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11/21/2009 D. Charles Speer & The Helix Distillation LP + download + bonus CD $22.99 Three Lobed Recordings "it is a tremendous understatement to say that it is with grand excitement that three lobed recordings is proud to announce the release of distillation by d. charles speer & the helix. for the last couple of years we have been continually excited by each of the fruits that have resulted from speer/helix collaboration. for our money, last year's after hours album was one of the best released by anyone. distillation only ups the ante from that prior full length by elaborating upon some of the musical themes from the late 2008 "in madagascar" 7". the resulting album presents a tightly focused modern honky tonk quintet more than happy to blur the lines between country, psychedelia and the overall american musical tradition. consisting on this album of d. charles speer (aka dave shuford from the no neck blues band and enos slaughter), hans chew (last seen providing some ripping piano accompaniment on "fishtown flower" from jack rose's the black dirt sessions), marc orleans (enos slaughter, sunburned hand of the man), jason meagher (no neck blues band, coachfingers) and rob gregory (the suntanama), the helix are a seriously experienced and talented crew. distillation was recorded over time between the winter and summer of 2008 at the band's home away from home, meagher's black dirt studios in westtown, new york. margot bianca guests on backing vocals on a few of the album's tracks. the album starts off in monstrously infectious form with the leadoff track, "mason dixon crime" (a downloadable MP3 of which can be found here). the track's propulsive, rolling rhythm, dueling guitars and soaring chorus offer the perfect foil to speer's ever-present baritone vocals. to those new to the band, "mason dixon crime" provides the perfect introduction to speer's captivating narrative gift. he is a singer who is capable of simultaneously spinning a masterful tale using a delivery that leaves the listener feeling like there is something hidden and secret being held just out of sight. other prime examples of this gift are evident throughout "open season" and its soaring climax, the plaintive "time changes things" and the swaggering album-closing "shorty (a bastard cat)." while speer's vocal range is one of the band's calling cards, the helix also features the unique voice of hans chew's blazing piano. while chew aims for the fences throughout the rollicking "hardwood floors", he really gets cut loose (and to spend some time on lead vocal duty) on the seriously jamming "life insurance." one would be remiss to think that the helix is a one (or two) voice affair though - it is a totally solid full ensemble presentation as is evidenced by the jaunty full band workouts presented within both the instrumental "helical" and the rockin', rollin' and beer swillin' "gravedigger." distillation is pressed on 180g rti vinyl and housed within an old-style stoughton gatefold sleeve bearing new artwork from both turner williams and the band. as a bit of a first for three lobed, the album will be accompanied by a download coupon for DRM-free MP3s of the album." These copies of Distillation include a glass-mastered CD (TLR-073) presenting a full, killer live set from the full band recorded on April 25, 2008 at the Turf Club in St. Paul (MN) that is not available separately."
1/22/2011 Dadge, Chris A Bird is a Light Thing c38 cassette $5.99 House of Alchemy "A lynchpin of the improv scene and head of the essential Bug Incision label, Chris Dadge has been pushing drum kits to the edge for years now. While he can often be found playing in numerous duos, trios and other exciting groupings, it is a goddamn treat to hear him in a solo setting. If it makes a sound, I'm sure Dadge has worked it into his set-up. 9 pieces of raw percussion." Edition of 100 copies.
1/1/2008 Dadge, Chris I'd Drive Your Ass Across the World If I Had To CDR $9.99 Bug Incision "crystalline solo percussion (with occasional amplifications) recordings from september 2006. debut solo recordings from bent spoon trio, musk cup, and malleagle percussionist."
6/27/2012 Dadge, Chris Near and Distant Skies CDR $8.99 Bug Incision solo drumset & percussion, with amplification
"In the fall of 2010, Chris Dadge traveled to the Canadian east. Joel Leblanc, a fellow promoter of unusual musical activity, was acquianted with Dadge through their mutual presence in the organization Circuit, a growing network of musician/bookers/space-runners around Canada. Leblanc was able to get his hands on some money to bring out a few players from the organization, Dadge included, and booked a small tour to accompany the main performance at Leblanc's space in Fredericton (the show in question is in part available digitally as Chris Dadge's Vocal Works). It also should be noted that this performance directly preceded the set that would become bim-51. This recording (which, while indexed, runs straight through the set in real-time, capturing a few moments of Re:flux's atmosphere along the way) presents a kind of overview of the various percussive stylings that Dadge has been pursuing over the last few years. There is the junk-oriented textural play seen previously in his work with Midnighties and Bent Spoon Duo, there is the more straightforward kit-based workouts played out on such releases I'd Drive Your Ass Across The World, If I Had To, Tangled Woof of Fact, and Silk Thousand, and also a dash of the more minimal, semi-composed ideas which initally appeared on his cassettes for Holy Cheever Church and House of Alchemy. If this description sounds somewhat insular, devoid of the requisite namechecks and generous comparisons, it's because it's a real personal set, which, if you're famiiliar with the work of this artist, attempts to create its own context. Notes by Benoit Hughes." edition of 54, cdr, color covers in plastic sleeves
1/22/2011 Dadge, Chris Silk Thousand CDR $8.99 Bug Incision "The third solo drumset album from Bug Incision operator Chris Dadge. This album is all business - sharply focused workouts, usually vascillating between a handful of densities, operating in simple, clear structures. The recording was made on an old cassette tape, hence some of the fluffier moments, but the sound of the drums is right up front. Following in the same lineage as his earlier solo albums I'd Drive Your Ass Across The World, If I Had To and Tangled Woof of Fact, the album acts as a time-senstive document to someone's playing at a specific point in time. Six tracks in 31 minutes, recorded at 308 in Calgary, summer 2010. Edition of 60, cdr, color covers in plastic sleeves."
1/1/2008 Dadge, Chris & Rachael Wadham 100 Silk Buttons From the Room Upstairs CDR $9.99 Bug Incision "recorded in vancouver fall 2006. sparkling piano / percussion / violin / junk improvisations with two of western canada's most original improvisors." Limited edition of 150 copies.
2/1/2005 Dadson, Phil Sound Tracks CD $14.99 Atoll "Phil Dadson was a member of the foundation group for Scratch Orchestra in London with Corneluis Cardew, Michael Parsons and others. In 1970, he founded the New Zealand Scratch Orchestra and later founded the percussion group ‘From Scratch’ who have an international reputation for their innovative, energetic and compelling style of music/sound performance owing to their rhythmic invention, experimental instruments (including different sets of tuned and un-tuned percussion) and original methods of percussion playing. He is an intermedia artist/composer whose solo work takes many forms including performances (solo and with ‘From Scratch’), videos, installations, radio works, sound sculptures, compositions, graphic scores, sound stories & his own hand made experimental musical instruments. ‘Sound Tracks’ maps a sequence of solo improvisations on a range of Dadson’s invented instruments, with track titles; Gloop, Peel the Unseen, To a Circular Mirror, Laced Cool, etc; as intriguing and evocative as the names of his instruments; longstring Zitherum (3 metre long zither / drum combination), Gloopdrum (single string & drum-membrane resonator), Nundrum (modified bass-drum resonator with threaded rods & spring-drums), song/stones, overtone-vocals, headrush pedal and ostifans." "This set of solo improvisations could well be sub-titled 'From Scratch to Outer Space': anyone familiar with Dadson's celebrated From Scratch ensemble will be familiar with the general terrain of the sound world here, while the cover etching commemorates a star in the Eridanus constellation named after our most famous experimental composer. Invented instruments abound, with fetching names like Gloopdrum, Numdrum and Zitherum. Understandably less rhythmically focussed than much of his prior work, these pieces encompass overtone singing, and a veritable magic bag of odd sounds which evoke everything from native bird song to battling rubber bands. Top 10 material, then." - Gary Steel. METRO Magazine, NZ. Sept 2004
3/22/2013 Dagmar Bürger Komplex Technopolis CDR $11.99 Phantasma Disques Edition of 75 copies. Debut album. Stream the whole album here: https://soundcloud.com/ppppd/full-album-stream-dagmar-b
12/25/2005 Dale, Jon Rotten Sun CDR EP $7.99 Rhizome "Massed lag accumulation from guitars, cymbals, and hand held fans. Jittery, spooked dronology. Ltd to 50."
4/10/2005 Dale, Jon Son d’Or CDR-EP $7.99 Rhizome "Organs and guitars, playing themselves: minimal interjection from human hands. The distorted splatter of a malfunctioning speaker-box, vibrato drawn from the air, guitars and hand-held fans, amps set to 1. The klang of drumstick on string as guest (and informant) Kynan Lawlor steps into the fray, arms akimbo."
4/10/2005 Dale, Jon / Kynan Lawlor I've got a tiger in my tank CDR $6.99 Fuckin Stoner Records "Look if for some strange reason you have a desire to hear the sound of two blokes mucking about with an electric guitar and drum kit, go no further. If you want to hear the best punk album of the year so far, you have also come to the right place." - Mark Groves, Ujaku. 2002 release - two copies available.

Dame Darcy Will O' The Wisp Octopus / Victrolla Mood Music one sided 7" $2.99 Villa Villakula Etched B-side. Liner Notes: ..This single is further illustrated in Meat Cake #4, a comic book series by Dame Darcy. From 1995. "Long ago released companion piece to stories featured in her MEATCAKE comic-zine." - Spirit Of Orr
5/13/2011 Damon & Naomi False Beats and True Hearts LP $15.99 20/20/20 "In 2011, DAMON & NAOMI celebrate their 25th year as performers together, and nothing displays that celebratory spirit more than False Beats and True Hearts, their first album of new recordings in four years. A record of lush possibility and depth, False Beats and True Hearts fuses the skill of music veterans with the fervor of artists continuing to create at the top of their craft. With the reissue of the first Damon & Naomi record (More Sad Hits), a retrospective of their mid-career highlights (The Sub Pop Years), and, perhaps most notably, rereleases of all three seminal GALAXIE 500 albums, there's been a lot of looking back. It's therefore appropriate that the first song off False Beats and True Hearts is "Walking Backwards," an ode to the joy of nostalgia and warmth of reflection. The song, and indeed, much of the album, is cross-stitched by MICHIO KURIHARA's elegant guitar playing-a thick and resonating psych sound that has been a part of Damon & Naomi's music since their collaboration with the Japanese band GHOST. The album is unexpectedly upbeat and strident; while lyrics portray true introspection, the melodies are ambitious and far-reaching. Naomi's new passion for piano playing circles the album like a starry night, capturing the vitality found in the finest Plastic Ono Band recordings. Like their best material, it's the sincerity and necessity of their expression that is the most striking."
3/17/2015 Damon & Naomi Fortune LP $16.99 20|20|20 "Grey day celebration music for meshed afternoons; eleven strums and songs to savor as you wander till spring. Did Damon & Naomi dream them? Did I? Will you?" - Andy Zax.
People talk about Damon & Naomi as if they're the raw infrastructure that remained after Galaxie 500 fell apart, a steel skeleton stubbornly standing after an earthquake. But when the pair began a new project, they weren't adjusting so much as starting from scratch. By the time they released More Sad Hits, they had grown enough as musicians and songwriters that they didn't need to lean on stark sincerity and reverb-drenched emoting. Instead, they reigned in their sound, favoring acoustic over electric, building more complex and specific textures, and exploring smaller sonic spaces. If Galaxie 500 was ahead of its time, Damon & Naomi are prescient in their own way, firmly rooted in the early '90s but hinting at things to come. The project provided a necessary platform for the pair to focus, hone and build on the groundwork that they laid for themselves, peeling away layers to reveal a shy closeness that Galaxie 500 never could. The pair's latest project, Fortune, is an LP released in tandem with Naomi Yang's video piece of the same name. She refers to the work as "a silent movie," though the visuals are so bound up in the music (and vice versa) that it's more of a long-form music video, a visual poem set to the metronome of a textural score. She conceived of the piece to explore conflicting feelings surrounding her father's recent passing; Yang was suddenly burdened with a massive archive of his artistic work (her father was a photographer), as well as the ongoing aftermath of flawed parenting. Her use of the term "fortune," then, is tinged with sardonicism but also with nostalgia - portraits from the 1940s and '50s painted by protagonist Norman von Holtzendorff's father (also recently deceased, and who also left his archive in Norman's hands) feature prominently. An ongoing tarot card motif ties in another facet of the suddenly slippery term "fortune," using Damon & Naomi's now familiar brand of close, acoustic warmth to explore the past's bearing on the future: "I want to be over / To touch and be gone / Forget this amnesia." Fortune - as a film or an album is itself an expressive portrait, but doesn't adhere to any obvious narrative; rather, it's a comfortable space that the viewer can move in and out of, dreamlike and immersive. The eleven new songs don't require visual accompaniment - Damon & Naomi have constructed the sequence to communicate through sound alone - but at upcoming performances the duo will be presenting them live as a soundtrack to Yang's "silent" film."
3/2/2005 Damon & Naomi The Earth is Blue CD $13.99 202020 "A year in the making, The Earth Is Blue is Damon Krukowski and Naomi Yang's most intimate and accomplished record to date. Delicate harmonies and intricate melodic lines dominate the album's ten tracks, all of which were recorded in the duo's home studio. Michio Kurihara flew in from Japan, where he provides the guitar playing for the genius psych-folk of Ghost, and added another layer of inspiration to the songs. Also contributing are trumpeter Greg Kelley and soprano saxophonist Bhob Rainey of Boston's nmperign. Along with eight original songs, the group beautifully interprets 'While My Guitar Gently Weeps' by George Harrison and 'Araca Azul' by Caetano Veloso. The Earth Is Blue marks the first release on Damon & Naomi's record label, 20/20/20."

Damon & Naomi with Ghost s/t LP $27.99 Drag City 1999-2000 recordings feature Damon Krukowski(acoustic guitar, drums, vocals), Naomi Yang (bass, harmonium, vocals), Masaki Batoh (acoustic guitar), Michio Kurihara (electric guitar), and Kazuo Ogino (keyboards).
1/30/2010 Dan, Nick Love Songs Part 3 CDR $10.99 Black Petal "Nick is the drummer for Siltbreeze guys xNoBBQx.. this is his solo debut, where he plays guitar and sings!"
8/1/2014 Daniels, Ellie Both Sides of the Coin CD $8.99 Time-Lag "new nice-price deluxe cd version of this releases… reissue of this totally unknown new england teenage folk private press from 1971. originally released by the artist herself as a demo only blank cover edition of 100 copies. just out of high school and hoping somebody might pay attention, the lp slipped though the cracks, the chapter closed, and life moved forward on a different course… but the album left behind stands as a true female loner folk gem, of which there aren't many at all… just ellie's humbly intimate vocals & her harp-like self taught finger-picked guitar playing, plus some lovely pastoral flute by a friend on a handful of tracks. the sounds are straight from the tuned-in melancholy teenage mind, reeling from the mind expansion of the 60s, but also the excesses. deeply reflective, poetic & searching lyrics of love / nature / peace playing out in real time against stark reality / longing / loss, and balanced at the very edge of the void. the aching innocence of youth tempered by a biting contempt for all things false… in the liner notes ellie mentions only practicing under a blanket, and there's a up-close, lo-fi, almost voyeuristic realism / fragility here that's quite special. a complex & personal trip that takes some time & attention to fully unfold. once it does, it will be no surprise that ellie went on to build geodesic domes & become a professional midwife, as that same unique spirit is already deeply embedded here… a really wonderful album we're happy to help finally reach some receptive ears… the original had no cover art, so we've kept the packaging suitably stark : packaged in a metallic silver offset printed deep blue art paper cover, with paste-on photo art & booklet insert containing more photos, ellie's original notes from last years vinyl reissue, as well as updated & expanded notes. edition of 500 copies."

Dara Dara LP $9.99 Ecstatic Peace “DARA plays guitar, keyboards, and sings. DARA sang for a band called His Name Is Alive a few years ago. DARA also played in a band called Nunsex (which featured Ron Asheton of Stooges fame on lead guitar). They are now called ‘Laudanum’ sans Asheton. DARA also does a lot of home recording of which this one-sided LP is representative of. True sounds from the underground - spirit, soul and the heat of whispered telepathy. Rock n roll heart. Leaves Lou Reed in the dust.” – T. Moore
9/10/2003 Dare Devil Band Inomusha CD $15.99 PSF "The Dare Devil Band moniker first showed up in the early nineties on a duo album by German sax titan Peter Brotzmann and master drummer Shoji Hano. Hano obviously has a soft spot for the name, as he has resurrected it for this new project ­ a hardcore improvised rock trio, consisting of Hano with Makoto Kawabata and Atsushi Tsuyama from acid-freak commune Acid Mothers Temple. Hano made his name as an intensely physical free drummer who draws upon a multitude of esoteric physical practices to energize his playing. He’s recorded with Peter Brotzmann, Derek Bailey, Werner Ludi, William Parker, Keiji Haino and a host of other leading free improvisers ­ as well as proving his rock credentials on two albums with the legendary High Rise. Inomusha was recorded live earlier this year in Osaka and Kyoto, with the trio locking down into some seriously wired and sprawling rock craziness. Comes in a gorgeous mini-LP style gatefold jacket with English liner notes by Hano. The group will be commemorating this release with three dates in Osaka (Hard Rain), Nagoya (Tokuzo), and Tokyo (Super Deluxe) on September 9th, 10th and 11th."
10/1/2011 Darge, Moniek Sounds of Sacred Places CD $13.99 Kye "New 2011 edition of this cornerstone sound art collection, originally published in 1987 on LP by Igloo. "In most ethnic cultures, sacred places serve an important social function. The qualities, typical of these places, explain to western people the magic magnetism of these "holy grounds". During our international Logos Duo concert tours we have had the opportunity to visit quite a few of these places. Uluru, the "Shadowgiving Mountain" of the Aborigines, better known under its western name of Ayers Rock (Australia), impressed us more than any other. The presence of water and an enormous monolith in the midst of the vast desert plain is given as an explanation for its magical appeal. But to the Aborigines, each little place of the rock contains tracks of their ancestors, the "Dreamtime People", who live in this mountain and speak to them in the sounds of the winds howling through the crevasses and rockholes. Uluru is also the dwelling-place of the "World Serpent", the most powerful totem shared by the surrounding tribes. Sounds of Sacred Places attempts to transform the listener into a living witness of the sounds of similar places, not far away in any specific ethnic culture, but in Flanders". (Moniek Darge, 1987). Sounds of Sacred Places arrives in a high gloss 4-panel digipak with accompanying 16 page booklet of photos and notes. Remastered from the original tapes by Moniek Darge at the Logos Foundation, Gent. Edition of 500."
1/5/2015 Darge, Moniek & Graham Lambkin Indian Soundies CD $14.99 Kye / Penultimate Press "Kye and Penultimate Press are very proud to present a collaborative release from Moniek Darge (Belgium) and Graham Lambkin (UK). "I have always been interested in sounds in general. When reading and teaching about the futurists, I fully agreed that the sound of engines and machines could be as interesting as the sound produced by musical instruments. But not only industrial sounds fascinate me - I also find the sounds of nature very inspiring. What I love to do is make soundscapes, and I try to give an impression of a certain space. I am fascinated by a lot of so-called sacred places in the world, in etnic cultures, but also in our own cities. I try to recall the atmosphere of such a place, the quietness, the subtile sounds, or simply what's happening. I started with places in Ghent, where I live, and little by little - I have always loved to travel - I began to think - hé, it would be nice to do the same thing at different places on earth. So I started to go to different countries with the purpose of making soundscapes. With our Logos Duo, ever since 1980, I was already travelling around the world to give concerts, and thus I already collected sounds from all continents. Lately I've been traveling to India and recording the sounds typical in certain regions. You will hear sounds of traffic, of religious ceremonies, of commercial music, mixed with merchant's voices, nature sounds. I asked my friend Graham Lambkin to join me in the creation of these Indian soundscapes. We had previously performed Tamil Nadu and an early version of Indian Weather Trap together in concert at Issue Project Room, NYC, 2011 alongside our friend Françoise Vanhecke. I further invited Graham to make his own Indian soundscape in his own style, using materials gathered online, to bring our CD to a close. So just sit back quietly and enjoy. Let's all travel together on the wings of sound." - Moniek Darge. Indian Soundies arrives in a deluxe full-color 6 panel digipack, in a limited edition of 400 copies.
9/17/2011 Dark Sea Dream Dark Sea Dream CD $11.99 Prophase Music "After first exposure to Dark Sea Dream's visceral sonic assault in a live setting, the initial reaction one might have is of physical paralysis and the frightening notion that the Virginia quartet's raison d'être is to simply bludgeon the life out of a room, one eardrum at a time. However, once these volume-driven emanations are accepted and realized, they are justified by an overwhelming feeling of vibrancy and color that can only be experienced by complete envelopment of sound. In this regard, the band certainly takes its cues from British shoe-gaze legends My Bloody Valentine and Japanese psych enigmas Les Rallizes Denudes. "My Bloody Valentine's approach to sound in particular is an inspiration to us," says drummer and co-founder, Kifah Foutah. "The rigorous devotion to the sound quality and their ability to create a large, but detailed sonic range is something that we strive for." Fortunately, Dark Sea Dream, which formed in the fall of 2006, shapes their sound from myriad inspirations, elevating them far beyond one-trick-pony status. Most notable is their commitment to constructing a cinematic minds-cape, akin to how Krautrockers Popul Vuh illuminated many of Werner Herzog's films or how Ennio Morricone successfully translated a scene's mood with a simple theme. Foutah, whose thunderous and pummeling percussion previously propelled short-lived VA sludge-doom band VOG, admits, "One thing we value in our music is a sense of mood and atmosphere. That's definitely a priority." Electric guitarist and co-founder Alex Rizzo's heavily amplified string work reflects this well, ranging from hazy, fuzzy washes of drone to strangely concocted, yet utterly memorable and somehow logical bursts of riffage. Fleshing out the sound with astute sympathy are Mike Micale's guitaring, which provides stellar counterpoint to Rizzo's, and Brian Dooley's rock-solid bass work, which importantly grounds the band from its usual soaring frequencies. Although Dark Sea Dream's compositions take you on an inner quest, it is a journey informed by physicality, like a dream that fools you due to its alarming reality. On Dark Sea Dream, the group's full-length debut on Prophase Music, the sprawling epic approach of post-punk and avant-metal pioneers Savage Republic and Neurosis undoubtedly set a precedent for Dark Sea Dream's explorations. However, recent recordings have shown the band wisely and tastefully incorporating new and unpredictable elements into their brain-rattling textures. While always extant, the shimmering, spacey melodicism of early Pink Floyd and the rambling, balls-to-the-wall conviction of Neil Young & Crazy Horse has become more apparent, colliding with the frazzled psychedelic skronk of Japanese freaks like White Heaven, Mainliner and Flower Travelin' Band. Throw in a healthy brown-acid dose of Glenn Branca and Sonic Youth, and you are getting close to the scalding core of this already strongly realized band. No matter how far they travel into the outer realms of this universe, one thing you can be sure of when listening to Dark Sea Dream is that it is not going to be a passive, banal experience. Foutah poignantly states, "Our aim is to make a physical, active sound; one that can affect your body and psyche. Whatever emotions this brings about is irrelevant. We want everyone to have their own unique experience with it, whether it is positive or negative." Despite a quite auspicious debut, Dark Sea Dream plans to avoid musical stasis by fervently forging into unfamiliar auditory territory." "Time to sit bolt upright now with the self-titled debut from Washington DC trio Dark Sea Dream, whose mind-manifesting proto-metal doom-plod trepans my cranium in a highly 'Gnowing' manner, and molto baby - one similar in attitude to, say, those unsignposted, nay, messy epics strewn across Amon Düül 2's Ur-Gothick 2LP DANCE OF THE LEMMINGS or even the same Fenris-straining tumult Asahito Nanjo and Kawabata Makoto's Nihonese hardcases Mainliner if played by Middle Europeans, i.e.: Heavy and pagan, I'm talking here. Heavy, pagan repetitive, minor chord dark, bombastic, stentorian, neo-religious even. Moreover, Dark Sea Dream's perpetual up-to-eleven state - like for example Nazareth's shamelessly fuzz-everything 10-minute-plus epic versh of B. Zimmerman's 'Ballad of Hollis Brown' - allows this band of berserkers to get even a little vocal harmony sweet at times, but it's always a rigorous and 'manly' kind of sweet, you know the way Ralph M. and Billy T. always r-r-r-ring out doowop-perfect and angel-like through the seemingly solid walls of cavernous mung thrown up throughout N. Young's in-concert Crazy Horse material. Hey, and better still this excellent oeuvre arrives contained in a clear plazzy be-Jackson Pollock splatter'd vinyl edition housed within an Uber-glossy gatefold rugged and worthy enough on which to build a seven skinner. Mercy! So those heads among you with an eye for a deal should cyber-scoot over to www.myspace.com/darkseadream, poste haste and tell them the Drude sent ya!" - Julian Cope, Head Heritage
9/17/2011 Dark Sea Dream Dark Sea Dream LP $22.99 Prophase Music "After first exposure to Dark Sea Dream's visceral sonic assault in a live setting, the initial reaction one might have is of physical paralysis and the frightening notion that the Virginia quartet's raison d'être is to simply bludgeon the life out of a room, one eardrum at a time. However, once these volume-driven emanations are accepted and realized, they are justified by an overwhelming feeling of vibrancy and color that can only be experienced by complete envelopment of sound. In this regard, the band certainly takes its cues from British shoe-gaze legends My Bloody Valentine and Japanese psych enigmas Les Rallizes Denudes. "My Bloody Valentine's approach to sound in particular is an inspiration to us," says drummer and co-founder, Kifah Foutah. "The rigorous devotion to the sound quality and their ability to create a large, but detailed sonic range is something that we strive for." Fortunately, Dark Sea Dream, which formed in the fall of 2006, shapes their sound from myriad inspirations, elevating them far beyond one-trick-pony status. Most notable is their commitment to constructing a cinematic minds-cape, akin to how Krautrockers Popul Vuh illuminated many of Werner Herzog's films or how Ennio Morricone successfully translated a scene's mood with a simple theme. Foutah, whose thunderous and pummeling percussion previously propelled short-lived VA sludge-doom band VOG, admits, "One thing we value in our music is a sense of mood and atmosphere. That's definitely a priority." Electric guitarist and co-founder Alex Rizzo's heavily amplified string work reflects this well, ranging from hazy, fuzzy washes of drone to strangely concocted, yet utterly memorable and somehow logical bursts of riffage. Fleshing out the sound with astute sympathy are Mike Micale's guitaring, which provides stellar counterpoint to Rizzo's, and Brian Dooley's rock-solid bass work, which importantly grounds the band from its usual soaring frequencies. Although Dark Sea Dream's compositions take you on an inner quest, it is a journey informed by physicality, like a dream that fools you due to its alarming reality. On Dark Sea Dream, the group's full-length debut on Prophase Music, the sprawling epic approach of post-punk and avant-metal pioneers Savage Republic and Neurosis undoubtedly set a precedent for Dark Sea Dream's explorations. However, recent recordings have shown the band wisely and tastefully incorporating new and unpredictable elements into their brain-rattling textures. While always extant, the shimmering, spacey melodicism of early Pink Floyd and the rambling, balls-to-the-wall conviction of Neil Young & Crazy Horse has become more apparent, colliding with the frazzled psychedelic skronk of Japanese freaks like White Heaven, Mainliner and Flower Travelin' Band. Throw in a healthy brown-acid dose of Glenn Branca and Sonic Youth, and you are getting close to the scalding core of this already strongly realized band. No matter how far they travel into the outer realms of this universe, one thing you can be sure of when listening to Dark Sea Dream is that it is not going to be a passive, banal experience. Foutah poignantly states, "Our aim is to make a physical, active sound; one that can affect your body and psyche. Whatever emotions this brings about is irrelevant. We want everyone to have their own unique experience with it, whether it is positive or negative." Despite a quite auspicious debut, Dark Sea Dream plans to avoid musical stasis by fervently forging into unfamiliar auditory territory." "Time to sit bolt upright now with the self-titled debut from Washington DC trio Dark Sea Dream, whose mind-manifesting proto-metal doom-plod trepans my cranium in a highly 'Gnowing' manner, and molto baby - one similar in attitude to, say, those unsignposted, nay, messy epics strewn across Amon Düül 2's Ur-Gothick 2LP DANCE OF THE LEMMINGS or even the same Fenris-straining tumult Asahito Nanjo and Kawabata Makoto's Nihonese hardcases Mainliner if played by Middle Europeans, i.e.: Heavy and pagan, I'm talking here. Heavy, pagan repetitive, minor chord dark, bombastic, stentorian, neo-religious even. Moreover, Dark Sea Dream's perpetual up-to-eleven state - like for example Nazareth's shamelessly fuzz-everything 10-minute-plus epic versh of B. Zimmerman's 'Ballad of Hollis Brown' - allows this band of berserkers to get even a little vocal harmony sweet at times, but it's always a rigorous and 'manly' kind of sweet, you know the way Ralph M. and Billy T. always r-r-r-ring out doowop-perfect and angel-like through the seemingly solid walls of cavernous mung thrown up throughout N. Young's in-concert Crazy Horse material. Hey, and better still this excellent oeuvre arrives contained in a clear plazzy be-Jackson Pollock splatter'd vinyl edition housed within an Uber-glossy gatefold rugged and worthy enough on which to build a seven skinner. Mercy! So those heads among you with an eye for a deal should cyber-scoot over to www.myspace.com/darkseadream, poste haste and tell them the Drude sent ya!" - Julian Cope, Head Heritage
8/31/2010 Darksmith Total Vacuum CD $9.99 Hanson "CD reissue of quickly sold out debut vinyl from California sound artist Tom Darksmith. Crude musique concrète made using tapes, voice, records, radio, guitar, drums, objects, domestic and field recordings. Assembled on cassette four track 2008-2009. A disturbing collection of sounds...lots of sounds...unknown sounds...I have no clue what is going on on this record....Tom says there is guitar, drums, etc on this...but I don't hear them...what I hear is: The sound of my neighbor weedwacking, the sound of being zipped into a suitcase then shipped via train, ghost voices roaming in sewers, the sound of riding in a helicopter with mid-grade noise reduction earmuffs on, a shitty metal door being locked on a crew of mumbling idiots...and every now and again...a garbage disposal....this is what I hear....no clue what you will hear. A total mystery of perfectly paced organization of dirt sound...not harsh...not mellow...just dirty, weird, and confusing...and to quote the sleevenotes of the first few QUEEN LP's....'No Synthesizers!'.
Recommended for fans of Yeast Culture, Agog, Joe Colley, Graham Lambkin, Jason Lescalleet, Hands To, etc..." Packaged in a black poly jewelcase. Edition of 500 copies.
8/20/2011 Das Amore feat JLK La sveglio del estasi c30 cassette + download $6.99 Los Discos Enfantasmes "Sensual moments characterized by swirling electronic melodies, breaking beats, dub bass and Jlk." Edition of 75, includes download code. C-30 Premium BASF-Emtec Chrome, rodhamine red cassette shell. Taped at home on NAD, Denon and Marantz tape decks, in real time. Professionally printed J-Card with front die-cut.
6/30/2010 Dashpi untitled 7" $7.99 Feeding Tube Records "Yah, yah, yah, yah. Don't give up the ship". These are some seriously weird bedroom reggae jams, made on a dare nearly a decade ago. Pitch-shifted vocals, primitive music and surreal lyrics regarding "the aqua hole" and "the flaming room". The artist, who prefers to remain anonymous, has made a number of amazing archival recordings since this one was laid to tape in the early part of the century, but none of them are as focused as this one here. Beautiful silk screened art on thick paper, folded in four, full color labels and one of the thickest 7"s you've ever held await you."
1/24/2009 Datashock Datashock cassette $6.99 Oms-b "A forever changing line up of German musicians including members of SHIVERS, CONES, TOBERT KNOPP etc. a few tracks from previously recorded (now out of print) CDRs and one previously unreleased track." Edition of 60 copies.
2/25/2008 Datashock & Shivers Vol IV LP $15.99 Textile "Textile Rds presents Datashock a ritualistic "Neo -- Hippie -- Spook -- Folk collective from Germany - the new 12" in our Textile Vinyl Series. There is no constant line-up, as the group is joined by new members every now and then. Their music is defined almost entirely by psychedelic multidimensional live-improvisations stemming from 70ies Kraut-rock influenced by contemporary electronic music and psychotic dronescapes. As a result we find complex layers of sultry muffled vibrations met by heavy waves of electronic sound experiments and strangely disfigured images. Here and there reality-distorting bits of whispers and cut-up voices are woven into the texture of these alien patterns of sound. Every step here is like nervously stumbling through the swampy ground of a jungle. Here every look is like a secret glimpse at a hidden ghost-train world. If, however, you would want to use other bands from past and present as a reference, names like Tangerine Dream or Sunburned might come to mind. Datashock's music has a similarly warm and organic feel to it. Labels like 'spooky Psychedelic-Post-Krautfolk' are at the same time graphic description as well as missing the point altogether. During the band's four-year history one of the highlights has been this year's (2007) release of a live-collaboration picture-LP with Nadja, also known as Aidan Baker and Leah Buckareff. Founding member Pascal Hector is also running Meudiademorte Recs, known for releases of Noise- and Improv-music by artists such as Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth), Sunburned, Vanishing Voice and many others. Ulf Schütte also plays in Aosuke, works as a solo-artist as Shivers and Diamond Lemonade and is running the Tape Tektoniks-label. The collective's newest member is Marcel Türkowsky who besides his work as a solo artist is involved in Cones, UUHUU w/ Andrew Cvar (ex jackie o'motherfucker) , Wooden Veil, Leo Mars and Kinn."
11/2/2008 Datashock / Jettatura split cassette $7.99 Archivo de Sangre de Dios "New split from Saarlouis freewheeling collective Datashock and Brightons Jettatura (featuring members of Polly Shang Kuan Band). Datashock's spaced out clank,clatter and drone bringing sunlight and calm in advance of Jettatura's darkness and confusion. Doom bass,thud,wail and hum amidst ancient ritual chant........Maureen of the band couldn't listen to it on her own in the house....uuuggghh."
4/10/2009 Datashock / Time Life Alle in Einem Bus CD $12.99 Textile "Live documentation of the sonic communion of the German gruselkraut drone collective Datashock and the American space music duo Time Life. (Time Life aka Lucas Nonhorse Crane and Heidi Diehl of the Vanishing Voice / Wooden Wand). This album presents two transatlantic collaborations performed in European cultural capitals during a March 2008 joint tour, mirroring the planned congregation of the old country and the new world. These lightning in a bottle recordings distill the individual psychedelic gestures of each player as they together forge the crypto-mythical group mind. This release is a limited CD with a great a5 (5.8" ? 8.3") cover folder silkscreened by j. kauth. First 200 in a different colour!"
10/1/2002 Dave Dove Paul Duo A CD $10.99 Tempo Kannan Bail "Incredible trombone/bass-triggered synthesizer duo that Muckracker calls ‘unlike any other improv based groups.’ A huge influence on Houston's ‘free’ scene. Ltd. edition of 500, hand-painted covers."
12/24/2005 Davenport Push em Back cassette $6.99 Skullfucking Tapes "Reissue of cdr featuring live muscular drone workout in the cathartic heat of a new England sweatlodge."
12/24/2005 Davenport Rabbit's Foot Propeller CD $12.99 Three Lobed "The extended Davenport family has been producing their unique flavor of free-form and exultant improvisational folk since 2001. Operating out of Madison, Wisconsin, their music has taken on an open joviality that reflects the spirit of their hometown and the natural world that resides just outside its borders. Respectful and observant of all things natural, Davenport has focused on their organic sound over a long string of CDR and cassette releases for a number of different labels. Rabbit's Foot Propeller is simultaneously a natural extension of their prior work and a confident step into a new and different direction. Taken as a whole or as its component tracks, the album is a solid continuation of the Davenport aim to bring light into all dark corners. Rabbit's Foot Propeller is all about the juxtaposition of varying sounds and musical textures against one another. Over the course of the album's thirteen tracks, the listener is presented with numerous playful improvisations, tones generated from various instruments and lilting melodies (both guitar and vocal). Unconventionally captured to tape by the band through the use of a handheld recording device lacking an erase head, the recordings allowed for an infinite amount of overdubs confined only by the fact that it was impossible to simultaneously monitor all of the previously recorded progress. This technique allowed for a high degree of experimentation with results that range from pensive and calm to miniature folk masterpieces."
12/24/2005 Davenport Sun Your Open Mouth cassette $6.99 Skullfucking Tapes "Bare chested barbarians attack the studio with massive one-take hexing. The children of the sun begin to awake, watch out. Reissue of cdr."
12/24/2005 Davenport The Weakest Link Can Pull the Heavy Load out of the Blues and onto the Road cassette $6.99 Skullfucking Tapes "Reissue of cdr featuring two live sets from the beginning of the first Davenport tour. Includes live fantasy soul version of "Country Blues" on the B side. and a deep explorative environmental psyche freakscene on the A side, recorded at the Million Tongues Festival."
12/24/2005 Davenport / Son of Earth split cassette $6.99 Skullfucking Tapes Reissue of cdr featuring Davenport as duo singing hymns to the dead. Son of Earth give dark out of body stillness and shudder. Don't Shudder."
4/16/2007 Davenport Family At the Foot of Zodiac Mountain one-sided cassette $9.99 Meudiademorte Records "One sided 35minutes long jam. their very last jam withmask of the davenport clan on their faces, free-form improvisational folk performed on walpurgis, clay rubys brithday by clay ruby, t endless, woodman, johnny d, billy lee, nico kain, aaron laurant, tyler olson.limited to 230 copies."
6/5/2005 Davenport Family, The Field Tales double CDR $15.99 23 Productions "The Davenport Family jams in the woods, in the barn, on the trail, in the pasture, around the campfire, and before the altar. This two cdr set also features several excerpts from their three hour ritual held in Central Park this past fall. Featuring a few special guest stars and the usual fire that is always smoldering, this collection of moving snap shots is by far the most eclectic offering of Davenport's live improvisations to date. Limited edition of 123."
12/22/2014 Davies, Rhodri An air swept clean of all distance LP $29.99 Alt.Vinyl Edition of 500 180gm lps of which 250 are only available as part of the "pedwar" box. housed in fold out silk screened sleeve with commissioned artwork by jean luc guionnet. "Davies settles obsessively on tumbling phrases, arpeggios and articulate rhythms, turning them over and over, letting them develop only within strict limits, as though this fine, prolific and adventurous musician is freshly discovering a harp that has been there all along." Julian Cowley, Wire Magazine, October 2014
12/22/2014 Davies, Rhodri Pedwar 4xLP Box set + download $124.99 Alt.Vinyl "A sprawling and comprehensive solo career retrospective from 2002 until the present day. featuring fully remastered versions of trem (2002), over shadows (2004) and wound response (2012) as well as the new lp an air swept clean of all distance. all on coloured 180gm vinyl & download housed in hand screenprinted heavy card sleeves with original commissioned artwork by jean luc guionnet. box also includes reproductions and originals of gig and festival flyers and posters from rhodri's career, a risograph printed musical score, a contextualising booklet about the gigs/ festivals included here, and an essay 'rhodri davies: rolling and tumbling' by david toop. all in a heavy custom made card archive box."
5/8/2005 Davis, Greg Gather / Scatter 7" $6.99 Tonschacht "This record was created entirely from a casio sk1 drum machine sample. This sample was then processed in real-time using a custom-built max/msp sound environment. 'Scatter' was created by subtracting (or scattering) these sounds, processing them further and adding silences until I achieved a desired lesser density. 'Gather' was created by adding (or gathering) these sounds, processing them further and overlaying them until i achieved a desired greater density. All of these sounds were then carefully arranged with soundedit16 to create the finished pieces. 'Two Skylines' was created by taking the processed source sample and processing it further with sonicworx powerbundle. Then the waveforms of the left and right channels were rectified in such a way as to resemble two city skylines. These pieces were created between the late winter of 2001 and the early fall of 2002. This record is dedicated to John Cage." - Greg Davis)
5/29/2008 Davis, John The Gold Hooped Nature CD $12.99 Rot Strata "'The Gold Hooped Nature' is the debut long player by California dreamer John Davis. Picking up where his 3" CD-R 'At Home And Afeild' left off, this disc is a scenic set of audio drift that easily zigzags dense passages of analog crunch as well as blank vistas of crystalline tones via guitars, found sounds, contact microphones, tape speed oscillations, field recordings and a small battery of effects. John's study as a Filmmaker & Photographer definitely plays some roll here, with any number of landscapes (real or imagined, inner or outer) being brought to mind. Way less head than heart though, with plenty of these tracks dipped in a romantic glaze that betrays any tendency to over conceptualize drone / ambient / whatever music. It's more wide-eyed sunset, lost west coast stargazing than that. And I suspect the endless Midwest horizons of John's youth are in there as well. Gold & white offset print covers." Edition of 300 copies.
6/27/2009 Davis, John Vines Go Roaming c49 cassette $7.99 Digitalis Limited "This one has been a long-time coming and only i am to blame for the slowness in which it has FINALLY appeared. but patience is a virtue and all that biz, so just be happy its here now because SF-drone king john davis has crafted an absolute doozy. "vines go roaming" features two immense, side-long pieces. davis takes simple ingredients and puts them through god only knows only to have something beautiful and stunning float out the other side. side a features guitar, field recordings and electronics where side b is simply accordian and electronics. it's stripped bare before he makes it whole again. the subtle shifts in tone radiate through the air expanding toward the heavens on a cloud of molasses. this is epic music. edition of 90, pro-dubbed and houses in hand-stamped 'pillow boxes.'"
11/4/2006 Davis, Zac Full of Holes CDR $8.99 Maim & Disfigure Lambsbread dude's solo shit
6/11/2006 Davis, Zac Menstrual Milkshake CDR $9.99 Maim & Disfigure "Solo guitar... theres one part where theres a "hotel california" style riff for a few seconds that sounds real nasty... hear me cough while i play guitar...edition of 40/hand drawn covers"
2/24/2007 Davis, Zac No Vaginas and No Black People (for Hell Hall) CDR $9.99 Maim & Disfigure "When making hell hall disc last summer, homeboy was like "i like your cover art, but no vaginas and no black people on mine"..... i kept to his wishes, but like he said this weekend "i knew the second i uttered that it would come back to haunt me"...... solo guitar recordings, some of the most "song"oriented jams so far, and some more just typical trashy sounding ones..... edition of 60."
3/26/2006 Davolinas Edge of a New Day LP $24.99 Nasoni "First album by Copenhagen based danish power trio. The Davolinas group around foxy female guitar player and singer Lene Kjær Hvillum, along with bass player Torben from Magnified Eye. They take simple guitar riffs, basic heavy bass and powerful drums to create a cool and rockin' mix of songs with elements of stoner, progressive, psychedelic, garage rock. If you ever have enjoyed a Davolinas live performance, you've probably noticed that Lene's voice sounds a bit like Janis Joplin." Edition of 500 copies - 100 on colored vinyl - which these are.
4/5/2010 Daymoon From The Living Tomorrow 3" CDR $4.99 Majmua Music "Sister release to mm 17, You Start Fights by Shitty Listener. What Happens when seven musicians & artists of different backgrounds walk into a room together with the goal of making music happen? In this instance, a 3” ep emerged from the experience, opening a window on the proceedings. Some of the names involved may be familiar to those of you who have made the acquaintance of micro-labels like Majmua Music, but I’m going to venture a guess and state this isn’t what you would expect, which is how it should be." Edition of 75 copies.
8/2/2008 DDAA Action and Japanese Demonstration CD $24.99 Fractal "There were bands like CAN in Germany, NURSE WITH WOUND in UK, THE RESIDENTS in USA, and there were DEFICIT DES ANNEES ANTERIEURES in France. Formed in 1979 by 3 artists from the Beaux-Arts of Caen : Jean-Luc André, Sylvie Martineau-Fée, Jean-Philippe Fée ; DDAA is one of the leader of all the independent, experimental, industrial 80's French scene and also with their highly artistic, peculiar and thoughtful vision which is brilliantly illustrated by their own label ILLUSION PRODUCTION (more than 40 references published). This undoubtedly makes DDAA as one of the most outstanding band of the French underground since the last thirty years ! Behind this radical and utopian group are three self-taught musicians of high creativity with a surprising and rich discography, around thirty titles released under all formats : vinyls LP, singles, 10 inch, tapes, CDs and many compilations (some deleted titles are still very collectable today). From a post-punk/avant-garde/surrealistic music made by improvisations and collages, DDAA created an odd and captivating world, somehow naive but truly emotional. Eternal travellers from the imaginary (into space and time), after they ventured in Africa (1980), in the Maracayace land (2000), in the Russia of the Tsars from the 19th century ("Les Ambulants" 1984) or even with the French poets from the 16th century ("Ronsard" 1988), DDAA goes to Japan with "Action and Japanese Demonstration" in 1982. And they will be well inspired by the land of the rising sun, so it's no surprise to see them, the next year, on the "Paris-Tokyo" compilation and also in the PASCAL COMELADE album "Detail Monochrome" (1984) on the track "Pluie Japonaise". First full-length vinyl album (Illusion Production - IP010) and a cornerstone in their history, "Action and Japanese Demonstration" is considered by many fans as one of the best DDAA's works to date. A fascinating album ! 10 actions and poetic demonstrations like japanese woodblock prints (ukiyo-e), refined and entrancing atmospheres, drew and played by the 3 dadaïsts with synths, vocals, chorus, crazy guitars, percussions, rhythms box, flutes and noises + Bernard C and Marcel Kanche on sax. For a long time unavailable, this album is finally reissued on CD for the first time with 2 unreleased tracks from the same recording session + 18 minutes bonus "Musique et Bruits du Bas Pa-Tât", a collection of 7 rare tracks from 1985 originally released on tape for the very limited Jean-Luc André's comic strip titled "Mutants du Kwantung".This is a dark ethnic report which brings you in the primitive southern China before Jesus-Christ. This CD reissue is an exact reproduction of the vinyl LP, and is packaged like the original in an heavy card sleeve hand fold + 16 pages color booklet with all inserts, texts and unreleased pictures (DDAA live in 1979 !). Remixed and remastered from the master tapes, this gem is now available again after more than 25 years. "Action and Japanese Demonstration" is a pure delight, a kind of improbable meeting between the famous artist JOSEPH BEUYS and the master of the ceremony SEN NO RIKYU. Splendid!"
4/6/2015 de Dionyso, Arrington Lovers and Dragons cassette $13.99 End Of The Alphabet "Oregon-based multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, Arrington de Dionyso, delivers a mind-blowing session of throat-singing, howling horns and thundering drums on "Lovers and Dragons." Former front man of Old Time Relijun and current leader of Malaikat dan Singa, de Dionyso merges a Beefheartian vocal ability with heavy drones and a bizarre musical sensibility developed from his wide musical, world and astral travelling. This is music that channels La Monte Young via a holiday in Surakarta with Fushitsusha."
4/20/2008 de Jesus, Eric Cult Of The Moon zine $7.99 Sloow Tapes "Drawings, photo's and lunar stories by Eric de Jesus. Half black & white, half full-color. Let your moustache grow easy. Bound together by the hand."
12/12/2009 De Kift Krakenhaus LP $14.99 Domino Sound "De Kift's second album, Krankenhaus, originally a 1993 compact disc, is released for the first time ever on vinyl. The music on the album is difficult to describe, there simply aren't the reference points to make it easily classifiable. Thematically, Krankenhaus is a guided tour through the terror and tedium of war and its effects. Musically, it does have guitar, bass, and drums, but there is also a brass section, scrappy and heartfelt, making plenty of appearances throughout, and some woodwinds, an accordion, piano, violin, and hand clapping show up here and there. Imagine a scene from a Berlin cabaret of the 30s as written by the New Deal's Federal Theater Project. But, in, well, Dutch. And using World War authors and poets as lyricists, but seen through the lens of the Dutch squatters movement that De Kift and The Ex came up through. If Hanns Eisler had been a collaborator with The Ex, you'd be close, but still not quite there. De Kift sets their music to the stories and poems of authors Jan Arends, Erich M. Remarque and Wolfgang Borchert and comes up with an album that brings a new beauty to the words and a remarkably original amalgamation. This release comes in a tip-on sleeve with original artwork and is accompanied by a 16-page booklet with lyrics in Dutch, English and German."
5/7/2015 De Paepe, Bart Blood Clot In The Brain c45 cassette $7.99 Sloow Tapes "More magical psychedelic jamming coming from the toverstaf of Bart De Paepe (Sylvester Anfang II, Innercity). The Moe Tucker-style primitive drums, guitars and harmonium are still there in this attempt at classic rock. Recorded during the hazy days when he suffered several blood clots. Artwork by Anne Collet. Edition of 80."
11/1/2014 De Paepe, Bart Rhode c40 cassette $8.99 Sloow Tapes "Big fuzzwah jams by Sylvester Anfang II and Innercity member. Endless guitarsolo's, primitive drums and space harmonium. Keep on keeping on. Edition of 70 copies.
4/4/2011 de Waard, Frans / Howard Stelzer Gravity @ Half Speed / A Sunburned Grotto 7" $6.99 Absurd A - Frans de Waard - Gravity @ Half Speed Featuring [Submitted Soundmaterial] by Howard Stelzer
B - Howard Stelzer - A Sunburned Grotto Featuring [Submitted Soundmaterial] - Frans de Waard
"This release comes in a butterfly-shaped printed paper 'cover' that does not completely cover the record placed in a plastic bag. 'Gravity @ Half Speed' composed with source material from Howard Stelzer, primarily on analogue four track somewhere between 2008 and 2010 at geluidwerkplaats Extrapool, Nijemegen. Thanks to Howard & Nicholas. 'A Sunburned Grotto' composed Summer 2010, using elements from all previous 'Torn Tongue' iterations and Frans' side of this record as source material. Recorded at Intransitive, Cambridge, MA, on a boat in Gloucester Bay, and in my car. Artwork by Cressida. Limited handnumbered edition of 200 copies."
6/27/2009 Dead at 24 Blast Off Motherfucker LP $9.99 Ride The Snake "Dead at 24 blazed a unique and noisy path through the post industrial wasteland of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the 1990's. Standing in opposition to the post Don Cabellero math rock musical environment that prevailed in the city at the time, their performances left audiences scratching their heads in confusion and vacating venues in horror. "Let's get the fuck out of here!" was a common reaction of those who witnessed one of the band's live shows cum spontaneous combustions. No one was prepared for what they were seeing in Dead at 24, and that's because they were being given a glimpse into the future. Dead at 24 were the inadvertent pioneers of what would become a thriving underground "weird punk" scene twelve years later. What makes them truly exceptional, though, is the fact that their songs and style persist as standouts years after their intended relevance. Beneath the saturated mid fi recording, dissonant guitars and wailing synths that are their "sound", there was an attention to crafting off handed hooks and a musical fight for space between players that almost no band before or since has been able to match. Dead at 24 released two cassettes and appeared on a Pittsburgh band compilation 7" during their existence but disbanded before they could release anything of their own on vinyl. In late 2008, two ex Pittsburghers met at a club in Boston and started discussing their favorite local bands of the 90s. The guys shared not only a mutual love for Dead at 24 but also that they had both been listening to the band's "Blast Off, Motherfucker!" cassette regularly over the past twelve years. They decided that this music had to reach a bigger audience and lucky for us all here it is."
2/15/2011 Dead C / Hi God People split LP $24.99 Nervous Jerk "Debut release from new Australian label Nervous Jerk (Formally Art School Dropout records). Amazing split lp by New Zealand free noise legends Dead C and local heroes of surreal theatre, world damage and spaced rock The Hi God People. Dead C provide 2 tracks taken from their ATP show in LA 2002. Starts of with a suprisingly gentle and repetitive rock mantra, ends in punk noise, feedback wall of squall - killer! Hi God supply 3 tracks - a mind blinding mix of sermonic atmosphere, space chug, tribal clunk and glorious plunk. All up a genius paring of 2 of the southern hemispheres finest: Noise, trance, rock, feedback, fun, love and weirdness all wrapped in a stunning silk-screened sleeve by Dylan Mattoral (snawklor, hi god). Local record of the year.... ?" - Synaethesia. "Pairing of northern suburbs conceptual improv performance art collective and New Zealand noise addicts of a 20 year vintage. the Dead C boil down the top-impact sections of their relentless 2002 LA ATP performance to 18 minutes of brutality. Hi God People take ears on a free form sonic adventure. Limited to 500 copies, each come with silk screened artwork by Dylan Martorell thatll have your mind collapsing at first sight of its intricacies." - Missing Link.
2/7/2009 Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words Lost in Reflections LP + 7" $17.99 Release the Bats "As Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words, Gothenburg based composer and sound artist Thomas Ekelund has delved into a time-consuming investigation of the complex, multi-faceted world of solitude and introspective darkness. His pallet is strictly greyscale, but the tones he uses are deeper, more honest and more heartfelt than anything else out there. 'Lost in Reflections' is Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words' fourth main album and his definite masterpiece so far. Here, hurt is transformed into absolute beauty. And here, dampened drones make pop art. This, in the words of Thomas Ekelund himself, is how the album came about: 'Eighteen months ago I was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, a both vile and many-faced disease that inevitably drapes every aspect of life in shadows that range from shades of grey to coal black. It causes a polarity of mind, everything is either or, never in between. It makes you feel isolated and alone even in the most crowded rooms. Slowly this imagined isolation becomes a real isolation. You do not allow anyone inside the carefully constructed walls, built stone by stone by a mind so completely preoccupied with guilt and shame that you in fact become unhuman (sic). An empty shell containing oozing, black bile and nothing else. You become the disease. I never look into mirrors unless it's absolutely necessary. Because I don't see the reflection of man, I see a specter, a phantasm, a distorted human-like figure to which I can't relate. I never look into the eyes of anyone I talk to because I am terrified that they will see the same apparition. I try to achieve invisibility, but in lack of that I hide my true appearance behind meticulously molded masks. Eighteen months ago, 'Lost in Reflections' was already half a year old. Still it deals with the above mentioned disease and some of the aspects of it. Its strange how the mind can be so aware and unaware at the same time. Now it's two years later. And though I in some ways have a better grasp of my ailment I am nowhere near being rid of it. Most of the time I feel suspended, as if I was waiting for some great revelation of thruth, a stroke of magic that will transform me into someone like you. The person you see in the mirror. A human. It has taken me two years to come to terms with this album. It's in many ways my most accessible work to date, but in other ways my most difficult and demanding. I can't listen to it objectively. In fact I have a hard time listening to it at all.' Split release with iDEAL, When Skies Are Grey and Fang Bomb. Edition of 500 copies. Pro-printed sleeves with printed insides and black innersleeves. Heavy weight vinyl."
7/16/2006 Dead Machines Dead End at Olson St. LP $13.99 Ypsilanti Records "New full-length of Ypsi-electronics... Slick fucking cover on this thing...literally...Full color Olson collage-art w/ a slick coating over it...weird as hell.. Clear vinyl, full color labels. Sounds amazing...looks amazing! RULES!" - Hanson
12/25/2005 Dead Machines Futures 10" $11.99 Troubleman Unlimited "Dead Machines is the married duo of John Olsen (Wolf Eyes) and Tova O'Rourke (Wooden Wand and the Vanishing Voice). Together-with the use of handmade electronics, tape manipulation, and blistering volume-they deliver two squirming heaps of drone and moan that is more restrained than Wolf Eyes though less folked-out than Wooden Wand."
9/30/2005 Dead Machines Futures CD $11.99 Troubleman Unlimited "DEAD MACHINES is the duo of JOHN OLSON (WOLF EYES, American Tapes, a million other bands) and TOVA OLSON (ex WOODEN WAND AND THE VANISHING VOICE, also a million other bands). Together--with the use of handmade instruments and electronics, tape manipulation, sax, gong, and loud volume--deliver music by insaniacs for insaniacs." One time pressing of 750 copies.
9/17/2006 Dead Machines Live at Raven Matts cassette $8.99 American Tapes Edition of 50 - out of print.
7/16/2006 Dead Machines Live at Tzompantli LP $12.99 Eclipse The a side was recorded at the first No Fun Festival in March 2004 (Brooklyn) and features a little comedy to start with and then things get heavy...and the second side is the very first VG Kids/Wolf Den Ypsi Street Level throwdown....our set was live on a 6 color shirt screen press and Nate brought a fog machine that blasted out the room and into the parking lot night of the VG complex...near the end you can hear people chucklin cause its absurd..that night was also the first "offical" Sick Llama, and MI debut of Failing Lights...great night....DM had a weird 7 small speaker set up on the heads of the press and spun it slighty for that dead-universe dying electronic creeping blast sound....." Printed covers with the back cover featuring a demented John Olson collage - killer!
7/16/2006 Dead Machines Live Dead CDR $12.99 Maim & Disfigure "Live in columbus early 05, olson on drums and vocals, tovah on drunk junk box/j-tar destroying.... like no dead machines youve heard... imagine the drums from the negative approach 7" being played under some weird synth tape being slowly mangled and eaten with the sound of one bass string being detuned and abused and you're somewhat close to what it sounds like.... one part everything cuts out and both get into some seriously twisted screaming type shit, sounds like they were killing each other up there..... olson in fine mode talking some punk talk.... rumor in town for a while was they had a bunch of LSD in their car on the way to the gig and got pulled over so they had to eat it all, and i hearing this you could believe it.... if youre under 18 we need a letter from your parents to buy this one, lots of anti-cop talk...don't want another "cop killer" on our hands.....edition of 100."
4/16/2007 Dead Machines Live Frying cassette $8.99 American Tapes "Same closet cleaning for the 97 style boxes found this lonely DM live from Inzane Studio rehearsal tape from Jun 10 2003. Dont remember anything about the session, but soundz lurking nonetheless... Color Cover"
12/25/2005 Dead Machines Minister To A Mind Diseased cassette $6.99 Hanson "Hub and wife deliver another assault of fluttering dead electronics... Moving more quickly than most DM releases...Gutted Horrorbleness sketched by psychic sickness. Could be the soundtrack to Harry Harrison's DEATHWORLD if they ever made it into a movie. Sick Sci-Fi horror nastiness!" Edition of 100 copies.
2/21/2009 Dead Machines Plays Invasion of the Body Snatchers one-sided LP $10.99 Arbor "Michigan heavy domestic-electronic couple Dead Machines always create records that confuse and intrigue. They are the forefathers of broken gear / appliance / wind instrument basement jamming and have their niche dug deep. "Invasion" exists on the borders of existence- room ambiance is present, but the sounds are totally alien. Twisting mixer feedback and found sound source into a twisted collage of life outside the "Pod": harsh and awakening, but at times giving way to the trance of the machine lull. Don't fall asleep. In an edition of 450 LPs with full color pro-printed cardboard sleeves with art by John Olson."
11/21/2009 Dead Machines Superstitions of the Sea CDR $9.99 American Tapes "New duo recordings, new raw horrible minimal instruments, recorded in the late evening, together in like minded waves of pulsing and cut up tangles of personal electric machine speak. Lots of short tracks, all strange. IF this was a poem inside the pages of the amazing NOT ONE OF US dark fiction zine from the 80s, a "manuscript" poem would read like this:
Skin Unveiling
like ribbons of a mummy
he scrawls his poems
of an inner self
that still glows
like the light of a lampshade
delaminating page by page
in the lazaretto.......
either that or the illustration to BALD MOUNTAIN DEMON....amazing zine...Color covers, edition of 40."
6/11/2006 Dead Machines The Last Pallbearer cassette $9.99 Heavy Tapes
7/16/2006 Dead Machines The Night Callers LP $15.99 Blossoming Noise "Brand new LP from husband-and-wife duo John (Wolf Eyes) & Tovah Olson (Wooden Wand...) left field horror drone, flutes and garbage electronics. Cover art by John Olson. Limited to 500 hand numbered copies on 140gram pink marbled vinyl." Out of print.
3/20/2007 Dead Machines The Night Terrors Vol. 2 3" CDR $7.99 Chondritic Sound "Second installment in this not-so-nice series of explorations by this husband & wife duo. Starts with cavernous howl and quickly moves into a series of sputtering and chirping tones mixed with split action reverberations. Painted 24 minute cdr, color art & spraypaint on colored paper." Edition of 140 copies.
3/20/2007 Dead Machines The Night Terrors vol. 3 3" CDR $7.99 Chondritic Sound "Third split spunk and reverb junk disc from inzane studios. More churning, thumping tonal grit but mixed throughout with blown-out organ blasts and absolutely decayed ambience. nighttime interruptions. Painted 24 minute cdr, color art & spraypaint on colored paper." Edition of 140 copies.
2/26/2006 Dead Machines untitled 7" $25.99 AA Records One-sided square lathe cut 7" from Nate Young's (Wolf Eyes) AA label. Cool art on the record.
2/11/2006 Dead Machines & Double Leopards Fuck Victoriaville one-sided LP $49.99 American Tapes / Heavy Tapes "This one-side slab of vinyl document the meeting of the Double Leopards and the Dead Machines, two noise spewing heavy weights, at a concert in the great white north. In their previous collaborations the Double Leopards sound has seemed to overpower the sound of their sparring partner. This has left other group in question accenting the Double Leopards unfolding composition instead of influencing it's direction. Upon first listen one may think the Double Leopards collaborative history has repeated itself. The first few minutes of the collaborative jam are undoubtedly the trademark sound of the Double Leopards. Slowly a menacing tone begins to creep in, a green noxious gas seeping under the door of the Double Leopards pulsating haze of moaning bass. This slasher movie creep is undoubtedly and influence of the Dead Machines, who exhibit the utmost patients with their ability to gradually assert their presence in this track. From this introduction, the track is a true collaborations, seeing the two groups join to form a unique sound which can't be pinned to either. An eruption of clattering percussion breaks out, creating a sound whose closest comparison could be the darkest NNCK invocation you could conjure. By the end, it does not even enter the listener's mind that they are listening to collaboration, and one can only hope that more material documenting meetings of these six individuals is made available in the future." (RB) - indieworkshop.com
12/24/2005 Dead Machines / Scientific Explanation of Despair split CDR $15.99
"Limited to 167 copies. The cdr is housed in a hand screened, machine sewn leather pouch designed and painstakingly made by Larry Hernandez. If you have ever gotten some weird tapes or cds with awesome handmade packaging its probably from Larry. Dead Machines is John Olson from Wolf Eyes with his wife Tovah rocking out on home made electronics if you didn't already know."
2/26/2006 Dead Machines / The Haunting Private Live LP $13.99 Gods of Tundra "Red vinyl, edition of 300. One night last winter, Dead Machines and The Haunting performed a gig where the sole audience was the other band (and not cause no one showed up..no one else was invitied). This split LP is a document of this cold night of Distant Sound. Dead Machines began the night with possibly their strangest, most obscure set to date. The two players are Sound and No Sound. More accurately: what I have always thought the sound of a dying machine would be. The Haunting's set is equally as slow. Haze fades in and out. Talk about living rooms and fields and things that are far. Haunting gigs are very few and far inbetween and this happens to be their first. We all felt kinda weird afterwords, but it also totally ruled. Like we all had sex or something. Ewww."
10/12/2004 Dead Machines, The Human Brain Wasting LP $14.99 Ecstatic Peace “Dead Machines is the Ypsilanti lovecore of Tovah O¹Rourke (Wooden Wand & The Vanishing Voice, Golden Calves Money Band) and John Olson (Wolf Eyes, Sweepers, Violent Ramp). Human Brain Wasting Syndrome is two sides of sick-bliss junk machine improv counterplaying a feminized Black Vomit vibe with a gonad butter dish of bohunk. Olson is insane with stapled skull O-rot and Tovah is resplendent in natural delecta-noise. This is ‘fuck the cops’ at the center of the universe. Packaged betwixt cardboard sleeves w/ melting psychosis Olson art. Buried...alive.”
4/23/2015 Dead Meadow Peel Sessions LP $28.99 Cardinal Fuzz "Cardinal Fuzz are proud to announce the European Issue of Dead Meadow - Peel Sessions to coincide with the bands upcoming European Tour. Recorded in 2000, the six-song sessions were the first Peel Sessions that legendary DJ John Peel allowed to be recorded outside of the UK. “At the time we had no money and no tour to head to the UK but John Peel really wanted us on his show,” explains bassist Steven Kille. “He allowed us to record locally and since we were all good friends with Fugazi while living in DC we tracked the songs on reel-to-reel tape at their practice space in Arlington, VA.” Besides the six songs recorded for Peel, this release will also include acoustic versions of “White Worm” and “Golden Cloud,” which were recorded at the same time but in separate sessions. Tracked out during the same period as Howls From the Hills, the new release places a more energetic/live twist on “Drifting Down Streams”, “Dusty Nothing”, and “Breeze Always Blows”."
7/28/2011 Dead Moon Defiance LP $15.99 Mississippi Records "Dead Moon's 3rd LP from '90. Another classic w/ hits such as "Not The Only One", "Crystal Is Falling", "Dagger Moon", "Walking On My Grave", "Johnny's Got A Gun" & "Unknown Passage". Not for the faint of heart. Remastered from the original tapes."
5/5/2015 Dead Moon Live At Satyricon LP $15.99 Voodoo Doughnut "The inaugural release from Voodoo Donuts live archive series, Tales from the Grease Trap. Recorded at Portland's legendary club Satyricon on April 16, 1993, locked in a vault and mixed and mastered 22 years later. Featuring 14 blistering-hot tracks by Dead Moon at the absolute peak of their punk rock powers. Husband-and-wife team Fred and Toody Cole on guitar and bass, respectively. Andrew Loomis on drums. Recorded by Dean Fletcher. Mixed and mastered by Don Fury from the original 8-track recordings." Killer recording - and highly recommended!!
7/28/2011 Dead Moon Unknown Passage LP $15.99 Mississippi Records "Dead Moon's 2nd LP. Great pop ballads sit side by side w/ heavy rock songs. A hit laden record featuring classics such as "Dead Moon Night", "A Miss Of You", "54/40 or Fight", "Time Has Come Today", "Demona", & "On My Own". Originally released in '89, easily one of the top 4 rock records of all time. Remastered from the original tapes."
3/20/2007 Dead Moon Unknown Passage: Dead Moon Story DVD $20.99 Magic Umbrella "This dual layer NTSC dvd includes the 88-minute "theatrical version" of the film and an additional 90 minutes of live performances, interviews, deleted scenes and archival footage. A fascinating documentary glimpse at the lives of these reclusive underground legends. Utterly unpretentious, organically wayward, homespun, and purposeful without being overly sentimental, this film fits its subject perfectly. Documenting the trajectory of the Portland trio Dead Moon (including the prior solo and garage-rock careers of Fred Cole), Unknown Passage is the ultimate punk-rock feel-good flick; there isn't a band that better embodies the sounds and ideals of its genre."
1/30/2010 Dead Peasant Insurance Cleveland Scum Skulls c35 cassette $7.99 Pizza Night "DPI is one of Cleveland's most long standing noise-rock bands. Young Sibling Veterans of Ohio Sludge, Amanda and Wyatt Howland shred guitars in the same no rules exploratory fashion as they have been since the 1995. In fact, Wyatt explained that they didn't even begin "tuning" until 2001 ( which I don't believe they really do at all to this day). Amanda also provides stream of conciousness vocal battering which rounds out the full blasting quartet. The guitar's pair up against walls of electronics from Ryan Kuehn (Dr. Quinn, Hot Air Balloon Ride, Jesus Kills) and Jguy Laughlin's one man blasted free-jazz drum olympiad style. Absolutely head-spinning gunk. This tape features recordings with collaborator, Ben Osborne (Rot Ton Bone, Silver Pearl and Tusco Terror). Pro dubbed. Edition of 60."
8/2/2008 Dead Raven Choir Cask Strength Black Metal double CD $17.99 Supernal Music "Reissue of the Sheath And Knife, Grand Ravishing Extravaganza, Sevenfold Songs Of Death and Sturmfuckinglieder CD-R EPs. Remastered by Weasel Walter. Released in two formats: as a triple LP box set on Weird Forest and as a double CD on Supernal Music. This collects all the black metal recordings of DEAD RAVEN CHOIR from 2001 through 2004. Here's Weird Forest's description: The most insane black metal release ever !!! Three, yes three vinyl lps of the harshest sounding evil, atmospheric off-kilter black metal. Call it black metal folk. The loudest noisest crazy insane sounding blasts of skree with strange folky melodic undertones of banjo, cello, mandolin, and percussions and the most frightening vocals ever dared to be recorded. Many traditional folk songs shrouded in blasts of white noise armageddon. For fans of twisted, unique, raw black metal with a very bent edge. Pray (no, commit ritual sacrifice) to the underworld that your stereo survives! This release compiles the "Sturmfucklinglieder", "Grand Ravishing Extravaganza", "Sevenfold Songs Of Death", and "Sheath And Knife" EPs, all previously released in very small pressings and all long, long gone!" Triple lp box still available, too.
2/11/2004 Dead Raven Choir Goating Shapelessness Theatrical Wolves 3" CDR $8.99 Pseudo Arcana "Goating[...] is sort of controversial in its contents - the first track is a manifesto written by a Futurist poet on the beauty of war, which is bad enough, but it was written in the 1930s in Italy which makes it Fascist. (Even if Mussolini himself would think that manifesto goes entirely too far.) Not anything I agree with, but I couldn't pass it up - I came across it in an old book on international relations and found it fascinatingly creepy and bizarre. The last track is even worse, being a jazzy cover of an early 1900s neoclassical song. It's really normal and melodic and all that. Pretty lousy by either jazz or classical standards - It should frighten avant-garde people, though". - Smolken
2/12/2008 Dead Raven Choir My Firstborn Will Surely Be Blind CD $15.99 Aurora Borealis "D. Smolken's (Wolfmangler, Garlic Yarg) most notorious alias, Dead Raven Choir has built a veritable army of fans through innumerable CD-R and micro label re-leases. Blending everything from folk to noise on top of a solid foundation of double-bass-driven metal, this new release features covers of songs by Townes Van Zandt, Cole Porter, and Richard Thompson. If you can get your mind squarely around that, you've taken the first step toward understanding why Dead Raven Choir's ever-growing legion of fans have remained so loyal."
8/2/2008 Dead Raven Choir Selenoclast Wolves CD $13.99 God is Myth "The final acoustic recordings of DEAD RAVEN CHOIR released by God Is Myth Records on CD and distributed by Cold Spring Records. Some tracks feature instrumental or vocal contributions by Matt Rosin. Each poem by a different poet. The earlier album Lesbian Corpse Wolves (with contributions by Matt Rosin and Emily Salvatierra) is included as bonus tracks. Everything has been remastered by Frederic Arbour (Cyclic Law)." "Though Dead Raven Choir manoeuvres here within the more restrained corners of the BM spectrum, the spirit that pervades ?Selenoclast Wolves? is undeniably black. This long-awaited album from the enigmatic, ethereal conjurer Smolken comprises six brand new odes as well as the entire nine-track ?Lesbian Corpse Wolves? album reworked as a generous bonus. The latter was originally released on CDr in 2003, limited to a mere 30 copies so all 15 tracks hereon will represent a new experience to most listeners. For those who don?t know, the individual behind DRC - Smolken - is a schizoid performer, alternating between raw black metal and avant-garde, neo-folk. 'Selenoclast Wolves' focuses on the latter facet of his muse, with lyrics borrowed from a host of eclectic poets, including pugilist and ear-biter extraordinaire Mike Tyson ('I am Not a Recluse'). You should know already that you are in the realm of the truly bizarre Residing once more in his native Poland after spending some time in Texas, Smolken is one of the underground's most prolific creators. He allegedly recorded about ten albums in the four years leading up to 2004, all of which had the word 'Wolves' included somewhere in the title and most of which were available only on CDr, that mainstay of non-commerciality. DRC also released a triple vinyl retrospective collection of its entire black metal catalogue last year but this vanished quicker than a condom in a whorehouse. Eerier than Mick Jagger's pulling power and creepier than a paedophile's smile, the ghostly rumblings of 'Selenoclast Wolves' are designed to fuck with your mind. Deceptively accessible, this is nonetheless as unique a dosage of extreme dementia as you could wish to encounter. The promotional jargon stresses folk influences and the presence of acoustic guitars, bass fiddle, troll cittern, cello banjo, mandolin and piano (as well as many spoken passages and the overall earthy vibe) backs this up emphatically - but another accurate description of DRC's bewitching output as evidenced here might be Unplugged Black or Acoustic Black. It's (I refer generally to the first six songs) definitely got the cold dirty heart of black metal but without any emphasis on electrics, pounding percussion or aggression, leading to a bizarre mix of pagan tunes, laid-back sensibilities and naked angst. Delightfully understated and carefree, opening shots 'The Silence' and 'January' work subtly at the emotions, setting a surreal tone that magnifies and amplifies the further we venture into the myriad chambers of Smolken's mind. Though the waters are calm, a sense of menace lurks close to the surface - not unlike the movie 'Deliverance' - and there is a foreboding feeling that all is genuinely not well. Closer to Nick Cave than Darkthrone, 'Selenoclast Wolves' possesses a seedy, slimy underbelly that erupts during the disturbing Tyson-inspired rant that ends the first movement of this release. Like Iron Mike in his physical prime, this one will lay you out cold. There's a clear change of tact for the nine bonus tracks, which are even more subdued. With abundant female vocals, some of these songs remind me of PJ Harvey, or Bjork perhaps. Antimatter or The Gathering even... There are also strong hints of William Blake-era Ulver perceptible in both male and female deliveries. As the pace drops close to that of a snail's funeral, a multifaceted volume shows its two faces. That's Smolken for you. Quite the trickster." - Gerald Robinson, Vampire Magazine
4/22/2015 Dead Sea Apes High Evolutionary LP $27.99 Cardinal Fuzz “Here is a band who have slowly released a series of EP’s and albums which have evolved from droned out rock to the tumultuous sound of their last album. They are a band who have never trodden an easy path and have straddled the boundaries between drone, psych and krautrock whilst not shying away from the more heavier elements of
music... ...And that’s how Dead Sea Apes work. They know exactly when to turn the noise up or quieten down when needed. They know how to take their time with get music and they also know when to cut loose. They are simply magnificent at what they do and High Evolutionary can stand tall as one of the most important psych releases of the year. If this is how the band have evolved on this album who knows what they may be capable of in the future. A masterpiece.” (Echoes and Dust)
4/18/2012 Dead Sea Apes Lupus CDR $8.99 Deep Water "Dead Sea Apes are a Manchester, England-based trio with a big, dark sound that incorporates everything from space- to post- in its ambitious instrumental rockscapes. Lupus is the band's first full-length disc, following two e.p.s on the group's own Soul Desert Records. Compared with the muscular mini-epics on those releases, Lupus seems to emanate from a more ghostly dubbed-out post-punk aesthetic. The album took shape in August 2011 as an experiment in improvising on drones and loops, followed by varying amounts of editing and further recording. The immersive outcome ranges from ambient cloud to massive crunch via elliptical extended rhythms and creeping effects, all shot through with a hovering ominous presence. Seven tracks, 57 minutes."
11/3/2012 Dead Skeletons Ord 12" $16.99 Sound Of Cobra "This four tracks ep comes out as a limited tour edition and the music is a complete psychedelic experience for mind and soul. A kaleidoscopic universe is projected as visual stimulus to enter a timeless portal of hypnotic intros and heart racing verse and rhythm. With their Neo-Psychedelia Dead Skeletons are one of the most interesting new rock band and their line up includes also a member of Spaceman 3. Check out one of the tracks extracted from the "ORD" ep: <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FOZwOg4kTb4>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FOZwOg4kTb4.
Dead Skeletons will be on tour around Europe from September, don't miss them too."
8/4/2007 Dead Traveller Outside My Window Vol.1 CDR $7.99 editions_zero "which are the tamest sounds you might have ever heard? at least that was the question a friend was asking in an email totally bored from his daily routine.. don't really know i said... suddenly one day i woke up from a drone coming from the opposite block of flats. in the beginning i thought it must have been jason of 1000+1 tilt visiting his parents who live nearby and found the time to practise a p.s. stamps back set. it turned out to be the workers & machines who were working on a newly built block of flats.. still sleepy, turned on my tape recorder and started recording the drones that were in the air. a couple of days earlier i had found myself wiling to record new sounds to use as background noises for upcoming 'aux' sets so the march of the 25th of march sounded a cool idea. however accidentally i had my sony's tape recorder voice activation system on so the result was more of a crappy cut up bullshit that the march itself... to make things worse while being at mecha/orga's place to cdr transfer the tapes was carrying a cdr too w/ sounds recorded in my olympus w-10 recorder. accidentally in it also were some field recordings done back in 09/05 when we did a couple live sets in skopje. one of them including a short walk i did on one bridge of vardar river under which a mini fest was set, that time 'ps stamps back' playing so you can hear his drones while am walking from to the other side of the bridge. 'hey motherfucker, actually this recording is a ps stamps back as he's playing and you simply recorded him during your walk'... 'naw! its neither ps stamps back nor dead traveller sucker. if there's someone to be asked for possible crappy 'rights' then that one is the bridge and no one else as both we were hosted on it playing & recording...' .. and ends w/ an extract of another walk in a park in my town after our return sometime in mid september 05... probably to those who besides their routine wanna listen to more tame, tedius, crappy phonographies... or kinda like that..."
7/16/2009 Dead Wafer Bionic Lawn Vol. 1 CDR $10.99 High Spirits "Wafey jams alone in the basement. Mostly electronic instrument minupulatuions with some drum machines. Psychedelic."
2/4/2007 Dead Wafer New CDR $9.99 Maim & Disfigure "a bit thicker and more expansive than the 'ass wipe' c20, the new dead wafer has more of the sound of being extremely high in the early AM instead of being completely brain dead and in subtle, barely moving pain.... ltd to 50"
2/4/2007 Dead White Holy Deprivation CDR $8.99 Arbor "Dead White is a one-man dream team comprised of drone maker/dreamscaper, Andy Brack. Whirling loops of sound bounce off of the walls this dude creates with his voice and guitar. Too many muted fire alarms must blare through Andy’s hallway while he is snoozing. Three tracks and just short of forty minutes, this recording splatters the sound canvas with aural landscapes; evoking images of really big bird cages and sacred Tibetan caves. Comes in six color silkscreened fold out posters by Belgian wizard Jelle Crama. Keep (dead) noise alive(in an edition of 130)."
2/4/2007 Deadnotes Deadnotes CDR $13.99 Kindling "Busby/Carchesio/Craig kick out 18 fractured circus tunes and 1 death funk jam with barely a breath taken. Trained in the school of error and coursing with electric energy - instantly hummable miniatures for post-punk moondogs." “Fabulously jerky bursts of jagged guitar, drums and trumpet - imagine if Maher Shalal Hash Baz tried to make mariachi music with only half their band members. Other tracks recall Morricone in miniature. Rough and utterly great - actually, post-punk mariachi ain't a bad idea!” – Gayle Brogan, Melody Bar.
9/17/2009 Deadnotes, The Orange Trumpet LP $13.99 Soft Abuse "The Deadnotes are Eugene Carchesio, Stuart Busby and Leighton Craig, from Brisbane in Queensland, Australia. Armed with an arsenal of trumpet, guitar, drums and casio, the trio make a glorious, semi-spontaneous sort of eccentric pop music that’s drawn comparisons (rightly or wrongly) to the likes of Ennio Morricone, Maher Shalal Hash Baz, The Magic Band, Moondog and even The Minutemen. Since their formation in 2005, the band has written and recorded hundreds of miniature odes to this & that, some of which have seen release in limited CDR editions on Craig’s Kindling imprint. The 30 tracks that comprise Orange Trumpet, the trio's defining statement, are amongst their earliest creations. Trained in the 'school of error,' The Deadnotes’ fractured take on pop form touches upon the sounds of their brethren in Brisbane, from the experimental (The Lost Domain, et al.), to skewed pop (Small World Experience, et al.), to the city’s moody punk past (The Five Minutes, et al.). More accurately, Orange Trumpet plays like a minimalist, mariachi-informed version of Grow-Up’s The Best Thing; it’s brimming with ideas & presented with loose abandon. A jaunty melancholy that echoes Tori Kudo and Tenniscoats, is present throughout, regardless if the boys are shuffling thru haunted dirges, garage-y workouts, or other points in between. Carshesio's classic recordings as DNE are undeniably a touchtone here as well...Orange Trumpet is released in an edition of 400 numbered LP copies with full color jackets." - label.

dEALERS s/t CD $10.99 low orbit "A lofi-improv-psych-drone romp through the world of thc and red wine"
5/16/2010 Deas & Denton Deas & Denton CDR $10.99 Blackest Rainbow "I'm excited to be releasing this debut of thorbbing feedback and riff based destruction from this new duo of Cameron Deas and Adam Denton. This is one long dark 32 minute nightmare with some serious guitar and feedback abuse... I guess this will be pretty unexpected for some of Cam's fans, but its a good insight into the ever changing ventures and willingness to explore sound from this young artist. Professionally manufactured CDRs, limited to 100 copies with cover artwork by Adrianne Neil."
1/22/2011 Deas & Denton Inferno LP $19.99 Present Time Exercises "The new record from Deas & Denton is minimalist piece comprised of manipulated electric guitar feedback. The pair have opted for a novel approach to distributing the heavyweight LP, as they have taken a personal method in pricing and distribution. The label Present Time Exercises is an artist run label, and believes that music should be available to all and at an affordable price, henceforth they will assign no set price to the physical LP, opting for a customer based pricing system where the consumer pays what they deem appropriate with the knowledge of the unit price; at cost. My point in mentioning this goes some way toward my intolerance of the ever rising price of vinyl in the independent music arena. Now I shall return to what is important; the sound. A low tone pulses and rises, twisting ever so slightly through narrow shifts in pitch and density. A wave of sumptuous tone floats over top and then fades as suddenly as it appears. Higher tones arc with angelic lightness, hovering perfectly in a double helix; cutting fuel trails across the din. Bell-like tones toll in frayed dissonance as the swirling respiratory drone thickens like a gathering fog. The piece is a throbbing metallic engine, brimming with a lucid giro of some organic/metallic hybrid. The pitch shifts skyward searing an uncomfortable tone of eardrum splitting quality. A lower throbbing drone tackles the crystal tone shifting the structure into a consumable entity. Various low-ebb pulses then carve an opaque density out of translucent stone. Harsher tones of a rugged quality sing with an abrasive quality, that restlessly erodes the smooth shards left before. There is a sinister feel that agitates, taking the mood somewhere frightening and unsafe. The piece begins to march and tranquillity returns with little in the way of terra firma. The final half of the first side re-enters the metallic realm with a deep Tibetan bowl resonance that is duelled with rasping robot voices. A certain alien lunacy is expelled via airwaves in need of deciphering. The rolling throb of the early passage returns to be joined with impatient square-cut pulses that roll with a techno rhythm. A thousand speakers implode and a hearing aid melts to forge the tumbling pounding techno nightmare that slithers and vomits into a cacophony of metal and membrane. Finally things climax with a demonic snort that quivers with intensity to smash itself into an almost silent grave. Fragile helicopter air-pockets parp in quick succession over a rumbling breath. Various alarms and alternate future dial-up sounds boot-up into a neon Tron-like sequence of sound. Silence interjects and breaks the electric rhythm, only to return to the very beginning. A thousand molten shards rain over membranes of an amplifying quality that tremor in overdrive. a thump, thump, thump pounds a bass-line across a blanket of taught carbon drone. The charged helicopter particles return with spinning metallic discs that slice through to a pounding clarity. Two simple tones then dance in polemic fields, to be met by a median from a reverberating thorax of inhuman nature. By halfway the parping air-pockets return at speeds yet unheard. They move in flatulent crevasses the droning spine of twisted tone. Elastic bass is pulled into view like plasticine between fingers, only to vanish as increasingly subtle sounds interfere with the perpetual core. Finally the restless onslaught is replaced, though this time by an organic tone in the form of inebriated crickets; chirping and thumping in broken constancy. Sudden eruptions of sound force their way over and through the various drones like flowers unfolding at infinite speeds. Silence is then introduced only to be shredded by a rotorised aluminium blades. These are doubled with exquisitely pitched crystalline tones that pulse in unison. Sudden mashed beat stomps a great hole through cast plates of cooling metal to fall a sudden silence winched into nothing. This is a great record that manages to create a living state of substance on a sonic level. It sounds as one might have expected Growing to have sounded if they had left the crowd pleasing loops and focused on the effervescent experiments that they gathered up until Vision Swim. Comparisons can be made with Eleh, Eliane Radigue and Morton Subotnick; so if that's your bag then you are in for a treat." - Peter Taylor, Foxy Digitalis 9/10
4/10/2010 Deas, Cam Blind Chance LP $20.99 Blackest Rainbow "Fantastic new LP from Cam Deas, which was issued in a tiny run CDR for his recent euro tour with Jack Allett earlier this year. This is a slightly different release from the previous LP and split LP with Spoono, essentially this one long improvised acoustic freak-out. Loose frequent and infrequent twangs to pure whirlwinds of aggressive string assaults and finger shredding plucking. This still retains Cam's signature traditional playing somehow, especially the more intense heavier moments. A solid recording. Limited to 500 copies on heavyweight vinyl in pro-printed fold over covers with photography by Cam and printed labels. Pressed at the superb Record Industry in the Netherlands."
10/20/2011 Deas, Cam & Jack Allett Outgrowing The Wretched Cradle LP $21.99 Blackest Rainbow "A wild new collaboration from long time touring partners and Blackest Rainbow buddies Deas & Allett. The record comprises of two side long pieces both with the same approach in terms of playing; Deas plays guitar pulling together his classical sound and his stunning recent experimental approach from his Quadtych releases while Allett does live manipulations, taking advantage of his long experience as one half of Towering Breaker. Deas and Allett seem to consistently push there work to new levels and sounds, and once again with this record, they do just that, two sounds colliding making something between experimental guitar music, electronica and something on the very fringe of the avant garde. Limited to 300 copies in stunning sleeves."
4/10/2009 Deas, Cam / Spoono split LP $17.99 Blackest Rainbow "Limited edition tour LP for their upcoming joint tour across Europe. One side for each of these amazing UK guitarists. Cam has two tracks, one beautiful long guitar piece followed by an insane electronics track, that sounds almost like Autechre's more weird static work. Spoono is Jack Allett who is also half of Towering Breaker. His side consists of three incredible tracks that will no doubt prick up the ears of fans of Jack Rose. Limited to 350."
2/4/2007 Death Chants Valley of Light CDR $10.99 Cauliflower Dreams "this disc will send you to the moon and back. 2 loooong tracks that sing about the deepest river on earth, your mind." Maryanne Amacher plays piano on the first track.
7/14/2007 Deathroes Final Expense LP $15.99 No Fun Productions "Deathroes is Gerritt and Sixes. Total Auditory destruction by these west coast veterans debut collaboration LP. Dark psychedelic drone, walls of sounds, electronic impossibility. Tectonic plates shift and rain of lava annihilates ones own soul along with everyone else's. Enligthment and new death-born feelings combined with hallucinations so sharp and vivid that they lead to the disintegration of all senses. Salvation, elation, Truth?-no, only the final expense! Split Release with Misanthropic Agenda. Limited to 500 copies."
4/27/2015 Debt Of Nature Salt Meadows c30 cassette $6.99 Lal Lal Lal "My trip to California got me in touch with Jim Goodall, who I already knew as one of the Lal Lal Lal's best customers. I got to know that this amazing gentleman was not only a passionate surfer, but had been playing drums and electronics in Whitehouse, The Platters and Flying Burrito Bros among endless list of other groups. He handed me some tapes on his label, including his solo tapes and Debt of Nature's "San Salvador Day". I didn't know what to expect, and that tape blew my mind. It was the most enchanting piece of music I had heard for a while. I was extremely happy when they agreed on my suggestion to release a new tape on Lal Lal Lal. Later I realized that Debt of Nature was one of the groups in the awesome L.A.F.M.S. collective. It started as Brad Laner's (Electric Company, Savage Republic, Steaming Coils, Fourwaycross etc. Brad and Jim were also founding members of Medicine!) solo project, but soon expanded into a larger noise orchestra. (Harbinger released a great LP of some archival recordings from the 80's a couple of years ago.) Salt Meadows presents new recordings by the power duo Laner/Goodall. Compared to the 80's recordings, the material is more mellow although as free and full of surprises. It's incredibly beautiful, surreal, organic and psychedelic sound collage. C30 comes inside silk screened covers, in edition of 70."

Decaer Pinga Green Conclussion CDR $12.99 U-Sound “Dora Doll & Dylan Nyoukis start this volume off with a fine round of Scottish ping-pong or maybe just Pong in the Stereo Scope. Layers of magnetic refuse slide in once and awhile reminded you to dub this fucker to tape when you're through. Next we move into the kitchen rattlesnake dishes and some queer boys enjoying each other. This amazing audio collage has sneaky sound imbedded within. Live excerpts, guests like Rat Bastard, Jeff Fuccillo, Neil Campbell, and sharp-witted humor. Some of which may have to be decoded by prolonged exposure. Essential so step on up!”
3/26/2006 Decaer Pinga Plate Of Failure CDR $9.99 Chocolate Monk "2 tracks. 1 is a high orbit clutter mong out with DP joined by Sticky Foster, the whole touchy/feely racket is mixed into putrid mindloaf by one Bad Ronald. Track 2 is a twilight gurner, lubricated sound collage with guests voices (including Hitomi Arimoto broadcasting truth!)."
3/26/2006 Decaer Pinga The Brown Mouth Downer CDR $9.99 Chocolate Monk "DP 5tet of Dylan Nyoukis & Dora Doll with Karen Constance (smack music 7), Rhian Thompson (ckdh) and Drew Demeter (withdrawal method) recorded in Edinburgh in 2004. A snippet from a sweaty ear rot session rescued from Demeter's erase button finger."
9/29/2003 Decaer Pinga / Monotract split 7" $4.99 Gameboy "When the junk noise of crank sturgeon manages to collide with noise-rocking of a load records band, it's pretty hard to do any wrong. for the unknowing, that is just a description, not what monotract actually is. whatever that may be is still unknown. one known thing is their side of this split was recorded live in japan and it is awesome. decaer's side is a little slower and more psychedelic than the other releases I have of their's. doesn't sound out of place compared to any of them though. another fine british export. this is co-released with breathmint and take me to my car records. i have no idea what they are doing with them, but all gameboy copies are officially photocopied on yellow paper. limited to 300. here's to hoping monotract gets signed to load and invites sturgeon to be their fourth member…"
8/30/2009 Deceh Deceh LP $20.99 Important "Limited edition of 400. Handmade letterpressed covers. Deceh is a fine drone quartet utilizing traditional ethnic drone instruments as well as vintage analog synthesizers. This record was recorded on a centered room microphone as the group sat in a perfect square around it. This method of recording perfectly captured the focused intimacy of the moment, complete with the crackling bellows of an ancient harmonium. Bringing strict discipline, control and patience, they're able to achieve densely transcendental focus in their work. Imagine taking three notes from Terry Riley and stretching them out into pulsating 20 minute sublime pieces. An obvious reference point might be the Yoshi Wada Earth Drones reissues but somehow even more transcendent. Fine drone. Acoustic & analogue. Deceh."
5/13/2011 Decimus 2 LP $22.99 PLANAM "PLANAM presents you the new Pat Murano solo project of abrasive atmospheric aggressions. Founding member of No Neck Blues Band, Pat Murano also established the K Salvatore highly enigmatic duo in the mid 1990s together with Jason Meagher (also of NNCK fame and more recently head of the Black Dirt Studios) as well as the black Malkuth beast. Decimus has existed as an entity for some years, privately kept secret in the abyss of New York darkest creation. Available now in very limited quantities, "Decimus 2" is the first chapter of the Decimus sodality.
With reluctance, we are driven into the desert
rent from the sweet succor of slavery
Under Malkuth we feed the senses
failing to satiate the unsatiable
For Shimon bar Yochai
Synthetic meditations on the zodiac as envisioned by Decimus Magnus Ausonius (310-395).
First in a series of twelve Decimus LPs.
Silkscreened edition of 250 LPs released by PLANAM. Single lp - not a double.
"Multis terribilis timeto multos"
3/11/2012 Decimus Decimus 4 LP $16.99 PLANAM Edition limited to 250 copies. "PLANAM presents you the new Pat Murano solo project of abrasive atmospheric aggressions. Founding member of No Neck Blues Band, Pat Murano also established the K Salvatore highly enigmatic duo in the mid 1990s together with Jason Meagher (also of NNCK fame and more recently head of the Black Dirt Studios) as well as the black Malkuth beast. Decimus has existed as an entity for some years, privately kept secret in the abyss of New York darkest creation. Available now in
very limited quantities, "Decimus 4" is the sixth chapter of the Decimus sodality, half way through the complete endurance.
And lo, at the cusp of the portal
Infinity eclipses the senses
The golden calf was gilded here
Synthetic meditations on the zodiac as envisioned by Decimus
Magnus Ausonius (310-395).
Sixth in a series of twelve Decimus LPs.
Silkscreened edition of 250 LPs released by PLANAM.
"Multis terribilis timeto multos"
4/12/2012 Decimus Decimus 9 LP $19.99 Holidays Records "Seventh in a on-going series of twelve electronic meditations on the zodiac of Decimus Magnus Ausonius (310-395) as played by Pat Murano of No Neck Blues Band, K Salvatore, Malkuth and Key of Shame. This one is for sure the creepiest and most disturbing chapter of the series so far, with swathes of electronics melting with the highest tones of misterious lullabies from somewhere far away, keeping the listeners ear firmly at ground level. Edition of 300 on black vinyl, with hand-stamped covers."
9/11/2012 Decimus / Hobo Sonn split LP $15.99 Kelippah "In an era where compositional abstract music has been co-opted by studious arrangers obsessed with process, where forbearers have been kidnapped by pop stars, and where the noiseniks have all turned to techno beats, this split lp by Decimus (Pat Murano) and Hobo Sonn (Ian Murphy) presents a triumphant return to the frayed and dangerous inner world of outsider sound exploration and reproduction. Both artists have crafted individual soundscapes that reek of the cinematic, while eschewing both pastiche and canonized musical reference points to create a unique inverted cosmos. Presented over two sides of vinyl each suite of music almost perfectly mirrors the other. Where Deciumus uses synthetic devices to create warped, nightmarish representations of organic, everyday sounds (creaky floorboards, a heartbeat, rats squeaking, camera shutters clicking, a taunting feral animal cry), Hobo Sonn places field recordings of actual sounds (foot falls, birds, insects, automobiles) in a dark and drifting world that feels very much like a waking bad dream. If the Decimus side feels like a descent into the end of ones days, then perhaps Hobo Sonn's side is the reality we face once we cross over. Or perhaps it is the other way around. There is not a payoff to be found within these vibrating grooves, instead you are invited from the opening seconds of each side to be a part of a parallel world, one that perhaps lives right around the next darkened corner, or at the periphery of your eyesight. Like real life, the peaks happen subtly, when you are not paying attention, and leave you in a different place than you were when you started. Another deeply personal release from the Kellipah label." - Jason Meagher. Limited to 300 lps. Jackets silk-screened by Phil Franklin and Christine Shields at Bright Spot Ink.
11/25/2010 Deeep, The Life Light cassette $5.99 Not Not Fun "June in Toronto is a beautiful thing so we might be biased but our one night there centered around a verdant open-air courtyard and a mesmerizing dusk-lit live performance by local beat/vocables duo The Deeep and it was obvious we had to hear more. And this is that, Life Light, the band's debut release, starring six spellbound permutations of their synth-art choral chemistry. Soak the glow. The album dissolves from communal bass-loop/drum machine chant templates like "Mudd" into desolate cinematic ghost-choirs ("Abyssal Plain Pt. 1 & 2") then spirals back into weirdo rubberized synthesizer sculptures ("Dream") and closes with the 90s-vibed silk-groove chill-out single, "Slow Coaster." The dynamic of Isla Craig's flowing crushed velvet vocals and Wolfgang Nessel's electric drift/rhythm methods is given ample room to slink, soar, and slow-dive, and the motion is magic. Pro-dubbed gold metallic tapes in cases with pointillist-squid art by Victoria Cheong. Edition of 150."
11/1/2014 Deep Freeze Mice, The Best Of 1979-88 LP $14.99 Night People "The Deep Freeze Mice where an English post punk/weirdo, pop/DIY band from Leicester; they released ten albums between 1979 and 1989 on their own labels Mole Embalming and the still running Cordelia Records. The band also gained a bit of post existence notice by their inclusion on the Nurse With Wound list and through the Messthetics compilation series. The original lineup consisted of guitarist/vocalist Alan Jenkins, bassist Mick Bunnage (of the Statics), keyboardist Sherree Lawrence, and drummer Graham Summers (also of the Statics) which remained intact until the release of the band's third record, The Gates of Lunch. After the departure of Summers and the acquisition of replacement Pete Gregory, the lineup remained until their breakup in 1989. Leader Jenkins (who was also involved with the Chrysanthemums and Ruth's Refrigerator during the existence of Deep Freeze Mice) continued afterwards in the Creams and the Thurston Lava Tube while maintaining Cordelia Records. In origin, the Deep Freeze Mice started out in the informal, confidently scrappy mindset of the post punk era creating often upbeat goofy songs speaking to political topics, surrealist imagery, and science fiction. The most interesting thing about the band's sound was a distinct approach to a kind of British classic rock sensibility with subtle flourishes of psychedelic ambiance which, when combined with their punky way of doing things, created a unique approach falling someplace between the ramshackle pop sound of The Television Personalities and Bowie style weirdoisms. This LP serves as a new release, a collection of the best of the Deep Freeze Mice. It was compiled by guitarist/vocalist Alan Jenkins. Original Deep Freeze vinyl fetches high collector prices and we felt like a collection was necessary to re-introduce a long overlooked band whose material spanned many albums in such a diverse way. We hope you enjoy and appreciate The Deep Freeze Mice as much as we do and that this compilation provides a starting point to then look back into the band's deep catalog."
2/28/2006 Deepkiss 720 Assembled by… CDR $8.99 Curor Recordings "Jason Williams (aka Deepkiss 720) is one of UK noise music’s best-kept secrets. By his own admission, he tries not to record or play live, 'but things happen.' His recent discography includes a sold-out picture-disc LP for Harbinger Sound, but Curor can boast his debut release, the 'Arse Decks Barry White w/ Sludgehammer' cassette from way back in 1997. (Look out for a limited reissue soon.) We’re pretty chuffed to welcome him back to the label. 'Assembled by...' is typically eclectic and terminally unclassifiable: a single 54-minute track of genre-bending plunderphonics, noise guitar jam and general sonic mayhem. High point for us are the two live sets with operatic soprano Madam Velia, recorded at Brighton’s Start Gallery, which push the levels of distortion on Jessica Rylan and Josh Hydeman's 'Thrasher/Princess' cassette even further into the red. (What do they teach them at opera school these days?) Shamefully we weren't there, but we understand that most gallery-goers preferred to experience proceedings from a safe distance on the other side of the window. CD-R comes in a white-tray slimline jewelcase that sets off Jase’s garish artwork a treat. Deepkiss 720 will be embarking on a US tour this spring with Putrefier, Smell & Quim and Onomatopoeia."
10/9/2003 Del Der Lehnstuhl Sagt Alles CDR $12.99 Pseudo Arcana "A re-release of the limited edition LP on Ohm, ‘Der Lehnstuhl Sagt Alles’ features 3 epic live tracks from Norway’s Del. Drums, guitars, and electronics create an edgy and exciting racket that is up towards the ecstatic end of the ‘free’ drone-rock spectrum."
1/17/2010 Del Grim Ace c30 cassette $9.99 Gold Soundz "A live recording streched over 2 sides from Lasse Marhaug & cohorts, no rest for the wicked here.. Sprawling, octane-fueled sludgy noiserock and there's no room for air.. A relentless attack on the senses, I have rarely heard them as full-on as this. Punk rock like nothing else, this recording from 2006 blackens all frequencies and leaves no room for thought, not that you need any either... File alongside Hototogisu, Skullflower and dictaphone tapes of Sunn O)) at double speed...Edition of 50 copies in standard cassette cases."
11/1/2014 DEL / Kobi split 10" $15.99 Killer Records "Both DEL and Kobi are here showcasing their most psychedelic droney stuff on this first 10 inch by Killer records. Released to coincide with their joint tour of Norway, this 200 ex limited edition sports a beautiful silk-screened cover shamelessly lifted from the Norwegian silent film The Bride of Hardanger (which in turn was shamelessly inspired from the famous painting with the same name). DEL are here Kjell R. Jenssen on percussion, Lasse Marhaug on fiddeling, Per Gisle Galåen and Fredrik Ness Sevendal as guitar-slaves doing the sidelong track "One Foot Left", while Kobi consists of Kai Mikalsen, Martin Powell, Petter Flaten Eilertsen, Mats Monstad and Fredrik Ness Sevendal doing the aptly titled "This Electronic Checklist is the Modern Successor"."
8/9/2003 Dellaria, Sam / Adam Sonderberg Fold Your Arms and the World Will Stop CD $9.99 Absurd "Fold Your Arms and the World Will Stop sounds, as its title suggest, like a bizarre game scored by Sam Dellaria and Adam Sonderberg and is their third encounter (personally in consider it as their most intense) since their 'signal hill' debut back in 1998 and 2000's '64 Squares' (both were issued on Sonderberg's Longbox Recordings - scored & assembled out of various recordings the duo extensively did within late 2002 the stunning result is giving you the feeling that slowly folding arms move like the soundscapes presented on this cdr, intense ambiences that slowly vary in mood & lower while listening in density & intensity to stop while arms have folded. A really frenetic trip through Dellaria's & Sonderberg's visionary world. Limited edition of 141 copies.
11/2/2008 Deluxx Zwanolski CDR $7.99 Blueberry Honey "Over an hour of recordings from 1993, the earliest moments of this astounding Boston duo featuring MARK PERRETTA (Subskin Cables) and Bob Fay (Sebadoh). This record brings up fond memories of everything from MONTEZUMA BABY DUCK to the massively predictive and overlooked GOLDEN AXES II album. And perhaps there could be some influence of these two masterpieces on ZWALNOSKI if not for the fact that IT WAS RECORDED THREE YEARS EARLIER!! This CDR serves as evidence of just how deep the waters of the early 1990s greater BOSTON ran. Catch the virus you already been sucking on."
4/22/2009 Demons Frozen Fog CD $9.99 AA Records "In the winter of 2005 Steve Kenney (Isis and the Werewolves, Pterodactyls) and myself (Nate Young - Wolf Eyes) began Demons. Steve rescued his Pro One from New Orleans Katrina aftermath. The synthesizer was moldy, had a bad power cord and a horrible buzz (I broke it after our first gig). I played various homemade electronic devices, rewired radios, feedback, etc. Later that week I bought a Pro One as well. Mine had no working keyboard and, of course, a horrible buzz (a grounding issue). What we found ourselves doing was not so much making music with the Pro One but rather just turning them on and listening to the synthesizer play itself. I recorded our sessions and we called it Demons. Our synthesizers are still some what broke." CD version of sold out lp.
11/21/2009 Demons Untitled 8" lathe $20.99 Alt.Vinyl "2 cuts from the unreleased soundtrack to some colour-saturated 70's Italian horror movie. Extended Ligeti-esque tones and sparse pulses of electric breath. Think Life Destroyer meets Hatred." 8" clear square uncut peter king lathe, limited to 100 copies only!
3/20/2007 Demoon Skirt Fag Tapes Style cassette $8.99 Fag Tapes "J. Coorz Olson with something melted in his silverware trap rat brain. recorded through a refrigerator and toster oven. amazing sounds! edition 77."
1/24/2009 Dendoshi Dendoshi 2 LP $22.99 PLANAM "Dendoshi is Keith Connolly (No Neck Blues Band), Raymond Dijkstra (Asra), Dave Nuss (No Neck Blues Band) and Timo Van Luyk (Af Ursin, In Camera). Dendoshi: 'he who comes to propagate the ceremony' or 'missionary' (Japanese). There had actually been a previous incarnation of Dendoshi (hence Dendoshi 2), which was a large group performance in New York which concentrated on elucidating the memories of a dead tree which had been re-contextualized as a sculptural exhibit. Some thematic reference: The name Dendoshi originates from the work of Japanese filmmaker Kyoshi Kurosowa, whose films also inspired the content of the first performance. When the opportunity presented itself for Connolly, Dijkstra, Nuss and Van Luyk to come together to make a session, it was the perfect opportunity to realize Dendoshi not as a one-off performance on a theme, but as a recurring ritual in development. The resulting music widened the conceptual reflection of the band, bringing to mind the history and ideas of Franz Mesmer. Mesmer, the eighteenth century Austrian spiritualist healer, was among the first to put forth the theory of what he termed 'animal magnetism,' regarding a universal fluid which permeates all matter and can be influenced by the will, not dissimilar to some of Eliphas Levi's concepts. What seemed to set Mesmer apart was an attention to mood and atmosphere, an aesthetic component to what were scientifically quite dubious theories, which lent to his work an aura of portent - thus the parallel with the music captured as Dendoshi 2. Reflecting the qualities that all four musical sensibilities had in common, the album is a statement upon the ephemeral nature of atmosphere and will, and the relation of reverie to oblivion as opposed to ecstasy. The symbol, or mark on the front cover created by Connolly came intuitively and without revision. Its applied function is that of distinction rather than that of protection or as a seal. It was first applied to the photograph by Clarence H. White form 1904, where the first resona oblivion as applied to Dendoshi was found. By applying the mark Connolly is ceremonializing the image, thus rendering it distinct from its original form, not as an appropriation, but as a recognition. The other images followed, and each of them was recognized instantly without having to search. The last was Vermeer's image from Van Luyk's basement, and upon receiving this, the series of 4 inserts was complete. There is a trace of fear and a sensation of suspended time in these images which suits the music very well. Edition limited to 300 copies with gold cover."
8/31/2010 Dense Reduction Fictive Agricultures c40 cassette $7.99 Digitalis Limited "travis bird and evan lindorff-ellery caught my attention straight away on their first trio of releases on the label they run together, notice recordings. "fictive agriculture" finds them spewing new organic sonar trails through hazy concrete forests. this is music that requires repeated listens to fully digest all the layers. things start off minimal and almost-melodic before bursting into a blown-out, churning mess. things go back & forth, covered in tape hiss and full of tonal warmth. it's like unsuspectingly tuning into lost radio transmissions from the past half-century, sending out maydays from a distant planet. the flipside opens things up a bit with some harmonic sand castles from the start. eventually the tide rolls in and smashes the whole thing into bits, but the cleansing is all well and good because bleak, dissonant electronic triumph emerges from the ashes. it coalesces into a feedback labyrinth, unsafe for those with delicate ears. edition of 75, pro-dubbed."

DeNunzio, Rob Window Music CD $8.99 Public Eyesore Recorded 1.31.00 - 2.10.00
12/24/2005 Der Draaigitaar Der FeuerwehrschlauchanschluB Ist Kaputt CDR CDR $12.99 Audiobot "Der Draaigitaar's demonic mission is to ride the neck of a four headed guitar serpent and drag it's collosal weight down under into a slow motion void of dizzying feedback and thick drone fog. Once the mesmersing creature starts to rotate. no escape route is safe. Seriously dark guitar ritual as in dead birds on stick. drenched in reverb. No riffs getting stuck in your head. just a pure beam of creeping ambience. Just never give the wood wizard to the toy seller. First chapter in Audiobot's on-going Improvised Music series. Start to deal with it... Limited to only 100 copies. packaged in silkscreened A5 cardboard covers by Iris Rombouts."
12/13/2008 Der TPK (Teenage Panzercorps) Games for Slaves LP $16.99 Siltbreeze "Der TPK liken the sound of their second aural onslaught to "[The battle of] Kursk, second day." Who among us cannot relate to the largest tank battle in history? While the comparison may not be an easy nut to crack, the reference, specifically to the second day, is telling: the wonton destruction that unfolded on that field of battle in an attempt to break the Soviet bulge cannot be overstated. For the Germans, it was unmitigated tragedy. So by comparing Games for Slaves to this particular point in the offensive, Der TPK makes clear that album number two is more brooding and melancholy than Harmful Emotions. Bunker Wolf's menacing lupine-schrei is as formidable as ever, but the band has moved from the blitzkreig, almost hardcore-like pace of their Siltbreeze debut to a more Mancunian post-punk sound (angular guitars, rhythmic dirges), crossed with the luftschutszbunker psychedelia of German Oak (especially on the organ-laden tracks). No one does it in 2008 like Teenage Panzercorps. Games for Slaves is more beauteous gas on an already raging and spectacular fire. Edition of 500 with insert and single-sided, silk-screened, black-and-white cover."
11/8/2013 Desmadrados Soldados De Ventura Striiide LP $17.99 Deep Distance "If previous volumes of the Deep Distance series of LPs thus far, zoned in on more electronic themed aspects of cosmic kraut goodness, then this next release takes the label way more out there into Amon Duul-esque freeform blow out territory. "Striiide" is the 2nd full length from fire and brimstone Manchester free rock collective Desmadrados Soldados De Ventura, following the killer debut set on Golden Lab Records which Foxy Digitalis dubbed "The essential British psych release of 2012" amongst a clutch of equally salivating reviews. Welcoming new players including Electrelane's Ros Murray to the fold, "Striiide" sees the band exploring deeper into the realms of cacophonic ecstasy. The group wilfully eschews dynamics in favour of a relentless guitar army crescendo where the skies aren't just scraped, they are ripped apart, forging a fast track conduit to the cosmos. Created in one bombed, sweaty evening with all the spontaneity of a forest fire, the 2 side long jams hit like some call to arms to those for whom the term "psychedelic" has been pillaged and maltreated by an enemy that has no idea what it really means to GET HIGH. A pressing of 300 only, pretty much nailed on to follow the labels' previous output and sell out rapid style, and dressed in appropriately crazed revolutionary artwork courtesy of transrealist Science Fiction legend, author, mathematician, computer scientist and now painter; Rudy Rucker." - label. "...a more Japanese psych-worshipping Sunburned or even Acid Mothers Temple w/a heady 'garage' edge... collapsing universe rhythms barely supporting dazzling guitar ascensions that are somewhere between Matthew Bower's classic Skullflower form and your favourite Dead C run-out groove. Excellent." David Keenan, Volcanic Tongue. "Very gorgeous free rock improvs... in the style of Albany's Burnt Hills, but perhaps with a little less cheeb involved." Byron Coley & Thurston Moore, Bull Tongue, Arthur Magazine. "This is some of the most intense, not-giving-a-fuck, freestyle psychedelic rock put to tape this year. Just as Fungal Abyss was ruling the tape realm with their psylocybin behemoths in 2011, Desmadrados Soldados De Ventura are ready to take over the wheel with their freight train of overdriven sound" Weed Temple
4/29/2004 Destroy All Monsters Backyard Monster Tube & Pig CD $12.99 End is Here 68 minute remix of the BACKYARD MONSTER TUBE cassette release from 1995 with a 22 minute bonus track recorded live in Tokyo Japan at the DEEP Gallery, 1996. CD in a 3 color folder, packaged in plastic resealing 'virtual jap-pak' The text of PIG is included taken from an anti-religious rant found on the streets of LA. Time Stereo packaging - one of the best DAM recordings, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, edition of 1000." "PIG is a world turned upside down…. They've discarded melody, structure, pacing and (sob) Niagara, for a bout of free instrumental amnesia…they reveal a liking for atonal lurch, metallic scrape and largely unknown samples…" - THE PTOLEMAIC TERRASCOPE, #33
5/14/2004 Destroy All Monsters Detroit Oratorio CD $12.99 End is Here "The Destroy All Monsters art collective present a new CD of their work recorded live in Rotterdam, Holland and Vienna, Austria. Entitled the Detroit Oratorio, it collects works with a cultural bias and homage toward their homeland, Detroit. This is the group's seventh full length release. The first track features a twenty minute ambient opening duet performed by Charlemagne Palestine and Scanner (Robin Rimbaud). The CD is full length, with 11 tracks. The front and back cover feature two of the Detroit culture banners designed by the collective for their Strange FrÜt installation, and feature portraits of: Soupy Sales,
Stooges, MC5, Sun Ra, Grand Funk, Morgus the Magnificent, The Vernor's Gnome, John Lee Hooker, James Brown, Johnny Ginger, Lester Bangs, George Clinton, Milky the Clown, Pat Oleszko, The Up, the FrÜt, Captain Jolly and George 'the Animal' Steele."
2/12/2008 Destroy All Monsters Live in Tokyo & Osaka 1996 CD $15.99 Compound Annex Records More insanity for you and all your friends. Art Byington, Mike Kelley, Cary Loren, Dave Muller and Jim Shaw wreak havoc in Japan!
5/14/2004 Destroy All Monsters Radio Teardrop CD $15.99 End is Here "45 minute one track produced from tapes 1973-1995 CD, stereo sound collage by Destroy All Monsters, mixed with random radio noise, Japanese noise samples( Violent Onsen Geisha, Otomo Yoshihide) old DAM riffs and spine-tingling artwork. Limited edition of 500 numbered copies, with artwork by DAM. (This audio CD is also an interactive CD-ROM playable on the computer with random artwork and texts by artist Dennis Summers.) 1997 release."
5/14/2004 Destroy All Monsters Silver Wedding Anniversary CD $12.99 End is Here "Full length CD originally released on Sympathy For The Record Industry in 1996. 15 song selections from the 1995 DAM reunion tour. Of original line-up: Kelley, Loren, Shaw and Niagara. Contains early work redone (You Can't Kill Kill, That's My Ideal, Take Me With You, TH Queen, I Love You But You're Dead) + added newer work arranged for their first reunion tour. Long full length (over 60 minutes) re-released 1998 now on bands label End is Here." "The Reunion Tour CD is collected from Detroit, LA and San Diego gigs and is a gloriously sickly cocktail of ennui and punked-out decadence, coming atcha all heavy lidded and sleazy…cool titles like 'You Can't Kill Kill' and 'I Love You, But You're Dead' - are both bulked up with anti-torch singer Niagara'semotional ground zero, while the band coils around - you like a love-sick Boa Constrictor." - THE PTOLEMAIC TERRASCOPE #33
1/22/2011 Deterge Intellect c20 cassette $5.99 Gods of Tundra "The physics of mind and sound. The physics of damage. Full blown and in your head. C-20 (repeats on both sides of a C-60)"
3/11/2012 Detroit, Eddie Meets The Sun City Girls Shango 7" $6.99 Ammit "This release features three tracks recorded in various locations in the Phoenix area in the mid 1980s. Two of these tracks have never been released." Numbered edition of 300 copies.
11/30/2011 Deuter Aum LP $29.99 Cherry Red "A reissue of a 1972 release on the Kuckuck label, this spacey krautrock classic combines the sound of the ocean with sitar, flute, guitar and drums to create a meditative, mantra-like groove. German-born Georg Deuter, who now lives in Santa Fe, has been sharing his unique mix of Eastern and Western styles, acoustic and electric instruments and musique concrete ever since, his most recent being 2010's "Mystery of Light." Original artwork, Italian import."
3/20/2007 Devillock Rotten Creatures 3" CDR $7.99 Chondritic Sound "Another killing side from the Devillock/Panther Skull axis that builds a whole lot of tactile sound forms from variously junked and hi-jacked gadgets in a beautiful, pulse-stilling style. Parts of this have that hovering high end feedback feel that characterised Whitehouse circa Peter Kurten while the rest feels a bit more handmade and personal. Either way, it's a beauty. Numbered edition of 121 copies." - Volcanic Tongue
2/21/2007 Devillock These Graves CD $7.99 SNSE "Devillock is Justin Chris Meyers on organ, tapes and electronics. He also runs the Tone Filth label and also plays as Panther Skull. 'These Graves' is his debut on a real CD, but he has released handmade tapes and CDRs. He offers four tracks of densely layered sound, knitting all the sounds he can find together. Slowing down old reel to reel tapes on the title track provide another dark gesture in this music. Devillock doesn't play harsh noise as such, but he provides a pretty noise related drone sound. Minimal piercing sounds, mainly the lower region of the sound spectrum, making this quite a menacing affair. Noise as it's supposed to be: menacing, not by the harshness of it's sound, but by the content of what its sound has to offer. Despite it's title and bandname, I think it's a much more serious affair than the average noise attack. Great stuff." - Frans DeWard, Vital Weekly No. 494. Edition of 1000 copies in printed slipcase.
2/11/2006 Devillock These Graves LP $12.99 Tone Filth "This will hurt your feelings. Edition of 333 with hand screened and inked textured cardstock covers. It's all in stop motion. It's all real. Up, out from under all places molded and GUNKED. Slithering spool tapes sliding like thin brown snakes under, amongst, and finally overtop and around. They overtake the crumbling corpsed-up organ grinder. He, with his grin full of rot and fingers of stank, is ever so pleased to allow the decayed magnetics to engulf his skeletal frame, it is how his power is attained (maintained). Only when wrapped tightly and over his entire torso and head (a tape mummy!) will he begin to play. Quietly at first, as if from a distance - but he is there, RIGHT THERE GODDAMIT - and then the groan and the moaning howl and the static insects all begin to draw near, an orchestra of loneliness. Can you still feel your legs? As your head is slowly filled with ants, you are posed a question: "What do you make?" he is asking. "What do make... of THESE GRAVES?" - SNSE
6/19/2007 Devoid of All Mercy Your Children Left With the Stranger CD $14.99 Battlecruiser "EEeew. As the positively revolting title might suggest to some of you who are alert and paying attention, this release is a veritable shrine to perverted, in-bred, hillbilly atrocity. Misanthropic to a degree I previously thought impossible, this is quite simply the BLACKEST of folk/horror-inspired black metal with an unbelievably high 'Deliverance' factor. Think rusty pickup trucks and cages in the basement. Think pathetic whimpering death. Sounds like the house in 'The Blair Witch Project' or the forest in 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre' or maybe the sledgehammer in 'Misery'... I feel strangely compelled to shower. Again and again."
9/8/2012 Dhomont, Francis Birthdays one-sided LP $16.99 Beniffer Editions "New recordings from 2007-2010 by 85 year old French Composer Francis Dhomont. This LP is Dhomonts first appearance on vinyl since his 1982 record on INA-GRM Sous Le Regard D'un Soliel Noir. Birthdays explores High fidelity studio editing methods of concrete sound and vocal manipulation. Each record Screenprinted by hand with archival high gloss varnish. Stored in a PVC sleeve with sticker with program notes by Dhomont & Jean-Francois Denis." One sided picture disc on white vinyl - edition of 300 copies.
8/1/2014 Di Placido, Olivier & SEC_ Mare Duro cassette $9.99 Noise-Below "it was a shock to receive an mp3 expert and proposal from mimmo & olivier almost two months ago asking whether noise below is interested in issuing a tape for the upcoming mini tour in june. being a lovely free musics duo and as am enjoying a lot their interaction between olivier's guitar and pickups and sec_'s revox / no input mixer i couldn't say no to such a challenge. 2 short tracks of intense harsh free improv / electroacoustics sounds, what else do you need? enjoy!"

Diadal Diadal double LP $99.99 Hot Cars Warp Records "Diadal are visual artists Rita Ackermann and Jutta Koether, occasionally aided by 3/? of the ever-thickening No Neck. The cover is half Rita's art-and-sticker-work (girl with lamb), half Jutta's (no girl, no lamb), as is the etched vinyl. The record is all gentlepeople, not beasts."
2/11/2006 Diagram A Diagram A cassette $5.99 Open Mouth "Diagram A is Dan Greenwood who's based in the Providence / MA area, makes all his own electronics and use to do a label called sound probe...most recently he was on the RRR New England noise box set."
1/27/2004 Dial Live at the Meteor Theatre CDR $12.99 Pseudo Arcana "Dial is an improvising group established obstensibly to explore the textures/interference patterns that occur between electronic devices (in this case 'controlled electronic feedback' and processed violin) and radios...Recorded in 2002 this disk captures an extended ensemble (5 players this time around, including some of NZ free musics biggest 'stars'). Extended improvisations with some surprisingly melodic periods arising in between the deep listening hiss and hum."
7/30/2006 Dialing In Cows In Lye CD $12.99 Pseudo Arcana "Dialing In is the ecstatic roaring psychedelic drone project of Seattle based sound artist Reita Piecuch. Utilising the natural acoustics of a series of reverberant spaces she weaves together super saturated soundscapes by recording in one environment, playing back in another, and then re-recording this recording playing back in yet another environment (etc..)." - label
7/22/2013 Dialing In The Salt That Awaken Her 8" + DVD + download $29.99 PseudoArcana "The latest release from Seattle's Reita Piecuch is a limited edition 8" lathe cut and DVD. Dialing In specialises in super saturated dark psychedelic drones crafted from field recordings, voice and protesting electronics. Instruments are pushed way out into the lush fiery regions of 'the red', the result not so much 'noise' as fuzzy blissed out near death experience. Piecuch's aesthetic vision skates precariously close to the edge. We'd long been impressed by the striking cover art Reita has produced for her previous releases (an LP on Music Fellowship and an earlier CD on PseudoArcana (see further down the list) and so were very excited when she started posting videos on her DialingInSounds youtube channel early in 2013. We were even more excited when Reita agreed to let us collate some of these for a DVD to accompany this record. Her video work melds perfectly with her music, finding beauty at the very edge upon which the world itself decays, where consciousness disintegrates into a flicker of remembered images.
There is something Zen like in her celebration of this darkest of nexus points on the cycle of life and awareness. 8" record + DVD in oversize double folio package. Comes with download of all audio (record and dvd). Limited to 65 copies only.."
9/6/2012 Diamond Terrifier Kill the Self That Wants to Kill Yourself LP + download $15.99 Northern Spy "Diamond Terrifier's debut full lenth Kill The Self That Wants To Kill Yourself is a towering monolith of spiritual free-RnB sax riffing, embedded in world dub fragments, and harmonizer pedals. Instrument, genre, and technology are pushed to failure. The resulting 'spooky action at a distance' darts around in the margins of what's possible, erratic in sentiment and aesthetic. Uncreative music journalists might say, 'Clarence Clemons meets Mad Max', but a broken clock is right twice a day, and in this case, they'd be right! ZS' saxist Sam Hillmer connects the dots from Beefheart to Kenny-G to future African saxophones. The only saxophonist in America coming straight out of the noise scene, inventing the saxophone as though Jazz weren't awesome, he opens new space for the instrument on this deeply irreverent first LP. Kill The Self That Wants To Kill Yourself. Just make sure you pick the right one!" Pressed on 150 gram vinyl and includes download code.
5/23/2009 Diamondhead Corrective Action cassette $7.99 Digitalis Limited "Junkyard strolls through the outskirts of rock n roll find a home with austin's most underrated jewels, diamondhead. after releases on russ waterhouse's white tapes and bryan day's eh?, this collection of songs from l.e. methe, r.j. reynolds & company are dinner scraps that have been rehashed and reformed into a total gourmet experience. guitars and piano knock each other over, trying to get to the foreront while methe belts it out. scarred, angular riffs fall deep into the dirt at times, leafing around for one last morsel of sanity. some songs include flute and vocals, sounding like a lounge band on a drunken voyage to west africa. this is the full package. everything on "corrective action" feels like it could implode at any moment. it's that last-thread mentality that pushes diamondhead's boundaries. there's good times and bad all laced-up and ready go into a pit of magnetic glory. edition of 70 pro-dubbed & snubbed.
3/3/2005 Diaz, Kubero Y La Pesada CD $19.99 Music Hall "The only album (Music Hall, 1973) by superb Argentinian guitarist Diaz and the rest of the members of La Cofradia de la Flor Solar; really psychotic stuff—heavy grunge riffs and emotional approach to all the songs; extremely rare album features Argentine legends Billy Bond on vocals, Claudio Gabis on guitar, Alejandro Medina on bass, and Jorge Pinchevsky on violin; has three bonus tracks from La Cofradia—two are from their album, but the last one, 'La Palida Ciudad', from 1972, is previously unavailable on compact disc."
9/30/2005 Diaz-Infante, Ernesto & Chris Forsyth (as is stated....before known) CD $11.99 Evolving Ear "Four years of collaboration by east/west coast guitarists results in this document of song structures swathed in suspended disbelief, old timey acoustics, and electronic texture." "A very attractive balance achieved between pastoral, acoustic ruminations and granular, 'a-musical' electronics. (as is stated...before known) is a fine, understated album." Squid's Ear www.squidsear.com "inspired nonidiomatic playing and dreamy song-inducing themes, as fragile and fugitive they might be. This is the strangest album this pair has released yet, but perhaps the easiest to listen to." All Music Guide, www.allmusic.com
6/25/2004 Dick the Phone Dick the Phone 3" CDR $7.99 Pseudo Arcana “Punky damaged rawk and scrawl from Futurians cohorts Dick the Phone. Disk journeys from epic garage guitar histrionics through to almost pretty percussive rambling.”
11/8/2013 Die Welttraumforscher Die singende Sternlaterne / Folklore des Weltalls 1982 LP $27.99 Planam PLANAM very proudly presents you "Die singende Sternlaterne / Folklore des Weltalls 1982" by Die Welttraumforscher. This record includes the first time LP edition of the mysterious swiss electro-dada artist's second cassette as well as previously unreleased material. Issued in conjunction with Christian Pfluger first comprehensive retrospective "Ein Sommer in der Wirklichkeit" (i.e. "A Summer in Reality") at Kunsthaus Langenthal and the corresponding monograph "Songs, Signs, Explorations" presenting drawings, music, lyrics, films and other rare material. When Die Welttraumforscher set out on 14 July 1981 no one could have realized that their journey would not be over soon. For more than thirty years now, Swiss Christian Pfluger has been working on drawings, texts, films and songs for the fascinating universe of the imaginary trio, which is well populated with figures like Leguan Rätselmann or Kip Eulenmeister and his astronauts of the spirit. In the course of that journey, among other things, over 35 music cassettes, LPs and CDs have been released, presenting minimal songs that the Welttraumforscher themselves call "Bretzelberg Pop" and "Space Folklore". After the now sold out "Herzschlag Erde / Verdunkelt die Sinne" PLANAM and A Tree in a Field Records have now re-issued the Welttraumforschers' second cassette, including the previously unreleased album "Folklore des Weltalls 1982" (not to be confused with the 1989 "Folklore des Weltalls" which is a different story). Translator's note: The expression "Welttraum" in "Die Welttraumfroscher" is a play on the words "Weltraum" (Universe), "Welt" (world) and "Traum" (dream). "Die Welttraumforscher" can both be read as "The Explorers of the Universe" as well as "The Explorers of the Dream of the World". Edition limited to 350 copies.
3/11/2005 Diehl, Heidi Old Times / Year of the Stone: Videos by Heidi Diehl VHS Video $13.99 Polyamory “Polyamory is proud to announce it's first-ever video release, a collection of amateur films by Hiedi Diehl, one of the 'core' members of the Vanishing Voice band. Included is Heidi's college documentary on dumpster diving, a 'found' shockumentary on would-be pop sensations Busted Bracelet, and a brand new film featuring new music by Wooden Wand and the Vanishing Voice.” Limited edition of 150 copies.
9/17/2006 Dilloway, Aaron Asset Stripping LP $15.99 Chondritic Sound / Hanson 'Sometime in 2004 I was asked to contribute a track to the The New Blockaders Viva Negativa! tribute. While working on this I ended up recording a 20 minute track using 20 8-track loops of 20 years of material from The New Blockaders. The day after this was recorded, I was to play a gig in Detroit w/ Emil Beaulieau. I decided to keep the TNB loops and use them for the show. I gave the recordings to Rupenus, who suggested the release of this LP. Side 1 = Studio track, Side 2 = Live track.' AARON DILLOWAY, April 2006. Edition of 300 copies - recommended!
2/1/2005 Dilloway, Aaron Boggs Vol.2 CD $12.99 Hanson “Boggs Volume 2 is a collection of two long out of print CDR's from Wolf Eyes member, Aaron Dilloway. This new release contains, in their original entirety, the Seizure CDR released by Hanson and the Appalling & Alive 3 CDR released by Chondritic Sound. ‘Hound Dog Guy Still Alive’ Boggs? What the fuck is that? It's a lake filled with witch urine, the real scary type. Three parts expired turpentine, two parts glow-in-the-dark ghost pee & the murky rest filled the reel to reel scrape dust from a light-free candled basement. The soundtrack? This Brighton-born-alien-bird-celled-creature, Aaron Dilloway. Dude's intense, but drunk in a moldy cellar you can tip him upside down to get the change he owes you. Awesome sounds/primitive shit that smart types try to capture in academic wooden hideaways but end up sounding like Paul K & Weathermen. He is for real. These tracks lead to goblin hell that is a broken train built on years of instinct, beer, horror & intimacy. His tape & electronic work is nearly peerless, save for Santa Claus' Black Gnome label cassette catalog. Pumping this serious Michigan shit on a half-mooned night will result in your blood planning a meeting to infect your brain with a mock party of jellied-filled balloons that when popped, turn your sanity into a maggot feeding frenzy while singing backwards to a Pepsi half-time ad. Seriously! These transparent audio diaries have been originally released in different forms. Who cares? Count your fingers instead. In life you have two choices: Stop and Be Rad or Stop Being Rad. Aaron ‘Night Fighter’ Dills been doing his own thing since shorts were baggy & Stephen King was the master musician of horror. Be happy you have two rare boys in one bomb package. Spend the rest of your heart-blood pumping time searching for the third Los Tammies wax while getting to the bottom of Boggs Vol. 2 human tape message time eating symphonies. A one-man stereo Desert Barn Stormer. The only & best ‘people person’ of horrible noise. I should know, I have been in nearly every possible good & bad situation with him from rock fights, underage beer blowouts, and 13 years in basements. A mangy man of many talents, hear the one in your claw-fist then check out our funk band Stupid Goose. You can wave at the UPS guy but he is still gonna deliver a box of razor babis to you. Local hip hop? Will take Rock Bottom over Slum Village any day of the week, he's just .. I dunno ... harder....” - John Olson, Wolf Eyes / American Tapes
9/9/2009 Dilloway, Aaron Chain Balled 7" $10.99 Turgid Animal A Chain Balled
B A Funeral With Music
Recorded Winter 2008 At Tarker Mills, Ohio. Limited to 500 copies.
2/2/2013 Dilloway, Aaron Concealed c90 cassette $8.49 Hanson Reissue of 2007 LP on No Fun. A side and B-side of original LP are edited back together into one long track. Also contains 4 (previously released) bonus tracks.
1. Concealed
2. Medusa
3. Rotting Dolly
4. Medusa
5. Return To Xanex
All tracks recorded 2006 in Ann Arbor.
C-90 (program repeats on both sides). Limited to 200 copies.
6/25/2013 Dilloway, Aaron Modern Jester CD $8.99 Hanson CD edition of 2012's double LP. Tape loops, percussion, synthesizer, junk, voice, and tape FX. Recorded 2008--2011. Edition of 500. Packaged in a poly jewelcase with insert.
EVERY SECOND OF THIS RECORDING CONTAINS SUBLIMINAL MESSAGES "…in terms of scope and ambition, Modern Jester is Dilloway's War and Peace. It covers practically all of his sonic obsessions, stretching them to lengths at which he can explore every detail and tangent." Marc Masters, Pitchfork.com
2/2/2013 Dilloway, Aaron Post Live Coda Lunga c30 cassette $8.49 Hanson "Recording of my subliminal DJ set AFTER my recent set this past summer at CODA LUNGA in Vittorio Veneto, Italy. Excerpted from two sets consisting of me playing one song on repeat for roughly 45 minutes each, so quietly that that it could barely be heard, but loud enough that the vibe of the song still very much created an atmosphere. Was fun to sit back and watch people as they realized they had been listening to the same thing over and over for almost an hour. Ultimate disorientation crowd sound with looped mellow night music tracks."
A side is "Sundown At Sea" By the Cal Andrews Trio.
B side is "Blue Velvet" by Pete Drake.
C-30, Limited to 200 copies.
1/20/2015 Dilloway, Aaron The Beauty Bath picture disc LP + download $18.99 Hanson "Alternate version of very limited LP (250 copies) on Japanese label Rockatansky. About 50% of this is actually different & reworked material than what is on the "Rockatansky" LP. This edition is a one time pressing limited to 500 copies. Includes download card." Recorded 2008 / 2013. Mastered for vinyl by Jason Lescalleet. Here's what Volcanic Tongue's David Keenan had to say about the original edition: "...an amazing LP, with low-level battlefield tectonics and the sound of smeared and tortured magnetic tape coming over like a rusty, Industrial scale take on classic 20th century minimalism. Some of Dilloway's most barbarously vacated drone work here, with intense low-level fireworks reduced to inchoate shadow plays and rolling, planetary scale hypnotics. Then there are moments of glissing, echoing metal tones coming out of silence, suddenly morphing into sad feedback chorales ala Eliane Radigue's early workings but with a crude, lonely aspect that is extremely affecting. One of Dilloway's most personally expressive tone works with intensely sad feedback drones circling wraiths of clanking magnetic tape."
4/24/2006 Dilloway, Aaron untitled 7" $25.99 AA Records One-sided square lathe cut 7" from Nate Young's (Wolf Eyes) AA label.
3/27/2008 Dilloway, Aaron & C Spencer Yeh The Squid CD $11.99 Hanson Records "Dilloway & Yeh recorded live to 4-track cassette Summer 2006 in Ann Arbor. Yeh on violin, Dilloway on Tape loops of Yeh’s Violin. Originally released on LP, this Digipak CD version includes a bonus track collage of the 3 tracks from the duo’s out of print FALSE SPEECH cassette." "Collaboration from Dilloway of Wolf Eyes et al and C Spencer Yeh of Burning Star Core etc. Dilloway uses tape loops, tape delay, bowed tape and vocals and Yeh uses violin, voice and electronics. Recorded in 2006 in Ann Arbor, The Squid has a heavy Takehisa Kosugi/Taj Mahal Travellers feel, with a headier, more expansive psychedelic brainwave style than is usually associated with Dilloway. Yeh’s violin flutters on phased waves of F/X while Dilloway lets off tiny looped depth-charges, exploding Yeh’s elegiac drones with chattering, circular vocals, unidentifiable noise scree and long corridors of breath." - David Keenan, Volcanic Tongue
6/5/2005 Dilloway, Aaron & John Wiese Total Eclipse 7" $5.99 Kitty Play Records Edition of 525 copies on white vinyl. "Aaron Dilloway and John Weise combine to create a track of soft atmospherical noise entitled 'Total Eclipse' which is split between two sides of this 7”."
2/2/2013 Dilloway, Aaron & Kevin Drumm I Drink Your Skin CD $10.49 Hanson "CD reissue of 2001 recording, originally released on cassette by AMERICAN TAPES. Kevin and I traded raw material at some point in 2001. After discussing a collaboration I found a cassette of unreleased material of myself messing with Renaissance (the band) and junk noise 8-track loops on the floor of my car as I was getting ready to leave for home from a Chicago trip. A couple days later Kevin sent me a mini-disc of his own unreleased material.. His disc was caked in spilled coffee or something… I managed to clean it enough to get a few seconds of sounds from it here and there to make 8-track tape loops of. One track myself using Drumm sound sources, and one track Drumm using Dilloway sound sources." Edition of 500 copies packed in black poly-jewelcase w/ insert.
9/25/2010 Dim Dusk Moving Gloom Blinded By The Natty White c40 cassette + download $7.99 Prairie Fire Tapes "I don't know nothing from nothing anymore. Had I not been killing time on the internets, I would have never ever met up with Justin M. Lloyd. There was some kind of discussion regarding psychedelic noise (if such a sub sub sub genre exists) and this dude says he's all about that and can prove it. I took the challenge and said - you make something that impresses me and I'll releases no questions asked. In no time flat tracks are in my mailbox - 2x 20 min tracks recorded by JML as Sensible Nectar. I waited until I was in a sufficiently jaded mood so I could remain unshakably unimpressed. Well, it was maybe 45 seconds in to the first side when I gave up fighting. Beautiful waves of Eno styled ambience flowed from my speakers - made my sink into my couch and nod off for lil' bit - that was until a full wall of harsh noise slapped me back to reality. Once I recovered, I spun the next track - fab spaced out guitars that easily sets the mood for bong hits, space flight, or astral blowjobs - if you do that kinda stuff. Blinded - exists at the tail end of Sensisble Nectar and where DDMG begins. It's brilliant. You need this." Edition of 50 copies.
4/10/2009 Dim Holys Is There Heat Rising in Your Neck cassette $6.99 Oms-B "Brian Mumferd from Dragging An Ox Though Waters brings a tonal deep sleep." Edition of 60 copies.
10/21/2009 Dimmer Remissions double LP $21.99 Isounderscore "Dimmer's "Remissions" is the second full-length album from longtime sonic architects of interactive feedback circuits, Thomas Dimuzio and Joseph Hammer. This 2xLP effectively represents four side-long pieces from their live shows throughout California taken place between 2006 and 2007. Essentially a follow-up to their 2007 album on Los Angeles‚ Melon Expander, "Remissions" expands upon the immense recursive tape looping and resampling that is found inherent in their work but achieves a weight and time displacement that greatly overshadows their dark preceding full-lengh. All four pieces were recorded at: Norcal Noisefest in Sacramento (2006, "Sky Wire"), The Luggage Store Gallery in San Francisco (2006, "Sun Dog"), The Smell in Los Angeles (2006, "Gases That Emit Light"), and ArtSF's Noise Pancakes Series (2007, "Giant Eagle"). Live sampling, processing, feedback, looping by Thomas Dimuzio. Tape manipulation and processing by Joseph Hammer. Design and layout by Thomas Dimuzio, Joseph Hammer and Brandon Nickell. Limited to 500 copies on full-color sleeves with cover photography by John Dalton."
7/30/2006 Dinmuck #f The Old is New, Know Eyes Old CDR $7.99 Foxglove "Underneath the dirt lies the roadmap to ancient civilization. the world before the fall. dinmuck #f (aka eon) comes from toowoomba and is enlisted as an intergral part of the musicyourmindwillloveyou collective. "the old is new" is a psychic brainfuck, like calloused skin baking under the scorching summer sun. imagine cave paintings singing about the third eye, caked in mud and eating the soil. this music, in all it's scattered glory, is totally, 100% fried." - label
2/24/2015 Dinosaur Jr. Bug Live LP $21.99 Outer Battery Records "Reissue of ultra-limited 2012 vinyl-only release featuring Dinosaur Jr performing their classic album Bug in its entirety at the 9:30 Club in Washington, DC, June 2011. This is a beautiful recording, mastered exclusively for vinyl and packaged in a beautiful silkscreened sleeve featuring a Marq Spusta (Farm, Several Shades of Why) rendition of the original Bug cover art. Limited to 1000 copies."
7/23/2003 Dio Daga Magic Steps CDR $7.99 Haamumaa 9 tracks – 55 minutes of "free acid jazz doom noise guitar improvisations"
11/19/2003 Dipsomaniacs Praying Winter CD $14.99 Camera Obscura "Camera Obscura is pleased to announce the release of the fifth full-length release of song-bliss from Norwegian psychedelic-pop wizards the Dipsomaniacs, who rejoin their arc of previous releases with their finest collection of songs to date. (Various fine side dishes were served up on Free City Media's 'The Tremolo Of Her Mind/The Strings Of Her Soul' but 'Praying Winter' is the continuation of the song and studio craft established with increasing authority on earliest albums.) 'Praying Winter' is naked, personal and staggeringly beautiful - the band's most intimate and open work to date. Psychedelic flourishes have been toned down to pull the focus of the songs back onto the emotional weight of Holm's melodies, words and vocals. Fans of the swirl of vintage psych-pop need not fear though - here is band that seems to sound psychedelic no matter what they do. Art and craft collide everywhere - each song perfectly arranged to suit its needs, whether this involves the addition of a George Martinesque string quartet arrangement here, strategic use of brass there, or in one case Håkon Gebhardt from Motorpsycho contributing banjo to "No. 2 Ventricle Road". The opener 'Dear Mrs Widdercombe', title track, and Norwegian hit single 'Read My Mind' are surely modern pop classics, but perhaps the darker tones of 'How to Fall' and 'Caught By This Feeling' linger longest in the mind. They bless us with undying echoes."

Dipsomaniacs Stethoscopic Notion CD $14.99 Camera Obscura "Camera Obscura Records is very pleased to be able to present the latest Dipsomaniacs CD to you. Although this is their fourth full-length release, it is the first that will be widely available outside Europe. After the almost 'concept album' feel of predecessor 'Braid of Knees' this latest album returns to the pure song focus of the earlier 'Reverb No Hollowness' album. This means that it can be firmly placed on a continuum of modern but 60s-influenced paisley pop, which started with bands like The Rain Parade and Dream Syndicate and continued on to bands like Green Pajamas, Olivia Tremor Control and The Photon Band. In fact, two tracks were co-written with the Photon Band's Art Di Furia ('Of Reaching Out' and 'Bring Flowers to the Courthouse'), and the result is pure Transatlantic pop bliss. Di Furia also contributes vocals to the latter track. Aside from the songs, the key to the Dipsomaniacs sound is the extraordinary Lennon-on-Nitrous-Oxide vocal work of Holm. His voice is an instrument as instantly psychedelic as the sound of the backward-masked guitar or the sitar. The studio work on the album strikes a superb contrast between the immediate and the baroque, by recording songs as a band live in the studio, then over-dubbing strings and horns at subsequent sessions."
2/18/2003 Dipsomaniacs Stethoscopic Notion LP $14.99 Apartment Records "After the almost ‘concept album’ feel of predecessor ‘Braid of Knees’ this latest album returns to the pure song focus of the earlier ‘Reverb No Hollowness’ album. This means that it can be firmly placed on a continuum of modern but 60s-influenced paisley pop, which started with bands like The Rain Parade and Dream Syndicate and continued on to bands like Green Pajamas, Olivia Tremor Control and The Photon Band. In fact, two tracks were co-written with the Photon Band's Art Di Furia (‘Of Reaching Out’ and ‘Bring Flowers to the Courthouse’), and the result is pure Transatlantic pop bliss. Di Furia also contributes vocals to the latter track. Aside from the songs, the key to the Dipsomaniacs sound is the extraordinary Lennon-on-Nitrous-Oxide vocal work of Holm. His voice is an instrument as instantly psychedelic as the sound of the backward-masked guitar or the sitar. The studio work on the album strikes a superb contrast between the immediate and the baroque, by recording songs as a band live in the studio, then over-dubbing strings and horns at subsequent sessions. A delicious winner."
7/23/2003 Dipsomaniacs The Tremolo of Her Mind…The Strings of Her Soul LP $22.99 Apartment "Kicking off with the cool 4:35 instrumental Miles Away, that feels like some methodical epic climbing hymn to clear horizons and hope; given a blind test drive I'd guess it was Cerberus Shoal in a very good mood, in part due to the gratuitous and lovely employment of brass. Flowing beautifully (the segue works without the following track feeling clipped if started separately) into the country flavored Before Painting Your Murals and it's a Norwegian mirror of American western mythos in a certain Byrds-Burrito sorta way that feels utterly natural and of a warm songlike fullness that rivals any previous Dipso's pop outing; with lyrics, and melodic structure and all. Next is the quarter of an hour of Dipso Raga #1 (for George) which lives up to the title by its structure and sitar like pluck and strum, but soon the tidal sway is rolling and reeling into slightly free jazzy territory, and again I'm reminded more of Cerberus Shoal or JOMF than anything I'd have previously associated with these guys. Hear Me, Take Me is a gentle acoustic lullaby of nearly wordless vocals, guitar, pump organ and chimes that feels like utter bliss for almost four minutes. The staggering twenty minute In Syd's Garden, is the one that gonna make all space rock fans froth at the mouth. Good and thick with lots of glowing keyboards and extra-terrestrial instrumental wigging, this builds to a climactic plateau and then surveys the scene, the camera turning sweeping 360 degree views at the summit, crowning yet another creative milestone for this stellar outfit." - George Parsons, Dream Magazine. The artwork is much different than the cd version with really cool artwork.
3/6/2010 Direct Current featuring Atiba N. Kwabena and Dave Nuss LP $40.99 QBICO Black vinyl, cover Aki Goto/Sound @ One; 99 copies ONLY. "the original music was rec. @ the qbico u-nite XIII which took place @ Issue Project Room in NYC back in Feb. 2009. for sure the opening set by Atiba & Dave Nuss was one of the most original live set i had the pleasure to... see i remember talking with Dave, trying to set up this gig... he came out with this duo, saying that Atiba is the best well kept secret in the NYC... he spotted him playing in Harlem Clubs... nobody knows him, Andrew Barker or Steve... nobody ?! time to hear his message, jah hh music music steps music steps right on in right ooon ! afrodelic voodoo hip jazz for the next generation..."
"it's a kind of psychedelic african record filled with beautiful layers of traditional rhythms and has a sort of hypno trance vibe, with Atiba's odd loop pedals and voice/flute jazziness/poetry. atiba is really the MASTER of the african percussion and i learned so much working with him in the studio. i think it's a one-of-a-kind record for sure !" dave nuss
Atiba - flutes, percussion, voice, effects
Dave Nuss - percussion
Rec. live @ the Qbico U-nite XIII, realized @ RAW Studios, August 2009; NYC
side A
from one dream to....
rainforest rag (for Scott Joplin)
if i smile
side B
Olatunji's Kirk works
the word
11/21/2008 Directing Hand Songs From the Red House LP $27.99 Singing Knives "Only a few months ago the UK music underground was blown apart with the disruptive yet fragile LP "What Put The Blood" from vocal drum duo Directing Hand. Now we are graced with the equally mind boggling "Songs From The Red House" LP, available on limited vinyl through the wonderful Singing Knives. This is the second LP (under the current line up) from this outfit comprising Alex Neilson and Lavinia Blackwall. Housed in exquisite artwork courtesy of Blackwell, and limited to a mere 250 copies, this 12" slab of freeform experimentation, folk and jazz operatics is a handsome menace for both the ears and eyes. Also included within the package is a wonderful poem by Oliver Neilson. The album opens with the now familiar aggressive collaborative tone, as set on the previous LP. Scattered beats tumble in a ferocious battle with wailing cries that veer between pain, anger and tranquillity. Vocally unmatched in her ability to bravely execute piercingly uncomfortable shrills with untempered ferocity, Blackwell adds a chaotic dimension to Neilson's drumming. This onslaught of ritualistic humanity is powered with such force that one becomes both consumed and agitated. The second track takes on a quiet approach, swelling soft longing vocals over varying instrumentation and percussion. This exquisite vocal scaling and twinkling percussion drifts with hypnotic madness that erupts with fireworks and foam. You could truss-up this collective with extensive comparisons, yet I feel it's a duty to convey their sound in its intimate originality, rather than place historic references. There is an unusual traditional British folk heart to what is predominantly an overpowering free jazz affair. The heart of the album seems bloody and exposed as they lament with the final track of side A, 'My Lagan Love'. This is the only track to be repeated from the last LP. It is handled with a substantial difference incorporating the rock-out explosion that empowers the opening track of "What Put The Blood". This closes the side beautifully and with confidence. Side B creeps into life with an expressive and frightening rendition of 'Golden Hair', then continues into the lunacy that is 'In Elysium'. The latter traverses a plain of absolute vocal agitation over some truly inspired drumming. The final outpour 'The Third Temptation' has a mammoth sound with alien plucked strings that crash with pastoral eruptions. Two tracks were recorded by the wonderful Ben Nash, who apart from being a great musician has put down some awesome live shows, namely the recent MV & EE live album "Meet Snake Pass" (also Singing Knives). Most tracks are recorded live at the Heeley Institute, Sheffield and it's this freedom of performance that makes this record a welcome edition so soon after the recent LP. The Directing Hand project is an inspiration to the UK underground and suggests a new landscape for future musicians. I think there is a long way for this collective to journey before they find their ultimate stride, and upon this journey I plan to follow with eager ears. This is difficult, consuming and most definitely important." 8/10 -- Peter Taylor, 20th August 2008, Foxy Digitalis

DiS Inferno CD $12.99 kRkRkRk "An expressive, performance-art-oriented trio featuring David Khan, Justine Sharp & Peter Wright, DiS is one of the most challenging & experimental projects currently associated with the kRkRkRk kollectiv. A quick examination of the components of the group's sound seems to bear out this interpretation for, in addition to unearthly, chanted vocals performed by David & Justine, DiS utilize heavily treated string instruments (guitars, violins etc...), analogue synthesizers, various electronic devices & electro-acoustic percussion (incorporating a variety of metal implements), samples, drones & loops. welding these instrumental elements into long, memsmerizing soundscapes (in which conventional song/lyric structures are almost entirely dissolved), DiS create music containing moments of both pulverizing aggression & delicate minimalism."
11/21/2009 Disappears Live Over The Rainbo LP $12.99 Rococo Records "Drawing on a combined reverence for reverb, heavy tremolo, delay and repetition, Disappears play minimal rock music inspired by everything from Krautrock to The Staples Singers to punk to CCR. Originally started as a recording project, Disappears quickly evolved into a live band, spending 2008/09 supporting diverse acts such as Wire, Cluster, Deerhunter, Black Angels and Obits as well as landing a spot at the 2009 Pitchfork Music Festival. Recorded by drummer Graeme Gibson over Chicago's historic Rainbo Club during October 2008 "Live Over The Rainbo" was intended as a tour-only CD-R. Chicago cult label Plus Tapes picked it up and it sold out soon after and now this definitive edition on Rococo Records. Newly mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music, pressed on "Rainbow" colored vinyl and limited to 500 copies. This is the way "Live Over The Rainbo" was meant to be issued. Limited edition of 500 on rainbow-colored vinyl. Comes with a link to a free mp3 download. Features members of 90 Day Men and The Ponys."
6/27/2009 Disguises Aeolian Hookers c40 cassette $7.99 Digitalis Limited "Let the insanity begin! these beasts from toronto follow-up their mind-melting LP from last year, "post-mortem depression," with absolute avalanche of hell. jagged guitar swirls get the beat down from a pommel horse of drum bombs. screams escape from the abyss only to be sucked back under by crawling basslines. and then the guitars come at you again and again and again. there's no avoiding this minefield - you're gonna lose a leg. this is clusterfuck city folks and disguises are your tour guides. these jagged excursions will cut your face open and make you want to apologize for bleeding all over the brand new carpet. edition of 80, pro-dubbed with broken golden fairy art and smeared labels."
4/22/2009 Disguises Post-Mortem Depression LP $16.99 Winatge Records & Tapes "Fuck yes!! A total 10 out of 10... Wow! This is what I call visceral adhocism!! An album of noised-out vocal punishments and rhythmic ecstatic scuzz pushing out on all sides... blastings of cathartic psychical release spitting blood and spluttering cranial abuses... shake your fist in the air and fall back into the sweat and bruisings... a splatterfuck of mesmerizing mess and near reckless actions and collisions... rippers, creepers, the fucking lot; it's all here. This is an album that you not only want to play over and over again, but also as loud as fuck. As listeners, we should demand more jammers out there to make music with this kind of intensity. People who don't half-ass their shit, but fucking make it happen; people who put it all out there and bring it every time. Every broken sound is executed with passionate brutal unprecision and raw expression. Hailing from Toronto this 4-piece made up of Kevin Crump, Kevin Hainey, Jon Shapiro, and Randy Gagne are turning heads with their own brand of psychotic-scuzz and night-terror brashings. What can I say, this record will definitely need to be repressed and hopefully will ignite another wave of artists to step up, raise the bar, and make some solid fucking records. Say no to mediocrity. Grab one of these. Hand-screened and hand-numbered, DIY as fuck; limited 300. 10/10" -- Foxy Digitalis
2/26/2006 Disguises / 13 Moons Splitsville vol.1 CDR $8.99 Beniffer Editions "Disguises is a treasure-trove of vintage fur-lined scruzz from the canonized bowels of toronto. they're self-stylized evolutionary path is of no forward trajectory or logical progression but a befuddled stammer blind-folded through psychedelia and other forms of spazz-induced alchemy making them one of the more confounding units in the scene. their first cdr finds them in full on enormity, lacerating the thick with a heavy-as-fuck masala effluvium all grinding with cantilevers of noise that promise to sheer the cerebral cortex right from the pink of your head's innards. 3 tracks of joyful tone extinction from this fine smoked-out opperation. 13 moons is the arryhthmic menstrual off-shoot of disguises and the love-child of jon shapiro and his table-top guitar. jon is the league of their own era-geena davis with a pair of hands for misanthropic atonal throwdowns. jon is our favorite noise-scenester and queen video employee. check out his staff picks, man!"

Dissolve Third Album For The Sun CD $12.99 kranky 2nd release from Roy Montgomery and Chris Heaphy
9/23/2004 Dive Freeze Frame EP ++ CD $15.99 Mova Discs "A perfect wall of guitars, drifting melodies. The ‘freeze frame e.p.++’ is the first album-length recording from Japanese shoegazers Dive. It is a compilation of the well-received ‘freeze frame ep’ with the remastered version of ‘reverberation’ and previously-unreleased tracks. Their sound is often classified as shoegazer guitar music, but on this album, you will know why their sound is automatically distanced from many other guitar bands in the Japanese shoegazer scene. You will be hearing the chemistry of their brilliant and dreamy songs, shimmering metallic sound layers with a deep dub approach, taking you away to distant lands in your head.”
4/5/2008 Divine Coils Coadjutor CDR $11.99 Blackest Rainbow "Brand new CDR from UK duo of Joe and Harry. Far out scratchy textural sounds that lie somewhere between Usurper and Jazzfinger perhaps... real nice, real minimal, with classy and sassy traditional BR style double fold sleeve. Limited to 50 copies."
6/3/2009 Diza Star Blues Reason To Live 7" EP $8.99 Fractal "Our Legs Are Our Car, Our Legs Are Our Freedom / We Are Living In The Ice Age / The Disa-Ster World Is By Definition Vertical, Dizzy Sound / An Exciting Up And Down Where Nothing Is Sure, Anytime / Two Left Hand Guitarists, The Good And The Bad Player / Dig Up Three Unreleased Tracks From Our Archive / Our Electric Free Blues Music / We Knew Well That It Should Be Released Properly / The Blues Reason To Live / Love Your Devil Side And Your Enemy" - Diza Star.
8/2/2008 Diza Star Contact High Diza Star CD $22.99 Fractal "Yea, the Japanese Underground Punk Blues Band continue more deeper his own psychedelic experience! Diza Star 5th album is the last branch of the star after 4 titles released on Fractal Records. This toxic parfume is a direct wink to the 60's rebel spirit like The Godz, Amon Düül and Les Rallizes Dénudés. A unique example in this new century of a broken music in a perpetual movement...Limited numbered edition 100 copies, comes with 2 inserts stamped and each copies is unique. JAPANESE PRESSING ONLY with OBI"
8/2/2008 Diza Star & The Pink Ladies Blues 3 LP $24.99 Fractal "Early in this year, Acid Mothers Temple & The Pink Ladies Blues has slightly changed their name into : Diza Star & The Pink Ladies Blues. A short biography and all reasons of this change are well explained and detailed in the liner notes includes in this album. Following to their short second "The Soul of a Mountain Wolf" released 6 months ago, this new one is simply and logically titled "3". It's quite obvious that this japanese "Underground Punk Blues" trio has focused on this recording at their most political orientation as state the thema on each vinyl side : Utopia/Anarchy. The band made indisputable a strong reference, ideologicaly, to some underground 70's group like Amon Düül, Checkpoint Charlie, Ton Steine Scherben, Red Noise etc.... The result is 5 tracks, all instrumental, with 2 sides musically opposite : the first one has a groovy sound, psychedelic and folky flavor (with Mani Neumeier from Guru Guru as guest on one track) and the other brings differents collages (including various natural sound sources, from insects to human walk...) and put the band at the peak of their crazyness on the final track "Diza Star". Limited numbered vinyl edition to 197 ex. (comes with 2 inserts)."
8/2/2008 Diza Star & The Pink Ladies Blues Featuring Mani Neumeier CD $23.99 Fractal "Diza Star 4th, a special album (the trio + 1) featuring the unique and exceptional participation by the legendary Krautrock drummer Mani Neumeier. An astonishing meeting between 4 'psychedelic ethnic punk'! The long career of the Star Neumeier, first in the 60's jazz sphere with Alexander von Schlippenbach big band Globe Unity or with Irène Schweizer, before switched for the well-known freak-out psychedelic rock experience Guru Guru, then followed by other project (Tier der Nacht etc...), collaborations, and many trips around the world (especially India, Indonesia, Thailand and Japan) revealed today - and rare nowadays - an extraordinary talented musician emotionally and spiritualy. A motley album, from where all the 10 tracks came naturally in one day studio session, and the music range many differents directions from ethnic ballads to psychedelic jam rock, from exotic ambiant excursion to funny folkloric sequences, or just pure instant rock'n'roll. Various and tasty, this album is like a dessert surprise : a maelström of sugar in it's form with it's acid and salty feeling on it's occasion under a deep powerful rhythmic section and leads by free (no 4 !) humour mind. NB : Track n°8, show Mani Neumeier on guitar (notable & rare). CD edition, jewel case, booklet 28 pages full color."
11/21/2008 Dlx Othr Nineties Youth Experience cassette $6.99 Deception Island "Controls more or less permanently set for cat shit and a hammer. Gutter-sourced and wooden-fingered collage of twin guitar assault from the latest iteration of the ongoing Bee Mask/Skin Graft collab. Disgusting patinas on elaborate bronze machines. Hot coals/black holes uneasy contemplation energy, with an unexpectedly quiet/majestic finish. Mark McGuire (Emeralds) and Nate Scheible make cameo appearances, amid fragments culled from wasted home jams and performances at the Tower2012 in Cleveland."
4/10/2009 DOA Hardcore '81 LP $15.99 Sudden Death "A massive 30th Anniversary reissue of the classic second album from Canadian hardcore pioneers DOA. Includes all eleven lash-out-at-you tracks from the original release-including the awesome "DOA," "Slumlord," "Unknown," "Waiting For You," "Smash the State," and "Race Riot." On red vinyl.
8/8/2009 Docile Dawn Enchanted Forest II c20 cassette $8.99 Pizza Night "Heavy dual synthesizer zone from Sam Goldberg and Zach Troxell of Fragments. recorded in a basement, creepy creepy cosmos. painted labels."
6/17/2004 Doerner, Axel / Greg Kelley / Andrea Neumann / Bhob Rainey Thanks, Cash CD $12.99 Sedimental "This long-awaited document of an historic tour marrying two of Berlin's finest improvisers with Boston's hometown sluggers has finally been released, and is sounding luscious. At the end of August, 2001, Doerner and Neumann arrived at Boston's Logan airport for a tour that would cover the continental United States and take up the entire month of September. They started by recording with Boston's BSC (released on Grob Records as 'Good'), and then, faced with the challenge of how to fit all of their stuff into a luxury Hyundai (courtesy of a free upgrade coupon from Hertz), they embarked, with Rainey and Kelley, on what would normally be a significantly perception-altering tour of the U.S. It turned out to be more literally mind-melting, which brought out the bottomless magnaminity of each player and all of the characters encountered from New York to San Francisco to Bloomington to Birmingham. The music lets light in through dark slats, and is filled with the richness of sound these musicians bring to their best projects. It retains a 'live' feel while apparently derived from a tattered, ancient score, reserved for especially confounding times."
3/27/2004 Does, The The Does CDR $9.99 Dark Holler "The Does return with a heavier, rawer, but no less fantastic dose of their sludgey blues-rock-goth-noise. This limited edition CDr comes in a hand-sewn, silkscreened bag - it looks amazing. Get them before they are gone."
12/14/2003 Does, The / Breathe Stone Sleep Deprivation Blues split CD EP $6.99 Hand / Eye "The Does (as in female deer, pl.) play music that is dirty, dark, and hazy. Singer Carol Anne and guitar player Neddal were brought together by their shared love of sleaze, sloppy rock ´n roll, and feedback. Originally, the idea was to sound ‘something like a cross between the Rolling Stones and Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds.’ Things didn´t work out as planned. Carol couldn´t quite shake her goth background. (She refers to herself as a ‘recovering goth.’ Neddal says there´s no such thing.) Neddal couldn´t quite get the sludge out of his system. They wrote some songs. They went into the studio. When they came out they had three songs that didn´t sound anything the songs they´d been rehearsing. On the way to the studio they´d shanghaied Carol´s band mate Jim (Carol and Jim play in Toronto´s Nice Cat. Check them out, they are sludgilicious!) to sit in on drums. What started out as moody, minimal blues/punk ended up as a brooding, psychedelic, not-quite-so-minimal mix of Pussy Galore, ZZ Top, the Melvins, and My Bloody Valentine.
Breathe Stone come with an impressive pedigree. Formed on October 31, 2002 by Mr. Timothy Renner, Breathe Stone is an extension of well-known acid/psych/wyrd-folks Stone Breath. Breathe Stone´s mandate is to take the dark, haunting, acoustic folk of Stone Breath in a more electric (literally), experimental direction. Timothy is joined on these recordings by his Stone Breath band mate Sarada, Alicia of Funeral, and guitarist RA Campbell. Using such instruments as electric banjo, slide banjo, glasstamboura, dumbek, and squeezebox, along with the electric guitar, Breathe Stone conjure images of crumbling farmhouses, empty glades, overgrown paths, and lonely silhouettes in the moonlight." Track listing: the does 1. four am 2. five over three 3. sleep deprivation blues - Breathe Stone 4. Rara Avis 5.Crow Omens 6. Maria Walks Amid The Thorn
1/17/2010 Dog Lady Live cassette $6.99 Fag Tapes "woof woof woof! kakaw kakaw! a bunch of live recordings. violin and reel-to-reel and ain't nothing but a dawg up in this dawg up in this dawg in here! just like a dawg rollin' up to the dawg and actin' a dawg up in the dawg! a dawg is off the leash and is loose up in this dawg! Michigan dawg! hand-painted / numbered sealed edition 35."
6/6/2009 Doktor Kettu Soft Delirium CD $14.99 Super Metsä "Doktor Kettu sounds like a rock'n'roll band being thrown down a well in low gravity. Years ago they hid themselves in a small cottage by the sea, only to emerge later as a stream of CD-R releases documenting their slow rituals. Today all of these recordings are desperately sought-after collector's items, but the band itself has carefully stayed away from sight. Now Ektro's Super Metsä imprint is releasing the first "proper" Doktor Kettu offering ever - Soft Delirium is music that is so disconnected from time that its notes are only now just about to reach us, two years after the recording session. Doktor Kettu is Petri Hagner, Jussi Lehtisalo, Tuomas Niskanen, Alpo Nummelin and Jouko Salenius." 3 tracks 41 minutes.
7/15/2012 Dokutoramo Memorial For The Burning Days cassette $6.99 Standard In-Fi CASSETTE, 80 copies, spraypainted - laser ink insert in jelly red cases, jelly red shell. Released 2011. "Our tape series is open ! Memorial for the Burning Days is an epic solo album featuring fuzzy-freak-out guitar and apocalyptic ornaments by Dokutoramo... Japan period. High or die & lo-fi !"

Doldrums Secret Life Of Machines CD $12.99 Vhf Dronedronedrone
2/15/2005 Dollinger / Dillinger Duo Dollinger / Dillinger Duo 7" $4.99 Bronson Recordings 5 track EP from 2003.
5/6/2011 Dolphins into the Future / Floris Vanhoof Neutral Buoyancy / Electronic Mantra 7" $6.99 Experimedia "Limited split 7 inch tour single featuring the work of Dolphins into the Future and Floris Vanhoof. Comes in an Experimedia custom designed reversible sleeve featuring photography by each of the artists. Made especially for their April 2011 US Tour with Monopoly Child Star Searchers."
2/23/2004 Domestic Purpose Tschuman Behaviour CDR $8.99 Humbug “Domestic Purpose is duo of Sindre Andersen (of the sadly defunct Duo Kanel, and TV5 label man) and Andre Borgen (who records under own name and/or as AHB). Besides these substantial claims to fame we've now got this fresh evidence of ‘tschuman behaviour’ which combines music, action sports (maybe) and drama (for sure) in a wholly confused and deliciously psychedelic manner. The fist review delivered a dead-pan comparison to Merzbow. Domestic Purpose is surfing the foamy crest of the last wave of
norwegian noise waters (those in the kitchen sink maybe). How apocalyptic is that? Comes in startling & colourful artwork featuring a Witcyst machine collage - nice. Edition of 80 copies.”
4/6/2015 Doors, The Critique LP $19.99
"A very limited return of this 2011 release, with 7 songs from a May 1969 TV appearance: "Tell All the People," "Whiskey Bar," "Back Door Man," "Wishful Sinful," "Build Me a Woman," "The Soft Parade," and "Five to One," plus an interview. Bonus tracks include "Light My Fire" and "The Unknown Soldier," from a show at the Roundhouse in London in 1968. Fine sound on all the TV show tracks, much less so on the Roundhouse gig. Euro import."

Doramaar Terra Incognita LP $8.99 Fusetron "Fine free-rock garage-drone from New Zealanders Kim Pieters, Adria Morgan, and Sara Stephenson. Guitars feedback strum clang - drums pound freely - an occasional melody blossoms and quickly wilts a few other sounds are employed. This music is noisy in its imprecision, but not really 'noise.' It's full of focused energy and grace, feels good, a nice play to visit." -Eddie Flowers
11/1/2014 Dorji, Tashi Tashi Dorji LP $17.99 Hermit Hut "Tashi Dorji grew up in Bhutan, on the eastern side of the Himalayas. Access to any music created outside the country is limited, as are most cultural options, given the geologically isolation of the country. How Dorji went from a life so remote to developing his innovative and revelatory guitar style is mind-boggling. Yearning for access to the world outside, Dorji pursued and obtained a fully-paid scholarship to a liberal arts school in Asheville, NC, in his early twenties. He's since settled in there (save a short stint in Maine), soaking up a vast array of music, most notably the works of Derek Bailey and John Zorn. Along the way, Dorji developed a playing style unbound by tradition, yet with a direct line to intuitive artistry. His recordings feature improvisations that spasmodically grow along tangential, surprising paths. All references break loose during a composition, as Dorji keys into his own inner world. After a handful of cassettes on various labels, Dorji presents his first proper album on Hermit Hut, the label created by Ben Chasny (Six Organs of Admittance) and inspired by spreading word of Dorji's talents. The six compositions here are hand-picked by Dorji and Chasny as the most representative and far-reaching of his recordings. Taken together, they announce a new guitar music unlike anything being made today."
5/8/2005 Double Leopards 9.26.4 Chicago CDR $15.99 Heavy Conversation Last volume in the skull series – limited edition of 200 copies. This is heavy – highly recommended!
12/24/2005 Double Leopards A Hole Is True CD $12.99 Troubleman "Brand new Double Leopards album on Troubleman, recorded at the Tar Pit, Brooklyn, New York. First track, 'Inmost Light', starts with a Pendereckian pit of tortured vox before being slowly eviscerated by flashing blades of analog ghosts and high, almost Whitehouse-style, alarm tones. This feels like one of the bleakest, sparsely populated obliterations from Double Leopards to date, and makes for a supremely ominous slow-motion lurk. Second track, 'Chemical Wedding', is even colder, a hurricane of static tone with just a ghost of electricity and a corona of barely-decipherable, overtone-heavy melodies. Third track, 'White Cadillacs' is a 21-minute vocal heavy monster that sounds like a numbers station beaming from somewhere beyond. Gotta be the most painstakingly minimal and evocatively fucked Double Leopards set to date, a perfect companion spin to their Out Of One, Through One And To One LP on Eclipse. All artwork by the band too. Highest recommendation." - Volcanic Tongue
12/24/2005 Double Leopards A Hole Is True LP $12.99 Troubleman "Brand new Double Leopards album on Troubleman, recorded at the Tar Pit, Brooklyn, New York. First track, 'Inmost Light', starts with a Pendereckian pit of tortured vox before being slowly eviscerated by flashing blades of analog ghosts and high, almost Whitehouse-style, alarm tones. This feels like one of the bleakest, sparsely populated obliterations from Double Leopards to date, and makes for a supremely ominous slow-motion lurk. Second track, 'Chemical Wedding', is even colder, a hurricane of static tone with just a ghost of electricity and a corona of barely-decipherable, overtone-heavy melodies. Third track, 'White Cadillacs' is a 21-minute vocal heavy monster that sounds like a numbers station beaming from somewhere beyond. Gotta be the most painstakingly minimal and evocatively fucked Double Leopards set to date, a perfect companion spin to their Out Of One, Through One And To One LP on Eclipse. All artwork by the band too. Highest recommendation." - Volcanic Tongue
1/15/2005 Double Leopards Halve Maen double CD $14.99 Eclipse At long last (and I really mean it - this has been 9 months since the dbl cd project started) and after numerous delays and manufacturing errors this dbl cd has seen the light of day! And it was worth the wait after I was finally able to hold one of these. This digital version contains the exact same tracks as the dbl lp (now out of print) and is a mini-replica of the gatefold lp version. This gatefold cd package came out real nice and even has an insert with it (like the vinyl version, too). If you're not familiar with this release, read this great review Pitchfork gave it (an 8.2 rating): "Nigh on a decade, I have been trying to figure out what the fuck I took that fateful night. Cloyingly labeled as a 'pharmaceutical hallucinogen,' a handful of pills opened portals to the most intense, frighteningly realistic phantasms I've ever experienced. One symptom of overdose, as the Pharmaceutical Handbook explained so succinctly the morning after, was that every electrical appliance malfunctioned in my presence: the LCD displays on my watch and alarm clock were helpless brambles of blinking bars of broken time. The carpet breathed and rippled its fibers. The walls sweated. I continually had the physical sensation of having something clenched in my grip, yet looking down, my hands were always empty. I bring this trip up because I think the Double Leopards (Mike, Maya, Marcia, and Chris) might have ingested the same shit. At the very least, they show similar symptoms on their second album for Eclipse. Housed in a dark and heavy sleeve, replete with an Indian skull and foreboding forest branches, it opens into a gatefold that evokes a satellite dish-addicted Bridget Riley illusion. Halve Maen is sprawled across two heavy discs, the only format through which the finest, most oblique musical messages can properly be conveyed. I am tempted to shove this in alongside such shadowy double albums as Wickham & Young's Lake, The Dead C's Harsh 70s Reality, Charalambides' Market Square, and Twenty-Six's This Skin Is Rust, but even those gave you a little breathing room now and then; Halve Maen smothers all light from the get-go as it burrows into the bowels of the earth below.
Very tactile from the first needle-drop, the everyday objects at the old loft space move of their own volition, at the edges of the feverish eyes. Household items like chord organs, plastic toys, and wind chimes suddenly lurch to the fore during 'The Fatal Affront', before all the room's paraphernalia disintegrates into the more solemn and murky affair, 'Druid Spectre'. Here appears a drum more akin to the undead pounding at a cardboard door, somehow thudding along from beyond the grave with an elongated guitar. Side B gets swallowed by 'A Hemisphere in Your Hair', which is time enough for a perm or other long scalp treatment. On this track, time is stretched and lulled until finally being rendered meaningless, and the listening brain is melted in slow undulations of sinewaves, primitive swirls of effects, bowed strings, prayer bowls, Melodica, and otherworldly drones. Small shivers of cricket-like feedback rise and fall with the slow, labored breathing of the beast, as if the inhaled pink goo from The Abyss were replaced with Graffix bong scrapings. The rattles that arise nearer the center of the spindle give the proceedings the woozy feel of an ancient ceremony coming to an end. Turns out we're only halfway there, though, and from this point forth, the travail gets veritably muddy, the group dynamic verging on unconsciousness. Discombobulation and a heavy, pervasive dread of being very lost permeates this record. 'The Forest Outlaws' spins the tape, mid-séance, into a paralyzing bout of self-inflicted ether damage. A blustery white-noise wind blows through the bundled layers of guitar and organ, freezing up the gears on the Leopards' zamboni right at the inner-circle of the inferno, where it's always most frigid and frightening. The last side is given over to 'The Secret Correspondence 1 & 2', plopping us into the vertiginous tides of the Dead Sea, where the silty, unseen bottom is stirred up something fierce. Cymbals are struck but quickly sink below the briny waters. Tremors of ghostly orchestras are constantly conjured by the guitars, a mass grave of vindicative strings that howl and die only to be resurrected for the finale. The instruments and processed moans of the group commune with a far more surly and slurred spiritual world than previously glimpsed, heavily sedated and hovering with a menacing glint just at the threshold of sanity. As it all slips away at record's end, I'm left questioning the mental stability and half-life of this trip. What I believed to be firmly in my grasp slithered away, a disquieting residue left behind on my hands and in my eyes and ears. Overwhelming in its morose synesthesia and downright bleary at times, Halve Maen is like those little yellow pills I popped so long ago: Ingestion will definitely fuck you up." - Andy Beta, September 16th, 2003.
7/23/2003 Double Leopards Halve Maen double LP $49.99 Eclipse After two full length LPs and a handful of CDRs comes Double Leopards magnum opus, a tome to the alveoli, paranormal science, and murderous intrigue on the high seas. A rueful journey that they are all still recovering from, the Leopards had to boldly ingest substances that while harmful to their original earthly containers, turned the ghosts of Panthalassa from transparent to opaque, allowing them to see with their mortal eyes the horrible shape of the enemy. With guitars, tapes, piano, drums, and a craggy heap of rusted electronics, they went to battle, and like the early grainy photographs of America's Civil War, the document is poignant and will only gain significance as time passes and the medium improves. One time pressing of 1000 copies, this is the best yet from Brooklyn's Double Leopards! Housed in a heavy duty full color gatefold sleeve with incredible artwork (and insert) designed by the Leopards themselves.
Highly recommended of course!
3/27/2004 Double Leopards Live at 5000 Strings CDR $15.99 Heavy Conversation Soundboard recording at the 5000 Strings Festival in Portland Maine, August 2003. Leopards descended on the church, took the stage full of lit candles, and replaced the cardboard covering the windows with millions of shards of positively charged stained glass. Third CDR in the "Skull" series documenting live Leopards performances, features a screened blue skull on red sprayed background.
3/27/2004 Double Leopards Live in Brighton CDR $15.99 Heavy Conversation On the Urban Concussion tour, the Double Leopards played at the Cinematheque in Brighton as part of a night of films and music. While Joseph Cornell's "Rose Hobart" and then Harry Smith's "Early Abstractions" were projected behind us, we responded to the flickers on the backs of our hands and heads with a slow moving tonal rattle, still adjusting to the 220 Volts moving slowly through our gear. Fourth CDR in the "Skull" series documenting live Leopards performances, features a screened powder pink skull on green background.
8/12/2005 Double Leopards Out of One, Through One, and To One LP $24.99 Eclipse 2004 recordings from Brooklyn's skull-crushing Double Leopards. 3 cuts recorded at the Rare Book Room housed in a beautiful silkscreened jacket. Limited edition of 1000 copies.
9/30/2005 Double Leopards Savage Summer Sun CD $12.99 Hospital "Savage Summer Sun captures two live shows on back-to-back days in March during their Spring West Coast tour. I heard great things about this tour, but I heard just as much about the great West Coast opening acts, Skaters and Axolotl, as I heard about the East Coast touring acts, Mouthus and Double Leopards. Double Leopards must have been similarly enthusiastic about the West Coast contingent, as they invited Skaters to tour the East Coast with them - a tour that is going on right now. Before opening up the CD, the natural question is, why wasn't this done as an LP with one show on each side? However each recording is about 37 minutes long, and to cut them down would have been a disservice, as the building up and tearing down of the group's sound is one of the most interesting parts of this release and something you don't always get from their studio recordings. The first recording is from the March 22nd show at Il Corral in Los Angeles. The Far East (the hemisphere of the world, not the coast of the US) treats music as a living, breathing entity. Creating music is less about technical execution as much as it is connecting as a group and giving life to something metaphysical, and this style of music creation, in the spirit of Taj Mahal Travellers, is captured excellently in this first show's recording. You get a great sense of the band coming together, starting with a few bellows of guitar feedback and a whirring bit of distortion, which slowly builds into a swarm of locusts. The dissolution is interesting too, as processed vocals cause all the instruments to drop out, leaving just hand drums and a few eeks and irrs. While it's a very interesting show, it's not a very effective drone; it's just a big whoosh. Despite some subtle added texture, once it reaches its apex, it's somewhat monotonous. Having listened to this track a half dozen times, I haven't gotten lost in it yet. The next day's show, a radio performance on KDVS of Davis, California, is a much better drone; it's positively overpowering. Distorted guitar is thrown through another layer of distortion, and then another, creating a dizzying siren call that floats around digital satellite blips and harshly distorted radio signals. My sinuses block up, and my head feels light. As one layer of distortion drops open, leaving some room to breathe, the guitar becomes a spinning maelstrom, sucking in energy, building back up again in power, but burning out quickly like a supernova. After it burns out, we're left to recover in a ten minute long bath of roughly textured digital distortion, the temperature building to a nice warmth with an added swell of processed vocals." - fakejazz.com. Highly recommended!

Double Leopards The Axe Helve LP $99.99 Heavy Conversation Incredible LP from Marcia and Grant of un and the Chris' of Wicked Finger. Beautiful drone and fucked up sounds. Limited to 500 copies - silkscreened jacket. Highly recommended.
9/30/2005 Double Leopards / Mouthus Tour LP $29.99 Troubleman Unlimited Very limited edition tour lp release. You'll only find this with the bands, through Troubleman, or here. Killer jams housed in a silkscreened jacket.
6/11/2006 Double Leopards / Mouthus / Sunroof! Crippled Rosebud Binding double LP $24.99 Music Fellowship "The 5th installment in the Music Fellowshipís triptych has finally arrived!! This release brings together two Brooklyn bands, Mouthus and Double Leopards, and the sonically entwined Sunroof! of England. While each band contributes a side to this two-LP set, the artists are brought together not just figuratively on wax, but literally, as the fourth side features all seven musicians playing together. Double LP Gatefold artwork and design by Mouthus."
1/30/2014 Dovers, The The Dovers one sided LP $15.99
Killer garage rock from mid 60's California. Super limited stock coming.

Dowser Mumusic CD $18.99 Pataphysique "'Welcome to the hypno party', the last track of Dowser's latest album is not an invitation to somnolence, but instead it induces a feeling of deep isolation and assimilation into the world. Playing with rhythm, now fast, now slow, and with vocal proximity, now close, now distant, Dowser are representing the fragmentation of the people of the world, the widening fissures emanating from the ending of Showa and from the lifting of the lid of Socialism. In the damaged area, there is collapse; at its very epicentre, you can hear Dowser. Here, you might also encounter Louis-Ferdinand Celine heading north from Baden Baden, with a heavy grudge against the world, a man of the '68 generation now driving a red Porsche and mumbling 'Forget the car stereo, the engine is music enough', or the actor in Philippe Garrell's 'Le vent de la nuit (Night Wind)'. They must still be on that road, some in contentment, some in silence but all caught up in memories with little care for the present, and yet an electronic sound keeps buzzing in their heads; Dowser! Drive on, the journey to the end of the night continues. Dowser is a duo of the two electro-musicians Nagashima Hiroyuki and Terai Masateru. Since their musical approach varies with every piece, their music cannot be described in short, however, it always evokes visual images. Using vintage synthesizers such as EMS, Buchla and latest DSP, the music they produce has sometimes barbaric and sometimes vulnerable feel. They have been working with several leading film directors, including Fukui Shoujin, Ishii Sogo, and Otomo Katsuhiro. Music for Ishii's 'Angel Dust' was reviewed 'The return of Telemusik (Stockhausen )' on Wire magazine. Nagashima ( prepared sampler ) and Terai (electronics ) are also the members of Big Picture, a project by Phew, legendary Japanese female vocalist."
3/5/2009 Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman Wolfenstein 3D cassette $8.99 Pizza Night "It's hard to ever take Ryan aka Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman too seriously. In fact, he calls Wolfenstein 3d his "new age" album. It's not all that new agey but it's definitely new territory. He brings a stellar focus to his usual barrage of bizarre electronics and droning that will make you sea sick and in awe of his mixing mastery. Full Color art + comes with 3D GLASSES!"
7/16/2009 Drafted by Minotaurs Aversion Therapy LP $27.99 Infraction "Drafted by Minotaurs mainstays are guitarist Ryan Wilson and Ian Fulcher, who contributes trumpet and glockenspiel. Meanwhile members of a floating cast chip in with added textures from cello and violin. Opener "Blueprints for Sunbuilding" spools out a hail of plucked and bowed strings, webs of sound solidifying then melting into steely flow, stall set out somewhere around cultivated Constellation post-rockeries, a mood and sound that may feel familiar to those acquainted with the new backwoods chamberisms and neo-folk drone of UK cottage industrialites such as Richard Skelton (aka A Broken Consort/Clouwbeck) and Seasons (Pre-din). "Sault Locks" proposes cyclical patterns of stringed things that seem to hover shyly apart, before swarming to swell and billow over the listener - not so much a Storm of Drones as a squall of tones. "Skin the Night and Fog," a more veiled sister of the previous pluckings and bowings, plays out a psych-infused dream sequence. These three tracks forming Side A work with their own distinct harmonic and textural patterns, while seeming like movements of something overarching. Miasmic minor chord tidal flow abounds, the music's motion determined by languorous bow-strokes, its textures by warm-prickly needles of guitar pizzicatos. Side B's single extended track, "Sunday's Morning Ghost," is wrought from similar materials, but aspires to more transcendant levels, led by the celestial harmonics of Fulcher's treated trumpet. It takes on atavistic echoes redolent of some distant Miles Davis or Jon Hassell blowback, as if viewing In a Silent Way through a post-Kosmische kaleidoscope, or channeled through Eno/Budd cathedrals to meet today's psych-drone and ambient trajectories. Overall, Aversion Therapy thrives on such productive tensions between genres and eras, as it does between live and recorded, spontaneous and pre-structured, making for engaging, at times thrillingly psychotropic, listening." - alan lockett. "The outer sleeve is a Stoughton printing tip-on style gatefold. 'Tip-on' is a separate matte sheet that is applied to thick board stock. Like LPs from the '70's, only thicker. Or 'old school' if you prefer. There is also a sort of OBI strip, or j-card that lies on the spine of the gatefold sleeves. Similar to the Japanese import vinyls - which is a nice touch (I'm biased) that gives some additional info. Then there is the vinyl itself - a slab of 180 gram virgin vinyl pressed at the vinyl pressing mecca that is RTI. The inner sleeves are audiophile grade anti-static triple layer sleeves. Lastly, the outer sleeves are resealable 4 mil plastic sleeves with flap...and they actually reseal. Mastered by Carl Saff. This LP pressing is limited to 489 copies.
4/29/2008 Dragonfrynd Smoke Ring Mandala CDR $13.99 Cut Hands "Terrific new project by Adam Kriney (La Otracina, Owl Xounds et al) ..board and effects and Clinton Wilkins on electric guitar. It's actually the first Kriney release that doesn't feature him on drums, in fact, there's no drums at all here. Just the thrill of entrancing guitarfeedback, kosmische tone workouts, touches of swirling Japanese psychrock and amplified Ash Ra Tempel meditations. A new and exciting direction for one of the most busy and promising talents in the NYC underground. Full colour covers, in slimline dvd cases, edition of 75."
3/20/2007 Draheim, Charlie Choose To Lose 7" $6.99 BloodLust! "This is the first release on BloodLust! by Detroit's Charlie Draheim, and I could not be happier. Draheim has been a major figure in both my social and my musical cosmologies during the last few years, and his recordings and his live shows have reached such a peak- state that I could not hold off any longer in releasing some of his intense, blasting electronic noise. The choice is yours... win or lose? Private series number twelve." Edition of 300 copies pressed on white vinyl with black and white insert.
9/17/2006 Draheim, Charlie Possession LP $15.99 Tone Filth "Pressure. Steam. Scrapyard drainage, leaking into the corners. Mold and mildew - seepage. Cracks, crevices containing black days and red nights. The infection is spreading. False and forgotten. The Butcher, as he's known amongst friends and enemies, slices his way though flesh and bone on his first vinyl appearance and his finest moment to date. Contaminating the a-side with sick tones, nauseating hiss and whine, the rumble and wet sadism of clogged sinuses led to climax in an orgy of rotten magnetic tape. Mongrel howls and junkyard threats make up the unhealthy flip of this record - the slowest of rhythmic thump wrought in contrast to relentless clang reminding of the new, no, The OLD Blockaders. It ends the second you wake up. Throw your vacant body in the gutter." - Greh Holger (Hive Mind, Chondritic Sound) Edition of 320 with hand screened textured card stock covers.
2/26/2006 Draheim, Charlie untitled 7" $25.99 AA Records One-sided square lathe cut 7" from Nate Young's (Wolf Eyes) AA label.
9/17/2006 Draheim, Charlie & Devillock Total Horror double Cassette $12.99 Tone Filth "A re-issue of what I beleive to be a Tone Filth classic. One tape is a split, the second a mail collaboration. Recorded Spring/Summer 2004, first edition released Fall 2004 in an edition of 45. Lo-Fi guitar vomit and organ hallucinations for decaying magnetic tape. Second Edition of 100 with hand screened covers and tapes in a slim white vinyl double cassette case."
4/10/2015 Dream Weapon Ritual Ebb & Flow LP $16.99 Boring Machines "Dream Weapon Ritual is the duo of post-industrial maestro Simon Balestrazzi ( T.A.C. Tomografia Assiale Computerizzata, Chandor Chasma and many other projects) and actress/performer Monica Serra. They play free-form music that draws equally from droning electronica soundscapes and imaginary folk visions. Ebb & Flow is their latest album since 2011 and it's another step forward in their imaginary blend of the archaic and the modern. Togheter with the core duo, Ebb & Flow sees contributions from M.S.Miroslaw (sacred horse skull), Massimo Olla aka Noisedelik (chalumeau), Paolo Sanna (various percussions), Donato Epiro (flutes), Antonio Gallucci of Architeuthis Rex (guitar, percussions). The album is released on black vinyl, cover art features sculptures by artist Enrico Marani."
9/18/2006 Dream/Aktion Unit Blood Shadow Rampage CD $15.99 VolcanicTongue "Volcanic Tongue is proud to present the first ever release by the Dream/Aktion Unit, a free-thinking avant garage Ur-kestra based around the central kernel of guitarist Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth), saxophonist Paul Flaherty and drummer Chris Corsano (Six Organs Of Admittance, Sunburned Hand Of The Man et al) and featuring Heather Leigh Murray (Taurpis Tula / Jandek / Charalambides) on pedal steel and vocals and Matt Heyner (No-Neck Blues Band / Test / Angelblood) on upright bass. The Dream/Aktion Unit were originally birthed as a side-project to allow Thurston Moore and Jim O'Rourke to fully explore the kind of ecstatic power blues that their work in Sonic Youth repeatedly implied. The addition of legendary New England saxophonist Paul Flaherty and powerhouse drummer Chris Corsano provided them with an umbilical connection straight to the source of modern musical freedom, while working to liberate them from previously articulated modes of known rock-speak. As a quartet, the group tore through a bunch of the USA's most winning festival spaces – their ground-levelling F/X pedal assault at the De Stijl/Freedom From bash in Minneapolis in 2004 being a particular landmark - with both guitarists drawing creative sustenance from the kind of ego-obliterating drums/horn interaction previously articulated by players like The Reverend Frank Wright, Glenn Spearman, Denis Charles and Albert Ayler. Come 2005 – with sub-underground modes enjoying a particularly unlikely shot in the sun – The Dream/Aktion unit began to take on role of some kind spontaneous think-tank, with a revolving door policy towards membership and a commitment to the demands of the moment resulting in almost orchestral incarnations featuring members of Burning Star Core, Hair Police and Vampire Belt all pushing the hell out of the envelope. In May 2005 Moore, Flaherty and Corsano brought the Dream/Aktion Unit to Stirling, Scotland, for the final Le Weekend festival to be curated by David Keenan/Volcanic Tongue. With O’Rourke permanently out of the picture due to various film and musical commitments, Matt Heyner aka Count Heynowski of NNCK and Heather Leigh of Taurpis Tula stepped up. The results were mind-blowing, with the quintet tearing through a non-stop gush of energy/ideas without resorting to base musical concerns like dialogue or listening with your ears. This was pure simultaneity at some kind of peak of flux. Moore's role was key. He would move from these kind of suggestive, shepherding chords that would work lubes of motion into the back line, where Corsano and Heyner hooked up to such a degree that it was hard to separate their individual tonal and percussive points. They sounded like a friggin combine harvester. Murray and Flaherty were floating on their own particular plane, one that worked to reconcile the insane pulse of blood from the base of their spine with the juice of pure vision. Flaherty’s sound touches on a whole bunch of jazz modes while re-situating the tradition somewhere way upwind of contemporary sound-as-thought while Heather Leigh's exquisitely violent pedal steel stylings and free vocal improvisations seemed to touch on aspects of both Patty Waters, Lydia Lunch and Keiji Haino's flesh-extensions while resolutely refusing anything approaching previously-articulated tongue. The whole thing was recorded and mixed straight to 24 track and the results are what you have in your hands. The first ever document of the collective thought of what’s easily the cream of the subterranean cup. Packaged in deluxe hard card gatefold sleeves with
specially-commissioned eye-gouging video nasty-style artwork from Miss Karen Constance of Brighton aka Karen Lollypop of Blood Stereo/Smack Music 7/Chocolate Monk this is the first ever 'real' CD release from Volcanic Tongue after a run of limited and highly collectable art-edition CD-Rs."
2/13/2011 Dreamcatcher Thoracic Empires c26 cassette $6.99 Bumtapes "Opening band for this years Godspeed ATP Festival, Canadian duo Dreamcatcher offer mumbled echoes of subdued glitching and suffocated swirling rotations, vocals burst through with static annihilation, dot matrix printers vomit lost crawling roaches, that climb over the side, up the walls, across ceilings and back down again as their waves repeat faster and faster! As if it were the new euphoria, the world would be even more twisted in a terminator house party kinda way! These guys lay between fire alarm cool and holocaust escape!! Aquatic sci-fi pulses eat at the heart while it pounds to the disintegrating beatŠincludes Full Fold-out Thoracic Empire! 50 copies."
7/16/2006 Dreams Dreams CDR $12.99 New Age Cassettes "Intense, allusive shot of free-associating brains beams, vox, percussion and fertility ritual from one of the most beautiful thinkers the current scene has produced, Mr James Ferraro of The Skaters et al. Parts of this make me think of a more ecstatic take on HNAS’s Abwassermusik ritual with the sounds of water, hand-percussion and peyote guzzling mixed into a soup of extremely potent dimensions. Sub-spatial poetry at its most liminal and disorientating. Highly recommended, as is every flash of his fingers." - Volcanic Tongue. Recommended here, too.
3/2/2005 Dreams of Tall Buildings Nothing Hurt and Everything Was Beautiful CDR $12.99 Pseudo Arcana "Dreams of Tall Buildings craft a lush, almost decadent series of loop-based washes on this disk. The title certainly sets the scene but, although predominantly electronic, acoustic and electric percussion and instruments make occasional and surprising interjections."
3/2/2005 Dredd Foole A Long, Losing Battle with Eloquence and Intimance LP $11.99 Ecstatic Yod "7 songs of studio-recorded solo Dredd Foole on vocals and acoustic guitar, in a totally different vein than the last Dredd Foole & the Din record with Pelt & Thurston Moore (The Whys of Fire).’For years and years (maybe about 17 or so), people have been pleading with Dan Ireton to record an album of his songs, as they are here, ‘mostly in one take’. That has, almost unbelievably at this point, finally been taken care of. Not necessarily ‘new’ or particularly ‘weird’, this is unquestionably (for lack of better terminology), ‘American’. And when was the last time you could admit to that? In front of a crackling fire, it could perhaps sound good enough to melt into the floor, but even those illuminated by mere fluorescence will find pure captivation. Words, voice, guitar, culturally-informed emotional expression. Printed inner sleeve with lyrics, just like the old days. Great Kim Gordon cover.” – FE. Highly recommended!
9/6/2012 Dredd Foole Blues Sermon With Congregation LP $18.99 Humito "The first vinyl document of the dredd and mv&ee collab recordings, this is a reissue of two deep slides originally released in 2004, as companion volumes to "Kissing the Contemporary Bliss", in extremely limited runs. the sessions behind this record represent a singular apex of high in the catalogs of both dredd foole and mv&ee, where the playing and being of each of the three individuals involved coalesces into a singularly cosmic perception and extrapolation of the blues doctors' truth, while simultaneously, individual sonorities and specialties drive their own cadillac. a major work of contemporary psychedelic blues in its own right, a truly rare sighting of dredd foole on wax, this LP is also an essential piece of the puzzle for COM enthusiasts; this is a key document of the star-gobbling sound mv&ee were toying with as their private universe back in the early-mid oughts, including such sides as "Lunar Blues" and "Cosmic Dust and the Electrobeam Hermit Thrush". as on those albums, mv's patented "spectrasound" techniques are on full display, creating a dazzling living environment in which dredds otherworldly and piercingly free vocals orbit. classic and singular psychedelic visioning, the sound here has almost has no known parallels i can think of, outside of buckley/underwood, or possibly robbie basho, but just GONE. listeners who know mv&ee solely as harvesters of song, or are unfamiliar with dredd foole's "recent" work, can look forward to flipping their respective gourds." Edition of 400 copies.
11/9/2004 Dredd Foole Daze On The Mounts CDR $12.99 COM Relics "The silver king of Ashram hum returns to the people after lighting up Maximum Arousal Farm and his very own room with 6 songs of total blue afternoon freedom in a mesmerizing rustic ramble that is the true follow up to ‘In Quest Of Tense’. Post Ra & Buk never sounded like such sweet earth." Extraordinary reissue on the fine COM Relics label (a division of Child of Microtones). This disc features Dan ‘Dredd Foole’ Ireton (voice, acoustic guitar, spectrasynth, moon drum, kalimba, ceramic drum) performing 5 cuts with Matt Valentine (acoustic guitar, telecaster, silvertone 6, harmonica, moon flute, backing vocals) and Erika Elder (tamboura, trumpet, bells on 4 of the tracks) and Dredd is solo on the last track recorded in the Winter of 2003.
8/21/2003 Dredd Foole In Quest Of Tense CD $12.99 Forced Exposure "Dredd Foole is the name used to designate the music of Boston-area vocal/guitar artist Dan Ireton. He used to lead a band under the name Dredd Foole & the Din, recording two great, mostly neglected albums in the 80s for labels known as Homestead and PVC. It was commonly known that his band was one of the only Boston bands worth seeing post-Mission of Burma (who backed him up actually, as the original Din, on his debut single in 1982). Those records were fine for the time, but they hardly captured the full intensity-scope of the 1st-gen post-VU/Stooges blare of that band in their prime. In the late 80s Dan wisely abandoned the rock band format and has sporadically been performing a series of breathtaking shows in the otherwise ready-to-be-nuked-today local ‘club scene’ ever since. Sometimes solo acoustic, sometimes with percussion, electric slide guitar or violin accompaniment, he sings with one of the most electrifying post-Tim Buckley vocal chords ever heard, and his concept of multiphonic non-traditional folk music with apocalyptic come-down power-appeal has finally been documented with this long overdue release. A masterpiece of personal trance-sound-vision & legitimate psychedelic space-whisper revelations, at your command."
11/2/2008 Dredd Foole Kissing The Contemporary Bliss double CD $15.99 Family Vineyard "For over 30 years troubadour wailer Dan Ireton, aka Dredd Foole, has called upon the spirit of 78 shellac blues n' psychedelic Stooges n' Velvets to fuel his guttural, pure soul ethos of the song. Whether solo or leading mass, Foole hints at the classic forms of Blood On The Tracks and the celestial fug of Sun Ra's third-eye vision to create an approach untraveled yet increasingly influential (see: Six Organs of Admittance, Sunburned Hand of the Man). Produced in multi-dimensional spectrasound by Matt "MV" Valentine (Bummer Road, Tower Recordings), Kissing The Contemporary Bliss spans 50 miles of elbow room (it's a double CD) and kicks up the most outward bound and staggering approaches to Gus Cannon's "Walk Right In" and Robert Johnson's "Stones In My Passway" while offering ear-popping originals colored by Erika Elder's jug blowin' and Coot Moon's ecstatic, reverb dosed banjo. You'll hear nothing like this in 2008 or beyond. Packaged in a mini-LP-styled gatefold book with full color photos of The Foole in action. This is the Foole's fourth solo album since 1994's In Quest of Tense and part of an American musical evolution that began with his debut 45 single leading The Din in 1982. Kissing... was originally released in an extremely limited edition by Valentine's Child of Microtones imprint in 2005. This reissue contains superior remastered sound and radically reworked design and cover art."
5/1/2009 Dredd Foole Songs To Despond Ya LP $13.99 Apostasy Recordings "The Dredd Foole catalog is wide (and deep) and yet this new release manages to carve another distinct tributary into the swamped landscape. As the title implies, Songs To Despond Ya falls on the songwriting end of the Foole Spectrum, and he takes full advantage of the opportunity to flesh out his bardic impulse. The results are raw and immediate, devoid of electronic effects, and all the more timeless for it. Of course, whether he's offering up ballads or free-hootin' and -hollerin', Dredd Foole always tugs at the heart and mind of anyone receptive enough to leave those doors open just a crack."
6/4/2010 Drekka Collected Works Volume 1 double CD $15.99 Morc Records "1996Š Michael Anderson takes on a new moniker for himself as he loses a friend, gains another and and decides to pack up and move from Boston to Chicago. Drekka produces it's first fruits, two very differenty cassettes entitled 'Grieve' (in august) and 'windowframe EP/ Hermitage one EP' (in December. The first captures the grief of loss, the hope of love and the sounds of a vast empty New England house. The second captures a cramped, but cozy apartment and the first Chicago winter. 2009Š 13 winters later, Morc Records out of Gent, Belgium, issues a 2cd set entitled 'Drekka - "Someday I will be called upon regarding matters of tone - Collected Works - Volume One", containing both cassettes in their entirety, plus all extant Drekka recordings from 1996..."
3/17/2014 Drekka Ekki Gera Fikniefnum LP $16.99 Dais "Dais is proud to announce the first full length album in 9 years from Bloomington, Indiana's underground legend DREKKA. Active since 1996 starting with his infallible Bluesanct label, Drekka's Michael Anderson channeled his vision into Drekka with extensive tours of the US and Europe, audio & visual collages, and side projects such as 4K, In Gowan Ring, Stonebreath, Turn Pale, and lovesliescrushing. Drekka's previous works run parallel to Edward Artemiev's soundtracks for Andrei Tarkovsky, Simon Fischer Turner's abstractions for Derek Jarman mixed with more contemporary groups like Nurse With Wound or Coil. Ethereral folk that takes on a tranquil lullaby quality, layered and textured, deconstructed and rebuilt to cause a quiet discomfort. Utilizing his endless personal sound library in a manner unique to Anderson, these compositions are arranged more like a film, showing us a glimpse into Drekka's soundtracks to films unmade. 'Ekki gera fikniefnum,' is a mistranslation from English to Icelandic for 'Don't do drugs', which seems to amuse Icelanders to no end. The expressions on Drekka's recent work are equally mistranslated. What one listener perceives as absolute, Drekka sees as only a loosely-fitting frame in his gallery of visions. For fans of Nurse With Wound, Cindytalk, Lovesliescrushing, and Coil. Limited to 300 copies, with gorgeous silver-treated pantone jacket and insert." Recommended!

Drekka / Fuscillage split 7" $4.99 BlueSanct Drekka-lowfi bedroom psych. Fuscillage-bent pop songs
4/29/2008 Drenches Holy Dread CDR $13.99 Cut Hands "Holy Dread, man, holy SHIT. This record is fierce. Heavy nature. Electronic bullying, raining down and piercing right through your balding scalp. The title track opens this monster and when I said raining down I meant it literally like that. Amazing effects that sound like you're in the midst of heavy heavy rainstorms….inside a tent. Ever been there? It ain't nice! This might just be the toughest harsh noise rec you have yet to hear this year. Stay proud, play loud. Black and white cover art by Branden Divens himself, in slimline dvd cases. Edition of 60."
1/17/2010 Drifts Future Light Cone 3" CDR $8.99 Ruralfaune "Econo-synth action unit. Claustrophobic space jams and post-urban sounds. 2/3rds of Bladder Stalks / Scumbag Relations related." Edition of 60 copies - part of Synth Series.
6/27/2009 Drifts Volute & Turreted double cassette $8.99 Scumbag Relations "Double econo-synth action unit. 2/3rds of Bladder Stalks (of Louisville Castle). Recorded to 4-track one evening December 2008. One 32 minute cassette featuring the original mix down with shorter, more concise tracks. One 90 minute cassette of much longer, more open-ended jams. Outtakes, false stops & starts...whatever....all included."
5/14/2007 Drona Parva untitled CDR $9.99 Fag Tapes "h. moerland and jimbo easter are on some sci-fi martian landing shit. blasting away aliens from the outer limits. the first release. playing their first gig on April, Friday 13th. sonic ray tweak and alien keys. edition 77." No relation to Time-Lag / Nemo Bidstrup.
1/20/2002 Drona Parva / Ultrasound Songs From The Entoptic Garden Vol. 1 LP $24.99 Time-Lag Records "The first in a series of split LP's loosely in tribute to Popol Vuh, as well as the first release on Time-Lag Records. Drona Parva's form-constant is a minimalist hammond organ meditation inspired by Popol Vuh's 'In Den Garten Pharaos' and early Terry Riley. A slow building, trance inducing improvisation. Ultrasound (Texas by way of Den Haag) opens side two with a beautiful reworking of Popol Vuh's 'Spirit of Peace', using piano, bass, gong, and viola, then closes the side with a track of shimmering guitar drone. Plenty to float away on... pressed on high quality 180 gram vinyl, and packaged in a gorgeous custom letterpressed sleeve. Hand numbered edition of 800."
3/2/2005 Drop The Fear Drop The Fear CD $10.99 Helmet Room Recordings “Drop the Fear fuses the sounds of electronic rock with the lushness of shoegazer, and an atmosphere much like something out of a Tim Burton flick. Utilizing many sounds much like a symphony would, the work
itself draws many comparisons to artists such as Cocteau Twins, but with a fresh approach similar in nature to Massive Attack. Sexy, mood driven, and deep in layers, their sound is hard to categorize, but somehow comforting and familiar.”
3/2/2005 Drop The Fear Drop The Fear CD & DVD $14.99 Helmet Room Recordings “Drop the Fear fuses the sounds of electronic rock with the lushness of shoegazer, and an atmosphere much like something out of a Tim Burton flick. Utilizing many sounds much like a symphony would, the work
itself draws many comparisons to artists such as Cocteau Twins, but with a fresh approach similar in nature to Massive Attack. Sexy, mood driven, and deep in layers, their sound is hard to categorize, but somehow comforting and familiar.”
7/10/2008 Droughter + Gnarly Sheen split cassette $5.99 905 Tapes "Two heads of the same beast, breathing fire and shitting smoke. droughter devours minds with a vocal shredding, feedback fucked wall of power that is hope enveloping and overloaded with eruptive hysteria. gnarly sheen changes things up with a dilated dronescape utilizing layers of lethargic currents. two reasons to put the entire ward on suicide watch."
12/25/2005 Drumm, Kevin / 2673 split LP $15.99 Kitty Play "Abrasive noise giant Kevin Drumm returns with his first vinyl appearance in years. He has issued a series of sold out critically acclaimed cassette tapes. Previous releases include the monumental "Land of Lurches" on Aaron Dilloways Hanson label. New Brunswick hero 2673 has recently released splits with Cherry Point, Jessica Rylan and Unicorn (Bill Nelson of Man Is The Bastard / Bastard Noise). This split marks his vinyl debut. Packaged in lush Steve OMalley (Sunn O))), Khanate, Burning Witch) artwork, this record is limited to a one time pressing of 500 copies."
9/30/2008 Drunjus Thorn Shield LP $19.99 Earjerk "too killer journeys... Dremcrom and Relax, Hunter. Both recorded live. One side completely in the analog realm; from the boys cassette deck straight to 180 gram black wax. Strictly limited to 300 copies. Hand screened on thrifted album covers turned inside out. No two alike. Side A - Dremcrom is a sideways drift through the earths crust which confirms that the core truly is molten. Drunjus bore a hole straight to the center of your brain. Live at the infamous Wisco Biker Bar... Side B - Relax Hunter is a more galactic affair. With enough molten fuel to get their ship airborn, Drunjus escape the atmosphere and enter a 300 year cryogenic sleep... co-released with Tree Tapes..."
4/10/2009 Drunjus / Anvil Dome Dawn of Dark Age cassette $5.99 Earjerk "Kicking off our new subscription series is a killer split cassette with Drunjus and Anvil Dome. Both contribute their live sets from a January 08 gig in Milwaukee set up by Mike of Black Eagle Child and Ghost Whale. Field Recordings, weighted bass lines, starry synth washes and positive karma."
3/14/2012 Drywater Backbone Of The Nation LP+7" $25.99 Time-Lag Records "Rural Pennsylvania private press from 1973. originally released as a pressing of only 25 copies on the legendary RPC custom label. extremely crude, but very charming mix of teen heartbreak garagey folkrock & raw proto-punk fuzz nuggets. surprisingly great lost in time songs executed with almost zero resources. never been reissued before, and remains unheard by most... a one-time vinyl only pressing of 500 copies. highest quality 180gm virgin vinyl, exact reproduction heavy vintage style covers, plus an insert with new liner notes from the band."
3/16/2015 DSR Lines III-II LP $23.99 Ultra Eczema "During an early DSR Lines show in 1998, at a group exhibition where snot artists were elbowing themselves a way to the tip of the Cathedral, hoping to catch some sun, or a glimpse of the painter they would all like to be, David Edren aka DSR Lines dragged along about 8 tv's he attached to various analog synthesizers, feedbacking up the psychedelic ambient boiling out of the speakers, smoking out the negative stench of rotting careerism, whether they dabbled their paws in oil or leftovers didn't matter in those days. DSR Lines has since been a presence in Antwerp i always enjoyed, whether in the background organising shows at the now defunct Scheldapen space in Antwerp, during his Radioshows at Radio Centraal, as a graphic designer and webmaster, as head of the Hare Akedod label or in various other constellations, it is good to see he is finally pushing that stuff to the background and cooking his great Kosmische psychedelic synth jams as DSR Lines as a main course!! This is DSR Lines' first lp, eyes wide open behind the wheel one might wanna catch some drips of this in the eye balls of fire, drip slowly, and for a full experience do whatever you please! For those who need some name drops instead, cancel out the vocals on early Battiato records, travel to Germany after Harmonia left a mess or choke Klaus Schulze forcing him to play from his fucking heart!limited to 200 hand numbered copies, comes in a duo tone pro sleeve and with a insert and a sticker!"
4/27/2015 DSR Lines Teller c30 cassette $6.99 Lal Lal Lal "A new one from Antwerp's multi-activist and synth worm David Edren! On Teller Edren creates euphoric and careful textures as usual, but here he goes further towards mellow and beautiful melodies. His spaceships (that include Buchla 200, Serge Synthesizer System, Eurorack, Arp 2500 and others) go to wonderful explorations into minimal spaces full of rich and amazing detail. Recorded at CEM Rotterdam, EMS Stockholm and in Antwerp, 2013-2015. C30 in edition of 70, with silk screened cover art."
9/30/2005 Duck Pass the Spoon DVD-R $11.99 Spirit of Orr "Recorded live at the Carhole in Belchertown, MA on February 25, 2005. Though no one knew it at the time, this was to be the final show at the Carhole, a, well loved gathering place in the Pioneer Valley, a ranch house feeling the pressure of exurban sprawl, the home of Paul Labrecque, Valerie Webb (your hosts and suspicious revelations of the just what magiks happened at the Carhole in it's short lifespan will be surfaced over the coming years. Among the long list of mind crumbling sessions there, came this appearance by the band Duck, two people able to spread the wings of feedback and extreme reverb into waves of acid soaked dust. Duck is Jessi Swenson and Matt Krefting (half of The Believers). This video runs just over 24 minutes, no apologies for rough edits or spaced out effects in fact, we think they are right on! Limited to 100 hand assembled, numbered copies."
1/25/2011 Duck Dive Inner Projections CDR $9.99 Synth / Ruralfaune "New effort after the release on Stunned. A technological soundtrack for an hypnagogic drive." Edition of 80 copies.
10/13/2010 Ducktails Hamilton Road 7" $5.99 Olde English Spelling Bee "3-song teaser for the upcoming Ducktails full-length Ducktails 3: Arcade Dynamics. Features home recorded demo versions of 3 tracks - includes 'Sitting' (aka 'Hamilton Road') & 'Art Vandelay' which is a track that he has been regularly performing live with his side project Real Estate. Cover art by Petra Cortright."
3/14/2014 Ducktails / Mudboy Summer of Saucers split cassette $6.99 DNT The Summer of Saucers is here again! Relive the glory daze of a summery psychosis. Same creeped out G.W. Myers artwork, but this time we used a green shell instead of blue, in an edition of 100. Here's what we said the first time around (and a review): Well the summer is coming to an end now and I can't think of a better way to end it than with this tape, "Summer of Saucers". The A-Side is Providence's Raphael Lyon, better known as Mudboy. The side starts off by the lakeside, and you can hear frogs and geese nearby. It slowly builds up with keyboards coming into the picture before fading back to where it started. Lazy day at the river. It is also part one of his "Impossible Duets" series of songs. The flipside is New Jersey's Matt Mondanile aka Ducktails. Ducktails has been described by someone as "ectoplasmic and cartoonishly cosmic bliss" and with song titles such as "Chill Jam" and "Sun Out My Window" you'll be apt to agree. Colourful conehead artwork by George W. Myers of Grey Skull/Breaking World Records. In an edition of 100 pro-dubbed blue tapes. "Very odd pairing here, but it's the unexpected that you come to expect from DNT. Mudboy does his typical best to confuse his listeners, starting off what sounds to be field recordings of perhaps himself lost in some sort of swamp (though it's understood that this environment is indeed his "collaborator"), setting up the backdrop for what later develops on this tape, of which I can only call "swamp ambient." Chattering, chirping, electronic frog drone and pulsing hum load up his side. On the flip, we have some fairly worthwhile composition from Ducktails, more of the dreamy electro-drone-pop with the hypnotic effects that they have come to popularize amongst contemporaries like Emeralds and Pocahaunted. No new ground is broken here, but some good jams no less." - Dusted "Still Single" Vol.5 No.9 (http://www.dustedmagazine.com/features/843)
10/25/2008 Dugoutcanoe Demonstration CDR $12.99 Reverb Worship "Dugoutcanoe is a one man project in the form of Jacob Isaacs from Denver, Colorado,USA.We struck up a friendship via email over the last two or three months.Jacob eventually sent me his "Demonstration" cdr which I really liked.He plays freaky multitracked electric guitar, tape loop effects,a horn and percussion... and sings all at the same time.If you dig the No Neck Blues Band and Sunburned Hand Of The Man this is for you. This cdr is available now in an edition of 48 copies with numbered brown paper insert.The covers are made from thick heavy material sourced from India.They have all been hand stitched by myself and are all different.They come packaged in a resealable cellophane wrapper."

Dunlavy I Ruined America LP $16.99 September Gurls Band's debut LP from 1995 edition of 550 numbered copies.
10/1/2002 Dunlavy Thaumatricon 2 CD $10.99 Fleece Records "Third album, and first to be released in the U.S. from ex–THE MIKE GUNN member Scott Grimm. Mantric hard psych and blissful, shape-shifting drones. A potent slice of crushing fuzzed out riffs, deep and heavily wasted vocal effects and sublimely introspective chord deconstruction that drift and slide into a truly psyched-out whirlpool of eyeball sweating sound."

Dunlavy The Spinning Dog LP $16.99 September Gurls "2nd album by Houston, TX based solo project of The Mike Gunn's Scott Grimm. Heavy space rock thunder, harder than the debut 'I Ruined America'. At times exploring parallel worlds to Wayne Rogers' guitar outbursts. LP is limited to 550 copies w. silkscreened sleeves similar to 'I Ruined America'".
5/16/2010 Dunmall, Paul & Chris Corsano Identical Sunsets CD $12.99 ESP-Disk "Best known for his collaborations with Paul Flaherty, Michael Flower and Thurston Moore as well as a year-and-a-half stint as the drummer for Björk's Volta tour, Chris Corsano is widely considered to be one of the most adaptive drummers of his generation. Equally prolific is UK saxophone giant, Paul Dunmall, who has worked disparately with jazz greats like Alice Coltrane and Evan Parker as well as funk and folk acts like Johnny Guitar Watson and Dando Shaft. After a chance meeting in a taxi line at Lisbon Airport, a surreal intertwining of tours emanated. In between the lasers, confetti and face-painted fans at Plymouth Pavillions and Wolverhampton Civic Hall, Chris left the Björk mega-tour to get down to business alongside the imaginative Dunmall for some vital improvisation at Slak Bar in Cheltenham, England. This wonderfully recorded live set begins with Dunmall swirling away on the border pipes (he may be the preeminent improvisor using bagpipes). What follows is an impulsive and lyrical improvisation, alternatingly sparse and impossibly textured. Corsano's skittering marries perfectly with Dunmall's rapid-fire lines. The melodies are expertly uncoiled so that they remain charged whether the tempo is at full speed or crawling. The set ends furiously, leaving no doubt that this duo was fated to work together."
5/16/2010 Dunmall, Paul & Chris Corsano Identical Sunsets LP $19.99 ESP-Disk "Best known for his collaborations with Paul Flaherty, Michael Flower and Thurston Moore as well as a year-and-a-half stint as the drummer for Björk's Volta tour, Chris Corsano is widely considered to be one of the most adaptive drummers of his generation. Equally prolific is UK saxophone giant, Paul Dunmall, who has worked disparately with jazz greats like Alice Coltrane and Evan Parker as well as funk and folk acts like Johnny Guitar Watson and Dando Shaft. After a chance meeting in a taxi line at Lisbon Airport, a surreal intertwining of tours emanated. In between the lasers, confetti and face-painted fans at Plymouth Pavillions and Wolverhampton Civic Hall, Chris left the Björk mega-tour to get down to business alongside the imaginative Dunmall for some vital improvisation at Slak Bar in Cheltenham, England. This wonderfully recorded live set begins with Dunmall swirling away on the border pipes (he may be the preeminent improvisor using bagpipes). What follows is an impulsive and lyrical improvisation, alternatingly sparse and impossibly textured. Corsano's skittering marries perfectly with Dunmall's rapid-fire lines. The melodies are expertly uncoiled so that they remain charged whether the tempo is at full speed or crawling. The set ends furiously, leaving no doubt that this duo was fated to work together." 140 gram high-quality black vinyl. Limited edition of 500.
12/19/2002 Duo Kanel Livsopplevende Dikt CDR $7.99 Humbug "Fine audio-daubs from the reckless duo of Sindre Andersen and Ansten Klev. The duo enjoys noise as well as rock & pop, and "Livsopplevende Dikt" is conceptual dollop as well as good clean fun. Their repetoire ranges from pure skronk attack (retarded synth's, furious drum-programs, guitar improv freak-out) to more mellow moments (tender piano, muffled phone conversation) - all in all, music nicely out on a limb, for sugar. Packaged in painted handmade cardboard covers, poem on the back (to go with song titles), cute
one-of-a-kind hand drawn kiddie inserts, sticker, etc."
4/13/2011 Duplant/Lenglet/Wadham Proverbes CDR $8.99 Bug Incision "A long-time-in-the-pipeline release from the quasi-trio of Bruno Duplant, Philo Lenglet, and Rachael Wadham. Duplant, a multi-instrumentalist who appears here on percussion, and Lenglet, on the guitar, are from France. They play together regularly and Duplant appears to be a prolific collaborator, working often with the likes of Lee Noyes, Phil Hargreaves, and Paulo Chagas. Pianist and junk manipulator Rachael Wadham (who's also played with Jandek, Deep Dark United, Attn: Diamond Shoppers, etc) is a name that old-school Bug Incision fans will remember from her duo disc with Chris Dadge, 100 Silk Buttons From The Room Upstairs. One of Vancouver's most interesting and excellent musicians. Duplant and Lenglet recorded some duos in France, sent them to Wadham, and she played over top of them, in the time-honoured tradition of mail-improv." Edition of 70, color covers in plastic sleeves