DateAdded Artist Title Format Price Label Description
3/14/2014 E GONE All the Suns of the Earth CDR $8.99 Deep Water "E GONE is Daniel Westerlund of Swedish psychedelic folk rock group The Goner, and All the Suns of the Earth is his new solo album, which involves a slight change in name and a major progression on the eclectic styles of the earliest Goner recordings. In the same way a properly mixed drug will cure while a mis-formulation could prove fatal, disparate musical elements that in less skilled hands might be disorienting - everything from sitars to banjos, old-school beats to ethnic percussion, stark folk picking to squalling electronics, heart-tugging balladry to strutting acid-rock - instead gets compounded in exact proportion through Westerlund's ever-growing talents in songwriting, performance, and production, making Suns… a perfectly-apportioned auditory tonic with potentially marvelous restorative powers. Nine tracks, 39 minutes."
1/15/2015 E Gone All the Suns of the Earth LP + download $22.99 Sunrise Ocean Bender Sunrise Ocean Bender Records is thrilled to release E GONE's stunning 'All the Suns of the Earth.' Out on limited edition white vinyl housed in a beautiful varnished, embossed gate-fold with a screened printed insert, the real beauty lies inside. The solo project of Daniel Westerlund (The Goner), 'All the Suns of the Earth.' is an incredibly rich and diverse outing from an artist that's not afraid to push the boundaries of music and himself.
Edition of 300. Download card included.
12/30/2002 e jugend formate heaven syntax hell” featuring the epic tales of tempokhan LP $13.99 Saucerlike Recordings "e jugend is the side project for members of germany’s experimentalists Ma Cherie For Painting and Stale. On this record they evolve through various moods incorporating drones, samples, tape loops, eighteen instruments and found sounds. In the footsteps of the Fab Four there are seven songs per side, each painstakingly and perfectly crafted to flow into the next so both sides play as one long soundscape. Vinyl only. ‘e jugend is no. 5 and no. 9’, and this debut album is more or less treating the tracks of Tempokhan, a forgotten legend which has almost mystic traits now. Some say it has been a slavonic medieval vagabond, wizard, trickster that devastated Eastern countries, some are sure it is the brother of a famous German football goalkeeper, again others presume it is the lost texture that unites manhood whereas others are convinced it is the desperate pursuer of a greek mystic female figure in the direct family line of Aphrodite. No use saying that they’ve almost become mad while having finished these recordings to the point that more than a teeth has fallen out and we both ended up in hospital. Thanks to the Stuttgart producing celebrity Bach Vick these recordings still survived and thanks to Saucerlike Recordings they are going to see the day. (Hooray) Supper’s ready, and I’m starving'"

E.A.R. Data Rape CD $15.99 Space Age Recordings Sound collages using Speak & Spells - intense damaged sounds
3/20/2010 EAGLE ALTAR / Bugskull split c23 cassette $7.99 Digitalis Limited "Finally done, this little split guy has been on the books for a while. EAGLE ALTAR offers up a thanksgeever slice of synthed out space. barely methodic, crawling along linear lines we search for hooks in the frozen undergrowth. hypnotic on some level, but always a good time. bugskull gives us three dishes from the "communication" sessions that had to be cut from the final album to fit it on vinyl. more glowing electronic reverie that fades into the background, turning it into pure, psyched-up magic. good times again. Pro-dubbed."

Earl, Jeremy Skull Book $13.99 Not Not Fun "after some 27 lps, 48 tapes, 25 seven inches, 33 cds/cdrs, and 4 ten inches, the time has finally come for not not fun's first foray into the great wide world of book publishing. and there's few better nnf bffs we could hope to share the adventure with than fuck it tapes/woodsist ceo (and meneguar/shepherds/woods multi-instrumentalist) jeremy earl. since early on in fit's adolescence, he began incorporating his own loosely composed symbolist/primitivist designs into the label's aesthetic (highlights like the brain band and blues control's 'riverboat styx' j-card come to mind), but constant focused labor and the endless march of new projects forced his craft into a heightened state of evolution, birthing countless killer compositions along the way. skull is here to pick up some of the choicest pieces from bone-yard and bind them all together. the art inside spans several years worth of work, from 2006-era obsessively rendered ritual serpents and bleeding, 8-fingered hands up through earl's most recent experiments with collage and multi-media hieroglyphics. over a dozen of his most striking and iconic cassette covers are included as well, in addition to scores of never-before-seen images. dazed pterodactyls, radiant pyramids, possessed worms, faceless figures beneath winged specters: all lurk and loom from the eye of the skull. 40 full-color pages, professionally printed and bound, in a one-time edition of 500Š awesome & recommended eye-popper."
4/3/2010 Early Hominids Bathz 3" CDR $7.99 La Station Radar Part of Fake Tape Series - limited edition of 50 copies. Paul Walsh and Neil Campbell recorded at Batley Swimming Baths, 12 July 2009
7/19/2009 Early Hominids Metatarsal CDR $10.99 Music Mundane "First issue by new electronic punk duo of Paul "Nonnen" Walsh (original other half of Smell & Quim) and Neil Campbell (currently Astral Social Club, but has also done time in the notorious S&Q band). Live to 2-track jams that temper heavy analogue throb and fingers-in-sockets yowl with fleeting moments of hyper-merangue sweetness and light. 10 tracks, 32 minutes."
6/27/2009 Early Tunnels Aerial Caves c35 cassette $7.99 Digitalis Limited "What a swamp this sucker is. throw the body over the side and get the fuck back to shore because there's some serious action about to go down after dusk. early tunnels is the ohio duo of jon lorenz (wasteland jazz unit, etc) and pete fosco (pete fosco, etc) bringing down the blitzkrieg through a mess of electric fences and barbed wire. "aerieal caves" is a gnarly excursion through minefield guitar syndrome, waltzing electronics, and firebrand horns that are guaranteed to peel paint and manufacture all kinds of dissonance with the neighbors. lorenz & fosco don't fuck around. they concoct a steaming cocktail that sounds so foreign you'd swear everything they were playing was from another planet. total kong. edition of 70, pro-dubbed and scrubbed."
7/8/2010 Earn Center Self c20 cassette $6.99 Ekhein "Recorded in Los Angeles while living in a tent with a broken body and mind. These recordings illustrate the paranoia, desperation and eventual acceptance I experienced at the end of this winter. In a way, the soundtrack to being locked inside myself and finding a way out before it was too late. Shifting between some of the darkest and brightest. There really are endless possibilities waiting to find you at every moment. Upcoming releases on Arbor, Monorail, and Root Strata."
10/21/2011 Earn Hell On Earth c30 cassette $6.99 Ekhein "4 slow motion cassette-based pieces inspired by the months following what some anticipated to be our "judgment day" this previous spring. Degraded slabs of saturated melodies with all flaws exposed. Once sharp details forming into a solid mass. Sound for dissolving landscapes and those who never existed to begin with. Dedicated to the city of Los Angeles."
8/31/2010 Earn Lacewing c12 cassette $7.99 Ekhein "Two very simple and minimal mandolin-based ambient pieces recorded to 4-track one summer day in Los Angeles. Songs for the passing of a day and where the time goes..."
10/21/2011 Earn Performance c40 cassette $6.99 Ekhein "Two full length live recordings. Ranging from an earlier, more long-form set in Chicago 2009 to a more recent set of several pieces recorded this previous fall in St. Louis. Personally, this release serves not only as a document of "Performance" but also to illustrate
the sometimes strange dynamic between the person playing, the people attending, and the place it's all occurring in."
12/24/2005 Earth Legacy of Dissolution CD $12.99 No Quarter "This features exclusive remixes (commissioned by No Quarter) of classic Earth songs by Mogwai, Russell Haswell, Jim O'Rourke, Autechre, Justin Broadrick and SunnO))). "Seattle band Earth have a had a less than luxurious career consisting of substance addictions, catastrophic live performances and angry record labels. Yet through the tumultuous haze they managed to release a number of highly regarded studio albums in the early to mid 90's. Often attributed to helping sculpt the ever so popular Doom/Drone/Stoner Metal genres, Earth's influence was far more wide-reaching as evidenced by this varied collection of remixes entitled Legacy of Dissolution -- a fitting title for a band who existence was corrosive from the start. Only lasting member Dylan Carlson helped compile the list of remixers, each of whom chose their favorite track from the Earth back catalog."

Earth Trumpet Earth Trumpet CD $12.99 Cenotaph Audio Solo release from Volcano The Bear's Laurence Coleman.
3/27/2004 Earthmonkey Drum Machine CD EP $12.99 Beta-Lactam Ring “Each cover will have a unique handprinted image by Earthmonkey. Earth ‘Scratch’ Monkey? Pete Bog's studio may not exactly be a Black Ark, but it is certainly a Grey Henge. Just when we thought we had the guy pegged, he adds a drum machine, eshewing his class of '72 psych ministrations for a more tranced out electro-dub. You all like LSD, right? Well, the first part of Drum Machine is rather like a post script to Coil's ‘Love's Secret Domain’ album. Thereafter, Monsieur Le Bog retrofits his rockets with Kraut engines and even coughs up a hummus flavoured punker. Even more surprises in store as Earthmonkey really puts the E in EP. You'll hear what we mean, or will you?”
12/24/2005 Earzumba Afuera De La Naranja CDR $12.99 Audiobot "Behind the mystic monniker of Earzumba hides none other than Christian Dergerabedian, originally born in Buenos Aires and now residing in Barcelona. Christian once played with Argentinean outrock absurdists Reynols and the Lens Cleaner Trio and is now currently working solo. He now resides in a dimension all of his own, where thick waves of punishing drones coalesce with a meditative layer of sound manipulation. He scrapes together unusual sound sources, cuts them from their 'common' environment and lets them reemerge from nowhere in order to crave a rich deep cavernous sound entity. Yet strangely always balancing on the outer limits of imagination, allow the archangels to enter the auric field to work with you. Indeed his way is elsewhere... Packaged in jewel-case with full color digital-printed artwork and blue tray. Limited to only 60 copies so don't fall asleep..."
4/16/2007 Earzumba Real Ruido Pastizo CDR $7.99 Editions_Zero "Christian Dergarabedian is by now more known through his Earzumba than his previous engagement with Reynols, and releases a great bunch of great CDRs. More and more he relies on the sampler to be the crazy melting pot of sounds and here he seems to be taking matters a bit further. From the field recordings of 'Intro' to a heavily cut up reggae collage madness in 'Descuidado'. Spinning vinyl by hand and picking up crazy fragments, and not by strange coincidence Editions_zero remarks that this is a nice soundtrack to a b-movie. I was playing this a couple of times in a row, and each time I turned it back on and discovered new themes in this crazy road movie. It has a strange appeal, this madness, this hotchpotch of music. A strange kind of radio play even when words aren't really used here to any extent. Not even a real story actually now I come to think of it. Turntablism without turntables. A story of no words, but the perfect soundtrack to out and make your own crazy roadmovie." (FdW) - Vital Weekly
12/25/2005 Earzumba Simulando Un Refugio CD $10.99 Old Gold "Apparently this is already Earzumba's tenth release, so I am sure I missed some here and there, which is a pity, as so far, 'Simulando Un Refugio' included, I liked what I heard. Earzumba is Christian Dergarabedian, once a founding member of Reynols, a member of CD Lens Cleaner Trio and since time a solo artist. The eleven tracks on this new album can be seen as one long track. Earzumba plays synthesizers, percussion, guitars and piano, but he knows how to process these with the use of a computer beyond the point of recognition. In one long mix, the eleven parts drift by, moving from hectic and furious sound collages to more ambient like passages, such as 'Con Sus Heroes Famosas'. As ever an eye for detail in the production, there isn't a single moment of weakness here. I never realized before, but there is a strong resemblance between the work of Earzumba and the old Brume work: the strong collage approach, with hectic and nervous changes, the percussive element and 'the never a moment of silence' approach. You can get lesser things to be compared with. Another great CD. The only trap Earzumba shouldn't fall into, is producing too many similar works (like Brume did for a while)." (FdW) Vital Weekly
9/30/2008 Earzumba Vivo CDR $9.99 Hrysallida "Out of the blue striked the idea of handling a surprise birthday party in xanthi to celebrate the birthday of a close friend last december 07... being foxed of whom to invite to perform and whom for a dj set we were intoxicated by the sounds of 'bestia infernal' a super blaster of earzumba so without 2nd thoughts an email to christian dergarabedian was sent resulting a pure freaked-out 4 day mayhem in the city of xanthi ...on one hand the ever mindblowing almost 'soundtrack' like performance of christian @ the city's folk museum and after the stellar dj set of mr. overdub @ the bar 'kokori' set our souls on fire!!!! & upon our return while discussing w/ christian about life on the road did the idea of this release strike... blended also w/ his performances at m.a.m.b.a. (buenos aires) & flue (wien) makes it a pure bizarre coctail of sounds, from his soundtrack like dialogues / effects to more a la 70's synthetised prog or 'funky'(?) sounds this is another stunning ascent/descend to earzumba's disillusioned world!!! why don't you step into it?"
4/16/2007 Eastenburia Eastenburia LP $20.99 Japan Overseas "A wild and primitive festival of tribal fever and ultra-modern sound sensations from this cutting-edge performance troupe consisting of Yoshimi P-We & Atari (Boredoms), David Nuss (No Neck Blues Band), Shoji (Japan Overseas), painter Rita Ackermann, and Mhayow (Psycho-Baba). Pressed on picture disc vinyl with artwork by Rita Ackerman on one side and Yoshimi on the other." Long out of print. "Summer of 1999 Dave Nuss of NNCK and Rita Ackermann traveled to Japan for the book release of Revelations, a chronicle of the Father Yod dynasty penned by Byron Coley and illustrated by Ackermann. While there they scored a record deal for Angelblood with Capt. Trip, and traveled to Osaka to record an album for Japan Overseas with the Yoshimi and Atari of the Boredoms, joined by in-house musician Yoshida. Recording and recording, only breaking to visit the local Shinto shrine, the ensemble found their sound in a blend of NNCK primitive shaman percussion with the Boredoms penchant for electronically-inspired repetition, Rita's Eastern European vocal eccentricities, and the ocassional strum of the sitar. Yoshimi handled all mixing and re-mixing. A beautiful full-color picture disc with art by Yoshimi and Rita. Is it middle-eastern? Indeed, it is Eastenburia."
7/30/2006 Eastern Fox Squirrels Eastern Fox Squirrels CD $12.99 Last Visible Dog "Dream Magazine has come to the same conclusion as I: Brad Rose does not sleep. He can't possibly. Here is a man who runs two labels (both highly prolific), an e-zine, blog, podcast, and who knows what else, and still manages to both work and be about half a dozen bands. He seems a one-man jewelled antler (in fact, he's revived their old e-mail group!), especially when it comes to pioneering some truly innovative and beautiful new groups. Eastern Fox Squirrels is a collaboration between Brad, his wife Eden and Robert Horton. Along the way they are joined by the talents of Tom and Christina Carter (Charalambides), Dan Plonsey (a player in the company of Anthony Braxton and Eugene Chadbourne) and Jason Bill (Charlambides, also recording with Jack Rose.) Sonically, Eastern Fox Squirrels has a varied pallet. Like the Jewlled Antler folks, we have bouzouki, glockenspiels, bowed banjos, weird exotic flutes and who knows what else being used to great effect. The results being very much like what you'd expect; experimental but with soft, round edges and nice, nearly ambient dirges that feel welcome but really aren't normal." - label
5/16/2010 Easy Rider Eternia Beach c30 cassette $7.99 Synth / Ruralfaune "Born in the milked sands of Eternity. Dreamy-influenced synth figures of a lost new new age. Choose your format." Edition of 70 copies.
7/22/2013 Eat Lights Become Lights Modular Living LP $15.99 Great Pop Supplement "Following the quick fire sell out and widespread acclaim of the bands‘ second LP “Heavy Electrics“ in 2012, ELBL release their third full length via The GPS and Rocket Girl, just in time for Summer. Building on the bands’ trademark multi layered motorik groove, “Modular Living” adds a more organic, electronic approach in places. Where once, listening to Eat Lights might have focused perhaps on the adored kraut groove of Neu! / La Dusseldorf etc, “Modular Living“ seems to add the key ingredients of slow burning Popol Vuh and Cluster-esque pieces into the mix. Eternally building and evolving resulting in a far better balanced listen than the previous full lengths, arguably. The momentum attained with the last LP should build nicely here- rave reviews were pretty common spread via the likes of Stuart Maconie’s “Freak Zone”, Andrew Weatherall’s 6music show and Gideon Coe. Even a year on, tracks from “Heavy Electrics” are aired pretty regularly so the new full length comes at the perfect time for longterm devotees and the newcomer alike. Live shows are currently incredible- a real intense, dual drummer stage set up with these new tunes sounding just fabulous. The band play a number of shows in support of the album, including a slot at the always amazing Liverpool Festival of Psychedelia in September.The LP appears as a clear | white | clear striped coloured wax LP on The GPS and on CD/Download via the good folk at Rocket Girl- and in the build up to it’s release, check out the albums’ closing cut, the simply beautiful, predominantly electronic “Habitat ‘67” appearing as a Deep Distance (Kraut themed sister label to The GPS) 12” taster for the album here, late June. Gorgeous stuff…."
5/31/2008 Eat Skull Eat Skull 7" $22.99 Meds "No Weird America. 3 tracks of damaged pop. The raw, menacing "Things I Did When I Dyed My Hair", the early-Clean summer vibe of "Seeing Things" and the Happy Squid tribute - "Stuff Reverse". Edition of 300 copies. Recorded on 4 track cassette over old Chinese Opera tapes in May of 2007."
2/15/2013 Eat Skull III LP + download $14.99 Woodsist "While you were out kicking an empty Sparks cup around SXSW, world class musical talents EAT SKULL were busy creating their third opus, entitled III, on a fever train between states, cities, community colleges and jails. Nearly four days or four years in the making (depending on who you ask), III is a more psychedelic and perfectly circular outing then their previous classics of paranoid ecstasy Wild and Inside and Sick to Death. Somewhere in between the subatomic joy of Primal Scream’s “Keep Your Dreams” and the desperate loneliness of Same Place the Fly Got Smashed- era Guided By Voices lies the weird and wonderful world of III. Throw a dash of Iron Maiden’s Wasted Years in the cauldron, stir and dip a cigarette in it to smoke. This is music to drink to, die to, fall in love to and quit your job to. Drive to Alaska. Fuck it. Includes free digital download coupon.
11/21/2009 Eat Skull / Ganglians split 7" $5.99 Dulc-i-tone "This Jabba-sized double-shot of damaged pop has finally dropped! At first needle-drop, once might find this an odd pairing, but give these songs a few minutes to leak their glorious glass-shard-spiked goo into your aural cavities, and it'll make sense why the 'Skull loved Sacramento's GANGLIANS enough to bring them on tour. While with EAT SKULL you might have to get your nails a bit dirty digging through their lovingly antagonistic nego-vibe surface scuzz to get to the underlying tunefulness, both bands share a knack for oblique and/or fucked-up pop songs. Ganglians' first trip to the vinyl farm is a perfect example of their lazily catchy, GREAT UNWASHED-like, stoned-out folk-strum (emphasis on STONED). Pop songs were specifically requested from EAT SKULL this time around, and they certainly delivered in their own 'special' way with two songs from the "Sick to Death" sessions: one a straight-ahead fly-by-night scrappy punk-pop number, and the other a fractured dirge-pop epic. (Ever been whale-watching? Well, if you've ever found yourself leaning over the rail, waiting for that next burning throat-surge, now just imagine that at that very moment, a great song popped into your head. There, now you've got 'Leave the Universe.') 400 copies, silkscreen-on-offset-printed covers, ridiculous artwork."
3/2/2013 Eating People, The & F.I. Spykes Eating Spykes=Daytime 4xc30 cassette box set $21.99 American Tapes "Whoa! FOUR cassettes collab, one channel (left-right) from this synth and terrible sound units. Recorded LATE at night at the Marigold Maniacs Studio 4-Track style. In classic hard plastic case, color covers with handmade art, edition of 40." AM 949
11/5/2002 Echo Is Your Love 8 Hours CD $10.99 Stickfigure "The second full-length album from Finnish noise-pop and art-punk/rock Echo Is Your Love. Nine beautiful tracks of out-of-tune guitars and near-angelic vocals that aims to land somewhere between Evol-era Sonic Youth and the Dead C."
8/1/2006 Eclipse Records Bullhead City t-shirt $8.99 Xero Ink New Eclipse shirts made by Phil Franklin (Sunburned Hand of the Man). These are all black, sizes small through extra large. The design is a kind of fish eye lens effect with the shirt layed out like this in the psychedelic Fillmore font:
Bullhead City
The shirts are 100% cotton (pre-shrunk) and the lettering have a rainbow effect = usually 2 or more colors (red & blue on many). Sorry I do not have a scan of a shirt yet. These shirts are limited in quantity but there will be a new design out next year after I have relocated from Bullhead City.
5/16/2011 Edibles Other Minds Meet Inner Space LP $12.99 DNT "Hot off the dub plate and drenched in analog syrup comes the debut full length LP by Portland, OR trance boogie band Edibles. Founded by Dewey Mahood (Eternal Tapestry, Plankton Wat, etc) in 2009, the album picks up where 2010's twin tapes for Not Not Fun and Stunned left off, but doubles the funk with the addition of Dusty 'Beats' Dybvig (Brass Clouds) on live drums and mystic synth. Album opener "Rad Trip" starts like a Sun City Girls ritual seance before blazing into some brown acid Hendrix theatrics. Live set staple "Mind Fry" brings the classic Edibles recipe of dubby bass loop with stream of consciousness guitar and patented fog-chant vocals. "Skyway" and "Parachute Jumpin" add guest collaborator Ben Bogard aka DJ Rumtrigger (and Sonic Lozenge boss) on 70's vintage drum machine and monophonic synth pulses. Goner dub jam "Midnight Movie" comes off like Les Rallizes Denudes getting in the zone at King Tubby's. "Dune Buggy" hits the WARM JETS trail with some catchy pop hooks wrapped in classic electronic meltdown. Album closer "Future Life Dub" sounds like it was transported from the BLACK ARK circa SUPER APE, all roots groove and shamanistic flute song. 10 songs of chill funk and cosmic bliss record at The Owl House, caputured on black wax, and housed in Kickin' It At The Temples Of The Moon cover collage by Dewmah. Edition of 500."
11/16/2004 Edip Akbayram & Dostlar Nedir Ne Degildir? CD $17.99 World Psychedelia "A very different take on the Anatolian rock sound (tracks date from 1975-76), with strange keyboard washes leading to arrangements that feature wah-wah fuzz guitar and (I think) wah-wah saz, Akbayram's powerful swirling vocals, all backed by funked-up drums; many of these tracks have a tough hashish rock sound that somehow meshes well with folk instruments, and/or the odd addition of Jethro Tull-esque flute; keyboards and arrangements from 'genius' Murat Ses (Mogollar) supplement the Dostlar line-up; probably the most important non-Erkin Koray, 3 Hur El, or Mogollar album from Turkey; among the best that Turkey produced in the seventies - and that's saying something; lyrics and photos in 12-page booklet." - Lion Productions
11/1/2014 Edler, Hans Elektron Kukeso LP $35.99 Wah Wah "After having served in the rich Swedish beat 1960's scene as a member of The Ghostriders and We 4, a.o., at the end of the decade Hans Edler became one of the pioneers of psychedelic electronic sounds experimentation in Europe. His "Elektron Kukéso" LP is a landmark in the genre. Released in 1971, it featured his explorations in electronic avant-garde music from the period 1969-1971. It was recorded at the Electronic Music Studio foundation, one of the world's most advanced studios in the era, and one of the few prepared for the creation of electronic music. Influenced by the works of Karl-Heinz Stockhausen and using techniques similar to those of Pierre Henry or Raymond Scott, Edler brought a psychedelic edge into electronic music just like Silver Apples had done in the USA. The album has also a strong rock attitude plus a certain pop sensitivity in some passages, not far from that of David Axelrod's, which confers it a distance from what used to be the more serious appeal of what most electronic pioneers had been doing, giving the album an accessivity that is closer to the electronic hits of artists such as Gershon Kingsley, Jean-Jacques Perrey or Dick Hyman. However, be it because of the songs being sung in Swedish or the outsider reputation Edler seems to have in the Swedish musical scene, this great LP remained an obscurity - hardly spoken of outside a small circle of connoisseurs and collectors. "It really doesn't get much better than this. In these days of harsh turmoil to uncover a rock & roll sweetheart like Hans Edler it really proves the gods to be smiling. Bonafide electronic experimentation with a heart full of pop is a love potion most desirable. Listen to the religious Brian Wilson-meets-Jandek orayer hymns of young Edler and travel to a time when long haired girls and dope-laced boys were truly getting it "on". The hybrid fascination of electronic space composition and soul sweet pop-love in such a fresh state has me floating to my tombstone cloud." Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth).
9/14/2004 Edwards, Dave Loose Autumn Moans CDR $12.99 Fiffdimension "In a way the most 'definitive' fiffdimension album to date - songs, spoken word and instrumental interludes, and with a subtle new sense of duende. Tends toward the acoustic end of the spectrum but ye'd never in a million years mistake it for Bryan Adams Unplugged. From summer tans fading solo to live performances by The Winter - includes string-section accompaniment from cellist San Shimla and Sammy the Snake on violin."
9/14/2004 Edwards, Dave Mantis Shaped and Worrying CDR $12.99 Fiffdimension "Third Dave Edwards solo album moves into increasingly unique territory. Grit spate in scribble, guitars describing captivation intense, unmade in taut barrage. Stupid funk basement and all cause for rueing contempt or contemporary perfume wanders. Numbered edition in handmade fold-out cover."
9/14/2004 Edwards, Dave Scratched Surface CDR $12.99 Fiffdimension "The debut album, first released in 1998. 'Worth searching out coz this lo-fi singer/songwriter oddball has a unique take on the genre. He’s pissed off, a tad fucked up (as usual), but not full of lugubrious self-pity (as unusual) and is happy to get raucous & obnoxious in just the right kinda way' - Chris Knox."
9/14/2004 Edwards, Dave The Marion Flow CDR $12.99 Fiffdimension "2nd idiosyncratic sepia-toned album, ranging from lazy acoustic pop, through postpunk distortion frenetics to spoken word and a touch of free jazz. Warm sounding and accessible, but revealing hidden depths. 'Edwards' music is often a sculpture rather than a melodic composition... there's much difficult pleasure to be had for the musically adventurous' - Real Groove"
10/31/2009 Edwards, John & Chris Corsano Tsktsking LP $25.99 Dancing Wayang "TSKTSKING is the first duo album by London-based double bassist John Edwards and US drummer extraordinaire Chris Corsano. The album was recorded at Eastcote Studios, London in December 2008. Limited to 500 copies it comes housed in hand screenprinted wrap-around sleeves. The accompanying insert features exclusive and humorous liner notes written by UK sax pioneer Evan Parker. Defying the drum and bass's classic roles as rhythm instruments, Edwards and Corsano's TSKTSKING is a beautifully melodic album. At times Corsano's drumset sounds like it's got strings whilst Edwards's double bass takes its fair share of scrapes and slaps. Extended passages explore the most subtle and some unexpected sounds that can be summoned from metal and timber. Equally, possessed progressions and untamed eruptions of energy and power are conjured up. These two musicians prey and pounce on their instruments like it's their last chance.”
7/16/2006 Egghatcher Cat's Ear CDR $11.99 Spanish Magic "A few friends have been raving about Robert Horton's music lately and although I certainly have enjoyed everything I've heard, nothing has had the same effect on me as his most recent work under the Egghatcher moniker. Cat's Ear is an enthralling journey through a wide range of experimental musical styles, but in some strange way Horton manages to bind things together no matter if we get shimmering blankets of drone fog, fractured folk structures, buzzing improvisations, claustrophobic layers of feedback or dense fogbanks of primitive electronics. The opening "Lost Issues" kicks things off with a thick lava flow of buzz, screech, fuzz and hiss that brings an equally cavernous and joyous feeling to the table. Without recognizing quite how it happened the frantically insane electronic monsoon is all over and has perfectly flowed into the title track that sounds like a graceful celebration to someone that wandered off a bit earlier than expected. Another favorite cut is the dark and beautiful folk of "Tamlin" that drones, swirls and vibrates for just over eight minutes. I have no clue what's what here as Horton generally applies a myriad of all sorts of weird instruments and field recordings but I do know that the sounds presented hangs in the air like distant echoes in the clear night of a hidden valley. These eight minutes are just true bliss. The following track is decidedly more electric but shows the same sort of tension between complete darkness and skeletal guitar beauty. It offers a kind of rustic, caustic, even abrasive electric folk music that is so honest that it might be painful for some to listen to. There's a loose and natural approach to notes, folk, drones and quiet noise present here that has me thinking as much about early Charalambides and Sunroof! as Sandoz Lab Technicians and Roy Montgomery. If you know anything at all about what makes my head spin you know exactly what you need to do. Nearly perfect." - Mats Gustafsson, Broken Face
2/4/2007 Egypt is the Magick # The Valentine Process LP $15.99 Mad Monk "Resistant to the clutches of Anubis, the members of Egypt have emerged from a six year hiatus to produce an archival release dating from the DCLXVI Dynasty. After serving as priests to Hathor, the Mistress of Life, the Great Wild Cow, for five years, these Egyptian numerologists have honed their aesthetic reeds to razor sharp points. These tracks include glossalalia praising the pantheon, an illustration of the electromechanistic migration of the soul as well as ecstasy soaked instrumental excursions. Look for these adepts appearing at your local oasis soon! 180 gram vinyl, full color covers, 500 copies!"
1/14/2014 Egyptology The Skies double LP + download $35.99 Desire Double black vinyl pressing. Die-cut sleeve with 2 full color printed inner-sleeves. Includes a dropcard to download the full album as hi-res mp3s. "A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away... », those canonical words could be inscribed into Egyptology's grand work's frontispiece. Built one block after another using antediluvian rhythm boxes and synthesizers, from the sub low frequencies deep down in the foundations up to the high frequencies skimming the tails of comets, The Skies could also be the sonic illustration of a science-fiction narrative which took place thousands and thousands years ago... Olivier Lamm (O.Lamm) and Stéphane Laporte (Domotic, Centenaire) were already well known for their post-electronica and avant-pop explorations among the Active Suspension/Clapping Music collective in the early 2000s. For Egyptology, they decided to pool their love for the mighty white noise sound and vintage electronic instruments (Roland SH101, Roland MC 202, Korg MS10, Korg 700s Mini, Yamaha CS-15, Juno 106, Roland JX3P, Prophet 600, Philicorda...) while cultivating their differences. Concocted over a long period of time in their own home-studios, their erudite mixtures emulsify glimmering chants and synthetic dusts of overdriven sounds on magnetic tape, like hieroglyphs were written on modern day papyrus. "There's a kind of hidden scenario which makes the album akin to narrative, with every track matching a different kind of cinematic sequence (frenzied chase, nocturnal wandering, urban jungle, a documentary on the movements of dunes etc.), almost like in a library music record". Musical sequel (or prequel) to a very ancient narrative of things to come, The Skies harmonizes the memorial sounds of our electronic godfathers (Joe Meek, Isao Tomita, Mort Garson, Vangelis, the BBC Radiophonic Workshop) through the eyes and heart of a child (synthetic music from French TV shows of the 70s) and builds them into an parascending trip which is less retrofuturistic or retromaniacal than conscious of the past, the present and the future which co-exist in all great epics. "The space colonists in our story, they might be our Fathers. It's the famous vertigo at the end of Planet the Apes, the novel and the original film. A thematic that is as old as science-fiction itself. As old as mathematics and Zeno's paradox of the Tortoise and Achilles".« Retrofitted » like everyone's benchmark that has become Blade Runner, The Skies distorts through the same modernist filter the actual distant past (the Old Egyptian Kingdom) as well as the one that is the most fantasized about (the ancient astronauts, The Illuminati); Stéphane and Olivier are not so much interested in Ancient Egypt itself, but in "the Ancient Egypt by means of the early 20th century, this period when all our half-forgotten futuristic dreams, those semi-utopian visions which our minds fed upon when we were children, come from". Less camp than Jean-Michel Jarre's, less akin to gravestones than Daft Punk's, Egyptology's pyramids come from "an inner struggle between our fascination for the sounds of the past, their mystery, eeriness and power of evocation, and the belief that the recreation of such sounds in 2012 is completely useless". Like a romantic ode to sepia futurism and to those piles of stardust desperately waiting to shine their little light again, The Skies is a musicians' dream, refining a sense of cosmic disorientation through the love of the synthetic sounds themselves. This unconditional love for the eerie sounds of the old synthesizers from the 60s, 70s and 80s is the third term in the formula, the thing that makes it complete. 1+1=3. Three equidistant points are enough: together they're a triangle, they're a pyramid." - Wilfried Paris
9/25/2013 EHŒCO L’experience acousmagique LP $22.99 Les Productions Fluorescentes "Les Productions Fluorescentes is happy to announce EHŒCO “L'Expérience Acousmagique”, its second publication after Tonton Macoute “Mureedil”. Etienne Coussirat and Emmanuel Holterbach have created six wide soundscapes made out of live electro-acoustic wizardries and field recordings, mostly conceived for live performances back in 2010 and reworked later at the Studio Fluorescent. Careful alchemists, the duo aims to reach a transmutation of sound and time matter, building large soundscapes of frequencies from many sources such as daily objects, home-made or traditional instruments, mutant electronics, machine and animal voices.
Is your body getting melted in telluric vibrations? Has your clock stopped? Does time seem to get stuck or flow in reverse? This is normal, that’s what the experimental music of EHŒCO is about. Acousmagic music if there’s one ! Etienne Coussirat is a musician who builds impossible musical instruments and practices electro-acoustic improvisation. His work focuses on auditory perception and exploration of acoustic phenomena.
Emmanuel Holterbach is composer of musique concrete, sound artist and plays enharmonic glasses with Orbes. He presents his kaleidoscopic sound environments, performances and concerts in Europe, Canada and China since 1992.
LP record privately issued by EHŒCO via their Les Productions Fluorescentes in an edition limited to 300 copies.
9/24/2002 El Ron Are Dangdut Kings LP $10.99 Records "Released in 1997, this is the first record to feature the music of Keith Whitman (aka Hrvatski). El-Ron was a duo featuring Keith Whitman on guitar and electronics and Russ Newman on drums. The facts of this history have been obscured through the use of generic record labelling techniques, pseudonyms, and a musical approach that sits outside of popular genres. Hrvatski interviews have mentioned that El-Ron was a no-wave band, and it is best to approach this record in that way, although their recorded work is way more psychedelic than most 'no-wave'. Unlike his creations that fall into IDM, electronic, computer-based experimental, and ambient categories, El-Ron is a noise heavy, feedback scrawl, with ever building anthemic themes puctuated by powerful raw explosive drumming. Its a freakout. Limited to a few hundred copies."
11/15/2008 el-g Tout Ploie LP $16.99 Kraak "We first heard the music of Paris-based Laurent Gerard when he forgot a demo-cdr in the tourvan of Jack Rose last year, and directly became one of our favourite French acts of the moment. el-g makes a strange mix of French ballads and avant-garde song-writing. A pig-headed approach of the French language and ingenious arrangments are the core business of this dude. Tout Ploie is a compilation of both the best tracks from previously released cdr's and new work. el-g appears as a sort of modern day miniature version of Serge Gainsbourg on this debut-lp. The female singer, Charlene Darling, who accompanies him throughout the most part of the record only makes this comparison more apt. Gerard has never been affraid to buy records of Lee Hazlewood and late Fleetwood Mac. He extracted the right ingredients from those records and added some genuine French sensuality. Tout Ploie is the pop album that had to be made for a long time and doesn't fear experiment with guest appearances of e.g. Ignatz, Phil Todd, Mim and Foxy De Man."
3/21/2009 El-g & Duncan El-g & Duncan CDR $8.99 Ruralfaune "El-g & Duncan Pinhas with pieces of Phil Todd (Ashtray Navigations) and Steven Warwick's (Birds of Delay) brain and hands inside it. Mastering by Richard Pinhas (Heldon), Oversized cover illustrated by Jonas Delaborde." Limited edition of 64 copies.
5/1/2009 Electric Annihilation Issue #1 zine $1.99 DNT The first issue of Electric Annihilation is now available. EA is a 20-page music publication, b&w on tabloid-size (11 x 17 pages) newsprint. Circulation of 5,000 copies. The first issue includes interviews with:
Thurston Moore
Henry Rollins
John Olson (Wolf Eyes/American Tapes)
Sun Araw
Wet Hair
Nomen Dubium
Plus scene reports from Gothenburg Sweden (written by Matthias Andersson of Release the Bats), Cleveland (by Sam Goldberg) and Iowa City (by Shawn Reed). Also an article by Jon Isaac. There's a centerfold poster too. Cover artwork and border/frames by Zachary Fleming."
1/17/2010 Electric Bunnies Through The Magical Door LP $16.99 Florida's Dying "THE ELECTRIC BUNNIES have been both praised and panned for the eclectic nature of their singles and with their first full-length. The naysayers should be silenced. This is their most cohesive release to date with eleven tracks which weave in and out of each other working more as two sides then as eleven free-standing songs. This is seriously a modern psychedelic masterpiece. A concept album with out the pretense which comes off like a trip through an exotic paradise. An ode to their hometown of Miami. Packaged in gatefold sleeves with four inserts." Nice!

Electric Company and Vas Deferens Organization More Pelvis Wick For The Baloney Boners CD $12.99 Tekito "Electric Company and Vas Deferens Organization is another teamup between VDO and Brad Laner and features the classic freaked out madness that we've come to expect from the VDO camp. There are numerous layers of electronics and Constant shifts in the action making this extremely hard to follow, yet one hell of fun ride. This is among the most well-crafted freaked out madness you can find. Aggressive electronica that demands the listener's attention. It's only 35 minutes in length, but believe me... it makes its statement quite succinctly in that timeframe." Aural Innovations
5/31/2009 Electric Omen Abandon All Hope cassette $10.99 Blackest Rainbow "Electric Omen is possibly some of my favorite work of Sindre Bjerga, rumbling darkness, like an earthquake at night, this is unexpected and terrifying. Bleak black and white covers. Limited to 60."

Electric Prunes Stockholm ’67 CD $13.99 Birdman Records “In the winter of 1967, a psychedelic-garage-punk band from Woodland Hills, California, arrived in Europe for what would be their first and last tour of the continent. On the strength of their hit single ‘I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night,’ the band was welcomed with open arms by European rock fans as well as British rock royalty - they smoked out with Hendrix, partied with Brian Jones and Keith Moon, and hung out in the studio with the Beatles - but were also subjected to harassment and ridicule over the fact that their homeland was at war in Vietnam. Yep, good times, good times... Twenty days and six countries later it was all over. Luckily, on the last stop of the tour someone pushed the record button and this artifact is the result. Stockholm '67 finds the Electric Prunes at the height of the powers. Some ninnies have griped that the 'Prunes were nothing more than a psychedelic one-hit wonder, and a studio project at best. This performance burns the criticism to the ground. Over-amplified and fuzzed to the max, the 'Prunes here are explosive, noisy and wild. This recording proves that the Electric Prunes deserve to be ranked alongside the very best bands of their era.”

Electric Prunes Underground LP $15.99
Awesome follow up to their debut LP. This one is slightly less garage and more psych-pop, emphasis on psych. Also highly recommended.
12/31/2003 Electroputas Piano Blooms 12" EP $7.99 The Social Registry "Still nothing could prepare for the total overhaul espoused in the group's confidence, agility and creativity. Piano Blooms surges with a focused tension and rhythmic stride of a group who're coming into their own as songwriters as well as feedback laden rockers." Artrocker. "The Electro-Putas are finally ready to unleash the spatial sound groove attack from their modern era with this the second release in the The Social Registry’s 12" series. Think krautrock in the realm of Can with dashes of no wave, free rock, and just plain freakiness. This is the antidote to all of those bands who are 'pushing the envelope' with all the force of baby sloth. These three songs will put the frizz back in your hair and have you checking your smoke for flakes of something else besides tobacky. Joe, Jaiko and Akio combine their love of psychedelia, full force blasts, and ramblings along the noise path on this limited edition chunk of vinyl. This is for the people who swing their hips in more than just one direction. Sure to be playing on your turntable until the needle gives out or your mind does. This releases is the second in our ongoing 12" series and, as always, is limited to 600 copies."
3/21/2009 Elektronavn Blind Turtle Analogy CDR $8.99 Ruralfaune "Strange terrains of chain-shaking hymnals, enchanted echo attic exploring, and timeless vocal phantasmagoria. Personal, parallel odysseys into devotion and repetition". "Would that blind turtle, coming to the surface once every one hundred years, stick his neck into the yoke with a single holeŠ" Previous releases on Notnotfun and Ikuisuus." Limited edition of 78 copies.
4/10/2009 Elephant Micah Exiled Magicians CD $8.99 Third Uncle "Kentuckiana's Elephant Micah has been practicing the fine art of flying under the established indie radar for almost a decade now. Despite occasional flashes of visibility, including written accolades in avant music mag The Wire, overseas gigs with Jason Molina's Magnolia Electric Company, and a landmark CD/LP release for the pioneering Time-Lag Records (Hindu Windmills, 2007), the band still seems to move with an impressive, if accidental, stealth.Whatever its cause, Elephant Micah's situation in the geo-commercial margin has offered plenty of creative room to roam. After years of working off the grid, the band has developed a satisfyingly self-styled approach to writing and recording, feeding into a long string of rough-hewn but well-made albums. The musical ground this material covers might border that of freak folk, Americana, or other media-heralded roots revivals, but Elephant Micah tends to end up in a "country" all its own. Like the best of Elephant Micah's past work, Exiled Magicians is a set of haunting, loosely thematic tunes-an especially fruitful reworking of that centuries-old voice, verse, and guitar combination. The album's first class analog audio (as recorded by Justin Vollmar on ?" tape) and often unexpected accompaniments (ranging from mountain fiddle to shaken amplifier) are added delights, all-in-all begging the question of how long Elephant Micah can hide out in the under-underground."
3/6/2010 Elevated Furniture Elevated Furniture c45 cassette $6.99 Scumbag Relations "The view of a garden changes dramatically with even a small difference in elevation. Since benches are places to sit and look, they are ideal for such a change in perspective." "A five-foot dirt mound and a four foot climb to the seat place the viewer well above native garden home." The name was chosen prior to google checking the synchronistic thinkers world wide. Miraculously we found a fellow Old Ager who just happened to be tapping into similar mind-expanding territory as we. If you are able to enjoy this tape while perched upon a piece of actual elevated furniture, we are certain that the increased physical height will create an excellent listening atmosphere.However, listening to elevated furniture while actually sitting upon elevated furniture is not required."
8/1/2014 Eleven Twenty-Nine A Tithe To Hell LP $15.99 Drawing Room Records "For its eighth label release, Drawing Room presents the second album from the enigmatic Eleven Twenty-Nine. Eleven Twenty-Nine -- Tom Carter and Marc Orleans on guitar and Michael Evans on drums -- are masters of incendiary free rock, drawing on lineage that includes but is definitely not limited to Charalambides, Sunburned Hand of the Man, and God Is My Co-Pilot."
6/27/2011 Eleven Twenty-Nine Eleven Twenty-Nine CD $14.99 Northern Spy "Taken from the blues parlance for the length of a one year prison sentence, Eleven Twenty-Nine is the new project of Tom Carter and Marc Orleans. This debut self-titled album, dedicated to the late Jack Rose, releases a sound that has done hard-time in the blues, from two performers who have constantly pushed the limits of rock guitar. Tom, a latter day Carter Family member via Texas' Charalambides, has explored a psychedelic-brand of guitar instrumentals. Between his band and solo work, he has released some 50 albums, all garnering high praise. While Marc, a slick-fingered guitar-slinger, has imprinted on legions of fans the sounds of Helix, Juneau and the Sunburned Hand of Man. Together they deliver an album steeped in the soul and depth of blues while moving forward into an enigmatic free-improv rock. The album was engineered and recorded by Jason Meagher at Black Dirt Studios and mastered by Paul Gold at Salt Mastering."
9/6/2012 Eleven Twenty-Nine In The Sunlight b/w Anchors Away 7" $5.99 Drawing Room Records "The second release in the The Drawing Room 45 Collection Volume 1 , brings long time collaborators Tom Carter & Marc Orleans project Eleven Twenty-Nine to the collection.
Tom Carter has been a blues-damaged guitarist of extraordinary magnitude and magnanimous extremes. In addition to his solo work and Eleven Twenty-Nine, Carter remains an active co-creator of the Texas homebrew psych pioneers Charalambides and curator of his own label, Wholly-Other. Free-form psych veteran Marc Orleans has been the secret weapon behind some of the heaviest mumbo jumbo and dusted American cosmic-craziness to come out in the last decade and a half. We at Drawing Room are long time fan's of these guys and are proud to have this release to offer you." All the proceeds from the label will go to help Tom Carter (www.helptomcarter.org)
7/16/2011 Elm Nemcatacoa LP $17.99 Sweat Lodge Guru Originally presented as a small-run CD in 2009, Elm's "Nemcatacoa" instantly cemented itself as the quintessential solo outing from Jon Porras (one half of the duo Barn Owl). Its dark, scorching passages left listeners in awe, helping to pave the way for the band's oncoming meteoric rise. Here we've presented this masterwork on vinyl for the first time ever. Pressed in a one-time edition of 400 copies, complete with brand new artwork by Mr. Jon Porras. From Digitalis' original description: "Elm is the name of Porras' solo creations. His music retains the megasonics of Barn Owl, but finds his tutelage deep in the heart of the desert. "Nemcatacoa" is a lonesome, epic journey. Named after one of the deities of his Colombian heritage, his latest full-length (and first large-scale solo release) feels huge and endless. Walls of guitars shatter beneath the weight of the booming percussion blasts that find their way from the caves into the light. An acoustic guitar is mournfully plucked, the beginning of a procession of the dead. "Nemcatacoa" is an album begging for somebody, anybody to find and embrace. Porras is a master artist. The instrumentation at work here is even more impressive when you consider it's played by a lone soul. Guitars, Rhodes, Harmonium, Trumpet and more echo through the caverns of the ancient Earth. Even though this album is dark and at times bleak, it never overpowers. Traversing similar aural planes as Sunn O))) and Earth, Porras is staking a claim all his own. As his voice wails over blankets of guitars, he never loses sight of the golden life ahead." "Unlike some drone albums, the passion and arrangements here will warrant many, many repeat plays, it's just that sort of album. Incredible." Boomkat.com
2/4/2015 Elodie Miniatures Persanes LP $26.99 La Scie Dorée Fourth album by Andrew Chalk & Timo van Luijk. "A musical fantasy in two movements symbolising the evocative power and poetry of ancient illustration" Edition of 300 copies.
Sound sample here: http://www.lasciedoree.be/miniatures-persanes
A-side : Le Doigt d'Etonnement (20'46")
B-side : Illuminations (21'51")
5/24/2014 Elodie Traces Ephémères LP $26.99 La Scie Dorée Eclectic ensemble of 18 instrumental arrangements evoking an epic and existential soundtrack determined by the power of momentary destiny and reflective sentiment. Music
played by Andrew Chalk & Timo van Luijk
Clarinet by Jean?Noël Rebilly
Piano and koto by Tom James Scott
Edition of 350 copies
12/25/2005 Eloe Omoe Eloe Omoe cassette $5.99 Animal Disguise First edition of 150 numbered copies in full color sleeves. This is the second document from the Boston area free-sludge duo containing two full live shows from Boston and New York. "Bass and drums splattered shark disaster. The sound of a weak human trying to remove itself from the fangs of the great white death! A totally straight faced, head nodding... AWESOME!"
9/30/2008 Eloe Omoe Marauders LP $9.99 Animal Disguise "Eloe Omoe is the Boston, MA duo of Sam Rowell (bass) and Tim Leanse (drums). For the uninitiated and other strangers to Eloe Omoes aural assault, I have described them as relentless free-sludge. Their challenging and rewarding sound could be compared to both the depths of early free-jazz and the over-the-top amplifier worshipping metal of the legendary godheadSilo. But more than anything, the music is akin to the unpredictable shift of a group of sharks than to normal song structure. This is crisp and extreme rock rejection. From the first note of the first song, you are instantly sucked into the undertow and already past the point of no return. Churning and chugging bass that sounds as if 8 arms are striking the strings in a battle to keep time with the insanity of the spastic and shifting drums. An album that reveals more subtleties and gets better with each listen, Marauders is an impressive debut that has been long overdue."
7/16/2009 Emaciator Appease c22 cassette $6.99 Monorail Trespassing "Most recent solo recordings of interweaving guitar and synth patterns. very delicate work, mixed as such. recorded in a storm, focused as ever; scars to prove. edition of 125, full color covers and glossy labels."
10/25/2008 Emaciator Coveting LP $16.99 Not Not Fun "Misery wears many masks, but Tulare, California fatalist JON BORGES has etched his mark on most of them. For at least half a decade he's pursued increasingly suicidal tendencies under his PEDESTRIAN DEPOSIT guise (which is currently on hiatus), splicing subdued loops of morbid beauty against savage canyons of harsh noise histrionics. Lately, though, he's been straying more and more from this aggressive exercise in contrasts in favor of his EMACIATOR alias, which draws from the same dark wellspring of bitter memories and bipolar rage but, instead of unleashing it in grand frenzies, bottles everything up inside until it seeps out the pores. Early efforts/cassettes retained a strain of buzzing nausea reminiscent of his PD days, but the last 12 months have witnessed a complete abandonment of any ties to the past. Times are still bleak, sure, but the gray prisms of brooding ambience Borges now conjures and slowly collapses convey a depth of mood and subtlety far surpassing simple signifiers like Indifference, Resentment, Remorse. Coveting collects together five exquisite Emaciator compositions (including two particularly riveting songs that were debuted live at Echo Curio last winter) for a harrowing 40 minutes of troubled solace, crisscrossing suicide guitar lines, and entranced self-reflection. Meditation is a myth; desire does not sleep. Black vinyl LPs in shrink wrapped jackets with layout by Borges, Edition of 430."
5/16/2010 Emeralds Candy Shoppe / The Cycle Of Abuse 7" $11.99 Wagon / Gneiss Things First release in a series of 7 inches including alternate versions and outtake tracks from Emeralds new album 'Does It Look Like I'm Here?'. Edition of 350 copies.
11/3/2012 Emeralds Just to Feel Anything LP $21.99 Editions Mego "Just to Feel Anything, the new album by Emeralds, surpasses all expectations, just as its predecessor, Does It Look Like I'm Here, did in 2010. This expertly recorded new album sees the band deliver plenty of their distinctive aesthetic for old fans to enjoy while offering a new range of fresh, exciting ideas for newcomers. "Before Your Eyes" begins the record with a steady build-up, which bleeds into humid layers of synthesizer pads and warm guitar. The track sets the tone perfectly for "Adrenochrome," a fast-paced excursion into new territory for the band. The calm after the storm appears in the form of "Through & Through," with its contemplative strokes and heart-wrenching atmospherics. "Everything Is Inverted" is an energetic rush of monolithic guitar leads, pulsing drum machine, and driving sequences. Still, it's on the second half of Just to Feel Anything, a triptych of tracks, where Emeralds adroitly demonstrate why they are a cut above their contemporaries. "The Loser Keeps America Clean" kicks off the B-side by diving into the deepest fathoms of their experimental oeuvre. As the final bursts of static dissipate, we are led into the opening chords of the eponymous "Just to Feel Anything," a new zenith in Emeralds' repertoire. The album closer, "Search for Me in the Wasteland" sees mounting layers of brightly strummed guitar chords blossom into a storm of color and expertly crafted textures -- a truly majestic end to an immense album. With Just to Feel Anything, Emeralds shine a laser-sharp light into the future, while preserving their uniquely intelligent historical perspective. The long-awaited next chapter in the Emeralds discography is finally here, emerging as a sophisticated progression in both sound and structure. Emeralds are John Elliott, Steve Hauschildt, and Mark McGuire. Mastered by James Plotkin, cut at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin."
5/16/2010 Emeralds Lake Effect Snow / Science Center 7" $11.99 Wagon / Gneiss Things Second release in a series of 7 inches including alternate versions and outtake tracks from Emeralds new album 'Does It Look Like I'm Here?'. Edition of 350 copies.
1/24/2009 Emeralds / Pain Jerk European Tour 2009 CD $12.99 No-Fi "To celebrate their European tour together this month, the astoundingly prodigious trio from Ohio and the punishing Japanese noise legend take a track each on this 500-copies only cd. Emeralds' track 'Landlocked' journeys further through the planet they share with Popol Vuh and Terry Riley, then is violently usurped by Pain Jerk's aptly titled 'Berserker', which features Rudolf Eb.er and Mai Sau in a noise/voice/aktion showdown. 500 copies only."
1/16/2003 Emergency String Quintet On the Corner (Market & Sixth) CD $8.99 Public Eyesore "Under the direction of Bob Marsh (who also contributes cello), improvisers Jeff Hobbs (violin), Kevin Van Yserloo (violin), Jonathan Fretheim (viola), and Damon Smith (double bass) present a series of
four extended pieces, that extend from vaguely reductionist dialogs to lush sonic landscapes. Follow-up to ‘Hill Music’ on Jack Wright's Spring Garden music."
3/1/2007 Emil Beaulieau Moonlight In Vermont LP $11.99 Ecstatic Peace "Emil Beaulieau is the nom de plume of Ron Lessard, long regarded as the most significant arbiter of American noise music. As a record store owner and label boss (the infamous RRRecords) Ron has introduced to ravenous noise mongering appetites around the world the pitiless pleasures and perverto-platitudes of the most arcane and near-insane noise practitioners of the last 20 plus years. All along Ron has himself been an extremely influential and highly unique creator of noise music on both record and stage. His performances are legendary. With bizarre turntable machinations, a sweater-vest, tie and table-lamp Ron's live show is a possessed demon dance to the relationship of normality and not-rightness. Moonlight In Vermont has long been considered, to those who were able to find it in CDR format, one of Emil Beaulieau's most masterful documents. A recording due to be released by the inimitable Hanson records in 2004, it's production gone awry, it was put into the Ecstatic Peace release schedule in late 2005 and again got tied-up in an unforgiving production morass. The details are ridiculous in retrospect but Ron's original cover concept of a minimal white lettering on black jacket got skabibbled and resulted in Ron creating hand-made cut n' paste collage covers. Every LP is it's own work of art and each is stunning. 500 are for sale and not only is this LP one of the great noise listens of the age but it's an amazing and singular visual document of a mind dedicated to danger."
3/20/2007 Emil Beaulieau / Jason Lescaleet split 7" $5.99 Absurd "Split single in a hand-numbered edition of 333 copies in octagonal card gatefold sleeves from two renowned turntable/loop manhandlers. First side is a wheezing grunt through spliced and glued shards of rock noise, B-side is a beautiful dart shot straight through the heart of Aerosmith. They fucking deserve it." - Volcanic Tongue
2/21/2015 Emmanuel, JD Echoes from Ancient Caves LP + download $22.99 Black Sweat "Probably one of the most underestimated artists of electronic music from the early '80s, has been lately rediscovered. An expert modulator of electronic and natural sounds, with this work JD Emmanuel seems to recall and reflect extensively on the poetics of the cyclic and mantric sound investigated by other pioneers such as Terry Riley and La Monte Young. The microtonal patterns of the compositions are animated by dense and minimum pulses that amplify the hypnotic and meditative dimension and can be colored by Tibetan suggestions or guitar glissandi. Flows and reflections of sounds define abstract landscapes but remain always deeply reverent with nature and its micro-cosmic variations. In this way, Echoes from Ancient Caves is ideally connected to the previous experimentations of Rain Forest Music (1981) and Wizards (1982). 500 copies on black vinyl + a download link for the digital edition."
3/22/2013 Emmanuel, JD Trance Formations II: Into Separate Realities LP $14.99 Deep Distance "It's fair to say that Deep Distance is incredibly honoured to be able to bring you this stunning new set from JD EMMANUEL. A legendary figure whose seminal works from 1981 / 1982, (especially the Riley / Glass / Reich inspired "Wizards") on his own private press imprint "North Star Productions", were given fresh relevance upon re-release in 2007 by Lieven Martens' (Dolphins Into the Future). Picked up later by Important Records, "Wizards" never quite slipped out of focus, it's meditational, blissful pulse inspiring all manner of kosmische / minimal synth heads with it's uniquely personal warmth; and it's timely reissues couple with Aguirre's release of this LP's preceding set; "Trance Formations I" have firmly cemented Emmanuel's reputation aided by stunning yet infrequent live sets in recent years. The set here, in the artist's own words "was composed during the 1990's on the road while travelling cross country for my job; using a Yamaha QY-10 synth module/sequencer or Korg X5DR synth module and a Novation MM10 keyboard into my Windows laptop using Cakewalk computer sequencing/recording software. Finishing them on my PC with Cakewalk with either/and 2 Ensoniq ESQ-M's synthesizer modules and a Korg X5DR synthesizer module." Six beautifully personal, zoned pieces and an essential companion to Emmanuel's esteemed body of work. Released on The Great Pop Supplement's side label "Deep Distance" in an edition of 500, March 2013."
1/24/2009 Empty Set No Solution Set One CDR $9.99 American Tapes - AM-792 "Another new unit, inspired by the elegance and mystery of numbers. Piercing low tech raw electronics, a X/Y axis of negative slope non liner of horrible integers spinning terribly outta
control. ŠŠ.Full color art in new mega color assault cardboard sleeve style."
1/25/2011 Endless Endless Endless Endless Endless Endless CDR $9.99 Ruralfaune "Shimmering synth lines, sweeping guitars and infinite layered vocal harmonies for a blissed-out trance." Edition of 60 copies
9/17/2006 Enema Syringe Bögens Massage Institut LP $24.99 Ultra Eczema "This is a collection of rare and unreleased tracks by these crazed heavy industrialised weirdos from sweden! all recorded between 1986 and 1988. originally formed in 85 by kai parviainen and mats lundberg (who later got replaced by landgang) ENEMA SYRINGE played heavy monotone simple noise industrial the way it should be done; straight forward, loud, heavy and simple!! brutal toy synths and repetitive beats dominate the whole recorded archive and the few live sets this duo did, spiced with horrific sounding lyrics in swedish (usually about funnier things then the usual industrial fan would hope for like farts, massage shops, etc..) all of the tracks on this lp are recorded without any mixing possibilty straight onto two channels with a marrantz amp and a tape deck, prophet one, casio RZ1 drummachine, casio toy synth, an old rhythm box and vocals thu headphones and a crappy mike! these beats are the best fist in the airpumpers ever, reminding of early throbbing gristle, club moral or more recent wolf eyes and meerk puffy! the lp comes with liner notes by kai parviainen, a discography, and is completely remastered. artwork by dennis tyfus - limited to 400 copies"
3/27/2008 Enema Syringe Live at No Fun Fest 2007 LP $15.99 No Fun Productions "Limited to 350 copies. Full No Fun 2007 live set, recorded to the best possible quality. Totally insane and heavy set from Industrial/Noise Swedish Pioneer’s Enema Syringe."
11/15/2008 Enfer Boreal Enfer Boreal CDR $12.99 Ruralfaune "Deep. long and emotive drones by Maxime Primault after releases on mighty labels like 267 Lattajjaa, Ikuisuus, First Person, and Cut Hands - these are the very first sonic meditations ever recorded by Maxime. Two long tracks of minimal spacey and repetitive moments of purity. Concrete." Edition of 52 copies.
9/24/2009 Enfer Boréal Adn / Dna CDR $10.99 Crier Dans Les Musees "After US Invasion, with releases on great labels such as Stunned Records, Housecraft, Peasant magik and Digitalis, Enfer Boreal is back home! One 40 min long track / jam recorded on September 2008, right after a half year asian trip. With his mind full of memories, voices, nature sounds, different languages, mountains, sea and everything met while travelling Maxime took his guitar and effects for this result. Single track do not mean monotoneous music : droney sounds and field recordings for the beginning, then haunted guitar improvisations, and band-like jam for the end. Handmade cover artwork by Anne Pilet (two different design available)." - label. Edition of 50 copies.
1/17/2010 Enfer Boreal / Drunjus Climate Change / Ranking Charioteer cassette $6.99 Earjerk "OK. We'll admit it. Earjerk is kind of a drone label. Not on purpose though! We just keep coming across like-minded folks I guess... Some of the headiest material ever from both of these projects. Enfer Boreal starts from a deep bell toned pulse and as soon as you have locked on he tosses you into space. You bounce off various soft, rubbery astroids and UFO's. You will have to re-enter the Earths atmosphere without burning up and these cold drones won't leave you hangin. Drunjus... Awww, you know what to expect. Anyway, how many times can I use the words heavy and deep and cosmic when describing drones. I mean this is heavy, deep, cosmic and COSMIC, but I have used all those descriptions before.Throbbing? Pulsing? Alive? Yes. All that. A definite buzz enhancer. Blue tapes with carefully applied green spray. Killer wrap-around collage artwork by Woodman. Limited to 45 copies."
2/19/2004 Enkidu (Chie Mukai / Sei ichi Yamamoto / Eric Cordier) Hasselt CD $16.99 Turtles' Dream "Live recording from the European tour of the trio in October / November 2002, to the invitation of Densité festival (France) . Meeting between two Japanese improvisators : Chie Mukai (kokyu, drums, voice) and Sei ichi Yamamoto (guitar, flute, voice) with Éric Cordier (hurdy-gurdy & electronics). " At the risk of officiously imputing to it a conceptual patness it neither implies nor desires, _Enkidu_ - a 67-minute live recording from a 2002 visit to France, Mukai's regular duo with Yamamoto enlarged to accommodate kindred spirit Cordier - could be said to form a trilogy with _Live At Showboat_ [Last Visible Dog] and _L'Energie De L'Existence_ [Turtles Dream]: each offers its own interpretation of Mukai's trademark long-form noise-drone-dream psych-folk improvisations. Basing itself around two momentously elongated, deliriously swirling and head-spinningly noisy slow-burn deep-sound drone-ragas, _Enkidu_ drifts nebulously and looms menacingly, exerting a subtle yet irresistible undertow, always on the brink of falling apart and cohering into something ‘else’ altogether, sucking in signifiers and referents, spinning them out into an endless psychedelic fug.” - liner notes (extract) by Nick Cain
6/25/2013 Enklav Enklav LP $19.99 A Dear Girl Called Wendy "From the ashes of Ättestupa a new project is born. Dan Johansson (Sewer Election, Dog Holocaust, Heinz Hopf) and Viktor Ottosson(Blodvite, Orquere) create something that is far from what they did before: they lost their dark and black atmosphere. What they put out now is closer to the early Vivenza's sound with dedication but with incredible personality. The result is two tracks with no noise, manipulations or feedbacks. Cruel but at the same time organic sound with endless loops of field recordings creating small circular movements. A record that becomes a mirror of our cities, capturing the sounds that follow us throughout our days, the sounds that disturb our lives, the exasperation of modern life. A difficult and abstract record that puts Enklav as one of the best european experimental industrial performers." Edition of 150 copies.
9/19/2011 Enocksson, Erik Apan LP + download $24.99 Release The Bats "Fourth album from Stockholm-based composer Erik Enocksson, following up With Its Dark Tail Curled 'Round The Garage and the soundtracks to Farväl Falkenberg and Man Tänker Sitt (all released on Kning Disk). Eerie and desolate music inspired by "The Ape" by Jesper Ganslandt. Written and recorded fall 2008 through spring 2010. Comes packaged in a 350gsm full color cover jacket with a black inside, LP on clear vinyl housed in a printed innersleeve. Download coupon included. Mastered by Viktor Ottosson. 275 copies."
9/29/2005 Enos Slaughter On the Shore of Jupiter CDR $11.99 Sound@One "Special spring / early summer edition from the string band trio with the highest slugging percentage around. With hometurf productions from the Hinthouse, On the Shore of Jupiter contains over an hour of speaker smoke and bonus beats. Cover image by Warhol acolyte and Bardist master SS. This is the electrified beanball war youve been waiting for."
7/29/2004 Enos Slaughter Saloth Sar CD $12.99 Sound@One "Yes yes, heres new molten sounds from three cats taking cues from a bat wielding spirit. Saloth Sar contains two massive tracks from Enos Slaughter, all electric and poking a thumb in third eyes everywhere.
Electric guitar, bozuk, trashcan moog sounds, and mystery sources combine to create a throbbing piece of alienation that retains a weird undercurrent of lyricism. Space lute meets the human string incinerator.
Housed in a beautiful package, this release includes graphics culled from Cambodias S21 prison archives. The imagery hopes to argue a sensible point: the abolition of the military of US. Featuring members of
Sunburned, IZITITIZ, and NNCK.".
6/30/2010 Ensemble Economique Standing Still, Facing Forward LP $17.99 Amish "Amish is pleased to announce the second release in its Required Wreckers series, Ensemble Economique’s Standing Still, Facing Forward LP. The primary step in understanding Standing Still, Facing Forward is to recognize Ensemble Economique is Brian Pyle. Brian Pyle is Ensemble Economique. This is the first LP release from Ensemble Economique. Digitalis issued the At the Foot of Nameless Roads CD in 2008. Ensemble Economique’s fantastic earliest recording, entitled No GPS, was bundled as a CDr with a limited initial pressing of At the Foot, but has yet to be properly issued. Both recordings are important primers to Pyle’s nascent invocations of Holger Czukay’s Cannaxis (on No GPS) and Karlheinz Stockhausen’s Kontake (on At the Foot). With Standing Still, Facing Forward Ensemble Economique provides the most mature realization of Pyle’s compositional process, which utilizes found sounds, field recordings, and musical performance that he later meticulously edits, layers, and loops in the studio. The effects of these processes are dramatic, cinematic and conceptually rigorous and this recording evidences Pyle as an important new composer emerging out of the long and storied tradition of West Coast experimentalism. Utilizing a delicate combination of the homespun improvisation of his other project, Starving Weirdos (whose work sounds like an American echo of AMM) with his own unique variation on the European avant-garde in Ensemble Economique, Pyle’s practice involves a dense approach to composition akin to assemblage. But unlike electronic and laptop composition, Pyle’s studio work aims to re-establish an organicism associated with live (or, in the case of the field recordings, lived) performance that pushes the studio out into nature and nature into the studio. In short, the Northern Californian landscape plays an integral part in Ensemble Economique’s soundscapes, and this record captures much of the atmosphere of Pyle’s home terrain." The LP 'Standing Still, Facing Forward' will also come with an 'Art Book' insert designed by the super-talented artist Stacie Jaye Meyer.
8/17/2013 Ensemble Economique / Heroin In Tahiti split LP $24.99 Sound of Cobra / NO=FI Recordings "It’s a well-known story: the bluesmen sold their souls at dusty crossroads back in the old days. Far less is known about a younger generation’s deal with the devil, their affinity towards dark forces and black magic. Their hypnagogic highway to hell and success goes en route Tahiti where souls no longer can be sold because they’re already lost in secret Voodoo rites. The music that springs from having experienced these horror trips is as seductive as Lisa Bonet drinking a little red rooster’s blood! Be warned: This is a one-way ticket, no refunds, no exorcism included. Ensemble Economique strikes back with a great album, sounds and attitude head back to his earlyer recordings and the amazing "Psychical" (Not Not Fun, 2010): immediate, primal, raw... ace! Second album out for Heroin In Tahiti, after their first "Death Surf" LP (Boring Machines, 2012), which was considered a kind of manifesto of the "spaghetti wasteland" attitude, as told in a conversation between Simon Reynolds and Valerio Mattioli, and listed in the 50 best albums of 2012 by FACT Magazine. A great mix of synths, surf, drone, Morricone and some typical 'Italian vibe'."
3/22/2013 Ensemble Pearl Ensemble Pearl double LP $24.99 Drag City "Cosmic, heavy amplified rock drops and ripples, auras radiate and expand into cloud forms, through which lightning bolts. Tides rise, the moons wax upon a place somewhere between Link Wray, Hex-era Earth and early Tangerine Dream. The echoes return, leaving a trail that blows and drifts, creating a separate piece. Ensemble Pearl are Atsuo, William Herzog, Michio Kurihara and Stephen O'Malley. Their debut album also features the elemental forces of Eyvind Kang and Timba Harris. These players have all moved air and earth in many other projects and can create monolith and river alike on their own -- but for Ensemble Pearl they give and take, knowing and understanding each other's strengths and lack of weakness. Rather than blast sheets of air-filling sound, their contributions float the space with positive and negative dynamics. There are no borders being patrolled, allowing Ensemble Pearl to move from place to place unhindered. Over the course of six sides of music (and four sides of vinyl) they ride the jet stream as the world revolves slowly below, static almost, shimmering imperceptibly, mostly water. In and amongst the sprays of foam, there's a wash of twin-lead psych-proggery, a raft of tribal-beat sun worship, a passing rumble of neck-stretching, some delicate noise-blowing, a bit of float-and-drone and finally, a majestic drift into the deep waters of dub atmosphere. Ensemble Pearl was recorded by Masato Suzuki, mixed by Randall Dunn and mastered by Bob Weston. The album features artwork from Simon Fowler and Michal Mozolewski that extends and enhances the music in integral fashion, helping to make Ensemble Pearl a complete experience for the aspirant listener, a full-spectrum sensory bath."
12/1/2004 Entente Cordiale 100 Yrs CDR $8.99 Carbon Records “Triple-guitar damage and drone. 2 tracks – 34 minutes. Not too far from the first release, at first. but the second track, ends with a crushing 10+min drone and dual-drummer action. Covers are hand-silkscreened, edition of 102 copies.”
2/23/2004 Entente Cordiale 1904 CDR $9.99 Carbon Records "A 22+ minute experiment in guitar drones, swells and even some melodies. 3 guitars, multiple (distortion) pedals and some very loud amps. think Gate, Earth, Vibracathedral Orchestra, etc."
7/21/2010 Enumclaw Painted Valley of the Mineral Monks CDR $8.99 Deep Water "We're pleased to help bring into existence the second full-length release by Philadelphia's Enumclaw (in our world known as Norm Fetter; mainstay of space-rock champs Niagara Falls, he's also been spotted playing with Golden Ball, Espers, and other Brotherly Love notables), following up last year's lovely Opening of the Dawn on Honeymoon records. Compared with that LP, which received deserved praise for its vintage-style spiritual cosmic psychedelia, this new disc dials in the focus to a more tightly refined palette of gently buzzing, asynchronously looping, edgily insinuating patterns of synthesized tone generation. And while it's easy to imagine this having great appeal for fans of the best current electro-drone artists (Oneohtrix Point Never, Emeralds, etc.), Painted Valley of the Mineral Monks also has an extension chord/psychic umbilicus plugged directly into the prime circuits of late-70s synthesizer pulsations, sounding not unlike the soundtrack to some lost educational film about ancient astronauts, astral projection and LSD as composed by Eno, Moebius and Roedelius. Five tracks, 32 minutes."
6/27/2009 Envenomist The Reservoir c30 cassette $6.99 Tape Fiend "Mysterious and haunting analogue soundscapes from this Ohio-based project."
9/17/2006 Envenomist The Sixth and Seventh Key cassette $6.99 Hanson "SINISTER dark synth work from this mysterious Ohio project. I have no clue what these keys open up but whatever it is...it's CAN'T BE GOOD. HANSON RECORDS take no responsibility to persons who harm themselves while listening to this recording."
8/4/2007 EOH Cavernous Hall CDR $7.99 Brothers "EOH are a coming together of Rob Mayson [Grey Daturas, Bone Sheriff, Breathing Shrine etc], Simon Taylor [Whitehorse, Malakat, Bone Sheriff] and Aaron Coyes [Rahdunes, Omen Compass etc] named for Mayson's son Max's imaginary friend. A trio of drinking buddies who channel their sparkling ale and amyl fueled unruliness into recording session after recording session. These 3 chunks of dark drones and abstract free noise were culled from hours and hours of wild drunken recording in a cavernous hall in the heart of Melbourne way back in April 2006. Aside from kicking out the drone, the three spent many an evening hanging around Mayson's kitchen, listening to records, eating Japanese curries, getting boozy and stonedŠ the usual shit. Densely packed with organ, oscillators, circuit-bent instruments, contact microphones, ride cymbals, bass, guitar, piano, floor tom, tape machines, transistor radio, the EOH - Cavernous Hall CD is being delivered as a memento to commemorate the group's upcoming West Coast tour of the US in late July 2007. This is what AQUARIUS RECORDS had to say about they're debut 3" CD: "still dense and noisy and intense, but with a soft touch. More whisper than roar, more drone than screech. A Wolf Eyesian industrial murk march. Dense swirling layers of thick pulsing guitar distortion, wavering and warbling in thick sheets laid over everything, peppered with occasional cymbal crashes and what sounds like some sort of throat singing. This is some seriously massive ur-drone shit. Huge industrial wastescapes, abstract spare stretches of low end rumble swirling like black fog over ruined landscapes of damaged amplifiers and detuned guitars. Haunting, and desolate but strangely lovely."
5/14/2007 Epiro, Donato After Dinner Black Out 3" CDR $7.99 Akoustic Desease "The debut album of a young italian musician..a collision between electronic & music concrete..an awesome audio portrait of a violent story. limited to 106 copies."
9/11/2013 Erickson, Roky Don't Slander Me double LP + download $28.99 Light In The Attic "2LP housed in a deluxe gatefold 'tip-on' jacket with liner notes by Joe Nick Patoski. Includes download card for the full album, an etching on side D by artist Travis Millard, plus rare/unseen archive photos and ephemera." If The Evil One was the album that broke Erickson out of the indie ghetto and brought him to a worldwide audience, the follow-up, 1986's Don't Slander Me was the one that showcased his rock and roll sensibilities like no recording before. Losing the more out-there and exotic elements of earlier and future albums, it presents us with Erickson the rocker, playing punk, rockabilly, blues and -- in 'Burn the Flames,' later found on the Return of the Living Dead soundtrack -- even power ballads. Erickson was just 15 when he wrote 'You're Gonna Miss Me,' the song that epitomized the garage rock movement and inspired punks, rockers, and noisemakers ever since. In another life, Erickson and Austin-based band could have been as big as any of the '60s legends still making music today. But fate took Erickson down a meandering path via the Houston psychiatric hospital where he was institutionalized for almost a decade following a diagnosis with paranoid schizophrenia in 1968. Erickson's experiences in the hospital proved to be fertile inspiration for his music -- on leaving, he formed the group Roky Erickson and the Aliens and began penning songs about zombies, demons, vampires, and -- to counter the B-movie monsters, the real-life monsters of social injustice."
9/11/2013 Erickson, Roky Gremlins Have Pictures LP + 7" $26.99 Light In The Attic Housed in a deluxe gatefold 'tip-on' jacket with 8 page booklet, liner notes by Joe Nick Patoski. Includes rare/unseen archive photos and ephemera. Includes 4 track 7" (cuts 9-12 on CD) and includes download card for the full album. "By 1986, Roky Erickson’s career had endured twists, turns and a late-period purple patch marked by incredible music and self-destructive behavior. The Evil One (LITA 097) broke him out of the indie underground and Don’t Slander Me showed off his rock ‘n’ roll sensibilities. But Erickson was difficult to manage – and patience was running out. "I‘d given up after the second album,” Erickson’s then-manager, Craig Luckin, has said. “I had enough.” Yet a third album – arguably his best – was to be found, if not created. Gremlins Have Pictures is an anthology of Erickson’s solo work following his extended incarceration at the Rusk State Hospital for the criminally insane, beginning with his first live performance (opening for a screening of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre in Austin) all the way to Don’t Slander Me (LITA 098)."
9/11/2013 Erickson, Roky The Evil One double LP + download $28.99 Light In The Attic "2LP housed in deluxe gatefold 'tip-on' jacket with 20 page booklet, download card for full album, and etching by artist Travis Millard on side D." Originally released in the UK as the 10 song album Five Symbols in 1980 and as The Evil One in 1981 (with 5 songs replaced), this definitive CD gathers all 15 songs from the Stu Cook (Creedence Clearwater Revival) late 1977-79 produced sessions. CD includes 48 page booklet plus rare/unseen archive photos and ephemera. Released from the institution in 1974, Roky found his legend had grown while he'd been away -- not least because 'You're Gonna Miss Me' was included on 1972's Nuggets compilation. He formed a band, the Aliens, and set about honing a hard rock sound that placed the psychedelic garage blues of the Elevators firmly in the last decade. Though it was produced at a time when Roky was struggling to cope with drugs and life on the outside, he hit form on his first post Elevators album-proper, 1981's The Evil One. Produced over a period of two years by Stu Cook, from Creedence Clearwater Revival, it's a masterful collection of songs about zombies, demons, vampires and, yes, even the 'Creature with the Atom Brain.' These tracks, inspired by schlock sci-fi and horror movies and colored by Roky's distinctive, high-pitched vocal and squealing guitar, are among the maverick performer's best. At the time, Roky explained the album this way: 'It's gonna go back to the ferocious kind of rock 'n' roll of the Kinks, the Who, and the Yardbirds. It's the kind of music that makes you wish you were playing it or listening to it for the first time "way back when."' But the record would not reach the mass audience of those bands, its success hampered by erratic release schedules and disastrously awkward press interviews. A year after its release, Erickson would become convinced that a Martian had inhabited his body. He would soon become obsessed with mail, and take to taping it, unopened, to his bedroom walls. Many of Erickson's demons were yet to show their faces. But the B-movie demons he exorcised on this record gave us one of hard rock's strangest, most inventive albums."
11/30/2011 Erickson, Roky The Evil One Returns LP $19.99
"Recorded live in Cologne in Dec. 2010, reportedly with excellent sound, we've got versions of "Cold Night for Alligators," "Don't Shake Me Lucifer," "Starry Eyes," "The Wind and More," "Bloody Hammer," "Reverberation," "Don't Slander Me," "John Lawman," "Roller Coaster," "I Walked with a Zombie," and "Two Headed Dog." Details to come! Limited pressing of 500 copies, Euro import."
9/30/2005 Erickson, Roky The Psychedelic Banjoman picture disc LP $21.99
"A special collection of rare studio outtakes, demos, radio sessions and live tracks 1976-1985! Some of these tracks reveal a man not just on the edge, but right over the edge; just don't let him anywhere near that bloody hammer! This is definitely not to be missed!! 14 songs, full color artwork, heavy vinyl pressing, Euro import."
7/11/2011 eRikm & Luc Ferrari Visitation one-sided LP $21.99 PLANAM "Visitation", created on April 1st, 2011 is a very unique kind of collaboration between two French sonic artists, master Luc Ferrari and eRikm. Here is eRikm direct testimony about this new work: "When the sun set on April 1st, 2011 I heard through the windows of my house the repetitive song of a night bird. «Madeleine» brought me immediately back to Luc Ferrari1s electroacoustic piece «Presque Rien N° 2». I became curious about comparing the bird that was officiating in the garden of Cap15 (in the North area of Marseille) with the bird of «Presque Rien». My curiosity triggered the desire to play Luc1s piece in the acoustic space of my house. With my rudimentary recorder I moved inside and outside the house moving back and forth between both spaces. I played with the depth of field, the beat between these two birds separated by 34 years and immersed myself in these acoustic events. This Ursprung or temporal Klein bottle was recorded and edited in one single sequence shot". Very hard to confront with one of the all-time masterpieces of modern creation as Luc Ferrari's "Presque Rien N° 2"Š but listening to this piece you immediately get the impression of a prefectly accomplished work, published now on LP on your favorite label. So here is the first ever LP by eRikm, elegantly released with "Presque Rien" iconic mouth picture on the sleeve; dedicated to Brunhild Ferrari and to Natacha Muslera." Edition limited to 350 copies.
1/1/2008 Es Sateenkaarisuudelma double CD $21.99 Fonal "Sateenkaarisuudelma is my fourth solo album under the name Es. The double LP is a trilogy containing three independent parts: Sateenkaarisuudelma, Maailmankaari and Pianokaari.
Sateenkaarisuudelma contains songs I've played live since 2002. These songs were composed and recorded during the same period I made Kaikkeuden kauneus ja käsittämättömyys cd. At some point it became obvious I was doing two albums at once. Also I soon realised that these songs would benefit and work well in vinyl format allowing me to divide songs to different sides and also give them an aging and changing format. With Sateenkaarisuudelma ready for pressing already in July 2004 I started my journey to Canada, Toronto where I studied fine arts for four months. During this time I also made a ten day tour in USA with Miriam Goldberg on cello, Jeffrey Alexander on guitar and effects, Tara Burke on vocals and keyboard. Shary Boyle did live drawings on overhead projectors. It was an excellent collaboration and the fruits can be heard on the second LP's side C. Maailmankaari I and II were recorded in Boston at the WMBR radio station. Side D finishes of the trilogy with two songs composed as early as 2002. I've recorded the first song Universaali totuus at least five or six times. This version was recorded in June of 2005 just before sending it to pressing. Pianokaari was mutilated, cut and changed for three years. These two songs span the whole duration of the recording and creation of this double album. All this time Juri Puhakka was working on the drawings on the sleeves. Featured on the cover is me with rainbows ponting directly at my hands. It represents hope for understanding dreams are within ones grasp. Other musicians featured on the covers are Suvi Mäkinen who has been a part of the Es live line-up many times. Jan Anderzen and I have collaborated on so many occasions that the facts get blurred. Elissa Määttänen has appeared on all but the first album and continues to contribute her vocals to Es live shows as well as the recorded releases. Other musicians on the album are Jeffrey Alexander and Miriam Goldberg from the Black Forest / Black Sea duo and Laura Naukkarinen (aka. Lau Nau). All my gratitude goes out to these people who have been an integral part in the birth of this double LP." -Sami Sänpäkkilä.
9/17/2006 Eskimo King Tooth-Shaped Migration CDR $11.99 Our Mouth "Debut solo monster from Brian Sullivan, guitarist/vocalist with void-gobbling 'rock' group Mouthus. Songs with huge seams of devouring fuzz ala Crystalized Movements, stoned thousand-mile vocals that overlap in butterflies of slow tongue, lo-fi post-hardcore balladry, lung-puncturing shots of drum and a beautifully addictive atmosphere of honey-thick lethargy." - Volcanic Tongue
7/10/2008 Eskimo King Weird Flag CDR $5.99 Abandon Ship Records "As Brian Sullivan still flies high from his performance at No Fun Fest this year, we've prepared a gem of a release from this half of the now legendary Mouthus. While feeding off of similar meditative vibes of the aforementioned Brooklyn duo, he manages to put together a cohesive collection of distinct tracks he can call his own. Infinite layers of blown out fuzz dominate some tracks, and deep, trance-inducing rhythms prevail in others. Another primer for an up-and-coming ASR LP, due later this year. Keep your eyes peeled. And as with most Mouthus-related material, this one will not be around for very long." Edition of 100 copies.
11/21/2009 Eskimo King / Afternoon Penis split LP $12.99 Abandon Ship Records "A split offering from two of the baddest dudes on the east coast. Both members of Mouthus, Brian Sullivan (Eskimo King) and Nate Nelson (Afternoon Penis) each take the reigns on their respective sides of the record. Eskimo King churns out three tracks of melancholy-bizarro-skuzz riffs and ethereal wind-chimage. The drum samples on 'Dry Strike' track take me back to earlier Mouthus times, when the world was still young. Keep it close to your turntable after your first listen because you will undoubtedly need to play it again and again. Afternoon Penis presents us with something entirely off the beaten path. Truly strange and epic, this freaked-out sidelong track sounds like something Bob Dylan would be singing in his head after a week-long ayahuasca binge. Utilizing several instruments, including percussion and the accordion, Nate also blesses us with a rhythmic mantra that should benefit both the mentally-ill and mentally-sound alike. Limited edition of 400 with plastic outer sleeve and insert."

Eso Steel Galleries 1-3 CD $12.99 20 City "The official compilation of the three Geraldine 10" releases. Textured ambient sound. Watch out for a continuation of the Galleries sometime in 2000."
1/25/2004 Espers Espers CD $12.99 Locust "Espers are a boy/girl/girl trio from Philly featuring singer/songwriter Greg Weeks, Meg Baird and Brooke Sietinsons who combine the elemental sound of acid-folk with the baroque arrangements of late 60s chamber rock. Fully versed in the sumptuous vernacular of drug music, the cradle of Appalachian song, and the succinct truths of the three-minute pop ballad, their full length debut is an irresistible collection of sweet and subtle songs essential for fans of Fairport Convention, Pentangle, Jackson C. Franck, Bread, Love & Dreams and Bert Jansch. Espers are the sound of the New Weird America the way it should be heard - with the ease, infectious grace and absolute beauty of an ever expansive trio bound for ever greater pastures." Highly recommended!
6/11/2006 Espers II CD $13.99 Drag City "From the beginning, Espers has been a living, growing thing. II finds the group at sextet size, with greater powers and capabilities than before. Still, the original spirit of the band -- the American ideal of the democracy (that is in no way reflected in its current government) -- rules Espers in everything they do, gives them true freedoms to reach for the spiritual and the fun at once, and to make their music from it. The sound of Espers II was achieved using a mad variety of instruments, from your standard, everyday Martin 6-string acoustics, Fender jazzbass and drumkit to more exotic implements such as doumbek, dholak and male & female larynx (which we assume are swung around in the air to produce a recorder-like sound). Espers at play tap into their shared spaces with joy and a sense of humor (and wonder, naturally). The musical outcome is a friendly new sensation -- as the record plays, it warms the room and dims the lights with dense yet agile atmospherics, allowing you, the listener to relax, despite and yet still in communion with the realities of our present day."
10/17/2009 Espers III CD $14.99 Drag City "Picking up the threads with ease, Espers III was intended to be an aural reversal of the layered sound of II. The goal was to record fewer tracks in order to achieve a stronger, more oxygenated sonic presence. Where II was almost claustrophobic in its density and darkness, III was envisaged as being somehow lighter, effervescent; perhaps even of a cheery disposition at times (whoa there! Don't go not breaking our heart, Espers). Under these auspices, recording started in late 2008 and spilled into the spring and summer of 2009. As more time passed in the recording process, a growing dementia within both song and lyrics emerged, making even the most ethereal songs on III seem oddly unwholesome to all involved. As with past releases (both by Espers and significant others), III was recorded with the vinyl LP in mind, playing as a whole divided into two equally weighted sides. Recorded to analog tape and mixed to analog tape again at the end, the songs ended up in a stippled, rippling, ever-flowing space, another important factor in the realization of III. 'Space' is a core concept here -- each of these songs in some way access new space, whether they are envisioning, locating, or claiming and colonizing it. In fact, III's working title was Colony, owing to a subtextual thought process that encompassed aspects of Herzog's Aguirre, Heart of Darkness, cult groups, deep Amazonian treks, religious nation building, ritualistic drug ceremonies (taking drugs to take canoe trips to take drugs on) -- eg., escape from assimilation, surviving cultural wars by embedding themselves in the wilderness, among friends and fellow travelers. The cover aesthetic and Xavier Schipani's arresting artwork mirror these themes and Espers' desire to reach beyond what might be expected of an Espers album with metaphoric imagery and increased dimensionality -- not just a new Espers album, but indeed, a new Espers."
9/17/2006 Espvall, Helena Nimis & Arx CD $11.99 Pax Recordings / Fire Museum "The debut solo release from Helena Espvall, cellist of Espers. Her past and present collaborators include such diverse figures as Fursaxa, Oluyemi Thomas, Sharron Kraus, From Quagmire, Lukas Ligeti, Samara Lubelski, Eugene Chadbourne, Pauline Oliveros, Scorces, Katt Hernandez and many others.With production and electronics provided by sonic maverick George Korein of Infidel?/Castro!, "Nimis & Arx" is a recording of translucid wonder. Utilizing cello, guitar, recorder, voice and electronics, Espvall has delivered a CD which touches on aspects of all the multi-faceted elements of her musical journey to date while creating a vocabulary in a voice which is uniquely hers. Having played guitar and cello in several rock bands (as well as performing in a silent movie orchestra, an Arabian Music ensemble and free improvised music), Swedish-born multi-instrumentalist Helena Espvall moved to Philadelphia in the year 2000. Besides performing with Espers, Helena performs with the Amnesiac Music & Dance ensemble and collaborates with many others in the psychedelic folk and free improvisation world."
2/9/2013 Estasy Whitelaugh Blackory cassette $5.99 Living Tapes “Black velvet mask, golden wigs, untied shoes, candle flames & beautiful trickling of wax, vine leaves, powder puffs. Mystery is the word. All tracks recorded in darkness. It’s about spiritual evol love emotion…it’s not the pills…oh oh whatever.”
4/19/2004 Estribou, Gene & Jean Paul-Pickens Intensifications CD $12.99 Locust "By no means household names, both Jean Paul-Pickens & Gene Estribou levitated around the Bay Area scene and each made a subtle mark along the way: Pickens was one of San Francisco's legendary 'Diggers' and a knockout banjoist with poet David Meltzer's folk rock outfit Serpent Power. Gene Estribou famously recorded the Grateful Dead's second studio sessions & released their first 45 single in 1965. Footnotes? Sure. But that should only make the discovery of this lost gem all the more tantalizing. Cut in the mid-1960s, Intensifications is an obscure and illuminating slice of Marin county raga folk, a taste of latter day deltadelica that's a must for fans of the acid folk sound old and new. Together, Estribou and Pickens each cut a side of brilliant, meandering unaccompanied instrumentals: Estribou on acoustic guitar and Pickens on banjo. This single document has only ripened with age and should make it clear to anyone who ventures to give it a listen that both Estribou & Pickens deserve their place in the inner sanctum of charismatic acoustic guitar legends. Originally released on Henry Jacobs' MEA label."
9/17/2009 Eternal Tapestry The Invisible Landscape LP $13.99 Not Not Fun "Last year's Mystic Induction LP captured PDX wah junkies Eternal Tapestry at their hairiest hour, awash in color trails and nightshade flashbacks. Since then they've reverted back to their original power trio line-up, circled the tube amps, and written a fresh, flooring set of brand new electric rippers. And The Invisible Landscape is the fruit of this from-bliss-to-blistering evolution/revolution. It's packed deep with six kraut-punk psych-shredders, huffing fumes from the twin guitar hero dogfighting of Dewey Mahood and Nick Bindeman while drum demon Jed Bindeman does barrel rolls and nosedives into the eye of the storm. There's also a rawness and warmth to the production that helps the songs bleed into the ear with more electricity than before, and the riff/vocals interplay is streamlined for optimum mainlining. A fiery high point for a fiery high band. Hit it or quit it. Randomly colored LPs (hues range from silt grey to swamp green and beyond) in pro-printed jackets with art by the band plus a photocopied insert. Edition of 500."
4/10/2015 Eternal Tapestry Wild Strawberries double LP + download $21.99 Thrill Jockey "Portland, Oregon’s sonic explorers Eternal Tapestry have always had a feeling of interplay between their impressionistic music and the dense forests that surround their hometown, but on their newest album, Wild Strawberries, they take that naturalistic inspiration to a new level. Wild Strawberries is a massive double album, which was recorded in a secluded cabin under the shadow of Mount Hood in Zigzag, OR. The contrast between the openness of the massive Oregon sky and the denseness of the trees is echoed in Wild Strawberries’ expansive guitar tones and looming organ drones. The album is thick with the lysergic leads that populated their earlier releases, but the airiness of the woods has seeped into Nick Bindeman’s guitar playing, refining it and opening it up to new modal possibilities.
During the recording sessions the Zigzag River flowed nearby, and the group spent time between takes learning about the area’s floral make up and relaxing under the stars. This idealistic lifestyle, however temporary, helped to chart the course of the recording process. Wild Strawberries’ artwork and song titles, which are named after plants specific to the region, both speak to the influence of that environment. The lush atmosphere combined with a week long sequestration from the outside world had a pronounced impact on the music, which unfolds in a panoramic slow burn. Wild Strawberries yields vast rewards for those who spend time in its aural forest.
The album as a whole unfolds patiently, but not without purpose. Prior to the recording session drummer Jed Bindeman came across 700 Phish cassette bootlegs, and it was on these cassettes that the sessions for Wild Strawberries were taped, using an eight-track recorder. Thanks to the relaxed vibe of the cabin, the band was able to indulge in extensive improvisational experiments, playing around with the limits of the tape machine. The wealth of material allowed them to select only the most successful of their many pieces. Wild Strawberries is the band’s first double album, recorded in a secluded cabin under the shadow of Mount Hood in Zigzag, OR. The two LPs are pressed on virgin vinyl and packaged in a gatefold jacket with free download card."
7/16/2011 Eternal Tapestry & Sun Araw Night Gallery LP + download $15.99 Thrill Jockey "The friendship of Eternal Tapestry and Sun Araw's Cameron Stallones goes back to the Not Not Fun curated Neon Commune Fest, January 2007 at the much loved, and missed, Echo Curio in Eagle Rock, LA. Eternal Tapestry shared the second night's bill with Cameron's old band Magic Lantern (Barn Owl and Pocahaunted rounded out the night's festivities!), and the two psych crews hit it off immediately. LA shows were played together every time Eternal Tapestry made it south. Fast forward to Austin, TX for SXSW 2010 when Eternal Tapestry shared a bizarre afternoon parking lot gig with Sun Araw. The Tapestry had a live broadcast in-studio session lined up on KVRX student radio that night, and in true Tapestry fashion they invited their buddy Cameron to join in. The session took place in a large TV studio on the UT campus, with the band setting up in a big circle. The line-up was Dewey Mahood and Nick Bindeman on guitars, Jed Bindeman on drums, Ryan Carlile on tenor sax, Yoni Kifle on bass, and Cameron Stallones on keyboard and trademark flute. After a brief discussion of mood, the six musicians improvised together for 45 minutes continuously. The music is heard as played that evening - no overdubs, and only a few edits to create a four section suite for the LP release. The piece is titled Night Gallery, in homage to the surreal early 1970's TV show produced by Rod Serling of Twilight Zone fame. It was this program that the six musicians fell asleep to, and woke up with, during their five day stay in Austin." LP version includes free download card.
12/26/2005 Ethereal Planes Indian Smoke Signals CD $12.99 Twilight Flight Sound 2nd release from Brian C Smith (Friday Group, Iron Kite, ex-Primordial Undermind). 2nd release from Brian C Smith (Friday Group, Iron Kite, ex-Primordial Undermind). "Just in time for the new year, the second Ethereal Planes Indian release has arrived. Smoke Signals displays a wider pallette of sounds, as well as a larger arsenal of instruments. Vocal/percussive workouts and subdued accoustic rambles swirl, collide, and disperse into moog freakouts, psych guitar jaunts, and other sounds between and beyond. EPI is the solo moniker under which B. C. Smith (The Iron Kite, The Friday Group) plays and records.
1/25/2011 Ettinger, Dylan Botany Bay c24 cassette $6.99 NNA Tapes "This tape plays like the soundtrack you might hear at a night out on a Studio 54-themed dance vessel in the far reaches of the galaxy. Eddie Murphy and Alf are there, buying drinks for some three-breasted siamese twins while you slam your sixth canister of toxic nectar. Pass out on the Bay."
7/14/2007 Eubanks, Bryan / J.P. Jenkins split LP $14.99 Olde English Spelling Bee "Bryan Eubanks (of GOD) delivers a throbbing wall of distressed electronics that is "indeed heavy at intervals but also makes a cognitive transparent treatment" according to the cryptic liner notes. To further quote the liner notes: "... this music is a tool for is is sunk that in a different interpellation than overleving neccasitates." What? For his side, J.P. Jenkins (of Ghosting, Portland Bike Ensemble) layers acoustic guitars in a psychedelic, personal style thats more intuitive and exploratory than technically inclined. His unique approach sidesteps any of the current neo-folk/fingerpicking trends and goes for something more organic and amorphous."
4/18/2012 Evening Fires After the End of the World CDR $8.99 Deep Water "After the live-in-a-barn Holy Ghost Explosion, Evening Fires return to studio HQ and set the controls for the day after tomorrow. It may be overstating things to call After the End of the World a "concept album", but there is a definite focus extending across the disc's four lengthy tracks, resonating with the mood and atmosphere of the title. There's also a pronounced overall shape: While still drawing heavily on improvisational methods, this is the most structured Evening Fires release to date, an unfolding organic (post-organic?) sense of direction that carries through the diversity of styles on hand - techno-kraut walls of synthesizers, winding psych-rock crunch, floating humid ambience, ecstatic freejazz energy music, underwater dreamscapes (w/violin), and other less definable sounds. A soundtrack for the collapse of the old and the dream of new birth. Four tracks, 67 minutes."
1/24/2009 Evening Fires Blue Mountain Water CDR $8.99 Deep Water "Evening Fires' fourth release was originally planned for another label, but when it went belly-up we just had to give the album a rescue via Deep Water. In Fall 2007 a core trio version of the group took the sounds underground (literally - all tracks here were recorded in subterranean settings), exploring collective creation in mostly non-rock formats. The results are decidedly rustic (presented in genuine you-are-there-fi MONO-SONIC sound) and both outward- and inward-bound at the same time. From opiated acoustics to howling electronics to spacious tribal percussion explorations, Blue Mountain Water gives a window onto a spontaneous-shamanism side of the band not usually heard outside of the root cellars and mountain caverns of their northern Appalachian home. Five tracks, 45 minutes.
4/18/2012 Evening Fires Flora and Fauna CDR $8.99 Deep Water "Flora and Fauna, the eleventh album from Evening Fires, takes you on an amble through a warm garden of big buzzy late summer psychedelic rock music. Basic tracks were recorded live to 4-track at the group's Ramblewood branch (plenty of Fender Rhodes, yeah man) and elaborated upon thereafter at the Hoy St. studios, thus combining the improvisational live side of the group - at times here almost, I dunno, groovy or something - with the augmented sonic freakout possibilities of the studio. Flowing, scrappy jams that unfold to the sun in their own joyful organic shapes. Three tracks, 40 minutes."
6/11/2011 Evening Fires Holy Ghost Explosion CDR $8.99 Deep Water "Evening Fires' ninth release was recorded fall 2009 in the hay-filled cathedral ambiance of a big old 1920s barn up in the hills of Central PA (horses present though not audible), and it documents a gtr/bs/drms/synths/violin lineup of the group working out some ceremonial performance themes, laying back and letting the spirit flow: Floating rustic space rock channeled into a sonic revival jamboree - testifying on the power of electricity, praise for the apple trees up on the hill, moments of amplified introspection, and plenty of good old sonic snake handling. And it's all played live to 2-track stereo, for that authentic "field recordings captured by an early-21st Century folklorist searching for lost strains of North Appalachian Psychedelic Rock music" vibe that just can't be found in the domesticated confines of yer modern-type recording studios. Six tracks, 54 minutes."
2/2/2013 Evening Fires Light from on High CDR $8.99 Deep Water "In which Evening Fires see the light, and, through the use of secret backwoods sonic distillation techniques, transmute it into psychedelic musical experiences. The refining process is key: Original recordings were gathered in root cellars, churches, and all-wooden rooms around central PA, then reverently transformed via the magical mystery machines of BW’s migrating studio. The results? Well, you got some sanctified rural acid rock, jubilant space-synth testifying, interplanetary ritual ethno-foraging (Mars bass), and a solid helping of hellfire’n’brimstone. At one point the album’s working title was Stoned on Jesus Love; what more do you need to know?" Five tracks, 54 minutes.
3/14/2014 Evening Fires Live Spirits CDR $8.99 Deep Water "Evening Fires' (lucky) 13th release is their first recorded live in concert, featuring three extended pieces from various times & lineups channeled into a single ideal/typical show. Which might, for instance, start out on a spiritual vibration in electric mountain drone, then take off to some sort of electro-spectral space excursion, and close with a healthy slug of the good old psychedelic barn rock, all arranged for both trance induction possibility and opening-set conciseness. Evening Fires live appearances being about as elusive as sasquatch sightings, this is likely the only way you'd have an opportunity to experience one, were you to be interested in such a thing. Three tracks, 36 minutes, one set."
4/10/2009 Evening Fires New Worlds for Old double CDR $11.99 Deep Water "New Worlds for Old is the fifth Evening Fires release, and easily the most sizeable one yet. Parts were recorded in early 2008, at a time when the group was trying out its m.o. in a more obviously "rock band" format than usual, though with a pretty wide range that takes in everything from apocalyptic acid sludge to elastic folk rock to large-booted klang, along with further permutations that no one is quite sure what to call. But the rock formations cover just part of the sonic landscape, and there's also plenty of room for sun-dappled butterfly folk, Appalachian-Mesopotamian village festivals, an interplanetary prana-powered pipe synthesizer, and various other sorts of world-conjuring. Just eight tracks that stretch out across two sound-filled discs, over two hours of long-form explorations."
1/30/2010 Evening Fires The Book of Wonders CDR $8.99 Deep Water "Evening Fires' previous albums have been something of a challenge to peg stylistically, given all the various species of folk psychedelic noise space drone freeform rock comfortably coexisting out in their fields of sound. The Book of Wonders, the group's seventh release, hardly tries to put up any fences, featuring as it does ceremonial synth destruction (with metal), rural space choogle, acid-etched guitar drone, shamanic tribal drums, and elevated raga extension. But with further organic integration of the elements and added electro-sonic muscle it does carve out some new-style earthworks of monumental intent across their Appalachian landscape. The world is the book, my friends, and the wonders are all around. Pro-pressed CDr; five tracks, 54 minutes."
10/31/2009 Evening Fires Waves In The Air CDR $8.99 Deep Water "Right on schedule, Evening Fires sail back around the ridge, riding an updraft of sonic bliss on the way to bring us their sixth full-length release. Several of the tracks on Waves In the Air took shape in preparation for a live radio show in summer 2008, and it's clear that the group mind at that point was focused on the possibilities of aetheric streaming and aerial transmission. Formed into a four-track suite that unfolds across some 50 minutes, bringing together saxophone raga & guitar psychedelia & the usual clouds of drone, collecting vibrations and beaming them onward, this is the sound of a wide-eyed and windswept headspace. Those whose antennae are similarly attuned are likely to find at least a bit of sympathetic reverberation."
7/16/2006 Evenings Day Terrors cassette $8.99 Fag Tapes "Fresh kalamazoo michigan fucking host / padadice shit. undermining parasttic maggots of wires synthetic horror. but above ground is worse. edition 77."
7/16/2009 Evil A True Untimely Atrocity 10" $13.99 Wishbone "Anyone who remembers the New Zealand bands Constant Pain and 3Ds can find solace in knowing that some of these creeps are now bombing around Scotland and the UK, coming together when touched by the black thumb of Beelzebub in order to blow out overly skuzzed metal puke rock under the aegis of Evil. Evil's first document is a 10", A True Untimely Atrocity (Wishbone Records) and it's pretty damn hellacious. Good to hear Liz Matthews smashing her kit and awesome to once again see artwork by 3Ds' David Mitchell. These tots may have sold their buns to the devil but if that's what it takes, then screw God. Hell is our destiny." - Byron Coley & Thurston Moore, Bull Tongue
4/3/2011 Evil Madness Cafe Cicago LP $29.99 Ultra Eczema "things were different in thailand a few years back, since it's inhabited by the sleazy christophersons or lou de preycks of our time, you can not just enter cocktail bars anymore without showing your ID! the idea is simple and plain though: watching the sunset with purple sunglasses and a fresh strawberry diahreah with ice in your hands while listening to classic german kraut or early kraftmenship from the same country! sliding over the autobahn while dreaming away on the analog waves of throbbing 80's fueled synth blubber! knowing that everything is gonne be alright while putting your icecold hand on her warm wet bibs! this record is the summer hit of 2010, a heroic soundtrack to staring into nothingness! the ideal trigger for a change of times! and especially the absolute tribute to krautrock, early german electronics, and later spin offs of neu, harmonia etc.. the band michael rother should have been in! an absolute "super group" with morthound's BJ NILSEN, classical mad scientist JOHANN JOHANNSSON, roadchief PETUR EYVINDSSON and intense visual artists and STILLUPSTEYPA members HELGI THORSON and SIGTRYGUR BERG SIGMARSSON!! comes in a collaged cover design by denniss tyfusson. limited to 300 copies"
4/20/2008 Ex-Cocaine / Yellow Swans split LP $13.99 Not Not Fun "Two storied USA duo institutions share war stories across twelve miles of raw wax, and the rest of us are lucky enough to eavesdrop. Missoula, Montana's Ex-Cocaine continue roping that weird rambling wind that seems to stir the soul and keep America mellow, and the pair of anthems they jam out here encapsulates the whole breadth of their sea-to-shining-sea cosmosis. Plainsong guitar lassoes around loose-limbed percussion flame-fanning, building and burning till a boss bonfire glows on the horizon, then they close out the side with a ragged and earnest Meat Puppets cover that's become a live staple of late. Real and roamin'. On the B, Yellow Swans channel a supreme slice of psychedelic eulogy that cuts twice as deep with the knowledge that after many a summer (they birthed in 2002-ish) dies the Swan. Pete and Gabe's DYS saga has spanned the decade and their impending non-existence will be lamented all over the world, so the more 11th hour record books they want to stencil with their electric synergies, the better for all of us. R.I.P.eace out. In a stunning "sexy legs" kaleidoscopic masterpiece art jacket by Religious Knife Maya Miller. Half on bleached olive vinyl, half on black. Edition of 600."
11/6/2010 Excavacations Present Heap c40 cassette $6.99 Stunned "I got lost. In thinking about the past I put myself in it. When I came back, I was the only thing holding it together. There's a force in the mind, a river currency that picks up speed as you fall asleep. Where you write whole novels in a matter of minutes only to forget it
all when you're startled awake. 'Present Heap' delves into the mainframe - a guided tour of biological circuitry. It drifts in and out with no specific theme but vagueness. Sounds and phases that almost get remembered before the user is ushered off to another area of the diagram. The album operates from a cool central core, alternating between old memories that won't come back and a familiar calm zone. Snap out of it." - Chad Parsons of Excavacations
11/20/2003 Excepter Ka LP $12.99 Fusetron "Excepter is the new group spearheaded by J F Ryan, former electric tree-branch swinger for the No-Neck Blues Band. Using a mutating system of synchronized electronics engineered to ensure live sequencing, Excepter seeks to carry freestyle composition from the tip of the tongue on down to the ones and zeros. All tracks on this LP were performed and mixed live to stereo. Digital editing was only used to arrange the phantasmagoric second side, a tribute to HP Lovecraft's novella Dreamquest of Unknown Kadath. Excepter also marks the singing debut of dancer/choreographer Caitlin Cook. Guaranteed to make you dream in color."
2/28/2006 Excepter Self Destruction LP $13.99 Fusetron "Self Destruction was recorded in the winter of 2004 and mixed, edited and reprocessed mostly in the winter of 2005. Self Destruction is the first Excepter record to be feature multi-track recording and overdubbing. Self Destruction is also the first Excepter record to prominently feature the polyphonic synthesizer playing of Nathan Corbin. The husband-wife duo of Caitlin Cook and Calder Martin make the final statement on the album as they take sole vocal duties on the last track, 'Your House'."
2/11/2006 Excepter Sunbomber 12" $8.99 5 Rue Christine "Recorded in one hour on a hot afternoon, July 2005, Sunbomber captures Excepter fresh from an expedition to the streams and power lines of the Catskill Mountains, and documents the first time the current four-man lineup had played together. Dedicated to the perpetual forward motion of the fixed-gear cyclist, this EP serves as a launching pad into the visionary plane of the modern-day barnstormer."
6/17/2004 Excepter Vacation / Forget Me LP $12.99 Fusetron "Even though it would be wrong not to consider these protest songs against the back porch policies of certain undisclosed and secure locations, we shouldn’t let THEM come between us. EXCEPTER says, ‘Yeah, well play’ ... freestyle, the crawl, the butterfly, the breast, the rest. ‘How long will you stay?’ Just as expressions and intuitions reflect the oceans unleashed, there is no desert island, dig, just the big, bare teeth of EXCEPTER there, smiling beneath. ‘You forgot something?’ To survive the coming weather, you are going to need to know a sailor, a captain, an engineer, a figurehead, as well as a pirate, so SHOW ... A continuous stream of music split into two sides. Performed and mixed live to stereo. SS EXCEPTER: ‘Were only a world away.’ - Excepter. ‘For the second time in a row now, one of Brooklyns grandest experimental entourages have presented us with a sonic totem whose jaunty and bright packaging belie an almost certain palpable sense of unease. This new twelve-inch is entitled "Vacation", and here Excepter have perhaps crafted a treatise on nothing less than the uncomfortable aspects of having to leave oneshome. Or they may well have been channeling the soundtrack to a particularly bizarre road trip I once went on involving an Indian burial ground, a cross eyed woman Xeroxing chain letters at a supermarket, and an extremely sadistic alligator farm outside of Hot Springs, Arkansas where I witnessed a stuffed Fiji Merman. Unease indeed. But of course, like on any worthy and good vacation, once youve become used to new unsettling sensations like foot blisters and sunburn you realize how sublime the landscape is. And sublimity is what Excepter trades in spades. Side-one positions the moment where you have trouble getting your bearings, trouble putting your surroundings into perspective. The rhythms are all displaced, their center of gravity slackened by synths squiggling all willy-nilly looking for something to latch onto. Side-two, ‘Forget Me,’ is where everything comes into focus -- like a photograph that you can spend some time with to chart your inner progress. This track could be Excepters pop moment, their breezy road trip down the Autobahn (and here the Kraut reference is especially apt). Pistons fired, these beats are allowed to lope carefree into the coming summers new season of discontent. Ex-ceptional." - Michael Klausman; Other Music.
6/5/2005 Exegene Clockwork Insects Have Invaded the End Time C90 $5.99 23 Productions "Epic death drone work outs, from local mystery. I only met him for five minutes once when he handed me these tapes and said 'Here this is for you to put out on 23 if you want.' Alien loner heavy tone bending and texture mangle add up to and hour and a half of massive skull bust. Recommended. Limited edition of 43."
2/21/2009 Exhumed Corpse Crashing CDR $7.99 Morbid Tapes "haunting death music " housed in jewel case w/black and white art - limited to 40 copies
7/29/2004 Exias-J Balance of Chaos CD $15.99 PSF “Thrilling document of seriously wired Japanese improv collective, raising electric ghosts and phantom sonorities live in New York. Exias-J (short for Experimental Improviser's Association of Japan) have been
around since 2000, and this is their second release on PSF. The group express a dedication to bringing the sounds of classic euro free improv into collision with free jazz, minimalism, electronic music, scalp-raising rock improv and a dozen other musical discourses. Balance of Chaos captures the collective, in a number of shifting trio and quintet permutations, live on their first tour of the US in the autumn of 2003. The stated aims of the collective’s Œlectric conception is to disrupt traditional instrumental hierarchies through the application of electro-acoustics. However, that pat explanation gives little sense of the kinetic physicality, knife-edge tensions, and complex structural density embodied in these thrilling performances (though the whooping and hollering audiences were clearly feeling it). If you have any bottomless holes in your
musical history that need filling, these boys and their diachronic spades will more than do the job.” Featuring Hideaki Kondo (guitar with electronics), Takuo Tanikawa (guitar with pc), Shinichiro Kanda (piano, analogue synth), Tetsuy Miyazaki (live electronics, computer), Jun Kawasaki (contrabass),
Naoto Nishizawa (drums, percussion), Nicholas Kent (analogue synth)

EXIAS-J Phenotypes In A Polygon CD $16.99 Bishop Records "Kondo Hideaki (guitar), Nishizawa Naoto (drums & percussion) ,Nakamizo Toshiya (piano), Tanikawa Teruaki (sax), and Ikegami Hideo (contrabass). Absolute free improvisations, which spin the immanent structure, draw the music geometrically."

EXIAS-J Spatial...In Depth CD $16.99 Bishop Records Features Tanikawa Teruaki (sopranino sax, alto sax) and Nishizawa Naoto (drums, percussions). 7 tracks 61 minutes. Recorded 8.3.00 & 12.26.00
10/16/2003 Exkursions, The The Exkursions CD $18.99 Hidden Vision "High-octane power rock trio absolutely blitzes through eight tunes of heavy blues-influenced material in the vein of Hendrix and Cream. No muffled sounds here - the production is top- notch and the guitars shine forth loud and mean, heavily imbrued with 60's psych effects. 'Baby You Lied', a love-gone- bad slow blues rocker sounds like one of those lengthy Derek & the Dominoes tracks and features wild stereo separation that I'm sure made many a hippie smile back then. Dual rhythm guitar and leads gives the band a fuller sound than most trios. Singer/lead guitarist Mike Johnson gives an exceptional performance - he contributed a number of fine solo albums in the 70's but none of them cooks with near the intensity of this baby. 'Third Eye' is a good example - after starting with some bizarre psycho-babble, the piece breaks into a minute-and-a- half electric guitar jam (recalling Stu Heiss' opening solo in Rez Band's 'White Noise'). The intensity doesn't let up until 'Would You Believe', a smooth piece of soft jazz that Mike also included on his Velvet Prince album. This one delivers the mustard." 1970 Christian psych release.
5/14/2007 Expansion Bay Star Obsolescence CD $13.99 Spanish Magic "Expansion Bay is Nathan Thompson, who has been a long standing member of New Zealand based Sandoz Lab Technicians and also been involved in Sleep, EYE and heaps of others. This is his third solo release but the first under the Expansion Bay name. Star Obsolescence is a mind melding disc comprising of three tracks of various processed instruments, laptop, field recordings and samples taken from previous band projects.
11/21/2009 Expensive Shit Powwow With Copper cassette $5.99 Not Not Fun "Wild brain-pillaging from this xxxtremely fried destructo unit from Austin, TX. Beyond in-the-red, in some other color, physical mayhem streaked with patches of junked space rock. In radical double-sided full-color J-card artwork by main man Spencer Longo. Edition of 128."
8/1/2014 Experimental Audio Research All Things Being Equal one sided picture disc LP $21.99 Dekorder "Volume 5 in Dekorder's series of highly limited Hybrid-Vinyl 12" releases to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the label. It comes out simultaneously with Vol. 6 (Excepter) and 7 (Black To Comm). Hybrid-Vinyl is a newly devised combination of a Picture-Disc on one side and a regular vinyl release on the other. The audio will be cut into the black vinyl side to utilise the superior audio quality of classic vinyl (compared to the often weaker sounding picture disc pressings). E.A.R. is Pete Kember aka Sonic Boom. He is one of the founders of legendary UK bands Spacemen 3 and Spectrum and currently works as a highly respected producer for Panda Bear, MGMT and others. While Spacemen 3 and Spectrum were mostly relying on song based structures E.A.R. explores free-form (and long-form) mind-altering drone based compositions. Previous albums came out on a diverse range of labels such as Sympathy For The Record Industry, Big Cat, Atavistic and Mille Plateaux and featured collaborations with Thomas KÃner and Andy Mellwig (Porter Ricks), Kevin Shields (My Bloody Valentine), Kevin Martin (TheBug, King Midas Sound) and Eddie Prevost (AMM). All Things Being Equal is a brand new composition by Pete Kember and it is the first E.A.R. release since 2005's Worn To A Shadow. Highly collectable vinyl-only release (no repress!) on a new format. Cut by Lupo at Calyx Mastering."
1/22/2011 Exploded Star Sad Servant / Misner Space split c50 cassette $6.99 Rotifer Cassettes "side A: A pure, concentrated 25 minute high channeled directly from Artem Bezukladnkov (Heart Museum, Kema). side B: Heavy second winds pick up, soaring vocals ingrained in deep currents. Individually collaged covers on confetti cardstock. Polka dot stickers on black type II tapes.edition of 48."
4/10/2015 Expo 70 July 18, 2004 LP $18.99 Sonic Meditations 10th anniversary of the first recording coming to vinyl. Recorded live, direct to reel-to-reel on July 18, 2004 at Infrasonic Sound Studios in Los Angeles. The first official recording, music performed was purely improvisational. This recording was Justin Wright, Paul Kneeje (Kill Shaman label, Bipolar Bear, German Army) and Bryan Levine (Kill Shaman label). This trio also performed The Smell in Los Angeles shortly after this recording. 180 gram pressing, limited white vinyl in an edition of 200 and 300 on black vinyl.. "A krautrock that is less about propulsion and rhythm and more about texture and ambience, think Ash Ra Tempel, AR & The Machines, Tangerine Dream, Eno, Popol Vuh. Guitars aren't strummed and picked, they are sort of allowed to unwind, long glistening strands of reverberating buzz unfurl and float into the hazy ether. Synthesizers unleash a similarly disembodied sonic vibe, soft clouds of fuzzy whir and distant chordal warmth. Very much the sonic equivalent to drifting down a warm summer stream, on your back, watching the clouds drift by, the trees on the shore shimmer and sway. Or maybe more accurately, floating in the vacuum of space, everything weightless, untethered and drifting lazily through the inky blackness. The light of stars and suns bends and twists, slowly cycling through the visible spectrum, disobeying all laws of physics, wrapping you in a thick swirl of sonic brilliance. This music has to be the work of some immortal group of dronelords, sitting in their multidimensional fortress, atop some mysterious lost mountain, who in their infinite wisdom, allow their dreamlike drones and angelic ambience to fall from the sky and settle over us like a light dusting of snow..." - Aquarius Records
8/1/2014 Expo 70 Virtually From the Unknown CD $16.99 Essence Music Expo '70 is mainly known for being the work of Justin Wright with the occasional contribution of other musicians, primarily dabbling in the realm of drone, krautrock, psychedelic rock and kosmische music. "Virtually From The Unknown" features a trio line-up - thus the subtly modified 'Expo Seventy' nom de guerre - of Wright accompanied by Aaron Osborne and Mike Vera. Born as a true krautrock hypnotist, the music here is by no means a departure from Wright’s beloved trademark. With his cosmic synths and guitar rounded out by Osborne and Vera's bass and drums, the 31 minute epic 'Figures In Black Turn Night Back Into Day' presents a heavier doom-inspired psychedelic journey that slowly builds an inner tangled web of sounds towards a crunching momentum where the rhythm section carves out a wall of mesmerizing rumbling grooves. The man definitely feels comfortable and inspired in experimenting his washes of textures while breaking loose on more free rock-esque guitar playing. 'Closet Full Of Candles'? opens as a huge Sabbath riff to quickly become dismantled by a wash of psychedelic jamming and mystical blown-out guitar shapes - ominous and restrained enough to thankfully not go into the stoner rock pitfall. The closing track, 'Planet Ego, The Astral Return To Yourself', returns to a familiar ambient territory - minimal, spacey electronic sounds with the addition of blooping analog synth soundscapes accompanied by cymbal scrapes and low throbbing drones traveling the galaxy. Recorded live and treated in the studio, the Essence Music edition contains the full, unedited 58 minute set of juggernautic dark psychedelia. A crown jewel in Expo '70's stellar catalog! CD edition strictly limited to 200 copies housed in our sturdy, matte laminated tip-on mini-LP gatefold packaging. Features expanded artwork not available on the sold-out LP edition on Sonic Meditations."
11/3/2012 Expo 70 / Ancient Ocean split LP $17.99 Sound Of Cobra "After the one-sided released some months ago the Missouri based multi-instrumentalist Justin Wright releases for Sound of Cobra a split lp with the new yorker avant rock guitarist Ancient Ocean. Justin Wright / Expo 70 for this 12" keeps his psych drone space attitude mixed with kraut influences. Hanging the guitar at the wall in a corner, he recorded a great moog improv (using OPUS 3 and Realistic): a tranquil ambient soundtrack, dreamy as tangerine dream can be, perfect for a space journey, somewhere else near the stars, far far away from this earth we live on; a warm texture keeps us in vacuum place and no rhythms come to bring us back to the reality. Listening to it, we thought there´s a magic place somewhere and we wanna find it and go there: but now, we just enjoy this 20mins Justin made for us. The other side is for the brooklyn based musician John Bohannon aka ANCIENT OCEAN: hailing from the American South, he has honed a unique style of blissed-out ambient/drone meets americana-rooted psychedelia. The spaceship we were on slowly turns into a submarine and from the outer space we quickly dive into a deep ocean made of guitar loops and samples, listening to it we feel lost in a mix of cold and warm currents and dark shadows swim all around. Nice to be here! The split comes out in 500 copies and it's in collaboration with our friends of NO=FI Recordings and it's released in occasion of their first European tour."
4/22/2009 Expo 70 / I Am Seamonster I Am Seamonster / Expo 70 7" $6.99 Small Doses "Expo 70 offers up an amazing piece of guitar drone while IAS's fuzzed-out drone has an odd sort of pop sensibility bubbling underneath the distortion. Edition of 285 copies on black vinyl packaged in a two-color, silk screened cover."
3/17/2015 Eye The Future Will Be Repeated cassette + download $6.99 Ba Da Bing! "Eye is among the finest of New Zealand’s rich improvisational scene, and The Future Will Be Repeated follows their stunning Winterwork LP of last year. Including Peter Stapleton (The Terminals, The Pin Group, Flies Inside The Sun), Peter Porteous (Empirical), Nathan Thompson (Sandoz Lab Technicians) and Jon Chapman (Double Leopards, Rory Storm and the Invaders), the group incorporates percussion, guitar, piano and electronics into a beautiful melee. These tracks come from three different performances, one notably done at the famed Chicks Hotel in Port Chalmers."
5/24/2014 Eye Winterwork LP $25.99 Nyali Recordings "Eye are a free-rock trio with roots that run deep into the New Zealand underground. Their collective CV includes The Pin Group, Scorched Earth Policy, Victor Dimisich Band, The Terminals, Flies Inside The Sun, Dadamah, Sandoz Lab Technicians, and Sleep to name a few. The Winterwork LP successfully captures an incredible group that has been operating for over 10 years, with five tracks that showcase their blend of ferocious drum pounding free rock and swelling guitars that brood blissfully. Winterwork cements their position as one of the key experimental rock groups operating in New Zealand and beyond, and is destined to be a future NZ classic. 140 gram vinyl limited to 250 copies with liner notes by Bruce Russell (The Dead C)."
4/29/2008 Eye Shaking Kingdom Heavy Glass cassette $6.99 Arbor "Eye Shaking Kingdom is the severely fried, technicolor overdrive duo comprised of Glasgow's Nackt Insecten and Alistair Crosbie. Their sole past release, "With Metal and Swordlight" placed their feedback driven drones in a league of their own, though they have still managed to remain below the crossfuzzed radar. These two tracks can be taken as totally overdriven crushing walls of loops, feedback and keys; but intense listening shows luscious keyboards painting the soundscape with all the colors of the lunar rainbow. Totally dynamic flows and heavy clarity streak across the foggy night sky. In an edition of 80 tapes with art, tape labels, and a poster by JKtapes Peter Friel."
1/30/2010 Eyeballs The Invisible Castle CD $14.99 Blackest Rainbow "Richard Dawson's project that debuted on Blackest Rainbow earlier this year, which was followed by CDRs on Bells Hill, Low Point and Dead Pilot, and another release on Blackest Rainbow, a split cassette with fellow UK droner Gareth Hardwick. The Invisible Castle is far more intense, and in some ways heavier than the previous releases on BR, but retains Dawson's own dark take on the world of psychedelic drone music, and this is a proper drone release, clocking in an hour for the full piece. Limited to 1000 copies in pro-printed wallets."
1/17/2010 Eyes Like Saucers Parmalee, Tribute To A Dog CD $11.99 Ruralfaune / Ikuisuus "Artisan of the indefinable musics, Jeff Knoch (ex-Urdog) explores the gallery of the displaced instruments (harmonium, glockenspiel, Farfisa..) for a tribute with his companion of always, his dog Parmalee. An obsessional trip into space folk drones." Edition of 500 copies.