lyra, shou, nei, voice) with Ginestet Audrey (voice on side one)."
2/24/2002 Kawabata Makoto Psychedelic Noise Freak LP $49.99 QBICO Makoto Kawabata (synth, voice). Recorded at R.E.P. Studio, 1978. "'My first solo work. Since the only instrument I possessed was still that one borrowed synthesizer, my first solo release turned out to be the electronic equivalent of a strum and moan session. At the time, I believed that I was creating a new, post- rock form of music with ringing sounds and hallucinatory aural motifs. I termed this music Psychedelic Noise.' - Kawabata. 'Originally issued on cassette on the R.E.P. (Revolutionary Extrication Project) label in the 80's in very limited quantities, then re-issued on a 10 CD-R box set entitled Makoto Kawabata Early Works 1978-1981 (ltd. ed. 100 copies only, numbered). Wild, incredible electronic music with frightening vocal sounds. Reminds of the best works by Conrad Schnitzler or Seesselberg or the French concrete masters Schaeffer, Henry and Parmegiani. Recorded by Makoto Kawabata when he was only 13 years old!" 2002 vinyl release - long out of print.
3/9/2013 Kawabata Makoto & Anla Courtis Live At Namba Bears LP + download $22.99 Blackest Rainbow "Acid Mothers leader and Reynols legend meet once again for a wild psych out explosion! Kawabata and Courtis previously worked together on 2006's Kokura for Riot Season, here they return for a raging trip of psychedelic noise rock recorded in February 2011, in Osaka, Japan. Both Kawabata and Courtis are playing guitar, but with Anla bringing tapes and vocals to the mix and Makoto bow and effects. Namba Lightbeam, the first of two 20 minute pieces, opens with a eastern sounding drone sound, much like some of Kawabata's solo work, it steadily builds into a torrent of slashing guitar riffs, eventually returning to a more minimal sound even with a more signature Acid Mothers guitar sound from Makoto at one point with zoned vocal drones from Anla. This continues onto side B with Inaudible Bears, with a distorted echoey haze of effects and riffs, layered over one another. This side continues to fluctuate between minimal riffs and blasts of noisier guitar destruction. Limited to 300 copies pressed on 180 gram heavyweight virgin vinyl, packaged in a very fitting insane sleeve featuring absolutely wild artwork, includes download coupon for the album as FLAC, MP3, WAV, or pretty much any other format you could desire."
8/31/2008 Kawabata Makoto & Michishita Shinsuke Basement Echo CD $15.99 Important "Basement Echo is the historical meeting point of two generations of the Japanese underground. Kawabata Makoto, leader of The Acid Mothers Temple, and Michishita Shinsuke, leader of LSD March, are together here for the first time in a guitar duo. Though Kawabata and Michishita are from the same scene the fact that they are from different generation means that they bring different energy to the collaborations. This fact is extremely exciting for Kawabata who refers to Michishita as "one of the most promising musicians in the Japanese Underground." Both artists agree that Basement Echo was a step into the unknown with neither really knowing what the resulting sounds would be. For Michishita the collaborations have been a dream come true. He describes Kawabata as having a "soul of rock that never burns out." After the recordings were complete the two friends sat down and raised a triumphant toast. Recorded at Snowflake Sound in Sapporo in October of 2007. Totally improvised with no editing/overdubbing."
11/2/2008 Kawabata Makoto & Michisita Shinsuke Sex, Voyage, and Echo Chamber CD $18.99 BLR "Acid. Meet LSD. LSD. Meet Acid. The reigning lords of the new psychedelic church cross guitars for a super-electric cosmic jam that causes even hurricanes to don ear plugs. More like the paintings of crazed banshees than songs, this shape-shifting set's loud-quiet-loud transforms the spaciousness of the axe duel into a growling canvas of thunder. Walls of feedback and distortion moan like sinking U-boats. Fuzzed tones collide into cavernous micro black holes that seem to engulf the Earth. Bigger bangs birth savage suns of massive noise. A fierce metallic martini, best taken shaken AND stirred! Play loud!" Highly recommended!
9/17/2006 Kawabata Makoto & The Mothers of Invasion Hot Rattlesnakes CD $16.99 Prophase Music "Hot Rattlesnakes is a reissue of a classic out of print Acid Mothers Temple-related CD. Pressed in a limited quantity in the UK, it sold out almost immediately and currently commands high prices on ebay and is whispered about in hushed tones from those who have actually heard it. Guitarist Kawabata Makoto brings along Acid Mothers Temple cohorts Tsuyama Atsushi (Zoffy, Omoide Hatoba) and Ichiraku Yoshimitsu for one of the most out there power trio recordings ever. While certainly close to Acid Mothers Temple in sound and feeling, Hot Rattlesnakes certainly exists in its own little corner of the Acid Mothers Temple galaxy." Recommended!
9/17/2012 Kawabata Makoto and a' qui avec Gabriel Golden Tree CD $13.99 Important Records "Duo collaboration between the Japanese female accordionist à qui avec Gabriel, who previously released a solo album on John Zorn's Tzadik label, and Acid Mothers Temple guitarist and guitar-drone soundscape artist Kawabata Makoto. Kawabata's guitar traces heretical designs through the stoically beautiful illuminated manuscripts of à qui avec Gabriel's accordion and voice. The combination is deeply phantasmal."

Kawaguchi Masami New Rock Syndicate New Rock Syndicate CDR $12.99 Purifiva 1st release from band - from 2006
3/7/2011 Kawaguchi Masami's New Rock Syndicate The Psychedelic Sounds of New Rock Syndicate LP $24.99 8mm Records "The new decade begins with a groovy explosion of sound and colors: Ladies and Gentlemen, here comes The New Rock Syndicate. Band leader Kawaguchi Masami is a veteran of the Tokyo underground scene, being former Miminokoto, Broomdusters and LSD March member, both seminal projects in the development of a certain way to make rock, looking back at the tradition with a new approach, open to psychedelia, noise and free improvisation. As it happens, Masami's activities soon became the object of a passionate cult among music lovers and record collectors. 'The Psychedelic Sounds of the New Rock Syndicate' is the definitive statement of Masami as songwriter and ferocious guitar player, finding in Kikuchi Akira (bass), Kiyasu (drums) and Hasegawa Yohei (guitar on 'Dazzling Light' and '(Theme From) New Rock Syndicate') the perfect partners in crime for this unbelievable new studio work. The album opens with an almost sabbattesque anthem ('Why') where a heavy riffage is accompanied by lamentous vocals; second piece ('Affected Dance') is a deconstructed blues jam, with a touch of narcoleptic magic and simply beautiful. Side b is where the miracle actually happens: every single track is a banger, a compendium of 50 years of rock music compressed in 18 minutes of fire on wax. Songs like 'Repetition' or 'Tottemo' have been rotating non stop here since when we got the master recording. Every other word is useless: a monument." First edition 250 copies, with spectacular artwork by Standard In-Fi Visuals.
5/16/2012 Kazuma Kubota January Thirty one-sided LP $18.99 A Dear Girl Called Wendy "For his first time ever release on vinyl Kazuma Kubota delivers a masterpiece of composed cut-up noise. Field recording, harsh noise and silent mixed together for a unique composition. Require multiple listenings to understand the beauty inside in this work. 140 gr vinyls, black inner sleeves, printed label, deluxe 330g ultra white paper. 100 copies."
3/24/2008 Keffer, Leslie Whoreny 4U cassette $8.99 Tusco Embassy "two side long tracks. both recorded at home directly to stereo. these newer recordings are great. taken from the same session that produced her side of the skin graft/keffer split (now sold out) pretty blown out. weird loops. dissonant and lulling at times. screened, wrap around inserts printed on recycled lp sleeves. artwork by delina. awesome."
5/14/2007 Keffer, Leslie + Rodger Stella Live In Nashville April 6, 2007 cassette $7.99 Action Claw Records "New live collaboration between Leslie and Mt Stella with a distant, wind tunnel fidelity shot full of tiny holes with the aid of what sounds like hair driers sharpened to tiny dart-like points and used as projectiles while Leslie flashes in and out of corporeal form in explosions of vocal smoke. Comes in hand-sewn paper sleeves with Madonna-reverent artwork." - Volcanic Tongue
9/30/2008 Keffer, Leslie + Val Martino Prissywillow 7" $6.99 I Just Live Here "Collaborative effort between Leslie Keffer and Val Martino (Unicorn Hard-On). Totally demented stumbling beats and clutters of sound. Spraypainted and silkscreened covers. Edition of 300."
3/26/2006 Keffer, Leslie and and Jason Zeh Dodder / Like Trees 7" $5.99 Eye Wish Arts "Leslie Keffer "Dodder"+Noise Queen, Leslie Keffer of Athens, Ohio, conjurs harsh incantations of radio static and electronic tones producing haunting, psychic, future-scapes that tap into the dreams and desires of all those who surround her. "Dodder" is a throbbing, sonic manifestation of the collective unconscious; a masterful evocation of forces which are elusive to most; a betrayal to conventional reality. Jason Zeh "Like Trees Growing Around Fences Long Gone, Places Bare the Imprint of Past Emotional Distress."+Xerox artist and tape mangler, Jason Zeh of Bowling Green Ohio, utilizes the limitations of analog reproduction technologies, showcasing the imperfections and degenerative tendencies inherent in the process of duplication. "Like Trees..." is an attempt to unlock the emotional character of a physical space. It is a symbiotic relationship between human, machine and place resulting in a slowly escalating tension and an emergence of nearly human voices from the seemingly lifeless walls." - label description
8/22/2008 Keijo Carry On With Us CDR / Book $15.99 Pseudo Arcana "Latest missive from Finlands motorcycle crazed improvising drone shaman. 'Carry On With Us' features extended percussion rites and long sections of uber-blues guitar. In some ways this is a challenging record with Keijo veering into Jandek like atonality at times. But there are also moments of lush sublime beauty. Overall it reflects honesty and frankness. Sure signs of 'true' magic.. Packaged in a high quality 12 page book of photos and collage works by Keijo."
3/1/2007 Keijo Flying Over CD $12.99 Digitalis "The godfather of the Finnish Underground is back with his most complete album to date. Keijo Virtanen's far-reaching hands can be felt throughout the Nordic peninsula from his home in Jyväskylä. While he often performs in numerous groups such as The Free Players and Kheta Hotem, it is in his solo work that he is most accomplished. Virtanen is not just a talented and prolific musician, but also and artist and published author. His inspiration and creativity know no bounds. At 54 years-old, Virtanen still rides his motorcycle all over the country and shows no signs of letting up. Virtanen finally took his show on the road this past autumn, touring with members of Uton and Vapaa throughout Northern Europe. He also released two CDs on the much heralded Last Visible Dog imprint. "Flying Over" is the culmination of a landmark year for this troubadour. These nine tracks run the gambit of all of Keijo's talents, from the rattling blues transgressions of "On the Edge," to the throatsinging-laced organic drone of "Late Night Here & Far Away," and completed with the harmonium-laced " Virtanen's range is pure magic. While the bulk of "Flying Over" is entirely Virtanen's creation, he is joined by two of his closest collaborators on two tracks: Sami Virtanen and Jussi Karsikas, two extremely talented Finns in their own right. Whatever the moment calls for, though, Virtanen fills the void and the empty space with exactly what is needed. He is a wizard of sound and a seemingly endless well of magnificent music. It shouldn't be surprising for someone who makes their home at the center of the universe."
7/30/2006 Keijo For A While CD $12.99 Last Visible Dog "Keijo hails from Jyväskylä, Finland -- a small town in the north that claims to be the center of the universe. In the sprawling Finnish underground, Keijo is the wise sage who everyone admires. He has worked and collaborated with Finnish acts such as Vapaa, Avarus, and Kheta Hotem, while seeing cd-r releases on the ultra-hip pseudoArcana and Lal lal lal labels. Keijo broke through the wall of cd-r obscurity on our 6 CD Invisible Pyramid comp last year, and has subsequently seen several excellent CD releases on Foxy Digitalis. "for a while" picks up the reins where Brad left off, but even we're a bit surprised with this one! While using all acoustic sources, 'for a while' is flat out weird. I mean weird even for Keijo. Essentially the structure utilized here is folk, but somewhere way beyond the analogy of Buckley's Lorca dream-structure being used to break down reality subconsciously. It isn't even easy to listen to. Unsettling minimalist guitar riffs drift under sheets of detuned/stretched-out bell samples. No, this isn't the sort of weirdness that grabs you by the collar and shakes you around a bit. This is another, more insidious weirdness that isn't apparent right away, but rather you wake up one morning and realize you weren't the person you were before." - label
2/21/2009 Keijo Here They Come CDR $9.99 Reverb Worship "For his second release Keijo has produced yet another interesting and lovely album."Here They Come" has eight tracks beginning with a baroque sounding "Clear After Midnight" and ending with "At Night" with its lovely field recording of bird song.This album is a very worthy follow up to his "About Around" album. It has all manner of instrumentation and touches on blues and psychedelia with the addition of a few guests including Keijo's cat "Leila". The cdr is available now and comes in a hand numbered edition of 51 copies in a spray stencilled sleeve with a stylised organic leaf design. Each cover is totally different."
2/21/2009 Keijo Hetki CDR $7.99 267 Lattajjaa "Hot on the heels of kheta hotem live album (ltj-81) comes a brand new solo album, more damaged folk blues from this finnish master. another guthrie cover (do re mi) and original keijo material, also couple of songs sung in finnish. recommended!"
10/16/2003 Keijo Keijo CDR $13.99 LalLalLal “Keijo Virtanen is a Jyväskylä-area (A place that is said to be the center of the universe) free music
stalwart and a writer/thinker. His music is very honest, humble and beautiful. Computers, oriental
instruments and synths merge together lulling the listener to a state of quiet happiness. The liner
notes consist of excerpts from Keijo's writings. If one for some reason has to compare this record to something, Sunroof and Tangerine Dream come to mind, and maybe even some of the MV stuff.”
1/26/2015 Keijo Koti kaukainen LP $21.99 Ikuisuus / Hyster Tapes / TNT Tapes & Records Services Keijo's 1st vinyl long play now available!!!
Koti kaukainen
Joskus tuntuu
Kuun alla
Toisiin maisemiin
sounds excerpts:
A3 Joskus tuntuu http://ikuisuus.net/mp3/keijo_lp_samples/joskus_.mp3
B2 Vierellä http://ikuisuus.net/mp3/keijo_lp_samples/vierella.mp3
B3 Kuun alla http://ikuisuus.net/mp3/keijo_lp_samples/Kuun_.mp3
10/25/2008 Keijo Neverending Blues CD $12.99 Ikuisuus "According to Indian mythology everything was born and will be born with vibration, sound. What Western civilization calls music, is narrow, nothing but strictly controlled thread in that vibrating area. Other kind of threads have been mastered elsewhere. Inevitably these threads will also face each other and become one. Basic note chimes in blues, raga and mantra. I dreamt of musics and players who can modulate with music, no matter which cultural background they come from... I felt I understood something about the sounds I sometimes heard in the evening just before falling into sleep and in the morning when I woke up." Keijo Virtanen (Kheta Hotem, Free Players, Rambling Boys) makes his long distance walk into the stream of folk/countryblues continuum. These marvellously rusty and dusty tracks have been cooking with tender flame in Keijo?s mind&soul for a good while: "When I was just a little boy, I used to just lay down under the blanket (just before falling to sleep) randomly switching the channels of our transistor radio. Under the crunches and washes I also found the new pirate radio stations and there, among the speeches came out the echoing, rhythmic, electric guitar music. Eventually under rock music and British pop music I discovered the sounds of the black people of North America. I felt like those deep singing voices and wailing guitars would somehow also belong to this kind of environment, to rural, middle-of-nowhere Finland, surrounded by wildlife and physical work with our own hands and whatever we may get grown from the land. Blues was burning onto recordings in Jyväskylä and Kuusankoski, Finland 2006-2007."
7/6/2012 Keijo Paint All Blue 10" + CDR + download $27.99 Pseudo Arcana "In recent times 59 year old Finnish outsider artist Keijo has moved away from the droning electronics and throat singing that first entranced the freak music scene and let his love of the blues come to the fore. To the untrained ear the resulting records will still no doubt sound very psychedelic and avant garde, guitar and vocals are to the fore but the structures and backing instrumentation remains highly abstract. It is Keijo's voice that most captivates on these recent recordings, singing predominantly in a broken and improvised form of English he tells stories of light and dark with an honesty that hooks one through the heart. His vocal delivery is highly idiosyncratic, nobody sounds quite like him. The easiest comparisons for the uninitiated would be to point to Daniel Johnston and Jandek, but Keijo is as different from them as they are from each other. He is one of a kind. This limited release of 50 copies features a 10" lathecut record along with a separate 50min CDR. It also comes with a download card."
11/20/2010 Keijo Something In My Blood CDR $6.99 267 Lattajjaa "Great new solo album from Keijo, this time it's 'hypnagogic blues'!"
5/18/2004 Keijo Unfolding Emptiness / Decomposing Dawn and Dew double CDR $14.99 Pseudo Arcana “Celebrating PseudoArcana's 50th release is a new double album by Finlands Keijo Virtanen. Keijo's cdr on LalLalLal last year was one of my favourites of the year, and ‘Unfolding Emptiness’ follows on from where that one left off. Keijo uses harmonic singing, home-made '2 string', chimes, electronics and maultrommel to create a hyper-atmospheric soundworld that somehow manages to convince one that Mt Kailash is perhaps actually in the middle of a forest in Finland, rather than in Central Asia...
’Decomposing Dawn and Dew’ is, if anything, even better! On this disk Keijo is joined by Juri Joensuu and Sami Virtanen. Where the 1st disk celebrates the chaos of eccentric juxtaposition, the 2nd focuses more resolutely upon 'the drone' itself. All packaged in a 'fancy' gatefold sleeve with art work by Keijo.”
11/1/2014 Keijo What Is Going In The Country lathe cut LP + download $29.99 Pseudo Arcana "New LP of avant-blues shamanism from Finland's Keijo Virtanen. Based in Jyvaskyl Keijo has been active in the improvised experimental scene for decades- he is now in his 60s- but was only really discovered by the outside world following the release of a self-titled CDR in 2003. Specialising at this time in drone music created with a variety of acoustic and electronic instruments with accompanying throat singing he surprised many people by embracing- in a very idiosyncratic fashion- a primal blues styling in the later part of that decade. (A book of his blues lyrics was recently published). Singing predominantly in English he has a one of a kind phrasing and timbre to his voice. The songs are immediate and raw, accompanied by layered electric guitars, harmonica and frequently abstract percussion... 'What Is Going In The Country' takes something of a dayglo sidestep back into the psychedelic dronescapes of his earlier work. There are blues songs aplenty but also extended periods where his muse runs off into the forest and the music fractures as light through crystal and becomes very abstract indeed. Here is a sample video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a0oLUdN0Cmw
Limited numbered edition of 80 Lathe Cut LPs with colour insert and download
2/12/2008 Keijo Whose Dream We Live In CD $9.99 Fire Museum Records "Finland's master of psychfolkdroneblues music emerges with what may well be his most engaging release yet! Considered by many to be the forefather of the much lauded Finnish musical underground, "Whose Dream We Live In" serves as Keijo's sonic calling card - bringing together many of the diverse elements that his music has been celebrated for into a joyous whole. From blues (by way of Jyväskylä) meditations to spaceship lullabyes to psychedelic rave ups and beyond, Keijo has opened the door into his musical universe for all to enter. Don't miss your chance, accept his invitation or it's your loss, friendŠ For the most part a solo outing (although he is assisted by Leila on four of the eleven tracks here) "Whose Dream We Live In" assuredly answers the question it poses. For the duration of the disc, enjoy living in the dream that Keijo has conjured up for you. We will not be held liable if, upon awakening, your world never looks the same again." - label. "(Keijo) compares the way the way he builds his pieces to Wittgenstein's conceptual rope, where no one strand is continuous: Instead, all strands overlap to express a whole. His music, then, becomes a negotiation between seemingly opposed elements - the organic and the 'artificial', the acoustic and the electronic - the goal being to expose the common roots and mutable nature of all sound" - Matthew Wuethrich, The Wire
6/11/2006 Keijo & the Free Players After at Once CD $12.99 Digitalis "Once again, Finnish-native Keijo Virtanen unloads another dirt-stained masterpiece. Over the past few years he has assembled a group of artists that have become known as the Free Players. Their collaborative efforts are like a clinic in improvisation. The interplay and spontaneity between them is epic. The Free Players often include members of Finnish free-jazz pawnpins Vapaa, as well as Kheta Hotem, Kundalini Snakes, and others. "After at Once" is the ensemble's first non-CDR release and finds them in top form. The members of Vapaa play an integral role on "After at Once." Tiitus Petäjäniemi is especially key with his vocal wailings and incantantions. Tribal percussion and chromatic whimsy often puncuate Keijo's sarod-laden excursions through the mist. There's a heavy Indian influence on these recordings, stemming from Keijo's many trips its sub-continental shores. Musically, "After at Once" is spacious, but cohesive. With the addition of the sarod on these recordings, the music takes on a life of its own. As always, Keijo's hand guides the magic and in the end, it's still his world we're living in."
2/11/2006 Keijo & The Free Players Passing On CDR $7.99 Foxglove "it is hard to know what else there is to say about keijo and his free players. over the past two years, the wise sage of finland his band of merrymen have unleashed a discography as impressive as it is imposing. as gayle brogan of the unimitable boa melody bar said (about a previous release), "keijo may be incredibly prolific but each release really is essential." this is certainly the case with "passing on." this is an album full of reverberating space. acoustic guitar improvisations with nothing to hide, clattered by chromatic percussion split the stars. methodic drones with flickering wind instruments keep everything grounded. "passing on" is everything you've come to expect from keijo and is nothing short of brilliant. 100 copies."
10/31/2009 Keijo & Uton Alun Ääniä CDR $8.99 Om Ha Sva Ha Ksha Ma La Va Ra Yam "First duo collaboration of keijo & uton. here is 7 songs of droney & spacey blues jams, sometimes far away in cosmos, sometimes rockin the ground again." Edition of 60 copies.
2/4/2007 Keijo and The Free Players Endless Clouds CDR $12.99 musicyourmindwillloveyou "On this outing the freeplayers move with gentle grace through realms of hazy free flowing rock and psyche spiked jammage . deeply meditative , cyclical and dreamy , perfect for the human nomind."
6/5/2005 Keijo and the Free Players Untitled CDR $12.99 Pseudo Arcana "Wonderfully dreamy and spatious recordings by Finnish ambient-mystic Keijo Virtanen, joined on these sessions by members of the band Vapaa. Synth and reed-instrument drones are married to discreet plucked strings, abstract percussion, and Keijos harmonic singing. A 45 minute series of beautiful slow moments."
11/2/2011 Keith, Rodd My Pipe Yellow Dream LP + download $16.99 Roaratorio "Song Poems Wanted" read the ads. "We need new ideas for recording!" The send-us-your-lyrics business was a borderline scam, taking whatever lyrics came their way from would-be songwriters and - for a fee - setting them to music. None of the results ever came close to being a hit, and to be sure, the vast majority was sufficiently bland or clumsy to insure no great karmic loss in their instant obscurity and miniscule press runs. But Rodd Keith - the late, great genius whose prolific output was almost completely confined to the song-poem industry - had a knack for turning sow's ears into silk purses. The nature of the business required him to work quickly, with no second takes, and his skill at writing and arranging on the fly was not unlike that of a master improviser. When at his best, he put his unique musical stamp on some lucky customer's submission. My Pipe Yellow Dream is the second Roaratorio anthology of the highlights of Rodd Keith's work. Compiling fifteen previously unreissued songs from 1966 through his death in 1974 - including a never-before-heard cover of "Choo Choo Train" - My Pipe Yellow Dream showcases the full range of his talents. From exquisite mid-60s pop balladry ("Deep Velvet") to blue-eyed soul ("You Don't Have To Alibi") to folk-rock ("Tired Of Waiting") to solo Chamberlain creations ("Red Sports Car") to gospel testifying ("O Jesus My Savior") to a pair of patriotic screeds (the all-spoken word "America The Not So Beautiful" and the bizarre-world lounge funk of "Search Out Your Soul, American"), this collection continues the rehabilitation of Rodd Keith's recorded legacy from thrift-shop throwaway to celebrated cult artist. A limited edition LP in a gorgeous gatefold jacket, with artwork by Josh Journey-Heinz and liner notes from song-poem vocalist Dick Kent. Digital download coupon included."
11/9/2004 Keller, Yann & Vilbjørg Riddles CDR $14.99 Holispolis “A duo from the squatting scene in Amsterdam, consisting of Yann Keller on her selfmade electronics and metal bass and Vilbjørg on voice. They have been playing together as a duo for five years and occasionally work together with other people, such as the notorious Dead Fish Fuck. The four pieces on this release were generated through means of improvisation, but these two incorporate many different musical styles into their work. Occasionally inspired by techno and noise likewise, which mostly accounts for the music played on the electronics, the used vocal techniques by Vilbjørg seem to have one origin: improvisation. Not meant as a negative qualification, as I think her range is quite wide. From more 'regular' singing she
goes out to a strong voice abuse, kinda Diamanda Galas meeting Jaap Blonk, merging together into one person. Despite these references to more popular tunes, this is by no means an easy disc. It's demanding
throughout it's length, and will leave the listener breathless after it stops after it's 46 minutes. Difficult stuff but rewarding.” – FdW, Vital
9/17/2006 Kelley, Greg 1 Hour As Something That Didn't Turn Out The Way I Intended It To CDR $9.99 Chocolate Monk "Another exercise in failure. Spring 2003: With assistance from Vic Rawlings, I fill my room at Club Awesome in Somerville MA w/ electric keyboards, synth, a small organ and set them all for drone. A radio plays static. Record to MD, output MD through my stereo for low feedback. An electric fan is aimed at the microphone for the distorted vintage 78 effect (rpm, not the year). Vic bowed a single cello note at some point and a cymbal was scraped. The intent: record in mono for 2 hours, communicate with the dead. After 1 hour, I couldn't take it any more. My intended "Two hours as..." is now "One hour as..." I fussed over it for a while. It's kind of boring. I like boring, but... Late Winter 2004: I must do something with this recording. I decide to look backwards into the archives... January 8, 2000: I send out a call to arms: Meet me at Twisted Village Records, Cambridge MA at 8pm. It's Scelsi's birthday and we will play a
memorial drone for him. The call was met by Oliver Alden, Mike Bullock, James Baumgartner, Seth Cluett, James Coleman, David Dougan, David Gross, Tatsuya Nakatani, Howard Stelzer, Bhob Rainey, Vic Rawlings. Some automatic instruments played themselves. Others may have been there, but I don't remember. And you can't really hear them anyway. Back to Late Winter 2004: I record a new track onto my 4 track in my bedroom in Allston MA. Trumpet and radio static. (DJ Screw's ghost inhabited my 4 track near the end of this track.) Then I record a burning guitar solo for the end of my new and improved "One hour as..." The mono drone, the Scelsi tribute band, the trumpet/radio track and the HOTT guitar track are all
mixed down from 4 track to MD under the influence of Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout. A vocal intro and headphone feedback interruptions are then added. The task is complete. It's a bloodbath. What have I done?"
5/8/2005 Kelley, Greg I Don't Want to Live Forever CD $10.99 Gameboy "This ain't your mama's trumpet-recorded-through-microcassette-and-then-chopped-the-fuck-up record. Oh no. Kelley's taking that genre places, son. Recognize. Brutallyl spliced, severed, destroyed, and chopped, but oddly not so screwed. This is how Greg entertains himself when not practicing his world-renowned stage dives. Co-released with the brand new Little Enjoyer label."
8/22/2008 Kelley, Greg Religious Electronics LP $15.99 No Fun Productions "Two sides of melting electronics from Greg. This is not Jazz. limited to 350 copies."
6/11/2006 Kelley, Greg The Conditions Of The Past Cannot Be Retrieved CDR $10.99 8MM "Title makes this one seem like an old-school lesson in Industrial dissection but while there's enough devolved man/machine strategies here to please your average tattooed occultist, the bulk of this fantastic disc is drawn squarely from the mutant solar modes that orbit Kelley's (Nmperign, Cold Bleak Heat et al) own brain. Five tracks, all born of extensive four track experimentation and all working scales of low-fi fug into tortuous new ends ala a more wiped-out take on Kelley's last, killing Gameboy side. First track moves hoovering drones into small pools of single-note synth and sets up the initial mood of degraded repeats that fuels the first four tracks, somewhere between the concrete logic of Nurse With Wound circa Homotopy To Marie and a Fluxus machine orchestra. Last track is a massive 30 minute composition for metal, piezo mics, bow, tape machine and auto-destructive violence. Totally great. Comes in an oversize 5" x 7" silkscreened cover in a hand-numbered edition of 205 copies with another chance to own that great snap of Kelley preaching to the unconverted in shirt and tie. Highly recommended." - Volcanic Tongue
4/10/2009 Kelley, Greg & Alex Neilson Passport to Satori LP $14.99 Golden Lab Records "This beautiful super-heavyweight LP, which comes packaged in a sweet full-colour sleeve reunites the UK's premier free drummer Alex Neilson, who's played, amongst others, with Motor Ghost, Directing Hand, Trembling Bells, Tight Meat Duo, Josephine Foster, Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, Jandek, MV&EE, Richard Youngs, Baby Dee and Alastair Galbraith, with Nmperign member Greg Kelley, whose reinvention of the trumpet is as crucial now as Anthony Braxton's reinvention of the sax was 30 years ago. A screeching, soaring, scattergun array of noises come maniacally out of Greg's horn, unlike anything we've ever heard and he successfully straddles no wave, concrete and free jazz in a way that makes those genres seem like trite pigeonholes. Limited to 500 copies."
9/17/2006 Kelley, Greg / Alex Neilson Graveside Doles LP $24.99 Ultra Eczema "Two of the most intense young "free" dudes from different parts of the globe (kelley from boston, neilson from leeds) unite for this completely weird record, taking free music to a different level, recorded on top of eachother via mail. this sounds like moving the heaviest metal closet on a little rubber boat from brighton to the east coast of the united states, kicking off with a heavy free jazzy tune full of retarded trumpets stuffed with little babies screaming for a change slightly changing into ice cold acoustic metal scraping ambience. tons of different sounds to discover and very unclear whether they came out of a trumpet, a drumset, a mouth or a whale. comes in a black and silver fine line drawn cover by dennis tyfus - limited to 400 copies"
2/25/2004 Kelley, Mike Silver Ball (Light and Color, Mostly) one-sided LP $14.99 Table of the Elements "Table of the Elements presents the Lanthanides, a series of 14 single-sided, limited edition LPs. Each disk is pressed on clear or transparent vinyl, silk-screened on the reverse in glow-in-the-dark ink, and packaged in a clear vinyl sleeve. As one of this country¹s most prominent visual artists, Mike Kelley twists common colloquial forms - like signs, stuffed animals and felt banners - and infuses them with the dark psychologies and hidden undercurrents (sexual, metaphysical, and otherwise) of middle-class American culture, assaulting everything that society holds dear. From his first rambling performances in the early 1980s, he has appealed to a cult audience because his work is too complex, aggressive, and willfully contradictory to be considered mainstream. Yet in the early '90s, his soft sculptures made from filthy thrift store animals garnered international art world attention, landing him a 1993 exhibition at the Whitney Museum (they also appear on the cover of Sonic Youth's classic Dirty album). Kelley has an even deeper background as a sound artist: he is co-founder of the seminal trash-noise collective Destroy All Monsters, whose anti-aesthetic marauded throughout the 1970s with a membership that included artist Jim Shaw, Ron Asheton (Iggy and the Stooges) and Mike Davis (MC5). The composition Silver Ball (Light and Color, Mostly) is one channel from Kelley¹s eight channel audio sculpture 'Silver Ball' (1994)."
6/17/2004 Kemialliset Ystävät Alkuhärkä CD $18.99 Fonal Records "After recovering from a long illness I started searching through the shores and woods. I finally managed to locate Mr. Anderzén in the middle of an arctic desert. He sat there cross legged, eyes closed, calm as if on top of a mountain or in the bottom of the sea. No trees nor any other objects apart from ourselves interrupted the plain white landscape. Sun dragged itself slowly over the horizon. The air was still. 'My retreat will soon be over.' His husky voice seemed to emerge from the field of snow itself. I didn't see his lips moving. As I asked about the last nine months he had been away he mumbled something about contemplation. 'Remember what Cocteau wrote in Opium about revealing the essence of plants? - I have gained sights of that different kind of speed of vegetation and I have heard the screams of plants he talked about.' After six long days of silence spent mostly eating drought reindeer's meat Mr A. talked again: 'I had this strangest of dreams. There was no space, no people, no traces of action, just this plasmoid machine out of which erupted sounds. And then as I was receiving those aural secretions of an ultra physical automaton from the seventh uppermost world, I woke up due to a butterfly itching in my ear. There I was all covered with sweat, heart beating furiously, yet the ear was empty. It took a long time to be able to sleep after that night.' Heed my words dear friends; that butterfly preserved to the ears of ours which weren't there is Alkuhärkä." - Ralf Normaali. Highly recommended!
6/19/2002 Kemialliset Ystävät Kellari Juniversumi CD $18.99 Fonal Records Reissue of this album, originally released in 2002. Kellari Juniversumi has been hailed as a masterpiece and has been out of print for a long time. Reprint includes a new 24-page booklet. "Many are the rumors that revolve round the Tamperean tribe called Kemialliset Ystävät (Chemical Friends), regarding for instance the recipe for their brand of magic potion and their ethnic background. Contradicting the common beliefs, this group, which is now, depending on how you count, releasing its first or tenth album, does not consist of elves, gnomes or some lesser-known folk of the forest, but is mainly the product of one human risen from the rotten ditch of Nekala (a Tampere suburb). With his vast set of allies he has by the power of his spirit carved a whole multitude of caves into the cellar of an otherwise unsuspect looking house. From that Cellar Yuniversum (a rough translation of the disc's name) originates this record, which I myself regard rather as the first, as its many predecessors have been either halves of a long player, virtually unobtainable or partial rereleases. Now, at last, as we venture deeper into the cellar than ever before, we see the aforementioned elves and gnomes in their festivities, as the urbanization process has cut down the Tampere backwoods and has thus forced them to flee into the caves of Kemialliset Ystävät, who naturally are in good terms with all tiny earthlings with pointed ears." - Ralf Normaali, a lowlife from the capital area.
8/31/2010 Kemialliset Ystävät Ullakkopalo CD $16.99 Fonal Records "Kemialliset Ystävät is the project headed by audio/visual artist Jan Anderzén, one of the few Finnish musicians to have achieved renown in the international experimental circuit. Previous KY albums have featured contributions by Islaja, Sami Sänpäkkilä and members of Avarus, and Anderzén has also released sampler-based solo recordings as Tomutonttu. His music is created with a fluctuating array of instruments and equipment, with collage being an essential technique. The focus is less on instrumental prowess and more on the overall sound and impression as well as the tension between the various materials. As a manipulator of these elements, Anderzén is in a league of his own."
12/31/2003 Kemialliset Ystävät Varisevien tanssi / silmujen marssi LP $79.99 Kevyt Nostalgia "If Kemialliset Ystavat aren't the world's best Finnish avant-folk-psych-improv act (though we're sure they are), they've gotta be the one with the most pronounceable name. Another great release from Kemialliset Ystävät after such mind-blowing works like Suurempi Pieni Palatsi and Kellari Juniversumi. Originally Varisevien tanssi(side A) was released by Betley Welcomes Careful Drivers(2001), but it was VERY limited edition. Silmujen marssi(side B) was released by Lal Lal Lal(cdr edition of 100 copies, 2002) but it´s sold out also. Now, first time ever, this two-parted, ass-kicking folk-masterpiece is availeble on VINYL with totally new covers drawn by the chemical master, Jan Anderzen himself!" "“Kemialliset Ystävät translates from their native Finnish tongue as Chemical Friends, which perfectly describes the loose band of individuals rounded up by ringleader Jan Anderzén to perform a severely damaged strain of primeval folk and probably to partake of various intoxicants. The drug-addled mesmerism of KY's avant-folk wanderings plays itself out as psychedelia in miniature. Each of their songs amass from repetitions of consistently out of tune acoustic instruments, creating a buzz of chiming dissonance which swirls throughout all of their recordings. They hardly reference any of the American explorers of liminal hippydom -- rather, Kemialliset Ystävät offers a self-contained language, a warbly ritualism, much closer in spirit to :zoviet*france: or the obscure esoterica of The Sun City Girls.” - Jim Haynes, The Wire, April 2004
12/24/2005 Kemiälliset Ystävät Latvasta Laho CD $17.99 Celebrate/Psi/Phenomenon "Goodness gracious. Them freaky Finns that got the whole Finnish thing a-rollin, roll on in with this warm pool of clatter-bash, strum-n-clunk, and electro-forest ya-ya. There ain't many acts sharp enough to go whittlin' with this gang and 'Latvasta Laho' (literally 'rotten in the head') shows just why you shouldn't go foolin' with what you dont know nuthin' about. Monophonic wood goblins wiggle trees and a retarded werewolf banjo orchestra leaves cute piles of stones outside your tent. Comes complete with fleeting hip-hop stomp-a-tronics, and freefallin' spookified blast-athons... huh?. Quite possibly the most fascinating/frightening night of 2005. Cuppa tea anyone?"
10/25/2008 Kemialliset Ystävät / Sunroof! split LP $14.99 Fat Cat "Another album-length release, the nineteenth 12" in our acclaimed Split Series presents two immensely vital and influential artists whose fiercely focused and highly individual music has genuinely pushed boundaries and an aesthetics of movement / excess in two very different, yet complimentary ways, creating their own distinctive sound-worlds. Led by Jan Anderzén, Kemialliset Ystävät (it translates as 'chemical friends') are a loose collective from Tampere in southern Finland. Fans for a long while, FatCat's initial hookup with Kemialliset Ystävät occurred in February 2006, when the band were invited to play at FatCat's 'Open Circuit' Festival in belgium, at which they also played a live improvised collaboration with Múm. A fantastic live unit, they will be touring the UK / Europe this Autumn. Sunroof! is the work of prolific, Bradford-based guitar-abuse legend Matthew Bower, who has been active on the experimental / post-punk / noise underground for over 25 years, releasing over 60 albums under a variety of pseudonyms. Bower's vast discography of visceral, free drone-rock is one of the most formidable of its kind - a monumental / labyrinthine effort to get your head around, with continual shifts and dynamic reverses between - and even within - his various projects rendering it virtually impossible to pin down. If anything, more wilfully diverse and leaning towards the ecstatic, Sunroof!'s trajectory has shifted from bubbling, transcendental pulse to coruscating feedback, jerky freeform soloing to sweet-shimmering dream-haze with traces of acid-damaged British folk, and brain-blitzing high-pitched psychedelic drone. Heavily layered and forming a rich, deep and fully immersive experience, the project has included collaborators like Richard Youngs, Mattin, C. Spencer Yeh (Burning Star Core), Sunburned Hand Of The Man's John Moloney and Marc Orleans, Vibracathedral Orchestra's Mick Flower and Neil Campbell, and Phil Todd (whose Anna Planeta project featured on a previous FatCat split 12"). Stepping between varying pressures and weights, the three tracks provided here offer a dazzling confirmation of Sunroof!'s quality. 'Little Ornamental Lake Of Death' and 'Extinction Fantasy' blow out a beatless, fizzing, corruscating, hyper-energetic scrawl / sprawl of guitar - a swirling mass of sound that's blissfully immersive and hyper-coloured. Wedged in between, the far briefer 'Spiritual Forgery' hangs a frayed line of quavering guitar tone."
3/2/2007 Kendall, David Triumph of Individuality CDR $8.99 Gameboy "Harsh digital composition from prominent SoCal programmer and resident Heat Director. The title says it all: one of a kind. Kendall whips out six tracks of composed noise with an improviser's sensibilities."
7/11/2008 Kenji Siratori Biomechanic Torture CDR $8.99 267 Lattajjaa "More japanese cybernoise."
4/20/2008 Kenji Siratori Droid CDR $8.99 267 Lattajjaa "Bleak ambient drone that sounds like the death throes of an enormous machine." Boa Melody Bar
5/31/2009 Kenji Siratori Hototogisu CDR $7.99 267 Lattajjaa "Experimental cyber ambient. All sounds by Kenji Siratori, recorded in march 2009 in Hana No Yama."
2/2/2013 Kerkar, Kesarbia Kesarbia Kerkar LP $13.99 Mississippi Records "One of the greatest Indian classical vocalists of all time. Kesarbia Kerkar rose up from the bottom of the cast system in India to become one of the countries most respected vocalists. These recordings from 1947 - 1953 are beautiful ragas not to be missed. First LP issue of her material to be available in the US. A real treasure for fans of our Abdul Karim Khan & Pandit Pran Nath releases. Beautiful detailed liner notes by Ian Nagoski complete with photographs & sacred Tantra art. Old school "tip on" cover. A co-release with Canary records."
4/12/2012 Keszler, Eli Cold Pin LP $27.99 PAN "Over two years in the making, Cold Pin is the new full length record by Eli Keszler. Both a composition and stand alone installation, 14 strings ranging in length from 25 to 3 feet are strung across a 15 x 40 curved wall, with motors attacking the strings, connected by micro- controllers, pick-ups and rca cables. Recorded in Boston's historic Cyclorama, a massive dome built to house the Cyclorama of the Battle of Gettysburg painting in 1884. The b side features in addition, a 'dry' version of the installation with motor attacks on metal squares rather then strings, creating dense percussive clusters. Cold Pin works within the frame work of left to right time and vertical structure. The installation acts as the architecture of the music, surrounding and immersing the live instruments into incredible density and sharp angular mass shapes, and functions alone as the performers stops. Rather then an individual sound the sustained horns, strings, drums and metallic attacks function as a singular unit, and continue too when they stop alongside the installation. Cold Pin features Eli Keszler (drums, crotales installation and guitar), Geoff Mullen (guitar), Ashley Paul (clarinet, guitar, greenbox) Greg Kelley (trumpet), Reuben Son (bassoon) and Benjamin Nelson (cello). Eli Keszler is a composer, artist and multi-instrumentalist based in New York City. In performance, he often plays drums, bowed crotales and guitar in conjunction with his installations. In his ensemble compositions, he uses extended strings, motors, crotales, horns and mechanical devices to create his sound, balancing intense harmonic formations with acoustic sustain, fast jarring rhythm, mechanical propulsion, dense textures and detailed visual presentations. He has most recently won the Mata composers competition for the 2012 season. Eli Keszler is a graduate of the New England Conservatory in Boston where he studied with Anthony Coleman and Ran Blake." Edition of 500 copies pressed on 140g vinyl housed in a silk screened pvc sleeve."
8/2/2013 Keszler, Eli NEUM Book $19.99 REL "NEUM is a book of drawings, prints and diagrams by eli keszler made in conjunction with the presentation of the NEUM installation at the South London Gallery – A large scale piece, occupying a 150 wide by 50 foot tall space made up of 16 overlapped and splayed piano wire, activated by a mechanical system which is featured as part of the group show 'At The Moment of Being Heard'. The book consists of over 65 drawings, sketches and diagrams of various sizes dimensions and medias as well as 3 silk screened inserts. NEUM is printed in a limited hand numbered edition of 100 copies."
6/25/2011 Keszler, Eli Oxtirn CD $11.99 ESP-Disk' "ESP-Disk' has released some far-out albums in its 47 years, but Eli Keszler's Oxtirn raises the bar. Keszler is a percussionist and composer like no other; some connoisseurs of outside music will know him from his work with the singular guitarist Jandek.Oxtirn is Keszler's ESP-Disk' debut and most widely distributed album after prolifically self-releasing micro-edition CDRs, tapes, and vinyl via his label REL Records. On Oxtirn, Keszler plays drums, guitar, piano, prepared piano, motors, cymbal, crotales (bowed and unbowed), snare drum, prepared/riveted sheet metal, spring harp, bass board, and microphones. He's joined by clarinetist Ashley Paul (his partner in Aster) on two tracks, plus Andrew Fenlon (trumpet, tuba, French horn, trombone) and Sakkiko Mori (prepared piano) on one track each. There are few musical analogies to what Keszler is doing here. It might sound like freely improvised noise, but it's actually meticulously composed - and if you don't believe it, you can check out his graphical-notation score for all three tracks, included on a six-panel fold-out. The Italian Futurists of the 1920s would have loved this magnificent din, so full of startling timbres and arresting textural combinations, like a cross between Xenakis and free jazz."
5/29/2008 Keszler, Eli R.L.K. CD $11.99 REL Records Long piece in 3 parts; Bowed percussion, drumset and electronics. Hand embossed/stamped and painted arigate pak with insert.
6/24/2012 Keszler, Eli / Keith Fullerton Whitman split LP $16.99 NNA Tapes "NNA is very excited to announce a split LP between world-renowned electronic music composer Keith Fullerton Whitman and multi-instrumentalist composer Eli Keszler. This LP is a conversation in sound between two prominent artists, one working in the electronic realm (Whitman), and the other in the world of live acoustics (Keszler). In fact, Whitman's piece was inspired and created as a direct response to Keszler's signature frenzied percussion style. Both sides of the record are full of incredibly detailed nuance-driven music. These artists work with sound on the microscopic level, deliberately placing each individual molecule of sound in it's intended location. Whitman's piece "Occlusion" is automated "machine music" warfare, utilizing rhythm as a textural tool, while Keszler uses live percussion, bowed metal, and other acoustics to act as a humanized response to Whitman's machine-regulated assault, solidifying this record as a fantastic document of Human vs. Machine call and response. Original artwork by Eli Keszler."
7/16/2009 Keszler, Eli / Ashley Paul Aster LP $17.99 REL "Aster is the debut LP release by the duo of Ashley Paul and Eli Keszler. Having spent the last 3 years performing all over the northeast, they have developed a unique sound, combining the piercing high pitched resonance of Keszler's bowed crotales and cymbals with altissimo sustains and drastic pitch bends of Paul's alto saxophone and clarinet. The split tone combinations from these instruments is surprising and overwhelming, creating continuous, multi-layered, dense, shifting harmonics and intense inner-ear sound. Spinning discs, invented resonating metal configurations, bending reed tones, and voice interference carefully blend, creating a wild texture that is both harsh and striking . This is contrasted with Paul's guttural string attacks, which meet the rapid-fire movement of Keszler's low end bowed cymbals and jittery crash. This is a live document recorded to 4 track, with no sound modification. This LP is the first 'official' release in a planned series of releases by this long standing duo. Pressed on 160 gram copper plate pressed virgin vinyl with a black inner sleeve, the LP is housed in a textured paper cover that features a layered screen printed drawing. The inside contains grey pasted notes with an attached 8" x 25" 3 part multi-tone picture which has been printed across a fold-out frosted vellum book. All of this has been screen printed, drawn, and then hand assembled by Keszler and Paul. The record comes in a limited hand numbered edition of 300 copies."
7/16/2009 Keuhkot Toimintatapoja olioille CD $14.99 Ektro Records "You've never, ever heard anything like Keuhkot, the one-man, multi-media funhouse commandeered by Kake Puhuu from his home in the forests of Pomarkku, Finland. This national treasure has been active since the late '80s, when began setting his bizarre, ranting vocals to Middle Eastern exotica, synthetic carnival melodies, and squawky no-wave guitar. His fifth album, Toimintatapoja Olioille ("methods to objects"), is a somewhat mellower but no less arresting statement about the perils of technology-a perfect opportunity for fans of Avarus, Lau Nau and Kemialliset Ystävät to discover the demented forefather of Finnish freak-folk!"
5/13/2011 Key of Shame Key Of Shame double LP $35.99 PLANAM "Key Of Shame is the most extreme entity to come out from two cult collectives of the New York underground, or No Neck Blues Band and Sightings. PLANAM proudly presents their first recordings, four threnodies for Judas Iscariota as performer by Mark Morgan (Sightings) and Pat Murano (NNCK, Decimus).
Jesus answered and said "You will become the thirteenth, and you will be cursed by the other generations - and you will come to rule over them. In the last days they will curse your ascentŠ".
Atmospheric radical electronics at their highest peak.
Hand stenciled and silkscreened edition of 270 double-LPs released by PLANAM.
"And Jesus replied 'Friend, Do what you came for'". Matthew, 26:50
Edition limited to 270 copies
11/20/2010 Kheta Hotem The Most Wonderful - How does it sound? CDR $6.99 267 Lattajjaa "Keijo & friends perform komutian ritual psych, improvised shamanic drones, stronger and more social than ever…" Recorded live at La-Bas Biennale, 25.4.2010, Dubrovnik, Helsinki.
8/28/2007 Kheta Hotem Winter Solstice CDR $7.99 Foxglove "Better late than never (this was originally to be released in december), "winter solstice" finds kheta hotem in rare form, basking in the glow of the midnight sun. this finnish quintet featuring, among others, keijo virtanen and members of the free players and akisa, is a chaotic romp. with elements of free jazz creeping in from the margins to compliment the organic drones and shimmering percussion orchestra, these recordings are woven in solid gold. keijo's throat singing is the perfect undercurrent for jilted saxophones to dance in the metallic rain. "winter solistice" is perhaps kheta hotem's finest hour. 100 copies"
11/17/2007 KHU Flesh Lament / Phoenix Mass double CDR $10.99 American Grizzly "extreme vocal psych-out from france w/ industrial percussive undertones. everything soaked in reverb."
6/11/2006 Kiefer, Christian Czar Nicholas Is Dead CD $13.99 Camera Obscura "Some ideas are difficult to dispense with. Were you to ask Christian Kiefer why he fixated on Russia, and on a particularly grisly period in the country's history, he would probably be unable to answer. After all, Kiefer lived (and still lives) in a quiet, unassuming, and decidedly American suburb in Northern California, a far cry from the North Asian continent of his imagination. But it was, in fact, Russia that had become the object of his curiosity and like Franza Kafka's Amerika, a novel similarly fixated upon a geographical location that the author had no firsthand knowledge of, Kiefer set out to address his interest through art. The end result of that interest is "Czar Nicholas Is Dead", a soundtrack to a tundra wasteland filled with lonely soldiers, ornate towers crumbling into ruin, and desolate, blood-soaked snowscapes. An essentially ambient project with minimal instrumentation, "Czar Nicholas Is Dead" captures Russia as a fever dream, a strange and disorienting place that lay on no map, but rather resides entirely in the author's imagination. On the one hand, the subject of Kiefer's project is a strange one to be sure, particularly since most of his recorded output-including the similarly epic and minimalist instrumental project "Exodust" (2002) -has been rooted strongly in American soil. But Kiefer's work has always also been rooted in history and in academic and intellectual pursuits. His Ph.D. work at the University of California at Davis explores the intersection of history and the arts (particularly literature) and "Czar Nicholas Is Dead" falls perfectly within his primary field of interest, even if the geographical location has shifted off the North American continent. For research, Kiefer turned to thick volumes on the assassination of the Romanoff family, the tradition of Russian folk music, and to early Russian silent film. The central musical concept, though, was not to represent a version of Russian folk material or a literal rendition of the Russian Revolution, but rather to utilize the ideas and in order to form a particular vision of Russia on the brink of revolution. Kiefer brought in a handful of his favourite musicians and asked them to improvise with him live in the studio with a handful of simple instructions. The material was then worked over further in the studio, edited, rearranged, and produced, often with additional parts being added or subtracted as the musical force of the album began to reveal itself. The end result is part collective improvisation on a conceptual and musical theme, and part constructed and composed musical work."
11/7/2014 Kikagaku Moyo Mammatus Clouds LP + download $19.99 Captcha "Previously available as a cassette only edition on Sky Lantern Records, Mammatus Clouds gets the deluxe vinyl treatment presented in a spined Metallic Gold screen printed sleeve with a 2 sided insert and download code. Formed in Tokyo in the Summer of 2012 by Go Kurosawa and Tomo Katsurada the band released their first S/T record in 2013 on Cosmic Eye Records/Sound Effect Records. 2014 saw Kikagaku Moyo travel to the USA where they played what many declared the best live set at Austin Psych Fest. With releases on cult US labels Beyond, Beyond is Beyond, Captcha Records, Burger Records and Sky Lantern Records Kikagaku Moyo have become the most talked about band of 2014 with all their releases selling out as word of mouth begins to spread on this new cult Japanese band. Kikagaku Moyo (Geometric Patterns) got the inspiration for their name after playing for six hours straight in the darkness at which point they started to see colours and patterns behind their eyelids. Kikagaku Moyo state that with improvisation they can freely explore beyond consciousness as they make 'free music' and you can well imagine this as they take you on a journey through inner space with Mammatus Clouds. Here we are treated to meditative waves of ritualistic music as sitar player Ryu is to the fore on these recordings as the band stretch out to infinity, falling somewhere between the collected works of Bo Anders Perrson, George Harrison's sitar exploits and The Taj Mahal Travellers. We here at cardinal Fuzz do not toss around such names lightly, but Kikagaku Moyo sits comfortably aside these titans to create something that is every bit as unique and timeless.
8/8/2009 Killa Tuota Tuota CD $16.99 Fonal Records "This is the third full-length album by Finland's Kiila. Born of peaceful, focused work and intense rehearsals with friends, interspersed with sleep and meal-times, Tuota Tuota ("Well, Well") features an eight-strong core line-up -- but, as always, the composition of the group varies according to need. This is an album that consists of many details: the sound is full, the web of acoustic and electric instruments more varied and carefully orchestrated than before, and now, it is completely unnecessary to separate the electronic from the non-electronic components. Different traditions of folk, psych and pop music intermingle with electronic music and improvisation, tones and sounds. From Incredible String Band-ish folk-troubadour jams to gentle acoustic fireside ballads rendered in plucked guitar and scratchy fiddle lines ala Vetiver or Espers, to freakier space-jazz meanderings, this album's ultimate reward lies in its commitment to solid, glorious song-structure rooted in a long-established folk-rock tradition. The motifs in the songs are not easy to convey in English, but the titles reveal some clues: master of the house, elk antlers, tree bark, sound of rapids, fog, letters, calves, fingers. The words sound archaic, anachronistic or timeless, the language of myth, even -- but can it be something else, too? Tuota Tuota is an excellent culmination of Kiila's history and cultural landscape, proving them to be among Finland's finest founders of the new-growth forest sound." - FE
2/7/2009 King Crab Moskoe-Ström CDR $5.99 Abandon Ship Records "Deep, dark, scuzzed out jams recorded through a rift in the time-space continuum. Sincerely bleak sonics that will bring you to your knees either begging for mercy or for more. A first time listener might make a comparison to Mouthus, but these guys have tapped into something truly unique. Turn it up loud." Edition of 50
6/4/2010 King Kong Ding Dong Youth Culture Index LP $15.99 Dekorder "After an extended period of dormancy, King Kong Ding Dong returns with their first full- length album, Youth Culture Index, recorded in various bedrooms, basements, and other amorphous dwellings over a lazy year and a half period of musical Indian summer progeny. This collection of eleven tracks incorporates pieces built around samples, guitar tunings, and field reverberations. The music within relies more on pulsing percussion and sonic textures than on lyrical content. Using samplers, de-tuned guitars found in the trash, and stand-up drumming with random melodic percussion, Philadelphia based group King Kong Ding Dong make tribal, dreamy/nightmarish music with hints of pop. The music incorporates drone experimentation, whammy bar tone bending, and 4- track sound manipulation. The group shares members with A Sunny Day in Glasgow, but does not share the same sound, instrumentation, nor set musical concept. These are the perfect summer jams and the CD-r release has already been made "Record of the Week" over at Aquarius Records and praised by a bunch of influential online blogs. This is Rock music reduced to it's core: euphoric, charming, effortlessly smart, unstrained, willingly unhip, and unambitious in the most positive sense, summoning echoes of Drag City-era early Pavement or a heroin-less juvenescent Royal Trux with MDMA replacing the Opiate infusions, combined with the DIY aesthetics of several Not Not Fun and Woodsist related bands." Limited edition of 500 copies!
9/30/2005 Kinski Be Gentle With the Warm Turtle CD $12.99 Strange Attractors Audio House "In collaboration with Intellectual Drunks Records, the Strange Attractors Resurrection Series (our irregular reissue campaign of lost gems) proudly offers Be Gentle With the Warm Turtle, the critically hailed, cranium-shaking sophomore album by Seattle, Washington's premier instrumental rockers Kinski! Kinski's second full length recording, 2001's Be Gentle with the Warm Turtle, proved that the band was ready to take on the world. Upon its release, Alternative Press enthused "Šthe disc makes one of the few strong arguments against the claim that rock is dead." Their first sojourn into a "real" recording studio, Kinski seized the opportunity and crafted a spacious yet immediate rock album. With nods to forebearers past and present, Be Gentle With the Warm Turtle finds the band creating their own unique sound and sonic space. Few bands before or since have matched Kinski's ability to marry delicate and heady sonics with massive, gravity-defying heaviness. This is the album that opened many doors for the band, including snaring sets at Terrastock IV and V, tours with Acid Mothers Temple in the U.S. and Japan, great international press and a record deal with Sub Pop Records. Previously issued on the now-defunct Pacifico Recordings in the US, this crucial document of the Kinski tour-de-force has criminally been unavailable since 2004. Now back in print, Be Gentle with the Warm Turtle is a modern classic."
4/29/2004 Kinski Don't Climb On and Take the Holy Water CD $13.99 Strange Attractors Audio House "In their hometown of Seattle, Chris Martin, Lucy Atkinson, and Matthew Reid-Schwartz of the lysergic-punk band Kinski often play out incognito. Under the guise Herzog (film buffs should figure all these German names out pretty quickly), the goal is to experiment with mood, sound construction and interplay by channeling their chemistry into an exploration of their 'cosmic' side. These entirely improvised sets have yielded some truly heady excursions into the sonic ether. Although they may perform as Herzog, the sum of the parts is still Kinski, and while the intent is to shower the air with slow-raining space dust rather than their trademark heavy-paisley riffs, ambient drone is still very much an aspect of the overall Kinski sound. Don't Climb on and Take the Holy Water is a snapshot of these experiments, 'free-ambient' sounds weaved on the spot when the guitarists subliminally dialed into one another and directed their energies into a subtle exploration of drone, texture and atmosphere."
9/30/2005 Kinski SpaceLaunch For Frenchie CD $12.99 Strange Attractors Audio House "In collaboration with Intellectual Drunks Records, the Strange Attractors Resurrection Series proudly exhumes SpaceLauch For Frenchie, the long-lost debut album by Seattle, Washington's premier instrumental rockers Kinski! 'Spacelaunch for Frenchie serves up one of the coolest Krautrockin' dronefests this side of the second Spacemen 3 album.' - Fred Mills, Magnet. Originally self-released by the band in 1999 in a limited edition pressing, Kinski's debut album SpaceLaunch for Frenchie captures the group in their infancy. Exploring multiple sonic terrains, the album clearly illustrates Kinski's skillful melding of their love of pop with their love of the drone. Initially a 3-piece, the band recorded their debut in their rehearsal space on an Otari 8-track. Spacelauch For Frenchie contains some of the bands' favorite early tracks, namely "Staring" and "Jetstream", and a cover of the Spacemen 3 tune "Losing Touch with My Mind". Remastered and repackaged, this reissue includes Kinski's ultra-rare five song demo unearthed from the period, featuring two never-before heard songs as well as an early version of a number re-recorded for Be Gentle With the Warm Turtle and the outtake "She Always Made Us Work Like Dogs". Unavailable for years, SpaceLaunch for Frenchie is an auspicious starting point and a complete departure from their later flights of fancy."

*Erkin Koray - Erkin Koray LP $29.99
"Absolutely over the top debut album by Turkish psychedelic guitar guru. At last reissued on vinyl, this is the rarest of all Erkin albums but also the rarest Turkish psych album ever. This album, originally released in 1973, is actually a compilation of singles from the previous years since 1968. You can notice the difference in time when listening to the album, with some tracks kinda pre- psychedelic and some others heavily into it, but all of them with that unique Eastern feel that the guitar master gives to their recordings. Definitely, the best Koray album together with Elektronik Turkuler, a total masterpiece."
11/4/2006 Kirby, David Inside, it is Ringing CDR $8.99 Students of Decay "This is it. Long in the making, we have here THEE definitive statement (for the time being) from Atlanta, Georgia soundwizard David Kirby. And God, it's a monster. 'Inside, it is Ringing' is born of the same brain erasing dust as his recent "Shrieks Against the Glass Pt. 2" and his work in the Wire Thicket duo. However, this record transcends those previous outings in every possible way. Kirby offers cavernous drones, alien rumblings and static depth charges here that could level mountains. His recording processes are as hermetic as they are obsessive, and, like the work of all the finest craftsmen, nothing is superfluous. Play impossibly loud. Inhale the vapors. And float the fuck away." Edition of 100 copies.
6/25/2004 Kiritchenko, Andrey Bees & Honey CD $9.99 Zeromoon "Five tracks by Andrey Kiritchenko, followed by remixes from Brian Lavelle, Marcus Maeder, Scanner, 833-45, Kotra, Violet, The Moglass, Kim Cascone, Cray, Freiband." "This disc is without doubt a very good collection of contemporary 'ambient glitch'. Kiritchenko fits into this category very well and has placed himself accordingly with this CD." - Vital Weekly
12/10/2004 Kissing Spell Los Pajaros CD $15.99 Essex "Definitely an under-appreciated album (Arena label, 1970) - ok, so it's not the guitar rave-up record most expect from South American psych; instead it's West-coast styled introspection from Chile, more akin to We All Together (if you need another South American reference point) at times than anything else; well-crafted songs with an attractive dreamy quality enhanced by spacey effects, occasional bursts of well-handled fuzz guitar, and strong harmonies; includes their up-tempo track 'Yellow Moon', which was on Latin American 'Love Peace and Poetry' compilation; most tracks in English, with a couple of exceptions." - Lion Productions
3/29/2005 Kissing Spell Los Pajaros LP $44.99 Shadoks "Beside BLO and El Congreso, this is the best album from Chile and the rarest one. Beautiful compositions and well-crafted songs sung in English and Spanish. Kissing Spell was born in 1967. One night after a gig they said: No more fucking other peoples music, it is time for something new, created by us and for people who want to see us and not some fucking Beatle clone. Kissing Spell was seen as a very elite group who played very few times for large audiences, and consequently the records did not sell much. After 'Kissing Spell' the same band became 'Embrujo', which is the Spanish translation for 'Spell' and recorded another album in 1971. A true masterpiece." Edition of 550 copies.
12/24/2005 Kitchen Cynics Compulsive Songwriting Disorder CDR $10.99 Audiobot "Small and quiet places are the perfect breeding ground for fragile beauty that fights the inner demons. painting a poetic picture drenched in acid folk gentleness. Another very nice collection of songs by poet Alan Davidson. accompanied by a variety of instruments. with some great versions of Briget St.John. Ivor Cutler & a Lal Waterson songs. in a typical Kitchen Cynics style. Very inspired texts showing a poetic vision of tiny worlds situations that show a variety of perspectives. and a desire to open up like seeds. One track is a dialogue with Simon and Cara Lewis. All other songs are entirely multitracked one man performances. Like any Kitchen Cynics release. highly recommended. Alan's favourite songtitles : I want you on a mountain top. Snowflakes. oatcakes and earthquakes. Lethargic lover. Unwoozling invalid woman. If you have good memories on Pearls Before Swine. this is right up your alley... Packaged in stencil-printed fold-out jackets by design therapist Jelle Crama. Limited to only 150 copies."
4/24/2006 Kitchen Cynics Parallel Dog Days CD $12.99 Secret Eye "The first US CD release for The Kitchen Cynics (the alter-ego of Alan Davidson of Aberdeen, Scotland). "His songs combine ancient folk roots with a lo-fi psychedelic aesthetic that effectively blurs the line between Syd Barrett and Pearls Before Swine," writes George Parsons in Dream Magazine #4 (that issue also features a full Kitchen Cynics interview). Original cover art from William Schaff who has also done LP art for Godspeed You Black Emperor, Songs:Ohia, Okkervil River, and more. We are very pleased to be releasing this CD - more folks should have the chance to enjoy the genius of the Kitchen Cynics!"
12/24/2005 Kitchen Cynics, The Tunnels CDR $12.99 Barl Fire "In a recording career encompassing three decades, and with a prolific back-catalogue of cassette, CD and CDR releases, The Kitchen Cynics' brand of hushed lo-fi bedroom recorded psychedelic folk has captured the hearts of many, including such luminaries as the late great John Peel. Recorded live at Tunnels in Aberdeen over two nights in summer 2005 'Tunnels' is a perfectly executed live show-case on home-turf for Davidson's poetic tales of eccentric historical figures and real-life "kitchen sink" drama. Delivered as ever with equal measures of wit and sensitivity, Davidson has been compared in the past to the likes of Syd Barrett, Robin Hitchcock and Ivor Cutler. "Tunnels" features some new material, re-workings of traditional pieces and some old Kitchen Cynics favourites. "Tunnels" comes housed in black digipacks with inserts and with modern landscape artist Eilidh Crumlish's "Aberdeen Pink" painting on the front cover, and is limited to 94 copies."
8/4/2007 Kiwaka Kaneda Cake of Sea CD $9.99 Absurd "Earlier this month a little greek boy named Orion became one year old, and this is celebrated with the release of this CD by Kiwako Kaneda, from Japan. I never heard of her (him?), but it's music in the best Tujiko Noriko tradition. Frail, intimate, with toy like instruments, and childish vocals. The somewhat lengthy title piece is perhaps the odd ball in this collection for it's ambient music pur sang, whereas the others hoover in the Noriko areas of music. Of course I should bring this CD to my sometimes day occupation of baby-sitter and test the waters on a two year old and see what his reactions are. I think it's all a bit too sweet for my taste, but then I may not entirely be the target group for music like this. If Noriko or the acts on Happy are your thing, then this must be too." - Frans de Ward, May 2, 2007

Kjertl del Brondo Group Live At Bryne/The Refsnes Sessions cassette $7.99 no label A side: 5 tracks recorded live on June 18, 1999 featuring Sindre Bjerga (vocals, keyboards), Kjetil D Brandsdal (guitar), Torbjorn Ollestad (bass), & Pal (drums). B side: 11 tracks featuring Sindre (vocals, guitar, accordian), Kjetil (guitar, drums), Jan Christian Kyvic (bass, guitar), & Pal (drums, gimbri).
6/25/2013 KKTK Tegami 7" $6.99 A Dear Girl Called Wendy "Mail collaboration between new noise rising star Kazuma Kubota and Finland's finest Tommi Keranen. Two tracks clocked at 8 minutes of harsh, dense, (de)structured noise composed by Kubota and raped after by Keranen with heavy abuse of electronics. Covers are hand-silkscreened by Legno." 100 copies.
7/10/2008 Klangmutationen Liturgie CDR $13.99 Dreamsheep Records "One of the most outstanding/uncompromising jazz collectives circulating right now is (without any doubt) Klangmutationen. Coming from the Eastern side of the world, they suddenly remind us of noise legends such as Masayuki Takayanagi, Kaoru Abe and Kousokuya. But you should consider them an exception because they come from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and they play 'organic free metal' (!). 'Liturgie' is a black ritual devoted to schizophrenia and otherworldly meditation which clocks at around 20 minutes. It is a burning candle for Shiva. For all you listeners, a final suggestion is to turn off the lights and immerse yourself into this deep black hole. CDR comes in a limited edition of 150 copies."
9/30/2008 Klangmutationen Schwarshagel CD $13.99 Utech Records "Klangmutationen are a mystery. More could be said about what their music isn't than what it is. Hailing from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the underground experimentalists pierce the veils of Eastern and Western music. Recalling early sets on FMP as well as the Takayanagi/Abe axis of Japanese free music, Schwarzhagel is the sound of a spirit falling past its own life after death, forever." Edition of 750 copies.
6/25/2013 Klarinette The Path Of Sisyphus CDR $13.99 Cassetto Editions "Klarinette (aka Clarinette, whose been releasing works on labels like Ecstatic Peace/Father Yod, Celebrate Psi Phenomenon, Root Don Lonie For Cash and Cassette Editions for the last 10-11 years) reflects the noisy sludgy avant drone Metal side of Clarinette which bears little resemblance to prior Clarinette releases (hence the K). The Path Of Sisyphus sounds pretty much like the myth on which it was based, 47 minutes of dragging, scraping, gasping drum, bass and guitar with a 47 minute continuous guitar solo workout buried in the murk. Not for the impatient. Hand numbered edition of 60 copies." Aquarius Records gave this an outstanding review! Last copies will be available here in about a week.
6/25/2011 Kleeman, Arrow Phase Reps And Builds cassette $7.99 Root Strata "Micro body rhythms amplified and overlapped like drifting mosaics. Music based on mathematics, but all the calculations are lost. Electronic organics.." Edition of 100 copies.
12/30/2002 Kleer, Martijn de So Close Yet So Far double LP $29.99 Beta-Lactam Ring "And yetter still, so wonderful. This inaugural solo jaunt by Legendary Pink Dots guitarist/bassist/violinist Martijn de Kleer betrays a love for freeform freakouts of the 60's, with a special emphasis on the mellow, acid drenched stylings of the West Coast underground of the late 60's. All the I's are microdotted and all the mushroom teas crossed as Martijn's guitar gently seeps, crawls, oozes, boils and burns. And even though Martijn's Dotted past is in some evidence, this is hardly an LPD Karaoke album. This is a fully fleshed out beast of original design. Martijn's vocals occasionally punctuate the parade, but the majority involves instrumental clusters, some based in rock form and others more like giant swelling clouds, all thick with psychedelia (acid rain?). Besides the requisite fuzzing guitar (see also Damon and/or Helios Creed), Martijn employs such merry men as Ryan Moore (Twilight Circus), Raymond Steeg (Girlfriends, Legendary Pink Dots, Beequeen), Phil Knight (Legendary Pink Dots) and Cevin Key (Skinny Puppy, Download, Tear Garden), oh and a chorus of Himalayan children singing all vocals on the 26 minute acid mind tripper ‘The Apple Crumble Trail’. A beautiful production that is filled with sonic surprises at every turn and is sure to make any day trip, erm, trippier. 8 tracks over 2 albums, exactly the way any good psych record is supposed to be, damnit! The finale is a particularly rewarding climb to Heaven on a honeyed ladder, from which view is all poppies, beautiful poppies, and the sound is perfectly Kleer."
3/21/2009 Kleistwahr Outer Bounds Of Sound: Kleistwahr (The Return) LP $17.99 Noiseville "Gary Mundy from Ramleh/Broken Flag records fame returns with the ressurection of Kleistwahr, a project whose previous material is impossible to find these days. Just as you'd hope and expect, this is a completely saturated mesh of tortured guitar, tormented vocals and extra noise added just to round things off. Brilliantly painful. As good as anything Ramleh has ever done, really. Outer Bounds Of Sound is an experimental LP series in an edition of 300 copies with a hand-made cover."

Kluster Klopfzeichen CD $19.99 Hypnotic Reissue of 1969 debut from Conrad Schnitzler, Dieter Moebius, and Hans-Joachim Roedelius. Features 16 minute bonus track of Cluster recorded in 1980.

Kluster Zwei-Osterei CD $19.99 Hypnotic Reissue of second LP from 1970 - also features bonus track by Cluster from 1980.
6/19/2002 Knead 1st CD $15.99 PSF "Keiji Haino (guitar, vocals), Tatsuya Yoshida (drums, vocals), Hisashi Sakaki (bass). Knead is a new unit which brings together two of the most unmistakable voices in the Japanese underground, juddering prog- thrash duo Ruins, and master of all darkness he surveys Keiji Haino. Haino and Ruins drum-master Yoshida have bumped heads on several occasions before - several years ago in Haino's collaboration with Musica Transonic, more recently on a duo record released on Hong Kong label Sonic Factory, and a couple of months back the two toured China together. Recorded live at Manda-La2 last December, this is a full-on, hang-on-for-dear-life rock rumble, with added moments of very special spectral tremble. Haino's guitar full-spectrum roar pushes the Yoshida and Sakaki rhythm-section away from their usual stop-start vocal led patterns into more instinctive territory. Less an uneven tussle between two weedy prog guys and a guitar monster than six-legged quest for instant-by-instant rock nirvana." - Alan Cummings
2/11/2006 Kneale, Campbell Pink Stalingrad CD $15.99 Celebrate / Psi / Phenomenon "Imagine... a SOLO album! Take the everlasting, golden-superchord of BIRCHVILLE CAT MOTEL, the growling tectonic, under-par riffage of BLACK BONED ANGEL, and the 'Burzum-o-phonic', cassette-left-on-the-dashboard fidelity distruption of MING. Simmer at a high heat. Pour boiling mixture into ear canal. Allow to set. ARGH! YUMMY!"
12/22/2014 Kneale, Campbell / Antony Milton / Kiyoharu Kuwayama Nagoya 2006 lathe cut LP + download $35.99 Pseudo Arcana "Previously unreleased recording of an epic drone recording made in Nagoya, Japan during the Birchville Cat Motel and A.M tour of 2006. Kiyoharu Kuwayama (Lethe) had been kind enough to organise us a show and then suggested that we hire a studio the next day to do some recording. As I recall there was very little pre-amble, we arrived, set up quickly and launched straight into it. Kuwayama has done some minor editing but this record is pretty much the improvisation as it happened. Kuwuyama played bowed guitar and cello, Campbell played electronic bagpipes and ebowed strings, I played violin, live-captured tape loops and SK1. We all had contact mics and a selection of pedals.
Lathe cut is almost the perfect format for this release, the surface noise fits right in with the ghostly otherworldliness of the hiss, crackle and droning hums of the actual recording. Its a beautiful thing and effectively captures where the 3 of us were at with our music in 2006. I'd assumed these recordings long lost and was overjoyed to discover that Kuwayama still had them and to be able to share them with you now."
Artwork by Kiyoharu Kuwayama.
Here is a short promo video: http://youtu.be/LsTSzOe5SFc
Limited numbered edition of 60 Lathe Cut 12 inch records photos and download
2/4/2007 Knife City Black Circle cassette $5.99 American Grizzly "Disembowling harsh crunch slicing through a thick musty ambient fog."
4/11/2008 Knife World Knife World LP $14.99 Roaratorio "Formed in Minneapolis in 2004, Knife World have converted many unwary bystanders into true believers through their frenetic gigs in underground venues and the occasional club. The band worships at the Riff Temple, swapping pomposity for a mischievous intelligence. Jon Nielsen sounds as if he's scrambling to play all the guitar parts of some skewed arena-rock mashup at once, while drummer Josh Journey-Heinz avoids the obvious backbeats by carving out the spaces around them instead. Together they have a fuller sound than most groups with more appendages. A self-released cassette and a cd-r served up hints and guesses, but now their debut LP comes along to deliver the goods. Packaged in a pleasantly eye-gouging 3D gatefold jacket, with glasses mounted into the vinyl."
8/1/2014 Knifestorm Knifestorm one-sided LP $14.99 American Tapes "WHOA! THAT GUY! Upper East Coast "Mid School" uber homemade amazing mysterious hxc abstraction in fine style & high class. 4 tracks from 2003-6 that showed the underground was barreling eerily down the pipelines. This low-tech clear open sounds is ageless and soul-stirring. Fantastic thinking thru mangled circuits. One of a kind. Edition of 100 numbered, handmade packaging."
1/30/2010 Knit Prism Perception c20 cassette $7.99 Digitalis Limited "If anyone's asking, i feel like 2010 is going to be a stellar year for mike pouw's fantastic knit prism project (not to mention his awesome, awesome label: house of sun). but let me step back for a minute... "perception" is a quick, magical exercise. missed opportunities are pushed into sonics and wrapped in a layer of murk and hiss that keeps the final answers shrouded in some semblance of mystery. each tone is stretched to its limit, creating spacious, oddly beautiful spectral pieces. it's an easy place to get lost. once pouw has you totally enveloped in this aural maze, he hits you with a blast of straight-up cold. there's a smattering of bleeps and bloops that act as a focal point to keep your path in line, but they're constantly being washed over in a dark, dreary storm. it's a great contrast and pulled off beautifully. "perception" will lead you in. edition of 65, pro-dubbed."
6/4/2010 Knit Prism / W.A. Munson split c40 cassette $7.99 Digitalis Limited "this split from knit prism and black eagle child-spinoff w.a munson finds its solace in the greath white north. ontario's knit prism aka michael pouw has been churning out gem after gem lately and this split follows-up on his gift tape quite nicely. hazy drones bleed into glassine accompaniment, shards falling like hypnotic crystal rain. pouw cuts and pastes like a master, fusing together something ancestral with an aim to the future. his piece is equal parts old, dusty relic and computer-age synth dream. pouw's a master craftsman and knit prism is just getting started. munson returns from hiatus and eschews the momentum of black eagle child to dive straight back into the deep end of the pool. somebody asked me if he's using a heavily-effected guitar or a synth and i honestly have no idea and could really care less. munson is playing for keeps. over the first half, munson is searching. underneath hiss and fuzz, time-worn melodies play-out even if they're completely unsure of the destination. but midway is his come-to-jesus moment. the fog and haze clear and we're left with a beautiful, modern hymnal. tones and melodies that remind me of boards of canada suck you in without fail. equal parts earnest and heartbroken, its a place i could stay for a good, long while. edition of 75."
4/7/2011 Köhn All I See is Light c40 cassette $9.99 Kraak "All I see is light" is the second release in our brand new cassette series. This c40 captures one of Köhn's true cosmic healing sessions at the legendary house show venue 'At Anthony's' in Ghent. In this set we hear De Blonde's weirder side, combining his love for late 70s kraut in more abstract terms with the old school Köhn vibe. Think bizarre repetitive leads, eighties string work, oscillation paradises and other maneuvers in the dark. For those who liked "We need more space in the cosmos", here he takes his nouveau brain sound even one step further."
11/10/2011 Köhn Random Patterns LP $15.99 Kraak "After his exploration of the kosmische territory, Köhn reprogrammed his his brain to dive into another early synth passion of his: minimalism. Drawing inspiration from great masters such as Philip Glass, Steve Reich and Terry Riley, De Blonde recorded four late night 'variations on a theme'. These are pure transcendental improvisations, meditations on minimal patterns and shifting arpeggios. Random Patterns lays bare and celebrates Köhn's limitations a s a keyboard player, exploiting the deep core of instant composition. All four tracks show a dynamic relationship between observation, evaluation, action, reaction, acceptance and attempt, provoking sudden moments of musical insight or even feelings of genuine inner tranquility. Random Patterns is a wonderful piece of synth music that is completely disconnected from recent revivalists and painstakingly focussed on the personal bond between man and his instrument."
8/17/2009 Köhn We Need More Space In The Cosmos LP $14.99 Kraak "The comeback we were all waiting for! Ever since his "Bruce Willis" album (Western Vinyl, 2003) Jürgen De Blonde mainly focussed on music for dance and theatre productions. Untill recently when he relived his old synthesizer festish. This finally resulted in "We Need More Space In The Cosmos", an ode to lost hero's such as Klaus Schulze and Jean-Michel Jarre. The album recalls eighties electronics, i.e. an era when kraut rock culminated into new space ages and cosmic television soundtracks. But still the Köhn trademarks pop up from the very first second. His unique approach to music that made him differ from the likes of Aphex Twin and Oval in the nineties, now shows the man as a Cosmic Courier of the 21st century. Comes in a limited edition sleeve from the Yves Jeanson Geometrical Abstraction Art Collection."
4/20/2008 Kohoutek Expansive Headache CD $12.99 Music Fellowship "Washington DC-based experimental collective Kohoutek plays improvised psychedelia, ranging from unsettling, discordant noise to delicate melodies, inspired by the likes of Can/Amon Duul 2/Agitation Free/Ash Ra Tempel/Krautrock, Trad Gras Och Stenar/Parson Sound, Dead C, Skullflower, Sun City Girls, Sonic Youth, Bardo Pond, Ghost/White Heaven/Japanese psych, Sun Ra/Art Ensemble/free jazz, early Pink Floyd, MBV/shoegaze, drone, doom/sludge metal, etc. Expansive Headache is the band's first official CD, following two self-released recordings (Kohoutek and The Trails of Kohoutek), Hair on the Sidewalk, a DVD/CDR on Sockets, and a collaborative CDR with Soil Sing Through Me (members of Sunburned Hand of the Man/Feathers/Witch) on Wabana."
4/3/2010 Kohoutek Lossless Loss LP $24.99 Prophase "Lossless Loss, the second studio album from Mid-Atlantic improv collective Kohoutek, covers most of the dynamic stylistic range Kohoutek is known for: abstract and textural sound, atmospheric rock, harsh noise freakouts, clattering percussion, guitar heroics, and alien electronics congealing to form a multihued psychedelic extravaganza. Recorded deep in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia in September 2007, the five members embarked on a psilocybic twilight journey, and this 44-minute aural excursion is the result. No overdubs and minimal editing create an experience as close as possible to a Kohoutek performance. With longtime core members Scott Verrastro (percussion, flute), Craig Garrett (bass) and Scott Allison (electronics) augmented by Vic Salazar (electric guitar) and Damian Languell (vocals, harmonica, clarinet, didgeridoo, Space Echo), Kohoutek forge their own path in the improv universe, and Lossless Loss is another burning fragment of this fleeting sonic comet."
3/17/2015 Kolovos, Peter A Wolf Should Only Be Lone cassette + download $6.99 Ba Da Bing! "Los Angeles guitarist Peter Kolovos’s last release was the epic 3xLP Black Colors. While not quite as immense, A Wolf Should Only Be Lone, the artist's first cassette release since his days with Open City, hits the beautiful red space in fits and starts. These two tracks carry his distinct style of annihilating common notions of guitar playing. Bruce Russell once likened his playing to “Derek Bailey covering The Resident’s Duck Stab,” while David Keenan has described him as having the "dexterity of Bailey directed more towards Mars-style tonal confusion." Whichever take makes more sense, each Kolovos performance carries its own internal logic, a methodical and fervent approach to randomness that bleats pure emotion and raw skill. This cassette captures the best of his live performances during a West Coast Tour during August 2014."
8/23/2009 Kolovos, Peter New Bodies LP $15.99 Thin Wrist "Intensely physical and abstract music that constantly, unpredictably shifts and evolves. Impulse, memory and intent, laid bare in real time. Post-melody, post-groove SOUND. Concrete, brutal, fun." "In New Bodies, his first solo release, Kolovos lets rip with all the skronk and blurt he's been holding in for the last decade, in tiny, tightly gated segmentsŠ His sound vocabulary is very broad, and his control of texture and timing is masterful. Using equalisation, reverb, envelope shaping and volume control... He rapidly opens and closes the volume window on a dizzying series of extended techniquesŠ This electrifying effect is enhanced by the crisp recording and the superb D&M masterning job - every clang and buzz is right up in your grill. The cover features a magnificent photograph of the guitarist using the mid-19th century tin type processŠ The image is as physically 'time based' as the recording it encloses, and has the distinctive look of a Victorian death mask - no 'posing' or even facial expression is possible. In this regard the cover is an exact metaphor of the recording - what you perceive is exactly what you get." - Bruce Russell, The Wire Aug. 2009 . "Everything changes (or doesn't) at exactly the right time. With such abrupt cuts from sound to sound, a lesser man could end up with a whiff of "30 genres in 29 seconds!" but here each new sound relates so well to what just came before it, in a gracefully aggressive way." - Chris Corsano. From Los Angeles, also of Open City - first full length. Heavy jacket with full color, metallic printing. Mastered by Rashad Becker at D&M Berlin. 180 gram vinyl pressing at Pallas Germany. Edition of 500 copies, digital download included.
6/9/2010 Kommissar Hjuler und Mama Baer Amerikanische Poesie und Alcoholismus 12" $12.99 Feeding Tube "Kommissar Hjuler & Mama Baer's sound poetry inflates the ridiculous, childish aspect of wordplay and disarticulation inherent to that particular discipline, while eroticising it and using it as a tool to reformulate the banal, recasting arguments, suburban melodrama, shrieking fits and idiotic cover versions as potentially liberating moments of confusion. The artist Hans Bellmer saw eroticism as having to do with the disarticulation of the body, his art based around the repositioning of limbs and postures, and it's here that sound poetry connects with sexuality, in the way that it obsesses over rephrasings and playing with words, with the initial sensual pleasure giving way to a form of Gnosis that goes beyond meaning. Hjuler and Baer's sexually graphic artwork foregrounds this approach, while connecting it to wild man rock stylings by combining improvisation with an energetic, emotionally raw presentation. The bulk of their back catalogue comes in microscopically limited art editions with handmade packaging, but Amerikanische Poesie Und Alkoholismus is a comparatively overground release in a run of 500 numbered copies. The A side presents a duo dissection of an English language text on sound poetry by the French poet and critic Jean-Francois Bory. The pair take turns reading excerpts, now deadpan, now hysterical, accompanied by shortwave interference, tape work and the high Wasp tones of early Whitehouse. It works as both a deflation and a satire of sound poetry's academic leanings while bolstering its most basic tenets by pushing it to its most senseless extremes. The B side is a three-part solo work from Mama Baer for field recordings and voice entitled "Alcoholisme-brut" that moves from tapes that sound like excerpts from a soap opera accompanied by a melancholy recorder to a sweetly disturbing alcoholic lament. Hjuler and Baer present the most radical furtherance of sound poetry since the publication of Henry Chopin's Revue OU collection, while finding common ground with the unofficial experiments of contemporary UK underground groups like Blood Stereo, Towering Breaker and Usurper. Amerikanische Poesie... is the duo at their most hilariously alienating and crudely sophisticated."
5/28/2011 Kommissar Hjuler und Mama Baer & Ninni Morgia and Silvia Kastel Two Couples LP $17.99 Ultramarine "Two Couples" is the collaboration between German artists/performers Kommissar Hjuler and Mama Baer and the Italian musicians Ninni Morgia (guitar) and Silvia Kastel (synth and voice). Kommissar Hjuler and Mama Baer are known for their provocative, neo-dadaesque, often extreme art and performances and have previously worked with Smegma, Thurston Moore, John Wiese and many others. They have performed and exhibited all around the world and are part of the NY collective NO!Art Movement. Ninni Morgia has become well-known in the NYC improv-free jazz scene, has played among others with William Parker, Daniel Carter, Peter Evans, Kevin Shea, Quivers, the psychedelic rock outfit La Otracina and back in the 90's, started the noise rock band White Tornado. Silvia Kastel has studied sound engineering and electronic music in NYC, studied singing with Lee Torchia and attended workshops with Joan La Barbara. She also runs the Ultramarine record label. The music on "Two Couples" is a fusion of musique concrete, avant-garde, tropical psychedelia, moaning, screaming, free jazz and lots of raw synths. The two pairs have recently come back from a successful tour all over the UK, where they played and recorded at the historical sound poetry venue The Morden Tower in Newcastle. The cover features a special portrait of the two couples by Mama Baer and exclusive pictures in the back. Edition of 300 copies."
6/5/2005 Kompleksi (I Ain't No) Lovechild / Moscow 1980 7" $6.99 Lal Lal Lal "Kompleksi ('complex' in Finnish) are Mike Not and pHinn, two ex-suicide candidates from Tampere, Finland, who ride in a red Lada through the gloomy streets of their rainy post-industrial town; the home of ice hockey fanatics, world's last working Lenin
Museum and countless sex shops. They started making music together in 2002, already having appeared on compilations of Mate Recordings (UK) and pHinnMilk (FIN). Mike Not (keyboards, production, programming, sound engineering) has produced music since the early 90s; pHinn (vocals, keyboards) has since 1996 maintained a Website called pHinnWeb on Finnish electronic, experimental and leftfield music. Kompleksi are now working on their first long play. They both also DJ in their hometown club called Eclectro Lounge. File under: post-industrial soul, post-Soviet electro. For more info, see: http://www.phinnweb.org/kompleksi - Edition of 525."
2/21/2015 Konstrukt Live at Tarcento Jazz LP $22.99 Holidays "Konstrukt is the free jazz revelation of the last ten years.This incredible quartet of saxophonist Korhan Futaci, guitarist Umut Çag?lar, drummer Korhan Argüden and percussionist Özün Usta is blowing a real stream of fresh air, like the Art Ensemble of Chicago did in the Seventies. This live multi-channel recording by Giulio Moratti captures their whole performance at Tarcento Jazz Festival (July 18th 2014) giving a perfect taste of their Cosmic–Turkish free jazz with an electronic touch - brought by the use of a Farfisa organ and tape echoes - that will help the listener building a stairway to the spaceways!" “These guys are the real deal” - Joe McPhee. Edition of 200 copies on black vinyl.
11/1/2014 Konstrukt & Joe McPhee Babylon LP + download $16.99 Roaratorio "Turkish free-improv group KonstruKt was formed in 2008 by guitarist Umut Çag?lar, and since their inception, they've gained notice through their collaborations with such old-guard stalwarts as Evan Parker, Marshall Allen and Peter Brotzmann. The latter introduced them to the legendary Joe McPhee at the Krakow Jazz Autumn festival, and after striking up a friendship, they invited him to join them in Istanbul for a concert in March of 2014. Babylon was recorded the day after he arrived, with no prior rehearsal or discussion, although the seamless meshing could fool anyone into thinking that they were a longtime working group. Çag?lar came from an electronic music background before delving into free jazz, and it's reflected in the incorporation of moogs & a theremin into the ensemble's arsenal. The music itself swings from space-raga improv to soaring, full-throated anthemic melodies; some sort of Joe Meek jazz world where bird squeal falsettos pierce through a current of drums, only to struggle for breath, come up laughing, and take off far above. McPhee says, "These guys are the real deal," and he should know." Download coupon included.
11/1/2014 Konstrukt / Marshall Allen / Hüseyin Ertunç / Barlas Tan Özemek Vibrations of the Day double LP $31.99 Holidays "Finest free jazz from Istanbul meets the alto saxophonist who travelled the spaceways side by side with Sun Ra and his Arkestra, and that's quite a thing indeed. Konstrukt, the Turkish revelation of the last few years, becomes a sextet ganging up with guitarist Barlas Tan Özemek and drummer Huseyin Ertunç to create a percussion-based environment where all the elements cautiosusly contribute to a collective meditation and where two saxophones are free to dance into a dreamy parade. Recorded in 2010 and self-released in a limited CD edition, this expanded ensemble trip to the Other World finally gets its deserved double LP limited edition. "Konstrukt has performed with the likes of British free jazz saxophonist Evan Parker, Dutch pianist Michiel Braam's Bik Bent Baam, Swiss saxophonist Jürg Solothurnmann and recently saxophonists Peter Brötzmann and Marshall Allen. To record with these jazz giants is, indeed, a stamp of approval and hopefully their message of liberating music can be heard by a larger audience. And lately, the band has had a bunch of impressive CDs in a row. Here's looking forward to more". - Mark Corroto, All About Jazz. Edition of 250 copies - 200 on black vinyl, 50 on clear red w/ yellow, white and black splatter. I don't know how available the splatter color vinyl will be so expect black vinyl.
12/24/2005 Korber, Thomas / Dieb 13 / Erik M Condenser CDR on anti 7" $12.99 Absurd "a short track lasting some 18 minutes to show the talented universe of this amazing trio of tomas korber ( guitar, electronics), dieb 13 (turntables) & erik m (3k pad system) ... out of silence are unleashed improvised electroacoustics, whose flow gets even in noisier realms to leave you breathless while the records on the turntables slow down..." Numbered edition of 99 copies.
3/6/2008 Korein, George Another Corpse CDR $7.99 Majmua Music "Welcome to the debut release from the sister label of Fire Museum Records! A study in Grey Metal ambience, noise and texture, George Korein brings us a meditation of varied mood, instrumentation and intensity with Another Corpse. Joined by Helena Espvall (Espers, et al) on cello for Singsong Corpse, Keith Abrams (Time of Orchids, PAK) on drums for Pulsing Corpse and Liz Walsh on keys for Rotodrone Encroaching; this release brings you a different sound of Philadelphia, some Black Eyed Soul(s) music! First coming to the attention of discerning music listeners with Infidel?/Castro! and continuing with his solo releases and participation in projects such as the Naked Mall Rats (among others) and his production / electronics on Nimis & Arx by Helena Espvall, George Korein has carved out a unique niche for himself in the experimental music world. A regular collaborator with Charles Cohen, Alex Nagle, Jesse Krakow and many others, Another Corpse is yet another chapter in an ever mutating and evolving sonic trajectory." Limited edition of 125 copies.
2/7/2009 Korperschwache Fear The Hex triple cassette $11.99 Peasant Magik "Black Canyon Drone starts things off right away with a blast of hyper distorted guitar and doesn't stop for the remainder if the cassette. Hidden melodies float in and out, with the occasional riff and drum beat surfacing. Death Disco slows things down with stumbling drums over layers of murk and blackened filth. Dissonance and Submission finishes everything off with walls of buzz and shards of feedback. Not for the open-minded." Edition of 100
3/11/2012 Kosmonaut Kosmonaut I LP $20.99 Deep Distance "This one's a real tasty way to kick off a new label. 'Deep Distance' was created as a side project to The Great Pop Supplement, a way of releasing some of the demos and planned releases within GPS head Dom's primary love of all things motorik and kosmische themedŠThe first few releases are broadly based on the killer series of Konrad Schnitzler private press / gallery edition series of LPs from 1974. Borrowing the deliberately minimal single colour themes for sleeves and labels with all release details contained over a series of inserts and stickers. With some fabulous releases currently being discussed and negotiated, the series in the meantime kicks off with the incredible first volume of 2 planned 'Kosmonaut' full lengths. Released in a blue edition of 250 LPs on vinyl only, Kosmonaut is the brainchild of Texan Patrick R. Park, whose stunning cassette and cdr releases on his own "Ethereal Mother" label point at some holy kosmische collision of Schulze, Froese, Ash ra / Gottsching, and latter day celestial synth explorers Expo 70, Jonas Reinhardt and Mist, amongst others. A fabulous LP in a numbered edition of 250, not expected to sit around longŠ"
3/22/2013 Kosmonaut Orange LP $14.99 Deep Distance "The second ‘Deep Distance‘ full length for March here, sees a welcome return from Texan Patrick R. Park‘s ‘Kosmonaut‘ project. Having kicked off this on-off Great Pop Supplement sister label in late 2011, we’re treated to another epic full length of deep spaced out zones recalling the rich ‘Cyborg-esque’ tones and pulse of Schulze, Froese / Tangerine Dream and Conrad Schnitzler in tandem with latter day Kosmische heroes like Mist, Umberto and Expo 70 (whose own full length features next on the label here). The first installment disappeared within a week of release, and subsequent killer releases on his own ‘Ethereal Mother’ tapes not to mention other quick fire Deep Distance sell outs mark this one firmly down in a “snooze and lose” situation…Once again housed in a minimal single colour themed packaging design as a homage to the incredible project of private press / gallery edition Schnitzler releases from ‘73 onwards. Embossed with inserts galore and hand numbered in an edition of 300 copies."
7/16/2011 Kosugi, Takehisa Studio Improvisations, Tokyo, September 16th and 17th, 1974 LP $28.99 B13 "Originally released on CBS Japan in 1975, this solo album by the godfather of Japanese avant-garde music was called one of the top ten 'Japrock' albums of all time in Julian Cope's Japrock Sampler." Red vinyl LP in clear plastic sleeve with black lettering. Limited edition 500 copies.
9/14/2012 Kowalski, Gregg with Jozef Van Wissem Movements in Marble and Stone LP $18.99 Amish "While these performances occurred on opposite coasts, the source material is closely aligned in both concept and process. These works highlight Gregg's ongoing preoccupations with sound and setting, incorporating the focused blend of acoustic and electronic sources that Kowalsky is already well known for. 'Electronic Music for Square and Sine Waves' documents Kowalsky's contribution to the 2011 Activating the Medium festival in San Francisco. This commissioned piece continues Kowalsky's interest in how sound engages, manipulates and modifies one's awareness of space. 'For Baroque Lute, Tapes and Resonant Space' documents Kowalsky's on going tape chants process, a project previously realized on both his Battery Townsley (2011) and Tape Chants (2009) LPs. For this iteration, Kowalsky tuned square and sine waves to Dutch lutanist Jozef van Wissem's lute and then played these recordings through cassette players." Part of Required Wreckers series.
4/27/2011 Kplr Mechanical Mind Space b/w Mechanical Motion Simulator c40 cassette + download $6.99 Prairie Fire "Dex Brightman, who provided the great art for our Ajilvsga/Gremlynz split cassette (PF020) last year, approached us with some tracks from his experimental unit Kplr. Mechanical Mind Space and Mechanical Motion Simulator are the results of Dex & Jair Espinoza's attempts at creating Sentient Electronic Systems. In their own words: "We've been recording some 'automatic music'Š By auto music, I mean we've been building patch/trigger webs in such a tangle that the synthesizers basically play themselves. Only gradual, minor adjustments to various effect attack/decays + some reso/freq fidgeting." The result is two great sides of heavy cosmic psychedelics we could have easily have passed off as a rare find of some mad German sound scientist. Art & Sleeve design by Cole Peters. Pro-dubbed w/ download code. Edition of 40 copies.
12/3/2010 KPLR Psykosis Induktor c43 cassette $7.99 Digitalis Limited "KPLR simply don't care what you want or what you think. they're just happy to keep blasting out these messes of electronic stew that are like firecrackers launched directly at your cerebrum. i can't tell if this is sensory deprivation or sensory overload, but i'm happy to keep listening and figure it out. "psykosis induktor" goes off on a new tanget for the duo, finding random, sonic rhythms in the chaos of tonal debris they always leave in their wake. it's minimal techno but totally, unapologetically bonkers that ends up blinding you in the end. right on. edition of 75, chrome tapes."
9/17/2006 Kraus Prince Kraus CDR $12.99 Root Don Lonie For Cash "The strongest of the Kraus juvenilia albums ("joy", "prince krauss","emily"). has some boring experiments, but also a few really great songs. drums, casio, loops, a bit of computer. About 58% good." - Kraus. Edition of 30 copies.

Kraus, Sharron Beautiful Twisted CD $11.99 Camera Obscura "An album of darkly-original folk songs from Sharron Kraus and various collaborators. Oxford, UK resident Sharron's songs reflect a the meeting of English folk music and contemporary American alternative music. She draws on the singing of folk singers such as Shirley Collins, Martin Carthy, Anne Briggs and Nic Jones as well as on the music of artists such as the Violent Femmes, Tom Waits and Nick Cave."
5/16/2011 Kraus, Sharron and Michael Tanner In The Rheidol Valley LP $19.99 Morc Records "Field recordings get a whole new meaning on this album. Sharron Kraus and Michael Tanner (of Plinth and United Bible Studies) took their instruments to the Rheidol Valley in Wales and improvised songs, inspired and accompanied by the nature sounds. The result are eight very diverse experimental yet traditional sounding folksongs, that are very much related to both artists' solo output. comes in beautiful screenprinted sleeves, in an edition of 250 copies." "Sharron Kraus is a singer/musician/songwriter with a gift for beautiful and heartbreaking songs from a deep- seated storytelling mythology. Her music, rooted in the folk traditions of England and Appalachia, is characterized by soil-rich vocals, haunting banjo, fine acoustic guitar, and visionary word-craft. She is like the roving storyteller, bringing tales of terror, sadness and joy to a stranger's hearth on a dark and stormy night. Not surprising, Kraus has been featured in The Wire, Arthur Magazine, Ptolemaic Terrascope and Broken Face. Her fanbase includes veteran folkies Shirley Collins and Archie Fisher as well as indie figureheads Michael Gira, David Tibet , and Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore. Her list of collaborations is just as impressive in the past, she worked with the likes of The Iditarod, Fursaxa and Meg Baird and Helena Espvall of Espers. Though this record is the first one that has Michael Tanner's name on the sleeve, he's far from being a newcomer. Most of his solo-output has been released under the name Plinth, on labels like Second Language or Apollolaan. He also recorded and played live with the likes of Pantaleimon, United Bible Studies and Tex La Homa. Before this album, he already worked with Sharron on her album 'The Fox's Wedding'"
1/22/2011 Krautheim Madchen auf der Rennbahn c39 cassette $6.99 Dub Ditch Picnic "When I was in my late teens I stumbled upon a triple LP compilation on Brain Records called Kraut Rock. At this point in my life I knew little of the post-psychedelic German scene outside of a couple of Ash Ra Temple records and Can's brilliant Future Days LP. This monster changed my life and began what's become a two decade long love affair with all sounds from that era whether you want to call it krautrock, kosmische, experimental psychedelic etc. As Dub Ditch grew from it's noisy parent Prairie Fire, we knew we wanted to find and showcase some of the best sounds from this still fertile scene. So with eyes set to the Fatherland, we quickly zeroed in of the Teutonic rock of Krautheim, a mind meltingly solid collective roaring out of Stuttgart Germany. Krautheim are make music that is certainly rooted in the 21st Century, but there is no mistaking where they have come from. The tracks on Madchen auf der Rennbahn are their own, but elements of past greatness of Pink Floyd, Faust, Cluster, and Guru Guru are most certainly there. Here's what the boys have to say about themselves. Krautheim is Commune. They behave mostly polygonal. Don Ciumbargo recently described them as malicious, "Solanaceae" when he visited them in the studio. Nevertheless, he assured that Krautheim became one of the most important representatives of contemporary Krautrock. Krautheim is a guarantee of psychedelic music, which generates itself by itself. Harmonious atmosphere will be transformed into sound. They started being a 'Klangforschungs-Studie' with various musicians from Stuttgart in fall 2008. The Milberg Studios offered the perfect surroundings for an independent free form musical expression. Since 2009, Krautheim decided to leave the studio to perform live on stage as a result of the sessions' substantial fruits. The audience dives into unique soundscapes and is taken to an unpredictable journey. This is, what makes Krautheim Live-Sets and every single studio session so precious. It's a certainty that it'll be a gain in experience of experimental and psychedelic bliss." Edition of 100.
11/1/2014 Krefting, Matt Lymph Est LP $15.99 Kye "Kye is proud to present 'Lymph Est', the brand new LP by Matt Krefting. Krefting's chronology is a deep-rooted and complex one, seeded in the foundation of the Apostasy imprint, and the animation of its numerous transitory groups, most notably Son of Earth, of which he played a crucial part. Concurrently, Krefting has won a reputation for his solo tape-based work, circulated primarily in secretive micro-editions, before eventually reaching a wider audience via last years critically acclaimed 'High Hopes' LP (Open Mouth). 'Lymph Est' presents the advance of Krefting's march, and stands as the purist distillation of his art to date. Taking the common garden apparatus of cassettes, mics and amplification, Krefting constructs a music of rare simplicity and abundant mystery. Treated voices, piano, samples and T.V. grabs are ushered into a series of soft-focus miniatures that are built to be razed in a perpetual cycle of triumph and defeat. 'Lymph Est' exists as a far-flung landscape where outline and definition are lost to time, and the fading signature of recall wanes to a pallid script. Mastered by Jason Lescalleet at Glistening Labs 'Lymph Est' arrives in a full color Krefting designed sleeve, with complimentary innerbags/labels in an edition of 400 copies."
11/20/2014 Krefting, Matt & Dennis Tyfus Another Night on the Town Book $27.99 Ultra Eczema "Black nail polish, bending down to get in (any house with a normal door), loving 3 pop singers in order to be able to listen to only experimental love for dinner, sharing a fine glass and an even finer bottle, and oozing a sensitivity to about anything half decent or even straight up "good"! I can not carry him by myself, so in case of fire in combination with fainting, we're funked! In about every other situation I can only talk Krefting high up, not much other options either, we're trying to sell a book here! A first colaborative work, or something like it, in this case I have made drawings after reading Matt's poetry, which all together resulted in 40 pages of melancholic writing and psychedelic drooling.
We are working on a collaborative record as well, aiaiai.
This book is risographed by Risiko Press and limited to 100 numbered copies."
1/22/2011 Kretzmann, Matt The Emperor's Aesthetics c47 cassette $5.99 Weird Forest "Long a mainstay in the Sacramento noise scene as a member of Delayed Sleep and now Garrincha & The Stolen Elk, Matt Kretzmann drops this tasty set of noise concrète. This ain't no meandering chaotic buzz jam though -- Kretzmann uses destroyed guitar sounds, samples both found & lived and other various audio detritus to carefully craft this strangely melancholic tribute to his grandfather. Art by Matt Kretzmann. Hand-stamped, limited edition of 39 tapes with embossed paste-on covers."
6/26/2002 Kryptästhesie / Linus Pauling Quartet split 7" $5.99 Mizmaze Kryptästhesie ("Dark Lady Incontra il suo Fantasma Preferito" + "Tonno Morto") ") & Linus Pauling Quartet ("Jason Bill") – numbered edition of 300 copies “Multiple experiment of psychedelic alchemies.
‘…unusual… entertaining… excellent’ (Crohinga Well)"
11/17/2007 KTL KTL 3 LP $29.99 OR "LP-only release. This is the third full-length release by KTL, the formidable collaboration between STEPHEN O'MALLEY (SUNN O))), KHANTE) and PETER REHBERG (PITA, etc.). Another soul-destroying follow-up to the highly-acclaimed 2, with more accompaniments created for the theater piece, Kindertotenlieder by GISELE VIENNE and DENNIS COOPER, which premiered in Brest, France, March 2007. Perhaps the broadest bulletin from the duo thus far, featuring two contrasting tracks. The layered dementia bliss of "Loud Game" counterbalances the fried dub of "Sunday." One-sided heavyweight vinyl and etching by SAVAGE PENCIL and packaged in a tip-on style outer sleeve, heavyweight inner sleeve and sticker."
7/10/2008 Kubin, Felix and Das Mineral Orchester Felix Kubin and Das Mineral Orchester LP $18.99 Dekorder "We are extremely excited to announce the 1st collaboration between the Dekorder label and our old friend, local conspirator and private hair gardener Felix Kubin. Kubin has achieved world wide reputation by releasing post-dadaist, futuristic NDW-influenced Organ&Korg smash hits on his own Gagarin label, on A-Musik, Ski-pp, Meeuw, Diskono et al. He has collaborated with People Like Us, Coolhaven, Mark Boombastik, Asmus Tietchens, ensemble Intégrales, David Fenech, Ergo Phizmiz, Boris D. Hegenbart, Wojtek Kucharczyk and many others. His first recordings date back to his teenage years in the early 1980's, followed by his electroacoustic noise duo Klangkrieg and the pseudo-communist Liedertafel Margot Honecker. Right from the start Felix Kubin has written and recorded music for films (hence the title of his first album) by the likes of Mariola Brillowska and Anke Feuchtenberger and continues the German tradition of "Hörspiel" (radio play) with works such as "Territerrortorium", "Nachtspeicher", "Orpheus' Psykotron" and "Syndikat für Gegenlärm" (with guest appearances by Matmos, DAT Politics and Wolfgang Müller of Die Tödliche Doris). Some of Kubin's most gorgeous and adventurous works are his contributions to "The Raft" (a radio play by the mysterious Xentos Bentos of The Homosexuals, directed by Lukas Simonis of Coolhaven, Trespassers W, Dull Schicksal) and his soundtracks for theatre plays by Branko Simic ("Zufall", based on a short story by Vladimir Nabokov) and the notorious Schorsch Kamerun. The latter (known in Germany as a member of Goldene Zitronen) directed "Hollywood Elegien" based on a song cycle by Bert Brecht and Hanns Eisler. Now the best parts of these works are for the first time available on LP and CD, simply (and aptly) titled "Music for Theatre and Radio Play". While the musical spectrum on this release covers a variety of styles and moods it's still almost immediately recognisable as a typically Kubin-ist work featuring the main ingredients his records and body-and-mind-boggling live shows are famous for. Twisted rythms & playfully clever arrangements that could have been created by a mutated reincarnation of the legendary Juan Esquivel; hauntingly ethereal tracks sounding like a narcoleptic John Carpenter playing Angelo Badalamenti arrangements; contorted Big Band music, pre-war Schlager and Vaudeville sent through a malfunctioning pre-digital time machine; Ennio Morricone cloned as a Russian male choir; instrumental workers' songs Hanns Eisler might have imagined in a feverish nightmare - it's all there, and more!" Edition of 500 copies.
6/25/2013 Kurek, Piotr Heat LP + download $21.99 Black Sweat Records "Piotr Kurek – born in 1978 in Poland – is a musician, composer and enthusiast collector of instruments and vintage studio equipment. He is the author of numerous pieces for theatre and contemporary dance performances. In the late 1990s he was the co-founder of the electronic group Slepcy and since then he’s been releasing music for various record labels and has participated in international theatre and music festivals. Piotr Kurek’s “Heat” was originally released in December 2011 as a limited edition cassette by Digitalis LTD. Sold out shortly after the original release date. Most of the sounds in “Heat” originate from various exotic records, from documentary movies or archives, or were recorded in studio using vintage organs, electric piano and synthesizers. Starting from an original idea of creating a specific music concrete album deeply rooted in archival nature, “Heat” emerged as a rich organ-infused tropicalia where everything was blurred in greenish-brown and sultry air. All tracks were written by Piotr Kurek (Vox and Philips organs, Rhodes, modular, found sounds) during the Spring and Autumn of 2011. Trombone on “She” by Marcin Kowalczuk. The Black Sweat Records reissue is a 200 copies edition, pressed on tobacco paper. Inside there is a link to download the digital edition of the album. You can listen the album here: http://blacksweat.bandcamp.com/album/piotr-kurek-heat
7/14/2010 Kuupuu 19.11.2009 CDR $16.99 Unsound "Numbered edition of 120 copies CD-R documenting a live performance by Finnish folk spirit Jonna Karanka aka Kuupuu in Germany. More punk primitive than her studio recordings, this still succeeds in transporting you to the heart of the wood with toy instruments, bells, phased vocals and uncanny loops. At points it sounds like Jonna is channeling Eastern European volk music - waltzes, social music, hypnotic ethnic melodies - and slowly reducing them to flat-lined drones, at others like the she's fantasising a future-prefect take on classic acid folk. Jonna makes some of the most bewitching small instrument psychedelia of any of the Finnish experimentalists. Packaged in a full-colour gatefold sleeve." - Volcanic Tongue
6/11/2006 Kuupuu Kulta Sulka CDR $12.99
Originally released as a imited edition US tour cdr from the summer of 2005. Features Jonna Karanka recordings from winter 2004 and spring/summer of 2005. Beautiful cover art, too - numbered edition of 100 copies (3rd edition).
6/25/2004 Kwang, Goh Lee Concrete / Eastern double 3" CDR $11.99 Pseudo Arcana “Hailing from Malaysia, but currently resident in Germany, Goh Lee Kwang works occur at the interface between source sounds (field recs), and the technology used to capture them. On 'Concrete' the focus is upon machine hum and texture, where as on 'Eastern' it is upon the tonal qualities of (what sounds like Western religious) organ music. Two very different but complimentary and engaging disks.”
8/28/2004 Kwang, Goh Lee Nerve Center CDR $9.99 Deserted Village “Goh Lee Kwang is from Malaysia. He has recorded several albums, we've got some copies of Nerve Center. Its abstract stuff, sometimes there’s beats and recognizable sounds while other parts are not so recognizable. There are some harsh moments but in general its fairly quiet.” “Minimal droning soundscapes forged from digitally treated guitars.”
8/2/2008 Kwannon Clear Star CDR $13.99 Reverb Worship "Kwannon is the ethereal/wyrd folk project of Jenne Micale, formerly of the strange folk band Belladonna Bouquet.Her influences range from medieval and ethereal music to opera,psychedelia, chant, Pagan ritual and thealogy, victorian and romantic poets, and the Carmina Gadelica. A classically trained singer, Jenne also uses instruments from around the world, such as the kantele, mountain dulcimer and harp, giving her music a touch of the mysterious and otherworldly. Musical comparisons can be made with Fursaxa and Joanna Newsom. "Clear Star" features eleven tracks and is Kwannon's debut release recorded in 2002. The cd is available in an edition of 52 copies with hand numbered insert. The covers are made from thick handmade pale blue paper that are strewn with flower petals and leaves embedded into the surface. Each one of these cdrs are unique."