DateAdded Artist Title Format Price Label Description
3/21/2009 I \ D Midnight Hot CD $8.99 Flux Us "I \ D is a Singapore-based improvising noise rock collective in existence since 2005. Members profess a shared love for 70's progressive rock and jazz fusion, psychedelic rock, harsh noise, experimental electronics, postpunk and disco. They don't give a damn about what is or isn't 'tasteful', it just needs to rock n' disco you hardŠŠ Midnight Hot is a trip deep into the hard of darkness - or is that the dark of hardness - subliminally invoking the spirits of Krautrock, postpunk and early 70s jazz fusion, infused with a loving touch of crass. The music on this vinyl-length 32min album is 100% improvised and given the Teo Macero-Lee Perry sonic treatment."
1/5/2013 I Am Ampersand Grave Goods LP $14.99 Great Pop Supplement "Following 2 instant sell out 45s also on The GPS, Matthew Hainsby releases his wonderful debut solo full length of lo-fi, psychedelic folk pop, for the label in Mid November. Better known as one part of Brighton based Kraut / Moog merchants 'Fujiya & Miyagi', "Grave Goods" contains 12 understated, yet gorgeous pop nuggets. In some places a predominantly acoustic, motorik groove, in others a quietly subtle, lo-fi, personal feel- always displaying a keen ear for hook and melody…Opening with the Can like bass riff and multi layered vocals of "Lights and Radios", the repetitive driving groove of "Under the microscope" then gives way to debut 45, the majestic, Townes Van Zandt influenced "20 Seas 4 Oceans". A single of the week at a number of UK outlets, attaining an impressive amount of radio play particularly on 6music. Beautifully melodic yet motorik- a killer 45 and sounding no less awesome within the context of the full length here. Other stand out cuts include the gorgeously fragile "Minus Sign" and perfect pop of second single, The Eno flavoured "Holding The Negative up to the Light" with it's wooden block percussion and killer nagging synth line. "I thought I was Alone" with it's beautiful slide guitar work and then the busy jam feel of "Stay". Ending with the fabulously icey, ghostly vocals to "Doom and Gloom" and the epic, slow building and utterly wonderful title track. A beautifully charming, captivating record, deeply personal in places but never short on moments of perfect pop. An intoxicating mix of George Harrison, Syd Barrett and The Beta Band…"
3/8/2008 Ian W Oslo Solo CDR $12.99 Blackest Rainbow "Ian W is Ian Wadley. He was in an Austrailian band that came over here and played shows a few years ago, total gutter garage rock. Here Ian performs in Oslo solo, hence the title, improvisational guitar, bluesy and bleaky soundtrack music, this reminds me of a ton of stuff, even Haino, at his most pluckery. Limited to 60 copies."
12/31/2003 Icewater Scandal Icewater Scandal CD $9.99 The Social Registry This was actually a self-titled release by AM Radio but they were forced to change their name in early 2003 (when they became Icewater Scandal). "Straight out of Brooklyn via Upstate New York, New Jersey, and Delaware comes AM Radio. Formed in the wilderness years of the late ‘90s, AM Radio combed through their influences of ‘60s experimental sounds and ‘80s indie rock verve to create a new vibe for the new century. This four piece challenges the traditional notion of finding a specific sound and sticking with it -choosing instead to mine for different inspirations without letting any one of them over take the band’s vision. The five songs on their self-titled debut E.P. were recorded and originally self released by the band in 1999. Finally being re-released now, this work presents the power and confidence of the band. At the same time, the music demonstrates the care taken to avoid overwhelming the listener with their aural arsenal. The E.P. provides a taste of their noise/pop rock sensibility (especially on the final track ‘Beezwax’, their eighteen-minute long day’s journey into night). It was this sound that got the attention of Sonic Youth’s Lee Ranaldo, who produced their first full-length album."
5/7/2004 Icewater Scandal No Handle double LP $12.99 Social Registry “Gathering moss is not for Icewater Scandal; they are constantly percolating with ideas. They take what they have accomplished before redefining it and then heading for new horizons. Their first album travels over new territory from their debut EP released under the AM Radio moniker. Though still filtered through their concept of taking 60¹s experimental music a la the Dream Syndicate et al, and merging that with the elan of 80’s indie rock; No Handle is at times more muscular and other times more cerebral, without losing any flair. Part of this can be attributed to their producer Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth. Recorded and mixed at SY¹s studio, Echo Canyon, there has been great care in getting the sound just right. Recorded, mixed and mastered all on analog equipment was a decision that allowed no ones and zeros to come between what was played and how the band wanted it heard. This foursome go from the almost jaunty Muddy Blue to the ambient heaviness of Shiny Gold to the catchy groove of Banana Ssplat without showing any seams. They are willing to let their intuition lead them, no looking over shoulders. It is a confidence that is born by the music. No Handle is sure to also carry you along with it.”
6/30/2010 Id M Theft Able / Cave Bears Zone Y Ponds Y Sugars I've / Germicide LP $10.99 Feeding Tube Records "A split between two of New England's most bizarre and mysterious artists with cover art by Matthew Thurber. The two sides couldn't be more different. Guaranteed to please half of the listening audience! Id M Theft Able uses electrified glass tables, springs, string bows and tape records to create organic interpretations of digital garbage beauty. This multi-act "mess play" is one of the highlights of his extensive discography. Cave Bears has done everything from smash light bulbs, pour mud across the floor, wear costumes made out of (operating) electric fans and (full) watering cans, and bang on buckets while suspended upside-down from a tree throwing fireworks while singing "Better Git Reddy Fer Judgement". On this record they suspend the Germs' "Forming" in a crystallized state for 19 minutes of "just learning how to play our instruments with extra lo-fi slime effect". Heretical."
3/22/2013 Idea Fire Company Postcards LP $26.99 Swill Radio "2013 marks both the 25th anniversary of IFCO and the 30th anniversary of Swill Radio, so what better way to start the celebrations than with a brand new IFCO LP? Postcards is a reworking of a cassette originally released by No Basement Is Deep Enough in 2011. Re-ordered, remixed, remade, and remodeled, Postcards presents a more charming atmosphere than Music from the Impossible Salon's (Kye) stark melancholy. There is still plenty of piano and sad scenarios, but there are also flights of electronic fancy. Eight imaginary impressionistic portraits of cities we have never been to. Karla Borecky and Scott Foust. Deluxe edition. 220 gram vinyl. Cover painting and artwork by Karla; booklet with highly subjective text by me. Postcards from a past that never existed. IFCO march on and on."
9/26/2013 Idea Fire Company Rags To Riches LP $15.99 Recital "An edited and remastered issue of a tape by the IFCO quartet – Scott Foust, Karla Borecky, Jessi Swenson, & Meara O’Reilly. Rags To Riches is a live record documenting pieces from 2003 through 2005. Showcasing some top-shelf unreleased works; “The Whole World,” “Metropolis,” and “The Bitter End.” Older material is also included, a fierce version of “Artificial” from 2005's Stranded, as well as the notorious “Cycle-19.” Additionally, there is a beautiful voice-based rendition of “Some Of Us” by IFCO comrades’ The Shadow Ring. All these pieces exhibit a contemplative and well-informed use of electronics, radio, and voice. Interlaced with spoken title announcements in French, punching typewriter passages, and bookended perfectly with audience dialogue and Mr. Ferry. Their mechanical and uncompromising aesthetic is pronounced, as Rags To Riches reminds us all why Idea Fire Company are such an important contemporary outfit. Edition of 285 copies, with color insert & essay by Scott Foust."
4/10/2015 Idea Fire Company The Laboratory 7" $10.99 I Dischi Del Barone "2013 marked the 25th anniversary of Idea Fire Company, the duo of Scott Foust and Karla Borecky based in Amherst, Massachusetts. Right before the end of the year The Laboratory EP was recorded. Two tracks of icy synth work, at times sort of reminiscent of parts of the Anti-Natural LP from 1999, but this probably being the most stripped down and monotonous material you will be able to find in the splendid discography of Idea Fire Company. Mastered by Zupe. 200 copies. Black vinyl, white cardboard sleeve with
postcard attached, stamped white labels, insert. Plays at 33 1/3rpm."
11/25/2003 Iditarod Yuletide double CD $18.99 Camera Obscura "One of the ways in which the Rhode Island psych-folk duo Iditarod (Jeffrey Alexander, Carin Wagner and friends) celebrated their favourite season was to make special year-end recordings as gifts for their friends. Their very first release was a cassette-only production in late 1997. They had a release show in Baltimore with Poem Rocket and Bardo Pond and later mailed the tapes (less than 30 copies total) to friends and family. The following year, Hub City records wanted to release it on CD, so we added extra tracks and it became their first CD proper 'The River Nektar'. In late 2000, they decided to make another year-end record, on CD-R. This one was specifically Winter-related and was the first of what would become annual Yuletide releases. Not so much 'holiday' oriented as they are seasonal - a celebration of the turning of the year, darkness, cold, snow, death and re-birth. Camera Obscura fell in love with these recordings, and is now releasing them officially with a boatload of bonus material. Jeffrey continues the story: 'The Iditarod disbanded in April 2003. It seems appropriate that this double Yuletide collection will be the Iditarod's final, posthumous release, as these are recordings that we love about a time of year that we love. It's great that we're now able to share these with more people. Disc I. 'Winter Suite' was recorded in February 2003 at AS220 in Providence by Jed Marshall - it was one of our few 'studio' sessions and featured the same quartet line-up as our 2003 UK tour with Sharron Kraus: Miriam, Will, Carin and myself. The track's centrepiece, Winter, a long-time Iditarod live staple, was originally issued on the first Yuletide CDR, but this is a previously unreleased version. The rest of the Suite has never been issued in any form. The following eight tracks were originally self-released on CDR as 'Yuletide' (Winter 2001-2002, edition of 75). One song from the original release 'Winter's Spell' has been omitted, as an updated version of it was included on the 2002-2003 instalment of 'Yuletide' (Elsie and Jack Records). All of the other songs are presented here in their original order, now properly mastered. 'Darkness, Darkness' and 'Night's Candles Are Burnt Out' are two pieces that we wrote for our 2002 tour of New England and Canada's Maritime Provinces with Sharron Kraus. 'Y Cwps' is a live improvisation from our one and only performance in Wales, where we were hosted by Dafydd and Ruth of Oggum Records and Alphane Moon. These three tracks are all previously unreleased. Disc II begins with the live version of 'The Trees Are All Bare' that we performed at the fifth Terrastock festival. Our original version was released on the Elsie and Jack Yuletide CD. 'Scandinavian Instrumental', 'The Rowan' and 'Mountains Of The Moon' (yes, the Grateful Dead song) were all recorded live at our VPRO radio session in Holland during our second European tour. All unreleased previously. The following six tracks were originally self-released on CDR as 'Yuletide' (Winter 2000-2001, edition of 75). Again, there is one omission from the original release 'Winter' as the newer studio version is included here on Disc I. 'In The Bleak Midwinter' is a familiar seasonal hymn that I arranged with some new music. The lyrics come from a poem by Christina Rosetti , updated by Laura Deal Raeder. 'Unspherical' was a track that we recorded during the 'Ghost, the Elf, the Cat and the Angel' sessions but never mixed. This early live version is the only vestige of the song. 'Boat', one of Carin's first songs, remains one of her best. It was recorded during our first Scandinavian tour by Benny (Origami Galaktika) - he joined in with his fujara. 'There Was A Pig Went Out To Dig' is another old children's carol associated with traditional English folk plays (often called mummer's plays) that celebrate the death of the year. It's a funny rhyme, personifying animals with the cycle of planting and harvest. 'Wide Oak-And-Iron' is another recording with Benny from the same session as Boat. This is previously unreleased. The last track is another traditional verse from the British Isles that I set to new music. Although 'Thierna Na Oge' was not originally intended as a Winter recording (it was previously issued on the 'Poor Minstrels of Song, Vol I' compilation CD, 2001), we chose to include it for several reasons. It was one of our favorite Iditarod recordings and the lyrics are suitably fitting - suggesting hope and re-birth in a time of death. It also seemed very appropriate that this piece should be the last song on the final Iditarod release."
11/1/2014 Iditarod, The Foxfur & Rarebits LP + download $20.99 Morc "The Iditarod was a pioneering group in the folkscene of the early 2000's. Their handmade music drew from traditional folk songs, 1960's psychedelia, and DIY culture. Although often overlooked, their legacy has been immense. This album brings together oddments and although these songs were never meant to be together as an album, they do work as one. These track feature contributions by Margie Wienk (Fern Knight) and Sharron Kraus. The album comes in a full colour sleeve, with extensive liner notes, artwork by vocalist Carin Sloan and a download coupon, in an edition of 150 copies."
2/26/2003 Iditarod, The with Sharron Kraus Yuletide CD $15.99 elsieandjack "This one is a collaboration with our favorite British folksinger Sharron Kraus and it was just too good for a CD-R release, so the fine folks at Elsie & Jack stepped in. What a perfect home for this record as the label is equally split between the UK and USA, just like the artists! Five songs wander in and out of Jeffrey's additional atmospheric creations, totaling 42 minutes of music. Includes an update on 'Winter's Spell' recorded live at WFMU and the studio version of 'The Trees Are All Bare', which was a much-asked about highlight of our Terrastock set. The lovely package was designed and hand-assembled by Elsie & Jack."
11/6/2010 Ielasi, Giuseppe (third) Stunt LP $17.99 Dekorder "(third) Stunt" is the final part of a trilogy started in 2008 with the "Stunt" EP on Schoolmap. The series only source material is one turntable and a large selection of vinyl records; pulses and rhythms being the main organisational/compositional principles. Ielasi focuses on the (audible) physical gesture of actually playing these records, a technique borrowing heavily from turntablism in hip-hop music, in contrast to the more anthropologic sampling techniques of plunderphonia. The hands-on process is important and remains audible throughout the project. Aesthetically, the Stunt series has been a refreshing departure from the music Ielasi has previously been identified with. There's an unexpected emphasis on rhythmic pulses, and the balance between repetition and variation as well as the overall compositional structure is very close to the structures usually found in modern dance music, making these tracks a very personal and unique sample- and texture-heavy interpretation of skeletal deep house and asymmetric cold funk. Like all previous volumes "(third) Stunt" has been mastered and cut by Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin and the cover photo has been shot by Italian artist Amedeo Martegani. Giuseppe Ielasi was born in 1974. He made his first marks as an improvising guitarist collaborating with the likes of Thomas Ankersmit, Dean Roberts and playing live with Phill Niblock, Oren Ambarchi, Martin Siewert, Jerome Noetinger and many others. From 2007 on, his main interest has been in site-specific solo performances, sometimes still using guitars as a primary sound source but integrating microphones and multi-channel speaker systems in order to create complex networks for sound diffusion in relationship to space. In 1998 he founded the "Fringes" label (closed in 2005) and he co-founded Schoolmap Records _in 2006. His major solo works have been released on the 12K and Häpna labels. Limited edition of 400 copies!"
6/25/2013 Ielasi, Giuseppe / Andrew Pekler Holiday for Samples LP $24.99 Planam "In April 2011 Giuseppe Ielasi and Andrew Pekler met for a three day recording session at Pekler’s studio in Berlin. In a comfortable atmosphere and with a minimum of preparation, the two artists endeavored to find common musical ground through their shared interests in sample manipulation, layering the texture and improvisation. Some months later Ielasi auditioned the recordings and then mixed down his favorite passages. To a few of these selections Pekler then added an overdub or an edit, but for the most part “Holiday for Samples” is a document of real-time interaction. The title “Holiday for Sampler” and the holiday resort names of the individual track titles (Side A: Yalta / Ribadeo / Parghelia / Neringa. Side B: Vegas / Olgino / Oga / Yallingup / Maly Losjin) are an oblique reference to both the pleasures of leisure travel and to the interplay of the familiar and the foreign, themes at the center of Ielasi’s and Pekler’s artistic practice. One-time pressing edition limited to 250 copies, mixed and mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi and with cover artwork by Andrew Pekler."

Il Leone Petroushka Hardcover book $20.99
"The actual identity of the author is a mystery - even the publisher says he does not know exactly who ‘Il Leone (The Lion)’ really is, although he is described as a kind of troubadour poet living more or less on nothing in a variety of countries, mainly in Europe; the book certainly shows the influence of early 20th Century artistic schemes (especially Russian Futurism) and the nod to Stravinsky in the use of the puppet show character Petroushka and the explosive nature of some of the writing is probably no accident. But there is something more potent and intense and scathing (and ultimately more original) in the satire of some of the set pieces; stories within stories within stories, deaths without reasons, strange reports of war, a tale told by trees, sections of lyrical mourning, meetings with historic figures all intertwined with agility. Ultimately nothing is more psychedelic than a season in hell when led there by a wayfaring stranger with a taste for the obscure."
7/16/2006 Ill Wind Ensemble Nobody Goes that Way CDR $9.99 Spirit of Orr "Kevin Moreau, Charlie Schneeweis and John Levin started the Ill Wind Ensemble in 1993. The original band had a shifting line up that included many of the wayward musicians that hung out at McNeil's here in Brattleboro VT. By 1994 they had settled down to a quartet, with percussionist Eric Boyer, that would perform together for another seven years. This recording from 1995 documents that quartet as they began to hone their free improvisations into a collective musical language. Using instruments from western, world, and home-made traditions, as well as toys and other found objects, and guided by a shared passion for droning modes, the unpredictable tunings of folk winds and reeds, and careful listening, the group, as Kevin liked to put it, "peeled the paint off the walls" of his Wilder Building studio with sounds like the ones captured on this CD. Originally produced in home-duplicated cassette format and sold only at concerts in a proto-internet and pre-downloadable world, this Spirit of Orr release captures a lost moment in time. Limited to 100 hand assembled copies."
2/7/2009 Ilza Ilza cassette $8.99 Tusco Embassy "Second installment of strange, burnt out tape manipulation and keyboard noodling by member of the mysterious Synapse Dragon. Two color screened wrap around inserts. Limited to 40."
6/9/2011 Imaginary Softwoods The Path Of Spectrolite LP $16.99 Amethyst Sunset "The Path of Spectrolite is the latest full length recording from Imaginary Softwoods. Early comments have praised this album and state that while this recording retains some if the icy drone sound from some previous Softwoods release, this is a great progression and a bit more active. An extremely beautiful album entirely of sounds created by synthesizer and voice, this is an essential piece of the Imaginary Softwoods discography that you are sure to love. Pressed in an edition of 535."
10/6/2007 IMCA IMCA CD $12.99 Absurd "I have to admit that I have a love-hate relation with this album. I love the way this album was made. It represents a somewhat bygone musical age, a time with cassettes and without e-mail, when things worked perhaps slower, but perhaps also more intensely. The full story of how the IMCA project (International Musique Concrete Ensemble) came together is told in detail in the CD booklet. In short, in 1990 Frans de Waard started a mail collaboration with John Hudak and Jos Smolders for a cassette on Midas Music, and later a second one with Guido Huebner (of Das Synthetisches Mischgewebe), Ios Smolders and Isabelle Chemin, which was the LP released by Korm Plastics. The basic soundmaterial (created by De Waard) was mailed to the first recipient who would rework the material and mail it to the next recipient etcetera. Thus a network chain was born. The results were released on the original IMCA album, which came on glorious white vinyl and contained an explanatory booklet. The vinyledition consisted of 98 copies; 77 of these were for the public, 21 for the makers, resulting in the fact that many people knew about it, but only a few actually heard the music. I remember I was supposed to help gluing the covers, but I can't remember if I did in the end. I was given a free copy, so perhaps I did. I love the way this re-release is presented; an old tattered cover of the LP was used for this CD, which gives it a nice archival touch. The booklet is well-designed (by Meeuw), contains some of the original notes and explains the recording process in detail. But now to the music: IMCA is not easy listening, it is in fact a very demanding, electro-acoustic record with extreme dynamics. These dynamics were a bit lost on the original pressing on vinyl, but due to Jos Smolder's remastering these are back in place, which means you'll get to hear the IMCA ensemble as it was meant to be heard. The opening track of the CD still gives me a headache: high pitched feedback shrieks close to the level of irritation. It's hard to listen to this without turning the volume down. Luckily the electro-acoustic/musique concret of IMCA becomes more listenable after the challenging intro. The often dry sounds (dry as in untreated") are combined with long silences, with, at times, sudden blasts of concrete noise. Most of the used sounds seem to have their origin in noise (musique concret) rather than a musical source. Despite the many hands at the wheel of this album, the results are strangely coherent, which is a complement to those involved. In total 10 tracks are indexed, even though it's hard to tell where one ends and the other one begins. IMCA is probably best enjoyed in one long listening session in the right frame of mind. The final 2 tracks, which make up for the final 30 minutes of this CD, feature side A and B from the Midas cassette version with contributions from John Hudak. Here the sound is more traditional industrial if you like, with rhythms and a bit of a Nurse With Wound touch. Not bad at all. This is an important archive release of an album made by adventurous musicians who actually live up to their name. Like back in 1991, I'm not sure if it's musically a classic, but I am very happy to have this in my collection." - Freek Kinkelaar, Vital Weekly
8/1/2014 Imperial Topaz Full of Grace LP + download $15.99 Tranquility Tapes "It's a thrill to present the full-length debut from Brooklyn's Imperial Topaz. Following a cassette EP and a split with Motion Sickness of Time Travel, Full of Grace finds the duo of Caroline Teagle and Zachary Zierden venturing into icy new territory on their most accomplished release to date. What's so striking about the album is its ability to convey a sense of mood in a way that resonates deeper with each listen. Combining lush synth melodies and sequences with downbeat drum machines and Teagle's gentle, nuanced vocal delivery, the album conveys a profound sense of sadness and loss. Still, hope and shining rays of transcendent beauty constantly shimmer beneath the surface throughout. Each song is tautly composed, but there's a remarkable sense of space throughout that allows each verse, chorus, and instrumental element to sink in and echo deep within your psyche. Jump into the reflecting pool and let its cool waters wash over you. Full of Grace was recorded spring and summer 2013 in Brooklyn, NY Mixed and mastered for vinyl by Jay Heiselmann at Death by Audio. Artwork and design by Caroline Teagle."
11/27/2007 Impromptulons, The Beat It / Beat Off 3" CDR $7.99 Black Petal "6 piece improv slop from brisbane featuring mr joel stern and members of such classic brisbane groups as the perfect lovers, no guru and faber castell. apparently born from the mantra of 'everybody solos, nobody solos'; this sounds more like 'everybody is on the one, nobody is on the one'. 3" cdr with handmade covers."
7/22/2013 In Camera Rumours LP $24.99 DOMBW Live recording from VPRO radio session originally released in 2006 as a limited bonus CDr with the 'Open Air' CD album. Edition of 400 copies. In Camera is Christoph Heemann & Timo van Luijk.
4/24/2006 In/Flux Cryptic Cloak CDR $7.99 Jyrk "The first time I met these dudes, we were playing a show in Vancouver, B.C. and this girl that had been doing yoga on the floor rolled up to me and handed me a CDR with an old pinup playing card sewn to the cover... she said "she's for you... from back when boobs were real...." and then she just rolled off... Shit was totally mysterious.... and the next day, Gabe pulls out his copy of the CDR with this naked dude on it and we put it on... Both of us were totally stunned.. Basically.. it was this CDR by In/Flux called "Hoc-Age." It's total outsider noise if there ever was such a thing.. totally lo-fi and disjointed yelps, guitar skree, lots of unidentifiable things happening... Similar murk to those like The Skaters and Dead C, but the actual identifiable sounds are way different.. maybe something like if the dead C self-titled double disc from a few years back was way more lo-fi and they were super young genderfuckers from canada with a hell of a lot of inspiration and piles of totally shitty gear. "Cryptic Cloak" is a reissue of "Hoc-Age" with additional tracks from the "Metalguests" CDR... 100 copies."
12/24/2005 Inca Ore A Knit of My Own Fibers / When You Are Sleeping I Tell You Secrets CDR $15.99 Jyrk "Fresh off the farm and off on the road again singing with Jackie-O-Motherfucker.. Eva felt an urgency to get her "instrument" back in form by hammering out this 30 minute gem in about 30 minutes...... We had about two days to get all of this done before she hit the road and boy.... DID WE DO IT! This is a fantastic document of Eva's meditative, jubillant vocal improvisations.. The first piece is a 20 minute lurker..... the second piece is 10 minutes long and much more varied... Lots of coos and joyous squeaks on this one... The release is shrouded in hiss and haze and should be recognized as a fine document of Eva's immediate tongues. In an edition of 130 copies."
3/8/2008 Inca Ore Birthday of Bless You LP $15.99 Not Not Fun "This one has been a dream since the start. Literally, as Eva Saelens wrote us one day out of the clearest blue saying she had a dream one night that she sent us her brand new album and that we fell in love with it and released it. Well the dream's become reality, as her latest spirit quest in pursuit of the inmost voice dazzled us instantly and lingered like déjà vu. An 11-song slideshow of psychedelic secrecy, rippling whispers, and private ghost ballads, Birthday of Bless You finds Inca Ore at her most lithe and longing, shifting focus from microscopic mood meditations to wide-lens surrealist romance fantasies in a heartbeat, then back again. A black-lit bedroom soon forgotten, a midnight garden of lucid sound, an LP to have and to hold. Mastered for wax by Pete Swanson. Black vinyl in jackets with collage-art by IO, plus a full-color 11x11 collage insert. Edition of 500."
9/29/2005 Inca Ore Brute Nature vs. Wild Magic CDR $15.99 Jyrk "Eva is a frequent collaborator with YS.. She's been our roadie and occasional lead vocalist... She sang in Alarmist and Malibu Falcon. Inca Ore is Eva alone. When faced the difficulty of finding creative collaborators in a new place, Eva resorted to teaching herself to use a borrowed four track, to play instruments and to arrange. Eva and I have burnt copies of this CD for many folks and have received nothing but enthusiasm.. Christina Carter wrote this about Inca Ore: 'magical life, independent and interdependent, called into being with personal messages of dizzying strong-sweet voicescapes...sounds of hills and valleys, blue-green vegetation, mind/body space opened free flowing...seamless explorations of beauty, warmth, goodness, and euphoria.'" Edition of 100 copies.
10/17/2009 Inca Ore Silver Sea Surfer School LP $12.99 Not Not Fun "Eva Saelens’ life quest has taken her from Michigan to Oregon to Oakland back to Portland and back again, with several overseas explorations and inner journey road trips thrown in for good measure. Whatever path she’s on is long and winding and hidden in the shadow of overhanging cherimoya trees. Fortunately she maps her migrations with haunted, exotic breath-and-electricity sphinxes ranging from 2006’s Brute Nature Vs. Wild Magic to last year’s brainwashing Birthday Of Bless You LP. 2009 finds her offering up another psychic harvest unto the world, Silver Sea Surfer School, a new nine-song pipeline ride that floats through a whole new web of voice orbs and tape hiss and keyboard balladry. If anything, Silver Sea is Saelens’ weirdest hour, layered in abstract environments, whispers, distant poetry, free percussion loops, with sudden passages of heart-dissolving ghost-piano beauty (“Shine On From The Heaven Above,” “Adventure In Light”). Heavily impressive, and a brave pearl-dive into even more personal waters for the Inca Ore lifeforce. LPs come in jackets with art by Saelens, plus a full-color insert. Edition of 500 (40 on clear ocean-water vinyl, 180 on marbled blue/white, 280 on black)."
3/2/2007 Inca Ore + Lemon Bear / Starving Weirdos split CDR $12.99 Atheist are Gods "New limited spilt release, privately issued by Eva/Inca Ore and the Starving Weirdos with a series of new improvised psychedelic vocal/clatter strategies from Inca and recent recording partner Lemon Bear bundled with three gloriously dissolved cloud-bursting rituals from the always jaw-slackening west coast Ur-kestra Starving Weirdos." - Volcanic Tongue
1/24/2009 Inca Ore / Tunnels / Argumentix / Ghost to Falco Post-Alarmist Dracula Safari LP $13.99 Oms-b "This 12" is in dedication to Alarmist, a post-animal band from portland OR from 2004-2005. They influenced the people that saw them play and took your carpet for a joy ride once or twice while you knew them. Nick B (drums) aka TUNNELS donates some tracks of psychedelic pop unlike other recordings under the same name. Recorded during the last few days of the band and after the break up. Eric C.(guitar) aka GHOST TO FALCO brings you 2 tracks one almost like a 1 minute western dirge the other more in the traditions of GHOST TO FALCO style recordings. James S.(vocals) aka ARGUMENTIX dabbles in the world of industrial beats and stories of a world left behind in 3034. Assisted on these recordings by Hando on sax. Eva aka INCA ORE(vocals) delivers a chopped and screwed version of some of her recordings mixed with clips of ALARMIST live shows she picked up from Friend Mansion a few years after the fact. On the first track of side crocodile you can hear the ode to ALARMIST by M.Remy (U.S. GIRLS) as she calls in to a radio interview the band was doing. Non of the 4 solo artist sound anything like what ALARMIST was doing and non of the solo projects sound a like. This is a great collection of eclectic music." Edition of 300 copies on black vinyl.
2/11/2006 Incomparables Club The Palace at 4 a.m CDR $8.99 Black Velvet Fuckere "Recorded in Louisville, Kentucky over 10 years ago, Incomparables Club "The Palace at 4 a.m." suffered numerous manufacturing and financial delays and was never released. Until now. This is middle of the night loner lobal swabere at its most isolated and sparse, tempered with strong doses of melancholia yet delivered in virile living color. Conjured up is serious head music that continues to reveal itself via repeated listenings. "The Palace at 4 a.m." is a jig saw puzzle and road map. It is stocked full of allusions covering all corners of the conceptual world (film, literature and art) - yet it never succumbs to a gratuitious pose. Despite its heavy "avant-electronic/music-concrete" vein, this record refuses to take itself too seriously and steers clear of the yahoo-serious trappings of the turtleneck-girdled "avant" world. Tropes akin to the Shadow Ring and the LAFMS' finest moments appear a la oddball what-the-fuck? dandruff scratcher post urination dribble confusion. Laced inside the flow and stride are short spoken excerts from a dream diary kept for over 20 years by the album mastermind, Norman Minogue. Via theremin, shortwave radio, turntable and cello and other instruments Minogue mindmelds with in a makeshift living room studio often paired with Steve Good on bass clarinet and b-flat clarinet. The collective intuition and unconscious underbelly swabbing between the two is pure and is ancient and is unmatched. Both Good and Minogue played together in EOR, the little known Louisville based group of the early 90's that somehow treaded ground between the sound worlds of Bone Cure and the Dead C and are surely the only firebrand improv group to release vinyl on Will Oldham's record label. Both also have played on numerous Eugene Chadbourne recordings including the "I Talked to Death in Stereo" LEO album. This CD-R release is packaged with no less love than a quality CD release - via full color gloss - gnarly mug shots, valium with halos and cinematic tape art collage juxtapose the sound substance with the art artifact. Much like the work of Raymond Roussel, from whom the group name is lifted, INCOMPARABLES CLUB have nothing to say and they say it poorly. Despite this seemingly pejorative context, this album creates and exists in an intoxicating world unto itself smearing soundcolor beyond the 3rd dimension - justifing the handle: Incomparables Club."
2/2/2002 Incredible String Band Chelsea Sessions '67 CD $13.99 Pig's Whisker "Terrific and exciting group of studio demos, recorded after the first ISB LP, after Clive's departure from the group, and upon Robin's return from Morocco. And there you have it, the Chelsea Sessions; previously unissued gems plus early versions of what would soon become classics in the loopy legacy of the ISB on the 5000 Spirits & Wee Tam LP's some with different lyrics. These have clearly been taken from the master tapes and digitally mastered, as the sound is of superb quality! Essential album for the ISB collection, which is not something we would say recklessly."
4/20/2008 Indian Sonic Omnibus Indian Sonic Omnibus CDR $7.99 Majmua Music "Recorded over three trips to India (2002, 2003 & 2004/2005) using inexpensive recording media (minidisk and cassette recorders). Granted, it is not a journey for the audiophile purist out there, but you'll want to hop aboard this omnibus to hear examples of street and temple music, as well as field recordings and incidential sounds and more from many corners of this vast country! From the brass marching bands of Mysore's famed Dasara parade to recordings from the Joydev Mela that you won't find on a "proper" world music sampler, we have strived to present a work that touches on our sonic experiences - yes the experiences of outsiders but a fascinating experience nevertheless. Our primary interest in this release is to present that which might usually get pushed into the margins, the joy of sound as it appears in a part of the world, as it really manifests - not prettied up for the sake of presentability. Serene bhajans and festival party bands exist in the same place, isn't it time they share the same disc? From a boat ride down the Ganges with dueling rituals vying for your attention to impassioned nadaswaram/saxophone/percussion music from a Jain holy site to a mandolin/tabla duo that conjure up images of surf guitar, we bring you some amazing sounds that you won't even have to catch a train (although to relive that there's track 13) to experience in the course of an hour!" Limited edition of 75 copies.
5/16/2010 Indian Weapons Parousia c30 cassette $7.99 Digitalis Limited "The salutations are over and everyone is wide awake. indian weapons is the new duo of yours truly and nathan young. of course there are similarities to ajilvsga, but this is something different, something new. organics are in fully supply. acoustic instrumentation is melded with oscillators and filters and processed into a delicious abyss. it's an attempt to meld the mangled into something less deconstructive and more composed. there's still a lot of crunch, but with melodicas singing and violins floundering on a bed of synthesized chaos, it finds its way behind the mask. and then somehow it became about derrida. edition of 80, pro-dubbed & imprinted."
1/25/2011 Indian Weapons Telos c30 cassette $9.99 D'artagnan Records "Ajilvsga's new altar ego - the apparition of crude nature." Edition of 40 copies.
4/29/2008 Indoorpark The Neutral Mile CDR $8.99 Deep Water "Indoorpark is the Detroit-based duo of Nick Schillace and Jon Moshier, and we're thrilled to have their debut release on Deep Water. Schillace is better known among wise ears as one of the finest post-Fahey acoustic guitarists on the scene today (with several CDs and lots of touring to prove it), and while his deft stringwork is well on display here, this is anything but a folk album. Instead, The Neutral Mile serves up seven tracks (42 minutes) of rich vintage-future soundscapery, nimble hollowbody fingerpicking combining with crisp, driving drumming and occasional samples/electronics in an extremely cinematic fashion. You could strain your brain trying to come up with some new hyphenated hybrid description (neo-post-art-folk-rock… ack) or you could just settle back and let the music take your mind on a tomorrowland trip. We recommend the latter. CD-R in offset printed digipack."
11/21/2009 Infecto Painted Pangs c60 cassette $7.99 American Tapes "First tape by this INFECTED new unit. Looking to spread painted pangs of creeping electronic somber New Years End soundtracks to massives of purging hog-things. Live and INZANE studio four track abstractions galore from SLOBBER MAN. Drooling, repetitive and on the chase of a Plot Plan of a castle surrounded by transparent columns, all leading nowhere. Blueprint reading for braile abstractions. Making a building out of wheat waste and rotten husks. Nasty Sound Alert! Strange maps from strange internal zones. Color covers Edition of 40."
7/16/2009 Infinite Body / Emaciator split LP $11.99 Monorail Trespassing "Saturated harsh melodicism from ib; two tracks bridged by a solo voice recording. synth driven by the human voice; screaming to make beautiful tones. emaciator side is a dense, dense drone of older / early style throb getting submerged by layers upon layers of guitar drones and keyboard melodies -- finally wearing down to an optimistic close. edition of 500, pro-printed sleeves."
2/8/2011 Infinite Body / No Age Bored Fortress Club 7" $6.49 Not Not Fun "West coast light-breather Infinite Body emits a dense harmonic sound cloud that condenses in yr ear before evaporating into the ether. California DIY heroes No Age get minimal on the instrumental "Wintry KK," burrowing into tom-rolls and the poetry of distortion pedals. Sleeve art by Cody De Franco."

Infinitesimal cmr CDR $9.99 CMR "Infinitesimal. a trio of Mark Sadgrove (otherwise known as MHFS) and Paul Winstanley (aka Sci Hi, Audible 3 and Dial). Sadgrove is the man behind the laptop, playing Csound software and Winstanley dabbles around with digital feedback and other noises coming from an effects processor, EQ and mixer. 'CMR' is the title of their third album, following releases on their own Eden Gully and Binary Datum labels and shows them playing with microscopic small sounds and large, amplified textures of the carpet being meticulously being rubbed. The detail vs the greater picture. At times things get pretty noisy, but hey what else did you expect with digital feedback on board? The music is alright at such, but not great. It's a fairly ok set of improvised glitchy textures and sounds. Nothing more, but certainly nothing less." FdW, Vital Weekly
12/4/2003 Infinity Collected Works 1969-1970 LP $24.99 Acme "Fascinating psychedelic progressive sounds from the band that emerged from the ashes of legendary UK underground band The Flies; thirteen tracks, all recorded for the album that the band was never fated to release recordings from Tangerine and Essex Studios, featuring eventual T2 leader Peter Dunton; most compelling tracks include a version of the Beatles’ ‘Taxman’, and their would-be single, ‘Pattern People’ from a home demo; limited edition LP has band history, and typical stylish Acme packaging."
6/9/2011 Inhibitionists / Afterlife split c63 cassette $6.99 Stunned "Whether he's running one of Europe's best underground labels or tearing it up as Inhibitionsists, Christian Kann has always been a guy to look out for. On this split edition with NY synth sons Afterlife, Kann drops some of his most dynamic work yet, which is saying something significant for those aware of past Inhibitionists output. Sequestering every variety of bent and dented tone, this Side A is forward-propulsive antics of the highest order. Schizoid algorithms are interrupted by free-clatter & string passages, deftly bouncing back to form and repeating similar manic cycles a few more times before passing the torch to Afterlife. Within seconds of the handoff, Ryan McGill and Franklin Teagle are snapped to breathless attention, their circuitry poised for astral action. Never failing to astonish with their proprietary flavor of team-synthesizer, the side they offer here can be considered the essential post-script to their recent Stunned cassette (no. 116). Darker in shade and even foreboding at moments, this piece suggests the colored showers of "Hypnautic Rinse" can also be converted to temporary cloudcover. For this reason and many more we turn a closer listen to these skilled musicians of the nebulous realm. Limited edition of 111 pro-dubbed & imprinted c63 tapes w/ double-sided jcard and insert."
10/9/2003 Ink Puddle Compound Tantrum Seas and Dust Lanes CD $14.99 Camera Obscura "Tantrum Seas and Dust Lanes is an assured debut from Brandon Siscoe - an artist who is comfortable laying down a wide range of textures, from minimalist electronics in the mould of early Rough Trade releases to edgy acoustic folk that dovetails nicely with a lot of the current generation of NYC 'apartment folk' which is being heavily cited by various tastemakers. Siscoe's ghostlike vocals seem to have travelled from some far away somnolent cave and make a nice bedfellow for a subtle web of melancholy electronics, guitars, piano and other found or orphaned instruments. He plays all of the instruments on his recordings; layering them to create interesting synergies and interplays, thus avoid the one-dimensionality associated with many one-person projects. Releases by Siscoe under the Ink Puddle Compound banner display the artist's desire to find a middle ground between structured songwriting and more abstract experimental compositions. The artist cites influences from the Swans, Legendary Pink Dots, and Incredible String Band, to Brian Eno, Silver Apples, and Sonic Boom. In the eleven diverse tracks here, the listener will probably also detect parallels to early UK post-rock outfits such as A.R. Kane, Bark Psychosis and Disco Inferno. Ultimately though, Siscoe continues to bring to the table songs and sounds of seemingly alien origin."
3/11/2012 Inner Tube Inner Tube LP $15.99 Pacific City Sound Visions Mark McGuire and Charles Berlitz present INNER TUBE:
"Inner Tube is about the inner emotional reverie of a world where life has been seen through the tube of a wave. It's a new band from Mark McGuire of Emeralds and Spencer Clark of The Skaters and Monopoly Child Star Searchers. Spencer has this to say about the experience: "The bliss and ecstatic power of Australian beach music has kept me in this positive mental attitude that I wanted to communicate to everyone around me. Mark and I began to be in touch, and started to really connect in our exotic fascination with Australia and its surf culture. We decided to record an album together with impressions from these private movies and their tunes. Mark travelled numerous times to Pacific City Studios so that we could make this album together(and eventually moved here). At one point, a woman visiting Hotel California who I hadn't met before, mentioned she thought it was strange that I played so much Australian music. I told her about my fascination with Storm Riders, the sickest Australian movie of all time. She immediately told me that her Uncle had a big part in the movie. The guy's name is Rabbit Bartholomew. He is a magical person in this Storm Riders movie and has been an inspirational to surfers everywhere. He wrote this letter to Mark and I:
Hey Spencer,
Great to get ya letter. Christel gave me a bit of insight. Really cool how you guys were talking about Storm Riders and our family connection, that's meant to be bra. For sure, send me a demo, I'll give ya some feedback. That's really cool about inner tube and the beloved zone, that's it mate, right on the money.

We then realized that we were to travel to the Gold Coast in Australia to record Inner Tube Part Deux, and play a Surf Festival put on by Rabbit Bartholomew's sister. The story just keeps on going, so Mark and I are really stoked to have you guys check this out with us..."
8/20/2011 Innercity 2 c40 cassette $7.99 Ikuisuus "Reissue/2nd edition of 2010 Innercity '2' tape...remastered & slightly different cover art. "These are the sounds that I found written in the starry scorpion sky on the night of my 29th birthday, aural visions evoked by performing classic north east belgian rites in the stone desert mountains around Aït Benhaddou, Morocco. This cassette is the soundtrack (be it an interpretation) for the coming and becoming of the all bright gatekeeper to future levels of events. It is then memory of the jaguar that hymns in the antiworld the word that liquifies and chrystalizes and repeats itself endlessly in parallel hallucinations. This cassette is manufactured of highly evolved plastic designed to resonate at a certain frequency and thus absorb the intellect of whom listening to it. Same technology has already shown to permanently erase all signs of brains in human beings and bring joy and happiness to those who understand. This comes pro-dubbed on 40-minute dinosaur-DNA."
4/7/2011 Innercity Anti-Music (Isolated Automata) CDR $7.99 Amnesia Agency Edition of 100, with Draak Jagers color print + classy black envelope packaged silver discs paperclipped.
4/3/2011 Innercity Backworld LP $18.99 Ikuisuus / Release The Bats "Second album from Belgian synthscaper Hans Dens, following up the highly acclaimed Future Life LP from 2010 (Aguirre Records). While being rooted in the Belgian underground alongside acts like Orphan Fairytale and Dolphins Into The Future, Innercity brings a more dystopic and bleak approach to the table with it's monotonous and rhythmic set of sounds. 6 tracks. Recorded August 2010 in Antwerp. Mastered by Viktor Ottosson. Edition of 300 copies. Co-release with Release The Bats. "sound slowly takes over the time dimension which is uncovered unreal so we will have to get used to some kind of space-sound reality environment with no chronological order of events. new space be further defined as communication develops and backworlds be unveiled." - from the rare dialogues with Draak Jagers anno 2017
1/22/2011 Innercity Cop Killer c23 cassette $5.99 Rotifer Cassettes "Beats gleaming through every bullet hole."
11/6/2010 Innercity Future Life LP + Future Life Reloaded c60 cassette LP + cassette $23.99 Aguirre After several releases this year on Taped Sounds, Ikuisuus, Rotifer, Ruralfaune, Upstairs and his own Why So Serious imprint, Antwerp's synthscaper/soundmanipulator and anti-musician Innercity serves his first vinyl. Bouncing from the barren fields of destroyed audio into the realms of divine and hallucinatory sound and back through the jungles of 100 years of popular music, the lo-frequencies chrystalize sounding like new hope and new ideas in dark industrial wastelands. "Imagine you find yourself wandering places unreal, lost and desperate, only to have it gradually dawn in you, you've been laying waste the invisible lands in your mind. Your desperateness becomes amazement as you start paving paths to link and sync barren levels of reality and start to familiarize with different formless and shape-shifting entities manifesting as inhabitants of apparently different inner worlds. You are being prepared for a major evolutionary phase-shift regarded unreal and I believe that is what future life is about, the differences in realities, and their level of importance in the whole picture." Released in an edition of 300. Comes with an optional C60 tape: "Future Life Reloaded"
4/7/2011 Innercity Love Extraordinary CDR $7.99 Amnesia Agency Edition of 100, with Draak Jagers color print + classy black envelope packaged silver discs paperclipped.
4/18/2012 Innercity Terrestreality LP $22.99 Aguirre "Hans Dens second vinyl offering on Aguirre with more synthcrapings and zonked adventures in lo-fi music. Following up his 7 inch on NNA tapes and an LP on Release The Bats Hans continues to search and destroy. Loads of damaged audio and otherworldy synth bubblles spread over 12 tracks. No need to look at your watch, time has become infinitive."
* Recorded April-June 2011
* Vocals on Opiate Vague by Bram Devens (Ignatz)
* Mastered by Fear Falls Burning
* Edition of 300 copies
5/16/2010 Innercity Visions From Dream State CDR $8.99 Synth / Ruralfaune "An animated semiotic drive on the subways of post industrialized languages. A new age order. Modular release with the Upstairs (OPN) cdr and theTaped Sounds split tape. 3 different covers available for each copy." Edition of 70 copies.
3/5/2009 Insayngel Insayngel LP $14.99 Heavy Tapes "We saw Insayngel play some time in 2008 or maybe the end of 2007 at Glasslands. Immediately we said to each other "This band needs to have a record out. Let's do it." We talked to the band after the gig and they were down -- it was recorded, mastered by our friend Todd Cavallo, and sent off to the plant. Insayngel is Calder, Caitlin, Richard, and John. Calder and Caitlin are Vizusa and used to jam Excepter, and Richard and John are the brutal rhythm unit of Sightings. An intriguing combination of players to say the least, this LP brings a 30th Century sound to the history of New York City. The locked, wrecked rhythms, desparate, gorgeous wails, and shredded, anxious guitars are symphonic, undulating, impossible. A serious now vision that impressed us deeply enough to be the first LP we've ever done. Art by Calder, pressed in Brooklyn, New York."
10/25/2008 Inseminoid Pagan Anorexia cassette $5.99 905 Tapes "Culver / Mutant Ape creep collab of the tone dead basement variety. zombie tones that are insomniac from birth just searching for a warm grave. tangled up in the webs is fantasy-esque darkness that oozes an "under the bed / in the closet" macabre feeling. will leave you black in the bloodstream."
3/20/2010 Instant Coffee! Instant Coffee! LP $22.99 PLANAM "A bizarre love triangle strung between the Baltimore noise scene, contemporary electronics and the New York jazz world, Instant Coffee play improvised music which spontaneously assembles itself into 'song' shapes that blossom, catch fire, explode and distort in ways that are unpredictable and disorienting. A trio comprised of Lisle Ellis, M. C., Schmidt and Jason Willett, the band members boast some unusually chequered pasts. Lisle Ellis in one of the foremost bassists in modern jazz, and having played with the likes of Cecil Taylor, Fred Frith and John Zorn, he's now exploring the electroacoustic combination of traditional jazz techniques with realtime computer processing. M. C. Schmidt has been one half of the conceptually oriented electronic provocateurs Matmos since 1997, and has made music with Bjork, the Kronos Quartet, Terry Riley and Zeena Parkins; in this band he plays a perverse array of percussive objects and many recalcitrant synthesizers. Jason Willett is a Baltimore veteran of avant and "out" music both on the fringes of rock and noise; he has been in too many bands to mention, but was a longtime member of Half Japanese and collaborator with Jad Fair, and also plays in harsh free noise ensembles such as Leprechaun Catering. In these sessions, Jason plays contact-mic-ed rubber band and an improbable cluster of custom electronics created by noted Baltimore instrument maker Peter B. You would expect the results to fall into a Bermuda Triangle between jazz, electronic music and noise, but in fact Instant Coffee's sound rages further afield: unexpectedly lovely ambience, murky Italian movie soundtracks, humid mirages of drone that take sharp turns towards rhythm, and a closing brush with mittel-European mournful lyricism. There are no noodly solos and no tedious, predictably looped "grooves": this music stakes itself on a casually surreal series of "dissolves" from one form to another." Edition of 380 copies with hand printed coffee front cover.

Institut Fuer Feinmotorik Negemergenz LP $11.99 Fusetron "A project which is interested in the complex relationship between the perception of micro- phenomenons in acoustic and visual spheres and the precisioned stumbling through micro-social behaviour in daily situations".
12/22/2014 Invisible Hands, The Teslam LP $20.99 Abduction LP version. Comes in a tip-on jacket with lyrics insert and lovely artwork. "The Invisible Hands is a transcontinental collaboration between Alvarius B. (Alan Bishop of Sun City Girls) and four stellar young musicians from Cairo, Egypt: Cherif El Masri, Aya Hemeda (both formerly of the popular Egyptian group Eskenderella), Adham Zidan and Magued Nagati. On Teslam, The Invisible Hands expand the already panoramic range of their eponymous debut LP with a haunting set of melodic, impeccably crafted songs whose vintage psych/hard-rock edge conjures up early Alice Cooper almost as often as it recalls Sun City Girls and 20th-century icons like Ennio Morricone and Serge Gainsbourg. The band's exquisite sonic palette is deepened by Cairo-based guest musicians Mohamed Ibrahim, Mohamed 'Moe' Asem, and Sammy Sayed, as well as by longtime SCG compatriot Eyvind Kang. Recorded in Cairo between 2013 and 2014, Teslam represents a further evolution of Alvarius B.'s peerlessly idiosyncratic pop sensibility, which is just as volatile and unclassifiable as his more experimental work. His songwriting -- both on his own, and in partnership with Cherif El Masri -- is marked by a unity of purpose that has compressed countless musical and emotional incongruities into a handful of sharp-edged, pitch-black jewels. A brooding track composed by keyboardist Adham Zidan ('The Great Implosion') perfectly complements the record's uneasy mood. As usual, Alvarius B.'s lyrics comprise an apocalyptic pile-up of cruel metaphors at the intersection of culture, politics and international crime. But they take on new power and new implications as sung by El Masri and Hemeda, whose seductive voices are as inviting as a welcome mat at the gates of hell. Each song stands on its own while also fitting into a planet-sized jigsaw puzzle detailing dark associations and secret narratives that stretch back as far as the foundation of the world. Arguably Alvarius B.'s most accessible work to date, Teslam is a generously baited steel-jaw trap for the unwary listener. Like The Invisible Hands' 2013 debut, Teslam inevitably reflects the precarious political circumstances in which it was conceived and recorded. As such, it's a vivid document not just of an unlikely musical collaboration, but also of a critical moment of hope, defiance, rage and sorrow in one of the world's most venerable cities."
2/21/2007 Iovae Civilization CD $7.99 SNSE "...Here layers of brutal droning, ferocious fuzz and other various eardrum shredding devices are seamlessly soldered together to produce a work that delivers an almost hallucinatory impact. Sounds that were once identifiable as just noise slowly take on a form of their own. As Civilization really begins to slide, these begin to mutate into a more detailed (and spikier) soundtrack. At its best, Civilization is the sound of everything falling apart." - The Wire, December 2005. "Outside of Iovae, Ron is a member of the long-running Art Damage radio program and also pulls duty in the twerked "rock" band Death Beam. Iovae has shared collaborative releases with Mammal and Burning Star Core. He has had multiple CDR releases including some on C. Spencer Yeh's Drone Disco imprint, as well as on John Olson's (Wolf Eyes, Dead Machines,) American Tapes label. One of the most impressive of these prior releases, Quartervois, was reissued in proper CD format by the German experimental music label Zarek in 2004. Civilization is Iovae's second pro-pressed CD release and SNSE is honored to present it to you." Edition of 420 copies, pro-printed on textured cardstock, in clear jewel case.
3/21/2007 Iovae Radio Exorcisms 3" CDR $7.99 Chondritic Sound "Tactile oscillator churn and phased/juddering radio hi-jack from Ron Orovitz of Cincinnati who has shared splits with heads like Mammal and Burning Star Core. This is one sick tunnel of churn, with minimal percussive thud and patches of mainlined tongue extended to infinity." Numbered edition of 153.
7/16/2006 Iovae / Three Legged Race Heliofugue / Calling Order 7" $5.99 Epicene "Two of my favorite modern noise makers from the states have to be HAIR POLICE and IOVAE. This is very close to being a split from both. IOVAE is Ron Orovitz also known as the D.J. on ART DAMAGE RADIO, a memeber of the no-wave nosie group DEATH BEAM, a noise weirdos WILD GUNMAN. For IOVAE's track we get slow churning crackle, pop and hiss from the "Grinder" (a series of ancient military oscillators) that builds into what sounds like the church bell tones of a satanic mass echoing through the devils canyon. 3 LEGGED RACE is Robert from HAIR POLICE and EYES AND ARMS OF SMOKE. For the Race side we get one ominous heavenly droning swelling tone which is given the extreme reverb treatment until it sounds like a white washed blissed out radiant hum. The artwork was designed by Robert and is a must see. One sheet of lines with a transparency of lines. but when one is placed over the othere, you start to see a hidden image. Also just moving the transparency around on top of the other page makes alot of tripped out intersecting lines. like i said one you have to see, def one of the best looking, most intresting covers in EPICENE history. Limited edition of 300 copies, split release with Mark of Black Tent's Gentian label."
9/30/2005 Irene Moon Scientifically Speaking with Irene Moon presents: Excerpts From Field Station 10" $12.99 Begonia Society "10 inches of fun--entomology lectures set to organ music. Repressed in 2004."
9/30/2005 Irene Moon & Friends For the Neonate 10" $12.99 Begonia Society "New 10 inch record from the begonia society. Irene Moon and pals. Silk-screened glitter-gold covers with music from Irene Moon, Ergo Phizmiz, Auk Theatre, and Sick Hour all participate in the vinyl event. Artwork and larval centifold from the drawings of Brenden Lawson. Horror for the breakfast table. One odd collage."
5/16/2010 Irisarri, Rafael Anton Reverie LP $14.99 Immune "Immune is proud to announce the release of Reverie, a brand new mini-LP release from Seattle-based Rafael Anton Irisarri. These are the first new recordings from Irisarri since the Hopes And Past Desires 7" EP released in early 2009. Reverie features two brand new compositions, 'Lit A Dawn' and 'Embraced' on Side A and an amazing side-long interpretation of the Arvo Pärt classic 'Für Alina' on Side B. Irisarri has long been a student and listener of Arvo Pärt's approach to composition and has always been profoundly inspired by Part's tintinnabuli style. While working on a special 'Day of the Dead' performance in 2009 for the Seattle Art Museum, Irisarri decided to perform some Arvo Pärt pieces with pianist Kelly Wise. While Wise performed 'Fur Alina' on piano, Irisarri took some liberties with the piece and added new arrangements for drone guitar and electronics. The performance inspired Irisarri to return to his home studio and create new compositions to accompany the 'Für Alina' piece. Reverie features piano, drone, electronics, and bowed/treated guitar. Irisarri began experimenting with guitar bowing techniques on the Hopes And Past Desires release and continues the approach here." On clear vinyl.
5/8/2015 Irma Vep Disappointment LP $25.99 Golden Lab "The totality of Edwin Stevens’ vast appeal as a musician isn’t usually something you can get to grips with by listening to one record alone. He likes to give it to you in bite sized, stylised chunks. As the alpha member of the Manchester underground music nerd set – a mirror world of the city’s explicit culture, where benevolence, good vibes, an active pursuit of self-doubt and a hazy absence of self-importance are paradoxically coupled with your usual countercultural aural fuck-you-ism – he’s played regularly in at least five completely stylistically unconnected formations at any one time since moving to the city from North Wales about eight years ago and probably more like 50 in total. The only people I know who haven’t jammed with Ed are members of my family and he’d probably jump at the chance if they asked him. You just can’t pin the lad into a corner. That said, 'Disappointment' is exactly the kind of record I always dreamed about putting out by an Ed-led project and only knowingly incongruously titled in the sense that it might be a response to the arrogance fundamental to Manchester’s depressingly irrepressible musical heritage. It’s a unification of everything he’s been brilliant at within various contexts. I love to see him ecstatically ripping it up ostrich freestyle in Desmadrados Soldados De Ventura, Zweiters and Yerba Mansa. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want him to sing me beautiful sincere Irma songs of apology and regret or slaughter his guitar like it’s an opponent in a Wrestlemania contest, like he does in Klaus Kinski. All those normally disparate elements coalesce on this wondrously weird, hypnotic, earnest, outer limits rock record, which is why I was so bloody keen to put it out when he first played it to me in his kitchen last autumn. Not that he’d have struggled to get anyone else to do it. Listen to the thing – it’s ruddy sublime, which makes his one word sign-off on the sleeve notes all the more annoying: ‘Sorry,’ he says. Pfft! - Nick Mitchell, Dec 24th 2014
4/1/2014 Irma Vep The Jerk 7" $7.99 Great Pop Supplement "The first of 3 ace new 45s to kick off the new year at The Great Pop Supplement HQ, the mighty "The Jerk" 45 from Manchester's Irma Vep is a debut on 7" wax and is heavy on distorted / phased vocals and passing nods to The Velvets. Initially from Llanfairfechan in North Wales by way of Manchester these days, main man Edwin recorded both sides with the expertise of Karl Sveinsson at Queens Ark Audio in Levenshulme. Apparently whilst not recording, Edwin works in a café, enjoys watching wrestling and papier machet. He plays in several other bands, notably Desmadrados Soldados De Ventura, Klaus Kinski, Dinner Party and Sex Hands amongst others. With Irma Vep, he prefers jamming with people live instead of "teaching people my songs as you usually make something new and good and I wouldn't want to waste their time over something old and 'done'. The songs I record are pretty fluid and not thought about too much. More a cathartic process than anything". To these ears "The Jerk" is not only pretty fluid but pretty damned amazing; it drones like prime era Velvets with a totally addictive chorus; you almost feel Moe standing in on drums not to mention the ace violin work of local Manc legend Dan Bridgwood Hill. A fantastic 45 following an equally impressive back catalogue of LPs, cassettes and CDRs on labels such as Giant Hell, Comfortable on a Tightrope, Endless and Turquise Coal. Beautifully dressed with typical GPS eye for details on clear vinyl in a pressing of 300 copies on 7" vinyl only.
9/30/2005 Iron Kite, The No Eyebrows CD $12.99 Twilight Flight Sound "Brand new full-length album - recorded live at 'Beerland', Austin, Texas, 19/9/04 - from this free/trance/psych group featuring Shawn McMillen ex-Ash Castles On The Ghost Coast and current Friday Group member (alongside Tom Carter of Charalambides). This one starts out with a fried forest of percussive hump and throat ritual that sparks the same kind of brain-pyre as the more blackly folkloric Sun City Girls recordings. As the tracks progresses the gongs start to sound more like human skulls and the combination of punk guitar flail, moog and percussion drags the whole deal all the way through to an alternative time-line where The Familiar Ugly scored an extended, cassette-only cover of the dying seconds of No New York. Cover features a demonic cartoon hermaphrodite with six sweating tits, mouths for hands and a hairy cartoon schlong. Looks like they got their audience all figured out." - Volcanic Tongue
11/21/2009 Is Awesome Vistas #8 LP $14.99 Awesome Vistas "The soundtrack music for the CHRIS JOHANSON exhibit Totalities at Deitch Projects in New York in September 2008. Two songs each about 20 minutes long and recorded live, mainly drum and wind instrument with electric cello, a little keyboard, two acoustic guitars, fiddle making very positive celebration of life music that you will find inspiring. It is somewhere between free jazz and drum circle music. 13 people played on this session recorded in Portland, Oregon; SAM COOMES, TOM GREENWOOD, CHELSEY JOHNSON, BRIAN MUMFORD, SARA LUND, EMIL AMOS, CYNTHIA NELSON, AURELIA NELSON-RESKE, BOB JONES, TARA JANE O’NEIL, JEFF KRIKSCIUM, NICHOLUS BINDEMAN, and Chris Johanson. Produced, Recorded and mixed by Sam Coomes. Co-Produced by Tom Greenwood and Chris Johanson. Art work by JOHANNA JACKSON and Chris Johanson, silkscreened by NEIL BURKE at Monoroid."
10/25/2008 Is Rogue Wave cassette $5.99 905 Tapes "illinoizer brian tholl continues his pain-focussed dirt works on rogue wave, a stark c40 with greyscale electronics and massive skull staplers. his sounds through is are like towers that are built up and sent crumbling to the ground, ending with rats scattering through the ruins. utterly bitter."
1/22/2011 Isa Christ / Cruudeuces Human Error split 7" $5.99 Ghetto Naturalist Series "Ceremony of old- Leviathan of the deep, awoken again. Cruudeuces casts a foreboding set of harmonics, while ISA wrestles down some utterly mangled electro-craftings. You and your village are doomed." -alix mundi 2010
5/16/2010 Isengrind Modlitewnik LP $24.99 Blackest Rainbow "Debut vinyl release from Natural Snow Buildings' Solange Gularte's solo project, Isengrind. Modlitewnik continues Solange's fantastically far-out occult psych-folk-drone trip outs, 12 tracks across the length of this LP, considerably shorter pieces in comparison to her work with Mehdi in Natural Snow Buildings, Isengrind retains a certain amount of the sound of the duo, but it is a whole other beast, in many ways much stranger and darker, but still hauntingly beautiful with some fantastic blissed-out vocal drones, dreamy guitars, and psyche soaked dark drone zones. Heavyweight vinyl, housed in a pro-printed full colour fold over sleeve with all 4 panels featuring stunning artwork by Solange, the inside of the cover is especially spectacular. One time pressing of approx. 400 copies."

Ishizuka, Toshiaki In The Night CD $15.99 PSF "Second solo album (the first was self-released a few years back) from the dynamic Vajra drummer. The more diligent PSF linernote cataloguers amongst will doubtless also have noticed Ishizuka's long involvement with folk-poet Kazuki Tomokawa's group, an involvement that dates back to the seventies. Back then Ishizuka was best known in Japan as part of the legendary ur-punk group Zuno Keisatsu. He is also the leader of the elegant cinematic (funnily enough) Cinorama, a frequent collaborator with Kan Mikami, and all-round irrepressible drum-slinger for hire. In the West, Ishizuka is probably best known for the martial powerhouse thunderstorms he calls down with PSF supergroup Vajra, but, as this album shows, there's a lot more to him than plain old sweat and muscles. Complexly layered gong tones, bottomless toms, and a multi-varied rhythmic sense that is all his own. The whole thing is shot through with a most appealing sense of fiercely still concentration. This is one of the deepest and, dare we say it, most spiritually resonant percussion records you're going to hear this year." - Alan Cummings.
8/23/2011 Isidore Ducasse Isidore Ducasse LP $21.99 Blackest Rainbow "A new collaborative project from Jefre Cantu-Ledesma and William Trevor Montgomery. Both musicians played together in Tarantel and Moholy-Nagy. Cantu-Ledesma also runs the superb Root Strata label, releasing solo material under his own name (including a recent LP on Type), and also plays in The Alps. Montgomery also releases music under Lazarus, The Drift and Believer. This project was originally conceived and composed as a soundtrack to an unreleased western. The 14 tracks on this record are beautifully delicate, textured, sparse pieces ranging from slow acoustic reflective moments, to fully electric strumming, they capture the feel a western perfectly. It's a shame the film never made it out, because judging by the music it would've been a beautiful spectacle. The project was was recorded by Jefre Cantu-Ledesma and William Trevor Montgomery and mixed at studio Lamantia, the record was mastered by Greg Davis. The image on the cover is a still from a Paul Clipson film, whose films have previously featured the music of Jefre, Barn Owl, Tarantel, Gregg Kowalsky and Metal Rouge. Sleeve layout by Jefre. Pressed on 140 gram black virgin vinyl."
11/4/2006 Isis and Werewolves untitled 7" $25.99 AA Records One-sided square lathe cut 7" from Nate Young's (Wolf Eyes) AA label.
9/25/2010 Islaja Keraaminen Pää CD $16.99 Fonal Records "Islaja is the recording alias of Merja Kokkonen, a musician and visual artist from Helsinki, currently based in Berlin. A regular contributor to the more psych/folk and improv-oriented Kemialliset Ystävät and Avarus, Islaja's recordings are by contrast almost entirely self-contained, reflecting the more personal nature of her music, and a natural affinity towards an independent/DIY aesthetic. Her fourth album for Fonal, Keraaminen Pää (trans. "Ceramic Head") contains many shades of black. It also bears witness to a shift in perception and execution; yet the thread that weaves its way through all Islaja's work remains resolute, visible and intact. If Islaja's previous albums for Fonal appear to exhibit a more overtly pastoral nature, this in part feels coincidental, or secondary to something much larger and more difficult to define. From the earliest Islaja recordings, Merja has made the simplest of instrumentation work to her own ends, displaying a disquieting combination of innocence and fearlessness, and a seemingly innate ability to transcend the confines of a genre. It is the same singular approach and vision that informs Keraaminen Pää -- born largely of whatever instruments were on hand; if the sound has shifted into more electronic terrain, it remains as immersive and subtly evocative as ever. When sketching out the dimensions of Keraaminen Pää, Islaja was clear about one thing: the album should have a soul within, preferably silky thin and translucent, like a jellyfish swimming around in the ocean. During the recording process, however, Keraaminen Pää turned into a heavy, robot-molded disc of clay. It spins, shines, pops and crackles, all the while escaping definition. This is also is the first Islaja album to feature English translations of Merja's lyrics. The songs on Keraaminen Pää were written, composed, and recorded on three continents over a period of three years, with Islaja performing, recording and mixing the majority of the album herself. The recordings may recall the waves crashing on the Bight of Benin, the frogs croaking on Lantau Island, the starry sky above Roihuvuori, Helsinki, or maybe a one-euro pizza in Berlin. Less fractured and more fleshed out than previous Islaja recordings, the songs still careen recklessly, pulsing and shifting with a life of their own."
6/17/2004 Islaja Meritie CD $18.99 Fonal Records "Islaja might well be a forgotten islet somewehere or a name of courageous sword swinging heroine in a forgotten fable. For one, Islaja is a certain young woman that has sang and played an album full of heart-rending intimate music. Half a year of quietly working in her homestudio brought about a cluster of transcendental tunes that are now being released as an album called Meritie. One song Islaja whispered in a fewer and another with an oriental monkey. At times it is impossible to tell where the sounds are coming from. The variety of instruments is vast, but all have their space and strong belief in the power of individual sounds can be heard. Islaja has exceptional sense of harmony that alone can make the album a magical listening experience. The voice of Islaja sounds bravely over the screaming crazed sea-gulls. It is stunningly honest. This is a great victory in these times of sadness." Sami from Fonal said "Its a bit like Kemialliset Ystävät and Fursaxa but with a more traditional Finnish feel to it. Its a girl from Finland who's done all the stuff alone. Its one of the records in the Fonal catalogue I nowadays listen to most." Highly recommended!
4/16/2007 Islaja Ulual Yyy CD $18.99 Fonal "Islaja's third album is a journey deeper into the world that for us is a dream and a fairytale, but to her a reality. Islaja as a concept has turned into a star that is expected to shine with brilliance. But she is something else. The songs tell us about the decay of our age, its demise and immorality, its plunge into heartless consumer culture. Islaja herself does not burn in that same fire. Her fire is an inner fire. Behind her eyes and in her heart you can see and hear her true charisma. True dedication and utter disrespect for the artificial authority made by men. Yet she is not the self-destructive Nico or the eccentric Björk. But a good woman. A tough one. Her eyes can burn a hole in you. Her songs are poems and stabbing knives. - Sami Sänpäkkilä." "Islaja is Merja Kokkonen, a young visual artist and musician living and working in Helsinki, Finland. Islaja records her music at home using a rainbow of instruments to accompany her personal vocal delivery sung in Finnish. She has performed with Avarus, Kemialliset Ystävät and is also a member of Hertta Lussu Ässä, a free-folk super trio with Lau Nau and Kuupuu."
4/16/2007 Islaja Ulual Yyy LP $21.99 Fonal "Islaja's third album is a journey deeper into the world that for us is a dream and a fairytale, but to her a reality. Islaja as a concept has turned into a star that is expected to shine with brilliance. But she is something else. The songs tell us about the decay of our age, its demise and immorality, its plunge into heartless consumer culture. Islaja herself does not burn in that same fire. Her fire is an inner fire. Behind her eyes and in her heart you can see and hear her true charisma. True dedication and utter disrespect for the artificial authority made by men. Yet she is not the self-destructive Nico or the eccentric Björk. But a good woman. A tough one. Her eyes can burn a hole in you. Her songs are poems and stabbing knives. - Sami Sänpäkkilä." "Islaja is Merja Kokkonen, a young visual artist and musician living and working in Helsinki, Finland. Islaja records her music at home using a rainbow of instruments to accompany her personal vocal delivery sung in Finnish. She has performed with Avarus, Kemialliset Ystävät and is also a member of Hertta Lussu Ässä, a free-folk super trio with Lau Nau and Kuupuu."
5/6/2011 Islaja / Christina Carter Tsuki No Seika Volume Three Root Strata split 7" $6.99 Root Strata "Both artists contributed accapella tracks as part of the Root Strata Tsuki No Seika subscription series. These copies are part of a small quantity left over beyond those for subscribers. Other artists in the series have been Grouper, Richard Youngs, Xela, Zelienople, Hisato Higuchi and Valet. Edition of 300 copies.
3/26/2006 Ism Robert Horton 1979-1991 CDR $10.99 23 Productions "We met Robert Horton in the bay area last Winter. He came up after the show and said the show reminded him of some old jams of his from 1979, etc. A couple months later this disc shows up in the mail featuring the crawling mutant improv of Ism along with several other projects involving Horton, spanning all throughout the 1980's. Featuring a revolving cast of bay area upstarts and a pile of freshly invented instruments This anthology is a twisting scrapbook of lost California baked noise antics and inverted musical dimensions."

IST Anagrams To Avoid LP $11.99 Siwa "This was the debut release by the string trio of Simon Fell, Mark Wastell and Rhodri Davies. The small edition on vinyl only snuck out in 1997 and was criminally ignored (due admittedly in part to Siwa's reluctant approach to promotional activities). One reviewer at the time said it wouldn1t have been out of place in the Incus catalogue and the observation seems to have been validated somewhat by the current double CD on that label that adds another six strings to the line up courtesy of Derek Bailey. Unusual instrumentation of bass, cello and harp combine to offer everything from wildly dense clusters of noise to long passages of cavernous scraping and droning. All this offered up in a rather nice screenprinted cover designed by Simon H. Fell as an homage to constructivist El Lissitzky. At this stage pretty much the only thing still available (so to speak) from the Siwa catalogue."
1/1/2014 It Hurts 33 Tears 7" + download $5.99 Soft Abuse "It Hurts is Beth, Angeline and Claire, an all-female trio from New Zealand. Each have been involved with various musical projects over the years (Futurians, Currer Bells, Octopus, etc), but didn't converge as It Hurts until the torrid summer of 2011 in Auckland. They've thus far released two limited tapes (one on Albert's Basement, the other self-released); 33 Tears is their debut 7". These two songs offer a beautiful summation of the crude ooze they've issued so far in one easily digestible dose. Imagine Indian War Whoop played by Heathen Earth-era Throbbing Gristle with a heavy emphasis on fuzzed blues histrionics. Reined to tape quite well by Stefan "Pumice" Neville
11/7/2014 It's Psychedelic Baby Issue #1: 2014 magazine + CD $22.99 Merlins Nose 130 full-color pages, glossy sleeve, plus a bonus space rock/neo-psychedelia compilation CD! A must-have for fans of Shindig!, Flashback or Ugly Things Magazine! Read what Vernon Joynson has to say about it: The first Country Joe And The Fish album Electric Music for the Mind and Body is one of the very finest examples of psychedelia and when Klemen found it as a 12-year-old among a pile of his dad's records and played it, his life changed forever. His curiosity led him to research deeper and deeper into the whole '60s music scene. He started a blog where he discussed private pressings and over the next few years, with the help of a network of like-minded friends, the blog evolved into the fabulous online magazine that is now It's Psychedelic Baby!. The name is perhaps a little misleading because the magazine's scope is much wider than just psychedelia. Its scope encompasses prog-rock, jazz, blues, folk, punk, metal & avant-garde music. Indeed, Klemen is a huge folk and jazz fan. Above all, the web site has a special focus on obscure and rare music. At the last count this stunning site contained over 500 interviews with a very broad range of artists and people connected with the music business, as well as lots of reviews and articles. He has done so much original research, located so many forgotten artists and even helped some to find record labels. What you have in your hand is the first hard copy version of this magazine! This first edition is primarily dedicated to Texas psychedelia. The state has a very rich and diverse musical tradition, but in the '60s it produced countless tough garage-punk bands and some of the most demented acid-punk records to come out of the U.S. in this era, as well as some seminal hippie-rock bands. Many of these were drawn to the attention of wider audiences in the subsequent years by the pioneering works of David Shutt, whose Journey to Tyme was a brilliant interpretative discographical guide to Texas 1960s punk and psychedelia and by Doug Hanners' equally excellent magazine Not Fade Away, focusing on the Texas music scene in that era. It is largely due to them and other Texas collectors that many obscure Texas recordings of the mid to late '60s found their way onto the many various artists' compilations of '60s punk and psychedelia that emerged in subsequent years. Now, in this new hard copy magazine, Klemen, assisted by other music historians like Kevin Rathert, has traced and interviewed many more artists and the magazine contains features about Powell St. John, Zakary Thaks, The Moving Sidewalks, Lemon Fog, Golden Dawn, Homer, Corpus, and many more. Be sure to read the interview with Michael Jensen (who was a member of the 13th Floor Elevators in the '80s) and shares for the very first time many stories about Roky and different meanings of some of the band's songs. In keeping with the sheer scope of Klemen's antenna, this mag includes many other features, too. He has tracked down the Zambian band Witch and has a fascinating feature (probably the first in hard copy) about the whole '70s Zambian music scene. He's also found Vyto (from First Chips) and there are articles on the Mexican Kaleidoscope, Bodo Molitor, Anonymous, and reviews of new reissues and new psych releases. There is also a fascinating non-music-related feature about "music as medicine." Read on... I promise you will not be disappointed. CD features tracks by: White Hills, Uncle Acid & The Dead Beats, White Hills, Les Indiens, The Oscillation, Get Your Gun, Farflung, Strangers Family Band, Jacco Gardner, Earth Mk.II, Amen Dunes, Aalto, David Greenald."
9/10/2003 Itsumi, Yuji Photography Meets Music Video $17.99 PSF Video version of the Yuji Itsumi book. Itsumi Yuji (photography); Ohkuchi Junichiro (piano); Imai Kazou (Live electroacoustic); Urabe Masayoshi (alto sax). 80 minutes.
8/21/2003 Izititiz Lucky Bird CD $9.99 Conduit Creations Izititiz is Ras Moshe / James Duncan / Carter Thornton / Jesse Wallace / Matt Heyner. "Following their initial tape release on Conduit Creations, The Diaper Band / Moshe’s Mix Vol. I, and subsequent vinyl offering, with our with jazz, New York’s IZITITIZ presents Lucky Bird, a work inspired by such personalities and artifacts as Alan Arenius, the roof of ABC No Rio, Animal, a pet pigeon, Nami Yamamoto’s Freedumb and a set of Hinthouse chimes. The music is envisioned as a soundtrack to the story of a manimal drummer’s search for a mythic box of Cuban Jade hidden in a paper bag. Along the way he meets a pigeon named Lucky Bird with whom he shares an affinity for dancing around socks to drum solos. While they dance, two ghosts appear: Zashiki-Warashi and Kattorimatto, two dead idiots from the clan of Takechi Samurai. Rounding out the group is a flamingo trainer, desperate for any adventure which will help him escape from the Northern authorities. Without revealing too much of the story, expect harrowing episodes such as: *Cupcake captured by the Northern authorities! *Kattorimatto becomes a zombie in an unusual trance ceremony! *Lucky Bird, in an attempt to save the Jade from destruction, eats it! *'The band' is cloned during a search of the ghost town 'Clit Stop Junction'!"