DateAdded Artist Title Format Price Label Description
5/8/2005 C.O.B. Moyshe McStiff & The Tartan Lancers Of The Sacred Heart CD $18.99 Radioactive Records First official reissue of the one of the true pinnacles of British Psychedelic Folk, orginally issued by Polydor in 1972. This, their 2nd and final record after Spirt Of Love, is truly 'as good as it gets' and Radioactive have really bumped up the quality ratio for this release. "Formed by Clive Palmer (folk legend and founder of the Incredible String Band) and championed today by figures as diverse as Billy Connolly, Johnny Marr and Bert Jansch, COB's music was neglected in its time but has come to be regarded as the epitome of acid folk. Radioactive is delighted to announce the first ever official reissue of their 1972 masterpiece, Moyshe McStiff and the Tartan Lancers Of the Sacred Heart. Soulful, reflective, joyous and utterly musicianly, its reappearance is way overdue. Fully licensed from the band. Featuring the legendary Danny Thompson on bass. Remastered at Abbey Road by NickWebb from the original master tapes. Featuring full participation from all musicians involved. Complete with fully annotated and illustrated 8 page booklet. This issue is not only set to be definitive, but also to place Moyshe McStiff firmly where it should always have been - in the pantheon of truly classic albums."
8/5/2011 Caboladies Renewable Destination LP + download $15.99 Students of Decay "Recorded from 2009-2011, during which time Caboladies members Eric Lanham and Chris Bush relocated from Kentucky to Chicago, Renewable Destination constitutes the duo's most refined and focused work to date. Both as a collaborative unit and under solo monikers Carl Calm and Flower Man, Lanham and Bush have produced a wealth of limited-run releases in recent years on labels such as Arbor, Dekorder, Digitalis, and their own Smooth Tapes imprint which document their uniquely fractured sonic sensibilities. Perhaps what amazes most about the pair's work is the sheer diversity of their palettes. At any given time, we get the sense that any sound is possible, as they construct intricately-designed edifices rife with microcosmic detail. It is this keen attention to the hyper-detailed that distinguishes Renewable Destination, and the oeuvres of Lanham and Bush as a whole, from their 'synth revivalist' contemporaries.This is music that refuses to sit still, yet at the same proves remarkably coherent and, at times, strikingly beautiful. If pressed, one could perhaps locate the duo's aesthetic somewhere between the sounds of Mouse on Mars and Microstoria and composers such as Francois Bayle and Bernard Parmegiani, but the soundworlds which Lanham and Bush inhabit are truly and uniquely their own. Edition of 300 LPs w/ digital download coupons."
11/2/2008 Cadena Muerto Paranoia is Total Awareness CDR $8.99 Cut Hands "Cadena Muerto is a new demon brought to life by Slow Listener's Robin Dickinson. Dickinson's harsher alter ego if you will, the rage inside in the shape of wretched guitarnoise, deformed pieces of snare fuck, mangled metal and visions of Derek Baily recording inside metal shredders." edition of 40 copies, black and white artwork and insert.
2/21/2015 Caglar, Umut Seeds Of Eternity LP $28.99 Sagittarius A-Star "Umut Caglar is the founder of Konstrukt and a key figure of Turkey's exciting contemporary underground music scene. His first solo LP is spacey but at the same time traditional. On the last track of the LP he's joined by the sublime voice of Kurdish singer Gulseven, who reads passages (in Ottoman) from a sacred poem by the ancient Persian/Turkish poet Noksani." ?TRACKS:?01. Feza?02. Dervis?03. Kara Bahtim Kem Talihim
12/25/2005 Cahier Jour Ouvrable CDR $7.99 Foxglove "It's winter in finland now and the sun only peaks its head out for a short time in the north. on those cold nights, you need something to keep you safe and warm. look no further freezing friends, cahier is here for you. this project is the solo vehicle of marko neumann, who is known for his work in the polka dot sunflower bed orchestra, among others. this simple music, constructed with various stringed and keyed instruments, is a ray of light on the darkest eve. "jour ouvrable" keeps hope alive. magical piano dirges are clipped by the droning wings of reversed, shimmering electric guitars. take one more step onto the frozen pond and as you feel the ice give way underneath, just hold your breath and smile. 100 copies."
3/1/2007 Cahier Jour Ouvrable II CDR $7.99 Foxglove "Finland's marko neumann aka cahier returns with his second blast of warm air straight from the arctic. lilting drones that are conjured from a variety of sources, some electronic, some acoustic, dance like magical lights just out of reach, but close enough to feel. this sequel to cahier's first foxglove offering puts the puzzle pieces in place so that the listener can hear the full scope of his range. the short bursts are like chance meetings in the street; like a place of refuge from the cold. cahier's latest continues neumann's quest to touch the sun." Edition of 100 copies.
5/14/2007 Cahier Jour Ouvrable III CDR $13.99 Cut Hands "Third and final edition in Marko Neumann's Jour Ouvrable series and without a doubt the heaviest and most intense Cahier so far. Ashened glaciers of droning feedback crashing with insane, electrocuted pianoloops, muffled vocal scum and organs being torn out. It all builds up real nice from drawn out noisescapes to intenser, filthier heights before falling face down in a pool made of the sweetest piano melody ever. Comes in chalk paper sleeves with insert. Cover art by Mako Sushi, limited to 60 copies."
7/14/2007 Cahier (Orchestra) Ciudad CDR $7.99 Phantom Limb Recordings "Marko of FInland has been making music for a long time (with releases on Foxglove, Cut Hand and Sloow Tapes). But he has never made a collection of sounds as brutal and intense at this yet. Phantom Limb is honored to release this truly epic set of sonic mayhem, blasted rhythms and blurred soundscapes. Glitched out bliss from across the sea!" Limited edition of 90 copies.
2/20/2010 Cairo Gang Twyxt Wyrd LP $19.99 Blackest Rainbow "This was actually the first ever LP I asked someone to do for Blackest Rainbow, way back in early 2007... The Cairo Gang previously had a CD released several years ago on Narnack Records, and the main man behind The Cairo Gang, Emmett Kelly, came over and toured with John Dwyer's OCS (now currently known as Thee Oh Sees), which was actually the first ever show I put on... After meeting Emmett back then he made several reappearances in the UK playing guitar for Beth Orton and Bonnie 'Prince' Billy. This new record was recorded back in 2007, and in some ways is a slight departure for the roster on Blackest Rainbow. The record features 8 proper songs of loose relaxed Chicago style songs, if you're into the trademark sounds of labels like of Thrill Jockey you'll definitely dig this. The line-up for the release is also pretty damn sweet, featuring Rob Lowe (Lichens, 90 Day Men), Ben Vida and Joshua Abrams (both of Town & Country, Vida also performs solo as Bird Show). Limited to only 300 copies, with paste in covers and insert."
7/30/2006 Calvinist, John Henry King Solomon Hill CDR $7.99 Foxglove "Traditions don't often go softly into the night. they may fest under the surface of things for a while, but they don't truly disappear. the lost domain's john henry calvinist prepares a set of
limestone-dusted originals which snake their way through the muddy rivers of days gone by. dirt-soaked radio transmissions from distant dimensions scorch the reels and get things moving. there's enough space in these towering guitar explorations to suck marrow from the sky. these back porch acoustic blues sing to the heavens, "come down and get me, i'm just waiting..." - label
10/25/2008 Camellia 23'39- EP CDR $12.99 Reverb Worship "Camellia are an excellent trio from Japan.The band play instumental post/progressive rock with some interesting time signatures reminding me a little of a more commercial version of Koenjihyakkei or Ruins.The cd features three excellent tracks and comes in an edition of 50 hand numbered copies."
9/18/2012 Caminiti, Evan Dreamless Sleep LP + download $15.99 Thrill Jockey "On Dreamless Sleep, Evan Caminiti (also known as one half of guitar duo Barn Owl) creates a lush and misty atmosphere with this collection of hazy, half-remembered sound portraits heard through a veil of static and hiss. The dense tracks are an evolution in terms of Caminiti’s compositions, musically referencing devotional hymns, Berlin-school epics, and cinematic westerns. The pieces began as guitar and synthesizer recorded to cassette 4-track and were deconstructed and rebuilt over a year after being recorded, resulting in rich orchestral swells and disorienting manipulation of the source material." LP version features spot UV printing on the cover and a free download coupon.
6/24/2012 Caminiti, Evan Night Dust LP + download $19.99 Immune "Since 2005 Evan Caminiti has explored the potential of psychedelic guitar music informed by American traditions and kosmische inspirations alike. Working in both Barn Owl and Higuma as well as releasing three full length LPs under his birth name, he has released records on Thrill Jockey, Three Lobed, Important, Root Strata, Digitalis, Not Not Fun, and Handmade Birds. With Night Dust, his debut for Immune, Caminiti shifted the focus away from amplifier worship and the desert themes his work is often associated with to focus on texture, fractured dub techniques, and spacious electric guitar compositions. Recorded entirely to 4 track cassette, Caminiti embraced the limitations of the medium and warped the original sound sources with analog electronics, searching for beauty in the hazy and degraded sounds. Inspiration came from smokey blue hues and washed out lights of some of the 80's best vampire movies which contributes to the visually evocative narrative flow the album possesses. Guitars moan like horns through empty city streets, vocal samples erode in devotional bliss, and webs of synthesizer float like mist. The sounds of Caminiti's guitar become disembodied as intricate fingerpicking techniques give way to percussive thuds, streaks of feedback, and textural crumble.
Night Dust was mastered and cut to vinyl by Andreas [LUPO] Lubich at D&M in Berlin, pressed on high-quality virgin vinyl at RTI and housed in a heavy-duty old-style tip-on gatefold jacket printed on uncoated stock by Stoughton. Also included is a free download coupon. LP is limited to only 1,000 copies."
5/27/2003 Campbell, Neil Boomerang is Love / Asteroid Taproom / Jet Target Dragline / The Singing Pubis CDR $9.99
"Reissue of 2 1999 solo cassettes on one tidy CDR. Big handsome homemade weather balloon sounds with the occasional twinkle for folks with wide ears."

Campbell, Neil Excerpt from the never-ending bowed metal song CDR $11.99 fencing flatworm recordings "Wonderful, meditative and fluid bowed metal piece from a member of The Vibracathedral Orchestra (recently reviewed in 'outer limits' section of The Wire). Somehow both restless and peaceful at the same time. The left and right channels are different and overlapping which makes this superb headphone music."
6/19/2007 Campbell, Neil Sol Powr CD $14.99 Music Mundane "A timely reissue of an LP that originally saw the light of day on vinyl, courtesy of the esteemed Finnish label Lal Lal Lal, some time toward the start of this millennium. Well, the 300 copies soon disappeared, Campbell and Lal Lal Lal moved on to further releases and everyone was happy. That is, all apart from those who missed out and had to trawl ebay and rare record lists if they wanted to hear what amounted to only the second Neil Campbell solo record, after 1997's "These premises are no longer bugged". Campbell is of course familiar from his recordings with Vibracathedral Orchestra, Sunroof!, Richard Youngs, The A Band and many more over the past two decades. His current project, Astral Social Club, goes from strength to strength, prompting Dusted magazine to call it "the purest expression of his art of the ecstatic on record". In many ways, "SOL POWR" is the logical precursor to Astral Social Club, with its heavy focus on keyboard-driven electronic pulse flotation - when it was originally released Julian Cope remarked that it "sounds as though Martin Rev had teamed up with Moebius and Roedelius, during their CLUSTER 2 period". This reissue, the first release on Campbell's own Music Mundane label, supplements the original vinyl LP with three additional tracks from the same period. Two of them were originally released on a miniscule-edition 7" lathe-cut by Stavanger's Gold Soundz Records, while the third was commissioned for download on Brian Lavelle's online TechNOH label. They fit right in with the LP's original seven tracks, forming fifty of the most glorious minutes in Campbell's not-inconsiderable discography." Edition of 500 in hard DVD style case.

Campbell, Neil String Quartets, Loops, Garden Talk CDR $12.99
Solo release from 2000.
5/27/2003 Campbell, Neil The Hearing Force of the Humanverse CDR $11.99 fencing flatworm recordings "Neil Campbell may be more recently known as part of local resonant experts Vibracathdral Orchestra, but Hearing Force shows three years of worth of equally absorbing solo work. Less guitar based than when with Vibracathedral, Campbell continues in their semi-improv, intuitive vein, using windchime-like bells, cut-up tapes of opera, Velvet Underground-style violin groans and radio tuning trills to create both beautiful disquiet and contemplative melancholy." - from The Leeds Guide, May 2001
5/27/2003 Campbell, Neil & Rob Hayler In Luck CDR $9.99 fencing flatworm recordings Neil Campbell + - CD $9.99 ()
"6 tracks, 34 minutes of electro-loopage, starting fairly minimal, then spilling over into glorious drunken forest swirl. Not so much a midway point between Campbell solo and Hayler's Midwich project, more another door opening into somewhere new."
1/13/2002 Campbell, Neil & Stewart Walden Here Comes Fun CD $11.99 Slippy Town "Back yonder in 1992, before he got around to dronin' with the VibraCathedral Orchestra, Neil Campbell recorded this set of 21 improvised songs with collaborator Stewart Walden. The sound is hard to describe, but how about this: the Godz timewarp to the early 90s, obtain electronic keyboards, and imbibe the substances necessary to produce this kinda twisted FUN! There are also similarities to Slippy Town faves the Screamin' Mee-Mees. Dance to the beat of 'Really Nasty Stain,' 'Dog Song,' 'Hello Bastard,' 'Edmund Sparkler, Sun Ra Fan,' 'Vegan Vampires,' and many mo'! Edition of 120."
9/13/2012 Campbell, Neil and Robert Horton Trojandropper LP $14.99 Zum Recordings "Two individuals with long histories in improvised and experimental music come together through, and despite, modern technology. Neil Campbell is an experimental musician known for his Astral Social Clubsolo project and for being a member of Vibracathedral Orchestra and a long time player in the UK noise underground. Robert Horton got his start in the San Francisco punk-noise act The Appliances and the eclectic Plateau Ensemble. After a musical hiatus he returned in the oughts collaborating often with Tom Carter, Loren Chasse, and members of Yellow Swans, as well as releasing solo material under his own name and the moniker of egghatcher. Although Campbell and Horton have never met in person, they met virtually on the Jeweled Antler mailing list. Both musicians are ridiculously prolific and prone to collaboration. They got to talking disco, probably as an antidote to all the folk and 'how to record' bug chatter. Campbell says, "Robert TOLD me in an email 'one day we'll make a disco record together'... who was I to argue?" As far as the end result being disco, Horton notes "we failed at that." "It was a good idea," writes Campbell, "but you're also correct to draw attention to the missing of original target, which I really like - nothing better than the happy accident." Horton continues, "collaborations are about being surprised and this one did that often. Just when I thought I knew where it was going it went somewhere else. We still have it in our future plans to make a dance record. '70s retro disco with a serious virus inside that causes it to bleed drones." Guest musicians on the album include Dan Plonsey and Hal Hughes (Horton's Plateau Ensemble bandmate). The title references the infamous Trojandropper virus that infected Horton's computer, eliminating many hours of work and files. The resulting album that had to be pieced back together is something that mixes organic, almost crystalline drones with off kilter beat patterns and lopsided techno. "Trojandropper" is beatific, odd, and an anomaly to even its creators, like all projects that take on a life of their own."
Robert Horton: bass, beats, boot, casio fz-1 sampler, CDs, computer, edits, filters, harmonica, loops, percussion, piano, shenai, tapes, trumpet, turntable, harmonium
Neil Campbell: acoustic guitar, bliptronic 5000, casios, computer, edits, effects, electric guitar, kaossilator, loops, weevils
Dan Plonsey: Soprano sax on "Slush Flotsam Bunny"
"Panharmomicon Particle Radio" featured on THE WIRE's "Wiretapper"CD series in the April 2012 issue
An alternate mix of "Slush Flotsam Bunny" appears on an upcoming YETI magazine download compilation
Available in a limited edition of 440 LPs.
6/25/2013 Can Can You LP $20.99
"This collection of what we're told are "really rare tracks" includes "All Gates Open," "Safe," "Sunday Jam," "Sodom," "A Spectacle," "Ping Pong," "ESF No. 99: Can Can," and "Pauper's Daughter and I." More details to come! Full color glossy sleeve, Euro import."
2/14/2008 Can't Private Time Part 2 LP $15.99 Weird Forest "For me this is the ultimate Can't LP. Its a sound cornucopia of everything Jessica Rylan does so beautifully... amazing scraped and destroyed analog synth-laden vocals, lovely singer/songwriter stylings with acoustic guitar, and Shaggs-style garage gusto! This record features Jessica's own homemade synthesizers including the Little Boy Blue! One of my favorite Weird Forest releases to date! Beautiful color covers by Abide Visuals and a fabulous inner sleeve with artwork by Jessica." - label. Limited edition of 500 copies.
11/17/2007 Can't / Carly Ptak / Heather Leigh / Zaimph Can't / Carly Ptak / Heather Leigh / Zaimph double lathe cut 8" $29.99 Curor Recordings "New limited to 100 copies double lathe set (plays at 45rpm) that bundles four of the foremost female avant/noise insurgents this side of Yoko fucking Ono. And that's the only side to be on. Heather Leigh's "Loch Awe" is the first recorded evidence of her profound post-Adris Hoyos approach to drums and vocal disobedience, with a bandstand rocking sound that references Robbie Yeats's machine gun stagger as much as The Shaggs or Harry Pussy. The Zaimph track is a tornado of levitation with vocals sucked through tiny collapsing galaxies. Can't aka Jessica Rylan presents a synth and vocal piece that draws on all of the most magical aspects of her live shows while Carly Patak of Nautical Almanac presents an excerpt from a conceptual work entitled "Activity: brief fugue", intended to "create change through the process of focussed intent". The whole set comes wrapped up in some particularly fine art by Karen Constance of Blo od Stereo/Chocolate Monk/Polly Shang Kuan Band etc. Highly recommended." - Volcanic Tongue. "The brief, such as it was, for this double 8" lathe-cut set was that each artist should submit a track of 'vocal exploration.' The artists were free to interpret this however they wished. It was not a condition that tracks should necessarily be a capella. Jessica Rylan (aka Can't) provides a 'cover version' of part of Junko's 'Sleeping Beauty' with heavily processed voice and homemade modular synthesizer. Double Leopard's Marcia Bassett pushes the tolerances of the lathe-cut to breaking (up) point with the intensely distorted vocal loops of 'Winter Lips'. Carly Ptak's 'Activity: Brief Fugue' offers perhaps the most unexpected interpretation of the brief, being the documentation of a talk the artist gave during a workshop dedicated to creative realisation. Finally, on 'Loch Awe', Heather Leigh assaults a massively reverberant drum set, all the while wailing like some supernatural creature of Scottish legend. Stunning cover art by Karen Constance." - label
3/26/2006 Can't / Nipple Creek split CDR $12.99 U-Sound Records "Can't is Jessica Rylan, here in live performance from 2004. enter this sweet chirping composition, and become lost in her zonked home-made synth world. Nipple Creek is Thurston and Gene Moore running wild with their guitars open. full on!! joined by lottsa familly members, and Tom Greenwood to boot. like a big barney with a deluxe almond joy division!"
2/13/2013 Cannibal Movie Mondo Music c30 cassette $8.99 Yerevan Tapes The italian drums+organ psych duo comes back, after their debut LP Avorio, with two new, obnoxious songs. One per side, almost 15min each one. Microphones In The Trees blog says: "Two long underground jams are the best recording of the duo. The first side takes you in a hypnotic journey to the afterlife, I like to think (even if only organ and percussion) in early Amon Düül, the darkest ambient of German Oak and surrounded by accumulated strain that doesn't end explode, as the great recording of japanese Jacks. The other side begins more meditative and at times ethereal, until the percussion of Gaspare opens the path to a ceremony of a secret brotherhood with dissonant textures and hypnotic pulse". Comes on pea green cassette with photographic insert and usual estoic artwork by S. Anhayt. A limited edition of 100.Check this out at:
11/16/2004 Canterbury Music Festival Rain & Shine LP $22.99 Beatball "Top quality LP version of only recordings from New York quaret, whose album was an ultra obscure release on The Tokens’ B.T. Puppy Records label; like most soft pop/psych from New York (ie: Left Banke) there is a melancholic underpinning to the sunshine, as you'll hear on mournful sounding ballads like 'First Spring Rain', 'Why Does Everybody Run To Home', 'You're The Only Good For Me', and 'Poor Man'. Unlike most soft pop groups, however, these guys could rock when they wanted, as they do on 'Super Duper Trooper' and an unlikely instrumental take on 'The Son Of A Preacherman'. The crown jewel of the album is the snappy 'Angelina', which is the best song that the Epic-era Don & The Goodtimes never did." - Lion Productions
6/26/2012 Cantu-Ledesma, Jefre Alone Together #6 - Faceless Kiss / Blut Mond 7" $6.99 Emerald Cocoon "Jefre's guitar beams directly down from Souvlaki Space Station and arrives gorgeously mangled via modular synthesizer. Romantically haloed chorus guitar floats widescreen across relentless static drum machines until the sky splits open in the final movement, spilling burning guitar fragments over everything. This same pink-out bliss was explored on his 'Love Is A Stream' LP on Type Records, only here it's simultaneously more unapologetically pop and more aggressive. The B-side, 'Blut Mond' is a bass-heavy covert floater - night sky music. Fittingly enough the closing statement of the first round of our Alone Together series is the one that wants to draw you close and to fall gently asleep with you. Sound is bliss. Jefre Cantu-Ledesma is of course a member of Tarental and The Alps, a regular collaborator with experimental film maker Paul Clipson and founder of the esteemed Root Strata label. Edition of 300, mastered by Pete Swanson."
6/25/2011 Cantu-Ledesma, Jefre Shining Skull Breath LP + download $15.99 Students of Decay "With the release of last year's "Love is a Stream," the solo work of Bay Area stalwart Jefre Cantu-Ledesma (The Alps/Tarentel/Root Strata) leapt into public consciousness, garnishing accolades for its transfixing melding of shoegaze pop with drone, ambient and noise sensibilities. Originally released in 2007 as part of our limited run CDR series, "Shining Skull Breath" finds Cantu mining similarly rich sonic territory with enchanting results. Throughout the album he submerges delicate, drifting guitar passages in constantly shifting webs of sound, creating buried melodies which snake and hover through a haze of tape noise. If the emphasis in "Love is a Stream" was on the subtle subversion and appropriation of shoegaze tropes, on "Shining Skull Breath" Cantu's compositions seem a bit more opaque and mysterious, but no less moving. He invites the listener to accompany him through this beautiful fog and, in the process, offers a glimpse of rare and radiant beauty. This definitive edition has been remastered by James Plotkin and features two new tracks not included on the original release. 500 copies. Includes digital download coupon."
8/4/2007 Capece, Lucio BB. DVD-R $11.99 a question of re_entry "the dvdr contains two performances for solo saxophone and assorted utilities, filmed in berlin & buenos aires. for those who have grown weary of audio & visuals releases, fear not! these are videos of a man doing his work, nothing to distract you from your listening habits (you'll be missing the point of course but what more could we do..). i should pause here and mention two or three other discs lucio has been involved in lately. first of all there is his duo disc with toshimaru nakamura - IJ on formed, this is not out yet but should be pretty soon according to reliable sources. what is out and circulating on the net though is reviews, ranging from great to ecstatic, from some duo dates these two have been playing during the past weeks. needless to say this is a document that's been generating some expectation. out on azul discographica is the trio of lucio capece/robin hayward/axel dörner - "Kammerlärm". and last but not least, on l'innomable, there is the duo record of lucio capece & axel dörner. i am writing all this info on lucio's projects just to get to this last one, the disc on l'innomable, which you should be by now getting up your lazy asses and buying, it's that good. don't say i didn't warn you."
1/22/2011 Capricornus Halation CD $9.99 Infraction "Halation gives off a flat-on-back eyes-to-skies drowsy air with its long drawn out tone-rays. Highly amorphous in strategy, a purist ambient Enovian ethos a la Thursday Afternoon may suggest itself. On occasion, clusters of notes flicker within the freefloating drone, mirroring the eponymous halation effect - transient morning brume, or light refracted through water vapour rendered blurred." - Alan Lockett for Furthernoise.org Features artwork by Alan McClelland using a stock Infraction layout. Halation is the working name of Hiroshi Tanaka. This is his first release in any format. Influences from Andrew Chalk, Taiga Remains and David Tagg. CD issued in a 4 panel digipak, limited to 500 copies.
5/1/2003 Captain Beefheart Some YoYo Stuff - Don Van Vliet DVD $9.99 MVD "A short film by Anton Corbijn revealing the thoughts on many subjects of Captain Beefheart / Don Van Vliet. Includes questions posed by David Lynch, footage of Van Vliet's mother Sue, and Corbijn explaining why he made the film in the first place."
12/2/2008 Car Commercials Eric's Diary LP $14.99 Soft Abuse "Car Commericals are generally uncomfortable; probably shifty-eyed loners that barely leave the basement. Their brand of strictly personal suburban ooze was borne deep within the recesses of New Jersey, just east of I-95. More specifically, this music springs from inside that unspeakable zone deep within the mind where feelings get very messy.David Sutton and Daniel DiMaggio, the duo known as Car Commercials, make mysterious fake rock clatter for heavy petting (yeah right). Following a brief stint as GT Performers, Daniel and David began to make duo recordings as Car Commercials a few years ago, releasing their creepy missives in small runs, mostly for Sutton's Leaf Leaf label. The two have tapped into an aspect of nonsensical nihilism that makes Jad Fair's early recordings so alluring, but have forgone his obsession with cartoon horror and monster movies in favor of Faces of Death I thru VI. Eric's Diary is the second LP release from Car Commericals, following the out-of-print Judy's Dust LP (Cenotaph) from early 2008. Those confounded by Judy's Dust will be pleased to know that Eric's Diary is where things get...intense. Breathe deep, and prepare to scratch yr head faster than you can say 'Home Blitz.' LP edition of 200 with full color paste-on sleeves."
8/31/2010 Car Commercials Prisoner of Type 7" + download $4.99 Soft Abuse "Car Commercials explore the personal / loner side of DIY with their singular take on no-chord strum & mumble rock n' roll alienation. Dave Sutton and Daniel DiMaggio have created another soundtrack of suburban boredom & terminal paranoia; the stifling, mundane source of this music (geographically and psychologically speaking) is mirrored and regurgitated in these five tunes. Where once they tread a formless, lurching path, Car Commercials now tromp along with more-cohesive abandon. Moments of spontaneity & pure attitude are delivered in restrained spurts and jabs, and their chops seem better, too. All in all, Prisoner of Type extends the duo's unsettling missives into (slightly) less-rudimentary corners. Each side offers a different, uh, side of the band. Its a savory listen. 300 pressed, includes a free download."
4/22/2009 Carbonara, Eric Towards a Center of Infinite Flux CDR $6.99 Majmua Music "Eric Carbonara is a Philadelphia based multi-instrumentalist & recording engineer, whose search for raw aural expression has led him far and wide - from noise & electro-acoustic music to taking deep root in the bounty of the wooden guitar. Carbonara's playing draws on the rich musical styles from Andalusian Roma-Flamenco to Hindustani & North African folk to form a kind of exalted pidgin style of playing that covers a wide emotional terrain from meditative calm to restless unease. On Towards a Center of Infinite Flux, Carbonara brings the many facets of his playing together and makes these seemingly disparate elements work together as a focused whole. Meditative workouts flow into electronic excursions and back again, reminding the listener that dichotomies in the world of sound only exist when we create them, and those that are receptive are richly rewarded."
2/26/2006 Carchesio, Eugene Garden of Souls 3" CDR $7.99 Kindling "Eugene Carchesio's timeless work as a visual artist has unjustly eclipsed his extraordinary output as a soundmaker. Since the early '80s, Mr E has steadfastly proliferated a sackful of barely-released cassettes and cdrs under the D.N.E moniker. Garden of Souls is Mr E's most recent recording and his first widely’ available work since the landmark DNE LP released in 1990. It seamlessly melds his recent explorations of percussion and electronic sound in a typically playful suite of organic and minimal compositions. Another small but precious drop in the pond."
4/10/2005 Carchesio, Eugene / Leighton Craig Community of Opposites 3" CDR $6.99 Kindling "Capital A ambient. 19 minute real time keyboard cycle dripped through a computer to produce crystalline electronic music. Delicate and hypnotic. Play at low volume."
12/24/2005 Cardoen, Christope / Lionel Marchetti / Emmanuel Petit Mere Feu 40 Tetes CDR $12.99 Absurd "it was back in september 2003 when christophe cardoen (forge) & lionel marchetti / emmanuele petit (musicians) were invited for the cremation mass of mr. pierre de la faye (1917-2003), the short (around 32 min) sound farewell was recorded and issued here on the occasion of what absurd considers as the end of its 'mark II' era. as if the cremation ceremony and its almost 'nihilistic' soundscape farewell is both for mr. pierre de la faye and a piece of absurd's history. upon the ashes of which its 'mark III' is soon to be born." Edition of 127 copies.
11/8/2013 Carlton Melton Always Even LP $20.99 Agitated Andy Duvall, Rich Millman, Clint Golden and (introducing) John McBain on Echoplex (and mastering duties once more!) are Carlton Melton, Agitated Records’ standard bearers, their freak flag wavers. "The travelers have returned with Always Even, their fourth album, recorded once again in a geodesic dome in the winter of 2012-13. Strap in, fly on—but do not be fooled by the gentle ease of opening track “Slow Wake.” It’s the calm before the psych-storm, a balm for one’s ears to prepare body and mind for the synth-riff-laden, psych-guitar-knockout blastings to come. Much like “Space Treader” on last year’s Photos of Photos, “Keeping On” launches into a unmapped zones, only to return to earth with the eased-back dome-drone of “Spider Web.” The trip continues with the furious, kraut-influenced “Sarsen,” a track that could soundtrack an entire flight to the Moon and back—not to mention fuel the rocket ship with its ampheto-cranked psych chug. Make sure all seat belts are fastened for final descent, as “The Splurge” envelopes all with its molasses-like fog / fug."
9/25/2012 Carrión, Ulises The Poet's Tongue LP $22.99 Alga Marghen "Ulises Carrión's audio works clearly reflect his passion for language, its structures, sounds and meanings. He greatly enjoyed grammatically dissecting languages and trying to understand and explore their structures. His many initiatives and projects bear witness to his boundless obsessions with communication and circulation of works and ideas as a cultural strategy. This LP includes 'Hamlet for Two Voices' (1977) in which two voices read out the names of the characters in the Shakespearean play as they appear in the script, audibly representing the structure of the roles the characters perform. 'Poema' (1977) orally represents the structure and spatial characteristics of a poem, by listing all its structural elements: words, paragraphs and verses, etc. The LP also includes 'Aritmetica,' 'Three Spanish Pieces,' and 'First Spanish Lesson,' as well as the legendary '45 Revoluciones por Minuto', the grooviest track ever created within the context of conceptual art. All pieces, recorded at the Instituut voor Sonologie in Utrecht between September and October 1977, have in common their refusal of discursiveness. They are not meant to be true or beautiful. Each piece is a series of vocal units that unfolds according to simple rules. Their beginning and end are arbitrary: they could go on infinitely. They should go on. They go on. First LP ever issued by Ulises Carrion who in 1975 'created' the legendary bookshop-gallery 'Other Books & So', the first space dedicated exclusively to artists' publications such as artists' records, books, magazines, postcards. Edition limited to 270 copies."
2/22/2007 Carson, Walter Recalcitrants LP $11.99 Gods of Tundra "Debut full length LP by Lexington's finest sound creater/destroyer. After a handful of tape releases on Ides, Rampart and Gods of Tundra, Carson pulls out by far his most complete and excellent work to date. Carson's work can be as complex as the person who's creating it. Here we have 2 distinct side long pieces. Side A depicts a battle between organic clang/scrape and piercing ruined electronics. Each faction ponies up with total trance like, but not very calming, moves. By the end you'll have just walked through a weird fucking fight, and time will not really matter anymore. And thats only side A. Side B removes the organics and goes straight for the brain with sharp shocks and tones. Its not harsh, its not calming, its not drone...its just total deep fried electronics. Edition of 300, clear vinyl."
1/25/2011 Carson, Walter Sneezes and Breezes cassette $5.99 Hanson "Sounds like some mice ate an old synth tape... really... It sounds like some old dude recorded some fucked up shit in school on his colleges fuckin' ARP... stuck the reels in a box in 1973... moved a few times... left em in some shitty storage unit for a couple years... moved em into the basement of his NEW place... had a "mouse issue"... saw that the mice had gotten into his old tapes... that they had actually pulled some tape out and used it w/ pieces of the box to make a nest... died in there. He tossed the whole box out... Walter Carson, on one of his nightly garbage picking runs, comes across this shitty old box of reels... "hey cool!" He dubs em "AS IS" onto cassette...then sends it to me as his master... AMAZING TAPE."
6/11/2006 Carson, Walter & The Three Legged Race Nocturnal Hymn cassette $9.99 Heavy Tapes
12/25/2005 Carson, Walter and the Three Legged Race Primitive Ash CDR $12.99 Mountaain "A collaboration between the Three Legged Race (Robert Beatty of Hair Police) and Walter Carson, who has done releases for Rampart and Gods of Tundra. Uplifting drones and underwater junk gamelan, with punctuated triumph racket."
3/20/2003 Carter, Christina Bastard Wing LP $15.99 Eclipse “Christina's first solo piano recordings, begun in a rotting boathouse in the shadow of the Southwest freeway, Houston, 1995; and finished with guitar and vocal overdubs over the course of a half dozen or so years' worth of long Texas living room nights and a half dozen disintegrating master tapes (lovingly restored & remastered by Rob Vaughn at The Sound-O Mat - www.sound-o-mat.com - where it took more than a year to do). Inviting, quietly (and not so quietly) turbulent, and thick with inner mystery and self invention.” Tom Carter. This is a lovely LP now repressed in an edition of 250 copies with printed jackets. Highly recommended!
8/1/2014 Carter, Christina Character Study 12" EP + chapbook $15.99 Drawing Room Records "Her first release on Drawing Room Records, the EP, comprised of two smoldering sidelong tracks, titled "Survival" and "Salvation", finds Carter furthering her expansive work in song. The compositions are built with transfixing electric slide-guitar, dancing tambourine, shivering bells and sparse, foreboding effects. "Survival" moves from invocation to drowsy reverie to harrowing possession, punctuated by a major spoken discourse on the complicity of the artist. "Salvation", a striking recitation of the ill-effects of this society's insufficient symbols, moves from lush song-chant to syllable stripped bare, captured in time. The chapbook is equal parts prose poem and critical inquiry, presenting an interrogation of the artist's existential relevance in the 21st century. Reminiscent of work on Carter's Many Breaths imprint (Trickster Who Is Like God, Imaginee, Texas Modern Exorcism), the Character Study EP represents the first widely available release documenting six years of development within Christina's unique voice/sound/text aesthetic. In addition, both the EP and the chapbook sleeves were elegantly printed by Jeff Mueller of Dexterity Press. Character Study is an essential release in this peerless artist's catalog."
5/1/2015 Carter, Christina L'etoile de Mer LP $15.99 Emerald Cocoon "Stark and intimate even within a discography not lacking in stark intimacy, L'etoile de Mer was Christina Carter's first recorded foray outside of her work with Tom Carter as part of the legendary Charalambides. Recorded in 2000 and originally released as a limited cassette on the notorious Freedom From label, L'etoile de Mer presents the two core elements of Christina's sound as atomized statements: unaccompanied electric guitar on side A, unaccompanied vocals on side B. These atomized statements are pared down further still – single notes and unmoored vocal phrases hanging lonely in the jet black vinyl darkness. L'etoile de Mer's solo guitar side presents two takes of a live score to Man Ray's dreamlike 1928 surrealist film of the same name. Unlike the film, the music here is severely in focus: carefully placed single notes hang in a space made so tense by expectation that the air feels like glass under pressure. Buckling under the weight of their own naked intensity and the films obscure ritual logic both takes end with a sudden descent into a seasick pitch-shifted blur... The B side presents seven etude-like 'songs' recorded in an Austin hallway. Inspired by solo saxophone exercises Christina listens “to the sound of the voice to find my voice more clearly as entirely my own”. Unlike her later solo vocal works on Many Breaths Press (Masque Femine, A Blossom Fell, I Am All The Same Song), these pieces are meditations on sound rather than words. Tongue and throat animate the air, unconstrained by lyrical concerns, vocal shapes are carved, probed, turned over, discarded... Like all Christina's work these solo vocal meditations hold up a mirror to problematic dualities: self/other, conscious/unconscious, freedom/control…." Mastered by Sean McCann. Cut at Dubplates and Mastering Berlin. Heavy card stock silkscreened covers. Edition of 300.
11/9/2004 Carter, Christina Living Contact CD $13.99 kranky "The material on Living Contact is made up solely of Christina Carter on acoustic guitar and occasional vocals. It was recorded on boombox and four track tape from 1994-98, the period between Charalambides' Union and Houston albums, with most of the material recorded in 1995 and 1996. Wholly Other originally released Living Contact as an edition of 100 CDRs in 2001 and the label's catalog describes the music as 'The primitive and spectral underpinnings of Charalambides rendered with mysterious simplicity'." Recommended!
2/26/2003 Carter, Daniel / Randall Colbourne / Paul Flaherty / Ralph Malik / Sabir Mateen Resonance CD $12.99 Zaabway Music "’Truth’ is a concept I lost touch with long ago, but ‘truths’ I've still got a handful of; two that've seemed particularly durable are that the three greatest collective improv recs ever are Free Jazz, Ascension, and New York Eye & Ear Control, and that I won't live to hear a fourth. Not that the number of superior free-playing individuals isn't currently at an all-time high; but as most of today's worthwhile recs are inhabited by at most four people, the saintly mix of mutual leadership and all-star collectivism uncannily shared by the Holy Trinity seems unlikely to re-arise. And while I haven't yet burned that last scrap of personal Bible, Resonance has me considering it. That these six individuals actually inhabited one building simultaneously (Amherst Unitarian Meeting House, Amherst, MA, May 16 1997) is history enough; that they proceeded to turn their flaming insides fully outward next to a fire-proof tape recorder is the kind of ulti-moment civilizations build archives for. Of the 10 or so climaxes spread out among the 70 raging minutes of what may be jazz's Fourth World War, the eye-stretching outburst of gut-yelps, throat-calls, and heart-hacks that arises about 2/3rds into 'Piece II' is the candidate most likely to reintroduce you to every millimeter of your skull. Tempting to isolate individuals for appraisal (particularly Flaherty and his virus-carrying tenor coughs), but, much like three other albums I've heard, Resonance's group weight wipes out the concept of sound-separation. Nothing here exists in and of itself; everything is defined by that which it surrounds (and is surrounded by). The only work left is to figure how we're going to wrestle the remaining 37 minutes that Flaherty couldn't fit on this CD from his endlessly strong hands.” - Marc Masters, Opprobrium
6/11/2006 Carter, Tom Glyph CD $12.99 Digitalis "Since the early '90s, Tom Carter has played as one-half of the essential Charalambides. During that time, Carter also released a handful of solo albums on his own Wholly Other imprint as well as a recent reissue on the seminal Kranky Records. With these he also proved to be an extremely capable solo artist. Since relocating to Oakland, Carter has also joined forces with Ben Chasny and Rob Fisk as a regular member of Badgerlore, while also playing in various outfits with Robert Horton. "Glyph" was originally issued as a limited-edition CD-R on the aforementioned Wholly Other. It is long-since out-of-print. This reissue of these remastered tracks breathes new life into the pieces. What is most striking is the warmth that pervades this entire album. With one piece for steel string acoustic guitar, another for lap steel, and the final (and shortest) on nylon string acoustic, there is diversity amongst the cogent thread that holds it all together. Carter's improvisations speak volumes without saying a word, and "Glyph" is one of his finest achievements to date. It is an ode to the last year of his life in Austin, Texas and all that it contained. As stated in Tom's liner notes for the reissue, "I regret nothing yet I miss Texas and its unpressured passage of time, the ability to create an oppositional universe under the nose of redneck reality, the cicadas, the hot green light through afternoon trees, rolling joints in a lawn chair." "Glyph" is all of these things and more, depicted in
an aural form that only Tom Carter could create. First 500 come in gatefold sleeves, silk-screened on one side by Rob Fisk (Free Porcupine Society) and spraypainted on the other by Tom."
3/9/2013 Carter, Tom Highs In The Low Twenties CDR $11.99 Blackest Rainbow "Second pressing of this previous tour disc of solo material from Tom Carter (made for May 2012's Charalambides UK/EU tour). The first track, 'Train Kept', was previously issued on the long out of print split LP with Barn Owl. This is the first time it has been released on CD. The second track, 'Hurricane Isis' is a new track recorded by Marcia Bassett in Tilburg, Netherlands in March 2008. 'Train Kept' was recorded the month before 'Hurricane Isis'. Both tracks are absolute raging guitar pieces, similar to Carter's 'Shots At Infinity' CD and LP on Important Records, total blow out electric guitar heaven!"
6/25/2004 Carter, Tom Monument CD $13.99 kranky "Monument is a recording of guitar music from Tom Carter of Charalambides and is the second in a series of Charalambides-related reissues by Kranky. The two tracks of solo lap steel guitar were recorded live to DAT by Tom Carter a few days before a live performance in March, 2001. Monument was originally released by Wholly Other in an edition of 55 CDRs. The first track, 'Monument 1 (Memorial)' is slightly longer than two minutes and barely reveals itself. The second, 'Monument 2', is 47 minutes in length and considerably more expansive and louder than the opening cut. The album was made using lap steel guitar, glass slides, digitech tsr-12 stereo reverb, a rat distortion pedal and craftsman screwdrivers."
11/4/2006 Carter, Tom Phantom Lung 7" $6.99 Anthem "An extremely limited one-sided 7-inch from TOM CARTER of CHARALAMBIDES. Features two tracks, "Phantom Lung" and "Temescal Blues," packaged in sewn paper sleeves and pressed in a numbered edition of 211 copies."
4/3/2003 Carter, Tom Root King LP $15.99 Eclipse "Second solo release (first if CDRs don't count) by Charalambides member Tom Carter. White Les Paul copy, lap steel, and a purloined bell collection layered into three long tracks of string moan and slithering hum. A manifesto of grounding during an uprooted time, an attempt to bend in the wind. A slice of a long winter and a momentary flash of cranially pooled guitar sound suddenly scattered by unexpected freedom. A guitar album (mostly)." – Tom Carter. Really great LP pressed in an edition of 533 copies with printed sleeves and very nice artwork by Tom Carter. This is highly recommended!
8/31/2008 Carter, Tom Shots at Infinity 1 CD $15.99 Important "Shots at Infinity 1 is comprised of recordings from various basements in the northeastern US from late 2007. Steering away from the more delicate string environments and modal folk improvisations of previous CDs, the disc features maximum loop delay drone overload stretched over long, densely harmonic tracks, retaining the melodic content and flow of earlier releases. Carter's solo work covers a lot of territory, but latter-day sightings show him concentrating on looped guitar drones of immensely stacked beauty, with heaps of psychedelic melodic content missing from the repertoires of many noise and drone bands."
9/17/2006 Carter, Tom Sun Swallower CDR $12.99 Wholly Other "Great solo set from Tom Carter recorded live at the Ecstatic Yod Mill Outlet on a hand held in 2001. Heavy magnetic blues/drone on the same bill as Scorces. No liners from eye-witness Matt Krefting tho. Limited edition in screened sleeves." - Volcanic Tongue
6/24/2012 Carter, Tom & Robert Horton Nyida Days CDR $11.99 Blackest Rainbow "Following on from previous collaborations between Robert Horton and Charalambides Tom Carter on fine labels such as Important, Preservation and Digitalis, Carter and Horton come back to Blackest Rainbow (both we have previously worked with but not as a duo) for their first duo recording in a while. The 3 tracks result in combinations between outsider improvised trips and swirling head drones created via a wide array of instruments and non-instruments. Carter takes hold of the guitar, ebow and lap steel with Horton's every growing army of sound making objects described here as boot loops, boot, vortex, cassette player, minidisks, vibrator, computer, sine waves, voice, sex machine, organ, construction and beats to name some... Carter and Horton create a wild sound that is almost deconstructed and rebuilt through the 3 tracks, it sounds great and like no one else... Edition of 200."
10/6/2007 Carter, Tom & Vanessa Arn What is here for LP $17.99 A Silent Place "Contains two long and deep duo cuts of univibe-era lap steel / electronic tone generator improvisation, one side recorded live and stamped w/ the indelible mark (ie, the #15 bus rumbling by) of Bullbabe Studios, Austin TX (the odor of sweat, lone star, and barbeque is palpable). The sounds: monolithic serenity infused with a deep breath from the void, as peaceful and violent as a mountain range. A shame that this configuration is so underrepresented in the discography, as the mesh of T&V's playing is so instantly seismic...Tom Carter is best known for his work with Charalambides, which he co-founded with longtime creative partner Christina Carter in 1991. Since 2002, Carter has also undertaken solo work and collaborations. His 2003 solo tour, centered around the seminal Brattleboro FreeFolk festival, featured unaccompanied solo shows and musical excursions (on stage and tape) with Bardo Pond, Thurston Moore, Dredd Foole, the MVEE Medicine Show, Ian Nagoski, Tower Recordings, and Double Leopards, among others. Vanessa Arn became a member of Boston/California/Texas group Primordial Undermind soon after Tom's brief tenure in the group. The potential for mountainous difference tones between the lap steel and the triwave tone generator (a custom built synthesizer) was immediately apparent to all parties, and Tom suggested a collaboration (which was greatly assisted by the fact that Tom and Vanessa were at the time next door neighbors). A sole performance and a handful of recordings ensued and the results are here for your perusal." Limited edition of 515 copies.
1/1/2014 Carter, Tom and Pat Murano Tom Carter and Pat Murano LP $19.99 Kelippah "Tom Carter and Pat Murano (Decimus, No Neck Blues Band, etc.) first began to play together at the behest of Jason Meagher, to be recorded as part of his Natch series. These recordings were captured during those same sessions on March 17, 2012 up at Black Dirt Studios. Here's what Jason had to say about the session: "We could talk about an improviser's ability to listen to the other players around them and how important it is to crossing the line between jamming and spontaneous composition. But instead, we should dwell for 49 minutes on the idea of a person being at the top of their game. It is not an expression used in music very much, but it applies here. A musician can have many peaks at various points in their relationship to sound. At these moments, they are masters, wizards, conjuring other worlds almost immediately. This session documents a moment when two such musicians crossed paths." Limited to 300 copies.
12/21/2004 Carter, Tom and Vanessa Arn / The Moglass Snake-Tongued, Swallow-Tailed CD $14.99 Nexsound "Tom Carter (Charalambides) & Vanessa Arn (Primordial Undermind, Gourmet Chef) combined their powers to tap the reverberant waves of the ether on this split release with improv trio from Ukraine - the Moglass. While Carter / Arn part made with lap-steel guitars and triwave picogenerator sounds very soft, cajolingly and tensely at times, the Moglass part sounds more dense and brighter."
7/16/2006 Cases, The The Cases (#4) cassette $8.99 Fag Tapes 4th release from michigan basement cult band. snowed in. midnight incantations. prayers for the Black Fog.
6/11/2006 Cases, The untitled cassette $8.99 Fag Tapes "third release from the cases...more sounds from the instrument filled down-stairs of the Michigan Black Mass cult compound. wasted all night winter worship. snowed in speakers."
11/17/2007 Casket Sinkers, The Baked Beans, Brains, and Spiders one-sided 7" & CDR $12.99 American Tapes "Wacked Duo of Coorz on downtown soprano sax and Rad Dad Dillowaysted on synth and processing. Some of the last recordingz in his basement of the crib right by the sacred temple Banfields, where Greh and Undressa reside now. Jamz are short blasts of lurking, churning synth creepers with echo'd reeds hidden within, ending in a time rattling lock groove. CD includes some outtakes from the session, some dillo re: Spine Scav tracks, and full basement weirdnezzz. The title is taken from a strange hand during an Apples to Apples session. Edition of 200, color art, color vinyl, jammable at any speed. No info, at all."
4/10/2010 Cassis Cornuta Mag Ik Eens Even In Uw Broek Pissen LP $29.99 Ultra Eczema "Since 69 years I've been begging Daniel De Wereldvermaarde Botanicus, aka Cassis Cornuta, if I could please start a second record label which only releases recordings from his archive. This Botanic's modesty is an absolute exception in times of a overdose of recorded farts, since 1974 CASSIS combines musique concrète, analog synthesizer carpets, weirdo acid, noise, field recordings, tape music, free jazz etc. in a puddle of madness spiced with odd staring, dozens of plants (cacti to be more specific), a encyclopedic knowledge about soundart, and a insane collection of hats! Besides that Daniel does a weekly radioshow on Radio Centraal in Antwerp since 25 years, mainly playing a combination of recycled music, home recordings and a hell lot of noise! This LP is playable
on more than 4 different ways, depending on how many extra holes Daniel drilled in each record by hand! Some records contain 3 extra holes, some around 20. None of the LPs have just one hole, that would be selfish. Another beautiful collection of loner synth sound that makes your hangovers or LSD trips worth going for, the strangest beat oriented 303 and 808 acid snoop, and a combination of piss, wind and wood to bring back the good old plunderblur of The New Blockaders. This LP comes in a collaged cover design made with pictures from Daniel's archive, with an insert and an extra photo. Limited to 300 copies!"
7/16/2006 Castings Allo Hickory CDR $11.99 Spanish Magic "Have you ever sat out on the porch in spring watching as the skies darken and severe weather rolls in? The subtle changes in air pressure, temperature, and wind direction create a stirring and cathartic atmosphere in which explosions take place. First, there's the jarring presence of brilliant lightning flashes crawling across the sky in the distance. They are the warning bells for the heavy rumbles that follow. The decreasing time between the two is one of the most nautral ways to experience suspense and the build-up of tension. Castings exploit this idea, this process on a musical level. Castings are a relatively new group from Australia, where vegemite roams free. This group lives for moments like described above. They are not afraid of looking such a giant undertaking square in the face, and their confidence leads them to success. The scope of these recordings is massive and is glaringly obvious from the opening track, "Black Man's Hand on a White Sans Dolby" and onward. This 12 minute adventure goes from extreme density to desolate sparseness and then back and forth and over again. It's as though they have collective ADD, but have managed to harness its artistic power. Sounds disorienting, and it is, but it's equally enchanting. Distorted spastic guitar exercises intermingle with reverb-laden drum blasts. All the while, there are various cryptic hums that underpin the whole piece, giving it a certain cohesiveness it would otherwise lack. The whole thing is brilliantly spliced together and never feels forced or out of place. On this track, and on "'Allo Hickory" in general, Castings use the Australian desert as their canvas. They bounce sounds off the ground and shoot them into the clouds, catching them before they disintegrate on impact. It's a perfect balancing act of chaos and calm. These are truly talented individuals. Castings embrace certain elements from two of my favorite Australian outfits: The Lost Domain and Terracid. Intricate, organic improvisations with a heaving leaning towards other, various archaic forms dot these I's and cross these T's. This is much post-war blues inspired as it is prehistoric cave pounding. Add in a little distortion and you've got a vague idea of a jumping off point. This shit is truly enigmatic. Like a phoenix from the ashes, Castings thrive in impossible situations. Except, instead of rising like a spire, they're more comfortable burrowing deep into the farthest reaches of the earth's crust. This is inspiring music.- Brad Rose, Foxy Digitalis
12/26/2005 Castro, Nick Further From Grace LP $14.99 Eclipse After many long delays the 2nd lp from Nick Castro is finally available! This is the follow-up to 2004's excellent debut lp 'A Spy in the House of God' and it is currently available on cd from the superb Strange Attractors Audio House label. This vinyl version is a limited edition pressing. Check out the impressive review below that is on the Pitchfork Media website: "On Further From Grace, the second album from Nick Castro, the hirsute L.A.-based troubadour has wisely taken full advantage of the extensive network of inspired folk eccentrics currently mushrooming across the countryside. Featuring appearances from Josephine Foster and Espers' Meg Baird, in addition to the uniformly stellar work of his crack(ed) band the Poison Tree, Further From Grace positively shimmers with willowy, sun-dappled ensemble playing, and firmly establishes Castro as yet another noteworthy voice of the present acid folk resurgence. As is the case with Philadelphia's Espers, Castro's music hearkens less to old-timey American forms of Appalachian folk or country blues than it does to the golden age of 60s-70s UK folk-rock, as practiced by groups like the Incredible String Band or Mellow Candle. Inching softly away from some of the more blatant Donovan/ Syd Barrett solo emanations of his 2004 self-released debut A Spy in the House of God, here Castro and company employ an ambitious menu of exotic acoustic instruments to forge a verdant, medieval-tinged sound, one which draws on any number of pan-global folk traditions. And though there are times when the album threatens to capsize beneath its own preciousness (such as on the delightful, flute-centric "To This Earth", which incautiously risks floating away like a puff of new-agey Celtic Myst) the strength of Castro's melodic compositions and the group's deft musicianship should manage to enchant any but the most Hobbit-phobic listeners. With his clear, refreshingly unmannered vocals on straightforward tunes like "Won't You Sing to Me," Castro strikes a figure recalling Tom Rapp of Pearls Before Swine or a young, more starry-eyed David Gilmour. In Castro's lyrics, cheeks tend to be white as snow and eyes are apt to shine like diamonds, which is perhaps another reason why most of the memorable passages on Further From Grace are instrumental in nature. The opening "Sun Song" combines Baird's lap dulcimer with Otto Hauser's nimble hand percussion and Foster's mesmeric, wordless vocalizing to create a full-scale gypsy swoon, one that could easily continue on weightlessly for miles before you realize your gas tank is empty and your watch has lost its hands. Even further transporting is the brief "Music for Mijwiz", a whirling Middle Eastern dervish on which Castro plays the titular Arabic, double-reeded woodwind over a sandstorm rhythm, or the epic "Deep, Deep Sea", a captivating piece whose lengthy intro is adorned with Adam Hershberger's lyrical, surprisingly jazzy flugelhorn, before Castro eventually leads the whole company back into more familiar Soft Machine-like canyons and valleys. As the album closes with the aptly-named acoustic soar of "Walk Like a Whisper", the seasoned folk-rock traveler will undoubtedly recognize many a feature of this tranquil landscape, but will also likely be helpless to resist the urge to continually retrace Castro's every step, reluctant to miss out on a single contour of this varied and beguiling album." -Matthew Murphy, July 19, 2005. www.pitchforkmedia.com.
7/16/2006 Castro, Nick & The Young Elders Come Into Our House CD $13.99 Strange Attractors Audio House "West Coast psychedelic folkie Nick Castro is currently making some of most dynamic and truly original sounds to emerge from the much-ballyhooed new folk movement. As 'freak-folk' and assorted hairy-fairy type labels grab the headlines in the underground, Castro strives for a solemn, serene sort of beauty, summoning utterly melodic incantations in song and sound. Gracefully immersing '60s/'70s British Isles acid balladry with Middle-Eastern traditional music and heady, pan-cultural communal jams, Castro succeeds in reaching otherworldly vistas and ocean-spanning folk transcendence. Following up 2005's lauded Further From Grace, Castro unfurls his sprawling third album Come Into Our House, easily his most far-reaching and deeply molecular outing yet."
6/5/2004 Castro, Nick and the Poison Tree Further From Grace CD $12.99 Strange Attractors Audio House "Beaming warmly from the underground enclaves of Los Angeles, CA like a lambent ray of soft sunlight, the music of Nick Castro is breathing fresh life and pristine wonderment into an old sound. Castro released a beguiling album called A Spy in the House of God in 2004 on his own imprint Records of Ghaud, and it caused quite a stir in the new acid folk circles. Imagine a melding of More-era Pink Floyd, Syd Barrett solo and a touch of Incredible String Band with modern fractured folk sound-weavers like the Tower Recordings and maybe you are in the right sphere. For his follow up, Castro has assembled a cast of players calling themselves The Poison Tree, boasting amongst its ranks underground folk icons Josephine Foster and members of Espers. It is a heavenly match as evidenced on Further From Grace, a simply mystical sophomore effort illustrating with a feathery wallop that Castro is a major voice amongst the new insurgence of THC troubadours. Induced by flourishes of psychedelic '60s folk bards like Tom Rapp (Pearls Before Swine) and Bert Jansch, laced with flashes of Amon Duul-like acoustic communal atmosphere (circa Paradieswarts Duul), Further From Grace is a graceful tab of Nick Castro's own heady universe, an acid-folk masterpiece advancing today's sound into sparkling new frontiers."
5/16/2011 Catalogue Brussels Live LP $24.99 Metaphon "Catalogue is a French music collective formed in the late 70's by Jacques Berrocal. This recording features highlights of 2 concerts from Brussels (2007-2008) Drums, Keyboards - Gilbert Artman Guitar - Jean-François Pauvros Trumpet, Voice - Jac Berrocal. "Highlights of their first 2 concerts in about 20 years, live in Brussels (2007-2008), shows the trio of Artman, Berrocal and Pauvros anarchistic, powerful and controversial as ever."
4/1/2014 Causa Sui Live at Freak Valley double LP + download $29.99 El Paraiso "The first official live album from Causa Sui, recorded in the early summer of 2013 at midnight, headlining the outdoor festival Freak Valley in Netphen, Germany. This full 90-minute Causa Sui set comes hot off the heels of 2013's acclaimed studio effort Euporie Tide (EPR 013CD/LP), and is a condensed manifestation of the low-end heavy side of the band. This show presents the band in elemental quartet mode and features a wide palette of cuts from the entire catalog. From the band's signature cut "El Paraiso" from their 2005 debut, through revamps of the more translucent Summer Sessions material, straight up to virgin jams, fresh from the rehearsal room. Over the course of the last eight years, Causa Sui have become one of the most venerated acts in European psychedelia, due to shows on all the major genre festivals as well as a revered string of albums and collaborations. With their unique blend of old and new sounds, from mammoth riffage to pastoral soundscapes, Causa Sui is something of an anomaly in today's musical landscape. This set serves as a great introduction for anyone unfamiliar with the band's distinctive take on instrumental psychedelic rock. And for the fans, it's simply a must-have. Mixed and mastered by Jonas Munk from multi-track recordings, this set sounds as warm and crisp as any of the albums."
5/10/2012 Causa Sui Pewt'r Sessions 1-2 double LP $29.99 El Paraiso "Pewt'r sessions 1-2 collects two limited vinyl-only Causa Sui albums originally released in 2011. The two albums, released in April and August respectively, both features American musician Ron Schneiderman and both sold out immediately after release. This is the first time this material is released on CD. Ron Schneiderman from American impro-rock collective Sunburned Hand of the Man first got together with Danish stoner/kraut/jazz ensemble Causa Sui in December 2006 for a loose, improvised gig at the old cinema at Christiania - Copenhagens autonomous, and notorious, free commune. A live recording of this gig was released the following year, under the curious bandname Pewt'r jjjjj, and became widely admired among fans of free-form psychedelic rock for its updated version of late 1960s/early 1970s freak-out bands such as Blue Cheer, Guru Guru and Ash Ra Tempel. In the early summer of 2009 Ron Schneiderman was back in Denmark, this time for a three-week stay as co-curator of the art-and-music event Festival of Endless Gratitude. During this period the group was united again for a few shows and a couple of recording sessions in Causa Sui's studio in Odense, which resulted in the Pewt'r Sessions albums. These records consists of loosely structured sun- and beerfueled jams that were later edited and mixed by Causa Sui guitar player and producer Jonas Munk. While all the psychedelic fury from the Christiania live recording is still very prevalent on these studio sessions, they also see the group channeling into new territories, such as pieces heavy on analog electronics and motoric grooves. Pewt'r Sessions 1 and 2 are albums that could only be recorded in an impulsive mode. Yet there is an alternative kind of structure taking place in almost every piece - some intuitive, almost psychic connection, which moves the sounds from one place to another. The centerpiece from these sessions, Garden of Forking Paths, gloriously sees the band fully exploring the potential of free rock, all participants working at the height of their ability, slowly jamming a gentle bass-groove into a psychedelic beast that sounds like the missing link between Electric Ladyland and Can's Tago Mago. Tracks such as Streams of Gratitude and May Sun are more delicate pieces where the group explores the hazy, sensual side of cosmic rock, while the 12 minute pulsedriven Gelassenheit sees the group paying hommage to the sound of Düsseldorf."
4/10/2015 Cavaliere, Francesco Energia Nuvola LP $33.99 Troglosound "Long awaited first work on vinyl for magic sound artist Francesco Cavaliere. Born in Italy and based in Germany for a long time, Francesco is one of the most unique people working with sounds, words, lights and movement nowadays, developing a totally personal and surreal music through a million journeys in fantastic dreamlands. Energia Nuvola is the fruit of his efforts recorded during over an year (2012/2013), a collection of fleeting tales based on glowing electronic sounds, field recordings and surreal poetry (recited in Italian) that absorbs ears and brains to transpose them in some other mysterious dimension inhabited by weird luminous animals, funny water figurines and so on... It's just like a documentary of invisible things that are happening all over around us even though we can't see them." 12" Smokey vinyl, silk-screened jacket, insert, ltd edition of 123 numbered copies ?
Alvarius B. Chin Spirits (Durga) 10" $25.99 Unrock
"Unrock's Saraswati series continues with a trip into the spiritual wonderland of Alvarius B. aka Alan Bishop (Sun City Girls, Invisible Hands). Deep down, heavy, Sun-City-Girls-flavored Dada deluxe. Crackling midgets, purist psychedelia. A cocoon of seven colorful, shiny monoliths of essential nonsense, each dirty pearl standing by itself. Limited edition one-time pressing."
11/15/2008 Cave / California Raisins split 10" + CD $13.99 Permanent Record "This limited edition vinyl 10" with CD is the latest release by Chicago's most exciting psychedelic band, Cave. The Cave side includes two epic psychedelic jams, possibly their best work to date. The California Raisins side is their first release. The CD includes the same music that's on the 10". The jackets are hand-screen printed by members of Cave. In case you missed their first release, the limited edition "Hunt Like Devil/Jamz" LP + CD (the pressing of 650 sold out immediately), Cave plays the kind of psychedelic rock every person who scans one-sheets looking for the word psychedelic wants to hear. Psych-experts Aquarius Records dropped band names such as Hawkwind, Can, Neu!, Circle, and Pharoah Overlord to describe Cave's first LP "Hunt Like Devil/Jamz" and went on to say that it was "some seriously kick ass, aQ freakout worthy shit". Well, Cave is back and this time they're sharing the limelight with Columbia, Missouri's newest group, California Raisins. The Raisins share nothing in common with the fictional R&B animated Raisins of the late-80s. These dudes get down and dirty on some groove-a-delic punk rock. They share a riff-loving mindset with Cave, but unlike Cave they have a full-time vocalist and a less overtly psychedelic sound. We'll leave the name-dropping up to the critics because their sound is so unique; we're having a hard time thinking of any bands they sound like." Limited edition with hand-screened artwork.
6/9/2010 Cave Bears Crawl Space 7" $4.99 Feeding Tube "This is mostly a conceptual single about a crawlspace. I can imagine they rehearse in someone's attic or basement and there it was...that creepy tiny door that leads to the crawlspace. Or the pull down rickety ladder in the ceiling. That abandoned place in the house where you can't even really store things, it's just an empty area where all kinds of things/people could live. It's inherently scary....it's exactly what you've been looking for for years...it's completely insane...a suburban wasteland masterpiece."
7/11/2011 Cave Bears Jump To Your Bed LP $11.99 Feeding Tube Records "The game show where everything is already won. (To the viewer) See these "people" try to cope with being winners. In here, (the future) everything is all ready over. There is plenty for you to eat, because everyone else is dead. Perform the same tasks you did in what was once called you "life", wash dishes, answer phone, go to the store, give yourself a pat on the back, because you have achieved the max score. Congratulations, you won. There are no remaining objects, you don't even have to eat any more. But you will want to because there is nothing left except food. You can never escape, so enjoy a hearty meal. Eat, eat. I hope you choke, pig!!! My story. Many 1000's of years ago, I was an artist like you. I made the most art anyone had ever seen. Then I made the best art of all and I won. No I live in a castle and cast spells all day. My life is over, but I can never die. My crystals are in chaos. Can you help me capture them?" Edition of 300 copies. "It's really the most fucked up awesome thing ever! In visual and sound it's like some lost wasted private press from god knows when...think frolk haven or something, but worse."
6/30/2010 Cave Dudes First Strolls CDR $7.99 Inyrdisk "The first splintering musical melding sessions between Kevin Hainey & Bob McCully from back in the fruitful new grounds of summer ’06. Multi-layered lo-fi sub-rock scrape and mega-drone primitive warlords go out to hunt. Lots of instruments and space set on fire and thrown about. Edition of: 100"
7/30/2010 Cavebears Get Out of the House CDR $6.99 Blueberry Honey "Another total tantrum from one of the valley's latest and tastiest. CAVEBEARS are a what we call a nervous breakthrough, cooked. They are constant hustlers in the desperate theater of sound destruction. Much appreciation for their 'limits' endlessly expanding, as it helps 'ours' do the same. Don't blame them, blame your folks."
5/24/2014 Cavern of Anti-Matter Interlude Music 12" $14.99 Deep Distance "The second of April's pair of ace new 12" singles features the third release for Tim Gane's killer post Stereolab project "Cavern of Anti-Matter". Following an exclusive 12 for Rough Trade and last year's amazing full length "Blood Drums" for Grautag Records in Germany. Tim Gane, Joe Dilworth and Holger Zapf formed the band in Berlin in 2012. Essentially a power trio of sorts, the bands' incredible full length was recorded in mono and electronically processed for stereo. Pulsing, geometric electronics with an industrial kraut edge….The tracks here; "Interlude Music" (parts one and two) were recorded live to two track half inch tape in Berlin in January this year. The idea for which was to record something to run as a backdrop live -faded in and out via Tim's guitar amp- to run between tracks yet able to offer interaction onstage. Clocking in at around an hour- Tim has edited the piece down to two parts here, so what you have here are two sides of around 22 minutes each… A fabulous record which sits superbly well with "Blood Drums"- released on vinyl only in a beautiful Ivan Liechti sleeve, pressing of 500 only expected to move quick. A tasty companion piece to the likes of Umberto, JD Emmanuel, Expo 70 and Colin Potter in the sold out Deep Distance cannon. Get on it!"
11/6/2010 Celer Compositions for Cassette c66 cassette $5.99 Avant Archive "Celer's Compositions for Cassette remains one of the duo's most curious and exploratory works. This is Celer on a noble mission, with clearly defined rules and a very limited toolset. Over the course of twelve pieces, Will and Danielle gush their customary
mysterious-yet-gorgeous sound, but in this particular case it is all built from brief piano loops recorded to quickly- decaying tape. The pieces are perforated all over, some of them appearing almost only as ghosts of what they might have once been. It's an apropos approach for this couple who have such a distinct reputation for almost defining that controversial 'genre': 'drone'. This reissue edition collects the original compositions now on Avant Archive's customary high-bias chrome cassette, and it includes an original artwork and layout by Johnny Utterback, as well as some combinative photography and layout created in a collaborative process between Will Long and Avant Archive."
4/12/2012 Celer Evaporate and Wonder LP + download $13.99 Experimedia "12inch vinyl LP limited to 300 copies. Includes an immediate download in choice of highest quality mp3, flac, or apple lossless formats. "Since 2005, Celer, the duo of the late Danielle Marie Baquet and William Thomas Long, have released a wealth of ambient material and established themselves as one of the preeminent and best loved outfits in the genre. For the uninitiated, Celer's aesthetic is glacial, beautiful and devotional. It is utterly devoid of hard edges and culled from a wealth of exotic and traditional instrumentation. The pair's inimitable sound is the result of careful attention to processing and a keen, quasi-cinematic ear for arrangement and juxtaposition. The source material for the recordings on Evaporate and Wonder was limited to improvised synthesizers and field recordings, but the end results are predictably grand and mysterious, suitable indeed for the promises of the album's title. Comprised of two sidelong pieces, this record is a perfect entry point into the pair's wonderful oeuvre or, if you're like me, a more than welcome audio pictogram that lets us as listeners continue the journey."
11/21/2009 Celer In Escaping Lakes CD $12.99 Slow Flow Rec 'In Escaping Lakes' is the sequel to 'Cursory Asperses', previously released on Slow Flow. Where 'Cursory Asperses' focused on the slow movement primarily of streams, and other field recordings, 'In Escaping Lakes' continues this pathway to expand into a deeper subject, of lakes and their surroundings. Inspired by a painting by Anthony Feyer, 'In Escaping Lakes' was made to demonstrate enclosure, depth, and closeness in still places. Will & Danielle: Piano, Strings, Gong, Tingshas, Voice, Electronics, Hydrophone, Flute
1/22/2011 Celer Salvaged Violets double CD $13.99 Infraction "In February of 2008, Dani and I recorded, mixed, and completed the music for 'Salvaged Violets'. The words came as the subject line of a short poem, sent to me over email, included with an unrelated question. During these weekdays, our working schedules were almost the opposite, but we spoke over email constantly. Until recently, I did not notice how similar this was to our beginnings, sending letters as we were on different sides of the country. With no conceptual idea in mind, and since we were apart for so much time during the weekdays, we decided to begin 'Salvaged Violets', and see what came of it. Every night when I returned home, before sleeping, I would spend time working on the music that Dani had worked on through the afternoon, and had left on the desk. Every afternoon, she would find a different version to work on that I had left, and this continued for some time. When together, we would sip our tea, laugh at silly jokes, cook, watch television, and so on. There was no need for longing while we were together. There was always laughing, pots and pans clanging, or a muttering television. In forming 'Salvaged Violets', we did not mix it in a particular arranged order. It was mixed simply by the order it was first played, compiling many miniature sections rolled into one. In this case, they were rolled into two. Nothing was discarded, nothing was rearranged. As the sound changed over time, the original form did not. When it was finally complete, we listened together, for the first time. I remember how familiar it seemed, yet I also felt that so much of it was unknown, and undefined. More than a year later, in September of 2009, I revisited the recordings for the first time since 2008. At this time, it was being mastered by our good friend Corey Fuller, so I was still listening to the original. Riding my bike through the endless suburban subdivisions, through the busy downtown streets, I listened repeatedly, for days, over and over. Something was familiar, but so much I was unable to recall, and yet I was able to relate. I returned home, put my bike against the door, and took my headphones off. There, in the still silence, I think I understood finally what it was about." Will Thomas Long, December 2009. Edition of 998 copies. Stoughton mini-lp gatefold CD sleeve. 12 art prints and photographs by Peter Lograsso. Mastered by Corey Fuller."
1/22/2011 Celer Vestiges Of An Inherent Melancholy LP $20.99 Blackest Rainbow "Second vinyl LP from this formerly active American duo of Will Long and Danielle Baquet-Long, which also happens to be the second LP from Celer on Blackest Rainbow. Vestiges Of An Inherent Melancholy follows on from the recent pairing of releases on Basses Frequences and features 2 sides of unearthed recordings that were created between December 2006 and July 2008. These two sides find the duo creating some truly beautiful drone works with their use of an organic and electronic palette of instrumentation; cello, violin, pipe organ, electronics, tape, field recordings, samples, and mixing board. This really is a standout side from Celer, pulling together their variety of sounds to make a heart breaking collage of sounds falling between beautiful dream tones and heavier dark moments. Vestiges Of An Inherent Melancholy again pushes Celer further to the front of modern minimal compostion, proving that they were one of the most interesting, consistently outstanding, and intriguing acts around in recent years, creating some of the finest and most beautiful, fragile drone records around. The full experience of a Celer release is complete with accompanying titled fragmented sections for the side long pieces, and striking cover photography by Danielle. Limited to 500 copies in thick old style tip-on hardback jackets with LPs pressed on 140 gram virgin vinyl."
7/30/2006 Celesteville Kohoutek CDR $7.99 Tape Mountain "It takes a million bees a lifetime to make one pound of honey. This is sweeter and sadder. Ancient and musty sounds from my days in grad school in California, this is easily the darkest record on Tape Mountain, with the possible exception of the Charlie McAlister record." - label.
1/24/2009 Century Plants Circular Spaces, Vol. 1 CDR $7.99 Tape Drift "The tenth release on Tape Drift brings us back to the first, with a brand new offering from Century Plants. The first in a multiple volume series, "Circular Spaces, Vol. 1" finds Hardiman and hare in particularly fine form, showing how far they've come since their debut. This one splits the difference between their melodic and noisy extremes, with two beautifully intense guitar workouts and a long excursion into the depths of sonic abstraction unlike anything else they've committed to tape yet. Debut LP out soon on Music Fellowship!"
1/24/2009 Century Plants Electrics CDR $7.99 House of Alchemy "Last November we put together an amazing show here in Buffalo featuring a spectrum of -house and alchemy- friends/partners, past, present and future. Century Plants were the future. And, that future is now. Featuring their set from that wonderful night in Buffalo and another live set, Electrics is Century Plants in top form. Cd-r edition of 123 in sleeves with full color artwork by Katheryn Richards."
8/31/2008 Century Plants / The Quost split CDR $8.99 Deep Water "Our latest shared release continues the transatlantic theme, featuring a pair of duos who follow different but complementary routes to lost lands of avant-psych-drone overload. Century Plants is a two-headed guitar monster from upstate New York, both also serving in the larger Burnt Hills collectivity; gtrs plugged directly into hi-tension wires mainline pure raw overbleed, calling to mind the finest Japanese and New Zealand noise masters w/o sounding like anyone but themselves. French twosome the Qoast have a number of releases under their belts under the name Ghost Brames; here they kick things up a good few notches, doubling up each on swirling gtrs & bash-tastic drums for a Gallic free-psych whirlwind epic that manages to be simultaneously atomically heavy and woozily levitational. Three tracks total, 50 minutes."
5/7/2004 Cerebral Pals Throb For Me CDR $8.99 Musically Incorrect Records "Do you like guitar noise? Melvins-meets-Cosmonauts Hail Satan-like 'rock'? Industrial screech? The 'Pals offer them all! Limited edition of 70 copies."
5/16/2010 Cetacean Nation Institute For Environmental Sounds Peru c30 cassette $7.99 Taped Sounds "A 30 minutes composition, using only short snippets of fieldrecordings of Peruvian Birds. originally inspired by the heavy whistling birdsongs in the Aguirre movie. the final result is pretty random, yet very nice to listen to."
2/11/2006 Ceylon Mange The Maiming Path LP $15.99 HP Cycle "Ceylon Mange is the trio of Dylan Nyoukis (Chocolate Monk proprietor and sound molder in Blood Stereo, Decaer Pinga), Karen Constance (Blood Stereo, Smack Music 7) and Bill Nace (X.O.4, Vampire Belt). The Maiming Path extends from the group's previous mind melts with two side long (de)constructions that are assembled from a variety of mangled loops and electronics, guitar feedback/slaughter and cromagnon vocals. The results are a murky stew, as each emerging sound creeps upon the listener like a blackened sloth nightmare. It's the type of organic brain tangle that is rarely unleashed by the spirits these days. The LP is housed in a full-colour printed sleeve featuring Karen's outsider artwork." 2nd edition.
5/14/2007 Chainsaw Paws This Light CDR $7.99 Foxglove "Tennessee's chainsaw paws come at you from a million different directions. after a release on alamagator (not to mention numerous offshoots like broken tape choir, beesty, mild red sorrow, and more), "this light" is the bands most fully-realized album. deconstructed, whimsical pop with hooks galore build around varying stringed instruments, vocals, and percussion that, at times, brings to mind groups like animal collective. but this is catchy, surreal, and psychedelic all wrapped into one tight little ball. delightful in every way."
8/1/2014 Chalaque Switching Center LP $24.99 Golden Lab "Brand-new, super-limited LP from Nick M's free-rock psychedelic R&B burnout project Chalaque. With bass player Eric Hardiman permanently back in the U.S., the new version of the group features Dylan Hughes (Desmadrados Soldados De Ventura) slotting into the role while long-time collaborator Pascal Nichols (Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides) maintains his seat at the drums. This line-up, recorded to mobile phone, explores the nuances of endless, ecstatic crescendo, with blissed, slapdash, major scale solos skating across a sheet of 500 mph sunshine rhythmic chaos. With silk-screened art covers."
7/16/2009 Chalice Chalice CDR $10.99 High Spirits "Weird jams from stange guests to visit cosmos farm."
2/7/2009 Chambers Soon cassette $8.99 Tone Filth "Gentle and restrained tape movements from the one behind Ides Recordings. I've never been to Chicago, but I'd imagine it would feel a lot like this tape. Minimal lo-fi dirt. Edition of 100 with 2 color screen printed inserts and professional printed chrome cassettes."
6/25/2013 Chan/Smith/Walter Improvisations and CDR $7.99 Bug Incision Charity Chan: piano, objects
Damon Smith: bass
Weasel Walter: drumset
"This trio combines the formidable abilities of Montreal-based pianist Charity Chan (Bill Nace, Pauline Oliveros, and Jean Derome are counted among her past performing partners) with the Bay Area stalwarts Weasel Walter (Flying Luttenbachers, Behold...The Arctopus, XBXRX) and Damon Smith (who's logged time with John Tchicai, Jaap Blonk, Fred Frith, and Jim O'Rourke, to name a few). The playing contained on this 2007-recorded album is less aggressive than one might assume from the personnel. The music exists at a medium-high energy level, dispensing offerings and interchanges smartly, never dwelling on area given area of activity for extended periods. Ideas are unloaded, bounced about, and departed from at tangential angles. Very upfront, live, "real" recording sound, just like bein' there. Happy to have this group on the label." Edition of 114 copies, cdr, color covers in plastic sleeves.
1/22/2011 Channels 3 And 4 Christianity LP $10.99 Gilgongo Records "Originally slated to come out on Summer Lovers United several years ago, as a follow up to their "Christian Girls Like to Get Cut" 12" ep w/ Johnny Jewel - this long delayed collection of Vancouver riot grrl synth punk has finally made it's way out there. Members of SHEARING PINX and TWIN CRYSTALS, their output includes many obscure gems in the realms of cassettes and lathes on their respective ISOLATED NOW WAVES and DEAR + BIRD labels. Dancey, manic outbursts from three of the many prolific members of the modern Vancouver scene."
3/1/2007 Chaob Chaob CDR $7.99 Foxglove "This supergroup of sorts recorded this, their first album, in october of 2005 in portland, oregon. consisting of mike tamburo, matt mcdowell, and world's honey owens and adam forkner. the results are monolithic. two sprawling jams that illuminate the night sky with their own vivid lightshow. these massive drones are dense and subtle, with each hypnotic change commanding the listener's full attention. on their own, each of these artists are major league talents, but put them in a room together and they're a different monster. just one listen to chaob and you'll feel the electricity in the air." Edition of 100 copies.
4/24/2006 Chapel Soil Tunnel Tongue & Song CDR $9.99 Celestial Jars "emitted directly from nature's own, hidden, soily tunnels, chapel soil tunnel explores the posibilities from a purgatorial point of view. by combining the instrumentation in a unique way, he uses sonic outbursts of ancient warcries to deliver the message of old masters. this is music from one of the tunnels, you cross when being forced to purgatory. eclectic layers of acoustic scrawl weaves in and out of layers of flutes, horns and dense drones, which subsequently end up being replaced by cherub screams and hollers in eternal time. chapel soil tunnel is originally played entirely by mikkel andersen - and then mixed down with help from brad dixon."
4/27/2011 Chapels Call It Killing You Off c29 cassette $5.99 Imminent Frequencies "If you have ever wondered what it would sound like to sneak into an abandoned Victorian mansion during a blizzard this is it. Translucent voices, bits of metal debris, found sounds and what sounds like some percussion all meld into a collage of frigid archaic beauty. When not running his House of Alchemy label Adam Richards has stayed rather busy the last couple of years maintaining a strong body of work with his Chapels project creating hauntingly striking sound compositions. Like many Chapels releases the sounds within are opaque and eerie often hard to decipher but I think I like it better that way."
9/30/2008 Chapels Dust Bells cassette $6.99 Tired Trails "Here we have a curious exploration of mind, matter and mania. Subtle echoes form mandala like patterns, while surging electricity collapse their efforts. The opening track is a meditative distended sit down stay down, swaying like abandoned swings, grasping but pushing away, an empty heart, a broken nest. The second track starts off discreet, sensitive even, and while it keeps itself refined, it also rips the fabric of fortune, stabbing swords at its purpose, caving in on it's commands. Side B demands the same attention and diligence. it is cunning chaos and loopy destruction. impulsive expeditions. it is the reminder of urgency, the remainder of madness and the recollection of delight. dive in. blue cs housed in hand-made cs pockets with silver bells. comes with a lovely sticker with a curious photo from the 30's. lmt ed of 40!!"
4/10/2009 Chapels In Aspic cassette $4.99 Anathema Sound "This new project sees Buffalo 's Adam Richards (of The Circle and the Point and the House of Alchemy label) playing the role of lo-fi exorcist. In Aspic is a fascinating, addictive listen that extols both warm melodies and eerie vibes in heavy doses at once. Richards juggles guitars, synths, and hand percussion to lift spirits from the tape hiss and cause all the floorboards in the house to creak at once. It's densely-layered and swirling at one moment, sparsely whispering the next, yet always beautiful and engrossing in its own haunting way. With full color art, inserts, and labels by Matt Yacoub." Edition of 50 copies.
1/22/2011 Chapels Mensagem c30 cassette $4.99 Ghetto Naturalist Series "Adam Richards= stellar releases all over the map as you know- dudes label, house of alchemy, cranks out some of the sickest shit on earth- could go on and on w/ compliments... 'mensagem' is intimate and strange and eerie and textural and fkn gooood!! an honor to release this!!! - edition of 50."
6/24/2012 Chapman, Michael Plaindealer LP $16.99 Mystra Edition of 600 copies with hand-painted/letterpress covers.
From the liner notesŠ.
"TELEPHONE CONVERSATION between Gary the Dealer (B) & Hereanonymous the record junkie (A):
B) Lookin' for more English guitar & song writing intensity".
A) What are you into so far?
B) Been listening to 70s British prog and psych stuff for years, but been listening to a lot of crossover folk guitar shit now
A) Acoustic or electric?
B) Well, I've been digging Roy Harper & John Martyn, and Thurston Moore's acoustic outings the past few years have been blowing my mind.
I like acoustic with a lot of slide or effects.
A) Ever listened to Michael Chapman?
B) You mean that guy from Family that sounds like a pig getting slaughtered?
A) No, no that's Roger Chapman, I'm talking about Michael Chapman. He's one of the great transformational British guitarists of the past
45 years & was on major labels in the 70's.. both EMI Harvest & DeramŠ He's still making killer music today.
B) Never heard of him. Did he play in a band?
A) Nope, just solo albums, but was often backed up by great musicians. Tends to jam out his songs or trance you into a haze of guitar sounds,
sometimes with intricate instrumentals & lyrics & vibes that you swear you've been there before
B) Sounds pretty cool... You got anything in stock? I want records man, preferably gatefoldsŠ. None of that CD crap.
A) We just got a recent one of his in on vinyl, called "Plaindealer". It came out on CD a few years ago but is just out on vinyl for the
first time. No gatefold, but the music is kick-ass. Great songs. Some great musicians backing him up, but mostly it's Michael. I can rap
about him for hours but....
B) Go ahead. I need a new music fix man! I've been back into the Pink Fairies "Neverneverland" and Kevin Ayers, "Whatevershebringswesing"
endlessly for the past week & I need something new
A) Chapman's one of those guys who you listen to the first time, after about 5 minutes, you say, "Why the hell hasn't this guy been on my
turntable!?" And this album rates. He's a singular British dude who captures the shimmering desolation of Americana from the depths of a
bottle & takes you on some amazing & weird trips with his tranced out slide guitar & imagery that veers off into some real deja vu inducing
excursions. First he comes up with some explanations for life that you really wish you could have put into words yourself, then seconds
later you're off into another 'guitar galaxy'. You think the songs are headed into a predictable realm, then another layer is added or
things get totally intricate or filled with intense waves of sound. Or you totally might start time tripping & suddenly two minutes have
gone by and you've been travelling in some washed out part of your past where you left behind a piece of your heart, an empty bottle, and
your car in a ditch
B) Sounds like I should definitely check it out. Can you hold it for me? My mom's goin' to give me some cash for my birthday next week(Gary's
turning 54Š)
A) No problem man, I'll put it in your hold pile. It'll rock your world. "
"All I know is that i was BLOWN AWAY by Chapman. I didn't know his LPs or tunes, i just knew he was considered to be one of the 'greats'...Long stretches of clawing, flipping digits from one burning line to the next, all the while kinda hooting vocally along with a snort and a smile...each jam more deadly then the next. Which TURNED ME THE FUCK ON as much as any holy shit..." -thurston moore
6/11/2006 Charalambides A Vintage Burden CD $13.99 kranky "For those desperate to pigeonhole A Vintage Burden into the Charalambides canon, it'd be fair to say it's more of a 'song' type release than nearly all of their past collaborative work. It's to the group's credit that this doesn't mean there is a reduction in the breadth or depth of their music. Filled with exquisite playing, beautifully realized songs, and bona fide emotion A Vintage Burden is not a concession to commercialism. In fact, if it weren't for the miles of music left still to create and the multitudes of paths to take, the album would be looked back on as Charalambides definitive release. It takes a rare talent to channel the sound of a season so exactly, as "Spring" does. The main line of clean electric guitar paces around the other melody lines like twinkling rays of sunlight. There's a hesitance in the playing that creates a languid warm feel. Christina Carter's gorgeous "let it shine...it will shine" refrain is one of hope, after all hope has been dashed. It's a flinging open of doors and windows to take in the first draughts of warm air. The song sounds like a second chance, and it's a wondrous piece of music; picking up the pieces isn't a speedy process. This sense of fragility and resettling your feet are recurring themes in A Vintage Burden. Tom Carter manages to make the guitar work on opener "There Is No End" both step haltingly and slowly unfurl as it progresses. The song, even with the weight of double tracked vocals, slides by with the delicacy of a thin layer of glass underfoot. The mix and production job, done by Tom Carter, retains ingenuousness despite its "hear everything" polish. The almost Cure / Cocteau's sound of "Dormant Love"s lap steel teeters between electronic, organic and something else altogether, insinuating itself through the song's core. The notes waver, bend, and stretch like some chillingly sharp breeze over the relatively loose acoustic guitar strum. Before Christina even mentions snow in her lyrics ("the year of the heaviest snow") you can feel the distance in the music and the cold in Carter's trembling hurt vocals. The instrumental cut, "Black Bed Blues," is the lengthiest piece here, but still keeps itself within a structure. This is the unseen improv of what normally happens when the tape machines don't stop; the extended solo. Building slowly on acoustic pieces of whizzing neon, glinting slide bottleneck blues appear. From this finger-picking swirl comes an unobtrusive vocal drone (from Christina?) that grows under the relaxed Neil Young acoustic rhythms. There's even space for some coiled dueling, whereas most of the other guitar work on the album seems more stunningly dislocated. Ending in backwards sliding drones, this is the closest A Vintage Burden gets to the "old days." Despite the chill of "Dormant Love," A Vintage Burden might just be the best summer LP you'll hear this year-perfect timing." - Stylus Magazine
9/30/2008 Charalambides Branches CD $10.99 Wholly Other "A rare document of a brief arc in Charalambides' 17 year (and counting) trajectory, somewhere between the extreme spatial attenuation of the long gone Crucial Blast CDR Being As Is and the gentle intergalactic trio sway of the kranky disk Unknown Spin- and quite distance from both the exclamatory exhalations of Joy Shapes and the layered songcraft of Likeness. These are spartan duets of formalistic near-symmetry, a reminder that there was a time when Charalambides swung as close to the axis of Incus and FMP as to that of Takoma and ESP. Christina (voice) and Tom Carter (guitar) improvise non-textual melodic lines around an locus of mirror clarity, occasionally overlapping various strands using two DAT machines and a mixing board, in a nod to the pre ProTools digital scrap heap. Originally issued as a Peter King lathe cut LP on Eclipse Records in an edition of 100 in 2000, the reissue of this extreme rarity is remastered from a superior source for maximum clarity. Inkblot artwork courtesy of Heather Leigh Murray. The whole package is dedicated to Bruce Connor (R.I.P.). The reissue at hand is an edition of 500, with fold-over printed sleeves in the style of Electricity Ghosts."
4/24/2006 Charalambides Dead / Live (white sleeve) CDR $16.99 Wholy Other West Coast Live Volume 2! These are recordings from the duo of Tom Carter & Christina Carter from the autumn of 2004 of performances from San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Limited edition of 200 copies. Recommended!
9/17/2006 Charalambides Emerald Message CDR $12.99 Wholly Other "Brand new collection of primo early material from the duo of Tom Carter and Christina Carter in a hand-numbered edition of 250 copies in beautiful, individually painted hand-made sleeves. All material recorded during 1995 as part of the Internal Eternal sessions. Features the duo on vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, chord organ, bells and shortwave. Excellent." - Volcanic Tongue
9/17/2006 Charalambides Glowing Raw CDR $12.99 Wholly Other "Another new and equally jaw-dropping collection of archival material from the duo of Tom and Christina Carter with one track from the first trio line-up that also included Jason Bill (now of Migrantes). A huge amount of sonic territory covered here, featuring 1998 material drawn from the original Houston album sessions as well as tracks from late 95, unreleased
material from 95's Drilling The Curve sessions and late 95 material from an aborted Siltbreeze album. Tom is on vocals, electric and acoustic guitar and saxophone, Christina on vocals, organ and guitar and Jason on acoustic guitar. Hand-numbered edition of 250 copies in beautiful individually painted hand-made sleeves." - Volcanic Tongue
11/29/2002 Charalambides IN CR EA SE double LP $19.99 Eclipse "A long glimpse at a special and hazily documented node of vibrational warmth taken from Charalambides’ shifting history, recorded with the original duo of Tom & Christina Carter in the Heather-less interlude between their 2000-2001 tours. IN CR EA SE is four side-long escavations of the auditory plane defined by interweaving threads of lap steel and chord organ and swept by intermittent currents of breath-born voice and serene modalities cycled upward into towering microtonal dissonances, then flung down into corners of dark intimacy. And summoned back up again (once you flip the record)." This is one time pressing of 1000 copies in a printed black and white sleeve. Looks and sounds beautiful!
3/2/2008 Charalambides Rose / Thorn LP $19.99 Klang Industries "Long-, long-, long-, loooooong-awaited and singular entry in the Charalambides and Klang Industries discographies; one of those "does it really exist?" items that's finally seeing daylight, or moonlight. A stark, unsettling and beautiful slice of duo Charlambides invocation / incantation, taken from the period between Jason Bill and Heather Leigh Murray's tenures with the band and featuring extraordinary chord organ and vocal work from Christina and some signature lap steel mastery from Tom. Fans of the band's most recent, more song-based work will find this relevatory, long-time listeners will say "ahhhh" and settle in for the flight. Heavy vinyl, limited pressing, cover handiwork by Tom, the first release in years from Klang and a sign perhaps of a truly epic revival." - label. "Long awaited klang debut of charalambides. this record has been brewing since 2000, and is now finally available under the auspices of eclipse/ klang. two side long improvisations in much the same vein as IN CR EA SE, a bit more topographical perhaps, but still horizontally serene and horizonless. chord organ, lap steel, vocals." - Wholly Other
10/13/2010 Charlatan Holograms c30 cassette $7.99 Digitalis Limited "There are bombs and then there are bombs. the charlatan was revealed, not that there was a mask to begin with and then everything went to the fucken birds. so what's the mirage this times? four to the floor and ready to move those muscles. electro inspiration pushes the nu-age gash to the side and buries it under the dancefloor. spiral-topped nods to certain boards and a massive dose of sci-fi nostalgia concocted with synths to spare blast off the launch-pad straight out of the gate. look, progression and participation are the themes of 2010 and charlatan takes another step toward god only knows. this ain't no mirage; it's a fine line in there somewhere, but it all ends up under a mile of smoke anyway. edition of 80, chrome tapes."
9/30/2005 Charles Balls Less Difficult To Hard Water CDR $12.99 Beniffer Editions "Gastric Female Reflex related, concrete slander. Cut up prepared piano, consumed many sleepless nights. Collage gem's, found arguments, directions. A gazette, a document of andrew zukerman's free time. Will make music about how he can no longer desire the affection of another woman. NOT a recovering pervert! Marbled and printed velum gatefold art object. Beautiful, stunning look. Unlimited edition."
4/24/2006 Charles Curse Insilverscene CDR $12.99 musicyourmindwillloveyou "Isolationist folk from the heart of a madness...purely improvised, captured and manipulated into a piece of abstract psychosis. Skeletal truth music interwoven with ecstatic noise and doused with petrol. A skull on fire in the dead of winter. Alone in his kingdom. Burn down the F word."
2/21/2009 Charles Curse Rain In Skull LP $17.99 Olde English Spelling Bee "Australian Charles Curse's music is one of the weirdest things I've come across all year. On Rain in Skull, fragments of disjointed folk melodies move across a plain of wheezing chords, tape hiss, children's voices, ambient washes, amp hum, electronic glitch and bits of buzz in general. The contrast between downcast guitar playing and the physical claustrophobia-inducing weight of sound is equally perplexing and intriguing. It's all presented in a decidedly lo-fi environment but the sound construction is anything but simple, as this is a complex sonic stew, unique in the true sense of the word. - Mats Gustafsson The Broken Face. Limited pressing of 200 copies, with full-color spraymounted covers, re-worked and remastered issue of an obscure cd-r release from 2007.
9/30/2005 Chasse, Loren The Air In The Sand CD $12.99 Naturestrip "The San Francisco based sound artist Loren Chasse is apt to describe the many facets of his work through a simple metaphor. For example, Chasse often qualifies his microphone as a physical extension of the ear, and site-specific environments become his ersatz studio and mixing board. Yet these metaphors extend far beyond the concept of sound construction and into sympathetic relationships with everything around him. On his critically acclaimed 2002 album Hedge of Nerves, he applied the often fetishized sound of vinyl crackle to elemental recordings of wind, sand, fire, wood, and surf for an album bristling with tactility whose complex details amassed into an transcendent, oceanic blur. This was not a mimesis of an antiquated technology dumped upon a digital production with the facade of "making something real," but an abstracted coupling of complementary acoustics hopefully to engage the imagination of the audience. For his most recent album The Air In The Sand, Chasse posits another metaphor: the composition as a diorama. Within his ideas about the sound diorama, Chasse exaggerates those sounds which he feels to be essential for a space and minimizes everything else. Again, the recording process of The Air In The Sand revolves around Chasse's active participation within a particular environment. In these unspecified spaces, he broadcasts an array of drones, textures, and field recordings back into the sonic environment where they intermingle with the ambience of that location. Part of this process is an attempt to move away from the constraints of the digital workstation; but at the same time, Chasse is far more interested in the curious alchemy that occurs when a space listens to itself making sound. The nighttime chorus of crickets gurgles within aqueous percolations and the tectonic crash of surf crashing against rock. Elsewhere, rain vaporizes in a caustic sizzle as it falls upon overhead electrical wires, and this sound is compounded by the sharp crack of branches and the slow hiss of sand. For all of the elemental sounds that dominate his recordings, Chasse extracts subtle musical timbres and fragile half-melodies that haunt The Air In The Sand. While some of Chasse's recording techniques remain similar, it is important to note that Chasse sets this body of work (along with id battery and Coelacanth) outside of his ongoing pastoral contributions to the polyphonic Jewelled Antler constellation (e.g. Thuja, The Blithe Sons, Child Readers, and even his pseudonymous solo project Of.) With an emphasis placed upon location and its sonic ghosts, Chasse exposes something profoundly beautiful lurking in the shadows of the landscape." - Jim Haynes, June 05
11/2/2008 Chasse, Loren The Footpath CD $14.99 Nature Strip "Loren Chasse places his ear to the earth and becomes a microphone... hands on stones, stones against stones, a cymbal, dust blown, a strum, earth sounding, earth turning, leaves, wind, tones, drones, moments fading in, fields fading out, something from another atmosphere, something as another music, not music of the spheres, but this sphere, a music of the earth rolling, like a cloud floats, like blades of grass walked upon, with gentle tones droning, the music of dirt, the music of dust, the moving back and forth in wind, tones ringing, and more tones ring, quietly, strings are plucked as though moved by wind, and then breeze, and pause, and begin again, in another place. here, sounds move like rolling a coin along the ground on its edge - simple, gentle, yet full of wonder... music at its most tactile nature, quietly rubbing dirt clods in your hands until dust... drift, a whole lot of drift, of small crackling presences, clear wind, field recordings of unknown activities, and tones again but this time more present - more music, and then a feeling like sagebrush rolling in wind, desolate, and then the tones return, and there are all these moments when desolate becomes beauty. there are shifts and also stillness...we are told we are on a footpath, but even more so, we are submerged inside of an ear-path, where the earth is transformed not through handling, but through listening. loren places his ear upon the earth and begins his journey. we've all wished at times that we could present our dreams, or other complex things inside of us, to others exactly as we can see or hear them within us. in this case, loren has given us access to this little listening space inside his head, for we hear things we could only hear if we were inside him - it is the sounds of the world, sometimes manipulated by his hands, resonating through the earth and moving into us through his ears." - steve roden (august 2008)
5/7/2004 Chatham, Rhys Echo Solo LP $15.99 Azoth / Table of the Elements "By 1989, downtown legend Rhys Chatham had been fusing art music and punk rock for almost fourteen years and wanted to try his hand at something else. Accordingly, he set out to combine forms using a diverse vocabulary drawn exclusively from the classic avant-garde; the result is Echo Solo. In it, Chatham appropriates a number of musical styles - serial technique, chance operations, and just intonation - then through a process of amalgamation and superimposition, he transcends their original musical meaning while at the same time imploding it. Only the tiniest pair of critical scissors could isolate the individual elements from the final product; it's a fascinating, paradoxical composition, one which the composer happily describes as 'a rite of decimation.'"
8/24/2009 Cheater Slicks Bats in the Dead Trees LP $13.99 Lost Treasures of the Underworld 2nd edition of 500 copies with pro-printed covers. "Four long heavy instrumental total damage meltdown jams. this is the other side of the cheater slicks that until now has never been captured on vinyl!"

Cherry, Don Mu First Part LP $16.99 Get Back "Originally recorded on August 22nd, 1969 at Studio Saravah in Paris, this album became the first one of the whole BYG/Actuel series. Don Cherry electrifying duets with Ed Blackwell are memorable. 6 tracks. Original artwork, gatefold sleeve, 180 gram HQ vinyl."
8/4/2007 Chessex, Antoine Lost in Destruction CDR $7.99 editions_zero "berlin... april 06, while spending their easter vacations editions_zero members attend a real-punch-in-the-stomach set of antoine chessex in stralau 68 as a part of mini fest and get crazily astound w/ his lo-fi 'doom sax' sounds!... berlin, somewhere in kreuzberg, january 07... while sitting in a bar w/ daniel. joke and other pals drinking during a weekend's trip, the same members pop up w/ the idea of a release to remember that instant trip. a proposal for a raionbashi/antoine chessex split 7" is dropped and less than a month later crashes in our po box in amphissa an envelope from antoine including a cdr of his recordings (that stellar set from stralau as well!!!). 5 tunes (+ 1 w/ the necessary silence as well) as spewn from his tenor sax through gtr amps & his shitty efects pedals, from droning passages, to pure 'doom sax' chaos or the lo-fi madness of live sets, this cdr works not only as fine introduction to his world but as a blastin' experience as well (it sets editions_zero's central on fire!!!). housed in an envelope w/ a replica of how usually look like the letters or packs, collective members around greece exchange between them... (as of what happened to the raionbashi thing? be glad for the sound has no ending, up here in the mountain where the editions_zero central lies....)"
7/16/2009 Chessex, Antoine Terra Incognita one-sided LP $15.99 Absurd "Striked accidentally to do a 1sided LP of antoine's work a couple of months ago. turned out to be no more no less but a documentation of recent live stuff recorded in berlin and in asia. 2 sax / electronics blasts and a more frequency like one capturing as much as possible of antoine's live energy and atmosphere. while working on it we found a mutual interest in ancient and medieval maps therefore is housed as such... as if you are opening a map and start examaning an unknown sound origin that lies in front of you with all its known, unknown, hidden or not places... simply play loud and get sucked into it!" "Recently I found that Antoine Chessex is/was a member of a band who I actually saw a couple of times: Monno. He told me that himself, when he played at Extrapool. That concert was short, powerful and noisy, but it worked really well, with Chessex using the dynamics of the space. Here he has a solo one sided LP, but with a hidden track (think New Order's 12" on Touch) on the other side. It is a kind of documentation of stuff he has done recently, using saxophone and electronics. It starts out in known land (nodding to the title here), of heavy noise: piercing electronics and sustained saxophones. Then there is a somewhat quieter piece of saxophones in a larger hall, which create a kind of strange atmosphere. Nice as well. So it goes for the final track of the one side which some heavily controlled playing. In between there is a noise blast and so is the main part of the hidden track. I think I expected a bit more of this, based on what I heard live, but this fits the saxophone brut that he is known for." - FdW, Vital Weekly
8/1/2014 Chesworth, David The Unattended Serge 1978 / Five Evolutionary Things 1979 LP $21.99 Planam "Australia, 1978. The 20 years old young David Chesworth experiments with the gigantic Serge synth that occupies half the room of the Latrobe University electronic studio. On the traces of pioneers such as Tristram Cary or Warren Burt, a new avant-garde is blooming in Sidney and Melbourne with bands like Severed Heads, The Makers, The Loop Orchestra and the like. David Chesworth will soon play a major role by coordinating the Clifton Hill Community Music Centre in Melbourne, by co-founding the cult label Innocent Records and by playing in acts such as Essendon Airport, The Dave and Phil Duo, ? ? ?, as well as conducting a solo career. He later will become one of the leading figure of contemporary sculpture and sound installations in Australia and abroad, a recognized and awarded composer with his The David Chesworth Ensemble. His first solo LP titled "50 Synthesizer Greats! " was released in 1979 and recorded in the same period as the LP presented here. While his first LP is a compilation of very short and eclectic tracks, "Five Evolutionary Things 79" and "The Unattended Serge 78" are structured as suites. Drawing skeletons for pop tunes to come, these minimal electronic pieces are at times very experimental but never brutal reminding the best moments of Udder Milk Decay's "Take A Teat" or sharing the apparent naïve melancholia of Harmonia's "Musik Von". Hints of elegant musique conrète ala François Bayle can be heard but also out of space blip beats as if Pietro Grossi or Erkki Kurenniemi went groovy. This beautiful unknown gem of ozzy underground is now available from your ears in an edition limited to 300 copies."
4/28/2012 Cheval Sombre Couldn't Do 7" + download $6.49 Trensmat "Cheval returns with his own particular brand of chilled out there lunar pop developed in MGMTs Blanker Unsinn lab & abley abetted by Sonic Boom and Nick Kramer among others. The A side is the near six minute ethereal wig flippin 'Couldnt Do' which builds from a cosmic campfire chant into a expansive & symphonic hypno-orbiting trance like raga-drone that swirls and shimmers and is utterly spellbinding, an aural high without the side effects. On the B is a seductively charming cover of 'As Tears Go By', all lullaby twinkles and the fade of sun scorched days reclining coolly into nightly drifts, it imagines a laid back and casual porch lit get together between the Walker Brothers, Brian Jones and Joe Meek. The 7" comes with digital copies of the tracks on the record. VERY limited edition coloured vinyl 7" in silk-screened sleeve (+ 2 downloads)."
2/20/2010 Chew, Hans New Cypress Grove Boogie / Forever Again 7" picture disc $6.99 Three Lobed Recordings "Hans Chew's skill as a piano player has previously been on display both in a complementary fashion to Jack Rose (appearing as a member of Jack's live backing band at Arthurdesh as well as on both The Black Dirt Sessions and Luck in the Valley) and as a integral member of D. Charles Speer & the Helix (including his vocal turns on both 'Life Insurance' off Distillation and 'Bar-Abbas Blues' off the In Madagascar 7"). This new single offers an expanded glimpse at not only Chew's songwriting prowess but also his powerful boogie-blues, bar-rockin' piano skills. Both tracks presented on this 7" are slated to appear on Chew's debut album, Tennessee and Other Stories, but appear in different versions exclusive to this release. The 7" itself is a vivid picture disc bearing stunning shots by Jake Cunningham and comes from a limited edition of 500 copies. This record is a joint release between Three Lobed and Divide By Zero."
3/23/2012 Chicaloyoh Les fantômes sortent des racines 7" $6.99 Tamed Records "First vinyl release for local solo artist Alice Dourlen, "les fantômes sortent des racines" presents two new tracks which always combine multi-instruments and haunted vocals. Chicaloyoh has already released several tapes on Brave Mysteries, Digitalis and Bumtapes. This time Chicaloyoh changed its creative process : no loops were used but only live recordings creating a dynamic result, with richer arrangements and a more complex and evolutive writing. Chicaloyoh integrated more drums than before, and for the first time, rythmic bass parts. On "les fantômes sortent des racines" Chicaloyoh well develops its nice sense of spread melody, like a contemplation chant sung by wraith. If you've being charmed by Inca Ore or Pocahaunted, don't be afraid to follow this new priestess. When the sun goes down it's not easy to know if the forest will help or annihilate you, pursued by ghosts, surrounded by living roots. Recorded at her home in the Normandy countryside : studio chaudelande." Edition of 300 copies pressed on red vinyl.
5/7/2015 Chick, John Hippie Histories c80 cassette $7.99 Sloow Tapes "Recordings made by John Chick in Bali in 2009. Chick was one of the original members of the Bardo Matrix crew (along with Dana Young, Gregg Sharits and John Chick) which was a psychedelic lightshow in Denver at first. In the early seventies he moved to Kathmandu where he started the Spirit Catcher bookstore, which sold booklets of poetry and traditional rice prints from temple rubbings. It was under this imprint Ira Cohen and Angus MacLise published their works. He also ran the first nightclub in Nepal. Later on he got busted for heroine and spent 6 years in prison in Bali. On these recordings he tells tales about encountering Janis Joplin, Wavy Gravy and the Magic Bus, Jim Morrison of The Doors and the Rose Mushroom Nightclub. Cover collage by Dana Young. Edition of 100 copies."
3/2/2005 Chicken Legs Weaver Wishbone Hands LP $12.99 Ecstatic Yod / Shagrat "Bee-stung guitar, vocals dug up in some gravel pit, Chicken Legs Weaver create some of the most feverishly destroyed R'n'B in recent memory.." - Byron Coley, Arthur Magzine. "The Debut Album Nowhere [produced by Johnny Dowd] has a timeless, stateless feel - equally rendolent of dingy northern cities and the plains of middle America .. essentially, this is international blues of the very highest calibre.." - Joe Cushley, 'Blues Matters' magazine / 'Ballin' the Jack' on Resonance FM 104.4. "Clearly the best band the UK has produced in a while.." - Thurston Moore, Sonic Youth. "Hard times, lost loves, missed connections and dangerous visions, common to all, concealed from none, but each murderously twisted to the tenor of the times. Too true to be any easy, diamond-ring tall-shucking tale - and too good to be ignored by those who know the shouts and moans - the howling of the mighty Wolf and the graveling of the exalted Captain - and all the rest who have moved, red-eyed, in from the special places where the brain and the heart and the hand strike the ever-particular smokestack-sparks - and the words that make strong men weep, women wail, and policeman turn in their badges. Cheap gin will make you blind, but the clear truth will never fail you. The blues will set you free....Chicken Legs Weaver play the blues - and plays it right, right? Not a bad one in the barrel. So help me, Hannah."
8/22/2008 Child Bride Reflections On Prism City CDR $12.99 Blackest Rainbow "OK, so I don't support any kids getting married to old dudes, its not cool... but then this is a new recording by THE Child Bride! Spooked vocals, weird clunks, cut up surreal vibes, this one is a real slayer, almost like some kinda fucked up singer songwriter noise styles. The killer gem here has gotta be 'Rabbit Moon', some far out repetitive churns, some how blurring supremely with some thudding rumbling, and then some killer trance drugged vocal, that'll hypnotize your mind man! Edition of 60 packaged in stamped envelopes with pasted art and an insert."
7/21/2010 Child Bride The Bell Witch cassette $5.99 Feeding Tube Records "Beautifully packaged in double-sided full color fold-out. >From Baltimore noise maker Shana Palmer. "Practically gothic in its delivery, dark as hell. The natural reverb could very well have been due to the walls of a mental institution". 9/10 Foxy Digitalis
5/16/2010 Child Of A Creek, The Find A Shelter Along the Path CD $15.99 Red Birds "Ever taken a walk in the woods and just wanted something perfect for the trek? Well, here you go. The Child of a Creek is Italian folk artist Lorenzo Bracaloni. He has collected nine microcosmic tracks of his own woodland excursion through the mountains. Nature does something to us. It touches our heart as we gaze upon its humble majesty. It gives us pause for thought as we recognize our insignificance and mortality. And it gives us a peace from the busyness that we have lamentably created for ourselves. Such "vagabond" musings are at the center of Lorenzo's lyrics. Within "The Golden Light" he declares, "There's a treasure kept inside a cave; I am looking for, I hope to find; It's not gold, but consciousness; It's not gold, but something to better myself, to have nothing to regret." This kind of romantic yearning for something more, something intangibly satisfying, is a mature renouncement of everything that the banal influence of the media tells us we should seek after. I also love how the acoustic emotionalism bleeds with sincere poetry in its strings. I can just imagine him seated upon a log, a mosaic of leaves blustering around him, and soulfully partnering his voice with his instrument in a duet between his fleshly vocal chords with the organic notes of his wooden guitar. Flute, zither, balalaika, electric piano, minimal synthesizer and percussion also find their way into the forest of his heart. One of the most earnestly genuine albums that I've heard in a while. Make sure to take a look at this one." - 8/10 Dave Miller, Foxy Digitalis.
1/7/2015 Child Of A Creek, The Hidden Tales and Other Lullabies cassette $9.99 Metaphysical Circuits “Hidden Tales and Other Lullabies” is a 6 song completely instrumental ambient/abstract/electronic/postrock record I’ve recently written, composed, performed and recorded with synthetizers, piano, field recordings, acoustic and electric guitars. Mixed and mastered in a recording studio near home, I could say this is an ambient record which contains elements coming from drone/abstract, electronica and post rock. I have a particular love for this record and for its dreaming touch, gloomy sounds, circular waves, reverbs and echoes, various processed field recordings (paper, glass etc..)" - Lorenzo. Blow Up Magazine, October 2014, review by Gino Dal Soler. "It’s not a coincidence that the 2nd record in question called "Hidden Tales and Other Lullabies", (it’s a tape), now released by the danish label Metaphysical Circuits, is completely instrumental, vaguely recalling certain ambient moods dear to Tim Shory and even Mark Isham for certain cinematic quality that underlines ‘em: just listen to the song called "Hidden Tales and Other Lullabies" and to "Poison Tree" as an enlightening example. While guitars are not locking, synth and electric piano are the driving elements of the record, always ready to bestow a touch, emphasizing a qualitative leap, to do a step beyond the horizon. Songwriting and Ambient are for The Child of A Creek part of the same landscape." "Hidden Tales and Other Lullabies has an ambient-space vibe: it begins with ambient laser whirrsand space IS simply the place. Through these symphonic songscomes a sense of relaxation though it is done with a tone of seriousness that makes you comfortable but not too comfortable. I like it." RAISEDBYGIPSIES, February 2015.
Sample: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wwZFH-J4hKg
1/7/2015 Child Of A Creek, The Quiet Swamps CDR $12.99 Ruralfaune “Quiet Swamps” is a 10 song experimental/folk/ambient/shoegaze record I’ve recently sung, written, composed, performed and recorded with acoustic guitars, electric guitars, piano, electric piano, organ, acoustic and electric processed loops, synthetizers, field recordings and percussions. Mixed and mastered in a recording studio near home, “Quiet Swamps” is my 6th record in the “folk” field and I could say it’s a new step for my musical journey, which runs and explores different roads and different directions if compared to what I’ve done with music up to 2013 (prev stuff is more folk oriented). Mid tempos, open atmospheres, evocative moods and crooked melodies." - Lorenzo.
Blow Up Magazine, October 2014, review by Gino Dal Soler. "A few years ago I discovered his 3rd record called "Find A Shelter Along the Path" and I thought immediately The Child of A Creek as the best embodiment of the Italian acid folk, although Lorenzo sang and keeps singing in English. I could say he has hit the road so much from that era, musically speaking and playing live in several occasions and this thing allowed him to take more and more confidence with his very powerful voice, gifted by a natural vibrato which is his imprint. But to be a talented artist a great voice isn’t enough also counts the writing and The Child of A Creek’s writing is always changing and growing as shown by these two very great projects linked to and different from each other at the same time. The new record "Quiet Swamps" ideally follows the previous "The Earth Cries Blood" over a year ago but the approach is different, more intense, painful and full of sound events. You’ll find here his typical elegiac style: take a lusten to the song called "Quiet Swamps", to the beautiful "The Owl and the Moon", but we feel even a more dramatic and restless tension under the skin: the song called "Subterrean Life", "Sunset Hills" while the first entirely instrumental pieces of the record appear: "Lost Horizons", "the Ravine" that seems to come out from a distant Bill Nelson’s outtake from "Sounding the Ritual Echo". Although the electric guitars prevail again, but also the acoustic guitars, strong is the presence of the piano and the electronic keyboards and consequently the processed loops and the field recordings scattered here and there to give environmental colors to the background." "Quiet Swamps reminds me of the psychedelic Beatles or maybe even 'Behind Blue Eyes'. Loops and glass tones for a trippy bliss. I imagine this as being the soundtrack to a world already destroyed, perhaps even forgotten, and I love it." RAISEDBYGIPSIES, February 2015. Recommended!
Sample here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jIt7EYNNvag
7/14/2013 Child Of A Creek, The The Earth Cries Blood CD $13.99 Seahorse Recordngs "There’s a beautiful simplicity to this album. A level of emotion that a heavily produced album just wouldn’t be able to muster, but here, with the gentle guitar picking and the thoughtful vocals; vocals which aren’t the most stunning that you will ever here, but that fit this album perfectly, and so they should because The Child of a Creek (Lorenzo Bracaloni) has been perfecting this art over five albums. Each song builds on this very simple formula, minimal atmospherics surround Lorenzo as he performs each track and builds a very international sound, not just pulling in his Italian heritage, but also elements of world music in Terrestre and even a rather spaced out feel on the closing title track. He even manages to avoid the curse of the instrumental, The Long Way Out slots perfectly into the album because it feels like a continuation, not an ego powered stopgap. With only one guest on here – the divine Pantaleimon on Don’t Cry to the Moon – Lorenzo’s expansive take on folk is given room to expand. Even when he does hand the reins over to Pantaleimon the guitar work manages to take centre stage; squealing bursts of electric pushing the tracks above the rest of the album. Here Lorenzo has created an album that expands the horizons of folk music by deftly incorporating elements of other genres. This is done with maturity, and a feeling that the music comes first no matter what, and by doing this he has managed to produce an album that, as well as been expansive, also feels incredibly personal and insular. The album rolls on a loop, its beginning, middle and ends almost indecipherable, and it is all the better for it." - Matthew Tilt. See more at: http://reviews.sonicshocks.com/A-CHILD-OF-A-CREEK-The-Earth-Cries-Blood.php#sthash.G3p3ri2G.dpuf
11/21/2008 Child Of A Creek, The Unicorns Still Make Me Feel Fine CDR $13.99 Dust Wind Tales "Unicorns still make me feel fine" is the second 10 song plus an hidden completely self produced album I wrote, sung, composed, arranged, performed, recorded, produced and mixed together in my home recording studio and mics through various rooms, bedrooms and gardens neighbour between February and May 2006. I've performed singing, acoustic old folk electric and slide guitars, harmonica, flute, organ, electric piano, Steiner wall piano, bohdran, timpanoes, wooden boxes, little russian balalaika, crashes and electronics. All lyrics, All songs by The Child of A Creek. Front and back cover Art by The Child of A Creek." "When I first heard this collection of songs I wanted to cry tears of happiness. The feeling that Lorenzo Bracaloni creates on this album is truly amazing. Beautiful melodies that twist & turn like twine around a tree. Melodies that pick you up & melodies that lift you to a view of dusty meadows & landscapes. This is pure...Spray painted cdr packaged in a clear pvc case together with a cover featuring artwork by Lorenzo himself. Four inserts are also included featuring lyrics, credits & a small photo. As a bonus there is a badge (made especially for this release) that is held to a piece of curtain from The Child of A Creeks house." - label. Edition of 60 copies.
4/5/2011 Child Of A Creek, The Whispering Tales Under an Emerald Sun CDR $13.99 A Beard of Snails "This, the fourth album from Italy's The Child of a Creek, is a gleaming, lysergic gem for sure. Eight stunning neo-folk shoegaze tracks (four of which are instrumentals), equally rural and cosmic, with touches of almost Floydian / Frippian prog. Fragile, electricfied, cinematic. Comes in a in pearlescent bronze envelope. Edition of 60 copies.Waiting for the ideal sequel of the wonderful Find A Shelter Along the Path, a small danish label has now released this new record entititled Whispering Tales under an Emerald Sun; this new stuff was recorded a little time before the recording of the mentioned Child of A Creek masterpiece. Although the eight songs sound slightly more experimental and less song oriented, the incantatory art of Lorenzo Bracaloni is here deployed in the grooves of these tales whispered under an emerald sun. Acoustic and electric guitars, flute, electric piano, organ and sinthetizers, loops and percussions are played here by a musician who has a rare meastria who reveals a rare and a precious neo psych folk wriring at every listening (but watching also elsewhere), certainly not only in the italian way. Songs like The Voyager or Shivers (just to name two of my favourites) are indicative of a path that can?t be longer confined only to a current or to a simple psychfolk variant, but they are here to subscribe themselves into the aesthetics of the most unassignable visionary music." - Blow Up Magazine #156, Review by Gino Dal Soler. SCORE: 8.
4/29/2008 Child Readers, The Music Heard Far Off CD $11.99 Soft Abuse "The Child Readers tread the implied ground that lies somewhere between a music heard far off and a music finally pulled together. Active since 2000, Loren Chasse and Jason Honea, The Child Readers, present the disparate dualities of metaphysical improvisation and meticulous composition in their otherworldly recordings, an adventurous & dense take on art-pop songwriting unheard since the heyday of Cherry Red and 4AD (imagine Eyeless in Gaza nicking from the Xiu Xiu or Richard Youngs songbook). Rather than solely draw from any musical discourse, The Child Readers found inspiration in the creative adventures of Rockwell Kent, Lawren Harris, Charles Burchfield and Sherwood Anderson in making their fourth & best album, Music Heard Far Off. Presenting music bathed in the beauty of everyday things, The CRs' avant-pastiche approach touches upon musique concrète, pastoral pop, new romanticism, fractured folk & minimal techno with equal prejudice. Sonic prayers to country, wastes of sea, songs, drawings, particular times of day and different furs are all presented here as esoteric sing-a-longs. Aiding Honea & Chasse's vision are three short films (the video album 'Superstition Island,' contained on the disc), eye-popping album artwork, and contributions from Mark Williams (Mirza), Rob Reger (Thuja) and Christine Boepple (Ov). Music Heard Far Off was recorded, played back, re-recorded and collaged in various locales, including the California redwoods and coastlines, Estonia, Berlin, Madrid and Portugal. The true stories contained therein unite listener and creator for a unique musical experience; the duo's confessional torch songs offer an intimacy that may embarrass the untrue of heart."
12/22/2014 Children of the Mushroom Children of the Mushroom LP $27.99 Out-Sider "Though they only released one 45 during their existence, Children of the Mushroom epitomized the psychedelic garage sound coming out of California in the late '60s. Formed in Thousand Oaks by Jerry McMillen and Dennis Swansen, they evolved from a mid-'60s teen-beat band called The Captives. In 1967, they became Children of the Mushroom, a name which reflected their new psychedelic sound and image. The following year, they caught the attention of a couple of young producers, who signed the band for a 45 release. Recorded in 1968 for Soho Records, August Mademoiselle/You Can't Erase a Mirror is one of the masterpieces from the first psychedelic era: feedback, fuzz, organ, and mysterious vocals. Soon after, the band incorporated a new guitar player, shortened their name to The Mushroom and started playing in a more heavy psych vein, in a similar style to Iron Butterfly. This retrospective album includes both tracks from their monster 45, with sound taken from the master recordings, plus previously unreleased tracks by The Mushroom, recorded in 1968. These are raw, lo-fi home recordings with lots of fuzz guitar and organ. It's the sound of a psychedelic band in 1968 playing free and wild, without any producer or record label executive telling them what to do. An incredible document. Remastered sound. Fold-out colour insert with liner notes, interview with the band members, and rare photos." Check this out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tkh694lWT_w
7/10/2008 Children of the Sixth Root Race Songs From The Source LP $16.99 Drag City "A lost-and-found 1973 recording of THE SOURCE FAMILY. These twelve songs were recorded live in the Hollywood Hills as a rehearsal for a concert date that SPIRIT OF '76--aka YAHOWAH 13, THE SAVAGE SONS OF YAHOWA, YODSHIP, AND FIREWATERAIR, now known as CHILDREN OF THE SIXTH ROOT RACE--had at the Whisky. A 1/4" tape copy of the recording was found in Chicago in 2006, though no-one is really sure how it got there. Songs From The Source has more R&B--grooved energy, with splashes of synth and organ, a female vocal chorus and streamlined fusion rhythms backing the uniquely Yahowan lyrical populism of songs like "Godmen" and "Lost Dead But Hoping." The ebullient, ever-climbing power of the climactic "We Are the Dinosaurs," has few analogues in the other Source recordings and is furthermore an outstanding piece of music from the entire era. Songs From The Source is a miraculous missing piece of The Source's positive musical movement." - Revolver
5/14/2007 Chingar Mimi & Leslie Keffer Live At The Embassy, Cleveland, Ohio 3/3/07 cassette $7.99 Action Claw Records Split live release from Ohio's Chingar Mimi (with Leslie Keffer on part of it) and the other side is Leslie Keffer solo. Packaged in sewn paper sleeves.
5/14/2007 Chingar Mimi / d.i.b. split cassette $7.99 Action Claw Records "Chingar Mimi is a 2 piece keyboard / guitar noise in your face pussy power ensemble with songs such as "men, menstration", "once upon a hippie", "inverted cupcake" and lindsay lohan tributes "roast beef pussy". d.i.b. was recently listed in bulltongues top 80 of 2006--66. DO IT BIG - Coke Dick cassette (milk tart records) From what we can tell the members of this
elusive outfit are heralded as "murder," "kuss," "blood," "creampuff" and "brookie g." They are supremely addled. This, presumably their debut recording, sounds like an LSD playground riot which runs through a good trip / bad trip journey unlike anything we've encountered in a while. Regardless it's outstanding in its wastedness." Packaged in a sewn sleeve.
5/14/2007 Christa Min, The The Devil And Tex Watson 7" $6.99 rundownsun "Over 12 minuets of lo-fi west coast style psych garage. featuring formers members of some of Vancouver's indie, rock, and weird elite including folks from jackie-o-motherfucker, staked plain, BUG, the nasty on, the cinch, vancouger, video tokyo, the countless jibes, fuck me usa, and more. the christa min are no longer but it's members have gone on to great things and great bands including: ANEMONES (records out soon on jagjaguwar sub labels, and 1777rex!), ESP SNAKE (featuring members of aids wolf), SUN ARISE, and THE PINK MOUNTAIN TOPS!!! one track of suicide influenced down and out garage split over two sides of wax. packaged in 2 piece, silk screened millboard cover. art by nicholas bragg. xerox insert."
7/5/2011 Christian Brothers Christian Brunch CDR $4.99 Pool Party "Debut release of chapel hill, nc duo. oscillates back and forth between dub-inspired beats and sparse creeping drones. edition of 15 in hand sewn paper slip cases."
8/28/2007 Christian Family Underground For the Depth of Your UnionŠ LP $12.99 Woodsist "Summer 06 Family Underground (DK) recorded with Dave Nuss of NNCK at Black Dirt Studios in the woods of upstate NY. The yield was as characteristically unhinged as one might expect: sweeping electronic sounds backed with wood and bone percussion spirit-conjure. However also harvested was some new and especially tasty crop: sung and spoken song, electric guitar/conga "rock," and an odd ghostly sheen coating the entire proceeding. Nuss comments on the session: "I remember when we were recording, momentarily leaving the studio and going out into the night and feeling it thicken like a partition separating us from this intense state of clear consciousness we had in the recording, which was likeŠ humankind's natural state. And then thinking about Jesper from FU, an adopted Vietnamese living in DK, and how much he resembles Michael Jackson, and realizing that across continents no man can be divided from himself. We had to make this music to provide for us some fantasy of fulfillment that would carry us through the weekend like rejuvenated suns born again climbing to heaven, after being washed in the deepest bluest seaŠ." Another killer Family Underground release - highly recommended!
2/25/2015 Chromatics Night Drive (Deluxe Edition) CD $9.99 Italians Do It Better "The ever-popular Night Drive release, now expanded to fifteen tracks. "... the transformation of Chromatics has been so effortless that it's still easy to be wowed by the results. But listeners who are only familiar with the band's forays into shambling punk will certainly be surprised by Night Drive's assured songwriting (which would wow even if the band had been chasing this narcotic Eurodisco sound for years) and how it wrings ravishment out of electro moves that should be long-drained of their charms."-Pitchfork. The lost side of the album is dark and abstract. Opening with the almost funerial "Shining Violence." Where detuned analog synths collide & struggle to hang onto a fading melody. Followed by the sleeper hit, "Circled Sun," and the Vangelis inspired reflection of life's duality in "The Gemini." Looking into a broken mirror, RUTH is more vulnerable than ever with the bare bones bass & vocal of "Bell." "Night Drive" closes with an arpeggiated musical refrain from the beginning of Side One. "Acelerator" reinterprates elements of "Night Drive's" chord progression while leaning heavily on the gear shift. As painted lines in the road begin to strobe, Chromatics propels full speed ahead into an uncertain future. Includes a lyric sheet insert."
4/1/2014 Chrome Angel of the Clouds CD $12.99 King Of Spades "Reissue of the 2003 Dossier Records album featuring Helios Creed and Damon Edge. Angel of the Clouds, incorporated music from tapes that Damon Edge had recorded prior to his death. Damon and Helios had been talking about putting out another joint Chrome effort. Angel of the Clouds was intended as Helios Creed's tribute to the memory of Damon Edge."
11/1/2014 Chrome Feel It Like a Scientist double LP $33.99 King of Spades "With the untimely passing of Damon Edge in '96, Helios Creed has taken over the helm of Chrome, overseen the mixing, mastering and release of last year's Half Machine From The Sun, The Lost Tracks album, and assembled a band of veteran and newer members. This is their brand new studio album."
6/4/2010 Chrome Wings Time Patterns c30 cassette $6.99 Stunned "Nothing is exempt from evolution, and Portland's Chrome Wings are a prime example of that principle when they take simple amoeboid sounds and swiftly sculpt them into electric body parts & sets of hi-fi feathers for the dance floor. With the magic and levity of storm clouds parting way to a rainbow or a kiss from a lover, 'Time Patterns' approaches unassumingly, yet leaves the listener breathless and wanting more a half-hour later. It's a sound that's taken Chrome Wings personal time & dedicated evolution to arrive at, obvious to all who've caught their recent live performances. Rhythms this juicy and soundforms this hypnotic in arrangement offer proof that we higher-primates can ascend toward the very stuff of dreams - in the club, at home, in the car, all of the above. Limited edition of 111 pro-dubbed & imprinted c30 tapes with double-sided color jcard and insert."
4/10/2009 Churinga Canaries untitled LP $20.99 QBICO Phil Legard, Alexander Neilson, Tirath Singh Nirmala, and Phil Todd. Recorded in Leeds, December 2005. Originally released as a CD-R limited to 100 copies. "Collaborations can be a hell of a gamble. Fortunately, it seems that in the world of the underground music lover, collaborative ventures always seem to turn out to be synergetic exercises that yield amazing results. Churinga Canaries is such an endeavor: a one-off group effort improvised by four of the brightest lights in the UK underground music dog-and-pony show. A rundown of the participants should be more than enough to cause many of you to drool with excitement. Phil Legard (Xenis Emputae Travelling Band), Alex Neilson (Scatter, Richard Youngs collaborator, etc.), Tirath Singh Nirmala (formerly John Clyde-Evans of Hood) and Phil Todd (Ashtray Navigations) assembled in Leeds in chilly December 2005 to bang out some noise and melt the ice right out from under themselves with a warm bowl of sonic porridge. The results are two stunning long-form tracks of joyful jazz-inflected psych-noise in the vein of some of the wilder Ash Nav moments. Neilson's propulsive yet amazingly free drumming serves as the perfect background for the virtual maelstrom conjured up by the other three improvisers. About five minutes into the leading track, 'Under Heavy Rent,' the sound is so dense and chaotic that it's almost dizzying. The foursome manage to keep themselves and their sound from breaking apart into a million tiny pieces, but just barely. 'A Sovtek Swirl' starts off subdued, with a recurring thematic element gluing the shards of our dumbstruck minds back together again. By the time the disc is finished however, you'll be left panting in a useless heap on the floor. This is powerful stuff, not to be taken lightly. Don't say I didn't warn you!" -- Review of the CD-R by Byron Hayes from July 2006 (Foxy Digitalis)

Cinorama Three Lies And Ding at 5 O'Clock CD $15.99 PSF "Project featuring Toshi (ex-Brain Police - legendary 70s Japanese cult group). Great complex avant garde sound with female vocal."
12/22/2014 Circle 6000 km/h LP $20.99 Ektro / Full Contact Records "Ektro Records' vision for the future is to offer "outstanding solutions of subversive sound art". Key paths to realizing the vision are "harmonizing production lines" and "maximizing synergy advantages". As part of this strategy, the company launches a new, innovative concept: The "6000 km/h" brand. 6000 km/h is a product line of high quality, multi-channel "live" recordings. The brand name strives to communicate "speed, dynamism and goal-orientedness". The honour of opening the new product line has been given to Ektro records' flagship merchandise CIRCLE, jointly with its sister band oriented to the developing markets, PHARAOH OVERLORD. The pair of albums comprises a mutually complementing conceptual gesamtkunstwerk, the parts of which can, however, also be enjoyed as independent works.
CIRCLE's album 6000 km/h was recorded on the band's European tour in spring 2014. Utmost care has been taken to include a top quality selection of most exciting "takes" of the band's psychedelic rock hits like "Paniikin Valtias", "Fish Reflection", and the evergreen "Se Jonka Nimeä Ei Mainita".
Jussi Lehtisalo, the Executive Director of Ektro Records, is excited about the "6000 km/h" concept: "6000 km/h is our bravest product launch since the company started in 1996. This is going to be something totally whacked out!"
4/24/2006 Circle Arkades LP $18.99 Fourth Dimension "Arkades catches a session Finnish group, Circle, recorded exclusively for WFMU during their US tour, on 19/9/05. Comprising two lengthy pieces taking up a side each, 'The Greatest Kingdom' and 'The Ghost of the Highway', it focuses on their often spacey improv. underpinning and applies new meaning to a vision which strides powerfully over the line dividing apocalyptic dread from a semblance of hope. Agonised wailing, screams and torrents of molten sound dance ghostly shapes over psychedelic keyboard patterns, distant clattering, moonlit guitars and a rhythm section so carefully tempered that it's impossible not to feel the chemistry at work. Coupled to a fantastic sleeve which illustrates a homage to spaghetti western films and includes fitting notes by WFMU's Program Director, Brian Turner, Arkades proves what these New Wave of Finnish Heavy Metallers are capable of when they leave most of the rock at the door. File somewhere near Acid Mothers Temple after having been given the kinda makeover only the Scandinavians have the formula for. Indeed, this is sweet shit..."
4/24/2006 Circle Earthworm CD $8.99 No Quarter "Circle is a band whose sound is constantly evolving. That evolution continues with Earthworm, a four song EP released on the eve of their third US tour. Earthworm finds the band further integrating their love of late seventies/early eighties metal with the 'circular' Kraut-influenced psych that has become their trademark. The songs on Earthworm are heavy and dense with guitar riffs that shred, backed by the intense and hypnotic rhythm section of bassist Jussi Lehtisalo and drummer Tomi Leppanen. The band has invited Bruce Duff (singer of the legendary LA band Jesters of Destiny) to contribute vocals on three tracks."
11/23/2004 Circle Forest CD $16.99 Ektro “Almost as eerie as Guillotine, Circle have forsaken the metal of Sunrise in favor of a return to their rhythmic precision, although of a more subtle variety, along with some seriously dark folk full of disturbing touches. There is no doubt in my mind that these gents should be scoring horror films at this point, just listening recalls terrifying film moments (this album makes a great prelude to Thriller aka They Call Her One Eye, and I also can't stop thinking about the psychological horror of Bruno Dumont's Twentynine Palms). Goblin Shmoblin, Forest will damage your mind.” - Scratch
12/24/2005 Circle Forest CD $12.99 No Quarter "Formed in 1991, Circle is the most visible and prolific name in the Finnish rock underground. With Forest the band have touched on their most accessible sound yet with four lengthy, percussive heavy songs that navigate through dark Kraut-inspired rhythms, whispered vocals and hypnotic repetition."
6/6/2009 Circle Meronia CD $14.99 Ektro Records "1991. We had been running a small indie label called Bad Vugum for a mere four years, but we genuinely felt we had found bands that made a difference, definitely in the budding Finnish scene at least. So in 1991 friends and even total strangers at gigs and festivals suddenly started telling us that the best two undiscovered bands come from a drab small town called Pori - and that they both sounded exactly like they should be on Bad Vugum. Naturally our interest was piqued and we got to hear the self-released 7"s by these bands called Circle and Deep TurtleŠ Alas, we were not overly impressed. "They're still undeveloped, they still sound too much like their apparent musical heroes, and most importantly the songs aren't strong enough", we convinced ourselves. To this day I still thank our lucky stars that Mr. Dassum of Deep Turtle, who recorded in the same small basement as Circle, called me and asked if we were at all interested in hearing some new Deep Turtle demos. Sure we were, and we sure got more than we bargained for: as a bonus he also included some new stuff from their friends Circle - and we were blown away by both bands' progression. We duly agreed to start releasing 7" EP's at first, just to make sure the bands only put out all killer / no filler kinds of records, and to slowly build a following before any financially riskier album productions. During the next 18 months Circle for their part got two awesome EP's out of their system, and absolutely floored live audiences all over the country with their high-intensity gigs. Which were more akin to hypnotic mass rituals, what with their glowing body paints, jarring lighting tricks and various blooddripping props. Sometime in 93 - 94 the guys and we both felt sure Circle were mature enough for a full-length. After unleashing them in the studio we got to hear quite a few mind-boggling new, slower songs they had concocted, then a few more. Then even more. We almost couldn't believe our ears, it was becoming clear that a single LP could not contain these inspired goofballs' creative output. Recently I discovered I still get goosebumps from listening closely to Meronia. Not just because I love just about every track on the album, but also because it brings me back to the days of trying to work out the best possible order for the songs. I'm always on a personal mission to "help" bands with that ( IMHO) essential dimension to any record, but Meronia's sprawling bulk of 15 -16 tracks (we often added bonus tracks on the vinyl versions, even with single LP's, just to mess with CD buyers) proved a daunting task. I spent literally days and weeks immersing myself in the music, switching and changing the song sequence every which way - and those were the gruelling days of a double-deck cassette players, mind you. Then I spent hours on the phone with Circle's Jussi, discussing and speculating what each track might "mean" in any particular order. I felt I truly lived on planet Meronia. In Finland, the album got rave reviews both in the underground zines and, somewhat surprisingly, mainstream press as well. Abroad, it opened some new doors in the underground, but surprisingly was not licensed for a foreign release. In those times small foreign labels still seemed to settle for 7" records for Circle. But it was still early days in what was later to become a global Circle industry as we know itŠ What is it now? Some 20 + albums, half of which on foreign labels? And whenever I talk to Jussi, Circle seem to have at least three albums already recorded and waiting for a release. They've sure succeeded in carving a respectable niche for themselves, while still taking chances and trying new things. Maximum respec'. To wrap this up, a funny Meronia anecdote. In the mid-90's someone claiming to be an A& R executive for the David Geffen Company sent us a fax, complete with letterheads and everything, requesting a promo copy of Meronia. He wrote he was a big fan of the 7" stuff he had heard and was interested in checking out the band's "album potential". We sent the CD, and waited for a reply. I mean c'mon, the label that made Sonic Youth huge, right? Well, since we didn't hear anything, I first faxed the guy back, and then even called the number on the letterhead - but it didn't even connectŠOh the lengths resourceful Circle fans can go to when hunting for an import missing from their collection!" - Heikonen, Bad Vugum / BV 2 Produktions. The 2007 Ektro Records release is a re-mastered version and features updated artwork.
11/4/2006 Circle Miljard double CD $18.99 Ektro Records "Exploding walls of psychedelic guitars, "ingenious pop compositions", motorik krautrock, melodic harmonies, intensive riffs and ecstatic vocal performances? This album does NOT contain any of the things previously mentioned! Slow-moving abstract atmospherics, inspiring and determined wandering and a stagnant universe of winter are present on Circle's new double album MILJARD. New Wave of NWOFHWM! The album was produced by Mika Ratto. Rocking has been traded for some quiet reading on the cough at home."
6/6/2009 Circle Panic CD $14.99 Ektro Records "A new release from Circle, once again. This time these experimental veterans study the both ends of the previously unheard static / hyper-active scale. Soundwise they have clearly proceeded to the 21st century, jumping from limpid synthesizer soundscapes to wall-smashing "speed-kraut" bursts. The triptych construction of the album along with the cover art that portrays war and street riots raise various associations on the history and the current state of Western civilization." 2007 release.
6/6/2009 Circle Rakennus (Live) CD $14.99 Ektro Records "Rakennus - approximately the seventh full length Circle release this year - is an hour-long snapshot of the band's recent tour of the USA. The concert (recorded in September in Charlottesville, Virginia) thunders and wobbles onwards with unprocessed autenticity. The recording effectively captures the full spectrum of Circle's contemporary live expression, revealing to us a glimpse of the spiritual landscapes of the most astonishing speedkraut pioneers of our times. There's an abundance of ritualistic rumbling to be discovered between the twitchy hard rock show opener "Uusi uhraus" and "Kaappikellon kummitus", the ravishing Rättö ja Lehtisalo cover song that closes the album. Rakennus displays the joy of playing music in its most pure form." (Eetormentor). 2007 release.
12/26/2005 Circle Tulikoira CD $16.99 Ektro "The insert proclaims nothing except NWOFHM in huge block text. That is it, a proclamation of the The New Wave of Finnish Heavy Metal is upon us. There is no further information aside from track names, line up and when it was recorded... Hmmm, I am skeptical. Circle have a reputation in my mind of being a bit out there at times and for every exquisite piece I have heard there has been some stuff I have found to be patchy at best, so I coming to this brand new album with an open mind. Well, not so much open as slightly excited as Russell, who works in monorail and who convinces me into spending too much money every damn time, described it as a jam between King Crimson and Budgie. Which I admit was enough for me to pick it up instead of just downloading it or overlooking it for something more staid. There is no way I can explain the first two tracks better than the description that Russel gave... Moments of soothing quiet with haunting vocals juxtaposed with some full on metal fantasticness which is just the right side of being considered trite. Totally fist pumping hard rock... Awesome! The third track is more akin to what I would have expected from Circle, meandering, quirky and kind of going nowhere. It has a couple of flashes of riffdom and a few glitchy electronic effects, some vocals that add to the paranoid feeling it creates but it's a bit of a comedown after the opening two tracks. Now with the closing track, the 25 minute epic called Puutiikeri, Circle begin with an intense pounding rock style bit and damn does this sound fucking fantastic when it drifts into being one of their artsy epic jawns! Great album and definitely as good a start point as any for people new to Circle." - Steve Carlin
1/22/2011 circle and the point, the / Sleepwalkers Local / Chapels three way split c30 & c40 double cassette $7.99 House of Alchemy "What started in Syracuse many years back splintered off to Los Angeles and Buffalo, also many years ago. When the moons align every few years -the circle and the point- shack up somewhere dusty with whatever instruments are in reach to drink beer and summon the interstellar drone-werks. When the moons and waves are out of whack, sounds come forth from the Sleepwalkers Local and Chapels units. Here, for the first time, we get all the heads in one place. One whole cassette of new -the circle and the point- material recorded over the last few years teamed up with a cassette split between new out-sounds from Sleepwalkers Local and Chapels. It's all just getting started. Edition of 150."
6/4/2010 Circle Bros Haven LP $17.99 Morc Records "Circle Bros is the project of Wim Lecluyse, the man behind Morc records. Just as with Morc records, Circle Bros doesn't focus on quantity - this is the first Circle Bros full length album since late 2001. The past few years, there was an occasional ep here and there (incl. the recent ep on the alphabet-series of the Bluesanct-spin-off Orphanology) and a bunch of collaborations, most notably with Karina ESP and Drekka. Partially thanks to these collabs, Circle Bros shifted from a pure ambient-esque project to a more song-oriented unit. Equally important for this slightly different sound is that Influences that were reserved for other projects, now merged into circle bros as well. But after 10 years, there's definitely something like a 'morc-sound' - hazy, hushed folk-melodies mixed with distorted ambient. Not surprisingly, Circle Bros takes elements from all of this. About Haven: Haven is definitely one of these albums that happened by accident. The oldest recordings from this session, Your sound and Sure & Sure 2, were originally intended as an ep. Even though these tracks make up the core of the album, it didn't feel 'ready'. The recordings were shelved, but then Unlikely, originally composed for another ep, seemed to match all too well. This was what was necessary to start working with the original recordings again. Ironically, the opening track No turning back was the last one to be put on tape. (Literally - the album was mainly recorded on an 8-track cassette recorder) It took almost two years before these tracks made it into a whole - and then it turned out that an lp seemed the best way to gather them. This is an album in the classic sense - not made to be listened to in shuffle mode. So there was no intention to make an album - these songs just proved to be heard best in an album-form. Michael Anderson (of Drekka) mastered the recordings, making the album sound even more coherent. On Haven, you'll still hear echoes from the classic drone-outfits likes of Windy and Carl or Azusa Plane, but the sound palette is no longer focussed just on guitars. organ, vocals and sound-collages give the more recent recordings a very warm tone, and sometimes refer to the experimental pop- and folk structures of e.g. Richard Youngs, Grouper or Castanets. The LP is pressed in an edition of 143 copies. The jackets were silkscreened by Levi Seeldraeyers of Smeraldina-Rima. Recommended if you like: Drone, folk, experimental singer-songwriting, Flying Saucer Attack, Roy Montgomery, Castanets, Grouper, Richard Youngs"
9/25/2010 Circle Pit Bruise Constellation LP + download $15.99 Siltbreeze "Glimmer Twins infatuation--well, some folks can pull it off, others cannot. We all know how well Royal Trux rocked 'n' cocked it through the '90s, and now in the second decade of the 21st century, Circle Pit have sauntered into the boozy sway with their debut LP Bruise Constellation. Seemingly born out of the tar and tobacco of Nellcote / Exile on Main Street-session blooze, Circle Pit ably finesse a torn and frayed sound that's as retro as it is original. Oozing raw talent and possessed with uncanny sensual / sexual osmosis, Bruise Constellation will have you believing it's the Summer of '72 all over again (again)."
11/8/2013 Circuit des Yeux Overdue LP $19.99 Ba Da Bing! / Lewis + Lynn "A few artists have had studios built for themselves-Jimi Hendrix's Electric Lady Studios a notable example-but certainly few albums have had studios built for them. Circuit des Yeux's Haley Fohr and Cave's Cooper Crain erected USA Studios in Chicago's Little Village neighborhood over a few weeks in January 2013 for the two months of recording sessions that make up Overdue. Founded with the acquisition of a one-inch Otari MX-70 tape deck (modded to 8-track) and a vacancy in a friend's apartment, the studio endured hundreds of hours over its brief flash of life. Fohr's fifth LP under the name Circuit des Yeux (her fourth to see release) weaves a sonic Bildungsroman, documenting the transition from collegiate cloister in pastoral Bloomington, Indiana, to the noisy, haggard Chicago South Side. Even with the hand-constructed baffles and grandmother-sourced quilts thickly covering the walls (and, intermittently, a light crust of sloppy snow), the sounds of Little Village are literally embedded in the recording. The strains of nearby norteños pierce the floorboards and the elevated trains murmur just a few dozen feet from USA Studios' flawed sanctuary. The songs rise above the din, however-full orchestrations ("Lithonia") and damaged hallucinations ("Acarina") alike. Fans of Fohr's prior, more experimental work are not catered to with this immeasurably more sophisticated new effort-but nor will they, or any other listener, be disappointed."
6/27/2011 Circuit Des Yeux Portrait LP $15.99 De Stijl "Portrait is Haley Fohr's third LP and a massive step in her growth as a musician and artist. While pursuing a degree in recording and ethnomusicology she has become proficient in the studio. The result - radically unexpected qualities of cohesion and hi fidelity posit Portrait's narratives in a space that we've yet to experience. this sort of playing the game in the way that the game is usually played, i think is usually called a sell-out. And had her intent faltered to the slightest degree that conclusion might be apropos. But it's merely an effort to strip the canvas bare and get face to face with things. And it's Haley's intent that continues to be championed, as it has endured the acts of recording and performing and yet still stands strong and pristine. the rare qualities of strength and character can only be attributed to a rare artist. The modest, clarion sparkle of Portrait would not have been expected, or even achievable, considering the arc of Symphone and Sirenum, and it stands as a cornerstone and a monument, a testament to the daily practice of channeling her 21 yr old, roiling emotions into sound recordings."
11/17/2007 Circuit Refusal Circuit Refusal one-sided LP $19.99 American Tapes "Heavy swirling noise from Circuit Wound and Birth Refusal, west coast and mid coast knockout collabo. CW remixed the Refusal podcast from a while ago, mail style. Thick weirdness but kinda tech with is a nice new angle considering the anti-sound/fidely Coorz/Conn combo. Aint walls, but walls of the schizo ward, closing in.........in. schizo ward, closing in.........in art, and speed, any....."
5/16/2010 Circuit Wound / Al Qaeda split c5 cassette $4.99 Anathema Sound "These two golden state crushers prove that you don't need a lot of time to get it done. L.A. noise mainstay Jay Howard is Circuit Wound and his A-side is the aural equivalent of a sudden grab to the throat. Perfectly recorded sheets of distortion blast forth unrelentingly as destroyed electronics and mangled guitar take your skull for a wild, captivating ride. San Francisco's absurdly-named collective Al Qaeda (here in the core trio formation of Scott Miller, Eric Sanchez, and Erin Love) take a more cerebral approach. Set to the words of Stephen Hawking, the trio unleashes a steady stream of oceanic bass swells, walls of feedback, and melodic undercurrent. While it's probably the shortest we'll ever release, you'll have to take my word when I say this tape is still remarkably satisfying. A perfect harsh noise quick fix. Just get ready to flip and repeat. With full color artwork, inserts, and labels by M.Y." Edition of 60 copies.
2/8/2011 Citay / Cloudland Canyon Tugboat / Temperature Rising 7" $6.49 Bathetic Records "We are now carrying the split single from Cloudland Canyon & CItay. Both bands covering Galaxie 500, with Cloudland pulling off "Temperature Rising" and Citay doing "Tugboat." This was released last year on Kip of Cloudland's label, Intercoastal Artists. The sleeves are hand-crafted and each one is unique, colorful inks, insane geometic patterns, and hand-numbered. It's an incredible tribute to an amazing band. Snag one before they're all gone - there will be no repress! Edition of 300."
3/20/2010 City Center Spring St. 12" EP $19.99 Quite Scientific "Single-sided 12" pressed on clear vinyl with beautiful silk screen on back. Edition of 500 w/ Download Coupon. The latest from Fred Thomas (Saturday Looks Good To Me) and Ryan Howard (Canada). Following up their debut full length on Type as well as a split 7" with Grouper comes this four song EP."
6/25/2013 City Of Salt Towers Open Fire CD $9.99 Majmua Music "City Of Salt are a trio of clarinet, oud and electric guitar that draw upon some of the more untrodden traditions of group improvisation to map out what could be called a Third Stream Arabic Music. Neither the easy juxtapositions of 'oriental jazz' nor the all too reverential treatments of 'traditional' Arabic Taksim - the trio follows a 3rd path, using other blueprints or sources implicit in the ground of Arabic maqam and free improvisation to create another 'stream' of improvisation... a more open, extended approach to form and melody, both 'oriental' and 'occidental'. City of Salt is: Paed Conca (clarinet), Omar Dewachi (oud) & Sam Shalabi (guitar). Recorded during one free-improv session on August 2, 2012. Tracks were recorded, mixed and mastered by Fadi Tabbal at Tunefork Studios, Beirut, Lebanon. "slippery fingers, minds and hearts drawn and drawn out in murky rainbow oil slicks..the mellow crunch of desert blues and the echo of a quicksand maquam whittles through a gasping dry throat reed bending in black smoke balls..City Of Salt is a half remembered song in a half existing place...a hatching of realizations at the fork in the road where a golden mirage splashes waves of dry heat upon formless shapes of missing time...a crystal mist from distant gazes approaching yet forgotten before arrival...where remembering is outlawed above the drones of forbidden dreams." - Alan Bishop/Sublime Frequencies, Sun City Girls.
5/29/2008 City People's Farmer's Music Afternoon Tea 3" CDR $8.99 Black Petal "Tender drone damage from NZ's finest, Sam Hamilton and Mark Sadgrove. Drink a cup of the new blood." "A really beautiful 3"CDR, a nice gentle drone with some really beautiful vocals! Both these guys have appeared on PseudoArcana in the past.."
11/15/2008 CJA Bruce Lee 3" CDR $9.99 Ruralfaune "Report of a lost youth, these twin cdr's transport us in the foundations of CJA's sound. An electric side (The Dio Years), another acoustic one (Bruce Lee), two aspects of NZ: the north and the south, the calm and the wild, both different, both essential." Edition of 51 copies.
5/8/2005 CJA Ironclad CD $12.99 Digitalis "CJA screams, 'I am a fucking monster.' Shout it from on high. CJA's master opus, 'Ironclad,' reeks of monstrous minimalist genius. These songs are unearthed from a secret place, within the depths of New Zealand's green pastures and jagged mountains. This is music that was destroyed and pieced back together so that it can destroy you. 'Ironclad' is a monolith. hell, it caused CJA to stop making solo records. It is that good. Don't take it from me, take it from Glenn Donaldson: 'I've already set all my electric guitars ablaze in tribute to CJA.' Amen to that.
11/15/2008 CJA The Dio Years 3" CDR $9.99 Ruranfaune "Report of a lost youth, these twin cdr's transport us in the foundations of CJA's sound. An electric side (The Dio Years), another acoustic one (Bruce Lee), two aspects of NZ: the north and the south, the calm and the wild, both different, both essential." Edition of 51 copies.
7/14/2007 CJA / Smokehouse Whisky and Freedom cassette $6.99 Abandon Ship Records "Futurian Clayton Noone (CJA) and Kaaterama Morehucan (Smokehouse) unite for this recording and churn up some of the most lackadaisical and hazy sounds in recent history. At times Morehucan evokes the presence of Flying Canyon's Cayce Lindner with his soulful voice and gentle nature. Yet he is subdued and even more laid back than the late, great Lindner. When Clayton presented me with this recording he said of Morehucan, "He can actually play and sing and some of it sounds rather smooth and in tune, until I come along and wreck things." I think he summed it up perfectly with that statement." - Nate Rulli. C30 Edition of 100.
7/23/2010 Clams Clams CDR $10.99 High Spirits Lambsbread + James Ferraro + C. Spencer Yeh
7/10/2008 Claudio Two Hot Lead CDR $12.99 Mad Monk "Latest and best from this mysterious tribe finds them in full synthesizer horror mode. Taking cues from the soundtracks of John Carpenter, the mutant space techno of Allan Bryant, the time-lapse mesmerism of Robert Fripp, and the intrepid synthesizer experiments of Ruth White, Hot Lead deals in nightmarish arpeggios, shapeshifting noise and ominous melodic variations. Recorded direct to 8 track - no boring, sterile microhouse polish here - and comprised of mostly solo tracks by individual members. Complete with dreamy Sisters of Mercy fanboy cover art. Limited to 150 copies."
1/1/2008 Claudio Two Sniper at The Gates of Dawn CDR $11.99 Mad Monk "Some folks may claim that improvisation is all about LISTENING, but Claudio Two - a new project starring partners Chazz Improv and Norma Bates (aka James and Jessica Toth, formerly of WWVV), and featuring the first appearance in over ten years by former Golden Calves vocalist Max "Mev" Wicker - is all about the opposite. Recorded in various spurts over the fall of 2007, Sniper at the Gates of Dawn is the debut CDR by Claudio Two, on which the band layers individual single tracks recorded solo and combines them unheard (a la Durian Durian), and, elsewhere, uses this source material to try to recreate this accidental music while in a group setting. Mixed in glorious mono. 150 copies, no reissues."
7/10/2008 Claudio Two The Corpse one sided cassette $12.99 Blackest Rainbow "New band featuring Chazz Improv and Norma Bates (aka James and Jessica Toth aka Wooden Wand and Satya Sai), and Max "Mev" Wicker, so far this little crew has just had two jams out on Toth's own Mad Monk label... Here you got two tracks of weirdo psyche drone blues, compared by James to some of the Hassara jams, pretty damn slick, I played this in my local record and book store and they compared it to the an old skool German loner, although the name slips my mind. Limited to 100 hand numbered copies with black printed pastel paper sleeves."
2/19/2004 Clay Figure Eyes Of The Sun God 3" CDR $6.99 267 Lattajjaa "Hannu asked me to write a few words about this cdr, so here we go.. During the 10+ years that I've been playing music, I've always liked cover songs. My first serious band played a lot of covers from 1980s and early 1990s Finnish alternative rock bands and such. After that I've drifted into more experimental waters, but the thought of making more covers has always been in my mind. When Hannu told he'd like to release a Clay Figure cd-r on 267 Lattajjaa, I figured out that the time had come. The first track, Back In The Village, was originally made by Iron Maiden. It's a little less known track from their 1984 masterpiece lp Powerslave. I figured out the song's basic chord structure and thought it would translate well into a folk song. I changed the chorus a bit to make it more singable (is that a real word?), and replaced the solo/bridge section with a bunch of samples from The Prisoner tv serial. The song is based on that serial (Maiden also have an earlier song based on the same theme titled The Prisoner) and as I'm also a Prisoner fan, it was an obvious solution. The song (and the serial) is, to put it briefly, about a non-comformist individual repressed by the society around him. 1984, Brave New World, We... The second track, Divine Death, is a classic one from Napalm Death's first lp Scum. In the end of that song there's the repeated scream 'divine death'. I sampled and looped that scream, and recorded it through a couple of effect pedals, added some more sounds to make it a fuller whole and finally spoke the lyrics on top of that. The part 'individuality disabled, blinded by fables' fits well into the theme introduced in the first track. The final track, Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun, originally appears on Pink Floyd's second lp A Saucerful Of Secrets, as well as on the live section of their Ummagumma double lp. I've been wanting to make a cover of this song ever since I started to play music, so it was about time. I recorded a drum loop and played variations of the basic riff of the song on top of that with a keyboard. Then I layered a whole lot of different things there and manipulated the track on a computer for a rather interesting result, I think. Originally this song is, I think, just a psychedelic space rock song, but I tried to turn it into a description of an Icarus character who is finally blinded by a divine (or whatever) light because he refuses to accept his lousy situation and aims higher. 'Individuality disabled, blinded by fables' again..." - -Pekka PT/Clay Figure
10/26/2004 Clay Figure Songs For Friends Of The Past CDR $8.99 Musically Incorrect “Clay Figure left the 4-track days of folk-industrial-sound collage behind and came up with a shamelessly catchy and straightforward indierock/pop album that's occasionally perhaps a bit reminiscent of 22-Pistepirkko, Nick Cave/Birthday Party, Neil Young, etc. Limited edition of 150 copies.”
12/24/2005 Clay Figure & Verde Kalliopora CDR $13.99 Audiobot "It all started with a newspaper ad. On the morning of April 3rd. 2004 I was reading through a local newspaper. There I saw an ad where some store sold rock drills that they had got from Swedish army surplus. On the evening of the same day I was in another town to play my first gig as the guest bass player for Verde. I told Mika of Verde about the hilarious ad that I had seen in the paper. We had already recorded most of the material for the this collaboration. and Mika suggested that we should name the collaboration album Kalliopora. which is of course Finnish for rock drill. Then he started fantasizing how he would buy one and drill his way beneath his neighbour's house and set there a bomb. This recording doesn't sound much like a rock drill or even a bomb. Instead. there is the unique sound of Mika's self-built synthezisers. a bunch of guitars played by yours truly. and all kinds of other sounds that I hope you all like. even if they don't sound like rock drills. - Pekka PT/Clay Figure. Packaged in stencil-printed oversized covers by outsider rehab man Dennis Tyfus. Limited to only 150 copies."
12/29/2004 Clay's Festering Lungs Clay's Festering Lungs cassette $5.99 23 Productions "One man band rumbling magic. Three tracks of live improvisations in thick rural noise gospel." This is Clay Ruby of Davenport. Edition of 55 copies.
9/15/2004 Claypipe Crescent CDR $12.99 Pseudo Arcana "These recordings actually pre-date the releases on Jewelled Antler and catch Claypipe engaged in clattery huge epic dronings which were in no small part fuelled by a peculiarly green tinged cake (ahem..). Organ, sampler, violin, guitar and percussion - not so many vocals on this one – the instruments sang for themselves, with nuanced and articulate tongues…!"
4/24/2006 Clear People Clarity CDR $11.99 Manhand "Limited full-length album from this sci-fi inspired caveman unit secreted in the ranks of Sunburned Hand Of The Man and featuring Don Harney, John Moloney, Rob Thomas and Dave Bohill. These guys turned up alongside Mystery Gypped on NNCK's Live At Ken's Electric Lake LP but this recording is even more devolved than that particular grunt-summit, with various epiglottal extremities plotted (vowels endlessly gurgle, throats floated in bowls of reverb) while tiny sound events (the ping of metal, a comb of bamboo percussion, what sounds like marbles on drums skins and the warp of sheet metal) combine in chains of weird allusive logic. Later tracks ratch up the distortion, with tapes and fuzz making for a suitably grainy backdrop for some beautifully confused acid babble. Recorded in 2005 and one of the more formally challenged shots from their lips to date. Comes in a card envelope with colour art, insert and mylar-printed quote from Octavio Paz." - Volcanic Tongue
9/17/2006 Clear Spots, The Electricity For All double CDR $11.99 Deep Water "During the Great Depression, 'Electricity for All' was a slogan of the Tennessee Valley Authority, part of FDR's New Deal, as it strove to bring electric power to isolated communities in the Appalachians. Some 70 years later, the Clear Spots commemorate that wiring process by expanding the concept. Drawing on various energies both natural and otherwise, using the barn as a resonator and the holler as a natural amplifier, the trio (plus specialist aetheric-engineering friends) opens an interplanetary conduit between the dirt and the stars, beaming diverse sonic signals out into the void. Is anyone up there listening? Maybe the mountains could sayŠ Two CDs, 17 tracks, 95 minutes."
6/11/2006 Clear Spots, The Mansion on the Sky CDR $8.99 Deep Water "In which three of our troupe embark on an expedition deeper into the woods, re-establishing their sonic forge in an abandoned barn overlooking a deserted river valley. Divers metallurgical, chemical, and electrical experiments are undertaken and documented. Twelve tracks across forty-nine minutes, a starker and earthier breed of klang."
6/11/2006 Clear Spots, The Mountain Rock CDR $8.99 Deep Water "Ten tracks spread across an hour of born-in-a-barn-falling-down psychedelic noise rock, rural electrification project improvisations, and deep-woods sasquatch rituals, lovingly recorded using tin cans and twine. As raw and ragged as you'd hope, you can smell that Appalachian soil in every blown speaker. (DW001)"
4/3/2011 Cleared Cleared c40 cassette $7.99 Digitalis Limited "following up their killer lp on immune, the chicago-based duo of steven hess and michael vallera offer up another 40 minutes of expansive, haunting drones and skeletal blues. subterranean tones sacrifice themselves into mounds of barely-there rhythms before hess takes over those duties with aplomb. combined with vallera's angular guitar work, there's a feeling of wandering through empty city streets on "II (6PM)" while "III (NATURAL)" is as dense and sprawling as a black hole. cleared sounds like chicago. what stands out most with cleared is the subtlety with which these two operate. this is long-form experimentalism at its best. edition of 80, chrome."
2/2/2011 Cleared Cleared LP + download $15.99 Immune Recordings "Cleared was formed in the latter part of 2009 as a project meant to focus on repetition and patience as central elements of composition. Hess and Vallera have previously worked in various contexts of improvisational, long form and experimental music. Cleared is an effort to take the knowledge both have gained from these arenas in order to build hypnotic patterns of sound and rhythm. Steven Hess is a member of On (with Sylvain Chauveau), Haptic, Ural Umbo, and has recorded and performed with such artists as Pan*American, Stefan Németh (Radian), David Daniell & Douglas McCombs, Fennesz, Locrian, Dropp Ensemble, and Sylvain Chauveau. Michael Vallera has recorded for Catholic Tapes, Reverb Worship and Complacency Productions, and has performed with David Daniell, White Car, Sinkane, and Rhys Chatham. The sessions that created the material for the initial tracks were made in Steven Hess's Chicago studio in an extremely straightforward manner of recording. Percussion, electronics, field recordings and other experiments were arranged and supplemented with synthesis and guitar. Frequently, parts of the original audio recordings were sampled and further manipulated back into the work. The result is a body of songs that are simultaneously familiar and indistinguishable in their instrumentation." Cleared is the Chicago duo of Steven Hess and Michael Vallera. Cleared is the debut album from Cleared. LP released in a limited edition of 500 copies on heavyweight white vinyl. Included is a coupon for DRM-free MP3 download.
12/26/2005 Clementi, Aldo Punctum Contra Punctum CD $22.99 Die Schachtel "On the occasion of his 80th birthday, Die Schachtel is proud to present Punctum Contra Punctum, a deluxe compact disc box dedicated to Aldo Clementi, one of the most important figures of Italian music of the 20th century. Born in Sicily in 1925, he studied piano and later composition under the guidance of teachers such as Goffredo Petrassi and Bruno Maderna, who also introduced him to electronic music at the RAI Studio of Phonology in Milan. Like many composers of the period, he employed serial technique early in his work, to abandon it later on in favor of a very personal, ingenious and unique method for creating new music. Blessed with extraordinary skills of invention and assimilation, Clementi may be the one living composer for whom 'genius' is not too strong a word. His musical language is extremely articulate and profound, resulting in a fascination with obsessive repetitions, collages, canons, and incredibly complex rhythmic textures which have to be heard to be believed. At the same time his music maintains to stay fresh, dynamic and highly enjoyable. A must-have for all the modern music lovers, and a great discovery for the most adventurous and prepared listener. The CD box -- silver-foil design on a matte white paper CD-box edition, complete with a lovingly designed 64-page booklet in English and Italian."
2/7/2009 Clerics Born In A Lake cassette $5.99 905 Tapes "The second meeting of Clerics, but only the first time i actually was aware we were even playing. let's go ahead and consider this the first meeting of clerics, which is the duo of sal giorgi (the confused blotch-jock behind peasant magik records and the pillars of heaven project) and mike haley (905 head honcho, local wether man). got together on a weekend at my place, possibly to settle that star wars argument we had earlier in the week. had a nice lunch then broke out the ultra heavy delay. we took some pictures in the tunnel under my house afterwards, but they didn't come out."

Climax Golden Twins untitled 7" $19.99 Road Cone "Destroyed turntable cut-up and musique concrete style cut-up, with short acoustic interludes. Black on black cover, white vinyl."
4/15/2011 Cline, Nels & Devin Sarno Rise Pumpkin Rise LP $19.99 Volvolo Records "Cline and Sarno transform their formidable stringed attack into four familiar ringing and feedback drenched tracks on "Rise Pumpkin Rise." At times, this sounds like just one person playing all ranges of tone in a thick slew of chased-around-the-room sonic zoom with just enough underlying white noise current to avoid any sludge-like realms. Nice."
12/24/2005 Cline, Nels / Wally Shoup / Chris Corsano Immolation / Immersion CD $12.99 Strange Attractors Audio House "Fans of modern fire-breathing jazz rejoice, for a true meeting and melding of the minds is at play. Immolation/Immersion is the inaugural recording of what will hopefully be more blasts of fury and filigree by three leading lights of improvised music - guitarist Nels Cline, saxophonist Wally Shoup, and young percussionist-on-the-rise Chris Corsano. Nels Cline should need no introduction. Be it the improvised fervor of his Nels Cline Trio or Nels Cline Singers, forward-thinking rock by Geraldine Fibbers, his collaborations with Carla Bozulich in experimental outfit Scarnella and via his weeping lap steel found on her remake of The Red Headed Stranger, or his latest incarnation as a member of Wilco, Cline is a truly versatile and virtuosic avant guitarist par excellence. Wally Shoup has been around the block a few times himself. Over the course of a career spanning three decades, Shoup has been involved with Project W, has collaborated on many recordings and performances with Thurston Moore, and has brushed up against many American and European improvisers, largely documented on the Leo label. Chris Corsano is on a sharp upward trajectory as of late, pummeling flesh and bone with his blitzkrieg drumming and splashes of color alongside saxophonist Paul Flaherty and in Cold Bleak Heat. Corsano has also been performing with the A-team of the "New Weird America", including Matt Valentine (Tower Recordings, MV + EE), Sunburned Hand of the Man and Six Organs of Admittance (most recently appearing on Six Organ's latest Drag City opus School of the Flower). Taken together, the three form a unit of seriously subliminal beauty, displaying a phenomenal degree of interplay that alternates between pummeling mayhem and subtle sonic passages. Out of the gate, Cline's guitar bubbles and broods, Shoup's gritty sax coughs forth both whiskey-drenched blues and supersonic skree, while Corsano turns energy into light with his death-defying drumming. Onwards into the affair, a more gentle trio surfaces to display effects-laden guitar yawns, warm sax purrs and nuanced drum kit explorations of bowed cymbals and quiet patterings. Cline, Corsano and Shoup play off each other like they have been performing together for years, their spontaneous flights spawning fully formed compositions that unfurl from the atmosphere like sudden spring thunderstorms. As indicated by the title, Immolation / Immersion is compellingly dynamic, capturing a full range of destructive force and quiet submersion. Jaw-dropping and essential."
1/22/2011 Clinton Machine Gettin' Personial LP $16.99 Inyrdisk "Canadian Blake Hargreaves has been involved in a number of notable projects over the past several years, including Jim Slay, Dreamcatcher, Thames, and Cousins of Reggae. All of these have crisscrossed the underground world, with challenging releases exploring skuzzy electro, noise, and even guitar-and-drum blues noise. So, even though this is a rock record, his debut as Clinton Machine may be seen as a sort of coming out of the woods, a surprising turn that successfully captures even more aspects of his musical personality. For those most familiar with Hargreaves, the acoustic guitar that opens the album on "Thing 2" will sound extra bizarre, and the feeling may continue even after the tune bursts into a stomping groove full of the fuzzed-out walls of guitars and thick drums that are typical of the rest of the album. But it will fade, yielding to an undeniably solid set of rock tunes. With riffing and tempo inspired by the rougher aspects of grunge and the lo-fi Guided By Voices vein, the "backing band" (apparently actually all Hargreaves himself) captures the sneering heave and aggression of Nirvana or even at times the bluesy glam of (as the exalting press release claims) a band like T. Rex in a concoction of genre that Hargreaves refers to as "smoke." All of this is stretched and warped in what is an increasingly common manner-the obliteration of vocal as lead instrument, instead being used as a textural one. This focus on voice over lyric fulfills the voice's role as a musical instrument-the connection in the song only based on the dynamics of the band as a whole-and the vocals may only serve as a marker of time, like a drum fill, to signal the passage or beginning of a section. In some situations, especially in the chillwave corner of the bedroom synth-pop slumber party, this vocal strategy can be to be the only mark of the nowing of the sound-the rest of the instrumentation and arrangements marking songs that weren't written in the '80s only by coincidence. And indeed, as seems to be the style nowadays, Hargreaves wails, mumbles, and barks over the grooves, with hardly an understandable line. But with their diverse rock touchstones, the quality of the Clinton Machine tunes makes them work the vast majority of the time. "Gemini" is an upbeat rocker reminiscent of Weezer, with a gutturally atonal guitar solo that could stand with any U.S. Maple record. The truncated "What" finds Hargreaves unleashing pretty good Black Francis shrieking, and "Sun Dog" features a great chord progression that juxtaposes guitar changes against static basslines. The most puzzling aspect is without a doubt the final track, "The Cat's Meow," a ten-minute solo guitar jaunt that might be described by some as a "freakout," but really plays more as a kind of wandering around with a guitar, a non-narrative dirge that isn't compelling texturally or otherwise. I'm tempted to say that this was placed here for one of two reasons-either to make the album longer, or to remind the listener of Hargreaves' origins as a more experimental musician, which it would do in a rather unflattering way if this is the case. Either way, the track seems like an afterthought, the only blemish on what is an exciting new direction for a very dynamic artist." - Foxy Digitalis 8/10
2/20/2010 Cloaked Light Plain Curtain c15 cassette $5.99 Arbor "These early four-track experiments from Peter Friel's Cloaked Light project offer a look into focus. With the slowest subtlety changes grow, only perceptible through reflection. A new form of seeking to understand; a non-linear music, offering a space of contemplation to look forward and behind. On A Long Green Hall Friel shifts meaning and reorients the place of speech in a Lucierian experiment with self-help tapes. On But I'm Trying, subtle tonal expansions mirror the manipulation of speech on the previous track, though without the recognizable markers of language the result is more obscured. Each track offers insight to the others processes. Recorded in Summer 2009, these tracks are some of the earliest from the project, a precursory inquiry to the tapes on Ekhein and Monorail. Upcoming split 12" EP with Pale Blue Sky further explores the nature of tonal interactions and non-linear explorations of sound. In an edition of 125 copies with full color cardstock covers and labeled tapes."

Clop Neplat CD1 CD $18.99 Demonosound Records Drones, hums, and scrapes from Norwegian Mads Staff Jensen. Like Surface of the Earth at times
4/3/2011 Cloudland Ballroom Illusion Circles cassette $8.99 Aguirre Records "Pure listening pleasure for your synthetic dreams. Kosmische delicatesse which sounds a lot like early Brother Raven and JD Emmanuel. Limited to 100 copies."
2/8/2011 Cloudland Canyon Mothlight, Part 2 / In The Cold 7" $6.49 Bathetic Records "Bathetic is proud to release the first single from the Cloudland Canyon full-length LP, Fin Eaves (out on Holy Mountain)! We're very happy this chunk of dreamscaped atmosphere could serve as our first venture into vinyl territory. Cloudland Canyon are widely respected for their shimmering approach to music, a combination of elements as varied as krautrock, shoegaze, pop, and drone. "Mothlight, Part 2" is a perfect first single and represents the band's slight re-direction into the more uptempo, catchier nooks and crannies of their vibe. Don't miss out on this! Edition of 300."
7/16/2006 Cloudland Canyon Requiems Der Natur 2002-2004 CD $16.99 Tee Pee "Spanning three years of studio work, Cloudland Canyon was born when Uhlhorn, touring Europe with Panthers in 2002, met up with German multi-instrumentalist Simon Wojan. Tapes were exchanged, and a handful of improv performances across the Atlantic forged a promising creative pairing, one that would take shape when Wojan made the trek to Brooklyn later that year. Within, strictures of German new age and electronic music of the '70s haze into field recordings mottled with analog burble and echoes of woodwinds. Shambling, modal organ ruminations detour browned-out meditation hang sesh. Blue-eyed drunken soul collapses upon swarms of meticulously composed synthesizers into a yellowed, rejoicing howl." For fans of: Boards of Canada, Animal Collective, The Dead C., Ash Ra Tempel, This Heat, Gong.
7/29/2004 Club Moral Living(stone) Concert CD $13.99 Club Moral "Club Moral Living(stone)concert was recorded live on 23 December 2003 in Berchem. All the tracks were improvised on the spot and the lyrics were taken from 'Gazet van Antwerpen' newspaper of the same day. except for 'On Suicide'. About 35 people witnessed the concert in Lies and Marthe's (real) livingroom. The set was recorded on mini-disc and digital Pro Tools mixer. The final mix on this CD approaches as much as possible the original sound in the room. Club Moral has a 20-year reputation of noise music. performing on various occasions and locations ranging from music venues over art galleries to factory buildings. AMVK has a long history of computer-related art which dissects. re-locates. transforms the human mind and body in a multitude of applications. DDV is known for the protracted displacement of his own body in situations undermining he audience's experience of his and their behavior. Dylan is one of Belgium's leading Drum'n'Bass dj's and master of the Gromophon on 78rpm and backwards. Mauro used to be an Evil Superstar who reincarnated as 'count' Somnabula to tear dead therapists out of the grave by his strings. Packaged in standard jewel case with 16-page full color booklet designed by AMVK. Highly recommended folks!"
4/3/2011 Clutter Live at the Bombed Out Church CDR $9.99 Sonic Oyster Records "A kind of dark, swirling chamber kosmiche/ambient tangent, Clutter has created something organic & cerebral from contributed noises & sounds which he has re-arranged & processed to create something quite wonderful. I don't particularly want to rattle on too much about this as the music is of a rich, fascinating quality, 'Live at the Bombed Out Church' takes you right off on a dream-like astral plain. Does this church exist? If so, I want to go." Norman Records
11/1/2014 Clyd, Kyle Eyre Pale Dawn Creeps LP $25.99 Halatern "This is the first release from the Halatern, Etc. label, run by Keith Connolly (of NNCK/No Neck Blues Band fame). "Is it the sight of death, the thought of saying? What sinks us deeper into melancholy: sexual incompleteness or its spastic conclusion? What seems to line our life with satin? What brings the rouge to both our cheeks? Loneliness, emptiness, worthlessness, grief... each is an absence in us. We have no pain, but we have lost all pleasure, and the lip that meets our lip is always one-half of our own. Our state is exactly the name of precisely nothing, and our memories, with polite long faces, come to view us and to say to one another that we never looked better; that we seem at last at peace; that our passing was... well -- sad -- still -- doubtless for the best (all this in a whisper lest the dead should hear)" --William Gass, from On Being Blue. Kyle Clyd is of an orphaned ascendancy, more Geeshie Wiley or Anne Gillis than any of her visible peers. In talking about Pale Dawn Creeps, her debut full-length, she refers a kind of blues, itself perhaps a mercurial essence resigned to antiquity: "To believe that the bits of paper in your pocket have real value or to take the word for the thing itself is the 'unpardonable sin' of the New Testament. Those guilty are condemned to blackness. Black manifests in the instant the accusatory finger is lifted, or guilty hand raised, but blue is not so easily won. Blue is not a second coming, but its denial -- our shortcomings hovering in the dead air of judgment's lag." While certainly not blues in the traditional (read: idiomatic) sense, Pale Dawn Creeps' depth-of-shallows abstraction belies an unmistakable lyricism and almost sing-song vacancy that is something of a cipher, asking where, when it has all been said, do songs really come from? Edition of 300 copies."
9/16/2007 Clyde-Evans, John Apetal Thunderfall CD $12.99 Digitalis "It's been a monumental year for John Clyde-Evans. He recently returned from a year living in the Punjab region of India, and after a slew of releases under his Sikh name of Tirath Singh Nirmala, he's back to the good ol' JCE. That's not all that's changed, though. His latest opus, "apetal thunderfall," spins off into a new web of cacaphony, leaving behind the pastoral anthems of yesteryear and taking aim at a more abrasive ways to leave behind the rust. "apetal thunderfall" was recorded entirely during JCE's stay in Jalandhar in 2007 using found software and audio sources. The resulting recordings feel almost primitive. Evans uses his uncanny ability to blend and mix multitudes of tones into sprawling thickets of sound. It is hard to call this music drone, but at the same time there is a continous flow to these three pieces that works in a similar way. Over the course of 43 minutes, this music etches itself into your skull, drilling itself in deep without drawing blood. Divided into three tracks, "apetal thunderfall" is more a singular entity than a collection of works. This album is cathartic, both musically and as a vehicle for JCE himself. But make no mistake, this is not spiritual music with mystic over/undertones. Simply, it is the new aural vision from one person made while living in India for a year. It is abrasive yet beautiful, and harkens back to a time and place when things were far less complicated."

CM Ensemble Love Central CD $15.99 Metonymic "The CM Ensemble are part of a new generation of New Zealand improvisers. They exist in both small and larger group modes, each based around Christchurch multi-instrumentalist and bandleader Nick Hodgson. Over the past two years they have gained a well- deserved reputation for the exceptional power and range of their live performances. Love Central is their debut CD release on Metonymic and perfectly encapsulates the different shades in their music from fiery jazz and rock free play to levitational string drones."
11/30/2011 Co La Daydream Repeater LP $16.99 NNA Tapes "It's time to welcome in the era of New Exotica with "Daydream Repeater", the debut LP by Co La, gentleman and purveyor of all things avant-luxury. Matthew Papich designs a new sonic territory, creating something that nods to Jamaican Rocksteady and 50's American Pop in spirit, but ultimately presents an elegant re-purposing of those parts into fresh, smart, electronic music. For all seeking an attitude adjustment in the era of austerity, try burning one for Co La's cultivated luxury sound - you may find an emerging solidarity slipping into your ears. In other words - if you're too wise to live straight, you better grip this sound sooner than later. Mastered by Lupo at Dubplates & Mastering in Berlin."
6/24/2012 Co La Soft Power Memento c32 cassette $7.99 NNA Tapes "Embody Problematic Behavior. These are the three words that Co La uses to describe "Soft Power Memento," his follow-up EP to 2011's "Daydream Repeater" debut LP on NNA. Something to mull over while immersing yourself in Co La's vivid and constantly-evolving world of sound. The spectrum of source material is widened and focused, with an emphasis on acoustic instrumentation and jazz palettes, all diced up and run through the New Anything sound system. Concréte percussive molecules are tenderly arranged and teamed up with clear, heavy bass to retain the danceability and groove that Baltimore is inherently known for. The result is a vibrant, lively, and undeniably innovative collection from one of electronic music's most tuned-in producers." Program repeats on both sides.
5/8/2005 Co., Inc. Hollows Time CD $14.99
"Just quietly, Jon Chapman has spun through a variety of incarnations in the years leading up to this well tasty cd of electronic delights. From founding the ever-expansionist Double Leopards in Philadelphia and appearing on their first three records, he went on to jam with Pearls Before Swine's Tom Rapp; he's also sat in on the never-ending drum circle of outback Australian life, as well as fronting the world's first Skullflower tribute band. Now resident in Dunedin, New Zealand, Hollows Time marks a maturity of the home-cookin' electro vibe that dates back to the very first Co., Inc. cassette in the mid nineties. Improvised and composed impulses collide in a mess of short-to-middling tracks that display a refreshing simplicity and clarity of purpose. Rough, pitted, obtuse, impossible electronica building blocks are juggled and arranged into floating ocean cities by genius lemurs under Chapman's firm but friendly direction. Housed in a gorgeous handmade and letterpressed (more like letter-hammered) sleeve, this marks out the down-under ex-patriate free-electronica art-folk slicker-trash scene as one to keep a close eye on."
5/29/2008 Co., Inc. Nerve Pluck Game CDR $14.99
"Switched-out surge-and-spike, drum-and-treble, thrum-and-tremble from Co., Inc. (Jon Chapman: ex-Double Leopards, Rory Storm and the Invaders, Ray Off, Sinking Infinities)
Unvarnished digital and vintage analog constructs: solo improv dissected and interleaved upon solo improv; all hard-/ no soft-ware. Covers hand-built of cotton rag matboard and gummed linen tape, with woodcut-printed titles, and artwork of shaved willow charcoal and archival book-repair tape. Numbered edition of 100. File Under: Submachine Bells."

Coachmen, The Ten Compositions New Frontiers In Free Rock LP $12.99 Ecstatic Peace "Guitarist JD King, the sole remaining original member of the Coachmen (1978-80), is joined by Valerie Boyd (Farfisa organ), Dave Wain (bass guitar) and Simon Quick (drums) for a deft and transcendental blending of Cageian principles, free jazz and psychedelia. it's music that's truly liberating, a sunny avenue of escape from the muck and mire of the illness commonly referred to as 'the music industry'. The LP comes wrapped in neo-Japanese sleeves w/a book of poetry by the beat/avant legend Arthur Childs."
11/17/2007 Coal Hook Coal Hook CDR $12.99 There Is No Trouble In Denmark "Coal Hook is jørgen teller and ron schneidermann - a bi-continental, willing-to-travel duo hailing from somewhere close to the eye of the storm with news from beyond instant satisfaction. in the heat of copenhagen's post-millennium christiania, ron schneiderman (sunburned hand of the man, aethr myth'd et al) and experimental madman & truth-teller jørgen teller (Š & the empty stairs) discovered the vibe for coal hook during a one-time performance in december, 2006, with causa sui under the moniker pewt'r jjjjj. the famed venue byens lys and it's fire-heated wood-house cult-ambience went straight into the blood of this new being. from there the duo met at teller's city studio a couple of days later for this session of blistering music that proved there was a newly formed bond merely at it's inauguration. the course has been set for this string to be untied and the story to be opened. the music of coal hook has all the nerve of today's free rock movement at hands. both contributors have long lasting relationships with the music of free spirits in both improv, alt rock, psychedelica, dub, noise and folk music. coal hook's autonymous debut offers glances into dark places of insane beauty lighted by flashes of white sonic bolts spewed from two guitars' glowing strings. odds are thurston moore will like this."
7/30/2010 Coal Hook Subsistance Compulsion CDR $6.99 Blueberry Honey "This is the the second official release by this self-driven mind mash featuring Danish experiMENTAList / composer / inventor JØRGEN TELLER (http://www.jorgenteller.dk/) and RON SCHNEIDERMAN (call for details). Originally devised as a long lost collaboration after an impromptu concert at BYENS LYS in COPENHAGEN's CHRISTIANIA section in 2006. These all new recordings from TYTE STUDIO recorded in MAY of 2009 show that the fuel is still burning. No rules, no plans, simple pure expression & explosion is what is offered. A dance between light & dark, noise & calm, beyond language..."
7/30/2010 Coal Hook Who's Distracted? CDR $6.99 Blueberry Honey "The second set of recordings from this past MAY, and like the SUBSISTANCE COMPULSION album this one is also edited by TELLER, with artwork by SCHNEIDERMAN. This disc is perhaps a little more abrasive, though that is of course a matter of personal taste."
8/4/2007 Cobills, Chris Two Hams in a Can CDR $7.99 Brothers "Somehow or rather, Chris Cobilis (b. 1979 in Perth, Australia) began performing pop music and noise music in the same month - May 1997. He isn't really sure how he landed himself in this situation since he had little experience in music aside from being an avid listener & sometimes music journalist. Early noisy performances earnt recognition for Cobilis as an "accomplished musician" which he thought very funny because he felt this was untrue. Early pop performances with the 'good time' pop group, The Tigers, were met with startling reviews also, some suggesting that this new 'party' band were "avant-gard" and "challenging". Cobilis thought this funny also, as he had always imagined The Tigers to be a 'fun' pop band.Cobilis has performed at many of Perth's Totally Huge New Music Festivals. In 1997 he did his regular song and dance routine for the good folk attending the festival club following the percussionist Amy Knowles. Unfortunately, an ant bit him mid set, causing the disorented Cobilis to drop his guitar and scream "I'm an angry young man" over and over. Nobody was impressed. In 1999, Cobilis was asked to support the affable and well-adjusted fellow, Masame Akita and partner Reiko A (aka Merzbow), in the wonderful surrounds of the Players Diskotheq, where the few people actually watching him thought he was the 'disc-jockey'. Cobilis regrets his decision to wear headphones for the duration of said performance. Cobilis has subsequently played on bills featuring Four Tet, Wolf Eyes, Pita, Pimmon, Rik Rue, David Thrussel, Annie Gosfield, Alan Lamb, Ross Bolletter & Cat Hope. In addition he has shared the stage with Damo Suzuki, Ikue Mori & Jon Rose. In 2006, Cobilis intends to pedal his wares across the entire globe, busting heads, making noise and generally having a good time. If you reckon you'd like Cobilis in your town this year, drop him a line. He will come and dance for you." - CHRISCOBILIS.COM
2/1/2005 Cock E.S.P. Menaha Red Light District CD $9.99 Betley / Sunship / BBPTC “Big sausage noise from Emil and Matt plus Adris Hoyos guest spot.”
11/12/2003 Cock E.S.P. / Panicsville Last Train to Cocksville CD $10.99 Nihilist Records "This is exactly what it sounds like...America's two leading noise bands paying homage to the Monkees. What it may have sounded like if Manson did make the cut, simply ear shredding & yet playful. Banjos, beats, melodies & gobs of feedback make this THE party album of the Fall semester! With the hits ‘I Can't Get Her off of My Cock’, ‘She’ & ‘"Last Train to Cocksville’."
7/31/2006 Cody, Turner The Great Migration / Quarter Century LP $13.99 Mad Monk "Turner has been kicking around the NYC folk scene for quite a few years now, but this is, perhaps inexplicably, his first foray onto wax. While most 'singer / songwriters' these days seem to draw most of their water from Iron and Wine via Pavement and back again, Turner sounds like he began his musical education listening to Gershwin player piano rolls and quit buying records somewhere around the time Dylan brought it all back home. Lyrically, Turner can turn a phrase with the best of 'em, and the gloriously ramshackle accompaniment is Mungo Jerry meets Herman Dune sharing a squat in Tin Pan Alley. This LP combines two of Turner's self-released CDs, and is as good an introduction to his wonderful music as any. Here's what Jeweled Antler head honcho Glenn Donaldson sez about Turner: "Cody is pre-war, Old Testament & A Confederate General from Big Sur." ErrŠnuff said, no?" Completely blown away by this record! Highly recommended!
6/11/2006 Coelacanth & Keith Evans Wrack Light in Copper Ruin CD & DVD $17.99 Seal Pool "Jim Haynes and Loren Chasse have collaborated with Keith Evans to create Coelacanth's fourth and most complex record. Culled from two performances -- a 5-hour recording session during Matmos's 96 hours of performances at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, and an audio/visual performance with Keith Evans -- Wrack Light in Copper Ruin explores the the symbiosis of materiality and sound, and its infinite network of metaphors and allegories. Like an abandoned aquarium in which an accidental and incongruous microcosm takes shape, Coelacanth's sound illustrates a constant evolution of decay, encroachment, and repossession of the border space between the natural and the man-made. With Wrack Light in Copper Ruin, Coelacanth also meditates on the space of performance, the tactile nature of the creation of sound, and its ephemeral, elusive and entirely subjective character. The visuals of Keith Evans further the exploration with their organic, nocturnal, energy. Comparatively, Wrack Light is more delicate than Coelacanth's previous recordings, inhabiting a space where artists such as Jonathan Coleclough, Andrew Chalk, Mirror, and MNortham can be found, yet it maintains the mysterious, oceanic nature its name implies."
7/23/2004 Coffee dik mik rabbit ear antennae CDR $9.99 Carbon Records "The sixth in the Carbon 10 year anniversary CDR series. Almost a full hour of Coffee magic. Consists of two live recordings from 1997 and 1998. Includes the Coffee core of Dave Cross and Tim Poland, along with Brian Shafer (Nod), Phil Marshall, John Olson (Wolf Eyes), Sticky Foster, Neil Campbell and Nuuj."
12/3/2003 Coffee Hex Vex And The Lavender Mink double 10" $26.99 Elica "Hex Vex And The Lavender Mink compiles the group's musical obsessions at the turn of the century, droll Brit drone, the magnificent Arthur Doyle, extremely dangerous onstage pyrotechnics, the fabulous Raymond Scott, cheesy electro dub effects and, most of all, competitive and confusing American free improvisation. David Cross and Tim Poland with their friends Arthur Doyle, Nuuj (of Hilkka and Sheet), Neil Campbell (of Vibracathedral Ochestra), Phil Marshall (of Colorblind James Experience), John Schoen (of Pengo), Adam Wilcox, Lawrence Feldman, Mark Martin, John Olson (of Wolf Eyes), Th. Metzger, Sticky Foster (of A Band), Joe Sorriero (of NOD), Coffin Kim, Gregg Boltz (of Left4Dead), Ed Wilcox (of Temple Of Bon Matin), Richard Scott compete with drums, bass, guitar, electronics, saxes, Clavinova, Crummar organ, violin, wood horn, electronic sounds & clips, repeater, Casio, electric birds, an old drum machine, subliminal voice track and hiss, confusing them into various formations and musical styles. With hommages to Arthur Doyle by doing a Conspiracy Nation with him and one without him, and to Raymond Scott with two exquisite covers of Naked City and Coming Down To Earth. The first Coffee in color (coverwise), after an output limited both by a scarce quantity of releases in nine years of activity (one double compact-disc, two LP records and two singles) and by the very underground nature of some of them (it is hard to know of the exsistence of the black single, for example, let alone the possibility to recognize it when you find it!). On this album, the project is also partly confused with the Arthur Doyle Electro-Acoustic Ensemble. This is also the first non-archival Elica release. A double 10" LP record set with color gatefold cover with notes and text about the band and photographs of their dangerously pyrotechnic shows, released in an edition of about 400 copies."
8/23/2009 Cohen, Alice Walking Up Walls LP $15.99 Olde English Spelling Bee "Walking Up Walls" is the second solo album from long-time musician and visual artist Alice Cohen. In contrast to her previous studio efforts these are raw home recordings with an intensely personal vibe. The sixteen short song-sketches alternate between densely layered shoegaze burners and shimmering, ethereal drifters. Exploring shadowy corners and using the musical equivalent of automatic writing - this was considered to be a sonic diary and not originally intended for release. For reference points think "Pink Opaque" era Cocteau Twins filtered through the early 90's lens of New Zealanders like Alastair Galbraith & Sandra Bell."
3/20/2007 Cohen, Charles & Ed Wilcox Those Are Pearls That Were His Eyes CD $15.99 Ruby Red "Next up, check out THOSE PEARLS THAT WERE HIS EYES by synthesist Charles Cohen and Ed Wilcox, drummer and leader of the legendary Temple of Bon Matin. Technically, the duo employ the same instrumental line-up as Kieran Hebden & Steve Reid featured in their EXCHANGE SESSION album. But the two achieve remarkably different effects due to Charles Cohen's weapon of choice: a Buchla Music Easel. Longtime Bon Matin fans will recognise Cohen's name from that band's Bulb Records album BULLET INTO MESMER'S BRAIN, a swirling soupy cacophony highly informed by the same Buchla Music Easel, designed by '60s synth boffin Don Buchla. That machine's parps, shudders and all-purpose weirdness alone make this record a treat, but the package is rendered essential by Herr Wilcox's fabulous fine art cover; what a whopper!" - JULIAN COPE in Head Heritage, February 2007. "CHARLES COHEN: Based in the Philadelphia area, Charles Cohen has been amazing and challenging audiences for over 20 years. His music is entirely improvisational and produced solely on a vintage Buchla Music Easel synthesizer. An avid collaborator, Cohen is most well known to [most] listeners from his work with Jeff Cain in their group The Ghostwriters. With few recorded/commercially available works to his credit, Cohen prefers to concentrate on creating Electronic Music in the setting of the live performance space. His music ranges from completely abstract and challenging to pleasantly rhythmic and infectious. Each performance is original and new, to the audience and to Cohen as well. ED WILCOX: Ed Wilcox is an incredibly talented percussionist and artist from the Philadelphia area. For over ten years he has been performing in his own Art Blakey style psyche outfit Temple of Bon Matin as well as producing paintings in prolific quantities. He resides in a condemned tower on the outskirts of Philadelphia, providing shelter for the local raccoon population."
1/1/2014 Coil Love's Secret Domain LP $20.99
"An LP reissue of their very highly praised 1991 third album, this picks up where "Horse Rotorvator" left off, but with less ambience and more insistent dance rhythms. This is the German version on Torso, with the original full color artwork. Euro import."
4/1/2014 Coil / Nine Inch Nails Recoiled CD $21.99 Cold Spring Records "Recoiled" is a rambunctious alchemy, of magikal Coil sensibilities and hi-tech home circa 90's mixing technique, all fused in the cave-like early studios of Danny Hyde / Peter Christopherson. These were the unrestrained PRE- BIG studio- mix downs, of four songs which long time Coil admirer / collaborator Trent Reznor requested Coil to remix. Reznor sent over the original multi-tracks and DATs to Hyde / Christopherson, who independently mixed versions and then met to synch both creations, molding them into these master versions. "Recoiled" includes a fuller, more opulent version of the track 'Closer', which eventually made it onto the opening credits to the movie "SE7EN". These 5 lengthy compositions are pre-Ableton / laptop generation type priest song creations, with the use of baby alarms and numerous wires to create bespoke effects. These legendary tracks were always rumoured to exist and, only the due diligence of a dedicated NIN forum who hunted them down, are released/unleashed for your listening pleasure. 4 of the tracks were released on the download-only "Uncoiled". A bonus, previously unheard track from the same sessions closes the album. Jhonn Balance is also manifest on this gilded constellation. Beautifully remastered for CD / vinyl. CD comes in a digipak.
4/1/2014 Coil / Nine Inch Nails Recoiled LP $32.99 Cold Spring Records "Recoiled" is a rambunctious alchemy, of magikal Coil sensibilities and hi-tech home circa 90's mixing technique, all fused in the cave-like early studios of Danny Hyde / Peter Christopherson. These were the unrestrained PRE- BIG studio- mix downs, of four songs which long time Coil admirer / collaborator Trent Reznor requested Coil to remix. Reznor sent over the original multi-tracks and DATs to Hyde / Christopherson, who independently mixed versions and then met to synch both creations, molding them into these master versions. "Recoiled" includes a fuller, more opulent version of the track 'Closer', which eventually made it onto the opening credits to the movie "SE7EN". These 5 lengthy compositions are pre-Ableton / laptop generation type priest song creations, with the use of baby alarms and numerous wires to create bespoke effects. These legendary tracks were always rumoured to exist and, only the due diligence of a dedicated NIN forum who hunted them down, are released/unleashed for your listening pleasure. 4 of the tracks were released on the download-only "Uncoiled". A bonus, previously unheard track from the same sessions closes the album. Jhonn Balance is also manifest on this gilded constellation. Beautifully remastered for CD / vinyl. Ltd LP comes on coloured vinyl.

Coits Desire Runs For Me +2 CDR $10.99 Betley Welcomes Careful Drivers "First CD by this one man project who had a much-coveted LP of knowing guitar primitivism on the Very Good label some years ago, plus a couple of split 7" releases. This CD collects material due for an LP and two 7"EPs, all recorded mid-to-late 90s and unreleased until now. Stark and imposing guitar/raw feedback electronics. First edition ltd.50."
3/21/2009 Cold Turkey Contact High cassette $7.99 Middle James Co. "mjc is proud to bring you our 2nd Cold Turkey release! "contact high" features Andrew Coltrane solo on sax and electronics tho instead of being burnt buried by FX and madness as some previous releases, the sax rings clean and sober clear over a wash of weirdness as only A.C. can manifest. each side is a concentrated movement. side a stretches breath in rusty wind, slight delay in life. side b blows like a dragon sad sax haunted horns a lament for trying catch a buzz...limited to 33."
9/24/2009 Cold Turkey Mega Shark one-sided LP $11.99 Hermitage Tapes "Question? What does the debut Cold Turkey platter sound like? A) A Horn having an exorcism inside a destroyed/ blown out Wendy's in the year 2897 AD after the world has been destroyed to tiny bits FOUR times hundreds of years ago B) The Soundtrack to someone who has inject spraypaint into to his spine for any kind of physical activity, and "cold turkey" is blasted into their headphones as they "spray up" for a bout of tropical heat water skiing. C) the WORST track submission in the history of "THE BOSTON POPS SEND IN YOUR OWN SAX SOLO COMPETITION" D) ALL OF THE ABOVE. Dunno about ya'll but test intuition 101 says go with All of the Above every time. But don't listen to this mug, jamm this COLD TURKEY onesider instead. Screw tests, up the HEARING TESTS!! And what a test this is, just a HORRIBLE SOUNDSCAPE. The sound of things not comfortable where they are placed, just plain freakin' to get outta joint/dodge/town/here. FAST. But they are trapped! Puts the SQUIRM resistance up to: A MILLION until the evil lock groove bookending the sound forces everything into a PERMA JAIL. BOXED IN!!! THE HORROR!! Hearing this over and over I start to lean in to listen to the voices inside the jailed reed bleeding rib cage sound trap, terrible voices emerging from the din. What would they say? Is it even reeds? Is my rec. needle striking back? What? Who is AC anyway? Did they press this record on rotten cottage cheese? Does it come with a free voucher for a priest to break it in half? Can I own this and still live twenty feet from a school??? HELP!!! So. Hermitage vinyl debut. Handpainted. Handrulin. Mine was HANDED to me at a killer party. Where NO ONE HAD HANDS. I would file this killer LP in the "Tales from the Darkside" section of all your Michigan Psycho Mafia wax/platters. I'll brag and say mine is a double YARD wide and contains the beyond rare / priceless ZOMBI lathe cut LP from ages ago (that COLD TURKEY kinda sounds like a BEST BUY version) and the unknown TALL BIRCH COLLAPSED ON FAMILY private weirdo noise LP from MICH. that sounds like a "scrambled" part two of the legendary Paul Feinberg's VACATIONS mind-blowing single. Why all this nerd talk? Cold Turkey LP fits right in, hand done, raw locked inside mental battle SOUND LP. It rages with quiet slow burn, like a relay switch dipped in magic batter and cut with urine. Cold Turkey: best served: BOXED IN!!!! "
John Olson
Michigan, Capital
Fall 2009
Pressed on black. vinyl with handpainted sleeves. Edition of 100 copies.
5/29/2008 Coldstream Coldstream cassette $5.99 Amp Tower "Using computers, guitars and field recordings amongst other sound sources, Coldstream presents 4 tracks of drones, and dark atmospheres."
Side A 1. Learn - Organ drone recorded in a church in the middle of the night 2. Search - One long depressive drone
Side B 1. Taken - Apocalyptic deep drone with harsh electronic overtones 2. Fia - Endlessly looped machinery
8/1/2014 Cole, Crys & Oren Ambarchi Sonja Henies vei 31 LP $21.99 Planam Recorded during a week-long sojourn in Norway, "Sonja Henies vei 31" is a profoundly moving document of the personal and artistic union between Crys Cole and Oren Ambarchi. Abandoning their usual instrumental artillery, both performers make themselves vulnerable to the listener, undertaking a committed exploration of pure physical gesture. Surrounding an explicitly intimate duo performance is a hazy collage of field recordings, tape hiss, metallic clinks and wandering voices.This forces the listener to hover in a disorienting psychological space between a confronting real world, and a swirling dream-world. While the latter's abstraction cannot penetrate the former's emotional directness, both environments function to obscure one another's meaning. What is most affecting for the listener is how he/she inadvertently becomes part of the record's scenery: a dreamer, narrator and voyeur in equal parts. "Sonja Henies vei 31" is a brave personal statement, a celebration of the idyllic, and a tragic theatre of emotional longing." (James Rushford, Melbourne, 2014). Due to the very intimate nature of these recordings the first pressing has been limited to 150 copies only.
11/24/2003 Coleclough, Jonathan Casino LP $22.99 Idea "Volume 02 in the 12" field recording series comprises of two distinct tracks by UK composer Jonathan Coleclough. Track One:'Casino' is a recorded document from 1998 that captured the whimsical spins, whirls, bleeps & chirps made by electronic gaming machines from inside of a Las Vegas casino. Track two: 'Tree Frogs' was recorded in November 2000 at Deep Bay, Antigua. Amazingly enough, 'Tree Frogs' sounds like digital voices echoing in some other unknown universe. 'Casino' is a remarkable field recording album in all respects & it sounds like Mr. Coleclough's beautifully composed music." Packaged in deluxe heavy jacket. 12" 220g Audiophile vinyl. LTD ED 400."
7/4/2013 Coley, Byron Dating Tips for Touring Bands LP $12.99 Hot Cars Warp Records "First full-length spoken word LP by music writer, jazz editor, underground columnist, author, poet, record label mogul, and footnote pioneer Byron Coley. Segments of underground cultural history done in verse constitute the A-side, with subjects both heroic and villainous. The flip consists of an abridged chapter from Coley's upcoming novel, Dominoes. Silk-screened cover with artwork by Savage Pencil."
9/26/2013 Coley, Byron and Dennis Tyfus Days of plasma, Nights of drink Book $15.99 Ultra Eczema "Ice dry poetry by Byron Coley in blue, garbled by Dennis Tyfus in purple.
For years i've thought these poems were already written, as Byron told me about them when i visited the Yod Space in Florence some years back.
I can perfectly remember hearing about Byron selling plasma to be able to get fried, Byron living in a tree because he was kicked out of his shared apartment as he pissed on his roommate's sister, Byron working at Micky d's, Byron meeting Mariel Hemmingway and a mountain of other disrupting tales.
It turned out these poems were not written until the night before the presentation of this book at stadslimiet in antwerp on august 19th of 2013.
this off set printed book, 20 pages, limited to 200 copies is partly printed on glossy and partly on mat paper."
7/16/2009 Collins, Cybele untitled Book $5.99 Sloow Tapes "Very pleased to present this collection of beautiful drawings by the amazing Cybele Collins. She also records as Blue Shift and her visions have graced covers for labels such as Last Visible Dog and Rare Youth. Drawings have appeared in dozens of magazines including Morbid Curiosity, Paper Rodeo, Sound Projector, Free Radicals, The Ganzfeld, Cemetery Dance, Shimmer, Dark Animus and Vial. Full color cover, 36 b&w pages."
6/30/2010 Colored Mushroom and The Medicine Rocks At Red Frosting c26 cassette $7.99 Wagon Killer synth project featuring John Elliott of Emeralds. Look out for vinyl release by these guys before too long.
5/28/2011 Colorguard / Ashley Paul Secr's Lip / The Places c40 cassette $8.99 No Basement Is Deep Enough "Male Bonding #1. "Since my Bangugot-brain (yes, every night I go to sleep dressed like a pig-tailed Filipino) is still brooding lusty tour-de-force loops in the right side of my electrically malformed but always eloquent bosom, this cassette could represent The Best of One's Onions. The wide white middle class still silently weeps under the tyranny of a hundred hot reality teevee degrees, while Mr. Natural's Sunny- Side-Up-remedy again prescribes to pile-up all broken voices, shellac, reeds, bells and steel to rocket launch the lone and inverted mind totem that made my grandmother recollect her wisdom teeth. Served with a perfect Wednesday afternoon cuisson, no proletarian house with laughing windows will ever let the new baked weapons of botox balsam and plastic consumer poetry rise above zero again. Ok, don't bother to ring at the door of the Anne Frank mansion because the damsel of the house is never home, but after all, when time jumps as a broken type writer, just make sure to give the clovened speaking clock a call : already half of the third petrified beep will be smoothly sanctified by a scythe of pineal gland gazing." "Hand-numbered edition of 80, all wrapped in Joke Leonare Desmet's color synesthetic take on how underwater nebula's could bloom without dolphin shrieking."
10/23/2003 Colours Colours CD $17.99 World Psychedelia "The liner-notes from this, tha band¹s first album tell us that they 'have the crystalline sharpness of the Beatles before they turned acid' and what's more, it's quite true; an excellent pop-psych album, first released on DOT in 1968; the first track, Bad Day At Black Rock, Baby, must be reckoned among the very best attempts at an orchestrated psych sound, with the band easily switching from key to key and featuring many disturbing time-changes; it's charms are many and varied, with songs like the sitar drone Rather Be Me, and the commune-song Brother Lou's Love Colony , later covered by Moon, and the eerie Cataleptic. An underestimated LP, until now, but not anymore."
1/30/2010 Coltrane, Andrew Conflict c30 cassette $7.99 Digitalis Limited "AC brings his bag of toys back to oklahoma, but this time goes back in time and pulls out a total war bomb from the archives. heavy electronics and thick, bleeding walls of synth skronk are just what you need after a long weekend of drinking with the fam. it feels like there's some serious guitar riffing trying to find its way out of this electronic hell, but half the time there's no fucking telling what's going on here. it's everything all at once. coltrane goes to eleven. i don't even know. sax blasts come in from the deep, sourcing new megacreatures that don't just want your blood, they want your fucken soul. rusted factories breaking down never sounded so damn good. hell, if this isn't cathartic, i don't know what is. edition of 70, pro-dubbed."
11/21/2009 Coltrane, Andrew Cyclops c60 cassette $7.99 Hermitage Tapes "Various unreleased analog synth recordings from the last 10 years cut-up into analog tape loops. B&W art."
9/30/2008 Coltrane, Andrew Eternal Cold Turkey cassette $8.99 Sound Holes "Hailed as the SOUL of the Michigan Underground Basement Sound (MUDS).... AC rips another blat of outsider lurch/vision... loops/krunk/horns + ????? make this release another glimpse into his unique universe..... is there any stopping him????" Edition of 97 copies.
12/2/2008 Coltrane, Andrew Synth Tapes Vol. 5 cassette $8.99 Digitalis Limited "I wish i could remember the first stack of bones from michigan superscuz andrew coltrane, but in the past year or so i've been buried under such an epic pile of a.c. fuzz that it'd be near-impossible to figure out where it all began. point is, he is a machine who never sleeps, never eats, i dunno... he just keeps going like his life depends on it. from junkyard electronics to heaps of rotten metal and there and back again, coltrane's always got new tricks up his sleeve. "synth tapes vol. 5" is exactly what it says it is - the fifth volume in an ongoing exploration of analog sound constructed with only, you guessed it: synths and tapes. the sounds on here are looped and stretched and dragged into pits of black mud. underneath the drowning, though, lives the vaguest and most unexpected hints of melodies and hooks, just enough to fool you and suck you in. next thing you know, you're tarred and feathered and dreaming of your next root canal. fucken genius. limited to 91 copies, cassette inspired art by stone baby's cory card."
11/21/2009 Coltrane, Andrew Synth Tapes: Volume 7 c60 cassette $7.99 Pizza Night "man, that's one pissed synth" - wyatt howland
3/21/2009 Coltrane, Andrew Terminal Towers cassette $7.99 Middle James Co. "yet another side/sound of A.C. 'terminal towers' showcases work with tape loops. side a = chord organ tape loop recorded on two channels and mixed in stereo warping out of time with itself. ends up sounding like a haunted ancient broken phonograph deep in the Hermitage dungeon, skipping for eternity and back again, degrading into a hypnotic hiss and buzz. side b= one side selected from a private edition of 'tape loops' 4 cassette boxset A.C. handed to me during our past summer tour. it's a maniac stereo mix of ripping tape squeeze, industrial conveyor belt construction and dirty bombs. limited to 33."
3/11/2012 Coltrane, Andrew & Mike Khoury Concrete Shoes CDR $7.99 Bug Incision "A quick shot from this long-running duo of violinist Mike Khoury (no stranger to followers of this label - he appeared on some memorable albums with Ben Hall and Chris Riggs in past years, and dropped a lovely solo album in the meantime) and Andrew Coltrane, whose role is much more difficult to define. Electronics seems like an extremely broad term, but it gets you into the right ball park. Khoury's strings are surrounded by thick, fairly relentless churning noises and reverbed-out motor sounds, going in and out of focus all the while. There seems to be some simple effects applied to the violin here and there, but, as his work with Chris Riggs' and his similarly alien vocabulary has shown, Khoury is a master of finding ways to integrate himself into somewhat unlikely-seeming situations. Another slice of this duo's ongoing collaborations, following releases on Hermitage Tapes and Detroit Improvisation."
edition of 60, cdr, color covers in plastic sleeves
bim-52, fall 2011
8/20/2011 Coltrane, Andrew / Bob Bellerue A Confederassy of Burnt Bridges split 12" $14.99 Anarchymoon "two firestorms, two sides. AxCx brings two tracks in a long delirious slow burning assault, with virgin sacrifices in a sonic sacrifice. mastered offa cassette till it was pure carnage. BxBx sketches and slashes out a busted landscape, with FM radio battles and assault horns to salve the suburban frontier with fire and metal rain. color paste-on art on white jackets, xerox insert. limited edition of 125 copies."

Column One Labyrinth 7" $4.99 Obuh Records "Disconnected voices fading into piano, violin duet on the flip"
7/23/2004 Comets on Fire Blue Cathedral CD $13.99 Sub Pop “Blue Cathedral is the third album from Comets on Fire and their first for Sub Pop. It is also the Bay area band’s most varied and richly textured album yet. With their first two albums, (2001’s self-titled debut/self-released and 2002’s Field Recordings from the Sun on Ba Da Bing!) they established themselves as flag-bearers of modern psychedelia. However, where their previous efforts are full-tilt psychedelic affairs,
Blue Cathedral is harder to pin down (which elusiveness we heartily support). Their trademark sound is here enriched by more structured, keyboard-driven jams, churning Blue Oyster Cult-ish chooglers and slow
burners reminiscent of Harvest-era Pink Floyd. They recently opened a string of dates for Sonic Youth and have also played shows with Rocket From The Tombs, Dead Meadow AND Dead Moon, Sunburned Hand of the Man and more. They also made a BIG fan outta Lord Head on High, Julian Cope, who said of them: ‘Comets on Fire deserve our gratitude…for their distillation of all the best rock riffs since High Rise’s take on Blue Cheer…’” Naturally, we agree.” Highly recommended!!
7/23/2004 Comets on Fire Blue Cathedral LP $11.99 Sub Pop “Blue Cathedral is the third album from Comets on Fire and their first for Sub Pop. It is also the Bay area band’s most varied and richly textured album yet. With their first two albums, (2001’s self-titled debut/self-released and 2002’s Field Recordings from the Sun on Ba Da Bing!) they established themselves as flag-bearers of modern psychedelia. However, where their previous efforts are full-tilt psychedelic affairs,
Blue Cathedral is harder to pin down (which elusiveness we heartily support). Their trademark sound is here enriched by more structured, keyboard-driven jams, churning Blue Oyster Cult-ish chooglers and slow
burners reminiscent of Harvest-era Pink Floyd. They recently opened a string of dates for Sonic Youth and have also played shows with Rocket From The Tombs, Dead Meadow AND Dead Moon, Sunburned Hand of the Man and more. They also made a BIG fan outta Lord Head on High, Julian Cope, who said of them: ‘Comets on Fire deserve our gratitude…for their distillation of all the best rock riffs since High Rise’s take on Blue Cheer…’” Naturally, we agree.” 180 gram pressing. Highly recommended!!
9/16/2007 Common Eider, King Eider How to Build a Cabin CD $9.99 Yik Yak "With raw viola, haunting vocals, and noise guitar, Rob Fisk (Badgerlore, 7 Year Rabbit Cycle, ex-Deerhoof) has created an exquisite album that sounds perfectly at home in the natural world between dusk and dawn. Packaged in a hand-sewn book of drawings by Fisk entitled "How to Build a Cabin."
7/23/2010 Common Eider, King Eider Worn LP $15.99 Root Strata "Common Eider, King Eider is led by Rob Fisk (ex-Deerhoof, Badgerlore). Now expanded to a four piece, Common Eider, King Eider have crafted yet another blast of high end wind chill that whips threw the empty spaces in your skull. More stories of flora & fauna that hang beautifully in dynamic rooms of piano, strings, voices and stargazing guitar explosions born of layer after layer of feedback. This ghost world is all gray and black, with a high condensation of loss penetrating throughout. Moonlight occasionally lights the path, but for the most part prepare to be lost in the woods. Liz Harris (Grouper) and Tom Carter (Charalambides) make guest appearances on the tracks 'Ennui' and 'Earth Liver' to add to the overall sense of dread. Worn is limited to 300 copies housed in silk- screened jackets done by the band, with a download coupon."
1/24/2009 Communication Palace Live From An Unopened Room cassette $7.99 American Tapes - AM-796 "Third release from a sound pyramid in debt to fully strange local communication system in Lansing. What would a Palace of Communication do? Hope language sacrifices? Do dances in unison to shouted rotten verbs? Would it pay rent in long sentences scribbled on moist magic ancient forest logs? What would the king or queen be like? The Queen of Communication Palace? Mouths are magic, no words inside this tape, just the echoes of the halls of the Palace when no one is aroundŠŠultra strange sound for the weird local zone where things are communicatedŠŠ.Wear a vowel gown with a adjective necklace while busting this. Packaged in a new mega color slip case style with full color inzane art."
8/20/2011 Community Action Color vrs Poison Arts CDR $5.99 American Tapes "Brand new in-house electronic abstraction unit. Spiraling patterns and burning circuits. Recorded in random and composed styles. All strange & homemade. Was a demo floating around in LIVE FRYING style but here's the debut. Sliced and diced from direct DRIBBLING GOLD studio sessions all thru the spring and summer. Color covers, edition of 40." AM 906
6/27/2009 Compassing Old Woes New Hopes c50 cassette $6.99 Bum Tapes "There's a hell of a lot going on in this new 10 track cassette by the two guys who make up the band Compassing. A microcosm of sounds, tiny little experimentations click into view then whirl away, an orchestra of warped instruments throb and groove against each other only to be joined together by the occasional chugging krautrock pulse and scattered free form drumming, kind of like Faust jamming with Taj Mahal Travellers and being produced by Louis & Bebe Barron." Edition of 20 copies.
3/6/2010 Computer What Was Computer? c20 cassette $7.99 Scumbag Relations "Continuation of a theme. Each tape picking up and building upon where the previous installment left off. More space, more time, and more intricacy developing with each new volume. Thorough investigations of hidden and accidental sound structures. The voice of the computer emerges. (v2.0)"
1/31/2011 Concern Truth & Distance LP $18.99 Digitalis "Gordon Ashworth is Concern and this is his manifesto. "Truth & Distance" is a mini-epic, a minor masterpiece. Within these sonic walls lies a stunning landscape, adrift in golden tones and silver siren songs. Ashworth creates beautiful, shimmering music that defies categorization. It stands on its own, droning away into the furthest reaches of the night. Using only acoustic instrumentation, Ashworth conceives pieces of music in which resonance and timbre mutate and in the air and unfold naturally, organically. Hints of piano glisten like night shadows whispering through the leaves. Strings are bowed and plucked into oblivion. Everything is turned into a pile of reverb. Everyone is a ghost. The title track starts with frayed edges and continually dials back, trying to not to fall apart. Ashworth's skill in wrangling discordant sounds out of his array of acoustics seems to grow as the piece flows along. Daunting as the seemingly endless layers of droning tones may be, its the all-enveloping nature of this music that makes it so engaging. Like hearing Basinski destroy and rework Peter Broderick's deepest compositions, "Truth & Distance" feels familiar while sounding new. As the final, looping piano chords of "Heartsink" disintegrate into oblovion, Concern has gone all in. This is music that trades in immediacy for reservation and restraint. Ashworth is able to combine all these elements into towering aural monuments that he scatters through the air and down into the soil. It's all coming up roses this time. New vinyl edition features extended cuts of all three pieces from the original CD, adding 10 minutes of new music that pushes the album to another level. In addition there is all new art and a cut by Berlin's D+M."
9/5/2010 Concert Silence 9.22.07 CD $13.99 Infraction "We've been fans of Eluvium for quite some time, so when the opportunity to work with Matthew Cooper came up, I jumped at the chance. This recording is a collaboration with Charles Buckingham and Eluvium under the name Concert Silence. It was originally a live set on 9.22.07 and then the recording assumed that name. It was mastered (by Carl Saff) and touched up a bit by both Cooper and Buckingham. The release is going to be available as a CD as well as a 2LP set. The LPs are 180g pressings, with a D-side vinyl etching. The sleeves will be Stoughton tip-on gatefold style with full color printed inner sleeves and an OBI. The CD will be a 6 panel digipak. Both editions limited to 900 copies each.
9/5/2010 Concert Silence Rain Furniture ep 12" $14.99 Infraction "Matthew and Charles did not want Concert Silence to be a one-hit wonder, so they recorded the 'rain furniture' ep in 2008. This was not a live recording, instead an exchange of ideas in a home studio setting. Fuzzy ambient with buried muffled minimal orchestral interludes."
9/5/2010 Concert Silence Rain Furniture ep CD $9.99 Infraction "Matthew and Charles did not want Concert Silence to be a one-hit wonder, so they recorded the 'rain furniture' ep in 2008. This was not a live recording, instead an exchange of ideas in a home studio setting. Fuzzy ambient with buried muffled minimal orchestral interludes."
2/15/2011 Concord Ballet Orchestra Players First Annual North Falmouth Organ Slaughter c-49 + c55 double cassette $8.99 L'animaux Tryst Field Recordings "After bearing witness to a couple mind-blowing live sets by these psychedelic truth-seekers, we are complete converts to Concord Ballet Orchestra Players' cause and are proud to bring their epic analog debut double-cassette audio-tome FANFOS to the physical realm. Concord Ballet gathers together a crew of the Boston-area's finest kraut-worshipers, space-rock psychonauts, and in-the-moment free-improv experimentalists onto a single sprawling stage, resulting in a wide variety of heady cinemascope-worthy jams. Documenting CBOP relatively early in its existence, FANFOS suggests a particularly wide-open canvas and technicolor palette of possibilities (ghostly theremin, flute, casio banks, electric guitar divinations, grooving basslines and edge-of-seat drums), leading the listener down prismatically-varied paths as the band navigates thru the perpetually-manifesting "now". Ranging from brief mysterious vignettes to majestic side-long mindscapes, these tracks were recorded with a fly-on-the-wall live quality that doesn't omit tripped fire alarms, off-mic sneezes, or stumbles, all of which reveal Concord Ballet to be devout believers in authentic improvisation and psychedelia. Expertly mastered by Greg Davis and pro-duped onto premium chrome tape, FANFOS is limited to 75 copies and packaged "audio-book style" in a white vinyl folder, with pro-printed full-color cover art. Also includes a download code for a complementary digital copy, for easier track-by-track parsing of this massive missive."
8/22/2008 Cone II CDR $13.99 Reverb Worship "I am delighted to announce this new release on Reverb Worship.Its a really superb album by Cone and called "Cone II".The cd contains six tracks from the mind of Hermann Blaupunkt and recorded @ Casa Cassette Studios in Eindhoven.Cone is a one man project with the addition of drums on the first track.The music features acoustic and electric guitars, percussion, vocals, swirling backwards effects and many feild recordings of speeding cars, passing trains and the screech of rolling stock, birdsongs, voices and other varied sounds. As a way to describe this recording if you like Six Organs of Admittance and/or Jakob Olausson you will really love this.The cd comes in an edition of 50 copies with a PVC coated cotton fabric insert with a grass design."
2/21/2005 Connaughty, Sean Five Hands Tall CD $10.99 Mutant Music “Sean Connaughty hasn't won a neighborhood yet, although the guitarist and painter seems deeply entrenched at Lyn-Lake's Soo Visual Arts Center. A near-legend among near-legends, Connaughty's rep hinges mostly on his fretwork and vocals for Minneapolis-based psychedelic bands Salamander and Vortex Navigation Company. While neither is the touring kind, both outfits boast discs on Camera Obscura--the well-disseminated, Melbourne-based psych, folk, and psych-folk label whose alignment with Ptolemaic Terrascope magazine and the sadly flatlined Terrastock festival have helped make it a favorite among lovers of nouveau acid rock. On Five Hands Tall, his second solo release (and first on Salamander bassist Dave Onnen's Mutant Music label), the righteous snarl he sometimes wields in ensembles is absent, as are the bands' occasional forays into songdom. Low-key and focused, Connaughty plays improvising acoustic troubador, freestyling like Burl Ives on a cocaine and Courvoisier bender over nuanced muleskinner drones. Keeping his playing and singing simple and repetitive affords the mental leeway Connaughty needs to pull the album's spontaneous narrative out of his ass. ‘Glory, glory hallelujah/Teacher hit me with a ruler,’ he begins, by way of introducing one of the album's principal characters on album opener ‘Glory One.’ Glory, a young woman who ‘ran with a wicked crowd and didn't give a damn for you and me,’ comes and goes throughout the disc, like the shadowy Mr. Whittaker, ‘who knows a thing or two about baking.’ At his best--as when he rhymes ‘synapses’ with ‘synopsis’ - Connaughty could give Aesop Rock a run for his money. His occasional faltering moments work better still, endowing the album's bedroom surrealism with a goofy outsider charm.”
1/17/2010 Connector STEEL/RUST c50 cassette $6.99 Stunned "Carnal energy meets primal masculinity meets 360 tons of public-art-installation STEEL. Entering the belly of this beast for two separate midnight sessions, Bryce Loy (Abaddon Records) and Peter Lamons scratch and beat the RUST nearly clean off their instrument of creation/object of destruction. This is Connector — both the name of the experimental percussion project of Bryce & Peter’s, debuting on this cassette, as well as the name of a Richard Serra mega-sculpture erected last year in the belly of yet another beast: Orange County, California. The Connector duo’s pacing and control is tremendous within Serra’s massive acoustical space over both their 25-minute sides. The intimate sounds of crickets, heaving breath, and torqued steel moans are given just as much footing as vocal eruptions & volcanic percussions upon the 66-foot-tall sculpture sides. No electricity. No effects. Just the quickening of sweat, absorption of metallic shock, and shedding of blood in a thrilling attempt to locate one of the deepest ancestral rites — discovery though smashing shit up. Special edition of 111 pro-dubbed & imprinted c50 tapes with double-sided jcard and foldout color insert."
9/29/2005 Connelly Failing Lights vol. 1 3" CDR $9.99 Chondritic Sound "organ grinding from this psychotic growler. a mess of gross, heavy tones. rumbling and rolling through two tracks of mutant wind-hazed drone. a stagnant fog descending and making everything stand still. this is the first in a series of three which were somehow released in backwards order making the puzzle all the more confusing." Edition of 113 copies.
12/24/2005 Connie Acher Lovesick Lip Service CD $8.99 Flipped Out Records "Come kiss the clouds with this debut record from harlem usa….ride the voice of an angel as glorious guitars wrap around home-made percussion and more to soothe the most chattering mind...." "First release by this Brooklyn spinner of lo-fi doughnuts. Ethereal four-track layerage lends her sad cant an air of confused mystery and the guitar is plucked as though someone had spiked the bug juice at girl scout camp w/ a big goddamn sugar cube." - Byon Coley
10/31/2009 Connie Acher Spray Me Down CD $7.99 Flipped Out Records "Amazing grace and beauty abounds on this fourth full length recording by connie acher....this time around strawberry is the foil and he sweetens her stew with precise production and virtuosic instrumentation....connie gushes forth streams of magic honey that slide right down to the sweet spot of the soul....full cover covers....edition of 500 copies."
6/18/2002 Connie Acher & Blind Drunk John For The Love Of It LP $9.99 Flipped Out Records "A mountain of melodie and shimmering strings makes a ghostly trail under sweet vocal clouds with percussion eruption and hot vapor guitar....” The two previous releases by Connie Acher on Flipped Out Records have been outstanding and so is this one!
12/24/2005 Connie Acher & Jelly Love Pop CD $8.99 Flipped Out Records "The rhythm of life in happy harlem spins jelly into the melodie jamming note chomping blur over and under Connie's cascading songs of high beauty...." "It initially went under/over/around my radar, but this time its fragile little folk/pop is sounding just about right. Acher lives in NYC. Her songs are short and kind of sweet and pretty, but also kind of awkward sounding, like they might fall apart any minute. Arrangements are sparse, mainly just her accomplished but delicate and unassuming guitar playing and vocals. Jelly, her backup band, seems to consist of another electric guitar player, a skewed sort of kitchenette-type percussionist, and not much else. (Male vocals appear, but only on one song that I remember.) It might be recorded live -- in the middle of side two Acher is heard introducing a song, though if there's an audience I can't tell from listening. It all goes down pretty nicely, with a fair share of that certain combination of dreamy 'n' skewed that I pretty much demand from my post-folk/psych/rock listening diet." - Blastitude
5/15/2015 Connors, Loren Blues: The "Dark Paintings" of Mark Rothko LP + download $14.99 Family Vineyard "Blues: The ‘Dark Paintings’ of Mark Rothko is one of Loren Connors’ most cherished and sought after albums. Originally released in a handmade edition of 200 or so copies on Connors’ own St. Joan imprint in January 1990 under the name Guitar Roberts -- Blues has been unavailable in any form until now. At time of its release, Connors was still an inscrutable guitarist whose matchless and alien rendering of the blues was just gaining recognition despite more than a dozen solo and collaborative releases since 1978. Connors’ classic, song-based In Pittsburgh had only been available for three months when Blues welcomed the new decade with its reformation of the blues as minimalist lines and tone; a compound of influences spanning Louisiana guitarist Robert Pete Williams to painter Mark Rothko. "Moving with the slow, stately weirdom we expect of Connors' late '80s sound, the music is all shards, all pokes in the eye, as though Rothko's gray scale had exploded, sending shrapnelized paint rocketing through your brain," music historian Byron Coley writes in the liner notes of this reissue. "Just as Connors' notes ricochet hauntedly through its recesses." For this reissue, engineer Taylor Deupree restored the audio to Connors’ specifications of how these seven instrumentals were intended to sound. Cover art is an untitled 1969 Rothko work -- a painting that influenced the album. The original LP jacket is replicated as a glossy inner sleeve. New liner notes by Coley chart Connors' development and the influence Rothko had on him as a guitarist. Pressed on pristine 150-gram vinyl by Quality Record Pressing in an 800 edition; includes download coupon."
3/21/2009 Connors, Loren The Curse of Midnight Mary CD $12.99 Family Vineyard "In 1981 guitarist Loren Connors took his tape recorder to the graveyard where the legendary Midnight Mary's grave lies in New Haven, Connecticut. The curse is: Anyone who gets caught in her graveyard past midnight will die the next day. But Connors, like a young fool, taped in that place, making this album. Lost and forgotten, a cassette of this music -- made at Evergreen Cemetery -- was found by chance in 2008. Recorded between Connors' eight volume Unaccompanied Acoustic Guitar Improvisations LP series and the folk albums he would make with Kath Bloom, these nine pieces meld those distinct, haunting styles. Connors, singing in a trance like moan, reforms the Mississippi Delta blues on acoustic guitar with flashes of melodic hooks and a percussive guitar style that erupts into boogie-woogie riffs and other world spirituals. It's an album for followers of Connors' spine tingling solo albums and his collaborations with Suzanne Langille or Jandek. Devotees of early 20th Century blues artists such as Blind Willie Johnson or Charley Patton will be equally enthralled. A rare and essential peak into the still mysterious early years of this American guitar master."
6/25/2013 Connors, Loren The Departing of a Dream LP + download $15.99 Family Vineyard "Vinyl reissue of master guitarist Loren Connors' modern classic The Departing of a Dream -- the first of what would become a three volume series based loosely as tribute to Miles Davis' "He Loved Him Madly." This album finds Connors exploring slowly churned darkened hues and signature ghost melodies, each collapsing onto themselves like echoes of Miles' muted trumpet. Since the late 1970s, Connors' use of haunted Delta Blues, minimalism and compositional underpinnings have become an avant-garde style synonymous to him. When The Departing of a Dream was released as a CD in 2002 it signaled a dramatic growth in Connors' sound by combining electric, acoustic and bass guitar with the unsettling menage of rustling and ambient hiss. Remastered from the original tapes this 180 gram LP extends the closing two-part suite "For NY 9/11/01" with the bonus track "Pretty as Ever," one of Connors’ most enduring melodies recontextualized as a final glimmer of hope in this blackened meditation. Edition of 700 LPs with download code."
3/21/2009 Connors, Loren & Jim O'Rourke Two Nice Catholic Boys CD $12.99 Family Vineyard "These two nice Catholic boys, Loren Connors and Jim O'Rourke, met at the crossroads each night during a 1997 European tour. By this time O'Rourke already reissued Connors' seminal heartbreak album In Pittsburgh on his Dexter's Cigar label and was preparing to produce the guitarist's big-band mash-up with Alan Licht, Hoffman Estates. Together, Connors-O'Rourke unravel slow motion ghost blues across three extended pieces that evolve from the elder's Martian style to the thundering, feedback splattered lead grooves of that whippersnapper. The spontaneous melodies shift from devastating, country road intimacy to hypnotic over amped rock. It's ferocious, epic, and an utter beauty capable only from two who know themselves and each other all too well. This live CD is only the second duo release by these musical partners despite performing together since the mid-90s. During the past decade, O'Rourke has repeatedly returned to the hours of recordings captured across Europe to select these 47 minutes."
3/9/2013 Conrad, Patrick .PP Gelukkig als in het bijzijn van een vrouw LP $27.99 Kraak Edition of 300 hand numbered copies. "In 1972 Belgian poets Nic van Bruggen and Patrick Conrad founded Pink Poets, a group of mainly artists from Antwerp that shared a love for quality restaurants and alcohol. In 1973 Conrad recorded Gelukkig als in het bijzijn van een vrouw with roots man Roland van Campenhout and two session musicians. The record is now one of the very few psychedelic treasures in Belgium. Pressed on 300 copies and most of them vanished, it became a true collector's item for psych heads and poetry lovers. Not only does it represent a crucial period in Conrad's oeuvre, it is a truly unique cross media collaboration of it's time. We hear Conrad reading his poems through an echo chamber, backed up and interspersed with improvised hippyesque folk and effect experiments. On the cover we see Conrad the dandy posing next to a sculpture by Charles Albert Szukalski, the inside of the gatefold sports the poems against a background of opium smokers. This reissue comes with an elaborate essay on the work and a reproduction of the poster of the live presentation at gallery De Zwarte Panter in Antwerp in the same year."
2/11/2006 Conrad, Tony Bryant Park Moratorium Rally (1969) CD $14.99 Table of the Elements "An October afternoon in 1969. Midtown Manhattan. A rally in Bryant Park against the Vietnam War. Down 42nd Street towards Times Square, Tony Conrad is adjusting microphones in his 5th floor loft, one directed at the TV set -- where it will pick up live local news coverage -- the other pointing out the window, where the echo of speeches and crowd noise mingles with the oceanic rush of crosstown traffic. As the event is about to begin, he rolls tape. Thirty-four years later, we hear what he heard. And the juncture, for so many reasons, could not be more critical. As the Bush Administration pursues a risky military agenda in the Middle East -- one with unsettling long-term implications both at home and abroad -- we see a nation not divided, as in the Vietnam Era, but strangely complacent. Our media-saturated reality functions like a drug, instantly televised warfare a new entertainment, and organized public dissent a novelty at home and a roaring chorus everywhere else. Conrad's recording of the Oct. 15 Vietnam Moratorium Rally is an eerie flashback that offers urgent new insights into our own lives and times, post-9/11 and full on into a new millennium."
2/11/2006 Conrad, Tony Fantastic Glissando CD $14.99 Table of the Elements "It's 1969, and Tony Conrad wants to take you Higher. Celebrated for the thrilling roar of his amplified violin, Conrad is a founding father of 'minimalism' and a giant in the American soundscape. Now Conrad's own Audio ArtKive imprint presents the first in a series of releases that reveal the wild breadth of his 40-year career, including field recordings, piano compositions, film soundtracks and more. Fantastic Glissando (1969) is a series of (d)evolving electronic compositions created with sine-wave oscillators. The instrumentation is different, but the effect is typical Conrad: soaring, aggressively textured and jet-engine massive. This first-time CD release contains an extra ten-minute bonus track not included on the original LP version."
11/4/2006 Conrad, Tony Joan of Arc (1968) CD $13.99 Table of the Elements "TONY CONRAD is a founding father of "minimalism" and a giant in the American soundscape. With help from TABLE OF THE ELEMENTS, Conrad's AUDIO ARTKIVE imprint continues to document the wild breadth of his 40-year career, with an array of releases that includes field recordings, piano compositions, power electronics and more. The indefatigable Conrad kept busy during the Revolution Summer of 1968. In addition to his reunion recordings with JOHN CALE (documented earlier this year in the Cale set "New York in the 1960s"), Conrad starred in IRA COHEN's legendary film "The Invasion of Thunderbolt Pagoda" and made extensive solo recordings, including "Joan of Arc", available here for the first time. One of Conrad's personal favorites, it's a long piece for pump organ, in which he conjures both searing white heat and malignant gothic dread. An excerpt was used as the soundtrack for the PIERO HELICZER film of the same name, but Conrad feels a greater affinity with that year's Cohen film; accordingly, Cohen graciously provided restored stills from "Thunderbolt Pagoda" for the packaging of this release. Cohen's sumptuous imagery -- which JIMI HENDRIX described as "looking through butterfly wings" -- features a blissed-out and shirtless Conrad replete in pencil mustache, mascara and blood-red turban. The man is just downright cool -- about as cool as Hendrix, and almost always louder."
11/4/2006 Conrad, Tony / Tim Barnes / Mattin untitled CD $16.99 Celebrate / Psi / Phenomenon "Time to dig out that old crash-helmet from the back of the wardrobe to meet the challenge of this head-wrecker. No folks, this recording will not go down in history for its subtlety. The obligatory chair-shuffling intro quickly gives way to the most withering scree-ee-ech and grubby microtonal shudder in a near-Stalinist attempt for total mind control. I can see the audience now... blubbering and gripping the chair in front like some kinda airliner catastrophe! A twenty storey Hoover gobbles the entire North East of the USA... pausing only briefly to empty the bag and replace smoldering fuse wire. Hard, harmful, full of choking dust... toasters are shorted out all over the northern hemispere and cassettes are erased in car stereos. Electricity decides upon a new master and casts off its cumbersome rubber shackles... free and burning! All hail the great cosmic soundcheck in the sky."
5/7/2004 Continental Fruit Mentor Mentee CD $15.99 Smalltown Supersound "The latest from eclectic electro-minimalists Continental Fruit. A warm and intense blend of electronica and post-rock magic, flowingly delivered with sleepy/talking vocals, and a cleaner, less lo-fi sound than their quick-to-sell-out debut 7-inch. Includes a cover of the Cocteau Twins' Dear Heart, as well as a collaboration with fellow Norwegian Andreas Brandal (Larmoyant)." – Revolver
1/9/2003 Control R Workshop Missing LP $12.99 KOS Recordings "Daron Key (guitar) and Randy Sutherland (sax) founded Control R Workshop in early 1999 as a means to focus on various branches of music which include composition and free improvisation. Kessel Crocket, the percussionist on this recording, contributed heavily to our structuring of trio works. Crocket’s trap kit style propelled the dynamic range of the music through his use of minimalism, accents and controlled techniques. With a mainstay percussionist, the saxophone, guitar and string elements were able to intensify and minimize in accordance to a self-imposed structure."
6/25/2013 Control Unit In A Frame LP $26.99 Alt.Vinyl "Recorded on old tape machines, with fully analog equipment including vintage synths, beat boxes, crude fuzz boxes, tape echo... "In A Frame" is Control Unit's second full length-LP, after their first critically praised debut "The Fugitives", the duo formed by Silvia Kastel and Ninni Morgia are continuing their research in the making of a new form of Industrial music, for the present times. the title track opens the album with heavily filtered bass and woody talking guitar over a slow bubbling synth rhythm, while vocals declaim torpid and lush. "Andromeda" takes its title and a sound/dialogue sample from the Italian TV series from the 70's called A Come Andromeda. "Dysentery" was inspired from the souvenir sickness that Control Unit brought back from their trip in the Moroccan desert. Think what would have happened if Cabaret Voltaire or SPK had access to a whispered Mazzy Star vocal with a Patti Smith piss factory attitude..the album the Kills wish they had made..this LP scours and soothes in equal measure...a classic release.."
3/2/2013 Control Unit featuring Massimo Top Trans LP $17.99 Clan Destine Records "Silvia Kastel & Ninni Morgia joined by power electronics artist Massimo (Mego, Staalplaat…). Old school evil industrial noise / minimal / primitive electronica. Cover is a rare collage by cult visionary filmmaker Larry Wessel, author of the recent Boyd Rice/NON documentary. Limited to 250 copies. “Control Unit are guilty of making real industrial music. The creepy crawly scary kind. The kind that scares you parents a little when they hear the sounds coming out of your locked bedroom door. This isn’t post-Japanese drone or hard EBM, power duo Silvia Kastel and Ninni Morgia sculpt sonic crime scenes. True expressions of dread that hearken back to the early days of Throbbing Gristle and Coil, before the term industrial was sullied by such pedestrian concepts as a dance beat. Built on brutal guitars and Geiger clicks, shortwave transmission and vague and haunted vocals. When drums do come, they are distant and threatening, filled with reverberating menace and dread. The whole experience of “Top Trans” is an astounding assault on the senses. It is much like that first time you dropped a needle on your very first copy of “Second Annual Report,” not really knowing what you were getting yourself into.” - Nattymari, Mishka NYC. Two copies will be available.
9/8/2012 Convergence Live LP $16.99 Beniffer Editions "CONVERGENCE was formed in 1976 as an appendage to the Humber College Ensemble for Experimental Music. “Written” music for this ensemble was scarce and consequently improvisational sessions became more frequent. Since free improvisation had always been a peripheral interest of mine, the thought of a permanent and independent group for this music came logically. The name CONVERGENCE was derived from an action painting by Jackson Pollock of the same name. About this time, the Music Gallery had been expanding to allow many new groups the opportunity of performing. I then decided to take a core of the most interested students and give a concert at the Gallery. Our first few concerts had a somewhat haphazard and random mix of students, some of whom didn’t quite get the notion of free improv. Eventually I decided on a quintet with the best of the student improvisers. I also felt that a quintet was ideal for this idiom. I never really concerned myself with what instruments they played, but rather the spirit and creativity they had toward rehearsing and performing. So CONVERGENCE’S instrumentation became trumpet, trombone, piano, and percussion (including home-made instruments and toy instruments). It remained that way until we disbanded around 1980. CONVERGENCE’S sound is a zone somewhere between the boundaries of avant-garde jazz and free-form contemporary classical music." Edition of 200 copies
6/30/2010 Conversions Spineless Wonders LP $11.99 Ride The Snake "The Conversions were mavericks of the Boston punk scene from 2005-2008. Brandishing a distinctive combination of scathing female vocals, bursts of free jazz improv and early 80's hardcore velocity, they polarized audiences into love 'em and hate 'em camps. They were incongruous yet remarkable-- tireless nonconformists that fit in as much as they stood out while splitting bills that included Sex/Vid, Clockcleaner, Fucked Up, Gerty Farish, the Observers, Pissed Jeans and celebrated locals as diverse as Neptune and Major Stars. The Conversions have been compared to a wide array of predecessors including the Futures, Cold Sweat, and Stretcheads, but their sound is all their own. An extremely active band, they toured the US three times and Mexico once. They played constantly in Boston and the Northeast in their heyday, breaking up on the eve of a European tour. They leave two cassettes, a split 7", a 7" ep, and an lp in their wake. Their finest recorded hour, the Spineless Wonders LP, managed to slip between the cracks when the group disbanded. Until now. Spineless Wonders finds the Conversions' deviant musical fusion at its peak. Originally set to be released on the legendary modern hardcore label, Level Plane, it builds on the promise of their first lp, Prisoners' Inventions, and brings the band's musical aspirations to their logical conclusion. The record opens with the short, sharp shock of "Boiling Point," snakes its way though the post-punk and Black Flag-influenced sounds of "Specifics" and "Consolation Prize" and even manages to add a touch of pop to the collective jaggedness with "the Front Lines." Side B throws the listener down into the depths of dissonance and angularity on "Adverse Reaction" and "Cause and Effect," concluding with the Conversions' best song "Projectiles," a definitive product of all of the band's best ideas coming together in a not-to-be-missed zenith. Spineless Wonders is limited to 300 sure-to-go-quick copies featuring gorgeous silk-screened covers." - label. "This posthumous release was recorded in 2007 and finally sees the light of day. The Conversions were one of the more interesting and talented bands to come out of Boston in recent years. The speed and thorniness of hardcore but, with all the odd time shifts in the drumming (not much 4/4 here) and tension between the instruments, there was as much of a post-punkish flair. Terry Cuozzo's angrily acidic vocals meshed perfectly with the innovative music and they were always evolving without moving into any sort of pretentious realm. The lengthy "Cause and Effect" really pushes things, a mesh of martial drumming, deconstructive guitar and bass damage. If that sounds too artsy for some of you, it's really not the case. Goddamn, I miss this band. Terry is now the vocalist with Foreign Objects and the three musicians have reconvened as Vile Bodies with Jeff Walker (ex-Sleeper Cell/Balance of Terror) on vocals, with both bands continuing to defy convention while maintaining plenty of edginess." - Al Quint/Suburban Voice
1/28/2004 Cookie Brooklyn Gets Cute 3" CDR $7.99 Pseudo Arcana "Cookie Brooklyn is the home recording project of Mark Williams of Marineville and The Idle Suite. Sweet small Kilgour brother type melodies butt up against more 'gestural' noise pieces. Nice stuff."
4/10/2009 Cooper, Mike Live At The Hint House LP $20.99 QBICO Recorded in NYC, 2000. "Live At The Hint House might be considered a field rec. in as much as it is a recording of an ambience or soundscape. Made on my first ever trip to mainland America to play music this is the 2nd set of that evening, the 1st set had been an acoustic one of songs and slide guitar. At the start of the 2nd set I quickly realized that my guitar was not working and rather than stop and attempt to find out what was wrong I decided to just continue and improvise with what was at hand on the table in front of me. A Casio SK1 sampler keyboard, a Yamaha SU10 sampling unit with some pre-recorded samples loaded, a mini disc with some tropical ambience rec. from Malaysia and a pitch shifter delay pedal. I was not very happy with what happened that night and when Matt Zwed gave me two CD-Rs the next day I don't remember giving much attention to the 2nd set. Five years on, coincidently to the day as I write this, I realized he had captured more than me trying to get through the piece. It was me, the people in the room, the dog that ran around barking, the traffic sounds coming through the door that was open right behind me and a whole host of magically transported tropical birds and insects that suddenly found themselves reciting whatever it was in the loft space on the edge of Harlem, competing or colluding with all of the above to produce a piece of urban exotica." -- Mike Cooper
11/17/2007 Cope, Julian Japrocksampler Book $49.99 Bloomsbury Julian Cope, eccentric and visionary rock musician, hip archaeologist and one time frontman of Teardrop Explodes, follows the runaway underground success of his book Krautrocksampler with Japrocksampler, a cult deconstruction of Japanese rock music. Japrocksampler reveals what really happened when East met West after World War Two and the mayhem that ensued ... and is a must for anybody interested in modern music and Japanese culture. It explores the clash between traditional, conservative Japanese values and the wild rock 'n' roll renegades of the 1960s and 70s and tells the tale of the seminal artists in Japanese post-war culture, from itinerant art-house poets to violent refusenik rock groups with a penchant for plane hijacking. The book concludes with enticing reviews of Julian's Top 50 Jap Rock albums." Over 300 pages / hardback. Very limited stock.
3/20/2010 Copper Glove Surviving The Garden of Hate 7" $6.99 Arbor "Copper Glove, the new project from Baltimore's Door (formerly Earth Crown; who shared splits with Secret Abuse and Kites on past Arbor releases), shows a further progression of his one man industrial-noise synth unit. In opposition to his former work, Copper Glove is more mindful of composition; utilizing tone generators and processed synthesis and vocals to present a dense cut up analog form of industrial concréte. Door's nihilistic optimism carries itself with a sense of effortlessness; ideological aggression, a pure translation. With focused energy, the noise of the machine continues as man controls it. The city is destroyed but we can still live here, forever. In an edition of 300 7"s with silkscreened covers with white ink on metallic black paper and printed labels by Door."
6/5/2005 Cops, The Fables CDR $9.99 Battlecruiser "As if from a distance, you watched yourself smash up all the cocktail glasses on the bar and attempt to lick the frosting off the slivers of glass resting in the bleeding flesh of a couple of, now sobbing, girls. A thrashing, crashing, screeeeech-fest that brings all those fragments of ‘christmas-party-gone-wrong' memories together into one embarrassing and frightening whole. I believe Ozzy summed it up nicely when he said 'Ohno...no...pleasegodhelpme'."
1/22/2011 Cornelius F. Van Stafrin III Pleroma Æon cassette $6.99 Oms-b "90 minute journey through an inner cosmos of pure, powerful, compositional sound art collages of field recordings, found sounds, cassette and reel to reel tape manipulation, organic drone with tibetan bowl, harmonium, hand built instruments and electronic audio manipulation devises. Recorded between September 2009 and February 2010. Edition of 100 copies."
12/22/2014 Corner, Philip Through Two More-Than-Mysterious Barricades (Improvizations After François Couperin) LP + download $24.99 Roaratorio “Les Barricades Mistérieuses,” the harpsichord gem by French Baroque composer François Couperin, has been a long-running source of exploration for Fluxus musician Philip Corner, who for years has used it as a jumping-off point for piano improvisations. Through Two More-Than-Mysterious Barricades comprises two very different takes on the same piece. The first dates from 1992, in collaboration with dancer Paulette Sears (who provides the ‘singings and screamings’ of the album’s subtitle); it moves from a frenzy of abstraction to a more meditative take on Couperin’s composition, with diversions and tributaries along the way. The second, from 2004, is a rougher beast: recorded with wildly over-saturated levels, the tape machine itself becomes a participant in the performance, with its heavy distortion bringing out stormclouds of overtones from Corner’s piano. Through Two More-Than-Mysterious Barricades is released in an edition of 318 copies, with Corner’s calligraphy silkscreened on Kozo rice paper and mounted onto the jacket. Download coupon included."
3/11/2012 Corner, Philip / Daniele Lombardi Le son des ténèbres LP with graphic scores $129.99 A14 / Alga Marghen "Art edition including an LP with the recordings at the Istituto della Calcografia Nazionale in Rome of 2 world premiere compositions by Philip Corner and Daniele Lombardi. Issued in 80 signed and numbered copies and including excerpts form the original scores. Philip Corner "Tenebres: Lesson&Light" (Studies in Shadow and Light), learning from the dark the grand lesson of music. The darkest sound in musici s the tone-cluster. Approximation of the even denser aggregates existent already in nature: roar of waterfall and bubbling of cascade; boom of thunder; rustle of grasses and leale; winds; and swish of the seaŠ At least as close as our tuning can get. The smallest steps on our keyboard condense into compact masses of sound. One could truly say that this black hole of a fatal musical attraction will resolve all dissonances into themselves, even more completely. In full accord with those presences in the outer world we so lovingly (or not) like to call Noise! Daniele Lombardi "Le Son des Tènebres", for prepared and amplified piano with live electronics. The piece starts with a simple and quite short sound cluster which develops through micro-variations into an increasing complexity. In the very dense central part the sound materials loose their context after which a process of simplification gradually brings us back to the initial sound cluster. Released by Emanuele Carcano for the publisher A14, very few copies of this art multiple are exclusively available for distribution through alga marghen only.
11/16/2004 Cornucopia .C. Works double CD $16.99 Zeromoon / Locus of the Assemblage / Sonora Disks "Cornucopia is the premiere sound art project to hail from the island of Puerto Rico. Claudio Chea and Jorge Castro have recorded numerous drone-a-thons on CDR which have been released by small labels from New York to Barcelona to Valencia, Le Mans and Mexico City. 'C.works' is their first full length on the CD format, and to celebrate, they have asked for a little help from their friends. In all, fourteen other artists were asked (and some even asked in themselves!) to use Cornucopia's 37 minute track '.c.' into their own composition. Two years later, this is the end result. Remixers included: Omei, Needle & Sony Mao, Lasse Marhaug, Black Sand Desert, RGV, Ultra Milkmaids, David Wells, TV Pow, duul_drv, Andrew Duke, Kim Cascone, Critikal, Zanstones, & Francisco López. Double CD set packaged in a DVD case."
7/8/2010 Corsano Band, Chris High and Dry CDR $5.99 Hot Cars Warp Records First recordings by the Chris Corsano Band. 28 minutes of guitar-bass-drum trio music. Features Corsano plus 2(?) others who remain anonymous.
4/18/2012 Corsano, Chris Cut CD $7.99 Hot Cars Warp Records "After 15 years, a handful of LPs & CDRs, and even a couple of edition-of-one acetates, Hot Cars Warp Records releases its first proper CD just in time for the format's obsolescence. Timing is everything! This all-acoustic solo outing--no electronics or overdubs--is more or less further development of what Chris Corsano started on his 2006 recording, The Young Cricketer: one drum set augmented by various re-purposed metal objects, modified reed instruments and bowed strings stretched across drums. 43 minutes/19 tracks--9 of which are interwoven throughout the record in a loose retelling of the Calonarang story often portrayed in Balinese gamelan music."
4/1/2015 Corsano, Chris / Okkyung Lee / Bill Nace Live at Stone LP $15.99 Open Mouth Third in Open Mouths "Live At......." Series
OM#41/ live at #3
Chris Corsano--drums
Okkyung Lee--cello
Bill Nace--electric guitar
recorded May 10 2014 by Chris Corsano
cover art by Bill Nace
covers screened by Alan Sherry
#'d edition of 300
4/13/2011 Corse Corse CDR $8.99 Bug Incision Philippe Battikha / trumpet & pedals
Matthew Waddell / laptop & electronics
Sam Vipond / drums & electronics
Etienne Lebel / trombone & sax
"First time I witnessed any of these players in action, they were inside a large box, in a loft space in Montreal, playing at a welcome-our-new-neighbours concert. It was a great trumpet and trombone duo, and it was in a box. That night I chatted up said trumpeter, who gave me a very-handsomely-packaged 3" cdr, which contained some fine improvised playing. Months down the road, I'm back in Calgary, answering an email from someone named Matt Waddell, about booking a show, and by the time he'd come & played, we had a chance to hang at Weeds, it became clear that this guy was also on that 3" cdr, as a member of Corse. When visiting Montreal again last year, Matt laid on me a copy of their new full-length, which is now making its way out to the world via Bug Incision. The music resembles some aspects of more (post-)rock-informed modes of improvising such as Supersilent or Death Ambient, but it is more unhinged and less single-minded. The majority of the members of Corse have augmented their instrumental leanings with various types of processing, blurring the lines of who's-doing-what and allowing for a quite wide pallette of textures." Edition of 75, b&w covers in plastic sleeves, with insert
3/1/2007 Corsican Paintbrush Aquarian Hymns CD $12.99 Digitalis "Tulsa, Oklahoma is probably one place you would not expect to find a bouzouki or a person who can play one. But thankfully for the spirit of international culture, husband and wife team Brad and Eden Rose live in that very city. They make music under many names (most notably the North Sea but also Wax Ghost, Golden Oaks, and Agilvsga), and with many friends (from Michael Donnelly of Brothers of the Occult Sisterhood to Robert Horton (as Eastern Fox Squirrels)), but Corsican Paintbrush is purely their creation, their musical offspring. Combining lush instrumentation with clattering percussion and ramshackle beats, Corsican Paintbrush creates a new world of sound out of old world technology. Fresh from a sold-out lathe-cut record split with Italy's prolific space-artists My Cat is An Alien, and following up two beautiful CD-r releases on Foxglove and Musicyourmindwillloveyou, Corsican Paintbrush has focused their considerable talents and energies into a "proper" CD release. Swerving feverishly between what could easily be chopped up Native American rhythms, sampled Celtic melodies, and space-age funk played on trash heaps, the music of Corsican Paintbrush is actually all of this and none of it. "Aquarian Hymns" is nine tracks of gorgeously recorded acoustic grace; marked with periodic bursts of lysergic freak-outs, from the sharpened slide guitar strings and tired voice of "Break Through These Branches" to the heavy accordion and woodwind drones of the closing track "Aquarius". The true masterpiece of the release is the expansive and slow-developing "Carbon Revival", taking its sweet time (over fifteen minutes) to uncoil its scaly form and sink its dripping fangs into your mind. Corsican Paintbrush paints an engrossing picture of a folk music never before encountered, and it does so with broad and yet delicate swaths of color and texture. Just don't call this sound New Age or Ethnic Folk, it digs deeper and broader than that, sounding at times like a piece from the richly diverse Sublime Frequencies collection, and at other times like a death march across the desert, carried on the back of the Sunburned Hand of the Man."
12/24/2005 Corsican Paintbrush Twilight Blue Skies CDR $11.99 musicyourmindwillloveyou "gorgeous ethnological forgeries from the husband and wife duo of brad rose and eden hemming rose.these gentle , free improvisations set the lister gently down amidst the dappled sunlight and sweet scents of a long forgotten time.truly beautiful , honest music for the tired ears of a dying civilization."
6/27/2009 Cortes, Lula Rosa De Sangue LP $25.99 Time-Lag Records "Deluxe first ever reissue of this Brazilian private press monster rarity. Originally custom pressed in 1980, Rosa De Sangue is the closing chapter of the amazing Recife psychedelic movement that flourished and centered around the work of Lula Cortes, beginning in 1973 with the release of Satwa, and the creation of 'Abracadabra,' Lula's loose art/music/design collective. Leading up to 1980 Lula had produced and privately released Satwa in 1973 (Brazil's first private press LP) as well as Marconi Notaro's No Sub Reino Dos Metazoarios LP that same year (featuring the recording debut of Ze Ramalho). He then started the legendary but incredibly short lived Solar label, releasing only two albums: 1975's Paebiru double album, and a year later the lone album by Flaviola. As if that wasn't enough, he was also heavily involved in other productions and performed on many seminal albums coming out of the region, including many collaborations with Alceu Valenca. By the close of the '70s the heavily utilized Rozemblit recording studio/pressing plant had been destroyed by repeated floods, Abracadabra had run its course, and along with Lula's marriage, the Solar label was no more. So Rosa De Sangue was conceived as a bookend and tribute to this closing era; as Lula himself states 'I want to close all of this with a golden key.' And a golden key it is. Entering a small local studio with a head full of songs and his freshly road tested 'mountains band,' Lula created an album simply overflowing with ideas. Along with his power trio backing, he was further assisted by many old friends dropping in, including, among many others: Alceu Valenca, Flaviola, Ze De Flauta and Paulo Rafael. With hints of the past era and of things to come, it is a truly wild audio experience, covering many styles and moods. From crazed ethno folkrock, to magical, gentle, jungle folk psych zones, to hard hitting, coke dusted fuzz rock, to insane mutant disco dance floor groove, to tweaked Americana, to acid vocal raga trance, and way beyond. All throughout Lula's beautiful tricordio work pins things down, and for the first time he is the main vocalist (this is, after all, his first 'solo' album!) His is a smoke and booze steeped voice darting between crazed abandon, deep sadness, and glowing soulful humor. When things are mellow, you could easily imagine you're hearing an outtake from Marconi Notaro or Paebiru, but the next moment you're dropped into a raging street party or dimly lit booze drenched bar scene vibe. Frenzied guitars all over, including some tough fuzz, as well as powerful rolling bass groove, soaring violin, moog weirdness, dusted backup vocals, and great drum kit/regional percussion interplay. Psychedelic at heart, but brimming with flashes of tropicalia, punk, prog, and pure hot blooded rock and roll. A bizarre and amazing album. But of course, the story doesn't end there. At some point while the album was being recorded and pressed, Lula signed a major label contact which would produce 1981's far tamer O Gosto Novo Da Vida LP. When his new label got wind of Rosa De Sangue's eminent release, they were displeased to say the least. As soon as the pressing was complete, the entire small edition was seized and destroyed, making this album by far Brazil's rarest. So rare, in fact, that even among the most hardcore Brazilian collectors the original LP is often only rumored to exist, often cited as 'unreleased.' A few copies did however survive, and now, 29 years later, the world can finally hear this 'golden key' from a truly visionary artist. Packaged in a heavy vintage style cover with exact reproduction original artwork, including the huge full color, double sided, foldout poster insert, plus an extra insert featuring new liner notes from Lula Cortes as well as translated song titles. 180gm audiophile virgin vinyl pressing with exact repro label art. Limited edition one time pressing of 1000 copies."
9/30/2008 Cosi, Valerio Heavy Electronic Pacific Rock CD + CDR special edition $18.99 Digitalis "Valerio Cosi may be young at only 22, but his talent is undeniable. He may be mostly known for his exquisite saxophone playing, but this Italian wunderkind doesn't stop there. Cosi composes strings of magic using all sorts of instrumentation and production tricks. "Heavy Electronic Pacific Rock" marks the first CD release in Cosi's ever-expanding discography, and he saved the best for this, his most widely-available release to date. "Heavy Electronic Pacific Rock" is a monster. Clocking in at nearly an hour in length, this kraut-infused ride takes Cosi's modus operandi of juxtaposing multitudes of ideas that generally seem at odds and pushes it to its outer limits. Using techniques and ideas often found in contemporary free-jazz, but blurring them and whitewashing them with buckets of noise and Eastern-inspired rhythms, it is clear Valerio is on a mission. His music is the spaced-out reincarnations of the ghosts of giants. It is an arsenal of unique sonic phrasings built to bend your mind. This is Valerio Cosi at his peak as a performer, young as he is. "Heavy Electronic Pacific Rock" is his finest hour, his opus. Limited to 500 copies. Special edition limited to 100 copies. **extra disc that comes with the special edition features a long suite that accompnies the album, called "heavey electronic pacific loop." this bonus disc should be played at low volumes through speakers in the late night.**"
8/20/2004 Cosmic Sonic Tag Team Violence in Birmingham CDR $12.99 Droning-on Records "The tag team does Birmingham!!! Recorded live in 2003 at the Medicine Bar...from gentle waves to sonic slaughter,the tag team really opened the can of whoop-ass this night...personnel: Monolab (synth, theremin), Cotton Casino (vox, synth, beer & cigarettes), Billawtm (guitar, acid & cannabis). Edition of 100 copies.
12/24/2005 Coster, Tim Mornings 3" CDR $7.99 Pseudo Arcana The city of Auckland is rapidly becoming the hub for the more adventurous end of NZ's electronic music. It seems as though there's a festival every other week & there's a constant stream of artists and performers hitting the road to share their work. Tim Coster is a significant figure within this community both as the man behind the CLaud label (which specialises in field recordings) and through his own compositions and performances. 'Mornings' follows on the heels of the recent 7" released by cmr and uses as its main sound source a series of collaborations with various instrumentalists. These raw recordings have been reworked and crafted into a series of drones and discreet expressive moments that encourage one to follow Coster on a warm but sublime cognitive journey."
7/10/2008 Coster, Tim & Mark Sadgrove Untitled (35:20) CDR $14.99 Transient Recordings "Last recordings from this great Auckland duo prior to Sadgrove's departure for Tokyo in 2006. There’s a fine balance between meditative stasis and purposeful activity in these computer / guitar / electronics recordings, conjuring images of a living-dead Douglas Lilburn dropping in to jam with the Improvised Music From Japan crew. Both Coster and Sadgrove are members of the minimalist supergroup Plains (with Rosy Parlane, Richard Francis, Paul Winstanley and Clinton Watkins) and run their own very fine labels (CLaudia and A Binary Datum, respectively)."
7/1/2004 Cotton & Billawtm Sweet Sticky Summer Love Suite CDR $12.99
“A Cotton & Billawtm release that features the many faces of c & b !!! Hard acid rock, spacey ballads, and floating kozmick miasma...this recording has it all...” Limited edition of 300 copies. Nice!
7/23/2004 Cotton Casino & Billawtm Metaphysical Circus UK Tour '04 CDR $12.99
Limited edition of 200 copies featuring 2 exclusive tracks... 1.Under Blanket of Stars (Northern Lights Medley) - by The Birds - recorded live in Bergen, Norway on their tour last year. A half hour of total bliss!!! 2. Speak to Me (the Sky's Crimson T ears) - by Cotton & Billawtm doppelganger - recorded at Wormwood South in June ’04 - this is a 15 minute acid freakout, very heavy!!!
10/25/2008 Cotton Museum No Face in the Bog LP $24.99 QBICO Cow's milk vinyl, artworks and music by Chris Pottinger, with insert. Side A originally released as a ltd ed. CD-R art set in 100 copies on Tasty Soil, Creature. B1 track is unreleased, rec. in 2007. B2 originally released in 2006 on Fag Tapes as a side of a tour cassette with Sick Llama. B3 was played as a loop for 8 months straight on a pirate radio station that broadcast out of the Cloud House on 107.9 fm. "Far out electronic music for the third millennium!" Out of print.
8/17/2009 Cotton Museum Pus Pustules one-sided lp w/ etched B side $12.99 Tasty Soil "'Pus Pustules' is one of the most diseased Cotton Museum recordings to date. Clocking in at 21 minutes on side A, adorned with with a detailed etching of sickly beasts on side B and a five color silk screened album cover designed by Chris Pottinger. Theremin, Synth, and other odd electronic instruments create a bubbling cesspool of rotting sounds that leak from your stereo speakers like a cancerous sludge. Take a trip through a strange world where you can hear these sickly beasts devouring corpses while insects sting their bodies, leaving them covered with infected welts. Cotton Museum is a solo electronic noise project from visual artist Chris Pottinger that has been performing for the past seven years. Limited edition of 400 hand numbered copies, black vinyl with thick chipboard album cover."
5/14/2007 Cotton Museum Sick Llama Remixxx cassette $7.99 Fag Tapes "rescued from the sticky soda pop garbage floor of a movie theater. original recordings never used for anything till now, and now they are stretched and fogged. edition 77."
4/27/2011 Cough Cool Cough Cool CDR $7.49 Debacle Records "Cough Cool's debut tape on Sweat Lodge Guru, re-mastered with new art. Downercore bedroom-pop nuggets pulled from the ether of teenage memories and adult disappointments. Slow moving song mantras. Itchy frustration and sleepy ambition. Look for releases this year from Dan on Not Not Fun and Bathetic."
7/28/2011 Count Vertigo I Am A Mutant 7" $7.99 Mississippi Records "Reissued for the first time, a crazed Portland punk record from '79. A side project of Ice Nine, Count Vertigo only existed for this one record as a band. A-side features "I Am A Mutant", an uneasy little song w/ a relentless menacing organ riff. On the flip is "Patriot X, an angry political song that still rings a little too true. Two heroic punk anthems not to miss."
4/24/2006 Courtis (the name of this drone is hidden in your DNA) CDR $8.99 Ikuisuus "One long hypnotic drone by ex-Reynols member Anla Courtis. This cdr was originally released by Nidnod (2004). Mysterious sound!"
5/7/2004 Courtis / Marhaug North & South Neutrino CD $17.99 Antifrost “The Antifrost label has put out some of the most challenging records of recent times, and this collaboration between Lasse Marhaug, one half of Norwegian noise thugs Jazzkammer and Anla Courtis, the musical mastermind behind the unruly Argentinians Reynols, is as forbidding as they come. For the opening half hour it is a minimalist exercise in the slow motion deployment of a small clutch of extreme frequencies. Then a richer metallic texture emerges from the brittle digital atmosphere recalling the isolationist going pieces of Thomas Koener. This darker, more brooding sound is submerged once more into the digital realm, as if we are viewing the same vast, immobile object from above and below the waterline. Or perhaps it is the subatomic particle referenced in the album title under two different magnifications. It's certainly not an easy listen, but submit yourself to its cold, dramatic logic and you will be rewarded.” – The Wire - May 2004
9/17/2006 Courtis / Moglass / Kiritchenko Courtis / Moglass / Kiritchenko CD $11.99 Nexsound / others "Collaboration album by Anla Courtis, Andrey Kiritchenko and the Moglass. Drones and improv acoustic by Kiritchenko, psycho-folk by the Moglass, and sound-collages by Courtis."
3/5/2009 Courtis / Moore Brokebox Juke LP $12.99 No-Fi "Aaron Moore is best known as part of Volcano The Bear, described by The Wire as "producing some of the finest, wildest British music of the last 10 years on record and on stage", and revered for their peerless releases on labels such as Beta-Lactam Ring and Nurse With Wound's United Dairies. He's also one third of Amolvacy (along with Dave Nuss of No Neck Blues Band), and the Paris-based Textile Orchestra. Alan Courtis was of course an integral part of the infamous Reynols, and has been involved in countless collaborations with names such as Pauline Oliveros, Kawabata Makoto, Campbell Kneale, Lasse Marhaug, Dylan Nyoukis and, of course, our own Culver. The luscious, mountainous results of their production-by-correspondence will be furnished for you in fittingly expansive gatefold vinyl, and you can expect their live performances to be just as elaborate and all-consuming. You'd never guess that the album was recorded by correspondence, as the sound of a full multi-faceted band in a warm room rises from the vinyl. Alan and Aaron throw down delicious rhythmic textures, mariachi-tinged improv, brooding desert psych and more. In beautiful gatefold sleeve with photos by Moore."
4/16/2015 Courtis, Anla B-RAIN FOLKLORE CD $14.99 Yogoh Record "Anla Courtis is continues release and play with artist all over the world.and doing make film music.Installation .Workshop. (Also he is leading figure of Argentina legendary cult band Reynols since the 90's). "B-RAIN FOLKLORE" is based on the sound exploration of the boundaries of “folklore”, inspired by some Argentine and South American traditions, and some Asian and African cultures. Courtis used some Argentine folklore instruments and field recording in Japan in this work. Release commemoration is held at Tokyo Ftarri on 01/21/2015 with Tetuzi Akiyama." Listen to sample here: https://soundcloud.com/y-goh-record/b-rain_foklore
1/19/2004 Courtis, Anla Fractal Albur Solenoide 3" CDR $6.99 23 Productions "Anla Courtis is part of the amazing Argentinean music project Reynols. The sounds on this disc are unlike anything Courtis has done in the past. All sounds are composed and created using fractal music generators. The music is cascading electronic wash over the menacing ebb and flow of broken melody lines and scattered musical shards. Very strange and psychedelic, in which sense it is similar to his previous work, but certainly Courtis is navigating new and interesting sonic territory with this piece."
4/27/2011 Courtis, Anla Hiroshima Tree 7" lathe $17.99 Root Don Lonie For Cash "In Belgium theres a tree from hiroshima, anla went and banged it, & here it is, a beautiful little see through lathe record."
3/31/2008 Courtis, Anla Llegaron lathe cut 8" $25.99 alt.vinyl "This is just so astounding. Symphonic drone otherness on a par with Eliane Radigue, Charlemagne Palestine, and more recently Gareth Hardwick. The music contained herein is a cloud of chalky brine, a warm, distant, fuzzy thing, a thing of absurd purity which easily transcends the boundaries of minimalism to become something entirely cosmic, something universally lovely. We are so glad to present you this miniature masterpiece from a man who used to be one third of the greatest band of all time, Reynols. Limited edition of 100, clear, square, hand-cut by Peter King 8" lathe."
5/8/2005 Courtis, Anla Tribute to Calcium 7" $5.99 Tonschacht "Tribute to Calcium is the first solo-release on vinyl by Anla Courtis, founding member of the Reynols, who released numerous records on labels such as trente oiseaux, drone records and beta-lactam ring records. After the bands’ life-cycle came to an end in early 2004, Courtis concentrated on his solo works and collaborations with Lasse Marhaug, Kawabata Makoto or Culver. 'Tribute to calcium is a piece in two parts that explores the harmonic resonances generated by the amalgam of electric guitar and toba violin (a one-stringed instrument made with cans by native argentinian indians of the north-east region). This work brings to light a singular sound alchemy that combines: electric-waterfalls, wide-spectrum-drones and just-intonation-entropy. a real journey to re-discover calcium molecules through modern noise-shamanism. Tthese are the first pieces I've ever recorded with the toba violin. I was delighted by the raw sound of this native instrument and my aim was to explore its possiblities beyond the traditional approach, that's why I decided to combine it with layers of electric guitar. The recording documents this exploration process and maybe keeps fresh the spirit of this first encounter." - Anla Courtis
4/10/2005 Courtis-Romero Psychomemory of... 3" CDR $6.99 P Tapes 2 live radio duos from December 2004 melted together.
10/25/2008 Cousins Of Reggae Methridge LP $19.99 Old English Spelling Bee "These Montreal-based destructo rockers grind the edges of form with teeth as shaven as Harry Pussy, early Royal Trux, The Shaggs and Nautical Almanac. The kind of deliriously free rock that feels so caught up in the tradition that it's perpetually ten years ahead. And not a whiff of skank in sight." - David Keenan. Limited & numbered edition of 250 copies, silkscreened covers.
4/11/2008 Cousins of Reggae / Lubriphikatttor split LP $17.99 Galerie Pache "Brand new lp with dirty sounds from Cousins of Reggae, Montreal based 2 man mind fuck. utilizing guitar, drums, turntables and voice. ( featuring Blake Hargreaves of dreamcatcher, Fluorescent Friends...& liam Thurston of Orphanage...) Go for a trip via 2 different pieces, heavy, loud, hit electric noise & fatal attack. First vinyl release for parisian noise anti brutal pro violence Lubriphikatttor (with members of Zaraz wam Zagram, TG, Napalm Jazz, Ero BABAa...) long tune 'babypute' / death of flowers & elaborated destruction." Split LP - edition of 319 copies in silkscreened cover.
5/16/2010 Cove, The The Cove cassette $5.99 Gods of Tundra "The latest artifacts from an ever growing river of haze. Moss covers dirt covers earth covers the void. The things you hear at night are real."
9/17/2006 Coyote Ugly The Shining double cassette $9.99 Hanson "Double c-30 reissue of COYOTE UGLY material recorded in 2000, and originally released on American Tapes in an edition of 10 copies only. Coyote Ugly = duo of John Olson and Aaron Dilloway. Recently relistened to this and played it for Olson...askin him to guess who it was... he guessed Prick Decay....ha! Fully mangled double tape manipulations."
12/19/2002 Crackhouse Hard-Core CD $8.99 Mandragora Records "Pure dose of raw, uncut Crackhouse straight from the lowest of fi jambox master tape. Kicks off with a brutal white noise maelstrom then descends into an endurance test of primal drumming, sick acid-wank guitar, pirate booty bass, and total wah-overload. Earliest known Crackhouse recordings w/ the boys in full-on Grand Fug Railroad mode."
4/6/2015 Cramps, The Let's Get Ugly LP $18.99
"This well-liked live set, coming back with very much improved packaging, was recorded in San Francisco in Nov. 1981, and features versions of "Hungry," "Domino," "What's Behind the Mask," "Zombie Dance," "Save It," "Primitive," "Green Door," "New Kind of Kick," "Strychnine," "The Crusher," "Beautiful Garden" "Hanky Panky," "Drug Train," and "Fever." Though the vocals could be more up front, the sound is surprisingly good. Fine, glossy color cover, 160 gram vinyl pressing, Euro import."
7/8/2010 Cranc Copper Fields CD $9.99 Absurd #82 / Organized Music From Thessaloniki #9 "It’s been a whole decade since the first release of the Cranc trio (All angels, ??O 2000). Today, it’s clear that that first album marked the end of a phase. Since 2001, all three musicians (Rhodri and Angharad Davis from Wales, UK and Nikos Veliotis from Greece) have abandoned the twelve-tone jargon and the instrumental musique concrete and dedicated themselves, with an impressive self-discipline, to the research of slow, long, droning sounds. After a decade of independent, personal orbits and casual meetings, here they join their forces once again, more mature and more essential than ever. And they succeed to catch exactly what is missing in the vast majority of projects of this kind: They manage to keep the interest at a top level from the first till the last minutes of the album, neither hanging around nor sinking to any minimalist coma. Cause, as it gets finally obvious, it’s of great importance that these long and sustained sounds raise not from automatic generators, but from strings pulsating under human fingers. Needles to say, under great human fingers." - Costis Drygianakis
8/22/2008 Crandell, Richard In the Flower of Our Youth LP $13.99 Tompkins Square "In The Flower of Our Youth, originally released on the private press label Cutthroat Records in 1980, was Richard Crandell's first LP. His tune 'Rebecca' was famously covered by admirer Leo Kottke on his Chewing Pine album. Crandell has gone on to record several other guitar albums, as well as two mbira recordings for John Zorn's Tzadik label. Crandell's music has recently been featured on Tompkins Square's Imaginational Anthem Vol. 3, as well as the guitar compilation Wayfaring Strangers: Guitar Soli." Reissue of solo acoustic guitar album.
12/24/2005 Crane / Toth Duo Live CDR $8.99 Polyamory "First available recordings by this long-running freak jazz duo. Recorded over various U.S cities during the summer of 2005, Live expertly captures the primitive dynamism of these two sound-obsessed players. James Toth's playing is feral and militantly unsophisticated, but Lucas 'Bones' Crane, on trumpet, is the draw here. It is certain that aficionados will instantly recognize Crane's mastery of his instrument in the traditional sense, but like many great players before him, Crane's unique tone and fluid sense of melody are the byproducts of many years of defiant unlearning in the face of tedium and scholarship. What results is an exciting document of New Music not for the faint of heart or spirit. Strictly limited to 150 copies."

Crank #5 zine w/ 7" $5.99 Crank Automotive Zine features Ascension, Broken Lightbulb Anal Fetish, Richard Youngs & reviews. 7" features Ascension & Broken Lightbulb Anal Fetish
2/23/2004 Crank Sturgeon E-Z Voiceover Box-Top Living Solutions 7" $6.99 Humbug "Another super hot 45rpm, this one sees Crank Sturgeon hitting a flabbergasting stride on the A-side with lots of clattering percussives and flailing-about dadaspooge action..... and of course wheezing, sneering voices, 'supplanting saliva where once would've been electronic noises' in the words of our good Reverend. Hell yes! B-side previosly appeared on our 'Cottage Industrial volume 1' compilation and actually contains some semi-coherent ramblings as well as lots of profanity and indigestible out-of-control tape muddle. Precious! 220 copies made."
12/2/2004 Crank Sturgeon / Gastric Female Reflex split 7" $6.99 Beniffer Editions / Gold Soundz "On one side, Torontosaurs Gastric Female Reflex expose their vulnerable underbellies by offering the world the gift of song, as transmitted through the cackle of thirty meter bronze age jump ropes, and then swatted with limitless spools of tape culled from businessmen's faulty tape recorders. The flipside is deepwoods Maine-based Crank Sturgeon, taking a similar story and running it into the side of a convent full of shark-eating nuns. Setting loose the angry hornets, these ladies of the lord respond with high powered leaf blowers, stopping now and again to play a little violin and pee into their dixie cups. Not your typical avant 'electro-acoustic' record, both projects assure this baby can dance like a school of fish, drunk on mercury and TAB cola perhaps, but to an effect that is glorious and spacious; snakey and experimental as all hairy heck, yet an electro-doot we can all blorp and weeze and get primitive with."
5/14/2007 Crappy Nightmareville Neutron Dracula 7" $5.99 Black Velvet Fuckere "13 gestating years past and CRAPPY NIGHTMAREVILLE's pod unfolds in full color via this 7" single which is not just their debut but also birth marks the first of a four part vinyl single series: an engraved introduction by way of alien-forcept exacavation of their Old Kentucky Womb. Prior stages spiraled from Public-Prank to Outer-Earth Music-Concret to Scaling-the-Scaur of Bavarian-Salt-Licks. Side A, "NEUTRON DRACULA", imagines the scene from gypsy classic Latcho Drom when children sing "We are the bloody nail in the foot of Jesus on the cross", only reinterpreted as a Saturday morning cartoon. Side B, "BLACK BEAM DUB", is smoke from a wounded nurse surrealing Sun Ra into a new form of dub music that will have you and your headphones installing a seatbelt into your couch for endless round trips. Crappy Nightmareville is one of Louisville's longest running aural magnetic-bananimals and shares drinking water with a huge cast of bands including The Web, Evergreen, The Belgian Waffles, Sapat and Kark. Beautiful post-nuclear fall-out full-color sleeve. Edition of 350."

Crawlspace Ape Scrawl double CD $14.99 Slippy Town "What happens when middle-aged men start finger-painting with sounds? The most 'primitive' Crawlspace material since before Crawlspace started releasing stuff!? Come git scratchy in the concrete bayou while Greg, Joe, and Eddie stomp through 28 'songs' played on drums, bass guitar, electric guitars, wall furnace, portable heater, piping chanter, acoustic guitars, bronze candy dish, metal box, congas, synthesizer, blimp guitars, water bottle, milk crate, cymbals, trumpet, strainer in plastic container, amplified acoustic guitar, unamplified electric guitar, collapsing chair, sleigh bells, electric fan, mixing board, etc. Edition of 88."

Crawlspace Archive'Space 2: 1990/1991 CD $11.99 Crawlspace "46 more minutes from Sphere'Space: 'Bleed Jam'; 'Kitty Krawl' improv; 15 minutes of 'Crawl Crappersweet'; 'Sphereality'/'Ocean = You' mutation.

Crawlspace Archive'Space 3: 1993 CD $11.99 Crawlspace "57 minutes recorded at a mellowed, spacious rehearsal-studio session - and a chaotic rocked-out 13-minute burst from a Crawlspace 'shroom party with special Backbiter guests."

Crawlspace Archive'Space 4: 1993/1994 CD $11.99 Crawlspace "53 minutes of rehearsal jams, and a bit from a live show, by the last 'band' line-up of Crawlspace. With three different versions of 'Lake Daddy Jim'!"

Crawlspace August/Africa 7" $5.99 Sympathy for the Record Industry Recorded in 1989. " 'Africa' is a depressing dirge mostly supported by a meandering bass line. The guitars and vocals whine and lament away. 'August' is a heavier, slower tune that sounds like the Stooges on the wrong speed."

Crawlspace Birds of the Southern Regions CD $11.99 Slippy Town "'Walk Away Slowly' (4:26) rock-slip; 'Birds of the Southern Regions (33:06) layers of 'Space improv; 'Short Thing April 1' (5:13) a bit o' blimp; 'McKeever' (31:40) takin' it to the street. Handmade torn-cardboard-in-jewel-case package."

Crawlspace Blimp Music Volume 2: Deep Sea Dives CD $11.99 self-released "The series of dirigible guitar inflation continues with two more half-hour plunges into the deep
end of nada."

Crawlspace Crawls Pace double CD $14.99 Slippy Town "11 short-ish pieces on disc one; 73 minutes of nonstop crawlsprawl on disc two. Recorded live to CD at the Slippy Town Lifestyle Studio, August/September 2000. Edition of 88."

Crawlspace Sphereality CD $11.99 Sympathy for the Record Industry " . . . loose, juiced, brilliant acid-mumble-sprawl by the west coat's kings of lost chordage. Allowed 66 minutes to roam the walls at will, Crawlspace conjure up a world where twang=drone= fuzz=bup, and the look of everything melting is as natural as an un-de-fleeced pubis." - Byron Coley
1/26/2002 Crawlspace Static from the Slowdown CD $11.99 Slippy Town "16 bite-size 'tunes' done with turntable, blank tape + EQ, CD loops, acoustic guitars, trumpet, bird call, jaw harp, percussion, guitar amp, voices, & mac. Ssssss . . . kraaaang! Cover art by Greg circa 1975. Edition of 100."

Crawlspace The Rain the Park & Other Things CD $11.99 outsidetheanthillfive "Mix-collage 4-track cassette and dubbing-deck cut-and-paste fuck-up done by Eddie in '90/'91. Featuring snippets of '88/'89 and '90/'91 Crawlspace line-ups, many unknowing 'guest stars,' XXX-rated humor, spoken word with bass, and solo Eddie insanity (partly while tripping). Numbered edition of 30 in hand-assembled map/envelope-in- jewel-case sleeves."

Crawlspace / Mooseheart Faith On the Tide / Hook In The Gray split 7" $5.99 Forced Exposure Recorded in 1990. "Featuring the bulk of Crawlspace (L.A.'s premier psilocybin-oriented galactic adventurers) and a sizable portion of M. Faith . . . this wanders much further into regions of primal consciousness-leaping than either group's more ordinarily rockin' tendencies. Exhibiting a Jandek-like flair for capturing a moment with non-existent production, both sides are lighthearted stoner-sensical ramblings. . . . "
7/16/2006 Crazy River Sounds Like a Melon to Me CD $12.99 Apartment Records / Humbug "Multi-instrumentalist Per Gisle Galåen from Norway play in numerous bands, including Slowburn, DEL, Birds, Kobi and many others. Galåen has been touring Europe, Oceania and Japan partly as Crazy River and partly with DEL and Birds. Birds are a duo consisting of Galåen and Japanese Cotton Casino (former Acid Mothers Temple member) [The Birds debut cd has just been released from Important Records]. He's also done collaborations with Keiji Haino, ultrasound, Alexander Rishaug and Carlos Giffoni to name a few. Galåen has formerly released a split 7" (OHM records) with fellow-Norwegian Fredrik Ness Sevendal and has contributed to a few compilations, but "Sounds like a Melon to Me" is his first solo album. Its ripe for release has been sitting on a dusty shelf for some years, but we are very glad he finally took his time to wipe the dust of these well-seasoned gems. Looking inside this jewel-case you'll find some peeling abstraction and fuzzy heavy organ sounds at first glance. But, if you listen closely you'll be able to catch some whimsical and strange pop-songs dancing the dance of modestly cheerful melancholia somewhere behind the dust. It's a beautiful musty odor to this album that makes you feel good and awoke a smell of nostalgia around the house. The smell of good old lo-fi home-recordings that is. And me oh my, how we have missed that smell! This is a joint release with Humbug Records."
7/30/2010 Crespo / Schneiderman Duo No Complaints CDR $6.99 Blueberry Honey "As if 'proximity' ever mattered. How much closer to the sun can anyone of us really get anyway. Eventually you realize we are all in the same place. Or everywhere is the same place. Concepts and ideas beyond that understanding are gonna just lead us off the track. Or onto a track I suppose. Anyway, this is the premier release for a duo created by JOSHUA BURKETT (he also supplied cover art for this title) featuring ANDY CRESPO (BARN OWL, x-SERIES) and RON SCHNEIDERMAN."
1/24/2009 Cripple Crime's "Triangle" Deny Opportunity One cassette $7.99 American Tapes - AM-790 "New in house unit with a whole new twisted gnarl electronic mangel sound. Double right hand tape abuse. The audio equivalent to seeing someone smile with with fingers instead of teeth. Nasty magnetic. Packaged in a new mega color slip case style with full color inzane art."
9/17/2009 Crocker, Jay Joachim On Eggshells CDR $9.99 Bug Incision "Crocker discards his usual array of guitars, homemade pedals, and keyboards, in favour of six years' worth of home recordings of himself. Mostly recorded on single track cassette tape, and patched through a larger system, these sketches and mini-improvs are woven together on one 'take', an acceptable one of which we have here. Moments here recall the denser sides of Richard Youngs or NWW. A strange one, for sure. Edition of 50, color covers, clear plastic sleeves, in print." - label.
1/1/2008 Crocker, Jay & Chris Dadge Humming & Crackling CDR $9.99 Bug Incision "banjo & percussion improvisations. scratchy, small sounds and lots of high listening skills involved." "The titles say it all, really. Both the name of the album, which describes quite well a lot of the sounds Messrs Crocker (banjo, preparations, percussion) and Dadge (percussion) make here, and the label name, with its attendant associations of insect music and laboratory experiment. Bug Incision is a CDR label run out of Calgary, Canada, which if I remember rightly is where Eugene Chadbourne fled to to avoid the draft. He must have left some kind of lasting impression there, as Crocker's banjo work (inevitably?) recalls some of the good Doctor Chadbourne's thornier outings. But there's more percussion than banjo on offer here, and the musicians' concern for small sounds brings mid-70s John Stevens and the SME to mind - which means I'm definitely not following Brooker Buckinham's instructions in the liner notes: "Zen mind. Forget everything you know about music. Forget every piece of music you've ever heard." But then again neither is he, when he describes it all as "skeletal jazz phantoms from an alternate universe - one where a bizarro Derek Bailey get [sic] drunk on moonshine in the Appalachians and curses the mountains through brittle invectives voiced on a beat-up banjo." That sums it up nicely." - Dan Warburton, February 2007. Limited edition of 150 copies.
6/5/2005 Cromagnon Orgasm CD $16.99 ESP-Disk "On this 1969 ESP-Disk' dadaist psych-folk release, chanting, tribal percussion, short wave radio, maniacal almost black metal vocals, hysterical laughter, bagpipes all coalesce into something ridiculous and amazing."
2/20/2010 Crosbie, Alistair I've Never Had A Face CDR $10.99 Dust, Unsettled "I've Never Had A Face comprises a single 50 minute composition, which glides effortlessly across five sections, juxtaposing oblique electronic melodies and distant, menacing droneclouds to thrilling effect. The album heralds a new maturity of approach to Alistair's palette, its understated stellar minimalism requiring-and rewarding-detailed and multiple listening. This is absolutely not background-sound work; rather, I've Never Had A Face could be the saddest, most poignant, most personal piece of music Alistair has ever produced." One track. Running time: 49:53
9/24/2009 Crosbie, Alistair Learning to Draw CDR $11.99 Sonic Oyster Records "I have always written songs but it didn't really occur to me to make an album of them until earlier this year - sent home from work due to a heavy snowfall (which was causing intermittent power shortages), I blew the distinctly non-metaphorical dust from my acoustic guitar and wrote "Count Your Quiet Homes". Over the next week or so, this and a further 4 songs were recorded, two newly written and two from the pile I had accumulated. I mentioned this in passing to Andrew Paine and he expressed an interest in hearing the results. So, over the following three or four months, "Learning To Draw" was created with my usual succession of rejects, re-recordings, re-workings, remixes, remasters and the like - the change in musical format certainly didn't change my recording habits...There are 17 songs and they pass in a little under 39 minutes. In a way, this is the most experimental album I've made." - AC.
6/27/2009 Crosbie, Alistair Seven Starlings More c46 cassette $6.99 Tape Fiend "Captivating and beautiful experimental drones from this Glasgow-based sound artist."
3/26/2006 Crossbred We Don't Need A Pain! CDR $9.99 Chocolate Monk "Rie Lambdoll & Mayuko are a Japanese female duo from Osaka, performing their own style of electronic drone noise, heavy flowing. "We direct to fault of the cloudy society, listen to life's scream, catch the feels from bottom of our soul, and make'em beautiful sounds. We active as crossbred for everything..."
2/2/2013 Crossover Gloom LP + download $20.99 Desire "From out of the haze Darkbeat founders, VEE & DEZ ov CROSSOVER surrender their 4th full-length album duly titled “GLOOM”. This is a story about a runaway boy and girl which takes place on the moon in the woods at night. A tale of heartbreak and loss. A collection of Deathromantik songs woven with synthesizers, tears, drum machines and blood. With a heavy Cosmic music influence, they have been called Grave Wave and Proto-Witch House. Evolved electronic music with subtle hints of Dark Ambient and Neo-Folk come to mind. At times minimal, sometimes cold. Being vocally driven they have dreary and precious moments aside sarcasm and the deadly serious. Proving there is actually “a glimmer to the gloom”. Originally hailing from New York City, VEE & DEZ moved to Berlin and are presently in Los Angeles. Some fruits of their labor include extensive European tours, performing with NY’s legendary Suicide and an ongoing collaborative affair with Mater Suspiria Vision. Winning features in NME, I-D, The Face, Nylon, D-Side, and Elegy to name a few. Gaining the “stamp of approval” from John Peel (R.I.P.), featured on BBC’s Ross Allen Show, to the “choice pick” in the Saturday London Times."
6/25/2013 Crossover Gloom Rmx's LP + CD $37.99 Desire "Outsider Darkbeat band CROSSOVER come to haunt you once again! Their much anticipated 4th full-length album GLOOM received zealous world wide media attention and cult like devotee support. The first half of the year has seen extensive interviews, the ultra limited box set release, and an artillery of obscure merchandise. With a string of midnight videos, numerous mix tapes & remixes, CROSSOVER attest they are not just a music group but a movement of sound, style, and ideology. To uphold this concept desire proudly presents the GLOOM RMX’s album featuring a cast of tomorrow’s creepiest electronic artists with remixes by: Unison, //TENSE//, Mater Suspiria Vision, AAIMON, Mellow Grave, Ceremonial Dagger, Valis, WAR WLVS, Peachblack, Drugs4Drunks, Drug Machine, Silver Strain, and CROSSOVER themselves. Deviant dark dance music - wicked, mournful and dreamy. LP, CD, & Poster limited to 100 copies. 9 song 33 rpm LP - thick black vinyl with 1 sided silk screened cover. Includes a 13 song CD with a full color insert. Track listing CD: same as LP + bonus tracks and (27” x 19”) poster
6/9/2010 Croucher, Mel & Automata UK Pimania - The Music Of Mel Croucher & Automata UK LP $16.99 Feeding Tube The crown jewel in the feeding tube catalog. The music on this record was recorded from 1981-1985 as the conceptual soundtrack for computer games released on cassette by the British software house Automata U.K. Ltd. Combining primitive synthesizer tones and meandering psychedelic blues guitar with cryptic, off-color lyrics about the multi-colored Piman and his pals, this is unlike any other "computer music" you know or have imagined. It's like finding a great lost electronics LP by '80s NYC underground legend, Copernicus, or something. A bizarre and unique trip. Ultra thick gatefold, comes with cut-out mask, extensive liner notes and poster. "Whatever happened to the UK's head culture? Was it completely subsumed by rave culture? The cover of Pimania almost looks like an Acid House record, a pill-popping cartoon that re-imagines Jimi Hendrix's Axis: Bold As Love as a Knockabout comic based around a gnomic alien known as the Piman (as in 3.14). Pimania is a document of the last strand of British head culture, the final inheritance of the original psychedelic impulse as transmitted via the underground press and science fiction fandom to alternative comics and the early days of the home computer. It's also spookily prescient, confusing hauntological and Hypnagogic modes in a way that is fairly compulsive. Automata UK Ltd were one of countless home computer cassette labels to spring up in the early 1980s. Alongside imprints like Jeff Minter's Llamasoft, they had a dazed hippy vibe that was seductive to anyone starting to explore fringe culture. When I first discovered them they slotted into a space in my brain somewhere between the comics of Hunt Emerson, Dungeons & Dragons, Douglas Adams-era Doctor Who and DIY cassette culture. Automata were remarkable for the way they bundled games with recordings of original music and surreal comedy sketches designed to be played on a tape recorder as a simultaneous soundtrack. Mel Croucher performed and composed all of the incidental music himself, confusing mainstream pop with primitive psychedelic and DIY styles. Listened to with 21st century ears, Pimania sounds like a broadcast from the parallel Albion inhabited by the Canterbury scene - Robert Wyatt, Soft Machine, Egg - and the Holyground roster. The sound is eerily up close, the intimacy of a cheap microphone set up in a room at home. At points it feels a bit like a British sitcom, complete with bad Jamaican accents, but there's a degree of personal obsession that works in combination with the recurrence of certain English archetypes (the Automata logo itself was a geometric re-staging of Stonehenge) to make it sound oddly prophetic. The aim of Pimania, Automata's most popular game, was to crack a series of clues that would lead you to the Golden Sundial of Pi hidden somewhere in the English countryside, an Arthurian quest re-imagined by Monty Python. On 22 July 1985 it was traced to the mouth of the white horse on Hindover Hill near Beachy Head. Pimania feels like a time capsule from another world, a world where the possibilities and anarchic tendencies of new media had not yet been consolidated. And it's a testimony to the stunning job that Feeding Tube Records have done on this - full colour gatefold sleeve, sleevenotes, poster, art repros - that someone else, once, felt exactly the same."
4/2/2004 Crude Artless Intent Signatures Vol. 1 CDR $6.99 Mental Telemetry "No-wave chunks of sound/slurry captured during lean times in Auckland City. Demented and at times hopeless. AI Signatures Volume One provides an atmosphere both bleak and deconstructed. Similar at times to 'Bank'. Limited edition of 30, hand numbered, now in sturdy cardboard sleeves w/ paste on covers." Track Listing: ARKADE 1, EFE, MAGLEV MAGLEV, SLURRY KONDUCT, CHANNEL DEVELOPMENT, WARBURG {mp3}, ARKADE 2, XXTRO SKELETAL MIX, THE DEEP PART 2, FUN I EVER HAD, CRYOSTAT
4/2/2004 Crude Bank CDR $6.99 Mental Telemetry "Gothic futurist gurgle leaving everything to the imagination. A perfect companion to any psychoactive situation. Trans-human make-out soundtrack. Glue-like 50 minute noir-film music. Finance themes. Glitch meets doom-metal high on paint fumes. Limited edition of 30, hand numbered, hand made packaging (crude style)." Track Listing: bank one, bank two, bank three {mp3}, american banker, american banker, two, merger reprise, nmr nu_beat
4/2/2004 Crude Catalogues of Meaninglessness CDR $12.99 Mental Telemetry "Previously described as a 'shocking Hill-Billy rock-stomp', and it kind of is, although perhaps a little more sophisticated than that...looking to achieve a kind of Cajun [?] vibe or something with horn, guitar and one shitty drum. Features the songs 'Real Nice', 'Turbo Cum', 'Mitternacht' et al. Most of these songs ended up on the now famed 'Turbo Spunk' acetate triple 7". Limited edition of 30, hand numbered, now in sturdy cardboard sleeves w/ paste on covers." Track Listing: bender {mp3}, leave the building, real nice, der drinker, all electric, catalogues of meaninglessness, this town reprise, dance dance dance, sufi, sax exercise #1, mitternacht, turbo cum, blood, Sunday
4/15/2011 Crude Refute a Myth Society LP $24.99 Center of the Ass Run/Father Yod/Ecstatic Yod Matthew Middleton's 1995 highly regarded release - one copy available.
2/26/2011 Cruise Family Up To Us c30 cassette $6.99 SF Broadcasts "There is a big foam party out there - swarm out and find it soon to transform into total strobe light fever and smoke machine trance to get your body ready for evacuation - be quick, we cant wait too long!!! Top-life is in cruising range, so activate your neuro-nuclear brain circuits and reach out for the stars, the multiverse is yours.. On the mission to bring you the next Broadcast we brought you a brand new live stream from the eurydome: "UP TO US" - buy it NOW, and watch the video TODAY!"
5/21/2009 Crystal Dragon The Crystal Demos CDR $8.99 Earjerk "Ever since his initial appearance on the earjerk labels 'Bright and Dark Light' compilation Crystal Dragon Fever has been spreading. Who is this mysterious analog synth warrior/fighter pilot from the Land of Light? For this release he is your guide. Ride along on amazing journeys through quartz caverns with Erik Satie and Klaus Schulze at the helm. So fucking essential! The Crystal demos have been making the rounds and it is clear! There will be some fully realized albums solidifying soon. But these gems can't stay buried forever. Dig these demos! Medieval Musique Kosmiche."
6/24/2012 Crystal Syphon Family Evil LP + download $20.99 Roaratorio "Crystal Syphon, one of the greatest "lost" groups of the West Coast psych scene, came together in Merced, California in 1965. Originally a Beatles / Byrds-influenced unit called the Morlochs, they soon shed their original moniker and moved in a more psychedelic direction, becoming a fixture on the ballroom circuit from 1966-1970. Although their music may nod in the direction of the New Tweedy Brothers and Quicksilver Messenger Service at times, it's imbued throughout with a distinctive sound that arose from practicing up to six nights a week. The band entertained offers from various labels during their existence, but as they insisted on complete artistic control and ownership of their music, no deals were struck. Now, some 44 years after its creation, Roaratorio is proud to make the music of Crystal Syphon available for the first time ever. Drawn from studio tracks, rehearsal tapes and a live recording from the Fillmore West, with cover art by Norman Orr and extensive historical liner notes on an old-style "tip-on" jacket. Digital download included." Check out a handful of the songs on SoundCloud : <http://soundcloud.com/roaratoriorecs>http://soundcloud.com/roaratoriorecs Second edition of 494 copies.
6/19/2007 Cucumber Sandwich Cucumber Sandwich CDR $12.99 Music Mundane "Recorded in 1992 by Stewart Walden, stalwart of the A Band and frequent collaborator with Neil Campbell, and originally just dubbed for friends. Rescued from the vaults by Neil Campbell, who has long held it as one of his favourite recordings, and reissued on his new Music Mundane imprint. Around the time of this recording, Stewart was also cutting the baffling "Durian Durian" LP for Forced Exposure with Campbell, Richard Youngs and Simon Wickham-Smith, and although the approach here is more single-minded than on "Durian Durian", there's a similar level of alien invention going on. All sounds come from a multi-tracked modified cheap casio keyboard that kicks out such a range of ever-changing, seamlessly flowing gargantuan tone-spew you'd be forgiven for thinking Walden was working with some new twenty-first century stochastic software program. The original cassette was a full C90, which is accelerated by the wonders of a Neil Campbell split-stereo mix to 46 minutes of pure bilateral brainiac stimulant."
11/4/2006 Cul de Sac Ecim CD $12.99 Strange Attractors Audio House "1991 - 'The Year Punk Broke.' The smell of teen spirit was emanating out of the Pacific Northwest, from coast-to-coast the youth were proudly flyin' the flannel, and the term 'alternative' had firmly taken root in the rock critic lexicon. In Boston, however, guitarist Glenn Jones had a radically different agenda brewing, totally at odds to the current climate. Cul de Sac was born in 1990 as the result of Jones' loosely-formed concept pitting melodic, surf/Middle Eastern guitar style with the electronics splatter of Robin Amos (founding member of Boston dada-punk legends The Girls) and the percussive grooves of Chris Guttmacher. Drawing further inspiration from '60s psychedelia, American and Middle Eastern folk music, Krautrock, and the more industrial elements of the avant-garde, Cul de Sac developed and honed this formula as an instrumental quartet, and as it stands today, the band has long-since cemented their status as one of the leading lights of the avant rock underground. But it was the out-of-left-field splash they made in 1991 with their debut ECIM that started the whole undercurrent and the subsequent rubbernecking their way, a debut recording that effectively ushered in a remarkably fresh perspective on instrumental rock music. Today, ECIM almost seems prophetic; its fully realized sound is certainly more in step with recent underground activity than it ever was previously. This special 15-year Anniversary Edition boasts an impeccable digital remastering job and is beefed up with three previously unreleased tunes recorded from the period, archival photos, and liner notes by Glenn Jones and Byron Coley. Features guest appearances by the inimitable Dredd Foole."
11/3/2004 Cul de Sac / Damo Suzuki Abhayamudra double CD $17.99 Strange Attractors Audio House "Boston's instrumental innovators Cul de Sac teamed up with infamous ex-Can vocalist Damo Suzuki for a tour of the US and Europe in 2002 and 2003, respectively. Abhayamudra is a 2xCD collection of what Cul de Sac and Damo Suzuki consider to be the best moments of the 45 dates they played together - nearly 138 minutes of stunning psychedelic avant mayhem, performed live and composed entirely on the spot. Cul de Sac refract clusters of electronics, sorrowful violin and genre-defying surf/middle eastern guitar over chugging bass and astounding polyrhythms, while Suzuki concocts his vocal somersaults over the affair, manipulating the direction of the tunes like it was liquid in a vessel. Abhaymudra immortalizes some very special moments captured on stage, a musical genesis that, by its very nature, could only be conceived at its particular moment in time and can never be replicated."
10/25/2008 Culver Sugar Tip CD $10.99 BloodLust! "Last winter, when BLOODYMINDED was preparing to go on tour in the U.K., I was put in contact with Lee Stokoe, who was touring at the same time as us, under the name Inseminoid, with George Proctor of Mutant Ape. Not only was Lee beyond accommodating about letting us piggyback on the Inseminoid/Fecalove tour, but he was kind enough to also drive us around the U.K. for several days. I returned to the States with a thick stack of Culver CDs, which took some time to get through. I was most pleased that I enjoyed the music on the CDs as much as I enjoyed meeting and spending time with Lee, himself. After hearing more and more Culver recordings, as well as a few excellent psychedelic/noise CDs by Stokoe's band Marzuraan, I was convinced that I needed to release something by him. "Sugar Tip" is that thing, packaged in handsome collage artwork created by Stokoe for this release. One of the main things that I have noticed about this CD is that it feels like the air gets sucked out of the room when I listen to it. While it is far denser and more complex a sound than Damion Romero's work, the two share the odd ability to move air around with sound in a fairly unsettling way. "Sugar Tip" is definitely heavier than drone, but it is definitely not simple harsh noise. I might refer to it as blackened psychedelic noise. Oh, and do not forget that this guy plays in Skullflower, these days, too. Professionally duplicated CD, single panel, double-sided insert; color collage artwork; in jewel box with shrink-wrap."
12/21/2004 Culver-Courtis Culver-Courtis LP $17.99 Riot Season "Limited edition, untitled 500 only clear vinyl LP by drone / experimental duo Culver-Courtis. This is a collaboration between Anla Courtis of Reynols (Argentina) and Lee Stokoe aka Culver (England). The album is based around beautiful hypnotic drones, kind of avant-garde and kind of calming at the same time. Slightly similar in style to some of Makoto Kawabata's solo work perhaps. Although there are only four 'songs' on the record, it clocks in at near 50 minutes. The LP is a completely remastered reissue of a previous cassette only self release. For fans of : Makoto Kawabata, Sunn O))), Reynols."
6/25/2013 Cure, The Rare '70s Recordings LP $19.99
"This collects 16 fine quality studio tracks 1977-79, including the complete first session for Hansa Records (as THE EASY CURE) from Oct. 1977 at Sound & Vision Studios ("See the Children," "Meathook," "Listen," "I Just Need Myself," and "I Want to Be Old"), "Boys Don't Cry" from May 1978 at Chestnut Studios, all 3 tracks from Jan. 1979 at Morgan Studios ("Do the Hansa," "World War," "Pillbox Tales"), 5 tracks from their May 1979 John Peel session at Maida Vaile ("Accuracy," "Subway Song," "Plastic Passion," "Grinding
Halt," "Desperate Journalist"), plus the extended acetate version of "Jumping on Someone Else's Train" from Sept. 1979, and the Dec. 1979 original version of "A Forest (Into the Trees)." The black & white cover art features 4 early-on band photos; hardly imaginative, but good enough since the music is top-notch. Euro import."
1/19/2003 Curlew Gussie LP $16.99 Roaratorio "On a hot Minneapolis night in the summer of 2001, Curlew played a scorching gig at the now-defunct Gus Lucky's Gallery. Gussie documents that evening: the veteran improvising group dispensed with their compositions altogether and took an eminently successful walk along the free-improv tightrope. With a lineup featuring George Cartwright (saxophones), Davey Williams (guitar), Chris Parker (piano), Fred Chalenor (bass), and Bruce Golden (percussion). A limited edition of 436 copies, with handpainted covers by Anne Elias."
5/21/2009 Current 93 Aleph at Hallucinatory Mountain CD $13.99 Coptic Cat "The long-awaited Aleph at Hallucinatory Mountain is Current 93's first album in three years, following their double-platinum-selling Black Ships Ate the Sky.
Spinning around epic series of verses written by Current 93 founder David Tibet, the new album sees Tibet back with a new 1972-style supergroup comprised of himself on vocals and July and Gorgon guitars; guitar hero James Blackshaw on 12-string guitar and piano; counter-culture guru William Breeze on electric viola and viola-controlled sampler; Cyclobe and Coil's Ossian Brown on synthesizers, treated organ, and electronics; heavenly musician John Contreras on cello and synthesizers; haunting chanteuse and composer Baby Dee on piano, Hammond organ, and throat song; Pantalemon's enchanted Andria Degens on vocals; world famous porn star Sasha Grey on vocals; Andrew Liles (Nurse With Wound) on electronics and guitars; extraordinary percussionist supreme Alex Neilson (Red Krayola, Trembling Bells, Bonnie "Prince" Billy) on drums and percussion; Grammy award-winning genius Rickie Lee Jones on vocals; Alice and Henry Rousham on vocals; Steven Stapleton on electronics and glands; NYC legend Matt Sweeney (Zwan, Neil Diamond, Superwolf, ZZ Top) on electric guitar and vocals; rock god phenomenon Andrew WK on bass, piano, finger-bells, and vocals; and the beautiful Hush Arbor's Keith Wood on electric guitar, acoustic guitar, slide guitar, and bass. Aleph at Hallucinatory Mountain is the most unique, unpredictable, and powerful release yet from Current 93. Tibet has brought together an amazing and bizarre array of talents and created an album unlike any other."
9/30/2005 Current 93 At Sunset Black Ships Ate the Sky CD $14.99 Durtro / Jnana "This unassuming CDEP was made available at the recent Toronto shows, but the people working the merchandise table were mysteriously tight-lipped about its contents. After seeing Current 93 play all three nights, and popping this CDEP in for the first time, however, it became quite clear that this was a brand new Current 93 single, taken from the forthcoming studio album Black Ships Ate the Sky. David Late Tibet and friends are long overdue for a new full-length, so it's very nice indeed to see something surface, a new release rather than another in a long line of re-released repackagings of remixed, reshuffled remasters. And luckily, the new material sounds utterly brilliant: a return to form and some of the best music Current 93 has made since 2000's Sleep Has His House. It is clear from the first few seconds, however, that Black Ships in the Sky does not repeat the same minimal, ascetic instrumental palette as Sleep or Soft Black Stars, much to my relief. As much as I loved those albums, I was always hoping that Current 93 would revisit the fuller, richer, more compositional arrangements of classic albums like All The Pretty Little Horses and Thunder Perfect Mind, and that is exactly what I got on this single. The EP contains only one seven-minute track, divided into two sections. The first has David Michael describing at intense apocalyptic vision glimpsed at sunset in his sixteenth year, against a lovely backdrop of fingerpicked guitar and disarmingly gorgeous swells of viola and cello. Though there are no personnel listed on the sleeve, I am guessing that these are the contributions of Simon Finn, William Breeze and Joolie Wood, talented collaborators all. As the track passes the three-minute mark, things suddenly become dark and nightmarish, and the music becomes a series of noisy, staccato string stabs, electronic pulses and the searing electric guitar work of Ben Chasny (of Six Organs of Admittance and Comets on Fire). David Michael screams and curses his fate, wishing in vain that he had been "unborn," straining and cracking his voice, crying out in the abyss: "Who will deliver me from myself? Who will deliver me from myself?" It's very intense stuff indeed, and bodes very well for the upcoming album." - Jonathan Dean
7/16/2004 Current 93 The Courtyard / Jerusalem CD $15.99 Durtro / Jnana 1971CD New / sealed copy of this brand new two track cdep by David Tibet, Julie Wood and 60's English Folk legend Simon Finn. These special tracks are new recordings of Finn's tracks: "The Courtyard" and "Jerusalem" - sung By David Tibet. Limited to 500 copies only and were only sold at the recent shows.
7/16/2004 Current 93 The Time Of The Last Persecution 7" $15.99 Durtro / Jhana New two track 7" single that was only for sale at the recent C93 concerts in Toronto. Limited edition of 500 copies on blue vinyl. Features two live tracks recorded in London on October 5th, 2003 featuring David Tibet and pianist Maja Elliott. Tracks are: Time Of The Last Persecution / Black Flowers, Please.
8/31/2008 Currer Bells Currer Bells 3" CDR $7.99 Claudia "Tim Coster is also involved in Currer Bells, a new duo he does with Jane Austen. They have an extensive line up of instruments and sounds to use, ranging from bass, cymbals, acoustic guitar, keyboard, drums, glasses, shaker and glockenspiel. Three songs which all seem to evolve around the use of loops of all of these sound producing devices and over that they add live playing of instruments, mainly the drum parts - or so it seems. The result is a nice combination of improvised playing, along with a whole bunch of computerized loops in 'Vivid Words', but on 'Two Winters' things are down and the vocals make this is a very free singer songwriter piece. Fine start for Currer Bells, and no doubt we'll hear more from them." (FdW) - Vital Weekly
2/10/2004 Currituck Co. Ghost Man On First CD $14.99 Lexicon Devil "Currituck Co. is one Mr. Kevin W. Barker of New York City. An ex-resident of Washington DC, he's been kicking around that good city's underground rock scene for a good half-decade or more, and indeed has a couple of discs on the estimable Teen Beat label to show for it. Currituck Co. is just Kevin, his guitar and a smattering of assorted instruments. With a record collection that undoubtedly contains a few titles on the Topic, Folkways and Takoma labels, Mr. Barker creates an awesome world of sound that thankfully avoids the pitfalls of being cute, overbearing, whitebread or simply the Sounds Of A Man With A Cool Record Collection. With a transatlantic sound that brings together both UK and American folk influences, Currituck Co.'s Ghost Man On First CD is a unique blend of sonics that occasionally brings to mind an imaginary meeting of Bert Jansch and Robbie Basho, the mixture of covers and originals is a mesmerising stew. With a busy show schedule alongside such kindred spirits from the East Coast Out-Folk scene as Devendra Banhart, Animal Collective, Tower Recordings and Fursaxa, previous material on respected labels like Troubleman Unlimited and Teen Beat and raves from the undie press, Lexicon Devil is proud, pleased and excited to announce the release of Currituck Co.'s Ghost Man on First CD to anyone who'll listen."
3/22/2013 Cursillistas Observe Ember Weeks LP $17.99 L'animaux Tryst "Observe Ember Weeks is the final Cursillistas "studio" album, momentarily lost to time as Herbcraft took flight, now seeing a brief light-of-day. Written, recorded, and mixed concurrently with Wasp Stings (Digitalis), Joint Chiefs (Digitalis), and several small-run/tour-only releases between 2007-2009, O.E.W. touches on elements and styles of all these while also marking a return to a more song-based rural folk psychedelia. Nylon-string minor-key folk-pop commingles with naive noise experiments, breathless first-take improvisation, multi-tracked "full band" jams, wah'ed fuzz guitar abandon, electric slide glide, heavy tom-thumps & tambourine shakes, all presented with Cursillistas' trademark rich reverb treatment and multi-layered vocals. This is perhaps the peak Cursillistas experience in all its bedroom glory, the fitting final chapter to a project that never stayed still for too long, and the definitive collection of the tunes that made up much of Cursillistas' live set from 2007-2009. Deluxe 150-gram virgin black vinyl held in a 4-color, 5-layer silkscreened art paper jacket, with two-sided full-color pro-printed glossy heavy stock insert, hand-numbered to 225."
2/12/2008 Cursillistas Wasp Stings the Last Bitter Flavor CD $12.99 Digitalis "Wasp Stings the Last Bitter Flavor" marks the first widely available release from this Portland, Maine troubadour. The brains behind the project is Matt Lajoie and he is perhaps best known for his enchanted album on Time-Lag Records. His folk-inspired psychedelia reaches new heights on "Wasp Stings" as he puts together an album of lost songs, found hiding in a dank and dusty cellar. Lajoie's approach here is different. It's as if he's taken the negative space of his previous works and hashed them out and spruced them up until they've become epic, flowing songs whitewashed with a basketfull of analog hiss. The whole thing flows together like magic poured straight from the sky. It's haunting, beautiful music. Cursillistas' music is often densely populated with a variety of instrumentation and textures. Lajoie is a master at molding sounds from a variety of sources into a cohesive, organic whole. This music, as with past efforts, sounds like an intimate secret whispered in the listener's ear. You feel as though you're being led into a world where very few lucky souls find their way. Lajoie's distinctive voice is the true weapon here, weaving hypnotic melodies over rivers of delicately strummed acoustic guitars. "Wasp Stings the Last Bitter Flavor" is his message in a bottle. It's a love letter to everyone and no one, and there's a lot to love here, that is for damn sure.Lajoie is joined by the inimitable Nemo Birdstrup (Time-lag Records figurehead and the brains behind Drona Parva) and sometime-MV & EE collaborator, Sparrow Wildchild. Housed in sturdy, white-on-black gatefold jackets."
9/10/2003 Curtains, The Flybys CD $10.99 Thin Wrist "The second full-length album from San Francisco hybrid pop whimsy makers the CURTAINS - CHRIS COHEN (DEERHOOF, NATURAL DREAMERS), ANDREW MAXWELL (OPEN CITY), and GREG SAUNIER (DEERHOOF). A wonderfully imaginative collection of personal instrumental compositions that float, fly, twist, and shake at every turn, as the band lets their flights of fancy wander where they may. Touring throughout September 2003 with Maher Shalal Hash Baz." LP version out in a week or two.
9/23/2003 Curtains, The Flybys LP $10.99 Thin Wrist "Second full-length album from San Francisco hybrid pop whimsy makers the CURTAINS - CHRIS COHEN (DEERHOOF, NATURAL DREAMERS), ANDREW MAXWELL (OPEN CITY), and GREG SAUNIER (DEERHOOF). A wonderfully imaginative collection of personal instrumental compositions that float, fly, twist, and shake at every turn, as the band lets their flights of fancy wander where they may."
11/24/2003 Cvar, Andrew Soundtracks of Forsaken Space CDR $12.99 U-Sound "Video and sound artist Andrew Cvar is a native of Salt Lake City, Utah, and has become a treasured member of the JOMF constellation since he began working with us in Portland in 1999. Frequently on the road, documenting the environments he passes through with obsessive detail, 'Soundtracks....", his first solo release, is a collection of field recordings. Using the microphone like a camera, Cvar collects sound poems found in the dusty wind of the American landscape. Stopping ocasionally in Portland, Salt Lake, or NYC, Andy dumps out his bag of minidiscs, and edits his work....combining feild recordings with battered electronics, samples and turntable manipulations, creating vast soundscapes with amazing clarity and energy."
5/14/2007 Cygnus Abandoned Dreams cassette $7.99 Fag Tapes "soundtrack guitar duo. h. moerland / g. morren on 13 year old style riff solo madness. abandone yer dreams and see whut happens ! primitive michigan/texas blues?wierdo organ, acoustic/electric guitar.edition 77."
9/17/2006 Cygnus Cursed Mounds CDR $9.99 Fag Tapes "The best / latest from Cygnus. heavy jams, heavy surprises. two dudes studio recordings. wicked sick guitar solos in places that make no sense. edition 77."
1/24/2009 Cygnus Toxic Lit. cassette $7.99 Fag Tapes "Guitar duo of g. morren / h. moerland. recorded in the midst of a magical country side studio. food grew up from the Earth and we were fed. and when darknes fell the music crept and bled. hand-numbered edition 50."
6/6/2009 Cygnus / Night Movie Steel On Steel cassette $7.99 Fag Tapes "side A. H. Moerland and G. Morren ( Odd Clouds ) guitar and what-the? duo project. side B. Morren, the better half of Cygnus, throwing down solo recordings. recollections memoir sounding like making something caked in dust only to see it grow young if music had age. and in classic Night Movie style cover art by Mary Morren. edition 35."
6/27/2009 Cyquoia Age of Aquarians c20 cassette $7.99 Digitalis Limited "From the washed-out minds of housecraft head honcho jefry astin and his floridian partner-in-crime evan galbicka comes a late farewell to the tropics before treks to the mountainous north. cyquoia have much in common with their housecraft brethren like tricorn & queue and xiphiidae, yet this duo has it's own trail to the flourescent pink sea mapped out in gold. these blissful drones feel as though they're being drowned in a summer storm. astin & galbicka barely keep their heads above water, but with every breath drawn they churn out an endless flow of synthetic guitar waves. the sound just rolls over you in waves. who needs gold at the end of a rainbow anyway? edition of 80, pro-dubbed on lilac tapes, gold labels."
4/24/2006 Czolgosz Séance CDR $9.99 267 Lattajjaa "Clay Kolbinger of Maths Balance Volume: an organ winds smoke plumes round the rumbling percussion in the opening piece of Minnesotan campfire ritual. The remaining 3 tracks delve into denser tape noise terrain." Boa Melody Bar