DateAdded Artist Title Format Price Label Description
5/24/2014 B.P. Kerstmis 1980 LP $28.99 Ultra Eczema "The strangest lp in the UE Antwerpian archival series so far! Recorded on christmas eve in 1980 by visual artist and general lune Bruneau, who is illegal about everywhere on this planet, and his pals Tom Van den Broek, Ewald Van Dyck and Jan De Pauw, at the time all creating trouble in the Antwerp scene around the legendary punk/glam basement Cinderella's Ballroom, Café Tom Tom (and Radio Centraal), Café De Mok and so on! The same puddle Ze Barbies were swimming in! B.P. was rather ambitious in theory, though besides a cassette recording, a stamp, one radio show on Radio Centraal and a list of members (which comes with this lp!) nothing really happened, B.P. was short for a lot of name combinations, such as "Bedrukt Papier" (translated "Printed Paper"), which should have been a fanzine made by these members (which never happened), nobody seems to remember other names, though the original logo also seemed to be the original logo of the British oil and gas multinational, what a coincidence! Musically this could be a mix of a background tape of Ghedalia Tazartez, and a Trip Hop band recorded by Heath Moerland from the other room of where the actual band is fucking around with self glued record loops, early scratching, and beer bottles! limited to only 150 copies, comes in a full color silkscreened fold open cover with archival photo's of all members, a member list and a small UE sticker."
4/17/2003 Baby Woodrose Blows Your Mind! CD $18.99 Bad Afro “Baby Woodrose is Lorenzo, drummer from Danish heavy stoner/psych rockers, On Trial. Here, he plays all the instruments (guitars, drums, organ & electric piano), performing songs very much in the retro-garage blazing fuzz-psych tradition, more 1966 than either later-60s acid rock psychedelia, or the 70s heavy rock that inspired today's ‘stoner’ scene. The influences of that era are abundant and pretty readily apparent, referencing everything from the Thirteenth Floor Elevators to the Strawberry Alarm Clock, by way of the Yardbirds, Electric Prunes, Seeds, Chocolate Watchband; even the Stooges and Sonics. The guitars are either twangy & reverb-drenched or maximally fuzzed, the vocals snarl in your face or ooze from the murk deep in the back of the reverb chamber; all of the expected period nuances are there. Not much in the way of ‘space’ (nice seagull screams on ‘Living A Dream’, though) or ‘progressive’ (it's far too greasy) music here, but fans of earlier ‘head’ music ought to get into this album. After all, how can you argue with a song like ‘Right To Get High’?” – Aural Innovations
1/13/2004 Baby Woodrose Disconnected 7" $6.99 Bad Afro "The Danish music scene is finally getting somewhere and Baby Woodrose is the latest proof. They create a unique sound that takes them to the 60's and back leaving the music being influenced by many shades of rock'n'roll and psych but played with heartfelt punk attitude. ‘Disconnected’ is the first single from the new album ‘Money For Soul’ and is backed with the exclusive ‘Too Far Gone’."
1/13/2004 Baby Woodrose Money For Soul CD $18.99 Bad Afro "The Danish music scene is finally getting somewhere and Baby Woodrose is the latest proof. They create a unique sound that takes them to the 60's and back leaving the music being influenced by many shades of rock'n'roll and psych but played with heartfelt punk attitude. Baby Woodrose are: Lorenzo Woodrose alias Guf Lorenzen on guitar/vocals (ex-drummer for OnTrial and main man behind side projects like Disconnected Flowers, Pandemonica, Spids Nøgenhat a.o.) Riky Woodrose alias Anders Skjødt on bass (ex-guitar player in On Trial) Rocco Woodrose alias Anders Grøn on drums (drummer in an early incarnation of The Raveonettes). Baby Woodrose received quite a lot of attention outside Denmark with their self-released debut album ‘Blows Your Mind’ from 2001. In reality a one-man operation by Lorenzo Woodrose who wrote the songs, played all the instruments, produced the record and put it out on his own Pan Records. Baby Woodrose is now a real band and the next album is quite different. Baby Woodrose have only been playing live for 2 years but they already have a reputation of being a sweaty, jaw-dropping live experience. During the summer 2002 they played festivals like Roskilde Festival, Gutter Island, Barbarella, By:Larm, Swamp Room Happening and a showcase at Popkomm with Flaming Sideburns and Sweatmaster. In 2003 they have toured in Norway twice and in Germany with Sweatmaster, played SXSW in Texas and New York and in June they opened the main stage at the biggest festival in Northern Europe: Roskilde Festival."
1/13/2004 Baby Woodrose Money For Soul LP $18.99 Bad Afro "The Danish music scene is finally getting somewhere and Baby Woodrose is the latest proof. They create a unique sound that takes them to the 60's and back leaving the music being influenced by many shades of rock'n'roll and psych but played with heartfelt punk attitude. Baby Woodrose are: Lorenzo Woodrose alias Guf Lorenzen on guitar/vocals (ex-drummer for OnTrial and main man behind side projects like Disconnected Flowers, Pandemonica, Spids Nøgenhat a.o.) Riky Woodrose alias Anders Skjødt on bass (ex-guitar player in On Trial) Rocco Woodrose alias Anders Grøn on drums (drummer in an early incarnation of The Raveonettes). Baby Woodrose received quite a lot of attention outside Denmark with their self-released debut album ‘Blows Your Mind’ from 2001. In reality a one-man operation by Lorenzo Woodrose who wrote the songs, played all the instruments, produced the record and put it out on his own Pan Records. Baby Woodrose is now a real band and the next album is quite different. Baby Woodrose have only been playing live for 2 years but they already have a reputation of being a sweaty, jaw-dropping live experience. During the summer 2002 they played festivals like Roskilde Festival, Gutter Island, Barbarella, By:Larm, Swamp Room Happening and a showcase at Popkomm with Flaming Sideburns and Sweatmaster. In 2003 they have toured in Norway twice and in Germany with Sweatmaster, played SXSW in Texas and New York and in June they opened the main stage at the biggest festival in Northern Europe: Roskilde Festival."
11/4/2006 Bad Brains Live At CBGB 1982 DVD $16.99 MVD Culled from footage filmed over the course of three days at CBGB's legendary Hardcore Festival, this stunning performance from punk/reggae pioneers Bad Brains showcases their unique sound and unforgettable stage presence. Songs include "Big Takeover," "Attitude," "Right Brigade," "Riot Squad," "At the Movies," "Redbone in the City," "Pay to Cum," and more.
9/30/2005 Bad Drumlin Grass Bad Drumlin Grass CDR $8.99 Milvia Son Records "The 24 minute opening track is born of a clear deep stream. Once ashore, its pulsating sighs feedback languidly over the faintly brittle sounds of its kaleidoscopically hardening shell. Track 2 arrives with the rains, swelling and exploding all that has gone before, and imparting upon the listener the vaguely disturbing impression of Bootsy horse-whipping an instrumental version of "Do What You Like" out of a nude and wasted Terry Riley." "Bad Drumlin Grass is the first release on Milvia Son Records, a nascent label which exists to document the personal expression of a two discrete musicians who stumbled through years of post-adolescence under the influence of acid, beer and analog feedback. In the beginning, BDG limited itself to performance art pieces before small unwilling audiences (e.g., playing frisbee stoned in the front of one member's apartment complex as the strains of Revolution Number 9 blasted out of his bedroom window). Later pieces in a similar vein included the endless playing of the choicest and most sublime Grateful Dead bootlegs for two of Black Flag's ugliest fans who happened upon BDG's hotel suite. Now, at last, their self-titled CDR presents Bad Drumlin Grass doing what they were born to do: mutually destroying and recreating their egos via the deliberate or accidental contact of acoustic and electrical musical instruments with their hands, feet and lips." Numbered edition of 175 copies.
10/6/2007 Bad Drumlin Grass The Invigorating Scent of… LP $9.99 Milvia Son Records "The second Bad Drumlin Grass record is the first vinyl release on Milvia Son Records. Way back in July of 2006, Sensei Rebel chose the band's schizophrenic inaugural CDR (Birth/Afterbirth) as his 'Ambient Pick of the Week.' Forsaking the drone (at least temporarily), Bad Drumlin Grass presents two solid sides of junk 'n' roll instrumental freakouts that careen into the void like cigarette cherries dropping into the fake beard of a paranoid neo-folkie where, like Sonny Bono, they just sit there and *burn*. These are not the lost Hams rehearsals tapes. Imagine Richard Thompson and Garth Hudson rehearsing for 10,000 hours and touring with This Heat. This record is the exact opposite of that, except for being recorded live without overdubs. 300 copies for the world."
1/29/2003 Bad Girls Unauthorized Recordings CD $8.99 Public Eyesore "Unauthorized Recordings is the collected recordings from a series of improvisational sessions between Mike Khoury (Entropy Stereo. violin), Ben Bracken (Flashpaper. guitar, organ), and Michigan experimenter Wade Kergan. A widely varying series of unsettling recordings from eerie frigid electronic pieces to crunchy minimalism to dizzying start/stop interplays approaching free jazz."
8/22/2008 Bad Statistics, The Lucky Town Gone CD $12.99 Pseudo Arcana "On the follow up to last years debut "Static" LP ((Kr-aa-k)3) The Bad Statistics have set about laying waste to the New Zealand suburban dream with this album, a much darker and heavier affair than their debut. Led by a bald suit clad psychopath named Thebis Mutante who chants and howls and grunts throughout their doom laden droning rock mantra the closest comparison I have been able to come up with is some sort of hybrid of The Birthday Party, Circle, and The Reynols. If the debut LP were to be regarded as the Mission Statement of Bad Statistics Great Annual Report in the Sky, "Lucky Town Gone" is not the Business Highlights chapter to be expected next, but a sideways lurch straight to Appendix 17: Corrupted Data. Recorded onto degraded old cassette tape, "Lucky Town Gone" is a collection of mean-spirited practice room jams that sees the core four-piece of Bad Statistics further embracing the stoner doom drone rock that already defined large parts of "Static". The seven tracks of "Lucky Town Gone" are again spearheaded by the abrasive, sense-eluding vocal emissions of Thebis Mutante. Critical response to Mutante's contributions on "Static" was deeply divided, and the new album is expected to further polarise opinions. Mutante is backed by Mark Williams (Marineville, Idle Suite, Cookie Brooklyn) on guitar, Justin Barr (Raskolnikovs, Users, Wrongdoings, Delaney Ghost Orchestra) on bass, and Johannes Contag (Jay Clarkson, Cloudboy, Sleepytime) on drums and production."
9/17/2011 Bad Trip Beat Is Murder cassette $6.99 House of Alchemy "New duo outing from Pascal Nichols (Part Wild Horses Mane on Both Sides) and Julien Dupont. Out jazz, drone, freeform clang. Hypnotic, attention-grabbing sounds. Crucial stuff. Art by Faye Coral Johnson."
12/24/2005 Badgerlore Stories for Owls LP $12.99 Yik Yak The second full-length release from psychedelic bread bakers and bird whisperers Badgerlore -- represented on this release by beard-core ambassadors Ben Chasny (Six Organs Of Admittance, Comets On Fire), Tom Carter (Charalambides), Pete Swanson (Yellow Swans), and Rob Fisk (7 Year Rabbit Cycle, ex-Deerhoof) -- Stories For Owls features six beautifully lush, organic pieces that rise and fall with the group's broke-down, burned-up improv and the interplay of piano, vocals, and dual guitars. The music is organized around the conceptual theme of birds constructing nests, and each track explores this idea differently. Stories For Owls also showcases the talents of two newcomers; Tom Carter, whose playing seems beamed in from some entirely off-kilter universe; and Pete Swanson, who by grabbing and processing live sound, both in real time and through tape-delay, gives the already rickety skeletons of these songs an even greater fragility and tenderness. Beautiful and devastating."
11/23/2004 Bahrain Bahrain CDR $12.99 Blue Circle "The band first emerged from Austin's psychic inner ear in July, 2000. A year later they'd finalized their lineup and were honing what was becoming a very distinct approach to postpunk's high-strung musical palette. The foursome has the net effect of a carload of grad students (with great record collections), who've picked up instruments and marched forward to slay the dumbed-down cartoon that pop has become. It's been a quick year. The results are showing and the rewards are there for the hearing. Singer Scott Telles (ST 37) has a vocal range not heard since the days of David Byrne and Feargal Sharkey. T. helms the keyboards but also plays bass: this in combination with bassist / backing vocalist Colleen G. makes for a deep, rich, undulating groove. Drummer Melissa J. adds the substantial (read: heavy) underpinning for the emergent, hypnotic bedrock. Guitarist Doug B. has plenty of room to further punch up the song's lick or skitter over its top, wild-eyed, and create plenty of nice, jagged spaces. He's the counterweight, wearing away his frets for the cause." - Dave Bottoms
5/6/2011 Balduin Schatten & Lichter c31 cassette $5.99 //cae-sur-a// "Sleepwalking in lost memories, a hairy goblin processes ambient lo-fi nightmarish tales on keyboard, flute, found objects and percussion. Recalling images from childhood days in the Bavarian woods, these Madeleines taste like cold sweat; dark, romantic and surreal elegies for a past never experienced, only imagined. Some call it "Hauntology", we call it Bavarian Gothic. Schatten & Lichter provides ten sonic stillborn changelings at midnight, preserved and presented here on tape. -Holger Adam, Phantom Limbo. Hand numbered edition of 100."
8/1/2014 Baldwin, Matt Golden Twins c60 cassette $8.99 Sloow Tapes "Echoguitars floating into reverse spinning wormholes, slowly evolving endless variating looped melodies and riffs in swirling hypnotic delayed consciousness. The B side is a meditative harmonium piece recorded on the beach. 100 copies."
1/30/2010 BambiKill / Joey Chainshaw split c51 cassette $7.99 Bumtapes "BambiKill and Joey Chainsaw's split tape collaboration is born screaming from all basements of weathered rented city houses. Joe and Christelle have been making Art and Music as a duo in Bristol for some while now, and are finally captured here together for the first time. Subterranean amps rumble and strain under the shifting earth-tones channelled by their guitars, a real unity can be heard as both musicians lay down tracks of personal psychedelic beauty, Joey's bowed rusted guitar strings carefully sing alongside Christelle's haunting vocals and stripped down fuzzed out guitarŠHuge riffs are held down and restrained as metal strings scrape and echo into drifting delicate song structures, reminiscent of charalambides etc.."
11/18/2004 Bananafish Issue #18 Magazine + CD $10.99 Tedium House “The final issue of this long-running haven for avant-garde mavericks of all flavors checks in with in depth features on artist, musican DAVID LESTER (MECCA NORMAL); NYC acid-headed improv tour guides MONOTRACT (interviewed by DYLAN NYOUKIS); avant violin/electronics/voice iconoclast and author BURNING STAR CORE (aka C. SPENCER YEH); lost and overlooked Argentinean psychospatial composer NELSON GASTALDI (found and restored by South American sideshow barkers REYNOLS); CRAWL UNIT noise mumbler JOE COLLEY; and experimental writer, visual poet, xtant editor and Juxta publisher JIM LEFTWICH. Packaged with a CD featuring exclusive music from all the above. Bye-bye, Miss American Piehole.”
12/24/2005 Banhart, Devendra / Xiu Xiu split 7" $6.99 5 Rue Christine "A brand new 7-inch split between two unique songwriting talents. DEVENDRA BANHART delivers a revivalist hymn version of XIU XIU's "Support Out Troops! OH!," backed by Xiu Xiu's deconstructed/dance-blipped version of Banhart's "The Body Breaks," complete with signature freak-out vocals."
3/14/2014 Banning, Mark Journey to the Light LP $16.99 Students of Decay "Recorded in Northern California in 1984 and released in a micro edition by the Creative Sound imprint in January of the following year, Mark Banning's Journey to the Light is a true lost gem of private issue New Age music, an album that is more spoken about than heard and deserves to be recognized alongside established classics of the genre. For too long it has languished out of print and nearly impossible to come by, occasionally popping up in private auctions only to be snatched up by savvy collectors. Incorporating processed electric guitar, zither, voice and field recordings, it is unabashedly beautiful music-two side-long pieces that feel as though they may have always existed, hanging in the air like a morning fog over the Pacific. As archetypal to the genre as Banning's compositions might appear to be, it would be remiss not to comment on their singular nature. Indeed, Banning's music has a seriousness and intensity that was absent from much of the New Age scene as it existed in the early '80s. The album's first piece, "Everlasting Moments," charts a course somewhere between the weblike guitar cycles of Manuel Gottsching and the buoyant minimalism of Terry Riley. "A Sea of Glass" constructs itself similarly but navigates even calmer waters, providing the listener with a sensuous tapestry of ever-evolving guitar drones and radiant zither filigree. These heady, oddly prescient recordings were uncovered by New Age historian / figurehead Douglas Mcgowan (Yoga Records) and will appeal as much to fans of drone and ambient music as to those enamored with labyrinthine annals of American private press records, New Age as such, or with the recent renaissance of synthesizer-based experimental music. Remastered for presence and clarity by James Plotkin, this special reissue is the definitive edition of Banning's transportive masterwork."
9/29/2003 Barbed Pocket Reminders 7" $4.99 Elevator Bath "Barbed is the London based duo Alex McKechnie and Alex Burrow. They've appeared on numerous compilations (and most recently on the People Like Us Hate People Like Us remix project) and have released a full-length on These Records, but this is the first I have heard from them. These two tracks are teeming with intensity and energy, defined by their strong rhythms, heavy loops, bizarre vocal manipulations, feedback and lots of sound interference. These tracks impel me to turn the volume way up to fully experience these cathartic and energetic sounds, but this is especially so in the case of "Pocket Reminders" on side A, my favourite of the two tracks. Barbed has produced a wonderful and impactful little single, and makes me very glad to see that Elevator Bath seems to be committed to presenting records that are high on quality and short on duration (thus far their catalogue is composed of 7, 10 and 12" records). This edition is limited to 800." - Richard di Santo
7/8/2003 Bardo Pond On The Ellipse CD $15.99 All Tomorrow's Parties "The sixth album from Philadelphia psych lords and deep-lung THC rockers Bardo Pond. Six brand new tracks that come off like a leaden mix of Sabbathian riffs blended with the folk beauty of Led Zeppelin III, rocked heavier and fresher sounding than anything the band's done prior." Recommended!
3/14/2014 Bardo Pond Yntra LP $33.99 Latitudes "Bardo Pond are a band who don't so much let their music wash over you in all its beauty as tangle you up in it to the point where you become completely eclipsed by them. The resulting session seems to tie up everything their fans love about them so much; from the elaboration of the densest, textural landscapes to moments of pure, ecstatic clarity. Yntra is a brilliant distillation of what the band do best into just three epic tracks. Still incredibly thick with their battery of guitars and unrelenting signature groove riding merrily along underneath, Bardo Pond, true to their name, manage to balance their sound exquisitely between polar extremes." Vinyl version limited to 800 copies on 180 gram, grey colored vinyl. Comes in a foil-blocked and letter-pressed die cut sleeve.
9/17/2006 Barf Thoth Dark Speech cassette $8.99 Fag Tapes "sick llama presents : more ancient tongues unforgotten as they rise through th ground up from the grave. edition 77."
7/16/2006 Barf Thoth Peep Roky cassette $8.99 Fag Tapes "sick llama presents more from behind the scab curtain. the elevator lights went out and the only other dude in there w/ me kept complaining about the silence. said at his crib 13 televisions and radios would be on all the time 25 / 8, all set to different stations. he busted me this tape. edition 77."
3/20/2007 Barf Thoth / The Cases split cassette $8.99 Fag Tapes "Well, i can't say that this tape is boring, that's fer sure. edition 77."
10/25/2008 Bark Haze / Traum Monolith: Jupiter LP + CD $19.99 Music Fellowship "After Dave shuts down HAL and finds the true objective of their mission to Jupiter, he boards a pod and descends towards a monolith in search of the destination of the transmission mankind discovered on the Moon. As he reaches the Jupiter monolith, he begins to travel through a tunnel of lights, projected through space and time until he ends up in an ornately decorated bedroom with Renaissance artwork and molding. In the bedroom, Dave starts to rapidly age. As he lies in his deathbed another monolith appears. Just as the apes did in the opening sequence, he reaches out to it, echoing Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel, and is evolved; the starchild is born. The Monolith series combines two like-minded artists on the same one-sided, reverse-cut LP by hard-panning one recording to the right and the other recording to the left. By adjusting the panning controls on his or her turntable, the listener is free to control the degree to which the two recordings melt into one. Each edition in the series is limited to a one-time pressing of 500 picture disc LPs featuring a Monolith inspired painting by Ned Clayton and includes a CD with stereo mixes. Monolith: Jupiter is realized by two fre(e/ak)-jazz duos: Traum and Bark Haze. On the right is Bark Haze, the duo of Gown (Andrew MacGregor) and Thurston Moore. Bark Haze explores the interplay between two unbridled electric guitars. This recording focuses on restraint: an intimate melding of the minds through careful abuse of the strings. On the left is Traum, in this recording the duo of Hell Hall (Graveyards) and Zac Davis (Lambsbread). The project is Hall's continuation of Graveyards' from the gutter ode to jazz's influence on noise. This recording combines Hall's creative and controlled drumwork and percussion with Davis' schizophrenic/ADHD guitar hallucinations. The combination of the two recordings is either interstellar kismet or pure trash or at least interstellar trash."
6/4/2004 Barlow, Rich Black Diamond Baby CD $9.99 Stick It To the Man Records "In April of 2004 Flaneur Productions presented ‘Black Diamond Baby,’ a new play by Jim Bovino. The soundtrack was written and recorded by Rich Barlow (The Pins, Barlow / Petersen / Wivinus, Molloy) and features theme music and dronescapes for Hammond organ and electric guitar, as well as spoken word and music interludes from the play." More info at http://www.geocities.com/flaneur_productions

Barlow, Rich Inventory CD $8.99 Stick It To The Man Records “In October of 2001 Flaneur Productions presented the world premiere of ‘Inventory’, a new play by playwright John O’Donoghue at the Soap Factory in Minneapolis. The soundtrack was recorded by Rich Barlow (The Pins, Molloy, Barlow/Petersen/Wivinius) and is now available as limited edition cdr from Stick It To The Man. The soundtracks creepy ambience perfectly matches the subject matter of the play, a psychiatric ward where it’s unclear who is the doctor and who is the patient, or whether the building itself is making the inhabitants sick. It was recorded using almost exclusively non-traditional sound sources: fluorescent lights, motors, ground hum and feedback.”
6/25/2013 Barn Owl V LP + download $19.99 Thrill Jockey "Barn Owl has always specialized in devotional darkness, pushing desert rock into previously unexplored, murky territories. V marks a shift in approach for the duo of Jon Porras and Evan Caminiti. The pair augmented their arsenal of guitars and effects with an array of electronics, vastly expanding the album's sounds and textures. Special attention was given to implied rhythms nestled within dense slow building environments, giving the album a rhythmic presence, albeit one that is buried beneath intricate layers. Theirs is a ghostly rhythm, almost beyond reach. Barn Owl recorded V with Phil Manley (Trans Am, Life Coach) at LCR in their native San Francisco during the cold and foggy summer of 2012. Working with electronics allowed the duo more freedom to create the album layer by layer, designing each sound and each section individually. V is the most complex and diverse album by Barn Owl to date." LP version is pressed on high quality virgin vinyl and packaged in an old-style tip-on gatefold jacket printed with spot UV gloss printing on back panel and gatefold. Included is a free download coupon. "The Long Shadow," our first taste of V, hits all the Barn Owl sweet spots: clean-toned guitars chime, reverberate, and loop back to do it again; a cloud of delay-bleached organ hangs over the mix, coming back to Earth to slip a four chord progression into the murk; pedals click on and the guitar tone splinters into that overdriven howl we know and love. Something's new here, though: the mix is denser than previous Owl offerings. As more synth layers accumulate and absorb the duo's previously looped tones into one mammoth, pulsing swirl, these 5 minutes stretch into what feels like 15." - Tiny Mix Tapes

Barnes, Tim All Acoustics CD $12.99 Quakebasket Solo disc from Tim Barnes (Tower Recordings and lots of other projects including the great Quakebasket label). These two improvisations were performed on July 18, 2001 at Lost Planet Editorial, between 9pm and 11pm. There has been no editing or overdubbing done to these performances. “All Acoustics is now pressed as a full-on CD and contains additional art from the original release. However, the music is the same - two lengthy percussion improvisation - cut live with no overdubbing or editing. Barnes attack (and restraint) in line with Cecil Taylor, Derek Bailey, or Toru Takemitsu. But as Tony Oxley, Milford Graves, and Paul Lovins did before him, Barnes searches out all the possible sounds of any object he chooses to play. A recording for non-cynical people everywhere.”
11/6/2010 Barnett, Alex Section: 4 c20 cassette $6.99 Pizza Night "Insanely killer terminator meets escape from ny synthesizer.... truly carpenter'esque but still very brooding and wandering like good tangerine dream, pro dubbed with art designed by alex himself."
12/24/2005 Baroque Bordello Abnormal Songs LP $22.99 QBICO Originally issued on cassette on the R.E.P. label in the 80's in very limited quantities, then re-issued on a 10 CD-R box set entitled "Makoto Kawabata Early Works 1978-1981" (ltd. ed. 100 copies only, numbered, sold out). "This is a music that i originally composed for a play called Alice in Nakedland. The play was some erotic expressionist nonsense, sort of like Alice in Wonderland and Dr. Caligari's Crime added together then divided by two. My script was used, but my music was rejected by the other staff members" M. Kawabata. These are recordings from 1980 pressed on light blue clear vinyl.
1/15/2005 Barrett, Syd Barrett CD $13.99 Harvest CD issue of Syd Barrett’s 2nd and last official release from 1970. This reissue features 6 bonus tracks in addition to the 12 on the original recording. "On his second solo album, Barrett was joined by Humble Pie drummer Jerry Shirley and Pink Floyd members Rick Wright (organ) and Dave Gilmour (guitar). Gilmour and Wright acted as producers as well. Instrumentally, the result is a bit fuller and smoother than the first album, although it's since been revealed that Gilmour and Wright embellished these songs as best they could without much involvement from Barrett, who was often unable or unwilling to perfect his performance. The songs, however, are just as fractured as on his debut, if not more so. 'Baby Lemonade,' 'Gigolo Aunt,' and the nursery rhyming 'Effervescing Elephant' rank among his peppiest and best-loved tunes. Elsewhere, the tone is darker and more meandering. It was regarded as something of a charming but unfocused throwaway at the time of its release, but Barrett's singularly whimsical and unsettling vision holds up well." – Richie Unterberger, All Music Guide
1/1/2014 Barrett, Syd Barrett LP $20.99
"Back after a 3-year absence! This 1970 release was his 2nd solo album, but unlike the first it was more of a band effort, with participation by David Gilmour, Rick Wright, and HUMBLE PIE drummer Jerry Shirley, and including some of his best-known post-FLOYD material, such as "Baby Lemonade" and "Gigolo Aunt." Original artwork, black vinyl pressing , Euro import."
1/1/2014 Barrett, Syd The Madcap Laughs LP $20.99
"Another Barrett classic finally back in print. His first 1970 post-FLOYD album (recorded the previous year), this has half of the tracks produced by Roger Waters and David Gilmour, and half by Malcolm Jones of Harvest Records, with some including overdubs by members of SOFT MACHINE. Original artwork, black vinyl pressing, Euro import."
1/15/2005 Barrett, Syd Wouldn’t You Miss Me?: The Best of Syd Barrett CD $15.99 Harvest "What is it about depravity that demands attention? From disaster porn to Lifetime movies, our culture loves to vicariously exorcise their diminutive traumas through those whose lives have been wrought with pain. This carries over to the world of music where the dynamic between tragedy and reverence is exalted, rather than critiqued, and personified by such talents as Nick Drake, Tim Buckley, Johnny Ace and, more recently, Mark Sandman. The macabre tales and images of their self-destruction are indelibly linked to the bodies of work they left behind, forever blurring the lines that separate an impartial assessment of their talents from the content of their character. The truth is that the music of those who burn out isn't necessarily judged by a different set of standards so much as it's judged by the standards the artists set for themselves during their creative zeniths. After all, these modern legends posthumously govern a world where rumors and hearsay reach mythical proportions and idolaters devote their entire lives to collecting every shred of sound their own personal God/Goddess ever committed to tape. 'Syd' Roger Barrett is one of those golden calves, though fashioned by a much different maker. The infamous story of his rise to the forefront of the burgeoning British psychedelic scene in the late 60s - for those of you not up on your Syd, he was the premier singer/songwriter of Pink Floyd that fell into a drug-induced mania catalyzed by already-prevalent schizophrenic conditions - has been reiterated, exaggerated, invoked, and novelized so many times that it's arguably overshadowed his seminal contributions to popular music. These contributions - his two solo albums, The Madcap Laughs and Barrett, both released in 1970 - transcend his work with late-60s Pink Floyd and make for haunting aural documents of a prolific talent's dilapidating psyche while paradoxically managing to retain a rich charm and hooks sharp enough to make Peter Pan wet his tights. Discounting a few independently distributed releases and Cleopatra's Octopus, no serious attempt has ever been made to compile the 'best of' Syd Barrett, let alone to confine the content to his solo material. This may be partially due to the Herculean nature of the task. Though the Madcap's output as a solo artist only adds up to roughly 45 songs (22 of which are contained here), it would be easy for the compiler to fail in their intention, given Syd's penchant for an enduring arrangement and melody. The release of Wouldn't You Miss Me, which draws from every facet of Barrett's available recorded output, is certainly no exception, notably omitting 'No Man's Land,' a common fan favorite, and the stark acoustic demo of 'Rats,' which is home to some of Barrett's most self-effacing (and successful) stream-of-consciousness, and was originally released with fuller instrumentation on Barrett before finding its way onto Opel, a collection of rarities and outtakes. Regardless, the collection itself is a long overdue acknowledgment of the disarming beauty found in Syd's work outside the psychedelic stratum." - Kevin Adickes, February 13th, 2002, Pitchfork Magazine. It is also worth noting that this cd includes 'Bob Dylan Blues'which has not been released anywhere before or since.
5/29/2015 Basho, Robbie The Falconer's Arm, Vol. 1 LP $19.99
"First reissue of Robbie Basho's The Falconer's Arm, Vol. 1, originally released by John Fahey's Takoma label in 1967. The Falconer's Arm pair of LPs (this record and the simultaneously reissued Vol. 2 (C 1018LP)) is widely considered Basho's best work; monumental pieces of folk guitar invention from the pioneer, fusing the drones of Indian raga with flamenco and traditional folk. Fully remastered with excellent sound. Limited edition pressing of 500 copies."
5/29/2015 Basho, Robbie The Falconer's Arm, Vol. 2 LP $19.99
"First reissue of Robbie Basho's The Falconer's Arm, Vol. 2, originally released by John Fahey's Takoma label in 1967. The Falconer's Arm pair of LPs (this record and the simultaneously reissued Vol. 1 (C 1017LP)) is widely considered Basho's best work; monumental pieces of folk guitar invention from the pioneer, with guitar lines in unusual tunings influenced by both blues and Indian music. Fully remastered with excellent sound. Limited edition pressing of 500 copies."
3/27/2004 Basho-Junghans, Steffen 7 Books double CD $16.99 Strange Attractors Audio House "With over two hours of music spread across two discs, 7 Books finds Basho-Junghans stretching way out, mutating the steel string tradition into the most elaborate excursion into sound and composition that has ever fluttered from his fingertips. Basho-Junghans' experimental works are microcosms of his chance discoveries with the acoustic steel string guitar, focusing in on a particular aspect of his epiphanies; 7 Books gathers all of these microcosms into one Big Bang, erupting into a vast universe of subtle and complex sound galaxies. Six-string guitar provides the template for Disc One, and each 'book' (composition) opens and closes with a deep array of chapters and passages. Chiming tones, pulsating percussive runs, finger scrapes and dazzling finger techniques build and build in raga-like fashion. Disc Two focuses on music composed with slide guitar, and Basho-Junghans' particular alien glissandos dance like refracted light, a gloriously disorienting sound broadcast seemingly from a foreign land. Minimalism, Eastern raga, trance-inducing repetition, Spectralist tonal investigations, folk and American fingerstyle steel-string tradition coalesce into one astounding epic for the solo acoustic guitar. Steffen Basho-Junghans follows his instincts above everything else and discovers a myriad of universes within a solitary instrument, inventing a new language in the process."

Basho-Junghans, Steffen Inside CD $12.99 Strange Attractors Audio House "Evolving amorphously from the New Folk tradition inspired by Takoma Records artists John Fahey, Peter Lang and especially Robbie Basho, Berlin's most enigmatic steel-string guitarist Steffen Basho-Junghans exorcises radically new voices and perspectives out of the acoustic steel string guitar. Possessing an impeccable instinct and insatiable curiosity, this innovative guitar master is on a constant search to discover new possibilities for the instrument. Conceptually, Inside is a metaphysical excursion exploring the idea 'inside the outside'. Using 'wrong' playing techniques as the basic launching point, Inside casts aside the inhibitive shackles of theory and develops the basic idea via a meditative and utterly minimalist approach. Hypnotizing soundscapes emerge from the depths, enveloping and distorting any semblance of time to the point of blissful disorientation. Broken into three movements, '1st Movement' establishes the very essence of the piece as a subtly shifting meander through space, building in a somewhat percussive, raga-like manner. '2nd Movement, Part 1, 2 & 3' seem to hit a sojourn in the trip, dancing around a universe where Derek Bailey and Rod Poole incessantly debate the merits of John Fahey's America album. '3rd Movement' moves back into the saturating theme, galloping through various minute manifestations, ebbing and flowing effortlessly. An astonishing array of sounds are coaxed out of his acoustic steel string, remarkable considering Inside was recorded solo, with no overdubs whatsoever. Standing uniquely apart as a singular suite of minimal-trance for solo acoustic guitar, Inside sets folk standards collectively on it's ear. With this record, Steffen Basho-Junghans makes a radical statement on the potential of acoustic guitar music. His ultimate achievement, however, is the creation of absolute beauty."
11/4/2006 Basho-Junghans, Steffen Late Summer Morning CD $12.99 Strange Attractors Audio House "Much in the vein of his pastorale epic Rivers and Bridges, Steffen Basho-Junghans harkens back to the heyday of American Primitive guitar, as defined by John Fahey circa Fare Forward Voyagers and America, and the American raga structures of Robbie Basho. 'Late Summer Morning,' the title track, is an unabashedly beautiful extended composition for 6-string guitar, stretching out languidly and effortlessly like a morning raga saturated in crisp, warming hues. With the steel string tradition as a steadfast reference point, Basho-Junghans utilizes unorthodox pacing, picking and rhythms as Late Summer Morning progresses. 'Woodland Orchestra' discreetly harkens to themes of tone and minimalism as found on 7 Books or any one of his experimental albums, while 'Azure No. 3' wraps glistening guitar lines into circular patterns to create lovely trance-inducing color wheels. A key component to Late Summer Morning, however, is Basho-Junghans' ability to strike out into the unknown while keeping the sounds and tones grounded, something that is evident as multiple sound forms hit the ear with calming bliss. American folk and classical, East Indian raga, Native American linearity, the resonance of Middle Eastern folk and melodic minimalism (i.e. Steve Reich) meld together in a fashion that is tremendously cinematic and allegorically vivid."
4/10/2005 Basho-Junghans, Steffen Unknown Music 1: Alien Letter CD $14.99 Sillyboy "'Alien Letter is the 1st project of a series of guitar 'excursions into the Unknown', most of them dialogues with one guitar, recorded live and pure (in my living room) to dat and edited gently. Into this one I came deep at night, when I took a guitar to close the 'day' with some sounds. The channel characteristics are those of the player position. No overdubs or reverb have been added.' - SBJ, Berlin, August 2004. This is how Steffen describes his brand new album, the first one for Sillyboy Records. For us, Alien Letter is another fascinating chapter in Junghans' outstanding musical career - and one of the most mysteriously intriguing. This time, the Berlin-based acoustic guitarist is really mapping uncharted territories and the result is this dense, massive album, linked to the tradition of both Derek Bailey and John Fahey, but also one step forward, out in the unknown. Quite literally beyond description, spiritual and out-there, Alien Letter has probably more in common with the healing power of Albert Ayler and surely it is a deeply personal missive from one of today's greatest acoustic guitarists."
9/30/2005 Basho-Junghans, Steffen Unknown Music II CD $14.99 Preservation "The Preservation label presents Unknown Music II - Transwarp Meditation, from Steffen Basho-Junghans. The passion for exploratory acoustic music currently in grip has been with Steffen Basho-Junghans for a long time. Based in Berlin, Steffen has been one of the most searching artists in the ever-increasingly loose folk idiom for over two decades. His work on the six and twelve-string guitar makes him a modern-day counterpart to great trailblazers John Fahey and Robbie Basho, from who he takes his name as a creative talisman. Unknown Music II is much more than just a set of psychedelic overtures. It's a work of deep spiritual vision that comes from having travelled far down an exceptionally individual path.
11/6/2010 Bassett, Marcia & Helena Espvall Lapidary LP $18.99 Alt Vinyl "Massively impressive vinyl upgrade from Alt Vinyl of what was originally a limited cassette release with super-heavy almost Shadoks-style sleeves in an edition of 400 copies pressed on 180g vinyl. Taj Mahal Travellers were a name that was regularly associated with Marcia Bassett's Double Leopards, a group that formulated a specifically US-underground take on Takehisa Kosugi's deep-space drone environments. Yet her solo work has seen her move away from the more organic/psychedelic aspects of the Double Leopards experiment, focussed more on metal sonorities and vertical ascensions of tone than pools of dilated reverb. But this LP, featuring Bassett on guitar alongside cellist Helena Espvall (Ghost/Espers et al), is the closest her solo work has come to the narcotic appeal of Taj Mahal Travellers. There's an orchestral feel to the music that is a little more ornate than Bassett's normal style, with the feel of two people interacting more directly than the normal fug of F/X would allow. Still, there's still a huge amount of depth to the recording, with bowed and vibrated strings combining in vortices of magical anti-gravity tone to conjure ghosts of drone. Recommended." - Volcanic Tongue
5/8/2015 Bassett, Marcia & Samara Lubelski 110 Livingston LP $25.99 Golden Lab Records "Second album from this weighty pairing of two of America's most audacious psychedelic drone proponents, following a stunning release on Graham Lambkin's Kye label a couple of years back. The combination of Marcia Bassett's pretty well processed guitar, squashing otherwise raging howls into densely packed tones of feedback wail, and Samara Lubelski's long violin voyages into the drone zone is something wondrous to behold. One side-long trip and three shorter, but nevertheless expansive, explorations of black magic meditation. Don't miss this one. Comes in an edition of just 250 on 140g vinyl with beautiful matt sleeve art."
3/6/2010 Basshaters Harsh Lovers Sick Zoo c40 cassette $4.99 Yik Yak "Totally seamless electric/acoustic mindmeld from the duo of Jacob Heule (Ettrick) and Tony Dryer. Double bass, floor tom and cymbals trigger electronics, which are processed to create spontaneous compositions ranging from articulate harsh noise to quiet moments reminiscent of Comus, U.S Maple and Brigitte Fontaine."
3/22/2013 Bathaus / Drug Machine / Mater Suspiria Vision / Cyndies Bizarre Club Hits Vol 1 LP $15.99 Phantasma Disques Phantasma have released a vinyl lp, Bizarre Club Hits Vol 1. A split between Bathaus, Cyndies, Mater Susperia Vision and Drug Machine. Limited to 300 copies.
Side A:
Bathaus- Inferno (Video Mix)
Bathaus - He with claws
Bathaus - Blood be Blood (Nicky Romance Remix)
Cyndies - Amanda
Hidden Track
Side B:
Drug Machine - Killer
Drug Machine - Ju-On
Mater Suspiria Vision - Witchcraft 69
Mater Suspiria Vision - Crackbusting Angels
Check video here for Drug Machine track: https://vimeo.com/35273123
10/25/2008 Baumann, Matt An Island CDR $12.99 Reverb Worship "This is "An Island" by saxophonist Matt Baumann. Over the summer months we talked about releasing an album. Matt's response was to send me this wonderful solo recording. The cd is split into eight tracks.Imagine the waves breaking on the beach of some remote deserted island with echoing calls of a lyrical,mournful and lonely saxophone crying from a inner soul. I wanted to combine the release with a recollection from my past. I always loved the music of saxophonist Jan Garbarek and cover designs of the german ECM record label he was on. So this is the result."
12/13/2008 Baxendale, Tom Her Ghost 7" $6.99 Great Pop Supplement "Beautiful debut 45 from London singer songwriter Tom Baxendale. Ace blend of alt. country, folk and Americana, with an 'A' side rush of acoustic guitar and mandolin recalling atmospheric odes to love and loss. The 'B' side lowers the tempo and is way more gentle, recalling perhaps, 'Gosdin Brothers' era Gene Clark. Regular gigging partner to previous GPS debutant Pete Greenwood. A pressing of 300 copies in gorgeously cool orange and green tracing paper booklets, again, not expected to sit around for longŠ"
5/23/2009 Bayal with Arnaud Riviere First Contact CDR $10.99 Bug Incision "John Boyle and Aya Onishi (of Nihilist Spasm Band) play an arsenal of drums, modified thumb pianos & kazoos, with guest Arnaud Riviere (of Textile Orchestra, among other things) on destroyed turntables. The music was recorded live in France, documenting their set at Sonic Protest from a few years back. It consists of a half hour of unrelenting primal improvisation, underpinned by some early-man-style drumming and skittering cascades of feedback and heavily amplified, tactile interplay. Limited edition of 100, with b&w photo-print."
1/13/2004 Baz / Edith Bunker's Demonized Vomit Insurance split LP $8.99 Nauscopy Records "Imagine if an ant the size of a golden retriever and an elephant the size of an ant haunted you at night in an effort to get you to smear your naked body with electricity and deli mustard in the stratosphere, only to be directly transported to a very dark place. You fumble around and find a doorknob. Won't open. Your vision adjusts to the darkness and you slowly realize you are in your own closet. Whose idea was it to lock the closet anyway?" Handmade jackets. Lot of inserts. A strange record. Edition of 200 copies.
1/1/2008 Beach Boys Smile LP $20.99
"A great collection of unreleased outtakes and demos from their psychedelic "Smiley Smile" period: "Prayer," "Heroes & Villains," "Barnyard," "Do You Like Worms," "The Old Masterpainter / You are My Sunshine," "He Gives Speeches," "Wonderful," Child is Father of the Man," "Cabin Essence," "Look," "Good Vibrations," "I Wanna Be Around/Friday Night," "Vega-Tables," "Wind Chimes," "Mrs. O'Leary's Cow," "I Love to Say DaDa," "You're Welcome," and "Surf's Up." Very informative liner notes on each track, and a nice full color cover. UK import."
11/5/2002 Bead Game Baptism LP $27.99
Bootleg reissue with nicely done paste-on covers. "New England low-key psych. harmonies, keys, some fuzz. The ‘Baptism’ material was recorded in 1970."
11/17/2007 Beak Full of Rubies Beak Full of Rubies one sided LP $12.99 Ypsilanti Records "An entire year after they were initially pressed, the Beak Full Of Rubies one-sided LPs are finally finished, printed, amazing and ready for the world. There were only 100 copies made, and they'll be gone in a lot less than a year! If you have no idea who BFOR are, don't worry, they're kinda under the radar. It's Scott Deroche, Chuck Sipperly & Chandan Narayan, three sweet dudes who improvise and rustle in an elctro-acoustic via sampled noise and prepared instruments style."
3/9/2013 Bear Bones, Lay Low El Telonero CD $15.99 Kraak "It took Ernesto Gonzalez more than three years to record the follow-up for his 'Vallée de Dith', but it was definitely worth the waiting! 'El Telonero' is a tribute to the art of opening up for other bands. This album was created during a period in which Gonzalez got more comfortable on stage, often setting the vibe for the night. Concentrating on the ultimate tuning-in quality. The loose kraut-inspired jams of his second record are pretty much absent here. The focus is on analog synths and old drum computers, but unlike the whole neo-ambient just-bought-something-analog-and-ran-it-through-my-loopstation-scene this album is a well constructed and elaborated piece of art. Taking his inspirations from old masters such as Mort Garson, Bruce Haack, Angel Rada and Martin Rev, 'El Telonero' became a throbbing head spinner that is as much an ambitious third ear experience as an exotic library dream. The whole is heavily fueled by catchy mind melodies."
3/9/2013 Bear Bones, Lay Low El Telonero LP $15.99 Kraak "It took Ernesto Gonzalez more than three years to record the follow-up for his 'Vallée de Dith', but it was definitely worth the waiting! 'El Telonero' is a tribute to the art of opening up for other bands. This album was created during a period in which Gonzalez got more comfortable on stage, often setting the vibe for the night. Concentrating on the ultimate tuning-in quality. The loose kraut-inspired jams of his second record are pretty much absent here. The focus is on analog synths and old drum computers, but unlike the whole neo-ambient just-bought-something-analog-and-ran-it-through-my-loopstation-scene this album is a well constructed and elaborated piece of art. Taking his inspirations from old masters such as Mort Garson, Bruce Haack, Angel Rada and Martin Rev, 'El Telonero' became a throbbing head spinner that is as much an ambitious third ear experience as an exotic library dream. The whole is heavily fueled by catchy mind melodies."
12/25/2005 Beast People, The Special Edition DVD-R $12.99 Hanson "DVDr reissue of THE BEAST PEOPLE vhs video released in 1999. This contains the entire video, plus commentary by drunk college girls! Also in the extras are the 1996 & 1997 HANSON promotional videos with clips from ISIS & WEREWOLVES, AWK, NAUTICAL ALMANAC, and more...1997 promo can also be played backwards! DVD authored by C. Spencer Yeh."
2/26/2006 Beast People, The The Beast People 10" $8.99 Hanson Recorded in 1999. One-sided 10" in generic green sleeve. No other information available. Ltd. to 300 copies only.
8/31/2010 Beastianity Root LP $17.99 Dais "10 Years ago, Ian Read's (Fire + Ice) Fremdheit label released two Neofolk/Experimental compilations under the name "The Pact". The second of these compilations contained an unforgettable track from an Australian outfit called Beastianity. Curious about the band and eager to hear more, we tried to dig up as much information as possible - but very little (if any) information was readily available. We were able to find the band shortly after the creation of Dais in 2007, and are proud to announce, along with Praise Dog Publishing, the first ever vinyl release of Beastianity's first and only album "Root", originally released in 1999 on CD and in Australia only. This record is hands down one of the rawest and most unrelenting albums in the neofolk genre. A purely pagan classic. Renown for their wild (and often violent) performances, Beastianity somehow managed to capture that energy in 12 tracks of Dog-Blessed glory." Edition of 300 copies.
11/7/2014 BeauSoleil, Bobby with The Freedom Orchestra and The Magick Powerhouse of Oz Lucifer Rising Suite 4xCD $33.99 Ajna Offensive "At the age of 16, BEAUSOLEIL played guitar for several garage acts, including a brief stint with Arthur Lee and The Grass Roots. (As would prove to be the case throughout his life, BeauSoleil's brief impression was lasting and Lee soon re-christened his band Love, reputedly a winking homage to the young runaway's romantic proclivities.) Bandless but unbroken, BeauSoleil landed in Haight-Ashbury just prior to his 18th birthday. Marching into the thriving psychedelic street revolution, he formed artrock band THE ORKUSTRA and began gigging regularly at Be-In events throughout the city. During this time, just months before the onset of the Summer of Love, underground filmmaker KENNETH ANGER discovered him during a psychedelic arts festival called The Invisible Circus. He immediately cast the handsome musician as the lead man and fallen angel archetype in his latest celluloid ritual, Lucifer Rising. With typical melodramatic pomp, Anger approached him in a parking lot after the festival, declaring, "You are Lucifer!" He agreed to play the part under the condition that he would also compose the film's soundtrack. Caged first in San Quentin and later in Tracy State Prison, BeauSoleil's creative impulses could not be squelched despite his repressive surroundings. With diligence he was able to set up an inmate music program at the latter institution in the early 1970s. Now, for the first time, all the music composed for the soundtrack has been compiled into a single public release. The Lucifer Rising Suite begins with the 1967 version of the soundtrack and continues through a logical sequence of the recordings made in the years spanning 1976-79. The newly unearthed recordings were then restored, cleaned up and combined with those previously released to make the anthology as complete as possible. With lots of artwork inserts, posters, essay."
3/27/2004 Beequeen A Touch of Brimstone CD $14.99 Staalplaat “Beequeen planned to celebrate their tenth anniversary in 1999 with two releases. The first was 'Do Be Do - an anthology of live recordings', which was released as a limited 2LP set on Plinkity Plonk in 1999 (now available as a CDR). The second one was an anthology of recordings that were hard to get and/or previously unreleased - a CD called 'A Touch Of Brimstone'. 'Brimstone' was sent to various labels who expressed their interest in releasing it, but somehow and somewhere lost interest. So merely three years in the process of making, it's now finally available. 'A Touch of Brimstone' features many unreleased recordings from 1989 to1995, aswell as a one cut from the now long-deleted Scala Destillans LP. This release comes with a 32-page booklet, with many exclusive flyers from concerts and hilarious, not seen before, photographs of the band and a fully updated discography. The texts in this booklet are by Till Kniola (Auf Abwegen magazine), Baraka[H] (Troum), Terry Bennett (Beequeen's webmaster), Elenka Freikkar (longest dedicated fan) and Seward D. Faran (Institute for Electrical Music).”
12/24/2003 Beequeen Natursymphonie LP $24.99 Beta-Lactam Ring Records "Nobody fools mother nature...well, almost nobody. The opening scherzo of Beequeen's latest opus includes such well recorded sounds of seagulls that my dog started barking at the speakers! In fact, the entire first movement of the symphonie is nothing but mother nature captured at work by some immaculate recording geniuses (see also Chris Watson's BBC field recordings). In typical unpredictable Beequeen style, a humming drone sneaks up on and then duets with the natural sounds, and then breaks into an illbient triphop. The shifts continue until the aural journey from nature to manmade finished product is realized with echoed metallic splendor." Edition of 120 copies pressed on 220 gram yellow vinyl. Few copies available.
3/27/2004 Beequeen Sugarbush CD $14.99 Raum 312 1996 release of industrial veterans Frans de Waard and Freek Kinkelaar is inspired by and dedicated to Joseph Beuys, the German visual artist whose unconventional and transitory works of art were an attempt to break through society's rationality. This third, Beequeen album is conceptually very much in line with Beuys' philosophy. Coveting the titles of some of their favourite Frank Sinatra, Nell Diamond and Presley songs they start from a commonly known theme, but the great thing about it is they allow a whole new world of musical forms and matters to flourish from it in a composition that radiates positive ambiences from beginning to end. 'Sugarbush' is one huge organic flow of constantly shifting moods, with music that ranges from softer ambiental textures with a quiet rhythmic undercurrent, over more extreme metallic noise acoustics and semi-melodic collages of recuperated and manipulated sounds. Beautiful soundscapes for your cold winter evenings, and - in my opinion - the best Beequeen album to date. An experience that is not to be missed...” - GR - from Tanz Der Rozen No. 4
8/22/2008 Beequeen Time Waits For No One CD $13.99 Herbal "Time Waits For No One's material isn't new, having been recorded in Nijmegen in 1992-93 and originally released in 1994 on Staalplaat, but the genre of experimental drone-based exploration is one of those most capable of transcending time. Beequeen members Freek Kinkelaar (Brunnen) and Frans de Waard (Kapotte Muziek, Goem) use electronics, voices, and unidentified instruments to scatter two long tracks (ten and twenty minutes) amongst seven more modest settings. Whether long or short, the pieces are largely hazy meditations whose industrial churn is speckled with string plucks, percussive patterns, and electronic effects. Not surprisingly, the long tracks make the strongest impression: in the episodic "Six Notes on Blank Tape," bowed scrapes of string instruments groan over a throbbing bass drone and the simulated roar of a train clatters along its tracks, and in the album's most fully-realized piece, the a doomscape "Rupert Writes a Rainbow," a '50s sci-fi synthesizer floats atop a droning unfurl of whooshes and gaseous emissions. The album's material unfurls organically in subtle strokes, sometimes so quietly it verges on microsound, and the generally relaxed feel suggests the collaborators had ample studio time with which to pursue their playful explorations." - textura.org
1/22/2011 Beger Electroacoustic Band, Albert Peacemaker CD $13.99 Anova Music "A six-part suite by Israeli saxophonist Albert Beger, "Peacemaker" attempts to offer hope and a break from the violence of the day through introspection, while at the same time stretching out his musical horizons with electronics. "Long Story" feeds off the tender, Arabic-tinged interplay between Beger's soprano and the plaintive minimal guitar of Ido Buckelman. Its tone is hypnotic and eternal, as if a restatement of an ancient message of peace. On "Long Story," Beger breaks out the tenor, which offers a mellow intro before Dan Benedikt's drums kick in a frantic, almost Free break before settling back in to a more structured drone. Assaf Hakimi's bass guides "Facing You," which meanders into a bop-like din. The title track reveals the laptop electronics of Avi Elbaz at its most persuasive, blending with the themes that Beger and Buckelman have woven thus far in the set. The electronics add an ethereal background to Beger's lofty soloing. "Long Story (The End)" follows, and seems redundant as a closer to the set, given the power and resolutions offered in the title track. "Peacemaker" is as lyrical as it is forceful While Albert Beger's effort speaks to a desire for inner peace rather than address any political division, it nevertheless covers a range of honest, hermetic emotions suitable for meditation or for manifesto." - Mike Wood, Foxy Digitalis
1/24/2009 Begushkin King's Curse LP $15.99 Locust "Recorded live to tape in two days, after a sleep deprived month of Beefheart style creative lockdown, Begushkin -- Dan Smith's 8-headed hydra -- lay to rest the twilight folk of 2007's Nightly Things and re-emerge with the wicked and strange hard rock gypsy shake of King's Curse. Smith yells and carries on like a man possessed with tales of the damnation of a robber king and the band plays it ultra tight and ultra heavy. King's Curse is higher-tier creep-rock." 180 gram vinyl.
6/26/2002 Behrens, M. Architectural Commentaries CD $10.99 CMR "German composer and sound artist Marc Behrens has put forth a beautiful installment of sound work for cmr's second CD release, entitled Architectural Commentaries. Marc has been working with sound (in one form or another) since 1986 and is probably most recognised for his digitally re-worked field material and composition. With a long history of installation work and live performance, he has exhibited alone and in group exhibitions; and performed live internationally in locations such as Japan, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, Spain, and the UK. He has completed tours with fellow sound artists Francisco Lopez, Bernhard Gunter and John Duncan and has had notable CD releases on Gunter's label Trente Oiseaux (Germany), Digital Narcis (Japan), Raster Music (Germany) and Intransitive Recordings (USA). Architectural Commentaries is comprised of five tracks. The first three pieces, entitled Architectural Commentaries 1-3', are some of Marc's most recent compositions arranged in 2001 using basic material recorded from 1990- 2000 in various global locations. Taking title, sleeve images and sound together we are left with new audible environments for architectural structures; jets of forced air and amplified nothing, distant machinery and tiny bites of frequency, faded and cut together to create beautifully atmospheric soundscapes. Track 4 was previously released on RLW's 'Tulpas' 5 CD set (Selektion 024) and was constructed using source material from Ralf Wehowsky. Track 5 was composed in 1992 as a soundtrack to accompany the video Der Raum by Torsten Grosch - stills of which feature on the CD sleeve. The album permits a smooth flow between Marc's earlier and more recent work and shows the artists' continuing exploration into the depth and dimensions of sound recording."
4/1/2015 Behrman, David with Sonic Arts Union Wave Train CD $18.99 Alga Marghen "New remastered CD edition of David Behrman "Wave Train" CD, featuring Sonic Arts Union. David Behrman experimental music from 1959 to 1968. The CD starts with the short piece called "Canons", a product of a 3 weeks stage in Darmstadt (summer 1959) featuring David Tudor on piano and Christoph Caskel playing percussions. "Ricercar" is a prepared piano piece made in 1961 and has the flexible form of the kind favoured by European composers in the early 1960s, but also reflecting the work of Cowell and Cage. "Wave Train", (1966) marked the moment when something radical happened, in which established techniques were thrown away. A powerful feedback piece live performed with Gordon Mumma. "Players with Circuits" (1966) is an exploration of raw materials, here a combination of live electronics and amplified acoustic sound. "Sounds for a Film by Bob Watts", for outdoor environment recording and homemade synthesizer, was recorded at Stony Point, the artists' cooperative which John Cage, David Tudor, Sari Dienes and other friends had established. The last piece, "Runthrough", was made for performance by members of the Sonic Arts Union: Alvin Lucier, Gordon Mumma, Robert Ashley and, of course, David Behrman; two of them working the dials and switches of homemade synthesizers, and two others distributing sound in space with homemade photocell mixers; Time Records released a different version of this piece in 1969. The digipak CD comes with a 12 page booklet including liner notes written by the composer as well as diagrams and scores relating to the published works."
7/16/2006 Believers, The Forgotten Tracks CDR $9.99 Blueberry Honey "A long three track CDR collecting a particularly insulated and homespun era of the BELIEVERS development. Especially the longer-than-album-side rendition of their standard, ëThe Lakeí. Step inside, take a breath, get to know this album. Perhaps you will glimpse the reasons why so many in the valley are holding their breath for the BELIEVERS debut LP. Features members of SON OF EARTH, SHACKAMAXON, DUCK, IDEA FIRE COMPANY, SAPAT, so many other spins, the whole meatball is here. Packaged in simple xerox folded jackets, origami style."
5/20/2009 Bellerue, Bob & Jarrett Silberman Amplified Piano Duets one-sided 12" + CDR $10.99 Anarchymoon Recordings "A lost journey to unknown planets, defective machinery, dead pilots at the controls. recorded in late 2006, in the waning light of the Il Corral, when free pianos roamed the wild west. Jarrett Silberman is the lone gunsliger of downtown LA, a founding constituent of the Smell, formerly in Young People, tours with Liars and others. Bob Bellerue is the harbinger of Halfnormal / Redglaer / Anarchymoon, plays with KILT / Purple Pansy. both have solo amplified piano pieces, and getting together seemed like the perfect idear. Each album comes with a 1-sided 12" of the essential set of the session, as well as a CDR of all the recordings. Edition of 200, paste-on xerox covers (ultra orange!!)."
8/31/2010 Bellows Handcut LP $22.99 PLANAM "Giuseppe Ielasi and Nicola Ratti, two musicians from Italy with an extensive solo activity, started the Bellows project together in 2006 and released their first CD in 2007. Their second release, an LP available now on PLANAM, was recorded in november 2009 in Tübingen, Germany. Quite different from the first, this new project was developed around the simple technique of cutting/destroying and amplifying vinyl records with contact microphones, creating new grooves and physical loops while capturing the sounds on a Revox tape machine with long tape loops. No further transformations or processing were applied even if a couple of effect pedals and simple sine waves were sometimes used too. The result is a sort of very atmospheric and modern-electronic music as if these sonorities were recorded at the beginning of the last century on 78rpm shellac records. The sleeve features the original artwork by Italian artist Amedeo Martegani. Edition limited to 250 copies."
5/19/2011 BeMyDelay ToTheOtherSide CD $12.99 Boring Machines "BeMyDelay is the solo project of Marcella Riccardi (Blake/e/e/e, Franklin Delano, Massimo Volume), singer and guitarist. Her interest in archaic blues and adventurous music is the ground for building a song collection which tastes of experimental blues, vocal drones, acoustic pareidolia. BeMyDelay takes the listener to a soft voyage, letting the mind flow gently, a cosmic singalong where melodies come and go circularly, immersed in a muffled and ethereal atmosphere. Voice is used as an instrument, following the guitar loops and delays. Entitled 'ToTheOtherSide' the albums is another piece of the puzzle of that female psychedelia that goes from Grouper to US Girls, Valet and many more. The sound here is more shaped and definite than Liz Harris' or Honey Owens', sounding less narcoleptic and more acoustically psychedelic, even using a large array of effects."

Bensen, Nick No Resistance CD $12.99 Free City Media "The San Francisco iconoclast is back to settle old scores and forge new directions on his second solo CD. More straight psychedelic rock than the first album, No Resistance also ventures further into uncharted territory. 'I listened to a lot of music by the Dipsomaniacs, Lucky Bishops, Motorpsycho and Spirit while recording the album. Those of you familiar with these groups may detect their influences in my work. As always, my usual favorites The Bevis Frond, Guided by Voices and Pavement, and lifelong musical heroes John Lennon and Jimi Hendrix were never far from my consciousness. At any rate, this CD is a labor of love and I hope it blows your mind.'"

Bensen, Nick Psychedelic Juggernaut CD $12.99 Free City Media "Nick Bensen is a San Francisco-based musician and composer originally from New York, and a veteran of the New England jam scene. His first album, Psychedelic Juggernaut, released on the Free City Media label, is definitely worth checking out. The album is, in Bensen's words, a 10-track exploration of 'the acid rock thread running through Britpop, heavy blues, progressive, alternative and techno.' As 1960's acid-rock bands mined the catalogues of blues musicians and interpreted their music through a modern, psychedelic sound, so Bensen, using entirely original songs, has interpreted 'the acid rock' in an entirely contemporary mode, combining electronica and indie sounds to create something new. What results is a progressive fusion of today's 'science fiction' techno with 60's psychedelia, a sound reminiscent of Beck, or the British artists The Bevis Frond and The Lucky Bishops."
6/25/2013 Bent Spoon Duo With & Without Allison Cameron CDR $7.99 Bug Incision Chris Dadge: trumpet, violin, sk-1, sk-5, amplified percussion, dreadneck
Scott Munro: viola, sk-1, electronics, vocals, zither, Dr. Sample
Allison Cameron: banjo, kalimba, contact mic, fuzz factory, Korg mini ribbon synth
"Allison Cameron first came to our attention via her killer Rat-Drifting album, The Allison Cameron Band, with Eric Chenaux and Stephen Parkinson. Its weird, warped string action was right up our alley. Next, she was booking a Canadian tour, and we were more than happy to present her music at the Bug Incision concert series. Chris Dadge and Scott Munro (aka the Bent Spoon Duo) played before her solo set, and they all played together after her solo set. Turns out her amplified & mangled banjo and kalimba meshed quite nicely with Dadge & Munro's table of stringed things, samplers, and assorted detritus. The basic Bent Spoon Duo methodology is two-fold: a) sound as confusing/disorienting/mysterious as possible, while b) overlapping freely into each others' timbral regions. Well, Cameron does a pretty good job of part a) on her own, so she jumped right in there. Comes out all sounding like nothing else in particular, except maybe a bit like they caught a whiff of the same breeze that's blown past the UK's Hunter Gracchus/Chora camp. Dense, strange, and rowdy." - Notes by Benoit Hughes. Edition of 78 copies, cdr, color covers in plastic sleeves
5/23/2009 Bent Spoon Trio More Experienced Filthier CDR $10.99 Bug Incision "The definitive document of 2008's midnight tunnel shows. Features the trio in a mode with is more easily aligned with the recent Dadge/Munro BSD music. Laing's sax playing is extremely spacious and restrained. Dadge and Munro play violin, viola, trumpet, cuatro, trombone, and sparse percussion. Limited edition of 50, with insert."
5/23/2009 Bent Spoon Trio + 3 Dead Salems Danced In Their Ashtrays CDR $10.99 Bug Incision "Two prime BST tracks, complete with string+sax sexctions, vocals, and some fine straight-up trio moments. Third track adds Thom Golub on the double bass. The final cut is a quintet, adding Jay Crocker on guitar and pink dolphin, and Dan Meichel on tenor sax. Recorded by Brad Hawkins, culled from the monthly series at Theatre Junction. Limited edition of 50, with insert."
4/10/2005 Bent Wind Sussex CD $17.99 World Psychedelia "Monster heavy psych ultra-rarity from 1969 (Trend Records)—a volcanic dose of intense fuzz guitar, the perfect complement to the band’s sloppy garage ambience, and chugging beat; a strange case here, as the music on 'Sussex' is often overshadowed by the album’s reputation as a one of the rarest collectible LPs in the world—a pity, as the music is as psychedelic as they come, a veritable fuzz guitar inferno! three bonus tracks—two singles tracks (alternate versions of LP tracks), plus a mellow nineteen-minute band rehearsal jam (fragments of two or three non-LP songs) that’s really pretty amazing, once it gets going." - Lion Productions
11/27/2010 Berber Ox Minor Tranquiliser c56 cassette $6.99 Stunned "David Rutledge of Berber Ox hails from Australia and crafts some of the most alluring compositions we've encountered in quite a while. Deftly playing with perceptions of space and resonance, Berber Ox guides 'Minor Tranquiliser' toward a candid interface between man and machine. Macro-sized drones flow and then eddy around micro-moments of time. Field recordings of chattering public spaces and eerily familiar human environments crisp into focus amidst the tide of artificial intelligence, and then swirl away again in gentle deference. A multi-faceted gem of patience and pacing, 'Minor Tranquiliser' yields much to the involved listener upon every return. Limited edition of 111 pro-dubbed & imprinted c56 tapes w/ double-sided jcard and insert."
3/2/2007 Bernstein, Michael R. & Mike Shiftlet Live, New York CDR $8.99 Gameboy "Heavy Tapes & GMBY co-sponsored wrestling match. Recorded live at the ErstQuake Festival at Tonic., this one's a set of heavy and focused modulation. The improv crowd hated it, maybe you will too."

Bertoia, Harry Space Voyage / Echoes Of Other Times LP $69.99 Sonambient Sealed copy.
4/10/2015 Bertucci, Lea Light Silence, Dark Speech 7" $10.99 I Dischi Del Barone "Lea Bertucci's debut album Resonance Shapes LP from 2013 is an overlooked gem that caused a small stir at the IDDB office. On this much more stripped down affair the New York-based artist changed her bass clarinet for an old alto sax and the two cuts delivered here are somewhat different, but just as intimate and perplexing. 10 mesmerizing minutes that owes just as much to free jazz skronk as it does to contemporary sound art. Mastered by Viktor Ottosson. 200 copies. Black vinyl, white cardboard sleeve with postcard attached, stamped white labels, insert. Plays at 33 1/3rpm."
7/31/2006 Besombes, Philippe Libra CD $13.99 Mio Records "A chemist by training, Philippe Besombes was engaged in the French avant-garde music scene from the early 1970s. Abandoning his doctoral degree for his groundbreaking work with new electronics in a variety of musical contexts, he supported himself through the seventies creating and composing the sounds for theater and ballet. Besombes was also well-known as an audio engineer in the French contemporary concert scene. Perhaps best known for his group Hydravion, Besombes still records and releases music at his studio in Versailles. Conceived as the soundtrack (and, in fact, the ONLY sound in the movie) for the avant-garde film Libra, the music on this 1973 album ranges in style from electronic pop mixed with music concrete ala Parmegiani/Henry to psychedelic exercises, progressive rock, sitar raga, and fusion. By including a mix of rock musicians and electronic treatments, Besombes was a pioneer in a very new way of working. Bonus tracks will include three cuts from the Libra sessions that have never been released, and a lengthy, experimental minimalist prepared-piano composition will also be included. From the Nurse With Wound list. Libra is the first in a trilogy of Besombes's albums MIO will release."
3/20/2010 Best Coast She Was High (So Was I) 7" $7.99 Art Fag "Former Pocahaunted member Bethany Cosentino (aka Best Coast) embodies California. Her songs are effortlessly ramshackle, layers of fuzzed guitar and a voice with enough heft and soul that it brings to mind 1950s girl soul groups or even a female-centric Beach Boys. There's also a sense of permanent longing, an inescapable melancholy that can only come from living near the beach, perpetually sunny but a little sad too.Features the songs "The Sun Was High (So Was I)," "So Gone" and "That's the Way Boys." Repress.
5/16/2010 Best Coast Where The Boys Are CDEP $8.99 Blackest Rainbow "Reissue of the long sold out cassette only debut from Bethany Cosentino (formerly of Pocahaunted). These five tracks were released in an edition of only 200 copies on cassette back in the Summer of 2009 on Blackest Rainbow. Here these 5 tracks clocking in at a total of 14 sweet minutes are reissued just in time for Bethany's first visit to the UK and Europe. Copies of the cassette have been extremely hard to come by with Best Coast's growing popularity following a series of excellent 7"s on PPM, Group Tightener, Art Fag, Black Iris and Atelier Ciseaux, so the time definitely seemed right for this reissue. This will be the very first Best Coast CD! Glass mastered CD edition of only 1000 copies packaged in pro-printed CD wallet with new artwork featuring beach loving 80s kids."
1/25/2011 Best Hits Fantastic lands and Other Songs CDR $9.99 Synth / Ruralfaune "Our past is irrelevant. We have fused into one dancing body. Synth popwaves by Matt Weiner (Twins) and Elise Tippins." Edition of 80 copies.
6/27/2009 Bestia Ferida Live Wounded cassette $5.99 Scumbag Relations "3 piece from barcelona Bèstia Ferida (means "wounded beast" in catalan)....Arnau Sala of OZONOKIDS and Adrian De Alfonso with Marc Cunningham of MARS...playing something that simultaneously touches on past/current free mind melt and focused blistering stumble and then shreds all of that for crackling-pure sound...This release is a compilation of different live acts around Barcelona, all of them during year 2008 at places like la Pedrera, Centre d'Art Santa Mònica, Convent de Sant Agustí, Sala Apolo or Sala Big Bang."
9/10/2011 Bestial Mouths Hissing Veil LP $16.99 Dais "Under a churning haze of harrowing vocals, buzzing synths, and fitful drumming, Los Angeles based Bestial Mouths create a unique sonic space that is at once dissonant and engaging. Drawing from a large base of influences including industrial sound collage, obscure early electronic pieces, and experimental works, Bestial Mouths came together in 2009 from a desire to create original music that is foreboding without relying on cliché. Christopher Myrick (Synths) and Ebrahim Saleh (Drums) create an unpredictable ground for singer Lynette Cerezo to walk on. Hovering above the clamor, Lynette's haunting, atypical vocal delivery transforms cryptic nightmarish imagery into tightly wound, barely controlled pop. Early in their career, frantic live performances combined with a self-released demo captured the attention of DAIS Records, whose catalog includes Cold Cave, COUM Transmissions, Robert Turman, aTelecine and Iceage. Bestial Mouths divided their time in 2010 between the road and the studio, recording a split with Blessure Grave and sharing stages with Former Ghost, Soft Kill, Water Borders, Nervous Gender, The Delta Mirror, Soft Metals and Jewels of the Nile. Hissing Veil, Bestial Mouths debut full length available this July on DAIS Records is 40 minutes of intense gloom. A meditation on the relationship between transgressor and victim conceived in a flurry of automatic writing, Hissing Veil is an urgent declaration revealed in a barrage of primitive rhythms and feral calls. Bestial Mouths will be touring extensively this summer in support of Hissing Veil. Yes, a great silence is waiting. Prepare yourself. Limited to 500 hand numbered copies on clear vinyl."
1/21/2005 Bevis Frond Through The Looking Glass CD $14.99 Rubric "A CD reissue of the Bevis Frond's 1987 double-LP odds'n'sods album, originally released as a private press item in an edition of 500. Thirteen tracks in all, including 'Alistair Jones' - which Nick Saloman recorded in 1967 at the tender age of 14 - and the epic lysergic workouts 'The Shrine,' '1970 Home Improvements' and 'Purple Shine.'" Nice collection to finally be available again!
11/20/2010 Bfffth Two Phases of Emanation of Light LP $16.99 Heard Worse Music & text by Markos Zografos. "Time stops. Everything disappears except for the sensation of infinity..." Phase 3 & 4 from the longer piece "Four Phases of Emanation of Light". Xenakis inspired, slow building noise drone intensity.
2/12/2008 Bianchi, Maurizio / Fhievel / Hue Erimos CD $12.99 Digitalis "This release is quite special as it has given us the opportunity to work with one of our all-time favorite artists (and one of the true all-time greats), Maurizio Bianchi. "Erimos" is the first in a series of works about the spaces "between the elements." This album contains a single, 40+ minute exploration. Heavy on electronics, the amazing thing is how warm the whole piece feels. Bianchi is joined by two of the next generation of Italian sound sculptors, Hue (aka Matteo Uggeri) and Fhievel (aka Luca Bergero). The two have breathed new life into Bianchi's music, showing that the future of the Italian underground is brighter than ever. Bianchi began producing music almost 30 years ago in 1979, and since 1980 has used electronic equipment with the avowed goal "to produce technological sounds and in such a way to work on complete realising of the modern decadence." His best known work, "Symphony for a Genocide" was recently reissued by New York-based Hospital Productions. This seminal work proved what a pioneer in electronic music he was. On "Erimos," we find Bianchi stretching time and manipulating sound as ever. Over the course of this monster performence, the trio weaves intricate circles around one another, nearly colliding at every point. But the success comes from their abilities to play off each other, resulting in original and captivating sounds and textures. It is electronic drones unlike any other. "Erimos" is captivating and beautiful, even if it's main inspiration comes from something as desolate and isolated as the deserts on its cover."
1/17/2010 Bianchi, Maurizio / M.B. Das Platinzeitalter double LP $17.99 Weird Forest "Have you ever looked into the abyss? Man, it's scary! An infinite void of the blackest black where not even a gleam of light can escape its dark talons. Needless to say, it's not the most popular destination, but hey, it is there. And believe me, sooner or later that day will come when you will sit on the cusp and fix your eyes on the vast nothingness that is everything. But until that hour beckons, you may as well prepare yourself by spinning Das Platinzeitalter by Maurizio Bianchi. 'Dark ambient' barely captures what is engraved in these grooves. Loops from the history of dust, ancient as the catacombs and spectral like the last rays of hope. There's an eerie calmness to all four sides of this LP. Timeless and inevitable as the setting sun, as if this music has always been here. Which it has. It was up to Bianchi to find it. This recording captures the never-ending decay of beauty at the point when it is realized that resistance is futile and the metamorphosis has begun. There are not many musicians who can distill this essence: early Zoviet France, Nature Unveiled-era Current 93, Lustmord and Andrew Chalk/Mirror to name a few, but Das Platinzeitalter sounds like it comes from hallowed grounds, the once sacred is now profane. It forces your head to turn toward the abyss. It's up to you to open your eyes and look. Then the next thing you know, it's over. It's all over. Limited to 500 copies on silkscreen foldover covers and hand-numbered in silver ink."
4/24/2006 Big Huge, The A Woven Page of Silver Light CD $10.99 Secret Eye "Drew Nelson continues to bless us with his wavering tenor voice, plinky banjo and old world balladry on this EP, a follow-up to The Big Huge's 2004 Secret Eye debut, Crown Your Head With Flowers, Crown Your Heart With Joy. Brought up on American folk and British psychedelic pop music, The Big Huge wears its influences on its sleeve, while being sure not to recreate the past. After the split of Sonna, a Baltimore-based instrumental ambient group with releases on Temporary Residence (two of which were recorded by Steve Albini), The Big Huge (Drew Nelson) decided to revert back to his love of acoustic instrumentation. After a few solo shows, he decided to recruit fellow Baltimore-based musician, Michael Lambright, to help with accordion, ukulele, glockenspiel, and banjo. Recorded by Micah Blue Smaldone at Cerberus Shoal's house in Portland, Maine, the record has a hazy vibe with lyrics harking back to a time of Welsh communes during the summer of love. The American answer to Alasdair Roberts... but without the brogue."
12/1/2004 Big Huge, The Crown Your Head With Flowers, Crown Your Heart With Joy CD $12.99 Secret Eye "Brought up on American folk and British psychedelic pop music, Sonna (Temporary Residence) member Drew Nelson has forged out on his own to record this new album as The Big Huge. Drew’s simple acoustic arrangements, traditional influences and reedy tenor have earned comparisons to Alasdair Roberts and Will Oldham, with whom Drew has toured while playing with Sonna."
5/16/2012 Big Muff Hold My Hand flexi disc $8.99 Key Lime High 33 rpm clear flexi disc - one side - one song - handmade clear screenprinted cover on holographic paper. "tastes like pressure, SCRUMDIDDLYUMSIOUS!"
12/26/2005 Big Nurse American Waste LP $11.99 High Density Headache Records Debut killer release from Tennessee's Big Nurse. Hard for me to describe exactly what this sounds like but its got elements of noise, psychedelia, experimental and punk - I love this! They've listed their influences as Bad Brains, Acid Mothers Temple, Flipper, Sun Ra, Sun City Girls, Godz, Oneida, Nihlist Spasm Band, Melvins and Faust and they describe their sound as "the world collasping in on itself or something like the end of the entire social structure and the liberation of body and mind". Check it out!
4/24/2006 Big Nurse Back To Basics CDR $8.99 High Density Headache Records "The newest spew from Big Nurse finds the guys scraping the depths of their faux-talent to stir their songs, (some old, some new, at least a couple totally indecipherable covers) into churningly dizzy anthems, concealed chaos crooning, and rose tinted dirges for the post-pubescent scout crowd. I don't necessarily know what that means, but somehow: it means you."
4/10/2009 Big Nurse Temporarily Unavailable LP $14.99 High Density Headache 2nd and final lp from Big Nurse. These are the last copies of their 2007 release - comes in a real nice silkscreen sleeve.
4/10/2009 Big Nurse Time Trip CDR $6.99 High Density Headache "Take a trip thru the ages with us, recorded over three years and three different cities. special collaboration with Zack Kouns, ex-Social Junk, etc. plus the extended family. we just kept growing!!!?" 2008 release.
2/26/2006 Big Nurse Very Professional cassette $5.99 High Density Records / Dementoid Tapes "A live document of the first Big Nurse tour in March of '05. Includes a collaboration with Robert Inhuman (Realicide), Jim Swill and Nina Wright (Divine Pile) and Lara Dempsey (Grinning Evil Death), material from the best show we've ever played and from one of the worst, a spirited cover of the Batman theme with a homeless guy on vocals, and at least one drunken dis: 'I'm not gonna name any names, butŠ'"
2/26/2006 Big Nurse Who Wants to Kill the President? / Electrocute Your Cock 7" $5.99 High Density Records "One original (death). One cover (sex). All static."
7/15/2010 Big Troubles Drastic & Difficult 7" $5.99 Olde English Spelling Bee "Kicking off the new OESB 7" series with a 4 track single by Big Troubles. International playboy Matt Mondanile (Real Estate, Ducktails) discovered Big Troubles and urged Olde English Spelling Bee to sign these guys on the spot for their fresh 'industrial shoegaze pop' sound. Done and done. Features home recordings by Alex Craig and Ian Drennan who split songwriting and vocal duties down the middle. They are joined live by Luka Usmiani (No Demons Here) on bass and Sam Franklin (Fluffy Lumbers) on drums. Their debut full-length album, Worry, will be out on OESB in July."
10/13/2010 Big Troubles Worry LP $15.99 Olde English Spelling Bee "The very premise of this musical -- executives borrowing an apartment to cheat on their wives -- makes this show entertainment for grown-ups. If you're cool with your older children being exposed to infidelity to the nth degree, they will likely enjoy the wit of the dialogue and the bouncy score. But take note: there is a suicide attempt and a drunk scene -- not exactly fare for young ones. Debut LP by Ridgewood, NJ shoegazers Big Troubles. It's pretty good. Parental advisory stickers not included."
"This immense new album from Big Troubles follows on from a great four-song EP for the Olde English Spelling Bee singles club, featuring the New Jersey fuzz-pop project bejewelled with pop hooks and spurts of brain-scorching noise. There's an abundance of blistering C86-style pop nuggets on here, from the distortion-surfing 'Bite Yr Tongue' to the euphorically hooked-up 'Freudian Slips'. There's an overwhelmingly fizzy, treble-some recording style here which imbues the whole thing with a hazy, nostalgic quality that reminds us of everything from My Bloody Valentine to The Jesus and Mary Chain to Dinosaur Jr at their very peak -- making for one of the standout lo-fi pop records of the year bar none. Very highly recommended." -- Boomkat
12/12/2009 Bigger Insides Hunters Gathering c27 cassette $7.99 Digitalis Limited "It's definitely time to throw a party and bigger insides is your guest dj for the night. we first met chris thorne many moons ago when he appeared on "gold leaf branches" (as snake oil) and then reconnected recently as his new band, tan dollar, and new solo project (THIS) were spreading their collective wings. so what's the skinny? minimal beats and insanely catchy casios and synths battling it out in a neon pit of doom. except there's really not any doom, but sun-specked skies and silver streams. as it hops along, you feel as though you're being whisked away on a hot air balloon ride toward the pink horizon. thorne's ability to create songs that are full of pop hooks yet disjointed and feel as though they could fall apart at any second is a gift. bigger insides: ready to throw down. edition of 70, pro-dubbed."
8/23/2011 Bile and Horseman Starved Farm cassette $7.99 Fag Tapes "The crops aren't doing so well this year. The outlook of the harvest is looking less than pitiful. There is not even enough food to feed the laborers working the fields. The water supply has become diseased. One by one they drop like flies under the sweltering sun and the plantation owner and family have no choice but to resort to cannibalism. Forced to keep working and live, unable to scale the fortress walls, the alternative is to be found on the table in the dining room. Live recordings from the duo of Dog Lady and Tar Pit sourced from the Hell Ride To Texas Tour May/June 2011. Violin mutation manipulations, punk mutilations guitar and tapes. Hand-numbered edition 45."
6/30/2010 Binning, Ravi In the City of Mimes cassette $7.99 Future Sound Index "Minimalist music for human holograms and living statues. An all analog synth affair made mechanical by tape delay loop rhythms. Cut live straight from source. Not too far from the loner synth chamber music of Mark Anthony Heide or the early 80s home taper compositions on the ICR label..."
7/14/2007 Birchville Cat Motel Birds Sister Blasphemy CD $13.99 Battlecruiser "Oh dear Lord... NO! The EVIL twin to 'Birds Call Home Their Dead's good son, released simultaneously for maximum destruction. Just when the heavy meds were kicking in and I was beginning to think there might be some kinda universal point to all this working and eating and sleeping, Birchville Cat Motel re-adjusts the good/evil ratio back. Thanks. No really, thanks a lot. You'll no doubt be as delighted as I am to hear this is NOT the new Black Boned Angel album, in fact Mr Cat Motel himself told me this has "more to with W.A.S.P, 'Kill Em All' styled too-tight denim, and big white sneakers than the ceremonial pre-historicism of the current neo-doom movement". PRE-HISTORICISM?! What a dick. These prowling, growling eruptions of frantic thrash'o'delia will surely attract babes like a burning tyre scented aftershave. Is that a twin guitar solo in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?"
12/24/2005 Birchville Cat Motel with Lee Ranaldo 30th December 2004 CD $15.99 Celebrate/Psi/Phenomenon "New York is pretty different from Lower Hutt. In a lot of ways. But that doesn't mean New York is BAD... its just 'different', y'know? I was down the Lower East Side recently with the guy from Sonic Youth. He was as cool as he looked in Rip It Up magazine! We tuned our guitars and bagpipes, the lights sunk in anticipation, and we buried the audience in a cloud of fairy-dust so thick you could eat it with chopsticks and people with shovels tried to dig their way out of it but it just got deeper and deeper and when the sound couldn't get any louder my soul gnawed a hole in the roof with its teeth and the cast of Friends descended on angel-wings, urinating in ecstacy on the assembled masses in what looked like a tornado of golden glitter. WOW! Afterwards we cleaned up the mess and I got Phill Niblocks mobile phone-number on a napkin. Yeah... New York is just 'different'."
2/4/2007 Bird By Snow Industrial Collapse 7" $4.99 Gnome Life Records "Now to you Universe, we present “Industrial Collapse,” in celebration and preparation for the dawning age of enlightenment. We (Gnome Life Records) give to you, objects verbose and handmade, giving ourselves over to our cells, and to the messages within them. This record is two sides of total existential rebirth! Placental for you and Bird By Snow, a 7 inch baby of the cosmos, belching new sounds, and visions. Replete with new-metal guitar tones, falsetto cave paintings, and gasoline-riot guitar solos (think Blue Cheer in Thunderdome). “No Beard Now” is an epic navigation through grunge, totem magic. Teetering, at all times, on the line that separates creation and destruction. The wild call of “No beard now!” could just as easily be sung: “No more disguises!” While the rumble of the guitar through the shredded amplifier is akin to the tireless marching of a man, naked and always new, in a life of energetic surrender, and present-moment-living. “Chew Your Fucking Legs Off (if you have to)” is quite simply a call to arms, or armlessness (or leglessness as the case may be.) A hyperbolic request of humankind to set itself free in this world of infinite everything. The sounds beyond the title reveal the world itself, wonderfilled and wet, sparkling in the cave of creation, thumping with a heart-beat of growth and giving. Beyond this there is another layer of personal narrative, a depiction of individual growth and awakening in the world. The records themselves are limited to 300 in this vinyl form, while the covers are handmade, and touched by human work and time. Each cover was printed by Fletcher Tucker (of this band, Bird By Snow) from a linoleum block, in an edition of 300, and numbered accordingly."
9/25/2013 Bird By Snow Offering LP + download $17.99 Gnome Life "Limited to 500, 140 gram vinyl, highest quality (reverse board) matte jackets, copper foil embossed booklet, and an Mp3 download – "Offering" is the 5th record by Bird By Snow. Recorded and performed entirely by Fletcher Tucker – producer of recent albums by Daniel Higgs and Little Wings. "Offering" offers up eight completely analog recordings put to tape at various power spots in Big Sur, California – Tucker's homeland. This primordial, majestic and wild landscape is the primary inspiration for the album, and consequently Big Sur emanates from the speakers as the record spins. "Offering" sets out to reawaken an ancient consciousness, an atavistic awareness present in the land and in ourselves – to give you permission to return to the familiar place, inhabited by our ancestors, where myth and magic are primary natural forces." "It billows, it ebbs, it flows, it trickles, it floods, but most of all, it draws you in. Tucker has a knack for bottling sounds as vast as the Pacific into songs that convey both an intimate charm and a spacious ambiance; they're sprawling but no less direct." – Mixtape Muse
3/21/2009 Bird By Snow Songbread/Another Ocean LP $14.99 Gnome Life "The most fertile Bird By Snow record (so far) each side of this album has its own name, in order to give the tunes more mind-space to flourish and expandŠ Side A is "Songbread" and side B is "Another Ocean." In this record-world we find BBS harvesting perspectives in an old-growth forest of ontology & swimming joyfully in wide-wonder-waters of multi-instrumentalism. Cellos, drones, pianos, field-recordings, tape-collage & all manner of drumming, strumming & singing confer and conspire to create Bird By Snow's 3rd long-playerŠ 42 minutes; 2 years in the making. Ten free-pop-mantras, ancient-babies of modern song. "Songbread/Another Ocean" is also some of Gnome Life's most beautiful and ambitious packaging! The cover is a color lithograph poster and d the LP also includes a deluxe hand-made book of literature, lyrics, ideas, and points of entry. AND a second semi-transparent poster of poetry called: "SLOW POEMS" by Fletcher Tucker (a.k.a. Bird By Snow)." This edition is limited to 550 copies, and is on completely clear vinyl and comes with a CD.
6/27/2011 Bird Names Metabolism: A Salute to the Energy of the Sun LP $15.99 Northern Spy "The latest release by the fringe pop outfit Bird Names is another bright star in their galaxy of offerings. The album, Metabolism: A Salute to the Energy of the Sun, was created meticulously over the course of many moons and spiritual awakenings in sunny Chicago, IL. The band is a duo, of sorts, comprised of Phelan LaVelle & David Lineal, though a cast of good souls have helped them along their travels. Recently making Athens, GA their home, they explore a pop sound that touches as much on the naïve as it does the borders of avant-experimentation. Their new album, mastered by Griffin Rodriguez (Icy Demons, Beirut, Band of Horses), is a lo-fi, boundary-pushing, pop experiment in the vein of the Beach Boys' Smile. It is a fully-realized reflection on the sun and the fount of organic energy, or human energies, as the speech of the sun."
3/2/2005 Birdbrain I Fly CD $10.99 Persian Cardinal "Everybody likes a bit of tension now and then, and I Fly, the debut release from New York quartet Birdbrain, provides plenty. Consisting of just two saxophones, trombone and vocals, the group's music features spirited horn battles and a singer (Yvette Perez) who treats the notes of the standard diatonic scale as if they were merely rough guides to be tweaked as needed. Obvious reference points for I Fly are The World Saxophone Quartet or Rova Saxophone Quartet, though Birdbrain are less selfconciously avant garde - more poppy, in fact. The ten songs here are short and savoury rather than sweet. They're epigrammatic mini-stories, like the haiku-ish 'Sea Cow': 'Sea cow/Swims in our tow/Sea cow/Kinda like you now/Oh, manatee in tow/Ahoy ahoy/Sea cow.' Perez's breathless punk jazz vocalising, half spoken/half sung, owes much to No Wave. Time and again she almost hits the expected note but veers away at the last moment, twisting short of her presumed target. With no rhythm section as such, Birdbrain's three horn players (Don Trubey on alto, Tim Noe on tenor, and downtown avant garde legend Peter Zummo on trombone) fill multiple roles. Most tracks feature pulsing pedal bass figures on alto sax, laying a foundation for rhythmically complex call and response duels between tenor and trombone. The horn interplay resolves from time to time into harmonic cadences that are surprisingly lush for such a small group. In its less restrained moments, the horn section almost evokes the crazed French jazz rock outfit Etron Fou Leloublan. At its punkiest, it comes close to the naive, atonal wailing of Lora Logic." - Dave Mandl, THE WIRE, Issue 251, January 2005
4/15/2011 Birds Build Nests Underground & My Cat Is An Alien GRAMOFONU = Voice of the Universe ART EDITION LP $79.99 Opax Records / Love Nest Ultra limited art edition of 20 copies with the LP in its pro-printed jacket and insert. Each copy comes wrapped in a 90x30 cm canvas, featuring an original black&silver ink painting by Roberto Opalio, signed and individually numbered by the artist. Ready to hang it on your wall? See picture here: <http://www.mycatisanalien.com/view-gramofonuART.htm>http://www.mycatisanalien.com/view-gramofonuART.htm
4/15/2011 Birds Build Nests Underground & My Cat Is An Alien GRAMOFONU = Voice of the Universe LP $17.99 Opax Records / Love Nest GRAMOFONU = voice of the Universe is the first meeting of two improvising acts, Prague-based turntable & 8mm band Birds Build Nests Underground and Italian psychedelic trubadours My Cat Is An Alien. Two different approaches to music make a sound that takes both from the unknown realms of the outer space and from the somehow-well-known world of old cracking records and the music and sounds on them. Birds Build Nests Underground provided some of their live improvisations, My Cat Is An Alien then chose those close to their hearts and laced them with sounds of guitars, space toys & ray guns, wordless singing and alientronics. Never has music of the spheres crackled so nicely. As if the whole galaxy lies on a giant turntableŠThe record starts with an exciting, extatic and excellent improvised speech by a Czech avantgarde poet Vít?zslav Nezval who sees the whole world through his glass and the glass in the window of a recording studio. Limited edition of 300 in pro-printed jackets, with exclusive cover art by Roberto Opalio. 90 copies come with an insert."
6/11/2006 Birds of Delay / Goldblood split CDR $9.99 267 Lattajjaa "one track each: Birds of Delay offer up a maze of bird calls in a fog of synth drone / noise. Goldblood is Plastic Crimewave and Amy Cargill, psych guitar spiralling into delay feedback and ominous organ"
4/24/2006 Birds of Delay, The / Neon Death Slittes` The Slack Angel's Death Bong CDR $12.99 Memoirs of an Aesthete "Death-defiling split disc of zodzoric psychedelia from these hot Leeds zombies! NEON DEATH SLITTES is the axle-greased alterego of Phil 'Xenis Emputae Travelling Band' Legard who contributes four tracks of greasy blues amphetamuck that will have fans of Pink Fairies/Deviants/Gong/Third World War choking on their wet dentures. Recent American Tapes/No Fun stars BIRDS OF DELAY occupy the other half with a knob-scorching oscillation/voice seizure recorded live in sunny Edinburgh. Ltd.100 in tracing paper sleeves with on-disc gocco print."
4/16/2007 Birth Refusal Cove Core one sided 7" & CD $12.99 American Tapes "Bruiser and Kid, separated physically (not emotionally) by about ten feet in the shadowz of Schooner Cove, lay down the first vinyl outing by this "wives at work = the boyz will jam" afternoon electronic harsh noise project. The upcoming BR lp on Troniks was threatened not to be cut by the mastering dude due to horrible clean tones, and you tell on this they were struggling as well. Black hole sound, terrible textures. Ruff & Raw. Color wax, color cover, lock groove, and tape collab CD round this mutha out. Edition of 200."
3/20/2007 Birth Refusal Phantom of the Sewer cassette $8.99 Fag Tapes "Schooner Cove H X C . Jeff Olson and Mike Corvette of Wolf Eyes / Hair Police ect... the music of thrown away souls forced to die in slow motion painfully. hardcore fucking waste zone of rotting death. spectacular sounds! edtion 77."
2/6/2007 Birth Refusal / Cassis Cornuta Collaboration one-sided LP $26.99 Ultra Eczema "During the last euro tour of wolf eyes, john olson (of american tapes, spykes, guam river etc..) and mike connelly (of gods of tundra, hair police, failing lights etc..) decided it was enough! they screamed "IM NOT GOING TO BED!!! I NEVER WANNE SLEEP AGAIN!!!", they missed their flights and stayed in antwerp with the ultra audiobored horror crew for 7 more weeks without food and drinks, just dry weed and cancerbags to suck on! after that intense test to see if they could adapt to the antwerp life style, they finally met up with legendary belgian eccentric cacti and hat collector CASSIS CORNUTA, this psychadelic caracter brought his whole space synth and tape lab over to radio centraal to record an intense last gasp jam with the hardly breathing olson and connelly, the end result is an amazing trip to space and back to the mental hospital! like pouring lighter fluid and tabasco up your genitals or like olson states it so beautifully; like pissing on your own hand, freezing it and then using it as a lollypop for 5 days! comes in a gross 6 panel cover design and with an etch on the b side!"
5/24/2014 Bishop, Sir Richard Road to Siam 10" $24.99 Unrock "Road to Siam shows Richard Bishop on a musical trip from the Iberian Peninsula all along through North Africa and the Orient to the Far East. "Mekong" is an improvisation on 6-string guitar based on the particular sounds of a traditional three-stringed instrument known as a phin, which originated in Laos. "Mekong," which was recorded in Phitsanulok, Thailand in December 2013, is a typical Richard Bishop track, elegantly liquid and hypnotic and Bishop's first new track in years. The B-side of the 20-minute long vinyl-only 10" features "Alhambra Drag," "Sand Shuffle" & "Coronado's Broom," which are highlights taken from digital-only available albums. Limited edition pressing of 500 copies."
5/24/2014 Bishop, Sir Richard Solo Acoustic Volume Eight LP $16.99 Vin Du Select Qualitite "First new solo acoustic recordings from the master guitarist in years, SRB returns to familiar themes and introduces new ideas simultaneously on this tour de force performance of his singular style."
5/21/2009 Bishop, Sir Richard The Freak Of Araby CD $14.99 Drag City "Another album of acoustic guitar music from Sir Richard Bishop?are you 'freakin' nuts? The Freak Of Araby is a new direction for our distinguished gentleman, and just in the nick of time as well. Sir Rick's had it up to here with solo acoustic guitar records! The Freak Of Araby isn't even a solo record! And there's no acoustic guitar on it! So let's have no more of this kind of talk. Over his years with Sun City Girls, Richard Bishop threw a wide variety of music and sound against the wall -- and all of it stuck. Among those who know, he's reasonably fluent in any number of international music traditions, playing them for (mostly) fun and (sometimes) profit all over the place. The Freak Of Araby is the debut of Sir Richard Bishop and his Freak of Araby Ensemble, a talented quartet of players getting deep into the Middle Eastern mystic with hand drums, percussion, bass, drums, electric guitars and a heavy dose of Moroccan chanters, all of it captured with depth, detail and sympathy for the eternal enigma by engineer Scott Colburn. But a Sir Richard Bishop album with a backing band -- how did this happen? After recording a cover of 'Ka'an Azzaman,' written by Elias Rahbani, one of Lebanon's finest songwriters, something dawned on Sir Richard. Half-Lebanese by birth (it didn't just occur to him later), he found himself suddenly possessed to really dig into Middle Eastern sounds. A pair of original melodies not fully developed at a prior recording session had the Arabic inspiration, so these were reattacked and finished in short order. Soon, Sir Richard's head was flooded with some of the classic sounds spun for him by his grandfather back in his (way) younger days, like Farid Al-Atrache, Oum Kalthoum and Fairuz, along with other personal favorites, such as the guitarists Omar Khorshid and Mike Hegazi. In addition to the studio improvisation, 'Taqasim For Omar,' the whole of The Freak Of Araby is dedicated to these inspiring players. Check 'em out. In addition to his soul-stirring electric guitar playing, Sir Richard grabbed a couple of Moroccan chanters and blew the house down on 'Blood-Stained Sands,' providing an epic (not to mention epochal, heh heh) finish to this journey to the center of one-half of the family tree. This is music meant to be played live, and Sir Richard's Freak Of Araby Ensemble intends to play it everywhere there's interest in hearing it. So get your Freak on."
1/5/2015 Bishop, Sir Richard / Bill Orcutt Road Stories (Kali) LP $27.99 Unrock "The first installment in Unrock's new string wringer Saraswati Series presents two of today's most extraordinary guitar maniacs captured on location. While Bill Orcutt, "Re-inventor of the Blues," falls from abstraction into acoustic hardcore serenade on his wooden 4-string guitar, the Kali-inspired Sir Richard Bishop improvises elegantly and calmly through a feverish 17-minute variation of "Zurvan." Limited edition of 500 numbered copies. Includes a solid cardboard info sheet."
11/19/2003 Bisio, Michael / Eyvind Kang MBEK CD $14.99 Meniscus “...Kang's punkish energy meshes gloriously with Bisio's merciless, yet versatile bass sprawl. Throughout, Kang's scintillating violin flashes every possible color in the tonal spectrum, his maniacal mewl and screech on the last half of 'After The Break' diminishing to introspective plucking on 'JGLag.' On their absolutely beautiful rendering of Coltrane's 'Seraphic Light,' Kang amazes with his anguished, keening high notes screaming and swirling with unearthly fervor while Bisio's rugged, relentless bass gravity fulfills its earthbound duty of anchoring the whole blistering sermon by tugging and pushing Kang's burning rainbow. Sessions like this can be slippery propositions in the quality department, but it's obvious that both players' ears were open to each other's ideas and spontaneous creativity, alternately tussling and locking it in as the situation demanded." - Kevin Lian-Anderson, One Final Note
8/20/2011 Bitches / Yuppies split 12" $13.99 Palmist / Fat Cat "YUPPIES' mix of fuzzed-out garage rock and late 70's punk, combined with a distinctly lo-fi aesthetic - in fact once described as "Psychedelic Horseshit fucking Thomas Function while Times New Viking plays on the stereo and TV Ghost hide in the closet and watch." But Yuppies are too enthusiastically awkward to be pigeon-holed into any one scene and on their side for our split, they navigate everything from sprawling post-punk to stumbling anti-folk, often within the same song. BITCHES have been known to call their music "thug-pop," while others have chosen "anti-love songs," "chaotic sonic can-vases" with comparisons made to Minor Threat and Black Flag, Huggy Bear, and Lightning Bolt's more riffy material. Never mind the tags and kooky descriptions, the power of Bitches' music lies in Blake Ivinson's screams and ultra-fuzzed bass & in Stacey Owen's chaotic, heart-in-mouth drumming and agit-yelping; all throughout their sardonic and punked-out songs about vampires, R. Kelly, and losing one's wallet."
5/16/2010 Bitters, The East General cassette $8.99 Release The Bats "The Bitters are Aerin Fogel and Ben Cook (Fucked Up, Young Governor). Formed in the east end of Toronto, The Bitters write and record their self-proclaimed Cave Pop from their studio, an artistic cooperative shared with Toronto's most creative musicians. Their debut 12" EP, Wooden Glove, was released last spring on Captured Tracks and sold out shortly after, having been instantly well-received among tough critics and keen listeners alike. The band is a result of Cook and Fogel's prolific efforts and their ability to construct songs ranging from 50's melodies atop dark post-punk instrumentals, to 90's throwback alternative and grunge, which stems from their unique dynamic as friends and partners. Their collaborative work appears live with the help of drummer Jonah Falco (Fucked Up) and a rotation of starry guest bassists. Cassette edition of 250 copies. 11 tracks."
11/2/2008 Bixobal #5 zine $1.99
"Issue 5 is out now and includes: The No-Neck Blues Band's Dave Nuss recalls his time with The Source Family which led to the first Yahowa 13 performance in New York City and their new LP. As much about Dave's experiences throughout this and how it brought him into the Family, as about discovering the wealth of their archives and continuing energy - An extensive interview with reformed Vancouver noise band Tunnel Canary by Allan MacInnis. Allan speaks not only to the leader of the group, Nathan Holiday, but also Tunnel Canary members past and present Mya Mayhem, Ebra Ziron, and Dave Sheftel about their intense performances, early influences, their specially altered instruments, life and musical philosophy, and the different reactions in the early 1980s and now, matched with photos from their recent live shows and one from the archives. - A remembrance of Noggin violin player Michael Griffen by his friend Aaron Gorseth. - A feature on the Belgian group Onde featuring former members of Noise-Maker's Fifes; supplemented by photographs taken on tour by Dan Burke of Illusion of Safety - A feature on the new label Assophon, home to The Sea Donkeys, Spider Trio and Factums with photographs by Mark Sullo. - Rob Millis, waxing on about the preciousness of shellac while discussing the drive to recycle that raw material in the war years and the price that artifacts from that time can command. - Eric Lanzillotta's reviews of vinyl, compacts discs, and books, both new and old by Bill Bissett, Bob Cobbing, Helena Espvall & Masaki Batoh, Malcolm Goldstein, The Howling Hex, Dieter Schnebel, and "Radio Mynamar (Burma)". - Patrick Marley's column Nickels and Dimes focusing on American Tapes and Drunjus."
11/21/2009 Bjerga / Iversen Amplified Crystal Rust CDR $11.99 Striate Cortex "Bjerga/Iversen offer a set of improvocations recorded live at Stavanger Public Library one chilly saturday afternoon last winter.. No singer/songwriter this saturday, the casual library visitors were treated to a lumpy gravy of bubbling frozen electronic transmissions and spacey metallic rust, being sucked into a veritable vertigo of clank! and skronk! Kinda like turning on the air-conditioning mistaking it for the intergalactic, gravity-smashing vacuum-cleaner... No, not really, but anyway - a surprising number of people didn't mind a saturday afternoon with no singer/songwriter..." Recorded live at Stavanger Public Library, Stavanger, Norway, January 17th 2009.
12/24/2005 Bjerga / Iversen Play the Oslo Groove Machine CDR $12.99 Absurd "chronis petras, called in the middle of the night.. our printer's in malmo had done an important mistake and a couple of upcoming releases were badly printed. we had lots of sleeves of releases to use and why not recycle. it was back in late december that did costas & tiina been accidentally in oslo had encountered a great almost industrialish nightmare show of the sindre bjerga on electronics, amplified objects & j m iversen on electronics and were totally into it so the chance was great a special 'recycled' cover on the 'utan titel' not only to remind us of our mistakes but also some of some trully impressive moments our friends had lived back then watching our norwegian freaks em 'playing'. limited to some 110 copies or so."
9/30/2005 Bjerga / Iversen The Lighthouse Tapes Vol 2 3" CDR $7.99 Firstperson "Sindre Bjerga and Jan Iversen (GoldSoundz and TIBProd respectively) leave the rat race and hole up in a cabin near a lighhthouse and emerge with hours of inspired clangNthrum. Other volumes available on FoxyDigitalis and Kabukikore."
11/4/2006 Bjerga / Iversen There's a Ghost in the Dream Machine CDR $11.99 Time-Lag "another haunted earthy drone vortex from this ultra-prolific norwegian duo. one extended & arching track. dusty electronics flutter and moan, crackle, and drone their way through some sort of underground cavernous dirge of rippling sound decay. the beauty lays in its blankness... fold-over art paper cover with paste-on art & hand stamped text. silver rimmed all black cdrs. numbered edition of 88."
1/31/2011 Bjerga, Sinde nowhereandnowhereelse CDR $10.99 Sonic Oyster Records "Sinde Bjerga has been touring the UK every October for the last 5 years, as well as mainland Europe and even Russia, with his cassette player drones and kitchen sink psychedelia... armed with an array of tape players, dictaphones and a pile of less-than-glamourous sound debris from the sonic junkyards, as he tries to juxtapose and melt sound ghosts hidden deep in the molten magnetic tapes, sometimes forcefeeding them with sheets of feedback from dying amps, always aiming for that mind-altering head trip... He has released over a 100 records as a solo artist and in a variety of collaborations, most notably with Jan Iversen. Recently most of his releases have been live recordings taken from his many concerts and tours around Europe: 'nowhereandnowhereelse' is taken from a performance in the Art Academy in Warsaw, 2010. For further information about Sindre visit him at www.myspace.com/sindrebjerga STRICTLY limited to 50 copies."
6/25/2004 Bjerga, Sindre Broken Hearted and Cardiac Arrested CDR $10.99 Audiobot “Sister release to the Fibo-Trespo disc on Imvated. Garbagetronica and electronic dogpoop and whatnot in a hazy mix... Edition of 100 copies.”
8/22/2008 Bjerga, Sindre Crystal Cranium, Diamond Head cassette $12.99 Blackest Rainbow "Solo live blurt from 25 June 2008 from Sindre Bjerga, one half of Bjerga/Iversen. Background drones hit in immediatley accompanied with some minimal scrapes and sputtering kinda growth aura from aforementioned drone, there's a real static vibe cruising through this. Occasional clunk and taps blur away as the heavy dense drone consumes the lot like an electric mist, with feedback clots clogging up your lungs, and creepy terror sounds. Limited to 50 hand numbered copies, each with indvidual handmade weird paper and an insert, everyone looking entirely different."
9/23/2004 Bjerga, Sindre Getting Jiggy with It CDR $9.99 Absurd “It seems Absurd enjoys getting sucked in obscure electronics sounds otherwise I doubt if I would have issued it. Instead thanks to Sindre materialized an idea that was collecting dust in my mind's corridors for sometime, a cheap series of home made sounds housed in home made 'suits' crafted in my little cottage industry. so under the name of 'peripsima' (a greek word for rubbish, shit, etc) comes the first volume Sindre Bjerga's obscure nightmarish (ridiculous) electronics (obscure electronica perhaps?) visions housed in 'mazes' xeroxes & a nice toy to play with while listening to the cdr. Limited to 93.”
10/17/2009 Bjerga, Sindre UK Tour CDR $9.99 Blackest Rainbow "Very limited disc of raw live records from Norway's Sindre Bjerga. Two tracks recorded earlier this year in the Czech Republic, Prague 25/2/09, and Varnsdorf 26/2/09."
7/12/2003 Bjerga, Sindre / Anders Gjerde Stavanger CD $9.99 Absurd "while translating/editing archive material for upcoming fanzine issues at the editions_zero central, started accidentally as an idea the creation of a zine which will focus each time on certain topic(s) /artist(s) / project(s), or in other words how ‘playground’s idea was born. for its premier issue (#0) sindre bjerga & anders gjerde who both have in common besides their diy cdr labels (gold sounds & humbug) & friendship the fact that they live in the city of stavanger (norway's 4th largest city), were invited to host an ‘audioguide’ to stavanger (or to perceive their town as a ‘playground’). so both spent some time doing field recordings on their minidiscs which later they either edited or reworked offering us 6 tracks of various moods & atmospheres...either abstract, or 'ambient', or pure field recordings, even w/ noisy touches at times, making it overall a bizarre view of stavanger the way our norwegian friends perceive their city. housed in a (almost) transparent xerox of stavanger map's greek version, just for this time won't be a supplement to the issue (which will come out later as a diy pocket size map edition) but as a separate release as both our friends (anders/sindre) & we (editions_zero) consider it as a bizarre introduction to the ‘playgound’. limited to 150."
6/25/2011 Blaastaal t is de pel alleen die rot / de beer gaat uitschachten c42 cassette $9.99 Cetacean Nation Communications Strange tape / voice poetry by this wonderful Antwerp Radioplay duo.
5/14/2007 Black Air Plague Ritual one-sided LP $11.99 rundownsun "A pure and focused collaboration from OSCILLATING INNARDS, PEDESTRIAN DEPOSIT, and THE RITA. to call this recording 'brutal', 'unforgiving', or 'punishing', would only belittle the finesse, poise, and obsession with which it was executed. RUNDOWNSUN exclusive special edition includes one-sided 12" LP with silk screened b-side, silk screened cover on heavy paper, and high quality glossy black and white 11"x17" poster of album art and label info."
6/30/2010 Black Clouds Black Clouds 7" $4.99 Ride The Snake "A 4 song 45 rpm rager by Providece and Somervilles first and only rock n roll band, the Black Clouds! For fans of Cheater Slicks, Link Wray, Thee Headcoats and raw garage rock. A future classic. Recorded by the Acid King of New England, Wayne Rogers on his legendary 8 track."
3/21/2009 Black Deer, The (Fallen) Requiem LP $13.99 Latitudes "It's a miracle the record you are holding in your hands ever happened. Josh Graham and I had been discussing the possibility of Red Sparowes recording a Latitudes session before they came over to tour the UK in the Autumn of 2006, and the studio time was duly booked. I got fleeting messages and missed calls as the shows progressed and began to get the feeling it just wasn't going to happen. For the first time in the history of the Latitudes series, we were going to have to scrap a proposed session. Ever the optimist, I carried on discussing it with Josh, and a new idea coalesced. Greg Burns and he were eager to fulfill the commitment and still set on entering the studio to improvise their own soundtrack for Stanley Kubrick's classic The Shining, particularly concentrating on the last half of the film where Jack Torrance slowly loses his fragile grip on reality and the inevitable conclusion draws in. At this stage, I must say, I wasn't confident of them being able to pull off such an endeavour with no preparation time and in the midst of a big tour with their 'day job' band. I needn't have worried. Listening to the crystalline melodies, ominous drones and confident ringing peals the duo composed on that day, I am sure that you, the immersed listener, would have received no clue as to the fraught, hurried and hanging-in-the-balance nature of the session in question. Without the benefit of these notes to explain the situation, you would just have ten tracks of gloriously evocative, cinematic soundscape to enjoy. And like the best of this ongoing series, a never-to-be-repeated masterpiece." - Tony Sylvester, February 2008.
12/11/2002 Black Dice Beaches & Canyons CD $14.99 DFA "The anticipated debut full-length album from Brooklyn sound manipulation specialists Black Dice. A fluid, swelling and blissed-out frenzy of chaotic and orchestrated electronics, percussion, vocals and treated guitars that beg your brain to search for recognizable patterns, while your body yearns to find a beat. Meditative, emotional and lovely."
10/30/2002 Black Dice Cold Hands CD $11.99 Troubleman Unlimited "Brooklyn-based ear-splitters and thermonuclear speaker-blowers Black Dice return with another vicious attack on the senses. Beheading into new realms of improvisation, the band unmercifully adds new experiments in noise to their already über-violent hardcore to create some of the most painful music in punk."
11/21/2002 Black Dice Lost Valley 3" CD $9.99 Tigerbeat 6 "Black Dice formed during the spring of 1997 in Providence, Rhode Island, as a loud, chaotic mix of early-'80s-inspired thrash and harsh noise experimentation. By the fall of 2001, the unorthodox instrumentation continued to evolve, and an emphasis on signal processing provided a broader range of sounds to work with. While volume and physical presence of sound remained crucial, melody and repetition became key elements that songs were composed upon. The shift in focus introduced a new gentle and tuneful quality to the intense, brash music. Currently, the music retains elements of noise and proto-industrial experimentation, while organically suggesting minimal, ambient electronic, and psychedelic ideas, as well as those of tropicalia and dub. Black Dice is now the organized presentation of improvised sound, assembled into deliberate structures based on visual concepts."
11/20/2010 Black Eagle Child / Donato Eprio split LP $19.99 Blackest Rainbow "Debut vinyl release for both of these great artists who collectively have had releases on a host of excellent underground labels such as Stunned Records, Housecraft, Sturmundrugs Records and Digitalis. Black Eagle Child is the musical project of Michael Jantz, and this release is his second outing for Blackest Rainbow following his excellent Kite Excursions CDR a while back. Here he presents us with 4 tracks of skillful guitar finger picking layered with glockenspeil, accordian and some perfectly timed field recordings giving the music a real autumnal glow. Donato Eprio's side is made up of three tracks of superbly crafted guitar work recorded between winter 2008 and winter 2010 at various destinations in Italy. I think the second track is particularily impressive, 'Il Primo Cerchio' is an intense piece with a variety of guitar sounds and techniques used... loose string twangs, repetitive layered plucking and deep raga meditations, at times layered with whirring drones. Pressed on virgin vinyl and housed in a pro-printed high gloss sleeve featuring cover photography by Joe Blanchard, pressed in an edition of 250 copies."
3/2/2007 Black Forest / Black Sea Black Forest / Black Sea CD $12.99 Music Fellowship "BLACK FOREST/BLACK SEA is the Providence duo of Jeffrey Alexander (mostly guitar) and Miriam Goldberg (mostly cello). They play free-form music that draws from folk traditions. The have toured extensively in the US and Europe, from Savonlinna to Sicily, Riga to Reykjavik and Portland to Portland. This is the fourth BF/BS full-length - recorded in Providence, RI, Portland, ME and Montague, MA with guest performances by Italian sound sculptor Stefano Pilia (guitar, tiny sounds) and Miriam's sister Margot Goldberg (phonorgan). Yet another sister - Gillian Goldberg - provides lyrics. Miriam and Jeffrey also incorporate voice, ur-pedal, casio, bul bul tarang and omnichord. "...a half-improvised framework of guitar, cello and sundry accented glitches...a magnificent patchwork tent of bark, calico fabric, twisted vines, and fallen stars...a gorgeous snapshot of the free psych underground, one of the purest spaces of otherworldly terrain in the current musical landscape." - Pitchfork
4/20/2008 Black Forest / Black Sea Black Forest / Black Sea LP $16.99 Music Fellowship "Black Forest / Black Sea is the Providence duo of Jeffrey Alexander (mostly guitar) and Miriam Goldberg (mostly cello). They play free-form music that draws from folk traditions. The have toured extensively in the US and Europe, from Savonlinna to Sicily, Riga to Reykjavik and Portland to Portland. This is the fourth BF/BS full-length, and the 2nd self-titled album - recorded in Providence, RI, Portland, ME and Montague, MA with guest performances by Italian sound sculptor Stefano Pilia (guitar, tiny sounds) and Miriam's sister Margot Goldberg (phonorgan). Yet another sister - Gillian Goldberg - provides lyrics. Miriam and Jeffrey also incorporate voice, ur-pedal, casio, bul bul tarang and omnichord. The pressing of the BFBS LP is limited to 500 copies and are on 12x24 white stock. The covers are hand-silkscreened with the same artwork as is represented on the CDs."
4/1/2004 Black Forest / Black Sea Forcefields and Constellations CD $12.99 Blue Sanct "From the ashes of The Iditarod comes Black Forest / Black Sea. Backwards backwoods playing, electronic effects, a shortwave radio and some knob twiddling are all incorporated into their sound, which twists from traditional folk Americana to beatbox improv and back again. Nothing, however, is quite what it seems, and this constant sound shifting gives Alexander and Goldberg's musically metamorphic contribution to the New Weird America cult an edge over the competition. 'Forecefields and Constellations' is their second album as BF/BS, following 2003¹s critically acclaimed self-titled debut on Last Visible Dog. This new CD features guest appearances by Christina Carter (Charalambides - Kranky Records), Glenn Donaldson (Blithe Sons - Jewelled Antler Collective, Family Vineyard), and Fursaxa (Ecstatic Yod, Eclipse).”
2/12/2008 Black Forest / Black Sea Portmanteau 10" $9.99 Secret Eye "For this new 10", the duo is joined by guests Margot Goldberg and Joe Grimm (a.k.a. The Wind Up Bird). This quartet version of BF/BS is the very same lineup that performed at Terrastock 6. 10" vinyl-only release limited to 500 copies worldwide. Silkscreened metallic silver covers by Mike Taylor (Lungfish, Avarus, Dan Higgs). 21 minutes of music - all exclusive material."
3/5/2009 Black Guys Some Of My Best Friends Are.. cassette $7.99 Digitalis Limited "Now faux liberals around the world can feel better about their white, upper class lifestyles with the help of one simple and inspired drone cassette. you'll be all the rage at that next mixer or cocktail party when you can tell everyone about how some of your best friends are... black guys! little will they know that you're talking about this new mexico duo of alan george ledergerber and raven chacon (kilt, cobra//group, etc). "some of my best friends are..." stretches time out ad infinitum with piles of crusty drones and scabbed-over electronics that can only dream of breaking the skin. you may not know black guys yet, but once you do, you're definitely going to love them. limited to 50 copies."
6/11/2006 Black Hands, The The Perfect Beauty of Venus 3" CDR $6.99 Firstperson "Alex Neilson has released solo recordings under the name THE DIRECTING HAND and also played with the likes of Jandek, Richard Youngs, Alasdair Roberts, Ashtray Navigations, Mirror etc etc caught here in duo form with Frank Janiurek." Review by Scott Mckeating from Brainwashed.com: "From a steady rhythmic bum Casio organ note, which might just even be the tight circling of reverberating tones, the song begins. The slowly layering tones regularly break cover to reveal a digital starlight twinkle. The hilltop woodwind, scoured cymbal and drained/bleached feedback rise as if lit by the slow slide of slinking daylight. Many times on The Perfect Beauty of Venus the music takes deep dips into descending noisy slides but always seems to settle on a rhythm or melody. Instead of creating a straightforward common montage of sounds, the sounds here have a life of their own; the music is organic and evolving as it progresses. Instead of a linear movement of layering sound after sound, the music seems to spin and consume itself, revolving spirograph style as opposed to horizontally.
Conventional melodies are found in the higher / lower vocal parts which wordlessly talk about melancholy through, what are perhaps, lost-and-found traditional tunes. Even when a passage of (probably percussion sourced) digitally messed-with vinyl scratch sounds takes centre stage and tumbles down into straighter high speed crackling noise, the vocal remains as desolately dominant. But better, stronger and more emotive stirrings are sourced straight from the dipped tab hits of high percussive sounds dancing over the music. Proof, if still needed, that the drum has a stronger emotive pulse than merely playing the part of the time-honoured rock band's heartbeat. The confluence of these gorgeous stretches of percussion and smooth thousand sided tones is what makes this release such a beautiful beginning to The Black Hands."
5/24/2014 Black Hat Thought Of Two CD $10.99 Hausu Mountain "Spread informally across underground networks, learned by hearing and watching one's influences in action, possessed of as many unique voices as artists - the experimental electronic and noise/drone movements constitute contemporary incarnations of "folk" music, with knobs, oscillators, and patch cables in the place of acoustic guitars and harmonicas. As these movements flourish and overlap, the music that Nelson Bean makes as Black Hat emerges as a bold addition to the expanding center of the Venn Diagram. As much as Bean participates in these scenes, performing regularly around his Seattle home and touring the west coast in the Summer of 2013, electronic music began for him as a family affair. Growing up in Oakland, CA, the 24-year-old producer received his first analog drum machines and synths from his father, a musician-turned-doctor. Supportive friends and family, the right gear, fierce ambition, and the inspiration gleaned from live shows and the boundless expanses of the internet: on paper, these seem like a recipe for a striking project. But Nelson Bean's music exceeds the sum of the parts that brought it to life, carving out complex new permutations of composition and live performance that span the wide spectrum of the contemporary electronic underground. Thought of Two, Bean's first full-length LP, arrives in the wake of his acclaimed Covalence cassette (Field Hymns, 2013), extending the compressed, hypnotic styles of that release into three mammoth new compositions teeming with abstracted rhythms and alien tones. Composed with an intricate system of digital processes and synth hardware, the sessions captured here on record represent the culmination of the tonal explorations and structural decisions that Bean continues to fine-tune in his improvisation-infused live performances. On a measure-by-measure basis, Thought of Two confounds listeners' expectations of resolution and recursion. Its sophisticated rhythmic grids and detailed lead voices congeal and conflict in unpredictable fashion, propelling each track through diverse atmospheres and textures. "Imaginary Friends" begins with a brooding death howl that gives way to a mind-warping kick drum pattern, all before the machine-drum beatdown shatters and rebuilds the session from the ground up. "Portrait in Fluorescent Light" layers washed-out drones and patient effect manipulations into a narcotic drift that stretches time well beyond the track's eight minute running time. The side-long "Memory Triptych" weaves a yearning synth motif through three distinct emotional spaces: a burgeoning introduction; the slow burn of the middle passage, led by a loping bassline and a muffled drum pattern into a matrix of interlocking pulses; the finale, pitting angelic synth quavers against the rumble of one last recurring bass phrase. Bean imbues his compositions with the grotesque cinematic sensibilities and rhythmic experimentation of Coil, the ghost-in-the-machine humanity of Laurie Spiegel's computer-based synthesizer work, and the dark energies and urges of Miles Davis's late-period psych-fusion ensembles - to single out just a few touchstones. Above all, Thought of Two showcases a mind eager to expand the vocabulary of today's conflating strains of electronic music, presenting audacious new ideas with a confidence that demands playback at maximum volume."
1/24/2009 Black Joker Watch Out! CDR $11.99 Pacific City "New project of Spencer Clark of The Skaters/Vodka Soap/Monopoly Child et al. Spencer himself describes this as being more drone-focussed and with faster percussion than the recent Monopoly Child sets. The percussion is up-front, with arcs of criss-crossing time signatures generating plenty of phantom space and the combination of trance-informed momentum and bubbling electronic sci-fi tones sounds closest to one of the Sun Ra Arkestra's most future-visioned takes on "Ancient Aethiopia" while expanding on the classic post-Angus MacLise feel of all of the best Skaters material." - Volcanic Tongue. Comes with liner notes from Charles Berlitz. Recommended!
2/12/2008 Black Magic Disco Black Magic Disco double LP $19.99 A Silent Place "Black Magic Disco is a new all-star band featuring Tom Greenwood (Jackie-O Motherfucker), Maurizio & Roberto Opalio (My Cat Is An Alien), and Ramona Ponzini (Painting Petals On Planet Ghost, Praxinoscope). The project was born when Greenwood invited the Opalio brothers and Ponzini to perform with him for two months, touring throughout Europe, in May/June 2005. As one can imagine, the result was killer. The music that came out of these live performances was totally explosive, combining Ponzini's Japanese vocals and hypnotic chimes with Greenwood's psych-blues guitar attitude and wild turntablism, all layered over MCIAA's alien cosmic flux of electric guitars, space toys, and percussion. This debut release represents a unique chance to experience almost eighty minutes of that pure, magical live action, divided into four long tracks taken from the original live recordings." Limited edition of 500 copies on colored vinyl housed in a gatefold sleeve with poster.
5/9/2009 Black Moth Super Rainbow Don't You Want To Be In A Cult b/w Feel the Drip picture disc LP $15.99 Mexican Summer "Two brand new, exclusive cuts from a revitalized Black Moth Super Rainbow, presented on an eye-searing picture disk. Both tracks take cues from both German synth/ambient pioneers like Cluster and Harmonia, as well as Italian soundtrack legends Ennio Morricone and Fabio Frizzi, effectively building off of the hazy, Technicolor acid dreamcoat this Pittsburgh-area group has been weaving from the get-go. Essential!" Edition of 1000 copies.
9/6/2012 Black Past Pitch Black LP $13.99 Dangerous Age "Black Past is the musical solo vision of Cleveland based musician Gregory Boyd and "Pitch Black" is his debut statement and Dangerous Age 001. Alternatively titled "A Soundtrack for a Deranged Motorcyclist", "Pitch Black" is a bleak narrative pulling no punches. Utilizing an array of drums, percussion, synthesizers, guitars, and other various sound making devices, Boyd creates a damaged repertoire of haunted motorik songs and ghosted void stasis. There is an intensity and mystery buried in these tracks that keep you hooked throughout and coming back for more as you peel back each hidden layer to find new messages and meanings not obvious upon your first encounter. "Blown Out Mind" kicks the record off with it's repetitive, drum clatter on the fringes of disaster and in-the-red synth leads. The track snow balls and collapses into "Brain Trouble", a blitzing and disarming hypnotic grey cloud. "EG&S" (Mood Ring) will launch you into the heart of the "Pitch Black" concept while "A Dark Ride Into the Sun" rounds out the record with heavy analog riffing and dusty light waves. Bizzare fidelities resonate throughout which perplex with old school, truly D.I.Y., private basement session sound. Housed in a thick reverse matte finish jacket on 150 gram vinyl in a limited edition of 300 copies."
10/25/2008 Black Pus / Foot Village split LP $12.99 DNT / Deathbomb Arc "Including the tracks from their split cassette released last year on DBA, this 12" adds 1 Foot Village bonus track and 2 Black Pus bonus tracks. This music is raw, distorted, and totally fucked up drum rock. Each 12" includes a 16" x 22" poster that is a full color animal photo with art by Brian Chippendale screened on top. Brian is the dude behind Black Pus and he is the drummer of Lightning Bolt. This release is all about drums being punk as fuck. Edition of 300. Co-released with Deathbomb Arc."
2/11/2006 Black Quarter Sodomy ESP cassette $14.99 Heavy Tapes "After the Gematria debut, Maya Miller returns with her second solo effort, the highly anticipated "Sodomy ESP." Recorded in one take in deep-afternoon haze deer-skull-on-the-table statement style, Maya closes her eyes, rocks back and forth, and blasts a magnetic mono hymn with organ and tone-vox. Like trying to figure out how the hell "Nelil" Young plays guitar and harmonica at the same time, on the same beach, circa the invention of the honey slide. At 4 RPM. Last round of warmup jams before the Ecstatic Peace LP drops. First black and white HT cover since the first few tapes -- feel free to color "it" in."
2/7/2009 Black River Error Band Cosmic Battles cassette $5.99 905 Tapes "Mattias Gustafsson is an early 905-cohort, with his altar of flies project filling the 905.4 slot. black river error band is another one of gustafsson's solo endeavors. b.r.e.b. brings the same complex crunch as a.o.f. but includes some black reed magic by way of alien sax vibes for a neurotic-cosmic mash. illuminated fluttering gripping onto dark sounds like mold on a butterfly. cosmic battles phantom workshops."
3/5/2009 Black Serama Rough Wood CDR $9.99 Reverb Worship "This is Black Serama's "Rough Wood" album. Black Serama are a brother and sister duo comprising Jonny and Bel. Musically these two have a similar sound and sonic timbre to Charalambides using guitars, keyboards, percussion, bells and objects. "Rough Wood" is the bands second release.It contains twelve excellent tracks and clocks in at over sixty minutes. The cd comes in a hand numbered edition of 40 copies in a white card cover with paste on artwork,insert and sprayed cd label."
1/1/2008 Black Sparrow Black Sparrow CDR $9.99 Peippo "Black Sparrow is from UK and is also known for his works as Slow Listener, Hereharehere and so. These lo-fi drone works are spiced (and done) with voices, loops and voices again. Comes with beautiful hand assembled b/w covers drawn by the Duuser collective from Finland. All this, a great wood stick holds together."
7/30/2003 Black Sun Ensemble Starlight CD $14.99 Camera Obscura "Starlight' follows up 2002's consolidating release Hymn of the Master with a set of recordings that showcase a band that has found a place for itself in the early 21st Century. The previous paradigm of mixing rearranged old material with new material has been shattered, and replaced by a completely new set of compositions that represent a launching pad for the band to enter an entirely new phase of its existence. It is now more than just a conduit for Acedo's guitar epiphanies. 'Starlight', like Hymn of the Master, was recorded and mixed at Tucson's SlowBurn recording studio. The release was mastered by John Axtell at Tucson's Cranky Jesus Studio. The album features not only the visionary compositions of Acedo's but also songwriting contributions from Tucson's Sun Zoom Spark leader, Eric Johnson; saxophonist, Brian Maloney and Tucson's Infinite Beauties front-man, Joseph Graves. Starlight also marks the return of long-time BSE collaborator, Duane Norman. Alchemy is performed everywhere, from the dazzling undulations and North African atmospheres of the opening instrumental 'Jewel of the Seven Stars', to the stygian jazz-metal of 'Loki's Monstrous Brood' and 'The Lycian' to the pyramid moon shadows of the cross-cultural 'Arabic Satori' (added intrigue given via Joseph Graves' stream-of-consciousness intonations over the top of it all), to the exquisite classical guitar piece 'Tralaine'. And for perhaps the first time, really successful vocals are added to the dynamic instrumental work. Eric Johnson's vocals make sure that the pop credentials of 'I Am I Was' are such that in a sane world it should be a hit single and he lists 'Sunbeam Angel' to another realm, and Jesus Acedo gives you a clear idea of some of the places he's been on the stormy 'Angel of Light'. Needless to say, there is extraordinary instrumental work everywhere, not just by Acedo, but also by Duane Norman on guitar, clarinet and sax, Brian Maloney on sax and baritone guitar, Eric Johnson on bass, guitar and keys, and the appropriately named Otto Terrorist on drums and percussion."
2/13/2013 Black Sun Roof 4 Black Suns & A Sinister Rainbow double CD $14.99 Handmade Birds "All new double album from Matthew Bower (Skullflower, Total, Hototogisu, Sunroof!, Voltigeurs) and Samantha Davies (Voltigeurs, Skullflower). Matthew Bower has been a highly influential icon of experimental music since the 1980’s, releasing albums on Broken Flag, RRRRecords, Sympathy For The Record Industry, tUMULt, Crucial Blast, Not Not Fun, Neurot, Utech, Second Layer, VHF, Turgid Animal, Important, and more. Black Sun Roof occasionally calls on the collaboration of Gordon Sharp (CindyTalk). Design in an oversized 5.5” square folder with each disc in a black envelope, hand numbered in gold metallic, and archived in a slim plastic cover. Samantha and Matthew also play together as Voltigeurs, who released a split with Horseback in 2010 on Turgid Animal." Edition of 500 copies.
7/16/2009 Black To Comm Charlemagne & Pippin CD $11.99 Digitalis Arts & Crafts "Marc Richter's new Black to Comm offering "Charlemagne & Pippin" churns out a slowly, methodically building single-tone battleship, that somehow manages to become more powerful, hopeful, and grandiose as it oscillates. Richter's characteristic organ noise is rounded off beautifully with various electronics, bells, metal percussion, toys, water, and violins, provided by band members Renate Nikolaus and Ulf Schütte ,which grow around the central note yet slowly move to the center themselves. The Bursting electronics, white noise, and buzzes become more frequent and attempt to overpower the mighty organ. Together, these three musicians bring about a musical pairing that suits the title. A pairing of power and play, father and son, age and youth. Its probably best to turn the lights off and the speakers up for this meditative 35 minute slab of drone excellence."
5/5/2012 Black To Comm Earth LP $15.99 De Stijl "According to Marc Richter, most of his 7th LP as Black to Comm, EARTH, was composed under the influence of heavy painkillers while recovering from a broken leg. It's unfortunate to have to blow those on actual physical pain, but EARTH - music composed for the art film of the same name (Singapore, 2009, dir. Ho Tzu Nyen) - was built on broken bones. The music (like the film) is about slowness and decay, states of unconsciousness, sleeping and waking up, dying and being reborn. The film is basically a post-apocalyptic collage based on paintings by classical European painters (Caravaggio, Delacroix, Rembrandt, Géricault); the music tries to translate that concept employing similar collage-based sampling techniques using loops made from vintage vinyl and shellac records combined with acoustic and electronic instrumentation and voice. EARTH puts me in a mindset similar to that evoked by Gifts-era Loren Connors and Scott Walker's Tilt, and we're as excited to be working with Marc as you will be to spin EARTH."
8/4/2007 Black To Comm / Aosuke split LP $18.99 Dekorder "This vinyl-only split-LP release is a meeting of two of the most interesting bands coming out of Hamburg, Germany at this moment, both continuing the long tradition of both challenging and explorative music coming from this city in the last decades. From Krautrock to the origins of the so-called Neue Deutsche Welle from experimental sound artists to some of the finest Pop Ambient, Hamburg is regularly spitting out some of the most singular artists on this planet. Both Aosuke and Black To Comm have absorbed influences from all these sources (and a million others) while working towards their very own individual vision The two brand new tracks by Black To Comm are continuing the massive organ/voice drone alchemy of the last double-LP while refining and personalizing his sound, reaching new heights of blazing sonic mysticism. Aosuke have decided to home-record their new material, continuing their loop-oriented, monotone yet highly melodic ambient journeys. Working with repetition and small abstractions, all instrumental "loops" are played by hand and recorded live without overdubs (one of the main principles of the guitar/electronics duo), creating surprisingly concrete dormant and somnambulistic soundscapes while fortunately completely lacking the washy and drowsy effects of most ambient music. Black To Comm is the one-man project of Marc Richter who is the brain behind the Dekorder label as well. So far he has released two albums on his own label ("Rückwärts Backwards" and "Wir können leider nicht etwas mehr zu tun..."). Aosuke is the duo of Tobert Knopp and Ulf Schütte, the latter being a label head as well (Tape Tektoniks). Last year they have released their debut "Monotone Spirits" album co-released by Hamburgs Audiolith label and South Germanys Meudiademorte label."
4/18/2012 Black Twig Pickers Yellow Cat 7" + download $6.99 Thrill Jockey "Banjos and fiddles, boards and bones in hand, the Black Twig Pickers dove into a living tradition of old-time music that surrounds their homes along the Virginia/West Virginia line and never looked back. Both scholars of the regional sounds and advocates of an ecstatic and highly personal approach to the music, the Twigs hold down local dance and bar gigs, play all manner of celebrations and every so often, hit the road. Along the way, Isak Howell, Nathan Bowles and Mike Gangloff kept company with some of underground America's heavyweights and haunted the doorsteps of Appalachian fiddle and banjo masters. They've played for the National Council for the Traditional Arts and for audiences overseas. The trio have toured the UK in the company of both Jack Rose and Charlie Parr, accompanying Rose on a series of raucous UK shows to celebrate the Jack Rose & the Black Twig Pickers album released in 2009. Rose and Gangloff were of course longtime band mates in drone masters Pelt, symbolizing the band's emergence into traditional music from a more experimental background (Bowles is also now a member of Pelt and both he and Gangloff perform as part of Spiral Joy Band). They also followed Rose onto Thrill Jockey's books, releasing Ironto Special, an album of traditional Appalachian old-time tunes (and two originals) in 2010. That same year they also released an album of traditional gospel music, Glory in the Meeting House, with Parr contributing his trademark sturdy-but- sweet vocals and resonator guitar. In 2011, the Twigs collaborated with Parr on a Record Store Day split LP for Thrill Jockey, with the flip side featuring recordings from Cambridge, MA based guitarist Glenn Jones. Through study of both local old-time musicians and old-time records and field recordings, the trio have literally come to old-time from leftfield, purely through their love of the music, and found they can hold their own with the old-timers, constantly tearing up the Virginian highways to keep commitments at bars, country fairs and parties, while simultaneously turning on their more avant listeners too. Bowles has also become a powerhouse banjo player of growing repute, with his first solo album in the works. New Black Twig Pickers recordings are on the way as well, first among them this Yellow Cat b/w You'll Never Miss Your Mama 7", with longer collections to follow in 2012." Edition of 800 copies includes download coupon.
7/5/2012 Black Unicorn Rediscovering Infinity LP $15.99 Deep Distance "Black Unicorn is the solo synth project of Akron, Ohio based Curt Brown (Cane Swords, Rubber City Noise). "Rediscovering Infinity" is a debut on wax and compiles 5 killer, evocative synth pieces, acting perfectly as an introduction to his work. 3 tunes here previously seeing the light of day on tiny run cassette and cdr releases, whilst the monumental title track (recorded especially for this project) is constructed as a 5 part movement that reinterprets an earlier theme as a story of cosmic awakening and redemption. Black Unicorn's music is both contemplative and exploratory- ranging from subtle drone to melodic outburst and is created on both analogue and digital synthesizers, sequencers and effects. Basic electronic building blocks are treated as analogous to alphabet characters- another way of telling a story that is both in harmony and supplement to the written word. Each piece on the LP has it's own special insert that expands upon the music through textual fragments and icon- detailing both instrumentation and basic meaning. The larger insert features an illustration by Matt Horak, whose drawings are scattered throughout. The second release on 'Deep Distance' -a synth / kraut themed side project to The Great Pop Supplement, and a wonderful album in beautiful black embossed sleeves released as a numbered edition of 250 copies on vinyl only."
4/22/2009 Black Vial Noise Frequency PWM CDR $17.99 Impulsy Stetoskopu Limited edition of 120 copies in plexi frame. Reissue of LP with 7 bonus tracks. "That Liebfried Loch has been making his found sound/voice/guitar/organ recordings more or less unnoticed since the late 70s is a real shocker. And he has played amongst and with the bigger names of a DIY, Velvets / Barrett / Drake inspired 'scene' in and around Berlin, with connections to 39 clocks, Phantom Payne, Beauty Contest, etc. But his method is decidedly more 'avant-garde' than most. Loch has no patience for a melody, choosing to layer sounds unwittingly. That method has been used to some very tiresome results by a great many artists, but for whatever reason, is much kinder to Herr Loch. If you got ahold of his '95 debut Frozen Morning you were one of the lucky few probably to be taken with its freshness. That Loch was pushing 60 was that much more enticing."
7/10/2008 Black Window Gunwales CDR $14.99 Transient Recordings "Debut release from the duo of US guitarist Andrew Weeks and Ben Spiers. Black Window formed following a late night acoustic busking session at Wellington Railway Station, 'Gunwales' couldn't be much further from those beginnings as a bed of garage doom explodes into punked-up mass projection guitar, then collapses into tape warble. 3" CDR housed in an oversized gatefold sleeve with pro-printed outer and hand-painted inner. Edition of 60 copies."
6/24/2012 Blackblack Blackblack LP $22.99 Alt Vinyl "the only living vinyl testament to the awesome "quirkadelica" that was the short lived (2004-2006) LA based blackblack. This cult band comprised diva dompe (bass/ vocals) later to feature in west coast dub noiseniks pocahaunted, sister lola dompe (drums) and bizarrely alex greenwald's schizoid alter ego clark schadelkopf (guitar). He of course went on to form phantom planet, collaborate with mark ronson on a cover of radiohead's "just" and other improbable antics. As for this LP and the band's general soundŠthink off kilter early cure meets the lighter end of velvet underground or joy division. Fantastical, sci-fi, exotic birds draped in sonic colour..you'll get a good feel from the inspired videos for "emerald forest" and "Sophia" to be found on youtube.." Edition of 250 copies on 180 gram vinyl
7/16/2004 Blackout Beach Light Flows The Putrid Dawn CD $10.99 Soft Abuse Records "Blackout Beach is the solo vehicle for Carey Mercer, the head howler and songwriter for the criminally under-appreciated Frog Eyes. Like his work with Frog Eyes, these Blackout Beach songs are intense, miniature epics filled with decadent imagery and dark paths. Some might fence Mercer into the 'new weird folk' movement, but his songs are filled with more conviction, agitation and true sonic experimentation than all of those other folkies combined. Light Flows The Putrid Dawn is an atmospheric song cycle (in fourteen parts) that touches on a wide range of emotions, and an even wider range of song structure and arrangements."
5/21/2009 Blackshaw, James Glass Bead Game CD $13.99 Young God "I'm extremely pleased to announce that James Blackshaw will now be releasing his absolutely spellbinding music via Young God Records. He has received attention as a 12-string guitar prodigy / virtuoso. He used to be in punk bands in England, but then he started listening to people like John Fahey, Robbie Basho, etc., and I assume locked himself in a room for 12 hours a day for several years and just played constantly. It takes intense discipline and a religious commitment to get to the place where he's at with his instrument. But his music isn't about his "skill." It's not showy. It's deeply meditative--the secret language of a pre-thought, pre-dream place. "Blackshaw plays soulful and kaleidoscopic, ever-shifting mantra cycles of incredible beauty. Just his guitar by itself, with its swirling overtones, cascading notes, and a thousand points of light, resembles an orchestra, but with further orchestration--piano, strings, wind, and vocals--the music is positively cinematic and mesmerizing. "The 18-minute-plus gem on this record is 'Arc,' performed on piano with the sustain pedal on full throttle. The rush of sound created by the overtones from Heaven, augmented by strings and wind, when played at proper (full) volume, is one of the most thrilling pieces of music I've heard in years. It takes a rare and single-minded courage and commitment to make music with such a powerfully positive force at its heart, especially in these troubled times. This is healing music that reaches for what's possible, just beyond our grasp. It is stellar..."Blackshaw is joined on this record by Joolie Wood (Current 93, Simon Finn) on violin, clarinet, and flute, and John Contreras (Baby Dee and Current 93) on cello. Lavinia Blackwall (Directing Hand) is a classically trained singer and contributed vocals." --Michael Gira/Young God Records
8/8/2009 Blackshaw, James Glass Bead Game LP + CD $15.99 Young God "I'm extremely pleased to announce that James Blackshaw will now be releasing his absolutely spellbinding music via Young God Records. He has received attention as a 12-string guitar prodigy / virtuoso. He used to be in punk bands in England, but then he started listening to people like John Fahey, Robbie Basho, etc., and I assume locked himself in a room for 12 hours a day for several years and just played constantly. It takes intense discipline and a religious commitment to get to the place where he's at with his instrument. But his music isn't about his 'skill.' It's not showy. It's deeply meditative--the secret language of a pre-thought, pre-dream place. Blackshaw plays soulful and kaleidoscopic, ever-shifting mantra cycles of incredible beauty. Just his guitar by itself, with its swirling overtones, cascading notes, and a thousand points of light, resembles an orchestra, but with further orchestration-piano, strings, wind, and vocals-the music is positively cinematic and mesmerizing. The 18-minute-plus gem on this record is 'Arc,' performed on piano with the sustain pedal on full throttle. Blackshaw is joined on this record by JOOLIE WOOD (CURRENT 93, SIMON FINN), and JOHN CONTRERAS (BABY DEE and CURRENT 93) on cello. LAVINIA BLACKWALL (DIRECTING HAND) is a classically trained singer and contributed vocals."-Michael Gira/Young God Records. Beautiful six-panel fold-out digipack with art by NICOLE BOITOS. LP includes bonus CD version."
4/5/2008 Blackshaw, James Sunshrine CD $12.99 Tompkins Square "Reissue of this November 2005 release (originally issued on Digitalis and Bo Weavil). "...Blackshaw has already mustered up enough talent on the guitar to put many more renowned acts to shame. His gorgeous finger picked melodies on 12-string guitar are incredibly affecting and a stark contrast to the ragas and ragtimes of peer Jack Rose. Instead of concentrating on replicating a specific era of music or showing his technical prowess, Blackshaw aims straight for the heart and listening to these two extended pieces is enough for you to be transported into another realm entirely. One of the standout releases in the now slightly bloated folk revival movement, Sunshrine is a real pleasure to listen to and should be wedged firmly into any self-respecting folk follower's CD shelf." - Boomkat
7/14/2007 Blackshaw, James The Cloud of Unknowing CD $12.99 Tompkins Square "When UK-native James Blackshaw plays his 12-string guitar, something spiritual takes place. Performing and recording since 2003, his name is frequently mentioned as one of the foremost modern solo acoustic guitarists. Now at the age of 25, Blackshaw, an untrained musician born and still residing in the suburban environs of Greater London, draws as much inspiration from early religious music, South-Asian folk music and composers such as Arvo Part, Simeon Ten Holt, Steve Reich and Charlemagne Palestine as he does from John Fahey, Robbie Basho and the early Takoma Records roster, constantly breaking boundaries in what could be conceived as a somewhat limited medium. In his part improvised and part written songs, Blackshaw makes expert use of Eastern and Western scales, chord changes reminiscent of European classical music and incredibly intricate fingerpicking patterns to make a sound that is both challengingly minimalist, yet warm and approachable to anybody who might hear it, with a rare sensitivity that conveys immense beauty, hope and sadness."
3/3/2011 Blanche Blanche Blanche Talk Out Loud b/w Water To Wine 7" $6.49 Feeding Tube Records "Two warped pop hits by the most perfectly matched couple in Brattleboro VT: Sarah Smith and Zach Phillips. This warrants repeated back to back flipping on your turntable. As a keyboard and vocal duo they create a complete sound-picture, but they've also got a great live band called Easy Street. Hey, their heads fly around and stuff!!!! They've got a tape and an LP coming out on Night People later this year (yeah!) and their video for this single was featured on Pitchfork (ick!)."
5/21/2009 Blank Dogs Seconds 12" $14.99 Captured Tracks "Four new tracks self-released on a 12-inch by Blank Dogs' own Captured Tracks label. Limited edition silkscreened sleeves, not to be reissued." - Revolver
12/13/2008 Blank Dogs The Fields LP $14.99 Woodsist "Blank Dogs are actually singular: it's the insanely prolific one-man Brooklyn-based band of Mr. Blank Dog. We don't know too much about the biography of the guy behind the bedroom new-wave pop/punk and he's usually covering his face with masks or bedspreads, but that's fine. The aura of anonymity allows you to focus on the sounds -- and, really, he might be releasing a ton of things, but there's definitely a higher jam-to-crap ratio. It's like Joy Division vocal lines with The Cure's synth and guitar melodies filtered through ancient submerged keyboards and eroded recording equipment. And that voice? All the feedback in the world can't hide his knack for melody. Blank Dogs have been making plenty of rumbles in the noisier and more secretive outposts of the underground (half his discography's sold out), but Troubleman Unlimited's just repressed his very recommended full-length On Two Sides (on yellow vinyl in an edition of 500) and In The Red's releasing a 20-song double LP (or single CD) called Under And Under . It's all new material. He's also playing his first shows in NYC, so if you want to take a peek, you can. All this to say: seems like Blank Dogs is on his way out of the basement." --Stereogum
7/16/2009 Blank Dogs Under and Under double LP $15.99 In The Red "For the past several years, a slew of 12-inches, 7-inches, and cassettes have been released by the mysterious Brooklyn artist known as Blank Dogs. Blank Dogs is actually singular-it's the insanely prolific one-man band of Mr. Blank Dog. Not too much is known about the guy behind the bedroom new wave / pop / punk act and he's usually covering his face with masks or bedspreads. The sound is Joy Division vocal lines with The Cure's synth and guitar melodies filtered through ancient, submerged keyboards and eroded recording equipment. Under and Under is Blank Dogs' latest and most massive release to date-a double-album housing twenty brand new songs (fifteen on the CD and digital versions) that show off his pop chops to a greater extent than any of his previous releases. Also, for the first time, Blank Dogs has incorporated the assistance of outside musicians to lend a hand, including members of the Crystal Stilts and Vivian Girls, among others. contribute this time around." - Revolver

Blanking Machine A Flock Of Fish 7" $4.99
Scottish single features Roy Montgomery with Darryl Anthony
6/11/2006 Blaster Al Ackerman I Am Drunk LP $13.99 Ehse "This listener's prediction: the muffled voice of Blaster Al Ackerman reading his "Pepper Young" translations with a presumed bar of soap in his mouth followed by tree frog belches will replace the sound of a passing steam locomotive as the poetic sounds of indescribable mystery and high lonesomeness. This audio icon of the 21st Century can be found on Ehse Records' LP release of Blaster Al Ackerman's "I Am Drunk". And indeed at times he does sound drunk, but not just on booze, also on language and human absurdity. Featuring live as well as "studio" recordings, "I Am Drunk" also has two Blaster classics that raise the humdrum world of the workplace to the giddy heights of Philip K. Dick in Munchkinland - "The John Eaton Recommendations" and "The Crab". Another prediction: copies of this album with its linguistic hijinks and squat and thrusts will be played far more times and enjoyed much more than any mothball enshrined Caedmon LP of T.S. Eliot or Robert Frost intoning. Original artwork for LP front cover by Blaster Al Ackerman. Edition of 500."
7/14/2007 Blastocyst True Tales For A New American Century CDR $8.99 Phase "Drums & Bass madness from NY's noise duo Blastocyst (members of Paper Legs, George Steeltoe Ensemble, Cakes Of Light, et al). True patriots, indeed, they praise the true beast of the American Beast w/ low frequency cluttering and brain damaged percussion. Total chaos! Handpainted w/ acrylic stains heavy covers w/ paste-on photography and inners."
10/3/2009 Blatchley, Joshua Emery Solo Acoustic Volume One LP $15.99 Vin Du Select Qualitite "A new voice in the Ragtime and American Primitive guitar-playing lineage, Blatchley offers a unique interpretation of both new and traditional compositions. Blatchley performs in the band Mountain Home with Marissa Nadler and Greg Weeks of Espers."
The series will be released on high quality LP with letterpressed sleeves, each with a picture of the guitar used to record the albums. Track-by-track liner notes will also be included. Edition of 500 copies.
3/6/2010 Blessure Grave Judged By 12, Carried By 6 LP $18.99 Release The Bats "Founded as a duo by T. Graves and Reyna Kay in September 2008, Blessure Grave blurs the lines between the goth, postpunk and neofolk genres. The pair has since developed the project into a full band while building a cult-like following, scattering various vinyl and tape releases on boutique labels around the globe. Citing Killing Joke, Death in June, March Violets and The Cure as influences, Blessure Grave injects a pop sensibility into songs otherwise doomed to dreariness, creating an interesting mix of old and new but dark all around. The music initially appears rather simple, but quickly reveals the fact that the songs are fully fleshed-out and genuinely memorable. The album provides the perfect soundtrack for contemplating today's troubled times or for simply being swept away with the nostalgic 80's vibe that permeates much of the recording. The band does not waste a lot a time allowing tracks to drone on: the songs are short and to the point, with the average track approximately three minutes in length. 12 tracks. Vinyl edition of 500 copies, mastered by Viktor Ottosson, while the CD will be released on Alien 8 Recordings (CD-version will also include the tracks from the Captured Tracks 12"). Previous releases out on Night People, Captured Tracks and Holidays."
3/20/2003 Bley, Paul Quintet Closer LP $15.99 Get Back "This historic album, originally released on ESP-Disk in 1965 (featuring drummer Barry Altschul and bassist Steve Swallow), is one of Canadian-born pianist Paul Bley's most adventurous albums of the period. Bley helped spearhead the 1960s free jazz movement, standing shoulder to shoulder with men like Ornette Coleman and Don Cherry."
8/1/2014 Blind Dead Demo 7" $7.99 Imposter Complex "From the greyest-blackest sludge of HELL: comes BLIND DEAD: raw primitive disgusting DEATH METAL= slobbering /clobbering -flailing horrid- creature in a quagmire crushing sound EVER to crawl at midnight to feast in the cold midwest. Ever wondered what Goya was jammin in his headphones when he painted "Saturn Devouring His Son"? THIS:BLIND DEAD: LOUD. Heavy and gross as bench pressing a swamp of diseased cattle. EVIL. HORRID. A HUGE EXPANSION IN THE OPPOSITION TO THE IMPOSTOR. As requested: no Xian's were present during the pressing of this and no hands were washed for WEEKS. Repress of rare Demo tape on Deer Healer. Colored Wax, pro pressed sleeves & insert: one time edition of 200, numbered. Features members of Dry-Rot, Herds, Threatener and Rival Mob. \SOUND HAS NEVER BEEN MORE DISGUSTED & ASSAULTIVE AGAINST ITSELF: BLINDED BY FILTH. BIG HAILS TO: Mike Priehs, Matthew Billings and Todd Emmert on helping this unholy project. MORE DEATH METAL SOON ON THE IMPOSTOR"
2/9/2013 Blissed Out I cassette $5.99 Living Tapes "Blissed Out hails from NYC, but his beats are as cold as the Arctic wastes. “ICE to meet you” they say as they march over your corpse. Somewhere between the grim chug of witched-out industrial, the ghetto gothery of hip-hop, and the paranoid highs of trance sits I, the latest EP from the young producer. It’s the perfect thing for your next Halloween rave; just be sure to have plenty of acid."
11/2/2008 Blithe Sons, The The Great Orthochromatic Wheel LP $14.99 Family Vineyard "The Great Orthochromatic Wheel is The Blithe Sons first full-length release since 2004. In the years since the California duo of Loren Chasse and Glenn Donaldson may have traversed poppy fields and swam to aqua cities though mostly they've remained active with their Jewelled Antler offshoots: Ov, Of, and Child Readers (Chasse ) or Skygreen Leopards and Flying Canyon (Donaldson) and both in Thuja. These five songs combine nature's melodic pull and minimalist songs forms summoned by a miniature orchestra of eclectic instruments. Each LP side flaunts a different depth of the Sons, one recorded outdoors and the other inside. The indoor set consists of slow-motion ballads built on hymn-like organ, nylon string guitar, analog drum machine & stark percussion. The outdoor side offers a web of exotic wind-instruments & battery-powered electronics reverberating in cavernous hall cut in the side of a sea-cliff." Each 500 copies contain a download coupon for MP3 version of the album.

Blodeudd / Gang Wizard split 7" $9.99 Oggum Edition of 300 copies with stamped sleeve and painted label.
11/21/2009 Blood on Tape / Pet Coffins split c38 cassette $4.99 Anathema Sound "This split presents a meeting of two stellar, young ambient projects that deserve your ears. Texas’ Blood on Tape is a duo comprised of Kevin O’Sullivan and David Gonzalez. Inspired by distant and peaceful lands in Bolivia, their composition combines melancholy synths, reverb-drenched guitars, and pastoral field recordings for an experience that coasts gently and sooths unequivocally. Indiana’s Pet Coffins is the solo work of Philip Egierski. His piece begins with jarring, dissonant chimes that eventually give way to a dense and melodic sound world full of whispering acoustic guitar strums and ethereal vocal drones. Both acts iterate that there is mystery in beauty and vice versa. With full color artwork, inserts, and labels by Matt Yacoub. Edition of 75."
4/16/2007 Blood Stereo Enfold The Hiss CDR $9.99 Chocolate Monk "Some more low brow head tangle, this time in a smoky late night vein. Two tape mulch pieces of magnetic creep and two live joints (1 recorded in front of an audience of 6 one summer night in Cambridge. The other to a packed house in Brighton). A nice slow labotomy."
12/10/2004 Blood Stereo Hymn for the Crippled Mulato CDR $8.99 Carbon Records “10YR.Series.10 - the tenth (and final release) in the Carbon 10 year anniversary CDR series. 30+ minutes of a beast emerging from a swamp of static. or a seismic mic on the tail pipe of my brother's Harley. Kicks ass! [Blood Stereo is Karen Constance and Dylan Nyoukis].”
5/16/2011 Blood Stereo Into Aquatic Maze cassette $5.99 Hanson "New cassette from my UK pals Blood Stereo. Lo-fi musique concrete, field recordings, percussion, electronics, and voice masterfully mixed into a poisonous hobo stew."
2/21/2005 Blood Stereo Live at Sonic Protest CDR $9.99 Chocolate Monk “Blood Stereo featuring Professor Dylan Nyoukis, Karen Constance and Milche Grand invaded the stage and spat a half-hour of pure sonic bliss. They offered an onslaught of ‘hydrostatic’ sounds that made both my constipation and blood circulation problems avoid the need for any form of homeopathy.” - Hicham Chadly, Blastitude.com. Joined by Milche Grand (Chrome Hoof), this is a mangled/remixed recording of
the Blood Stereo show at Sonic Protest Festival in Paris in 2004.
4/16/2011 Blood Stereo Tape Hiss For Brainwash c30 cassette $7.99 Feeding Tube Records "To celebrate their upcoming US tour, Feeding Tube Records is releasing a spooky little c30 by Blood Stereo, the Scottish duo of Dylan Nyoukis and Karen Constance. Any one familiar with their previous work will know that Tape Hiss For Brainwash is not to be missed. A heady mix of tape collage, minimal instrumentation and other-worldly vocals. We only made 100."
2/21/2005 Blood Stereo The Trunk Is Flexed CDR $9.99 Chocolate Monk “A late night whiskey jam with brain bent serenades. Nyoukis & Constance joined by Caroline Lewis (PSKB) and southern ladies man Billy Taylor (ex-Melted Men, ex-TL&SiLA).”
3/26/2006 Blood Stereo / Moysk en Chimyser split CDR $9.99 Chocolate Monk "Super split. Belgian learning disabilites duo Moysk en Chimyser produce some wondrous low brow scum/shit noise, elbow deep in patch cords and cheap beer. Blood Stereo get all bent out of shape and try to explain the sounds of tape machines dying. This is xerox psychedelia. "
6/5/2005 Bloodyminded Gift Givers CD $10.99 BloodLust! "Gift Givers is the third full-length release from Bloodyminded, and it follows their late-2003 single, 'Mothercare,' and their previous album, 'True Crime' (2002). Moving on from 'crime,' this time the group has placed its focus on numerous other types of obsessive behaviors. A recurring theme, initiated on 'Mothercare' (if not hinted at on their first CD, 'Trophy'), is self-destructive behavior - particular, but certainly not exclusive to - teenage girls. As the album title hints, such dangerous behavior cuts across both sexes and all ages. Gift Givers takes some of its cues from True Crime, such as that album's deep layering of vocals. This time, however, the band takes things a step further by utilizing its international depth - creating a multi-lingual recording with English, French, and Spanish vocals. Hearkening back to Trophy, this album mixes 10 songs in the four- to six-minute range with several of the band's trademark blast songs. An likely unexpected introductory track starts things off, while a middle passage, based on new recordings by special guest Pierpaolo Zoppo (previously of the pioneering Italian project, Mauthausen Orchestra), acts as a curious segue between the central Pro-Ana/Pro-Mia suite. Another special guest, Michael D. Williams (EyeHateGod/Outlaw Order), adds lead vocals to the key track, Ten Suicides, which incorporates a number of true successes and near misses, and which carries the album's prevalent theme/question. Brian Gaynor, who has worked on numerous BloodLust! recording projects, engineered the majority of the recording sessions and the ultramaximized master, and he co-produced the album with Mark Solotroff, at Alien Soundscapes, Inc., Chicago. Additional recording was completed by the band, as well as by Amadou Sall (Collapse/Treponem Pal). Veteran BloodLust! designer and former Bloodyminded member Megan Emish executed the exquisite packaging design."
4/24/2006 Bloodyminded untitled 7" $25.99 AA Records One-sided square lathe cut 7" from Nate Young's (Wolf Eyes) AA label.
11/16/2004 Blossom Toes If Only For a Moment CD $17.99 Polydor "Talented, ignored and legendary band's second album (1969, for the Marmelade label) is heavier and more dramatic than their pop/psych debut; lots of crunching guitars and a more power rock approach, but still with the same imagination that sets both of the band's albums apart from most others of the same era; booklet comes with original UK art as well as lyrics." - Lion Productions
11/16/2004 Blossom Toes We Are Ever So Clean CD $17.99 Polydor "Stylish reissue replicates original cover art and includes the lyrics to this top-notch UK psychedelic album, the band's quirky 1967 Marmalade label debut; truly one of the finest stabs at pop/psychedelia produced in the heady era, which is saying quite a lot, since the year belonged to the pop/psych of the Beatles and Sgt. Pepper's; cellos, trumpets, and full-blown orchestra meant the band could not perform this material live, which ultimately left them high and dry despite the legions of devoted listeners which grows with each passing year; and why not? Hard to find many songs from that era catchier than 'Telegram Tuesday'." - Lion Productions
3/21/2009 Blown Doors Crystal Myths / Crystal Paths cassette $4.99 905 Tapes "Third 905 effort to date. recorded a month ago while rains came down outside. walls melted and all the paint was lead. connolly's strings and effects played his fingers and vocal chords while haley 360'd the synths and delay. got diseased and mutated into moisture." Edition of 33.
9/30/2008 Blown Doors Drug Punishment cassette $5.99 905 Tapes "Sean and i lived together for a year, and within that time we recorded exactly zero seconds of blown doors material. maybe it was the cramped, suburban townhousery that kept the jams contained, that I don't know. either way, now that we are separated by a few miles the tones are blooming. the latest is this barn burner, a 92 minute cassette loaded from start to finish with heaps of static infused scorchers. recorded direct to tape in two back to back sessions. punishment. mics, electronics, and cell phones."
4/15/2011 Blue Cheer Outside Inside LP $29.99 Akarma "Blue Cheer's debut album, Vincebus Eruptum, was widely and accurately described as "the loudest record ever made" when it first appeared in early 1968, and the band seemingly had the good sense to realize that for sheer brutal impact, there was little chance they could top it. So for their second LP, Outsideinside (which appeared a mere seven months later), rather than aim for something bigger and more decibel intensive, Blue Cheer decided to see how much polish they could add to their formula without blunting the skull-crushing force of their live attack. While Vincebus Eruptum was cut in simple and straightforward form with minimal overdubs, Outsideinside found Blue Cheer embracing the possibilities of the recording studio; Leigh Stephens overdubbed multiple guitar parts on several tunes, while the mix sends his leads flying around the room, though aggressive use of panning and the monstrous, fuzzy growl of his tone gets cleaned up on some tunes (check out the wah-wah solos on "Gypsy Ball"), though the results are still as gentle as a chainsaw. The engineering is friendlier to Paul Whaley's drumming; his traps don't sound as much like trash cans on these sessions, though the crude, phase shifting on "Just a Little Bit" remains gloriously amateurish. And if Dickie Peterson's bass sounds just about the same, he got to spend more time on his vocals here, and his blustery howl communicates better this time. The opening cut, "Feathers from Your Tree," also added a piano to the mix (which is somehow audible through the dozens of amps), while "Babylon" is almost funky in its lead-footed approximation of an R&B groove, and "The Hunter" is a broad but playful exercise in sexual swagger that, if nothing else, provided a lyrical conceit Kiss could use to more profitable effect nine years later. But if Outsideinside is cleaner, tighter, and more ambitious than Vincebus Eruptum, it's still clearly the work of the same band, and Blue Cheer sound every bit as thunderous on their sophomore effort. If anything, this LP captures the psychedelic side of their musical personality with greater clarity than the blunt approach of the debut; Outsideinside doesn't sound trippy so much as righteously buzzed, and the speedy roar of this the music is big enough that the legend that parts of this were so loud they had to be recorded outside seems not just plausible, but perfectly reasonable. " - AllMusicGuide. Pressed on 180 gram vinyl - long out of print.
4/15/2011 Blue Cheer Vincebus Eruptum LP $29.99 Akarma "Rock & roll had grown louder and wilder by leaps and bounds during the '60s, but when Blue Cheer emerged from San Francisco onto the national rock scene in 1968 with their debut album, Vincebus Eruptum, they crossed a line which most musicians and fans hadn't even thought to draw yet. Vincebus Eruptum sounds monolithically loud and primal today, but it must have seemed like some sort of frontal assault upon first release; Blue Cheer are often cited as the first genuine heavy metal band, but that in itself doesn't quite sum up the true impact of this music, which even at a low volume sounds crushingly forceful. Though Blue Cheer's songs were primarily rooted in the blues, what set them apart from blues-rock progenitors such as the Rolling Stones and the Yardbirds was the massive physical force of their musical attack. Jimi Hendrix, the Who, and the MC5 may have anticipated the sound and fury of this music, but Blue Cheer's secret was not just being louder than anyone else, but staying simple enough to give each member the space to do damage both as individuals and as a group. Paul Whaley's drumming combined a crashing dustbin tone with a constant, rolling pummel that suggested Ginger Baker with less finesse and more bludgeoning velocity. Dickie Peterson's basslines were as thick as tar and bubbled like primordial ooze as he bellowed out his lyrics with a fire and attitude that compensated for his lack of vocal range. And guitarist Leigh Stephens may have been the first genius of noise rock; Lester Bangs once wrote that Stephens' "sub-sub-sub-sub-Hendrix guitar overdubs stumbled around each other so ineptly they verged on a truly bracing atonality," and though that doesn't sound like a compliment, the lumbering chaos of his roaring, feedback-laden leads birthed a more glorious monster than many more skillful players could conjure. Put them together, and Blue Cheer's primal din was an ideal corrective for anyone who wondered if full-on rock & roll was going to have a place in the psychedelic revolution. From the opening rampage through Eddie Cochran's "Summertime Blues" (which miraculously became a hit single), to the final one-two punch of "Parchment Farm" and "Second Time Around," Vincebus Eruptum is a glorious celebration of rock & roll primitivism run through enough Marshall amps to deafen an army; only a few of Blue Cheer's peers could come up with anything remotely this heavy (the MC5's Kick Out the Jams and side two of the Velvet Underground's White Light/White Heat were its closest rivals back in the day), and no one could summon so much thunder with just three people. If you want to wake the neighbors, this is still the album to get, and it was Blue Cheer's simplest and most forceful musical statement." - AllMusicGuide. Pressed on 180 gram vinyl - long out of print.
4/24/2006 Blue Collar Lovely Hazel CD $12.99 Public Eyesore "Blue Collar is experimental jazz power trio. Wooley teams up with two of the finest musicians to be found in any style - the peerless trombonist Steve Swell and Tatsuya Nakatani, a dazzlingly innovative percussionist - and the result is smart and winsome chaos. Here, Wooley's expanding quiver of sounds is profoundly multiplied by those of his veteran comrades. Lovely Hazel seems almost easy listening after Wooley's solo disc, but a similar caveat applies: it's not for the sweet of tooth. You won't encounter anything further from top 40 pop, or more rewarding to your patience." - Ty Cumbie
8/24/2009 Blue Sabbath Black Cheer Dead Death, Death Dead LP $15.99 Gnarled Forest / Troubleman "Side A features 2 live tracks originally released on the "Dead" c20 on Scumbag Tapes, a live version of 'Borre Fen' recorded at the Baltic Room in Seattle Washington on September 26th, 2006 & 'Black Acid' recorded live at the Funhouse in Seattle Washington on October 22nd, 2006. Side B features 'Victim' recorded live at the Rebar in Seattle Washington on December 23rd, 2006, originally released on the "Feral Debris Vol. 2" CDr compilation + zine & a previously unreleased track recorded and mixed back in 2007. Black vinyl, black hand stamped labels, comes housed in a pro-printed jacket with a gruesome spot varnished photograph by Stan Reed on the front. Includes an 11x11" insert." Edition of 500 copies.
6/3/2009 Blue Sabbath Black Cheer / Dried Up Corpse split 10" $11.99 Gnarled Forest "Originally released as a c16 on What We Do Is Secret in an edition of 50 copies. Two bleak and desolate trips to despairsville are what await you here, BSBC take a more minimulist approach to horror than the usual roar, sure to make you a bit uneasy as your led into the fog. DUC ride a slow drone of death into the winds of the end. Comes housed in a screen printed jacket, front and back, with a double sided insert." Edition of 300 copies.
7/10/2008 Blue Sabbath Black Fiji Lazer Saber CDR $5.99 Abandon Ship Records "Here's a 2007 JK Tapes repress of this Parisian duo doing what they do best...making loud, raucous, guitar-driven noise. Skull-crushing, gut-wrenching, and face-melting will all take place while listening to this. And then, after some reconstructive surgery, you'll come crawling back for more. Get it while it's hot." Edition of 50 copies.
3/3/2002 Blue, Jerry Flowers of Urban Decay CD $10.99
Shudder, zoom, stopf, click freezing frozen Tim(e) like a paint smallbrushstrok. condensd spare squace ni mouvmountain near 'ounds. Look, knot meat it at. Tory(s) for brainsml brainthnk write bak atya relate/shun. Instruments played on this recording are guitar: acoustic/electric (prepared and otherwise), flute, dulcimer, field recordings, loops, bass, some percussion, glass, etc. Please visit www.jerryblue.org for more info.
6/27/2012 Blues Control Valley Tangents LP $15.99 Drag City "There's a new muse at the house of Blues Control. Yes, mother nature! Now located in the Woodstock of east Pennsylvania, Lehigh Valley, Blues Control conceived Valley Tangents far from the madding crowds they'd previously swarmed with and composed among. Could this be the reason for the homegrown, natural feel of the music, with the metronomical hissing of summer mosquito-bots behind their signature Debussy via Guaraldi qua Bley qua Hornsby pianisms, and the playful juxtapositions of a full spectrum of rock colors' stadium, industrial, psych and prog (to name just a few)... As with each of their earlier efforts, Valley Tangents is a full (r)evolution ahead of what came before, at times an unrecognizable new blend of sounds to call Blues Control. Closer listens will bring into focus the continuities that make the band who they are and have been. It ultimately doesn't matter where on earth this was conceived and laid down and mixed, it came from two minds alone, and nobody else but Blues Control are in control of doing it quite like this."
1/1/2014 BLVCK CEILING Forever Dawn LP $24.99 Phantasma Disques Edition of 300 copies with Japanese obi strip - pressed on Zombie Splattered Vinyl! Preview the album here https://soundcloud.com/ppppd/pre-listen-blvck-ceiling
4/10/2009 Bo Knows / Katchmare split cassette $5.99 Scissor Death "Two of Normal, Illinois' strangest bands thwart expectations on this limited cassette. Bo Knows with guitar and drums, Katchmare with an overdriven computer."
7/28/2011 Bob & Lou Five Tracks 1991 - 1993 LP $27.99 Ultra Eczema "One of the earliest cdr's on ultra eczema was a Bob & Lou cdr, which were also recordings from the early 90's, and which, together with discovering the insane recorded archive of cassis cornuta, sparked the idea of publishing and collecting these lost recordings of belgian weirdo's! Bob & Lou is the pseudonym for the duo field recording / synth project Peter De Ceulaer and Luther Vanhoof started in the late 80's. They never played live as Bob & Lou although both of them also played in SPACECACTUS, a loose collective that would play live and build side specific installations. A lot of the Bob & lou recordings were used in radioplays they would construct for Radio Centraal in Antwerp. Bob would also record most jingles for the radio and was the chairman there until he sadly passed away on october 30 of last year, therfore this record carries a incredibly typical "centraal sound", since i got obsessed with this insane radio station this strange combination of library space music, radical satire, fassbinder, klaus schulze and percise field recording styles has not left me ever! The obsession of hunting down the right microphones, synthesizers and self build metal instruments in combination with the ability to build, cut and paste and change any existing format resulted in a amazing recorded archive and a giant studio where no one but Bobby Colombo could find his way around.. This record comes with a "real" photo, developed at the colunst house, a fold open space poster and a sleeve with more archival photography on it. limited to only 200 copies, no reissues!"
5/19/2004 Boca Raton Mansdoof CDR $9.99 absurd “Here comes another great surprise from absurd's vaults. Being delayed for lots of reasons (financial being the most important of all) for sometime during which it was totally reworked & remixed 'mansdoof' stands for me as a great documentation of the Dutch electroacoustic network that I've came across the last few years. For those unfamiliar with the project, Boca Raton is the vehicle of Martijn Tellinga (the person behind the dutch 'mixer' label) who offers us here 10 pieces (or 1 piece divided in 10 tracks if you
wish) of an adventurous electroacoustic nature that will definitely appeal to all those who seek obscure creative soundscapes to stimulate their bodyand mind.” Edition of 131 copies.
6/25/2013 Boduf Songs / Jessica Bailiff Decapitation Blues / Lakeside Blues 7" + download $11.99 Morc "Before embarking on a European tour, Boduf Songs and Jessica Bailiff re-worked one of their older songs in totally different versions. Boduf Songs presents a stripped down but electric and heavy version of 'Decapitation Blues', originally a vibrating and pulsating track. Jessica Bailiff brings a new take on 'Lakeside Blues', heavily relying on keyboards, and thus reminding of her joint efforts with Annelies Monseré. Limited to 200 copies in full colour sleeves, with download coupon."
5/9/2009 Body Morph Negative Face c30 cassette $6.99 Arbor "Dan Dlugosielski (of Uneven Universe, Mossy Throats, etc) has kept his Body Morph project relatively wrapped up until recently with only a few limited releases on his own Excitebike as well as stellar appearances American Tapes and Gods of Tundra. Body Morph finds Dan at his simplest; a minimal take on strange-fidelity. Smooth saxophone waves wash over a dense bed of electronic warmth, mirroring the ambience of the ocean. Sonic contortions from a willing pallet; a fresh sense of control. In an edition of 100 tapes with textured cardstock covers and printed labels."
6/11/2006 Bodyvehicle Amplified Voices of Crystals cassette $7.99 Tone Filth "Rencently I recieved a package from Russia neatly wrapped in twine with just a single CDr inside marked "BODYVEHICLE". Here are the best moments, "Amplified Voices of Crystals". Very Kosugi / Taj Mahal Travellers - esque. Edition of 100 with hand screened cases, inserts, and tapes.
5/14/2007 Bogan Dust Tonight I Present My Back To The Future cassette $7.99 Spanish Magic "This is a document. Two collaborative sets recorded live @ Yvonne Ruvé in late 2005. The first set includes a performance by Jim Currin (Ray Off), Jon Chapman (ex-Double Leopard) and Eamon Sprod (Tarab). Side two features the same three musicians with the addition of 5 members from Castings. - SUPER LIMITED."
12/22/2014 Bolder Damn Mourning LP $27.99 Guerssen Bolder Damn's 1971 album "Mourning is an absolute monster among U.S. hard rock private pressings. Hailing from Florida, Bolder Damn boasted an ultra-heavy, "raw-in-your-face" sound with devastating fuzzed-out guitar, a solid rhythm section, and manic vocals. First discovered and reissued by the legendary Rockadelic label in 1990, the album has gained a cult status among new fans of '70s proto-doom and hard rock sounds since then. Bringing it back into print after many years, Guerssen presents the definitive vinyl reissue of Mourning, featuring original artwork and fold-out insert with liner notes, interview with singer John Anderson, and rare pictures. Remastered sound. Highly recommended if you like Sabbath, Blue Cheer, Pentagram, MC5, Sainte Anthony's Fyre…"
10/8/2010 Boldie The Mighty Hand CDR $10.99 Sonic Oyster Records "Bolide deliver three slabs of spontaneous accept-and-build with an album that celebrates the notion of 'mind and breath', albeit with a lysergic acid diethylamide chaser and a pint of speckled hen. Every wrinkle, squank and poot is accepted with the kind of feral energy early 'Mothers' once gorged on before squandering it all on 'titties and beer' with Eddie and that annoying Phlorescent Leech." STRICTLY limited to 50 copies.
1/7/2015 Bone & Joint Center Star Super one-sided LP $16.99 Flipped Out "Nicholas Roeg's seminal cult rock'n'roll movie Performance might seem like something of a quaint oddity in 2014. I remember showing it to a woman I was living with and she literally curled up at points (mostly during Mick Jagger's set pieces, admittedly, but thus was the degree of her cringe). She derided it as 'cheesy' and 'embarrassing' and 'pathetic'. She hated the hippies (which, as an aside, I think is a large part of the reason we didn't work out) and her reasoning was that they were naive and backward and in denial of harsh contemporary reality. But even though I was open to hearing her point of view, there was something about this woman, ten years my junior, as a representative of her generation, that belied the validity of her argument, or at least that made me feel that it was she who was naive and backward. All she seemed to get from the film was an example of outmoded camera techniques, wooden acting and a flamboyance that hardcore punk and indie rock long ago invalidated as a reputable mode of rock-ist representation. It was as if she completely missed the film's exploration of cultural otherness and the significance that this exploration retained in contemporary viewing. Also, I was irritated and angered by the fact that she refused to engage with the idea that what I feel is the movie's key line, delivered by James Fox's character Chas while giving Jagger's Turner character the once over, beautifully exemplifies the grand hegemonic critique of those who stray from the beaten path of culture and that it's a critique as important now as it was in 1970:
'"You're a comical little geezer, you'll look funny when you're fifty.'"
Life, of course, always goes on to confound those who make artistic predictions and is, thus, ultimately, way more interesting than art. Jagger's Turner didn't even make it to 30, but the actor himself, of course, is still tramping it up on the runways of the world's amphitheaters, much to the chagrin of certain guardians of cultural relevancy who laugh at what they see as nothing more than a pathetic old fart shaking a sagging arse, which would be better planted in a Shackleton's High Seat Chair, to mindless morons who don't know what good music is. He looked funny when he was fifty and he looks even funnier at seventy. What those gatekeepers of vibe are missing, however, is an understanding that someone like Jagger is not invalidated by his age, but by the gradual revelation over the decades that he's nothing more than a simulation of a performer and artist. The Rolling Stones, and Jagger in particular, have demonstrated a sense of desperation to remain 'relevant', adapting their style again and again in-line with the fashions of the times. But, in doing so, they have achieved the exact opposite. By never really committing to a musical vision, they have retro-actively lost all cultural relevance by exposing themselves as mere copyists.
The same cannot be said of Bone & Joint Center's Jackson Wingate and Sick Llana, members of Albany's legendary free-rock unit Burnt Hills, who here offer us their debut side as a guitar and xylophone duo and couldn't give a flying fuck about cultural currency or offending the tastes of those who define it. They're both around the fifty mark and Chas would definitely think they looked funny for it, at least in comparison to someone like Mick Jagger in his respectable skinny jeans and designer V-neck muscle tops. They're your weirdo next door neighbours - broad smiles, Guitar Hero pyjama pants, eyes like cig burns from endless bongloads, something just not 'white picket fence' enough about them for the neighbourhood - it's flamboyant, it's just not the kind of flamboyant they're looking for on American Idol. And, as such, they offer us something closer to a cultural archetype than anything contrived by the culture industry, EVER. Right here is what happens when the anti-authoritarian streak is allowed to develop, completely unbridled. It's as uniquely American as anything captured by John Lomax and it's fucking amazing. It sounds like Jackson learned to play the guitar by watching Jimi Hendrix on TV with the sound off. His endless shredding is as intricate, technically dextrous, and free from error as anything performed by your average guitar God, only it pays zero attention to keys, modes, scales, notes even. You'd expect someone eschewing learned tradition to come off more like a Sonny Sharrock or maybe a Keiji Haino, but that's not really the case here. If Jackson's playing has to sound like anyone, then I guess it has most in common with J Mascis in that sustained weaving sense, but even that's an inadequate comparison. It always amazes me that, amidst the swamp of all those Burnt Hills records, Jackson's guitar cuts through like a razor, but it's still a treat to hear it so clearly as the focal point of this raging twenty-minute showpiece for his utterly unique technique. Underpinning this playing is xylophonist Sick Llana, who takes the traditional role of percussionist and, while treating it with the same earnestness as a Rashied Ali or Mike Shrieve, appears to take the stance that rational thought should not be allowed in the slightest to pass from brain to hands in performance and, thus, completely inverts the role. The effect is roughly the same as what Jackson achieves on guitar - vibe is God - but it's without the same deference to accuracy-of-strike. There's no time, no rigidity, no patience for any of that. Just let your motor functions guide what happens and let them be guided by that intangible something called 'feel'. Between the pair of them, they've made a reflection-in-a-warped-mirror-then-photographed-with-a-warped-lens-then-viewed-with-a-wasp's-eye rock record that's gonna appear in years to come as a time capsule from an era when there were still a few hedonistic freaks left to fly the flag of genuine, wilful and wholly contented oddness. So fuck relevance. This is performance." - Nick Mitchell, Golden Lab Records
5/20/2009 Bones of Seabirds Sacrament CDR $6.99 Small Doses "Considering that this is the first release from Ryan McGill's Bones of Seabirds, the level of craft and maturity is astounding. Rich and densly textured, improvised drones unfold over 8 tracks in 49 minutes. For fans of older Sunn0))) material and Birchville Cat Motel. Edition of 138 numbered copies in a folded cardstock cover with hand cut vellum overlay and insert."
5/20/2009 Bones of Seabirds Subterranean Lightsource CDR $6.99 Small Doses "It seems that ryan mcgill is completey unable to cover the same ground twice. this is the fourth bones seabirds release, and it sounds nothing like any of the others. this one foregoes the guitars (for the most part) and relies on ryan's handmade voice of saturn synth.the first nearly 35 minute track is intense and brutal - like being strapped into some sort of machine that's boring deeper and deeper into the earth only to slowly burn you alive. the second gives a bit of respite, but leaves you lost in a dark cave drone. it's not to be missed. packaged in a folded artwork by matt yacoub, with an obi and an insert. edition of 129 copies."
1/30/2010 Bong Gilgamesh Lives CD $14.99 Blackest Rainbow "Amazing new live jams from Newcastle's BONG. Two long tracks of stoned slow motion drums, guitar, bass and sitar... This is a great follow up to their previous split LP we put out earlier in the year, edition of 1000 copies is bleak pro-printed card sleeve with cover artwork by Chris from Gnod and back artwork by the band."

Bonus Double Odyssey CDR $8.99 Father CDR Bonus: Jamie Potter, Scott Goodwin and Matt Carlson. Recorded at the SS Marie Antoinette by Bonus. Mastered by Pete Swanson. Artwork by Jamie Potter.
11/4/2006 Bonus On Earth CD $12.99 Root Strata "On Earth , is the first studio document created by the group, recorded with Marcelo Spinna at the Space in May 2006 with production assistance from Pete Swanson (D. YELLOW SWANS). While previous CD-R releases were entirely improvised, On Earth is comprised of three untitled pieces composed by the group with elements of restrained improvisation. Musically, each piece has a specific concern, ranging from extremely subtle microtonal shifts to distorted crashes of intervals against one another. On Earth captures the reductive BONUS sound with all the sustained tones and sparkling textures, but with a more focused and succinct delivery." Edition of 500 copies.
4/10/2009 Bonus Beast #1 cassette $4.99 High Density Headache "Turns out this is one of the guys (or more) who was in Big Nurse which i guess is now broke up, i saw them play a pretty good set here in western mass at mystery train records. This tape shares sentiments with the now defunct BN but takes a different route. Definitely a home-recorded affair, awkward mixing choices, overdriven signals, lost moments, zero engineering and tape hiss are all worn proudly on the sleeve, and i think to their benefit. While it does have a feel to it that it's thrown together at parts it still reveals awesome moments of guitar damage and wiggly drums all woven together, though not without the corresponding moments of clean guitar wires woven through clattering drums. It definitely feels like these guys know how to play underneath the mush and smoosh of their blownout recordings, it's nice they leave it as a suggestion and don't focus too much on showmanship. The second side has a slight detour into sliding, glazed fields of slowed down tapes, loops and a really nice patterned keyboard that repeats until heading back into the guitar/drum duo where more of their skill sets are revealed definitely suggesting some sort of guitar scales and jazz inflections underneath a wall of spaced out jitters and noisy critters." - cassettegods.blogspot.com/2008/11/bonus-beast-1-c30-high-density-headache.html
11/27/2010 Bonus Beast Just Because You're Paranoid... Doesn't Mean They're Not Out To Get You c24 cassette $6.99 Ratskin "No, but in this case, if you own this tape, he's guaranteed to track you down , and extrapilate your consciousness via bone drill bullseyes. This album presents a dense, meticulously crafted psychoatropic landscape of bulging eyeballs which see only the bleakest snakes of history, chattering teeth which will gnaw at your spine, and ears that leak brain grey radiation into your desk, ampliÞed through the skillful destruction of magnetic tape, brainwave oscillation studies, and readymade sonic tragedies. There's no point to Þght it,just jack in and achieve enlightment, because its more peaceful when you don't have to think, and can just fucking listen. Vertigo/insanity pretty much guaranteed if listened to with headphones/proper stereo Þeld.Comes with real XRay of the artist's teeth...grosss....Ltd to 120 chrome cassettes."
4/10/2009 Bonus Beast Set Your Hair On Fire cassette $5.99 Serious Hype Most recent recordings featuring Ryan King who played in Big Nurse. First release on Ryan's new label.
10/30/2002 Boogie Witch Boogie Witch CDR EP $19.99 Tequila Sunrise "New cd single of heavy acid boogie." Hard to describe this as there is nothing I can compare it to. Totally distorted in a High Rise kind of way - one track that runs about 10-11 minutes. Features a member or two (?) of the Strapping Fieldhands. Numbered edition of 32 copies.
9/17/2006 Boots / C.C. / Snake & Remus Box 3xLP $35.99 HP Cycle "These three LPs were originally privately pressed by the artist(s) in minuscule editions sometime in this new century. It appears that very few copies were circulated outside a close circle of acquaintances and it was only by chance/luck that they found their way to us. Each LP contained no information whatsoever, the only hint was the name stamped on the plain white jacket. Clouding matters even further was the fact that each of the three albums bore a different moniker. Musically the LPs share a consistent solitary vision, one that treads an inward-looking path that leads to far-reaching psychedelic excursions. "Boots" is a prime example of the range of these albums. Side one features five tracks of acoustic guitar and raw vocal accompaniment heavy on the loner vibes. The flip changes directions entirely, offering a wild ride of percussion and electronics. Likewise, "C.C - Live at Rainbows End" follows a similar course, although the mood is somewhat less solemn (though no less introspective) on the tracks featuring voice and guitar. The counterpoint here is the near side-long track of barely audible field recordings from an unrecognizable location. "Snake & Remus - No Tape Outside" is a continuation of sound and thought. Interchangeably piano, electronics and percussion supplement the songwriter, adding a haunting layer to the already subdued mood. The final side contains instrumental passages of processed guitar strum that weave delicate waves. The LPs are presented in a box, its own cryptic coffin perhaps, with individual stamped jackets consistent with the original LPs. As it says, "It's just a box man"."
3/9/2013 Borbetomagus 1st CD $11.99 Agaric "This is the very first Borbetomagus recording dating from 1980, finally released on CD in 1995. This was when the band utilized the electronic treatments of Brian Doherty to add depth and dimension to the instrumental attack of saxophonists Don Dietrich and Jim Sauter, and the guitar histrionics of Donald Miller. This is a very different band than the one that emerged a few years later, full of stark raving beauty and rage as a trio. The pieces here are all called "Concordat," and numbered except for the final one, "The Last Concordat," which was not included on the original LP. Here, when played at loud volume, subtly changing colors, tonalities, and shapes enter into sonorific relationships with one another and transform one another via dynamics and phrasing. All of the music here is based on the idea of dissonance as being the only true door to consonance and the notion of musical instruments themselves being capable of a far more credible form of musique concrete than electronic tape on its own. Haunting and hunted soundscapes entwine with one another and become beautiful in their distortion and disfigurement. There is a kind of perverse lyricism in the Borbetomagus sense of drama here, and it works so well that it's hard, at times, to believe that there aren't more improvisers that picked up on their aesthetic. This is a very fine album, and easily the band's most accessible -- though accessible it isn't." - allmusic.com
3/9/2013 Borbetomagus Barbed Wire Maggots CD $12.99 Agaric "Barbed Wire Maggots is technically the fourth album by Borbetomagus -- Don Dietrich and Jim Sauter on reeds, Donald Miller on guitar -- but was recorded over a year after what became their fifth and seventh releases, Industrial Strength and Borbeto Jam. While the group's first two outings featured electronics by, respectively, Brian Doherty and Hugh Davies, and Doherty pops up on the third so-called "black album," Barbed Wire Maggots, recorded live at In-Roads on Mercer Street in New York on May 7, 1982, is the first full album featuring the trio alone. It's ferociously uncompromising, but utterly exhilarating and wildly creative. It's also the first Borbeto album to feature Donald Miller's deranged "Terry Gilliam on acid" collage artwork. While the group's other joint ventures have aged somewhat (and "sound a whole lot more like mere 'free jazz' albums," comments Byron Coley witheringly in his liners), Barbed Wire Maggots sounds as raw and exciting as if it were recorded yesterday. Dietrich, Miller, and Sauter take up where Rudolph Grey and the Blue Humans left off in 1980, losing the drummer, charging off the field to the left, and smashing right through a wall of sound of their own creation. It's taken everybody else nearly a quarter of a century to catch up with them." - allmusic.com
3/9/2013 Borbetomagus Borbetomagus CD $12.99 Agaric "This recording, compiled from concerts in 1981 and 1979, explores the range of sound that this trio could generate. It is best played at high volume, for this is the only way that the subtleties of the music can get through the sheer barrage of sound. This is music to scare your pets; at first listen this record may be mistaken for random noise. A closer listen will reveal that the sound is tightly controlled. The art happens in texture and timbre, rather than melody or harmony. Recording quality a bit shoddy; much of the sound of the music is also highly dependant on the acoustics of the hall and the quality of the microphones (the group themselves would more than likely endorse this type of listening)." - allmusic.com 3rd album.
3/9/2013 Borbetomagus Borbetomagus a Go Go CD $12.99 Agaric "Jim Sauter and Don Dietrich on saxophones and Donald Miller on guitar. Track titles include "We Were Done With The Judgment Of God Last Week" and "Gestapo She Wolf Barbie." "Live show at Pezner in France from 1998. Killer." Released for the first time." - allmusic.com
12/1/2004 Borbetomagus Coelacanth 7" $6.99 Butt Rag Last copies of this out of print 7" featuring 1992 and 1993 recordings featuring the trio of Don Dietrich (saxophones), Jim Sauter (saxophones), and Donald Miller (electric guitar).
3/9/2013 Borbetomagus Experience the Magic CD $12.99 Agaric "With their acerbic wit and blood-thirsty attack, Borbetomagus are virtually unlike any other band anywhere. They make Peter Brötzmann seem warm and fuzzy. There is no intellectual response to music like this; you either love it or it grates on you so badly you have to take it off the box, leave the room or die screaming to be let out of the torture chamber of an existence that would allow something like this to be conceived of, let alone created. Saxophonists Jim Sauter and Don Dietrich, along with guitarist Donald Miller, create the most extreme noise three instruments like this with amplification can make. There are only two "tunes" on this fine disc: "Bathed in the Blood of the Lamb" and "Grunion Run."" They are both very long tracks; the first is over half an hour, and the second over 25 minutes. They are different from one another in their approach to extreme tonalities and in dynamics, but, other than that, like what's going on musically, you have to hear for yourself. This is scary music -- the kind that makes you have nightmares about serial killers. But it's also the kind of fun-house fare that makes you want to live free or die, to scream in ecstasy, and laugh with glee with the knowledge that the creative impulse is alive and terribly well and living in America, of all places. This is music beyond language because it is the roots of language itself: the impulse that attempts to express and organize that which is unspeakable. Highly recommended." - allmusic.com
1/27/2004 Borbetomagus Live In Tokyo CD $21.99 Alchemy Recorded at La Mama on June 16, 1996 and features the 43+ minute track Pachinko Cadaver!
3/9/2013 Borbetomagus Live in Allentown CD $12.99 Agaric "Recorded live on October 29, 1986. Reissue of the cassette-only release Live In Allentown (Lowlife). Jim Sauter (saxophones), Don Dietrich (saxophones), Donald Miller (guitar), Adam Nodelman (bass), Scott Legath (electronics). "Killer sound, includes the entire second set, never before released. Byron reviewed the cassette in Spin years ago." - allmusic.com
3/9/2013 Borbetomagus Seven Reasons For Tears CD $12.99 Agaric "It's very difficult to decide which part of this package to enjoy more: Borbetomagus in one of their last recorded incarnations as a quartet with bassist Adam Nodfelman, or the inner sleeve's liner note review by Borbeto fan club pres. and esteemed outsider music critic Byron Coley. Both have the freewheeling intensity to take you not only by surprise, but assault your senses without mercy for 40 minutes or so. But perhaps it's the combination that makes this package more than appealing, necessary even. Seriously, though, with all due respect to Coley, Borbetomagus' seven pieces here are so over the top in terms of noise improv that there is scarcely anyone in their league -- and perhaps that is why they are so obscure. The overtonal sonances and found harmonics that are discovered and put through the ringer here by saxophonists Jim Sauter and Don Dietrich, and guitar skronk whiz Donald Miller, are unlike anything heard on disc before -- including the band's own recordings. When placed in contrast to the thermo sub spinal bass attack of Nodelman, the walls begin to fall in a row -- and violently. This is not pretty music, but it is beautiful, gorgeous even. Its density is so complete and its delightful chaos so utterly free of any notion of convention -- even those of the avant-garde -- that they exist outside musical speech at all. Here Borbetomagus may assault the listener as they always do, but they do so on such a neural wavelength that, once properly attuned, resistance is impossible. Truly this recording is an example of what Ornette Coleman calls "ugly beauty." - allmusic.com
3/9/2013 Borbetomagus Snuff Jazz CD $12.99 Agaric "Reissue of Snuff Jazz, a vicious installment originally released on LP in 1990, with one previously unreleased track and an untitled track previously released on COS tapes in 1990. Jim Sauter and Don Dietrich on saxophones, Donald Miller on guitar. "The first three selections were recorded at the art gallery and performance space ABC No Rio in New York's lower Lower East Side on November 24, 1988. The occasion for the concert was the opening night of an exhibition of paintings by Carl George and Valerie Caris. The fourth selection was recorded at DC Space, in Washington, DC on August 25,1989." "It is hard to believe that it has been twenty years since my ass warmed a bench in the dungeon at ABC No Rio. Back in the day, it was dicey on the streets of the dank and decaying Lower East Side, streets riddled with drug dealers and abandoned buildings. A couple of drinks at the opening, and it was high time for a good aural irrigation. The boys gently ascended to their cruising altitude, and the sonic bursts pierced the damp masonry walls and every human eardrum in reach. The fans drooled, and the uninitiated, like the soccer players of Chernobyl, stared in awe of this enfolding, life-threatening disaster and grit-crunching ass-kick machine. The dogs were howling this night! Remove all other living critters from the house, pour yourself a double single-malt scotch, turn the volume of your stereo to twelve, and enjoy as your ears are acid-etched." -- Michael Hanke
3/9/2013 Borbetomagus Trente belles annees CD $12.99 Agaric "Like worms through an hour glass, so are the days of our live recordings—such as JIM SAUTER, DON DIETRICH, and DONALD MILLER’s final concert of their 2009 tour of Europe. Performing at Instants Chavires in the land of la vache qui fond, the trio celebrates thirty goddamn years of impossibly loud and uncompromising screech, pioneering unique strategies such as bells together, extended, flexible mouthpieces, open mouth wah wah, and never ever conserving a single volt of energy. “You know that bit at the end of the Monterey concert where Hendrix sets his guitar on fire?” guitarist Donald Miller famously asked. “That’s what we do. For a whole hour.” With BORBETOMAGUS, bigger is bigger, better is better. It’s not up for debate." - Revolver
3/9/2013 Borbetomagus Zurich CD $12.99 Agaric "The New York group that embodies the notion of avant-garde music is debatably the true heir to the concept of the free jazz of Albert Ayler and Sonny Sharrock and the minimalism of La Monte Young and Tony Conrad alike. While never falling into either avant-garde or jazz camps in their hometown, the trio's abrasive sound has more in common with European improvised music and Japanese noise. The maelstrom they created throughout the '80s via the simple trio of two saxophones and guitar may appear alienating or harsh on first listen. Much like the chaotic free jazz of the '60s, their recordings take repeated listens to reveal extraordinary details and strident intent that is forceful, enigmatic, shocking, and inventive. The title "Zurich" may imply that this was just a date recorded live and documented in the raw. It may well be just that, but don't let that imply this free improvisation does not cover some of the most deeply considered and challenging music of the '80s." - allmusic. First time reissued. Originally a double lp on Agaric - Recorded October 13, 1984
11/5/2003 Borbetomagus / Voice Crack Fish That Sparkling Bubble CD $15.99 Agaric "Reissue of the group's first recordings with the legendary Swiss duo of Moslang & Guhl (aka Voice Crack), on ‘cracked everyday electronics’. Adam Nodelman plays bass to give Borbeto the full quartet sound." - FE
1/26/2011 Borgmann, Thomas / Wilber Morris / Denis "Jazz" Charles Live In Poland double LP $49.99 Sagittarius A-Star "I had the pleasure to invite this xholfull trio back in 1998 (same period of this rec.) and to me is still the best and most exciting jazz trio i had ever seen/heard live ! i remember that it was organized in a famous squat place here in town, but 1st time for a jazz concert... people went crazy, can't forget the total silence during Denis' solos (du doooom) and everybody was around him after it ended, offering this & that, such a charismatic figure... few weeks after that tour Denis left this planet peacefully, during sleep... i think that all of them are such fine and totally underrated musicians, it was NOT easy to find a decent photo on the whole web of Denis & Wilber, absurd !? can't imagine my joy, this Summer (strange enough i was in Ukraina, near Poland border when i got his mail), when Thomas wrote me, saying that a magical old rec. had arrived... that's a dream come true for me ! a later version of this trio (rec. in 2000) had been already documented on qbico (#86), with Reggie Nicholson on drums instead of Denis. the music: powerful and full of passion... it surely rained fire that night @ Pinokio and audience seemed to appreciate that... this is JAZZ, man !" - ep. Recorded on March 9. 1998. Pressed on 160 or 170 gram black vinyl - edition of 150 copies.
2/14/2008 Boris Morgana Liquid Child LP $24.99 QBICO Recorded early 2006 in Pakkala, Finland. Robin Ellis, Juho Hotanen, Juuso Paaso, Taneli Tuominen, Jukka Vallisto and Hermanni Yli-Tepsa. "When I went in Finland for the first Qbico u-nite in Turku, I met Taneli (sax player) who gave me this strong recording of his group Boris Morgana... after hearing a few seconds of it, I immediately thought that it alone was worth the trip up North: heavy stuff and pretty unique in its kind!" Pressed on chocolate brown vinyl.
10/25/2008 Boris Morgana Rotti Frutti CDR $8.99 Ikuisuus "I gave a kiss to a giant leech. It sucked me in. With a little effort, I wriggled to its opposite end and out into a different world, but I can't say how it differed from the one before. Likewise, all the atoms and other bits of matter that pass through us - that we swallow and transform - bear more or less fresh fruit, as they are reborn through us. Boris Morgana's Rotti Frutti is not just an oral delight, it's aimed at the whole organism. It percolates, hisses, comes and goes: gently as well. Furtively it infiltrates the brain through the ears and causes reactions. And maybe these inner oscillations move on to the hands, feet and other organs: maybe they carry the germ of a wholly new fruit. When it comes about, it's too late: everything has changed and one can't but accept it - allow the rotten fruit to issue forth."
6/11/2006 Boris Morgana / Hetero Skeleton split cassette $9.99 Sloow Tapes "Two sides of Northern drunken reindeer swings balancing between controlled breathing and total insanity. Boris Morgana get some vibrant explorations of the inner and outer musical sides going, expanding their minds on a steady diet of outsider free/jazz/folk/improv/psych jams. The B-side melts in a smoke of deranged riffs and blackened buzz of oozing turntables by the madmen of Hetero Skeleton. This tape even has two covers, each designed by a band and glued on a painted homemade cardboard box. 100 sticky copies."
6/25/2011 Boris Morgana / Htanec Hrac split c40 cassette $7.99 267 Lattajjaa Heavy free rock from Boris Morgana and hypo trash boogie from new band Htanec Hrac
4/19/2004 Born Heller Born Heller CD $12.99 Locust Josephine Foster: (harp, mandolin, guitar); Jason Ajemian: (stand up bass). "Born Heller are the earthen folk duo of Josephine Foster (Children's Hour) & Jason Ajemian and one of the better kept secrets to emerge out of Chicago's clandestine campfires and music dens. Their sound captures an Appalachian- transatlantic folk tradition so effortlessly that if it didn't already exist, they would have had to invent it themselves. Foster's spine tingling vocal delivery has been rightly compared to the likes of British folk legend and current hipster fave, Shirley Collins. On their debut, that voice is finally given full justice by the spare rhythmic arrangements of Ajemian on strings. Recorded by Paul Oldham in Louisville Kentucky."
2/18/2015 Bosques Eomaia Recuerda 10" $12.99 Deep Distance "The last of February’s ace new Deep Distance represents a debut on vinyl for Argentinian neo-psych, kraut outfit BOSQUES. The band were formed in 2009, and take their cues from a love of all things psych, drone and kraut flavoured; and the tracks across the EP offer up a killer intro to the bands’ ever revolving vibe and approach; at one point adapting the seminal NEU! groove of opener “Eomaia Recuerda” to the predominantly acoustic, organic motorik “Mis Manos Las Manos” and the prime era Spiritualized like, organ led “Interferencia”. A beautiful EP, with an idealistic concept of there being no ‘A’ side as such. Should such a thing exist, treat this as something of a treble ‘A’ side…?! Again, as pleasing on the eye as the ear, the EP features an embossed cover panel and is released as a limited pressing of 300 only on 10” vinyl."
6/27/2012 Bourgeois, Andre & Chris Dadge Spaces Are The Place CDR $8.99 Bug Incision Andre Bourgeois / tenor & soprano saxes; Chris Dadge / drumset & percussion
"This disc accompanies bim-55, which also took place during Dadge's small tour of eastern Canada in fall of 2010. Following a bus ride, a fine meal at a local vegetarian restaurant, and a solo set of his own, Dadge had the good fortune of being paired with Moncton's Andre Bourgeois for two excellent sets of sax & drums. It's clear from the start of this recording that these two will have little difficulty finding common ground, not least because they seem to be operating along a similar plane of pacing and approach to density. There are a lot of notes played, but the ideas have fairly regular contours that move consistently throughout the shape of each piece. The majority of the playing falls into the free jazz territory, and while the odd extended technique surfaces here or these, the instruments themselves are mostly taken at face value, putting the emphasis on the playing itself. Reminds me a little of the stuff Eddie Prevost did with Alan Wilkinson a few years back. [A quick note on the final track - the recorder ran out just as the last track was ending, but what was there was deemed good enough to allow for the somewhat less than ideal presnetation.] Notes by Benoit Hughes." edition of 51, cdr, color covers in plastic sleeves
9/11/2013 Bowles, Nathan & Scott Verrastro Polar Satellites LP $24.99 MIE Music "Polar Satellites is the stunning collaboration by Nathan Bowles (Pelt/Black Twig Pickers) and Scott Verrastro (Kohoutek). Polar Satellites is a mesmerising collection of percussion improvisations performed in duo by Nathan and Scott deep in the winter of 2009 and 2010 with absolutely no overdubs. Building on the starkness of last years Effigy by Pelt, (recently repressed on MIE), the duo have recorded an even bleaker, more minimal and hermetically vibed record together. Unnerving and hypnotic, Polar Satellites is an intense journey into the unknown, awash with uncategorisable percussive instruments, kalimbas and banjo. Nathan and Scott first met in Washington D.C when Nathan would sit in on Kohoutek sets. They were brought together as a duo on a track recorded for Three Lobed Records' Jack Rose tribute album and were so struck by the results that they went down to Black Dirt Studios and laid down these tracks with Jason Meagher on engineering, recording and mixing duties. James Plotkin has again done an excellent job on mastering duties. The duo will be doing a short tour on the East Coast this August." Edition of 300 copies. https://soundcloud.com/miemusic/nathan-bowles-scott-verrastro
7/5/2011 Boyzone Boyzone / Solstice double CDR $4.99 Pool Party "Long time chapel hill noisers Boyzone in two shades of low light. one disc is a lo-fi recording of a short live performance from winter solstice a few years back, and the other disc features seven tracks of Boyzone's 'cleaner' harsh material. edition of 15 in hand made cardboard / xerox packages."
1/13/2004 Bradley, Julian Ditch Us In The Doorway CDR $15.99 Audiobot “Next to his activities with the Vibracathedral Orchestra, Julian Bradley has been recording and putting out his solo works for years now. ‘A companion as glamorous as sleeping on wheels’ compiles the best from his self released tapes from '97-'00. Primitive strings, keyboards and tapes are taken to its most glamorous. The cd comes in a smartly packaged silkscreened artwork (7” single size).” Great looking packaging! This release is also known as Ditch Us In The Doorway. Out of print – last copies available here.
2/23/2004 Bradley, Julian Heel Intercom CDR $9.99 Chocolate Monk "All new solo recordings from Julian Bradley of Vibracathedral Orchestra.. 30+ minutes of late night electric-tape loop whatsist? A subtle brain massage with hidden huh?!"
6/4/2010 Braida, Alberto & Giancarlo Locatelli The Big Margotta LP $17.99 Brokenresearch "This marks the third release for the duo of Alberto Braida and Giancarlo Locatelli, the first being the incredibly austere Diciannove Calefazioni which was our initial introduction to perhaps the premier group of purpose and restraint in improvising music. Big talk I know but the fact is that these two have developed a dialogue thru their long partnership and friendship that stands as reminder of the potential that contemporary improvisation has always held and the manifestation of many of it's myriad possibilities. Our primary regard for Diciannove Calefazioni [Nineteen Calefactions] and our recent regard for the slightly more boisterous Big Margotta is how well considered their approach to reduction is. Rather than the methodology of Berlin or of Boston, what the group did was to take Beckett's approach to language and apply it to music; that is, to reduce it right to the point of collapse. In Beckett's case language still operates within the rules of grammar and in this duo's case they still operate within the rules of harmony but sans goofball mawkishness, tropes or boring melodicism. If there were fewer notes it wouldn't work and if there were more it would be overbearing. The duo language here is so fleet and well-handled it gives the listener an opportunity to hear experimental music that fulfills both of those qualifications. Pro-printed sleeve/edition of 300."
12/15/2001 Brainticket Cottonwood Hill CD $21.99 Phonag Listen to the first recordings of this LSD/Hashish/Fixy/Jointy sound. Take a trip to your inner light. See the hallucinations of reality rise out of the groove. You've got your Brainticket now! Reissue of 1971 Swiss freakout LP - recommended!

Brandal, Andreas Better Than Casters 7" $4.99 Polytone Minimal drones via organ, bass, electronics, tapes, voices, & microphone manipulations
8/31/2010 Brandal, Andreas Into Thin Air c37 cassette $4.99 Sweat Lodge Guru "Before we get all hyperbolic in here, let's just assert that "Into Thin Air" is (all biases aside) one of the finest cassette releases we have ever heard. A thirty-seven minute, hand-held tour through haunted parallels that have only ever before been revealed to Andreas Brandal. No noisy, screeching specters can be found here, though. Just gossamer wraiths spooling cryptic melodies off the tape reel and into the miasma. Fucking fantastic! Limited to 100 pro-dubbed cassettes."
11/21/2009 Brandal, Andreas Jernvognen CDR $7.99 Tape Drift "Established sound artist and drone/noise musician Andreas Brandal graces us with this release from deep in the heart of Norway. Dark and ominous, with deep doom-laden bass tones, powerful drones, and beautiful hints of noise lurking in every corner. Inspired by an old Norwegian crime/ghost story (translated to the "The Iron Wagon"), Brandal's command here is staggering, displaying a control over each sound, and wrapping it all up with an organic feel and sustained attention to compositional dynamics throughout. The immersive sounds are at turns soothing, frightening and probing, suggesting a journey into the abyss, but guided by the confident hands of a sheer master."
11/21/2009 Brandal, Andreas Liber Null c29 cassette $4.99 Anathema Sound "Norway’s twilight traveler Andreas Brandal is a sound craftsman of the highest order, using anything and everything as his source material. Liber Null is his harrowing descent into total aural blackness inspired by occult rituals and chaos magic. Creaks of old furniture, hum of the wilderness, static from old cassettes—all of it is buried deep within a bubbling sonic stew that boils over with the slow burn of synth, guitar, and some of the most menacing trumpet drones you’ll ever hear. Listen close and repeatedly, if you dare, as bleak, new flourishes continue reveal themselves and the ancient spirits threaten to take you down even further. With full color artwork, inserts, and labels by Matt Yacoub. Edition of 60."

Brandsdal, Kjetil D. / Fibo-Trespo split 7" EP $8.99 MykeDroner "Introspective and deep guitar drones from the Norwegian underground"
7/30/2006 Brasil and the Gallowbrothers Band Legionowo CD $12.99 Monotype "Legionowo is an postindustrial soap opera which libretto is written by the housewife's longing to eldorado from TV, the fear of leaving their poky rooms, as well as mumbling of their husbands when sipping beer. Despite of it they still believe that is all right, safely and it has never been better than now. The album praises the warm slowly beating heart of the town as well as its gray, rough and squalid crust. The town perceived as dormitory. Oh, it would be fantastic to sleep through whole life, not to attract anybody's attention - lover's, boss's, terrorist's, neighbor's. Legionowo has nothing to do with morality play, it is rather a collage created by field recordings and their interpretation, snatches of memories, improvisations, melancholy and dirt straight from rubbish tip full of substitutes. Brasil and the Gallowbrothers Band is a second, after One Inch of Shadow, headquarters of t.e.r., Dominic Savio and Mirt. Since 1995 they've created music together and solo. As One Inch of Shadow, Mirt, Dominic Savio and Brasil they had recorded for numerous labels (Perun, Nefryt, MonotypeRec., Digitalis Industries, Last Visible Dog) including their own label, Cat Sun.
11/16/2004 Bread, Love + Dreams Bread, Love + Dreams CD $17.99 Hugo-Montes Productions "The first, and perhaps the dreamiest album from these famed folk/psych purveyors (Decca, 1969), who include David McNiven (he wrote all the lyrics for the amazing Human Beast 'Volume One' album), and Carolyn Davis from Looking Glass; flowery yet mournful stuff - fragile and introverted songs in minor keys reminiscent of no one - and all of high quality." - Lion Productions
12/14/2003 Breathe Stone / The Does Sleep Deprivation Blues split CD EP $6.99 Hand / Eye "The Does (as in female deer, pl.) play music that is dirty, dark, and hazy. Singer Carol Anne and guitar player Neddal were brought together by their shared love of sleaze, sloppy rock ´n roll, and feedback. Originally, the idea was to sound ‘something like a cross between the Rolling Stones and Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds.’ Things didn´t work out as planned. Carol couldn´t quite shake her goth background. (She refers to herself as a ‘recovering goth.’ Neddal says there´s no such thing.) Neddal couldn´t quite get the sludge out of his system. They wrote some songs. They went into the studio. When they came out they had three songs that didn´t sound anything the songs they´d been rehearsing. On the way to the studio they´d shanghaied Carol´s band mate Jim (Carol and Jim play in Toronto´s Nice Cat. Check them out, they are sludgilicious!) to sit in on drums. What started out as moody, minimal blues/punk ended up as a brooding, psychedelic, not-quite-so-minimal mix of Pussy Galore, ZZ Top, the Melvins, and My Bloody Valentine.
Breathe Stone come with an impressive pedigree. Formed on October 31, 2002 by Mr. Timothy Renner, Breathe Stone is an extension of well-known acid/psych/wyrd-folks Stone Breath. Breathe Stone´s mandate is to take the dark, haunting, acoustic folk of Stone Breath in a more electric (literally), experimental direction. Timothy is joined on these recordings by his Stone Breath band mate Sarada, Alicia of Funeral, and guitarist RA Campbell. Using such instruments as electric banjo, slide banjo, glasstamboura, dumbek, and squeezebox, along with the electric guitar, Breathe Stone conjure images of crumbling farmhouses, empty glades, overgrown paths, and lonely silhouettes in the moonlight." Track listing: the does 1. four am 2. five over three 3. sleep deprivation blues - Breathe Stone 4. Rara Avis 5.Crow Omens 6. Maria Walks Amid The Thorn
4/24/2006 Brekekekexkoaxkoax We Used To Be Such Good Friends CDR $9.99 Hushroom Records "Apart from a few appearances on compilations, this is my first full length encounter with the ever so oddly named Brekekekexkoaxkoax, the project with Josh Ronsen in the middle. You may recognize his name from his own Monk Mink Pink Punk magazine, or of ND Magazine (whatever happened there?) or his contributions to the Abrasion Ensemble, Frequency Curtain, the Gates Ensemble or the Austin New Music Co-op. This new release is a pretty long one, which according to Josh falls into three categories: two pieces are free improvisation quartets of Ronsen on electric guitar and clarinet and others on oboe, flute, snare drum, banjo, violin etc., one is an electro-acoustic sound collage and one is a 'piece of conceptual sound organization'. The first of the two improvisation pieces, I must admit didn't do much for me. The players move around too careful around each other, and there seems not to be much dialogue or interaction. In the other quartet piece however there is a lot of good tension between the players. The two other pieces are solo pieces and they are the best of the release. Especially 'For I.D. II', for bowed bass guitar, is an intense, minimal piece of music, that moves slowly around like a giant beast. But as said, all four pieces are a bit long and that makes this not the most easy thing to listen to. I think we could have done well enough without the first piece. That would have made a more consistent and easier to listen to release - despite the more difficult pieces." - FdW, Vital Weekly
3/2/2013 Bren’t Lewiis Ensemble / Silvia Kastel / Ninni Morgia Fix It Again, Tony LP $17.99 BUFMS "Out on the mighty San Francisco label BUFMS & with Bananafish magazine editors of the Bren’t Lewiis Ensemble. Prior to the start of their spring tour of the U.S. in 2012, Silvia Kastel and Ninni Morgia arrived one drizzly afternoon at an inconvenient cavern in San Francisco called The French Culture Lab. The Italian improv / industrial / noise duo brought with them guitars and electronics that they say “feel like an extension of the body.” Some of Morgia and Kastel’s vast array of pedals are handmade, such as the former’s newly unboxed vibrato pedal, and the latter’s amplified spring, imported from Japan, which, when screwed and unscrewed, makes “uncomfortable tiny little sounds.” Waiting for them were Bren’t Lewiis’s fabulous freak brothers Lucian Tielens and Gnarlos, who brought with them one guitar, one effects box (a hand-crafted matchbox-sized ultra-fuzz), a handful of cassettes with randomly loaded snippets of music and sound, and miscellaneous objects ranging from a bag of plastic Easter eggs filled with coins to a can-and-bottle-filled recycling bin. They also made use of what one would find in any typical warehouse — lighting fixtures, metal chairs, handtrucks and carts, packing tape and tape guns, sheets of pallet wrap and bubble wrap, cardboard flats and boxes, garbage cans, pipes, conduits, brooms and dustpans. Cover art by Todd Emmert. Insert includes drawing by Karen Constance. Edition of 175." Two copies will be available.
3/11/2012 Brenders, Kyle / Brandon Valdivia
CDR $7.99 Bug Incision "Multi-reedist Brenders is a fixture of Toronto's creative music scene. Known most prominently for his work as artistic director of the Association of Improvising Musicians in Toronto (or more managably known as AIMToronto) Orchestra, he also keeps busy with his quartet (which also features his sparring partner on this disc) and The Rent, a co-led group exploring the music of Steve Lacy. And then, as a former student of Anthony Braxton while studying at Wesleyan University, it made sense to bring the saxophonist/composer to Toronto to work with the large AIMToronto group. This meeting resulted in a duo recording from the two horn-ists, as well as a document of orchestra's work with Braxton. One doesn't have to spend long leafing through band personnel listings to find Brandon Valdivia, either. His earlier work with the trio I Have Eaten The City (their praises sung loudly by Bug Incision labelmates Aaron Leaney and Simeon Abbott) was the first time Bug Incision became familiar with his work, and it didn't take long to find his name inside of Picastro album covers, or playing in the fantastic duo Not The Wind, Not The Flag, with Colin Fisher (all their releases are essential listening, definitely part of why things are so happening in Toronto these days). Anyway, these two are no strangers to one another, and this disc is proof of that. There is an easy exchange between the two, never allowing any statement or reply to seem too overzealous or contrived. Valdivia seems to favour a variety of alternatives to drumsticks for the majority of the recording, opting for mallets, bundlesticks and the like. A new spectrum of tone and attack choices is presented when one moves away from the pinpoint clarity of the drumstick, and he covers it nobly, coaxing much more throaty, hand-drum-like voices from his tubs. This fact, combined with his inclination to leave his snares mostly in the "off" position, makes for a real drumset-as-whole-instrument feel, very Andrew Cyrille. But just as often as you're treated this whole-drumset conception, he is perfectly okay with breaking away for a second to foreground a wonderfully-executed, crescendo'd drum roll or the resonant qualities of a particular piece of metal. This all works well with Brenders, whose invitingly dry, warm sound falls somewhere between the fluffy jocularity of Tobias Delius, his old mentor Braxton's gnarled extended techniques, and the tangled tenor sax stylings of Evan Parker. In fact, the latter's duo album with Eddie Prevost, Imponderable Evidence, makes for a useful analog. Un-fussy, -hurried, and -forced. Glad to have another slice of Toronto's current crop out there."
edition of 84, cdr, color covers in plastic sleeves
bim-50, fall 2011
Kyle Brenders / tenor saxophone & Bb clarinet
Brandon Miguel Valdivia / drums & percussion
6/25/2013 Brian Jonestown Massacre Fist Full of Bees / Food For Clouds 12" $14.99 A Records "COLOURED 12" IN PICTURE SLEEVE. ALL NUMBERED W/ 2 HIDDEN TRACKS"

Brian Jonestown Massacre Give It Back CD $11.99 Bomp Most recent full length
11/18/2004 Brian Jonestown Massacre Tepid Peppermint Wonderland double CD $19.99 Tee Pee “A retrospective collection of tracks recorded between 1995 and 2004 by long-running rock mess-ups Brian Jonestown Massacre. Includes all the band's tracks from Dig! - the documentary film about them and the Dandy Warhols (winner of the Sundance Grand Jury Prize) - along with fan-favorites and overlooked songwriting gems.” - Revolver
12/24/2005 Bright Bells Break Their Towers CD $12.99 Strange Attractors Audio House "Bright have studiously erected majestic pillars of sound since their inception in Boston, MA in 1994. Gaining notoriety and a dedicated following for their trance-inducing, cascading minimalist rock, Bright have amassed a brain-flogging discography of four albums and an ep to date (on Ba Da Bing! and Darla Records). It has been a while since their last opus, 2000's Full Negative (or) Breaks, as the band went on hiatus, with guitarist/vocalist Mark Dwinell's remarkable solo Nonloc project as the only platter offered in the interim. Now relocated to Brooklyn, the duo of Dwinell and multi-instrumentalist Joe Labrecque have recharged their energies, entering the studio early in 2005 to conceive their fifth full length. Rapture and reverence shall be bestowed unto all fans of minimalist, melodic ambient rock, for leading lights Bright are back with Bells Break Their Towers, their most sonically taut and elaborately adorned recording yet. Early on, Bright tread predominantly in ecstatic instrumental rock forms. Colliding harmony and dissonance, their music clung precariously to a raw, edgy core, even as blossoming sound forms methodically unfurled outwards, like flowering vines towards the sun. By the time of Full Negative (or) Breaks, vocals became part of the mix, but largely used as more décor for their vibrant sound pools. What makes the jaw drop with a thud to the floor, however, is the realization that Bright's finely-honed music is composed entirely on the spot. Entering the studio, Bright let it fly, and with a few overdubbs of added instrumentation, the result is head-bobbing and mind-elevating all at once. Drone and ambient textures, motorik Kraut rhythms and repetitious grooves collide with a tremendously melodic, almost pop sensibility, lending Bright a unique sound. Bells Break Their Towers expands their textural palette further, as evidenced on the acoustic hypnosis of "Flood ", and with the Terry Riley-like ambient propulsions of "Secret Form of Time ", which turns keyboard lines into cartwheels while overtones exhale into space. Bright make it seem so effortless…their sonorous whirlpools erupt from improvisation but never sound overtly "jammy", while their attention to melody, form and instrumental layering buffs to a shine the circular breathing of their rhythms. This is improvised rock you can hum to while you drift into trance states.
German minimalist rock as forged by Neu! melds with 70's ambient and modern underground independent rock, sculpting fresh new trajectories in sound. Impeccably recorded, Bells Break Their Towers is a triumphant return for Bright, one of psych rock's most underrated sound spinners."
5/8/2005 Brigitte & the Hansen Experience Frau Hansen Am Bass CD $15.99 Psychedelic Pig "HNAS-offshoot reissue, originally issued on Dom Elchklang in 1989. Psychedelic Pig only offers up about 1 package a year, but each one is a definitive classic. "During his off hours while a member of the legendary German underground avant-garde group Hirsche Nicht Aufs Sofa, Achim P. Li Khan kept himself busy with a number of unusual side projects. The late 80's were an especially fruitful period for Achim, and it was during this time that his group Brigitte & the Hansen Experience released their only album. Packaged in an unassuming cover, the record's two side-long tracks were a mutant space-rock hybrid assembled from distorted samples, stretches of atmospheric interference, and out-of-sync beats so profoundly damaged that the few listeners who had acquired the LP were left disoriented and amazed. Because of the LP's limited edition, it's arrival was overlooked at the time, and it has remained an elusive collectible known of by only a lucky few. Now, Psychedelic Pig has endeavored to bring forward this mind-boggling audio collage once again. Remastered from the original tapes, with additional photos and a previously unreleased 17-minute live track, this definitive re-release is set to mystify and delight a fresh population of tuned-in ears worldwide."
9/4/2004 Broder, Andrew & George Cartwright Andrew Broder & George Cartwright LP $13.99 Roaratorio “Andrew Broder (aka Lex Records/Ninja Tune recording artist Fog) and George Cartwright (leader of the long-running avant/jazz group Curlew, as well as the GloryLand PonyCat trio) can each lay claim to some serious barrier-crashing & genre-splicing within their respective bodies of work. Together on a Minneapolis stage in February 2004, they carried on the cross-pollination even further: utilizing an array of saxophones, laptops, turntables, keyboards, and various effects, this freely-improvised set touches on familiar territory from their pasts & points a way to future possibilities. By turns lyrical and abstract,
meditative and unsettling, Broder and Cartwright create imaginary soundtracks for pirate-broadcast TV documentaries on phenomena you never knew existed. A limited edition of 500 copies on red vinyl, with hand-silkscreened covers.”
1/30/2010 Brokaw, Chris Solo Acoustic Volume Three LP $15.99 Vin Du Select Qualitite "12-String arrangements from a true master of the instrument, Brokaw shows a range from waltzes and ballads to experiments and rhythms. Member of Codeine, The NewYear,Come,Thurston Moore and the NewWave Bandits and many more ensembles." The series will be released on high quality LP with letterpressed sleeves, each with a picture of the guitar used to record the albums. Track-by-track liner notes will also be included. Edition of 500 copies.
2/26/2006 Broken Penis Orchestra, The Testicle Difficulties LP $15.99 Nihilist "Conductor Dick Flick masterminds this long playing mind fuck. Like early Nurse With Wound serving moldy krumpets to Negativland! As heard on the ultra-limited Nurse With Wound 'absynthe box'. Dick Flick displays a wild and twisted array of sound collages that pull your ears through your brain and back again, (not unlike early Negativland or Nurse With Wound). This is the debut LP for B.P.O. and is limited to 300 copies on 150 gram black vinyl."
5/1/2009 Bromp Treb Twins 7" $5.99 Apostasy Recordings "Dementedly abstract drumming highlights this release from Turners Falls' "hostess with the most-ess", Bromp Treb. Bleep-bloop, plink-plonk, yada-yada. Dimension is sent packing, as tiny scrapes thunder across the stereo spectrum, and cymbal crashes recede to the horizon. And here we are, locked inside the middle... as this vortex of percussive clatter swirls and gusts, this way, then that. One must plant two feet on the ground to not lose one's bearings in the chaos. Full color sleeve art by George W. Myers."
2/15/2005 Bronson Comet Lighter Gin, the Imperial Vodka 7" $4.99 Bronson Recordings "Very skewed instrumental pop record from Norway. This is toe-tappable in a Clean-esque kind of way, while incorporating weird sounds and non-production reminiscent of the Puddle at their outer-space best. I don't think they surf in Norway, but this is what they'd listen to if they did." – Bruce Russell. 1996 recordings.
2/15/2005 Bronson Comet Lighter Wipes the Pipes 7" $4.99 Bronson Recordings 2001 recordings from Norway.

Brother JT Vibrolux LP $34.99 Bedlam Numbered editon of 500 copies (this is #36). From 1994

Brother JT & Vibrolux Dosed & Confused CD $19.99 Bedlam 4 long freakouts recorded live from 1994-1997.
1/26/2002 Brother JT & Vibrolux Music For The Other Head LP $29.99 Siltbreeze Vinyl version back in stock after long delay.
11/11/2003 Brother JT3 Hang In There, Baby CD $14.99 Drag City "Brother JT3 is back. They've brought a new batch with them too - guaranteed to move your head around. Hang In There, Baby is a towering rock, a mighty peak in the best of all possible worlds - a record that moves and grooves yuh, but a record with an axe or two to grind and, at the end of the day, a message or two. As was said once before, music for the other head - the one inside the one - remember?"

Brother JT3 Spirituals CD $13.99 Drag City "It’s the second Brother JT3 release on good old Drag City, the second produced by Neil Michael Hagerty, as well (Neil co-produced Way To Go as part of Adam and Eve back in ’99). Brother JT wears a more complicated coat of colors on Spirituals than on Way To Go or previous Brother JT releases. The good Brother’s got some preaching to do, but in a sweetly melodic setting, with acoustic guitars ringing, flutes and recorders riffing, with liquid leads and gentle mid-tempos...it’s full-on sandals rock. You’ll find that JT’s crafted a stoner anthem in ‘Mellow’ - an instantly compelling tune with lyrics that just keeps knocking you out. There’s a few more of them on Spirituals as well as some other things that make Brother JT great, like lots of rock and roll, heavy religious moments, a jam, two traditional songs, more melodies, cultish weirdness and an air of grooviness that just won’t blow away. All without breaking its pure pop stride."
2/2/2013 Brother Ong Deep Water Vibration CDR $8.99 Deep Water "Brother Ong returns to Deep Water with an immersive musical exploration just hinted at on his 2011 label debut. Instrumentally, Deep Water Vibration again centers around the Indian shahi baaja, abetted occasionally by modified autoharp, both processed via live electronic effects into looping, swirling waves of sound. The music harks back to the extended kosmische trance-outs of pioneers such as Klaus Schulze, but with cosmic analog synthesizers replaced by astral meditation zithers, and diving deep in the sea rather than drifting in space. Cover photos show the Brother receiving his transmission directly from the source; we had to resist calling it Ong the Beach…"Three tracks, 40 minutes.
4/24/2006 Brothers of the Occult Sisterhood Goodbye CD $12.99 Digitalis "As far as the Southern Hemisphere goes, Australia's budding underground has often played second fiddle to that of it's island neighbor, New Zealand. But a new crop of Aussies is levelling the playing field. Leading the way is the brother/sister duo of Michael and Kristina Donnelly AKA Brothers of the Occult Sisterhood. These cosmic travelers are soaked to the bone in dust, like relics from the past. They speak only in tongues and send out shortwave psychedelic radio transmissions into the bleeding edges of drugged-out folk sludge. BOTOS' organic compositions are familiar to many by now. After a string of CD-R releases on Time-Lag, Celebrate Psi-Phenomenon, and others, this is their first pro-pressed offering. Building on transcendent themes and saturating everything in an all-encompassing puff of bong smoke. Endless walls of instrumentation create artificial bounderies that the Donnellys destroy with far-reaching, hypnotic drones. By the time"Goodbye" comes to a grinding halt, it feels like the stuff of legend. Brothers of the Occult Sisterhood are only interested in blowing your skull to smithereens while cradling you in their arms. They are simply magnificent, and there aren't many doing it better these days." The first 500 copies come in silkscreened sleeves done by the New Zealand arthouse/imprint, United Fairy Moons.
2/12/2008 Brothers of the Occult Sisterhood Odalisque at Secret Vortex CDR $13.99 Akoustic Disease "Botos like this..flaming tunes catching with angels chants..we accept the bet for the winner!! another 9 crazy trip from the massive band from Blissland - handmade HARD cardboard limited to 116 copies."
1/5/2013 Brothers Unconnected Unrock the House double LP $38.99 Unrock "Unrock the House, by Alan and Richard Bishop aka Brothers Unconnected, is a truly remarkable document and album. It's a desirable object for eyes and ears that stands completely for itself, and it is the history and legacy of the leading and legendary performance unit Sun City Girls, who served the contemporary underground/avant-scene over a period of 25 years with inspiration and influence. It is in fact a grandiose homage to Sun City Girls and their late drummer Charles Gocher. The uncut live performance from Suedbahnhof in Krefeld, Germany 2011 is recorded in brilliant quality and contains tracks from Sun City Girls and the complete spoken-word interludes which makes it a delicate performance and captures the magic of the moment in full. "Rookoobay," "Soi Cowboy," "Horse Cock Phepner," "Dreamland," and "Shining Path" are part of the set as well as "Black Orchid" from Sun City Girls' final album Funeral Mariachi. Unrock the House is housed in a gatefold sleeve and contains one black and one white vinyl album. The entire performance is more then 80 minutes long. It is a limited edition one-time vinyl pressing."
5/29/2014 Brotzmann Trio, Peter For Adolphe Sax LP $31.99 Cien Fuegos "This is the one that started it all -- German tenor saxophonist Peter Brotzmann's first album in a long career that would spawn many, many more recordings in the years to come. Recorded with the rhythm section of bassist Peter Kowald and drummer Sven-Ake Johansson, this is intense, unrelenting free-jazz with little in the way of clear structure or melody... this is music that gets by on force and pure energy, rather than polite tunes or other musical decorum. Apart from a few brief moments of quiet during 'Sanity,' the second track, this stuff just doesn't quit, with Brotzmann's consistently abrasive, high-pitched wailing leading the charge and the other two members stirring up a pretty good ruckus themselves (Kowald, especially, gets in a good sting-sawing bass solo on 'Morning Glory')." --All Music Guide; pressed on 180 gram vinyl. Recorded by Gunter Schutte, 1967, in Wuppertal. Peter Brotzmann (tenor & baritone saxophone); Peter Kowald (double bass); Sven-Ake Johansson (drums).
3/2/2015 Brötzmann, Peter / Keiji Haino / Jim O'Rourke Two City Blues 2 CD $17.99 Trost One of two different sets, along with Two City Blues 1 (TROST 126LP), recorded on one intense night at Tokyo's Shinjuku Pit Inn. A trio of three towering figures, German free jazz legend Peter Brötzmann, Japanese avant-garde wizard Keiji Haino, and wildly versatile American composer and musician Jim O'Rourke, recorded by Yasuo Fujimura on November 23, 2010. Brötzmann: alto and tenor saxophones, tarogato, and clarinet; Haino: guitar, voice, shamisen; O'Rourke: guitar.
1/30/2010 Brouk, Joanna Healing Music cassette $9.99 Hummingbird Productions "(Joanna Brouk) was an extremely early new age type musician who had a radio show on KPFA even before Hearts of Space. She put out five tapes of music recorded between 1976 and 1982. You can hear an early interview (1972) and some of her most minimal and severe drone music via this link: http://disquiet.com/2008/02/28/joanna-brouk/ (These are) original, sealed tapes from the 80s, although she updated the dates every time she did a new pressing (Sounds of the Sea is from 1981 but says 1990)." - Douglas Mcgowan. "Two side-length pieces -- Maggis Flute and Healing Music. Maggi is Maggi Payne of Lovely Records fame, today an instructor at Mills College. This long improvisation based on Brouks directions later provided the basis for a short symphonic piece by Brouk in the mid 80s. Healing Music (1976) is one of Brouks first piano works, a self-taught rondo of deep, hypnotic power."
2/4/2007 Brown Brown CDR $12.99 Usound "New ensemble from portland, or. whose NW live performances have been unpredictable, tightrope walks of electronic interplay. committing suicide-like shards of pulsing energy amid reckless feedback-level processed tones... wallops yr ears like a cold salmon to the side of the head."
6/1/2002 Brown, Dan Inner Boroughs CD $12.99 Amish Records “Solo recordings from the percussionist from Hall of Fame and David Grubbs, made with the help of engineer Nicholas Vernhes and some additional percussive muscle by Greg Anderson of Dan Melchior’s Broke Revue. The personnel here is limited but the instrumentation is varied and open and includes traditional drum workouts, variety of bowed and struck cymbals, gongs and ceramic pots, hammered guitar, thumb piano and more. Inner Boroughs exists in a tradition which isn’t wholly jazz , rock or experimental music, but draws on a wealth of sources from ‘Suite for Toy Piano’ on John Cage’s ‘Early Works’, to Don Moye’s ‘Sun Percussion’, Hal Blaine’s Psychedelic Percussion and Art Blakey’s Holiday For Skins volume 1.”
8/1/2014 Bruhin, Anton 11 Heldengesange und 3 Gedichte LP $29.99 Alga Marghen "11 Heldengesange und 3 Gedichte was privately published by Anton Bruhin in 1977 as a luxury 2x10" box. This unique and imaginistic sound poetry work has been issued on LP by Alga Marghen for the VocSon series and is now available for distribution for the first time, ever. It's a sound poem which takes us into a medieval world of minstrels and errant knights, a phantasmagoria in text and sound. It is also a modern document of the not-yet-existing electronic Sampling Art of the 1970s. Anton Bruhin wrote: "In the Heldengesange, I conceived each hero speaking a different invented dialect and coming from a different fictional geographical region. I also wanted to give each hero his own music as a companion. I have used various musical materials and played a variety of instruments, but also taken parts from existing musics and manipulated them." Like an anthropologist, Anton Bruhin presents this fictional culture, inventing its language and music as well as drawing its objects -- a hat, a cup, an arm, a flag, a wurst -- everyday-life artifacts from an ancient time catalogued with scientific precision. In 11 Heldengesange und 3 Gedichte, a masterpiece by Anton Bruhin, all is artificial and nothing is real -- exactly like in our contemporary world. Edition limited to 350 copies, including a large LP-size folded insert with the full Heldengesange and Gedichte texts as well as a selection of original graphic works."
4/25/2008 Bruhin, Anton Vom Goldabfischercd CD $18.99 Alga Marghen "Presents for the first time on CD the classic experimental folk recordings with the same title first issued on LP in 1969. Anton Bruhin conceived some of the most original sonic art musiks, a double of his artistic work as an outsider painter and with the help of Stefan Wittwer on electric guitar and Cristian Koradi on bass and cello, recorded this masterpiece of far out sonorities well hidden in the Swiss mountains. Anton Bruhin sings and plays jew's harp (his favorite instrument), ch-phon (an instrument he invented constructed with a PVC tube with saxophone reed), harmonica, flute, fiddle, percussion, water. This record, surely one of the most psychedelic, experimental and private to be issued in Europe in the 1960s, should be of great influence for the actual renaissance of experimental folk music. Surely it was an important source of magick for Steven Stapleton, so no surprise to see it mentioned in the mythical list of references that Nurse With Wound included in their first LP. This CD edition also includes 5 jew's harp instrumental tracks."
6/19/2002 Brume Zona Ventille CD $12.99 elsieandjack "Elsie and Jack are proud to present the final Brume release Zona Ventille. Layered, mood dependent music. After many successful years of running with the musique concrète baton, Zona Ventille represents the final dash for this modern french composer. More than just mere process, this is an artifact of sheer beauty, intrigue and suspense in the tradition of Pierre Henry and Luis Buñuel. Zona Ventille is a constantly mutating soundscape - nothing is static. With recordings on Ant-Zen, ND, Old Europa Café, Relapse, Staalplaat and his own Brume rec. among others, this release on Elsie and Jack marks the end of an era for Christian Renou as Brume. Elaborately packaged in a metal laser-etched stickered jewel case, featuring a duotone sleeve printed on heavy art-stock card with a vellum wrap - another precious thing courtesy of Elsie and Jack."
12/24/2003 Brunnen The Honey Button 8" EP $29.99 Plinkity Plonk 4 track EP by Freek Kinkelaar who plays all the instruments and handles the vocals as well. Housed in a nice printed sleeve, this is a lathe cut record in an edition of 25 copies 2 available here.
10/25/2008 Bruno, Bobb Clown's Castle cassette $8.99 DNT "I first saw Bobb Bruno about two years ago at The Smell in downtown LA. I had heard of him prior to the show (he also plays in Goliath Bird Eater and Knit Witch, among others) but didn't really know what to expect from him by himself, and live. He came out wearing a full bunny costume, head and all and sat down playing the coolest electronic drum pad I've ever seen. Some of his past releases have been dreamy pop, others have been heavy as nails. This tape falls somewhere in between. One minute there's beautiful synthscapes and the next it's heavy bass and pounding drums. Hand-numbered edition of 79 on purple cassettes with full-color piggie artwork by Bobb Bruno." - Tynan / DNT
4/13/2011 bst.cr bst.cr CDR $8.99 Bug Incision Ben Bennett / drumheads
Ryan Jewell / snare drum
Wilson Shook / alto saxophone
with guest Mara Sedlins / viola
"There are those listeners who like to follow a recording by clearly tracing the path each musician is taking on a given set. Others prefer to allow the music to wash over them, disregarding individual intentions in favour of the whole. To the former group, Bug Incision presents to you a challenge. To paraphrase Derek Bailey (and a bunch of others, admittedly), the music gets really interesting when it becomes difficult to tell who is doing what. By that measure, this is supremely interesting music. Bennett and Jewell are largely indistinguishable without an intimate acquiantance with either player's work and, while it is suspected that bows play a role in these sounds, it's really tough to tell, and all the more fun for it. The way their sounds intersect with Shook's sax playing is a revelation, someone picking up where another's phrase dwindles, and sound mimicry of the first order. While some bemoan the latter aspect of improvising as pedestrian, once one considers the instrumentation at hand, it becomes a really rich and inventive listening experience. Also, this group is not so much about those classic modes of improvisation; their approach entails presenting sounds to one another and patiently figuring out how they can co-exist. Shook's playing recalls echoes of Evan Parker, but only in the most fragmented sense, and also the master of sax rudeness, Jack Wright, in his glossolalic soundings, and his ability to make the saxophone sound quite a bit like a trumpet. The lesser-known, but apparently quite wonderful Mara Sedlins adds an extra layer of quiet confusion to the second piece. A really fine piece of contemporary American improvising." Edition of 150, color covers in plastic sleeves
4/10/2009 BubbleWrap Holocaust BubbleWrap Holocaust CD $12.99 Textile "Bubblewrap Holocaust is one of these band that popping up with a more punk edge but not the spikey haired kind!!!! The band captures the primal thrust of punk and the playfullness of 60's garageŠThe Stooges meet The FallŠ an Amalgam of sloppy guitars, speedy base line and cahotic catchy tunes. The defining element of Bubblewrap is the singer's snarling voice and offensive lyrics between irony and geekery. Colin speak-sings every song in a thick Scottish brogueŠ think about Mark E SmithŠyes you can! This debut album is a great collection of short punchy songs each dynamic to sustain many repeated listen!"
4/23/2003 Buchanan, Steve Tiny Grimes CD $10.99 Hanan "Initiated as a film soundtrack and then added to and reworked, this is an unusual and fine collection of pieces featuring tenor guitar (with, variously, keyboards, violin, percussion, singing, Computer, bagpipes, Harmonica, Flutes). No comparisons help, really; a one-off." The tenor guitar is really cool. Not sure how this fits in with the usual stuff carried here but I dig it.
3/9/2015 Buck Gooter The Spider's Eyes LP $15.99 Sophomore Lounge "On The Spider's Eyes, Buck Gooter have strapped sheets of urban post modernist metal to their bodies and weaponized themselves. The music that comes forth is a smarter and more capable predator than what the band has previously produced. It makes their last effort, Witch Molecules, seem almost friendly by comparison. The beats on The Spider's Eyes are machine stamped, relentless. The songs themselves are reverberant sheet steel cacophonous odes to devastation. The vocals are comin' to ya straight from an abandoned factory in some lost industrial ghetto. Is Buck Gooter mad or merely telling you how it is? The Spider's Eyes could be the new Blues for those who escaped mediocrity's slaughterhouse in a century whose future went to the highest bidder almost as soon as it was ushered in less than twenty years ago. Instead of wielding the sword, on The Spider's Eyes, Buck Gooter is the sword itself, with each song, smashing themselves into a harder and denser mass upon an anvil of their own design. Billy and Turtle have set up their backline at the edge that gives way to the Abyss and did their thing. The Spider's Eyes is the result. By the time you get to the title track at the end of the record, you are left standing alone in a vast wasteland of debris. The ride was good but the walk home will be long. Buck Gooter's early releases immediately and permanently established them as outsiders-sure to keep squares and normals at bay. Brave and alienating like early Suicide. If you have what it takes, The Spider's Eyes could very well be the record you have been waiting for some band with the guts and hearts full of anti-matter to finally make. If not, it is a line drawn in the sand and you would be wise to step away. You will know which side you're on very quickly. The Goot will never die." - Henry Rollins, October 2014. Edition of 400 copies.
6/1/2002 Buckingham, Bob & Friends My Friend is a Mule in the Mines CD $9.99 Dark Holler “My Friend is a Mule in the Mines is the second release from Dark Holler. Subtitled ‘Old-Time Excursions,’ this CD is being praised for it’s wonderfully original approach to old-time music. Fiddle tunes, old-time country, and blues are all handled with equal skill by Bob, a multi-instrumentalist from York County, Pennsylvania. The title cut is a song his Grandfather sang for the Bishop among others when he retired from the Methodist clergy. The CD also includes a nearly lost, traditional York County Fiddle tune, called ‘Unicorn’. Bob appears regularly in the region with the Contra Rebels, the house band for the York Folk Dance Association. Fellow band members, Reed Martin and Todd Clewell join Bob on this project which includes four banjo duets with Reed. Other guests include Bob Hess and Tim Renner.”
1/1/2008 Buffalo Suicide Prevention Unit Alive CD $17.99 Ruby Red "BSPU are Steve Baczkowski on tenor/baritone Sax, Ravi Padmanabha on Drums / Percussion, Mike Allard on alto Sax, Michael Hermanson on Trombone, and Leif Ingvar Nicklas on contrabass. They´ve recorded this album live in Buffalo, N.Y. at Soundlab. All compositions are improvised."
2/26/2006 Buffle Constrictor cassette $6.99 LalLalLal "What needs to be said about a band that invents a new dance for every song they make and play flute by hanging it from a car window during their tours? The wind plays the flute like Buffle their casios, percussions and guitars. So we hear a pure feast of love and joy. Flux of funny sounds meet clumsy and naive repetition in a way that would make Holger Czukay hot of jealousy in his pool. And there's nothing better in life than to be hanging out in the breezing streets of Belgian winter and be saved by Buffle feeding you different kinds of vegetarian pizza slices."
2/4/2007 Buffle / Bengeorge7 split cassette $8.99 Dutch Beer "2 very very very HIP bands. first part in the series of split-tapes with BREAKING WORLD RECS. Ben and George sing about daddy's digweed and bad boys. Buffle has the blues."
7/21/2010 Bugaj, Adam Telegraphed CDR $8.99 Deep Water "Telegraphed is the long-awaited follow-up to Adam Bugaj's debut album from 2006 which, just as expected, has been destined to a life in obscurity. It was a disc overflowed by chopped underwater ceremonies and melodic fragments that were placed against a tapestry of tape-hiss and polyrhythmic psychedelia. Imagine a rousing but still downcast sound carousel reminiscent of Wilson/Parks as much as Dreamies and you're in the right sketchy ballpark. This new disc treads over equally fragmentized terrain but at the same time it means a step sideward from the unconventional pop formula of the predecessor to something slightly more introvert. What we get is fragile song fragments interspersed with shimmering waves of warm electronic landscapes and bedroom experimentation. It all sounds like some nearly lost memory, or like being trapped inside a dream that's all about subtle and beautiful disorientation. Simple melodies are embellished with a suggestive kind of brilliance and a great sense of melancholia, which seems to be grounded in the ordinary world, yet the sounds are otherworldly to say the least. Imagine watching home movies from another world and you're getting close to what this one is all about." - Mats Gustafsson. 16 tracks, 33 minutes.
6/11/2006 Bugaj, Adam Waves of Tears CDR $8.99 Deep Water "Adam Bugaj sometimes plays lysergic barn rock with the Clear Spots, other times vaporizes neurons with Peacefeather, but more than either he's a bedroom-studio Dr. Moreau, toiling away in his attic laboratory to bring us fragmentary new sonic life forms. If the medium is the message, this is definitely speaking in tongues: flashes of recognizable elements float by -- ghosts of Wilson/Parks sketches, malfunctioning electronica, lo-fi psychedelia, tape hiss and machine hum and the click of the edit button -- then fly off in mid-sentence just as their import begins to clarify. This is what it would feel like if Daylight Savings Time happened every day."
10/21/2009 Bugskull Communication LP $17.99 Digitalis "Flashback to 1997 and in the world of underground droning weirdness, Bugskull were heavyweight champions. The revolving cast of characters always centered around Sean Byrne. He concocted buckets full of syrupy delights that encompassed everything from electronica, post-rock, dub, noise and endless pop hooks. Byrne was joined by multi-instrumentalist Brendan Bell and percussionist James Yu throughout the latter half of the '90s, taking Bugskull from bedroom wonder to full-blown magic carpet band. Bugskull released records and singles on some of the great experimental labels of the day such as Road Cone, Scratch, and Shrimper. I can safely say that as I was discovering experimental music during my mid & late teens, Bugskull were one of my all-time favorite bands. The last album Byrne released was in 2002, "The Big White Cloud," which followed-up the acclaimed "Distracted Snowflake" duology. During the late '90s, Byrne recorded a third album that extended the themes of the "Snowflake" records. Due to label issues and disputes, this third album never came out until now, almost ten years later. "Communication" is the bookend to the hypnotic reverie created by "Distracted Snowflake" volumes 1 & 2. With layers of organ and synth floating like cotton candy on top of dub and hip-hop infused beats, Byrne is in top form. "Communication" isn't so much a lost album as it is confirmation of a legacy and declaration of intent. Bugskull is back. >From the tribal beach vibes of "High Steppin' II" right down to the drenched bones of the droning, black river sonics of "Subterranean Life," this album brings everything that made Bugskull so great and concentrates it on two sides of vinyl. Upbeat, fast-moving synth lines bob and move in minimal electronic waves while violins moan on "Squeaky Bagpipe." The title track is an exercise in restraint as Byrne uses turntables and molasses-paced guitars to the listener into a false sense of serenity, only to be drowned in opiates and put to bed by "Pondlife." Whether he's created simple, deceptive trips with sparse, but effective rhythmic cues or is just wallowing in the aural beauty of sine tones and synth drones, Byrne doesn't ever let up. For those who have been as big of fans I have through the years, you probably never thought another Bugskull album would show up on the horizon. I know I didn't. But after seven years of waiting for something fresh, it's all worth it in the end to start the journey from scratch. Vinyl only and limited to 300 copies."
11/16/2004 Bulent Benimle Oynar Misin CD $17.99 World Psychedelia "Extremely rare and sought-after album shows a very different side to the incredibly rich Turkish music scene of the late 1960’s/early 1970’s, with gravelly vocals and introspective folk rock arrangements; a mostly calm album with incredible songs and lyrics from revered songwriter Bulent Ortacgil, recorded in 1973 or 1974; regarded by Hans Pokora's Record Collector Dreams book as psych folk, where it received four stars; musical support provided by a team of dynamite musicians including Onno Tunc and Atilla Ozdemiroglu; booklet includes lyrics and photos." - Lion Productions
12/19/2002 Bull Anus Anus Comes Alive CD $8.99 Mandragora Records "The Anus opens wide and sprays its sonic diarrhea in a torrent of free noise and electronics. A rare public appearance from the infamous 8/02 Noise Show, the clan let loose with this brutal o-ring blowing assault. Old Bull spazzes out on aggro-synths and purple box as the Moses shreds the Sammy cassette. Short and sweet, 17 minutes that feels like days. Get ready to dance with Mr. PoopiePants."
8/7/2002 Bull Anus Enter The Anus CD $9.99 Mandragora Records "I just had to chuckle when I first caught a glimpse of this album as it came out of it's mailing package. I mean, how can you take this seriously? The band's name alone is jokey, and the big picture of a bull's rear end on the cover doesn't help matters. The truth is, though, that this is pretty serious noise music. Actually, it's not only serious - it's good. From the label that releases 'pure psychedelic noise' comes a funky batch of ear chaos that is sure to get your brain pulsating. Or at least quivering. 'Beefry,' for example, is a piece of harsh noise that's been injected with crazy broken beats; listening to it will make you want to move (even if this so-called 'movement' is actually just violent spasms). Other tracks, like 'Scar' and 'La Purga' are more atmospheric and relaxing, while 'Anus Strain' and 'Robotonk' are glitchy and complex. All around, Bull Anus has released a great selection of noise. If you like your noise abrasive, you'll totally dig this!" - Matt Shimmer, indieville.com "Harsh fucking noise. Bull Anus grabs hold and rams it home in 17 tracks of non-stop sadistic eardrum torture. Play Loud to ruin your stereo and annoy everyone. Can you pass the Anus Test?"
4/10/2015 Bull Tongue Review No. 2 zine $7.50
"A Quarterly Journal of Post-Rock Cultural Pluralism. In this issue: Todd Abramson, Steve Albini, Alan Bishop, Bree, Rej T. Broth, Joe Carducci, Benoit Chaput, Sharon Cheslow, Byron Coley, Karen Constance, Nigel Cross, Chris D, Georganne Deen, Lili Dwight, Erika Elizabeth, Ray Farrell, Andrea Feldman, Eddie Flowers, Tom Givan, Tom Greenwood, Mats Gustafsson, Lisa Marie Jarlborn, Ira Kaplan, Maria Kozic, Matt Krefting, Tom Lax, Ted Lee, Heather Leigh, Donna Lethal, Owen Maercks, Marc Masters, Hisham Mayet, Phil McMullen, Richard Meltzer, Thurston Moore, Dylan Nyoukis, Gary Panter, Brigid Pearson, Charles Plymell, Tony Rettman, Joanne Robertson, Bruce Russell, Suzy Rust, Savage Pencil, John Sinclair, Chris Stigliano, Brian Turner, Tesco Vee, Naomi Yang."
12/24/2005 Bull's Blood Mondyeth CDR $7.99 Foxglove "transplanted from omaha to korea via minneapolis, bull's blood's quiet compositions come from the mind of charles lareau (who also records as das torpedos). stuck in a canvas bag and beaten to smithereens, bull's blood reconstructs these soggy pieces into a ramshackle house of cards. a sense of urgency plagues each of these 11 songs. armed with varying tape loops, acoustic guitars, shambolic percussion, vocals, and god knows what else, "mondyeth" is drenched in the earth's turf. it's as though lareau's spirit is singing like a masked heathen from the grave. 100 copies"
6/11/2006 Bunny Brains, The A Sense of Tokyo CD $13.99 Lost Frog "A Sense of Tokyo can get you in your sleep, attacking the klump of lung muscle not coated w cowboy french fry grease and pandowdy fritter walls. The Sense is a scent, a whiff of marooned boys all xibiting their whalebone necks, moss wrapped so nicely around their thin necks. Let it drag you to the floor and go thru your pockets, the hole in your jeans is so soft now, fingers filled w honey, Owens lil undies whacked up against the wall. If you can see itchy clearly then you may want to tear a piece of goldfish off the line for Khaya, she is a sainted pillow provider, worship is useless. Great to chat, now let's listen." -- Dan Bunny
5/10/2004 Bunyan, Vashti Just Another Diamond Day CD $19.99 Spinney "Reissue of this all-time classic British folk album, from 1969. Vashti Bunyan has recently appeared dueting with Devendra Banhart, on the title track to Rejoicing In the Hands. Interest in this record seems to increase with each passing year... ‘Originally recorded in 1969 (the original vinyl sells upwards of £400). Produced by Joe Boyd and features the following amazing artists: Vashti Bunyan (vocals, guitar), Robert Kirby (strings -- played on Nick Drake's first two albums), Robin Williamson (fiddle, mandolin - of Incredible String Band), Simon Nicol, Dave Swarbrick (banjo, mandolin - of Fairport Convention). CD contains 4 extra tracks. The album is full of exquisitely beautiful songs about stone built farmhouses, home coming fishermen and dogs with wonky ears. Described by Mojo as 'one of the most fragile, beautiful and unique records you will ever hear.'" - FE
11/17/2007 Bunyan, Vashti Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind double CD $14.99 DiCristina "Following the amazing success story of Vashti Bunyan's recent re-emergence as an artist after an exile of over 30 years, comes the release of Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind, a comprehensive compilation of early recordings dating from the period prior to Vashti's classic Just another Diamond Day album which was originally released in 1970. Titled after Vashti's (Jagger/Richards-penned) debut single which opens the compilation, this double-album represents an attempt to both open out and draw a line under the past, and also to try to set the record straight about the disparity between how Vashti viewed (and still views) herself against the way she has been popularly perceived. Widely construed as a folk singer-a tag she fundamentally disagrees with-these recordings instead reveal Vashti as a pop singer, however 'fragile' and unique. A complete collection of Vashti's existing early recordings, the album is divided across two discs and features 25 tracks-mostly rescued from a number of old acetates and quarter-inch tapes Vashti's brother John had found in his attic a few years ago. The first disc gathers together the early singles (two of which were unreleased) and a set of taped demos recorded between 1965 -67. The second disc comprises the entire, unaltered contents of a long-forgotten tape discovered at the last minute before mastering, whilst Vashti was searching for one of the master reels for disc one. Beautifully packaged in period style and annotated for both vinyl & CD formats." DBL LP version out in late November.
3/11/2012 Burial Hex Blood Between Her Lakes LP $21.99 Holidays Records "Remastered reissue of the long-out-of-print tape released on Turgid Animal in 2008. An incredible example of Midwest Horror Electronics recorded live during a show at the Tomb in Madison, Wisconsin. Side A starts slow and builds to a tense and creepy crescendo of industrial devastation bringing the song to its dramatic climax aided by the metallic ring of a bell. Side B captures the unleashed rage of the performance made of crawling chains, whistling wind and metallic echoes. Amazing harsh epilogue drilled through many layers of screams of torment, rage and anguish." Edition of 150 on black vinyl. First 50 copies come with glow-in-the-dark screenprinted cover."
5/13/2011 Burial Hex Hunger one-sided 12" $18.99 Holidays Records "A twenty-minute concept by the dark ambient maestro inspired by Haitian Voodoo as portrayed in Maya Deren's Divine Horsemen: The Living Gods of Haiti. Growling vocals sounding like they came from the heart of a cave soaked in a creepy atmosphere slowly turn into a sinister melody influenced by dark disco. Limited edition of three-hundred copies with a frame from the movie screened on the blank side. 300 copies, one-sided silkscreened black vinyl. Artwork by Nico Vascellari."
4/28/2012 Burial Hex In Psychic Defense one-sided 12" $16.99 Sound of Cobra "12" one sided silkscreened limited edition of 300. "In psychic defense" is the last work of Clay Ruby as Burial Hex. With this record Burial Hex faces a new chapter in his music where noise, post-punk, a wise use of the rhythm, experimental wave and dark melodies match together in a perfect balance. The record is elaborated as a protection spell in psychic self-defense, and the lyrics are from an old hymn to the Archangel Michael, always been seen as a leader and protector of the faithful. This one sided also confirms the collaboration between Clay Ruby and Troy Schafer, who wrote and performed all the bass and guitar parts."
12/22/2014 Burial Hex The Hierophant LP $23.99 Handmade Birds "This is the final LP from Burial Hex, a project whose closure has been calculated from its inception. Burial Hex is a pioneer of the horror electronics movement, this is its tenth year. 'I'm not even entirely sure how to sum it all up, aside from saying The Hierophant is a masterwork -- an album for the ages[...] It is enough to listen to Burial Hex and admire the transcendent ambience; programmed death marches; swirling, minimalist whispers; haunting instrumentation; and strains of maximized noise. All of that, in of itself, is impressive enough. But, should you desire to harness them, Burial Hex certainly offers the additional means of being transported into another realm of be witching incantations. For many of us, those kinds of cryptic or metaphysical spheres of art are always going to be compelling. However, what makes Burial Hex truly enthralling is that Ruby's music is entirely unclassifiable.' --Craig Hayes, Steel for Brains 180-gram ox blood red in milky clear LP version.
8/22/2008 Burke, Dan / Thomas Dimuzio Upcoming Events CD $10.99 No Fun Productions "Further exploring the collaborative powers of Illusion Of Safety mastermind Dan Burke and prolific sound crafter Thomas Dimuzio, Upcoming Events is an unending spur of equal parts gorgeous and uncomfortably perplexing sound spread of 15 tracks. Crackles of electronic fire, tremolo-infused waves of sustained guitar, broken music boxes and found sounds among all other sorts of unfounded wails of gargantuan melancholy drone, Burke and Dimuzio's collaboration is a forceful collection of early industrial sound ruination combined with classic Krautrock ambiance of the Tangerine Dream/Cluster ilk reassuringly composed into something wholly modern and powerful."
8/20/2011 Burke, Josh Envision c30 cassette $8.99 D'Artagnan "burke has a way of creating intensely affecting tracks with very few means. his melodies and sense of progression always struck me as very intuitive and naturally flowing which is just what he displays on 'envision'. over the span of ten minimal synth tracks he takes you way down into sweet unconsciousness and then back again. one of my favourite dudes when it comes to keyboard music. jelly red tapes w/ two-sided full-color j-card. edition of 40."
6/9/2010 Burke, Josh Prana LP $18.99 Aguirre Records New lp by jerk who ripped off Eclipse in 2009 - no respect for this dude at all. "Josh Burke continues his endeavor into new age. With relaxing synths, and the occasional outbreak, the man behind Sky Limousine & the illustre Midnight Star Media cassette label, takes you to space and back in just over 30 minutes. There are faster, more layered tracks varied with bare, minimal, classical new age tracks. It makes the perfect mix and relaxing listening experience. Comes with Insert." Released in an edition of 330.
8/20/2011 Burke, Patrick A Black Balloon LP $17.99
"This is the last batch of the final installment in the vinyl era of the Parasites of the Western World. Sealed copies of the original pressing of Patrick Burke's second solo outing and tho this distances itself from the rockist Parasites moves and continues on a arc that Silence and Timing might indicate, this is very much worth yr grip. Rare in any realm, and not many to go around. Last Chance!"
3/11/2015 Burkett, Joshua New 'Lost Cat City' Ramblings Vol 1 CDR $7.99 Mystra "All new/All instrumental material here.../mostly acoustic guitar/All live recordings from '07-'14...the first new solo material by JB since 'Where's My Hat'.. mostly recorded around mysterious West Mass locations..but a few from the 2013 overseas 'Lone Cat' tour . limited to 100 copies...Vol2 coming out soon//"
4/6/2015 Burkett, Joshua New 'Lost Cat City' Ramblings Vol 2 CDR $7.99 Feather One's Nest Edition of 50 copies. Recorded live 2007-2014 at many mysterious locations. Includes guests Paul LaBrecque, Ron Schneiderman, and Tony Pasquarosa.
3/11/2015 Burkett, Joshua World's Most Scary Monsters Battle The Worst Songs Of All Time Book $13.99 Mystra "Recent art book from this year with drawings just like the title describes....edition of 100."
7/16/2006 Burning Star Core 3 Sisters That Share An Eye LP $16.99 No Fun "compositions for 9 midgets with mohawks screaming about life and harsh electronics. nastiest burnign star core release to date. Spencer continues his search for the lost kingdom,with an army of his own spencer screams to them to get them psyched: "HARSH IS NICE!!!!!" limited to 300." - No Fun.
8/23/2009 Burning Star Core Brighter Summer Day LP $15.99 Thin Wrist "Burning Star Core's first vinyl full-length and first widely available recording after numerous private releases that began surfacing in 1993. Massive layers of sustained SOUND driven thru violins and electronics direct to climax -- backed by broken organs dropped into shifting darkness and cracked Computer hypnotics. Abstract/Concrete (sensual) Satisfaction. After years of obscured operations, another question answered, another step past the cognizant few." "A really fine debut LP by a combo from the Kentucky/Ohio underground DMZ. One side has skin-destroying violin drone-dynamics, amped the hell up, and run through shards of electronic hell-dither. The other side is synth/key-based form-whackery that sounds like an out-of-control toad carnival taking place in your brain." - Byron Coley / Thurston Moore, Arthur, May 2003. "from Cincinnati, Spencer is a violin and electronics alchemist of the first water and this is a very fine debut in a mass produced edition (many previous CDR/cassette titles to track down later, kids!). You could easily lose whole days hiding under the bed with this on the turntable." - Bruce Russell, Corpus Hermeticum. Repressed. Originally released in 2002. Housed in a full color heavy duty cover - very nice! Features: CS Yeh - Violin, Electronics (Side A) Computer (Side B)
Chris Rosing - Additional Climax Electronics (Side A).
7/10/2008 Burning Star Core Challenger LP $15.99 Plastic Records "Challenger is a composed work rather than his more improvised work, each piece revolving around a central melodic theme with field recordings, an audio diary bridging the gaps. It's emotions of a period of time set to tape. The sounds range from pure tonal mood to huge electronic crescendos. But what's most remarkable is the use of space, where parts come in and drop to build or recede .When the piano crashes in "Mysteries of the Organ" its almost a frustration of paradise, a rejection of perfection or maybe a jolt of inexplicable life, unable to be translated into proper 'communication. Juxtaposed with the quiet haunting of "Hopelessly Devoted" which sounds like a love letter written to outer space, it makes for an album that is both dynamic yet consistent as a full statement. licensed from plastic records." - Hospital Productions
9/30/2005 Burning Star Core Let's Play Wild Like Wildcats Do CD $12.99 Hospital Productions "So why pick Burning Star Core now after all these years? Aside from the obvious, there's an amazing confluence among Spencer Yeh's own sound that he's been striving at for years and between various facets of an underground noise and improv scene that's virtually bursting at the seams. His music fits a number of certain tastes, be it catering to those raised on the tried and true avant garde-ians of yesteryear to the recent emergence of the post-hardcore set ripe for fresh sounds and new, more abstract and virulent noises. With all the attention being paid to left-field musicians at the left and right of America, now might be the time to head towards the heartland, and some of the seeds planted in Cincinnati courtesy of Burning Star Core." - Michael Crumsho.
12/24/2005 Burning Star Core See You in 2004 CDR $12.99 U-Sound Records 3 tracks recorded live in 2004 by C. Spencer Yeh (violin, voice, and electronics on 3rd track) with guests Robert Beatty of Hair Police on the first 2 tracks and Mike Shiftlet on the first track. Handpainted silkscreened sleeves.
8/23/2009 Burning Star Core The Very Heart of the World CD $11.99 Thin Wrist "On The Very Heart of the World, Burning Star Core (BXC) has created an incredibly heavy record, built on dense, layered drones, pulses, splintered vocals, and deep rhythms that euphorically build to total overload. With a line-up including the Hair Police front line and other luminaries from across the exploding Midwestern psych/noise/folk underground, BXC's C. Spencer Yeh has assembled a group that seamlessly shifts through epic movements and pushes pure electronic / concrete / physical / rock energy to undeniable, massive sound. Expanding on what was hinted at on the collaboration LP with Comets on Fire earlier this year, The Very Heart of the World is a definitive statement of the evolving Burning Star Core sound. Operating since 1993 out of Cincinnati Ohio, and emerging as one of the essential units in the American underground, Burning Star Core has always centered around C. Spencer Yeh." Repressed.
8/23/2009 Burning Star Core The Very Heart of the World LP $15.99 Thin Wrist "Only BXC’s second full-length. An incredible record of deep drones and pulses, voice-cuts, and building/collapsing rhythms—The Very Heart of the World is incredibly rich, colorful and immense. Led by C Spencer Yeh on violin, voice, electronics, piano (+) and featuring among others, Sara O’Keefe, Mike Shiflet, and the Beatty/Connelly/Tremaine Hair Police axis. A classic, now. Edition of 500 LP's / full color heavy jackets / 180 gram vinyl."
4/24/2006 Burning Star Core Two in the KY & One in the OH double cassette $13.99 Dronedisco "Latest installment of BxC live unit documents on cassette. Three complete sets from 2005 featuring an extended BxC live line-up (Yeh/Beatty/Tremaine/Shiflet) in trio and quartet configurations. One bar, one artspace, one auditorium. Two in the KY and one in the OH. Typical low-run edition, in white vinyl case with pamphlet."
4/24/2006 Burning Star Core untitled 7" $25.99 AA Records One-sided square lathe cut 7" from Nate Young's (Wolf Eyes) AA label.
2/15/2005 Burning Star Core West Coast Spring 2004 3xC40 Cassettes $19.99 Dronedisco “Almost all sets from the recent West Coast Spring 2004 tour of Burning Star Core (with LA juggernaut Open City). Listen as the duo formation (with Robert Beatty of Hair Police / Eyes And Arms of Smoke / Three Legged Race / Macaroni House / etc...) works out a week-long conversation over many many many miles. The second Portland set missing from this compilation should show up somewhere this year. In the meantime: six sets on three C-40 cassettes - with a poster, a dash of jagged modern-machine-style, and plenty of ‘wish you were here.’” Edition of 50 copies that comes housed in a nice case specifically designed to hold 3 tapes.
6/3/2009 Burning Star Core WSBC/SSS 10" $11.99 No-Fi Records "Second in the series of six 10"s from C. Spencer Yeh, launching immediately into a giant feedback epic that slowly reveals delicate harmonies beneath a sea of howling distortion. This edition comes with insert insert design by John Olson (Wolf Eyes)."
11/4/2006 Burning Star Core / Lambsbread Live in St. Louis CDR $8.99 Maim & Disfigure "lambs as the chiefs backing band.... 1st jam is slow, quiet, longer developing jam that never really bursts; just builds.... 2nd jam = quick burner with the chiefs electronics getting fried.... edition of 80"
11/2/2011 Burnt Hills Lights Out one-sided LP $23.99 8mm "Burnt Hills are a collective from Albany, NY. Every monday they use to jam and host shows at the Heldberg basement, which is also the headquarter of Flipped Out Records, exquisite label and mailorder active for 25 years. If you are lucky enough to attend one of their shows, you will probably realize that you are experiencing something more than a concertŠ It's in fact a proper ritual that finds its perfect expression in a music that combines the freedom of free jazz, the fire of garage rock and the hallucinations of the best psychedelic music. Lights Out is just Burnt Hills at their best. Just a little warm up and the Hills explode like a bomb blowing up continually in a furious jam, where heavy vibrating vocals, pulsating rhythm section and wild guitar wipe outs move along with perfect cohesion and fluidity. We are completely sucked into the vortex of this groove when a slow comedown begins to the end of the side, with that great solo guitar pattern drawing the last beautiful images and thenŠ Lights Out! Paste on covers, with hand stamped label. Limited to 150 copies, numbered."
9/11/2013 Burnt Hills / Rambutan Eye of the Sun split c60 cassette $5.99 Skell Records "On a snowy night in March 2013 the Burnt Hills crew hosted a show at the Helderberg House with Chalaque, Jon Collin, Yek Koo, and Zaimph. With one longtime member on extended hiatus, Chalaque's Nick Mitchell sat in with us...the resulting bruiser of a set is presented here on side A. Six guitarists, two drummers, one bassist, and a xylophonist baked up a crispy sonic nugget, held together at the seams by feedback, interwoven guitar tones, and a pummeling rhythm section. Burnt Hills has been shredding free-rock style since 2006 on labels like 8MM, Flipped Out, Carbon, and Noiseville--and this missive from the outer reaches of the multiverse fits right in with the band's sprawling aesthetic, showing surprising restraint and unit-wide deep listening to go along with its massive ensemble onslaughts. Eric Hardiman's Rambutan has had a fine year in 2013--highlighted by the excellent "Inverted Summer" LP on Fabrica Records. While on hiatus in Scotland Hardiman brought Rambutan out live on a number of occasions; this set at Glasgow's Volcanic Tongue record shop finds Hardiman mixing abstraction and more formal melodic elements with characteristic skill, as ideas and textures combine and dissolve in the listener's ears. Skell Records couldn't be prouder to put this one out, and though there may have been physical separation between Burnt Hills and Rambutan on the days these jams were put down, the eye of the sun saw it all....art gracioiusly provided by Phil French. Pro-dubbed, edition of 100."
3/11/2012 Burro Burnt Monument CDR $7.99 Bug Incision "Burro is a vertible meeting of the minds of some of Calgary's finest wayward musicians. Whitney Ota first came to Bug Incision's attention at a performance some years back at the Discord series at Emmedia. He was playing sax and guitar (always a winning combination) in a duo called Wild & Majestic. One post-gig chat and a handful of cdr releases later, it was obvious that we'd be working together down the line. Ota also busies himself running Unit Structure Sound Recordings, a fine imprint which (as well as housing the sister release to this album) has also released some of his other projects: the kosmiche-y solo vehicle called Yankee Yankee and more texturally-inclined duo Dundas (with Mr. Elton). Stew Elton is and essential part of the Bug Incision universe, operating as the man who books the dates at Weeds Cafe, where so many BI performances take place. He also plays in the band No River, and has recorded a devasting solo EP called Bound, which is floating around out there somewhere. Andrew Hume (along with running buddy Britt Proulx) made his mark on Calgary's werid music scene with his duo Seizure Salad. They played tons of shows, and released a nice handful of tapes, both mediums covering lotsa ground and seeming to have no problem doing so. An "experimental" band at its fullest potential. Burnt Monument is an unexpectedly hi-fi document of this band at work. It turns out that Whitney Ota is also quite the recording engineer; he's delivered a wonderful-sounding album, which is a treat in a world that so often renders its performances in less-than-hi-fi. There is a good amount of detail in the playing, a honed attention to tone, and a very good, natural feeling to the proceedings. They play in time, they play freely & aleatorically, they riff and/or solo... I watched these guys perform a bunch of times over the course of an evening at an open-ended show at Frosst Books a few months back, and watching them, there's something about it that makes it seem obvious. When the right group of players come together, sometimes it's just like turning on a faucet. - Notes by Jonathan Ronler
Edition of 66, cdr, color covers in plastic sleeves
bim-53, fall 2011
Whitney Ota / guitar
Stew Elton / bass
Andrew Hume / drums
2/4/2015 Burroughs, William S. Nothing Here Now but the Recordings LP $19.99 Dais "In 1980, Genesis P-Orridge and Peter “Sleazy” Christopherson (then of Throbbing Gristle renown) travelled to New York City to meet up at the fortified apartment, known as The Bunker, of famed beat writer and cultural pioneer William S. Burroughs and his executor James Grauerholz to starting the daunting task to compile the experimental sounds works of Burroughs, which, up until that point, had never been heard. During those visits, Burroughs would play back his tape recorder experiments featuring his spoken word “cut-ups”, collaged field recordings from his travels and his flirtations with EVP recording techniques, pioneered by Latvian intellectual Konstantins Raudive. Throughout the next year, P-Orridge, Christopherson and Grauerholz would spent countless hours compiling various edits, each collection showcasing Burroughs sensitive ear and keen experimental prowess for audio anomaly within technical limitations. By the time 1981 came through, Burroughs had relocated to Lawrence, KS in which to escape the violence and mania of New York City life. It is in Lawrence that P-Orridge and Christopherson put the finishing touches on the record that would be known as “Nothing Here Now but the Recordings”. The album would come out in the Spring of 1981 as the final release for the shuttering Industrial Records, brought about by the dissolution of Throbbing Gristle. The album remained out of print until 1998 when John Giorno and the Giorno Poetry Systems included the album on a multi-disc retrospective CD box set compiling the majority of Burroughs seminal recordings."
6/11/2006 Busby, Stuart North / South double 3" CDR $11.99 Pseudo Arcana "Originally appearing in an ultra limited home-pressed edition 'North/South' is the follow up to last years wonderful 'Drift' (Digitalis). Best known as a trumpeter, the Brisbane resident Busby ventures here into a subtle processed exploration of that instrument, but also brings a glockenspiel, ukulele and voice into the mix. The album is split into two discreet movements separated onto two 3" disks. 'North' is made up of predominantly gestural percussive pieces. Slow chimes and pulses drifting across space. 'South' is a more harmonic enterprise, with layered tones and trumpet passages creating a beautiful eerie melancholia that shifts between an icy chill and a deep warm glow. Packaged in an art card gatefold designed by the artist."
2/12/2008 Busby, Stuart Radiance and Decay CDR $11.99 Kindling "Following the runaway success of two major label long players, the prodigal returns to the fold to deliver his most developed work to date. This fourth solo release features our man kayaking deep into the Tasmanian wilderness with his pocket trumpet to commune on the banks of the Arthur River with feathered brethren. Elsewhere, field recordings of native bees and fencing wire comfortably neighbour short unaccompanied trumpet melodies. There is an emerging playfulness to this work which complements the swooning ambient explorations that have become the Busby trademark. Yes, the Kindling Corporation proudly commends to you 'Radiance and Decay'! Welcome home son."

Busride Digital Sunset 7" $3.99 No Fi Records
3/20/2015 Butcher, John & Gino Robair Bottle Breaking Heart Leap LP $23.99 Alt.Vinyl "Californian Gino Robair and Londoner John Butcher first played together on a 1997 recording session in Oakland, California. Since then they have worked extensively as a duo, periodically expanding to form trios with Matthew Sperry (bass), Miya Masaoka (koto), Derek Bailey (guitar), Thomas Lehn (synth) and, most recently, The Apophonics with John Edwards (bass). Robair also plays in the 7-piece John Butcher Group. This album is an intense document of a live recording from St Margaret of Antioch church, Leeds from 2012. Originally recorded by Simon Reynell at Left Bank." Edition of 250 copies pressed on 180 gram vinyl.
2/11/2006 Butchertown Allstars Butchertown Allstars CDR $8.99 Black Velvet Fuckere "Hillbilly noir from Butchertown Allstars; i.e. - 10 musicians reincarnate Wisconsin Death Trip. 46 tracks range from 20 to 90 seconds, comprised of male and female spoken stories accompanied by sounds spliced of vast scope ranging from old-timey dust bowl blues to free jazz to alien forcep electronics (all performed by the Butchertown Allstars). The result is timeless, sounding as if it was recorded anytime over the last 100 years. Highly reccomended for suicidial introverts! Based on Michael Lesy's classic book "Wisconsin Death Trip", an intimate, shocking and sometimes hilarious account of the disasters that befell one small town in Wisconsin during the final decade of the 19th century. Lesy discovered a striking archive of black and white photographs in the town of Black River Falls dating from the 1890's and married a selection of these images to extracts from the town's newspaper from the same decade. It is from these extracts that Butchertown Allstars bring back to life the tropes of hidden lives, suicide, familial disaster, cross-dressing, acute paranoia, drug addiction, schizophrenia, 'crazy socialists' and myriad tales of ordinary madness."
7/30/2010 Buttercup Platinum CDR $6.99 Blueberry Honey "What have here is the good fortune to spread unheard early recordings from the era of BUTTERCUP's 1994 debut album 'Gold' via the BLUEBERRY HONEY line. These eleven tracks were recently recovered from archives. Basement, pre-computer, & pure. Analog 8-track recordings of vintage JIM BUNI songs fleshed out through solid and dedicated playing and recording with friends. Basically this is previously unreleased material without a reason why it was left aside. Those who dug in on these guys over the years will be well rewarded by checking in with this lost set of tunes. A satisfying trip back to guitars and songs!
9/24/2002 Butthole Surfers Blind Eye Sees All DVD $12.99 MVD Classic live performance from Detroit 1985 plus off-stage footage from these fucked up Texans. Includes a bonus live track from 1991 plus Butthole karaoke, photo gallery and more. No regional coding so this will play on any DVD player.
1/5/2013 By The Sea By The Sea LP $14.99 Great Pop Supplement "After a series of long sold out 45s and packed out, acclaimed live shows over the last 2 years, The Wirral's BY THE SEA finally release their keenly anticipated debut LP for November. Self titled and produced / mixed by close friend, former Coral guitarist Bill Ryder-Jones. An extraordinary full length, comprising 9 tunes; at times almost anthemic in their delivery, yet with each displaying a fragile epicness- a spacious, warm feel ensured by their intuitive production. Recalling moments from key era Stone Roses and The Go-Betweens, via a passing nod to 1 or 2 bands' from Liverpools' rich musical heritage. The bands' impressive songwriting pedigree has taken on something of a dreamlike feel of late, the newer songs here providing the album with the feel perhaps, of classic era 4AD output. Though it would be churlish to overlook the sense of freshness and feeling that the album fits perfectly right NOW. It's sense of melody and songwriting guile mark this out as a beautiful debut. Previous 45s (also on The GPS) have not only sold out in the blink of an eye, but have amassed a number of crucial supporters on the UK press, not least of all at 6music with both A and B sides attaining frequent airplay with the likes of Gideon Coe, Tom Ravenscroft and Andrew Weatherall. A fabulous debut from one of the best new bands in Britain- released on vinyl here at The GPS and on CD by Dell'Orso. Tastily packaged on gorgeous duo coloured, marbled vinyl and limited to 500."
11/3/2012 By The Sea Dream Waters / Eveline 7" $7.99 Great Pop Supplement "The second of Septembers’ pair of ace new GPS 45s, is the fabulous new single from The Wirral’s “BY THE SEA”. Acting as a teaser for the bands’ imminent, (and phenomenal!) self titled, debut LP, this one’s a double A side and is released as a duo coloured vinyl 45 only- expected to follow band and labels‘ previous offerings by selling out pretty swiftly... Once again produced by close friend and ex-Coral guitarist Bill Ryder-Jones, “Dream Waters” is a beautifully slow building, hazy, gem of a tune- typical of the bands’ keen ear for a melody and savvy songwriting nous. “Eveline” is altogether more uptempo, yet laced with hooks aplenty and another winner from the band. In the 18 months since the bands’ debut (also on The GPS) the band have amassed a stack of “best new band” / “band to watch” tags, 6music radio plays (Andrew Weatherall, Gideon Coe and Jarvis Cocker), acclaimed sold out live shows and vinyl releases. The tracks here act as a perfect taster to the LP in November. A small edition is also released in US by Shelflife records in different sleeve. Be quick we suggest…" Double ‘A’ side 45, 500 copies, duo colour vinyl 7”.