DateAdded Artist Title Format Price Label Description
8/11/2003 >3 (Greater than 3) Untitled CD $6.99 Maritime Fist Glee Club "The concept of synergy posits, as the late, great Buckminster Fuller wrote, 'behavior of integral, aggregate, whole systems (are) unpredicted by behaviors of any of their components or subassemblies of their components taken separately from the whole.' In other words, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Whether this is what Christian Asplund, Michael Lee & Jon Haek had in mind when they named their trio >3 is open to speculation. In the time since, >3 have crafted a sound that incorporates elements of improv with classical and modern composition, utilizing everything from contrabass, violin, viola, pianos, harmonium, flute and piccolo to found objects, depending on time and setting. The music, itself, defies comparison; at times cacophonous and searing, at others, droney subdued, and soothing. Perhaps a cross between Kronos Quartet and John Zorn’s “elegy” (such a lame comparison will have to suffice)."
4/10/2005 G55 1 CDR $10.99 Kindling "New boy band featuring three renegade Lost Domain pin ups. A healthy brew of kraut beats and no wave primitivism mixed with a dash of “I can play louder” hijinks. Mr Ellaby’s string action and amp smoke will rekindle the flame for more than one retired air guitarist. Keeping the faith."
2/26/2006 G55 2 CDR $10.99 Kindling "Northgate's favourite sons return with casiotone beats propelling saxophone/gtr duals. Features bar mitzvah tunes, an ecstatic blow-out, two-note pile-drivers and the dancefloor hit '2.6'"
1/1/2008 Galbraith, Alastair Orb CD $14.99 Next Best Way "Not since 2000s CRY has Alastair Galbraith delivered an album of song-based material. here are 20 new tracks, all hiss and bones raw hurt and high wonder. familiar backwards folk "here not there", barely-there ballad-fragments "one direction","tumbling" ,"homesick" "Short Dream For Fire Organ" where alastairs home-made gas-powered instrument booms away in a tunnel (pictured on the back cover) while disembodied whisperers come and go with you trapped down there under a bad drug "cut" a very short track of what sounds like 3 frogs 2 locusts and several clockwork motors recorded in a pigskin bladder. "Head Down" a hypnotic lullaby with swelling rolls of delayed guitar and tidal washes of vocals. "Cloth Master" which punches you repeatedly,while screaming in your face favourites would have to include the rock-bottom alt-country resignation of "something happened" and the mirror-imaged "your lilt" which ends with you waltzing with a skating cello round heaven."

Galbraith, Alastair Talisman CD $14.99 Next Best Way First solo cd from 1995 on Alastair's own label
4/24/2006 Galbraith, Alastair / Matt De Gennaro Long Wires in Dark Museums Vol. 2 CD $13.99 Table of the Elements "Multi-talented ALASTAIR GALBRAITH is the glue that binds the New Zealand underground. His work ranges from achingly lyrical violin for artists as disparate as PETER JEFFERIES and the BATS, to the feedback squalls he conjures as member of A HANDFUL OF DUST, to the otherworldly miniatures he crafts for his own solo albums. However, in recent years, Galbraith, along with American MATT DE GENNARO, has developed another remarkable performance idiom, one that is positioned closer to the sounding sculpture of HARRY BERTOIA. In "Long Wires in Dark Museums," architectural idiosyncrasies are transformed into nuanced and hypnotic audio. Wires -- some as long as 100 feet -- are affixed throughout a building. When the wires are taught and stroked with rosined hands or a piece of leather, longitudinal vibrations are sent to the points of attachment, creating a natural resonator. It is not the wires that make the sound, but the wall, railing or window frames at their end; wire length and room acoustics determine the pitch. The result, achieved in a veil of total darkness, is a beautiful and eerie confluence of chance and accident, architecture and improvisation. As Galbraith himself puts it, "There is some quite magical feeling of communion turning the lights off and making the building sing."
9/9/2013 Gale Inner Peace Orchestra, Eddie Inner Peace Suite #2 LP $25.99 Sagittarius A-Star side A
String introduction to prayer for the World
Water cave
Love understanding
side B
African Sunshine
When the Saints go marching in

Eddie Gale- flugelhorn & muted trumpet
James Garrison- tenor sax
Emily Haozous- alto sax
Leonard Thompson- piano
Yvette Zee- violin
Colette Zee- violin
Richard Duke- double bass
Allen Santos- double bass
Otis- drums
Tim Carter- drums
Karl Deagling- percussions

guest artists:
Irina Mikhallova- vocal & hand-drum
Ismael Navarrete- baritone & soprano sax
the Orchestra is composed of music students from the University of Santa Cruz 1995 Graduating Class
all music by Eddie Gale

rec. June 18, 1995 at Mckenna Theatre, San Francisco State University

"Deep & sophisticated spiritual jazz, following Mr. Gale's Ghetto Music tradition... including the marvellous African Sunshine, a 17 min. piece which'd goes on and on, and on and on... and you'll never get tired of the on; right ON ! Inner Peace music." ep
3/3/2004 Gamelan Son of Lion New Gamelan / New York CD $12.99 Gamelan Son of Lion "Strange vibes this way comes! Privately issued cd of strangely beautiful contemporary tunes cut for Gamelan instruments by this legendary out ensemble. Songs are Brighton Beach, Piece for Peace in the Middle East, Sixties, Four Dances for Balinese Angklung, Kebyar Leyak, Slendro Clarinet, Mostly Slendro Passacaglia. Chants and snaky melodies make this disc as mystifying as their two Folkways discs but with an occasional swinging feeling reminiscent of late Moondog sides." Released in 1995.
3/3/2004 Gamelan Son of Lion, The Bending the Gending CD $12.99 Gamelan Son of Lion "Wiggy stuff by the Gamelan Son of Lion crew. Featuring 11 compositions by as many performers. You’ll be as inclined to think of Bat Chain Puller era Beefheart and the strange world of Harry Partch as you would the traditional rhythmic strokes of the Indonesian Gamelan." Released in 2002.
3/27/2004 Gandalf Gandalf LP $14.99 Radioactive “With spellbinding, atmospheric songs which spin from soft dreamscapes into blistering fuzz guitar breaks, Gandalf casts a powerful spell. Led by singer/guitarist Peter Sando, the group was signed by Lovin' Spoonful producers Charlie Koppelman and Don Rubin and conjured their sole, self-titled album for Capitol in late 1967. One of the rarest major label psychedelic releases, Gandalf features swirls of Hammond B3 organ, caressing vibraphone runs and electric sitar on Sando's originals as well as imaginative recastings of songs by Tim Hardin, Gary Bonner/Alan Gordon, and Eden Ahbez.” Now available as a stunning picture disc, limited edition of 500 copies.”
3/20/2007 Gang Wizard Atlas of Cancer LP $12.99 Deathbomb Arc "Ten years of Gang Wizard has seen the band/collective take on many forms. For the US and European tours in support of their album on Load, Byzantine Headache, Gang Wizard locked down their lineup, cast off their "fight club the band" cocoon, and emerged as an angelic force, delivering a unique thrash-bliss sound to the world. This is the first vinyl document of that new lineup. Sparkling synths and homemade glitter electronics are combined with whirlwind drums, screaming vocals, and aluminum spring guitars. A fantasy of blindness cycling through your lungs. Features members of Dynasty, Yuma Nora, Foot Village, Kevin Shields, and Unicorn Hard-On.
9/30/2008 Gang Wizard God-Time-Man Universal Continuum Calibration LP $12.99 Lost Treasures of the Underworld / Green Tape / Tanzprocesz "Follow-up album to 2007's "Byzantine Headache" on Load Records. What really sets this Gang Wizard album apart is that it was recorded in an actual studio. The load album and albums on Ecstatic Peace were all recorded at home through one mic into a 4track. So, after 10 years of being a band, Gang Wizard breaks tradition. The results are a dense network of sparkling electronics, brittle guitars, and intense vocals that will surprise even the most well-listened GW fan. A landmark." Black Vinyl w/ pro-printed covers (artwork by Zeloot)
6/11/2006 Gang Wizard Young Money CDR $9.99 Imvated "21st century Harry Pussy. you know the drill.."

Gang Wizard / Blodeuedd split 7" $9.99 Oggum Edition of 300 copies with stamped sleeve and painted label.
4/1/2015 Gangloff, Mike & Cara Durang‘s Hornpipe / Rake and Rambling Boy 7" $7.99 Great Pop Supplement "Having released records on The GPS previously as part of the late great Jack Rose’s backing band and The Black Twig Pickers (as well as cutting their cloth as part of the mighty Pelt), Mike and Cara release a great double ‘A’ side for March here in an edition of 500. “Durang’s Hornpipe” is spectacularly underpinned by the majestic drone of Cara’s Shruti box, with Mike on banjo and fiddle and is backed by the peak and fall and drone pulse of the Shruti once again on an incredible reworking of the standard “Rake and Ramblin’ Boy”. A beautiful 45, worth it alone for those moments where both voices collide on the flip- it won’t hang around long and is dressed in ace printed inside and out sleeve and on dark cherry wax. Pressing of 500 only."
6/11/2006 Gaping Maw Two Improvisations CD $9.99 Archive "Kurt Johnson most notable I suppose would be his stint as the bassist for the Chicago based FLYING LUTTENBACHERS. Anyway Kurt is a fellow haino'phile and someone I've corresponded with over the years. He bought one of the Haino double discs from me and when I shipped in his package I threw in the Dikeman CD, as I knew he circulated a little amongst some of the folks on that disc. Kurt emailed back and mentioned that he had played some gigs with Tatsuya Nakatani and that he'd send them out for me to check out. Cool, totally liked Tatsuya percussion work on the handful of discs I have of him. Mail comes like a week or so later I drop the disc in the tray and wholly shit this infernal racket comes slamming out the speakers fantastic I thought sounds like the whole damn band kicked down a flight of stairs over and over. I was def. expecting some light noodling or polite improv. Work but I suppose with Kurt's background I should have known better. After a few listens I pitched him on the idea and we squared away the details and we had a release!! Here's the line-up: KURT JOHNSON - bass guitar, double bass, electronics KYLE BRUCKMANN- minimoog, electronics, suona TATSUYA NAKATANI- drums percussion
Def. a low-end thundering herd monster of a release. Kind of old material that had been kicking around awhile. Two different live sets one from late 01, the other from 02, but I think it's cool they get to see the light of day." - Slimm
12/24/2005 Garage Indians Hot Drugs and Cold Women Live Surprise @ the School House cassette $6.99 Skullfucking Tapes "Deep rural school house squatters the Garage Indians in full effect inpromtu jam. The sickest beefblues retching from these castaways yet."
3/29/2005 Garbageman y Toiletman Remixtro Super Wolf Eyes CDR $10.99
This is similar packaging and label to the Nautical Almanac ‘Live in Montreal Feat Weird Al Wolf Eyes’ offered here a few months ago.
3/20/2006 Garbes, Ryan Real Sugar / The Lights 7" $6.99 Arbor "Ryan Garbes is the drummer of Iowa City bands such as Wet Hair, Dunebuggy, Trash Dog, and formerly Raccoo-oo-oon. His recordings under his own name represent a unique brand of solo multi-track recording with a seamless integrity; through a skillful use of instrumentation and recording technique, Garbes eschews notions of low fidelity for songs reminiscent of traditional American garage rock produced in the haze of an early 90's UK aesthetic. Genuine pop songs, cloaked in a comforting wash of reverb, as if Lou Reed had done a record for Creation; more ecstatic than obstructed Garbes' voice is a refreshing one outside the continuum of the contemporary four-track bedroom pop. In an edition of 300 copies with full color sleeve and printed labels by Ryan."
12/22/2014 Garbus, Ruth Joule 7" EP $7.99 OSR "Joule is Brattleboro , VT artist Ruth Garbus's third solo release following a tape on Burger & a CD on Autumn , & her first self-recorded in multitrack format [tho as a former member of Feathers & Happy Birthday she is plenty experienced w/ all kinds of recording methodologies] . Ruth is a favored songwriter in her hilly locale , probably because not only is her orientation toward her fellow artists charitable & not only are her songs without exception exactly right but because she really takes her time hewing , tracking , & mixing these joules [consequently bending out of reach of the myth-grab of "the prolific Beatleboro songster"] . as a result of the intense care she applies to every song , each seems to voice (musical , lyrical) ideas drastically different from the last . this EP is just a slice of Ruthie's power but it'll feed you for a long time . (am I betraying my high-SPF calculated-hype-blocking raw enthusiasm for this music ? I just really can't believe how good these songs are , these recordings ...) 11 minutes , art by Ruth Garbus , w/ x-tra vocals by Julia Tadlock"
9/23/2003 Garland, J. I Was Born & I Was Dead 7" $3.99
1997 4-track recordings of guitar psychedelia along the lines of My Bloody Valentine / Flying Saucer Attack. Lo-fi sounds using guitar, organ, and drums. Edition of 200 copies.
10/14/2004 Garlic Yarg Great Magnetic Wolves CDR $19.99 Nokahoma “Garlic Yarg recorded outdoors. They start out playing the main riff from Black Sabbath's ‘Iron Man’ so slowly it's completely unrecognizable and it takes them two minutes to play it just once. Then they go on to sound like they might be the Blithe Sons' ornery cousins. Smolken even plays some ukulele and still sounds as evil as always.”
5/27/2004 Garlic Yarg Snow Goat and the Seven Wolves CDR $8.99 Foxglove / Digitalis “Garlic Yarg is the other project of smolken, known for his fantastic recordings as dead raven choir. garlic yarg is its mostly-improvised counterpart. sparse acoustic instrumentation is used to lay down a tangled spider's web of sound. at times it's cathartic, especially when the low-end clangs rattle like bones. the key word here is dark. the black metal leanings of dead raven choir are audible here. i imagine that if anyone tried to play any kind of happy notes, smolken would have put a stop to it. garlic yarg is another excellent example of smolken's talent. each cover features a different beer label, no two are alike.” Edition of 85 copies.
11/1/2014 Garment District, The If You Take Your Magic Slow LP $14.99 Night People "If You Take Your Magic Slow is the debut full-length LP from multi-instrumentalist Jennifer Baron's The Garment District, with help from a few friends and family-her cousin Lucy Blehar provides lead vocals throughout. If You Take Your Magic Slow is very much a structured album with its diverse tracklist meticulously strung together. A mix of surreal instrumentals and subtle turns conjures outdoor walks in transitional atmospheres and landscapes, nature hikes in the city, sunny days that are okay with becoming cloudy, warm music full of feeling that remains comfortably easy-going despite the meticulous care given to its sophisticated orchestration and arrangements. This eclecticism creates something complex yet accessible, loose but direct. Baron mixes pastoral psychedelia with artful minimalist post-punk experimentation and a subtle approach to library music, soundtracks as "pop," with just enough droney dreamy color to fill it all in. If You Take Your Magic Slow doesn't follow any templates or gimmicks: its focus is on being true to its musicality, songwriting, and honest approach to compelling contemporary easy listening-something we are quite fond of. A perfect summertime record."
4/1/2014 Garment District, The Nature Nurture 7" $9.99 La Station Radar Side A • "NATURE NURTURE" Remixed by SONIC BOOM. Mastered by SONIC BOOM at New Atlantis Studios.Side B • "MIRACULOUS METAL"Recorded by The Garment District at Golden Mountain Frequencies, Pittsburgh.• "VIGOR" A distance sound collaboration between The Garment District and Kevin C. Smith (Oakland).
The Garment District is the musical project of multi instrumentalist Jennifer Baron, a founding member of Brooklyn's "The Ladybug Transistor" (Merge). Jennifer worked with legendary british musician/producer Sonic Boom (Spacemen 3, Spectrum, E.A.R) for the remix of her song "Nature-Nurture". This 7" is featuring two news songs on the B-side. Jennifer Baron: instruments Lucy Blehar: vocals *Nature-Nurture song from her debut album "Melody elder" - (2011) Tape - Night People. Edition of 300.
7/5/2011 Garrincha & The Stolen Elk Void LP $15.99 Weird Forest "With a pair of cassette releases in recent months on the venerable tape labels, Stunned Records and 905 Tapes, Garrincha & The Stolen Elk may seem like neophytes on the scene but the truth is Davy Bui and Matt Kretzmann have been making music together in one form or another since 2002. Both have been active in their regional noise and DIY scenes for years with little official documentation other than Bui's releases in Antennas Erupt! for Weird Forest and S-S Records. Garrincha & The Stolen Elk's full-length debut reflects this combined two decades of fully integrated experience and influences. "I Don't Believe You" kicks off the album with chiming bells and an upbeat church hymn slowed down and matched to a barrage of processed chanting voices. The song morphs into a hypnotic guitar loop layered with ringing synths, guitar washes and ghostly vocals, all building to a cacophonous climax replete with bleating saxes, a buzz metal riff and shredded guitar. "Tower of Babble" begins with sounds of rainfall and something sounding like slowed-down Gregorian chants as a chiming guitar melody softly repeats, eventually giving way to a buzzing organ drone, a tribal drum beat and belted German vocals before taking a final sinister turn with an insistent snare roll propelling the song towards its grand finale. The album concludes with the side-long, three-part "First Rites, Last Communion" suite. Heavily comprised of processed Asian church ceremony field recordings accompanied by occasional guitar and keyboard statements, the piece eventually erupts into a maelstrom of noise blasts, wild guitar and ringing bells before settling into a series of long, drawn out tones. Mastered by Graham Lambkin (ex-Shadow Ring), this album sounds like little else in the Weird Forest catalog." Edition of 320 copies with insert.
4/4/2011 Garrincha & The Stolen Elk We Were Wyoming c20 cassette $5.99 Stunned "Following up their recent 905 Tapes burner, Garrincha & The Stolen Elk's members Davy Bui (Weird Forest Records) and Matt Kretzmann uncork a bottle of straight up rock & roll. It's pretty damn refreshing having a band like this around, ready to rip through four tremendous songs in twenty minutes and still managing to cover all the right bases along the way. G+SE's chops are unarguably tight and not a second is wasted as fun house blurt and a wicked sax (!!) spice up the group's own totally original brand of rock madness. It'll be hard putting the cork back on this one for a long, long while. Limited edition of 111 pro-dubbed & imprinted c20 tapes w/ double-sided color card."
9/17/2006 Gas Sheperds Gas Sheperds CDR $9.99 Chocolate Monk "These uk primitives are drooling. Salivating some wild liquids, most probably brought on from licking a finish mushroom, or toad. Bedroom plucking, strange clank and paranoid electricity. Its enough to send you back to the cave, asshole."
1/24/2009 Gas Sheperds / Gryn Brvs split cassette $7.99 Archivo De Sangre De Dios "Long lost Gas track from originally made for Curor Recordings finally surfaces, head to head with Gryn Brvs from Brighton/Ireland/Guilford/Nepal.Gas druids deep psyche commotion,i'll use the word primitive but only because you made me. Gryn Brvs meet again in Ireland with 3 summit meet/jams, giant drone, guitar almost riff, electronic skree leaves chiming." Edition of 50 copies.

Gastr Del Hemp Revenge CD $8.99 vhf "Back in 1993 or 1994, I had an idea for a new supergroup 'The Three Laptops.' Not b/c I thought people actually wanted to see/hear a bunch of guys fiddling around with @*&^!* laptops, but b/c I thought it would be funny - like the then big 'Three Tenors' but with 3 laptops in front of music stands instead of 3 big fat guys. It was stupid then, and seems even stupider now, I know. Anyway, in the interim between then and a lot of people have actually been cranking out records and kicking out the jams in public with laptops. Meanwhile, out of the proposed original lineup for The Three Laptops, only I've got one, and heck, I just got it and it's WINDOWS based, for crying out loud!!! So much for beating anyone to market with that idea....So it was left to the VHF A&R staff to find someone worthy or our grand idea, even if it's so dated by this point that maybe we should just forget it and get started on 'The Three PDA's.' Mahavishnu Arthur Crawshay (Laptop), Earl Kuck (Laptop), and El Bobo Del'Amour (Laptop) probably don't consider themselves an influence on today's big laptop scene anymore than they consider themselves the front office staff for the Sacramento Kings - if you follow me - but for a moment in time dear readers, they were truly giants. You can clearly hear the very nuanced evidence on this sole document of their work. Licensed from Laptop Recordings, Chicago. 1 track, 27 mins." vhf
2/26/2006 Gastric Female Reflex Lovers In The Midst Of Eating Fries LP $16.99 Beniffer Editions "co-released with Absurd, Humbug and Gold Soundz. - intensively assembled between two pieces of thick chipboard - double screened and marbled uniquely with pseudo-op screened innards this is a slab of arbitrary blips, psychedelic vocal coaxings and collage insanity culled from the reflex archive." - Bennifer Editions.
6/10/2004 Gastric Female Reflex Moments CDR $9.99 Gold Soundz “Gold Soundz proudly presents 2 new works by Canadian psych / noise group Gastric Female Reflex. The music is generally rather low-key with some wonderful bursts of noise...All kinds of weird instruments are being amplified and recorded through different devices, there's a bit of tape manipulation and electroaccoustic clatter and rumble... on the second album even some voice loops... All mashed together and whipped up for your listening pleasure... You get flashbacks of ‘classic’ NZ noise (Surface of the Earth, Sandoz Lab Tech etc...) and perhaps some of that Dylan Nyoukis or American Tapes madness....
Both CDRs come in numbered editions of 50 copies, the actual discs are beautifully handpainted and the covers are individually made.”
11/8/2013 Gate / Tom Carter split 7" + download $8.99 Carbon Records "Carbon Records is proud to announce the release of a special limited split 7" from Gate and Tom Carter, to help commemerate their Northeast US tour going on right now! For those who don't know, Gate is Michael Morley's (of The Dead C) solo project. His side is a mesmerizing track, consisting of distortion washed guitar over a slap-back drum machine rhythm track, with classic Morley slow-drawl vocals, ending with a super... super, low end rumble. Tom Carter, of the Charalambides, contributes a guitar (?) layered masterpiece. I can only assume its guitar, but at times it sounds like synth/keyboard, or even bagpipes. Seemingly random patterns, all fall into place to create a beautiful, melodic, textural drone composition. Packaged in a 2-color silkscreened Stumptown press fold-together kraft sleeve. 3 different cover color variations. Digital download coupon included. Random colored vinyl. Limited to 313 copies.
12/24/2005 Gate to Gate I Turn Black Keys CD $9.99 Troniks "Confused like a two-headed snake trying to bite its own non-existant tail, Gate to Gate churn through gross tones, bass shudder and worst of all - vocals - with exactly the maladroit precision you'd expect from such a beast. This release presents one new 38 minute mess of blackened clatter and clunk, as well as collects their two extremely limited cassettes BANE and HOUSE WITH THE CLOCK IN ITS WALLS in remastered form. Heavy-handed and heavy-footed industrial noise by all accounts. from the blackened minds of Greh (Hive Mind, Chondritic Sound) and Mike Connelly (Hair Police, Wolf Eyes, Gods of Tundra). nearly 80 minutes of PURE SLUDGE."
3/11/2012 Gayle, Philip Babanço Total CD $9.99 Pubic Eyesore "If I were grading recent submissions on a curve for weirdness, Philip Gayle's "Babanço Total" would set the top of my curve. This is a record that immediately demanded my attention and cut its way to the front of a long review queue with its uncompromising and sometimes uncomfortable soundworld, gently described as a "one-time exploration of the voice and body soundscape" in its press release. The first track, "sleep rain," got me thinking that I was listening to an album of layered avant-garde vocals, in the spirit of albums like Mike Patton's "Adult Themes for Voice" or Maja Ratkje's "Voice," or Jaap Blonk's work. Overall, that is indeed a good starting point for "Babanço Total," and I suspect that if you like those records, you'll want to track down a copy of this album. Most tracks are built of many, many layers of overdubbed voices producing an impressive variety of textures and rhythms. But by the third track, "esa peko peko pah," I was considering how "body soundscape" presumably refers to sounds originating from more than voices, which is articulated slightly more explicitly in the album's subtitle on the back cover: "Improvised bodily functions, etc." Gentler readers, how to say it?-you might hear some eructation, emesis, lower-body peristaltic themes and variations. I don't want to make too much of it, as "sounds from the bathroom" are a small percentage of the overall recording, but there are 3 or 4 tracks on which burp-ish, fart-ish, or puke-ish sounds may come to your attention. If you're inclined to be irritated or upset by that sort of thing, there's your fair warning. I can deal with it in the context of this music, though I must admit that my less mature side is quite amused by a mental image of this album being partially recorded at SugarHill Studios in Houston, the self-proclaimed "Abbey Road of the South." I'll bet these were surprising sessions for the engineers there! Philip Gayle's previous solo efforts have concentrated on layers of mostly stringed instruments overdubbed in what amounts to a kind of free-improv solitaire, focusing on textural and timbral aspects of sound design. I went back to his 2005 "The Mommy Row" album in search of context for "Babanço Total." It's a great record that alternates between sections of long-tone, mostly bowed drones punctuated with Asian-sounding percussion, and fast skittering acoustic strings playing lines that remind me of early Eugene Chadbourne. Some tracks like "Cow People" use a lot of liquid pouring/bubbling sounds that form a great timbral bridge between the two records. Both records are dense with overdubs, which remain fairly independent from one another rhythmically, proving that free improvisation can happen via overdubs instead of ensembles. That's not to say this music is created quickly or carelessly: in the case of "Babanço Total," recording started in 2000 and wasn't completed until 2008. The tracks flow freely within themselves, but there is a clear sense of prior deliberation toward framing out the boundaries and approaches unique to each piece. And postproduction plays a role in many pieces, like the tremolo-like rhythmic voice clusters undulating beneath most of "feral basil pesto," with quick fade-up articulations before each iteration, or sped-up speech patterns comprising much of "falling off brain like i told myselves," which pleasantly remind me of Renaldo & the Loaf. Even the potentially juvenile burping sounds tend to be used in unexpectedly "mature" ways, like those in "naked brunch" that essentially become long drones oscillating beneath scrapes, breaths, and almost horn-like quick sounds whose origin I can't quite identify. "agnes unknown" uses long belchy sounds, too, but they're more foreground than background on that track. Especially effective for me was the album's closer, "pajama turtles," which features long quasi-microtonal chorale overdubs on shifting vowel sounds, all supporting a frenetic sped-up sounding solo munchkin freakout. I really liked "feral basil pesto," too, which for me evokes some kind of Muppets-meet-zombies aural opera. The packaging for this disc deserves a mention, too: Houston artist and musician John Cramer's work is featured in color on the front cover, and four more panels of his drawings are found inside. All depict creatures made of heads fused together in various ways, an eerily perfect visual analogue to the music found inside. As mentioned earlier, this record is a one-time exploration for Gayle, whose plans for the immediate future are focusing on a guitar-based record. He also plays guitar and mandolin for more conventional acts, including a recent tour on guitar with singer/songwriter Ember Schrag. But he certainly brings a set of interesting ideas to the table with "Babanço Total," and considering how few weirdovocal albums are released, let's hope he returns to the form as time and inspiration allow. - Scott Scholz, Killed In Cars
4/11/2008 GazHeart (Rita Ackermann / Dave Nuss) GazHeart LP $18.99 Locust "With GazHeart, celebrated visual artist Rita Ackermann (voice) & the No Neck Blues Band's Dave Nuss (found percussion) created a playful spontaneous sound that seemingly bridged the gap between the broken pop sounds of certain strains of the no wave movement, sound poetry and catchy, otherworldly art folk using the barest of resources available to them. One time pressing of this special edition one-sided LP features an original etching by visual artist Rita Ackermann on the flip side. GazHeart is housed in a plain jacket with two opposing drawings for front & back by Ackermann."
6/25/2013 Geerken, Hartmut At the Face LP $22.99 Holidays Records "Hartmut Geerken is a writer, a composer, a musician, a film-maker, an actor, and also a lumberjack. He traveled the world and lived in Egypt where he founded -- together with Salah Ragab and Edu Vizvari -- the Cairo Jazz Band and the Cairo Free Jazz Ensemble. He also played with Embryo, in a trio with John Tchicai and Don Moye (with whom he made an extensive tour in Africa), and also with the Art Ensemble of Chicago. He worked with Sunny Murray, Don Cherry, Okay Termiz, Peter Kowald, Takehisa Kosugi, Toshi Ichiyanagi, Michael Ranta, and so many more. This longplayer captures two very different moments of his work. On side A -- recorded in 1994 -- he wildly plays the legendary Sun Harp, which Sun Ra gave him in Egypt in 1971 as a guarantee for the money Hartmut lent him to fly back to the States. Sun Ra promised that 'he would buy it back from him one day' but this never happened and he's still the owner of this magical instrument. The last track of this side is joined by eight basses building an enchanting chorus. On the flip, a highly meditative song split into three chapters recorded in a cave on the island of Gavdos in Greece in 2007, playing a flexible roll piano."
8/2/2008 Geerken, Hartmut Mappa #9 one sided LP $33.99 Troglosound "Hartmut Geerken is an incredible and misterious writer, filmaker, musician, composer and big traveller coming from the south of Germany. His musical work is unfortunately not well-known by the mosts; during the years he was working stablely with Famodou Don Moye, Art Ensemble of Chicago, John Tchicai and many others, and in 1971 he invited Sun Ra and the Arkestra in Egypt, where Hartmut was living at the time, being also the founder of the Cairo Free Jazz Ensemble. On this live recording from 1989, he's performing on prepared piano and short waves receiver, with the collaboration of Grace Yoon dancing and playing percussions. "Mappa" was a series of long performances (lasting usually around 4 hours each) the duo was acting on those years, and "Mappa #9" is the first released witness of this experience. The sound is a burning and explosive vortex of fire, without a single moment of breath." Limited edition of 117 copies pressed on pink vinyl. Each lp jacket is unique - artwork by Troglosound.
11/1/2014 Geerken, Hartmut and John Tchicai Hindukush Serenade LP $23.99 Holidays "Remembering his old friend and the days when this live recordings were taken, says Hartmut Geerken: "When John came to visit us in Afghanistan and in Greece, where we lived in the 70's and 80's, my wife Sigi had to extend his bed always with fruit boxes. His height didn't fit into a normal sized bed as well as his musical dimensions were too far out to fit into the mainstream taste of the masses. It was wonderful to hike with him in the Hindukush mountains up the Salang Pass. Afghanistan was a very peaceful and hospitable country before the westerners destroyed this unique paradise". We know that every time Hartmut Geerken unveil one of the many tapes he recorded and archived in the extraordinary life he spent travelling around the world it's an incredible gift. But listening for the first time after 40 years to these tunes, especially in the moment when John Tchicai stops playing and start his wild high-pitch singing...oh, that will really make you feel dizzy." Edition of 250 copies.
6/11/2006 Gelsomina Nostalghia CD $15.99 Cipher Productions "painful, multi-edged ambientisharshfuckingnoise with a bonus Grunt collab" - edition of 500 copies.
8/1/2014 Gen Ken Montgomery Sonic Periscope cassette $9.99 Noise-Below "issued on occasion of his recent mini tour in greece, sonic periscope is gen ken in a weird mood using synth / electronics to create a bizarre soundcape dedicated to the name of ulysse's ship. as totally unkown this name is to us today, so bizarre the music also is. by the time you start listening it you are thrown into unknown sound territories waiting the listener to explore them! give it a try!" Edition of 50.
6/27/2009 Generals & Such Quixote c73 cassette $7.99 Digitalis Limited "This is a first for digitalis & friends... this baby is produced from a painted score. yep, painted scores. how fucking cool is that? well, based on the results from this trio of californians: christian kiefer, timothy rowan, & erik werner - it's pretty damn cool. here's a little background... generals & such, this is what they do. they play painted/graphic scores. this one is produced by werner (don't know if they all are) and this one is a 15 ft painting based on the first eight chapters of don quixote. i feel like i don't need to say anything else because that is simply incredible. but i won't taunt you... what do you get with a 15 ft painted score? scattershot percussion anchoring acoustic & electric guitars making skronks and waves. werner's acoustic playing at times reminds me of akiyama. rowan offsets this frenetic playing with calm and cool reverb-drenched spirals. it's an awesome contrast. the music progresses and unfolds slowly. kiefer's drumming guides the trio through the valleys and deserts, avoiding pitfalls unless necessary. the whole thing just feels monumental. tape is 73 minutes long, but each side is exactly the same. so it's basically a 1-sided c38, but i hate tapes with a blank side. pro-dubbed to boot."
1/17/2010 Gengras, Cyrus / M. Geddes Gengras Family double CDR $12.99 Ruralfaune "A family split. Two brothers, two musical visions, different but so complementary to understand the subtlety of this family apart from the standards. Cyrus incarnates a folkier side while M. Geddes shows an analogic and more experimental side." Edition of 72 copies.
1/14/2014 Genta, Virginia / Chris Corsano / David Vanzan Live LP $35.99 Troglosound "In July 2012 these three creative musicians mixed their informal sounds for a concert that is fully reported here. Live recording caught by Ale De Zan in Vittorio Veneto, Italy. Virginia Genta on tenor & soprano saxophones + clarinet. David Vanzan on electric guitar and home-made semimodular synthesizer. Chris Corsano on drums + percussion. Abstract cosmic-punk ! You probably don't need any other word for this one. If you know them, all you expect is gonna be here, even the unexpected. Use your imagination. Or just grab a copy and put it on."
11/27/2007 Geodesic Domes of the Eastern Seaboard Viscous '70s Magnets Multiplied by Nothing 3" CDR $7.99 Black Petal "Savage fuzz guitar recast into alien dancefloor shapes by one of sydney's best kept secrets. there is only one true gentleman of the guitar: mr peter blamey."
1/25/2011 Gerchambeau, Frederic Trois Suites CDR $9.99 Synth / Ruralfaune "Experimentations in the steps of the pioneers of the "France electronique". From Jarre to GRM projects." Edition of 90 copies.
9/30/2008 German Bunker CDR $6.99 Killertree Records "Some trusta-irie chump sprawls his curry n' cloves apartment scent out in to the alley, jammin' Marley's "Could you be loved" and ready to give "great and good love" to some skinny-minnie broad (yeah, dreads) when the vibe gets reamed by trash can arguements and a scattered transmission (car), hurling down this sweaty purgatory. The doors/windows get locked and the trustas don't emerge for days from fear. Fear from music, man. German (Julian from skull-crushin' The Pope/L.A.) Give some unsettling electronic scabage - kinda like when The Residents were cutting their teeth on homemade sound devices, toss in some undanceable New Wave Hookers styled revelry, pull the plug on vision and fuck off to the rest of the kingdom. Limited to 45 copies."
8/17/2013 German Army Holland Village c40 cassette $7.99 Dub Ditch Picnic "German Army are one of 20JFG’s favourite bands in the world. Their releases describe mutant strains of a virus originally engineered in the laboratories of the COUM conspiracy, and released into the world as a sonic code for the mass metamorphosis of people into drones, the painful integration of flesh with metal and plastic, an account of the first stages in the evolution of a hegemonic species of insect. In Holland Village, the insinuations of beats in previous releases become a reality, the rumble of the viral machinery pumping copies of itself and massing them up in the cellular borders of invaded territories. If these armies had camps, and in their camps they burned fires, and around their fires they sang songs and danced dances, Abbasid Golden Age would be heard loud and terrible, the microscopic fractal of the Human League’s Being Boiled & other Electronic Body (emphasis on Body) anthems, a battle hymn for armies with that have no mouths, yet do scream."
6/30/2010 Gerritt & John Wiese Panoramic Glass and Mirror LP $13.99 Misanthropic Agenda "From beautiful northern and southern California comes the duo of Gerritt and John Wiese. Since the release of their first EP, The Disappearing Act ("unbearably intense" -The Wire), they have continued their live collaboration up and down the West Coast. Panoramic Glass And Mirror immerses the listener into a blend of sound layers, confronted with a melodic and haunting atmospheric approach while still retaining immense power. Side A was crafted from live recordings by John Wiese, while side B was produced from studio sessions by Daniel Voss (Leviathan, Lurker Of Chalice, Deathroes, Yellow Swans). Limited edition of 400 clear vinyl, 100 black."
11/8/2013 Gfrenzy From Up North 7" lathe cut $15.99 Heavy Space Records "dero, lonesome , drinking blues, these recordings came from a show in wellington where gfrenzy was accompanied by stfn nvll. sweet crooning, dark balladeering, growing up sugar kiwis in the 70s mini anthems. ltd 25 copies, comes with a 'truck guy' poster with track details"

Ghost Second Time Around CD $24.99 Drag City "Ghost's second full length, SECOND TIME AROUND was originally released in 1992 on Japanese psych label PSF, but Drag City scooped up the American release in 1997. Much like their first self-titled release, this album flirts with acoustic guitar-based Eastern and Western trad folk while tip-toeing around psychedelic flourishes; the results conjure images of sweetly smoke-filled rooms and long, flowing hair. Masaki Batoh's throaty Japanese-language vocals drive the melodies, which are buoyed by flute, oboe, and various percussion, as heard on "A Day of the Stoned Sky in the Union Zoo." Batoh takes a break from his native tongue, however, on "A Drop in the Sea," a gently strummed tune sung in heavily accented English. Bouzouki, mandolin, piano, and vibraphone also make waves on other songs as a reminder of Ghost's psychedelic roots."
8/28/2007 Ghost Brâmes Eagle Arpegi CDR $7.99 Foxglove "Florian Tositti and Jacob Garret's ghost brames brings a handful of magic mushrooms to the party. it is woozy music, as patterned as an acid high. simultaneously breaking apart and sewing itself back together again, "eagle arpegi" encapsulates the infinitism of the universe. slowly, the leviathan raises its head and sinks in its teeth, without alarming its prey. this is the true measure of great music. your blood will boil and your skull crack at its base, but in the end you're better for it. because really, how can you actually free your mind when it's trapped inside a bony prison? 100 copies"
12/31/2003 Ghost Exits Cincinnati Riot Blues 12 "EP $7.99 The Social Registry "Destined to be the most played underground record of the summer" - Joshua Gabriele, Artrocker. "We are proud to present the debut offering from NYC two piece Ghost Exits; a four song 12" EP. Ghost Exits have seen incarnations as a free jazz combo & rock band but it was late in 2001 when the current incarnation began to take shape. Trading in their drums & guitars for a sequencer and some out moded analog synths Christopher Exit & Ivan Sunshine began looking to the British post-punk aesthetic and early 80s hip-hop for inspiration to create a new starting point from which to deliver their sound. Fast forward two years and you find the fully realized sound of Ghost Exits taking shape as they created a new beast to be reckoned with. It didn’t take long for the rest of the NYC population to catch up with these two; and it wasn’t long before they began playing shows with the likes of James Chance & The Warlocks. These four songs serve up but a taste of the raw animal magnetism that this band delivers. This is the inaugural edition of our 12" series, limited to 600 copies."
9/17/2009 Ghost Hand Ghost Hand cassette $5.00 Pool Party "Debut release. Dark ambient folk noise that hovers between awake and asleep. echoes sift up from the floor boards, voices delay in a dream."
7/5/2011 Ghost Hand Shadows CDR $4.99 Pool Party "Second release from Ghost Hand, featuring six compositions ranging from heavy walls of noise to raw acoustics. edition of 25 in handmade frosted mylar slipcases with screenprinted insert."
11/17/2007 Ghost Moth Sealand Fortress CDR $7.99 House of Alchemy "A rally cry of twisted horns, mangled junk-tronics and guitar peals through the air. A declaration on intent to march for the freedom of Sealand! Improv titan Daniel Carter blows loud and hard with two mysterious NY noise peddlers and rolls broken marbles down your spine. Just when you think its time to start head-banging, it's over. So, you hit play again and wait for that urge to surge, let it wash over you. Whole brains can be lost in this record. Stick your lunch in a burlap sack and come join the majesty." Limited to 123 copies, with handmade wax paper 'stained glass' inserts.
7/30/2006 Ghosting Cloudburst CDR $9.99 Students of Decay "Audio documentation of sonic ghost exorcisms, recorded live in Portland, Oregon, 2006. Zachary Reno, proprieter of the Onomato label, Janice McKeachern and JP Jenkins shine raw beams of sacred light down rabbit hole after rabbit hole after rabbit hole in search of the holy trance-stasis of Ohm. "Cloudburst" is implosion. It is light. And it is blood. Pure spirit drone. Edition of 100."
3/1/2007 Ghosting Fox Glove CDR $7.99 Foxglove "The seismic ripplies that ghostings drones are sending through the rose city are taking flight and planting seeds all over the globe. this group of sonic harbingers haunt the cracks and crevices of a world that seemingly only exists deep under water where life is a barely-there flicker amongst the murk. but ghosting's haunted aural landscapes are a beacon, like a lighthouse sunk below miles of the icy ocean, offering a glimmer of warmth in hostile waters. this trio continues its journey through the fuzz and static, and once again emerges with wings unscathed and silver skin." Edition of 100 copies.
2/4/2007 Ghosting Live / Oakland + cassette $6.99 Arbor "This Portland drone duo manages to create lengthy tracks with a psychedelic precision that makes you forget what time is/was/will be. This tape contains a track from a live show in Oakland with bustling airy drones and the dinging of bells luring the ears to go to places they have not been before. The track progresses thoughtfully with exact subtleties building to a climax only to come tumbling down with that exact progression. The B-side is a deja-vu conjugated burner starting where the other side ended. In a numbered edition of 100 copies with individually inked and sprayed tape labels in a silver sprayed case and ink drawn cloudscapes."
9/29/2005 GHQ HEA CDR $17.99 Arbitrary Signs "GHQ... weave a garland of light and color on this preparatory incantation .... a document of their coming allignment with the spectre and descent into the world of shadows from which they will return with an auspicious wisdom in the cosmology of eye... but let's not get ahead of ourselves...this one's just a test drive... takin the shining spinny rims way the fuck over the rainbow... before the crash through earth and crust... these cats are moving some sick forces... police copters and search lights been known to shine after more than one GHQ jam..." GHQ features Marcia Bassett and Pete Nolan.
9/17/2006 GHQ Heavy Elements CD $12.99 Three Lobed Recordings "Following on the heels of their fantastic 2006 release cosmology of the eye, GHQ and three lobed recordings are proud to release the aptly titled heavy elements. culled together from a live performance in brooklyn (january 2006), the trio continues to explore the intricacies of electric/acoustic drones and ragas in what is their most intense set of recordings to date. for this recording the band consisted of marcia bassett (double leopards, hototogisu, zaimph), steve gunn and pete nolan (magik markers, spectre folk, the vanishing voice, etc). heavy elements churns with the deeply layered drones that marked previous GHQ releases. while these sounds are present, this album differentiates itself from the band's prior outings through the addition of nearly-tribal drums and a more intense overall aural atmosphere. this is music that, while blissfully transcendent and beautiful, is not for the faint of heart. from a one-time pressing of 1000 copies." Recommended!
2/13/2013 Gianni Giublena Rosacroce La Piramide Di Sangue c35 cassette + download $8.99 Yerevan Tapes "The new solo project by Stefano Isaia, the singer and frontman from our beloved Movie Star Junkies. Accompanied by his mate Dedalo666, Stefano – here as Gianni Giublena Rosacroce – explores new sounds closer this time to the Middle-Eastern shores of the Mediterranean. Armed with clarinet, cans, drums and percussions, piano and acoustic guitars, the duo has just plotted the debut album “La piramide di sangue” (“The blood pyramid”). Thirteen tracks like one texture of thin arabesques, woven with casbah flavours and North African sounds. One record with a strong esoteric and cabalistic mood, musically influenced by Muhal Richard Abrams, Maurice McIntyre and Moondog foremost. Our second Yerevan Tape comes in a press of 100 with a free download code! Sold out at source.
11/2/2008 Giffoni, Carlos Adult life CD $10.99 No Fun "This is shining and pure electronic music. Adult Life continues Carlos Giffoni's work in slow-building drones and prickly, trebly peaks, but he also imbues these new compositions with subtle structure and blind-siding rhythmic pulses which recall the many pioneers of electronic composition, among them Cluster, Brian Eno, Kraftwerk, and Tangerine Dream.The caustic melding of foreboding abstraction and lively pulse raises Adult Life to a paradigm of the breathing and the immaculate, a strange set of dichotomies finding a shocking common ground. Carlos Giffoni describes this as some of his most musical work to date, a pure electronic excursion into more grounded troupes which almost paradoxically work out completely new sonic concepts and ideas. Original Illustrations for this full length by Megan Ellis."
3/20/2007 Giffoni, Carlos Assassin's Faith 3" CDR $7.99 Chondritic Sound "Bushwick electronics. laptop and oscillator jams from this nuker, best known for his band Monotract and being proprieter of the fine No Fun Fest. recorded hot on the heels of his recent US tour and in a similar vein, harsh synth bleat and laptop mangling are to be found here. color art, quality paper and painted CDr."
12/24/2005 Giffoni, Carlos I Am Real LP $16.99 No Fun "Something breaks. but not completely, it reshapes itself into giant bacteria, it has the ability of creating infinite heat and starts melting your record player. it becomes liquid but the speakers still work so you can hear perfectly every milisecond of the melting process. finallly it becomes a cannon and shuts the sun down. planets loose their orbit. earth becomes a giant mass crashing trough space. everything dies. you try to wake up but It is real. No Fun Rotten LP series, Photocopy punk as fuck artwork, No Fun style artist, limited to only 300 with no repressing." - No Fun. Artwork by Aida Ruilova.
7/19/2011 Giffoni, Carlos Lift LP $19.99 The Spring Press Pressed #01 in an edition of 250 copies on 200 gram virgin clear vinyl, featuring artwork by photographer Rachael Cassells. "A new studio LP from this synth maverick. Primordial dance music comprised of pulsating analog rhythms and austere waves of mechanical tones. With beginnings in laptop electronics and his focus now turned toward analog synthesizers and modular manipulation, results vary from the extreme to the beautiful. Mastered by Casey Rice." "On "First Steps in a ruined world", he pushes this bleakness of vision further than ever into the noise territories he used to stalk in his pre-modular synth work... There's physicality and momentum elsewhere, but by stripping back his music to its barest essentials, Giffoni has found a way to merge rhythm and texture, in the process creating a music whose sense of space and depth belies it's economy of means. Over a concise four tracks, Giffoni projects a vision that revels in the idea of the synthesizer as a grimy, mud-encrusted machine whose function is to soundtrack a dystopian present rather than reference an idealised golden age or imagine a shiny ergonomic future." - Keith Monliné, THE WIRE
5/16/2012 Giffoni, Carlos Little Mornings flexi disc $8.99 Key Lime High 33 rpm clear flexi disc - one side - one song - handmade clear screenprinted cover on holographic paper. "tkiller modular synth, BEATS YOUR HEART OUT!"
5/31/2004 Giffoni, Carlos Raw Files CDR $10.99 Piussant 86 tracks recorded in 2003 by Carlos’ computer. Edition of 60 copies on Soft Abuse’s new cdr label ‘Piussant’. Hand-assembled and housed in a lovely vellum envelope.
11/21/2008 Giffoni, Carlos The Absence of Essence double 7" $11.99 Arbor "Carlos Giffoni's heavy synthesizer work recalls the crushing, massiveness of early industrial music. Completely consuming the air around it with heavy vibrations and total deprivation. These four tracks rip holes through the sonic barriers, loud and powerful but with entrancing subtleties and discreet builds. The nature of the 7" format does not harm Giffoni's work which normally exists in extended lengths; instead very succinct and unwavering compositions result: creating four vignettes of grey industrial zones. As the person responsible for No Fun Productions and the No Fun Fest, this Brooklyn transplants presence in the current progression of the genre is undeniable. In an edition of 400 2x7"(one on white vinyl and one on black) sets in gatefold sleeves with art by Maya Miller of Heavy Tapes/Religious Knives."
9/30/2005 Giffoni, Carlos The Beauty of Skylines 3" CD $11.99 Feld Records A live recording 3" cd coming in a special cardboard box from the European bushwick psycho tour stop in Frankfurt last year contains a 20:57 minutes long, carefully edited piece of improvised electronic sound mangling. You'll hear a wide variety of sound textures reaching from brusque tones, walls of feedback and noise mayhem to softer, almost ambient sounding passages.
3/26/2006 Giffoni, Carlos The Last Analogue Sessions CDR $9.99 Chocolate Monk "Mr Monotracts final analogue throw up is a Chimo paste dripping brain tangle. Recorded in Bushwick in 2002, here we hear Carlos stumble into broken electronic/radio confussion, and emerge the other end with some kind of sonic afro."
3/2/2004 Giffoni, Carlos / Dylan Nyoukis Chewing Smoke CD $9.99 Imvated “Long awaited collab from these two fine chaps. Carlos is known for his work in Monotract and Old Bombs and his various collabs with artist like Thurston Moore and Jorge Castro. Dylan plays in Decaer Pinga / Prick Decay and has recently assisted Kemialliset Ystävät, making a better album. Chewing Smoke is compiled sending bits and crap to each other through the mail. In the end Carlos decided to end the thing, and took care of the final mixdown. And what a result that is. A superb clash between digital and analogue sounds, hums and cracks. Like a demented Pierre Henry on crack. Or your best friend, playing with alarm systems. Really. And what about the packaging. Cool drawings from the Nyoukis-dude silkscreened by a local hardcorekid. Silver prints on shiny colors. That kind of shit.” Numbered edition of 500 copies.
10/3/2009 Giffoni, Carlos / Keith Fullerton Whitman Techno B/W 070207 LP $15.99 No Fun "Two very active modern electronic musicians who enjoy 20th century analog equipment deliver a document of mind expanding electronics with very different approaches. Giffoni's track 'Techno' is full of layered and perfectly synched synthetic rhythms matched with some very adhesive evolving sounds; Creating something that somehow ends up being a homage to both early techno and harsh Japanese electronics. Whitman's track is a beautiful exploration of synthetic tonality and space, like a sudden massage to several areas of the brain one by one but also all at once with a little spice of musique concrete . Both of these recordings share an expansive and psychedelic nature, as well as a nod to the past while moving into the future. Artwork by Maya Miller. Limited to 400."
2/4/2007 Giffoni, Carlos / Prurient Heavy Rain Returns CD $12.99 Ideal "Heavy Rain Returns is a truly monumental album. Recorded in Bushwick, New York City - it's an intense trip into harsh noise and electronic sickness. Carlos Giffoni is maybe best known for his great "Welcome Home" record for Important and his curator skills are infamous through his No Fun Fest in Brooklyn which is the world's most extreme music festival. Prurient is Dominick Fernow who is operating the Hospital Productions label and shop out of a basement in New York. His albums "Black Vase" and the latest "Pleasure Ground" for Load Records are both highly recommended and loved. Here we hear two of the US-noise scene's absolutely most important creators together - and man, it's pure energy hitting you hard."
4/10/2009 Giffoni, Carlos / THE RITA Two on a Match double LP $21.99 No Fun "The ongoing study and execution of harsh noise by driven artists constantly reinstates the medium via different techniques, concepts, and different artist amalgamations for a collaborative work. For myself, working with the different 'warbling' and generative moving lines of modular synth from Carlos Giffoni offered me a chance to investigate many different 'spaces' of tone and line manipulation. Manipulating and playing with escalating and dying tones that all the while keep a throbbing pace was something that I always wanted to work
with being a fan of the jutting and tremolo-like rough 'wave' tones of harsh noise artists from Aaron Dilloway/Spine Scavenger to Atrax Morgue. The opportunity of working with the sources of Carlos Giffoni was exciting as I got to manipulate 'dirty' and constantly moving cutting modular synth electronics, the challenge being making the lines articulate with something of THE RITA's hiss and pedal driven nature. The examination and crossing of the different LINES slowly become their own parallel entity as the adjoined and wavy synth lines are further dirtied, cut repeatedly, and joined with the knife of 'gated' and cutting HN pedal work. Not unlike the manipulation of the textural, rough, and linear landscape pieces of Richard Longs mixed with the 'chopping', yet smooth lines of Donald Judd's installations. Both exude the same amount of power, but via very different textural 'lines' of installation. To further manipulate and display the different lines and HN stylizations, Giffoni had the opportunity to heavily edit the textural work of THE RITA to exude the constantly moving and jutting sense of Giffoni's own pulsing and driving synth decay via the dirtied analog source material of THE RITA. Modular snyth and pedal work have been long standing tools in the world of
harsh noise, but not often are they crossed over with such investigative and crackling tendencies - a virtual criss-crossing of the different technical lines. - Sam McKinlay(THE RITA) - Limited to 300 copies"
5/16/2010 Gift Blue Apple LP $19.99
"A limited vinyl reissue of a rare Krautrock release from 1974 on the Nova label. Their 2nd album, it continues with the excellent heavy, hard-charging guitar riffing of the first, but adds substantial progressive keyboard parts with organ, mellotron, piano and moog, plus some very tasty flute parts. This has the original, really grotesque artwork, and before we get too hippy-dippy here, let's recall that "Gift" means "poison" in German. German import."
11/6/2003 Gila Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee CD $24.99 Garden of Delights "Finally, a legit reissue of the 2nd Gila album, originally released by German Warner Bros. in 1973. Gila founder Conny Veit had left the group to work with Popol Vuh on a masterful trio of albums (Hosianna Mantra / Aguirre / Seligreisungun,) but resurrected the Gila name for this record, recorded in conjunction with Popol Vuh's Florian Fricke (Mellotron, grand piano) and Daniel Fichelscher (drums, perc., bass). Sabine Merbach contributed an etherial vocal presence. The result is much more similar to Popol Vuh's more majestic psych moments, but based around Veit's compositions (he performs on acoustic/elec. guitar, Moog, flute). A concept album dealing with the oppression of American Indians (based on texts by Dee Brown), this is a floatational classic. Typical elaborate Garden Of Delights packaging, with extensive Gila-reflective liner notes by Conny Veit. One previously unreleased (but unremarkable) studio track is added as well." – FE
11/25/2004 Gilmore, Andy Lord, Hold My Hand While I Run This Race CDR $8.99 Carbon Records "The eighth in the Carbon 10 year anniversary CDR series. A truly magnificant collection of guitar and piano pieces from one of the nicest and most creative people I know. Andy creates, whether it be with guitar or piano, pencil or ink, word or thought. Clocking in at over 44min, this release contains 13 tracks, one of which is a 14min live piece, each of which exudes the level of emotion and delicateness that we've come to expect from Andy."
6/5/2005 Ginnungagap Remeindre CD $24.99 Latitudes "Wishing to forego the amplifier worship of previous projects, the trio set about using acoustic instruments to create a meditative and different kind of 'heavy' musical landscape filled with the drone of traditional Indian Harmonium, Tamboura and Sruti Box alongside bowed and plucked guitars and layers of wordless voice. The resulting four compositions are powerful, reflective and extremely beautiful. The inspiration for this session came from the soundtrack work of Popul Vuh for the films of Werner Herzog and Alejandro Jodorowsky's collaborative music for his films from the early 70's along with more modern artists like Ben Chasny's Six Organs Of Admittance and Jack Rose's Pelt. The sleeve features a drawing by Alex Tucker (himself an acclaimed comic artist) based upon an illustration by Russian Folk Artist Ivan Bilibin from the fairy tale 'Vassilisa The Beautiful', and the inserts were created by all the band, making a cohesive package reflecting the mood and tone of the recording." Limited edition of 1000 copies.
3/21/2009 Ginnungagap Return to Nothing LP $23.99 Misanthropic Agenda "Live recording and remix of a collaboration between: Gerritt Wittmer, Stephen O'Malley, and Tim Wyskida. Recorded March 10th, 2004 at the Flux Factory in Queens. Remastered and edited live recording, with all new remix. Finally! This sought after release gets a re-issue. Limited edition of 500, pressed on color vinyl."
1/25/2011 Gitch-Anahmi-Bezheu Cloud Sanctum Aa'Ku Kreeze CDR $9.99 Ruralfaune "New project by the entity behind Dream Safari. Mysterious and slowing down urban drones." Edition of 70 copies.
1/30/2010 Gitche-Anahmi-Bezheu / Jugu split c24 cassette $5.99 Housecraft "Incredible carousel-like sprawl from Ian Najdzionek's latest brain-child Gitche-Anahmi-Bezheu - expertly crafted meditative vibes. Jugu is a new emerging beast, with two mighty sets of industrious Gainesville hands at play : Royallen + Evan Galbicka (Antigua Ibis, head of Vanishing Hour)."
4/16/2007 Glass Organ Our CD $12.99 Students of Decay "Glass Organ is the Minnesota duo of Justin Meyers (Devillock/Tone Filth) and Tom Helgerson. "Our" is their third release, following tapes on Tone Filth and Twonicorn (which have recently been released together as the "Two Tapes" LP), and constitutes a formal peak for their unmistakable sound. Helgerson's utterly blasted guitar spurts smoldering static drones which are stalked and devoured by Meyers' rumbling tapes and electronics. Broken plumes of charred, oceanic rumbling, and gorgeous vistas of saturated analog gliss."
4/16/2007 Glass Organ Two Tapes LP $15.99 Tone Filth "A reissue of the two out of print Glass Organ tapes. Building blown out desolate guitar and saturated tape. Co-Released with Twonicorn. Edition of 365 with hand screen white matte covers. New Glass Organ "Our" CD out now on Students of Decay."
7/14/2007 Glass Organ Untitled II cassette $6.99 Black Horizons "Now 3 tapes in the duo of Glass Organ continues on from previous efforts creating a sound their own. Crackling prisms of guitar drone flow forward, carried by minimal tape loops and a penchant for abrupt editing. Dreamy and dreary at the same time. These tracks were both caught live in the fall of 2006. Color cover on white gold cardstock, individualized clear color labels. Hi-bias chrome tapes in an edition of 130."
1/17/2010 Glass Rock Tall Firs Meet Soft Location LP + Download $13.99 Ecstatic Peace "Glass Rock is a song, is a band, is a way of life. Glass Rock is the crystallized movement formed by the molten lava makeout of the two bands of the album title: Tall Firs meet Soft Location. It's a werewolf and a rhino on a first-date rampage of Korean Food and poppers, doing the Cabbage Patch on the boardwalk, kissing babies with beer breath, all with truthful love in their hearts. The core elements of the Soft Location sound are Kathy Leisen's haunting voice and boneyard guitar, and Matt Kantor's slo-mo jet fuel bass jamminating. Add Tall Firs: Ryan Sawyer's could-blow-your-pants-off-but-prefer-to-slowly-work-them-over-your-hips drumming and Dave Mies and Aaron Mullan's creamy dual-savant guitar stylings: two dudes who don't even know how the other guy's guitar is tuned but nonetheless have brought the tandem knockout reverb dropkick since 1991. The band actively refuses to discuss influences, even with one another. With two pairs of childhood friends in the band, the music just happens and the listener is left to speculate. The dilettante thinks Chan Marshall or an Astral Weeks-era Van Morrison caught an extra-rad time machine ride and now inhabits every moment from 1955-2013 simultaneously. The serious aficionado is thinking Martha Reeves, Amon Dull II, the Gories, Otis Redding. But Heads know: This thing is wigs, Pepsi commercials, Sam Cooke, hardcore festivals, and free stuff on craigslist. In reality, Glass Rock are a prisonyard football team: a motley collection of wizened lifers, small-time pimps, and the wrongly convicted. Leisen is their Burt Reynolds. A painter on the Outside, she woke up back in the huskau of a recording studio after Awesome Michael ratted her and Kantor out to Ecstatic Peace. In the yard Tall Firs were hanging around bench-pressing twice their body weight. This record documents their crushing and dramatic defeat of the prison guards, and their harrowing escape during the ensuing melee. There is nothing contrived about this band. Neither derivative nor hybridized, GnR II are truly shark / half alligator sung of in days of yore, with inflatable Sasquatch feet and one popsicle arm. This thing will get bestial with you on the dancefloor, and will hold you tight on a pre-dawn canoe ride; staring at the stars crying at the wonder and terror of it all." LP comes with: Download card of full release
3/14/2014 Glenngard, Mats Kosterlage LP $32.99 Subliminal Sounds "First-ever vinyl reissue of rare and sought-after Swedish psychedelic/progressive/folk underground treasures from the early 1970s. From Swedish folk to epic full-tilt fuzz guitar jams, it's all in here. Originally released in 1972 on the obscure Swedish Gump label, with many talented musicians of the time on board. Led by Mats Glenngård on guitar and fiddle, the album shows an interesting musical transition period before he joined the legendary Kebnekajse. One-time only limited pressing of 600 copies. From the original master tapes and with the original artwork, including previously-unpublished archival pictures and liner-notes by Reine Fiske. Don't miss this one." - FE
8/2/2008 Glory Fckn Sun Spectra LP $17.99 Tipped Bowler Tapes "The sky done clouded over after Glory Fckn Sun's debut album, yielding this brooding and corrosive follow-up. The New Zealand sorta-super group of Antony Milton , Ben Spiers, and Simon O'Rorke concoct a slow-burning behemoth of metallic shivers and distortion churn, dark enough to invoke the dread name Haino. Spectra is an unsettling mind-meld: Spiers desolate soundscapes bleed into Milton's heavy drones, which are complemented perfectly by O'Rorke's restless percussion. Group improvisation is the natural language of these three; even listing their solo and collaborative albums over the past decade would take way more effort than I can muster. Suffice to say this is a stellar and unique record to add to their massive discographies. In an edition of 300 red 160 gm. vinyl records, housed in silk-screened, heavy-gauge recycled stock jackets." Recommended!
11/15/2008 Glory Fckn Sun Vision Scorched CD $10.99 Pseudo Arcana Reissue in new packaging! Formed in 2003 as a conduit for intense ritualistic sonic exploration Glory Fckn Sun is the ecstatic psyche-noise trio of Antony Milton (guitar/electronics), Ben Spiers (guitar/violin/electronic) and improv percussionist Simon O'Rorke (gongs/percussion). 'Vision Scorched' collects together one studio track and two live pieces. These range through long form rumbling distorted deep space explorations (complete with supernova and the odd blackhole), intense yet ethereal harsh noise to close with a droning metaphysical raga-esque paean to the great cosmic inevitable of the collapse of the sun, And of light itself. Glory Fckn Sun have been described as having a sound that is like a cross between Flies Inside the Sun and Keiji Haino. The 1st edition of this release sold out in a matter of weeks and gained rave reviews. This 2nd edition is also limited. There are 250 copies."
8/28/2007 Glory Fckn Sun Vision Scorched CD w/ 72 page Book $17.99 Pseudo Arcana "Formed in 2003 as a conduit for intense ritualistic sonic exploration Glory Fckn Sun is the ecstatic psyche-noise trio of Antony Milton (guitar/electronics), Ben Spiers (guitar/violin/electronic) and improv percussionist Simon O'Rorke (gongs/percussion). 'Vision Scorched' collects together one studio track and two live pieces. These range through long form rumbling distorted deep space explorations (complete with supernova and the odd blackhole), intense yet ethereal harsh noise to close with a droning metaphysical raga-esque paean to the great cosmic inevitable of the collapse of the sun; of light itself. Glory Fckn Sun have been described as having a sound that is like a cross between Flies Inside the Sun and Keiji Haino. Nearly 2 years in the making and continuing in the PseudoArcana tradition of fantastical over-the-top packaging (...) 'Vision Scorched' is presented in a professionally bound 72 page picture book of sun related imagery with hand printed covers. This is a 'real' CD (not a CDR) in a limited numbered edition of 200 copies."
3/23/2012 GNOD Chaudelande Volume II LP $22.99 Tamed Records "Second and final part of the Chaudelande session, following the first volume. On this lp GNOD brings us higher in their heavy cosmic trip with 3 songs which are focused on their heavy space rock side (or space punk maybe ?). This record makes you feel like all your bones are being gripped by electric hands and that your mind is evaporating in a percussive trance. GNOD manipulates fire and wind and doesn't let yourself control anything but puts you under hypnosis that reveals your old tribe remembrances. Certainly the closest recording to GNOD live sound, if you had the chance to see them playing live, you know what it means. This is the second chapter of what was a real collaborative experience for us at Tamed records." Edition of 500 copies on white vinyl.
6/19/2007 Goatreign Goatreign CDR $14.99 Wabana "A pummeling collection of gut wrenching Metal from Mike Hickey, guitarist of extreme metal acts VENOM, CARCASS, CRONOS and CATHEDRAL. Crushing rhythms, searing lead guitar, wrapped up with a deadly production make GOATREIGN a solid slab of classic metal! This has been an underground classic circulated amongst metal bands and fans alike. Goatreign features Mike handling guitar, bass AND vocal duties with longtime collaborator Shawn Progen on the drumkit. Recorded at The legendary Slaughterhouse with production by Mike and Mark Alan Miller. Another in the Wabana skull and cross bones purple digipaks. Limited to 300 copies."
12/25/2005 Goblin Market Haunted CD $14.99 Camera Obscura "Camera Obscura Records is pleased to announce the long-awaited second release by Goblin Market, a side project of Green Pajamas' members Jeff Kelly and Laura Weller. Their 2001 debut release "Ghostland" garnered lavish praise for musically rendering the morbid and occult sexuality of the pre-Raphaelite movement, and their new release examines a current analog of this milieu for another mind-bending excursion into the themes of gothic literature. Titled Haunted, it features songs inspired by the novels and poetry of celebrated American author Joyce Carol Oates. The musicians' mutual fascination with this prolific and masterful author and her uniquely dark vision resulted in this collection of songs, the source material for which mines a broad range of her work including lesser-known short stories, a novel under Oates' nom de plume, and poetry. The musical style blends alternative and folk-rock sensibilities with rich vocal harmonies. Exploding into flames with Weller's burning Green Pajamas-like rocker 'Dark Days', 'Haunted' again showcases the versatile songwriting and performance skills of Weller and Kelly, running the gamut from epic piano-driven psychodramas to delicate, perfectly-formed ballads, to sultry gothic (as opposed to 'goth') rock. Most strikingly, the near nine minute opus 'The Model' takes Kelly into new territory; icy electronics perfectly mapping out Oates' dark themes. As elsewhere on the release, prior exposure to Oates' work is not required for appreciation of what Kelly and Weller have achieved."

Gocher, Charles Pint Sized Spartacus CD $16.99 Gravelvoice "This is the Charles Gocher (Sun City Girls) solo project with the help of Elaine DiFalco, Terry Nelson, Mike Bisio, Eyvind Kang, Michael and Cynda. This is more radio drama than music. You really have to know your history to appreciate the melding of historical event that this disc presents."
12/24/2005 God Anti-Sex, Anti-Wiretapping (Made In Taiwan) CD $7.99 Jyrk "FINALLY. The first CD release on JYRK. Brought to you also by Gameboy and Little Enjoyer. For those familiar with the label, you'll know that GOD is a favorite of us at JYRK. We've gone on and on about their odd ways and majestic sounds. GOD could be compared to folks like AMM or the Improvised Music From Japan crew due to the meticulous attention paid to the construction of even the most minute sounds in their pieces. Instead of rambling on about how they busted Gabe's eardrum at low volumes or how Bryan isn't interested in editing music at all (it HAS to be good from start to finish), I should let the dudes speak for themselves about WHAT they do (this little bit was stolen from W. Week and was written by James Squeaky) Sundstrom: I use old record players and various types of records (vinyl, tin, graphite, drum cymbals, etc.) to produce different frequencies of feedback. Everything from temperature to arrangements within a room can change the type of resonance of the frequencies. This resonant feedback is attenuated with a parametric equalizer in order to arrange specific beating tone patterns. The grooves of the records are rarely used. The speakers and how the room is shared amongst the people in it dictate the end result. A positive attention is what really generates a positive outsource. Eubanks: I have designed an open-circuit board instrument composed of four former guitar effects pedals that were digital delay/sampling pedals. They have power modulation I installed, and they feed back directly into their circuit boards and each other with wire and alligator clips. It is much simpler than it sounds, sort of a very basic modular synth, with patches created each time I play. It is very dependent upon my physical interaction with the instrument. There are no button-pushing or static effects and/or outcomes. I also use pure sine-wave samples I have created that are stored on various CDs and mixed together, and sometimes field recordings."
9/29/2005 God on our side OST 3" CD $7.99 Fact Records (Israel) "Inspired by Picasso's Guernica (1937), 'God on our side' is fundamentally about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In the name of God, people are infused with rage and violence. Fear leads to brutality and vengeance follows. What hope is there for a child born into this circle of loss? The music was composed by Uri Kranot (a member of Hapuritanim Hatze'irim ) and recorded live (with members of Yuppies With Jeeps ) while screening the film, during August 2004 in Jerusalem."
1/24/2009 God Willing / Privy Seals split LP $12.99 Arbor "God Willing and Privy Seals are two of the prime purveyors of meditative harsh tones. God Willing's guitar and oscillatior drone has been reaching epic levels of hypnosis lately and this piece is a great example. The repetitive nature of textured signals act like the swaying charm of the pocket watch: onward march. Matthew Sullivan has been crafting his Earn project recently, and this, one of the final Privy Seals recordings acts as a logical bridge. Heavy, hi-end guitar and tape interlacing: a harsh movement, but possessing transcendently soothing qualities buried under the deprivation of distorted tones. At the end of the hallway a door lies open. A long overdue document of the LA Diaspora. In an edition of 300 LPs with silkscreened chipboard covers by Ren Schofield."
4/10/2009 God-Eater God-Eater CDR $6.99 Scissor Death "About God-Eater: Anonymous noise collective scattered through the mid-west. 1-10 members depending on the circumstances. This is their first release. Prominently features a distortion pedal "treated" with frog urine. Their only live performance resulted in the sound system exploding. The whole room smelled like burnt rubberŠ yeeeccchhh"
2/11/2006 Godman GOD >><< DOG CD $15.99 Acid Mothers Temple Godman is Miyashita Keiichij (guitar), Enomoto Takayuki (bass), Watanabe Yasuyuki (drums), Higashi Hiroshi (electronics), and Kawabata Makoto (guitars). The two tracks were recorded on August 10, 2005 in Tokyo and was produced by Kawabata Makoto and mastered by Yoshida Tatsuya. Comes in a jewel case with full color artwork. Limited edition of 1000 copies.
9/25/2013 Gol ??? [anshin-on] LP $22.99 Gol Records "??? [anshin-on] is an electronic threnody in two parts: "Het Wonder" and "Het Wonder!".
The ref. 06 on Gol Records echoes the leaking reactor 06 of the Fukushima plant.
The two long tracks are improvised on home-made electronic instruments and thus thoroughly primitive.
With this "awkward musique concrète", Gol searches for a state of "hear/heal", a music that stands for a post-nuclear shamanistic ritual for the irradiated days to come.
May ??? help you face a darker future!
9/25/2013 Gol Goose Vibrations LP $22.99 Gol Records "The quartet recorded this ode to nature and lust in his isolated Gol-farm studio or in its surrounding fields of the beautiful but severe sylvian region of the Morvan. Hence the moisture of the early morning of the countryside summer of 2008 that irrigates string based ballads titillated by the ethereal voice of the next door neighbors’ young daughter. Hence the stormy wind blowing a tense energy to other more radical tunes. "Schizoïd electronic avant-folk with pop hints" may be easily chosen to satisfy the taxonomy but, to put it simple, the 11 tracks of “Goose Vibrations” are merely sincere and provoke a rare and invigorating inner joy. Beware, Pan might be hidden inside your speakers!
1/24/2009 GOL / Charlemagne Palestine Pandamoniahbleeummm!!!! LP $22.99 PLANAM "Entering their twentieth year of existence, the GOL orchestra, together with the label Planam, celebrates and starts a new program of collaborations: the Gollaboration series. Volume 2, Pandamoniahbleeummm!!!! marks the encounter with Charlemagne Palestine, pioneer of strumming music and piano maximalism, in the St. Eustache Church in Paris, known for its world famous church organ. The following battle, in form of a long incantatory improvisation, Charlemagne Palestine playing the church organ and GOL doing the electronics, bass, guitar, and the flutes part, combines many attributes of a pagan ritual. GOL was formed in 1988 in Paris by Jean-Marcel Busson, Frédéric Rebotier, Ravi Sharda and Samon Takahashi. The quartet embodies, within a post-dada spirit, a lost rural tradition. GOL plays flute, horns, guitar, violin, toys, self-manufactured instruments, tapes, turntables, voices, various percussion instruments and electronics, an appropriateness of both traditional string instrument and handmade lo- fi equipment. GOL's first LP (gol lp 01), issued in 1993, compiles their first items (88-92) based on vinyl- record's scratching, tape's cut-ups and acoustic instruments. The issuing of this LP was followed by a 9 years long hibernation. Since 2002, the band is back together to pursue its common research and play together of instinct and invention. Their music, electroacoustic oriented, is partially improvised and partly tense. At the time of a collaboration with Rumanian composer Iancu Dumitrescu, GOL developped a score system known as 'layer's leaf '. Through this system, they could elaborate an hybrid music, between orchestral conduct and free interpretation of movements. Edition limited to 300 copies, also including a large insert with liner notes great graphics by Jean-Marcel Busson who also design the front and back cover."
1/24/2009 GOL / Dumitrescu / Avram Musique Directe LP $22.99 PLANAM "Entering their twentieth year of existence, the GOL orchestra, together with the label Planam, celebrates and starts a new program of collaborations: the Gollaboration series Volume 1, hence the title Musique Directe, shows the band facing the leaders of Rumanian spectralism, Ana-Maria Avram and Iancu Dumitrescu. Electric and intense spontaneous experiments, on the edge of electroacoustic music and primitive avant-garde. Live recordings in Marseille and Paris with the participation of Ansamblul Hyperion members Petru and Matei Teodorescu on one track. GOL was formed in 1988 in Paris by Jean-Marcel Busson, Frédéric Rebotier, Ravi Sharda and Samon Takahashi. The quartet embodies, within a post-dada spirit, a lost rural tradition. GOL plays flute, horns, guitar, violin, toys, self-manufactured instruments, tapes, turntables, voices, various percussion instruments and electronics, an appropriateness of both traditional string instrument and handmade low fi equipment. GOL's first LP (gol lp 01), issued in 1993, compiles their first items (88-92) based on vinyl- record's scratching, tape's cut-ups and acoustic instruments. The issuing of this LP was followed by a 9 year hibernation. Since 2002, the band is back together to pursue its common research and play together of instinct and invention. Their music, electroacoustic oriented, is partially improvised and partly tense. At the time of a collaboration with Rumanian composer Iancu Dumitrescu, GOL developed a score system renowned as 'layer's leaf '. Through this system, they could elaborate a hybrid music, between orchestral conduct and free interpretation of movements. Edition limited to 300 copies, also including the graphic score of 'Musique Directe IV.'"
6/25/2013 GOL / Ghedalia Tazartes Alpes LP $24.99 Planam "The sixth Gollaberration features a rather odd encounter indeed! It all happened when matchless vocalist Ghedalia Tazartes challenged GOL dada-style quartet. Ghedalia threw in the game his pan-africanasian singing techniques blending gypsy, jewish and trans-continental flavor. GOL exceeded on Electric Mandoline, Jew’s Harps, Percussions, Janotron, Flutes, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Electronic Garage and Voice. Together with Ghedalia they developed into what became a "bal musette" for mentally disabled. Reaching at some points the sides of rock that doesn't roll, this sonic attack jumps from topic to topic as a ritualistic anthology of unknown "ritournelles". Such a decadence was hardly contained in the neutral environment of the Swiss Cultural Center in Paris where the recording took place on Feb 22nd and 23rd, 2011. Tired liver resonances accurately rendered by the acid yellow cover created by Dennis Tyfus of Ultra Eczema. A mountain peaks journey below the very heart of no-where Europe to be consumed gently without skis on. One-time pressing edition limited to 400 copies."
6/25/2013 GOL / Mik Quantius / Dave Nuss Bruxelles LP $24.99 Planam "Drinking Belgian beer in a moisty cellar after an exhausting night might be the best situation to jump on the instruments that surround you and gig over and over again until you barely find the way to gather your legs together and improve the tricky exercise of wasted walking. This is what seems to have happened that frozen night of September 19th, 2009 when Dave Nuss (No Neck Blues Band, Sabbath Assembly) wrung from his Amolvacy concert and accompanied by mate Mik Quantius (Embryo) accepted GOL’s perverse invitation to pursue the darkness of Brussels abusing of the aforementioned liquid. Warped and deep bass lines support the disturbed vocalisms and spontaneous words of Mister Quantius shaped by a shamanistic percussive Nuss while the crispy electronics and whatsoever instruments by the french GOL combo reach out for a "blues" extravaganza that says it all with lyrics such as "I have sex on Christmas" or "Tomorrow maybe not". Gollaboration No.5, recorded at 2 am by Yann Leguay. LP cover and insert with drawings by Mattia Denisse giving a hint of this twisted and skittish psychedelic must have. One-time pressing edition limited to 300 copies."
3/11/2012 GOL Orchestra & Telinga Ensemble Improvisations January 1997 double LP $39.99 PLANAM "An improvised music acid trip for instruments, voice and electronics by the GOL orchestra and the now defunct Telinga ensemble navigating on the darkest waters of psychedelia. Five long tracks recorded 14 years ago in an icy flat in Pigalle, Paris with Ravi Shardja (bass guitar), Olivier Maurel (cello, objects), Emmanuel Quentin (guitar, prepared guitar), Cathy Mai (drums, vocals), Frédéric Rebotier (percussions, flutes, objects), Samon Takahashi (real-time mix, electronics). Listening to this record will fulfill the most adventurous and twisted ears engaging the freedom of the bodies and the mystery of not-yet-registred dances. Edition limited to 240 copies with sensational full colour gatefold sleeve and breath-taking inside cover painting by Jean-Marcel Busson..

Gold Soundz #4 zine $3.99
Interviews with Pan Sonic, Scott Foust of Swill Radio, and lots of reviews. Very nice zine written and put together by Sindre Bjerga.
10/26/2004 Gold Sparkle Trio / Ken Vandermark Brooklyn Cantos CD $12.99 Squealer “With one foot firmly planted in the avant tradition and the other boldly stepping into the future, the Gold Sparkle Band’s newest recording, Brooklyn Cantos, unites them with kindred spirit Ken Vandermark for one of the first important jazz recordings of the new decade. Vandermark and the GSB members share similar sensibilities and influences, and their sympathetic interplay exemplify the heroic conviction present in the heart of the finest jazz recordings. This is the third full length Gold Sparkle release on Squealer, following Nu*Soul Zodiac in 2000 and Fugues and Flowers in 2002. Liner notes are by Bill Meyer.”
7/6/2011 Goldberg, Sam Having Had Forgot LP $14.99 Arbor "Having Had Forgot marks a distinct departure from Sam Goldberg's past recordings, both his lush electric guitar and synth work as well as his borderline-pop project Radio People. Having Had Forgot features Sam working with a rotating ensemble of Midwestern musicians (Tiger Hatchery's Ben Billington, Mike Forbes, and Andrew Young; as well as J. Guy Laughlin, Ben Osbourne, and Jeff Host; for a total palette consisting of acoustic and electric guitar, field recording, percussion, synthesizer, saxophone, double bass, and clarinet). The result is eight careful, delicate songs; varied in instrumentation, but presenting the same elegant consideration of mood and contemplation as his solo works. Private music from a young man; a contemporary offering in the tradition of ensemble records on Windham Hill from William Ackerman and Mark Isham; the opportunity of actualizing personal moments through various actors and the unique textures they are each able to contribute to the whole." Edition of 500 records with full color jacket and inner sleeves.
4/10/2009 Goldberg, Sam Live cassette $7.99 Pizza Night "Three live cuts, two recorded live on Ryan (Dr Quinn) Keuhn's Radio show, the other at 75 Blake Street in New Haven. The first side, "Wanderjahr" is particularly different than most of my live sets. Recorded using a synth and a record player rather than reverberated guitar. Art by John Elliot."
1/24/2009 Goldberg, Sam Out of Body Experiences cassette $8.99 Pizza Night "A second run of my first self released tape. two sides of small casio keyboard pieces..one side minimal patterns and repetition, the other a dense side of heavily reverberated drone recorded in a "real" studio... some guitar at the end.." - Sam Goldberg. Edition of 100 copies.
1/24/2009 Goldberg, Sam Winter "Hallucinations I" cassette $8.99 Pizza Night "The first of four strictly limited cassettes to document the dismal reality of winter in cleveland ohio..." Edition of 50 copies.
2/7/2009 Goldberg, Sam Winter Hallucinations: II cassette $8.99 Pizza Night "The second of three tapes featuring improvized guitar jamming and on the fly layering and manipulations ..." Edition of 50.
3/5/2009 Goldberg, Sam Winter Hallucinations: III cassette $7.99 Pizza Night "The third of four tapes in the series. Cold psychedelic reverberating guitar. Limited to 50."
1/24/2009 Goldberg, Sam / Color Dream Cultivating a Sound Garden cassette $8.99 Pizza Night "Color Dream creates a lush blanket of gentle and peristent quivering radiance which represents to me some of the best sounds coming out of these kewl comrads. The collaboration vibes from Mike P. and Peter F. seem to have no trouble channeling heavy zones for what is only there fourth release. They use the constraints of a 7 minute side to there absolute fullest potential. a perfect balance of fuzzy ambients and weirdo key collage. The b-side is new jams from Sam G. Heavily influenced by Cybertracker and the films of Paul Wynne, his side offers more short "cycles" -esque synth pieces. This time introducing sequencing and vocals to the mix. Extended full color inserts and hand painted cassettes." Edition of 100 copies.
7/16/2004 Goldblood Live cassette $5.99
"Goldblood is a C60 cassette-only project with Plastic Crimewave & film director Amy Carghill, in which the duo take the melody ‘As Long As He Needs Me,’ that mawkishly peon paeon to patriarchal wife-beating from Lionel Bart’s ‘Oliver’, and subsume it under a barrage of arthymical industrial suffering in a Raw & Alive stylee redolent of Fripp & Eno’s magnificent ‘Swastika Girls.’ Carghill’s jagged Vox Jaguar organ transcends even Martin Rev’s ROIR-period Half Alive-period Suicide for sheer heart attack, and I’d love a split-screen video of the two to go along with it!" – Julian Cope
3/30/2005 Goldblood Mere Glowing Embers EP CDR $7.99 Galactic Zoo Disk 2004 recording (one 22 minute track) featuring Plastic Crimewave (treated guitar, electronics) and Amy Cargill (vox jaguar).
4/12/2012 Golden Calves Collection: Money Band + Century Band double LP $22.99 Woodsist "Collection gathers pre-WOODEN WAND AND THE VANISHING VOICE material from JAMES JACKSON TOTH's GOLDEN CALVES project. "It was really all about The Godz, Jandek, The Shadow Ring, Strapping Fieldhands, Swell Maps and Tower Recordings. Beyond these, I had only heard the 'classic' and most available free jazz, krautrock and noise albums. I was a long way from, say, the second Comus album or Charles Gayle. But this music changed my life. It was a record store owner named Eric McCarthy and a man who needs no introduction to anyone reading these notes, Matt Valentine, who taught me that there was a world beyond Dischord, Vermiform and Ebullition. I went to college, met hip people, and got a job at both the local record store and the college radio station. I was taking drugs. I bought a four track and began emulating my heroes. I called the project Golden Calves. I was eighteen years old.... In hindsight, I like to think that the noise scene liked us and responded so positively to us because, in our own naive way, we were subverting a very rigid paradigm. Touring with noise bands and moving in experimental circles but playing proper 'songs' is what made us weird. It was an exciting, unforgettable time. These are not perfect records. Perhaps worse than so-called 'naive art' is 'only-marginally-informed art' and that's what this is. I should have let my talents marinate for a while before rushing out records that now sound to me like thinly-veiled love letters to Siltbreeze. But fuck it, man. I was hopelessly arrogant then and remain so today. Why else would I greenlight this fucking thing?"-James Jackson Toth, Lexington, KY, Summer 2010. Originally released in 1996; reissue is limited to ,1000 copies.
4/3/2011 Golden Cup In Deep cassette $9.99 Bis Auf Messer "This is the 2nd installment of the BIS AUFS MESSER live series. GOLDEN CUP is Luca Massolin (ex-member of Golden Jooklo Age). Golden Cup's wild sound comes from there unique use of electronic mandolin, electronics, electric guitar, and electric organ making a wildly original psyche out blast that is truly immense. on SIDE A is "in deep" set (movement one and two) recorded at Bis Aufs Messer. on SIDE B is the "antipodes - journey to the end of the land" - recorded at CASA DAS ATOCHAS. All songs got mixed and edited in Porto, Portugal by Luca Massolin, cover design by HLG and all 100 copies got screen printed by HLG and every tape is unique. Every Tapes comes w/ a little inlay and they are limited to 100 copies."
3/10/2011 Golden Cup Sogno Elettrico LP $25.99 Blackest Rainbow "New LP from duo of Maurizio Abate and Luca Massolin (ex-member of Golden Jooklo Age). Golden Cup's wild sound comes from there unique use of electronic mandolin, electronics, electric guitar, and electric organ making a wildly original psyche out blast that is truly immense. This LP consists of two long pieces, one per side, both quite different, but both equally awesome and hazy psychedelic jams to highest order. 'O Sol, O Mar E A Harmonia, Do Seu' opens with bubbling electronics, layering in drones and shimmering guitar bliss outs. The drone steadily increasing to a massive wall of electric burn. The B side, 'Improvisation', gives us wailing strings with mandolin bursts, raging to a full on ethereal freak out. Limited edition of approx only 150 copies with full colour paste on covers and insert, pressed on heavyweight virgin vinyl with hand stamped labels."
2/20/2010 Golden Jooklo Age & Peaking Lights Golden Jooklo Age & Peaking Lights LP $18.99 Holiday Records "An incredible instrumental jam in three chapters recorded at Black Dirt Studios in upstate New York in May 2008 when the two bands met for a tour in the East Coast of the United States. Golden Jooklo Age and Peaking Lights melted their fluxes travelling the astral ways of sound and this is the postcard they sent us from the lands of future psychedelia. Peaking Lights released the album "Imaginary Falcons" on Night People last year and have upcoming releases on Ecstatic Peace, Not Not Fun, Woodsist, and Fuck It Tapes."
2/21/2009 Golden Oaks, The Autumn Testament CD $12.99 A Silent Place "Comprised of Brad Rose (The North Sea) and Keith Wood (Hush Arbors), The Golden Oaks features road show magicians springing forth candles from wooded sanctuaries. Composed via the postal system, Autumn Testament is a hymn to the season of red, gold, and orange. A canopy of leaves shelters the proceedings from the fog that threatens to obscure these sounds. This is a glorious combination of organic grace, blessed by the forests of past centuries and those still in their infant stages. The trees will put tears in your eyes!"
4/20/2008 Golden Oaks, The Paradise CD $12.99 Music Fellowship "Paradise is free form Applachain abstraction from the folk/minimalist duo of Keith Wood and Brad Rose. Originally released in a here today, gone tomorrow CDR edition on UK label Barl Fire, this batch finds these autumn alchemists offering seven soul-soothing hymnals to the wind and the trees and the sky and the leaves. Tranced-out falsetto drifts atop supple strumming to create traditional backwoods folk, stressed and compressed by the walls around them (or lack thereof), making it softer and airier. Their fractured take on folk is complimented by multi-layered bowed string and harmonium drones, created from that same soft and airy palette. As the smokey reverb of the drones reaches resonance, the spectrum fills and amplitudes peak in spaced-out bliss. While this collaboration shows Wood and Rose at their most experimental, the two are likely better known for their original solo projects. Wood's Hush Arbors project has lurked around the edges of public consciousness, soliciting raves from fucked folk figureheads Ben Chasny (Six Organs) and James Toth (Wooden Wand), which led to touring and recording with both. Wood's first supporter - like so many underground folk acts - was Rose, releasing many of Wood's early recordings on his Foxglove CDR label, and then rereleasing them in fuller runs on his proper CD label Digitalis. Rose's solo project, The North Sea, holds an equal underground significance with understated forest folk recordings released on almost every folk friendly CDR label. The most prolific and interesting of his many collaborations is this project, The Golden Oaks, as these two friends trade ideas and expand on each other's vision. This reissue of Paradise is remastered and extended."
5/16/2012 Golden Serenades The Age Of Swing LP $20.99 A Dear Girl Called Wendy "After the monumental Hammond Pops, new work for finest norwegian noise duo Golden Serenades. Two long track clocked at 35 minutes for their most violent and complex work to date. 140 gr vinyls, black inner sleeves, printed labels, deluxe 330g ivory paper.
150 copies."
6/25/2013 Golden Void Rise to the Out of Reach 7" + download $6.99 Thrill Jockey "Golden Void follow up their acclaimed self-titled debut, which Terrorizor called, “a heady, rich brew, buoyed by roaring hammond, loose drumming and some blazing solo epiphanies,” with a very limited edition two song 7” for Record Store Day. Recorded at their practice space on a cassette four- track by band member Justin Pinkerton, both “Rise To The Out of Reach” and “Smiling Raven” capture the bands searing live energy. “Rise To the Out of Reach” contains one of Golden Void’s most memorable hooks and features keyboard player Camilla Saufley-Mitchell providing ethereal harmonies. The flip side, “Smiling Raven,” is a completely instrumental burner, proving once and for all that Isaiah Mitchell is one of rock’s most skilled guitarists." Golden Void is a Bay Area quartet led by Earthless guitarist Isaiah Mitchell with Justin Pinkerton, Aaron Morgan, and Camilla Saufly-Mitchell (Assemble Head In Sunburst Sound). Following their self-titled debut released by Thrill Jockey in Nov 2012, Golden Void return with two brand new tracks recorded exclusively for this Record Store Day 7". Packaged in a full color jacket with a free download coupon. Limited to only 700 copies worldwide.
7/31/2011 Goldendust Digital Skies c16 cassette $5.99 Night People "A cassette precursor/demo to a Night-People LP coming out later this summer, Goldendust are the Midwest's finest purveyors of minimal synth bleakness, catchy synth pop gloom, and lingering soundscape isolation. This duo has horded and honed there analog synth and electronic library to create something mesmerizing and of its own will. Upcoming LP on Night-People this summer."
4/24/2006 Goldoolins Songs of the Turly Crio CD $12.99
"A great thing for acid folk lovers about this second album is that the style of the group has a stronger consistent focus on an acoustic fundament, with the same Trader Horne/Sallyangie association as before and beyond. All songs but one are sung in English. The arrangements are wonderful, and the vocal harmonies have a love driven happiness, even in the lament styles. The few brass instrument arrangements, much more than the previous album, are better adapted into a folk / perhaps slight old music flavour. A bit different is the humorous blues song, "Country Traveller", still with the stringed instruments playing like troubadours having lost their time perspective and making fun of it. And "Dusty", equally fine, is more like an on the road songwriter expression. A great album with integrity, which will surely appeal to those liking the fundamental 70's more than the periods with different interests after this."
4/12/2012 Goloka The Last Vinyl LP $44.99 Goloka "First opus of the French combo GOL, The Last Vinyl LP saw the light in 1994 after six years of the group existence at the time named Goloka. The band then split to reform in 2002 deleting four letters for the shorter GOL. The then 'young' Ravi Shardja, Frederic Rebotier, Samon Takahashi and Jean-Marcel Busson are like any school band experimenting with whatever falls into their hands. DIY Musique Concrete, Plunderphonic? Well, a bit of it all. The Last Vinyl actually is more a concept album, paying a tribute to what was announced as the end of vinyl's era. Hence, all tracks are based on scratched records. But don't expect a dry turntabulism reenactment, Goloka uses here the scratches and vinyl hickup loops as a canevas for improvisation using a wide collection of instruments, toys, and electronic treatments. Melodic, rhythmical, humoristic, the music lays between a Dada collage style and a demented folk spirit flavored by ethnic touches contradicted by rough sonic collages. From start to end a very joyful and challenging journey into GOL's debut, age having obviously no incidence on the content."
1/30/2010 Goner, The Behold A New Traveler CDR $8.99 Deep Water "Behold A New Traveler is the second Deep Water entry from Sweden's The Goner (after H.H. , last year's 2-disc reissue of super-limited self-releases), and it marks a confident move forward on all fronts. In contrast to earlier work, most of the new Goner material is song-based (just a pair of instrumentals on hand here) and full-band powered, making for an album that's both thematically unified and stylistically varied, from solo acoustic melancholy to wailing psych-rock. While it is still possible to draw lines from BeholdŠ to the music of other contemporary folk-derived artists such as Six Organs of Admittance, Palace Brothers, and Stone Breath, at the same time the overall feel owes as much to Westerlund's own cultural roots (recall that Sweden produced some legendary psychedelic rock & folk back in the 1970s), and the Goner's creative voice continues to develop with a clarity of purpose that offers much and suggests more. Pro-pressed CDr; seven tracks, 37 minutes."
4/10/2009 Goner, The H.H. double CDR $11.99 Deep Water "H.H. reissues a pair of wonderful 2008 folk-psychedelic-experimental discs by a Swedish artist called the Goner. We first heard about him from our friend Mats Gustafsson, who wrote that the Goner "delivers spiritual music that accompanies dreams, as it organically flows across the sky when you're walking to work and creeps up on you when you least expect it to. It's tempting to place his work along the lines of Hush Arbors and Six Organs of Admittance and although that's true you can also hear his background in the lo-fi scene", not to mention subliminal influences ranging from Swedish folk songs to the trippier end of technoid electronics, all processed via a sonic template that's both richly layered and authentically "there". Of the two discs, Hind Hand works as a flowing instrumental psychedelic journey, while Haven experiments a bit more broadly with style and instrumentation (including vocals), and together the two tell a story that's as deep as it is wide. Seventeen tracks across two discs, around ninety minutes of music."
12/11/2002 Gong Magick Brother CD $17.99 Victor Japan Japanese reissue of classic 1969 LP originally released on the French BYG label. "This CD reissue beautifully replicates the original's artwork on a nice mini gatefold sleeve and thankfully rescues this work into public visibility. Led by Daevid Allen and Gilli Smyth, Gong's debut album presented their spiked vision of ‘The Kingdom of the Pothead Pixies’ into truly illustrious fashion. The spiritual heirs to the fractured throne of Syd's Pink Floyd, this is space-whisper genius from the peak days of the psychedelic dream." - FE
11/3/2012 Gonzalez & Steenkiste Stuffed With the Down of the Eider c40 cassette $6.99 Eiderdown "Eiderdown is proud to present the world with the debut release by Belgian duo Gonzalez and Steenkiste. G & S is Glen Steenkiste (Hellvete, Silvester Anfang II) and Ernesto Gonzalez (Bear Bones Lay Low, SA II) in their first ever release in a duo capacity. Introduced with bowed cymbals and bells, “Stuffed…” massages the dear listener with glorious waves of gradual violin, harmonium, banjo, and tampura. The heavy air is temporarily refreshed by a backporch guitar/banjo hoedown, before the cassette finishes with the massive vibe of the 19 minute closer “Paradise” …Even the birds get in on the act at some point and everyone goes home with the satisfaction of “being there”. Belgian (get) high weirdness at it’s finest." Two color double-sided screen-printed J-cards courtesy of Broken Press with eye popping visuals conjured by Max Clotfelter.
8/13/2004 Gonzalez, Wally On The Road / Tunog Pinoy double LP $59.99 Shadoks "For the first time both rare LP's reissued as a double album. Those 2 albums are the rarest and best LP´s beside Juan De La Cruz Up In Arms. Wally Gonzalez is the amazing heavy fuzz guitarist on all Juan De La Cruz albums. If you like heavy fuzz guitar / prog music similar to Shinki Chen and Speed Glue and Shinki, you will love those 2 albums by Wally. These days Wally is still on the road playing clubs in the Philippines."
3/26/2006 Gonzo Gonzo t-shirt $15.99 Xero Ink Really cool t-shirt with the Hunter S Thompson Gonzo 'logo' on it. Go here to see what the Gonzo design looks like (http://www.spreadshirt.com/shop.php?sid=6428). These shirts were made by Sunburned Hand of the Man's Phil Franklin and are available in sizes XL (this is a cream colored shirt with red Gonzo design), L (one is a black shirt with white Gonzo design and the other size L shirt is red with white Gonzo design), and size M (these are all red shirts with white Gonzo design). Killer shirt - I'm wearing mine now!
7/16/2006 Good Anna, The Full of Beans CDR $8.99 Sharks & Pfennigs "The Good Anna are Patrick Farmer and Graham Jones. Based in Nottingham, the duo has been performing everywhere lately, from late-night improv blowouts in the Midlands to North America (where they are embarking on a lengthy tour this summer). Instrumentally focused around Jones' guitar and Farmer's percussion, Full of Beans explores space both acoustic and physical, moving from quietly bowed ringing tones to spastic, clattering explosions."
9/9/2013 Good Area French Antarctica LP $15.99 Kye "Kye is proud to present 'French Antarctica', the debut LP by Good Area. Drawing from a palette of guitar, rhythm box, cornet, shortwave radio and room activity Good Area have crafted the ultimate stand-alone testament to instantaneous expression. Bypassing such obsolete concepts as dexterity and restraint 'French Antarctica' cuts loose with a raw unbridled rush of creative force, bristling with home-spun malevolence and anti-social aplomb. Good Area harvest the wisdom passed down from the Decayes, Semool, Nishimura Alimoti and other bastions of shoe-box cassette culture and transcribe their teachings into epic new screeds of confusion. French Antarctica arrives in a full color, high gloss sleeve, with commemorative postcard, in an edition of 400 copies."
11/15/2008 Good Band Good Band cassette $8.99 Lal Lal Lal "Good Band was founded in 2005 by Aapo Rapi (8 Bits High, Verticals, Sunnuntaiorkesteri) and Benjamin Bergman (Vectors, The Torsors). The result is strongly good wibes party band: lots of funny minimal synths and some junk yard instruments. This tape compiles the best tracks of a huge mountain of tapes they have recorded during the past thousand nights, and it's all you need for a Good Party."
12/25/2005 Good Good, The A Fer Era LP $12.99 Harlan "17 songs of loud, jubilant theatre punk from these three fine Brooklyn folks. feels like late 80's sonic youth, the slits, tom tom club, and deerhoof in similar spaces. folks were also in Boomfancy, Cobra Kai, and Cha Cha Cha."
2/12/2008 Gore Orphanage Two Day Songs CDR $8.99
"Gore Orphanage is Kris D' Agostino, synth player from Brooklyn based psych prog outfit Titan. All sounds on Two Day Songs were created by Kris using a variety of instruments and recorded onto his laptop in a tiny Greenpoint space over the course of 2005-2007. Dark synth drones."
1/22/2011 Gorman Trio / Sacred Basil untitled split c25 cassette $4.99 L'Animaux Tryst Recordings "Documenting the first of several live collaborations between sonic ambassadors from Gorman [J. Spencer], Cursillistas [M. Lajoie], & White Light [I. Paige] during their week-long us tour in 2009, "exalted (most high)" was covertly performed in the basement of the clinic [bloomington, in] while the prospective audience was still porch-bound. thick tone-drones for the thick midwest summer evening air; free-drift notes for the recreational highs of those "hit the road" days. the flip-side is a previously-unreleased snip from the sacred basil session that birth'd the day of six billion cassette [cabin floor esoterica #7], an open-field / free-range jam of recifeian acoustic strings, bells, pre-language vox, and creaking floorboards. unselfconscious hoots captured live at new wyrd 33. hand-labeled sapphire-foil tapes packaged in an art paper j-card sleeve, with 60 completely unique individually hand-drawn/written and collaged covers, hand-numbered to 60."
12/24/2005 Gown Early Works CDR $8.99
Solo recordings from Andrew Macgregor (Amarillo Stars) who also performs with Christina Carter these days. Limited.
2/12/2008 Gown For the Maples LP $20.99 Three Lobed Recordings "Gown (aka Andrew MacGregor and otherwise known as one-half of the Bark Haze with Thurston Moore) moved from western Massachusetts to Nova Scotia earlier in the year. Before he moved, he wanted to have one big audio blow-out to remember some grand old MA times. With that goal in mind, Gown went into the studio with the Sunburned Hand of the Man gang (represented this time out by John Moloney, Sarah O'Shea, Ron Schneiderman and Taylor Richardson) to melt some audio consoles. "For the Maples" represents a portion of that recorded output and believe us, it's some massive stuff. Sunburned's thick funk presents the perfect background for Gown's shredding guitar-play. Extremely hot stuff, especially the massive side-long "Bending Close." As per the Three Lobed standard, "For the Maples" is pressed on 180g RTI vinyl. It will be housed within silkscreened jackets (screen work by Alan Sherry / SIWA) bearing new artwork by Gown. The record will be from an edition of 693 copies
6/27/2009 Gown The Old Line LP $14.99 Divorce "Andrew MacGregor may be most known for his otherworldly guitar collaboration with Thurston Moore in Bark Haze, but his solo work as Gown is equally cosmic. The Old Line is avant-garde guitar music for deep listening and coming undone. A weird meditation. Sprawling webs of guitar ambience and outsider mantras capture an ethereal solitude- the sparse Nova Scotian landscapes that Gown now calls home reflected in the texture of his music. This is noise that sounds like a sky of birds settling into the trees for a night away from the wind. Limited to 500 copies."
3/2/2008 GR Xperiments Within the Tentacular LP $21.99 Lesdisques Blasphematoires Du Palatin "As the needle first hits the vinyl you would be forgiven for thinking you had been sold the soundtrack to an obscure sci-fi film as metallic sequencers, alien synths and driving percussion flood from the speakers. You can almost see the men wrapped in bacofoil, trying to take over the world as a barrel of psychedelic effects render the film almost impossible to watch. The one thing you will remember is the soundtrack, the electronic feel now overtaken, by crazy guitar playing, exploding across the universe, as a weird cacophony of sound melts your brain into soft goo. After this fantastical opening, the music takes another sharp turn with the warped Electro-Pop madness of "Berlin Corpse Is The Sister Damage", the sinister electronic pulses causing you nerve-endings to dance across your skin. Finally for side one, the aliens attack again, a resolute march, the tension wound up tight, as creature climb through the air vents and the lights flicker…..After a brief alien lullaby, side two picks up where it left off with "Deviation No. 1), a powerful tsunami of noise, beautifully constructed, raw and untamed. This is an album that benefits from high-volume as it invades you home destroying all in its path. Featuring vast amounts of guitar, overdriven wah usage, and some dextrous fingers to put it all together, it is a relentless attack, maybe in this movie the aliens really do succeed in wiping the puny humans from the earth. Just as it all become too much, the haunting grace of "The Phantom Suite" offers quiet reflection amongst its grooves, Perhaps salvation is at hand after all, the aliens weakspot has been discovered. Finally the long guitar overload of "Bullets for People" unites the rebel forces for the final battle, the instrument singing a hymn for freedom, as the people take control of their destiny. Strange, ragged and glorious, this slab of vinyl should be snapped up by everyone, the spirit of the individual burns brightly throughout its sonic grooves." - Simon Lewis, Terrascope Online Reviews
6/4/2010 Grails Black Tar Prophecies 4 LP $17.99 Important "With Black Tar Prophecies Vol 4, Grails reawaken the series that initially began the run of records that mapped their rise to the forefront of modern instrumental music. While recording their full-length records with an eye towards cohesion and epic production, the Black Tar series affords Grails a backdoor to a black lodge where they can explore total head music. With a more lawless atmosphere and an overtly dark aesthetic, Black Tar's relentless re-mixing and sonic juxtapositions return the listening experience to a more innocent position, where expectations can be exploded and insidious sentiments come dressed in gently poisonous forms. In this volume, Grails combine back-masked satanic tape collage with old Emmanuelle soundtracks, pushing them further in the direction of a classical Italian melodrama soundtracked by Nurse with Wound. The Black Tar material is conceived slowly, in between tours and full-length albums, giving Black Tar its own experimental space and keeping its final sum unknown even to its practitioners. Like the slab of black slate in the opening of Kubrick's 2001, Black Tar is an attempt to bring the ritual act of music back to it's original mysterious genesis, where the listener and artist both stare into a nebula's electric cloud before it takes its inevitable shape as a planet." Comes with a heavy duty, tip-on style jacket.
10/25/2008 Grails Doomsdayer's Holiday LP $16.99 Temporary Residence Ltd. "Following up last year's "Burning Off Impurities" and their recent "Take Refuge In Clean Living" EP, GRAILS return with their darkest, heaviest record yet. Written and recorded over the last 18 months, "Doomsdayer's Holiday" delivers on the promises made by their previous albums, taking equal pride in smoky psychedelics and mountain-ascending riffs. With Faust, Earth and Sunn O))) collaborators acting as engineers - not to mention drummer Emil Amos having recently become the new other half of Om - Grails' avant-metal leanings are evident as always. But "Doomsdayer's Holiday" finds their already-broad palette continually expanding with 70s European film noir and cosmic free jazz explorations complimenting the Middle Eastern psychedelic folk-metal the group is already known for. After a wildly prolific three-year streak that saw the band ceaselessly pushing forward, Grails have finally made an album that pushes back."
3/21/2007 Grand Hotel, The The Upper Reaches of Wind River CDR $8.99 267 Lattajjaa "Another unknown name and another winner from the eclectic 267 Lattajjaa label: this opens with soporific layers of blissed-out folk - minor-key guitar arpeggios and murmurred vocals, then deviates into a more ritualistic sound of pounding percussion with psych-guitar trying to tunnel its way through the smothering thunder. The last track delves deeper into abstract noise: guitar-based drone / repeptition and vaguely industrial clunking." - Boa Melody Bar
3/20/2010 Grand Trine Sunglasses 12" $12.99 Divorce "The Sunglasses EP finds Montreal's leather clad, psych delinquents Grand Trine injecting the energy of rock with the liberating sonic adventurism of the avant-garde. They do it with violence, piss, life, bleakness and primitivism. And they do it well. Led by agitated frontman Tobias Rochman (formerly of Be Bad) and featuring free jazz sax player Cabral Jacobs, this 5 song EP captures that primal four-on-the-floor frenzy epitomized by proto-punk outfits like the Stooges, MC5, Electric Eels, and early Velvet Underground, bands that lit the spark for the initial punk movement. Grand Trine have been riding a hot streak that shows no sign of letting up. This 12" is easily the next best thing to watching these guys bleed it out in some sweaty Montreal loft. Grab a copy while you can."
10/8/2010 Granelli, Jerry 1313 LP $13.99 Divorce "Jerry Granelli has lived a mythic life. He drummed in some of the biggest jazz outfits of the 50s-60s, including Vince Guaraldi Trio and the Denny Zeitlin Trio. Like many of his peers, Granelli could have played it safe and made a comfortable career doing traditional jazz into his old age, but instead he dove into the new worlds of free and psychedelic music that were opening up around him during the hippie era in San Francisco. In the early 60's he led one of the first free jazz bands in America. They did a three month opening spot for Lenny Bruce and toured extensively through Europe with the Grateful Dead, playing completely wild and spontaneous sets night after night, often to the scorn of unsuspecting audiences. A few years later he joined Light Sound Dimension (LSD), an outfit that paired marathons of free, amplified jazz with projection painting, effectively launching the first ever psychedelic light and sound event at the San Francisco Art Museum in 1967. LSD was recently inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Since those early years Jerry has played with an impressive list of innovators including Bruce Frisell, Ornette Coleman, Jamie Saft, and Anthony Braxton to name just a few. And at 70 he still travels the world playing and teaching new music. Despite all his accomplishments, until we asked, Granelli had yet to make a solo drum record. For us it seemed fitting that after a life behind the kit, Jerry finally go it alone. No one, including Jerry, knew what to expect, but the results are remarkable. All the tracks on 1313 except one were played with no overdubs, and most were done in a single take. For those of us involved with documenting the session, it was a magical night. 1313 is dark, masterful, and bravely unique --- an outstanding new exploration of percussion and sound by a man who has been challenging himself musically for 60+ years. Here at DIVORCE we have never been more excited about a release. Engineered by Charles Austin. Produced by Charles Austin, Jerry Granelli, and Darcy Spidle. Mastered by Weasel Walter. Art by Yo Rodeo."
2/14/2008 Grass Magic, The The Grass Magic LP $19.99 Earjerk "This LP features members of the Skaters, Jewelled Antler Collective and Davenport, all kicking up dust in a rickety old barn. A spontaneous happening, the few hazy nights leading up to PastureFest 2004 may not be easily recalled, but the christening sounds, emanating from a ramshackle farm in the vales of southeast Wisconsin, are imprinted here on this unassuming LP. Featuring an alternate B-side jam (of music pulled from the same session) not found on the cassette version. Otherworldly and just down right cosmic!" - label. The "Grass Magic LP comes from Wisconsin and the 23 Productions scene (label is Earjerk)... it's a one-off jam that was recorded the night before the legendary Pasture Festival and Jubilee in August 2004, by a 10-person lineup that features most key members of The Davenport Family, both of The Skaters, Glenn Donaldson of Jewelled Antler.... it's a total jam and it sounds like it, but once Side A gets going it picks up a nice walloping head of steam and one thing that distinguishes both sides from the general mid-00s moanwave onslaught is the crafty psychedelic rhythms that snake underneath. Anyway, I'm glad they pressed this thing up (the cover is a thrift-store LP jacket turned inside out and silkscreened with stoner artwork, and some brief liners that name the lineup and include a rad quote from Rabindranath Tagore, stuff like that)." - Larry Dolman, Blogstitude - http://blastitude.blogspot.com/
4/6/2015 Grateful Dead Dead in Cornell, Volume 1 double LP $23.99
"A landmark live recording of the Dead in their prime, never before released on vinyl. These soundboard masters, in pristine audio from their set at Cornell University on May 8th 1977, include versions of "New New Minglewood Blues," "Loser," "El Paso," "They Love Each Other," "Jack Straw," "Deal," "Lazy Lightning," "Supplication," "Brown Eyed Woman," "Mama Tried," and "Row Jimmy." Superb quality recordings packaged in a beautiful full color sleeve, limited to only 750 copies. Italian import."
4/6/2015 Grateful Dead Dead in Cornell, Volume 2 double LP $23.99
"The second half of this amazing live set, never before released on vinyl. These soundboard masters, in pristine audio from their set at Cornell University on May 8th 1977, include versions of "Scarlet Begonias," "Dancin' in the Streets," "St. Stephen," "Not Fade Away," "Morning Dew," "Estimated Prophet," and "One More Saturday Night." Superb quality recordings packaged in a beautiful full color sleeve, limited to only 750 copies. Italian import."
2/4/2007 Grateful Dregs Red River CDR $7.99 American Grizzly "New project from half of Quilts and Sleeping Babies. Tape-looped gutter-dub and psychedelic electronics."
7/14/2007 Grave in the Sky Cutlery Hits China: English for the Hearing Impaired CD $11.99 Heart & Crossbone "Grave in The Sky is a new incarnation of Poochlatz members Rani Zager (also the vocalist of Lietterschpich) & Maor Appelbaum (Screening/Vectorscope/Thy Mesmerized) with metal drummer Matan Shmuely (Armilos / Distorted). On their debut album titled "Cutlery HIts China: English for the Hearing Impaired" they use DVD subtitles of horror / thriller / crime / drama films as lyrics, molesting and dragging them down a boiling hot lava of a stoner-rock dirge, in order to create new aesthetics of doomed, heavy and hectic music. And it's beautiful one hour earlier." Check this out if you're into Hey Colossus, Corrupted, Boris, Gravitar, Darkthrone and Electric Wizard.
8/4/2007 Graveyards Black Paintings Vol. 3 one-sided LP $13.99 Lost Treasures of the Underworld "This is volume 3 of their Black Paintings series .The LP etched on one side and has some intense sounds you can zone out to on the other side . Comes inside a clear picture disc jacket w/ full color 8.5 x 11inch mini poster . Etching and poster by Olson!!!!!! Numbered edition of 300 copies."
8/4/2007 Graveyards Harmm's Way CDR $11.99 The Lotus Sound "This '07 recording represents the darkest smolders of Feldman meetsThreadgill meets cacophonic church bells performed in a manufacturing plant in the Graveyards catalog. Rather than filling every possible space with the common horror vacui free jazz attacks the duo's riposte lets the sky open unto the bleakest corners they can find. A return to the early, pre-Wolf Eyes Olson-Hall duet square-offs, this 'cello-less document finds Olson grasping with the Braxton-Teitlebaum sides and Hall running the push-pull linearity of Xenakis circa Psappha and addition to the Milford Graves poly-metered rewirings of flash card rudiments. The hiatus of Buetow's 'cello in the forum alleviates much of the homage to contemporary classical phraseology and architecture. What it lacks in mock-intellectuality brains it makes up for in the post-fire music brawn of any reasonably raucous energy." - Ben Hall. Edition of 100.
4/24/2006 Graveyards untitled 7" $25.99 AA Records One-sided square lathe cut 7" from Nate Young's (Wolf Eyes) AA label.
4/24/2006 Graveyards Vulture's Banquet one-sided LP $29.99 editionbrokenresearch "More sounds of surgery and loss on this way limited one-sider: the first brokenresearch on wax. Covers are individually hand-printed oxidation prints on Japanese paper. Orders come with bonus promo only Graveyards cd-r in tri-fold sleeve also with oxidation transfer print." Edition of 125 copies - only a handful available.

Gravity Wax Toma Coast EP 7" $4.99 Burnt Hair Out of print on blue vinyl.
9/24/2013 Great Unwashed, The Clean Out Of Our Minds LP $15.99 Exiled "After The Clean broke up the first time, David and Hamish Kilgour acquired a 4 track and recorded their bedroom psych-pop masterpiece, Clean Out Of Our Minds. Recorded in the spring of 1983, it was originally released on Flying Nun. Slightly more experimental (and relaxed) than The Clean, they utilize lots of acoustic instruments and tap into a kind of Syd Barrett vibe. From the glorious pop of 'Hold Onto The Rail' to the restrained psychedelia of 'Toadstool Blues'. Exiled Records is proud to issue this on vinyl for the first time
since 1983. Heavy duty Stoughton 'tip on' sleeve with original artwork."
11/11/2010 Greatest Hits Danse Pop 7" $7.99 Olde English Spelling Bee "Debut four-song 7" by Brooklyn-via-LA mystery popsters with connections to Raw Thrills, Insted, Outer Limits Recordings, James Ferraro, and Luke Perry. Features Basement Jaxx/Michael Jackson/Sparks pop aspirations filtered through a Haunted Graffiti homemade aesthetic." On white vinyl.
2/9/2013 Green Flames Green Flames CD $12.99 Assommer The triumphant return of Narita Munerhiro and Ujiie Yuro of High Rise, with Tabata Mitsuru of Acid Mothers Temple (& the Cosmic Inferno)!
9/9/2013 Green Glass Green Glass LP $15.99 Oakhill Records "Green Glass is the third solo LP by Zachary Hay, who has previously released albums under the names Bronze Horse and the Dove Azima. He continues to develop an intriguing exploratory solo (mostly) guitar concept/approach, crafting music that can start off barely there, almost as if becoming acquainted with an unfamiliar tuning to the instrument, then lock into focus for a while before trailing off again, coming across like improvised private ruminations that come to life at their own pace. Privately pressed in a numbered edition of 317, on 180-gram vinyl." - 50 Miles Of Elbow Room. "Follow-up LP to Bronze Horse and the Dove Azima, recorded primarily in East Cleveland, OH from 2010-2011, with one track recorded in New Mexico during 2009. Instruments featured: banjo, piano, six and twelve string acoustic & electric guitars. Pressed in a numbered edition of 317 copies. 180 gram vinyl. Full color jackets printed by Stumptown Printers. Mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk. Lacquers cut by Paul Hamann. Oakhill, 2013." - label.
5/14/2007 Green Mist Drinkin' Lighter Fuel cassette $6.99 rundownsun "There's something wrong with your tape deck dude! total cassette tape-melt-down! high-volume walkman abuse and gross, vomit electronics from ex-cunuck dallas K! absolutely disgusting puke-noise, barf-tape hiss, and sputter. following up two nasty cds for UK label chocolate monk. this shit empties a room like an unpleasant odor. touring and recording member of decaer pinga. releases on chocolate monk. hand numbered and stamped, colour printed, chipboard covers. crummy xeroxed insert. spray painted cases. spray painted high-bias tapes. edition of 100."
11/21/2002 Green Pajamas All Clues Lead To Meagan's Bed CD $14.99 Camera Obscura "Following on from their 1997 ‘return from the wilderness’ album ‘Strung Behind the Sun’, the Green Pajamas return with arguably their strongest album to date in ‘All Clues Lead to Meagan's Bed’. If it wasn't already self-evident from earlier releases, there should be no doubt after this one that Jeff Kelly is the finest practitioner of the mid-period Beatles influenced psychedelic pop song around today. 12 of the 15 songs on ‘All Clues Lead to Meagan's Bed’ are his, characterised by heart-stopping melodies, swirling harmonies, and sinewy guitar lines. Mere replication of the codes of the psychedelic era is not the point here, though. Kelly has a poet's soul, and the songs are a potent medium for lyrical expression. There is no innocence here, the concerns are as often dark and ambiguous as they are elevated and joyous. On the flip side of delirious, celebratory treats like ‘The Secret of Her Smile’ and ‘Queen of Sunshine’ you'll find tales of obsession, psychic disturbance, madness and addiction like ‘Death By Poisoning’, ‘Rattlesnake Kiss’ and ‘The Laughing Horseman’. This dialectic is underlined by some extraordinary and unexpected musical delights. The folk-rock lyricism of ‘Dear Jane’ (characteristically about the Brontes) is shattered by a chorus of atonal blasts of guitar noise and distorted vocals - a direct product of Kelly listening to King Crimson's ‘21st Century Schizoid Man’ just prior to recording of the track. Joe Ross's ‘Pastel Summer’ throws the whole bag of ‘I Am the Walrus’ jiggery-pokery into a collapsing star with the aid of the most remarkable descending chord sequence we can ever remember hearing. And the glowing mysticism of ‘Morning in Myra's Room’ rises in the East like a pole star, eyes focussed inwards as infinity wheels around it, a drone symphony of guitars, keys, sitar and tabla, and yet another signifier of quiet greatness."
8/7/2002 Green Pajamas Narcotic Kisses CD $14.99 Camera Obscura "In November 2000, Camera Obscura released an LP of Green Pajamas rarities in a tiny pressing of 300 that sold out on pre-order. We promised the band's many fans that a redux version on CD would come eventually, and here it is. The original was an ‘Odds'n'Sods’ style selection of rare and unreleased tracks from the PJ's vaults. ‘These are the Best Times’ and ‘Vampire Crush’ were released on a limited lathe- cut Camera Obscura single in January 1999. ‘Song for Christina/A Nightmare’ was given away as an MP3 single-of-the-month; ‘The Fall’ was on our 1998 compilation ‘Serotonin Ronin’. The other tracks were previously unreleased. This CD version adds six more tracks - more than 30 minutes - of equal coolness and rarity. ‘Dim Phantoms of an Unknown Ill’ only previous appeared on the cover CD for an issue of UK freakzine Ptolemaic Terrascope, and is a Cohenesque early template for the sound that would later evolve into the well-received Goblin Market project. ‘Deadly Nightshade’ appeared on the Terrascope benefit CD ‘Succour’, and is much revered among fans as possibly the finest Green Pajamas track ever. ‘If He Should Go Away’ is a fine album session outtake that appeared first on a Chunklet magazine CD. ‘The Night Wind’ and ‘Highgate’ are outtakes that were later reworked as Goblin Market tracks. ‘Just Another Perfect Day’ is another previously unreleased recording, made for a film but not used, and is a perfect closer.
Far from being second rate or disposable, this is material right up with the Pajamas' best work, and will have their legion of fans astonished all over again."
11/21/2002 Green Pajamas Northern Gothic CD $14.99 Camera Obscura "Camera Obscura welcomes the Green Pajamas back where they belong for a new full-length studio release after several outings for the Woronzow/Rubric axis over the last two years. ‘Northern Gothic’ is the Green Pajamas strongest work since 1998's ‘All Clues Lead to Meagan's Bed’, containing their darkest and most atmospheric recordings to date, as well as the maximum safe dose of Kelly's psychedelic guitar work, superb contributions from other voices within the band, and an intricate thematic integrity that rescues the idea of the "concept album" from bad progressive rock hell. The title comes from the band's desire to evoke the geography of the USA's Pacific Northwest. As Jeff explains ‘It describes the feel and sound of a song like ‘Lost Girls Song,’; itself inspired by the novel Lost Girls by Andrew Pyper which, though modern, has a very gothic sort of feel and takes place in northern Canada. Living here, you have a certain landscape, a certain weather etched into your psyche. The trees, lakes, rain, the way the sky looks - they all combine into a very gothic sort of scene.’ The opening track ‘In the Darkness’ encapsulates this, sounding almost like collaboration between The Walkabouts and Neil Young. This album finally breaks the nexus between the band and its roots in Beatlesque psychedelia. ‘With the Pajamas records I've certainly been interested in influences, The Beatles being the most obvious’, says Jeff, ‘but we've done our I Am The Walrus parody ending for fun, and needed to move on. If you look at all of the releases since ‘Strung Behind the Sun’, there has been a progression and evolution of the music away from the obviously psychedelic towards a more unique place.’ The often extended and very live sounding tracks on ‘Northern Gothic’ mark the Green Pajamas hitting their own, distinctly American style; finding their own unique place. Beauty and darkness co-exist, no more so than on the keynote track ‘First Love’, where delicate piano and vocal sections are interposed with the heaviest guitar work in the band's oeuvre. Add strong contrasting song contributions by fellow band members Eric Lichter and Laura Weller to Kelly's compositions, and you have a landmark record to add to this band's already formidable body-of-work."

Green Pajamas Strung Behind The Sun CD $14.99 Camera Obscura "Strung behind the Sun" is a dazzling ray fired into the prism of psychedelia, refracting off in all directions. Lyrically, "SBTS" sounds like product of pensive afternoons sat in Seattle coffee shops, a curtain of rain on the glass turning the street into abstract washes of colour. More songs about snow and Madonna complexes, family and Tumbledown Tess, darkness and illumination."
1/24/2009 Green Palace (Green Mist & Spyked Coorz) Strangled Pairs Vol Twelve CDR $9.99 American Tapes - AM-780 "WHOA!! Brighton UK cum Canada China/Lansing sound show/bro down here. Spykes gives a full working to the amazing Green Mist "Suit Case Bomb" cd he busted a couple years ago. Total tangled web of audio miasma. More rotten angles than a T Square leper rally. Just a nonlinear sound collage of ear cells plotting against an attack against brain cells. Dallas manŠ.killer dude, should change his name to LLCOOLYMD (Ladies Love Cool Yoga Master Dallas). Hear it rip across the cold ATLANTIC. The only bloke kicked out the China Olympics for sneaking a case of brew...Š.Full color art in new mega color assault cardboard sleeve style."

Greene, Burton Ensemble Aquariana LP $15.99 Get Back "A reissue of pianist Burton Greene's Aquariana album recorded at Studio Saravah in Paris, June 9th 1969. Three original compositions featuring Jacques Coursil (trumpet), Arthur Jones (alto sax), Claude Delcloo (drums), Didier Malherbe (flute), and Ben Guerin & Dieter Gewissler (basses). Packaged in a gatefold sleeve with the original artwork, and pressed on 180-gram vinyl."
6/9/2010 Greenhouse Golden City c20 cassette $5.99 Prairie Fire Tapes "Greenhouse (Curran Farris) is a Winnipeg based guitar drone artist. There is nothing harsh, decayed, or damaged in this release whatsoever. This is really nice stuff. For people whose ears rejoice to the sounds of Growing and Expo '70. Recorded live at Golden City, Feb. 2010. Edition of 40."
9/17/2006 GreenHouse GreenHouse CDR $6.99 Lost Treasures of the Underworld/ No Coast Records "side project from Tom Derwent and Ryan McAuley from Diguitras. A high-intensity jaw dropper featuring guitars and sax . Super-fuckin'-extreme sounds that may cause your stereo to blow up! Listen closely for subliminal messages. Comes in weird spray-painted cases."
6/25/2011 Greippi Alttab c40 cassette $7.99 267 Lattajjaa Experimental electronics.
6/25/2011 Greippi Alttak CDR $7.99 267 Lattajjaa "40 minutes of melodic but experimental electronica packaged in a white DVD box. Totally worth the wait!"
4/24/2006 Greippi Hankkiudun Eroon Tapeteista CDR $9.99 267 Lattajjaa "The new generation of the finnish electronica, the first official release from this 11-years old wonderkid."
9/25/2010 Gremlynz / Ajilvsga split c30 cassette + download $7.99 Prairie Fire Tapes "Scratch another (or a couple off the to do list). This one pairs William Cody Watson (Pink Priest) as Gremlynz and Brad Rose (North Sea & Alter Eagle) and Nathan Young (Alms) as Ajilvsga. Thick slabby scabby noise drones make this a winner. This alters brain functions - don't surprised if you're suddenly living in abandoned car underneath a bridge after spinning this. Kids using sound files to get high is no myth, here's PROOF." Edition of 85 copies.
3/30/2005 Grey Park 2 x Live at La-Bas CDR $7.99 self-released "Two live concerts done in August and October 2003 at Club La-Bas. Together a bit over 45 minutes of improvised electronic soundscapes."
3/26/2006 Grey Park Courses I-IV For Agents Abroad 3" CDR $6.99 267 Lattajjaa "i went to a psch hospit and they just diagnose me as sleep deprived because that is all that i am.. no wonder with the mentat esp of nuts that harass me because they cant get peace cause their sins are too deep in their collective unconsciousness so it is a troublesome time to be born in.." - vic bonds
3/30/2005 Grey Park Gradient Descent of My Collective Mind CDR $7.99 self-released "palm reading the opas wilderness." From Finland.
3/30/2005 Grey Park I am Learning to Undo the Magic Crap That Covers Up the Higher Heavens of Magical Beauty CDR $7.99 self-released 7 quite different songs, some lo-fi pop, some more experimental sounds. It was the first cdr release from Finland's Grey Park. "Probably the most diverse GP release. They start with two naivistic no wave jogs featuring some pretty blithe female vocals, and then rush into the magical heavens of electro beats and cuts, and onwards to a track that could've been in Aavikko's first vinyl ep. Not to forget the aqoustic piece nor the muffled drone track which ends this 27-minute CDR. Talk about being meandering." (self-released)
3/30/2005 Grey Park Juri Gasolin CDR $7.99 self-released "Electro-acoustic journey into space with pilot Juri Gasolin. Packed in a used coffeebag.. This cdr is limited to 69 copies."
4/12/2012 Grey Park Three Notes On Stockholm Palindrome CDR $7.99 267 Lattajjaa "grey park continues their agent series with a mindblowing record that might be their best one yet! 27 minutes of their trademark drones with a new psychedelic twist. AMAZING!"
3/1/2007 Grey Park Time on Wings of Spit CDR $7.99 Foxglove "Grey Park have continued flying under the radar for the past couple of years, despite the seeming-obsession with all things finnish. that this is the case is criminal. "times on wings of spit" is their first release outside their own label in a while, and these massive drone attacks are taking the quickest route to your skull. shards of glass cut deep into your psyche while the molten-lava tones pour in. few groups can build as much tension and simply make it disappear into a wash of field recordings and japanese samples like this. it's like being thrown out of an airplane at 30,000 feet; total chaos until you pierce the cloud cover and fixate on the canopy of trees below. you know it's going to hurt, but at least you've got the best view." Edition of 100 copies.
3/21/2007 Grey Park Travel Agent Certification Training Program: Courses I, II and III 3" CDR $7.99 267 Lattajjaa "Afrobeat, typical drone and 7 minutes of worlds most un-space take on space-rock. there are probably 4 or 5 people on earth who need this record and its pretty safe to say that you´re not one of them." "Previous Grey Park releases (that I've heard) have been unsettling drones, like distant electric hums. Just one track on this 3" sounds like that. It opens strangely with a lopsided jaunt into African pop sounds (really!) and ends with an equally odd take on space-rock." Boa Melody Bar
6/30/2010 Grey Skull untitled CDR $6.99 Feeding Tube Records "Free improv for the heavy metal mindset; taking stock of the minutiae of grooves and breakdowns present in the genre; hammering it all in to hypnotic effect? Or just un-godly noise? You decide. One of the more longstanding Western Massachusetts traditions is the awkward and indescribable set by Grey Skull. Related projects: Noise Nomads / Bonescraper Recordings, Breaking World Records / bengeorge7, Anthro Rex."
5/14/2007 Grey, Nick & The Random Orchestra The Candlelight Eyes EP CDR $12.99 Barl Fire "Nick Grey and his Random Orchestra return with what, in recording terms, is the prequel to their critically acclaimed and Julian Cope endorsed "Thieves Among Thorns" album from 2006. Clocking-in at just over 40 minutes, the five-track "Candlelight Eyes EP" showcases the signature heartbreaking and brooding melancholy of its aforementioned sister-album, and at times incorporates intimate chamber folk arrangements, all of which draw more from the musical heritage of the mid-1970's German electronic underground, that inspired Bowie's Berlin trilogy, than the pastoral musings of 1970's psychedelic folk. "The Candlelight Eyes EP" features cover-art by Scapegott, is packaged in jewel cases and limited to 200 copies."

Grillo, Fernando Fluvine CD $15.99 Ampersand "Originally released as part of Cramps' Diverso series in 1976, Grillo's Fluvine has long been regarded as an important and influential audio document by netherworld artists like Nurse With Wound. Karlheinz Stockhausen dubbed him the 'Buddha of the Contrabass,' and avant garde heavy hitters Iannis Xenakis, Luciano Berio, Luigi Nono, Klaus Huber, Henri Posseur, and Iancu Dumitrescu have all composed for him. This is the first-ever, fully re-mastered CD issue of Grillo's solo explorations of the limits of contrabass. Includes several archival photographs, schematic scores, original notes by Grillo, and retrospective notes by French composer Ana-Maria Avram. Packaged in a standard jewel box with an outer slipcase."

Grimble Grumble Grimble Grumble CD $14.99 Won't Go Flat Exploratory drones ala FSA, Windy & Carl, & Azusa Plane
4/16/2007 Grimley, Tom Never Mind the Abstention, Here's the Semi-Automatic cassette $8.99 Heavy Tapes "This tape is a series of recordings of an automated electronic ensemble - independent agents designed and built by Tom Grimley to perform his music for him. Side "A" includes studies for the full piece and the full recording of "Never Mind..." while side B contains "Studies for a New Trio." Both of these recordings are remarkably new and fascinating -- new and unheard voices interact and produce something that warrants close attention -- there are layers of discussion and projection, hums, creaks, whistles, throbs, and more. First in a planned series of projects with Heavy Tapes and Tom."
1/17/2010 Grippers Nother Onesers At Slimer Beach LP $15.99 Olde English Spelling Bee "Completely remastered issue of a cult classic tape from 2004/2006. Limited to 450 copies. Pro-printed black & white covers and insert. also known as: Lamborghini Crystal 1992 Cool Runnings Holiday released 2006 on cassette on New Age Tapes. Recorded 2004 in the parking lot of the Jim Daytona Avenue 711 memorial. Dedicated to Richard Ramirez. Grippers Nother Onesers is a channeling of teenage mutant glue sniffing psycho dreams, a prelude to the psychotic beach bum depression induced by junkfood and huffing siphoned gas out of the Oscar Meyer mobile. 'After Dark Cravings' starts out with a voice saying ''hello earthlings' which is an alien mistaking a candy bar for the HIGHER LIFE FORM inhabitants of earth's soft analog air minimal lo-fi satanic ritual resinated at the bottom of a plastic bong. Ashes of the Charles Manson Family Band. A flash of memories of a Grateful Dead tape playing after you picked up a psycho hitchhiker. Jim Carrey self-consciousness about his new nose job at the Oscars, being a vessel for the voice of the omnipresent leviathan comprised of lost souls stranded naked on the shoulder of the fast lane. 'aside from the heavy Richard Ramirez zone I wanted the record to have the feeling of when you find a half empty bottle of anti-psychotics and just see the name of the owner and you wonder where that person is now'- PTC. So please enjoy this space caker from the heaven's waiting room of custom S.R.O. song booth stars." Reissue of a project from eccentric genius James Ferraro (Skaters), whose high scoring Ms. Pac-Man playing and grand mastery of all things hypnagogic has yet to be surpassed."
9/11/2013 Grody, Danny Paul Between Two Worlds LP + download $16.99 Three Lobed Recordings "Danny Paul Grody is a member of San Francisco groups Tarentel and The Drift. Between Two Worlds is Grody’s third solo album following the albums Fountain (2010, Root Strata) and In Search Of Light (2011, Students of Decay). Between Two Worlds is from a physical edition of approximately 650 copies and is pressed on 140 gram Dutch vinyl by Record Industry. The album is housed within a traditional full-color jacket bearing new photography from Billy Joe Miller. The album is accompanied by a download coupon for DRM-free digital files of the downloader’s choice. “Native Californian guitarist Danny Paul Grody has always been more of a fellow traveller than a true disciple of the American Primitive school. He came up in gauzy, San Francisco post-rock outfits like Tarentel and The Drift. His music is spare and otherworldly. His ideas, more often than not, are realized in repetition rather than in florid displays of virtuosity. His compositions seem to owe as much to John Luther Adams as to John Fahey. One imagines the grooves on his copy of the seminal West African kora music compendium Cordes Anciennes are as well worn as those of the Takoma catalog. Those looking for rustic Guitar Soli orthodoxy would be advised to search elsewhere. Grody’s exquisite music is made up of a thousand little heresies and syncretisms. Sometimes the solitary 12-string suffices, but he’s not afraid to lean into an electric guitar, tapes, piano or synthesizer if the idea demands it. The American school is there, but so are the folkways of the old world; as is the clustered pointillism of Morton Feldman; the luminescent guitar of New Zealand drone stalwarts like Roy Montgomery and Peter Wright; the eternal overtones of the New York minimalists.Grody’s newest album is entitled Between Two Worlds but its contents seemingly unfold between many. Danny Paul Grody is a guitarist, but Between Two Worlds isn’t really “guitar music” as it has come to be understood. It is music of astounding beauty and originality. Never purely American and never really primitive, Danny Paul Grody’s music almost seems to make its own space and its own time.” - Brent S. Sirota, 5/2013
5/13/2011 Grosskopf, Harald Synthesist / Re-Synthesist LP + CD $21.99 RVNG International "Synthesist, the landmark 1980 solo album by Harald Grosskopf, the enigmatic percussionist behind Ash Ra Temple, Klaus Schulze, Cosmic Jokers, and YOU. A melodically rich and celebratory symbiosis of krautrock, kosmische, and new age, restored and remastered for RVNG Intl's debut reissue. Includes a bonus album compilation CD Re-Synthesist, featuring reinterpretations of Synthesist by Oneohtrix Point Never, Blondes, Arp, CFCF, Stellar Om Source, James Ferraro and more. The Synthesist LP comes in a deluxe package including a unique reverse-bound record jacket and full-color liner notes in English and German."
1/24/2009 Group Bombino Guitars From Agadez (Music of Niger) Vol. 2 LP $39.99 Sublime Frequencies "Group Bombino is the latest salvo from the Agadez music scene. Led by the guitar virtuoso Omara Mochtar (Bombino), the group's debut LP -- volume two in the Guitars From Agadez series, represents the latest chapter in the modern sound of the Tuareg revolution. As of 2008, the Tuareg rebellion is in full force again, and Bombino is in exile to parts unknown. Agadez has been cut off from the rest of the country. The only road that connects this legendary city with the rest of the country is littered with land mines and the only escorts are the military. This music and its messages of hope, justice, and desire for validation of the Kel Tamachek way of life ring louder than ever. Group Bombino are gaining mythic status in and around the Tuareg community for their incendiary live performances. Coming from the same scene as Group Inerane and sharing some of the same musicians, Group Bombino showcase both sides of the Tuareg guitar style. Side one features the "dry guitar" sound, an unplugged selection of songs sung among the dunes, camels and stars of the Tenere desert. Side two showcases the electric fury of the full band, a melding of heavy, psychedelic guitar heroics with a raw, garage sound, back beat percussion, all swirling in extended trance rock moves. Recorded live and unfiltered in Agadez and the surrounding desert in early 2007, with the band's equipment powered by generators and an unflinching dedication to the rebellion, Group Bombino's music transcends any influence and ignites the raw passion of its message to the outside world. This is a one-time pressing of 1,500 copies. Pressed on 180 gram vinyl and housed in a gatefold full-color jacket stocked with great photos of the musicians and liner notes by Hisham Mayet." Recommended!
11/20/2010 Group Doueh Beatte Harab LP $29.99 Sublime Frequencies "Sublime Frequencies is honored to be releasing the third LP by the now legendary Group Doueh. Group Doueh have been playing in and around their native Dakhla, in the Western Sahara for over 27 years. Sublime Frequencies' discovery of the group, via a song heard on a radio broadcast in Morocco in 2005 and an exploratory mission in 2006 that landed Hisham Mayet in the group's compound after chasing an overland trail all the way to the Mauritanian border sealed the band's relationship with the label. A successful European tour (with label-mate Omar Souleyman in 2009) ensued and Western audiences were finally able to witness the power of the group's mighty live shows. Doueh's guitar heroics and wife Halima Jakani and Bashiri Touballi's soaring vocal interplay entranced all who were present. This LP showcases a different side to Group Doueh's far-reaching arsenal of sounds. The songs represented on this album adhere to the roots of Saharoui music -- drawing from the classical repertoire of ancestral Mauritanian musical modes. Using the traditional Moorish instruments such as the tinidit (three string Mauritanian lute), ardin (kora-like harp played traditionally by women), tbal (clay drum) and the kass (tea glasses) along with guitar and Korg synth, Group Doueh manage to attain heights of spiritual poetry that this music aspires to convey. Halima's ardin playing and most importantly, her vocal prowess, take this music to blissful and exalted realms. Doueh's tinidit and guitar overlays showcase the technical virtuosity and command that this master has over the region's stringed instruments. This is the music of Group Doueh's roots and the band truly takes these traditions to cosmic heights. Recorded by Group Doueh and Hisham Mayet on location in Dakhla, West Sahara in 2010. This limited edition vinyl LP comes in a beautiful full-color gatefold jacket."
7/10/2008 Grouper Dragging A Dead Deer CD $17.99 Type "The third full-length release for Portland, Oregon-based Liz Harris. Harris might have achieved a significant fan base thanks to the whispering, near-ambient vocal crusades of her debut album Way Their Crept and its follow-up Wide, but those with a careful ear would have heard slightly more trapped beneath her fuzzy chain of effects. Dragging A Dead Deer Up A Hill marks a departure of sorts for Liz, which sees her turn down the fuzz boxes which caged (and to some degree defined) her sound and allows her voice to ring out above everything else. It is an album steeped in the world of dream-pop and far from shying away from the reference, Liz has instead grabbed on with both hands, creating an album's worth of perfect, left-field pop songs. Using delicate song structures which are at once both familiar and somehow alien, her vocals cry out hauntingly over stripped-down guitar lines and looped environmental recordings. These are the future soundtracks to love, despair and ultimately, hope."
7/16/2006 Growing Color Wheel CD $11.99 Megablade/Troubleman "There have been many words and phrases to describe the musical duo known as Growing. Anything from "destructive" to "meditative" to "hypnotic" could be used, and anyone one of those words would be correct. But no one can really describes the power of pulsating sonic waves with the written word. The music of Growing, and any of their like-minded associates, is something you need to experience to understand. You need to place the headphones on your head to really get why these guys are so loved by their fans. You need to blast your stereo to dangerous new heights to grasp why people follow this band the way they do. And while Color Wheel might not be your prototypical Growing album, it might just be the record to push the genre forward. In the past, Kevin Doria and Joe DeNardo have mainly relied on sonic swells to engulf the listener into submission. But on their fourth full-length release, the two have pushed their own boundaries to create something that bridges gaps between the trance world and the NYC experimental scene. With beat like loops showing up on the opener ("Fancy Period"), and with the playful tones bouncing around on "Cumulusless", it's as if they made a conscious decision to push things forward. Instead of being complacent and treading water in the same place, the guys have stopped doing the dead mans float and started swimming towards the horizon. The fuzzed out bliss of past efforts is still present in songs like the Fennesz-esc "Green Pasture", but the overall tone is one of (pardon the pun) growth. It's two guys reaching beyond their comfort zone, beyond the sound that has garnered them their fan base and critical praise, to do something fresh and new. Sure, for the most part it's still just ambient drone, but this time it has an added sense of warmth and depth their past efforts didn't have. It will still be common place to see people enjoying a Growing show laying flat on their back, don't think that this will somehow change their public persona. But the subtle changes they have made will be later looked upon as genre defining and influential to many artists to come. So put on the headphones and blow your ears out, you only live once anyway. - Jake Haselman, indieworkshop.com
9/30/2005 Growing Dry Drunk On Woman 7" $7.99 Troubleman Unlimited "Limited repressing of the debut Growing 7". This is a split release with Nail in the Coffin, who originally released the record. See where the magic began. 500 pressed."
9/30/2005 Growing / Mark Evan Burden split CD $7.99 Zum "Growing are well-known to experimental music audiences for their two albums on the venerable Kranky imprint (and forthcoming material on Animal Disguise). The duo of Kevin Doria and Joe Denardo have toured Europe and Australia and played at All Tomorrow's Parties UK. Their particular amalgam of doom metal, drone, and ambient music has been compared to the minimalist works of Birchville Cat Motel, La Monte Young, Sunn0))), and Brian Eno. This recording, "Firmament", is from a 2002 session. Mark Evan Burden's solo recording is a beautiful composition of electronics and piano. His 15 minute piece is a roiling, percussive powerhouse that conjures up John Cage, Keith Jarrett, and the player piano compositions of Conlon Nancarrow. The Portland, OR-based musician was formerly the organist for Get Hustle (31G) and drummer for Glass Candy and the Shattered Theater. He released an album under the moniker Silentist, an exploration of the heavier side of his compositional interests."
7/16/2004 Grubbs, David A Guess At The Riddle LP $15.99 Fat Cat "The second duo recording from Swedish reed player Mats Gustafsson and American David Grubbs, and the follow-up to their 1999 Apertura release. Forsaking the glacially meditative m.o. of Apertura, the duo delivers a shower of digitally recomposed slivers of contact-mic-equipped saxophone, chiming guitars and synthesizer. Includes guest appearances from turntablist Henry Moore Selder. The first track features an amazing rendition of balloon animals blown-up real fast, the rest only gets better." - Revolver
2/9/2002 Grubbs, David Act Five, Scene One CD $14.99 Blue Chopsticks "An hour-long instrumental piece from the trio of David Grubbs, Tony Conrad, and Dan Brown. Divided into four psychedelically digestible fifteen-minute slices, Act Five, Scene One is an electrified universe of repeat-mode rock'n'roll groove, perfect for zoning out, long solitary drives, and God only knows."
11/1/2014 Gruppo d'Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza The Feed-back LP + CD $27.99 Schema "Long-awaited reissue of this incredible and near-mythical 1970 album, remastered from the original master tapes with superior sound quality, replica of the original RCA LP (with bonus CD) in a limited edition of 500 copies. An insane amalgam of avant-improvisation and motorik krautrock beats that, understandably, has become one of the most collectable LPs ever issued (original copies are impossible to obtain). Just as the first "krautrock" lp's were coming out in Germany, in Italy we had a surprisingly similar counterpart: this album. It consists of three long instrumental tracks, somewhere in between psych-rock, avantgarde jazz and funky jams. The sound is definitely experimental and ostentatiously "underground". None of the instruments involved tries to be reassuring: the guitar is scratchy, the trumpet sounds choked, piano and keyboards are always dissonant and a background of "proto-industrial" noises is present all along the record. The music, anyway, is thrilling. The drum patterns, in particular, are extraordinary: regular, tight, groovy, and incredibly close to the "motorik" beat of Can and Neu!...Mystical, spaced-out free music at its best. "The Group" was not a band of young beatniks. As a matter of fact, it's just a pseudonym for Gruppo d'Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza, a project of renown soundtrack composer Ennio Morricone along with other important experimental musicians. The rock-focused attitude of the record is quite surprising for such a team of classically-trained men already in their forties!"
2/21/2015 Gruppo di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza Eroina LP $24.99 Holidays "There are still so many treasures to be discovered out there, but once you find a gem like this you can definitely put the research on hold for a little while and give it a deep listen. Recorded at Fono Roma in 1971,Eroina is a series of haunting improvisations - each one inspired by the effects of a different drug - made of whirling electronic glitches, skronky horns, pounded piano, funky drums and weird tape experiments delivering the best drone/spaced/drugged out free jazz performed by the legendary ensemble of Ennio Morricone, Mario Bertoncini, Egisto Macchi, Battisti D'Amario, Franco Evangelisti and Walter Bianchi. A timeless masterpiece available for the first time in a deluxe vinyl edition." Edition of 400 copies on black vinyl.
11/15/2008 Gryn Brvs / Siblings of Plasma split cassette $8.99 Digitalis Limited "This one comes from the UK with all sorts of dangling gold and buckets of skronk. fresh off their chocolate monk CDR, gryn brvs continue to be at odds with themselves, creating a cacaphonous sprawl that totally works, even though it seems like it shouldn't. harshly picked acoustic guitars rattle on above waves of ramshackle, junkyard percussion. it's like the percussion is trying to destroy the melody laid down by the guitars. it's fucken great. this sidelong meltdown squirms along for days, lulling you into a state of total abandon. siblings of plasma share members and membranes with gryn brvs, but their modus is down a different rabbit hole. walls of cello squalor mourning the end of days, wailing like the death knell of god only knows. these tracks are bathed in organic, hypnotic ruin. once s.o.p. gets their claws in, you are done. 75 copies w/ spraypainted wrap around sleeves."
12/25/2005 Guam River The New Maps of Hell one-sided LP $33.99 Ultra Eczema "Filthy tape hiss, discusting radio crackling, dark tones, ear vomit, this is definitely one of John Olson's (American Tapes master and Wolf Eyes maniac) darkest recordings! Almost complete silence at some point with some gross stinking dead beat yowling in the back, crankie creep sounds! the soundtrack for the moment after you dumped the body. Comes in a big fold out hairy cover design by Dennisch Tyfusch, with a Guam River sticker and a rotten silkscreen on side B." Edition of 300 copies - out of print.
8/22/2008 Guapo Black Oni LP $37.99 Hlava "Here at last, Guapo´s "Black Oni" on handnumbered limited edition 180g white vinyl. Originally released on CD by Mike Patton´s Ipecac Records in 2005, this record is the second in a recondite trilogy which began with "Five Suns" and will be concluded by the release of "Elixirs" on Neurot Recordings in February 2008. Here´s what was said about Black Oni first time round: With this, their sixth album, Guapo have conjured a harrowingly complex and unflinchingly epic piece of work. Heady and hypnotic, driving and relentless, tumultuous and visceral, sonic and serene, the odyssey that is Black Oni encompasses many paradoxes in its massively dynamic scope. Picking up where they left off from their previous Cuneiform Records release Five Suns (2002), the band continue to expand on their palette of dexterous chamber-rock anomalies, modal transcendence, and apocalyptic death marches, and like it's predecessor, Black Oni is one singular piece of music, making it the second record in a trilogy of large-scale symphonic forms. Incorporating elements of prog, avant-garde jazz, kraut-rock, minimalism and a range of folk mediums from Britain to Indonesia, Guapo take their que from a disparate array of influences including Magma, King Crimson, Boredoms, Goblin, Sun Ra, Charlemagne Palestine, Univers Zero, This Heat, Olivier Messiaen and Popol Vuh. The assembly of Dave Smith's explosive drum assaults, Matt Thompson's brazen and prowling bass throb, and Daniel O'Sullivan's ethereal keyboard reveries telepathically collide in an augury of rich and cinematic musical ceremony. Black Oni is Guapo's most monumentally unreserved offering to date. Limited to 500 copies!" Only a few available - out of print.
9/17/2006 Guerra, Anthony / Matthew Nidek untitled CDR $7.99 Black Petal It is a cdr-single (1 track, 18 mins) and is strictly limited to 50 copies. the cover is handpainted. Features Anthony on guitar and Matthew on drums.
12/21/2004 Guest Star Guest Star CDR $8.99 Haamumaa "From Tampere, Finland comes the Guest Star, and gives you two dark & heavy atmospheric tracks from his mysterous and unorganic land, and finalize the work with nicely played delay guitar. Definetely guest star... and maybe little too scary for many. But it's here... just visiting. Would you like to now serve him a cup of tea?"
11/8/2003 Guignol Angela, David and the Neopolitan Road Issue CD $12.99 Cenotaph Audio "Guignol is a project comprised of Jeremy Barnes, Laurence Coleman and Aaron Moore. These three members form the core of the group, and are assisted by guests Nick Mott (also of Volcano the Bear) and Korena Pang. The lone American in the group, Barnes may be most famous for his participation in Neutral Milk Hotel, but his work in Guignol bears a closer resemblance to his more recent projects, Bablicon and A Hawk and a Hacksaw. These are quite definitely 'songs,' sounding distinctly British and rather intimate, though this intimacy is offset by an outsider aesthetic. Found sounds, scraped percussion, clattery improv and a gentle humour colour these songs. The music conjures images of not only the French countryside where it was recorded, but the mysteries of motion and distance."
8/1/2014 Guitares Dérive Vincent Le Masne et Bertrand Porquet CD $24.99 Fractal "A host of independent labels sprang up in France during the pivotal period of the 60s and 70s in the course of the cultural and musical revolution then unfolding; labels like the legendary Saravah, BYG, Futura, but also Shandar, a cult label par excellence set up in 1971 by gallery owner Chantal Darcy in collaboration with the journalist Daniel Caux (1945-2008) as artistic director. Just a glimpse at the Shandar catalogue makes one's head spin, as all of its productions have become key musical references and much-sought-after collector's items. The quality of the label's artists is quite exceptional, as this list clearly shows: Albert Ayler, Sun Ra, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Steve Reich, Pandit Pran Nath, Sunny Murray, Dashiell Hedayat, François Tusques, Cecil Taylor, Terry Riley, La Monte Young & Marian Zazeela, Philip Glass, Vincent Le Masne & Bertrand Porquet, Charlemagne Palestine, Ragnar Grippe, Abed Azrié, and Richard Horowitz. In 1976, Shandar released an album by the Guitares Dérive duo, founded in Paris in1974 by Vincent Le Masne and Bertrand Porquet co-composers and interpreters of their own original music on two classical guitars. It's a music that is written, structured and highly evocative thanks partly to its somewhat dreamy name, "Guitares Dérive" ! The album, recorded live in the studio, is particularly original. It has a certain affinity with the American minimalist trend (whose artists are to be found on Shandar), yet its register is quite different by virtue of its writing, which avoids all systematisation in the repetition of musical phrases, but on the contrary, constantly evolves. Via its unique style, this fluid and pure sounding music slowly and comfortably bathes its listener in a kind of intoxicating quietude, without lapsing into sentimentality, as the work is underpinned by remarkable technical virtuosity throughout these three lengthy compositions.
"Two expressions, the one rhythmical and obsessive, the other melodic and symbolic, merge and drift according to a principle of infinitesimal variations to take us to a point quite far from where we started out; variations which testify to great rigour, yet also to a keen sense of harmonic sequence, that is both highly daring and acoustically dynamic."
( Jacques Lonchampt - LE MONDE )
"The acoustic instrument at its purest, yet nonetheless imbued with great modernity. A pointillist music made up of a surge of interwoven notes which seem to multiply, although no re-recording was used." ( Jean-Marc Bailleux - ROCK & FOLK )
"There is a discovery to be made here: Vincent Le Masne and Bertrand Porquet pour forth strings of notes, waves of particularly melodious sound. Their musical stream gives an impression of calm serenity and controlled restlessness. Their concert at la Maison de la Radio pleasantly amazed. But you can hear them every day if you pick up a copy of the little gem they recorded for Shandar. You'll not be disappointed." (Martin Messonnier - LIBERATION).
For this reissue, the Guitares Dérive duo's album was remastered by Vincent Le Masne himself along with Alexis Frenkel (Art et Son Studio, Paris). It also contains a previously unreleased bonus track from the same period. This new release is highly recommended to all fans of jazz, repetitive music, avant-garde music, flamenco, classical and contemporary music, but also to all guitar aficionados and especially to admirers of John Fahey, Robbie Basho, Bola Sete, Sandy Bull and Jack Rose. Over thirty years later, the rare Guitares Dérive album -never before reissued- has at last resurfaced. It is now available for the first time on CD, in a Digipack edition, complete with its original sleeve."
4/10/2015 Gunn, Steve & The Black Twig Pickers Seasonal Hire LP + download $18.99 Thrill Jockey "Steve Gunn and The Black Twig Pickers are key figures in the current resurgence of American traditional and folk music. Gunn’s songwriting and inventive guitar playing are driven by his restless mind, having released 9 solo and collaborative albums and appeared as a guest on nearly as many since his debut in 2007. The Black Twig Pickers play a fervent form of traditional music from their Appalachian homeland. The group performs often forgotten traditional songs, especially from their Virginia stomping-ground, creating a living history of old time music. They also have an ongoing residency at the legendary Floyd Country Store.
Seasonal Hire collects four original tunes and one traditional piece, with Gunn and The Black Twig Pickers’ Mike Gangloff and Sally Anne Morgan all taking turns with lead vocal and songwriting. Like all of the Twigs’ albums, it was recorded live, without overdubs or amplification. Gunn fell right in with this aesthetic and threw down guitar parts like he’d been sparring with banjos and fiddles for years. The majority of the album was recorded at Joseph Dejarnette’s Studio 808a in rural Topeco, Virgina, where Gunn and Gangloff recorded Melodies for a Savage Fix, an improvisational masterpiece of pan-cultural meditations. Echoes of Melodies can be heard on Seasonal Hire’s titular b-side, an extended, beautiful ramble equally indebted to old time music and Indian ragas. Additional recording was done closer to Gunn’s New York home at the famed Black Dirt Studios. Black Dirt has been the home for many groundbreaking records by artists such as Charlie Parr, Jack Rose, Bill Orcutt, Expo 70, and Tom Carter. The album was mastered by Patrick Klem. Seasonal Hire shows the impressive range of some of the most talented and imaginative musicians that have made a name for themselves experimenting in folk forms today.
LP version pressed on virgin vinyl and packaged with an artworked inner sleeve and download coupon."
4/27/2011 Gunn, Steve / Ilyas Ahmed Decline of the Stiff / Ignored the End 7" + download $7.99 Immune Recordings "For Record Store Day 2011 Immune is proud to present a split 7" featuring new tracks from Steve Gunn and Ilyas Ahmed. The 7" comes packaged in a proper jacket with collage artwork from Ahmed. Included is a free download coupon and insert."
7/16/2009 Gus, Larry Iasmos CDR $12.99 Oko Records "We were scratching our heads of what the hell to set up for orion's 2nd birthday... almost no idea was coming 'till accidentally chris carras dropped the name of 'larry gus' . he was doing back then his military service in xanthi and was already a name in the greek electronica scene. without 2nd thoughts we asked him for a live set at the party and mix his sounds with children's and our sounds. without hesitation agreed. did a lovely set but an evil eye managed to erase almost all of the recordings from our machines but an hour's field recording set done via another machine. the 3rd birthday was near too, any kind of magic we performed couldn't restore the erased digital files so larry spent less than 24 hours locked in his studio working on new material and using part of that field recording document of the party. the result is an 18 track cdr of fresh, joyous sounds where larry's ideas & tracks and field recordings extracts are mixed in a blend of a gorgeous electronica! taste it!" "Somewhere in the more remote area of Xanthi there is family who treat their two children with unusual birthday gifts, usually specially played recorded CDs. One Larry Gus played some music for the second birthday of Orion (who I saw being baptized, but that's another story), which seems partly based on field recordings of a children's party and, for a larger part, on electronic keyboards, loop devices and a bit of vocals. Eighteen short pieces here of highly improvised music - there is a story about the original master being and it had to be restored or recreated in a short time span, but it sounds quite nice altogether. Childlike, obviously I'd say, intimate and also at times joyous. At thirty two minutes also having the right length for such a thing." - FdW, Vital Weekly
6/24/2012 Gustafsson, Mats Bengt LP $19.99 Utech "Bengt is the new solo recording by Mats Gustafsson and is dedicated to Bengt Nordström. Mats Gustafsson plays a plastic alto sax. A classic Grafton sax. The type of sax that was used by Charlie Parker, Ornette Coleman and Bengt Nordström. Nordström is best known having produced Albert Ayler´s first recording Something Different!!!!!! on his Bird Note imprint. It is in his own role as a sax player Bengt was truly inventive. Bengt was playing solo sax improvisation already in 1962 (!!!) Nordström mentored Swedish reedman Mats Gustafsson in addition to playing in a quartet with drummer Peter Uuskyla, bassist Bjorn Ålke, and violinist Lars Svantesson. Nordström died in 2000 at age 63. Bengt is a celebration of the music and the man behind it. From the liner notes by Swedish author Thomas Millroth- On this record you might not hear the Gustafsson you are used to, but I assure you this is the real Mats, this is the nucleus in his playing. These solo pieces are a wholeness, together forming a sounding essay about the Me in his music. The Me in Me that is Me in You - as did Ekelöf write in a poem." Limited to 500 copies on white vinyl. LP includes cd version of the album."
3/13/2003 Gustafsson, Mats The Education of Lars Jerry CD $14.99 Table of the Elements "Swedish saxophonist Mats Gustafsson is one of the most significant faces in improvised music. Combining great sensitivity and attention to detail with boundless energy, Gustafsson works regularly with the upper echelon of European and American improvisers, including bassist Barry Guy, percussionist Paul Lovens and pianist Marilyn Crispell. The Education of Lars Jerry, which features Gustafsson on tenor and baritone saxes, French flageolet and ‘fluteophone’ (his own contraption combining alto sax mouthpiece and flute), is his second solo record, splendidly recorded by legendary producer Jim O'Rourke in the unique acoustic space of Chicago's Renaissance Society art gallery." "Mats is the most modern of players where the genre tags of jazz, noise, experimental, avant-whatever are finally transcended to a new millennium - where compositional concepts are at once in check with open improvisation and a super-postmodernism becomes what we always wanted: Rock & Roll!" - Thurston Moore
8/2/2008 Gyanism An Interstate Pugilist CDR $12.99 musicyourmindwillloveyou "From Brisbane's fertile underground flows a million glistening particles as the soundtrack to the dirge of our lives unravels our minds into a cathedral of crystal shards and wails our prayers into the void A sprawling wash of guitars, harsh electronics, percussion and processed acoustics forged into a mutant march towards oblivion made real by joel stern , yusuke akai , daiji igasashi , scott sinclairŠsweet head fuck for the children of the infinite dissolution."
4/3/2011 Gypsy Treasures Buried Goods cassette $7.99 Not Not Fun "Zero-profile Irvine, CA raga project delivers their first and only physically available recorded document: four tracks of 4-tracked deep reverb chamber psych-exotica, layered in hand percussion and modal guitar magic. a riddle without an answer."
1/22/2015 Gysin, Brion Back In No Time double cassette $14.99 Sloow Tapes "Reissue of a tape originally released in the Staaltape Documentatie Serie. Brion Gysin (1916-1986) dabbled with surrealism in the 1930s, lived in the Interzone of Tangier in the 1950’s, traveled the Algerian Sahara and was resident in the Beat Hotel in Paris. He introduced William Burroughs to the cut-up method and invented the Dream Machine, a hypnotic light device with the power to induce hallucinations. This tape is an interview conducted by Harry Hoogstraten in the early 1980s. In 1950s Tangier Gysin ran a mythical restaurant called The Thousand And One Nights where he presented the trance and exorcism sounds of the Master Musicians Of Joujouka. Later on he introduced Brian Jones and the Rolling Stones to the Pipes of Pan. The second tape is a live registration by the Master Musicians of Joujouka, recorded live in France. Edition of 100 copies."