DateAdded Artist Title Format Price Label Description
6/25/2013 15 Dead Minutes, The Scheming Things LP $15.99 Trensmat "For the best part of a decade The 15 Dead Minutes have been cultivating a post-electro, nu-tech-industrial sound aesthetic, that, until now has only been heard by the lucky attendees of their live excursions that took place in some of the more sordid sound dungeons worldwide. Their debut EP on Trensmat is venomous with intent from the outset. 'The Runaway' is some serious hydraulic electro-techno, a driving 808 rinse-out into a storm beyond the aquatic triangle. 'Children of the 303' is raw , haunted, obscure and sinister sounding - lock up yer kin! Flip for 'Fibril' where the 303 gets mangled and twisted, melancholic melodies drowning in running tape delays, wobbling analog pulses- frustrated funk in full effect. 'Internal Dialogue' closes the B, all dark driving basslines and glitchy sounds going all over the place, straight to the point mixed up machine madness. A perfect soundtrack for a dark basement full of smoke and strobe light. Proper underground electro for those that do because they couldn't care less." Its gonna be super limited, coloured vinyl in tasty coloured sleeve.
7/11/2008 500mg Another Order Of Existence CD $14.99 Archive "A two part experimental acoustic guitar offering funneled through a train load of pedals and effect and then ejected from a Marshall ½ stack performed by Michael Gibbons of Bardo Pond (and all things Philadelphia and psychedelic). Recorded by myself in 2007 at the worlds nosiest book store - BigJar in Philly. The CD edition comes housed in a slightly taller sleeve with two color silk screen work by Alan Sherry of SIWA on a heavyweight 140lb paper. The front cover is die cut with an inserted picture from the performance printed on vellum, all hand glued and assembled by myself. Graphic work by Demian Johnston." Edition of 500 copies.
3/23/2007 500mg Apocatastisis LP $24.99 Three Lobed Recordings "Performed and recorded by michael gibbons (bardo pond) over the course of 2006 in the lemur house, "apocatastisis" is a meditation on restoration and awakening. an inner voyage in seven parts consisting of guitars, effects, sitar, tabla and violin. a truly special record. from a one-time pressing of 677 hand-numbered copies. housed within sleeves that were individually silk-screened by alan sherry (SIWA)."
8/1/2014 500mg Receiver One b/w Receiver Two 7" $7.99 Drawing Room Records "Michael Gibbons, of monolithic sounds-great-on-any-substance rockers, Bardo Pond, channels his inner Fripp 'N Eno loner sounds akin to the strange paths forged by Deuter, Sandy Bull, and even Neil Young. It's stripped down American komische folk raga if you can even call it that. Fuzzed buzzed blissed goodness for all ears. With this 45, Mr. Gibbons delivers two new tracks of loner acoustic-electro folk. It's good, so very good."
7/29/2004 500mg Vertical Approach LP $15.99 Galactic Zoo Disk / Eclipse Michael Gibbons, of monolithic sounds-great-on-any-substance rockers, Bardo Pond, delivers all the fuzzed out good you'd expect on his 1st solo LP. However, Gibbons really is hitting the true loner path here, forged by weirdos like Deuter, Sandy Bull, early Robert Wyatt and even Neil Young's dusty "Dead Man" soundtrack. Yes, these are cyclical, even largely stripped-down meditations - call it komische raga folk, maybe? Whatever the case, that staring-into-the-sun / Skip Spence vibe prevails-this is a headswirler with feeling, from an underrated and understated guitar god. Sitar, plaintive acoustic guitar, electronics, sampled snatches of manipulated vocals, and that glorious trademark FUZZ. Is it for late nights or early mornings? That is for you to ruminate on, Artwork also by the talented Mr.Gibbons!
4/27/2011 56k Calls in the Night cassette $6.99 Fadeaway Tapes "Calls in the Night finds Josh Burke operating somewhere in the middle of a sound spectrum that stretches from his patented blurred tone patterns to the shimmering sounds found on a release like 'Prana' (released on vinyl by Aguirre in 2010). edition of 60, pro-printed and pro-dubbed cassettes."
4/24/2006 F/i A Question For the Somnambulist CD $12.99 Strange Attractors Audio House "Along with Die Kreuzen, Boy Dirt Car and sister band Vocokesh, Milwaukee psychedelic rock-and-sound legends F/i spawned a space-rock scene in the 80's unlike any other around. Originally issued in a miniscule run in 2003, A Question For The Somnambulist traverses dark and hazy landscapes, hypnotic textures laced with electronics and exploratory guitar riffs dripping with effects. A mini event in its own right, A Question for the Somnambulist marks the return of original member Richard Franecki, who left in 1990 to pursue the way-out trajectories that his band Vocokesh continue to explore. Resuscitated from the annals of uber-obscurity for another suckerpunch to your third eye, this reissue includes one bonus track from the sessions and comes in a limited edition of 1000 housed in a deluxe letterpressed and recycled paperboard package. This is Vol. 4 of the Strange Attractors Resurrection Series."
6/24/2003 F/i A Question For The Somnambulist CD $12.99 Submergence "Long awaited new CD. F/i have explored industrial, psychedelic and space-rock realms over the course of their career, and this is their first new release since 1997's excellent Helioscopum. An unexpected surprise this time is the return of co-founding member Richard Franecki as a full member (not merely a 'special guest')."
12/24/2005 F/i Blanga CD $14.99 Lexicon Devil "Yep, that's right... Milwaukee space/psych-rock veterans, F/i, are back with original member Richard Franecki in the fold (you may know him from his other outfit, Vocokesh) and the results are here to behold. With a string of highly-praised reissues from the band under our belts, ranging from the years 1983-'91, we figured it was high time we did the deed with some of their more contemporary recordings, especially now that core member Franecki has once again joined the gang. Recorded in 2004, Blanga sees the line-up including F/i stalwarts Brian Wensing, Grant Richter and Franecki, with also Rick Hake and John Frankovic joining the troupe. Most of all, Blanga - that's apparently an in-joke within the group and something to do with Amon Duul and Hawkwind... go figure - shows that the band hasn't diluted their talent in ripping out some of the most awe-inspiring, trance-inducing and speaker-destroying psych-rock of the last 25 years. All the crucial pieces are in place: the metronomic drum beats, the Eno/Hawkwindesque synth swirls and, most of all, the overwhelming cloud of fuzzbox guitar distortion coating the proceedings. You get a mere 5 songs in 47 minutes; from the raga-drone of 'An Extremely Lovely Girl Dreams of Blanga' to the stunning blips 'n' whirls of the keyboard/sitar track, 'Blanga's Love Song', right on through to the closer, 'Grandfather Blanga and His Band Light It Up', a Flipper-y dirge with one foot on Earth, one on Mars. You could say it's a whole load of Blanga. What in the heck is Blanga? Best ask the band. They insisted on a Chinese opium den "theme" for the artwork, so maybe they've been indulging in all kindsa things I dare not ask. Of course, I jest. The band is as straight edge as your local Posi Youth Crew, it's just their music which is out to lunch. Just the way we like it."
6/5/2009 Face Plant Face Plant LP $15.99 Heard Worse "Face Plant is the solo modular hessian noise trance project of Aaron Coyes (Unborn Unicorn, Rahdunes, Peaking Lights) with brutal frequency's, mellow drone, and all around stoney flavoring, pumping thru a large ape mans primitive oscillating home brewed modular synth made from old stereo components and hacked up electronics connected to a homemade 3 head tape delay, and some hand cut records being played on one fucking hefty needle!" Includes some additional material by Rats With Wings.
6/11/2006 Facialmess / Hana Kodama split 12" $21.99 Cipher Productions Hana Kodama is a Yukiko (Yamaakago) & Fumio Kosakai (Incapacitants) collaboration - edition of 200 copies.
3/20/2010 Factor X Directions LP $15.99 Excrete Music "When was the last time I thought if Shaun Robert's Factor X project? I can't remember. When he appeared on the scene, back in the late 80s, with a series of strange cassettes full of found which seemed to be captured on microcassettes. I can't say I was a big fan of his work. It seemed to lack composition in favor of one big concept. 'Directions' was first released on tape, so I learned from the net and in the early 90s re-issued by Harsh Dept and now its still someone's favorite as its produced as a bootleg LP in an edition of 200 copies. The first side is made of pieces of magnetic tape stuck together of found sounds. Obscure banging of objects, spoken word (sounds like excerpt from an interview), distortions and such like, and may come across like a very lo-fi Schimpfluch record. Whereas side two has a more continuos piece of music, based on vocal loops, bell sounds and throughout this sounds semi-religious, or perhaps Factor X takes the piss out of very early Current 93? Both sides are long, perhaps close to thirty minutes, which is too long if you ask me. Still not blown away by it, but its quite interesting to see someone actually making the effort to release it."
4/24/2006 Fagus Dans L'Involucre Entre Ouvert CDR $12.99 A Question Of Re_Entry "On a new Greek label, A Question Of Re_entry, comes a duo improvisation CDR by Ferran Fages, who plays an acoustic turntable and Pascal Battus, who plays acoustic walkman. I can imagine what the first is, but the second? Fages has made name for himself as part of the lively Portuguese improvisation scene, and Battus is a new name for me. Despite their two 'acoustic' instruments, this is not really 'improvisation unplugged' and if it is, they know very well how to play around with all sorts of hand-cranked manipulation of their objects to make high piercing sounds, like the fingers on the school-board, which you didn't like at school. But here it sounds fascinating. We don't recognize any sound from either vinyl or tape, but an highly noise related set of sounds, playing at times softly and at other times quite loud and abrasive, but always with full on intention and attention. A highly improvised disc of highly unusual sounds and something that moves out of the onkyo styled improvisation and certainly creates something of it's own." (FdW)
2/13/2003 Fahey, John Red Cross CD $19.99 Revenant "Our late founder John Fahey's final album, Red Cross. An intensely personal project for John which he completed a few months before his death and originally intended for release in 2001. Red Cross can be heard as Fahey coming full circle, reinvigorated, at peace with both past and present. Includes spine-tingling interpretations of Irving Berlin's 'Remember' and the Gershwins' 'Summertime' alongside a number of stellar new Fahey originals. Featuring the acoustic fingerpicking of yore as well as some shimmering electric guitar vamps, Red Cross touches those peculiarly Faheyian regions in the heart and mind. A final, sparkling gem from a hue American original. Packaged in a special, limited-edition letter-pressed chipboard jacket with an inspirational pamphlet nestled insides."
10/6/2007 Fail Sick Poison Describer cassette $7.99 Fag Tapes "Colab. of Failing Lights and Sick Llama recorded at th decrepit HAM Studios. everything crackles w/ mold and tones and shit happen and you have a really fun time, but then you end up dead. sick sounds! edition 50."
1/17/2010 Fail, John W. The 15,000 Day Boat Trip LP $31.99 8mm Records "It happens every so often, something astounding arrives out of nowhere. Like a revelation from another era that has been trapped between dimensions, floating endlessly through the empty layers of space and time and then suddenly arriving like an ancient message in a bottle. The message: “The 15,000 Day Boat Trip” A stunning soundtrack to an imaginary travel through the oceans of the mind, and the wonderful diary of a lonely traveller across the world. My word: This record sounds like nothing you’ve ever heard before, a strange alchemy between styles. Completely without genre and extending beyond the boundaries of the infinite! Decades of avant garde, are homaged together in a sort of “harmonic schizophrenia” In this unique distillation of (electro) acoustic music, sound collage, spectral folk passages, free improvisation, and an almost orchestral arrangement for violin and strings. Each subject is particularly approached and concurring in the creation of an ancestral form of a “blues” hybrid. If what you ask from a record is the chance to travel with your imagination, close your eyes and you’ll be somewhere between Atlantis and Utopia floating in the hold of this ship full of ghosts! Music Composed, performed and edited By John W. Fail (Cenotaph audio label, past releases on Dronedisco, Ultra Eczema, Lied Music, Spiral joy band) Mastered by Ruradith Sadancahaan. Massive nautical-style silkscreened artwork and inserts by Cavalo Branco. Handnumbered and limited to 300 copies."
7/16/2006 Fail, John W. The Icewhistle CDR $8.99 Sharks & Pfennigs "John W. Fail has turned up in a lot of places but on few recordings; this is the first release entirely under his own name, following an 8-project cassette compilation on Dronedisco last year. Most well-known as 1/2 of Lied Music, The Icewhistle finds Fail quietly scraping ghost overtones from his israj (the traditional Bengali instrument heard on Lied Music recordings). In eight minimal tracks, the sounds of air and urban ambiance mix with the israj to create a haunting, suspended soliloquy."
2/11/2006 Failing Lights Dismal Winds one-sided cassette $9.99 Heavy Tapes "Failing Lights is Mike Connelly, who also plays in Hair Police, Wolf Eyes, and runs the Gods of Tundra label. His work in the mentioned bands is incredible, deranged and shows his uncanny ability to work with other powerful players, always to synergistic ends. With "Dismal Winds," Connelly starts a strange dance with some electronic devices that seem to be confounded by themselves: a sludgy, clogged, and choked affair. A short and thick burst, this is dark, bass-heavy, and "just right."
10/25/2008 Failing Lights True Form 7" $7.99 BloodLust! "Pressed in an edition of 300 copies; White vinyl; White labels with minimal black text; Poly-lined inner sleeves; Unmarked white cardboard sleeves - sealed on three sides; Black and white insert; 45 RPM; Failing Lights is Mike Connelly of Wolf Eyes and Hair Police [etc., etc.]; If it seems like there have been a lot of synth releases on BloodLust! these days and forever, then this is Connelly showing you what he can do with dark, distorted, droned-out organ playing; In my head, at least, I understand why this record perfectly illustrates the collision - and probably the collusion - between the contrasting styles of sound generated by members of the Lexington, Kentucky and the greater Detroit, Michigan-area scenes; Somber and unsettling, "True Form" is as "true industrial" as can be; seemingly old, and to my ears, totally non-derivative."
4/24/2006 Failing Lights untitled 7" $25.99 AA Records One-sided square lathe cut 7" from Nate Young's (Wolf Eyes) AA label.
2/11/2006 Failing Lights What Once Was cassette $8.99 Hospital "Grisly rough and raw organ noise from mike connelly. bizarre organic noise wrought with tension and narrow minded singularity ˆ as if it could all collapse and suffocate at any
moment. like an ill child preparing for a hike naively thinking they will last the mile. packaged in vinyl box with color cover.
8/23/2009 Failing Lights & Jason Zeh A Lesson in Tension cassette $5.99 Gods of Tundra "I've know Mr. Zeh for almost a decade now...why its taken us this long to work together is beyond me. Tape infiltration of the highest order. Stretch the wire until it snaps."
1/24/2009 Failing Lights / Sick Llama Killed By Your Brain cassette $8.99 Fag Tapes "Colab. 'corrected' remixxx. cassette. sick llama remixxx* of FT083. "corrected" style. a stereo hater ! classic stickered, hand-painted, hand-numbered remixxx* edition 15. rare!"
2/14/2008 Failing Lights / Sick Llama Scared From the Crypt *remixxx* cassette $7.99 Fag Tapes "Sick Llama remixxx of fag tapes 121. upgrade style. you might throw the other one in th garbage! stickers, hand-stamped color covers. edition 20."
6/16/2003 Fair, Jad & Jason Willett Superfine CD $11.99 Public Eyesore "Way fine super rock from Jad Fair and current Half Japanese collaborator Jason Willett. Jad Fair's spontaneous word'n'tongue action is as joyous and madmanic as ever. Willett's music is wound up, slinky, drivin', rootsy but chaotic. Besides 20 slices of superfine to play on your reg'lar ol' CD player, these busy boys have added 135 (!) MP3 bonus songs to pump through your computer speakers." - Eddie Flowers

Fair, Jad and Kramer Roll Out The Barrel LP $19.99 Shimmy Disc "In 1988 KRAMER composed and recorded over twenty compositions for a forthcoming collaboration with his friend JAD FAIR (whose two finest Half Japanese releases - MUSIC TO STRIP BY and THE BAND THAT WOULD BE KING - were produced by Kramer). Then Jad came into the studio and in a single day recorded his vocals spontaneously. the result was ROLL OUT THE BARREL, which Kramer has called "nearly perfect". Featuring guest performances by PENN JILLETTE, Sonic Youth's THURSTON MOORE & KIM GORDON, and the great NYC composer/saxophinist JOHN ZORN, this LP will satisfy alt-fans worldwide."
1/22/2011 Fairfield, Jared Mysteries c29 cassette $4.99 L'Animaux Tryst Recordings "As humble-yet-impressive in vision and execution as any classic underground album should be, this out-of-nowhere ep from rural maine's jared fairfield is so on-point that once it crossed our path we knew it had to find a home on l'animaux tryst. working a four-way crossroads of pagan ur-folk, aquarian psych-pop, contemporary underground, and future sounds, fairfield moves his remarkable voice thru timeless tune after timeless tune, faint vapour trails of past skewed-pop classics on the periphery. along the way, that voice is joined by deft guitar fingerpicking, autoharp strums, drone/pure sound, a rich tapestry of percussion, and even one sabbath-worthy fuzz bass breakdown, all composed and arranged with quiet confidence and warm fidelity. the title track is one of the best singles we've heard all year, and once you've moved past that particular earworm, repeat spins reveal new deep visions like each quarter-turn of a kaleidoscope. hand-labeled white tapes in an oversized, pro-printed full-color textured art paper sleeve, tied closed with wool yarn, hand-numbered to 75."
2/15/2005 Fake Hand / Ayler's Angels Frozen Hammer vs. Ancient Axe LP $10.99 Hot Cars Warp Records "During their year-long existence, the Fake Hand screwed many a hole in the skulls of college-hipster-type fucks. Try explaining the beauty of Rockette-(Morton)-propelled basslines, neo-no-wuh guitar, and surgically tweaked drumming executed by then eighteen-year-olds to some schmuck in a Sugar t-shirt. Go ahead, try. Ayler's Angels were birthed from the head of the Fake Hand like twin Athenas blurting out 1960Õs free skronk. This is the their first record. Another offering under the AA name came out a year or two later w/ an expanded line-up. Then they changed their name to Army of Ghosts & recorded for Matador-head Gerard Cosloy’s other label, Parallelism. Later on still, they became A.R.E. Weapons." - Byron Coley. 1997 release.
2/13/2003 Falafel Avantgarde Risky Golf CD $9.99 Earsay "Israeli 9 man ‘band’ + occasional guests. 2 guitarists, 1 bassist, 1 drummer, 4 analog synth twiddlers and 1 active sound engineer + some accordion, tapes, and other junk. 3 long improv / jam / free rock/ kraut / experimental tracks. Recorded live to DAT without any overdubs and with absolutely no rehearsals. They love naming their tracks so much that each one has two titles! New 7" available now on Public Eyesore."
1/22/2011 Family Elan Bow Low Bright Glow LP $19.99 Alt.Vinyl "Fusion is a dirty word, implying clinicism and a dry sense of conscious matchmaking. "Bow Low Bright Glow" is a more a communal excavation and re-presentation of buried European folk and sufi-hearted music than any form of experiment. Family Elan are alone in their field. Here, Chris Hladowski has put together a collection of original numbers, visions created from lost/found tapes and traditional pieces (including a absolutely gorgeous "The BlackPlanets Of Her Eyes") that are a fitting companion to Family Elan's "Stare of Dawn" debut. Alongside Hladowski's voice, there's the vocal input of Nalle's Hanna Tuulikki - a voice as easily capable of gentle Qawwali as it is folk song. This is a record of heavy treble intricacy, Hladowski's saz and bouzouki playing encompassing drones, folk, dervish progressive work and a woozy shimmer over and through the entwining melodies. Family Elan are more than just a project or a band, Hladowski has endowed the music here with a such a unique voice that shaky shorthand comparisons would be pointless and a short sell. Music that hints at the devotional rarely feels as inclusive, as communal and as enjoyable as this." 180gm LP ltd to 500 copies.
3/26/2006 Family Underground Axial CDR $9.99 Chocolate Monk "Great heavy jam from these Danish black-out artists. Lurching drone and electronic strangeness slowly worm their way into yr face hole and blow smoke rings. That sound? Thats an ancient axe cutting through cosmic fog, man. Come breath the thunder."
8/28/2007 Family Underground Black Hole double LP $18.99 Weird Forest "Family Underground drenched the east coast of the USA in molten syrup last year and they toted along a tour CD-R entitled Black Hole released by the fine folk of Secret Eye. Mega bummed I didn't get to feel their magic live but I ordered that tour disc post-haste. Man, when I got it I was slain. I thought it was their finest work to date so I had to invoke it on vinyl. I tapped into the band's communication network and together we figured this would make a killer double LP, definitely one for the record books. So The Underground sent me a half hour of unreleased musics to fill the vinyl sides to fruition. Holy Hannah was I unprepared for A! How well the new jams mind-melded with the other tracks. And B - the superb variation of the entire work with paramount peaks and deep arcane valleys. Get it and trip! Limited to 500 copies on black vinyl with full color gatefold jackets." Highly recommended!
4/5/2008 Family Underground Candle Finger's part one and two CDR $12.99 Into the Lunar Night "This one is a special one from the Lunar crew we had Stefan Neville (Pumice) chillin at our place the week before we left for the UK and one night while making this release ready Sara asked if he wanted to make the cover drawing 'cause nothing is for free hehe! so the FU went out to the waffle cone to do the final tour jam and coming home later that night we found that Stefan had drawn it all plus even an innersleeve. those kiwis are fast man! much unlike the the usual Lunar speed of things. so here goes candle fingers with two 15 minutes plus tracks. and colour printed covers courtesy of Stefan Neville." Edition of 100 copies.
8/8/2009 Family Underground Crystal Hangovers CDR $8.99 Our Mouth "rad jams.some awesome viola on it."
7/11/2011 Family Underground Dagger in the Road LP $18.99 Holidays Records "Another chapter of the drone odyssey by our Danish favorites releasing two side-long tracks of black magic. Side A was previously
released on a limited tour-tape by their own label Into the Lunar Light and sounds like the musical score of a horror film sang by a
gathering of hungry wolves in a windy cave. On side B the drone assault ceases and is replaced by reverbing guitars, obsessive synth
melodies and echoed vocals building a psychedelic atmosphere. Released in occasion of their Italian Tour in June 2011." Edition
of 300 copies.
10/8/2010 Family Underground Demon Parade LP $12.99 DNT Records "Think I will set up a booth to sell fried infant fat to the evil parade peeps. But as the demons fly & buzz around the street doing they circus stunting, i would lift open a sewer cap with a rusty iron and slowly creep into the sewers cause who the f**uck is gonna wanna sell ANYTHING at a Demon Parade. You just gonna loose, prob. everything. They don't necessarily carry around change in a chain wallet do they? Or want overpriced Demon Cokes? No way hose.' AND it would be mad LATE at night. No thanks. So, I would gander, the real party (human at least) would be UNDER the demon parade. With total weirdo's. Taking the most of the awful echoey, grating, strange acoustics that lie under the cement streets under the prancing of the demon hooves/feet. I have in my brain an imagine of a m-f duo, comfortable to the street chaos as they are from the free-anarchy of K-town, huddled around the sewer basement by trash can firelight making a slow-MO nerve numbing in tune/outta tune semitone racket to the soundtrack of their busy brain/nuggets. Would sound amazing, slow and mean, thick and meaty but uncluttered, strange and comfortable, KINDA. Like a mystery w/o a mellow ending. Would sound like.....DEMON PARADE. Duh. But like, under the streets to a DEMON PARADE. Cause: See ABOVE. True Family Underground story: One rainy spring night outside a punk club in K-town, some young freeker jammers punkers were looting brew from a Korean Nail Saloon / Party store right next door that left their door unlocked. As scattering happy punkers were cleaning this joint out and stuffing as many tall boys into band-adourned flannel shirts, the two relaxed m-f members of FAMILY UNDERGROUND thought it would be more kosher to do a super quiet set inside, a challenge to high volume AKA being caught. Me & wolf boys were the only ones in attendance to this theft-gig and were blown away by watching the FU's wave papers, move cutlery around, and get UNSOUND from Korean nail equipment NOT plugged in. It was amazing. It was, in my simple brain, what seeing the mythical SOUTHFIELD CAFETERIA FORK BAND live on the coldest night in winter must've been like. Super kool. After they did this NON SOUND FAMILY UNDERGROUND concert, the duo went peacefully to the cooler, gripped FIVE tall boys and we went black outside, UNCAUGHT. Life on the edge, HOW WE DO IT YO. So anyway, Dig this LP. Its real frozen/wild/weird. Sounds good pitched down. UNLIKE: the trees, mob 47, or System Fucker. My fave recs. are A: by my friends & B: portals to another wild/weird world cause this plane SUX. But this here DEMON PARADE. ACE." -John Olzone Winter 2010
8/2/2008 Family Underground Helium Rug one-sided LP $11.99 DNT Recordings "Denmark's drone demons release another one. A helium rug would float, which is exactly what your melted mind will do while listening to this record. Whistling blown by the birds of hell. This has been in the works for quite some time. Originally intended to come out last summer on their US tour, but we didn't want to flood the market (they already had 3 LPs coming out the same time). Edition of 300 on black vinyl with bi-color stencil. The front cover is what you will look like after listening to this. Your mind will split open unleashing the helium rug from within. Artwork by Zachary Fleming."
6/11/2006 Family Underground Raising the Labyrinth CDR $12.99 into the lunar night June 2006 release of two tracks recorded back in March of this year. Like all FU, this comes highly recommended!
6/11/2006 Family Underground Risen Under Altar Souls cassette $12.99 Heavy Tapes
6/19/2007 Family Underground Salt of the Sun CD $19.99 Ikuisuus "New minimal full-length album from Family Underground that abandons the drug-hit-sally-inside feel of early Velvets jags for the sound of the last gasp of Lou Reed's long-suffering amp in the final seconds of 'Black Angel's Death Song' extended to oblivion. Comes in a fold-out four panel digipak." - Volcanic Tongue
2/18/2015 Family Underground The Dark Light Years LP + download $20.99 Into the Lunar Night Edition of 464 copies on the bands own label. "This is the second vinyl release on Family Undergrounds own label, Into the Lunar Night Recordings. First one 'Familiar Places' was deeply rooted in experimental free form music. 'The Dark Light Years' being their 13th vinyl release. FU is back to being a trio again and the form is song based but with no rules attached." Can't wait to hear this! Band uses electric guitar, drums, viola, synth, percussion and piano - it's a heavy record. Comes with insert, too.
11/21/2009 Family Underground Untitled 7" $7.99 Quasi Pop "Primitive guitar riffin', synth's drone and effects. Raw beauty and energy in it's primal. File under: minimal/psychedelic/noise-rock." Edition of 500 copies on black vinyl.
3/2/2007 Family Underground / My Cat is an Alien Mysterious Invaders / Extraterrestrial Call LP $21.99 Reverse Family Underground's side is killer! Heavy drone like you dig it. MCIAA's side rules, too. They were recorded live in Portugal. Limited edition of 356 copies on transparent vinyl and housed in a transparent silkscreened plastic sleeve. Highly recommended!
9/18/2006 Family Underground / Quintana Roo Vengeance Valley b/w Horses Neck 7" $6.99 Not Not Fun "A pair of implosion constructs from Denmark's finest and Eagle Rock's vaguest. Originally conceived for the Quintana/Underground doomed west coast tour dates, but car rental hostilities and passport chaos shot the drone team scheme dead. Alas. At any rate: the single still stands. 'Vengeance Valley' finds FU at their most steeped-in-dread, channeling Spahn Ranch brainwash kill vibes into rumbling black hills of bad acid alchemy. Pure murder magick. Q Roo's 'Horses Neck' wanders its own Death Valley nothingness, loses contact/control, and carves slow sigils in the sand. A hovering aura of desert oblivion. Black vinyl 7 inches in hand-numbered, hand-screened grey cardstock jackets with skull-rider/ancient ruins cover art. Limited to 300."
6/11/2006 Family Underground and Rauhan Orkesteri QBICO U-Nite III, Bruxelles LP $21.99 QBICO rotten green vinyl, cover by qbico. This has Family Underground on side A and Family Underground and Rauhan Orkesteri on side B. Recorded April 19, 2005 @ Cinema Nova. "the animal which could best depict the music of this other memorable nite @ Cinema Nova is a cobra, in fact i think this music kills! worth mentioning is the final jam: a rare meeting between psych drones and free music, here FU & RO unite to burn loose..."
7/14/2007 Fantastic Ego Ego Trip the Light Fantastic CDR $7.99 Phantom Limb Recordings "From Ged Gengras (Antique Brothers) comes this accomplished take on the new wave pop song ("Down in the Park") and some inspired no wave guitar and sonica instrumentals. For fans of Current 93 and any Beta-Lactam Ring releases. Truly dark and yet surprisingly enlightening folk-based music from one of the most promising young musicians playing and recordings their own music in a closet today. Check out Ged's interview in the recent edition of Foxy Digitalis- smart kid!" Limited edition of 90 copies.

Fantasyy Factoryy Dreams Never Sleep CD $17.99 Ohrwaschl Records "The third album from lauded psychedelic trio, with bandleader Alan Tepper joining forces with the mysterious Dr. Cosmos and C. Stone for the ultimate expression of psychedelic mania to emerge from tortured subconsciosness."

Fantasyy Factoryy If I Like It, I Do It CD $17.99 Ohrwaschl Records "This first saw light of day in 1998, with two new tracks added as a bonus. Don't forget that there was a time when people were fair and had sky in their hair so keep your heads above the flipping clouds of reality."
3/11/2015 FANZ Heruka 10" lathe cut $21.99 PseudoArcana More raucous high energy electro-kult insanity from Wellingtons FANZ. 'Heruka' dates from the bands very first recording sessions in early 2014 and finds them hitting the street running. Sparks fly and the hallucinatory nature of their snake charming chants fill ones skull with a glorious day-glo cotton wool. Samin Son, Noel Meek and Fergus Nelson-Moores on vocals and electronics. Antony Milton on drums."
5/5/2015 FANZ Live @ Puppies 26 April 2014 lathe cut 7" $16.99 Heavy Space "Noise from Wellington, NZ, recording of the debut live gig. Noel Meek, Samin Son, Fergus Nelson Moores & Antony Milton. Electronics and vocals, drums and sampler. Jet planes taking off, grooving slowly to a breaking beat, shades of colourful feedback & jagged rocking company. Ltd 20 copies"
4/6/2015 FANZ Live at the Pyramid Club cassette + download $13.99 End of the Alphabet "A slab of free freak noise from prolific New Zealand quartet, FANZ. FANZ are a four piece freak noise outfit from Wellington, New Zealand, featuring the legendary Antony Milton (here taking the drum seat), End of the Alphabet Records boss man, Noel Meek, South Korean performance artist, Samin Son and noisenik Fergus Nelson Moores. They have been described as being "something like a cross between The Skaters and The Futurians" (Pseudoarcana). Solidly in the New Zealand tradition of weirdo outsider noise makers, FANZ are four solo music freaks getting together to make a racket that one audience member described as "symphonic noise." "Live at the Pyramid Club" was recorded at the most recent in a 15 year tradition of music venues in Wellington dedicated to experimental music and consists of two sides of improvised free noise and drone propelled by caveman drums. It is a wild ride of an album that sucks listeners into a whirlpool of feedback and screams . . ." Edition of 50 copies with high quality download.
11/1/2014 FANZ Zen Bones CDR $13.99 Pseudo Arcana "Debut razzamataz from Wellington based psychedelic shaman freaks FANZ. 3 vocalists cum pedal-noise manipulators, South Korean performance artist Samin Son, ex-All Seeing Hand vocalist Noel Meek and Mischanceries Fergus Nelson Moores kick up an ecstatic squalling racket whilst percussionist Antony Milton gets all martial on drum kit and synth. With weird hallucinatory chanting interludes amongst the spacey bleeps and the roar of broken amps the end result is something like a cross between The Skaters and The Futurians. 'Zen Bones' was recorded during a couple of sessions in April and May 2014. Edited, mixed and mastered by Antony Milton. Here is a sample video:
CDR in full colour gatefold sleeve.
2/26/2011 Far Concern Stubborn Feet 3" CDR $7.99 Black Petal "Far Concern is Jared Davies from Melbourne, Australia. This is his debut release and it's the poppiest thing Black Petal has ever put out...it's really poppy! He will be releasing an album on Chapter Music (quite large australian indie label) in the future; they were kind enough to let him sneak this mini release out on Black Petal first though. limited edition of 50 copies and no moreŠ"

Faris, Marc Drone-on This CD $9.99 Carbon Records "51 tracks. Among men, marc faris is a puppy. Drone-On This is a confluence of many musics, not just funk-tinged bluegrass like so much of the CDR.Series. Includes 3 'pop songs' (including an ill-advised cover of Lou Reed's 'Satellite of Love'), 3 tracks of 'free improv,' 1 longer 'piece,' 43 tracks of digital silence and 1 'hidden bonus track' (entitled 'Hidden Bonus Track'). The results are not as immediately compelling as, say, the recent output of Finkbeiner or what have you, but the attentive listener will find much to enjoy. Includes instructions for devising one's own track sequence to suit a variety of listening environments. [limited edition of 75, each packaged in a glossy white cd folder with a swatch of Thai paper attached to spine, and 4 double-sided postcard inserts with song descriptions. hand numbered]"
11/25/2010 Fassonaki, Helga & Andrew Scott Wedding Album 7" $5.99 no label "A celebratory artifact made for a special event (guess what?) which thanks to the pressing run minimums of vinyl plants, is now available in limited numbers to non-attendees. Two tracks: a guitar/vocal lullaby on one side and an everyday slice of raging full-spectrum psychedelia on the flip. Duo 7" by Helga and Andrew from Metal Rouge."
1/24/2009 Fat Day Iguanadonaland LP $14.99 Spirit of Orr / 100% Breakfast! Records "Now ready to ship is the long awaited, and only slightly discussed sixth album from FAT DAY called IGUANADONALAND. A work worthy of being their capstone, an amassing of all FAT DAY concepts and ideas. Ideas that needed to be woven into the fabric of the music, an effort that took time to balance. . . to prepare correctly for the ages. And since FAT DAY understands that the magic is in the follow-through, these ideas are fully realized, and fully in effect. This project became a four-year journey into a slanted concept record. It was first described to me as a 'sort of parallel ATLANTIS story for lizards. . . them that this planet belongs to'. It is a story that could only be conspired by four close friends who have spent the past 15 or so years locked in deep commune with each other and their four unique visions. Working together with all of the experimenting and learning, to pass along a message to the future of 'what happened here'. Because contained here in these grooves is also what will be the FINAL exhibit from FAT DAY. If you miss out on it, perhaps you will never know what was missed. I would warn that by opening yourself to this, you will be charged with a powerful, inspiring, and real element. RAW, PURE, BEAUTIFUL." Recommended - insane record!
2/11/2006 Fat Worm of Error untitled 7" $15.99 Ultra Eczema "The most spastic band of this very moment on this gross planet is definitely the north-or east (whatever) hampton based no wave fartband Fat Worm of Error. These druide change costumes with every song on their scary live shows while 567 different sounds pop out of 456 instruments. They have moustaches that are bigger than anyone's hairsausages in the antwerpe snorrenclub, and play actually very tight songs!" This 7" comes in an oversized cutout stencilprinted cover designed by Dennis Tyfus. Beautiful package!
7/16/2011 Father Return of Father cassette $7.99 Root Strata "Hopefully lost dreamscapes rife with broken strings, disembodied ethereal voices, multi-dimensional logic. Behind the curtain, a constant breath, steering you home." Edition of 100.

Father Moo & The Black Sheep Father Moo & The Black Sheep lathe cut LP $29.99 Eclipse "Demonic scriptures of dubious eroticism and cultism, performed by the heretical guru Father Moo and his female disciples. Minimal acoustic works using just female chanting and drones." This is a remixed version of the original AMT label cd release (and subsequent LP release on Swordfish) and is limited to 100 copies. Lathe cut by Peter King.

Father Moo & The Black Sheep Father Moo & The Black Sheep LP $49.99 Swordfish "Cult trip document by Father Moo and his handmaidens. Demonic scriptures of dubious eroticism and cultism, performed by the heretical guru Father Moo and his female disciples. Minimal acoustic works using just female chanting and drones." Reissue of the original CDr edition on Acid Mothers Temple. Limited edition of 500 handnumbered copies with Obi strip. Gatefold sleeve.
1/1/2008 Father of the Flood Posture CDR $10.99 The Lotus Sound "Father of the Flood's, "Posture" is an elegiac collection of songs about the disconcerting moments in life when self-introspection and the coercive methods chosen to project personal absolution and contrived identities upon others begins to dismantle one's organic self. The individual sounds of sparse piano chords, traces of dialogue, and intertwined field recordings cumulatively evoke a somber mood of skepticism that due to the length of the release does not become oppressive. Although derivative to various compositions by Arvo Pärt and numerous references to poems by John Donne, the authenticity of these home-recordings is apparent and lends support to the personality of this release." Edition of 100 copies.
7/16/2006 Father Yod & The Spirit of '76 Contraction CD $18.99 Swordfish First authorized CD reissue of this album, originally issued by Higher Key in 1974. "The legendary and ultra-rare second album fully remastered and presented in the original full colour sleeve. Includes new notes from various family members especially written for this release. The extremely positive & instructive nature of the Contraction period lyrically is amazing. Father is like a marine taking a beachhead in WWII and we were the beachhead. Our previous 'Pavlovian' lives of following the repetitive death culture were the enemy and he was taking no prisoners. His aim in Contraction was to give birth to the highest conception of oneself as no less than the messiah." --DJIN AQUARIAN 2005
6/24/2012 Father Yod and The Source Family The Thought Adjusters double LP $21.99 Drag City "A very special trip to the vaults have revealed this epic & essential monster! These four sides are filled to the max with monolithic previously-unheard jams meant to open your head - with a gorgeous full-color gatefold sleeve to boot! 2xLP VINYL ONLY RELEASE. With "The Thought Adjusters", the focus is on extended rhythms created not only by YaHoWha13 but all the family musicians. The focus is on extended rhythms created in support of Father as he made his teachings, with all the jams integrating both aspects; music & wisdom. Truly, a family vibe can be felt in the recordings here, as impromptu teachings from Father are augmented by improvised riffs which blossom into lengthy mind-&-soul-excursions, heavy with communal rock & blistering thoughts from the band and Father.
2/11/2006 Father Yod and the Spirit of '76 Contraction LP $29.99 Swordfish First authorized reissue of this album, originally issued by Higher Key in 1974. "The legendary and ultra-rare second album fully remastered and presented in the original full colour sleeve. Includes new notes from various family members especially written for this release. The extremely positive & instructive nature of the Contraction period lyrically is amazing. Father is like a marine taking a beachhead in WWII and we were the beachhead. Our previous 'Pavlovian' lives of following the repetitive death culture were the enemy and he was taking no prisoners. His aim in Contraction was to give birth to the highest conception of oneself as no less than the messiah." - Djin Aquarian 2005
12/22/2014 Father Yod and The Spirit of ’76 Kohoutek LP $21.99 Drag City "Now that the story of THE SOURCE FAMILY is out there, as the subject of an acclaimed book and documentary film (as well as an ongoing series of rare, never-before-released recordings), it’s time to turn the light back on the records that made this whole thing a story in the first place. In the 1990s, it was a revelation to discover that there was a series of records made by a hippie cult led by a big Santa Claus-looking guy named FATHER YOD. It was of further interest that these records weren’t simple, predictable light-rock recitals about Jesus—far from it! Instead, they were darkly psychedelic, stream-of-consciousness jams, with Father and the members of his band (usually THE SPIRIT OF ’76 and YaHoWa13) reaching together for divine transformation, and often finding it, as Father screamed, pounding kettle drums ecstatically, while the band erupted with coils of enlightenment rock, over and over. Records like Penetration, Contraction, To the Principles For the Children, and I’m Gonna Take You Home were amazing home-recorded documents, adorned with hand-drawn phrases and logos and grainy color shots of what appeared to be truly magical everyday cult life with Father. Super-crazy, inspiring stuff. Now we return to the beginning, for the second coming of Kohoutek. This was the first spontaneous release that was made into a record, credited to Father Yod and The Spirit of ’76. It came out in 1973, the year of Kohoutek, when the immanent arrival of the big comet spawned a new round of cosmic consciousness in the media and with people all over the planet. This was more than a comet, its radiance was enormous, it came from ancient times to be experienced again by the enlightened people of the day. The Source Family were alive with expectation about the return of this long-haired messenger, and Father devoted considerable time chanting and eventually changing in his identity to Yahowa while meditating on the comet. Events like these were to be cherished for bringing infusions of energy that could only be accessed via the rare occasions. Life had to be lived in order to grow—and the two sides of Kohoutek are a special jam that passes through tranquility to exultation, a tapping of the passing flame in the skies and a greeting from Father to the messenger and bearer of such awesome gifts. Very pure."

Faust Faust Wakes Nosferatu CD $18.99 Think Progressive From 1997 - long out of print.

Faust Faust/So Far CD $20.99 Collector's Choice First 2 Faust records on 1 cd. 'So Far' had been out of print for years so this a great reissue!
7/30/2006 Faust Impressions DVD & CD $20.99 Zick Zack First ever DVD package from Faust, featuring 11 full video tracks shot between 1971 and 1994 by Zappi-W-Diermaier - all previously unreleased, including three tracks that have never been heard before. Comes with a bonus cd of material called "I Spin" featurng half an hour of music. NSTC For all regions.
8/31/2008 Faust & Nurse With Wound Disconnected double LP $49.99 Dirtier "Previously released on CD by the Art-Errorist label, this is the vinyl edition of an almost mythical collaboration, joining two of the greatest studio bands in the history of audio recording. Legendary '70s German Krautrock band Faust today includes Werner "Zappi" Diermaier and bassist Jean-Hervé Peron, the only original members, joined by Amaury Cambuzat from the band Ulan Bator. British experimental band Nurse With Wound was formed three decades ago by Steven Stapleton, now joined by Colin Potter. Since expectations are most certainly high for such a joint venture, Disconnected delivers in every way, and of course sounds, as you might expect, like both bands, but also stands on it own, as you might not expect. Faust had an early influence way back on a young NWW - but as the years have passed, NWW have had a profound effect on the German legends. Disconnected opens new worlds of sound with audio collage, incantory drum beats, deconstructed sound samples, mesmerizing feedback loops, and echoing electronics. New trails are forged by seasoned masters. For the first 1000 copies only, this vinyl edition has two sides of previously-unreleased material, one side pure Faust from the Disconnected sessions, the other a NWW track, unique to this set. The double LP is also pressed on clear yellow and clear orange vinyl for this limited edition." - FE
12/12/2009 Faux Amis Faux Amis LP $15.99 Zero Jardins "Big band collaboration LP in the style of the Drapeau Noir album that pits a bunch of player associated with the free music scene around Lyons in France - Motherfucking, I'm A Grizzly, Julien Dupont, Francois Virot, Le Geme Faute - with members of the current crop of underground groups centered on Sheffield - Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides, Chora, Helhesten and Lanterns. In April 2008 the collective recorded a marathon five hour jam, of which this LP presents 35 minutes of highlights. The form ranges from obtuse NNCK-style navigations of the furthest fringes of form through lolloping almost International Harvester/Parson Sound-style psychedelic monoliths." - Volcanic Tongue
9/17/2009 Fay Group, Bill Tomorrow Tomorrow and Tomorrow LP $16.99 Drag City "The Durtro Jnana CD release in early 2005 added a new chapter to the Bill Fay legend. And now comes another addendum: the LP release of Tomorrow Tomorrow and Tomorrow features a new mastering of the material, a remix of 'Planet Earth, Daytime' extending the song's length, and the inclusion of three tracks not on the CD ('Change Is Near,' 'Pear Tree' and 'My Friend') in place of a montage of songs (tracks 6-14 from the CD). This is a sequence that better serves the album format and provides a fresh listening perspective for those among us who've worn out their CD copies already. Additionally, Bill Fay has written extensive notes for inclusion in this new package, illuminating the period in which the album was written and the intentions with which it was undertaken. Tomorrow Tomorrow and Tomorrow was recorded in 1978-1981 but remained unreleased until 2005. The Tomorrow Tomorrow and Tomorrow LP is slightly resequenced and ten minutes shorter than the CD, a move that clarifies the scope and curve of the album."
9/30/2005 Fay, Bill Bill Fay CD $19.99 Eclectic Discs "Bill Fay is an enigmatic UK based singer, songwriter and pianist whose work is impossible to categorise. His late '60s and early '70s work has a strong cult following, is highly regarded by many music journalists and is dark and haunting with songs rarely going over three minutes. Bill was originally signed to Decca and between 1967 and 1971 the label released a beautifully odd single ('Some Good Advice'/'Screams In The Ears') and two excellent albums (the lushly orchestrated Bill Fay and the rawer, more rock-oriented Time Of The Last Persecution). Bill's fantastic songs have touched and inspired many - his fans include country rockers Wilco, songwriter/producer Jim O'Rourke, Ben Chasny of Six Organs Of Admittance and David Michael of Current 93." 'His first two albums are incredibly emotionally complex: haunted, harrowing, holy and hopeful. Rather than shying away from these contradictions, Fay made it a note to embrace them. The flamboyantly bitter and cinematic orchestral flourishes on Fay's self-titled album and the ferocious guitar wail of free jazz heavyweight Ray Russell on Time of the Last Persecution, are both met by Fay's conversational, modest vocal inflection that is unquestionable in its sheer honesty and vulnerability.' -Matt Wellins, Dusted. Reissue of 1st LP from 1970 on Deram with 2 bonus tracks from his 1967 single as well as liner notes by Fay.
11/21/2009 Fazzini, Tom Neck To Neck LP $15.99 Locust "The record was made with the backdrop of recovery - a new place to live and a chance at renewal -quite on the edge, lots of anger and the absurdity of life all swirling around. Remember believing at the time that I would probably have a short life, so that desperation fed into the album. First and last chance to maybe say something on record. It took several months to record and each session was a short burst. Towards the end of the recording a welcome sense of levity crept in, spurred on by the ludicrous casio pre-sets. That felt good, given the whole Industrial scene, in the broad sense, was a bit earnest and po-faced. The album title came to me from being familiar with a bar called 'the swan with two necks'. I imagined Lyn and myself as two separate swans , damaged, their necks entwined and in my mind that poetically offset the industrial harshness within the grooves." - Tom Fazzini. "Neck To Neck is a head scratching slab of warped primitive synth punk cut by a young Tom Fazzini in exile from a madness inducing tenure as a London postal carrier at Paul Dillon's Complex studios. Originally released in 1984 on Gordon A. Hope's short lived A-mission label (which also counted releases by Asmus Tietchens & O Yuki Conjugate), Tom Fazzini's combination of minimal synth and brutalist /absurdist industrial songs had more in line with the broader discomforts of the early 80s international tape network, Family Fodder, LAFMS, Flying Lizards and Ralph records than the agit pop that dominated the Leeds music scene at the time. Once an outsider, always an outsider. Features new liner notes by Tom Fazzini & previously unpublished photos. Remastered and pressed up on 180 gram virgin vinyl. one time edition of 500."
5/7/2004 Fe-Mail Syklubb Fra Hælvete (Sewing Club From Hell) CD $13.99 Important Records "'Out of Norway comes the most exciting noise LP I've heard to date. These two women romp thru stimulating noise compositions fresh and clean w/ a distinct Scandinavian frost. But there's always an undercurrent of warm embrace, sweet and masterful.' - Thurston Moore. Already an incontestable figure of the Scandinavian music scene, Maja Ratkje follows the release of her stunning first solo album, Voice (Rune Grammaphone), with Fe-Mail. A compulsive musician who, beside her main activity as part of all-female avant-garde free-improvisation quartet Spunk, is, at only 29, a lecturer in composition at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, a world-renowned contemporary composer, an impressive singer and accomplished musician. Together with fellow Spunk-ette Hild Sofie Tafjord, Ratkje improvises with analogue electronic gear, samplers, voice, harmonica, and miscellaneous acoustic instruments to shape a more defined and delicate, if such a word can in any way define the realm in which Fe-mail evolve, series of soundscapes."
12/24/2005 Fe-mail Voluptuous Vultures 10" $13.99 PsychForm "Fe-mail is a electronics/noise duo consisting of Maja Ratkje and Hild Sofie Tafjord, both known from the anarchistic improv quartet SPUNK. This release is limited to 400 copies on black vinyl."
9/30/2005 Felipe & Forté Shaggy Black CD $11.99 Soft Abuse "A certain amount of sublime unease fills Shaggy Black, the debut from the ad hoc duo of Miami's Dino Felipe and Brooklyn's Nick Forté, captured under the moniker Felipe & Forté. Strange sounds, with sources unknown, permeate throughout the disc. It's deeply processed and yet presents an undeniably organic presence, a unique anomaly of both resplendent and savage textures. The union of man-made and machine-based sounds creates a truly fucked, purely psychedelic atmosphere of sonic scrawl and blistering fuzz. It's equal parts Oval, Boredoms, Alvin Lucier and Excepter."
7/10/2008 Felipe, Dino No Fun Demo CD $10.99 No Fun Productions "Previously know for his electronic work with Miami's Schematic label and his experimental records on his own and with others (Old Bombs, Fukktron,etc) this time Dino stares right at the ghost of his MTV dreams childhood years and comes out of it with the most beautiful record of well put together songs you'll hear this year. A full instrumented record of pop rock, ballads, psychedelia, no-wave, rock noise and total mutations injected with Dino's own unique approach. This is the pop music of the present, and a recording shooting to change the future."
2/11/2006 Fell Fell CD $12.99 Camera Obscura "Fell is a new project by Josh Wambeke of the Denver, Colorado psychedelic pop duo Phineas Gage (last heard in 2000 on their Camera Obscura CD "Reconsidered"). The band began life as a series of four-track tapes culled from a backlog of Josh Wambeke's demos - experimental odds and ends deemed unsuitable for inclusion in the Phineas Gage repertoire due to their heavy usage of electronics and drum machines. When Wambeke's colleague in Gage, Patrick Porter, embarked on an extensive globe-trot and started on a series of solo releases, Wambeke set out to combine the existing electro-ambient feel of these demo tracks with the heavily-reverbed space guitars and layered, subterranean vocals that had comprised the Phineas Gage sound. Recruiting local drummer Josh Cedillo and friends Zac Hilman, and Mike Dewey, Wambeke purchased home recording equipment and spent the next year in his grandmother's basement recording the songs for a first Fell album. Heavy influences during the recordings included Joy Division and the Cure's "Disintegration". As sessions for the album progressed, Wambeke took on more and more of the recording himself, the creation of the songs becoming a kind of therapy during a time of uncertainty and depression. A year's worth of basement sessions gave birth to this CD. A number of shows were played, but eventually Hilman and Dewey left the band for other ventures. Currently the group consists of Wambeke and Cedillo, who are continuing to record new songs for future releases. The Fell CD runs the gamut from psych to space to post-rock with nods in the direction of early new wave and ambient electronics but in the end it is the band's effortless song craft and precise arrangements that propel tracks like the hypnotic "Data-Backspace =Error", the melancholy "End Forever", the haunting "Vacant Song" and the sublime acoustic closer "Cause of Cancer" into hearts and stratospheres."
1/1/2008 Fern Knight Music For Witches and Alchemists LP $16.99 Eclipse "Like so much contemporary US psychedelic folk, Fern Knight takes its cues from the dark underground UK folk of the late 60s and early 70s. Opening track 'Song for Ireland' could be from a lost Stone Angel recording or an outtake from Loudest Whisper's touchstone LP 'Children of Lir'. Dark magic is here, the kind that is celebrated by ritual gatherings in hidden glades. 'Awake, Angel Snake' is given an Espers-like sheen courtesy of Week's screaming acid lead guitar, but the results somehow recall doomed Transatlantic folk rock outfit Mr. Fox than anything from this millennium, which is laudable, because how often does one get to compare something to that benighted but magnificent project?" -- Tony Dale, Ptolemaic Terrascope. "VHF Records released the second full-length CD in November 2006, Music for Witches and Alchemists. M4W&A is a dark and beguiling collection of neo-psychedelic songs. Beautifully recorded at Hexham Head by Espers' Greg Weeks, the songs are cast in rich, detailed arrangements featuring Alec K. Redfearn, Greg Weeks, Jesse Sparhawk on harp, Otto Hauser (Espers, Devendra Banhart, Vetiver) and other Philadelphia-area luminaries contributing to the sweeping sound. At the heart are Margie's strong voice, cello/string arrangements, and guitar, leading the tunes with feeling and subtlety. Music for Witches and Alchemists was released on vinyl on Eclipse Records in December 2007, with hand-screened covers by Monoroid." Numbered edition of 800 copies - beautifully screenprinted jackets (inside and out) by Neil Burke - and vinyl pressed by RTI.
7/10/2010 Ferrari, Luc Danses Organiques LP $29.99 Elica "Luc Ferrari is one of the most important and intriguing figures of the last forty years, a pioneer of musique concrète at the beginning of the Groupe de Recherche Musicales in Paris (GRM) and perhaps "the only real artist among many excellent researchers" as someone suggested, with a very peculiar sensibility creating his own musical world in which wit, sensualité, extreme sound realism, playful analytical abilities, social concerns, and love for good food are important and inspiring elements. No matter how radical his musical intuitions and concepts may be or have been, his music has always had a provoking but charming quality. Danses organiques is a 50-minute piece of 'cinema for the ears' which could be described as a 'strange meeting between two girls and a tape recorder' and is one of his most unorthodox, lively and sensually charged pieces, recorded between 1971 and 1973 in a period when he was leaving the official studios to build his own independently, and it was "completely recorded on my small machines: I recorded the single tracks separately and then superimposed them to create an organic whole". The composer lends his tape recorder to two girls who are to meet and to start a relation and then builds his imaginary folklore music around their confidential dialogue, sighs and moans, with the addition of his deep observations on organ-ic music. The music has a somehow groovy rhythmic quality in its surreal synthetic development, concluding in a spectacular tour de force of psychedelic dimensions, and it is outstandingly modern with its similarities to some unacademical artisanal music made today with electroacoustic means. Maybe it is unfair to say this, but Elica thinks this is one of the most beautiful and intriguing musical pieces ever recorded." Released on vinyl in 2003 this is long out of print.
12/2/2008 Ferraro, James K2 - Chameleon Ballet LP $15.99 Olde English Spelling Bee "'In Chameleon Ballet, I wanted to create a work of magic that simulates a dream atmosphere of post-industrial landscapes, with the waking memory of a romantic alien encounter occurring in the dream. Dedicated to the mystery of night and the magic of dreams' --James Ferraro. 'Debut limited edition album by this new sci-fi synth project by James Ferraro of The Skaters et al., with 1980s minimal wave moves bisected by the kinda keyboard patterns you might've found on an Edgar Froese solo album or post-Body Love Klaus Schulze, then exploded with barbarous invocations, syruped-vocals and some black drone atmospherics. Or, as the cover art suggests, urban landscapes as visioned by showroom dummies illuminated under 3 a.m. neon. Another killer.' --David Keenan. Remastered and expanded version of the CD-R release on New Age Discs -- this has an additional previously-unreleased track. Limited edition of 425 copies. Black & white printed covers."
12/2/2008 Ferraro, James Multitopia LP $15.99 Olde English Spelling Bee "New album from James Ferraro of The Skaters/Lamborghini Crystal et al., the first run ever presented under his own name. 'Multitopia is our reality system,' James writes in the liner notes. 'A post-9/11 reality technology in between the frames of data reception. A cross wire into 'new head' and necessary evolution upon the impact of the towers.' It feels like a major work from James, the first fully-conceived album to go beyond his initial brain-fried 1980s nightmare culture documentation, reconciling both dystopian and utopian mindsets in a vision of Pan as Multitopia. Body modification, the blurring of sexual persona (via cracked images of James on the back with a modified pair of breasts chilling next to an arcade game) and cyborg intelligences are all recurrent tropes in James' work, but here he explodes them all, with some of the most aggressively-nuanced keyboard and drum work of his entire career, kicking off with a full kit sound that sits somewhere between industrial steel drums and Kaoss pads, then building to an evocative peak that then dissolves into wave after wave of fluxing keyboard drone and oddly-looped vocal fragments. The gravity of the music is truly omnivorous, devouring drone, punk, new wave, industrial and minimal synth modes and spitting them back out as intensely detailed black and white visions of the future-now. James somehow manages to interweave vacuous TV announcements and cheap anchor man quips alongside the lucid, microtone-rich keyboard work, situating the whole deal in a virtual, godless netherworld with each track a further descent into hell. It is both beautiful and horrifying. A major work from James -- no one is doing anything remotely like him. Highly recommended.' -- David Keenan. Remastered version of the CD-R release on New Age Discs. Limited edition of 425 copies. Color printed covers. Dedicated to Zac Davis."
3/6/2011 Ferraro, James Rapture Adrenaline VHS Video $29.99 Hundebiss "New 120 minute movie from James Ferraro in a limited hand-numbered run of only 150 copies, superbly packaged in an old school VHS card slipcase with mock denim effect and last American hero style iconography. The video is in PAL format so will play in Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South America, China, India and Africa. Not sure if this is the full-length movie that James was working on during his Hollywood retreat but it's based in 'crime-ridden' Rochester, New York, in the near future and centres on a police officer who is brutally murdered and subsequently recreated as a super-human cyborg. The main plot of the movie revolves around a 'Bug' (code word for a member of an alien species that is similar in many ways to a very large cockroach) searching for a miniature galaxy which is also a vast energy source. 'Acid Eagle' is the president of Hell-TV (Channel 83, Cable 12) a sleazy television station specialising in sensationalistic programming. Displeased with his station's current lineup (which mostly consists of softcore pornography), Professor Pizza is on a seemingly endless quest for something that isn't so 'soft' and will 'break through' to a new audience. The rescue turns out to be fake; the two climbers are taken prisoner by a group of ruthless thieves. The driver is now a hostage trapped by his own seatbelt. However, the robot becomes smarter and more dangerous as it plays putting the boy and his friends in mortal danger. In addition to being an action film, the movie includes larger themes regarding the media, resurrection, gentrification, corruption and human nature. Rapture Adrenaline is a virtual videogame car chase through the veins of hyperreality seen through fragments of US movies - mostly produced in the 1990s and diffracted by the euro-lens of Dutch subtitling and French dubbing. To achieve optimal melting these fragments have been transferred from tapes, DVDs and computer files to VHS. A massively psychedelic/psychotic take on dystopian TV culture and Hollywood hypnotics from its most visionary celebrant/critic, in many ways the 'ultimate' expression of his Hypnagogic worldview. Beautifully packaged too but it's unlikely to stick around for long so better move it! - Volcanic Tongue. PAL format - not NTSC
2/4/2007 Ferveur Noire Dissillusionment 3" CDR $5.99 American Grizzly "Technical, dynamic, relentless death. This dude's one of our new harsh noise favorites."
5/29/2014 Feulner, Rob Faces of Emmanuelle DVD-R $16.99 Bleu Nuit Video Faces of Emmanuelle marks the first long-form release by Montreal video artist Rob Feulner. An exploration of the VHS medium and the subterranean trash which thrived in it. Using source material from Emmanuelle 6, this DVD-R/VHS further blurs the line between low and high art. Beautiful cinematography coupled with smut. Strategic pauses
and tracking errors guides the viewer to discover the true depth and sadness of the seemingly one-dimensional Emmanuelle. Over a two year span, the piece was created by a stack of open VCRs, prodded and poked, the magnetic tape ripped directly from its shell. The colours are accentuated and disrupted by video synthesizers. Soaring synth lines, the occasional arpeggio tremor, and pulsating rhythms float in the background. The utter destruction of arguably the most beautiful film never seen, lost and forgotten
on the shelf of your local video store, behind the cowboy doors or dangling beads. Written off as pornography by most, written off as too soft by creeps. This is the plight of Emmanuelle…The DVD is duplicated on glossy DVD-5 discs, using the highest quality 6-colour inkjet printing possible. Keeping true to its title, there are three different disc "faces." The DVD is packaged in a professional quality DVD-sized jewel case named the Super Jewel Box King, a case like no longer, and is unfortunately no longer being manufactured. Full colour double-sided printing for both the cover and trapsheet. Unfortunately, as the cases are no longer in production, this first batch of 120 editions is likely to be the only one with the jewel cases. Please note that there is no guarantee of a second run for either the DVD-R or VHS.
View trailer here: http://vimeo.com/44590806
- NTSC (Region 0)
- Running time of 27:36
- DVD-5 duplicated (under 4.7gb)
- Stereo audio
- Bitrate of 8mb/s to guarantee that it will be playable on older DVD player models
- Extra features
o Guillaume Vallee "Chant Deuxieme" trailer
o Rob Feulner "Faces of Emmanuelle" trailer
2/16/2005 Ffehro Gon CDR $12.99 musicyourmindwillloveyou "Ffehro is an experimental outfit drawing inspiration from the long and twisted history of international underground art music. These particular recordings are drawn from a vast reservoir of material recorded in the now abandoned 'Forks For Eyes' art space during the fading years of last century."
12/24/2005 Ffehro The 17 Voting Cardinals CDR $10.99 musicyourmindwillloveyou "recorded during the last days of the reign of pope whoever the whatsit...one epic search for the sound that will undo the universe"
12/19/2002 Fibo-trespo 8.01% Action CDR $8.99 Humbug "...It is a lo-fi collage ­ the main elements are a soft slow piano solo which ranges through most of the track, coming in and out of focus, sometimes disappearing completely. Over this is the next layer, a variable series of field recodings ­ crowds, machinery. And finally noises ­ inappropriate to call it music ­ but a range including tones, processed piano samples, oscilloscope whirrs, drill, guitar (acoustic & electric), scraping of strings, taps, a phone, stretched metal tones, toys, melodian, accordion, vibrations, clatters ­ this has taken most of the track, ebbing and flowing, dropping out at times to allow a focus on the other elements. There is a shapelessness to it all that has the feel of a live construct, or of something laid down and then worked on in the studio. But the track ends with a focus ­ an extended delicate tonal section that fades to a gentle ambience of hiss and tapping then silence. A space at 37 minutes tricks you into thinking the piece was recorded onto one side of a c90 minute cassette and then dubbed direct to the cd (which is 45 minutes long). But no, after a couple of minutes another work ­ building from harmonium and or accordion it adds radio, scrabbles, a bit of distortion and drum to create a nicely focussed shorter track. The sonic
quality of the cassette have been carried over to the cd ­ lofi, but the layering and rhythms that the track develop hold and centre the listening." (Jeremy Keens, Ampersand etcetera) . This is a reissue of Kjetil D. Brandsdal & Sindre Bjerga's second cassette from '96. Nice cardboard cover and insert."

Fibo-Trespo Fibo-Trespo CDR $12.99
4 tracks - 43 minutes of improv. Their best release to date!
8/20/2004 Fibo-Trespo Mexican Air Pollution CDR $8.99 Imvated "Garbagetronica from the hand of Sindre Bjerga. Dabbling and whistling sounds. Crystal clear tunes and sinewaves. Dense and disturbing atmospheres. And, oh my, even some glitches for good measure. Two
breathtaking lengthy tracks presenting one damn alienating peace of sound. Ever got paralysed by listening to a record?"
4/1/2003 Fibo-trespo / Anders Gjerde A hoax. A scam. A phony 7" $6.99 Tonschacht "Fibo-Trespo is the project of DJ/multi-instrumentalist Sindre Bjerga from Stavanger/Norway (owner of the Gold Soundz label and zine), mainly as a duo with Kjetil D. Brandsdal. Together they explored different subgenres of experimental music, from field recordings via music concrète to improv and back, on several tapes and 7''s and a very special sort of rock-deconstruction on their first LP (on Smalltown Supersound), which at the same time contained already less improvisation, more electronics, samples, electric toys. This direction which is further developed on this 7". A hoax. A scam. A phony is the first Fibo-Trespo record Bjerga released together with Andres Gjerde (owner of the Humbug label). Side A contains a more ambient piece which consists of melancholic organ melodies mixed with miniatures on a toy-piano and a wild oscilloscope sounds like a homemade scifi-soundtrack in the vein of Forbidden Planet. Side B begins as a thick, multi-layered and heavily distorted drone piece - which lets you know how a jam-session between the vibracathedral orchestra with Tony Conrad could sound like - and ends in abstract, celestial reverb. Those two very different sides illustrates the eclecticism inside the cosmos of Fibo-Trespo's homemade weirdness which sometimes isn't that far away from the genius of early Royal Trux."
1/30/2010 Field of Hats Shem to the Stars c20 cassette $7.99 Pizza Night "Field of Hats releases provide a chance to step into a multi-colored abyss of tense cosmic peace. Like early tangerine dream, there is a heavily intoxicating uneasiness to the explorations but a rare sophistication to the approach and manipulations of the compositions. His always intriguing synthesizer based works are rich with earthly shifting plates of sound and electronic squelches from the cosmos. Field of Hats is Jeff Hatfield who also performs in Fragments and Outer Space.Pro dubbed. Edition of 60."
4/10/2009 Field of Hats / Relentless Corpse split cassette $6.99 Tusco Embassy "Dynamic pairing of cleveland industrial noise group (feat. tooth, david russell, zack troxell, and wyatt howland) and solo synth droneby jeff hatfield (half of fragments)"

Final 2 CD $18.99 Sentrex Material from 1993-1995 from Justin Broadrick (Godflesh

Fine, Milo Frequency Etchings LP $18.99 Fusetron Milo Fine (clarinet/electronics) recorded in concert November 20, 1998 at Roadrunner Records in Minneapolis. Numbered edition of 330 copies.

Fine, Milo Free Jazz Ensemble Another Outbreak Of Iconoclasm LP $18.99 Fusetron Milo Fine (piano, percussion, bass clarinet) and Steve Gnitka (guitar) recorded in concert at the West Bank School of Music in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Edition of 500 copies.
7/16/2006 Finkbeiner Dedicated to Rochester Charles one-sided LP $24.99 American Tapes "UPS HARDCORE...or at least thats what the grooves say... THAT's ROCHESTER CHARLES!...Fave drummer/UPS dude... Pengo's Jason Finkbeiner rips some SERIOUS one handed guitar flurry... NO EFFECTS but psychedelic as fuck eastern tinged solo guitar... all snorted out for the man w/ the plan ROCHESTER CHARLES... my favorite Royal Trux fan...'NOW THERE WAS A FUCKIN BAND!'.... AM Tapes one-sider LP with glued art b-side..includes photocopied letter from Rochester Charles to myself regarding a conversation we had about favorite drummers....Dude forgot Charlie Ondras, but that's cool...he remembered the dude from MOXY... HAIL & KILL!!!!"
9/29/2005 Finn, Simon Magic Moments CD $14.99 Durtro/Jnana "The first collection of new material from legendary psych-folk giant SIMON FINN since the release of his seminal album Pass The Distance. Recorded in a more personal and stripped-down style and featuring JULIE WOOD from CURRENT 93 on violin. Twelve tracks in all. Will play select North American dates with Current 93 and Six Organs Of Admittance, Summer 2005."
9/30/2005 Finn, Simon Subjunctive Mood CD $14.99 Durtro / Jnana "Perhaps as a little addendum to his full-length, Simon Finn simultaneously released this five-song CDEP, for sale at the recent Toronto shows. It's very much in the same vein as Magic Moments, just Finn and his guitar, more musings about the frustrations attendant to love, human communication, sadness and joy, longing for life and death. The title track tells the story of a man who has passed away his existence as a stranger in his own life - forever living in the subjective, the hypothetical, the plane of dreams and ideals - the verb tense suggested by the title: "Most of his life, it seems/Has passed in the subjunctive mood/The imagined, wished and dreamed for but/He must learn how not to brood on all the/Were it nots, and were she theres/The be that as it mays/and God help him." On all of these songs, Finn accompanies himself, strumming or fingerpicking simply melodies that bolster his lyrics, which are the real attraction here. I thought at first that "Rich Girl With No Trousers" might be a declaration of love for the slutty heiress Paris Hilton, but judging by the sad, reflective lyrics, it's more likely about a woman from Finn's half-remembered past. The high lonesome blues sound of "Lingering" recalls Chris Thomas King's haunting versions of Skip James songs, connecting Finn's traditional Brit folk leanings with early American folk and blues. I have nothing but respect for Simon Finn, who has jumped back into writing and recording after a more than thirty-year absence, with all the aplomb and poise of a seasoned veteran." - Jonathan Dean
2/26/2006 Fire in the Head Come Closer Cut Deeper CD $11.99 Nihilist "Hostile electronics, gnawing & ripping vocals with dark ambient undertones. Newcomer & frontrunner on the US Noise scene. This is a ripping experience, like being chewed in a turbine at 24 RPMS in pitch black! At the same time, it sustains a subliminal level of beauty & grace, unparallelled by any other artists in the genre. Vicious attacks by one M. Page (USA) the visionary behind Come Closer, Cut Deeper. Hostile extreme electronics slice through organs like sharpened blades through ripened veal. Truly a masterpiece to be reckoned with! I cannot recommend this release enough!" - label
12/24/2005 Fireball Blessed Be 12" $11.99 High Roller Society Records "Fireball is five ladies with a mutual love for psychedelic, prog, garage and all things heavy. Jennifer Black (vox), Lisa Garrett (guitar), Rebecca Ross (guitar), Etain Fitzpatrick (bass), and Sue Pieschalski (drums). A raw, intentionally cacophonous experiment with a heavy psychedelic concept thanks to some 4 track trickery. On this debut, Fireball has sewn together scraps from the likes of Black Sabbath, Spacemen 3, Edgar Broughton Band, and Amon Duül to create a tapestry unlike any other. The speaker-shredding sound has been described as 'like hot tar being poured onto the Go-Gos' and 'gun-blazing like a 77 Chevy Nova with a cracked radiator and a motor low on oil.' Hand-screened, double sided folded cover with insert 180 gram vinyl. Limited pressing of 500."
6/25/2013 Firebirds, The Light My Fire LP $20.99
"Heavy power trio acid-fuzz-blues-psych from a collection of Los Angeles studio rats led by ubiquitous guitarist Jerry Cole, this was issued by the infamous Crown Records budget/exploitation label in late 1967 to cash in on that year's hot trend. Crown ended up getting a bit more than it bargained for, with originals eventually becoming crazy collector fodder. Slight aside: the other half of the tracks from this same session was released as the 31 FLAVORS "Hair" LP. Original cover art, Euro import."
8/28/2007 Fit & Limo Astralis CD $21.99 September Gurls "New studies on strange folk conducted by the Franconian institute of applied psychedelic sciences have resulted in a fine album entitled Astralis. 18 new refined psychedelic folk songs, which remind of Fit & Limo's mid-90ies releases, but also include progressive/wyrd/mystic folk elements of their more recent work. British folk of traditional and late 60's/early 70's style is combined with 60's US flower power harmonies/West Coast acid rock and Fit & Limo's own special brand of Kraut/space folk playfulness. Influences of Incredible String Band and Pearls Before Swine are more distinct again; Beau Brummels, Beatles, Witthuser & Westrup come to mind, as well. Included are three excellent versions of British traditional songs based on recordings by Shirley & Dolly Collins ("The moon shines bright", "Down in yon forest", "The snow it melts the soonest") and a cover of Alex Campbell's "Been on the road so long"."
9/17/2006 Flaherty / Corsano / Yeh A Rock In the Snow CD $13.99 Important Records "Together Chris Corsano and Paul Flaherty have re-written the concept of modern free-jazz with their post-hardcore punk style approach of euphoric togetherness. Ferocious, spontaneous, explosive and aggressively lyric they've established their groundbreaking duo with loads of shows and a host of tremendous recordings." Liner notes by John Olson (aka Johnny Coorz!).
12/13/2008 Flaherty, Paul Aria Nativa LP $13.99 Family Vineyard "Aria Nativa is more than Paul Flaherty's third solo saxophone album; it merges rhapsodic avant garde music, patriotic dream verse, and mortality into a frighteningly pure work of audio, visual and literary sledge. Recorded during a pair of 2007 performances, its four pieces capture lifeblood in stunning detail from foot stomps to gut hollers and crowd roars as Flaherty's free power blues dips into the well of wretchedness and raises with fists of mirth. It's the sorta record that splays naked the artist for all: equal parts wise ass and universal vision. From his early 1970s woodshedding through a dozen plus albums each with drum buddies Randall Colburne and Chris Corsano, and collaborators Bill Nace, Wally Shoup and Sunburned Man of the Hand, Flaherty remains a total wildcat -- on and off the alto/tenor horns. For this LP his massive tonal craft is equally matched by Ken Hill's gorgeous cover shot of a snow blown grave and "No More America" -- Ken DelPonte's epic poem that spans nearly five decades and fills the back jacket, framing the atmosphere the music was recorded under. Each of the 500 copies contain a download coupon for MP3 version of the album that includes a bonus track of "No More America" read by the author."
2/26/2003 Flaherty, Paul Voices CD $12.99 Wet Paint Music “In the past thirty years, the scope of free improvisation has widened significantly, and it’s now common for improvisers to look to modern classical music, electronic music, environmental sounds and non-western music for inspiration. Performers like Joe Maneri have developed new ways of using microtones, while others, like nmperign, have moved away from free improv’s usual line-based approach to phrasing by emphasizing texture and space. Spunk and others have played improv with electronics and punk rock attitude, while George Lewis has developed programs that allow live improvisers to interact with his computer. Paul Flaherty couldn’t care less about any of that. His screaming saxophone playing recalls the loudest, craziest-sounding free jazz musicians of the 1960s and early 1970s, including Frank Wright, Noah Howard and Albert Ayler, without much of a whiff of any of the new ideas in free improv since then. Flaherty’s music sounds like the last thirty years never happened. While Flaherty might not be especially forward-thinking, though, he’s definitely thinking – his music is so perfectly executed, so packed with compelling ideas and smooth transitions, that it’s easy to ignore the fact that his music is so unabashedly retro. On Flaherty’s excellent last two records, The Hated Music with Chris Corsano and Sannyasi with Corsano and Greg Kelley, Flaherty provided a center of gravity around which the other musicians revolved – Corsano and Kelley often played stuttering flourishes that contrasted with Flaherty’s sustained howls. On Voices, Flaherty’s new solo album, his approach is similar, though the effect is different. Voices features some reflective bluesy playing and aggressive low-register honking, but much of the album consists of tangled high-pitched runs and screaming multiphonics. Without any other musicians to create the sort of interaction that drove The Hated Music and Sannyasi, much of Voices feels like a single sound rather than a collection of related ones. Listening to Voices is like an unexpected blast of cold water during a hot shower, only more pleasant – it’s an overwhelming and shocking feeling that’s impossible to ignore until it’s over. So in a way, Voices is even more similar to early-1970s over-the-top ecstatic jazz than Flaherty’s previous work. The Hated Music was hectic and aggressive, but Flaherty and Corsano also played very sensitively, listening to each other closely and reacting quickly. On the other hand, Dave Burrell’s ‘Echo’ and Alan Silva’s The Seasons (two free jazz pieces from 1969 and 1970 to which Flaherty has undoubtedly listened closely) depend not on careful interaction, but on sheer force. Both are so dense that it’s best to stop trying to pick out individual voices and just let the music punish you. Flaherty doesn’t have the sheer numbers that Burrell or Silva had, but when I turn up the volume on Voices, Flaherty destroys me in a similar way.” - Charlie Wilmoth, Dusted Magazine
11/4/2006 Flaherty, Paul Whirl of Nothingness CD $12.99 Family Vineyard "Saxophonist PAUL FLAHERTY is New England's purveyor of the ecstatic jazz pulse. Even before his 1978 debut Flaherty remained unshakable in the pursuit of soul healing and demon dashing through freedom music. "Whirl of Nothingness," Flaherty's second solo album, is eight pieces of alto and soprano saxophone steeped in the theme of loss channeled through blasting improvisations that showcase his fabulous wailing and inferno of sound to stark bluesy melodies. Even without drum buddies CHRIS CORSANO or RANDALL COLBOURNE, Flaherty's horn shudders and roars in gargantuan ways. In the slim cannon of solo horn records (alongside ANTHONY BRAXTON, COLEMAN HAWKINS, PETER BRöTZMANN, ARTHUR DOYLE), "Whirl of Nothingness" stands triumphantly strong and wholly distinct as a shifting sphere of sound poetry and spiritual tongue."
4/29/2004 Flaherty, Paul & Randall Colbourne Anahad CD $12.99 Cadence "It takes guts to walk into the studio without any preconceived notions and just blow, but that is what saxophonist Paul Flaherty and drummer Randall Colbourne have been doing for years - usually with strikingly exciting results. Joined here by trumpeter James 'Chumley' Hunt, bassist Richard Downs, and electric guitarist Mike Murray, there is a rawness to the music that proves exhilarating, surprising, and even refreshing, but it is certain to raise eyebrows and be disconcerting to some listeners. Not only is there not any melody, but the four pieces (ranging from eight to 28 minutes) embrace chaos and absolute freedom. These fellows know each other's moves, so they make room for individual statements. Flaherty stands out as a monster improviser, letting loose with flame-throwing barrages of sound. Everyone gets into the act, and rarely does any moment disappoint.” - Steven Loewy
2/5/2011 Flaherty, Paul / Bill Nace An Airless Field LP $11.99 Ecstatic Peace "Paul Flaherty remains one of North America's most breath-taking free-sax wonders. With white flowing beard and twinkled eye he can either blow solo, levitating all real estate to a higher key of thought, or collaborate with anyone lucky enough to travel his spaceway of experience. Radical guitarist Bill Nace has been connecting with Flaherty for a number of years now. Nace is the secret weapon of the New England underground free scene and has been charming basement dwellers searching for portals to new noise dimensions with his prepared guitar administration in accordance with both Chris Corsano in the legendary Vampire Belt and with Thurston Moore in the magic wildstyle of Northampton Wools. Here, in duo with the master Flaherty, he drops and sails and the two men create journeys both frightening and enlightening. A strange and beautiful session."
3/26/2006 Flaherty, Paul / Chris Corsano The Beloved Music CD $12.99 Family Vineyard "The Beloved Music" is the most thoroughly realized blueprint for a post-hardcore take on improvised jazz to date from the duo of legendarily long-serving New England saxophonist PAUL FLAHERTY and young firebrand drummer CHRIS CORSANO. Forsaking the call and response modes of countless improvising ensembles, the duo deal more in a simultaneity of sound, an elemental non-stop gush of ideas, rhythms and epiglottal forms that at points feels like a small-group response to the orchestral conceptions of the PETER BROTZMANN and JOHN COLTRANE big-bands as much as epochal duo deals like the RASHIED ALI/FRANK LOWE and MUHAMMAD ALI/FRANK WRIGHT sides. Between studio collaborations and tours with WOLF EYES, NELS CLINE, SIX ORGANS OF ADMITTANCE, and COLD BLEAK HEAT (their quartet with GREG KELLEY and NO NECK BLUES BAND's MATT HEYNER), Flaherty and Corsano have coalesced and elated serious jazzbos alongside noise fans and freak-folk followers. Liner notes by THE WIRE's DAVID KEENAN." - SC Distribution
2/24/2002 Flaherty, Paul / Chris Corsano The Hated Music CD $11.99 Ecstatic Yod "Paul Flaherty and his saxophones are a subterranean legend in the kingdoms of the north. Since the 'In the Midst of Chaos' LP was recorded, back in the mid '70s, Paul has been a persistent roar in the distance pervading the aura of the region's improvisational underground, whilst eschewing its spotlights. His playing and spontaneous compositions have always been a trip and a half, but he seems to have risen to a whole new level on The Hated Music, combing purity of spirit w/ ferocity of lyricism in a whole new way. Chris Corsano is one of the most immensely talented drummers to have emerged from the recent past. Those who have witnessed the giganticism of his formal leaps in the jaws of post-avant-garde power surging, have been left slack w/ the wonder & hilarity of it all. On The Hated Music he offers all listeners evidence of the potency and imagination of his air-fucking vision. The Hated Music, packed as it is, in the lovely artwork of freedom-loving artist, Gary Panter, throws down the gauntlet to all other players, all other thinkers, all other worlds. If you are listening w/ all yr holes open, it may well gobble yr soul. Alright!" - Byron Coley
1/28/2005 Flaherty, Paul / Greg Kelley / Jon Voight / Laurence Cook The Ilya Tree CD $12.99 Boxholder "This CD was recorded in November 1999, but released by Boxholder Records almost two years later. By mid-2001, trumpeter Greg Kelley was foraying deep into free improv of the lowercase kind. It came as something of a surprise to hear him in a much more extroverted quartet, playing with a sound closer to Herb Robertson than Axel Dörner. Even though this is saxophonist Paul Flaherty's project, both horns share the stage. The interaction between these two players is simply something to rave about. The instantaneous compositions they sculpt have a lot more melodic material than what can be heard elsewhere, without resorting to more standard jazz tricks. Sadly, the rhythm section of John Voigt (bass) and Laurence Cook (drums) is a lot less participative. Both stick to an immutable free jazz frame, filling space when the two horns stop, retracting when they resume playing. They develop patterns with each other, but rarely interact with the quartet's other half. There is still much to enjoy on The Ilya Tree. Highlights include the fire music-tinged 'Glimmer of Hope,' the 18-minute 'Space in Which We Live,' which includes Voigt's best playing in this session, and the more opened, atmospheric 'Dragon in the Sand.' - François Couture, All Music Guide
2/26/2003 Flaherty, Paul / Randall Colbourne Ottawa CD $12.99 Zaabway "Why, when faced with the prospect of reviewing work by my favourite long-running jazz heroes do I feel so compelled to revert to 'primer mode' and provide some kind of goddamn life story of the artist in question? Perhaps it's the feeling that by this time, any recommendation to those already familiar with their work is preaching to the converted, while those unfamiliar with these guys needs to get it together and wise on up, and I'm happy to provide the friendly introduction to prod such slow learners in the right direction - thus: Over the years saxophonist Paul Flaherty and drummer Randall Colbourne have existed at the margins of the free jazz world, honing their remarkable duet and group improvisations to an exquisite degree of empathic symbiosis. The last decade has seen the pair produce a series of consistently excellent releases, highlighting their intensive, near-telepathic interplay, and wide ranging expressive armoury. This new disk presents a storming live performance at the Ottawa International Jazz festival back in '91 (placing it chronologically between the Primal Burn and The Fourth Way LPs for we admiring completists). It's a solidly convincing set, showing the pair equally as capable of a tender (albeit, often short-lived) lyricism and delicacy, as of a more barn-storming freneticism. Flaherty's alto warbles like an Evan Parker, preaches like an Ayler, or croons like a subdued Sanders, while Colbourne remains one of the most sensitive and creative drummers to introduce wood to skin. Anybody already familiar with the oeuvre of these to great-uncles of freedom will definitely know what to expect, and will not be disappointed. All you others (to whom this diatribe has been addressed) are brusquely pointed in the direction of Nick Cain's comprehensive interview in Opprobrium #3, and strongly advised to progress directly to the nearest discerning audio retailer, and exchange Momma's birthday gift voucher for this, or indeed any, Flaherty/Colbourne release. Thank you for your time." -Tim Cornelius, Opprobrium.
2/26/2003 Flaherty, Paul / Randall Colbourne / Froc / Richard Downs Prana CD $12.99 Zaabway Music “Good things are worth waiting for. ‘Prana’ was recorded back in 1989, and features Manchester Connecticut's Paul Flaherty on alto sax, with a keening tone at times reminiscent of Byard Lancaster. This is supple and lyrical free jazz, the enigmatically-named Froc studiously avoiding wild extended guitar techniques à la Sharrock, instead anchoring Flaherty's most extreme blowing with choppy comping and occasional Joe Morris-like flurries of notes. Bassist Richard Downs and drummer Randall Colbourne seem more than happy to take off into high speed bop on ‘Across a Great Distance’, while Flaherty waits for the tempo to slacken before soaring in with long lyrical lines worthy of Noah Howard. One gets the impression that the rhythm section doesn't always know what strategy to adopt behind Flaherty's endless arabesques (specifically on ‘Decending (sic) into Matter’), but group unity isn't in doubt on the final pastoral - in both senses of the word – ‘Everything is Forgiven’, which rounds off the album most satisfactorily.”
2/26/2003 Flaherty, Paul / Randall Colbourne / Richard Downs Third Rail CD $12.99 Zaabway Music "Flaherty, Colbourne and Downs
marshall their arsenal of advanced techniques into a texturally varied
yet high energy program. So many resources, so much shifting,
that it's really impossible to generalize. So, for further reference, listen!" - Cadence
2/26/2003 Flaherty, Paul / Randall Colbourne / Stephen Scholz Impact LP $8.99 Cadence "5 sax and drum duos by Connecticut free-burners Flaherty (alto & soprano sax) & Colbourne (drums) plus 4 tracks with violinist Stephen Scholz." – Byron Coley. Recorded January 21, 1990.
2/26/2003 Flaherty, Paul / Randall Colbourne Quartet Visitants CD $12.99 Zaabway Music Flaherty (alto & tenor sax) & Colbourne (drums) featuring Richard Downs (bass, baritone horn) and Mike Murray (guitar) recorded live at Hole In The Wall Studio in Amston, CT on March 6, 1994. "A mix that is wonderfully dense, full of rich tonal and rhythmic interplay. ...each pulling every bit of energy out of the tension they derive from their constant hovering on the edge." - Halana
2/26/2003 Flaherty, Paul / Randall Colbourne Sextet Ringtaw CD $12.99 Zaabway Music Features Paul Flaherty (alto, tenor sax), Randall Colbourne (drums, alto clarinet), James "Chumly" Hunt (trumpet, plastic castanets), Matt Moran (vibes, percussion), Mike Murray (guitar) and Richard Downs (bass). Free improvisations recorded live in the studio on September 8, 1996. "More than anyone else
playing free jazz today, Flaherty and Colbourne capture the sheer joyful exuberance that is the greatest pleasure of this music." - Opprobrium
1/1/2014 Flamen Dialis Symptôme Deï LP $22.99 Papaaver "First ever vinyl reissue of this legendary French masterpiece (from 1979) named after the high priest of Jupiter. Not surprising there's an often ritualistic quality to the music, with endless repetitive synth melodies, solemn wordless chanting and brooding layers of mellotron spacing out in an overall eerie occult atmosphere. The lysergic vision of Flamen Dialis recalls like-minded French outcasts as Archaïa, Spacecraft, Verto etc. A truly unique album which was first rescued from obscurity by Mio Records, who reissued the album on cd back in the day, but this has also been long out of print. Mastered from a pristine LP copy as the original masters got lost in the mists of time. Includes pro-printed insert detailing the band's history. Limited to 500 copies on 180gr vinyl."
11/1/2014 Flaming Dragons of Middle Earth All Roads Lead to DOME LP $14.99 Mabel Flav Records "Flaming Dragons of Middle Earth (FDOME) is a band of misfit children and adults who have been holding weekly "practices" for the last eight years at a teen center in the mildly dilapidated town of Turners Falls, Massachusetts. I feel like Volcanic Tongue's David Keenan has described the band better than I could so I'm going to let him talk for a minute. This is from the Tip of the Tongue write-up for FDOME's debut LP: 'Led by wheelchair-bound 'band shaman' Danny Cruz and consisting of a rotating group of non-musicians, psychedelic drop-outs, teenage metalheads, kids with Down Syndrome etc, Flaming Dragons play a form of super crude/sophisticated free rock ala The Godz or even a punk-primitive Arkestra but with Cruz's stunning, oracular vocals giving them a mainline to the freak flag style of prime Captain Beefheart, Roky Erickson and Wasa Wasa-era Broughton. Cruz's instant lyric inventions are as mind-boggling as your favourite medium while the group lurch around on staggering brokedown rhythms somewhere between early-Sabbath, Robbie Yeats of The Dead C and The Shaggs. Their material ranges from stripped-down raps to lumbering psychedelic rock, as well as free-form freakouts w/lyrics that obsess over murder, bloodshed, astral creeps and, uh, Joni Mitchell... indeed Cruz makes most 'sound poets' sound like children's entertainers.' I've worked closely with Danny and his crew for the last six years, so you can trust me when I say that this new FDOME disc is hands down the best thing the group has recorded and one of the most unusual, yet enjoyable, records I've had the pleasure of holding in my hands." - One Kind Favor. Listen here: http://flamingdragonsofmiddleearth.bandcamp.com/album/all-roads-lead-to-dome Edition of 300 copies.
9/25/2010 Flaming Dragons of Middle Earth The Seed of Contempt LP $13.99 Feeding Tube Records "The opportunity to uncover such a talent might only come once in a lifetime. Danny Cruz is a wheelchair-bound adolescent who's apocalyptic lyrics and musical vision are at once life-affirming and evil-obsessed. Taking a page from his heroes, Black Sabbath, Roky Erickson and Sun Ra, Danny and his crew stir a "cauldron of words and sound" on their seemingly endless pursuit towards world domination and total artistic freedom. Culled from over three years of practice tapes and home recordings, "The Seed of Contempt" is a total outsider oddity; falling somewhere inbetween heaven and hell. "Reality-Core" "Mud Lightning Metal". See Danny and the band in action here: <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aI7pcrA52QI>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aI7pcrA52QI
1/17/2010 Flashback Repository Flashback Repository LP $15.99 Olde English Spelling Bee "Remastered issue of an obscure tape from the mysterious Outer Limits Collective (Wingdings/Explorers/Matrix Metals/Foxy Baby/Yoga/90210/etc). Limited to 425 copies in pro-printed duo-tone sleeves with a 5-page essay booklet." "The flashback repository is a storehouse of collective waste consciousness from all beings of the universe, i.e. all unfiltered myth & material of the human/alien/animal mind, laying dormant in a hidden dimension resembling a disposal area or transfer station somewhere within our spectral plane. A vast depot for all universal race memory that passes beyond our mortal earthly cognition and subconscious apparatus. This reposited latent substance is available to all organisms within our particular sphere, all beings earthy and paranormal. The recordings here represent the three main stages of unconscious withdrawal: 'Glimpse', 'Recurrence', and 'Manifestation' - they are a blue print of sorts. There may be a possibility of the retrieval of materials - the recycling of this substance alongside the development of individual real-time understanding of eternal materials and impressions that are constantly escaping our sensory grip. The repository shows itself as what appears to be part of an undivided whole, a section manifested in our dimensional field through thin channels of emotion & vibration. These phenomena are the result of direct brain-repository contact, a glimpse into the infinite plenitude of energy and data housed by the repository. With each glimpse, each peek through these looking-glass channels, the mind gains a deeper insight into the potentials hibernating within the data-pool and the particular characteristics and movements of the repository. It is important to note that the usage of the word 'flashback' connotes not only the re-collection or re-existence of memory and dream data from the past, but also the future. For instance one can 'flash forward' just as easily and achieve the desired results." -- Outer Limits Inc.
5/14/2007 Flatgrey xxxxxx one sided LP $12.99 rundownsun "Long-awaited vinyl debut from vancouver underground noise legend flatgrey.industrial noise. harsh, industrial noise. pure sound. mechanical, electrical, valve and tube. scrounged, rescued and resurrected. filtered through obsession. menacing roars of bass pushed along grinding mechanics, like millions of rows of pneumatic teeth. heaving, gnashing. compressor hiss, and blast furnace tongue. incendiary atmosphere, superheated, and forced through junked magnets and shredded cones. a nameless exercise. although with few widely available releases FLATGREY has been producing noise for well over 5 years, and with the help of a very successful and powerful cassette release on rundownsun is starting to gain wider recognition and interest particularly in japan and the west coast of the united states. extensive touring in the works for 2007/8. 1-sided gold offset-printing on heavy black paper. one-sided 12" 33rpm vinyl record with silk-screened b-side. housed in a crystal-clear, heavy polyvinyl sleeve.featuring art and layout from the artist."
2/7/2009 Flea Apparitions Severed Hands cassette $5.99 Anathema Sound "Pittsburgh's Lorne Zeman contorts and electrifies his noise like no other. Utilizing a wide array of gear and tapes that sound mangled to perfection, Severed Hands is a bizarre and enthralling foray into an alternate dimension. Percussive walls of feedback, obscured vocals, and lo-fi synth blasts are your guide through a land of mass-dismemberment, primitive rituals, and more creepy crawlies than you can handle. With full color art, inserts, and labels by Matt Yacoub." Edition of 50 copies.
11/21/2009 Flea Apparitions Transparent Black c50 cassette $4.99 Anathema Sound "Lorne Zeman is back with his lengthiest and most complex work to date. Transparent Black features eight separate pieces that showcase different approaches to what Zeman does best: warp your mind and distort your senses with sound. Voices whisper unintelligible phrases in your ear, creeping synths and guitars tell the tales of specters and lost in the night, tapes spew forth the sounds of the damned, and unholy feedback rears its ugly head to destroy any and all nuances in the mix. It all amounts to a twisted, post-apocalyptic fever dream that could only come out of a Rust Belt city like Pittsburgh. Features a full color artwork collaboration by Zeman and Matt Yacoub. Edition of 60."
6/27/2009 Fleeced Crew Fleeced Crew CDR $4.99 Lost Treasures of the Underworld
5/24/2014 Flexibles, The Cities of the Narrow Universe 7" $12.99 Nyali Recordings "Cities of the Narrow Universe is the debut release for a Glasgow based band that features Andrew Paine, Richard Youngs, and Sorley Youngs. The Flexibles are a power trio like no other that trade guitars, bass, percussion and vocals to create a dense blend of grubby riffs, sparse electronics, out-of-step beats and soaring / disturbing vocal interplay. That Sorley was only 6 years old at the time of recording is mind boggling. Stunningly singular set of songs that will leave you joyfully dumbfounded and desiring more. Limited to 250 copies."
7/11/2011 Float Riverer Float Riverer LP $21.99 Golden Lab Records "Consistency. Repetition. Hypnotism. Dance-trance. Spacemen 3 as heard through a very narrow filter indeed. They just get straight down to it, 10 seconds in and you could be 10 hours in. I'd like to hear that, actually: Float Riverer playing the same riff for 10 hours straight, the vocals sometimes dropping out... Only formed in Manchester end of last year, and every song sounds roughly, brutally, gloriously the same. Fucking great stuff." - Everett True, Collapse Board. "The debut LP by Manchester duo Float Riverer clocks in at just under 25 minutes, racing through 12 joyfully haphazard, sneeringly petulant hypno-punk hits. The guitar dominates the aural palette, the vocals sit right in the middle of the mix, muffling out a lyrical predilection for the idiosyncrasies of the mundane, while the wilfully reckless drumming provides as little colour as possible, alluding rather to the ecstatic possibilities of infinite slapdash repetition. Ancient melodies from the vault, unlocked for a new era by the insane-cum-laconic Kate Armitage." Edition of 250 copies.

Floorian What The Buzzing CD $11.99 Bomp "Okay, so this album came out a while ago, but I'm reviewing it anyway because it fucking rules. Anyone who's down with super psychedelic rock needs to pay attention right now, because this album is officially mandatory. As in "put away your copy of Tab...25 this album is your new bong session soundtrack" mandatory. This isn't quite as layered as Monster Magnet's "Tab," so instead of getting lost in a copious amount of layers of droning sound, you've got only a few things going on at a time for most of the album, but they still manage to keep you hypnotized from start to finish. You can hear a strong 70's rock vibe in there among the interstellar sound waves, the earlier stuff on the album especially reminds me of Floyd's more ass kicking material. The band uses a variety of instruments to get their sound down, from ambient samples to sitars. You'd expect the guitars to have a heavy amount of effects and processors, but usually it's just delays, fuzz and loops. The band may use other effects to tweak the sound, but it doesn't get really thick, things always sound natural and light for the most part. All the vocals are clean, and sung fairly softly, which supports the dream-like atmosphere. The album flows by seemlessly, without an overly abrasive moment. Don't get me wrong, this is definitely a rock band, but a softer, gentler rock band. This album's pretty much dominated my CD player for the last two weeks. You've entered a new fronteir of space-rock, and Floorian is your guide." - Daredevil Magazine. September 2004 release from Bomp Records (originally self-released in 2002). Recommended!

Flowchart Spirit of Kenny G 12" $8.99 Black Bean &Placenta New 4 track EP - Stereolab fans may dig this one
11/21/2009 Flower of Flesh and Blood Awesome Vistas #5 LP + CD $14.99 Awesome Vistas "This is the first release of music project by New York writer/musician SEAN KENNERLY. Eight songs of slow rock that has pop energy somewhere in it, it also sounds like the music itself has taken some type of pills, some sedatives, some mellowing downer of some kind. Musicians on recording are; Sean Kennerly singing, guitar; JEFF KISH guitar; HISHAM BHAROOCHA (BLACK DICE) drums; CHRIS JOHANSON bass. Recorded, mixed, and produced by CHRIS MOORE at Stay Gold and Headgear. Features art by Chris Johanson and JOHANNA JACKSON, silkscreened by NEIL BURKE at Monoroid."
3/25/2008 Flower, Michael / Eoin Shea Syrian Rue DVD-R $18.99
"Limited self-released DVD that bundles the hallucinatory full-colour experimental short films of UK avantist Eoin Shea (in a style that combines psychedelically altered real world footage and over the top technicolour visual fluctuations ala Kenneth Anger’s Magik Lantern Cycle) with unreleased music by Michael Flower of Vibracathedral Orchestra. The sonics here are drawn from what would have been Flower’s first solo album, with long tracks of warped electric strings extended into aggressively amplified ragas. An inspired collaboration." - Volcanic Tongue. "Hand coloured / degraded / overlayed found super-8 footage. Four films made to recordings of Michael Flower shows from the Fall Brawl tour with Sunburned Hand of the Man and the Magik Markers in September 2005." - label. NTSC copies available - no PAL.
5/2/2012 Flower-Corsano-Hejnowski The Count Visits LP $16.99 Flowerhouse / Hot Cars Warp Records "Limited edition of 500 vinyl-only co-release on Flowerhouse (M. Flower's label) and Hot Cars Warp Records. Eight-track live recordings. Three of four tracks feature Matt Heyner (aka Count Hejnowski) of No Neck Blues Band, Test, Malkuth, etc. on bass and percussion. The final track is all Flower-Corsano Duo."
5/16/2010 Fluxmonkey The Man in the Yellow Hat Serves Imperialism c40 cassette $5.99 Temple of Pei "Some know him as Fluxmonkey, Flar calls him Luigi Bob & his email says Bbob Drake, all point to Cleveland's synth building wizard king. I have a great memory of looking across the camping field during the Voice of the Valley last summer and seeing all the great Cleveland freaks of past/present/future sitting in his dojo - Bee Mask - Emeralds - Sam Goldberg - Fragments - Thursday Club - Mr. Matthews - J. Guy - all were at the feet of the master and enjoying his coffee. This is his first solo release, he had been biding his time, making something beautiful. We couldn't be happier to release it in our temple."

Flying Saucer Attack Sally Free and Easy CD $8.99 Drag City 2 track EP - stereo version

Flying Saucer Attack / Roy Montgomery Goodbye CDEP $10.99 Vhf New collaboration comes on red vinyl - also on 12"
10/31/2009 Flying Sutra Glowering and Glowing Red CDR $8.99 Deep Water "Philadelphia's most dangerous free-rock duo thunders back with their second disc for Deep Water, more than confirming the promise of 2007's Levitate and Dissolve. Not content to merely reproduce their strengths, Glowering and Glowing Red (its title taken from a rave review of their first disc) expands the extremes in all directions - track lengths range from 38 seconds to 10+ minutes, the sonics get even broader and more exploratory via a wider sound palette and a growing mastery of real-time looping and effects, and the mood ranges from the monumental to the absurdist. Basically, these guys continue to ride a tectonic divide between art-punk skronk and heavy-duty free energy music with the kind of untamed precision that one usually expects only from your Japanese underground masters. Serious stuff here. Pro-pressed CDr, 14 tracks, 66 minutes."
11/29/2007 Flying Sutra Levitate and Dissolve CDR $8.99 Deep Water "Flying Sutra is the new Philadelphia-based drums-guitar duo of Bob Cozzolino and George Draguns. While both men have long and varied musical resumes - from film scores to indie rock to avant-jazz - Levitate and Dissolve is their first release in this configuration, and it's a doozy: Nearly an hour of wild, urban-elemental art-punk/free-jazz that pitches tensely unwinding klang against whirlwind percussion to highly electric effect. We recommend you remain seated with safety belt fastened while listening." Opening for Bardo Pond soon in Philly.
11/24/2003 Flying Sweetie Dog Songs About Men CDR $12.99 Celebrate/Psi/Phenomenon "Chihuahua! A London-based, Danish/Japanese drunk-junk improv duo that gave me recurring nightmares of having raspberry jelly and sprinkles poured through a funnel into my ear. Sacchirine-addled, dement-o-phonics that surely falls well outside the parameters of normal behaviour. Highly recommended squeak’n’squeal!"
11/15/2008 Flynt, Henry C Tune CD $12.99 Locust "Back in print for the first time since it's 2002 release. Henry Flynt is a seasoned tourist of The World Of The Other Ear and C Tune is his ringing, psychedelic meditation on/from the cosmos. Call it a sonic postcard or call it late night head music or even call it ecstatic Minimalism if you have to. On this forty seven + minute foray, our man Flynt takes his electrified fiddle and blends his droning sonic calisthenics with lonesome swing melodies and high decibel screech to the somnambulistic playing of his expat mathematician pal C.C. Hennix on Pran Nath Tamboura. Recorded in 1980 in an undisclosed pocket of the galaxy and now available for blissful consumption."
11/15/2008 Flynt, Henry Dharma Warriors CD $12.99 Locust "The Dharma Warriors was the elemental guitar / drum rock concoction of Henry Flynt & C.C. Hennix. In 1983, the pair hooked up in Woodstock at Hennix's rented house and let freedom ring with two lengthy boombox recordings. "Warriors of the Dharma" and "Mount Fuji on My Mind" are classics of unrefined blues boogie & unhemmed stoner rock."
1/24/2009 Flynt, Henry Dharma Warriors LP $15.99 Locust "The Dharma Warriors was the elemental guitar/drum rock concoction of Henry Flynt & C.C. Hennix. In 1983, the pair hooked up in Woodstock at Hennix's rented house and let freedom ring with two lengthy boombox recordings. 'Warriors of the Dharma' and 'Mount Fuji on My Mind' are classics of unrefined blues boogie and unhemmed stoner rock."

Flynt, Henry Graduation and Other New Country and Blues Music CD $14.99 Ampersand "Henry Flynt - philosopher, student of Pran Nath, a central figure in the early propaganda actions of the George Maciunas led Fluxus activities in the early 60s, four time sit in performer with the Velvet Underground, author of Blueprint For a Higher Civilization and various spirited broadsides against Stockhausen, 12 tone music, and the cultural dominion of European art - presents us with Graduation some 21 years after its originally scheduled (and scrapped) release. Graduation is the culmination of several years of solo exploration and chance ensemble opportunities to realize his own personal vision of an avant-hillbilly American ethnic music cast out of the mixed up mold of Indian classical, bluegrass, funk, blues, and psychedelia. The result is a perfectly realized trucking and trancing outsider sound world. From the alternately twisted and comical political anthem of the opening title track, Pran Nath influenced vocal stylings, to the winsome hillbilly, cowboy raga, steel city boogie on the succeeding 6 group instrumentals, it is only too clear that Graduation has as much to do with classic southern jam rock as it does with the minimalism of downtown New York drone luminary, and Flynt ally, La Monte Young. The record takes a sudden turn on the album closer with the nearly 20 minute illuminatory audio program Celestial Power, an elemental, laid back head trip comprised of oscillating vibrato guitar churns that instantly monopolize your ears and spirit and bring you to a natural high. The nearly 80 minute collection was remastered from the original tapes, and features two classic photos of Flynt by the acclaimed photographer Peter Moore and updated track notes by Flynt."
11/16/2004 Flynt, Henry I Don’t Wanna LP $25.99 Bo' Weavil Recordings “This is the limited (500 copies) vinyl pressing of Henry Flynt’s ‘I Don’t Wanna” originally released on CD on Locust. He's made his mark with his brand of ecstatic North Indian Raga inspired minimalism on C Tune, the full bodied experimentalism anthologized on Raga Electric and the avante-hillbilly bumpkin fiddle joyride on last year's Back Porch Hillbilly Blues Volume 1 & 2. Now it's time to make a place in your heart for I Don't Wanna! in which Flynt shatters the categories once again with this surprise collection of his short lived 1966 basement rock protest band, The Insurrections. Let there be no doubt in anyone's mind: Flynt's version of protest music isn't your cultural-commissar school of folk posturing. It's agro punk & Flynt is an unhinged showman on helium induced vox and electric guitar (his teacher was none other than Lou Reed). Imagine a mix of Sky Saxon (of Seeds fame) with a dash of Roky Erickson on vocals, a little bit of the Cramps' scary monster dramatics thrown in for good measure & the swamp chugalug laziness of vintage Pussy Galore and you get an idea what Flynt was up to at this phase in his non-career. Features legendary sculptor Walter De Maria on drums, confirming our hidden suspicion that in every great artist there's a desire to rock & beneath every fine gallery, there is a basement. Photos by George Maciunas.”
6/1/2002 Flynt, Henry Raga Electric LP $49.99 Locust Picture disc – limited to 250 copies.
7/19/2009 Foldhead Drugs, Paint, Alcohol CDR $10.99 Music Mundane "After many many years in the wilderness (last heard of in the mid-90s), Music Mundane are proud to prise some of the most recent private recordings from the over-protective hands of Paul "Nonnen" Walsh, original other half of Smell & Quim. Spread over 40 minutes, these three tracks grow exponentially and repetitively as the disk progresses, smashing raw analogue electronics and digital processing into a huge hallucinatory wall of confusion. Welcome back!"
2/20/2010 Folsom, Robert Lester Music And Dreams LP $20.99 Mexican Summer "The first of many reissues on the Mexican Summer slate brings forth a 1976 private press affair from Georgia's Robert Lester Folsom, a high-quality and shimmering, unbuttoned-collar collection of marina rock and sunset ballads. Vaguely psychedelic and professionally rendered, this is a strong and consistent brace of soft rock, staid yet breezy."
11/2/2008 Foothills The Sun is Fueled by the Fossil of Creation cassette $8.99 Pizza Night "If you have paid any attention to the music coming out of Lexington,KY in the past year or so, then you are no stranger to the cosmic sounds of Caboladies, a new'ish trio that explores the psych galaxies between ferocious electronics and mind stretching synth collage. Caboladies' tallest member, Eric Lanham has broken off two choice cuts of his own for this release, one live and one recorded at home. The live cut swells with strange synth patches that evolve with uncertainty until the rug is swept out from under you and the jam decays into sparse electronics thatll make you say "what????" and as the emptiness between clinks and clonks start to bubble over, there it is... THE GLORY!!! Flipside is a tightly focused piece thats like a refined 2077 version of the detroit fry zone. Debut tape for this mug. NEW HORIZONS."
7/30/2006 For Every River Buried For Every River Buried LP $39.99 Bobby J "Often mistook for the sequel to "This Skin is Rust" due to the similar Corwoodian cover art.. but this is an unrelated release. A song cycle with layered acoustic guitars, recorder, vocals." - label
2/28/2006 For Harlow's Monkeys For Harlow's Monkeys 3" CDR $6.99 Curor Recordings "First audio document from this anarchist ramblers’ music group including Mel Delaney (Sculptress/Ashtray Navigations), Andrew Truth (Plane Truth zine), and Simon Morris and Kate Fear (Ceramic Hobs). Recorded at dawn while trespassing in privately owned woodland near Poulton-le-Fylde, Lancashire, July 2005. 12 minutes of chant/howl/recorders/violin/primitive rhythmic thump, spooked into gales of billowing roar. Sometimes the wood at 5 a.m. is a scary place to be. Watch out for their second EP on Phil Todd’s Memoirs of an Aesthete imprint. Edition of 50."
12/17/2003 Ford's Imaginary Inferno Summer Breeze and Magic Trees LP $22.99 Slavetrader "Amsterdam formation rooted in the 60's west coast psych/folk/pop tradition, with a great album full of stunning melodies. Their songs are charactarized by a mellow, mystic atmosphere wth beautifull multi-layered harmony vocals and subtile arrangments. 10 Psychedelic pop songs in the tradition of BRIAN WILSON, CURT BOETTCHER, bringing to mind bands like SAGITTARIUS / MILLENIUM, STRAWBERRY ALARM CLOCK or LOVE's 'Forever Changes'. Limited edition of only 300 copies, VINYL ONLY!!!"
4/10/2015 Fördämning Issue #1 zine $5.50
"Printed in September 2012. Interviews with Family Underground, Matteo Castro (Lettera 22, Kam Hassah, Second Sleep), Sprachlos Verlag, Concern. Film talk with Sam McKinlay/The Rita. Reviews. A5, 28 pages. 500 copies."
4/10/2015 Fördämning Issue #5 zine $7.50
"Printed in December 2014. Interviews with Sky Needle, Kostis Kilymis and Misanthropic Agenda. Writings on Vanilla Records (by Allen Mozek), Sandra Bell, Wellenfeld (by Stefan Paulus) + tons of reviews etc. A5, 32 pages. 250 copies."
8/2/2008 Fordell Research Unit The Shape of Rage 3" CDR $6.99 First Person "Fraser Burnett has quietly built up an assured reputation for consistent and solid releases for labels such as Lee Stokoe’s Matching Head, Blackest Rainbow (recently sharing a split LP with Culver) and his own Pjorn imprint. In an overcrowded genre, sitting through another slab of 'drone' music can sometimes feel like a laborious and thankless task, however, what works for me in this instance is the utter sincerity with which each release arrives. I get the impression that none of this music is forced, no hip references or longing to be part of 'it'’ (whatever the fuck 'it' is). Seven tracks of subtle brain melt that could easily stretch to an hour each, a canny tactic that has you reaching for the PLAY button as soon as it's over." First edition of 50 copies.
10/31/2009 Fordell Research Unit / Culver split 10" $19.99
"I love FRU & Culvers sounds, so to show my appreciation and love for their musik, ive been lucky enough to get to put this wee installment of a 10" record out to add to their already vast, impressive and brilliant cosmik catalogue of releases on labels of awesomenesses such as matching head, pjorn 72, basses frequences, dead sea liner, kovorox sound, turgid animal, dead pilot, sick head, at war with false noise, small doses and blackest rainbow to name but only a few. packaged in plain white disco jacket and paper inner with info card insert plus attached photos & art by Pete Burn and t. split 10" on black vinyl limited to 100 copies. one side each, one new track from each: Fordell Research Unit 'Nairac' (11:03) / Culver 'Before The Devils Came' (10:42)." - t
10/31/2009 Fordell Research Unit / Culver split CDR $9.99
"There's also a wee run cdr with other different new tracks from each FRU and Culver - this also comes with artwork by Pete Burn. Tracks on the CDR: Culver 'Black Peacock' (18:16) / Fordell Research Unit (18:42) 1a) Nude Descending A Pole* For Duchamp And Richter ~ 1b) This Library Has No Fuck-Books ~ 1c) La Casa, L'Assassino ~ 1d) Saltwell" Edition of 50 copies.
5/8/2005 Forest Forest CD $18.99 Radioactive Records New, official reissue (previous version on BGO is long gone). Like their C.O.B. reissue, this is a stepped up quality remaster from Radioactive. Originally issued by Harvest in 1969, this is one of the definite debut folk albums of all time. "As the 1960s progressed, almost every musical genre was affected by the psychedelic boom - and folk was no exception. Artists such as Bert Jansch, Davy Graham and Donovan had introduced elements of world music into their repertoires by 1965, and in 1966 the Incredible String Band's debut kicked the door wide open for a generation of young musicians to follow. Forest, whose two Harvest albums have long elated listeners and eluded collectors, featured prominently among them, and have become synonymous with so-called 'acid folk', inspiring - alongside Vashti Bunyan, COB and a handful of others - the current wave of successful underground folk acts. Originally called The Foresters Of Walesby the band abbreviated their name to Forest and were fortunate enough to meet John Peel at a local gig and he encouraged them to play in London. After a triumphant gig in Notting Hill's All Saints Hall at Christmastime 1968, Forest were offered a management deal with Blackhill Enterprises, home to amongst others, Pink Floyd and Roy Harper. It wasn't long before offers of record contracts came their way and the band eventually signed to EMI's nascent Harvest label. This, their debut album was recorded at Abbey Road early in 1969 and featured completely original material, with their strangely-sculptured melodies and partially improvised accompaniment. The playing is often inspired and the album's recording quality excellent. Mastered at Abbey Road by NickWebb from the original analogue tapes. Featuring full participation from founding band member Martin Welham."
8/23/2009 Forest Creature Frustrated Analogue CD $13.99 Blackest Rainbow "Very pleased to announce the first 'proper' release from this local duo of Ben Moon and Richard Sides, and a very new sound for Blackest Rainbow. Forest Creature has been through many different sounds, starting as a fairly harsh noise experience opening for bands like Wolf Eyes and Jazkamer back when we did shows, they later on incorporated live drums and screwed up vocals, and a purely animal live experience. The duo's sound has progressed more and more over the last year, with more and more different sounds collating to make Forest Creature reach a point where they have their very own sound. Their previous sound would've fitted nicely into the Load Records roster, and then building to sound more like some kind of blend of Black Dice, early Animal Collective and Fuck Buttons. But now over the last few months I've experienced some of their best live performances yet (performed in near total darkness with flickering TV screen and bulbs) they pummel their audience with thumping beats, raging psychedelic synth, broken glitches and clicks, they seemed to have found a definite place that seems to be right for them. Strangely enough some of this material even reminds me of the supreme days of Sheffield's techno and IDM music boom back in the late 80s and early 90s with legends like Autechre, Black Dog, and the hay day of my favourites on Warp Records. If you're into Black Dice, Warp Records, Animal Collective and aren't afraid of a little beat here and there then I suggest you check out Forest Creature! Glass mastered pro pressed CD (not CDR) in full colour pro printed CD wallet."
3/24/2008 Forest Creature / Ryan Garbes and Gerre Hancock split cassette $9.99 Blackest Rainbow "Forest Creature are an insane duo that emerged out of the brief Blackout Band sessions. Duo of Ben (former BR store employee) and Richard. Total nutso weirdo noise shit, dumb electronics and self taught drums clatters... thrown in some scrapes, fights and pure dense noise with the odd barely recognizable vocal and you got Forest Creature... one flowing blurted nightmare. Ryan Garbes is the drummer from Iowa's Raccoo-oo-oon, and on this release he is joined by organist Gerre Hancock. Inititially the opening to this sounds like your in the big top surrouned by some chirpy clowns, elephants hand standing on balls, and dudes in big hats taming tigers... But then the psychedelia hits in, and man is it a trip! Far out smoky drones with elephants getting high - Dumbo style. Clowns becoming some kinda Nosferatu blood suckers - Tom Cruise Interview with a Vampire style. Grooving stoned lions dancing reeaaaallll slow, kicking the tamers asses whilst giggling away. one hell of a far out experience. Limited to 70."
8/28/2007 Formatt Minor Curations 3" CDR $7.99 Pseudo Arcana "I first heard Peter Smeekens Formatt project on a 3" CD put out by RoboRecords and was an overnight devotee. In fact I was such a fan that I've been harassing him for a release ever since and I'm excited to be able to say that my dream has come true and that its finally available. Formatt is resolutely a digital artist. He creates his pieces from heavily processed glitches, chimings, loops and drones, the original sound sources virtually impossible to discern. In an over-crowded genre Smeekens manages to transcend the clichés of his umpteen thousand peers. Somehow simply bathing in the complexity of the not-quite abstract rhythmic patterns of his music makes one feel SMARTER, like one could sit down and pluck radical new mathematical theorem out of the air. The intuitive patterns created are as electrically stimulating as a cluster of synaptic sparks. Minor Curations’ is a single 17.55min piece that hums and rings and glips through 2 short movements. Your room will vibrate with atomic activity and your pictures rearrange themselves on your wall."
8/9/2003 Forms of Things Unknown Cross Purposes CD $9.99 Panaxis Records “Cross Purposes marks the recording debut of Forms of Things Unknown: a five-track / 30-minute EP of music ranging from dark ambient dirge to medieval pilgrim song to jazz-inflected art rock - Forms of Things Unknown being the delinquent brainchild of San Francisco multi-instrumentalist Ferrara Brain Pan.
Ferrara Brain Pan's checkered musical career includes early collaborations with noise music pioneer BOYD RICE a/k/a NON (1970s), ambient dub project 23 DEGREES (early 90s), and a fortuitous uncredited appearance on 1994's Rien by Krautrock legends FAUST (produced by JIM O'ROURKE). More recently the artist was co-founder (with URE THRALL) of dark ambient duo DARMSTADT PHARMACY.
Cross Purposes was mixed and produced from material played entirely by Ferrara Brain Pan, excepting vocal performances by Bob Ayres and Shannon Wolfe and a cameo guest appearance by 'Babs Santini' a/k/a STEVEN STAPLETON of renowned musical subversives NURSE WITH WOUND. A study in contradictions, the album features a 16-minute original instrumental doomscape entitled ‘Black Candles & Pentagrams 'n Shit’, paired off against a 14th Century devotional Christian song and a cover of the morally ambiguous ‘Stupid Blood’, penned by UK punk legend HOWARD DEVOTO.”
10/6/2007 Fossils Action Zombie cassette $7.99 Fag Tapes "More from the mind bent, rusty tape deck motor slow mist keyes of Hamilton, Ontario. th darkness unfolds as th keyes are bent. far out edition of 50."
4/10/2009 Fossils Die Job cassette $4.99 Anathema Sound "The stoned saga of Ontario 's relentless destroyers continues. With tapes, electronics, guitars, reeds, and perhaps even the kitchen sink as their tools, you can always count on Fossils to deliver heavy batches of cathartic clatter and downright WTF. Die Job is certainly no exception. Side A teams regulars Steve Smith, Daniel Farr, and David Payne with Detroit bruiser Andrew Coltrane for a session that gradually builds and claws itself to fucking pieces. Side B finds the core duo of Smith and Payne administering the dosage much slower, but still burning all the way down. Bleached scalps and rattled bones may result from listening to these recordings. With full color art, inserts, and labels by Matt Yacoub." Edition of 50 copies.
4/16/2007 Fossils Get cassette $9.99 Tape Tektoniks "Confused canadian feedback unit bending things that are meant to break."
6/11/2006 Fossils Illuminations CDR $12.99 long long chaney "Full-length disc from this Offensive Orange offshoot piloted to nada by Mr David Payne of Fag Tapes infamy. Beautifully confused shovel of electric threat with massive machine melodies, bells, cut-up tapes, conveyor belts of noise in classic American hobbyist/LAFMS scientific freak style."
5/14/2007 Fossils Uhl CDR $13.99 Cut Hands "Dust choked new collection of zoned out weirdo jamz by Canadian swamp dwellers Fossils. Creepy lo-fi murk sounding like the aftermath of one bad fucking LSD trip. You died that day, here's the sound of it. Edition of 40 something, sick silkscreened cover magic by Jelle Crama."
7/16/2006 Fossils untitled CDR $9.99 Fag Tapes "Songs go all over the place. Canadian wreckage from elephant security breach alarm to garbage brass and guitar. digi-bit alien encounter and stoned coal truck corn husker."
3/20/2007 Fossils Void For Rent cassette $8.99 Fag Tapes "More decrepit bug covered tape slime from Hamilton Ontario fuckin' Canada! magnetic scratch drags in the purple night. edition 77."
11/4/2006 Fossils / Altar of Flies untitled CDR $10.99 Hasten & Korset "The altar of flies/Fossils cd-r on "hästen & korset" are out today, amazing artwork by www.mattiasfrisk.com. 2 panel folded pro-printed color covers in vinyl jacket and with a exclusive vinyl sticker specially made for the split cd-r. 63 minutes playtime, First press 66 copies..."
2/4/2007 Fossils / Evenings / Sick Llama Poison yer mind, harden yer Fears CDR $9.99 Fag Tapes "colab. organ, electronics,tapes, etc. some of us were in the kitchen and some of us were in the adjoining room. foggy wierd straight to tape jam style. edition 50."
5/1/2009 Fossils / XV Parówek Innards Out LP $17.99 Middle James Co. "XV Parówek side contains spontaneous recording made before one of first Noise Wastes(*), a dose of maniacal harsh noise with vocals, metal and synth/pedals abuse. Fossils are a brutal trio from around Ontario, who even use some "musical" instruments, but manage to play meaner, louder noise than XVP." Operational since 1994, XV Parówek is the solo output of Bartek Kalinka, Polish experimental noise project and the namesake of his label. Fossils began in 2005, spearheaded by David Payne, and has included a revolving door of members, mostly Hamilton locals or like-unminded folk. 'Innards Out' is two unedited freedom explosions. XVP side= Recorded August 6 2008 in Warsaw, Poland as a rehearsal for Noise Waste (a bi-monthly experimental gig), XV Parówek gives us maniacal electronics and distorted vocal rips, chirps complimented by low-end rumble tumbling crumbling to a groan blasted by rusted metal winds down in the well feeling unwell. Fossils side= Fossils as Daniel Farr, Rob Michalchuk, Steve Smith and David Payne. Recorded sometime 2008 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Farr, Smith and Payne build a buzzing battlefield of junk jackhammers while Michalchuk's sax dances round landmines, bombing sheets of feedback boiling down to a sputtering whiny and a strung-out guitar scattering. skating needles sticking with four lock grooves (placed randomly on the record during the mastering process). yet another WTF to add to the Fossils mammoth discography. Record is housed in a black sleeve with pasted color cover art by Polish artist Ratz, b/w 2-sided xeroxed insert by David Payne." Limited edition of 223 copies.
9/30/2008 Fossils From The Sun Associate Of Mercy CDR $13.99 Reverb Worship "Fossils From The Sun (Ffrthesun) is Raymond Hare who is one half of the Century Plants duo.The cd contains eight superb tracks. Ray's music conjures up organic industrial rhythms, drones, strange muffled oblique vocal stylings and guitars.The cd is available in an edition of 55 copies with covers with a design of namibian face masks printed on flourescent orange card."
9/25/2010 Fossils From The Sun Mix Tape c62 cassette $4.99 Ghetto Naturalist Series "What a treat to say the least! So honored to release this amazing collection of sounds from ray hare, 1/2 of century plants, player in the amazing psych unit burnt hills, among several other projects, ffrthesun is ray's personal vehicle of exploration-his history in sound goes way back and this tape is a dynamic representation of ray's ability to exercise his talents- whether it be his guitar work, amazing electronics, vocals, etc., it's all on display here- 9trks over 62 min- this is a must have! edition of 40 tapes- art by thomas gerendás."
11/15/2008 Fossils From the Sun Somebody's Gotta Lose 3" CDR $5.99 Abandon Ship Records "The latest release from Ray Hare's (Century Plants, Burnt Hills) Fossils From the Sun is a 19 minute sonic geography where fuzzed guitar propulsion buckles into static beats and shaken vox damage. Think Omit's desolation, Spacemen 3's nod and Alan Vega's terrorism. Refract that through the brutality of Century Plants Bloodrise and Somebody's Gotta Lose appears on the horizon - a dub of the sun." Edition of 50 copies.
11/2/2008 Fossils From The Sun The Living Mixer cassette $6.99 Peasant Magik "Ever wonder what is happening underneath all of murk and distortion that is Century Plants? This might end up confusing you even more. Number three in the leftover cassette series." Edition of 39 copies.
4/24/2006 Foster, Josephine A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing CD $12.99 Locust "Over the course of just a few years, Josephine Foster has captivated audiences & critics alike through a magnetic patchwork of recordings ranging from broken spirited balladry (BORN HELLER), fiery psych rock gestalt (ALL THE LEAVES ARE GONE) to the voice of an outsider folk siren (HAZEL EYES, I WILL LEAD YOU). The two constants are the utterly overwhelming strength and seductive unease of her voice & the bravery of her iconoclastic spirit. For anyone else, what lies inside her latest offering, "A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing," might be a freakish turn but for Josephine Foster this is a grand part of a continual movement. And so it goes, "A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing" is a deeply absorbing, magical reconstruction of 19th century miniature German art song - the intimate sibling to operatic arias customarily performed in the parlor . The album floats in a wash of blissed out voice and electric guitar in an almost dreamlike fashion through a salon of her own invention. In a music where sacred cows roam the pastures a plenty, Foster pays tribute - on her own terms - and in the process makes a case for German as a new found romance language."
2/20/2010 Foster, Josephine Graphic As A Star CD $15.99 Fire "This is the first record from U.S. minstrel-folk chanteuse Josephine Foster on Fire Records. Graphic As A Star is based upon the poems of the 19th-century American poet Emily Dickinson. Josephine lays stair-steppy melodies beneath a collection of Dickinson gems and sings them with a burnished soulfulness like the purple sunsets so often described in the poems. Massachusetts mountains, pearled spider-webs and folk hero William Tell, are all present in this unforgettable meeting of Dickinson's poesy and Foster's music, making a natural and inevitable whole. Ms. Foster is a Colorado-born artist whose songwriting draws from far corners of the musical spectrum to form a truly singular body of work. Her voice is sometimes compared to singers as disparate as Grace Slick, Shirley Collins or Tiny Tim, and it's certainly difficult to pigeonhole her varied music. She says her craft is strongly shaped by "Tin Pan Alley on my maternal side, rock and roll on the paternal side, Western folk music by birth, art-song and classical music via my adolescent passions." A personal introduction to Graphic As A Star from Josephine herself: "As to the source of these interludes, I wrote them this past winter while living in this remote, half-abandoned Spanish mountain village, a deadly quiet place with occasional interruptions of goats' bells, donkey brays, and the church bell announcing the passing of another old neighbor every day or so. I had just a few books with me, and one was the poetry of Emily Dickinson. Her poemsproved such good company, that in a few short weeks appeared this 'song cycle.' Whether for the irony of distance and homesickness being 3 years away, or through inevitable kinship with this long-dead lady, these songs seem to veer more towards America than ever before. Back in music school, I heard a few musical settings of Dickinson made by classical composers, but it's my hope to unite some of her poems into more intimate and intuitive musical settings, being so lyrical and transparent as they are.'"
2/2/2014 Foster, Josephine I'm A Dreamer LP $25.99 Fire "Josephine Foster returns with her new album 'I'm A Dreamer'. Following from the success of her previous critically acclaimed album 'Blood Rushing'. Dreamers have dreamt for as long as domes have fallen, bobbing musical swells from Stephen Foster to the Everlys. Now here comes that beautiful dreamer Josephine and, sugarpie, she's not the same. She has donned her magenta vestiments, dreaming back, with mossy verses that haunt like a name never called. It's not just Jo and her shadow, though, this time around-she's got a gaggle of Nashville cats on hand to coax spidery cathedrals from these campfire jams. Folks will want to call this her Harvest-with its harp and pedal steel, its double bass and cascading piano. And it's true, I'm a Dreamer beckons with a gentle hand, each note clear and crisp so that one feels each grain. Amid such delicate charms, however, lurk muses with rotting flesh, ugly ducklings and Djuna Barnes, wooden floors upon which no babies will be rocked. Wily is the heart that wanders filled with duende and desire, that rides the thigh like a parlor guitar when a strap just isn't handy. These are songs comfortably at home in salon or saloon, dreams deep enough to bury your dread--as sorrowful, as sexy, as stirring a set of songs as anybody's dreamt up in ages." "It's a pretty much perfect set, a quiet masterclass in songwriting with melodies that find the sweet spot in unexpected places and a self-possessed beauty that only grows with every listen." Time Out 5*s
6/25/2013 Foster, Josephine Little Life 10" + CD $29.99 Fire Records "Little Life is a long-lost classic by Josephine Foster. Conceived as an album of children’s songs, it was originally released in 2001 on handcrafted CDR in extremely limited quantities but soon became a firm cult fan favourite. Due to popular demand Fire Records will be releasing the album on 10” vinyl (with CD inside) and download on Record Store Day."
7/16/2006 Foster, Josephine & The Supposed All the Leaves Are Gone LP $19.99 Galactic Zoo Disk / Eclipse "Last Spring, you may have gotten a dose of opera school dropout Josephine Foster's startling mixture of avant arrangements & acoustic mountain folk as ? of the spare twisted up Appalachian duo, Born Heller. To many, the effect of her voice - on record and in concert - has been nothing short of chilling since the duo's locust debut. After a 180 degree shift in style only, Josephine Foster & the Supposed offer up a 12 cut blow out that's exuberant and hard hitting. On All the Leaves Are Gone, Josephine embraces her rock and roll heart and intuitively summons up the mojo of legendary songstress Patti Smith as she rides the crest of a fluid and angular rhythm section that's as triumphant as the sound of classic Television and trebly west coast psychedelia from decades gone by. Lyrically, stylistically and musically, this is a fearless, soon to be classic post-punk rock and roll record that delivers the goods from start to finish. All the Leaves are Gone was originally dreamed up as a rock opera. Before visions of Jesus Christ Superstar start dancing in your head, play this record - just for a minute - and you'll know there is something happening here that's unlike anything else you've ever heard." - label. "This album utilises a traditional group format but the results are no less disquieting. This is disturbing, inward-looking stuff, reminiscent of west coast psych if Fly Agaric had been the drug of choice. Patti Smith is a very loose starting point but Foster also appears to be channeling the aforementioned Galas, K.U.K.L period Bjork and hippy folk visionary Tom Rapp. Opener Well Heeled Man could well be Shirley Collins picnicking with the Manson family." - Peter Redmond, Mojo. Reissue of CD version on Locust featuring the excellent (same as cd) artwork by Plastic Crimewave.
2/2/2014 Foster, Josephine & The Victor Herrero Band Perlas LP $25.99 Fire "Following their album of Spanish folk songs Anda Jaleo (Fire 2010), Josephine Foster and the Victor Herrero Band have created a superb follow-up entitled Perlas (Pearls) due out on Fire Records in May. It is a jewel of a collection, with songs and poems selected by Josephine herself, gathered from dusty old scores and brought vividly to the present with warm performances full of flesh-and-blood emotion. Made with a variety of stringed instruments and simple percussion, the songs were recorded live in the studio on to analogue tape by Paco Loco in Puerto de Santa Maria, Spain. Foster breathes new life into timeless traditional melodies, drawing from the Spanish-folk traditions of Castile, the Basque, Santander and the Costa Brava. Elemental themes of love bind the collection together, with a melancholy joy that casts a shadow of desire and loss."
2/4/2007 Foster, Sticky & Neil Campbell Live at RRRecords / Long Distance Moan square lathe cut 8" $25.99 Alt.Vinyl Features John Olson (Dead Machines, Wolf Eyes...) on one side - numbered edition of 150 copies.
6/4/2010 Fougou Atlantis (for John Michell) 3" CDR $7.99 Sonic Oyster Records "'Fougou' are Brian Lavelle (Space Weather, Richard Youngs) and Matthew Shaw (Tex La Homa). The name derives from a peculiar type of subterranean structure only found in Cornwall in the extreme southwest of the United Kingdom. 'Athantis (for John Michell)' released on Sonic Oyster Records on 24 May is the next stage in Fougou's sonic descent into subterranean chambers. Following on from their stunning debut "Reversed Dreams of this Nature', the duo offer up a meditative love letter to the English writer, John Michell, using dense textural electronics, processed acoustic instruments, vocals and field recordings conjuring up a kind of megalithic valediction to Michell's vision of fortean phenomena. 'Atlantis' is available on 3" CD-R and strictly limited to 50 copies."
11/10/2011 Fourth World Magazine Fourth World Magazine Presents: The Spectacle of Light Abductions LP + Book $15.99 Pacific City Sound Visions "After many years as half of the highly influential Skaters with James Ferraro, 2 solo albums on Olde English Spelling Bee (Black Joker and Monopoly Child Star Searchers) and countless tapes and cd's, Spencer Clark has taken it to the next level. Layers of cosmic and alien sounds inhabit their own world and act as metaphors you can access subconsciously or explicitly. Clearer and more lucid than previous releases of his, this is a singular record of inner space exploration that operates completely outside the retro kraut-new age-synth trend so prevalent right now. Being more hi-fi than his past recordings, Spencer says "I have made an Alien Space Fusion Music that is an Aural Symbol for the pre-birth outer space-self's new Arrival." In this new zone, Spencer channels a more personal and spacious side of his vision, combining the rhythmic side of Monopoly Child with the abstractions of his Vodka Soap project. 12 full color pages of art, text and photos in the full size lp format. This marks the first lp release on Clark's Pacific City Sound Visions label. It stands as his biggest statement yet and will surprise and please. A beautiful record. Now it's yours to explore." - On location at Hotel California, Scott Simmons
11/7/2014 Fourth World Magazine Vol. 2 Pinhead In Fantasia LP $19.99 Pacific City Sound Visions "Fourth World Magazine 2 is comprised a 12 pg. ART AND TEXT TO BLOW YOUR OWN MIND. This addition has contributions from AR FAUST(film envisioner), Spencer Clark, and David Keenan... The album was recorded in an Open Air theater and in a golden metal box simultaneously…"
3/11/2015 Fox Maidens Fox Maidens lathe cut LP $29.99 Pseudo Arcana "Debut release for Fox Maidens, the edgy kimono wearing drone and field recording project of ex-Wellington, now Lyttleton based academic and artist Richard Keys. Tracing something like the arc of the journey home from some distant galaxy Fox Maidens start out in a deep grand bigscreen sci-fi electronic space before being slowly irradiated as they pass too close to the sun. The Earth upon arrival is a verdant paradise, creeks burble, birds sing and the wind blows gentle through a grove of bamboo. Here is a short promo video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LDZfVrt42cg
Edition of 30 lathe cut LPs in full colour sleeve.
6/26/2003 Fox, The For Fox Sake LP $15.99 RPM "Rare and much sought after, the amusingly titled ‘For Fox Sake,’ originally released in 1970, was the first and only release by this obscure British psychedelic band. Characterized by the dizzying Hammond organ of the talented Alex Lane, original copies of the album are hot items on the collector's auction block. Original artwork, gatefold sleeve, 180 gram vinyl, UK import."
7/8/2010 Fractal Skulls, The The Fractal Skulls CDR $8.99 Reverb Worship "Let me introduce you to the debut release by The Fractal Skulls.A solo drone project which struck an immediate chord with me straight away reminding me of the "In D" track from the Acid Mother Temple's Terry Riley inspired "In C" album.The cd contains three excellent ten minute plus tracks based around an ambient sitar drone.This album is a co release with the artist. It is made in hand numbered editon of only 40 copies."
4/10/2005 Fractions Barometer 3" CDR $6.99 Kindling "Deep water sonar explorations from Mssrs Busby and Craig, recorded in a house perched over the ocean on a rainy weekend at the beach. Trumpet loops and synth gurgle garnished with micro scrapings of rock and shell collected on walks around the headland. From the mirrored eye of the bottomless rock pool..."
6/4/2010 Fragments Alternative Relativity CDR $8.99 Arable Tapes Numbered edition of 50 - one copy left.
4/10/2009 Fragments Cyanid Tendons cassette $6.99 Tusco Embassy "Duo of jeff hatfield & zack troxell. two side long tracks of dizzying synth interplay. experiments in tension building and atmospheric construction."
7/16/2009 Fragments Kinetic Sphere c20 cassette $7.99 Deception Island "Those of you who've spent any serious time in Cleveland know that it's barely possible to leave your house without getting pancaked by some anvil or other of phenomenally damaged tapes. Jeff Hatfield and Zach Troxell, aka Fragments, were responsible for the last such anvil to have my name on it before I split for Philly last year, and their self-titled debut left me scratching my head at the point of impact for months, trying to fathom what the hell they could possibly be THINKING. Then again, as Hatfield confided in me at the bar after Fragments turned in a tense and gnarled basement set at the Champagne of Fests III this past March, "I'm not even really sure that I have a head right now," so perhaps I'm overanalyzing it and the crux of the project is in fact the very billion-yard stare amply documented on the "Synthetic Spremulli" dvdr and made more than audible on a slew of subsequent releases for Hanson, Pizza Night, A Sounddesign, and Tusco Embassy. Regardless, I can think of few contemporary synth projects as genuinely weird as this one, and "Kinetic Sphere" is incredibly gnarled stuff, kicking off like a steel door opening onto the gentle throb of miniature worlds under glass and staging it's first crescendo as the inhabitants discover space travel, summoning a great purring of afterburners and flashing of lasers, then hanging out around the rafters in a cloud of acrid smoke. Side two begins with a wonderful settled/unsettled "Drift Studies"-esque detuned test tone that gradually accumulates filigree before blindsiding the listener with a split-second glimpse into the abyss, a pendulum that only swings farther and farther, and an ending reminiscent of the coda of Schnitzler's "Meditation," in which dub space, once appropriated, becomes literal, carceral, and oppressive, and our heroes keep on throttling the cosmic slot machine amid a beery haze, in a vain attempt to escape the tape itself." Hand-numbered edition of 150.
6/4/2010 Fragments / Thursday Club split c32 cassette $7.99 Arable Tapes Fragments - 7/1/09 @ Grog Shop. Thursday Club - Ode To Mr. Tuttles. Edition of 132 copies.
1/15/2015 France Do Den Haag Church LP $27.99 Standard In-Fi "Silkscreened thick folder covers and stamped labels. Live recording, religious, kosmiche, drone... Hurdy-gurdy, bass and drums." "Firstly released on cdr as Standard In-Fi G, then on tape as 8mm40, the Den Haag live recording is back by popular demand as a vinyl record. Co-produced and co-distributed with Mental Groove Records."
8/1/2014 France Electric Zoi CDR $12.99 Standard In-Fi CDR, 71 copies, paste-on Ricoh printed mailer on sealed cardboard cover. Released 2014. Recorded live at the legendary Bourse du Travail in Saint Etienne, March 2013.
2/6/2003 Francis, Richard Three Tracks 3" CD $6.99 CMR / Stateart "This cd contains three compositions recorded in late 2001 in Japan (where Richard formally resided) and mixed in mid 2002 in New Zealand. Source material stems from both organic and mechanical/synthetic ambient field recordings abstracted and carefully arranged into subtle sound compositions. Richard works with the smaller details of a recorded sound event or object, meaning the subtlety of this work is better appreciated with headphones, however the compositions also blend beautifully with the surrounding environment as they gently drift out of stereo speakers. Three Tracks sits well in Richard’s catalogue of field recording manipulation and follows a fabulous 7" on Drone Records, Germany."
5/8/2005 Francis, Richard / Stefan Neville / Howard Stelzer / Clinton Watkins untitled lathe cut 8" $22.99 CMR "Side A is an improvisation recorded one evening in August 2003 by myself (Richard Francis, Eso Steel) on computer, Stefan Neville (Pumice, Stabbies Recordings etc) on drums, cartridges and buzzbox, and Clinton Watkins (Three, Doe, Whitebass etc) on guitar. Side B is piece constructed by myself and Howard Stelzer after a mail exchange using sound material recorded at the August session. Home made paper cover and insert." Edition of 60 copies.
1/15/2005 Franciscan Hobbies, The Walls Are Stuck CD $12.99 Music Fellowship "San Francisco's The Franciscan Hobbies return with their fourth full-length album (& second proper CD) of cooperative folk-noise & abstract nature processionals. Based around Thuja-explorers Glenn Donaldson, Loren Chasse & Rob Reger, this free-form musical body also encompasses another half-dozen friends from likeminded bands such as The Muons, The Buried Civilizations, Leaf Yard & The Shitty Listeners. The title Walls are Stuck was inspired by a quote from Pandit Pran Nath: 'Inside, walls are stuck; outside, ideas fly in all directions.' The Hobbies have been known to put this into practice by taking their junk folk–instruments, boomboxes & mini-discs outside, gathering in canyons, creek beds, backyards, and on porches & beaches. The Franciscan Hobbies are part of the expansive Jewelled Antler forest of bands & projects. Jewelled Antler Co-founders Glenn Donaldson & Loren Chasse have been involved in creating over 25 CD-R’s, CD’s, records & tapes, ranging from straight field recordings to multi-layered psych-pop music to rumbling drones. Glenn Donaldson also appears as The Ivytree, The Birdtree, The Skygreen Leopards, the Blithe Sons & a dozen others, recording for such labels as Catsup Plate, Jagjaguwar, Fat Cat, Family Vineyard, Emperor Jones & 267 Lattajja. Fellow Blithe Son, Loren Chasse records as OF & is also a member of The Child Readers & Coelacanth, with releases on Anomalous, Mallard Lake, Emperor Jones & Family Vineyard."
9/30/2005 Franklin's Mint Gold CD $11.99 Sunburned "A brand new album from this group effort led by PHIL FRANKLIN, along with fellow members of SUNBURNED HAND OF THE MAN, KIRSTEN McCORD (REX/Ecstatic Peace recording artist), and ADAM NODELMAN (BORBETOMAGUS, CRASH WORSHIP). Fourteen tracks of laidback psych-tinged folk rock relief produced by TONY GODDESS (Papas Fritas), and packaged with fold-out 3-D silk-screened pyramid jackets with inner booklets. Limited edition pressing of 1,000 copies."
2/12/2008 Franklin's Mint Time Bends Light CDR $15.99
"New limited self-released solo album from Phil Franklin, Sunburned Hand Of The Man's wildcard stand-up man, art visionary and song and dance man. The follow-up to the excellent Gold CD, this one stretches further into the kind of saw-dust gargling American country-honk forms of players like Steve Young, Country Honk-era Stones, Flying Burrito Brothers, Skip Spence and The Grateful Dead circa Working Man's Dead. Franklin is a beautiful songwriter with a very personal take on classic song writing and private press sonics and this is an excellent collision of both that takes his vision well outside of the Sunburned cultus and into the stream of classic American songforms. Comes packaged in a wooden box with paste-on artwork. Edition of 100." - Volcanic Tongue
6/4/2010 Frederiksen, Jonas 360° CDR $7.99 Relax With Nature
6/4/2010 Frederiksen, Jonas Osmosis CDR $7.99 Relax With Nature Composed and recorded year 2009 on static dream speed, chrome plunge, sixtyniner, herbal gateways & spliff-tyme knowledge.
6/4/2010 Frederiksen, Jonas Pur 1 CDR $7.99 Relax With Nature
7/30/2006 Free Players, The The Free Players CD $12.99 Last Visible Dog "The Free Players are a super-group of featuring members of Finnish free-jazz pawnpins Vapaa, Kheta Hotem, Kundalini Snakes and the venerable Keijo Virtanen. While previous documents of this band exist, this is apparently the more democratic version (no longer is it 'Keijo and the Free Players'), a shift documented by the more accessible sound here.
What we have here is an hour long set of jams that seems more reminiscent of Floyd and the Dead than what we've come to expect from Keijo's previous output. Wild guitar leads and wailing sax (nevermind the space-organ) reveals immediately what cloth this recording has been cut from--which is to say that 'The Free Players' is a true psychedelic album!" - label
2/10/2004 Freedom Nerosubianco LP $29.99 Merry-Go-Round "A '60s psych classic unearthed! Featuring two ex-members of Procol Harum, Freedom sounded in places, similar to early Traffic adding a jazzy feel to their psych tinged rock. This is the soundtrack to the film ‘Nerosubianco’ recorded in 1968. Some of it, such as the opening ‘To Be Free’ is pure Rubble Psych...Limited to 1000 numbered copies." – Freak Emporium
7/31/2006 Freedom's Children Astra CD $15.99 Gallo Record Company "Long lost reissue of the classic second LP (1970) by Freedom's Children, deemed by many to be their defining moment. Said Nic Martens, one of the engineers for Astra who also played organ on the album: 'What many are unaware of, is that Astra was recorded from a Friday night, to the Monday morningŠ on a four track Studer, eight fader Siemans valve mixer, an echo plate, with some help from a Lesley amp and a modified echo box.' Not only did the album capture for posterity the unique sounds - dubbed 'astral music' or 'acid rock' - of arguably South Africa's finest band ever, but it also caught the mood of the drug-infused culture that had taken root on the southern tip of Africa in the post Woodstock love and peace era. From the driving lead of Julian's lead guitar, a perfect match for the amphetamine and speed culture of the day, to the surreal, trippy sound of the band that tuned into the growing use of LSD, Astra captured the mood and the sounds of the early 70s South African music scene. This Gallo reissue was re-mastered by Peter Pearlson, the country's top engineer. Owing to problems of distribution, only a miniscule quantity of this superb CD reissue found its way onto the market in South Africa and almost none were seen outside of South Africa. Rumours abounded concerning what had become of the remaining copies from the small initial pressing. After a great deal of searching we finally tracked them down. The last copies of a terrific reissue." - Lion Productions
12/30/2002 French Paddleboat Rome Loves Tan LP $10.99 Catsup Plate "Rome Loves Tan, though just now getting a vinyl release, was originally released in 1996 as a small-edition cassette on the esteemed Union Pole label. F.P. was never quite happy with some of the idiosyncrasies of the record, but later Paddleboat recordings and his work as one-half of Vote Robot commanded his attention and the songs were left as-is until now. This new version of Rome represents a more fully realized vision than the original tape did: F.P. tightened up and reworked the songs and loops. One song was replaced with a more fully realized piece (‘Indication of Motion,’ track 3, side 2). In a sense, this version offers insight into both the earlier work of French Paddleboat, as well as what he's up to now. Edition of 300 copies in ‘paint-by-number’ silkscreened jackets."
3/23/2007 French Quarter Overpassing CDR $8.99 Arbor "The best thing about Arizona is either that it is warm(like very warm), but not humid or the burgeoning music scenes centered around the Phoenix/Tempe area. With shows going on multiple nights a week at places like Trunkspace and Modified Arts, how could a dude not be totally inspired? Stephen Steinbrink aka French Quarter is a Phoenix, AZ desert dweller with a guitar and some friends. He writes songs that will bring back the feelings of hearing that Neil Young bootleg tape in your cousin's car for the first time. He is joined by a cast of talented Arizonans from bands such as Tent City and Soft Shoulder. The tracks are wonderfully orchestrated by Steinbrink featuring a never ending array of instrumentation. New LP forthcoming on Gilgongo Records(of Tempe,AZ). In a numbered edition of 100 copies with gold stamped discs and trifold inserts in two color silkscreened chipboard arigato pack."
2/11/2006 Fresh Maggots Fresh Maggots LP $29.99 Amber Soundroom "Fresh Maggots came from Nuneaton, Warwickshire, England and recorded their only vinyl in London 1971, which was absolutely well done. Fresh Maggots were just two people, Mick Burgoyne and Leigh Dolphin. They played acid folk-rock with electric and acoustic guitar, glockenspiel, tambourine, violin, tin whistles and vocals. The original vinyl is very much sought-after today, so this reissue will help to get a vinyl of Fresh Maggots for a reasonable price today. 180-gram-vinyl and great sound-quality! Comes with an interesting insert, consisting of many personal memorabilia of Mick and Leigh like photos, articles in news-papers and tickets."
2/4/2007 Friday Group Crystal Eunuch Reversal CDR $12.99 Wholly Other/ Twilight Flight Sound "3 chunks from the 2005 friday group west coast tour from the unashamed masters of the stoned moan (tom carter, shawn mcmillen, matt martinez, brian smith). slow motion ethno blues drawl that piles up into balls of tentacled fury, with the occasional blast of blistering fuzz thrown in. far, far away from the tranquility of the beta-lactam debut LP (still available)! handpainted/ drawn/ xeroxed covers by shawn, edition of 150 copies." - Tom Carter
9/30/2005 Friday Group, The Wet Fur CDR $11.99 Wholy Other / Twilight Flight Sound September 2001 recordings from Austin, TX featuring Tom Carter, Brian C. Smith, Shawn McMillen, and Matt Martinez. Nice!
11/17/2007 Friday the 13th John Wiese / Dead Machines / Damion Romero double LP $24.99 Anarchymoon Recordings "Fierce live recording of this epic event on Jan 13, 2006. one side per set, including final side of 4-way collaboration. somehow they managed to fuse the minimal low-fi rig of Dead Machines with the maximal power cycle of Damion Romero and spatious neutron radiation of John Wiese, i was wondering how they were gonna pull it off.... it is a crunch-roaring bewilderment in sound. John Wiese - sonic landscapes that swirl and build, psychedelic even / Dead Machines - slow grind through homemade speaker-suitcase. a groovy ride on nails and steel wool / Damion Romero - physical psychic, you could feel it in the concrete floor / 4-way collab - thunder-wail with flowers and sharks. sonic hallucinations all - 2xLP black vinyl, pro labels, high-quality 3 color covers screened by Seizure Palace in the usual beyond-sick fashion on 12"x40" sheets. limited edition of 515"
6/27/2009 Frondheim Gearhart In Elegiac Broccoli c45 cassette $5.99 Scumbag Relations "Juttering beats and airy synth discharge. Dispelling the rumor of something long forgotten. Frondheim Gearhart is this years smash sensationalist pro expo gardener with all the bells and whistles attached with a hot glue gun, certain to make you feel at home and as comfortable as humanly possible in these difficult economic times. Erik Hurtado is a collage and sound artist from Spain. This tape finds him cruising easy street in a red cadillac filled with blowup dolls and mescaline. Some songs are solo acoustic pop numbers, reminiscent of neo-crooners like Daniel Johnston or Herman Dune. Still, other tracks like Puzzle Fatal and Marinero Blanco remind me of being stuck inside a classic NES system pondering portal surfing with Sun Ra while Terry Riley bangs on a half shredded speak and spell and Syd Barret blows smoke in my face. Pro-printed covers featuring a collage by Hurtado himself."

Frontier Suture CD $11.99 Perishable More explorations in the balance of rhythm, trance, chaos and noise from these inventive Chi-town sound seekers. Built using samples from a live recording session in the Spring of '99, the sounds have been manipulated & reconstructed. - also on LP

Frontier Suture LP $12.99 Perishable More explorations in the balance of rhythm, trance, chaos and noise from these inventive Chi-town sound seekers. Built using samples from a live recording session in the Spring of '99, the sounds have been manipulated & reconstructed. - also on CD
2/24/2007 Frozen Corpse Injected with Gasoline CDR $9.99 Maim & Disfigure "Sounds like a microphone blowing for miles through a snowstorm without ever crashing to the ground..... recorded in antwerp; deep in the depths of weed and speed based psychosis and loving every minute of it.... one of those ones that at first sounds mellow and inviting, only to end up making you feel awful... like you just got a flu from walking for hours through harsh heavy winds and snow.... gross.... edition of 60."
6/11/2006 Frozen Stake (Jon Schofield) 3" CDR $6.99 Firstperson "Psychedelic drone core from berlin/england using guitar and found sounds to create textured static and dream like pieces. de-tuned ramblings and noise improv looped through pedals and screaming amps.
4/19/2004 Fuccillo, Jeff Disturbed Strings LP $12.99 Roaratorio "In the spring of 1998, guitarist Jeff Fuccillo (Irving Klaw Trio, Wham-O, Hochenkeit) met avant-folk guru John Fahey while opening for his trio at a gig in Portland, Oregon. Fahey was sufficiently impressed, and booked studio time to record Fuccillo for his label. On the day of the session, Fuccillo arrived prepared to make a solo acoustic guitar album. To his surprise, Fahey had prepared a pile of samples - random snatches of music, all manner of sound effects - and without warning, began shooting them out into the studio room through the monitors, effecting a guerrilla collaboration of sorts. Disturbed Strings captures the highlights of that day: veering from hardscrabble stringrattling to modal melodicism, the album is ample testament to Fuccillo's wide-ranging inventiveness as an improvising guitarist, as well as a window into an aspect of Fahey's artistry not previously represented on record. An essential document of the New Weird America underground. Released in a limited edition of 500 copies, with artwork by Fahey and Judith Lindbloom."
4/16/2007 Full Scales Triple Trebles one sided LP $12.99 American Tapes "Vinyl debut of this Hammond Organ Inzanity unit, no effects or studio trickery. Total sunny winter afternoon pauser jammer. A suite in three pieces, creeping and still. Was gonna have liners by deli manager/fantasy writer M.R.Miller but she's "not into violent imagery".... Edition of 200 on color wax with full color fixed to the blank side with insert."
5/16/2015 Fungal Abyss Live At The Triple Door c40 cassette + download $8.99 Eiderdown "Recorded live at Seattle's first ever psych fest (Hypnotikon) last year and mastered by James Plotkin for maximum sound. These 40 minutes are the soundtrack to mankind's melding with mycology to form perfect cosmo-musical symbiosis. Witnesses can attest that while the band played on, torches appeared just out of sight and the walls of the Triple Door roughened and shrunk, glistening with the funk of 40,000 years. Forget grooving with a Pict, this species of furry things are blasting away, the sounds echoing across ancient underground river beds where blind cave-fish raise their heads and say "Right on,man." Pink and green screen printed covers…limited to 100."
6/11/2006 Fungal Hex Fungal Hex 2 x 45rpm 12" picture disc $37.99 Aurora Borealis "FUNGAL HEX was a collaborative installation by Brooklyn, New York artists: Aaron Cantor (sculpture), Fritz Welch (illustration), Stephen O'Malley (sound & print design) and Rylan Morrison (text). Originally presetented byThe Foundation and Center for Contemporary Arts Prague, the show was shown at Galerie Jelen', Prague between October 29th 2001 & December 5th 2001. This double 45rpm picture disc edition aims to recreate some of the aesthetic of that exhibition. Sonically, O'Malley (SUNN O))), KHANATE, GINNUNGAGAP) displays a more mellow, experimental side, with each track consisting of drones, ambient waves and subtle guitar work. Eerie scraping sounds drift in and out, and the general feel is unsettling. This work represents a very different side to the volume based, mammoth drones of SUNN O))). An Installation Document With Audio Supplement (jewelcase CD) was pressed in an edition of 1000 to coincide with the exhibition, with James Plotkin (KHANATE, OLD) provided mastering assistance. Aurora Borealis proudly present FUNGAL HEX as a double 45rpm picture disc edition, aiming to recreate some of the aesthetic of that exhibition. This superlative re-issue is limited to 500 pieces and comes packaged in a vellum sleeve featuring original artwork from the exhibition."
8/31/2008 Funke, Maxine Lace CD $14.99 Next Best Way "delicate AND strong, real AND hypnotically beautiful. the songs of maxine funke are a serious addiction I should warn you about. her past projects include albums with THE HUNDRED DOLLAR BAND and THE SNARES, and at one time she played guitar in SNAPPER. This her first solo album, was recorded over the last four years in the brief spaces as new parenthood allows, in these stolen moments she also created several hundred completely individual, arresting hand-printed images, then combined the two prodigies so you could have LACE! I'm awed by some of these songs! Spellbound when they replay themselves all day in my inner ear! Honoured to have contributed a couple of occasional whisps of sound to such a beautiful album." - ALASTAIR GALBRAITH
9/16/2007 Fursaxa Alone in the Dark Wood CD $15.99 ATP "This is the fifth full-length release from West Philly-based solo artist Tara Burke aka Fursaxa, her second for the All Tomorrow's Parties label. Boasting a fan base with the likes of Bardo Pond, Acid Mothers Temple and Thurston Moore who released a record by her on his Ecstatic Peace! imprint years ago, Burke is now one of the epicentres and key collaborators of the North American free-folk movement, along with such luminaries as Jack Rose, Charalambides, Ben Chasny and the Jewelled Antler Collective. With her hypnotic, echo-y churchbell chanting, Burke possesses a power-filled vocal sound that harkens back not only to those other polar queens of disaffected freakout psychedelia Nico and Barbara Manning, but she is also akin to and inspired by Hildegard von Bingen, the 12th-century Benedictine mystical abbess. With the low drone of chord organ and farfisa, detuned ringing guitar, and endlessly looped, multiply-tracked vocals applied with heaps of delay, Fursaxa sounds like a tripped-out medievalist perched upon a poppy petal. Alone in the Dark Wood, recorded half in Pennsylvania, half in Finland, evokes pale moonlight and deep shadows, where tree limbs bend to form cathedral arches over a procession of mystics. Disembodied female voices rise like sacral fire-smoke amongst the strum of mandolin, balalaika, and the piper's call of bells and flute-whistle. At some turns mournful and stark, at others a celebratory invocation, Alone in the Dark Wood displays Burke's alchemical knack for turning folk into lo-fi, and then into sheer psych and back again, but more importantly, her music is pure humming narcosis." LP version available on Eclipse. Highly recommended!
2/6/2007 Fursaxa Alone in the Dark Wood LP $19.99 Eclipse Beautiful new release from Tara Burke (aka Fursaxa) features 12 tracks recorded in Philadelphia and Ulvila, Finland (recorded by Sami Sänpäkkilä). Also has Tara's cover design and artwork in a nice 12x24 inch foldout insert.
Limited edition of 950 copies.

Fursaxa Fursaxa LP $89.99 Ecstatic Peace “Fursaxa is the creation of Tara Burke (ex Clock Strikes Thirteen, Un, …), sometimes aided by Grant Acker & Matt Shiley. Casio, farfisa, vocals, 'bells' made from empty, cut fire extinguishers all whir about in a beautifully Nico-inflected psych-folk centrifuge.” – Byron Coley Highly recommended!
2/10/2004 Fursaxa Madrigal In Duos LP $89.99 Time-Lag "Long overdue, the first proper new album from Fursaxa since the 's/t' lp on forced exposure a while back... anyone who's had their ears turned by Tara Burke's earlier recordings will certainly have cause for celebration with 'Madrigals in Duos'... like a haunting dream sound from another world, this is the sort of music that exists in a space all it's own. hearing Tara weave her incredible vocal textures in to a tapestry of strummed acoustic, droning organ & and various noisemakers is a treat not to be missed. Flooringly psychedelic and completely out there, in the most beautiful sense... 180 gram vinyl in an extra heavyweight uni-pak style gatefold, with color paste-ons, interior screenprinting, stamped labels, etc., all designed by Tara. Numbered to 300."
1/1/2008 Fursaxa Maidenstone EP 7" $7.99 Mt St Mtn "With the low drone of chord organ and farfisa, detuned ringing guitar, and endlessly looped, multiply-tracked vocals applied with heaps of delay, Fursaxa sounds like a tripped-out medievalist perched upon a poppy petal." Absolutely excellent - highly recommended!
1/13/2004 Fursaxa Mandrake LP $29.99 Eclipse Originally released on the Acid Mothers Temple label as a CDR in 2000, limited to 100 copies. This material was recorded between 1997 and 1999 by Tara Burke playing guitars, organs, dulcimer, accordion and vocals and was remixed and produced by Kawabata Makoto. Now 'Mandrake' has seen a proper limited reissue in a beautiful full color sleeve with 2 sided color insert – a reproduction of the original artwork that came with the cdr release. This is one of my favorite records ever so I recommend this without hesitation!
5/24/2014 Fushitsusha Nothing Changes No One Can Change Anything, I Am Ever-Changing Only You Can Change Yourself 3xCD $31.99 Utech Recorded at Hosei University, Tokyo, April 26, 1996. "No band on Earth has ever sounded like Fushitsusha. Sure, there are antecedents to their mind-scraping, soul-searing roar: Blue Cheer's in there, as is Hendrix circa 1970, when he'd given up the showmanship of 1967 and '68 and aimed himself straight at the heart of the music, but nobody ever exploded the rock power trio form the way Keiji Haino, Yasushi Ozawa and Jun Kosugi did. Clad in black, impassive and stoic, the bassist and drummer built seemingly rickety scaffoldings of rhythm that were revealed to be as powerful as suspension bridges once Haino ascended, guitar in hand, to unleash storms of raw sound on unprepared (for who could ever be prepared for an experience like this?) audiences in Japan and, eventually, Europe and America. Though their music was improvised, it was never aimless; Haino was merely demonstrating that when one's goal is purity, the path to it is constantly shifting. Pieces might be three minutes long, or 75. They might be built around headlong, nearly punk-rock riffing, or seem to come together with near-imperceptible slowness, like clouds of mist rising from the earth. They could be furious, explosive, or crushingly sad.
Though Haino has been a willing - even eager - collaborator with many players from diverse backgrounds over the years, very few performers could match Fushitsusha's energy. Indeed, perhaps the only man capable of withstanding the force of the group in full cry would be German saxophonist Peter Brötzmann, who joins the trio on this three-disc, three-hour document of a single epic concert, recorded at Tokyo's H?sei University on April 26, 1996. Brötzmann and Haino have recorded together several times over the years - the same week this concert was held, the duo album Evolving Blush and Driving Original Sin was tracked, and the pair teamed up with drummer Charles Hayward for his album Double Agent(s): Live in Japan Volume Two. But Nothing Changes No One Can Change Anything, I Am Ever-Changing Only You Can Change Yourself is unique in both the Fushitsusha and Brötzmann discographies. The trio have never sounded the way they do here - beginning Disc One with long, ritualistic passages of solo drums and nearly unaccompanied bass; chanting and howling in a guttural, almost pre-linguistic manner behind the saxophonist as Kosugi seems to try to smash his kit to bits, at the midpoint of Disc Two; hammering home a blues riff reminiscent of the Plastic Ono Band circa Live Peace in Toronto on Disc Three, and bringing the whole thing to a close with a four-way noise/garage-rock raveup in the final three minutes of the performance. There are many Fushitsusha live albums - Live and Live II, the two double-disc sets on PSF that first brought the group to global underground godhood; Gold Blood; Withdrawe, This Sable Disclosure Ere Devot'd; The Wound That Was Given Birth To Must Be Greater Than The Wound That Gave Birth; I Saw It! That Which Before I Could Only Sense; and more. Each captures a crucial moment or moments from a unique and ongoing musical journey. But Nothing Changes No One Can Change Anything, I Am Ever-Changing Only You Can Change Yourself may be the heaviest, the most overpowering, and at times the most beautiful of them all. This performance has been legendary in Haino fan circles since it happened, 18 years ago. At last, it has been released for all those who weren't there to experience for themselves. Nothing Changes No One Can Change Anything, I Am Ever-Changing Only You Can Change Yourself comes wrapped in a folded outer sleeve with art by painter Denis Forkas Kostromitin; the discs housed in black paper envelopes inside a black engraved folder. A reproduction of the original flyer advertising the performance is also enclosed. The audio has been mastered by James Plotkin, and the tri-fold booklet includes liner notes by Alan Cummings. 3CD limited to 1000 copies."
1/20/2002 Fushitsusha Origin's Hesitation CD $15.99 PSF "Expectations exploded, intentions fleetingly revealed, faith justified. A new album from Keiji Haino's Fushitsusha is always going to be a major event. And to make the release of Origin's Hesitation even more significant, it is the first new album from the group in almost two years, the first studio recordings by the new duo line-up, and the first Fushitsusha album on PSF since 1994's stunning Pathetique. The popular perception of Fushitsusha has usually been as a rock band, albeit one that pushed the definition of that term further than anyone had ever done before. While the group's approach has always been (and remains) rock to the core, the outside manifestation of those intentions have gradually moved further and further away from the rock framework. Shockingly, on this release, Haino takes the process to its natural conclusion and has decided to eschew the guitar entirely. In its place, nothing but the eerily empty hiss of overdriven amplification. Here Haino sings, plays drums, and conjures with spectres. Consequently, the sound palette is starker, and Haino's intentions plainer than they have ever been before. The no overdubs policy remains, though both Haino and bassist Ozawa work with realtime loops. The unique dynamic hallmarks of the group are preserved, the focus on individual sounds and their interaction underlined. Attack, duration, beginnings and endings all merge into one heartrending, emotionally eternal present. This is a hugely important, hauntingly insistent, spectral blast of arecord. Quite simply and beyond any doubts, one of the releases of the year." - Alan Cummings
7/19/2011 Fusinato, Marco Ambianxe LP $16.99 The Spring Press Pressing #01 in an edition of 250 copies on 180 gram virgin black vinyl. "A live LP of incendiary concréte guitar shards. Two live sets from SuperDeluxe Tokyo. Imagine Derek Bailey slamming his guitar into the circuitry of David Tudor and the subsequent brawl. Polite applause please. This is the sound of Caravaggio." 'Desecration of the note, tone and timbre of the guitar purposefully undermines the instrument's iconography as a phallic avatar of Americana. The cover image of Ambianxe, Caravaggio's The Lute Player (1595-96) reaches further into the instruments past incarnations as a symbol of youth, class and virtuosity... Fusinato has identified the Lacanian jouissance that runs concurrent with the anomalous post-Cagean world. In listening we are lifted from the day-to-day noise of society and repositioned into an analytical and intimate, yet sublime space, questioning the tactile sensation of sweeping frequencies and deciphering semingly formless sound structures. Put to a test of sensual assault and dropped into a pit of unreconisable, distorted crunch, one finds oneself barred from the recognition and relief of the funky pop song or the false sense of security installed by the enveloping blanket of supermarker Muzak. Ambianxe may only be a mediated recording of such things, but the significant placing of such a record in the technocratic world of music production and distribution highlights the artist's recognition of his place within global media, post-millennium' - Nik Tammens, Un Magazine
8/8/2009 Fusinato, Marco Ripping Skies LP $15.99 No Fun "From the bowels of the southern hemisphere, guitar / electronics noise signor Marco Fusinato gives us the full F/A-18 squadron attack. One side is an inferno of mangled guitar spit, relentlessly speeding and colliding with all in its path. The flipside features a giant monochord stuck and struggling to escape from the shards of the volatile overload. Recorded live, then spliced/mixed/mastered by Oren Ambarchi. Cover artwork by Australian colonial convict / forgerer / artist Joseph Lycett. And nowŠ everything's wrong. Limited to 300 copies."
8/1/2014 Fusinato, Marco Spectral Arrows: Sydney LP $21.99 Planam "Spectral Arrows" is an ongoing series of long-duration performances for guitar and electronics. In "Spectral Arrows", Fusinato arrives at the venue when it opens for business, sets up his equipment facing a wall and proceeds to play for the whole day until the end of business hours. Fusinato presents himself here in the guise of a worker, clocking on and unceremoniously clocking off at the end of the working day, refusing to allow the behind-the-scenes mystery of rehearsals and preparations to lend an aura to the performance, and affirming the deskilled ethos of his work. For the audience, the length of the performance frustrates the expectation of a manageable form, forcing all but the hardiest audience members to content themselves with only a fragment of the whole. Even for those who stick it out, the extended duration, like in the late works of Morton Feldman, destroys the listener's ability to retain and assess the structure of the performance. Breaking with both the traditional form of the musical performance and, through Fusinato's resolutely anti-social position facing away from the audience, the standard affective relationship between audience and performer, the sound of "Spectral Arrows" becomes a monumental aural sculpture, filling the space, not with steel or concrete, but with vibrations traveling through air. "Spectral Arrows: Sydney" was recorded at Artspace Sydney in 2012 during "The Color of the Sky Has Melted", a survey exhibition of Fusinato's recent projects. Fusinato performed facing a large, purpose-built wall that bisected the exhibition space and displayed his "Double Infinitives" series. Fusinato's sculpture "Aetheric Plexus", which unleashes 13,000 watts of white light and a 105db blast of white noise when triggered by the audience was active in the space during the performance and provides an aleatoric counterpoint throughout the recording. The crushing volume and harshness of the performance is intensified throughout by the reverberant gallery space, which creates a swirling, almost psychedelic effect as Fusinato's sounds bounce from wall to wall. "Spectral Arrows: Sydney", issued in an edition of 200 copies, condenses a six-hour performance into under forty minutes. Compared to the rapid-fire cut-ups of "Spectral Arrows: Rotterdam" (issued by De Player in 2013), the pacing here is more measured. Disorientating explorations of asynchronous stereo fields fade into periods of minimal drone, broken by the distant eruption of "Aetheric Plexus"; bottom-heavy oscillations give way to pointillist chatter; continuous streams of hum and crackle grow steadily until they form monumental aural sculptures.
2/21/2009 Futreal, Andy Did You Find It? cassette $5.99 Earjerk "On his first release on Sloow Tapes Andy melted minds with his oud improvisations, tape manipulations and radio freque-ing. This tape is no exception. Cassette walkman, microcassette recorder, laud, pedals and something called a postcard weevil are just some of the objects Andy employed this time around. This cassette reveals another mystery each time you listen. If you've had the pleasure of checking out his first release, the A-side of this one might surprise you; a very heavy, heady lapsteel guitar journey through steep orange and brown canyon walls with blue sky and soaring eagle.You'll want to take this journey again and again to really appreciate everything that is going on."
4/20/2008 Futreal, Andy Wrack: Oud Improvisations, Reactions and Abstractions cassette $10.99 Sloow Tapes "The transmutation of El Din and Jansch into the boiling earth waves of Ogdoad. The light shines on the other side of the spectrum. No raga. 70 copies."
1/24/2009 Future Blondes / Indian Jewelry split LP $15.99 Dull Knife "Houston, Texas based Indian Jewelry are on a roll. Last year's Free Gold album blew many minds and was the best document to that point of their mastery of the aural psychic-swirl. Their side-long contribution to this split EP highlights what they do best-combining uncanny songcraft with insistent, pulsing and throbbing layers of sound. Fellow Houstonians Future Blondes (DOMOKOS of RUSTED SHUT's side project) occupy the "other side" of this record in more ways than one. Their "Heartless" is a relentless piece of dark, hypnotic electro-spuzz that isn't going to fill anyone with anything resembling hope for the human race. Not so much music made for the denizens of the dance floor but more like a soundtrack for the detritus left on the dance floor after everyone has gone home. 525 copies, black vinyl." - Revolver
1/7/2015 Futurians, The Blasted Disco EP 7" lathe + CDR $18.99 Atomic Peace "A blast of punk ripping through the stratosphere filling in black holes with buzzy guitars & buried vocals & damaged drums." On no label, but comes with a companion cdr on my new cdr label Atomic Peace" - Clayton. CDR is titled 'Disco Blast!' EP.
6/5/2005 Futurians, The Pimp My Tardis CDR $9.99 267 Lattajjaa Lo-fi space punk from New Zealand!
8/31/2010 Futurians, The Spacefreight c30 cassette $8.99 Dungeon Taxis "Extrasensory manuscript from an epochal show at HSP, as witnessed by a kicked and neglected Sony cassette-corder TCM-939 somewhere in the middle of the gallery floor. Scrumptious laser moiré and aerialist ululation communicated through a blizzard of flange and distant tattoo. Oxidized and then eaten!"
5/29/2014 Futurians, The Spacies lathe cut 7" + CDR $17.99 Heavy Space "See through pink and blue, lazers crashing and noise punk bashing, interactive spacies games. Lathe in an edition of 20, includes cdr of the album 'Turbo Lover', more ear splitting nightflight attack hit the fire button and hear the beeps. New Futurians!!!"
6/4/2010 Futurians, The What Have We Here? 7" lathe cut $19.99 Root Don Lonie For Cash "Very crispy, very punk, nutty party pill sessions, black & white plus inverse lando covers, band pic, daleks, dogs in helmets, space dogs howling at the 3 moons of lalor, miss piggy pig in space, crashing metal, buildings attacking & winning the hi-score! 4 songs." Three copies available.
2/21/2015 Futuro Antico Dai Primitivi All' Elettronica CD $18.99 Black Sweat "Black Sweat Records presents the CD version of Dai Primitivi All' Elettronica, Futuro Antico's 1980 second album, which Black Sweat reissued on vinyl in 2014 (BS 009LP). An outstanding raga-like drone album with a distinctive cosmic vibe, Dai Primitivi All' Elettronica is the second release by the short-lived collaboration between two Italian musicians, Walter Maioli (Aktuala) and Riccardo Sinigaglia, with Gabin Dabiré (from Burkina Faso). The synthesis between ancient, ethnic, and analog electronic music is just perfect. The minimalist repetition with slight changes recalls slow growth, and the cycles afford an opportunity to discover the sounds, to meditate, to go into the music, to join the same journey through both ancient, primitive cultures and modern electronic soundscapes. The sound is completely analog and warm. This reissue maintains the original tape artwork and includes info and photos."
4/1/2015 Futuro Antico Dai Primitivi All' Elettronica LP $22.99 Black Sweat "An outstanding raga-like drone LP with a distinctive cosmic vibe, Futuro Antico was a short-lived collaboration between the two Italians Walter Maioli (Aktuala), Riccardo Sinigaglia and Gabin Dabiré (from Burkina Faso). The synthesis between ancient, ethnic and analog electronic music is just perfect, the minimalist repetition with slight changes lends associations to slow growth; cyclic repetition gives the listener an opportunity to discover the sounds, to meditate, to go into the music, join the same journey through ancient, primitive cultures and modern electronic soundscapes. Originally released in 1980, the sound is completely analog and warm. This limited to 300 copies reissue maintains the original tape artwork, with info and photos." Repressed. Recommended!
8/1/2014 Futuro Antico Dai Primitivi All'Elettonica LP $26.99 Black Sweat An outstanding raga-like drone lp with a distinctive cosmic vibe, Futuro Antico was a short living collaboration between the two italian Walter Maioli (Aktuala), Riccardo Sinigaglia and Gabin Dabiré (from Burkina Faso). The synthesis between ancient, ethnic and analog electronic music is just perfect, the minimalist repetition with slight changes gives associations of a slow growth; cyclic repetition gives the listener an opportunity to discover the sounds, to meditate, to go into the music, join the same journey trough ancient, primitive cultures and modern electronic soundscapes. Originally released in 1980, the sound is completly analog and warm, this 300 copies reissue maintain the first tape artwork + info and photos."
2/21/2015 Futuro Antico Futuro Antico CD $18.99 Black Sweat "Black Sweat Records presents the CD version of Futuro Antico's 1980 debut self-titled album, which Black Sweat reissued on vinyl in 2014 (BS 010LP). A hypnotic session from Italian collaborators Walter Maioli (Aktuala) and Riccardo Sinigaglia, the album is the perfect mix of drone synth and ancient flutes, with a distinct analog warmth. The sound even recalls the astonishing 1975 jams of Terry Riley and Don Cherry in Cologne. This reissue maintains the original tape artwork and includes info and photos."
4/1/2015 Futuro Antico Futuro Antico LP $22.99 Black Sweat "For the first time on vinyl, Black Sweat Records presents this obscure gem from the Italian project Futuro Antico, released only on tape in 1980. This record contains a hypnotic session from members Walter Maioli (Aktuala) and Riccardo Sinigaglia. Warm analog sounds, and a perfect mix of drone synth and ancient flutes make you feel like you're flying on a spaceship towards exotic locales. If this record reminds you of the incredibly astonishing live Köln jam between Terry Riley and Don Cherry, the comparison fits. In a limited edition of 300 copies, this reissue features the original tape artwork with info and photos inside." Repressed. Recommended!
8/1/2014 Futuro Antico Futuro Antico LP $26.99 Black Sweat "For the first time on vinyl this obscure gem of the italian project Futuro Antico, released just on tape in 1980, this record contains the hypnotic session of Walter Maioli (Aktuala) and Riccardo Sinigaglia. Analog and warm sounds, a perfect mix of drone synth and ancient flutes (found in oriental countries) gives you the idea to fly on a spaceship towards some exotic sites. This records terribly remember the astonishing live Köln jam of Terry Riley and Don Cherry, the comparison fits! Limited edition of 300 copies, this reissue maintains the first tape artwork + info and photos in the innerfolder."

Fuxa 3 Field Rotation CD $11.99 Che Full length release from Michigan analogue space band
3/2/2013 FxIx The Spykes Winter Fist #2 c45 cassette $7.99 American Tapes "New winter fist recordings in old style. Bizzare homemade homespun electronics via isolated thought. Strange. Color covers in old school library classic cases. Edition of 40 numbered." AM 946